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Cranbrook Herald Jun 10, 1915

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Spend Pleasant Kvening ut Dance In
St. .Mary's Hall Friday Evening
Cranbrook Tommies are being treut-
ed right royally the iust. couple or
weekH by the Cranbrook public, There
have boon card parties, dances, soo-
inis nnd other (unctions uf u liigh-olase
cbaractor,  But it is nr the dance held
Ins! Friday nlgllt In St. Mary's bull
we wlstt to particularly dwell Upon,
A llerald scribe visited tbe ball long
before the crowd began to assomblo
to view tlie (locorutlons, which were
•arranged In a neat and attractive manner, anil which reflected great credit
upon the young ladles who so artistically planned the whole affair. Tbe
walls of the dance hall was covered
with pennants bearing such inottos nn
"Uo Cheerful," "Wo Should Worry."
Sergt. Major 1'earee assisted in the
decorations, which, to say the least.
won tbe approval of everyone of the
The Cranbrook orchestra, under the
very able direction of Mrs. N, A. Wallinger, put tbe crowd of dancers In a
real military mood with its rendition
of up-to-the-minute music, being encored oftor each number by the many
Lieut. Halsall, of the 107th Regiment acted as ticket seller, and way
well up on the job.
The dance was given by four of the
younger set of Cranbrook, tbe Misses
Lillian Leask, Elsie Dent, Ella Ryekman end Bonny Doyle, and to their
fenergetic efforts and industry the affair was a pronounced success.
At 10 o'clock the Crnnbrook Tommies paraded to the hall, where thoj
tripped the light fantastic and were In
d r.iond by the ladles, many of
the boys dancing the military two-
st< p, Tables were arranged for those
who preferred "to play thc game" with
At 12 o'clock thc "Cook House" call
brought the soldiers together In the
main hall, where they were addressed
by Dr. J. H. Kins, on behalf of the
St. John's Ambulance Corps, addressed
a few wards to thc men wishing them j
success on thc battlefield nnd a safe SCHOOL BOA It I)
return to Kast Kootenay.   The ladles'] HOI 1)  IIFFTIXC
of St. John's Ambulance then passed I , „
among the men presenting each with j Ap||0,B, romm|tt<.e to Inspect School
a package of "Oh". Chum" tobacco, a
choice cigar, a box of cigarettes and a
box of matches. A card was enclosed with the package "With the
Compliments of the St. John's Ambul-
ance Society."
Cranbrook Ladles  Feel Much  tiuod
Can be Accomplished by Inaugurating Local Branch
A meeting wus held at the home nf
Mrs. J. H. King, Armstrong avenue,
ll)-l.im Authorising turn as Htmuii-
<■rntla.ii fur the Major fur IHIS
Wa. 1'n.sni
at.   J.   II.   IMtIK,   a.! lliaauaaatK    ,,*<„„, . | _,- —^ ^^ , a
Mond." last by a few lames to con- The Cranbrook  District Contingent of the 54th
slder the advisability of organizing   a |
Kootenay Battalion Joins Fernie at Station
In   an   Earnest     Farewell    Sermon
the Pastor Paid a High Tribute
to Congregation
branch of the Imperial Daughters of
the Empire ln Cranbrook. lt wan
IVIt tbat under such un organization
much moto could bo uccompllHliod lu
the way of Rod Cross work among tho
ladies of the town.
Hy way of starting thu work a
chapter of fifteen uieniherH WOS formed. MrH. King Imd consulted with the
organiser of the order who has found
tiie highest success among (hapten, of
small numbers.
Owing to thc great urgency during
the piooont war for hospital supplies.
etc., lt lu hoped that every woman who
can wlll alllliatc with the work and
for thia purpose a meeting will be
held In the council chamber*', of the
city ball on Thurrdny, June 17th, at
3.80 p.m.
For the bcnellt of those wishing to
join a resume of the alms of thc organization ls given below:
1. To stimulate end give expression
to tbe sentiment of patriotism among
thc women and children of the empire,
2. To supply nnd foster a bond of
union amongst tbe daughters and
children of the empire.
3. To provide an efficient organization by which prompt and united action may be taken when necessary.
4. To promote a study of the history of the British empire and of current imperial questions. To celebrate
patriotic anniversaries. To erect memorial stones on spots sacred to thc
nation through struggles for free-
iom, etc. **\\W
5. To care for widows and orphans
of British soldiers or sailors and heroes during war, In tlnieB of peace, or
under sickness, accident or reversal
of fortune.
Added to this are the terrible needs
raised by the present war.
All women who uie British subjects
are eligible. Thc dues, outside a
twenty-flve cents registration fee, are
fixed by the local Chapters.
Large Crowd Bids Them God Speed
Headed by several hundred school  Ism whit
children carrying u myriad number of principle
h stand for
that might li
tlie   barbarous
right and that
small Nags, by the band and hy about
sixty members of the 107th Regiment,
the Cranbrook contingent of the 64th
Kootenay Hattullon numbering oik*
hundred and thirty-live men and ollicers were escorted from the government buildings to tlie c, P. it. station
at noon on Friday, June llth, where
they were loaded Into three extra
couches for their journey on route to
Vernon, where they will go into training und be instructed In tlie art of gnu
Tbe streets wcre a vivid display or
patriotic colors und all tbo townspeople wore on hand to sny good-bye
and Clod-speed.   When the train came
ing  ul
low tl.
Is Justified uu matter what low
■un und cowardly menus nmy
the force.  From the very open-
tlie   battle   the   fee   Struck   lie-
) belt despite the fact that rules
at by the nations for the conduct
ttles between world powers just
ie battles of the prize ring are
seen more oi the i
parson  in  town."
possible when it Is
oration thai the worthy doctor
the medical examiner of the 64th,
The following programme was carried out
Hong  Private Schmel
City council met lu regular session I
for June at 2.80 p.m. at the city hall I
on Wednesday afternoon with   Mayor ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bowness in the chair und Aldermen i 	
Banfield, Balment,   Leask,   Erickson,:    Sunday wus a sorrowful day    for
Clapp und Banfield present. {the  congregation  of  the    Methodist
Minutes of previous meeting were, church,   for it    was th** day    wblch
reud und approved. ' brought to a close the ministry    ot
Mr, George Hoggarth appeared on ! Hev.   W.   K   .Dunham—a   ministry  bo
; behalf of the hotel meu of tbe city und) fully marked by mutual devotion, by
en than any other! asked that a refund of $75 on each!both spiritual and material blessing,
Thia seems guito  license be    given for the    nevt ttt i nnd by hurniony that the parting of the
taken Into consld-  months.    Mr, Hoggarth supported his; ways could not be without sorrow on
nrrled out.     The Allies are lighting   Duett.. ..Prlvat
according to the Marquis of Queens-
bury rules while the foe ls resorting
lo everything mean in the rough and, Cornet solo I. Kettringham
was ; petition with the argument that every I both sides.   Mr. Dunham entered upon
jhotel of the city wus running at the j the  pastorate  about  four years ago
car- .Mine Cranbrook was incorporated and, and lias beeu a consistent worker for
| that all were losing money at the pre- j the church ever since.    Under     his
sont time.       Every hotel man    has j ministry, zealous, wise, tactful, earn-
Recltation  Private Malcolm | every dollar he possesses in the world est, the congregation has grown    lu
tied up tn bis business and if thej numbers, and what might be called a
city can assist hlm In tiding over the • vital quality has been infused into
stringency and business revives It I every branch of the work An out-
would save smashes in the business | standing feature of that ministry has
. .Major Pollen
ami Loverldge
Speech—"I Fell Under the Table"..
 Private Stewart
tumble way of fighting.     •
The'Cranbrook men light to establish tiie principle that it ls right only
that can have a might that is justill-
able and lasting.   We contend with a
in the Fernie contingent were In two  f,,° tll!lt is unscrupulous and regard*
extra coaches and as the train pulled
out there were many anxious hearts.
Long before the appointed hour for
tbe departure of Cranbrook's quota to
tbe 54th Kootenay battalion to entrain probably four thousand people
assembled along the route of march
to bid the gallant men God-Speed and
a safe return home after the conflict.
All things contributed to favor au outpouring of the people. Nature herself
honored the memory of our heroes
with ber bright sunshine.    The day
less of every law of nations and every
law of humanity.
The people of Crnnbrook were not
glad to see them go, they were not
sorry to see them go, but they wen;
proud to see them go.
The cheering as the train pulled out
was not as heartily as might have
been, but when one considers the number of men this little city has sent
forward—this being tbe fifth batch -
there is little wonder that tiiere was
any cheering at all.   Many tried to
Step Dance 	
Tlie programme
singing of Tipper.
National Anthem.
... .Private Orenon
 Private Heeley
.Ceo. F, Stevenson
.... Private Qeorge
closed    with tho
ry followed by the
armcr,   next     of
Jtaco-Smlth, Cres-
was, iadeed, one that will not soon be I ***** bl,t niost of tl,p Pe°PlP were to1
Harden* Special Meeting Called
for Tuesday Next
The men showed tbeir appreciation
by three hearty cheers and a tiger followed by the old reliable "Tip."
The soldiers wcre ther*: asked to adjourn to tho lower floor, where the
"big feed" was prepared for theni and
to which the men did justice*—real
Canadian justice.
Tiie whole affair was admirably conducted and ovoryone had a genuine
good time.
Tlie following are the results In
the Cranhrook I.awn Tennis Club
played during tin* last two weeks:
Miss Hewitt beat Miss Fisher 0 :'.
Mrs. Halsall beat Miss Harrison
6—0, fi - 1.
Mrs,   Halsall   heat   Miss   Woodland
Miss tllegeriili beat Miss Alexander \
«    0, ti    I.
Miss Q logo rich   beat  Miss  Fisher     !
ti    1, fi   (I.
Miss Qlegerleh   beat Miss   Hewitt j
8—1, fi   I
Gordon  Wallinger    beat V    Wood-,
land tl -2. fi   i,
Tighe Mecredy beat c. Heater r
ti  :'.
On Friday evening last tbe Cranbrook school board met at the city
hall to transact the business of the
'joard. There were present Trustees
White, Manning, Wilson, Henderson
and Secretary T. M. Roberts. Trustee
Quain waa absent from the city.
The minutes of the previous meeting were rend and on motion approved.
The board members placed their
mark of approval on the account.- for
the month.
The question of Inspecting the
Central school garden plot was
brought up by Trustee Henderson. It
being the wish of the department of
education that same be inspected. The
chairman   named   Trustees   Wilson,
Henderson and Manning.
mlttee Is given full power to arrange
Long before 12 o'clock Baker street
echoed with tlie trend of feet—tin*
people thronged It. Soon was heard
tbo music of tho band which a short
time ago numbered twenty odd members, now has been greatly reduced,
only a corporal's guard remaining.
Tbe war has virtually torn the city
band to ribbons. However, be that as
It may, those remaining made the best
of It and played patriotic airs to enliven the crowd.
The arrival of the soldiers was heralded by tlie multitude of people who
thronged BVOpy vantage point to take
a farewell glance nt the departing
j heroes.
Just before train time the station
platform presented a very striking
scene. jLook whichever way you
might, you were met by a solid
•'phalanx" of faces—the faces of
people whose doors and to whose
hearts everyday tho struggle yonder
across the Atlantic Is being brought
homo with grim reality. In the crowd
wero mothers of only sons v
journeyed to the station to
brave boy go forth to do battle for
his country, and endeavor to wrest
from the barbarous Hun honor and
justice. The lesson the Cranhrook
and district soldiers nre driving home
Is—thnt there nre things worth dying
Tho soldier of the good cause is
not to blame for wnr.   He bates war,
full of emotion to shout. Tliey ti'letl
but It wouldn't come, that's all.
Enlistment continued until the last
minute, one man being sworn in just
before tho train was ready. It Is expected that Cranhrook und Fernie will
be included in oue company to bo
known as B. Company with ollicers
as follows: Major Pollen, Capt. Moffatt, Lleuts. Smith, Hicks and Bourne.
Yesterday the city presented each
lunn with a box containing a package
of "Old 'Chum" tobacco, a box of
cigarettes, a package of tobacco paper
and a  box of matches.
The following is tlie latest bunch of
recruits to the 54th:
',!. Stace-Smltli
kin, Mrs. BUxabol
ton, II. C.
F. Setter, blacksmith, next of kin,
John Setter, father, Cruditon, Devonshire, Kngland,
John Roily, chauffeur, next of kin,
Mrs. It. T. Richardson, sister. Fort
Steele, ii, c. 6 months 42nd Highlanders, Dundee, Scotland.
Artlmr Ashworth, banker, next of
kin. James Ashworth, father, Moose
Jaw, Sask.
0. F. Humble, teamstor, next of kin,
Mrs. Elizabeth Humble, mother, Stanley, .V 11.
Thomas Alexander Dunaenth, engineer, next of kin, Ah xander Dunseath,
fallier. Feulon Falls, Ont,
and save the city the additional black j been the Ideally happy relations be
eye of failures. Tho council decided . tween him and bis people, everyone,
to discuss tiie question at a special j Not the very slightest discordant note
meeting to be called later. has marred It.   Bul Mr. Dunham's In-
A motion that a letter of sympathy' tluence has been felt tn the commun-
on behalf of the council be addressed j ity as a whole. His removal to Chll-
to .Mrs. H, V. Parker on the death offllwack is generally recognised as a
her husband, was carried. I very real loss to Cranbrook.     To his
The finance committee reported the! new field of work -an Inunirtanl one
following accounts which were passed ] requiring the exercise of precisely bis
les the
aud ordered paid
Burns, P. & Co...
Heattie-Murphy Co.
Baldwin Bros	
Copeland Chat ter sun Co	
C. P. II. Telegraph 	
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co
rranbrook Electric Light Co
City Clerk sundries 	
City Livery	
('ranbrook Foundry	
City Transfer   &   Warehouse
Co    371,63
Cranbrook Sash &   Door Co.,
Ltd      04 33
Cassels, Robert      92.30
Elmslie, Chas       1S.0O
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd     20.35
characteristic   gifts,    he
8.95 j earnest good wishes of hundreds out-
fi.50 side the flock whose love be enjoys In
16.00; so rich a measure, and their cordial
40.45 | hope lhal the health of the family wlll
4.08 | bc greatly Improved
Social Limine
On .Monday evening a farewell was
lendered Mr. and Mr- Dunham by the
congregation of the Methodist church,
there being a large crowd in attendance. A good programme was carried out. which was as follows:
Hymn Onward christian Soldiers
Remarks by Chairman G. W. Patmore
Speech   Rev. W. K. Thomson
Song "Vaika's   Song"
Miss Eva Conley
Speech  Rev. W. Stevens
Organ Solo—Overture    to    William
II. Rutler. teamster, next of kin. Jn-1 K«rr Engine Co     192.50 I    Tell Chas. F  Nidd
sepb Hush, uncle. Pratoft, Burgh, Lln-1 K1«g Lumber Mills, Ltd      93.11  Speech Capt. W. Kerr
I. ' Metals, Limited       119.S2   Song "Voices of the Woods"
Ira Manning, Limited  8.05              Mrs. V. M. Macpherson
R. S. McNeill      95.55 | Pianoforte Solo Patriotic Airs
eohishire, Kn      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.F. Malone. upholsterer, next of kin.
Mrs,  F.  Malone, wife, Creston, B. C
(1 montlis 107th Regiment,
J. D. McBride
A, piddulph, section man. next   ofiT. McAvlty
Tbe Farewell Smoker [kin, Mrs. M. a. Biddulph, Balltngton,
As a climax to the many entertain-  i-jngland.
ments held in the city during tho past!    [[.  u, Curry, farmer, next of kin,
week Tor tho Cranhrook Tommies, the   filing curry, Forester:; Falls, Ont.
citizens on Wednesday night decided     j0hn Foreella. farmer, next of kin,
to give the boys a great big blow out John  Bloos, friend, ('orach, Switzer-
at the Auditorium, where an evening , land, 3 years American Army.
nt pleasant recollection:;  was  passed      \\\ w, Ross, chauffeur
and wlih h was more like a family pic
nlc than a farewell.    The men of the
64th   paraded  to  the  hall  at 8  p.m.,
where everything had been previously
I arranged for their comfort ami where
r   brotherly   love  was  shown   to  assay
one hundred per cent.
Those iu charge of the picnic had
provided an abundance of good things
to eat mid drink,    There was biscuit
and cheese,   cigars,   cigarettes,   nnd  of kin, T. Bost, Glasgow
liquid refreshment:;, consisting of beer      A.
and the famous Iron Brew.
A program of song and story was
carried out, mostly by the members of
the f>4th, which battalion boasts of
Jonathan Manning  	
A. P. Noble	
Pay Rolls-
Fire department	
City engineer 	
City engineer water debenture. 1463.2
Police     334.50
School board  1740.12
Page Herseey Iron   Tube and
Lead Co    447.88
next of kin,
James II. Ross, St. John. X. B.
Chas. Wilson, daliyman and chaffeur, next of kin, James Lane, Bel-
lingliain, Wash. I Patmore Bros.
W. Fish, printer, next of kin, Mrs. i Parks & Co	
Minnie Fish. Golden. B. C, bugle band jGutta Percha Rubber Co., Ltd.
102nd Regiment. j T-s- Parrett	
F. Lundqulst, teamster, next of bin,; w* Soden 	
Oscar Lundqulst, Spokane, Wash. Ward & Harrls 	
Chas. de Laval Host, ter.mster, next j Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer
tho Craubrook street school.   The matter of the home plots being left with
the Farmers'  Institute, It  being Intimated that that body would Inspect
McGougnn, bushman, next    of
kin. Alexander McGougan, Irishtpwn,
P .E. I.
E. Plola, miner, next of kin. Mrs.
a  Clara Sandiiio. Bellovue, Alta.
r-     I,.   I).  McEachern, chauffeur, next
  dispensed  of  kin,  Mmdoeli   McEnchern,  Cran-
swnrd. and at the edge   witb for the evening and if a soldier   brook, B. C,
but be hates some things worse than
This com-; wnr'   S,flVpry aml ,,ls,,onor nre among number of artists, musically and oth
them.   Liberty has over been won at   wise.    All formalities were
plans nnd oversee tbe several plots at j ',,*_ [
■ "•-word thr ..,„,„„.,-,„„.,„,.„ ,„   l.-u Micinie.i in ueiiver his speech from      John  Shatpi
was handler and more   kin.  Frank  Slinrj
.....   ivn.uiB  v iiiiiuiuui.   eimveiiieni man irninir tn tli,. at a on   i„. I ,	
has pledged himself to an  honnruhl-
lof the sword the venerable liberties of   felt inclined to deliver his speech fronl
the B.ltish empire are being defended   a table, which
today.   Each man leaving cranhrook
US   Hfith
finish and will '
dy beat J   WllSOn
Tighe B ^^^^^^^^
Ou Wednesday evening a committee
meeting was held, ut which it was decided to hold the annual  handicap
tOUmatUOnl during lhe week of August
18th, Entry forms ror this tournament are being made, and will be supplied to all members.
: .„,,-,.. aim wiii    Fight the Qood Fight"
the said plots. ... »,,.,.,
„.,    ,       , ,   , ,,     ,    „ „ i '» thfl name of all that is good.
The tug-of-war between the Janitor i     ... ...
. .,   ; , - ,,,»     Al    LongemarcK    the    Canadians
and the   awn mower has ceased, lhe .,,,«,,,     .**,    ,,
.,     , .       a.      ■ i        -fought  back to back  for tier   Ives,
board  authorizing the  sharpening of
the machine and the purchasing of a
new catcher.
The parents of a coup).    ,-,      ,,,,,, . .
la the Mlghborhood   of Un   s i *orli h°,."? "T'   """   '""k"s "f°
«„r,i school .in ba. sdvlsod to keep » I T"rl"   'v ""- "''"",,""   "'"' """"r
closer watch on their children.   f>.»- i "n,",p1 ""*' l,m\ w" '"•"" «« rl	
oene language and other Indications of ","rl'1 "'" """' I"'"1"""-' ll"a|""-
a diseased brain being noticed In and |    —
fact, nad ns we fight for the llfo of
. ,        the world, or nt least for all that lhe
of boys I
abOUl the school building nnd premises by the "handwriting on the
A Special meeting of the board will
be held on Tuesday, the 15th, at S
o'clock, to consider the salary question and deal with nny resignation*.
_, ,.,. ...      .  , .    „, itluit may be tendered.
The  competition     will  consist    or |
singles (ladies and gentlemen).
convenient than going to tho stage, he i sacl
was quite at liberty to do so.
The last of tho old guard of the city
hand discoursed a programme of patriotic airs during the evening and
greatly assisted In making the evening a decided success.
Dr. F. W. Green was chairman and
opened th.* meeting ly telling the men  cntt. Ont,
the city had turned over the key of tho     Flndlay  Robertson,
Institution to tbem.   The doctor made   iron  worker, next of kin. John  Rob-
u neat little speech In the course of ertaon, Fra
which he said be believed that "he Imd   ster, 11. C.
152.S7; Mrs. S. Ryekman
75.60 i Song   Sunshin*1 and Rain
9.85! Mr. J. Venus
1.001 1'rtten'atlon
Mrs. Dunham was presented with ■
225.50   beautiful pie plate set in sdlver ln ap-
302.50 J precialion of her services In the Ladles
579.20 ] Aid Society.     The presentation    was
mado by Mrs. T. C. Phillips and Mrs.
G. B. Willis read the following address:
Cranbrook, B. C, June 7. 1&15.
Dear Mrs. Dnuham:
The members and    friends    of the
413.30; Cranhrook Methodist Ladles Aid Soc-
45.50 i lety regret very much your departure
33.S0 | from our city.     We fee! that we can-
15.00 , not say good-byr- without assuring you
1.25  of o'ir appreciation of your unselfish
and   devoted   service   to  the  church.
88.70  Vou have always shown great Interest
12.65  in the Aid and your willingness    to
help at all times has won for you tbe
esteem of all.
Please accept this little present as
slight token  of our esteem     and
Herald Publishing Co.   ^^^^^^^^
Mesdames W. B. McFarlane and A.
A.   MacKinnon  appeared  before  the
council and asked that the grant to the
Sunshine Society be extended, as aid  ,      —
was necessary to carry on the work j tender regards In which you are held
they hnd on hand a». the present. Thej and we earnestly pray that the bles-
matter was rejterred. after some    dls
chtnist, next     of cuwdo-n of worthy and unworthy cases.
Mas- t0 the health and relief committee with
_____________       Regiment,  I|0Wer t0 act.
Port Arthur, Ont. The city engineer's report was read
James Lambert   McLaren,   laborer, ■aI"1 on motion received and filed,
next of kin, K. H. Small, ('nnal Flats..    Bylaw \0. Ug, entitled a Bylaw for
B. C;  three years    56th    Regiment.!11"' Remuneration 0f ••*,„-, Mayor for   	
Proscott, Ont. »W. was introduced and read flrst|DunhamiriVananuTeloctk
Patrick  McNeil, teamster, next of;unii H0C°nd times and then considered)    Mr.  and    Mrs.    Dunham    replied,
thanking the friends of the church for
sing of God will ever be upon you and
your family.
Signed on behalf of the Indies Aid.
Mrs. T. C. Phillips, President
Mrs. O. B. Willis. Secretary.
Mr. G. B. Willis, in a few well chosen  words and  on   behalf of tbe On-
ard Bibb* Class, then presented Mr
kin.  Miss   Kate  McNeil
Ladles' doubles, geutlemcn'H doubles
and mixed doubles,
An entrniico fee of 50c. each for
singles, and 50c. per couple In tbe
doubles will bc charged.
Entries must be In tbo bands of tho
secretary hy Saturday, August 14th,
and must bo on the forms mentioned
above, accompanied by tbe entrance
The Cranbrook center of the St.
John Ambulance Association have decided to bold a Hock Day ou June 17th
(Thursday). Miss McLcod's millinery
parlors will be the rocelvlng depot for
that occasion nnd members of tbo association will be there from 10 a.m. to
6 p.m. to take charge of any contributions. . **\mw
It is hoped a generous response will
be mado to this appeal, as socks arc
vory much needed at tbo front.
Urey or khaki colored socka are preferred.
The following letter of acknowledgment has been received by Mrs. King:
Mrs. J. H. King, Cranbrook, B.C.:
I beg to acknowledge receipt of your
letter of the 14th Instant enclosing a
cheque for $50.25, with which to equip
a bod In the Duchess of Coiiiiaught's
Canadian Red Cross Hospital at
Cliveden, to be known as "Cranbrook,
British Columbia, Bed."
I shall bc extremely glad If you wlll,
on behalf of the society, heartily thank
tbo members of your committee for
tholr generous contribution.
I am sure you will all bo glad to
know that we nre now enabled to
close the fund for this particular object, tbo whole five hundred beds required for the hospital having been
subscribed for.
Kudosed you will find an official receipt for the amount received.
Yours very truly.
Noel Marshall,
Chatr.ua EiccutWa CommitUe
A   Hcldent  of Cranhrnok  for  Mno
Voir*.   I-iiiiera I Will he Held
Tn morrow
Death came sudden nnd unexpectedly at the home of Mr. Robert Clarke,
Dennis street on Tuesday evening
when Mrs. Clarke suddenly expired.
Deceased bad been in good health and
had only written home to her people
tu England the previous day telling
how well she was. Heart failure wns
the Immediate cause of death. She
was In hor 35th year.
Tbo deceased came to Cranbrook
eleven years ago with hor husband
and has been a resident of Cranbrook
ever since.
The funeral wlll bo held tomorrow
at 2.30 from the house to tbe Anglican church, where Rev. Walton wilt
perform tbo laBt sad rites of tho
The service at the church over, the
fcortego will wend Its way to the little
Church of Kngland cemetery where
tlie remains wlll be laid to rest.
Besides the sorrowing husband then*
aro left to mourn a mother's loss three
little children. Thoy ure Edith, aged
10; Mildred aged K und Mabel aged li.
The late Mm. Clarke waa a native
of WUtaUre, Kaglaad,
Mr. Clarke and family will have the
sincere sympathy of the entire community In tlieir sad loss, the news
being received with genuine regret by
the friends of lho family throughout
the city, and especially by the older
members of the community.
.Mr. Robert Clarke desires to 'X-
press his thanks to the many kind
friends for their assistance and expressions of sympathy iu his recent snd loss,
istor   Pres-'Ufi a ('°mmltteo on the whole with the
mayor In the chair.   The bylaw pro-
constructional 'vi,le3 for tl,e "W of '400-00 ** ™'
numeration for thc mayor for 1915.
Mayor Bowness as soon as the bylaw had passed announced that as soon
as the cheque was paid to him he
would endorse It over to tli
Hotel, N*ow Westmin-
thelr kind remembrances,     Mr  Dun*
' ham  heartily thanked all church departments for th*dr energetic work In
; keeping the church of God to the fore
iand urged upon every member     to
strive earnestly and assist In 8«ry
city soli-, way the new pastor.
cltor to cover the legal expenses of,
the city aldermen In the recent suit.:
Lighter Foods For Summer
We are having summer weather now. and you should
have lighter foods. Something also that is easy to get
ready for a meal.
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for preserving fruits and vour
fruit jar noeds,
Tiie gathering adjourned tn the Hiblo
• lass room, when* refresh ments wit*
served, when the proceedings of th«
evening were brought to a close.
During tli** lUQchMOn Mrs Ityckman
and Mrs, Manning rendered a piano*
forte duet, a selection from II Trova-
tore. Which was most artistically rendered and enthusiastically received.
■* I    Mr. and Mrs. Dunham left on Tues-
; Victoria. B. (\, June 9—It has been , ,|ay for chilliwack. Mr. Dunham's new
said that as a community, the Bottlers UtaUon. A large crowd of frlendB
of British Columbia co-operate In | were at the station to gei; them off
I forest protection work to a greater de-, Hnd t0 wish them every success lo
(tree than in any other part of Canada (their new field,
or the States. | __■__«__
;     In  view of thli
which resulted In their resignation and
Council adjourned until Saturday at
8,80 p.m.
the   minister   of
lands has Instructed the district forcs-
! ters to distribute a circular letter cm- **—**.*,
, bodying  the  regulations  concerning !.,..„,,,„ ,.     ,       a
„,   _Z.rn.ia   „, ,        ,    t ('ranbrook Ball Player Receives Ber
lin' permits, giving ruleB for guidance *
■ when burning slash or brush In land-1 **°M !■!■■*■ Ib sPO«*n*
'clearing operations, and Information j Sunday Night
, as to what     should be   done if fire **—******
breaks out. Charles (ialvin, nged 23, formerly of
The importance of care with fire Is 1 Cranbrook, B, C, pitcher for the Clark
dearly set out, together with an np- and llevun baseball team, suffered
peal for the help of every citizen. The severe Internal Injuries and was cut
(letter given fuels showing the naces-1 about the head Sunday night, when
rity for adoquata flro protection to tho automobile In which the team was
the timber Industry and the import- returning from Hartllue turned over
ance to t'ie province of tbat Industry, Ion Sunset buiilcvurd, near the Hazel*
an Industry which In ordinary tinntl wood farm Carl Hugere, aged 20.
I contulim half the capital, employs half j utility player, waa also seriously hurt
tho labor, and pay* half tho wages j and uo-xt of tbo real ot thu team »«r«
-**■£ > diaUibuUd lft MtWfc ( PAGE TWO
THE CRANBUOOK HERALD elections, we shall conclude with a
statement of policy which this great
journal    of  tlu*   home und   fireside
   holds itself free to adopt.
Happily the Herald ls uot a "party
*   liaek."    It is not under the thumb of
100 my P°ttWn*tf party, or any organlza-
1,. 1*. Sullivan, Editor
J. IE. Thompson, Bnilntll Manager
Snpscrlptlon Bates
One   Year    	
Six Mouths    	
Three Montha	
Advertising Bates
Display   Advertising,   21   canti
Column inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ada. 10
twits per line.
"go! t*011 °f grasping capitalists, lt Is free
■ as the air. Its interests are the
people's interests. Its constituency
p9r Includes ten thousand of the Intelll-
i gent men and women of Kast Koote-
' nuy who want honest government;
i and the absorbing business of tbo
. Herald, while furnishing these
I ten thousand readers with the news
of the world. Is to give them wholesome materials lor Independent political  knowledge and judgment.
We realize that it would be asking
too much of any political party In-
^ exorably to Insist upon the selection
„ ' of a matured statesman in every con-
'in/..ns oi kast Kootenay may well    ,,. , „ ,,, ,   ,-, .     u,      „,,.
i stltuency of British Columbia,   The
I proud ..t tlio present contingent: „„„ |s ,|ot grmt mmgh  ,M „,„,
leaving Friday tor Vwnor. | „„, rn„ w, „0|le ,„ „lt, mmUmtim
lu every constituency of men of poll-
rherc must be new
Crnnbrook, It. ('« June tilth, 1915.
from Cranbrook
No   better  conting
ent haa left Crnnbrook and this is t*-101 tical oxpertence
fifth to go.   There Is also more than J am| „„...,,„, „.„.,.
double tbo number of men iu this con- m m vm lnsist liH(| proporly *,..
ting, ut than lu any former contingent.: s|Ht jn (|u. llltm,st ()f the 00UIltry, In
While ihe lull quota has not been fill- !)1|Htl(;(1 t0 tha uonorQbie mo„ who
e,t still rranbrook has undoubtedly LtaBd today Uie ,enderB of tha party
done more than ils share »s a clty,|amj ,„ t|u> |nter,st of th(l „lirtv u.
-•elf,  that  ull   rotten  timber   will   be
and the surrounding districts have
given a largo number in proportion to
their population. The men are all of
hue big upstanding physique, soldierly
in appearance with only a few weeks
drill, and they have been highly
spoken of by Lieut. Green, the medical
0nicer who examined them. Craubrook
people will watch tbe progress of
their soldier hoys with every expectation that tliey will do those big
things on the Kuropean battlefields
whicli only western men know how to
conceive and execute. The men of
Kootenay have responded nobly to
lho call of empire nnd they will continue to do their duty in the highest
sense just as nobly as the men who
have gone before liave proved them-
sijlves. Is the belief of those wbo Stay
behind. U'e shall hope to welcome
them all home again after the strife of
war is ended.
Love Is love all the world over, and
Cupid is tlie most accomplished Up-
Better of social distinctions that has
ever been known. If you are going to
marry for love you will sometimes
hnd that you've got to run in direct
opposition to your relatives, friends,
and even your business aspirations.
Some will call you a fool if you do
It - ninyhe they're right. But remember one thing, and tbat is that If you
fancy you can treat Master Cupid ns
ii jiiiniuon or garden equation to be
worked out to a definite conclusion
before you start, you're* a loser! You
must tuke risks on love. Some of us
think it is worth them.
Tlf* killed, woiinded. missing, captured, running into millions already.
Thousands and thousands of square
miles of agricultural land devastated,
and factories, mines, fisheries, shipping put out of husiness. Herds of
cattle everywhere destroyed.
Millions of women and children and
old people left without the protection
nf fathers, brothers, sons. Uttle for
them to do. Countless homes destroyed.
And this thing Is only beginning!
The urea is widening, the lighting Is
increasing, the navies arc coming Into action on a greater stage, the misery and destruction wells up and
wakens In every direction.
But thfl fight must ro on, every resident of Cranhrook must put his or
her shoulder to the wheel. To quit
at this Btagc of the fighting would
mean death and destruction, On
with the battle until the enemy
Is beaten to ills knees und takes the
final count. Cranhrook Is yielding up
Its best manhood In the defense of
righteousness, (llve the men a word
of encouragement.
eliminated, nnd that the candidates selected be men whom the people can
'.rust ,and whose character will stand
tlie searchlight of investigation.
if it should happen that men who
ire not in this class succeed In playing on the weaknesses of conventions;
or by means of friendly wire-pulling
manage to secure party nominations; they must not count on the
support or this family journal. We Intend to back no political crook. Tbe
tendency of late hy both Liberal and
Conservative press has been to boom
along a number of crooks wbo
ought to be In foil. With conditions
us they exist today the Cranbrook
Liberals would do well to bring
forth a good clean man. friendly to
the laboring class, and one who will
bend every effort to adopt some measure of rollef for the man who bas
to labor for a mere living wage of)
11,10 to $1,25 a duy. What
we need Is to compel foreigners to live uccordlng
to tlie standard set by tlie white man,
I not the white man havc to come down
| to the level of the riff-raff bobunk.
i Labor legislation is badly needed an.1
that right now.
We should like to give to the Lib-
I eral federal nominee the same whole-
i hearted support tliat we can give Dr.
King ln the provincial race, and we
j shall hope that such a candidate Is
named.     H is a pleasure to support
such men,
The mere fact that they become authorized to parade themselves as the
"party's nominees" will not have a
feather's weight of influence with
the Herald. We shall not accept the
decision of nny convention—"packed"
ir "unpacked"—as. the final word. We
shall hold ourselves absolutely free
to look right through these candidates, and to deal with tbem on
their own merits—If they possess
any. Men who liave stolen half of
Hritish Columbia and one-third of
Canada, have the unmitigated gall to
come before the public and ask to
be given a position of trust. Just
think of ft!
Wfe regard the present as the time
to speak. We desire to put Liberals
on gunrd before they enter upon the
essential work of lining up their men
for the federal conflict.
We consider that the best friend ls
the friend who speaks the plain truth,
and who speaks It at the right time.
Now, therefore, it Is our deliberate
Intention to be (dearly understood by
nil men—and partlcularlyq by the
political heelers that naturally gravi
tale around a party about to come Into
power—when we declare lhat this
great family journal will effectively
carry Into action the assurances lt Is
now giving if undeserving aad discredited men succeed In grabbing tbe
place tbat honorable and trustworthy
men should lilt.
live friends liave been allowed to
seize more land than they can ever pay
taxes for. And now, by the passing of
Bill No. 10 ou the third of March last,
the Lloutenant-0 over nor In Council
can postpoue the payment of any
moneys due or accruing due to the
crown by any such men and for such
a time us the government may advise."
In this blunt statement that the
province has been stolen nnd that Mr.
Bowser has so manipulated legislation
that the men who have stolen it are
to have every opportunity or keeping
lt Ib to be found the real Issue in
British Columbia. Not Moses, hut the
land thieves. The character of Mr.
Cotsworth—of whom tho Ministerial
Association speaks highly- is not the
question before the province, lias lie
stated the facts as they are? Has
the province been looted'.' Did thc government stand by while the looters
were at work without endeavoring to
enforce the law? These are the matters upon which judgment will be
The cost of governing British Columbia while all these exploitations of
agricultural .timber, and coal hinds
were In progress Increased enormously, Tbe speculator gut the profits uiul
the pcoplo paid tho cost of tiie roads
without which the lands would havc
remained inaccessible. Before the
McBride government came to power
twelve years ago the revenue of the
province per head of population was
$11.44 and the expenditure $10.00. Now
the total revenue, including the province's half of the receipts from the
head tnx of $500 on all Chinese entering tho Dominion hy way of tlie Pacific, Is $26.70 per head of population,
while the expenditure lias grown to
the amazing figure of $40.70 per head.
Oa the same per capita basis Ontario
would spend considerably over a hundred millions a year to curry on tbe
provincial administration.
Facts such ns these cannot he controverted by attacking the character
ot the man who has dug them out and
marshalled them against the government. Mr. Bowser does not yet understand that lie is on trial, not Mr. Cotsworth. Sir Itichard McBrlde's reign
uears an end. Ills easy good-nature
and Infinite capacity fm* shaking hands
uo longer "tnke" with the people who
have suffered from his lack of business ability. Tlie attorney-general
plans to succeed to the premiership
when Sir Richard steps out, but across
ills path stands this huge barrier of
-'barges raised by the Ministerial Association. He must answer them satisfactorily. Ho and the things lie has
done and failed to do are the Issues
in British Columbia today.-Toronto
THURSDAY,  JUNE 10th, 191G
Mighty few men ln this world get
paid for more than they do.
Sometimes we think the fortunes of
war hardly pay for the misfortunes.
As a matter of fact a really selfish
man gives himself ull the worst of it.
We never knew a Cranbrook pessimist to grow rich by working off his
The populur Idea of being contented
Is simply to have more than you can
possibly use.
A man's suooess may depend on
the way he is raised, especially In a
poker game.
A successful man Is not necessarily a rich muii, neither Is a rich man
necessarily a success.
The cry "Go West, Young Man," is
being supplanted by "Uo Back to the
Town Where You Were Born."
Sometimes thc reason people change
doctors la because tbey have not paid
the one tbey called thc last time they
needed one.
The following has heen banded in
for publication by a Cranhrook lady.
The prayer is timely and should prove
a comfort to the many mothers In
Cranbrook who have sons now serving
with the colors:
Father, we believe In Thee; \v
trust Thee stay Thou with us; we do
not ask Thee to lift the veil If always
we know that Thou art there for life
or for death; what do we need beside? When we are very weary take
us in Thy arms and close tbem round
us; give peace to those we love and
the courage to march on and fight,
and by Thy merciful power may the
great word be accomplished in us;
for If we have been planted together ln
the likeness of Christ's death we shall
be also iu the likeness of His resurrection.     Amen.
Many of our farmers, especially in
tiie more progressive communities in
the west, are beginning to realize that
tholr true interests are best served
when thoy support their o*\n country
town. They have learne I to resist
tho teniptatlon of mall order catalogues and to give their flgull h'lshiess
instead to their own local Stores Not
only their own experience but more
especially the experience of brother
fnrmers in the I'nited States has
taught them thnt the inevitable outcome of sending tlieir cnall orders
uway to niiiil order bouses is the   le-
generatlon of their own country town,
and tin* decrease in value of tlieir
own farm property.
If farmers are beginning to learn
the lesson that they must support
their country town iu order to ad
Vance their own best Interests, It is
Attorney-General Bowser of British
Columbia' bus formally warned Mr.
Moses Cotsworth tliat he will have
something to say at a convenient season about that gentleman's character.
The Intimation proves how serious ls
the political crisis in British Columbia. Moses Cotsworth Is a well-known
English aocountant and statistician,
who. on various occasions, hus ns-
I slsted Canadian governments, Including that of British Columbia, to draft
Important legislation. He came out
from England to British Columbia in
| I90S to help in framing the Public
.Service Bill, and bus been u resident of
the province ever since. Mr. Cotsworth was appointed ln 1909 chairman
of a commission to regrade tbe British Columbia civil service, and bad
some trouble with the government in
of very great Importance" that 'retail |conneotlon wiUl tlmt work' wll-ch «ent
merchants Bhould take immediate |,,im intb opposition. He has occu-
steps to offer-to farmers a more effl- .mulaled a vast °T of material trm
cicnt service than the best be has the l'™vincial .archives, official docu-
hltherto offered. If the country mer- mentS and other Eource(5' upon wMch
chant is supported hy the farmtT.K; t"'o Ministerial Association of the low-
ensh business, as well as his credit |er mflinlnnd, (,f "rjttah Columbia has
business, there Is no reason why be
should not produce a service equal   to
| based the charge that 	
"Immense areas of tlie choicest land
the best that any mail order house can" I hawbean stolen from the people and
the crown ln British Columbia, and
though tlie government records In the
offer, both as regards the price and
quality or his goods.
Having pointed out on several
. land offices throughout the province
show this clearly, no steps whatever
' have been taken #o recover these
lands or punish the despollers of the
people,   On the contrary, the attorney-
The man who gives a dollar's worth ]
' work for every dollar that ho gets
aver has to worry much about losing j
is job.   He's dead!
Tbe small boy of Cranbrook doesn't
imagine he's having any fun at all tin-
iss he's risking bis neck with every
stunt that be attempts.
Appearances are deceitful, but a lot
or people Insist on I icplng them up.
The polished rascal can tip bis bat
with the best of 'em these days.
"And I tell you It is my business to
fight anything that is fighting Jesus
Christ, and I'll do It in spite of anybody this side of hell."—Billy Sunday,
Thero are two good reasons why
some people don't mind their own business, One ls that they haven't any
mind, the other that they haven't any
There are worse things than being
married to a travelling man, girls. For
instance, there's tying up to the chap
who has a reputation as an after-dinner speaker.
Not every man one meets with long
bair nowadays is a musician. Some
men are so hard up along the Crows
Nest Pass that they haven't had a hair
cut In six montlis.
Heard at the "Cos**
Editor Cranbrook Herald:
air: I wish on behalf of the Kootenay Orchards Sunday School and
Bible class to thank, through your
paper, those kind friends who guve us
sucli a delightful outing on June 3rd,
namely, Mrs. J. I*'. .Smith, Mr. J. D.
McBride, Mr. 10. A. Hill, Mr. W. H. Wilson, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Lester Clapp and
Mr. Robert Eakln, who drove us out
to Perry Creek in their motor cars.
Wo also thank Mr. Fink for bis kind
Intentions, but owing to some mistake
in the arrangements ho did not arrive
until the cars hud started with their
We also thank Mrs. llurge, of the;
Perry Crook hotol, for her kindness.
The happy crowd of children, Including huhics and grown-ups, started
front Kootenay Orchards School house
shortly after 10 o'clock uud after a
lovely drive through beautiful scenery, arrived a( Hie picnic grounds.
The tables were (illicitly spread ror
lunch and l|io way the coffee, chicken, cakes and other things disappeared wo know It was enjoyed by all.
After lunch some went fishing, some
exploring, othors walking or chat-
ling, and al .'. o'clock all assembled
ut the table again, which was spread
as bountifully ns befon?. After singing Cod Save the King und Tlpperary, with cheers for those who gave
them such a happy day, the cars wcre
again loaded and turned toward Cranbrook, where we arrived without any
accident and all agree in praise of
the good time and those who were so
kind to them.
Yours sincerely,
W. Scott Hill.
Conversation overheard at the smelter;
Married Man (to single man)*—Why
don't you enlist and go to the front?
Single Man—I'd hate like h—1 to
give up my job here to an alien enemy,
and enable him to send money home
to help kill me.—Grand Forks Sun.
in great variety but all of it good.
Our soap has been specially bought for
its purity. We value your future trade
too much lo sell you soap that will
spoil your skin or ruin your fine clothes.
It is 100 per cent pure.
look il ovor—Ind in
Hexali Violet and Hose (ilyceriue, Hexali   Toilet   Soap,   especially
SOc cake, li for 60c. good for the baby, ,15c box.
The Beattie Murphy Co,, Ltd.
The 1?»xa*& Jftw
Where It Pays to Deal
Sunday services: The pastor will
give liis farewell sermons at 11 a.m.
nnd  7.^0  p.m.
Holiness service, 11 a.m.
Sunday School, 3 p.m.
Week day
Public    meetings    every   Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday at 8 p.m.
W. Kerr, C. 0.
Do you know thai with our Vacuum Cleaner you can
clean all tlie carpels in an eight-roomed house, in two
hours? Yuu do it better than with the old style carpet
beater and do not injure the carpet—in fact you make it
look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at 50c. and $1.00 per hour
and cartage.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning service, 11 a.m.   Subject:
"Tlie  Compassion  of Jesus  for     the
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
"Thoughts Arising Fronl the War—The
"Blessed are they that mourn, for
Dick—I say, Tom, what's the name | tbey shall  be comforted."—Matt. 5c.
of that town the Germans said they I 4vs.
took the other day In Poland? I have ! .—.     ,___.
it on tiie tip of my tongue.
Tom—So have I, but It refuses  to
come off.
"Say, Dave, Is Murphy good for
"Has he got it?"
"He has."
"He is."
5)      i\
Shamrock Brand
Hams, Bacon, Butter
and Lard
Fregh   Killed    Local
VEAL, Very Choice
Fresh Spare Ribs
Fresh Killed Meats anf Fresh Fish
P.   BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
caslotis the plain duty of Llborale, as! general declares on tho lloor of the
wo sen It, In regard to the nomlna- house that 'the speculator must have
tlon  of a candidate for the federal  lliH Chance.'   So hundreds of specula
And Are Now Afler Ihe Scalp That
Wore Them—Tells  About""
Cranbrook Hoys
D. A. Macdonald, of tiie Wentworth
hotel, has just received the following
letter from Harold Flewelling, who
left Cranbrook witli the lirst coining'
•nt. The letter is dated "Somewhere
in France" and bears the army post-
:ige mark. Mr. Flewelling Is with thc
llth platoon, ('. Co., 4th battalion, 1st
Brigade. His letter is most interesting and Just at tills particular time
wilt bc read with keen Interest by his
many friends lu the district. The
Just a few lines to let you know we
are now having a good time nut at the
front (dodging shrapnel), etc. We
certainly have great excitement at
times, i-ots of the boys have German helmets aud ull kinds of souvenirs to numerous to mention.
We have great fun watching aeroplane duels, ulsn seeing them shot ut
by both sides, with aircraft guns. Vou
can see the shells burst ull around
them and expect every minute to see
the plane brought down.
We have'with us now Sergt. Drummer, Bralk, Taylor and Harry Smith
who come from Cranbrook. Frank
Clifford und Pussmnre ure in the 14th
huttaiiim. All the boys are in the best
of health and enjoying themselves.
Wc are now having a short rest. In
thc meantime we are amusing ourselves by playing football, baseball
and bathing In tlie river; also laying
around having u nice sun huth, for it
has been nice and warm for the past
month or so, which makes It much
more enjoyable than the wet weather
wo had In England.
I suppose business Is still the same
tn Cranbrook. I wrote you about a
moutli after 1 arrived In England but
I guess you did not receive it. Well
1 must conclude In sending my best
regards to you all. Hoping to bear
from you soon.
I remain yours sincerely,
Harold Flewelling.
A stranger alighted from the east
bound train on Wednesday and went
'over to a man standing on the platform and said: "Pardon me, sir, if I
take the liberty of removing that
blonde hair from your shoulder. I
was once caused considerable annoyance by just such a trifle."
lie the Fellow Your Mother Thinks
Yon Are
While walking down a crowded city
street the other day,
I heard a little urchin to a comrade
turn nnd any:
"Say, Jlmmle, don't yer know I'd be
happy as a clam,
If 1 only was dc feller dat mc mudder
t'iuks I am;
She t'tnks I am a wonder, and knows ,
her Uttle lad
Would never mix wit' nothln' dat wns j
,       ugly, mean or bad,
I often sit and t'lnk bow nice 'twould ,
be—gee whits,
IT n feller was de feller flat bis mud-,
der links he Is."
So, folks, be yours a llfo of toll or uu-
Voii still can learn a lesson from tin
diluted joy,
small unlettered boy
Don't try to be un earthly saint, with
oyes fixed on a star-
Just try to be tho fellow thnt your
mother think:; you aro.
—Noodles Fugan
Cooling Wash
Stops Itching
Just a touch of this mild, soothing
wash, the D. D. 0. Prescription, will
give you instant .relief from your
burning, itching skin and absolute
protection from ull summer akin
troubles. I). D. D, is a scientific
compound of soothing oil of Winter-
green and otlier healing elements.
Don't fail to try D. D, D. for any
kind or Bummer skin trouble. It wlll
give you welcome relief. A generous
trial bottle ror 26c, Ask also about
D. D. D. Soun.
D. D. D. is .Made in Canada
Lost—Near Y. M. C. A. building gold
watch rob with A. I), engraved. Finder
return lo Herald ofllce.
General Change of Train Service
Effective May 31, 1915
Full Particulars Kroin All Local Agents
Trains one and two, "Imperial Limited," will not carry
day coaches between Winnipeg and Revelstoke, and only passengers holding sleeping car accommodation can travel between these and Intervening pointB on these trains.
District Passenger Agent
]ij:lit wagon for sale ohoap, Apply
■Im' Belangor, rity. 22-u
LOST. A pnrsl' nnitiiihliiif sum of
money nnd key. Finder return to
11,■ruin offloe.   Reward,
TO HUNT CHEAT llasFHsat num.
Iiouae, largo nml dry, $r» per
montll.   Apply W. J. Atchison, iltl
If 1.10
' llllll
1    fori
' sal
i'.   Apply
, llnii-
1    hon
i Do you know that With our Vacuum
I Cleaner you chu cleun nil the carpets in un eight-roomed houso in two
hours? You do it better than with
j tlm old style carpet beater and do
I not Injure thu carpet—In lact you
I make It look like new.
I Wo rent Vacuum Oloanors at fiOc.
; and $1.00 per hour ami cartage
CrnnbriM.k   Klocfrlc   Ughf   Co.,   Md.
nt his ollice In the City Hall immediately. Those failing lo report will
be interned.
Chief of Police.
City of Cranbrook,
June llrd, t!»l.r* 88*11
The practical mimical examinations
of the Associated Board of tho Royal
Academy of Music and the Royal College* of Music, London, were conducted by Frederick G. Shlnn, Mus.
Doc, at the'studio of Mr. C. R Nidd,
Norbury avenue, on May 28th. The
following were the successful candidates :
Primary division—Dorothea McKowan.
I'.lementary—Orma McNabb and
John Noble.
Thia Is tho lirst time puplla have
been presented for these examinations
in Cranbrook.
sale; two broodies; last year's bird;
7iie. eacli. Mrs. Duckering. Martin
uvcnuu, 22-2t»
ViHl  SAI.I'.   Curd  rur,   lllll  model
electric lights; new tires, and $B0
of accessories for $:!2G. Apply Her-
uld ollice. 20-lt*
FOR SAM-: CHEAP-—Sowing machine,
new otsvos, arm chairs, beds and
otlier furniture.—Parry, Slaterville. 21-lt*
HKOiH.V HENS !?l.ii» each j month
old chickens, 25c. each. Apply
Florence linker, opp. Foundry, Cranbrook St. 21-lt*
LOST.   Biliuin   the    Market    and
house of A. H. Smith on last Saturday, one pair of working shoes. Finder will please phone Herald ofllce or notify A. B, Smith.
I Tuke notice that i, Oeorge Herbert
Thompson, of tho City of Cranbrook,
B, C„ Free Miner's Certilieate No.
B79018,  Intend sixty ti..*,.-;  trom  the
' date hereof to apply to thc Mining Recorder for a Certificate or Impfove-
! ment for the purpose or obtaining a
! Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action
under Section 86 must be commenced
before the Issunncc of bucIi Certilieate
of improvement.
Dnted the 22nd day of May. A.D.
10y6. 2!l-9t
________       c. ll. Thompson,
FOR RENT t iii: W. Small furnished house with bath and all modern
conveniences; newly papered and
painted; no children preferred;
most be careful tenant. Apply Herald ofllce. 22-tf
All alien enemies within the limits
of the City of Cranbrook arc hereby
ordered to report to the undersigned
un May 22nd, inc., il was ordorod by
His Honor George 11. Thompson,
Judge <>r tlie County Court of Kast
Kootenny, that James A. Arnold, 0111-
clal Administrator for tliat portion of
tlie County of Kootenay included in tlio
Electoral District of Cranbrook bit
Administrator of all and singular tbo
estate of Emma Loulso Prest, deceased Intestate,
Every person Indebted to tbo snld
deceased Is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having In ponscsslon
effects belonging to the deceased ls
required worthwtth to notiry the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any claim upon or Interest In the
distribution of the estate of the said
deceased Is required to send before the
2nd day of July, 11)15, next, by registered mail addressed to tlie undersigned, his name and address and the
full particulars of bis claim or Interest, and a statement of his account
and the nature of tbe security (it
any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
tlie distribution of the estate having
regurd to those claims only of which
lie shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 27th day
of May, line.
l21-2t Ofllclal Administrator. THURSDAY, 3UNE 10th, 1915
i.    ,      mn ■*■—bb
Falling vision — an
enemy to comfort and
pleasure — can be nursed
Into normal condition by
glasseB that — accurately
focuBed, ground and adjusted—meet the necesary requirements. To be
at war with your eyes Is
taking a dangerous chance
—a condition that need
not exlsl.
Avoid nil auch folly by
wearing glasses that will
insure hu|)|ilness and contentment. Optical trouble
can bc  speedily   rectified
W. H. Wilson
Mumifii-rturhitf Optlclm.
Don't ofrgot Socok Hay on Thursday, June 17th.
R. L. T. Galbraith, Indian agent,
left Monday tor Castlogar on a bunl-
Hess visit.
A number of C. P. It. ofllclals were
In Cranbrook Sunday last ou a tour of
J, W. Rutledge, of Vancouver, was
here tbe ilrst of the week visiting bis
sister, MrB. J. R. McNabb.
Loco, the little town west of here,
has credit In the 64th for seventeen
men ,or about one-half of its population.
Tbe Women's Auxiliary to the Railway Y. M. C. A. wlll meet Monday at
1.30. June 14th, at tbe Y.M.C.A. building.
Lieut. Smith, ot thc G4th battalion,.    Fishing Is now reported good    ut
went to Nelson Monday.
•  Mrs. T. C. Armstrong paid a brief
visit to Elko Wednesday.
| Perry Creek.
Seth Carson lias gone up to tlie
Windermere country to put ln homestead duties.
Pleasant  Erening   Passed   hy   Jolly
Crowd at Home of Mrs, L.
Mrs. F. W. Burgess entertained a
few Invited guests with cards on last
Tuesday   evening.
, " i-i '■  ii.wui ? ,: i   ii ,i i ii ii i i   ■ini.   i,' >i
On Tuesday evening at the home of
.Mrs. Rent a garden party was given
by the four young ladies who so successfully conducted the affair in St.
Mary's hall, and which proved to bc
us equally un enjoyable affair. A
good number of the Tommies of tbe
64th again accepted the hospitality of
  , tlie young ladies.
PHIIWr S     Wfl anPriallze Oil   W88 °Uy Ulh °" ""      The  evening  opened  witb  a  short
I IIOlNh IH—\\e specialize OH  oonnecte-j  with  Major  Pollen's ranch
cooked meats dining the warm;ut t)lut  ^
weather, —  Cranbrook     *'"■*'
Messrs. Fraser and Pole of this city
were visitors at Wardner curly last
..       j .*     t tt. t-m t. _-a4 m* n,wi I Monday morning.
Mr .and Mrs. J. P. Fink and Mr. and
Mrs. C. J. Little motored to Marysville "
and Kimberley today. j    Hev- R- Hughet, for four years sta-
.    .,. , i tioned at Cranhrook. lias been appoint-
Mr. J. H. McMillan, manager of the j ed cliaplaln to the military forces ut
Royal Crown Soap company at Cal-  Esquimau.
gory, was in the city this week on . 	
business. j    Scotty   Irvine,    of    Skookumchuck,
his  homestead
eleven-year-old  I
Joe Kennedy, formerly local manager of the 41 Market Co., Is now em ___	
ployed by P. Rums & Co. and left the | The committee   of the   Cranbrook
past week for Calgary. school board appointed to Inspect the
  public school gardens at the Central
Mrs. David Wilson and family left school grounds visited the place   on
Monday tor Natal to join her husband, Tuesday evening, sampling the radish
, Oscar Sinalley, an old timer In the
Mr. und Mrs. A. K. Leltcll and Miss  district, was in the city today getting
Muggle Foster motored in from Juf-  supplies  for
'fray today, leaving again this even-' WUttdermero
Ing for homo,
Mrs. Alex. Hurry uud child left un
Wednesday for Manitou, Munltoulun
Island, where she will visit during the
summer mouths.
Mr. und Mrs. J. M. Thomson returned borne Monday from their
honeymoon trip und have takeu up residence on Cnrdeii avenue.
Major Pollen returned Monday from
Victoria, where he bad been ou a visit
with his family previous to going to
the training camp at Vernon.
Mrs. F. R. Miles and children left ou
Wednesday for Frcderlcton, N. B.,
where they will spend the summer
visiting with relatives and friends.
Mrs. Jones bas received a letter
from her son Qeorge, who was reported wounded. He Is In hospital In
France and his chances for recovery
are good.
Arthur Ashworth, formerly In the j
employ of the Imperial Rank of Can- j
ada in tbis city, returned to Cranbrook
Wednesday and was ln line with the
54th battalion Thursday.
Ralph Whebel, clerk at the Royal
hotel, has received word ot the death
of bis brother, Walter Whebel, who
was with the fighting forces in France
as a member of Kitchener's army.
programme of songs, recitations, etc'
in whicli the soldiers played an im-
port ant part. The Cranbrook orches- j
lra orchestra was ou band aud dls-
cuurM'd a lively programme uf high-
class music.
Tlie   programme   carried   out   wan
BB follows:
nstrumental Ry  Orchestra |
White and Blue	
 e Corp. Ijovcrldgc
Recitation Miss Francis Drummond
Song Private Schmel
Recitation Sergt. Major Pearce
Instrumental   Mr. Schmel
Recitation — Pte. C. Cavertey
Kvau      Day,    tin
nephew of Mrs, Marge, Ol Perry Creek. 'Song- Red
arrived toduy from  Kalispcll,   Mont f.
uud will spend the summer visiting ou
Perry Creek.
A collection was taken by the Cranbrook contingent of the fi4th Battalion und given to Mr. J. Rellly. an old I s°l°  Miss Edith Caslake
soldier who has both legs off as a re-   Instrumental  Parker Bros
suit of freezing. ' Frwtch Song—My Heart's In Chic-
—— atomee Corpl. Orenon
J. A. Prlnglc, tbe dairyman, bas j Dancing commenced Immediately af-
purchased tho sorrel horse from J. ter the programme of music and con-
Walkley and the animal wlll here- j tlnued well into the early hours of the
after pull tbe wagon of the Brae- morning, when the Cranbrook chan-
mer Stock farm. j tlclccr bid tlie dancers the top of the
  | morning, and with tlie serving of re-
Today Dan Macdonald of the Went- | freshments the merry throng of danc-
wortb hotel Is celebrating his 63rd
birthday, and celebrated the occasion
by presenting the Herald staff witli
choice cigars and a drink ot pop.
Rev. A. E. Cooke, of Vancouver, one
of the authors of "Tlie Crisis ln B. C,"
will address the public of Crnnbrook
at the Auditorium on Thursday, June
George Geary, of Fort Steele, was
brought in today from Steele in a
rather serious condition. Word from
the hospital tonight ts to tbe effect
that he Is holding Ids own and there
is a fighting chance to save his life.
Miss Jean Mlddleton, sister of Jas.
Mlddleton, of Dubamel school. Willow
ers    departed
for   their    respective
A large assortment of
Ladies' Summer Dresses and
Blouses and
Misses and Children s Middies
The assortment contains some very beautiful  and   newest
styles at very reasonable prices.
If. Y. Parker Bled Tuesday at Tuber
Alberta—Was City Engineer
From 1910 to 1913
News was received In this city on
Wednesday of the death of II, Y. Par-
kor, formerly city engineer and for.
nine yearn a resident here. Death oc-}
curred at Taber, Alberta; on Tuesday
morning, June 8th, at 10.30 o'clock '.
Mr. C. L. Parker, of New York City;
father  of tbe deceased,  was  at  the
Point,  Kootenay  take,  has  received I deathbed  of  his  son   when  the  end
who is now manager of the Trltes-
Wood branch in that town.
es and turnips,.
Mrs. R. E. Beattie left last Sunday
for Oak Lake, Man., where she was
W. Henderson and family are leaving on Wednesday next for a visit to I hurriedly called on the news of the
Vancouver  and   coast   points   for   a | serious illness of her brother.     Mr.
couple of weeks vacation. j Bcattie received news this week of the
  '■ death of the brother-in-law.
Mrs.   R.   W.   Spurwey   and   son
Carl McNabb was over from Calgary
this week visiting bis home.     Carl Is .        ,„.*., ,    , ,
baseball   in   the  "Dicky", of Nelson, arrived In town on
[ Tuesday.      "Dicky"  will  remain    in
' the city, where he wlll be a pupil at
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Burgess, Mrs. | •*• King Edward school.   Mrs. Spur-
playing    semi-pro
prairie metropolis this season.
Robertson and the Misses Robertson
were visitors at Wardner on Wednesday afternoon, motoring down,
Frank Setter, of Loco, who Is now
with the 54th natation, is tlie sixth
brother to step forward and offer his
services in the cause of the empire.
Rexall Orderlies are n specific for
the bowel troubles of ageing people.
Sold only by The Beatle-Murpby Co..
The Rexall Store, 10c, 25c. & 50c.
Rev. Mr. Keyworth. the ncw Methodist minister, Is expected to arrive in
Cranbrook tomorrow, A reception is
being planned at the church tomorrow
Fred Horspool. n number of the 64th
battalion, Journeyed to Creston Monday tn say good-bye to bis old tilll-
cumw In the Creslon district. lie returned on Tuesday.
Godfrey Harrington Hrown left for
the const Friday ou a visit to liis par*
enta. Bruce will spend a couple of
weeks in Vancouver and Victoria lie-
fore returning to the city.
The committee of the Belgian Relief Fund wish to thank the Women's
Institute for two Qulltfl and also the
Women's Auxiliary to the Brotherhood
of Knginccrs for one quilt
Anyone wishing to knit BOCka tor
Hie soldiers can procure yarn by
flailing at Miss MoUod'fl millinery parlors, as the St. John Ambulance AB-
nocint1e.ii lias Just received a shipment.
Constipation causes mental nnd physical suffering, Rexall Orderlies--a
gentle laxative—promptly relieve constipation. Sold only by The Beattie-
Murpby Co., Thn Rexall Store, 10c,
25c. & 50c. boxes.
Two boxes of goods have been forwarded by the local committee for
Montreal for Belgian relief. The
committee wish to thank those who
have so generously contributed.—Mrs.
.J .11. King, president.
Tom Homersham, formerly In the
employ of the Dominion Express Co.
In this city, passed through Cranbrook Tuesday. Some three weeks ago
the name of T. Homersham appeared
bn the casualty list and ninny people
In the city thought Tom the victim
ot a German bullet. Mr, Homersham
Is still In the employ of tlte Dominion
Express Co. and Is trying out his hand
came. The body was shipped yesterday to Norwich, New York, his
birthplace for Interment
Hiram Yorke Parker was born at
Norwich, New York, on Octobor llth,
1876, and was 38 years og age. lie
graduated as a civil engineer from
Cornell University and came west In
1906 being one of the first resident engineers of the C. P. It. He served as
city engineer from 1910 to 1913. His
health waa very bad for the past several years and last year he secured
tlie position of engineer with the Su-
W. Robertson, the C. P. R. lineman I pertor Coa) Co ot Taoer and moved
who Is a member of the 54th Kootenay i there to reside.
  j battalion from Cranbrook. is tbe sixth |    He was a prominent member of the
There is on exhibition in the show [member of his family to engage in
window of A. C. Bowness a sample war. Three brothers have already
of rye grown on the farm of Harry Ed- f heen killed, one is in tlie Dardanelles
wards, the Wycliffe rancher. The [and ono In Prance. Two of Mrs. Rob-
growth is marvelous for thlH time otjertson's brothers are in tbe British
year, measuring six tt. 2 inches. ' navy.
wey returns to Nelson Friday.
word that her brother has died    In
France from wounds.   Mr. Mlddleton j
left Cranbrook with the second contingent.
Solomon Koury is announcing thut
he Is going to sell out his business on
account of Ill-health. Everything wlll J
be offered at cost price. This will be
tlie chance of a lifetime to save
money on staple goods. Everybody
wlll save money by buying nt tbis
store now.
Miss Helen Harrison, secretary-
treasurer of the Cranhrook Branch of
the St John Ambulance Association,
begs to acknowledge the following donations to the Bed Cross Work
Amount acknowledged  .., .$10.00
Mr. W. A. Nisbet      6.00
Collection  per Mrs. Geo. F.
Stevenson   31.00
Total    $4(1.00
With the 54th Cranbrook Bat
tnlloii En Route to
I El Paso, Texas, June 10.—H. C.
'Miles, British vice-consul, today tele-
' graphed Gen. Villa demanding punishment of Villa soldiers responsible
! for the recent killing of four and
' wounding of one British subject    at
' I Tuxpam. The message was sent on
•Instructions from Sir Cecil Spring-
, Rice, British ambassador at Washing*
■   ton.
Local ButintM Men
Are realizing more every day
lhc value of thc concise.
memory tickling ClaMlfled
Want Ad*. Make your story
short and pithy and our Want
Ad. Columns will repay you
a hundred told lor the amall
.„„„    _        ,.  u   a,        . ..,     /-    !     Mr   "ni •*•'"• George F. Stevenson
Wlllio Bennett, brother of Miss Ce-.    ,,...,.   ...       ,
,   .,    „ .    . ..     'celebrated the tenth anniversary
lectin   Bennett,   s  home  from   Mon-1.,  , .., ,., ,     j ,
.      their wedding on Wednesday evening
treat for the summer holidays.    WH- L i      ., ,   . ,    ,    u   *    , ,.
,,   , , ■ when  tliey  entertained  ubout   eighty
lie has mastered the art of tn king on   , ,     , .,   . , r-      ,
' .   ..     frtends on that   occasion.     Dancing
,1s flnger. and la well versed in the I   M , „ m       ,„„ pnt|r(,       t
''";" :""1 ll"m" bi,;";,':' "" ""' r"-' who wished Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson
everything good for tlie future. A
scheme which may well be followed
by others in Cranbrook was Introduced, when a Red Cross Society box was
opened and in the course of a short
time some $34 was realized for tbis
most worthy object.
Mnsonlc and Independent Order of
Odd Fellows, always taking a prominent part in the affairs of the orders
while in thiB city.
During their residence In this city
Mr. and Mrs. Parker made a large i
number of friends who will be pained ;
0t to bear of bis death, and the Herald j
desires to join in expressing sympathy!
to the bereaved wife and children.        !
j turn when school opens again.
Ust week the name of Miss Bella
Foster was inadveitcntiy omitted from
tlie roll of children attaining perfect
attendance at the public school for the
month of May, Tlie child told her
story to the Herald man thusly: "What
is the use of getting perfect attendance
if you can't get your name tn the newspaper,"
In publishing the name of Geo.
Kerr last  week as among the Cran-
The Misses Gertrude and Edytlie
Macdonald, daughters of Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Macdonald, gave a farewell party on Tuesday night to four
of tlio Cranbrook young men who nre
brook casualties we find that we were | „mv ,um,|,ered with tlie 54th battalion,
misinformed as the story was only I Messrs. Spoory Philippe, Fred Webb,
n local rumor which some citizen gave; Frnilk wilson nml Vl)|)V nfcknrds. Upas an being true, However, wc are j wnr(]s of tw(.nty young peo,)le attend-
pleased to state that his Cranbrook | ,1(1 a m0Ht enjoyable evening being
relatives have received no word of liis : „pont |n gamMt dancing and otlier in-
helng wounded and the namo of Ceo.  nocent diversions.    A tasty luncheon
Kerr  In  the list
other man with tht
vldelitly  some
same name.
Mr. Chas. It Ward is In receipt of n
letter from Br. J. H. M. Bell, who
left Cranbrook with the ilrst conting- ;
ent. The doctor is located at No. 1 i
Canadian disunity Clearing Station,
France. Ho Ih employed almost exclusively with surgery. He states that
recently the hospital was tho object of
an attack by a German aeroplane
which succeeded In dropping a number
of bombs near but did no particular
damage. He reports Pte. Roberts, who
was formerly an employee of the
King Lumber Mills of this city, and
who went with the first contingent Is
fn hospital suffering with throat
D. McKay, of this city, has received
the newB of the death of his brother,
Pte. Chas. McKay, who was killed by
shrapnel In the trenches ln France on
the 20th April. This young man, wbo
was only nineteen years of age, was In
Cranbrook two years ago, spending
ubout four months here. At tbe outbreak of thc war he Joined the 90th
Winnipeg Rifles, going wltli the flrst
contingent. Early this year he wbb
wounded and he bas only been out of
tbe hospital for about three weeks
whon ho was killed.   Another brother
was served before the several guests
departed for their homes. The young
men ln  whose honor the affair was | giggling for some time.
Editor Herald:
Sir: I would like through the
columns of your paper to take the
opportunity on our departure on behalf of tbe men who have enlisted here
to thank the citizens of the city for tlie
splendid entertainment afforded us
during our sojourn here. The men are
all desirous of showing in some manner their hearty appreciation of the
many kindnesses shown them by the
Cranbrook people und they can only
do so In this way.
We desire to express our appreciation of the fine dance and social good
'time afforded us last Friday evening
given by Misses Leask, Bent, Doyle and
We desire to return our thanks for
the gifts of tobacco through the St.
John's Ambulance Association by
Miss Delia Drummond.
We desire to tender this appreciation of the splendid effort made by
London. June 10.—Premier Asquith announced in tlie commons today that a further vote of credit would
be discussed on Tuesday of next week.
It is expected that the new vote will
be for $1,250,000,000 or $1,500,000,000.
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner you can clean alt the carpets ln an eight-roomed bouse In two
hours? You do It better than with
the old style carpet beater and do
not Injure the carpet—fn fact you
make It look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at SOc.
and fl.00 per hour and cartage.
Cranbrook  Electric  Light C*%* LU,
There was a good attendance at the
Overseas Club monthly social and
whist drive on Tuesday evening, the
winners of the whist drlvQ wer$:
Ladles, Mrs. Woods; gents, Mr. C.
Rowland. The booby prizes went to
Mrs. E. H. Leaman and Mr. Roaindale.
Old time games were Indulged    In
und was   greatly   enjoyed,   everyone j the mayop   co'uncl, and dti2ens    [n      In the matter of an application for
taking   an   active   Dart  in   vp  oWm. '        ....      ..*,., .   'he issue of a duplicate certificate of
toi,   nffl« oldon : providing the  farewell  smoker     and  Tltle to Block8 9 ftDd 15 of Sub(livf.
umiirs. j the enjoyment that it afforded us. j sion of Sublot 43 of Lot 4595, Group 1
The musical programme was ably      We liave all had a good time since   (Wynndell    Fruit Lands',)    Kootenay
carried out, Mr. Van Stavern giving u; «e have been recruiting In Cranbrook   Dll'trlct' M°P ,"54-
perfect rendition of "Come Back    to | and we only regret tlmt we are un-
Without a proper license
If you Kane Marriafe Lic-
enaee, tell tb* yeuaf folk,
about it in ourClaaallM Ada
They all know a license li
ncccaaavy. Wl they don't all
know when to (el one.
Thia paper la popular wHJl
the young people.
given havo iiskmi the Hurnlil to cx-
lirt'Hs their thunks to the young indies
who so kindly thought ot tlioin before
their departure from tiie city.
Erin," with variations. For an encore lie played "Tlpperary," with variations of his own composition,
Mrs.   Couldwell  gave  a  recitation,
"Mrs.   Jones'  Hevcnge,"    causing    a I out doubt this Is tlie most Interested
good round of laughter and kept people' bunch of men that hus come under my
charge and tlieir great advancement
"When I In drilling lias been due to tlu-lr in-
Notice Ih hereby given that It is my
,,   .    - .    i.   i ... ..    ,,,,.,-   „,,,,,,   intention to issue at the expiration of
able to remain longer.   But wo must  mi moMl aftw (h(, „„, %M_im
say good-bye and Journey on. i,ereof a duplicate of the Certificate of
I have drilled a large number of re- - Title to the above mentioned Blocks
crults since lust September, but with-1ln the name of John Johnson, which
Mr. Scott gave a parody ou
Certilieate is dated the 27th August.
1909, and numbered U287A.
Sanil  R. Ito-
Nelson, It. C„ District Registrar.
211th   May,  191!",. 21-41
' Johnny Comes Marching Home Again,"
Tills has been a strenuous week for
the Herald. We have been up nights
for the pnst week attending socials.
and garden parties ln an effort to!0.*"*- *!»h. "TI,ora'
give Herald readers thc full details j
of the week's doings, particularly in
u military way. Tilings came too
Hwift towards tiie end of tbe week and
we wore utterly unable to cope witli
the situation. It would require a
regiment of newspaper reporters to
handle the situation this week.
With our limited staff we were practically surrounded and were forced to
surrender. Should any event that
has taken place during the past week
In tbe way of farewells to the soldiers fall to appear tn print It wlll be
because of the fact already mentioned,
that we were outnumbered.
tense Interest In tlieir work and I feel
and If Kataer Dili had heard It, Mr. I wure that tbey wlll acquit themselves
Scott would In alt probability receive! hi nil tlieir duties hereafter Just ns
the Iron Cross. His number was j splendidly an they have begun and
loudly appluuded. add to the laurels already gained by
Mra. J. Haley delighted the com- {'ormcr rontliiKcntij from this city.
a beautiful remit- ■
tlon which was much appreciated by
the enthusiastic audience. Time only
was the cause of an encore being withheld. .
Mr. 3. Kettringham accompanied the
Special atentlon was given to the refreshments, everyone doing Justice to
tho said refreshments, not forgetting
tbe strawberries and cream. These
came as a refreshing surprise.
The evening closed at 24k with the
On behalf of the men.
J. W. Pearce,
Sergt. .Major.
Cranbrook, June 10th, 1915.
Mrs. Martin McCreery and child
returned tills week from a several
month's visit with relatives in Ontario.
as express messenger. Ho wIhIicb tolls now In the hospital Buffering from
Inade a declaration tu tlio effect thut the effect of gases In the same battle,
■o far as ho knows he Is still alive u tbat which claimed hla brother's
and kicking. life.
Sewing Done at Home or
by Day
210 East Van Home St.
singing of the National Anthem.
The committee In charge ot the arrangements were Mrs. J. S. Brake and
Mr. J. F. Lower, assisted by Miss
Syiuos and Mrs. J. F. Lower.
Thc WL C. Smith reported last week
| as killed, Is the ilrst member of the
; local brancll of the Overseas Club to
lay down his life fur Ida King and
| Country. There ure other members on
the road to avenge his death.
Everybody should turn out to the
Overseas cookery sale on Saturday,
June 18th, from 3 to < p.m.
; Mr. John Miller, Canadian Hank
['ot Commerce accountant, left te latter part of the week for Victoria and
ecoast points. Mrs. Miller accompanied him.
Arts Courses only.
JIM ssmS AtlltST
OEO. T. CHOWN. Bwrlrtrar
It la wis* to a*> a (ood
»ortl t*r yaurMtf or your
bualnoM. whothor your
atoctc In Irado bo march-
andtoo or labor, Want
Ma. aro Iho moot dlroct
lino of communication
to tho boot buyer*.
On Tuesday evening la.st tiie Home j
Guards were inercsHeil in number by
a number ot prominent business men
JoiniiiK tlie ranks Capt, George Tis-
dale Is putting the men through the
preliminary work. This mpisi! win
practicn every Tuesday night, when
it is hoped they will Increase In numbers until every man in the eity is
turning up weekly for the regular
drill. George Tlsdule will cheerfully
furnish aay Information desired [
Ready Help
In tlmo of physical trouble caused by i
inili^estion.blliousnessrosultingfrom :
torpid liver, inactive bowels, ia al*
ways given, quickly, certainly, safely
by the moat famous of family remedies
Unm.*m.AAss,m.Ats, bOaWt, ,
Money Well Employed
(Ml rnr aM—lm* 9*aa_ to ■****■■ at
Aa *4. ta* am* CI*m*lW« Witi
CthWM will pmt warn lata aiav
-aalcattaa wHh barr away -aW
■)•••• gaai avMartl*-, •*•* waa
•wa •rim** la pa* gm*>4 lalaratl
far/ Mcaa>-aaa'»Ua*. PAGBSFOUR
THURSDAY, JUNG luth, 1915
Loyal Oraaga
No.   HT1
Meets Ilrst aad thlra
Thursdays at I p.a.
- i-.tSUla Royal Black
Knights ol Ireland Hall, Baser
Street _ „
H. S. Garrett, Wa
T. 0. Horsman, Ree. Sec.
Meets every
Monday   night
at    Fraternity
Sojourning   Oddtellowa
illy Invited.
Racklyeft  J. F. Broughton
No. Tin. Sea.
Harris. Roc. Secretary.
Cranbrook. B.C.
Masts every Tuesday at I *.ss la
the Fraternity Hall
R. C, t'nrr, CC.
F. M. I'lirlstian, K. R. 4 S.
I'.  0. Box III
Vlaltlng brethrea nrdiallr *•-
vlted to attend.
Meets every second and four*
Wcilnosiiay at rrateralty aTall
Sojourning Rebeltaks earOal-
ly invited.
Sla. A. 10. Jones, N.G.
Sis. Ada Hiiiieubotiiam. Rea. lee
Meets III Uaple HaU 	
and  fourth  Tuesday et every
month at 8 p m.
Membership   epea   te   BMMsk
E. Y. Ilrake. 3. T. Lower,
President SaoreJary
Visiting    numbers    MrdUaU?
Meets In the Maple Hall
first Tuesday afternoon of every
montll at II p.m.
President, Mrs. VV. II. McFarlane
Secretary, Mra. John Shaw
P. 0. Boi .42
All ladles cordially la.lted.
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
I'm- Information regarding
lands ami agriculture apply to
thc Secretary, t'ranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—Tlie Second Saturday at 2.:>0 o'clock.
Is ojien for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Aruold Wallinger
Cruulirook, B.C.
I'nlillc Stenographer
Phone 485
Cranbrook -   -   -   -   B.C
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge Coal
Xl-lte Ponder
Imperial Oil Co.
Drnylng and Transferring
Givuu prompt attention
Phone 63
Hendipiartcrs for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tbo Shoe Specialist
:| lor Woman,   ft 0 Imt nt Ihreofor
,l ni I',-.!,' Btoref, or nmtini to«nr
ve] Iplol prio*.   Tut h*jhki.i. I'bi'O
Vilnlltj; (or Nt*rvn nml Umlli; lm*r«MM "tltaf
t7wUf*r';iiT'iNif —willbuild v<»i up- •■ ■ °<»* nt
twr, i.,i $\ nt (lnii; itorM, or i.y iBftll oqrntlpt
«t*,ti. -    Tin. . < t'lir.i.i. lun n Co., 81- CAlbitMM,
BMlUa-Mirphy Of* LU,
'     Packet of
\ $8°- WORTH  OF  ANY   ,
Banisters, Solicitors and
Honey to Loan
Imperial Dauk llulldiag
(From the Creston Kevlew.)
Birth—At Erickson on Hay 30th to
Mr. und Mrs. Sani Seott, a son.
Roy Currie left lor Cranhrook yesterday where lie proposes enlisting
wltll the all-Kootenay regiment. Uor-
don Smith and Ueut. Hicks were also
passengers to the same city.
The Stettler brothel's, who moved
here from Xanton. Alhert.a last full,
started on the return trip the latter
part of May, going the overland route
In oldtinie prairie Bchooner style.
Geo. F. Stevenson, ot Cranhrook
Jobbers, Cranbrook, was a visitor here
Thursday. Mr. Stevenson Is among
those picked lu carry the federal Conservative banner in Kast Kootenay.
Dr. Henderson returned to Creston
on Tuesday alter Blionding n couple of
montlis on surgical work In the well-
known Mayo Brothers hospital nt Rochester, Minn,   He also spent a few
days ill Detroit while In the east.
Stanley    field,   tho   quito
Make a Gorner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every ffirjiclit Package
(46.20   and  the    expenditure  196,80,1 SWALLOWED JCSK
leaving u balance on hand of $49.00.
Mr. J. Could and Mr. A. Bureaw audited the balance sheet. After paying
accounts still due it was decided to
hand over $12.00 for children's sports
in the fall; anil the remainder $21.00,
was voted to tlie Red Cross Society.
Mr. McParlow was given a vote of
thanks for the work he had spent on
making the sports a success.
(By Fred Roo.)
Mr. and Mrs .Daniels, of Fernie, lire
spending the week end llshing out at
Rock Ci
i   .1 .Joy
It Cranbrook People Could Uve on
This Line oi Edibles lhe Wur Would
Have Ullle Terrors for I's
(Successor to W. F. Ourd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   and
P. O. Box 869
must  of our  able-bodied  young  mon
are away wltli regiments tlle ordinary
lirogrumme of athletics   was changed
1 to meet more with the requirements
I ot children, middle aged men and the
widely  women.     The one notaole exception
known  Kitchener trapper, who fall-1 being thnt of a   burlesque   baseball
ed to qualify tor the ull-Kooteiiay re-  match pluyed by men from two different villages who were dressed    In
Physicians and Surgeons
•Mee at residence, Armstrong
Foreaoous    9.00 to 10.09
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Evenings    7.30 to   I.S0
Sundays    3 30 to   4.10
Cranbrook, B.C.
Offlee  in  Hanson  Block
0 to 1! a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   S p.m.
Daternity and General Nursing
(tardea Ave.
Terms oa Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone SSS P. O. Box 846
Phone 346 P. 0. Box 686
Funeral Director and Einlialnier
Building Contractor
Dealer lu  Real  Estate, Mining
Stocks and Mineral Claims
Civil and Mining Engineers
U. C. Land Sunejori
, gliiicut at Creston, bains shy a toolli
lor two, pussed through to Nelson on
Tuesday, wliere lie Is hoping for hotter luck.
I Although Lieut. Hicks has had the
j recruiting office open here for a week,
] thus far otic man, Gordon Smith, 1ms
been secured fur tlie all-Kootenay regiment. Several others failed to
qualiry on account of u shortage of
sound teeth.
Fifteen crates of gooseberries wcre
shipped east on Wednesday. A comparison wltll last year's figures for
early June shows that cither the 1916
season is earlier or else the demand Is
much heavier. This time a year ago
saw an export of about two crutes
Cupid had a shutout scored against
hlm In May. not a solitary wedding
being recorded. We are also pleased
to note the grim reaper had no occasion to visit the valley. But Mr.
Stork delivered the goods at the homes
ot Messrs. Moon, Mather, Payne nnd
Scott—ull boys.
Dr. Davis, who was In charge of Dr.
Henderson's practice during the hitter's nbsense in the east, left on Wednesday for Broekville, Ont. It is reported that he has offered his services with tin' Canadian medical corps
with the troops in France.
A. Lindley was a visitor at Cranbrook on Monday, to appear in his
| action tor *,125 damages against the
C.P.R. for the loss ot his buckskin
j pony, which was killed on the track
I last fall. All tlle evidence was heard
j but argument of counsel was nd-
I Journed until next week at Femle.
John Balnes' action against James
Huscroft for $2,BO0 for damages sustained wliile working on the hitter's
haypress on the Reclamation Farm
i last fall, was heard at Cranbrook on
; Fridny last by Justice Macdonald.
The decision was against Balnes. F.
Hurry and T. Harris were among thc
witnesses from here.
tlie Flagstone tnilluinn, was
in Klko this week anil reports crops
line in his district.
w. Wllmol anil family motored to
EJIko Sunday from Jaffray and spent
(he day ul lhe Fulls.
Id .1 Patch, circulation manager for
Hie Nelson News, passeil through 1'Jlko
on his way to Alberta.
Mr. ami Mrs. Ayre entertained some
of llieir frlonds to a motor trip to
Pornte ami cruulirook this week.
A. Lindley, of the   creston Fruit
Growers I'nion. wns in Liko this week
.' river points looking
the latest prevailing fashions, as women and were further distinguished by
the faces of one    side,   "The Black I anil Hie Ki
Hopes," being thickly smeared    with ( up business.
grease and burnt cork. Tents were T]„, tUm w n, u0SSi minister of
erected ns booths iu different parts of tim,|S| victoria, visited Klko Frlduy
tho grounds and In them for the m& „.m, P, ii00, j. w, Kerr and A.
consideration of a silver coin the par-; Btrn|0 „10toro,i to Ilavnes nnd Waldo,
tlclpants might either have his fortune      M[.  „.„  ()( ^ c_mm p,„e Co.,
told, secure a treasure from tlie "Hsli
pond" or a dish of ice cream or isoiiio-
tlitng to satisfy the delicate appetite
of his inner man. At tlie close of the
festivities a distribution of the prizes
won was made to the contestants by
Lady Elizabeth Bruce, tlie daughter of
Lord Iddesleigh, of Upton Pynes, Essex. Even tlie prizes emphasized the
pirit of war times whicli pervades the
mpire, for instead of being in the.
hape of money or cups they took tho
more useful form of things for everyday use, including sacks of flour,
packages of tea and even the humble
egg had its place.
The hearts of those who had labored
liard and laboriously in getting up tin*
fete were gladdened when the net receipts were counted and it was found
tliat the funds of the Red Cross Society Canadian Branch had been enriched to the extent of $ir.0.00 (£20)
(From the Fernie Free Press)
Miss MePherson of the public
school teaching staff, lias resigned.
Miss Rena Nash wns the recipionl
of a beautiful bosket of miscellaneous
presents given nt a shower at the
home of Mrs. A. I. Fisher on Monday
if ternoon.
Possibly greater interest is being
taken in the 54th contingent hy   the
Vancouver, was a business visitor to
ISllio tliis week, and went over tlie
water company's property this week
Ed. Home, of Hull River, paid n
little visit to Elko Sunday. His Jovial
personality and pleasing voice is always welcome in the old historic
Mi*. .1. Thomson .md wife, of tlie Columbia hotel, Elko, accompanied Mr.
and Airs. T. Duncan and family to
I'assburg. Alberta, tliis week for a
short visit.
Mr. Green, manager of the Fruit-
lands ranch, Gateway, B. C, was in
Elko this week transferring rnnch
ecniinmont from tlie C, P. R. to thc
Great Northern.
J. Hart, of the government forest
department, is located at Roosville
witli a crew of men who will cut and
clear the trail between tlie Flathead
river and Roosville.
The Elko Waler, Light and Power
Co. held their annual meeting tliis
week, and tin* president, vice-presld-
ent and secretary wns re-electeed,
and the board of directors cut down to
There's a report in Elko that "Old
' Alan" Simpson of tlie Victorian, R. T
Lowory, ot the Greenwood Ledge, and
,lff.i Thistlebeak, of the Elko Bladder,
will bo independent Conservative candidates nt the next federal elections.
lording to United States papers
What would you do if you had swallowed a jack-knife? Or. perhaps, several jsick-knives? What would you
take for your chance of living if you
had dined on broken glass, with a
handful of pins and nails as n "chaser."
James Fitzgerald, 67 years old,
didn't hurriedly repent and rush for
doctor when he ate of such fare. On
the contrary, he went about his business and slept soundly of nights, with
no suggestion of Interim! uneasiness.
And he did It tor thirty years.
Recently out at tlit* emiiity hospital,
Seattle, thoy portormotl nn operation
on Fitzgerald, and when it was all over
tho Hurgcons awarded htm without
stint the doubtful honor of being the
original human ostrich.
How He Sehed High Cost of Utlmr
The potiont's stomach yielded 174
bits of broken kIuss, jack-knives,
nails, pins, cuius ami other pieces of
tirlc-a-brac The collection of debris
weighs  more than  a   pound.
Fitzgerald's stomach contained the
following articles: Bight knives, one
bolt two nnd one-half inches long,
with a nut on the end; a dime, shoemaker's awl, a loaded 80-30 Krag-
Jorgenseu cartridge, ono key, live pins,
nine parts of jnckknifo handles, eleven
knife blades, four German key ring
tags, three nails, one issue of the
Cruubrook Herald bearing date of
April Stli and more than ino bits of
glass and metal. He said the Cranbrook Herald was the cheapest and
best meal he had oaten for years.
And Fitzgerald is going to get
well. A brawny, big-framed, two-
fisted man, who stands more than six
feet tall in his stocking feet and
weighs wofgiis nearly two hundred
pounds. Fitzgerald will be out of the
hospital within ton days, sny the doctors. And once well he Is going to
curb his voracious longing for cutlery and cut glass.
people of Fernie  than  any  previous   the castor oil production for tlie past
nlistineiit owing to thc fact that    a
large number of the boys have grown
lip from babyhood in our midst   and
ire well known to every citizen.     .\
For tiie first time in the history of  number of these are:  Duncan    nnd
Dat) Phone 283 Night Pbont BI
tilbury Ave., next to City Hall
Plione 105 P. O. Box tl
Organist Methodist Church
ReceivM Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Art
Creston local ranchers aro now able
to supply more than enough butter to
supply the local demand and last week
S. A. Speers was able to Illl nn order
i for Wydiffo, ti. C, for two hundred
[pounds. The other stores have considerable butter on hand anil will be
on the exporting list shortly.
The casualty list shows the name
of "William Tinims, England," killed
in action. He was with the lfith battalion, tlie brigade Lieut. Crompton
and some of the otlier Creston men tn
the second contingent aro lighting in,
and fears are expressed that Mr.
Timins' name may be number two on
Creston's roll of honor.
Georgo Cody, Kennetli Corsan, CIibe
Hunnable, Wm. Forsythe, Andrew
Ingram, Ned Duthie, David Gash and
Earnest Westby.
year was only 72.000 tons, but If every
boy, says Jim Thistlebeak, will be
careful and not take more than a
tablospoonful at a time this stock may
be made to last until this year's crop
is pressed,
Among tho very charming visitors
to the Indian Reserve Tobacco Plains
this    week    is    Mfss-Stelln-Blg-Moon
shown as on a golf links iMid It is
there that a caddy sees him in a condition of mental undress. Tiiere are
two periods in a caddy's life that aro
worth mentioning in this connection.
One Is known as "scabbing" time nnd
tlie otlier is the regular season.
"Scabing" times aro when there Is
no caddy master and tin.* members do
not Hign tickets.
Then It is that the caddy takes liis
pick of tiie members; ho can caddy or
not, as be pleases, and it is hlc ono
opportunity to got back at some of his
Badly as some of the boya need
money, then* aro always some men
that they will not caddy for in tho
open season; of course, during tho
regular season they are obliged to go
out whenever tlm caddy nm.itvr calls
the number.
1 remember how we used to hide in
a clump of bushes when certain members came out.
You may think tliat the caddy's opinion depends upon the tipping, hot
tliat is not so; for, particularly if lie
Is American-born, lie would almost
prefer to caddy for nothing for the
man who Is kind to him than to work
at the highest price for the man who
blames him for everything that goes
Wliat kind of a reputation do you
think you have with the caddies, Mr.
Golfer? Do you think you are tholr
friend'or their enemy?
Every action of tlie player is watched by the little club-carrier mid lie
knowB the man to a finish when the
long round ts over. He has marvelled at the kindness and patience of
some and he has biterly resented tho
rank injustice of others.
If  you  want satisfaction
with your washing
send It to
Special prices for family
General Merchant
Employ mend Agenti
P. O. Box 108 Phoit 144
Robt Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
aad Pastry
Pho» 87
N-wbuxy Are.      Opp. City mil
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has just purchased a car of
(AU Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk ln
We  fiarantee to Please
(Special correspondence)
Thursday last was tbe birthday of
Our Gracious Majesty King George tlie
Fifth, and though under ordinary conditions the day might lmvo been allow-
ed to bo by In this remote part without any special festivities to mark it
yet tho trying conditions of this per
!iod as emphasised by the war pointed
to It as being n (it and proper time to
'tmpliusize our spirit of empire und
pur district's interest lu the empire
1 war which Is being carried on by
'lianda across the sea and by loved
; ones from our midst, so the citizen;
of the whole community turned out
en masse to take part In nnd aid In
tho open air fete given ou the ground*
of tlie Invermere Golf and Country
Cluh by tlio local brunch of the Canadian Rod Cross Society. Tlie grounds
iu all their natural beauty lent themselves perfectly for tlie occasion. Tlie
beautiful green of the fresh spring
grass sprinkled with llowers was
merged into tlie darker green foliage
of tho upland firs and tlie light Ir*
ridescent blue of the waters of the
'hake Windermere which surround
the promontory on whicli the golf
course is situated wero shaded off by
the Intervening lands into tlie deeper
j blues which marked the ranges of the
Pocky Mountains to the east and the
Selkirk range to the west. Tlie condition of the atmosphere was perfect. All
the rnnk and beauty and wealth of
the community wore In attendance,
bankers mixed with the doctor, nnd
the lawyer and other professional men
to put vim and life Into the doings;
the wives and children of men serving
with the colors at the front attracted
special a ten tlon, amongst tliem being
oue whose husband Is in the Belgian
army, who had her thl oo little children
In band, mid still another whose Iiuk-
hand is n French reservist* wbo was
present with her four litlle ones.    Ai
Great excitement prevailed in Coal  from tho Stoney Hesene, Morley Al-
Creek on Tuesday afternoon when it
became known that the two-year-old
son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Wm. Corlett had
disappeared.  The anxious parents and
berta, who is the guest of Miss-May-
bolle-Two-Stocklngs. Stella has visits! hero several times and has made
a host of friends, who are entortain-
neighbors searched far and wide hut  |ng with charmingly arranged affairs
no trace of the missing child could he
found.    Ou  Wednesday morning tlu
Fernie contingent of the r.-itli. of
which tlie anxious father is a member, turned out en masse nnd continued tbe search. About ten o'clock the
little boy was discovered In nn old
in her honor.
The ball game between Elko and
Waldo played on Sunday was won by
Elko, score 0—8. It wus very exciting
all tbe way through ,and there was
(]ulto a few grand stand plays made.
ittery for Waldo, Smoke and Guest
prospect hole,  little tho  wirse  for for E1U0( Kennedy and Hirtz.   There
the adventure. He had evidently fallen Into the hole and gone asleep. The
rejoicing at the creek over tlie child's
recovery Is general.
AVe understand that Mr. and Mrs
Trites have Intimated to the patriotic
committee that they are willing to
throw their beautiful  grounds open
was a large crowd out to aee the
game, considering tliat thc weather
looked had.
The Uegion of the Elk Canyon Chapter, I.O.D.E., wishes to thank the following citizens nnd members for their
very generous donations for Sock Day
last Wednesday.    Tlie following Is a
to the public for a monster gardon H8t 0f names and the number of pairs
Began With Suicide Attempt
"It was back in Quincy, 111., in 1885,
during President's Cleveland's first
administration, that I discovered I
could become a human hardware
store witiiout half trying," said Fitzgerald, as he propped himself up on
one elbow of his cot and told his
story iu a rich brogue. "There was no
work iu sight, just like times are
now, and I finally decided to end my
life, after I had gone for a week without eating. But (lid I go and lay down
in front of a train or jump off a
bridge?   t did not.
"I wont out along tlie railroad track
and picked up several pebbles that
were small enough to swallow, and
tfien I sneaked up to a house where
they were making repairs and stole a
handful of shingle nails. And I swallowed them and then wont out alongside tho track and lay down to die.
"I fell asleep, I woke next morning
and was surprised to find I was not
dead. I was not feeling any discomfort from tho nails and stones in my
stomach. And then I knew that I
need never go hungry again."
Tried to Blgesl CP.lt. Spike
"During my travels along the Crow
when I was fooling a bit hungry I
tried to beat the C.P.R. by doing nwoy
with one of their spikes. I tried hard
to get it down, but it scraped and
scrntclied my throat. This was near
Fitzgerald tells how lie would walk
Into a snloon, go up to a group of
men who were drinking, and say:
"I can eat that glass you have ln
your hand."
"If you can I'll give you $'»," would
be the usual reply. And then he
would crunch tho glass lu his teeth
and gulp it down. SometimoH. if the
bartender objected to tlie feat, ho
would borrow a jackkuifo and swallow it with ease. Or It might be
some other article. Fitzgerald was
not porticulnr, providing he could get
It down.
In the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate certificate of
Title to Blocks 9 and 15 of Subdivision of Sublot 43 of Lot 4695, Group 1
(Wynndell Fruit Lands,) Kootenay
District, Mau. 864.
Notice is hereby given that It is ray
Intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the tlrst publication
Iiereof a duplicate of the Certilieate of
Title to the above mentioned Blocks
in the name of John Johnson, which
Certificate is dated tho H7th August,
1909, and numbered 11^87A.
Saml. R. Hoe.
Nelson, B. C, District Heglstrar.
20th  May,  1915. 21-4t
party for patriotic purposes und tliat
tbey are also ready to donate sufficient refreshments to entcrtuln a
thousand or more people. Tlie Idea
seems to be to make a smnll charge
at tbe gate whicli would entitle one
to admission to all outdoor sports,
such as howling on tbe green, tennis,
croquet, besides refreshments, and to
conduct a number of booths, such us
fortune telling, dancing, etc.. to rais.-
of socks donated, by each: Mrs. Young,
two pnirs: Mrs. King, one puir; Mrs.
McKee, one  pair;    Mrs .Foisy,    two
pairs;   Mrs.   Cooper,  one   pair;   Mrs.
IWatt ,ono  pnir;   Mrs.  Klingensmith,
;two pairs; Mrs, Roberts, two pnirs;
I Mrs. Holbrook, two pairs; Mrs. Swan-
'son, ono pair:  Mrs. Hay Hirtz, two
pairs; .Mrs. Klehard Hirtz, two pairs;
! Mrs. Robson, one pair;  Mrs, Lewis,
'two pairs; Mrs. .1. I). Thompson, two
money for the patriotic fund.    Bomo|pBjr8.   m-
time In July is considered the besl
time to hold it.
(Special   correspondence)
Mr. H, H. Ross Is visiting at Winnipeg.
Sham Siglin and Slam Siglin were
fined $10.00 for being over Jolly on
May Day.
Mrs. McDonald, wife of Constable
McDonald, In Fcrnie, ls visiting Mrs
The Rev. W. K. Thomson and Simon
Carter, one pair; Mrs.
Olands, one p»ir; Mrs. Sawyer, one
pair; Mrs. Blrnie, two pairs; Mrs, Mll-
lett, two pairs; Mrs. J. Thomson, two
pairs; Mrs, Agnew, two pairs; Mrs.
Edmonds, one pair; Mr. Chirk, two
pairs; Mr, Richard Hirtz, two pairs.
Total, forty-flv pnirs socks.
F.vsrv tfnii
swlmmor .evo
Tli''- hnmlv.
7:,'"-llllV   t.
i or hnii plover, every
•v e'inniat .overv mon nr
m*-,.- outdoor lifo    nnd
td keep n box of 2nm-
n  purely  herbtil  nre-
Tnylor motored down to Waldo lost I nnrntinn. which.
Constable Dryden made a record'
catch of Austrlans last month. He
netted thirty-six. This same energetic constable hauled six men out of a
coal car who hod broken into a C p.
It. box car at Fernie.
A general meeting of the Inhabitants
was held In Mr. h. Crosby's barber
shop to receive the reports of the
spurts' committee appointed to look
ftftor the May Day sports.   Tlie boo-I
ns soon ns nnnlted to
luirnpj  swains,  blisters, etc. ,f.e»*i nn highly beneficial
-tnprnttnna F'rwt, Its pnHflCPHc prn-
r,„rtlec rrmVr the "••onnd free from nil
'tinror fi-ntn blond nolioninir. Next
<t« gnnthlnp prnnnrtlM relieve and
■>n'*e the nnln    T'»n*i itn rich, herbni
Snip*.**:   ernr'i-'n   tlie   tlf*RUe    "nd   set
1*1*1 ",0 wwderfiil »-*oee-*i* of healing
ii'.riifi-i wire "cni<*''e'i, insect stlmrs
■l-i ii   (]| ion a rut,,   onpb   •*«!   ee7i>i*n,   hoit
"i.Min.t. rtntrwnrin, hajifsn' bent sore«
■l,,r,,i plfler.fi Rf.ro f«et—nmo nil
inleklv pitted by Viim-Bi'k. it also
>asos nnd eiiffts "lies. All drDffsists
..nil ttinroH. Uso '/am-Buk Boon also;
retary treasurer reported tho receipts :![il. 1(lT *.,],*„,-..
OiWniitlnii* bj One Who Carries Ihe
Clubs for the ( nnibre.ik
I trust the Herald will permit me
to liiu.ie a few observations of the
game uf golf. Should my remarks
meet with the approval of the editor
I will again force an entrance Into the
columns; of this paper.
Romomber I am a cad and have carried the golfers outfit mi the Cranbrook links.
Have you ever considered what
might bo your caddy's Bontlmonts to-
wnrd you?
I think it Is u good thing to always
keep tliis thought iu mind, and yet I
venture nine out of ten golf rs have
never given the matter a moment's
Onco upon a time when I wns a
genuine caddy, and I know that the
tittle fellow at your side frequently
"sizes you up" very quickly, nnd if
you were in the club house after your
rounds and the hoy happened to be of
tbo talkative sort, you might learn
what that little brain had thought of
Although tlie lad works silently on
tlio course, tiiere is no sign that he Is
equally silent when away from lt. Any
caddy wil! tell you that it ls a Joy to
caddy for somo players, and oh! such
a hardship to perform the some service for others.
Nowhere is a uion'u truo self   so
Arts Courses only.
JI'IV ud Al'litST
OEO, T. CHOWN, jjjgUtrgr
Capital Authorised  ....(10,000,000.1X1
Canltal Paid Up    7,000.000.00
Hesene   and   Undivided
Profits    8,'»il(l,iill0.00
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers and
Private individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued
available in any part of tlio world.
attention given to Savings Rink Ac
counts. Deposits ot $1.00 nnd upwards received and Interest allowed
from date of deposit.
A brand) Is Also eBtabllsliod nt
Atlialnier, B.C., under tlio mnnngo-
mont of Irving 0, Wedd.
Craabrook llraneli
II. W. HUI'I'I.E, Manngrr
—~——— i     ■
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons (rom
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
show you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
Bee Steamship on the Roo!


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