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Cranbrook Herald Apr 2, 1914

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Interesting    Description of Cily   ln
His New Book "A Motor Tour
Through Canada."
Thomas \V. Wllby, the first automo-
btllBt to make the trip from coast to
coast acrosH Canada and who was entertained while In tho city by tho Cranbrook Automobile association, bus
written tho following Interesting description of his visit here In his recently
published book entitled. "A Motor Tour
Through Canada:"
From the newly-built town of Kernie,
where we took leave of our pilot, wc
pushed on In a alight drlzz.li* of rain
to Cranbrook. crossing tho broad Co
lum bia river at Wardner and meeting
a number of escorting cars from
Cran brook Just as dusk began to
fall. A friendly flask, very welcome
In the chill of the evening, was handed rouud by a big, hearty hand, and
we took of Its contents with the feeling that we had come alt he way from
Halifax that day and needed ltt Superb trails and roads led Into the
town, the pilot car dashing off at a
clip which would have brought disaster on anything but a first-class sur-
face. The Cranbrookltea were evidently very proud of a road which
seemed to be without sinuosity or un-
evenness. Everybody took it for
granted that we were tn no hurry,
and it was darkly hinted that we
should not be able to get any further
west by road without entraining the
My objective was the town of Nelson on the western arm of the Kootenay lake. Motorists advised me to
ship my car to that point or even to
Castlegar. Between Cranbrook and
the Kootenay lake. In a direct wester-
ly line lay a range of mountains, traversed only by a narrow mountain
trail Impassable for automobiles and
touching the lake at the town of Ba.
four. The only road out of Cranbrook ran south as far as Ryan;
then came a bad stretch of swamp to
the International boundary at Yahk,
where I should be compelled to take
to tlte railroad ties over a dangerous
loop track as far as Kitchener, a distance of fourteen miles, after which
there was a very steep and narrow
mountain road over the Goat River
gorge to Creston. Beyond that, northward, there was a short road endi
near the Kootenay lake, leaving me
hopelessly stranded amid the log
booms and the sedges of the dangerous flats and unable to reach the
landing stage for steamers to and
from Nelson, some forty or fifty miles
further on. By engaging guides,
however, 1 might be able to find a
path through the flats to the steamer,
but success would depend upon the
ferries and the amount of water
Mrs! Game und Win Lust Two-
Contest Followed lly Banquet
would Bolve for them the problem of a ('({\ MIItOOK BOWLERS
social life free from tho trammels of
tradition. It had no wastrels, nn
drones, no men of leisure*. No out
was hurrying, but neither wus anyone
wasting strength or capital, foresight
or Initiative. There was abroad a
spirit of daring to do the right thing
at the right moment. Every one shared
It, every one talked It, There was
the enthusiasm of men who had
found a good thing, who hud introduced  government   and   Mrs.   (irnndy,
the church and the Mutual Improvement Boolety in the spirit which     Is
Last Friday it tt-ain nl ten-pin art-
Isu representing the Ry. V.M.&A.,
left tliis city for Neaon where they
were matohod In a series nf three
Barnes against the y.m.c.a. or tlmt
city.   Three games hi nil were nliiyrti
lull)    Addressed   lin- Hnys
(ranliriiiik Sslioola mi tin-
Nallniinl Game of
I'n mi tin.
Iirrlimillmi fur A|i|il!raflnn Musi mil
be Hllnl Out llelors Miiy
The eecond bait was
tlie Brat, except that n
the game Nelson seemed tn have shot
tln-ir bolt and the Hankers snored almost at win.
The teams iiave a decidedly different  slyl... the Nelson  team contains
is io  swift    passing, with
: booting.      Ou    the other
Bankers, not only
Iso dribbled quite » fo^
r tin- end of '
their eft
plenty  o
build   tin
swiftly  b
plnyln^  Inr un opening. The Hankers
won n splendid victory on Held shot.
I .ally
determined to keep tin- moral Rlato for 'be championship, which
clonn.    All were ililnklni! ami work- easily   i,y   Cranbrook,  ultliougii   tilling for the future, im- thai was   all NelBonltes  took   the   lirst   game  on
that concerned them. Friday evening by u total ol 117 pins.
Tho town was sin-wi.  iliiek wltli Tl"' Alters nu Saturday went uf.
railroadmen—train hands   and train Isr Uio Nelson team with a vengeance,
conductors, active and retired,   Sum
of those nion have maile big money ul n00n   l)y
conducting.   The pay Is Ibul of a bank *■'"""' b*
winning the nrsi game iu the after-
7t pins and the evening
05 pins.
the Interest of tho
pastime of Canada,
Mr. l.ally address
Crunbruok    si-boob
The tee
Mourer. fi
guard.: 23 point.
Hunker.   Asliwortli.
vnlne    and    Shatford
and Bcorst*
rrim. center
■irds; Nngle
-il llie
boys of the
manager In Bnglandl Think of a Plnlay, of tho Cranbrook team, had.morning nt 11 o'clock. He was accom-
conductor making Ills 1 r.O to -DO dot- both high score Ts'A and high average | panlcd to tbe school by Messrs. II.
lars a month, while the respectable IM for the three games. Harrison j White, J. A. Laurie, J. 1'. Fink, Maur-
and portly guard or an BlngllBh ex- had an average of ic;i for two gumes. Ice Quoin, Kev. \v. W), Dunham, Rev.
pre.B from London to Edinburgh Is Chambers made one score of 203, [W. K, Thomson, it. t-:. Beattie, R II.
content with his salary of less than After the' Saturday evening game a McPhee, li- H- (larrelt and J. II.
100 dollars     Think of Ills owning. It banquet  was   prepared   ln   the   ban- j Thompson.
may be, a motor-car, a fruit orchard, ( quet ball of the association for the In addressng the boys Mr. Lally
a tarra—nf his doing "n deal" in renl bowlers nnd their friends, by the la-' emphasized the tact thn tliey must
estate, holding on, buying on the drop ' dies' auxiliary of the association, f not allow lacrosse or any other, gume
nnd selling on tho crost! Tliluk of! Fred Irving president of tbo local as-j to Interfere wltli tlieir studies. Close
him In his homo, sharing ln civic dut-! soclation, wus in the chair and sever-1 application to studies kindness and ro-
Gibba and
n,T, Hmory,
-•nteri Mc
guards] St
les, holding a control In u joint stock
company, and always proving himself
a worthy and Influential citizen, the
while he gives his time to a railroad
company as conductor!    Tli ink. too.
nl appropriate speeches were made.
Mr.   Chambers,   of   the   Cranbrook
team,  thanked the local association for
the manner in which tbey had been
treated.    He also paid a compliment
what   thlB _ "go-ahead'    opportunist t0 l||e        bwa „, t|,fi ,oca| team ,m
There Seems to he .some mlsunder-
standing with regard to the applications for the hinds to he opened on
the first May next. These applications
Ontario, which nre in the form of h declaration
won j visited Cranbrook  on  Tuesday    uiul nuiHt not he made out-before tho first
Wednesday of this wees for the pur-,of May as the land Ih under roservi
pose of forming a School  Lacrosse until thon. It Is not necessary to Btat<
League  and  tlio  building  up uf air the land, but care must he taken to
army of amateur Iaqtois players In [sou that the number of the lot applied
national summer i for is the one wanted.
Thc declarations may be made be* . Mackersy snd
foro u justice of the peace or notary j points.
public and must Invariably be accom-     The Bankers will probably journey
panled with the statutory fee of n'.ou   t0 Nplson ,,, |llay H return Kame
As there seems to bo a likelihood  the near future
or many applications being made, It
Is expressly asked thnt no applicants |
will   present  their    applications     incomplete,  and    expect    the  declaration io he taken at the government office or alteration or corrections made
Any Inaccuracy may mean the invalidating of the application.
In the event of two or more applications for the same lot, the applicants
may mutually agree as to who shall
be entitled to It;    falling   a mutual
agreement the minister of lands muj
decide ownership,
New World has done for him. It
does not call for Demagogy or Socialism or Labor organized against the
forces of Capital to win his position
among his fellowmen—-only Bterllng
worth, ability, and willingness to
work with his brain as well as his
hands. The brightest man has the
best chance of success. Like many
another town of tlie Canadian weat,
Cranbrook Is tho home of the self
their sportsmanship and to the     pin
boys for' their faithful work.
1). Cameron, secretary of the Cranbrook V.M.C.A.; N, II. Johnson, secretary of the local association; A. T.
Walley, C. K. Richardson and Mr.
Turnley, of Cranbrook. also spoke fn
an enthusiastic vein.
spect to parents and older persons
were the things which led to making
good men. lu the school room tin*
boys developed their minds, and in
tlieir games they developed their
muscles. If they were to play lacrosse, said Mr. Lally, they must
Ditty it clean. A clean lacrosse pluy-
er always made a good citizen. In '
order to make good lacrosse players
cigarettes ami  tobacco must be ban-1
Isheil. Mr. Lally exhibited the sticks,
made especially for the use of the t
boys and several medals which he \vas|
offering to the- league in case of or-
A vote of thanks was passed to the*' gft„jzation. The boys showed much
ludles* auxillnry of the association interest and voted unanimously to
made man. Culture and refinement:for tlldr kimilu'ss ln preparing the ,,my lacrosse and pluy the game
are not ordinarily the weapons with' banquet, clean.
which nature hews out the wilderness. |    The f ollowing are the scores for the
Social  advantages  are  accumulative, j three games.-:
not fashioned    by the waving    of a     Friday evening's game.
fairy wand while the shovel and the
axe   are   still   in   the hands of the i Nelson.
moulders of life. Ebbs   164   IS
Cranbrook,   too.    was   the pivotal Staling    1313   n
point of hundreds of miles of Qod's albbs    lM   IS
earth around.   People said that there . A|k'n     1Ji*   II
were only a few miles between them | Richardson    ICO   1*
and the prairie town of Calgary. What
did that mean? Why, that tlie fruit-
lands of the Kootenay-Columbla valley  were  the  nearest   fruit   land   to
Mr. Lally also spoke hi favor of the
140— 426
141— 420 j
170— 469]
119— 403!
150— 491
the prairie markets, ln a direct line
east and west, too, Cranbrook, tlie
pulse of the fruit ranches,    was the
Turnley   .
Finley    ..
Chambers    14S
The Saturday afternoon scores wen
V el moi
...141 114
...153 139
...180 156
...178 141
outlet from the valley to Vancouver
Maeleod and Lethbridge, and to mar
kets of the EaBt such ns Montreal and
Though outwardly below the stand-
should find on the flooded valleys, ards we have formed of what muni
which are usually covered to the! c I pal I ties should he, virile western
depth of fifteen feet until well into j towns like Cranbrook point uumls- Sterling
September itakably to the defects which beset us Meyers
What  was  I  to  do?    The  Pacific j In  European  communal   life,  and  to Brett  ..
seemed to be as far off as ever? j the need of greater clarity of vision AJ'0*'    •
"Ship your car at once," suggestedjtn raising the level of common exist- Richardson    131
a prominent townsman, "and we will (ence.   The life of the average  man
take a run in my machine to Golden j and woman is darkened by a cloud of 75S
along the Kootenay valley.     It's tbe human cares.   We want a civilization Cranbro
whicli will bring us true intellectual
democracy, and give to the poorest of
us plenty of air and sunshine, plenty
of chance for growth, and the power
to avoid that appalling tragedy of
poverty and restriction which foi
many is the great Tact of life.
To motor south to the Internatlpnal
boundary line was preferable to handling the car once more to the railway
boys continuing tlieir amateur standing throughout their lives, reciting
from his own experience the result of
i endeavors to become professionals.
He has been organizing school lacrosse teams throughout Canada for
tl.e past six years and has organized about ISO teams.
... Sixty   teams    were  organized     ln
704    726 219SI Winnipeg,   thirty-four   iu   Vancouver,
twenty-eight In   Victoria, eighteen In
Crnnbrook N,,w    Westminster,      besides  Kam-
 127    148 138— 4i:'>   loops, .Nelson and otlier points in Brit-
 125   153 105— 383! Ish  Columbia.      He  expects to  have
 132   148 154— 434  about four  hundred  teams organized
 163   112 155— 430. before ho completes his work,
127 146— 421      xhe work of organizing the teams
—  and playing for the medals was left in   the property of the chief,
695   68S 698—20S1  the hands of a local committee. Foi- \  —
Four    Orientals   Taken    Into
Custody nml Five Opium
ttmokli.tr Sets Confiscated.
Cranbrook's Chinatown was raided
on Wednesday night by the new police
force and four Orientals were taken
Into custody and live complete opium
outfits, together with a small quantity of opium, were confiscated.
The chinamen arrested were: Jim
Dick, Mali Lee and two cousins named
Mali Sing. They appeared In polic
court this morning and were assessed
410.00 and costs by Police Magistral
The- "opium smoking layouts' were
taken to the chief's ollice where they
have been Interesting exhibits to visitors today. Five long bamboo pipes
with little lamps for cooking the 'hop'
and the other accessories of the habit
whicli provides the Celestials witli
sweet dreams of the Chinese heaven,
were in the collection  which Is now
lowing   Mr    Lillys   address    Mr.   H.  pRDJmrfl  SCHOOL
White, chairman of the school board.;
thanked the boys for their good atten-'
a*-;! tion to Mr. Lally and stated that they ■
oUld  receive  all   the   help   possible
194—600  frn,n  lllp  ■Jfmrtl   '"   organizing  their ■ Horticultural     Expert     Will     Vi-il
teams and conducting their games.
Cranhrook ami Conduct Class
In Tree Trimming.
finest motor trip ln all British Colum
Several townsmen echoed his enthusiasm, for Cranbrookltes are never
tired of telling strangers of tho won
derful valley which will soon be open
to motor tourists by the construction
of a scenic road from Crnnbrook to
Banff on the main line of the Canadian  Pacific    Railway.   At    present,
786-2260 m:wcmithi:s
The ladles of the club at their
I ing  .art  Monday afternoon
for an  1 xhtbttlon  of gymnastic
evening of April 22nd.    And, O joyl
acquntlc exercises to be given
refreshments  are  to  be  served. Say,
boy-,  what  could  we  do  without
ladies anyway.
Thomas Elmore Lucy,
-nti-rtuner. is to give an evening   Ib
Cranbrook under the auspices ot
.•luh.    Mr. Lucy is IN* well know* pub
Usher of -The Missouri Mule,-'  md U
Heralded   as    an     artist   ot     j ieodld
,aste anti ability     He impersonate a
niimber nl' characters and illustrates
■villi crayon both ..»ng and story.
•nt'i'taiiier lum a wide reputation Of
tlio hlghi  1 order   He will be li
.he evening of May 4th,   Don't
-his treat and boost It all you CM.
A Uie |,ii ..t i.e.. r-cords hav.* be
.lonnteil to the .lab during the weak.
Phis is just like evi rythln
is good, we want more ot
right side ok
1 mi; bmmvn avtay
Ik Bu-*)   Clearing I p  MNunder-tmid-
ing and Straightening Out
The A nn j
London, April 1.—The lirst act ot
Premier Asquith in liis new capacity
aa secretary of state for war was to
clear up the mystery surrounding the
inatrintioiis given by the war office
t« General Sir Arthur Paget, chief In
Sir Arthur was summoned to London I" give Ins chief a  personal account <>f the orders  he had received
and   Issued,   and   as   a   result   of   the
nontenure.   Reginald   McKenna,   the
Home Secretary, who is acting leader
Of the  Mouse was  abb* to inform the
Commons   today,   that:      "The   only
question General Paget put. or Intend-
ip put, to the commanding ollicers
tn   Ireland,   was   whether   they   were
ready  to   put  their  duty  belore  any
Other  considerations      It   wns  not  his
ion that this or any such quOS-
Ihould be put by tlie war office
to their subordinates."
**Genernl   Paget   Informed   the   war
a celebrated oflke   of   the   promise   given   by   the
lary   for   war  to  ollicers   whose
1* in Ulster to permit them to
withdraw temporarily from their regf-
m  the event  of operations  be*
eDKlag necessary in Clster, and he rc-
queattd th'   war office tn Hnd out im*
jtel>  the number nf ollicers who
would withdraw on this account
ii)   Explosion   of   li) ou
Ibid)  Pound in shack
\car Creston
Porter     165
Harrison    154
Kottlmer   141
Kin ley     132
Chambers    154
166— 432
223— 508
lit"— 506
46 730 838—2384
scores   nn   Saturday   evening
Albert  H.   Webb,  secretary  of the
local Farmers' Institute, Is in receipt
■,7:!    v lof  the  following  letter,  which  gives
416 J New Pcpurtnienl In Connection With! the    information      concerning     the
; pruning school for Cranbrook, which
became a possibility through Mr.
! Webb's energy In securing the class.
; About fifteen applications have been
made for receiving the special Information disseminated by the government through these schools.
sicniii Laundry to he Started
Maj   Pint.
there Is a good wagon road along the t authorities, and we
ere honoie
Columbia River as far as Colden and
Donald. At a point, two-thirds of the
total distance, a branch road la being
constructed so as to follow the valleys
of the Selkirk range through the
Vermilion Pass. At Banff, the road
will connect with another from Calgary. The highway from Cranbrook
to Golden lies on the eastern bank of
the Columbia, but the valley Ih wide
enough to afford a magnificent view
of the Selkirks. A sudden turn of
the road and one sees a valley gleaming In golden sunlight, while through
the landscape runs the emerald green
river dotted with wooded Islands.
Sometimes such a view extends for
forty or fifty miles. The road passes
through Sinclair Hot Springs, which
Is destined to become a popular resort
for motorists and along Windermere
lake. Prom Wilmer, another highway has been projected along thc
Toby Creek, tapping Karl Crey's Cabin, twenty miles to the west, and
ending at a height of 8,000 feet amid
the glacier. From the west, the Columbia-Kootenay Valley Is still inac-
cestblc, but from the Crow's Nest Pass
It Is open for the greater part of the
Cranbrook was Interesting, but at
first sight there was not much to see.
It seemed to be about the size of a
man's pocket handkerchief, a mere
village In dimensions. A hotel, of
which the landlord was my genial
friend of the flask, a railroad station,
a modest town hall, a few more or less
sleepy stores, a formless back street
or two, a chaotic pavement, and a Y.
M. C. A. building built and maintained
by the C. P. FL—that was all.
But Cranbrook had hidden riches.
Like many another town of the west,
It bad men who interpreted education
ta the terms of opportunity and progress and communal welfare , who
were using It aa an Instrument which
Porter    ..
a public send-off in front of tl
hall,    where    motorists    and
townsmen were assemhed to pro-offer Kottlmer
Ood speed.    Mr.    It— , an  Knglish  p|njey
fruit rancher, volunteered to accom*
pany me as far as    Creston,    and n
small car In charge of Mr, McN
nnd the secretary of the local Auto-
noble assocatlon, led the way south
lu order to pilot us to the SWftmp, Our  Ebbs   .
objective wus the lltle station BCtt'e- Meyers
ment of  Yahk,    near  tho  boundary. Qlkbs
which we calculated wo should reach  Allen
at dusk.   The swamp ws understood Richardson   i7fi
to bo five miles long.    A  motor-car  p, Qrltello    —
had never before ventured into it, and 	
as a precaution against being "hogged," telephonic Instructions were
sent ahead to have horses In waiting.
The road, for the first hour, ascended along the Hanks of wooded mountains whose valleys were watered by
the numerous eroks feeding tho
Moyle lakes. It was narrow and
etrewn with boulders, against whlc
i Mr. C. T. Davis, proprietor of the
Cranbrook Steam Laundry, Is in
Spokane this week on    business    In j
'connection with the new department! Perry's Siding. B.C.,
152   147— 437 i0f  clothes    cleaning    and     pressing, March  27th,  1914
198   189—662; which  he is starting In  connection Secretary •Farmers'    Institute, Cran-
167   153— 468 j with his laundry. brook, H.C:
107   110— 378'
203    150— 485
754 S27
...138 119
...144 146
...140 108
141 153
146— 403
170— 460
Mr. Davis r
two lots just !
ontly purchased    the     i]Car sir:. I have received Instruc*
uh of the laundry and tlons from It. M. Winslow to hold a
" 'carpenters are now busy erecting »|pruning school at Cranbrook.   Mr, E
749—3880 j now bunding 20*24 In which be pro- c. Hunt, H.S.C., will hold this school
poses  to    establish    an     up-to-date j starting Monday. 6th of April,
clothes cleaning plant   The mnchln-j    TrilstfnB lllls ,viu ba aftt|sfactory to
ery bus been ordered from Toronto you< , m]min< ymirs trulyi
,and is expected to be here In time to j M   s   Middletou.
'have the plant In operation by     the	
first of May.    Power and steam   for!
the new plant win bo conducted from IVOUXfl  MKVS CLUH XOTKS.
the laundry boilers 	
The new building will be lined with
corrugated  Iron   Inside and out nnd
win he practically fireproof. The new
CRANIMOOX FA1WKKS {plant will be In charge of Mr. stro
be!, an experienced man lu that line
149— 443
171— 629 I
82—   82
49   705   718-2165
It seems thut the victorious bowl-
ers from the Hy. YM.r.V became
rather boastful at Nelson last week,
for if reports are true they tuld   tin
Creston, B.C., April 1st.—Last
ing a hurried t-U-plione call to'W.
'. Forrester, provincial
stating that a man named I'.-rl-t Anderson, had been found dead
shack about a mile from town Constable Forrester hurriedly called Dr.
Henderson and together they h
to the scene. Tlie body was found lying on the right sfde in the bed
when they turned it over, they
that the whole right side of the-
.vas torn off, leaving the bone
tosed and evidently causing i:
taneous death.
They made an examnatlon of tbo
hack and found everything in jojIst,
dishes washed and placed neatly away
;onie food iu the cupboard and evaVT
indication nf a n-.at and orderly preparation for tin* dtitie*- of anotber'ddj.
They made arrangenu-nts for tho removal of the boy and took posseaaloa
of his few effects. A thorough -coreh
failed to find any correspondences
papers tliat would Pad to a sohitkMOf
the possible cause of death.
This morning a coroner's Jury, af.
ter viewing tlie remains and he
■ the    evidence    of    several    wlta
came   to   the   uhamlnous   eoncl'
that deceased came to his deatb by
means of tin* explosioon of dyni
caps  attached  to  a  fuse,  which
; ceased had set off hy his own h
ton   or  about  the  night  of  March  29.
j Tlie  evidence   went   to   show  that ho
was In good spirits on tbe afti
preceding his death and had coi
;)ii   certain   work   for   Monday  r
I ing.
Questioning failed to ejpclt an)
-onable cau-e   for tlie deed.   unlSM tl
might  be that  during the  past
lie has not felt wen enough to do much
• work.
Charles  Anderson  lia-   lived  in Cbt«
i neighborhood for about 10 ream.
coining here from Minnesota, and was
well   ktunui.    Hi.-   friends   here are
, taking  car-- of the funeral
aunts and  ii,t< rnient  will take place
give   the   publfi
The members   of   the   Cranbrook v,c0,
Farmers'  Institute  will meet  In  thej    Only tho very   latest   and best of!
we repeatedly struck the pan.     ii old gymnasium on*8aturday, April 11, labor-saving machinery will.be Install-
was not at all particular about    Its This Is the last of tlie afternoon meet- ^ nni1 "" «''l"ipiuent second to none I
grades, seeming to feel thnt as they  lug** for this season, and a large  at-l'or dry and steam cleaning.
were good enough und wide enough tendance   Is   expected.    Mr.    Hunt, I '—'	
for goats, they ought to form a good B.Bc., prming school Instructor, will] .MA It It IEO
make-shift for motor-cars. Our heavy, U1' ■» •»<-* city and the directors expect I 	
transcontinental   equipment   was   rio to hear" from him at that meeting.       \    A  very  quiet  but   pretty  wedding
doubt ln part responsible for the re-     The subjects for the afternoon are:   took P-**08 at (,,|rlst church on Satur*
of work, and Mr. Davis proposes tolHt»rt,,'«l <im''nH ,,f N"l(i(,n llliU CrBn*
the public a first-class ...r.1 hrook could beat the Lake City in any
kind of sport. Now that was rather
venturesome, for hungng around Uu
Nelson V..M.C.A. there are a number
or fast basket ball teams, and representatives of these teams offered to
meet  anything  Crnnbrook   could   put
H..UM- I'iisM's the Sim- Kill In  Ttdo
240 t«. 101   *•* Majority
•lie  Hu1>  »r  He  l>i**nii*.M*d."
Irish Commander-in-Chief was
f  any  officer  who could  not
this   exemption   would   be   alio resign and replied that the
result of any refusal to do their duty
only mean their dismissal from
e army
l'Nter SUM Helmut
BoUu-t. April 1.—Ulster will never
1   to   anything   which   involves
tg  the   Home  Rule  bill  on   the
book, and it is firmly believed
hare that the Asquith government will
further concessoins.
Ioerrie.1, I'lot  IAphiili'd
' Unionists here are. in fact, de-
,ed   not  to  accept  any   "condl-
' promises in the face of reve-
of the exploded plot to coerce
within  the last fortnight.    They
Will adhere to their original demand
lie permanent exclusion of Ulster
1 the operation of the Home Rule
>« Let rp In Preparation)*
»owhile,  there  is  no  let  up  In
'ations.      Volunteers   are    con-
ly     practicing    at    mobilization
and   day.   over   the   province.
over sixty are being trained In
una-uk-ii'" and transport duty.
up       So  a   strong   Nelson   team   Jour-
Tfce Men's meeting last Sunday was
tbo t*st  attended yet    Rev. A  Stiller Calgary, was the speaker.    He
an    inspiring   and    interesting
Mr.  Stillman   is  the  possessor
Of a apl*-nd.d baritone voice and rend-
s very enjoyable solo.   Tbe solo-
fcft was accompanied by Mr. Nidd, Or-
of tbe Methodist church, who
played for tlie whole service.
tin ber tbe meeting next Sunday
at M.15.   Every man welcome.
Tho C.P.R.  Howling team returned
Hli the icurel wreath of victory on
today  from  Nelson    They  bad  the
pleunr*- of competing  with  the best
tbe Y.M •" A. of that city could produce
The games on  Friday  resulted  In a
Wta for Nelson by about 120 pins and
the flr t game of Saturday was also
by them but our boys rallied In
great shape i.nd won tlie series by a
martin of about ISO pins.    A banquet
•given  in our honor on Saturday
t by the Ladles' Auxiliary of the
Y.M.C.A , and the hope was expressed
by aeveral  of the speakers  that we
could meet oftener in the future, not
Ib Bowling alone, but iu other com-
The Nelson boyi certainly
■BOW   how   to  entertain  and   exerted
■Ives   to   treat   the   1 'ranbrook
boya a-^  well as they knew how and
loooed'd admirably.
THO  new  schedule of the  Local Alley* |a posted and may be seen on the
;ln     hoard.      .Some    interesting
III be seen on this.    Tomor-
IWW night, Friday, at  19:30 u match
will b*     played    between    the   Green
IM'.,    April    1—The j Machinists and the Green lioilermak-
esentatives.  after  one : era*   This is going to be some game
pe.tacular   legislative  hut no admission will be charged for
peated refusal of the car to stand on I Tuberculin Test for Dairy Cattle,
end, and the light, fleet-footed pilot-'Alfalfa, Co-operative Marketing of
car lent embarrassment by friskly i Vegetables, and the discussion on the
skipping up the hills nt top-speed, living thut can he made from a five
while we ha' to lump the moment we acre farm In Cranbrook.
changed Into ■ second" or a push with     The department of   agriculture Is
of   Rej
i*   most
neyed this way,   arriving    In townIsessions In the House's history, voted It-   Spectators are requesteed to come
Sunday afternoon    last.     The local to repeal the Panama Canal Act exb|ear»y and avoid the rush.   The ladies
Basket ball players had no Intimation emptlng tin
of their coming, but met the situation   payment of
and a game was arranged for Monday  l" i]
youngest daughter |n-K1,t- wIt» tlie linl,PHtrn inkers
James Crowe    of tho Young Men's Club.
day Inst, when Rev. Flewelling unit
ed In marriage Leonard Clarke    to
Miss Annie frowe
of Mr. and    Mrs.
Fort Steele. |    The game was strenuous from   the
The bride, who Is very popular    In t start, both teams an unknown rpian-
all our might when the driver drop- trying to organize a potato growing'white serge dress with large white tlty to each other, went off with a
ped Into "low." Rut it was not bad competition among hnyH between the,hat to match. The bride was given rush lo gain, if possible, an early ad-
fport, even .uvi'lng on tho tackle :ind|agpH or 111 and IH yearn. Kadi com-'away »>' lier father, 0"ly a few tn-| vantage. Nelson was very fast for
thc scenery l-it little opportudl) for potltor to manage one-tenth of an. tlmnte friends were present at the! the first few minutes nf tho game and
dullness.   Eye and mind wnv sliiin-'ncro.       The    secretary    would    bo j marriage ceremony, , secured  the  first goal, a   field  Hhot.
lated by the magic of the mountain pleased to receive names of those who TIlO bride, who is very popuar in | nut the Hankers were playing a shady
setting, while muscles were stretched are  Interested  and  further  Informn- the Fort Steele district, received many' persistent gnme, and they soon Over-
American   vessels   from ; have the use of the Alleys on Satur-
11b.   The vote on the re-  day from 13k till 18k and from 19:30
349 to 161, a majority of 88 ! •-••• MiM* on Monday.
nf I votes In support of the personal plea,    The  Football team lias been  prac-
of Woodrow Wilson, president of the!Using every afternoon and  rounding
United States Into shape for the season.    We hope
Tbis verdict on the Issue which has  to   get   on   the   tennis   grounds   next
absorbed  Congress  for  many   weeks,   week, the snow of last week retarded
came at tlu* close of a atrrlng day,  us from getting it put into shape any
made memorable In the annals of the  sooner.
tlonse by 0 party division which found, The regular monthly meeting of the
the speaker Champ ("lark, Majority Ladles' Auxiliary to the Ily. Y.M.C.A.
Leader Underwood, and other Uemo- will be held on Monday, the 6U1 In-
orotic chieftains lined up with thc op* stunt, at 8:30 p.m. A good turnout
position to the ('resident on an Issue! Is hoped for,
took and passed the Nelson aggrega-  which the latter bad declared vital to;    The Rambling Club will  leave the
tn their utmost. Ition will be supplied, Ibonutlfnl presents  ,,„., , ,r,r. , ,  ,„ , „,., , „.,„  ,
For mountain travel, however, the     jjun'l forgot!    UOO   p.m. Snturdny,|    Mr. und Mrs. Carke will reside In  lion, so that at half time the KOrolhtl conduct of the nations foreign pol-l'V at lfik prompt on Saturday, If thu
(Continued on pag« six) I April llth, l!.H \VoTl »t«tla. -.tood: Hanker., II; Neliou. 10. Moy, iweather la favorable. THE  CRANBROOK  HERALD
1. H. THOMPSON, Editor snd Manager
Snpscrlpttoi Bate,
One   Year    5.2.00
Six Month.        1.00
Three Months    50
Advi'rtlslml Bate.
DUplay   Advertising,   l'5   cents   per
Column Inch.
Reading Notices or Classiiled Ads. 10
cents per line.	
"Cranbrook, «.('.," April Snd, 1»I4.
What will we say or the hard times
of 1914? If we are honest und reasonably Intelligent, we shall not blame
the tariff uct, nor the currency bill,
nor the land schemes of Henry
George. Illume rather the waBte of
war. For it Is not nn American affair. Hard times is a world-wido concern. Unemployed men tramp every
road In France; "La France c'ent un
pays de mlsore" (France Is a land of
misery), said a Frenchman to me today. A hundred thousand unemployed are on the streets of llerlln,
Why? This Is the reason In part.:
The capital consumed in war and war
preparation — about $11,000,000,000
last year in Europe-la chiefly borrowed money, money that ought to have
been loaned or used for enterprise. The
men of war system withdraws from,
real work to tramp the fields hi shoddy uniforms at wages of a cent or
two a day, are men who ought to be.
earning a dollar a day lu useful labor.;
The others support them by taxes.,
Dy taxes they pay interest ou a hundred years of money borrowed for the.
waste of wur. More taxes mean more
armament, more waste of capital,
higher prices for necessities, reduced
consumption and more and more men
unemployed. Every man employed means unother unemployed. Every
dreadnought built tn Europe means
more women taking In washing,
more babies dying of neglect.
Under the head of "Crisis Inexcusable,." Monthorou of the Paris Journal discusses the full of the great finance house of Cliurlea Victor and the
situation which caused it,
"The silly armaments of Europe are
coating billions of francs; tlie press
campaign In every country, set going
to prove the necessity of armament,
already cost most dearly and will
to justify IU urgency and extent, has
cost more to the end. The business
man reads as ho rises, in the morning
papers, page after page of wise dissertation on plans of mobilization, on
the urgoncy or reforms in guns and
military epuipment, on the modification of tactics of this or that branch
of war. Nothing of industry, commerce, agriculture or manufacture-
only guns and ships. With all this
he finds a black picture of the distress
of France, of this or that method of
pretending to make good thc nation's deficits. The melancholy business man passes on to the third
page. The latest news Is alive with
sensations. The crisis in Albania
grows 'more grave Discontent in
Kpirus will set the Balkan again in
flames! Revolution seethes In Sofia!
Turkey buys every morning a new
dreadnaught! * * * The whole country is filled with an atmosphere of
trouble, the violences of political parties raging around a financial condition, shameful enough hut not desperate."
The financier dares buy nothing. He
can sell nothing. The air Is poisoned
by war. Nobody takes chances on
anything now, while old ventures narrow their risks. It Is no matter of
overproduction; there is no overproduction. But no one is tuking freBh
chances. Money Is timid, espeslally
in stormy weather. It does not venture out when It can not see its way
back. Hate is bad for all forms of
Tho war system Is built on hate-
hatred of nobody in particular, only
of "enemies.' The costliest thing ln
tho world Is "impersonal hate." How
long shall we stand It?—Exchange.
I which   Is painted—"Verboten."    The
■ German cannot "walk on the grass"
lie must keep to the path.   He cannot
i do this, that or the other thing.   His
; every-day life is cribbed, cabined and
confined by laws and by-lawB and po-
1 lice regulations, to which no free Brlt-
! Ish subject or American citizen would
submit tor a moment.   So we chatter
! and our joint peoples have well-nigh
got the lock-jaw over laughing at this
absurd  German   who  speaks  English
with so funny an accent and always
carries sausages in his pocket.   Then
we go out aud buy and eat diseased
meat because the butchers are "free"
to sell It—pay good cloth prices for
shoddy  because tho    merchants    are
"free" not to label    it—buy   brown-
paper bout soles because the shoe-men
are "free' tu cheat us tf they can—
\ give our babies dirty und dangerous
milk to drink because we have no ado-
j qua.tr milk    Inspection—and,   finally,
i bankrupt    ourselves  by    paying for
, showy funerals because there are no
meddlesome   laws  to   prevent  It.
Just who the laugh Is on in the end,
may be clear. There ceralnly never
was perpetrated a more ludicrous and
costly hit of bad logic than the theory
that a free democracy cannot permit
itself to be minutely novernod by n
centralized executive. That Is exactly
what a free democracy-andonly a free
democracy - can afford to do. If
ihere is no free democracy, then ttsac-
It is no longer a question of choice
between a Disc and a Cylinder Phonograph, because Edison now makes both
The Edison
Diamond Disc Phonograph
doei nol replace the Ediion Cylinder
instrument. Both are at your disposal,
both are pre-eminent in their field. The
Disc instrument offers a new method of
recording and reproducing. Its Reproducer with its diamond point ana its
records of a new material have given
the Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph
a new voice—a voice of wonderful
depth and rich, mellow tones.
a The Edison
Cylinder Phonograph
with its mdestruchble diamond reproducing
point, strong, finely adjusted motor, artistically
designed cabinet. Blue Amberol Records
and many other Ediion refinements, ii a itroog competitor of
its new rival, the Diamond Due.
Hear both.   Buy cither.
You'll be right either way.
A co-apian lias of Eduoa Pboaopiphi tad Record*, will be found at
p«*l ••profit.eft: -.utoruM
•lop; powerful, iiImi ipnai
Mot with -Mm a**'.
■ind admonish, and remove if neces-|THE   BEATTIE-MURPHY  CO MPANY, LIMITED.
One of the ureatest jokes ever per-
p trati-d on the people of this North
American Continent—that Ih, of Canada and the I'nited States—Is the
houx that they are "free" becuusie they
are not much bothered by Rovern-
niental roKulations. They ure ''free"
because they can do what {hey
please. In the sume sense, a baby Is
"free" when It Is where It can reach
a bottle of poison nnd drink Us contents under tlie Impression that It Is
food. A man may be "free" to walk
from danger. Many a tidal wave of
to prevent him from stepping off a
precipice on a dark night; but would
he really not be "freer" to wnlk where
fancy might lead If he knew that
there was a railing at the edge of
thc precipice and that there was no
danger? Would not the very fear of
walking off the unrailed precipice
constitute a far greater encroachment
on Ids "freedom" than would a stone
wall at that point ten-foot high?
* * *
Yet that Is the very position of our
people who Imagine that they are
"free" because they are not protected
from danger. M any a tidal wnvo of
laughter Iiuh rolled over thiH continent
from the Hlo Grande to Hudson lluy
ut thu patient and police oppressed
Germans who lind themselves confronted nt every point with a sign on
ry, that centralized executive which
venturer to minutely govern a people
in ull its activities, then the executive
may become a tyranny seeking the
enrichment of its own members. Hut
when tiie executive?—the government-
Is. made by the democrccy, then Its activities can never amount to a permanent tyranny, if the people do not
like them, ou the whole, thoy can put
.i stop to them.
Moreover, tin? democracy is exactly
the form of government which cannot
ifford to do without a great deal of
'.his very governmental charge—the
jnly dangerous charge—-against democracy today, Is tliat It is a failure as
i governing system. Its critics say,
with a sneer, that democracy may be
iheoroticully ideal; but tliat it does
aot give us good government. They
tllege that "graft" Incompetence, patronage and all similar evils flourish
under the shadow of a careless und ig-
aorant democracy; and point In contrast to what they claim are able,
efficient and enpuble autocratic governments. There Is absolutely notii-
'ng e.lse which could, with any chance
jf success, be said against the demo-
jratlc form ot government. It cannot j are prone to think our Canadian poll-
be charged that the form Is anything i tics on a higher plane than those of
short of perfect—it can only be j the United States, the possibility of
charged tliat it does not "govern." , such a spectacle presenting itself here
* * * I would be almost too remote to worry
Son democracy should be at special)over, if the politics presented dur-
-jafns to govern well. It should—as I Ing the Sims bill fight at Washington
paid on a previous, occasion—select j Is a sample ot the new Wilson politics
ind pay for the best public services; j we can only say, we hope the disease
ind It should go beyond that and give  spreads.*-Lethbridge Herald.
.he people the benefits of good govern-1 	
ment at every point where they can at' Tne BrUish ideal of a sold*eP ls pre.
ill be supplied. And there are tots of j sented in Urd KUcheeI1er, who says
them.  Why should I be in doubt, when | mUe and acMeve8 much   He has man-
"Oh. Spring!   Oh, Spring!   Oh, gentle
1 cannot help but of thee sing,
And, my voice, it hath such scope,
The people say 'Give the calf more
The Vernon NewB saya: Talk about
hard times! There Is a reason. In
one duy this week post office orders
totaling $2,633 were sent out from the
post office, most of which, undoubtedly, went to mall order houses In the
east. This does not take Into account
money transmitted by express orders
which would, no doubt, add considerably to the total. And this for one
day! What town of this size can
stand a drain like this and maintain
its prosperity?
After all there Is something to admire in the way Underwood, Democratic Leader, gets up and fights Wll-
osn, Democratic President, when he
thinks he Is in the right.   Though we
Wednesday was All Fools day and
the usual number of people were
found kicking hats off the sidewalk,
picking up packages on the streets
and chasing around on all sorts of
foolish errands, ln the evening
dance at Maple hall brought the festivities to a close for another year. The
dunce was advertised as the All Fools
dance and whether they were all present or not did not materially deter
those who did attend from enjoying
themselves hugely.
Edmonton Ib setting a fine example
this year which might well be copied
to the advantage of other Western
Canada towns and cities. The move Is
on for the "city beautiful," several organizations combining for a full week
of cleaning up the city. Such a
move headed by the Board of Trade,
the Retail Merchants' association, the
various church organizations, etc.,
could do much toward making Cranbrook a more desirable place to live.
The effort would also stimulate a
pride ln civic cleanliness among the
citizens, which would have a far reaching effect. Let's have a clean-up day
in which every one will do their part
toward cleaning their own yards and
I go into a butcher shop—say, a small
ind' cheap one—whether the beef 1
am about to buy, was tubercular?
Why should 1 wonder whether the fish
I think of eating, has been kept too
long? Why should I not know that
the milk 1 pour on my breakfast-food
is clean? Why should It not be a
crime for a glib clerk to tell me that
a garment Is all-wool when it is part
cotton? Why should I not be protected by the government from all the
petty thieveries which arc perpetrated on me linder the guise of "trade
methods"? These are tho tilings which
governments ought to do for us—the
aged to keep himself as far as possible aloof from politics, and while there
Is no doubt but that he retains to himself the right to form his own opinion on public affairs, he refrains from
crying 'wolf at every opportunity. It
Is quite passible that Lord Kitchener
could preside gracefully at a strawberry festival and not treat his junvenlle
und amazed audience to a blood-curdling picture of the German peril. Colonel Hughes would be well advised tit
study his methods. The soldier who
realizes that he Is useful to his country in so far as he acts as a fireman
and not as an incendiary will be more
things which make up nine-tenths ofjde8erving of monuments and statuteB
Archibald McLaren and Miss Annie
Govan were married at the Presbyterian manse on Tuesday, March
24th, 1914, by Rev. W. K. Thomson.
They will reside in Cranbrook, the
groom being employed as a fireman on
the C.P.R.
Rev. W. Elson Dunham Pastor.
Sunday services:: The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
This being Missionary Anniversary
both services will be suitable to the
Morning subject: "The Domain of
God." The sphere of Christian activity.
Evening subject: "Working for
God." Human possibilities In Divine
Sabbath School and Onward Adult
Come in nnd SCO this hand,
some book. It will niil you
greatly in selecting n suitable
color scheme for your home.
Of course we sell
Paints, Stains and Varnishes,
because they are tbe very best,
being especially made for this
Western climate — no severe
changes in temperature can
harm this paint.
ilalsall & Co.
The Display of
Is a Style Show Every Lady Should See
HE many new models in Suits and
Coats offer a most pleasing selection
to choose irom.
The graceful lines, beautiful fabrics, the
charming models — all combine to make this
store the place to come for your Spring
REMEMBJ8R—We haw a lar^n Block of SUITS FOR
BOSS up to twelve years of a«it at reasonable rules.
v.oll stocked ami up-to-date.
F. Parks & Co.
Sundays—Low muss at 8:30 a.m.,
high iiirhh, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School
(rom 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7:30. p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obllga-
tion— Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Pastor.
Services, 11.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday school, 3.00 p.m.
Fellowship Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
Morning topic: "Where Tiiere is no
Vision, the People Perish."
Evening topic: "The Complnlnt of =
the Soul—No Man Cares."
Revival services are in progress in
the Baptist church. The Lord ls visiting this church with His quickening
.Spirit. Souls are being saved. Come
and share the blessing. All are Invited.
Kootenay Grill
Open from 11.110 a.m. until 2 a.m.
At all hours.   Prices reasonable
Avoid the rush and engage a private box or a large
dining room table for your
Sunday Evening:
Special Kootenay Grill
Dinner, 75c
From 5.30 until 8.30 p.m.
An illustrated lecture will bc delivered by Captain Carruthers, entitled
The Way of The Cross" in tlie Salvation Army hall on Good Friday at 8
p. m. The life of Christ from manger to cross will be illustrated by seventy fine coloured slides. Misscella-
neous slides of Army work will be
shown Including the latest pictures
of General and Mrs. Bramwell Booth.
Special music will bo provided. Admission 25c. Funds In aid of local
P. 0. BOX 21
the lire of the average citizen.
We want a lot more government
than we liave. Instead of being alarmed when it proposes to enter largely
and Intimately into tlu* details of our
daily life, we .should be alnrmcd
when it does not. Government cannot
hurt us—-cannot becomo tyrannical—
so long ns we hold the whip-hand over
It through the universal ballot. The
moment an officer becomes too officious, or employs hlu
from his" fellow-countrymen than the|B,We ol™8J^?.p,,!L
soldier who falls fighting for his native land in a war which his utter*
ances have assisted to bring about.—
Ottawa Free Press.
■ Morning Service:
Prelude   Selected
Anthem    Selected
Offertory--Elegy .... Goltrldie-Taylor
Postlude— Prelude   and   Fugue G.
Minor    Back
* • * •
  Evening Service:
Victoria,  B.C., March  27.—Though!   Mr. Nidd will give a brief organ re-
no official appointment has been made | c|Ui prior to tne evM(n| *-erTiCe.
It Is said here on good authority that i,   prelude In E. Flat Op 73 No 2..
official powers j sir  Richard  McBride  has  the  High!      Battman
for his own prolit, we can kick him commisslonershlp of Canada safely j a,' Agnes Del'.'.......... , . Mozart
ont;  We can do thi- now by aptnylng | tucked away in his Inside coat pocket, j Anthem         Selected
,i m i re to tho gown-mont wl lo'i ai<- n |8 well known that Sir Itichard de-1 Offertory-Pastorale  '.'.' 7.7, Vincent
ortb him; but. ,t   tliat be nj( «'X-Isire8 to retire from active political I So|o-ciosp«l ftm- at close of Ser-
ni itioiiH and effective enough, w • can j nf0( and that he has been' mentioned:   mon   Selected
establish the shorter cut to the Bame j frequently as the moBt likely man for j postlude-^-Petlt Chocur'7.7.'. Vincent
result hy enacting "tlie recall." Whntithe position after Lord Strathcona'B     MrH     Ueo    p    Stevenson—Choir
we want is a system ot government death.   He was In Ottawa recently, Loader,
which will protect us from Intricate where he had a long conference with     Mr. Chas F Nidd—Organist
thefts and slmwody spoliations and in- j Premier Borden. |    Kpworth'League meets every Tues-
dlrect outrages as it now protects   us ; _ ■ duy evenlng ^ g ^.^    mi Tues-
from the grosser and more palpable     Acoord|      t0   tne   annual   reportl; day Is Christian Endeavor evening, all
varieties of these crimes.   What is the | ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ottftWfl, Leaguer8 urgod to attend.
by Superintendent McTaggart, of the' Prayer meeting every Thursday
Buffalo National Park on the line of evening at 8 o'clock. Subject for
the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, at!study: "Je*-Usl Commission To, and
Wainwrlght, Alta., Canada, there are
now 1,414 buffalo in the park. The
superintendent's report deals at some
length with the very satisfactory
birth rate during the past year. Two
hundred and thirty-six buffalo were
barn, while the decrease was nine,
one being shipped to Winnipeg for the
park there, two going to Ireland tor
Phoenix park, two others were killed
and four died. There are now 32 elk
In tho reserve, last year's Increase
being eight. Tho moose number 13,
the Increase being three since last
year's report. There are four antelope, none having been born during
tlie past year. The deer total seventy, last year's Increase being ton.
real difference between having your
pocket picked of u dollar bill, and having a merchant sell you a fraudulent
article which does you out of five dollars? Why should the government arrest one thief aud protect the other?—
for It does protect him as you will discover if you attempt to punish him
yourself with a straight left-hander on
the nose,—-Canadian Courier.
I   Strong  democrat   almost now lor
I sale cheap.  Apply Bos 1 Herald ol-
I flat. ML
the Return of the Twelve."
All are invited to the   above ser*
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
11 a.m. Subject:
Morning service,
The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be dispensed at the service.
Anthem by choir.
Sunday School and Bible class at
3 p. m.
Evening service at 7.80 p.m. Subject: "The Cross of Jesus Christ."
Solo by Mrs. E. Paterson.
Anthem by choir.
Knox Literary and Debating Society
on Wednesdrjy, 8 p.m.
"It Js a good thing to give thanks
unto the Lord."
"The Cranbrook Civilian Rifle Association will hold their opening
shoot on Saturday, April 4th, on the
range situated on St. Joseph's
Prairie and dally thereafter, between
tbe hours ot thirteen and eighteen
o'clock, local time. All persons are
hereby requested to take warning and
observe If a danger flag Is flying before crossing the firing line.
A. H. Webster,
Acting Captain.
H. H. Bourne,
Secretary. 14
Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
By Modern Method*!.
My motto: Quick luringcur<-nK<iar>Mit«t>il at moderate
pri e*. Eipert mediual examination Iiv>* Free examln*
tirm of urine wtinn nwessary. Oonwilt in**—In-u itun't
delay. D**l*ws are itangeronn. Cull or writ*. Free book*
Int. Everything confidential. Bourn: Uu.in. to 6 p.m.
Sundays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
210 Howard
The Neal Three-Day Treatment Cures tbe Hsrdest Chronic Drinker of   His
Craving for Liquor.
The drinker doesn't ger the reeponeihle position he is normally onpnble
of flllinir lifK'Utirie his chiel cannot tell whui be will go on a spree ami embarrass
Climb higher. Stop il inking and take tbe position you deserve. The
Neal Three*Day Llqnor Cure removes all desire (or drink. Has cured tiiuii-
No hypodermics—no danger ot blood poisoning—a pure vegetable medi-
rine tbat i>eiiralfz>*s the poison of alcohol, builds up the system and leaves tbe
■uinn' healthy condition as before you drank, so fur as t be effect*, of alcohol ara
Concerned. Many patients after taking the Nenl Treatment have a positive
repugmuirp [ r Itipior.
The Neal Three-Day Liquor (.'ure is endorsed by clergy, press and prominent physician! It is used ia the new government institute in South Australia,
Practical Nuraa
Phone 187   Cranbrook, B.C.
SavcYour Health
Moat alckntuei that Impair health
have their atart in quits ordinary
ailmanta of tha ore.n. of digestion or elimination. Stomach,
Htm, kidneys, and bowels are
quickly benefited by the action of
Mmriha. uwua.ae.<a«.
flentleman who has resided abroad
and is thoroughly conversant with
tlie above lamiiug-M. desires n <ew
private pupils. Preparation lor
exams , etc.—For particulars apply
Box 7, Herald Office. 11--U
Buy Your Plumbing
Supplies Direct From
Us and Save Money
SOS* o.'"***. Mlltat fJiSel
U   III.
r-.".T- 3?>mmnss MiiMf «n« ta in.
!"**"*\»»» t. Hi .malllM. CM Ml
'm mm. T»ga w. an mm m. bIMI.
*•>•'. Ml iNralialagarii-
l »"«*••>■» .ilwie. M ua nn •
«•» Ml Nr sn. thu mat mOsm Murrv
<S "J."* m elamtar la MlM Calm"
»». Own >ar mmm. Tm fcatan-
Jjy*5. '*' •■'■■* f*aiM .Ip. li
SiTfiie     '
i'fta  -
par   IH   fMtt ^^
■r^— na ».!• mm IM
!»»■> ij rue rutino
loan  aux  too   »o»
iii ■ raw*   VWI   mV   IW.
Then tMBpmre Mr fa%am Via •ttiara.
Do**! Hf Wt jr-taM tn jam plumb m*.
■mt-MiM. Wa «ui nrp'r trMTtat** (or
mm ummm at *mt mrtam f rou.
write m is-Mr tMit ram iissilln *"<•
bMUlf llSSHMfc  tt WtH MMMlMb.
I *•   *"■ •*»■-**
m   savi
Bros. Ltd
COMPLKfl'siCi *
O       -BTtP
For fltrttlOt       .tll'lllnra   l*.MQt|tr|
Clrmr'a or iMvnla I,i<.mii.h n|iiir.v
Hn. Attn     I'l ir,7
No Man's Collar
is ramfiirtalili' if it ilncan't lit
ixirfi'dly. Neither ia thu collar worn by your horse. Wo
Imve been culled tho "horsn'a
merchant tailor" because we
are so particular aliout the fit
of tho harness we sell. The
boiler you treat your horee
the better ho will treat you.
Oet his harness here.
W. M. Park & Co.
FOR   HALK-Sottlnja    Pekin    Duck
aua.     Phone   Awaaek'a   Bweb,
Th. store with a Reputation
Koottnay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Where It l'aja to Denl
A.E. Junta T. J. IIiihih
PhuiM 118(1 I'Ih.iii. Illl
Boi iaa
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
Let ui Quot* You Wire* Before
You Build
Am un about ynur Oonertt* and
Hiu-ement Work
How Wrinkles
Many a young woman in
thia city is wearing a prematurely old look through defective eyesight. There are
wrinkles on her forehead
which have no business there,
Defective Vision
is the cause. When reading
is an effort, and the brows
pucker, ita time to come to
The right glasses will make
reading a pleasure and smooth
out many a wrinkle.
Jeweler and Optician
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Fancy Liinberger cheese at Ward t
Miss Tym Is visiting ln thc city the
guest ot .v'rs. Banwell.
Mrs. Parry, ot Nelson, was visiting
In the city this week.
Mrs J. D. McBride has been on the
sick list the past week.
Mrs. C. M. Barney will not receive
on Friday nor again this season.
A B. Fenwick and Mr. Hardle motored over trom Fort Steele this week.
Mrs. Balrd, ot Andover, N.B., Is
visiting her sister. Mrs. J. H. King, In
the city.
Mrs. A. C. Pye will receive on Saturday, Aurll 4th, for the last time
this season.
Mr. and Mrs. (leorgo Watson were
In from Jaffray on Wednesday shopping In the city.
Full line of 1). M. Perry's nnd Mackenzie's flower and vegetable seeds at
Ward « Harris.
Mrs. Uarbutt of Jerome, waa a
visitor on Tuesday, being the guest of
Mrs. A. A. Ward.
P. Woods was in from his Cherry
Creek farm last Tuesday and spent
the day In tlie city.
Mrs. A. A. Johnuon will receive
Friday, April 34, and the first Friday
of every month hereafter.
Tho Cranbrook Uwn Tennis club
aro giving Ihe last of their scries ot
dances at the Masonic hall on Friday
evening, April 17th.
Mr. John Lockerbie and wife, of
Edmonton, and Miss Ettle Lockerbie,
of Port McNIcol, Ontario, were visiting James II. Caslake and family the
past week.
Mr. A. A. Johnson has moved from
the Christian and Jones cottage near
the school to the Mclntyre house
next to Mr. R. J. Binning's residence
on Armstrong avenue.
Miss Edith Caslake received word
from the Oarbutt Business College,
Lethbridge, that she has passed her
examiatfons successfully, and has
been awa.ded a diploma.
Next Thursday evening, April 9th,
will be the regular monthly meeting
of the Cranbrook Liberal association.
The report of the delegates to the
provincial association will be heard.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Qilpln, former
residents of this city, now residing In
Kngland, i ai sed through the city this
week on tl.elr way homo from Portland, Ore,, spendni a few days renewing eld acquaintance..
rp-Xtxr^E PL-A1NLYY1Sj
OY^ B E u--**iffli8--
.!<■ per   wonl fur I
word for et
tek, snd i<* per
Wit nfi^r
We specialize in women's
beautiful watches- the kind
that lire moderate in price as
well an good. Come in anti
let ub bIiow you to-day,
Ladles' Expanding Wrist-
let Wati-lic*., tin *■■**■ wo can
tin,niil^lily    n-i-iiliilui-tiil,
Within.,it   inn vuin cut,
I.mllei*Open Face Watch(
({old • filled   ai ni*,    Htinill
cixe, aw wm ii now, $1,') 00.
Next to the Post Office
r'o^™aB      m%mmT^\
The regular meeting of t!t«- Poultry
association will be held at tin*' old
gym nn next Friday evening, Messrs,
i' it Bhoppard and James Sanderson
will conduct a discussion on "in-
clibation," Th.- competition will be
(in Leghorns, nil colors and varieties,
Mr. K. ll. slater hoe given the prizes
and on that account will not exhibit
bis own birds. A. Il, Smith bas Just
received from the live' stock commissioner ut Ottawa, several samples
ol OKI* candling boxes, whicli he will
have an exhibition at tin* meeting.
C, K- I. RedB, Evangeline strain; $2.00
per 18; will treat you right Address
Is. P, Sullivan, Box 463 12-tf
FOK KALK-.mu Une young Apple
trees, hardy verities, Owner's sole
property, lias trees on hand, great
bargain. Se!! In any sized lots. Apply Box K, Herald office.
FOK KK.NT- A Farm of SO acres, all
cleared and Irrigated, good buildings. Easy term.*-. Apply J, Brault,
al Canadian Hotel. tf.
HAKE MB AN oil Fit on my select!
twenty-acre tract (Lot one in (Jlen;
Eden)   three   and   one-half   miles
south of Cranbrook.   P, l.. Mayhew,
1203 Nebraska Ave , Spokane. Wash
FOK BALK.   Set of Are
sei n    Applj Herald i
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Sweet apple elder at Ward & Harris.
Geo. Powell was a business visitor
at Jaltray last week.
R. W. Henry was transacting business In Jaffray last week.
John Bull of Skookumchuck, was a
business visitor last week.
Garden Seeds ln bulk and package.
All the best known varlties.-—lra it.
Mrs. John Crooks arrived iu the
city from Calgary last week for a
saor^ visit with her sons and friends
In the city.
Mr. Knutson of Cross, Alberta, was
In the city last week looking for a
farming location as an intending settler In the district.
PHONE 8" Freeh killed, grain
fed pork at tlie Crnnbrook Meat
Mrs. Lees will not be at home or
Wednesday the Stfc inst, but wil ro
celve for the last time this season on
tlte second Wednesday in May.
Constable Hancock, of the Northwest Mounted Police, was in the city
from Blalrmore on Wednesday in
connection with the William Gullbert
Mr. and Mrs. H. Elliott, of Toronto, Ont., arrived this week having
purchased land from the Campbell
Realty company, in the Cranhrook
Beale & Elwell Steamship Agents.
The executive of the Yale-Kootenay
Teachers' Institute lias decided that
the probable attendance would not
justify a meeting of the institute this
Purchose your Bteamshlp tickets
from Beale & Elwell- they book you
through to al European points direct from Cranhrook.
Chief of Police Percy Adams lias
appointed II. Venn:; of Lethbridge formerly a sergeant in the Mounted
Police, as day Officer and Archie
Kerrigan, night officer,
Unties Aid Society of Knox church
met with Mrs. K. Paterson, on Harden avenue Wednesday afternoon,
There was a large attendance and an
interesting meeting.
Marriage licenses have lieen issued
to E. A. Underhlll, of Sandpoint.
Idaho, and Miss Evelyn Iv Bailey, of
Bagle, Idaho, and to Archibald Mc-
Uren and Agnes (lovan, of Cranbrook.
Two Hindoos, Budge Ram Singh
and Burr Singh, were picked up by
the local police this week, being suspects In the double murder at Hull
River and nre being held pending an
Mrs. J. P. Kink entertained on Tues-
day afternoon at 500. A large number of Invited guests attended. Mrs.
H. H. Bourne captured lirst prize and
Miss Barkis won the consolation.
Dainty refreshments were served.
On Tuesda. evening;, A.iril Till at
& p.m.. a meet in.-' uider tbe auj lues
of the (W.F.M. sotiety) Won.on'a
foreign Mls*ioun-,y Society, will he!
held at the Prlii1)?*.!:.' n manse. Refreshments will be served. Music, I
vocal and Instrumental. A cordial in*1
vltatlon is extended to everyone.
The annual meeting of the Methodist church Ladies Aid Society wns:
held at the parsonage on Wednesday
afternoon, April first, and tho follow-
lug officers were elected for the year:
Mis. Ira Manning, president; Mra. II
A. McKowan, vice-president; Mr. J.,
T. Sarvis, S0C\tary; Mrs. 'T. ('.
Phillips, treasurer.
A good set o( double harness for J
sale OBMp.   Apply llox 1 Herald ol-,
Safety   Deposit   Boxes   to   Kent   ut
Beale & Elwell.
Meet  me at .lob's Place.
The store building next to Patmore
Bros, recently vacated by tbe C.C.S.
furniture department, will he used by
the Ladies Aid of Knox church on
Saturday afternoon, April llth, for
the sale of a large number of useful
and fancy articles. Tea will be served during the afternoon.
.1. D. McBride arrived homo lust
week from a several weeks trip and
vacation, most of which he spent in
Los Angeles, California. He thoroughly enjoyed bis holiday and reports encountering most enjoyable weather in
the sunny southland
The regular monthly meeting of
the Women's Institute will be held in
the .Maple ball on Tuesday next.
April 7th at :i o'clock, when Mr. Willis, of the East Kootenay Greenhouse
company, will give a paper on tbe culture of house plants. All ladles cordially invited.
TAILOlUNfl.—Ladies suits cleaned
aud prosed; < llilcago experience.-*-\
Miss Baker, mar Loask's store.   13-tt
[POSITION, Apply Herald ollice. 13-3-t
I FOR BALK-UnspbeiT)   plants*  King1
i    variety; best for this locality; $4.00
,     per hundred; orders promptly sent
on    remittance.  -.1.    Dolmer,   care
llox 756. li-^t*
saw and planer mill circular   saw;
1    (iler. Can furnish best of references, j
Apply Box in. Herald office. U-2t*
FOK   MINT   CHEAP,   ('ullage.   Apply Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd,     14-lt
FOK   SALE   CHEAP—Young   mure, j
four years old, very gentle, harness,; j
buggy, cutter, will work.   Just the
tiling  for  rnnpher.   Apply   Herald
office. tf*   j
Easter Opening
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, April Seventh,
Eighth and Ninth.
An invitation is extended to all to visit the store on these days and
view the Latest Approved Styles in MILLINERY. COATS. SUITS
FOK SALE—Now Domocrat, cob! tir.5. 1
for toIo $<io.   Apply Herald.      tf"
hatching, $1.60 tor 13; V-tM per i
100. U. T. Williamn, Reliable HgR' j
Farm, Cranhrook. 14-:i
EMPLOYMENT for man and team
wanted by day. month or Job. Can
furnish buggy or wagon. Look Uox
4.S,  Cranbrook. 14-2t*
At this showing of wearing
apparel, New Millinery, New
Suits, Coats, Dre<ses, etc., will
be shown. We will have
something oi interest for you
New arrivals in Easter
Neckwear, Frilling, Gloves,
Hosiery, Corsets, etc.. will bc
shown (or the first time in
A great variety of the Very Latest Shapes
and Lasts in Gun Metal, Patents. Vici Kid. Don-
fjolas, Suedes, etc. We will be glad to have you
try them on     $3.50 to $6.00.
We handle the famous "Classic Shoe" tor children    the best make we know of.
McCreery Bros
PHONE 8 Wq handle only!
l'lvsh-killt'd, choice stock, nml our
niPiits nre the beat to he had tiivc
ns n trial - Cranbrook Heat Market.
Prank GoddertB, wlio conducts n
chicken farm east of the city, has
purchased an Incubator and will
commence hatching chickens and
ducks with tlu* famous Cyphers Model.
Should the machine come up to Mr.
Godderis' expectations he will instnl
a number at his large poultry farm.
Under the auspices ol the Wo-
men's institute a course nf dressmaking lessons will be given next week
in members only, by Madame Qorke,
of Victoriu, late of London, England. These meetings will be held in
Uie old gym- back of the Methodist
church- and continue each day of
the week. Afornoons at 2,80 und
evening at 7:30, except Tuesday after-;
noon, Any lady wishing to take the
course can do so by paying BUbscrlp-.
ion tee of 60c, Kor further Information phone 180,
Patmore Bros, have secured the
agency for tho genuine -ROLWl* OAK
CHIEF" ranges and furnaces for this
district These ranges and furnaces
nre conceded by competent critics to
he absolutely the best that money can
buy, the range hong the prize winner
over all others at the ALASKA-YUKON
Patmore Bros, have the reputation for
handling only exceptionally high grade
lines and the "ROUND OAK CHIEF*
rungOB and furnaces are .n keeping
with the policy of selling GOOD
GOODS only.
.lames Mathleson, trapper, prospector, hunter, farmer nnd one of thc
oldest timers In Ihe district, arrived
in from the south fork of the St.
Mary's river last week witli u fine
catch of furs, the result of part of a
season's work. The furs wore wold
to dealer,. Among the catch were a
line lot of martin and ermine which
will net the trapper a handsome sum
for his winter's work. Mr. Mathie-
BOil ban been iu this country since he
was sixteen years of age and has followed a ^great variety of occupations, from assisting in railroad construction to locating mining claims,
lie has trumped every nook and cranny of the t'rows Nest Pass and many
spots that have never before known
the presence of man have been visited hy this sturdy pioneer. He Is n
true westerner who loves the bills and
thc scent of the woods and tbe glad
surprise or sunrise in the morning,
amidst the twittering birds and surrounded by the lovely in nature before It meets with thc transforming
hand of man. ' Up Is the picture of
health and his face Is bronzed with
the heat of sunshine and breath of
breeze, and In his strong and steady
hands one feels the courage of life
beating with virility, the envy of his
more anaemic brother of the city,
lie usually visits the city two or
three times a year, bringing products
of the virgin forost to exchange for
his grubstake and a gradually Increasing credit lit his bank account.
TO KENT—-Comfortable four roomed
cottage with batli and all modern
conveniences, fenced, use of kitchen
range and heater. $l!0 per month
including  water.   Apply  Herald.
very cheap, suitable for warehouse,
dry, electric light.   Apply Herald.
FURNISHED   ROOMS*- One      large
room for two gentlemen or two
young ladies, with privilege of light
housekeeping; $1*1.00 per month.
One small mom $6,00 per month;
bath and 'phono.—241 Armstrong
avenue. 14-lt*
FOK KALE—A  sound,   gentle   learn,
about 1100 lbs. each; well mated;
with haiiiess and wagon, $275.00.—*
ilox 48, city. 14-2t
KOR SALE—Fine Residential property)
well located, two lots.   Price $1500.
Easy terms.   Kor further partlcu-
lara apply to Beale & Klwell.
WANTED—A slnmg capable girl for;
general housework, where nurse is'
kept. Apply mornings. Mrs. E.
Pateraon, 14-lt!
RANCH     TO     RENT — Comfortable :
i house, stable for six horses, about
in acres broken, good grazing land,;
plenty wood and water. Apply Her-:
aid Office.
FOR SALE).—Young mire harness
and buggy. Apply Box 1. Herald.
Office. 2-tf
The fact that there is less dyspepsia and Indigestion In this community
I than there used to be is hirgly. we
; believe due to the excessive use of
j Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets, hundreds of
i packages of which we have sold. No
I wonder we have faith in them. No
wonder we are willing to offer tbem
to^you for trial entirely at our risk.
Among other things, they contain
Pepsin and Bismuth, two of the great-
i est digestive aids known to medical
science. They soothe the inflamed
' stomach, allay pain, check heartburn
I nnd distress, help to digest the food,
r and tend to quickly restore the stom-
[ach to its natural, comfortable, healthy stage.
There Is no red tape about our guarantee. It means just what it says.
We'll ask you no questions. Your
word is enough for us. If Hexali
Dyspepsia Tablets don't restore your
stomach to health and make your digestion easy and comfortable, we
vaut you to come back for your I
Money. Thev are sold onlv at th.*
7,000 Rexall Stores, and in this city
only by us. Three sizes, 25c, 50c and
$1.00.—The  Beattie-Murphy Co.,  Ltd,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦ »»♦»♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ f
f Imperial Bank of Canada j
D. K. IVILKIE, Pra.id.nt.
Accounts of Corporation!. Municipalities. .Merchant!
Farmers and Private Indiridual*. invited.
Drafts am'. Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
tlieworl!. ' '
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
HutrltiiiK eggs from pure bred
single Comb White Legliorbs; good
laying strain. $l.f,0 prr 18; $7.00 per
Hutching eggs fronl good laying
Htraln or lvkin Ducks, $1.50 per 10;
$10.00 per 10(1.
Hatching eggs from iOnglish bred
Indian Runner Mucks; limited number,
li'.oo per io.
Beale & Elwell have some snaps in
Heal Estate for sal" on small monthly
Every Saturday evening, at Maple
Hall, a scries of dances will hi; given
by Messrs. L Van Staveren, I.. Pearron and E. W. Turnley.
PHONE 8 - Fresh   8nnaa«e8
daily,   We make them on the premises und can recommend tht-iu.
Cranbrook Ment Market.
.Mr. und Mrs. Green, of London,
Kngland, are expected to arrive next
week, having purchased ten acres ol
lund of Beale & Elwell near the clt)
und will start farming. Several other
parties arc expected out from England this summer.
What Cures Eczema ?
Wc ha^e ha<l so many inquiries
lately regarding Eczema and other
-■Kin diseases, thrit we are glad to
make our answer public. After care-
nil Investigation wc have found tliat
,i simple wash ot Oil of Wintcrgreeii,
as compounded in D.D.I). PRESCRIPTION as made in the D.D.D.
Laboratories of Toronto, can be relied upon. We would not make this
ittttemettt to our patrons, friend-, and
neighbors unless we were sure of it—
and although t-tiere are many so-called
Eczema remedies sold, we ourselves
unhesitatingly recommend D.D.D.
Drop irito our store today
us tell you more about D.D I).
about D.D.D. Soap, it helps.
Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co.
brook, B.C.
and let
Ask us
My stock In all loth imported irnm Ontario
Pen No. I—Cockerel Mating—
$3.50 PER 15
Pen No. 2—Pullet Mallng-
$3.50 PER 15
Box 288
BUtcrville, CRANBKOOK, B. C
Yellow Dutch sets and Multiplier
onion sets at Ward & Harris.
A party of prospectors arrived In I
tiie city Wednesday from Spokone,
({topping at the Royal hotel, and left!
today for tho Traey Creek district j
uear Wasa. Those in the party;
were: Mr. und Mrs. A. Ilaln, G. Wolf,1
A. Witts, and 11. L. Roger. They
state that other parties from tlie In-
land Empire city will follow within!
a few days. Tiiere Is every Indication that a mining revival In East
Kootenay Is coming uoon. |
W. e. W0IIDEN. Prop r
66   PHONE" 66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Baggage Transfer
Sand and Gravel Supplied
Giant Powder
Moving Pianos a Specialty
Furniture and Baggage
J. MILNE, Monrigor
Mis Royal Highness the governor-
Ben eral-ln•council, under the author*
It) of section ■">! of The Fisheries Act.
chapter 46 >•( the Rvised statues of
Canada, 1806, in pleased to order as
Sections 20 nnd j: of tiie Fishery
RegulatiouR for the Province of British Colnmbl,. established by order*
In-counrtl of the 12th March, 1910, are
hereby rasolndod, and the following
substituted In lieu thereof.:
No one shall fish for, catch trout off
any kind. Including steel head of two I
pounds in weight undressed, or un- j
(ler, from thc 16th November in each
year to the 26th March following,
both days Inclusive, except in tlie waters east i»f the 120th mercdlaii, where
no one shall fish for. catch or kill trout
of nny kind from tlie 16th November
In each year to tlie 80th April following, both days Inclusive, provided
tbat ttjpso close seasons shall not apply to Setou and Aiiderso., lakes and,
waters tributary thereto, nor to dol-!
ly varden trout nor steel-head caught!
in tidal waters by rod and line, or in
tlie Okanagan, Kamloops, Shuswap,
Arrow and Kootenay lakes, nor a
land-locked salmon, weighing five
pounds, undressed or over. Provided
further, that during the present year
tront-flstojni west of tha 120th mere-
ilian may begin on the 16Ul March.
Rodolphs Moudrcau,
Clerk of the Privy Council.
C>r«iu,i.l of ll,-Mi-tlmili.t CU., h
Organ. Pianoforte. Vokc
on the
(Continued from page one),
car was Ill-prepared to meet ull demands.   It needed stripping of somo
of  its    exceslve    load—extra    parts,
tackle and baggage—and it    needed
CRANBROOK. Four pair of eyes strove to pierce the
I distance ahead and behind; and every
nerve was strained in listening for a
possible monster of steel and steam
which might dash down upon us at
any moment from around n curve or
catcli us in its swift career from behind!   Muscles were tense, ready for
more horse-power  in  proportion   to j the leap to a precarious   safety   at
first sight of uu aproacliing headlight.
And yet, Btrangely enough, there
seemed just then nothing novel in the
situation. It was as if we had always
motored on a  railroad—so  paradox!-
What l'lpe May Be Used to Increase
Fire Protection.
(II. V. Parker)
During the past week, while searching for other information the following
excerpts liave come to my notice. It
Is here pointed out very clearly, that
the life of wooden pipe is not dependent upon the life of the wood; but up-
cal is man. Alter all, danger was no | 0n the life of the steel wire with which
greater there than at every turn of
the crowded city thoroughfares, where
no one knew from what direction it
mimiit come.   Here, every iibre, every
it is wound.
The writer has examined carefully
the wire on the pipe which was laid in
Cranbrook in 1905.   Aside from what
weight. We scaled nearly four thousand pounds with only twe occupants,
and we developed nominally 30 h. p.,
American rating, which is considerably
higher than the EirgUsh rating; but 1
doubt whether we were getting out of
tlie engines at tliat time as much
power as that. Minimum weight with
maximum power is essential for mountain climbing, and it was clear that
an accompanying car to bear a proportion of the load would have been
a decided advantage for such a tour.
Block and tackle might have been
mailed and much time would have
been consequently saved.
ln thc distance the mountains were
weaving a illmy pattern on the skyline; in the foreground, Nature, in
impressionistic abandon, had Hunt*,
great splashes of colour upon the
landscape, and was conjuring up effective contrasts of high light and
shadow. There was scarcely a hut
and seldom u puff of smoke to humanize the lonely valleyH. A new-comer
might claim all the sensation aud
honour of discovery—the truck of
man's footsteps In the primitive roadway to tlie contrary. In truth, not so
long before, the Indian had held all
his region in fief if not in tec,
Tlie immense    shadows    of    night TllQ trach ra» sharply downhill ,
could sense the grade; in the sound of' WUH P**t'rt'*y 8oun<* when taken out and
the engines and tint   "feel"   of the replaced with largo cast iron mains.
pedals.    The curves grew     sharper Burlington, N.J., first water works
and shorter, the contortions more vio-
cell, was ready for it. We knew from I appeared to bu spots where the gul-
wlmt quarter it might be expected, vaulting seemed to have itaked oh*,
and the danger, perhaps, only added j These spots were ubout the size of the
to the spicincss of the ride. [head of a pin, and did not pit thc wire,
As the wheels -one within and one which wus us Rood us the day that it
outside the track- crept from sleeper | was wound ou the pipe.  This wire hns
to sleeper tiiere was an incessant and
infernal jlSKiim and Jolting that shook
tlie  teeth   anil   vibrated   through   the
spine. The Jaw rattled slightly at
when u man shivers with cold. One
felt as though iu speakiiiR there
1 remained normal ulnce 1905. Why
should It not contluuo to remain normal .definitely, in an much as the
ground conditions will remain the
same iu the near vicinity to the pipe.
"Wood pipe bored out -of logs, has
a danger of    biting   tl.e   tongue at I been used In England, Russia, Switznr-
every attempt at articulation. I laud and otlier   countries   for years.
Time dragged on interminably as! ^Aoh baa 400 miles of it in use,218
[we das,,! tm* long triangle of bril- >ws_durinfi *Y™n\™ZT'
' llant light into the forest. The way I tion it was found to be qu soy d.
; had been straight only for a mile or so,, Constantinople still receives part of
then i. began to contort and twist and ' »«r water supply through wood pipe
writhe and throw itself into agonies! Portsmouth, N.H.. used tared pine
as if trying to toss ns off the rails. >°gs <*r mains from 1798 to189 when
' larger mains were required. The pipe
were fallng as we made our descent,
In "slithering" wariness, to n little
wooden bridge at the entrance to the
swamp. We lit the lamps, and struck
a stony path between dejected-looking trees and brush, the pilot car,
with a sort of "after you" politeness.'of the
giving us tlie lend. cd th
The path plunged headlong Into a rails.
thicket, too well littered wltli atones [ neath
and roots and fallen trees to have any' shot the car over the obstruction. The
semblance of active life. Sometimes ! spikes in tlie sides of the rail—the
tree-snags covered the track; again it characteristic method of holding the
was lost In pools of unknown depths, rails in the ties—cut the rubber,   and
caught the
car above
Rapidly w<
the   wheel
wheels iu tlie frogs
Hurriedly we jack-
tlie    level  of the
111 led the track be-
wlth stones    and
were built in 1804. Tlie wood pipe was
i purchased from the city of Philadelphia, where it hud been In use for
( many years, nnd it was then replaced
. with larger cast Iron mains. This
wood pipe was used until 1887, when
larger works were required.
a very large number.
The leaks last year were bo far as
I can learn, mostly at the joints, or
collar leaks. It is shown that these
leaks were in ground where tbe frost
goeB deep. Some of the pipe, which
was in water before the Bewers weie
built, Is now high and dry, about three
feet under the surface. None of the
pipes are over five feet deep and in
soil such that the frost goes below the
pipe. This causes thc ground to
heave ln the bottom of the trench, the
pipe pulls apart slightly, and a leak
starts. At nearly every leak the fact
Is demonstrated tliat the pipe has
pulled out ot the collar; because the
pipe close to the collar ls clean and
white, showing no eolorntlon from the
The winter of 1912-18 was an extremely bad one on the pipes which
were near the surface. Also the
changed conditions caused by tlio installation of thc sewers greatly n-
creased the number, making the total
live times what It bus been any year
which we "took" only after cautious
sounding, und from the opposite side
of whicli, ankle deep in mud, we
watched the plucky little pilot follow
our "dare." Often We plunged along
at angles whicli no motor-car was
ever intended to take, inwardly praying for the advent of tho horBes. We
very soon our rear tires were in ribbons, llut nothing worse happened
than those temporary hold-ups at the
switches. Apparently tlie enemy
thought it Idle to interfere with fools
and their folly, and we reached our
haven—-u lonely and darkened railroad station in the forest—iu safety
were buried to the flanks in the slough ! roused a sleepy alien lad ont of cover,
and at times both cars sank to the I Jerked the car off tlie tracks and
hubs, liBting heavily,    grinding   and I through a gate, and     commandeered
IE vour bowels arc put ol order, instead uf using some harsh salt or
other physic, take a Rexall Orderlie
tonight, and tomorrow vou will feel
great. They taste good and act so
easily tbat there isn't a partical of
gripping or purging, nor the excessive looseness that follows the taking of salts aud most pills. Thev
soothe and strengthen the bowels,
promptly relieving tho constipation,
making it unlikely to occur a-ain.
Wc don't believe there is anv other
bowel remedy anywhere near as good,
and at thc same time so easy and
Jt-gasant to take as Rexall orderlies.
We know vou will a*~ree with us and
believe vou will Ihan- as for telling
vou en them. I! tbey don't satis-
•J" vou in everv wav. come back and
tell us and we will give back
vour money without a word or nuos-
. , : tion. You have «••*, reason to liesi-
lloston used one syHtem of wood pipe i tate when we cr.ve vou th.* opportun-
from 1652 to 1796, then replaced It itv. as wc hereby do to try them at
with another one, which lasted until I ?"*" risk.    In vest pocket tin boxes;
! -0c. 25c, 50c.
iaw .        Vou  can buv Hexali Orderlies ontv
In 18U9 a line of two miles of wooden; at   The   Rexall   Stores,   and in this
pipe was laid with three Inch bore at j town onlv of us.   Reattie.Murphv Co. I
Fuyettesvllle, N. C, It is sound yet and' limited.
In constant use.
The large wood stave pipe, which
carries the water that supplies the
pumps of the city water works of Manchester. N. II., has been laid since 1874,
and the superintendent of works recently said:   "We know nothing of Its
are one of the most essential items in
the home.
We have never before shown such a
large and exquisite assortment of
Quality* and Designs
Clothes and napkins made up in sets
Cloth in piece with napkins to match.
Ranging in price for a 2-yard cloth and
one dozen napkins, $3.00 to $17.00.
See Our Window
It It Is In Style
we have It
II we have It, It Is guaranteed to five satisfaction
(Vrlll.ci.te of Improvement*
Qulndon, Perrobe and Alice Traction I
Mineral  Claims, situate in the  Kort
TO RENT—Stable room, for horses, in |
good warm stable. Double stall with
hay loft and oat bin.  Electric light.
For two  horBes,  $2.50 per month, j
One horse, $1.50 per month.   Apply j
Herald office. *U. .
For Sale
JOHN G. MITCHELL. Taxidermist
the youth to show us what be called
the "government road" to Creston.
Our vociferous triumpli
condition, as it has been laid six feet steele M|nIng Division of East Kooten
below surface and we have no occasion
to disturb it.
'■ silent gloom as we entered a mountain path—half rond, half trail, tluit
clamored towards the clouds above
the tioat Hiver Gorge, and soon swal-
ay District.
Where located
Denver, Colo., has nearly 100 mUesK,oy|e uke
■hanged to ol- stavp pipe conduit and main In use
All the water brought to Denver   for
domestic use passes through wooden
In 1856, Plymouth, Mass., replaced J,
ploughing their way, pounding tin
tires to rags, thc while the enginei
roared and groaned und the wheels
angrily shot the water in inky spin
drift over men and trees. How wi
longed for the smooth prairie   trail
where our flight had been made musi- 	
cal with the song of the motor as tt lowed us up lu nn Impenetrable black
purred aud hummed to the undertone! noBS,    We were    again    adrift in a
of the wind. primal world.   As the cur roared once
When at   last   a   friendly   human ! more its defiance at forest, mountain
voice hailed us out of tbe darkness] and bill, its voice attuned to the in-	
and we saw the huge shadows of the j visible torrent far below, we might, m"a letter to Engineering News (June I)rovementlJ for ,,._ f   fc   .
long-expected horses between the trees [ have  been   Primeval  Mau    wresting .,n 1891), that he estimates the life of proveniBn" Ior Uie l»«rpo«e of oDtain
not a voice was raised in protest at; from Nature that narrow path which  WOoden  pipe, when entirely exposed   n,K, 8
the caution which had kept man and j straggled between the timber line und and ttlr circulating around it, at from' ° * !"* f    . ...
-      scene of   our I the snows or dropped hurriedly into forty to flfty ycara, and that he eon-: J™ [£ ™,flZX^^eei
™»^ Biders its life indefinite when ^HIk^^
TAKE NOTICE that Frank Ouindon, P.M.O., No. 51)60411, acting for
mynelf and as agt'iit for Joseph Qosse-
lin, F.M.C. No. 63606B, David Fortin,
F.M.C. No, 5350GB, Alplionse Doner..
her system of wooden pipe which had j pM c No 6aM7B| Jogcph Mo„tpei||er,
F.M.C. No. 672441), Adella Montpelller,
who has
been in use since 1776.
Mr. Hull of Connecticut, wuo ...a pMC No H821B| lntendi 8lxty day,
had an experience of over forty years (rom date hBre(lt t0 apI)|v t0 the M(n.
with large wooden stave pipe, states, ,ng necorder for „ certilieate of Im-
Crov/n   Crant  of  the  above
8. C. White Leghorns (20 00 per 100
«t side of Lower |s- C. Ancona.   23 00 " "
Barred Hock.  26 00 " "
White Wyandottes  25.00 •' "
9. C. Rhode Island Reds 27.00 " "
R C. Rhode Island Reds 27.00 " "
Buff Orpingtons  27.00 " "
Two cents estra each on orders of
25 chicks
Send for Price List and Instructions
P. O. Box 134
beast away from
trials! _^^^^_^^^^^___^____^    ™«^_____
The remain.. lourney to j the hush of the solitudes  with  its
Yabk was pleasa.in tlle eventful, I deufenlne. clatter as we hauled, time
though somo of us were* ls tr- thrill-1 after time, on tho ropes or yelled a
Ing to the dangerous ar100*1 fiSu'Miat j warning to the driver on the verge
lay Just ahead. For at Yair*'' last .lof a hidden precipice. There was a
ended abruptly, nnd for fourteen t " ' j well of dampness, fresh earth, and a
we should be obliged to progress on I iang of the Wild above the Invisible
thc railroad tics, in imminent danger [ river. Darkness blotted out the
of being hurled down an embankment [ startled savage things that must have
by Home legal claimant of the track.! cowered behind branch or fallen tree
Even though wo should   succeed In I In fear of our dazzling "lire" and tbe
frightful din.
saving ourselves if a train contested
our right of way, thc car must be a
total wreck.
A panting locomotive nnd thc big
black shadows of freght ears greeted
us ominously at Yahk. Trainmen
percd at us curiously through the
On foot wo crosed the gleaming I never bad. always six
tracks to a darkened station and a i her of points fron
small, gloomy    looking    Inn.   Inside
a lamp faintly Illuminated   a   dingy ^^^^^^^^^
bar crowded with trainmen. A rough | tho north again at the eleventh
and tumble supper wus served In u
room where a girl sat toying with a
typewriter—Incongruous enough In a
settlement where no one was permitted the luxury of walking, or driving,
or riding, since all must take the train
In and out of Ynhk.
Aa the greasy, unsavoury meal was
consumed, a whisper went round | of our suf,
umong uu thut strntagem must be employed to get on the line. We seemed
to have a lighting chance of making
thc Journey In safety, once the track
was gained, since the pilot had secretly discovered that no trains— bar- \ ^™^«™™«^^_^^^™
ring a possible freight or two—were "Lucky thing," said Mr.-—, an we
expected for the next few hours. But ] linked glasses, "that we came over
not a word must be breathed of our j the tracks In the dark.   Those preel
leaks, collar and stave leaks. Collar
leaks are those at the Joints of the
pipe; while stave leaks may occur, between thc staves, at any point in a
length of pipe.
In as much as, there is but a small
percentage of the leaks that arc of
Two o'clock!   The open at last, nnd this nature, wc   will   consider them
a road forking In halt a dozen differ-  first.  The two chief causes of leaks of
ent ways by a deserted railroad! We (this nature are frost and water-ham-
trled ull the forks, then foraged for mer.   To Illustrate: Wc will open the
humanity In some distant huts, and t hydrant on Mr. Bowness' corner,  and
tound our rond paralleling the tracks' let It run to Hush out the main's.   The
to thc north, good und Indifferent but' water will be   allowed ' to run, full
ring oil a num- i head, from five to ten minutes.    The
tbe   direction ' unusual excessive use ot water for so
which we wanted It to keep and al- long starts a large flow of water clear
ways mercifully swinging  round  to back as far   as tbe   reservoir.   The
hour.; rapidity with which the water passes
Three o'clock!   A darkened hotel, i'"rough the pipe is greater near   he
a deserted town of a few   straggling hydrant than towords thc reservoir It
houses, ond the ride lo the edge of the takes some little time to get two miles
under ground. I 0f Improvements.
I***1                     ' ,    Dated this 20th day of March, A.D.
This question will undoubtedly bc 11904.
of more Interest to the layman than j 1:1.9t                      Frank ouindon.
some others   There arc two kinds of;  .	
Can lupply in 25. 50,75, or 100 lots
Book orders early
Also S. C. White Leghorn
Hatching Eggs
Pen No. 1-Headed by Chilliwack Boy    15.00 per 13
Pen No. 2—Headed by Cran- i *
brook Boy     »3.00 per 18 | »
Partridge Wyandottes
Headed by Provincial Boy,
15.00 per 13
Wiar.lr.KS lor  1MS-81  Ribbon.,  17
Packers and Provisioned
E. H. Slater
Phone 202 Cranbrook, B. O
dawn was over at last I Tho lirst
motor-car that hut) over enterod CroB-
ton from the "road." stood punting
and trembling) while the horn m-nt out
hoarse message to the sleeping world
triumphant arrival !
Wi' clambered down nml rourtod the
| Inmates and in Um* dimly-lit bar the
! blinking proprietor served the "loving
I cup" wherewith to celebrate tho ocoa-
| sion ero we tumbled Into bed.
of water truvellng at a
all thc way.
"double quick" I 'm
|8 * box orthreufor
When a rubber ball Ih dropped on a I {Jo,1*1;!.!.,. *\ »°|i pnX"toiwroriT»Ti«.'ioVn-/
solid walk, it rebounds, drops again {^^j^o^mJw Twatoamnw
aud rebounds.   ™i|«mttatt«in»H ptfoSPHONOL FOR MEN. (RMS
al times, the ball rebounding leaa and viwitytfor Htm and Bitlni to«mi*pfSy
...uu ,,,,,,1, time ' iwiMur'iftTiiiilf-wlll.'iillil y«u up. IS a hoi.nr
loss cam unit.. , two (or £ M rln|(( |(ft     o* (   faiTm r«<<eipt
When the hydrant Ib quickly cloBed, j ^lj'11:"  THSioosittuaiMC0.,8twiMtlaf*)
tho stream of water put In motion by
tlie hydrant being opened, reboundB aa
did tlie rubber ball.    Think of    the
unusual strain put upon tho pipe when
the tons of water moving at about fifteen feet per second must suddenly
Btop.    There Is   one tremendous re-
■•■I Utw UnmlaUM
Intended Invasion.   Officially, no on
was supposed to be aware of our fool- \ t*ie train
hardy    venture.     However,    further jClir	
along, where the trail ended, we
should find a road-gang In camp.
From them we could get directions
concerning a level-croslng where we
could put the car on the truck under
cover of the darkness.
"And good luck to you!" cried the
pilot, cheerlngly flinging back * the
words to us through the night, as lie
turned about to make tlie trip through
the swamp again. "We'll liave tliat
road fixed all right for you by tlie time
you come again !"
A few minutes later nnd we had located the camp fires, received tlie
hurried directions, und were astride
the glittering rails which were to
lead us aong the Intense darkness of
the Yahk Loop. Tiiere was a gasp as
one felt tlie first forward plunge of the
car and the white path of acetylene
light shot before us into the Immense
Bhudown  nf  thnt  forost    wlldnrneaa.
pices arc bad enough to look at from i bound; then many lesser ones until the
but in daylght In a mntor.-
Excuse me
Girls and women of alt ages want
to be beautiful and attractive, but unsightly, thin and lifeless hair destroys
half the beauty of a pretty face.
If your hair is losing Its natural
color, Ib falling out, dull, streaky, full
of dandruff, too dry, or If the scalp
Itches and burns do not bc alarmed,
use Parisian Sage. Rub it. well Into
tbe scalp. It will go right to the
hair roots, nourish them, und stimulate tlie huir to grow long and beautiful. It removes dandruff with one
application, stopH itching scalp, falling
huir and makes the head feel fine.
Parisian Sage supplies the bair
with what Is needed to make It soft,
Unify, thick and gloriously radiant.
It Is sold In 50c. bottles hy tlie Beattie-Murphy Co. und at all drug counters, hook for tlie trade mark—"Tho
(irl With tho Auburn Hair." Accopt
no other.
water lu tbe entire system regains Us
normal state, To Illustrate further:
In my stable, I have a valve by which
one motion opens it and another clos*
es It. In my kitchen I had a pressure
gauge that registered as high as 160
lbs. per square ln. The working pressure, at the time of this incident, was
forty pounds. The valve In the barn
was opened long enough to fill a pall
with water, then closed quickly. Tbe
pressure gauge—what—well it went
the 150 pound limit, and right on going
out of business, a ruined Instrument.
It will be seen tbat winding must be
of such size and spacing as to amply
provide for this occasional abnormal
Pipes which are wound with the
lighter wire are generally put out of
commission when they freeze, as thej
elastic limit or the wire has been passed, and It can not return to Its former
state stave leaks recently are few;
but In years past the system haa bad
A •li-iiciiitort-ft-i. n**tt*»
<IT.t (mm nn mabllatMr]
tt\m \\» at* Klnnj rattai
•..Utw*   la   il'iimai***    .rl
win 14    H     •
It   ran*   <bu
olitain r— ^
■aw. tni'le-lni M
raul. lor dim of our
Iwhlo-wbU LsdlM'
laotif (iiiwii., or
Omit' Albert., Hrit
rm'm i*ld to w*m
wltli lho w*.t-h, which
wilt tin mien Vm
lltMM wtiehca tn
■ iiirmilcfil An tmn),
»*i in IJ ynu take kd'
w-uc* ol nor trvuml.
loot offer. Wa MPMt ron to cell rnur Ultnto
About ui ond th.w Own lho tatiiifui wttth.
li.in't think this ofltr too mod to h* trot, tal md
IB conti to-d«v tnrl .-tin rt 7*m Wurti. Too
will Tm un**-* -WJ.UAM* A I.IOYI), Who*o*»l»
J.-W..I*..*. UWpt IS. ), Ml. t'ntnwilllt It.«.l, Im.IOIi, M„
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard Bt. and Tr.nt Ave.
N.w Zealand and Shamrock Creamery—
40c per lb. or 2 lbs. for 75c.
Empress Crown Creamery—
35c per Ib, or 3 lb. lor 11.00
PURE LARD-3's,  55c;   5's, 85c;   10's,
11,70; 20'«, J3.30.
COMPOUND L»KD-3'» 45c; 6's, 75c;
10's, fl.45;20'», »:> 60.
K modern equipped Gala at moderate
Rate. 11.00 and np per day
Our but ntatt all train.
For Sale
with Acme Automatic Lamp.
Can be semi at thfi Cranbrook
Will  traclo  for  Thickeni, nny
breorl.—Apply Hugging, Box 8111.
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB OOETZ, President
HARRY P. BAER, Secretary
It  you want latlifactlon witb
yoiuwuhlnp; tend
it to
Bpeelal prices lor lamlly work, >
for garden ond farm ore b»at
for B.C.anU. Bve Catalogue tut
■olid duar ants* oijnuitr
3 ond now for Copy Iroo
Sutton *S«n».ThtKlni'» Sowhnon
Ra>*.«Hn£ England
Vi.r.rna    rt     Vancouver
«'....,., »»r«»»vili*>>
«a mint* nt aaiTOwmmmi
You Can
Next time you step into the corner
store, take a look around. Of all the
articles on the shelves, how many were
on your shopping list five years ago ?
Make it ten years, and you will, find
that most of things you buy to-day—
and could not do without—were nol
even made then.
You men and women who buy
things, let this sink in. You are better
men and women because of advertising. You eat more wholesome food,
You wear better clothes. Your home
is better furnished. You have cleaner
and more sanitary houses. You read
better books and magazines. You seek
more healthful amusements.
Isn't life brighter because we have
new and higher standards of living?
Let us thank advertising for it
Advertise In the
It covers the Bast Kootenay district
and bring* results


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