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Cranbrook Herald Nov 18, 1915

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F. Nation, Frovlnclal Secretary, Ad-
dresses Local Branch—Wounded
Soldier Present
A meeting ot the Cranbrook Brancll
ot the Canadian Patriotic Association
was held in the council chambor ot
the city hall on Wednesday evening,
November 17th. There was a fairly
good attendance but tho gathering
wit* not as large as the occasion de-
Mr. Oeo. F. Stevenson presided, and
in his opening remarks mentioned that
Cranbrook had provided moro recruits
than any other town In the province
of similar population. Also that sufficient funds had boen provided locally
to Uke care of tho dependents of
those at the front without drawing on
th* provincial fund.
Tbs minimum of money for which
Cranbrook Is asked for the ensuing
year Is |4,000.00 and tlte committee
feci confident that the appeal which ls
to be made will meet with a Batlsfac-.
tory response.
The Rev. W. K. Thomson then addressed the meeting and forcibly impressed upon those present, the no-
famllicB of reservists of the British
army and navy snd the armies and
navies of our Allies, resident in Can-
ads. The families of Americans enlisted ln our army, who reside ln the
United States aro being looked after
by an organization with headquarters
In New York.
Speaking of the necessity of realising the critical situation being faced
at present, when every ounce of
strength and effort Is necessary for
success to be attained, he stated that
there were only two ways, in which
we, as a peoplo, could assist, viz., to
light, or to pay. If we cannot go to
tho front, we aro shirking s solemn
responsibility as citizens of the Brltlsii Empire If we fail to psy, and It Is
not sufficient Just to psy a small
amount when asked to contribute to
the funds. Wo should rather plsn
how much we can give snd be willing
and aniloua to make sscrldces for the
great work.
Mr. Nation briefly outlined the organization of the fund and Its
growth. The Bystem adopted Is for
all branches to remit to the head offlce
tor the province, which In turn remits
to Ottawa all monies received, and
from time to time drafts are made on
Ottawa for what amounts are needed.
The chairman mentioned that the
local committee were formulating a
plan for personal canvas of the city.
The meeting closed with an expression of thanks to Mr. Nation and the
other speakers.
T. F. Roberts, Mrs. J. F. Fcnton, MrH. no that the bereaved husband wan not
C. Selby, Mrss. D. H. Baldwin, Mrs. ] aware of his wife's death until reacli-
Tlsdalc, Miss V. Donaldson, Mrs. Orr, j lug Cranbrook.
cesslty of fully realizing the great Is-1 Somo districts raise a considerable
sues involved In the struggle ln which ! amount, but require very little for
we are engaged. The very foundation : disbursements, while other districts
of tbe social fabric ot human lite, hc! hnvlng sent many men to the front
ssld, seems tottering at the present
moment, and we, according to the
sacrifices we make, may be the added
weight in the scale that will settle the
destiny of the human race for years
to come. He spoke of the reports appearing In the newspapers telling of
the thousands of lives that are being
sacrificed, but at the same time, we
read reports of thousands of dollars
being spent on selfish indulgence and
-amusement. At a time like the present, expenditures for personal pleasure should be eliminated and every
effort directed to the cause of Empire.
If we fall to realize that the death of
every soldier Is a sacrifice for us, and
do not govern ourselves accordingly,
we arc pro-Germans rather than Britishers. If we cannot go to the tiring
line, we .have no excuse whatever for
Bat. taking our place in the lighting
At this stage of the proceedings
Prlv*te David Olenday, who has been
Invalided home, entered the hall and
wa* accorded a rousing reception. On
rising to speak Private Glenday confirmed the remarks of the previous
speaker, and referred briefly to the
murder ot Miss Edith Cavell. He
deplored the fact that after fifteen
Months of the war, there were still so
tMny single men, not only In England
ant other parts of the Empire, but In
Canada, who were not yet "doing their
ML" He emphasized very strongly the
duty ot all able-bodied unmarried men
aad spoke ot the large proportion of
carried men, who had left their wives
•ad children and entered the service
of their country while so many single
men still hold back. He Intends to do
some recrultiti, v-tk aniotig single
rasa. H» (uohlloncd that the presvnl
war wet tht S'.tnd time ht ha.'
fought I. the serv.ee of his cotjiiti t.
having bs* \ on i. '.ive scrvl **> at the
tlm* of th,- Boer Met, whioh lie com-
pared as a trilling matted compared
with U,s it sent t'raggie.
He referred to the difference in cost
of the war to the country, If the uii-
marrled men would come forward and
enlist, Instead ot allowing the ranks
to be Ailed to such a large extent by
married men, with wives and children
to be provided for. He also spoke of
the Urge Amount of valuable lurid In
th* Dominion held by Germans nnd
which he considered should be con.
(anted by the government.
Mr. F. Nation, the Provincial Secretary of the C*nadlan Patriotic Soc-'
taty, expressed his pleasure at tlle opportunity afforded him to explain the
objects, operation, and requirements
at the great national organization,
which during the past fifteen montltB
haa rendered such splendid aervice and
brought so much cheer snd comfort
to the wives snd children of the soldiers who are lighting for the honor of
tb* empire and the freedom of our-
The Canadian Patriotic Fund, he
ssld, Is face to face with s heavy re
sponaiblllty. - Nine million dollars Is
tb* eztlmsted amount required to
carry on ths work In the Dominion
during tbs ensuing year. He mentioned tbat ths administration of tho
fund wu an Intricate snd difficult
nutter. Not only Is assistance being
nattorsd to tb* fsmllls* sad depend-
*A***t—*in sslMsss. bat ta tb*
hnve to draw heavily on the general
fund but cannot send In very large
To September 30th, 1915, total contributions amounted to 16,230,793.00,
which with Interest on credit balances
brought the amount to 16,285,640.00.
Advances for relief totalled 13,192,-
798.00 and head office maintenance expenses $14,428.06. The expenses of
administration have been leas than
one-half of one per cent, which has
been more than covered by interest on
credit balances. The amount standing at the credit of tbe fund wss
slightly In excess of two million dollars. It Is proposed to maintain a
credit of this amount or thereabouts,
so that at the termination ot the
war there will be funds on hand for
the purpose of assisting returned Midlers.
As showing the way In which the
demands on the fund have increased,
the speaker quoted the following
figures: There was expended for relief In:
August and September, 1914.110,085.00
October    29,000.00
November   189,000.00
December 278,000.00
March, 1916  386,000.00
September 418,800.00
When the increased number of
troops called for has been enlisted
the demands wlll continue to Increase.
Ab showing what has been done In
British Columbia, Vancouver and Victoria with a total population of about
176,000 contributed over 1289,000.0')
while the remainder of the province
witli a population of about 276.000
gave slightly less than 190,000.00. Ol
course lt must be rentes bered that the
cilies, towns and rural dhirlcti
throughout Ihe province were n
gattl2ed In the same way as the coast
On Sunday last Mr. Nation visited In
Phoenix, which town has promised to
contribute $1,600,00 per month, in
addition to which they plan to raise
$7,000.00 or more for Red Cross work
during the year. Phoenix has a nopu
latum of about 1600. two-thirds being
miners and their families, but the
share of tho 600 people not directly
 mooted with tho mining Industry Is
estimated to be $6,000 for the year
The speaker also Instanced the town
of Hsstlton with a population of 600,
who contributed $3249.00 or over $6.00
per capita for the past year.
Details were given of the scale on
which relief Is granted and the number In which the amounts required
from the various provinces wcre arrived at.
In conclusion, Mr. Nation appealed
very strongly to those who could not
fight, to assist to the extent of their
ability in providing for the dependents of those who are lighting.
Thc Rev. W. H. Bridge spoke briefly
aa to the capable manner In which the
fund was being administered. He
also spoke very strongly on the point
that the people of Cranbrook had not
yet taken the war sufficiently seriously
to feel called upon to make any real
sacrifice for the cause. He asked that
all waste of energy should cease and
•very ounce ot strength bt put to some
psotasttv* as* bs tba eaas* af Bss-
Nt. John AmbnUnce AsbmUIIob Will
Forward Gift ta Soldiers Wbo
Have left City
land rt-li next with un output of be-
tween 7,000 and 8,000 tons a week.
The ores of tho Slocan are, howBVor,
Miss Emsley, Mrs. McMillan. Mrs.
Brown, Mrs. Morris. Mrs. Lefleur, Mrs.
Aahmore, Mrs. Sowden, Mrs.    It.    E.
MIbs Woodland, Miss Stevens, Mrs. J.
F. Smith, MrB. Thompson, Mrs. Christian, Mrs. J. F. Bridges.
The deceased leaves a family of two  much tlte highest In average value,
sons, Harry   and   William,   and six   Similkameen Star,
daughters,    Carrie,    L«ttie,    Evelyn.	
Beattie, Mrs. Browning, Mrs. Haynes, Mraii An„ie and Eunice, the youngest
Minister   of   Lands   Hoss   Addresses
I'osMaalcatlo* to I'wltk Logging
being a little tot four years of age.
The funeral took place on Tuesday
afternoon, Rev. Thos. Keyworth officiating. The funeral arrangements
were In the hands of Mr. F. M. MacPherson.
a small girt at Christmas. To do tbis
It Is necessary to have the regimental
number and the battalion. Up to
tho present the association has been
able to secure only about two hundred
Great preparations are being made
for the Christ Church Christmas
Bazaar, which Is to bo held on December 16th. A large stock of useful
and funcy goods Is already on hand.
Every section of the English church in
Cranbrook und many friends outside
ary employed, boys and girls working
■ , for tlte children's exhibition, the Hero
The present year should constitute  nailery, etc.    Others at various arts
young men are collecting
It was tlte intention of the St. John
Ambulance association to try and send     victoria. B. C, November 19-Thc
every man who enlisted at this point j „„,„„, silu»tion confronting the lumber Industry of the   west   owing loi a record In the mineral production of and craft
chronic over-production aud ruinous> the province.   Rossland Is producing for    thc   Oriental    White    Elephant
price-cutting received a great deal of j about 30 per cent morc ore than last stall,    The new hall Is to be elegantly
attention nt the Pacific Logging Con-' year.   While the Slocan mines did not decorated, the various stalls and stall
gross and tbe annual meeting of the ship much ore ln the first half of thc holders being dressed to represent the
Western Foicstry   snd   Conservation yoar, they are doing well at the pre- Allies.
sent time, the shipments of stiver load Numerous side shows are being pre-
tlie schedule, resulting in the '
being again  defeated    by a scor* of
three points to one.
In Wednesday evening's match b*»
tween tho Tigers and Shops the ream!*
was a win for the Tigers by tear
Tlte event of the week In bowftat
circles has been the opening of <**
ladies tournament by tlte Shamrocks
and Hoses on Tuesday evening U t*s*
first match of the schedule. Tb*
Shamrocks under tlie leadership *ff
Mrs. W. F. Cameron, were defsaM
losing four straight points to the Its***
captained by Miss Morton. Tho fat-
lowing is a record of tlle scores estmm*
by each team nnd the individual pis**
On November llth * number of tbe | AssocUtlon. Both of these meetings
members met at the V. M. C. A. and | Tor* held in thc lumbermen's building
tied up nearly three hundred parcels, | at the Panama International Exposl-
each parcel containing a pair of socks I Hon at Son Francisco,
and gum and candy or tobacco. At a | Conditions It, British Columbia were
meeting of the association on Tuesday I dealt with In a letter sent to thc prc-
evenlng, November 16th, the question; sldent of the association by the Hon.
was voted on, whether to wait until jw. R. Ross, from which the following
more numbers wire secured or send j quotation Is msde:
along what the association already: "ii is with groat regret that I find
have, and thc latter was decided upon.; myself unable to attend your mect-
If anyone In Cranbrook or surround-, ings at San Francisco. I desired paring district have the addresses of any j tlcularly to be present at the discus-
men who enlisted here, except for the j sion of conditions affecting the lum-
64th, which is completed, they would {boring Industry.
confer a favor by sending same to, It seems to mo that there has beeu
the secretary of the St. John Ambul-! definite progress during the present
ance association, Miss Helen Harrison.! yesr.
In addition to this It Is the Intention j    Discussion of whet Ib wrong with
ot the association to send a sum   ot, the Industry la becoming clearer and
ores aggregating about 20000 tops a pared and a novel dramatic perfor-
month. Then there are the zinc ship-' munce will be presented In the cven-
ments to bo taken Into consideration. | Ing. followed by a dance. During the
Trail smelter alone has treated about day lunches and tea wlll bc served In
100,000 tons of ore so far this yoar. I the Japanese style by dainty Japanese
The Granby company has treated maidens, to the strains of vocal and
about 800,000 tons of ore at its Grand ' instrumental music.
Forks plant, and the Anyox plant ha
Miss Morton   54
Miss R Cameron .. .67
Miss M, Drummond.ll
69- IH
_   _
Total   159
Mrs. W. F. Cameron.69
Mrs. F. Tophara....71
Miss B. Cameron .. .15
46— It
Totnl   166
.lnndbd about 300,000 tons. Tlio British Columbia Copper Company l»
li und I ing about 25,000 tons a month,
md the Hrfttannla company a Hinitllrr
amount. Tlio stamp mtlli-} arc treating
ibout 5,000 ton* a month of gold ores.
Thc mineral production of ll. C,
it the present tlmo Ib about 11,000 tons
i day, and the   completion   ot now
Tlio fcecond contest win take place
nt'xt Tut'5-iay pvoning at olght oVIoefc.
TOURNAMENT OPO'S  between the Pansles and Lilies.   TU
- teami are very evenly matched and an
Interesting game in expected. All
those Interested In thc games are cordially Invited to come and give tte
players the benefit of their encourage*
Kiim-s win From Shamrock* After an
Interesting Gane—Xotefl From
lite «%*
On Kriday, November 12th, tin* bowl-
In.1*; match between the C ti. R. Office:*
and City teams resulted in a defeat for
money through the Overseas Club to
England with a list of the men's numbers and names and have tobacco sent
to them also. A donation of |7.70 haa
been made by the I. O. D. E. for this
purpose, the amount of the tobacco
fund collections made by them.
(.'ash Donations
Mlsa   Helen   Harrison,   secretary-
treasurer of the St. John Ambulance
Association haa received the following
cash donations:
The   Ladles'   Auxiliary   to   the
y. m. c. a r.'.f5.oo
Mrs. Garbutt     5.00
Mrs. T. M. Roberts  2.00
Miss Olenday    1.00
effort along definite lines is beginning
to take shape. From this side of the
line we aro watching with great Interest your work of replacing demoralization by organization and of endeavoring to secure to wood Its legitimate market.
As you know, no government le so
closely Identified with the lumbering
Industry as Is that of British Columbia. Present prosperity, public revenue and future development In this
province depend very largely on the
profitable marketiug of our forest products. Hence the situation of the
lumbering business la viewed with the
greatest concern by the gov-
the government, and every method of
' restoring the Industry to sound health
have ■" beinK studied by us,   For the mo-
Sock Day (ontrlbniioas
The following   contributions
been received on Sock Day and since: !■»«•* we are concentrating upon the
Mrs.    McBride—C-indy,    stationery \ conservation of lumber markets,    to
itants under com. true Hon will bring the Offices by three points to ono.    A
this amount up to 20,000 tons a day, or  score of 222 being the highest Individ*
i production from thi- metal mines of  mil score In any league game this Seattle province aggregating about $30,-: son  was  rolled by O.
000,000 a year.   Thc Boundary ls the  match.
On Sunday afternoon. November gist
at four o'clock the V   M. C. A. wtU
hold a special meeting   for men,   ta
Stong In  this   which we cordially invite all the oua
of our city     There   will be   special
largest producing district, with an output of about 30,000 tons a week. Ross-
j    On Monday evening the Offices and   mu«ic and the Rev. Mr. Bridge Witt
[Y. M. C, A. met for the first time in   address the meeting.
and pencils.
Mrs. McCreerjj—11 pr. socks. -
Mrs. Stewart—1 pr. socks.
A. Smith- 3 pr. socks.
Mrs. Balment—2 pr. socks.
Mrs. Hoggarth—6 pr. socks.
t secure to our products their full legitimate market and check the shrinkage In consumption from which wood
has suffered so seriously In the past
few years. Government campaigns
of advertising have, In tho Dost, been
Chief Adams—Candy and cigarettes. \"' considerable affect when applied to
A. Friend—Fifty cents.
Mrs. T. Gill—$1.00.
Mrs. J. F. Lund—5 tins tobacco.
Mlse McBride—3 pr. socks.
Miss Mecredy—5 pkgs. cigarettes.
Mrs. J. P. Fink—6 pr. socks.
Wanda and Vincent   Fink—1 bos
Mra. J. M. Christie—3 pr. socks and
Miss Christie—4 pr. socks.
Miss Emslie—1 dozen lead pencils.
Miss Whitehead—3 pr. socks.
Miss Drummond—1 pr. socks.
Miss I.an'onibei-l pr. socks.
Miss McLennan—1 pr. socks.
Miss Woodland—1 pr. socks.
Mrs. Woodland—1 pr. socks.
Mr. R. McCreery—2 pr. socks.
Violet   Simpson—.1 pkgs.   chewing
Mrs. Parr and Mrs. Snowdon—CJg*r-
Mrs. J. s. Mackey—1 pr. socks ssd
Mrs. J. W. Rutledge—stationery.
A Friend—6 pr. socks.
Mrs. Caslake—1 pr. socks.
Miss Caslake—Stationery.
Mrs. Shaw—! pr. socks.
MIbb McLeod—Stationery.
Miss Hewitt—1 pr. socks.
Mrs. Miles—1 pr. socks.
MrB. W. H. Wilson—3 pr. socks.
Mrs. McBride—Magazines,
Mrs. Russelkjt-Magailncs.
Mrs. I. R. Manning—8 pr. socks.
MIbs Hickenbotham—1 pr. socks.
Mrs. T. 3. Brown—Csndy snd bos
Mayor Bowness—56 pkgs. cigarettes.
Mrs. E. A. Hill—3 pr. socks.
Needle Pliers
The St. John Ambulance Association
wishes to thank tho following ladles
who have knitted for them:
Mrs. Rondeau, Miss Patterson, Mrs.
Harrison, Mrs. One*, Mrs. Drew, Hiss
Han Dt*w. Mr*. O.
Immigration or the marketing of
fruit. The official campaign we now
have in progress Is, I believe, the Ilrst
one that bas been launched on behalf
of the lumbering Industry. We Intend
to push the work vigorously and to
use tbe most effective and modern
methods of publicity. Pamphlets,
newspaper articles and advertisements, form building bulletins, moving
pictures, snd adaptions of some of the
fertile Id*** so successfully developed
j In the forest protection movement in
: the west wlll all be used In an Intensive artillery flre directed at the consumer. We are fortunate in securing
the he»rty co-operation of the agricultural authorities and other agencies
now actively engaged In pushing the
better-farming, more-lumber-consum
Ing movement."
|K«* Cane Frldsj Usi   I'sder Sla.
i     gulsrly Painful fIresmstances
Fssersl Tnesd*)
I The sympathy of a large circle of
friends is extended to Mr. David
.Moore, whose wife passed away under
singularly painful circumstances on
Friday last. Mrs. Moore, who had
been a resident of Cranbrook for
eight or nine years and lived at 229
French avenue, suffered from occasional attacks of asthma and heart
troublo, but was apparently In good
health snd walked down town on
Thursday afternoon. She retired ss
usual about eleven o'clock, was taken
III shortly sfter 2 on Frldsy morning,
snd tb* end csmo within half an
hour. Mr. Moore, with his eldest son
and Mr, W. Bookout, a brother of Mra.
Moon, bad been absent on the prairie
for some time and started for home on
Wednesday Isst. They stayed ovor In
Letbbrtdg* on Thursdsy, resuming
ihsir Jwir/ **rty m**y  ssonlat,
THE Halsall & Co. stock must be disposed of in
a limited1 time.   Everything will be sold REGARDLESS EVEN OF THE ORIGINAL COST.
Ladies' and Children's Underwear
Ladies' and Hisses' Coats
Just a few left, to be sold at LESS THAN
Shoes at 65c.
Regular Prices from $2.00 to $4.00.
Ladies' Whitewear and Blouses
-.., isfMrlptlo* 1st**
■is  Tear    M.H
m *******    i.oo
Bra MoaOs    M
AsvartUlsg states
|M«   aUvsrUstag,   H   MBU   p*r
*%****** K*a*** *r ci**A**4 as*, is
■Cranbrook, B, C, November 18th, 1915
■■■■•m      — ■-' ;*aags
!'.'■ The Herald wishes to call the atten-
-,1'tlon of Its readers to the campaign
•• now being organized hy the local cont-
• mlttee of the Canadian Patriotic
■"•'During the past   year   Cranbrook
■ raised  11,861,90,  for  the  fund,  but
practically all of this amount was derived from two etitcrtalttinetits.
"'   Now the call  lias come  for those
who cannot light to pay.     It Is not a
question  of buying a ticket for
- -dance or concert, or a small contri-
' 'button for some charitable object. Thc
Patriotic Fund ts not a charity, It Is
•the business of every member of the
commuuity and It ts our duty to give
and give generously, month by montll,
that the wives and children of those
Who are fighting for us may he suitably provided for.
Cranbrook' Is so far from the scene
d! Conflict, that to some, the war on
which the destiny of the empire depends, seems uo more tluiti u matter
of. average interest, it is high time
we took counsel wltll ourselves as to
what Is our duty.
Thousands, lluy, tens of thousands
of husbands and fathers have voluntarily given up their means of livelihood1' to serve their country. Many
Willi never return. Others will be
maimed for life or broken In health
and unable to resume their previous
Vocations. Think of the cgect this
wlll have on the lives of thc widows
tnd ttrphans of those who are slain,
and tho wives and children of those
who return more or less Incapacitated.
These men havc gone to fight for us
and the least we can do is to enable
then)'to feel that their dependents are
being fl(ell cared for.
The Patriotic Fund must be In a position' to meet thc calls made upon lt.
Each and every one of us must do
our share. It is not a case of what
ire can easily spare without lucon
tenlence or sacrifice. It ls our business tip. provide whntever amount is
Cranbrook is asked for a minimum
sit 14,000.00. There Is no maximum
■mount. Shall our patriotism be
measured by tbe smallest sum we are
asked to give, or shall we freely and
gladly (nakc whatever Berenice may be
Many cities and towns have been
contributing regularly for a year or
Store. Now that Cranbrook is getting Into line, let us bc up and doing.
Do not let' anyone wait for the committee tolcull on them and then look
clown the list to see what others are
giving. Let each one figure out what
I* the very best that they can do and
call on a member of thc committee and
Sign the list accordingly.
If our'citizens will realize thc ex
tent of their responsibility, when the
subscription list is published, It will
be found'to provide for double the
amount asked for, and at that it will
slot be Sny too much.
Nov nth, 1910.
To the Editor Cranbrook Herald'
Sir: As'you aro aware we have a
farmers' Institute in this district, an
association' formed under the l.'part-
ment of agriculture and fostered bv
that department with a view to giving
th* farmers the benefit of a center for
Second Annual
Will be held at
Dec. 1st & 2nd
A large number of special prizes offered for competition.
Prize Llit on application
Show Secretary,
Cranbrook, B. C.
ortnnlzation tor purpoaes ot Instruction, practice and distribution in their
own line of work, for an official outlet for tlieir expressions of opinion on
past or proposed legislation affecting
their affairs and a medium for obtaining au organized force in favor of
changer, in laws and regulations on
the same.
Tlio government backs this organization in several ways to the advantage of the membership. The
members become automatically listed
for mailed copies of all bulletins, reports and pamphlets Issued by any
brunch of the department of agriculture, they are given favorable rateB
on powder purchase, amounting to
considerably over a dollar a box;
they are given favored rates on many
varieties of seeds, especially pure
selection.-, of new sorts; they are al
lowed to enter different competitions,
entailing opportunities to win substantial prizes and the Inst lute Is
also given all thc privileges of an Incorporated co-operative association,
callable of undertaking legally the
purchase or sale and distribution of
any communities they need or grow
or the manufacture of any such with
rights to store and hold for sale or
exchange tlte same or any purchased
All ot this together with the donation to the Institute by the department of a sum equal to the membership fee ot each member Is received
for the amount of fifty cents fee and
the stipulation by the government
that the Institute shall be run In a
buHinessllkc manner, that regular
meetings be held and that the same
be regularly reported to the department, that the finances be properly
handled, that audits be passed yearly
and that thc Institute and Us members shall in short show that they appreciate their privileges and try to
make the influence of the Institute
felt as widely as possible.
Now there has been a disposition on
the part of some to censure the management for not more strongly favor-
lug the Immediate establishment of a
creamery some time back and a demand to "do something" for the furm-
ers, under tlie force of which the market was started. No need here to
say more of that except that a creamery would have a hard time with such
support. The point I wish to make
after pointing out how great a percentage of weight of maintenance the
government carries tn upkeep of the
Institute, is that at the annual meet-
Ing for election of officers duly called
hy public notice in tlie Herald and
postcard to eacli member, and many
■x-m'.nibers who should be ashamed
for being such, out'of a directorate of
eight members only one (myself) appeared, and out of a membership of
over fifty only five came out and of
some hundred and fifty who should
belong two appeared. Not sufficient
fot- a quorum.
As president I have had the help of
three different secretaries during last
year and since August have had to do
the work myself and I am, I think,
excusable If I feel I have had very
poor support ln a matter that is of
little actual use to me as to any
among you and less than to many of
you. Other and better men have
tried In this district to pull the dead
weight of the Institute up the hill ot
progress and have quit and have possibly felt much as I do In the matter.
When a director says he has work
to do and cannot turn out for the second time In a year, knowing at the
time that the person he Is talking to
has turned out to over a dozen meetings regular, directors, executive and
market committee, what are we to Infer but that he considers his time of
great value*-the others of none whatever.
The officers, or a small number of
them, cannot Instil life Into an Institute unless the members appreciate
the value of a union of their own In'
terests and If we cannot run a sue
ccHful Institute, what does It augur
for a successful producers exchange,
creamery or other co-operative undertaking? A postponed meeting for
election of officers ls called for Saturday, the 27th, at 2.30. Show whether
interested or not.
A. B. Smith, Pres
Physician's  Skin   Remedy
Dr. Holmes, th* well-known akin
specialist, write*:
"I am convinced that the D. O. D.
Prescription Is as much a specific for
Eczema as quinine for malaria. 1
hav* been prescribing the D. D. D.
remedy for years." This soothing
compound of oil of wlntergreen and
other healing Ingredients gives In-
slut relief th* moment It Is *ppll*d.
It sinks through the pores, kills and
throws off the gnawing disease germs
and quickly heals the Inflamed tissue*.   All cases of skin disease, mild
or violent, yield to this soothing
liquid wash, the 1). D. D. Prescription.
We sell D. D. D„ 11.00 a bottle. A
generoUB trial bottle for only 25c.
Come ln and let us tell you about our
money back guarantee that D. D. D.
will do what ls claimed. You will be
the Judge. Ask about II. I). D. Soap.
Its steady use keops the skin always
healthy. •
CRANBROOK   11111(1   A   BOOK   CO,
D. D. D.—for 15 years--the Standard Skin Remedy
dered such splendid assistance to the
families and dependents of our noble
fellow cltlsens who have gone and are
to go to the front to light for our
country and empire, for the protection of small nations, and for the freedom, and liberty of our people.
The supreme test which In tuture
years will be applied to nations and to
individuals, when the events of today
come under review, will bc summed up
in the question as to how they rose to
the occasion at the time of the great
Your response to the appeal tor aid
which Is about to be made, wlll and
must be the basis ur level which the
city und people of Cranbrook will occupy as citizens of Canada and sub'
Jccts of thc great llrltlsh Empire.
Canada requires 19,000,000 for the
current year. British Columbia requires 9760,000 and possibly more to
properly assist families and dependents ot our soldiers..
Sacrifices must and should be willingly made for the great work. This
war Is your war. lt Is your business
Just as much as it Is the business of
the soldier who goes to the front. You
must fight or pay. Or cease to be a
good citizen. Cranbrook has only
been asked for $4,000 tor the year ending 31st August, 1916. It can and
Bhould be more.
this city cost at least to operate and
maintain for one year 160,000. If Uie
money Ib here to do this, there can be
ao question of your ability to raise
18 per capita ot your population to as-
alst in crushing Prussian brutality,
Prussian militarism and In ncBlstlng
your country to a glorious victory and
a permanent peace.
Several hundred of your fellow
citizens have Joined'the colors.
THK GLORY Ib all theirs.. You
cannot hide behind this noble sscri-
flec. You who stay at lionic cannot
take credit for what your fellow citizens have done and are doing at the
Qlve willingly) Qlve liberally!
You should desire to give as much as
you can but not as little.
Remember your duty and do It.
P. Nation,
Secretary Provincial Branch Canadian
Patriotic Fund.
Provincial Secretary Nation Appeals
to Patriotism  nf He.Ideal"—
His Mfi.nc;*
To Loyal Citizens of Cranbrook:—
The Cranbrook brancll ot thc Canadian Patriotic Fund will In course of
a few daya launch a campaign for the
purpose of raising funds ln support
of this grand national organisation,
which has, sines tb* war began, ron-
To tbe Cranbrook Branch of the Ist.
perlal Order ol the Dsugbters
of the Empire
Dear Ladies:
You organized the local branch', of
this most noble sisterhood, witb the
ardour and zeal, customary to all novel
Ideas ln Cranbrook; your avowed purpose, during this time of war and suffering, was to make articles of clothing, bandages and other things necessary In the work of the Red Cross Association, with thlB object ln view It
was only to be expected that you all
would Join, as you did. The monthly
dues were put as low as possible
and you were only asked to devote a
part of one afternoon a week to this
And now four months after the date
of organisation we seo the usual Cranbrook sequel, the climax being reached
on one afternoon this week, when, 1
believe, there was only one lady unselfish enough to give her time to
this noble work.
The reason for this lamentable fall
Ing off must be patent to anyone who
has lived In Cranbrook for any length
of time, but surely It Ib not too much
to hope, tbat you can after all, give up
your futile luncheon parties, at homes
| and petty spites, and do your very,
very little bit, to show your gratitude
to and aid those who are suffering
from their endeavor to keep your
homes Inviolate.
Take the example of Miss Edith
Cavell as your ideal, and endeavor to
show that the same spirit of nobility
and sacrifice Is latent in the women
of Cranbrook. ... ■
Yours sincerely,
Cranbrook, 18th November, 1915.
J. Dcrosler, tbs Waldo cook, was In
the city the Ilrst of the week,
A. E. Watts, tb* Wattsburg lumberman, wss tn the city Tuesday.
Will bo Held Friday, November Ustli
In the City Council Chamber—
Election of Officers
The annual meeting of the Cranbrook District Agricultural Association will bo held in tho city hall on
Friday evening, November 26th, at 8
p.m. As the association has now one
hundred and eighty-two members
there should bc a goodly turnout. The
success of the coming year depends
largely on the Judgment displayed by
the members in the choice of an
executive. Every buyer of a dollar
ticket for admission to the fair is «
bona fide member and as such the present directors would appreciate their
presence nt tlle annual meeting. Although thc post year has been a successful one the charges for depreciation und unit interest cause a loss to
appear on the balance sheet.
Don't forget, Friday, November 26th
and get in early. A strong, aggressive
board of directors Will mean a good
start towards a successful fair ln
1016. .
We Will Sell
ON   SATURDAY,   NOV.   80th
4 qt. Enameled Pudding Pans,
worth SOc. for 15c.
5 qt. Enameled Pudding Pans,
worth 40c. for 30c.
6 qt. Enameled Pudding Pans,
worth SOc. for 25c.
Or Set of 3 SOc.
See them In our window.  They
Will Stand Inspection
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook, B. Ca
CranbrookPublic Schools
The notice of parents of children of
school age U drawn to the tact that
the School Trustees hare passed a resolution requiring all children of
school age, tit., from tho age of seren
to fourteen, Inclusive, to attend school
during the regular hours every school
day (subject to the exemptions pro-
Tided for In the School Act) and such
parents, are hereby notified that the
provisions of the School Act In that
behalf will hereafter be strictly ear*
rltd ent
Steretarr  to  the  Board  of  School
Oranbrook, B. C„
Navember 8ft, 1916. O-lt
Campaign Wlll be Carried on to Assist
Funds—A $1.00 Wlll Save the -
After a period of almost entire neglect on tho part of the public, a determined effort is now being made to
put renewed vigor Into the work of
this association. The aims and. objects
of tlte Boy Scout movement must now,
be too well known to need recapitulation here, as there are at the present
time 16,000 Boy Scouts in Canada.
To successfully carry on the work,
the association must have funds, and
It js earnestly to be hoped that all
those who have ,tlie welfare of our
boj-H at heart will join the association,
the membership fee heing fixed at the
sum of $1.00, an energetic membership
campaign will be carried on by the
Scouts themselves, when all well-wishers will have an opportunity of put-
tins their names on the lists.
According to the Scout laws, all
Scouts must pay for their own uniforms, but, In most cases this can only
be done in small Instalments at
time. To deprive a boy of a uniform
until he-has the necessary $6.50-collected to pay for lt, will cause hlm to
lose Interest and give tho matter up as
a bad job; hence a working fund la
necessary-to advance the boys their
uniforms and allow them to make repayment in small amounts from time
to time, so all money expended ln this
way will eventually return to the association, and serve to equip future
It ls hoped to obtain an enrollment
of at least 150 members, for without
the sympathy and encouragement of
the public It Is Impossible to make a
success of the movement. The boys
themselves are keen, as is shown by
the fact that forty boys have joined
during the last three months, and lt
would be a great pity to let the work
again lapse through lack of support.
C. M. Ormston, the secretary-treasurer of the local association, will he
pleased to hear from nny well wlHhers,
wbo may bo missed by tlie Scouts in
thbir campaign.
In conclusion It might be appropriate to quote a portion of the ad-
drefH of the Duke of Connaught, chief
Snout of the Boy Scout Association of
Canada, to Canadian boys: "Canada
can be a big nation In .a few years tf
each one of you determines to do his
bit In making It bo.    a nation is not
Big Values
Small Prices
you should deal
at the
Sun Grocery Co.
55 Van Homo St.
ALCURA, the widely known troat-
ment for Alcoholism can now be obtained at our store. It Is guaranteed
to cure or benefit, or money refunded.
Remedy that haB been tried by thousands and found to do Just as It
Drunkenness Ib a dloease. Those
who are afflicted with the craving for
liquor have to be helped to throw It
off. Alcura No. 1 can be given secretly In Coffee or food. Alcura No. I Ib
the voluntary treatment.
Help your loved once to restore
themselves to lives of sobriety and usefulness and to regain the respect ot the
community In which you live.
Only 11.00 per boi. Ask for Free
Booklet.—Betttle . Murphy Co., Ltm-
ItaA, Druggists, Craabrack, B. C.
Note the Date of
2 p. in. to 2 a. m.
Plain and Fancy  Work of all
Exhibitions of Children's Work
Arts and Crafts
An  Oriental  White  Elephant
Exhibitions of Water Colors
Cookery and Candy
Amusement Booths Galore
Teas and Lunches  Served  in
Japanese Tea Room
Performance of Scene From
Shakespeare's "Merchant of
Venice" and a Farce entitled
"Ici on Parle Francals," and a
Dance to follow
This wlll be a record show.
Look out for more news.
made merely by Its territory or wealth,
It Is made by Its men. If they are
men of grit and energy who work together like a football team, each In his
place, and playing the game ln obedience to the orders of the captain,
they will win, they will make lt a
great nation. If they only loaf through
the game, each ln Its own way, it Ib
not likely that this country wlll succeed against others."
Final Preparations Nad* for I he Big-
gent Show In the History of Esst
The Cranbrook Poultry Association
will hold their second annual show In
the drill hall, Baker street, on December 1st and 2nd. Mr. Jos. Shackle-
ton of the government experimental
farm, Edmonton, wlll act as judge.
Copies of the prise list, and entry
forms, may be obtained from the show
secretary, F. S. Ryekman, E. T. Cooper, or at the Herald offlce.
Since the list was printed a special
prize has been offered by the Steel
Co. of Canada, 1 roll of Invincible
poultry fence, for the best parti-colored bird ln the show.
Christmas Gifts for Boys at
the Front should be mailed without delay
*\\\\\\\\\\\\\\m n mi ■
Our stock is replete with suitable gifts,
Military Brushes
Fountain Pens
Writing: Cases
First Aid Cases
Safety Razor Sets
Hot Water Bottles
Toilet Supplies of Every
Description, Etc, Etc.
Tbe Beattie Murphy Co., Ltd.
TXe SsMtq&g, Iter,
Send Something Useful to Your
Friends Who are Fighting !
Our Stock of
Pocket Cutlery, Razors, Strops
and other gifts that will be appreciated is
extensive and well assorted
Plumbing, Tlnsmlthing and Heating
The Mark of
There is nothing better to be had than
P.  BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
To England Under Neutral Flag
American Line (New York—Liverpool)
Large, Fast American Steamers, Under the American Flag
Mo Contraband of War Carried
S. S. "FINLAND" (lor Fslmouth and London) November 30th
First-Class $8&00| Second Clam Will;   Third   Class,   kWJl)
"ST. 1'Al'L" NOVEMBER 27th
And each Saturday thereafter
First Class 195.00; Second Claass J65.II0; Third Class $40
Company's Office, A. E. Disney, Passenger Agent,
619 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash.
Local Agents t
J. W. Spence, C. P. R. Station
Beale & Blwell
rirst-uiass ssoahj, sei
Get "More Money" for your Foxes
Mnikrtt, White Weasel, Beaver. Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers eolltutftj in yoerwftlM
NIIIP VOI H I'lltHlUHK T ..,   ^IM lUllT-lhr liriftl
—*— - •■» ——• - ■-'-' ron
him la tlu WwM 4cdVfWfn
arcliulilr- rt's-Hiiisilili* -*iiiii* I'ur)humo wnli im uiit>l**iiiis1it*il«**,»•
ul(itiiincni«tiiiK f..r "nn.ff limn n tliird ofiitriU'irv." n lntiK tine-
cenfiful rwi.nl (if winlin(tl'iirMil|iii.'rs!jri'ini".S\'l'fSI,AC'l'(i|'V
ANIMMt'iriTAIU-Krchirm.. Write r..r "fflir ti-himttiMiptNt."
thfunlyrfliiittilc, niilirulniiinrkcl rci'itri ami !>*! - - J rii-1 lm Wished.
Writ* far K-NOW-lt'-* I'm It
A.B.SHUBERT, Inc. K£ffiB4g W/St
Sunday School and   Adult  Classen, 3 I Bervldo lor the empire     Every put
p. in. 'rlotlc ChrlHtlun invited,
l'rayer service on Thursday even
ing at 8 p.m.
The pastor wlll preach st both services on Sunday.
Rev. Thos. Keyworth, psstor.
Charles F. Nidd, organist,
lasvtess at 11  am and  7.1s p.m
8 a. tn. Holy Communion.
11 a. m. Matins and Holy Commun-
Sermon: "The Religion ot Patriotism '
7.30 Evensong.
Sermon: "Enduring Hardness."
Preacher Rev. W. H. Bridge, B.A., L.th
Every Friday, at 7.W,
A debate on woman's suffrusc will
bo held on Tueaday next, 8 p.m. at the
rectory. Introduction through members of A. Y. P. A. or by application
to the rector.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning service, 11 a. m. A Sermon for Children,
(Children's service)
S. S. and Bible class, 8 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
The Sixth Commandment: "Thou Shalt
| Not Kill."
Anthem: Morning and evening.
MM* study f Uit Wsdassday, I t*s- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18th". 1915
■ I
3MMSchool Children
In New York City alone need
glosses. New York, Chicago and
other cities employ experts to
examine thc eyes of school children, because very much of tho.
apparent stupidity, backwardness In studies, difficulty In
learning, nervoucness and other
physical troubles in children are
due to defective vision whicli
glasses will correct. Glasses
are necessary ln order that
many children may have a fair
chance In llfo. You can have
your child's eyes, pr your own,
tested at WILSON'S, and if any
defect In refraction Is found, secure glasses proporly fitted to
correct It.
W. H, Wilson
All Women Need
a corrective, occasionally, to right a disordered stomach,
which is the cause of so much sick headache, nervousness and sleepless nights. Quick relief from stomach
troubles is assured by promptly taking a dose or two of
Beecham's Pills
Tliey act gently on the stomach, liver, kidneys snd bowels, assisting
and regulating these organs, and keeping them in a healthy condition.
These famous pills are vegetable in composition—therefore, harmless,
leave no disagreeable after-effects and are not habit-forming.
A box of Beecham's Pills In the house is a protection against the
many annoying troubles caused by stomach ills, and lays the foundation
For Better Health
ft*p*t*i oi.It by ThwnM *a**h*m,JN. Hilm, UBa*,Mra_lmtia*4.
gold rven whersj in C*_m ami V. 8. AgfJHsM.   Ia ban, 25 •*•■*•.
Kilby Frames Pictures.
You will havo that picture framed
for Christmas. Call and see my
splendid selection of mouldings.—W.
W. Kilby.
Kilby frames pictures.
Bargain   prices   In   all lines
Sslsssoa Koury's.
Ths "Crisis In B. C." for sale at tlie
Herald office.   Pries to.
J. Macdonald, of Kimberley,
lho city Friday last.
Cutters,   sleighs,
brook Trading Co.
harness. — Cran
H. W. Drew, the genial tavern keeper of Kimberley, is In the city today.
Our car of straw will be In about
Monday or Tuesday.—Cranbrook
Trading Co.
Born—At Cranbrook on Saturday,
November 13th to Mr. and Mrss. W. Atkinson, a daughter.
Phone Beale 4 Elwell for flre insurance rates and protect your home
against loss by lire.
The popular trainman "Yorkle" Atkinson, has been wearing a particularly pleasant smile this week. A
daughter Ib tho reason.
A shipment:of the linest of No. 1
Creston apples Just In, JS.00 a box.
Jonathans, Wagners, etc.—Cranbrook
Trading Co.
land typewriter; must be In good
shape snd che'sp for cash. Apply Boi
.8., Herald office. 46
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Leitch and fain-1
Hy. of Juffruy. arrived In tho city Monday.
J. D. McBrldo returned Monday
from a business visit to Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. K. I. Paterson will not receive
on Friday and not again until Janu
Mr. M. B. King, formerly manager of
the King Lumber Mllle Co., ls In town
on business.
Born—At Cranbrook on November
13th, 1815, to Mr. and Mrs. Luck, of
Bull River, a son.
Mr. Weir McCulloch, ot Orand Valley, Ont., Is visiting his sister Mrs.
Norman McClure, of St. Mary's Prairie.
Mr. Norman McClure waB ln town
on Tuesday. He reports having finished threshing on Monday with very
satisfactory results.
Solomon Koury for bargains.
Mr. Graham Donahue, of Wardner,
was. In town on Wednesday.
Rig values at small prices.—Solomon Koury.
Safety deposit hoses to rent at Beale
& Elwell's; nominal rates, absolute
Mrs. Thos. Miller, of Kimberley, Is
in town. Her baby is at present In
Mrs. Bent's hospital.
Mr. Stewart Morris left today for
Fernie, wliere he will be engaged on
survey work for tlie next two
months, ,
Beale & Elwell have several realty
Tom Herron and 8. Tuck loft Tuesday for Nelson on a three weeks'
hunting trip.
j Frank Parks Is out of the hospital
, again where he was confined with
' lutiltenza.
Citron peel has not arrived yet, but
' we have lots ot lemon and orange pee)
ut 25c. a lb.— Crunbrook Trading Co.
Tlie regular monthly meeting of the
W. C. T. V. will be held at the home
of Mrs. 3. lt. McNabb on Thursday,
November 25th at 3 o'clock.
J. R. Thompson returned Monday
from Rltzville, whither he accompanied his family.     He wlll return the
snaps ln small acreage and residential jeDd <* ,he mon,h ,0 ""** c"y'
property.     Call on them it you are
Chief Welsby, of the provincial police department, Fernie, arrived In tlie
city Monday to assist finishing up the
police investigation.
F. C. Robinson and E. F. Brlerly left
on Wednesday for Medicine Hat, having been transferred there tor three
months by the C. P. R.
A. C. Wilmot, bookkeeper for the
East Kootenay Lumber Co., Jaffray,
arrived in the city Monday on business connected with his firm.
The Ancient Order ot Foresters plan
to hold regular monthly dances during the winter. The first of the series will take place on Thursday, November 25th.
Mrs. Sarah Wolf, of Fort Steele, who
has been confined to St. Eugene hospital for the past three weeks, Is able
to be up and around after a severe
Mrs. J. H.  King wishes to thank
  Mrs. Donahue for her contribution of
A social dance will be given in Fra-1 two pairs of knitted socks and sli
Just r«:eived a shipment of Children's Sleighs,
and more to follow in a week's time. There
are several different kinds in the lot, and the
prices are very low, considering the excellent
We also have in stock a large number of
DOLL CARRIAGES at $1.75, $2.50, and
$3.00, beautifully made by the famous Whitney Carriage Co.
We expect a shipment of While Enamel
and Bronze Doll Beds, with Springs, Mattresses and Pillows, to arrive in a few days.
The prices will be low.
Out Tailoring Department is
busy, but always room for one
more, but ston't delay if you
want your Suit for Christmas.
Cranbrook Agents for tht
ternlty hall on Friday, November 2(ith,
at 9.30 p.m. when all Odd Fellows,
Kebekahs and friends are cordially invited to attend. The price of admission, gents 50c, ladles 25c. The proceeds to be donated to the Odd Fellows Patriotic Fund.
j    The severe cold weather has put a
jstop to work on the "mystery hole"
'at Gus Thele' mineral claim at Perry
Two men were picked up Thursday jCreck-     Thc holc 1"1IJ heen >"",,Ped
by   Constables   Arden   and   Collins {out t0 a dcpth of ten ,ct ana" ,r«MS "'.
charged with riding without a ticket !gold "m snowl"g <» lh° grovel on
on the blind baggage and were given the Ka"8 of the """"Ing.    The recent
seven days each. j heavy falls of snow have swollen the
______ (creek, forcing the men to abandon the
Tlr; court of revision in res;i' rt ofi »ork for this season. Early pre-
tho Provincial Voters' list was held at' Paratlons will be mnde for the resump-
11 go tiiimeut buMfiv* on Mo-, lay : tlon of work at the "mystery hole"
morning last. There were few (ueit summer, or Just as soon as oper-
chnnges made In the list. ations will permit.
triangular bandages for Red   Cross
A whist drive -will be given ln
Fraternity hall after the regular lodge
meeting neit Monday night, November
22nd. When all Odd Fellows are cordially Invited to attend.   The price of
A couple of interesting letters from
Cranbrook men at the front will be
published neit week.
Dr. McKensle and A. 8. Lucas.
Sprague, Wash., mining men, were In
the clly on business Wednesday.
F. o. Murphy, of the Beattie-Murphy Company,   returned   Wednesday
ffom Calgary, where he had gone on
business connected with his firm. Mr.
Murphy was present at the Investlga-
each chair will bo 26c.   The" proceeds ,,<ra "" *h" Bl,ck DlimMi °" <™»-,
to be given to their Patriotic Fund.       \mtty'    He says oil stock Is cheap in j
  tthe gopher city this week.     A ton
Mr. W. B. Bardgett is In receipt of a ! °» " «•*> •*» Purchased for a Buck,
communication   from   tho live stock
commissioner enquiring as io the j
prospects ot securing more horses for
the remount department from this district. Cavalry and artillery horses
are required. Mr. Bardgett Is busy
this week getting In touch with owner,
of likely animals.
Prints  Bstld  Olends,  Back From
Ihe Scene ol Strife Aler
"Doing His Little Bib"
Mr. Jack McTavish. proprietor of the |    Mr. John Joseph Metcalfe, of Fort
Don't forget our price on potatoes, j tourist hotel. Bull   River,   came in (Steele, died at St.  Eugene hospital
16c. cwt. or J6c. for ten sack quant!-1 Monday from tliat thriving burg.   Mr. I Cranbrook, on Tuesday Inst. Novem-
ties;   quality guaranteed—Cranbrook J McTavish will Journey down to Moyle, jh" 16'h-     Mr. Metcalfe was working
Trading Co.
City Clerk Roberts is In receipt of a
communication from the agent general
of British Columbia in London, asking
tor permission to use views of Cranbrook and the surrounding district In
Illustrated articles    ln    newspapers,
A Patriotic Dance will take place
In St. Mary's hall on Friday, November 26th. The price ot tickets has
ibeen filed at 60c. The dance will be
.Lodges, churches, or other organizations desirous ot sending Christmas
Greetings to their members overseas,
should call at the Herald office. We
can supply suitable cards at moderate
Mr. T .Uphill, mayor of Fernie,
was in town today. He reports prospects in Femle brighter than at any
time during the past two years. The
mines aro working full time r.nd
business generally is Improving.
Grand Master P. Wr Dempster, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, was
In town on Monday and paid an official
visit to Key City lodge, No. 42. Refreshments wen served at thc close
of the regular lodge session. Urand
Master Dempster left for Moyle and
other points on Tuesday.
Ws have Just taken over from the
wholesale house two large consignments shlppod to Halsall & Co.
hers at a rate on the dollar. We wlll
offer these on Monday st prices that
wlll st once appeal to the economic
buyer. Ask to seo this line.—W. D.
Tha annual meeting of the Cranbrook Fsrmers Institute will bo held
st the city hall on Saturday, November
27th at 8.80 p.m. A letter from the
president of the association appears
in another column. This letter should
he read by all who are In any way In
tsrssted In agriculture. It Is hoped
thst a large number of members and
others will consider Ihe Fsrmers In
stltute of sufficient value to the com-
aanlty to attend tba meeting on the
*tttk fastest.
where he has business ot Importance
(o attend to.
The friends of Mrs. Walter Cartwright, whose baby has beeu at Mrs.
Dent's hospital suffering from pneumonia, will be pleased to learn that
the little one Is Improving.
Tiie King Lumber Co. are making arrangements to open logging camp No.
Present plnns are to open No. 2
mill for the winter's cut. which, It Is
anticipated, will run from two to three
million feet, although it Is hoped
conditions will warrant a considerably
greater cut.
The danger of lenvlng children ln
liiutd-slclglis iu front of the Btorcs or
other buildings was emphasised on
Monday last, when a quantity of Ice
acd snow from the roof of the post
ofllce fell within a fcot of an Infant
left In a sleigh close to tho Baker
street entrance.
Frank and Tom Christian left Monday for Trail, where they have secured situations wltli the Trail Smelting
nnd Refining company. Tom Chrls-
tlon wlll very likely return to the city
In a couple of weeks beforo finally
accepting a position In the smelter
on thc  prairie  when  he contracted! magazines, etc.    Needless to say, the
typhoid fever, and has been confined': desired permission has been sent tor-
Fred Dlmltovitch made another of
his periodical attempts to liven up the
town on Monday evening. Constable
Venus took him in charge but he continued to make things lively till morning when he was subdued on hearing
Magistrate Arnold suggest that he separate himself from flO and costs or
retire from public life for thirty days.
Sewing Dono al Home or
III Hanson Avenne
to the hospital since returning here.
The deceased leaves a wife and two
children, one of whom is now In the
hospital differing from fever. Tho
funeral Is to take place from F. M.
McPhcrson's undertaking parlors on
Friday afternoon at three o'clock, the
Rev. W. K. Thomson officiating.
Peter O'Neil, John Allan and Albert
Hall appeared before Magistrate Hill
Saturday morning charged with
breaking into a car of whiskey at the
C. P. R. yards. These thirsty artists
managed to corkscrew themselves
through the ventilator In the car and,
being somewhat afraid of prohibition,
decided to get their share of the liquid.
Constable Collins gathered them In on
Friday. They were happy and as
friendly as three mortals could be.
The police magistrate rather spoiled
their happiness when he handed out
thirty days each in the house of correction.
The Belgian Relief Committee have
decided to send another bos on December 1st. Any contributions suy
be left at the Red Cross rooms on
Norbury avenue, Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday or Friday, from 4 to 6|Sa||8Durr plaln
o'clock. Articles may be secondhand, but most bo clean. Thero bu
beeu sn urgent appeal recently for
If any person who has the address
of any man who left this dietriet for
the front would send same to Miss
Helen Harrison, secretary-treasurer
of the St. John Ambulance Association tbey would confer a favor. Tbe
61th batallon has been completed snd
the ones required sre for those who
left with the Ilrst contingent and the
The flrst of the Overseas forces
reach Cranbrook after having been on
active service la Private David Olen-
ds>, who arrived on Tuesday, when he
was given a hearty reception at the:
station and was welcomed by Mayor
Private Olenday was one of the Hrst
to answer bis country's call, and en-
Hated at Windsor, Ont., on August 6th,
1914. He was attached to the Brat
battalion ot the First Csnsdlsn Contingent and sfter training at Valcartler spent some time In England, on
In February he
went to the front aad took part In
he historic battle of Neuvs Chapelle,
Hill 60 and Ypres. It was during the
Istter engagement that he was severely wounded In the left knee. The
wound was caused by shrapnel and ——
makes lt Impossible for him to walk i Tll° P«bllc Is urged to exercise
without assistance. Within twenty-! ovtry care In packing parcels for the
tour hours of the time he was wound- itrcops, as careful packing is absolutely
ed Olenday was comfortably settled In j essential to ensure delivery of the par-
hospital In England and speaks highly L„ ,„ gooi ordcr
Boles Which Will Help in the Safe
Arrival of Christmas Presents
for t'ranbrook Men
in two places
Tiie address of the sender of ths
parcel Lhould also be stated In order
tliat it may be returned if nndeilver-
able. The contents of tbe parcel
should he stated In writing on tha
Parcels     sent   abroad   require
Mothers Who I'se This Famous Bain
Have Barking of Seleses
Mothers who uso Zam-Buk, because
they have proved lt to bo a splendid
healer, wlll be interested to hear the
result of a test of Zam-Buk by Mr. W.
Useelles Scott, the gieat English
chemist. He says: "I havo made an
exhaustive analytical examination ol
Zam-Buk and And Its active constituents are of exclusive vegetable
origin. It contains nono of thc Impure and Irritating minernl drugs and
animal fats present In ordinary ointments. The antiseptic and bactericidal (germ-destroying) powers of
this preparation aro proved by my
testa to exceed those of carbolic acid,
yet Zam-Buk njlther cnutorlses nor
Inflames even a very sensitive skin,
but ends skin disorders.
"I have no hesitation In certifying
the purity of Zam-Buk and Its value
for skin Injuries and disorders."
Mothors who havo not yet tried
Zam-Buk should profit by the above.
Zam-Buk Is unequalled for ecicma,
cuts, burns, ulcere, running sores,
piles, cold sores, abscesses, chapped
_ hands etc All drugging and stores
(sell Zaaa-Buk at 60c boa, I
Ths followlpg is an extract from a
letter received this week by the Fink
Mertantlle Co.: "I should like If you
would order a cap, to match tha coat,
stole snd muff. The goods you sent
sre satisfactory, both as to ths quality
and price, and comparing them with
the mail order catalogue I think we
have done better, and ws have the
satisfaction of leaving our money at
The Wednesday evening card party,^  —
and dance at St. Mary's hall was again I "A11* ™ m«T, far fsar
it the care asd attention he received
there.   He returned to Canada on the
Mlssanable and will reside with bis! I"«l,cr "*<UH,*rd '" *""*"'»' ""*" '"
father and brother. necessary   in   the   Canadian   Parcel
Post, and  this    applies    wltli    even
  __   greater force    to    parcels    for    thl
le. gar word tor tret week, sad Is. per troops.    Those whieh are Insdsqusto-
word for each week after
^^^*__*^^^***__________ , ly packed run great risk of dsmsgs ot
hut-clam   mmnnut   q»|iossof contents,
This cardboard boxer., such as slio,
of Baptist thank Nay
Farewell Speeches
well sttendsd this week. There were
eleven tables for cards, the prlse-win-
nors being Mrs. J. W. Atchison, pin
cushion snd Mr. F, Godderis, dressing
case. Dsnce music was provided by
ths Cranbrook orchestra and ss usual
was rendered In excellent style. The
series ot social evenings closes on
Wednesday neit, when the prlso for
ths series will be awarded. The ladles prise Is a fancy basket and gentlemen's prise, pipe rsck. This wlll be
Ihe last social evening before Christ-
It, v StevsnSi who Ims been supply-
Eng iii,- local Baptist church for some
Ime i>;i-t. .'.;.. been railed to other
lut,,- by hi- own denominational
board und at it meeting on Wednesday evening took leave of the mem*
beri r.nd friends of the Baptist church.
Those present expressed regrets st
STBATED TO MT PBEM1SKH, HUD j boxes, and thin wooden boxes, should ,,.. gtovchi' departure and many
heifer.   Owner can have  same by! I-..-.*    .uu ~aa,
proving property, paying for adver- j n°t he used; nor does a slngls sheet of '■ warm tributes were paid to the cor-
Hal nnd pleasant relations which have
allied between pastor and eongre-
gatlon during his stay amongst these.
A hearty vote of thanks for Mr. Slav-
(1).   Strong double cardboe.rd box <
light wages for sals cheap.
le* »«*__*_ eity
ll-tf  I
w"D™Stoned **" *" '""Vi^t ordinary brown paper afford sufflcle
protection.   Tho following forms   of
pocking are recommended.
electric light, wares, well ventilated j
with large hay loft aad   oat   bin!   ,.,.   „„„„„„,    .
IIM   per   month,   apply   Herald I m loyal, devoted work, and wishes ef
OSes. U.*-! I***""**!* °">K ""•do tt   corrupted (i0,i-spted  and  success In  his new
WKEBI kisll U test,   fsnt tssni I "******• *■*■ havlng lids which com-  llelds was passed unanimously.     Mr.
pletcly enclose the side; of thc boxes.
the members and friends of the Bap-
wlth bath; fsaeed; eloee la; aewly!pletely enclose the bide; of the boxen Stevens fittingly replied snd thanked
BSSW$UBtt"«£    ,2)- ««»» wooden bo.-.,
fsl tenant oaly; 111 per month, in-I    I'l-   Several folds of stout parking tut church  for their expressions of
lee*M W,,*,'   AP*'r """" le'tt I|ml""'- cordiality and goodwill, and expressed
I   (4).   Additional security is afforded the hope that    the   Baptist   church
'rtlr^'EJ&rtS^tej* "» 0Ut" C0Veri°« °' "■"■ ™"ro
which  should be peeuiely
ehatrs,   carpets,     china    cabinet,!or canvas,
tables, desk, beds, Ostermoor met- ,.-„ „n
tress, etc.. snowehoes, skates, sad-; " " ""•
bicycle Is   good   condition      The address of the parcel should be
Apply 9. a. an *** sr pkaSM ess.
would Koo-i secure a pastor who would
win tlie respect and esteem of tho
coflgrogstlon and that the:* would
unitedly work together for the furtb-
.wrrttef, la Ink oa Ike rover preferably "r;,nre nf tha gospel. f AOB FOUR
Witches," by Miss Faulkner's class,
and Miss Bechtel's class as "The
Oypsles" call tor special mention. The
tiny tots of Miss McLennaa's class
also performed an action song, "The
Secret," In cute style.
Thc Empire gowns and cavalier costumes worn by Mlsa Fisher's class, as
they danced the old-fashioned and
stately minuet, added considerably to
the pleasing effect of this Hem.
The Indian Club drill by Division
IV. demonstrated the. fact that physical culture exercises form no small
part of thc school curriculum. This
was further evidenced by the Cone
Drill of Division III. and the Grecian
Drill which was gracefully performed
by the pupils of the high school, suitably attired in costumes of white snd
Recitations by the Misses Edythe
Macdonald, Bessie Woodman and Doris
Kershaw were favorably received snd
eonsidorable applause wss also ac-
various itefs on the programme were j corded to Miss Wanda and Master
presented and the effectiveness ot thc i Vincent Fink, and tho Misses Dorothy
drills, etc., was greatly enhanced by I Mackey and Hazel Taylor for musical
tbe carefully prepared costumes worn } selections.
less   Only"   Sign   Karl)
Displayed Friday Night at Local
There was a large and appreciative
audience at the patriotic concert given
by the pupils ot the Cranbrook public
achool at the Auditorium on Friday
evening last.
Teachers and scholars alike are to
be congratulated on the proficiency
displayed and It ls difficult to do Justice to the performance ln an ordinary
newspaper report, ln view of the fact
that every Item on the programme was
worthy of Individual mention.
No efforts had been spared by
teachers or pupils, and, wc think we
should add, parents of pupils. The excellent training ot the performers was
demonstrated by the way ln whieh the
by the different classes.
Under the able leadership of Mr. C.
F. Nidd, the Cranbrook Symphony orchestra added considerably to the success ot the entertainment, both the
opening overture "II Tancredl" and
also "Nazareth," in which the cello
solo was taken by Mr. Percy Parker,
were particularly pleusing to the audience.
The concluding item on the programme, a musical play "Tbe Snow
Fairies," by Mr. Ivor Bessette pupils
was staged In good style.
The choruses by over 350 pupils under Mr. C. F. Nidd's direction', and the
songs by the upper classes, under tbe
direction of Mr. A. H. Webb, showed
careful training, together with considerable musical ability on the part of
Ono ot the prettiest turns of the i the performers,
evening was "Boys and Girls From j At the conclusion of the concert the
Japan," by Miss Pye's closs, little MIbs teacners each received a boi ot choco-
Parrett being especially good both in ; gates, this being the method sdopted by
Trustee Manning to express hla approval of the entertainment.
Tickets for the concert having been
sold ln great numbers, It waB necessary to repeat tho programme on Saturday evening, when the Auditorium
was again well filled.
The following was the complete programme:
singing and acting.
Mr. Shields' pupils acquitted themselves well with the "Patriotic Flag
Drill." They performed numerous Intricate evolutions and finished by
spelling out the word "Entrance," In
The following drills—"The Butterflies" by Miss Richards'   class, "The
Part I.
Overture—"II Tancredl" Rossini
The Orchestra
Chorus—"0 Canada"	
The School Mr. C. P. Nidd
Soag—"The Secret"	
Division IX. Miss A. McLennan
Recitation—A Patriotic Appeal	
Miss Edythe McDonald
Soag—"The Blue Bells of Scotlsnd"	
Upper Classes Mr. Alb. H. Webb
"The Witches"	
Division VIII. iuu Faulkner
Flaao Duet—"A Frsngesa" Carta
The Misses Dorothy Mackey and Hasel Taylor
TheMlnuet-In My Grandpa's Day	
Division VII. Miss B. M. Fisher
Indian Clnb Drill	
Division IV. Miss H. Olegerich
long—"Heart of Oak"	
Upper Classes Mr. Alb. H. Webb
Drill—The Butterflies  	
Division V. Miss J. Richards
Japaaeee Soag—"Boys sad Girls From Japan"	
Division VI. Miss B. Pye
PatrioUeriag Drill	
Division I. •  Mr. R. «. 8hleids
Patriotic Song—"Soldiers of the King"	
Upper Classes fir. Alh. H. Webb
Part II.
Cello Solo, Mr. Percy Parker
Soag—The Maple Leaf	
Tbe School Mr. C. F. Nidd
Recitation-Grandad's Aversion to Slang	
Bessls Woodman
Cane Drill	
Division III. Miss E. M. Bechtel
Mag-Men of Harlech	
Upper Classes Mr. Alb. H. Webb
Violin  Solo—Humoreske Dvorak
Master Vincent Fink, ace. Miss Wanda Fink
loaf aad Dance—"The Oypsles"	
Division 111. Miss E. M. Bechtel
Grecian Drill	
The High School Miss H. Olegerich
long—The Minstrel Boy  	
Upper Classes Mr. Alb. H. Webb
Recitation—Ye Mariner's ot England	
Miss Doris Kersbsw
Musical Play—The Snow Fairies	
Division II. Mr. Ivor Baseelt
National Anthem
The Orchestration, for "0 Canada," "Maple Leaf," Etc., ware especially
written for this Concert by Mr. C. I*. Nidd
Cranbrook ftptpfconp tSrcfjegtra
First Violins. .Mrs. N. A. Wallinger, Mr. A. Fairbairn, Mr. Vincent Fink
Second Violins Mrs. Lister, Mr. Ivor Bassett
°sl|0 Mr.  Percy Parker
I**** Mr. Bert Parker
aerlonete Mr. R. W. Russell, Mr. B. H. Reed
•""•■heee Mr J J Kennedy
***"•• Miss Wands Flak
•"•"MOTOR  MR. C. r. NIDD
~Rev. John Davidson, of
Thurso, Que., writes I- I
have had considerable trou-
blc with my throat, caused
by public speaking In heated
buildings and exposure to
damp and chilly atmosphere.
I find PEPs very effective
lo soothing the throat.
Rev. Edward G. Heaven,
Marksvllle. Ont., vvrltesi-
■1 have used PEPs sod find
they give considerable relief
to the throat. I have also
found them very beneficial
for colds."
PEPs ls tbe direct treatment for Coughs, Colds,
Bronchitis, Asthma, Hosrse-
ness, Larnygltls, and other
ailments of the throat, chest,
and lungs. As PEPs dissolve
on the toogur.heallngvnpore
are liberated which are
breathed down direct to the
aore places. Liquid cough
mixtures, etc., cannot be
Inhaled, they go to the
stomach not the lungs. PEPs
Set to the seat ol the trouble
Irect. ,     .
PEPs ere aold only In tin
boxes.    All druggist,  ond
. stores Sec. box, 3 boxes $1.19.
Send this article, name of
paper, and lc. stamp for postage to PEPs Co.. Toronto,
.   Winnipeg, or Montreal, and
we wlll send free package.
of the usual flavor, due to cloudy
weather, though fairly well up to the
standard ln size. '
Mayor Little Ts"ia bad with those
ranchers who relied implicitly on his
prophesy that there would be no snow
until Noember 16th. This week-
ahead-of-time downfall of the beautiful caught some of them with potatoes still in the ground. The mayor Is
cross-checking his figures to see
whether his loss of prestige is due to
his own bad calculation or the pure
cussedness of the weather man.
Conveyance to him from Baynes Lake
Land Company Limited et al, dated
6th day of November, 1914, and that
unless within 30 days from the date
of the first publication hereof you file
ln this office a caveat or Certificate of
Lis Pendens I shall register the said
Ludlow Stuart Mangin as owner in
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, this 9th day ot November,
District Registrar.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of first publication 18th day of
November, 1916. 46-4t
(From the Fsrnls rise Pressl
Bert Wliimster will make Ieo for
tho Curling club tills winter.
J. C, Gouplll was glvon two yeara
nt Vernon for running a blind pig.
j Constable McDonald has resigned
j and wlll leave shortly for Calgary. A
| man from Kamloops wlll shortly take
his place.
Oeorge Meiklo; ot the Natal Reporter, has been ordered to a lower altitude on account of 111 health. Tho
Reporter is for sale.
(Frois ths Creston Review.)
Mrs. Geo. Cam, of Sirdar, Is visiting
friends in Cranbrook.
Mesdames Doolan, Loauby, and Dennis were visitors to Creston on Wednesday.
Miss G. Kdott, teacher at Glenllly,
N. A. Wallinger, government agent,
of Cranbrook, was in town on Wednesday as a witness In1 the case of Stewart vs. B. C. Farms.
Mr. and Mrs. James Lancaster had
the misfortune to lose their little baby
on Thursday of this week. Fernie
friends extend sympathy.
George Dingdale, returned veteran,
will be the giiest of honor at a smoker given by the Knightc of Pythias
at their hall on November 16th.
Herbert Barnes returned on Wednesday from Victoria, where he passed his examination for a Captaincy.
Ho expects to enlst shortly for overseas scrvce.
Mrs. George Tanner, of Baynes
Lake, receved the sad intelligence tills
IN THE MATTER OF tho "Lund Registry Act" and In the matter of
Lot 2, Block 5 of Lot 138, Group
Mnp 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an Application
(No. 3038-1) has been made to register Estelle Purintoli and Harriet A.
Kimball as owners in foe simple of tlio
above lot under a Conveyance to them
from Baynes Lake l.iiml Company Limited et al, dated 23rd October, 1914,
and that unless within 30 days from
the dato of the llmt publication hereof
you file In this office a caveat or Certlflcato of Lis Pendens I shall register
tho said Estelle Purlnton and Harriet
A. Kimball as owners in fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, this 10th day of November,
District Registrar.
To  allto whom it may concern
Date ot firBt publication 18th day of
November, 1915. 46-4t
visited at her home here Saturday, re- week- that her brother had been kill
turning Sunday. od at the front.    Her husband ls serv
ing with the 47th.
IN THE MATTER OF tho "Und Registry Act" and in the matter of
Lots 9 and 10, Block 33 of Lot
132, Group 1
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an Application
(No. 2926-1) has been made to register
John Barnard as owner in fee simple
of the above lots under a conveyance
to him from Baynes Lake Land Company Limited et al, dated 6th day ot
November, 1914, und that unless within
30 days from the date of the first publication hereof you file In this office
a caveat or Certificate of Lis Pendens
1 shall register the said John Bernard
as owner ln fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Nelson, this 9th day of November,
District Registrar.
To all to whom lt may concern.
Date of first publication 18th day of
November, 1915. 40-41
Billy Truseott pulled out for Cranbrook hoping to bock a winter's Job In
ths lumber mills In that section.
George Johnson, of the P. Burna
Co., and Charlie Sutcllffo were Nelson
visitors this, week, going weat Wednesday.
MrB. Wm. Cameron, who has boen
visiting Mrs. Loasby during the past
week, returned to Cranbrook Sunday
Messrs. Harshaw, Topham and Connolly were Sirdar visitors this week,
returning to town with a lhe bag of
ducks and geese
MIsb Cleveland, who has spent tbe
past month hero with her Bister, Mrs.
W. Gobbctt, returned to her home at
Port Simpson, B. C, Tuesday.
George Johnson, manager for the P.
Burns Co., Creston, was through Canyon City a few days ago looking for
beef cattle, for Bhipment to Noison.
Bsby Carlson asserts that there Is
no place like Duck Creek. On the
prairie he says It was bo cold that It
frose the money In the farmers pock-
Chaa. Sutcllfte who hss been In the
saddle moat of the week rounding up a
corload of cattle for tbe P. Burns Co.,
left for Nelson with the shipment .on
___, I
Arthur Pendry, who works with
Mr. A. J.. Collis, was taken to the
hospital at Cranbrook on Wednesday
for SO' operation for appendicitis. He
w»b accompanied by Mr. H. Lyne.
For the convenience of residents on
the west side of Canyon street, a new
crossing has been put In from the
Mercantile store across to the Bsnk of
Arthur Pendry, of Alice Siding, was
taken to St. Eugene hospital, Cranbrook, on Wednesday, where ho will
be operated, on for appendlcits. Wo
are all hoping for his soon return, restored to his usual good health.
R. M. Reid left on Friday for
short holidsy trip which will occupy
about two weeks snd take him as far
east aa Trenton, Ontario. Bob took
along some board of trade literature
for distribution, but not a solitary
copy of the "Crisis in B. C." found
space ln his club bsg.
The last of the 1916 strawberry crop
to be marketed Ip Creston came Into
the Mercantile Co. on Friday last,
November 6th from the J. J. Grady
ranch. There wu a half crate of
these.  They were not well colored
The death of Mrs. John Drew, of
Cokato, which took place on Monday,
Is a particularly sad one. Mr. Drew Is
a member of the 54th battalion at Vernon, and there are six small children
In the family.
It has not yet been decided whether
we are to have a skating rink this
winter or not. The building ls at present being used for a drill hall for
the 107th and they may decide to
keep It for the winter.
J. Peck MacSwaln, the printer-philosopher, has returned to Merritt after
an extended tour of the coast cities.
Mr. MacSwaln will shortly publish his
greatest work entitled "The Personal
Touch," or "Overcoming the Marble
Front."—Victorian. Peck has not
visited this camp since he fell Into the
Grand Theatre basement In 1908.
A German was taken Into custody
yesterday and upon his person was
found a complete plan of the Morrissey Internment camp and trails leading thereto. The thought of a German spy in this neighborhood seems
to be more or less ridiculous, but he
might easily he an emissary from one
of the German* societies across the
line which might think that the prisoners would be glad of some outside
aid to make.their escape and later re-,
turn to their own country. The man
waa removed from Fernie Jail to the
Morrissey prison.
the reserve existing on Lots Nos.
10358, 10868 snd 11551, Kootenay District, by reason of a notice published
la the British Columbia Gazette on
the 87th of December, 1907, Is cancelled, aad that the said lands wlll be
opened ta entry by pre-emption at 9
o'clock In the forenoon, on Monday,
the tth day of December, 1918, all applications to be made at the offlce of
the Government Agent at Cranbrook.
Department ef Lands,
Vtctsria, B. C,
September leth,  1916.    99-10
glstry Act" and ln the matter of
Ut 3, Block 68, of Ut 132, Group
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an Application
(No. 2925-1) has boen made to register
Alec Charles Wright as owner In fee
simple of the above lots under a Con
veyance to hlm from Baynes Uke
Und Company, Limited et al, dated
6th day of November, 1914, and that
unless within 30 days from the date
of the first publication hereof you file
tn this office a vaveat or Certificate of
Lis Pendens 1 shall register the said
Alec Charles Wright as owner In fee.
Dated at the Und Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, this 8th day of November,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of first publication 18th day of
November, 1915. 46-4t
glstry Act" and ln the matter of
Ut 1, Block 74, of Ut 182, Group
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an Application
(No. 2941-1) has been made to register Ludlow Stuart Mangin as owner ta
fee simple ot tha shove lot uuder
Capltal Authorised ....»II
Capital Paid Up	
Hetsrvs  aad   Undivided
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Fsrmers gni
Private individuals invited.
Drafts and Utters of Credit Issued
available In sny part of tha world.
attention given to Savings Baak As
counts. Deposits of 11.00 aad upwards received snd Interest allowed
trom date of deposit.
A branch is also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under ths manage.
meat of Irving C. Wedd.
Craabrook Branch
Bpokana, Washington
Wi believe wa
havi mora neuter patrons trom
British Columbia
thin *nj othar
Hotil in Bpokana
On your mzt trip
to this eltjr, lit ui
■how you why
this te true.
Opposite mw Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates M low
M at the mora ordinary
Bee Steamship •■ thi Beet
ti. Solicitors anl
oner to Loan
I Baa BelMIng
(lueeeeoor to W. T. Ourd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   aal
P. O. Boa 889
Loyal Orange
Lodge i
No.   1ST1
Meeta flrst aad third
itiYifaw j; Thursdoys at I tf
lialllHIlUlB In Royal "
Knights ot Ireland Hall,
B. I. Oarrett, W.M.
T. O. Horsman, Ree. Ses.
Physlelaae anl Sargeoas
•ease at residence. Armstrong
fereaeeas  I.M te ll.M
AHomoeas I.M lo  «.M
Brsalaaa    T.M to   1.89
 9tCta   4.91
Craabrook, B.C.
bb. P. B. MILIS
hi Hanson Block
I la 11 era.
I ta  I p.m.
■a *■■***! aal Geasral laralaf
•arlea Ave.
Terms ea AppllsaUsa
MM. A. SALMON, Matron
I F. O. Bos 141
i IM P. O. Bu Ml
Funeral Director and Kmbslnur
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St.
■vl aal Metal Eaglaeers
& 0, Lead Surveyors
Ber Uveas Ml Night Phone 81
• Ave, aest M Clly IUU
Phone 191 P. O. Bos M
Organist Methodist Church
Receives PapUs for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: M Norbary Ave
If you want satisfaction
with your washing
•and it to
Bpeclal prion for family
I Merehaat
Brapterauels Ageata
P. O. Bu IM rboas MS
, Piep.
Cakes, Pies
aai Paitry
Hatkary Ave,     Opp. CUr Ball
aa* Pa
Udles  and  Gentlemen's   Hsts
Clesned snd Blocked
Phone 804
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has Just purchased a car of
(AU Tuberculin Teated)
Milk aad cream twice lllly
Battermllk twin a week
Tha only clarified milk la
Wo giaraatoe to Pleaae
FOB SALE CHEAr—GsBtleasaa's
eeea eut, almost new; three saddles,
slightly used | fear sets of harness,
stalls aal doable driving ksrasss,
doable sols working harness) cress
eal saw aai tana tools | oae Salter,
BJ. It
Meets every
Monday  algkt
at   Fraterattr
til.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
W. M. Harris,     R. W. Russell,
Sec. N.G.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Meets every Tuesday st I p.ss. ta
the Fraternity Hall    |
R. C. Carr, CC.
F. M. Christian, K. R. * S.
P. O. Bos 198
Visiting brethren eerdlaltf **■
sited to attend.
Meets every second sal feasOh
Wednesday at Fraternity Mm
Sojourning Rsbskako
ly Invited.
Sis. C. Bennet, N. G.
Sis. A. Hlckentotham, Ses.
Meets in Maple HaU
ud fourth Taeeday ef
month at 8 p.m.
Membership  .pea lo.
B. T. Brake.        J.F.Leww.
Visiting   members
Meets ln the Mapls Halt
Irst Tuesday afternoon of every
month at 3 p.m.
President, Mrs. W. B. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shew
P. 0. Box 448
All ladles cordially Invited.
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alh H. Wsbh
For information regardtag
lands and agriculture apply as
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
ll open fer engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
Fwrwardlng   and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge Coal
Xl-Ite Powder
Imperial 0U Co.
Braying and Transferring
Otven prompt attenUon
Phone 83
ls  open  for engagement
for dances, socials, etc
For terms apply to ..
Cranbrook, B. C.
■ealfuarters for all kinds M
■MlsfasUnn Guaranteed
The Bhoe Specialist
Etta* rill for Women, j5 a boi er Uwetler
(iota »t nil I'I-iir stori'H, or nulled te lit
irmonr-jcelptol price.  The Miu NH
VlUlHrifor Nerve Hnd Rr»tn; ln*»«*M''*~^
':(i Ton!e-wiil hulld you up. fl ■
$8, »t drag atom, or by Mil tt
rat MOBBU. I>BM C«.,It Q


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