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Cranbrook Herald Jan 1, 1914

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Anrll t,-,,
W i ar* well equipped to
turn out the belt clue
ol work.
In the Herald rays — i"ry
Our  Local Colunna
10c, a line
MO.  1
A move in the tight Ui nit lion was
made when it wns decided io hold a
public meeting on Monday next, January 5th, at 4 p.m., in the Conservative Rooms, Hanson Avenue, for the
main purpose ol obtaining signatures to tlie petition to tlio Lieutenant General in Council backing up
the resolutions passed ut thu meeting
ul thc 13th December, the substance
of which wc have already brought, before our readers.
ThU matter of inducing the homesteader lo come into tbe Crabbrook
District is one which has been taken
tip in no uncertain spirit. Irrespective ol all question of political aflU-
ation, all arc determinedly agreed
'that the homesteader is the man wc
want, not tho man who is willing to
have a flutter in land—a gamble in
the one productive agent- on which Wc
ore all dependent. Tbe homsteadur
makes the blades of grass grow where
tbe pigeon berry was the only verdure
The speculator makes nothing crow,
etrept bis investment am! the increase of his investment is sweated
out of thc genuine agriculturist. Let
us have a little home upon the hill
with its twinkling lights of nights
and Uie little children about tbo door
rather than the absentee owner, who,
neither toiling nor spinning, levitw
toll on every man's industry b/ making the products of thc earth dearer
to secure him his unearned increment
nn his capital.
We cannot too strongly urge that
thc meeting of next Monday lie large,
that it get down to lhe simple business of signing the Petition which is
the following terms: '
To tlie Honorable the Lieutenant
Governor in Council.
Victoria, B. 0.
the undersigned people of The
Cranbrook Land District respect*
fully SHEWETH thai on the lSth
day of December, 1918, al a Meeting of the joint Committers of the
Cranbrook, Board of Trade ami
thc Cranbrook District Consetv
ativ(.    Association   the   following
RESoLCTlos's weie unanimously passed:—
WHEREAS considerable numbers ot
prospective settlers have during the
last spring, summet and f.ill, como
into the Cranbrook District from
the Old Countiy and from the States, seeking for land for homestead-
ing purposes and have to tbeir own
loss and the loss of the oommtfl.lt)
found nil land in tbe District suitable for agricultural purnoses, already taken up with
the exception of some of lho land
formerly held under tlmbOl licence,
and which, iinving been logged on,
reverted to the Crown atul is now
held under resetw
AND WHEREAS tho condition ol the
Cranbrook District being exception'
al in this regard, lhal there is,
practically, no land will-in its area
available Or suilable for homes-
teadinjf save tho lapsed Umber
limits,   such, for   Instance, as the
tracts formerly held by tbe Ninth
.Star Lumber Company, Ltd., between Hospital Greek and fhe North
Star Branch of the C. |\ ](., 0nd
may others could be named, il is
the unanimous opinion of this meeting that the special conditions referred to so seriously retard the ng-
grieualtiiral development of Wio
District as to merit special consideration ami legislation at hands of
the Government:
PHWOHED by A. 11. Macdonald seconded by A. B. Orace and carried
unanimously that all logged oil or
cut-over timber berths within the
area of the Cranbrook Lund District which have reverted to the
Crown on the .expiry ot tlieir lieen-
cm under which tbey heretofore
*eH, siell bt declared by lhe Gov
eminent available for homesteading
purposes; and further, that the
Crown lands in tlio same area which
are suitable for agricultural purposes and which have been surveyed
hy the Government, shall also be
declared available for tho purposes
of homesteading.
PROPOSED by [in Manning seconded
by Samuel- MacDonald and carried
unanimously that a Committee he
appointed by the Chairman to prepare a Petition to the Government
embodying Uie foregoing Recitals
recitals and Resolutions and have
such Petition circulated and signed
throughout thc Cranbrook Land
VOIR PETITIONS, therefore, respectfully commend lho merits of tho
said Recitals and Resolutions to
the consideration of tho Government'
nnd respectfully urge that the Government take Im media to action
along the lines suggested, AND PETITIONERS WILL EVER HUMBLY PRAY.
MS. ill
R. D. Cameron, secretary of the
Railroad Young Men's Christian Association, and Mrs. Cameron, were
called aside Christmas Eve by one cf
the boys in tne building, and in lhe
presence of 20 or more of tiie yoi°:-;'
men who aro roomers at the "Y*1
Mr. Oliver Bristow read to Mr. Cameron an address and presented Mrs
Cameron with a silve* tea Bevvfco
Tbe address read as follows.
Dear Mr. Cameron—In nflkUiy jon
and Mrs. Cameron lo accept this
present, we full*, realize there is 1:0
necessity 1o impress upon you tliat
it ■> ■•."♦ given^lhV01 its intrinsic
value but as a smiiBokni of our appreciation of what you have done for
us boys. All of us realize thc odds
you have bad to combat witb, and it
is tho fight you have bad, and the
way you have fought it Dial has won
ihe admiration of us all.
Not only have you won, as the SCO-
rotary of the Y.M.C.A., hut more so
as a frieml. We think your friendship for ns must Ik* made of the stud
that Emerson speaks of when savs:
"When friendship is real it is not
made of glass, threads or frost work,
hut of tho solWoel thing I know,"
otherwise we quite beUeve that, you
would have been ilisheariened ere this
in tbe strugti'e you have had to make
us better men.
There are times when we fnil to
express our feelings in words. We
think tl'.ii Ihis time 1ms come to us
now at this presentation, in trying
to express our feelings for the admiration whicb we have for you
If wc were able to express our feelings ut words wo would be less than
human, and more so if we could'express the thoughts that, have engendered this gift Therefore wc ask
vou to accept the following lines as
Ihe best ui hying to express our
thoughts on this occasion.
"The ocean deeps are mute, the shallows roar
Thoughl, Sentiment, Peelings arc the
Words   are   but    the fiuit along the
shore "
Tlu- boys song "For Ihey are Jolly
(iood Follows," after which Mr. Cam
eroii replied on behalf of Mrs. Cameron and himself. The presentation
and address was n complete surprise.
The success of the year was not so
much bcoauso of his efforts, lie said,
but rather because everyone had
worked togrthot and done their share.
If the boys had not lieen with him
nothing would have been accomplished
He had always found the boys friendly and on behalf of Mrs. Cameron
and himself he wished to thank them
with all his heart for their help
through the year and for the beautiful present. The gathering was
brought to a close with three cheers
for Mr. Cameron nnd three loud
cheers for Mrs. Cameron-
New Year's Ball Big Success
riore than 600 in Attendance at B.R.T.'s Thirteenth Annual
New Years Eve at llie Auditorium
occund the thirteenth annual bnll of
the Brotherhood uf Railway Train
men to be held in this city and the
event this year fairly eclipsed all
previous efforts. Nol only was tho
crowd attending a record one but tho
order had made more than the usual
preparations for the entertainment of
their guests with the result that the
affair was easily the crowning social
event of the past season.
Thoro were more than 600 people in
the hall at one lime. Dancers began
arriving at about 2fl.30 k. and they
continued to arrive until after 23k:
Among the guests were a large number of out-of-town people from Maclcod, Fernie, l.elhbridge, Calgary and
Moose Jaw-
The decorations in the ball were
unique and were the production of the
fine Italian hand of   Mr. Wm. Harri
son, red white and blue streamers
were strung tbe full length of tho
ball and Japancu lanterns produced
foil pagoda effect Prompt.yat 24k, a
34k a shrill electric whistle startled
merry dancers into tho knowledge
lhat the old year was slipping away
and tho new 101*1 was being ushered
in- Turning in the direction of the
whistle they wero startled by the
Hashing of a red and blue sign hearing the legend, "Happy New Year".
The orchestra was encased in a green
arbor and evergreens and Xmas bells
were distributed freely about tho
hall. Urakoman's lanterns were also
in evidence and two shields emblem-
' a tic of the order were bung on the
wall.   A full moon rose at tlio proper
' time for the "moonlight waltz, ladies choice" and a tow slurs came
out and twinkled nod then hied away.
j    Music was furnished hy the Hex or
chestra wiib five pieces and they received numerous rapturous encores.
The supper commenced at 23.30k.
and was provided by th.* ladies auxiliary, the serving being under the direction of Mrs. Smith and a corp of
ellicien t assistant s. Only 71 people
could be seated at one time aud the
supper continued through until 8.30
Mr. C. IL Knocke officiated as floor
manager and announced the program
of dances which was de versified with
nil the numbers that would please.
It was a very congenial crowd and
dancing continued through until 7 a.
I The trainmen and their loyal ladies
auxiliary arc to be congratulated at
the happy conclusion to which their
annual event has succeeded. They
seem to grow more popular each year
aud will soon be demanding larger
Nol being satisfied with the results
of last week's game, two hockey
teams, representing tho Cranbrook
and Cosmopolitan hotels, met nt the
Arena rink on Monday evening and a
very interesting game was played bo-
fore a large crowd of spectators.
The Cranbrook hotel won the game
I—n. Mr .I. 13. Klrktnaii was referee.
[tulL teams played well nnd the
last quarter was the fastest and
hardest   (ought   period   of the game.
McNabb ' Center Mill/
Crowe itigbt Wing        Dickon
Powers Left Wing      McLaughlin
Kernie spare, Oscar Anderson. Referee, Lee Sims Timekeeper, W.
Mrs. 0. Maker, H former resident of
tbis city and a-visitor here only two
weeks ago, died at Sardis, B.C., on
McOregor and Mcllwalne, for the I>«cori]»«*i 18th, Just after her return
Cranbrook, played a star game and lrot" her visit to Cranbrook. Her
were chiefly responsible for thc re- sn"- •'■ (i«"'K«' Baker, of Detroit,
suit. McManus, in goal lor the Mich* P»8Spd through the city this
week with the body of his mother,
which   will    be   interred at Detroit
Cranbrook,   also saved several scores
by his clever plaving.
Following  »a,s   the   iim, „„,„•„,, IT1" «»'<''••'"""ly nrs-tearac to Craii-
cosmopolitan     Position
L. Crowe ("loal
H, limine        Poinl
Hryan      Cover  Poinl
Scott Hover
McDonald        Centre
Callahan     Hight    Wing
Connolly        Left Wing
biook in lfl01; the Im«ban2 and father
J. (I. Baker, passing away in this
citv the following Vear. The mother
and    son   remained    here unti1 1908,
Lee Sims   wh(ijj ^    |(f(    f()(. Toront0i w1v,.t>
McGregor', ,   ,
6    I tbey remained    for two years, Mrs.
Hert Kit
This aiternoon the Intermediates
from Pernio met tlte intermediates ol
Cranbrook on the local ice at Arena
nnk, the game resulting in a tie 5-5.
There was a good sized crow*d present to cheer the hoys and they did
tnelr part by trying to win.
It was ,i bard fought contest
played in three 20-mlnUte periods.
In the first period Cranbrook scored
two Pernio three in the second period nol ther team were ablo to score.
Several scores lot Kernie were prevented by the elevn goal keeping of
I. Crowe for Cranbrook, who kept
his eagle eye on the play and blocked
several good shots. In the first part
of the third period Fernie scored
again and a few minutes later t'rnn-
brook bad tied the score with a series of rushes ami some clever individual work. Kernie retaliated by making another ami Cranbrook kept busy
until just a few seconds before time
was called when they succeeded in
scoring again, t icing the game-
There was good individual playing
by Hathie, Crowe and Pass-more for
Cranbrook, but Fernie seemed to
have developed the best team play
| aud handled their sticks to lietter
advantage. It was a good lively
'contest and the hoys are to be congratulated on the showing they mode.
| The line-up of the teams was as
follow S.i
i Hater then returning to Cranbrook
| and fJeorge going to Detroit where
ihe found employment at his trade of
jeweller. Mrs. Maker remained here
a short time looking after her property interests and then went to the
coast where she has since resided.
Her death was due to heart failure
and came suddenly without any previous illness.
George Baker was only a hoy of
fifteen when he left here about six
years ago and he has many acquaintances in the city who were pleased
tn find him grown into a broad
shouldered young man. He spent a
day here looking after his interests
and then continued his sad journey
eastward with the remains of Ins
For tho first time in tlie several
years that it has been competed for
Cranbrook won the Fleischmau cup
last week in a series of contests with
Fernie. On Friday last, two rinks
horn Cranbrook visited Fernie and at
the same time two rinks from Fernie
\isited here. Te teams competing at
Fernie lost their games with a total
of 7, and the two teams here won
witb 2!), making Q grand total of 22,
The teams visiting Fernie were:
L- J. Cranston, A, C. Howness, W.
M. Harris, W. F. Cameron skip.
T. M. Roberts, Jos. Campbell, It.
!■:. Beattic, P. K. Wilson skip.
The following were the competitions
as played in Cranbrook:
Cranbrook:—A. C. Pye, Rev, W. K.
Dunham, F. Topham, A. S. Ward
Fernie—I). McXeis-h, .las Miller, M.
Kastner, S. Olson skip—1
Cranbrook—E. A. Hill, .las. Milne,
F. II. Patmore, W. Chambers skip-
Pernio—S. Alexander, Stewart, f,
(    I,awe, S, Herchmer skip—.1.
Misses Melva and (leorglna Cartwright, of Krickson, aro the guests of
Mr. nod Mrs. II. A. McKowan this
Creston people observed thc coming of the New Year wilh n couple ol
dances, which wen* well attended
and everyone Intro reports a verj enjoyable evening.
The ball giving at tbe Creston Hall
wns a splendid success. The Hall
was tastefully decorated with flags
and bunting and reflected great credit
on those who assisted with the decorations.
The music was rendered by the
Cranbrook Orchestra, who were accorded a hearty vote of thanks at
tbe finish.
The supper tables were loaded with
good things and everyone present entered into tho spirit of the occasion,
and the bnll was one of thc most enjoyable ever given In Creston
The Annual Treat ol Christ Church
Sunday School will ne given iu the
Rectory on the afternoon ol
the festival ol the Epiphany, .lanuary
lilh, 191-1
Contributions for the tables will be
thankfully received at the Rectory bc-
twren 2 and I o'clock of thai day
fraam parents and friends.
Contributions in money to be used
fa.I purchase of presents for the children will Im- thankfully received at
the Uccfaary at any time
E, P, Flewolllng Rector.
Position          Fernie
Goal               llogan
Point             Linn
Cover point    ll. (lidding
Hover             I., (lidding
(Ieo. Longprc
visitor in the
of Kingsgate
city the first.
wns a
nl Um
The officers and members of Courl
Cranbrook 8948 of the Ancient Order
nf Foresters are requested to attend
the regular meeting of the Court in
Carmen's Hall, on .January 8lh at S
p.m. sharp. Installation of officers
will take place and it is probable
that the ceremony will be performed
by the District Chief Ranger.
Other items of importance will be
discussed that evening. Preparations
for the lntl. animal ball of the Court
are going ahead and a royal time is
assured to all those who will attend
the ball 0n January Kith.
Miss Bessie Shorgotd, ol Calgary,
spent a very enjoyable Chtistmas in
Cranbrook, being tlw guest of Mrs.
Hubert Clark ol Ui* city.
At a public meeting of tl.e citizens
held ut the City hall last Wednesday
evinin;i at 6 o'clock itn amalgamated
fusion ticket was named for the municipal offices during the coming year
Those named were; Kor Mayor, Simon Taylor, for Aldermen, Lester
Clapp, .los F. Campbell, (lust. Frivk-
soii, Fred Clenest, Malcolm Horie am.
II. Hickcnbotham,
Mr, \. H. Macdonald occupied the
chair and on calling the meeting to
order .stated that Uio object of the
mooting was to nominate, if possible,
number of good strong candidates
that would meet with thc approval
of all citizens A numbet of men had
been chosen and agreed upon and if
they could In* named and no opposition   develop before   nomination day
nd they could be induced to accept,
thai ii would fuse any possible breach
In  municipal matters,  save i antpagn
and election costs, etc , by unanimous
election.   It   would   be  necea m \  U
the new year to haw a good   trong
council, one capable of looking attei
the finances of the town very r<u>'[;'-
ly and save money wherevei possible
The men he   had proposed   were representative    cltlreftS    and ought  to
have the hearty    support of all electors, which was absolutely necessary
for the best government,
Chas. R. Ward, a member of the
retiring council, was called upon and
stated that be thought the amalgamation the best possible way under present condition;, aud ne could accord
to the new council personally, and
he thought also on behalf ot the
iring council, only tbe best wishes
for their success in the new year.
The retiring council would have nothing hut good will for the incoming
W .*'. Attridge was called upon
and stater! that the men named were
all representative men and he did not
think that any better could be found
He proposed a vou- oi thanks for the
retiring council which was seconded
by Mr. -I A. Arnold and carried unanimously
A vote of thanks to the chairman
Mr. A. B, Macdonald, was then passed and the meeting adjourned
Mr. Simon Taylor, the nominee tor
mayor, is president and ma nan ins; director of the Standard Lumbei Co.,
an official and director fn various
other lumber companies throughout
the district lie has had man)
years experience in handling big bus)
ness and should make a thoroughly
capable mayor. Wo believe the cKj
affairs will need a "Tin, conservative,
business administration during the
coming year and no better candidate
could be named to fill the position at
such a time.
Mr. Taylor will he bucked with a
stronrj council oi men who represent
nearly   every phase ol the civic   life
Mr Lester Clapp i- well acquaint
cd with eity affairs having s. rved as
alderman tor the past Lwo years
lie bus served as chairman oi ihe iv
nanco committee during 'he past year
a crulclal period, and has handled the
affairs <•( the citj very capablj I Hi
experience will be araluablo a*-set t'>
the new council,
•Ins. F Campbell has also served
ou ihe cily council in years pa*-i and
bears a good record. His business
ability will be another asset deslra-
blo in the new year.
(Just. Krickson has server! as alder
man during tho past year and is essentially a man of action, q man who
likes to lie doing things, and with
firm faith in the future Importance
of tha city he is always optimistic
and desires to get things moving for
Cranbrook. The city will be fortunate in securing Mr. Ericksonfs services for another year.
Fred Clenest is one of the most
popular of the (' I'll, conductors,
having been running oul of Cranbrook (or several years. He is fl nrw
man on the council hut one whose a-
ility and experience should Insure
his making good.
Malcolm Horie is one of the city's
heaviest property owners and a man
therefore who should be vitally interested in i he fluctuations of thc tax
rate lie has made a success of bis
private affairs, a rpod indication tha>
Uu* city will have safe and sant
counsel from this alderman
H Hfoketibotham has resided is
Cranbrook for a hmg terra of years
and is an interested property owner
with the best Interests of the city at
heart. This will not be his first appearance on the council and there is
no djubt but that he will handle the
responsibilities 0[ t*.ie position capably-*,
VI ,i special goo-oral meeting arid
on ruesday, December SOth, foi th*
passing <-f the new by laws odlr a
small crowd was in attendance. Thc
by-laws, which hove been approved fct
th depart mer t ot Agriculture, were
passed almost as ptcscnlH Tlie
chief alterations were
Clause 1 —At least im da*., notice
lobe given of the date of the annual
i lattso S.—'At least one epii prer-
ilruck out
non   reads:    N'o member fh.tlt
vote   at tne annual meeting «ho has
n<>: paid bis subscription '
The election ot officers ^te , will
take plaee on Tuesday, .lanuary 13th.
1914 tf B:0Q p.m. The new By-laws
tome into force then.
Cnder Uwm a Hon 1* resident,
three Hon. Vice-Presidents, a President, a Vice-President and nine Directors will be elected. The Hon,
members, the President, iba Vice
President and three directors to retire each year- The Directors appoint tbeir own Secretary and have
full control over him. AH memberships e-cpired nn Deeemebr 31st, I918
and a good attendance of new member*- Is requested for the annual meet-
ir._- The work, is for the good ot
the district and can not be successful unless supported by all parties.
Don't Forget Tuesday, January 13
In the City Hall at 8:00 p.m.
A i u,e lasi regtilax meeting ot
Cranbrook I..*!*:.. No :«, A.K. U A.
M . aji, St John's night, DecemtKi
ilTtli. tlie lollowiog ollicers w«r»
aiasralli-d lor Uie ensuing rear
11   llitleiabotlaam, W M.
In   Miles, I.I'M
II   llanfai-lb, S.W.
11. Spence, -l.w
Rev   Thompson, Chaplain
■i  r Kink. Treasurer.
I. I  Cranston, Sa-cretaii.
W   V.. llonk-n, S.D.
II. U Carter, -I l>
ll. McKowan, I <•
■ I  Martin. S.S
H. Ilalsall, .J, S.
w KaworUi, Ornanisi
H  II IWlson, li ol C.
»   K iiaiiiia., Tjrlei
Charity Committee
»    11   Wilson,    W   I'    Mlliitge aid
In  Miles
Plnancc Committee,
M   \   H'-ala-,   A   c   Sbanltlaaa, W.
P   Maedonalil
y  A  Dunn, II  ll. Carter
The laml anai forest department ot
Ireland desires seeds a.f spryees and
ia as craa»n in Hritish Columbia loi
plaiitinii in tbe Kmeraald Isle, cblei
Forester McMillan has just received
an Inquiry from thc board as to th*
possibility ol pura-hasing several tliou-
nal ilatllairs' worth of these seeds
•re lor reforestation purposes in
Ireland. The land and climate Uter*
is liollcviil la, approximate that o(
tin- coast aal Hritish Columbia, and
Irish board states that It is anxious
to net trees which will grow as rapidly as do our spruce and Douglas lh
in this province. TIIE   CRANBUOOK   II KHALI)
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knowing that you can obtain one tried and proved remedy
thoroughly well adapted to your needs. Every woman
who is troubled with headache, backache, languor,
extreme nervousness and depression of spirits ought to try
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the system they insure better digestion, sounder sleep, quieter
nerves, and bestow the charm ot' sparkling eyes, a spotless rosy
complexion and vivacious spirits. Thousands upon thousands of
women have learned, happily,that Beecham'a Pills are reliable and
The Unfailing Home Remedy
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If you want      P.O. Box 137
Phone 485
and ynur order will
receive prompt
Cratilnook, li. C.
J. R. THOMI'SO.V, Editor and Manager
un iiiiioiiiiti nl $1,015,119 to be carried Forward to tlio balance nt profit
anil loss account, Liquid assets in
tho balance of tbo year amounted taa
$72,885,701, this being equivalent taa
46.66 ]icr cent ot tho total liabilities
anal tlie proportion ol actual cash ic~
serves reached their highest total ol
1.1.83 per cent. Deposits not bearing
Interest amounted to $83,726', 871.60.
Tho total deposits were $138,177,1162.
Subscription Rates
One Vt'iir
Six .Months
Threo Mouths
Advertising Rates
Display Advertising 23 cents
per inch.
Hi-inline notices or elussiBetl nils
10 cts per lino,
CRANBROOK, B.C., January III, 1914
Happy New Year.
Don't Forget to write ii 1014.
Fill up the laud Is the slogan now
taken up by rial estate men. This is
a good healthy sign, cities will fill
up themselves if tlie land around
■them is peopled by an Industrlus,
thriving population. A permanent
growth can never come to n. city set
In the midst ol iL wilderness.—Saskatoon Plibenix,
There Is a wide-spread dissatisfaction with politics as wo have them
at present. The corruption and lobbying in political circles are all too
prevalent and have reared their hideous heads t(*:i high in the air to have
n pure political atmosphere thnt
woultl be satisfying to tho Intelligent
and honest elector.—Weyburn Herald.
There will be no cily election Ibis
year as the candidates named at thc
public meeting last Wednesday will-be
oleetcd by acclamation. As lnni*i as
the electors are careful to have only
the besl men in the city immod for
tin* positions, the besl Interests of
the city will Ik- conserved. Municipal elections with two factious lighting each other usually stir up more
real Iti tier Icellng than till other
classes of elections and the squabbles
aro usually over nothing ol importance, making enemies that endure
some times for years. The Herald is
satis (led thai In this instance good
men have been named and civic affairs
Will be in capable hands.
It is to in* hoped (hat largo numbers will respond to (be call for signatures to tin* petitions (hat will he
.signed asking thai all loggod-ofl lauds
in this- district be opened to the
most important movement Hint can
homesteader. Primarily this is the
most important movement thnt can
be executed nl Ibis time for this dis
trlcb, The country litis had enough
ol land speculation. What it needs
is the homy handed agriculturist who
will endeavor to do things, will clear
away tho toeest and plant his vine
and fig tree, butld his home and assist nature In providing from her
bounteous store. A petition signed
hy everybody within the district
ought to have some weight with the
government, There is no reason why
practically everybody cannot be secured to sign this petition. Lei's
get up a monster one and impress the
government with thc weight and importance of this need in this district
The. net profit of the Royal Ban'*'
of Canada for the year aimmounted too
$2,142,100.32, oquivaltnt to slightly
over 1 Si per cent on capital stock,
At the end of the previous year there
■stood a balance of profit and loss of
$610,2100. «nd this added to the
profits of lhe year, made nn amount
available for distribution of $2,752,-
810.fi8, Of this amount dividends at
tlm rule or 12 per cent per annum
took $1,887,200, $100,000 -was up'
plM to pension funds, and $250,000
writ len   off bank   premises.   Leaving
Sundays—Low mass at 8.U0 a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
Trom 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days o( obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
Pastor, W. K. Thomson.
Morning service, 11 a.m.
The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be dispensed at this service.
S.S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Kvening service, 7.30 p.m.
A continuation (if Ihe Study of New
Testament Characters—°°John the Be
Solo ami Anthem—"Thou wilt
show me the path of lito , in thy
presence is fulness of joy, as thy
right  band   there  are   pleasures for
Rev. W. Elfion Dunham, Pastor,
Sunday   services,   The Pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Onward    Bible   Class and Sabbath
School at 3 p.m.
Morning subject: "Conicmting With
Evening subJect:"The Oreat Expec-
Tin*   musical   program for the day
will be as follows:
Morning Service
Pipe Organ Prelude "Berceuse 'n A"
Anthem Selected.
OlTcrtory      "L'atWmte. " , Schubert
1'uslliide   "Triumphal   March," Ouil-
in an i.
Evening Service
Mr, Nidd will give a brief organ recital before the evening service,
Prelude "Jerusalem The Oolden."Dr.
(Variations and Finale) (Spark
Anthem   "O for a   closer walk -with
Ond,"   Mrs. Oeo. Stevenson, soloist.
OlTcrtory   "Adante in A Hat."   Bap-
Post hide "March." Salome
Mrs. (ieo. Stevenson, Choir Leader.
Mr. Chas, IA Nidd, Organist.
Ml are invited to   the above servi-
Kev. 0. E. Kendall, Pastor.
Services 11.00 a.m. IM p.m. Sunday School 8.00 p.m.
In tbe morning the pastor will address tbe Church Attendance League
nnd will distribute prizes for ineritor-
s attendance at tin* church services for the last nine months.
The topic of the evening discourse
will be—"The Heroism of Cross
A cordial invitation is extended tit
Stulflmonl lor Charity Hull	
Returns   nl   tho Charity Hull belli
December -i'lth nt ihp Auditorium:
Tickets asolil at $2.0" each      M14.00
Ladies tii-Vcts nt 50c each 2.III!
lin 00
t   K.5II
»-. (10
11 00
Balance (cash)
TO! ll
m .in
1 Id la(.
18 dinners to the poor ol the citv:
Ini Manning
!  0.10
P. Burns ic t'o.
Bulium ail 11.05 paid by R.
E. Nate.
Audited nml ImiiKl correct
E. Nate
Hall isa an
c  II
British Columbia's exhibit at the
recent Chicago Land Show was so
complete and interesting, say those
who .saw it, that it drew crowds ol
people who learned much about the
Province and its possibilities. Lectures und moving pictures, in connection witb the exhibits, did much to
spread lhe fame of British Columbia.
Two important new Hues of steamships arc to he placed in service oul
of Vancouver early in tho new year.
The Merchants' and Shippers' Steamship Company, of Sau Francisco,
will place some big steamers in commission between Vancouver, Pugct
Sound and Australian ports, Three
new 10,000-ton boats will bo provided
A new .Japanese line is building two
10,000-ton steamships for trans-Pact fie business hut pending their completion, it is Intendod to place some
smaller steamers on lhe Vancouver
run. II is expected by the Japanese
that they will obtain a share of the
silk business now handled by the Canadian Pacific liners.
While   wheat,  is peopling (he prair-
s, the success of farming in the, oth-
provinccs largely depends upon
fodder crops. Without livestock no
agricultural country can long hope
o succeed, and tho better the range
f fodders grown the more prosperous will the industry become liven
the sections that, are famous for
wheat are feeling the need of live
stockaml suitable fodders from whicli
to make meat and cream. According
to census returns about one-third of
the improved land of Canada is under fodder and forage crops. Tbis at
once renders valuable realiablo information bearing on these necessary
adjuncts to successful fanning. Realizing this fact the Seed Commissioner, by direction of the Honourable
Martin Burrcll, Minister of Agriculture, has, with the assistance of Dr.
M. Oscar Matte, Dominion Agroslolo-
gist, prepared a companion hook to
"Farm Weeds of Canada," entitled
"Fodder and Pasture Plants." This
admirable work, which will undoubtedly occupy the position of au authoritative text book, divides fodder
plants Into grasses ami leguminous
plants, and describes the characteristics and field occupied hy each. It
then takes up the practical Work of
glowing these crops before entering
upon a study of the various classes
and varieties ol them. Commencing
witb Indian Com am', concluding
With lhe Soy or So.'ft Bean, the full
round of grosses, clovers and other
fodder nud pasture plants that arc
believed lo be of value in Canada are
dealt with in such a way as to sup
ply authentic information that may
prove Interesting ami helpful to farmers, students of agriculture, and
others who may bo Interested in the
A feature whieh gives special value
to this work is the presentation of
life—like illtisl rations in natural colors of most of the plants dealt with.
Kaeh of tllloso occupies a lull page.
Then thoro are shown true representations of the seeds of these various
crops, which should be ot great value
to those who would introduce upon
tneir farms some of the less well
known fodder plants.
Like "Farm Weeds of Canada" this
work has been gotten out al great
pxpenso and therefore cannot Ih* distributed free to others than educational institutions. In order to
plan- it within the reach of every
farmer   who maintains a hook shelf,
An Edison concert in your home
is truer to life than you could imagine. It makes
no difference whether you play the wonderful
four-minute Blue Amberol Records on the improved cylinder instrument, or whether you let
the new Disc Phonograph sing for you. The tone
is perfect always. The selections are universal
in range. In presenting the
New Edison Diamond Disc
with its powerful, steady motor and
Mi*. Edison olfers his final perfection
of lhe phonograph, alter years of experiments, The Disc and Cylinder
phonographs combine to make your
Edison choice absolutely infallible.
You can have whichever you prefer.
A visit to an Edison store will make
up your mind for you. Isn't it worth
while to satisfy a natural curiosity ?
You'll be welcomed heartily.
.I Ealiion Phonograph, ana] Record, wall be fount] al
DIM Phonograph
Cabiaara ia na.laiaa.ar.
Daiwra rom loe 36 rrc-
eaad>. Equipped Willi .aalea-
aaa.tic tlop, diaanoad-poial
reproducer and powerful
iprlna aantti.a walla woera-
A complete li
"The Beattie-Murphy Company, Ltd."
"The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co. Ltd/'
""•frlil'MIII1 HKM',
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
352 Hielianlti St.,
( Sili'i-a'aaaaair t(l VY, F. llrian)
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
I'. II. Ilaax HBII
Barristers, Solicitors and
Mama'y to Loan
Physicians and Surgeons.
one* al Resident, Armstrong  lv>
Forenuons . . .
Afternoons • •
Evening! - - *
riundays ■ - -
- 1.00 to 10.M
2.00 to 4.M
7.10 to t.M
S.I0 to   a II
:t    »    H    I, O
\t£***^-' KKa\   '. |el'-> YiaCQFeJP. I'li.aN^S .IH.lXi la'-"
tenctf •,■>;Mr (ii «!■*. WcrW
iiv.Ut.iy in AMEHKAlN RAW FUiiS
Money" for your FURS
. im unbUmirilied reo-
centun," n lonffsucf
°T':e oliuluii fruipi-n,*'
. -' o 1,-L published
■'i CHIC AGO. U.S.A.
ilUMJSU. ~   ■
tin* uomiiml price of fifty nuts per
copy has been placet] upon itf Its
distribution is in the hands of Uie
King's Printer, Ottawa, who will
honour all requests for it tliat reach
him accompanied bj -,i proper remit
r-f.V-^r-'  Trade Mahiis
&<?& D^:icrid
Anrnnetonrllng n phc'-it ntid doaorlpllnn mni
iili'itly iidiiiifiitn i nr oi'liihiii true *alii!ii'i-r an
t'ltvuiillriii II i.,-..i-i■: if |.\,..ii',1l,.r>.   Cl
kUllt tll'll.   Oil
1'atoiKB Hi
t.-irrliil • -id.■■
'•in'!'1. P^alBOC1-.'■iifnu-'.ia
1.1711.'. ii.-. t*--!.-uraiiw vialuiiin,
Iti.i.jIi ..Ii.:ii! i Oj. rocoln
lutobnrgo, mliio
Scientific Hinericam
iiiiiii-<n    '
i illiiMrtitcil t
Brineli OfflM, CTS V Bt, Wash loot On, I» ('■
The Home Bakery
BotlBRT I-IIAMK, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norlau■■;■ Ave.       Opp. Oily Hall
During Ihu deenrte (rom lOOO-LDlO,
;ili,,li2l cmlgi'onts led Ireland. In
iii;1 .siiiiia- iicriaail I lit- birlh.s exceeded
tlio ali-.itlls lay 250,000. Tims ln-
lantl's na-1 loss nf ponlation during
the ten yean was 80,038. lnllu- pre
preccillng ilccailc the nuninor of eini-
urants wns -133,520. Tlio natural in-
i-iaiisi' in the population continuou to
li- more than otlset lay iliaj cmlgrait'loii
li suits. About the niiililli' nl llie lasl
century Ireland had aa population of
mar 8,000,000, whereas, toitay ii is
little mote limn hall thai figure.
[.argaa dry basement to rent, 100x20
leet, S'a.no per month. Apply Heralil
Keep in mind tlte fact tluit tvnh
drink of Liquor you tflkeonly
cienien nervi- demand for
larger drlukB ami
more of them
In THREE DAYS yon will ba
Perfectly 1'ninl of tlie liaiiak
Habit anil nil tlioao pymptoms
which seem to rcqutre liiiuorni
" medicine" will disappear.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard 8t. und Ttent Ave,
A modern equipped Cafe nt moderate
Katps $1.00 and tip per dny
Our litis meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB (101:TZ, President
HARRY P. BAER, Secretary
Round Trip
Los Angeles, Cal.
Tickets on suleliy Canadian
Pacific Agents
.liiiiunry :i. 4, 6,1014
Tor Special Train leaving
Spokane, Wash,, Jan. 6
Alan on January 10, 11, nml
12, 1(114
Por Special Train leaving
Spokane, WVsh., Jan. 13
Final return limit, April ill),
Faro from CRANBROOK to
Los Angeles and
Going ami returning vin
olng via Spokam*
cturning via Sentt
• to 13 a.m.
1 to  I p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Offlee Is Hanson Block.
L'RANBBOOK -       -        - B. O
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
MATBRNITV ..no oeneral nursinq
Ttirina on Application
Phone 25!i Matron
P. O. Baix 815 Garden Ave.
|'uno"m18 Cranbrook, B.C.
Civil aid Mygrx Enfineen
British CalumljLinJ Surveyor.
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
W. S. Battttv. ruoaral IMrwataa
Cranbrawk B. C.
!T3 Phono 3411 P.O. B0168B
Norbary Ave., neat to City Hall
Day Phone 333
Night Phone 3M
Prank Provenzano
Gonaral MarohinU
Employment Agtnti
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0.101 194 PHONE 144
Fianvairtlinu auaal Difa.
tribaiting Agent for
1. Given prompt attention
!! phone 63
Stiips will lia1 Hindi1 nt Port-
laud.San Franoisco, Sun ,Tomi,
Smiln Cruz, Del Monte, Pnso
Eobles, Hniitn Barbara, Rivor-
Bitle and Rudlaiiils.
Faro on going trip from
Spokane inohidea liorth and
monla on train or ut hotel,nml
a number ot. si^lit-si'piiii.
trips. Return is by regular
Borvioe, tncals nnd berth not
For doscriptive  pmnplilet
Dist. Puss'r Agent,
Calgary, Alia.
;;       WORKS
' 1, Gnoiln called forond deliviircl.
'(J    Oood work only.   Prompt
,', Service
i; Telephone No. 405:
;; P. O. Box 788
',',    Works : Armstrong Avo.
A.K. & A
For Sale
One Oxford Engine, 11x11. Price
$il5tl.UU. May be seen at Benedict Siding, one mile east of
Mayook, B. O.
One Oxford Saw Carriage, complete witb rack feed, 3 blocks,
3 post dogs, Price $260.00 at
Elko, B.C.
Ono Oxford Friction Feed, com-
plete with oable and sheaves and
drive pulleys, Price $150.00, at
nt Elko, B. 0.
For further particulars apply to
Leask & .Tohnson, Elko, B. 0.
fii-cular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
of every mouth.
Visiting brethreu welcomed.
F. B. Miles, W.M.
J. L. Cranston, Sec.
Cbksiutot Lomiii Nn. 3!)
Cranbrook, It. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
Alec. Hurry, C.C.
F. M. Christiana, K. ol R.&S.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend..
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows coratliilly invited.
.1. H. Tinnley, W. H. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in eacb month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Ollicers July 1st to December 31st.
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
II. WWte, Scribe.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekabs  cordially invited.
Sis. Maude Hickenbotham, N.O.
Sis. Ada llicaicntaoUinm, Rec. See.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol eacb month at 8
p.m. sharp.
.1. Mcl.achlnn, C.R.
L. i-earron, Sec., Raix 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Thursday every month at 8 p-m.
Membership   open   to Hritish   citl -
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Prcs. Sec.
Box 818
Visiting members cordially welcom
W M. Klll.KII, Dial.
Cranbrook  Lodge
No. 1010
aMMae every Wednesalay
aai 8p.m.In lloyainiaek
Kialglita'    ||„|l,    linker
II. B. QARnRTT, »'ea'.
Pride ol Cranbrook   Circle, No. 15.1,
Companions of tne Forest.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Wednesday ol each month at
eight p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C. C.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Seerctar/.
P. O. Box 412.
Visiting Companions cordially w.H-
LODGE, No. 1871
27      Meets let ami Brtl Tliure*
infMfe    l,1,yR ", 8 p.m. In Royal
IBW     BlaokKnlglttaoflrolii
Hall, Baker Street.
FitKn. \V, S« ais, W.M.
H. I.. Wu.M.iMB, Sec.
I'r-'Hll.l'll, ' ('   H. HlllCIAllH
Mtt'tit fr'nular.}* tlm llrn! 1'iiiluv PVOIllTlgeflctl
Itiltiritmlinii mi Poult 17 ttmttennoplilltxl
AddnH the Ki-i'iHury,
Preaiilent: A. It. BlllTll
Hecrotary: S. MAODONALU
For iiiforiini1 on re^unliii^ tHitdi
and   Agriciilture   apply   tn (lie «
Secretary, GranlirooK, It. C.
Every HOOnd Wi'dm-Hilay
HeadtiuaruTH for all  kinds of
Snttafaction (junriuiicoil
Tho Shuo 8|iccinli»t
Oppoalle O.P.K. Btatlon
THE    I'LACEi    TO     OET    A
rooks ro mni. TIIE   OBANBBOOK   MKItAI.D
Ti** ftcHsolg, Star,
The Store with a Reputntiaaii
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Where It Pays lo Deal
A. E .laiSKa 'I'..I. Ilaaaaiaa
I'l, UBO I'l laal
Box 109
Contractors and Builders
l.a-1 tialjaaaitaa Y.aaa Prices It. f.a-
Va.ll llllllal
He. Ila aboul .Vaaaar Ool a-ia-le uiul
HatHa-aiai'iil Waaak
to havo your eyes examined
every little while. In olden
times eyeglasses hail only one
tne—to assist the old folks in
reading or seeing. Nowadays
we lead more strenuous lives
and the eyes suiter in consequence. Near - sighteiluess,
Neuralgia, Headache, and
many other nlllietions are
promptly relieved by properly
fitted glasses. We sell only
such glasses as we can thoroughly recount: cnal. nnd surround the selling with every
possible courtesy.
Edwin Kobson, a C.P.R. locomotive engineer of this city, and Mrs. u
Darr, ol Craig, Sask., wero married
at tlK1 homo nf the groom, wesl ol
the electric light plant on Now Years
Eve, December 81, 1913, by Rev w
K. Dunham, pastor of the Methodist
church. Mr. and Mrs. J. Collins
were present as witnesses, The newly *niirricd couple Will titaVe Iheir
Lome in this eity.
Wood for sale. Phone 100.       .IB.II
IV.Dickson is here visiting Ins sister
Mrs. Ilaslam.
Holy communion services were helai
at Christ Church on v,'» Year's eve
nins ai 12 ..'clock.
Mrs. F -I Deano roturncl Irom s
lew days visit al Spokane.
0. li. Mi-Nnhb ail Waldo, mis nraong
the visitors in tlio ottj
■t, II Frank,-! ol IHnohot Crock,
was in Uio oHy tho lusi ol lho week
When you order bear, speotly Cran-
hrook law, made at holne.
(i u Donahoo was In Irom Ward
not lho firsl nt tin- week
.lames Simla-, ail .Inualu, n.as an
the all) un Tiicsilni
Mis Harold Darling; will rccolve on
t'nal.ii, January 2ml, anal tliercnltci
on thia Ural t'liduy in eaali month
II   K.  Maia'ki-n/ii' anal uiie ,if Kim
barley, mro registered nl lho Hold
I'riiiiluaiaak ,m Tucsdaj
Meet me at Hob's Place.
C, (I. vVllraol and who ol Jaflray,
wctc amoni tlw holiday visitors in
thr cily tliis week.
,\.   I-:.   Watts   ol   Watabtlrg,  was
niniaiiai    thai taiisiness   visitors ol tlie
Music for llie New Years' hall nt
Creston wns furnished hy tin- Cranhrook Orchestra.
Phone 177 lor your next ciisc ol
!::i'r or porter, itfade nt liome mail
K'lar.intced pure.
Carl Miller, lortnorly n resident
here, was In Irom Medicine Mat Mils
week visiting; old Iriends.
lIURb Campbell Is down from Cal
nary spradiiHr, his holidays In the
Raworth Bros,
Not! hi tin* Poll Office
Mr. ami Mrs. Kred Pulton aro Lhe
Kiiests ot Mr. anti Mrs. W. II. Hro vii,
spending (In* holidays here.
Kd Hrown, who formerly condiiutad
a pool anil billiard room Here, is a
visitor in the eity this week.
Porter and beer made at the Cranhrook. Brewery is giving complete
satisfaction. I'lione 177.
Mrs. J. M. Christie will be at
home on Thursday alternoon, January 8liti from four to six-thirty.
J. II. Hayes, of Kort Steele, was a
husiness visitor in the eity on Tuesday,
The engagement Miss Mceredy and
Mr. F. Johnson, of Vancouver, has
heen broken off,
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Miss C'urncy, of Fort Steele, is vis-
it-tig in the eity tlu' guest ot Mrs. N.
Mrs. Wm. Nelson and child arrived
from Vancouver the first of the week
to join Mr. Nelson, the new violinist
with the Edison orchestra.
The animal meeting and election of
• ii officers tit the Poultry Association
will be held 0n Friday, January 2nd,
at 8 p.m. All memhers arc requested to he present.
The regulitt monthly meeting of the
Ladles Aid Society of the Methodist
Church will in* held tit the home ol
Mrs K. II. Patmore on Wednesday
afternoon Jan, 7th, at s p.m.
The tire department was called out
Wednesday afternoon for a small bia*
at the home of ■) II. Doyle on
Maker hill, wbloh was mused by a
defective flue  Tbe damage was small
Meet me at Rob's IMacp.
The annual meeting of the Women's
Institute will he held in Carmen's
Hall on Tuesday afternoon January
Mb  nt     l  p ni     sharp    Presentation
f annual report, election of offieers.
mil nhdrl musical programme to follow .
Tlie directors oi  IhO Women's Inst
ttueo m«t at lho home of Mrs Tlsda-
le Tuesday afternoon and discussed
husiness and programme for the annual meeting, to he held next Tuesday
■lanuary t<th
w  i,  Johnson inine down from l\:l
niotitoii lasl, week to spend the holidays returning old acquaintance* in
the city. "Billy" reports things \\v
i\ in ih.* northern city. He was for-
merlj rngoged In 'hi* confectionery
business here
Col Dougherty, t.f Port Steele,
■ante Into town Monday and reports
that be is still developing bis property on Wild Horse Creek nnd that
tbe properly looks more promising
Ihan ever. The Colonel is spending a
few days iu tbe city.
Uev. W, Stephens was home from
Naktisp to spend Xmas witb his family awl is returning this week for another three months, lie reports Na-
kusp lo he a promising little city
and his congregations have crowded
tlu* capacity of bis church.
James nnd John Martin, of the
firm of Martin Pros., real cslato
dealers with offices next to the Her
aid, ilepnMed 4he first of the wec;f
for Montreal lo spend lhe winter In-
teroatlng eastern people in the great
advantages of the golden west nnd incidentally directing them toward
Good resolutions, ]
may ho only skin dec|
say that good looks ar
.sired, or that good
not bettor Mian none
i! Ik* resolved that
crusty with your wife
te good looks,
but who will
not to be de-
esolutions are
i all? So let
you won't get
or using extra
electric Huhi these dark mornings,
and then go down town and buy the
first friend you moot q High Ball oi
a couple of (tin Rlckles. Let it he
resolved that your wife is just as deserving) of ;i nooil time as she was
the first time site had her anus
about yihit neck and you told her ot
your undying love, foi the chances
are you handed ber a lemon when she
consented to many you.
Let ii he resolved lhat vou won*!
spend llie most of your salary ou
making a good fellow of yourself
with n lot of hum bachelors and then
grouch because tho ''missus" enniioi
pay the grocery, bill or rent. Let it
be resolved that when thc ohurch to
which you belong and which helps
to make this a livable community, asks for a little,of your money,
lhat you won't start in and tell the
parson that you don't owe dhc church
anything; lhat there are loo many
hypocrites as members, while all the
while you havo a marked cheque loi
a big sum payable to some tin born
gambler as an election bet you lost.
And last, of all. let it he resolved
that before 101*1 is very old you will
pay tbe printer, for be has waited
long and patiently for your account.
WANTED—Tracker lor
First lesson- Terms
old country preferred.
BSD, citv.
tpph  H.-v
Vou Ought to HiveOne
of these World-Famous
Five-roomed cottage fur re
warm house. Apply Mrs. L.
Ilvan, Cranbrook St.
under 15, with
keep house for
cant   must     he
ousekeeper, a
I, encumbrant
o gentlemen,
good   cook.
Mux tf   Herald Office.
Fill! SALE—I heap   Teii-hoise
engine ami bollci. circular sa
drag saw foi sawing wood
J   II  Hayes, Port Steele, It I
u \NTKD-
work      Ni
Maid    t"!
Thc figures tu" the statement of the
Canadian Hank of Commerce for the
year   ending    November Ml liave heen
Vcllowhcad I'uss Lumber Co., Ltd.
—Kor sale, twenty-four om* hundred
dollar shares, fully paid up. What
offers? Apply posl office Ro.\ 807,
San Rafael, California, U.S.A. 51-8*
WOOD KOR SALE.-Stovo lengths
any si/e; got"!     wood, prompt deliv
cry. V 1.00 cord C.O.I).
Herald office,
STRAYED.—Came lo ItnlsnU's
ranch, about three week ago a
hrown nnd while two-year old heifer.
Owner may have same hy paying for
Keep and ihis advertisement.      51 II
Under and by
contained in a c
irtue of llii* powei
riiiiu Indenture    i
announced. The uel profits for the Mortgage doled the eighteenth day ol
twelve months were $2,002,051, to March, ont' thousand nine hundred and
which should he added the balance of | twelve, am! made by linens Harding
profit and loss account carried fm-.Small, of the City of Cranbrook, In
ward   from   lasl v<«r, namely $771,- tho    Province of   British Columbia,
508.88, making a total of $3,78*1.521).-
8S. Dividends al the rale of 10 pel-
cent per annum, plus bonuses aggregating i per cent., a total of $1,800,-
"00, have been paid to the shareholders,   and   after   writing   off $500,00
from hank premises account and trans ; alld more particularly known and ih:
icring the usual contribution of the orlbod as lot numbered forty-two
bank to the pension fund, $1,000,000 (12) and the south sixteen (Mi) reel
has   been   added to the rest- nrcotint, 'of    lot   numbered forty-one    (11) in
Hotel     Proprietor, the lands (herein
mentioned, lhat is lo say:
All those certain parcels or tracts
of hind and premises situate hint;
nml being in the City of CranfttooTf,
in tbe Province of   British Columbia,
and   the balance,    $;iSI,ri20, has heen
carried forward to nexl \« ar.
block u-'imltercd ninety (DO) in tbe
Cranbrook Townslte, according to n
map or plan deposited in the Land
Registry Office ant! therein numbered
six    hundred    and   sixty-niti;* (0B0),
"Every    real man    wears a   moustache," Is said to be the Kaiser's re- i    .,,
. ;,,,., ,. . .•   i   wi I he sold hv pnv.ile sale,
mark on a subjeel o f the newest fail ■
of Germans,   both officers   and civet-1   'renders for   the   purchase
ians to shave    their faces smooth in wi" ll0   rccolvc,i l,v ll,e   uml
the American    style.    The   emperor iuP 1o a'"1 inclusive of lhe fifth
expressc«d the wish thai army officer
should continue io wear moustaches.
\o order on thc subject has yet heen
issued, but the Kaiser's views have
heen communicated to lhe ollicers of
his Immediate entourage,
Thi* genesis of tin* "men of straw"
]> told hy a writer in Harper's
Weekly in this way: Mr. Knglehaeh,
English author, in a new volume
on humors of the law, relates the
followlttgl queer bit of history: "Some
years ago men used to walk aboul
Openly in Westminisici hall with a
piece of straw in their boot. By
this sign attorneys knew that such
persons were in search of employ
ment as false witnesses, ami would
•nne anj evidence reipiired for money,
Vox instance, if an advocate wanted
an Obi (gel ng witness he would go to.
one of these men and show him a fee,!
which if not sufficient, the witness
would not take any notice of it. Tbe
fte was then Increased until its
weight recalled the power of memory
to ji sufhcienl extent My Ibis they
derived their name, 'Men of Straw."'
Omen Mary has made tip ber mind
that the tango shall not have her approval, and has given orders that it
shall not he included in nny entertainment which sl.c patronizes. Consequently, it is unlikely the dance
will he a feature of the [{tent society
balls in the coming season It will
lie interesting to see bow far Her
Majisty's1 disapproval of the tango
will affect the crii/e, which now has
all classes of Kngli.sh people in its
grip, from peeresses lo shop girls.
Tbe RoyO) disfavor is certainly a bad
blow, hut il is doubled whether il
will displace the tango in popular
A contract for eight million dollars
lias been let to the tunnel driving
IIrm of .lames A. Mellwcc & Sons, of
lanuary, 1014.
The property is situate on the wesl
side of Armsirong avenue, in tli'
city of Cranbruoii, between Baker
anil Louis Streets and there is erected thereon a 1«o story frame dwel
ling with outbuildings.
Foi hiilber particulars and terms
of sale apply to
Billings A- Cochrane,
Vernon, H. ('.,
Solicitors for tho Mortgagee.    51-3
Public notice is herein given to the
electors of the Municipality of Cranhrook, B. C, that 1 require the [ires
eiicc of the said electors al Uio Municipal buildings, Norbury Avenue,
Cranhrook, H C. on the 12th day of
■ lanuary IflH at 1- o'clock noon (1
o'clock p. in. local lime) for the pur
pose of electing persons to represent
them in the Municipal Council as
Mayor and Aldermen, ami also fur
the purpose of electing persons to
represent them as school trustees.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows: Tin* candidates shall be nominated in writing,
the writing shall be subscribed hy
two voters oi tbe Municipality ns
proposer and seconder, and shall be
delivered to the Returning Officer at
any time bet wen (he date of this
notice and 2 p.m. (3 p.m. local time)
of ihe day of the nomination, the
sah! writing may he in form numbered live in the schedule of this Act
..nl shall state lhe names, residence,
occupation or description of each per- j
Son proposed in such manner as suf-1
lietcntly lo identify such candidate,
aud in event of a poll being necessary such poll will In* open on the
Ibe lath day of .lanuary, 1014, at
the Municipal otliees, Norbury Ave.,
Cranbrook, H. C. of which every per-
Deuver.     Tbey luive agreed   to drive'son is hereby required lo take notice
itehlheButton-andrtest"    H    ._   Q   HM .   , . ..     ,,     .
Mercs a great big, comfortable, luxurious easy
chair, in which father, mother and all the family
can enjoy the utmost ease and comfort, reading,
resting, or sleeping, as desired.
Just   "Push   ihe   Button'"  and   the  chair back
assumes  any   position,   from   sitting  to   reclining.
„   .        StaYs where it's put, too, until you release the but-
y^^asyj^iairs,    ton.    No rod or rack  lo break  or get out of order.
Disappearing Foot Rest
forms an easy rest for the feet and allows you lo
stretch out wilh the greatest ease Slides back out
of sight when not in use.
Concealed Newspaper Basket --- For books, i>ap<s.
etc., in Foot Rest, Put >our favorite book in this basket, close the
foot rest nml your l-ook will lu* ready tor you tin* next time yon aro
reftdy for //. We hnvo a stylo nml design ilutt will suit you—nl ti
low prleo,
Call and Let Us Show You One
T. iifcBnilon-andRest"
Cranbrook Cooperative Stores
as ;1 Municipal voter.
Tin* (puilillcaMon by law required
lo be possessed hy the Candidates toi
Aldermen arc as follows:—
The persons qualllled to he nominated for and elected as Aldermen of
a City shall he such persons as arc
male British subjects of the fall ago
of 21 years, and who are not disqua
lilted under any law, and hnVo heen
for the six months next proceeding
ihe day of nomination ibe registered
nwners in the Lund Registry Ollice o(
land or real property in the City of
Ihe assesseii value cm Ibe last Muaici
pnl Assessment Hull ,,f $500.00 o\
more over and above any registered
judgoment or charge, and who arc
otherwise duly qualified to act as
Municipal voters.
Thf qualification hy law required to
he possessed  hy  the    Candidates t<
School Trustees are as follows:—
The persons qualified to tie nonii
atcsl htr and elected as Trustees of
City School Districts of a lirst, second, oi' third class, any |K?rson heing
a British subject of the full age of
twenty-ont} years and having heen for
the six months next preceding the
dale of nomination the registered
owner, in tbe Land Registry Office,
of land or real properly in the city
school district of the assessed value,
mi the last municipal assessment roll,
■if live hundred dollars or more over
nnd above any registered judgment
or charge and being otherwise qualified In iote at an election of school
trustees in the said school district.
Given under my band at cranhrook.
IS. C. this 2lith day of December 1913,
T. M. Koberts,
■"- 21. KeturninK Officer
TAKE NOTICE that the Sage
('reek Oil Company, Limited, intends
lo apply for a licriise to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the follnvv-
ing described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted
about one mile north of the northwest corner of |,ot lOOfjn, in Hlock
1893 thence easl along the northerly
bonmlary of Lot 87;n an,i continuation Ihereof so chains, thence
north Ml chains, thence wesi,
Mi chains thence south Mi chains to
point of commencement,
Dated 15th December, 1913.
I'er o. a, Benson. Agent.
south  east  kootena\
TAKE NOTICE that the Sago
Creek Oil Company, Limited, intends
to apply f<>i a license to prospect for
coal ami petroleum over the following descrihed lands:—
Commencing at a pest plant at the
north-Oast corner of Lot 8592 in
Hlock 1508 thence east eighty (Ml)
■bains, thence north eighty (Mi)
chains, I hence west eighty <80>
chains, tin nee south eighty (80)
chains to point  of commence.uc*,\
Dated lath December, 1913.
Pet o. A. Benson, Agent
nnd govern himself accordingly.
Tlm   qualification by   law required
to bo possessed by the candidates of
Mayor are as follows:—
The persons qualified lo he nominated for and elected as Um Mayor of
any City shall Im any person,who is
a male Hritish subject of
tlm lull age        id 21
ten miles of tunnel for tho C. P. 11
iu the Province of Hritish Columbia
Work will start on January 1st ami
may ho completed within three years.
A double track hore, live miles long,
will Im driven under Rogers Pass,
221 miles wesl of Calvary. A Smaller and parallel tunnel will be driven
with cross cuts, to the main survey
nt every live hundred feet and sta- years, not disqualified under any law,
tions will Im established from which and has for lhe six months next pre-
beadlngs will In* run iu either diree- eeeding tbe day of nomination heen
Hon. In this milliner, the tunnel Ibc registered owner in tbe land reg-
propor will shortly !»■ driven from u istry ollice of laud or real property
dozen different directions. The eon- in the Oily of the assessed value on
tract is said lo he tbe largest tunnel lhe last Municipal Assessment Roll
joh ever lei in America. Construe- of $1,090.(10 or moro over and above?
rion camps costing Mil,HOP are now any registered Judgment or charge,
being creeled at either portal. ami who is otherwise   duly qualified
TAKE NOTICE that I, Mary
Emily Lees, of Cranhrook, q fi( ,„ar.
ried woman, intend to apply for permission to purchase thc following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south enst corner of Lot 9104,
0.1.i thence south twenty (20)
chains; thence west twenty (20)
chains; thence nortb twenty (20
chains; thODCe east twenty (20)
chains to point of commencement,
containing for y i-'h) acres, more or
Mary Emily Lees, Appli.i.
per Wm. II, Moss, Agent.
Dated October 16th, 1913.       IMt*
Royal Hotel
Well Furnished, Steam Ik-afcd Rmanis
Everything ',««, Clean and Bright
Best of Service and Cuisine in aaur Dining Koom
Only White Help Employed
Large, Spacious Hnrlors and Comfortable Hest
Rooms for Ladies
All the Comforts of Home.   Family Trade liken
Special Attention
Billiard Room
Cranbrook,       **       -        B. C.
FOR SALE.-five single comb
White Leghorn cockerels and two
cock birds, at reasonable prices.—E.
II. Slater. 51-1
that application will he made to   the
Hoard of License Commissioners    on
Wednesday,     the    eleventh   da*,    ol
March, A   D   1914, f-n ;. transte
the Liquor License of the Cosmopolitan hotel,    situate o*;   Lot    i
Six (2B) and the    wesl fourteen leet
of I.ot    Twenty-Seven i2Tj in Bloc*
Ninety (!)0), Plan 669, ■' ly ol
hrook, to Joseph !•'■ Campbell, of tbe
said City ol    i 'ranbroolc, I ii 111
hell and Armour.
Dated at i'ranhiook this 6th day
of December, A.D. 1913.
Campbell and Armour,
Joseph P. Campbell
John Armour
Holders of f.icn ,•■
Joseph K. Campbell,
Applicant for Transit r S2 II
Dry. Air Dri.al. Half |)r\
a r I ira-a-n
Any lonfjtll.    Any Quniitity.
Spaaiail 'la-rram for Sa-jison's
No Man's Collar
U comfortable if il alra. su't lit
perfectly.   Neither is tlit- col.
r  .a ria lay jaaiar laairse.   We
ia... been a-alla-al tha, "horse's
ianl tailor'1 becaose we
an -   particular about the lit
: i • harm a-- we sell. The
Uita-r you   treiat ya.air horse
Ilia-    laattar   1,1;   will   tra-.'lt  \Oll.
f'a-t lais harness la.-ie.
W.M. Park* Co.
II you want satisfaction with
your washing   send
it to
Special pricei for family work
2] ll.p, (iilSaalina- EnRl'llO.
1 Kairal   Radiator,  in  jsnwl
2 Wheel damns ta, lit Forcl
~fy. ■  ~r~s§  The
■',■'."'"!?  jOrlglnsI
Ma.   If*?*! {,
,   Is-ffFg.   'iM,-,
..■■£ PA ;. V-,
; Moiisots,hfeS3I
!*     — LIuiTC! —
He ware
on the
"laaaiiiiaa' 'at tiaa> \f........ |,- -  | ,.,.,. >,
Kicrtm Pupils lor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
Hlaaaliaa: Matlaaialial I li.tr,-). THB   OHANBROOK   nBRALD
An Excellent Invigorator, Mild and Mellow
It has the age
P. O. Box 500 VICTORIA, B. C.
MM  News of the District   KM
*********************************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
A Good  Home
is what is aleur to every man. A homo
is where Peaoe, Comfort, Contentment,
nnal Plenty is found, That is tho reason
men throughout British Columbia, whon
"CriHiltrook'' is mentioned think of the
provisions ,loa. Brault litis nitiale for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
P. 0. Box
Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
'   Mvtn.it to:
nri*.   Ksp
nun of unit.
i|,.|ny,   l».It
let,    Rvi
Uy Mudern Mr-tim-lM.
ipiick, 'nutliiK cures guaranteed nt modernte
SunduyB, 10 u ni. t,.
pilleul I'xiimitiiilioii lr-*e    Jt*« exumin*
wlmi ii'HHiir.v.   Onnsn i nut—fm.   Don't
h ni--' ■itiiittoroiin,  Call <ir writf.   Fn* booking '•■niiii.'iiiial.  Hnurr. 9 a.tn. tn 5p.in,
Written by Bright Correspondents
that I, Wm. II. Moss, ot Cranhrook,
B.C., Civil Engineer, Intend tf) apply,
fur permission to purchase (lie following described land;
Commencing al a posl planted on
the cast bank of Uie Skookumchuck
river, at a point ninety-four and
i)7-10(| chains east and MO chains
south ot thc S. D. corner ol lot
0970, C. 1-, thence east 25 chains,
more or less, to a point 120 chains
east of the said S. E. corner ol Lot
(1070, O. 1; thenco south 20 chains,
thence west 15 chains, more or less,
to the east han't of lhe Skookumchuck, river, thenco northerly along
the east hank of the Skookumchuck
river, to Hi.*, point ol commencement, containing I" acres, more
or less.
Wm. II. Moss,
Dated Septemher 10th, 1018.   -18-10
and   Prosperous IOU to
od   friends   in Waldo anil
I h U
Don't be Bk< pi cal about RHEUMA, the
modern ■ n<   y >■• \ ! ■ imatl m, Lu iibauo.
Sciatica, Arthritis, Gout, Chronii N
gla, or Kidney Ul case.   After taking
doses you will know thai the pola
Uric Acid is leaving the systi m.
"For six years I wospr ictically n(
cn crutches from Rh< umatism,   On. ,.
tie of Rheuma cured me '   J. K. Creen*
burg, 3839 Cottage tirove Ave.. Chicago, 111,
RHEUM**   ■      °"i   ■yV. u bottle,
Beatlle-Murphy Co., Ltd., Agents.
a few
ENROLL NOW jftNw Jam ^ing
Baiokksnplna. Shn'rlhaa.d, I'aaa.
inanahtp, Typawrltlnri, ""'I aalt laaaaai*
not, bmnchoa,   flay anal Nlithl Sa   ian.ii|
SPOKANE      /Sf~ J\   COURT
EXPEBT       / »i\/C'J>, REPORTINC
-../ ^y „ri..,„r.
time frtw by Donui Plan. Art tor free
booklet,-Kaymond P. K el ley, Prin.
clpal, Jonei u\,iK.. north <.r Poet Oftlce,
Highest Prices—Spot Cash
Paid f<»r
Old iron,  Lead, Copper, T- pc Metal
and Machinery of all kinds
Rubber Tires ond Scrap Rubber
Manilla Rope
Tailors' Scraps and Trimmings
Sack-, Rags, Old Sails, Etc.
Write ut what von have.
K. end riinytlie Ht..
VANCOUVER,      .     n (l.
Set    of democrat harness for tale
almost new.    Apply Herald.        31*
A   Ilapp
II   tlio  gt
I Haynes.
I Word hits come that the Rev. J,
Ross Colquhoun, late of this district
has arrived sately in the Old' Country
I le has been ordered to take a rest
and it is quite possible that he may
nut havo to undergo an operation.
Christ mas was .spent in a very
quiet manner here. At 8.30 p. m.
the Kev. Mr. Madden gave communion in Baker Hall und at 11 a.m. the
Rev, K. Bruce dispensed communion
In Adolph Hall at Haynes.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Griffith gave a
party on Xmas night for their little
daughter Marguerite to which her
playmates and a number ot friends
were invited. .Hongs and games were
indulged in and all heartily enjoyed
the evening.
The following advertisement was
seen in various places last week.*—
"Throe Dice; Three Throws; Highest
Throw Wins." It might interest thc
proprietor ol the hotel in whieh this
took place to learn that such a thing
goes by another name, than "raffling" in our land. Here is an excerp
Irom an authoritative paper: "Shaking dice for money or goods is gambling and contrary to the criminal
code «[ Canada" Serious note
should be taken nl this. Laws are
made to be kept, not flagrantly broken.
On Friday, .lanuary 2nd, tlie local
Xmas service in Haynes last Sunday
esters (Kootenay Vale) will give
their annual ball. Many people are
expected as Ihe Foresters' balls iu
days past have, proved popular.
A latge number turned out to the
Xmas. service In llaynrs Inst Sundai
evening when the Rev. C. L. Cowan
preached on "The Closed Door." Mr.
Fred Adolph and Mr. Kred Hartram
sang solos. The Rev. Mr. Philp,
Methodist minister of Cottl Creek,
took part in the service. Mr. (I,
Nutt very ably officiated at the organ. At the morning service In
Waldo the children delighted the congregation by singing a Xmas. carol.
Dr. and Mrs. Saunders of Haynes
gave a skating party on Tuesday af-
I lernoon to whieh many were invited.
Tea was served.
The local hockey hoys suffered their
first defeat. Considering the loss of
three quarters ol thc team of last
year, the defeat may bo looked upon
;ts a splendid achievement. The
score was in favor of Elko 2-0. Wc
have great faith in thc local lads.
With Robert Hume as general of the
team many surprising tilings may be
done before the end of thc season. So
brace up hoys. Mould -what you
have into proper shape, ami we'll all
belli—if not ou the lee, certainly by ' through it we wil
our lings. lor thin paper.
(By Fred Roo).
A bright and prosperous New Year
to all our friends and what few enemies wn might have. May the very
best <.if your past- be the worst of
of your future. Misery, though it
walk with beggary, ends only with
the grave, so lets be merry ou earth
while we are here.
Miss Mae Lee, of Calgary, was visiting friends iu Klko this week.
"No relation to Nancy"
If man wants hut little, here below,
this winter will be a good chance for
him to get It.
May tlie delights of Heaven be with
you always in 1011 and for evermore.
.Miss  Taylor,   principal   of   Elko's
rural   Temple  ol   Learning,   left for
Kaslo for the Christmas Holidays.
The Kids are passing the Corn Beet
up to gel at the plum pudding.
One of the stroogest features al
Hedondo Beach, California, on New
Veer's Day will he Charlie Klingen-
smith of Elko in his high dive from
Holel Neptune into the Pacific. If
there's anything Charlie likes, its to
lie splashed by the silver sea, sprayed
with golden color, ripe with roses,
purpled by thc shadows of tropic
palms  on New Year's Day.
A very enjoyable affair of the past
week was the regular meeting dI the
Klko   Board of Trade.
A great many people from Baynes
ant! Waldo visited Elko Christmas
K. J. Burns, Government agent at
Fernie, was down to Elko this week.
The Mutual Admiration Society of
Klk0 propose giving a big dance tie-
fore New Year's in the new Billiard
Hall and Club Room now in course
of construction. The Pumpkin Vine
Rag and the Tango will be special
The .Joyce Hoys and Jim Thompson
are home from the Western Canada
College for the holidays.
British Press news stale that Syil.
via is out of jail again.
A Compliment will cover a whole
lot, even ii times are the worst wc
havo ever known iu Canada—we have
known it in some cases cover a multitude of sins.
A large band of Tobacco Plains'
Indians passed througn Klko oa their
way to the Indian Mission near
The Klko Conservatives held a big
meeting last week, but ils no -good
asking us when there'll be a general
election. We have to guess like the
rest—no reporters admitted.
A Fenwick, of Fort Steele, motored
to Elko last Week. Mr. Fenwick is
one of the oldest timers in this district and came to Klko in 188.1.
Miss Mae Nichelson. nf Michel, is
visiting her mother, Mrs. Or. Watt,
during the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. H- H. Rees, of White-
mouth Villa, Waldo, were Klko visitors this week.
There is no truth in the rumor that
Jim Thisllebeak and Col. R, T. Low-
cry, of Greenwood, will jointly ©dit
the Toronto Globe, Nor is there any
truth In the statement that they arc
both self-made   millionaires.
At the Conservative meeting thc
other night a statement was made
that thc Minister of Public Works
had stated at a convention some time
ago that Road-building could he
taught by mail. If good roads could
he built by correspondence, there
wouldn't be a bad road in South
Kast Kootenay.
Miss Jane Todhuntcr, one of thc
musing staff of the Cranbrook Hospital, who has been very sick, was
brought to Klko this week hy, her
mother, who resides nt Cumherlam.
House, ami its dollars to doughnuts
lhat her mother and the Klko ozone
will do wonders and enable her to at-
tend all the society (unctions and
dances by New Years. Klko is the
most tnlki*d of lown in H.C. today,
tomorrow ami all the time.
V boy iu Spokane has boon named
by his parents, flrover Cleveland
Woodrow Jennings Hryan Robinson.
Jim Thistlebcak says if the lad's
pupa isn't postmaster he ought to be.
Jim Joyce, llh* Flagstone mill man,
was in Klko this week.
Miss Agnes Allen, of Fernie, spent
the week end iu Klko.
R. L. Horden and Finance Minister
White says tliat thc hard times will
pass with Christmas and New Year's
and that after New Year's tilings will
open up like a rose bud in the sun,
which is very coinfoting said Mrs
Jim Thisllehcalt. But, said Jim, it
will lake a good many crumbs of
comfort to make a square meal.
Large* bauds of Patfian and Blood
Indians arrived from Sunny Alberta
and left for Tobacco plains Reserve
where tbey will be the g<uests ot the
Kootenay Indians. Thc Rlacktail
dance will be a strong feature of this
great meeting of braves. Keep your
eye on these notes. We leave Saturday   for   tho   scene   and   if we live
(Special cot rospondnice;.
A scene of unparalleled gaiety aud
childish merriment met tho eyes ami
cars of tbis scrlbo as he entered tbe
cosy precincts of Mine-Host Handley's
spacious hotel nn Tuesday evening
last. The occasion was the one annual Ileal which, above all others,
the juvenile poil tun of the community (and 1 shrewdly guess llieir sen-
iors)look forward lo with no little
anticipation nnd, if the truth he
known, gustalorj qualms, A gorgeous Christmas Tree lit up by sparklers, respluident witli glittering dee-
orations, and surrounded by mysterious looking parcels is a sight apparently tremendously alluring to
the. average human eye. The shape
and size of every parcel is greedily
devoured hy tlie bright eyes ot thu
youngsters in whose energetic minds
speculations as to the contents of
each individual package runs riot.
The thoughts—"Is that big one there
for me? I wonder if that long one is
mine?"—aro clearly depicted on each
eager, rosy visage. What matter
though the snow be deep outside and
the thermometer below zero! This
hour is one of informal, spontaneous
merriment and warmth, and all seem
impartially infected witb the spirit
of the festive season. By kind permission <>f Mr. Handley his large dining hall was, for the nonce, transformed into fairyland and a throng
of upwards of forty children anil as
many adults congregated there anil
listened with epedeng signs of pleasure and appreciation lo a programme
composed oi Instrumental items,
songs and recitations contribuli-il,
for the major part, by the juvenile
members of lhe community. Mr. N.
W. Btirdett officiated as manager and
announcer of the concert items in his
usual efficient and good-humored manner. Where all performed so creditably il. were invidious lo specialize,
but special note must be made of tbe
pianoforte duets by the Misses Taylor and Handley; the carol singing of
Mesdames Bidder and Horman anil
Messrs..! antes and Horman, the vio-
;lin solo of Mr. Archd. Fairbairn;
Piano solos by Miss It. Barclay and
Percy Mellor and the comic songs by
Mrs. Welsh, the wife of the new hut
popular manager of the Falls View
Hotel. The following were amongst
thoso wbo performed:—The Misses
Eva and Pearl Barclay, Kdith Mellor,
Ranka Lundin, Madge Keer, Hoi
Keer, Wiunifred Burdell, Mildred
Burdett, Nellie ami Grace Tibbets,
and Masters Arthur Handley, Percy
Mellor, l-ji, Lundin, Bertie Hawkes,
Leslie James, Harold Rennet, Rexie
Bidder, Jesse Tibhctts nnd Allan
Tin* announcement at tbe conclusion
of lhe concert that refreshments
would be served was a glad signal
for a rapid stampede to the supper-
room where the good ladies of the
district had prepared a repast ol gargantuan dimensions, including all thc
good things so dear to thc alimcnta-
tivo faculties of the average being.
Justice having been done in this department, the happy throng surrounded the Christinas tree as thunderous
bangs on thc door intimated the advent of Father Christmas, who proceeded lo distribute the presents
amidst lho delighted yells ot thc
lucky recipients. After the singing
of the National Anthem, thc kiddies
lefl fur their homes and the adults
Indulged in a number of dances before
tl.ey also dispersed. Altogether one
of tin* plcasantcst entertainments
your scribe has attended in any part
[»f this festive old globe.
A Happy and Prosperous New Year
to von All'
Than to Grow New
The tendency to put ofl until tomorrow what we should do today accounts for most of the bald heads we
see In the front row.
Newbro's Herpicide slops falling
and    prevents  baldness.     Tbe
(Special correspondence).
Acting Government Agent Burns,
of Fernie, was in town on Saturday,
of last week, iu connection with a
trial which took place at the Court
Tom Whltely was with friends in,
Cranbrook on Saturday of this week.
Miss Margaret Burgess, a teacher
at Coleman, Alta , is spending the
vocation in towtti the guest of her
brother, T. W. Burgess.
C.p.U. agent, W. T. Burgess is vis
iting for a time. w,th relatives in
New Denver, H.C'.
Miss Vcrle Martin is visiting in
lown, lhe guest of Mr. and Mrs. T.
Mr. ami Mrs. T. W. Burgess enter-
tainod a few friends at cards on Monday evening of tbis week, in honor of
their guests, Miss Burgess and Miss
The friends of Miss K. B. Johnson,
formerly a teacher of the Wardner
School but now of Moyie, will learn
with regret that she is at present in
the St. Eugene Hospital at Cranbrook, sulToring from rheumatism.
Roger Lund left on Friday of this
week to visit with friends and relatives in Spokane.
Miss Irene Prosser, of Bull River,
is visiting for a few days wilh her
friend. Miss Annie Tungfoes.
Miss May Thorpe, of Creston, is
visiting in lown, thc guest of her
brother, C B. Thorpe, and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke MeKen/.ie
spent Christmas in Fcrnie, tbe guest
of Mrs. McKenzie's mother, Mrs.
Draper. Mrs. MeKenzie's neice returned with them and will visit for a
few days.
Mrs. William Radke spent Christmas with friends iu town.
Mis.    Hayes   returned   from Cran
brook   on    Friday    afternoon,   after
spending   Christmas   with .Mr. Have
at the St. Eugene hospital.
Mr. Fred Speaker, of Jaffray
spent the holidays with bis family ii
Mr. Tom Whitcly, of Galloway, i
spending the holidays with his sister
Mrs. 'I'. W. Burgess, jn town.
Mr. Walter Sprague aud Charles
Martin spent Christians with Mrs
Martin and family in Moyie,
Geo. Renlck, of Galloway, is spending a few days with friends iu
Mr, Kilgar C, Wilson spent Christmas with Mrs. Wilson in Cranbrook.
Mrs, II. i\ Stevens is spending a
few days wilh her mother, Mrs R. II.
Bohart, in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke McKen/.ie
moved a few days ago into the residence recently, occupied by Mr. aud
Mrs. Charlie Brown on River street.
' Mr. I.awreneo Rttmball. of the
Crow's Nest store staff, left lor Calgary nn Wednesday afternoon tn
spend Christmas with relatives and
Roger Lum', of Medicine Hat, Alta.
is spending Christmas with his father
an<l sisters, in town.
Mr. Nelson, of Spokane, is spending lhe Christmas vacation wilh his
friend, Rober Lund.
Mrs. Martin Thorpe, of Moyie, is
spending the vacation jieriod with
friends in town.
L. N. Graham, formerly of Wardner, is relieving at tbe C.P.R. depot '
will be
Bargain Day
all over the store from
now until Stocktaking
'•<• February the first.
Watch our windows for
money savers
Our Treat
All Week!
"Sunkist" Oranges
at Special Prices,
at Your Dealer's!
The best part of breakfast is a
juicy, thin-skinned, seedless "Sunkist",
orange. "Sunkist" oranges are the
finest, juiciest, most delicious oranges
grown in the world.
Buy them by the box or half-box—they are most economical
snd keep for weeks.
Carefully picked and packed by gloved hands.
The cleanest of fruits.   Tree-ripened.
Use "Sunkist" lemons on meats, fish, poultry and salads.
Thin-skinned.   The juiciest, finest lemons grown.
Rogers Silverware Premium* for
"Sunkiit" Trademarks
Cut the trademark* from "Sunkist" oranK°,-affIir»ir*a)l^^r Tail,
and lemon wrappers, and send tlaem to naa. ^jsvtlrbg&jz^r ruvmt
Weotfer 27 different silverware premiums ji4PrtJ£^~*°s'''t''1 (,|a»aa:a.
-aall Rcigeri A-l griaranteei hand- ^^^g^h ■■fS^^iZ
arc! silver plate.     Exclusive ^g&f^.MK ™,a«    -r'i '■-»'•
•• -      ■ * - " *^-W^     nrn.ik'cnnrilcri-unwri.ppcrKcuunt
same as   tSuukM."
.0 remitting, s.-ml fimnnnts nt :'(■ i-i-nts or
over by postal nutc, t>u>ituil.co or exprcKK
in (iimy order.
Send your uame and full
1 address for our complete
*   i premium circular aad
Address all orders for premium
silverware and all correspondence to
California Fruit Growers Exchange
105 King Street, East, cor. Church    (lgz)   Toronto, Ont.
" Sunkist
report the same
(lanilrulT is uY.stroypd by ils use and a
condition of health maintained In the
hair nod sc;il|i.
Nearly everyone has hair troubles
of some -tleseriptioit whieh Herpicide
will correel. Don't wait until it Is
too late.
It, is conceded lo he the standard
hair remedy aml is iTCommenh'*tI anti
and applied hy all the hest hair
dressers and harhers.
NYwhro's Herpicide in fiOc and Si.00
sizes II sold hy aU deafers who guarantee it to do all that is claimed.
If you are not satisfied your money
will be refunded.
Send 10c in posln&e tor sample and
hook about the hair to Tho Herpieitlej
Company, Dept. 11., Detroit, MIoli,      '
Ileal lie-Murphy Company* Limited,
Sole Ap-rnts, Cranbrook, B.C.
Christmas dinner was served to
the residents of Wardner on Christmas evening, from fr, to 7 p.m., by
Mr. P, P, Heric, at the boarding
house in Wardner. The hounl Kill
supply ot provisions were provided
hy the Crow's Nest Pass Lumber, Co.
who Tor several years have made this
an annual event.
The largo dining room was nicely
decorated wilh the usual Christmas
decorations. The tables were beautifully spread with the choicest viands and were well looked after by
Mr. I lories able stalT. j
A largo number ol guests were
served who all join in expressing
iheir appreciation o! the generosity
"f .Mr. Lund and the other stockholders ot lhe Lumber. Company.
The Chrisltnns troco. under the
auspices ot the Sunday School, which
was helil in the I'rt'sbyteri.ui Church
on Christinas Eve, was a decided
The programme, which was wholly
given up to I'lie children, was very
interesting and showed lhe painstaking way in which they bad been
handled by tbe Superintendent ami
teachers ot lhe school. The Scarf
Drill, whicli was under the management of Miss Kdith Lund, was beautifully carried out, Ihe girls all taking their parts in a very graceful and
pleasing manner.
After the close ot the programme,
Santa Claus arrived with a well
lilh'd pack and every child in Wardner was properly looked after, being
supplied with grfts, candy, nuts, apples, oranges etc.
Before leaving the church, Mr.
Lund gavs the children a short talk
and expressed his regret at the departure of our pastor, who leaves
this week for Kaslo, ILC, where ho
Ims accoptct) a call.
Imperial Bank oi Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED        - - $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP - - - 6,925,000.00
D. R.
W1LKIE, Prevalent.
Auooiinta   ot   Corporations,   MunlolpnHtloB,    MarobftDta
Farmers und Private Individuals invited,
Drafts und Letters of Credit issued available i" any purl of
tho world.
SAVINGS DBPAftTMBNT - Special   attention
uivou to Havings Hank Accounts.     Deposits  aaf $I.U[|   and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch*. 1). W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Smooths over the little worries of tho morning,
and makes you start the day right.   It is
obtained wherever
is used.      Always uniform.     Hickory smoked,


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