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Cranbrook Herald Feb 26, 1909

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ISM   !l
NO.  I!»
The Park Association and Farmers' Institute
will Co-Operate
The  Ci unto-ml.     Park   Company,'
Limited, uw I Tuesday evening in tlie!
committee   room  ot the   Cranhrook
Imirl,  wilh (pule a iiuuiliei    nl     tin1
stockholders    mul  directors nresont.
\. a. Kollitis, |iresilient ol lhe company, und T. M.  Roberta, secretary-
treasurer,   wore   among those    prosed!.      Tlie hnsiness ot lhe pust vear!
was disposed ol uml the annual te*
port or the directors wus submitted
und unanimously adopted. Tito
meeting ■>( the directors was then
The annual meeting ol the stockholders was then called In accordance
tu ttie not ire previously issued hv the
secretary. A discussion followed us
(ti what should lie done dun in*- the
coming season and the opinion of
all ol those present was generally
iu favor of a spring meeting to he
held May 21 and -."■ and a fall meeting, with the company co-operating
with the Farmers' Institute, thus
making a llrst-class agricultural display for the entire ilistriet of Kasl
Kootenay, and having racing as un
additional attraction, lt was the
concensus of opinion that the need)
id the district demanded an agricultural display and that development
along this Htje In East Kootenay
had reached a stage where such a
display   would he an absolute    suc-
Thfc   directors   for the coming year
wero elected as follows:
V. A. Rollins, James Ityan.
J. 1
% for lhe purpose ol 'toltte furthot
the ilrtails ol luitli the sprim
rail mealing*.
'In   'I"'   ndjourn nt      ol     the
ling ul the Blockholdcrs, a meel-
ot lhe new   directors was called
olllcers elected as follows:
esltlcnt-V. A. Rollins.
ce President - .1   P. Fiuk.
vreiary-Treusurcr—T.    M,    Rob-
Fink, 0. H. Thompson, T. M. ...... .„„„
erts, E. M. Small. It. B. Beattie,'.!.Unv
I). MeBride, A. L. McDermot. and Dr.lnre
W. S.   Bell.      The number of dlrcc-|thij
tors hud upon   motion heen Increased h
from " to 10.    * '. |
The meeting was then adjourned
subject to the call of the president,
nud another meeting of the stockholders will    be held   within a   few
Manatiglug Director—James Ryan.
A publicity committee was ap-
polnleil for the purpose of looking
alter ilu- interests of the sprin" meet-
ing and composed of the following:
President Rollins, Secretary Roberts
aud F,  I-'.. Simpson.
A commit too was appointed for the
purposo of conferring with tho Farmers' Institute, us follows: President
Rollins, Secretary Roberts. J. I).
McHride, (i. II. Thompson and F. E.
A motion moving a resolution ol
B\*inn»ll:\ on account of the death of
the late A. Moody, of Calgarv whs
iinnnlmoiislv adopted and the secretary was directed to send a eon'"
such resolution to the widow of the
deceased and the Cal^n"*'  -inpers.
Thc meeting then adjourned.
Tbe association have taken hold of
the work for the coming year with
a vim and energy characteristic of
the men        in        charge      o!
ilie enterprise, and        the
l en   men   selected   us   directors for
llie entiling year are men who are ac-
tomed to make a success out    of
public enterprise   in which thev
■ Interested.    In consequence     of
is fact the public may rest assured
it  ihe     spring meeting      of    tho
iissoeinlion and      the big   fall
fair will be two great entertainments thnt the people throughout
this section nf the country cannot
afford to miss.
Francisco Opera O
im; OPER \    Comp\\\   COM1NCI
The i
Opel u *
Thin sit
ivard t
the   biggCl
pnaj tliat
mu ni th.-    San Francisco
npanj    to   Cranbrook    on
nlghl     nexl  is looked lor-
with   a deal ol pleasurable
• in, i.ii o is unquestionably
M and hest operatic    com
tvci visited the clasa-
oui  nil        Last   No
einbei   when    "DolU   \ ardeti"      was
presented  here h\     ibis  same     com
1 v, it established a m w record tot
lug attendance ns well as artistic en-
tiiluiiimeiii. Even person who at
loaded was delighted ami those who
did not go bavo regretted having
missed such an excellent treat. Now
that a return engagement has been
arranged there is pverj evidence that
"The Frlsciaiis" will he greeted h\
the biggest house over assembled in
Cranbrook. George W. Lcdercr's
famous musical comedy "The Strollers," will be presented. This is
vast production elaborately st
ami beautifully costumed,    It
ilng new ones.    There is
quartette added   io  th<
it   !••  spoken
Beyond any shadow ol a doubt the
greatest budget speech ever delivered
hy any finance minister in the British Columbia legislature, was that
of lion. R. Ci. Tatlow, presented on
Wednesday lust. Mr. Tatlow made
no attempt ut oratory, but his plum
statement of the facts, was so eloquent of the province's wonderful
progress and possibilities that il
did not require the garniture of high
Bounding phrases or the aid nl the
ati of declamation, The speech wus
Couched in simple language, such as
anyone with a knowledge of English
eould understand and only in his
peroration, when he was speukin- of
the possibilities ol the Pacific cuasl
grain route, that Mr. Tatlow, allowing himself for the moment to become prophetic, attempted eloquence,
and he did so with success.
Surplus, a million and a half.
Revenue for the past vear, J.ri,!i7<i.-
flflO. Three times as great as the
receipts of 1003 and over a million
greater than those of Iti07.
(expenditure for the pnst vear.
For the ensuing liscal vear the receipts will approximate Jfi.flflO.flOO
nnd the evnenditure $"i,fil5.f>00, of
which *2.s;il,nno will be tor public
works, the largest sum ever so voted.
The present liabilities are less than
half or what Ihey were four vears
ago, while the cross debt has been
reduced from eleven to nine millions.
Prince Rupert and Point Grey,
which we are improving preparatory
to their being placed upon the market, will reap receipts that will Iw
sured not in thousnnds hut in
millions of dollars.
The vote fit $*>5,fi00 increase in the
civil service salaries is advanced under tlie provtncinl secretary's Civil
Service Acl,    which we expect    will
) into force in April.
Over IfiO.nfin acre-: have hern taken
no during lhe oust vear hv settlers
and from mv own observation In
Great Britain a few month*; ago. this
s hut the viinEttnrd of the increase
to our population from that source.
it tin San Francisco com-
ecommendert to ho much
i    when 11 appeared   here
he tickets lor  "The Strol-
lic    on sale    next   Satur-
i* .il   Heattie A   Atchison's
uml the prices are $1.50,
;.'" . from the unusual in-
ad\  evinced it is apparent
will be a clean hoard bene of ticket buyers coaft
Rnsslund, Feb. 23.—As a result of
quarrel over who was the best
ucker, one man was seriously stab-
ami lus    assailant is now   in
At  oui
n the estimates of revenue and expenditure for the province, tor the
fiscal year pnding Marcli .'list, 1910,
which have just heen issued, under
thc head of public works, that is for
the construction of roads, trails and
bridges, the Cranhrook district is
given $25,000; the Fernie district,
iUS.Odfi, and the Columbia (Golden)
district, $22,850. In the matter ol
lhe civil service salaries at the Cranbrook oiliee, Mw* following figures are
given: Government acent, SlfiOO;
clerk, SHliO, clerk, $7*0, clerk, *720;
clerk, $000; deputy assessor and collector, S1360; typewriter, $U0O.
We are of the opinion  that     there
is not  another    town       in the province of British   Columbia with eight
hotels that is more law-abiding than
the town of Cranhrook.     This      is
due, not  to tbe etlicicncy      of    the
police, for they have little   or    no
crime to contend with, but     to    thc
good sense and   most  excellent  imitt-
gement of the hotel proprietors.
sp.akmg of the member fur Yale-
arihoo,  the Montreal Herald, u dis-
nctlj Liberal paper, says:
In Mr. Burrell, Yale-Cariboo
has evidently been fortunate
enough to secure a representative
who has exceptional qualifications
for parliamentary service, and
who should prove a useful member of the house. He has remarkable felicity of expression,
and impresses his hearers us being a man of moderation and
cool judgment. He yesterday told
a llattering tale of British Colum-
hia's potentialities, and while he
touched but brielly on the subjects of "better terms" and
oriental immigration, be made it
clear that in regard to the latter
question the people of British
Columbia would never be satisfied until it is settled, and settled
right, according to their views.
These are, iu brief, that It Is
better to delay the development
of our natural resources than to
com tbem Into cash at the cost,
of lowering our standard of
civilization. The problem is a
large and serious one, and the
west is fortunate if it can have
its case presented by thc mouth
of men ot such exceptional powers
or exposition as Mr. Burrell. It
might have sent a class of men
who would alienate sympathy,
and weaken their cause, by intolerance and demagogery—for
such men too often enme tn the
front in uew communities.
There have been masquerade halls
in Craubrook for years past, hut
without a doubt the most succcssfu,
event ol the kind was that lield last
Thursday evening at ihe Auditorium
under tbe auspices nl a number of
railway boys, foi tin benelit of
Brown, who met with Hie nus-
lortunc of loosing both bands some
time ago in    tbe yards n,  this city.
he great crowd presein, the large
number nt people in costume, the
originality displayed in tin* costumes,
(he general brill tunc j of the occa-
i ami tlie unquestioned siicn'm* of
the whole all air was a mngntflceiil
testimonial to the liTg-hearted'-people
uf Cranbrook, Boon altei u o'clock
dukes uud earls, court jesters 'arm!
country lads, ladies uf ihe time of
King Charles the First and milk
maids, cow boys and French maids,
towns and dignified knights, Indians
of the west uud Negroes, reminding
of the melodies of the South,
were all there so that one might
be, in imagination in almost anv
_ art of the world and bask
Napoleon's court, mooch on
Bowery, walk down the shady
of Call Mall, dwell for a time on
the Siianec river, amidst the aurora
if the Arctic, or be right al home
ii Cranbrook. The p-nllery was
crowded to standing room and every
available foot of space on tbe main
Iloor     not   occupied hy dancers was
elipled  by spectators.'       Naturally
oryone present, was asking those
nearest as to the identity of this
oue and that, one, and many wus lhe
jest and josh dealt out by the
happy dancers under the-security ol
the mask. The nd tics Indulged iu by
the various characters represents
were amusing in the extreme, und
ept the large number of spectators
roaring with laughter. Thc affair
was truly unique in every way and
such a success that it reflected more
than ordinary credit upon the great
work performed by the committee.
Nearly all of tlie spectators waited
until the time for unmasking, which
was nearly 12 o'clock. Mrs. R. Burton, Mrs. M. Barney and Messrs.
lames Caslake, Dan Burton and .1^
seph Hall were named as judges, and
when they took their position upon
the stage they no doubt realized the
difficult task tbey had to perform
with so many good character representations to choose from. The
masqueraders indulged in a march
about thc hall to give the judges
in opportunity of better deciding as
lo the merits of each one and at the
lose the following results were an-
Ladies first prize—Court lady 18th
■eiituiy, Miss M.  ;„iire1   Kennedy.
Gentleman's first prize— Indian
-Met, R. A. Fraser.
Comic prize—Country lass and
Country lad, Miss Hazel Cooper and
Mr. John Elmer.
After the decision had been announced the winners were called upon the stage and the dancers removed their masks, then dancing was
resumed until lunch was served. After lunch dancing was kept un until
the morning whistles announced that
it was time to go home. The music
was furnished hv the Cranbronk orchestra ami gave the very best of
The committee   desire   the Herald
• thank tbe ladies and others for
thi- assistance given in making thc
event such a success. Both Mr
Brown and his brother wish to extend their thanks to the people of
Cranbrook for the kindness displayed
and ass'tire the Herald that It -will
never be forgotten.
w. A. anstie secretary    ok
_ j
Nelson, B.C. Feb. 2L-W. A. !
Vnstlo returned from the coast last '
night. He stated to a reporter of!
The Dally News that he had been of- j
i. red and has accepted the sccrctarr-
ship nf the lintish Columbia Lum-!
ber, Logging and Forestry associa- ;
turn, which has recently been formed
In Vancouver and which will open of- '
lues in that city within tbe next
IWO weeks. Mr. Anstie savs that
he will at the same time retain Ins
iHisiNt position as secretary of the
Uountnin Liim her Manufacturers' as-
ioclatlon and that the headquarters
if this association will he inain-
uiiicd in Nelson.    The intention    is
hat he will    divide bis timt  I,.
iciwceu this and thv coast citv.
•The following   arc   tin- .itlilcrs   of
he new association: (-resident, A. R.
MeRae, 1st vice-president, Otto Lncli-
muil; , 2nd     vicc-prosldent,     I'eter
und;  Ith     vice-president,      T.    F.
nieison, secician       W.   A.   Anstie.
veryonc of these offlelnls is promin-
itlv identified with ihe lumber    Industry.     Mr.  McRne is tbe iiti--iibiit
ml     generul   innna"cr of the Eraser
liver Sawmills,  Ltd., of  New  West-
tinster; fcfr',     Liu'lnnumf Is the een-
ml nijjpftger and scoretary-tieasurer
i* iju;' Arrowhead Lumber Commu
id,', anil president    nf flic
Mills association.     Mr. Logan li
einbei  of the firm of Logan & Stin-
ii, Vancouver, and Mr. Lund.      of
Uiinlncr, B.C., has    immense Umber
utldings in thi"*Ko'o!enavs.
'•KveciltifV** ami udvismv committee
ilso have been appointed, The former
■■insists' nf seven uud thc latter ol
orlv-two members, and are as fol-
ows: A. C. Fluinerfelt ami Michael
\itlin, Victoria; Capt. M. N. Gerund, president and general mnnngci
ii the NlmklSh Lake Lo-Hnu Co.,
■\ M. McRae, managing director of
be Rat Mortage Lumber comaenv
>f Vancouver; George Small presi-
lent and general mnnn"er of the
-Small & Buclflln Lumber compnny,
New Westminster; Otis Staples and
l\ Kilpotrick, of   (be Knotennvs.
lu addition to Mr. Anstie a second
secretary will protmhl- be appointed,
and it is expected the choice will fall
upon Dr. -tudsnn ('lurk, secretary-
treasurer of the llritish Columbin
Chamber of Commerce and Forestry.
Tom Marks held the hoards at tbe
Auditorium Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday. As usual Mr. Marks
mave you more than fifty laughs for
fifty cents. Less than a cent
laugh. (in Monday the bill was
"That Irish Boarder," in which Mr
Marks played the part of Dennis
Donovan, an Irish comedy part that
alwolutelv suited him. On Tuesday
"The Hypocrite" was presented to a
good house and on Wednesday "The
Irish Detective." Mr. Murks and his
company llll a place in the theatrical world that few companies do,
that i.s to say, they present ,rood
clean comedy at popular prices. All
of Tom Mark's support are good
their particular parts and the snec-
Inlttes between acts were well receiv
Superintendent Brownlee has heen
granted leave of ahsenee and E. L-
Cliudleigh will be acting superintendent until his return.
Resolutions Adopted for the Betterment of
Conditions in South-east Kootenay
The Cranbrook-Fenuc Farmers' In.
stltutfl was in session at the Government ollice last Saturday evening
and it is safe to say that there was
a larger meeting and more real solid
i work done than at any previous
meeting of the institute. In thc
ahsenee of T. S. Oill, the president,
and of Wm. Hamilton, the vice-president, who arrived later in the
|proceedings, A. E. Watts, of Watts
burg, was called to the chair. Tlic
following resolutions were passed:
Resolved, that Mr. Watts he asked
in place hefore the Board of Railway
Commissioners the fact that the present cattle guards are totally Inadequate loi tbe protection of cattle
and othei stock, and that an order
be asked fot compelling the C.P.U.
companj to make such alterations In
same as well us ensure the safety of
tin* stuck owned hy ranchers in the
district, much loss being entailed
yearly, pai tlctilarty between Movie
anil Wardner.
Whereas, parts of certain public
loads throughout the Province ot
British Columbia have been utterly
li.si roved hy tbe C.P.R. company
and othei railroad companies, es-
a certain road between rrnnfirook
ami Movie, which road has been
made quite Impassable bv the C.P.R.
company f-»r IralTic of any kind,
either with pack horses or wagons,
the said road having heen used for
main* veals hv the puhlie before and
since the construction of the C.P.R.,
the same also applies to the continuation of the same toad from Moytc
In Yahk, which is totally destroved
in manv places.
Therefore, he it resolved, that an
application he made in the Board of
Railway Commissioners to crant   an
Andrew P. Malmbcrg nml Miss
Carrie Engstrom. both of Wetaski-
i, but at present living in ('ranhrook, were united in murriaue on
Wednesday evening #at X o'clock in
the Queens hotel. Rev. Main officiating.
order that those roads he restored
or equivalent toads be made for the
accommodation of thc public, and
also to grant a general order that
;.ll reads wherever destroved hy anv
railway company, he restored," oi
equivalent mads made in their place
throughout the province of British
... «ilM*d nUo, that Mi. A. E
Watts in- asked lo hring tbis resolution  before   lbe  notice 01    ihe   Hoard
of Railway Commissloaers.
Resolved, ihat Mr. A. E, Walls be
empowered to lay Mr. .1. Delmer's
cuse befare the Board ol Railway
Commissioner, and that Mr. Dclmet
lurnisli Mi     Wails   with all pnrtuu
Watts bring be-
Railwaj  Commis-
f the notification
i. brought forward by
,■ the su-;nesnd amend-
law regarding the
loads m'the province
a copy ot a telegram
Mr. Walts lo the
t„     Board ol Railway
Con misstoncrs:
io Justice Mabee,     President Board
of Railway Commissioners:
)'<• applications submitted Ior hearing,    i  wish io add at request        of
Farmers'       Institute, suggested
amendment to act ta railway luces,
cattle guards, complaints re illegal
Interferences with water courses,
destruction of public roads, regulations cattle killed by trams, freight
rates Many witnesses cannot ai-
lord to attend at Nelson. Will you
granl a hearing at Craubrook?
A.  E. Watts.
The mother ot A. S. Goodeve, M.
P.. died at her home at Guelph.
(int.. Fehrean   ll, need 85 vears.
'clock this morning, as V,
was coming oil shift    he
better opportunity for the comedians Northern tracks',""just"beyond the  C.
and dandv   lassies to spread    thcm-l-,     ,{   t|c,)0l   JlIld     stlibbed several
■Ives and make merry In songs _ and j Umpii uiU, ., s,netto.     One of    the
•''■ i was    murderously     assaulted
Domenico Scraphlno, on    the
dances, than did "Holly Varden."
For two years this opera has been
a feature bill for Mr. Healy's organisation and it is said to be the
best of his extensive repertoire.
Teddy Webb shows lo better advantage in "The Strollers," and keeps
the laugh machinery in motion ami
the time. Miss itov has a capital
part that will endear her still more
In the hearts ot her manv admirers in
Cranbrook. Several new people unnamed on the programme, among
which are three well known operatic
artists. Carl llaynd, the famous
tenor, Geo, Kunkel, thc buffo comedian, and Lucll Palmer, au exceptionally clever soprano—and bv the
way a Canadian girt, who received
her musical education In Toronto,
In the chorus will be found manv
familiar faces, together with a uum-
wounds in the stomach may prove
fatal. The deposition of the injured man was taken at the hospital
this morning hy Judge Plowman.
There is slight chance of the victim's recovery. Both men are Italians. The police did splendid work
in arresting the assailant shortly af-
ler (he crime was committed.
Sernpbino is known in the Italian
colony ns a bad man.
In the Small competition the
standing is as follows: McCowan to
play the winner of Roberts, Pinkham, Rogers, Wilson aud Henderson.
lu the Fink competition Wilson has
to plav thc winner of the McCowan
and McDougall.
Today's games: lu the Small
competition Wilson vs. Henderson,
Pinkham vs. Roberts, Rogers vs.
Wilson or Henderson.
Wilson won from Pinkham in    the
Fink competition.
Vancouver,    Feb. 23.—It is under-
——_____    . lood that the sale of lots in    town-
NOTICE. 'site of Prince Rupert will take place
— I simultaneously in Victoria and Van-
Take notice that I, II. Steward, [emner on or about Mav 1st nest,
will not he responsible for any debts j and subsequent days. The method o!
of my late partner, A. Orenlcr, who j conducting the sale has not vet been
has left the partnership without no-1 determined. The decision to nlaee
lice. I shall continue the business In I tho realty on the market, at those
my own name. j coast cities, was adopted after   duo
in It H. Steward,    'consideration.
(As   Furnished   t>- Rale   &
Cranbruok. B. 0.)
Fclirilary 23rd,
Aurora    CpnuolldAted
11. V. Amalgamated...
11. C. Copper 	
Consolidated Smel's.l
Can. (loldlielils   	
Can. N. W. Oil 	
Cranbrook Fire llrick
Diamond Coal	
Diamond Vale Coal...
Dominion Copper —
International Coal ...
Nicola Coal   & Coke.
North Star 	
McGllllvraj Creek c.
Itoyal Collieries 	
Society flirt 	
Western Oil (ord.) ...
Western Oil (pret.1 ...
Veteran War Scrip ...
Till-: CORHIN     ROAI1     AMI THE
Vancouver, R. I',, Feb. 21.—It is
understood that 1). C. Curbin, the
Spokane millionaire, who co-operatid
with the Canadian Pacific railway
in building the Spokane International
line, the new link connecting Spokane with the Crows Nest Pass
branch of the C.P.R. will start work
arly this spring on his proposed
line through thc Flathead river vallev
in South East Kootenay, thus opening up a rich coal basin and fertile
agricultural region. The necessary
authority was given by a bill incorporating the Flathead Valley
Railway company recently incorporated by the Provincial legislature.
The road already has becn built
from McGillivray, a station on the
Crows Nest Pass line, to bis coal
mines sixteen miles south. From the
latter point of the International
boundary the location surveys al-
ready have been completed.
Mr, Corbin is credited with enter-
tainine, the ambitious project of extending this railway south to Butte
ami other Montana smelter towns
and providinc; a route nearly I'm
miles shorter than the branch line
from the Crows Nest, built by the
Hilt system several years ago, Mr.
Corbln is said to be co-operating
with the Canadian Pacific railwa)
in careylng out   this bin project.
"The remainder of the charter 1
asked fur a year ago which the provincial legislature did not grant me,
ciiverimi a distance of about 10 miles
f i < ii ii our coal properties south to the
boundary line, has been granted. Mv
olaus so far have not been determined," said Mr. Corbln yesterday.
"I am     unable di presciil In    say
anvthlna about buildIn^ to Rntie ami
other Montana   smelter town-..     No
plans have so far heen made."
New York, Feb. 20,—As a result of
a wireless telegraph messai;c sent by
the District Attorney of Westchester
unty to the captain of the tattle-
sbip New Hampshire, "iflO miles at
sea, won! came to White Plains ves-
icrday that .lohn Ryan, a sailor,
had been arrested aboard tbat vessel
ami was held at Newport News, a
prisoner in irons, awaiting extradition on a charge of hurglary in the
fust degree.
According to the District Attorney
Rvnn was one of the four men who
in last Mav broke into tbe home ol
William Kane, at Ossingtnn, and.
drawing pistols nn the inmates, succeeded in getting off with jewels and
silverware. His mates, who were
captured, turned State's evidence and
betrayed Ryan. Then it was discovered that" he had enlisted and had
been sent aboard tbe New Hampshire,
embers of the Fire department have asked the Herald to express their thanks to ihe people uf
Cranbrook for their sen'-mus patronage nn the occasion of their ann'ial
ball. The total receipts, including
one dollar ilnnatr-d by a Inend.
amounted to (225, The expenses
were $51.50 which left a balance of
J 172.50. This niouey will be placed
in the benefit fund ol the department.
Vancouver, Feb. 16.—Manager Orr
of the Toronto exhibition, is here to
endeavor lo secure a Provincial industrial exhibit for the east next
season. He left to interview lbe
executive at Victoria this afternoon.
From the coast Mr. Orr will return
through the Kootenays where be
hopes to arrange for an exhibit
showing the mining interests.
Halifax, N. S., Feb. Di.-With one
,1 the propeller blades gone, tbe C.
ML Empress of Britain arrived at
oon from Liverpool, alter a last
assage. The fad licit thc big hn-
r bad lost .. blade was noi known
In   the passengers.
ottitwa, Feb. 15.—Thai Canada
has established a world's record in
immigration is the boast made in
ollicial bluebook of the department nf interior fot the vear ended
March -'it.
During the twelve months, 262,469
Immigrants arrived, an increase of
{•*.7h7. During the decade ending
imiT-K, the total numbor was 1,166,-
Ijii, of whom B 18,213 came from
(ileal Rrltaln, Ireland and the Vnit-
(I States,     .md -ir»»>.^ 13 Irom   other
•'This tremendous movement ol
people." says ibe report, "is more
than oiie-Mvth Mie ini.il population
nf Canada:"
The l.e Roi Two Mining company,
un Frldaj dei lared a dividend r.f two
shillings u share, payable on March
i!. this is tin* lirst (iiiarterly dividend of tbe year and will he followed
by others ai  regular intervals.
Cranbrook B. C.
# »♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦
Cfcaubrook u situated between tut
xaia rau^e of tbe Rocky Mountains
tod ibe i'-uell range on a piau-au,
iuowq aa St. Josephs prairie- It*
icc-itii/n is distinct-y picturesque, tue
. jews iu be ohuiued in all direo-
ttoos having no superiors in ti*
province of British Columbia.
Cranbruok   altitude   is 2,uftV     leet
bove sea level. The climate is *ui
,ien,\ une. The tmuwUU is, as a
rule, light.      Spring   opens    earl).
The summers are pleasant, tiie temperature always declining at night-
tall.     The    Cranbrook district      is
.oted for its bracing atmosphere aud
limust ptrpetual sunshine.
As a fruit    country the Cranbrook
■Jistriet is unsurpassed. Although,
at the present time, but few or-
-hards are of bearing age, still thuse
tw have BhOWn what can be dune
Along tbe tines of fruit cultivation.
lhe Cranbruok district bas a itttger
area uf unueveluped fruit land than
an;, other district in British Coluiu-
bia. Fruit lands may still lie pur-
cbased at a reasonable purchase
price, which sume cannot be sa.d of
i.v. other district in tbe province.
Market gardening is also gum: into
m a quite extensive scale and the
■uahty of de vegetables raised is
lecotMl tn Done un tbe continent.
Vancouver, Feb. 22.—The final location of thc O.T.P. from Edmonton to Prince Rupert is completed,
and engineers will shortly survey the
Vancouver branch from a 21 miles
radius at Fort Oeorge. Tbe V. W,
■£ Y. also announces this summer
they will survey the route between
Fort George and Vancouver.
The San Francisco Opera company
presents its lug feature musical
comedy, "The Strollers," at the
Auditorium on the fourth ot
March The people of all classes in
jtliis city will have an opportunity of
witnessing what is unquestionably
lbe biggest musical bit and the
greatest comedy success that bas
ever been offered Western Canada.
"The Strollers" is, in everv sense
of lhe word, a metropolitan attraction, with Teddy Webb, Mabel Day,
Carl Haydn, Luetic Palmer, Amy
Leicester and many other favorites
that were seen here on its last
visit, together with many clever new
artists ami a large beauty chorus,
numbering In all forty people. Quite
the verv largest organization on tour
iu Western Canada.
Ihe surrounding districl is famous
the worid o\er lor its large hudiet
ol silver-lead ore. Tbe St. Eugene
nine at Muyie is said to be tne largest silver-lead mine on tbe North
Vmerlean eminent. 'lbe Sullivan
group and the North Star mine at
Kimberley contain large dejiosits ot
lhe same ore. Gold placets are bong worked at a good prulit on
■Vi.d Hone anil Perry CreeKs, while
many excellent copper prospects exist
.n various parts of the district.
i.a:ge bodies ol iron ore havo aiso
been discovered within a very few
miles of the city.
Cranbrook Is the metropolis of the
timber industry of South Eastern
llritish Columbia. Throughout the
district there are vast quantities ol
pine, fir and tamarac assuring an unlimited supply for many years to
come. There are between twenty-
five and thirty saw mills in the district, some of them within a mile of
tbe eity limits.
Cranbrook is tbe principal divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
branch of the Canadian Pacific railway. Here are located thc office of
the divisional superintendent, round
houses and machine shops. A branch
line runs eighteen miles north       to
Marysville and Kimberley.
Cranbrook has a gold c i.imissiun-
er's office and is a port if t-.try for
U» Dominion customs. TOE   CKAMiltOOK   IIBBAIJ)
*************************** *******************************^ _^_
i     ^,
With Teddy Webb, Mabel Day, J. Russell Powell, Amy Leicester, Carl Hay den,
(ieorge Kimkel, Lucile Palmer, and a SMASHING BEAUTY CHORUS
Hixter and Better Then Before.
All the Old Favorites and
many  stunning new
Presenting fleorge W. Ledenr's
famous success,
One continuous laugh, set to
catchy, whistly music
Positively Guaranteed Ihe Biggest Operatic Attraction
Ever Offered in
Prices $l.50,';$l.00, 75c.
„ ,.„.,.,,, .     ,„,   a. ,,    „  ,.,    „,    Seats on   Sale at  Beattie &
11-:I >I >\  \\ hi'. I'.is Augu-t Lnmp in " The Straiten,' which will be
present-*-] hv tho Sim Francisco l Ipura Company in Crnnbrook, March -I Atchison S Drug Store
Some of tho Chorus (!ii!s with the S«n Francisco Opom Co. in '.' The Strollers," m Crunbrook on Thursday, Marcli liii
< 11,
1 „,
1,1 >
1 >i.
. >i 1
. >i 1
■ 111
, .11
111 1
, ,1 1
1 11 1
< 11 1
1 11 1
< ,1 ,
111 ,
im .
11. ,
111 ,
in ,
111 ,
111 ,
.11 ,
•t *-a*-Tap
News of the District  P^
Written by Bright Correspondents ani Gleaned Irom Newspapers
**********************, ,'""'   contract Ioi    tlio election ol
* : llii: new ci ly lull] upuu tlic i.iiindaTiofi
♦ ♦iu[ t\,e provincial   court hutise, whicli
♦ rERNlfc. films lit™ translcrrcd to thu city   b>
T • j tin-- iiroviifuiiil govcriitnont for    thai
1********************1 'I'lnii'isi', hai lii'i-n   awarded to Ora\
********************** I a I'ainpiicli,   contractors ol Fernie,
lKi.,11, our Sficclal Currcsliundcnl 1    lll<'1' lll,i     llei"K   »l'i»70.    The new
11 nm, our ajicciai ourti iponuim,.-    )|a|| |s |(| ||(j nm, s|u|;. of ^.^ Mi
The hockcj  gun,i' played here Mon   .uuu' above the    old lioscmcut    oi
ilu)  night,    bolwcun the M. .> it- hoys cuifcretu,   which was   nol niatcrlulli
nml the home aggregation, drew     a injured liy the Cue.
full houso nmi wus un exciting name! —
from stall to Unish. The score i;„, hiiiiicsi held last Monday
would Indicate n rather one-sided ,„„„, „„ tte ,,,.„,,, ut „,,. ..„„„,, „,„;,
game, lun tl wus a well contested, ou„,l]| mjm cincher t'reeu, broughl
event und while the houie hoys went 0|H nothing new ns lo lhe cause ol
diiun lu defeui they Ice] that they Ms ,i(.atli. A brother from I'inclier
were beaten by a worthy team. |, ,,.,.,, m{\ ono „011, oranbrook; met
At lhe end of the lirst hull the' ,„.,_,. amj „.,.,.,. |irosL.llt ftt u,c _*.t.
score stood 1-2 in lavor ol the visl- . n,^. ns was Conductor Caven, who
lory, und three minutes before the ,lml dl,lrgl, „, tm! ,,„,„ iwm wblcb
hell rang nt the close, lhe score wus1 U]l. lmmg lnon (c)1 .„1UUI lralf waJ
,1-1 in their favor, hut lhe boys Itom |H11W|WU |,t.ro all(i nosmur. A ver-
beslile lho lake, pul tlio pesky puck „,„, „, .ur„|c.„tal ,lt.al)l was n-nd.-t
Inlo the Fernie net  Iwico mure, iusl   ,.,,   allli ,ll(, rcma|„S| W|ilch vm. mi
for    fun     I suppose,   disllgurln- lbe   many nieces, were lahcn lo his
Ilgures, looked ot lioin lhe 1'crnicLubertu home loi interment, it upside by making them read 0-5. ncureil trom Ihe cvideiiee of lbe new-
Con. Whelan rcfereed lhe came ami ; ,„n ,,„ s,,,. tra|n, that the little »
'."'' '"""''' "■'- ii-' '••" ■'" .   inioiuiiiliini hook iu wliieh lbe   young
l-ernic ; „,;,„ j,a)j written liis name, residence
Nolon   atll| ,!„.    places lie hnd intended    to
visit, hud been sold lo him after lie
Mmsirong||lau    \mt_eA     the train at I'ineher
Creek, hy the news hoy aud he    had
Tin- Uo
Cover Point
Klgbl   Willi;
l.efi Wing
■    Inn.    COIltl
(lutes -
made lhe cut lies only u short time
before his death. it wus by Ihcse
entries that liis friends were so (itilek-
h located. lie was so mangled
uial recognition was ulniosl itnpos-
triumphant  march up   thr
tcrdny,   with high I j
some more coal dusl nil n
innn shntes.
Tin,   men,      named     respectively,
led    then .Ili'iiJi'iuUi .lamieson    and .lohn I'rit-
l',,ss yos- L'"m'' were arrested    Iusl Saturday
' mulling hy the city police, at    tbe
iisiauee af Charles llavies, propiietor
lnl il,e Itoyal hotel.     The two   men
had entered Ihe    hotel belween four
1 .ii.-i live o'eloek iu the morning    and
bud ordered breakfast of the Chinese
'.leiiot,   one    Sing by    name.     Alter
laved  -'"wi'e-v awn)   Hie grub the two men
'...,   ':.',.,,  did in,i  mnnifcsl  nuy inclination   lo
v  ll.,- lull nnd Sing demanded    bis
To Ihis ilie well-fed pair   ob-
l-.il, mi,   ,,| ihem remarking   Ihal
inpetltion,   II
 ll. SI    Viol
Wallace    nml
In lhe   I'. Burns
iiirleis played lhe ;
dai   nlghl     11,-ivliii
(Inl.-v with .1.   Woods,   ski!
plaved against Manson, Johnson
VV." VV.  Brown,    vuili  tt'rlgleswortli,
skip,    ll..- lattci   winning.    1:.    W.
Er CaSell skip   plaS'Uuut  "" ^ '»'•"■ V"  I"'"1 ■ CW»"    'ut
•"-■ -<""• "'" ' ^  '"<■ '"«'■ IV^i^'f^'^ue^iu'SilSer't
lhe other one a cut.' to beut thu
ler ftliiiiltii
iigaln Insl
il tho qiiuiic lo I he satlslac
lion of themselves, if not IliTlt of
tlir Chink. Thi' two men wen: up
ii inn* Magistrate Whimster yester-
Ui\ when Jnmleson was sent up for
Iriul on n eharcc of assaulitnu 1>"'t-
luliiff bodily hiirin, and Pritehurd
,vns ii-niaiiili'il in cinm* before
In- inngistiale. on n cliarRe of    as-
A speeial train, composed of ihe
private cms of the onu-inls «.f lhe
Orcal  Northern    railway urrived   in
Pernio Monday    aflern i.     General
manager, .1. M. tlruher, of Si.
Paul; K. I.. Drown, Rcncral Biipcriii-
temlent, of Spokane: IV. R. Smith,
Buperlntendeat,  of    Wliitefish nmi .1.
Detnncy, musli-i   mechanic, conmosed \aa	
iin-   partv, which   waa joined      by
flenera! Manager Nurd, <-f the   Coal     Tim. enses    under ilu- "Workmen s
<*'iiiitiai.y   and the train proceeded I iimpetifeal  Art" wore'decided this
Michel where thc new tipple was In- week hy his honor .Iildttc Wilson, aet-
specteri before Ibe partv returned to ine aa arbitrator, between Prolalvct
Fiiiiif fm ihe nichl. Thi- h peel nl ami thr frown Nest Pass Coal com-
Iclt here veatcrdnj morning mi Its i pau\ mul Laurcllfl ami tin* samu
relnni trip. leompany.        The    lirst    case   wa»
brought on account of the death ol
Xiftao profaiu-r. on 1be llth of Ue-
lobcr last, in No. D mine, at Coal
Creek, and tbe other on account of
tilu death of Oaetano Laurella, who
wus killed in a stone quarry near
.Michel on the 29th of October. A
(decision in favor ot the plaint iB was
rendered iu both cases after a bard
contest by the parties. L. P. Kck*
siein represented tbe plaintiflls nnd
II. W. Hercbmer appeared for tbe
ilcli-ndHiii company.
dm    Templeman   s°l    -'•*   soft   old
Malison got- his llowser dose of air;
The hayseed voters got d rattlin',
Onr in that district, Com ox-A tli n,
Away down in old Alberni.
Tlu*    .snow  ts floating    through   tint
And blossoming   white   among     the'
And   though the   New Year is    vet
quite young,
We mav think tliat spring will   snon
Ire sprung,
A wav up here in Kernie.
How is it   In   tbe green and veidnnl
verdant Banana Belt?
(Ieorge Pusheo, the same old
George, took a header from tne top
of a ear of slack coming down from
the mines on Monday. The car parted eompanv with the rails, turned
wrong side up, spilling tlie slack and
putting Pusheo on bis head in the
snow bank, sixty ffet away.
A. K. II. Millennia, ol Nulson, arrived in town Sundav nkbt and is
husy nt auditing the books anil accounts of the relief committee.
Fernie, B. C, Feb. 21th, LUOfl,
(From The Pcraie Freu Press.)
Tbe bonspiel held ut ('ranhrook
this week vvas a great success ia
everv way. Tho well known hospi-
Lality of tbe people of Cranbrouk
Was never better exemplified than on
this occasion. Tin- attendance of outside rinks was such us lo make the
contests intereslitin;. Calgary was
represented by one rink, Lethliridge
by one; Macleod by two, and Fernie
by three. Cranbronk bad seven
rinks entered so thai there were
fourteen rinks competing in the different events.
A sanguinary conflict took place in
the Koyal restaurant about 5.30 this
morning between two paiuters named .lamieson and Pritcbard nnd Sing,
the Chinese cook. As a result of
the francos Sing is in a very bad
state of repair, and Is under medical
attendance, while his assailants, who
are somewhat battered up, are in the
local bast iii- charged with felonious
A passenger on tbis morning's
westbuuod express fell off the train
about two miles east of here and
was instantly killed.    Wbeu last seen
the unfortunate man was standing in
tin: vestibule of a car but on the nr-
rival ol the train at Fernie be was
missing. Tbe trucks being covered
wiib blood, a search party in charge
of the coroner was seat out at once.
The hodv was found to be horribly
mutilated. From papers found on
bis person, it would seem tbat tbe
victim was Michael A. Smith, a
Smith, a ra-ncher, of Pincher Creek,
aud that he was en route to Poison,
Mont. Friends at Pincher (. reel,
iiav;* been communicated With.
Ex-Mayor and Mrs. Tuttle left lor
Spokaiu-'oii Tuesday night where they
will reside in future. Mr. Tuttle
will return iu a tew days and remain
until his business and public affairs
are settled.
Kx-Mayor Tuttle has placed $37.5(1
in thu bands of Magistrate Whimster
to be paid to the parties who captured the Hlack Hands last July. Mr.
Whimster is to be sole judge as to
w.io is entitled to this rvward.
The uew C.P.U. depot is nuaring
completion. The plast-ering is now
completed and the workmanlike manner in which It has been executed re-
flects great credit on Mr. C. A.
Kummer, who bad the contract for
the work.
All left their work nt once and were
successful in removing the cow from
the ice, though not without some
Mr. and Mrs, Hohart returned from
j lheir visit in Nelson on Wednesdav
, last.
The Smith concert given in the
Library hall one evening last week,
was a decided success in every
particular. A good audience enjoyed the different numbers given and
afterwards remained to trip the
light fantastic.
Mr. Zcrbal, of Bull river, is in
Spokane this week on business.
(From om* own correspondent)
Mr. Harold Darling, of Camrose,
spent a couple of days tbis week
with friends in town.
Mrs. Otto Wisner left Monday to
speud a few days with Cranhrook
Mr. II. c. Lindsay, of Spokane,
Wash,, who, iu company with Mrs,
Lindsay, bus boon making a tour nf
the most important American cities,
and Niagara Falls, renewed old ac-
qiialntances in town on bis return to
Mr. David Dieckeniidge nnd v-itc
were in Foil Steele this week.
Mr. Henry Hohart is confined to
his bed with a very severe attack of
[nflommotory rheumatism.
Ice is being stored nway this week
in huge quantities nud is of oxcep-
lioually good quality.
Miss Lucy Hawthenheincr was
visiting friends in Cranhrook this
Mr. Henderson, of thc Hull River
SlectriC Light and Power company,
was iu Cranbrook this week on
Owing to tho mild weather of the
past tew days, the ice bridge across
tbe KotiteJiay river ts not in a
v sate condition. On Saturday
aftenioolf last a cow, belonging to
Mrs. Mlirbin, broke through the ice
aud woidd Jiave lieen drowned had it
not, been tAiat she was seen Immediately Uy Mr. Bohart aud his
uuu, who   were  cutting ice near by.
The dance given by the C.P.H.
bovs in the hall on Wednesday evening, February 17th. was a most enjoyable aQair. Guests were present
from Elko and other points, to the
{number of over one hundred. Tables
1 were set at midnight and a most
bountiful repast was enjoyed by all
i present, after which dancing was
again resumed until the early hours
of the morning. Too much praise
cannot be given the boys for the
kindness and hospitality shown by
them to every one present.
Mt.   McKinley, of   Portland, Ore.,
was in town this week on business.
Mr. Downey, of Creston, is renewing old acquaintances in town.
Mr. Barclay, photographer, arrived
in town on Sunday last and will
spend a tew days.
(From tbe Moyie Leader.)
li the present plan ot the Moyie
Odd Fellows Is carried out the towu
will sin hi have a hull that will be
fully in keeping with the requirements
of the place. Every member in the
lodge is taken up with the idea. Ac-
cording to presenl calculations the
liall will be built after the plan ol
tin' Odd Fellows' nnd K. of P. hall
in Cranbrook, and will be so arranged that it will meet all the requirements of the town for lodges,
dances and banquet purposes. The
odd Fellows' lodge iu Movie is in a
prosperous condition, and thc members feel tbat Ihey could not make a
better investment. The new hall
will probably cost close to $:|,(100.
An effort is being made by the
members of the Presbyterian church
fm* the procuring of the service ol an
ofdnliicd minister.
Dan McDonald hnd one ol his fingers broken while nt work in the
machine shop at the St. Eugene
fleo. \\. Hughes, a well known
mining man, nnd formerly an extensive operator in tbe Slocan district, has gone to Paso Hobles,
CaL, to recuperate his health. Mr.
Hughes was stricken with paralysis
three vears ago, and has never recovered. He is accompanied by bis
The committee which had charire of
Ibe benelit dance in aid of Mrs. Burch
report that after paying all expenses they had $179.25 to turn over
to that lady, which vvas done. The
committee consisted of Thos. 1-:.
Kelly, .las. lloberts, Herb, .laekson,
.Mike Torpy and "Dick" Hrown.
Harry Steuart, foreman at the
St. Eugene mill, is severing his connection with the com'"'"' un March
1st. and will then leave with his
family to make his home near Portland, Oregon, where be has a valuable fruit ranch.
It is reported that Wm. Lawson
has struck a good deal of ore oa his
claims on the west side of the lake.
II.    W.   White, of Calgary,    Alta
father of Mrs. Goldwiu   Stewart, is
in Moyie on a short visit.   Mr. White
was In   Cranbrook   tor several davs
takin» part in the bonspiel.
The 10 month old child of "- and
Mrs. S. 0. Blaylock died vestcrday
morning at fl o'clock of pneumonia.
Mr. Blaylock left with the remains
today for Danville, Quo., where the
burial will take place.
I        CRESTON
(From tbe Creston Review.)
E, W. Stonor, superintendent ol
the Snowy Top mine, is down from
thc property. He reports the strike
of three Inches of rich copper ore in
the eross-cut they ure now cutting
to tap the lead. The tunnel is now
In 100 feet, and It is figured ihat
125 feet more will reach the rich
vein. The ore encountered is in a
spur from the main vein.
The Iluscroft logging camp is closing down. The brothers Iluscroft
have  jusl    completed    their  contract
with the Vale Columbia Lumber e -
Our revered old-timers have a kirk
coming ai us for classifying Fred
Little with .1. C. Hykerts in the
earlv ealegorv. It now appears
that .1.   C. bia/is) a   trail   fm Fred
Dave Elmer, of the David llaritm
Cigar company, stepped oft" Tuesday's
westbound train. Ever a good advertiser, Dave has taken a space on
the new advertising curtain at the
opera house, to boost llie weed be
Geo. Laurie has returned Irom
Spokane, where he has heen several
days In connection with a hi"- timber
Eight acres next to city; tour
roomed houso; land fenced; three good
chicken houses; stable with loft; one
acre cultivated; 1 acre ready tor
plow; fruit trees and bushes; fifty
pure bred chickens; ten W. P. Ducks;
aged mare, harness and wagon; never
falling spring water; small houso and
lot on Baker Hill.
S. Macdonald.
48 P. O. Box 102.
For a reliable Loeal Salesman re
presenting Cunuda's Oldest ami
Urea test Nurseries in Crunbrook
and adjoining country,
The popularity of our stock,
which ih grown on limestone soil,
making our treusuud bushes Imi
dlor and longer*!Ived tliun Coaei
grown Btock, i;* acknowledged hy
experienced fruit growers.
UY make a Bpocialty of growing
Btock for |{'iti!*li Columbia, ami
ship in uarloiul io that Province.
A permanent uiuiulion to right
man, with good territory re-
Pay weekly; free outfit.
Write fnr particulars,
Foothill Nuraeries
(l-lretmml by It, 0. (Invcriinient i
TORONTO        -        ONT.
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt iu British
Columbia, may be honiestended by
any person who is the sole bead of a
family, or any male over 18 vcars of
age, to the extent of one-quarter section of Kit) ncres, more or lesB.
Entry must he made personally at
the local land ofliee for tho district
in which the land is situate. Entry
liy proxy may, however, lie made ou
certain conditions by the father,
mother, son, daughter, brother or
sister ol an Intending homesteader.
Tbe homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one ol the following plans:
(I) At least, six months' residence
upon und cultivation ol the laud in
each vear for three years.
(2).' If the fnthoi tor mother,
it the liithei is deceased), ol the
liomoslcndoi resides upon a farm In
the vicinity of the land entered Im,
(lie requirements as to residence mav
lie satisfied by Bitch person residing
with the father or mother.
(.'(). If tht setlter tins bis per
mam-iit residence upon farming land
owned by him in the vicinity of Ins
boiiie.strad, tin requirements as to
restdonco may be satislVd by resld
once upon the said 'and.
Six months' notice la writing
should be given to the Commission--!
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of in
trillion to npply lor putent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may he
leased lor a period o| twenty-mie
vears at an annual rental of $1 per
ncre. Not more than 2,570 acres
-hall be leased to one individual or
'ompany. A royalty nt thc rate r.f
five cents per ton shall be collected
the merchantable coal mined.
Deputv of tbe Minister ot the Interior. 2-2.U
I will pay the liinlirat price lot
liirs consiiritccl to mo nt Lcthlitldne,
Alto., ami II the price Is not satisfactory I will i)"v express both ways
attfl rettirn the same.
J. Young,
48-tl* P. O. Boi 14. I UK   « liAMil'OOk    IIKiiAl.l)
HEID OFFICR, TllllllYill
b. i. walker, president | Paid up Capital, $10,000,000
alkahder laird, oen.roi M:n.---r | Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, ami in the United Slates and England
COUNTRY  RIISINF*?1? I:urv r,"ili,v ultonled lo farmer* and
uuun ini Duoimcai   jma ,or the „.linsilction of __
banking business.    Sales notes will W cashed or taken for collection.
BANKING BY MAIL •  s"IV''- °pcncd **nM,il ^
nnnnina di  i.imil    l110nit,5ucposiu.uorwithdrai--«to ?!•
way with equal fm ilitv. ,j_
R. T. Brymner, rinnai-or Cranbrook Branch
Metropolitan Stylo combined with All the Comfort* of lloim-
Our   25c.   Merchants'   Lunch
Is What lhe Merchants Eat
Tin ly CHARCOAL DHOll.KH helweoii Calgary uml the Count
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In the Spring the Young Man's Fancy
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thu two Italians should nut C50 io a
liatr, with a siitului amount bv Hun
new loutHl friends—S1D0 in nil. This
was done, hut when the buff was afterwards opened, and the eoufldeuce
trieksters, as they turnt-d out to be.
had gone, it was found to contain a
bundie of paper and a handful uf
eoppers wrapped in a handkerchief.
"Kelo de se" was   the verdict returned by     a   South   Leicestershire
jury   recentlv.     on   Ernest   Aliredpoker  was told   at a recent inquest   burned recentlv in Alnwick cemetery,
no'at Whitwick, Leicestershire, en    tlte aiti
A tale of cruelty    wilh a   nil-hut
summoning assistance, ascended to
lhe first floor hy means ol a ladder,
and rescued, under circumstances ,>i
the greatest diOiculty, nu [ewer than
eight persons. Tlie beavv nalc made
the rescue ull the more dangerous
and difficult.     The irstiuiiunt     was
MlllKli  OUt.
Latnh, a native of Leicester,
had lived in America. Deceased
married uti Knglish woman some six
months ago, and she understood that
he had a large battking account,     in
bodies of Hide Knight, a collier, and
.Mary Elizabeth, his wile. Knight,
who had appcansl strange in his actions, was fouud dead, having hanged
Chicago.     The other morning    said himselfnear"^ tousi "and soon   af-
tlic widow   at the   Inquest, deceased  forwards his wile was found dead
brought her a cup ol tea at the bedroom, but as soon as she tasted it,
she said: "What horrible stud! It's
as hitter as gall! I can't drink
this. It's like poison; come aud
fetch it." Deceased said, "1 can't
account for that; I imd it nut of the
same caddy as usual. Make haste
and drink it up, as I want the cup.
It must be your mouth." She, however, ill,I nut drink any more, hut
she lapsed Into uncunsciousness. ao„,.; strangled htm
When she woke up she felt still and limjt.,
numbed und thought she was dviug., —
Her husband was in bed by her side. I   hi the South Lincolnshire villi of
Mir managed to get down stairs and Moulton the letting ol small holdings
went out to a neighbor's, but cnl- has been made on condition that the
SKSk ,"' ""'"••?• ""a m "ot applicants must marry. The small
know how loug she loy there. Other holdings tliere consist ol t'rown
ci iiience was to the effect that de- lands, which have been leased by the
v*"'*   '" "     difficulties, Moulton Parish council,     The clause
lied. The sixteen-year-old sun nf tlie
couple slated that aboul three
weeks previous lus father Ihroatcned
his mother with a red-hot poker, unit
she ran out ,,f the house. While she
was awav be kept the poker in the
fire, and on her return lie attacked
her with the poker by prodding her
in the back. This caused a serious
wound, which resulted in death, and
Knight, terrified bv what lie had
If will,
ceased was   in financial
and that he died from cyanide       ol
potassium poisouiug.
A fireman, named William Uoswav,
was drowned in Sandwich Haven, recently, while attempting to hoard his
vessel, the steams-hip Kern, The
gangway     was   frozen and slippery,
"^liii"iaU,<'"1,|ltJ"K', ,",' '•'"■V.?1.0** nta'rrv and "se'ttle on the land." Thc
astride he lost his hold and fell into phrase "within a reasonable time,"
i* Mo , ».€0,nl|",j">!ll a, recruit |„ ,hl, case ol a \ t within the Royal Marine Light lnlantry „,it „ flanece, hns been held hy thc
"' u..i-....-    named    Harold kirby,' parish council t, ver a period    ol
in the provisional agreement, which
was signed by each tenant previous to
entry, was as follows "The teaant
tn reside on his holding as soon as
the bouse is erected and reuttv -for
occupation, and, if a single man, to
satisfy the parish council uf his intention within a reasonable time   to
at Walmcr,
divested himself of his coat and hai,
und sprang Into the ice-coated water
alter him. He succeeded in getting
hold of him, und, keeping his head
above water with one hand, he grasped a hawser with the other, and
worked his way to the side of a tug.
C'nsway was got ashore, and a doctor-
tried lor three-quarters of an hour,
hut, unavailingly, to restore animation, death resulting from shock. At
the inquest., the coroner told Kirbv,
who is a native of Sandwich, that
he was a credit to thc King's service and to the town. The jurv recommended hlm lor the Royal Humane Society's medal.
Mrs. Vcsey, of Cttarlton-on-Med-
lock, Manchester, had a startling adventure with a hurblar, named
Swete, who entered her bedroom
through an open window. The ladv
lirst saw the man In a crouching position, and on being asked what he
was doing there, he coolly replied,
"I have come about the gas." She
pluckily seized hint, but he knocked
her aside and escaped into thc street.
Mrs. Vcscy's daughter lollowed him,
and after a chase Police Constable
McElroy secured him. At the Manchester police court, recently, Swete
was charged with stealing a 'quant it r
ol jewellery, the constable stated
that in his effort to escape, tbe
prisoner went through a building in
I'ourse of erection, and witness found
liim in one of the rooms with his
iff pretending to put up u marble slab. McElroy nucstioncd him,
and the prisoner said he worked
there, lie was sentenced to two
months' hard labor.
An amusing application was made
at Tottenham police court, London,
ntly, by a sturdy, but forlorn-
looking man, who complained that
he had no power in his own name,
lie explained that he and his wile
occupied part of a house, in which
tho latter's '     '
lived. He had no voice in the
place, and dared not speak. He wanted lus wife to come away, but she
refused. She was always with her
sister-in-law. That morning he was
threatened by her with a knife, hy
the brother with a chopper, and by
tlie sister-in-law with a poker. The
mag istratc—What do you want?
Applicant—Can 1 compel her to come
away from there" The magistrate
—Wc cannot say where she shall
live. Vou must assert yourself as
a man. Applicant went'away very
disconsolately, remarking that it
was "all verv well" tn talk like
twelve months.
A girl ol thirteen, Madeline Hew,
of St. John's Wood, London, was declared at the police court recentlv to
he beyond the control of her mother. The mother stated tbat Madeline ran away some time ago when
thev were living in France, taking
practically no clothes or money with
lier. It was hut, a few days ago
that she got to know her daui-httr's
whereabouts. The police alleged
that the girl had been going about
representing herself us a typist, thus
procuring hoard and lodgings, but
disappearing when the money became
due. Thc industrial school inspector
stated that the girl had been charged
at Marlboroui-b street police court
on several occasions. She is lo he
sent to an industrial school.
A remarkable career ol crime was
unfolded at Preston sessions recently, when Joseph Edwards was sentenced to live years' penal servitude
lor stealing luggage and a charitable
collecting bos. Chief Inspector Per-1 days' imprisonment. Dickson, who
kins stated that a large quantity of j presented a pitiable appearance at
stolen  propertv   was   found    in the the _ bar, got off    with   a modified
.lohn Kerdinund Korster. a Crimean
and     Italian   Mutiny veteran,    was
nd though be died in Alnwick workhouse, he was not buried as a pauper. Two years ago. while in
Alnwick Workhouse, he was grant,-d a
special campaign pension of one
shilling a dav fnr service in Ouilh in
1M,8, and his savings from this, together with Uls, given by Col. Kcti-
yun.Stancy, provided for Ills buriiil
In sentencing Robert Petri,- to
seven years' penal servitude at Stirling recently (or at templing to wreck
a train Lord Guthrie characterized
tiro ntfence as Nihilism and attempted murder and massacre. Peine,
who wus un ex-railway servant was
innvieted of placing au obstruction
nu the Caledonian railwav and verv
lu-arlr causing disaster to a crowded
express. The crime lo,,k place near
Stirling ou Saturdav night, December 5, when eight imn chairs were
iuiiiid ott the line. Two of the
chairs weighed 130 Iks. each, and but
for lbe lact of a slow goods tram
coming upon the obstructions and
smashing them, a terrible accident
would have occurred. The railway
nllicials stated that the night express
Irom Aberdeen to Kuston might havo
come before the goods train and heen
derailed and thrown over a bridge
into the River Forth with une liutul-
ri-.i i be defence wus an
alibi; but it was proved that Pet tie
was dismissed some weeks previously
from thc Caledonian Huilwuy company's service, and he was seen near
tlie spot where the obstructions were
lound twenty minutes befure the occurrence.
Particulars ol a rather sensational
light came out dining thc hearing nf
n case at Wishaw, recently. The
parties foregathered in a public-house
ami .lames Flynn, a local fruit merchant, pitted John Dickson, one of
his hawkers, against Paddv Printy,
another Wishaiii worthy, backing him
lor Ml) to m. Dickson and Printy
stripped ami fought in the street, but
after manv rounds, neither had gained an advantage. A general melee
tullnwed amongst the respective partisans, the row lasting lur nearly an
hour. Hy the time the police appeared, the principles hud disappear,
ed. Paddy Printy has nut since been
seen. Dickson, some time later, was
wnhtcd iti Larkhall, and, in trying to
escape, he Jumped from a iwo-storv
w indow and injured himself. Dn
having hospital, he was apprehended,
and brought to Wishaw, and nlong
with Flynn and John Printv father
nf Paddy Printy, appeared at the
court.    Flynn wns lined .€1, or    14
prisoner's rooms at Manchester, and
he admitted tiavintr stolen hues in
Paris and London throe veins ago.
lt was further stated that Edwards
was sentenced to three months    for
penalty of 10s. or seven days.   John
Printy wns dismissed.
The circumstances attending n fiendish attack on a woman are   at   prc-
stealinc  nt   Eastbourne,    previously ' sent engaging the attention   ol   the
having hecu     sentenced   to eighteen Forth    police.       The victim, Helen
months at   Chester fnr false uretcn-1 McRorio or Drown has been admitted
ecs. while at   Liverpool he received I to the infirmary suffering from burn-
four vears for   in" uml at Folk-ling all over thc body, while her face
stone twelve months Inr felonv. I bas also been terribly battered   ami
—— I bruised.    The injuries are alleged to
Two  London  men, named Wattson!'"»'- been committed    with a spade
and    Denton,    have becn sent home "r io"ff »>' a man for whom the po-
from Southern Nigeria after    having !"'° a™ -»"ki**K a diligent search. It
been convicted at Sekuudi assizes of |s supposed the unfortunate   woman
assaulting a native    who is said   to  '""1 been held over the fire till    she
have been spreudeuglcd nn the -round was terribly     scorched.      The affair
and kept, without food in the burning  took    place at  Uridge-lane,    Perth,
sun, while lires    were started around   "'own    was found    lying   stretched
*\*n."   aTic' •°.,wo'cu him, iu the hope af inducing him t...across the Iloor beside a shakedown
brother andjus wife also c0„,,ss wh      ,„. nad ,„miiM m0„. I bed  and hood was flowing from her
  cy stolen    Irom the mining camp ut lu-ud, which was dreadfully battered
Jcnkcnrooni, on the Ni a river. The  "»« disfigured.    Running nut for us-
(lovcrnor of Plymouth jail is await- slstanctj, .Mrs. Mirquhar, who discov-
ing instructions' from the home 6t-,<™>_™> af'"*'. "i"' -'• <-■•» "j™
flee as to where the two men are and Robertson, who proceeded to the
tn serve their sentences.
Charged with stealing two fishing
vessels ut Folkestune, Paul Schmidt
nml Harold Peterson, Norwegian sea-
meu. were sentenced at thc recent
quarter sessions to twelve months'
and six months' hard lahor respectively. The men stole the vessels
from Folkestone harbdr, and were
captured hy a Ileal crew whilst sail-1
_ j ing one of thc vessels
other having been sunk,
the   New Zealand conviction     at   Cardili
house, and did all they could for the
helpless victim. An ambulance van
lieing procured, she was conveyed to
the infirmary, where she lies in a
critical condition.
Miss Isabella Bcatt, employed in a
photographic works in Dundee, met
a strange death recently. A companion called at her house about
eight o'clock to go with her for her
'liannel ^The music lesson, but was Informed that
A previous
she had not returned Irom work. The
 -     "»    ■■■»-.■......«. convieimii     at   Cardiff   was proved ■ companion who is also.employed   in
i-nnipany's S. S. Papuroa, which ro-  a^nst Schmidt for stealing a yawl, I the photographic   works, did      not
ccntly arrived i.i London,   had    the  valued at   UUU, iu PJOO.    The pris- """l    """*'    '''"" """ '
unique experience   during the voyage om.rs arc to he depnrtwl alter sorv-
nt dancing over a tire.      Soon atter   i„j. rfocir sentences.
leaving Monte Video fire burst out in I ™
the   hold   among     thc   butter and I   Hemarkuble evidence was given at
''I se with   whieh thc vessel    was „„ inquest, hold    at Manchester   rc-
loaded, nml dav alter day   thc   crow ceutly. concerning    tbe death   ot   a.,        ,   ..   ,
fought it.    Capt,    (Tlllord gave or-   s,.|iooI teacher, John Houghton, who, vuig beside her machine
think there was any one working
late that night, and along with two
sisters of the girl and a clerk of thc
lirm, went to the establishment to
make inquiries. Proceeding to the
room in which she was cmploved
thev were horrified to discover her
Her scarf
dors that no   fuss wus to be made. snot himself    with a revolver
and tbe passengers were lo get    no commenced    to   study    spiritualism
inkling that    anything serious    was somP months ago, and had since been
wrong.      All the   usual amusements up^t, and once he suggested to   his
were carried out, and one of tbo   big wife she should commit suicide with
successes was a hall held In the   s.i- him.    When she spoke nf his seeking
Innn directly over the fire.    One    ot niedical advice be threatened to kill
Ihe crew described the ship us being |,cr.     •**„ „,„,,   |c|t b-tters, stating
a Friday    boat this   voyage.      She _c bad been    urged on b<  the unseen
niled on a Friday,    left Wellington world, and that spiritualism    which
Inr home on u Friday, arrived      ut {,,. hui| thought a
Monte Video on a Friday, discovered cotllQ a curse,
llie lire nn a Friday, put back on    a —.
Friday, and arrived at Plymouth , r. a
sing had    bc-
Ht.! luui become entangled in the machinery, and she was strangled. The
body was still warm, atid a doctor
was at once sent for. Dr. Bulst arrived and certified that she was
dead. How the scarf got entangled
in the wheels, whether by the buck
ii- trout, did not appear, and as no
rv was heard thc accident cvldcntl)
jappencd too suddenly to allow tho
poor girl to make her terrible position known.
A striking story ol loyalty of British seamen to their cupiaiu was told
at Grimsby recently nn the arrival
A boy, aged ten, has been a nine „| the officers ol the steamship (lien-
days' wonder nt Colchester. On dale, which foundered uff Heligoland.
New Year's day he came home very '|he captain ordered his crew into
wet, und explained that he had res- the liielioat which had c-nme to their
cued another boy from drowning. Ho assistance, stating that he would
said he had crawled along rotten ice 1Pmaln and take his chance in the
in the Castle park and dragged the sjn|(jng ship. Every niun thereupon
other boy to the bank, where he refused to enter the'lifeboat, and. as
upplli-d artificial respiration, which ,,„ persuasion could alter their deci-
hutl lieen previously taught him hy sj0n. the captain lelt his ship and ho
his lather. Tho dclight-d parents m_ n|s crew were snlelr landed nt
took tlu- boy round to tho local Heligoland,
newspaper offices, and the news    of
Ids heroism was duly chronicled
the press. Headed by the names ot
corporation olliciuls and loading residents, ti petition to the Royal Humane Society was prepared. When
Branch Store at 41.1 .loMpliltio hi., BOX HI
Mkd.B.IJ. VKRY KAHY TKIIMH I'nnlinxik, B.C
Elaborate provisions for the comfort ol his servant, Mary Ann Hogg,
wore made by Mr. William Stott, of
Stockport, in his will. He lelt her
*S25, an eighth share ol his resid-
document was taken to the uaIy estate, most ol the furniture in
rescued boy's mother however, it |lt.r r00m an- considerable silver-
was found that he had never heen In , Warc. lie also guve her a right ol
the waler at all, and that, the story ' residing at his house, Chatsworth
was tin absolute fabrication. I Villa, Adswood   Lane,   with his son
' land   daughter-in-law,   stating    that
A    story is to    hand ol how two  she    is to   look after her own room
Italians employed itt tho West End of  and provide her own food and wash-
London have lost their savings    as  ing, and that any    other wnrk is to
the result of a chance ncntiaintancc- be optional,
i ship with a fellow-countryman and nn i ——
accomplice,    who   passed off as    a!   Splendid gallantry was shown by
wealthy man from Mexico anxious to policeman at a fire at Margate    ;
distribute  charity In   London.      In  ccntly.    The outbreak, which      i
this work thoy Invited thc assistance curreit at tho Albion hold    in    thc
of their victims, and it was arranged,   small hours ot the morning, was dts
as a   guarantee   ot good faith, that covered by I'.   (■'. Sales, who, alter a home comfortable.
Atl extraordinary story i' a dug's
sagocitv comes Irom Paisley. During
tlie recent violent gales part ot nn
ild building in thc High street was
blown down, nnd tho falling brickwork caught a corrugated iron structure in which was installed an engine. A watchman, Robert Thomson, was inside at thc time, having
with him an Irish terrier. Thomson
was pinned down by the debris, but
tlie dog got free and ran up the high
street until he met a policeman,
whose attention he attracted by
pulling his clothes. The dog led the
policeman to the scene ol the accident, help was procured, and Thomson, though injured about thc head
and body, was rescued alive. Thomson had a narrow escape trom being
roasted alive, as the steam from the
broken pipe was escaping all around
him. ___^__
Women arc fortunate in that their
hair docs not naturally grow the
way thoy fix it up.
The average woman never receipts
for a telegram without getting ns
white as a sheet.
An ideal play in tho estimation nl
women is one wherein the heroine
weeps most of the time.
Heated conversation does not make
Si--* our West Window,   Vour choice nf iluw* Cloth
Itoum! Bonk*
Vnlttes frnm nil Cents to $1.00
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mils i»t ilny.
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1 Canadian Hotel |
S3 B
Jj One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- gj
B brook.   Warm rooms, good meals {•}
B and a bar stocked with the best B
| Joseph Brault, Proprietor |
Ben tn (tunounce tliat they nr.' now op».Ti to give estimates 4
tor Contracts, larj-.. nr small    All onr quotations are reason- ♦
utile, and nothing l»ut first-clASS work.    Let us quote you *
for your building, mid compare onr prices with all others in ♦
town. *
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o-postao.p....station      Vancouver, B. C.
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New .MiiiiiiL'i'inenl Improved in Kvery Way
Cranbrook.   H. C.
< Inr Motto . " Tin- Hest is None Too (icr«l "
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
Tin* MamtotutiH rent rally IncHtwl mul han onnof tlm It-wt -Hnintfrnom*
in the city.   Tlm .mr in *mppiie<l with tlm Iwat of I.iqiion nnd Cigari*
13.00 A VKAK
FKHRLTAKY 25, 3900
By thc Herald   Publishing Compauy,
arise io the importance oi the occasion and present the general policy
that will meet with the approval oi
the people, What British Columbia
needs at   the   presenl   time is more
The Herald h worth jiu a year. U
costfl only i'i, No man in south
Kasl Kootenay ean alTord to bo wilb-
util ii, uml evcrjonu living outside ol
iin- district, who Is interested in the
piogreas ol this M'ltitin, should read
ii. ii publishes iht- iieu-*. while it is
news. It is controlled absolute]- u.»
the publishers No clique, part) oi
Individual   dictates   Its    policy.     It
.Ittii'l   !ij   tu please,  the people.      It's
deslro is to publish ;i newspapcl that
mil be a credit to lhe community.
Si-mi in your subscription ami you
will lu* thankful evoi afterward.
Advertising rates fl.mi pel inch pei
iiniiilli, no more and nu less.
Heading matter lo cents per linu
to non.advertisers; lli cents per line
in regular advertisers.
11 yon desire to reach the peoplo ol
South ICasl Kootenay you must ud-
verii.se in The Herald.
The Herald lias ;i first-class job
plant, and its work is ol the best.
The Herald don't want charity. It.
wants a square deal on your job
work. If we can't suit you in quality and priee, kick, and send your
work to some Cheap John house in
the eabt that never spends a cent in
1, K. E. Simpson, manager ot the
Cranbrook Herald, tlo hereby state
that the pressman's honks show, and
that I have every reason to believe
thai tin- circulation of the Herald for
the past year has heen 71.oth copies,
iii i iileil as follows:
January, i»w>  ti.mifi
February,   MI'S    -1,7-0
'larch, 11)08  3,'lu
April,  11)08    5,S7(I
May, 190S    4,775
June, tuns                 . ...1,680
Julv, 1!MIS  5,895
August,    100s   ... II,MH
.September,   1808 5,825
October,   ions s.vi;,
November,   1S08    5,375
December,  lulls     ti,o75
Total lor the year IU0S ., 71,(17!)
Average fiionthly circulation..592.1.8
Average weekly circulation .l.'l(>(>.'7
Subscribed and sworn io belore mc
this liitli day of February, 1(109, nl
('ranhrook. B.C.
John Hutchison,
A    Notary    Public   in and   for   the
County of Kontcnar, liiitisli t'.i-
T     People interested In Frull ,,
* l.-in-Js in   -multi-east Kool   ''
♦ euav  should write In !,
co., Ltd ;;
'■ R. A. RUSSELL ' '
All ol Cranbrook, B. C.
f.  observations!
"*•*» M«->^**fl-a:-SBitfreei-:*i**eif %>aW
Tlio Saturday Sunset, ol Vancouver, insists thai it is time tor
Hie McHride government lo announce
a comprehensive nnd sane railwaj
policy. The Herald heartily agrees
with the Sunset. Manitoba- Saskatchewan uud Alberta governments
.<ie already doimr » vast amount of
work along the line of development
hy providing for branch lines in their
different provinces. llritish Columbia must take action sunn or the
prosperity that this province is entitled i o by M s wonderful resourcus
will come to future generations nnd
not to Hie present. It is well to
haw* a government ihat can so
handle Uie hnsiness ol :i province as
io show lhe balances on tlie right side
nf the ledger at the close of a fiscal
year. W-t it must be borne in
mind that much of the surplus of
ihis year in llritish Columbia is due
to the sale ni permanent resources In
ilie province. This surplus looks
well upon paper and makes a nice
(heme for discussion on the political
platform. Hut we believe that the
time has now eome for the McRiiile
government tn take a firm stand in
regard to the development, of the resources of the province. This ean
he done hy tlic encouragement of the
Imi Id ing nf railways under proper
safeguards ami a more liberal policy
in the construction of mads, trails
and bridges throughout tht* province.
We would in thei see a deficit of several millions that had been properly
and honestly expended in the development of t-he country, than a surplus
of tlie same amount and nothing doing in the way of development. We
sliould like to see the Alberta policy
in the way of giving assistance to
branch lines of railway bv guarantee'
ing Hie bonds issued lor construction, but not one cent in cash subsidy nor onr acre of land. Wc nad
Hy concede that this development
problem is a most serious one for
anv government nnd arc of opinion
that the   MeBride government    will
along these lines and less in lhe
uf political   achievements.      A
and honesl polity should receive
cordial support oi ilu*   whole po
ment, .md when that day comes,
we trust   tbat it   may be soon,
will lie iin*   dawn   ul a new era
British Columbia,
is ii nol about time that preparations were being nude lor the establishment of baseball and lacrosse
learns for the summer.
M, s McCarthy, IU*., of Cahrary,
Vllu., announces that he will not be
able to accept thc position of government leader for the Conservative
part) in Alberta, Mr, McCarthy is
exceedingly wise, lt is far better to
hold the posit Iou that he docs ns a
■imminent member ol the opposition
in the Dominion parliament, rather
than in accept tho doubtful honor as
leadcl   of Q   weak opposition    of    the
parliament of Alberta, The man
who takes Mr. McCarthy for a foul,
political or otherwise, has another
guess coming. This will give an opportunity to the loyal Dr. Brett or
the silver-tongued Robertson, who
now ean come forward as second
choice candidates.
The Farmers' institute has got
down to good solid business and at
their meeting on Saturday passed a
number of resolutions which should
bear fruit of great value to the district.
It is lime lo think about and order
trees for spring planting. This is
not a matter that .should be delayed
un lil the spring breaks.
The eity of Medicine Hat sold
$21,30(1 worth of debentures at
JtlO-t.ttB, which means a premium of
Ha-13.85. This is one of the highest premiums ever paid the west.
"Business is business,'1 evidently
according to the British war ofliee.
Is it goofl business to form the army
of the empire and feed them on Chicago packing house products'.'
Margaret Islington, the actress,
says sbe got a divorce [rom her husband, Ki'ohmun, the show man, because he wanted to make her a
theatrical star whilst she wanted to
lead a domestic life—wanted to stay
at home and dam socks. Some women in Cranbrook, when they have
wanted to go to tbe theatre, have
1.uiked upon the beaped-up work-
basket und eiclaimed "Darn the
There wus a horrible row in the
family in 17»*>. The mother country
aud hei eldest daughter quarrelled,
lotighl, aud the daughter set up
housekeeping for herself, and showed
that she was u most excellent housekeeper at that Today, in this
year of grace 19011, she is more than
on visiting term*- with ber yoiuger
sister, -Miss Canada, in fact, ii vou
see Ihem together in any if the Western provinces, Miss Columbia ond
Miss Canada look like a pair of
mighty gopd looking twins.
There is a town called Camrn«-" iu
Alberta. Camrose can teach (Man-
brook one thing, and it would be well
for Cranbronk to learn the lesson.
Camrose 1ms a Canadian club and by
means of tbat Canadian club that
eity advertises itself1 so that people
ail over the globe know that Cam-
rose is the "Hose of Alberta."
Cranbronk needs sonic institution ot
tin* sumc kintl, call it by any name
you will. We have as much to be
proud of nud an much to advertise
as Camrose.     Then why not'.'
ll is said that K. J. Deane, the
late proprietor and editor of the
Nelson Daily News, will establish a
newspaper in Edmonton. If this is
I he case Kdinontoti gets one of the
best newspaper men in the Canadian
It is said that thc Hon. Frank
Oliver took his first lessons in artistic profanity while driving oxen from
Winnipeg to Edmonton.
The Kaslo Kootenaian says that
since       the Slocan        Mining
Keviev?        of New        Denver
lias closed down the Kootenaian is
he only newspaper published in the
Slocan district. The people of that
|district under tlreso circumstances
should, by a liberal support, enable
ihe Kootenaian to be one of thc
lust papers in the Interior ot British
\s an indication of the interest
ihat is being manifested iu this district by those who desire to *ugage;
In fruit farming the firm of Beale A*
Klwell during the past week have received a large number of letters from
Kastcrn Canada and various portions
nf tho United States containing inquiries in regard to this district.
These letters at this time are mete.
ripples nn the waters that will be
succeeded by a iidal wave later in
the season. South Kast Kootenay
within a verv short time will prove
to be one of the best districts for
frull raising m British Columbia and
It is up io the people to do all in
their power to promote an industry
that will eventually give to this district permanent prosperity.
The opposition to Local Option
among fair-minded people ot this
province is growing. It seems that
a majority favor the idea that i!
tlm hotel business is to be confiscated the owners should be recompensed.
The Herald's idea of a $1.00 dinner
is growing in popularity.
The Canadian bible (Eaton's catalogue) arrived in time last week for
the Sunday service.
A few days njjo sixteen hundrod
people ot Winnipeg invaded the parliament buildings of Manitoba and
demanded a henring nn the proposition of barring out the saloon In that
province   They had a most respect
ful hearing and in the language ot
all parliaments, tbey were promised
that their request "should have a
most  respect lnl consideration."
The lumbermen are at Victoria ask-
>..g tin- government foi permanent
Lille lo their timber holdings, sub-
: to any change of fees that the
government may Impose. This
ieems only fair and just since under
the present regulation uo man engaged in lumbering in this province
knows reallj what his title may be
._ his timber limits. a cnaogo
along tbe lines asked for would do
much towards giving permanency to
the business as well as Increasing the
prosperity of    the people.
As the Herald understands It the insurance men of the province are
asking that foreign Insurance companies shall be balled from J.■Hi!',
business iii British Columbia. There
ma> ue some basis for this rci|Ues1
tint we wonder what the people of
ihe piovince would say if the news-
p.ipei publishers and pi inters would
ask ioi a law barriug any, punting
coming into this province from any
-.thei portion nf Canada?
The Ciatibtook district has been
awarded $25,000 for roads, trails
and budges in the estimates just received. This is good evidence ol the
lact that the MeBride government
propose io deal fairly with the
i run li rook district the coming year.
This amount of money will provide
for many needed improvements
throughout tbt- district and will
prove a great boon to the people
In the opinion of   the Herald   the
Laurier government made the most
grievous error when they disallowed
the last Natal Act passed by the
provincial parliament. It is true
that thc courts ot British Columbia
hud declared the act ultra viris, yet
it would have been far better, politically and otherwise, if the Doniio-
ion government had permitted the
matter to take its regular course to
the Privy 0 ouncil for a final decision. The people of Eastern Canada
must break away from the delusion
under which they seem to rest, that
British Columbia will ever be satis-
lied with any legislation tbat will
permit an unrestricted entrance of
Chinese, .Japanese and Hindoos. The
United States has its treaties with
the countries of the Orient, and aside
from a little trouble now and then
aroused by insane and irresponsible
agitators, ' there has been no trouble
of an International character, notwithstanding their exclusion laws.
.Other colonies of the British Empire
have enacted drastic laws regarding
Immigration from the Orient and
there bus been no trouble based upon
Impelial reasons. Wc believe that
British Columbia should be ■■iven the
light lo dictate her own policy as to
immigration and uot be forced to be
used as a dumping ground for the
scum of cheap labor in the countries
across Uic Pacific. Wc well understand tliat ou this question railways
aud other large corporations that arc
extensive employers of labor, are
anxious to see the living wage of thc
white man cut down to the wage ol
the foreigner, who has uo home no
Cod and no love of country. Like
the Standard Oil company, these corporations have no politics, but are
willing to contribute to the success
of any party that will give them
what they ask. We believe in a
white British Columbia, not as a
political cry, but as an actual fact,
and when the dav comes that the
price charged by the cheap foreigner
will become the basis of the wage-
earner iu this province, the west for
the first Ume will then understand
the true meaning of the march of
the unemployed.
The Cianbrook Park association
held a most enthusiastic meeting on
Tuesday night and arranged tor a
spring race meeting for May 21th and
25th. Arrangements are being* made
that will insure the success of this
meeting, and wilh the re-election of
V. A. Rollins as president, T. M.
Roberts as secretary-treasurer and
■ lames Kyau as managing director,
the gentlemen who contributed so
I argon to the success of
tho      meeting    a       vear ago,
the people of this district can rest
assured that at tbe next meeting
i bey will have a good run tor their
The Herald regrets very much iti—
deed that thc Dominion parliament
saw fit io extend the charter of
the Kootenav Central railway without Imposing anv restriction ns to
building nn\ portion af the road this
vear. Tbls system of extending
charters from year to yenr without
anv plausible excuse is u rotten
farce that has become a stench In
the nostrils of the people,    The rail-
New Spring Goods
Yoi'N'i MEN in their "Twiiiitlfta" mul "Early Thirties," have a
dootdetl objection to wearing tho mum- style unit thnt their fathors
are wearing,   After much patient thought ami experimenting, the
have brought out several styles which ure distinctly the " Young .Man's Suits "
Wc urc showing their latest and most up-to-date styles at prices ranging from
$24.OO TO $37. 50
We have just opened up a larije consignment ol lhe verv latest and choicest
designs iu the following!—
THE FAMOUS POTTER PRINTS -Warranted last colors,   Tins is the finest line we
huve ever had in stock.
MUSLINS   Wc havu tlie largest and mosl up-to-date assortment to select from.
WAISTS-W" are showing an especially gnud ran^e nf these in both Long and
Short Sleeves.
LINEN SUITINGS   -^ large variety of Colors and patterns.
roads of the country owe everything to the people ot the countrv ami they have received in Canada every consideration that any
reasonable corporation could ask for.
The development of the west cannot
be carried on without proper transportation, and the Kootenay valley
is a magnificent Illustration ot this
fact. Again we say that the extension of the charter of the Kootenay Central is a shame and n disgrace to the country.
The Cranbrook knocker should follow   the example   set by       the
bear, and hibernate for the next
six months.
The Crunhrook-Fernie Farmers' Institute has started on Its second
year with every prospect ol doing
mosl excellent work. The president.
T. S. Oill, is a gentleman who has
taken great interest In the development <>f agriculture     in this district
and has always been willing to sacrifice his time in advancing the best
interests ot thc organization. William Hamilton, the vice-president, is
the Nestor fruit raiser of the territory adjacent to Cranbrook, and by
bis toil and intelligence has demonstrated the fact that tho bench
lands of tbis district aro veritable
gold mines in the way of fruit raising. In its secretary tbo organization has been exceedingly fortunate,
ns ii. II. Ashworth Is eminently
qualified for the duties of the
position and in addition to this is
an enthusiastic agriculturist with
modern ideas and a firm belief in the
soil and climate of this district (or
the successful operation of fruit
farming. This organization is being
better supported this year and everv
citizen ot lho district who is interested in creating conditions that
will insure permanent prosperity tor
nil, should become members ol the
organization.     The annual fee      iB
only fifty rents, and thc government
will put up an equal amount for each
member that thc organization
secures. To carry on the work
more effectually money is needed, and
during the next two weeks every
individual who reads this article
should enclose fifty cents to the secretary, Mr. Ashworth, or leave thc
same at tbe Herald office and receipt.*
will he given, lt must be borne in
mind tbat each member of the
Farmers' Institute is entitled to and
will receive all the agricultural
literature issued hy the Provincial
government, which, of course, will lie
worth manv times the cost of membership.    The time to join is now.
Prince Itupert Empire: There is a
new political line-up in the north.
Men who for a good many years were
Liberal dictators are now Conservative agitators. Thev wero Liberals
for spoils. Thev will be Conservatives for urnft.    The rank nnd flic ol
both the Conservative and Liberal
parties is made up of men who he-
lieve in their parlies, and who in no
way profit through belne party men
other than bavin Mm satistaction of
performing what thev believe to be
their duties as citizens. In 1'riuce
lllitmrt both parties arc about equal-
Iv strong, nud the change of tront til
half a dozen men, who are wholly
I without political influence when tt
cease to be dictators, will have uo
[appreciable effects in future contests.
The Umpire is Inclined to the opinion that the people of tbe North,
from this time on, will do most of
, their own thinking, and men who aspire to leadership will la- judged on
their merits, and not on lheir polill
inil nllilintions, or their commercial
iratitiK in Rr ad street, or their (ninth
connections. It will be a good Ihltw
I for the North it this he so, (or the
.more independent peoplo ate, tbo
'freer will be cured before Canada ean
be a self-government nation.
Accidents Will Happen
Recentlv we Received a consignment of
DINNER SK'I'S from Kngland. When
opened tip, we found several pieces had
linen broken, and these aels wc are offering
at bargain prices.
115 PIECE IIINNK SET, wurlli (25.00, with
thron hlcreii short, t,    $1(1.00
!I7 CIHCI! DINNER Ser, worth $18.00, Willi
linen, piece" short, lor    $11.00
We arc showing a Im of Bluu and
Oreen China after tin) Wedgewood
pattern, iu
SUUAR AND CREAM SETS, worth 115c lor 25c
Boots For The Baby
Wo carry a good anBortmont uf SOFT
INFANTS at price-, from l()e. to 7flc.
INFANTS'DONUOLA BOOTS, button und luce,
per pair     $t.(H»
INFANTS' D0N00LA BLUCHERS, with uiifcle
itipporti     S1.H5
Muck     $1.50
wi.le lawn ouk soIm     $2.00
BOOTS, hunil rawn onk nolo     $2.IKI
»•♦>•> M*HiitiM«ifii«i*iiiiiia—tn——an I'HE    CIIANIIKOIIK     I1KHAI.U
Imperial Bank of Canada:!
Arrovvh '.t'i, Uoklon. ICumloopa, Michel, Nolsou,   Revelstoke,
Vancouver nml Vlotorin
SA VI N(<S   DKIWIM M KNT      tntoresl   allowed on
•lop isils at our rout rate from dute * »f doposH
Cranbrook Branch - J. F. iM. PINKHAM, Mgr.
Buy "Aurora"
We will bo glad to give you full
information about this property and
wo invite  the   closest   investigation.
We will Pay $510.00 for
S)it!i African War Scrip
Beale & Elwell
Heal Estate, Insurance anil Investment Brokers
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ -»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦♦<»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦
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M*pl© - ►
as Wheat     - *
Tliey novel wear out, wear tiff, get old,
hit veto In- repaired- i»r sold [or junk. Tliey
are the most profitable investment you -.
ean make lor adornment- What cine van * t
yuu bay and wear and then turn baeit to
tho same fellow tor cash, Icnti ten percent?
Let iih figure with you on any site or
1T»    tl*    WILtf-SOIM*       Graduate Optician    2
Pride of the West Flour
$3*50 per cwt.
Cotedyke Baking Powder
ioc,  35c.,  nud  75c.  a  tin
For Really  Good  Value.
I'. I'. I!. Watch In
I'liAXlimnil', It. c.
Sec mil- Window [or tlio Pomona
High An Exliibil
•'Before and After"
Til- llni.l.inr,- M.-u
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Green Vegetables,  Lettuce, Radishes,
and Celery at
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦♦■»♦■»■»♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦■»♦■>♦■»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»•»»
J.     MeDiannid, ol   Fernie- was in
u' city last Monday,
W. Qosnell, tin* Nelson lircwer, was
i   tin* city nn Tuesday.
flitters at cOBt price at thc Cranbrook Tradiap Co.
J. Knift, of Waldo, was in tht- city
last Saturday.
Latest works ol fiction at Cranbrook IiniR A Book Co., Limited.
Dr. Hell was at Kini^sttate on eov-
ernment business last Saturdav.
W. H. Welter, ot Lethbridge, was in
Cranbronk at    tin- --nd of last week.
WANTED-A nirl at the Steam
William Staples was down Irom
WyclifTe on Saturday.
A. F. Krapfel, ..( Klko, was a
Cranhiook visitor on Sunday last.
J, K. Huchcroft visited Moyie on
Cutters at cost price at the Cranbrook Trading Co.
G. M. Davidson, ol Weyhurn,
Sask., was in the citv on Tuesdav.
William Bird, uf Moyie, waa a
Cranbrook visitor on Saturday.
W. II. DeLong, of Ferine, was to
tlte city ou Monday.
Ask for a booklet of our famous
SASK-ALTA range.—Patmore Bros,
■J, McKeo, of Movie, was registeied
at the Cranbrook hotel on Monday.
Books! Books!! Books! I!—Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., Limited.
0. M, Guan and Charles A. McKay, tlie well known Moyie mining
men, were In the city on Tuesday.
by the day. Address Sophie Plici-
fer, care Herald. 47
C. Miller, of Jaflrav, was a guest
at the Royal at the beginning of tho
We can please vou in enamel ware.
Come in and look us over,—Patmore
Peterson G.B.D. and B.B.B. nipes.
-Campbell & Manning.
Walter B. Laing, of Moyie, was registered at the Itoyal on Monday.
V. Hyde Baker visited thc Baker
Lumber company's mill at Waldo on
Improved curtain stretchers, Our
prices will decide vou.—Patmore
Sleighs, 2* and 3 inch, at cost at
the Cranbrook Trading Co.
J. Egan, an old tinier in Craubrook, returned to the city on Monday and will remain here,
Hearts of Wheat," the new Breakfast food received this week at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
It. II. Dwyer, of Fernie, was registered at the Cranbrook hotel yesterday.
R. K. Beattie returaed from his
trip to Eastern Canada on Saturday
TO LET—Housekeeping rooms furnished.     Apply Box 308. 48-It*
A1 reddle" Plum Pudding is delicious and saves time and labor.    One
I the new lines at Fink's Pure Food
Mr. Garrett, of thc taxidermist
lirm of Mitchell & Garrett, visited
Fernie fot some days last week.
Sleighs, 2 J and 3 inch, nt cost at
the Cranbrook Trading Co.
The Cranbrook Trading company
havo just completed a new and very
handsome set of brass mounted harness for   the hospital ambulance.
1. D. MeBride received a letter
this week addressed only "J. D. MeBride, Smith Fast Kootenay," and it
iimc direct to Cranbrook.
FOH SALE—A fine, rich-toned
wulineello. Applv Box 308, Cranbrook, B.C. 48
Heed's Anti-Knst Tinware, nnsol-
utelv rust-proof. We will replace
mv piece that rusts. Ask to sec ill
For sale only by Patmore Bros.
Toilet articles, the best in town at
Cranhrook Drug .*c Book Co.. Limed.
Mrs. George 11. Thompson, her
hab> ami Miss Thompson left on
Sunday last for a trip to St. Paul,
Toronto and other eastern points.
WANTED - South African scrip;
$100. Applv E.D.J., Herald office. 4C
It. s. McKinnon, of the Canadian
Goncral Fleet nc Light company, of
Uossland, was in the city on Sattir-
Ask to sec Reed's Anti-Bust wash
boilers. Wo will replace any boiler
that rusts, Fot sale bv Patmore
Kdward    Brown, accompanied    by
s brother, left on Saturday tor
Huston, Mass., where he will visit
f>>r a time.
"Kleanit," a novel invention    for
leaning silverware, copper, brass,
etc., for sale at thc Fink Mercantile
Chief of Police Dow has been serving notice on all users of gasoline
and other explosives in accordance
with the by-law recently passed.
housekeeper for a family ol three.
Apply 0., care Herald office.   48.tl
Albert Mat/, thc Fernie brewer,
passed through the city on liis way
home last Monday from a visit to
thoroughbred Brown Leghorns, imported stock. E. II. Slater, Cranhrook, B.C. 49-4t
, The Misses (Jueenle nnd Winnie
Turnhnll, of New Westminster, are
here on a month's visit to their sister, Mrs. Warren DeBeck.
to do at home. Address Sophie
Pheifer. care Herald.
Harold Darling, of Camrose, Alta.,
who has heen visiting friends in the
district for some days, left yesterday for Spokane on business.
Neil McCrimiiioii, who has been
laid up for some time with a broken
leg nt Michel, returned to Cranbrook last Monday.
WANTED—Girl for general housework. Applv Mrs. H. H. Short, opposite Electric Light ofliee.       48-tt
Miss Fraser, who has (or some
years heen a teacher in the Cranbrook schools, and who has been ill
of late, left for her home In
New Westminster tbis week.
e up
t ii*.
Imported French preserved fruits
in glass on display In Fink's pure
Food Grocery window.
Charles   Stevens        returaed    last
Thursday     from        Hamilton,   Out.. '
where be bad becn attending       the
funeral of his mother, who died there
at the age of 76 years
Gerhard-Heintzman piano fur sale
or to rent. Apple S., care Her- I
aid. 48-tf    !
K. J, Gunthcr,   the general.inspeo-1
tor of the   Norwich Union insurance
company,   was in the city on Satur-i
dav.     Mr. Gunthcr is cue ol      the
best insurance men in Canada. |
Special    sale at hall price on rub-'
bor Bponges,   while they last.—Craubrook Drug &, Book Co., Limited.
.1 11 McMullen. the m
pointed inspector of prowi.
[ice, was in Cranbrook oa
mi his way to Victoria Ui
liis new duties.
modern conveniences, neat 1
city.     Apply    F., care of t
A. McDougall, the big Fc
berman. was     registered
Hotel  Cranbrook on Tuosdi
McDougal    was accompanied
brother, C. McDougal.
Have vou noticed the difference in
the color of "Golden Flower"
Naval Oranges from thc othei kinds.
See showing in Fink'.1. Pure Food
Grocery window. ti
The Dominion Express company
ditl $600 worth more business iii
December, 1!I0X, than in December,
im)?, and $370 wolh more business
iu January. 1009, than in January,
Bill Smith late C.P.R. rardncr,
wants jobbing work of auy kind. Address P. O., Crnnbrook.
The arch between the music room
and the dining room at Die Hotel
Cranhrook, is now complete and is a
great improvement. G. R. Leask
& Co. had charge   of the work.
William O11 learn, engineer at tho
Water Works company's pump house,
had tlic misfortune to scald his leg
this week. He Is improving at tho
present time.
Saturday is tho day you get home
made candy for 20c. per Ih. at The
Harold Darling, of Camrose, Alta.,
was iu Cranbrook last Saturdav.
Harold says that the Rose of Alberta is blooming better than ever in
the early months of the vear.
•), Livingstone, who is largely interested in valuable-coal areas iu the
Flathead valley, was in town this
■k. Mr. Livingstone looks for
great activity in that section of the
country this season.
TO RENT—Two furnished rooms.
Hanson Ave.    Applv    Herald.   47-2t
WANTED—Woman to do washing
for family of three. Address Herald,
office. 46
Iu the report id A. Brygn Williams, Provincial Game and Fire
Warden, the following appears: "The
Cranbrook district has no game war-
leu under salary and needs one badly."
It. A. Simmons representing thu
Vancouver Rubber eompanv. was in
the city at the end of last week. Mr.
Simmons has becn a regular visitor
Cranbrook for vears post and has
made many friends.
TO RENT—A large, comfortably
furnished room. Apply to S. Macdonald, Armstrong avenue.        48-tf
See our display of potted plants.
Something nice.—Campbell & Manning's.
An excellent photograph of the
Cranbruok fire department, produced
by Binning, the photographer, is ou
exhibition in the window of the
Fink Mercantile company. These aro
individual photographs of the department in uniform.
V. M. Gallon, of Vancouver, was
in Cranbrook at the end of last
week. Mr. Gallon is a brother of
"Tommy" Gallon, who was in the
bank here for so long. "Tommy" is
now in the baak at Athabasca Landing.
From now until alter Easter we
will have the largest display of potted plants ever shown in Cranbrook.
-Campbell & Manning.
N. Hanson, of Wasa, is bavin- his
fine hotel re-papered and re*-decorated
throughout. Mr. Hanson's hotel at
Wasa was alwavs a splendid place to
stop, but when re-decorated it will
be handsomer than ever. Mr. Mc-
Phic is in charge of   the work.
Careful attention in buying the
best, promptness in filling orders arc
by-words in our grocery department.
—Campbell & Manning.
R. L. Brandhent, of the Dominion
geological department, was in Cranbrook last Monday. Mr. Brandhent
is collecting samples of minerals tor
the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition
at Seattle.
Some degraded sneak thief or
thieves have been stealing the lanterns placed at the open ditches ot
the water works comnanv. A number of lanterns have been taken in
this way. A sneak thief is the lowest type of a robber.
For choice cigars aud tobaccos, in
fact anything in smokers' supplies,
tliere is no better place to call than
at the Quality Store.—Campbell &
R. Bruce has a nursery up in the
Windermere district and E. W.
Ileiistlv is in charge of the same. Mr
lleustlv is a thoroughly experienced
man in growing young trees nnd is
able to supplv home-grown trees that
are suitable for the district,
A   new   shipment   of   Mrs.    Leas
Home Made Pickles and Relishes
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Tom Doris came into thc Herald
ofliee ou Monday, and said, "For
goodness sake take out tbat advertisement ot a cow for sale. I've had
more mail than the Herald."
Moral: If you don't want answers
don't advertise in tho Herald.
William Hamilton left -last Sunday
for Victoria, where ho will attend thc
convention of the Farmers' Institute
as the Cranhrook delegate. Mr'.
Hamilton is the father of Cranhrook
fruit culture and there is no question
that no man could be selected who
can so well represent the district as
Mr. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. Santo and daughter,
of Thunder Hill, were in the city at
the beginning of the week, and   were
Notice   is   hereby   given    that    30
days  after  date   1-intend   to applj
to   the   Muiiurahlc    chief  Commissioner  of  Lands  and Works   for   a;
license   to    prospect   tor   coal   aim
petroleum    nn    the  following   tles-j
iiibed     lands,      situated     in    the |
district     of    South       East     Koo- j
tenay,   Province   of   British Culum- j
bta: j
Commencing at a post placed at
the south-east corner ol Lot No. I
U869, being the north-west corner oi
Gertrude Hynes' claim, thence soulh
mi chains, thence easl m chains,
thenco north Su eliains, thence west
Uu chains to place of beginning.
Located ibis 33nd day of January,
Gerrrude Hynes, Locatoi
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice   ts   hereby   given    that   SO
days  after date   1   intend   to appl)
Ins'lo   tho   Honorable     Chief  Commissioner   ot   Lauds   and Works   for   a
-„  license   to    prospect   for   coal   uiul
petroleum    on    the  following  described     lands,      situated     in     tbe
district     oi     South       East     Koo-
lenaj.    Province   ut   British Columbia:
Commencing at a post at the
south-oast corner 01 Lot No. 6860,
being tho south-west corner post 01
George Hynes' claim, tbence uortb
sn chains, along the survey liue of
Loi No. «««•♦, theuce east M) chains,
Ihence south 80 chains, theuce west
Mi chains to place of beginning.
Located this 22ud day of Januarv.
Gcorire Hynes, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days after dale i Intend to uppi
to tlie Hoiiotahlo Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fur a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described lands, situated in tlie
district ot Soulh East Kootenay, Province of British Columbia:
iiinmeiieiiig at a post at the
north-cast comer of Lot No. 6900,
being the north-west corner of Madie
Railton's claim, theuce south 80
chains, along survey line ol Lot No.
6096, thence east 80 chains, thence
Ih SO chains, thence west 80
ehains to place of beginning.
Located this 22ud day of January,
Madie   Railton, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
■      • NOTICE NO. 4.
Notice is hereby given that 3d
days after date I intend to apply-
to' tlic Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following nc*
ribed lands, situated in the
district of . South East Kootenay, Province ot British Columbia:
Commencing at u post at the
south-east corner of License No.
I ISO, being the south.west corner
post of C. G. Pence's claim, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to place of beginning.
Located this 22nd day of January,
C. O. Pence, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
. Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 intend to apply
to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect tor coat and
petroleum on the iollowine described lands, situated in tlie
district of South " East Kootenav . Province of British Columbia:
Beginning at a post planted at thc
north-east corner- ot License No.
I08I, being the north-west comer ol
M. Thorpe's claim, thence south su
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west so
chains to place of beginning.
Located this 22nd dav of January,
M. Thorpe.  Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
that 36
to apply
Co in mi s-
Notice is hereby given
davs after date 1 intend
to' the Honorable Chief
sioncr of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the followii" described lands, situated in the
district ot South East Kootenav Province of British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner of License Nu.
1085, being the south-west corner ol
William Raths' claim, thence north
so ehains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence wist
mi chains to place uf beginning.
Located this 22nd day of January,
William Raths. Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tbat 30
davs after date I intend to apply
to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect tor coal and
petroleum on the following described lands, situated in tho
district of South East Kootenav, Province of British Columbia: '
Commencing at a post planted   at
the south-east corner nf License Nc
  ,._n  ,,   . 1083, being thc south-we&t corner of
registered at thc Cosmpolitan hotel. | Harry McLeod's claim, thence norlh
Mr. Santo is one of the largest and so chains, thence east 80 cbains.
most up-to-date ranchers in thc thence south 80 chains, thenco west
Windermere Valley and he (eels   very   80 chains to place of beginning.
keenly, as do all th" -ettlcrs In that I
district, tho pn-tpinifincnt ol tho
construction ot the Kootenay Central ,
rall*»y. I
Located this 82nd day ol January
Harry McLeod,  Locator,
A. Hubett, Atfont.  18-M
—=———— :
Undernoted Are a Few of the Many f
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me drawers, mcolor. zz!'::':m™°:y*- ':
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Price $12.00 per Acre
' Acres; four miles from mil-
oad ; 60 acres in meadow.
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320 Acre*, " mile? from railroad;   *?
no improvements. I
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:{-!> A<:re-i ten under cultivation,
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[wo miles from railroad; ffood     .,„«„   ,,.„,„  ,„„, mi|e| ,rom ,„,,,
building!. road.
Price $10.00 per Acre
Price $15.00 per Acre
Royal Hotel. Cranbrook |
In FRUIT LANDS. Almost Given Away
if required with vory littlw fORt
situated  two tnili-8 from a town.
Rich black loam   Can be irrigated
PRICE $300
mile  from  n  town.    Good
m, level, and n first-«!i"-s fruit
tract - PRICE S300
ARfl  AODC I I1X ,'m'1' miles from a town.   River
OU'Munt LU I   bottom.    Good   loam.     Timber
enough on land to pav for tin* land,   Would rcmke a tiiit-
l.onn- Cor unyoiif PRICE PER ACRE, $15.00
We Imve lut* running trom 2(J acre.-) to 'J.O11O acres at
pricPfl to full )'OU,and ttl lam! valuer iu»-trnii c to fact go
tint nf reoch nf the poor man, come and take advantaftf
of tlifn* ^nui'B now.
Or, if vmi want anything In land*, lei up look it up fnr
von. It will not cost you anything, an the H-_*ller payn ua
fur onr trouble.
Come in and •«(■(• wlmt we ran do for you.
The Kootenay Investment Co., Ltd.
Read The Herald ijij*   CUANKKOOK   MKliAt.l)
Rambling Reveries
Tlic idea! husuund ami Weal wile
.ue ifiiri'lj creations ol llm lu'ain.
Ila|ipiiicss w n perluine   Uial    one
in  shed   "ver an,,Uur without a
rev,  dro-is lulling ou one's -..-If.
Let ihe pulll "I Hif start whence il
may, and lei lhe way he sleep and
;1„,n,\ il li must, (here aie sunny
fields lar up in ihe heights fnr
iltosi -thi' hau- taith anil resolution
i,. eiimh them.
I'lt,- slrcngiii ,,i a i,.ill,ui is li, llie
Intelligent and well-ordered homes
,,i lhe iienple.
Tin   ivoraan »li" has a homo   and
keeps ii  will, lias mi sphere In Iile.
li. ih,' li.niii' is lhe hope nf lhe nal ion
„':,! il,,' church.
II,,u much .a null success do you
awe I" yolll ivitc'l It is mill jusl 1"
nwii litis fail before hoi dav In day.
h  uill make her liappj nnd keep liul
Ull.   WOMAN    WU"   (IIVES    All
\ hi:.
sh,' t> a mi> Muarisume woman
ii„- ,,!„■ till,, gives inline.
Sh.- dues not wan until you as!
for ,1  ,n' she limits you need il.
si„-  ,1 in sliirc, ami il mu Implicit uluiig,    she pours il mil mi yoll.
I Hi   Imppcns,  Hi",  Ihal      sin
1 iuii seal 1
sapplliig ilu
11,-e Will
1 ihe tale; «
i,,   impi-np
, ii a child
i   inllucttcft
, sttli'ccl-
,ll„l       US
file,  lhe sea
lv  will   leinu
 1 Ins
I,,- hlighled
In   11
< -HI
ii, iviiiildn't h
.ma insl, she wuuld keep sl '
li,- has    ilmrn    eyes,    as a
;   me iml    uul,I   ami pretty,
lie,., lillh' liends,  thai Imili as
i  were Ihreaded itilh a pin |JO'
eh pricks al ever)  gli
ii i,
i Iiile hei experience and explain hei  wny.
Wm  wuuld    iiii'i-i.li   saggesl     that
i ,|„, would iii..- ii, come hv youi
Kiuiiiledge through experience; Inn
-la- scents I" In- ilmihiliil ii so unlni-
|,,,ii;,ni an nntiiiilii.il will evei hau-
.,i,i  ul ih,' happenings ihal  Leach.
She means well, oh, hless her, yes;
i,ni she i., very "wearing" to inor-
laK lllli) "ih"' in het way, ami have
mislaid ilien  wings.
IN nil-; HOME.
Wc   ."'■    mil   angels,      we   Aie  only
 i, ami     women, ami   wc share the
iiupeiieciion "i manhood, We arc
nut perleel apple!. ,u ate speckled
apples—all ot lis. We do li"l cure
hull deep ami BVtecl and tender anil
uccortluilt Iou' niiii rcndel lhe home
In.-, it canitul    hut  linppen Hint    in
ilu- closu ' tact  tu Hie evory    day
"]ii-iii,ess uml his closures of Ihe hnint-,
..ui hand points uill comu out.    .No
i ih     is   made up    "i     perieetly
siroight sticks, hut crooked ones,
Ami when lliey ale piled lORcllnr in
llie eioseness of home life the crook-
eitu.ss will appeal. The mau and
iioinnii married the mosl utterly,
uiurrleil almip, tin- whole line ol
iheir natures, must yet lind some
pun,! where there is not complete
contact. Tliere ts dissimilarity oi
uducatloti. i'oforit musicians can
pour foiili perleel harmony, they
must bring ihi-ii instruments into
peileit tune. Hefore luo hearts can
perfectly strike lugutltcr, ihey must
in- koyctl lo lhe .slime note, thai, cannot hi- altogether done hefore marriage. The exact real self dues nol
appeal ill colli Islil],. II is tile best
sell, the seli-illessed in Ihe best
ward-robe ol milliners and the sentiment and sncrllicc, thai appears then.
Allot marriage Hu- self puis on its
lull)nn>n hihils     ior what       it      is.
I hen iml il  sell  ulllsl  adjust    il-
.,'11 I,, eai'l I self; then must each
i„-ai atii iolehi'ai, then must any
lucoiupnlihlllty he met und mastered
hv miiiiial charity, which sullereih
lung ,u„l ia kind, which never fall-
When wm nam Lo gel your gramt-
esl idea' ul a i|iiccu, yoll du mil. think
uf Catherine uf Kitssiu, ur uf Anne uf
England, ot Alarm Tliereaa of fler-
uinny, hut when yuu want tu get
uuu grandest Idea of a queen yuu
t.liink uf Hie plain woman who sal
opposite your father al the table or
walked willi bim arm In arm down
life's paihwai, sometimes    u,     the
Thnnksgivlng Imitijuut, so limes to
Hn- grave, hul always logethar—
southing youi petti griefs, correcting
i,.tii chilillsli waywardness, joining
'in your evening prayers, toiling fot
you uiih needle in ul tin- spinning
wheel ami un '-"hi nights wrapping
you up snug ami warm. Ami then
„i Insl mi thai day when she lay in
He- Imili room dying, nud vmi saw
hit take those thin hands with which
,m bnd lolicd lor you sn luiig, and
nut iiiiui logulhci in a dying prayer
ihal commended ton lo the (Ind
whom she had taught mu to trust—
oI Clod enme down lo fcleli her, and
..I find rami' iloun io fetch her, and
,,-, she went    in   nil heaven cose up.
\ ,,u  ' alinot   lllllll,   "I   hi'L     lli'll'   Willi'
on iili   ,,i    tenderness thut stirs
iim deep foundations ol join soul,
ami -on feel as much a child again as
when \ -tied un het lap. and     ii
i,,u eould bring her back ngnln to
s|ieal, iii.-.i "ine mure youi name as
ii-mleilv ns she used lo speak it,
im] would in- willing to throw vour-
self uu  llie gr id iimi kiss ihe   soil
Hml covers her. citing: "Mother!
Mother!"     Ah. she wet a queen!
Win is it Hint we sn easily forget
that lhe little things in life are
wlm! make it easy or hard? A few
pleasant words, a warm hand clasp,
a cordial letter, are simple things,
hul tlii-v urc mighty in their influence uni lie lives of those about us,
adding ii lav of hope to many discon-
sulatc lu- a" n bit nl courage
lo disappointed, weary ones, and
helping to make our own lives sweeter al Hie same lime. Few people
realize how much the little attentions ut evcry-dny lite mean tn their
associates in the hnme, the church,
Hie business place, it is generally a
lack nf consideration which makes
uue forgol Hie tiny pleasantries; hut
lack nf consideration Is really one
form nf sellisblU'SS. nnd selfishness is
nol, considered n desirable quality.
Remember thut Die    little things   ol
life, either goud nr bad, count ior
unie witb those wc love than we
vet know, aud we s-hould he watchful nf nut actions and our words.
We ul!    i u    thc   man, the mere
;iiji oi whose hand puts new life and
strength into us, ahd the woman
whose brave, cheery smile—amidst
disappointment and ttouhle— makes
in. ashamed to despair end to give
up. And nhy should we not, te-
-cuihle them? lt is, sutely, butter
:., lie like a bright, cheerful Ore, at
whicli uur friends can warm and revive their drooping hearts, than like
the proverbial win blanket- wfcicb can
cttectiially put out tlte flame ot love
uud hope
A story is luld of a inarvi**! lady
wlto compared het husband to a
handsome piaao lump that he had
presented to her. Hei husOand IcH
quite ilattercd until she tneutioM*
Hu- particulars uf thv rcscmbUfici.
••Weil," she said, "you Itnow, my,
dear, [l lias a good ileal of brass
about ii, il is handsome to look at,
is mu remarkably brilliant,     re-
Hi- a ''."cl deal nf attention, is
ui, limes unsteady nu its tegs, liable
explode when ball full, tares up
-nsiunally, is ulwuvs out- at hM-
ilc. and is hound In smoke."
Hau- \..iii standard and live up to
ii. Sii- thai, siatidard according to
nail nun Income and your own jiid-f-
meul nl what ts best for you aud
-.mils. This trying to live up to
ihe standard ol others is what des-
Iroys lbe happiness nf manv bouse
holds, families wilh an income of
tl.miu a year make a desperate el-
fort In lite up to the standiird ol
llinse uitb Sl,.",iiii aud llinse with
vLatin iry in imitate those with
"a.llim a year. We have such a foolish fear nf    whal out neighbors will
,|   flunk    nt say.     We have uol
ii„-  m! force in ||\ oin own stuiid-
unl and live
I'ln- i rage
iidepcu deuce
' it
mie's cunvictious, the
,1 ,die's sense of what
■s Individual sell and
finable possessions oi
rtlfielnlly and striving
What scene cau be more lovely on
earth, more like the heaieulr home,
am! moro pieusiiis to God than thai
• a a pious family kneeling with one
accord around the home altnr, und
uniting in their supplications to tbelr
Father in Heaven! How sublime the
net of tbnse parents who thus kneel
ami pray for the blessing of Uud
upon their household. How lovely;
lhe scene of a pious mother who
gathers het little ones around her
ai tin beside and teaches them the
bcautieB "I prayer! Ami what a
smeguurd is this devotion against
nil the machinations of sat-au. it
rives tone and intensity to their affections and sympathies, it throws
sunshine around their hopes aad interests; tt Increases their happiness
ami lakes away (he polngnancy of
iheir grief and sorrow. It availetb
ruueh, therefore, both tor time and
eternity. Its voice bas sent manv fc
poor prodigal borne to bis tatter's
house. Its answer has often been
'•'ihis tnati was botn there!" The
child, kneeling beside its pious raoib-
er, and pouring forth its innocent,
prayer lo Ood, must attract the notice'r,[ thc heavenly tost,'and receive in'o its soul the power of a)
new life.
Old Adam is still alive, -and as:
ready to pul ail tbe blame ot his:
failures on the woman as bo was in
'.he i.juice of Kden. Tbey -eould
like to muny if tbey could only Und'
some handsome little lady just suited1
to their mind, and that is to stay'at
home while be is away having a good
time, gassing ou tbe streets or at t*e
lodge or dub room, and it t-hesel
wives could follow their liege lords
they would find where their lodge-
met ofieiiest. So many men have to
he away ou important business so
uifey und children just see to tbe
sin,res and see thai tbe stock is fed
and watered, (or business is pressing
ami I must be ot. He goes without
a look to see huw tired and worn
mil his hetter halt looks, or take a
thought nt the days aud days she
stais at hnme lougiug for the loving words that 'he used tu pour into
her ears befure they were married.
II he cutties home he is too sleepy to
talk and is cross because she would
like to tell him some of the trials ot
iin- day. oil, yes, women must always he sweet and pleasant and
make Hit- home happy, and see that
the children don't worry puur tired
papa. She cun bear it all duy and
hall the night., bin. business      is so
i li harder lliuu worry, und work is
on tlie wile. Of cnuise there ale
exceptions to this picture, vet we
knoii there ate a multitude ni cases
ihat aie no exception and in the
cause ul hiimuiiity and justice we
mile. Hint, prra'dventure, wc might
make some thoughtless une think,
ami remedy this greal Injustice to
mie thai God made fur a 'lclpmutc,
hut  nut- inr a slave.
li is said Uial. there is a skeleton
in every household. Thv skeleti* is
locked up—put away iu a cupboard—
ami rarely seen. Only the people inside the house*know of its existence',
Hut the skeleton, nevertheless, can-
nut long be concealed. It comes lo
light someway nr another. Tbe
most common skeleton is poverty;
poverty is a great secret, kept at
ntu- iia'ins bv one-half ot tha
world from the other hall. When
there is nothing laid hy—nothing aav.
.■ii to relieve sickness when it comes
—nothing to alleviate tie wants ol
"Id age, then ir. tbe skeleton hidden
away in many a cupboard. We do
ii"'. value money tor its own sake^
ami u c should be the last to encourage a miserly desire to board amiong
anv class but wc cannot help r*v»g.
nmiig in money thc means ot lite,
the means of comfort, the means of
maintaining an honest independence.
We would, therefore, recomroU
everv young mau end woman who
read this paper to begin lite by
learning to save; to lay up tor the
future a certain portion of every
week's earnings, be it little or much;
to avoid consuming every week or
every -'ear the carbines ol that trc-d"
or vear; and we counsel them to do
this, as they would avoid the heritors' of dependence, destitution and
healxdry. Tt 1» a true sayinir that
a pennv in thc purse is hetter than
a friend al court. The first penny
saved is a step in the worM. The
fact of its being saved and laid up
indicates self-denial -iorethouf-ht,
prudence and wisdom. It may be
Ihe gem nf future happiness, the beginning of iudependeice.
It's best to do the work give* us
to do no matter bow distasteful it
may be, just as well as it can be
dune, not oiechuically, but with
the whole heart. If it is a round
of household duties day after day,
make it ph-asant tiy scattering:
gleams ot sunshine all along the'
way, making a bright spot here,
anj a cosy corner tberir. Let tho
arrangement of youi table be' ft bit
of artistic grouping, male it a picture with a' new sitting etery day.
It really' doesn't cost much to be
fijf'Py, if w-e only kuuw how.
Here is just one illustration ot the
wisdom ot keeping a hot of Zam-Buk
alwavs handy. It is a true record
of the various uses to which this
great balm Was put—witb highly
satislactoly results in every ease—in
just oue family, and during a tew
mouth.- only. Mrs. I'. J. irlam. ot
Mi: Willium Avenue, Winnipeg, Man.,
makes tb« report as follows:
"I hate louad Zam-Huk so very
useful as a household balm that 1
want tu make its merit.- still more
widely knowu. Some ei-ht weeks
ago my brother, Mr. I'. Proctor,
ifuppened a serious accident. While
al> wois, a rtlSty uail peuetratcd tbe
palm ol lus tight hand. Tbe rust ot
the nail poisoned the flesh and in-
uaitrniatiou set iu quickly. He went
to .the (ienerul Hospital and consulted a doctor, who advised poulticing
to dtnw mil lhe poison. This was
appill'd, hut when there war. no improvement alter a few weeks, 1 began
npplviitg Zntn-fluk halm, leaving on
"Tlir effect was nlmosl magical!
/.am link soothed the pain, drew out
ilie poison, and allayed all inflammation. Healing then cominnnced, and
ni :i few davs lie was able to resume
ii oil,
"Six weeks ago my husband, Mr.
• '. .]. Irlam, while returning Irom
null quite iate in the evening, was
ni ll en hi a dog, the dog's teeth
um.hi,iiniy, the flesh on his thigb
in.I   al.nle Ihe knee.     Hircctly       lie
in  hnme Zam-lluk was applied to
Hu- wound, and iu tt few days the
soreness was gone and the wound
thoroughly lu-aled.
"I third instance ol tbe healing
liouci of Zam-Buk was provided
ti'ieu mv little bov had a nasty fall.
He is live vears old, and was playing
,,tic day when he fell. His head
slrml, mi a s-batp stone, which cut ti
nasii gasti. As soon as 1 had washed lhe cut I applied Zam-Buk iu the
usual way. and it- Was really wonder-
lul linw quickly it relieved the little
fellnw'a pain. Within a week the
cut—a deep onte—<tni" unite healed.
"Everv mother who once proves
the:allround value of Zam-Buk will
never aialn be Vrlthout it."
Zatn-Hiik is a pure hetbal balm,
and enres cuts, burns, bruises, ab-
sccsscs, ulcers, wrema, scalp sores,
rlnvworm. cbappnd bands, cold sores,
frost-bite, bad leg, inflamed patches,
etc. It also elites piles. I'sed as
nu embrocation it will te lound to
remove rheumatism, sciatica, and
neuralgia. All drugcists and stores
sell at Wc. a bos, or post 1r« trom
Zam-Buk <*o., Toronto, for -nice.
*»   "*•» ■	
tvriticr Rupert Empire.)
■I'itie most important loeal event ol
the week occurred o> Monday, at 3
o'clock, when A. ,t, Morris, as returning officer lor Comoi-Atlin district, declared William Temple-aan, ot
Vicitorla publisher, elected to tbe
Iiotuiaioa House ot Commons by "acclamation. A few minute* before
two, L. Orippen, a clerk in the provincial government office, came into
the court room, where the rettirniu"
Officer and others were, mounted a
chair, and set tbe bands ot the eight-
day -clock -bock -fire minutes, the
spectators making humorous and derisive remarks at bis action. But
tbe clock stopped. When bis watch
snowed two o'clock, Rctumiu- Officer
Morris tapped his gavel and declared
the uotniuatiou closed, then announced that the only nomination made
was that oi William Templeman,
wh'ntu lie declared dul" elected. The
reasons Michael Manson was not
nominated may be given as:
L.The latitig down of Premier
'J. The opposition ol the head men
in Hie cm"!,"' ul the L'nion
I'ual eompanv at Cumberland.
The rank and Iile of the party were
willing to fight; hut, lbe leaders and
Hu imu frnm wlmni the sinews of
war were lu cnitie absolutely refused
io help. Uud Premier MeBride said
the word, Mansoii would have been
humiliated, campaign money or
liimpaign money. The question then
is: "Wlm made Premier McBude
lav down?" Br. Ilenty F.sson
Young, I.E.P., provincial secretary,
hadn't enough influence to du it, for
Ins political influence is uinflned to
half :< dozen provincial constables
and a few ■ personal Iriends in At tin
and skeena districts. Who. tbeb,
nulled "Hick's" coat-tail und made
loin sit. down' Tbe question mav be
answered    hefore tbe next provincial
li,.,it, Mt. Templeman and Mr. Man-
si.ii left Piiticc Kupert on Thursday
on the Ifnpert. City. Mr. Tetupli-
iu-.li aloha 'with Mr. William Sloan
and Dr. Ketgiu.-MPP., visited Port
Esshtigtott and Port Simpson before
In this connection. It mav be said
that Returning Oflcti -Morris who Is
a bbsinr.ss man and not a politician,
stinwvd bow an election could be pulled off ou time, if oulv enerev and
business sense' were used. His arrangements tor posting-tbe proclamations and distributing the ballot-boxes wwe perlect, lor he hired men, not
political h*nchn>n, to-do the work
The foolishness; ot a-moment -may
tncs'u the regret of a life* time.
The man who "takes the world as
it coui«b" is usually left stranded
when the tide turns.
this- wmild ne a hetter world it,
people were as quick to conmesd as
they ace to condemn.
About, the silliest object we Metis
-the young fellow who is pretending
tt« tt a Bea* 9**» Sfsrt.
No. I. Notice is hereby given
that da lays otter date 1 intend to
apfdp to th* Honorable the ibid
Commissioner of Lands aad Works
tor a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on ths
Klathead Block HiMi District of
South East Kootenav. ot tl. I!.:
Comdwociag at a post planted at
tbe southeast corner ot Lot (3113,
Group i, (beoce east to chains,
tbence north U chains, tnence west
su chains, thence south go chains to
place ot coawaceoent, containing
UM acres, more ot less.
P. Burr, Locator
John Aadanon. Ageat
D. A. Cate, Witness.
Dated this Htt dap ot January,
No. t. Netic* Is hereby given
that do days alter data 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner of Loads and Works
Ivr a license to prospect lor cool
aad petroleum oa tlw lollowlog
descrihed lands, situate en
Flathead Block ititW) District ol
.South East Kootenay, ol B. C:
Commencing  at a  post planted at
ut seat the northeast corner   ol   the
John Anderson claim, thence cast Ml
chains, thence uuitb su chains, thence
west    m  chains,   thence   south   kl)
chains to tbe place ol counueucemeni
containing till) acres, more ur less.
Eli-a Oood, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated   the 2Hh   day oi  January,
No. !i. Notice is hereby given
that Mil days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable the t hiel
lumiuissioncr oi Lauds and Works
lot a licease to prospect for coal
nnd petroleum uu the following
described lauds, situate on tlie
Flathead block ussiS) District ot
Suiitl. East Kootenay. of B. C;
Commencing at a post planted at
ur uear the northwest corner ot the
P. Burr claim, theuce running east
an cbains, tbence north 80 chains,
Uieuce west te chains, thence south
su ebuins hack to tbe place of commencing, containing till) ncres, mure
or less.
Andy Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
D, A. Cate, Witness.
Dated this 20tb day of January
No. I. Notice is hereby given
Ihal 3« days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable — CUitl
commissioner oi Lands aud Works
ior a licease to prospect lor coal
and petroleum oa the following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block (♦SDS) District oi
south East Kootenay, of U. 0.!
Commencing *< a post planted at
ut near the northeast corner ot the
A. Oood claim, tlience east DO
chains, thence north 86 chains,
tbence west »0 chains, thence south
ib chains, to the place of commencing, containing SKI acres, more or
John Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
D. A. (late, Witness
-Dated this 36tb dny of January
No. 3. Notice is hereby given
tbat 3d days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands aad Works
for a licease to prospect lor coal
aad petroleum oa the following
described lands, situate oa the
Flathead Block USDS' District ot
South Easl Kootenav. of B. C.
Commencing at a post at or near
the northeast corner ot the A. Oood
claim, thence east W chains, tbence
south Itt chnins, thence west W
chains, thence north 10 chains to the
place -of commencement, containing
itt) acres, more or less.
J. A. Oood, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
D. A. Cate, Witness
Dated   this   26th  day of January
No. 6. Notice is hereby given
that :vi days atter date I iatcnl la-
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
tor a license to prospect tor coal
and petroleum un tbe lollowing
desciibed lands, situate on the
Klathead Block MuMi District of
South Hast Kootenay, ol B. C.
Commencing nt a post planted at
the northwest comer of the A. Oood
claim, tbence running east 80 chains,
tbence north 81) chains, thence west
Ul cbains, tbence south 80 chains to
the place of commencing, containing
Mil acres, more or less.
Catherine Cate, Locator
Don A. Cate, Agent
John Anderson, Witness.
Dated Ihis SRth dav uf January,
No. 7. Notice is hereby glvcu
i hut :;u days atter date t intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Wurks
fur a license to nrospeet lor coal
und petroleum ou thc lollowing
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block 11993) District of
South Kasl Koolen.1'   of B. C:
fuuimenclng at a    post planted nt
oi ueui ihe southwest corner of   the
John  Udctson claim, tbence east 80
chains, theuce south su cbains, tlience
west su   chains,    thence  noith   R(i
cbains   tn the place of commencing
containing M0 acres, more nr less.
Catherine Oood, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
D. A. Cate, Witness
Dated this 28th day ot January
No. 8. Notice is hereby given
that 3d dpys otter date I Intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner ot Lands aad Works
lor a license to nrospeet for eoal
aud petroleum on thc following
descrihed 'lands, situate en the
Flathead Block (I59.lv District ot
.South East Kootcnu'    d II. C.l
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner ol Lot ISM,
Oroup 1, thence south M chains,
tbence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
tie place ot commencement, containing 6-ltt seres, more or less.
John Anderson, Locator
D. A. Cate, Witness.
Dated this llth day ot January
No. 9. Notice ts hereby "iven
that 30 days atter date I i.lend to
apply to thc Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
to.' a license to prospect for . uol
and petroleum on the lollowing
described lands, situate on tbe
Flathead Block (1593) District of
South East Kootenav. of B. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the southwest, corner ot the
Mrs. John Livingstone claim, thence
east 80 chains, thence south 10
chains, thence west 80 chains, thenoi
north 80 chaius to the place ot commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Eva Joss, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, witness
Dated   this   28th   day of January,
No. 10. Notice Ls hereby -iven
that 30 days alter date I intend to
apply to the lluuorabie the Chiel
Commissioner ol lauds and Works
for a Incuse to prospect for coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block (4593) District ol
South East Kootena    ot B. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the northwest corner ot the
Eva Joss claim, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains to the place ot commencement, containing 610 acres, more o|
Leah Cate, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated   this   88th   dav ul January,
Chescknt Louok No. Xi
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
J. B. Henderson, C. U.
J. L. Walker, K. of It. A S.
VtolUag  brethren  cordially Invited
to attend.
***tf_tgl*_m*_ I.U.H.F. Key City Lodge
KJKCfS  No. 41. Heeta every
¥H5J7-5i»> Mundsy night el
New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
H. White. Wm. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
Crsabnwk Iodic, Nn. .11
k. V. t A. M.
Regular meetings .11,
Ike Ulrd Tbui.d.v
al every iiiuoU.
No. II. Notice is hereby given
that 30 days after date 1 111 lend to
npply to the Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner ot Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for cual
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block M593) District of
South Kast Kootenai-   of B. C:
Commencing at a post ptanteed at
or near the southeast corner of tlte
Mrs. John Livingstone claim, thence
east 80 chains, tlience south 80
chains, tbence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains tu the place ot commencement, containing 610 ncres,
more or less.
Walter Freeman, Locator
John Anderson, Aeeut
James Underwood, Witness
Dated   this 29th   dav of   Januarv,
No. 12. Notice is hereby eiven
that 30 days aJter date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Cbiet
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect lor coal
and petroleum on tbe following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block (1593) District of
South Kast Kootenay, of B. C:
Commeucing at a post at or near
the northeast corner of the Walter
Freeman claim, thence east 80 chains,
theuce south 60 chains, thence west
NO chains, thence uorlh 80 chnins tu
the place ot commencement, containing C40 acres, more or less.
Batise Lamereui, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James t'nderwood, Witness
Dated this 29th day of Januarv
No. 13. Notice is hereby -iven
that 30 days after date I Intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license lo prospect tor coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block (4593) District of
South East Kooteuay, ot B. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the southeast corner of the
Nell Mctjuarrie claim, thence north
80 chains, tlience east 80 chains,
thence south 80 ehains, thence west
80 chains to the place of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Irvtn Anderson, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated this 29th day of January
No, 14. Notice ts hereby "iven
that 30 days atter date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable the Ch'et
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect tor coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block (4593) District of
South East Kootenay, of B. O.I
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the northwest corner of the
Robert Anderson claim, thence west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thenco east 60 chains, thence south
60 chains to thc place ot commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Nell McQuarric, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Daled this 29th dav of January,
No. 15. Notice ls hereby elven
that 30 days after date 1 intend to
upply to thc Honorable the Cbtel
Commissioner oi Lauds and Works
for a Ucensc io prospect (or coai
and petroleum un the following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block (159.1) District ul
South East Kootenav, of 11. O.i
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the northwest corner of the
Batise Lameurcutt claim, theuce
north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains,
thenee west 80 chains to the place of
commencement, containing 610 acres,
more or less.
Robert Anderson, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James l.'nderwood, 'Witness
Dated   this   29th   day uf January,
No. 16. Notice is hereby gives
that 30 days atter date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
lor a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum on tlte following
Flathead Block (1593) District ot
described lands, situate on the
South East Kootena-   of It. C.l
Commencing at a post ulanted at
or near the northeast corner ot the
Neil McQuarric claim, thence east to
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south M
chains to the place ot commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
P. F. Rowlison, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, witness
Dated this 29th    day ot January,
1909. , 47-lt
Visiting bretl n welcomed.
W. II. Wilson, W. M.
E. W. Cuitnully, secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday    evening at f
p.m., In Carmen's Hall.
F. W. Reeves, W. P.
Wm. Anderson, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially iaviied
Meet at B. ot L. F. Hall 2nd  ami
1th Saturday eaoh month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
Abel Horsman, VI. U.
Jos. Wallace, Secretary.
:: Presbyterian €burcb
i » 	
* *   Sunday morning service at 1
< * n'ul tick
1  ♦
Sunday    evenhiR     service   at
7.30 o'clock
Sunday      Scliuul   and     Hible
Class at ii o'clock
Presbyterian    Guild, Tuesday,
at K o'clock
j Old Curiosity ji
JOSEPH H. McLEAN. Proprlelor
Healer in
All Classes ol Secondhand Qoods
Furniture nf All  Kinds, liotli
New anil Seciunl hiili'l
Sage's Old Stand, Hanson Avenue
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Hatha.   'Phone in
every room
Barber Shop on the premisM-p.
Thoroughly up-toHlate,
Rales, $2.00 a day and up.
GFO. P. WKIXS, Proprietor
B. TOMK1N, Manager
Tlie Leu,Una Kniii Sinn-
I Hull t: MAI.AiiA (HIAI'BS
SAt'lil.   OltANflKS       UATKR
Phone 7fi     •     AritmtroiiK Ave.
B. C. Machinery Agency
W'liitte.l Mec,mil Hum] UNO IN 13 ami
Wnuleil See.ilul lliiti.l Milcliiuery nf
une kitul.
wnukit supply you with uny thing
new on ilturt notice.
We (iuy euch for Second Ifninl tuiichi-
Give iih u trial. We cun -uve you
RopuiriiiK a Hpeoinlty
Aikeim Block, Oranbrook
lUrrlsters, Solicitor!, Etc.
Supreme nnd Exchequer Court Ateits
Practice in Patent   Ollice and Helen
Railway  Commission.
Hon. Charles Murphy, M. P.
Harold Fisher.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
((Iratlmito l'„r<iiii..r„„s..i-v,ii„,y ..r Mmte)
HI..- Cliff  Count  to  " CM  HUftrllri
.   ITlMii,' Sl.'v l-r Sr-timtrf."
Sl'l'liln     ARMSTRONG   AVKNI'K
I'l.'l'l,  I'll
Francis E. Corrison
lliiii.luiic.t.1 ■fr.'ii,l,i,„,kl'ii.i'lliiuil.
t'lii,lniui»'|.|'KlIUS I'lTObjIMllinCli
l.iile II..M. lli„U:,i,»li VII,,inl IV.i-l,
Teacher of
Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and Standard
I'HliNl:'.'.'.'I   -   CRANBROOK, 0. t'.
Lesson; in Musical Theory
l'lluxK :t^'
CRANBROOK, ■'        B. C,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office al Residence, Armitroni At*.
Forenootis (.00 to lit.IHI
Afternoons - . . 1.00 to 4.00
Evenings • • • ■ 7.(0 to 1.10
Sundays - - - - 3.30 to   4.10
CRANBROOK :i    :■    ii    it    H. O.
1 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office In new Reid Block
CRANHROOK -        -        - R. C.
W. R. Realty, Funeral Director
Cmnbrotik 11. C. 1'linne N«,. SI)
Tii°No°ws18 Cranbrook, B.C.::
B.   C.     anil  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
F.l'. Simliliell. II. LS., II C. I.. ^.
A. I. K.ilicilwn, II. O, I. 8,
Dominion mi'1 llrltlsliColumhlu
IMi. Drawer71)3 VICTORIA. I.C
.1.   W.   IIUTLKDOR
Griulimleof Ontario Veterinary
College, Toronto, In IHIM.
lii-iiilunle ami Medallist ol
McKililp's Vclerflliiry College,
Chicago, in HKH).
Nine years' experience ill
Veteiitiiiry praetieeill Mailitohn.
Ollice al Cranbrook Haiti.
President i T. 8. GlLt,
Secretary: Groku! AstirvoBTll
For information regarding lands \
and agriculture apply to the ,
Secretary, Cranhrook, B. C. THK   dCANltltOOK    IlKHAI.li
The Noble Five slide camo down
lust week -mil traversed llie Cody
Uulrh for some distance, passing
t'lianoe tram. Tho snow is reported
near the lower terminal of the Las!
Chance tram. Tho snow is wotted
to have come up to within llim- feet
of the bridge span. Old timers my
that this is the greatest amount of
anow thai the Noble Kive ! :.s carried down in twelve vears.
Two of the towers of the Rinultn
mine tramway, at. Sandon, were
knorked out, bv slides :i couple of
dnys ago.
The MolSOtlS Umili will en-t't a new
hank huitttiiiK at ltevelstoke.
ltevelstoke is trying lo get tlie
Dominion fair for mil.
Nelson   rt,ntliliilt.il   (248.50   to    ttie
fund foi the Italian   earthquake sufferers.
The British Columbia Electric Railway company has decided to build a
line of railway from New Westminster Junction lo Coipiitlam lake,
for the purpose of hauling in the
material for the proposed big dam,
should it he approved hy the Provincial government.
The finest motor yacht known to
the northwest Pacific is now under
construction for Mr. .lohn Hendry,
the llritish Columbia lumber kin"',
at a cost of something over it 15 000.
Mr. Hendry will obtain a gasoline
vaeht of 80 tons register, having a
length over all of 70 feet and a beam
of 10 feet.
Coast lumbermen have prepared a
petition that will be presented to
the Government praying for relief
from the heavy charges that are
made hy lawyers in conducting cases
in court. The government is asked
to adopt some provision for arbitration or some inexpensive means of
, settling disputes, and the suggestion
is made that the procedure be such
that litigants will conduct their own
Kmlerhy's first annual poultry
show was a big success.
The 11. C. Telephone eompaiP* will
erect it new building in (Irand Forks.
The C.I'.K. will likely erect a
number of grain elevators at Vancouver.
An island development league has
been organized on Vancouver Island.
It will be used to advertise the resources of that section.
The former townsite of Soupster,
Oregon, has heen made into -t fruit
raneh. So has Nashville, near
Hlake Wilson, P. Hums' right-hand
niun, will remove from Nelson to
Vancouver is to have a seven story
$150,000 hotel.
Thc Last Chance mine at Sandon
is closed owing to snow slides.
John Daly, formerly of Sandon and
for some time head of the executive
start of the St. Eugene mine at
Moyie, is said lo have struck it rich
in the Cocur d'Alonos.
During 1N08 an average of 811 men
were employed in the Rossland
The Summorland lteview savs that
Summerland may be tlu southern
terminus o! lhe C.P.R from Nicola,
owing to the lake being liable to
freeze at Pentlcton.
The Old Timers hail a banquet at
ltevelstoke the other dav 'Tickets
wero $8.00 each. Manv of the old
timers can look bark lo the tunc
when the bacon and bannock would
look good to them.
Sixty-five men are now employed
nt the Hlue licit mine ou Koolenay
The Prince Hupeit Hoard of Trade
charges its members a fee ol 510.Oil.
So does the Cranbrook board tint the
members have not met for over a
Common lumber has gone up M on
a thousand in Vancouver.
In the Trail Creek mining division
last year foity-tlnee locations were
made aud eight bills of sale recorded. There wns a time when ihis
would happen in IH hours
Vernon wants a general delivery ol
express parcels.    Cranhrook has had
this li-iif in
■"Ull'   1 lllll
Mission City wants tbe provincial
University to be located there.
lt is said that the Empress hotel
at Victoria is to be enlarged.
Mr, Moffat is no longer editor ot
the Nelson Daily News.
Tin- Hotel Allen at Itosslaud will
be run by n joint stock company.
Two thousand four hundred men
arc working on the (irand Trunk
Pacific in and close to Prince Rupert . ll is believed that work
irains will he tunning by next
At   Poplar   thirty-four claims have
been placed under option      to New
York   parties.      It is      said that
these claims    include   some   of the
besl properties in that camp.
The Slocan Mining Review has sus-
peuilch publication. ,!. Jj Atherton,
its editor, is tmw publishing the
Creston llovtow. Mr. Atherton
stuck to the Slocan through thick
and thin until it became impossible
lo make ends meet.
Thete is no doubt but that during
I be coming summer there will be
great activity tu fruit lauds around
Kaslo. .Many bona fide settlers will
take up laud in that district.
Kdwuid Smith brought in a mountain lion skip io Kaslo last week
t hii i measured seven feet six inches
in length. Mr, Smith got the gov-
iiniiicut bounty of $15 and sold the
skin for $10.
Nelson fruit fair dates tor this -*-*-r
arc September 22nd, 23rd and 2tth.
Il is said that proceedings will   be
taken    to oust the   mayor of Trail
and six aldermen on    thc ground   of
irregular election proceedings.
The British Columbia Southern
Railway Company will apply to the
Parliament of Canada at its next
session for an Act:
I, Extending the time within
which it may construct:
(a) The extension ot its railway to tho 49th parallel
ami the Tobacco Plains,
which it was authorized to
construct by Chapter 55 of
the Statute's of 1899.
(h) The western section ot its
railway and the branches
to Nelson and Martin
Creek as described in Section 1 of Chapter 52, ot the
Statutes  of  1900.
II. Authorizing it to construct,
acquire and operate a branch Une
from a point at or near Michel in a
northerly direction through Kananas-
kis Pass to a point nf junction with
the main line of the C.P.R. at or
near Kananaskis. a distance of about
120 miles;
And for other purposes.
H. O. Oswald,
Dated at Montreal Januarv 13th,
909. '   48-5t
Corporation  of  the
City of Cranbrook
■BY-LAW NO. 57
ti M Davles- o| Victoria, has sold
ti.^Oit acres In the Nechoco Valley
to an American syndicate for llto,
The hoard of Trade in ltevelstoke
purposes to extend Kii.OOfl in advertising the resources ol that citv.
The Cranbrook Hoard nl Trade is
still sleeping the sleep of the just.
In Phoenix the council is appropriating $100 towards a gymnasium
lor the fire department. Could not
something of this kind be done in
Cranhrook where the fire department
deserve anything good.
A train service will shortly lie established between Grand Porks nnd
Lynch Creek.
•lohn A. Finch has been elected
president of the Spokane Humane
Society. Mr. Finch was one ol the
original owners of the St. I'.ugene
mine at Moyie.
There is said to he six feet of snow
on the whnrt nt Port Kssingtnn.
George II. 1 lodge has disposed of
his Nelson residence and will move to
the coast. Mr. Hodge expects to
have a position in connection with
the construction of the Midway*
Pcnticton railway.
A By-Law to raise the sum of
Tluriv-Kive Thousand Dollars
($35,000.00) by debentures for the
purpose of erecting, cnuipptng nud
furnishing a Public School.
Whereas, a petition has becn presented to tho Municipal Council oi
Lhe Corporation of the City of Cranbrook. signed bv the owners of at
least one-tenth U-liUh) of the value
mi tin* rateable lands and improvements iu the said Citv of Cranbrook
ns shown In the last Revised Assessment Roll, requesting the said Council to Introduce a Bv-Law to raise
the sum ol Thirtv-Kne Thousand
Dollars ($35,000.00) for tho purpose
Ol building, ticcting, equipping and
furnishing a public school for the
Citv of Cianbrook.
And whereas, it has been deemed
expedient by the Hoard of School
Trustees lo erect, equip and furnish
such scliool buildings and for such
purposes, to request the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City ol Cianbrook to submit a By-
Law for such purposes to the rate-
pavers, under the provisions ot the
"Municipal Clauses Act" and Amending Ails and of the "Public Schools
Act" and Amending Ads.
And whereas, for the purposes
aforesaid, it will be neressary to bor-
row the sum of Thirty-Five Thousand
Dollars a;*5,ooo.oo).
And whereas, the whole amount ol
lho nitcatile lands and improvements
of the said City according to the
last Revised Assessment Roll is
Six Hundred and Seventy Thousand
Sh liundred and Sixlv-Five Dollars
\inl whereas, it will bo requisite to
rnlio annually hy rale tlie sum of
Two Thousand Eight liundred nnd
ISIghl Dollars nnd Fifty Cents
($2,808.50) tor paying the said debt
ami interest
And whereas, the present debenture
Indebtedness of the City of Cran*
brook is Twenty Thousand Two
Hundred and Sixty-Seven Dollars
and Five Cents ($20,267.05).
Now therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation ot the City of
Cranbronk in Couneil assembled, enacts ns follows:
1. It shall and mav he lawful for
the Mayor of the Corporation ot the
Citv of Cranbrook to borrow upon
the credit of the said Corporation
bv wav ot the dehentures hereinafter
mentioned from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who
nine be willing lo advance the same
as a loan, a sum of money not ex*
eeertini- in the whole the sum of
Thirtv-Five Thousand Dollars
iMii.mifl.OO) and to cause all such
sums so raised or received to be
iiatd into the hands ot the Treasurer
ol the said Corporation tor the tinr-
poses nnd with the objects hereinbefore reelted.
2. It shall he lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made,
executed and Issued tor such sum or
sums as way lw required for the pur
poses aud objects aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum uf Thirty-
Five Thousand Dollars ($35,000.00),
each of the said debentures being o!
the denomination of One Thousand
Dollars ($1,000.00); und all such debentures shall be scaled with the seal
of the Corporation and signed by the
Mayor thereof.
;i. The said debentures shall bear
date the 1st day of July, 1909, and
shall be made payable within twenty
(20) years from the said date, in
lawful money nf Canada, at the office of the Imperial Dank ot Canada
In (-'ranhrook aforesaid, which said
place of payment shall be designated
by thc said debentures, and shall
have attached to them coupons Ior
tbu payment of principal aud interest
respectively, and the signatures to
the said coupons may be either written, stumped, printed or lithographed.
■I. The said debentures shall bear
Interest at the rate ot Five (Tt) per
centum per annum from the date
thereof, and the principal aud interest on the unpaid principal shall be
payable in equal installments annually at the said office of the Imperial
Dank of Canada in
Oranbrook aforesaid, in lawful
money ot Canada on the 1st day of
Julv in each year during the currency thereof, imd it shall be expressed in said debenture* and coupons to
be so payable.
5. It shall be lawlul fur tbe .Mayor
of tlie said (.'ui potation lo negotiate
and sell the said debentures or any
of them al par.
0. There shall be raised aud levied
in each year respectively during the
currency of suid debentures for the
payment of interest, the following
1010. One thousand seven
hundred and fifty
dollars  ($1750.00)
1911. One thousand six
hundred and ninety-
seven dollars and
eight cents ($1697.08)
1912. One thousand six
hundred and forty-
one dollars and fifty
cents  ($10-11.50)
1913. One . thousand five
hundred and eighty-
three dollars and
sixteen cents       -$1583.16)
1911. One thousand five
hundred and twenty-
one dollars and ninety ceuts    ($1521.90)
1915. One thousand tour
hundred and fifty-
seven dollars and fifty-eight cents  ($1457.58)
1916. One thousand three
hundred and ninety
dollars and two
ceuts  ($1390.02)
1917. One thousand three
hundred und nineteen
dollars and twelve
cents  ($1319.12)
1918. One thousand two
hundred and forty-
four dollars and sixty-three ceuts  ($1244.63)
1919. One thousand one
hundred and sixty-
six dollars and forty-
five cents :v ($1166.45)
1020. One thousand and
eighty-four dollars
and thirty -three
cents  ($1081.33)
1921. Nine hundred and
ninety - eight dollars and thirteen
cents  $ 09S.13)
1922. Nine hundred and
seven dollars and
sixty-two cents  ($ 907.62)
1923. Eight hundred and
twelve dollars and
fifty-six cents  ($ 812.56)
1921.   Seven   hundred   and
twelve   dollars   and
seventy-eight cents...($ 712.78)
192:1.   Six    hundred     and
seven    dollars    and
ninety - eight cents..($ 807.98)
1926. Four hundred and
ninety - seven dollars    and ninety-five
cents  ($ 497.95)
1927. Three hundred and
eighty - two dollars
und      forty   -   four
cents ((  392.44)
lH2h.   Two    hundred    and
sixty - one     dollars
and fourteen cents ..($ 261.14)
1^29,   One     hundred     and
thirty - threo dollars
and   seventy - three
cents  ($ 133.73)
And foi the payment of the said
debentures, the following sums:
1910. One thousand and
lifty - eight dollars
and fifty cents  ($1058.50)
1011. One thousand one
hundred and eleven
dollars and forty-
two cents  ($1111.42)
1912. One thousand one
hundred and sixty-
seven  dollars   ($1167.00)
1913. One thousand two
hundred and twenty -
tive dollars and thirty - four cents  ($1225.34)
I'M I. One thousand two
hundred and eighty-
six dollars and sixty ceuts  ($1286.60)
1915. One thousand three
hundred and fifty dollars and ninety-two
cents  ($1350.92)
1916. One thousand tour
hundred and eighteen
dollars    aud    torty-
Oight cents  ($1418.18)
1017. one thousand (our
hundred und eighty-
nine dollars and
thirty - eight   ccnts-($H89.38)
1918. One thousand five
hundred and sixty-
three dollars and
eighty - seven cents,-.($1563.87)
1910. One thousand six
hundred and lorty-
two dollars and fifteen cents  -($1642.15)
1920. Oue thousand seven
hundred and twenty-
four dollars and
seventeen cents  ($1724.17)
1921. One thousand eight
hundred and ten dollars and thirty-
seven cents  ($1810.37)
1022. One thousand nine
hundred dollars and
eighty-eight cents   ...($1900.88)
1923. One thousand nine
hundred and niuety-
flve      dollars      and.
ninety - tour cents....($lli95.94)
1924. Two thousand and
ninety • five dollars
and seventy - two
cents  .($2095.72)
1025. Two thousand two-
hundred dollars and.
fifty - two cents .,($2200.52)
1920. Two thousand three
hundred and ten dollars     aud     fifty-five
cents  ($2310.55)
1927. Two thousand tour
hundred and twenty-
six dollars and six
cents  ($2426.06)
1928. Two Thousand five
hundred and forty-
seven dollars and
thirty - six cents    ...($2547.36)
1929. Two thousand six
hundred and seventy-
four dollars and seventy - seven cents ...($2674.77)
By a rate sufficient therefore on all
rateable lands and improvements m
llie said Municipality.
7. It shall be lawful tor the said
Municipal Council to repurchase any
of the said debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with
lhe legal holder or holders thereof, or
any part thereof either at ihe   time
f sale or any subsequent time or
times, and all dehentures bo re-purchased shall forthwith be camelled
and destroyed and no re-issue nt debentures so repurchased shall he
made In consequenco of such re-pur*
ft. This By-Law shall take effect
on and afler the 10th day ot March,
K. D. 1909.
9. This By-Law mav be cited . foi
all purposes as the "City of Cranbrook Debenture Loan Hv-Law No.
Head a first, second and third time
un the llth day of February, 1909.
Received the assent ol the electors
on the  duy of March, l9oy.
Heconsidered and finally passed and
adopted on the day of..
A.D.  1909.
Take notice that the above is a
true copy of the proposed By-Law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken at the Municipal
Building in the City ot Cranhrook
on Thursday, the 4th day of March,
1900, between the hours of nine
lock (ten o'clock local time) in
tho morning and seven o'clock (eight
o'clock local time) in tlio afternoon.
Thos. M. Roberts,
City Clerk's Office,
Cranbrook, B.C.,
Feb. 12th, 1909.
To The Electors Pe By-
Law No. 57
Notwithstanding the fact that
no detailed estimate of the expenditure requi-ed on the new Public
School has been submitted to the
Council as required by the "Public
School Act," thc Council have
determined to submit the By-Law
as requested by thc School Trustees
at the earliest possible moment,
namely March 4th.
The Council trust that the' ratepayers will see their way dear to
vote in favor of the By-Law.
1, the undersigned. Levi Hates
VanDecar, hereby give notice that "
intend lu apply at the next meeting
of tbe Hoard of License Commissioners of the Citv of Cranbrook, for the
transfer of the retail linuor license
held by me in respect to the Royal
Hotel situated on Lot 53, Ulock 93,
in the said city, from myself to William Allan Rollins.
Hated at Cranhrook this 1st dav oi
February. 1909.
IC-4t 1.. B. VanDecar.
Take notice that I, John Leask,
occupation, Tailor, intend to apply
for permission to purchase one hundred and sixty acres ot land, bounded
as follows:
Ciitnniencini; at a post planted
at the southeast corner ot Lot 8135,
tbence west 40 chains, thence south
40 chains thence east 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains.
William West,
Amt tor John Leask.
Located December 7th, I'm.   :t912t
OfjL-uo. .< <tv_- .^...*
^*. A\e.  'tffP&Z-
The House of E-tidgways was established
in the year 1830. Over seventy years
reputation for quality and flavor.
xa for Halt* on Lil HI t WATER
For family u-r there is ttothiitg
bo wltolesotne :tnil au pur,, n.
Provincial Land Surveyors
Kstlwates FurniBlied
Fori ste.-li. I'. II Boi 26.
Cianbiook I'- O. Hox II.
Telephone 171.
Olllco io Ortmbruok ■ i:.-i.i iil...k
Geo. R. Leask & Co
lot work ih om advertisement, htu
pin thii. ii.l in the lleralil lo
HmpliH'-l/.t. it,
Ntmr Lower 4riiiHtronx Avenue
In *"|H'iiiu' Nn inr*- oreatun aium in *y
llrM uml f.in-Mt. Whal limn- tiiiiiii* *p
tlllH- tti iIIni'IU'iI  tlio t*  mlirt) tllCSH ni A
uter ami army unm-lf in rlntltcH w
Wlllllll liiliiiKl.v tvtWt 'lie joy nf life w
iiitilonri'untt-r nuim.v nk !-■■■. *
Yuur run-fnl n vjuw ut our Hiring •
•■xliiliit, will t-iiKit-t-t' an appropriate ♦
i-i'lifti-Hi. •
Huh now a limited
number of
Young Apple Trees
of the varieties specially
selected and suitable fur
tlits dint net.
2ND   "     * 20   "
Delivered at Cranhrook
li eelerteil hy the purchaser, lift i-hoice. 20c. J
Slid choice, lot-. Apply to
! E. W. HUSTLEV, Nursery j
i near Wiliuer, It. C, or *
.1. HUTCHISON', Cranbrook.ll.C. ♦
Take notice tbat I, William West,
nccupatioo, Engineer, iuu-iid to ap-
ply lor permlmon to purchase one
liundred and sixty acres ol land,
bounded at follow-.:
Commcacini at a post planted
about HU chains cast and 40 chains
south ol tbe south-east corner ol
Lot 8435; thenee north 40 chains,
thence east 40 ohains, thence south
10 chains, thence west 40 chains.
William West.
Located December 7th. IMS.   ;j»12t
City of Cranbrook
Notice is hereby given that on
-Monday, March 15th, 1909, thc Court
ol Revision tor thc City ot Cranbrook will be held in the Council
Chambers at 10.30 a.m. (local time)
lor the purpose of revising the Assessment Roll ol the City ol Cranbrook. Those having complaints
against their assessments are reoulr-
fd to have their protests In the
hands ot tho City Clerk ten days
previous to the sitting of the Court
ol Revision.
Dated at Cranbrook tbls 4th day
ol February, IMD.
Thos. M. Roberts,
«-4t CMC.
l'HONKWl. P.O. IIoisOi f
The Finest Drivers
Up-to-date Rig*
(lood Saddle Horses [
;; Proprietor ■ iJRANBROiiK, 11
Central Merchants       ♦
All Kindiof Rscavatlun Wurk
t'urninb all kin>U ot Italian Laborer!
i.irCnntr ntur- nml otlit-m
;T. MIRABELLI, Manager '•
,      P.O. 10X194 -U0M-44
. 0tHc« in Buil'iinir formerly: occupied [
, l.y D. .1. .lolinnoii
Old Shorn Miule New.
All Kinds of Repairiii|.
Give mea call
♦ 4
♦ 4
♦ 4
♦ 4
♦ 4
♦ «
♦ 4
♦ 4
♦ <
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ »
♦ *
i *
♦ 4
Why Does
Business Grow ?
|^ HOSE not familiar with
the facts might well ask
the question, as it has
been a query to many people how
a weekly paper in a comparatively
small town in the mountains
could do as much business as the
HERALD does.
But the answer is easy.
The HERALD has always endeavored to give the people the
worth of their money, and a little
more if possible. It has published
at great expense an eight page
paper when other publishers in
the Province were content to publish only four pages and ask the
same price that is charged for the
The HERALD has never hesitated at expense to give the people
the news.
For these reasons the HERALD
leads in circulation.
The HERALD has one of the
best equiped job offices in all of
Western Canada, and employs
only artists in the typographical
line. That is why it does such a
large amount of JOB WORK,
and receives orders from Alberta
to Nelson.
HERALD "delivers the goods."
This is evidenced by the crowded
condition of the HERALD'S
columns, where Ads. are printed
from Vancouver to Halifax.
It   is   easy   to see why the
HERALD'S   business continues
to grow.
When you want the best of
work, or to advertise in a medium
that covers the field, or read a
paper that gives the news all the
time, see us. We can please you.
The Herald Publishing
Co., Limited
??*??♦*•?!»*♦•♦***•>••••> >>•»•*•>»***•>*'*«*«* THB   on
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
flavor. 99_
I lie ritv
Fori Sleele
Paul Uiimlliv
I     huvlc, ofl
Cranbrook today.
(i   WfllttHi.ii, i.i  Orecnwood,   was
in Cranbrook thi.s week.
I'   DeVore    Ihint   went   lo Kerme
yesterday on Insurance business-
Wm   Carlln, <>l Kort Steele, Is   in
lown tittlay.
Pavfd QriOlLh, lbe Kino   ol   Wild
Morse I'm-k, i* in   Uic city todav.
James Joyce, "f Ma)
the citj on Tuesday.
Cutters at com  priee
broolv Tradioi*. Co,
Rolieil  Itobson, ol  \l
Un- L'Ui i>n Tuesday.
ii   w   Cooper i.-iii d inn
\isii  lu Spnkaiic on Tiics-Jjv-
.1   \l    t'liirull, nf   Kimberley, was
in the eity on Tuesday,
('. McLean, ol   Wyeliffe, wns regis
ti-n-ii ai tin- Imperial nn Tuesday
Cutters at insl price ;it tlie Cranbrook Trading Co.
(',. o. Curtis, ol Wnrdner, was    li
tin eily on Tuesday,
I italic
j I   thf ('ran
Kaslo, was in   the city
Mis.  W.  C. Oliver,  of
in Un* eity this week.
Neil McLeod Cumin, manager of
the North Slur mine nl Klmherlev
was ia   lhe eily yesterday.
i)i|     bar.
lu   Mrs. S
of Uic Imperii!-.1 nn    Fri
il thr   public.    Whfii
• iim
,i rn i lit-     f
Home, <>f
"BUI"   Crans-
•inl, il  is.
Easl Kooteaaj
returned    Ihis
  ..     . [j    of    several
ugh ilie prairie provinces,
Uiat conditions arc ven
nd that the indications are
will itf a vast amount of
d a consentient demand for
A* A*. At* A* A*. A* A* A* A*. ** A\ AAA A* ****** _******* At, *** A* At   *■  *   - - AaZIZIZaIIZTI* . **** A* A* A*. A* A* A.XXXX A* A* .» X II T *Z X "2 *. * --..--  .  -        --.....-..---...---.-.•.-.*-».
ihat   tl<
hreo pens utility .stock White Wyan-
lots; pen 1; headed bv imported male
d hoavv   laying .strain, S3.00 per la
straight; pen** 2 aad :{, $1.50 per L5
t~.oh    per hundri-d,     packed and
t.o.h. stage; 25 per cent off at ranch.
Address A. P. Smith, Fort    Steele,
B. C. 48-3t
On Monday evening last the members ol (be Baraca and Philathea
classen were "At Home" in the Bap-
i Imifli to their many friends.
Thc appearance of the church was
ureal ly improved by beautiful house
plants thai were placed nn the piano
and platform. When atl had enjoved
the band-shaking, Mr. Anderson took
the chair, anh the piogramme which
followed, was enjoyed by atl. The
lirst piece was a quartette and ob-
ligato, after which addresses were
ifiven hv Mrs. Taylor, the president
i.f the Philalheu class, and Mr. Mo
llit) if, president of the Baraca
class, explaining the motives ot the
organization, emphasizing the fact
ili.it the great aim was to raise tbe
morals ot rhr young men and ladies
of our town and country. A most
excellent programme was rendered,
after which a dainty lunch was served. The entertainment was a ■•>*n-
uounccd success in every wav ami
will Ire followed bv others of a like
lie Cianbrook Auditorium lias
ii secured hy the local cxecutiv-
nrnittif on  Bvangelism for   nrac
\pril :
;ht fr'oui April tth tn
i-'lrtl lor (tic Chapman-Alcxaml-
etings, which, tlm inn that
.ne i.i in* carried on simul
sh   in  Fernie,   Cranbrook ami
l iitluiiMi-illv    Ihis     is
inlei and indicates business,
LOST—One brooch;
Finder pleaso return
Pert-) W. Cooke.
A. Phipps, Inspector
ial Hunk, was    in the
FOR SALE—A small house ami tot
r.ilxIUO. Applv G.. Box 885, Cranhrook, 11. C. 16-4t*»
V McL. Curran, managci "I the
North St;ii mine at Kimberley, wns
in Craitbrootc on Sunday.
William Henderaon, af Fort Steele
Junction, was in Cranhrook mi Saturday.
Joe Walsh, provincial constable, ul
Fori Steele, accompanied by Mrs.
Wash, was in the city today.
s. .I. Mighton is a great lover of
ilu* uld sod ami has in. window full
i.f shamrocks.
Sleighs, 31. and :i Inch, at eust, at
the Cranbrook Tradtn« Co.
Hums Bros . have heen having
some verv attractive windows during
lhe past few weeks.
William Van Arsdalen, fine uf the
uld time mining men of Fort Steele,
was in the citv this week.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, was in
lhe city on Sutitrday to attend the
meeting of   the Farmers' Institute.
WANTED—One or two rooms tur-
uished or unfurnished bv voung lady.
Apply S., care Herald.' 48-tf
C. Phillips, of Crows Nest, was registered at the Cranhrook on Saturdav.
Another shipmeut of gramaphones
at Cranhrook Drug A Book Co.,
N. C. Macdonald, of Nelson, was in
the city at the beginning nf the
TO l.KT—Furnished cottage. Applv Box .108. 48-lt*
W. -I. Felstuon, A. P. Cameron and
F. II. Kesler, of Movie, are in the
citv todav and are registered at the
\. L. McDcrmot will leave for the
east next Tuesdav for a visit
■Montreal. Toronto, Winnipeg and
P. Lund, of Wardner, was at Vic
toria attending the hig lumbermen1!
meet ing at Victoria.
Edward Elwell, uf tlie liim o
Beale A Elwell, wus in Victoria fur
several days last   week and this.
Word lias been received from Mr.
and Mis. I, 11. VanDecar and Mr.
and Mrs A. C. Bowness, who are
un a trip to California saying Hint
they ate having a mast enjoyable
Thomas Prentise, uf Fernie, is registered at the Cratibmok today,
(ieorge Laurie, uf Creston, was in
town this week. Mr. Laurie has
been in Spokane fur some weeks
closing up some gnnd timber deals,
Mr. Halsall,   mnnagci   fur Hill  ft
iu.. has    been   hiisv   ihe pasl week
superintending    Hie    unpackim-   uf a
tii.i"iiiiii*eni Imp uf Hum met goods.
Meagci's pickles, prepared frum re-
ceil f M. Juste Menager, chef    to
King Kdward VII. Fur sale at
Fink's Pure Fund Orocery.
Frank Angers arrived T-esterdnj
from Montreal and Ottawa, where
In* has been spending six weeks holi-
nobhhm -.villi Sir Wilfrid Laurier ami
other distinguished parliamentarians.
p. .1. Buckley, of Wankesha. Wls-
intisiit, has been in the city fur the
past few days looking after his various interests in the district. Mr.
Buckley has every faith in and is
full of hope for the future ol the
Itanchers. creamervmen and other
expert Pairvtnen throughout the
world have placed the great senl of
approval upon De Laval Cream Separators, and claim there are "None
other Onuine."    Thev are beautiful
February 28th.
Seniles ,
I   o'eloek
.'iu.   The
veiling is
OVELTY is the spice of our Clothing slock.
It is to garments what salt is to soup.   Without New Patterns, New Colors, and
new models to invigorate our lines, sales lag and goods linger.
Our Spring Styles arc made with the dash and daring and swing that the young men
For Spring we show all sate models that others show, but we're naturally proudest of
the models that WE ALONE show.
Not a stale pattern or style in these lines.
Through our entire line of Modern Clothes we have kept in mind the extremes to which
jt is safe to go, and you can be sure to find something to your taste.
Our Guarantee of Satisfaction or Money Refunded.
•»♦♦■»■♦■»♦♦♦♦■>■»♦■>■>♦♦»♦■»♦♦♦■»•»♦♦♦•>♦♦»♦■»■»♦•»■»•»»♦•»♦% WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW4+WWWWWWWWWWWW*
s usual in thu morning at
nnd    in the   evening al
sermon   subject    in    the
"A Religion    With    no
in It."
The "Knox Girls" Bible class are
making (piiet preparations for a con*
cert and     social   to celebrate   "St.
Patrick" on March 18th.    This  will
Iir ihe young ladies'  lirst attempt as
entertainers and hostesses.     At   the
"•lose of the evening   services     there
wilt   he it   union   meeting    in Knox
church   to   practice    the   Alexander
ivmns    far     thc   coming Cliapmati-
Vlcxnudcr campaign.     Everybody is
welcome, and if is hoped these half-
hour services may be bright and pro-
11    is
hoped    the several
lend the  sing-
Morn ing—11 o'clock.
Sabbath sehool, 3 o'clock.
Evening, 7.30 p.m.
Subject: "A Dialogue Between a
Penitent and God."
Special music by the choir.
Itrijj-ht congregational singing.
Everybody welcome.
The members of Baraca and Philathea classes will give vou a hearty
welcome at 3 p.m. Come and spend
a profitable hour in the company of voting men and women who
are handed together to help young
men and women.
February 28tb.
\>xt Sundav evening the subject
will be "The God of the Amen."
Visitors will be welcomed to the
morning aud evening services, also
to the Sunday School session at 3.
Bible classes for men und women
at the same hour.
Tuesday—Epworth League at 8.
Paper hv Mrs. Patmore.
Wednesday—1-ndten Aid will meet
at the parsonage at 3.80.
Fridav—Itiismrss meeting of the
chair at 8
How Guelph Merchants Deal With
Slow Pay Customers" is the subject
interesting article in the January number of the "Dry Goods
Review." It concerns both custom-
ir and merchant and is a solution to
i problem that bas been a long
landing trouble to the merchant.
It was last June that the official
■ullector svstem was established in
Guelph. The Retail Merchants Association tliere, after a lot of work
md discussion, brought out their
lew Idea.... Their object originally
was to appuiut a collector to act as
an ollicial of their association, aud
to be recognized as such. Tbey foresaw ihe advantage there would he in
it. even in the saving of collection
fees alone, and believed that rather
i hau sir a recognized collector calling
periodically at their homes, many of
their delinquent customers would pav
up. They finallv decided that it
would bo better to have their officer
paid a salary than a commission,
and selected for the position, in the
person of ao ex-storekeeper. D. A.
srrogg-je. They made a bargain
with bim lo take over the drumming
up their bad accounts for $700 a vear.
This amount with the rent ot tbe
collector's olhee in the heart of tbo
city, telephone fees, stationery, and
other expenses, amounting in all to
about SsflO, they decided to raise by
taxing the merchants who would reap
the benefit ot the scheme.
A collection committee was appointed, consisting ot the president
of the association, K. Waters; tbo
secretary, II. O. Occomore; G. B.
Rvan, a dry goods man and J. A.
McCrea, a grocer. They got together and drew up a list of tbo
eighty odd merchants who belonbed
Lo the association, assessing each
man what they believed was the fair
amount, or a fair share of the collector's expenses.
Uucommendotl l.y thu bent
iiifilioiil authorities.
W'|iole«ale Win* Merchant
    PHONE 17 PHONE 17
A word of thauJit it» due to our many cuHtoniers who, in
relponue to the requwt for i-i-itlfimnt f'eniutit with -Ini-uary
accouutf-i cione iu with ibe necessary quid pro <*tto.
We tind it itnpoHsible to do tmtiiiiyse without funds, ami iit
iliia respect wieli tu eay that there ure yet a few delinquents,
who will eoufer a favor hy giving un a call not later than
March 1st. \V« only want our own, do not wiili to woika
hardship on anyone: hut are GOING TO GET IT. This is
fair warning.
IIJ.   D.   McBRlDE
****************** *>*>'**'*>4ttfttftftf ttfttiiliiiiiiiaAA
P.O. HOX ::::
A Fair Judge
Of WALL PAPER would not I* overruled by n higher court if he decided tlmi
[linked by P. H. Short uml lib BK1M.KD
.UlTlSANS were tlif best obtainable
for anywhere neur tbe priee, both labor
mul material being considered. Tin*
imiterns we ilisjilny and our taste in
combining colors nnd our "itiekinu"
ability will bear comparison.
The Painter and Dei-orator
unit lees have heen formed lo
oui ihe preparatory work of
'Impman-Alexander campaign In
pnrl uf the Kootenav. The
is will he naked to meel after
vening service next Sunday in
•resin lei 'burch to try over
IIS    tll.ll      V.
will   he
and  the
i umlertak.
nan    rll
;..lvril t       	
I'resbyterlnn   rliurcli
niltl     Methnilisl      clilllcll
ihal  In  the time the I
be used for the
-Sundav ninhl (nun
■tili/iil for ihis
nited 'liuiis »re
tu ineet      in    the
naptlal church
i  turn,      so
ugeiists ni-
i'.e   thev
11 he quite prepared
the iniisii-nl pari uf
gramme. Ml who enu sing, are
toil, whether ilun ,nv members ol
church choirs oi tint. Special
iiigciucnis will also he made for
ed niawi set vices, Ihe time and
e to he Announced Inter,
.j desirn. perfect in   ^^_^__^_
everlnstlng in daily use.     Send    fi
booklet     to    Patmore   Bros.,    sole
W. s. Cranston, the manager of
the San Francisco Opera eompanv
was in the city In the interest of
that aggregation yesterday, Mr.
Cranston Is one of the hest known
theatrical men in the west and one
upon whose word absolute reliance
can he placed.    lie has never decelv-
A1. St. Rugene Mission, Cranhrook
un Sunday, February 21 st. Miss Don
[■afotitain was united in wedlock to
Mr. William Henderson, Ihe nuptials
being prnnounced hy Rev. Father
Wagner. The bride is the only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Felix l-n-
fotitain, of Fort Steele .(unction. She
is one of thai city's most popular
young ladies, of refined and prepossessing appearanee, pleasant manners, and blessed     with   the faculty
,     .. . ■ of making and retaining friends. Mi".
tructlon a™ | H^ndcrsoTi is   well known throujrtiouf
Kast and West Kootenav. They go
oust for a time on their honeymoon
visiting the principal cities in eastern
Crosses of our own making bring
no reward for carrying.
.Sympathy for the suffering -trows
in proportion as the sympathiser has
diflerent stores he   had big old   ac-1 the only way to get   off tbat     list
counts, that they were almost   out-   is to   pay   her   way off it, and   she
lawed.      They    realized    then why generally begins to pay.     It Is sur-
Their assessments jsomo    customers    had all   at once prising how honest she gets   all   at
ranged from $"i to $15 per vear,   ac-   started tn deal   very largely in their   -"      «---«-—■   --•
cording to the si/e of the lirm    and's-'-rcs in spite of   the fact that they
the amount ol business done bv tbem. lived in opposite parts ot   the   city.
When the lisi was drawn up it    was!They saw   through some wonderfully
oresenteti at a meeting ol the nssocl-!touching hard luck stories that they
at ion, ami all the merchants      who had      heard,    in a manner that   set        . ...     .  ._ _  ___	
were satisfied with their assessments them   thinking,    and   thinking hard, plated leaving the citv have been met
on the list signed their names oppn-  They awoke   and   were mighty glad, at  thc station   and tinully persuaded
site their respective amounts.    Some of it,     Nor were they alone surpris-   to stay a while   and    make a    few
uf the   merchants    did not   nt first 'd.    Our frieud, the enemy, got    a (sundry settlements.     The collections
once. Sometimes, when the amounts
involved have been large, the families
have decided to leave town, but the
watchful collector keeps an eye on
the moving van, and already in
who content*
think a great deal of   the idea, and
believed    there was little      to he
"..iiiinl   hv it.     Enough b'll in line,
however, re. make   the thlnr "o and
in a verv nhott   time   the rest saw
the advantage of it and began to
tall in line.     The Rchemo Is now
working with such success th.it the
the   delinquent     in thr
few rut her rude shocks during      thej alone   make   the   scheme    a paying
nest few weeks also. one, but   the black list   feature    of
When one ol these smiling, affable it is what docs the merchant the
women would come into the sture on [most good. It warns him not to
whuh she happened to be sponging I let the bnd ones gel any further In
it thai particular lime, nnd with a nn the wrong side of his ledger. If
HUperfhiUy ol excuses,   would ask to [thete   was not    a    single collection
life of
Hovnl c
i'ln ial
anviliing hut a bed of
the matter or live or six dol-
l;u ■ worth of goods added to hei
"hltle bills" of $20 or MO witb
uthei merchant', iiround town, politely but sternly refuse her any
more credit. The wonmn, of course,
would assume an attitude nf indignu-
inndo   the   black   list  scheme
would pay the   merchants Ic
oxponso Involved,
 I   of the     as-
-.iii iui imi was not very long getting
acquainted with the slow p.iy people
uf the citv. While hv no means the
mosl welcome visitoi at their homes
be was undoubtedly one of the most
persistent cullers that they had.
Rather than huve hlm making official
visits ut their homes every week or
>o. manv |feople, who could not he
persuaded bv lawyers' letters or
threats of suits to settle, settled
wiib the "pesky collector" so as to
be rid forever of him. All kinds
nml conditions uf accounts began tu
come in as il   lhe merchants all pos- ,_
nesscd magic magnets and would meet, not a hoy from the hank
simply pull the money out. When wiib a draft, or n collector from
asked if Ihe money had come in to one nf the stores where she owed,
such an extent as to pay the cost but the official collector of the as-
of the collector, President Waters soeiaHon, not with one, but with all!
verv emphatically stated that in her local accounts. Then in a tew,
manv eases the'merchants in the brief, but chosen words, it would all i
nasi few months, which, atter alt. lie explained, to her why she eould I
was onlv a trial, bad received over no longer work the "pay-you-next- \
ten times   tlie amount they paid an-  week-bluff," or tell with such    good'
I   "Why, the idea!     One would think I
.sit. thai     I wus u dishonest person,
(who tried to get out ol paving   nc-
counts.     I assure you. Mr. 	
yuu Kill not he troubled selling me
anything again." And she would go
iu her assumed "hnity-toitv" mood
'ami. perhaps, trv some other store
with much the same result.
Then she would wonder how they ,
"got wise" until in a day or so she
would answer a ring at her door to
would meet, not a hoy from the
When   wilh n draft, or n   collector
The return of the San Francisco
Opera company to thc Auditorium
al Cranhrook is regarded ns one of
the most Important events of the
theatrical season, and if indications
do tint fail, it will attract one of
the largest audiences ever assembled
in the city. (ieorge W. I.ederer's
famous New York Casino success,
"The Strollers," will be presented,
and if recent criticisms Irom Pacific
Coast papers are correct, there is
everv assurance that this productian
is unquestionably one of the highest
musical attractions ever offered ia
Western Canada.
finally in fees—money that they had
thought il was absolutely impossible
to collect. Hut this is hy no means
the strong point of the plan.
The collector at the   end    ol    the
lirst month, in addition to a report
effect her touching tale of the tern-
notary financial stringency. The collector would explain to her the
black list system and the beauty ot
it in dealing with forgetful people.
After several calls of this sort on thej
•t the collections he had made,   sub- part of tbe tactful and persistent of-
mitted a list to each merchant ol nil filial the simple    lesson ol honesty.
the "dead-hffttn" In the city.      This so lung neglected, is generally learned
list was    a revelation.     It showed tn very good advantage, hacked   up
not  only    how    much   money "Mr. as il is with   the stern object lesson
Deadbeat" owed, but ia   bow many of the "black Jilt."    She finds   tbat
******** ***_%__,__._%.*_■
Kxperionewl Accountant
nml Business Manui"pr wishes
to remove to Oranbrook or
iiiMKhborliooil. Thorough
knowledge of finanring, bank-
T ing anil conveyancing. Accustomed to charge of large
office. Reasonable salary.
Write I'. O. Box 1«H4 Win-
11 you Hop here onw
you will look for
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary again.
H. L.
fur the Kurni tn
llotne Grown  uml Thor*
(niglity Ttfltecl
l-IDfniE'-riittilomu- I'ti'i-
M.   J.. HENRY
,'llltil WxHltniliHter Itontl
Mini oinplowl l"r all ItliiilH,
work. \Vi> Hollcil i'i)t'i''N|>iiti(l,'t"
wiili mill opurAlum uiul nlln
oilier Imliialrloa.
-ODMSS : f. 0. BOI *3*
Aakyoar6Nocr-K for it
Waldo,  B.C.
1'Aia 8T. JOHN, Proj>rl«tor
Hniith-east Kootenay'* (iroat
Summer I tenor t
.Iimi tlte place to upend a lew
day-*-' vacation
Bar nt (Hiked with the Iw-nt
Dining nervice li M-clast*
Comfortable Rooms


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