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Cranbrook Herald Apr 4, 1907

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APR 101907
April 24-00
VOLUMK   111
OIlANllltOOK,   BBITISH  COLUMBIA,   TlllUtSOAY,   VPIUU   1.   1907
*P    %.     «*,  Siv •■"-!"■
- V**-l*-»«l
Baby-Carriages and Go-Carts
Big sliipiiiont jtlfil in. mul moiii^ like Hot CnkeB
Morris Chairs, $7.00
Hug Cushions,  delachable and
Sideboards, $16.00
l.ui'r',' Hovelled ijlwm, Ctirveil Topi
11 It. ll in. l.i_l>
Buffets, $23.00
Rovnl Ouk, Kliler Kxtetislnns,
Ili'Vel  UlsiW, III) s 12
Dresser and Stand
RKl.llll.AR PRICK, $18.00
Elm Wood, Revel Mirror, 20s 20.
Wicker Parlor Chairs
All si,„'k linnorleil from Oerraiiny.
Design, very beautiful,
Tea, Coffee and Cake
will be served with the above delicacies on
April 9th, from 3 to o at night, at the Cranbrook
Co-Operative Stores, with side dishes of
Child's Crib
Due in arrive April lOtli
Table Oilcloth, 25c yd.
IIKllll.AII PRICK, »5l).
Putlern In Wlilto, Murlile ami
Shelf Oilcloth, 10c yd
These are ail in figured design**, for use
011 cupboard ainl pantry shelve*
Corsets, 50c
Corsets, 40c
Corset Covers, 25c
White Cambric, Embroidery
Flannelette, 10c per yd.
All New Stunk
Misses' Shoes, $1.25
HRGUI.AR IM1ICK $1.75 and 12.25
Choice id 76 pairs at thin price
Boys' Shoes, $1.00
REGULAR PRICE $1 !M> amlt3.25
I'.i-si Value in unr Sim-en
Are away down,    People pujrini! en.h  on Seneral Lilies ean save from
IU tu 15 per i-i'iit, lmyiiig from us.
FRIDAY AR'ERNOON we will sell .1 cans BEST CORN lor J.W'
SATURDAY APIBRNOON we will sell BEST DRANtlES 40c. *'"•
Damask Portieres, $2.50
RKGIM.Alt PRICK, $1.00
Children's Shoes, $1.00
REGULAR PRICK $1.0.1 ami »*.0U
Giirnl School Shoes
Lace Curtains, 90c
REG tl I,All PRICE, SI 25
Tlii, i.ii line lioiightcliea|i. Onrciwtoni
.r» will get Ui-- bonenl while Ihey last.
Chenille Curtains, $3.25
If yon an- Intereateil in iiii- line, l" not
'it-iive „ui -tine until yoil nee them
KMUSTAUTUNii MOWS WATCH THIS PAGE NEXT WEEK.   Our big oule, which lias brought thousands to the City, will continue until
APRIL I5tii,   We are still paying ruilwuy fnr,. to nil purohaoen from outside pointa, and freight on goods liought in our Store amouuting tu over $20.00.
See our windows for unrgnins, uml don'l forget tho
Table Cloths
lo match all Hues ol Curtail
1-ortieres iu i i •■ 1, a
Christie Hard Hats, $1.50
Selling cheap i<i inakt	
Men's Dress Shirits, 60c
REUULAH PRICE i: H mm! tl '■'■
Mtleilal ih* I.H.,     N »   i il,*
Black Work Shirts, 50c
\\f art oreratocked in thu
Men's Suits, $4.50
BlgSuxk jilll •.. mi re  roust r
CmiibeU'e muke
Hi.u on ilk, nimiMii
«  t. WALKER, Pr.ald.ot
AU.X   I.AIHH, (leu,i.l Man.,,i
A. H. IHKLANU, Sujwiliil.iid.iit ul
l.sl.lll ISIII1I  180?
Paid up Capital, $10,000,000
Kest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113.000,000
Braui'uc-. thrtiuftioul Canada, uml in lhc Unlleil Stales and Eniland
Deposits el $1 mul Itpwarils received, uml Interest slliiw.d al
cum hi miss, Tlie depositor la >ub|ect lu no delay whatever lu
the withdrawal ot the «ll„le or all)   portion "I tlie deposit,
Cranbrook Branch,    -     F. C. MAI.PAS, Mun.i|*er
timiiBlnmliiig the li
numerous   counlc
I       llllltll,     including
foi in.,ur,' .it   \V
1 thai then-
., I unci ions
hull ami
I Fifteen Years Ago
« _ _. *
almplo lliou   •*■
I l.vnnr line   *
' mil'hill
*\ Hi,- in,'ihii'l> oni|ilo»uil in niljuat glime
* llioy nre In-ilsy.   Rlinpler and not hull h,iii»vuii
« li, ih,- method! »,' umploy nil uncertainty li
* i,l luatrni it.nl iiiiitiii,-,',ii,iii,"-N    VVe are sine Dial .'• i
5 iHialli ulvlio on llu> tjucwlli loplli'i ami vroulil like lu h
S make nia vlall
I W. H. WILSON, onft
Jeweltn   ki\iI w
4     TT  •     11«        TT    1 U Vf %/  1*1 »     1ilmlnt\|e    0|Mltinn     ♦
* 444444444444444444w444444444444444444444444i
The Wilga
Under    the     Man.i--eiinrnt   oi
Mrs. E. Byrnes
Tin! rooms Imvu Iwen rollltoil
lllll] Hit* Iioiibu is ii.im in (he
heat ol riiihliliuii. i;*-iit*»-iiil nl
tontloii tn ihe iliiiiny room,
l.imi.l will unit room a van he
Wt* Imvu jimt H'rcivinl a nice lino of tlio |io|iulur
CARMEN HIIAOKLKTS, ranging from $7.00 to
Jfi!l!.(H». |( yuu woul-l prafur a UUA8P URACLKT,
we can show yon u niuu nelunilim in i-uih gold uml
gnlil lilletl.
! I Oiliritil Watflli ltiH-.i«tor forO. I». It.     fV»   F»   TAlL \ |
* Crow's Neat I'ass DivUloil w
Al-lcrtnan Ryan, as police commissioner, s-talwl thai lie li;ul always In**'"
in favor of kit'iiii.*-; pimps ami tin
Lotus out of tin* town, .nit when it
r.iiup to saying a party "l business
nipri could not sit down antl mjoy a
i*.uiie ol cajds be would nol do it.
Mayor Fifilay calliil thr council to
..rii'T with Alrlerinen Gill, Ryan,
rink, McCowan nml Hlcltoiibolham
present, The mlnut-cs ol the lust
meottng  were read and n1lopti.1l.
TIh* city clerk reail a communication stgnctl bv police commissioners
Ryan ami Rollins, stalltiR Uiat they
li.iil employed Cory Dow as chief ol
|.oliiN»at a salary of S110 per month
nml two suits of clothes per year,
.jiril had employ ml I). McLean us policeman at a salary ol tun per month
ami two suits of clothes per.year,
(in motion F, R. Morris was given
autihority t-n act as truant officer as
well as Hie city police.
A communication from Indian
Ageul GnllirniWi wns road, rpquest-
inft tlie city to provide n suitable
place for lmlians to tie their horses
when "in town. On motion the city
clerk was instructed to inform Mr.
(Inltirnllh that the city owned no
property that could he used for such
The hills of the Eleclrlc Light
company ami water works for the
motrtll were then passed, Alderman
Ryan not voting,
All foills passiii hy the finance
committee with the exception uf the
nhovo were then passed and ordered
By-laws numbers Rtl. :i7, 38, 3D ami
Ih, were placed on their lust uml
hmotkI remUngs and then eonsldoreil
In committee. The dlttcrenl committees reported progress on all of
these     by-laws exec-pi  Nn   37, which
wns lost'in committee
The report of the finance enmmltlee
regarding estimates for the year was
Uien taken up and considered and
linally passeil. The estimates call
for a 2.1 J mill assessment to provide
for all expenses
Aldermen Fink and Ryan reported
Unit ihey had employed a * i 1 v teamster nt a salary of $7(i per month.
On motion this action was sanctioned by the council.
Mayor Fintav stated Ihnl someone
had complained to him ili.it; the
waste water from the Herald motor
Was a menace to public health and
ordered the health lioanl to inves-
llgato some. The uwyoi did not
ntntc who had laid the cmnplniht,
On the reipiest of Ihe city solicitor
u special meeting was called for Friday nlflht to consider by-laws, as
the city solicitor would have to leave*
town in a couple of weeks lo to nh-
sent some time, and it wns necessary
Jor him to be present when by-law's
Were voted on.
The council adjourned al  10.45.
ihe glass blowers exhibition in tin
Alketis block, the standing room onl>
ilgn was oul .ii tin- city hall wlwu
Mayoi h'ltila- called the council to
order at s i"i o'clock The opening
ol iiu* session wns very tame and
until the minutes nf the last meeting
h.ul boon ready and approved every
limit;  Was .1*, quiet   ailfl  prosy  iis the
rwilvng ol one Bcerbohm Trees dissertations on political economy. Iiui
when the 1 ceelvlng ol communion
linns was taken up and the city
clerk rend the report ol lhc police
1 ommis~iioncrs, the mayor livened
tilings up a hit in denouncing the
report and staling there wns a mooting ol the coiij/mssinii and thai there
was not, Imsnig the latter assertion on the f;irI Ihnl when Messrs.
Ryan and Rollins had disagreed with
him be had leil the meot-ing. The
mayor's cliiei cause ol complaint was
tlie fad Hint Die olhei meiiihers oi
the commission had mil considered
applications that had been (lied, but
1.1 <l Insisted on appointing a man to
■lie     posilion nt    chiel of police who
had nol applied loi  ihe same, nnd ut
a salary oi (35.00 pel  month higher
Hiali had heen asked bv upplicnilts
lie did mil think this wns right to
the taxpayers uml consequently protested nj-uinst ihe ticliou, Ttn*
mayoi fmtliei iusinuat*ed thai Ihe report of Ihe action ol Ihe commissioners as published in Ihe Herald
had been prepared tu suit the views
ol certain members uf ihe commission ami place tlicni in as fair a po
silioTi before the public as possible.
Me further stated fhnt a portion of
Ihe report as published was a d——d
After some furl her discussion tto
matter was dropped und routine business agflln proceeded with. Near thu
close of the session Alderman McCowan stalled the ball rolling again
by asking what Instructions hail been
given in regard to closing of gambling, and staling that gambling hud
been carried on in two of the hotels
Suturdny night and Sunday ami that
a working man had heen Oeeeed out
of two months wages. He stated
thnl he did not think It right to arrest and fine men for being drunla on
the streets nnd overtook offenses of
this chaiiu'ter, He believed that
hotel keepers who allowed such offenses to he commit led on their
premises should he prosecuted, und If
cases were proven the license should
he revoked. After considerable discussion trho city solicitor was nsked
lor his opinion on the matter, ami
stated it was up lo the police commission to issue orders regardless ol
the council, hut thai aldermen had the All kinds ol ladies and gentlemen's
same rights as other eiti/ens to lay (Cleaning, pressing and repairing, at
complaints and prosecuto it they the Cranbrook Dye Works, Armstrong
know ol oBeust betas   coHunltteit, * Avtmut, oppoait* Iu-tt-rUL hotel.
Following is ibe report uf the Cranbrook public schools lor the month
of March:
Division I., F. R. Anderson, Teacher
Number    present   during
month      25.
Total attendance  470
Average attendance  33.50
Perfect attendance. EUrlila Drummond, Delia Drummond, Sybil White,
Ruth Harvey, Harvey Dickson,
Kathleen Bridges, Vivian Sissons,
Jessie Kennedy, Lillian Leask, Jessie McCowan, John Wood, Spry Mor-
Pivision     II.,  D.     Chun* Caldwell,
Total attendance  725
Average daily a-titondnnce.30.2fi
Perfect attendance: Gordon An-
ihony, Rachel Baidgeit, AlUort Burn-
hart, May Anthony, Georgian Cart-
wright, Melva Cariwrigjit, Mildred
('line, Josie Drummond, Mary Duncan, Rose Burnout, Arthur Fowler,
Louise Hiieg, Ddgar Ha ml ley, Berth..
IliiekeiiitotsWin, Lillian McCow.ui,
Char-lie Morrison, Carl McNatji,
Dave Reid, Cliiiuid Sissous, lue/.
Smith, olive White.
Division 111 , R   O. Punly, Teacher,
Totftl attendance       ...   . 6401
Average    31.22
I'upjls    attending dining
month -iffoo
Pel-feel attendance: Nathan Barn-
hard., Percy Biirdgett, Bonn Bear lie,
Eva Conely'. Willi id Dallas, Kathleen
Burnout, Gordon Fouler, Marguerite
Harvey, Gladys t-Uckortbothain, Jessie Hunter, Wilfrid Hunter, Ralph
Laurie, Ross Pascuv/u, Mabel Pans
more, Andy Patterson, May Pyati
Division IV., Miss Hall, Teaehet
Total attendance        . . 750
Average attendance    .  , 17.50
Perfect al tendance:    Arthur Bowness, Alex, Dickson, Grade Hlgglns,
Roht       Marshall,    Charlotte  Moore.
Hazel   Taylor,    Bernard     Schermer
born, Alice Wood.
Division V., Miss Fraser, Teacher
Total attendance    7H7
Average attendance . . ,38.85
Perfect- attendance: F.thel Reed,
Ruth llaeg, Marv Ban.hardt. Norman Fowler, Raiiisforil Parks, Marrv
Doris, Merretl Leask. Charles Woodward.
Imperial Bank of Canada
* *
_ _ »
The Imperial Bank of Canada
will hereafter, until further
Notice, pay Interest on Savings
Bank Accounts Quarterly,
instead of Semi-Annually, as
:: Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.:
,, ♦
We will iiive ynu efltiuiHte-
1,11 liinii.liinii. Parlor, l)iniii|i
Room, Kitchen or lie,) Room,
ileal price. Irom laiui-.i slock
in ih,- K'li'ii'iiiiy*.
;   YiU'll OWN TIMK Til PAY
c. c. s.
Easter Flowers and
"OEATTIE * ATCHISON hive i fine Easter
•**—' display this ye»r, They have one winduw
lillrj with Beautitul Flowers irom the Hutchison
Greenhouse!) and Easter Cards and novelties. Il
is not too late to remember you wife or sweetheart.
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Will  l»ay You to Deal
4 <w^^^w^ww44444444444w4w44*>*4444w^9w*ww4^w\'y    Vntl  Ihis ilevclopincnt will make    nf' g|jfe__A____j____fe_fe__M£»»»»*»<•
— valleys great   truiL districts, I
■■   .'
. :& ■-§ ■   ,
Fit-Reform's   most   pc   ill  r
creation for well d 'essed men.
Mmle   in   elegant   Engli h   and
Scotch Tweeds    W istoi ' J
V orsti ■'■■ •    i lie\ in    Se uni
Twilled    Vi unas      all    woven
exprei lj . . Pit-R .-form.
\i ..
♦'■'■■■■" "*j^;.f:^^i^i* portrait lire
will bring about iutonso 2
* | » iilciiiriit, null     inii'iis-i- cultivation j*\
am   bring aboul    very    rapid de-j*
* I vi-hijimeirt. I*
! *    interesting   Facts    About    a    Wonderful   Province    *
illy  .1.  S.  Ili-imis.)
:,'■' : ,.       ,,   , * in   I'llll'l'OUltAl'in
Iln-n- is nu   question   Unit owing £
:,rc;t,:Ki;rii!f'  Artistic Picture
$' 5- i .'■
f# '.'■'■     ! %P^<&>i^   v
KEi - .   COI    AN! "   . CRAN3R00K.
AUCli ! o    v? AH I DU
*-I*-.wV. A •Jr-VV-KC'-W*.^ .Ml .■-.•.■ vAi'.iii.I-nu'.i Wi•■■*'fWV1M{iaW-A,KWl
To  Ki'iiri'si'i.t  tho
i he Ontai io  Insurance Co..
T i   Do nin m Fi    Ins ranee Co.,
I he Acciiienl nnd Cniai :intee Co., of Canada,
Tlie New ' (irk  I late (i ass Insurance Co.,
I he  Indcniiiil)      It  ■■ ising Co,
i        . , ,|i    iii i ■   ■ ■    D'liiiiniiii
nt!rit>.iceBiul_iriii_rcfiTi.-iiii's.    \\  iiu lo
bulluwing is tin- enlii'lusioll ,.1 Uio
iptccb i-i J. S. Dennis, laud coui-
,!,. slum i "i Uu- Canadian Pacillc
I,..U\.iy i-uuiLiiiiiy, '" Ibe Canadian
ciu ),  I it-iuiiu, lusl week:
The  Insurance  -agencies Ltd.
General   \genls,   Vancouver, 1$. C.
..»WB» .^»«»-.»-.»-.»i».
B, C,    ivery and Teed Stables >
Blacksmiths,   Woodworkers and Bicvcle Repairers '
l*:Lij.ili.i   * i'- i-:.; 11! i)::- i ■   Implements for Sale '
CRANBROOK,    B.   C. 5
I    Shop Phone SO P. 0, Box   14 Bam Plume 90
f i
l»..»v..».....v ZZ2Z9m- "**•*•.*."•;*■--——*■ --»-*■
1 Canadian Hotel I
J-jj Due oi" the pioneer hotels of Cran-
J5 brook.   Warm rooms, good meals
jgj and a liar stocked with the best
| Joseph Brault, Proprietor $
********************** ** ^*******************
* lib. DAIRY ROLLS, CCc.
♦ per lb.
TUB    BUTTER,    27   c.
per lb.
l-'ull Iiui- i,l I
i, nd.    tl   iiu
51b.    and   61b.    DAIRY *
ROLLS,  30o.   per lb.; *
10 lbs.       -         $2.76 ♦
TURKEYS, 22c.   per Ih.
_ Dominion   Meat.   Co., I
********** «*♦♦♦<-**«**■» ««'»f>'»4»»*e-*»<>*i'» 1.* ****
Try  ii   Cam;  of
Two  Dn/cii   Pints   $2.50
,nul  to fliiinnoBs'.   Tiiu fiiiesl   Imvnriifro nn  111"  ninrln
f,,i- fmnilj mul Inblo usu.    lliipnrts vigor ami
In ..-ilih. nml I a iui llie lioilj gem-rally
llrownr, Crmihrook   13.
ii.'iu  tbu basis  Uml     1
111 iC ' ■. Illil-d, ul ,,111 llli-Si'liL [lOJIUlll-
Uu.l,   tailW.l)   llllllllgc,   UilllK  dealings
    general slumliiig Uiruughoul   Uc
ivu Iii, is 11 not reusuluiblu to suu-
puie Unit ivu can hiui, i„r nu increase,
ui   uu- ueiciopuielil, .nul 1 in.ii    say,
ill   .1   I'd)    1.11'go    111 ,i|i„ 11 lull.1 ii-       III
1  11,11,1  iu lirst   direst yum    ul
im  iuu  in     tliis i.ui.      .iu  clnlins
hi .1 regard   iu llie ili'veluiuncul     ol
i.li .   IVl'Stl'I'll   |, 1,111,ill   nl   Cilllilllu      .1!,'
u-uti-d us ui'iiiiuiis ivbii'h 1 bavu ln'hi
im .1 luuj   iiiii.'.    Thai in un-   ver)
"'.I    lllllll, .    UlC   Wlllllll   ll.UISI'Ull.llll'ii
iiliiih  llll. western Uiinuilu, In,,'
iliul i.i Viuctica, lull iiuilcigu .1 si-i
luus   1,1,nun'.11.       it mil)     surprise
 ic "i 111)  heareis, iiui '1 u-ii'i    in
ui. i.ui lu.'.i ,1 gicul in.11,i yens ngu
' .: II   I'.llllOIS  in   1 u'nlodoniliun,
111 '-li   Julm   X.   M.irili'H.ilil,   s|lenl.-
Ilii    Hi   litis    ill)   nl   \ 1, lull.1,   llll-CClfd
.11. ..iii iii nut ut liis heur-
cri lu 1111' i.ui 111.,l in lus u|iiiiiuii
llll    Utile    Would COII1U  Willi,  .1    glcul
,'u Uuu iii Uiu iJKiihiiV iii Western
' .....ni.. ivuuld go luiivunl liisiiiid ui
>.. IV...111.     1 un 11,ii iliun, thai when
,    |iui ml be li.ni in view   Hi..
.. -iiuMi'.i.    ui   Die P.tii.uii.i   i.iti.tl.
laiiii ,1 ul .11  lli.il     tunc, inn jl  w.is
it,.. .1  live issue.     Uul 1.is luri'slglil
. - 11 i.i.iih  iiiiiivillulis Willi icgiild
in 1I1.11 uue tculurc nl It.     .Sn 1.11 .1
I .ni see, ll'uiu Un- in'i\s]i.i|nis     nl
.11 1   iluic, his     uliti i' uittiietcil
■.. \ liiih- iiUcnlioii, lint 11 w.is nul
111  il  i.i years attii  Hull   1)1.11      llu
1.    i  i"» 1.1111.- .1 live "in'.     Uul ni)
II iiuii is thai thnl greui western
nu .1 iiiiiil 1.1  iiiillu-. which h.is cum
1. .-i il, mrd wbicb is going in   cuuti
. ;   ., .11 .1 im i.i|iul |iiicc, will hate
in  du wilh    lhc lujiiiI duvelou
 1 Western I'.iu.iil-.i 111 llu-    lull inytliiiig else Uuu     lias
. . en   place.    ' .Mr.   Chairman, lasl
I llie purls In thu sum;, ol us lii-m
ijiwl In Un Oriental uml Austral
In    11,.nil, is ll,uu   lu something   u\n
■.. 1 million barrels.       They siiippii
. 1 .1 .,   vusl quantity ul   lumber, ui
li   . .11..I in     iiiauulncluied iiroducl
... 'li'ius our expurls tu Uml lliurlu
 inirutiveli small.     Is 11 urn
. . ;,. assume, sir, Unit wc cu
si in Western Uiinndn jusl ,1
I    wbi'iil ui  ilniii .is is product
lb ol Ibe I     Thnl we Imve in
hi 1 .. Columbia iiethnps the lurgcsi
> levi'loiuil area m incichiiniublt-
11 li i    Uml    there     is     111      Nmili
II ilea; Uml wc linvc in llie llsllel-
t. . "I liritisb Coluinliiii nu assel Uuu
lir.iftieallj bus mil been developed al
.ill   nml      Unit    ive Cllll in  Ihe llllllli'.
.: i.i liulii now, . produce iu iiianu-
;. '   nn il     goods     nn ni iiiie      wlllcll
1    mi  nl   liinliiii.nililt'il   111   Hint   cnllli-
trj  In llu- smith nl us.   (Applause.)
It    Ihnl is Uie    case, gentleman,
w! J   sll'illlil      wc  lllll  hi'  ill  .1  position
1 ■ |ml t leipiilc in ihnl great western
,.i. ii.it. li is .1 fuel Ihnl to-day llie
is iiiiirkeL available lur Un
i.. n- nml wheal ul Western Cnnadii
|- 1.it 111 i'M-.'ss nl ihe supply. This,
lu n till.un I'Xli-iil, is the result ul
. tni'.ii dcvi'lo|iniciil which bus lak-
n place 111 I'un.uln.     Ami lu-ililv nil
    llniti   mills tn tlm e.isl  ol  ' Un
.ii- uul.iiiis mc practically  in 11 pnsi-
III n nf having tn refuse orders lui
liipmuiu ilii'ie because llu-y have mil
n'.  Ibe     supply.      Hut   'this meal
iiinveniirnl ul Irallic, geiillcmcn, will.
.1. 1 have snid, have more In llu with
ih' development nf Western Canada,
tl. 11 anything lhat bus taken placi
since li.t- construction nf llu- Clrand
Trunk 1'iiclflc. I will loll ynu why.
It is comparatively only a few years
mm   since    Ihe  generally    accepted
tl. i.lv   W.IS   Ihnl   till'  null    llltllg     We
could shin in ll astern market wns
tl,.' wheal ami lb.- beef, ll wns rc-
r-n tn/i-.l and ntlmil letl fii'i'ly Mini the
'.i-.il we jtiiiiliui'il in Wi-sli-iii I'unnil.i
v., itlil si ,11,1 ihe Inns haul, ami Hie
'1 1 ue proilueed would also stand
tl. long haul. Iiui us ii-nurds ou-
being .ilih- in expurt tuiylliing els,
w<- produciil we ivuuld b.>ve in find
.1 local miirkel for ii. Tin' isolated
pi. ii.inn nf iliusc provinces east nf
llu mountains, shut off ns ihcy wore
;t. In tin Pacillc hv those meat I1101U1-
, ,n ranges d Isolated Irom     the
Uliililic In Hint Inini line ul rnil-
,, i   made everyone Inlnk that   out-
, .'. nf Uie product nf wheat ami heel
,1 wns hopeless lu look lor anything
1 ■ in tin way of exportation. Thu I
uuu nil .1 iliins "f ihe past,    mul
U  1,. is  {iii'sti,.ii bin thnl willit
uni--, iiniii now ihe great ina.iu
if.   1.1   the  lii.iliiitn'itilt'il  articles em
1 mil ,11 Western C nla will he 11
pi ,i„, 1 iii Western Canutltt.
u., li uc in Western Coiuvdn    Ui
1 1,1  ii natural res :es in hi' louml
iiiwh.-lr.  111  Un' wav  ni  law  liiatci-
,1   .,,,.1 nn    uiillinllod    fuel .supply.
.. .it, [nuxliiinstlble Umber sup-
,|   if properly conserved.     Ami with
i.il   ti.   till-  east   nl   us,       nml
It .... .1,nn 1.ties, mil manufacturers
Hll    , oil   •   iimilil  lie in 11     lu-ltet
lu 1,.iiniii'    Uu- trade Hum
lllll      111.1tn1l.it iiilels silunli-tl nn     Hit-
Iiiii        I il   lllllll, Hint       tin
.!, ni telliri f.' ,1'.s. 11i.1tInn, 1111I1I up
■ , .,, il 1,11, lhc I.isl lew years recognised ihnl cimdlllnn uf unairs.     Iiui
1 lielien   ll 1I1I1  1 iiui alter their
1 nl i.im year In Hn- const, with
lads iiui wen- put liofore them
... n. Ihe possibilities uf lliiiisb Co-
lunihin ns n iiuiiiutaetiiring <-,-i,t,-i
ii v limimc more coiivlnci'd nt Hie
1 n i tii.it tin- province ol ilrllish
(', llllirhia nit,.is openings for eelinin
Iii -. ni ii ,1,1-1 ti.il ilcvclopinriil unci] lulled hv .mi other porllon of
I'linailn. Wliile Uti'v were ncccssar-
II) In.'lli lu niltitil 'thnl ihe opinion
": leli ii.nl always exisled in llu,
1 ti,,.is i.i Uu. people in Ihe east, lu
I!,, itiit Uml we could only produce
wheal and beef for lhc east, and
nuts 1 nlwnys ri, Io them fur the
iii.'ii'lfniiiiti'ti articles, they were
ii.uinnllv loath lu ndmil Unit Ihnl
1 inn' hud gone by, hut I think Ihcy
tin ntlmil il now, mul Ihcv
i'llitil        il fur      the        very
reasons I pul before you. We have
Hi'- tiiiturnl resources, Uie raw
mnlerlnl,  lite fuel, ihe timber,    tbe
lui'liils,    llu-   fish,    I    everything
which in a comparatively short time
should enable us in Western Cuundn
tn produce nil Hn- great bread slttlls,
ihe sugar siipjih, meal packing iu ml
Us  brunches,     '■ leuscd  mill,      .inn
cream, ami all Hn- proiliicts nf the
iiu.-st, (arm machinery, tlie products
1 Hie meal lishing 'industry, nml
ni.i.iy nl llie unifies resulting limn
mil cheap fuel and inincial wealth
will he manutnctu.nl locally, ami Hie
em iutprcul del tlopllleul will he rapid
.mil in.iili.'il.    (('nes ui hear, hear.)
■ Who ..in 1 -it. fi'iiileiucii, what
Ihe lesllll will he Wlllil Hn colistlilc-
tini     nl       llu-     tun     .'Iiui    liuiistnii-
111 11t.1l railways is eomplclcil, .uul
which aie nuw being pressed forward
Un nigh Western Canada';
' 1 have .iiiiliii-.l I., you-ciuilcly, 1
mil 111—..ih.,1 llie position ul 1 ,1:,...In
un . heluru llu' Canadian Pueilic lull
uu, was coiisliucicd, .111,1 what lhc
general impression wns with icga.d
In  Un- ..,11111111   ami   ti„. develupiiieul
wh.eh lolloweil its cunstrucli d
.It,  1 iieiiccmelil  nt  lit.' 111uve111c.1l
ui ih,- people iititit th.- south. Is 11
uul tali in assume il.ut 11 tu havi
iiiOlhUg like im- 11 ulTiuuule    de
11U..-1 iuu inns i.i railwii) wlilcli .nt.
u,u. pjessius forward their eoaslriic-
linii lui Uie 111111u.se 1.1 ub'lnlliilig
iti ,1 share 111 Ihnl tlalllc which wns
.1 Hell would mill Inl) mi uu une
III,.—Is   11   mil   lull   lu Hssllliie  that   11
.n. talc dovelupuicnl Hull w'u have had
.lining Ihe pnsl Itlli'iit ye.its, wbcp
in. Cainnl.ni. Purlin- .inn ns branches
j.- ii handling „il    llie business, Uml
ill. IT-  .ue   minimis   nl   gcllllclUCII      nl
tins bible lo-daj who will see Wesi
.11, Cunaila    wilh .1 population     ol
mil   llllllioll   pcuplcf       tluillil   U|l|ll.llls,
,.i..t cries ni hem, lieui'.)     1 du    not
nil ik Hint is ,1 vlslolllll) Idea nl .ill.
j.,-, ilcmeii. We have an incicn lug
,„. iilulmi, nn mil inescul basis ol
,1 ||)  ,,, 11,„i in nt 11 lullliun iui- ,11,-
iii ig pressed loiwiiid me upenilig up
.,   '..isl   enlllill)   wlllcll  up   In  ,1     com
iwiiilivel)   leivni     time wns luoked
■ in.li, uvea hv Lhose wm. uughl tu
<ii.iw, us being iisiiess. iliey will
tii.iiiiIv open up i'.i development
.1 lusl area ui country, and .he cun-
.tiuiiimi ui these lutes will ecrtaiiil)
,,u.e me elieii uf dispelling the vci)
1. ,i„ uu.- hums wlllcll existed with re
"auies will become as great colon.;
 -.tils     ns ui,.   Canadian  Pal tile
,m,'i to become m Uie past,     And v..
ill uf llicir lint's lhc |iiupurliuaate
..e elopincut which has last 11 plui 1
;. tne lu-.t iiiii...,i yens along     llie
ill, ' .mil  11,   Ihe  Vieillit)   ul   li"'  Cilllii
.linn Piieihe railway. ' Then, .....lie
uu ., I hope uu will uli sec Western
vi. laila wuli ii pujiulatioli ut l.ii mil-
N.uv, geiitleiucti, jusl u lew    1110-
it. .its,, because I havu detained    Juu
 1' I.•!.••. tiiiit..      1  wain  in puiul
uf- wbnt wc .ne doing 111 llie development nl      Wl'sletli    C.lli.nla   lu-llay.
Is I explained in you, we nuw have
1 popuhillou ul sunie tiuu.tiuii people,
villi 11 railway mileage ol ovci iudb
..nes, mid railways undei cuuslfue
.1. u 311110 mlleugc; average bank
'le.iriiigs (weekly) nf .1 lillle ove.
.|..,i.iiii,itiiii.    urn grain erup iu    Un
ni lllll   In  Ihe Cllsl ul  11.e  [iiutlllluil.s
is over liiu.iiiiii.iiiiu bushels—1 am nol
lakilig wheal exclusively, hut wilh
nl.i-iii, hurley aud outs nut- crop
iVnilld- uiliul 'lllll,liiui,ltutl bushels; uiu
.-uni i.hi.,,. would reach 3,US5,UUU Ions
in,I uiu lliubcr output wniil.l reach
;,V.,Ullli,Huh leil, uud ihe products ul
nit unties other tl.uu coal woulu
.....il -MiMil,ii.iniii 1 urn lulling the
-.,, i ns produced in llu:. I. Coluinfi/iu,
eXicptiltg    nl  eulllse   Hint   small nli-u
.ii Saskatchewan nnd Alhcila, lhc
ii'iiducl ol which wuitld i.ni In- over
it;:,,ihio luus.
■ .\..w,   thill   is   the llosltioll  we hit
iii lo-diiy, gentlenicii, uml I would
nl..- in speak iu yuu jusl for a lev.
iiinments mi wlitil is pcrhups n lull,
ii.ir local, and deal wilh the province in      Which    we ale shunted— llie
inivliico of British Columbia as (lis
■ ii..i Iiniii Western Caiindn. I du
ihis,     because   I urn ut the opinion
hat Hut development ul Hm province
.1 Ilrllish Columbia has lu In; somc-
nhal along different lines to what
.ins taken tiliiee in thnl western coun-
in casl ul the mountains.    Tu   the
.-u'-l nl ll..-  uniuiiis there is a very
large prairie country when- a man
only hns in I'lune wiili Ins plow ami
5ct results Thai great country bus
nol Uu- natural resources Uml ' this
it.oinee I..... uni has ii the great us-
el m linn.he ihis province has.     Ii
ins nut  ll,f ment  tttiilui  wcalll t.l
it iirnclienll) has in, timber wealth;
I has mil ihe mineral wealili o
In, proiiiice, although llieie is a
., i nii'ii ol fii.il in ihe Alberta dis-
iiii win,], will supply cheap fuel lu
Iml pi.iiniii uf the country cnsl    ol
III.'  llliitllil s.      'lit,it  liilllilll   I,  mie
■v..lull appeals Hi     Un- agriculturist,
Hn i>  i'.i„  is looking im a    wheal
I.inn. in  n   l,m   Intnl.      llnl  tl  dues
"ii i,lift mi) ,nn.uiu.ii tn the hoi-Li
illluil .1   nu'    uii I   nl   its .l,ln„!r
Hi.i Hie province nf Ilrllish Cul f.u,
ii its cllmiito, in Hie iiosailrllit)
l    growtli of leml-troiilcul fruits, it.
nnl hefoie, more Invuriihi)  cndowwl
'miiiiln     il.mul  .luii.sf.)
■ Mow, geullcineii, wbal is Hie nee-
t'SMiry line ..[ leaal resist inee in en-
•oiinige Un- eieulfsi dcvclopineiil in
Hn,    inmiiiii-.'      I  have given ihis
.11.11,1   Sllllie     IlltlO       iillelilliili.        Ill
'In- Iihsiiii-, I Inn,. been engaged in.
ii  uus in; duty in .In s,,. nml Ihere
IT lusl  ll  lew fads   I     wniil.l like In
In) before inn, Mi. Chairman, if I
uu iml dcl'nlnilig inn.   (Cries uf nn.
"Ilrllish Columbia  is essentially
liiimil.ii s    foiinliy.       Like    nil
inoiintiilnniis countries, Us develop
mini und nil If muni iiiiisi follow the
vnllfis. Ii is pruotlciilly throiigli-
uill ;i timbered country, Fnr ns yuu
know Ihe ureas wilhnnl Umber are
eeiy sin.ill. Being a mountainous
fuiuiin Hie area available for
siiileimnl is very limited, and    llie
un miliiniij-ieil and a country which is
not mountainous. Uul with Hid
iliinale lliiiisb Columbia possesses
Its development is assured, and particularly in the southern portion nf
ihe province, where il is a known
fuel    yon   ean     produce limits, eve
lltcicllllllgo nf Hi
protluels nf the provinces tn Ihe east
..i tin iiiuiiutaius tliiin exists bc-
ii.ii-n any   other two proviiiees    nl
(-., |... ,1.,      '     I'nlSl   nf      the     tlinilliluillS.
,i. i can uiuI always will produce
brct, mutton .""I other incuts. They
will always he in u iiosiiii.ii in supply
w ni is i,-,iin... iii British Columbia
in Hie w-.i) ni lucid, goods mid meat.
;;.;,,I rnliiiii'l.'i.nis on the other linitil
i. i    ii,>.liuf    whut   Ihev  want,      ami
■,'. nil  th.v fan lliil I luce, such     as
Iuu her, ' coul m u certain extent;
,i i i      ilsh, .iiiii Hie   innrkiil    which
..  I - ih.ie Im   111 11 nil I'nlllllllii'.l  prn
tlmn, will always oxlsl  Ihere.   N"i
u I,    mil   II   nlw.lls evisl   Unit'. lllll
il   nil exisl   in siuii u  wu)   Ihnl ll
...II    he   .lillniili     lu keep up the
n i-i-i-.   ii.mi     Ilrllish Ciiliinibln, the
i,:,.mi,I     will       he  sn  gl'C.lt.       And   I
iiiiv snv Hint Ilrllish Columbia Is
lulling down     mosl    Inmeiilably   iu
11 |ilui|.. ii even ludav. The oltei
..I lliiiisb Ciiliiiiihln In snpi.lv Hi.
im i iii.iiluis ..I Saskatchewan uml
t.l .it.,  recent!)   resulleil m llie fuel
.l.i  Ihey mi|i|.Iml ul I nne quarlei
ml,  nl ult.it  wns eolisiillied, ami Ihe
 hunt   uus  mil   Ihnl   llrllisll  Co
liiiiibiii , hi mil t In..- linn     Iiiii
'hit  ii iliil iiiii  produce ei Mi ol il
-I.. Hi I I sn) Ihere will always he
ihnl interchange,    between Ihe    I wo
.1. vim-OS nn.I Ihis lilies action lllllsl
-   -I:      Ihelll   lllllll.
iiui here is Hie wonk point, in
■"■ opinion, wuli regard |„ i)r|i|s|,
Loluntliiii. The dcvclo|imciil nf any
'iiiiiy is dcpeiulcnl  lirst nml prim.
"' >'   '.  Hie colonisation uf     the
people.     Ami unfortun-
not ill a poll tn-ilny lo plnoe even ihe peopln
''I'1 heiidlllg Ihis way. Pur
s u eamaplgn ims been carried un
Induce settlers   lu come iu here-
f      wis .1     lime    when      il   whs
Rb'    Hits    c itty was only for
pliieei miner, in work his   claim
-'. '    rich, nml     then, eel    out.
'   "•      has all    gone by,    Tlm
v is    mil  in convincing
''"I'lf ihnl il     is desirable     tn
'    British Columbia, Iml    the
is    placing  Hie
teuple   when
lirv .In enlllf. 1,,-r,-/ T"s|l5llt'V>l wilni
I know, because in nil our olliccs we
ue being flooded with letters front
"'; pie whn want in come Hi ihis
i' \llii, , nml Ihnl is what you will
ii I u Hi the govetiimeiil nlliees Hint
I re are thousands nf inquiries
1 .ni Ilrllish Coliimlilit [nun iniend-
i , .til. is. And Ihere is nn doilbl
:■ i fu re is n large number nf
. pie eniiiiiig from Hie ,,|,| eolllilry,
■ 'I., f- is n mr.it number of peopiu
i. "it in British Columbia tram
..   ensi nf thr inoiiiilnlns
Von    ,1,    now   "II   llie  eve   nf       ex
!'■ Ing lIn- .sunn- overflow Into Ihe
n ivlnee from the proviiiees in     the
■ 't nf the iiiiuiiit,nits, ns we expel'
■ i 'ed from the people in ihe soulh
tl us.    Tiny me all coming inn here
10  lull. NOW,   Wllllt   Hie  Villi   goillg
' Tin-   111.Hlilr   is   this. '    1   Ilo       lint
.Mull il would he guod taste nl a
in itillg nf Urn Cilliiuliuu club, ur inn
'I  t I   el'.h,   In speak nn such :i     sllli-
... t ns iiu,.    Ami I  rely speak nl
■ lo ilni my sugscstiulis based on
:.f    cxpcl'ieliee     I   have hail,   ami   I
leave il for thr club or U.c press In
id on llie Hum up us ihey see lif
d;    sii!,f,slim,s. ulf  mil)'   pill   hefme
in Iliun us I sec if mul mil fnr the
mi'linse ii! i uiifisiti iii tiny way.
The trouble Willi llu- priivinc	
.iiii-l. Columbia as compartd wllh
rli.it eouiilry lu the east, of llie
,i. if l.mis i,, this: As I have snid, il
s  i lliutllllailllills enlllill v.     ll is only
I., valleys Uml uHor.!'npiiorlunilici
,,   sellleineiit.        Ami lhose valley
i . iml surveyed. (Cries nf hear
tear.) Thai is what has lu he dun,
.ne, gentlemen.
"The iur.il wnrk which was dun
nt nf the inuuiitiiliis, mid which
is. I ibe Dominion government of
'i inula siime seventeen millions nf
lullnrs, bus never been nllumpted in
■ li Ilsli   Columbia. It  is  n     very
duipli mat lei in bring u man into
his liin-.H province tn the east uf
.he nimiiit.iilis and find him ll home,
Ill-cause in the lirst place Hie govorn-
nenl bus hud nil Hie luiiil surveyed
,i.il subdivided ihe country. Tbey
nne nut only dune Unit, but they
have in.11 kill' every Hill acres uf it
nl. mul they will show you maps
ivhcrc il is' all divided off inlo 3ii
,i'i:niis, .mil yuu can follow Unit up
ul Iii ynu get limps uf Uie whole
country. And when n man arrives
there lie fun go into liny nf Ihe nlliees
ilil Inuk nl ihe maps, und see where
ie (un mi someliilug Hint will suii
llilll, uli.l if he docs'not IUU' nne pair
f boots he Cull go iilnng the eniililer
ml eel another pair.
in British I'lihiinhi.i we have gut.
,i n point whrte we have
illliiried        Hie       peuple, mid
lispclliil nil Ibe ciron-
nits iiieus wilh regard in ibe prov-
nee, Iml I do nut know what we arc
..ne In do with  lhc people Ihnl  we
11   is  very  Hying for people      li
•if'     uni two spin \i,itii:s
I =
1 Prcst Pboio Studio
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Olil shoes ui.tiIc new.   All kinds
ni r.'pnirinv.   (live .in' >i oul.
| Central \
Hotel    1
T. Cole, Manager   I
i. ni.,,.  ||„. U-st   to ml.' pu   i
In.iis in tlio Si. Murya viillny. *
(ilAI.  \Nl) PKTllOI.EL.il NOTICE.
Nuliee is berebv given Unit thirty
davs after dnle   I intend in apply i"
iv. linn 1 hi-..! .' i'liisii.-uer ii
I..,, if mul Works ami lu Hie Assjsl-
anl Commissioner "I Lands ami
Works for the districl nf East Koo-
Icnnv, fnr a license lo prospeel fnr
ei,.. I 'a ml iui ml.-uiu nn llie lollowlng
IfSiiil'i'il land, silllnle nu  Uie Xnlih-
.'.isl llieliel Creel', nlunil  five    miles
niilill nf Ihe Calmdlnll P.irilif Puil-
rond, nml lying wesi nl llu- Melnnes
(Irniip, nn.l iiorlb nf Hn- Crows Nesl
Puss Coal Company's land;
I. Cnmilielieilig .it a pnsl planted
uu' inilf north nl n poiiil one mile
-..si ,.f the liilerseellnn nf lhc casl
id.- line ..I the Mclnnes riinit|i and
■he north si.le line id Ihe Crows N'esl
Pass Coal Cnnipniiv's Intnl. said pnsl
,'llg the inilinl 'pnsl nf K. II. 1.0
I'lum-'s   elaiiii. and     marked     E   II.
I.i-l.'rnii/'.s  north i-ml   en r,   Ihenee
sn rh.Hns west,   Ihence     Ml    ehniiis
milh   ll -i- sn eh.Hns oast,  Ihence
sn eliains nnrlh I., plnce nf beginning,
containing nhonl nm acres.
K. II.  I.eFran-/., I.orator,
V.. fl. llrlili'ii. Aiiiil.
I.ff.ilril March HI. 11)1)7
Snid claim helne a ro-loeatlon    nl
ennl license Nn.  PWS.
■2 Comnionriiig nl a pnsl iilniiled
il Ihe iiniihi'.isl corner ol K. 11.
i efimi/'s el ilni. ih,. sunie helne the
i.il inl liiist nf .1. T. Pi'iin's i-lniin.
nd marked .1. T Perm's nnrlh-wesl
cniiier, Ihenee so eliains east, Ihence
sll eliains soulh Ihenee sn ebnlns
wesi, Ihenee si. chains unrlh In place
f lii-elnning,   eonlntnlng nboul    (ltd
.1   T.  Ponn, I on Inr,
K   I!   Belden   .nil.
1,....il...I Unroll  Pi   11)1)7
S.i.l claim heinc n leliirnlhiii ,,(
coal lieelise Nn.   Iflflfl,
H. Cninmeiiriiie nl a pnsl plniilo.1
il .1 T. Penn's nmili wesi enmrr,
■iill   pnsl   l.i-ilii   llm  inilinl   pnsl      nl
E. \, Mnrlln's claim and marked 10.
V li.niiii's soiilb-wosl corner, Ihenee
sn ebnlns east, Ihenee sn elmins
n,iiHi. Ihenoo sn chains wosl, Ihenee
sn ebnlns soulh In place nf hee.in-
niii!!, containing nlir.nl 1)11) acres.
K. A. Mnrlln, I.nrnlnr,
P..  0. Iteld.'ll.   Agent.
l.ni'.iled March l-l, nm;.
Raid Halm boine a ro-locnlion    nf
coal  lieelise N'o. 2lind.
I. Conimencliig nl a pnsl planted
nl E. \. Mnrlln's snulh-wesl corner,
Hm same being Hie iuiliiil pnsl nf
C. 1.. Billlorfleld's rlaini, ami marked P. I,, niillerllold's sonlh-onsl onr-
ner. Ilii'Hi'e sn ehains west, llienre Sll
chains nnrlh, llienre so ebnlns east.
Ihenee sn eliains soulh In plnec nf
hoglnnlng, coiitalulng nhout (llll
C.  1.. rt'illrrficld.  l.nenlnr,
P. 0. Pelilen. Agent.
I.nrjt-il Mnreli   18,   1007.
Snid el.iiui being n re-locntlon    uf
coal lieelise Nn.   2001. I III-
MMk.$&*t -
Anv     available   Dominion    Lands
uul,in  Ihe    Hallway Bell ill   Bntish
Columbia, may he   homestciided    b)
nny person uuu is lhc sole head ol a
in British'Ciiluiniila and    lrmllli.ii.llv, ur nny mule uni  18 years ol
■ti   Ihey   :'...   Into      the  nlliees   thev   llge,   In    llie     esleiil     ul  une i|, i
... tn in,'I mil  ilmir own locution,  scellun nl lllll acres, more ol les.s.
i I1h.ii when   they llml il lliey nro     Entry  si he made |icrminiilly nl
I      tliiv h.ne   In gel  il  surveyed   Hie local land ollice Inr  (he district
I mm   In'   iiu  it, Ihe poslll flic-   lit which  thr lllllll  is Minnie.
i,,lii sunie mi., else owns il   Ynu     Tl.e huiiicsteadei is rcuulruil in pet
nny eonslder this a eery sum 11 inn b-' turn,  ihe conditions connected tbcro-
f   lull   it   lies ul   the mul   n(      the   llilll      llllllli    nne  ul    Ihe     following;
ii' ".f.iliun "( nny c try.     Sup- |ili,ns:                           ,, ,
mslmi any nt us hit Canada ln-dnyi ill   Al   haul  six iiiniith'.   residence
nl  linrnlgrnl.il In     some nlbei   por- u| nul eultivallnli nl  the land    in
'inn nf Ureal liiin.,,, „i nther tniclgm, end. ye.n Im Unci- years.
.uiuiv.  wet, sinus in become CU   ll Un-    father (or mother,   u
i eiii.-i-ii. mul     when we tot     Ihere   the lather is deceased), ul Ihe I if
..' could    nut eel any     reliable iu- slender res-Ides upon n lurni In    lie
lorinn.Ion us in where we eniilil gel, vicinity of lhc kind  cuiereil lor,   ino
i home, how long du ynu Ihliik    we iei|iiiiriiieiiis us In residence iiiii)  !"■
tvoiild .im UiercV    Not very long, I snlisncd hj such person residing wilh
am siirn the falher or luolhrl.
1 Now,  Hiv idea nf Ibe sillinlioii   is      l")    If  Hie     setlhi   Im., Im, pernill
'hi . nml    I nller il wilh all respect m-iil    residence   iii      tunning I I
is   nn  ndvlec In yon lu lliiiisb Co- owned by Iuu. in Hie ricli.ll)  nl his
hiui.in. mul I olTor II  in Ihe    must hiiineslciid, Uie roiiuireiiieiila   us    in
ti'siieclfiil iiiiinm-r.     My Idea is Ihis: residence    .nay he .saltstied by    rcsl-
Tlte lime has  m when Hie govern- deuce illinii Ihe said land.
iii.nl ..f llrillslt ('nlitmhia must move     Sis  itbs     nolleo     in    writing
in Ihe   dlreellon nf   lining something should Im given In lite Coiniiilssloiier
in Ihe   wnv nf   sellliiig Ihese people nf Dominion Lands at Ottawa ul m-
vo e    going    In gel here.     Thev lelilinii lu apply fur pntelit.
have to move along the lines ot doing     Coal lands    mny he   purchased   al.
in n wholesale   manner whnl. is now tm per   une [or    soil ennl and i.i
ifit!.- ihiiiwn upon Ihe settler In  do fur iinfliruclto.     Nul. more Mian Hill
Individually, mul Ihnl is Ihe question acres   can he    eurjulral by ono imil-
uf surveying.     Uv ideu is Ihnl    Ibe vldoiil ur euiiipmiy.     Iluvaliy nl. ino I
vi.ll, is   ihnl   nfter   Ihe greatest,       ill-   rale uf    leil cents      pel   lull ul  .,1111!
Im mills tor settlers should he sur- pounds   shall     be collected   on   Uie
n-y.-il,   mid   iis lines    ami divisions grown output. CORY'      '
When Yon
Come to I he Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Kockomlui I
Opposite C. P. R.
$i.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alia.
4) **•*.*•* ** iui, »„» i ■ » t • »-»--*—••»
now li.i.itiii iii its comfort
t able .mil attractive new quar-
j lers in the Manitoba Hotel.
. Tliis institution is just up-to
i date and is nindernly equipped
J to do fust the best wnrk in .ill
, branches ol tlie tonsorlal art.
'-.. ...   S   .......    1   ■   ■
W.   II. Ileully, Iii
* *
i A sr.ciM) HANI) sum; ♦
J TIVI iiltni: H.M.I.. AIUIUKSS ♦
* I', il. JOHNSON. CAIIiAm ♦
* p. o. uo.x inia *
J A,HINT I'nl: HAI.I. lUI'lliil. *
***** *****************
| Cranbrook   Foun
I dry and
jiMachine  Shopij
HcKiiuioii & Johnston
W'u nro pri'iini'i'il to
tin nil kin.lB id' i-u.
pnir wnrk liunvy mul
light, luiiko cristinrrg,
turn sliul'ts. ulo.
i" Scientific    Itorseslioeing   u
It.* dors inntlum work
in ii nioilorii nuiiiiit-r
W'lu'ii you want iiaint-
inu' [luuomliug,  pa[n'r
I will  hnvo my winlur supi.lv
uf Cn.il ill il   few   ilills,   mill   mo
iv ill  In  Inl,.-  '.nl..is.      I   will
IViiiblieiul Hard Gull $8.73
Soil Conl $6.75
I,mi winlur I wis nul uf .'.ml
jni'i. nl' iiui... Tiit'i your I prn
|i ..a- 1.1 l,.',.|i a k.i.i.I   i.n|i|i!i   on
lllllll..in.I Will S.'ll
Cranbrook Sasli j
and Door Paclory
All kill.lsof liniali wnrk in j
way nf ilium, windows, trim- J
801..8, uli'.   Kiln ilriuil I.itiala.,r {
for inside work,   OnrworkiB j
giiiirnnteod uml onr prioos nro i
aiitiuiiiotiiry.    Screen   doors j
Ulose6^llnainlosttropiclli'e'harkctcr4,        (Continued on page three.)        j Deputy ol tbe Minister of Ihe Interior   «.
KdiikIi and Dressed Lumber *
For Sale ♦
.Mt'»**" »"»< THI*-*)C'RAKllllUOK   II KHALI)
COME in and have a
look  through our
We have them at all
+ | 1+-M-1-M-+H + H " "I l + l + IIHIIH-IH+HI+lll+l-l
4-i i + H H-H-ll-H+1 I 111 I > *rl-'l-l-l''ll'llilll'll"l"l"l'-"t-H"H__
1 The Cosmopolitan
f. I.SM.U.L
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
.■■■  ■  -.■■■■  ■  ■  ■,,■„■■ 1, J, l.,!,,!, ■„■__,,_.,
l'I'Tl Tl*TTl  M,,ri,*i'Trll'T r"I**rT *. __.
* h in in i mi 111111111111 ii 1111 in 111 mm
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name.
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
make call and see the new stock of Ready
made clothing just received. All Union
•*■**•■ •*-»••* ■* ****+****, J,
*9* ■ Mnmlaclufi.ru nl "
Kough and,.) resell
I.UriBER and
Also all  kinds nl
iTttffmy, Kvaii and
Cranbrook, B.C.
Ht--.il (Hike, • Cranbroiik
Rambling Reveries
Tlie Beauty of th* house is order;
The U'lfsttini" of    Hit* bouse is Coa-
The Glory ot   the house is Hospitality;'
The    Crown ol tin* house is (iodli-
Tlie bar ot the saloon, tlie bar ol
tilt* court, anil the burs of the jail
are very closely related.
Don't judge si man by bis clothes,
(iml mtwlo one ami the tailor made
llu- other. Don't judge a man by his
family fnr Cain belonged to n good
family. Don'l judge a man by bis
fat lure in life, for many a man fails
liecnuse be is too honest in succeed,
Don't Judge a man by Mie house he
lives- In, for the lizard and the rat
often inhithit the grander structure.
When a iiniii flies tbey who survive
hiui ash what property trhiiro is  left
behind* the angel  IrVllo bend:, over the
dying man risks what good deeds ho
has sell I ■ lief 01 fl him.
I mmm* wm4iwwwMWh
Is Seven Years Ago |
j in Cranbrook %* <** |
$  VIKKAIU    OF     THAT    I'ATK  $
Dill ynu ever
•gl-el thnl she
ir.il.lv line i
wuu*,, In In
In.',nl.   m     deli.
know a woman to
kne-A bow to do m-
ecdlc-work oi plain
ite light, wholesome
■imis   pies   or cakes?
*••*•■*■.*■•*-*■■* -i
Hid vmi evei know one who wns
ashamed of her skill iu pickling and
preserving, or who was unwilling t<*
ilinit thnl she eoiild arrange a
able, oilier a course dinner, and if
need Ih*, do tlio cooking herself? No,
Indeed, but many a woman has spent:
years in trying lo acquire the
Knowledge of household affairs of;
which she should have been mistress
before she was fairly in long dresses.
The yinllii't who falls to Instruct her
daughter in such branches defrauds
her of woman's best right, the right
to a knowledge of how to make a
home. Perhaps only a home tor herself, hut, oh, how pretty and pleasant
it can be if llie tact, the skill, the
gmee of a trained hand and eye and
taste nro there lo bring it into perfect symtnefery.
Woman, can't vrin see'* Yon
caught your husband with honey and
vou cannot hold bim with vinegar.
The outside of the house is the onlyi'
s ide wh icb in t ru 1 li hei ours t o h
henpecked bus-hand. Thev take to
tlie outside so speedily when there is
unpleasantness within, tbat any
woman with only a little thought
and observation may know what will
come of trying fo train a husband as
she would a fractions school boy.
Whatever he may he, for the borne
sake, she is obliged to keep sweet.
We bave seen women who apparently
enjoyed scolding their hushnnds in
tbe presence of others, and we have
seen mothers who indiscreetly punish
their children before visitors, thus
humiliating the dear wayward ones
and mailing them feel that their
pulaliiuis were so damaged that there,
was no use of trying to he good
Hut such women are not the mistresses of those homes where the
household machinery glides on with
noiseless ease, without force or effect seeming to be required to move
it along, They cannot create the
sunny, cheerful' firesides that men
love'better than all the world beside, and the memory of which
children tenderly cling to ns long as
life lasts.
J, F. and G. Joyc
terest m the lease ;
cial houd last Saturdo
man and Jules Hurel
named gentlemen t
possession, The Hen
lose the Joyce Brothers
t-h.it they will find it to
cms io remain in Uranhi
• sold their in-
i the Commer-
i- to Tom Well*
and the latter
>ob   immodhrta
hi is sorry   to
and trusts
hen   Interns
pleased to know,
Messrs Welt man
again Identified
Ura'ifljtook.    They
to do ,
■ml Iiui
■ere alwn
it is
{Continued from page two.)
II in then power to assist in
the cjood work of pushing ahead t'ran-.
lnooh's Interests, l*oti> with tlrelr
moi.ty and time They will renovate
iiu* hotel, change the arrangement ol
the bar room and tiiaU- many other
irrangr-ments. The name has 1ki*ii
changed from the Commercial to tho
Manitoba and the hoy-, will make Hie
hotel a populai  one.
iblc the   governor
s u  map    which
Alex. Can left for Sea
where he will remain
ready to sail for Cape N>
mill   he
by Mrs.
, Kstme-re, the
of Kimberley,
Estmere, was [•
iwn    this
'^rwwwwwwwww ft* *************$
* * *' n1* **■<* *
Hotel «* &
OueHtH Comfort • Specialty
(luod Stabling in Connection
Nfiiu-iii to i-illii'ml mi.I ■'
Hunt,   loi   llir   public  ut
■on nil
il   lu
Mat and Cold Hath*
Hogarth & Rollins
 Proprietor ft
Honor thy dear old mother. Time
has scattered the snowy (Inker iii-on
her brow, plowed deep furrows on
her t-heek. hut is she not beautiful
now'1 The lips are thin and shrunk,
hm those ate Hie lips thai have kls-
>e,l nway many a hot. tear from the
childish " cheek's, nnd thev are the
sHeetest lips in the world. The eye
is dim. yet ir glows with soft
radiance ol holy hue thnl can never
fade Oh, yes; yes she is dear old
mother, The sands of time arc
neatly run out, hut feeble as she is,
she will go farther and reach down
lower (or yon than any other on
earth. Vou cannot walk into a
mi.lnii-hi where she cannot t*ee you;
you cannot enter a prison where bars
will keep her out, you can never
mount a scaffold too high for her to
reach and bless yon with her death-
less love When ihe world shall
despise and forsake vou, when it
leaves von In tlie wayside to die
urnmjieed, Hie dear old mother will
Rather you in her feelde old arms
.iii.I carry you home and tell you of
all your virtues until you almost
foigot that your soul is disfigured hy
vice Love hei tenderly and cheer
hei declining years     with holy devo*
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Pianino; Mills
All Kind, Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and sec us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
oul of the 24
is m>i ti HOME COSY?
There   .uc    manv so-called    homes
thai  do not deserve the name at   all.
| Home means comfort, but when    we
I up so elaborately   thai
in   the gnrreg or    the
(0   genuinely  enjoy our-
my ourselves,     then it  is high time
ive made a change and turned out the
ioo-good-to*nse nrtfclcs    and substl*
Hltc foi them real homely  things that
we could enjoy every day of the year
md every moment of Hie day.
Men like pretty home-makers, ....
mistake there. They can appreciate
beaut) .is well as the next one, but
Ihey want   ihnl beauty to  he ot an
older   lhat   appeals      to   their      COtn-
01 what f-ood arc cushions so
tely embroidered that no head
t on them? What sense Is
in easy chairs of such rich
material that Ihey are ipiite Ibe reverse of the name given them? fs
there any salisfnction in n room' the
luinisliiiu's of which cost hundreds of
doll,ns, when it is onlv open to rare
intervals, when the owner, perhaps,
sits hy the kitchen lire or in some
dingv sitting-room, where he ean
put his feet on tbe fender if he wants
to. tan smoke, and as n great in-
diligence, tilt back his chair?
Let the sunshine into the gloomy
rooms, have a couch to He on, a
pin no to play on; in fact, a home to
live In; one Wherein a sense of hos-
pitiilite ami -rood cheer exudes from
the very tallies and ennirs, instead of
a mausoleum of gloomy radiance,
wherein every thing is for show and
nothing to be used.
D. V. Molt, the Fernie lumberman,
as in tbe metropolis of South   Kast
Kootenay   Tuesday,   n guest  nt     the
il, F. Joyce and W. R. Stone pas-1
led two days recently at- Proctor
Hinting and' fishing. Mr. Stone
•aught a silver 11 ou I measuring 31
niches and weighing Hi pounds.
Salty McKcnzic has Conductor
Deckers run on the passenger train
while lhat gentleman is attending tlm
trial ni Sanderson in Nelson, who is
charged with stealing the express
package at a    wreck   near   Creston,
Thos. Forrest, of the Forrest
hot:!, witb bis usiul public spirited
enterprise, has placed a lar(*c light afl
the east end of the hotel, which will
not only be appreciated by the patrons of the bouse, but by all whose
business calls them lo thai end of
the street on these dark nights.
Snpt. Birdsall, of the Sullivan
mine, was down from lhc mines
Tucsonv. 11 is an appnrent fact
that. Mr. Blnlnnll is the right man in
the right place. Possessing Ihe
ihility to cope with the soincwhal
peculiar condition.* existing nt the
Sullivan. That tho Sullivan will be
iu extensive shippei iu the near future is apparent.     A more extended
otlee of this fine property will he
made soon,
Ottawa, March 2(1.—Sir Wilfrid
Laurier to-night gave notice of an
address to His Majesty asking for nil
utnondment to the B. N. A. Act,
changing the scale of payments to he
made by Ihe Dominion to the several
provinces. The amendments asked
are as follows:
(a) Instead of Hie amounts now
paid sums hereafter payable yearly
l.y Canada to the several provinces
for the support of their governments
.uul legislatures to he according to
population and as follows:
1. Where the populai ion of lhc
province is under 150,000, $100,000.
2, Where the population of the
pioviuct* is lfifl.OHO hut thus not ex-
iced 200,000. $150,000.
3, Where the population of
province is 200,000 hut does not.
coed 400,000, $180,000.
4. Where    the population of
province is 400,000 hut- does not
ceed 800,000, $mo,000.
Where    the   population of
province is 800,000 bTit  does not
ed   1,500,000,  $220,000,
ii.   Where the     population of
province exceeds 1,500,000, $210,000.
(by Instead of an mutual grant per
head of population now allowed, the
annual payment hereafter to be al
the same rate of eighty cents per
head, but on the population of each
piovince, as ascertained from time
lo time hy the last biennial census,
until such population exceeds '.500,-
000 and at Ihe rate of sixty cents
|kt head for so much of said population as may exceed $2,500,000.
(c) An additional allowance to ihe
extent of $100,000 annually for ten
years to the province ol British
should be properly marked, and
cudeuvor .should he made to bov
available land surveyed by the
veyoi and have him obtain posse
,,| the vast number ol pre-em|
records which are like a wet blank*-
thrown over this province, bei
ihcy have not heen surveyed oi I
ed. And be should then obtain sue!
information with regard lo the vol
leys upeu fur settlement as will en-
nt to sav, ilele
llOWS     Uiat   valley
nd the land to which there is any
claim. And ihere should be maps
showing Ihe lands subdivided in such
a way that a colony of twenty ,.*.
twenty-live, or mure, could go ami
lake up a block of laud Immediately,
I nd settle right down ou it. The
government should undertake this
i,oik in a wholesale manner, and if
i.-ocCKsary charge Uie set-tier up With
bis proportionate cost, ami then   tho
*,1   lo the settlcl   would not lie OUe
nth the amount he now has lo pa)
lug this    woik himself,       And  I
ihink it is ver> important in Hie luui British Columbia thai  Hns
hould he made.       British Co
111tltblit  has   in      a   sense been  asleep
been asleep compared   lo     the
provlticc  to  Ihe east of the      mountains.      But ihe awakening, gentlemen, mark my words, is going to he
loud that you    will nil hear     ii.
1  do not    wish,    sir,  to paint a  rote picture al all.     But 1 am     ou
ord ttiat Willi in a very short time
win will see a grcal movement of  a
vast number oi people coming lo this
province attracted by jusl what you
tiuve here— Hist,    the great asset    nl
climate, and    then tin:   other assets
that 1   have    outlined,    and dually,
iter having gut  tht-st- people      Willi
you   on ibe    coast, you   will have
tVrca-t industrial opportunities to offer
them   iu coiuiTetion   with the dovel-
i|icmeiit of your mines and other re-
■iourccs unequalled uuywhoro iu Uau-
"Mr Chairmen and gentlemen,1 ilo
not know Unit. 1 can ad,I very much
io this ramtilTjif-, address. I have
only endeavored to lay before you
i-ei'Uiin facts us they have conic to
me bused on my own experience, and
certain ideas with regard to tho
future iis ihey have appealed to ine.
I am a western Canadian and enthusiastic with regard to Western Canada, and confident of her great future
Vnd 1 heleive it is only a matter ol
nopei guidance on the part uf nut
"oV'-iumciits and out clubs and oui
business institutions, and our
hanks, which will insure a dev-
lojiemciil in the next leu years that
ii'Ml not only he rapid but phenomenal
'1 believe confidently, as I said he-
fore, that a large majority of thosi*
iresent will live long enough to see
western Canada with a population of
len million people. And I firmly believe that one of the greatest works
that ean be done in connection with
that developemetit is one which can
ie undertaken by the Canadian Club
ii disseminating proper ideas as t-
vhat should constitute good Can-
diaii citizenship.     (Applause.)
D.   C.   L.
********************** **********************
*************************************** :■»•>*♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
_____^___^__^__^__^ *♦
!: Distillers Company, Limited It
i-IH r   J ii
<>     *♦   **
c *
♦ ♦
♦ *
4 *
<■ *
**************************************** »-» s s-
*************************************** * 'u. .
D. V. L. Scotch 12 Years Old
IX Win Hi
R. P. Rithet & Co., Limited
Victoria, British Columbia
OIIV   [lOili.   111,.I,'      I
*■»»-»-»»-»»*»*»-*■»»-»•»*»» *
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, hhopriktok.   cranbrook, b. c.
Headquarters for
in thf-filv.
r loarlal sm! Iiu
.ii|.|.li«l.nl, th.
I*-1 ul I
fun ri
(Movie Leader.)
II. Crowe, of Winnipeg, manager of
llie Heaver l.iiinlier company, is here
Willi J. A. Dewar, of Nelson, manager of Hie Pnrlo Itieo Lumber com
[.any. Ttirv are liere on a trip ol
Inspection ami are looking over tlieir
property with O, W. Ori-li.ini, tlie
local manager, Tlie latter company
li now a lirancli of tlie former, they
linving liei'ii meri-eil onlv a -.linrt lime
Penile Frw Tress: II. 0 Jowoll,
nf .lafliay, was in the city vesterilay.
Mr. .lewi'll nepoils -that ills mill will
Ih, really to start ciiltiii|f in about a
week. The supply ol Ihrs is plentiful
ihis year and everything points to a
Kiioil year. Other mlllllieii all lei!
ihe same story. The winter just
pnssing has been most favorable for
logging operations ami tIn- millmen
have taken full advantage of their
opportunities, with lhc result that
all the mills are better supplied with
logs than in lormer years, and the
indications are that the cut this
year throughout the Crow's Nest
will be far greater than ever betore.
Quoted hy Rcnle   A Rlwcll,
Alberta Coal ft Coke 	
Canadian Cons. Smelters ...
Ilitj-rrmtioii.il   Coal ft Coke
North Rtnr  .„..„'....„„
n  C  Amnlenmnted 	
Siilw-iniHi Snlllv.in; SOO Humming
Rird: nop North Star; 700(1 Nicola
C. P. K. S1I..I' MKV
ImUi, PorpolM hide leather
snd canvas, wsxed, remly fur
n»e, swivel snd hunk, padded
li.ml hold, good value al tl.-.l,
UtTUMMV NIOHT, April n, Mc.
== c. c. s. ===
There is just.
wish     to   spcjit*   to you upon.   The
hiiiruian    has    attracted my attention to it.   It is a local subject, and
■ne of suHleienl   importance to    lay
'icfore you.     li refers to   the   firent
liii-stiim   of    Irrigation.   This     is a
ipiestlon which has    been introduced
In AHierta, and one which has aflccted
Hie whole nf western Canada, and it
may he of   interest    to you, because
.is   you know   there are certain portions of British Columbia which,have
to be irrij*at--d before they can realize their, greatest development.     The
greatest   Irrigation  scheme we    have
on hand is just a little over 350,000
lores, and we expect in tbat    block
to have the   most   intensely settled
block of Innd   not only iu    Western
Canada, but iu any part of     North
America.     We are discouragim*    the
sale of wore,than 80 acres to    any
• me man.    If we can put the head of
the family on every 80 or 100 acres
of laud    in that   block, you can see
how intensely     settled it will     be
How much fruit will these people all
use that you   are producing in     U.
The Canadian Pacific are spending six million dollars to bring doom
lhat result, and we will have there a
market that will consume practically
II the   frull  vou can raise in     tbe
Okanagan, or the Columbia, or    the
Kootenay   districts,   and   it is just
nver thi''mountains.    All you have to
lo is to step over there. (Laughter.)
"Now,  gentlemen,   I  have detained
vou a very long time.    I am    exceedingly obliged to you for tbe way
iu which you have listened  to     my
rumbling   address.        1 have     heen
.■peaking to you in a disjointed man- i
nor on a subject which was very close
to my heart, on a subject to    which
I have devoted    a great deal of my
i blent Ion,    ami   on a   .subject about
which I speak strongly, but a suh_cot
which 1 think should he of interest to
all  of    you.      The    development of
Western Canada  is     to-day probuhly
one of the most important questions
there is outstanding,     What docs it
matter to Canada whether we have a
reciprocity treaty or any other kind
• if a  treaty  with' the people  to      the
south as compared     with  tbe rapid
development of our country.'     There
is im oilier question which will be of
'he same importance to the Dominion
as a whole.    There is uu other question of the same Importance to   the
Dominion as a whole as the question
of ihe   proper    tmilding up and do
vi'lnpiiieiit of this great western poi
lion of our Dominion.     And 1   think
wo have    started     out on the right
path, and bave Jicgun to make a most
astonishing showing.     I think     we
are heading the right way.     I think
ibe development is going to be rapid
I have    no    doubt, gentlemen, what-
ever lines it  will follow, It will have
ihe final result of producing in west-
cni Canada that bind of spirit which
in a sense is    offensive in the people
to tho south of the tine, but which is
most effective    in getting the result
I  mean a     strongly Canadian sentiment, and the term Canada will    be
held to embrace every man, no matter what his nationality or bis creed,
provided he has come to Canada with
the intention nf throwing in his   loi
withkUfi, and     becoming a Canadian
citi/.eV and    devoting his time     to
the furthering of thn best interests ol
our young    country."     (I-oud    ap-
platiaW.) a
Attomobile "jokes" should be pro-
blbtttd. It is no joke to pay the
repairs on one, and It is no joke to
to compelled to keep dodging automobiles every tin* om gott nut tor a
Library Voting Contest
Tliis ulnn
till' l.lil'f;!'. Si
llii'lnri;i'st nu
ni Liliruryni.il Htuulsoaio case will be
•ii-iy. t'liun-li orSclioiil in Cranbrook u
iil.t-r,.!' votes in tin- lollowtiiu manlier:
to.     Tli
ilsl. I'.h.T.     A
where votes nr
Church, School, !S
II Im niviinle.1 th
11 bo entitle" I
its listeil below will L'ive with every i-
Mutest begins February Stli, IUU7* a
'iilln. I»i.v is place.I in Beattie & Atclii
I,, lie il.-imaiieO      At the ,-l,.se of
■ly ur L.
• llaviuu'
tirrrut a-
the lari^-st u.
'.-uiiuts when
promptly pnul
lii-iiu-inl,.-r   v,.t.-s   ran
int-riliaiits lisli-.l 1h.-1i.av.
Each week the lii-raU
"ill-  COI.SUI.tS.
nlv  lie   received  i.v   Ira-liiij with th--
will announce tiie r,-bj>-i-.iL.,- stamling ol
Campbell & Manning
Groceries, Fruit, and
Confectionery anil
Flour and Feed
Implements and
Harness   .   .   .
Beattie & Atchison
P. Burns & Co McCALLUM & co
Wine .md Spirit Merchant
B. H. Short n& Co.
Painters and Decoraters
.Wall Papers
Dezall Bros.
TheU. C. Livery Stable
Cartage and Transfer Co.
JWarthi.u-.mv-    Coul
and Oil  Agent-- . .
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mini-iK Engineers
and Surveyors.
,THOS. T. McVlTTlK.P. I,
[i. T. LalDLlW. M. ■.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
[Ft. Steele Brewing Co. THE  CRANBROOK   HERALD
$2.110-A YKAIt
APRIL I, 1007
By llie llrrulil   Publishing Company,
Ifdilnr ami Muiiager.
one wlm
i-ii|ii- i,'i-
Uuu ^lii
i-lu-i ful
trees were planted in
lasl vcnr. Ami nitv-
vi-i viewed ilia, lands-
will liless the men who bc-
lliemselves to Riall Ilu-se
liisKfis (in iiu* liaie luco nf
us Uie Toronto Slur.
a BY THE OLD HAN.        j,
We had to turn a subscription ovet
to a lawyer last week with Inst/ruc-
lions to sue, and KO to the limit ol
the law
pa pci
get the money.      Tins
hail   taken the Herald     foi
Wo kept sending Hn-
is we had known the man and
supposed that lie was honest. Last
w«k we received the pos Unas tor's
noMticaiion that the subscriber refused to lake lhc Herald out uf the
ollice. What a specimen of humanity that skunk Is is. For seven long
years wc have carefully sent him a
paper each week. Kor seven long
years wc have rustled news for that
man. Kor seven Ion*" years we have
paid men to set the type for his
ua.ier. Kor seven long years we
nave paid tiie papei hills, und nuw
hv would discharge Hn- debt by
course pursued by deadbents
scoundrels—-leil the pi
notify the publisher Li
paper. Kortiinntcly Hide is it law
for such people uml ii is hciug Invoked tu the fullest extent. Thai
man wilt pay his subscription and
also the costs of litigation, He will
wish he hiui been honest when he Is
It is nuw slated thnl IV. ff. II,
Mclnnes is tu lake a position with
the    (UiggeilheilUS    as    their   Alaskan
legal representative, uud the salary
is said lu be $2.r-,000 a year. We
bad    occasion    lo remark booh after
lib- tears
-      would
aster to
•top    '
Vancouver paper speaks or Rev.
Grant, Ihe well known mission-
, as "Yukon's   millionaire clergy*
ti   and its Inrgexl  individual mine
.*,"       Hi. (Irani   left  a few dais
i for Sknffwny en route to Dawson
wintering on the outside,
Ruclinnnn,    maim
the U'thbridge He:
Kilmuiituii  lu  lake
niiiinci.il   librarian.
tld, ha
ie  posl
who is a crank, ami two waiters
o are petty grafters. If a man
, get a decent meal under those
mmstttlices il is only by jarring
•no from a bright, attractive half
lur, lo the waiter, for which you
' not given credit un your meal
k,*t. And il is the same way
t'h the porter. The ion who
•s.'iis his coin will Im* treated like
irluee, while the economical or un-
►hiRtlcnl-ed individual will Ret the
■rsl nl it from start lo finish,
II, those men must live, and if the
npntiy don'l pay them enough, the
iveiling  public must   be  the      vie-
I    siipen
irlct id
i. it Is
led Ihe
i id  and
ral  ma
■ l.iinirv
n     men
al paper snvs: Iii view of
at <i -l Bury has reposition iis assistant gen-
nt-eiident uf the western
Hie Cniiniliiin Pacific rail-
assumed   tliat   lie lias     ac-
offer of llu* Chicago Rock
Pacific to become its
linger. The names uf It.
in and Alfred Price have
Honed in connection witii
ncv lefi bv Mr   Burv.
.let govei
cial    sub
whi'h   in
Wilfrid I
Hn* provlsit
crniug the grn
hsidies bv    it
uul ire     has   heen  |)
  ,   Ihe   incri
Mis provinces, on the
census returns, will
out,uiu, S7S!i,l
Slili, Nnva Scotia.
Brunswick, JUHl.OOO
530;  British  Culumli
uf pn
election, t In, i
were being sii
it   well lie sal.
on bis feet.
llie i
ill li.
I Mi
us b.
1   llie
tln-r ai
ill stay
ul Ci
Kdwnrd   Maud,
$18,330;    Saskalcl
hv Sir
tu  Hie
; uf the
lie   as     tol-
85;   Quebec,
i, Manitoba,
.a $215,000;
$05,315; Al-
cwaii, $13fi,-
llie uf !
nf Wasbii
Phillip tletr, who is in charge ot
tlie converter works at the 0run-by
smelter, is the pioneer in lhat business on this continent. There is
nothing known about smeltina copper
that lie has not iu liis head, aud
he installed ihe converting plant at
the Ornnb) ami Ims been in charge of
H ever since. There are few men
like hiui on the American continent,
and people who see a little, ki<
eyed man walking around watching
so closely every tiling iu his department realize the importance of his
In doing so in promoting Ihe fruit
Industry of the Boundary country,
.Martin Burrell, uf the Grand Fortes
Gazette, is doing a power of good
for the people or his section and for
all of British Columbia.
The C. P. R. boats un the lakes are
being delayed these days by tbe extra time taken to transfer the Eaton
bundles for the patriotic people of
Nelson, Kossland, Trail, Slocan City
-and Snndon. dust Kriday the
steamer Movie had a deck load of the
blue label parcels.
If there ts any basis tu lhc
etiarges ol "Wine, Women and
Gratt," they should he thoroughly
ventilated. if there are officers of
the govdrninent who are leading
private lives that are a disgrace 1
the country, let ihe people know it
Nelson looks healthy Ihis spring,
lu fad thai city is in better shape
this year than she has been for
There is still too much Ice iu the
Arrow lakes for the bonis to resume
service from Robson.
Why don't someone who understands the business take In.Id of the
fruit business in tliis valley, This
district can raise just as good fruit
us the Kootenay hike valley, and has
done so. And if the value ol these
lands were thoroughly understood
what a difference it would make
Tlie new public building is going to
make a bis improvement iu the appearance nf the main street of Cranlirook.
"How to make Cranhrook grow,"
will prove an interesting subject,
The Mnriimrojighfl are reconciled
again That is hard on the newspapers.
An ex-t'mled States senator has
just been released Hon: Jail where hi
served his time. That is one great
trouble in the States. There are
too iniiuv United States senators out)
nf mil.
Stand up for Cranhrook.
The new Moose .law hind Office will
Iv* opened Monday with .lohn Rutherford in charge. There will be
stall of 211 clerks, the majority of
whom will be transferred from the
Iteginn office.
.f. V, Griffin, president of the
Dominion Produce Co, of Winnipeg,
has appointed Cecil "It. Dixon as
manager nf the new Calgary branch,
Mr. Griffin has been with J. Y.
Griffin A 01., Ltd., for many years.
Guv R. Vowles, Fnrgo's successful
candidate for a Rhodes scholarship
at Oxford, has heen notified that the
school year will begin about October
15. The scholarship is for three years
at $1,500 per annum.
C. K. Stoekklll, who has flllcri the
position of chief clerk to Sunt, R. R.
Jamieson, at Calgary, tor the   past
Miner:    "Owing
illpnx  in  Viiliniif
  and  several     of
■    western    slates,      Hie   Dominion
i -iiiment is establishing quarantine
i ions al severnl places un the
ii rdury line. Drs, Kenning and
i. lend have liven appointed Inspec-
rs    io look   niter Hie Immigration.
Illillg into Nelson and Russlaml,
d will begin their duties to-mor-
w morning. Incoming pitssengurs
nd either he vaccinated un entering
e province or must present a cerll-
iiic showing that Ihey have    bet
it   is the hit
sii  Culumhi
few year
la i led   tu  trjuw
mi. n is un here
'id uli i,f Hie re
Towded.     It i>
here are men here n:
iighl   raising the prici
'rt*   S2f.ii each nii-lit
■ul-l lhc
ii'euiniiif-     a
ago it was
town.     Total and best city in
and     has       not
The real estate
with a vengeance,
1  est ale  offices are
rising market, and
king $5i)(i     a
of their propter they have
prayers, and $2,.fl in the
[lis! before thev ask the
hlc-sitiR at breakfast. 'But Vancouver property is Rood and iis a
rule, values are not over estimated.
Hei *, like every other city of Ihe
*r(ml. history is; repenting itself, it
Is ihe outsider who is making
money, while the old timer
around and predicts disaster.
' it,
ot   I.
a led
No   steps  h.
far as known
Cuming up the Kootenay hike wc
iw two young ladles who >vete pi'el-
■ and well dressed, and appeared to
■j Intelligent beitiRs. Where they
une from the Lord knows, Iml oue
iiing is sure, every passenger on the
out was ut the opinion Uiat then'
Iiuil hit'ii something missing in their
early training. Both of them had a
big hunk of gum ami the way they
worked their jaws was simply fierce.
Al first, to most of es, it was
amusing, but as hour after houi
wore away, u got tiresome, then
monotonous, and Dually disgusting,
li lhose two yoiriiR ladies could have
heard the comments of the passengers, I am sure they never would
indulge in the practice again.
The C. P. R. boats on the Arrow
l.ik *s are rapidly becoming has-
beens. The past winter has been a
haul one ou the steamers, a.s they
have had to break through heavy ice
from Nakusp to Arrowhead, ami
naiuralh   ihe liuats have suffered.
I ma n has snid the I.eluitd
id gotie to (laMhliiiR iu real,
Tum explained the chfliigo
ivay to ine: "I didn't savey
estate business when I first
re. I Wiis looking after the
After awhile I begnti to get
property values, and finally
tool; a couple of whirls. I made
more lhat week than I had in two
vein's in the hotel business, so I said
to mvself, 'skid-don for the hotel,'
■ nd 1 sold out. I picked up $2,30(1
iml my expenses at Seattle last
week on Ihe races, and if thev
'i.nln't scratched a colt I had picked
for a winner. I would have made
$5,000." James Gill is n member
uf the real estate firm nf McGregor
& OMI. They have a fine office and
men here tell ine thai thev are doing
a big business, and that Mr. Gill is
looked upon iis one uf Hie best real
es'lnte men iu the city Walter Miller is assistant business manager of
the World, and is looking line. Prau-
-is McConnell is collector for the
World. W. IV. Clarke is here work-
ins; for ii large painting firm, and is
doing well. He asked about all the
hoys iu the old town. I saw Jimm-fl
Hunter, who is now manager of the
Hank of Commerce at Ladystnlth. He
is looking well and nut a day older
than he was when living iu ' Cranbrook.
And siren king of this feature ul the
nip. It is far from delightful this
lime of the year. Leaving Cran*
Im,ok you change at Kooteiiuy Lauding. Then again at Nelson. Then
lij-ain ui  Slocan City.     Then again
. I Hie head of the lake. Then again
at Nakusp. Then again at Ai
lowhcnd. Then again at Rovelstoke,
and also wait anywhere from live lo
ten hours lor the main line train
Then at  Vancouver you arrive    too
lake lor the bout, and have In wail
ovei until the next day to Ret tu
Victoria. This makes iu all seven
chunges, which is all right for n
man with n grip oi two, hut fur a
family with several children It presents a serious proposition.
All une hears iu Nelson is talk on
the subject of fruit lands. The
peuple ale fruit land crazy, lhat is
Hie real estate ngents, There is a
lot of land that has been sold lhat
will make for the purchasers thou-
-.iinds of dollars, And there is sonic
ih.it is so IhrIi up in the mountains
and so steep lli.M Hie Mile has to he
staked down In keep ii  from sliding
ItltO Hie lake ll I llll *f)uo|iliUR uf UN-
Ill lands is cnrrhil too far ii will result as a boomerang in the fruit  iu
lllislry of Hn- KootPimj   lake valley.
The Herald for the next few weeks
will run a column or so of sugges-
licns from different citizens ' on
•How to make Cranhrook grow."
This should make interesting reading
.md should prove valuable iu bringing
..ut ideas for the advancement nf the
1. If everv citizen would cultivate
implicit fnitfi iu their town and dis-
t tict.
2. If every citizen would avail
themselves of all opportunities to
say a good word for Cranbrook,
■'}. If every citizen would consider
their personal Interests subordinate
io the Interests of the city.
I. If every citizen would become a
member uf the hoard of trade and
iclp to make thai body powerful and
inlluential hy unfailing attendance at
their meetings, thereby raising
■ortuut issues tending towards th*
improvement and welfare of the city
uul bringing them to a successful
5,   If every citizen would In- willing
:u contribute liberally  towards
iudieious scheme of advertising    the
niaRUificieiit  resources of the    Cran
brook district.
li. If every citizen did all these
tilings as ii "unit," iu my opinion
('r.iirbruok would make rapid and
.vell-iiiciiied growth and we would
til  [cap the benefits.
M. A. Beale.
w Harry   dimming
He has been    kept
months mirvej ing t
doing   well       Job
Tl     master,     and   '
,   have   been   appointed
ehlleeln   oi
al   Net
busy the
nit lands
. Gibson.
I      the
new provincial building, and will
open an office in the llnii'.i' hotel, tu
look after the work of Mayor Gillette, who has Hie contract'. Cap-
lain McPhee, of Sloenn City, will act
as consulting assistant, and Fred
Hume when not engaged in looking
after his chicken ranch across tin
lake, will officiate as secretarv of
the hoard. It is not yet known
how these gentlemen secured these
important appointments hut it is
Wnerallv understood lhat it was
due to the political pull they hud
with Harry Wriffht. the newly appointed government agent, who has
been nl Victoria 'for the past two
Revelstoke is one of the coming
cities of the interior. It has forged
ahea-d at a rapid rate, and now
shows prosperity on every hand. It
has a population of over 3,000 audi
some very handsome homes. j
What is worse in travelling    than
Kditor Cranbrook Herald,
Dear Sir: How to Make Cranbrook
There are many suggestions might
he iiiaile but il seems to ine there
ire two especially worthy of notice
Kiistly, let there lie no "peanut village" politics In municipal affairs
Musi uf us come from large eitlct
sii'-h as London, Glasgow, Montreal,
Toronto and l.ucan, and all have city
ideas combined with western habits
ol thought, ihe greatest combination
ever discovered in man; and we want
our city run on a large, but not a
boom, scale. Let us Ret nftei
everything in sight, nnd once we Rei
ii, hold it.
The second suggestion is one which
ought io he dent lo Hie editorial
heart, "Advertise"—and keep on advertising. Don't boom—-but advertise legitimately, and let every citizen high and low, at home and
abroad, tell of the "Wonders ot
Cranbrook "
Yours trulv,
(1. II. Thompson.
Cranbrook has had a steady,
healthy growth, from the days ot its
Inception to iis present status ns an
Incorporated city, a growth that has
been natural and that was inevit-- .
able, inasmuch as the district 'required one business center. By reason of its advantages iu location and
the fact of its being the 0. P. R.
divisional point Cranbrook has he-
coinu that center, hut until the dis-
trici becomes more thickly populated
it seems impossible that the future
growth of the city, if left to Itself
ean be otherwise tlmn slow. And
increased population means
Ihe Introduction ot more capital, Hie
beginning of more industries and the
increase in the number of those who
buy to the benefit ol those who sell,
it behoves lhose citizens who     have
their own lin.inci.il g I at heart to
exert themselves to secure that    accession of population.
H Is a platitude lhat nothing succeeds like success, bill if success cannot or does not make Itself known it
i-aniot advance along Its own line as
it should do. And the process of
making Itself known, whatever lorm
il may take, is advertisement, lu all
lines iif business, look at them how
we may, advertiseuieni is ihe Keynote to prosperity when that advertisement is honest and so true to
Ihe actual slate nf affairs that he
who advertises, when called upon to
lo so, cau "deliver  the goods."
And it is the same in regard to a
municipality as it is iu the business
of ii mercantile house. The man
who does not advertise in nny manner whatsoever cannot expect much
increase in his business in the (ace
nf an active advertising campaign
,'arried on hy a rival, and a com-
nunity which docs not let the world
it large know when* and what it is
md why, cannot expect the eyes of
ihe world to he focussed upon it
when other attractions are constantly
'icing placed before those eyes
In the     provinces of Alberta    nnd
Saskatchewan nre   towns almost
numerable     which are drawing      to
themselves    those   thousands of srt-
tlers who yearly are establishing fur
themselves   new     homes iu  the last
west.       Those hinds   were advertised
it  first by the Dominion government
in a   way   that     Cranhrook ean not
■mi!ale, and once tho tide bad    set
Uiat  wav it  became an almost      re-
•its'.less  torrent, a  torrent, however,
whi'h up tn this time has failed    to
well up through the     Rockies      and
"in .ail over    the fertile valleys     of
Rrl i Isli    Columbia.       But    nl t hough
Cranbrook cannot go to the seat   of
"migration to draw to the attention
of nossiblp settlers those advantages
d itself ami the surrounding district
so manifest to those who live here, it
can go to those new settlers on   the
nrairics, and to old ones' too,      and
sin-wing them what chances for pros-
nerlty, proRrcss    and comfort      are
waiting to be grasped, induce not   a
lew  of them to come this way.     Tn
In this the city and district     must
he brought  to their attention, must
be advertised consistently nnd    hon-
istly, must constantly lie kept before
them.    The board ol trade, assuming
Hie work undertaken originally by thd
One Hundred club, of Cranbrook',    is
'ssuitlg    a   pamphlet,  tit  is now in
the printer's hands), lO.Oltn eopies of
which will soon be ready for distribu
"ioi.       Those   pamphlets   should be
cnitcred broadcast throughout West-
■rn Canada, (he Middle and    Western
States,   nml   in     the    places   where
mmlgrntits   congi-cRate:  at Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec, St. John and Hal-
fax.     Having thus started the   ball
rolling, it becomes the duty of     the
citizens to see that any  impetus so
ained  is  not   lost.     That   pamphlet
.f itself can  do but  little Rood;  followed    up   it    is   capable of   great
(lings.     Let all join in tiie scheme
d    advertising.      Let each   citizen
make it his business to see tbat  that
namphlet  is followed by another and
another and still another.     Let   the
names of Cranhrnnk and Suulh    Kass
Kootenay be dinned into the ears of
riatient  listeners—fur those new-comers are not only palient but anxious
as well  to hear what  may lie     for
their own    welfare—until  they     become as well known as ihose of Edmonton,    Calgary,   Reginn  or    even
Winnipeg itself. ' The difficulty con-
sists   in   starting    the   ball  rolling.
hut once   ihe   start has been     well
made the hall is carried on irresistibly by its own impetus.    Money will
he required, not only a large amount
In comparison   with  the advantage
o to derived   from  its expeiidilure
ml Crnnbinok'S   citizens were    even
one tiling further. If nnything be
done lo advertise Ihe city something
must be done to deal with those
who answer the advertisement. If
Ci'ilrtiroos cannot afford to open a
mblicily office with a competent man
in charge with all kinds of information at his fingers' ends—-and the
lime for such is not yet ripe— let
some anairiirmeut he made whereby
'ne real estate agents be ennstitule'l
nuhljetty men, lei their place nf bust
niss bo notified and such by means nf
signs, lei ait communications In* en
trusted In and dealt with by them.
tn.t let them make it their business
tu t*e able to answer any question
that llliiv he asked, show any piece of
land or kind of land that may ho re-
rpllri'i). and once the advancement uf
the city is well under way tbey
will not lack foi commissions to re-
Day them for foundation work done
0. II. Dunbar.
nice singers
answer addti
The question and
bv ihe pastor was
both old and voting.
Hut Ibe real joy aud gladness of
Kasterlide were most beautifully
proclaimed by the choir iu "Christ,
our Passover," The potted plants
bunked about the pulpit, were clou
ipient in their living grciui nf life
from the dead, and Hie vases nt
hyacinths and jonquils were honuti-
ful in tbe morning lie.ht. and their
pcttume was like incense in the    sei-
Thosc Presbyterians who were so
timid as to allow a hit. of a mist
to keep tbem from church on
Sunday evening, missed one uf the
ujoyable divine services evci
held in Cranbiook. The crowd was
gOOll,   the hymns   were beautiful    and
heartily sung by congregation ami
holr, the sermon was short and to
the point, and Miss I a* it ell's choir
quite: excelled themselves      Mr.  Mc-
Swevn's voice WttS strong and mel
und rightly lempeied hv the accompanying chorus. The service,
.mil tin* day as well, found a splendid
climax in ' "Christ, the Lord, is
Risen To-day." The parts wen-
well susta ined vet beau I Ifitlly blended. There would he few towns ol
Cranbrook's size which would have
hetter music than we had on Sunday
night  last.
Calgary. Alta.. April 3-The following notice signed hy Sherman.
Patterson and McDonald, officers of
the district hoard, U. M. W. of A.,
and all delcRntes of the miners attending the recent conference, was
handed to S. K. Little, as secretary
of the operators' association last
"To the ' Western Coal Operators'
\ssoeint1on, comprising the Crows
Nest Pass Coal company, the Inter-
niiional Coal A Coke company, Hie
West Canadian Collieries, Limited,
the Canadian-American Coal A. Onkc
Hlipnny, Limited, the B reek en i idee
Lund Coal A- Cuke company, the II
W. Neill Coal compnnv ami the Pnci-
lc Coal company, Ltd.:
"We. the iindersiirned. acting ou he-
nilf nf your employees, hereby give
vou .SO days' notice Hint a chance of
ivai'-es, hours and conditions of labor
s demanded bv your employees at
lie various mines, coke ovens and
inlside plants owned and controlled
iv  voiir  respective companies."
All delegates to the ennvention
invc now left the city except two
operators whn leave to-day, Sherman and Galvin have gone to the
lockout at Taher. Sherman still
says ihere will to :\ strike nt the
end of thirty day** if no agreement be
arrived at—trades' di-pute bill nr
not. He savs the hill only puts off
the evil day for a month or -o. A
strike is absolutely certain. Already he has hard work In been the
men in the larce camps from stopping
work iis no agreement was formed.
It is problematical how long he can
hold them.
The Bellevue mines nt Blairmore
are reported working again In-day.
Talier is still locked out.
♦ Wholesale Wines, Liquurs and Cigars
♦ liii|X)rtws of
J             POUEICIN  I.IQUOUS, sflll.IT/ BEER,
Cumberland Blacksmiths' Coal
iwo' yr-ar', 'bis gone to Win.ill.--S    to!'* *"*° *•    -»nduoloi ot a dining(
We will Kive you eititii.t.,
nil fiii'iii.liiiii: I'nrlpr, Dining
Itonni, Kilflieii or lleii llooni!.
Heat price! (ruin largest ulnfk
in tlie Kniiti'iiiivM.
==C. C. S.-=
______ -*•-
Notice r> Iterohv Riven Ilia) a imli-
lir meeting nl trull eroweis will be
hclil in (lie Ooimcll Pliamlier, on
Miiinlay, A|iril lf.Hi, ul 2 o'clock lo
on-aiilr.!' lor the mutual lit-ni-lit of its
members and make their nrrii|>at!nn
successful. 2-21,
Step Ladders, Carpet Sweepers, Garden        *
Rakes, Etc., Elc. t
Our Heats, Lard, Butter, Fish, J
Etc., arrive by refrigerator
cars twice a week, thus
ensuring Goods that
are absolutely
P. Burns C& Co., Ltd. \
The "family service" in Knox
church on Raster morning was enjoyed hv a goodly number. The adults
sat in the wings, wliile the children
marched iu and occupied the center.
The children's    songs, though" timid,
were sweet and clear.    All they need . ...
is more training to develop some wal  they hav« »lre*dy oBered to do.
We are Indebted io Joseph Jackson
for the following from tile Chicago
lteeord-llerald, of March Hist, which
Mr, .lacksoii states is about
Die facts of Hie conditions nt that
time. 'Mr. Jackson also says that,
he is of llie opinion that an amicable settlement of the trouble will
he reached within a few days:
"Arbitration was urged iis j
method to avert the impending rail
road strike by the emissaries of
Prtsideut  Roosevelt yesterday.
'"■Martin A. Knapp, chairman nf the
interstate commerce commission, nnd
t'hiii'lcs P. Neill, commissioner of
labor, arrived in the city yesterdm
morning and at once sought a confer
eiice with the general managers.
'■'The conference was called at 10
o'clock in the Auditorium annex, and
for an hour the situation was discussed. At 11 o'clock the government representatives met Hie labor
olhciuls and heard their side of the
"A second conference was held in
the afternoon with the labor repre-
sentailves, Imt they remained oh-
tlm ate, ami declared that Ihey were
.iuslifittl in pressing the acceptance of
their full demands
"I.n**t night Commissioners Knnpp
ami Neill held another conference
with the malingers and arranged to
meet the labor chiefs at 10 o'clock
ihis morning. Mr. Knapp declared
that he had nothing to say on the
situation, further tlmn that he was
ho|»*fiil Hint a peaceful solution of
Hie dilbciiltv WOU hi he found.
"It is probable that a joint conference of the managers ami Hie labor
men will take place Ibis afternoon in
Hie presence of the government officials, ullhouirh such n conference has
not been definitely arranged,
"President Roosevelt is watching
tlie developments closely, and is being
kept infuimed by bis representatives
here. The president is extremely
anxious Hint a conflict should he
avoided, und it is said be realizes
thai a strike will paralyze tbe business Interests of the entire country.
"Al the conference yesterday morning 4he ra i I roa d nlheia Is ga ve
their reasons for refusing further confessions to their employees. They
pointed out that the frgislatures of
ten western states had passed laws
reducing passenger fares to 3 cents a
mile, thereby cutting off one-third of
the revenues of the railroads.
"Thev also showed that the hostile
action of the various legislatures had
impaired the borrowing power of
the railroads and had created n condition which made it impossible for
them to    advance  wages more than
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* ♦*»**♦♦<»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
i ,i i
, .<>
■ I. i
. ,,,
. „ ,
. II .
, .1 I
I II ,
, I, ,
, II ,
• „ I
. „ .
<n '
I xi
, XI
20.000 ACRES
nt the very pick ol ibe neleele.1 I.h-.Ih in llu- heaiitttill Kooleimy
Vulloy, Kiwi Kooteiiuy, I'.. (J., est muling from Canal tint to
Klko, ar« offeruil (or Hi'lle ut Irom $11 It) $ 10 per -li-lt*.
The Kootenay Valley ie of Uneurpaseed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
The lainl-- pteseiil everv feature .if usefulness, including tim-
liercd huiielius. brushy Haw, marsh, prairie ami inemlow. Tlm
brushy Hals, marsh 'ami menilow lunilu cmwfsl of deep, lilnuk
Inniu* llielieue.il land lieliig a sandy louin, splendidly ndnpted
for fruit culture. Where irrl-jiUiiiii mav be necessary on th*"
l.imclit-s. water can to luui from the iiiouiilulti unwki Howingfrom
the Hocklufi Into tbu Koolenny river. The lands are fully mir*
veyetl nnd Hoinenf the lots fmve heen mih-iliviihul into funccil
forms of n.wi*t SO acres ench.
The purchase price will inelude Hie tlml-er, which can Im sold
hy tlm purchaser wilhoiii. any liability to govern men t or olbur
royally, Thutiuilwi' will in ninny luise-i mow than reullxu Llie pur*
chase price, ami wllllnallciiflBH materially recoup the uiiinuut "invented. I jog-i can lit* driven on ilia Kootenay river, which touches every lot save one. The main wagon roiul through ibe valley
passe*- over m- elocu lo each loi, ami ihe pronnHed Koolonuy C'en
11:il railway will parallel llu- wagon ni.nl. The 0, P. It. im i-hiim
convenient, to the lauds,
For further particular.-! applj to
Or to Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B. C.
There is -ii'thiny; fnun a li-mlicl tn split ilir Uuilliu-- wnmJ in the complete -uiltll
fur an cxphiriuj' expi'-lllfun, wlikti wc tin mil supply at a rcH-uinihlc priu*
FRED ROO, Proprietor.
Hardware, Harness and Saddles
Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies
Dry Goods, Groceries, Raw Furs
and Produce    .<    ae    .*    a*
Z   Indian Curios,   Specimen   Big   Game   Heads  and
Souvenirs of  llie Great West,
ELKO, -   -   B. C.   ■
******************************************** TIIK   CHAM-ROOK    UEUAl.ll
Now Spring Suits liuve boon tmiililiiiu Into our
Kiiiitly-tn-Wi'iir Department, We never In-fore offer-
eel nuiri' uttrnctions in Suils, Skirts, .tuckets, or
Waists tlmn fur tliis Spring.   Get a glimpse of tli.i
iliiintvi'iistunii's. IVenre Sole Agents fur tl NOVI
Skirts, Jackets, Suits and Blouses
Our  Millfin-ry Dopar linen t is   in   olinrge of   Mrs.
linrrill of Mnnhval
B. C.
u(3c:i'X)ooo!3o;3G:) 3e;)oajGG3aoO'UO(:)OGajGOi:)0£»OQS
We Inve jusl m'olvoil another (real nslgiinient "f CI.'P. It. Ton.
Tliis time we have linilirlit il hi-jlier grade limn over lioloro, pitying u
blither pries uii'l lidlii^anmra.1 lllll Ilia i|il'.lity is "I'Alt KXCKL-
I.KSi'K.   Tlm piles in yuu is the sumo.   In  packets SOc » lb.
We Imve another ten. :i brand new uue ivliuse aroma in 111. flip will
e.iH-lu.-e v.nl.if ilsqinilin-. IV..'lliilik il is llie 1.1-stleil we Intra ever
lamed   I'l'lee (ill.:   h 111
WettlllglnillrgIvaoraei.il vou free aiunplesiif Ihese ur any oilier
brawl of tea or eollee.
G. T. Rogers
Fuii.'v ami Stupli- Brueertea
nml I n«fl.«r,v, .Mitt**, iiiovuh,
li.m'M A Sboim. Urunbrouk,
Prom ni.w uiilil gross comes is tlie time Unit
your stock must have itttuution, A rough font,
luck of appetite, cuiiuli or other symptoms of
lownre.1 vilnlity call for the prompt uso ot
This is u inoilorii, si-ii'iitilio remedy thai iloes all
Iiuil n I'oiiililion powilur sliiiiilil ilo purilies llu-
liiuoti, l.uir up tin' livor uml kidneys, uml
increases vilnlity. Cosls too little to ilo witliu.it.
Full 5 lb. Package, all medicine, 75c.
iiQE. REID C& CO  #
' ********************************************
A Few Polled  Plants Left After Easter
thai "ill Iwsolil ni ii niliiiiioii DON'T EOH'IET
w.< Iiiut.Hi> tin. brat Oiinfectionery, A sliipmenl of
Wi-l.l.'s Ohiirolnlcs   nrriveil  ihis  »-t>ek.   They nro
Campbell & Manning
I'..i n p.'iio.l of .1.1.1.i\s only lie hiui' be.
n salt, of a f.'ii
.'II    III,'   I'M'lll
ll is wi-11 known Mini tin- ('. I'. Uy, havo tnmlo iirrniiKoniotiia
In upriiil thnusamlaof dullarB io Victorliii Tin* valuu nf Itml
lOstatu in tlml t'ilv bus -pini) up In lunps mul bounds.
An opportunity ib nuw irjvon local invcBturs to tuko atlvun-
tftgo of ii tviil live laying [iroiioBition. Kor furthor purtiiMi-
lura. Bet!
Real Estate CRANBROOK, B. C.
Misi A. I.. Milium, teiiflier „l llie
Pianoforte,   Tun lerale.
Arm.Iron! Ave., Crnnbrook
King Edward VII
Wholesale & Retail
Piiy your ilog t.ix,
Harry Drew, ot Kimberley, visited
Cmnbrool. Monday last.
Alex. Black unit family were released trom quarantine Tuesday.
(ieo. Fletcher wns down from Kimberley ii couple nf days tliis week.
W. 1!. Shlra, nl Was.i, was trans-
ncttng business in Crnnbrook Friday
KOR SAl-E—Two residencies at
very low price. Apply Kink Mercantile Co. 2
w. F, Otml returned Saturday
last from a business trip to tho
.1 fl, Agnew, of tbe Baker Lumber
company, spent Sunday Inst in Cranbrook.
Smoke the British I,inn and be
happy. 49-!2t
\li and Mis. It II. llohart, of
Wardner, were Cranhrook visitors
Friday last.
Miss Nellie Hundley returned home
Tuesday after u pleasant visit with
NiemU.it   Movie.
Doll) Varden was delayed but will
reach here about April 15th.
\hs Oi Qreen returned borne
s.itunlai     last     Irom     Stillwater,
Minn where she hatl heen some
Mr. .nul Mis Bullock Webster, of
Ni-Non. were quests of (he Cranbrook
hotel a cmiplu o! day-- last week.
\li - Oi Keith and Mrs, Carter,
shin .nul motliei nf Mrs M. B.
King, are     visiting the latter     this
ITi C. S. Brown Leghorn Cockerels,
hum Grove Hill Poultry Yards,
Waltlium, Mass., and A. B. Williams'
strain Plum Park Poultry Yards,
Roche-tier, Minn., and fi Blooded
Plvir.outb Itock Cockerels.
47-&t»    W. Telford, Kitchener, B. C.
Oeo Cnrtwrigbt, ol the Crcston
mihei A EUnnufncturihg eompanv,
vnI Hn- Kastei holidays with his
inily in Cranbrook.
Foil RENT—Seven rooms with
iih in     Harris   block, Armstrong
t e.       Will he let singly or    al-
it-other.      Apply   to  I,. W. 'Patmore.
Miss Maggie Harris, who was    en
uie Mom lui home in Prince Ed-
,ii.| Islam) lo Somas, slopped In
I'l.inhtook ;i few tlavs Hit* past week
In visit hei In other, Win Harris, of
Mill A Co 'a stme. Wliile here Miss
ll.itris     was   Ihe gUCRt   ol Mrs.   Rich-
Miss Ohelmick, a niece of W, H.
Iti.nil,.nl, arrived in Cranbrook from
W,il\i_Jiampton, Kn*-., Saturday last
.uul   in company with her um-le, left
foi    ihe la Iter's   ho     at Wyeliffe,
where she will visit her mother   for
some lime.
HAY FOB SALE—1 have about
200 ton-- of hay for sale that I can
ship on short notice, Write or wire
me for piiees. John Wilson, Hi--li
Itiver, Alta. Ml-tt
D R, Yates, malinger of ihe
staples Lumber compotiy, was in
town a couple of days this week.
The Emmanuel executive wish to
Ih.ink the managers Of the Presbyterian church and ihe officials of Uie
Methodist church lor the use of the
respective churches, also each member who look part, in Ihe oratorio on
Garni Friday night.
There are more British Lion cigars
smoked iu British Columbia than anyone brand made. Why? 411-12
A quiet wedding ceremony was performed Saturday evening at tiie res'
Idenre of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hayties
when Rev. West mini united in marriage Mr. .lames Gordon Brechin and
Miss Alice Louise Hillam. Roth parties are well and favorably known iu
the city and their large circle of
friemls join in wishing tbem many
years of happy married life.
Barred Plymouth Rock eggs for
batching $1.00 per setting; $!iOO per
hundred; also, Mam moth Imperial
Pekin Dwek Eggs $3.00 per 10 from
high scored birds. Mrs, W. K.
Dnran, Silver Cn-ek Ranch,'3 mites
.........      ...  y^.
Tale, the jeweler, is showing a nice.
line ol the popular Carmen bracelets,     Read his ad. this week.
Geo. Watson, brother of Mrs A. C,
Nelson, left yesterday tor the coast.
Born—Thursday, March 28, 1807, to
Mr. and Mrs, Harry Bex, a daughtei
Constable Joe Walsh is over from
Fort Steele to-day on official business.
Win. Carlin, of Fori Steele, was
transuding business in Crantyook
Saturday last.
school: salary S50 per month. Apply, stating references and certificate
held, to Joseph W. Boss, Elkmoutb,
B. C.„ secretary and treasurer. fi2-2t'
R. L. T. Galbr.nth, Indian agent,
was over fioui Fort Steele on busi-
duss Saturday last.
Hon McKay returned to-day from
an extended visit with friends iu
Montana and Idaho.
C, A. Dow arrived iu Cranbrook
Monday and at once assumed the
duties of cliiel of police
FOR SALE - Thoroughbred Ply
mouth Rock Cockerels, $1.50 to $:i.
Delmif-rt* A Smith, Marysville, li. C.
W\B. Laing ami C, il Knocke >a\<*
a very enjoyable dance .it Wentworth
hatl last Monday evening.
Tate, tbe jeweler, is showing a
nice line of the populnc Carmen
bracelets.   Read his ad   ihis  week.
Miss Chrlssie McKay was released
from   quarantine    Tuesday lasl and
has resumed her duties .tl   Beattie &
Conductor Don McKlllop returned
from Lethbridge the first ol the
week nnd reports his fathei much Improved in health,
Frank Murphy, the popular and
obliging clerk at Beattie & Atchison s drug store, has been taking a
Vacation tbe past few days.
FOR SALE-Two residences nt
very low price. Apply Fink Mercantile Co. 2
Colin Lei tell, who has been spending the Easter holidays at home, will
t■ tinn to Calgary and resume bis
studies tiie first of next week.
Strayed uu to ibe premises of S.
.1. Harrison, Wardner, B. C, an aged
sorrel mare and colt. Owner may-
have bame by proving property uud
imying expenses. S. .1. Harrison.
Box 5, Wardner, B. C. fi2-.Jt
Mrs. F. R. Morris, of Winnipeg, arrived in Cranbrook Wednesday for a
visit with her sisters, Mrs. Geo.
Hoggarth and Mrs. E. II. Small.
Rev. W. E. Jones, late of London,
England, will preach in the Methodist church next Sunday morning and
F. R. Anderson. Miss Purity and
Miss Caldwell, of the Craubrook public schools, are attending the teachers meeting at Nelson this week,
In Calgary the electric light company charges 75c per month for a Hi
atrdle power lamp. The CrnnWrook
■leetiic light company offer to supply them at COJc each when tho new
plant is installed.
We have been informed t ha t a i
Clares-holme, Alta., the rate for an
li?hi candle power lamp is 75c per
'he batton was wielded by Mrs. W.
onipany offers to Supply the same
JIghl for 40!c when the new [dan, is
Geo. Parslow, managing director
nl the Mclnnes Lumber company, of
Edmonton, Alberta, bas been iu
towu several days the past week
wilh a view   to   purchasing the sea-
nn's output of lumber from several
of the mills for his company.
The standard   of the British Lion
Igar is never lowered. That is
why it remains the general favorite. 49-12
1. E. Gibbons, one of the mosl
lopular cooks ever connected with the
Manitoba hotel, was in town a
Oliple of days the first of the week,
renewing acquaintance with bis many
riends. Mr. Gibbons is now eiigag-
■d in business,for himsell at  Medley,
[id left  tor that point Tuesday.
The Canadian Pacific Railway company announce reduction In fares
Ironi Canadian Atlantic ports to the
Kootenay district (or set tiers arriving in Canada after April 20Hi. The
ate from Montreal to Crnnbrook is
10.35. Through reduced rates from
Great Britain or the continent quoted on application to local agents or
I, S. Carter, D.P.A., Nelson.
Dolly Vardcn was delayed but will
reach here about April lath.
A. Leltch returned yesterday from
his trip to the coast and reports
very disagreeable weather in that
locality. Miss Jessie Leltch, who
accompanied hiui on the trip, remained at New Westmiuitii for a
visit with her sisters, the Misses
Lou and Ella l.eiteh, who are attending college in that city
.lame.*, Ramsey, ihe wrestler,
nishes us to state that he clial-
lem-ts Geo. Mead, of Creston, lo a
calch-as-catch can wrestling match
for from $250 to $500 and that, be
will deposit the money al the Weut-
■vorth hotel at any time Mi Mead
lesiguales. t|ie challenge to he accepted within twenty dais ol this
Tlm C. P. R. Quadrille club will
.-.ive their second masquerade ball in
Wentworth hall on Wednesuay even-
inn April 2+th. Tickets: si.r.o.
lady spectators, 50 cents. The public is cordially invited to atiend
Wont has been received here that
<L Carlin and F. VI. Jones have dis-
pORffll of their interests In the Co*
lilDihla River Lumber company for n
-.00,1 round sum and ate at present
•tijnjiiig a well deserved vacation nt
Victoria. They will probably I00D
lor investments on the coast" and
their many friends in the district
will wish them the same degree of
success in the future ns they have
enjoyed in the past.
Chas. Armstrong, who has been
visiting Toronto and other Ontario
points the past few months, was in
town n few days the past week. He
left Monday en route to Port Es-
s ing ton.
TO RENT-Rooms furnished and
unfurnished. Apply to Mrs. Cart-
wright, Armstrong avenue. 50-it
Chief Bullock Webs 101 came over
from   Nelson   Monday   and   brongti
April 2,   1007, to
Nesbltt, a son.
of   Elko,   was  tlans-
in Cranhrook     Wed-
Mi. nml -Mis.  .).
Ilods.ui, uf Maryaville
Cnnrbrool. visitor the lust
Constable A, A. Ward, of Kimbet
ley, has been in town several da)
Ihis week oil Official husinesx.
FOR SALE—Two residences a
very low price. Apply Fink Mercau
tile Co. 2
W. R. McKn
acting busines
he British Lion will give you   an
honest smoke. 49-12
v D, Pompelly and W. lngulls ar-
ed in town to-day from Portland.
Ore     Mr. Pompelly is here to   look
afier his mining interests 111 this riis
A. E. Carter,^" manager of E. •'
Claytoti's store at Marysville. was
t ia ns.ic t ing Inisiuess i n Crn nhn n ik
tin* first of the week.
There will he a tegular nssemblv of
Hi- C P. R. club in Wentworth hall
Wednesday evening next April the
\  son w..s bom  to  Mr. and      Mis.
W   McAulay ou    Tuesday, April 2ml,
but   the little one's life was short,   il
g   Wednesday    afternoon       The
sympathy ol    the   community i- «*x-
nited  ihe bereaved  patents.
For neat ami natty designs in
ladles hand bags and purses, see our
stock just received. Tale, tin*
Thomas Feuwick, of Fort Steele,
died at that place Saturday last,
the funeral taking place Monday, the
ceremony being conduct oil by the
M.isonic'order, of which the deceased
was a prominent member. A large
numl-cr of Cranbrook Masons atteml-
e.l the funeral.
The sacred oratorio Emmanuel,
rendered in the Prestiyteiian church
lasl Good Friday evening, by the
united choirs, drew a large audience
ami gave genuine satisfaction. The
chorus was composed of over forty
voices aud an orchestra of live pieces.
The batton was wlrldod by Mrs. W.
T. Reiil, and all who wore present
are loud iu Iheir words ot appreciation. Mrs. Reid, who bus a reputation as a musical leader, did not disappoint her audience, but had the
chorus well in band and so managed
lhat all were well under control. The
ohorus work was excellent. Then-
was not a weak number. The soloists were in line form and it was
clearly shown that Cranhrook has a
number of soloists who can satisfactory render even more difficult selec
lions. The orchestra maintained
their parts well, and Miss Hiichcralt
.it ihe niann was clearly in evidence
in her rendition of tbe very spirit of
the work. After the entertainment
was over the chorus upon invitation
wended their wav to the home of
Mr, and Mrs. W. IL Wilson, where
everything necessary was prepared
for a pleasant time. Refreshments
were served and all indulged iu social
chat and afterwards a number of
sueeches were made thanking Mr. and
Mrs. Wilson for their kindness, expressing appreciation of the efforts ol"
the conductor, Mrs. Reid, and expressing hopes that Hie chorus would
ke upon itself a permanency that
would assure the citizens nt least
ie Ireat nf its kind each year. The
weeds were in aid of the children's
d  snciely  of  the province
west ot Cnnbrook.
along repairs for the x-ray machine
at St. Eugene hospital On Tuesday
morning, with the aid of the machine, lira. Oreen and Mercer located
and removed the hiillet from the
body of James Msmncriiio, who was
.shot by his nephew near Sirdar last
week. The hullet had lodged t*e>
Iwflon the sixth and seventh ribs near
I ho vertebrae. It is expected that
the wounded man's recovery will be
rapid from now oa.
Those who are observant may have
"ceil a joyous party of four looking
for the Presbyterian manse on Tues-
liy evening last. They found it, and
if the four two were hiade one. The
irincipal contracting parties were
Vlex.Tiriler Hurry, in the employ of
the St. Eugene Mining company, nt
Moyie, and Miss Catherine McKenzle,
who lately came from Alberta nnd
more recently of Movie. Mr. and
Airs. Hurry attended the piny later in
"ie evening and next morning return-
I to Movie witb the best wishes of
iheir ninny friends.
Every Farmer knows tlml  tho
"De Laval" Cream
an- iii a rial! by Ihemselves as llie bosl
Thnl Die l>e [.aval SBjinralore are not mil;
the be!t, but a. tlie same time l>y far the
ehet.pe!t!tn proportion Itorhe aetual ea|ia-
"}* city ami life ol llie machine. We are selling
the ht'i'iiralor a. Winnipeg priee, freicht
milled, riiiiili.giie furnished ,|.     n   .
Sole Agents   -   Cranbrook, B, C,
Some of Our Real Estate Snaps!
- It.-.si l.-iiii;,] Lots on fenwick Avenue for
'•>       " "   Luii.sdon Avenue for	
:i-nooinei1 Dwellinu on Baker Hill for
2 Comer la-is un Baker Sir,-et.    Priee onl>
l-liuuiin-.l House near School
t'.-lluniiiril Bouse on Burwell Avenue
"1 Itouiiii-il I'l.'ibii-i'fii Cottage on Iiui,sun Avenue
IS Acres, fenced, It) minutes' «iilk from Post I Im'ce
llrii-k Buirgutovv tint! Stable, rents for ?'J7 i. in..nil. ..;.
'i- It..uiu. il Dwelling, all nimliTu improvements   furuai
bathroom, htwn, etc, onl>
ll-Kiiomeil House, suitable for Boarding House
Hasy if
nil rash payin
l-„1 1 ,
.      . ♦
1 *:
-50 _
1,000 ♦
, ♦
roil *
8-0 *,
Sill ♦
:iv i
1,300 i
2,200 i
2,000 ♦
IIKAI. 1-Tlli: AH1NT-. CIlAMIDuiiK. I.
The Painter-} and Decorators
Large Stock of Latest Designs and Colorings   J
in  Wall Papers
Phone III      ARMSTRONG AVENUE   P.O. Box 33 t
»#♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Owing lo a special meeting of    the
>n nul I icing held on Friday, (he otb
ist..   the regular   meeting ol     tbe
board id trndt*   is   unavoidahly post-
poiictl to Kinl.ii. the    12tb wist , at
I. A. Hiitbcroft died nt the family
idenee in Cranbrook Saturday last
HUrt o'clock. Death was nol un-
necled, as the deceased bad been very-
low for several weeks und had lately
been Retting worse quite rapidly, al-
thoiij-h those at the home did ' not
fullv realize the closeness of death
til the lust few bonis, so success
ful had been the effort of the deceas-
■ d in concealing from his family the
real condition of his ailment. Mr
Huchcroft had been ailing for sev-
i;il years, but not until about two
months ago had he been able to ascertain the true nature ot his nil
ment. He had been treat oil ;it various times for heart trouble and ln-
Htrestion, hut  upon his arrival     in
t-rat;l|r00k at  the close Ot his season's
work he consulted I»rs. King and
Oreen and learned Hint his trouble
rose from a cancer of the stomaeh
ml that it would he onlv a short
time before death would claim him.
VVMh his characteristic self-control
Hid determination he fought Ihe los-
ng fi^ht until about 2 a.m, Snturday
morning, when the closeness of death
became evident to his household, who
were nt his bedside. His illness had
in en a painful one, in spite ol all
that medical science ami tetutei care
i ulil do to alleviate it.
The late .1. A. Huchcroft was born
I Piitston, Out., H2 years ago and
lived the greater portion of tlml
time in his native province, being
t one time actively engaged in the
lumber business, until falling health
necessitated his removing to western
Canada. Recovering somewhat bis
old time vigor he again took up the
Work id his trade anil snent the last
eight years of his life ns a carpenter
Htbongb very reserved in his manner he was found by those who be-
''.uni' acql.iintfil with him to have
the most generous and honorable disposition. He always supported nny
good cause and used' the Golden Rule
as his standard in .ill things
Kor many years lie had heen a
loyal member of the Methodist
Politically he was n staunch Conservative, 'of the Lite Sir J. A.
M.icdonald'.s type, although in late
years he never allowed party ties to
blind his reasoning.
He leaves a daughter, Miss M. E.
Iluehcroft and a son, ,1. F. Huchcroft, to mourn his loss.
The funeral services were held at
the Methodist church Sunday afternoon and the remains were forward-
nl to Shaiilev, Out., for interment
in the family cemetery, where the deceased'had expressed a wish to be
laid to rest hy the side ot his faith
ful wife and two daughters, who had
preceded him to the other shore
.1. K Huchcroft accompanied the
I remains.
Then- will be a meeting of Uw
Conseiav.itne association i.-ld at th-.*
Rmding room, over Mighton's cigar I
■lore, on Thursday, the Ilih day of!
April, HitiT. at the hour of ••> p.' m. |
-burp,    liusiiiess: Election of officers, j
There will be other important
liusiiiess come u-j affecting the p^rty
ind *i\l Conservatives ait- requested
to attend.
Q   II. Thompson,
Secretary-Treasurer.    !
1.1  "KM «'"!'.. II  II ll I.
Wednesday Evening
April 24th l,u)7
_ III.  -I I:..  AM> ATIKM.
CORPORATION OF THE **********************
ICXTItACT     Hum    I'OI NU     \M>
Si. person sliall allow any lionc,
limit-, Iiuil, ox, f..a. s1n.t-|i, goat, pig
<>i other eatliii <>i poullrj i.i run at
l.iif.i' tv-llliiti the .Hy, otherwise the
..iiii- niiiv In- lln|iolltnleil ami the owo-
■r Uii'ii'iil is liable toi ilauiages imu-,-
Anv person n...v impotiml an ..niin.il
 mi iiiiniii.f at large.    The iim- to
I.,- poumtkeepri  loi   every ..tnin.il is
s follows:
Stallions, I.", mi.
UWier horsti, man ,, selilings, lilies or mules, il Dl) each
null, s.i un.
Cow ther kind ol t-attle, 12 00
I.imi  1114. 11.00.
Pig, slreep ur n".ii. "I 00.
K'.wl. i'. cents.
The piiumlket'iiet may also collecl
H.mi Inr Imponmllng nny animal ., id
". ..-iiis   loi     impounding .mv low!,
id f.n iff  may rhargo as lollowi
Fowl .mil ci-i-n- -.'. cents per iln-ni.
li tin" .iiiiiimls arc nol reileemeti the
poumlkeepci mil prorenl lo sell.
Tarn- -.li.ill lie ,i lax on ..II (logs ol
•I ;.", ami i.i. ..II Im.l.f. .<:'< im
li is il.v dun ol Ihe "m.ii i.i dogs
li, procure ,. i.i ■ Irom Ihe I'll) Clert,
..tlii-iwi-i- the iim"- will > Impounded
and lining redeemed will be sold or
deslroyed Tag» mutl ho placed on
dog'i i-.'ll.ii no .is tn he plainly seen
lu .nl.liiii.ii lo the above charges,
..in person gullti ..i an iitfractlon i.t
Hi,' by-law is liable m a penalty ol
iluii nn ,im| (*..sis hi two nu.mils Imprisonment.
i   \l   Roberts,
Kv 1st Thu City t'li'ik-
All pi r-'.i -. v.:... are .: ■:<-\f • II
Queens hotel,     Cranbrook, will here
alter, kindly pay the amounl dm
N.  I'. Mollartder,     who Is tbe ni.iv
person etiiitlt-d tu givf .. -..ilni     i.;.
ceipl in    discharge "i   :u. b linl
ne     Irom thli dale.
N. P. M .llandei
li..t,il at Cranbrook   ll. C      tin.
iml. day al March, A. Ii , 1907.   In
!! Thai g; Krall Store \\
Arrtvltiir to-dnj
lllll lull];
I'l.nllllll TO.MATOHS
1101 llnlJXK I.KTTIIUK
I1 ' Phone 76 Armstrong Ave. '
. ********************
Kfftctive loi  I...'     illami,- l'«
-{--it auiv Ills •■'■ '" -■'.-■-■. .. :.   Ul
ll'llll. W ,.
K...ii.  Point.
.tuni OK AI'ltIL
Send im yi.ur Irlenila while ii
rates art, low. I'lill pnrtieiilnra i
application to local agents '.. will'
R. J. COVI.I;       .1. S. CARTER
4.0, PA li  1'   l ,
MM   News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and.Gleancd from Newspapers
.y _» £■;_?-;
Ielko and tobac
co plains
The wind In Klko List week was
something fierce. One ol Jim Mo-
Kee's silver spangled, bull haired
single combed, armour plated game
roosters, after whipping the best
talent on tbe Sktboo Cottage estate,
ma-dtv* •> foolish at tempt to crow
against the wind and was choked to
death with the erow sticking in bis
Mrs. K, Ruo and sou .lames returned alter a plea.saul   visil   lo Klko
lo the Rig Red Apple Country.
U. M. Front, real estate agent, uf
Kurekn, Tobacco Plains, was iu town
this week loot-ring lot fruit sites
around Klko.
Mrs. (i. li. Uoullon, oi lloiiltou A
.Viol l, of Foriiie, who we hear, have
purchased the Pine Tree sawmill
plant and timber limits, was an
Klko visitor Ibis week. These two
wen known gentlemen take charge ol
the plant April 1st, wilh the eiccp-
tiou n*i one grey horse tlml came to
the Tobacco I'lalns with the Hudson's
Ha*, company.
Isn't it queer that llie things
people want to know most about ale
usually none of their business,
The    success   ol   Miss    Johnson's
basket soeial iu Klko last week has
made society iu Klko ami the neurit)
summer resorts quite lively now,
.Hid invitations aie mil im everything on the lists ot amusements
from pink teas lo wliile rock smokers for the bald heads.
nd catch.     Still, they did    very
I and we hope  tu  see'tbem     and
their friends come and try their luck
M, Roesor, of Flagstone, was in
town ihis wiik on bis way to Cranbrook, having made a bit; timber
William Lencey was appointed police officer for the district by gov-
iiimi'ut agent McMullen, of Fernie,
Ihe appointment is a popular one ami
Mr. Lencey will merit the cimlldcnec
t bis chief in preserving the peace
round ibis earthly  paradise.
llappv  Fi
an,"  who
tain   the
building tin
ay was in
r  supplies
nk, "The Jolly Dutch-
discovered Sheep lllOUIl-
iinit* Mike Haney was
Crows Nesi Pass rn.ll-
towii with bis pack Main
for his mining camp.
Frank Church,    who    was severely-
it  iu    the hush some time ago    ami
as iieai   death's door on account of
blOOd poisoning,      We alt* pleased      to
s <y is getting along very nicely.
Several informal and otherwise
pink teas, live o'clocket's, nine and
t ■tiers, and a few two mid three1 rs
look   plat-e during   the  week, but     ou
iii'Count of the Herald correspondent's
i ine being taken up planting spuds
nnd red cah-hngc and receiving no invitations to these store worn ginger
bread lunches, we cannol give you
lie names of those attending.
Miss Clement look cbnrge of tho
•i-liool here Tuesday, April 2nd.
Two of the Roo bovs were up [loin
iiu* IRg Red Apple Country visiting
1'icir father and sister.
i.l Ihe
A     III-
is exl
ended l
n all  In
i   llu- .
sen kins
Hie soeial
is understood    thai  tlie purchuso when lhc accidcnl liiippeneil uml    lu
in  the     nei(d(l)orltood     ot Jsijjnulleil lo stop the rope or serioui
ii.liun.    The deal includes all     tlm 11r.iiililo uncut have resulted,    li wnt
t t
(Ki.mi   the   Movie  Lender.)
Kugeue    mine
every altvrnutc
els will    chnii
ii nl rail <>f on
iiHinurow  ibe     St.
will  be dosed  down
Sunday and the min-
*e shin's on tliis day
ihe  1st  and  Pith     of
luovlier iu the yawls as well as a j
large supply of logs ready tor culling.
Miss Sinclair, of Oram! Forks, has
been engaged i" nil tho vacancy on
ihe school stall occasioned by Iiui
resignation of Miss Clement.
Mr.   ami    Mrs.      A.      K.  Triles,   of
Moncii.ii, N.B., were in the city for
a few davs recently visiting Mi. and
Mrs. A. ' It. Tritcs. Air. A. K
Triii's is a brother ol our worthy
alderman    ami he and      his   wife are
making un extensive loui of the
west. He is a railway contractor of
lurge experience, and has charge ol
all the construct ion work for thu
IJ.ingoi A: Aiiu-siok railway iu
Maine. He has jusl received a eon*
ii.u*t for fifty miles of new road,
which fact is hastening his return
ftieli iiioiith. Iiui the entire day will
nil he kepi as a holiday, as for In-
sl a tin* the men now on day shift
will go on nighl shift to-morrow ut
7 o'clock. The mill will also be
closed down and ns lew men as pos-
•iible mil he compelled to work ou
t.iat u,i\. Thus il will be seen that
in Movie (here will be at least a
initial observance of the Lord's Dn\
s Mar,
ml    Mr.
il Creek
Caii a man live ou water? "Why,
certainly, look ut Charlie McNub's
river drivers."
Did vim see the load of depart-
meutul dope iii book form at the
post     ollice.      Similes    of Tlmoth)
K;tloll  li.il leu  ine down.
I'rof. Hairy Steele, of graphoplioiie
zoiiopboiie, wireless leleptione (anio,
inveiiloi and magazine correspondent,
passed through Klko on bis way to
Cranbrook, where he will purchase
teapot tin whistlers, granite plate
discs and coliec pot picolos lot the
Uuker-MeNuii conceit troupe. Ht
returned with tin- goods ami it's salt-
to say lhat nut un elephant will lie
seen in Uie district when be gets
hack  to camp.
Two of tbe Swift men from Omaha
were in Klko this week .selling the
products of the grcas) pig.
J. C. Uarrutlitirs, well und favorably known from the Arctic circle to
the gulf ot Mexico, aud from Klko tu
the Island of Japan was iu Klku
breaking all previous records vvltii
mens' furnishings tins week.
John Mott, id the 11 oil man house,
Klko, got a consignment oi the most
up-to-date stationery in .South Kast
h'-otoiiuy Irom the Craubrook Printing A Publishing |->uiisc. "Now just
watch the tourist trade grow.''
Dr. Hugh Watt, of Fort Steele,
passed through Klko on his way to
ll-ateway, U. C, where he will, at
tbe request of the veterinary .surgeon at Ottawa, stop any people
from heaven or God's country coming
into this earthly paradise showing
signs of tlie .Manila itch or financial
embarrassment. He was surprised
to see su many of bis old friends
in Klko suffering with anal lug it is uud
which whole families in Klku are suffering with ut the present time.
He cheerfully advised everyone he
saw of the sufferers to j-u down to
the river side and fish.
"Good Friday" passed very quietly
in Klko. The meat market was
closed all duy. A few telidurfcul
-struggled in uml went fishing, while
several bum-lies nf the city people
walked out io the brick yard to heal
the nightingale sing.
For   nineteen years     I've   been     au
And never changed my shirt;
And I'm living
So is my shirt.—"AlcKwen."
A few minutes before leaving Klko
for Craidwook, Mi. C. A. Dow was
culled over to T. Roberts' meat
market uud was surprised to see
e\ery member ol llu- board ol trade
present. Mi. Fred (too called the
meeting to order uud '-.Mr. Dow" up
to one of ihe meat blocks, aud iu
neat speech presented Mr. Dow with
u nice address and a purse of gold as
u small token of the usteem and appreciation in which h: w.iv held hy
the citizens of Klko. Mr. Dow
ItNives Klko for Craubrook where he
lakes up ihe position of chlel of
Miss Johnson, the populai young
lady school teacher, left for her home
in ' Ornnd Fork*, West Kootenay,
Monday, April  lirst.
Miss Clement, of Fernie, will take
charge of the J-.lko school, commencing April second.
Frtil Roo gave a blanket lunch to
Sixteen Mission Indians who had
been down to the Tobacco Plains
Indian reserve attending to some Irrigation cases.
Tlie Sunday school annlvcrsury held
on Kaster Sunday was very largely
attended bv the scholars and their
parents. A great many prizf* were
given to the different classes.
A woman never puts anything in
her pocket she can hold in her
M isn't L
Mo]brook came in   Irom
spend  Ihe summer  with
Rose Scldetislnbl,
is visiting her old
it Roosvilie, It. C.
..I  New
I        WARDNER I
Mr. P. Lund rclurned on Sunday
limn his trip lo the cast. Mr. Lund
ilsiled (Plliiwa, Chicago, Chatham
and Winnipeg, and reported extremely severe weather lu Ibe east.
owing io a slight outbreak of
dpthtiierlii in the town it was cou-
s deied advisable to postpone several
functions which were lo have taken
place ibis week. Ity llu* prompt
precautious of the authorities, however, the oiitllireak was t-ffcclutlily
The Kniployees1 Club dance which
was announced for Kuster Monday,
will lake place to-night in the Library hall, where il is expected Ih.Te
will In-.i very large turnout. Music
nil] he supplied hy the Feruie
-.ymphouy orchestra.
Miss Johnston, of (Iranil Foil's,
n.is been engaged as teacher in succession io Miss Robertson, whn left
on Monday.
Plans have now heen prepared for
llie erection ot a Presbyterian church
iiuil ibe work will be proceeded with
very soon. It is very gratifying
tlml this 10111; felt want is now
within measurable distance ui being
and Mrs. Parkei
si on Monday.
returned from
There is a movement on
anion*' Hie merchiints of Movie to
have early closing ihis spring und
slimmer, The matter was brought
up al the board of trade meeting
l.i si Wednesday evening, bul no dele action was taken and it was
I.,id over for another week. The
plan is io close nl, 7 o'clock, with
ihe exception of Saturdays and pay
lavs, Some are also in favor of
laving a hull holiday one day each
-.eel",  Wednesday   being   the day   men-
Arlhur Pickering relumed lasl
Sutrdnj nfter an absence nf neatly
t .vo mouths, which he spent at San
Francisco, and in some of the other
eimsi cities. "For a working
■Hiiii." said Mr. Pickering when he
returned, "I would rather lake my
"haiices in Movie than in auy place I
have been. I am again at work in
l-lii* mine, uml will he perfectly satis
lied to renin lu here for some time."
A. P.     Mncdonnld   and     W.     P.
While, of Movie, ami D. .1. Kltuer.
of Kingsgnle, have been appointed
is commissi oners for Inking affidavits for the purpose of acting under
"Provincial Klection Act" in the
Cruirtirook district.
('li,is. A. Mio-kiiy came over from
Nelson this week, und is preparing to
.tail work on his minim' proposl
tion. Mr. Mnckny is getting mailers well ulTniiged ami will soon be
riving employment lo several men.
John Unlike has thrown up his portion iis foreman nt the upper work
ings of the St. Kin-cne and will take
,i rest for awhile, prnUa'hly going to
Spokane. John Cannon, one of tin
-hltt bosses at the Lake Shore, has
•une up on Hie hill to succeed Mr
Itakke, and John McAskill is now
slilfl boss in Mi. Cannon's place.
Au electric tram is being put in at
Ihe St. Kugeue between the shaft
'muse and the mill, to take Hie place
if the presonl system of hauling   Hie
ins by mules.
Itcfore Moyie can be called "The
City Beautiful" her sidewalks must
be repaired, the lin cans removed
from tin* back yards, and some of the
'muses touched up with a little
W. S. McKwen and W. Art Wilson
caught 21 pounds ol fish Good Friday. Thpre were fishers from Cranbrook, nul     (tailings at that,     but
they had   the wrong kind of     tackle,   ....        . ^-.j^^nnm^,
fcu.it nnd bottled smiles to mak*     a and within cultivate for thu    moral
Several buildings are going ahead,
Hie buildings in connection with the
Nelson dairy are being erected and
ihe Monro hotel is having a large
Extension, George I lend ten, builder
is employing quite a number of men.
Leo Duncan, formerly iu the employ of the C. p. it. al Cranbrook,
as stenographer, is home spending n
few weeks ere his departure to California. The people ol Creston all
will   join in wishing him   every   sue-
Mr. Cory, nf Miller's mill, has been
spending the week end at his home
in Nelson. He ledl on Thursday ami
returned tin* following Tuesday,
Miss Slaplct1.11 left for a holiday
in    Cruiioirook lasl    Thursday     ami
I ravelled   to Nelson   Ihe beginning    ol
iite week to attend the II, C, teachers
enliven tion,
J. Ilevuii is pajilig a visil to lus
brother,  11. Ilevuii, fruit  liiapector.
Miss    Mamie     Hushcroft, of Port
Hill,  is Staying n   lew   days Willi  het
sister, Mrs. Crawford.
The Kuster season was not observed much as a holiday tm Faster
.Sunday. Special services were beld
hy the Presbyterians in the morning
and Hit* Methodists lit the evening.
The new Methodist church is to
he opened Sunday, April Tib. The
Rev. J. P. Westui.iii, of Craubrook,
will conduct the services iu tlie
morning at l.'M\. Collections will be
taken in aid of the building fund.
A social will be held in the form of
a free supper in which a collect ion
will he taken. There will In' a line
programme made up of solos, duets,
quartettes*, recitations, speeches,
etc, A treat will be iu store to
those who avail themselves of the
opportunity. The church stands in a
prominent purl ol the town nml adds
a good feature to it. It will draw
to itself the thoughts of lhose who
relli-et to* consider tbu deepest side of
life       From without il will remind
(From The Feruie Free Press.)
Marl in Niuolnk*, a Slavonian, ■'("
years of age, was instantly killed
111 No. !l mine, Coal Creek, at eight
o'clock this morning. Deceased was
driving in the mine. He had just
hitched ihe mule to a couple of loaded curs and the animal started forward before the young man was
ready, He was on the wrong side
of tlie car and be was rolled between
the ear and a post, receiving terrible
internal Injuries from which he died
■ -ven minutes later. The deceased
was known as one of Ibe best miners
it Coal Crcelfc He leaves a wife ami
.me small ehlHl. The funeral will lit
held Sunday and will Ih- conducted
hy the Slavonian society, nf which
1 he deceased was a member. The
111 idy *was convoved lo ihe undertaking parlors of Messis. Scott A- Ross.
This afternoon an inquest is being
held by Coroner lileusdell.
three of the live new monstei
hollers lor Hie Klk Lumber company's
mill arrived a few days ago and are
being placed in position. They are
T.'.xIS wilh seven ly Hues in each.
The large 12 fl. dome and the healer
have also arrived.
Miss Moffait, ol Nelson, arrived on
Sunday to lake a posit ion on the
nursing sliiff of the Fernie hospital.
Aid Triles inel with an accident
a week ngo and as a result he Is
now able tn gel around only with
the aid nf clutches. While stepping
from a phi 11k walk bis foot slipped
on a lound piece of wood, disloeat-
ing ihe ankle joint and injuring the
Messrs. (l. II. I1mIi.hi and A. J.
doit have purchased Mr. Malcolm
Mclnnes1 lumber mill.and timber at
Klkmouth. The business is purchased ns 11 going concern uud Hie new
owners look    Immediate   possession.
W .'I t ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
March UU, at ihe bride s" rcslit
li.-v. U. L. Hall performed ihe ceremony, assisted hv Ruv. U, IL I'nl
1.. ml. Miss Marion Campbell acted
as bridesmaid ami Percy
John supported the groom,
bride was laslcfullj ai
il ami looked vciy dimming. A
goodly number.of guests sal down
10 a sumptuous repast after Hn- cere*
iioui. In addition In the members
if the family, llie following look
pari in Hie festivities: .Mr. and .Mrs,
U. McKay, Mi. and Mis. .1. Thomp
,011,   Mr. and  .Mis. T.  Duncan,  Mis
J. Lamb, Miss 11. Thoiups  T. Wd
, J. Taine, N. Duncan, IL Adam-
, D. McLean W. Kvaiis. Mr. .ami
.Mis. Methven recent IV came from the
Stales  lo Canada  and  have been     at
.1 Creek about a couple .d mouths,
ifxpeelcd to get the roo! caught up
mil Hie track cleared in lime to resume work this morning,
Frederick Thompson and Miss l.i/.-
"la Sloan, both Frank young people
.i.'ii* married last evening nl live
Hiiilv. iii Ihe residence of Mr. and
Mrs, Piukiu-y, the Rev. .1, H. Frauds
officiating. The groom is in charge
ol llie dry goods department of the
Frank store of the Western Mctcuii-
Mle company anil the bride is a sister of Mrs. Pinkiioy.
A laugh is worth a hundred groans
in any market.
The Salvation Army held a soc!
aturdny evening     and special
M'lviees  on     Sunday,      which      were
largely attended,    The meetings word
under Hie direction of Captain and
Mrs. Johnson, of Nelson, assisted hv
the local  officers.      In  view  of     the
•iresein     t d    General      I.ooih
through Canada which is attracting
general notice, the following statistics furnished by Captain Johnston,
if ihe work of the organization in
'aiuiila, wilt prove interesting:
Number corps and outposts
in  Canada        53(1
Number converts during
nun  to.sa.i
a   slim t memory as
a    twin brothel  win
(From The Fernie Ledger.)
The smoker given by lhc football
hoys lasl Monday nighl in Kagle's
hill drew n large crowd nnd good
money. There was u lousing good
.Id lime, with lots of fun. A meet
ing of Hie association for organiza-
lion was held al the Waldorf hotel
lasl   nighl.
Miss MeKarlnnd severs her connection wiib the Fernie hospital on M011-
d„v nexl nml will reliirn to Winnipeg. Miss McFarland's many friends
will miss her genial companionship.
The debate, held under the auspices
id the Kpworih Lenguo Monday nighl
in the Methodist church, drew a
*~nod audience, which wns well plcas-
e.l wilh the programme. Good
speeches were made on both sides of
ihe question .is to whether "man or
unman lias done most for llie moral
upbuilding ni mankind." and     after
-tune delrt-M'ation, the special jury ol
three who had lo decide upon the
matter, agreed thai the champions of
woman had scored a victory, li was
1 very pi en sunt event and the league
is conteinpliilim* giving one of these
debutes every month.
Upon the departure nf T. II. Whelan
in a few days, lhc Napanee hotel
will he under the mniiagemenl of Con
Whclun, ;i younger brother of Tom,
iml who has made himsell very popular with the guests of the lnni.se hy
his obliging ami genial disposition.
Ml who know Con ilo not dnubl that
Ihe Napanee will uphold the reputation which il hns earned in the pnsl
of hnvlng nothing hut Ihe best. Thai
ii tcllectiial looking gentleman, Pal
Whelan, now- hns charge of the Royal
hotel, and is certain to build up n
liusiiiess connect ion and reputation
nearly equal to the parenl house.
Pal will always he pleased In Imv
ion drop in for a quiet chat, u good
cigar or something for that stomach
it-he which yon complain of nt frequent intervals during the day,
Pray for a slim l memory as It
ill uukimtuc
Gi-nius ha: ^^^^^^^^^^
1,inn- is patience.
"If you have a  word nf cheer
Speak it while I am alive to bear,"
Someone uskul Thomas A. Kdlson,
'Don't you believe tlml genius is in
piialion'" "No," he replied,
'genius is perspiration,'1
True merit is like a river. Tin
deeper ll is the less noise it make:;
We postpone and postpone until
imtlitig possibilities are dead,
"liiiletl we stand, but divided we
get all sorts of mean tilings said
ihoui u->," saith tbe Skirt.
A.s a man's salary gels higher his
"life's gowns get lower.
Niiinjher resell
Number girls
during  1!	
Niimlii'i'   passe
Number  ' children     nd-
m'illed during year ....
Number men's shelters.
Men   round   employment
in labor bureaus ..
Prls is    md    lis
l'i isonms   found  employ*
 nt   foi	
Murphy & Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Depart mental    and
Patent Office Agents.
A widow and her
weeds are soon
Au old fashion is old, but an
indent fashion is always modern.
Better he hard handed than hurd
They arc* good friends who are
'iod's friends.
lie that corrects his mistake shows
Uiat he is wiser than when he  made
lhc mistake.
One mayi bo saved without learning,
Iml not without love.
If God does not lit. a man for the
Christian uiinistiv, not all the col-
' i-cs of the world can.
More ate familiar with hymn nielo-
lies Ilian with hymn meanings,
The world is more ready In share
your joys thnti ii  is to share    youi
In frying h. make a Lou of n
man we often merely succeed in making ii monkey of him.
A dog's tail may he longer than a
woman's tongue, but it can't wag as
■ children  who me seen ami   not
must   In*   deaf   miitrs.
oh!    bachelors   are   too    ugly
married ami others are ion
Ulu-n a woman talks a blue streak
n isn't nl wars sate to touch a mntcll
1-1 il.
Many a man who spurns tobacco in
ihis world will need a smoking Jacket
The   "Jolts"
and "Jars"
of Life
,ue what use | eopb* up.
Mosl people live pit iu well lip tn the
j hum ol thru powers ami so long as
] everything noes -.mootlily that is
apparently all right; but a "jolt" or
I a "jar"" in ihe shape of business
■ -vorries, domestic anxieties, 01 no
La  Grippe,   Piieumojiia,
j lvphunl, or   other  wasting   dise:
iudilei.h reveali the fact lhat thci
a sad lark of reserve force to meet
, these contingencies and the result is
I serious, ofteii fatal.     A wise man will
j sr-  U)   ii  that   his  ■ivsiem is ful'1
, fouilieil against sudden attack.    'I ■
attain tliis result nothin_ is so sur
ami t-iieeme us
This fuel lias been fully established hy
actual experience. It, therefore, you
feel you are not in lirst-chiss shape
pbvsi allv, do not fail lo take ;i course
of .-I.RIIttJ. id once. It contains ( oil
Liver Oil, Iron und Phosphorus- just
what you need, it is easy to take, never
tails, ami you
" Know
What You Take"
Dr.iKjrjS|s - Cranhrook, B. C
Practice Before Railway Commission
Charles Murphy. Harold Fisher.
('■u:ari'NT Loi'Gi' No. ftl
Cranhrook, It. C.
Meets every Tuesday at It p.  m   at
New Fraternity Hall.
A, c. Bowness, c. C.
F, A. Small, K. nf 1!   A- S
Visiting   bietlneu   cordially toviu*-]
to attend.
i.n.n.r. K-- city ujk-
No. ii. Meets every
2Z***$J Hnndav night al
New Fraternity Hull. Sojourning Oddfellow*! c-jtdliilly invited.
Chas   Smith, K.   ||.   McKay,
N. U. Sec'y.
triDtinmk I ntl-.-., Nu. J4
A. I>. ft.A. M.
. Regular meet ings uu
the third Tbiusda**
ul every mouth.
Visiting bttth eu welcomed.
W. F. Atrldge, Sec'y.
M. A. Deale, W. H.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every Wednesday  eiruiug   at
11 p.m. Iu U. of L. F. Hall.
Chas. Smith, W.P,
M. D. Hillings, Secretary.
Vi*.iling  luelhien cordially  nifiied.
Meet at B. of L. F.  Hall Had   aud
•lib Saturday each mouth.
Visiting liethua always wek-ou»
T. Boyter, Jan. E. Larrtgau,
W. U. Sec'y.
The worst thing about looking fnr
trouble is that we sometimes stack
up again*', some fellow who Is willing tn accommodate us.
I line,
uc s.
Idleted   to
marry a second
treat man who began bis
career as an office bov owes bis .success iu life to tbe fact that his first
hoss fired him.
Arbitration is
nes our way.
a   good   thing if H
! frank \
(From The Frank Paner.)
Frank has licen made an out port of
entry by the customs department ol
the federal government ami Mondn*
nevl a customs house will he established here. No information was
given as to tho ideality of the government's appointee to the office of
sub-collector ami it is therefore pre
-umed an experienced attache of the
•department will be sent here at least
temporarily. There are several ap
plicuiiis in the district for Hie posilion. Among them is L. W. Kirks,
if Frank. There ate also applicants
from Blairmore and Coleman. And
thus nre the efforts of the Frank
hoard nf Hade in behalf of Ibe Interests of Hie district once more
i-i owned with success. The board
has for ii long lime been Urging upon
the minister of customs the necessity
ol a customs house in the Pi)ss and
when President Malcolmson wns re-
erntly in Ihe casl he interviewed
lire minister on the subject, receiving
l he assurance t Iiu t I be (juesl ion
would be investigated ami if found
idvisnble, n poll would be created,
Tliis was followed by communications from Seni-l.uy Pricker lo ihe
minister setting forth the necessity
Hint existed and at length has come
the recognition.
The government has decided lo ilo
coitsidera-hlf work iu Ihe way of road
impinvcioeiil in ihe Pass nml hei ween
here ami the prairie this Benson.
A conlmC'l to ilo the work has been
lit tn C. If. Vnlols, of Cowley, and
Mr. Valnis has already made a
stall. The past week he has been
engaged in rip rapping the hank of
the river near Ihe hist bridge wesi
of Frank lo prevent possible damage
itorn huh water, ll is understood
ihe wnrk will embrace pulling the
Lille road in good condition, grading it new outlet at Coleman lo obviate Hie Ivvo big hills lust east of
lhat place, improving the slide road
and considerable work on Ibe road
to Hitt prairie. .Fust what ihis will
consist nf is not known let but mosl
of the work will doubtless be devoted Ni improving that portion of the
road traversing the big coulees.
The mine was closed down yester-
dav and lasl night because of an accident which occurred in the main
entry about 11 o'clock iu the morning.' Some men working in ihe entry left a plank across the track and
tearing out n couple of sets of timbers which allowed the roof of     Ihe
entry to cave.     Most  providentially ^^ ^   aaa^atfcA*Atttfc#**>*>ia
the shift host chanced lo M present  44444444*4*•• ■**»•»»*»*?»«*
It's ;i sine sitin of ruin when somebody swipes your umbrella.
Vat nre doesn't    always   ills tribute
her i"ifls wilh discretion.     There is
Hie man with   whiskers and a bald
head, for instance.
A woman always expects yon to remember her birthday, but she also
expects you to forget her age.
If he is a real friend one fault will
not alienate him.
Tn do right by compulsion is to do
wrong by inference.
Good Enough is always paying usurious interest to Very Best.
Boys are improved by being treated
:is young gentlemen.
When the streets are awfully
sleety a man begins to realize his
The quickest wav to be rich Is to
he content with what you have,
We would rather
ood loser than a
associate with   a
■el [-sufficient win-
ri Mi..
long since learned to bark    up
ibe   man   who began    blulling
be liee.iine angry.
The man who becomes a favorite
by ngreeltig with everybody never
becomes anything else.
When we feel the need of advice
ibouI rearing our children we always seek il from lhose who never
had any children.
The trouble with mosl of us is that
we megaphone the faults of our
friends and whisper when we tefer lo
Iheir virtues.
r. P. it Hiioi' mi:n
Double, Port oidC'liltle leather
and canvas, wicvil, ready fnr
use, swivel anil lu.uk. padded
hand hold, good value ul $1.35,
-—= c. c. s. =====
Lady Caramels
Peanut Brittle
Maple Cream
Turkish Nouget
Assorted Nuts
Salted Peanuts
Notice is hereby given that the
undei signed have submitted lo tbe
Lieutenant-Governor in Council u
|i*oposu! under the provisions ol the
Rivers ami Streams Act lor clearing
ami removingiobstruction*! from the
Moyie River ami lor the eieclioii of
a dun; therein aud for the construction and Improvement1" of channels
connecting tto same wilh a lake and
with Meadow Creek and for making
the said River ami Channels lit for
holding and driving logs, timber,
ium-ticr, rafts ami crafts, mid for
erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, soiling, and delivering logs
.iml limber brought down said Itiver
and for attaching booms to the
shores of the said River fnr said
The binds to be effected by the
said work are Crown lands ami Lots
•1591i, liiK.i, (1117*1, 1H1I7, Group One,
Kootenay district.
The rate of lolls proposed lo he
charged are such as may he lived hv
the lodge <>i Ihe County Court ol
K.isi Kootenay.
The King Lumber Mills, Limited.
Dated duly 27th, IIHHI, llff-lll
If you wan I WOUK, see me,
If v.iii waul Mi:.\,-.cud loiiin,
If vnu mint lo sell your I.KAL
KSTATI'., list il willi inc.
$2.00 A YEAR
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦I.** j
t       C. H, DUNBAR       |
_   Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary    _
* Public, Etc. 3
• Cranbrook,    -    •    It. C.   *
IIKS. KIND & liKiiliN,
Physicians and Surgeons.
null's st KcaKlcDC,  Aniistruiig Av«,
Forenoons — - ii.mi to HUH)
Afternoons - -
- 2.00 ti
i   ..iiii
,   8".30
Similars - - -
- 2.30 li
,   -1 .'ill
::    is
::    ll.
office! hours .
I lu U ..m.
i to i p in.
I to   I Sill.
lilUc md realilaiiia on Arni»ltuu| s.t
Ilk. P. B. MILES
• to II S 01.
1   lo    I f.lil.
I lo   • « SI.
UHw Is nrw  Rrlil lili.i't
» J.ti.CUMniNtiS, C. I".
* ii.,minion .uni Provincial
* l.untl Surveyor
| Id-uiil   t',','il   l'iv,,t',i
* Fiirinrr ilium'
(ieo. R. Leask & Co
lUlll.DlikS anil
Oin work iii iiui iidvcilit-cnieiil,   |m| w«
put. lliinu.1 in the ll-uiild'iii
rinpliuHi/!* il.
Near Lower ' rmidmn-- Aveiiuti.
Livery *£
TriiniH .nil ilrlvera luriilRtl.il \m «uy
point Is In. dUtrlcl.
QUEEN'S HOTEL jjj review of the lumber situatig::
Tliis flotul litis always 1 i tlio leader
in iiu lino, mul will l.n ko|)t u|. I,, th,.
stitiulnnl. IF you wiml In muul thu
I [.In ir I.. Ilir Qiioiiii's ll'.l.l.
Queen's Hotel, Calgary " M!Z!T
*********************< V*>»* v
III.-  flows    list.       I   W-lBll  1"    1 .'.   ■":
iiili.ii.v     nf   iii.ilnil.ifluliTS   p:
* When :i man is ready l.i coutcss Lis
a i iiormirii lie is .ilniHst ready t.. .His-.
o    ' '   ihreshuld "I ktu>wi.-U_c.
\i-st    Puss    I.iinilifi      ,,    ...
«■•"'""'•• »''!""11'"1 »""-s '"■-, Miat'imfL I,,;;:
iiiii! tin* fi'iiiiiihiff ol |,..ili.iiiii'iit at allow ilif tirouui
IMIawa, and lr.nl ti.r i..lli.wing stale-| plum.      Uli  I.,  tills    Uni,
infill   as   I.)   llu;  liillll.fl   sii lialiiui     ill j the I'llce  lis!   hi   ;,.;.   .
ItTilish Columbia: iioliiltlj   inoperative,
f ,,         , I,.uml   ilnpossiWi   :.. ,   -
In order  iliai  we may fully under-, ]ujl _ utiilorm whoh
si..ml ilif present situation il    will resulted   m main    mill
In- necessary I.. have a brief outline thfuWotlon ami being ton
,n Hn- i dilions as tln-y existed Iron, I'usincssf
Hi,- days "I ll,f construction nt    tin      "    '	
I'rnws Nrat I'ass railway
I)     . .        -.■
■       !
men ..f limited vocabulary find
■-sal y in resort to piofauit, iu
in express their tceiin  .
"I'lfl a man gets Ua- more con
lie   is that    the laundries use
inferiot ijunftty ut slarch in    tin
mi   VVni leciise in prospect
s.t f....l  mil eln     n    "ii llie Inlliiw
UK il     ■ lied l.ll I      tuate  '■:.   Nui  ll
.   '    il.-  ■: i'i..i    ..i.....t  Kj   miles
h;;   Mapplness is largely a  llei    "i
,u i  m|iarisou.      We   neve,   appreciate
■   .iv "i ..I. f..-y  shoe iiniii we put
u   ii"f that pinelies a corn.
iim- Illustrated
to   tlie
Tlie Cranbrook Herald
Winnipeg Daily Free Press
NE YliARijJl  7? 0NH Y,*AR
for       tPO. LO       for
Just think of it! The Herald is well
known, and so is the Free Press, as the
leading Papers in their respective fields.
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the district and the news of Canada and
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| old subscriber with your subscription
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is Extended
i livitti; I., llu- ui'iirr
tl ilniiiimil I'm'Iiniii.Tii  lotah.'
"llomlil." Ilir lini" h:
In s|.','i.il iirriiiii'inni'i
llilll .Im.' in. Further
tliis Imsis.
. I..,- Ii'iiiinl i.. AI'KIL 'Stli,
i wilh  i'i ■ " Free  I'roflS."    A Hit
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Free Press for only $1.25 more.
FOR       d_l   7C        A
ONLY     *pO*jLD    Vl-Ak
b F. Ii. SIMPSON, Manager Herald
decided  :•.
liiiiiii-iliiitely niter llie constructionI
..I    ihis   railway a number ol small
i.i.it.ilile nulls wen- eroded lor    the I ""'"    inlcnti
piirpiisc    id   supplying   construction
■:..:.    llll
the M. il
.- tired ..l seeding the piirtrults uf
loi ..I wumen ,»i'a diltcicnl kind.
Illliilel seems
Kiel l.n olbel
ini.il ami supplying lumber lor
local roilulrenieiiis. These mills
were iisn.illi plneeil in the must iU-
silablc liinlieleil districts nml where
I her I-lllllll  he  | Illl'fl  at   a   mini
turers'    association, In
il.e dealers, loi the pm
luilting reasonable pi ill
llialerlal and lot llie |iu
mi; their hnluslrj un
and satlslarlniv basis.
I'.icluici.s in llu-' nilfi
""wil'en'The   lailway   I... I.       null-1 ''"I"'"'"''  ".fl'' lOUIld,   I
p| I and Hie 1,111.1 requlremenls lor","™    ep orable finii
tl„. small n.wii tlml has sprung Into ; J""1 °''"^ '''I""
existence ine nl lo the construction   "' ')<*•"    "'■''   ,"1"1,
„l   llus       railway     l.a.l   l.eell   S.l|ipli«l   J"ml,t.*1 ."j" °    "! '   ".'
Ihese lumbermen wen- compclleil    to 'o establish nml iiidlni.
l„„h t II,,-,    murkeU.       Their  '"" """ I'""'*  ",""' "
„.,„„al marliel was the Northwest M" »■' I' '•'';'"; :" ■;'
Territory ami Manllnlia, the former J 1,K'»"'orl "re|ills I
now Alberln ami Saskatchewan.   The   ':""'' '•"'        "J".
Americans were al that lime si y-! >'';'     >>   <"'    "•"""•" '
ine a  largo    portion ol  ,,-iiin- ,">"■' "' Kevclsluko, H
iiienls in these distriels, llicrc Inning
been previous In this period large
bush files in llie Stale nt Minnesota,
iiiiiiieitiali-ly south and east nt the
nee nf' .Maiiilnl.a.       The    Umber
II  Hie vole.
... silence n
.•  i.  Ii.-i.-lii   gircn  lli.it   lliim
in  (lulu  I  inI.'...I   pill)'   lu
fi Cnuiiiiissioiici ..i Lunds nnd
\ i. im...   I..i a special license
(Ieo    <l
* i ■
•-.            .     ■
.   ■
. .   so
il   .
I    .;
(i.  Belden, I.
'■   Del len,   \gei
al   1
eh  13,  1807.
ing al  a  i."-:
1'. lillnc  Di
1    J.
iked Pauline Diinsu
-• ,i -'
tier,   Ihence   81)
.   li;<
M .
-" eliains west,
llth,   Ih ■:.' .*  si,
Hg     ..1...III       lllll     ."lis
I'niilliie Uiu,-':..!.. Locator,
11. (;. Belden, Agent.
I...... -,-.l March lit. 11)07. 1-Ot*
I,ami Mini I-:.
and  i
lite Hirer,
ilfsfllt.fil       land
Mil Hi hast Konle
remaining nn     litis Imiiil urea    was
considered    unlit    Im  ordinary mer-
i-haiiialile linnher.      It  holrig 1 d.
bnwevi'r,   thnl  n  large ip lily    nf
cheap lumber was required in     the
Northwest,,     n    number nf portable
i planted nbniil live miles S. I:
an    Nu. 2.1 p..si nn e.isi I.".....1.,ii
Bloell 151111, and ahoill one iiiii.
il ..I While Itiver, Ihenee wesi. Ill
.ii.s. Ihence in,i Hi lull eliains,
■ ii-.- easi in ebnlns, thence s.uiili
.1 chains     In puiul    nf commeiice-
re erected fnr the purpose uf
cut'lliig ihis timber, which tmnul a
ready market in Manitoba nml the
Northwest Territories, nt a lnwcr
price Iliun lhat prevailing nt that
time in American markets nml also
in the mnrkels ol western Canada
fur nrdinnry merchantable lumber
These conditions were the menus nf
al Unit time establishing lower
prices nn lumber in Maiiilnhn anil the.
Northwest Teiiiiinii's nf Canmk
Ulan could he produced under or
iliunrv conditions.
The lumbermen nf Southern British
Columbia relerred, In above, were
compelled at thai time In meet the
prices flieli existing in Ihe Inealities
iiiler In dispose nf
Iheir prniluet. This eondllion es-
lahlislieil    al   Hull   lime  prices     Hint
were actually below Ihe cost nf pro-
diicllnn even iinilir the favorable conditions exisling at Unit lime. As
Hie sfiilfiiu'iii in Uu- Northwest In-
I Ihere natinally became n
.ninline Increase in Hie demand
fur Iiniii.it. Timber nt thnl time
vnilnblc within easy reach nf
Hie railway Ihe number nf mills
grii-ilunlly Increased, ll was lound,
however, that  Ihe prices obtained hv
Ihe liialiutaelllii'l   nf lumber ill the ili-
rinr ot British Dnlumliln was not
lllclenl I., iius-l Hie ei,si nf prn-
ii-'li.n. KlTnils were made   tlnin
time In rune by llie iiianiifaeliilers
in "1.1..in higher prices, ii being impossible, however, in convince llie
[Idlers "f the iifcfssitv nf pavitic
a.i.-fs lor linnl.fi' other ' tlmn those
irevnlllng ..i thai time. Tito eondllion ..f the manufacturer became desperate, ihere being no money made
he lumber business Ibe banks refused tn make the necessary advances
ml,line  Hie manufacturers In    run.
nne  ar.it   tn [licrcaso his  ntltput     tn
>rrrs|wml wiib Hie stendll) Increns-
g ih-m.iiiil lor lumlier caused by Hie
i leased number of act Iters loealing
llie Null Invest.
Pniiue ihis period an association nf
Hie    retail     lumbermen ,.f Manitoba
n.l lhc Nnrlliwcsl Territories    was
■lined    called     Tlie Western lletail
.iimbermon's association, with bead-
uarters at Winnipeg      One ,if    the
i.i.-fis ..f ihis association being    In
prevent  inn main- dealers or lumber
yards being eslnlilishnl al  Hie dlltor-
pnlnls wherein Iheii opinion Ihere
s inn sitfllelenl liusiiiess In iustifv
lltlonnl     yards   being estnbllslied,
I   l,, .-..mine Ihe  retail  trade,      it
islblc, in the member! nf the   as-
■iaiinn.      Tho mnmitncttirers'     nf
ib.r nf lliiiisb Columbia nnd also
ise in  Hie district  east ami   mirth
W peg were admitted tn the as-
'iaiimi as honorary tncmlicrs.
These mnmifnetiirors wore Bxpeotod
mder ihis nrrnngemenl Io confine
hell sales I" members nf ihe Wcstom
lliiail laiinhfi-iiifn's association. The
lumber manufacture! nf British Columbia en.illm.cil to sell bis    lumber
al less Hi.i tnal cost, in fart, the
'ii wei npolled In s.'ll     in
In operate, regnrdless nl price,
Ihere being al thai time m iiiiifi.rin-
ty in the wholesale price nl lumber,
t nlso beean viileul in the manufacturers ami also In llu- officials   uf
111'   ('..ii.nli..ii   I'a.ilif   lailway      Dial
lie dealers al points where there
,-.is iml nppiisitlon, worn enabled
imler ilif iirraiigenii'iils mentlonod tn
..l.i..in ..in     in iff tm lumber     Ilia!
thev ini.-.hi desire without any prns-
lee'ts ,.f In.-i.-.i-..- in price in llu- man-
tneinrer     These e Illloiw rcsulled
I a |i.lui lll.'i'lnm nl Hn- iiiallillaf
uifis anil dealers which was held in
Winnipeg, in llie best nf my rccol-
in   I'Vlniiaiv,    lllll:).      Mr.
William While, th imager nl the
western li if llio   Cntindlaii r.u'ilie
ilnav.   Willi  hpiiilii If is   nt   Win
peg, Issued nu ultl.nolt.m to Hie
lunvbermen slutlng Ihnl unless prices
of lumber wi-ic regulated ami placed
nn a    mm I'lltnhic basis tn     the
consumer, Ihnl ibe Canadian I'neifie
ll.iilw.iv cninpnny, owntttg large ipiiin-
litlcs iif slondlng limber In British
I'nluiiihia, wnulil eleel sawmills and
undertake In dlslrlbiilc lumlier nl
the dilTeri'til pnlnls nn tlu-it railway
iu Maliitiiha and Ihe Nul'thwest nl
cost,. lu a discussion with Mr.
White bv ihe maimtiieturers it was
thoroughly demonstrated tn Hie ra"
way company Hint the prices iilitnllioil
by'the maiiufaeliirers were nut excessive,. It wns agreed, however,
fnsjhe piiipiises nf conciliation, that
the railway company should reduce
the then ex'isliiiK Irelght rule be-
Iweeli n point near Mouse Jaw,
Snsk.. anil Winnipeg. Man.. In the
extent   nf 'ill cents per M.  nil lumber
shipped lulu thnl  district, and     in
consideration nf tliis reduction being
ii'.ade by  Hie     railway  the niiinufiic
tin ers agreed tn   make a similar re-|
ductiuu in   their then existing price
\'i>. 2. C'liniiiieneing nt the suntli-
isi corner nl No, I, Ihenee nurlh
Mi eliains, ihi'iiff east in chains,
flic.' snlllb Uiu chains, Ihenee wesi
'i     ehuitis     In      puiul ul enllilnciice
h '■ llniiimetielng ni 'south-
1 curlier nf Nn. 2, Ihence south
cliains. Ihence east III chains,
ee  Ill   lllll eliains,  thence  wesi
chains lu    p..im     ni commence
Nn.   I.       Cum ia im; at    a    pnsl
 I      llll    fli.mis     west     nf  White
Ivor ami nbnnl 11 miles nluive lhc
■stein lniiiiiil.it i line nf block IfillO,
fiiff south sii ebnlns, Ihenee wesi
< fit.tins. Ihenee norlii sn cliains.
. in-,-   casl   sii cliains  in pninl     ni
llltl; tiff lllf lit
Nn. a. Cilliiliienefcg al a pnsl
.'tili-.l lu rhallis wesi ..I lhc \. E
..■ft  ol   No   i,    ihenee wesi     sn
lllns,     Hteiice    tun tit     Sl>       chains.
enee .-..si   sn    eluiins,  1 hence suulh
chains     lu   pnint ni   coniinenee
nili day nf March, in
s deoWed i
euiililied   Strictly   In   tin
ers nl luinbci  in tin- inle  ■
isll  t'uliiiifljin,    tut    the
placing their     Industry     t
satisfnclory   ami    sid'id li
Ihis meeting    Mr.   (ii	
was nppoillteil tn tain- .....
issnciiitinn, and act as eei
treasurer. A meeling wai
little later where a pii u
inline, the selling price ni
Hie liifl'eiciil mills hen led t
Iriel covered hv the ass tei
same being called'the Mint..
ber MniiUKicturers' Assticia
liiiiish Columbia.
Kruiii this time nn Hi.'
prices uf lumlier bceunui in.
lhc nssufiiilinn nssisleil ll
mills in miirkctiitg theii if
Ihe same piice thai was r
Hie larger manufacture,
words, the mills were uu i
tilted In hv the retail Iru I
large ni small. The price
Hie liiiiluifiieluriT al Ilni
considered sul Isfuotory a id
tiplliinll nf the ass.'i iatii
liieltiliel'S tlieienl, was sillll
illow    iheni    a reasonable
llieil'   business.      Il   was
however, Unit Hie tin,! u
In Hie mills ami Hie rail I
rapidly being exhausted
which' was nut cut ami 111 -
i.in lumber was being ih
usb fires, sume   being set
tjcomolives from the t "I .
.Unrs cnused by pros| ■■
is.- fislicrmeii. elc.     The  •
ine     Ihrniigh ihe   dlsli
logging oiiernlioiis had in ei
■il i.ud where railway  li., I
.nt, im  a     numliei nf \
ereni damage and    desin
'iraellcally denuded the ill I
;li nnlinaiy  access limit  '1
nf all merchantable limlie
ai     words ihe    iiianufiii lui
worn mil     sawmill nml wi
si'|i|.lv   nf   staniline   limber,
face ,.f a  very  rapidly  if
mam!    for lumber    in t n
markets,   iiainclv.     All,   :
•hewan nml Mntiitolia.
Under     these comlltioi
tlisnliiich     iiecessnry  tn  n
he Industry   with a view i
ne upon a much Inrgei in I
lermancnenl scale,    ll bei
...ii   in invade the Isnlai
ilotie Hie main rivers ai il
till;.lies fnr  lhc purpn t
. supply of Ings.    Wagon
n l.e b'nill many miles intn
lertor fnt   the purpose ".
r.e supplies in   ihe ililtcre
■.inips    ai    eif.ii   expen
'ases Ihese wavnn mads ... I
ifr mile a.s Die average l
Maiiilnlia   and   lhc    Nollhwt
ilnrics.      It   then became
n Improve Hie rivers and
liurary    motinta.lii     slreniu
OgS COtlld  he ill ivell  ill   I1.' I]
especrive mills.     Ihiudreds
(..mis uf dollars have lien It
bese improvements during
Li*-:'   years.       In nrdei
his meni    cxpeiidiinii- ot i
leciime nbsnliitely necessary
nrgcr mills, heavier nnd tu
■in equipment, a great prm,
his new    machinery It.nit.
brought    Irom    the   Iiniii
which a duly was cln
JU pel' cent  tn 3a per cent,
b.nifine   Ibe    cosl   uf Ihe    t,
iclt greater extcnl than II
r neighbor lumbermen .. i
border,        In Ihe   mennilm
very Item used in conn i
Hie mtiniitacliire nl lumbei
leased in    price to a mm
xteiit than    the cnrres|	
lease in the price nf liiml
lust nice in ISI1S nnd inn'
'its wcle nblailieil In (hi
.'ntii|itiiiy delivered nu lllell
way iii Ihe    Crows Nesl r
Irlcl al III f fit Is each al
railway euni|iiiiiy ale |li)J ill
'o 35 'cents per tie, uni v ll
'he fad Ihal the rnllwuj
ue Hie nwners nf iie.nh :
if Hie timber area of iln
Ill lllllll In HIUI, ibe rn.il i
tlTiniiiiiig their mining llu
me cent per lineal tool
ihey nre paying for slinll
ijuallly -'l cents per    f	
.landing Ihe fuel Ihal Ihi
ponies,     especially Ibe Ci.
Puss   Coal    compnny, I.iiu
ihnusamls ol acres covered un
her suitable fnr tln-.se   purpi 1
HtO.'l horses weie obtnlned Iv   t
Mlieiln nt Irniii Jinn in ;:
In limit   horses   suitable t
purposes   were   very dinn il   ' ■ ol
tain at    from $225 In $250 l-'ic
11100 lo 111011 liniolhy hay   > nl
laiiu'il at Pineher Creek, \: ta, ■■
from $s.00 lo $inim pit ■ a. I
llilll   we paid    $12,011 pit    I I
11)05 $11,000.   in iliun, tin oi.
Handsaws being a very heavy llci
iu coiineetion     wilh Ihe in "niacin
iug ol lumber, and is sublet' to
duly   ol HO   per cent.      Thi-      wc
nvereotne in the past hv si i^idi.g 1.„_________,_____H,_i^H_H
blank saw   blades Irom lhc    I itil.-d   , "ollee    is hereby given lhat thirty
Sliilcs free nl duly, ennl    lhc mill  day! nflcr dale   I intend tn apply tn
by Installing lite necessary  material  'he   Hon.     (liief    Commlsoloncr ol
Unmnieneiiig at a post
lite tniilli hank uf Martin
k nml oIiniii 2ii cliains wesi nf
c Itiver, Ihenee soulh inn chains,
if wesi in chains. Ilienec nnrlh
chains, tbenci! ensl in chains
ninl of coiiiiiifiieenienl.
Mi. 7. llnniineneiiie al a pnsl
inleil 2ll chains west nl lhc nurlh
si corner nf Nn. II, Ihence west SII
..ins. tllrncc mini. SII chains.
. nre casl SII eliains, thence suulh
elinlns     in   point nf   cnlltmence-
\n 8. Commencing nl a post,
planted nn the east hank nf White
Itiyei across llie liver from the
in.iiilli of limit Creek, thence east
sn (-bains, thence    south 80   chains,
I'lfilfe     west  SII cliains. Iheiice north
s.i chains in pnint nt commencement
l)nInl 211th day nf Mali'll,   11107.
No a Commencing al a post
planted I! miles above Ihe mouth nf
• "..I Creek nn Hie west bank, ihence
".si Ill eliains. thence north 171!
chains, Ihence easi -III eliains. Ihenee
- mill lllll chains lu point of com-
i encoment.
Dated 2lsl day nf Maieh, 111(17.
Mil I'. A. Chapman, Locator.
Notice is hereby given thai thirty
liys nfter dan- '.Ins. M. W. Hall
v.iil apply In the Chief Coinmlssiotl-
i ,.f l..',nds and Works, Victoria,
("I  a special license tu cut and carry
...iv timber from (be following
.1 eribisl land on the l'alliser River
. :,l lis tributaries, in North East
i leiiay district:
No. 1. Commencing at a post
planted mi the east hank nf .Smith
1 reek, thence mirth 120 eliains,
1 .ener east SII chains, theni'c south
I-i chains, thence casl In eliains,
l .'in' sou 111 Sii chains, thence east
In    cliains   in pnint    uf commence-
o 2. Commencing nt a pnsl
htlil iiii  Hie east  side nf     Marl in
ck.    iheiice   soulh     I drains,
i Iii chains, north 100 chains,
nee wesi in chains in polnl nl
nn, r,, t-ineiit.
.. il Ciimmeneiiig nl north
-i corner nf application N" 2,
Hi iiui elinlns, Ihence wesi
Ihenee north 100 chains.
.en ist     in elinlns io I'l'inl     ..i
H. led 22n.l March, 1007.
Nn   I.
Iiuilnl m.
('nmmeiielntj ol   n   posl
soulh siil 'f.lar Crock
il  iuu chains, ilienco north
Hi.'iice    east  Iiiii chains,
Hi   In chains I., pnint      nf
N... 5. Commencing at a posl
lanled nn west  side nf North Pork
i l'alliser Itiver nlioul iwn ami ,	
ill   miles  smith  nf in li  nf   Cellar
rock tlienco 100 chains north,
fife in chains east, Ihenee Inn
mills south. Ihenee Id eliains wcxl
, I'nini nf commencement.
Nn. ll. Commencing at smith-
vesl corner nf npplicnuon No. 5,
lichee soulh 100 cliains, thence east
n chains,    Ihence    nnrlh   100  chains,
hence   wesi   10 chains in polnl    nf
Haled 2.1nl  Maieh,   1007. 2-Cl
(Continued on page eight.)
I Lands ami Hoiks and to the Assist
I nut    Chief    Commissioner ol Lands
.V Rile I...live Unit sixtv
lavs aftei dale I Intend tu apply lu
lie Clliel (nlllllilssiu.ifl nl  Lai,u.s alio
-l.n..i in     .uc     hooleuu)  river, la,
outberii pail  being upposite the
1. cornel ol the ln.li..., Ucserve
liiiiiinci 's    Ki..i, them c up ine in
"i ai...ul hall .. nn.,'. containing vi
ell ailfs, mole ul* less.
(ieo.   deary
Hated 12th Fob.  tun' 17-.I
the     I lonol able I
iionei     "i      1 Works
.it            \ i   '. pel nilss.nli
I..        pun lui .         :   ■ following
.1   - i-ibi-,1  i \.il-
'.,    ui  ... il   K
i "■ el ■ I planted .ni-
■ 1   ■     •!:.■ coiner      ol
1          .1  III ,      |l     L's
nuth    - eitsl thence
■ igh1 \   i-i.. ii eightj
chains  iinrlli, ly   i         .
.           cliei 'ilh    In
point    "i <:■■ tin
' (  tun
ll.ii....   1 Locator,
I'el  .1. It. I '. ■   '.
I-'ehru.irj   . : 51-0t
I.AXI1   -       ' .
Notice 1 ihal sixty
1..1 s .,!'.. :    lale I |dv to
hi'      II	
doner    oi      1 .      Works
.1 \ n ' iiuil
,.        purcl ise        l
I.-mil  .. ...
ry. in Easi  Ki
I'lili-.lileni .
I„- south  .. .1   Ed-
..   .     : uppli -I
StlTICE   nt'  . j I —
III.'   Ili.lfl    ;   In
'  ll.    I-'.   Tl!
f     Cranl I,,"   ll. c'   ,s .
inn this il.it...
u    K. Tate will .-...n  un i
ess   .,f   the  i ..,!  Cranio
orchil   colled   all  deb's
II   ll.ihllilii.s.
Uiu    K    I.-
H.liil   Iiii
I.,   IIUI','.
llaS    lif
V A.   A.   McKil
V "II    Ilif
"ll.ii   .HI    debt
A   II
51 111
I.',, in i'„i.-.-i K-julmiay;
JUIIUII**       UlC     IIUI 111 ...-■    LU
u.    1'rull a    ■".■•■JliL-aUuii ;
..n.l       iii.iil.v-il         J.       1
1. '"    "iis
r-oulli-i-a-'t     i-unurr,     Ilni
I'.iaiii-.    nortli,    ie   i-.' ■ .-.
iVK'l,      Ult'llL'ti    Ul .:,:.-      i ...
s   elsblj
;,   chains
iiieiiiru   Liglitj    ctittius ta*
ui   cuinniL'tivt'iiii'iit i
i.IU acn*.
i to pwnt
,j. 11, klJuioiiiJsoii,
l-'i-btliai*.   Jsini,   lUUi.
N'oticc i^    liereb> givuu
lhat sixtj
>b allt-i   ilaU'   1  ina-uU   lo a-iiilj   Lu
j     1 iuiiuJ able   Ito     t-'int'I L'uijimia-
iii..-i m   i-iinls aud   Woiks iui pcr-
ibbiuii lo    pucdmsi* llie    luliuwin
ileisiiriijutl i.nuU in ilit l-.lk Itiver \^i-
v, tn liusl Ku.iicn.iy.
c-oiiiint'iiuiiig .a j. i>-.i*jt plant**-*) .fi-
j.uiiing    U. K. Hull ^   .--. 1.. corner,
.no mile nortli ot -S. I-:. Olivei .-. »u-
iiruiiuu io putclmsu and marKwd N.
..   U *i   nui lli-eust     cuiia-i,    tttcnia
a.it cornel ut S. I'.. Ulivui .-> applica-
lon tu liurcliasu, Lheiicc uighlj l s
,-w-t, Urni-cc ui-_iii) cliains nortct,
nciicii eightj cliains cast to |ioiiil ui
uiiinifiict iiit-i.i, tin* K'taolt! coutaming
iu acres.
N. Id. Oliver, Locator,
Per -I. ll. lulu-onUsi Vgent.
Ki-lHli.uy 23rU,  1UU7. j!-:<1
Notice is In-U'liy given tbat .-.ixly
l.i}.-, aftei date i mtend lo ap|)lj to
lIuI- Ilunoiatiiu tlie LiiiL-i Commis-
"ioner ot Lands ami Works lor permission iu purchase Ua- following
IcHcribud lands in basl Kootenay;
Commencing >.i a post planted ad
jiiii,iii_ N. I-..1-; cornei ..i .s.
i*;. Oliver's ..;»,''" ••-■"■■ lo pureha i,
.ii.I   marked    1.-    K.    U .-,   nortli*
-until in tbe nui:;: line ..i J. 11. lid*
nondson's   aimlicdlion     '.-. nui-chase.
bo l.n. in,-
i. them
e eight)
al'is'ai's1;   li
...1 rive
:,   lliclif'i
m   cunr
E. II.....!» vi., Locator,
.1. II   Edmondson, Agent,
n JinI. 11IU7. 51-01
Noli"- is hen by given thnt sixty
l.ns allei date 1 n.i.-ml in apply ll.
Hm    II..no.al.li   Hie     Chlel Comtnis-
- i     nl      Land!      and      Works
ii Victoria loi permission
... purclrasc Hie lollowlng
lescribeil lands in the Klk Ithel Valid .  E.,si  Kootenay:
Commencing .,: .. post planted a.l-
[oinlng Un- south-west cornel id Lot
2310      and      marked        s.      C's
 Hi-ea.-l      i or,     thence   riehlv
elm Ins wesi. thence eighty chains
south, Uience eighty chains east,
Hi.-t.fc eighty chains north In polnl
>,f commencement, the whole con-
i.inline iuu acres,
Sviliim Clarke, Locator,
Per .1   It   Edmond     Igcrrt.
Kchl nail   2 Inl.   1007. 51 111
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty
days alter dale 1 intend to apply lo
iiiuth f.i '
hairs       W	
...I'll.       II.
hence eighi
,1 . in
.- u iu  -
I'el   s   [.;
Mint, n
■    t,
'   :
Notice is
days aftei r to
I,-      llouorabl
■    : 1 Works
ll \ ll ■"'
'II        Jllilll   ■
l's.   -li.-  \        •
ley, Kast   Ki
i    n mem
l's.,,: .   ;
ot N,
1     ''.
■ ■. • ■ , Ihence
.'. ';. - 1}
i-bahis    nurt!
. ,isi  In tht
■   i    CO
I',-   -
1    '
,-    -■
■ :
.■. I-
Nui sixtj
: ■ . .   . ■ .   '. ■
...    .  \ ..i-
..■V,   il.   I:.. -'    :.
* ■'...::.'.   ing  ..:  .. ......
i [.     B's . .   -   .
[joining tl.e i ■ -      ol
i.    E. Good ■ j ,-.:-
■    ■       . '..'.   ■.■■:
■ J  ■     ■... ■■■■ ".
the Klk - - ■ ■ -'-
loi : said     river, ti ■- lina
• -••'   "."   ;■'■.. (  ■ .' .   .:,c
bole ■
K. li. :.. ■.'
Pei s. i.  >..     , A   ■-■-
February  23rd 51-'Jt
LAND S   . .   ..
Notice is    hen
..;.     ..:--. 1 i I]   "u
Honorable       Chi
- >■:.•::   ■■{    i  -'■■:-
...•-.'■:.   to -   -■      ing
(escribed land ..-.• ■
i . :..::.■-.   ... ■-...;-
.'.i;..:_    J. 11. rth-west
urnei an. .      B,      ..     0 s
■ ,jiih-wesl  ■   ...'-. -   -■
IUI "...    tht  *■ ■     •  .       ... ■     -    •;
*u chains      .".. , :
to    lite :■■ .-../:.•■.-    ii   DWfield's
pplicaiioe *'.    .■--.      . Un nee    su
eliains  wro t to
tr.enl.     the     wbol ilni) .    B.J
s. i: tor
Febm'arj 23i;, 1907. r-1-uv
Notice is     hi .■ sixty
iaya aftei   late  I  ii       I to apply to
In-     Honorable the
iu:.--! of  Lands
mission to
. - ribud . . ; i Itivei   \..l-
>■>, in I-.,. '  I.■
i "omment inj noi Ih     ol
Sparwood at a po ml one mite
north of the .  I- -     a
McUonell -    ... 1310,    and
une mile w\      ■•:  the  1
marked    -III       U'i     N.    Vi.    tur-
ner,  Uience     eight)
the   w,-,[  i,..i,r.     oi :.'"■;,
thence eight j (mail i »
ii-,,-1      in   the   noi .   "i
I-...-     ,-.    Mi Ui pncB
eight \    cliains    iu*.*.i, hi y
'hutns nortli to nnence
iii'-nt,     Lin       liult nlu
•i   il   "• ■
I'el -I.  It. 1- iln \ ■■ -..'.
Dated  Februar* .    .     51-flt
Nut ice i,     hcrel
day! altel  date  I
Ihi-      II..i !.."
III • i Ixty
siunei .»(   Lan .
. ■■[-
mission in     |.. ■.
described Innd   ..
If), in East li""'
:.        Vai
Comincncing ai
joining  Ihe    N.   W
llldlielil's      applic.
and marked      .1.
led    a,|-
ol   J. II.
purcim e,
s'    N.    K.
foi net,   In.-in'  fi
liniieM's   Innd     1
Eighty     .I..,,
..     Merc eighty
chains   nui in       tl
ii   chains
east   to    polnl  nf
Whole cunt.iinn.i:
.1. II. I'l.lll
.,|n ai
iiniii. Hie
Per .1.  Il   11
Dated Eehruaty
2.11 d,
Isnn, Agent.
1007.     1,1 ui THE OttANBHOOK lll'llAl.t)
_7- -""-" -li'
High-Class Clothing
You expect to get good goods in a good
store where they have a reputation. We
protect ourselves in this respect, (or we
will not handle any clothing that will not
stand up alongside our reputation (or
It certainly is a pleasure lo have a suit
lhat satisfies. A suit that you know is
right in every, and that feels all over as it
il fit you perfectly. Fabrics the latest, cut
and tailoring absolutely correct—a Suit
you can examine from lop lo bottom and
find no defect.
Come in and post yourselves on the
style features for this Season.
^^^^^^   FINK'S
The Barry Shoe
A Shoe that n-jeds no introduction to well-dressed
The nicety of measurements in the making
enables you to wear this footwear without the
slightest sense of discomfort.
No pinching. They conform to the foot and
give as much comfort as an old shoe.
They are par excellence at the prices.
The Invictus Shoe
This Shoe Department prides itself on two things.   One is the actual VALUE, and the
other is FIT.   We want you to bear In mind that it is impossible to lit a poor shoe at any
price, but mighty easy to fit a good shoe, and the very
moment you get a poor fitting shoe you've ihe poorest
kind of a shoe imaginable.
We fit our shoes wilh the greatest possible care.
For a sturdy Walking Shoe we recommend the
INVICTUS. A multitude of styles are represented here,
and each one the best of its kind to be found for anything
like the price.
FINK'S ^^^^^^^^
Furnishings and Hosiery
From actual observation
and from what scores of
men tell us daily, we believe
that at any stated price we
are selling better Furnishing? and Hosiery than any
other house in Cranbrook.
If you care to profit by this
state of affairs, come and
 I make your selections.      H
Our Goods are
It. it. .laiiiioson, getieral uuperln-
inlini, of Calgary, nnd K. K. Bus-
i*d, general superintendent, ol
ancouver, passed 111 rough Craulifroi-k}
i Tuesday en route to Sirdar, at
point Htey were moi by Super-
tendenl Krickson nnd bridge ami
building muster It. Sinclair, to Investigate tin* sinking of Hie imrge ol
i-ais at Kootenay Lamlhig. Tlie
parly returned to Cranbrook early
wwliiesdiiy morning, remaining until
ile   departure of   number   six   Unit
.1 Anthony, ah braka Inspector of
the western lines, broUtci ol It
\iiilmny, locomotive foreman, wns in
Ihe city on Tuesday, on company
(' Wilbur, leading boiler maker,
itii un Monday for n pleasure trip
io Montreal. Mis positHoii will to
filled temporarily bv .1. Ilathlo,
s \ Uiimwlck, of Calgary-, lias
jollied Koremnn ,1, Keuuedy's puiul
ing crow.
Kin I Ki-'ljiiiaii, win i has been ill
with rlietimiilisui foi several months,
bus so fiir recovered ihnl he bus resumed duly ns pnsseiiger hrakeniiui on
trains 5 nnd )>.
0. I*:. V. Thomas, tlmekeepei with
I'loven/iiiios' -.an*., is assisting in Hie
n.,hIiii,ist,'i's omen nt Cranhrook ibis
Hugh Mclnnes, secretary to Super-
in tendon. Krickson, hns resigned and
will leave Cranbrook about ihe lath
or this month.
W. .1. Hill, of Chicago, district
superintendent of Hie International
Correspondence schools, Is in the
ciiy arranging courses in railway Instruction among differenl employees,
.1, McKceknie, boiler mnkor, bus
been transferred to  LoHibridge, and
Irfi on Tuesday with his fumlly for
Hint place.
\V. A. iUacPherson, bridgeman with
Young's gang, is   in    Ihe city     this
C. .1. .lames, of Winnipeg, has joined the. supnriiitcndonts nccounting
stuff at  ihe station.
V. Wnri, nf Winnipeg, arrived on
U,.ml,iy to take charge of Hie sic,mi
shovel for the coming season's work
in stuiidnrdlzing Hie roadbed.
Arthur Wilson, former secrelnry lo
Supcrltttciidenl fl. Erickson, who lias
been wiHi the North Star Lumber
company, at Klko, for several inontim**
past, resigned from the In Iter pusi-
tloit, and again took up bis duties nt
the .station this morning.
Archie Day, uf Calgary, has taken
position    as  boilermnfrei at      the
-I. W. Wilson lefl this week for
Kingsgnlc, where he will lake over
•he duties uf car Inspector,
John Brake, C P. It. ear Inspector, returned Monday from England
where he had been intending the
funeral of Mrs. Brake, who died some
weeks am". Mr. Brake Ims Hie sym-
pnt'hy uf the entire community in bis
Trains d and in will commence running   between    C1117.011   Junction and
KingSgnti    Monday,    April    sth.
'.'o.'ineuUng wilh trains a and li for
nnsseiigiT I radii- tu Rpoknne, This
'i rvice will contlmte only until June
lib, when tbe rogtilnl" llirnugh trains
will he put on
(V B. Moore lefl to-day for Vancouver, having been transferred from
ihe shops here to that point. Mr.
Moore has a bust uf friends in Cranbrook who wish bim success in his
new  Inline.
■ I. Sinims left on Tuesday for Sirdar to assume the duties iif car Inspector. II*' will he absent fur some
Sume amusement was created at
the station on Monday by a first
uf April juke played on genial big
"Hill" Swope, operator in Ihe des-
pntelling office. Despntclier Sutherland working in Ihe same room cut
uut bis own sounder so that Hill
would nut get wise and then wired
bim the following message purportiei*
tu come from a high eompanv official: "Cnderstnnd you have an
operator named W. A. Swope, If so
please advise bim that ihis is Ihe
first nf April." Mill showed intense
interest while copying Ihe first pail
nf Hie message, but did uot join iu
iln- laugh ai ihe conclusion, Hill
says he will get even  if it  takes    a
Wonderful Zam-Buk  Triumph!
Evtiry mother kimwn with whut rapidity Bores, I'tnffworm,
utoe-i's, tit.i'., Hpri'iul ti-,,in cliilil to child. In Montreal retietitly
imi.it. of thu ptiblio hi-li.,, ,1m wore v sited bv mi epidemic of Itcli
inthluway, A. ohild is ultltoted with scalp sores, it.-h or ring,
worm.   In the ootti'He ut piny, ot e ohild |iuIm mi another's hat.
In iln. «.iv.... i.i., I I,. .1 nml uuu in.nf wlii. h children iimliii |...-s,,,i... 11„ in
I..-    ;.if nl, ..ml - uu... i, uli,,:.- family m ...I.-, i.-l.   Mi  .1. .'. Ilutra, ul
llilll.'-   Kills  -a,,:     " Ml llu children ,-fif nil In..kf ll » llll-.a....11 l.n,'.
I.l.ll.la .1.1.1  I-. 1.     'I'luiii' fi.lnl    «...   |., r ., I -'. ■ ;  nn.l  lllll fl,   |   Uml   HII -
■iiui i.i- I ailvira tin if.s tllilli-il I.. allien,!.
"llu..I,, I -.,,, ,n.|,„   flln, - li„» l.oiinliflal /....ii link ..'...In sl.ii. ,],„. it..
.iif.!-. if      I ...a a siqii.lv ..I il.,. IkiIiii iiii.I apnliii.l ll nil Iiu lllllll '	
All I iu..u .Ir.l.h Ihev mil relief, mill lln-s a lii-unu tu lintl.    Al. I li llu,
-l.uiih.1 ,s- I....I .l.-liml all tliu salve. I lia.l provinindv Hied  wick Zulu-
Hull unu-i-iilllii I a- I n.iil.l.-. mill In .lav lliuiiliililn.il Ililvu I  |illll|,li! „r >|l.,l  ...
mark ul ,ll«i'ini their skill.    K-n llu. annul i.-iili I have Z..,u Iiuil lo thank."
/jiin-link li.-.i! .,11 -Un .li-u-.'s   eozonm, xonlr Bona, uIl-oim,
uui-,,.-hi.   i ii,-mull   iM.nii.ls,   ijtirlK'i.'   iji-i,,   im-Milo-,   flll'l*
I'lni-lio tin.- in lil 1 , iii-mi. )t I, nl-.i l.n- rhi'.nii.t' i-m nml
Till, mill .Uiu
l.-!',.i-i'-i|i-.ii'l..t. i','il'Mr-!'i,l„i«.-,'l \tfii»*.  'iuii'ivslmni-iii'i.l
alii-. i.Mil ii i- in, ,mi;i,'iii ■■ iir-t uli)" pom, ,<,.   u ■, hl-jlily
lilllMltlu.     All ilnn-i-M- uml -Irn- -i-ll
ItllkCu., Turin.lu.
wllltllilnlll for yuu
ii   iff uml  bus.
Una l.l.-laf.
(Golden   Times.)
Work is again resumed ou the eon*
hititelion of the Kootenay Central
mil wit y, (be company linviiig uhout
fifty men nl work, clearing away
brns-li nml nibbi.sh a I a point between Ibe eemeteiy hill anil lliinna's.
Thev wilt hn a (lack from Hie flint
switch ul Ihi- anil tl.n k to the side
lull, ahoui ;i quarter of a mile ills*
(uni,   where    Ihev    will gel  a large
pply of gravel  lo fill  in all iicces-
iv points ou tbe sloui*h.
Tlie Times editor was Informed by
Hie foreman over Hie unug, Mr,
I .-ml-s, that as soon as the steam
hovel arrives work will go steadily
bead. There arc about seven learns
(muling lies for the spur.
■l-lon Shi*>nielil jiiH arrived
in Uf). mul 121*1. whltliH. lii-
leeu imtterilK  lo clmost* from.
Plural, liloek mul Cheek I'm-
Sile Frlcei ni these (iaiidi
— c. c. s.	
tli'L-rcasi-. as In- lias only one croji nl
titnlii-i in iiaivi'sl. which is uoiitlii-
naili ii, RiiMt ilitn'cr uf being ilus-
iroyt'il hy lire; while he i.s o|ienilltrg
his |,l.ini tlie same is gradually
w.-ariiir. i,ul ami growing more ami
tn,ire nut >>( ilalc. Un Uu- oilier
liaii.l tin- farm lands on the prairie
which have hern daiuk-d lo the
fnrmer of Alberta, Sttslialehcwnn and
Mat.Hulia. have steadily Increased in
v.iim so much mi in fact Hint in ten
years time these lands hiiyo Increased
Irom ilir price "i a homestead in
>!!i or Mil per acre. On these lauds
a iiui, "1 wheal can In- raised allium]!)-. Tin- value of the average
wheat crop on our western prairie
is very neitrlv equal In tbo one only
crop iif timber available In ibe lumbermen    f i    tbe  nullified  area  of
the inti'iii.i of Ilrllish I'ol bin
What  western Canada now  rcipiircs
(Continued from tinge seven.)
lo manufacture anil lit up their own I
saws, hence Uus duly lias I i placed |
on saw blanks by  the Dominion gov
,-niiiii-ijl.      Tin- ' cos!  ol   proiluclioi
in the lumber outpul of the Inlerlo
uf lliiiisb Columbia bus been increas-1
ed to llu-   ,'xifiii     of approximately
5511,110(1  per aiiliillii.       Common  labor |
such as lumber pliers, teamsters, lo:
gcrs and loaders were paid in    WOO
lo     lllllll      $:io.oo   per   month    ami
hoard.     This class-ol men ate  now
being    paiil    fiom    U'15.000   lo  $05.00
pel  mouth ami board. .\n.\ only about
on.- half llu- necessary   supply available at mil   price.     i.are.e quantities I
of loss have been  1,11   in  the woods,1 ______
Uu- present season owing to lhc ah- ls approximately 10,000 men win. are
solute Inability of the lumbermen in   wi|Hire to .lo a toil  day's work    m
 ruling the necessary help. connection Willi    tlie   produc i   of
Handsaw filers   an-   now obtaining   lumber and in tin-   construct! 1
5111,(1(1 per day Prior lo nun these railways al a lair ami rensonoblo
positions weri- Oiled nl from $0.00 to rate of wages. Ami unless these nre
ST.uu prr day Sawycis arc now supplied forthwith there en be noth-
obliiiuliig -s7 ".ui   and $8.00 pel    day.   '"'   '" luevcnl    lhc cost   ol lumber
I'lior  lo  llilll   they     weif paid Sail 11   '''"'"  sti'inlily    Increiisilig     pre-
ami sii uu pel day.    All other skilled   vi'"1  traiisporliitlon facilities in   the
help has Increased in prlr  a like  muveme f lumber, coal ami main
luopoiiion.        Mill    supcrltilciidciils   bceotnlng   forlhwltli ilemorallzed and
lhat weie   paid   $125 pel  month    In   Inadequate.
Iiuil are  now   oblaiiuiie    $200     per i    ' '"'''r n eoiulllloti where one quar-
lllolllh.      The   salall.'s   ol  COOKS    have    '< '   ol  a   million   people   ale   annually
incre.isi-d Irom $00.00 pe uli     in ' settling in ..in  grrnl  Ciniadiiiii ivcsl
linn io $1111.00 an.1 slim pel month in   "brie lu.'l 'iml shelter is so essential
linn;, and an- veiv  scarce indeed   .it   '" "'•' happiness  I well f   the
thai  Oguru.     Not' Infrequently whole senior, ami wbrre his very cxls-tenco
ramps arc at a standstill on necoinil   "inst   depeiul   iq  Ibe    woodsmen,
ul a cook leaving bis posl ami anoib- >vbo inns! climb ibe Rocky mountain
ei mil being available, Large mini- .sillt' of Hrltlsh Columbia and Inliur
hers ol horses are frciiiieiiilv idle inn- nnd ivadi' in his walsl In the icy
slimili!; feed ami linisl otherwise bo wulels af iis mountain slie.uus iii
c.inil fill  on Ill-coil f lealllslcls nolj    Older  10    make life    possible foi     tile
being nvnllahlc. !''!""'r:    The coal miner who    must
The supply of slnndiug limber .'V™ ><< nnrkiiess and in lhc polson-
iu lhc Interior ..f Urlllsh RolunAin I011* S'1S1'S i""1 """''' dangers colncld-
bas been greailv iiveiesiiimiliii nnd'ent lo the prndiicllon of coal III
exasgerateil, as'  onlv   alioiil   li! per   orjler   Ihal   ihe   settler   .nul  former
ccni  of the area easi  ol Ihe Cascade   mWil   keep from  [rec/.lng .1      llie
mountain!    roiital.ini    mcrehnnlnbl*  "' ""'"   »'""   '""'n  i'1"1   'loy    nro
limber. A considerable portion of laboring nml endangering their lives
this can onlv be logged at a cost i" order thai Hie products so cssen-
practlcallv prohibitive l"' '" ,""' l'""1'"1'1 i""1 linpi'lncss ot
Lack „l ailciiuatr trnnspoilallon J1"' settlers !n our grcnl prairie prov-
facllllles is also the means of greatlv   Inct-jnuiJ' In- available. ll   Is nub,-
I'lihaiii-im; Ibe cost of Ibe panluctloil eoniillR ot our prairie fi lends, ami n
of lumlier. Tbe lumbermen have ls i"" i" I'pminoii wilh our meal
erected at    a  grral  expense plnnlitg   western   spirit    In   eotnploln   where
mills cipiipped wiib Ihe mosl modern  v"'"'"- "' fo«ds and lols  I of other
machinery and manned wiib Hie mosl   properly   double in   value each yeal
skilled labor  limbic. I'""    rt  every innn, woman     ami
The car .supply is such lhat     these  ™'.w   '""V beeimie   lliile|iendi'li'l   with
plants can onlv   he operated a  portion  ol   Hie  tinr,-.       The  linnVi'ii
■ild     _^______________
. In I a meagre effort.    This enquiry
I undei' Hie   eil'cillll.stalices,   absolnielv
dare not discharge thi
ll Ihey
ull.-.l    I.i
nla.   lo  be  Cauaillaiis   an,I
hi-   III  a   llllllSO  illllilf.l  agilil
mitici-: hk sm.i:
.!■:    lltlTKI,   I'll
l\  llu) IK, II C
I ml, i a
ml    liiilus'i'ssaly,   Ihal
did   when   a   few   ears   were  available "'""'"   ls    necessary   Is   lo  foi uul   lli.H
Ihev  would  not  he in a posilion     lo >"1' «"'  Pollllclalis,   forgcl   lb.it.      we
loail lliem.     Hue mill alone on    thi       fanners,   lumbermen    ami    coal
Crows Scut blanch   ol the Canadian |"l»ers, nml icm, uilii-r nlwnyi tlml ii
Pacific railway bail on baud on     lie- '» I'l'ilinlii'iil llljnil iis  lo be men wilh
ceniher Isl. Iiiiiii. 7UII ears of liinihrr '":'' ciiininon objeel   l,i develop <\n
leady for   shipment.      Tbe railway
eontpaiiy was aoliflcd Ihnl  ibis lumlier should be moved during lhc win
let   llloullis.   ami    up  In      Ibe pieseul.
dale only   alu.ul       lllll I ,n s  lias   liffii
hair' ,M,ebi^v''"b,.^oMl"i-om|,a'n'y VALI AIII.R    jltVPTll,    Nlill'KIITS
lor Hie     purpose ol   handling     ami
blading   Ibis   malellal.      Tbu   de.ilel. ,     ,_^^_^^^^^_^^^
bullillitg contractor .m.l onimu t are ' '"lei 'iml li)  virtue ol the pone
now clniiiorliiii foi innIcrliil     I con    ' ■'    i"  •'   ci'.UIn   morlwige,
lei   Ihal   owlllg   lo  Hm Sf.ilfilv     ol . w    «i    pi mill i   al   Ilif    Iliiif
llwuv      cars ami   Ilif  lafl, ol  Hans-    "' '    Hlvls  "l"  I ml   l"l   mill'
piirlalioli  faeilllies nlllllll,   Ilif einl   ill   "I    I'"1'1"     '""'  _ ■»!       ""'
liimhci  ilfllveii-d iii   Mberl.i, Snsknl    Iweullelli da)   Ipnl. mi ithehoui
hewnn i  Mniillnhn has  n     In    vl"'p|' '" ""' '""'"    •''  ""'
creased al  leasl     $1 ill! pel   thousand  """'' "' ""' ii'i'l'-'sii'iifd solii- i
 I ani.imi ll lilnlli mills   al    I be   Cilv   nl   t.'rsnl k, by      .lohn
lhc   Increase from  ibis cause din ing   lI'ileM.   I'.mpilre,   In i r,    llie
moo has been nvel   $250,0110      \„i- following    properly, viz   Till':     1\
ivllbst Ing   ibis    lad   Ihnl      the TKRNATlOrlAI,   lliiTKI..   MOY1R,
railways nre doing lhc msl    lo H     ' • "ibcwisc    known   as     Lui
relieve' Ibe silnalion. Tlirep    (.1)111   Hb.fl .'I'll  Lake
As lhc supply    of siaiiiliius liinlier Ml'"!''   Aililiiii'ii.   Map 081.   ol     Ibe
(lecrcascs,  lumlier     miisi   necessarily   lownsi    Moyie, on   which lot is
become    correspondingly higher      In creeled a valuable hold building nnd
price under the    uinsl normal comll- other Improvements.
|jmis                                                          | Perms nl sale:   Iwcnlv pel  cent., of
Lumber   on    our   grcnl.    western H"' purchase money lo be paid nl the
prairies   must     necessarily   be high, time ol sale and   Ihe balance within
even thoiiffb the conditions nl trade he ton days thereafter,
absolutely    normal   notwithstanding nor  further particulars and condi-
ihr fact thai this proline! is now We- 'Ions of sale apply to
ing hauled hv the railway eiiinpunies W. \f. OURD,
nl the   exceedingly low   rule of up- Solicitor   for   the    mortgagee, I'lnk
iiiiiviiniilelv    three    quarters of ono, llnilillug,
"'■lit  per ton pel mile.     As tbe 1,11.1-1 CllAN'IlHOOK.  R.  C.
beiinin conllniics his operation    lhc Dated al   Cinnbrook.     II   C , tliis
value ol his   property must steadily, -lib day nf April, 1007.               2-3t


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