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Cranbrook Herald Sep 29, 1904

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OCT 4   1904
■Vr _.    0
CRANBROOK,   lil'IT'lSU   coi.l'M BIA,   THURSDAY,   SEPT.   i'.i.   1904,
NUMBER   -'7
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto. j
Hun. Ogo, A. Cox, l-_-.li.-til. II. IJ. Wai.khk. _<_>, Man. ,
i'ni* Hn Capital    SMMWJI !
Kesl         ....    I.M.NO.M J
J..UI   -i-S.iii,it«N„i-.III.'ll.l S.l IIIIO.IIIMI IMl I
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Banking Business Transacted j
SAVIN.S BANK l.til'tUI'MINi   UiDMlti Rccclveil   Inicrcm Allaweit. J
ItASKIXU |l*i   Mill.    H.*|... , i- iii.iv In' ni.nl.' mi.l -illi-lm-i. I'.v ..mil. j
I..II i i:' I il..-,'..nil k [trail, ll mil in* |.i..tx|.l l_._U.l__l. j
■*,*H*****ii*************i     I!,     I,,,,4),H,„«.<„<J
J Capital, Paid Up $3,000,000 _
J Real $2,800,000 J
J T. R. Mi-rritt, Pres.   D. R. V. Ilkle, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
JJ A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold availa- J
i» ble in every part of Canada. United States and Europe. Special _
Z attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      *
You Can't
Beat Them
arc the best made in
Canada. We have
iust placed in stock a
large assortment for
Fall and Winter wear.
Every pair guaranteed
Tort Steele mercantile Co,, Ctd
_A___a_n -A4_ -4i__*_- aaa
_««*«,_ A A  -_._.*   %**_.*A**..A
** * V******** ** * ****, *9 4* , (J7     /     Lit       I     II     1
»*»-•"" ************* P«*%'^\l      I       I      II      I
9****************9*19*, *        (J^ \_f^*l\J 4 \J\J
Private residence,
consisting of kitchen, diningroom.
parlor, two bedrooms, pantry,
clothes press,
bathroom, and
other accessories,
situated in a most
central   position.
..< ** PRICE: ****
art you thinking seriously About buying an en-
.".ii'i'incnl rlny? Don't think any longer; jusl
drop in and let's show you our assortment* which
is widf and varied. Wc have a lot ol diamond
solitaires at I rom $15 lo $30, any one ol which
will tickle the girl immensely. II you feel more
generously disposed we can lit you out with as
much higher priced ones as you care to purchase.
W. H. WILSON. -ISI."."
Water Works Plant
ll   ii- .Ai-.'i ilinj.i   gratifying '" uml   wuter witb  heiul   u'li to
III.'    |.l'..|.|.'   44|    I     I, Hll, I'll,' i,      |1|     IHllil'..     l,|,,'I'.lt,'        ton      t',41'4,      li'.-lll.'l    1>||I88
lln-  r;i|ml   progress ilmi   i- li. in_ ..I work.
nuni.' bj the water Bupply c |....j      Mr Sin.-I,.. tht. superintendent,
in l..yi>i_ lh,' |,i|i,- |..r lli.' -v -l.iii  stut.il   to   Til.    II- i.il'l   tlml   the
ul   wutt-rwurks  llnil will  I"' i"     works worn lieing  [ml  in with 1111
pli-li-il iiml rendy ror nsi- liy iii.' itl.-ti of pormunenc-y,.mil tlml wlii-.i
lirsl nl Novi-mlH-r. There w.-n- nil tin- _y _i-*in m i-omplet.-.1 il nrouhl
liimlH nl |ii'ii|il.- ivlio \..luni'■>'!'•'.I lmv.» ample capucity for 11 city of
Ihr inti.i'iiiiiii.iii ii I.-l. w.-.'k'. in". 110,000 people. Thn cosl will be
ll.,it ii miiilil lir impossible!.,i* iin- in Hi,- neighborhood of $111,000,
compuny 1.. i^.'t in :li.' |n|i. *- I" Imi' whii-b shuns mi the fn.-.-of Ihe
frost this yeur. nnil thut nil talk in proposition tlmt tin- pn>j.-i-l is by
thut direction by lln- iiu-iulH-rs of nu menus .. su.t.llone lm' ;i Imvn
tho company wns in iln- iiniini-of the si-i- of Cruubrook.
iililiilV    'I'lir mniii.. I*, wonl ,! 11 i, i       Tin' s,.ui.'.'i.f Bupply ii  nl
iy liberal, .mil now uinli'i-tin-sin»-r. Ilie bounties nl' ilu- whole pliui.
\isiiin of Willium Stocks the pipe The eou.1_.uy has Been red lln- right
is nil luiil from the reservoir i-- the lo ink.- theirsupply froui St.. oseph
down lown streets, und the work nf creek beyond the sin- ..I the
putting iu the cross stn-i-t pipes is Kohiiison._It____.izie sawmill, nnd
*-iiint- nn in :i mosl Btitisfuetory ti reservoir will be made by build-
niiinni-i'. ini,- a dam in-riiss the canyon,  This
John Anderson hnd tin tract nvifl afford an unlimited supply nl'
for the Ilrsl linll'. In mi lln- reservoir the purest kind of water direct from
tu lln- west, iiiiii tin- ii-sl of the the head of tin- stream mi linker
work wns tnken by \V. W. Hege- mountain. Extra care niil lir
ninn, n nentleini.li win. lins had|taken tu imt tin. basin ofthe
years ul' oxperienci- in ilill'oreut reservoir in Hrst-class eonilition,
kinds of contracting in Cnniidii and lund wheuoi.ee iill.' il will lie
lhe I'liiti'd Suites. Tliu uiniiis ii re I changing constantly, so that there
eight inch mul the lull is grent will be uo chance for tho water lo
enough in give li pressure ilml will be other timi. the best.
iii,'i*t nil tin- (li'iiinnils ilmt can Al tin- start there will be liy-
possibly lm iinnii' upon the Bystein .rants placed at ditl'ereiit points on
for tltq next twenty years. j tin- mains so us to virtunlly cover
Tin- people nf Cranbrook have the whole town for Iin- protection,
reason   lu feel tluiiikfaltl.nl this nud Inter ns lhe need for tli  is
town hns n number of citi-cns who iippm-ent Ilu- number will be inure enterprising enough  in invest  creused.
money   in   this enterprise.    The     The Herald takes n|  itself to
company is capitnlizcilfor $.100,000 oll'er tin- suggestion I Imt those wlm
nnd the stockholders ure .Ti.ti.es contemplate taking water tliis fall
Hvim. Dr. .1. IT. Kim;. I,. H. Van should lose no time iu getting tlie
Decar, M, Mclnnis. V. II. linker, pipes laid into their promises. In
W. Stocks, W. Copeluiid nud W'.l-'.ii few weeks the ground wil! be
third. These men have taken what freezing su tlint ilu- cosl will be
stuck hus (It-en sold uiul ure carry- greatly increased, atidin some cases
ing through Uu- enterprise to a i it might be impossible to have the
successful issue. Tin' completion wurk done until after the frost
ul' lhe system will give to Cran- leaves the ground next spring. The
liriiuk what Hi-' town Ims long Insl few weeks Ihnl lliis wurk cnn
needed, and what has, to n certain |bo done lliere will li.-n big rush
extent, retarded her growth, ll and il will beaveryeasy mutter
will give first class lire protection,) [or one to get left.
A C,  P,  R, STRIKE.
Last Snturdny nl 11 o'clock, in
accordance with instructions from
headquarters, nil the machinists,
helpers nml blncksmiths mi the
('. I', li. from Fori Willium to
Vancouver walked mil in eiiiphn-
ize their demand Iur iln- iiierense
iiski-il fur insl summer when the
old sehednlu expired :,i Ihi, close of
.linn-. In Crnnbrook there are
nln.ul l'ii machinists, I. helpers
nml I blacksmiths, < hi Sunday.
tth,-n Second Vico-l'ri-sidi-iil
Whu,' wns hen*. I,.' had the
following ilnti.'.' pusi.-.1 in ilie
To ull representativi s .■! organized Labor Western division: In
ih..   revision   nf    the  iui.cl.ii.ists
wages wet.' made. I ..11'..rel ns
much of ;in increase ns conditions
allowed Inn my oll'er was declined.
I thereupon proposed lu submit
Ilu* question .-1 wagostoarbitration
nud this nlso  has  I.r Inclined.
Notwithstanding my efforts to
coneilinte, I have jusl been in-
formed thai ihr nmi-hiiiists liuve
gone mil mi strike,
\\. WTivl,-.
2nd Vice President.
Dntcd Si.pl.. 25, IIUI,
Tin. local committee claim Hull
Mr. Wluli' Ims imi slated tlio
exact Iiii-is iu Ins bulletin nntl oll'er
lln- following i-xplnniilion:
III    I1I1SW.1T    In    Ihr     illliill'    Ihr
inni'hiiiisls nsked I'm- un iiicrense
uf ll, i-i-nis per liuiir. ihr rate pnid
by the lineB running pnrallel to the
('. I'. It. nml ruuipi'liiiu wiiii tinstone, i. i-,. Northern Pacific nnd
Ureal Northern. This wns refused
mul tho machinists oll'ered to Bottle for nn increase o[ I cenl per
Iii.iii*. Mr. Whylo refused, oll'm-inn
i, i, cent. Tin' inn.'liinisls refused
thiB, Mr. Whin- then olfercd to
arbitrate lln- 1 .'nil proposition,
'I'he machinists refused  litis, lhe
i nml being n-u smnll.    Shortly
nfter  tlie  machinists   olVered  to
i I  Mr.   Whylr iim!   Mr. Truss
iignin lo see il' tlu-y could not come
to au agreement, uml oll'ered tu
take less tliun their Insl oll'er, bill
received no reply whatever lu Ibis
proposition, when mi ultimatum of
three ilnys notice wus given, thnt
if un uuuersttinduig wus mil arrived at tlu-y would wnlk mil. They
cannot understand why Mr. Whyte
should stilt.- thnt he hnd only just
been informed ul tin* action tinmen hnd taken,
The Locnl Committee,
Inn feel wide nml will nssuy nboul
20 per cent, copper. 11 is luu early
in sny whether il is u stringer Iron
n bigger ure body nr nut. It is
lli'iir the snutli line nf lii" i-lniin
iiml if ll is continuous in ils suilth-
w.iiil course it will cross a corner
..I' ilm Silver Plume nmi extend
inln ilm i lm Denoro claim.
The graders ure nuw working on
u long deep cut mi the I h-o Denoro
."ml have cut across n big ledge exposing ore for 00 feet with iiulicn-
limis thnt ns the work progresses ti
greater width nf un- will In- ex.
posed This is l.y nil odds the
biggest on- body yet opened up mi
this   clnini,   'This   urt'   body   Ims
I n traced  by open nils, surfneo
quarrying nnd n long tunnel I'm- n
distance of JUKI feet or inure tip the
hill nbove tin* ruilwny. practically
assuring it very lurge tonnage. The
ore us nil by the graders is being
saved In n considerable extent nml
already two Inrgi- piles <>f ore coiitaiiiiiig hundreds of tons nro lying
adjacent to the truck. As tin-' nil
Ims yet lu In* extended into ilu-
bank mi ihe upper side I'm- 20 or
30 feet n very considerable tonnage
of un. will In. extracted without
cost tothe Denoro company.
Hn Wednesday, September 28th,
nt lln- residence of M. IT King, nf
this cily. Miss Muy IT. Carter, sister of Mrs. King, und Dr. Hurry
Keith, nf Conl Creek, Rev. II.
I'li'iii-huiu officiating, Tin- wedding
wis n quiet om-. only the relntives,
being     present.       I ledintely
nfter tin- ceremony tlic wedding
party drove In tin- station where
ihc train was in waiting uiul Mr.
mul Mrs. Keith left Iur n Irip I"
Pacific rniiHt points,
'The bride is well known in
Crnnbroo-.wliere she tnughl school
fnr Iwu yenrs und where she hns
n host u'f friends wlm wish her nil
ilu- happiness that should come tu
those who have done so much by
word and notion to mnke others
hnppy in this world. Tin- groom
prui-tici'il liis profession in Crnnbrook n few yenrs ngo. luit for
sumo time pnst hus been practicing
nt Conl Creek.    He sl ls high in
the est n of thc peoplo uf the
district who appreciate liis many
excellent qualities,
I)n their return -Mr. nnd Mrs.
Keith will reside in Conl Creek,
5 Kootenay Central
ll* ir in i   li.'f.'   nilh   tin'   ii -
■ ■.i-iiii.. ii fourth individual I
p.'iiri'il  mi    tile    soil"   nn.l
BY Hi; ..l.n i in
4     4     4    •     '     4     ,     . ■ -
...i    ,,'.i. -i Things ure getting very interest-
1 he I irii'iiiiil  terror  received  n ,'
pri  ticul  demonstration  in  Cran-   i"g on the eust side ot the  Koote-
brook the 'Hist week.    Willi   tlini-1 nuy.   The building of  thr   Koote-
u'li.- 'minting contractors doing  nuy Central is naturally tin- nl!
is in the town and spending  ..i.'s,,,!,!,,,.  topic,   nml   the  great
question ul ihr presunl time is the
!,',   prolmble mm.' lh.. rood  will take
Hi-r wuri, nml is getting  ii. nml  The one mosl desired l.y nil  -
Ihnl is n .Inp.    Tin n   person  c... i cerned and thi tluil   would  he
dons the) lil-- with  their money, thu most feasible if i uige uh	
Inil us fur us we ni'.- rm il, we I 'e- considered, is 4,1, iln* nisi snl.' uf
would lei n building rot I'm- the the river, leaving the Crow sum..
want of p.iim before we would when* near Elko and crossing Bull
.in. lln-j..!. I., nn Oriental when river near the old puck bridge nmi
there were white ...eu in ilu- town the Wild Home neur lh,. present
looking for work. wagon   bridge  over Ilmi  stream,
.< " .. 1 following  the  liills  around  just
Ami this reminds us uf nn  hioi-  back uf Fort Steele nml on  to ilm
dent Ihut took place nl ihr Van-
einiviT wliniT some three ur four
yenrs ngo. A cargo of freshly imported Japs hnd just been unload-
and wero being herded across tliu
wharf by their overseer. The
driver uf un express wagon wus
stopped by tin- procession uf Japs
mnl he yelled (iiii. "l.el nwny. ymi
red devils, ur I will run uvi-r yoBe."
Wu steppril up In Ilu* driver's
wngon nnd Iold him thut he shmilil
be cnreful. I'm- if Ilu- tide of Orion-
lul immigration kepi flowing to the
new continent, these same 'red
devils' would In- running lhe
country in time. "1 believo ymi
nre righl." he suid. ■'mnl I think
ilint it is time thut we put up the
burs uguiusl tin* Japs ns well us
tho Chinks."
On Ilu* brand plane ol
•  hnv  special objectit 1
the Chinese or Jap, I'm- considered
from llml standpoint, wo would In*
willing tn keep mn- place nml 1.-1
lhe Orientals keep theirs. Nor nre
we prejudiced againsl  thoir color.
ll does nut   strilil '  fancy, il is
true, luil perhaps white iIocb nol
soil them. Bul iiiil'orfiuintcly il
is nut 11 question of scntinienl ur
color. Imi simply 11 question of dol-1
lurs und 1 is. of self preservation j
I'm* ilu* while ninn.    If lhe Orii
Inl   would    lissiuillllll
i- country. A. IT feu
sviek, wlm wns in town Mondny,
snys he hns il nu good iiuthoritv
tlii.l Ihnl is tlm route lln- rond wiil
iiilir, uml llml thero is uo further
question nlioiil   it      In   lliis con*
1 tion he pointed out  whal  ilm
building of Ilm rond  nui to the
properties on Bull river, including
tho big iron deposits mi T'miwii-li
mountain, There nri' twenty-four
I'l.-iiuis ou this mountain, mul witli-
iu lln* Insl lim weeks tlmy hnve
been exiuniued by 11 representative
nf Boston capitalists, who is su
favorably impressed with ilm out.
look, thai lm hns arranged fur ilm
plui'i' where In- wants lln- tunnel
driven in nis.' his people ink<-  up
iisl the option. Another point thut
struck lln* geiitlem.11. very forcibly
j wns Ihr power plant thnl   is  lining
ty I pnl in mi Hull river,  ns  he  could
see nt .mn- lln- vnl Etills incuse
operations wove started uu ilm iron
proper '
wick suid 111         ■ f. .. -_-ople had
nny i-oncepl         Inrg 1. unt
uf work ihm lm .   there
this year    Duri I     •■ isou there
hnd 1 ii bet. .     4„! fifty
111.*n  euiploi 11 ,     .ih.i.t  three
nnd mm i' , grading  had
1 11 il 'ii"   ror tin   Hiimi.    This
gmdi    ■ -: ti ■   and  is
.-urn.-I along lh. ulien- in
places siil,' en i io I.,   n. ide
fort) feel     1 me wil    lie  lif.
teen feel 0 f,..|   ,1,,.,,.
uml will curry I I     iOll fi .-t 11
minute.     I'lu* jm, Iii llinu,,
will develop    i-i lxcess of
whut was the  start.
Tlm  ilu-!. 1  *■ 1 tive, lifter
discussing tii is pi uses uf
the situation. looked
d,111*11 from il'ii ml  ii  , I irou to
ilm Ilm I lerii river 111
the  bridge. "If I : :*)4S mn
;is it promisi - . another
Pittsburg tlu 1
Thn*.  1 - pinion us lu
the route "I ll    i\' '■ 1 ny Central,
mul ilm' wns ex 1 I i'i Willium
Lungley. whu v. :,,.\u  uu
Monday,    li    - although
In- In.p.- In- gtit.;.  I iir be.
lieves thai • Iv  built
from Kurt Ste. tion or sonic
point 11.'rn tin go up on  the
wrsi side of tl II. givesas
his reus.m thut 1 thai   lhe
company           -1 vi mil  thirty
iiiilrs i  :1.;,| it is
distance ii they  nre
looking for in 1! rm tii 11 uf
llii- liim 1111 I 111 ', ■ nnue. ;ts ihis
branch \vi!i Ik- used 1   haul through
freight 1 -..] Liu  liiil  on
main line near 11
These nr   '      | rop sitions, and
And spunking of the work of thnt they funiish I r all kinds
inpnuy mi Hull river,   .Mr.   Fen-]of discussioi   these days
Word has beeu sent tu Mr. Ann-
ug, the government ngent. thut
arrangement mude by tlm Crun-
witli   the I.brook school trustees to rent mi-
them ether room fm- the extra school for
the balance uf ihis yenr wns satisfactory, and Ihnl (In- government
white, would become mie 1
iu wny uf livim,'. il wuiilil lie u llif
Cerent matter. But they won't. |
They will nml .1,. live mi what .
would starve 11 decent while man. I omces should remain in tlu-ir pres-
The white mnn. with a family nnd f ent quurters until m-xt yeur. At
n desire to raise that I'uinily in 11 the next session of the legislature
milliner thnt will reflect credit up* nil npproprintion will be made to
on himself uud his country, would build Jottices in keeping witli the
be driven to the wnll by the com- importance of this district, and to
petition ot the Oriental. With uu give the ollicials tin- necessary
iinci-slry thut hus lireii trained for accommodations. Tin* removal of
centuries to struggle for that which the offices to Crnnbrook Ims met
will Bimply sustain life, the _ white I with universal fnvor throughout
ninn. with liis inborn feeling of the district, as the central location
pride, dignity uud lute for lhe good | ,,f Crnnbrook bus mnde it I'm- more
iiivenient for nil the people from
things of this glorious world, will
never In- iilile lo compete with the
Iirowii iiuiii from Jnpnn or the yellow mnn from China. Fur onr
part wo don't wnnt lu. if tlm various positions in Cranbrook were
fillet! witli these men, Tin- Hernlil
wuuld lie n tiling of the past nnd
tin-11I1I Mun would br hiking along
the trail iu search of some camp
where white men could receive
wages high enough In live like
wliile men. lt is not sophistry or
cunt to sny thut when tlie dny
dawns Hint'the wellfare of the wage
earner is threntened, on tlint dny
begins tin-full uf the country, for
history lins shown llml on the well-
fare of the musses depends the
welfare ni the people ns n whole.
A school girl's composition story
ivith 11 pathetic truth, thnt would
npply  to   many  once   umbitious
liiwiis in the interior 11ms  from
lln- girls school nl Vide. The
girls' hud been instructed to write
compositions mi tlu-ir native cities
ur towns   there niv 110 lilliges iu
British Columbin.   O pusi-
liun begnu," is u rii.i in Britisli
Columbia, with 11 population uf
lull, luit most nf them have left."
un tin- 121I1 ni'i
lln- gover mil   .
Cheap Mining.
(ireeiiwooil Times: Tin- graders
ofthe V. V.& K. railway nro doing
Vlllunblo development wurk ill Summit cump for two mines there, the
Einniii nnd Oro Denoro,
Ou the Kiniiiu u high grade vein
of copper ore tins been uncovered,
(j^'The vein is in smut- pluces ovor
fhe King.
The sovereign is hold in no higher esteem by the people of Knglnml
thnn the Sovereign slim- is esteemed by the people of Ciinnda. .Mor-
row A* Mcl-'iirlniie by Ihut purlieu-
Rynn in Fernie, 'The growth of
tin- country will without n doubt
mnke it hecessnry tu divide the
ilisll'irl un ilm lilies Hint it is now
divided fm- legislative purposes,
nml when ihut is done, nf course
Fernie will be tin- natural point fur
the ofliivs iif Ihr other district.
Thc Sullivan.
Work is progressing on the
siiirlttT ni Mnrysville in u most
satisfactory manner uml mi every
hand there is eviden. f i-rnnuu-
eiicy and nn absolute knowledge uf
whut is wanted nn.l the wuy in gel
it. 'The wurk done sn fur is uf the
most substantial nature, nml shows
thnt tlm company hnve plans fur
the   future Ihnl  means f.ir  re
tliun the trentmeiil uf a few tons of
ure u dny. At the present time
thero is some delay until those at
tlm head uf the company fully de.
fide ns tu tin- kind of roasters they
will inti'uili     When   lliis  point
is decided tipun then tin-wurk will
In- cnrnetl forward rapidly iu ruin.
Ai ihr mine work is -ninn mi
getting everything in shape Eorthe
nclive operation of ih" property.
This week 11 gang of men Bturted
in wurk mi lh.- trumwny thnt is tn
convey thr ore from ihr mine lu
thc North Star branch otthe C.P.R.
Thr rigid of wuy Ims already 1 11
cleared I'm the'tnini nml the construction wiil booh lir under headway.
Visiting T'iiil*4ai Officials.
I,nsl Si*.*. laynioruingSir Thomas
Shanghai ssyi 4 - ;■ :.i ..f theC.P.
R„ William Wl yte. sec i vice-
president, ;* ' mber ..f other
u»fii*iiils und iiiii - from i-nst-
1 ru Canud 1. ] * through Cran-
!.r....'i4 011 -: Tl y sjH'iit
only it shorl timi . .vin_ for
Klk.. when ■ y spent s me Imiirs
in sight -■ ■ i g. 1] iri 1 his trip
west Sit* Th , - li is in licntedthat
there would not !.-- much in the
wuy of railway b _ and none
in "tlii- .ii--: ' * is iii!. In all
probabilitj ■ start uu the
Kootenuy Centra irly in the
spriiiL' and if - -'■ nrrunl it
u linr will  bo 1           '    -;..'  Flnt-
llrild  mil:.*    4
Water fnr Houses.
1 hi '.■'•' uni     f this 1 r_-.lv  in-
crensing bush Putn   re   Bros..
have found it 11 iry J" engage
extra   help ai secured  I'.
Chapman 111 exj * ced plumber
from New Brunswick to look nfter
tin- plumbing bi I this Inisi-
n.-ss    Thi | "*" line
ofplumbii mjoy-
ing u   Inri:     trail I lis   liiu*.
Parties intending to pipe their
huiis.s I'.i* .liter, ' i'i find it to
their ii.ivuii-.i-' ■ ti .: ■■ them n cull
iiml make arrangements tu have
their wurk done More the rush.
which will coi  the completion of tlm wnterwi rks Bystem.
nr. I'.ml.
■s  in  I'r:
liruuk.ni 12 o'clock. A.  C.Nels.
ussrssiir.   will   sell   Ilm   fulluwi
lands for taxes due;
11. D. Mathers.lots 115. •". fi 708.
, .1      .i-i un   1  1.' in masons,
group 1, amount due; $il,!U;A._.
Howard, lot 3065) group 1, amount      W.  .1.  Bowser, grand master 1
due .ii.li">: Ensl Kootenny Lumber tho jnrisdicti f ilu- provinci
,,      1   ,    ,..,-            1     '     .1       _44.i_nl,  I'..I,mil.in    ninilii  in,   nili
t o. Int -Is'. J. L-lullj
British Columbin, mnde 1111 official
visit lu lln- Cranbrook lodge Inst
evening. There wns 11 gootl nttond-
uti'i' uf tin- members nnd sunn- of
tin* wurk wns exemplified. After
the regular session uf ihr lodge the
members ant! ilm gueBl indulged in
,1,,.. _'...">0: Mnggie liu- I'l 11050.1 a lunch prepared for the occasion,
Sil.85; L. W. which was made more pleasing by
tumuit um
$19.15; -Ino. Hutchison, lot 3574,
group I. niiiuiuil due, SO,50; J. \\
Robinson, lol 3558, (jroup 1.
inin.iinl due. $38,55; A. II. Units
lol 2804,amounl due,$22,20; A. V.
Watts Int 30015,   group  1. nnioi
Pollock,'lol 2244. group I. nmoiint remarks by the Grand Master and
ilu,. $12.00; O. H. Hough, pnrl of the members. Mr. Bowser is one
lot359 group 1, amount due$12.70; of  the   prominent   politicians ul
iaAiuirwhlTniwnJs'com-s''theirIf.C. an.l H* W. MctTnire, wirt of Vnnwim-r and ^ an after du r
way hnve secured I'm* this town the | lul 300, group l.ninomi due $12.10;; spenker lm is onr exce
sole ngeney  for this shoe,   Cnll IE. house, part of lot 314. group l,|ovening.«ns both 11 1
1 iur   greal stock   uf
CuinpliiTTs -■ mi Ready clothing
got sn Inw thnl lul •'.' hnve refrained frmn advertising it. < iur
fall and "114:* I ing is nuw in
uur Btore. The gn ' sl -tuck uf
men's clothingevi r brought iu this
districl nil -"ni n adj: that is.
shi'ir-. Iiuiii- und pint bottoms
um lefl unfinished. We measure
you iiiul compli '■ the suit to ymir
order, will, no - tn -1 to customer I,', i.'l 011 this week,
Morrow ,V McFarlane.
M l'erry Crcsk
There i- no ci -~ ti. 1. of wnrk mi
tlie dilfeiviii pluc r properties nn
th.. creek nnil ulto ;. thereverything
tends in sh iw thnl 111 J s' ts ,11 will
In* ,1 humiuer in tl Is ■ lio :. The
hydraulic conqmuj 1- now ready
for turning on tlie water un their
claims, uml in probability um- uf
the giants will  lie pul  into nprru-
liuti ;i1   1    The  water supply,
owing lu ih" extraordinnry dry
senson, is soinewhiil limil.-.1 as yet,
luil us sunn ;is iiii- is increased lhe
plant will I." worked to tin* full
ml get Iheir prices uml see this
iiiipi-rior inuke of footwear, Read
uur mi.
uuiuiiiit ih
lui 5812,
meeting held ul  ll
hull fur Ihr purpus
plans hn*  Ihr  lil.
tlm coming Benson
dnnce is desire. 1 of
willing to assist in
Tin-  liternrj   societj   i
1 nnd benefit I" nil wlm
i-rsi.f  the  deliberations,
Literary Society.
nm* nighl there will I
ie a
ndd Fellows
uf discussing
ri Bociety for
A lull iittrii-
llose who lire
..- work. The
'. year wus n
mrticipnted iu
Finch & Jones,' profitable mm 1,, llic   mi
I.  iiiiiiiiuil   duo tl 'der.iiiid wns thoroughly en- ■ effort   ibis  year   -vill   make n a
1 joyed by all present, greater success limn ever. lil.   Cli V Mi HOOK    HERALD
''I   i
i-ih /dG*_-_.yJo-v->-i
E-litor anil Prop:    I
1.lll.l »*J      '. I I.	
...|, iilui',1   lo  I.i
111,in,,.,  .   ' ,i-i|   .   , -
ll. I!..   |,,.,ii III -                        III,I l-l,.I i
r ,.-   :  .-
.,'4.'4'       . „    |   ,.■!,-',             \
,144(41''    !■     ' 4,1-1'  .-,   4
li   4|,,44   4 !'            .   .,    .
1.1 i'"' I'
t" llic .'..ii  I.V. Si'll.l
Hut there never was ii   town   huiil      .1. I). McBriih-h
nil   Ihr   1,1, *,',,!', lll'lll., A.-i-pt   ill     III.'     !i *"  1      ''   '   '""
,.       , ,. ., •   ■ .   ca   il la the seritu E liis
 ii  prni.'sis ul   Ilm  u- nn ists ,,
, .   ' . father. . ■ ■  .  : f r i.
» '«'' ""' """"'  :|!"!  ""' very u thai - is
tritiully luukiiir'  fm*  ■■I.UI.I-.     li'
imt    class   gel   tu   lit'OVi'll   il   will
iiinke it very uncomfortable in Ihut
ml 4.f promise.
Iiiim   I".,
ll..i.l,        |l|il||,.|'   |
i.ili-.- Illli I.   III.
i: " i  ru.
II", 4,1.1
I,'.'   II" '4 ...   |,|,     -,        i:.,4
11-   ■,,,    I  ,'    1,1 I'lll'    lll'l
II 111
1        . , .,,.,, 14
.1,1,,,'   I   ll.'.Ill   .lllllll    tl
', ..illill) BAROAIX.
Tlie   Chieugo   1( nl  IT i'iiiii.   i,
paper thnl can In- taken ns ttbso.
lut'l.i free from iiartisiiu Imsis su
far as I iintnlii und Ciiiiaiiian afi'iiirs
nn- cm ninl. i nlly  publishiHl
an exhaustive nrliele mi Ilm liriintl
'Trunk Pacific i-onlriu-l with the
I>.-iiiinii.i, government, mid sums
up ihr niil given liy the govern-
uu-in ;i;. follows:
In return I'm' this ni'i. ihr gov-
erninriii sei-ures u gnuranti-e Ihnl
freighl origiuiitiug on Ihr road nml
mil otherwise rm I by Ilm shipper
slmll. when destined   for  points iu
Cauttihi,  1 urried  entirely up in
Cniiudiun territory or bt-tween
Caiiiidilin puis, uml llml lh;
through rules from  poiul of origin
In p .iul Ilf deSlilllltioil   shnll   I1IIV01
In- greiiter by wny ui Cnmidiaii
purls Ihuii liv wny uf Americni
purls, uml llml nil tra/lic mil other
wise r.iiii.'.l lit i!u shipper slmll I..
carried   lu   t-.rn.il_.il ports.   'Tin
ul Iii.lli Atlantic uml   Pacific purls
Ihnl freighl will    lx. diverted lu
Auiericiin ports mi i unit uf Iiml,
of shipping facilities. As tin- Inn,,,
lu thr ruilwny nlso  tniiiB covenants ttiuluu indemnity which makes
secure n pruprr carry iug mil ..I ihr
ngrc nt.   ll   wuiil'il nppi-nr Ihnl
Ciintuhi   hnd  driven  n  pretty ml-
vnnliii 11,1 III,li.nili.
When Ihr election is over inull
tlm p.'.iplr generally are studying
Ilm pinpu'.i:imi from ;i lilisiuess
uml imi u polilicul stiiiidpoint, ihr
geuerill verdiel will lir tlml ihr urii
fi-niiscontiiienliil lim uill be n lii"
thing fur I'i,ni,,!;, uiul tluil il bus
linn seellt'i 'I mi mui.I exeellelll
li runs.-
Tin* irpi'l is Ihnl houses Illl'
St-urce in Feniie. Tlllll is ii good
sign in nny town,
A residentHupreuioji.lg. slionlil
lir locnteil nl Ni-Ikoii, The business nf th.* interior tleinunils Ihis
cliunge   in   lln-   imli.iul   ttri'iiiigi
lll'lll   uf  Ilir   pl'illil	
ll  is llgllilisl  Ihr    lull     lu    Bllllkl
dice fur I In drinks or cignrs iu
Phoenix und Ilu* ihi. lul |".lm i*.
enforcing il lo i!..* letter. Thai is
,-tn iiuioviiliou forn western milling
Lasl Monday was Ihr Insl ilny
fur registration, un.l il is dollars lu
doughnuts tluil lliere lire n lol ul
people wlm nrirr llioiighl of ii
until Tuesday.
Profei ior Hepburn. Ilm tt-n.li.r
-.1' Ilm iiesthetic iu Ilm win uf terp-
sii'lu.inin ni'i. \\lui .lid s«. miii,-l.
In bring Ihr young uml ..I.l uf
C'rnubi li i.i n higher stiindiinl i I'
livillg .lll'l ill'li. lillii. Inn. iiprllnl   n
-Tins iu Phoenix, where he will
carve his mini.' mi   ihr  Inlil : i o|
Ihnl .imp.    Thr  I'l nil   Pioilet-l
will I,, derelicl in its .Inly ifii tails
lu du nil in ils power in promote
lln- :.4,.)i! work in which ilm professor is Ill-voting his Iih-.
A genllemnii win. hns moved 1..
this town from N'rls.ui is going lu
brim;' his I'niiiili I.. Crnnbrook.
This week hr spenl one dny in an
endenvor tu Un.l n suitable houso
und wus mil successful. Ami yel
il 1ms been only two or three
montlissincewe heard croakers saying Ihnl there were n lol uf fools
in Craubrook for buiiiliug su
muny houses Ilu, 4.1111
of them iiuulil li" ru
The  i""-i   imrlinnmiil   will have
.".Mill'    Ihr   sl      illl.riship   IIS
lln* pll-selll   mm. l.ut   ihr   lipli'S rn
ti.ti.in -.I' in ry prininii' will s'.. 11
11 change . xceptiug. nl com ■. .
Queliee. ivhicll in ter i*)ltlllgl-S. 'I'll.'
fullottinti mil],"in.;.I. ihr chunges:
iim      \,.„
II.",-"     II.HIM'
.  I." It.", ""''
i'iiiiii. It:! '•':
\ .. 4-	
\.4, 1;   .,,.,,1,1. I I Hi
IVI I'm. nl 1.1,mil .. 1
liuii., I.. V In
II," I-i i- I I"
llnii-li I ..I l.m                 ' 11 ",
I'll,' lul  I I
'.'11        Ull
Thi'    I'JISl    Iillis    ll s   lull   sr.'lls
In tlm Wt'Sl, ihl-l'l- of   ihr 81 :.'.'   ' 11
ii:- I.. .Maiiilol-ii, six P. ilm Teri-i
I..rirs nml ..im p. British Columbia,
Tlm W'.slrrii i.'pr.'s.'iiliiliuii will.!
luwrirr. Tr grossly ilisprup.iiiirii ' |
ii,* i" ihr populiilii.il long I., tore
',u nexl ri'ilistriliuliou takes place,
Tlm redistribution following Ilu
■ Usui! of Bill will give Miiiiilolin
nnl Ihr Territories 11 representation
ipproxiiuating thai uf 1 lulario,
tu     li
uehiisiliscovi'ivd llml 811.110
Ihr    sillrwulks       in       I'lllll
brook. 'Timi'. is surely Hint much
in lln* priivi.u-i.il Ill-usury.
II seems Ihnl il might Tr possible fur ih,. niei-ehiiiits mul lhe
clerks to get together mi 11 reason-
nblo basis for enrly cloBing. The
employers like rest ns well ns the
clerks nnd in Ilu-  Imi-.:   run   there
Imuran duy. Tiiere nre two sides
I., tlm question, nml if rensoiinbli.
hours .1111 li.' iiii'i'rril upuu nml siui-
nl Ty. every inuu in business will
Illlike iin much ns il' Ihr slurrs urrr
kepi open  eighteen   hours  mil  nf
lim III, lily -f.nil'.
A certain gculh-ninu in I his inwn
look il up..u himself to ronsl iib
liecunse wr suw lit lo give mil 11
Tew words of praise I'm* Don McKay, lh,- supervisor ..I' roads nml
trails iu Ihis district. Shaiiie mi
yon I'm cultivating such n narrow
mind. When 11 public servunl performs his duly in 11 milliner Ihnl
.iniilil...ids ihr u.liiiii'uli.'ii uf the
public, il would I.r 11 pretty speci-
men of 11   newspaper  llntt   would
withhold thr 11 1 uf praise llml 1
due.   Mr.   McKay's   r -.1 ns 11
milder of mails ni'id trails in thi"
lisiri.l I:, iiiiHieienl miniver.
,\    cnrresl lenl   nf   ihr   Purl
Sleele I'ri_i|ii'. lor seems I.. I.r very
.mh exorcised over the reuioviil of
lln- govi-rniiienl olliees. Watt's
ilu- mutter, niiyhnw',*
('11.nl,tuul, Btlllllls todny us Ilm
lirst town nf ils size in I ','iimilu.
Tlm ITi'i-iil.1 Ims plneeil over fiHy
new suliBcrils-ra mi ita books since
liu lirsl of the month. 'Thnl speaks
Well I'm Ihr paper's popularity.
Al  the nieniiesl iii.iii m,. urih
is ihr   llllllerhllliiled   Lt 1,,-r   win.
hns mil  th.. murage  l..  fi  tin
person In- lii.nl.l tillifi.
When u imui im 1 lm true lo
tin- f-ompniiy 1,r iiuliviilu.il hr rop-
irs.'iils, he caiiiiol !»■ Inm  in liim-
iilliniii      * tow 11
i; ...T tl..   v,   ...4,4
iu  in the Mel
l-l     ■ ; lllpil   ul
', t cl '-       Sunday
inoriiin   nnd 1 Strangers
11 1   .    nre Liirdiull '   :  :■' nl
I*', i- n ... -   ikes an.l !1 :,i...I...I
.to I'. Ill-Co 111.11".
lui-tnr Phi]   Dingmaii,  who
Hal   wheel
1        . is mil ol  iii"   hos
I .iliil.    I:,  1...    h eu   working   Ilie
lllll.. , I     ' .I'L-        "ill4    4
culling o Ihnl !:■■ 1- do
iui  .1
.lulu, Laurie and   wil    li li   lliis
tvet'k fur 1.   !:   .   .'I lllll-ilU     1.    .ii
i   4, rknl   for  the  V.   I'
II      Hi"   im-;   '.iii"- years mni
during all lh.,' in ■  hits losl   tlni 1
lays    Tim.  ..   uni eu   ts   for nuy
lllllll      II       l. '4'        '
W.    *"      || III'    Vll  Hill   -'I-
;.',        Iling Ilm     I    . .'      ,\ llleril'tlll
■ iiii.- 1-iqiiity lire nn nv co 11
nil days in loivu
lis week look r  iin-  silua-
ion 1. ith .1144, . 1   :.   Kolii-rts,  ilm
icnl 11        .  41     company.
I liirol ; "inr - mi,im,' over from
Ciilgarv lii's wi" k Iur ;i  visit witli
I'i.mlir 4   flienils.     llr   Inn    in, !
I tile 41 bad liim it iih his knee that
-im. injured wliili play '.r..i lm" ball,
hul il is'.'iiiii'.: h. :: Tliinl ho hopes
tlllll   11  wili Soon 1)0 ml i'l-illl llglliu,
There is 11 wny In lull 11 Stetson
hat. Lu-. ■ n on - "i ii i-i-ry fen .1. id-
era. I',.11 ul Mo'rrow .V McFaiTano's
uml gi 1 ;. p..inii'l'.
There is ..." thing thai is 11 fact,
ninl thnl is '.'.inn lhe miners ol
Moyie .1 1 tiny thing they .in ii right.
I.n.il Satiililay when they eitiue  to
uur ui' their number, Ihey  liiroil  a
Owing P. Ilu- vusl ,,-iuiiiin uf
pu'iri' tiiiii hull limi thrown out,
Bnker street on Tuesday morning
lookul like u ragpicker's idlcy. li
i" luu Innl llml Ilm miiiii sin ■! of
lli.* 1..wn eiiniiot In- kt-pl in l.-ttt'r
-oiidilion. ll looks bully lu
Ili\.   CROSS,     VETERINARY Si:R(il_!_
tuul llllK.I: DENTIST
I us. ly ilm Intesl iiiipi-uir.1
illsii'lllnrllls mill Illiiilrrtl Illl'lllllll.- ill lim li'i'iilniriil uf horses.
I'ulis answered duy or night.
CRANBROOK, ll. 1'.
DAN HOLLAND, llic Shoemaker
-imp iu thr nmi iidditiou tu  III.'
Aiken block.
Ile does old. Ihr I.,.,1 work.
Call and Bee Inm.
v«4-l.    1 A/, f« A   -   .-._   -.-..-.tL_..A_
;: iyTfl.Tj *,. ' "'!'" -'^'^^   !:
'*   _-_".-■_._.-__ *v .-        '  "I Slabltnr In Connection   ,
jj note! 3 -
i j
I ;   llul .-un: Colli I'.ilii:.
T'. '■'■.'.; 1 lla-
"   '""III     '41     ('.   ..I'     „.   .   .
Hoggarth & Rollins;;
.... I'i*.pri,.tins     J;
IB >
When j in brook stop tit the
_, *■
Ji   -s*
Y t
'"1PT.F    1
J Music inriii-licd h'r Hulls. Parties, Etc, ■'
J ,- . *
Inn 111 -4-11*11 nieces, j*
', Crnnbrook,   -    ■ Is. C. 8
•       .   . »
(.."If '4-4* * *********** ******
W. !:. Worden
Proprietor ot Hit.'
City Transfer Co.
|)i';i\ inn <>f ;il! k-litis givi'll   pit'in Ml
L'iaiio Moving ;i Specially,
Office in (i* I'. TlBilnle's 'Pftonc 65
Paint that Stays
f     We us,- ih,' besl uf  mn*
] lerial uml uur work alwiivs
j     When ymi ivaiil painting
1 pntier hanging, decorating
01   sign   writing,   sn*   us
.1!. (iiiiis 1 turned from Cul
,'urv Ihi-. ivi-eli I., i'ecupi'1-iiti
in i'lu- liidniy nir nf ihr biiniuin I>.-I
of Criiiibro ik, li" Ims hi on sliglil
ly iimlei' ih,' tveiither for lim pus
week 1.1- li... bul unproved su rapid
ly Ihnl he I. i'i Tuesday wiiii hi
wife fur 11 visil iu 1 Intiirio   pointi*
ll   is   quite   likrlv   tii.it   .lulu
engnge iu ;.H..ini-„ "Hutch"
imiile liiuisell' fnmoiia in iui-; displeased to s. r him return.
II;.,' :•  -in;   Found   us  mil:
Jiul :•  i'n   voiirseli   but   ivntcli
■I,.- I, our ;'. 1-1 cli-rksun.l sen thui
ill 'l  ll    !';'■:   I  '     I'l*,.Ill nil  l.illl* rush
lllll    .V   I
nighl ivjis Hm
illinerv display nl
ure, U'righi -A
.1 fn   wns   I'l'isnii.
I Iiisiesol'd-liglil over tin-lilli- '
-ul"'-  in  hills.  Iheir  lit-nrls  w.-rr
lifl.il    wiiii   in   bv   l! seellenl
11 ic rtirnished by'the urchestni,
Tin- millinery opening nl W. T,
Held   1.   I '...'it  wns 11   proiiouuced
s CBS.      Mi"i:   1 Inl'ln.   v. uu   hns
charge of thai department, hnd  "*i
'lispliv ■! iiiiigniflcenl linr uf  luiis
of nil kinds, ami judging fn he
many eonqihtneiilnry i-entarks anil
liublie uppiiii!"!  uf  ilm (-relations
uu exhibition.
Tlm chilly winds Ihnl nre blow.
inr- lh. i.r days bring 1.. mind Ilm
fuel thai days of ihr yellow tiinia-
,411,1 ilmi ih,, cinii|i lire will suuii 1„.
11 chilly propositi      ll   is  then
Iviiotemiy Bummer.
Vol only Mm  Dig Ifnrn overalls
ire cheap,   l.nl  ihis ml   in price
runs through all  ■ 1 -k.   Cnll
mil be eoiiviucetl.    Morrow it .11c
"Jncl ''   U'titsnu    ri'lnr I   lu I
lil-l   from   a   trip   through   Ilm
\\ iiidei'iiii-i' niilry,    i'u atni'ti.!
All USI'l'llNti AVENUE
JT..'- NSNS • 43! -BSJJ-i-vSi s_! SKIS*-■ SS -a
I Crows Nest &
I Sieam Laundry    ■
.j Cranbrook, B, C. H
1 I
Hev. S. .1. ThonipBon  prcacli
-.I    iSunilnv   nl   Ihr   nniiiim-u
Fn-rvices    of   Ilm    Meilieino    II... h ,    .
.Mrlhudisl I'hiii'rh Uiul on n cityiiRe  hul 11 goodly  por
I I'i. r 1 ..I' ,'.'■ .'..ti: ,:iii ivns made mi
When  11   ninn  Inm,  11   heating I fIKlt.    ||,. h ut is the only wny
slm.'    hr   IVIllltH   BOIll'l-tllillg lu Sllil
Iiiiii.   *l.   li.   McHritlc  mils ihis
nl l.y the cm-loud.
Sceour "Kxni-lsior  llul   Rlnst"
heaters, the liesl for sofl .-..ul.
l.itmoru Bros.
( . «', ITiimillnu, well  known  iu 	
his lown. lias sold his business a I innl
Frank, Alhrrlii. uml is arranging I
to engage in busi liuss j.1 f-'erni..
:.' 1 i-uvi ! ;• ■ ;.s in thoroughly enjoy
Ilm Bconi-r-. mn! thru n horse is s..
nun'!. I- il her .. lii'i; mm is traveling.
1'. I.uni wus in limi! Ihis   week.
Iiavinsi jusl r -ttir I from 11 trip lu
Ilm Territories,    lir  reports con-
"linns vrrr good   iu   Ihnl   section
hid   Ihe i.i:; crops ul'
11  plnco iiml country
in I'm- tin- future, ns  ii
,.,,..        , 1   ,        w-ill serve us a great advertise nl
C. M. Keep hus returned  Irom f    „   „ ,     1 .,,,.,■
U..        1 I , ■ 1 I   IIM     till      MUNI J-i iMMIIMIHI'II.       I'-.
iiiili'i'iimrr. where In- hu.-.  been
doing Borne  ilevolopiug  work  mi
he Siln rCrowii group in Paradise
There   are   severnl   iniikes    1
weiglits iu Ilm Big II..rn brum! of
iv.in.IJs. 'in.- iveighl wn sell ul
Inc.   Morrow* iMc.Farli	
,     Mr. Hiiiinilcl-B.edilor ofthe l.rlh.
-.  :,i I X< ivb mul also part owner in the
,i   full. ] Pinelier    Creek    nml     Hnyinoiid
It is hnrd for Borne people 1,. ri-n-1E1!"'™;   «'ns    in   Craiilirook   Insl
,.      ,,    .  ,, n    , ,     I hlU'sil.'IV nu  Ins   Will'   tn Illl nsi.
Iiw tlmt thu world ,1 - nu.vv mul  },(1 ,||tB'  ,,,,,, in   1h(.   ,h„sl „,■
that Cranhrook ia a Vfrymiporlmit I |„.n|t|| \1]U-\y njvl  ia   taking   Ihis
pa rt of this portion  of iln* world,  Irip !o rt'i'iipcratc,
|tl!itiiiur emigrating to Canada,
ln\Uationa havo hft-n isguptl foi'
tho first tlaiit'O of !!i!> s.vihou Iiv Ilir
Kniiv Nuns chii. im- October tth.
Thisdanco will ho one thai wiil bo
I'l-iiii'inlii'i'i'il in tho social circlos o_
CVanlirook, rts tlio inaniiKomont aro
maldiiK spooial ai
•? Work is Sii-isf-i.-lory.
? Price is SAtislactory.
'} We want your p.itron.ig'L' __
^ O.ily trst class hclpcniplj1/-:-!. £
f Work return-fd to  ail  points L
'A twice a week. L
I     li, II. SI.ATI.H.. ropriclor
Postponcntciil of Ilu* Atiulon -inl.. t.i Stli
I'l I.i.l 'NilTli-IJ is lii'i. li.v iiiu'ii Unu
.il- - ,1 .-..I-',-! I I I- n, I..-  I,, 1,1
W  ill All 11. In'.'illlllliji'in III-'i'Mli  S
1 l,i,'4iii4l I'-nli-iH .... III.- U7II nil .1.1
1*. II. klJVIJS
ll.'ii.iilini'iil nt tin. [lit.prior,
uu 111.1, Illli _i.|,l,*nil  llli'l. :ll -JT
Timber Notice
Tlllll- II    lllll! llllll    '.I'.l.'ll'-     4,lll'l'    4l.ll,'     1      |||.
nml In.'il.|,I.l I,, III" llii,■( I'i,i.i,ui-.4i,nn.,' nl
Lllllll- IIII.I   V, ,,44-    I   ,4   4,   !-,!- i,!l.     I.,11-,' I,     ,,||
iiiiiI I'liri'.v mini' ti'iilii'i- Iriiin Hi,' I..IIIH1I1H4
,l_l.'_l._l liunl. in snulli liunl Ko in.
hi the District
l-':itc> ;J, .nui , n tO    . s iiint Oysters
serve- in uo> *'>l * t -un .'. p. in. t.i 0 a. m.
tr        'l"i ■ : ibli is th ■ .   .n   11.: r, •' ',.■ t I'r clean 9
w iiiii-.-s .1,;, mil '     Lt supplied with the best brand  'sp
v"' ui liquid and ';.'.'. . >
v. L B. VANDEt-AR, Prop.        ft
i . BUI   '.  .
[_E!:IE GIG.- Gi'MiMMHSWmm
0      -nr* _
ne wentworth
Clapp J; Rollins,
Tin' Ncw Alanagcis.
Drop in ;ij!,l SS2 ii-* any lime.    Wc arc on deck 2,"i hour
cul ui liic 1.
mmiGGEGG^Em m&mkm
.,4.\;i;,RYSVILLEt B. C.
The Pioneer Hotel 0; ilie St. Marys Valley.
_ Comfortable rooms.   -*,..'..  .. tor]   dining room service, and the
FRED DREW,       :::       Proprietor.
A Couple of Pair
.et Ui IVlikc Yo-.i
l.cask & Henderson
We nn- now in shape to furnish nil kinds „f
V<5____4. .*'_-   -_*«_l____-   -_-___-_■_.•
Cranbrook, li. C
ii.'.i-'jii.i 1 nii Tnwiluj 4,1 s |4 ,,,  in
rn f Imli.
■I   ilu-  K. It.
N    llil '.I'.l-.
li.11.iiii llh-tlir_i_ir.lli_tj-l_vlli.il 1..mi I.
Cranbrooli Local Uoloo lit. nf ilu* United
liriiilii-rliiiuil ol Carpeolers innl Jotaeri
„i iiiii'rlin
■    - -    "U'li     I   ...... 4.   .'..I   ,,,
s   |.      ,.,       Illl        I        I 1,1,11
1, xix* iii" 1.iiiiii. im m-i
III. .1 II ll, lllllll 11.
* *  Orders promptly <,:.': .uni i'n ii vert: J in town. Tor prices apply  t *
jj Kisig Lumber Mills Co. Limited ii
III .1 111 1-1,1 I'll illl
ulli' lllll.1 . nlil1' nl
Iht.milil lol.   tin in
Ihr   1 1.    in-- 'I..T   ,
i.i,, ■.:■ i'i,   l.j.lil, Ml
li..* Lit. I.'."'   I-JII   .-illlil,
nuni' ur lm. lu n |i-ilnl  In llii' |ir.i,lni'llui
nui- ill nlll"Hii'li"-l :i. 1 .-i.i.l 1..I nnl
r,l mil  I.ullli  .,,-1   .'III lll'l'  nt Ii.i
inl Iiii,  mi, .,,1,111 l::n iiuiii" ',1 ilii'|ilii,.
.1 I"     ,iiii,4j. Illilltillnfll*. nin  in i<-   mm	
I.i.'.inil Hip llml ,|„i,.| Kp|it_nl_ir,  IIWI,
il .,1 l  M,illnl I
Land Notiee.
'-   III   'l.'l'H Illll'l' llllll' it   1-4 m.i-   illl. llllllll    h>
t|l|ilv ... lln' I hi.'l I'..liiui.-44411,1 i.r I.iiihIh
im II ll'll. In 1.., 1. i 1 -■— lli.. tiillinriimili.*.nili
■.I laml. In Snulli 1-4-1 li.... ii.v:-
l-nill iiiiinl n  |i"i.l |.li.lil.'.lnlll Ill
11        "Hll    1'   111     II       T,     lllll'.1.1*4    |.|'.'-l'l|l|llill||.
lll'lll*!  Hit I'lllll! Hl'll-I.tlll llil- 10 lllllliil.  {llllllll,
Ii4'4,,,,  l"i .Imiii-  iii-al,  llii'im.   In i'IiiiIiih
1.uii nlnn!: II.'I'. .Iiiiuiii'.- lim* 1.1 i.liuiii „l
|...!.il.Si.|,i,.iii!.i.r-'llli. .1. II. I IIM.
r.'-nt in.l.i'tl I'ltirk*.
Timber Notice
Illlil'!' llllll    I     illll'llil     ll.  |||||)|y  1,1    ||,
1 issi..ni'i* nr i.iiii,I.-1111.1 IViirbaiii
•  iiillillliliR ,1,,,
ovont,      W'ri.r'lii   ,v I ',:l'"i iVi.V.'lHJV. -li'iitiimi-i Kinii.
Miiiiurii's iuir;;ruin,iirn'iviir'r,,:*:|.'';i;;;;;::™;^
 ll"'   |»-o|lll- nl"
Crnulirooli linvo Ii-nrnotl ivlini Unit
lllonll-. Tlm rlnli will I.r B01110.
ivlini iiu'i'rusril iii nii>iiilii'i-lii]i Llii<
your   nntl   11   pli'ii innL   sruiiiiu    i,
niili. i|,:,1r.l I.}'  Illl.
. im.nn 1, 11 iii 111 iiii
.4 4-   ,'..,11,1'   ut   Hll ill   |,.,l   -Ills.    ,1,
111 4    i'lmins,   llin I'll,   -In,
-.  ili-iii',.   in.l   ...ill' i'IiiiIiih,    I,,",,
III till,_U   lliU'.l'Hl-ivi-r.   lli.-iii'.' lllllll
It 111 Illl-il I1I-I-I.H, unu ■ lira.
i.l   llii-   lilli    In.   i.l S,|,'|,|iil,4.r. .1.11
■jj, mil, si.i|.iin.
Second Annual Exhibition ;.i' (fie
Nelson Agricultural mul
I od nst v I n\ Associat ion
SEPT: •   &ER 2S a 29
■New Buildings,   Fine Grounds,   Big Premium I.isl
Novel Open Air Attractions
.1. 1;. ANNAULE, See., Nelsnn, IJ. C.
IVrilt for I'li/t I.i-l .
Wed., Oct. 5, vii.L .:.' British Columbia Day
Railroad tickeis can ba purehaseil at
On Tuesday, Oct. ill., liuod Returning Until Oet. 10th
Band Concert by Flsth. Reeiment Roy<iI British Artilierv Band of
Victoria, B. C.
Bii? Vaudeville Prog-ram in front of Grand Stand
Six Exciting; Races, Six.    $2,500 in Purses.    Send lor Race Program
H0HT.  11. I'l ISI IIJI IV I'l,  Sirii'liiiy ;ii|,l .M;lll.l;;..i, S|.4ikll!..*, Wil-li.
.s. *. .     1.0.0.F.    lie) Cily i.inljc
•     '• V*-.    V      N4'     !',     \l."l-.     1144
,',.» •*     .   y*'J   U.i ini'l.l ■ .'.. l.'.l	
I'.l..', *ii.'. 1      :	
1,1,1 !■',    ,,,     I'OHlllllI) llllll '.I.
I      ll   ii.i. 11     I.    II. I'lllll	
\   ? nt. 1 Cnnbrook Loilfe, No ,1.
..' /Gl. 1.1 ■ s i, it.
m ■ «	
' a ■>  \ """|' .'■•-..' .I..-
1 -..,.' 9 ■ in. "in.
tKlMlkllilS   IIK'NCII   |l|.*
Tilt*  A. I.. U.  Ml,!,,;
iill,!    ill     I     II.   U.   1',     linll
Visiting Urelhrcn cordially Invited to otleud      J
I'lMMHiooK l.iiiu.i':. snut,
I'liAXIlliOOK, l:. C.
II,■. 1   1-1 ami .Inl I'ui-nliiv i-t-L-rv inonlli
111 .ll.lii.ii.-iliiii,.
\"i-il in- l'i..|lii'.'ii.'iii.liiill4' iiivili-,1
1. Mil ,.11 ,-.l'   II.      IVn   Am 'In nn . Sit'.*-*
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
i. ll.THOriPSON.
Barrister, Solicitor,
.Notary Public
Cranhrook, li. C.
Barristers, Solicitors, lile.
Ilnzcil Hindi Cranbrook, 11. C.
C, I'l, DUNBAR       I
1    Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary   >
Public, Etc. t
1    Cranbrook,    -    -    It. C.    .
1 f.
: vi-vvi' vv* * **** * * *** . -». v* * -
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office nl Residence, Armstrong Ave.
forenoons,  •   •   •   ■   O.-.10 tn If
Afternoons   -   -   -   •   1:30 to 3:30
Evenings   *   .   .   ■    7,30 to 8:30
CRA MIROOK,    :    :    :     :        :     IJ. ('
HR. A   1). MORO AN
.HVSICIANnnd 'Uiili.v
.'.   II    . tuil-ll. l!14i     Al"       .'I'l'M-iV     )|,
1 i.iiiii'ir.inuiiii im-'	
Hi 11. 1    Ilm ii..:-l'.,i"ii.,..n.   n   in   II:  nil,.,'
 n. I.llll in.'l til): I'U'iiiini. T.JIll in . ..tu
T.'li'i.l .HT
_ • . ■• I -• : « I _. I ® I -8> I * I <?> I * I *. I «i I «.*-
Dr. Connolly,     ',''
Physician and Surgeon    .
*  Office on Armstrong Avenue
,    Ilm 1: ■   II In II 11. 111 .  :.•!.. I n in, 7   '*'
."*' -      'I'l  I"H
'.'.',.* 1 .:.:„-. 1 i :.. 1 . |,,* |. Hi I ■>
..i-n'i-: HOURS:
.. Ill I" II III.
I '1.1; ll 111.
I.i;. ijidlakb, m. r. c. v. s. I
II,iiMr DriiliHlrv llllll  I.; urns
n S|»'ri,'ill.l
til. In   71. CRANHROOK, II. C, I
.1. (1. CUAlMINliS
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
J, 1. UIDLAW, Al. li. f i "'S *, V
is-i 5
. '.'    <i:U()OK.   I1RITISI1   COL, U-IItlA,   TIIUKSDAY,   SEPT.   2!»,    11104,
M  MHEH   27
Wanted In mi diatclj I
to*wil Pr.it.   i-        Iti.npli ii,,,-,,:,,,,,
•II. I. '.lll'lll.       Ili|-l„-                         1 ;     ■'     ,4 .      I   ll
I,llllll   ll..' I'll.'ll'  44  lllll   14 1   ,1,   ||||H  Hull,
lu, lri.li  iiii
in 11, ". ti
W.. 1,1,4,*    III
\4,i „rv -;,:..
I....  .
.."- ,l..,|-llii
I'l llllll XI RSI •'. ,4i    '   nl
N II Will ninki' ii                         I,,,ul,i
... fur ii-  i.
Repair! n i loni.
jiUBlT^'Tilirn - *  ££& .
and Brains
St. Paul, Chicago, Now Yor
i-iiixni i I-,-
Footwear to'.' . itir-i a Specia
Bf     I   IVDDV       i Polscc nnd Toorlsi Sleepers, Duffel   Ubrar)
. L.   Ll V t'.lil \c"t' ',,"J-'" ""'  Coacliea,  ll i8  Cars,
tli tits a In Cm le
and FEED STABLE j  best neaT-Ton wheels
Nrlv IV Oil ulii ing
.mul   bii Mlo   liorsos nt
r.'utiutiul'i,' i-i.ii-.    (liu-
llilll'lt ill  i'U 111 gh'O r.ll.li
?   PAST TRAINS   *t
** East and West Dally L
i-nrr to nil horses stn-
bled with us.
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop.
• *'. ii. ■*. KltKK
:,. IV. I',
Drink Home Bee?: •
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker     j Harness Maker,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Old slides made new.   All kind.;
of repairing,   Give mil- a call.
speeinl excursion nitis In World's Pair. SI
Louis.     Vmir choke uf route.
ors :iii,i lull iiiiiuiniiii.iii
j      I.'-' i.l'"-, fr 1,1
I regtiriling trips, cull mi ormlilresa
i . I' .1 T. A
Spokane. Wnsli.
Dezall Brothers    .'
I   Blacksmiths
•     Horse Shoeing j
; Carriage Repairing and
', liem'ral Jobbing.,..
* Outside Order? Promptly
* Attended to.
This is a new restaurant, and
will be operated on modern
plans. Open day and night,
• and the best the market affords
will   be   served   on   the tables
Best meal in the country for the
least money
Tobacco. Cigars and Fruit
Opposite C. I'. R. Station
: i
tlors stoek
..Repairing of all kinds..
| Cranhrook Sash
♦ and Door Factory •
r_   * . t «i)-_7__a_»H
All Km.:    .1  linin    ivoi : in j   i
-.•'.'i.i ,'1  '!,'".. ' in- J
S0111S, rlr     Kiln dried Illllllil 1* J
fur iusiilr \i.ui,     i iiii ivorli I
rllllimilrr-l    Hilt 01.1    |" '        '  I'l''' J   I
Siilistiii-toi-v. I
Rough ami Dressed Lumber
lor Sale
3 Worlds Fare Rates
Excursion Rates
Nelson Exhibition
Sept. 28 and 2<)
Formerly Motel Phalr
IJ. TOHPKINS, Manager.
riiis hoti-1 is uur uf Ilm hrst  in
Llriiisli  Columbia mul  iip-to-diilc
ill   , l, ri    respect.        Wrll   lighted
sample rooms.
Westminster Fair   f'"'''    ,,,,.
lint nexl
.:        ,   I'l
CARPENTER wemm!mi&Brw.wsi!MSEmm.
.,   "builder UNDERTAKING
i.in.i i-.  ii -
\ l..ir.;i.' Stock in C.vr.kets .ind
Robe i,' **   J
■-,   ii ' I and day 77
Livery  3
Purchase Priee $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
TcauiB and drivers furnished for any
ARNOLD  £■ ROBERTS    i»i»ti» _***..i__t_>_
CRANBROOK. ' A, DOYI.E, Manager.
ST, LOUIS, $60.00
CHICAGO, $65,00
October 3,   I,   s
Correal lim  Reductions from ull
Kooloiuij. I'i Inta.
Iiuiiiii |inrticti!nr*t uppl, to locnl agent;
(i. Miller, Agent, Cranbrnnk.
I. . . UAKTKK,             IJ. ,T. COYI.H
ll.l'.A., N.'lum   A.O.r.A. Vim vol
Each monih...
!',i\i's mi; mow work in Crim-
brook, Tlir peoplo oviilonlly
h.'ivi' i-imliili'iiri' in mo ninl my
work, Siv in.' Cor plans mul
James (ireer
Contrnctor mnl BuiUlor
|    SMOKE    I
1    THE   FAMOUS     §
1 El Presidente 1
«_.  _=g	
Candy Kitchen
j ' IHI .I-llr BIO mock of j
! Candies, l-'ruils, Nuts, j
; Biscuits, I .pes and j
i   ioiiaCCOS. Olvc ur. a cnll j
1 I
I'u.in -mP_M_
\\ irdop    Ur,,-. nnil   v, I-,,., .
inm »»! nui their now lie mill i
l.npo lliis   ivr.'k.   The
il l_UOtit-fl [ii riluy.
The government will l.olll ll |)lll
ii'" l Illi III the govi-rillltl'llt Iiiiiliiin:
!u i Siitiirdu) i viiil...r Isi when the
' riiiiienl lota in tin- Wi-at For.
nir Tuiinsitr uill lie Bold a [iiililie
Mr Hurry Met*in. un.l  Fiimilj
il un Sllllilllj evi iiiii:.' for Cnignrj
.■■Iiui-- Ilny will   in   future  rt-siile,
Mr. .Mt-l.i-uii lmvi.in boon u|i|i<>iut
' Itiullili-"'!'uf 11    IlirgO   lll'll*,-   lillsi-
11083 llli'l'l'.
W. IV,  Win*.!,i), ihis   wook  iv-
'.'ilr.lllul'.l llml III, C. I'. I{. lllillliI
put iu n Billing for liim nt Crowa
Nest,   Two Winnipeg   goute n
with capital linvo ngreed to ro in
niili Mr, Wunlop iu put in nu up.
Iii-.inlr mill 1 lu-r,- .-nnl il looks ns if
tho proposition ivoulil go ahead ul
W. W. Tuiil,' la implying to the
Bonrd ul  tiieonao C'ouimissioticrs
forn license fori iv hotel on the
■'In fool lol where the foniulntion
hus been built,   '.riiupliius submit
te.1 nl ll iiv clerk's oIHeo shows
18 boilroouiB on tho  Boeonil   ll -,
The   iii'riisi inniissioners    will
riiiisiilrr this ul tlu-ir tirst meeting
on Tuestliiy September 27th.
Messrs. Hammond  uml Turner
nri* putting in u lii'lv puiiit  rotiirn
mil Imli .'..nil.im,in.'n  in  tl 'ii
Pernio hotel.   They nro nis..  putting n return cull boll Bysteni com-
liiiu-il  wiih un intoreoiiiiiiunietioti
telopliouo systriu ill the new  W'nl-
ilorl' hotel. ' These two   hotels utu
ppnruittly mnking u rnco Eor tlio
i.inuu.i-i-iiil trade,   Tin'  Pernio is
Ilu- liir_(--t house nml   hus eonier
.cation.   Mr     Esohwigon    the
Iiii'l- Iiiimi will spun- uo expense
in the Httings uiu! furniture I'm- tin-
A sou wus bom to Mr. uud Mrs.
■I   Il.i'.'.kr il.is inoriiiug,
Mr, und  Mrs.   .Inuii-a Foote    ..I
I'i." her i ink in rr h.-rr this week
risili     Mr. .'.ii.i Mrs. A.  fo	
Mra. Cronin was in  Xelson  Ihis
«■-"-I   where slu  [ilueed one of the
1 ... in thr.. Joseph's school.
S. I-'. Morley, owner of the  Mor-
ley Imli block, wua up  I'i  ('run.
bro k yi Btonlny lo iking nfter his
F.J. Smyth, yestenluy received
his nppoiiitnionl us ilennty uiiiiin.-
ri'i'ui'ilrr for Moyio and vicinity in
tho place of I'. I>. Hope who re-
li*. Triiiliy   lilllllK-inl sri'ivtulT   of
ilir Moyie miners' union, will l-o
to Creston next week to initiate
severnl cnndidatesiin.l affiliate them
with this iiuiiiii.
Cranbrook Methodist Church.
Corner in' Iiniini  .venue anj louls Slret.
- ,   ,
lllvini   >'■    ■ li..».
Luu .   IV.   . 7 80F.K.
i-   111  I -_■_-■
S r. «.
Sl -'.   .     s ,.. „.
I i-xtt'inli    '. ■ tl.,
I' -   j   '[':...iii].-4.n
Cranbr.ml It4it-n.-i Lhurcb.
rin                ■ ' ■■ _ rvlce. hflil
In -i,. Itn; ■ .  ' 4
Stiu.li . ::   . ■., ,,,„i t nop   .
sum:.',., s.l.....i :i p. m.
v 'a I' ", In _ p in Tui'.il.j
I'iiiii i ll.. uur. •- j.. in. W.slne.iU.T
Tlii' l".l'i .    '..'.iin nll.ii-
nil luwting-i.
P 181  T. .1. 1.. SlOHt.
Cranbrook Presbrlerlan Church.
.Mrs. Tope nnil into  Crnnbrook |
Thm-Bilay to see her hiiBbniid who ™', ' /' n.l7.aop.m.
8 a m.
From tliu l'ro-i)L*_tor.
Mr. innl Mrs. Liuigloy visilctl
Cnuibrook on Momlny lust.
1-rr.mutMM.jPnink Parks, Cran-
braok, wero umong the visilnrs nt
Steelo Sunilny Insl,
Hurry Reineinnii, mine host nt
llif liiipi'i'iitl. hns been ipiUo ill
during llif pnst week.
Tho Gold River Mining nntl
Powor coiupniiy's lii^ plneer enmp
mi Bull river is rnpidly being developed to n stngo nf production.
Tlio pny dirt lie's nt tho bottom oE
ii deep canyon, nnd is under ;i layer of river wnsli.
The Tigor-iJoormnn company
operating on the North Fork of
Wild Etorse crock isat present developing their property nnd taking
(mt high- grade copper nre. in anticipation of transportation being
furnished upon tlie completion of
the Kootenny Central Railway,
Death of Sam McLelland.
Moyio Lender: Samuel McLel-
iiinil, formerly of Rossland nnd
Greenwood, but for severnl months
past n resident of Moyie. died in
tlie St Eugene hospital hospital a1
Cranbrook early Wednesday
morning aftoran illness of only live
or six days. Death wns due to intestinal obstruction. It was necessary to perform two operations on
hint nnd everything possible was
done by the physicians in attendance and the sisters to save his
life hul, to no avail. Mr. McLel-
land was 2(1 years of ago and n
miner by occupation, Ho was a
member of tlio Moyie miners'
union, n member of tho Odd Feb
low's lodge in Greenwood and a
member of the Encnmpmonl nnd
Rebokah lodges in Rossland. Asa
devoted and enthusiastic member
f thosn orders, he governed  hii
r\               ,   c-     *> n I daily lifo by   the'  precepts  and
Do you want a Stove? Do you '■ ■ • ,    ,      ,t      li
\ n   ,       _ft     _ t. I toachinijs ond when tlieeud enmc
ivant boots or iihocs? Uo you I ,                         ,      ■.,         ,.   .,   ,
,   o               .       m I he was prepared and passed to that
want   Bargains where New I \ \       ,'    '      .. ,    l
,        s      . ■       . E|   v I eternal  rest   wliini   govorne*   hii-
aoorh   Ate  arriving   daily? I .     .    ,, *                .
Then come Eo my store.
hns for ils reward. The neivs ol
his death, while in thr prime of
life will enrry sadness to ninny
Tin* funi'i'iil wns In-lil in I'rnn-
lirouli tiiiliivninl n Bpc.inltrain was
run from Moyie. Over 100 peoplo
from here turned out. Tin- funeral
wns hrl.l under the auspices of lln-
M'ovir miners in.inn nnil the < Idd
Follows lodges uf Crnnbrook nnl
Moyie, Thr pall bearers wi iv
made up of three fruui the union
I und threo from the lodge. Si-rvii-rs
'were lield al the Methodist church
| IJt-v. S. .1. Thompson oHicintiug.
I Tin' t.is-i't WI.B covered with Howlers. A wreath Inthe form of three
nkstho  Odd   Follows   (million
is in the hospitnl with a oil [oot.
Mr. Tope is reported to be improving rapidly,
A foresl fire broke oui Sunday
afternoon 011 C'lnrk'B ranch ul the
heiid of thw nurrows, bill trom
towu il looked us thouKh the snw-
mill of the Moyie Luiiibi-r (Jo wus
ou lir.-. Thero nns consideruble
oxcitemenl iirouud town until the
truth ivns iiBcertniued.
Tin- Methodists expect to be
able to occupy  their   new  church
il is nui yel finished nml il will be
[mother week ormore before it is.
Thr frame wurk ou llic Catholic
•hiii-t'li is up uml work uu il is pro-
;ressiiiK Envornbly,
Tin- few hours lienvy ilownpour
of ruin Thursday hud ils etfect in
ruisinu' the water pressure at the
St. _iiui-nt- mill for a day. but it is
feared tluil il will drop lim-k agniu
iinli-ss there is a continued sjn-ll of
et wenther,   Mr, King, whu hnsl
■rn in Spokane  and   the  Coeur!
Alenes endeavoring to procure n I
pump, is t-eturning iiiiliuut one, as j
there wns none to bo gotten.
tVnothor ett'ort will be made to get I
mc in the east, nml it will take \
nearly six works or two months to
rot it here and get it installed.
I   i'l '- .   ' ... I i.i aitvLd
niiili.. i„.
I' IV. 1    -lime li. ..
A beautiful ;i,,   of Some-
sptius   ii I \Y .rstitls   fur
I..     ;"] M   le Suits.
S itisl   -l ..      . ,-. ,-.1.
Riijmi; oa Anastrosi \ie.
Draying is a Particular
U*e tl   t our i'usiness.
Didyo . .-■ eomplainta
about  i nr  -      ,    We employ
the I.*--*- rn :1m]  to do
tin- wurk, They are careful and
pr"::.}.*. Th I j- why we please
the people. We want your liusi-
ness and ;:" v. * ;■ re will keep
it. li.*r.';t;-*  ■■■■,■      . - tisfv von.
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
'I'llONE »
Prest Photo Co.
Cranbronk, Fernie, Moyie
...British Columbia...
. .............. ..........13
J   Have Vnu lay falnllnt In tm fone?       •
•   Un Any til Vour Knouts Need Papcrlnj?
j   W.N. CLARKE.
Estiumtcs given on largo contracts,    Wu don't want tho
earth     Wr wnnt  to please I wns do by Mrs, Footo.   The let* line of railway rig
you with the work and receive Iters W. F. M.  a,    cross   were o t he Similkinne,
1). V. Muu  nml son. of  Fernie,
iv lifter a telephone franchise  for
lhat town,
Grand  Muster  Bowser.  -.1  the
liriiish Columbia A. F. ,V-  A.  Jl
fraternity, is visiting thr interiorI
Thr provincial government    isj
advertising fur tenders lui-thr con- j
struction of a bridge over the  101k
river ut MorriBsey.
A Bolitary Chintimnu arrived in
Phoenix uur duy Inst week, luil
concluded the place unhealthy uiul
iinnii- haste to depart.
Tin- (irt'i-nwoii.l Times appears
to think that uur ur both uf the
big railway companies will start
construction inlu tin- Similknmeen
Ihis full.
The LeRoi is a striking instance
uf lln- truth ul' ihr uld suyiiiL'. "A
good tiiiiit* ran stand bad management." After being robbed, jobbed
und plunged into an indebtedness
of something over a million nmi n
quarter dollars, ii is now practically without liabilities -.1 uny kind
uurlli mentioning, has enough Sill
oro in siglit to ullow stoutly ship-
 nis of nenrly In. I tous'month.
ly. n secoud-elass dump worth
a'l.uiil half a million ilullur- m I.
ninl several hundred tlunisiuii! tons
inui'r uf Ihr Bamo uialrrinl blocked
mil brluiv und readv to mine. Ami
,-till there nn- Boine pig-headed
knockerswho will tell yon the Hoss*
Inml i-liuip is nu good.' If Ross-
innil mill lnul ne inuiiy competent
mi in- mu n arris a 4. it hns minus with
puy urr. this camp wuuld have n
popuhition of nboul 20,000,
Tin* linnl Northern railway intends to pr 1 immediately wiih
iln- construction of a iii f railway from Midway, in tin' Boundary "district, tu Princeton, iu tin* Si-
milkumceu. via linll- y Cily. The
riches uf ilu- mineral deposits of
tin- Siiiiilkniiirrn i-nlley arr lu 1 e
turned into the tiranby smelter al
Grand Forks for reduction; Jmues
.1. Hill, president ul' thr Hunt
Northern, owns liu* controlling n.
li'i'rsl iii lln- Clriinby sinelter; ihr ■
(Irnnliv peoplo own large intereslsl
in thr'Tiilnmrrii  uml Boulder dis-1 SENDING OUT LIVERY
tricts. and so it comes   abonl  that _tnlm_,*t*,.*_*.       iiuy ond somi.
.Tames .1. Ilili is going lo build a | !!*«-»_.'!     ':.. I'-GlGGuV'S.
Rii—tr- VOUR    _
CCOl'NT.   in r
RREARS '. ? ? ? ?   •
If the rush oi business j
' prevents YOU finding j
time to writ-: up your j
books, or having your i
bills and accounts regu- :
larly rendered and col- j
; lectcd, apply to
I'. II. Iini 217
f  CRANBROOK, ,*  .* B. C. j
 i Un'-"
able ray.
Royal Hotel. Crnnbrook
linr uf railway right inlu iln- hearl  ti|!.',,,
ui   tu   nri   ns n!   I'...'
made by Mrs. Elmer, and  u  coeb  feeder for his smelter nnd his liu. s, j™,"
wns mado bv Mrs, P. J. McMnliiin.;of railway to the soutli of the In. n- nnlrt
'I'l,,*, ininswere shippe.1  to  his I dary line between Cnnda and  the I „ »(£ ""^       ' !'""™
®  n-lnlivi's in Otlnwn. 1 mled Sluli-s.
n. .orvn ynm
I mul H'l inn
li- illiliTH mil
,J~7~~~7~~~JX.^-.'.'-... :-■■■■. g.gggg; ■■ ■■ miimmmmmmmmmm	
1 " ■••    irintiitfl ie an Svt '33
■ II—Flilll I Illli' I    II    I'lllllllMI ■
a Hi
i|   I j-
"t 11-I
The Herald Practices the ar . Yoi   :an get cnly one kind of y| ll;;
)                                  Printing in this office.     i  ...        ibest. li 11
5                                                  ' _k Ih
^-S_Sii_S-g-§-S-8i»i_._8-i- ■    .    .               • ■:■ !_i_g.8i_.!i-l.i$|_i l|
1 IJL*/
I'lll s
111 11	
l.ili. II. 411." '
,,f    ll_4.ll-)
I"'.       .
4    ll ■ '
„|ll|,.. ' 1
14 1.'    lllll.
AU   I.  i    i rm
iinl_..l .,   -
t„l'...|   4,4       |l ■ -
II..'.. ,
url.-i_-ll-.-li_.il> ..i ii
4,1 '.,.
.-■-rill. -  ..-
will iliM-rilni '        '
iniilil,'-  In ,
ul.iili Hi,
I. i .:.-;-.
'IV il*,
-        H'l    .44   ■
lurini     ,4-1 1,1 4114.1 I..I-
 Illilll, lli, ll IlllillH
Hlllllll,    till- .11    I        iim     ,., -t       Illl 1    .'     s.l
 I .   lll'l   Sll   I'lllllllH   'il-l    111 flu. "'
Ill   ' ,.|l|llll   ,   4'     '    'll.' 1.44   Hill  '.' "4 I. 4l"',l
I' "I      '.   '        -     ',.1-1-14"
"I. - i   I- i' .si ii liiitiilnn
ll H     I'.  I   'in-.'     ii,   ll,*,"   -U   I'lllllllH
'    IIHI'IIHI    lli.'l. "- .lllllilll.
i - ' ■ .     I  ,-    III*      I,, lllll.'t.  |,|   III*.
1 .,
.111,1,   '.I'  .1,1
Conl anil Petroleum Notices.
;■■ ini ,..
li.ii.k Itulit-rlH -,., I'lirnnr i "-i tnlinlti
' I'H     ,'.,i 1,11 -   i tn   l     ll  -HI   i linll,-
li       i"    *"   ■!    ,1,-1    II 'i-   sn
lllll,     I   „  4„,      '..III.-    l-IIHl    1',   Ill,'
,.    t,| , ,4  ,,,,,, -     IH  I     ;,,,,-
lllll     I'Ul     I,.,   I   Illl-.    .lll'llllll'l'
Mtiu't'l   '.Ifi - - ii.   I'ltrniT   i'.1!' lulu.
ii    '   ■' - p. ,',.ii.i,i'. il..'.  -" , , ,,i-
II   I'l      111.   .,-,      -   .   ,   lilllli-   "ll-t      lit' 'IlllillH
.lllll,      lllllll.-    -.>     .Jllli   IH    lll'Hl      I"     |'l 1
iiniili   lll'l  :i. ii'-.   i.-ii'nii'.l
s.],i. nili. Illill, by I'Iiiih Mi-IIntri'.
I.'   ''"'.I     11      IVllHI   S    444.     U.Ull'l   |„-l     ,,   l
li ..' Prank II us'.Iiiiiu.
                 '        .         .il-ll    1 14      1       l lli,! \
. 4'1 H HI"   Itltl'llll tl      i,', 1,1 'I   I'lllll'
1 Iiii-l   "I IlllillH 4'      1  ■-,,, '  ' 4
■    '''I   4,'    - nl I   lllll'll. ,11          Wil ■
,"-!    I .,....   I'.l
lun rn ■ iiti) tullii-lni;
lll-Hl-lllml   Llll-l*,       lu     11 ■  III   , *"'
,mi..| , i llri-i-li . nliiiiil.il. iil-nill   1.1  niili-
'-.-I     ..Ill'-'   I.',                                     II ll|.l      11,.Ull
lit   llllll    .1 I,.,,           1,1
.'-isl   i.l   llllll  -     - till*.   	
I,'..!   inuu               i l.n nnil Iiii
_,,ni- Mulii       ■   si, uml
I   I.i,*    Ji   Ull,!'            I', ill.
I'lllll.   I I, .    1 ,.... I
,,.,- - ,  ■ I ,
s   1    .,    ,,. .., i    . .     1
44        -iinn-t I Iiii
ill...,    lm     >., SlorllUII
M ,ul„"   mnl ■ lm    lliiin ■
Initii l   i ,- -   , - i    -:i ilnlnl
.1  It. M.-l.-n         i.l i-i.riin   l«. .
- •
■' -■  HI.Ill     .■      '  ■      . ; ..   i  	
Sll "lljlil 4,  U'l'.t     |.|     |l!| ...     ,,:li  4.    I ,,ll
III. II    UIU    „!•_•>          I.   •"  I .11.'114-4       I   HI.
Ilml. by It         .44 ll..11" ii   I   i Iiiih.   11.
N4JJ-.*■•■, x u  ,-.*    y   -^ fr*-*K     «v     w~ts- 'S™"^. w""rfc.
Synopsis ni It-.-niilatluiis (nr disposal ill illin
nil.- on Dominion Lands In Manitoba iB.]
iii.* Northwest Territories mnl ilu* I uknn, 1 ,
.       '        4 I       I   '..''       I"
..   ■        ' um i 	
. ,   ;       I.    S.-I-I-
I lins, Mi'l llllli'
I , .  ',:,i'i,li,',4 ,i ii "iii'iuT
,441, |UI-,     i'll'i,'4|'...lll'.    "   ll.-U'ii)'    Ul    Ul','    mil     -
11 HI   I'         .    K -llllll III Ill'l'l       It.
I-         ..   ■- .illllllil. I,
I' -     I*.    III"...   .."..I-   1. lll'lll.
.in 11 -1  i'l Ill-lilt. linlillllU li.'.-  IIIIII
. ....ii 11I.1...11 i'iiiii tin ;i niiiiiiii; 1 i I
,i.'   i        „   I .1   ;   -i (em I,I   n»
:,,',.n ,n nnl   i- * tu uni'li t-llil nu lii'i- .''   '■"
till-lllllL-ill  4"lll.
Tlie i-liiiiii Himll lm t 'ilnil iiilliin lim
I illti'inl li. li|i|ily i ■. I li.*. 'ii. i iiii-sim
 1.       ...I'l       "    Hi.       44'4l      11..-     1,-1
um .i ri i l-.ii.li 4,1-1 iinrliH '  ■     iii'l
Ki.iiti'll'il    I.i    .      I4l      i...    4   . |. ii-;,.
uiul mnl |"-l .un,,   Illl'lllllll
IiUi.Ih, Hilini'i',1 ni II,. •  mil r nl II
I'ullimlllil   in I    iiinni      I I    mil  ' Hin	
I'U'llH    Nl-Hl     4444   '        '.    mi'.       I    I'-!   4.i   l||, Tlllltll   i-     I
r I'll,  ulnrj rn l l„l. i *" i,"I "4.1 ■ "l     •'"""' ' |.'*'1 '   I"'" "»'■ '-'.fi'
4111111,1 r  Mill."I   .- k,   I'liii.    in.,. ;i".   *'""* !'"   '   j ."."*'" .'Imui"
.rn-,,  i    Iiiiinl   i' -:   ill   nn.l  n it*. I*'...   .-I..im
II „    ll.i.r*.    I.    I  -   - In. IHI riirilPI* |,.1H|
'    I 11- |,.illilll    I   .1:1    _l  I,,   lll'H   ,,,,l"l   ...   -I    	
sll   ,1, 4-44-   lliil'l i.   Illl-nn       '
llll'lli'i'   '-" i     ii i-  Hlllllll,  ll'
!■'   Illl    , L.lll     .1   ,.IIH  I.,  U'li
.4" II I'll      111.1'lsl       ll'll
liuii   ill us  'Iiiih. Mi
I I"1**1'
,l,v i-Iiii*. M,
Ami™ llml..»'.  i'.i'.  inl'iliT, llllllll  ul uml I i.nriili'il Si.|
mljtlillilf- l.l.'l ,  - .      ,1   - .    - ■   I
sn  ,l,.,,„.     , il,,   •     „•„   Kll  rl ,,,        ,.,1.1    Mn.l.l.|.liirl'li»|'
lli.'l     SI,     I'll,lil,,    , 1,,    |1„,„,,,    Sl,     ,|„il,-l   '        --.,-.   -
1-llHl     1.,    11,4,, ,l:i. ri-Ki Hii."  "" '  S.I.-l......«_U.sM 'I- Mllllllil
Illll'l. 1,1'1'llllH..lll'llllll'l.
,    44,-1     I I.    lllll." Ill   ll
lilli   1    in.sl    I'lllll    tlllll    |„.| I'llllMlll    "I.liiil.
Illlj.ltllltlll     li    4,1'ltl!     IV.      t'll4""!l     -    Hlllll   1     "llHl
,"11.'I   J.-    ll,   III"'  .        .11    'll  1,.   -     I,   Illl),    llll'l"'
SI.   rluiitlH   pilot,   ||i,.|    Si,   "ii,.,44-    mulll
•    lllllilll   ll|| ■     ,s.     I ,4   "-1   .'„,■;...1    1|.„.
| innl. I.i- M. iiiiii  M.i'lli- ,-   m.I I Iiiih,  Mi-
I      liiiiml    i-'-i    ." ll   llllll    ; "'t...,1,11   "1,tim,
'    I    .I'll      11,11,1.   -      lllll'    ll-l'll     '      ■     "I-     1      I   M-l             ll
Furnishes a class of news that cannot be
found in the best metropolitan daily or weekly published,   it is a weekly record of those
events with  which  you are associated.    It
tells of die home, the ranch, the individual,
i fhe industries that are making fame and fortune for South East Kootenay, the sports of
Ilj the mountain and the valley.   St tells of all
| that combines to make the mountain homes
1§Z^'l!-'|||| of British Columbians so attractive, and why
people  are  anxious to return when absent
on  pleasure or business.
I,,:.,   i .is ,,t Mniiltol in nml tin* its.
. "\.'.'|.i:ii- tin" Inli'iii   ti-riili'iy.—A   I.
, mi,, , in y n... lenses ul liv."
li ror n term "I twenty yenrs, tnllffl
odlseretii I tin' Minister ot Um in
li. .I. il
InK *..'""
.if.   1*
Conl Locutions.
..   I„.i,,l,i   ilu.,; iiiiii   llilrly
I      4"!   1.1   IIN"ll    ...Ill" "lli.'l
K..inn  iiuiii..'-
luu Ann".  llnrlnw'H  im'. ii't'iit'i'. ilmi .-ii
SI, I'lllllllH   Hlllllll. llll'l 'HI'-    ..-	
Iill..,,  ul   l„.|iln.in_.  nullnlniim  '.".   -. ."■
iinn ■ i"     i.iii'tiii'il   ii'iii, :.  lm ' I■,
rl.ns, M.i;	
.itisS     I   il'41     I,"Hi]',..-..   4-"      .-.lllll    ,11.-1    ml
inil.      \ If..—    II I'l"  .-.."      I."l      llmni.'
nu [I'IiiiIiih  nnrlli, i:..'i   m.i .l.niiis  *.\<sill,,-.    Sll    I'llllitl.      '"".!     Ill I l.ll"
tliTl'S Illill'.'"! i"--      I I,' i'l- I '    |'l    Jill, 11".I.
lil I'l.lis.  Millllll-l-,
r.Hiiiiin c, i:,,umm's s". iiitimi' i■,ii.■ i,,i,i_
mul mii'lli i.l  ..•!..-    : u ii" -  ■'   I."..."
sn  i'lllllll,   ii,,,!".   i - ,4...
I ll.l,,,..    s||     |,t|,llllH     -   .lllll,    rii,"   *..      "'llllt-
I'llHt   111   |i|ll 1    li". lllllt'l^.    i UlllllIK    'illl
li.'lii'H iiiiiriuu It—     1.  I - .;.l   Till,llllll,
nyii'iniH. Mi'iiuiri..
luni Kenneth . n ir.  iht pn.i, s'lntli "i
iiiiii n.ijtiiiiiim n. a. M<-i:.il_-'-I'liiliii, ilii'i....
 -i iii;"i.."i;
II,   liiriin's Inml
14-      I" ,       -"
ll'illllllH   >t.    |.llll
Mill   "-"HI",	
I"    '"'1   I.' I
,,,,,„'  -,-,,111,11
»l Hml,,.,   llll-l.,' ".ml
I   l,.:ii,lilli_  I'lllllllillillg
I Aimii-I. mnl.
.'ill. UHU.
II  I ui'liey. I.ocntnr.
Murk liiiiiiun. .liii'in
____ ''   ""
|4,,sl.   III.-    Kll
Inlil   :   ......   4'.,.,!   mill   |_l_ilt..l_l
itri-I'li. Mll'l'illltl'H    .-.niiii'i'ltsl   .'..uml
ll.lj,.' S    I'l'il    llllllll-.    IU.rll.HHU..
,,i,-l.    II ,'    Kll   I'lllllllH    llllllll,    'I"
I'lllllllH IteHl, llll'lli'i' Htl I'lmiiiH    In
ssoo's rlnlil i* eonllnoil i.i lln- siiUmeri.
•I lui- in ilm river lielmt Inn wntei
i,ils„u|,,,| 1.4 tlm tinlits ti* .ill liersnll!
,.'.44i' ulm mny reoeli ilrli * tut Imi
tnr I' .U'li G llllns. e.\ "'Ut i'l. Hit' siisinil
I 4ni.!i'-''.e'il on Ilm output nlli'l II i'l, tis
•um in tlio Yukon Territory,  si-, i.'.isni
mill's ,.;,,.||   inns In' ■iliinli'.l l.t ll ll'.'o
in .i lil'ltl nl lui'iity yt'ili's. nlsu ii'iii'ii-
."' li.-'s'"|s llio°rlv.-l-' below low ivnlot
-,". ''.■:'■'. it';-'. ,!i.'  !:■[   'i'u'" !■*..'•.:-. ninl
.l.-.-'lm .-.ii-li li\ .I.--, uitnlii six yi'iir>
■';,!,..,*.    Ilemnl.si'i'ini mil-* mr m-i
- \i
11-iIth  I   I"-" I.'"
|,,''l    1,44'        ll'l     Ilili.
II..I.V    I , I.~ H.I
su   .Imi till, tlml
'I        lllililll   lit-	
'"   Willi..t.i IV.  V,'. II'h s
I; U U   Jim    "'
v.,,l  Tlli.lnill.
mlinliiiiiK  '
'lull    lliii"!   ll.l..
,1'kH fill   n il   "II-"!'
llllllll illU    tlfs.li	
,11   il   I H ntnl
i-'.Sltll<l   lllllilll    lm
ll 'Illl-IIHI I'llt'lll'
-illi" ' -»   Hlllllll'
Illi   in H'l     I   Hilllll
ini: lil'it"
lllllliil   inm .1   nml   1'.
an,-*.   II-   SwilBf I'l''   ""
,,,,-,. ,„!i ilniliu N4'it i'  M''U,
■ilm Inn t.-n iluiH, it Ilm ,-1'uiiii I* -villi:
■ i:i--,l"i'l'f,:'!,  'I'll.!!'  lllll'll  ni "
loynlly slmll lm elinrgcil, tlie
l;..y;.lly ill'lli-t'.ili'tit Oi.. nml j
y innl, llii'ii i'liiliii-1 illii'Nui.li)
i" ninl   iniiinu*  f **.    A i-lnnii
n.l .it'll, nnil nntllier olllnlneil nn tn.
k, mil.'li 4ir rii ,1. liy glvlnu notice mul
i.-i lii'il.. n u cliilm eneli yen I* ti
il ut icnsi niton,
 It i.".  In <"''-  "I"
„|.,-.   l--.|ili*ilK..|il. Till, HUH.
..;   niiili  .-.Nnrtli-   inl,,
: i ii.,|,n '■  iii
l-llllltlH, tl ','   HI
Snli,-,' i- liereliy itlveii II nl '  " ." I    Ini
.I'l"-   I   iiil.'li.l  I" iinnii    Iii'-l '" ".
.liiUiiili.tl In
|,t,I'l In,, ,ill
Inl nm I,limit.    I.ni'uleil   Si-nl.  '.Illi.    lnul.
I'Iiiih. Mcllulri.,
llll.lrt"!      Sl,."',   I"    1,   I'll I      4   444 44'   4    |"
llli'l -IH,l-ilii«H,_lll . Iluinn " "In..'.- ».
Ilmi,".. Stl.Ji.iin.  I. III.Iii.    -nil   llllHt
. Afi-lil.
t   Illilll   till
tils Inl'II Illl-IIHI.
.Il.i.llllll   lll.t'il
IJllHl     lit
III     llif    I.l
„|,l,|,',' "II
tcn-s. I tt
lill.rn   llil
M.lilii.l   s,i
lllnl. by -   .I'
ll,1.1   if
I    ,114-44        "I    I   'I     I. l.ll      .1-.1     -   I'!       ■    Hi       HUH,
I,VI  In,-   ll-     III
Iliili'il Set
itlofliieil nln
III lllllllislllll'i
j! is not only a ,oy and a source of information
;, to your own home, but it is a weekly letter to
| relatives in the old home back east. Western news is always of interest tothe old folks
at home, No young man living in South East
Kootenay should fail to send the home paper
to those he has left behind. The father, the
mother, the brother or sister, will soon watch
for it with anxiety, because it. tells the news
of the country where the boy is living.
Iniilnl   p., i   ,,,,4   ii .tl  |it'tiitl"ii;n  ,l,i
.1. A.   ,ll.'l.,;iiis   in .till. us.  i.iilit'   |'i. I,
liiiiiiii-nuiili'tiBi ,!.Iniin 11  .1 l   iii inln
1...-I,     llllll,..     SU     "li.llt.s     ||,lllll,      III,.11.f
plmlm._-it.in i ti I'-iiii a. "."it
|nS lllll tm ns.   Lni'iilpil Align,1 I Hii. If
liyninrlllni M.i-lli.i''-nml I'l.tt- Mflliiirt'.
lullinl  ."■:   i'niil  nml  iiiiinl  'In
.144 -I   ■        4,',     llllllll-WPHl     t'lllll ■!'    llllHt,
i,.i,,i,..   .1     A     M.I...,,.-   iiuiii,u-i   cur
S.l   .'li.iin-   insl. IiiiiI ll'li   .ll   lll'H Ilm    inn.
Iirliiiiulll i"s.   Iitil'i I An-. I Itll.111(11,
Ni Slnrlinn I tin',".- Ill I i ,,i     11 Iiiiiin.
lllll i.l   it.i.-t   mini  tiii'l  !'.■: ',,i"uiii   plnlm,
lliiitiin Mil It's   ..-, iilhi'i 'nr •  |..,sl,
il,l]„l„lnv-. I   M,l."4'i.'. i.in.i 'u-i p r,
Iiui"'  -n rln     ll,   HipIipp Sii    . 'i..,.,,
44,-I.   Ilmi rn    <ll pi     ',     ■ mill,   tlii'liri.   Ml
llll'l iih'.ii. |.lii     n    '     ".'ii'-.     .in
nc nin nu, ■■   I. inr, ; lib, mn
I" 1 ,,,   illlil1,,--  lllltl nnil, ll 111,III-
I- illnl   '    in il   illl I   ;,'■ -   Imi,i   plnlm,
miMlor ills
„rtii.i-..l TlininiiH  rlmiiwiii'i. liniil"
lU'in'ii" 1,,,',•: ■ - ii   ni    ,      ulnu IJlltra   ,,„„.„.,       .-,,.
Mill- '. ■-- i-'ii-ui-r. H    * ni • nun nr, ||,n
timi Kll "lu.l.m pn. I. ll ..- .  nn       i-li. ,,, ,,1,1,11.4,1 |
 1.44,4,-,,  |,,4    I, I,,, -      rl.-.
,* nlulnn'l I'"-     1 Hi- '* I".   nil..'     I J'1 !•'
llnil, l.y i lm,-. MpIUiI
iM-y Mur! iiis n.i*..-,
,,,i,n,m nil,.' SfII-h cl
Hlllllll, iln -,„■.. -.,,.-.,■, in
tuirtli. llmui-i' - - flu
tipginnhiK, fi.uiiiii. t'^
.s,,,,i.-,nl,  llllll, liy I.-li
iii.iinl,: X. MeT-rli
nilinlnlllg.luv Mni'lll
su clinlli. soulb, ut
Ilmi Wl pbnlnn nortli
lopiiu r I,, ni, it,
jlui-iili-il Sept. Illli   111
-   I'.llti M.i.iiii.',-.'
nl,I MiTiivMi'h ., .v. ,
lii'irinni'iu. '""1
Bi.|.l   lltlt. llllll
11,11   ,!-","
4 I'l,   I
_K-.-nt.-il .'* |.i.  '    |
.rib uliiml ml-1,'
il'pil   llnil    liiill v  .liu-
"I'l'il   I"  I.i.'l *
tltt"    I   ill"'., illi.  ill   -fl'il.f.l
,1111.' 'II I, lli III"
'liim   rll'PP,   I'JiihI   li""
Mii'jli-i. Illli;::!!!. f.npnlnr
Murk llr  Aui'1,1.
- I." "I"-  liiuu Uml   tlilrly .In
■I i.in.!-. ml ,.,'u.s imui lit'ftist-
4IK   il.'HI'llllt'll
ll It". ,,,  II,"
IJ'1,.1   Kit...
rib  llmlninl
ill u |inHt llnill.".    "Sniillmnsl
'it.     I ',.    bum"    llll'lli'i
i nn n    M  i  .n   -I   !.'  i   ' li '-■ '     'imi
,   ,'.  Hi  , .   -ii .'...ni.   nurtli,  'b. ii.-.' sii
Ini.iin.' "Uu ni [PH.    I ll   U'li li   |   I 111, ll.nl.
b.i-.Kl,, |.„4   i| -ul,,   44 llllll I || i-    '!,'lllll',,.
Iiiiiinl  nn.l   i",     ml Iwim   clulm.
I'. S. I nml.,,'.  ....      ,  ,-4 .„  ,„,- II,
i,l  nml   mil    till,,j    ,1 i,,n;    I,, |, i,„',   .I,,,,,,
llmtmi' nil "1| limi HOIltll,  (In ,14*1.   Ml   .1. ... -
-Ml,     lll.l.'"     S.l     ,1,111,.     4,4,441,.     |||,.| II
plinln.piisl, Iii : potilnlnlnn
illlliif:,,-     I ,,, ,'"1   l HIIIHI   :|tli.  llllll. by
SlPI'linO   U   I'll  'll- 444!   I ('llllll.   M   Illlil'.'.
i iluinn ill IW.    l.isniflAn.;. I I'll.
l.l':i'i'l;i;i;Miilllifii'Hiiliillll''H   MHIni
r sit,* Interior, Ottawa,
.t.iMi:*. A. Slill:.
lli'liillviittlii'M'iilslt'l'ol Ilie Inn
Sin,ill   Iiiitl-
i"iiiiiu   llul
III    Ml
il,.si,   llmni
illtiin. im-1.
nl    -ill. 111.1 .'liliu.,
m-l nnimi'iiit-t. nil-
Illlt'ltl-ltt'Sl    I'lU'lllT.
ll.   lli.'l   'll  "Iiiin-
,   hi,lllll.   llll'lli'i'   Ml
"I -I I' Ann
-iiiiiiii liuliliiu ui ri.iitliiiiitk. IipIivppii
c I -  ifs l("iiiul.ls. ,il I'inl ,s l.'.n.r..
I"" 11,  |,|||| III Itt. llllll    .lllll'll    l.lillis I Illl'lllllll.
I ii.i in.' ili» nili.liuii nll'i'i'.b'i'i.'k II.
Mniiis. "I.-l Hip ll.lll lln) nl I.f|,li-l.llml*. A.II
l' i     ili-mI ii i-itIpi-ul i |t,v iiIiIiIh
"1,1," I 1,| l| l'l.|ll    "I   lilt's sill Ibis
mil    ,,nl,II."li'in   in   ilm Ih-ii,.- ul Ilm
I"   lllll     "',     II.!"Ll    "I     -F|III' I'    l.'.lll    lllll
fi iiu.v MiiuIhIi'ni".
-I,lllll.I,'1.1- 4 I'MI'.l     I*.   A|' '4 41144
I    Itll,lil'.llll..   ll.lll "I'llt'llllll.'H. I -
-    lllllilll IB, llllll    -llbl'l'l   I."Hi-   lllll'll'
-.1- .- ,u'i I l.t Iin bul.Ifli lit IJl'tilllil'inik
Ullilltvnt.li'l bm'. Uiul,ill llifliiiin
u-.-lui-k   i...'.". ,  u,l
 I I,. II I'lllllll, III" "Illl-111,II- III
... *ji-t„ ™_i imlil Citrlln ,1
Durick nn i.t'1'..inii A. 1..
t:,i"iilt'.v|l..tinl    s.*,ni>
,- 1,-,-To etinll liuiiiiil     2	
mu. I—Tun luiil in:"!'"-' in unvil     10 01
Tolnl line    .Win
lmm.I ibis Sib ilnyn. Si'l-l Imr, lli.il-
.1. '•'. ArinslftiiiK,
Imbl iii'.'lnliii   *.« nu
I is the home paper of the district.   It covers
the news field, it pictures from week to week
|j the life in the west, it tells of the resources of
Sifs';!I';Ki|j| South East Kootenay, the richest district in
il resources in the Dominion.   It is a paper that
fj| will give pleasure to you and to the old folks
at home.   You should subscribe for it now
for yourself, and you should  send a copy
»1 back east.
ll-ii sum'.
III.lllllll    Mr*. 114
Inlnlii- lllll iipiph  l.ni'itlptl Anu. I lib. Hint, j
b.i Shmiiii  MnitlmitHiiiitll'hiiH. M,llitii,"
Tnln! iitniunil    Ifm
Iniilnl   |t"-l   uill   nml imli'iili'ii :.-,;,,-. I
(■> ..Imui,'- Huitlli-WMl purtiPi ,„,s,,i l-.lliPlMi-li.liiiil:
Imi'i.'p'.'u.lKllMlmi'U' Kl. , I, iin-  p.,ub.   1 ■",'  -ll  ,.!,„;„_ j
hint um iiui .-   i nn.l  ii,44   i nn. I nui   :
I l,y Hli-rllnil Mill I llt'll'H uml I'Iiiih. M.-dnirp.       >'
. nl nt t-ti,Itiiir" ul Ilu- nlil f Until,, ni tlm (ini'iTiuimiil ..III.'", (iiiiii
1115 n'plnok |i.in.. I'-it'i'liI nn Snl lii'in ii tl illpf ivill I IuhpiI ul une
C. II. llin.lmi'-
The Subscription ^J AA ^ VfkQV
is on\y...SSSS «P^»^l> Cl   I Cdl
You can afford it. You often spend $2.00
foolishly and don't miss it. Try this year
spending $4.00 for THE HERALD, one copy
for you, one copy for the good old folks at
home. Try it for one year. You will never
regret it.
—I $2.00 A YEAR I
I »■*___-__■***■*■«»■ ,-M__.-_l______:__»-.-_.-_______i__in«____l THK   l RAJS 11 ltd It A Lil
ne ..
" ■
'■  ■
To catch the ey. oi
nature you r. :_>■■., ■■ i
the eye oJ the if '■ e
Irom one oi the m
mt slo, k oi
Ladies Costn
Skiris, Cli itiinery
,u; especially designed to i        I     n   patrc  i.     _  j;Iai ..
through the ab ive met you of the i  rrectness ol
ity les .m.I thccoi .      ■ .
__? '.    i .  0
Rr'*.* ..
4$>** * A   I  . • .<   ..    j- .
1    PU [ELLIES     -
J     / .APES
BS     - !
|| Gray s Glasgow Mai II   jars 15c; 2 lb jars 45c rtjj
__ Crosse & Blackweli
|| Australia ijamsi X
v U.     i .    K.'j.j - , Groceries and Crockery _fi
9        ■       ■ "-•        i
_H_£<    _■..     I !      -   "    ;-'   ,-<****.
•: •_
in..-..-1   .1
- ;      -'i'i
iSo the: parson told .
This is ithc
in Cranbrook's G
sins, but the Greates
intc the city.
As an incentive t<
cent and refund if .'..  ■   i . ..; sa
This holds good un
1 ■"' ire ouwelves,
-'■"--ii individual employed
ffl '" t unload not only' our
en's Goods ever  brought
tiascr we will deduct 15 per
[HI .-        * CO.|
wmwmwmwM ■ ■ Gi^.mm
I Change of :       _« -.•.■*: •. **-
Harris Brothei i their customers and
the public that th Mr. Jolliifc'
interest in the tin i     II     .   \ ,   ■ .  :           !__
14 l__
i ' ■' "    :I   ■■ '                ive thc             J
so ■ ■                           Id manage
£. ment.   I' * ,     -.---.<.-
: \\Ct   ,.:
.';■'..":'•'        ' ' ,', ..--.■.
 I    4    IJ
1 Wini d Cigar
rooh, B. C.
Cranbrook Coltagi   Hi sp I
-     ...
I    ,.   4'.',
Is   ■!     ,    Matron,
 lm   **•,   l.iil liil, Vim-
readier ol piano! and organ.
I'or terms, etc. apply between hours
ol three and live o'clock on Wednesday and l.-:d_. .it residence ol
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
cd a Big Line oi jf
|V.      ?»■*?<{# mil
J? I.
K ¥^'
iUP'to=Dat. Slater^ i
^ 1 ,-:     -
1  '      /:
■ ;'.. ,'.?
"'.,■      E* try lel i stationery purchased from jl !    ■   ;:.
... go d taste and refinement. $ ,    '. j..
our 1 Paper and Envelopes.   It j£
£ ■     ■ '"■ I
Wi are  till do ..   mall  rder business.        'g£
i    *
•ii i
Tlili    il    ii'tlui    i lii„lii.,1
. 4     '
I       "
I   Btatfic'* m Drug and   J
BOOil  H'v^, albert ll Hays» Deal       |
ij G'iGG^G-:      ' 4    !& W&%rWWW! 1
Private Hotel and Catering Co.
Banquets, Balls '.''..Id! igs, Picnics, etc., catered fur
The dining hall can be engaged lor private patliec
For terms apply to
Willi.-.1   An Aliriiliiini Lincoln
Crnulirooli Clerks.
Tlli-lii-.il nf Inn,--  :    III    Vi
liiver 'IV;; tlllll I'..IV.''   Uo
II. Cumi-ron iim! wife, ol Movie, Mrs. W, S. Keuy, of Fernie. is
ere in town n eoupk of tlnvs Inst the Rural of lira Bister, Mrs. II. II.
eel,. McVittie.
For the genuine Stel - ! ' i'i j .Mrs. I'. .T. Bradley is eoliliiieil
Lilt) sec Morrow & Mi-Furl..    .    : I ' lln* Imspilal witli'iin  iiltnoli   "I
TheC. P. B. elu-e-ks  .untie the Wl>iM fc«"''
carta of tunny in this ti wn linp i j     lluv your hunting Btovus null*
! We liuve the very best,
Piitiuore lir,.,*;.
Dr, Cross.tliu veterinn u .. n.
is being Ij4*|ii busy  ill. ■■■ ilnys nt-
ndiug to iiis uuuiy culls.
Why |,,it' S5.00 or evi Lot) Cor
Stetson l.m whi n yi ti i nu buy
them nt S4.0U ul
Fort Steele Mi-rcmitile I ...
• I. i). McBriilo bus ret-eivetl the
Bi-sl full enrlouil of healing stoves
ivcr brought to Crnnbrool.
F. Brynns nntl family lefl Tin s-
iliij' torn trip of two months to
Elorn, i Int., mul other point i iu the
Iliil & Co. will lii'.li'.i'i 15'. ..ll
all  i-iis-li   imrehuscs  until   fiii-lhei'
Picked Up \tio.ii iln- Cli)   tiy  Asking
Questions "l  il.*.in  People.
Luck j
' .        :■     mil iii   fiirnnee
l,.*;,i. I'ntiuore Bios.
Dr,   Bell   visitetl  [iiilewuj   ami
|10lt!llli   lasl Wl'l'k.
l\ lii i, you wi.nl fn sh fruil  tlm
will  s;i,l :';  p. Mt-;',, IPs,
Berl HI       'I   tlm leoil,  wns in
town In-: T.,i  "i.-.i
ii'   I 100.1 put
1'       iih     ,  , '    ',;,., 4    'llil.
Sl    'PHONE 17
wmxGGG'- ■ Gm\mmmm
.   ■■'   ' A, ■'■  ■'   ■ ■■■   ; .J .'  .  ru.i ,_;,f,/,;
■J.'■-*.'.--.'■'    , , .'   _-   ..*  V  v  V > *
1        »IN HI . . STORE,        |
W A.  C.   BOWNESS. Wholesale dealer In H
I   Wines Liquors and Cigars   1
.£> New Rooms In Ihc Aiken Block, Ji sl North of Imperial ll.-mii funic:* $j
Cn i. ii-  high  - In - clothing
; ..- n .4. i Mct-'nrl i i
I', H. Kit. ti, ol Cul ..it. wns  In
toll n ■ Ill   till.. .   li.'     liu.-!   l-4'i k.
Don'l i.■;■::■ t tl   eun  buy
:' I mi i ull for ia n ills i.l
Fori Steele Mercnntilo Co.
l-nrolil Xution, who lins been
it illi n surveying pnrty (luring thu
summer, rotm-iiei] in Crnnbrook
ihis woek.
I iutuIIs ui 7-"..*. Sletsnn liuls n
$4.00iitCriinbrook'sl.<renlesl Store
Mrs. F. McMllhon llllll Miss  Al-
u-iiiiil.   of   Miiyie.   were   visiting
Craubrook   friends
ihis week.
li. F. Aekeruiun mul  twt
In- - idis week.
Dre, King nn.l (ir.. n linve
in atltlitiou lo their offices fi
1 uill
* the
iur] .■ .»l  giving  thein   in
onBulting room.
Bums conl, coko. or i\ oil.
.Jnmes Findlny cninu down
lie Sullivun  lust  week uutl
diuseil   n   heavy  ilrnft   ten
i for
work at the mint*.
!■:. li. Dickson,  recent!
Culgnry   branch  of the  lu
Imnk, lins been transferred  i
in t.i.fn,.i. bunk ns teller.
i ilu-
.     111!'
We l.m'.- the Big  Horn
bul not tbu big lientl.    Mor
"■«* iV
j. u. McE   :_;
in-  ;*i':*i::-
Tlu- Knights of PythiiiB hnve
purclilised a line Mnsou ,'■ lli cll
pinuo of - Irs. T. Kookesimd it wus
delivered nl the linll lliis wei ..
A, I!. Miinsfield. wlio wn om 11
ill ■ iii spairlli'l's nl this sti
in : the ."illy illl)'-,  ri i'n '   -"1
week nnil is now ni dil 01, lor,
i        McCALLUr,   ■       0.
W. !!. Lomisbnry nnd wife nv,
unjoying the sights of the Xi-ls.ui
fuir ihis week.
Mrs. li. I-i. Benttie was tnken to
tliu hospital Inst Fridny for treat-
ineut, nnd is uow iniproviug,
Wnnted Ajnnitortorth-Metlt-
nlisi church. Applv fnr pui-lifiilui's
in (I. W. Patmore, Eccretury of
trustco board.
Constable Ilnskius has been ill
M.iyii' Ilu- pnst iii'i'li iii charge of
atfuira there during the nbsencu ol
Constablu Bouth.
There is talk of anew hull in thc
Iniin mill il is snid Ihul il will be
i,limn ilm double the enpneity oi
the present one.
Crnubrook's Gi-eatusl Stun- hns
al present a stockof clothing which
would do credit ton city like Winnipeg, Toronto or Montreal,
•I. Ei. Hi.win's has been confined
in thu house tin. pnst week witli
illness. He is improving iiiiii will
n* ablo to be out again in a Euw
Mrs. Wi'llninii returned to Win-
nipig tliis week after ti visil of
several weeks with her daughters.
Mrs. IS. lt. Suiiili und Mrs. Geo.
We sell other goods besides Stetson hnls nml liiu* Iinni overalls.
Morrow iV* McFnrlanp.
W. n. Iliil .ml I'uinily returned
Tuesdny from tlieir visit wiih Leth-J
bridge   friends.    Mr.   Hill   lins n' _     _„.«»,™ .-■•■   .
story he tells nbout ll umber of     THE RlfiflT QUANTITY   WD QUI
ducks  I  grousuthut he  killed,! el the drug callcil (or goes Into
nntl lie tells it well.
W. II. Wilson mul wife returned
this week from their visil to tho
World's Fair at St. Louis. They
re.jorl n magnificent time nnd sny
tlml ilu- exhibition is all tlml is'1"
4*!uiiii,',1 tor il und more,
' .■ .i
.    *
.  .. ' '     .    ..  ut]' ell's
Morrow & flc te
c_        *v>
I     T ¥ I    i     A
i iT<      T-*.0*A&\    isF,     -.',
You cannot  afford  to let  your
'ictise get chilly.    Neither can
you afford to overlook cur s   ..
jf HEATERS.    Wc have
largest assortment ever uu-cugh;
lo Cranbrook.
i "41
Stoves, Ranges, C i   and
Wood Heate
Don'l forget that we do all kinds 11 I Ll \IBING required in
your house,    tt e guarantee all oui     rk to
be done by iir<! da is pi
j    1 w. -til tell ins ti
Me -ill .ell tils DSi ... *.   i   i
ar.c: ..I our  H.'■' *   •■■       •:■*>€«*;
md BOYS   :'      ' ■  J
. ,..,,   .41-:   In   :• '4 ic   ■
J   ■■*▼«■■             ..„.,»  *Uf\  n> maxc ";'.nw
'   ItthM W*   !        ^ our Fall and V-. ,     j        1;&&MM
I A_ah                ;    ! arriving even ■*!.**.*.
I 4*>Wy»«*            -    -f Comcaodbei nvin •    ,   - . ... U ...vj
""i    \ ed, ar.i _t Ibe    ■ . ■
r—-.♦**♦♦ t*j~\ time  i-i ii:... ■    «
iV^v-''.'.?^'''-/     ' »« foods and pi ..
'.-.--Jv;>j-*>: j'sJ'-.'.'J , -iiaiare riftat
. .A.-1.-G-.-  :.    '"r':";-
. ■:  -
Dm/I-*. nvhinilfSTi _l       '.     '   '   '
rrflscripuoDb ||i
nl   Iniilnl -   , ir
Ai;ciit for Calgnry Beer und Porter
9 Agent for T. Lebel _ Co., Hay and <i
***&**: . .. i . ..I, , %m;&,® iw:. r.
Hi'. Connelly  bus i i i.-l It
i '.i.tliiit'li   in  C'ranlu-ooli  ; ml  lias
,.pi';;.-ll    ,|,|    illii,'i      Ai   I
iivenu ■   nexl   lo   i'.   M       n   I
In iidditiou to sellinu ! ' tsou
huts mnl Big Horn overalls we sell
I'nuipl..'11's Senii-llendy clothing.
Morrow & McFarlane.
Fred Mitchell, nn old residenl ol
Mnrysville, arrived the Insl of tin-
ivi-i'k Erom Cowley witli his wife
and will make his home ut ilu-
BUielter city again.
Hill  A Co. nre innking special
prices for the bargain  Beeker and
will deduct   In- oil all  cash pur-
I'ul   days  chases.
11 is rumored tlml  the Western
Vancouver Ten andCofTeoHouso Oil mill Coal  company  linve dis-
is lhe place in buy your tun uud covered some big seams of coal on
coll'ee, their claims near Morrissey.    The
Maurice Qiinin lull Tuesdny for j 'i'"1 was 1"1"1" '"'" ™h'""'] ™t.
Greenwood to meel his Bistor who     ('. II. McNnblins gone to N'el-
oxpects tp leave  Eor her  home in | son to nttend Uie Eair,     Mrs.  Mc-
n few days. | Nab, who has been visiting nl   tlie
.1.   I). McBride is jusl opening conBt mv in .^e,8P"  ''"''. !!l'.'. ! :l:il
up the largest Bhipinont nf gruiiite ['"'v wccks' ffl11 n'",r" Wll!l l""1'
wm ver bi-oughl  to Craubrook, |    On   tho markel  is sold n  fuke
nntl hns morn en route,   Thosu whn  Stetson lint,   Buwni'u of linitutions,
liny unu' will help us mul. ■ i in   For tho genuine article go to Mor*
or new go nis
row _ McFarlai
*  ''-   ,    '■
Phe  l.,V I'. Coined}* Coinpaiij ■   ' -.»«■_■ --
"iii Ik* hereon the nth and fit),  oi '	
next month.   Jaines l'\ Post_is n '",,■;'.;;•  	
whole iiluiiv iu   hinisi'lf nntl   it   is
going to Ue ll chance Eor the people      .
toCo™price.U)ll'1VM y b""''S:      CHAS, E. REID & CO.. :;:'jj; I Druggists
liuve vnu lieen ul the Vancouver  """"
Inil mnl I nl'it'i' hulls.-.     I Imi l-.s'l
the   litiesl    lonEectionery   to   In
J Why send out of       OfAi  ■" |:''"C.   ?
; town lor your   WrOCl I  -     V^.-. Ug  .
11 hns licenstaled to The Herald     ,
thai the reason thata rille club has    • when yon cnn hnve i  n   dent
,„,t been organiml in Crnnbrook fabrics of the latesl fasliion.il. e cut.
to tho tact Hint no land for    1 don't chnrge for our name, liu
I    Ti,is    . mniii un i Ktting Clothing.
|.i,„i, ,,i';   ! Y/K HOMK INDl'STKY!   All I.  u.siieot
'      !   • onr ramie. I F\LL SI I'l'IMl*   i ;V<IS.
S    ' We   .
.,- well
IS lllll
ii range cm. I»- seen
seems strange with nil
prairie nrouud the town,
Tim l.i'lii I. the comuiercinl mn
nui.- of Pincher Creek, wns in tov
severnl days Ihis week.   Tim In
leurned to talk French anil has re-l   S> »•♦♦•	
centlv   returned   Erom   a  trip   to rr—~~ -
Quebec where he hud au opportnn-    J *******************
■<>■' 'actice the. language. ,  | JAFFRAY    HOUSE
.1.  II.  Mill'.fuiil. of Bradley  t
Co.,   left    veslei'iluv   for   Nelsnn   t
bring llis Enmily lo Crnnbrook to Jj
reside   perm; Mlv.     Mrs.   Mill- <    Head.inarters tor Li lermc
wnrdisaueinine.il  pianisl nn.l il I    tbe  linesl   llnnting anil   i-i
is her intention toor^uiiixen music . **
clnss ns soon ns she gets settled in   j QRANT DOWNING, Manager. 3
11  lulnu. I    <^v¥fftv¥t>t,VTy,.tf.,T.vv.-lr»vv»,»vvivi',iiv',',-.+*'+**W'l
T. II. WIIALEN - CO., Proprietor. C!!.\N UltOl IK    HKI.'.W.l)
. ■:•■::::■::::::::■.:::::.•.•.••••• •'"
g tte Cosmopolitan fiotel
A Fi-^:jass_Mouse Centrally Located ,. |
T 1 4 1
f« Fine Sample Rooms In Connection.    The bedrooms . j
Prompt and Satisfactory
m—i^——i^i—i ——■ win-—iinn *■ —a——-——
The Recent Fire at Ring's Lumber Mill.
11,,,.,.;, [tin- London Mutual Fire tnsnmuce Compnny, through Arm.1.1 iV   Rolierts. tlieir
... 1,4,,,'' i iimbrook, ll. t'.. the suiil ot Nino Hundred nud Fifty Dollnrs  |$il-"i0.00).  being  it.
Full i»,)-iui it mul   i-ttleini-nt of all claims uud deninuils for loss or ilnnuigi-by fire, wliich oe.
ct I'm, the Illli .in ol Septeiubi r, li'lll.
I'l        "'1.. II. I'.. Sept. 21st. IUH. I' ' n. I'.. Line
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
| are airy and com rtable, and the table is the besl the U |This showshow our companies do business, and if you want similar;offer timber lands comprised in British Co
tarket affords,
I";.-.•.-..'.•.: ■ . • : .'.'.GGGG*.GG
treatment in case of loss, insure with us.
 NELSON, li. C.
Mimiifiieti , to of I ivhnlesnle aud relnil deiilers i.l
Marble and Marble Work of All Kinds.
 luurrit-s, ; nil lhe ipudilj  is coi led
Monuments, Headstones, Narble Irii.i-
niiiiit's lor liiiiiiliit",-, n ■ j. ■. hilly.   Itj buying I > us you
el tin- iiiiii  rial ul li;    ■
|hbhhe i am imaBBM«n«»j
1  '     "    WFf*" JUICY MEATS |
li      .'•-'    *   .,- ...... 11. I.* LI inln un will. _£
j ..DRINK-
lumbia Southern and Columbia & Koolenay
Railway land grants for side and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some ol the finest
j timber in the Koolenay District.
r,.r terms, ps nud furllier |iiirlieuli.rs uppl} lo the follnwi
n [;i"""»"«'"k s:
\--f     ■''  * 'Hide linker, l'rnul.i',,,,1,. ll.C.     I-i   Miilhinilaine, dr., CreB.in. 11. C
!___.    li.,-.    _L\  111, 11. Wilson, Wunliu-r, 11. C, II  ft Jl   Bird, Nell .B.C
-    i    It.   li,   I'.l'lie... Willi, er.  B.C.
Made from the best malt and purest water, it Ls
unexcelled for quality.    Ash for CranbrooK
Beer and insist on. having it.
I 'I to
1'riii. li Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Albertn
I j The Crambrook Brewing ®, Malting Co. Lid. I
_       ;*
ft. s_i-4_! i»--J--v-***_i*vJ_-\»,**vl*NO--.ar*-    ;• i: silvs, ._■-_*-_. .--^vj-r.-j_*-_*-«
Also Ma-nufacturers of a_ll kinds of Aerated Waters. Jj k 2
CRANBR.O0K, * *  s»  British Colombia { I   Bn"sn tolumbia Illustrated
  —___.__.« m _iii_.ii ■■■■___-__iii__i-___-__-_M--_.--_r_-rmwwmr-TT  % CONTAINING   160 VIEWS
_-__-,__T,_*yT-*' 'F■T^,r'T/-■t_J._■•^■■Y:M^v^•^.v_W-^'_i-^!-__'^*a».
E_\      MH||WiHii-^*-*.'*-«riy*-_.*..K'J_W-_:^
I   ..Manitoba Hotel...   I
4: I I'u,h'l' New Mnlllllii'llli'llll X
\ |). A. McDONALD, nanagei* ..
4. ■»
< This Hold i'i i.i the center of town.   The rooms are ,.
J comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- .{
4 class, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you ■»
ii want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. 1>
,!,,,_. ^.-w^-fr****************************
For Cranbrook
uml in n iii.fiiii.u in i.luin* visitors In our
st.uv lhe im.,.1 cinnplctc stuck of
Wall Papers and
Room Mouldings
in the Knntciiiiys.     W'e respeelfullj. so-
Neil ,i sh ii I ittiir iiufrtiiuige, uutl inlil 'iiui lo cnll nnd   I-   _ I*;   und
j. B. Stephens,
II. I.. Stephens,
,\i. Rbckenilorl
J. Uivsitn,
r.-_i;_,_. ■' -H..S-- -.'.*_*_. _»•_. __ts__siws___i__
As we predicted several monlhs
months ago. the Flathead country has been thrown open. The
"rush is on." Tlie mines arc
running.full blast and everything
is lovely. If you are in our neighborhood come to thc Alexandra
Hotel, ll is the best hotel in
lhe district	
$ Stephens Bros. _ Cn., Owners mnl Proprietor9,
| Morrissey Mines,!'.. L.
II. I.. Stephens
.1. !'. Slephen_
The Richest Province In the British Empire
i ■- tnr - - .'- ■    .-.
t|      Sen Post i'-'ree on Receipt of Price, $1.00 and $1.50
$ Address, JAMES LAWLER, Rossland, B. C,
The Great Northern is building
from Morrissey to the cast.
Morrissey is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel is tiie "Hub."
If you wish to find anybody enquire at thc Australian, yuu v '■,:'
find your man there.	
•__r__n *___--ii
-.___--___-_t»«*.:;i. - ." „-__.,-,
I     '''-.._
I   ?,        BEST BUY IN        |        GREATEST GOLD        .
_    . i i
'■'   I ie r.PNTS _np i. i\ it t:        I
15 ci-:nts age is in b. c.
r<     7
Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited
THE AUSTRALIAN HOT'  '       I   I   ap!ul $625.000, of which 35 per cent. In shares Is now in our
,',   9 Treasury.   Shares fully pnid and non assessable.
THE lliii "_ llllli HOTEI .
Stephens llms.. Owners nnil Prnpricloi
Morrissey Junction, 15. Li.
Mines directly wesl of 1.
I.i: I Li-Hid Nn. 2, Wi
__w__f_U-_rar__r.K:-. *r; v_i_r-u-r-T_:i*. -*r
| F. ]* Bradley & Co. \
*■ Armslronit Ave. CRANBROOK. B, C. 'Phone 02 '{
k ,»
****** wvvv\.*r it ******* 4 ht.i v.,***********************
„..Z\k Owl Cafe.... I
Cranbrook Brick
and Tile Works
Taylor & Davis. Props.
Purn_cc<_ Boiler Specialists
! All tlescriplioiiso. brick worl.
| iiiiilerliikeii.    fines piustereil
by new lire proof process.
C inuu liriek, pressed brick,
lire liriek uml lilt- on huiul.
C, E. Estes, proprietor.
Oi'dt 3iii? .iiui ll'.tiibt.
Tin* Hest nf Rveryllilng In lite Enllns Une
tl jiiu ttniic iifi.e ymi will c-inie oflcn.    ll.
... elm in please...
To Subscribe lor the
Itov.   T.   Wnlker   und wife, of
A)plel  Wis., nn- -isitiiiK their
ihiiieliter. Mrs. W. T. Iteitl. Mr.
Wnlker lins retired I'i Iho ministry Uli.i uii:'.;;::i llltitili ill leni'i. lllllllS lieen ii ",i'e„l Irnvell.-r since his
relirenu'iil  I  ll.orouylily inijnys
iii-n sccues und uieeliii'.: new tieo-
|,|e.     Ile luinred 'll.e  HlTlllll olllll-
iiiili ii cnll nnd i-xpn-9s.il ll pinion   tluil   (.'riiiilirouk   lnul   n ivell
i',|lii|i|ii .1 |,ii:llin. |lllllll fill' II liill'll
Th,. linn itfHnrriB _',-..lill'e bus
: hu lined, tin   i! -r 'in ! i';l'. :;* Iinv-
miln the innrki. uud will contin,ie
the lilisiuess. Uolh.if ll.i-M!(si-iitlo.
men ure tuslleis mnl uill nnl let
nlllllliliu' |i||SS llml will he ii bene-
lil'ln iheir e.l- Miners,    Mr. .Ii.llille
pillion und In  will lie u sueei ss ul
It, 118 III' llllS l-ilt'll l| : in'il ill III nl'
linie   Ii.   lie   Slllllj' "!'  lie-    lil"    of
Joint- t.C__ll.-l. Of  llltlilill.l'lll..
is   lisiiii,..'   his   lu-iitlier,   I'.   Mc
r ii-ll,  nf  ilih; eiii    Mr.  Mc
C'tn.i..>ll in liikini-'utrip rorpii-iisure
uml is very fuvornlily impressiil
with wl.nl he hits Been in liriiish
Culiimbii'i. .-.cl eBpecinliy Crnulirook.      He   Will    |40   fl'    heie   to
Tticoitin in   lisil   iiniitlier brother
uml  lhe I 'nlifiirniii  for li lisil
ut ;i   (miiit   win re in- lived  .-nine
.Miss Milfoiii. n unlil tiieilnlisl
from Ilu, TorontoTecliiiicnl school,
nssisted   hy  Miss  Hi-own, nlso of
Illlil lhe mukiiift of jellies ill lhe
sl..renl'(i.T. I'n.-ei-s 'I'll, s, 111 V uml
Wednesdny of Ihis week. Only
lllue Ribb.li compiiuy's kc__1s nni'l
lli-iliie's Hour were used iu the
ili'iiiniisti'.'ilinns which were well
attended uud Beeinintdynpiirecinted
by ik.  Indies of:Crnnbrook.
The Jessie Shirley compuny
plnyei! two niglits Insl week nnil
1,-nve very e'lind sntisfnetion Miss
IShirley iu the lemliiii; roleisn very
ciipidife uei-.-ess mi'l diBplnys grenl
versntility in Imr work, tier Blip.
I»iri   is  iinnsiuiliy gootl nml tho
IllldielleeS ll'el'e  lll'll    hlt'lisetl    llnlli
i nights witli the work of ll om
I puny,    II Ihey return lo Crnnbrook
Wlliell I hev I ei li eel  III i|.. lllll'    Will
HERALD IS NOW hm.•  slili better lunis, ..   'Crnn.
brook ulwuys responds liberally tu
u good thing.
Unn   ('mli.   ihe  hyi Iisl. lins
I i nt Wentworth   hull  tin-  pusl
week. The power thnl he displnys
.•niises deep thinking men tn slop
mul   consider,   uud  liu- blindfold
ride In* mud    Tuestliiy wns so
during, so mysterious, llml ninny
niu. witni-BSt'il il shuddered nml
csi-npcd, ns the din   wns  chilly,
Men uud boys  hnve  I ii  pliieed
 ler   his   ln_m.i-.li nud  obeyed
.'very em mnl. even I" indulging
in Ilu* iiinisiiul exertion nl' moving
iniickly. When this wns witnessed
I lii'i xlstctl in. lunger nny tloul.l
ill ilie lliuils nl' lhe llllisl slil'plicill
lis In ihe power tlllll   lhe    |ll'..l'essl.r
lins endowed wiih,
lilisiuess men siniii!'! elm.nullum- nils. A lll-llll Illl, is li lind
tiling Inr nny lnisiness. Kei p up
with the |irncessiiiii.
Tenders linvo been nskeil I'm- lo
coiistriiel it neiv bridge mut the
Klk liver ul Morrlssey. Tlii-is nn
linproveiiieiil Ihnl is Inuiiy nei-deil.
lu    fuel    lliere   is    lln    I". |lelnlil lire
llml iniilil In- nniile iii lhe districl
iiiiii would d.i limn' general good
lliuu the building nl ihis bridge.
Morrissey is slliinliil lietween In..
lines of ruilwny. the C. I'. II. nml
theil "..ni Northern, hm  tho Klk
river    ilmi's    lieliv     lhe    lun
sluiii'iis. Al iireseiii there is n
iml.li- *4i'i]ieiisii.ii bridge whloh is
imi ilm rigid tiling I'm' ilie lmlil.'
ni ilmi plnce, A wngon bridge is
needed mul needed lis sunn us il
i'iiii possibly In- liniil.
The Nnrlli Slur.
Neil  Meli.   I'liri'llll.    IllUlllieer of
lee Nnrlli Stnr iiiiiii-. visited Nelsnn
this week nntl wns quoted us follows by the News' "Hincn Mr.
I'nii.r'liuil lefl the mnungoiiieiil
..ver I Illl) Inns nf I'nirly high grade
nre lnul heen shipped In the Trail
smelter, 750  Inns nf   which   hud
im!  I ii discovered ul  lhe timi.*
Mr. l.trkcr left tin- compnny but
hnd Ill-en locnted short!ynftorwiirds.
A force nf I- nn re nt, work now
getting mil nn* ninl the miinuger
suid il wns pi'tiliuble tlint develop,
in.-nl would be kepi up ull winter,
or in uny ense us long ns tlip tire
i'liiliii be found iu pnying ipuinli-
lilies, us hns t-eeit the ense for
*. lime pnst."
li,.--I,iiuls lurge on- limlies
ire n greul si .ss  with   lhe
li   k    Kuule nmi t'eiiln* Mm*.   I. |   etineenlriilioii  system  nf on-
 ™     l   „f' lhe lurgesl  goltl-copper      re, tion.      Si.uu   ,„■.*   ,,.,«•
7   mini.,   i.,  ilm ii«.i!.i.   ;,.:   .,i j   puys Iii mine iis  uow   proved
Pasilton  Wnntcd,               -   _    whicli hnve i»iitl  lurge divi by the Intest reiwrls undilivi
,„';''"!;"   ;'   l';l"'i"'i   '[fG     .    '   !  ''■Sm.»-i.l..,.li.-«lor<....Hl      "Nn'l,,s  lh OO shi-ros
I" 'G t,     ,t '■'..-■"     ' -'    '      ?    veins now in sight..,, the 111(1   j   ^M.    ShnreB e»„ be In 	
I.ndinl lilli,  "I,,...  ■,'..,.     ..„:.,..     7    ,,,,.,.      ,,„„,,.,„.,. i,,,,,;,.,.       .     :|,.(| ||(    |J;1|L    ^ ^
iuilnsl.t-i.lMiii.t-,;..  W'.'.'   ill.    Ifi       ;'V s from S-", to SkSIHI in monthly     Twenty per cent.
f.   goltl. copp.-r, silver, etc. \ t-rj I   ensh. bnlni.ee within 11   venr.
riel. displny iw now on  exlii-   j      (-,„„p„„j hus  ebt's or
7   Imi'. I ity ore exhibit, liubilities, nud 11 full furce of
SJ   ciiusing wide eo 11'.. j;   nmn n0«* working.
k       Wu hnve nenrly  Iw.. mile,, i       |;,.|',,|'eneeS.       The    II,,,,.
k   of ruilwny on Hig Four prop-      Mnynr. Hold  Counnissi ■).
I    ji   crty niili iintei' tuul timlier in
Michigan,    mui    Keutu.-ky.
Illtd t-xperieiict- iu Uu- lii'i	
trade in buying und ends
Thoroughly 'undei-stiinds lm.-
luilronds uud nil iip-to-dute up
niices, Ifighcst |iossible referei
nsli.i'h.'ii'.'ii'lei. ni,ilili.un.I Iinnii
.tuutling,   Applv. li. 10. W. lleralil
illiee Cranlirnnk. I'..  ('. 31  ll.
May Sue C. !'. It.
A      Willllipee      dl-Spllloll    In    lite
Toronlo llli.lie snys:    ll i-   ■. purl
I ut Milelentl lll_tSi.|ill|or.Mcl_l
Kosal I ore Bliipments for
ill,-. 'iVi.H'i.i inns.    Shipped
ir !-.">■;. nliuiil  410,000 Inns.
tl. S-i.OOO.ODO.
|inslinnslei'.   nl'  mn
iiusiness ninn in city.
IH.4411    I    llilll   III    III,'   .1 1.
11 hns entered suit ngniiiR   Ilm C. 9 I'leaSC Note Price al                '"" """""" '"" """' ,IM "''"' "■ k
'. II. r.ir.**l*.'."i.i*i!ii iiinni,". -. t iiii-i il I po-loltlcoore_|irctsmoneyorilcr!over Z
V III-' liires!  lires nf lhe    pilSt    few] 6 15       f attic    |,|;l<                     lIllKiilllillilll. lilll.lll.ilr:illl.,Si',r.'lt,ri J
inilllis.      llis,'M,*,,,e„„,lie|'    li . I •)       i-tlllb          Sll.\Rli           „j,r f,,,, C(>.I Sl^l hiii K <1 lilllli _i_CS. t
ills     11           ll-         I'llll'S    \,"!l    411'.-     441.111'   4 / I             ° tM
I- nl lhe Cfl.WS .Nesl
ruined,    li isnllegeil thnl ihe lire's
were slnrliil hv ■■  urks from ll.e ('
I'. I,'. I...'..ill. tli Uii.
ior One Month
Lid., Rossland, ll. C, Canada.
,t: 1.4 I.-",:
Slack Quotation... i  7 ""i	
Kiii'iiislieil In lle.ile, ,.■   KKvell.    is.-^._ ._N*^**:*^>-i^*~»''*»iv«'-'..' ir.T-ii-.:jN*--«^
Viiflli    'Uu
.1111 I
si i:	
I'n.    Hull
HI. I'Iiiii Ml. ll"*-	
iVl-ll'l' I'liuii mil I'iiiiii i
('illlililliui Unlil I'ttJ-l-
llilt'l'lii imili ..I..'
Ili.lillniiiu    4i.!t I    ..  . .
||>||l|.|.||ll Illl llllll I'lllll I'llllllNIII.
I'lllll I   Vill".   IM   1.114,1"   U-I
Side*,, ."i.nllll S.illlrnn.
***************** *******9li
Robinson McKenzie Lumber Co., I.Id.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
s Locals in this column vill be. *
Z charged .it the rate of 5 cents J[!    ,
Z per line each issue. Z        *~
.. '.
Thnnll.v uml ii|.l,.n.l hnv, prcwoil.
liilllor iiuil.D|qn for mile. W'rilu fur Inn!
rash price-. I. P.* l-'chr, IHil-thiiiy, Aim.
RTRAYHII,  inuu   iiminiBrs   of  lh.'1
Nuilli   Sun-   Liiiiilinr   -mmi-iny .*
hrnwii Iinnii-, iv.-iiilil iilinni IIH" lie- ■
ovor, ii-l.i U'li Im.lly -invli.nl, Iiml
litilli-r un ulmli lii>l stun iiuiii Ci'ttii-
l.ronli.   Sullnlili! roivnril I'm' rotiirn nf
Fhe Calgary Cattle Company,
OCT lv i'lu,
iNi M Illill
OR! A, *•>'",
The Canadian Dank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. tJitn. A. I'nx, President, ... Ii. Walk, k, Oeu, Man.
Paid   Up   Capital     JH.70.1KKI IKI
Real          M-Iii.ikw ihi
lnul   -t_.urie._tii. JO, IU s.l.lHHI.lllllllHl
Deposit- Received,   licncral llw.hinn Business Transacted
SAVINUS DANII in*i'\. I..I'M   Iteea.u. Deceived   lalereil Allowed.
MANKIND Ul  Mill.   I.,'i'..-n. 41,41V l uiilu nml iiiilitliuiiii in innil.
Dm "i i"-m i i viii'ei rii- iiii.<ni   .' i *.ii i4.ns n.liiti-_*.l [
ll, III.' liuiiii..'. ..I 111.* t'liinluimk lil.lll.'ll lllll i in- 'inim-ii ut Ilun,        !
CRANBROOK BRANCH, F. C. MALPAS, Manager.        j
«. ......<MIM1MIMMi-_MlllHllMtMMMMW|Hb
Z Capital, Paid Up    . $3,000,000 _
f Rtst $2 850 000 *
J T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
5 SAVINGS  DEPARTMENT=TnTui:pos,tslowed I
J A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- J
*, bit' in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special  _
; attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     *
Winter Coats
_«We luve a nice line of Pea
Jackets, Duck Coats, sheep lined, revcrsable duck and corduroy, and all kinds of Rain
Proofs. Don't fail to see them.
Our price? are very low. ** jM
v"Wc have every kind of Glove
and Mitt known to science at
almost any price. If it is a
glove you want come and see
us. We have such a stock we
have made tlic prices low in
order to keep them moving..1 _*
Tort Steele mercantile Co., Ltd.
t_ M _\ fi ^K_-t.KKKfil31CiKKKKKHaKt_Kt.
_» i 10
Private residence,
consisting of kitchen, diningroom,
parlor, two bed-
1 rooms, pantry,
clothes press,
bathroom, and
other accessories,
situated in a most
central   position.
i AA **  P R I C E J   9* 9*
m $650.00
Our line of Watches
11 -, tn,,, i.-n uu. ut
,., Wnll lx,t,i
*il uml .i'i.'Iii
mini I Un
East Kootenay Oil
-lohn I1 Bluff, one of the eariieBl
prospectors for oil in K.ist Koote.
nay, ami 11, Thompson o! Culifor
nia. an oil expert, have returned to
Spokane from n trip to tin* nil field
block \:m; in Bputheasl Koote-
nay,   In on interview they say i
"We l.-l't tin- railroad at Helton,
55 in iles <-nst of Kaltspell, Mnn tuna,
where wo took our guide, Thomaa
J otTerson, an old trapper who discovered the oil seepages 1*1 years
.iliii whilo trapping beaver. Wo
wonl in I'ppor Kinil.'i lake, thenee
in L'ppor Kintla ereek, which lies
between four illtferenl oil seepages
along ilir bmniarv linr. which is
slashed (town 20 feel witlo on tho
ll'lh parallel.
"Wo visited Kishenanah crook,
where there Is another abundant oil
seepage. Thenco we went to tlm
head of Starvation crook ami crossed over to Sago tur.nili creek.
We ini't prospeotoi'8 for oil ou their
way to tin1 same seepages, nil pushing forward to establish locations.
Tlie old trapper, guide, and discoverer of these wonderful seepages
took us to the edge o_ the south
bunk of the creek. Within H00
foet of the creek penetrating and
strong odors of refined kerosene
prevailed, and tin the opposite bank
iu pockets nud fissures in a reef of
blue shale, we found gas aud oil
bubbling, the oil collecting in pockets on tho surface, The gas ignited, ami the oil collected on the
water was water white, with slight
fluorescence, not unlike refined kerosene. It certainly occurs that this
seepage is the most wonderful oil
kerosene spring in the world,lieing
tho lightest ever known of crude
1,    An analysis contains M per
nt illiiniinaiit.
■ < iur guide next brougl   ns to n
seepage on Sup-1( lil) creek, i.\n ut
a mile east of the  first  •■ • p .■
The oil ueped from the gum
many placet, sand ami gni      Im-ii _■
simply loadwl witli oil; and  i*) feel
farther np the creek we found hair
holes in the rock  contaiiiiim  oil.
ono of which had  an  overflow   of
yellow oil.    All the strati
was saturated with oil, and lippiny
out the oil did  not  diminish  ll.e
flow, it coming as fast   ns it   was
taken up.
"At the big seepage UOl'lhwcst of
Suge (or Oil l creek valley We 1" id
oil issuing from tin* bank-, nl' drift,
which was thoroughly saturated
with oil. There wen* several pol
holes in this drift, most uf which
contained water covered with oil,
and constant ebulitton of .wis.
"We discovered a largi strong
sulphur spring about 21) fool distant, gushing from n hole in Iho
drift, which flows bv the oil seepage down to a. snialf lake between
thc mountain and Sage creek. The
lake is covered with oil. ami all the
iMiggy places smell strongly ul' petroleum. Our sample of a gallon
of oil at this point was a light
brown color.
"At theso last points forest fires
have prevailed, some of which were
still smouldering. The drift hml
been covered with pure parnfim>,
most of which had been consumed
by these tires. Wc liavosi eu nearly all the oil fieldBof the west; have
exported the oil fields of California
and made exhaustive analysis of
their products, ami for surface indication the Kast Kootenay oil
tields show by fur the most fluttering prospects of an extensive oil
country waiting for development
that is now open to the wotld."
Thirtieth Anniversary.
A large number of tho friends of
Mr. and Mrs. A. Leitch attended
the party given at their home lust
Friday evening iu honor of the
thirtieth anniversary of their marriage. It was a most enjoyable occasion, and was thoroughly appreciated by those present. The program consisted of a literary guessing contest that furnished amusement for the participants. After
this had closed the lurge front
room was prepared for dancing and
for several hours the young and
the old danced to tlieir hearts' content. There were ranis for those
who did not dance and cosy corners for those who preferred to remain quiet and watch the dancing.
About midnight refreshments were
served, after width tho dancing
was resumed. It was in the small
hours before nny of the guests
thought of saying goodnight, and
then, ill a reluctant manner one
followed another, and all joined in
wishing Mr. and Mrs. Leitch many
more years of happiness and prosperity. There wero many elegant
presents ns tokens of the high esteem in which the hosts arc held
by their friends, and letters of congratulation and good wishes. It
was a most successful social gathering, and yel but a repetition of
many that have been held in that
hospitable home.
School l:\iiniinaUir-ns.
Its of   the
i-  Cranbrook
as follows:
■ W» InIi
I'.T.-HlttlK-   i
_ llnil
Mul.I- i
Milu.til-,ry.  -
Mumlltli-k. nlnn
i:....i limn iii
Iiiiiii, MiN.il
Kiln I,., I Hi
A.Ik llirk. Hi
Kiln. I'luk ...
N'-lll- llj.ini i
Ni.wn.l Murri-
The Koolenay Centrnl.
The Wilmer Outcrop editor reports the following statement from
Chief Engineer Urant. who is in
charge of the party surveying the
Kootenuy Central at the north end:
"We uro uow camped at McKay's upper much, at Sinclair.
und will continue along die oust
side until we meet Armstrong's
party coining from the smith. My
instructions were to cross the river
somo distance down from here, but
as my instructions arc also to survey lines on both sides of the river
I decided it would be better to
finish the one side and then return
m the other side, beaides I did nol
see any particular place or reason
for crossing. We have encountered
quite a iiuml>or of sloughs and
have found thein very cold to wade
through and wliere they were deep
the men could not swim and carry
the chain, but when wo go back on
this side the sloughs will be frozen
over aud the work much easier.
We have beon working dressed
only with sweaters and overalls.
We will survey during tho winter.
Thut in the best time to survey.
We will mako the two preliminary
surveys and then when the company bus decided which one is lo
lie the permuuout line we will
locate it. This is all to be com-
plotcd by next March, ami then
the line will lie ready for construction."
Come in  and  Get   Our  Price* !
_iil       1*9
Ioh .* Jiii.vlliinu nnl of in'i.|.irl ioiili*;.-
:____flS9 l__n
iiij; in ilu |icfi'i'ii work.  8,vm__ot.,v
llllll  |.i'l'fi-.*t  .'OIIHtl'llrlinll llif.  IIH  lll'C.'K-
'I'i fi
■Bli ■ imi iH.
am'y tiBiiav othor kiwi ot im'i.iinilHin,
fi11ii>rivliw ilwy itut imr of nnler.
-HS'   <*^/' A,*W
■ -_______.'« _.__■
ulf nli u.l in net uf mil' j.'iM-lrv Inn- Mini
wm  ml..- ii iM..iiiliil.l.'  pi-l'tu in.   Wr
hn.w i*ii. li (ini' \m> hmII i  ii good llnil1'
l,'.*.-|i.*r   iiiii]    ilnnilili'.     'I'lii'   luml    in
iinnlily ninl li)« \n\vm i_ wlinl vem'tv
Hllh'llIWl  |Hllvllll-ill!j III Olil* Hi	
M. jf. Gate,
lllll, l.il U'lili'li   I|IH|||...|II|. 1'.   1'    1! .
('lilllli Ni'.ll   I'llss ltlvlHil.il,
I k
.llMtill l I l*i
Nil Illi*
lllllll-liu lllllilll..
liliiilva llni-kill	
1,01.1.11 llnlliliH	
.lllllll   Tlli'lll]'-"!.
Ill,_-I (Jlllll*	
ii'liii Mi.' II	
N,.| i» lllillillej	
.limi'|ill Mi',',.Iilli-ll
All-tin Hiiiili'i-'in
IJI mi, llemli -rr.,,.	
■■Illll'l-. ill
A Fine Jewelry Slum.
The jowelry sto.-.- uf W. F. Tnte
linn iintlergone many c-lmu^i-s tin-
pnst year or two, until now ii is n
imuuty. Ni-w (ixtuivs hitre Iii-i-ii
ntltlitl sii tlmt it is imssilili' In
properly ilispli.}' tho luri?.- »l...*l< uf
h.k.Ib tl.ut tin* fir... carries. Tliis
week a handsome onlt sliowcnsii
wus put in that is it Ijonuty ill every
respect, Now yowls are ni-rivinit
overy week, and now ii is pusail.li*
to H...I anything one wants in
jewelry nnd gold and silvenviiri'.
.Mr. Tnti- has been enst for tin* piiBl
twu mouths nntl whilo llli'l'.* li" Ims
made purchases for full triule .nnl
Christmas.   He will In* I mill n
few days and then the business will
Ih, in ehurye of himself, nml his
twu suns, Robs ami Fred, lioth ul
whom are experienced in llu-ir
particular line, Koss having Inki-n
a course in wiiti-hmnkiiiy nml repairing in Toronto. It will In- n
strung comhinatiuu and one Ilint
will win with the public of Miuilli
Kust Kootenny.
tu   ll,
" Mt-iwii. Sept. 2U. The dissolu-
tion oi tin Dominion L'arliamenl
U-mk place al six o'clock this even-
um.   Nominations will take plnce
 lober   HT.  and   polling   on
Thursday, Nov,... n week later.
The campaign will thus nol bo ti
l""j ono    All the  arrangements
foi     111.     c,.„Ie,,t     hllVO    lieen     colll-
pichd. The returning ollicers have
l» en Boloottnl  and tho  writa have
be ll | T. | i.i led uml lire   lemlv   to lie
forwanhtl. Advices in lhe hands
..| the government are that wherever lhe Liberal candidates have
nol been selected, it is iiecause
there wns a desire in these con-
to know the dale of the
il. the men boil io; ready
d in the Held. There
erably more Liberals
nominated than Conservatives. < >f
course there nre over tifty more
Liberals iu the House than Conservatives. There wovo 218 members of parliament iu tho House
which has just been dissolved and
l hen* will lie 2M in the new House.
All Arc Now Buck lo Work.
The Winnipeg Tribune of the
Lllllll says thai nil the machinists,
blacksmiths and allied mechanics
<il ihe Canadian Pacific railway
returned to work this morning.
Thoso engaged ou tlie night shift
donned tlieir aprons at midnight.
This wus iu consequence of satisfactory agreements having been
Bigned by the strike committee mid
Second Vico-President Whyte yes-
terday afternoon. The allied mechanics, who, at _I o'clock yesterday
afternoon, wero still iu conference
with Air. Whyte and Mr. Cross,
arrived at a settlement, us anticipated, and the three agreements
were signed at the same time.
The shops today present a busy
scene and full gangs are at work
making up ou live days' arrears of
While neither tho C. P. K. nor
tho strikers would announce officially the amount of the increases
for the individual departments, it
is known that it is lietween .Sand IU
percent on theiiverage. The machinists get au increase of 2 cents
per hour and the other departments
are raised in about tho same proportion.
The strike on tlie Western lines
of the C. P. R, being over, the
scene of conference is changed lo
Montreal. The general committee
of the men left today for the eastern headquarters, where theKast-
ern schedules will be taken up with
(leueral Manager McNichol.
Not a Nice Job.
Constable llosklns has received
insl ructions from the provincial
authorities at the coast to proceed
at once with the collection of the
personal poll tax in tliis town.
This is not ii pleasant duty to perform, as the average citizen protests against the payment of ihU
tax, td though it is only $'••. Vol it
is the law, and Air, Hoskius' instructions are positive aud peremptory, therefore he must pro-
coed at once. Coder tho law and
Ins instructions, after ho lias asked
a person for the tax and it is not
forthcoming, he must at once issue
summons lor the delinquent and
then the matter is iu the bands of
the       courts. Peoplo       [often
blame a constable for performing
his duly and forget that it ia tlutt
with the constable or the loss of
his position,
News of the
The .Marysville Smelter.
Ii doea not take an expert in the
smelter business to see at a glance
that the builders of the Alarys-ille
sinelter are building with a view of
permanency, slowly the old work
is being gone over, ami wherever it
king iu the  slightest degree.
I is li
down comes the work and new and
| more substantial construction takes
| its  place,    Vast   sums  of   money
I am being expended, but wlien the
j plant is complete it  will  bo batis-
I factory ami capable of meeting the
i demands made upon it. Mr.Weeks,
who is in charge of construction,
frankly admits that he is  not pro*
greasing as rapidly as  he would
like   to.  bul  with   the   additional
work cropping up each week, and
the unavoidable delays iu getting
iu supplies, he  is  going ahead as
fast as the circumstances will permit.    When it is completed and in
operation it is going  to lie a great
boon t<» the whole district, as  it
will   onconrago   development   on
properties upon which nothing has
been done except   tho  necessary
assessment since they were staked.
And   another thing   that   is   a
foregone   conclusion,   is that the
development of   the   properties   ill
the St.   Marys  valley   will   bo tho
Wauuii Road
1 ji tlii.' St. Marys.
Willi     til!      .
nl   mineral  wealth
.'M    ' •
■. Marys valley,
it SI
■,'in- -ii
it  the govern.
iiii-iii dm-s uu
- tliouecessi-
nud   '■'•
-,'tigon  road
t the f •
.  ,a distance
lllmll!   ■
i" the East
It.     Thin   '
,.    would   lie-
ighlurhood of
•   claims
Idi.iji m '.'.
■   tho owners
ihr  .-In n
•- dley an*
■iririnu i" il
ir   prop -
si ..* work on
-     Lul     ..re    Ully
■    look   of   it
un mini.    I
-   By task to
k   in   sup]
for   extensive
elopmi :.:
•ack ofcayiiscs,
ulini 1-  -
i spouse to
IV    III    ll'
have   Spoilt
ii uud  nil
tin ir  mouey iu
in tin-wn.::
prohiliitiv..    i
brook .hu
i.tiou,   Tin'
supply  .mini
i under fn\. i
will lie mn  i
expended I
KoverniU! i '   ■
with  tin- iini''
the work .!... c
- contains
id  wealth,   is
of Crnn-
' .  the situ-
- tin' natural
mlley, uud
linns,  there
■ nl dollars
■ ii. The
■ I   lliis, iin-
IK.ssil.le have
Think- 11 .
irl. - S
Illl nl.1 |
lust I-
nil-nils nl' i-nipltusi/.iiit. tn tin- world
at hii-gii that  tlml Bection has the
toiiuatte to justify the construction ,,,
of n railroad,     And  when  tliis|„iaM
point is reached there will Im- n liiu .0W1
BtruKKh- to see which road will gei rr,,  t, ls   i
i« there Hrst. _ l'erry Cn-k H.
i company dnrii .
The Welcome (iroiip. . s.,vs *|m"t |„. ,.x|
('. M.   l-dwnnls brought downIspring.   Sj.
some very Hue specimens of galena uu tin- creek
and copper ore from the Welcome they liuve
group on the St. Marys last week. Sainton s
This property is on the West Fork, a l*i_ thiim   -
and there lii.s lieen nl_j.it $8,0tX) the opinio   I
worth ut' wurk done on  the i-luinis. bonanza'than i
Tho ledge has lm*.-n exposed  for istin i*uesl
more thnn u thousand feet by opeu and it will
ruts iiiiiI ui»n] ctoppings un* shown in n yard.    \\
all tin- way.   Assays have  given wants is mon      ■    power so that
values us high ns $4t un the galena they can limn - than 1UU0
while the copper ore has given Id cubic ynnlsu i   nvi been in
per cent, in copper and $8 in gold, the placer \ iska, Siberia
Tlu*  building  nt' the  smelter nfcTand Californi I linve uohesi-
Mnrysville    hns  encouraged   Mr. tancy in saying I       I believe it is
I'l-iiuliiirt  mnl   In-   will  continue la good tlii -. -   I think  thut
work nil winter, nn.l may construct tiny lm-. _ 11 d nnd the
u   sleigh   ruittl tu tin- foot uf the facilities fur „   .:.  mnl  tbe
lake and haul  ore to Marysville additional I n-very easily
during tin- winter for treatment       secured.''
I i'..>llllll.u.
Sun Fran-
liter, ims in
- wnv home.
V.il    l-y   the
t- iiiul Mining
ii summer, and
i- ... return next
4. .J iii.' company
plant  thnt
.mi,lete<1.    Mr.
mnipany have
mly I  .'.in   nf
'I. bigger
nl iln- ground,
five .'.-iits tu
A Brilliiitti Production.
Mr. C. I' V.
riiipp. nmii.*.'
Nelson   Un
Common Sense.
We sell utu- goods nt 10 ix*r cent
off for cash. We cnn ntl'onl to do
this because we tlu a cash business.
I'nsoltl stock represents capital,
while bad debts, which must ai't-rue
with the credit system tlu not, and
j whioh must ba made good by the
cash customer paying n higher
price I'm- his goods. This is iogic
uml good common sense, which is
easy for every workingtnnn tn
i Morrow & McFarlane,
(Wil Fellows Mceiinjt.
N.*-vi Friday G rand Muster X	
Inmls. nl' the British Columbia Odd
Fellows, will nrrivi* iit Crnnbrook
uud tin- local iiu-iulit-rs uf tin* order
nn- preparing tn receive him iu n
proper milliner. A spi-rinl meet-
Ing'of Key City lotlgo will lm hold
tlml livening nl tin- lodge room nml
ni the close ,.f Ilm work the Odd
fellows uiul invited friends will
t*. iln- dining-room nl' the
mlitiiii hotel whore u snp|x-r
will In- in waiting,   Tht'i'i- will In-
snugs, iimsic. sp lies uut] u gen-
1'i'nl good time, Mr. Neelauds re-
sides iu Vnncouver, and fnr twn
ycoi-B wns mayor of that progressive
cily. This is liis lirst trip tu Kust
K'niiti'iiny uml In- hns Bolected the
ideal liim- nf tin- yenr fnr his
The tirst act of incorporation
should be to bonus the firm nf
Morrow & McFarlane. Tin- reasonable prices prevailing nt their
store cause ninny..dollar In remain
in Cranbrook that would otherwise
go to swell the colters nf I'. Eaton
& Co.
Men starting iu business with
strong opposition nntl limited capita), possessing nerve enough In
ignore the high price attitude tlml
prevails in western commercial life
certainly deserve the support and j ll'll'
goodwill of every mini In Crnn-11
III.in  th
We in.ii'l
I mid 5, IU. or 15
nur profits nml   pin
tlml ull
Wi- hnv>
tin- whn
OUI ''.'S tlllll,   Harold
....pany,   this
Tin- uffer-
ligious play,
...■iniili npjtor-
r  gorgeous
'   electrical
ill advan-
4,n sii-ne,
ii■ i beauty,
the way nf
' At
A Bi. Monoply
Tin- prolits uf tin- present Stand
nnl Oil  company un- enormous
Fur live yenrs the dividends  havi
been averaging nbout $45,000,000c
year, or nearly 50 per cent ou its I elaborate
capitalization n sum which,capital- ing will 1„
ized ut ,"i per li-nt. would givo $000,-1 "Faust," n
000,000,   Of course this is not   ull  tunities   i
that the combination  makes in u costuming
yenr.    It allows nil annual average effects hn.
of 5,17 percent for deficit,   uml   it togeof
carries ulwuys un ample   reserve tin- sulph
fund,   Wl   wt- remember   thut uml other
probnbly nne third uf this immense will eclips
unnuiil li'veiiui' goes into tin- hands Btage real
of J. D, Rockefeller, thut probably least that is M i-r's promise,
90 per cent of il  gm-s tothe   few inml  Iii4,  pnn always fill-
nen who make  up tho "Standard filled,   "CJim  \ mnl "Heart
Oil family," ntnl lhat it m.iBt every and Sword," two ol I..-st p<-r-
yenr lie invoBted, tin- Stan- formances evi-i i in th,' \\est,
ilnrd nil company becomes a much were evidences *.i liis thoroughness
more serious public matter than it iu dramatic s|_i*t...*li*s.   ThcFattst
wub in 1872, when it stamped itself production is •*  u   lu-re nn
ns willing to entur iutoaconspirnev October _l ami ii
tn ruiil the oil lnisiness   ns n much I     Mr.    Nelwni upix-nr   us
more serious concern than  in the Mephisto. n pui Inch he ex.
years who., it openly mado warfare eels, Mr. rim        Lime  Bruce as
of business nnd drove from the oil Faust, and Miss   II Scott as
imlusirv liv uny means it i-oulil in-' Marguerite.'
vent ulf wlm hnd the hardihood tn
outer it,   For consider whnt  musi
Iti-llinu. with the  griiiter  pnrt  nil
this $15,000,000.   It must  lm In-j    Mr. C. V. \\
"My I ii ind I rom India.'
vested.   The oil business does nut western th.-nli
demand it,   Thoro is plenty of re- In the pnsl «
serve fur nil nt its ventures.   It for theatre .
uiusl go into other Industries.   Tin-j ii„.,ii promj
result is  tlml the  Standard   Oil time il   i-   ll
company is probably lu the strong* comedy ".\l\  I
i-st    fiiiaiicial   i-nsi.iim  of    ony I to be played b\
aggregation   in iln*   world,   Aud gaui'/ntiou   I
every    yen
stronger for
(Hiuriim in another $45,000,000   tu j b,,i need
be used in wiping up the property its  fiuiril
most essential in   preserving  nnd|Notv Vurk.   I
broadening their powor,
world.   Audi
iis   position   grows Coinedii
every   yeur   there   is 1 known I
Fire Notice.
I'm- sui-kers by telling
is our cash discount.
nil inn- gnnds in plni
I intelligible figures sn
icn cnn rend nur prices.
ml the time to liesinutlci-
iini nf n shoe box witli
•oglyphics nml semi-quavers
rail only tn the dealer nnd his
liilctilii'il clerks, nml which is
crnllv considered a trick in tho
ji- to beguile the easy  kinking
grent cenl
and profit.
Al n meeting of tin- firm nf Mur-1 Mr. Walk
row A   McFarlane  last Saturday [
night it wns resolved that, in view
uf the fnct thut ull  the  people ure
coming tn tlu-ir store tn buy clothing, they continue tn fire awny ut
the same low  prices, with   ten per
cent ott I'm- t-nslt   unlil further ml-
i$ Mi-Fiirlune
The Water Works.
wurk nf  putting
The wurk nf putting in the
ninitiB for the wator works is progressing in n mosl satisfactory
ttiiiiiiu-r. uml house connections arc
being made ns rnpiilly us possible,
A gang nf unit ure n. wurk olenring
nwny lhe lugs nml brush nu the
iiuui site nml construction nf the
iinni will Boon under headway,
comedy .»rui.
toured the
pust Mr. Wi
will readily
theatre patro
dently look I'
of jollity win
I India" isgiv
peril ho.isei
■ well-known
■ r i" whom
I!     lllll.'llt.ll
-  ...   renl
n nt,   This
From   India''
I liahiueed or-
".hiss,, well
ride   hit   thnt
■ '. 'i t,4 detail
properti .9
 I  nil   tie
laughed   Du
i lo popularity
■- the strongest
" i   iiml hus yet
I. -s   west,   und
I. i'i.'liri'S ill the
.   promises    will
ceepted   liy nur
I'liey tuny coi.fi-
i ii nn evening
i-ieiul From
,ii lite Crnnbrook
Wi-ilnesdiiv Oct. 1_.
Do men gn
buy clothing
They inn\ it
but fur cloth
brnnk go to
ith. r ligs of Ihistles.nr
in n  grocery store?
figs nl' thistles
i-  tiu-ii nf Critn-
,^  \l. Fnil
Hi.OIU s. Ulli   CI! VNBttOOK   IlKKAI.i.
rilitor and Proprietor
Th. llmiH i« iv.iril. IW n .-•'."■   I' '"■""
only IK,   N ua I.. *...'l. ''•-'"' K....1-'"-..-
., tl-.nl in I"' 4V..I1..111 "   ■".'I .-•'.--'•'
,i,|,-„l    I,-1.1,1.1! I"OM ..'»"-'
 1,44,   ullfllllll -"."ll'
-      ll  In
il, III. -iiiiiu
||   ,,1,1.11   .„-lll.'l'l-4-    -I."''    "
,.,„,„' I    "Hll-!..     I-'   ll'"    I'"''"'""1     ,.N"
,.1,..,,,.    4,4,4. ItvllllUll    ' "•'-"   I"'11"
i.L'l.r. I--.-" ■.."-';-;:
i»l,,|,„l,l,.-ll..   4„',4»1'.,|..'.  'll Hit-." "
,,. II mini.mil-     Soliil  i"   -."..
 „,.!  "■■"■•' ""'"
A'l-.'O.-. -   .""*  II   I"1   U"'1'-"'""1	
iiuiii   1*4-1 nn...ll'. " ■'   ' "
ii.-ii.iiuu  '•" "'""* i'"1 ""■,,"1'";
,. n  I-, i ;"'-' "■
Ull.,,,.—    I..4..I.    14.'■■•'..I*   I"1    Ul"
iirli ...*. rl  ,     , .   ...
......I.-... ' at  l-l" "•*"',>'
mu iiin.l   .iii....- ... II"
duy   win,   have   I heir  eyes       ADDITIONAL    LOCAL
opened.    They   tremble   fur   the
Inline of the country, na they Bee     Morrow <_ McFnrli	
,|„.   rapacious  appetites ol their      ^   ^.^ o(m &  ,_
uioney-loving m..g..nU*s longing for I tlltT t.f t.l,.rk8. bus gone to Spokane
siill mor.'    They  kuow there is a to see tin* sights ol lh.* Inir. An-bie
Iiinil   In  Iiiiiliiin   liiiluriince. uiul I will have u  good   lime, wliieh   he
,!,„, if then. i8 nol  ;,  stop, if the hnseurnisl In close i.lteutio his
svstem is i...oiilii  revolution is *°rk.
lioiiml   io   follow.    I    perhaps     Ktl. Cnrlston. who is doing, some
1 llic guiding on tl.oUronl Nortli*
iniiircliv 1 blo.xlsl.iil.
lel-ll extension III   Morrissey. wns il
This is no fnulustic iluinn.    ''  ,,,ul,   |ilst  Fridny.    He snid thai
is the awful truth, and  IhoBe l»'i-'i||„. work mi   that ronil would !»'
nle ..f I'lunula, who ure crying for done within li month's time.
ui,   iiiercnsi-l   tariff  when   nearly     We haveeuoiigligliivi-sund niittB
everything th''I r mini  buys to- to    supply   over*,   mm.  in   Kasl
,l„y'is  taxed   I'i  :«1 I" :i."iix-r| Kootenay with ii pair.   Tlu-pr-*
,viil „   u,.ul.l   soon    I.rim;   nliuiil
liki*  condition  in ihis >l ini.
r.i.i-i k
....■ii i'i'."- ' Ilf""',','1"'' ";'.'I'1'," ,   .
II. wurk I. ..I il- l-»'     fl*" »"'"''   ''""
„! Ii!,.i'.i     n  «■•'"- a -...""
 '.-I k  *,'■ ,•»"> f";
in , .ii,.. kick.nml -.*...! '"..' "'"'' "'
4,.,„,'il4..'i"i 'I'-'"'"'1 """ '"''
,.,'.|„'.,l... I In Ur r-ink
There is i -liacetn the weal of
,l„. nmsses of the I'uited Slides in
the growing power of lhe Standard
nil company. Is" g«'..l i- this
n,,.,,,,,.,. ihni thinking men nl nil
nnrties niv   Btopping 1"   consider
what ll ml may he,    fuller tlu*
system ol high Uiriffa thnl prevail
i„  the   republic,  n   system   llml
liilhii'sn. ."lies  graft, there
is |ii,-,ii..i, l.nl ihnl ii cotupara-
lively lew  liiil   the bulk of the
wi-ulth -.I thnl country. With nil
tin-   inunti-.1   prosperity    of   the
ialu coiiii- ii
s. M. L'o.
.    ,, There will In* u dni.ee  tomorrow
here  iicier  wns   i tnr It   crenteil       ,,. i   i   ii
, ,     , ill Wentworth hull under lhe lllllll-
thai proteutisl the lulKiring man or .,,„.„..„■ ,,,- \Vri_lu  f,   Millwnnl's
ih,.   fnrmer.    The   wage  nl  the orolioBlro.   The iiiusie will be Ibe
I,ili.il'ill'.; Illilll is   Slllijeii lo the lull jhest   mul  overytllilljj   will   lie  cole
nl   supplj    iiii.I  deiminil, mnl the ducted in  ll nn r   In   give   nil
pri [ ,-vi-rj  dollar's  worth ot l"™«,»t " l'll'"9m" ""' -
itllelll     is   se.   1.4    tile   Bltpplj'  ...111        MorBMI  -V   MiFl.tljIlll*.
,1,',,,,'uul iii l.ii.i'iioi.l-   The Herald I    IV. .1.  Suiil. lins _  In Bnull
I  tariff ihnl 11-'I'."' i'.i.'Ioi'u few-weeks,    tie
hns I ii iu   very poor  health  hu
'...mi' iim.  pusl mul u letter I.. Tin'
Hernlil  editor onr-  thnl he  is  ill-
believes ill li sl st
will protect iln- nmiinfiietiiror only
to ihe [loinl where In- cnn Impose
i, liunl, n ii|ion ihe musses and reap
the benefil lor liimself, No tnriff
wns yet 1'i.rnn'il Ihnl wus high
,.i„.mih fur the innnufnoturer. The
Dittgley ii rill' ol' ilu- Stntes lodny,
lie gn-iitesl piece of robbery ever
iiii'orpoviited into lhe Btntutes nl'
uny country, does nol snlisl'y lhe
iiinu.itarlun.-t- of thai coniitry.
Tiny me spending millions to
Bi-i-ure u slill  further increase iu
lhe tariff, mnl III  lhe smile li  111'.
using then*  power to  reducu  ll"
wages pn hi lo ilie producers of tin
inoplo. the   Incl  renuiiiiB  jus!  the      [t l,(.|,00veflthe peoph-of Caiiadi
•ntlv feeling better nnil espeets I
be utile io return l-v the lirsl i
Mrs. Joseph  Jackson nml  Mi-s
Jackson   took   n   ride   down    lhe
Movie    I-Ollll    one    .ll.V   Ihis    week.
Ilul'li  ladies un* good   fillers, and
lhe I'esllli ol lhe ll'ip nlso shows
llml      Ihey     lire      excellent     shots.
Armed with n 22 rille. limy site*
.■ led in bagging nine partridges.
Hnv if sins (oiiinl  us inilV
Judge lor yourselves, l.m watch
elliselv uur liuisy clerks lllltl see Ihnl
thoy dedticl I.V' from nil vour cash
purchases. Mil! * Co.,Crnul.rook's
(■Ironies! Store.
S4iine   IiiiiI   lln- rid' are   growing
richer, mnl Ilie  I '' are   finding
thul Iheir wage-eaiiiing capacity is
ili-erensing while lie cosl ..I' living
is iiicreiming. Nn lew eun reni-li
;, monopoly, e.tcepl lh-' inw "I
tariff."  Tlu*   niiiniifactiirers   hnve
I'ombi I unlil competition is slm!
oil' iii lln- Stales, iiii.I the uureiison
nhle mul outrageotiB high tariff
wnll  shuis ..ui  competition from
other countries.   The various n*
liinnliiins of iiiiliislries liuve
wulereil the stock until dividends
.„.,. ,||.|,i;,i„leil on cnpilidi_utioiis
thai hnve iiii I'oumlulii.li in tact.
There nre jus! two ways of increiis-
ing iln- prolllsot nny  commercial
,'olllliiliuliou.     line   is    lo    illii'o.iso
ihe selling price ..I' lie- product,
the other is lo reduce the .nsl ol
production. Ami for ilu- pnst few
yenrs Hie monopolies of lie* Stales
hnve I ii  working Imth  ends ol
the   propositi vertiine.    "Bill
wind hus lhe turill' to do wiih il."
uslis sonic deluded   individual,    ll
protects the  n poly, because  il
prevents nny outsider coming inln
ilu- country wiih goods  tl'er in
eonipetilioii, "Ves. Imi il creates
:i homo market uml increases Iho
wages ofthe workiiigiuaii."
Does itV
Facts arelietter than lh '.v.mnl
c ild conditions tell ll ...story plainer
.luni nil Hit- political sophistry thnl
ever wns created liy the plausible
lH.-ncHuii.ry of the tariff, Take ihe
Slules us nu illustration, Willi mi
increase in lhe cosl of  lhe   neccs-
during lln- pnsl   ten  yenrs.  there
hus I n  n deplorable decline in
wnges. i hily recently great
monopolies like the Pullman I'm
company, lln- l.nrvesl machinery
trust, ilu- packers combine, lhe
Illinois Steel conipnny, ilm N'en
England cotton mills, mul many
others hnve forced n reduction in
wiiL-es ngainsl lhe opiiosition ol
ih.- labor unions. Tin- Dingley
turill' Inw.  the  measure ihnl wus
heralded   Iron, ml    ..I   lhe
country to the other ns ihe great
protector of the laboring ninn ns
well ns lie monopolist, tailed lo
give ni.I when iln- trnsl magnates
sui.l ihut ilu- wage of ilm laborer
must   In-  I'oilui'cil.    For yenrs the
dust has 1 u thrown iuh. the eyes
nf lhe wngc workers ..I' lln* I 'nited
Slntes. nml prosperity hus been
attributed entirely uml nlonu lo the
high tariff, while yenrs of depression wns the fault nf Divine
So strong have the monopolists
become Ihut now il seems impossible I'm* nny legislnt ion to be enncteil
Ihnl would tend lo reduce llmir
enormous profits. Tuke Ilu- Stand-
nril nil eompiuiy. wiih u net in-
coine of *. |."i.l)lll).l)llii U year. Thnl
monoy must In* invested, mul
Further monopolies ure crenteil.
wiih more prolitB. secured by low
wnges In lhe ninn who produces
the wealth.
Do ynu know whut  the ond will
be ill the Sillies'.'     There lire lliiin
hers of the  republican  party lo-
lo  prttlei'l   themselves us well ns
ihe inuuiil'tii'tui'.-rs of ilu* couniry.
IHiler the existing tariffs L'nnadiai
itiiiinifiicliirers nm prosperous am
he musses ol' lhe   | pie   hnve ul
pportiiiiity lo l.e prosperous also
Such n condition is conducive li
the upbuilding ..I'nny couniry, not
.uiy in wenllh. l.iil ill Ihnl which
is Iur liiller, lhe happiness nl Ilu
I'ummoii people, which s|»-nks I'm*
Ilu* [icrinnneiii-y nf uny nation
"lli'; liiil" Galliber hns reliirneil
from I Ittnwn mul is on Ibo bustings
Lion Mcintosh is slill in Ottawi
ll is said ihnl neither ol lhe gen
llemen utu worrying over lhe situ
ation sine., the election in this dis
trict does not lake pli until after
lhe geiier.il    election     Well, thnl
looks sensible.
If Ihey get n lew more Liberals
in Ontario [on-rooked elections the
political complexion of lhe locnl
house will be entirely changed.
Every Liberal who is caiighi in
■liinkeil work ill nn election should
In- prosecuted, nud when the Lib-
nil liuve been attended to, then gn
Ilir the Conservatives. Hottest
-lections should be the desire .of
iverv Inie cili/en of Canada,
Campaign literature is getting as
thick ns bible Irucls   In  ii  fore
I iiiviiiinieul   reports show thnl
lhe ] pie nf C'linadfl nre drinkii
more litpior,    Eusl ICoolenay uiusl
hnve been hennl from.
II is Sll id Ihnl  11. T. I.owry  will
simi a newspaper ill Fernie.    Ifln
does lh" In-ill nml  blaze  I'r    Ilu
Feruio eke ovens  will   have   ti
lllkese, I plnce.
Tlu-y don'l   make  better town
than Cranbrook,
Don'l gel excited over lhe  cnu
pnig.1.   li is mil worth while.
South I'insl ICootenny will be n
lively districl next yenr. Then
uill Ixitwo nml maybe linve mil-
ways building, uiul new enterprises
nil iiiiiin: tin* line.   This district is
\ very good  change  hus   Ink
plnce so Iur ns sending   u
ll'e colliii'lieil.     L'lllllT lile new' li:
lltur   lhe   Uptown nili. loses   11
operator nl lln- station uill tnke nil
iessngi'8. Tin's is a change llml
ns Inuiiy needed in Crnnbrook
.ul  will   bu npprecinted   l.y  ll
Morrow A* Mi-Farln
Tlm lirsl thu I'  the series 1
be given bv the Entre Nous i-lu
wns held ni Wentworth hull Tims
dny   evening uml pronounced   l.y
those present us mi.* ol' ilu sl
successful   dancing    purl
given bv lhe club.   The  hull   w
beautifully decorated   1  Wrighl
A Millwnnl's full orchestra I'urnisli
eil lhe music
A. I'. l''ui'i|iih;ii'soii. Ihe yoiniL
iiiiiii wlm Insl ii leg while coiiplini
cars nl l-'ernie recently, hus beei
discliarged From the hospital liter
uiul is back in Crnnbrook. J
Arnold, who i-irctilnted n subsciij
limi paper in behnlf of Mr. Fur-
i|iili;i!'soii. luiiieil over   In him ihis
Week    11    check    lol'    .100,    ill,'   f
iimouut sulisct'il
Fred Drew, proprietor ol' il
Itoyal hotel ul Mnrysville. wns ii
town W'l'iliiesiluy. '.Mr. Drew
innking ll grenl success nl' the lint
lnisiness nml snys Ihnl Murysvilli
will I nf ihe besl towns in th
districl  when  ihe smelter opi
He will give ii linnet,   at the Knyi
iiii tin- night of ilu- 1.7th, mnl say
thut he will he ready lo give nil
who ntteiiil n gooil I
Morrow A McFnrlniie.
.1. II.   'I'eui].lei..ii.   formerly nf
Culgnry. is in town nml in ull pi-ob-
nliilily he will engage in  hush
here. Mr. Templeton is recoguizet
ns n lirsl-clnss druggist mul ll grent
hustler   in   his   line of busi
Thnl is lhe liiml nl' men Ihut Crn
brook wnnt. because il is llml kind
uf nien whn hnte Hindu Crniibn
what ihe town is today
Willium   l-schwig, lhe pros]
nns hotel proprietor of Fernie, w
in lown Wednesday,   Mr. Eschwlg
is now building another hotel thnl
is  rii.i tl by those wl
t|ltuitl1|.(l   with   the   |ilmi.s    In  glv
promise of being tin- lim-st over
pul up iii this districl, Mr.Eschwig
siule.l himself thnl il wus to In
huiil regardless of expense, tl
orders being, "nui lie Ih-bI
V ]■.. Hiilnr-. of tin-Hernlil stuff
left lusl Siitunlny for a trip lo Nol
sun. Spokane, Senltleand Viol
At Nelson lhe   News suid   that b
was   manager   of   lhe   L'nniid
UnukofCominen-i-, nl Spokiiii,. I
will probably pose ns Mr Tlioinu
Shuiighnessy. uml  liy  lhe time li
reaches St-ittlle he maybe l.orponl
Morgan, nml  in  Vietorin  lm w'"
pi'obnl.ly cluliii to he Victor Boiling,     troll   is   eviillilllv   olil   oil 1
A fewnri-i'sts in Crnnbrook might
prove n gootl thing. Reckless tlrlv*      Morrow & McFurlune,
ing, proltinit)' on ilu* streets nml n     There will bou meeting nl Onion
lew more things like thnl wuuld yu-  Lnbor hull tonight fur the purposi
ceive n cheek. i"!* organizing n hot-key club nntl
liscttssing the ipiostion nf building
Mornra A McFnrli	
.lohn Ilm.Jus..ii. better known
throughout Eusl Kootenuy as
-Hutch," urriveil in Cranbrook
yeslenlny froiu Nt-lsnii when- he
lias heen temporarily engaged in
newspaper work on ilm News.
Ilntch'' is of ilm opinion ihut
Cranbrook bus .nude commendable
progress during the past yenr nnd
looks   upon   il  ns  um- nf  the best
towns   iii British Colunil.iu.   He
hns  ie in Cranbrook wiih the
ideti nl l...i.lim.'uml  litis In.l  will
plense his   hosl  ot   friiblils   ill   lliis
T. I...ie celebrated his 77lh
birthday Inst Friday. There an*
very lew meu ot his uge win, nre
us active mul enjo) the goal henlth
llllll    In*   lines.        Dlll'itm   till,   'msl
Biim.net In* hns worked mt n pi; r
.Iiiiiii, Iniililinu n ditch, und necom
plisheil more lliuu iiiunv younger
thnn he would hnve done. M>
Love is n veteran of ilu- Moxicnn
nm- mul ilriiws n |iensioti from
ilm Iniilil Slules goverumenl nn
.ni'i.unt nf Ihnl sen ice. lie hus
ninny Friends iu ihis .lislri.-t win
wish Iiiin muny mora yenrs nl hup
piticss .imi prosperity.
Morrow A McFu_l.no,
Dr. II. Wnll. ..I' Fori Steele
drove over to Craubrook Insl Sun
dny wi^li his son, 11. L. Wnll.
treasurer ol the Canndillti Life Insurance conipnny, of Toronto. The
doctor snys tlint his sun is greatly
plenseil with Miuith Kusi Ivoo'tenav
uml is especially impressed wiih
the iungnifiee.il climate to be found
in tlm bauatiti belt. Tlm junior
Mr. Wnti is ii line illustration nf
whal u young ninn cnn du whn hns
energy, intelligence uml u determi*
nation In win nut success. The
responsible position lu- now holds
was won by individual effort antl
without the assistance nf a pull nf
nny kind. The doctor hits reiisnii
to feel proud nl' n sun like .hut.
4   *
Hotel 3 3
(Hirsts Comfort ■ Speciilly
(iood Stabling in Connection
(Watt-, t in nti-toml iiiiii ilejioi.   [Jaa nccotumoda*
tions lot- tin* public iiiif.|imlU.l in Craubrook.
Hut und Cold Kaths
Hoggarth & Rollins
j"       When v..ii visit Cranbrook stop nt the        ?
A) None Be tic t lu the DUtr. ct .^
4>' Rates Si and up.    Slnul Orders ami Oysters <$
jG, Served in auy style from 8 |), nt. tu 6 a. itt. ^4
v The tabic ts the best, thi' rooms .m' un.-urp.-.-ed lor clean \m
4fr liness and comliirt .md the b.tr is supplied with the best brand *3
£> ol liquors and cigars. <:^
\p L. i:. VANDFxAR, Prop.        <$
Chum est l.-.i-.i: Xo. 3!1
Cr-nbrook, ll. C.
M.-l--'i..l nml nii Til_-lnj hi s ,,  m  in
I   ....   I'   ,41,11
■I  l Am  K ll s
\   Ilu i. i'.c
t l.lllnit llu-i Iiiii. .rn,li,4lli 1414 ii... in iilleit.l.
Jriiiihrinil,   I.ikoI  I'ninn   1211 nf  tin- l-tllti-il
Itrniiii'riiiiiiii „i Csrpcntcri .mi Joiner.
„. Aitii-rnn.
I'l..- I I 11 - inn 1 ml... rii' ' nt
-I i   I    l.
I.*.....i' In. il ill.ill) linn. -I
I   1   I.in.in .1   ll   Mi li,,mi i,
^_  1,0,0.1.    kc. iin I odie
\... f.   Mii'iM'i.ii Mun
ill! iniilil .11 llii'ii hill mi
rink   fnr   skating uml  eiirlii
Orniibrook should have n rink nml
lhe only way In secure one is Iii go
after   il   gootl   nml   Btrpug.   The
ulli-iiilunce ut ilm meeting toniglil
A School Concert.
iin Thurstlny. tin- 20th of Ihis
month, a school concert will be given in Wentworth linll.   An excel-
lenl program is being nrrniiged by j will be an Indication nf tin- feel'it.^
the louchers, and the children nre of Ilu- |ieoplo nn the ipieslinn.
lieing drilled fnr the event. Their Those iuloriistcd Bliould tint Inil In
i-ll'urls will be nssisled bv snnie ni'i In- presenl nml give Ilu- inet'ting
I'rniilirnnk's premier talent, A the benellt of their ideas on the
I'litiy-live miiiiile playlet will limine subject.   There is no  tint,- to lose
of the strong features.   Keep yuu.i
■v thin event.   Further pnrtic-
ilnrfl next Week.
mul if lliere is it rinl; In he buil
this year Work should begin wiih
mil ileluy,
M. II. Barney and X. ('.McKinslry drove mil in Maples' Illill   last
Friday. When they gnl tn the
river ihey unhitched the team und
tied tin- horses tn tt tree, proceeding
nn In the mill by wny nf the rai-1
wny bridge. While they were nl
the null tlu- Kinibei-li-y train came
along sn they jumped on and rode
in'inss lhe bridge ami then walked
in the top of the bench to gel their
burses. But the animals did nut
tnke kindly tn the smoke und noise
..! lhe engine us il pusseil below
iiuui. nml liriike I'm- lull timber.
Fortunately lhe engine hnd tti
double tlio hill, and both nf tin
gentleman were ablo in catch tlu
train nml ride inln town, 'I'lu
horses came in next morulug withoul even ll  sirup   broken   uu   tht
Where is Sampson?
Tin- American Consul, ut Van-
rait ver. is in receipt nf u letter
from Mi-. Kilwurd 11. Rowland, nn
artist nf Xt-w Ynrk city, now residing in I'ni-is. Fr e.     lie iiinkt'B
inquiry for u brother nf his wife,
whu was last heard uf in Cnuibrook some fourteen mouths ngn.
The brother's name is Philip .1.
Sampson, but he sometimes went
under the ..nmo of Simpson', He
wns thirty four yenrs nf uge. aliout
live Feet six inches high, fairly
well built. Iiiiii light brown hair,
lighl brown mustache, nn beard or
whiskers, very blue eyes, fresli
complexion, und si-oke with rather
mi l-uiglish accent.
Sampson's mother died about
twn mouths ngn. ami his sisler is
very anxious to lu-ui- from him.
Anyone knowing the address nf
this ninn wiil confer'., great favor
upuu liis relatives by communicating wiih ilu- American Consul
Vie uver. II. ('.
Accident at Moyie.
I.usi Tuesday morning Ole I'ni-
sun un.l Chnrles -Y|cl)nwell, iwi
muckers working lu the St.Kugeni
Ulini-. were Ilu- victims nf llil OX
plosion Mint resiilled Iii Poison
losing nne eve   uml   injuring Ilu
mher I McDowell being injured
;ib<>iil lhe henil uml I'ticc. The
sluilti lnul been liivil I lie day befpi-i
mul the men wen- clearing nwny
< lue ..! Ilu- sluils hml been cul iu
Iwu uml lhe powder lnul dropped
down mul wns struck by Poison, ll
wns purely un accident, uml cmilil
nnl be attributed tocnrelcssnesson
tlu. purl nl' anyone,   The unfortii-
nut n   were brought  In ('riin-
briiiili by Charles Hustings nud .lue
Illume, members nf Ilu- Moyie
Miners' union,accompanied by j>r.
Ilnrvie. uml tnken to tliiiSt. Eugene
linspil.il where Urn. King ami
Green gave them every attention,
A $5,000,000 Loss.
With >in estimated Inss by bush
lires uf live million dollars .to
standing timber Ihroiighuut the
Provinco during the season, tite
llriiisli Columbin Governmeni hns
little li-iisoii to be prntu! nf the
pnii-tiln I care which it. exercises
uver Ihis valuable public asset. II
the experience nf the pnst summer
dues nut suggest ivnictliiil action,
wu know not whut will. The outcome is self-evident: Efficient lire
Witi'ilcucy system nt nu iiiuiiiiil enst
nf sny $50,000, orthoim.ent rotten
system with a Provincial loss of
.,000,000,    ll.C Iiiiiiibenuuii.
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.    We are on deck 25 hours
mil of 1 tie 24
i ijiiiiui.il. I inii'l*, \n H
A. P. i\ \  M.
CRANBROOK   Ilk'.MM  (ll
nn: A. I.. U. \o.to7
474.44;   *_._.__£■'Si . 6*:gt€J&*j|
The Pioneer Holei oi the Si. Marys Valley.
.'' Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory diniiii> room service, and the ,
*                              best ot l very thin p at thc bar. f,
ft in
.*.'.•       Proprietor, i
\~'i-y.'■-''. V'■■■•w-T t:.-?^>3jC3^'^*3->;i;i-:i^-i'
J?-',4i4S  -i-l-'H.lli'i.'-.S '..'-   4 ^J-..'- ',.■..'
Visiting Brethren corillall- Invited in allenil
i IIANIIIIOOK l.t,In, I', -..in,
ii: wniitiiiK. li, r.
M.'.i- l-i .in.l :'.i.l I'in-.l.ii .ten* , il,
nl Alil.,.li-,li,i,..
Vlsitliif lirellii-t'ii i-onlinllv liivil. I
1 Mi   mi i-.e II     IV-   Iui'iIm in,  s...',-
W. F. (iURI),
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
UAMlUOOli,    BRITISH   t'OI.I'MlllA
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Wc Hake it a Custom
- ...<   ii. mm'il ii. li, mill in  li- i
. :.i I..}-, Iniiklinrfnrn
Fall and Winter
-I>.4.|4'     14,4.     lll'lll. ||     -44.    lilllli     lll'lil'l'l'
l-ri,™nn-luiii-r.tuul 1,4.1 IiiiiI..-..   n I. 4
I-ii".'..... rm*.   I'm..'..  •*' In. 4
I..,,.-14— .i.i-1 :,.i.l mu lim 1,   11 *--. .4..,., ii
Illl   III.' 1141!    lIll'IIIIKll.        Wiil   I,.' Illlll'll 111.lilllli' 4 ill')' llllll I  Ill SI.   lull.
Leask & Henderson
(i)* •••••• +*> *>*>-*>
ypB* *"* >>-t-n ■ it
• •*->•«•--•  • * * A*
We are now in shape to furnish all kinds of
Orders promptly filled and delivered in town. For prices npply
King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
• -._-*••*•••]>-._---•••••• • .'•
4,9*************************** ****.,********** *******,
* T. II. Wil .LBN 4^ en. Proprlclon.
tl Il.-.-i.li|iiiii'l<i'_ I'm-   l-UUilioiiiien,   I'liii'iiecl.im uml   S|iiuini
i Tin*  lineal   111, t, I i 1 > - *  nml   f'ii.liim.:   in   lhe  I'rovince , . . .
Barristers, Solicitors, liic.
IIsk-II llltick Cranbrook, 11. C.
I       C, H. DUNBAR       J
.    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    f
! Public, Etc. I
,   Cranbrook,    -    -    li. c.   I
I *
Physicians and Surgeons.
unite at Resilience, Armslroitx Ave.
(ll'llCl' HOURS:
Forenoons,   ....   9*30 10 II
Allernnons   -   -   ■   .   I:J0.0 J:j0
liu-ninj.-i   ....    7.,in |„ j.jn
CRANHROOK,    ::::       :!'.(-
I .in in i in i'
;     Dr. Connolly,     |
Physician and Surgeon
Ollice on Armstrong Avenue
 11. in. fn. 11. in.
-      -|.inm,' hm
- |<i-1 ,t-1 ..;> 1., :.,..,
ORANT DOW.-INli, Manaxer.
Get up-to-date by enrolling on
The Herald's subscription Iisl.
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Cranbrook, II. C.
Work is satisfactory.
Price is satisfactory.
We want your patronage.
Only frst class help employed.
Work returned to all points
twice a week.
ruprieli.r      9
X        ORCHESTRA        I
J illtislc fiiroislu'il Inr Hull. Parties, etc,
J Two tn seven plea-n.
J Crnnbrook,   -   -    -    li. C.
. .,********************* **Z
W. E. Wordeti
l'niprictor nf the
City Transfer Co.
Drnyingof nil kinds given prompt
i'iniin .\lnviin_ u Speciully.
Olllee in .1.1'. Tlsilalc'a i'luiin* ts
in-ill. HOtlRSi
tl In I'' ft. in.
I In >. |1, III.
" In B p. 1.1.
IIR. IIIDI.AKIi, Al. I.'. C, \'. S.  I
Ilorne Denlii-tri  nml   In 111*1
n Hpecinllj
Tel. No. 71. CRANBROOK, II. t.
J. li. CIMMINliS
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
3.1.1.AIDI.AW, _. B.


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