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Cranbrook Herald Jun 9, 1904

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MM BER    11
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office, roronto.
IIi.n. i.in. \ Cox, I-      I ut. It. B. Wamcbr, Oen. Mar.
IMIJ Un   Capital  18,700,000.00
ltd .    .1 luii.i IHI
Total Re, «».Voi n 'Jl         H.IKKI.lllMIIlll
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Ranking Business Transacted
swivos nwk li- i-il-i 'l. \l   Deposit, Received   Interest Allowed.
HANKIM . IIV Mill    H Ih'iiiii.1- m.I ivllllilrawn liv innil.
lull  iii'Ii mil ri'l-l'ivil I"".i.I'l lllli'lllieli.
CRANBROOK ll« INCH. I'. C, MM.I'AS, Manager.
*,iii*i lit* til
414        I   •
Capital, Paid !.',- $2,983,896 S
k.-.t $2,636312 t
R. Merritt, Pres.   D.H Wilkie, Vice Fres. and Gen. Manager J
-i»  C
ii  o
C     ■ *.    !OOK ISi-JANCII S
|j A general banki - ss transacted.    Drafts sold availa- *
i. bl* In every p., ■; ol ( i   u .:. I Inited States and Europe.    Special *-.
Z attention I i collet   ins. J* 1*". M. PINKHAM, Manager.     |
%**JISS tii c-ii■*, "SS JJiltf iiii***********&
OTTO **%
i ' ■ u    ' shirt, if iniri-hasi-il here, ns there is  imth.
iui- "cheap' it!- ■    ts ;q hir shirts nre very dressy,
of'guod strong linen, i ,-ntti   -tive stri|ies in tho colored
ones, nntl are \   r, popul        lit 1       fushi-jitttlily ilressetl  young
inei. in tuwn.
ii mi mi Iht of tin ■ i ■ ss - v,i- have ftisl retwivoil in slock.
They'll In* roIiI in shun  ■!■-".   -::,■> ,i!'" iim swclh'sl mnl Intent
things in Mni's Ftir i  pri cos iinM'xcpptionally low
for siicli lu'irli nln -■ shirt *-      W • Imvc them plain mul colored
suit your histe,    Lai   ■:       I   i    I . ijxa nhvnysnl ourstoro
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
.     .     .     fi .     ;     j     .
....,*. A i $ | *U
*T ""    I
Western Oil« Coal Stock II
now 25 cents
_     —8
The probabilities are th.it oil will be |!
•f r struck any day
]:        Buy now and make money
::BEA'-   I'LWELL-i
•• Baker Street, -   ml
NEW 0001)5
We have jnsl received u lieauliful line ol Cranbrook Souvenir
(itiinls Price 1 ..' from . lo $3.00, Remember >uur far
iiwaj■ fi'ii-iii! ■ bj **: lhem o souvenir of Cranbrook. These
nre llic hesl Roods hal i be | urch ised, yel they are inexpensive.   Can'l we sell yi n
W. H. WILSON, Jeweler and Optician
y ti    .1.1 i  i li         ; '■ itlun r, ii good asiortiiii'tii of Blouse Sets,
l.ast Sunday was an iiloul uny
nil tin-St. Kugcnomission was an
itlt'itl place to visit on that ilay,
it was. in tin' Indians, tin'
1 all -lavs in tho year. Por
years, Fathor Coeeola, who laid the
foundation fur tin* Bueeessful mis*
ion, has taimht the Indians the
iiuaninn of Corpus Christ! cell*.
I ir,! h and now tin1 preparations
for tin* dny is entered into by every
ictnlier of the tribe wiih an eu-
tlinsiasiti unknown in anything eUe
thoy du. Tho church and tho
rounds aro prepared Iur tin* cere*
ionics hy all the ilecorutions that
lavish nature in (hat rich and fertile valley can Eurnish. Iluiidtvds
uf young evergreens Were planted
along tno lino of inarch frum the
church, through tl"' village to the
house of Thief Pierre, whose name
is made famous as the discoverer
of the St. EllKOUe mine, and who
was honored liy having thc altar
placed on his' front porch, ami
thenee to the school building.
Theso trees marked a broad avenue
and along the avenue woro several
arches erected.
Tu the untutored mind uf ihe
Indian it is in a sense a gala dny.
yet one that is nut be entered
lightly, but to he considered with
due solemnity and religious fervor,
As a gala day, the inhabitants of
the village and the many Indian
visitors had drawn upon the looms
of the land tor tho brightest raiment prodneed. In consequence
the individual tastes and desires of
the participants shown for the resplendent iu colors that would have
put Joseph's coat to shame and
made a rainbow look liken quaker
coat in the days uf William Point.
Especially was this the case with
the representatives of the gentler
sex. There was red. blue, gold,
green, yullow, orange, purple, every
color that was bright and attractive
to tho eye. nothing somber or dull.
The inate vanity and personal pride
uf the sterner sex found expression
in varied ways. New shirts of
brilliant hues, with nn jHirti.ni of
them lost to the gazo of brother
Indians or curious white men for
the sake of conforming t<> civilized
modo in white man's dress, erratic
combinations of military suits and
civilian garb, gorgeous blankets
aud reminders of the barbarous
form of dress iu the days when the
Indian war whoop carried tenor to
the white man's heart, aud freedom
of limb was considered more important than the conventionalities
of dress. To the effete easterner
unused to the scenes of the west
und Tndiun life, the day afforded
opportunities for observation thai
will leave a lasting impress upon
tho miml. tuul to  those  who have
en present on former occasions,
r ceremonies of last Sunday will
t Ih* forgot!
to the mission ItHik.tl like a pro-
cession. People iu carriages, wag-
mis and on horseback, mill many on
foot, found their way to the mis-
siun for t lie purpose of witnessing
the ccreiiiollics of the da>   and   CU-
joying the beauties of nature.
The exercises in the forenoon wero
con fi ntnl to the church, and consist*
inl ui' regular services ml mass.
The handsome building was crowded with worshipping lni'.nis. and
ono noticeable feature was the great
number of Bquaws with children.
Another was the old men of the
tribe. There are several whose
fiicis are furrowed with the ravages
of age, wiiose eyes ure dimmed by
passing years, whose hair is as
white as the snows in the mountain
peaks. How many seasons they
have lived is unknown, hul they
have lived long enough to still have
Fain! recollections of the wild life
uf the Indian before his haunts
weir invaded liy the white until,
when the chief's won! was law and
neither soldier or civilian could interfere. There arc one or two who
have readied the ago wlicu life lias
lost its sweetness, and they live
in silence, and who can tell,
perhaps iu sorrow and regret over
tin- changed conditions, They are
weak and wall; with trembling foot
steps, yet seem to ding to tlio teaching of the church as their -■ .■ solace and one hope. To look upon
the old and the young, to see their
devot ion and evidences of reverence,
to consider the record made by the
Indians of the mission by their acta
the past ten or fifteen years, one
cannot but be greatly impressed
with the work performed hy Father
Coeeola, the priest with thj mind of
a Beer and tlie heart of a child, who
left the luxuries of civilization to
take up lifo ill a wild and unknown
country, whero he might accomplish
a great good. And the mission
with its school and church, with its
Indian buys and girls taught along
the lines of the white people with
the older ones changed from the
un tutored son of the forest to the
honest, law-abiding citizen of today, is n monument to the good
work and personal sacrifice of
Father Coeeola long after lie has
gone to his reward.
The afternoon exercises were tin*
big event ofthe day, About, four
o'clock the Indians gathered at the
church and after a short devotional
exercise, a procession was formed
and slowly to the chuutiug of a
hyillli they marched along the
avenue. lead by the children, with
the line closed at thc end by Hev.
Father I'hoinelle, walking beneath
a canopy held by au aged Indian
at each corner. At the house of
Chief Pierre the services at the
altar were observed, and then the
march conlilined to the school
building.   As they passed beneath
ich arch a tiring squad of teu in-
rheiv   were  nol   less than 250 diutis lireil a volley which is  any
visitors present from Fori Steele, posed to bo emblematic of tho effort
of tho Indians to do away with tho
devil ami Ids power for evil.
11 was n great day. interesting
from many points of view, and will
be pleasantly remembered by all
who were there.
Miirysvilie and Cranbrook, and if
mure conveyances could have boon
secured, the number wuuld have
been doubled. By 8 o'clock in the
forenoon many id' the visitors
started, and by 10 o'clock the road
la^V^AV-."".. • ^'tt^ttJttM
.        ■
Don't Do Alarmed
ar**y.   ■
Alain,   Clucks
tri-i-ii ii..*
 p. Vuii
ih A
;i-Mf7 #
Che 3ewc
Taurm Clocks    '""'t^J'ILi
A fi-w pi-npli' in tho district have
luni uu opportunity of meeting .MI'll. A. Bright, mntingor mid one of
the chief stockholders in tin- IVrry
Crock Hydraulic Mining Compnny,
iiml in evory iiistiiiiii' tlu-y huvu
Iii-i-ii must fiivoriililyliuprt'Bsi'il witli
liiu rugged liitin-si.Y. outspoken wuy
.nnl gonial nature, lh- hns t-otno
nut from Wisconsin to superintend
iln- big undertaking his company
lins in liiiii.l. mnl will spent! lliis
summer in tlio furry Crook 1-11111(1.
As 'I'lu- Hernlil hupp I in llml
somolhingnbout iln- mnn from one
ill'   itS   I'llitl-ll   Stlltl'H  l'Xl-llllllL.-1'S.  il
tnkt-B pleasure in reproducing tlie
wing from tho Ulm-It l-'nlls
(Wis.) .Iiiiiriuil, llml will In* iiml
wllh Interest;
Tlii-uiiiiniiiiiiiis iiniiiiii.-itiiiii ul' II.
A. Brlglll for prosideiitinl elector
nt tin- cotigrossiomil convention nt
Sparta was it plensiug r ignition
uf tin- I'lninis mmle for liim by tin-
Jackson county delegation uiul of
siitisl'iii-tiou to Imb tunny friends
throughout thp district, lt. ia 1111
honorary position ntnl it wns Httiug
that it should lie given to 11 man
who hns boon iiclivi- ill the affairs
nf the party ill tliis section ever
since there wns n Republican pnrty.
Mr. Bright was ono of the pioneers of the Black rivor valley, coming hero in the early fifties, mul lie
lias beon identified with its leading
industries since, Ho nrriveil without capital, anil he hail but his
strong constitution, a willingness to
work nnd u determination to achieve
tin- success whicli rewards continued effort properly directed, He
saw tin- opportunities open in the
immense lumber resources of tin
The Cranbrook Hotel Passes to .Mesi
Hno*;irth and Rollins.
In*.M,k note] changed hands, James
Ryan, the proprietor sit it opened
in 1811", having s<.1.1 his iuteresl to
Ueorgo Hoggm-tlt  nntl V. A. Roi-
lins.    Although   tiiere had   been I tbe next two weeks is now 11
uu- tu Ik of a change in ownership, [a conjecture.
Morrissoy,  .li    5.   Tlio   nil.
Last Thursday nurht thoCran- absorbing topic iu tliis districl al
tin- present li   is tiio proposed
construction of tin- liniit Northern
railway from Morrissey to Fernie,
I tlmt work will commciicuwithin
y.-t tin- news ilmi il lnul taken pit
s a surprise l-> the peoplo of
(Viiiiliri.uk. It will seem Btrnnge
imlciil 11..1 to see Mr. Ryan ubonl
tin- hotel, For n.-inlv seven years
In- hns lieen in charge of the busi-
i'l.'i.Mli..1 with iho hotel uml with
musi ul' Cranbrook's enterprises,
lb*, in company witli Annus Mor-
lis..11. opened liu- hotel mi lh.' 2Hrd
ofDocentliur, l.sHT. nml un thu 25th
Min.* thi- first public Christmas
iliiinor ovor given in Crnnbrook,
Thero wore uo people living in tlie
town, for tho simple reason that
there wns no town ut that time, and
im btiildingB liomexcept n few construction sTiacksusetl by lln* ('.I*.It.
for supplies.   A. Leitch lnul his
any individual in tho county, and
ho I'lijoys tin- competency which ho
lias built up. Ho hits vast holdings
of real estate in this city und in
other sections, is vico-pi-enidonl and
..in-ul' tin- largest stockholders in
the First Nntil.mil bank, mnl owns
11 large interest iu a valuable mine
in thr west, iih woll nn oilier interests.
llr hns always boon a liberal
giver to charity, and ninny u poor
pel-son in Jackson county has bee,
benefitted by his benevolence, His
I'linriliible nets are done iiuostont-
ntlously, nml nro never niiiile the
silbjeel uf publicity.    Net <"Illy hns
he Iii-i-ii n dispenser of charity, bill
In- has 1 1111 generous creditor to
inuiiy 11 debtor, lie lias bestowed
favors upon ninny a former nnd
lnisiness iiiiiu 111 limes when favors
mount much,   In public nll'uirs In*
hns just  1 n ns iipcll hi'iil'teil mnl
always ready I" nilvain-e lite best
Interests of the community.
lb- serveil for eleven yours us
mayor of Ihis city, nearly always
being oleeted withoul opposition.
In thai time tho financial progress
of tin- city wns good, nud his administrations murkeil for economy.
Tho 1111111i1111ti1.il ns elector is tho
tirst recognition thnt hits boon
given him by liis party beyond Iho
city. His untile has been prominently brought before tlio public fur
the next assembly nomination, but
ho hus not, announced his candidacy,   He wuuld probably accept
jam us it VAX.
saw mill running, nnd it was the
mill buys thnt made up the dinner
party uu thnt pioneer Christinas
day, Among those well known
hero   woro   tionrge   i.oitell.   Sum
Morrow, II. Parsons, (loorge Wales.
Fred Hti'/eu and Arthur Trent. Tin-
hotel business iii Craubrook in
those days was uohontiugn, " Uncle
•liiu'' used tu sit liy the hour lit the
north dour looking out over tlie
unbroken prairie, dreuiiiiug of the
the time when truius would be
running into the town, nnd of
('riinliniuk's future groutness. Ho-
cusioiially 11 traveler would pass
through tin- place on 11 cuyuso, mul
after partaking of a meal, rideuwiiy
Wondering if "that old ninn was
erii'/y running nu hotel iu the middle of a prairie." \
In time Mr. Ryan pitr.-lius.-il .Mr.
Morrison's interest, mid lins over
since been tlio sole proprietor.
The house litis dune a big business
during nil these years, nnd is favorably known from Montreal to Vancouvor, It has boon kept us 1111
orderly place, clean in every wuy.
nml "Undo Jim's" famous li
o'clock rule is known ull over the
country, And that rule hits boon
absolute. It did nut make any dit'-
fcreuee who the man wns or whether miiit'.-y wus flowing over the
Imr ut live dollars 11 round, ut ii
lilisiuess hud to cease and tights
wont out. The only exception was
11 banquet.
Tito sale puts Mr, Rynn out of
the hotel business. He gut SMHH)
for the furniture, stock nnd goodwill, mnl the purchases got one of
the best business institutions iu
the Kiioti-nnys. lint it does nut
mean that he will cense to be a
citizen of Cranbrook, iu which he
Ims been so greatly interested, and
fur the advancement nf which lie
has iiiim- sn much, lb- is a large
shareholder in tin- Kust Koolenay
I,uinlier Compauy, (he Stnutlard
Lumber Compnny, the Electric
Light Company, Ilu- Telephone
Company, the Crnnbrook lliewery
ami tin* new Waterworks Company,
Although In- may travel about considerably, In- will probably iiinke
Crntibrook his heiitltptiirlura for
awhile nt least. Thero nro hundreds
uf people whu will lie pleased lu
know thai "I'nolo Jim" will lie
able to enjoy the remainder of his
life iii ease, and will join The
Herald in wishing him and his wife
every happiness.
The New Proprietors.
Messrs. Hoggarth mid RolliliB,
the new proprietors, nro well known
throughout Fast Kootenny, Mr.
Hoggiirlh has been the proprietor
of the Klk hotel at Klko fur lhe
past seven years, and Mr. It.,llin
Lost week a iiitrtv of contractors
composed ..I l„ I-:. Shiel.li.. W.
Winters, W. 10. I'nrsons.A. R. ami
■I. li. Porter, .Inhn Twohy, *l W,
Chniimau anil W.l-Uluuscrarrived
at   tin' litn-.'tion, ami alter an  ex
thai ilm entire business portion of
Ilie tuwn did nut go up in smoke is
ilm- entirely t" the great work done
by the bucket brigade, whicli was
organized mi tie spot. The lire
started in the rear "f William
Shaw's tobacco and confection********
st..re.  and   ilie   building, n   light
Ertii] in.  wasn ,11:1-4-. uf tliimes
Itefore il wi - disci '" ri d, An alarm
i-i -   0011  1 ii -4 ij.    ml  ;.s  tlu* tiro
< urre.! ..1   il.'ill in the evening
when uii 1 rn- townspeople win. work
at   the mini    and coke ovens wore
with the main niail. continued  mi
In Pontic  I'm* 1 nsiilliitiiiii with
tin* engineers win. are nowworkiug
mn innl i f I he 1 in.p. ise. I rigllt-of- at h .11 bucko! brigade wns soon
way where the new lim- wiil join organized, and by the must strcn-
uous work thc tin was confined to
tin- rn..' building, -lust across un
eight-fool nilev I'r..111  the burning
il "filial ph .and nlso to look  building stood tlio Western hotel,
over tho line at that end. As stated and it rcceiv.il 11 -,.verc scorching
beforo in these columns tho con-1and was on lln* several times, but
true! I'm' the line has been let to 1 tho Humes wen? extinguished be-
the llriii nf Siinins i& Shields, of fore-nuy material dumage was done
Si. I'niil. ami ulnu thnt instead of it. Iln.iil.4 Western gone up in
doing the tictunl coustruotion, they smoke il i- 11 question where the
will in 1 urn sulilel lhe wurk. nnd it j lire nmi 1,1 huvosl ippeil, as then* is
was for the purpose of submitting only one sl _ ami 11 nnr-
estimiites that the contractors mon- row* street In-twivu it and the big
honed above wero hero.    It is not Alexandra ml  from there
definitely known at this time who I tho entire t the exception
will get tho Bllb-eoutract, but ii is of the Minors hotel and Miller's
rumored that Porter Bros., who al- laundry,  wi ... -1  nt  the
ready have the bridge wurk ami mere} ol th Humes. How the fire
trai'kluyitig I'm' tin- new line, will started ;- 11 mystery, as the pm-
a Isi 1 gel tin* entire construction, prietor. Mr Shiiw. was in attend-
They tire it Btrong combination, nnii anceul 11 license committee meet-
their securingof the work will mean ingal I'.i.;: at the time, and Units early completion, ami this is mutt in i-lmrm* was at supper. The
what tlio Cl rout Northern must de. loss t" building and stock was in
sires. The distance from Morrissoy th.- ueighlio--lioo;l of $1,S00, with
lu Fernie will In- nine miles by the $1,250 ii mnti
new nuni. and it is understood thai, li was 1 -.14.i.i blnze, Imt fur the
lhe eonipniiy wishes construction gallant work ol tlie bucket brijjade
1-1 1'-- completed within three the results would hnve been sadly
imiiil hs.   Owing I-i tin* heavy wurk ' dill',, real.    No p'4 1,1 lire department
whieh will lie ei tiutered sueh un  in a big city could have put forth
early completion wil! be impossible, greater efforts, and .  rtainly 110110
und, ns   nne  ul'  ihe  contractors could linve me! with greater suo-
stateil  it  will  li.*  necessary  to at cess in their work.
least double tin* lime limit.' 	
What the contract pri I' this -,.    ., „
,     •       *n 1    •      , 1 1   . ilie Mass are RuonitJ.
extension will In- is unt known, Imt: *
thnt a big bunch of money will be     The mines at Morrissey are again
turned loose around Morrissoy is I operating tit full blast and business
unassured fact, its it  is estimated has token lease ul life.
that   at   least 11 thousand men will  Meu are 1>    _ ,      *   work.as fast
be put In wurk nt this point. as thoy arrive in lown, the nevyly
From Fernie, a line five miles i itploted   coke   ovens are being
length will also be nut to connect! cleaned out preparatory to their
with the collieries at Cual Creek, blowing iu. an 1 from present in-
luit this wurk will In-dune liy thetdicatioiis the coming summer will
cual company.   This line will  In- beuuex -.linulj busy one,   It is
built under a s- paratt tttract. and rumored that no a Iditional 260 coke
it is understood that Fuss-V Mc- ovens nr■• w;-:,iu the possibilities of
Donald are hot nfter it. with very th-- near future, aud with other
good chances uf getting it. iuiprovem -nts which tin* coal com-
—  p-iiiv ha."  :■,   .i'-.v. there is not
Fire nt .Morrissey Mines. mnon dangi-r thnt Morrissey Mines
Lust Thursday evening Morris- will bei ipelled  t-« advertise its
sev Mines had  iis lirsi   lire, ami advantages as a summer resort
du    il.      That     liny    will   givo Duly wi Lumb.-r.
lln-  tuwn    a   first-class   hotel  is     ,„,.,„.,   .,,,„.   .,    T!l.  Briti6h
a   foregone  conclusion,  ami   lln- ,, ,     ,.   ,     . ,   ,      .
Herald    joins   will,    their   Inste Colnrabia Inmbermen waitedontha
uf friend's in wishing them every governmenl to-day and.asked for a
kind of prosperity. customs duty of 82 on rnuu-h ltim-
Tliomns Kiiukes. the clerk, will \lt.T. w!,i,**;  i-  now  ■■ Imitted free,
remain behind tho desk,   lb* has .„„;.„,... ...    , ,   .,_..,    Thc. in.
he 1   this pusitmn for the past live . ,
1     „..    ,  „.. ,,.. ,■ 11,., torview,  '.\;,'m;   ms private, took,
vears. uml knows  even traveling .   .'    ,.        „,
man from tho Atlantic to the Viicific Place in lln- premiers office.   Tlm
liy his first iiiiiiii*. tlie house he re- ministers present were Sir Wilfrid
presents mid tin* line of goods he Laurier. Sir William Mulock and
soils. As 1111 hotel clerk, there ure Senatur T.nq.1. mni. The lumber-
probably few who can equal hu,..   [n]un ^  r.1,i,.,.,|„.,1 ,,y Mes8r9.
Wells.  Hendry. Scott, and Mayor
McQuignu uf Vancouver, and May*
ipei-atul-s   mi    the   Crows ,„•   K"niv  ,,|'   \,.u    Westminster,
the nomination wore it tendered
liim liy the convention, but lu- is
now in the west nnd will make no
personal effort fer It, Ho is rugged
and hearty though nloiigin years,
llis friends believe him worthy uf
the recognition already received,
nnd many of them  that .Tncksoi
boon connected with the hotel
business iu Cranbrook nnd ISlko fur
the past live yours. Both men arc
popular, and what is more llu-y
understand their lnisiness. They
will iiinke quite n tntmlH-r of improvements in tlio house, refitting
und refurnishing, changing tin- of
A H-ind-mme (lift.
Nesl line, whu have been wurkii
under   .1.   II.   Scott,   chiuf   despatches I'm* su time, have givel
Mr. Voung, secretary "!' the Manufacturers' Associd :•:. was along
wiih tin* lumbermen, and had pre-
siilistmilinl evidence uf thiw ap- pared un elaborate statement of the
case, wliich was handed to the government.
The delegation was accompanied
ami introduced l.y.M -ssrs.MaPher-
sin. Smith, antl 1 rullilier. Messrs.
Scott, Hendry an I Wells addressed
lln- ministers ou tli ■ necessity of
mure protection J" the industry on
'..uiit  ,,i ,-., up -iiiimi from   tho
pl'eeiatiull uf llilll   ill   llis   pusitiui
iis chief nnd their regard for him
as a man.    Mr. Scotl will leave   in
n few days for Winnipeg tu enter
lhe service uf the Cnnailinn North-
4-1-11.    Lnsl Sunilny as many ui the
operators ns could l-'-i away canto
In Cranbrool: lu bid him gootl by.-.
and also tu mate n  inngnifit-eiil
presentation to him and his wife. Cniti-tl Ktiitus
IL consisted of 11 cabinet of solid     sjr Wilfrid Laurier said tho gov-
silver knives ami lurks  with   pearl !,,r ,,| would consider the rspre-
hainlles. and a silver tea Bervicejgeutnt'
I tray,   (hi ihe traj  was thi
following inseripiiu
II. 1
Mil.   im. Mn-
. 1.
.1. II. .-
11.441   Mil.  TK1.I i.
firm Ba
IP Tin:
01.0." I"'*1 '
1st 1114 1-
Willi   Ills
1  lti-111
M.v in, lnul
ntry and In- grasped them,  To-  county should yet ndd to it liy 11  tic- and bur. ami milking the place
.   1.1_     .-....._.......   ......   .1...     !...._,—4    .., I    .    ■ ,1   ,.!.. I  .... ..Il.u.ill.... ...   llllll    I   ,*  44'ill
day liis iuterests nro the largest of  sent in tlie assembly
The   presentation   sp h   was
made liy .lis, Austin, agent at
Klkn, and was feelingly responded
lo bv Mr. Scott. Addresses were
also'mmle by Agent Mm-, uf Mac.
iood, Agent I. II. Wilson, ot Ward.
ner and ulher members "f the 11.
R. T. .
Bostock Apiiniiiii'il Senator.
Ottawa, Jtino ''.. The appoint-
melt nf Hewitt Rostock lu lhe
senate in succession I" the late
Senator Reid was formally made on
Saturday an 1   confirmed bv   Un
as attractive us paint and paper will  j-.
.1 t .
Rate- Increased.
ver, II'.'. June I. - A big
1 iii. insitrai rules was
I to-day by the bonrd of
lire underwriters. The new rates
show increases us follows: On all
frame buildings and thoir contents
I.", percent.; un nil brick buildings
*_'•'. per -•' nl.: mi nil stuck on brick
buildings nn per cent. Heavy
lus-.es iii lli*' Toronto lire mid continued small earnings in Canada
nro given as the cause by the in*
surance companies,
Two Tons of Oold.
Seattle, .lam* I. A Dawson despatch to tiiu Post-Intelligencer says
that since Bluicing  began  iu  thu
Klondik 1 May Uth. 11 royalty lias
lieen paid nn 55,7oJ! ounces of gokl
rn* nearly two l..:.s. This is the
largest .-itn-.um .ver produced in
tin- Klondike up lu Juno 1st. This
district last year only produced
11,00(1 ounces in a similar period, tin: cit.wuimiok   UEttALD
CRANBROOK  HERALD    additional local
D.iii'i torgel  the lawn party at
W.T, lleid's residelie.  the even-
iug of June 22ml.
Muri-tot-i  Mil" - Unpaid.
That the (in:.I Null hern  exten,
siun from Morrisst-y t.. Fernie will
lie completed this year   is nuw   lis-
The H.-i M'v - "i'i. sl" 11  >'*...    II"-'-
4.4 Ij -j     V  in  Siill.ll   IJ'-'  1-""' -
||    jl,   4444.1    4.44.|.Vnl..'
Ilriiij{out. * •' .■.li'"-iut''i****'-*'i
In thi- i'i"-" ' Itii tin'' '-l'-'iil'l ii*i"l illi   ,,44l.li-!4-ll|,ll„,V.    »l    11   l» III-W..      II   i«
,„,nr„ll. I nl., ,1,4. ' : Iii imMlalwr. Sn
, |, ,|,,», ,,■,;•, ...        ml .li.i.ii..-il |...li,4
ll   ,|,,ll'l   III   141   |,I,.„M. 111.   | |,|l-.        It'll ill-**!***-
Isiitjnililisli ,i i..v......... Iiiiii iiilll ■will
in lni> i,i,tniii,ii t.i    Si'iiil in vnnr wilii-fHti*
14,411   1  4411,1   41,41   ,- ill  i,„   II kt.ll I'VIT llttl'l
A.U..411-4.44       ..*•-    S|     ,..-,     Ii-ll.  Hll||tll-   ,.,"1-
litnii, |H'|- llllllll ll, ii" in,-ii- llllll I'" I'—.
11,44,1441^   III I      l,"l    ".HI-    I'-'-    lill-'l "''
,1,. I ',.,'-      |I4,,I,|.    |,,1     Iill,-   1 lllllll ll" I -
M.M-.    .        I —   I- ..I-   in I- |'"l  li.-"
,,,.1, liuu-rtiini.
|l   4 -I,"  1..I.-.I. ll     ll,"     ill'    "I   S.MIlll
l:.,-, k, ".i.i.ii   -.ni ni.i-i ...luni- III Tin-
ll.'l. ,1,1.
Tl,,. 11mm.  14..-.4 m-i,),-  ml, |,linit, "I"!
ll, work l>ill il." l"-i      lli" Hi-nil i'l
iiin.i i-lint-ll*     I'   u - n -i'ni'-- ilmil "ii
yunr in,, ivnrk. n ivi-.-iiii. >.... .-"ii in -liuiiii- m..] pr  kirk   in.l .....l ...in ivnrk i"
► "111,--   I |,,ll,Illl  llllll-" ill   lll""l'-'   llllll   lll'V*
(ieneral Mitnitgor Hayes, ot the
Ci'.iinl Trunk, says thai Canadians
will I--- given lirsl choice in the
surveys of lhe new mad, bill llllll
thy penpl,• musi remember tluil tlio
Canadian lield is limited when il
conies in aii enterprise like the
bifihling nf a Iranscoiitinoiitiil road.
Editor liaeretl. nf the Morrissoy
Despatch, dumped his .lead ads
last week ami  prom-hod  11  sermon
In the people -if his town ulv.-r-
lis'ing  lhat   continued  Bomo good
Wind Crnnbrook needs is lire
protection thai will protect, Cranlirnnk business men --.-iiiii.it all'urd
a lire, and yel some nf lhem seems
in l«, inviting it liy llu-ir carelessness.
The lleral.l subscription lis!
continues tu grow, and the demand
fur   lhe   paper   increases   at   the
hook   Stmvs.        Lasl    Week    I!.    K.
Belittle sold lietween   'n, and   100
 I C.   I-;.   II,ml   &   Cu..  uver  ."ill.
wliile lhe sales al the ollice Were
nbout Jin. This in addition In the
large Bilbst-riptioit in  town  shows
llllll Tile  II: llllll   is  Mill,
'Premier Melln.le says thai
Stuart Henderson cannot play in
his back yard any inure.
.The committee iu charge uf lhe
incorporation    inovemenl    Bliould
Jose nn lime.
(inlf is a favorite game in Cran-
brook, but thu trousers wurn have
nnl the regtilntt hock.
A well filled water barrel in the
buck yard ul' ovory business luntsi
mi Biikm- slreei mny save the tuwn
some time.
John Houston says that lhe
Nelsun Tribune has nol been snld
but thai on Angusl lit will be start
ed as a lirsl-elass daily, foruinsl tin
provincial government and favoring Charley Melnlush fur Ilu
Dominion houso.
Short Comments.
Ueorge Hillier The people nf
Canada shmilil insist ,,n theptissngc
nf laws lhat would prohibit tlu
over eapiializalinn nf any company.
With these extremes bound an im-
 use mi lit uf lnisiness troubles
wuuld benvoidod.
R. K. Beattie. I would like „
system inaugurated by which the
business nuni had ail (he refuse
mutter from ihe stores Imidtd nwny
eaeli 'lay. There should lie n'.i
burning ul' slull' in open stoves in
alleys nr otherwise. W'e nre running luu iiin,-Ii risk liy doing ii.
.lames Ryan. I liavegol no baek
yard nuw. sn I guess I am in a
position tu mnke an notivo firewarden, i-'riilll nuw nn | wi]| devote
sume nf my lime in Bi-uing thnt (Inlaw is enforced sn thai tin. people
will In mpi'lli'.l i,, protet-l  litem.
selves llgllilisl lire.
K. I*',. ( lii'hal'il. There is no use
iii talking, Cranbrook is growing
nnd Inuks as if would keep un doing
60. '
j    Mrs. A. C, Bowuess left Tuesilay
I fer un extended visit al  the  homo  „,,,,,|.   'IV contract litis been  lei
-if her father in South Bend. Wash.
Services iu the Methodist church
next Sunday at the usual hours,
Strangers in the city cordially welcomed.
We have just received lhe largest
consignment uf trunks, valises uml
grips ovor brought into Last Kootenay.   Morrow .V- McFarlane.
The liirls' Missimi liiind nf (he
Methodist church will hold au ice
cream social ami sale uf wurk at
Miss I'atnnire's home next   Wed
in-silay  evening.    1'rue Is  to  be
devilled   tu  the    Kiliimn.it   Indian
-iris' hnme.
The Columbia Comedy coinpuny
whieh appears here l-'riday liigul is
uuder the iiiunagi'iiieiit uf .1. W.
MeCliiskv. the niiiier. wlm. il will
l,e remembered lost both eyes
nbuiii two years ago by ii premature
explosion ofn blast iu the boundary
country. Mr. McClosky has ado*;-
ted this mentis of funking ii legitimate living nud is entitled lu hourly
An Englishman bidding farewell
tn Itis friends in London was asked by ii fund mother where he wus
going tn locate in America and being luld Montreal, slm exclaimed
How nice, ynu will be able I"
nu over tn Winnipeg uuuu or
twice a week mnl lunch witli our
Aluy. and occanionly have dinner
with Clmrlie whn lives iu Vancouver and don'l forget the Hill's, at
Craubrook. B. I'., thoy are 'truth
peoplo,' ami handle, 1 bolii
20th. Century I'l. t dug."
llllll    Slill e, ,||| I'.ielS     will     lie    "iiell
this week,  construction   wurk  beginning in a week ur ten days.
Sin,*.* our lliellliuli iwu weeks
ago of an interview with K. I'.
Watson, chief t'ligiueer frmn Sl.
I'anl. whn with a parly ni engineers
came up tu re-survey ilu- .proposed
line, we have ascertained definitely
thai the contract fer the wurk has
In   Messrs.  Siiiniis &
ii ,- , i. i
Uroceries, Canned l-'ruit. Fish.etc.
Ml lOullvi, .   I'l.iui   '1... I...-I i.i.i.l...
4     TiilM-fti     i     S||,|.lll>44      It,,,.
|'.,.|.|.      III,..      444,1.1       lil-l     .44*4. 1,1 >     "I
444I4..I-    411      44tt'.l"IU"      nrill-H    -11,,lll.l
l""klll   141.  - I.
411 Suits of Ready Made Clothing
illrn-l I. "iii M,........ I
Aiucs-liolilcn    Hunts   ami  Shoes
I  -".  ,,l .Iiml" liiutiy In.l  ...-ii
m-i  r ,,...l
l.|,|„,.,i, ll4.ir.4i H,,.,l. -
li'eii given   In  Messrs.  S ns  ,V . t /*..<,.,k..,w»l- '
shields, ti,,- in, eontracthig iim, |      Cranbrook
Candv kitchen •
The Catholics   of   Fernie   Will  Erect
an SS.OUU Structure,
l-'ernii- free I'ress: Rev.   lather
C iia jiinl his church  worker
held a meeting on  Tuesday  evening to consider the stibjet-l ni greal
or church iit'cotniiiotlatioii,    It had
I a   the   plan   uf    the    Unman
Catholic cliurch mnniigotueiil lo
build au addition lo Ihc present
building tuul Father Cm In  pro-
-nti-d a plan fer the same, It wus
Ihe unanimous opinion thai in
view of the prosperous future ahead
f the luwu that nnthing but u now
modern building would meet tlu-ir
reipiireineiits. Consequently it
was decided tn sell their present
building mid lul und build ou tlu-ir
new hits, opposite -Mr. .1. A. Briek-
er's   resident n    MticPherson
avenue. Tin- cliurch owns two
lots on this corner making a vory
desirable property l-ll feet square.
Thoy purpose building a church
similar to the one nt St, Eugene
Mission whicli is regarded us one
of the-finest structures of its kind
in the district. Its dimensions
will be nboul JMxTO nnd its cost
will boiibuiil $8,000, (hi lhe a I-
joining Int tlu-y* will erect a neat
cottage tn be used as a dwelling
liouse fur the resident priest.
Father Coeeola -since coming In
Forme tn take over llic work of fhe
cliurch has done much by his persistant ami self-sacrificing efforts tn
nlurgo the work uf his church,
and at thc present time the building is entirely inadequate tn accommodate tin- peoplo who attend.
Father C ohi ex|ieots tiiut the
construction nf the ureal Northern
ruilwny to Fernie will nlso mnke
deniutiils nu his cliurch for in-
crensed accommodation ami In* is
anxious In see liis new chin
built at once.
While un an engine working in
Sirdnr yard about two months ago
Harry Meliirr. a young Englishman nf about nineteen years, fell
and broke his buck. He wns tnken
in the St. l-uigeiie hospitnl. Crnnbrook. and everything in the way
uf saving his life tried but il wns
nf nn avail mid In- died on Sunday
morning, .Tune 5th.
The funeral was held from Bcat-
ty's undertaking parlors mi Tucs-
fny, .Tutu* 7th. mnl the remains interred in Ilu- Cranbrook cemetery.
The d 'used was born iu  l-ing
liilitl und ci'iiue tu British Columbia
il....it live months ngo, He leaves
brother in England mnl n sistei
who was with liim during Ids ill-
iiess. Miss McClirr wishes In thank
the C.P.R, Co. for tlu-ir kindness
in bringing her In Cranbronk uud
alsn the employees of the company
fur llu-ir generosity towards lu-r.
She leaves next Monday fur Vic-
* i; -1. nileto itoch "i
I Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
• Biscuits, Pipes nnd
j TobaCCOS. ''''--■ uaacall
sii well known Ihf4.inili4.nl thowesl.   {
I.. !', Shields, uf this firm, ai-riv-
ed al lhe .luiu-tioll,  via   lhe   lirent
Snrih 'rn.  mi   Monday ttfti moon
lasl. and with a party of seven subcontractors, whn had Leon engaged
.... Ihe Inn mile road .'ailed tho cutoff between Rosfortl ami Columbin
Falls, In..!, lln* C, I' li. express
that evening I-* Fernie, returning
tu ih.- ,111111-11.-1] aliout midnight,
This party ni contractors compris-
ed.    besides    Mr.      Shields.     .Inllll
Twnhv. nf the firm iif Twnliv Bros.
.1. I). Porter and If. A. Porter, of
Porter Bros.: Win. Winters ami
W. K. Pltl-BOIlS, nf Winters. I'ar-
suns and Bonnier: .1. W, Chapman,
and W. K. Ilunser. uf (Irani.
Smith A C...
As Mr. Shields had an engage-
mont lu meel Mr. Hoglau, a chief
engineer, at Columbia Fulls on
Tuesdny, the pnrty left for the
snutli Tuesday morning. Thu cutoff is practically finished now. mnl
any nf these sub-contractors could
move their t-ontplete outfits up
here and get at wurk on short
notico, l-'uss A* Mcliniioll. our
local contractors, nre also after a
share ul' the wurk. but we under;
slum! they nre particularly mixiniis
t.. got the contract from tiie C.N.I'.
C. Co. fur ih,-. live miles nf road
from Ft rnie up ro Cual Creek
The   siib-coiitriiuts  fur Ilu-  ten   ,,, ■    ,   . , ■ ..
.   ;|        (-, 4,   ,   * ,, IS   hue    IS  nne   ii      he   lies     111
miles   Iinni   Morrissey  to  1-crnio  ,, .,   ,   ., ,     ,.        ,       .    , ,
■ll   i,    i , ,|*. „.   i.-   , i       British  I'oumbiii  am    up-to-ilnto
Will   ue   let   this  Week,   we   iimler-    . ...  ,.'   ..   ,'    ,
Flie Notice.
I',,   ll,"  l-nuiii.-inl l',,ii-l,l,l. .  4111.1  In   ll.„
I.-- ,l,i,,ii ... i n.!,i.i.i,,;.   .4,1.1  ., I,,i-   I"
44'".II.  il   lli.il* . ...i„ ' .
V..                 I;,:  |    ,MJ"..|   I  I„.W;||.!",I- 4,|t   .4411-
".       ' 'III I   -Mil. ,1,   1   ,l,41|,l"l    -J    .,1
ll„, ,,..,-..i - ui a.-   IM17, a- mn..ml.,I l..v
.   :. .!,,;,,,,. .'i. is..'  im ui:i;i:nv
I .. :1;:'.....4 |...-...i I...—I Hi" i" l"..- ' I"i4-
.411.   ,„ il,..,,],"ii,.,.li"riii.l..,.-.,i
,,il,..ii4i-.. ,-.i heIuIIukIufllniluunlmaa
written   I" um' i > -1" -" heels I I'.v "'"' • r
ii„.r.'..i i  mi    «in ili'lii,
Tl I   'IIIIH- .'"ill   l.„ ,,.- l,.l'..ll-4
Snrlll   "I   I.   . ,- Str.,,'1.   iii'.l   nf   t.iilii-,1,'1.
Vi, i.'.i. tnilivl i Ii4ii, I'm..!!,. It.iil-vn.i rinlit
,,i 411,1 ini'l li.,.lo.ll..|i lituek - nl SI.
li I,,.I   ... .,,11 -14.11 I.1,1-"  i.i   ,,1..,.,,., tli,.
1,4. ,114.,,.   II      III"    4144.1, l-.tM*I    III"   »,11,l"ll-
44,4,4,   ,4111.41,,  |   4,4.41,1    Vet,   I,"   -llllll   ll" Il.ll.l..
  I -, "i K.li,-. Ilullnra uii.l.-r -.*-■ i
II . ll i|'i'   ' I  ... 1 'Vl,i*il -Intnl.'- ill Unt
1.-1 (--.Illllllil,, ,    17.
I'..'.  ' ......I. k, lie   llii- (Illi -lay ..t
.1.  t li. llllll
W   I'   Ilint.
i t: si.ii,.-
;i„,. w.iiii.i-
*^SS5 i
Men, Women anil Children's
Nut ni t'osl Imi ;n ;i big proHt.
Cull nnd si*.' what  I mu du
for vmi.
New   Line   of   Cook   Stoves
Just Received
1 nt: si mn mi: cm ur ur intii'Hii
im1.1 Mint,  t uiu* si'iJKi.i: iikiiih
in I'mliiiii*.
x,.iiii.|- li,,|.,,|,,i inuu il.,a ...i tlie -jiltl
,hi.v. I Mn.v. AH. llllll. il 4iii-..4.l,.|,.,11,1.1 A
j  I m.i.   I -■   .l,,,i,l|,i.ln ll," -1,1.1,"I,,      III.,
l4.tr»1<>r  ii.   .....I   I,.,  Unit ' :, „   tin
j I',.um. "I K nn.l  m.I in,In,I,-I in ilmi Hi,
rh-etnn -i,,4i.-..|.X"l-,,i,. Vii,„..l|,.,,,|-i,,i„
4I'I'   4,14.11,1,41,   I,,.   Uill,I,"Ml I. •    "I,    „||    „„,]
eliiglllnl' tin- .-ii.i.. ul
ul w nnliu-r, Inml... timi ti, ,l hhi,iI, iniPRtnti
I       IJ-'-'l'V I'-'- lelltCll I I, III" man,l H-4.
i-r,.,|4iii,.,l in ninki' |„ij. i,i liinliivlih i
,. 4.-
elnlm li|i<
Formerly Hotel Phair
NELSON,  li. C.
B. TOIPKINS, Manager.
Elko's future.
titntl. ami lhe wurk of construction
will be under way iu nbout n week.
Tin*   Ureal   Northern   would like
tl xteiision  to be completed in
Ihre.' months, but the contractors
sny thut is Impossible, and expect
it tu require live ur six iiu.nllis.
M,„ri-i.,v Min,.- t>,«|iuteh.
After a close down nf live weeks.
during which time only a handful
nf men. Hrebosses and a few others
were ai work, the mines at Morrissey are again in operation, ami
ears loaded wiih the finest conl in
lln- distiiot nre rolling out over linll rent Northern,
Thnt the mines are running for
keeps, uni ever increasing output,
is evident, li is uur belief that
uuder the present arrangement
Hill is taking a certain quantity
and Unit after his coutriicl with the
Rosslyn, Wash., minos expires,
throe months hence, all thnl can be
procured here will be taken by him.
liy Ilial time this camp will be
humming ami huvc a much Inrger
output thun ever before.
It is conceded thnl cual musi be
mined on n larger scale tn compete
with lhe American mines whn
hnve nu duly to pay. There is a
llirgl!    expense    here   tu   have   the
mines working a couple uf hundred mon, mnl by employing more
eight hundred or a  thousand
lhe price nf cual   will   b isier.
There is ninrkel for any amount of
cual in Ihe western stales, mnl
price will gel il.
W'e nre informed ou guud nutlior-
ily Hint lite conl eompiuiy hnve na
order for 173,000 tons of coke to be
delivered after the llth uf .Inly.
Thnl. wiih the orders nuw in,  will
keep the nveiis ill all   ihr -amps
going full blast fur six months nl
least, it is sni.l. The report emtio
nil yestenluy morning (Thursday I.
md   detailed  confirmation  is ex.
peeled   su,,.,.
Stormy Interview Between Mr. Mdlriilc
mid Mr. Henderson,
Victoria, -liine I. Siuarl Hen.
dot-sou, M.l'.l'. I'm* Vale, is in lhe
city, having returned from Sim
Francisco, He hud a stormy mooting to-tlny with lln- premier whom
ill   every   respect.       Well   lighted
sample rooms.
Chinese Labor Employment Agency
Oriental Bazaar
Full line of Chinese ami .lap: se
Fancy  Hoods.    Storo mi   Durick
avenue, opposite ul.l Heraltl office.
Stock Quotations,
Furnished bv Ileal.*. ^   Elwell,
brokers, Crnnbrook 11. C,
N.irtli    Slur	
^t. Kuu'i	
Pay   Hull	
St. BugpnnUt Min
.U'dtPNl Oil ueiH'o
11'oriifiitiiy.   .
.mimllmi del.! h'ii'l
llllllillil.il     Cllllrlo'jl
Sale*:   Western V
Jitl-V Oil Cu Ul
on.   Wm
-<9y-®-tfr®-<f-®-tf--®-®-®- ®
i  Yob, uml iln* CITY BAKERY u ii„. t*
'a plnco lo got u nice Wnlilliig Cuke -i
nntloi-iiiiniciits mill.- liiiest -i-'i... T
Why sonil your order ..nl ei t.'.wn ®
nml iiurliiqiH lmvi' ilm ichiK Inok- i
en liy shipping?   Ourprieosriglil T
I'ltone 5,          Oppesite M. E. Church Y
C. W. WILSON,      f
Sltllilti' In the Purl s I" jilllini!   Iliii-i.ni
lit 1'JllKl K""li'1lliV lli-iii.t.
Wil.-,.* 1 t.„l-iln Si. Mmi'-. inlji.iiiii.r
uml llilllli-i|liili-l.i -imili niili,' -in simiii" I,,..
hilt (Hi.- Ilriiri'lii-iilu-'iiiiiim
'I'.ill"  llllli,.,. llllll   L.-Hlllllll     i..,4 4411       in,,.in
("HI.   II.   Hlllili'11   I'    M.   I',   Nil.   II   1111,11.'!,-,,
■nv • uf 'K,, A. T. Xli.-rrn.llii, I'*, M.I'. Xn, II
II-.I.--...-I. .niii.T ill -J-s. Willi,.,.. Ilii,,.,,.l   l*.M.
I. No, 111111,7-111 "» ' .,[ ",.  M,I",„l   Kiv|V
'I".-'-a Hi".Ini" hi-mif,  h I,, Hm
Mi,.in- I il--rl.iriin-rilllF.iti-.il liininin-
I"   li" iIfitiimiI  i- r,,,iu, „
IlI.V III" nii,l,'i>iiiii.,.l.t
"'I.'...,,, r i-.-isix, li.ivlim
 inn."-! in Uif ill.!rllniilmi ,,l
ll -In I Ilie -in.I .1 in.,„l i- i in
l„i,,l., tliF.,tli,l,iv ,if .lull-  ii. K|   I,, 4,,..„|  |
,.Ti«i.*r..i letter,  uililroiwo.l tn u... mnl,.
-in....I. liiu until,* .mil lulilrtna mnl lhe lull
liii'tii'iitiirt, „l Iiii, rlniiii nr intPI-est, 1,1141 n
.-iii!"iiii'iit ..( hi, ii.'i'i.iiiit um] tin, iiniini, nf
il.i, 1-,,,-iiril.v (if nii.vl l,..|.i I.i Inn..
After lli,. -ni.l .-.il. .I,,,. ..[ Jul)*,
tlit-mllttlttiitlrntnr will inwei-il .villi tin, ,]i-
tnl.11ll1.il ,,l il„. ,,1,,,.. I,,,, hK ,,,B„,.,| ,„
1I11.1.P iliiiiiis mil, 4,t nliiiji 1...-liuil lmvi, Innl
II.ii,.,I 11, Cnn,I.r,i,,I, il,,-lli.i ilnv 4,1 Milj
.i.tni - r.'i'niiin.i, Ai-in-i.-,,nn,
II' I'll" I.l)     Illl IMIMIMI.
rrulibrnok, 11. t*.
4, l.n
liim 11III1,. nlini'i'"Iiiim,
An.l lllllliFi' I11I111 lilllli,. llul iiFilnn. niiili-l'
■'•li'ii. -'IT   I." .- 1 ,,l  Mm,, il...
-.iin.." ..f-in!. t'FrtfllFiiltuil lni|,i,,i,.| ,1-.
I I Mil*. 1,1. .I,.,. .,. Mni. A. li   I-.iiii,
T'.'l S l"l   1.1.441
Timber Notice
Ttlkl'nolle!" llllll  lliiilv .In, k mi.'t' iinn-  1
 I In n|i|,ly 1.. 1 li." In.■! ri 111-i, ,. ,,l
IuiiiIh ..ml  »nrk» 111   Vin.nii,. It, r, (,,,  „
I inl li.'.'i.-" 11. nil 11.1.1 .■ ii-i-y  iiiiiIii*i   I	
tin- to lowing ih-w.riheil IuiiiIh in smith  !;,„i
tJouiliieni'lini 4.1  11  pii.t   (.l.nit..,! ,11  n,.
Ill 1,4,4.-1
M ■i'i-li,.i,.li.niii"i. ilmi nn ,|,i,.« ,ili,,|
,lul,Ml," IJn-i Kn v Lninlirr 1 i,iii|iiui|.,
I in led, mil nm i.v 1,1 lli- Honor, iln- Lira
ti-ntiut ll"vi.|ii,,f in ,,,iiii"il miili.r -FFtimi Tot
t 0 'llii'.'is ,111.1 Sli'Fiiiti- .lis " 1....|,,,ii' 1.1,ul
.I.-l-. Inn imu-nn.l ..tin'!- nliHtrui'tlons Irom
Uif Innl 1111,1 l,„iil„- ,4i llii; s I, ruk. llriiisli
tu where I,, iiheru lh" cl k lutemem lh,'
rrown .Veil I'lu, llnllwn,*, ninl lo mrnighti-ti
thoFiiiirne ,,l llin -ni.l i-iwk, ninl toi-unnttitet
dtiniH, I ins. uml iiink"-m-hniliFi lni|irort-
 I-ii- limy I'i'iipukhii.v tor tin, iliiiii-u nf
'ui-mnl Iiniini*, o! lumber I herein,
Dined lln-llml d.i.v nt .Imi", Hull.
W. Im Hiii.l,
Snl , ilnr Inl'>liFii|,|,|i|.|in|
Timber Notice
Tnke  nnii,-,, Ihnl  thirty duys niter date
liM.-'i 1 Intend |i|il.vni II hinti. I--
-i.ni.... >.! Ii.  iiii.I  i„,rt-. Vielorin,  11 I'.,
iiuiii"! from Hi.* fnllowlng described  I I-
in Small Uii,. I, ,4,1
i .mini.'.,.ii:n nl ii point lli.'l nn- ii,,illi  ,,l
lh" ii..nil eusl ..niii'i. ol lot -21,0,1, thi-lice
-"-'    li.iii-   lli.'l,",. .-.mih   1 111 cliniln..
thence cn-t to III" i-"-!   Innil  nf lm   Is;-.-,
lli,lli"l.uitli toll nili Iimii ,.!' Inl   1H7",
lllll",* w,,-l In lh., weal Iiinil nl lol 11158,
liiml on bin ilu* pli ol beginning.
tinted llii! yuth dny of Mny, I'.-nl
'" ■' It. u ji'iiulngi.
Timber Notice
Tnki* nnlii'i. Unu   Il.iei v ilii,*« i f,,., .I,. 1,- ,
inti'iiil to npply 14i 11 Iiii'l ".,mnii-si r uf
I.ml- nnd workn nl Vlctorln for n -p.,inl li.
"-•ii-,. tn nit iinn enrry aw-ny Umbel from nit*
liilloiiiin-  ilmeilbul   lands'lirXonlleTSoii
Km,444 1,4,4
t'liiiinieiiclng nl a pnst In ith bound*
iirvollol la.t. one in letriliall tli ra»t
'■"linr "I-niil lm 1211, mnrki-d I'.MeArtlillr's
h. ii. riirn..r.ilii,iici. iinnh mi "Imi,,, more nr
less In M. M.I nne-' timber II-pi .tliettcteiisl
lu-". -'iiiiiiii iiii I.TOiiiii' K.'liv's Umber
li in-. .I..-.I lllll-III eluiill- in...., or If -
thenc- -vest So ellilins iiuiii, or less, thelii-n
soulb lilt cliulns mot,, or I,.— to the north
liiiiiiiil.iry ul bit lL'.'l   ml lliinmi wesl  u g
snld  boiiiiilnry -tl) ihulus moi r less tn
|.l" I i-llmninlli-emi III ciilltuilillig li-lll n
i! Cranbrook
li Hotel ** s
(iucsts Comftirl a S,nt'ctalty     * J
Qood Slnbiinn in CotUCCttoa
Nearest to rnilioad nml depot.     Has accommoda<
tious for  tbe public nuequalled in   CniulTook.
Hot and Cold Baths
Hoggratti cS: Rollins j
 Proprit tors     | j
T       When vmi visit Cranbrook stop at the ^
Nunc Ik'tter lu Ilu- I', in.l
Rates $i mul up.   Short Orders and Oysters •..*
served in anv style Irom 8 p. m. to6n. m, rK
B The Libit is thc best, the r,K>im are uiTiurpasscJ Int clean ty
^ty liness and comiort and the bar is suppliej with thc be -t brand 4y
<**'*> ol liquors and cigars. <fc
<> L. B. VANDHCAK, Prop.        <»
In llic Siipii'ini-!'".... til Itiiii-b .'.,1,1114'.i
It. 111.* 111,111,','„t lhe Uiilel* I'niiip.iti,
I',.hm.lul.it".1 Act, 1BI1I,
lull .Iter ul It..* VV ulii Supply
1'ninpiiii.v, Limited.
Notiee is hnreby given tlini u Petlllun hns
been tlle.l iu   ilu-  District   Iteglslry In it."
Snpri'iii" Sipu"!,,,, Inml nf Itillinh I'lillllllbbi
nt Craubrook. praying tor ii rerlilleatennder
Section till,- Hvi- l-i.'i) ul It I.iiv.-In.'iilinli.'.l
A.-i nui i/iim iln* Wuter Suppl, (Juliipnoy
Limited, to construct nnd opernUi n -ni't-
workssysl for the supply of ..'liter tu llu-
iniii.  i.f Cruuhrunk uml  the Inhnhitntils
And uni in-is nlso hereby given .lint the
npnlii'iiliiui nu Ilie-ni.l I'utittoU will he mnde
liy the I'mnpnliy In the Judge uf the-hip-i-me
ruin t uf Britishrohiinblaiit IheConrt Ilmi-.-.
Ilnstui. Siiiinrc, Victoria, uu Mnmlny, the
tni'iily-ci'i'iin day ul .Int.-. nml. in the
hour ot ten o'clock ill the lor i,
The dnte ol iho llr-i pnbllralloti id lids
inuiMM.ii. Hi. 4.T.1I1 lluiui Mn.v, mm.
Dated nl Cranbronk, Uiltlsht'oluiublil.lhls
imli nm ni Mm, mm.
IV, I*', third,
linker Street, Cranhronk, D. C, Solicitor for
the Compnny.
Timber Notice.
Till," mili etllilt thirl.v duys utter  il    I
Intend toapply In ttl" chief commissioner nf
bunds and in, ks, Vlctorln, U I'., turn -p ■
nilliicii-c iii em uml carry nwny timber Irom
the following described bl'llils-illlilleiliSi.ulli
IJn-i Kootenny:
Commencing nt a post i hinted on Iho west
-nl" .,1 the ll.l*.   S,.ul I,"in   II.ill i,,l,4   nl   i	
post Jtl.lli ewesl 80 clinlne, thence nortli
sn ,tin ins, I hen est so ,hi, ins mine or (ess
to tlm II. C. Southern llnllwny, theuce lollnw-
inir iti..-.ihi railway in tho plate ul , -
menconteut,containing mn ncres, nioiu ur
lluiui lliis UO,h day of Mny. A. I)., llml.
IJ. I'nltcrsun.
il A, Leitch, A min
Timber Notice.
Take nol eethal tlditydayaafles date, I
Intend In upply to thechletcommissioner nf
..millsnnil winks, Vlctorln, ll.C,turn .pec*
inl llecuse 1" un iili'l|"nrr,v nun, tliuberlrom
llio following desi-rlhid lands, In Bouth l-Jn'sl
Ki...liiuu i
I i *lng nt n posl planted nu the west
side nf ill" 11  e. Southern ltiiilwn.v nt mile
pool HI. Ill 14,-1 HlO "hull's 1111,1',' n- less
lolil" eiisl.i'i,' I...mutiny nil'. I'. It. lul Inllll,
tl ii south following Ilie onldbniindury lino
miln. ll.l' S,iniiin ii Itnllwny, tlieneo following suiil ruilwny to llic pb I  inin	
innil iiiiiiiiiiic. mil ini'"- more rn* I.-—.
Dated tills *lllth day of May, A. D, mul.
IJ. 1'utorson.
il. A. L.'il.'h, Agent.
Timber Notice,
Unsl Kiii.ii
N, »   ,.,iii„
Jilllini Inl IWU
4.1   I..1      IJlll    .   I
rl -. iii, i]	
nm.  .:.  nil...I 1 1- in Snulli
ni i. p.... innil...: -I\ A.Inl|.l.
..-."  1.1.......I  i  il -i
llln-l  II-:.. ,',1.4 i| Un,.. »|ilkes
1   -I  I-'I   „■>, I'   !-'■"•. Ur	
.44.  Illl-Solllll lliiiil  nl -il.i   Int
 Ill Illi- wesl lim.
4        ll.
S.....I..IU lliili,
he llrlilsh I'ol.iin'In
"" ,".,1,   wool  B
..I   I..1    IIM,   Ihenee
.11 ol  -i"l   l.n   41-1,1,
"   be | I f  I- liiil
1,-1  less.
nl Mny, Inill.
I-'. Ailidpli
^4^.'    ■ ,-' &   ' 'a*'
Synopsis nf RcgulallOttl, inr disposal of Minerals iiii Dominion Lands iu Mnnllnliu
the Northwest Territories and lhe Yukon
M  14411.11 I'll   Illl 111    i.lllll.t..
-uoper fur n c puny.
,l,il niihlii lllteeii
nnl dny allowed for
mleil  he elnlm
nonpeiiileii'nr nnhl
n.-nuvey mmle,uiul
1 t*,i 'lie Mlnlsler ,,l
'.'.i 1'.' 41 lUiry.n! n'n
ill.ni shall priivldu
ullitlil-  N,  \v. T.
-'•lllllll'. "lllll l",i
:,i"  Nmlh S'iskhI*
' less.
eil 5th day ol 11 n, mm •
ii I'. McArtlm
Nntiii'is  hereby   given   llml   siisli* iluvs
after ill lie Unsl K- uy Lumber Coin-
pnuy. Llmlti'd, will upply In His II it Ilie
Lieilleliaul lloveriini'it innl utiiler sectloil
7 -,i Hi,** llli'oniiiiiiI Slroioe Art," In clour
>,,iii,l,"s. I,,|. imiis nml nil,,,,' obstructions
l> he l.e.| uiul liniil-  ul   llii-  Sitliil  -I.*. I..
llritisli I'oliimlilii, iiiiiI lis Illliill nice, [rum
il'ssuuic whore the .leek inl.'.-eels  I lie
i'iiiii-Set Puss railway llll'l  I"  sll'lllghlrll
lhe .• i.U-" .1  ll... -nnl  crick,  mul	
struct .buns, booms, nmi iniiko sucb other
mproven isiianiuy I." nn'oasury lor the
Irli-ltig ni ion- mul il.iiium: iitlunibortliun-ln
I Iilir ilrsl dny id.li  nun
I'   I'. Huiil.
11 Sn'lcltur tur the applicant.
-    useil  of  rank' treaeliery   in l^° '^'^'""'i "'"'"' '"I "ra"';' •"'
lii-t-nkiiiK llis |,ruiiiise nut to bring J.'i ,i bogiii!,"',,..""" """"  '   '''"'"
oil till-   Klltllloo-K election   Iill    tlllll     liientcllln- lllMliivnt.lune Hull
tni.lilli- ul' .Inm-.   Mr, Henderson is!      " It.li ,lonnl-gs,l m,
ri-linrteil  tu  have   ealleil  Preuiiur
MeHriile a  liar, ami  tip. premier<
tlieri-tipon ortleretl liim out ul' tlie
room, nntl stilted tlmt in uny future
euniiiniiiieatiun witli tlie Opposition } NOTICE.
In- would refuse tu recognize Mr,     ., ,„,,,.,:„„ „, ,..„ e.,,.,,,1 ,„- n „.„
it       | i ii • i ■'   ni'"IIMii   nl   UU'   I mil m i   iii    i.ii'I'mii1
lleiulersiin   anil would   write  anil   Commissioners fnr Hm I'niiiliruuk  Lie
inform tlio tailor ofthe Opposition, once DUtrlct will l«- liohl ut tlm Court
Mr. Mnetl till, to tlutt effect. | House in  Crnnliroolt on   Wednesday,
  Lliuu-l.ltli, nl tin-liinirei len o'clock in   I"
the forenoon, when tlio following nppll-L*„,.,,      4,1.1 ,,,,,,4,1,,,,.
IliK Strike at Sydney. cations will lm eoiislilore.11 bV l",!kla« „lim "vneffilila JoiSiriSon
,   , ,, Transfer, with ymir •-.•.    Will'teed him wiih 11 libni*.
tsv.lnev. (.!,. .Imu'   .     Eighteen      e        n 11,        thi ,    ui   1,     'nl supply oil I, plnco hin. In 11 fine stall,
I ,    -|„    p .,,       , ,,    V I'lnni I!,.   111S1V Uli-k.-nsiill 1..  Mn-lliili   ,.I,,11,1,4,, - I,,,.-,.  „„" ,,.     Jillhisnc
hllinh'cd 1 un- idle at the Don,.  4 Ctapp, Wonlwortl u-i, Cranbrook.   li" nt !, ™i* * miMiSa Vluim, puyKln
IlllOlt    ll    lllltl    Steel   t Ollipitliys       Dm,.,!   ,,    Provincial    I'l.lli-i-    (iBiro,    '-'"'kl,',„' ilbl,in ndr.    Ourlnellllle
wurks as a result ol' 11 di-i-lnrntion nf  |.-,.n,i,,, 1',,'c. Mny 25th, mill '"' ""'"" "'''' l""'l""»'"' lodorn.nmliv
If the company thnl is exploiting
tin-   power nl   Klk river falls go
head witli the work, it will lie the
lirst step toward milking Elko an
Dominion Dny at Pcrnic. I lini»rtiuit   industrial center,   The
,,    .      ...     . .        .     . .     Elk   falls is probably the  finest
l-ei-ine will celebrate Du on -miter power in Uritish Columbia
Daywilha laerusseinateh 1,,'lween .„„] the extent is limited liy the
Ferine and Crnnbrook. ami other desire of lla- promoters, Already
spurt,   'lhe   Miners   Union   will Klko has two railroads, tlio C.P.R
lmlil a big union  ptcn t Coal n,-,i the Great Nortlicrn, as fine 11
('i 1j-.iiisI two iniles from Fernie, clinmlo as can be found in Cinindii,
and tin* t-ombiiu-d [■i-lebrntions will iS1,,,l m rv inisiirpasseil. ami is in
draw large crowds from all over close touch with coal milling, Inm-
tin- district-. 'I'he C.I'.U. will run It boring ami agricultural industries,
special from Crnnbrook, innking tho I The titnti is coming when Klko will
nnusiinl   low   rale  ul    «   fur   the  ,,„  „   pro8poro11B   ,„1KineW    ,,,,!,,,.   9trikp~ j,y ^-{SSIlcIni Woriltnei.-s   ' ' "' ^^53^' I ^Zn^GZt'^uXT' ,"
rounu iniJ. 'iiml mi iittnii'tivi'|iliiri-hn-luunsts.  nsaoeintiou
Notlcp Ib Hereliy (ilvon tliat <ii> ilnya nti
datu tho KiiHt Kootctifty Uralier rumtmiiy j l,'!1I|^'|,.>
i.iniil.'il. wiil npply i<> His Honor, tin* l.ii-ul- on in-1 ..<
i»tlant iiiMvi'imr in CoiiiipII iimli'i* BnoMon 7 ol nnr*, an
tin* lllvara uml sirnmiK Aol tn clear bmililmi,! SiiSiim*
log jama uml otlipr obntrmstloiiH [nun tin
Iuh] inn] l,iink-..i Liiil,-Saml t'ri't-l.-. Britisli
Columbia tiiiii ltd tribiitarion from Iir aottrci
to wln-rr Ilu>i-i-H'k intiT-Hi'iH tlii' Crown Nniil
1','i-n llitilwiiy. und tn Hlruijjliti'ii lln- i-onrm
ol tha mill ,'i-,.,.k nml to eotiatnict ilnma, Uutitnl,
liimms uml ninki! MHtli other Improvfinen
tiHtitay benefea-mry tor tlio driving ol Ion
llnmitig of lumber therein.
Dated Muy afltd, 11)1)4,
W, P. (lurd.
u Solloltor for tlio Applionnt.
f't't.    Uli lesl.nin nnw.p is iisul,
f-.'l "l.lt'U'.lV  LWI--II.
I i'l'.Ilmiil. in tl,,. it\,-is ,,t   Mniillnl
X, W.   1.. i'v,-,'|inii„ tlu-  Viikun   r<
Timber Notice.
Tnko notico tlmt lliirty daya nftor dnte, 1
intentl in apply to tin-, liiel romtiiiBHiouor nl
l.umls I workn. for 11 h| iul llrotiBti hi ml '
nml carry tnvny tlmlmr fmm tlio rollowinii
doflcrtbml bind*, Hltmite In Honth HiihI Koutu-
11 a.v HrltiHli Colnml.iii-
Cominntiotiignl n pimt plniitcdnnllinnnrtli !!.'''.'.',
Iioiimlnry ol Dun Howo'b mvumfillfin nml al
lln* mmili enal enrner of M-im-i uml   M 'a
timlier Iti'Otme. ll •«  1I1 HOntiiihiti,Mii'Ni-ii
eilnl MH I'lllllllH, llll'lli'i'HiHIl llNHi'lUIUlM, 111.-II.•«
wiwi mjel| Inn to iho pl-ice ol lieRttittllHf,
DnlKi tin-I'lili.lnv nl \l.iv, 1'.in.l.
Akiu'H llltti'll,
ii porHdtvnrd Mlwell, l,ne r
lha lessee-!
mi,k, u in i.ii
ill tu
■ VukatiTe
i.Ijid io 1<-<
r AtiKittl in
ill linv	
-Iltll.-I, Ml
ni rlvor
,1 11 imlf
Timber Notice.
Taketiolli'olliiitlhiri.v ilny* tiller A ,l>:  I
int I tn apply tn the cltief imhiiiiIhhIihh r nf
i.iiikIk uml wtiikH. I..I' 11 hi iul li.- mho to nil
nml carry away timber li oui Ioi -Vi/,11 gioup
one. Iviiiili-iinv ilirli'ii'l, being HOIltll ol I'lllll
'.) Allan Mnnmiil.
illlllliUlf ,,
 Pj Hill
Cllldf l.in
1 livedo
Timber Notice
Takonotirntlmt tliirt.v tlayn after Onto 1
inti'iiil tn apply 'n tin' chief coinwitui oner ol
biiiiiH uiul uork« at Victoria for n Fpeclnl li
ceiiHc tociitntid onrry awuy tltnlio' frnin
ilu- rollottltigdeaorlbcii lumls in South Kusi
Commencing nt 11 poat marked M. Mel tinea
a. 0. comer uml plunted ubowl Imlf n mit*
soiitli ol tlm Elk river, nbout Un mllt'H bom
i s 111 mull, tlii'iue west   150 i'llllllia mini' or
Iohh, thenco north 45 elialtiH more nr leas tn
the wmtli boundary oflot-IHO, thenco lfifl
clintiw more or li oa In an enotcrly dlreotlo ' c? llC|
following llio aouth boundary of lot414Uaud 1 landa
the aoutli li ink nf tin- 131k river, llieiicuaoiith   !ll"n,\'
ab.1111 85 chaltiH to ilm lib  .if I'oiiiiiiem-f-' iiriiur-i
iiiiiii.fiintuitiliigIWO aon* moraor less.       I    liopi
l,ueHlwltlie.MlMbiy if Mu.V, 1004, [1!l("1-
l() M. St. I -i
\\,.iKiiiti?il)iMi(iiiL'on ;i claim Dtiuli yonr lo
Die Vllllie ulal liM-l mini.
A IT  llll.'.lll- lll.l mill, llllK 1 lull Ml III!
all amen eiii-|i)i-nr.ir nui.   ll.,* .'Iiuiii slu	
ilii'ini'illii In-,in.iini,hi,-il,mul i,|,iii Imicfiinatlun
iiiiiI emryb) nfri-eininor.
Hi'- imliiii.-ul.1 1*1:1111 muy hi*.Iitiini'l ul.-
Miltlt.-lj liy luiMi.nu -ui'U'j i.i.nli-iiiul imhli,Imiii;
iciriilftim. ill imtiDiiropiliituir Unmlnliui
Lumls in > null..I.'l, ili<* SmiluM-st Ti-iiliurit-H
uml  wilI1111 lln-  \i'!-.nii 'r.-iii.iiy niv ui,< 11 l,i
y nt 8ite.li rate as may i»* spoollloil by
.intuit nt tim Interior, Otlawn, Hept.,
,M.Mi:s a. 8MAUT,
ii.|iiii) nt the Minister 0! ilie Interior, THE CRAN
:   .
i- v i. Ji'xi;
:.'    I I
Repairing P i   . iti-
Footwear if'     urea Spcci
|-4«4*(..4,i   .
i   IJ. H. SHORT
*   I'.'iiiiii-i. |)        .   i nnd   -
4 V   .    li   P.
J    W i- '.'.i\ ■   i   ■ ' *■    i.-,!ii ii
j ."...    W ink.
•#•*■»•*> v V v**--j  |
N'i-w 4 il driviii
nnd   saddle   horsi ■
rensoiiiil le rati      ' hir
ailin.:    ;.
,-ari-to ail  I."ii ■
bl.-d with its.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Drink Home
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is Lhe Best
Ft. Steele Brewing .
- ir-jh.
,   ■
Excursi ■
• in i,     - ■    .
.. 4    II   '
..... 4.
: ='   > j Dezall 4 roth .
"' ■:      r* t     -,        • 11
.. .
ill  of
.     . . ERSNo. 1211
HC!:-'.  Sill)
: Carria - I ■, i
" Qeneral Jobl ing....
• i.■ ■■ .  Orders 11 ,..
» Attqnili I to i
i   >   '       .
■'.M /'■■ ■ iasl Kool .   .
■   ' ';
Iin •' Co.
.rn mm ......
riii'ii ii i iii'-n
. . .i
i...  M
I      , ■
|.„   ||       4
I    III"   t,-|
'  :. ■   [iluweil lln-,
,   ,1     llllll .1  lil	
........ 1 . I
.    . i      i.-l   pnh..     (Villi II
..... i     . tho
!. .   M     ''I' ,'
.      ,                i ,      .
llllll l-i'll        .  Ill     III   ■    .    ninl uns
.. i    I . '"    i.il.il,
...   II,,-   kill?" Tun   lull        i
(111- lnul  ivruppi il tl,,- -.   ,..,- iwilis in
- ii-i-l i,t il    ■■ nl in   l illi, i ronn
ii .....<  uf   iln..*.'   win,   ll	
,     ....    Ill III    i, ill    In.l..    HUM)     I'l tu
.1 llinu] ii Unit iihi.'.iiiii i'iiiii.
il   tvi     in! hm :■ i'i n limine..    A iln/.n.
' .    4!    ■      |.   '.     IMl   Illl   4    ,    ,,...,.    ll   444   1   llllll
■ I'lu  .     thi'    pi pun .•    mull I*    Ills
'.Mm)   I . le I* H  in thu ;.   is I     ill
:    rin-f'
I       mm 1-1 1 lliii clouds IiiiiI ful'liieil un
II ,' ii I'll    in    lln    Inin.i'u    l.ll. N    tlllll
I     Mi-., i n Inw, mul iis iln* wall ,,i lluiui;
i IM,Mil    ill   ,|il-l    IIS    ii   III   I,'lip   411   , . .4—    lllll
ur iilinv.nl 1,14441 Um i  !-..  li in
'     ... i.. i   ,i i,;.. II iw, uaiii . Ilm I.l.■-   .1
ruin III nlii'i'ls, mul lli ■  Ilili i.i.  liru
All   over.     II    ..   .....    .'.I   r ...III
lilu.1)* I'i lu 'il  dying.    II" I-i-    in.   I*
ii li.v. I •■ ' nnl   ilu-  la-	
'           ■.  ,. 44.41, lurlaiiiin      i i
I     wiil : i-i'til - i.iii4.   .li li i turneil to
tin   .  .,-. iiiul lii ml tin- I-..,,in. il tu.
i'iiiii, Inn.), nil i ..i ■■!. ' ii .     I.   -4 ...-
Ill)-,'   ninl   linll I    Inl-. I    I'll ■.     II"
i      wants lu In-iiIiiiii- will III.-."
'I In-)' lli.il , in -.1  ivl.v,  nnii  liniil) ll
'      lm, i, ii. nil  hml;.    in.l ililn  Mil llul  sal.-
.$.*** * i -i~ axtay tn sn
1   IfT —4   »p,r»Ts ■r->*ri ♦ ' """•"
I Jri£,.i    LV 1 KO I   1     "s"I'l i -.!,4i- one
; I el
■;"-        • -    i ■.'
i ■  ■
■ .-. "•'
* » i
■:    •
 I      "I.
****** : ,*,*,,*.*,,*
: . y.iu!
uni I lm.
,'llh  ii
liim.    -li
thulii—ns n ■      ,    ■
Hurt- I i
uI i
*.   I   I   *.. Nl,
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (iive me a call.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
[Aerated  VV,
Of i
Syrups,   Cha . .
Ginger Ales,
Soda water iu
'.    M.'       .M  .       4
•-■'•' ! i    r-,    n i ? /-, r***, r*
illy invited lo attend
., ,*:.■ <?..;.      ' .':."-9 j'^:^.
Harness Maker,
Cranl rook, B. C ,
j    i,l I'ai'ilii IJ.ii-i.w4. im, .ni'. I—in is I .ul
j I   11,44441:1    |>   10   111   IMS   ill-Hill.
I(,.-I.v   I'i'te  In)'  slill  n   llllli'  llinu
rllilj siini'.'ili fur il rt; lh n
i     li- ph. I....I niu  l.is Iiiiiiii.    -All. ■ .
;  irti-d,    '1'lie lui .• i. ■ m    a  i"
!    Hi., mini In* Innl m.I km rn. ■	
I    l„,|.|i very putliul n-lllt niu, lin-1 n
i   in .m.I nuni,   'll,, iv i- ,  use i n-
I nnl. innl  I   will  nnl   '. ii '. a   i   u
)     Willi mv history, hill when I n I, r
I    Un- 1.1','inul mull the picture lo the ml-
!    iln is llnil you will llnil nl Uu- lu-i'il of
!     the li tier.-..   Those i in  ry with
j    mi!."    .1 .lm  iimlc  lln- lillle pi
|    friiiii Pelo's breast, nnil I'ele .    atom
"Tlu-re is nothing else,    lllll r, ii ynu
!    ivilu-ii shorl lei ler nnil till her how I
.i    ■■ II.-, "li..tv 1 have llveil?"   After tlutt
he wns slill for il lung Iiui".   The gray
„„K,:4'4i4,M... j      '
and Surveyors.
CRANIV. Ol . B, C.
.1. I. LAIDLAW, M, E,
... a Illliill)* pull, nnil ns mn' Inin.-.
...V unu shol nomas lln- si.y Pete
iri'mg ii'inn the bed.   "Ilnrvnl'il! llnr*
I'd!    I.'nli. nili, rnh!    Tl rlim-nn
ii s!"    Mi- full  Inii'li mi  (lie  pillow.
Tin- -Inulnws .'lll.l
' :
■   dni-kcyos, and ltaslj Polo hnd "passed,
IA A1PS fittFF! 'in his book, "llnr, si
.*' Mr. Herman .-. >
Nlc Contract' ' r wns periiu lit
U I   ■
4 4
I .
•lis of n
I- Ulli'l'.'
Iieanl lillle.
This .Mr. .Merlvulo wns n tltnroii
i--...I'knny  London wan as Uie I
i) Co,
oslrlis.    Nottvli
I! l-UIlip.
liill-ehlisetl u eollnlrv  phleo, Intending
illy I,, miuei'i'l j. il -i [i-i.   To
mil 'ho nskeil mlvl r n I i  ollc
IIM Hll, 11   114.111 Of lllllll)* 114 IM-.  i   I n	
:*   pil.-il iiiiii began wllh Ilie kllchen gar-
'   ii -ii.
"Now, Innl; nt theso," snlil ho.   "Ymi
i ive n lit,.- erop of liu-s.'.    I'lr-I ymi
'il   Ilm    )    ,m  Jo ..,, it|i,| ^„ i„ .inly, Iinni Biiell
south, liis "    nnil  such  things  in  Septi-nilier,  mul
I   n -I *.,'i,i' Ihcro will In- soiuelhln*- lo
'   remember."
\  . l-'in-l -Quito so," ie -I,i.-I   Mr   Nlerlvnle
,, nrri    1 "l-?'I   A k I l\f I* riSI '     K'ly-   "Bill  1st begin nl the be
.,.,,4.4   .    r*. | » |/ - 'tliose'l'"
LlUOAI A  IHN'I .     - "Po yon moan to say you don't know?"
, m i il, irj ; 4'ml..iiuui.
"lllll iii*l llio i.i        i hi il," Billil Mr.
'   :1    . ll [erli uie i In',.tluil,.
t-RANIlKOOl    ll.l ..|i.,.., mv  poluloes!" his frit -e*
i 11 iillc-tl, illi kh il bell     ii .in i.i.*ut nnil
... .    :      '
,, 4, , ,•      ,. I ! 'I 44.,     i','4l,.
Harvey, iMcLarter & Dunn  tw„-„mm, m.i.h...
I/. .1. JlhllNMJi i
CARPEN1  ■■■■'■ ■■" j: Et Kim
 ''ki , ; and
pally. "Sh(-
*.* said,
ui  y in iIip
r question.
I lo yon
in just
If turning from
' you will
■ ■ l shall
until uu
:  iv-
ivitu  tbo
!i :i man m
.j .|'py tbere
\     >si be*
. * ..-,i
. -,. liking
:   hit  rare   tO   ll"T
,. wliile
its aud
:■ lund-
il stances
; b rat*
I il Avis
; ..-! 'h"
wh< :i bad
.   :-.    of
■  be
could not
Qve inln-
fi 11 in tbelr
■■'.< n upon
-■■ smiled
I nothing
tbo gate
: tli Ir very
is and
.     :   11,
.   . : ytbe
ting her
■ N'ow tbat
bear Uie
S  ■   used to
!   '.ween
:. | ■. tore—
-   lied ber
ust look
-.*. before I
- rrupted, "But
* ,
land so rery, very
■  "'. .  -...ilii.Tiinr ber
. a flyaway
V vis (Itm I. saying; " -\-    1 : ■ ; at a sober
will   iiui   '...;■; - i could
' I was for-
1 *:    l*ou   would
I sbe i witb all tbe
paused I i you a rival."
I ".' u bi I    "\\ , ■ Avis demanded.
said vi.', un-       ' la i i be sent to a
' lite      j museum wild to buy
i i   be      : ..;    . ...■■'
I-.-. ■                                                       Aria                               "Bring bet
"Uut i :                                                                                   "l'ou know
Ilai'tlitnd   suid,                                 .      j ' rvy. You
"Coi .                                                       •                                   ■■ love until you
i to you	
w 1 by tbose
liiiriliind                                               v    , , i of Trade
-    ■■ rn - :i n few
'■"'I- ;, crowd of
i    "** p you l .,i of mem-
N -i I' -■■■'•■ i and visit-
lf." -■'■•   «-. Ins limiting
land i ;.:-,;
upward wiibii . tt50Ut tbir-
'-■"'■ ■ it   I   feet  4
I to look ; | otber,  though
- :.■'■ ■    i;   i.- t! .   , mslderably
do when ;                                         '            .  .
Avis [-'or ; i Inutea tbey
i* "I   f> igbt quite tbo smaller,
nm not q apparent Ij g be was
wi  I, "I uint   looking l ■:■. . ; i righl nwIiiij
.   'i hit was fol-
I i * -    'I by a few , i nd wliile the
; larger boy uni ■   out of tbe
tiskt'd il ! ■ L'ted with a
i and dimes,
n us 1 In .  ,,, and was
- il,,- ut Imt '
Uy llml : In n cast two boys
l en
; .:.- Inquired of
loved In ;■':" .\\ - : i .
ti - ■  : is; lemma
:.*.'  Hi*  cents
: linll next! lots
,     .-■ In ho
t Is, If   uti i Record-
e • porta,
.   - 'ita apalnl
h   f. c.
JS, ■ I .
,,,'„._ ' *   ' *l *.- .
Si\m On    :■
i Cranbrook L
Livery  3
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Hozl-II Block t'r.'ailir.-i.li. II. C.
Unrrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Proprietors ** ** ja  physicians'and Surgeons
I     Offici- al Rculdeiice, trnistr(iii*t \\t. 'I;
Purchase Price  $.~.00 a month;
Allowance insde for old machine \    Teams antl drivers furtllfllted for any |       Porenooiis,   -   -       - 'Ji.til in ll
BUK ' hi'ii' ia tl ■•'li int Afternoons   ■   -   -   . |:3iiioM(l ,
ARNOLD & ROBERTS j !     Evcnll*! ' ' " ' »-3oto s.*jo      K
CFIANGROOK A. DOYI.E, Mmingcr.   CRUUBROOK,   :   :   : :      :   E. C
■ ,    I.       . nined
. ■ ■ .    I nttrrnli   , ol St. I'
. ... of .1 .- mis .!,.•'. J .
liis I'm,., nml  .a
'.. ,".;.   ■!    I lol   kl   'i. ' ■
n nii*.-, bla i.......: li
..  il.    After  I       HI!  o
I nvos - f llic  Illl ;•  ■
mlil, "I Invito your nil i       I
■I .iin r ly now In In 'cr .1 '
1 I Iht  IlllllistOl-  41*11*.  II   1
ly   roi tlll'l .-.Ji.-.    Hi   •    .■
in Ills | 1mm IlipUlpll mill m III,  "I.l
I  : i bretliri-ii, yon will llml my 1. \t
in tlie iu*!..iii.,.mli verse of tlie fourth
chapter <>f H.mwi.I Corlntlilans,  'uur
lit allUetiuii, ivbicli In for tlm uo
4 .
•'        I    '
I •
. .1
ii rn a.
1 . [ve I ..Inr.
'  1      Vie '....'. : ...yopltls
i    fn Ini for ■.■r.-uu
bi ;■    fr -1 nnd I its In and out
a i,i- "4- creeping
it.   plums and so cl iiiblca tbem
ia color sn. lo .  i:   ,.  ii4.,i.ijtinii
n wltb   oven       tl t eye i."   Close nt
i iiy in- a huge
i Inl ," b - • . ; |.. r, v . f re wings
ment,' <•...,
ll   .'.'.a.     1     Mh. a closed
io . *:in't color of
■ inst know   iln* leaf on
-. 4 i that lli,
• iliil'lis oil ln
■                       4        ,           '
- ii 1-   :   , .,■ y, .'  •  ;.         :
. I, Instead of
.. tblcket be of
■ If   iinn ipi               : .
- over tbo
•■; , : uf   -vuii, ol bnlli
I .   ro   .ai n tol '
tlini ol I.    ■
ii  ■   wlileb  be re
y, I.i- puts
,. in" from
i      tbo forest
«, being
ii .1 stone
ll l:o is f'luuil,
..|,l„.l nml
II ug ..a
III *!   lo
■ ..'.'•   wbicb bin fi  t ...
..:'-■. a.  THE  CRA* BROOK   HERALD
VUMBREffiUPTO sell1,
Wc z.in supply you
with   tlu-   necessary
    __ p-o.cction for the
KAINY SEASON in the w.iy ol
Ken's Raglanette R.iin Guts t.iilor made style $12.00, $12.00, $10.00
Ladies* Showerproofs, prices $3.00 to $20.00
Ladies' and Men's Umbrellas, 75c io $7.00
Men'., Rubbi. Coats, $3.75 .ind up
Men'.-, Rubber Jackets, $3.00 .nui up
All   i.,M in Ladles' and Men's Ruhl-er.'i
The Picture Season
I This is the time of year to secure the j
| proper impressions of the natural beau
J.A\£.4:.A'.4:4'A-nl  A *   •   I    f********A'***
9 ' 3
♦ New Crockery and Glassware £
Newest shapes and shades In Chinaware, with or without A
)'■.- 4*
Chir.a l'e.i Sets, -II pieces, $-1.75 X
Dinner Sets, V pieces, $15.00. Y
Dinner Sets, 117 pieces, $20.00.
Very handsome Dinner Sets in red and gold, 117  pieces, A
at $40.00. 0
(j. T. ROGERS i
y Aim.nl t'..r Broi-kvilb- Carriage Works, Buggies ami  Hi-sol' 0
<£ nil descriptions. ||
Fancy and Staple Qrocerles and Crockery
Cranbrook, IS. C.
i.^j.\-.\~.'f-if-f-'f-if.(f—f- .* ...
P-®-!S-®-®-®-®f-®-®>-.-   •    •
-I'm 1-H'H.VeH?- <f- '3
li'ini,  lln ilmi ..i .......Ji  |.i
. Illlngi.    I mi,
ri-llyiin. .lul    I.
\ l.iu   i 14,4,4 4 Mnrri   . II '
i li I„,1-1,4,..I i'liuii '"■
—       *, , m» *»
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital,
i.l I
is absolutely necessary to protect the
•ij) employer oi labor against losses under
JI ...the Act.,.
ii Ask Us For Our Rates
Cranbrook, B. C.
*.—»*-•-   ,■   •■  4.    .-   .    .-
®-®-<f ■,.' -a
.. CRII1H Of US ..
Wc want you to think of us whenever you think of Clothes
Our whole energy is concentrated on securing ^ood things lor
you to wear
Our Spring and Summer Styles are now making .1 strong appeal to you. while our reasonable prices make an equally
Strong appeal to your purse.    We are waiting to serve you
Rill it Co., CranbrooK's Greatest Store
New Hardware Store
Wi* have iusi opened our new store and propose to carry
a complete line o( Hardware,  Hnware, Iron, Mill and
Mine Supplies
MU.I. SUPPLIES   Pumps,   anthooks,Saws,Axes,etc
BUILDERS' SUPPLIES   Tar and Building Paper.
MINERS'   SUPPLIES    Truax Ore Cars and Steel,
I lydraulic Rams, Pipes, etc.
A c impletc stock ol Fishing Tackle. Rifles and Shotguns
Uiii often alfct r future life.   Dow true
Ibii li can be kill Hod i>> lliusc who hnve lnul
occwlon t» Ictirn iln- remII ol ilmi m.e word.
liu.- one word Him Ins made our buslneis
grow in bucIi n ilcjrec in a shorl lime U
"H0NEST1 " Wc never .-«> nn)thing thai
we inn m.i lubstanllalc,
When wcm) thai our store icltsonlj the bed
ir"''   ^W.,1'-.jaiH?'!*»'' l! at lair prices you can nly upon II. Let's have
I'tnir trnilc.
Morrow <& McFarlane
Ths Calgary Cattle Company,
I,,, full ii'irtU-iilitm ii|.|ilvlii
riiss Muss, - Malum,
rirniliuitu ul St.  l.nl.,.'- Il,,-|,ii4,l, Vnu
i-mivur, ll.C.
Icacher o! pianoforte and or^an
For terms, etc. apply between hour.
)l three and live o'clock on Wed
n;sday and Friday at re*.idence ol
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
One Night Only
•| tics of South East Kootenay. The way t_
9 to do it is to take a photograph of the
€ scenes viewed.    Have you a
Summer Necessities
Screen  Doors
Window Screens
(ireen Wire Cloth
Ice Cream Freezers
We i-nrrj n I,i|m,' 8tcK-k.     Di-i-ii in wh ■
1 th.- Himlwan- line
5 If not you should.     And everything in €
8 the way of supplies can be found at
*& Our Mail Order business continues to grow.
j. d. mcb:
GGG:.~.'• J:. lAiW^tM^ '*:-^3
I        ALWAYS FRESH        I
Jjf       'I li-- I r,i,' ''.ii-i \ ogotnbles ni ■ .ur slm*.■.,!■  , Ereah,
P'  IVnti-l ,■ ivinilri -
$. V w0Mt.1l      Ladii
when you win ' ■•;. m-i',|
■ 1.11 large viiri-'ty mul only tl
H. ©awson <X dompj   ;
The Greatest Comedy Attraction that ever toured Canada
A Medley of
and  SONG
An Excruciatingly Funny
Farce five from vulgarity or horseplay
Reserved Seats on
Sale at Beattie's
I'KIClii-:- $1.00, reserved;
25c and 50c, general
Picked 1'p ttii.iit the City hv Askine
Oni'-tinns  nf  Many  People.
II. C, Uh...!.' li-.ii.'il Moyii* Snn-
iisiii..l Sinlnr Siitm*.
in   Sir.lin
,111 Wm.l-
• Ins. 1
In.l Insl
Mrs. W.   I-'. Tn(..
thia wc-i-lt,
Rooms bright, clean and well furnished
The dining room is the brightest,    j*    The table the
best in Cranbrook
Table Boarders—$7 for 21 meals ticket
Rooms with full board from $30 per month
.Mis.   Ilnvill  visited  li.-r  sisl
.Mrs. ('. A. I nv. nt U'nrilii.T Sim'.
.Mr. iiiitl Mrs. (!. T. Uogors
sp..|ii auvoml ilnys ut Sinlnr tins
•Ins. Il,*,i,l,'l's,.li nml I1..I. lll.'i.'k
spi-nt si-i'i'i'.'il ilnys  in   I-Vrnii' this
Mr. mul Mrs. Sin ith nron-itioving
into tin- Liu'i-v liiiiisi-ini Ariiistrong
John Swinitoi'ton, of Moyii1, wns
ti'iitisiii'iiii*. litisim-ss iii 1'r.1111.r.-41k
Mrs. Barney M.*ll..].lri.*k l.*l'i
Tlllirsilll-4 Insl Iur nu i-xti'inli'.l visil
up In,in
Tinnuns Cnvon restttnt-tl his
iliitii-s ns i'iinilin'l,,r mt tlm ('. P.
R. Tiu-silny.
t,',.,,. Wales, of WtiMner, iiuitlti
his si'iiii-oecnsional visit to Crnn.
brook Sunilny.
Mrs. Lowsby.ot Sinlnr, lins been
-. i-im- ut the * ii'i,. Breiniu-r Itottip
thr pnst few ilnys.
Five room cottage nml two lots
,,ii llniisnii nvenue for snl,-. Apply to J. •!. K,'iiii,',ly.
Miss Doiiolnio nntl Miss Semline,
of \\ nriini-r. wi-ri' visiting Cranbrook friends this week.
I, I km Inn. the new rami siipi-r-
inii'iiilriii. is repairing tin- bridge
across St. Joseplt's creels
s. A. Clancy, J, MoSwuyn, W
• I. W'iliniil nml Clins, 1 li-nil.-lH.jli
lisil.'il Moyie Sunilny last,
.fatties Cronin, manager of tin-
Si. Kugi'iii', wus in town this week
Untitling u session of court.
Miss Ji'iiuio Eicliards who is
(raiiliing s'hiinl ut Klkn. visited
with her parents over Sunilny,
Leslie Fox wns visiting C'riui-
II,k I'l-ii-mis Sunilny.    ITe return-
t-il In Wiinhii-r Sunilny evening,
W. -i. Atchison is nssisling al
H. li, Benltlo's drug stove this
week iliiritig Mr. Beattie's nlisetice,
iii-r S li.v.
K..I. I 'l.'.v I. ni...! Marysville, ivns
in town t'ri.lny Insl.
Ilnr..l.l Jnmli'ini
Wniilner Sntni-tliiy,
Harry Drew, of Kimberley wns'    tnsiiector   Wilson   visited   tin-
in town Wednesday, Behoofs Insl  week  ami  wns must
inn.ml.ly impressed with tlie condition.
Mealtimes 1„ B, VitiiTJecar,  lv
II. S II.  nud  M. Bni-uey   wen-
visiting III   Klkn Ilu-  lirst  ul' th,
w -ok,
llr. !•'.  li,   King mnl wife wen
Muyii' visilnrs Mondny,
.Mrs. Build, of Mn.v in. is risitln-j
Crnnbrook friends this week,
Mrs. W. Dnrlingnnd buby  lmvi
lieen nt Sirdnr tile pnst week,
Does yunr linrness n 1 repairs
See Rhode, the harness maker,
Mrs. Joseph Doblis. of Cowley
left Mondny evening for n threi
months' visit ut her old home it
.'inns   liyiin   left    Weduesdny
tuoriiing for Seattle, Wash., to nt
.lend tin- ruin's which slurl  then
Mr. Wilson,   C.I'.R.   ngeiil   nl  jnno ||.
Wanlner wus in town Sunday,       I
,.„ ., „,,,',,     I     Lust   Black   nnd    Inn   Scotch
Mrs. A. ('. Nelson und Misi
Armstrong drove over frum Fur
Steele Saturday. Mr. Nelson re
turned wiih them.
(i. 11. Mi'Li'ud uml family leavi
lliis week for tlu-ir new home it
f-idnniiituu whero Mr. McLeod wil
engngo ill bitsiuess.
Will. Noble left the lirsl of tilt
week for the St, Mary's districl
when- he will do assessment worl
nu several properties,
Miss Agn s Thornton, of Bit-,
tuitigluuu, Kng„ arrived in Crait-
liruiik Monday and is visiting hei
frii'iiil Miss Ethel I't-vert-lli.
Fred Kwurt, accompanied by his
mother and two youngest sisters,
left for tlieir new home in Portland, Oregon, Tuesday morning.
A new platter hus been installed
tit the Kust Kootenay mill at Blink,
nnd a gang ut' men will lit- put on
lu dress uml strip the lumber stuck
nn linud then,.
Iii-n. Thrnsher, formerly n sln'.t
buss ut the North Star mine nrriveil in Craubrook from Montana
Thursday uml hus accepted a pusi-
tiuti with the North Star iigtitn.
Parties who have been in the
habit uf burning rubbish iu the
streets und alleys should read the
notice in another column of this
issue,published by the tire wanleus.
Mursh  Griffith,  who   formerly
clerked for Hill A* Co.. but is iilw
traveling for u Toronto wholesale
house, wus culling on his ninny
Craubrook friendi the tirst of this
.1. S. Carter, district pnssenger
ngent for the C.P.R., with heuil-
ijuarters ut. Nelson, wus in town
Fiiiluy. "Joe" is ll hustler nud has
the faculty of innking hits of friends
for the C.P.R.
The people of Cranbrook sltoul.
tuke pride in their town, nml dis-
play that pride by keeping the
streets llllll alleys clean And the
officers of tin- Inw should lend their
assistance in stimulating thai pride
when found nceessttry.
S. A. Clnncy received u letter
from the manager of the Prank
lacrosse team stilting thut owing tn
theirbeingiiiiableto secure grounds
tlu-y would lie compelled to with-
draw from the league this yenr. ami
in consequence the Craubrook tennt
will not go to Frank Suttinlny.
Dun McXeish. fur n long time
proprietor of the Fort Steele house
nl Fori Steele, hits leased tl e Klk
hotel at Klkn. uud will take |kissi-s-
8:ou nt once. Mr. McNeish is vv
known in the district, nnd liis
many friends will wish him success
in his new locution.
Maloney's Wedding,'' the cum
•■ Drawn Throngh:. Knol Hole."
riiiit'*- i.'.iv mi.',' it iiii-iiiiu-
if veil!     '11.   -■■   ..   .■■  ,.i... :,, It,-,* it-
nil (min  tin- lii. li      :    .:    lull
lllllliil .14. ii iin:ii,li"l.
Tluil i- ulii' SCRIM. Ti.Vli'.s nm .„
ii hit.    Jii.'i nre i" ilie i.l I iiiim
|.rln*l I,'-"'-": 41   I*  I.i  Ilu-hniiie.
,'l.,'i ■(,'■,■ ie iiiii-iiriltm i(i r
•I   thniiiiili    i  Inn   nili'li   it, I,.,,,-   a,, |
..     -  .14. here.
41  Hi   II,.um.r*.
All Uu- .-in
v„-,,,., i,11,
::l!-:i|'.i. lll.l
Gluts, [j. Reid A Co ,
irailimli-il Drunglsls Urjiilirudk, R. C*,
^y§*R CCQGDECC; 51
')   Hotel - Men [
'<■  —■ (
T.i see timi M4 ns tan
Had nu f.-uiii win   the Wines
and l.igiinr-4 sen ..r  your
Bar.   Order fn        .  jiul s
cure ihe le.:	
..iur it.
r'J      A. L. McDEI      ;
Jf      Whelc-j;
■:)'.■■ )00Q030D
bolcs-tle I ii u ire   •   Oranbrouk
|ln in.I fail in win.*h ihis space  Iroin   wivk   to   i
posted us in the new g Is thut are nrrivina n uu ■•
rv liiui' r in family sizi- bos ■-. 2-
Bliu- Ribbon and Bee Tens.   Nothi
Wean hereto plense is out
Fresh Ci"
famous I
**$?i>**h*l>********* i ■
I Wine and  Liquor Merchant
9 f.	
AKi'iil fur Calgary Beer anil .Jurt-j,-
Agcnt fur T. I.ebel & Co., Ilay anil Qr
iuii and •
plute stock nl liquors ni
is located in the Cnu
pp.,sit,* i'. P. R. depot.    Cull uml see me.
:..■-. ind for
,1     . block,
*4.Q>* ? *^***$***]mG*.       , ;***.
of tin. sheet iron oi.. 4!.,'iiiizi-d iron
can !"■ made   •    .   Our
are hnth Ilili:) ORADG
In ull tin- briiuchi • ol our business
Me.li. work llml].'<-a    1,   IV'osolio-
i: yom
'ho ,,ow residen, I'.l  II  Hnr-Uu- ui  i'i'"      "'    i ,in«ly which will be produced nt th-
s incour - 1 co   I.*,..■ .'..       lT"'h" lT   ^f.]"'^      '? opera house to-night is referred to
r        ' Bumiioii,       ,,|mng (wlltN, c, McKinstry's ,,'v „„, Nl.is nullsjinidary papers
I.   L. Slepluns,  ul   Mi rnssey.   I ivory stables, „.--„l„„„ ,*,.||,„.,l nnd u,,.i',,.,l,.i,. "
ll.   I.. Ste]
wns a Cranbrook visitor Tuesday,   i     ,,    ,,   , ,        ,.  ,
I    air, larks, superintendent ot the
Don't forget "Mnloney's Wed.  |jllBt Kootenay Luuilier Company,
ding ' to-uight.   It. will plense vnu.  m,s confined to thehospitalseveral
Amolil'g cottllg   linker   hill   iluvs lust week.
for sale.   Apply to Arnold A* Rob-1    ,*   „ MoBrll1o is |,„3y this week
oris, '
ft, K. Ilenll
are in Russjunil Ihis
ing Um session of ll
nf lhe LO. O. 1-
lean, refined nud up.to.diit
I   jibuiimls wiih funny situations
uml catchy music und will plense
the musi fastidious,
Showers,shown's.showcjs. Keep  w~Yi,/^tsi~, V /,'
yourself 011111 by Inking it Imth  iui  WK=3^^gW
 f the new porcelain tubs thnl:  -A-''''   r,\ ..T    "7
i.i   .1.    ,,.   .,..:...   i     i.......ii.,.i      ,'    ':'..";.^\.i  '.. H
'enlarging and  .raving his liunl- gj.eoi um now pun*em...   nos . ,. „ . -..  ;.   .N,,,       ,,,. -f75K.'M/
ll„*-did Mnn"  ware store, and when completed he J »!'k   G»')oues   hns   insit II -d. i i, ■    ■,*, ■ ,, |,,i,    ;««
- week  al    will hnve one of tlie lurgesl nnd    '»' ' rooms u, n,,u*,,.,on will   ns, <*^gj^^jMs^,
-Oruitd lodge  m^lconviuneiithunliv stun, inl^"  'M"   tver.t g   up-loj ,^^ggg
tin- qunlitt
is feed.    Von
try nnd nu
'■,..;• H believe
the |..uv. 1
i n    oats urn
:i  ,*,  falling off of
initli uud 111
I.    , ! provedilfer-
We sell 1
be   l..,l.-hi
price ns .
■ i    i OATS that
I- 1  ul  tli- samo
.   in 4. slull'.
Harris & Jolliffe's
Meat  Harket TIIE   t'llAM'.i.'iioK   HERALD
.*. .  .  .
•  •  •
.    .   . . *.:
,    •    •     I
.      .......
t _pe eosmopolitan Bold
« == =pr ~" 	
*f A FirMcl.iss House Centrally Locale J .■*
tt ' tt
If tt
f| Fine Sample Rooms in Connection.    The bedrooms |*ij
I,? are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the j-i
I? ia
■'  market affords. II
,-.-., » .........      4. -..       ■  .-^-tiY-f,
S3 -   j   •'••--.•  ®-*§H3H&*--®*--©
$1.00^., A Popular PolicyTIMBER LANDS
Covering any Sickness or Accident <*1|IC Monthly Payment System
Sickness Benefit :'«r ft Months
j As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip  j
I *
• Which, being translated, means that those who wear ;
• OUR suits, made up in first class style by first class J
j workmen, well know them to be the BEST      **      ** i
j "McSWEYN & GRIFFITH,"                  i
I ART TAILORS                                   •
• Cranbrook £lo:k Cranbrook, B. C.  J
J. E. Stephens,   M. Rockcndori a H. L.Stephens    .I.E. Stephens
H. L. Stephens,   J, Lawsou,      _ 	
Blow Your
Own Horn
is'sni in m G-:EEEE!®mmmmamsm
i _ Ija
] **i|jf "        BUYING MEAT        1
' '•     '-   ,-«N't:~K'    '     Is llko buying n pig In n tag fl
."■"»■'    W^)3 jsaJZsu   with w.me people.     All meats
Jfflf ,  " [*-5MU     1-ii-k nliki-1., tlii-ni int.!  ■ ihey
| .,',-..   ■'..  ,.!9l$.,
1 '"•' ,'• ■a'-'
"'   iF^ffM HEAT I
I   '■     5 "    G^G'G   ( \ nfcAI 0
i    _\   ff- *,*,"     \  /   ■'   iiiiiI tlmao thnt don't.   Tho lor- §|
,,     *,...,......      , ...^    _    /        i    ,„,.,. „il| |;„„w   il,,,,   wo  linvo  y
i-.JKjdHBlQSji*.   'iii  Hint   kltul for them mul Iho El
very often eel poor quality.
UY limit the tra.li- ef  lie
who know a 1
ll  is -un*  biiBinei
If   necessary.     \\ ith     Borvo tin- |„il,li,' nntl
We Never
us il is tint uecesstiry, lor
tllO   public   is   pcrsisil utlj
blowing ,,,,,-  horn  for ns.
Thai is whnt a good liuti-l
will,In for  itself.      Kl,.ll
liudy praises this hot. I I. '■
cause il is the largest nn.l
best iii Kust Kootenuv.
il.nii    right,     We   worl
early nnd  luie  lo in'i'niil
nlisil results, nnd the Illl
WHITE hotel, is nlwiij*. .
Inisv.    Winn vou spend n   ' *£&£&
dollar h.-r.* yon gel II dol-   ft*9^"
lav's worth.   The best  is
the clietipeBt.
•tl;  ■»   ' 	
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale .md to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some ol the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
Stephens Droit. & Co,, Owners an j Proprietors!
Morrissey Mines, B. I.
Stephen-. Brits., Owners nnd Proprietors,
Morrissey Junction, It. C.
CT   *   ir"*'.. ..' \.-fiU^-i,ii^ m
t*****,t.*i.,.., *.* **************************************
I   ..Manitoba Hotels   j
«( 11 ii.lt-i' Xew Management.) 3
X 1). A. McDONALD, rianager I
* , _. 8
X This Ho'.cl is in thc center of town.   The rooms are 2
fi comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- |
I class, and thc bar is supplied with the best.   When you |
* want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. t
S <*
Notice for Transfer ol License.
Nntl  ! i, • i.. 1 • v m'.'.i   liiu l,.lllllira Ilrm
„tlli,.T...-ii..ili, mnk.   II. '..  lilt I  I,
„|,|,lV 1" 111'
tnr n irnm-fi
. I,.
Iinli.tl is,-, ill   tllO  p."
nn,.,.» ki...i ii i I,-.il... I iih tl.., -Trim*
I,rook llnli-l," lliiknr Strum. In...I ik.  II.
I'.. I.. Uou-tii.-tli .« Itiillin*.
II I Hit.. Sill .luy of liny lnul.
|| .11, i,i„- llyim
Saw Mill riachinery
Planing Ttill Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery for all Purposes
All of very best makes.
J. L. Neilson &. Co.,
niil Alii in St.     innipcg
Cranbrook Brick
and  Tile Works
Taylor & Davis, Props.
Furnpce& Boiler Specialists
All descriptions of lirick work
undertaken, l-'liies plastered
by new Rrc proof process.
Common l.rick, pressed brick,
lire lirick uml tile on linud.
I Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of linish work in
wny ,.f ili.ers. windows, trait-
soiiis, etc. Kiln dried luuilier
for inside wurk. (iur work is
guaranteed ;ut,l --ur prices are
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Tor Sale
Land Notice
Tnko notico Hint nlxl-y ilnyn nflor ilnli. I in-
tl'llll 111 ll|l|ll.V 111  til.'   I'lli.-t   |-Il|lllllt4*.i..l1|.|.   Ill
Ltintlii nmi WorltHfur pH'tnlwilfiii In |.uri*liti,o
tlm following .Iwrlbnl Inli.ln In Huntli Hum
Kn„ j:
l,initii 11,'iiiii   in   „   |io-4l   |,l'i,il,'tl   nt tin'
niirlliww hut "I I...I iiiiii,",. tl,,*„,',' iv,'«t to
Hi ,1 limit nt l.oi otnn. tlinnrn Hotitli tu
III,, uuitli limit nl l,,,l Jl.-,7:j. tliein-o onnl In
tlii-iii'Ht. limit ..I l.ut 110(1,1, ttiolu-i" ti.. tit tu
tin- pin I liiigltuilng Nininiiin 11*111 11,-,'i'h
Ilnlnl t,lii« lltli ilay of Juno, mm.
II « illllllil liolil 1
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
; A beautiful line of Efotnc-
spuns iiml Worsteds Inr
UdW Tailor ISUnk Suits,
Satisfnetlon u;uarHnteoil,
Rooms nn ArmslronK Ave.
Perry & Fitzgerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer company
Wc nre in lnisiness for business,
To keep il. and secure more we
must do Imsiiuss in n business
like manner, We fire prompt
iiml reliable. That is business.
Wo do nil kinds of draynge nntl
cartage,   We wnnt mon-.
Ijciivi' orders in our office in
the Cranbrook hotel block, opposite station, or telephone 5li •
ifsideiur, m.
'I'lu-  II,-niltl  !',,it,-| I,*in.
News was received, tbe past
week, that the bounty had been
extended to ore exported from Canada andoverytliing now points ton
run of severnl yenrs for lhe Sl.
Eugene mine. AU parts of thc
workingsare now running full blast
nnd Tor lhe pnst four days lhe concentrator hns been turning out iis
maximum output, Hi) tons per day,
The water wns turned into the
tanks nl Hie slime mill the pnst
week, nnd it. nlso. is more thai) Etll-
Hlliiig the expectations of the management, reflecting grent credit ou
the superintendent, Mr, (Ins King,
who designed nnd erected the build-
Thus .Movie, with her mines ;inil
lumbering interests, has the best
backing of any town in south-east
Kootenay, and will have for some
yenrs to come,
\   UltoWSlNll   ACCIDENT.
Al the iiiiii pond of the Movie
Lumber Company, William Moltou,
ti youth who was in the employ of
the conipnny. met his death by
drowning    on    Sunday   evening.
Alter supper young .Molton went
out on the logs, one of which he
begun rolling. He foil in but was
able to get astride of a log. where
lie renin hied for some time nud then
began rolling tho log n second time,
He once more fell into the pond
and this lime went under thc logs,
never coming to the surface again,
the body being recovered some
time afterwards. The accident is
the more sad, in that, the young
fellow came from tlie Old Country
and contemplated visiting his home
the coming Christmas, This should
be it warning to many in the lown.
especially some of the boys, who
are in the habit of playing on the
logs whenever they visit the mill.
The Indies of the Roman Catholic church intend giving a bazaar
and icecream social in the Morley
Hall on Friday evening..Tune tOth.
Refreshments will bo served and
niniisi'iiients of various kinds provided. The proceeds will go fo-
wnrd etilnrgirg the Roman Catholic chapel and the bazaar will
doilbtlcBS 1)0 one of the best eter
given in the lown.
S. (i, Ulnvlnck arrived from Trail
hist week.
•I. !•'. Armstrong wns in town on
J, A, Hnrvey was here on legal
business last Saturday,
T. V. fjOWnoy and .lohn Kennedy
arrived from Butte, Mont., on Saturday,
Uev. II. Beacham and wife, of
Craubrook. were Moyii' visitors oil
Dr. King. M.P.P.. paid Moyie n
professional visit, the latter part of
last week,
l>. II. Short, of Crunlirook, was
registered at the Hotel Kootenay
on Thursday,
D, J, Jackson, the contractor, wns
iu town on business the latter pari
of last week.
A, (I. Smith andB. (i. Little, of
Vnncouver. were transacting business in lown on Friday. '
Ceo. A. Swan, formerly of Cranbrook, lias rented  one of  the de
i    Mrs. King and her daughter ar- School Nines,
| rived Emm Spokane the latter part     Hanging in Beattie's drug store
01 l;ist fflH'k* is a largo Canadian Hag. about six-
H. R. Jamieson, P.Anderson and teen feet long.   It is the property
J. D.McSwoyn, of Cranbrook. spent  of tlio Crnnbrook school and was
Sunday in Moyie, : presented by the pupils in  corn-
Win. Mills
Pernio Inst week and
ing ;it the St. Kugene.
T. Or. Blnckstock wl
1 his family from
momoratioii of Victoria day,    I'n-
.   .fortunately   lliere is no nag-poli
s now work-,        .      ■.    . . . i .
on  the school grounds, ami  tin
pupils of tho school are anxious  li
largely  iiml some citizen or citizens  win
interested in the Si. Kugene mine.Iwill come forward nnd secondthei
came over from  Rossland on Sun-1 patriotic efforts by  putting up i
I';|.1'' . big flag pole, say sixty feet or more
Mrs.   Powers and   family came in length.   The presence of such a
over from Port Steele Junction thelttngand pole will afford  many an
latter pari  of the week and   will opportunity for the carrying out
reside iu town I"^ ninny patriotic exercisi s. In the
, . i making of good Canadians, the old
.toe Ste,,*, H was here in counec- flng s]louW ,[U,,|VS   [.|V „ j,;    {mH
tion wiih  P, Burns   lnisiness last:    ' „
week. j     Attendance al Craubrook school
lt a-   in i    i     i       •    'u1' ATay:
rl. \ au.Iloutan, who has been in   llivisio|l        Dnlly Att        M(111,ll!v AM<
tlie employ oi lhe St. Eugene Coin-1     [ 28,(i5 !W
pany  for some time,  lefl   for  his     o'" H)i:i"' !'*50
home in Michigan on Monday.       !    ;; 4200 I'.'
Joseph Xeidei'siadi.l!icpropriet-|    d 18.55 58
or of thc Cosmopolitan  hotel,  is     Tho total number in attendance
giving  liis house a coal of paint, during   May was  Ulli, boys 104.
which   will add greatly  to ils ap- girls 02.   The number of cases of
For terms, maps and further particulars apply to the following
local land agents:
V. Hyde Baker. Crnnbrook, ll. C,     K. Midluudniiio, Jr., Creston, B, C,
I. II. Wilson, Wardner, B.C. II ,& M. Bird, Nelson, B.C.
R. R. Bruce. Wilmer. B. C.
nr lu
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
t irilitiiss. Tl, Numbor o{ visiters 7
Dr. I-'. IJ. ICiitR i-iiinu up from J It lins been found impossible to
Cranbrook lust wi-i-k, nml, linviiig itccotiimoiliite nil the children who
socureil offices in the l-'nrri-ll block, hire presentitiR themselves tor ml-
»*ill divide liis time lietween Crnn-; mission into the primary grades of
brook and Mo.-ii the Cranbrook school.   The fourth
vision,which receives all tln-"six-
yenr-olds," is nlrendy filled. Parents
I*'. J. Smyth wen! to Rosslniul on
Monday tiinftcnd the annual convention ul the Independent I Irder
nf Odd Fellows which meets there
.hm,'-ih ntnl llth.
tin Monday Insl IV, Willinm-
sim hnd the lirsl inint of one of tho
fingers of I,is right hand tnken oil
while hoisting timbers nt the Lake
Shun* iniiin-Is. The wound wns
dressed by Dr. Hnrvie nnd is now
doing as well as could bo expected.
Hull River ('Inter Mines.
ForlStcele Prospector. Moro or
less interesl is being itiunifested in
milling circles in tlie future operations of the Gold River Mining
nml Power Coiupany on Bull river.
It is expected Ilint operations will
hi- resumed between the 1st nnd
llllli of .rune, ll is nlso stated
llml $25,000 to 830,000 will bo ex-
pended in development work during
the presenl year.
Hydraulic mining in this districl
has solved itself to n striel business proposition. The Gold River
(lompany will Imiiil n dmn ncross
Hull river, nboul two miles above
the pack bridge, nnd front Ihis
point lo ih" diggings, n flume If! \
.", [eel will lie constructed, which
will I,,- nln,nl n mill' nud n half in
length. The eqiiipmenl of the
coiupany will cousisl of hydraulic
pipe, monitors, ninl sluices, cabins
und messhiiuse. nnd it snwniill cap-
ul.l.- of cutting 20,000 feel of Inm.
b,'i',liiil, which will I,,' used in tlio
construction of the iinni and the
biiililln. nf llio (In	
In i!i" developing of tl li.vdnnilie
placer iiiiue, the cotnpnnv lins threo
things In consider, i-'irst, they
iniisl hnve diggings working
ground good pay gravel. Second,
is an ample water supply j nnd Ilm
third is tli,- equipment nud dump-
The diggings are supplied by nn
uld I'linnii-'l filled with iniriforoiis
and decomposed strain. This stratn
hits been prospected nnd rocenl
explorations prove gold in paying
quantities to i-xist on bedrock, The
water supply isamplo I'm-nll mining
purposes, tho river has a strong
nml constant How nl' nut less than
es at   ils lowest singe.
also   ii.-iliirnl   dumping
who have children nbmit to commence going to school, will In
pleased to know thnt ample nccotii-
inodation will lie made, during tin
coming vacation, for all tin* pupil-,
that present themselves, Meanwhile, all parents who will lmvi
new pupils attending next term nn
pni'lii-ulnrly requested to write tc
Principal King, giving mimes and
ngi-s of tlieir children.
The Cranbrook school wns pn
senti-il (his week with it very fine
set of metric weights ntnl measure!
nnd nlso n large new iiinp of tin
Dominion. They were secured for
tin- school on tin- recommendation
ul W. A. Gallihor, Esq., M.P, The
metric outfit wns imported from
Prance, These two gifts form a
very valuable addition to the equip-
ii u-i 11 of tin- school.
Fernie Fire.
The Anglo-American Fire Insurniice Company report that nil
cheques in settlement nil clnims
resulting from the Fernie lire, were
posted from iheir head olliee nt
Toronto, on the 2Btli .Mny. The
proiuptucss mi tho pari of this
eonipniiy in this matter will no
diiiibl be much appreciated by its
patrons, Tin- compauy is ropro.
Bctited in Crnnbrook nnd districl by
Arnold & Robert**.
I wish in announce to the public
thnl I hnve opened up a first-i-lnss
short iii'iler l'estiiiirnn! on Ann-
strong avetine nud shall put forth I
every effort to merit it allure of the
public pntronnge,
Chns. F.sles,
■njc:*4:,iu, -.**£.4-.-*-'ir,navi4
St, Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock Io.v
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing* Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
in.iii in
pnrtiiieiits in the Parrel] block nnd |
lins opened n restaurant. !
ll is the intention of the company
, to install n lirsl clnss power plant
The Moyie Fire Brigade intend'as booh ns tlio dnut'nnd Ilium- is
giving another dance on the even-1 built, and there is  no doubt, but
I ing of the 1st of .Inly, the proi Is'flint plenty of work will be found
to be used to pny fur the new hose' for il m the surrounding mines and
' cart whicli hns lieen ordered, '■ towns.
* — «*•
i-i *,
£ Locals in this column will be T
j charged at the rate of 5 cents jj
Z per line each issue. *
I'm- Side—Five roomeil Iiiiuho am! two
f--.K-.--t  liiis, on   Bnkor  lllll.     Apply
For Piik-.—A lirst Hush comliliiattoti
pool nml liiUiiiiil tiililo, nil complete,
Cheap If mill ul once, Apply to Manhattan hotel, Moylo, II. 0.
'I'limliiy nf ilnyn—tin- tiinenf linii-.H  In
gel yunr pk-lnre liiken,   1'i-fiBt & L'o.
We are now in shape tn furnish nil kinds of
Orders promptly filled nnd delivered in t<m n, For priced-uppl)'
King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours g
out ol the 24 -1'1 roi
The Canadian Hank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. ili-n. A Cm. Preildeat. B, K. Wai.kkr. Gen, Mar.
Pull Up   Capital      IMIMIMI
RU|                                                               ..  .1 IIIII1.IMI1I IHI
Total  ReiourtJuNoV. 30, 'IM H.1.0O0.0IH1 till
Deposits Received,   Qeneral Banking Business Transacted
SAVINOS IHNlv DBMRTMBNl   DepoHU Received   loteretl Aliened.
IIAXKIXll HV MAIL   H.|'',-iis 1,444,
li-llllil iiilli.lniuii l-v innil.
1,1 III,- III lli.il!,*!  Ilf till* I
ok i<i
1*. C MAI.PAS, Manager.
f      IMPERIAL liANk OF CANADA      |
Z Capital, Paid Up M,983,896 S
J Rest $2,636,312 j
I T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vict Pres. and Gen. Manager J
* A general banking business transacted.     Drafts sold availa- JJJ
S ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
Z attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     i
%««««».. ««*,*«*«* i*tf--jitf-ff frH--f-ft»tn^t»»»ttt»tl*
Tlini is jttsl svlint it is when
vtiii Iniy I'lictip shore. Tlicy
cmiMc blisters unci corns ami
ure iniroiiit'ot'inbli' in every
ivspect, beside tiiere is no
wenr to thein.
is the best footwenr mado in
Canada todny. When you
buy a pair of IX\It i'l S
shoes ynu buy gootl soliil
ciimfort nud tlie best hind of
wearers. They nri- the kind
thnt cure corns nnd blisters.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
♦ |*l<t.|<4M'fc|<*4|<*l«      •       4
-.*   I.       '	
•  « mi l*!«ij|
Western Oil«Coal Stock!
now 25 cents
The probabilities are that oil will be ||
struck any day \\
Buy now and make money ff
Baker Street, Lranbrook    **    LOCAL BROKERS H
::::::::::::   :::::::::: ::."■
There swum to In- HO further
question as to the location uf the
rowl that is to oomiect the Crowa
Nest branch of the C. IV K. with a
rood that is to be built from Spo-
ktuie to th*- tnteruatioual boundary
linr. It has been given out frum
the head office of the C. 1\ R, that
that mail would build from Vahk
to the boundary and then* connect
wiih lhe road that is to be built hv
I). (', Corbiu and liis associates.
Imm Spokane to that point It
has not been definitely stated when
work would l" inaugurated, hut
there Booms to In- every reason to
suppose that dirt will !»■ Hying on
the new Hue this summer. The
('. P. R. realizes that it is neces-
saiy for them to gel to work so ns
to protect their Interests in the
northwest agaiust the encroach*
incuts of the Great Northern, nud
the plan BUggestod is evidently one
of the moves they propose to mnke
iu thut direction.
The building of this line moans
much to the town of Cruubrook
und this portion of the district, ft
places Crnnbrook us the entrance
I>ort for all the passenger uud
freight traffic from the Western
Stntes to South Kast Kootenay,
and us the district developes in
riches and importance) the growth
of the town will Ih; correspondingly augmented. For the post few
years the town of Nelson has
Joyed the benefits deriv
this traffic from the south
timber ar as iii that •
present the aim of th
to secure the desinil
Spokane and   the
eetion, but ai
■('  P, R, ii
entrance inti
North weBten
States, aud for that reason the sur-
v.-vs have been run from the station
of Vahk to the boundary, and no
uther route has ever lieen eon tern*
tp Ibe St   Mary*
ouipleiioii of the sinelter at
Marysville    und
operation may mean a
more  for   this   district
home treatment of. locnl
real deal
than the
ores.    It
the future that will be centered
In a few yenrs   there   wil"
is well known that the St. Marys
valley is one of tin richest minora!
sections in this portion of the province, and that for some time it
has been looked Upon as a splendid
route for a profitable railway.
There is an application for a charter now being pushed, but the real
backing of the project is not generally known. It is understood,
however, that the, C. P. K. have
been figuring for some time to get
a shorter cut to West Kootenay
than by its present route to Kootenay Lauding, which is about TO
miles further tliuti up the St.
Marys valley and out by Crawford
bay. The Great N'ortliern have
investigated the proposition, as it
would furnish a very desirable outlet for its Klko branch and give it
1 from access to all the mining, coal and
but in lumber  sections   of   the district.
The building of the Bmeltoi at
Marysville will revive the interest
iu this route, and may result iu
doubt hv a branch  built up the I pretty elmae for possession of this
valley from Vahk to tap the heavy j most important field.
p    •
Wc have just received a beautiful line nl Cranhrook Souvenir
Hoods. Prices range (rom 35c lo $.1.0(1. Remember your far
away (ricml-; hy sending lhem a souvenir ol Cranhrook. These
arc ihc best goods llml can be purchased, yel they arc inexpensive.   Can't « e sell yuu some ?
W. H. WILSON, Jeweler and Optician
N. H - -Jusi in Irom ilie manufacturer, n v">J BMortmenl of Blouse Sett.
The public schools will close on
the 24t of this mouth anil then will
come the long summer vacation.
Cranbrook's schools are at the pre-
Bent time in a most satisfactory
condition, and Inspector Wilson.
while here a few days ago, complimented the board on the good work
being done. There are no complaints against Mr. King, the principal, who has worked early and
late to make the schools a success,
and he has won the confidence of
the pupils and the respect and admiration of the parents. He has
been ably assisted by an excellent
corps of tenehers who co-operated
with him to give to Crnnbrook
what the town deserved, good
schools. Mrs. Brock, Miss Carter
and Mr. Terry, have done well and
are deserving of the thanks of the
peoplo, Mr, Terry, unfortunately.
the past few weeks, has been unable to attend tu liis duties, and
his place hits been filled in a most
acceptable manner by Mrs. C. K.
Reld, Thoso who can possible
arrange it. should attend tin
Ing exercises of the school,
compliment to the ohildren
the teachers.
as a
The movement to secure Incorporation fur Craubrook is going
ahead as fast as it is possible, considering what, is necessary in u
matter of this importance. The
application that is to be forwarded
tu the government is prepared and
only awaits a little additional information to make it complete.
The sentiment in favor of Incorporation is stronger, if anything,
than it has lieen at any time yet.
There is every reason to make
haste iu the matter as nothing in
the way of improvements or lire
protection can Ih- secured until the
town is organized and proper
authority has boon established to
make the  necessary expondituros,
Tlie contract for tin- Inr*,'*.- ml-
litioit to thr St. Eugene hospital
him Ik-cii li-t to Jnmes (1 reer, who
will commence work ut onci!. The
iidilition will hnve three stories and
in attic nud lie completed in Hrst-
.-lass shape, Tliis will give to
Crunlirook on..- of the largest nud
Ix-st equipped hospitals in the
province, nml it is the intention of
the Sister Superior in charge to
inlil to the stilt! of nurses and assistants, so as to be able to meet
the demand iu tliis section for the
tiest in the wny of hospital treat-
ment anil medical attention.
The St. Kugene hospital has il
most enviable n-pututiuti throughout Eastern British Columbia and
Western Alberta for tin* facilities
it possesses for the treatment of
patients uiul tlie goo.! results accomplished. It's praises nre sung
!iy nil who liuve been there for
treatment mnl care, and the gootl
wonls are not eontineil to one
religious i-luss by any means, but
are universal. The people of Cran
brook, regardless of church iitfiliu
tion, lui v.- every reason to feel
proitil of tlieir hospital. It reflects
credit upon the town and lias done
a world of good to Buffering
Immunity, for ut no time is tlie
door closed itgitinst uny Individual,
nor is any .ptestiou asked m to
religion, llnanees or color. Hundreds of fuses have lieeii treated
for which no payment has lieen
iiiude. and many lives liuve been
sitve.1 bei-uuse the poor have hud
such an institution to wliieh they
could go when in physical distress.
j     Although it lias been given out!
j lluit the application for licenses iu
tlie Flathead reserve were to be
grouted, yet there has Ikh-ii nothing
done up to this writing. George
Fraser. M. P, P., has lieen in Vic-1
toria for lhe past three months
working upon the government to
secure the licenses. He says that
au order in council has been passed
authorising the granting of the liu.
euses, and on the strength of this
he passed through Cranhrook hist
Saturday with a party of men for
the Flathead country. When asked
what his object was In going into
the country at this time, he said it
was for the purpose of getting his
claims into shape so that time
would be saved when the licenses
were issued. Mr. Fraser represents
a large syndicate that has a great
many claims and he will leave nothing undone to establish the validity
of each one. The government will
insist on the payment of the $10U
fee instead of $50, as it wus formerly.
Talking with Mr. Nelson, assessor for this district, Tho Herald representative learned that through
the district office there had been
about 1000 applications made for
locations. As there are (M0 acres
in each claim, this would mean that
the local office had received application for 640,000 acres. In addition to this there were applications
mmle direct to Victoria tor a numbor of claims, so that the amount
applied for will easily run over
700,000 acres. The entire area of
the block, including the summits,
is only 380,000 acres, bo one can
easily see bow the claims overlap
each other.
It iB difficult to predict the outcome, yet it is safe to say that there
will be nil kinds of trouble and no
real development for some time to
come. It will be impossible to secure capital to develope* the country until the question of title is settled.
Is nn iiiv'ilii'ihk* Hide Instrument, ,
ll records lite many minutes tad
hours wisely or foolishly spent.
We  Imvc  a  choice  selection   of,.
LADIES' WATCHES In gold, (old
filk"l nnd sliver canes.
Wjllihc pleased to quote prices
even if you don'l buy
._.&       5be Jeweler
:MvXX'.VJJ.   OlflHiil U'nteli liiH-m I*. P. It.,
I'rini*, N','441 I'iihh Dlvi-tlnu
Tllk cl New Open House.
There is some talk of a compnny
lieing formed lo build a new o|ieru
house in t'runl.ronk.    A  buiiiliug
of tliis ki",I is lm,liy needed in
tliis town, us the growth of the
place tlie pust two or three years
lun rendered the present hall too
small for tin, large crowds thut
generally eongregute, And with a
more modern hail it will be possible to secure a butter ,-litss of entertainment* limn ure coming to
the town now, The hall thut has
been in use since tho town started
has answered the purpose iu the
past, iiiiii Messrs. Shelton uud
Clapp are doing all iu their power
tu make up for the deficiency by
extra exertion to uucomuioduU> the
public, but they cannot perform
tlie impossible.
Ncw Oovernor Oeneril,
London, June 11. — It is an-
nouticod thut Karl tlrey, lord lieu,
tenant of Northumberland, has
lieen appointed tu succeed the Karl
of Miuto us governor general of
Tbe fioveromenl Should Inure a Public
One Over the St. Marys.
Now thut tho .Staples Lumber
company propose to build n ruilwny
bridge over the St Marys river ut
the mouth of l'erry Creek, the government shunld take advantage of
tlie opiKirluiiity to give to the
public u wagon bridge when it can
lie done at so little cost. The resumption of work on the Mnrysville sinelter und the general revival of business in that section of
country, renders the necessity of u
bridge more imperative than ever.
For several yenrs the people of this
district have presented to the government the importance of tliis
bridge, but those in charge iu the
pust have failed to give any encouragement. A bridge is going
to be built and if tlio government
wants to get iu (or a fair price,
now is thoir chance, The people
of Cranbrook, Marysville and Kimberley, as well us all of the Intermediate country, demand this
bridge, and It is lo be hoped that
they will get It,
The brldgo will be built with
three spans of 1U4 feet ouch, und
will cost in tlio neighborhood of
$10,1X10 or $12,000,
At Methodist parsonage, June
15, by Rev, 8. J, Thompson, Mr,
Robert Wnllnce Muudouuld, eloc.
triciau,  of  Cranbrook,    to  MIsb
Thomas Kennedy Dead.
Last Saturday morning Thomas
Kennedy, one of the pioneer residents of Cranbrook, died ut liis
home on Hanson avenue, of nppu-
plexy. His death was very sudden
und wns totnlly unexpected by the
many acquaintances uud friends in
the town, us well as by the mem-
bcrs of the family, He hail not
been iu the best of lieulth for the
past few months, yet liis condition
wus not considered serious by any
meuns, but on Friduy lie was taken
with convulsions and continued to
grow worse until death cuine to liis
The deceased wus of u reticent
nature, yet to his intimate friends
he wits genial und companionable,
and rendy ut any time ta assist uud
befriend. He will be sadly missed
by liis fumily und friends, to wliom
his warm nature nnd kindly heart
strongly appealed,
The deceased wus 7-1 years of age
und cntno to Cranbrook about six
ycurs ugo and wus engaged in
mercantile business up to the time
of his deatli,
Tlie fnnerul wns held Sunday
afternoon from St. Marys church,
Rev. Father Oulette officiating.
The pull bearers were D. Gillis, D.
McDonald, D, Mclnnis, J. Brault,
J, MePeak, and J, Kennedy. The
remains woro laid to rest in the new
Catholic cemetry iu accordance to
the funeral rites uf the Cutholic
Card ol Thinks,
Mrs. T. Kennedy nud the children desire to express tlieir thanks
to tlie people for the many kind
ucts during tho timo of sorrow and
trouble, and wish to say that they
will never lie forgotten.
Tile fate   of   the   Sullivan   niiiii-
iiiid the Marysville smelter is st-J-
tl.il. There will he no more delays,
no ini.r<- disappointments, no more
soreness, no more guesses and no
more unfulfilled pledges. The policy of the company now in control
is well known. It is a mining
'otiipaiiy uiul its capital wos invest -
a milling in-
iinple.     After
ipellt ill   CXntll-
inu-lter proper-
I in tin* Su
vestment pure uml
two or threo weeks
[nation of both tin- 4
ty uml the mine, those in control
are iu a position to give some idea
as  to  future operations,   F.   I».
Weeks, a sinelter expert of experience, is to linve churge of the work
of completing the smelt,-r.   Helms
-on on the ground  for the past
-ek or ten days and has figured
out what he will waut to inaugurate work and the material will  be
on the road within a few days.   Iu
the meantime the preparatory work
is being pushed forward with commendable dispatch,    A number of
men nre  being employed on  the
round clearing away and making
ready for the changes that are to
be made in the works as they exist
und the new portions to bo added,
This number will bo increased as
rapidly as the work demands au increased force, ami within
the payroll ut  Marysvill,
and who was iu Cranbrook last
Tuesday nml Wednesday, the capacity of the smelter wiil be limited
only by the demand. As soon us
then- is 11 demand for ,, 800 ton
smelter a JiUII ton smelter will bo
forthcontiug, and 11 slill larger one
if necessary.
As sain us it .-au be definitely
determined as to the time when the
smelter will liluvv in, then wurk will
be inaugurated on the mine, Mr.
Roberts is of tin-opinion thnt the
mine can be gotten in good working shape in thirty -lays. The
property will be start.
1 len and in all pri
will be sufficient to ki
er going at it.- lull
it is enlarged.
It has nol yet been determined
how tho ore will be brought down
from the mine to the trnck. That
is fur the C. I*. R to decide. It
will In- remembered thai two years
ago the railway com] any tirst
though! thut 11 spur to the' bench
just below the mute would be the
l»-st way to gel al the ore, but later
the idea of: Iran !: un the shaft
month to the tracks of the Nortli
Star branch, near where the tram
,,f the North Star mined sdown,
was considered more feasible.  Mr.
Roberts has had no communication
mouth I with the C. P, R. authorities ond
will be I does not know what thev intend to
with about
• 'liability that
ep the stn.it-
upneity until
very- satisfactory to thu people of do in this matter,
thnt tuwn. j    The fact that the Federal Mining
It is thought that with no bad and Smelting Company, through
luck the sinelter will be rendy to Mr. Sweeny, has control of the Snl-
blow in by the latter part of Sep- i livaii property, is an absolute guar-
temboror the tirst of October. The antee that it will be worked for all
capacity of tlie smelter nt lirsl will I there is in it. The mine is a large
be 150 tons, but this will be in- one with a vast nmonnl uf ore iu
creased as fast as the conditions de- sight, and lliis in, nns thnt there
iniind.   As was slated by .Mr. F, J. I will be a big pay roll in .Mans.ilie
Roberts, who is gen,-ml  mnnnger
for all of the Sweeney properties, I
from this
fall   for   an   iiuiirinilo
Bl( Fee. la Sejbl.
If tlie lawyers for the plaintitfs
in the damage suits against the
Crow's Nest Pass Coul company
gnu, verdicts for their clients they
nru likely to mnke $200,000, Suits
for |KU0,000 in nil ure being tried.
The lawyers ure to get 20 per cent,
of the amount awarded and if the
court allows the full claims tin-
sum to go tlie attorneys will he
little short of u quarter of a million. This is the first time since
the passing uf the law making
champerty legal tlmt a matter of
this kind lias been brought so
prominently forward. The lawyers
for tlie company ure making a
strong tight W save that 11300,000.
S. fi. Taylor, of Nelson, and W. R.
Ross, of'Ferule, are the attorneys
for the plaintiffs, aud success
means 11 big tiling far them.
Juggliag Wiih Figure..
In a recent address nt St. John,
N. 11, Mr. Watson Griffin nn orii-
ciul of the Manufacturers' association, stated that last year "Americans bought from Cantulu 62 cents'
worth of merchandise per head of
population, whereas Canadians per
head of population bought from
the United Stntes idiom *S21.-lii
worth." Further, "per head of
population the Americans bought
only about ten cents' worth of
Canadian farm products, while
Canadians bought from the United
States about Hi.'.ill worth of the
same kind of farm products jut
head of population." Mr. liritii:n
seeks by this argument to show the
necessity for increasing the Canadian tarill' on imports from the
States. The reader will at once
note the fallacy involved in reducing imports and exports to a per
capita basis when of the two countries interested one contains alxjut
six, the other about eighty million
people. Uut let us nu et Mr. Griffin on his own ground by reversing the process anil dealing nut
with purchase but with sales.
Onr exports (salesI of all kinds
of goixls to the United States in
1!KB, came to $12,000,000. That
is to say, if there are six million
Canadians, each Canadian sold $12
worth of stiitf to onr neighbors.
Their exports (sales) of ull kinds
of goods to panada in ltlOU,
amounted to S13H.IJ1JIJ.UJ0. In
other words, if tlu-re are 80,000,000
Americans eaoh American sold to
Cam-da Sl 70 worth of merchandise.
Coming to agricultural products
alone, including animals and their
produce, our exports Isalesi of
those commodities to the United
States last yeur were $9,000,000 or
$1.50 per capita. Their exports
(salesl of like commodities to ns
were valued at $18,000,000 or 20
cents per head of their population.
Consequently each Canadian
sells seven times more agricultural
products to the United States than
each American sells to Canada, and
the same result works out iu the
case of ox-iorts at lurge, that is to
say, each Canadian sells seven
times more to them than they sell
per head tu ub. M r. (i ritlin's argument turns out, therefore to be a
kicking gun.
Of cuursu, the per capita basis is
not a a sound basis; it can be mado
to prove almost anything. It suited his purpose to employ it In the
case of purchased, but it is obviously just ub fair to employ it in the
ease of sales, whereupon ho is nt
once driven up a tree.
staire   for over
three-quarters of a century.
As early as IS15 negro impersonations were giv.-n in connection
with iiii-l,,*ilrmiin. but it v.us not
until 184'J thnt special minstrel
troupes wen* organized, the tirst
consisting of the famous quartette
Dan Emuiett, Frank Brower, Billy
Whitlockand liick Pelham, who
gave tlu-ir initial performance the
tirst ever given anywhere on the 17
of February, thai year. Since
the passage of that dan- tlie world
has witnessed hundreds, if not
thousands of similar performances,
an,! tiiis arm of the dramatic art
has rais.'d into national and iu
sum-* instances international renown, sueh familiar names as Dan
Emniett, Charley Whin-. George
Christy. Kph Horn.NelseSeymour
Biliy Backus. Ben
Hart. B-*ii Gardner,
-raft, tins Howard,
Boli Slavin. Billy
Wagner, anil Clar-
now lln* bright
f  Richards   it
Billy Bird
Cotton. Bol
Luke Scho
Billy Gray
Arlington, l
ence Powell whi
particular   star
Pringle's Fo
trels who 1
house in this
ing, July 2nd
joyed 2- ye
prosperity a
every w*b
mous G
(.awn ft-tlil,
The Ladles Aid of the Methodist ohurelt will hold u luwu party,
ut tlio residence of W, T, Reid, on
Wednesday evening Juno 22ml, ut
8 o'clock. Admission, 10 cents;
strnwlierri. s and cuke 20 cents;
Ice crentn nnd cuke 15 c *uts.    All
Ethel Rose Spencer, of Craubrwik, ji!'-1 cordially invited,
Tbe Famuu*. Georgia Minstrels.
Thc appearance of tin- minstrel
company is now so rare a theatrical
event, that by striking contrast
with the past, it forcibly recalls ti
the minds of old theatre-goers the
time when similar troupes wore
counted by the tens, -rh'-r.- now
they figure only iu the units, The
burnt cork urlist is distinctly an
American product, and with moro
cr luj'i i'- iiiJnoit'jc h ■ has been iu
:.t  Hi-, opera
sity  Saturday even-
His company has en-
ears of uninterrupted
au-1  press  nii'i  public
an* unanimous in their
License Commission .Meets.
The* lieense commission of this
district met at the lockup on Wednesday to consider a large number
of applications for renewal and two
for new licenses, the latter lieing
William Small, of Cranbrook, and
,J. Carroll, of Kimberley. The application of Mr. Smnll was acteJ
upon favorably, but that of Mr.
Carroll was turned down. There
was to have  been  some objection
tho part of tin- local ministry to
the application of Mr. Small, but
the ministers and tlu-ir attorney
lid not arrive until nlmul half past
1, and the li.mr of the meeting
was set for tell 0 clock
ministers arrived tin
completed il„-ir bnsin,
ready to leave.
Whan the
board  had
,-, and wero
Apprecijiu the Promptness.
Cranbrook, I! C. June 15/04.
Messrs. Arnold and Roberts,
Cranbrook, B. ('. Gentleman, I
beg to acknowledge receipt „f tho
Dominion of Canada Guarantiee
and Accident Co's cheque value
$2,S..")7 in full settlement of my
claim for sickness indemnity.
I wish to express my thanks for
the prompt and satisfactory manner my claim has been dealt with.
Yolo's Faithfully,
J. li. Manning.
At the Methodisl parson; go on
Monday. June 18th, 1904, by Rev.
S. .1, Thompson, Mr. Charles
M.-linder, to Miss Lena Olson.
The happy couple left on Tuesday
for the Norlh Star Mine where
they will iu future reside.
'"l,.M,i"     ***** THE   I'liAN l-.liOdK    Ili'.l.'AI.I)
OD A K I'l'llflh     HWI'\l I) they an* enforciil, but the Isisis ol
Editor an i Proprietor,
Tll,l|.'44lll   4-   „.,1,1.  SIM   II     MH, I,	
oui. S'J    V, mm, in Sooth  tlu-i Kootemi,-
,„|.'.|„,,4.1     , I"       ll'itllOllI     It,    .lll'l     M'.'I.V"44.
|,llli-4,llls|.|- Ill  III-' .ll-Ml''    \\ll4l!-lll,,',,'-,"i
iii the progress ", un- — I '-I14.11I.I read n.
I, publishes ttn-m-ivit --I'll-' ,, ,- news.    I, ,-
roi.trnlli-,1  "1 1'   I'.- -I"  I'-il'l,-'"',     N"
illi|lli., port) niluiliviiluiil  dicliltcsil l'i'ln.4
ll .luiil Hi lilpleilst ll,", 'I-      lfs.ln.lB-
i-l llllisll   ,1   l,..,,-!..,!--!   Il4.,l    llllllll- ll,
lion iiii.I .114.1 juil mil nii'kliil nvi-r t r
A.|,..,II-I,4L    14,,,'-   <l    |'"l   ilH'll. »lll|ll4- .'111*
1,11111. |,"'l lll„,III,. ,„, ,„'„' ,1 ,„. I-'—■
II Ulltl I     U'    "',,,«    I—    I"'" I""
,„h,.iii-.i-. I ,4,- !'■■, Hin1 ," B-inilni .-I
4.-ltls.!.-        Ill-,14,—    I" 4,1-    III,'.'.',,!*-  |«,|' lilli'
,'.,'    -'   	
||,„l|,l..,l.   ,.,,...,,14    ,1,.'    | .'    lllSlllllll
tj.i-i Kiinii'iiii.4 -"„ „",-, udvprtlsp ,„ I-',-'
Tlii, tli-nilil Inm ii iir-i,lii« |iil, i-li.nl. unit
hsuuikls.il ,l„' I.-,     'I'lu- llrrnld  'I
vvttiit rhurily.   I,  imiii,- ,, -,|i,.,,,' ili-iil ,„,
4"„l       --"Ik        Il,l4'l'llll'l       ,4"„, ,„1
iii 4,1.,) prii.', kli-k. nml - I  mm   --"'I*  t"
.44i,„" ln-il|i .lulu, linnsi-hi ,1 ,,-> it„ ,
IT -| Ik , ,,, III I I'l link.
II,-wilt Bostock hns received the
scnutoriul plum nud now there is
all kinds sympathy being liuntli-il
out t,.tl. ii. Buchniiiin and Dr.
Sin,inir by ll,,' opposition. There
was in, reason why Mr. Bostock
Bliould nut have liiel, appoinled.
fit- has given u,„,<l service as a
mouther and i*. a most worthy mnn.
But in tin- game of polities some
one is always In,nml to l„- ,li
Incorporation may prove thosal-
vati f Crnnbrook,   A big tire at
this iini,* might 1,,- a ,1,-ath blow,
The town needs lire protection mnl
ii Is it badly.
The big sawmill thai is being pul
in at the ti lh ,,f l'erry  creek  is
going tu be another spoke in Criiu-
I,rook's wheel of stleci-ss,
'I'lli- lllllll who hns mil faith in
the future of Craubrook must surely l,e skeptical of llis own salvation.
lies      Prollipl action III"", lb-' lirsl
violalii I'  tin*  law   would   hnve
_-inii* a long  wny   tu  hnve  placed
natters in a snle mid qltiel   coll.li-
'lii,'   Mmiilol,.,   liolel
[ili-tlll   Its   ltiltlitil.il   and   lion   Ims
thirty-two   i ns.   n   line dining
room, .uni i-vi-rvtliiug in sliapr   for
Inking  >■.',,'<■ ,»t'   tl,,'   !,iu  1 -.i-■ i,,-----
ion. But lh,' inflneuee of the mine  ■■„,, .,,.,. ,[„■
owners on one side ami lhe miners
iinn un lln* other, brought aboul
hesitancy un tit,- part ofthe officers
md executives, only lu 1„- followed
l,y extremes on il„- l»irl of both
parii,s in iln- controversy. Law is
law,   ,„,,l   ii   -I M  Ik. enforced
igniusl the min,' owner and the
iniiter ulike.    II' this is done witli-
,llt fear ,,r favor, then' "ill be far
less trouble of lh,- character that
is disgracing Colorado nl tl„' yam.
ii time,
As the weeks pass by lhe evidences ol lln- riches of South Kast
Kootenay become inure inuiiil'est.
Tho running of the St. Eugene at
full blast, the resumption of work
on the Maiysvillesnieltefalidopen-
illg of lhe Sullivan mine, the ex.
tension of the lumbering interests,
all continue lo mnke lln- future ol
this portion of the district brighter
than it has ever I n before.    The
Herald has often said that this
districl was one ni the best ill the
Dominion uf Canada and each year
the results seem to demonstrate the
trttthfiillness of the statement.
Health, energy, intelligence and
industry foriiis it coilibiniition that
uiusl win sin ss in a country like
Work un lhe ti. T. It. should
coiuiuence iu the wesl as well as in
the ensl.    Such   an   arrangenienl
would be only fair lu lhe | pie uf
lhe wesl.
it, is hard for the Manufacturer'8
Association to keeptipit loyal front
to England and al the same time
cry for more protection, Preference with I'jiigliinil means a reasonable tariff, nud  no   nu I'aeliirer's
association o a en r t h wa s
ever    satislied    with    a       rCllSOtl-
ablu tariff, The uosl of living in
the United Stales has increased
from ,18 to iill per cenl Ilie pnst ten
years, all due lu lhe increased tariff
demanded by lln- manufacturers
who supplied lhe fluids for the re.
publican parly camp dgiis.
It is always ll good thing to keep
military matters out of politics nud
Opportunity Speaks.
Win.I   l.nm|,lim
1 urn ' Ipportuuity;
Bin say. young mall,
Don't wail fur me
To come to you:
You buckle down
'I'u win your erown.
Ami work wiih head
And heart ami hands.
As does lhe man
Win, understands
That thoso who wait,
Expoctiiigsoniorowunl for fate,
Or luck, tu cull il so.
Sii always in the way back row*
And yet'
Yon st not let
Me get away when 1 show  up.
The golden cup
Is not for him who stands.
Willi f,ldid bands.
Expecting im1
To serve liis inactivity,
I serve the active mind,
Tbe seeing eye.
Tin- rendy hand
That grasps me passing by.
Ami takes front tin-
Tlu- good I hold
For every spirit
Strong and bold.
lie does not Wflil
I III fali-
Wlio seizes 111,-.
For I mn fortuiiute,
Luck, and fate.
'I'he coruer 810111-
111' what i.s great
In man's accomplishment.
But I am iione of these
To him who does not seize.
I must be caught.
If any good is wrought
( hit of the treasure I possess.
Oh. Yes.
I'm (Ipportuuity;
I'm greut*.
I'm sometimes lute.
But do not wait
For uie-.
Work on.
Wnleli on.
Good hands, good heart.
Ami some day you will see
( Mil of your effort rising.
A Hirst-Class Restaurant.
Charles Dsles has titled up a
ri-st.-iiti-.-iut on Armstrong avenue
that is as neat mid complete in all
its equipments its could In- found
in uny city. The short order hill
if fare is it most elaborate one. ill-
eluding as it does all the best
things that the market ntfonls in
season.       His   (lining  room   and
kitchen are pert'eet ill detail, while
all his meats are taken cure of ill a
specially prepared refrigerator.
The display window is changed
twice a day and nlrendy the u\
peli/.ing displny of fruits, vegetables and eh lice cuts have caused
considerable favorable cninnient.
A restaurant lile this, operated on
the right lilies, will proven paying
proposition in Craubrook. And it
is Mr. I-lstes' intention to serve
short nnlers mid six o'clock dinners, the latter to be given for all
cents each, ll will be possible for
anyone to have n meld sent mil al
any lime In their room or their
hntne. Mr. Kates will also cuter
for parlies, dances, etc,
More Coal Developments.
.Michel, .lime 7. During the
summer the International Coal anil
Coke couipuuy plans to expend up-
proximately east of Michel, on the
main lim-of the Canadian Pacific
railway. Four hundred coke ovens
are now being put in. and 250 men
nre at work on the properly.    With
nt the same ti to maintain strict 1400 ovens working tl utpiil  in
discliplilie iu anv military   orgnni-  ''"K1,' will'"' about 500 Ions u  day.
.. while it is the  iiitetitlon   to  mnke
7 th nil  output   amount   tn  11,000
Ions a day by September 1st. By
the lirst of next vear it is planned
?,000men will b'e working in the
Iields. while 5,000 will probably be
employed when the company gets
to running at the capacity planned.
'ihu trouble in Colorado between
the state authorities anil the minors
has led both sides in lln- difficulty
to extremes. -Asa result anarchy
virtually reigns and the people are
terrorized. Murder has been committed and punishment has been
inflicted   upon   th,-  innocent
Messrs.   Hoggurth  and   Rollins,
il;4-n'-n-p.TtpiTi>4TT"!7f- the.; Uiiiif
l,r,,,,I, hotel, an- making a wonder]
fid improvement in the appearance
of lhe pin,,- bv lh,- aid of paint
ami inqH-r.   Tiie office looks like a
dill'erelil I-OOIII. and tile upstairs   is
ilitdergoiug tunny changes.
A. McEnclu-rnn cnn,' up from
Moyie Tuestliiy to attend  to some
lilisiuess. lb' soys thai tic big
drive fur tliu Moyie Lumber com-
nuiij ni, tin* Moyie is completed
for this yenr and thai about 8.1XK),.
llilll feci uf l,,L-s an* nuw safely
lioomcd lu lie lake iii-ni- tliu mill.
h is reporti-d that Stewurl A-
Welch were tin. lower.) bidders  for
ilie Fernie i-xti-tiBim he Ureal
Norther id that wurk  would  be
started m ..nc,'. Thai will mnke
business lively al the Junction ami
give nil of the business men of thnl
place   a   <' 11:1111 i'    lu    '_,'!     nil    l-lll'lll
The nietnlH-i-s of the K. I'. lodge
of Crnnbrook will alien,I Ihc Presbyterian church in a body on next
Siindiy ,".,iiiiic on which oeeasioli
Rev. L'ortttne ,\ill pit-itch a sermon
applicable 1,4 tliu oilier and ils
teachings.   The members arc  re-
quested to  el   at   lhe   hall   at   7
o'clock ami propnrc t,, go lo lhe
George llilliai',1. one of the plan-
eers ui Cranbrook, relumed on
Tuesday after an absence of nearly
twn years. Ile hardly knew the
town asit had grown so.and thinks
without n .Imiiil Cranbrook is the
best town <>!' its size in western
Cnnadii. Mr. Milliard wiil prnbal,.
ly locate liere again and enjoy the
prosperity of the plnce,
'I'he   lieen-..'   fur   lhe   Imperial
hotel has I n granted mul William
Small, the proprietor, is busy now
getline ready I'm* th,* opening,
which la- hopes 1,, insure fin- the
lirsl nf .Inly. Pete Mnthesoii,
owner of the building, says lhat il
will be ready on lime. Mr. Smuli
will hnve a commodious liolel and
will, do ll good lnisiness.
Tn,* banana weathor has tnken
full possession nf this district mnl
the air is-as babuv as can be found
benc-illi thoBkies'of Italy. Child-
run an* happy, a,lulls are content
and   vegetation   is  prolilic  in   it's
growth.   Nnw'hci'  the  fnce nf
this glorious earth can there lie
found a lietter climate thun that
of (he lianana bell of South Ensl
• Inllll McDoinilil nf Marysville.
was in town Tuesday. He is feeling good over the revival of business in Ihnl lown anil lln-assurance
of the resumption of work on the
smelter, lie saysa greal ilill'ereliee
Sbnlrendy noticeable ami thai the
population nf Ilu- Inwn is rapidly
iiiei sing.    Mr. McDonald is one
nf thnse whn st.'lid   with   ill,' 'town
during lhe Inw tide nl'latsiness and
nalurallv he is fcelillghighlvgmli-
lied over tl hang,-.
There have been Ino mauy run.
nwuys in town this spring, and as
a rule. Ihey hnve been due I,, carelessness mi the i.m-i ,,l' drivers,
There are very lew horses in this
western country thill are siitlleient-
ly broken to allow thom In slaml
ou the street withoul tying, and il
is due lo this oversighi thai many
tire frightened ami run away,
Constable Morris proposes to in-
vesligale all eases hereafter and
hi,Id careless drivers responsible.
E, I,. English, representing tic
Wntcrous Engine works nnd oilier
lire nppnralus. has been iu lown
several days interviewing tic people. He ims snld a number nf th,.
Yiclor linud gr,.nudes thut are n
win ile water sysi en i in themselves
if used a! the starl -if the lire.    ||,'
is negnliliting wiih i itiiuitl.ee nf
the hoard ,,f [mile regnnling the
sale nfa gasolene I'n iiglut-, and
in all probability Ihc deal will go
through if the in.-ii-liin Hues up
In the requirements,
-lames Rynn, .1. I', fink and
.lames diver were elected lire
wardens lasl Tiiesilny, The si-leu.
linn   is   n   good   nil,''  as   all nf  lie
gentlemen understand tic needs
of the town in the way of lire pro.
taction     ami     lie    precautionary
tires,    ll is in be Imped  thai  they
will see Ihai ill,- laws ai nforceil
uml Ihnl lhe people are compelled
lo, protect themselves.   The  wurn
Wherever vou find u judge of fine whisky, you
iiiul " Peter Dav,sun's "—;i mature spirit of great
&  *. •<%   -/ IP?K \.  '''■ "'   /
••Extra iSpcci.^:"
Old  Scotch  WhisKy
To ho had from ricDcrmot and Bowness
A Nolc of Warnini*.
Nelson  Kcnnomist:   The  recent
.,.      ,., ,     . ,,, lire III I'erille is ail exanip c o    uiw-
"111   v a tke. and wives of    le   min-1            ,11
K     ■ | economy may in tlie long run prove
ers have been left withoul the no-1 extrnvngnnce. The people of thut
cessities of life simply because place refused to move the inntler of
thev were the wives of tic miners   incorporation fenriiig   thai   Iheir
The cooperative stores  have 1 „ tuxes would Ihi  greatly increased.
,    ,       •  ,     i     ., ■!■.■ .mul iis ii result, thev  were  withoul
•'r"k''' '   "J  ,l"'   """'"I   i""1 appliances to light a lire thai could
unu,',1  citizens  and  tl ontentB have 1 u checked at ils in,-option.
destroyed 1 inise they were  the Tiiere are other towns in tlio KooL
property   of   lh,*   union    miners, oniiy thnt would not bo much better
Murder and iniliseriminiile punish- «f'" case ofad.sastrousconlhtgr
I tion, but there is a general nit'l---
lion  to i-onsi
lire prolectioi
for the protection of lhe people if iyeur or so agi
.444,1  lllllll  44-4.1   -44.4 4 *,..*■ I   14.V     Illl,l,'.l
4,1.4    1.414'    -..M-         ,4,44,1   1,11,1     Ull ■   II'
| .11,1,,   I..4     4,11   ,1,1,1-     4,41.,111-       „     llllll
I,.,,!,.,.   I',.,    MM-  411,14'   lllllllllll|t,   lot    llllll
.4i ,...-..14 I roth-eta lltl Mil  1111,1  pays nil
i-l -ii
RAILWAY   NOTES, Dissolution of Partnership.
'I'll,'  |,41    li,',.,'.'   llllllll.-I    11,111      lll„    |,l,l*l,„.,-
|-||.|,I„'„'I,,I.,4.','44-111111   I.'l   I I   ClUB    I'"""
.1   FI. Scull I.-li totlti} tor ins In | , n,,,,,,,   ,-,„, , „.,i 4,  ►„„•„
tun- home In Winnipeg, lunmu mi V.n I .I..11, lim. ,-'l"-'l
Siipcriiiluudi'iil KrickBon ami
Chief Despiitchor Chudlcigh nrriv.
ll lasl i'llesdav In relieve Sllpelin
lent Taylor mid Chief Desimteltei-
Sell. Mr. Krieksnii enme iu hi-
speciul enroll the local SO as lo gel
II ii,w nf Ilu- rond. nud lefl thelli-xl
luorning I'm' tic Lunding for the
same purpose.
A large nnnilierof tic trainmen
presented Sii|iei'inleiiileiii Tnylor
hi'ii.re liis departure, wiih  a  niaL--
IliHci'llt eilliilll'l nf siller,   lhe   best
Ihey could Iiml in Winuipi-g. Ac
coiiipanyiiig lie gift was ana-lilress
expressing the I'rieliilshipand lies!
wishes of lie donors I'm' Mi', i'n.i -
Inr and his estimable wife.
Cluuigc ill Time.
'ihe new   line   lable   weld   inl"
ell'.'c  Monday,    lu   lhe   future
lhe west hound pass. Ilgl'f Mill he
line al 10:12. insl,-ad of f-:Jj",. llllll
the rtisl bound will be,he al Jelll
p. in. instead of 11:25, Th-' Xnrlh
Star I.ranch leaves at I'.l", p. 111. ilial ii p. 111. as formerly. Tin* eusl
bound passenger will conned will
the Imperial limited  nl   Ihu re
JllUetioll, ilislend nf the lot-lll express, thus giving East Kootenay
pnssongers qiiit-ker service tn thc
4Men Only.
We have a very line line nf straw
hats and as we are a lillle over
stocked we will make it worth your
wliile tn help us nut a little.    1'.   S.
M. Co,
Stuck Quotations.
Furnished by Beale. &   Elwel
brokers, Cranbrnnk B. ('.
Nnrtli   Slur	
Sulllvnti        J
si.Uim '.	
1'll.V    Hull	
St. Eugraii Ml, Minos	
i-sti'i'i. Oil nml l'i»,ll',in,|„in.v	
Cllllilillail Onlil Pli-lils         I
lliti-rlnlll 11'ual ntnl I'nki-	
Ililllllniilll   I inwii'iillllnil 	
Snip.:   Wi-Umn I'niil * Oil i'u iiiiiiii.   IV
Ritiaiti-ln tin. Kiirl Steele Minlim lli™
I.MJllKl   Klllltl-llllJ*  l'4-MI'l
H'lii'ii, Inwituil—On St. Min-yV, niljiiln
nml inn Ilall-ly sulltll III till' "I.HJ I'iiii; Illin llr,l,-l-l,li,lKi-Rriill|i.*
'I'tlki- llnlli-,' Hint 1, Sin 1  l.nvnll.  nu
mrO. II. Hiihli-ii I'- M. ,'   Nn. II ltll.ll
iiwoi-riiin,, A.T.SI -inllll, l'. ll.e. N... II
llll.-ml, niniil nl ■!•«, XV illi Ilounnl, l'.M
I . X,,  Illlll.Tini nw'linl' "I ".. illlnllil, i-lxi)
ilnyn Inuu tin- ilntn lii'ii'i,f. i,, n|,|,l.i ,n il,,
,Miiiii,44 llwiinlnl-fill-1 i-liiiniii'iil   ii4|,i"4,
iiunilK, lot- lln- |iiii|iohi! "1 iiljiilninii ii Uriiwi
Hi, Illii-nlnivi'i-liiliii.
Anil liirtlii-rtii'ki'iioti Inil ni'llini, iimli'i
Hi'i'lliill IIT  -,   lm I'linuiiiin,'*,-,!  liofniT tlii-
Iksiiiui I -ml, I'ri'lltli'i I li.i |.i.'-.,-ui-
IMl,-I iln- -Ill, ,ln.vi,i Mn.v. A. II. lui'l
l„l I
Land Notice.
I linn-lij-(llvn I "•■ Uml «i,,v ,l„.i- I,	
ili„ ilnti- linn ol  I   ill I tn ni-i-li   lu Ilir
l lii,'fi'i,iiinii-ni innror I iln nm! .IVtjrku fnr
M-iiiii-imi  i„ l-m Imm   iiiim hnn-fml nml
i'lllll I.v wr™ .,! Innil, m,,i ' I,—. Hlllllll*,]
un tin-liuii,  llilll-l uf  llii-  knot v  liver,
iiliinil fm il- n'-iiitli  „1  IViiiilnpr' iinii*
ni"i„ inir nt n |i,,-l liui.:k--,l   p ,,l,„'  l.iii'iiiu'-
..mllm,H  rnuii-r.  ll - ,li -in i'liiiilm,
0 ,',',1.1   In ilmlnii mn ,i< In., i,, Hip
Ki my rlvnr, tli io s.inil, l.ill.niinK lln,
nvpi*Imuk -l.'i rlniiii. ni-ir - I--, iliniii'i-
ivi'-i ."." i'lmins HI,,,',' „r Inn. I,, lli,' [ilni-p of
Imnil Tili.li  11)114.
I.'.'.i IVallcr l.nl'lim
Timber Notice.
N„tl,p is ii.'1-i..v ui-r-.il ilmi tlilrly ,i„
fin,,, llii--'Inl- I int I li,n|,|i',v ll,..lln- Cllli-I
I',,1,1 i.ii--i.,imm   ..I   Luml,,   mnl   -1 nil-  lm   „
I ,,-i. In illl ninti-iii-Vi*  IOVH.V  tlmlii-t   ll	
,li„'ti,II,,4-iin.-,l".,','ii,,',i lnnil.4 ' ■
I',iliiiili',i,'ili4f  nl   li  |iiikI   murkpil   Wnllir
horhia's pi,niit"iiHt .t'liin-'i. |,iutit,,,i.,n linll
mil Hi   iiiii   ii    Inill   mil-'   -'„*<>- .1,1
,li'„   Hilllll   Pnal ' 'iiVlii'i    ul . l.n,     null,
■irniii, ..up, tlii-ni',, iiiirtli'llln','1, itli«, lli,',,i','
summer time is flu- ilunger. period ' -.p-t nl i'iii.!ii*iJiiii--iii* i-nuii, run piairiiw,
iu towns like Crunlirook uutl even*   " i'„«tii'*.l,i»,'iu'Jl,,' u - -it h-gln-
cure 8)l0llld be exerted lo SIIV0   tin-   ''ZG^IlCjunT''"''''"' ''"'
town from a serious i-.iiiUiigraiii.il.-       iht,     ■   •'' • ■-      Wiifiirtuiiii*-.
Fred'  Sinylh.  nf    lhe       Moyie     "      ■    '        ','G*T'
Leader, was in town  Inst  Tuesiliiy | . Timber, Notice,
enjoying ihe   metropolitan  air. of    I'i'rtknn tlcnL'in! tlilrl*4tlllly8 nllol*-ilalJ-i.l
Cliii'ibrook.    Mr. Smyth savs  thnt  lnW»nf.l'l.» in ,i„-uan-t c ,i-»i. r
tlie pav-dav last week of   ihe   St.   "',' ','" "'"' W""1",U"l" •".'?'■,!'"",", '"
,,     '    *        .'        . ,    ■ '■   int nmi I'lii-n- ini-nv 1 nnl.,-.- fruui  lln*  (i,l,,,4-
I'-'l'-'  mine, inspired lhe   | pie   |„jr',iii,*.*Hbi.riimih in Sonili Enat Kii.it,*.
of that lown wiih hiipe and confi-   ntl« '-
deuce, llllll tllllt   business   is   good.'    l"Hl».e...-i.,|r   nt   n   liiiat-. mnrki-,1   "A1.-4.
Ile spoke especially of the ehlirae-   Mul,"„''" "I "! ""•''""''"  ","1,"", "'I'
«••"*«». ", wmteeii m this :;;:r;,:,:;:,^L';:::!:::;™;:',":;';;::'
tune, saying that   Ihey. are. of (u »nl,l Ioi, tl maatnO pliu'lii', tlm.  north
It-tidy class,  willing and anxiouk -tui-iniiua. il,,-,,,-,, n„r,h,',,a,,'rl.v'. 11 - - m- i., u. 11
lo meel tlieir obligations, und  tho Imnkuldip uik rfmr lad cliulna  i	
kind of people  tiiiii   make .a  sub-   l™""111" -•>'■< *-" "''"' "' ""''' '"' '"il-
i .,,..*.- Kong
|j Cranbrook
i! Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
(iimd Sl-ibling in Connection
Nearest to raihofwl aatl ilepdt.     H;is accoiumoila-
tions  for   the public unequalled   in  Crnnbrook.
Hoggarth & Rollins
Hot and Cold Baths  I'ruprictor
Timber Notice
IM..- i.,- timi llUily ilaja -*,ii.-c- (Into I
 l-l   |4,44|,;,|.I    Illl'i   I'l 1,4-i, I'   111
,1,1. I   .-.-I'.- iii  1 i,-i,,ii4i. ll. I'. Inr n
|it'4i;il I imr In, nl nil,I CJrt'y   tillll,,'!'  llnlli
In III loHlllB lli-»l*rlbpil I Ik  ill  Si.Utll   IJiu-l
4 4< iim  .il   ii   iiii.I   iilnliti'il  nl  lh>
 Uni run ,,i l.n,  I8TII , fro .i.'-t
till Plinlna, tha,  Iiurlli lltl chnill., Iln-uii'
,M-I Ull plinlna, iImi  - I, ,1,, --l4.nl..  In
, Ini',-ul I'lvlni.inn
I.... mi , ,-■ I iiiiii llli,Iiii ill.lm..- llllll.
ii ll.l) J ,,.■-. I ntor.
Cranbrook License District.
|l„„i-,|„| I.i,,.i4..'l'.4iinui4.-i„i,":--.  , millirilllk
I.i....-,- Iii-ni",.   will   I'i' 1','i.l  in   III- (-1.411*1
III   4IS4-     11.41,1-4 M    ,44     -I'lllirailllJ-,    III,'    lllllll
il, .Iii4..,. Hun. ill llu-liinirul Vlm-k
i„ ,:.,' i. ii In-inil,,-,inn i i-i
ii,,., -,, ill l.,-,-,iii-iili'i-i,,].
I'r. . 1 llrplV. Ill ,vn I 11 lll'l   M.ll.l-lill-.
I : .el , I  14,14 k II I. Ynhk.
Jumna Ciirrnll, Ontario 11,41,1 Kiinlii'il,'.!'.
.1   W   M, -Iiuiiiii
I'm;,;.-. 11 I'.. .Imi,' I'l. I'.ml
\.,i .,,;. I,.,i,,l,! 1,14,    ,1,441 iiii iln.va ilttei
,l,i,|, lli,'IJn-i Kooieiuiy l.uinl.i-i- i ollilinny.
Mill li'il. uill ,i|.i i.v I,, Ilia ll..ii.4r: tlip  I..i-ii
M.ni.i lluvpiiior li il iui-)pr apption 7of
ll»- 'Itivpi' 1 Sir.-.iii,- A,*, "tod • Imui
lll'll,.  lucilllllM "-"I     I,l-llll.-lll.il-    lllllll
Hi*. I..-.I nn.I l.in.li- ,n llic Siniii i ri,-l.   Brltlali
,-,,!,u,il,i,,.,ui,li,s,tiil„ii„,-,.-,. lean Itneourcu
I inilpip I,,  v.1,,'1'1' ll i',„k  iiiti'iapi'la  tlio
, ruin. N,,„t l-iia's llilliiiil.lj'illiil .,, »l,'„i*il,t,'i,
lli,-i-,ii,r«„"„ll-li-«.*li,!,-,-.',li limitniviiialriii't
iliiim.. Iiii'nnia, nml hinkcaiil'hotlioi lm irovp-
llli'l,,a na null in* ,i'-"---*ii,-- fur III.- illlvlng ul
I,,.-|Ui,l lluiui, u ul I,u„l».,*ll„.|-i.||i.
I'iuiiI llii-ilrii ,l„.v,,l.ln,,„. l'"il
"IV. F.'llilnl,
.   Timber Notice
TnkP   notice llnil   llilrl.v iln.va nllpr lint
lii'ii'. 11 inli'i il lu u|i|ilj- lu  llipi'ili.'f iiiminla
-Ml,,-,     ,,f    |)|„,I.    441,.1  '44M4.,   rifl-irlll,     II    I'
for n «i i-i'iiil lipi'iise oi hi) nml curry  tinny
liinl.'-i- n  lln- l4'll"4iii,:r HpiPrllipil   Iiuui
In Snlilh limit K.inli'iin.v
,4,1, ,'il'Jl  I ll   l| Illliill   IHl't  Illllllil    I,|
Ilu, Iinnii pna'l    ,-iiMi   ill l,,i  ailllll, II	
uml  in,  ehnlna   tlio'ncii »,„ii!i lln rlii'iln-
lll.'lll I»l   III   III!'   Il.'»,    1 1    ,1   lul    1»7II
tlp'l tli Iii lit,'ii,Irlli lunil ur lul 1STI'
tlmnro up.-t lu tlip ivpbI limit ut Int  la.',s
til' 114-4- 11,ll-tll  ll,  III.-   |lll|l 1   1,4-fllllllllM
l.lltl'll Illl.-J-H'l illl, niMilV, llllll
lu .", It. n jpiiiilngii
Timber Notice
TiilMii4.il.-ilmi il.inv ilnya -,4-t hie-1
iiniini tn n,i|ily iu lit,, ilii.'f commissioner of
hiitla nnil inirkk tit Vlrtorln for n ap»elnl li
celiac to cut int'l enrry nimy limber from on
(liUulilllir   Uinclhol   lnmla   III  S I,   Una!
I  un mini: ni ,< |n-l un ll Ill linlltiil
iui- ul ,n, l-ci. ,„ ],. i t u„. imrtli eu.l
nirnrrol inlil lm 1311. tnnrkeil I'.MoAltkur
».» in-1. 'Iii-n,' rth UUchnlm more i
I---1, M. M-l -' n-nl.-i ,i m-i-.iIi,..„,	
IS, ,'lnnii- llin..' nt'l, aa lull' K.'llj-. Umber
ll.'l .tlll'l K.-inlt   lllrlllllll-   mui '   I.',
lh , ii'.-ars.-. cliulna iiiiiip ur lew, llieiii'i
south 211 cliulna  - - leaa in lln, uurlli
I.. ,11 M.i., • .4 -„, lul   llill     11,1   llli'l-.'   UI--I    Ulollg
iiiciitiiti-i till, ui-r
l.inuli'il uth iln)* nl Ihu-. mnl. '
lu I'. Mi'Ai'tlini'.
Nuliee is   I In-   -drill   11.411   mil* ilm
tilloi  e the Etlal Ku-il.-iiiiv l.tuiilier Coll
i-n-i  Luni--1 iiiii inij.l.v ". Ilia Honor lit
Lii'i'liiiiuit f;,,i,,i'iii.i'iti,'iinni'il lerapplinn
Tilflhii' llii'.'ininil.Slii'ii'.is A.'l." lu Moo
i',,ttl,l,,'a, in,- j..mt. nmi oihpr obstruction
lull. Hi,' I mnl -n.l.. ..I Hin Sim,I crock
llrlt.l.h t nl,nnlii.i, nml It's tilbiitiiries, from
ifs'slnircc'to Ivhere the erpelt Ititirsppla Hi,
I'roiis.N'pal 1'ionriilliviij uml ti. strnlitbli-i
II HUM'   I   I    till'    M.I.I    44, 4-1,      mill     I ,t,
-UMI   lllllll'     I. .4.    llllll     Illllllil   SIII'll    IlllllH
 iiiiMiti.ii-.iie mui  pcasni'J l„r tin
ililrlllii ut Ions nml ll uutliimlii'i'ilii'iiiii
llnteil Iht-Ilrsl ilny of .little, I DM,
1'  .   I',  lllll'.l.
II SI, leltur.llir lln' n|i|ili.'iinl.
,   ,, ll, „  I       limn, oui   mere u. II go 'in  iiii-iiiiu.    Kliul ol   people    HUH    IllliKe   II    Slill-     * ,''•,.  '        ,'
meal lot munle   begets aimrehy. tio|| |(J mlMer tiie question ,,f stniiliul  town,   liverythlng looks  "*'"":" '' ''W',,„ 1   '," IG
'I'lc laws nf Colomilo are ampleh\rB protection  more now than a  gooil in tic town und the prospects "''lZmri'u,rrf,i.liinp'i'iiiii-'    ■
for the I'ni nr,- nre very bright.
--MM- -I .III,i,a 4   I i.l-r IMlllll,-.
Win* nui Ip| up inlu' .-iu.' iif v..ur horse?
•pnmsnvn-ranIllilnh l.ilinr;.»'Oil'.vnmlcure
I.v   luukiliu  4.lli'i' evelvtlliliii i I 'linn
ii'itlt i ' -,'.    w.li i-.-l him with ii liber-
I.!l|.1-1,4M,|„,.!.    ,4144.,,   Illlil    in    II    ItllP   Mull.
rleull I141I11',—. Iitii*l, ulisuli. .*|4'.   All thiaivn
.1,1 'ill   ii   ii-rv  i.-44-,4iiiil.M elinme,  i'iiv.il.1.-
n,.|il,li- 441, niiili- i inter.,.   OurfncilitieH
I...Mi.iii,llin- ll.i. i.ii-i',—„i- I .'null WO
Inm iv Hull ive i-l.ll-p1i-..H,> <| inev.'i'.v I'eapPI't.
IVrllp nr mil nu n« tor bill i-uriii-nlin-..   .
T^        When vou visit Cranbrook stop at the        T
*p Nona Better In the District ^
*]_*■ kates Si ami up.   Short Orders anil Oysters <^
.*4> served in any style from S p. in. to (. n. m. ,'k
V Thc tabic is thc b;st. the rooms .ire utisvirp.is'icd Inr clem ^W
V litu-ss and comfort and thi bar is supplied with thc best brand  <%
*i'j ol liquors and cigars. <V
4> L. B. VANDKCAR, Prop. 0
Ill Ilu* Sll) ie I'niiit ut llrltl-h I'nluiuliiii
In tin, Ill nit.'In! Iiii- \V tiler l'ulll[i.ui,i
Cnnnillil I Act, ISII7,
lu Ihe miller i.l Hip Wi ■ Supply
I'uiniiiini, I.iinil.,1.
Kntlre la hereliy itlreu Hint n  Petition hn-
I  Il|p,l  ill   11.4-   lliatriel   !le-dslr.V   ill  Hi.
Sit|if.'un' Sliprenii, i'iiiiii nf tl'ilial. i-I iiiii iiii
ill I iiiiiI,!.,,,!. luni nm 144IM4 -,-,t,ii, i inlet
Acl mil lorliinii Iiii- Water Suppl* l'oni|imu
l.itllili'il, lu I'liuetrui't mul ii|ieruto ;i iluni
works system for tbo supply uf waiter in Hn
town -I Cruubrook anil the iubnblltiuti
Ami nnlii*!'is ulso lioreby given II1411 Ilu
uppllcntian on tbesolil Petition -ill In' minli
liy tlm Company tn Ihcllltlnpolthe^lipielin
,'uilll ill lliilislil'i.liiiiil.i.iiiltlu-riiin't House
llnalim Si|ntll*e,   Vi.lmii. 4411 Mniuiuy. tin
livelllytev -.  tlllj   ul .Inn,'.   I'.ml.  nl   thi
Inuu- uf tell o'cloek in liu- liil-eliuull.
'I'lie date nf 'In- tirst piiblicntlnn ..! Hiii
notiee Hostile 20th day of Mny. 1004.
1141,4,1 ni Cioiibrook. IliillsbCnluinluii.lhli
l!,lh,l„v„IM-iv. 11)114.
W. I-*. Oiird,
lluki'i- Street, Crnnbrook, B. I.*.. Sulleitor fn
the Coinpniiy.
Timber Notice.
Toko noil- e that thirty days alter ,1m,'. I
inl pint to apply 141 tli„ 1 diet II illl til issii Unit* ill
1 uinls mul 1111 ks. Vlctorln, II. 1'.. fui* n sp
iuliji'i'ii-e lu cut mnl puny nwny timber ii,,,,,
tin- lollowin-tdescribed InndsslttinteiuSuiilli
Must Kootenny:
e nuiiiiiir ut n post limited on tlio west
sldonl the B.C. Southern KniUoy ,.1 milt
pust fll, tlieneo west B0 ehalns, thenco nortli
-u chulnn, t lieu-e enat su cliulns more or In-
tu Hie 11. C. Southern Ituilmiy. llience billow-
iiinlhi' snid ruilwny in 11,,' 1,1  „i ,,,111
uu'iii'i'itD'iit. I'liiiiiiiiiiiili UIU ncres, more 01
Hutu! this *!,,,li ilnv ul Mn.v. A. h- 1II0+.
I   fiiitmon.
ti a. Ultch, .limit
Timber Notice.
Tnki- uni i-i'lliiit ihiity ilnya nller dote, I
intend tu npply tu Hip, biofi'ouiluissloner o
1,nnil ,1 nutks, Vi,-ioiin. II. I'.. Iur 11 spec
iul license to nit und'eurry nivoy t mbertrou
the tullmiii.g ileserlli,il londs, In Smuli l-Jnst
( ointiii Inn „' 11 pnat pltiittod on the wesl
aid,-nf Hie II   1'. Suutli.Tti  lliltlwoy ot inil.
poal :i-l. thenco nesl 1 liuins more nr lest
intl nsterly b-uiudory otU. I'. Il.lol ir.lil
tllCII lllll [,411.44414.444   I ll- -lllll I-.IIMlllll  141,1
in the tl. e. Southern Itnllwiiy, tliet foltow
Ing snld ruilwny to tin- plnco <>f ci inmimc
incut, I'liiitniiiiii': till, ncres more ur less,
Duted this-111111 duy ot May, A. ll. Hml.
IJ. l-alcrsoo,
ll. A. Ultch, Aitent,
K'ollce Is hereby iilren Hint Uu days iilte,
dato tlm Kust Kootenay Lumber e puny
I.IlllltPil, niil npply In llis II ir. Hip  l.li-lll
"iiiiiii (ltivproor |n Cul il under section 7 o
Hip liners iiiiiI Stipmnp Acl to clt'lipbtnllders
luu jiims mul other obstructions Irom ilu
hod I luniks nl l.illlp Solid Ureek,   llriiisli
Cullllnliiii mul iia Ifilnltnrips Irom its snuri'i
lu wlii-ri'll reek lliterai-rts tlio Crows Nesl
l-ii-s Itnilwnv. Hint tn stl-niul    lhe ciillt'Si
uf   Hip   silid  -I k   iiiiiI   In  COIIStlllcl   lllllllS
booms ond mnke such 01 Inr ImproveiiiPiit!
lis limy lip in",,asnr.v tor tho drlvlllu ut luii-
lliliiiin*, nl lumbur therein.
Duted Mn mini, HUH.
W. I-. Hard,
si Solicitor tor Hip Appllcnnt.
Timber Notice.
Tuke imiii'.-Hint thirty ilnys after tint,', I
iul I 111 npply In tlie I'lliel rutuilllsslouer uf
1 ninl. nml wurks, Inr 11 spccliil II si ,11
unit enrry away llnibnr It It- following
described I11111K sllunlo In Siiulh I'insl K«	
nny llritisli Cllllllllblti:
I'i nclllKllt 11 pust plnnti'il,11,II nli
liolindnry ul Ilmi Iiiiii-'- lu'i'i'iiiiiliiiii nn,I nt
tin- sooth post eorm-r ol Sl-niri-r mui llou-p's
lltlltinr IIpOIISp, III 'Hi Nlli'liiijus. Hn Hit
pusl HI) l-llllllis, III.'"   "siiuth.sililiiiiiis.il	
liest Ull cll lun t.U tho |ll.l I lii'itimiiug.
1)111,11 Ibis tilth duy ol Mn.v, HUH.
Amies Ullll'll,
I, por Ktlwiirtl Kliifll. hncilnr.
Timber Notice.
Take nnlii'i-lll.l thirty ilnys lllli'l  ll.l.',  I
Intoiul iu npply in tin-i-lil.-l 1 ..iittnissiuiu 1 ul
l.inuls tuul winks. Iur 1, spp, inl li- 11- I., nil
iiiiiI curry nwny llnibnr [ruin lul ,',l,',u wimp
'nin. Knot .1- ilisltii'l. n.'inu suutli iif ('run
ii Allot. Miinsun.
Timber Notice
Tnki- nulii-p thnl thirty ilnys niter ilnli-1
intpiiil tu upply -ti ilu- iiii-l coiniuisH oner nl
Imnlp mul works at Victoria lor 11 ipeclnl li
cense to 1-111 tiiiii curry awuy tlmbor finin
Hip following ilesi'lilii'il liillils ill  S Ii Unsl
Conimenelng nt n pnst mnrkod M. Mutinies
s. p. comer ami pliinteil about Imlf a mils
snulh uf Ihe H'k liver, nbout I -vo mill's from
i s mnuili. iliiiiip wesl l.'>n chnlns mom or
ipsa. Ilii'lii'p nnrtli 4.-11'hnins mnil' nr Ipss tn
Ihpsiuilhl mlm-y nf lot lUn. tl  150
Iini 11- more or I, ss in tut eustorly direction
following the south boundary uflofc414(l nml
the suutli I11-1I1 ol tho Klk river. Ile-i until
iili.nit a.*, iliiiiiis tn tlm iih ! commence.
mill. Iilnliiii.g (1 III ni'l-pa iiiiiip or 1,'as.        I    1 I4-*,„'.'l'I ........ .-r tile  Interim',  Ollnwii,  RBpt,.
1 ileillhcr.il y i.l Muy, 1(104.
.     HI M  M. In
Timber Notice.
v., in-1. Iipn-br given Ihnl a*, ,l„is niter
iinn, 1,1,1,-1-11.,,,1-4.11 -ni,, .i.-h- mission,
114-1' nl Imui- ntnl   wnrks  sl   Virlorio, tin n
11111111111; il rllual -mil-11 Solltl
IJllSl k"
N. w, ...i
tut il |"l-I Iiinil- I   -I'. A,I,dpi
„,.!'    plulltol  nil"!'!' Hip eusl
limit nil lllll,,'!  11-j:.. 1,---I' On.', sink,-
Un.-. , ipiin. nluiiu 'In-...11II1 I	
mid lul
-.   lun 1 liuins mni'.,
.- IJ.
Itn,   1*4,1', lithe I mill Iiuiii nl Hip 1..... J  1 il.i InI.i
is., pi,.,-111,.iinn. H„.  neat ii.',
IlllillS    I   llS-  1,1    t],.-    lllltiall    I'llllltllt'il!
ll'-  il  i   44. lllllll   i    t-    -.11.!     lu,      IIJ.-l.     Ill4.ll...
... lii 'i'n.111 ih...'! -1 limit ..f Mini   liil    I I4.'.-,
J i-lniins 111 ire or less to Ihe |>l tee nf Ingin
imi cuiiluiuiiig llllll acres mu tl,..
I.u-t.teil in,, 1IJ-.1I1 dny nl M.i.v. lnul.
I' I-'. A,luli.ll
...     .*, -_-,
p * -V'S   -
S>nopsis ni Regulations for dlsposat of Mln*
■.■fills n;i Im minion Lund*; in Manitoba
th: Northwest Territories umi lhe Yukon
c. 1 ruallatnls nui) l.e imrcliawd nt mu i er
iici'c for soft call unu s.-n f„r unthracllo. N»t
inoiv Hi.ui .:■• iu'L-tf* mn 1- ai-q ilre-l i-y on,- in
illvltlim nr company. I nytmy ut Hi,- rat.* ut
lun can ' p"i '".i'i :. i'n imnil.vM-iiillu'ir.-lli-i't-
iJiiaru " 1 ri-.n-.. r.-i-iiitn'ii ypftrs uml nvi-r
11 ittI luhii sl. r m|.-Hi i*. In.liliim trt'i' iiiitn-i'-i
,-,,vtiin* iii- 11111) olilaln uttri lot ,i lilililnu U-oil-
inv'-. cerUKcntB i^ KrnutPil for ono
,VNll,.l.*M*.-..,lll|-j|h,., u,..-n ,i.,WII,-h!
.il v.,-'ii.-ritiimnii f,.t 1,11 Illillvi(llml,
■iii. •imi per milium furit eompiuiy,
murkiuu out ii,
mt: Input lull Iii.
cule a elnlm i
; Bitllie wiiii iho
rod mineral tu
ii,l 011 the  1	
of tilt-Iii -\
Tilt    rl.uiii -
,i;i\, il   locate
At l-il-l iitw
llieraol    Wlm
Uiu in,- it-1 in -.
mil ho nvi'hliM
witiiiii ten mi
-. .Uie.,iltiiuiui.il
111 ii,-,,11 fn
iiii-t ii<- ex|u'rnli
ii i" tin' in nlut*
v  1 " -1    ll <-tl |'|J
within  lifte.'ii
i*. nl a milium
-i.i*. mioweil <•"'
■li..11.     I'he  tee
1 on  the eluiill
econier Iii lieu
|,"f,,i,-.i in uiul
irvoy mmle, nnii
uiromeiits, pur*
ilie Minister of
tiiinii'i: 11-011 ami
1'i'iiitiii'y. o[  mi
lln- IM ''li   1
for Hip pnym i
l-h 1-1 Mimii
r a 1111..tu   locnl 1
1 nl r ijnltj ui 11
net "t ih,' locml
^.   .Mnnitobn -in
n shnll provide
■ rule of H'i |>er
ui" v. w. r..
i-ii'cwaii rlvei i'
inn*, uro i'IUht 1
Ninth   Si>Knl-
11  ii.-li. lln*
^1    IWt    lllllll    ill!
eM eiiillnn he*
1 ii<< lui er ui*
i- imcK to tne
1 rt.     Ull  if *.
,;,.„„„„,■  \S  t
snl.   ,-lalllls   .IK1
1  ll'lUltl, In I
N. U.   '1..  1 **..-
ig riven of  Mi
p,.nj; the Vuki
iltolm ami  Ihe
1    l.ll ilt.l) —A
lenses nf Uv.-
years,  renew*
situ nf the   In
Il.lil'*. ,',|.-|l   lol
utile In llio (list
t'*l'lll    Of   l»,ill
etlimoftlie Mil
III,' it ^i...'s liiill i->'on||ll,'il In  III,'  -Ulini-I'l;
1 hcil .0 li.i- o. ihe i*iv..r li.-l-H \ow  wuter
mr... ami -1, iij.*it tniln. rlnhts ol all iietsom
Iiuiii wntei ui.ni. imenclinliumnl   lea-.-holu.
Th.- I- slmll hnve a ilieilR.' hi operation
» iniieseniutiirmiillio.lnleol iho lease [,„■■
husohtnlncil limn tlini) dm lense oiic"iiieil)lu
lor.-iu-ll   llJiei-n   nil--   nv ll'.n-ti.ui   I-silllli'i-lil
Iti-ntnl, sniper an  f-u eneh mil,* nl il\ev
lea-fil.     l.'nva.U nt lhe r.llPol luo  ami  a   halt
per ,*. 11! ,*n.lt*,:tei| on lie1 tint put utter it e\i* is
hMlg nn m the Vukon Terrllnry.
[   live   Mill,-  ea: It    mn)   In-  (tiulllf
uiii'i fm 11 term of tweutj yeun, i
olho.il.) hs IIOsllllIU
ii ihe yom nf the tlnio
leilroilitelii  rul Inn
1 ilnte of thc lease, innl
mles ivilnln -lx yenrs
•1 i'|..-i nn.I- for nisi
ha. Ik.11.
II 1
, Ul.l .1
1 still, In
ie 1
n eluiill
s .-mum.-.
1  11   lhe
to a
one huff 1
til- \
1 nn the
*. rlllllll»
ai thu
ho until
he I'lllll 1
"s.i In-,-
lll.l II on- 1
shall rn
, I'll 111   of
mav lie lu
piivitm 11 r
Wurk 111
> wm
lli'hi'ii 1
ill nl  IIV
: fee 0
or, ii) mi
a clnln
use, nm
*-:.     A
III*,* lllllll
caott yi
tr In
.ll I
il, fill,illli li.'il",illliltilli'il, llllll opt 11 loDceiipnllon
ami euiry ll) a Iree miner,
'I'he li..iui,luiiesofa ela.in mnv hi'tleline.l   ul.
soluli'l) l.y haih'Kii simej m nh-auil | iihllshini!
llotli'i's in th,- \nl, Illeial lili/eltf.
ivivnli'uiii.    Ml    miai,|'io|.ii.in*,l    lininiiiimi
Lnntl-hi » auiloha, the Smilmest Teirllories
ami Hithiii ll.e \11kou Ti'i'iliory nre op. n it,
ir,.-pectlln   for potrqlotlhl,   ami Hie mini ler
n.iy vi'seneloi an inilivhinul ompjiiiy  liuv-
liH.niiieluin'iy nu lhe Inml in he |Hn>|iei led,  an
re.iul lil-i lilies.    SI lil  the  i-lOHjieelor  ills
over ml In pa\lu^ 1,11 mtilles, nnd snl,slai'loiliv
slahti li such ihseiueiv, un men imt e\cee>lh.i-
UMieri'-. ii.ehiilinu Hu* oil we Inml su.-ti olher
ii'il as m;i) In* .l.-t.i iiihuil. will he solil lo lln*
Ufinevei* nl ilie rnteot .<i.nn an Here,  snhj. ri
In vnyuliv al siii-h rnlo as may he spocllleil  l.y
iviier-ln I'liimeil.
Deplltf "f the Minister of lhe Interim,


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