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Cranbrook Herald Aug 24, 1905

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Array '"'',.„■.
CRANBROOK.   BBITIS1I   COLl'.M VVO-UST   21.    1905,
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000
l,  I   WALKER, mm- linage, .LEX. LAIKD, Aul Gon'l Manag.r
*.*?. mid  otiilct  1 centi
Ovei  $1 and not exceeding $10 fi cent**
•*   - m       " " $30 10 I intn
"   - iq      " " $50, 13 eenii
■ I'uytthlo ;tt I'nr il nny oflh ■   In (liintnliiol'n ClmrU'reil Bank
li iriiu-i   dtunkiun pohiu In the United suiu-H.
, i
Th re is nf» quostton ts to th
c ss of Craubrook' I., b r Da
brntion, providing thai  th . pi ■   ;
is favorable.     It  null)
the   whole   populace   ol ;.
imhutory to   Cri n i   ik h
. ii thai da)      Ul ol th   i
. i, bc down .i"-1 r'! ■ u ■ -
going lo ri.-ii-io.i-i- in Ci       -'-':'
.. . ;., DEI Li • D
"    PA;
Vhm» Order.
(Yukon eu.-.
Tliey foi'in un exc-llcnl met'ind nf remitting siimll .lima ot tm.ucy
Hill,   Bill   I)   I.,1,1   .,,   Blllllll  ,"-l
F. C. MM.PAS, Mgr.
.} ************* ..4-*.-*. **** *i***l*i**iiii-i ***********
fi ib
•fi *
(fl tt
m , - 1  £
if, «.
j      Deposits of $1 mti upwards received and interest al- *
* lowed from dale oi deposit at highest current rates and *
** , *
£ compounded half yearly. *
.. *
*  *
* *
"••                     CRANBROOK BRANCH *
•fi Ui
fi di
J I. F. M. P1NKHAM, Manager.      |
T *
* '1
' <!*
*m«t(H.,l(r.H'!!,.t.i.«»...f«..*»*'. *....*..*
t«__.- __ mmmmam enns-atm*
■■ .■ 3 * -'•
-      -     .-.    •*-.   «     n. ft. (h .**-. «#>.-. -4***"--f,
i   I
recommend as the Lost buy mi the
Stock Market today
International Coalj
and Coke Stock
Get in before the price rises       ;,
la' It 'J   . 'J   ...    -
ma ——149 *> —Ml — IM
Pi no   i Iwo iiiiii1 :.i • oil pi • ■
come   nn .i     R|w lal   train nt
with t ti: iii a Kroal Ilu on . ol p.-oph
Alien lv   tickets arc    i■ " ■
tll.it  dav ar.i  ii wuulI mi
prising if iii ro wet. UM) p "i'i   ti
h' rule alone.    Morrit ■ ■■.  Klko, .lal
Fray,   Wardner,   Ma) ook,   Hal
Fort Steele Junction will nil bo wel
represented,     Tho militia con
will participate In    lhc parade    and
Immediately afterward lhe compan
will   pats   in     review   on   the open
ground iiinr tho C. V   K    Inl I in
There will hn ;i large number ol
floats, as most of the business men
will arrange to be represent il In ihi
way. Some of the floats will hi
wry attractive indeed and will caus.
all kinds oMavorablc comment.
The Norlh stat branch ivill boh
down a big crowd, while Mo) le wll
be here in full torn-.
Already hotels are tfcttin.: an idea
of what Ihey will have to contcn;
wiih lhat day, as orders are comlii]
iu for moms to be reserved, it will
glva ihe hotel people ol Cranhrook a
chance lo show what they can do
on that day, and fortunately Ihi
town has plenty of hotels aul r.i,
well equipped.
The rock secured for lho dritlini
con-test is a black granite and vv,,.
found with.ii three miles ol the lown
,    .
■    '. ,   .
.    nd H
■ • i
■ \ A WILL in-:
Mi   11. V Hay Ti
Dial' Sli     I  , ■    .    .
l,;l r ot t\   .'■'....    i
.:.-'  i hi i.
. ,      hut [or tl     ;   -■     ■
[i.n, for whieh 1 o tli..nl. ;i.u
1 shall be
pi ssibly   can   li ■   I
.n.,in n. and v. ■    - .    .,
,.i ■   ■_n ....   in
ring thi h.-■ i.
na iy n a Hi]      cm	
.,!  m i. ..:..,    .
ui n_, u,;   one '.
Lfui.S   :u   tin   hi
i hank.nj
Admission to grotiuds, meu, 6Uc.
boys over ft and undei 111, _*o.
banuts and children Uee.
.vdinibsiun io grand bIiukI, --■..
,\o cninuice iuc will >•. cnai^ed lui
any evi.ni.
il  Win ,   ajcc'y.
I  :
fi k i..:.:
BOYS   MM-. I'.Mll! Si.'.    I'lC
'   q
i ele cation      Icititl
brook, II, C.:-
1. . . i   ■      , - . ' .      :
L.l    001 ■.'•....■..
,1 iwi ei! :.    i- I
......   .   ..
The _ai>l i i   ■  ■
Bayard, ti, C , Aug. 18, ''"■'■   I
II   White, Cranbrook, B, i.- A   L   I
Dear mi.~Vu have rutti   lottci    o ,    KlMUKIlU'-i  Wi   .
July 31st, . nd Ai .',   -  .;.-. ill t.U    .
enco io    ihe La:,".    Da)  cele     M|   u   ...   .
Tho writer wishes to thank thi mci L'_ltf_i
hers of iho committee on being ele* .,."..
L«t vice preaidi
Bayard, .ml to
will do all he
ni    fo
i   J. i,  ,:, ., -     ll
o say that ■
.  ;.       lo	
most evuUfui ilaj evei held in   i-"     Labor Day, !
Kootenay,      The   po   n     bai    you ,
bint   us wu*   put    in     roiupii -. c 8lXt)
places aboui   Ilu   planl       lhe   bo        , n   .    . „   , .
,.i    out  e,*,u.|>   uie ver)  enthuslastu       _      .
about ihe coming eunl, nnd wc hav   . y   .
no tloubt but what they will all    b       K,.. , ,■	
iheie.     Wi* will,    ol course,  pai tlu
•p.ite, in some i i tha events i-i     the
.jJ5**S    .,,                 li h, • III  A Blon,'aiv
^'1^        V, .                          m .    Html   U>   slaa,   mill'    ill]
_t*ti '      "'' ■'   " '
111  t
Wilson, Che lewder
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply tor terms S. G. Hoadley, Cranbrook
* * *
Wc prij. ourselves on the largi,
assortment of gem rings we carry in
slock with lheir wiilc 1,1115c ol prices
II you want to buy a tin^ .eincniliei
wc have a private room where yon
can malic your selection
lay, ami   >lo    whatcvi-i   „.•   can tu
l.ll.C   ll   U   all,.',    ..
Yours ,   ,  truly,
Oiis Staples I.a,1 aar Co.,
IVi I'   11   Becker.
p   s -Kindly ., t\. :e as on    whal
lay W0 Ufa 1„ ,,'1,1.,' Lfl'ty fo! lla
1,11, 1. Hi .',.'!.,>
un I   Mil T DOWN  If ASKED
Warillrml,  11.  C ,   \>V    21,   HHIIi
II.  White,     Imiii ,   Si'd'olnry,  I'm,,
brook, ll   r.
Ham Sir,—I ,i , rocclpl „l yon,
lavor ul nili Inst., ami    note    con-
t ItlS,      II   ll,a men III la ,1. Bll'O  ,., go
Iii Trunin noli m, l.ahoi l>ay wc shall
rallamlv     slllll   down   the    Planl      l.'l
iimi it.iy, as wc could not i„» tho
mill without n lull new, ,".,.« should
we ,1,sir,1 t„ '!„ so
1 an, „.,t, sine „, tho present ,i„„'
,1 any „l Hie mon wish ,„ go lo Uran
i ',, oi il ib')' .aia in lay .al during  Labor Day.      Wo will prohalbl]
IllVe tO al.Ul dOWn tWO laVa Ull tbl.S
aaai.a,,',,   ns   till'   men   Would   plalialilj
not be liftck in Bufflcioiit time lo re
port i„r duly the n,U day,
C. A. I
Yours truly
I'eici Lumi,
STANDARD        , UNO.
,1   White, 1 ."i , Scci      ry Labor !
Celebration   Cran 11   I     -
|i ar Sli     ...      to a:lv'
thai  wc intend givii oi    li
a. ii liday on ma,:..       nibci    f
enable Ih ...  to a :     r celebn
linn an.l  win son ,- ,,1 ,. I,   '.. a . "'
Yours truly,
Standard  Lniitb,:   L'oi a ny,  I.i'l.
1 .    it, Joyce
i.i -.' !•: i; p.
Tiila a p.... i ■■■ i , ■■  i .
Oraiwl ''la I! im, cup Di-.lrr.il 1
;-,,,al, ,'   Roll ns,     li huiiils.
creation,  and  uu n   ,' b„ I a' e     s, en
ipi  given in       i
the  east sa,    Iluu
'i'l a   ,   a   M   1 ',     ini has hi ill,
in t 1'iaaM n, wl     I   i   i    vy nun.!!
ma r,   .::',:     l.l I'   . '
ui, i lasl n. il hy a s
leaves. 'I he I op of <
Kin [i!0,iM d   hy a he, ri.n
nn eli hin ; "I .■ Iai I
howl an i ;   ■■ '   ■   . ;
lhe lar.a purl . (   ', i ■
side ol the cup Is the I e ,   a
lacrosBc pla] t ,■: 'i
aollon.      The base   is H i high
Cranbrook, I). C, Aug. 18, 1005.1 ami 13   inches I.n , wl !i .. .
■ in;
'    .
I  I      I   |ll-,l,l
lit ol i Hi
loyri     ami   en pluya -
buve li on bin'',-
:        :.       mil    i
ll ol
i t.,1, a bl'en, h ua
are nl lhc opinion
|1.        ,.,   I     -   aiinC   Vill
v. i.a I,   III I ibtlOl la
arc ca]    !   nl    I  '       shoiil.-l
lo yield lo lhc nan.
ivilh lbe call ol pre
K. II   '   srmai  ul ilie dislriel
I. IS, 1    M. V.   a   A . a ma-is
h    D    he wai    ii   ;   mul i llur
 i     lho   , '   Ni  '   I'll '■
unl company, who nie members    oi
„    ., ■ i, and who woik in e'crnlo m
oal i    ih, was held in Slink's   Hall
, , ,, a..     ' Ii was nearly    ll
,, order  uill,  llle seen lary in    thi
Im II   'I, rn an sniil Ihal In,   link
: I t,h n   ii   short tine     haci,,
h,.j    win  discus   n aisieeiiieul
n i :   ball   Ihi , i . :   wi ild be lum-
mMM.    |
,-U    111        h__ll il    .,■ i ll I
a   , „   a   ,,,,,! , |   b.ilj   a   In
ll  a ',,.    ,  llnpii 111    nyl   nl      i
.    ll   . : tliu       ,m,,m .... 1.1     a ,,
ilin   d breach ol the a 	
. .   i.    . .   .    ,
on   ou tlio mini .:■ p
I in     cei.se     lllllll  til    cnlnp.
eiinipell.il  :a li,    up lu    ,,
l.a.1 Blgm 1   Hi. n    i m
....   sl
ill s   that   ibe   "
i i,ah lime Mill
.mi,,, ..I
cGinty ill
trill   pay
.,,,,i, im.!
I Me     Mc-
e .Mull iii-
aii wuii on to sa;
, eh Is known lo .;
lad in mind at   tl
. rael   Iban tlio ,„
■ ii.
I   I"
III    I'ull.lllUl,
Wc hold,
npany    lum
., four    of
, ■ i ■
i   1)1 V      flilV .
DO put     'I.i)
II. White, Esq., Cranhrook, B. C
Drar Sir,—Yours re celebration to
hand.     Wo intend shutting down   or,
the .ih of September, and expect to
attend lhe celebration if possible.
Yours truly,
Adolph Lumber Co,
Per F. W. II.
whicli is ii
Sci 11 I '1
Tha cup
work an.l
i cn dl
nil proU',,
hii   lh
until next
n ail)' all
tli! Ii;n.;
-; OLD
ill .   eil il  Iiii :   I
- ;  ;   r   .      ■ '. I    '
>  II
1; ■'    11     ll        lliall
Ho   bad    lo   II   bis businei i lasl
,, mli •.. i  In iiiiuii     on
, |,.i       ui   Drln ..ai had   ac
m.i.   a lo '. In   i:.. I  il." eonipi nj
wi re wriu    ,   :   llat tli   amount   li
llel i.i would he made   nod lo    lh   -
■ ii   i ■    ol    nil promise, ll
i Hi j a.-,  ■. . . nol   ;a,   .. hu     ' ll
.    g repealed       That   ci m Ituled
agreement provides for 13   a
at Carbonado theso in. n had
pi ,1 13.50.      When attention
I i ',, tho deficiency lho man-
\Vlll.   P.    I die <X  SOU, qraDCaTK OPITCIANS      jthe mill as you' suggest, but
Official Watch Iiispcotora Grows Neat I'ass Oiviaiou, C, P. K.     l»"« P10"11" U11' »" ^nds wU1
watts will ue with vs.
Wattsburg,   near    Cranbroolt, B. C,     Fridarieli n, N. B.,   li
August mih, 11)05,       . tor DaVlll iv,.i'l, died i n
II. White, Esq., Cranhrook, n. Ca-   UilO   o'clock,   aged     I '
Dear Sir.-Re Labor Day, Si.ptcm-.in'.i'""   and   1 day. was    .
her .lh. I am quite willing to close j™'*. "d pS d away will,
c"uld pain. nis illness lasted only
come  w.._.
, I down that in case ol any mis-
rstanding or dispute the mn
be -governed by tho loll,,v.i,.,
iso: "Meantime in all c.-s tl„
rs, mine laborers and oth -r par
involved must continue at. wotl
:,,  na.   tl ati ai aial adjusl
A   GOOD   WAY    TO *
la to SAVE IT. We have finished
stock taking aud find we have a number of lines of goods thai are more'or
less broken in sizes. These lines we
arc going lo olfer at
money Swing Prices
The balance of Men's Summer Un-
derwear will go at just ONE HALF
the regular price. There is a large
lot of Hard Hats worth $2.50 to $4
each; these arc going at
*$1.00 EACH
Don't forget to bring your feet along
as we have something to le'l them
and can save their owner some money. Now, don't put this matter off,
COME NOW and save your money.
There are many lines beside what
we have mentioned so don't fail to see
>*«**«*« **♦*«•$♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦«>♦ a <-■>»■>♦<>♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦
*,.*■    -■'■ .   ^   ;        M.J
ii*e mail Order Druggists ttM Stationers
Look out for Typhoid Fever.
This is the time to prevent it.
Take Lorimer's Health Salts
and you are safe	
lllllllll  l_.l_.t  I JJ_._ J  I    iii. .*..*. *..*   ••__.••   ''_!_!_!_!—tm____,
j some Interesting Comparisons I
.!. i
Tha lollowlng fi^-uies at. '.
Dominion Governmenl
1. potl
year 1801 ;—
llille   ot  a"   '
pel eenl
Insurance ii
.nflo-American .... 	
British   America 	
foully   Fire	
1 18
ta.ndon Mutual
. 1II
 1 47
■ I
(Continued on page eight.;
This means In other words lhat ihe
ability lo pay their losses, of the
Hoaul Companies is below that of
Nt n-Comblne Companies, which we
represent. We can not only offer vou
lower rates, but also stronger financial protection. Insure now, and insure through us.
•.H.H''M-'M''M-''--M'^^ THF. CRAKBBOOK llEltAl.li
NEWS   OF  the:
before it was noticed and little    ul
olllco bulldlni
Neat Pass Coal com
(From the Ledger.]
J. M. Agnew, of ISlko, wa
Fernie yesterdaj,
Rev. Father Cholncl, ot CranbrooK,
will come be« to take the place ol
Father Coccola, during ihe absence
ot the latter. Rev, Father Union
will go back io the coast, where bo
,s director ol St. Louis College.
The loUts ior Luu ground Boot
being laid in the new
ul the '
D, .McNeish Is busj lh. da) try
ing to &et thu guebls in u goid
humor, He haa io put a couple u'
Ferule dudes to bed In the garret a
lew nights ago for'want ui room on
Uie lower thus.
William Wallace llagciuaii, Consull
ing engineer oi Cranbrook, was at
Lhe Fernie yesterday. Mr. Hagewa*
put In the Cranbrook water system
ny contract ana says he would like
to pui m ihu Feinie plant ioi J5U.-
rt ff. TuttU*. ui Ferule, It. C, was
taken sick white on his way uv bore
tu visit with his sister, Airs. F. L.
Johnson, auu when he arrived here a
week ago was dangerously 111. A
menage was sent to his wife ai Ferule, ami she is uow on her way out
here. Fortunately, however, Mr.
Tuttle is improving, ana his chances
oi recovering aie much bettcr.-
Ohanagan Valley Argus.
Tbe annual meeting ol the Fcrnie
board oi trade was held ou the 84 th
uf lasl march, at which time ollieers
were elected. Has it died .' We
would suggest lhat a meeting of Uie
executive    he called   and      the crying
need of a new station he lakeu up-
The uld building has long been Inadequate and uncomfortable to the company employees as well as iu the
public and a united effort un the
pari oi lhe buaid titiould hung   gooil
the contents wire saved.
The Morrissey   wns a neat
building anl wltb lis contents
rallied hy Mr, Uurel at Hi.uuu
w as
-i no
property had $3,UUu Insurance In  V
J. Watson s companies.
Ilu- tire broke uui in the wall be*
iin.i ibe stove In the kiloben ind
abuu discoverid by Mr. Uurel Uie
ivholc loom was ia llames. iuc COOK
was upstairs at the Uwo, rbore
aeie only six,   men in town tu tight
ilie  Uie and      US all  Hopes ul  tNlVlUg
uu- .Morrissey sank at tne hrst glance
aiosi of ihvse employed ihewwlve* ai
saving ih*- Australian hotel across
.tn- street. Ihe lire spread so rapui-
.> mat .ur, llurel was unable io wn«
..ouie money wtucti ho haa upstairs iu
IltS luuiu.
effort oi
mid   him
After   attemji
amount frum u. i. >■>•■■•'
bill and being   iieal.ii    vn
ihat skirmish,  lit.   ». j  n,
yield io lhe court    <
Airs. Harris   whu hrutiglU
ui the couuty court for the delivery m
licr note.    When brought lace to lav'c
wiih   a law    suit our   city   fathers
cltmbod   down   again     and   paid at
The Morrisscy     hotel, owned     bj
Jules 1-iurle, was burned
night.    Total loss.
It-duct     tile
j ., printing
..I tubtS in
and is a
.rks   eon-
(From the Free Press.)
Last winter t.'. L. .Smith, rancbei
up the Klk, suld a live mountain
sheep and goat he had caught in the
mountains to Mr, Iluinlcy, a famous
New York taxidermist. Air. Horn-
ley has a. large business connection
with notable hunters and uaturaltstb
wiih tne icsull that I'rofessoi F, il
Osborue, his wife and family are now
camping on the Klk near Michel for
Lbe purpose ui studying the haunts
and habits of the.se animals aud iu
get sume photographs If possible.
Professor Osborne is the head ol tbe
'Zoological department of t'olumbia
University in New York
writer of many sclentlllc w
ne'eted with this subject.
The Elk Kiver Coal A Oil company
have dune considerable prospecting on
their property up tho river. Tlu
work is in charge of John V. Wilson,
of Blairmore, a well known and capable mining man.
Albert, the son of William Cooper,
ol the North Star Lumber company,
at Elko, Is ill with an attack cl
pneumonia, which he contracted while
recovering from typhoid fever
Miss Annie Stevens, oi Hamilton,
arrived un Sunday on a visit to hei
brother, Chas. Stevens. Miss Stevens will remain a month and will
then juocewl to California where she
will spentT lho winter.
Dr. Higglns who is attending the
diphthnia eases at- Elkmouth reports
that the outbreak is well under control. The disease has been confined
to the Jorgoiison house, where nve
of the six children contracted it. The
little 11 year old girl who succumbed
last week WM the first to take ihe
disease. She was iht- second oldest
In the family.
The city police assisted by city
treasurer Nunn and 11. Lockhart,
made a raid on Chinatown on Tuesday night and secured the $2 road
tax from 3_1 Celestials. The yellow
m«n hung on'o thell coin and dire
threats had to be used before they
would part with it. A number hid
under beds and in other Inaccessible
places and Ihe police were fortunate
in gathering In so many in one night.
The militia have about completed
arrangements to run an excursion tu
Cranhrook on Labor Day.
Word has heen received from Mrs,
Tuttle, at. Riverside, Washington,
that Mr. Tuttle's Illness reported last
week Is due to an attack of typhoid
The Morrissey hotel, of Morrissey,
owned by Jules Hurel was destroyed
by fire at about 9 o'clock Tuesday
evening.    The   lire was wuii caught
du   USl'i
lusioins collections made aL      lh.
juipuai of hemic, it. C, ioi   mourn
.uuiu_i j uiy ai»t, itiuo,
. a.ue ui imports—
yuiuuie   UUnld.UU
l 1'vH           (tilllb.UU
Duly  ...   .
.UlUiiu  rev en
actions    u
monui    i.i
I two,
U_al  ...
■.:.".. \'i
-* 17S3.<
Total collection.!  1UJ11.U-
Tlie uualoms euiKcUons ai fremiti
uas be. n au,ulil j t-iiiiibiiig up but ue.
month ui Jui) is ulwayn in ibe lean
ui uii previous iu_i.ii-. emeu) uu account ul the large siiijuiuiiis oi steel
ior the u.'v. tipjne. ihe iiiouih ui
August will alsu ntaKe a guuil showing though uui so large as uuiy. tus-
lums oiucer Keary is Kept ver) bua>
and is in iieid ui assos-lauce.
.From the Slar.l
li a paper was printed on gold with \
ink oi silver and the subscription
price a short bit per year, some pour
deluded specimen of bumnaity would
Wok because then* was nol a diamond set in each corner oi the page
an.l want tho subscription price lo
he only a nickel.
Northeast Kooti nay knockers have
gone um ol busin ss. They have joined the grand army ol boosters,
phelr excellencies Earl and Countess (ii. v villi vh ti the coasl in Oc
tober, The) \. ill stop ovei .it Uol I
io sit wh.il a lively lown looks
Mis E McNau thton, ol Okanagan
Landing, arrived In (loldvn yesterday
and will leave nn Sunday'h Ktagc for
the south Miss Mc Naught on is the
new Icaehi t ol the Wilmei sol I,
Word comrs from  Athalmer to the
Oltect thai John ll   Semple, who has
been   suffering    from nn affection ol \
the    throat,     Is gradually    i;. I ting |
worse, anl is now unable lo swallow |
f oikI .
The stu-t-i crossing arc In a hum
condition The government ought to
distribute a little oi their surplus up
bere But, pshaw! It's not election
J. Bulman, tbo popular deputy in
lhe provincial government offices
here, returned on Monday's boat from
Windermere, where he spent the previous week on a holiday.
Mere is a pea warmer from the
Cranhrook Herald "A punch of
sweet pea vines hung in a room will ;
drive every fly out." -\s iho Stai j
is short un pea vims we will loftli I
this "new one" foi some one else to
It might be   a good omen if some j
ui uur farmers, before bringing their I
so-called eggs tu market, would make :
a thorough lest   oi that commodity,
ami  thus .san: llie rupture oi a den- '
tale stomach,     Un several occasions
these eggs have heen placed on   sali-
bere and n is a disgrace io mention
the inaniu-i  lu whieh the public have i
been robbed    through tho efforts    ol ;
some farmer tu become rich
(From ibe Leader.)
The Auroia property on the west
■aide ui Moyie lahe is showing up im,
and Michael Sullivan, wliu has cnui'gi
ut the wmi., ns perieoti) t>alisiiuu
with the showing which haa been
a-adu sineu he stalled uu development
ai\ weeks,     lhe best showing is    in
me shall, whieh is uow Uuwn a depth
ui io leel. iu uus ihey have unci
and a ball leel ul ore, and Uiey haVt
already token out over two carloads,
air, Sullivan informs us mat uns
runs be i wet a 15 auu 6u per cent ia
'.iuc, hul is uui marly so high in so-
• er aad lead values as the uie in iht.
St. Kugene. Iiul there are goou
showings iu several other places, aim
work un Uie.se will be shuv.i ahead
Walter McKay, oi Portland, whu
wiih Richard Wilson holds the bonus
uu thu property, will he in Moyu
again within a week ur U*u nays,
when rurtiler plana and work will Ul
The funeral of Uie late Frank W,
Stiii'ih, wliu was killed in Uie mine
last week, was held Saturday evening from the Miners' Union hall. The
mncral was in charge oi W. It. Beat-
Lie, lhe Cranhrook undertaker, am.
u. AL Ferley, pastor of the Methodist church, made an appropriate talk
iu the hall and peiiuruicd the burial
ceremony ai the grave. Over iiiu ot
Uie miners turned oui in a hudy, auu
the mine and mill uf ihe St. Kugene
were closed down while the eercinofi)
was being held.
The local hose team is doing a
tot of good hard practicing for the
Labor Uay contest at Cranbrook.
The last of the lumber in the yards
of the Moyie Lumber company is
loaded on ears and is ready t-j he
Wm. Langley is here doing assessment wurK un some claims m*ai tlie
St.. Kugene, in which he ami sume
olber Fun Steele people are interested.
A Oallolan, who was severely Injured hy a blast on the railway construction iii'nr Yahk, was brought to
town last night ou a handcar and
placed under l>i. flame's care. The
man has a leg broken and several
other minor injuries He will be
sent to ihe hospital at Cranbrook
The lumber h.i J. S. MacKaehern's
new residence is here and work on
the building is under way. Oeo.
Leask, of Cranbrook, has ib.. contract.
The Moylo public Bchonl will open
next .Monday with John Simpson as
principal and Miss Burton In oharge
of the junior room.
Little Roy Buroh, son of Mr. and
Alts. .Min Burch, had the ends of two
of lhe lingers of his left hand blown
off while playing with a dynamite cap
last Saturday. Roy made severs)
attempts io set off the cap without
success, but finally put a nail ill it
aud then struck ihe nail with a rock.
The rest can he easily surmised, This
is the third accident of this kind
within two years. Earl Shoe anil
Eddie Lutner were the other two victims.
The other day a man got off at
Kitchener and espied an old Italian
friend of his, a section man, running
up and down the platform with
most agorifzlHg look on his face and
holding his stomach with hjs hands.
"What's the matter, Santo?" ashed
the friend.
"Oh, slcka da hell; stcka de hell."
"Yes, too had, hut what calls-id
"Oh, trfoka da belli to much da
black chick." And the native son
of Italy kept on groaning.
Upon' enquiry l( turned out that.
the   Italians   camping at   Kitchener
(From the Frank Paper.)
L. Kuhn, the wealthy German who
is prospecting through the country,
was here Monday, having come down
irom .Michel. His part)' after leaving the North Fork traveled iu
ijuartz creek, where they prospected
several days iur gold, but fouud nothing in placer or quart/, to justify tie-
.clopmait. 'I hey ili.-n Inspected n
number uf other creeks and hnallj
headed for Fording river, coming oui
18 miles above Michel. .Mr. Kuhn
will continue prospecting and will
likely spend next winter in the country trapping and hunting,
What came mar being a most serious accident occurred ai Lille, aboui
7.30 o'clock on Monday morning.
Just as lhe Grassy Mountain engine
was pulling out ol ihe yards, preparatory io making lis hrst trip Lu
Frank, a llatcar, luadud with hi*a\)
timbers, broke away at the sawmill
above lawn rushing duwn the steep
grade al over IU miles au hour. Be
tore the crow could get ihe engine
.mo a siding, tho car caught lhe luco-
motive and the men had lo jump ioi
iheir lives. The headwork of ilie
engine was completely demolished, the
boiler head stove in, and some of lhc
side gearing stripped off. Fortunately neither engine nor ear were knock-
id from tho rails, nor was the track
damaged. As quickly as possible the
debris was cleared away ami men sel
to work repairing damages, ami so
well did they labor ihat ihe engine
was able to make her customary trip
ou 'I uealay, though in a bald-headed
bondi'lion. As a result oi the accident the mine had tu he shut down,
as the coal bunkers were lilled aud
there were no empty cars on hand,
lbe wreck was cahswj by the Heavy
winds, whieh started the car.
J. W. Wolff started up his bakerv
aud confectionery shop Saiuiday,
meeting with success iiom tlie outset.
After 17 years' service, Postmaster
Hyde, of Pincher, has resigned, jjoLig
succeeded by Jas. Robertson.
The Hank of Commerce i.s opening a
branch at Rlncher. Were ejicourago-
ment given either the Hunk ui Montreal or the ll.uii. of Commerce would
open up here.
An energetic movement is on foot
io get all eligible foreigners in the
Pass town*, tu lahe mil thell natural-
i/ation papeis. About Ifiu men have
signified ihiii  Inti-Jitloj] lo do so.
An Important Improvement is about
to lake place, in tin* grading and
naead.iiui.ing ol Dominion avenue,
the ioit:al step in whieh was taken
by   It. Sit'i'vi-s.      Several     hupdred
tuns   of  shale   is   to   hi-   hauled   mi   to
the street from hack of the smelter
and mixed with coal ein.h-rs, tho
whole being wetted and packed down.
The street will bo Improved for BOO
feet and is iu In- in shape hv LahOI*
The adjourned ease ngabjsl Harry
Howard, of the Cosmopolitan hotel,
for selling litfuors during prohibited
hours, came up before luspeclor Davidson, at Frank, Tuesday. The case
was dismissed on technical grounds.
R. 0. Matheson, editor of the
Raymond Cnronicle, tool; a (lying
trip up here to spend Sunday, on his
way back home from atithding the
Calgary baseball tournament. On
Sunday he borrowed a fishing pole
rom his brother-in-law, Jas. Dougal,
and started out for a lish. Unfortunately for him the police spied him
and prevented him going and confiscated tbe pole. Word was left with
Rod to appear before the eourl at
Fraifk next day to answer to a
i charge of desecrating tho Sabbath.
Mr. nougal put in nn appearance fur
To make the best Bread
you must have the
best Flour.
When the dough is flat, sour, Ik
will not rise,—when the brea
soggy, tasteless, indigestible—
you have cheap and inferior Horn
You may use pure fresh \
faithfully adhere to the old-time
cessful bread making traditions
methods usually successful—but
baking turns out badly—sii
because you have not used the :
kind of flour.
Royal Household Flour is pui
and sterilized by electricity, it is there
tore uniformly pure and wholesome
And because it is thoroughly pi
it will yield a sweet, wholesome
sponge that will bake into flaky
t'iotisly flavored, nourishing bn
It is really the only absolutel;
flour you ean get.
Guaranteed by its makers
Ogi)vie's Royal Household Flour,
5 oo«««ttc««o<>:c»>o:o<KH>oo«. <xmxm>ck>o<m>,
5^^ W««i»«m>OO0.OO<XK^"Xh5O OCMXm>CK>0OO.
a journal of Truth, Humor and
Justice, will resume publication at
in September. There will be no
strings upon its editorials and it
will be sent to any part of the
world for
$1.00 A YEAR.
The circulation is limited to a million so it is advisable to get on list
early.   Room for only a few ads,
R. T. LOWERY, Nelson, B. C.
OOW*>««S~*>*^^ 00I>««6S»*>**^^
■   t*t■*"fp>r'4»f"9~9~*"9»9 »!■■■■ >.->">".■'>■■»■+
: | is now |oc.1t<4 In its comlort-
, Me and Attractive new quar-
| U-rs in the Watts buildinR. o»
j This institution is Just vp-to-
. dati' and is mod. rnly equipped
J to do |ust the best work in all .
. branches oi the tonsorial art. j
•-#-#.-••-»■ +»9»++"-*9"*"9 r-*****t**-#»f»pf
j Ili'ioli|ii:irti'i's (or ohoiCQ |>
■ * confcetiouory nnd fruit.   Wo
I t nre tho ngeuta hero for tlio fa.
a minis <i.   li.   Chocolntes so
| J well known by nil lovcra of
| J good   sweets.    Shipments
{ \ mnde uo ns to hnve nothing
Lbut fresh stock. §
his relative, but nothing eventuated
have "bTen'havl'nV pr"f«t'"sport Wiling and the fishing pole was returned to
crowa and eating them, tts owner
' Take notice that sixty days after
data I intend to apply to the Chief
Commission of Lands aud Works (or
permission to purchase the following
described lands In South East Koot-
tenay :*—
Commencing at the soulh west
jcorner of lot 311, thcuce east forty
jchaiiis; ihence south twenty chains;
Lhi'Que west forty chains; thence
| north twenty chains to place of beginning.
J. Harvey Staples.
Dated June 27, 11105, J441
all may stem well. The question Is,
How will tin- horse stand the ..ii.iiu
Ol a ha id day's work ? Has he tin.
grit that wilt make him lit lo light
the battle lo a finish 7 Our horst-s
an- the light to .i finish kind—ilo their
work thoroughly and unlet I j*, When
in Want of such an animal, for [»Umv
ure or work, try ours. We have also
an elegant outfit of Landaus, Coaches, Coupes, Runabout!., etc , for 'lire
at unheard of Utile prices.
The Hundley f .jyvry Sin hies
in :—— 0
Boot and Shoe Maker
Hanson Avenue
Opposite Uf-wibtir't* Second-Hand Store
If yon have feet that store shoes
won't fit nice and easy, give me a
trial. 1 have had a large and varied
experience iu England and Canada.
Or If you have a pair of old shoes
that are ntee and easy, hut aro get-
ling the worst for wear, don't throw
them away—bring them to mc and I
will fix them fpr you, no that you
can he comfortable this warm weath-
KepilrlBf Nettly ud Prenptly Deae
XeaMng Business
Douses of flfoav\>s*
villc   — Smcltcr £!___:
Marysville has come
inlu her own. The
town now has a per*
in a ne n i pnvriiH and is
lhe iratew a*, of lhc St.
Marys valley. ** lhc
Herald c»n heartily
indorse lhe following
business houses
Central Hotel
ti ti- Johnson, Proprietor
& lliniii)! Knoiii service lhe best.
I'he leudiiiK lintel in  the St. ii
Mar)s  valley
lhe place It. stop when visilinj! the Smeller Cily
, Bt
n»_,.      -.^        _ _ _       _ n
n        1: _:^i_ „„  n
1 The Royal Hotel
F. Anders, Proprietor
Has been recently refiirnislii'd anil is now one of
r, ihe best hotels in the district.   Headquarters lor ti
g the people. ^
n n
| A. MELLOR Mr. Mellor carries a gen- |
M GtNtRAL MERCHANI eral slock ol merchandise S
ti His prices are ri^ht. Prospectors can find what Ihey «|
mt want, save freight and transfer by buying; in Mans.ilie K
& n
n n
Carries an up-
to-di'te stock nf 53
dress roihIs, men's wear and modern novelties.    His ti
J3 youds are rijjhi and prices attractive.
I Marysville Drug Co.     I
n We carry a complete stock of everything in the El
ti Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away **
di for your goods. ti
n n
«    _      :-. .r::.  ^
Jg CHENETTE * NEAL, Ptoptietois j?j
| MARYSVILLE, B. C.   Th<'"««' «"• "*• %
.quipped   hotel in  the
K(  St. Marys valley. .* Commodious Sample Rooms M
Labor Day Banners
in time and get them
Done Right
We make a specialty of rush
work of this kind.   Leave
your orders at once.
F.J. Bradley & Co. 1
Y        When you visit Craubrook stop at Ihe        H
None Better In the District
Kiite.H li iin.l up.    .-.hurt Order, und Oyalcru
served In any style Irom H p. m. to 6 a. in.
- The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed lor clean
9   I'n— and comfort and the bar is supplied wiih the besl brand
9  ol liquors and cigars.
| J.. B. VANDECAR, Prop.
■■mmi munMmm&immm mi
,.;..;..;..;..;..;..;. ^..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..:..x-.H--l-;
jj We Hake No Pretensions
, - —
,, ton monopoly of "tlie bust niati'rlul." Tho mnrket is ,,]),'ii to all
¥ iiliko hul iv,. ,lo I'laiiii with nil onr modesty that our sloi'k for '
£ full mnl wintor is the highest grade of foreign nml domestio
y woolens containing all tlio latest novelties for tlm coming season.
We invite inspection in a few days.
•M-****->'>*-K--'*****!,***>*>** •K-**<M^MM-**«*«^<"*f***<--i THE   CRANBUOOK   HSBALD
It. L Sii'ph.i,..
M Rockenilorf
J. i.j»*„n.
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the host conducted hotel in liast Kootenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
SlapbHi Hm.. 4 c.- Owueri and Projrlitin,
Morrisscy Mines, 11. t.
It. I.. Stephen.
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train tor Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver «*:,# _ dt
iiii; iiiii WHITE HOTEL
II    I     -ttpbMI,  OWBtr a„J  I'niprlctof,
Morrissey Junction, H. C.
fa   the World   of   tabor
What is Being Done and Said
THRKE  WORDS   UF STRENGTH, quia out.      Eight   additional offices
.—_ Ire-opened to-day as union elghtrhoui
would s,,0',s-    Typothetae says eight  hours
and our scale will prevail in all    iy-
burning I P°thetae offices, moon and non-union,
bjijius acknowledging   complete doffcal
I in nine-hour   fight    K.    J   Bonnlng-
i   with
There   arc
Three    words,
in tracings of eti-ri.nl light,
t uon Ui* beam ut men.
Have   Hope'   Tin
And    gladness
Pui ihou »6e shallow from thy brow-
No nigbt bui bath iu inorn
>ugn   tin-is environ
hides   hei   face     in
jj Cranbrook
ij Hotel S S
Uiiestn Couili rt s Specially
il'iiiii SiaMltiK in Connection
Nt-Hif-i t.. rail mad hihI depot,   Hub accomraoda*
tioui foi   tlie  iiui.lu'  tiiit-.jimticl  tu Cranbrook.
Hot and Cold Baths
Hogarth & Rollins *
iMwiaiirf—a isiiiii mm
The Wentworth   g
Clapp & Rollins, p
The New Managers. if
Drop in and sec us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours [
mil of lhe 21 [
S^lllSSKH^ll^M^,lffi_l^BSlll I
-t-H-H-l-M-l-H-l-l-i-1-I-l-l-H-M- H-l-l-l I-H-l-H-l-i-I-M-l-I I-H-l-
lust See I low it Feels
to be Satisfied
Stop at the
li. H. SMALL, (lanager -•"?
l+Hl-H4f I+I+I-I41-H-H-I H+W'H4H«4-Hl-H-W+I-I
...Manitoba Hotel...   i
(Under New Management) J
I), A. McOONAI.I), manager j
Th'- Hotel is in tlie center  ol  town,    Tlie  rooms  are   !
comfortable and well furnished, die dining room is first- }
class, and Ihe bar is supplied with the best.    When you »
want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. .
8> When You Buy Liquor Bj
Cranhrnok IV-lnteriaii Church.
Sabbath Services	
...   It a in. anil 7.3Q p.m.
Sunday School a Bible Claaa.,.8 p.m.
Christian Endeavor, 'Tuesday ...fi p.m.
the public uie cordially Invited to
attend all the mcctlugs,
Pastor, W. G. W. Fortune, U.K.
Cranbrook MelbodUt Church.
Corner of Hnntion Avenue Ml Uuli Street
Sunday Services :—
Divine Worship ll a.m.
Sunday School  ,*. p.m.
DIvluo Worship 7.30 p.m.
rucsday :—Ep worth League of Christian Endeavor  8 p.m.
A cordial invitation is extended to
ihe public,
J. 1*. Westman, Pastor.
I'tifihr.i.ik Baptist Church.
The following Is   a list of the services heltl in the Baptist church:—
Sunday   11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School  3 p.m.
Young Peoples 6 p.m. Tuesday
Prayer   Meeting ... 8 p.m. Wednesday
The public are cordially invited to
it tend all the meetings.
Paslnr. J,  \_, Sloat.
| Speaking of a
s Good Thing
^ ou Blioulrl ace our now work
.rn our new swell mounts.
i Prest Photo Co
FOR. SALE       j
Lots of it, OvBr 5000 -onls*
•I N". I cordwood lie in onrjj
,-arda to be disposed of to th„|
'ninbrook ,'ii,/.,',,_ at reilnc*
ion prices. J
!",,,' s,'i',„,,l lla,,<l Store Man*
I mployrneul .icn.y la Cinccilai   9
9 Buy the Bests
When You      \
Clean House
Bring your curtains and
carpets to us for washing.
UV make „ specialty of wash.
ingC  P. .{.overalls
No Chinamen employed
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
SLATER S IkOm, Proprietors
We tiro ,
ry,    ll ih pup
st ll,,' lllillK
, f >t I
. 1,1,1 ll,,'
We wll ,
an Invoice from tho Roval distil-
-a, hud from n medicinal poiul Ss
irythiug in the liquor and cigar
Wholesale Dealer in Liquors anil Cigar.
99 6« W* •>» W^WfrWWWWM* *99999
• -
B C. Livery and  Peed  Stables
First class Rigs, safe aud Btyllsll tenniB. Drivers
i,ml p;„'k horses for any point in the district.
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Bame old stand opposite station
RobinsomMcKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Tiiki- ;i ride to
and  Perry Crook and stop at
The Perry
Creek Hotel
0. BURQE, Prop.
Placer and Hydraulic Mining
right at hand, - A Beautiful Drive and the place to
spend nn enjoyable day.
fftwre'ei Ihj barque la
Have  Paiih
The   calm's disport,  th.
mi lib—
Kfciw   'Jus     Uod  mli*  th*  host    of
The inhabitants of earth.
Have Love I    Not love alone for onr;
itm man, as man, thy brothers call;
And scatter, liKe ihe circling suu.
Thy charities ou all.
and   I
ossons i^u
l   IltKl
h    wh
*»   life's
,'l,,„   r
t taxi els
■ii blind.
I    I, tho underslgnc-d, A. P. Chennette,
- intrnd to apply for a transfer of my
illcensn for the Royal Hotel, Fort
Steelq Junction, to Alex. McCool, at
1 tho next inpeting of the License Commissioners for Cranhrook district.
| A. P. Chenette.
>   Cranbrook, July 11th, 1906.      IM
Canada has 100,01)1) mm employed
iu the tubery Industry,
The switchmen have paid ovei
$300,000 io bencfita in the past litre.1
New York city coopers have uo.v
be n on strike oker a month.
Koanoke, Va., street railway employees have received the voluntarj
increase iu pay.
On June 1 there was a grand total
of 9,702 persons emploU'it in canal
work on the Isihmns nf Panama.
Telegraph operators of the Pennsylvania railroad, east of Pittsburg,
wire recently granted an increase ol
oi approximately 300,000 worker*,
in tbe engineering Indus-try oi tin
United StaU's, ii is said thai onlv
about 40,000 are organized.
The biggest strike in the history oi
the anthracite coal regions is predicted by mining oflicials lor   next year.
The United States go vein ment, has
asked for contract bids for -l.'iuii Chi*
n.se and Italian laborers for iho Pan
auu Canal.
It- Is reported that ol thi* 4.001
teamsters who struck at Chicago
only about one-third will be able to
Secure their old posiuom_,
The minimum wage of carpenters in
Lwmlllfi   .r   factories    in   Vioiorla
Australia, has been fixt_ at 51s. to
pel   week    ol U hums, and ol
joiners at lihs.
An Italian engineer, Signor Rehnoi,
laims io have invented a new pro
poller which will increase the spe^ti
ol lhc [a&tett steamers by seven oi
eight knots.
In pursuing its campaign of tin
union label the San Francisco Lahoi
Council will issue a circular lo ever)
householder urging the patronage ol
union label goods.
At evidence that the inauguration
of the eight-hour day is deemed inevitable by many employing printers,
154 unions In the International Typographical L'nion Jurisdiction are now
working under that system or have
arranged for it to become affective
January 1,  1906.
W. D. Zehner, superintendent of iht
Lehigh Coal A Navigation company
of Pennsylvania, has notllied colliery
foremen to make a canvas of the me:,
under twenty years of age who art
unable to read or write. All unahli
to do so will he discharged.
A movement which might be copied
hy many companies with advantage
is the decision of Victoria, Australia
to pay all employees fortnightly, arm
the question of extending the practice to the whole of the state puhlk
service la being considered.
If Mr. Rockefeller's vast wealth
were In silver dollars, it would weigh
20,464 tons and would require a giant
four hundred feet taller than the
Flatlron building to cany it up
Broadway, New York.
British manufacturers reports, says
ho American consul, a great falling
off in the demand for motor cycles,
and express the belief lhat this
branch of tlm iurlusrry Is doomed. Tht
collapse is due to the dislike of their
vibration and noise.
The widows, children and relatives
of the victims of the recent CTjdnch
Vale colliery explosion, Wales, attended at Pontypridd County court,
on Monday, to secure their compensation awards. The maximum award
of £300 was made iu lift eni cases,
and in several other cases awards
amounting to over £200 were made.
The monthly returns or the British
Boilermakers and Iron and Steel
Shipbuilders Society have just heen
issued. There ts a welcome decrease
in the number of out-of-work members. When the year dawned the
total was 7,235, and now stands at
4,1)04. There is an Increase of 8
members. The trade reports show a
welcome improvement.
In regard to the demand of the San
Francisco Typothatae that the book
and job printing ofllces of ihat city
return to- a nine-hour day from an
eight-hour day, previously enjoyed,
the following despatch shows how affairs now stand. It may be stated
that all the Ran Francisco nowspip-
ers without exception, support, the
men in their stand foi the ciirht-hoiir
gay. San Francisco, Cai., July \28,
1905. But three former label offices,
employing perhaps thirty compositors
ana forty pressmen and feeders,   re-
Tor family (j$c
Several workmen discharged from
Devooporl dockyard, England, in con
sequence ol reduction made in uum
bars have taken scivice utidoi Lbs
Japan* se government In the dockyards of thai country. Most ol
the men are going under five years1
agreement, and others for thin.
y«ais, at good raits ol pay. Otlu-r
workmen are in communication with
the Japan se embassy iu Lumi in
with a view of obtaining similar employment,
Three Important labor conventions
will meet in Toronto in tho next few
weeks. The dates are a*, follows:
International Typographical Union ol
North America, August 14; Stationary Engineers, September ll; Dominion 'trades and Labor Congress,
September 18. Tbey will all meoi
in ihe Assembly hull of the Labor
In the case of Tapanilla vs. Kaslo
A Slocan Co., Mr. Justice Morrison
has granted the application to ip-
pcint Judge Forin arbitrator, Tapan-
a was killed while working on the
railway and his relatives brought ae>
bloo at common law lo recover damages. After the writ had been served, they withdrew ihe action and
oroce.d.d under the Workmen's Compensation Act. The application was
opposed on the. ground that since the
Aril had been issued at common law,
die right to apply for arbitration
had been forfeited. His Lordship
Iceided that no forfeiture had taken
Three strikes are now iu progress
In Toronto. The machinists at lhe
irand Trunk and Canada Foundry
hops, ihe bakers at three shops, and
he garment workers ,it several
.hops. The men in all cases are
well satisfied with the outlook. The
machinists say that they are ready
.ind willing lo have a settlement, hut
confident that it will come their way.
I'hey have as many men employed as
ihey desire, and they say that the
companies are worrying much more
ban ihey are,
Delegates from the machinists'
in Ions of California, to the coming
onventlon of the International Association of Maohinists, to be held at
Boston in September,  will endeavor
0 secure the adoption of a plan fot
he r.-duction of the hours of labor in
aas'tern shipyards from ten to nine
per day, so as to conform to the con-
1 It!oils on the Pacific roast.
In the current issue of the British
toard of Trade Labor Gazette, Ittfor
■nation was given with reference to
he prospects of employment in the
Liolonius, Wllh leii'icuce lo South
Africa, the report stales that there
is no demand for more labor of any
.ind in Cape Colony, and immigrants
without capiial are recommended lu
ivoid Cape Colony at the present
time. Labor is plentiful in Natal,
ind immigrants should not go thete
without means of their own. Owing
to lhe cessation of some large build-
ng operations in Johannesburg ihe
trades of masons, bricklayers, carpenters and plumbers had greatly fallen oh", aud there is a large number
ol unemployed lu these callings. In
spite of the large output of gold, the
local supply of white labor is move
ihan s iithc i en t.
An interesting article on "The Cost
of Living," in the Toronto Daily
Star of last week, and which migni
-ie applied locally, brings out the fact
that in Toronto the cost ot living
has increased entirely out of proportion to the inciease In wages and
that food and clothing, like rent, arc
all more expensive than four years
ago. Rent to the workingman is
i»und up with the cost of living and
wages. At the present scale of cost
lira of wages the worklngman's rent
s forced down to. a low level. For
this the responsibility rests on: (1)
living cost, which lias increased in a
more or less regular scale; (2) wages,
which have not advanced in proportion t-o cost of living.
To itemize justly the cost of the
average worklngman's living in Tor-
ottto it is not easy. Few are able
to do this for themselves, The average man is like the average farmer-
he does not keep books. He makes
no regular apportionment ot a percentage for this or that Item of expense. His wages, $0 to Ml a week,
come regularly. As regularly he
spends them—with a fixed charge for
rent but for nothing else.
It is not a question with the workingman how much he is able to Bave
out of a year's Income, but of how to
make ends meet.
There has been a steady, though not
drastic, increase in the cost of woollens, affecting ready-mades as well as
tailored clothing. Cottons ha\
maiucd about stationary. Boot!,
and shoes have not cheapened. Fur
niture—especially the cheaper lines-
has increased more than 20 per cent.
Coal is dearer—bard coal since the
strike of 1002 being increased 8 per
cent., and soft coal, owing to the
duty, about the same.
But the most radical Increase has
been that which more directly affects
the housing problem—the abnormal
expanse of rents.
"Speaking off-hand," said one of the
most prominent real estate dealers In
Toronto. "I should say that In the
last five years rents in this city have
increased generally not less than 50
per cent. The increase over last
year is about 10 pcr cent. It began
In lhe. more desirable residential sections, but has spread all over the
city. It is a thoroughly healthy advance without even the suspicion of
a boom.
This means that no abatement can
he expected in rentals until building
outstrips the demand for houses,
With 0 to 10 pcr cent, increase in
staple commodities ot consumption,
and a 50 per cent, increase in rent,
then' has been .In four years but a
slight increase in wages paid, amouni-
ing In lour years to a general advance ol 3 1-5 pet out.
t ,,.- |i,,ll..l, I'nex
fl. C. IllcBcrmot
Wboifsalt ttiiiic merchant
PhoneJ IT."I n.iil.iiw.l.. fl
I Cianbrook B^r I i
Made frnm the best malt and the purest water, it is, unexcelled ior quality. .<« Ask lor
Cranbiook Beer and insist on having it. .*.*
The Cranbrook Brewing and
Malting   Company,   Limited
Also manufacturers of ill kiniin nl Aerated Wai
*'     \ ^'/x'^'.V.jBbI .liilfrav. Hv:,,, i,i„l    ;>
*•       \   ^.QMV*j0__r I'runl.na.ii. I', '.'      •$
Ht'B. ..... i .... ...... . _____     'i
£ f
is wlmt we unloaded into our warehouse. Get our
prices ou Flour, Bran, Short.. Wheat, Oats. Timothy Hay. Prairie Hay.   We guarantee satisfaction,
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of tlie finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For terms, maps and further particulars apply to thr, following
local laml ogenta;
v. Hyde linker, Cranbrook, B. C.    E. Mallandalne, Jr., Crfston, B. C,
I. B, Wilson, Wunlner, B. C. H. & M. Bird, Nulson, B. U
K. K, Bruce, Wilmer, B. 0.
Or to
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date 1 iniend to apply to
iho Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described land South
Last Kootenay :—
Coramencipg at a point where the
east houndary of lot 7102, group one,
crosses the Crows Nest Hallway,
thence soulh forty-one chains, more
or less, to the west hank of the Moyie
river; thence following lhe Moyie
river in an easterly direction upstream about twenty-five chains,
more or less, lo tlm right-of-way of
the Crows Nest Railway; thence
along Jhe said righl-of-way a distance nf twerUy chains, more oi
less, to the place of beginning.
'   • Thos.  Cavon,
Per II   H, McVittie, Agent
July fith, 1006. ik tu
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date 1 Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described land in South
Kast Kootenay :—
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-west coiner of lot 123,
thence north 13 chains lo lot 4142;
thenco west 7 chains to the bank of
the Kootenay river; llience following
said bank down stream to the point
of commencement.
James Ward.
Uktttl July 3rd, lOUa. iMt THK   CIlAXIiKOOK.   ttBilALD
t). Tlia lleral.t Publishing Company
Editor nud Manager.
The Herald is worth $m a year. Ii
tosts onlv $2. No man In Soniu
Kasl Kootenay can aflord to l„- with
out It, nnl everyone living outside ol
the district. »hb is Interested in lne
progress ol ilu. section, should tead
li. It publishes ihe news while n a
news, It Is controlled absolutelv by
the publisher. No clique, pany ,„
individual dictates Its policy, n
don't try to please the people. It»
desire is' to publish ., newspapei Ihal
will be a credit to the comm.lU.ty.
Sed In your subscription ,,n,l you
will be thankful car atterwa.il.
Advertising rates ll pel Inch, single
column, per month, no more and no
Reading mattei If, cents per line
to ncu-.idveitisets . 10 eenl, m line
,o regular advertisci Huskies'
locals five cents pel tine each Inser-
tl vnu desire ,„ reach the people ol
So.it*. East Kootenay you musl ad
vertlse l„ The Herald
The Herald has ,i Hist class job
plant, and ils work Is ol the best
Tbe Herald don't wanl charity. II
wauls a square ileal nn your job
work. II we can't suli von In finality and price, kick, and send your
work io some Cheap John house in
lhe east thai nevei spends a cam In
would happen tn lhe town today they
would be losers to the extent oi
thousands ol dollar-,. The men who
were brave enough and patriotic
mough io lake the risks ihat ihey
lid were .lames Ryan, Dr. -I it
King, I.. H. VanDecar, M. Mclnnls,
Qeorge tlremner, Vi. F. Qurd, V.
Hyde Baker, A. Leiteh and William
Stocks And these men are entitled
,o a lot ol credit lor what they have
Moil I.   THAN
1,000 8l Week
Thai  ,-   ,l..>   I.e......,.,.-ed
Clccuimloc .., ,,,.' C.,'..„-
l_.-„nl\ Heroia   £r   <T   _?
lion by !„|i,',,,.-e,a al. nnj
'I'll,' Herald gives :, 'loll,,,
In value, for n dollar In mon
ey.   Tl Ivorllm, hns Ilu
right In know wiinl he I,
receiving Ior lil- money.
The 1-lnrul.l i
Hint conns "
99*$is"', -:■*'"''? 99
The  Herald  will be found oil
sale al the following places:
Marysville. Marysville Drug Slore
Wardner, 0 Donahue's Slore
Movie.. S. K. Hnrvle'. Dr,in Slore
Ryan, K. P. l-'inlay
Penile, I'urdy's Rook Store
Elko, Hulb.-nuk's Hook Slore
Cranbrouk,  Beattie & Atchison's
and C. la Keid c. Co.'s
Cranhrook has a hunch of men who
have always been willing lo put
their money in enterprises that would
prove a benefit to the tuwu, and take
ihe chance of making the dividends
lor themselves later. The history
ol the town's development shows Uial
this in a fact. Take the Walci
works, lho electric light, the telephone, and nol a dnll.tr of outside
capita! could he Induced to come in
on the proposition in Cranbrook. In
ducemonts were held oul nn several
occasions to syndicates ami corporations, hut each    time lhe   manager.
said  thai
he    lou
n   „ as
and ibe Iu
„,e loo
nice, I
in lo
rant them
lo Invea
,    in
■s  ol
Tliey alwa
•s   brm,
III    ll
, III,'
menl that
in lhe ,
., tele
planl, an
anl ,
r     a
system ol ■
wafer „
I     ,1,!'
did  not  |,r
„e all
lhe   il
ment would prove
in abs
as nothing
could la
plants thai
would 1
e wor
I, con
ing.    With
a slock
Of   go
ids ii
different, as lhe owner could take
them .to some oilier point. At last
some of the home men, who wanted
to see the town go ahead, started the
electric light plant. This was followed hv the telephone because there
was a demand for this, modern convenience, and trunk lines were, built
all over the district that has greatly Increased the business of Cranbrook business men. Then came
the cry for pure watei and fire protection. No outside company could
be induced to put up the necessary
capital for such an undertaking. The
Cranhrook people took that upon
iheir shoulders, and as a result today Cranhrook ha.s all the modern
improvements but they were secured
by the nerve and enterprise ol Craubrook people. Tins crowd of men
have never made a dollai out of
tlieir   investments,    and 11   'inythmg
The man behind the reaper is ihe
big man on the American continent
History and song has taught the
people that McQinty was ut th.-
bottom of the sea, and yet it is Mc-
flinty   that is one   of   ihe principal
.'ausi'S of ihe Kernie coal sinU*
Honesty In oflice is like honesty m
any line ol business—it pays
a Cranbrook business man wanted
nn ad In hist week's Herald, and he
put the question point blank: "How
many subscribers have you '.'" Thai
question was tho business way to
look after advertising. He Intended
to pay lhe Herald some money for
advertising, and he had the right to
know what he was going to gel tor
his money. He was taken to impress room and one after another the
mail galleys were placed before him.
general way the construction of the
road will also be '.mud on from th.*
north, although grading is likely to
be under way from Spokane north
this La.ll or next winter.
The location of ihe Spokane-International is complete Irom the northern terminal to Sandpolnt, Idaho,
but from   the lattcl point south    to
Spokane several surveys arc receiving
consideration, and a final decision bas
not been reached. Something ovei
1000 men are employtd on the northern 50 miles now uu.Ut construction,
which embraces practically all the
heavy work on the road. The companv is feeling the shortage ol labor
keenly, n V Corbin stated yesterday that Ida coinpanj could utilize
£000 laborers si n were possible to
secure this numbci n Is hoped thai
when harvest It ovei and warm
weathei moleiaW-s Ihe supplj will be
more extensile,
The first etpilpn 1 nl to be dellvccu
10 ihe company will he ,1 number ul
llut earn, to be utUUwl in final con
b true tion work The nuw locomotives
and othei equipment ordelid by the
Spokun. International win uol start
to arrive an the i.n.- until rarlj next
nes in one galley,
galleys, and   then
iiinted ihe
and the number
said, "I am satisfied the Herald has
the circulation, and that is what
counts in advertising."
It ti strange lhat shrewd business
mm generally do not lake this fact
more into consideration. There arc
business men who have advertised for
years in Cranbrook and never ascertained lhe circulation of the Herald.
There are hundreds all over the country who do the same. The Herald
charges $1,00 per inch, per monlh.
11 makes no discrimination except on
cards of a single inch, which
cost      more. One     man        pay
lho same as alio t her, and each
one knows what he is paying
lor. It is no guess work or pig-in-
the-poke business. li is an open,
square, business proposil Ion. The
Herald would he pleased to have each
business man in Cianhinok assure
Himself that he is getting his
money's worth when he advertises 11
'his paper.
A business man of Cranhrook, who
had been reading the Herald, said
une day this week: "I took a walk
over Cranbrook the other day and was
surprised to find conditions were
worse than pictured by the Herald.
I do not understand why the gov
eminent that is being paid sp many
thousand dollars by the pooplu 01
ihe Cranbrook district in Uie way oi
taxes, gives nothing back in the way
of improvements, What do we pay
taxes for ? Who has the power 01
pull to get some money expended in
this district before it is too late to
do the work ?"
That is the question that is being
asked on all sides these days.
Boost Cianbrook It is bound to
be a prosperous city if tbe people
stay with it
The pension to cabinet ministers
is one of the evil effects of too bifr
a maiorlty in parliament
The effect ot the building of the
Spoilsne-rntemaWonal Railway, hotter known as the Corbin road, will
soon he felt in Cranbrook, and It wll!
be extremely  beneficial.
Initial instalments ol the railway's
order for steel rails are now in transit from the Pennsylvania works of
ihe Carnegie company to the point
on the Canadian Pacific's Crows Nest
road where delivery will be made to
Mr, Corbin's company. The Canadian
1 ranseontiuinlal road plucked the
tjg tralllc plum of lhe year 10 date In
seeming the routing of this order.
The Spokane-1 nt etna lloiial placed
lho order lot tho rails required on
III) miles of road, aggregating iu
111 round figures 15,ft0(l tons. The
sleel includes l'i anil Kit pound rails
Ordinarily about 30 tons ol Ihis
commodity is placed on lhe usual
1i.1t car, so that ihe entire conslgn-
niPiii will require abuut 5.S0 cars,
Plgurlng on a basis of 25 cars to .1
train, although this is more than the
C, P, R. can haul over the Crows
Nest Pass, the shipment means ai
least 25 train loads.
The steel is routed via by Great
Lakes to Fort William, Ontario,
ihence over the main line of the Canadian Pacific.
The fust consignment of steel for
lhe. Corbin road was to have been
started west under contract on Aug.
I, and is now presumably In transit. Additional shipments will be
made continuously until ihe full
quota is delivered. Within a month
or so It is expected that the C, P. R,
will have a string of steel trains distributed over Its line between East
Kootenay nnd Fort William. The
Canadian extension to meet the Spok-
an..-IntcrnatIonal will not be completed until October, and this will delay
the laying of steel on the Corbin
road  until then.
All steel will be laid from the
north end of tlie line, not a pound being   delivered,    via   Spokane.     In a
an.l ih. „,|„
week llml I,
oi,,- ,
,  a  1
• slim
Id ,„>
al im
\     a
,  acl
• Hei
ni l.l
S UY HU   "I M  HAS fl
The Old Mun had  tw
Cons. 1v.1t iv
I.-ll him Uu
say too iiiuih in a pollih
some ol his (nitrous inigli
.mil cul oil their support
aid is iiu-nu.il 10 he vcrj
in the publication ol news, and 11 a
business man is doing his advertising
on a political basis and nol on thi
good he is getting oui of Uie advertising, iluu ol course tho Herald Is
liable lo sutler. Bill i' "ill sultoi
only iu one way, The people ol this
district seem to appreciate the policy
of ihe paper and the manner It pre
s n's the news for it has the largcsl
circulation In all East Koolcnay by
several hundred tuples and lhe circulation Is increasing steadily each
week. The Herald will continue to
prltjfr the pews, with malice toward
1.one but with a desltq tp give liu
people of this district a real newspaper, lhat is not controlled by an)
person, clique or corporation.
ry straiigi
Waller Lang told ua a v
.-lory "ihe other iiighl while we wen
listening to his phonograph turn out
some of the lalesl songs, Wallet In
a crunk mi the phonograph and has
one of the best Instrumi ins In thi
country. He nol onlv has ihe records furnished bv ihe company bui
he has blapks and makes records ol
his own. A lew yepl's ago he was
iu Montreal and ope eVIiltm lie visited with a family In that city and
,00k his phonograph with him. The
father of the family was -» man will
a heavy, clear voice, and Waller had
him talk for a record, li was u
■great success. Some two years afterward be was in Wont mi I a-gain
and meeting one of the [numbers 01
tbhj same famiiy on the street wa.'
asked 10 come out for ihe evening,
Since he had been Ihere before ih.
fulh.r had die I. Taking his phono
graph and a case of records Wallet
went out to spend the evening After some time the mother asked foi
iome music and Wallei got his machine ready apd placing a record in
started It going. Imagine his con
uternation when the first sound re
veakd the strong lone of the fathci
who had hem in liis grave foi two
years. Jumping to the machine lit
started to stop what be knew must
he agonizing to tho whole family, bill
the mother said for him to let tin
machine go on, and the entile family
sat there and listened to the voice ol
ihe dear one who had not spoken foi
two years. It was n sad experience
and yet It Impressed all wllh tne
marvellous Invention,
We would rather be a kid once more
and starling iu 01 r ttrst week   ot
•fchool  than au old man publishing a
Duncan   Ross
triumphs of   pa
returned iron
liameiit only
alderman   111    li
Cranhrook buys inure reading 111.1'.
Der than any lown of her size on the
American continent, and what is more
it is of the Institutive kind as a
rule. We saw ti E, Beattie, ol
Beattie & Atchison, unpacking greal
bundles of magazine.. Hie othei daj
.mil tins proposition was suggested lo
our miii-1, antl we asked him lot soim
figures a.-, io what thej shirt, -'Oui
bill with ihe news coinpanj llial lur
uisln-s mnsi oi th.* magazines tuns
ov.-r $100 a month Munsej b muga
Xllic we gel direct and our hill with
them is mot'.- than $3.1 a monlh Take
i.he Everybody, we nre now selling
about fifty coplts ol Ihnl each month
['ake oih.l
thej will ri
We   pay   lh
Flee Press,
eastern dailies aboui $30, and we sell
from 300 to MM Craubrook Heralds .1
month. Oui circulating library is
anothi r strong showing for the
people of ibis section, There nre
not less than 100 people taking advantage of this arrangement at* Uie
present time, besides the many who
buy the liooks outright." Mr'. Bcnt-
tle's experience bears out uur statement Ihat this in a most intelligent
community. And C. 1\. Keid A Co.,
are in the same line of business, but
Mr. Reid was out of town and no
data could be secured fiom him.
ly |,i,l,li,'.,li,„.
, llll
up 1
1 leas, Jin a
1 Ill
kcsillkn-RiM iel.
Nelson News
Position as bush hand        Have had
experience aud had charge of logging
camp      Steady and soher.
Alex   Mr Laugh ton,
tf Langdon, Alia.
The following summary nt the game
laws ot the province will be found
Useful  to sportsmen.
Open season for lln* various kiiuls
uf game is as follows :—
Ducks of all kinds, snipe, bittern,
heron, plover anil meadow lark, [torn
September 1st to the last day cl
Grouse oi all kinds, including plan
ie chicken nnd ptarmigan, Irom Sep-
leinbi'i 1st 10 Dtcemhei Slat.
Moose iiuiii), caribou ibull), elk .a
wapiti (bull), hare, Irom Septembei
1st to December Slat,
Deer, mountain goat, mount am
iheep tiam), from Septembei 1st to
December ir.th.
Trout, Irom March 86th to November 151 h
Five caribou     (bull), 5 deer, 3 elk
01   wapiti   ■bull),   '2  moose  (bull),    5
mountain    goat,  ;t     mountain   slue]
(rain), 350 duck, -jft snipe.
The following game birds and am
mala only may be sold :—
Duck, snipe, heron and plover, he
iwctn September Isl and last day 0
Moose, mountain sheep, goat, carl
lion and hare, between October 1st
mil December 31st.
Deer (buck only), between Sept-en
bet  1st and November 15th.
To kill birds living on noxious in
tects, and pheasant, quail, partridge,
robin, gull, chaffinch, English blackbird, thrush, linnet, skylark, swan,
ind eggs of protected birds.
Beaver, until August Ist, PHI.
Cow* or calf of caribou, moose, elk
,>r wapiti.
Deer (fawn),
Mountain sheep (ewe or lamb).
Illegal to export game birds 01
mitnals in their raw state, or any
portion or-part of same, except bear,
marten and land otter apd animals 01
Mwls killed under license granted to
non-res idtht.
To hunt deer with dogs.
To kill deer for their hides alone.
To trap, net, snare or take bj
means of gins, baited lines, drugged
nail or other connivances any of the
birds mentioned in ihe net.
To lake or attempt to lake, trotit
by using any explosive, lime, poison,
uet, seine, drag net or other device,
.ther than hook and Hue. (In lakes
"ill miles square or over, nets, seine
or drag are allowed).
To buy or sell heads ol mountain
sheep, elk 01 wapiti, moose, caribou,
ir llm teeth of wapiti or elk.
Tu sell grouse of any kind, prairie
i-hicken or ptarmigan.
To kill any game birds or animals
between one hour after suitsef and one
hour before sunrise.
Te expose for sale without the- head
on, any deer, mountain sheep, goat,
ilk, moose or caribou.
To expose any game bird for sale
'Vithout its plumage on,
To sell or expose for sale any game
birds or animals during the close season.
To keep game in cold storage al
any time.
To trespass or permit dogs to enter
on enclosed lands.
To export from the province any
leer, alive or dead, the hide, or any
portion thereof.
To kill, .take .trap, or attempt to
kill or take, beaver, or sell, baiter,
or have in possession unlanned pelts
0! beaver at any time during the
period of six years from August 1st,
To take trout under six Inches iu
Non-residents; must  take out a license   as     follows:     Big game,  $50;
game birds (for one week) $5.
The general penalty for each offence
is a fine not exceeding $100, or 30
lays' imprisonment, or both line and
For shooting mountain sheep, wapiti or elk, moose and pnrlbou out ot
season, or in excess of the number
allowed, a line of $50 for each animal.
For shooting mountain goat oul
of season, or in excess of number allowed, 130 (01 each animal.
For shooting rtcer oul of season, or
m excess of number ntlowed, a fine of
$35 for each animal.
For Inking mint nut nf season, a
line not exceeding 160,
For taking trout by Illegal devices,
a line not exceeding $2511.
Any constable, peace olliee 01
name warden can arrest without
warrant any person to und committing
an offence against the Game Act, and
has power to search persons, vessels
and conveyances, and shops where
game is usually exposed for sale,
storehouses, warehouses, restaurants,
hotels or eating-houses.
I^.sHt Years A*of
jj in Cranbrook.... |
iS —~"~~^—^—*—~—"~"^—^^ fl
tt ITEMS f'I'l.LKl) PROM THK fl
5 HERALD   "I     THAT    DATE ';
I McVittie & Laidlaw,
essional cards 1       Mining Engineers
S«__._______BMM^___taa_M____ti i       and Surveyors,
Cmai'iKT Lodoe No, Sit      I CRANBROOK, B. C.
KNIGHTS   of   PYTHIAS Tiros, t._mcVittie, p. u s.
Crnnbrook, 11. C.
« » .,.„»„.,., „. ... ,•'   T. I.Allll.AW. M.  K.
%s.T:ivt (*»«6e«eiM«8ISSeeciStfp ,Meets 2„d ami Itb Tiieailuy al 8 p.m. I '	
iu*. hall.
J. A. Arnold, K.R.S.
.1, W, lllvinnel, 0.0.
m|,,h.".s to i„aW,'i',aiii,ioiik his i„ai-    visitinz  brethren  cordially Invito* |'KOV|,NCIAI LAND SURVEYOR
.unites heni'alorlh. *'-  ■""•"'
Hilly Dans'   dog „„.l     Hilly camo
over ir,,,,,   Waulu.-i'  Tuesday,   llillv
I to attend,
  ; tfltlltHi.uk    lllllll   I infill    l.'U   ul   liir  llllll.I
The C.   P    U    will  erect  bcttdqunii   j      Hrnllierli.md »l CarpruferH nnd Jolnem
ers stables here     Cianbrook will he „i \mertci.
used as tn-adipiai ters for Uu ii teams    This local meets every Friday even-
until the end nt construction | Ing al « p.m. In c L U. hall.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
A temporary telegraph olliee was
located in a tent near the trcfitlo two
miles cost ot   tOWtt.      Poles  aie     I..-
ing set across  the  prairie and    the
line will he in town this evening
Contractor Wellmnn'a classic feature* are olten In evidence around
Cranbiook these days He seems lo
avoid the outlying telephone station.
ol late, for some reason.
Commencing] tu nun row, regjulai
trains will he run fiom Cranhrook'
east, giving passengoi accommodations from this point. This will
prove a gieat convenience to tho
J. A. Landry,
.1    II   .McDonald,
Cranbrook Sash    j
iWi^^„K2^ul,*li a"d Door Factory |
SyVwi-fw^   Monday      nigh I      al    «
lheir hall on Uaker street.   Sojoiii"-1 *
Ing Oddtollowa eordlnllj  Invited
W.   S    McDonald        Cballes  Smith
N. Q, Sec'y
Take notice that tlie partnership
heretofore existing between tbe undersigned at Marysville, as hotel
keepers, under lhe firm name of
Chin;'tie A Neil bas this day been
dissolved by mutual consent. The
business is continued hy James Neil
under his own name, who assumes
al! the liabilities of lhe above firm
and to whom all debts due said firm
must be paid.
Dated at Cranbrook this 15th   day
of August, A.  D.  1905.
Witness':— Signed :—
J.  A. Harvey,     A. P. Chenette,
James Neil.
trniihroiik Indue. No. Jl
\, I   ft t.M,
WjyV     Regular meeting	
, ax'3*V \* ""' tliml   'l'*1»*^|.i)
Visiting brethren welcomed.
E, Patterson, Sec'y.
i. o. i;.
Major Howies has been holding
forth in Craubrook the last few;
days The major's popularity is always Increasing, and ymi never see
him but what he has a crowd around
Mm. To listen to envoi the major's, (,KAN1|,,,111K ,
stories is to eniov life. '        '
Vi. P.i s. ,1. Morrow, W. s.: A
M. lllaelm Aerie meets al 1.0.0
P. hall Ist anil Iiul Fralay
tl. II. Miner will ereet a cottage
on Hurwell .Vvenue.
Alex. Moffalt has purchased iluoe
lots at the corner of Harden ami l-'fl-
tvards streets and will commence the
erection of a residence at onee.
I'llANIJHOOK, li.r.
Meets every _n,l and   111, Tuesdav i,
"Good Templars Ilall."
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
A. McCowan, I'.It.     .1, Sims, Sec'y,
cii.tMiiioiii.    i.oniii:
I. O. G. T.
Mr. Grant, foreman ot the C. 1'  R.
carpenter work, has purchased    two
lots   on Burwell     Avenue, and will I Meets every  Friday night above Pal
erect   a  residence ai,.t  send for    his moles btote,
family. Come aud join lhe Happy Hand.
Last Friday evening Cranbrook wns CRANHROOK
visited by    more   important govern    LOYAL ORANGE LODGE   NO   1871
ment    officials  than    ever  before
tbe history of Easl Kootenay.
Among them were chief of construction Hancy, governimnt railway Inspector Rid.(eil, government railway
engineer Fellowes C P. R. inspector
LtimsdiMi, chiil fiiL.in.t<r MacLeod, aii.l
bridge an 1 bull lt|*n superintendent
Red tS Co arc moving iheir stock
from Wardn r io Croiihrook. A
load of goods came In yesterday afternoon.
The Roynl Cafe has an tuiiimmce*
ment in this issue. L. B, VanDecar,
the proprietor, is a hustler and deserves the success he is enjoying
Cianbrook had her first open air
religious meeting last Sunday evening. One of the men, working on
ihe road, who labors for Hancy during ihe week and for Christ on Sunday, talked straight religion to a
large crowd for an hour. lie seemed
sincere and displayed Intense enthusiasm, and therefore is entitled to tlio
same respect and consideration accorded to any worker in ihe Lord's
vineyard. His grammar and rhetoric
may have been faulty, but if his
heart is in the right place, what's
rhe odds.
Superintendent Turnbull stated
steel would he laid to Kuskonook
within 30 or 3.1 days.
George Colcleiigh, the Wardner
store keeper, arrived in town Tuesday night and expects  lo locate here
It is reported that the Crows Nest
Pass railroad from Lellihridge to
Fernie will he turned over to the C.
P. R. within a short lime.
Meets every 2nd Wednesday and tth
Saturday at 8 o'clock in Oddfellows
Visiting bfethers a:\vavs welconu
Hits DISLOP, Teacher ul the Planofork
Special attention to touch, teaeli-
„i,|,,e, phrasing and grading oi studies.
For,.particulars apply C. E. Itei.l A-
Co.'.s liiuR Slore.
W. I*. aURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
llarrislt-rs, Solicitors, Etc.
Ilaiell Block Cranbrouk, h. C.
I      C. H. DUNBAR       |
♦    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   »
11. C.    i
| Public, Etc.
2   Cranbrook,
nre pfilnling, pnperliiR
um) i-oflttltiR ii |„)iii,,i,
of 11,,'ir blur,'. Willi
their now (i,„ale nml
lln, iiiiiii)' mils lor
clothing cruised by nt-
tractive price,, they
lire too busy to write
tin lid. thi. wi-t'l,; iheir
stur,' uud stock will bo
ready next week with
tlieir nd
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at  Residence,  Armstrong Ave
Forenoons ■ - - - H._0 to   11
Alter,,00ns - - - - 1,80 tu 3.30
Evenings 7.30 to H..'i„
CRANBROOK ::    ::    ::    11    I). C
■1- 1 «■ ".-. : * I * ' •« : v 1.9 1 ,<; I » I ♦ I « 1 ,
I    Dr. Connolly,     *
_    Physician and Surgeon   r
f Office on Armstrong Avenue
(i:   Hours :-!l lo 11 at,,, 2 to I   9
!   p.m., 7 lo 8 p.m.   Thone I0S.  j
'»1»1«1 * 1 * 1 * 1 *■ I * 1 ♦ 141 * 1 * 1 »■,
I, lo 12 a.m.
I  lo   ii p.to.
7 to   K p.m.
Olliee ;,„;l residence on Armstrong ave
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   11 p.m.'
7 to   H p.m.
Office In new Rest block
VI! kinds of IIhIbIi work In '
I wny of doors, windows, Iran. J
I sums, elo,   Kill, dried Iiuiibur J
! f,,r Insiilo work    <>„, ,,,.i-li is {
guaranteed nml our prices nro ',
uiitisfaetory     Screen    doors J
I k'.iuxli and Dressed I iiinher ;
J               For Sale I
* ,
*,a» .................. .....*
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Hive me a call.
w. H. BF.ATTY,
I'RANItltllOK,  H   C.
HH+H-H-M-I-H- H-H-hH-I-I'
I Cranbrook   Foun- i
dry and
Machine Shop:
McKinnon & Johnston
Wc are prepared to
do nil kinds of ro.
pair work heavy and
light, 111 ute castings,
turn shafts, etc,
I' Scientific    HoiscshociiiK   a ;;
J .The Leading Slore Foi         4
, FRESH FRUITS                      '
4 FRESH  NITS            J
t Prompt Delivery.        {
0     PHONE NO    Tfi        AHMSTRONG   AVI     a
Rotel •■
A Short Drive
From Victoria
People of South li.isl Koot-
:nay who visit Victoria should
not (ail to visit Goldstream. ,*
It is the tourist's paradise.
•i- X
I J. Edgar Davis j
'i        BRICKLAYER and        ;!;
:i;       CONTRACTOR       i
... x
i.       Furnace, Boiler, linage, ...
,i. and Firoplaco w„rk n special- JL
A .i.
X.., X
All descriptions of stone- V
X work undertiiken. I Irders lefl -j-
Up lllll urge nie not, ,1.         J   I)   \r,.m»T|.K'S
Down llill Hot ,„e nol, %                    MOUlUIJi. S
On the plain spare me not, A will receive prompt nltent
|        And in case of sickness call up  *                    '       '                    ...
i.   ..     '  »«d lioasfi DENTIST    I* X
CRAMRROOK. U C. Ykw 7.  >_^_hb^*ft»»AfeM!_>»JHfeWiJ
A \
$3.00 Hats going this week for
85 Cents
See Our Window.
Every reader of this paper will please take notice that
Fresh   Fruits   and
Fresh   Vegetables
of all kinds daily arrive at our store. Our prices
for these goods are exceptionally low. Owing to
the large quantity arriving each day we are forced to
sell at a small margin to turn over the goods.
c. o. s.
buying is working fast into the big end of our business. We wish everybody interested in home
comforts to investigate this plan.
t*.. 1«.
I loin Our Ccnd-1
j ing Library %\
».«*»»       Ai.iiloi,.', ,„„ wai
*    I leal,1,    ,,,],,',,'!>< II I
1 ,1   p  Tlwlale's
: new Books and new
I magazines   e»er v 5!,'',
School open ,1 Insi Moinlay will, ."„
'flic eni corps e.i teachers and the
■Inl.li.ii   ate   again   ' nil   lu    lho
* books whicli will man   much to Hicm
,.  win,, ihey a,,- ,,l.l,-i.
lo,   Ihal
can i,a.,
aa I   aad
,,      ll|,ii
,',,„, a ,,,■»■ |,„
bale  place  „l,   the   Wall,
large li I  I'a ia
I at    Prcs-t's
* all da, Sept. nli
t ,
V    VI.   Kelley,
1 Bcatlie &fltcbison l^AAlX'A^A^
anager of ihe ll.une Insur
£ | party,   of New   York,
I company's Cranbrook agency.
i Those who will want banners uf
any dlseriptiun foi Labui Day should
see Bradley -S Co., without delay.
This company is prepared to give artistic work mi ""i i ilee and at
prices .that will give no grounds lor
s. ti  Uoift.nl, of Manchester, Eug-
P.tked  Up Annul  Iht Cily   hy   Asking |aw|. JM bought S()IU, property .S(,ulil
UucHtiont. nf Man)  People. ot Cranbrook from J, Hutchison   and
j v, ill     go Into     fruit   growing   and
* where II pays lo deal.     *
J     s.-a our drug ad, on Ist pago.   *
The gatvaiiinod iron slore frunt fur
I Held .v.   Co's sloro has arrived, and
Head Patmore ll,„s. A.i.
ll. Hall visited Sirdar last week
Fred McKa)   took a trip to ll'arl-  '« ''-'':ns   put up   by Patmore Bros.
n-'t on Saturday When   linishod   ,1   will be a splendid
J. Held, ol llarysvllle, was a Oran- !"'*« »' ^ '""' ui" •*'"' ''""/""■''
brook visitor Sat.i«lay. »" u'l*,";d"''' WWiranre,  which will
, be a credit  to tile  town
For rent, house      Inquire 11   V.,., I
livery business man in   'own should
bave    banners   painted    for the bin:
Jos   Blalllt and family  look a  tup
to Mans,llle last Tuesday.
Uhor Hay celebration, and the   well-
hnown firm oi Bradley >v Oo   is fullv
J. Bardgelt and W. Tannhaiiser ^nipp^ l0 al|Pp,y anJ. wnnt |n this
visited Fort Sie,le Sunday. |jlle
I,,,   Black  and    John   Hutchison     R |(|] Slm.
H.h ,1 „t Sand Creek yes,.,.la. Ly ^)mm   |u|  ,„_ u^     „„.,,
oilae loy wanted Appi) nl haal h, kM u,maJN ,„„ Wl,.|,s FaUiet
Kooi.nay Lumbei i,.. Cranbrook.     | i.a.(l,.i,,   U. 1,..    \,,ll take his plaoo
liet your Labor I'a, luminal's Irom here and oilieiair „t the Catholic
Bradley A- Co., ,lie sip,, artists. ohnrch next Sunday
, Born—To llie wile ol li II Dick- The London, un, . Free Press gol
son, ,,, tlie U>t!i insi, a daughlei        oul a handsome 5(1 page anniversary
Foi satisfactory plumbing try Pat- number recently, which contains the
more Bros The. guarantee satlslao ' pictures ol many old Londoners pre-
(,!(,„ ! s.n, at lha Old    Buys' Reunion.    I„
Wanted-IM laving Inns ,., extraU™ group the eountenatice oi J. I)
early   spring   pullets      Apply    tills | MoBrHe,   Uie   Cranhrook
M,   F   Landry „
Monday lor a >isii  lo Iriends ,,, Ontario
I' F. Bieiifhtey wns a Moyie vise
,,,, Sunda)
.1 I' Nelson, ol Letlibiivlv,,'. wa.1. En
lown Monday,
Flnk Brothers hava been taking
Mock the past week.
\l,s. ,1, 13, Anders,,,,, ol .laflray,
was in town Monday.
Mr. a„l Mrs, 11. MeNeish, ot Klko,
ware lu town lasl Monday.
Leman Sims, of Wardner, was in
ib,- cily Saturday on business.
Armstrong, ol Movie,
in ihe city Wednesday.
was a
Wn, Campbell, of the Moyie Lumber
company, was lit town this week.
0. II Thompson wen, over lo Nelson last week on professional business.
.1. F. Armstrong and daugtfter, Miss
Winnie, have e,one to Oolden ior a
few days visit.
Vour best, girl will be sweeter on
you 11 you buy ber fresh candies al
lho*Candy Makers.
Art Jiudinc visited Nelson last
week to take bis examination as a
stationary engineer.
H. II. Boharl, proprietor ol the
Wardner hotel, registered at Ihe Cosmopolitan Tuesday.
Mrs. II. Norihey and daughler
Myrna, of Bayard, were in town if.e
latter part ol last week.
II Northcy, of Bayard, was in lown
two days this week on business, and
reports lishine, a, Bayard good.
Mayor Slork an.1 family, passed
through Cranhrook las, Sunday tor
he coast and tbe Portland fair.
,) A. Qoupill, proprietor of the
'■lanh.iit.iri  holel, ol Moyie,   was   a
a, s, at ibe Cosmopolitan Friday
When in Cianbrook l.ah*ir Day don't
get a sou
fiil  lo
.lew, 1,1
We have   a
assortment     Wilson,     the
s   bas    written     lo
aspects  to be    back
ll__-ii      man, looms up |„
illy   |_i,    nn      The dance at tbe lulls  View  bote
Marysville, Tuosda) evining proved
a great success ,,, every r, spi,,
l"ulle ., aunibei attended Irom Cranbrook and report a good time. Mr. |
Nell, ihe energetic proprietor, is li
la- congialiilatcd on ll.e wn)   lhe .,!
[ail   Was earned out
What ,s undoubted!) lite .argesl an,
Pleat's Photo Studio upi n all   day
on l.aboi    Day  lot    , is,lots (,,,,„     a
tiet ili.il Labol P.,,  Iml ii i  painted
at lia.ll y's iiahi now
Mi s Crowder, is   lhe sleno rapl
al Hi,  s,.,,.,'n in lhe nhsenc  „l   111     !;<      attractive sl
i ,aa,: ,i   ovei    Harris    Bros      meal
'""' "" marki i and   bears  lhe signature    ol
The banana wealliei still k,  up L||&| ||lm     .,lu.   sjg(| ls M ,,.,,    |„
Just „ little lonsc and III r. ft-lll be  t ^^ jn| .M f|iM|)  ,H, |rj|   tl   a
great distance      Bra Ilo)  A  Co , are
the artisti  who turu, i oul the a,a
ll   u   Kraus, lbe en, igctli   mm
el   ol   lha  flaw   I'tanal    KlliployillCllI
Agenc) wishes i,, aiiuomice llial his
(plac  business on v at, lloiiu'  Vve,
will be o|.,n ;,, lire |,„l,ll, on Satur-
, ,la\    morning  nest.      l„ eotuiectloti
,   IUII,  J   'I'Ues-.I.U
 m,,„I',I vl»ll   i"   Winnipei
oil, , poind
111     ,1    Wal'b aial  ,,,,• ehildli
|.-,,||    Sl   ,|        HI IT    ,,.,,,,!.;    1,1111
l'l.,,l..,,"il.   S.l,til.l.l.
Vol!   wanl   llllll   I III 01   Da)   ba
palmed     artlsilcall)   and piompil
um- liia.lle, ,\ ,'"  ,"'„ ordri
; wnh ih,- modern   pmplo)mi a, bureau
Mi    Lia,,- will   keep ,,, slock Irull,
,',„,|ii,i,,i    .1," Jackson .ml    »,ie . .ui I..    lobaccos,     etc.,   ami    - r.i ■
I.i,  ,i,   .Inmla)  on  suiidwl visit luucbcs of all kinds
'" HalMM nml ..'be, eusiein poluls |   (||.ii||;i,   „_ ,    ,.     „     .,,„,„
S,|i,    I, Craiilnook's big da)     and   Ton,   Wellman,    Janus    Dal I
pporlunll)   ,i   gel  (-nm   plioni  ia,,,,!, iu.i.is, a i,h I,,-, aial, im the
Old    Man   rive    ., laid   on llle
trout iu lhat stream     The)  stoppi 1'
ih,  |„i    opposu    I'liiiiaine..   al Cowle)  wllh ll   n   McMillan and
Sl.l.ne   aial    Will   'Mil    a    wairllOUSC    ll'""'   ""'   ' '   """    "■»'»       N"   »'"'1
.. I has bean heal,I as ,,•,  bill  lioib ilia) '
: Imm, ol Cranhrook are prepared lui ;
in. , ass   engine,,   desires t.nn.i ,    ,     ,   .
,    ,   I., big day > work as s , as ihe word
,n; mi)   class   marbinei)      ll'!'1''  coinc« that the crowd are rolurniiiK
raid olllce V.I ll    ',„,„„,
taken     Pi, sl't  Studio „|„„ all ■!.,,
I'l,,-   , ',,,,r>, nine    s s     huvi
l.l :,
l„,-„iass   I,,   llie
ba   bale  on     I
idle)   ,\    Co   i
e oa.ls   ,1
Dal II
,,,„,  balllurs |s,oek    is  veiy  promising an.l  be     ia
loa.lucioi   Joe VI,Nab lell  on Sun- gentlfl lo ride,     lie was a winner of
day iu ,,icel   bis     family, who have good   races   at   Newmarket,   Oood-
bin visiting fronds
ib- past iwa, mouths
: la an
-: Foi Salo-Tlic Imported English
thoroughbred stallion "llmion" fo,
j sale or exchange    for horses.       III..
Toronto   for
Cranbiook    oil    Labor
ill give you a good i'l,,,,,,-,'
wood, etc.     Particulars from Walter
Jackson, Maclcod,  Alia., N   VV. T.
2 Ml*
There are some   terrible bush fires
lo gel your picture taken. Prcst's in the vicinity ol Cranbrook. One i.
slmilo opu, all dav. Uaging in the dircclion of Ilohtnson-
. ,li-h ol ice mam or a glass    „[! McKen.ie's sawmill  ami , Inct     i.s
iee cream soda don'l so bad llieso 'l«''tr"),i'1'« *-*•»■ """"'"' "[ 'n"1"'1'
warm evenings. Call al V, P. TIs- '" l1"' vlol,,l,l' "' V,Mm'" lal"*
. , ,   nni«0i's 'about  two miles  west of town.     A
j bad bii!..i Iiii; was stain.**;! about fifty
There have been qntlc a few    fish
yanls from tliu residential portion of
siories circulating around, l.ut wo Ul(. 0jy aml lt was onlj , . lhc com.
did nol llml any of them large enough hm%(i ^m{, o(. , t)Uli(,h o( ^^
Iol'"»-     Hurry up. | that saved   that,   part of il.e town.
Miss Cousins, sk'nogiaiiher -in the Kmy precaution Hhoulil be taken it.
Biiperliilteridcttt's nXll-ce'.flf the C. P.!regard lo Dins of this kind for if a
H., left last week toi an extended' (.re got too 'luudi start it might
Visit to points in Ontario. | prove disastrous.
Oeorgc    ffal
[lieiiils   thai   be
in Kasl Kootenay aboui ihe 15th ol
next month
.1 .1 McKay, the popular rtiire-
•,ii:,itne ol K\le, Cheesliorough „
r.i. Montreal, re^Mere-d at the
rosmopolitan Sunday.
I-:,!. In iu- has letutiud from bis
nip io thr east He was gone
about six w.vk'- aw\ says i-hai lit* hail
a very enjoyable time.
Two froni offices, second (loot Watts
block, (ni rent, Apply to Heale A
■dwell, Mf
Mi Brown of Greenwood, member
,,f tbe provincial liouse, will move to
l-'einie  to Cftg&ge in  lln* praetire    of
Mrs. Cllne, of Selkirk, and Miss
rlii!.*. of WTltnlppg, mother and sister
nf \V, K. t'llne, arrived la*.i Sa-turday
for ;i  \isil  wnh  Mi,  and  Mrs.  Cllne.
He- Sloat, of ibe Raptlsl chiiieh,
is visiting frifiiils in Nelson ami Uhns-
liind Ihlfi week before be loaves for
ibe east to resume bis studies.
People generally should see ibat
theii premises ate cleaned up before
Lnboi Day l.el tbe 'own look ns
neatly as n little exertion will make
n 11, ib.it Jay.
Pon McKay has been looking alter
a little repairing oi ibe roads in the
Kl.iih ,i,l country. He says there is
nothing new .is to when ibe govcrn-
iiii'iii will let out any money Ior annual  improvemi nt iu  the tli.suid.
There lire some    complaints     tlbntlt
people diguing cellars uml throwing
tho rocks into lbe stieels. ll inaiies
.i street very rocky for years to come
antl as a rule tbey art* left as the
gravel has he n dumped
li .1 Johnson, contracior, mailed
work this morning pulling in a new
pl.iie plass front In lhe llandley
building on linker Street*. Tbe building when completed will he occupied
liy lb,* Misses Mcl.eod.
li is not yet known where the new
judge in this district will reside, but
it will be cilliiT here or Kernie. It
is virtually settled that I'. Wilson,
oi Nelson, will be the appointee.
The Regina lacrosse club returned
I'hrough.Cranbrook last Sunday after
a successful trip to Nelson and Kossland. The results of the live games
were as follows: -Mcdieinc Hat, 1,
RoglnaV 5; Lethbridge, 1, Rogina, 2;
(Tiinbrook, 3, Regina 3; Nelson, 1,
Kegina 6, Rossla-nd, 1, Retina, 8.
This makes a groat showing for thu
Cranbrook tram, especially when it
is taken into consideration that the
[{cgina train was niadi* up of all the
slur players that could he gathered
up as fur east as Winnipeg for this
A     ti.    Kenwick    was in town Ian
Wanti-J—L»initi^ room <u\ Royal
MlBS Gill is holding the position of
st iiographer at ff. h\ Gurd's ofltco.
"Mike" Harlon left this week u r
Skookcmcbuck to take ibe position
of i„i i cooh a;  UcDoiigari camp.
N McLcod Curran, Mrs. Curran
and daughter, w^rc hi lown lasl Friday,
Kl. Staploton anl Hum Hcadley
drove over from Marysville Saturday
The "Sugar ilowT' of Cranbrook is
at the Candy Makers. Candies made
every day
James Mulligan eame down !i"»>
the Sullivan last Saturday for a few
days recreation.
Mrs. J. Swlnnarton bus gone to her
former home at Colerainc, Out-, for
a proirack**! visit.
Miss Jennie lllc-hards left last Friday for Grand Forks, where she will
teach school the coming year.
William Barclay, of \Variln:r, came
up last Sunday to meet bis sister
who was returning irom the coast-
Be a good fellow and treat lhe
p,-ir! to a dish ot' onr excellent hv
cream wh.n in town Labor Day.
Jabez Harris bit to-day on a
cattle 'hiiyiiig tour through the Territories for the enterprising meat firm
of Harris Bros.
Come in on Labor Hay and see our
Souvenir Spoons witli cut of newly
lmi>hed 0. P. ti. station in bowl.
Wilson, tbe Jeweler.
Mr, i-.nl Mrs. A. M. Black and
rhi'd sptnt several day? at Parker's
ranch at Cherry creek lost week and
had a thoroughly enjoyable outing.
Flrsf class saw HK*r .mi .■.!' round
mill man desires position at once.
Will run mill hy tlu thousand, References furnished. Apply to B.
l.afieur, Canadian hotel, or address
Cranbrook. P   0 i'i-2l
,1 B. Henderson's new residence on
ibe bill will soon be ready tor occupancy. The interior of the house
is splendidly laid out and iiom the
oiiisi.ie it is a nice piece of architectural beauty.
H. W. Kraus, who is opening up
a new candy, Iruit and lohacco slore
with an employment agency, is gel-
ting his place in fine condition. Short
A Co. bave given the room and front
a new coat ol paint and with lhc new
stock of goods it will look very attractive.
Mr. Bambrick, who ha-s bt-en working on the bridge and building department of the C, P. It. for tho
pas-t year, left for hiF old home in
Prince Kdward Island and oilier eastern points. He will enter McOill
University for the seienlific course
Ibis winter.
Mrs. Huston, mother oi Mrs. Fortune, has heen ordered away from the
mountains on account of her health
but is so poorly just now that it is
Impossible for her logo. Mrs. Huston accompanied Mr, and Mrs. Fortune on her return Irom lhe east and
has boon in Cranbrook only a short
time, but tlie altitude seems to have
ellectid her seriously.
The mcii*ibcrs of tlie Preib) terian
Sunday school gave their annual picnic last Wednesday. They procured
iigs and drove to a pleasant spot
aili-out three milts down ibe mission
road, wbeiv races and other sports
were pulled oft. About six o'clock
the tempting victuals, which held lhc
ohildlcli in susptiise, wero indulged
in. The day was perfect and everybody reports having a good time-
lit ord.T to enjoyably lop off the
big affair, the C. P. K. Quadrille
Club has arranged to give a dunce in
lhe Weuiwotth hall on the evening of
Labor Day. Refreshments will be
served, the music will be furnished by
a first class orchestra, and tbe tickets will only be one dollar per
couple. So bring along your dancing
pumps when you come to tin: metropolis on Labor Day.
William Campbell, who has been
with the .Moyie mill for the past few
years, spent several days in town
this week, between jobs as it were.
As soon as the mill closed down at
Moyie Mr. Campbell was 'secured by
the mill at Elko a.*, foreman and went
there to-day to take charge. There
Is no trouble about competent men
getting plenty to do in this country
at big wages. Good men are lu demand every day.
Manied-i'tti Wedn.srtay, Aug. 33rd,
1805, at the Presbyterian manse,
Rev. Fortune officiating, Mr. Andrew1
Miller and Miss Cora Manners, both
nf Cranbrook. The Herald extends j
congratulations to this worthy couple]
and wishes them all kinds ol happiness nnd prosperity,
Dan McLcod, manager of construc-
ti. n on the section of the Corbin
iiuiii lietweeu Yahk and ibe Boundary, was in town ibe lirst oi tlie
week, He says that Ute greal
handicap this fall in railway building
is ihe scarcity of men. They networking about 1150 ou their section
and could work as many more.
Mr. ami Mrs. J. A. Harvey gave
a veiy pleasant garden party lasl
Thursday evening. There was a
large number of guests present and
the Cranbrook orchestra furnished excellent music for the occasion. Chinese lanterns gave the lawn a moil
aMraei'ive appearance and tlie guests
wandered al will over the lawn and
through the rooms ol the beautiful
homo. Tbo evening was a great
success and thoroughly enjoyed by
nil present.
The last news received from Tte.v.
Father Coccola states he is now iu
Port St. James, Stuart's Lake., He
was expecting to leave for Hazel ton
where lie will stay for a month. After this he may take a trip un Lhc
western part of the Peace River Valley . The Uev. Father got his
"cranbrook Herald" of four weeks
ago, when he arrived at Uuesnel au.t
was delighted to hear of his dear
Kootenay district. li he ean get
back in November it will be lucxy,
lie do.s nol expect, however, to return unlit next March.
Slnoe moving into his well appointed quarters on Baker street, Air. 0.
P. Tisdale has added numerous 1m-
provcuuuis to his fruit and eonfec-
ui'iu-ry business and now has an es-
utmnduuvui ibat cannot be dibtouiii-
,*J anywhere in the district. All luu
ueWeat fruits and vegetables cau be
bad at market prices. Tho candy
department is fuily stocked with the
tatest and freshest sweetmeats, and
in tlie ice cream and solt drink line
all you have to do is lo name it.
choice tobaccos also abound and Lhu
wants ui ibe most fastidious smoker
or chewer can be supplied.
Last week Hill A Co. had an ad.
in the Herald under lhu signilicaut |
heading, "Tbe Master Touch." The
aa. reterred to the making oi clothes |
and showed that certain brauds uf |
clothes bad the master louch and
this was given by master bauds, li
is the same with job printing-. The
master touch in a job in the touch
that gives Lhe wors a distinciive individuality, a something that shows
ihe diUcreucc between common, ordinary work and artistic work. The
work turned out Irom the Herald
office has the master touch, it
meets wilb tlie approval of till)
people because it satisfies, li takes
master printers lo give work Lho
master louch. The Herald has master printers, men who have learned
iheir trade by working under master
printers in the United States and
Eastern Canada. it pays any business man lo have the kind of work
that shows lbe master louch.
All who have   visited the Imperial!
hotel of late are very complimentary
in their remarks on the managi-niciil'.. I
enterprise in arranging such a costly
and handsome bar-room,     But     tlie j
fixtures are not the oiuy thing    lhat
are of a superior order.   Everything
that is placed over ihu mahogany   is!
uf first class quality.    The customer j
ean order a choice cigar, a    straight
"jolt" or a mixed drink and depend
upon his getting the real thing. Nor
is the dining-room to be overlooked
This branch of the business is    carefully looked   after and a twenty-live
cent meal is served that many epicures declare is   worth filty.    You can
not do bolter than   look up the Imperial when in quest of a drink,    a |
smoke, a meal or a bed.
The undersigned has several cars ul
good feed oats for sale at $22.M) per
ton, in bulk, F. 0. B. Olds; $21,011
per ton in saoks. Wm. Dean,
Wit Olds, Alia.
Teacher wanted for Marysvillc
school. Apply to Marysville School
Board, Marysville, B. C. 2o-3t
Your New Fall Outing liat. We
have received an early shipment of
Ladies' Fall Outing Hats.
, REID  &   CO. ..
A *%&&*** A A * A A *•)*-.* A * A A ****** A A A AAA
Well, you know eroryono cim't win first prize.
The man who does is generally the one who bas
innilo the most enrehri prepnration. White
training yon shonld use* plenty of Witch Hazel
In supple up your muscles. We keep thr* very
best kiwi, viz.: PAKKE DAVIS & CO.'S DISTILLED EXTRACT. Try some for a rub
down after your next practice.
C. E. REID & CO.
9 9
9 9
Mix thoroughly the contents of a
packet with three cups of water and
bring to a boil, when it Immediately
becomes   the perfect lilting   for    two
PRICE, is cts. per packet
Our tlu shop is fully onttlppetl for Uip maim
Enduring of nil kinds of Tin, Iron and Coppersmiths1 work. Also Air Pipe and RoafhnK.
Get our quotations on nil furnace work. Wo
til'AKANTKK Ol'U WORK, dive us n
call ami be convinced	
McCallvm's Hardware;
Of this season's fabrics still await
your older to be made into a suit or
coat. Why nut take advantage of
our end-of-ihe-season offer ? While H
is still summer for you it is near
winter for us.    So we will
at about the cost of the cloth to
Clear it nut. The tailoring will l,e
up lo our usual standard, That yuu
know is the highest,
I We Will Do       l "
$ Your Draying
5ob printing ie an Brt «£,*-*
ill 11 manner '.Imt insures     satisfaction.
That is our business. We want to
please. We are nil
ling to labor hard lo
accomplish that object. That is why our
business prospers : :
The Herald Practices the art.   Yoo can get only one kind of $
Printing in this office.    That is the best. j|
.mourned ,„u,iT. ol III.
Ma,on 4 HUh I'lauuJ	
I   A. W. McVittie
CRANBROOK,   L".   C. '
Dominion and Provincial   Land   Surveyor.
H.H. McVittie
General Agent
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
it Is the Ikst
Ft. Steele IJrewing Co.
Repairing Promptly Don..
Footwear tn Vknsnre a Specialty
Livery  S
T_<tuiB ami driven famished lor an'
point in tlie district.
A. DOYI.B, Manager.
Don't Pay Rent
Build a House
But before doing so see James
'ireer. tho contractor, He will
t» able to hlep you with suggestion, that will prove valuable.
James (ireer
Contractor mul Builder
Portland and Return
30 Day Limit
Choice of routes, nil rail via Sumtifc
S. S. Princess Victoria
Through Sleeping
Sunday -     Wednesday       Friday
For full particulars, lirst cIiibsoi
tourist sleeper reservations, apply
to local agents or write
11. Hlllier, Agcm, Cranbrook.
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,
0 P.A., Nelson. A.n.P.A. Vanoomw
TbiTty days after date wc intcn-1 to
apply to The Chlel Com m ti si oner ol
Lands antl Works, Victoria, for a
Special License to cut and carvy
away timber from the following described lands situate in South East
Kootenay, B. C.—
Commencing at a post planted one
half mile north of lot 7313, thence
running north 80 chains, thence running West 80 chains; thence running
aouth 80 chains; thence running eas'
80 chains to point ol commencement,
containing 6-10 acres mon: ot luss.
The King Lumber Mills, l_.nl.   I  __.
Dated Aug. 19th, 1805.        22 5t   {raising and Into diversified farming
The people of Western Canada unload of saying that while the nineteenth century was the century ol
t,bi* United States tbe twentieth century will be the century ot Canada.
Thoy mean by that, that during the
lasl century lhe American continent
'i;is .Ht'ii to a large extent explored,
ixplolted ami the magnificent re-
sources utilized, while almost equally
;ri'.it resource*, in Canada remain to
he used during the twentieth century.
Western Canadians are confident thai
by far the better part of Canada lies
west of Ontario and between that
irovince and the Rocky Mountains.
There arc great forests and mineral
Ccsourcca to the east and the mineral
wealth of British Columbia has only
been scratched, but the people of the
;roat plain and prairie have come to
Relieve that in their wonderful fertile
-nil and its almost unlimited extent)
they have something far more valu-
ihle than timber or minerals. These
Western Canadians believe that the
lay is now light at hand when the
irlmnoy In wheat raising will pass
from the United Stairs to Western
Canada. Thoy are counting up their
million of acres of excellent arable
lands iiijulliplyiiig them by twenty,
he average yield of wheat pcr acre
in tins country, and pointing to the
result as proof of what Will one day
■ie done* in thell country.
Stretching away north and westward from the eastern boundary of
danltobo is a rich plain and prairie
-•oiiniry, which extends to the Kockj
Mountains and covers an area 01
nearly -lou.ouu s-quare miles, five
times the area 01 the great slat* oi
lu ilu., region more lhau twice as
targe as. 1-ranee, there were by thu
w-eusus ol 1901, only about 400,000
,-eople, or one person to each sqjuare
-mle, and there is said to he less
•Vfcst-fl land iu this country than in
.iny other agricultural region in the
-vuiid oi anything near such an area,
it is a country that ought to support al least lu'iy people to tbe
itjuare mile. There is Uieu room in
.he Canadian west for 20,OOU,0ou
people and It bas 1 „ <i_y much less
.Uan on*, oiilliou.
who can doubt that tbey are good
prophets v.iu'U Uie best-era Cauauum.
4ay that wiin ItH fauud soil, salubn-
jus climate and excellent government,
theii country will ere long be donseiy
populated. There is no reason way
.t should not be the story over again
it itit: settlement, of the American
a .si. l*\ cry wliei e Uu oughout ibe
■western putt of Uie Luitwi States
/uu um) und people who arc weal iny
jjiuipeioas and mil it eii iiul to-day,
limply because ihey were pioneers.
ihu eiilhusiasuc believers iu Western
wanada declare thai this uew laml
aas exactly thu same opportunities,
Alinti will yield fruit 111 lea or fifteen
/cars suoucl to those \-\ho go in no-a
md gel started 111 early in thu race
-ui vwalib and position.
t'or Uiu last six years thu Canadian
•Vest Ills been growing rapidly. As
uhu cheap lands of the (Juiicd State.-.
.lave been nlled up and the govciu-
uieut land in the numid region bus
almost ail boen taken, the never ending stream of land seekers and home
nuildcrs who are always moving westward in thu republic, have turned
iheir attention to Western Canada.
(Vt lust there were only a lew mem*
«rs o/ an advance guard, hut year by
/ear, ihe number of newcomers, both
i.iin ilie lulled States and Europe
■las increased, until uow a ver i tacit*
.lumaii stream is (Ibwing into Manitoba ami the Territories each year,
in liiVl ihu total imputation of the
Canadian West wan only 18,005; ten
years later it was 118,706; the census
uf lUUl shows Uial the population of
Manitoba and ihu throe Territories
was over -110,000. Of course ill.*
population movement could not be
taken oare of if lbe railway Hues
were not reaching out into a new
country all the while. Tho Canadian
Mortltcrn is hard at work on its main
line extension to Edmonton, 800 miles
north of Winnipeg. Altogether tbe
new system has now 2,10(1 miles of
line west of Lake Superior, It also
bas a number of branch lines undei
way. The Canadian Pacific is working on several branch and connecting
Im.s and has some long new lines
projected. Tha Dominion government, moreover, has recently closed
a contract with the Grand Trunk for
the building of a second transcontinental line across Canada.
With good luck Western Canada will
this year raise 100,000,0110 bushels 01
wheat. The significance of this
statement may be grasped when it ti
said that Minnesota and the two
Dakotas did not raise more than
150,000,000 of wheat last JTar.
Wheat, of course, Is king iu Western
Canada and as the tendency is for the
farmers of the Northwestern part of
the United States to go out ol wheat
it is probftblo it will long remain
kinft, but o.its. barley, rye ami all
the vegetables yield wonderfully well
and already lbe Canadian west Is
famed f"r its fine ii*e stock.
In eoucliisii.il, 1 can do no better
than quote from an article by Mr. II.
V. Jones, tho well known wheat au
hority, whieh appeared In the North
Western Miller, ol Minneapolis:
The total Wheat acreage of Western Canada for next Ithla) year will
be close on 4,000,000 acres. This is
a gain of more than 3110 pec cent, in
ten years. The average annual increase in acreage has been about 230,-
000. Should this be kept up, 2,300,
000 acres will he added in the next
'en years. The rate should, however, be larger than in the past. Until the latter part of the nineties immigration into Western Canada was
small. Now it is large aud will bt
larger. Canada is the last new country on this continent left to the
wheat farmer. It is inevitable thu
the vast areas of free or cheap lands
m Europe and America. Hence then
will be no lack of the necessary pop
ulai ion to break and cultivate thi
"During the greal development 01
Uie American West, from 1S70 Io 1000
the United Slates built 130,000 miles
of railway. An immense rallwaj
building program must go hand it.
hand with the development of Western
Canada as a wheat producing country on a big scale. Such a program
is now in sight. The Canadian
Northern aud Canadian Pacific rail
ways arc building about ltiOu miles 01
road in Western Canada, have 300u
miles of live projects, and the Grand
Trunk Pacific is planning to build
about 2,500 miles of main line and
branches between Winnipeg and the
coast. The mileage is now aboui
"When the American West was being developed, the wheat acreage increased about 1,000,000 acres a year.
For a number ol years the increase
will probably not be so rapid in tin
Canadian West. But it should he
about 300,000 acres a year during thi
next ten years. This would give an
acreage of about 7,U0li,uuti by 1015,
and a crop, in an average year, ol
175,000,000 bushels.
"Frost is the great bugaboo al
wheat raising in Western Cauada;
has been too much of a bugaboo,
regions where the soil has not been
long under the plow there is danger
of frost hurting the wheat, but as
the ground is tilled year after year,
the danger of harmful frosts large!}
disappears. Tlie average yiltd oi
wheat on the Canadian prairies is so
high that even if 20 per cent, he al
lowed lor frosted wheat, there is still
a good profit in wlil'at raising. M01
over, in a country that does not raise
corn, frosted wheat tits very handily
in the economy of lhc farm, as it is
an excellent food for hogs, cattle and
poultry. Frosted -aheat has
gular market value.
"In twenty years Western Canada
has had unly one crop—that of the
dry year ol 1000—that yielded Ics^
than twelve bushels lo lbe acre. Western Canada is profiting by the experience of the United States and
will make better use of the wheat
lauds. Rotation ol crops and summer fallowing arc generally practiced. Both rest llie land and preserve
its fertility, though summer fallowing
is chiefly followed because it keeps
the moisture in the soil, something
very Important In those parts of the
country where Ihey are raising wheat
on a small rainfall.
"Mr. McKay, tho dlruotot ol the
Indian Head, Asstnihola, experimental
farm, has been advocating summer
fallowing for years ns crop Insurnuci
in regions of light rainfall.. Ile favor*
summer fallowing every other year
but tn practice it is usual in minimal
fallow every third year. Many fat
mors lake their second crop ofl tin
stubble of the first yeai, without
plowing. This, however, is consider
ed poor farming.
"There is litlle rlnuhf that ultimately large areas will be devoted to
wheat in Athabasca, and perhaps
even in Mackenzie, as the suminci
Isotherms indicate, what isolated Instances of actual experience has
shown, that wheat raising i.s pos
sible 000 miles due north of ihe Inter-
national boundary, But tot two or
three decades, at least, only Manitoba, Assinihoia, Saskatchewan and
Alberta need be considered in figuring on wheat possibilities.
These geographical divisions have a
land area of 230,000,000 acres.
"Some day there can be 10,000,001
acres devoted to wheat in Western
Canada. That would mean a production of 800,000,000 to 1,200,001-
000 bushels. This will probablj
come about, ion, long before Canada
has £0.000, (1(10 people Thus the
exportable surplus will be enormous."
—Thco. M. Knappcn.
Raymond Chronicle: Owing to the
saddles slipping ou two horses being
tried out on the Park h.*re yesterday
morning there was a duuble accident
11 um whieh Charley Kiusey and John
luniicy each bad a leg broken and ie-
eelvtd othii Injuries. What is to*
.uaikable about lhe mallei ti thai
ihe accidents hupp-, fled ai lhe same
lime, fiuin tin; same cause in each
case and resulted in each uf lhu liters huakiiig his lelt leg Heal lhe kuev
'lhe two bad tout horses being tcst-
d as 10 speed tut lhc races tu he
iiin hero mt ibe L7U) and Uth I'lie
ust pmi ol horses bad been run and
lie saddles transferrin! to anolhei
i.tii. The ittu hu4 come well lulu
the stretch when the accidents hap-
.'unci. Betfidos a uiuKlii leg Keune)
.ud his auulu sprained ana uolh men
lie twill) bruised.
Ur. Rivets has set ibe broken
joius, ii) neither case weie tin; uac-
cures compounded. Klnpoy will pro-
Jfliu!) have uis ii-g pui under tliu A
ujs iu itvuu a.i) permanent result
-um ihe accident'i which wuuut put
mi uut ui sprinting, 111 wnion he is
ue 01 the tuti-iio.cii.,is in uie t-aua-
iu.11 West, ivenlio) has own taken
u ilie luointyre uaiicnu, 01 wincu tie
> foreman.
v- ..     .    .     "       , .   .       **-.* I Synopsis ol Kefulilluas lur dismiual ol Mil*
Nonce is hereby given ihat    after;       eraU ob OmUUm Und* in Niallftfet,
one month from the dale oi the first,       ttir Nwtiwttl rcrriiork* ind the VlltM
publication hereof application will be j       Territory.
made to His Honour the Lirulenant-
(io-.ernor-in-Cnum.il lor Incorporation|.. '.u1..-* «•' l'uVu oq_\oj*n*&- M •***
as a city municipality under the corporate Dame ot Cranbrook, ol the
Take notice sixiy days alter dale I
intend  to apply  to the 1 lull, the I'll let
Commissioner of Land ami Works at
Victoria lui permission lo pmchase
lbe following described laud, beginning
at a post on the easl bank oi Moyie
river in the l-'.ast K00ten.1v district,
at the south easl coiner of lot 7103,
marked  B,  C. St. Clair's smith west
comer post, thence north 20 chains;
llience east 20 chain.:; thence south 80
chains;    thence    west   20 chains,    to
point  of  beginning,    containing   i<>
actus, more or less.
10-ot B, c. st. Clair
Yahk Station, June 25, 1905.
Incorporated locality located in    theMSPjJjHg!
Province of   British Columbia,    des-|wuSK_KnJ
crihed as follows :— huiuraniitdOki
Commencing at » point in lotl"™"1^"**
twenty-nine (20) Group One, Koot-t A.ft«emuer-«
enay District, In the Province of'... muii*)*-..*.*,..
British Columbia, where the northei-l1.1!.^
lv limit nt Harold Street, as shown
on a plan filed in Ihe land registrv
olliee al Nelsmi, British Columbia, asl__
number six hundred nml sixiy nine
(Q88) produced, strikes ibe southerly
, .»[ ■,
U i(lira.:iir_>.     N"l
.l.'U .il.'i   l>)   ..li<*    u
Ij  al it..' title ot
Notice is hereby given Uial Uiirt\
da)8 alter dale 1 intend lo apply iu
une Chief Commissioner oi Lands and
.\on.s lor a license to prospect lui
oal and petroleum uu the following
(escribed lauds m bast Uootenaj
Jlstrlct :—
toumienciug al a post plained at
Un northwest cornet 01 Alice Tuttle s
o.il and petroleum claim on Eli,
.Uver aiiout, __ miles north of tot
,i.is., oioup Ono Kootenay, Uienee.^u
.■liains west; ilunce t>u chains north,
.h.hce so chains east; ihvncc M>
-hains south tu the place ol beginning
conitfining B10 acres, more or less.
Erih-s-t Rice
Dated ihis day, August 23, 1005.
Commencing  at a pest planted
ihe north-Oasi coiner ui John F. Wilson's coal and petroleum claim, thoncc
>u chains west; thenco 80 chains
north; thence ho chains easl; thenee
JO chains soulji to the place of beginning, containing ti-iu acres, mure or
Ernes-t Rice.
Dated ihis day, August ^3, tiiitb.
Take notice that thirty days aflei
date we Intend to apply to tne Chlel
Commlssipner uf Lands and Works
(or a special license to cut and carr)
away timber from the following des
crihed lands situate in Easi Kootenay
District, B. C, commencing at the
north-west comer of King Mercantile
Co.'s South African Land Grant
(Trooper Hammond) running west 80
chains, south 80 chains, east 80
chains, north 80 chains, to point of
The King Lumber Mills, Lid.
l8-5t M. B, King, Manager
limit nl ihe rl
Crow's Nest P.*
said right ot-way
said plan niimbei
easterly alone ih
ihe northerly llm
and along tlu* sa)
Harold Street in
said northerly lln
with (he easl
Avenue as sh
Ihence SOUthe
tetljf llmll rn'
iis IntersectI
limit of Edw
ul lln
as  the
m the
Thirty days after date wc Intend to
apply to the t hief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Victoria, for a
Special License to cut. and cai 1 y
away timber from the lollowlng described lands situate in South Ea-il
Kootenay, B. C—
Commencing at a post planted one
mile, more or less, from the northern
boundary line of lo' 7312, thenee r
nine cast -10 chains; (hence north, -Sii
chains; thence east 40 chains; thenc
north 40 chains; thence west 41
chains; thence north 40 chains, thenci
wesi 10 chains; thence south 120
chains to point of coinmcncemen
containing 640 acre*:., mure or l-.-ss,
Tne King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Dated Aug. 17-th, 1005. 22-5t
id plan, th. 11
said northerly 1
to iis Inti i"ci
Iinm   ol  N.n.'t*.
on plan Qflfid.
Registry OITle
January, 1001
th.*     e,stilly
-lit of wav
u  Railway
is shown
0(10,   thenee
saui production ol
n of llm.dd Strool
l northerly limit ol
ibe intersection o(
n of Harold Streel
limil ui Lumsden
iwh     01.   said   plan   000,
lv along the said eos-
sald Lumsden avenue lo
n uiih Uie northerly
td Street as shown   on
ma toe in
»i(«.'uii iiiitul MeoUoel
l„.iv.'l'  I    1.11   iu
 .■■••...■• if.', by
, i,\i.ii'j:,li...-.i-.,iio..i
.•il-ll ■ ii-l ..11 lln-  mu*
' 'l.li'll   Wlllllll   lltlQKll
Inlai.-i ..I
[iron ami
i|), ul    lilt
sterly at
..I  lMwatd Stl.-iM
Hon wllh the easterly
use Avenue as shown
lil.d   in the  said Land
on ihe BfUh day ol
ih nee southerly along
limit    of   said   Nnr
ns   shown
plan Bllfid to Its Intersection wllh thi
southerly llmll nf Kaln street 11s
shown on ihe said plan BftOd, tbencr
westerly along the southerly limit nf
Ka'n street as shown on said plan
ir.nd and on ihe plan 8C0e, and fifiOb,
fvtcd In the said Land Registry Offlcn
to the Intersection of said Kaln
Street with the northerly limit ol
\ an llnrue Streel, thence northeasterly a ton? th" northwesterly limit of
Van Horn'
Street     to the point
T. Rogers,
F. Curd,
A, Harvey,
K. Simpson,
P. 1VV. Hum,
.1. P. Fink,
W. T. Reid.
.1. D. Mcnrlde.     J0—11
Paled ihis 2Sth dav of July, A.D.
Thirty days after date we Inleml lo
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Victoria, for a
special license to. put and cany away
timber f|'Om lho following described
lands situated in Southeast Koolenay :—
Commencing at a post planted at
lhe   south-east   corner of*L, Cahtll's
Timber License, thence running north 1  , ".■   "    .,       ,     „,. ., .,,„
80   chains;   thence east    100 chains. lof thc north-west corner of the
Take notice lhat thirty days aftei
date I Intend to apply to ihe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a special license to cut and carry
away timber irom thc following described lands In South East Koote-
n.ty :—
Commencing   at   a    post    marked
"Alex. Moffat's South East Corner"
planted on the west line of lot  S81,
Group one, and about one mile south
Commencing at a posl plan-led at
the north-east cornet ul Vina Wilson's
coal and petroleum claim, tlience
iti chains east, thence fcO chain.,
north; thence 80 chains west, llicute
a0 chains south to lhe place of beginning, containing i>10 acres, more or
D. McLean.
Dated this day, August 23, lliuu.
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-east corner of Vina Wilson's
coo.1 and petroleum claim, thence
i0 chains west; thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains east, tbetice
so chains south to the place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or
ti. McLean.
Dated ihis day, August 23, 1905;
Commencing at a post planted at
the northeast corner of A. Melntyre s
coal and petroleum claim, thence
80 chains wesi; thrnce 80 chains
north; Ihence 80 chains east; thence
!0 chain< south lo thc place" ol" be-*
ginning, containing 840 acres, more 01
R. Whehcll.
Dated this day, August 23, 1905.
Commencing at a post planted at«]
Uie norlli-west corner of Alice Mute's
coal and petroleum claim, s thenee
SO chains east; thi nee 80 Chains
north; thenco SO chains west; thence
80 chains south to the place'bf le-
glnning, containing 640 acres, more or
R. Wbt'bell.
Dated this day, August 23, 1005.
Commencing at a post, planted nt
■he north-east corner nt A. Fairfield's
coal and petroleum claim, thence
*i0 chains west; ihence 80 chains
north; thence HO chains east; thrnce
SO chains south lo lhe place of beginning, containing OIO acres, more or
A. Guides.
Dated ibis dav, Augltsl 23, 1005.
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-west corner of a. Manahan s
coal and petroleum claim, thenco
no chains east; thi nee HO chains
north; thence BO chains west; thence
SO chains soulh lo the place of be-
glnnlng, containing 640 acres, more or
A. Geddes,
Dated this day. August 23, 1005.
Commencing at a post planted nt
Ihe north-east corner of Leila Ross'
coal and petroleum claim, thrnce
SO chains west; thence 80 ehafns
north; thence 80 chains east; ihence
80 chains south to the place of beginning, containing 040 acres, more or
W. Fairfield.
Dated this day, August 23, 1905.
of the south-west
thence south 10 said south-west corner of Inl 5101; Ihence west -10 chains;
thence south 10 chains, more or less,
to R. C. Southern Railway, thence
follow Ing right-of-way of said B. C,
Southern Railway in a south-westerly direction BO chains, more or less,
lo point of commencement, containing 010 acres, moie or less.
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd
Dated July 20th, 1005. 19-5t
1 point due north' lot; thence west SO chains, thenco
onier of lot 54C4; j north 40 chains; thence northeasterly
following tho bank of the Elk ri
120 chains, more or less, to the said
west line ot the snld lot 301; thence
south 120 chains to the place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more ur
Located the    14th day of   AUguU,
A.D.,  1905
21-.it A. Mofiat
 ^^-*-: 1905 r-=.__===s
3 - DAYS - 3
Larger und better than -aver. Everything now and up-to-
date. All kinds of open air attract ions Euch day some*
thing interesting,     You will meet old friends tliere	
Commencing at a post planted at
the_.north-west corner of E. Ddberer's
coal and petroleum claim, thence
SO chains (fast! thence .80 chains
north; thence SO chains west; thenee
SO chains soulh to the place of he-
winning, containing 040 acres, more or
W. Fairfield.
Dated this day, August 23, 1905.
Commencing at a post planted on
'he north-east corner of A. M. Stewart's co^il and petroleum claim, thence
80 chains west; thence 80 chains
north: thence 80 chains east; thence
SO ohalhs smith to the place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more hr
C. Whehell.
feted this day, August 23," 1905.
1905-September 27 to October 7=1905
t'luliT tho (ihsplces of ih„ Roj-iil Agricultural
ninl Industrial Society	
New Westminster, B. C.
Stupendous and comprehensive array ol Fx-
hibits representing the resources ot all Canada
$100,000.00 fttt'/£f.£S8 $100,000.00
Enlarged (lroiindu, New, Handsome, Spacious lliiiain„s
Lacrosse, Horse Racing, Broncho "Busting," rillitary
Parades and Exercises.
ROVAL IRISH UUARDS and other Famous bands.
ClkAND WATER CARNIVAL—Parade ol Fraier river
fishing fleet, patrol boats, H. M, warships, Indian
war canoe.', etc.   Indian Sport?.
For all inlormatlon write W. II. KEARY, Secretary and
and Manager, New Westminster, B. C.
,,   „>..>'  !„
„■... uttltl.
_mul, ,m ,„■>
_..,!    u„j,
'I ,*. Ill Uilill'O
ll.'lll   it.I
lYukun ivnim...
.a ...a) bu BnHiu
.•I ui.iii) year**, i
. rinhi it <*<
ll mu  III   Uii*.
iM.h. i.,ri uoiiumirj iu b.'
rn Un- im 'i.i- ui August iu .lie yeai u
,t tllL-l.M.M'.
ll.e iesii*e*i!mil luivi' .un' ilreilsv lu
I.llllll  I.M.   11-..I-  lllllll  ll III.- ill   till'
-1 U|W
loya ij ittiineni iii-
lUiu-ei .Mtiuiij. tu
i liu Inr
■ iiiiiimn
iiiKuii lerrltory,
[III-   .111,0
>UBU, ..U'l
1\   )'.'UI»
lur in -.t
iiul; VAt.
I llll.i
,111.1.     M
u f.;.-i -
UlllllUlUiU llllllk" I l»>  l«.l   'L.I, |i   it-.
iuo,i i-iii, iii-iiiiii,, uaitcen.   Knirj uui>l
-i.ii.'.i ,i. lltn Im ,.;i >, ll till* I'laiiu I!
., ll tiui.H >i( unit.in; nx-ii ili'i i ulili'i*. ''
III) ii luw I'd fm  citeli .».iil.i!',ii.. ii<u i
I Kill.
llie ,'iv,;i grou
liol.t :i |r_«9 HilUi-i '
Ilie uiwoverer >
i-l.iiiiii.1 i.uu tai*l
i'Oii-i*_l»gf two, ],;.
reit uf iiifj |iur|y u
:iii>..ii> itahlnaa
iitir :■.-.
iipl roller,
.,] free miner tliatl >■
UUIK- iii;,..u; ci,ulu
ei. or Kulun, iml Uii'
• i.iiiy.
niiuuj trt
Hue  «U.d
ii iu a
10   OUI-
ii. ilm
n'U t
nl ii.-,e
.ite nv.r
ill,.,   ll '..I
Kill    liHtt
ttilnnrn nmy ivorK llieir olnlltis lu purtlicrituiu liy
ii llijl. iiii'ii*. iiiui |iu,tu. .ue nl ■;.. A .'imui
ulu se i-j.ul ii .1 ,iita uii—ii,.! .lUniiiii'il nu l.e
mu in* i-i'i'K, guUb 'T riVSCt uy ui,:i,; .iiiiii.. 9Ly{.
imyliiK i. it*.-
^. i> in.i>t in* .Ilu i a I'luliu en.'ti yi'-ti i<>
tin* value nl al leust \m>.
a oe tiu.'.iu' in.a worlt iins been done musl ue
ub in m-i I liiuli yeiir, i[ im . Uie L'taitll >luill l'f
uVeiiu-tlt,! lit iii.:in.l.ui.Hl,uuil u|m-ii u.oc.'iii'ull..u
nml ei.tiy I.y n1r<>' iiilui'i.
Tlie itoinuViri.-. of i    '
..'lui'ij hy ii.i.uii' ii t
nOtiC— IU Ul'! VUtf ItllHOHUI
it'troK'uiii, -All   ninn,I-,,i)
l-iiul-iii  .iiiui,!'.,  llle   N.in
mul  witliiii lhe  \ uk iu  l>r>
proip ctina nu petruwum,
nmy resorve r.n »n iu.liii.iimi
HU nuii'hliiery OU the hiuil lo
ie pi
uraunrSii acres, si. ml-i thu . _
ever mi lu i'i.iiiii.' .|ii,i!tiiiii •>, and «
i'.iiiiiui li -uii'ii dlliioverfi an nru.i ii-
iiiii ueifb. i.iol U'l I.u: tin- nil mu luu ti
lftt.it ft-i nmy lie .i.-luiiuiut'il, will he
ill-n-u>i*lel .ll III,- t.'.l'J -'!  11.00 Ull  -.-
io royally at mn-li rate it-, may i,-- l
l iinlut ii. I'.ium'ii
\V. W.
a-  imnl-li-r
,|. ni,   (.in
,|lOlll'.l,    nil
iH-ei.il   .11*-
Uitdy ..rliy
t U .Guttling
-.iu li ulticr
i' ol tlm intn: or
ll Y   USING
.'mil, Chicago, New  York
I'ala.c aad lourlal Sleeper., Ruflcl   I llirary
vara,  Modern   Day  Cache,   Uu,,,,,   Car.,
;Meal. a la Carle.
*• East and SVesI Dally I*
Spe.tal fuuf.lan ratea In Wnrld'. lair, SI.
I.ouIb.      Vuur ihol.c ol route.
For ralos, folders „„<l lull Inforranllon
m'H„i,i,„k trips, full ,,„ or ntlilross
II. W. I',  1,
IJ. P, ,» T. A
701 IV, Riverside Wo
RiM>k„„„. Wash,
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date 1 Intend to apply iu
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase
three hundred and twenty acres of
land in South ICasi Kootenay, described as follows :—
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-west corner of lot No. 55,
thence north forty chains along the
east houndary of lot 3005. thence
east sixty chains, more or less, to lhe
Wild Horse Creek, thence following
down the said stream to a point east
of the Initial post, thence we*->t forty
chains, more or leas, to tbe place of
Sarah I.a Rue Oalbraith.
lkt«d at Fort iitet.lt, B.C., .ith
July. 1801. It-tt _'UI.  CBAKBB00K   II LISA Ll.
PARADE   AT   10   A.   M.
Best Driving Team . .
Best Draft Team . . .
Best Dressed Team . .
Union with largest repre-
Best Union Float    .   .   . $15
Best Merchant's Float .   . 15
Best Lumbermen's Float 15
Union with best general appearance    ..... 25
$ 5
r 'C'fl.Mi
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦«■♦*«♦■»*.•«•*-j*♦♦*<• .-.'•, »»»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Bi———_Ma—I————Ba—■ ———B—a— i*   . ,tnwm-i'mM&mmmmtmmmmm^mma^m
Winners for Wet Test 2 Cops and $50
Winners for Hub and Hub Race Cup and $25
The Harvie cup goes to winners of wet test.   Races to take
placeafter parade on Hanson avenue.
■■■__■■■————— »*■•
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦-&♦*<-*>•? »*»* .♦»«*»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»»♦♦♦♦
Will be Run from Every
I Point in the District at
Half mile dash, open, horse race
Half mile pony race (141  hands or
Indian pony race	
Squaw race  -
Chopping contest	
Tie making contest	
Sawing contest	
Loading logs	
Drilling contest (open only to miners
of East Kootenay)	
Running high jump >	
Running broad Jump	
High pole vault   	
Winning team, trap shooting	
First Sec'd
.$20 silver cup $10 medal
     $20       $10
100 yards, open
Half mil. open	
Boys' race, under [6 years  6 3
Boys' race, under 10 years.  3 2
Girls'race, under 16 years        6 3
Girls'race, under 10 years  3 2
Union men's race, 100 yards, 20 to 35
years   10 5
Union men's race, 35 to 43 years .. 10 5
Old nun's race, over '15 years .... 6 3
Fat man's race, 200 pounds or over 6 3
Pulling 16 pound shot   10 5
Tug of war, on cleats,  10 men on
learn, open to East Kootenay  ... 35 15
i i
No second
prizes wi
thout three entries
. j*^» w __■ a— .
4* <(•<, ******* ************************** ■< ********************
$1200 IN PRIZES $12001
Come and I
v*..*.y Yourself
J. P. FINK, President H. WHITE, Secretary
S* M'DONALD, vice-ch'R'm
VICE-PRESIDENTS: J. F. Huchcroft, William Oliver, G. A. King, Robert Fincilay, H. W. Drew, I. H. Wilson, J. Austin, A. K. Leilch, F. Becker, I. J. Baxter, Glen Campbell, Samuel Speers, R. A. Fraser, Oliver
Burge, N. Hanson, E. C. McPhee, Thos. Young, George Leiteh, Thomas Moran, W. W. Tuttle, C. C. Farrell
(Continued irom first page I
and even when the man has turned
out to be in the right, he has not
been compensated Is this living uji
to the agreement 1 la the la-.t named case, where the matter, has been
settle:!, the superintendent merely
observed Well, I suppose you can
go back to work.' "
Mr. Sherman then read some correspondence between himaell and Mr.
Dnnnau in respeel to the blacksmiths
and the McGlnty trouble, in which
Mr. Drinnan concedes the dctu.u.tl-. .is
to thc pay of blacksmiths, but wishes
the McGinty mattei submitted to arbitration, which Mi Sherman iu a
lettei of reply, win.,, d to do, Lut added lhat tn- WOUld take SUCh steps ns
he thought best lo pioicet the m-
leiests of the members of lln* l! M.
Mr. Sherman ih n went on to say
that il tito t'o.ii company wero io be
permitted to tnako agreements and
then Interpret the agreements to suit
themselves there would be nu use in
having agreements Uo bad distinctly told Mr. Drinnan that ii the company continued to break their con
tract it would assuredly end in a
strike. Hitherto he had always had
the utmost respect Ior Drinnan and
had always looked upon lum as an
honorable man and as honest as a
man could be expected tu liu holding
ihe position he did, hul bo was afraid
lie was going to lose that confidence
mid respect, lie wanted tho public
to know antl understand that lho)
had patiently put up with thesu con-
-.'■int broaches ol agreement for three
months, but patience was exhausted
ere nuw determined iu
There had been trouble
WILL BE A MINE       MS__*5_____
aud they
light it uiu
in tho Crows Nest boforo and n
imcmtd that tins company wished to
live up io old traditions ami stir up
nouble and earn that character ioi
trickiness which was iho eharactct ol
Uie company before.
The Daily News on hearing ol the
outibreak ui thu trouble immediately
wired manager U. ti. Dilantin for his
side of the matter ami tlie following
reply was received from him yesterday evening :—
IJSl-.s   (Jilt    Ol
i.i ui iLgrce-
iiuj   is urge
hi use last
in settle tho
grout iu in
Sherman re*
Several months a«o u was reported in circle";, hitherto reputed To be.
Will informed on matters pertaining j
lo ihe roads and trails department of
' he .rlmimst ration, i hat a wagon
road was to be constructed un the
St.. Marys valley beyond 'h*> Ink?,
ind to tend mon* str^n^^-li to ihr- report, the lion, the Chief commission*
r nf I **,M<* *»nd Works paid \b.ti town
in nfTcinl \tiit winding un with th->
report rrferrrd to. It ti now well
' nnwn 'hit iinte** verv recently, no
monrv has been r*i*>roiiriair-d for Tlie
''arrvln'.' out ot This work, notwithstanding the fact thnt nianv min.1"!
hf> valley ar.- tfopcr-dliKt wholly
ih.T construction of mich a
road tor a means of gcttim.
iheir ore out 'o 'he smelter. Any*
one who ean explain to those Interested how to Induce the government
'o carry nut its duty m.l pre-election plidges in the St, Marys valley
will confer a lavor upon many revenue payers In il*- St. Marys valley It ti safe to say that during
the last year not five per cent uf Ihe
revenue obtained from this valley li.v
been spent in it The Btft-te ol lhe
roads is a disgrace to any government We do not ask Ior sidewalks
-what wc have we have huilt. We
Ji. not asl; for repairs to any public
works in Marysville—we have none.
We do nut ask for any Improvements
lhat we can get along without, he-
cause we feel ihai economy is becoming to the government in its pre
sent condition, but we do ask the
government In tlw name oi decency,
regard lor pre-election pledges, ami
m the best Interests ol the district
and all concerned, iu get uown to
ouslncss and do tho right thing bj
the Sl. Marys vnllc). Uivc thi.-
i alloy even a ghost oi a show and i.
■.wll lospoud a Hundred loiu lor eterj
Juiim wibh-t) ajiini upon u. in.
-jucstioi) una ii^^ii a.nau repi-atdjlji
.tlio is .i. ui...,. . Any .m-jiuoi uvt
c_.u uubn.L u..i..     i.n   r.y,ii, .... ,
*   STRIKE ON Till:
ABOUT Tin*'.
Th-.- tact ui ilu* important strike on
the Steinwiudet above Kimborlcj vas
mentioned in general items in the last
issue ol Uu* Herald, but as tin* facts
become ascertained, and tho extent ol
iho .-.Hike examined, the real Importance uf the event grows mun
a representative ol the Herald visited the Stcrawlndet on Sundaj last
and having sume experience in mima;
matters can *-■!) with reason that tin
Indications are most cm ou raging
Wh.'ii the    i>'w.-l    tunnel  was drivui
"The pres. ni di piiiv
interpretation 11 	
me-ut—wli.-ih. i in, .ii
or small I li    di -pi
monlh ami v>u uiu i^.i
matter by the method
article 2 ol agreement
luu leet, .. crow i
iti was iiiu im' -i
tew" ie. t iu ihe r.gl
,t      Uighi at the
portal ol the cut a
.-.ii. ug, will   ue-
fined stllltgi i   - l  ;..<
[. 1..,    au    tsicoun
tit\.l         All      Joill
ttii.i al.,.. i with
ilie main lunn 1. an
l aboui seven feet
bvyond the ctews
I'm w;i*, im luuali
enough to mci i tin
ni. ii, the Lui' ul
his drill.     Wh, u i
Uaiu.g a spot  lo
ill   .i   post   li.'l«itli
Uu- face and   the
.ross cm   another
shoot was tumid
i'li.-u- are now   ihn
.•a strong leads ul
clean galena    \tii-
le in    a space ul
scven leet or su
Uu  lhe lell  ul   tho
tunnel, and   ixiiu.
liUg back  suiiie  UO
feet iiom  the face
in   ait   uiiiiiislal.c-
future. The Cranbrook orchestra filled the air with
sweet strains ol music io the delight
nf all present, D vvas late before
I all the guests had departed and It
| seemed difficult lor them to leave
such an attractive scene and pleasing
James Oill was brought hack to
Cranbrook last Monday and on
Tuesday he was ghen another hear-
in; and committed on six charges.
W, K. itoss appeared tor Oil! and J.
A. Harvey tor V. Hyde Baker, who
was proSCCUtfau. This means that
in all probability it will go harder
with the prisoner Uus time than 11
lid before.
Miss Cora Hill and Mr. Harry Catling, uf tiiis city, were united in
marriage on Monday of lasl week bv
Justice F. A. Slocker, at Spokane,
I'he happy couple returned lo Cran
brook in Friday and arc now located
in lheir it'W Iiuine un Baker lull.
Wis Wulic, whu accompanied h.i
l.tu.'.hiei in Spokane, lo bo present
.it iin- marriage, has gone to Uiscn
r ii to visit relatives, Mi Catling
e un- uf tin* industrious employees
■i F -i Bradley .*- Co., the painters
.rn.i decorators, ami tlie Herald ox
lends lo Mt and Mrs Catling ils
best wishes foi a happy and prosperous life
aide* wall oi porphyry, This wall i
in a'ly perpendicular, and wbethei i
will turn out to Ik* Uie foot or thi
hanging wall Is as yel uucertaln. On
ihe righi the pyrrhotile capping is
-iiiii in evidence, but as the character
of tho ground is changing, and the
formation loosening up very much ii
may be expected that the capping
Aill souu be passed, and both wall.-.
caught. Thc three shoots ul ore
.lend straight ahead, so that there is
Take notice that I Intend io apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a Special License to
cut and carry away timber from lhe
following described lands in East
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing ai a post planted A
mile west ol the Skookumehiick tiv-
on the lirst erect on the west sldo
and cluse to trail going up said
creek, thence south 160 chains, thcuce
west io chains, ihence north lim
chains, thence cast lu chains, to the
place of beginning.
K. Klce.
Aug. S3rd, 1005,
Take notice that I intend to apply
to lho i hii-t Commissioner ol Lauds
and Works fur a Special License lu
cut and carry away timber (rum the
following described lands in Easl
Kootenaj  Dislriel, British Columbia
Commencing at a post planted al
•K. Kn-e s No. l north-west corner,
thenco south 100 chains, thence wesi
11) chains, ihence i.uilli llill chains,
ihence east iu chain.-, tu place ol Le
!■;   Rico
Aug  aSrd, 1005.
lusud lo settle iu Ui
threatened to call the nun out on
strike ji we refused their demands
He repudiates article 2 ui agreement,
ai.d says he will not settle any disputes in this district by iluu method
His statement that we have bfokeu
all terms uf agreement is not coi-
rt'et. On the oilier hand hy repudiating article 2 he practically annuals
agreement. Article u was put in the
agreement because the committee
claimed it would prevent occurrences
of this kind. They now claim the
right lo settle dusputes In the manner best suited to serve their own
Fernie, August 22.--A committee of
the miners, consisting ol president
Sherman, vice-president Patterson,
secretaries Biggs, Howbrook and
Oalvin, met Mr. Drinnan yesterday
and arrived at an agreement which
was submitted to a meeting of the
men today and ratified by them.
All the demands ol thc miners were
compiled with, and they go hack to
work to-morrow morning. The men
are to receive the wages as contended
and thc price Ior the moving ol Mc*
Ginty remains at S3. The interpretation of article 18 is lo be definitely
settled upon the arrival ol Mr. Lindsay ou the first of the month.
On Sunday of this week, ti. *.
.smith, unu ui the original uoiaots in
uie aullivan <-iioup pi oyer vies, pain
aiurjsvitie a mid visit. lx. ua*s
utxii eir0agtd in iariuing down uii
■m. Alary a valley during Wc lusi
iuree years auu reports fcood ctops il
uis neigbuothood, His experience n.
larmiug :.a. bceu obtained in mail)
suites as well as in Canada, aud In
ia reported as having SAld llut tnt
St, Marys valley co-tatty is as sure
a crop-producer as any country ne
has been in, bar none. Mr. .Smith is
a man who is rcspccU'dbyall    who
every hope mat as tne tunnel is~_d-
• aiic.-d more ore will be found in the
.aoe, With the porphyry wall on
.he lefl it is plain that tbey au
ivorking on the contact, and that u»
mtckbone ol tlie mining pro-irfem oi
ihe Steiuwlnder is broken.
An assay of some oi tile ore taken
irom the cross eui, and made by a
party having no inlerest whatever in
ilie property ran UO o/.. in silver,
j0 per cent lead, 8 per cent, zinc, and
a irace ol gold.
A fair specimen oi tho ore can be
seen at Beale A Elwejl's office,
tu daj
ied last
Tbe manner In which Lhe C. P, ll.
are making permanent improvements
along ihe line of thc ('row would indicate that the company are expecting a "big addition to the traffic in
tbe future. This is due lo the facl
that next yeai the Corbin road will
give the C. P R. nn enhance Into
Spokane, and give that city another
transcontimniHl load. This through
traffic will prove ol a great benefit to
Cranbrook as it will all pass through
this town. Ex-Senator George Tinner, who was in Cranbrook last week,
in speaking of the Corbin toad, said;
"The people of Cranbrook have nu
Idea at this time what the building
of the Corbin road will mean to this
town. It is going to be a big thing
for Spokane, and it will also prove
ol great value to this town, as il
will make CrarVbrook the gateway to
this rich section for the northwestern
The lacrosse club is not in a very
good shape financially as the trip thc
hoys made was a heavy expense.
Cranbrook has a first-class team this
year and the boys are deserving of
every assistance. No money has been
wasted and every cent can be accounted for and this w'll be dune hy
a complete business statement being
made, In the meantime anyone who
feels like contributing a dollar or
more can send it to the secretary,
James ArnoM.
mnowu-iiii'fur bis sincerity an4 good
common sense. The opinion ol such
a man is well worth consideration by
all parties looking for farming land
in South East Kootenay. It may be
mentioned that a ready market absorbs all the local farm produce at
excellent prices the year round. When
agriculture .ind horticulture receives
its well-deserved attention in DritlBb
Columbia the St, Marys valley will
Le a winner.
C. It ipse H and Wm. Greer, of Kimberley, were Marysville visitors on
Sunday last.
T. M. Roberts, of the firm of Arnold A Roberts, Cranbrook, was     in
town on Saturday aud Sunday.
E. Sproule, the ge*nera) dry goods
merchant, has lelt on a trip to West
Kootenay points. He will be gone
a week or ten days.
The bush fire up the Mark creek
valley was extinguish'-d before any
harm wns done, but two large fires
.ire raging between Marysville and
Skuokeinehuck, each of which threat
en much timber and grazing lands.
IL Eller and Kd. Davis sot out on
Monday for tho former's claims    on
Perry creek
Marysville people are much elated
over the finding of galena in good
paying quantities on ihe Stem winder property near Kimberley. Judging from the specimens on exhibition
at the Central holel here the Stem
winder is a sure thing.
(ho. Leask    went  Ui
on business.
C.  fc.,   Keid and  wife
Sunda)  irom the. cunsi.
A. H. Ncsbltt and family spent a
pleasant week camping uui at hike,
Miss Ethel Peverelli Is the guest oil
Airs. Ono Wlsner, ai WaidtM*, this |
K, Findlay and family, of Yahk,
aaie moved to towu auu win reside
h.ro in future.
Bradley A Co. have just finished
painting the handsome new iruut on
tteld A Co. s .store.
Mrs. 11. Higginbotham returned
fi.stu.rday from her extended visit to
relatives in Lngland.
Miss Tannis Reid has gone io
.Medicine Hal where she will attend
ik* h-ith school this win'ler,
Mi i. Kli'iiiiiuiig, whu has been llie
guest of Mrs. L. H. Patmore, has it-
turned lo her home in Winnipeg.
of the Prospector, the Eastern
shoe .Man could hear many
things necessary ior him to
learn if be would make Boots
to suit the work of these hardy
The old Prospector, were he
io make bis own Boots, would
Incorporate inio them only the
best lea titer that money would
buy. He would make Ihem
wiih a keep eye to service and
Here is where the "LECKIE
HOOT" leads the world. They
arc made "out west" by a
western firm, for western people—made by a firm which understands western conditions,
Look for lhe trade mark—
IT—stamped un the sole ol
eery pair.
J. Leckie Co.,
Take notice that 1 intend to apply
to the ( hicf Commissioner ol I.ami.*,
and Works lur a Special License to
ut and carry away tlmbc) from the
following described lands in Kast
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
E. Rice's No. 2 north-west corner,
thence south 160 chains, the'iice west
1 in chains, thenee north Hit) chains,
thenco cast 111 chains lo place of beginning
D, McLean
Aug.  23rd,  1005.
.-uui if you want to get in on the
ground floor of a speculative
proposition thai cannot £t> wrong
.mi .shiuilil lose no time in securing one or more
Coft Tn South Cranbrook j I
I hese lots are excellently slttni
teil for honii building and  gardens.    I hej are selling al a in\.
figure a I the presenl  time, but
prices will rise rapidly.   M.I;
lohii fiutcbison $ Co
Miinu- ii"
I'. 0. Iti>\ 71
» mr a-» _* ■■_■■
B.   C.
Take notice lhat I intend lo apply
lo Uie Chief Commissioner uf Lands
and Works for a Special License io
cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands In Last
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted   at
1).     McLean's     north-west     corner,
ihence south 180 chains, thence west
10 chains,  llience    north  1*80 chains, ;
thence east 40 chains to place uf he-J
ginning. j
D. UoLt.an.
Aug. 33rd, 1805.
Take notice that 1 intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for a Special License to .
cut and carry away tlmiier from tin-
following described lands in Kast
Kootenay .District, British Columbia
Commencing ai ,i post planted 1
mile north of I). McLean's No. 2
north-east corner, ihence west in
chains, thenco north 100 chains,
theme east 10 chains, thence south
160 chains io the place of beginning.
ft. Whchcll.   .
Aug. 33rd,  1005.
Klbat Do Vou iUam?
uv In
99. Crnnbrook, h. C. ,
.Spokesman-Review: "The Sullivan
mine is looking very well indeed,"
said George Turner yesterday afternoon. "I believe the tonnage in
sight In the mine Is between 150,000
and 200,000 Ions, which i.s more than
was ever exposed at any time in
the past history of thc property. Thi..
tonnage alone is sufficient to Kpnp
the smelter in operation for a considerable period, but development is
proceeding and further tonnage being
continually placed In reserve.
"The conditions at thc smeltei* are
must satisfactory. The Heberlein
process had proved all wc expected
of It, and, with thc experience gained
as to the balancing of charges, is
running omocthly and cfilcicatly."
Tom Wellman win go to Calgary
alter he finishes lus lisuing trip to
Cowley, ami from there to   the coasl.
The public schools opened last
Monday with a large attendance, and
already everything is in good working order.
■'Tate's Special" watch is a high
grade movement which can be bought
at a reasonable price and is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
W. B. McFarlane, of the Co-Ope-
rattve .Stoics, has purchased S. J.
Morrow's interest in lho business.
Mr. Morrow will take a few weeks'
r-sl before be determines what be will
do in the future.
Thc Hamilton watch has given such
universal satisfaction that Tale A
Son, who are the local agents here,
have had a special movement put up
(ur them which will be known as
'Tate's Special."
IhlV A Co. ate painting and paper*
log 4hc large room upstairs in their
establishment and when completed il
will make a great Improvement. The
work is being done by Bradley A
Co., ami they are lining a nice job.
Rev. Fortune has taken a step toward proving lhat (liis is not only ai
Uie banana hell, but is also a lemon |
belt.   He has a lemon  growing     at
his homo iii.it is perfect iu formation
and promises to ripen in good slut
"■-Jonah" is the subjeol of [he
character sketch In (lie Met hod 1st
church pexl  Sunda)   evening,  alii
d io come and spend nn
hour with him, The choir w'll
lifigiiii ii    the   sei * ice   b)  rendering
sonic sp.clal  music.
Mr. ;.j..l Mrs. J. A. Thomas visited
the latlcis nephew, Mi. <l \
les, tor a couple of ilayi
They are returning Irom
trln to Portland, Seattle
points io their home at
Oni., where Mr. Thomas
jewelry business.
W,   W.  Hagermnn is flgurlni
.he   authorities    of Kernie on
Bower system and water wnrki
Flagcrman     Is     a    civil     engineer
with      extended       expedience       in
Canada    and    the     United     States
and    Is    the    parly      who    pul      in
most  of the water works system in
Cranhrook, which has proven su satisfactory.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Erlckson gave a
msst delightful lawn party ai their
pretty home last Tuesday evening.
There Were nearly one hundred guests
and all seemed to have a most enjoyable time. The spacious grounds
were made beautiful by lhe aid of
Chinese lanterns nnd cotored lights,
and tables w"crc scattered here and
there whore refreshments were served.
To add to lhe pleasure .of the occasion there were two fortune tellers
who told the future by examining lho
palm of tho hand, and both ladies
and gentlemen availed themselves   of
«.' Phone
* Properties Feu- Rent ami Salt
I - I
4, $20,011   per month rents a huge ,*
mid well ;i|,|„,i„U',l 2 story V*
ihvelllt.R  on    Bukir Hill. *
lluth room Elet'tric light. 9
!„,, month rentsa ,omfort- 9
itbk' Cottage   on   Hanson w
,,' ,1 if ll la III ,1
IV   lil,,'.      Till,,   ia,.
iitr iimiii'iis., slock,
wis of Ihe 1- ,pli
qimlitv nnil prices
lt>, hoth  in
SIS 00
<': $10 0.
$10 09
Ave,,,,.. JJ
pur monlh ,o,„s h three 9
roomed rottnge on linker *,
Street. I
per month rents a suite of >
1001ns nextto the Imperial 9
Buys a handsome residence
on Daker  bill.   Two loty, .»
Water   throughout,   Hail m
room  and   W,   0.    Ka-y *
tonus can ba arranged, w
Take noilie that I intend in apply
to the i hief Commissioner of Lands
and Works (or a Special License to
cut and cany away timber Irom the
following described lands in East
Koottnay District, British Columbia;
Commencing at a Post planted al
R. Whelnlt's soiitli-cttst> corner,
thence south 80 chains, ihence east
80 (hains, ihence north HO chains,
thence west SO chains to the place of
tt. Wht-bcll.
Aug   23rd, 1005.
Take notice thai 1 Intend to apply:
to ilu thief Commissioner nf Lands
and Works for a Special License to i
cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands iu Kast j
Kootenay District, British Columbia; j
Commencing at a post planted    at
R.  WhcbelPs No.    2 north-west corner,  thence norlh  lfilt chains,  thenee I
east   <10 chains,    thence   south    100
chains,   thence   west    40   chains to,
place of beginning.
A   Oeddes
Aug. 23rd, 1905.
wiii.ic-nk- aiij pi-mil
Fresh ;ind Cured Meals
Fresh    Fish,   (iiune   mul
supply only the bc«i     your
trade is solicited
kctl In all lhc i>rin.lp.il towni
iu llritish lolumlila
Take notice that I intend to apply j
to th--* Chief Commissioner of Lands i
and Works for a Special License to
cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in East
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
A. Geddcs' No. 2 south-east corner,
thenco norlh 160 chains, thence1
east 40 chains, thence south 160,
chains, thence west 40 chains to the
plaee of commencement.
A, Oeddes.
Aug. 23rd, 1005.
Take notice that I Intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a Special License lo
CUt and cany away timber from lhe
following described lands in East
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted nt
A, Oeddes' No, 2 north*wesl corner,
Ihence north ico chains, ihence east
IU chains, thence south llill chains,
thence west in chains to place of beginning,
W. Fairfield,
Aug.  23rd,   1005.
)rcssing Chamber
dainty, snow-white, one-piece
la,mam   II	
What 1$ ft \wm\
and Risch Piano?
Take notice that I intend to apply
to ihe chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works lor a Special License to
Dili and carry away timber from lbe
following described1 lands in East
Koit.iiiy  District    British (oluiubin:
Commencing at a post planted ai
W. Fairfield's south-east corner,
llience north 100 chains, thenco cast
•III chains, thence soulh 100 chains,
thoncc west 40 chains lo place of be
lt Involves the selection of every*
thing thut Is good by those who
know precisely wlml is (food, mi I
the rejection of everything ihat ii
Investtg.itc tlu- merits ol the
mason ii Risch Pianos
C. li. Reid h C,,.. Agents, Crnnbrook
J. ll. Wttlleacrc, Wialcrn llnnoger,
Hm 1,1.1 Ncl.nn
Thirty days nfier tlnte we intend lo
apply to Uie Commissioner ol I.nn.ls (tinning.
aiiil Works at Vietnria, II. C, for  a VV. Falrlleld.
license to ,„l ami carry away limber Aug. .till, IIMI,,,
from the lollowlng described lands in 	
lhe dislriel of South East Kootenay: ,\oiiu..
Commencing   at    a   post   planted ,.TT, .   ,
about twenty   chains   norlh ol    the Take notice Ihal I Intend to apply
south-west corner of lot 1S70,   thince. to the Chlel Commissioner   ol Lands
west   81)    rhains;    thenee    north 80 and   llorks for a Special   License to
chains; thrnce cast 40 chains; thence out and carry away trinhcr Irom the
north   2d chains,    thrnce    east    20 lollowlng   drseriKM   lands   In   East
chains- thrtice south 10 chains; thence Kootenay District, British Columbia:
ca-t   20   rhains;    thence   south     l',01    Coninicncins at a post planted    at
rhiins   to   the   place of   commence- W.     Fairfield's     soulh-east   corner,
ment ' Inolualne   the whole ol     Inl thenee east   80 chains, Ihence soulh
.1011!,,'and part of lot 2871, group 1, 80   chains    thrnce   wesl   80 chains,
Kootenay district,                              I thence north-80 chains to the place
Klmberley   Milling   *, Manulacturing of beginning.
t_4 opportunfty"tol'talca' a" piep~lnto"  natid 17th August, 1905.          21-5t Aug. 23rd, 1906
•MMMMeee»a*M«.>ee« j :»*>*:*$« :;»M>tM»
C   Wliebell.


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