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Cranbrook Herald Aug 23, 1917

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nun ism nil mini —
M'MiiKK ::-i
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
splendid exhibition of lathes' work in the aftebnoos ami
excellent program in the evening, folipw
ell hv dance* -large cr01vd8 present
Thu third annual Flower Show und
Exhibition nf Women's Work wus hold
iu thi' ParlBli lliill, August 21st, under tin* nusptuos uf the Womon'a In-
Btltuto. The hull wus n bower of
bounty boi ns decorated with bunting
flags, palms, ferns, hunglng baskets
uud overgroons; tht. rubles being cov-
orod wiiii ii aiilondld oxblbltlon of
ladies fancy work; n table uf culinary wus also on oxblbltlon. Thr collection nf plants wus worthy oi spac-
iitl tui-utimi, rnro BpeoltnonB nt' bo
gonlns, ferns, foliage idiiuts. gornn-
iunis and many othor vnrlelloa which
gave tin* hull u must attractive appearance, iu tho centre of tbo hull
Um* tabic wns laden with cut flowers,
sweet peas, aatora, luinsics. etc, nr-
rangod iu dainty boqneta, In vnaoB,
which did grenl credit to the work oT
the women of the Institute.
A splendid programme had been arranged under the direct ion of the
President, Mrs. W. li. McFarlane who
occupied the chair and gave n short
history of the excellent work accomplished by the Institute and stated
that tlie proceeds of tile, show would
ho devoted to providing parcels for
the boys at the front, that the Institute
had been brought to a standard of
which all were proud; that it was Increasing in membership and was nearly double to that of last year. The.
President said she was highly gratified at the sweeps of the organization,
and expressed her regret that the
Mayor was unable to open the show,
she therefore asked Mr. Watts wlm
was present to perforin that function.
Mt, Watts congratulated the ladle-;
for the continuance nf their energetic
work for patriotic purposes which was
evident not considered a burden but
a pleasure but lie wnuld ask tlie ladies
to nssumo an additional burden—to
use their Influence to ti.O fullest extent In impressing upon the men the
absolute     necessity     during
effort   to   a
wnntng the
Mr. Watts
for business
A violin si
Walllngor ni
torson; solo
a recitation
n solu by Mi
was oncor
Th.. I'n
Spreull to
Mr. Spr
dn was r*
by Miss
by Mrs. i
b. A   It  \I
d  by
.'very su
id by Mi
Mrs. Pa
Mi Hi ill
Word lias been received here this
week by bis relatives that Lieut li. S,
McCreery had been woundei No pnr-
tlculars as to the nature of liis wound
were given. It la to be hoped thai his
wounds will not prove serious and
that he will soon be restored to his
normal health.
— ill THE rnONI •?
I'niTprsal Verdict Thai Tlie Festival
IVgs   a   Greal   Saecesa—Return
Visit    Antnaeil    lor    IMS.
'Illl   In
ulli'il upon Mi
Manual Train iim Teacher*. Resignation
Ice-opted   Supplies Ordered
play or flowoi
much  could  hi
city by i
dilated   ihe
• »n Mu* exc
,   am!   BUggi
d be done lo beautify tl
lililif* trees on some of tl
lie also mentioned tlmt i
school TriiBteeB
tlto Women's Instilnle wna undoubtedly tlie best organized Society In tbo
city, It could do much hy co-operating
with the other organizations In tbo
town, and especially at this lime, by
helping the Agricultural Society to
make the Fair in September a great
Mrs. Bridge delighted tin* audience
with a solo which was followed hy a
splendid reading by .Mrs, J, D. McBride; an address hy the Rov. W. H,
Brldgo who also sang a song of his
own composition on the good work
of the Women's Institute. Refreshments were served in the ante-room
during tlio afternoon, and the proceedings closed with the "National
Anthem" and "Ood Save Our Splendid Men."
The dance in the evening was welt
attended anil was n financial success.
The President said she wished to
thank nll the Committees and tbe
Judges for tlie splendid help rendered
by them and wished especially to
thank Mrs. Campbell and Mrs,.Fenton,
wlm were doubly ehei'getlc in decorating tlie hall &c, The judges wcre .Mesdames (lardeu and Cameron. Moyle,
these j Mrs. McMahn, Kimberley, Mrs, li. 1„
critical times nf forgetting all  party   Sawyer. Kingsgate.
affiliations and to unite in one grand      Tho proceeds amounted to $02.00
:.",l    HIS Hil
A  meeting
was    held    oiiTiiesday.   Annus!    Hist.
Present:    Chairman  Whlfe, Trustees
Henderson, Atchison, and Manning,
The resignation of Mr. Mlchelmore,
the Manual Training Instructor, was
Tlie chairman reported that he had
wired to Mr, Fran*\ O. Morris of Victoria, It. (',. offering him the position
at a salary of $125 and tiie action of
ihe chairman  was approved.
The chairman of the Supply Committee reported that tlie following
supplies bad been orderetl:
IS gross of pencils from R. P. Moffatt. at $2.15 per gross plus freight and
cartage and 10'/. com., 10.000 sheets
of foolscap from the t'ranbrook Urug
£• Book Co., at $2.46 per 1000. 24 doz.
pads from Beattie-Murphy Co.. at $105
per doz.
Tiie Secretary war. instructed to
wire Or. Robinson witli regard to extension of holidays and later received
a reply that tlie Schools will he reopened on September 4th,
Aid.  MacKinnon   !.;
A meoii")   of tlle Cily C
held   cn   '1     srlay.   , ugusl
ha "ollowiit; Aldermen wor
Mayor '
Mr. A. II, MacDonald appeared before thc Council on behalf of cortnlu
property owners whose proper ij had
been sold at the tax sale held in Aug
ust mn; enquiring as to what action
tlie Council would take as to property
reverting to Cily Iiy reason of tiiis tax
sab*. After considerable discussion ii
was decided that all lands reverting to
iiu* City in tliis manner ho sold by
public auction by the City Clerk m
the Cily Hall on October l-l next and
that the sale be advertised in the
Cranbroolt Herald.
The Engineer's, roporl for the month
of July WBB read as follows
Nine lenkfl were repaired during the
it was found nccaasnry to replace
n hydrant an Baker street and Hun-
boh Avenue, with r new one, the original hydrant being split through (rocs-
replaced on
Official Notification is
Ottawa bj Mrs.J. I
Kerch nl from
. Mcheu/ie.
. J. T
MccKeiwIe lues
boon offl-
ioil  frum
tlinl  lior
l.;..|il. C
E   Hioii
.•nl-jil of
llio l'l
:, Kntiiii,
■ors ni,..'
i. * un -;. \
civil ,
er in tli
goveruin, in Ber-
vice li
ore. li
us been
.   He lins
Ik'i*ii i
li Kin
noo tlir,
'o month
\ „
1    11 I'O   i,
irtli ooii.i,
1'    Vol    !,s
li, llii
' nan
ire „i  1.
lent. Hli
•*..    Ills evil*,..
noo Miss
.1,■':, Mt
.'.  is
in  Ktlinl
ilircli,  S
oi.iiu mi.
1 Now
Lieut. III.'
will l,o r
,,l lie
horo ,is
Officer i
•B" i
Olll IH'IIV,
ill  tr:
lining in
Mill, II.
Cn tlie
of Montren
Imperial   I
lislied im I
of  Inverin
the Dank
*, It c . the
baa estnb*
-lili-briiii, ii
WWli     rubber-   we   ^^^^^^^
throe oilier hydrants.
six detective service connections
were repaired, and certain thawing
wire-   in   Shiteiville   which   had   been   of wat
fused, were replaced by new
One plumbing permit waa Issued
tlu ring lhe month
I \ i* iied ill.* City reservoir on aovi r*
nl occasions and 'noli as careful
metering! of i " w* Cow as was
possible in llie absence of proper
measuring wetit; whlli such measure
ments miisi necessarily be approx-
mnte, yet, mnl Ing   Inu allowance fur
the pnibable Insecure y ,.l .ne flgnr. ..
' i  • .iii- to nss ime thnt the maximum
flow durhm *'-c montii ,lid nol exc l
t ft cubic feet  i< r seoor.i1,
figures lake; from iHo record* ol
,!u it, c lly.i 0L*ia|.iii.' Department
ti. tin* montii u' i -iv I0H, which wns
tin* drleii ii •■ *i.* years for which
r» i onts arc avn. ible show that tlie
average flow during tlie month was
!i.:t cubic feet per serond.
Comparison of these figures would
indicate that while this year's run off
is probably more unequally distributed
than in average years. It Is also below
normal.    In lhe absence of sufficient
data covering » number of years it is
impossible to esthunte the  probable I
minimum winter flow, nnil while pres- j
ent conditions would Indicate that the
same may fall below the minimum re- j
corded   flow   of   2,74   cubic   feci   per:
able that any very serious shortage j
BOCOnd iFehrunry 1815), It Is hnprob*!
need he expected, though it may he \
found necessary later lu the yonr to
be economical with the supply,
lu this connection It bj to he regretted that the (lovernmnnt Riiuging nta- [
na the data i
■   t:r.'atcst
li   wilh tlie i
.mil   Am
he h.tte
inch flnatll
is not maintained,
WOttid    I"'    ol    th
value In connection wl
^^^ MieHy
Sl reels
The principal sir- el
weeded, nnd lfi loads
hauled for small repal
Portions of Onrden
Avenues were crude... the latter Avenue being badly oroded.
The    Cemetery   fern
several pieces wor** re
Smith Creek on  whjell
rubbish bad accumulated, wa- .leaned
und the rubbish removed.
s.lewalk-    nnd    footbrhlgea    were
maintained in   repair.
Iti-weekly visits to the disposal plain
showed   the   satin*   to   In*  acting   in   a
satisfactory manner, the final effluent
after irrigation, being remarkably
clear and free from sediment, while
the early limitation of fungoid growths
and freedom from odour point towards a comparatively high degree of
24   feet  of  flume   was   inserted   in
the ditch on the city laud, to replace
similar  length   which   had   broken
One   sewer   connection   was   made
during the montii,.
Win.   H.   Kassle,
ciiy Engineer.
Mrs Annie Smith annealed to tiie
City for water connections with her
property nn Prench Avenue outside
the City limits and the City Clerk was
authorized to sign nn ngreomonl with
Prohibited in Canadian Knrim* Places
Tuesdays ami Fridays —Whit*
ltread to Havc Substitute
Ottawa. Ann. 9.- Regulation for re*
Striding tin' use of beef, bacon and
white bread in puhlic eating places
and for prohibiting tlie use of wheat
In   thr   dl.-tinntio,.    or   tnnmifartiu ■.*   at
alcohol, have been promulgated by
order in council at the instance or the
food controller. The serving of beef
and bacon is prohibited on Tuesdays
and Fridays and at more than one
meal on any other day. Substitutes
such as corn brend. oat cakes, etc..
u iisi I>e provided at every meal at
whicli   white  bread  is  served.
Under the order the expression "ba
con" Includes cured (either pickled or
smoked! sides, backs, hums, and any
portions Of whal is termed in the trade
'■Wiltshire-.1 sides " The term "public
eating places," includes any hotel, restaurant, cafeteria, club or otlier place
where meals to the number of 2fi a
day are served to persons other than
members of the family or household
of tlo* proprietor
In all such public eating places
there must lie prominently displayed
d printed notice to the effect thai all
i oraona In ordering their food ought
to consider th.* needs of Great Britain
and her allies and their armies for
wheat, beef and bacon and that the
food controller requires the public to
I do everything iu tlieir power to make
i these commodities available for export
j by eating as tttle as possible for tliem.
and by making us., of stiustftw?*b and
all   us
or ma
ility win
fnctnre of
^^_^^_     iliol   is   to   be
for manufacturing or munition
loses and no person shall use
it in the distillation or the manu*
ire of alcohol for manufacturing
munition purposes unless snch
on lias obtained a license therefor
] With regard to the programs of tbe
j Chautauqua Festival offered during
the closing days. Thursday. Friday
and Saturdy, It is o nutter of taste
, and predilection whether Miss Ada
; Ward's touching stories and experiences of our brave boys In ttie trenches; the Orchestra and the sln<*!ns ot
Miss Olive McCormick or tiie great
lecture by Captain llindley should
rank first Some vote for one. some
for the otlier: but probably tin* lesson
taught by Captain Hindiey win continue to bear its fruit or serious
thought wtiijn the memory of the
others shall liave slipped to tlie limbo
of forgotton tilings.
Miss Ward reaches the hearts of
her hearers and moved the tears of
many whose thoughts arc more with
the bone of their bone und the flesh
of their flesh now uud^r Germcui
shell fire, than with things nearer
home. Her lecture was a message for
all of us iu that it brought all of us
nearer to the actualities of tlie veritable hell of war. It shook up and set
thinking many of us who are so sunk
iu love of ease that we shirk from
even harrowing our hearts by reading
of the Qerman desolation which has
swept over Belgium and Northern
France or thinking too deeply of the
tremendous sacrifices which are being
niadp for us by the lad- who were lu
knickers only the day before yesterday
The largest crowd of tlie week filled
tiie tent on Thursday evening to boor
Miss Olive McCormick and the Chun-
tauqua Orchestra, To all music lovers and all who have a love of sweet
concord of sounds iu tlieir souls tbe
program was a delight. The music
was actual, living music played hy
tnusicuns. and not tlu* miserable jingle
jangle of rag-timists and noise makers. One of the members of tlie
Orchestra, a mere hoy, played a number ot violin solos of quite exceptional
merit. He proved what is tlie difference between a violinist and a fiddler.
He does not need tlie spurious advertisement of playing on a fifteen thousand dolb.r instrument. He could get
more music out of one that cost the
proverbial fourteen pence than some
of those we could mention.
Tlie singing of .Miss McCormick was
dnporvpdly one of the ^rbng Items
of tlie Cltnutauqua programs. She
most certainly deserved tlie splendid
reception and tlie many imperative encores demanded hy a great and a cultured audience.. Her voice is a perfect soprano, clear and fresh with the
tone.hloom and glow of youth In it.
Tlie weariness which comes with
years of public singiurr has not yet
touched her voice nor has tiie deadly
routine of singing night after uiglii
taken a particle of verve from her
singing. In response to encore after
encore ahe gave ns little vocal penis,
jewels and diamonds of song and a
ballad or two. notably "Mavotirneen,"
a ballad that Is genuinely Irish in Its
construction and words and sentiment.
Every syllable, everv * uid reached a
home in the minds of her hearers.
She made the music help the words
and the words the music. She is a
Ri-eat musical artist and we of Cranbrook wh'h her back again with as
next year.   We shall not forget.
In this connection it is but rigiit to
say that three or four drunken louts
rrom a certain outside point succeeded
iu completely spoiling a considerable
part of Miss MoCormtekV program for
all   of  those  occupying   a   number   rf
tiie back  se: ts.    These fellows came
(in   drunk   and   proceeded   to   amuse
* I'1 I themselves with loud conversation and
a running "criticism" of what was be-
I lng offered them.   One o? these Yahoos
went even to tlie hiackKiinrdly length
France. July 24. 1017
npar Mother: —Just a line to let you
know that 1 am still very much alive
J and in the best of health.    We are
still taking life pretty easy and expect
to for some time yet.   Vou bet we are
sure getting fine  weather over here,
and   tlie   evenings   are   also   grand.
1  can  go over and  see Fnrt   any
j time I feel like walking about three
] klllOR,    we   are   camper!   about   that
i distance apart:   I liave seep him quite
often  lately, Tommy and  West   also.
The Mth are still out op re*=t as pcr-
! haps Twit lias told you.
Have received one ietter from Jack
and be asked uie if I lied formed the
smoking habjt yet as lie would like to
*iend me some smokes and he promised
to write soon.
Have also received a letter from
Mrs. Murray, and she has promised to
;end me some of her band knit socks,
although I don't really need tliem just
now as I bave n good supply on hand,
yet It Is really good of her.
You wrote something about a Mrs. j
Henderson, a sister to Jack McDonald,
inquiring about his death; you can
tell her this much from me that he was
good a pnl as a fellow would want
to travel with, and what he had, half
was mine; and we got along fine together and in fact were together all
the time until I weat to the bos1 -tal
shortly after our arrival in England;
nnd they sent poor old Mae to Franci
just as I returned from hospital, I
really couln't believe It when 1 heard
of his deuth on arriving in France,but
soon found out it was only too true.
He was hit In the big push on the 9tb
on Vimy Hldpe, and he is hurled on
thc crest of Ihe Ridge.
I was tulkiiiK to some of tlie fellows
tliat were with him tlie time he was
hit. one In particular, a fellow who
dressed his wounds, atul lie said, "he
sure had tlie sand." I guess poor .lact;
knew lie was lilt pretty hard for ti
said to one fellow, "well Art. 1 w
looking for a 'blighty' hut T gne
got it a little too hard," and i
I am sure glad you liked tlie little
present I sent yon and only sorry it
wasn't something better,
Well, mother, 1 really can't think
of anything more tn say for this time
so seeing that I will have to write yon
lu about another week will ritiK off.
Will ring yon up on July Slat Musi
close, witb the best of love to you and
Pte. T. N. McNeil
*tA/nm*flt*   w<-t*>*'Vp«*Wtr**«*WbM»*^^
Tailored to Measure Clothing for
M Provincial Library eel
,.     Hritish ColunlWa, Mn: 3-1'
en.   S   t»   &
no:  m:\v  iai.i. sampi.ks
This I.ol comprises Hit* liosl
selections from Hit* world's liesl
Woollen markets. lit ami
1-iiiillt.Y .ei' ever)' garment emir-
sins TO vol ii ORDER $25 to $47.50
OVERCOATS    $25 lo $48 50
First Showing ot
Men's Sweaters
VOL-   Will.  sou*.
I.it ti*. slion you mi
menl en' liit-li Grade
uiii.*. all wool goods,
ami colors.
PRICES IT TO   $12 50
XEE1)    A
depe ii il-
All sites
nly i I
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods aad Clothing Stores
A mere handful of people turned out
(ii Tuesday evening last to hear the'
fuiions Russian 'Cellist, t'.;*n Hum-j
hoiirg, and his assisting art'ftv.
Those who were present hr.d a feast (
of music seldom beard in Cranbrook.
The beautiful silky tone drawn fro.n |
the instrument by the great artist, to- j
getlier with the wonderful light star-1
cuto tones In tin* faster movements.
betokened the fin** technique of the
tierald Moore, the won ter tu] boy'
pianist, delighted the uudlence im-1
mensely wltli his excellent renditions |
of the grent masters.
A hearty reception was given tlie
Canadian baritone, Mr, I^aurence Lam-1
bert, who, with a voice of :>. rich tonal
quality,   brought   forth   enthusiastic I
applause from his hearers.
We hope thut in the future the people of Cranhrook will be more enthusiastic in their support of such artists
as these when they condescend to visit
Chatauqua Special
Edison Amberol Machine
Kdison AiiiImtiiI Records
Total   m-u
Payalilc $10.00 cash ami 15.00 per month.
Have Uie Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra always in your
home, and all the liest entertainers in the world io entertain you.
Prescriptions a S|t*cl*.!t».
I'r<>m|»t Berrtre Our Mutt.i,
Cranbro.)k Drug & Book Co.
Ill tl
of trying to ridicule the lady who was
singing. It wiis nut raucously bad conduct and should have hi en dealt with
hy the police. •
On Kridtiy evening Captain Hlndley,
late Mayor of ttie greal city of Spokane, and now one nf tin* intiln driving
powers of the conscription movement
on hoth sides of the 4ftth parallel, de-
1 controller of Canada.
' shall he payable for any such
•    Heavy penalties are provided
the order for the violation of}	
Riilntlona,   In the cases of pub- uvered an address thut win live In J low Bryan and many of the old women
ting  places, the proprietor or, u,e niinds or all who had, not alone jnf t|)P feminine sex would also, likely.
fall in uuder liis banner; but the men
u bit ushumed of ourselves for ever
troubling our heads with tbe pettiness
of local cliiines and cabals. We felt
Inclined to follow wliere he has gone
to wake tlie people of the States in a
campaign of conscription. He will
stir them like the blast of a trumpet.
Would It not be a wonderful thing
If one could hear Hlndley and Grape
Juice Hill Bryan nn the same platform?   Many of the women might foi*
] malinger and any clerk, employee or t t|l(J pleasure, hut the privilege of hear-
servant violating any of the said regu |ng „ thinker, prophet, poet nnd
Nations Rhnll be guilty of an offense j (irator. His theme was Christ lifting
; mid shall lie liable upon summary con-1 lHe common people, you and me, and
. viciion. for the first offense to a pen- alI t|,0BP whn „rp WPBry Bnd heavy
|nlty nnt exceeding Jinn and not less  Men, to tlieir place at the banquet
and the hoys and the women wiih red
blood   in   their   veins   would   follow
Hlndley to the gate of Hades and out
at the far side thereof.
The   very   much   over-praised   Hu
mid   for   each   Hi.hseu.nenl I 0* nr,..   He showed in a masterly way | wilan Quartette turned out, to many
Motorists Attention!
It matters not what car you drive,
we arc always at your service
penalty   nnt   exceeding (|,ow the present war is being woven
j $f>no nnd uot  less than $100. or to I Into the designs of God for the better-
' imprisonment   for  any  term  not   ex-   mK 0f this   world  of ours.    As one
flrif j listened  nne  could  see  the  smaller
'■ceding three months, nr to both
mid Imprisonment.
Any person vinluting any nf the provisions of the regulation regarding
the use of wheat In the dlstillntion or
manufacture nf alcohol shall he guilty
of au offense and shall be liable, upon
listened  one   could   see   the
matter of creed disappearing to make
way fnr the larger future creed of the
brotherhood of the world and the Interdependence of one man on another.
One learned how little the lahels of   	
Conservative or Liberal which men. | qua Festival is looked ut it must be
tuivlctioii to a penalty not j being mostly fools, stick on their fore-] proclaimed a decided success. The
%'thM). heads, mean when it comes to the one [ responsibilities of the thirty nuarmi-
of the audience, a distinct disappointment. Their music was tiresome,
monotonous, hannl and utterly common place. It means nothing. Anyhow, these men, who wen better digging spuds fnr the boys at the front,
could no' find the meaning of what
they were interpreting.
From whatever angle the Chautail-
Another Carload of
expected this week     The price is
$571.00 fob   Cranbrook
The Hanson Garage
The order In council Is based on the j matter of true moment just now, that   tors was practically released on Tue»
w_^_^_^_^_^_^t___tm MM. Smith   for the supply of
Hon on the creek at tlm Morris ranch I trom the Clly Water System.
final regulations of the food eonsump-
tlnn control, which was recently appointed by the fond controller.
No official   word has yet heen  received In Cranhrook hy the enthnrlUcR
here, although we nnilcrslund the ho-
wnttir I tn|K  nnd   rentnurnnt8  are  now  com
plying with thn regulations.
of winning the war. The audience ' day morning und it now turns out that
joined him in wild applause of his de-; not alone have all expenses been paid
nunciation of those men who now a I nnd discharged but tlie sum of about
dnys play politics with Issues fronght,, fifty dollars will be handed over tn
not with Canadian or Imperlnl liber-1 the 1, O  l>, K.
ties, but wilh the very liberties of the , There were, to be sure, some very
whole civilised world. When he had [Inferior offerings nn the progrnm**,
finished we could hardly help fettling but the majerlty were Cur ud away
above the average to whhli Crnnbrook
audiences  an* accustomed    Thai   is
tin-  point   said  to  tie altiied  al   by the
organ iters nf Chautauqua, and now
that fifty one guarantors have been
secured fur the next year aud a return vie.lt positively assured, it Is tn
be imped tiiat while ttie belter Hems on
the programs are continued tliat the
weaker bnincheH be lopped off People do not care to run risks atul wnrk
hard in be treated for their pains with
the efforts of tiresome mil Indifferent
performers. PAGET**
-JQ '-■""• -*X*^awwtMMMWBaBMrWWMM»*e*a>.
FISH fish FISH |
11 e have jusl rec-clvcd a
shipment m'
Per Lh.   ISe
Our Supply in Limited
We have Vrrlvhig llullj
Vim ei.n llhvlljs relj een
line inn* yonr   1"i—li   IVIlllts
sntlsfletl nl
P. BURNS & Co.
•L                   J
If you have n good watch whieh
is mu keeping gooil time lot us
make It so. No matter how many
men have tried, and failed -or
how much it has been used, or
abused, we can restore il to Its
orginal i ondltlon,
(ioiul Work Fair 1'rlcoss and
Nn Drill),
>c\t lo the I'osl Ollice
V* V. It. Watch lus|ieclors
TIIK  MTV or TIIK  Ilor It
Thai is the mlschlof. \\wak ot lhe  United States Govern-1
That Is the reason why every man   „„.,„, :ill|i ,,,,. ,a8t si)m|H o( (,0||ht an(, |
witli a tongue In his head or a pun ■ disunion were Bwept away.   The peo-
ln his hand uud a hrulii in his cran-   ole of Texas who took no burning lu-      The Liberal editors of Ontario have
lum should bo working like a nlggor   tcrcsl in tin- Amorleau Atlantic trade,' declared   for   country   before   party.
to convince Hie country that Hi" wn
is the tlrst, second, nnd third con
sideratlon for man, woman and child
And thai those who do not nccept thi;
doctrine are nol fit to lead ne throufel
the great crisis of our history.
and Imd seen no particular reason to
involve the country In war because
ships from New Vork were foolish
enough to get sunk in Oerman mlne-
! fields, suddenly assumed a genuine
j interest In national unity upon learn-
I lug that their state had been offered
Tlu* resolution adopted by tliem tit the
Toronto conference leaves no loopholes
and was intended to lerve none. M
declares that the Liberal party should
stand squarely for compulsory service,
and tiiat no candidate should be supported who will nni supporl compul-
The report that a telegram was sent'. hy Germany us n douceur to Mexico. t sory military service.   They knew very
to Dr.  King congratulating  hlm
having so honorably kept his no-|
ronagu   pledge,   is   quite   false,
such wire lias" gon
A telegram was si
Brewster on Monday
him upon the passag'
bltlon Bill. It was se
natures of Mrs Mile
Women's Liberal \
Woodman. Sec. W. C
The States of the West, such as Call
forntu, ever conscious of tho so-called
Vellow Peril, were roused by the news
to ;i  burst of passionate resentment
against    Gorman    Intrigue.    And so
, President Wilson, justified in his poll-
to   premier.'* "' 'Vtitcltmi waiting if ever a man
ingratiilnting  H'H8' s,l'l'I>ed boldly across the Hubl-
t the  i'n.hi-i'■""   oi  War' :iMl1  '*•*•**  *-*■■*■   whole of
t over the sif
. Presldenl i
ixlllary. Mn
T. I!  and Ke
' tli
* American peoji
■vituble residue
I   paid   .,l.-i i in
thoae familiar
e. fl.
6RTCC    !
■s ti a.m.
ii 8 ii.m.
►Inner \
Slmrl Orders
Ol'EN TO Till
II Illl             j
Table   f
,r   Ufllon.       j
W. ll. Bridge, President Son-Pnrtlsan
League. After ull :i word of gratitude
is us Bcomly us (he worih of abu -
nil! CliAMiltOifli IIKItAM) | we generally mete out to our poltti
Meekly   Iiy   The   rritnhrouk
llerald, llnilteil.
I).  \. Uuj. Mannuer.
If,   \.   Ileiilc,  Sicrelurj   and   Kditor
f We except tiie
of cranks, faddists,
alonlsts) with him.
witli conditions lu
■ were n year uno.
rvelloiis.   The Lou-
well    the  logical    consequences  of
adopting such a policy, but they did !
not'   shrink from   tlie consequences,!
They went further.    After ideclnrliiR |
that Sir Roherl  Borden and his colleagues had proven unequal to their
tasks, they added    thai    "no    other
purely party Government nt the pres-'
unt time could deal Willi these tasks";
This  sentence  contains  tho  answer
to   those   who   profess   lo   seo   in   the I
culling of ihe conference so  subtle
and  hidden  scheme  in  promote  the
interests of the Llboral party.   W I
slock sentinel  Hovlow.
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
fur man's use.
I nilirin.l,, II.',..  I uu ii*t -I'lril, HUT
l.O.O. I'.
****5^*vC?*S-**     »t  Fraternity
Hull.     Sojourning   Oililfi'llow.-e
eiiiriliully Invito*!.
13   II   McPhee      IV. C. Adlard
Secy. N. G.
i ivi: cii.uvi, out xihvi
1 "
pnrty iiolltlcs bents tin. notional
in riiiiiiilii. nml coward vnii'i'i,
1 cry '
mill! enough!"   If in thc eliirki'Ht
ui  ;,  ni','in   mother's neeil the
! ii	
ilon I'liilil. I.il nstrny Iiy solflsh-
| ness
and blindness, creeps liuine to
or ,'iij'iy hoi* pleasures   Whut
unit i:\i itv instill.i:u sin,iiitit     somi-: moss-tun patriots
sum in KMIM
Crunbrook, ll. ('.
Meets every Tuesday at s p.m. In
the Fraternity nail
lt, 0. Carr, C. C.
P. do Vere Hunt, IC. II. & 3.
P. 0. Bos 022
Vlslllng brethren cordially  invited to attend.
Meets  In  Maple  Hull Bocooil
Tuesday ol every montii at 8
p. m. iiH
Membership open   to   British
Visiting   members   eordlally
El. V. Brake.        J. P. Lower,
President. Seoretury
%  ***-*.'
I ii mean in Canada's future uud
i« (hut eh lid's future?
Germany is still h mighty aud Ir-
reslstnhle foe. She Is fighting everywhere upon conquered territory. One
uf her greatest enemies is fleeing before hor; she will feed herself upon
tlie food she i< rapturing now through
nil tin* winter. .She is united; tl per-
fei't machine; u super-nation inspired
b) .i sntiinic Intellect; the Incarnation
of everything inimical to Domocrnoy.
Por anyone or the Allies or uny part
i f the Kmpire to cry n hall now h
playing into Uermnny's hand; to refuse any measure which will ensure
the it] keep of uur army at its ful)
strength li> tn stab in the back the
hoy-' our boys who ure giving themselves in s;.vi mi from the common
Wc ure fools If we underestimate
the mlghl nt' Clormuny or think the
ivar can be won with less than all
tne efforl we can put Into it and all
the sacrifice we can make.
True, we have done our bit- so have
Prance, und Urltnln, Belgium and India. .Urien.Australia, and the war is
nol won.
\Vo have done oul bit; we must do
our limit; and it is the next few weeks
that will test the spirit und character
of thin peoplo,
Britain and her Allies need 100,000
UOO bushels of wheat more than there
is available for export from two coun
tries to whom they look fnr supplies
Canada and the United States -according to a statement by Hon. w. .1. Man- i
na, Canada's Pood Controller, und tliis
Is calculated on the decreased scale of
consumption already practiced in
Great Britain. To make up this short- j
age, the people of Canada and the
United States are organizing to stibstl* j
tUte other foods and red ■ consumption oE flour foods by one-sixth.
Household scientists say ii can be
done witiiout loss of health or com- i
That there is no sueh word as "ii
possible" iii ins dictionary.
Thnl his natural ambition to earn
good living .an be fulfilled,
That ho can either got rid of It
(Usability or acquire a new ability
offset  it.
Thai   the   whole  obj
I of doctors,
iiirses anil Instructors, is t.. help bim
n doing that very thing.
Thai he must help them to help him.
Thai ho will have ihe most careful
ind offectiial trentmeul known lo
Canada nnd the United State.- must
cut  down   their   normal   wheal   eon-
sumption   hy   ltlO.000,000  bushels   tu
meet the needs nf Great Britain and
the Allies.    Mnn.  W. .1. Matina. C'nna-
duin  Pond Controller, estimates thai
to feed Great Urltnln, Prance, and tin-
other Allies, and the men at the front,
Will   require   1,105.000,000   bushels   nf j
wheat.   This menus ul least ■ICO.000.000 <
will have to be Imported from Canada '
aud the United Slates.   There will hi
under normal  consumption  in  thesi \
two countries only 300,000,000 bushels]
surplus for export, uud su hy -ini lal i
efforts of food conservation ihe ppoph
of   United   States  and   Canada   wil
have to make up a shortage nf 100,
ooo.ooii bushels.
Hon . VV. J. Ilunua, t'liiiadian Pool
•estlng and useful occupations rorm a most valuable part ol'
the trentinont in Convnleseenl Hor-
plluls and Sanatoria.
Thai if he cnnnol carry out his firsl
duty by rejoining his comrades al th,
front, and if then* is no light duty for
him wilh llu* Cnnudlan forces overseas
he is taken home lo Canada, us soon
tis his condition and the shipping facilities   lllllke   tliis   possible.
That his sirennlli ami earning capacity   will   he   restore,!   there   tu   llie
■ highest  degree possible, through  tin
Military lluspit.ils Commission.
|     Thai if he requires an artificial limb
or kindred npidlance ii  will be sup-
\ plied free.
'.    That every man disabled by service
I will receive a pension er gratuity In
i proportion tu his disability.
That liis pension eaniiol he reduced
; by his undertaking work or perfecting
Meets   in   tin
Parish     Hall
Ilrst   Tuesday |
afternoon    of j
every   month ! ]
Till'  DM.l   illlll.lMI. SIN
Pres., Mrs. W. |
is.  McFarlane
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P, O. Box621
All ladies cordially Invited.
Licensed by Prov. Government.
3peclal attention given to Nervous und Rheumatism cases hy
Violet Kay Treatment
Uuilil   up   the   syslem   and
siemiy tha nerves through Elec-
l    trie Vibration, internal Exerclae
1     Violet Hay nml Ozone, a per-
1    fectly natural process.
Che mu fiotel
Hunting and Fishing
Unionist liiv«itneitt go. cm
nly original sin that counts at
-eni  lime js thut of ignoring
| the war.  tin! merely forgetting It, but
to realize thai every activity
of over) man and every woman must
orientate  inwards  It,
'Die words nl un Australian written
shortly aftor the failure of Conscription lu that country lust October are
it'll to the  present  situation.
"It is not to be expected, in this or
any other country, that the ordinary
Imrd-working citizen, with ids mind
inevitably full of his private concerns
ami uninBtructed, excopi for n parti-
ztu. nnd itself only half Instructed
Press, should of himself comprehend
I the greatness and overwhelming Importance of this war. He feels it a*
a disturbance of normal conditions.
Mis vague if creditable patriotism
displays Itself In a belief that the dis-
turbnnce cnnnol possibly end In the
defeat of his country. If he has Imagination, he may conceive that it is
Oltl<«J\,W, , |ljs ,|Uty lo mi;,, snme part In ending
the troublo; if he has mine, be will
probably content himself with trying
in minimize the effects of the dis-
turbance uu himself and his Immediate surroundings. Anything
more mtiBl I e drummel hi n hlni by
his normal lenders, with consistent
llrwii.-o example as well »s persistent precept.
if his normal leaders fall him, what
| wuiider If he views u world-war with
nillilfitilis    IntWroronco?
The fuel is that uway down in their
hearts a number oi pooplo are sill!
thinking this Is Rn gland's war; only
now and then some Hourassa nr Lo-
vorgne gathers audacity lo express
ibis absurd fallacy.
A man frum Alberta said llm other
UNAItirS   ,i;l-v- t,ial '"' w,m|,i '■**■■ •'"' ,'»nu<ui
I when   Germany   landed   troops   on
IM.WRIST    American  boII,    Do those wlm take
ihis  vletv "consider  what stop" that
1 contingency?    Is it not  the Hritish
'"" j NnvyV    Where  would   Pnurassn and
Levergm* and all the pntrluts of Quebec be today if the ships of Britain
had not protected Ihe coasts of Can-
Certainly if Canada were all made
of such men wo might wish luck to
I iermany.
Nothing will ever compel these men
to see beyond the bunks of the St.
Lawrence.   They would not be  worth
Controller, calculates that food wasted  ••lmael1' ■•■ Btm,c Jom °> htdustry.
in the garbage pnlls of Canada each :    Tii;,t •••* ntl>' •»»■ nHmvimcos coiitiu-
year through carelessness and lack uiV!" lil1 llfl is ,ur"'1 lir ,iU hU l,en8lni1
kitchen economy amounts tn $50,000,-   '"'K'11
000 per year, ur nboul *T per head uf
That an extra three months" pay
and separation allowance when there
ar.* dependents receiving such allow
ance, will he paid to all men returned
from overseas and honorably dls
charged after at least six months' service, with certain exceptions, snch
as members nf the Permanent Porce
ami Pedernl nr Provincial Civil Service who can step right back into
their old positions.
Thai if hh> disability prevents him
from returning to his old work he will
receive free training for  w occupation.
Thai full consideration is given to
his own rapacity and desires when r.
new occupation has to he chosen,
That his own will-power and determination  will enable him to succeed,
"But while Mn* army is fighting se
valiently. let the nation bobind II he
patient, strong, and nil-united, Tho
strain Is great on nations us on in- J
dlvidunls ami when men got uver-
strained, their tempers gel ragged,
■ small grlevancoa are exaggerated, and
[ small misunderstandings and mlBtakos
swell. Long wars, like long voyages
and long journeys, are very trying to
the temper, and wise men wntch their
tempers and make allowances.
"There nre some whu are more concerned about end ending of the war
than aboul winning it. nnil plans
which lend to victory if they prolong
tho conflict, havo their disapproval
nnd the people responsible for such
plans have their condemnation. Lei
us keep our eye steadily on the win-
^ j nlng of the war, and, may I say. let
us keep both eyes. Some have n
cast In their eyes, and whilst one eye
Is fixed surely on victory, the other
is wandering around on some pet pnr-
tiznn project of their own. Beware of
becoming cross-eyed. Let both eyeB
be set on victory, looking neither to
the right nnr to the left. Thai Is tho
way we will win.
"If anyone promotes disunion, h ■
Is helping the enemy and hurting hit
native laud. And ll makes nn dlff r-
enee whether he is for or against tli
war—ns a mailer of fact, the hurt It
deeper if he is for the war. becntiFe
tho pure pacifist, whatever he says Is
dlscountennnced as far ..- war \> eon-
corned. Loi there be one thought ii.
every head. If you sow distrust, dls
content or disunion in tho nation, wu
shall reap defeat. If. on the olhei
hand, we sow the seeds of patience,
confidence and union we shall gnther
the frulis."   l-lon.Davld Lloyd acoree,:
I Removes
il Cloihes
,!., iJTVjj   wi,M(Ult
«R m&Sm       Slick
For your
THK XEW A .11 Kill I \
"llcr  I'llir."
lly lun Hue
Tin* re-olccllon ot Mr. Wilson mnde
liioi sore of his ground. Ilo ivm
more: lie was supreme, Sim*,* llio
ilethronemGn! of the Tsui* of llimsln
Hie President of the United se.in-. Is
probably the only real autocrat li fl
In llie world. Wo wlm lie, under a
monarchical sysii*tn. whore u popular
uue can turn nut u Qovernment overnight uud set lip lllll,111' r In il,, sll'llll,
e*an  have  little  conception   whal   il
means to be a eiiizen ol 11 grenl ■ t- - - ^ i,,, (i, |„ the training and In the occu*
mocracy—In a country where tbe func ' putiou afterwards.
thins of King anil Prime Minister an j    Tllut MSi maintenance and thnl ol
combined In Hie iicrunn m ono man,, n(S f,M„iiy v\\\ he paid for during Hie
who  riln   usually  onforco   his   >* ill , training  he  may   recolvo after  dls-
"lion the Legislature, ls responsible  charge, nnil for n monlh longer.
tn no one rur his actions, ami cnnnol (    T*ml neither his trentinenl nor liis
he removed Inun office by anything training ufUi cost him i it.
but death or n cunvlctlon I'm* high ; *n,.,( |,|a ilomfl provlneo has a spec-
ircason lur ut least four years. |„j cro-mmis»1 on to nnslsl him In tlnd-
Thc  President.  Iiavlng  reeaiilui   |ng omploj-ment on dlschargo.
his dlsputeii trenches, und Iiavlng re- T|,.lt ilm„|,.,,,|s nf towns and villages
consolidated Ibe sume. was now iu n \VM.,. conjn-lttees, iissocatlons, and
position to nndertiilie liis Spring in ,.i,,,,.. ,„ welcome him on arrival, nnd
tensive. Soon liia opportunity came ,„ ,„,*,, ■„ securing a position for hlni.
(lernniny. fulling into tin* Orror i ' nil     Tha| ths Dominion and Provincial
bullies, mid  mistaking  pntte   ror aovornmonts   the Municipal nuthorl-
cownrdlco, tnoli that one step furl    n,,s  mi Oii'soria ,,r employers, give
whhib is Inevitable and fatal lu sucli, „„, ri,i„n,„|| BOtdlor preference In ril-
eases.   On tlie first nf February. IMT.  y     vacant positions.
-he   announced   her   progrumn I     T]m, n„, rol„rnod snldler wishing to
ruthless  subinnrlne  warfare  ngninsl j ,,lk(, „,, ]mu] „nll t.m „ „.|ll he hclp-
Ihe Allies.   The injury to   Amerlcnn I ,,(| |c, ,,„ m mnWr Federal and oilier
trade was added Insult In tho shape ol  30it.iemenl scbomes.
a farcical decree pormltlng America to     .n,.,|  ,,„, ututary Hospitals Com-
illspaleli mic ship, painted wlih broad | m|M|on ,.X|st^ t„ cnrry nut his res-
Save those dollars
You can cut down the cost of stump blasting by using
Giant Stumping Powder.
It goes further than ordinary dynamites,
lt exerts its strength over a wide area,
cracking, splitting and heaving out the
stumps, roots and all, rather than shattering them or throwing litem high
in the air.
ii.i,s in thi: mil
(Experimental Pan
Prom n hulleiniii published by ihe
State Agricultural College, Ncw Jor
sey. I', s. A., entitled "Milk ami Eggs"
wc extract the following information
re the. value uf eggs iu the diet.
Composition ul' the hen's egg compared with moderately lean beet:
Wuter: hen's egg 7:1.7',. lean heel
70.!i",. Ful: hen's ,-gg IH..V, . lean
becfs.r.',. Protein: it.S';. lean heel'
20.0';. Mineral Matter: i.'i',, lean
beet LOW.
The prinein in the egg is nearly
pure albumen. The yolk of all egg
Is or greater nutritive value than the
wliiie. It is rich in tlie following mlnoral salts: calcium, Iron potassium
anil phosphorus and contniiis litem in
such a form that they are readily
absorbed uiul utilized by tl,,* body.
The white of an egg Is rich in sulphor.
Value as I'mnl
lly comparing the composition of
the egg with thnt of lean meal ii will
he na**'.,! tllat eggs iniiUe a good
substitute lor meat. -Nine average-
sized eggs weigh eene pound and eon
tain about the same amount ul liunr-
Islinient us one pound nf beef. As
eggs contain no starch in* sugar tliey
Should he served wltli such foods as
rice, bread, fruit, potatoes uml other
vegetables or made inlo desserts wilh
i sugar, tapioca, ml similar materials.
Illgr-lllilllly in' Lags
Haw eggs are very easily digested.
It is made especially to suit Canadian
farm conditions by a Canadian Company with many years' experience —
the company tliat originated all "Giant
It is being used by farmers everywhere
in British Columbia. Scores of these
write us that Giant "gives better results," "saves money," "shoots the
roots," "resists cold" and is "always
the same."
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Clant siiinipi,,,. Powder,' I am leileteHed I,,
lb, .ulnr,--. which I haae mait-rd X,
black and white stripe*, lo Falmouth   (oration aud training In Canada.. I The  digestibility  or cooked  Kgs  il
eum a week.   That proclamation mil-      Tnrl|  n„, Bo(m. „r p8n8|on Com-1 puds upon the manner In which thoy
fled America us nothing else hail dons
nlsslonors   exlsis   to   distribute  the  are cooked.   Tliey ohonld be cooked
Public Indignation rose in rover heal   poI,i,|ons provided hy Ills country for.„t   low    iporature.    F.gg  albumen I
Ono newspaper truly summed up    h|m and his dopendonts, lights  in coagulate al   181  degrees I
situation when It retortod, in tho torso     .rh..t lhl, s,umri, Hospitals Com- faronholt, becomes Jelly-like nl   10011
vernacular of the country, thnt Un* nilssion and tho Board ol l'onalon Com dogroo: F.. und. whon hunted lo Uio J
Kaiser wus at llheriy lu paint him-   m|m|on0r8 aro in tho position ot Trus- boiling point, 2t2 degrees P., hocomos
self pink nil over, anil dispatch him-  teM| Oppo|ntod for his bonellt, and re- U tough leathery mass ami very in    '"
self to Hades not itpnt  hul all   „|.0B8t,ting the wholo peoplo of Canada digestible.
seveee days ol the week.                       ,    .,,*,„( tlinr«*fori*. he should write di-
Tblngs now begun to move.   Tin*  m,t ln ■.,„ commission nr the Bnnrd	
I'resiili-llt.  contldeilt  nf Universal ];|i ||(l|,(|s ;H|v|ee ur help. aaaa^aaaaaaga*B^Ba«>aaa«a|
port,   promptly   bundled   liernsturff     CmMl m .„,, ,man|ninusly resolved  ^„^..„^„   „.„„   .,
"»'■"  "'  Oermaoy.    This cluing I   ,*„„„„„., ,,.„„,„„| soldier shall havc W NDERMERE    DISTRK
not come instantaneously.   Tlu      -   „ „„ „,„,„„„,. tl> succeed.   When """,""„*„."?„„"
or  the  pro-Gorman   was  in.  longer  t|||l|   c,]M,nrtm,|tv ,„  „ut  w|t]itn   his       AllHH 1 I.U HAI. ASM!. A
heard ln the land, but the voice   sur-  mi.h m S1K,CCSS w,n ,W[miA on -,.„ KAII.MUKS' INS'l'I'l'I'Tr
prlslngly  similar  In   Intonation  nml   invn gor)[) S(,„SP ,„ M,Mrg „„,, „s,„g SI'VI'NTH
tlmber-of lhc l>nclflst be.gnn  In  be ■ |(
uplifted   instead.    Hut   nn   inait.*,*.    '„„„„. }Io8p|tttis Commission, 22 AMMIIAI       CAII
America was awal.r. and. besl n, nil.. V|u„r|„  S1    (lluw;, fl \  \IJ/\I |/\l
united.   The President, wilh hi,  „„-. .„    ,   p     ,      Commissioners, « ,l " " **" ■•***    **   '■,l
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Olllcei, Smelting and Refining Department
s.ii i: i,tKits an i) it nrin i: its
White Cake    '^
lOc      :■:-
White Liquid
canny   Instinct  tor  ganging  th
versiried polots ol view of his
trymen,   bad   judged   aright.
Union Bank Blilg., Ottawa.
Till. (1RATR8T OANOKll
The Snsknlonii Star, which support-
liiiisiileniilnii  but   for the tart that I national pulse was beginning to sllr
ihey form  powerful und controlling j Into something lake n regular heal,
elements In ono ol tho great Partles.l    Two months Inter rnnie tlie end.
and thai the country Is so pnrly-bound j The outrageous document  In   which   oil tho Liberal parly In the recenl pro-
ilinl many otherwise lioncsl und loyal  Zlmmormnnn suggested to Japan nnd  vlnoial olbctlons says It regards "llu*
Canadians wlll bo contontod tn Hit In  Mejlcn that they should baud lliem-. haro possibility of lhe olcoilnn of Sir
Ihu limine under a leadership which I selves with thc Central Powers nnd   Wilfred Uurler as the gravest danger |
tolerates lhe»» traitors I make wur upon America fell Inlo Ihe I Cannda has faced since Confederation.' I
to bc held ou
i>vi:i{Jii:i(K, H.c.
— on—
AUG. 29th & 30th
li. B, PARHAM, President.
A. O.. CUTHBERT,   Seen ,ary.
and Childreris Shoes
Looks Better
Lasts Longer
Easy to use
Best for Shoes
OF       C.flN^pA    LTO THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 1017
Did You Ever
Think of Blaming
Your Eyes ?
When ynu are sick or Indisposed;
when you lack "pep" without any apparent cause; wheu you are nervous
or irrttablo; or when your stomach
"goes bnclt on yon"—lmvo you ever
tlionghl that ynur eyes might be to
A defective eye uot only robs tlie
brain (ami no tho otlier organs) of
llie vital energy which tliey need to
keep thorn ia perfect health, imt becomes permanently Injured if allowed
in remain uncorrected.
If yon nro In doubt, dav,. your eyes
oxntnlnod bby a compotont optometrist. Wo have overy net entitle in
Btrtimonl hero for Hn* examination of
tin* oyon nml iln* apparatus for the
nrcurnto Kiln ding of I en bos,
W. H. Wilson
Mill. Ill'lll lt\
Kilby frames pictures,
tnd Mrs. Geo. Harris ot Calgary,
(I into Cranbroolt last Thursday,
We are carrying a full line of boots
ind shoes.— Cranbrook Exchanged
Armstrong Ave.
Dance in St. Marys Hull. Saturday.
September 1st, from 8.80 to 12. Gents
50 cents; ladies 25 cents; good music
Mr. and .Mrs. J, 13, MeGlnnis ol Cnl-
gnry were visitors lu tin* city in Tuesday  gnosis  at   tlf  Cranbrook   Hot"!
Mi*. Atleo Urldgos returned ou Wednesday from an extended trip in the
liJxporl plnno and organ tuning, re
pairing and regulating. 13. a. Parke
slicing Wi dnesday, September
1 parties aud dances will be
in SI Marys Hall tn be |
o weeks; admission 25_cents
Tin*   Imperial   Tobacco   Company
i through their agents, the Cranbrook
| Jobbers, arc donating 10 lbs of tobacco as it special  prize  tor the best
registered bull any :,*■■ * breed.
Ladles! don't forget tho nail driving
contest. The program would not in*
complete without this event uud please
remember tliat thumb protectors are
Doc Rutledgp says that if there are
any mulpp entered in the slow race
scheduled for the Becond day he may
probably start tbe race tlie day before
so that the people attending the second day's fair may have uu opportunity of witnessing the finish
Re Universal Ki'chen
Efficiency Contest
New Urltnln, Conn, July ls-17
I'V Parks & Co., Cranhrook.
GonLlemen: We are glad to
advise you thai we have finally
been ahU* to determine the prize
winners iu the recenl Universal
Kitchen Klllciny contest hold in
ynur establishment. Wo have, of
course, been delayed because of
the very large number of participant-- and the great amount of
detail necessary in carefully analyzing the various reports.
Wc would appreciate your
lianding the prizes to the participants whose o-si'v on tiie use
of the Percolator and whose recipe to be used wilh the Universal Pood Chopper, we are enclosing herewith.
Yours very truly.
l,AM)i::iS. HtAUY & CLARK
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     H.C.
\. |l.    Wo Will Publish Itecelpls
Nexl Issue,
The Executive Committee held tbeir
''"   regular weekly meeting last Monday
(•nlng and it was one of the largest
each, and most enthusiastic meetings held
 ■ Bines the weekly sessions were Inaug-
Ji d      Thompson   aid   Mr   M   A    united.       Everything     is     running
Beale aro leaving on Friday for a Ush- smoothly  now  and all   we  need  to
ii. p  i)  llnx R2S, Cranbrook,   'is trip ap the Elk nnd Fording Rlv-   make the Pair a complete success is
  ers when- tlio bis fish are reported to  the wholehearted support of our cltl-
-Mrs.  MfMahoii and  Mrs   C,   \   Sea     be;  they oXpecl to be away about ten   zens.
n  of   Kimberley   wore  in   the  city   days. 	
Tuosday attending the flower show —  Merchants   desiring space   In the
,  Mr. and Mm l' I, Adolph, Mr Fred   Main Building are requested to make
j Mr. c p llolnold. Manager of tin k Adolph. MIbs J. L Adolph, Mr*- F. iheir wants known to the Secretary
Chautauqua Hawaiians was a guesi at Adolph. Miss Osborne, Mr. ami Mr- W. wbo will make tbe allotments in the
I the Crnubronlt Hotel lasi Saturday, H. Griffith, all of Paynes Lnjte, motor-   order  tbe  applications   are   received.
  i ed inlo Cranbrook last Saturday to at-   first come first served.   There will be
, Mr. Byron McFarlane a former real* tend the closing performances of the no charge made for space and the
dont of the city, bul now of Cnlgarj    Chautauqua, .Association is desirous of having all
| is visiting frlonds bore this week.    |   ' the space taken up in the Main Billld-
 ■ Mr. G. ileC O'Grady of Toronto ar-, ing whicli is assigned for this purpose
Mr.   K.   G.   Watson   of  Calgary   Is   rived   In   the  city  on   Monday   from   Merchants get busy,
transacting business in the city this  Spokane.   Mr. O'Grady wbo Is a broth-     Onr energetic and aggressive Presl-
week, ! or-ln-law Df tbe late Mr, G, W. F. Car-; dent. J. p. Fink, is taking a well earn-
j ter  wlm died  in  Spokane  last   week, j ed  varalon. hut   with   vice-president.
We are carrying a full line of hoots | was here attoudlng to the winding up. Dr. Rutledge at the helm during his
absence he has a very worthy repre-
Vie mini imir Coffee Huslm
1V<* Illl) lllr Iiesl mi Illl' limrkil   ||J
uml run supply Ull)' (|tll»lltlt)*.
Tho iirl.'i* i*.
45 cents per lb.
Little & Atchison
and    shoes.- Cranhrook    Exchange, ! (|.. „ fl       s()|IHl ftffa,rB ut Mr< ,..„.,,
Armstrong Ave.
]     Mrs,  Paul  Handley and two young
j sons    of    Marysviile    were    visiting
friends In tho city for several days
Inst week.
Mr. and Airs. .los.. Jackson with their
two daughters. Lillian and Hazel, and
Mrs. Doolan left in Mr. Jackson's
Dodge Sedan on Tuesduy for Banff,
Mrs. Geo. Hogarth and twin sons,
Eneas and Thomas returned on Wednesday from Invermere wliere they
had been visiting for some time.
A meeting of the cranbrook Chautauqua Association will he held in
tlie City Mull on Friday evening. Aug-
| tist 24th at s.::n o'clock (city time).
A full attendance is requested. All
accounts must be in the bauds of the
Secretary   before   Friday   evening   at
Miss Maeleod is now showing an up
to date line of Sport Hats in felts in
all the new shades; also a great reduction in summer goods.
< itwiiitiHrk piiiur schools
Notice has heen received from the
Department of Education tluit lhe
chools will re-open nu S*jplfiinb-3r Uh
.-, o'clock. I    Parents aud guardians will please
  take notice.
Shorthand. Typewriting   and   Rook-!    Cranbrook, 11. C„ August 'i'i.. IfllV.
keeping at King Edward's School.- All: T. M. Roberts. Secy,
dav attendance $10.00 a mouth; Even-	
ing classes. Mondays and Thursdays      CRANBROOK BAPTIST ('IM'IMil
from 7 to !i p.m., $0,00 a month; Dully 	
and evening attendance $12.00 a month \ Sunday, 2«tb August.
Classes will open on Monday. Aug. 27.      Morning    services.   11.      Subject:
Private lessons by arrangement. I "The Permanency of Christ.
Evening     service.    7.30,       Subject:
Can you think of a;",* reason why
,   should  eeol Ih- nne in your
Mr.  Artlmr  Bitrclt  relnrneii  liorae I "Battled In tlto Sonrcli for Trtttli."
  yesterday from Mooso Jaw where ho    *      Preacher: Rev, James Dualon...
,,„   ,,.   ,,   ,.,.,,. ,,,- •*.,„,.,,,,,.,„■ .(,,.! Ims been spending a few weekB' voce-  *
.Mr,  C.  Ci. Claj        ^''^^J'.'.ju,,,,.   Mr. Bureh roport8 th.e crops In   MKTHOIIIST ASH  PRE8BYVEMAS
Ine business In I excellent condition around that pari ofj        I'NION CHURCH SKKVICCS
i tnihsat
"Sweetfi   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the citv on Mondav uud Tnesdav "'e country and although not so large j 	
.. :in, n!- xo., 1 Services will he held in the .Methodist Church on Sunday morning at
j 11   a.m.   and   in   Knox   Presbyterian
I   1 us in  previon:
J    A special meeting of tbe 1. O. it. !■> ; gi'nde.
! will bo held in the Council Chamber;
! on Friday, August 24th a! :. \> m.   A j    Commissioner Souten gave a lecture I Church on Sunday evening at 7.:io.
I full attendance is urged. i Wednesday evening in tlie Preshytr-
_   .  .. ! inn Church on the Salvation Army in
A snap! romfortahle Fl roomed cot-   the war none.   Brigadier McLean. Mrs.
lage on Durlck Avenue for sale   Price   Commissioner Souten and Capt Turner
' $350—easy terms—worth  $700.    .\p-  assisted.   The Commissioner gave an
ply to Peale £ Elwoll. : ploqnent address, and told ef the con-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tribution   of  tlie   Salvation   Army   lo
Commencing Wednesday, September , Win-tin -war.   There nre etgbty-thoiis-
5th, curd parties ami ilnnces will be ■'■■,* members of tin* Army n Europe
resumed in at  Mary*- Hall to bo given ■■■■<■ **■« assisting In Red Cross and
every two weeks; admsston 2S tents Vrobulanci  work.   The Army 1ms 153
,,.,,,[, recreation   "huts"  or  camps   where
the soldiers may be supplied with   :\
Thc Conference iu connection will library .nui facilities for letter writing
ibe Women's institute lias been post- The Commissioner gave many  Inter-
poned from September 4, 5, and Sth to estlug stories of men"- bravery and
September 2."., 2(1 and 27th. devotion:    "Trailing colours   In   tlie
• dust'*, and the lasi words of a dellr-
Mr-  ll   I.. Sawyer and two dnught- :',,ls woumred soldier wlm imaglne-The
ers   Vloln   and   Florence,  who  were heard, "Who goes there?",   "A Briton
visiiim*  friends in  the city the early who has done duly to his God and his
^_^_^_—_^_^_^_^_^_^       H   "f   the   week   retarucil   heme   on Kini:."
A|if. IV. ■'. Koran* Cnmbr-wk KirtiHiiye   Wednesday
Sunday Schools  will meet  hi their
respective bulldogs at tlie usual hour.
S a.m.- Holy Communion.
11   a.m    -Choral   Celebration.
7.30 p.m.—filvensong.
W, II, nridge. Rector.
Countless Women
that when suffering from
nervousness, sick .headache,
dizzy spells and ailments
peculiar to their sex-
nothing affords such prompt
and welcome relief, as will
i \>w>n\ pii.p mamkutiiimi! follow a few doses of
('oal mining rights of the Dominion, In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alherta, tlie Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and In a portion of the Province of British Columbia, muy be leased fur a term of
twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 111 years at au annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,560 acres will be leased to one
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of tho district In which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the laud must
be described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
he staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must bo accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded If the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid tin the merchantable output of tin* mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such re.
turns should be furnished at least once
a year,
The lease will include the coal mining rights only.
For C ill information application
should be made to the Secretary of
tbe Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
nf Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.-—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
Mrs  Oliver and Mis- Olll
Unne stopped off in the ell
Little Davenport
•■.i a is at ui, nouns
Tuki.  In  Hn*  l„ 11.  mill'
till. Show.
all white iiKi.r
,. ihey hnd 1... i,
r oi spo
siting Mr
ll !   Si    Marys   llllll.   Snturd
itember 1st Irom S ::n lo i*J.   i;,*
.pnti. Indies ;.'• .-.'in ■: good ran
Mi-.    Mil
1      Pupils
trying i
evlli resume I
.■a, her septum!
.iv,, tli,- advantage   '
mil,,   Ton ,.|*v:e!iei*y   '*
Mr« .1   I)   *.>"  Mi-* Margnrel Ay.
( I lllll ll 111   (ll   nirilOM MINT**.   BIHIoAy*. Mr. nnd Mr*. Sera Morrov
nil nt' Ba) ii**. Lull", motored Into Hi
V.lUi' nf !|i|illrntlnn
.Iiy In-i Friday to nii'ii'l ttw Clinutm
Muii   Tliey returned homo Hnndny
PX llllll. ^^^
The Forestry Branch of the De|iurt-'
in, nt nt lhe Interior, Ottawn, has just |
[SBued tin* Rnnual bulletin on tlie manufacture ol pulpwood.   The toml value*
nl  thi   pulpwood made Into pulp in
Canada and exported for manufacture
elsewhere In 1016 wus nearly $20,000-
000, which represents nn increaso of1
iiv,*!* *;s pi'i* cent us compared with
1915.    Tin*  proportion  eef  pulpwood
lured   ini"   pull,   in   Canada
compared wilh linn exported In the
rnw   Rtnlo   ts   steadily   increasing.
Those uml other particulars eef this
Important Industry nro set out in llie
bulletin which mny Ik* had free by uny !
,iii/.,*n   Interested   by   addressing the
Director of Forestry, Ottawa, ami nsk-1
lm.* feu* Uu. l'nlpw I Bulletin Mr 1DI0. |
A proven women's remedy,
L-"         * inBf
which assists in regulating the
"All.-.." Mineral 1'Kli'.
"(li mill " Ml *ul Claim.
"t'nniiiin" Mini ril i*lsle •.
Ktllth   Mlnoral i'ln<iti
"l.ol» Frae llonal" Minora! Claim
■n.i'.i... Frilell mal" Mil i":il Clnlin
"Nellie Frnetlnnnl" Ml nl I'luini
■Kill" Fractional" Mineral Clan i
"Crulcltshanlt" Mlnoral i'luini.
"March" Mlnoral Clnln .
"July" Mineral Claim.
"Waldlc" Mineral Claim       ■	
Situate In tlie Furl Stoolo Mining | Invited.   The bnsln
'! he local brancii ot tn * W (*. T. f I HIMHtmili   Kll.l.   Fllll   NOTES
mil ini'oi ui the home t.l Mi* W   \tl	
I, rd,   Heni.1,   Avenue,   "   Phureidny, The Asaoctallon Is offering a spec-
.iiimist iiml. ui :: ::n n.m     \  epoclal lal prize of $1B lin nierchnndlso) for
Invitation is extended In nll. ""' largest entry nf pure broil poultry.
organs, and re-establishing
healthy conditions. Beecham's
Pills contain no habit-forming
drug—leave no disagreeable
after-effects.  They are—
Nature's aid
to better Health
Salal aaairatkaaa,   la, b«taa, 26c.
X twirl!
I uiul  lli'L-l-lr,   Art
Get Ready for the Fall Fair
Tli.**i'iirit) I nui* Mills nre of fori lly tlio fnllowing [U'lssoH
I'm- tin* li.'sl liiiiiil itiuiii* from ilnir Flour nl tin* Cruulirook Pain—
1st Prize  - ii* Hi. sinks Purity Plour
2nd   "      I »S Ik.   "        "        v
:inl   "      I III Hi.	
Ith   "      I i'l Hi.	
Slnplc (.tiit'ciics. lin,. Grain, Feetl, Etc.
Open For Business
Star Cleaning Works
C. E. BOOKOUT. Proprietor
(Formcrlj  w It ti Crnnbronk Dean lng H'orks.)
I Respectfully ask a trial order
Notice is hereby given that on August
10th, ifti", it was ordered by His Honor Oeorge H. Thompson, Esq., Judge
of the County Court of Enst Kooteiuiy.
thnt Jamea A. Arnold, Official Administrator for that portion of the County
of Kootenay included in the Electoral
District of Oranbrook be Administrator of nil ami singular the esti.ii* of
John Thomas Scanlon. deceased Intestate.
Every person indebted to the said
deceased Is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned,
Every person having In possession
effects belonging to tlie deceased is
required forthwith to notify the undersign ed.
Every creditor or other person having any claim upon or interested iu
the distribution of tin* estate of the
.said deceased is required to send before the 22nd day of Septembr 1917
next, by registered mail addressed to
the undersigned, his name and address
and the lull particulars of his claim
or interest, and a statement of liis
account and the nature of the security
(if any) held hy him.
After the said last  mentioned date
'he Administrator will proceed nitli
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have had notice
Dated   at   Cranhrook   this   Ifltli   day   :
of August,  1017,
J. A. Arnold.
38-21 Official Administrator.
in work, study or play
Ths Gum ot Gumption
is a welcome help. / ff.„ Jv     ...    '"*'
Teeth, breath. appeJ*K*;JrQ&j/fo^Lasts
tite, digestion  and    >!?**":'-''
spirits are the better for it.
the next pipe or
cigar taste better. It
pleasantly sweetens
and soothes mouth
and throat.
Suled tight   Kepi right
Bs sur* It'ts WRIGLEY'S
'After every meal
Herald Want Adds Bring Results
-lie,   I'mi tr
Dlvlsl f IStiBl Kootenny Dlstiirt.      ; „m consist nl the Full l*'»lr nnil llie
wiii'i*,,  Laented   On  Btilllvun  lllll.
  I    IN THE MATTEI1 OP AN Al'l'l.l-
,\*e*eeeci.i'le,i.  will in* I      The BuboIihII Tournament, the Auto- CATION tor the l.***,i.e* .1 i tliinllocle
,n Friday   AiibiisI ail'i v R pnl   nl   mobile Pnrnile uml Auto slow Rnee Certlllor.te ol Tltlo io Lot 16, Block 8, |
<*» '''ly'I un.    Al I'lyn,,,  are   .111 ho held on ,.,, first day of the Jjw^t^'cT'™ °'™
bo discussed   1' air.   \\ eilncsilay.   September   12th.     [ 	
Kimberley II. C.
Lawful lleileli.i* Tlte Consolldntcd
Mining a;* Bmoltlng Compnny eef Canada, Limited,
Number eef the hnldor's Pree Miner's
Certlflcnte -0080T-B,
Take notice thnl I .1. K Cram, Pree
Minor's Cartiflcate, 0HS11-B, aetlien ne.
nsont fen* tho Cntifltilltlnted Mlnlnj *
Smelting Compnny eef Canada. Limited,
Free Minor's Certlflcato, imsn7-it. intend, eel the* end of sixty duys from
the date hereof, to apply to tbo Mining
Hecorder fur n Certificate eef Improvements, fur the nurposo of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above Claims,
And further take notice that action
unile'r Section 85 of lhe "Mineral Act"
must le.* commenced beforo the Issuance eef such Certificate, of Improvements.
Hated this lilth dry of July, 1017.
The Consolidated Mining « Smelting
Compnny of Canada. Limited.
I'er I. K. Crsm. '.et. 91
_^^^^^^^^—^^^^^—,   NOTICE IS HEHEBY GIVEN t1 ut It
feed l'l uie. The Canadian  flunk of Commerce  |« my Intention to Issue at tlieexplrn-
  is offering as a apodal firlze a silver I Hun of one mnntli after the Ilrst pub-;
Mr  C   n   Ward returned from the ! medal for the best 2 year old grade I lleatlnn hcieof a duplicate of tho Cor-
,',,,, ,        ,     ,    ,      „.   Latter lieef o.pnln tlflcatc of Tit le tee tlie above mentioned
(oust  on   I'l'lelnv   where lie had 1*1)110    llclle'l. noei sli a u. , ,       ,, . . „ ,    .
1 nasi on  1 iiuuy. wuiii   lie eiau gun. ,nl n t]|(J ||U|||e (]f jal,K.s Ryan, wbleh
Iii i-onneetnii wltll the organisation of   [Certificate Is dated the 14th day of.
the Land Settlement Board.   He ro-:    The  Live Slock Departments  wlll' Se|,teni,er mon end numbered :u',17K.
ports thnl the work of the Board for I be under the supervision of the Farm-      Dated ut the Lund Registry Otfie*e ut |
j the time being will he the taking cure: ers' Institute with Mr. B. H. McPhee  Nelson, B.'C, this 3rd day of Aueuat,
of uppllentiotis foe* loans which hnve j ns Superintendent. ,!M'* |: K slol!ra
been pending.   District Registrar. 1
  The Poultry and Pet Stock Depart-      Date of firsl publication, August 9th,
Beale ft lBlwell havo been Instructed 1 ment  will he under tiie supervision ' 11*1"* .12-51.
by Mr. I. O. Baxler to sell his pre party   of tbo Poultry Association with Mr. E.   .	
on Norbury Aventio, consisting of a  T. Cooper as Superintendent. np n.VAN'S FRENCH PILLS * "''*
two  ctorled  nine  roomed   residence   ,„*,    ,,„, ,„ „.„,„„„  „, tal „,*,^}S
und   two   lots.    The   house  Is   fitted       f'onsliioriible Interest is being mnnl- I lffi^',i*!j!li,JWJ*!?™S.!,I**1i,*.'?.!!f I
foundation, Lnrpro stnblp sultablo for principal fcaturoa nn the rnrc jiro-
Rarago. The prico nm! torma ure (tram and wo two informed thnt thero
oxreptlonnlly nttrnrtlve. For further i is n probability of n new track reroril
imrtii'iiliii-H apply to Uenle & Klwell.    j heing established.
VIUHtV'lur NerT<--ind Bmla; intrauH "mr
Mtttor'.tToiik- will tm 11 j you up. lir. boi. or
'.wo (nr (5, it -Jru* a turn nr If Mllnti
il ytU*. • Tu Houu, U>v« Vmt»t\ l" "
•Ml (flTi iflBl
oil caojLsTovi
The high t:i)*t nf living is heing
daily reduced hy 2,500,000 housewives wlm cook their meals un
New I'erfci tion Oil Cook Stoves.
Will, "«,,.':• f.ial Oil .New Pirfieliis
will. ... \,ur rnriil t*r tr.r.
.1 ts /-1 trrtls
The Long lllue Chimney gives
perfect combustion. All the heat
goes tu tiie food—no smoke, no
Aak thele dealers:
J, D. McBRIDE Cranbrook
F  r'ARKS & Co Cranbrook
Barristers, Kit*.
Vi. f. Kuril li. J. S|ii*e*iill
CHANBltOOK, 11. C.
News of the Surrounding District
l.WlilUll in:
Drs. Green •<•• MacKinnon
I'liyslcluns ami Surgeons
Office at  residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00  o   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   S.30
Sundays  2.30 to   4..I0
I»H. 1*. 11. MILES
in Hanson Block
ti to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 ie.ni.
Licensed Iiy Provincial Oovl
Mnteriinj l.l.l tieneral Nursing
Macsago und Rest Cure, Highest
Reforences,  rulr torms, Apply
MRS. A. SALMON. Matron,
1'hone 209 I'. O. Box 8*15
Address,Garden Ave., Cranlirooli
1*1,11 and .Mining Engineers
II. I'. Land Surveyors
t'onstublo WuIbIi en* Fun Steele ar- j    ever ut Agent w   W. Br iy,
rested on Saturday lusi mi Indian together ivtli Mrs. Bradley uml Miss
nanied Putrlcli of llie Kootenla's, on Irene Bradley, tills week motored from
••*,■ s; Eugene Reserve, for cattle Oolden hon Mr. Bradley was ac-
ttealini!    Hi was taken to Craubrook. companled  by  Mr*.   Com*;,,  Benwoll
Hi   und Mrs. .1   10. Hayes uiul pnrty ■ mi,* i: *ge Benwell Jr.. us his guests.
(ron Westport, Kurt Steele, motored j Tin* Athalmer branch ul the Bnuk
in Marysville .m Sunday. Jul* Montreal rloses em the fifteenth eel
Mr Cody ui Fernie, who, several this montii nnd for the time being tho
years ago, contracted fm* Bums and Imperial Bank of Canada under tlio
Jordan during the construction of the direction >»!' Mi*. C. a. T Hareonrl
Kootenny Central Railway, was in i will open leer business in thai place
town .ni Saturday. Iou tin* morning of three .inv,  in the
Mr. und Mrs. Cheillez uf Tracy Creek ■ week.
\\1nsa. win  in town on Saturday unit     A public farewell wus tendered un
Btayed overnight ul Uu* Imperial Ho-  Saturday tu Mr J. I*:. Cornwull who
tol. I'ur four yenrs pust lins been tlio Man-
Mr. It. Baker ur mile '2 wus In town : ager ul the Hunk uf Montreal iu iiii*
un Saturday. district.   'I'ln. function wus given on
The children ot the Catnulb Cliurch the  gneiimls  of llu*   lin.:* ro   ami
ni' Fort s:>ele hold their annual pic- Country cluh un the nftornoiiu  mil
uio in Horse  SI  Luk", in -ii Thurs- ovonlng ot Saturday lnsl and **.*   ver
,i:,\     Maoy  friends of llie children  largely attended,   Cumhlned wltli the.
wero with them.   The weathor being  farewell   to  Mr.  Cornwall   wm   i
I ,,|.  swll.ll 'ng wus lhe spur; of  the   giving uf nillenx lu 'lis  . nil.or.  Mn
duj     c   ..' Lompont of thc St. Bu- Cornwall  who Iiu* been  living  with
geno M    eu "us presenl mil every-  her sun since his firsl  arrival i	
one enjoyed themsolvos. During his residence iu i li is- purl Mi
Miss 15, Willi, inn ul Kurt Steel.. Is Cornwall has taken n vers active in
thn guest ul Mr, mnl Mrs. (Iri1/. nf! terest in everything which beni ti
i.i,   Tlirco-ln-Ono Ranch. wards Hn* upbuilding ,u n,,, in tpi.-t
not only In u btiBlnoss mnnner but ul-.
I l.liti   XOTKS   IIV   Ir'IIEII   ROO    i I" mnttors nthletlc
  Fnr many yenrs pust iii
Mr mnl Mrs. .1. w. Schmidt uml, ""',r"; District Board ,.ir Tm,
family. Mr. uud Mrs. C. .1. Bristol : j"'1 ,'"'; "'' !';"„"."-' "r ,"'■""
and family, Mrs. I. Cosens und Mr. T. I ." he lul„*s ol this pari am
O   Cosens, of Medicine Hut. arrived    ?r,s havo at las   met wil
 wn uml mv located nt Cumber-   """ ' ""' UlHl""ss "' ""'
Inud House.
Miss Mure Boquet uf Curuiullguy
\viin wus married In Lethbridge, stuni-
pedo wool,, "is supposed to tie" suys
Jim Thistlebeak, "of the Bridal Ruse
'llu- Way Uu* Brewster Qovernment
slipped ii' uver tlie hotelmen makes
hlm uml liis whole party loss popular
than 'lie* Kaiser would ho   lu   1'uris.
It's u lung lum* without uny tin can. i , ,-         „
'l'l,,. writing on lho wall Is like Jonny I ""'" ,",,"'"'"/ "
i Ups oi the Dlstrlc
through tin1 kindness of tlu* lute Jul'
MacLeod, Fishery Overseer nl Nelso-
mnl oi' Mr. Cunningham, Donilnol
Superintendent or Rsherlea nl ti
('oust. Within a late period nol le
than fifty thousand fry of tho Kan
loops trout variety wore brought rroi
the hatchery at Oerrard, It C\, an
placed n wnter Uml wns ronsderi
suitable for their young fight for li'
These are a lake trout nml given tin
and chance to mature should prove
Duy Phone 888, Night Phon 85
Norbnry Ave, next lo City Hill
Teacher ot Pianoforte
Cranbrook, B.C. Box 88(1
Wnlker coming strong. it-*-* °f tl'e District
\V. .1. 13. Hiker of the Government I     VVor(1 ll
Lauds bopurtmcnl was down to Roosville tins week on a waler rights case.
The Government road between Blk-
inmitli and Rngstono and from Flagstone   to  tin-   Indian   Village  Is   hi  a
deplorable condition and yet the funnel- Is double taxed,   A prominent lady
from Vnncouvor says out at the. ('oast
, the present Government is a joke, hut
ItH nn joke tn make the poor farmer
pay inr it, and the roads in sueh shape.
Mrs. nnd Miss Wang of Moose .law
an* visiting friends in Elko this week,
Crank Murphy of the Meadow ('nek
I.umber   Company   was  in   Klko  ibis
Montana Kcstnurntit
Meals al All Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes and C'amlj
Opposite the Hank of Commerce
At tlie Rlngllng Bros. Circus In
Spokane last Monday a mnn was hurled 20 iVei hy au elephant to whicli
hr gave a sour orange Jim Thistlebeak soya he should have stuck to
Meat. Frank Richardson, of A
who left Canada with a comm'ss
in tbe 225th Battallion in January
ll»10, had received wounds nnd li ■*-
been discharged from lho Hospital In
Kngland. Lieut Richardson served
through the South African war, ie
which campaign ho rocelved two
Tbe death is announced of Sergei n
George Alfred Hurr. killed sum. win r
in France in active Borvlco. Ser ■.
Hurr is a brother of Mrs. George .Tol t
ston of this place. He was Inn twent
tliree years of age, Two otlier brotl
ers still in the trenches survive bin
Tho seventh annual fair will be hoi
on the grounds of tlio Dominion !'■>
perlmental Station hen. tm W due.
day and Thursday the twontv-nhit
and thirtieth of this montii.
Over the caption "A Cnnadtr     "
(hi Thursday Fred Huker was before
Magistrate Arnold to answer to a
charge laid under the Vagrancy Act.
Huker has only recently been released from the city jail, Ile pleaded
guilty and drew thirty days.
Tmn Miller appeared in the Pollco
Court mi Wednesday charged with
in in:', drunk ami dlsordorley. Magistrate Arnold discharged the accuse.!
on IiIh promise tn leave town and go
to work.
Fur some time pasl  tho ChioE has
received many complaints concerning
pilfering and potty thieving by boys.
Juuk sucli as bottles, sacks, old rub-
ber, brass i'i... has been taken  from
back   yards,  oul   buildings,   parages,
ami empty Iioubos,    With tho objeci
of putting a stop to such pernlctouB
practices a circular letter  has beon
forwarded to the busness men of tlie
town   asking   tbeir co-operation with
'rom   Hn* police, nn further trouble is an-
n,uj   ticlpated  I'm' if tiie children  are  un-
'j*.-'.'     able in sell they will not steal,    ll may
iii ii   seem a small matter to colled bottles,
veti    sacks   and   suchlike   articles   hut   the
1 '"   trouble is  that once tlie  youngsterB
(1m,   gei away witli this sort of thing they
mer.   are tempted to try something bigger
"'    next  lime ami so ihe habit increases
md  becomes a  real  menace to  the
'uturo nl' lhe buys,    There is a con-
I siderable shortage of sacks, owing to
II i the wm*. therefore all empty sacks
" should lie carefully looked after and
t handed over In the delivery man for
u   return to the grocer who will always
1 allow credit for their value. The
' conservation of sacks is one way in
i. which everyone can help to keep down
i Die high tost of living, new sacks are
y j priced high and it Ie iiie consumer
'* who pays overy time. Therefore, make
i. a point to remember to pass back ymir
old sacks to your grocer.
East Kootenay
Wed. & Thursday, Sept 12 & 13
Cranbrook's Big Annual Event
$2,000 in Prizes
Exhibition of Pure Bred LIVESTOCK, POULTRY, Etc.
Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products,
other Features
BASEBALL Tournament, Auto Parade, Slow Race
The Fair will close with a
BIG DANCE in the Auditorium
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, at 9 p.m,
In (Content))' Landing*, Inclusive, lo Criinliruok mnl rolurn. Rates ol' sale, Sept.
llth, 12th uml llllll.   Return Limit Sept. llth.
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washii'i'
Bend it to
Sneclal nrices for familv
Tie.. IiiiiI Illver striiiK Tlniiel plnycil! alcr*  '"ir"  '"  ' ""ido, ol   I
lo ii crowded house nt tliee Klk llmel
Monday nlgllt.
A  pnrty of tourists wnn returning
from   i!i.,   Wlndermore  country  leeeel
I luul seen no papers feet* several dnyte
I mid coming to :i e*e.rtitln town Sunelay
I were    Informed  that    the  lirew-* ,
I Qovernment hnd railroaded the Prohibition  Hill through tlie House unit
Forwarding  and   Distributing
Agent tor
Lethbridge and tJraiililll Cenl
Ini|ii rial Oil Co.
l'lBtrbutleiu Cars u Specialty.
Untying and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
it the pnrty asked the hotetkeei er
where they wero e*atleiK dinner, how
I.i tell 'il net it. "I leel like l.iznttn."
ri piled *li* ieotolkeop*r." "Ho*.'*, tli.il"
ten! i II ■■•  el.  "Il   -1 ye,ii i*'n*. nil er
nld ll ,* 11  flkeepie    Hint thl y**'.*i>v
el .■ . >!!;> il Lazarus.'"
Mi -   i:   S'ay   ll ..i  returnee:   f**,..n
Ki,, ein   v.here she had beer, r.innduit.'
... i* i,   *.vi ■ lis vi .u.on.
The i-:!i;i, ladles aro giving *i patriot*
i.* dance In Ilirtz Hl.'l, Aiiru*** 23rd.
Mr. nnil  Mrs.  II.  ,'   S. Ge.v. *i •*:'
I ion   were lilkn vi i tors thl-. week.
flencrul Merchant
Employment Agent
p  O  Boi 108 Plione 244
lllll SAI.I    IIIH (lieiinilei ,"> pus.
Banger cur.   Apply Phono 880.   34-2t*
I'Olt   S \ I.i:   s  i-eeiim.><|  house— for
particulars i*iill 216 Armstrong Ave.
ate ore and
pressed   It,
Tills mint! is
ping   lists   I'.
is nne of tin* miners c.\-
'tlie ore runs tn you."
nbout tliird in the shlp-
n- Trail Smelter during
those oi' potatoes and alfalfa. A spoc-
ial judge was sent in hy the Prov'n-
clat Department of Agriculture nnd
th«* following persona have lieen declared winners of tin* firsl three a-
wards: Potatoes .1. \V. Cruwford,
Fair mount, ti2Vj'; ; ,\. <; Cuthbert,
00r'< ; II. II. Peters, *.;■*.•, for \1
fulfil U. It. nruce, !fji,'' A. G. Cutll-
bert. IM1','. ; II, If   Peters, '.m-V*.
cr llu
LOST   He jr's
ruin   nml,   between
< e.it,In,.ok end
Leeeee, nn Suiielay.—He-
.* ii  II*.aid
llewurl,                113-tl
The Shoo Specialist
.101: MAKWOlll
Satisfaction Uuuranteed
Headquarters for ull kinds of
\\ AYri.|l   Oih* or tun young- ladle*.
to board and room with soldier's wife.
Terms  reasonable.--HS Hanson  Avt.
1 WWHU A driiimr horse, lluhi-
I democrat and "iiiRle barnesR.--('. A.
j   Pool, Kimberley, B.C.
Iteilit. Frame. Prop.
Cukes, Pies
llllll 1*
Pboue 87
Opp t'lty Hall
Ml villi \ waltresn ler lletrl.
references required. Apply, Tbe. Un*
lienlst Investment Co., l.nl. Wasa, B.C
Snu|i T e relit, nbeeut l,*n acres, -.nil.
1 lo f'ei* •.■•.ii'.'ii or chicken ralitng;
111 miiiiit's walk fr.itn Post Office*
'I     Api'y   Martin   Bros.      88-41
Spokane, Washington
This house has the
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping placo in Spoknne
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronago and do
everything tn our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location is excellent —
close to Greut Northern Station
and o. W. H. & N.—Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from the principal buslnosa
bouses and places of amusement.
Mee  HffamNliii,  on   \Uwt
IVANTK!) .'nullInn Hy an exper-
lanced stenographer, first class reference*. Miss i„ Fern smith, c-o Herald Office. 33-2t*
W A Milt Mill Hi.nd anil Slabs
also Cordwood for shipment lu cars.
Write giving (imuitlty. bind and price
In box. 82-Ot
10|( s\U: A (lond drhor, perfeci
condition, five years old, weight 10U0
pounds; also harness and buggy, good
condition.-* Kor more partlcitlsrfl write
in Nick Marunchnk. Wycliffe. B. O. Bt*
FOB S Vii:   Organ, Bomlnlon Organ
Co.. piano shape. In splendid condition. 11 slops. 'J knee swells, cost
$1110; for quick sale $45..—Apply Kilby
Armstrong Avenue. 33-tf.
parents,    meets Portugos
France," is a verv cxcellenl  v
of Joe de Costa of Wilmer w
listed with "A" Company or t
Battalion in 191(1    11.  was later ornu-
cd Into n Highland regiment ami in Asbestos Near Cninbronk
the picture in- is shown walking with        .        ,.       ,. . . , .        ,,    ,      ,    ,
Portugese soldiers arrayed in the ('ill A B,ril"' '" l,lR" krai1" "B,"'S,":I lms
uniform ot u true born Scott. Hi*, de been made within 11 very few miles
Costu was biern in British Gulann. ,,]' Crnnhrook. Tlu. material occurs
Soutli America. ■„    „    Bcr,,enllne   formation.     Tin*
tn the fold competitions held under   ,      , .,.,,,,,,
the auspices of tin* Windermere Dist- thrDada iir" over t,u'p" lnchea itl 1"lf;t,,
rlct AKric.ltnral Association and The sample came trom right off the
Farmers* Institute there -.vere lour- surface where the^shestos has been
tt^en entries made in each ca-*** being exposed to the er-islon ami the action
i.i' rain waters -i-: i snow for many
years. Later on when the soli.' material i*- reached thi.-- important matter
will V again talcn up in these notes,
There arc three pirties Interested, on.-1
of them being a well known timber
cruiser wiio found tin* locution in bis
business wandering through the fnr-
t>st. It would be well if men of the
same line ot business kept tlieir eyes
open lo what may strike tbem ns out
nl' the common, They imve tbe sixth
sense of locution. It is easy fnr tliem.
owing to tlieir training, to get hack
in nny point when* tliey have a mind
to. There is far more in tbe IiIk woods
around us than the trees.
Mineral Exhibits i'or (lie Fall Fair
The executive o( tin* Full Fair has
decided tliat the time lias come to set
    ,          'aside some of the best spnee at their
ditlon may only be served at one disposal for an ore exhibit at tlie
meal on each of the otlier five days of' coming fair. Already the samples nt
the week. tbe    Government  Office    hnve been
Also, at every meal ul which white placed at lhe disposal of tbe executive
bread Is served BUhstltutes bucIi ns hy Mr, Wallinger. our Cold Cimimis-
ont cake, com bread, etc. must he or- sioner. ii might he a very good thing
fered restaurant patrons bo as to if Mi". Walllngor, or someone who has
give the public an opportunity lo be . some knowledge of Ibe subject would
as sparing as possible in the use of deliver a lecture or two on the occa-
wheaten flour. i sion of the fair so us to leach ihe
It Is clear, therefore, that il i< an peoplo what tliey might find on our
error to call Tuesday and Friday ' hills am! the best mode of finding it.
meatless days, when mutton, fresh \mongsl the samples which will be
pork, fowl etc. may he Berved in pub- * shown wilt be the asbestos above meii-
lic eating bouses to aay nothing of Honed and the bismuth ore from tbe
fish. ■ Rt. Marys Valley.   There are two sain-
it is doubtful if th.   regulation iu plea of tbo ore from the old St. Eugene
regard to tiie serving nf substltutoa mine iu tbe basement of the Govern-
with white bread will  work well in men!  building which  will be shown
practice, altl uh thi.. remain* t<e be which weigh ahoul a ton and a half of
seen; if it Is necessary to conserve Holtd sllvor load, Tliey created a son-
our Btlpply of white flour ii wnuld sailor in tin* Chicago Creat Land
have been better to place ll on the Fair in 1012
forbidden lihi for one meal cm It dny, I'unnlKc Mine, hm'rini-rc.
uml ask householders to follow the Tin Paradise Mine is thirty miles
regulation voluntarily, lu thai waj nbove Invermero, bul Invermere Is tho
tin* public would have understood the address of Mr. It. It. Rruco who awak-
situatloii ami accepted it without cued the mine from its long sleep,
question. Am it is now they arc mil That is Hie place wliere the trans-
even asked to refrain fnnn thc tie portalloii quostton Is bolng solved with
of it. and it Is hardly likely thai the tin* caterpillar tractor. This amiable
result wlll be any diminution of the implement  is like a tank  In that It
Apparently thero is conHp
confusion in the public mind t
new food regulations. Many people
are under the impression thnl they
call for meatless days, that is, days on
whieh no flesh of any kind may In*
eaten. This is not the case. V.t ef atul
bacon (Including ham) an* forbidden
on Tuesdays and Fridays, and in ud
MM) KOIt KA1.K   I.ot lft*7, Koiitr
1. Kootenay Dlstrlcl, containing 586
acres, located three miles west of
Cranbrook. >• -'. railroad runs thru
one corner of tho properly. The land
adjoins thnl nn which the Fast Kootenay Saw Mill is located. This Is ex
eel lent grazing and agricultural land,
with plenty of open range adjoining.
To settle up an outntG, 1 offer a clear
title lo this land for $11.00 per acre,
('ash. if ymi want grassing land, nil
you have to do Is to go and look at
It ami you will buy It. 1'.. Lund, llox
18!).   Ircthhrlili
'  When usin§||
*&      CARErULLY-'A-ND''
"\$    EXACJU^
,X\ v\       r^
lays down its own feet, or Its own
\ track ami hauls a matter or five trucks
"" after It slowly but inevitably. It will
not exceed about two and a half miles
an hour, but It will surely keep
agoing or neomttig ami It Is stronger
thnn a team of bull elephants. Measured lu horse power it Is said to be
75 h.p, Tbis stud of horses cost about
a thousand dollars only, or about tbe
tin* price of three of tbe horses whicb
Ale.* Ritchie, the owner, used recently
and is using still In getting down
the ore from the mine to .lack Fine,
tbe half way house between the mine
atul tlie shipping poinl.
Mr.   Ilrnce  was  recently  In  Crnnhrook and stated that they were chock
e present year.
The   Great    Dane,   West
Si. Marys HIvcJi-
No sooner had Mr. Jumes Cronln
une out from visiting this famous
d property, than .Mr. Williams, a
Spokane mining engineer, started in
over tiie same trail for the same
property. Tlie writer knows nothing
of It from personal Inspection having
never been on the ground, but from
those wiio ilid the work on tbe ground
ami from others wbo nuiile Inariaetlnu
in the old days, it is said to be a
property of exceptional merit, 'i'hc
on* is a silver-lead running in high
values in silver with lead showing
a percentage as high as B5 to 70'*.
The transportation i| nest ion is a
troublesome one, but can be solved
far more easily than that which affected the Paradise. Tiie motor tractor will net around the difficulties.
In a little time wo shall see tbe Val-
ey of tlu* St. Marys coining into its
own. Tiiere is galena there in fair
quantities beyond a doubt, but tin*
future of the Valley und of the mountains bordering its tributary streams,
will, tu the end, depend on copper,
In this connection it may be said that
tlie Kvans Brothers have secured a
group of claims of extraordinary extent and of good values in what Is
called locally Kelly Dnsin.
Wlm   Knows   Where  the Copper
Shaft Is  .'
There is a shafi down some eighty
feet on a copper lead somewhere along
tlie sky-line above the Leslie Ranch or
somWhere there about. It there anyone who can point it oul'.' It is a
fine property and has lieen lying open
to the sky for years. All anyone has
to do wlm cares to profit hy this hint
Is to do a hit of careful prospecting
and they wlll find, not a big fortune
perhaps, but n good, saleable pro-ipei f.
There are plenty nf others right ni
our doors.
IliitiIon   Copper   Mine,   Klko.
This mine, situate at Elko, IV ■'.
has been acquired by it symlica' i I f
friends of a well known old timer of
Ibe Cranbrook district. Mr, .1. I. Par
ker. Mining Kngliieer, of Calgary,
but former Supurlntondonl and Man
ager of   the  old   North   Star   Mine  al
Kimberley. D. C.
Tho deal was ennsumuted oil 'lie
■Jlsi of July lasi and active work Is
being prosecuted in the way of developing the Lower Tunnel ■Jill) feet
deeper than the present working tunnel, with a gravity tram l-!r.ii ft. long
connecting tliis lower tunnel with the
valley bolow when* ihe mad haul
will be only I »/.* milea from the siding
S showing
Ladies' Suits
and Coats
The very newest
Materials and
styles and they
are beautiful.
Better makey out-
selections now as
Cloth will be very
hard to get later.
leased for the
the C.  I'. H.
The Fpper '
ore sbutes, tin
feet in   length
of llie mint
e|    dlBClO
I n i
than Sticky Fly   II   lll(11'1'   wltl1   ort'   ■"   *lu'   hunker
ami you will m.y u.   r. i.umi. nm , Tw mofC eBcctivc |hl||1 SUc,.y ..|y ...   BIUB1I   ,VM11   u„ „   	
Sit.   l-etlibrldge. or W.  P.  nnrges:..    Catchers.   Clean iti handle.   Soldby   Tbis mine Is a peculiar one.   It needs
rai.bn.ok, It c a.l-lf.    Druggist*andOroccrtteverywhere     I mUH ur mi WMllnBi   u lt *. rnr|..m.
first one being ^07
uud tlie second one
separated by about 80 feci of barren
Iron material, being 83 feci in length.
The former carries an average width
of tl feet 11 inches and tho hitter •'. fool
In width.
The height above this upper tunnel
starts in at zero and rises to 2.r.tj feet
In height over the second ore-chute
and development work tu tbe way of
a rnlsc 40 feet up. and a slope -0 feet
up shows the ore to maintain tho
values ns found by shipment, of rrom
BVe to 77« copper, wtth about IW,
sorting of waste from tho ore.
Three Wlnwa have been sunk from
ibis upper tunnel to a depth of :itl foot
all  showing  pay  ore,  varying  from
3*J49i   to Jll'i copper, the average he-
inn "'•   without any sorting.
The intention Is tn sink the central
| whi/.c :i depth of 100 to 150 feet in the
ore and connect tills with the lower
! tunnel which bus to be driven a dls-
j tanee approximately 2.10 feet before
It Is under this wiu/e, then tn raise
ami connect.
! This work will take six mouths and
in two months time the gravity tram
will be furnished and ore bins built
ready for ore, should same be found
In the lower tunnel,
An output of 50 'onr. per day Is
figured av, being tlm maximum output
utli the mine Is further developed
nnd equipped with air c nnpressor. air
drills aud electric haulage tram tn
the railroad.
si iti   developments   Justify   the
organization of a largo company this
will he dime Inter but at present lhe
syndicate will ship dally a small tonnage from the upper workings in order to defray part of the present outlay.
Mr. Parker thinks the property is a
I coming moneymaker and be has been
successful    In    surrounding   himself
witb   personal friends   of Influence
amongst whom are:    Lieut. Governor
It. Q, Brotl of Kdmonton, P. Burns of
I Packing Plant, Calgary, A,  K. Cross,
[ Pres.  of Calgary  Brewing  Company,
Major Harold Daly who with Ottawa
friends, has taken half of the Syndicate holdings; J. W. Davidson of Calgary Colonization Co.,   Dr. Qalbralth
of Lethbridge, Alberta, anil others.


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