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Cranbrook Herald Jan 21, 1915

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Array «*?
Railroad Hoys Say Farewell to Cranbrook Men Off for tlie War
Surrounded by many of tlio foremost
railroad men in Cranbrook aud amid
a brilliant gathering of friends who
bad HHSfinbled at tiie Cosmopolitan
liotel on Tlnirnday evening last for
the purpose of giving them u "Qood
Luck" dinner and wishing them Uod-
Hpcod on tlieir departure for thu seat
of war, "Cum" Lindsay and (lordon
P, McDonald, two well known rail*
roiidi'iH. wore the guesttt of honor at
one of the biggest functions lu tills
city. The simplicity of the scene nnd
the great wave of slucen* and lieitrt-
felt enthusiasm that swe lit over tho
assemblage wlll never bo forgotten by
those wliu hud the good fortune tu
witness It.
Mine Host Campbell hnii prepared
a most excellent menu, the following
being the list of good things it contained :
Martini Cocktail
Cape Cod Oyster Cocktail
Celery Olives
Soup du Cos.
Roast    Stuffed    Turkey,    Cranberry
Mashed Potatoes, Whiter Squash
Mixed Salads
Assorted Cakes
Tea Coffee
Anheuser Buseb Beer
Mineral Water
The dinner wns not a public or an
official affair.   On the contrary lt was
distinctly   a   private   function,   Mr. j
Frank Rutley and Mr. W. A. Wilson j
being responsible for the carrying out
of tbe arrangements.
Mr. T. D. Caven, M.P.P., acted as
chairman, and filled the position very
heard In the city. For an encore they
responded with "Winsome Cran From
John Martin replied to the toast of
"The Cranbrook Volunteers." Mr.
Martin delivered a splendid addretw,
and we regret space will not permit
of It In full. It would look good fn
print. Mr. Martin said ft wu a big
undertaking for him to reply to this
toast. He said It was plain .to the
most obtuse observer tbat thp men
here with us tonight had upon; their
own accord entered this great battle,
when we are thousands of miles removed from the strife, perhaps could
have act back with folded arms and
tell "how we put It over the kaiser."
Hut that is not the Cranbrook spirit.
Wo must bo to the fore.
Mr. Thomas Caven, ln a neat little
speech, then presented the men each
with a wrist watch, stating he hoped
when they returned home from Berlin
they would still be "watched."
Tlio recipients replied, thanking the
donors for tholr splendid remembrances. Their remarks were marked
by great feeling and sincerity, and It
was apparent to all that the words
they were uttering were coming from
thc heart.
"Auld Lang SyAe" was then sting
by the entire bunch and the toastmaster called upon the diners to rise and
drink to the departing guests. I
Messrs. Lindsay and Macdonald left
on Saturday morning tor Lethbridge to
join the cavalry now forming there.
Send Ofl at the Clu
On Friday night a send-off waB
tendered the boys at the Cranbrook
Club, about thirty members 'being present. Mr. Lindsay was presented with
a pair of field glasses as a slight token
of esteem by the several club members.
Mr. Harry 0, Moore, of Blairmore,
will address a public meoting to be
held In the' Edison theatre ou next
Friday (tomorrow) evening on tbe
subject of tlie wood dlstfllutlon plant,
a new project which has the backing
of the Cranbrook Board of Trade, the
City Council and a number of interested local people who havc advanced
money to assist the project in an endeavor to have a plant established ut
Cranbrook In the near future.
Mr. Moore addressed the Board of
Trade about a year ago and gave a
very Interesting description of tbe na-
Important Matters Dlseissei at Meeting Last Friday Evening—
Wood Distillation
., .   „ . , , .,    .   There waB a small attendance at the
ably. He was in fine form and deliv- j Cranbrook Board 0, Tfftde nwUof ^
ered a most interesting address, in Uie ^ m ha„ |M| m^ .^.^ m
course of which he rehearsed many | what wa(J ,ogt ta numbMg WM p^
up in enthusiasm. There ts no doubt
that Ci anbrook possesses a few public-
spirited citizens, men who would devote their time, money and influence
tf there were
In the city
episodes in his dealings with the men
who were about to leave us, especially
Mr. Lindsay.
Mr. Robert McCreery was toastmaster and had little stunts of his own I f0r tho public   good.
In Inducing the speakers to "come more uke these few
across" with some brilliant speeches. g00d Board of Trade could be kept per-
J. E. MacFarlane replied to the penally alive and a vast amount ot
toast of "The Railroad Boys." Mr. j goorj done for the city.
MacFarlane spoke of the many pleas-. T]ie meeting was called to order by
ant recollections of early railroad President Bownees and Mr. George F.
days tn Cranbrook, and told how lie j Stevenson was chosen secretary pro
had been associated with Mr. Lindsay j tem,
in his efforts to promote the interests j A letter and resolution from the In-
of railroaders in Cranbrook. Mr.) vermere Board of Trade waa read. The
MacFarlane was loudly applauded at j resolution deals with the completion
the conclusion of bis remnrks. ! of t]ie Banff-Windermere road aad aak-
Mr. P. G. Qougeon, an old time rail- j e(\ the other Boards of Trade of the
roader sang (very sweetly) "When the . district to concur In the matter of tm-
Midnight Choo Choo Comes In.' I phasing the government with the ne-
Mr. T. H. Banfield replied to the ; CCBglty 0f completing the road early in
toast of "Our Departing Guests" in a Wj6 Motion by Dr. J. H. King and
manner that surprised every man t. T. Mecredy that this Board of Trade
around tbe festive board. He said he concur In this resolution of the Inver-
was proud to live in the city of Cran-; mere Board of Trade and endorse the
brook and hnve the pleasure of saying sentiment contained thereto waa paaa-
a parting word to tlie two railroad d unanimously,
men who were about to go out and Mr. C. R. Ward presented a motion
defend thu country. He said war bad which wan to petition the Dominion
set tbe fashion nnd the rnllrond boys  government and ask them to build a
Public Meeting to Discuss the Matter Will be Held
Tomorrow  Night in the   Edison
Theatre—Everybody Invited
and from the C. P. R. Department ot
Natural Resources were present. Tbe
wood from this district tested out ln a
most satisfactory manner, carrying
the highest percentages of high priced products, being richer than woods
\ from any other portion of the country
..... ,,      ,    . _.,.    or from the United States,
ture of the business, its adaptability
to this district and the profits and i    The operation   of   this plant   at
benefits which would accrue to tbe '■ Cranbrook would solve tbe problem of
city and district from Its inception, iIand clearing to a great extent for
The result of that address was the In-!thi8 distrlet*   u     would a*80   «olve
terestlng of a large number of local jtlle P«-°lem o( unemployment and is
men In the project.   A company was j of ■&*** Importance to the farmers of
formed and considerable stock sub-jthe district.   It Is hoped tbat a large
•scribed.   A delegation from tbe lum- j number of the farmers will be prc-
fcerraen of the district visited  Mos-1 »ent on next Friday evening to hear
<&w, Idaho,  where a demonstration I Mr* Moore's address.
plant Is in operation at the Univer- {    If   this   plant   Is   established   In
sity.    The results of that trip were. Cranbrook lt will lead to the estab-
particularly pleasing to the men who j llshment ty othor {plants,  such1 as
saw the operation. ! creosotlng   plant,   gunpowder   plant,
The government  wfes approached | besides Innumerable other plants us-
and an expert reported on thc ad- j Ing thc pine oil for a basis. At the
vlsablllty of the project proving a : present time many of the by-products
venture. Later a demonstration was ' Hpcun'u trm the distillation of pine
made at Wilmington when ox,(ertfl i »tumps come from Germany,
from the Dominion government, from i There arc approximately 100,000
the British Columbia government, j acres of cut over stump land ln the
from the United States government, ('ranbrook district which is easily
available for clearing. The company
would pay something like $4.00 per
cord for pine stumps and they also
propose to advance the money for
powder to farmers for the purpose of
blowing out stumps.
If the company can get started on a
basis of |100,000 they can build a
twenty-cord plant, which comprises
four units of fivo cords eacli and will
107th  Heirimerit  (.'live  Patriotic Concert for Cranhrmik Men at
tiie Front
At the Edison theatre on Saturday
night last the memhers of East Kootenay Light Infantry gave the first of
a series of monthly concerts, whicli.
to sny the least, got away to a bad
start. This, through no fault of the
men in charge, as the boys advertised
the affair, and the Herald did what it
could to help the concert along.
It was anticipated, In view of the ,
very worthy object of tlio concert,
that a bumper house would greet the
Initial performance, but we are in-;
formed that about sixty patriotic citizens of Cranbrook, ladies und gentle- ;
(ity Officials Voluntarily Accept Cut
of Ten Per Cent In Wages—Com*
mlttee Appointed
All of the city officials were signed
on a letter addressed to the new city
council which met for organization
last .Monday afternoon in which they
volunteered to accept a ten per cent
reduction In salaries from January
flrst to the end of the war. This came
us a surprise to the members of the
council und is probably unique In civic
affairs in Western Canada.
Alderman Jackson proposed a motion of thanks which was seconded by
Alderman Erickson and carried.    Al
lium, were in attendance. I Uoriuan Jackson in proposing to ac
However, those who did attend were I „„„„ ti_ n*,att „*__ ♦•„,, ♦*,„ thA«i#. «
give a nice surplus for carrying on
tholr business. If less money ls
raised the company can only build one
fx.nit of live cords. They expect to
ask tbe British Columbia government
for assistance, also the C.P.R. und the
Dominion government.
It ts Important tliat everyone attend tbe meeting fn the Kdison theatre
on next Friday evening and listen to
Mr. Moore, who wlll have an Interesting array of facts to lay before the
Cranbrook public.
Hubert   Heard   Passed
Sonde* Evening Last
The. death of Mrs. Hannah Jane
Heard, beloved wife of Mr. Hubert
Heard, occurred Sunday evening at
9.10 at the St. Eugene hospital, death
being due to Bright's disease. Mrs.
Heard was ln her 52nd year. Mr.
anil Mrs. Heard and family came to
Cranbrook some eight years ago, and
last year moved to Bull River, where
they have since made their home.
About two weeks ago Mrs. Heard was
brought to   Cranbrook for   medical
A. H. Webb Receives Communications
of Interest to Farmers—May
Have Short Course Here
Mr. A. H. Webb, secretary of the |
Farmers Institute has received a number of communications which will be
read with Interest by tbe farmers of
this district. The Farmers' Institute
has already applied for the Short
Course series, which are proving of
such value to farmers In other parts
of the province.
The request tor a pruning school
at Cranbrook has been granted.
We believe this Is a move ln the right
direction. One has only to visit
treatment. Her condition gradually ' some of tbe nearly orchards to see at
grew worse and on Sunday evening j a glance Just how beneficial this will
passed peacefully away. Besides a j to to the fruit growers of this dls-
sorrowing husband there are left to | trlct. The fee has been fixed at *1.
mourn her loss four children—two |II wouId bo well for those desiring to
sons and two daughters. They are •<•*« •*** course *° h»nd the*' n»me8
Hert and Bert; Gertie, who is a nurse I lo*0 «"• «ercetary of the Farmers'
at St Eugene hospital, and Mrs. J. S.! Institute,
BIM. who resides at Bull River with |    The communication dealing with tbe
her father iSnort Course follows:
Two.brothers and one sister reside I    Dear 8ir: The Department of Agri-
la Baatera Canada.  Tbe eldest broth- jcuUure ls now _»■«■« P|ans;_*■***
1 carload registered American Haulier oats.
not disappointed.     A good program
of vocal and Instrumental music was
carried out, some of the best artists
In the city taking part.
The program was as fallows:
1. Chairman's address.
2. Selection by Juvenile orchestra
...   Song, Sergt. Fiedler.
4.   107th Quartette.
ii.    Song. Mrs. Nisbet.
0,   Violin solo, Mrs. Wallinger.
7. Song, Capt.  Davis.
8. Comic Song, Sergt. Raworth.
1).    10"th Chorus.
io.    Song, Mr. G. Stevenson.
U.   Rccltntinn, J. Malcolm.
1-.    Song, Capt. Davis.
13.   Chorus, O Canada.
God Save the King
This is not very encouraging for the
Cranhrook men who are now on the
firing lino and who need n little en-
coruagement to help tbem through
'Mo trials and hardships.
How do you tost your fighting
power? Not by looking Idly ou with
folded arms. No, that will never do
That is not the Craubrook spirit.
You can't buy honor and self-re-
spsct witli money. No, that la impossible. But you can and should buy a
ticket for the next patriotic concert
whicli the soldier buys will give shortly,   und   whicli   will   be   announced
At present negotiations for the purchase of this seed are under way, but
prices are not available at this time of
writing.   Full particulars will be sent
to the Institutes as soon ns possible, j through these columns.
In the meantime no applications will i    if "Shorty"  Milne or  any  other
be considered. J member of the first quota of Cran-
The department is endeavoring tolorook b°y* to* tllat nmtler' shouId
secure the very finest quality of seed 'hcar of Uie *,oor atendance at «•« con"
possible, of a strain that would seemtC('rt *lven to Purcliase "•*>« remem-
to best suit our own conditions. The brance8 for ih«m- we are ftfra!d ""*
Danish Sludgstrop mangel Is wortIly [would give up life in tlie ^enches_nnd
of special mention.   This mangel has
been grown in limited quantities in
this province for the past two years,
and has shown marked superiority.
quit fighting In your defence.     Thti
week we are withholding all papers
going  to   the  boys  at  the  front   in
order to sav-e you who have been a bit
-.-_____-_.,,, 'a* In yo"*" patriotic pride.   It would
No seed will be suppllel to appll-1 not look well for the boys to know
cants this year unless the money ac-|that wc have taken the first concert
companies their order. . given for their benefit so lightly.
Address communications to thel Get your two-bits ready for the next
Soils and Crops Division, Uve Stock j concert. If you were a bit careless
Branch, Department of Agriculture,! heretofore you now have a chance to
make good. In order to make ourselves
more clearly understood we refer you
, to a letter appearing elsewhere in this
| Issue from Robert Ersklne.
wanted to be In style. ^^^^^^^^
Pete Dallas rendered to the satisfaction of the entire assemblage "He
Grows More Like His Daddy Every
Day." The crowd then arose and
drank the health of a new arrival In
the city thut night.
Frank Rutley und Judge Arnold
replied to the toast of "The ladles."
Mr. Hut ley, who spoke first, received a
telephone line from Kootenay Landing
to Yahk to connect up the two lines
west of the city and from WJ.ua to
Invermere to connect up the lines
north of the city and the matter be
l=i til before Mr. R. F. Green, the member for this district. Also that Creston nnd Invermere Boards of Trade be
asked to co-operate and that a special
committee be named to draft reaolu-
er Uvea at Brantford, Ont., while the
younger brother and only sister make
their home at Cashtown, Ont.
The funeral was held from Mac-
pherson's undertaking parlors yester-
coming series of Short Courses held
under the auspices of the Farmers'
Institutes. It is the purpose ot the
department to hold a two days' Short
Course in eacb Institute district
where the Institute will undertake to
day morning at 9.30. the body being gHflralltee an attendance of not less
taken to St. Mary's church, where requiem high mass was celebrated by
than thirty persons at each session.
In so far as possible, the depart*
welcome that must have warmed bis  Hon.   Carried unanimously.
heart, and when he elaborated nn the
theme he carried his audience wilh
hint Wildly. Truly, Frank Rutley Is a
lady's man am) was iiualified to respond to this toast. Judge Arnold
said his heart was with the ladles, nnd
nt this particular moment wiih beating
n double forty for them,    lie snld lie
Messrs. Ward, Mecredy. Baker and
Stevenson were named on this committee.
Mr. It K Bcntlte presented thc matter of the distillation plant for Cranbrook and after considerable discus-
sion which brought tho benefit the district would derive from such a plant
Rev. Father Plamondon, parish priest. ment wlu be governed by the wlBhes
Tho funeral cortege then formed of the respective Institutes In pro-
and slowly wended Its way to tbe vlding lectures and demonstrations
Catholic cemetery, where the remains) relating to specific subjects, but ow-
were Interred. Tbe pall bearers were! ing to the great variety of requests
E. A. Hill, Jas. McDonald, Wm. Stew- \ usually received, It Is necessary to re-
art, Thomas Doris, J. W. F. Johnson,
H. Munroe.
Mr. Heard and family will have the
.sympathy of the entire community In
their sad loss of a kind and affectionate wife and mother.
deemed It a privilege to speak tonight   » motion wns Introduced by Messrs.
for the weaker sex and be only hoped
thnt some fair maiden across In Kurope would "make eyes" ut Cam.
Arthur James, lu his admirable and
original   parody   on   Shakespeare's
"Seven Ages of Muii," made u hit and
It Is likely he will he beard again before Cranbrook gudlenooa.
Aid. V .1. Balmonl replied to tbe
toast of "The City of Crunbroolt " Mr
Balment. In a ipeoch brim full of
common "horse sense," suld that Crnnbrook wns essetilinlly u rallrouil town
and thnt as "one who hnd railroaded"
and as alderman of the city he wns
accorded the double privilege of saying a word here this evening.       He
had known the guests of honor for a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
long time, and said they were men of Cowley, Alta., Jan. 20.—Pincher
sterling worth to thc community. He Creek waB the scene of the worst fire
regretted tlieir departure, but he said ; for years testerday morning, when the
when work Is to bc done in thc de- tlie large department store of Lebel
fence of the country railroad men , & Co. was completely gutted, only the
must be flrst In line. . walls being left standing.
Hurry Roblchaud, the well known , The total lose la placed at $160,000,
conductor and one of the oldest men In | but owing to the interruption of com-
the employ of thc C.' P. R. replied to munlcation with the town, It la Im-
the toast "Early Railroad Days." Mr. | possible to learn the details of the
Roblchaud said lie had never attinept-1 fire, or what amount of Ineuraa-ce was
ed to make a speech before—and per- carried.
tlape never again—but on this Bpeclal The fire was discovered about 6.30
bcaasfon, was going to mako a start, by Mr. Draper of the King Edward
He told some good stories of early j hotol, who went down to the big
days—real gems   which would sound j store, smelt smoke, but could locate
Ward and Christie as follows:
That a public meeting bc called under the auspices of the Board of Trade
for Friday evening, January 22nd, and
that Mr. II. C. Moore, of Blalrmore, be
asked to address the meeting and that
a committee bc named to look after advertising nnd make arrangements for
the meeting.   Motion carried.
Messrs. Beattie, Christie and Wilson
were named on the commltee.
Mr. Maurice Qualn was appointed
by tW hoard to represent them on the
public market question
Meeting adjourned.
FIRE FIEND        	
serve their right to make final arrangements. In all cases, however,
demonstrations and lectures of special
Interest to the farmers of the district
will be given.
If your district desires to hold a
Short Course, kindly fill In and mall
THE PUBLIC MARKET !tne *ww*ed torm> "» to*1 u wtfi
WELL PATRONIZED jg* gj£*" not ,ater than JaDuary
.    .  ., *   *   . ... Very truly yours,
Last Saturday's market day was *^m E Scott
again well  patronised and a  1»r«e | SuperjnteDdent of Farmers' InstltutPB.
Victoria, .^a,^.^—.^—.^.,^.,^—
Wm. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister and Supt. of Institutes.
A. H. Webb, Esq., Secretary Farmers'
Institute, Cranbrook, B.C.:
Dear Blr:    Seeding   time   ls   approaching once more,   We should be
glad, therefore If you would call the
atentlon of your members to the fact
that the Dominion Seed Laboratory,
Calgary, Alta., Is at the service of any   ^__________________
western farmer who wishes to have I the church on Monday evening at 8
seed tested either for purity or vital- j o'clock, the rector presiding.
Ity.   The Dominion Seed Branch de-j    The   rectors   report   told of    142
sires to do everything in Its power to [families In the parish, and 636 indiv-
dlscourage the use of poor seed and to : Idual members, with SO in the Sunday
see the provisions ot the Seed Control > school.
Act enforced. During the year baptism has been
cept the offer stated that the thanks of
the whole city was due the civic officials for making such an unprecedented move. While some other cities had
made ruts on salaries ft was usually
requested and sometimes secured after considerable controversy und In
some cases dismissal of employees. He
thought that tlie city of Cranbrook
should be proud of their civic
The council was called to order at
2 o'clock by Mayor Bowness, who
briefly addressed the new aldermen
emphasising the need for strict economy this year and outlining tlie muny
necessary new situations with which
they were faced for the coming year.
Alderman-elect Ceo. F, Stevenson
wwi not present to take his scut and
the council wus organized with five
memhers. those present being Jackson,
Balment, Leask, Krickson and Clapp.
Standing committees for the year
were named bul cannot bo tilled out
until th-? matter of Mr Stevenson taking his seat has been decided.
The following are the committees:
Ftn&nce—Clapp and Erickson.
Works and Property -Leask. Jackson and Krickson.
Water- Jackson. Balment nnd Clapp.
Fire and Police—Erickson and Jackson.
Health und  Relief—Balment.
Sewerage—Raiment and Clapp.
Special Water Committee—Mayor
Bowness. Jackson, Krickson and
Legislation—Leas's and Balment.
The city books having not been audited for the past year, a motion was
passed instructing the clerk to wire
Mr. J. B. Sutherland, of Calgary, that
unless the audit was commenced by
the 20th inst that the arrangement of
the cily witii his company would be
A special committee with power to
act in connection with Uie audit of the
books was appointed as follows: Aldermen Erickson. L*?ask and Clapp.
Matter of th* finishing of the city
water Improvement was then discussed it being the opinion of Uie council
that some changes in tbe present plan
would have to be made or means
found for raising more money. This
was laid over for discussion at a future meeting.
The letter above mentioned from the
citv employees was then read and on
Hector's Beport Show, Standlr.* ol mot|on   accepted     an(J ,   Tot(,   0,
thanks   tendered  the  city  employees
Church for Year—Committee*
[    The annual meeting of the partflh-
! loners of Christ church was held In
Weed seeds are difficult to detect to \ a^lJilstGri!^to 43 P"80"8' »dult3 an,j  taken up and the   council
•Department of Agriculture,
Victoria, January 7th,
amount of produce purchased.   Thore
was a larger variety of meats on sale
than usual, thero   being   pork, beef, ^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm__m____mmmmm__
mutton, chickens and rabbits.   EggS|ToF -.^rfea ol mrmera'iMUtnlea
were quoted 5 cents per dozen lower
than on thc previous market day and
butter was also a trifle lower In price.
The market will again be held In tho
the casual observer or to anyone not
familiar with their appearance. Consequently, we would strongly urge
the farmer or grower who Is suspicious of any lot of seed to have lt reported upon by the Seed Laboratory.
Alfalfa, Red or Alslke clover and Timothy seeds must be marked with tbe
grades In accordance with section 7
of the Seed Control Act. Purchasers
of the above seed should, therefore,
buy only according to such grades.
children.   Tbe rite of "Laying on of  j]iat"
Hands" was administered to S candidates.
Marriage wus solemnized 10 tlmf-s
and the burial service used 8 times
Banns of marriages we:
(J times. ^M	
Synod assessments and missionary
apportionments have been paid in
For tbe first time In ten years there
bas been a deficit lu current account.
for their move.
Discussion of tht matter of unemployed in the city and means for alleviating the condition was taken up.
In this connection the lumbermen of
the district are to be consulted before further action is taken by the
The matter of the corning lecture by
Mr. Moore on the proposed new distillation plant for Cranbrook was
every encouragement
*       Be Seed Grata ..*..,___________.
1.   Distribution of eon aid alfalfa ** "• closing a circular on seed
lor eo-operatlw tests. t*,ttn*' **&* *»•* markeo" c°w ot
...Hit Ma*. „«t ibt„M„   Thftnn«.l    Will you kindly notify the members the  8eed ControI  Act-    We should
22f2^Xs&J?*22\* ^ur institute that the department j ■*"** Mr co-operation In this
OtTerseeds'pu'rchased'should conform T,l0S(1 w»° tgM** tlmt the* Imve "ol
to section 6.    As regards vitality all  Wfllled their proper duty In main-
common  agricultural  and vegetable ; talnlng
seeds should conform to section 10.
mlttee appointed to look Into conditions re a market site are working and
new arrangements expect to be announced ln the near future.
The following were the prices on
the market last Saturday:
Batter 30c. Ib.
Beef 16c. lb.
Chickens BOc. each
Honey  25c. Ib.
Eggs 50c. dos
Pork  i...120. and 13c. Ib.
Lard   15c. tb.
Chickens 90c. each
wlll make a distribution of one pound
i matter and will at any time be glad
well beforo an audlonco ut the Auditorium.
Dick and Leo siiutim sang "The
Railroad Man's Dream," u beautiful
duet full ot heart Interest. Thia waa
tha ftrat Una thia tuneful melody waa
e"«hTrth"ree'°wleUes of"«»"«« Ito «*ve *°* Information or make tests
five pounds of alfalfa, to members of |for other Interested parties.
Farmers' Institutes during the coming j In conclusion we would Bay that
season of 1916. The distribution will | twenty-live samples per year will be
>be governed by regulations similar to \ te8ted free of charge for any one peril not Identical with, those ln force last I a°n.
the services can now make
amends by contributing to the deficit     It is not large—only $75.
C. A. Cock was re-appnlnted Rector's
Church Warden. N. A. Wallinger was
re-elected People's Warden.
Lay delegate to the synod- Messrs.
Cock, Wallinger and Santo. Substl-
tUtesW. C. Crebhln. Ur. Miles and A.
H. Webb.
Tbe following wcre elected members of the church committee:
Messrs.   M,   A.   Beale,   Dr.   Green
should be given and that every alderman should advertise t be coming
meeting on Friday evening as much
as possible in order that a large at-
published   ,_„„ wm r„s„It
Captain Husller of Ilif. Salvation
Army a*k»Ml for a contionancs of the
grant of $10.00 per montli to the
Army for the next few months
Motion by Jaekson anil Halment
that the eity rannot al the present
see their way clear to make iugo a
siant.   Carried.
Council adjotirned.
year. Definite announcement wlll be
made as soon sb prlcea and a satisfactory source of supply are secured.
Blank requisition forms will bo provided In the course. Until definite
announcement is made, no applications
for seed will be considered.   Make
Bread  10c. loaf this point plain to your members, and
no trouble.   Harry Wns later dls
covered tlie fire, turned In tbe alarm,
and had the hose tain* by the time the
fire brln.de arrived, but In spite ol
this the balldlai wm tatted, only Um
Rolls   25c. dozen
Headcheese 12V4c. Ib.
Turnips  11.25 cwt.
Parsnips.  $1.50 cwt.
Beets  (1.25 cwt.
Carrots  11.25 cwt.
Cabbanc  10c. and 15c. head
Celery , ,| 2 bunches for 15.
Mutton  llie. tb.
Chickens  80c. each
Babbits' | 60c. pair
Cabbage  10c. head
 25c. plat
avoid disappointment.
t Sale ol reglitertd and hl«h-elasi
The department have taken steps to
secure the following seed for sale:
26 bushels Minnesota No. 13 corn.
25 bushels Northwestern Dent corn.
10 bushels Quebec No. 20 (grown in
British Columbia).
2000 lbs. Danish Sludgstrop mangel.
2000 lbs. Northern Grown Varle-
tated alfalfa.
Very truly youra,
Alfred Eastham.
Price Is up this week and wlll
go higher
Bent Grades I
14.00 cwt.
Other Flour at M.7S aid »!I.«S
Fresh stock this week I8.0A a
Uc. a doien to SOe. doieu
The danre given by the Utiles Auxiliary of the II. Of U. T. which wns
held at the Auditorium on last Mon-
day evening wm. well attended and a
most sociable and enjoyable time resulted. The railroad hoys dispensed
with their annual ball this year, giving
I away their New Year's date to the
Andrew Woodland, W. c. Crebbln, W. | Volunteer Club and this Is the first
i S. Santo, H. II. Banfield, I)r. Miles, j <l»nc'' Stmt hy any of their various
j Jack Haslam anil Alfred Webb. Tbe ' organizations this winter. The most
'rector and the church wardens are. successful dances are always under
i members ex-officlo. |tllclr auspices    and the dance  last
: A special committee was authorized : Monday was no exception to thc rule.
S to secure plans for a new church. •**»■ "■'«« »b°ut ™" hundred couples
i The Women's Guild report a goodly . Present nnd the floor was fully cover-
amount of work done during the '■■ «l «7 the dancing couples, but never
ycar ' crowded at any time.
:    Through tlieir efforts and by prlv- j    The hall was decorated with bunt-
] ate subacrlptlons abo.it $1500 Is In i lnB. I|»l">r ">'"«■ evergreen trees, mlr-
hand   towards   the   church   building
I desire to expresH my heartfelt
thanks to the tunny kind friends wbo
so greatly assisted me during my recent losti.
Hubert Heard.
rors, etc., nnd presented a very cosy
and attractive appearance. The music
was furnished by tlie Cranbrook orchestra, whicli  Is to sny it was tho
' bpst.
Refreshments were served on the
singe during the lute hours hut did not
Interfere   wltli   the   progress  of the
I dance, wlilcli continued unabated un-
l"l 4 am. PAOH FOUR
i tit inn      i   ii in —-aa   a
L. P. SuUIraa, Editor
J» B. Thompiop, Bogloest Meungtr
Bipierlptta BaUi
CM   Year     $2.00
Ml Months          1.00
Three Months    SO
Airerttilif Hates
Utopia?   Adrertislnf,   tt   ceuts   per
Column Inch.
maadlog NoUcss or ClasslHsd Ads. 10
teats per line.
Cranbrook, 1U'„ January 81st, 10W
Attend the meeting at tbe Edison
theatre Friday night and learn the.
benefits of the proposed wood distillation plant for Cranbrook.
Everybody's going to Windermere
next Monday on tbe board of trade excursion. Oet in the band wagon and
help boost. Cranbrook optimism Is always a welcome guest and brings
steady returns in the good will of our
Seventh-tenths ot the failures of the
Dominion of Canada during the past
three months are reported to have occurred In British Columbia, still thc
B. C. government refuses to declare a
moratorium. We hate to think what
the conditions in tbis province will bc
before thc McBride government will
come off its high horse and look the
results of ten years of folly square In
tho face. There is apparently only one
way to see tbe reality of conditions
and that is to shove them with their
arrogance and extravagance off the
political map.
When Mr. Bowser visited Cranbrook
some time ago he boasted the amount
of money that British Columbia had
In Its sock compared with the Liberal
sister provinces to the east, Alberta
and Saekatcbewan. Alberta is giving
$7,500 per month to some of her cities
and $4,BOO to other of her cities to relieve the poor and distressed. Saskatchewan is also following suit. Has
anyone heard of a B. 0. city getting
anything like that amount? If Mr.
Bowser has the coin in his sock,
whicb some people doubt, it is apparently going to stick there, although the
people in thin province are in a much
more serious condition than the peoplc
on the prairies.
In these days when the puhlic attention is being drawn to thc candidates announcing themselves subject
to the will of the Conservative party
we would remind our readers that the
Liberals of this district have fixed
their choice on Mr. Chas. R. Ward of
this city, to represent the party In
tlie coming piovinclal election. Rumors of elections are rife these days nml
candidates arc being carefully scrutinized by the electors. In this connection we might state that Mr. Ward
was chosen In a district convention of
the Liberal party and is a candidate
worthy of the trust not only of the
party but of all the electors In this
district. He has resided in East Kootenay for a long term of years and is
in every way conversant with the
needs of this district. He has successfully conducted his own business
affairs und is held in high esteem by
Cranbrook citizens and by those who,
have business dealings with him. Mr.
Ward possesses a high sense of honor
and honesty, which Is a characteristic
needed tn the provincial legislature.
He has n lurge number of constructive Ideas which would be ot benefit
to this district and province and a
legislature composed ot men like Mr.
Ward would soon gain the complete
confidence of British Columbia, and
tbo business affairs of the province
would bc conducted along lines of
benefit for everyone and not merely
for a handful of party heelers. In the
Cranbrook district conditions are as
bad as they possibly can be after ten
years of Conservative rule. The
fundamental principles upon which
this province has been conducted for
the past ten years has been Inimical
to tbe best interests of the grent majority of the people. Let those people
who are feeling the heavy hand of adversity today vote for men like Mr.
Word and agriculture will get its
boost, problems will be solved for the
lumbermen and prosperity will raise
Us sunny smile again where today we
And only a problem of unemployed,
of want und misery on every hand.
Two recent occurences deal pertinently with the after-fruits ot the war.
Mr. Brlorley's speech to thc Montreal
Canadian Club states the claim to a
Canadian voice In settrlng the foreign
policy of thc Empire, and warns Britain that never again must men in
Downing Street have tbe power to say
when Canada shall be at war. The
manifesto of thc General Federation
ot Trade Unions of the United Ktnf-
dom sets forth the broad lines on
which the British labor movement will
want to see the post helium situation
Both points of view take it for
granted that tbe primary business of
all Britons Is to end the menncc of
militarism. Mr. Brierly sees in the
war a mighty challenge to a revision
of the broad relation of state with
state, of nation with nation, In thc
Empire. Tbe labor men see in It an
unanswerable case for a revision of
the method of valuing the services
rendered the state by the unit of the
atate, without whom tho atato could
not exist,
I Mr. Brlorley's speech should provoke healthy discussion It suggests
a constitutional debate ot the Ilrst
1 magnitude, which may In time effect
■ a ncw alignment of tlio schools which
j tend respectively to centralization and
j to greater liberty of action within the
' Brlttanlc bound, At Hrst look Mr.
Brlerley's size-up of the position may
I not seem to have any direct relation
ito the Old Country trade union mani-
| festo. But It has a great deal to do
. | with it.
! Thc relation between the geographl-
, cally sundered parts of the Empire
' will in the end depend on the slmllar-
1 ity of tholr conceptions of social well-
being. If wo do not approximate moro
and more to one another's Ideas and
practices lu the fields of inter-huiuan
justice, wo shall drift farther apart in
the regions where political relations
in the mass urc determined.
It is as illuminating a thing as you
can do to read what the Labor men
say about the domestic settlements
that will belong to the coming pence.
Tlie manifesto may surprise some
readers who think that Labor deltver-
iiuces arc bound to be full of sound
and fury signifying nothing.
No document has heen issued during tho war that carries more surely
a statesmanlike tune than this deliverance. It Justifies the high reputation which the Labor men have made
in the house of commons—a reputation which caused Mr. Balfour to tell
the house, a few years ago, that the
Labor party had set an example to tho
other three parties, in dignity and restraint under provocation.
The manifesto upholds Britain's
quarrel without reservation. The
duty of the times is to offer "tbe
iicrelest resistance to thc aggressor,"
and "to insist that the economic and
moral disabilities of war should not
fall altogether on the shoulders of the
The last time British blood was
poured out on European soil was In
the Crimea nearly sixty years ago.
Tlie government did not then dream
of interfering with the price of
wheat. There was no limit to the
sacred freedom of the seller of a
vital commodity. The government
was weaker ln the presence of the
extortioner than it was before Sebas-
topol. This war, even before it was
declared, proclaimed that an economic revolution had occurred—a revolution which is not confined to the
mere machinery of credit, but which
has set in a new light tlie enonomic
relation of the lighting man to tbe
Tills is tlie hist big wur iu which it
will bo deemed necessary for so-called
charity to come to the aid of those
who depend on the saviors of the
stato. Of all tho anomalies that persist, perhaps this Is the most Ironical
that the man who risks his life to
defend tin* lives and property of his
follows, is supposed to look for the
care of his wife und children to thc
monetary "charity" of those who
would have no property with which
to bc "charitable" were it not for his
willingness to die for his country.
The Labor manifesto is on the
surest ground when it says:
The government has paid for the
material things it required for tiie
war, it hns extended Its financial assistance nnd credit to banks and
private concerns, and It would act
illoglcully if It hesitated tu meet the
demand for payment for that human
element, without which states cannot exist or wars bc made. Surely if
the human element voluntarily places
itself Ht the service of the state, It is
the duty of any government to pay
for this at least as fairly as it paid
for Its coal and its corn	
It li necessary at once to withdraw
from the realm of chance and charity
the interests of the soldier and his
ih* pendents.
Tiiere can bc no humane negative
to this proposition. The Labor movement in Britain will see that the
proposition becomes action. The
{citizen in arms Is no proper object
! of charity.   The change that has oc-
Icurrcd is only one of many, whicli
prove that tho world has advanced,
and Is advancing, and will continue
to advance.
Diplomacy always lags behind the
progress of mankind. Wo are fighting
because men with mediaeval minds
have controlled chancelleries ln Europe. When diplomats learn that war
Is a terribly more expensive business
than lt was lu the far-off era when
their style of politics came Into vogue,
there will be an end of one of the
worst forms of political lunacy. Thc
man in the ranks is no longer Ignorant and blind and dumb.
One docs not have to accept the
teaching of every Labor lender before
assenting to the fundamentals of this
manifesto. Neither can one afford to
dismiss it as the Interesting production of an Interesting phase of social
unrest. It Is a shadow of things to
Licked, olll   Watts that?
He that rlseth late must toil all
By the way, old timer, that little
[ gopher story Is doing good work.
It was an Uphill tight tor the new
| mayor of Fernie, but he got there.
People who llve ln glass houses
' shouldn't take a "bawth" in daytime.
This column ls getting to be popular. Almost aB much so as certain
| Tlio best things In life are those
| wo never get. Now, this Isn't libel'
Twonty-onc days without a drink and
still holding it down! Wonderful!
! Wonderful!
Thc power of a Peanut Politician
; can in future be likened to a cipher
; with the rim rubbed out.
One ungrateful man does an Injury
to all who stand ln the need of aid.
Pass the peanuts, please.
It Is interesting to bear some would*
ho politicians talk about a free press
' und then try to muzzle the editors.
Cranbrook haB a Sunshine Society.
| Well, Kentucky has Its Moonshine or-
I ionizations yet.—Phoenix Pioneer.
Howness by acclamation! Thc farm*
! ers of Cranbrook trust Mayor Bow-
! ness will see his way clear to Bonus
| the public market.
, Don't you think tt would be justice
to turn that handful ot coin over to
tlio workmen "Christy?" British fair
play you know, old chap.
When a mule ceases Its habit of
kicking, its a sign that rigor mortis
lias sot in, and Its time to dig its
grave.   Put your ear to the ground.
Gone Wrong, a Chinaman living in
Rossland. was up In the court charged
with running an opium joint. He has
probably Gone Right—to Jail by this
Fourteen young lawyers were ad*
mlttcd to the bar of British Columbia
the other day. This Is a good indication that "pickings" must be fairly
Some experiences are being related
around the Are place at the Y.M.C.A.
these winter evenings. One young man
has had the sympathy of the whole
establishment, and Is looked upon with
considerable awe as well, since he
told of having 40 teeth pulled at one
We are told that recently a
local man was given notice to
get on his homestead or lt would be
cancelled. He reported that he had
made several attempts to do so, but
had failed owing to his not having the
necessary paraphernalia carried hy a
mountain climber. Most ot us know
the story of the local surveyor who,
while surveying a block of Nelson
fruit lands, tell out of an orchard and
fractured his arm. The Cranbrook
story is not taking second place.
Crescent Lodge, No. :I3, had some
lively doings last Tuesday night, quite
a number of old timers being present
to listen tn the reports of the different
officers. The financial report proved
r..f great satisfaction to all present.
The newly elected officers will he Installed on next Tuesday night, when
another good time Ih promised to nil.
The evening was wound-up with n
banquet, cigars, song and story, reference being made of the brothers
on the way to Hie front.
Brothers from Trull and Arrowhead wore piesent, nnd proved groat
entertainers. Como again brothers
you wlll always find a glad hand in
the Castle hall of Crescent lodge, No.
Kditor Cranbrook Herald:
Sir: Would you kindly allow me
space for a few remarks witb regard
to the recent election of aldermen.
I understand that the nomination
papers of Messrs. McFarlane and Hall
were thrown out on a technicality—
that occupation was not stated, but
was It not also a fact that the nomlna
tion papers of at least three of the
elected oldermen were also Irregular?
' As a result of this apparent lncon
i slstcncy there Is a prevailing imprcB-
! sion that the election waB not "on the
! square." This impression may be en-
'. tirely erroneous but Its existence ts
| certainly injurious to the welfare of
I the city in that It ls liable to affect the
i unanimous support and assistance of
| the ratepayers which should at all
times be extended to the city fathers
during their term of ofllce.
It Is urgently necessary, I am sure
wo alt agree, that during thia period
of financial unrest that we stand
shoulder to shoulder striving solely
towards the upbuilding of our city and
district and that strong partisan feelings should be avoided and If this
object is to be attained ratepayers
should not be left to think that
our city fathers have secured their
powers by trickery or by any unfair
means and tf this Impression can be
removed by a frank statement of the
facts from Mayor Bowneas (or those
In authority at the time) I sincerely
trust that he will avail himself of tbe
Yours, etc.,
M. A. Beale.
While driving In from Port Steele
Tuesduy l.en Clark, had hla shoulder
dlsloctcd and Stewart Forbes sustain-
ed Injuries to his leg In an auto accident about two miles out of town.
Thc injured men were brought to
town and had tholr Injuries attended
lo by Dr. King. The car, with Oeorge
Merrick at the wheel, struck a bad
piece of ground, throwing the car
completely over, the driver escaping
Injnrlea. .     .
Local Man With 23rd Battalion at
Quebec Writes Interesting
The Herald is in receipt ot the following letter from Robert Ersklne,
who left here with the first quota ot
Cranbrook men and who is now with
the 23rd Battalion at Quebec. Your
attention la drawn to the portion ot
the letter ln heavy face type. This
little sentence speaks volumes, and
should awaken interest in the movement now being couducted by the
107th regiment, a report of which appears elsewhere ln this issue:
Editor Herald:
| Dear Sir: I am sending you a clipping of an entertainment we held. It
: may be of Interest to you and tbe
poeple ot Cranbrook. The Cranbrook
boys all belong to D.l 23rd Battalion
, und wc are ahead ln shooting, drilling
. and conduct. Tho commander says
j wc are the best company In the bat-
; talion. We have a visit from H.R.H.
! the Duke ot Connaught. He thought
j so much ot the 23rd that 128 men were
picked for reinforcements for Princess
i Pats. D.l company volunteered In a
! body, but our officer would not let ua
| go. J. Mlddleton, A. Stephens and
J. Barney of tho Cranbrook bunch are
I going. A. Taylor, E. Gammon, J. Og-
! den and R. Ersklne are reserves for
| same. A. Taylor is in the machine
| gun section, R. Ersklne Is tn the
I mechanical and transport department,. The boys thought that Cran-
I nroek would have remembered some ef
■ them even If It had only been to the
j extent of a box of cigarettes. We
will be leaving here shortly.
I Please send the Cranbrook Herald.
II hope you wlll have a good strong
Liberal party when we get home from
| Berlin.
I remain, sincerely yours,
Robert Ersklne.
i    23rd Prov. Battalion
Dl Company
Immigration Bldg., Quebec.
The following account of a smoking
concert, In which the Cranbrook boys
participated, was   furnished   by Mr.
Probably the most enjoyable entertainment furnished for the men of the
23rd Provisional Battalion, since their
arrival in Quebec, was given by tbe
Daughters of the Empire and the
Home Workers' Guild at the drill hall
last Thursday evening, In the form ol
a wonderfully well-organized smoking
j The hall was draped throughout
with flagB and bunting and presented
; a very festive appearance, while the
; west end- of the building waa hung
: with electric lights and banners bearing the words: "Greetings to the
! Ladies of Quebec; a Happy New Year
• From Those Who Have Pleasant Memories in the Old ... 23rd
| Battalion" and "D. 1 Company Ap-
i predates the Splendid Services of the
! Ladies of Quebec. Ood Bleaa 'Em."
["A Happy New Year 1914" In gilded
letters was changed to "1916" at midnight, when Father Time appeared,
dragging an effigy ot the Kaiser on a
' wooden horse, labelled "1,000 miles to
! Paris," and pursued by the Allies. The
' procession Died around the ball, the
| Kaiser finally being abandoned to tbe
tender mercies of the audience.
Pipes, tobacco, matches and "tbe
makln's" were distributed among the
450 soldiers who formed the audience,
by a number ot well-known Quebec
ladles, who had previously arranged
the setting of the long tables at the
south end of the hall, where the men
were given refreshments during the
course of the evening.
The Program
The "hit" of the evening waa probably made by Mr. H. E. Hueatla
singing a parody on "It's a Long Way
to Tlpperary," specially written by
himself tor the occasion, to the accompaniment of the R.C.O.A. band, the
chorus being enthusiastically sung
ly all present.
Other Items on the bill, all of which
were much appreciated and loudly applauded were:
Highland Fling, by Master Tommy
Prentice, accompanied on the bagpipe by Private McPhee, of the 23rd
"Kentucky Babe" and "Oh, Lucky
Jim," by the quartet ot the Y.M.C.A.
Glee Club, composed of Messrs. Armour, Taylor, Claxton and Carpenter.
"Scots Wha Hae," by Mr. Carpenter;
encore, "Rule Britannia," accompanied by the band.
Novelty Dance (Impromptu), by Mlaa
Shirley Gowan, Mr. Blcknell at the
"I'm Shy, Mary Ann, I'm Shy." by
Col.-Sergt.   Robertson;encore,  "Oirls
Get a Home of Your Own."
Piano selection, Pte. Hardy.
"The Baby's Name," by Corpl. lack-
Band Program
The program ot the R.C.O.A. band
arranged by Lieut. Bandmaster O'Nell
Included the following:
"Old Comrade" March
Intermezzo from  ."Puppchen"
"Hunting Scene" Descriptive
"Rose, Shamrock and Thistle" Medley
"El Abanlco."	
"Robin and Wren," duet for (lute
and clarionet 	
  Musician Garzla and Dean
Patriotic alra, terminating In "O
Canada" and "God Save the King,"
brought the proceedings to a close.
At the end of tbe performance Captain Shirley called on the men for
three rousing cheers for the ladles
who had given them such a pleasant
evening's entertainment, and tbe response shook the ratters.
It was a happy Btreamcr-decked
body of men tbat marched down
Orande Alice Md Bt Lord* atrett ta
tha barracks at thelmmlgratloa Building. The bugle band of the Battalion
was in atendance, but the strains of
"Tlpperary," "John Brown's Body,"
"At the Halt, on the Lett, Form Platoon," and other popular selections
sould b« beard far above the drums
and bugles.
The ladies, who organized the concert, under the auspices ot the Daughters of tbe Empire and the Home
Workers' Guild included:
Mrs. McLlmont, Regent ot the
Daughters of the Empire, Mrs. George
Tessler, Vice-Regent, Mrs. de L. Panct,
secretary, and Mrs. Ernest Turner,!
treasurer of the same organization, I
Mesdames H. E. Hucstis, Ed. Sewoll,
William Price, Arthur Price, Miss L.
Carter, Mra. David Mitchell, Mrs.'
Montlflore Joseph and Mrs. S. Young.
The following young ladles rendered
valuable service ln passing baskets of
Bmokeables among the men during thc
Mra. A. Cook, Jr., Miss B. Meredith,
Misses J. and A. Cook, Miss D. Bishop,
Miss M. Huestls, Miss Dorothy Cook,
Miss Glbsono, MIbb Poston, Miss Stella
Crosby, Miss Hall, and Miss P. Ambrose.
"It's n Long Way to Tlpperary"
Mr. H. E. Huestls' parody on "It's
a Long Way to Tlpperary" follows:
(Air—It'a a Long Way to Tipperery")
From all parts ot Canada
Came the 23rd one day,
Through the town ot ice and snowballs,
One and all were gay;
Singing songs of Montreal,
Toronto and Quebec,
Till Fisher hollered 'Shun' my boys,
We'll break the Kaiser's neck.
We know that you're all anxious
To go and Join the scrap,
And some of you are leaving soon
To Join the Princess Pat;
And when you all embark and bid
To Canada 'Farewell,'
The Hat ot V. C. D. S. O.'s
Will then begin to swell.
Now, gallant lads of the 23rd,
It's my delight tonight,
To hand you all good wishes tor
A New Year glad and bright.
The Daughters ot the Empire
Will be down to meet your boat
When they receive your message,
"We have got the Kaiser's Goat."
Now thia is no Grand Opera,
Remember what I say;
I've got to save some lung power
For tomorrow, New Year's day;
So all join In tbe chorua
And we'll sing it Just once more,
As we hope you will be singing
When you charge at Wllhelm's door.
Amount of Estimated Expenditure ns Passed by the Board February Ird,
MM      mffiWM
y.                                               IS months 18 months
ending ending
Expenditures—                            .November 30, December SI,
1914 1914
Teachers Salaries   $16,713.35 {16,915.85
Janitors Salaries    1,472,60 1,602.60
Medical Inspector       499.80 541.45
Secretary        300.00 325.00
Central School Supplies        312.76 321.80
Manual Training School Supplies....       03.22 93.47
South Ward School Supplies        100.25 100.75
Kootenny Orchard School Supplies...        10.10 10.10
Ccutral School Expenses        196.87 200.62
South Ward School Expenses          95.41 102.91
Kootenny Orchard School Expenses..        65.46 C5.46
South Ward School, Heating Apparatus ...:        370.00 370.00
South Ward School, Furniture       103.23 103.25
Kootenny Orchard School, Furniture.      103.90 103.95
Central and Manual Training School,
Fuel    ,.:       020.98 629.78
South Ward School, Fuel        168.41 198.83
Wnter, Light and Phone       227.26 232.45
Insurance       131.60 131.60
Rolrairs           183.85 215.69
Unexpended Balance        671.00
Overcxpcnded  Balance   	
(21,340.00       $22,265.46 122,205.46
Explanatory Note,—For somo time past the financial year has expired on.November .30th. Tlie estimated expenditures of f21,340.00 were
made on that basis, eo thut on tho year's operation tlie Board havo an unexpended balance of {571.00. The Municipal Act now make:: It compulsory
to close tho financial year on December 31st, so that the Financial Statement for 1914 covers a period of 13 months, which accounts for the adverse
balance as shown above.
Editor Herald:
Sir: It will be noticed that the Salvation Army haa this year been deprived of the grant of $10.00 per
month trom the city. The appeal was
made, because as things are in the
town we are unable to finance this
corpB. In your midst our Income hns
only averaged $2.00 per week from the
inside and outside collections. This
will not cover our rent, whicb is based on a mortgage on the building and
our current expenaea apart from salary. Eacb ol our corps are expected
to be self-supporting and most of them
are. A grant of $3.00 per week ls
sent each month from Toronto headquarters and the remaining $9:00, making $12.00. which ia our limit, should
be raiaed locally, after all other expenses are paid.
Now all we aak ls for help trom such
sources that we think can help, If
only small. True, the city grant is
tlie ratepayera money, yet If the ratepayers were appealed to I have confidence In them that there would he very
few turn us down. We are in your
midst to do tbo same work as the
churches, and whatever relief work
as ia permitted us and the opportunity
presents Itself, providing we havc
means .Our membership ls not made
up ot the people with a steady means
of support, therefore, aro no financial
support to us. Many thanks are due
to those kind friends who so willingly
answered my personal appeal for
monthly support, which haa at present
realised $6.00 each month. Had wo
been able to make greater headway
and gather for ourselves a larger
membership ln the town as has other
towns, we would never have needed to
appeal to the city for help, but could
be supported by our own soldiers and
the public at large. I have sought to
pay my way amidst this pressure and
pleased to say that locally we owe no
man, but I have Incurred $164 rent
debt to headquarters, most ot this
since my command, commencing .in
June, 1914, Just aa hard times started.
I am sure we appreciate the help
that haa been given us and our work
hero by many friends; also the Sunshine Society
Capt. Hustler,
Officer ln Charge.
A True Tonic
is one that assists Nature;
Regular and natural action of
the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels will keep you well and
Mrs. Housewife
Just at this season your stock of preserves may be getting low, but never mind that because we are now able to
offer you an article of preserves of the highest standard
just like you would put up yourself. Never since the flrst
jar of preserves was placed on the market have we been
able to offer such, a high-grade article in this line.
These preserves are made in Canada's richest fruit belt
from freshly picked fruits, pure cane sugar and sparkling
mountain spring water and processed under the most sanitary conditions by expert preserve! s,. We refer to the
Goodwillie's line put up by Goodwillie & Son at Wellington,
Ontario.   .
These preserves are sold in sealed pint bottles retailing
usually at 40.cents each but in order to introduce them
into the Cranbrook homes we are offering them at
35c or three for $1.00
Order Goodwillie's Today and
Your Preserve Problem is Solved
In this Hue we carry red cherries, white cherries, pears,
Lombard plums, Green Gages, strawberries, red raspberries, black currants and peaches. Each and every bottle
preserves the delicious flavor of the fruit, unspoiled by
harmful preservatives.
Okanagan Apples
See these fine prize winning apples displayed In our
window. One look at the box and you will be hungry to
get your teeth Into them. They are beauties. For eating
we espeially recommend the Northern Spy and the Jonathans. The Rome Beauties will make those tasty apple
pies like mother used to make. She knew tbe secret about
Northern Spys. The Winter Banana, the Ganons and the
Winesap are all especially fine cookers. These apples are
beautifully packed and extra large. Remember these are
not just Okanagan apples, they are Okanagan Specials.
We are quoting them
now at
$1.75 per box
.    We specialize in Made-in-Canada Goods.
Trade at This Store and Bring Down
the High Cost of Living
lra ft Manning, Ltd.
The Big House on the Corner
The Quality Grocery
Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 27-28
Kiifrnecniciit extraordinary
In a variety oi wind and siring Instruments
In a Sensational Percli-Acrolintic Act
In their own skit "The Cullud Chappie and the Dark
A One-Act Melodrama
PRICES! ======
Reduced to 60c. and 25c.
Performance Starts at 8.45 p.m.
'    •
________ THTJBBWa.   JANUARY 21st, 1916
'     •
War News
If you wish to read the war
news with comfort get a
pair of WILSON'S scientifically fitted glasses. If
the print blurs and one
letter runs into the other
and your eyes give you
pain and discomfort, you
are straining them and
Neglect of Nature's warnings will bring serious eye
ailments. Don't risk your
Bight. Como In and we'll
tell you wliere the trouble
W. H. Wilson
Deposit vault uud boxes to rent. Apply to Deale & Klwell.
Judge Thompson made a trip to
Fernie Monday.
George Leask returned home Saturday morning from Spokane, where lie
apeut a week on business.
Joseph Walsh, constable nt Port
Steele, accompanied by his wife, were
Tuesday visitors in the city.
Mrs. H. L. Sawyer, of Kingsgate, was
in tlie city on Tuesduy being registered at tlie Cranbrook liotel.
There was a good attendance at the
fortnightly dance of the Maple Hall
Dancing Club held Tuesday night in
Maple Hall.
Frank Dezall was called to Nor-
degg, Alberta, last week by the news
of the sudden death of his sister, Mrs.
W. R. Campbell.
On Saturday afternoon, from 3 to
6 o'clock, the Ladles Auxiliary of tlle
Ity. Y.M.C.A. will hold a sale of cookery.   You are Invited.
Mrs. C. Hilton, of Yahk, returned
home last Tuesday after spending a
few days in the city visiting her
mother, Mrs. Maystre.
Mrs. A. Bnrnhnrdt, of Glenllly, was a
visitor In the city the first of the week, | '■> attendance,
the guest of his brother, Mr. Charles
Barnhardt on Martin avenue.
Beale * Elwell tor Ufa Insurance,
P. DeVere Hunt left today on * bul.
ness trip to Athalmer.
Miss Conrad, of Merle, who haa been
visiting friends in tbe city, returned
to Moyle Sunday.
Mr. Henry Slbbona, of Montreal, waa
a visitor in town the flrat of the week.
Mr. Sibbons la a knight of the grip.
Albert Carter, ot Kingsgate, who
4ins been confined In St. Eugene hospital, returned to Kingsgate Saturday.
Mrs. M. A. Beale and children left
today for Oolden via tbe Kootenay
Central for a visit with ber Bister,
Mrs. Taylor.
A tiny bundle ot humanity In the
form of a baby boy arrived at tbe home
of Mr. and Mra. Martin McCreery on
Thursday evening last.
Mr. Sparrow, assistant to. Mr. J.
B. Sutherland, Calgary, who la making an audit ot the city booka, la In
town. Mr. Sutherland la expected here
Tho flrat annual parochial tea and
entertainment ot Christ church wlll be
held in the Maple ball on Thursday,
February 4th at 6 p.m. The committee
in charge are Mr. A. H. Webb, Mr. N.
A. Wallinger and Mr. Crobbln.
Tha regular monthly meeting ot the
W.C.T.U. will be held at the home of
Mrs. T. C. Phillips, Armatrong avenue,
on Thursday, January the twenty-
eighth. A full attendance la requested.
Malcolm Horie waa la from tbe
East Kootenay Lumber Co. mill weat
of the city today engaging a few
teamsters to haul In about two million
feet ot loge from lands near Watta.
burg to the mill.
The Cranhrook Intermediate hockey
boys are out with a challenge for the
Fernie Intermediates, the game to be
played in either town. The only game
this season waa a tie and the local
boys are anxious to decide the championship.
Regular practices of the Cranbrook
Choral Society are being held every
Monday evening at > o'clock at tbe
Ry. Y.M.C.A. A good start haa been
made on the work "The Holy City,"
by A. R. Oaul, aad every member
Is earnestly requested to be as regular In attendance as possible.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Phillips and Mra.
C. H. Phillips entertained the Methodist choir and friends at their home on
Armstrong avenue Tuesday evening
after the rendition ot the cantata at
the church. A very pleasant time
waa spent and a cordial vote of thanks
extended the host and hostess by those
Mrs. A. O. Cherrington and the staff
of King Edward school will receive
on Wednesday, January 27th, 1915, at
8.30 p.m. for thc last time this season.
The annual entertainment of King
Edward School and the pupils of Miss I
Rumsey wlll bc held at the Auditorium on Saturday afternoon, February
13th, at 3.30 o'clock.
David Cunningham, of Nelson, passed through the city Friday en route for
Glasgow, where he will enlist for active service. Ho expects lo snll from
New York on January 2:ird.
The names of Lester Clapp, W. F
Attridge nml Mayor Bownaaa have
been presented to tho government for
approval as members of the license
commission and ll Is expected the appointments wiii ho announced shortly.
A. BtUrlck, who hns been asslslnnt
dlstrlrt master mechanic at Cranbrook
for the past three nionlliH. has been
promoted lo master moohanlo at Cnl-
gBry and I,. M. Fisher, of Brandon,
Man., arrived this week to take the
position of assistant master ineehnnlc
at Cranbrook.
Bill Matthews today received a
photo of Lorain Adair, wbo left Salisbury Plain on the 15th for France for
the front to light for Cranbrook.' The
photo le an exceptionally Interesting
one, showing Mr. Adair In the Scotty
costume. Mr. Adair waa formerly In
the employ of A. L. McDermot and
waa drummer at the Rex theatre.
Tbe St. John Ambulance Corps
wishes to acknowledge with thanks the
following donations: Mra. Louis, Kimberley, 4 pairs wristlets; Mra. H.
Roblchaud, yarn; Mlaa Emails, 1 pr.
wristlets, 1 belt, 1 pr. socka. The
society haa received another shipment
of yarn and anyone wishing to knit
for the soldiers will bv supplied on
calling at Mlaa NcLeod'a millinery
Geo. II. Martin, a teamster In the
imploy of the City Transfer Co. met
wltll a painful accident on Friday
morning last while cutting Ice. The
lee plow in some unaccountable way
lammed and Mr. Martin la an effort
to Bave the horses lost control of the
Plow, tho cutting part of the machine
penetrating his foot at tbe ankle, lie
wns brought to town and la now confined to 8t. Eugene hospital.
Tlie danco held at St. Mary's hall
last night w-as largely attended, the
hall being comfortably Oiled. The
proceeds go toward defraying the debt
tin the piano. The Cranbrook orchestra was in attendance, discoursing
a lively program of Ilrst elnHa dance
music. Ii Is expootod another dunce | Mn)
will be put on shortly. ; Mr8
A meeting of Christ Church Oulld
was held at the rectory on January
Hth. Tho following oftlcers were
elected for thc year: President, MrB.
W. Halsall; vice-president, Mra. J.
Campbell: secretary, Mrs. W. E. Haslam ; executive committee, Mrs. F. W.
(Ireen, Mrs. 0. Erickson and oflcera;
visiting committee, Mra. D. Burton and
A. Woodland; work committee,
Geo.   Hoggarth,   Mrs.   J.   M.
Mike Patrlskl, lhe Polumlcr who was
sentenced lo six months lu the Nelson
gaol by Judge Thompson last week for
stealing n pig from tlio (\ P. R.,
•broke away from the county gnoi last
Saturday and was apprehended at
Elko on Monday and was returned to
this  city  on   Tuesday   by   Constable
Christie, Mrs. Oreen.
J.Peck MacSwalB, printer, poet and
philosopher, la still In the land ot the
living.  "Peck" la hanging up bia coat
In the editorial rooms of the Merrill
Herald.  Cranbrook old-timers, will tie
glad to know ot Peck'a whereabouts,
as several of hla old friends bad come
Collins.   Patrlskl Is n huge man and j'to the conclusion that be bad hung up
the pig, which he ls supposed to have 1,1b "30."  Peck la "on bis way" and In
carried  from  tho C.P.R.  cars  took I due course wlll arrive tn Cranbrook.
several men to carry back again. Tho letter to the editor of this paper
.    ,,  1 concludes: J. Peck MacSwaln, hla tl)
A. L. McDermot Is Issuing to his i       ^
customers another of tho handsome! ,
calendars for which he Is acquiring j John Kyle, of tbe education depart-
a local reputation ns year by year he '■ ment of the province of British Colum-
brings out something n little moro ar-1 bia, waa a visitor In tbe city tbis week
tlstic than tho year previous. His I and Inspected the local schools In corn-
calendars tills year wero Into In ar- '■ pany with the newly elected board of
riving and he states that a number of i trustees on Wednesday afternoon. Mr;
bia customers wore disappointed. How.
ever, the calendars wlll well repay
them tor tho delay as tliey aro beautiful. Tho subject "My Iloso," Is a
lady's profile done by Miss Zulu Ken-
yon, a favorlto artist, who has executed a number of Mr. MoDerniot's
calendars. Tills year's calendar la an
exquisite blending of shades of violet
being harmonious and artistically attractive.
Kyle Is on a tour over the province
and la endeavoring to arrange for the
starting of night schools la every
small town In the province, also the
Introduction ot elementary and t*chni<
cal education Into tbe schools. It la
proposed to start night schools In
Cranbrook next year, besides adding
agriculture and other subject* along
technical llnea te tha currtculua *i
The local curling rink lias beeu the
scene ot several hard fought contests
during the past week ln the Inter Club
Competition. The four sheets of ice
have all been in good condition and
the players owe considerable thanks
to the untiring efforts of Messrs. Bowness and Bantleld for their work in
keeping tlie Ice good.
On account of the postponement ot
the Lethbridge bonspiel the local
rinks played at home. Fort Steele
visited here twice [luring the week,
breaking even on the games played.
The first gome wns, Fort Steele 6,
Cranbrook .4, a hard fought contest.
The second gnme ended Fort Steele 6,
Cranbrook 9.
The following are the games and
scores ln the local competition:
Inter t'lnb Competition
Russell  13    Harris ...
Patmore  15
Bowness 10
Patmore  8
Cranston   11
Harris  9
Beattie   8
Hoggarth  13
Russell  10
Hoggarth   ....14
Cranston    2
Russell 14
Hoggarth   3
Cranston   15
Beattie  .10
Spence  13
Henderson 13
Stevenson 20
Spence    14
Ward 10
Hondorson 11
Campbell    8
Cranston  7
Hoggarth   5
Russell  12
Russell    8
Cranston     8
Harris 16
Patmore  10
Bowness  8
Harris  8
Tophani    15
Hogggath   8
Topham    14
Hoggarth   7
Bowness  9
Ward  10
Goode    7
Henderson   7
Goode   13
Goode   12
Spence    12
Henderson ....14
The teams which visited Fernie
last week won both games nftcr two
hard contests. Cameron for Cranbrook won from Brown of Fernie with
a score of 11-10, and Henderson of
Cranbrook won from MeMaster of Fernie with a score of 10-9.
Beale & Elwell, steamship agents.
R. 3. Long, of Creston, was In Cranbrook Wednesday.
Mr. W. Burdett, of Marysville, was
In the city ot opportunity on Wednesday.
W. W. Ross, of the historic burg of
Fort Steele, paid the city a visit
Sam, an Indian, was given thirty
days by Magistrate Arnold tills week
on a charge of being drunk.
"Dicky" Gains, formerly an engineer
running on the C.P.R. out of this
city, was seriously Injured in Maeleod,
Alberta, last Friday by being run over
by a runaway team. One leg was
broken in two places and internal injuries complicated his case. Ha was
taken to the hospital and friends In
thia city were advised this week that
he was progressing as favorably as
could be expected.
Two husky foreigners, bearing the
names ot F. Dlmldsovltcli and F.
Salonnkl (sung ln F. minor) were endeavoring to change the map on each
other's faces this week, probably imagining they were in Europe, when a
guardian of Cranbrook's peace happened along and accompanied them to
the city bastllc. They were each as-
aesaed 16.00 and costs by Magistrate
Arnold the following morning.
Miss Jean Russell left   Cranbrook
on January 6th and was married   in I
Toronto, Ont.. on Monday morning,
January llth, to Roy Vogan, of Walk- j
ertown, Ontario, the ceremony being !
performed at the home of the bride's 1
brother, Mr. Stanley Russell. Toronto. {
The bride Is the youngest daughter
of Mr. Robert Russell of Walkertown.
The gromm Is interested in the hardware business in  that city and the
happy young couple have taken apartments there, where they wlll reside in
future.    Mrs. Vogan has resided in
Cranbrook at the home of her uncle,
John llenson, for the past year.   The
Herald Joins her many friends here in
for Next Week  the  Melodrama  of
Xoeda Railway Station Is Thriller
.tares Twins, ol Film Fame,
Come to Life
| Five acts of "different" vaudeville
comprised last night's Pantages show
at the Auditorium. There was only a
small house but the fund ot novelty
hits throughout thc Bhow pleased all
and created many laughs.
MIbs l.eona Guerney, the Siberian
Song Bird, was easily the best number
on the program. This lady possesses
a remarkable voice with n range ol
over three octaveB and In her rendition of "11 Trovatore" she gives a
magnificent display of her capabilities
taking the highest notes of the arias
with ease and exhibiting ut the same
time a deep contralto.
The Cheyenne Minstrels lu Western
songs and pastimes with special scenery and costumes offer something new
In the line of vaudeville. Their voices
blend very harmoniously In their
quartettes and tbey provide twenty
minutes of good entertainment.
Knapp and Carnalla In "A Little
Bit of Everything" are a pair of clever
comedians in song, dance and with a
few new "hits" in the comedy line.
Glllmore and Raminoff give a very
clever terpsichorcun novelty and the
Corr-Thomas trio of acrobats are the
opening number on this well balanced
Next Week's Attraction
The act of the Five Musical NosBes
which will appear at the Auditorium
on Wednesday and Thursday, January 27th and 28th, is an interesting
and entertaining musical. novelty,
superior to the majority of vaudeville musical turns. This talented
quintette of men and women play on
a great variety of string and wind instruments, and their repertoire includes selections from famous
operas, folk music and popular airs.
Of these the most notable are the
fanfare from "Lohengrin," or herald
trumpets, the Baxaphonc solo from
"Pagllacci," and thc cornet solo "Isle
D'Amour." The medley of Spanish
and Italian airs with which the performance opens and the band medley
with which it closes are excellently
played. The fanciful costumes nre a
picturesque note in the turn.
The     famous     "Marco     Twins,
"Longy" and "Shorty," one 0 ft. 3 j
Inches, the other 3 ft, 6 in., are pro- f
vidlng roars of laughter for the aud-1    The brl(l0 mimi lUe room „,,„„
lences wherever  they appear.    This ( ,„„ um „, Mr E(lgar HomCi „„„ Mt.
Ill-mated pair are as much alike as; ed „,„ ,oco pMeBU8„
could be imagined and during thej    Tho bride and bridegroom were sup-
course of their offering give a most j    Hei „   „       „ „     c„   ,    u
life-like imitation ot Mutt and Jeff.    | grligl!
The most sensational perch-acroba-1 ,mmed|8telv ove,r Ule )lcads o( the
tic act ever seen in vaudeville Is that cbntracUng partles durlng the tlme
of the three Arleys. They are daring,; of ,„„ __,, _ 8uapeDded the
skilful equilibrists, and their climatic 1 conVeiitfoiial bell
acts deserve more attention than Tll0 brlde was prettily gowned in
I they receive In the bill The Arlays j „„,,„ mBterla, „,„ wore , ,ong „„„,.
' arc almost too matter-of-fact and un* j
concerned themselves to attract the
breath-suspending Interest which they
The Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd
Ladies' Department
50 per cent off all Skirts
331 off all Waists and Blouses
First Marriage Ceremony Performed
In the Village by Kev. E. r.
On Wednesday evening, January Otli,
at the dwelling of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
Home, marriage was solemnized between James Alfred Unfile and Ada
I Tho ceremony waa perform*:-'.! by "i e
I Itev. E.P. Fleweli'titr, rector of firftrt-
1 brook, who enjoys the privilege oi'
(marrying the Ilrst couple 1. tl*e Utile
Imperial Bank of Canada
(iipllnl Authorized  110,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up     7,000,000.00
Reserve and Undivided Profits     8,266,000.00
Mil. PELKC. HOWLAND, President.
MR. BLIAS ROGERS. Vice-President.
MR. EDWARD HAY. General Manager
MR.  WILLIAM MOFFATT, Assistant General Manager
Accounts ot Corporations, Municipalities, Merchant!,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
might arouse If they cared to take the
trouble to accent their performance.
Howard and Mason who are seen In
their own little skit "The Cullud i
Chappie and the Dark Knight" are
very good.
The one-net melodrama "The Operator" is a thriller from thc firBt moment, and lt loses nothing of gripping
! Interest in the hands of Leo Cooper
land Miss Pearl Cook, both capital
players. The act carries conviction
j from the Ilrst line, in spite of Its un-
| usual plot. The situation is that of a
| railroad opeiator In a little way station in the Nevada desert. His night
lellef has fallen ill and he haB been at
the key for seventy hours without
sleep, and with only his wife to assist
him and keep him company. At last
in the drowsiness which he is unable
to shake oft he makes a mistake which
almost sends two trains to their destruction. There is Ave minutes of
terrible strain, when the half-crazed
pair almost lose their reason—then a
blessed, relaxing relief Is an unexpected happening.   MIbs Cook and Mr.
la. aar war* lar flrat weak, aad la. par
*mt tor <Hk watt attar
KOI BINT—(o-afertable flvo-reom-
*i cottage, tit par month. Apply
Box 8., Herald office. 60-tf
r/OI SALE OB TO LKT.-Twn reoxee
noun oa Armstrong avenue. Apply
Nail Institute M-tf
liperleieed drcssnaker wants work
at noma or by the day. Apply to
Mlaa M. Cheater, 110 Van Horno
It 52
M UNI datfeAP-BiMMat wan.
large   and   dry,   116   par
Apply W. J. Atchison. Sltf
Paw people like to take physic, especially salts, because tbey are ao disagreeable to take and because of the
griping ud palna they cauae. Rexall
Orderlies enable you to take lesa
physic, and all without griping, purging or excessive looseness. Salts and
harsh physics usually give only temporary relief and often leave the
bowels worse off than before.
Rexall Orderlies move the bowels
promptly, and soothe, tone and
strengthen the Intestinal muscles,
leaving them healthy and regular In
action. They taste like candy, and
the movement they cause la aa eaay
and natural aa though, your bowels
were In perfeet health and you never
had to take any physic at all. Wa
have ao much faith In Rexall Orderlies that we urge you to try them with
tha understanding that, if they do not
satisfy you In every way, all you have
to do la to get your money back la to
tall us. We boneBtly believe them to
be the best bowel remedy made. In
veat pocket tin boxes; 10c, 26c, 50c.
- You can buy Reiall Orderlies only
at The Rexall Stores, and In thia town
only ot oa.-Beettlt-Murphy Co., UA,
SHttel 4fa*tt.
ing veil caught up with a wreath of
orange blossoms.
Besides the members of the household there were present Mr. and MrB.
Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Cassldy, Mr.
and Mrs. Langrldge, and the rector of
After tbe ceremony supper was
served at a table most bountifully
supplied with abundance of good
Tho ceremony of "cutting the cake"
was followed by many little pleasantries among the guests as the minutes
chased each other until the time to
leave to take the train at Wardner at
the early morning hour.
Mr. and Mrs. Ruffle left amid showers of rice and the expressions of
good will, to spend a month or more
In visiting Spokane, Victoria and
Vancouver. On their return they will
make their home at Bull River.
Sacred Cantata Was Sung by thc Methodist
Choir at the Church Last
Tuesday Night
soprano; Mr. C.
John  Venus and
"The Story of  by Mis- Eva Conk*y,
E.   West,   was   Randall, tenor;  Mr.
Mr. D. Hon'O'nian, bassos.
The duet in the middle ot the third
was   well   sustained   by  .Miss
Calgary, Alta., Jan. 15.—As an aftermath to thc changes among the Canadian  Pacific railway officials, W.  E.
CHne, formerly despatchcr at  Cran-
Cooper do tho scene admirably. Every  brookt and now actlng ln that p03,_
man connected with railroad life lnltlon ,n EdmontODi has been appointed Iiur,?ps9
Cranbrook ahould  witness this pro-|Cnlef de8pQtcher at Winnipeg, to sue      '"'' "'
The sacred cantata
Bethlehem,"  by  John
rendered by the choir of the Methodist
church on Tuesday evening.
Tlie theme of tl.e work as suggested chorus
by the title is a Christmas one. The rjelau and Mr Y-mi,
composer, J. E. West, has given ub
both muslclanly and sympathetic settings in solo nnd chorus work, and
such as would satisfy .the most
captious critic.
The  choir  consisted   of,  sopranos,
Miss Bechtel, Miss Belau, Miss Brad'
The audience, though not nearly
large enough to repay the amount of
time and work expended in preparation, was appreciative and spent a
very profitable evening
Tlie organ numbers, although not a
win, Miss Conley, Miss Foulkner, Miss   part (,f thfl cantata,  fornvd  suitable
Prest, Miss Mncdonald and Mrs. T. C.
Phillips; contrnltos, Miss Baker, Miss
Miss   Eggar,   Miss   Marion
This excellent bill of Pantages
vaudeville will appear at the Auditorium Wednesday and Thursday,
January 27th and 28th.
ceed George C. Coleman, who gocB to
Moose Jaw as car service agent, while
R. J. Collins of Saskatoon has been appointed to succeed Mr. ('line,
and enjoyable Interludes between the
various parts of tiie cantata.
Mr. C. V. Nidd, the organist and
choir master, had charge of the production, and its siiwsb was largely
due to his efforts In bringing out the
be.-U talent In the choir and supporting ihem witb the organ accompanl-
Harold Darling arrived the first of
the  week  from  Vancouver and  will
spend the next three weeks ln the city
Elect Officer* and Hold Social Kvening \ on business.
—The Winers of the Rooster      ■ 	
ud Duck Prlie*
Upwards of fifty members attended
the annual meeting and election of,
officers of the Overseas club which was
held on Tuesday evening laBt.
After the usual business of the even-
log had been disposed of, the election
ot officers took place, which resulted
as follows, the several officers being
elected by acclamation:
President—B. Y. Brake.
Vice-Presldont—C. A. Cock.
Secretary-Treasurer—J P. Lower.
Executive—Ladles, Mrs. H. Leaman,
Mrs. W. J. Flowers, Mrs. (Dr). Kennedy, Mrs, W. Marshall; gents, Mr. W.
J. Flowers, Mr. H. Leaman, Mr. W. B.
Carter, Mr. W. Kilby.
Following the business part of the
ovenlng a whist drive was held, an affair which proved a most enjoyable
evening's entertainment. The lady's
prize, which was awarded Mrs. W.
Brandtey, was a rooster, while Mr. J.
F. Smith carried off the honors In the
gentlemen's class, winning a duck. It
proved an Interesting evening for the
Overseas members and their friends,
tiie evening being pronuonced a bird
of a time. Tbe meeting closed with
tbe siaglag el tlw National AaUtm.
Don't waata time on Inferl-
or aalvea because they're a
tew centa cheaper.
.1 have proved Zam-Buk
beat for Eciema, Miles, Skin
Diseases, and Injuries.
Aa a mother, you owe It
to your family to uae the
beet, that'. Zam-tlukl
StkUs.  AllVrssnUsmiStsm.
Robertson; tenors, Messrs. Couldwell,
Rendall and Shepherd; bassos,
Messrs. Brlstow, Harris. Honr-yman.
S. Phillips and J. Venus.
The balance of tlle  voices in  the
four  parts was  good and  the choir  ment.
evinced careful  training  throughout     The following   waa thc   complete
tho whole work. program of the three parts of "Thc
The solo parts wero well rendered story of Bethlehem."
Organ Prelude— Christmas Offertorlum Lemmena
1.   Introduction Reclt. and Chorus. .Bethlehem! 0 Bethlehem I
-■    So'0 O'er Salem's Towers
Mr. I'. Kendall
3-   Reclt o Lonely Watchers
Mr. J. Venus
i-    Chorus A Light From lhe Und Immortal
5-    Reclt Let Us Now Co Kven Vnlo Bethlehem
Mr. J. Venus
C-    Hymn 0 Come All Ye Faithful
: Organ Interlude- A Christmas Phantasy Best
I'AKT 11.
j   1-    Solo In Bethlehem's Ancient City
Miss Eva Conley
;   8.    Reclt And lhc Shepherds Made Known the Story
Mr.  D.  Honeyinan
9.   Chorus and Duel "Now O'er thc Plains"
(Duet: Miss F. M. Belau    Mr. J. VeilUR)
Organ Interlude—Largo from the New World Symphony..
 ,    Dvorak
i 10.   Reclt Shepherds of Bethlehem Rejoice
Mr. J. Venus
11.    ChorUB Rejoice, Rejoice Yo Nations
Doxology FAOI TWO
No. 3.
A. 1. * A. M.
Regular uieet-
w logs    oa    the
third Thursday of ever; month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
T. H. Banfield, W.M.
J.    I,.    Cranston,    See.
• Craubrook Ledge
{Meeta every Wed-
ineaday at I p.m.
' in   Royal   Bleak
Knights' Hall
Baker Straet.
Wm. Matthews, Dictator
frank  Carlson.   Sec,  Box   iii
I .ojal Orange
No.   18T1
Meets first and third
^i Thursdays at » p.m.
_-HKB ln Royal Black
Knights of Ireland Hall, BnB.Br
B. S. Garrett, W.M.
T. 0. Horsman, Rcc. Sec.
^JfjfJ^fi.       Meets   every
flEfX Monday nlghl
\%PSSnesS* at rrateralty
Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
lt A. Racklyeft .1. F. Broughton
N.G. T>u. Bee.
W. M. Harris, Ree. Secretary.
SO. 12. I.O.O.F.
Meets first and third Weewee-
days Iu each month.
A cordial Invitation eavaaded
to visiting brothers.
R. W. Russell. Chief Patrlareh
H, White, Scribe
Pride of Cranbreek Clrele, He.1*
Meets 111 Maple Hall 1st and
!rd Wedneedar ef eaeh
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Shaw. ('.('.
Mrs. .1.  Illrd, Sec.
P. O. Bfg 602
Visiting Companions cordially
('ranbrook. B.C.
Mtels every Tuesday at li p.m. Ill
the Fraternity Hall
Alex. Hurry, CC.
r.   Halsall, K. of R. ii S.
1'.  0.   Box  Mi
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attond.
Meets every aeeond and fourth
Wednesday at rrateralty Hall
Sojourning Rekekaks cordially Invited
Sis. M. B. Jones, N.G.
■Is. Ada Hlckeabolham. Ree. tee
Meets lu Maple Ball aeeond
and fourth Tueaaad* et every
month at 8 p.m.
Membership open  te  BrUtali
t. Y. Brake,        J. r. Lower.
President Ismsssxr
Visiting innnibari cerdlaJVy
Meets lu the Maple Hall
flrst Tuesday afteruoon ot every
month at 8 p.m. aud the aaney
work class meets oa third Friday evening in the same place at
I pro.
Mrs. E  H. Leaman, Pres
Mrs. J   Shaw, Sea -Trees
I'. U. Hoi eta
All ladlee cordially lavlUd
President:   A.   B   Smith
Meets regularly the Hrst Friday
evening each month
Information on poultry matters
Address the Secretary
W. W. McOregor,
P. 0. Drawer <M
President    A.  It   Smith
Secretary—Alb. H  Webb
For    Information    regarding
lauds and agriculture apply to
tbe Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—Tlie third Thursday
ef each month, at old Gym, at I
Barrister.    Snllrilur,
36S Richards St
vaM in VER, ll c.
(Successor to \V. F. Ourd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   aud
p, o. iu>x sr.'j
Barriaiers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Imperial  Hank  Building
Physicians  und  Surgeons
©mtie  at  residence.  Armstrong
Forenoon*    11.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Hvenlngs    7.30 to   8.30
Sundays    2.30 fo   4.30
Cranbrook,  B.C.
OtHue  111  Hanson   Hlock
B to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Main uit) and General Nursing
Uardeu Ave.
Terms on Application
MM. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone »»» 1'. O. llox 845
t*lrll and Miiiinc; Lnglneers
II. C. I'lind Surveyors
Oeneral Merchant
Employments Agents
Phone 244
O. Box 108
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Letliliridge  (onl
M-Ile Ponder
Imperial Oil Co.
Braying and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone (13
Hold. Inline, Prop.
Fresh Bread. Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Hat Renovator
Remodelling Ladles
a Specialty
IC Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
Shorthand,    Stenography,
Bookkeeping, Etc
on Mini., Tup., nnd Thiirs. Kv'gs
from 7 to 1* o'clock. $8 per month
King Edward's School
Cranbrook, B.C.
Per week
High School course      3.50
School course      2.50
Kindergarten       1.35
Private lessons      1.00
Miss V. M. Cherrington
Phone 290
J. Taylor, Proprietor
I Ins Just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice daily
Buttermilk  twice a week
The only clarified milk lu
We guarantee to  Please
Headquarters for nil kinds of
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Phone 346
P. O. llox 585
W. lt.
Funeral Direct
►r uml Lnilinluipr
Dealer 111   Ilea
1  Estate.  Mining
Stocks and Mineral Claims
(From the Creaton Review.)
Horn- At Canyon City on January
10th, to Mr. and Mrs. H, J. Chambers,
,i (laughter.
John Lamont, of Wapella, Sank., is a
Creston visitor, the guest of bis broth"
or, It. Lamont.
Father Lambot, O.M.I, of Cranhrook,
bpont a few days ln town this week,
returning home on Wednesday.
Gordon Smith, who has been a guest
at his home here for some time past,
left on Wednesday for Phoenix, B.C.
O. O. Rodgers, who was called to
Union City, Pa., Christmas week, owing to thc death of his mother, returned to Creston on Sunday.
IOrrs took some drop In price this
week and now the strictly fresh heu
fruit can he had retail at 40 cents per
Mrs. Stocks, who was hastily sum
nioncd to Nelson on Wednesday last on
account of the serious Illness of her
Hon Roy, returned on Monday. Roy Is
on the mend.
The 1915 Ice harvest Ib In full swing
this week. The sample Is exceptionally clear, but not over a foot thick.
Thc City Bakery is laying in a supply
cut on the Kootenay.
Mr. Wm. Long and Miss Jane Look
left on Monday for Calgary, Alberta,
the former to resume his studies at
Western Canada College, while Miss
Long will attend St. Hilda's Ladies'
Mrs. Andeen took her daughter to
; Ci anbrook last week to see Dr. King.
We heur that he removed the plaster
: cast but she will not be able to walk
for several weeks. Ellen has had a
hard siege of It.
Another of the Creston Indians passed to liis reward last week In the
person of Antencos, one of the oldest
braves, who expired suddenly on Prl-
' day morning, although around apparently in good health the day previous.
The burial took place on Saturday,
; rather Lambot, O.M.I., Cranbrook,
j officiating.
\ The annual meeting of the Creston-
< Krickson Rille Association was held
i uu Monday night In Mercantile hall,
\ and was fairly well attended. The
! main feature was the election of ofll-
! ecrs, the following being chosen:
Captain, E. Mallandaine; secretary-
| treasurer, C. G. Bennett; executive
' F. Putnam, J. Stocks, P. B. Callendar.
(By Fred Roo.)
Flour seems to havo contracted
Mr. and Mrs. Ureg&on, of Dorr, waa
in Klko this week, returning Saturday.
Thc Duthie Hardware Co., of Fernie,
sent their Klko friends a consignment
of pink tea trays.
Kdmonton horse buyers ship another carload of horses from Elko Monday.
C. M. Edwards, Mr. Gillis, Earnest
Lagrandeur, D. W. Hart, all of Baynes,
wcre Klko visitors this week.
One of the most delightful solcal
events of the past week waa the whist
drive in the old post office building.
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Letcher and family, of Fernie, and Mrs. J. MacDonald,
of Kdmonton, passed through Elko for
thc Roosville Valley this week.
The latest   joke   In   Elko ia   Jim
ter   of identification     is  extremely
Tbe vote was aB follows:
For Mayor
Uphill, Thomas  236
Morrison, W. J. J 175
Jackson, William  228
BarneH, H. E 225
Marsham, Ed 224
Qraham, Sam 204
Roblchaud, Wm 179
Brooka, E 171
McBean, A. A 160
Bird, Wjm 140
Carllle, Hugh 127
Walton, B 127
Snow, Aubrey 115
The city clerk haa decided to postpone the official count until definite
information has been received from
tlie attorney general's department as
to the validity of thc election. Little
doubt is expressed as to the necessity
of some steps being taken to extricate
the city from its present predicament.
Pending further advices from tlie
fountain head of municipal law the old
council will be directors of thc civic
destinies, as the new council will not
be sworn in until thc regularity of thc
olection has been established. The
consensus of opinion Is that a new
election must bo held.
The Napanee hotel will re-open for
husiness tomorrow under the management of A. Norval.
Tony Tosh has been committed for
ttlal on the charge of stabbing Ote
Kemarevich at the Royal hotel on January 7th.
Alan Graham, of the staff of Herch-
mer and Martin, received a cable yesterday stating that hla brother, Lieut.
Richard Graham, of the King's Own
Scottish Borderers, had been killed In
Mr. Thos. McGowan and Miss
Alice Halsein, both popular employees
of the Michel hotel, were married on
production, ln order, through the de- were found to require labels lndicat*
velopment of bur own rosourccs.   to \ttg the noxious weed seeds present,
take advantage of the opportunity of
establishing an extensive expert trade j
and at tlie same time, to discharge
our duty to the empire by providing a
more adequate supply of food stuffs
for the sustenance of Us urn'iy and Its
people. Farmers ore urged to be present in large numbers to participate
In this conference. It Is their privilege us citizens of this Dominion to
render a very effective service to the
mother country during. the coming
year. What Is to ho done and how to
do It will be fully discussed at thc
Ottawa meeting.
Tlits will bn a tough month.     Too
much roin and probably snow.     The
people will   all ho   disgusted   after
Christmas.   The town will go broke
This will bo a tough month. It's
too short a month to do much business,
but the rent coiueii round Just tlie
same. Too much ruin. Snow, too,
This is always n tough month. The
lown will be doad after two montlis of
rain aud business   depression.     Bo-
also :, of the 14 wheats, 6 of the 7
barleys and all 4 of the white clover
samples. In timothy, red clover, al-
slke and alfalfa 8 samples graded No.
1, 14 No. 2, 17 No. 3, and 15 were rejected. With the reports sent out
from the laboratory Indicating tbe
weed seeds present, information is
frequently given for the recleanlng.
This regular routine together with
investigation work has necessitated an
increase in the Calgary staff. Germination tests were not complete on
receipt of monthly report but of 73
samples from Saskatchewan tested at
the Ottawa seed laboratory 18 were
over 05 per cent, 41 above and 14
below 63 per cent, wltll an average of
80 per cent. Saskatchewan oats tested at Ottawa last year gave-an average germination of 01,4% for the season.
In view of the recent serious outbreak of foot and mouth disease in
Hi'des.'everybody with any money will   the United States, witli Its subBoquent
Thistlebcak Is selling tickets for thc
•.'ranbrook Sunshine Society raffle for [Tuesday ot the Methodist parsonage by I
i yearling heifer, tickets 50c. "For i Rev. D. M. Perley. Mr. and Mrs. Mc-
iielfer and for heifer." | Govern will reside In Michel.
Bill  Borndrunk, president of    the
Froth-Blowers and Beer-Shifters
anion, arrived in Elko on thc blind
baggage the otlier day, but waa booted
mt of town by Chief Gorman,
Wee Gerald Hardman, the telephone
kid fell tn a hole thc other day and ter
came In  contact with some broken'
(Special correspondence)
Passed by the censor: Tom Carvick ■
and Chas. Best tn Steele for the win-'
W.  W.
bottles, tin cans, and other herbage,   k   C   It
His west end was .-.aerified In a liar-
1'n dc-rlii Iter
Uny Plume 231 Night Phone 35
Norbury Ave, next to City Hall
Ross took a trip on the
Thursday as far as Athalmer and returned Friday evening.
rowing manner. j    Mr mnfc McUggan departed from
While Joe Hoekley and Jim Blrnie j those nearest   and   dearest   to   him
were delivering a load of groceries the i Tuesday en route to New Brunswick.
j    The following officers were elected I utner morning, a savage dog attacked ,    0 R Evanfl( Efjq t of the offlce 8taff
for 1916 in the Conservative Associa-1 •uem and bit Mr. Hockley in the leg.; cpR horC( left for the east WedneB.
! tion of Canyon City: Hon. Pres., J. H. | wm the dog-catcher please attend to  day    The local offlce u now closed
this dog and oblige. ag work hft8 now been completed on
Bald head men best husbands In the i the K. C. railway,
.vorld, says the Queen of the Golden
Pheasants at a meeting held ln Elko
the other night. All declare scarcity
of hair Is evidence of Intellectual capacity.   Judge Thompson please write.
Talking about fish out of water, you
should have been with the writer and
seen that popular young Fernie bachc-
go to California for the fair.
This will be a tough   month.     Not
enough   rain.    The  strectB   wlll   get
Sure to be a bad month.    Wlll be
too warm.   Too many tourists around
town, making things tough for the residents.
A rotten month.     Too hot.     Too
dusty.    Not  enough  tourists  In  thc
warm weather.
Awfully tough for business.     Nobody spends any money in July, ever.
Everybody away for the summer.
Worse than July.   Those that didn't
go away will go now.   No money anywhere.
September mourn.
A   tough   month.
erious Iosscb und necessity for
stringent measures, Canadian stock
owners should acquaint themselves
with thc particulars of this disease,
A seven poge pamphlet, prepared by
Dr. J. G. Rutherford, formerly veterinary director general for Canada,
outlines tho symptoms and appearance of thc disease with Its treatment
and preventative measures. In view
of the fact that It is one of the most
infectious diseases known, attacking
nearly all species of farm animals,
and that the many lifferent ways In
which its germs can he conveyed
from place to place render It very
difficult to prevent its spread once lt
has made Its appearance In a community, preventative measures of the
utmost importance. In this pamphlet a number of such measures
havc been outlined by Dr. Rutherford,
a knowledge of which should prove of
great value should the disease make
Its appearance in Canada.   Copies of
Always   rains, i this pamphlet, which ls No. 9 of tho
Schofleld, M.P.P.; president, J. It-
Crawford; vice-president, A. D. Poch-
ln; secretary-treasurer, H. E. Young;
executive, J. McRobb, J. E. Wood, R.
O. Leach, W. Carver, Wm. Browell.
The association had a membership of
Gott,    Uott,    dear    Gott,    attention
Your bardncr Vllhelm's here,
Und has a word or two to say
Indo your brivate ear;
So durn away all udders now
Uud listen veil to me,
For vat I say concerns me much,
Meinself und Shermany.
You know,   dear   Gott,   I   vas   your
Und from meln hour of birth
I quietly let you rule ln Heffen,
Vile I ruled here on earth,
Und ven I toldt meln soldiers
Of bygone battle days,
I gladly split the glory,
Uud half gave you ot praise.
In every vay I tried to brove
Meln heart to you vas true,
Und only claimed meln honest share
In great deeds vat ve do.
You could not haf a better friendt
ln sky, or land or sea.
Dnn Kaiser Vilhelm number two,
De Lord of Shermany.
So vat I say, dear Gott, ls dls,
Dat ve should still be frlendts,
Und you should help to send my foes
To meet delr bittre ends.
If you, dear Gott, vill dls me do
I'll nothing ask again,
Und you and I wlll bardners be
For evermore, Amen!
Rut listen, Gott, lt must be mighty
Your help to me you send,
Or else I haf to stop attack
And only blay defend.
So four and twenty hours I git
To make de Allies run
Und put me safe into meln Mace—
De middle of de Sun.
j if you do dls, I'll do my ban:
!    I'll tell de vorld dot fact,
'. But If you don't, den I must tlnk
It Is an hostile act.    .
Den var at once I vill declare,
Und In meln anger rise
Und send meln Zepp'lln ships to wage
A light up In de skies.
j    Dls ultimatum now, dear Gott,
Is von of many more,
Mine mind ls settled up to clean
Dc whole vorld oft de floor.
Because you vas meln bartner, Gott,
An extra chance is gffen;
So help at vonce, or else I'll be
Dc Emperor ot Heffen.
—Van    De    Todd     In   Canadian
For tlie bcnellt ot the Herald creditors, I hare placed the collection ol
all accounta, due the Herald Publleh-
Iiik Co, prior to NoTember let, with
Mr. T. T. Mecredy, who will attend
to them during my abance fron
Hit ». M. Dew.
lor and club man wandering about the
ladles underwear department ln thc
Trites w.ood big store last Wednesday.
M. Gorman, Elko's chief of police
md known throughout the province
aa the human ferret, made a clever
capture of a Jail breaker from the
Cranbrook provincial basttle.   It ap-
Messrs. McLaggan, Cretney, Forbes
and Merrick motored over to the city
of fortune on Wednesday. Luckily
there were no accidents and all returned home safe.
A remark heard on the streets last
Saturday was when did thc Cranbrook
Prospector become an Eye Opener?
Everybody broke after being away all
Terrible. Everybody saving money
lor Christmas. No business will be
done.   Too much rain.
A tough month. Nobody spending
any money (or Christmas. Tlio town ls
dead. Everybody dead. Too much
rain.    Oil, hell —Western Howl.
Health and Animals Branch of the
Dominion Department of Agriculture,
can be obtained by making application to the Publications Branch, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.
pears the man, who has a name like a! tne coa8t_
Perhaps If they write to Mr. Edwards,
of Calgary, he could help them out
J. J. Cameron, of Wild Horse, was
duly elected mayor of this ere burg by
acclamation. His platform coincides
distinctly with that of Joe Martin, M.
P., who we regret waa unsuccessful at
Russian gun boat ls wanted In about a
doaen places. Constable Collins of
Cranbrook came down and took his
nibs in charge and we hear aB we go
to press that Gorman's to get the Iron
A gloom of sadness spread through
the town last week when the report
was circulated that Jim Thistlebeak
had been arrested as a Qerman
spy. Two Iron crosses were found on
hla person, but on proving that they
were made In Cranbrook and not received from the Cranbrook Berlin
butcher, he was discharged with a
..trlct caution by chief of police, M.
Gorman, that if he was caught attaching green ribbon to any kind of a
Kultur Cross he would be shot on
sight. "Ireland My Country 'Tis ot
Mrs. Alex. Hlrnlc was a Fcrnie visitor this week. Mrs. Fred Roo, of Roosville, who has been visiting Elko and
Fcrnie the last two weeks, returned
to the big i ed apple country via Flagstone Saturday. The Rev. Mr. Lane, of
Wycliffe, gave a lantern show In the
Church of England Friday night which
was well attended. 81 Young, of Nelson, was in Elko this week with that
parallne smile finished ln oil. Mr.
Longford, also of Nelson. Husiness
must be picking up in Nelson when
these chaps can dig up enough money
to travel on the C.P.R. Several travellers and train Jumpers came In from
the prairie province.
(Prom the Fernie Ftee Preaa)
The civic elections wcre held yesterday and a record vote was polled, 411
ratepayers exercising their franchise.
Aid. Uphill received a majority of 61
votes over Ills opponent, W. J. J. Morrison. Aid. Jackson topped the Hat
H. E. Barnes und Edward Marsham
following In close proximity. Aid.
Graham wns a close fourth, Aid.
Roblchaud drew fifth place, and Edmund Brooks completed the Hat of
those elected. Unfortunately the ballots were numbered consecutively and
consequently may bc held to be "Spoiled Ballots," which would Invalidate
the whole election. According to the
Municipal Elections Act "Ballots shall
be rejected and not counted by the
presiding officer for tlie following reason: Writing or mark by which the
voter could be Identified," The fact
tbat the poll clerk'a roll aad the bat*
Iota bore the same number, the laat-
Thc new arrivals in Steele this week
are Mali Chong and his troupe of
Celestials from Wardner, who have
taken a large building on Piccadilly
and wlll seek their fortune in the restaurant and laundry business.
Messrs. Robson, of Fernie; Mor-
rlsh, of Cranbrook i Frankel, of Jaffray; also the El Dona cigar fiend paid
their respects- to the merchants, etc.
on Tuesday. All departed on record
Mr. Bert Black and Mr. A. Ingram,
of Fernie, paid a flying visit to renew
acquaintances ln Steele Wednesday
last. Bert haa not been here since
alxteen years ago and remarked that
the place waa still the same, only he
couldn't make out where the town
The second of a aeries of patriotic
events -waa held at the residence of
Mrs. A. B. Fenwick on Saturday, ln
the nature of a skating carnival on
thc Fenwick park rink. Skating was
held from 2.30 Ull 6 p.m. and G.30 till
any old tlmo. The events was crowned with aueceas.
The local curling squad motored to
Cranbrook Saturday last and whacked
the Merchants Rink to some tune.
Now Fernie wants to Bee how we did
lt. We are ao enthusiastic now that
it'a poaalble a rink may bo constructed right away In town. Let's
boost It, you.fellows.
The flrst agricultural conference
wlll bo held in the lecture room of the
Winter Fair Building, Ottawa, on Wednesday, January 20th, at 1.30 o'clock.
The conference wlll be presided
over by Hon. Jas. Duff, minister of ag-
riculturue for Ontario, and will be
addressed by the Hon. Martin Bnrrell,
minister of agriculture for Canada.
The discussion wlll bo led by Duncan
Andcraon, Orlllla, Ont., and Robt. Miller, Stouftvillc, Ont.
The conference la held under the
direction of the Dominion department
of agriculture, ln co-operation with the
provincial department of agriculture,
and Is tho flrat of a series which aro
being arrangod for throughout Canada, to explain and discuss conditions
Iu countries whore live stock and ag-
clcultural production will bo affected
by the war.
Most valuable information haa been
collected, with the view of presenting
lo farmers and biainese gaen the ne-
<***4*-/ al atnOaa oar agricultural
Shipments of Goods to Belgian Relief
Committee Received
Calgary, Alta., Nov. 25, 1914.
Mrs. J. H. King, Cranbrook, B.C.:
Dear Madam:
1 beg to acknowledge receipt of
your favor of the 19th Instant enclosing express receipt for your shipment to the Belgian Relief Fund.     ;
I wish to convey to the people of
Cranbrook and to yourself my heartiest thanks for tlieir generous donations.
Besides tlie donations in food
stuff and clothes the committee haB
collected enough money to send three
full carloads of flour.
Thanking you again most heartily,
I am, dear Madam,
Yours respectfully,
Robert Power.
Calgary, Alta., Dec. 26, 1914.
Mrs. J. H. King, Cranbrook, B.C.
Dear Madam: On behalf ot the Belgian   Relief   Committee   I   wish   to
thank you personally for your efforts
in   connection   with   this   deserving!
cause.     Mr.   deBurlee,   the   Belgian
Consul, has Informed me that you
have sent a box of groceries purchased  with money contributed  by    the
staff  of   Central   public' school,   Mr.
Cranston and Mrs. Godderis.    These
contributions   aro   very   much   appreciated Indeed, and wlll bc used to
the best advantage for the bcnellt of
the suffering people of Belgium.   Acknowledgment has been made In the
press in the usual way.
Yours very truly, '
J. H. Woods,
Hon. Secy. Belgian KilSt Committee
During the montll ot November the
record number of 444 samples was
received at the Calgary seed laboratory as against 161 for the same period last year. Farmers sent 2f»7 of
this number and soed merchants 187.
Three hundred and eighty six of the
samples were tested tor germination,
138 for purity. In the purity tests, of
the 50 samples of oatB received 48
Is open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
If you want satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special prices for family
Phone 105      '•■'    P. O. Box 33
Organist Methodist Church
Reeelvaa Puptla for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
He.   .
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Hours: 2 to 6
Evenings by arrangement
liia lie-
   „. _ box or llm-elor
lui. Siiiil at nil llnur Mom. or mailed to Htiy
iddrcaaun r.'fulp! ul |,rlce. Tub soohxli. Iiruo
Co .Bt, Catharine,, Ontario.
Vlulltrifnr Nem and Brain j lncmm"i»y
raattnr'-:aToiilr-wlll Imlld you up. IS .box.or
two fur IV it dniK atorM. or by nail on notlpt
•I prlc. tn a Boaaiiit Dana Co., it cnh,ilB>j.
BMtUa-MsrpnV Co.. Ltd., Ago**.
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
show you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship on the Roof


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