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Cranbrook Herald Sep 24, 1903

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Array THE
t .. j: <l j
VOLUME   li.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hun. ('.no. A. Cnx. I'ti-aiiU'iit. II. I-I- \V*..«ui.. Gen. Mar.
fall llj   Capllal      $H,7Hl'.tHlllll,l
Dm   ....   .i.imii.iiniiiiii
tulal  RllMKCI             t.'.llllll.llllllllll
llepusiis Received,   (iencrnl Hanking lliisiness Transacted
StVINIIS HANK IIII'IUIVIINI   tleaallll Received   Islcitll Mini..-J
UA SKI NU BV Mill.   |i,.|.,,sit. mnv l». iiiii.l.. iiiul ttiili.li.'itii Ut inml
liilln-llnlllili;.-, „t III.* I'l
lUlMlldlilk IIKANCII.
ili.-niiiiii.  .-.iiiiiiiiiini-iiiiiiii- !i.l>lii
F. C. MALPAS, Manager.
♦ Buy your winter goods until you see our j
lines.   We have a full line of •
Carss' flackinaw Coat* j
Short and Long Pants
|   German Sox and flitts t
• •
I A full range of those famous |
5tub=Proof Rubbers
A full line Caps, Shirts, Sweaters, Pants.
Call and see them.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
East Kootenay's Big; Mail Order House.
. - . «4»*.. . ... .
«■ I «. I <!> I » I A I A I A I A I A. | A | A I 48. | JM | ... | .! ■ I .J 1 A I <J> A | A | A | ,. I ® | ... I • —
'.-I lll'l -*l'f I !-|*i'!'|.*.|i!.|*i'|-'l i> |« 1*1*1* ♦l«l«l*l*>l*l*l**''_&
If ll
ft There is a heavy demand for houses l|
|| and rooms. We are daily besieged to I|
fi supply accommodation.    Anyone hav- U
ing a room or a house to rent please j
Tr leave particulars with
riCAL I ^7S
I'll   111 I      I     '
111 liiil]     :
ti.   II.
er   -        tin     ;
I- - In- .-<iiiii.il.    '1
-i       .. ;;      .
Dr. King,  tl .     ■   iididute
mul -I  .'-.. . , of Fori   Steele,
occupie!   ■ -i'-   on   tl I*   llin
i   ..!  rded  to the
lit! .- i..'; ludi. ■. - 'i ■ lire f in- in-.
ii i|,-n! 1c ! i iteri sl iii Ihoi mpai u,
ii v.iin only i ti ■ . uie Is i'li- r
-i o'i Ioi I. : - !.-i unu Tliomp.
son i id1 'd lii ■ meeting to order,
inn] nfter .1 i'-t. [ii-i liuiinnrj- re-
:ii;i!-k-i introduced 'ill- Caven us
the lirsl apciikcr. When thnl
gentlemen Bteppeil forwunl, his
friends in the au li 'lice gave him
i, ',.:, :. welcome, Mr. Caven,
iiai I be desired to thank Ihe con-
sorvativos for the honor they  luil
i-iiiid num.    He . or.ni.lt ret
rr.nl to ,-i number of state
bud been mn'..-. nnd
ii wis Iiiin] -Biro t.i uvoii
'.in..! of *.-:
[i, ho believed
■lii-.-,d Ihnl i
iition besides
* bud
n. 'iiii
tbe pi
'-.' nnl suitl
tld dm    n  pit iiii-i-
Idpresenl if
111,    li     l'-J:t     !. ■■'-..     li
.1       i liiu  for  tin-j after round of npplnuae.   Tl
William Oliver wns Bolectiil us
i bnirinnii, and when Dr. King ap
pent-ill .ui tin- platform thu ureal
crowd prescul broke furth in round
Im i ii in.nv iii
nf the iii. lii i.
I i. | * i. -      ..'
listr      ei thnl
ti m. he
■heered b   bis supporters  in  lli
n    Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Etc.
Cranbrook, B. C.
f9 Branch Otfices Throughout the District.
,i, I <D.| AIAI
I.   ...   .
v i»» IMM1 fm* IWIII ** ****** as i*a*****t********i
"*1 Capital, P.iid Up $2,983,896
8 Rest $2,636,312
S T. R, Mcrrltt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkic, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manage!
.   '-■ ; .- in. st :■'   III
Iho  liberal   ,:,,..-.. was   thai   he
tllHl   1  i    III!!, ll   in!   !!   Illl i     i'l, - il  iiiiii
night, i ml ilii'i nny stnteinenl lo
the contmr. wns false, 11. then
introdui d Dr. King. The clu
, i:i : - 11 --, gave evidence
thai th - doctor hn I uut ij Eri ids
;-: ihenndi i . Tiled lore] '..■
brit.'.. r. - ring n Hn o - of
hi   iti ries lie   had   heard, saying
: mid u] on iln'!  alone.     I
!'. i  i    i   thnl   be hi
l ii saw mill lu   lid i
,   !', > i':.- '.ii    ! :-  ii--'1
ill    i ! hi *n in the en I   v.
v lo . stnblish  ii  Iiiiuiii r i
dnstry in i*   .-Hilllll   prove
•        A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold avalla- 8   ] '""''' :" ■•■"■ ■'''■/' P«*plo.
at ble in every p.irl oi Canada, United States and Europe.    Special ii,   '
J! attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     JJ
•'lil!:iiltl>,tillll(iiiltll(lillll((lt(i(Ct..s..i; >"
I  III.'.'  iniili,
Coliunbin nud said Ibal the
wore auxiou i for n i-li te.
Iln* crowd now passing na til
•Railroab Matches
tfl li,
If you 4ire thinking of purchasing .i watch
call In and examine the high grade movements wc sell for C. P. R. lime service.
W, f. Gate     1
Cbe jeweler j
ffllfldnl IWlatcb •Jnopector
c. p. IR., llrottH- Knot Bt--
• -••»♦-*•■»♦
Getting Into Shape!
1 um getting my hardware stock into shnpe as
rapidly as possible. I can supply the demands
in my lino, no matter what yuu want. Tin;
largest und best stuck in tlie district.
J. D. flcBRIDE
- Biilisiied il;
.mul Lhat thc
■i Od ■!>:*■■ ::
ate Litis ..*■■
nlnudctl duri
mn! loudly
Mr, Wile
nntl ht'susi
-.1   would de
,     Mr.  Kiui
wns the uosl spanker
i".l liis roputtttion na
a clever nnd eloquent speaker, antl
was accorded most respectful attention. Ho referral to the fnd
thai this year the eoutesl would be
on pnrty lines, andhobultoved that
tbo ohnngo woidd prove i\ bonofit
to tho province. Tho present gov-
oruinent was n new govonimont.
It had bi en in power only a short
time and had uol yet had time lo
define ils policy i r perform any
(tots of importance. Ttv wm uot
right lo plnco upon the prasoul
government Ilu- sins of tho pnsf
govornmenlB. They had beon in-
dividunl govorumenta while this
ono wns *i consesvutivo govorn-
ni, »t,    He eritizia id  Mr, Taylor,
■ ■ ■ hip     Ui [t rriu«   to   lund
.,.■.. i ..* no lib 'ml lnul
:, -   i  • onservntivo
. ii    .i,*. y  [niiili ■   11 ml a <>r
t .■ 'i     i; i iii...    Ui the  votefl of
i.   * M    Hi ■  id   Ids    ;'"'iii'll-
1' ■- .iii thai ii was
nol fuir to judge n man hy n few
la hud ■-■■■-I whili n member
of Un luil,.-.. Mr. Mdirideshould
by 1 ■ ,. rbl ehuructor.
!:.■ ['im n signed n psitiou worth
i. ■■ ■ ar, on n qui stion of
prim iple, aud thut showed whnt
kind of -i mnn ho was. Speaking
n n member of tho government, he
said they hod uo dosito to retain
office il the peoplo lnul no confidence in liim. The government
hud im policy as yet,-fop tho reason
thai Ihey hnd no time tp fonr.ulato
■i policy. The people wanted
a decent administration. Eto no-
cusedJoo. Martin of btenling the
conservutivo plntform and lucor-
porathig many of Its plnnka in the
liberal plutfortn. Rofei'ring to tho
Kootenny conl and oil lauds, ho
said the government wns uot ready
io announce its policy any further
than tu say that the lands in question would not be given tu ilie ('.
!'. I?., und would bo dealt with
satisfnetorily to tho pet.pie. At
this juncture A. W. McVittie was
in liiu nudienco and asked the
question, and received tlie same
answer, lie wauled to know if tho
B, V. R.did not got tiie lauds, il'
they would bo turned over tu the
Spokane and Rosslaml syndicates,
as lie had heard thai c-jrtain parties
had had assurances from the gov-
vernmenl that (heir claims wuuld
be allowed, Mr. Wilion said lie
did nut believe Mr. McBrido had
made snch assurances; but, lhat he
was uot able to answor tho question
for Mr. Mi Bride. It was Iwttor
fer a labor representation to be a
member ut' tin- conservative party.
The present prosperity of (he gov-
eminent waa duo tn the foundation
!'iii! by thc Xo\; govonimont of
the past. Tho legislation on the
Chinese question was due to tho
action of the tory leader, Mr.
B irden, I Co then reviewed the
manifesto of tin* liberal party, Inking it up by sections, and COU-
'demuingthe principles set forth,
and closed with an eloquent appeal
to thi* audienco iu stand by tory
1 prim iples, and support the cunser-
vntive tickei beeauso ils success
would mean a Bafo govorumeutunci
j prosperity tor the province,
I Al lhe lie::-.' uf .Mr. Wilson's
speech a request was mndc to grant
j .\. B. Gilmour, ex-jVt, P. P., who
! was prosenti the privilege to speak
■ a few moments. The chairman
I Haiti ii wns u conservative meeting
|and lhat tho original program
woidd be carried out. There were
cries from all uver the house fur
Mr. Gibnour, but Mr. Harvey, of
Fori Steele, next took the platform,
ETo spoko brtofly, coufiing himself
principally lu the protection the.
ory, and churning that iu a duty
mi lead lay tho success of the
Kootonay country. Ho closed by
assuring tho audioncc tlio conservative party was bound lo win iu
this emu.st. When he n.n|; his
seal tiiere were repeated cries
hu* Qilmour, which continued to
incro isu in volum '. The chair-
in.in said that the mooting would
close and t!ioni> who desired to hear
Mr, t-Hhuour might remain and du
so il' they choso. At this juncture
quite a number Btartod to go out.
Und Save the KillgwasSUUg, three
cheers were giveu for Caven. aud
somo une cried three cheers for
King, and his many supporters
presold gavo thom with enlhusi
wus an in formal affair, ami Bhorl
Addresses woro made by It. E
Beattie. K. K. HimpBon, Dr, Kin./.
II   IJ. Oilmour, A. W. McVittie
.ilnl  W,   I'".   1 illl'd.       Ml*,   liilllinlir,
being familiar with the legislation
in tllO llOUB6   the   past   few   y.*;ii's.
took occasion to show iln* position
of the members nf the presi'iit
government nn all questions affect*
lug the laboring cIusbob nf tin*
provinco, He rood the records
nf their votes from the printed
journal nf ihe proceedings uu
Chinese labor, tho increase nf the
pull lax. redistribution, etc saying thai the men who constitute
lhe McBrido government had in-
variably voted against the interests of labor, with here and tiiere
an exception, The meeting lasted
about an hour and a halt' and from
a liberal standpoint was an unqualified success.
Dr. King hold a very successful
meeting nl Fort Steele last Wednesday night. The hall was well
filled and great euthusiaiti displayed.
The conservatives held a successful meeting at Moyie last Saturday evening, W. A. McDonald,
tho brilliant orator nnd successful
lawyer nf Nelson, was the star uf
tho evening, The l. O. (). F. hall
was well crowded, and the audience
gave guud attention to the
speakers. Mr. Caven spoke for a
few minutes, followed by Mr.
Sutherland the school teacher.
F. E, Simpson then spoke, and
was follnwed by Mr, McDonald in
an hour's speech,
The Liberal Rally.
Lunt Friday ovoning tin* stip-
[inrli'ra nf Dr. King hi'l.l a rally,
it lnul bt-ttii tlm iiilt'iitiiiii to liultl
Un- mooting in tin' committee
rooms, but lata Unit iiHtei-uoon it
was lciiriieil that A. li. (iiliumir, nf
Vancouvor, a member of _iiirliu- j
monl for aovornl yours paat, would i Strike Settled.
bo in town, and tho Imli was soour- Word was recolved last night
oil. A I'ttv miiniteii alitor eight that tho strike wns sottlod and that
o'clock t-v. ry s tat was lalton,   Mr. the men had rotiirncd to work.
Fernie Free Press Soptembo
III;- The miners at Morrissey took
a day oil' on Friday to attend n
mass meeting called by Organizer
Bonsfiold, of the U. M, W. of A.
for 10 o'clock to discuss certain
nllegeil grievances. As tlie train
wns very bite the men had scattered nnd tlie meeting did not materialize, The local union nt Morris-
soy intimated to the management
llint the coinpnny men would
resume their work today but thnt
tbe regular miners would not. As
this did not suit tlie arrangements
of the compnny the mines were
closed down Inst night und the
fans were stopped, A demand wns
niiiile lust night to Mr. Stookett to
meet a committee of tlie United
.Mine workers on Mondny morning
at which Organizer Bonsfiold will
be present.
From some of the men it hns
been ascertained thnt the griev-
ancos related to tlie appointment
by the compnny of n conl inspector
nml the confiscation nf nny box of
conl found to contain more than
101) lbs. of rook,
Mr. Tonkin whon seen by n
reporter this morning said be know-
nothing oE the grievances as no
committee had asked for an audi-
enee with himself, Mr. Stookett,
Air. Mnrtin or Mr. Simlstor to stnte
thoir grievances. Hi- stated thnt
liu* company wns always prepared
to meet its employees ns required
by tin- signed agreement, nml that
iu every other wny ovory article in
the ngri'cini'iit would be faithfully
followed by the company. According to tliat agreement it wns tin-
duty of tlie local union to present
their grievance through n com-
mitt..... of its members. If tliis
failed to effect a settlomout the
company was obliged to treat witb
the district union. The men hnd
failed in thiB part of the agreement
ns none of the company's ollicials
lnul been approached by anyone.
Whon asked as to the clauso
relative to rock in conl Mr. Tonkin
produced the agreement and rend
thnt where any liox of conl wns
found to contain un excessive
amount of rock it could be cimlis-
ciitetl. Tlm tore weight allowed
for rock wns 28 lbs,
Dispatcher tii-.. Forties nml
family lefl toi tii - eusl Siitunlny,
mi mention,
P. Thoiniis lefl for Macleod lust
'I'n- * - i'.'-. i -i;-. in .1. t.i tnke a poai-
li'.ti :i. i-lerl ii- Ron linn i,*r Sinul-
!-! Inlil' . I'-' l-i-
Kn-i-ii.-i luni - cr C W. CroBsm.in
moved bi. family I'r,m. Macleod tu
Moyie, t'ii,'" lhe) have taken up
their residi - re for the presi nl.
Bnikomnn A. ('. Oho piette, who
tm brovoly crossi I tin- Prank pJido
and tlngg .1 th.- .passonger train
April anii, returned from bis
vacation in Rhode Ulnnd, Muss..
Insl w.vk.
Conducl ir Harry C. I'.-tiit. win.
lias been east ni! bis vacation, rosin I   work  on Saturday,     Mr.
l'i-i:il Iiii.I the ill-fortuno of t.-ikiin:
sick .nnl being in Mediciuo Hat
hospital for two weeks.
.1. Forbes, clerk in tl..- road tie.
partinonl of the C, I'. I!, lift S;iinr-
tiny forhishome in Toronto, Mr.
Forbes has bu. n mi iln- Crow for
iiiiuiii mn- year and goes back in
Ibe east, ns .-ill others .1... witb the
idea tiiut llii*i i*i tii • uiily country.
Tin- threatened striki* nf the
miners nt Michel, Fertile nnd Mm-,
rissey would kill ibe prosperity t"
somo extent thnl mnv exists nu tin*
Crow, ll will mean a grout deal
less work for onginoers and train.
iii.-ii. ll i'm in In- hoped ii will ■_-..
nn further than a threal and the
miners griovnnco Bottled amicably,
C, Mansfield, dispatcher on Superintendent A. Price's division at
Fori William, has been transferred
to dispatching office here. Mr.
Mansfield i.t a brother ..!' 1.. M.
Mniisfioltl, General Manager of the
1-iiiurii- Lumber company, nml was
pi-ovioUBly employed on th.* t'r..w
us operator at Fernie, sn licit In- is
not n stronger to Itfte railway em.
ployees here.
Tin' delegates ..I' lie* i*:::inil*er of
tin* commerce, numbering one bun.
dred. went ovi r the Crow Thursday
nn a spocinl train, in charge nf
Conductor Jackson, of Medicine
flat. Tho train was nm* of the
best on I'i-- ('. I'. II. system, con.
sistitig of five sleepers, two diners
anil a baggage car, Superintendent Taylur and Trainmaster Mc-
Ken/.ii- accompanied tin* train over
lliis (listt'nt. They laid over at
Fernie I'i.;- on ■ hour tn view tin-
coal company's cokoing plant,
Thoy also layed over Thursday
night at Woodpecker where tho
ranching industries nf tin* west
were inspected. This is the first
exursi'in nt' tbis nature thnt bus
visitetl tin- west, am! is nn doubt
the initial nm* nf ii number of
You have until next Wednesday
The  Herald's auegiing Contest Closes
September 30.
want   tbe   120 s.-t of
General Superintendent .laiiiii*-
son iiiitl family nl' Calgary in thoir
private ear Moutford, arrived in
Craubrook Saturday nn a visit to
their former homo. Tbis is the
firat visit in Cranbrook of Mr.
■Ininii-son's family since their departure I'nr Calgary. Thoy loll
I'm* Calgary nn Nn. I Sunday. afti*r
a vory enjoyable visit witli their
niniiv friends.
Suicide nl sn Italian,
(in Tncsduy last, as Section
Foreman Towb and bis gang
returned In their cars al Si. Marys
thoy found nn Italian laborer,
Carlo Bom, hangc I in the car.
The mntter was immediately re-
ported tn Un- C I'. 1!. officials anil
tin- Northwest Mounted Police,
but up to timo of -.'ning to press
no inquest was Inlil. Tlu-re is no
doubt bit' thnt the iiuiii committed
suicide. He came hero from Italy
about ii vi'iii' ugo.
Desire Joint Discussions.
We are authorized lo invite Mr.
Caven and liis supporters to join
witb Dr. King in tlm descussion of
tho issues of tho campaign. This
is an educational campaign ami tho
poople haven right to know the
position of tho candidates on tin.
important questions at issue.
Tin' Liberal Gouiinitlco.
put in your guess in The Herald contest. There are 238*' voters
registered in the district. You are
to iudge in your guess how many
will vote. The prizes are yours if
you guess right. Your guess must
be in the oflice by next Wednesday
evening.   Attend to it at once.
On  you
Ho you wnnt tin* $15 camera?
Do you want two year's suliscrip-
tinn tn Tin- Herald frrr.'
Then- will Ih- thnv lucky peoplo
nnl ynu may Ih- one nf them, All
Inn is necessary is tn be a paid up
•ubsc-ribcr tn Tin- Herald, and
mako the closest guess to the number of votes i-ast nu election in
til,'TWO DISTRICTS nf   SntTll
East Kootbkav which includes
•mi: 1'iiANniis.iK ami Fernie rid.
INtis. The lirst gets the disbi-s.
Tin- si'i-ond tlm camera. Tin*
third Tin* Herald for two years.
Don't delay.
Tlin total numbor of votes mgis-
ten-d in tin* two districts is 2389.
All of thiin will not vote. Tbe
lunula.r must necessarily lv less
than 2380, but hnw much less is
the question.
Ynu can sii' tlm disbi-s nt the
Fort Steele Mercantile company's
stnre. nntl tlie camera at It. E.
Beattie's drug store. Call at both
Pay up your subscription if you
an* already n subscriber, nnd send
in your mn-ss. If you ore not a
subscriber, $1.00 or $2.00 will make
you one.
Si-ntl in your guess at once.
Y< >!' may In- the one to get the
rirst prizi*.
Don't delay.
Letter From Engineers.
Cranbrook, Sept, 21st. 1903.
Editor Herald- Regarding the
letter in tlie Hi-rald of the 17th,
under the heading "Engineers
Explain" siL'in-il by T. S. Gill,
secretory, wherein the inference is
given that members of the B. of L,
E. an. opposed to Mr. Caven,
Wi* the undersi({ned locomotive
engineers nt Crnnbrook take excep.
tion to the article, ns it is mislead.
iuu and unauthorized by tbe B. of
L. E. as a Ixuly. It is well known
thut lalmr organizations, or unions,
especially the 11. of L. E. us an
order, or union, do not tnke any
part in politics. Mr. Gill's article
is not in error when he says, in
effect, that the B. of L. E. as a
layly. bus taken no j-art whatever
in party politics or given any
promise to support Mr. Caven as a
Ixxly. Mr. Gill was simply over-
zealous in tbe interests of tile candidate In* favors, but we, locomo.
tive engineers at Cranbrook, as individuals believe that Mr. Caven
will last represent our interests, os
In- is a mombcr of organized labor,
and in case of hiselection,would safe
ly guard tlieir interests iu tbelegis-
lature. therefore we bespeak for
bim your earnest support and vote.
W. Edwards, B. Murgntroyd. Clins.
Magee. Art Janline. Geo. Munroe,
N, A. Chaput, J. H. Coslake, E.
G. Brown. J. M. Robortson, M.
Gillis. W. Neil. F. G. Rutl.-y, W.
A. Rose. -I. Finnissey. Chns.
Yeaii'llc. .1. T. Sarvis, X. Royal,
Dan Drain. H. .1. Brock.
Ready lo Dance.
The Entre Nous club re-orgnniz-
ed last Friday night for the coming season by electing the follow,
ing officers:
President—A, L. McDermot.
Secretary—E. Patterson.
Ex-committee—-W, E. Ciine, S.
A. Clnncey, J. Motherwell, J.
Ladies committee—Miss Alice
Moffat, Miss Harley, Mrs. A. L.
McDerniot and Mrs. F. E. Simpson.
Arrangements will be made for
tin; lirst ilnneii curly ll -xt month, iiii: ottANiutoo;-: herald
liE ,9 G,^^~S-:\
Pi • l    i   | in '   :
TEKM-S ni' **l HI ilil'i l"N
Tlie ll.-li.l-. .I.-,.;.-- t-i   I.'- tii-* ■i.i.-.if 111,
illitrliiu   II iuh kn-,.1  mv i ' t ii i l.itn
l.i.i. unit.-ut 1-i'in -.■..-il-. ..ii.i in., liu-	
Lieutenant I'l-iii) is organizing
iiiiuiii, i- i-..|i,-ilii;i-:i !.. search It r
Ilm north imli*.   The tl.-nilil v.....I-I
|l!-l|e|- tl. Ml' Olil ilie   IIP    ill     ibis
iliivi-ii .ii I,* I...I, for tin* liunnnn
miither llml tailwl '... shotv up lliis
I-',-,-,. ..p.-.-1-li is a (inl given
rigid iii i•.-ii.ii.!-*!. ... Inm: in* the
individual conliiies liiinsi'lf I., tlie
boundaries nf decency and   i t
lllllll sense.
Xi. honsea i-. mm in Cranlmiok,
where houses arc being built mi
every baud, is it sine evidence .»i
Tl,,- Heridd stands pal I'm- the
construction ni' tin* Kootenay Con-
trill railway,-ami personal abuse ni
ita editor by those who Bhould be
friends nf iln- project, will not
change bin views. 'Iln- Herald
knows llml iln- Kootenay Central
will In- ii greal benellt, m.i onlj i"
Fort Steele, and the valleys above
ami lieln-.i  thill town,  I.  the
Whole    .linll-iel   ill!   well.       ll    .vill
1,,'il   !.-; I    lllilli;'   I'..I'   Sniiili    K.'isl
Ki nay,  ami   thai   is  why  '1 lull, raid favors il.
As a genuine Kiitnuier, iln- pus!
Benson Inm lieen an atmospheric
line week from Salunlay nigbl
nnil lhe wise buys will l»- saying
tbey knew il all tin- time.
Tin- campaign grows wai'iiiei' n-
Tbe Nelson Daily Tribune ceiiB
e.l publication Iiml Monday.
Vni ate]-   i-i   now    the   grcn'
■ .mul..! iniporl ninrkel, anil lha
is iln.. I., ihe fa 'ilili.s uttered b',
thnt'-, I'. It. I'm' through and rapiil
transporbition nf fiviglil front tin
Orient in ih.< Atlantic.
li in lime iln- railways nnd lhe
smelters decided bow much nf the
lintiiis tlmy wet-.- going In demand.
Tin- li-iiil mines in tin- Kootetiays
should b * in operation.   Tin-  v.-el-
I'ni f Iln* people demand il.   Tlie
conditions are riglit, ami there
should be   iii.   longer any delay.
Valuable ti is being losl in   this
struggle, iiml communities llml
elioulil In- nourishing are languishing, simply because mi ugrci-incnl
can be reached between tlm initio
owners nn ono hand, un.I the
sinelters ami railways on the other,
How will il i-iiilV Just Ibis wny.
If tin- railway anil BlUollers do nol
.t-tiiui-diiwii in a   reasiuialilo  basis
forfreighl and (real ut, tiiere will
unt be a inn nl' lead  ore  mined  in
tin ttnlry,     The  mine owuei-ij
soy Ihey an- entitled I., a profit,
ami tlieir claims are backed l.y a
determination In keep tin- mines
cloBotl until Ihey .-an -jet rales thai
will guarantee thai profit,
Tin- Rosslnml Miner, I user-
valivi- paper, in a  for tstof iln*
election, gives enelt pnrty hull' nl
tin- districts. In Ihis I'sliinnte, il
iliTenis fi. ('. Smith, and John
Houston, clods Di'. King, and iniili
llllll tin- lieeli f   Sll.-h   men   ;i^
King itiil I .-a greal benelil fo lhe
■nii-.il!!... while il claims Ihnl Mr.
•Smith ..In.lllil liolol'i at liinne.
Candidates Nominated,
'Iln* following liberal ami conservative   candidates   have   1 u
nominated In ilnti-:
Nelson s. s. Taylor, liberal;
.Inbn Houston, conservative.
Villi!' Alfred Purr, liberal:
Harry Wright, conservative,
Grand Porks W. II. I'. Clem.
cut, liberal: ll.-n. A. Fraser con-
Slot-nil Williain Hunter, con-
Kaslo John Rnlullack, lilieral!
II. F. Green, conservative.
Griiiiwond -I. li. I'-m.-.n. Iiii-
,*nil: Dr. S]inukie, conservative.
- -iV tliu -
Isbinds    '!'.   W.   Pntei   t-i,  i-:
i ... 11. W.   lliiin.-;. ...it- 'ii-
. . n.ii    I-.  ('•  Smith,   lil» - '•
it     ll    lie.-, enlelervative.
I mill k    Dr.J, 11. Kim:- lil-'-
fetal. T. lllt'll. e.ilisel'tiilite
Smilkii eu    W.   A.    .M.-l.-an
liberal: I . W   Shutfinl, ions rvu-
I'llilliw.-i, I, C*. W. Mllliru, liberal; .1. I.. Atkinson, cons rvative.
Comox    I'. M. !'■ V ::. lib-lal.
I'nwieiiiii .1 N. Km.is. liberal;
I-'. .\l. ski. :*. ...in- -i-t-alite.
Okiinagiin T. W. Stirling, liberal; Price Kllisiui, couserviitive.
NewciiBtle I' W. Murray, liberal, Roborl Unml ise.'iniite.
Skeelia       I',   II,'lllllll!.   lilielill:   C.
W, D. rli!l'..i-il. iiinsi rvulive.
Nett Westminister W, II.
Keary, liberal: T. Glillonl, eouser-
I-;...,,,],,,:,]! John Jlinlllll*. lil'
lievelsloke *l. M. Kellie, lila*ral:
ThonuiB Taylor, cuiiBervative.
Niiii-iiiii-. II. Sbepparil, labor-
liberal: Kdward tjueunel, conservative.
Ui.l I   -I.e. Brown, liberal:
P. r.-iiiei-.t'..ilmi is, rvative.
Carili,.,. Archibald Kuiglil ami
.lain,-.- Murphy, lilieral.-: S. A.
Rodgors aad Win. Ailauis. conser-
Rossland .1. A. Macdonald,
liberal; A. S. lioinleve,  conservn-
Hell.,    .In! liver, I'll., i-;il:  W.
II. I.i,iiiii-r. i-i.iisi-rvalive.
Dewdney W. W. Forrester, liberal; Richard, McBride, conservative.
Ailin   James Slnbles, liberal.
Alberui    W.   W.  I'..   M.-l s,
lilieral; I,'. .1. Hickey, conservative.
Col bin    W. ('. Wells, lilieral.
Victoria Cily II. I,. Drury,
Alderman Caineron, -I. D. Mc-
Niveii, Richaiil Hall, liberals; A.
G. McPhillips, II. D. Ileimcken,
Charles llaywanl. .loaeph   Ilu r,
Vancouver City Joseph .Martin.
Dr. A.C, Pii-a.l.-n -la-k.-I.D. Turn-
bull. T. S. Iliisl.-i*. ('.   I.'.   Monek,
Will-nil, A. II. B. McGowilli,-Il s
p. iiariien. W..I. Bowser, conser
Siiiiliicli H. Turner, liberal; D.
M, Gberts, couserviitive,
Tin- iiiliiii- |i;ii-ty have made lhe
Following nominations! Allm. John
Kii-kiiinil: Slm an. Win.   Diiv'ul.-.nii:
Kaslo, S. Sh,- m: Vancouver, W.
David    A. II.   Perry,  F.   Wil-
liu ins; Nanaimo, Henry Shepherd.
Tin- socialists have Ilu- following
in, ii  in  ihe Held-   Fernie, -I.   li.
.Mel'-ln-i-i :  Giiiml   Forks, John
liiorilan: Ruveistoke, John W.
Bennett; Niinnium City. .1. II.
Ilawlliiu'iilhuaili'.: Newcastle. 1'.
Williain:!-. Vancouver, A li. Slob.
Iiiugs, I*:. Burns; Victoria, .1 C.
Wall<*j-s. (1. I,. Chailli.il.
Tlu-re niv .'if  coiiBtitueneies all
Inlil ami nf these I'iilli-liUlel- i-il.V
relltl'llS live melllbel's, Vii'liii'i'l. ei.lv
four and ('.-nil lun. all  the  rest
ni at-li  making 12 members in
the HOW ljou.se,
Tin* ill districts as now divided
ure as follows: Ailin, Albert, i,
Crnnbrook, Cariboo, Cli111i-ni-.uk.
Columbia, Cninn*;. Cowjclinii,
Hellii. Dewdney, l-:si|iiiin,-ill.|.'..|-|ije.
Grand Forks, G rcenwood, islands,
Kamloops, Kaslo, Lillooet, Nai
i.\ilii|ilnl:il l:,.ii.|-l,ii.i. >-|i.i*nilnT lilli,  l'.,i.
I.   .iini Un. inin i-ii- ii 'lien*, tin* I'ttli.'.t
-! it'" l-'it*-iill 1 'IH"' IH  "■"'-
iiiiii lii Is; lha iiiiiin- -nl i-'iniiiil nl i.i.'
...ii.mul iln,ili-ni .- I -ji Un* i'*.rk*i"lnt!il
i- - -ul   :■*  1 Initli.in  t.i'*
lllllll Uiu   1.   i I.tl'   '.-I.   '* I'i   til"! !'**
"Iniii-llu-1.-iii in li- i-iiiislruitlni nl iiml.
I I i- illlUl   p.,.  IM     lll.ll'll   |llll lll'll- <>l   UK'   I'l"'
■iiiii-nnil Un- In' i--.ii   u! 11.ii mi i.Hi imi. lnul-
Ol 111,* )ll.Kill .. .
','.„.,!I iiBaniuttsi i'
iuvmniiiBiii .-ni
Ill' 111 .il Illi-   :<.'.
fill' I   Willi
uiu .'i*. inn »f |'ur
Oil I.v « nl
-,'i ui'ii  i
llllllll H..*ll,'Ml'.|
ill.i.'.-s   HI   UH*  I'l*
j. Tlmt in tin
l..l\ |. . l.'V .IHI.l
l KI'ltUttil   Ull   Wil
ineiiiii liliu
-i'. r.uiii i*
ifl   ll.-  .Ms
;i ..i nmi) llif mil
i.-..'i.i viiwUwuusuitiiosyHUHiUliii. &"•*
•inii-.i in su i, umuiih *.-■ rail*..) iiiiistnwtiiiii i
Hi.* I tiltl-il M  ll*8,   Willi ao 111  IMtVMlUwU  I
IIV.-.-111MI lll.-ll  Il.-ll   i'l"
ii"' ilmi 'in  Hi- |uil|i i.i .ii i
City, Nelson City, Ninvcnatle,
New \Vi'sliniiisli'i'('iiv. OlililifU/lUl,
Ui-ve-lslolw, Hiclmioiul, Kussiiinil
Cily. Siuiiiicli. Siinilk.'Miiivii. Skr-
■ii;i, Nlncmi. \iiiiniiivcr Cily, Vic-
oriy OJly, Vnlr. Vniir,
SltDW Storm ifl   ii.'ittili,!!:i.
Wlnulpng, .M;iii..S.'|.1. II.    Opo
I' iln- si'vi'i'i .it ftiitiiuiijalstomiB i'N
■ii'rii'iiivil in Iln' iiih'I!)\,i'sI for
yivii's swi'pl ovct' tliu nuuilry .n-
Sfilunl.-iv iiml Sunilny. Tin- n:il\
Int.-iliiy ri'portwl t'omoa from
(iivtn-i. whoru nu (-M mini Ml from
:i Im-.L'y. mul |"*iisln*<l in tin'
■Jlonn, Ai H*trliH*y. twolvis hor-acR
lit'd in tin' t'liiiailiim I'.-ti-ific ynnls
llul in lit" mniio vicinity other
]ivo etoclt is i*i'|i.ii*iftl in linvr p-T
A tck'phoiiG niossnyo rcciuvi <l
from Minuwlopii rcportwl Ihnl tlm
slui'in wub one ul' tin- worst oxpof-i
1'iiiTil tliriv in livi' yc-nra. il stiirt-
u] lo blow nt ti'ti oVIock in tho
morning. hikI-u heavy min followed. At. jMJtiii Ihis di'Vi'lopi'il
into ;i Biiowstorp),.inid by dork tho
biiow wns ti'ii inelws on ll"' l.ovol
Tii- :;r;iii. whicli wilB still st*iinl-
j.i'.r h ithnost totidly ruiimd.
Wlii c Laundry.
I (.»'-lli'll ,11
irlli'siliti'ii i
i\tl ill"
•i-itjitu ur tin* m
.icuroil in Hi.
,..,.1 hiiltiBUlpiortlio |im*
ui',lisllUitiu*i Vm iL-nil mill
,i  mu I'.iiii.i.i, uiul Ui*.t
iwiniuy '-'i"!! lutitrtiu.-
,,i,.,-, aitlmost Invnrl*
mlii mn uiu-Tii rs, Tliu publK" Bw»t»t *.«l-
uablolrumli - - ouJ iuoii«i>olii-ti. h«vo bran
jiivi'ii iinnv in fin-mill* [ktbuuh tuul • urporu*
Hum*, Inst mul uf Iwlui; utLIlxwl tur thu lu uetlt
ol tlio peupk' til I trgp. nmi tliif !uih Ih-uii bo*
lag on lot' mi long u timo lliuu that ilit* pro*
vjiin* ii.nv   liu.:-   itKt'H   itiiti|ii-l!.>l   to   "A.li I
f.i.ni iiitlt;sl ".   .1ml   n-v.-iiii.*   tii.iili.li.nl -
llffail-H  l-i*i-ll   Wl-li'l.V   i*iill.lt|rli*.l.  l-Ulll.l   r.l-il.V
Imvu  In .-ii   i l.hini.il   Ir.iiii imr .-I'li-Miili-ii-il
'I li" 1 isl ruiiMTViitivi1 miv.-riiiiirii'  oh itiu
In id- tii.-.l.'Ultn 'U-ti;ill.iH <<t Iln- j'l.l.lt-   ..Hi.11*4
.ii iln- |.i..viiii'>*. Mus.  tliruiKli iln' i>lfor(H
prlliriiHiUj it'i -nihil I I ..I 1 f.il-.tli--
m *--..I from ..lit..-, mi.: ti .i.l. nl ntiil Iln- in-
trotllicli 1 | .V hf-   ll..-I-I.nnl Illi.illiiT
I I; I  ut   iln- Iiiii I  iif   llml   guyunilUfUl   II
lllllll Hill. HUM IIUI   Ol.l.V I .'"..I HUWIOrtlT
Uf^lHtHt rnll-i'l VllllVi* llillliilllfllJIIlilltM, hill
Mils IlllUHI'K II   Iiliinit. I   of    I   Iln-in, iiii.I
hlmruil hilly In tlm ii-Hinitwiiiility uf nu ul
l.'tnpl un   lit.'   [lull   ol   llml   IfoVVt-U lll'lll   lo
Hlvuunuy <•• ti liiiiwi.*. nii|ninii ,iudl<
r.i-1 ililliinivul flu* l.-i-l it  iii i-\|i .-.I
li*. hiiiiiii--, mh largo Mu I..- oi i inn hi>
vu'iitilili-nml nn.l ml liimls in Kuiiii'imy,
In-Mm nun ol iin> lllifi-ul [iiirij if i'i'"'
I    Aiming ili<> iiiiiiiis rniuililiK in Unto
' iilli'iiiiiin me Ilii-folloiut.*-:
t i\ii,si:i.\ui; iii;i-uit.\t- (n) Ity ttikui
.'lit.' .lull    III*   Hull   ol   olll.llllr.   I-Illl 11  II.ll If
iiiiuiii.ill.nl l.f.i I Hm Hi'Ullll   iv.,mi ui
uftliu wi'I'Im; <t.) lii' miiKiiin Kim I .' Inr
tlllll l-fllf.l'lll'J  Mil'  I nuilli H   ul   I.llllll- ..   i>
In-.; (l'J lllli.-s,   I.I-..il,I sill. Ill ((OVIIll .11
illl .'11
nilncis. mitijwi i<
Tulhe Dn itutu (if UHtlsli Coluinlilti:
At n lllii-ruli vmitluii Imltl m tlu'i'iivul
Vill iiv.roiillmlill 1  TllloM'Vlil'iltil'.V.
UHid, ilm fuilnivlntj u'litfiirni wns nihifiti'il:
I. 'I'll., im Nmi*   ii'illnlrlliutluii ul tlio
.- iisliliinii-irriul ilu- imivhii'U im iln* IiiisIh nl
[Hijiil'iitloti 1ml nlloulng ii Hinnlli-r un t "I
loiHiliilinii  |wr M*nl   fm-   Hi ill.viiig .li>*-
!1,   i;<ivi riiim nl mviii i>liip, l)onitnioii,|irii-
viiifl.il nml i ilfiimi, ol puliliu twrvloni »f
iililillrsisMHimlui.il hlmillil Im rarriud onl
in Uritbli I'n uinliliv
II, Sit..nlil it In- it.lvisai.lt'nl   uti.v litni'io.
In>In itinh mul mu In liiml nml imi until
ini.v Iiiiiii-In,II linnivon witliiiili ilolltilto nml
iiiiI'lTM'd ol tin* pruvitii'-! in (tut iiiiinii({i-m«iil
tililio roii'l.tumrul of ili» IivIkIM nml |ma*
HotigiT I'liiis. iiml iii'uvi-iuti imnlt' IlKfllimt
hiii'li rml-ui.v Imvini;' "liy linhiliiy nguiiiht
il ixri'pt fiin.oliial iosi.
-I.    lllll li -OlWtrill'llllll   of tlinron.-l-
Kiiu'ouiivi'iilttvii)*; Hif t'ntil ruilwny, tlm
ox I i'ihIi ui ul Hn- Ih'iiiiiI inllwnyj n ruilwny
f I Olil Allmiiii Ion point   mill nal pihwI ill
tlii'isii.mi: ji rom I iii iiii- niirlliurii purl ol
Iho pmviiioo frmn ihu cwiBt in Ihu eiiHlurti
liOUllilllI'Vtll IniniMKlisiotifolIm  i:oi'l hi'Mi
iioiimliii'i; ilmrniltviiy fiom Vi'inmitii Mill*
wny by mirth Flirk nl Ki-ttlti iivr; tylth iib.-
u Hir.v Im li limn, fi'iii's tuul .'unmriiuiH.
fi,   Tiii'.'iidiii'i'iiiHil uf ll 'I now ill furi'O
I'uiiip I imi Hn' H.-i.liim* uf lu-jti l.y mivorinuiil
il. Tlnil Kticli logliihittmiHliQiihl Imomii'it'il
UHivillriKiili in multliitf ilif Imitls lm*luitnl
in l In* vniiuim ilikimt utoiw nvillltllitu for
L'Ulllvmlon nt .iuii*klyiw|.uwilili' nnil mh-iiii-
piutnpl |!iiviiiilil ol'iisjdi'i-slliflilt h lll'll i|tu*.
7.    Tlini   Um Bovurtllllolll   shmilil  Lrjiill
lotinh with UmomniitimiH III f( utiuii with
iiiiuiii.', prolcoiluK  mill   Iniluntry a gnl tin I
rnlUllllH'H llllll iHIHlMUIIll   If IHTi'Ssilf.V tor tilt'
purpoiiu liuilil uml ojinrulu Kinultoi'M nml re*
liij.ii.-.-.  n,i nt.in-ill clmugo nl hi bu imulu
in lIn* iiiliiiiif- Iiiivh without lull ntillroUiiill
lunil-.-. inirn'slt'il. KivillK lull uppmtuiifty
fui'ilisi'tihsion uml i-iilii'iriin.
s, ,\h tlio prtivlnuu nm only nilrnimo b.v
lliofluttlomonl williln ltd I inn I ith uf thrifty
nml  pi'iihpi'iuii-i nti/i'iiH,  nml  us  UrloilllilK
jii'vor lioi'Dinu uitlRoiw in nny propor wuse ol
llmiionl.ivoilfilurx it lo Im Ilm iluty of thu
IfUYcruiui'til if iflm-'fjiii'iigt! Hiifti(.il imini^iii-
liun uml oiuployiiioiit byovoiy wv" ulUiln
within lis poiuT, mul wo np|.oiillo our ffillow
liiii-tiiM ilitou-'liuiii tin- Dominion lo nh) un
In (.mr offoitH to proti-d oursi'lvi-H iigulusi
Hm i-ujiu/iiH ciiuipotliion ol mon liuving u
Bluiulunl ol (locuncy nnil t'pmfoi'l IniniPi wly
lii'luiv  Uml  of   I'ivlll-U'll   pioplr^ 11)1(1  tthn
Hhlrk ovory ittity mul obliKiilipn ttlHii'/i-u-
Hill)! Wliit-li tlllllUW W.II llllo W I lll'lll lOl'NOtlpO.
II,   Tlmnov.-mim-nl- oii^l.l   to pivviml Um
wtis'n uiul Kiilft-iiiiir cuukl'iI by btrjkpa nmi
loi'k-ou'rt, nml iijj I'nnii-hl   i'ffol'1   Oligllt lu ln>
iiiuiIi* lo ]ii'oviili- -oim* iiiin|,a nf |l|'uvi'lilitl(J
HimimnlliuHun 1 lookouts, ntnl wu iippiovt-
fim uiiiipljoii olcotupnlBury arbitration,
|o.   'Iliu   Ijdi'ul k.vkIi'Iii   of Ilm piovitu't-
Kliiinjri in m.'il nl n-visinii.   Tu-Milion k\ lil
lii'iir ujimi prh'lloge rufcbor t|)i)|| upon |tn)ufl*
try, nml itoiiiliii.joii hIiouIi! |jp matlo to Iho
ilvlil ul ibi'i ritviiiii* oxoept fur pnblir works
propurly elini'Hi'iibli' toaapltal,
II. Tin-I'i liiiiiiu^ nl Hm rPflOll 1*008 of llio
provilicuus mi iiM.i'1  lor ilm lii'imlit ul Mm
I plu uml tuking I'lfi'i'livo ini'iisui'i'H tu pro-
vii.i thu ulk-iiulion of ilm puMIc domain ex*
i*'-|it for nri mil lioun tlili- bileillOHS orimlim-
Iriulpiirpoitoii,putting nn out) tu thoprnc*
(ll'l'tll B| ulutiug in ooiiticotiloti wiih  llio
1.'. 'T]ii<;-tmt-li,ii<ljop iiml mniiili'iiiim I
roii'ln llii'otig)|ojl lip' piuviino fo i|i>! in |lm
ili-vi*lo|iiiii in ofilii' Jiiiii'ii);  nml iij.'fii'iilhH;il
\T^.-»       T\       • ^s*?.:,-ii,    i--i.ti.i-'.   *'! t-'iiy toJiit 4***1********************,
iNCW   DaiiyU^SWSa:     John mienberg, 5
•/                                                       l!'li,l'|--t,i'il.     -...linn, in:    J                                                                          B' *
W. Ii. Btinlm-lt Iiiii-I-,,,,,,. t„ Cran- '",'' '■;'•"".""'""'!»"y..iiiM.                   <  T.  , cunrt* a i/r*r» -»
tirook wiih a Km ■ lii [ mild, cm ..,  ''' "T'-'ui                   ** y,'';'.""   |   « '"- SHOEMAKER |
nnil will oiH-ii n iluiry,   'I'l,,-,. ,| ■.;                                                      <     ifHEAi-of WENTWORTH H01I3I, i
BirniK Hret-cluss   null;  shoultl sue               .-.,,                                 «   _ {
llilll.    He will sail mn.                                   I URE MILK                J   ' ionecr in  the business .ini •»
 —---;-.-----'v——-___- j    l luiti-iiil t,-.| i„ ,„y n,,,,,!,,., ,„■ nun 1  his work always ranks with ■»
KIINQ S    COLLEQE        amlfim |ir«-|ni«l to fnrahli.tmru uillklo 1   the best.    Call and see him. |
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA      i,',','i,"...'"i'i'i'.','-," ',',i,- !Sloaiw"nl'A-imI niv «   *^*P»Wtoi toots o( J" -l-aetlp- ;J
A Iiiul. nliuoi inlmtii In.nnl.111; -,i„„.i f„i- fin ii'r.                                '   j   Hops, f rom  .1  cork  sole  to a !»
^G«G",«G,,,!GG^'''Gn!G'7iGu!,.'                    j' l*l"-:N--lil,«'i'*    J Iwy's finest slipper. |
1 III..i-ii,.,,| Iiiin IiiiiI letiiiitlii. <************************,.
John W. Wolf
Boot, bhoe and
;i;i,...iio....ii..M.iiri.i. ,i-,.. ,„,„, PORT STEELE
il tili.v. 11..* nnv.v.  iiii M-rin- .,	
 iti i titirlil.  ,ii in ih.* nun,,,,,
IiiiiI i.li-n Kill Vi ni,,..i-ii,,
'I'l.'- I. Ki Nun 11- ali-r
ii..' iviimniil. t: s w. |...i,ii,.„n,, ii ii
tl    Inln
II lliii -.li-i.l-iiiil,.-.- Illial'.l'.lt.
I.i nl T,   , liniiu.
I.i.nt ini IVtiluwrljilil
G;:;!g!::g;Gig;:^,:;G!::gz'w. p. gurd,
REV. C, J. BRENTON, al. A., Ilcail Mailtr. j
H'tyail -iitl.i il.i nm, I, l„.  i„, -i, ]
illliill lilli. Iini iiiiiii I „„!,,. r.-u.l, nlr.,-1
Harness Maker
(lid shoes made new.    All kinds
m repairing,  dive mc a call.
Timber Notice
Nui .-■ i» l.i-i. I,, |jtvi.,i i|,„i .in ,i„v, ,,!,
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 I tlu* |..-..|»-i-  In.*..-.-, nnil-. .nnl   iMJiilli..-,
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till* 41  I  lUuliill'   .llllli'ii-lll ll-l. lllll-uml
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Mitii.lii.-lii.Il iiuiiiii-; Iln- I , lit.    |.-|    Iii iiii.
llllllll I'll,II, III.-ill',  lli llllllll-1, lil I il-,1
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 lil ul unt* iniini-iil ri'Hi.iii'i'i'-i. tun   iil.ii im.
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lliiitiniBlil.i- |il'..i'lii'i,l uiul I'llliiml lumis.
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inuliilig Ilm   I I, ilii-liuli-it  in  llin vuriiius
tilt-lug nr.ua nvullulilu [in- i-iililviiitou ua
'I'li  l-'.V   US    |II1M     Tills   lllll, ll.Hlii.il
L-ulla Iur  |i|'iuiipl  iittl-lltlutl uml s-llli-iimul
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tlii.li.rHiif tin-in-niiiii-i. ns  ll   wliolo.    [i-J In
Ilmi "'-I ul ii4!iH'lillniv iu  ulini in milll.
liiinil.v kiiuiui ns liiu lii-.v  liuil, llii<i|imsliiiii
ul tlm piii'ii'l* Illi in lliuu ul Iln-in • sniuil.v
Inl'ili'i-lilliuli |ilil-|iiisi-s ili'luiituls unit inns!
Iiii'iti' |itillll|ii   tllti'Ulluil   llnlli tlm guvi'l-ll-
llllll t.
IIOAD3- In- |.i-,.-,.iil Im-ii nl s.vslum ul
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I mils ii piiiiliii-iivful n sn inns iviisli. ill iiuli-
liu 1 I, iiiiiI ill   Hns Iill Ml"!    tlllll.Mill
|||! -ii.In- 10 lllll'll nn III'IV ilultiiils ii-liiiiuriiiiils
'I i'ii-1 K in..:
I.i.iiu.Ii.i.i   ,.l  nmi.I,   I'tttuiiintii   M iillii-in  OPICH 1I0UK
|-.ai!i-.*|. I inil* Um iiiiii   ,t ,.i ,...,-,,,,-,.( n.  ii.i        iii„|-:„  ip
Itin.lliilil-sNi, Jli„,l„.|.|i,..,s,-.ll|.|„| ,.„.|„,,j          I I,,,-, ,,.„,.
. I Vi. II. IIiiiiII   il-   .\„    I   ii,',,' ',,■ ll,'!.,!"! I             "     ''
Barrister, Solicitor, lite.
Ilk. P. E. KING,
last Koolenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
kiiLI lii.iliii'liin-K-io iln- St. Mn
Unit.'.' t id..uu* (Ii.i.Si, \| uis i',v,
i.t ro tlm It m-ht iiiiiii,I,, i s,mi.,
ii ry, (In* olo.tiiu Miltl  li .iiml
li;il,.l'JTihili.,i oi Vu'-hkL 1 l.t.'l
,  .!,.,„ No,arJ' Public.
 .' Sollcllur fur tlie Imperial lloal. of Caaail.i
Timber Notice T'- ''■■' ' '-• ■ '	
Of nil kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,   lutr,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
SoJa water in siphons.   The most
Barrister,   Solicitor, ; Economical wy to handle it.
DKS. kiiMi & (ilvUilN,
oi |  	
"  (i. 11. THOflPSON,
Tnko liolleu ilu iluya nfler ilule I itin-int
apply  in  ilu- Cliiiif t',.iiiii,i-,i,.iifi- ,.: j
Smith I'insl Knii.i-iivv:
l.'oliiliu-111-lii*. ul n'j.isi   |,lnal.il  niniil!
',, i.l'n mile li-inii tlio onat Iiiiiii; ,.f l'erry
Utioli nml iilmig i-i.I.- ti. -|| ,|,s,,i,''i.
iniiinl post llioiiuu cual SUeliiilna, ihonco
lu.rili ,-lli-liiiins, ilimif,. ivi-.-l Sll ,-liiiia,-,
tliunuo soiiili sii i-lniins I,, tin. p„int ui
i IllOlll-OtllOIlt,
Dnti'il»c|itel«bel ,'illi IIUVI,
-I lativia H. C'oi-liran.    I
~ I Cranbrook, I! t
Tlm Colonial Invcilmtol owl loan Company. Physician.**, and Sitrjjeotis.
Craiilirook, IS. C.
nnd Builder   **
til wort gt.arar.teed,   See a, before
you build,   ll Kill pay you.
Land Notice
-i-n Hml nn iinvsii
£jrST£K?.?HSt Surveys o'	
Land Purchases,
Hi l i piiii-linsi. Hm lulliiiilnn  ,1,..
i-liln-l lunil in Si  linsl  Kniiliiini:
linni'.li-ni-iimnl u |ui,| pin, | ,,,, ||,„ mi|
►Iili'ufni'iii'k i in,, inlu Ilm not-Ill fork ul
M .-imi .-lii-k, iil.inil  ilu-,,. mill n Hull uiilu.
iniilii   "I  III.*   iiiii-iiiiliiii,    nl   il„.   nm Hi
lniiiiiliii.t* i.i I..I    r,*!.,   B p 1,   uiu, ||„,
>nitl  II, lurk ul llit-lml ,',,','t, i ,. n.uil,
Mining- Claims,
Etc., made by contract
lft'8.'h*'i,ui',','«:™ti.-u™ w",'sn":j;,;,;i";.:TH0S-T- mcvittie, p.l.s.
I,';;;,1;';;;:",;.^'"'8 " «■ ,'"nl ,1"1"»,;"'ai n - j      p. o. ro« s.eete, n. c.
211 M llilu      	
< mill'I* Iiuiiiii
111.*    -lllllll   Ul-Sl
Timber Notice
IN TUP. MATTK1I lip TTH''.  I'lSTATU I   I liitwul llilri) iln.mutt,r i),,.o  pplj n
Ill'MHIIN I''. VAMHSKN,   I.AT'K    Iliii-ll'i.ti.ui*. mil. Isiiiul Hulks
til-' KltAN'K, AUlKltTA, HKi'P.As- mvi in.", i-.i.u-n i...-.,►..,,,,-,,,.,,,,
Null™ Is horoliy clvon llml lemlora
niil l.o ii itiil fur .In- iraruliiuu- ui Lul
illl lllouk-lil, Ci-illililoiik, on tt lii.-li llu-ii- '"l:l:" ''•"** '^".".''i") !'i--itii-i.ilii-it.-.'n.n.li
la oiei-lo.1 n sitnill finiiiii ilivi-llhm liniiso.   '" "'ll"i"" ""'"'■" ■"■>' "nliuliia ■ l.-s
Terms will lul c-ni.ll,   ri.rill.lu   lll'wn   llic   lulotJiilBIII inrlli llllli-holiia, I	
Coniplolloll of till! wile.  'Ti'iuli'i-s null* In* t'tiat-lllfl liuil- Iiaalo puiiil ultoiit*
I,-i'l niili IV. P. iiuui. Holioltnr iiii-'ilii- it"
iiiitlui.-imiiil, lliiltur alreut, tliiinliiniik,
iiiul ttill In- rii-uiviil ti), n. ilie thlnl iluv
of Siiptcmlioi- lim:!.
.1. 1'. AliMSITlllMi,
21 Ot1icl.il Administrator.
Inn. In link, Pi'| triubei In lu :i
I,. II. Vni.I'i
Tnke liviliui (liiity ilu.v-4 ufirr dulo 11 MISKUAL ACT
Iiiiuiii In ii|i[il,Y in tliiiClilitOquunitulnHPi'uf Nu'l'K'K
t.nmi» nnl   Wnrlw f„i* ii P|i<Ttu| li'rnsf to!
.ni nml 1',-iiT.v ii.mii' i.nil|.*r iioin flio fnlluH*   "lllii.'kwafi'li",   'i.l'ii'kuiiti'r",   "Muln
lH*u liU'(li'|j, t.iul ut I.-* fo-i iiuiii ni,.it Iiiiii
bi'iii iluui'i iii iln- iinil, uml. r tln> mi-lilul
iiiiiliuii'rutibhi'ijtuiinvlik'ii Inin lu'fii eultuig
ut?i|»'»i'VilnwU*<H'l» liitftitllli Mil**! Ki
I'i,llllll,tn iuu Ul 11 |1 HI ] hint.'I on I In- r ;>t-L
l.n.kof I'urv I't'-i'liiii x. li. Hl.iliiH'Hii.i'tiil
llildl, Mil llf'U W.nl SU ili:iin-. 11i..in-i. mhhIiMI
ilitiiil". llli'l) llfil   «i) illillllfl, ll.'li.'i' in rl|,
I'i iil.H'     IlKALTIl-TliQ     ll.'itilli   A,-l   *s' I"" I  I'l»i I fomni.-ui'i'iio'i.t,
iiuiiiii in- itineii i m' us 1,. in.*. 111...- Ki'iov- (•iiuiiiiiiiiitf ii i<> un-.'H.,(i.,i,.|.
Ii.iint |(UliH.'|.t'tnlipr, liliu.
■J*]  .1. II. K.iinulinr.
Timber Notice
T..knnoliiM ih.it
iluiH Iromiluio I
Th.' lii'Nt |4iiiik ..I till' ijiuiVi' |ilntio|'I|l H'l.'lt
hiiiHiilij.ri ttliiuli.tliuiiglniol ii livt'imii'itoiY
illi-' Illlllll'l  till' lllilllhol till' |ll lljllc Illl Vl'llL'I'Il
Mih-iHiiinili.v M.'iihtl l.y  mo effurtfl  ul   ii
I. hul ui lii.finl inumbi'i-fl ttlio, holding llio
Imlni [[iioiii'iluHiig tlioBUSBiun ullUOil,
I* Hl'll    HI)   IlllUltlillg   (ltItllil"Hll'lltioll    ll)
Iiiim ilir pr..-.-ni Ui'iltfilrlbiitlon Act.
Tin-I'-M-tiiiw-uf Un- Ili'in-li (-oliniil)in l.ili-
I'l.tlAi-Mi.'jinioii dpatta to cull jonrutituii*
(mu io ih.. iiiiiottjii^'
I'll.' lu-u-i Ini-u iH on Hip rvn of u p>m-ml
I'lirimn, mul [or llitilirtl lima in itn lii.stn.'.v
MlU I'llllll'Hl  js   It)   lit'  L'OllllllClBll   upon  J NI I'l,y
Htiliirii) coutofllfl iu t|jo prpvinco hfivo
ln-i'ii rnriiinl on honvi'i'ii iignrrirmioiiH liiuitnl
lo^iii.'iT i-iiihi-t-iiy lntdrcHttlinnliyprliicl|i!o,
i.i prlviiluiiiinii^.iiii'Hi rutlinr tlinn l>,v piili-
Hi!uuiinltluriitioiis. in ilu. puBli ilu-iloiniiiuiii
iuilui nt-i-N iii tin- H'VH'iil govnrnmciitsoftiiu
proviiii'Hlmvulieoui.'oiiBitivutlvo. Tlml'rlor,
liiiiiniiiiiii-, Turiit'i* un.I pri'vioiiBgovemmoiiiH
Iill VI' lll'lll llltlK ft.  I lllilt I.V  I'OUipOBtlllofCOII*
Bi-rviitlvm,     Tliu  pri'M-iil   gjvu.limuiit, of
i',Im-ii ilm ll,-iH!i-,iljli- lliuluiril   M-iiritli' in
pit'iui.'i', ip 111" liuliiriil Htui*i*Bor in Mtoliiiini
I poliLiiH "f Hi;|t  iiiiHt'ln-vioiiH hi'i-.i'H  ol
.-lllllll J-rll'i rtltlll'lllM   ll||H |l    ('UM llllllll' tills
ivtiicr, ultliiiugll ti t> m Inst ol nu*, i|i iiiit-
tli.. leant ptonpuiniiH in llif
growing i.'i|!tin'iii['in,< ul iiiiiiii-i|i ji,.i',iiv.l i|imiii t*
in ii'spirt or K.iiitnlioii nml mutation, um |q
wliii'h Hon<|fi|Unl<< pr.oision is now foiliul
ill lllUBtlLllltCH,
ri: ivi.M'iAi, HiriirrfJ-nigiinlK'flB oin|i
iji|<'ntiuii nt pill I y tillilinliiin. tlm llglilfl or
llii'pl'iMituiMHii|.|- Hit- i'oi|s,.lull,in n|iiiii|tt
l..'ii'iil.)iu.]y1;.iti.-i!.'1|. M'liit.*, [ii.|ti tin-point
of view ol Dominion pollticd, w.'lifiiilil.v *-ii|i-
pori Iln- iruvi'i-iinii'iii.now in powui'iu Oiiu-
wu, Mimluill ul, tin' nn mi' iiui.' iiu-ist muM
lirnily upon Mid protcetloti of onr pimplu by
IliocxcliiBlonotOrlciitnl lnbor, uml tvu Hiiiill
uIbo Insist upon Uiu nglil ol tliu province to
mnko biil*1i provisioiiB hb ii elmll hou III in nil
contractu, grunts, uml lonurn mulvr proviu*
cbil conti-oi. Wo Hliull ulso Hlri-nmiusly
pious upon tbo Do iii iiii on govurnuiuiil tuv-
iidJuHtmonl nl nur Hnuiii'iiil iT'luii.itiH, uml
w.'ilnlni iin- lull I'tijoytiinil of ull rtglMH
givun us bp llio letter nml Bpirlt ol tliu con*
Btlnl!'oncl..slon(wnni 1 ... ml pnt.lotlc  , J ' . .'" ' ",". ".,"":: "■ ,'';"'; .i'"".1'.!:'
Vol   ih in HHtUll Collllllbill    In  Bl'llfu   I 111) Oil* 1. ,    , .
 *ln„i|.v!„iii|„ I tl,,,„„, .,. !il-!.li.l-.ttll.l«lt.l;*'ll'Vi.-l..i-l..il..ri.l.|.t™,l
Iiiiuiii.-.' iii iiiiii IneiililK "liuii un-luiil
tlisusitona In ils pnuiw, uml In ai-i-|
I sniiili
iiiim.- 1 Utiilii ul.  Vill '.-in  l»l- iispi'ianl
li.. *ii*.|i I iiiiii uml imi iv n .in v iiuiii i Inuu
Ilm lulliill-lll-. il.si'riliiil Itiinls. uiuliil Hi-..-
inil slini'llmn.-l ..I Miiiv-iill". in suillll-nil
Km nyi
I- ii'lliilii;iil n pusl   |ilnlil<-1 nli nil  lllll
.vtllils ui-sl III II I III til-si, i.ti-mi-   ol  l.oi
Nn. I'*! I.S.I I nu. p i.l In 1 in,nin4.* in-1 ill i.lull,II lull', Ilmi. i- iv. si lit il.s. ll * Ill
ini-'iluilt in I*, tlii-.i.-n m.-l  In !.--lu iiiin,'
of lii*|l lilt.
Si.|...inl.i-i-Dili, lunil.
'.'ii ft   S. Milllllllllll
Timber Notiiie
-.. Iiiul   I I.i, l.y ilti) s  I
„n ml liinpplj lilllpi llilpl |-|t|i,ii
Siii'in ll,',,.l.'i-..n, I-i.-.
T.B. Ilm .-'.i-i.-lul.i-.
Viiiiiiiiiv.-t,-tiipii-uiliii-nii. nn-ii.
Timber Notice
Nitlii-f Is lii.ii.|i,v Kiti-ii Hint llililj* ilo.va
nttor iiiiiu I iniiiiil In oiuii.f l ii l llolJliii'f i iiiii-
Biissintmi- ui l.umls ntnl llol-ka lli Vfrtoi-ill
fiiin s|ii't-iul lleoiiao tu tin iiiiiI en try iitvnjr
liiulii-i- tr  tlm lollotvlllg ili'siTitiiil  limits
hit nn I.- in liust K
I mil uml i.iii.v uiin.v tiiulii'i   I
,'.' Hi,. In Imi iuii.l.'si iiinil Inml-. illuiill lll'll nml
 llllll niili', \,iill. Iiml ill M.ii.v-iilli- lu
Soiilli Pusl Iviiili-'iiiv.
I'utmimli IliKltl i|.4i-l |iliiiilii.litiii-lil.li-ii.-st.
iif ttin anal ll nisi i-tnii.-t* nt lul -JiJIH, llii-mi-
l-iitililli-; niniil mil' ini'i'. ,liuiiiu «•*. il.*,
Ill,Mini I lull n.-t  null*, lu
Ilm pli I lll-jtllilnif.
Si-i nliurlll.lt Iiinil.
Hi S. P. Wull.	
i-liiti-iti "Kiln" mini-nil i*l,
Siliinlu.liii Hu- Fort Steelo iiiinliiK iltvla-
imi    of   I'insl     Knotclitiy   ili-lii,i.
Wl.oro lut-iiltil: Un tliu St.   Mints
rivor, .ni tlio enst bIiIo, tibovu tl'ic
suniii (ink luni.
Tnko notico tlmt I, Francis .i. (I'll.■mini Nt-lsiui, P.. (.'., ns ilgonl fur lli-iiiv
llroii-jlitnu Tliuiiisitii, free minors' cortl-
(IcnluNo, P. 711-180, Intoiul, sislv .lavs
iiuui Hu- ilnti- Iiii,'..I, In npply In iin
liiiliini; raionlor fur li'ililiuutus uf im.
liroveinonts, I'm Ilm |iin*|ioao of olitni
ini: crown grunts uf ilu* i.bovc clnlms.
Ami fiii'tlici- lake notico tlmt notion,
iiii.litrscullnii :I7, unml l>o niiiiiiiuiiuiil
lioforu llio isauunco uf Plii-li  coiTlllciltcs
Itul.il Ihis Isl ilnv of July, A. li. I(HH.
-il l-'HANUlS .1. ll'ttl-ill.l.Y.
Timber Notic:
'nl,,. mil iir Uml Uill ly ,'uiu nl
innml l,lll|.|.I.VI«lll.'l'lli.(l',.lllll.i.
Cnlillimlmillirill ll pusl._|ilulil|..| III i-liailia l.inuls uml W.ul.s nl Vmliiiiii (in* I. *l|lilil||
oitstnl l|m-|t<i niili* pnst olillii.r. I'. II.snl-- I .--ns.- .41 .-ul nut rnt't.v niiii.v li.iilv-i- Irani
vry Iiiin iiiniiiiit; Hinllli train  Purl. S|.i*i|o   l||itHlH*l|ig.| HpM liimla III Soulll I'i.sl
.1 linn. Ilit-ni ns! Ml .-luiins. 11 lo mul It 1 If HUH tin)'.
HI!   olllllna,   111   iv.i.l   HI.  t'tllltlis, tl 4! I    l'olllllir!|i'ili'*'ill il |msl |il[ilili-i] nil  II nsl
-4,1.111, S.l   I'llllllIB   III   lllll  |lllSt Ilf lillllllU'llllt'-    I kill PilT.Vl lil'k  lllllllg-lllll   I'i.   I,    I'lllnl
Hi I llllll ilay ul Si-ji bor, 1003.
27 -In.nli Iluliil.ii.ii.
Timber Notice.
Vale    Sliii„'lll,'i„l,.iii,,i,.lil,,.|'al*.
n, ,i .. ,v ■„      i    l.iiiiinli-v work nnil p.iun bowIiik  1'""  iiiiiiourvii-i -i-.a luttun-
1.0. M. Nanan„n.„,,,!„*,t.l V,*.  ! r , ,„„,„,„.,,,„. ,„., „  ,,„.,	
'■   '"'    ' '    '' " '■ „   „,..„.. uile u.|„„l   l"1" i-linv mul i;inWy iiiiaitil fi-utqry.
llllllll.!-;!-   ll|l|lli«lll-   H. I      Ilmvlsn    I,,,,!,!,,     ,,ilii,i|,nll.v    	
il  s| iiliilimi,  mil ul   lutlllalry
l\ani|ii'i|i!i    I*'. .1. Ili-aiie. lilier.-il:
1''. .1. Fulton, ciiwrviiliw.
Li'loocl   C, A, Mi-li..ii.,l,l. cojj. '
Mrs. Il.,iirtn,'i,i-
li-igll'fl   lllllliil   pmiti  1 ul   Ilm iiin-llpii'i'sl
Co if   li.   I,. I'luiill. ij|li's  lllllll..'  liniil:
IImtirr t'in-1 Sll rllillllrt, llli-nro nuilli SUetlllllia
timt.ii tio-l Sit I'linins.l Iiuiii fsmtlli .-ill iiuiiiii
In Ilm pun.I uii i ii iniiii. .
S..pi, mini' In llllll.
Nnllt-e laterally glrai llml ullliln ll.lil.i-|     ail IV. P.. l-iiim.
ilnys Irom ilnti- I lull-nil lo  ni'jil.v In tlm      ***	
Clilof I' Issi r nl I.iiiuls uutl  Works, • Nntlr,.
IVi.-lul-in.f,,riis|„i-inl I lis., In .-III   mul         ituuu.
rnn-v nivnv llllilii -r Inn  I ll.lllg lira- '    N"l'• - is lint, l.y-.Iv.-I. I tin I Ilm* iiuuillisnl.
ir.ls.l   linnls,   iiiiuiii   iiim    mill,   lu.rlh   |.l   '' ' > l.,-.l..t,- |i.*,.-..f ii-i i,|.|.li.iil « Ill	
linrisvilli'in Suiiili I'insl- Kmi'li'liny; , 1" ' ''1' l-iimitimil  II. ivinnr nl. In i-.i'iii p.
I'.iiii ui'lng nt a   pii,i   plnntl'll   nt  llio   I'linngt. I I III* l.imiit-I.i -rl-'nlll-
nnil Imiisl iiirliiT nt.l. P. I'lul.l.'s|.ri.|'lii|iliuii   P»l..V, l.lniilill. Ill "Sl, Mui-j's It.vur |.ii|i|'ii-r
ll ■ ini; nuilli Sll i-liniiiii, llli'l  ii'i'il   I'mnpnli.t-. I.ilniiiil''
Hi) ,-i  Hii'iu-i* s |i  XI) rlinins, lllonpo      llnl.-.l m l'r.ii.|iii.u|:, 11. I'., llilu III. ilay III
nisi hicli oloiilnouoflieglnning, -Itllj.*. lllllll,
L'7 II. Mi-Piiilun.      I «'. P.Illliill,
-|,u'.sil,li. luu very Inrg' I'sli'lil for tills      .lini-j-1 il!,-, Sr|,|,.iul,i.r, llilll, I'liul.
S.lii iluI Inr Hit- A||il i-i"!"
Timber Notice
Tnko notico  Unit   llilrly ilnyg nfti-i-
ilule tn-  Intoiul in *i|.|ily 'lu tlm rhiii
rnlllllli—iiUU'l ut Ijlllils uml Winks, ul
Vii-lnr'ni, l.iriiBpui-i.tl llcgiiRolno.it nml
viiiiyii uy lltniior (iinn tbu following
iliwtllii'.l limits iii Suiiili Pusl Knotoiiny:
!. t'tuilliil'lli'illil ill ll |iiu.| |il:iiiliil iioai
Ilu- i-uiitliwost cnrnoi' uf Put itfiHU, nml
nlinilt *JI ulltllllR Mt-sl uf Inl UHO-I .niuiii 1.
liuuii'U iiiiilli sii , liuii,, ; limp,ii viimi  sn
I'lllllllRI llli-.iei* Hilllll Sll i-lniins;   till*	
I'.l-I Ml.'llllllll. Ill lilt' lllllll. ,,| liin.'llil,,;.
iMIllllillill;: lilli lil'll'Hl IM,,' Ims.
2. ('hiii Ill-Ins    a' a   l"'sl    I'lniiluil
iiuui- Ihu northwest nii-nor ol A. li.
Willi's ]iii..t.in|iiiuii Nn. 777. thonco
wonl UOoliiiinai iiiiiin iiiiiib sn iiiiiin-:
lli.'i ounl Siii'liniii'i; thonco soiilli mi
,-liiiins lu Ilu- lilit.-u uf lii-iiiiiiig, i-uii.
mining IHO noros inoi-cni- loss,
Huiul ni ('inalu,.„li, Uu-- Ulli, ilny u(
August l-.mil.
a*..  Wniuliin--. |,iiiiilior Coni|iiiny, 1.1,1.
t'PHTipirvn-i    up    iMi-iiiiviiitiiMs
MINnil.lI, AIT
"Pnmmlil". uiul -i'l i\". tiitiirriil.tiiiin.-.
Siliiiil.il III tlm Pni'l Sinli. milling iltvl.lon
nl Pusl Kiu.li-mi.v lilsii-ii-l, V\ ll, ri,
li.i'iiii'il: .in ilm Si. Mnrjo rlvor.
T.l'ir lli.ii.i'Hull I. ,1.11. liuiiiu,,! nl Kiel,.
II. It.naoKi-iil Iur M. .1. Iltllplll. Into lllll ore'
iviIilli-nli'No. II li'.l!.!l.-| inlrml, nixly ilnys
liunt I In- ilulr lu ti-iif, Imil'lily In tin- mtllillff
i iln- [iii*i'i*t-lifli-nli- nf ioi|u-uvi-uuiilB, fur.
Ilm |iiii-(niBii u! olilululllg i-nnili grillll.B ul
lloilliuvi. , liilms.
..ml liii-llmi-lnki- unllrt' I luil notion, tlnilor
in rl inn i!7. .41IH-I. I.r ..iiiiiii,', |   Islut,. Ilm
IsMiniilii ni nii'i. i< I till, m, a i.l linpli.ti-i
lluliil Iiiin-.I'llt.ln.v nl,limn,!. .\. II. lll'lll
(iiiiic ai Residence Armstrong .lie.
tllTTlil: IIIIPKS:
Forenoons, .... ujo in n
Afternoons .... Ii.tit io J:J0
Rvenlnjs   ....   7,39 n, n;jo
I'l'AMilUlllK,    :   :   :     :       :    p.
Undertaking And
Grntlunte of Champion collt-ne of   U. S-
Office nml sti.ru. Aiken Work,
iR'm C'ltmiimi Bntik of Com*
menu, Cnuibrook, B, C-
Upliolslcrlnj and Ocneral Furniture Iftpuirlnn
Will ntleuil (0 nny work in (be district
Igetlt fnr the Itrandun Marble nnd (irmlle
Wmkj.    i.i.iili.-iinies.   Headstones etc
l'erry & Fitzgerald
If yon want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook for
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Land Notice.
Xoli.o Ih li.'v.'li.v plvpn Hint niilv <1mvh
nltnriluln I 111 Mul to npply In Hn'' Ulih-'l
('ominii'Blnni'r uMiiiiiIr nml »o.|,h for |u>r*
inlRfinii io jniri'linBo m.v i<i«'-i'iu[.iioii,NoHr.ri,
r.iinin.'iH'iiiH ul tliu H. W ti.rtiiT.il Kil. Wnlt'ii
liin.l. tlii'i-voii HOIHinlliB tiottli. .Ikti-iiii H>
iliiiiiiK wi^t. 11,1-rioii N'.i .'IniiiiKHiiiilli, fhiTu-
otl III illlllliH til I'liitll of l-oUIIU.'tl<i'lll.*lll.
1 u ul.l in iii-.' Il-Jtl Hl-ll'fl,
■33 Siiiiiiil. ('   I   AiiiimM '..
flillll lnul.,  ,\||KI|HI   Kllll,  lllll:i.
A. I!. Ilrtlnii.l, ARi'llt.    IL**,
Til AM) l'Kll',1 All.
Si. I'iiul, lliiiulli, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points cast
-| lirniiiili 1-iil.iii' iiiiiI liuirl-l S!.*0|ii*i-s
liliil.u! uu I liulli-i .siiinnliii! Library I'urs
luu- Until-, Pouters ntnl Pull -nformatlon
i-ull ml or oilill'i-s,,
H. T. LANDECK, Agent,
O. \V. P. A., Seattle, Wash. THE  CBAHBBOOK   llERALD
•it**.************** ********
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
l Bill] I'   ilu
NEW s'I'll-'l-' il.vi';
j,1.1 in ii.uii tlu- ,-,i-,i
SI,\TI-:i; KltOKH    A  |iiirl nf
fill I-. -Si.villi  Kllllli  UMI   Mnn" ll!
for stylea.
l'\V   lltiillil   till!
il'lllll'lll   nl   Ilu*
!• uur iiinil..\v
Reid & Company
»•>-#*»•»»»» ■»•#•#» ♦*•■■» •**•#•» *»•*>*•#rf w»v»»»»»»»*■*•#» "#*»V,»''
Picked Up About the Cily  by Asking
Questions ol Many People.
A. -MtilTnt Ims gone to L,ith- Un. James Greer n-turunl yes-
bridge for liis :n.iiiiii! hunt, ten-lay from the nisi  i,rv mu,-|,
Mr,. T. W, Scott, ..I Spokane.  r"i"1 '" l"'-'l,il-
l is visiting li.r nephew J. I*ask.     j    |)„,„■,-.,, |;,,ss, the .ji,.,,. ,,P_,.IM.
Hi,-.,-   vuii   s,-.-!,    The    Herald  i»'rf"rtiit ■ iuteriar,  was i„  t.,w..
jeamero i.l Beuttie*s iln.: storeS      :y*"-»G-    0, S:,ys thai the pro*
|K!-ts l..r ,*! lilieral victory through.
I.   I'. VittiDtTiir uiul .liiii.is liiil "■■•    *•■''    province   .in*   growing
have been laid np the punt week tofel-tM*.
"Ml I""'1"'"-"* Willi   Eclwiuib, 11' the ll.nl I,.
Mi*, mil Mrs. Morley are ti in- E„ anil E. G, Brown, of the B. of
porarily occupying tho James L. F., left yostonlny for Winnipeg,
dill residence, wheretheygo in ntteniln confer.
,.    ,.        ..___. i*     . .   i ''' "r  representatives nl'   these
■i-I-ilii!i:i]i.l Slill. r is   .-..I.Iiii,,1 tu . '
,.     ,. ,   i'1-tl.-rs.    I hoy   will  la- iil.si-iit ten
St.  I*.u*'t'iii-   li.isi.iliil   uitli   .-lit   ;il-   , .
.lays or tu*.. weeks,
tack nf typhoid fever, i    '
j    Miiiiri.- ■ Quain   enmc up from
'"' .I.ill'rny Tuesilay whero hi. Ims I n
■jv uiul predict ii slill higher price,     Wo sell only OGILVIES' /h.
^> uiuliil tlie old figure, J2.00PER SACK l-'OU HUNGARIAN 0
SB Fancy nnd Slnple Groceries. Cranbn
0.0. |
Cosmopolitan Hotel I
Cranbrook, B. C. i
J. R. Downes, Proprietor       1
tl Firstclass House, Centrally Situated 1
| Commodious, Well Lighted Sample g
if* Rooms 1
a m
H m iBMimmmmmmmmmmimmmmmm
I  Yon Need a New Suit
1       tr th,
I             selei i
?l             i.I*i,*l
01           Drop
m        iniiiii-
ii ii. tliu I'.'isi'. ynu sliniilil In* oaroful in llii--
ion. We can give yon ono llml will I... *-.-it-
.!]> in qmdity, workmanship nntl |iii,v,
in nnd see uur i.ini-k. Our clothes nre
in Crnnbrook by Cranbrook people. They
iit:. iiiul trait,
Leask & Henderson
l-'tr  Sido
It'. Logan ll!
ittend the fuir
1 li ill.-;,.   .Iini    Int.    M
I: g iii- to Nelson  Ii
5      "It Pays to Deal at Beanie's*'
ui Ii pays to deal with a business man who strives to please the
jS; l I'**'*   Itpaystodenl with n druggist ^who carries a com.
%   pleto Stock.    It'pays   to ili-lil  niili  li  druggist   tvli.i.-iiii lilln
Th prescription ns it is written without sulistitntio i     li | ays to
ot deal with a druggist who keeps only the 1.. -i iu his line.
ji        The people of South Kust Kootenay have learned thnt it
Tjl pays lu deal with
C Beattie the Druggist
creamery butter
,-ks l'-'i cents m
(IT   I!.
Mrs. Bowiien rctun
nst Thursday from nn
isit with relatives iu tin
installing  tui i leetric light  plniil
for  tin*   Blast   Kootenny  Lumber
I  homo company's   mill   nl   llml   -jlnce,
-xl.-lllllll   From HOW mi Iln- mill will In*  niili
s:® i® l® i tsi®
: G. W. PATM0R1I,
, I nm opening up u oliup in purl o[ the fi. II. Gilpin building
j nesl lo tlie M.i-. i.i II   Furniture compnny, nud  will enrry n
i slock "I sloven, iiluinbing gooils nnd slieel ui.-iul-     liapoeiiil nl.
* l.'iiliuii given In iln- j'ubbiug trnde.    Will In- ri ml- in u [on days.
1 liiu- nie n .-.ill iiiul gel the In i i-iil ..f m.i experience.
.********n****. ii.«!..-..i« ********
Tho Secret of Success
* We .itn ilmi - .nu- lurge nud iii, iv.ii.in-.;- Ruin nt sausage tii the fuel
* lli.it we ui- nothing lull nl-si.lntely Eres'i menl mul the liesl i|Uid,
J. liy ol seasoning ol.liiiiinlil -. Knell week i ur sides exceed llinsidos
* ot iln* pruviinui week,   Tliis sik-iiIis for itself. Nnvermind whom
J. yuu Luy your other menls, buy Harris & Jojlilfu's sausage.'
l-'rnil nl',-ill kinds fur preserving
nl I'. McDonnell's,
Mr. Tuubridgii nud family nn
visiting I'rii'inls ul Sinlnr.
Mrs. L. li. VmiDecnr is rocovor
ing I'rum her recent illness.
James ilynu iii.i.l.- j] trip t.i
Cowloy nnd Cidgnry liisl week.
lTiivi' you si-i'i. Tin- 11.'I'nlil
i'iinii'1'u ut Bcnttio's ilrug storo?
(In lu tin- Furl. Steelo Jli-ri-nn-
tih- storo nnd sen Tlio Hornld set
of dishes.
A, 11. 11nice mul wifo nf Furl
Steele' were Crnnbrook visitors
Sirs. Win. Siii.-ill .-inil children
are siieuditig n couple nf weeks at
Fur Side Well bred Burred
Rock cockerels. Apply In Tide
tin- jeweler.
1,. M. Mansfield, manager of the
Laurie Lumber company wns in
town Mondny.
Wiinti'tl. position by lady ns
housekeeper, nr companion. Apply m ilu- Herald office,
For Snl,. 'I'll,. Ensl Kootonay
liniil properly with thn-t- lots.
Apply to W. F. Gurd.
X. 0. Mi-Kiustry. of Miivy-i-villc.
ri'liirni'tl Insl week fruui n visit to
tin. Poplar rrii-k gnld regions,
For S;i!i' A 10-foot sluip conn-
tor, cedar topi delivered by Sep-
i.'iiilii't 1st, Apply to Title tho
Tlie Fori Steelo Morenntilo com-
pnuj gol in ;i .'in' Imui of fruit this
week. It wns all ot the besl
, I ii.il i ly.
Haw   vou   soon  Th,'   Herald
| camera nl Bentlie'B drug stun*.
I The Insl ul' confectioneries,
I McCormick's of London, nnd tlio
I Paidiii-Cliutnbers couipnny uf Win-
,nipeg, nl M.'t'u Il's.
j    Tlu'C I'.   II.   is linving inin-.-
trouble with tlio Elko bridge, mul
| .-is ii ii'sull tin- pnsseiigeis hnd In
I I.,- transferred Insl Tuosdny.
l-'i.-iiili Byron wns in luwu Tut-s-
I dny,    Hi- is pushing Ilu- wurk of
developnieiil un liis Perry Creek
j properly, nnd tho showing is ini-
! I-'. (i.iilili-rii'S, flu- burlier, lins
| moved into his now Hlutp in tin-
building li<> Inm put up on  I'mlii-r
il.. in tin* Fori Steele Mercantile store aud s.-i- Tin- ll.llll.l Bill
nf dishes,
A   iri-iiiiitu-  Mocha   iiiul   -liitii
i-nll'i- fur llii cents por pound ut
li. 'I' Roger's,
Mra. M. Mi-lnuis wus tnken In
tlie St. Fugene hospitnl lusi week
Buttering from ;i severo nttnek of
Iliuris A* .lullill'i'will open u mont
ninrkel in Moyie, nnd expect to
linvo overything n-iuly tin- latter
poi't of the wi-i-li.
.1. P. Fink lins been in luni
hcidth tin- past few weeks, nnd he
is,eontomplutiug n trip in tlie const
to seek relief in wny of n change,
.1. S. Thompson, agent of tin
Groat Northern nt Morrissey, win
hus been ill with typhoid nt St.
Eugeuo hospital, is rapidly recovering,
Mrs. George Clarko, of Mnnatiok,
Out., mother of W. N. Clnrk, of
this town, is oxpootcd tomorrow
for n visit witli Crnnbrook
A. Leitch went to Calgary lust
week to placo liis son Colon in
school, lie ulso took Hnghio Mo-
Tunis mul Willier Hill. Miss
Rliotla Leitch accompanied them
lo visit friends in Calgnry.
Col. Henderson enmo up from
his ranch below Fort Steele last
Saturday, nnd visited Craubrook
I'rii'inls two or throe days. Tlie
Colonel is looking well and says
lie is enjoying oxcolhmt health.
Mrs. P. Lund returned from
Spokane Moiuluy. with the
ohildren, Mrs. Lund lins ]HUTr
in very pool liiju'itVi -tlnC pnst few
Months, but her friends will lie
pleased to lenru that she is now
The annual rally of nil Ilu- members uiul friends of tlit* Methodist
Suiiiluy school will lu- lieltl next
Sunilny ut ii p. in. Parents of the
children are specially invited. A
special programme of music uud
interesting bible rendingB will lie
.1. D. McBrido lost near of hardware enroute from tho east, and
filially discovered that it lnul gone
to tlie const, nnd hud even been
tnken across lite liny ou the ferry
to Victoria. It wns returned, but
caused Mr. McBrido no little
amount uf trouble on account of
Hu- delay.
(', i'l. Reid Ims sold liis drug
slore in liliiirinore. mill will engage
in business in Crnnbrook. He
Ims secured une of tin- store rooms
in Ilu- new lliizill block, and as
sum us liis stock nrrives, will bo
ready for business. Mrs. Rold
nml Ilu' baby Imvc ulso arrived,
uml Ilu- family will occupy the A.
Vroom resilience on linker hill.
The Rov, J. G. Shcaror, M, A.,
liiUlilii.K in hub put up on Bauer |h(, , ^       „f „„, L(m,.H
?'i". "i,u  ;1   "'''""' "".vA||i'""'" °f (''"""1"'is rai'"ct-
il in Crnnbrook next Sunilny.   Hi
ed pi.
A movement is on foot to organ-
Horary society.     Further
to work ii night shift.
Tin* liuii.'*'niil ..I' the Methodist
church wisli iu remind their friends
who Iiiin- lii-.-u working through
the summer tor their Im/nnr side
that il comes olf nboul tin- lirst nf
December, and tin- Indies will lavished in tin- near futuiv in refer,
once to ii.
W. ll. McF.irlaiii- is now fully
established in his old quarters and
rciiily lo meet his former customers
ami ihe public generally. His
many friends wore plenseil to see
liim again, uiul are iloekiug in to
have him attend to their wants in
tin- harbor line,
The Curothers Lumber company
ure making good headway iu getting tln-ir new s.-iw mill iu shape
on Porry Creek, Tin* boiler hns
not yet arrived, nnd this muy cause
some delay, Imt tin- company
expects to In- ready for business in
two or three weeks.
I>. J. Caven, of Marquette,
Mich., stopped oil' iu Cranbrook
Snturdny to seo his brother. Titos.
Cnven. for the lirst time in sixteen
yenrs, Mr, Cnven is u superiu-
teiitlent on tlie Didutli, Smith
Shore und Atlantic railway. He
left Monday for ids home,
Tlie schools reopened Monday,
und although tlie nttendnnco is not
as large as it will be Inter, yet in
view of the great number of scarlet
fever cases the past few weeks it
was very good. The disease is
now well uuder control and ns no
new eases nre developing in all
probability it will soon be entirely
wiped out.
Tliis is an i-Xi'iet out of a line nf
Clothing w(- uro agents for, iiiul
this line emi I,ttly In- found in one
store in Craubrook, Hill A* Co.'s
Mammoth clothing House.
•'    U*      1
i.  "° ■I*IVI' "I"' I our new stun- in th.- Gilpin itore room on
| linker sir„.t.   IVo will carry a general Hue ol
is      l;ancy Groceries, Dry Goods, Clolliin.;, Bonis. Shces,
? Etc.   I Iur-.'it..Is will I,,* ,,f the liest. uml ii,- . im   . thi  1 iwesl
UVlte villi lu
S Wi
® _
i " ""  '~~ " ■*
l4l-»l«l*l4.|«|-»|i»l«l«|'»|«|-»H.s ; i >.i    ......    !i^|^|^,"
The Highest Brands
ol SCOTCH and
Tht  I.ar-eosi and
i.-l   A**sor(menl
ol Domestic
**, ***M<&*i*:*:*:*i********i****4gi
■ A. L. ricUermot a. c, Bowneu A
*v Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit   Merchants
*V Schllli Iter        I
^i   Fernie Beer [
-£_.   Haas ale
*v   Uulaac a Stout     I
*V A complete stock of Cigars, consisting ol the 0
V "Pharaoh," "LaPortuna," "Irving," -liar- 0
$, rlster," "Monument," --1-liIUa" and others.
j^ Mail Orders Promptly Attendeil to. Telephone 17
l^jj Write fur Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C.
^ Agents lor T. Lebel & Co., Hoy and drain. %
■ 1"..^
M-imifnrUiivrs of
Rough and Dressed Lumber \
mils at Cranbrook, B. C.
Orders will receive prompt attention.
Not how big the suit is,
but how well it is made!
~TSiBir^9WStj_i»4__iat_p<opIe are mostly interested in, and is
the magnet that is drawing Tli'elll W dlii Alnilri tfat vA*\mm**.
em tailor shop, it's the store that saves you money.   It's where
you get value for your dollars.
Ganbrook Block Crar.b-oofc, B. C
Proprietors. ^
•-.♦* *-^s'.,..,,,,,,
preuch    iu   tlie  Motltodist
. jlmroli at   11  a. 111.,  mul iu the
J   1 particulars mul  nolii £ mooting  Proshyterlnn ohurch at 7:i!0 and
will he given in the noxt issuo of *uriU address a mass meeting in the
Tho Herald, Baptist church at the close of tho
***************************ii***-*"..)*********?i^*:****£   I    William Cnrr .-.une down from levelling  services on the subject,
: - ■ I Marysville Tuesilay, bringing hia I "Our Cnnocltan Sabbath, shnll we
I wife to St. Eugoito liospitiil.   Mho  nu\u\ what we have?"
mmBBBkiQG'B&BBBBBBS&mmMMB   ,1ms lieen ill several days duo to tho |    G. H. Miner left Saturday to
1 •'        Wlicu you visit Cranbrook stop at thc        8   0,lal,8°in.tbo.0,inmto'ns "'"' r"-, iui» '>•» lrifl' in tho on9t' 1,,jfore
None Better In the District
Rates Si and up.   5hort Orders and Oysicrs
served ill any style from 8 p. tn. to 6 a. m.
eontly nrrivod from the oast. | going  to  their  future  lioim
Willium West returned last week ^ California. Mr. Miner has been
from Poplar Creok where ho elosing up his personal business
soonred a few claims in behalf of n' atfuirs, tlie past few weeks, and
number of Cruntirook parties. Mr. his ninny frienila lnul hoped thnt
West snys thnt the half has not he miglit change his mind und eon-
been  lolii  of  Hint  region.     Eo elude to  remain   in the distriot,
M        The table is the best, thc rooms .ire -•nsorpassed for clean. O | brought back one sample of quartz Mr. Miner was one of the pioneers
yj lincss and comfort and the bar is supplied with thc best brand   @, ■ in wliich the free gold  can easily  of   Cruubrook,   (111(1   The   Herald
|3 ol liquors and cigars.                                                                B, Ilu- seen, and lliis wasa poor piece wishes llilll M|d his family good
m                                    L. B. VANDECAR. Prop.         W flfl coinwiiiHl  with  numy ho new luck nml happiness wherever they
-—'" "•   mimm'MimmmffiM&ji lii,,,-,.. '        ' ,vg».
Hotel 3 3
OiKst- Cuml.iri a Specialty
(imui Siablin,- in Cnnncction
Ncareat lo rall.oatl antl flcpot.    Hn* arrouiitKula.
linns Tor the public uneipiallcil in Craabrook.
Hot ond Cold Baths
in all the
Towns in
1 P. Burns & Co
Wholesale aad Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best.   Your
trade la solicited. THE  OBANBBOOK   HERALB
jtiJktSWCi . fr*
>  £3
..     '.'
rf.n ,-■•- ■-•■■ ran' -  liari cf Prince
" EJasrJ h'.ar.d   :j> jv-mi* taMt.
!   ifSCtC :•   Cva?     "--   oi Cdii
1   I'.h.-i nn-l !    VICTOR CREAF.I.I   i
A straight TIP TO INVESTORS   Don! Ire gulled into risky outside speculations which mny exist!
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
uiy iu the fertile imagination of ingenious promoters.    Invest your money riglit here iu Craubrook.   Kenl
state here is now ou the boom und will givo you u mon   ,
severnl sunns to offer. T. M. ROBERTS, Customs Broker and Notary Public I I"!'' S1'"""' v'',l,ll'-vs '." ","' KooUnmy distriel Mid in the Kettle river an 1
"    ' vidleys iu the Boundary district.   A large majority of them
j       Tin- Canadian Pacific Ruilwnj company control n lurge area of th -
y tuul snm return for your money,   We hnve ehoieest funning nud ranching kinds in the Klk, Kootenuy, Columbia
I < Mini
I Inmls are
Iho water,    liquid '-' Iiui* cream for all purposes ran
convenient,    li   Hm  rii •• iincll.ing il.-l"
i.;u.i■-iii-:-iii:.-v■■'■ ■,■■■■:'' ■■-"'■
Charloltttown, P.Ii.i
li mu ii.c ia iruiil.'c Willi i..ar cngiai: ill
aa. uat ut t-'iti* bonis' '■' iMklnf. or rccts
waihlui nn'J Ioi an    11tavc a lore: tump
anil lull H.-I ni Itluls Im it-liana!! limls nl ca
■Inoanil tuitlerrepairing anil tlennlni .iiiiini
inur mill.   Cull nr lend ii .mil i"
J. I' PiVTTO.N, iinihiiii-i. Cranbrool. II. C,
; G. P. TISDALE, j
I'roprlown i>t tlw j
Candy Kitchen
Candles,' Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuils, Pipes and
Tobaccos. «■« M'tn"
.1,141***1    I.'.
I Eagle Cafe
1 Qeorge I'aquin, Prop, g
I Morrlssey Mines, B. C,
J The best restaurant in [J
I South East Kootenay. %
J! When   you   visit   the J
* town be sure and try it »
♦ ....
■U ,*********v*vvv******
Wc have a stock ot
Comnioii Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the J_j_ick Une call Op
Geo. R. Taylor
Livery  3
Proprietors ** «•* **
Tennis tiiiil iiii vers furninlieil fur an*
point In Lite district.
Manager   j*  j*   ji
Flour, Feed and
I him- moved  my  slore 1.
room jnsl  north of the Imperial
liniil; corner,    I   will ei
stock of
Hay, Grain,
Butter and Eggs
My | rices are always the lowcsl
and tho quality is the In
Formerly Hotel I'h.-iir
B. TO,"ll'KIN5, Manager.
Thin hold   in   of Ilu-  liesl   in
Hi-ilisli Ciiluinliin .-nnl  up I
in  every  respsel. Well  I.-Llul
Hauipli.* rniniiH.
<ssil.li- Ly railway
j ft -*.        Cranbrook laift, No. -31
a. p. a \. m.
v*. /'...'-—.
.V- -., >■
■ !\\,     * .'    \ If. '.i.l.il   lie. llin-s .-if  ll i
/   \   .' ,      \'       Ihiii!   Tlllll Mill)  .'I 1 i.
i ^ v      » iiU'inli.
VialMngbn-lliron welcomed
M. A  I'.iWii', St'.-'y.
J     I'm- ll|.-tii-,lillc pocplo is lllllll UlO    j
i   ttill niu- vnu.   W.' niu!-.- lie.- v.-ty   !■
)  luteal iu 'CurliotiB nmi I'liuii if "j>
The Herald Gives lh.- News.
Mill Machinery
.1. L. NEILSON & CO.
--.;..,.}- ®-®-® ® .®~®-®-®-®-®-®
f  . Harriage     5
f Ves.iiiiil the C1TV  MAK- )
\ BUY is the plnce lo yet a nice V
'.. v.i ddhtg c-ike ami ornaments 7
t in the luteal style.   Why semi <•
I yoiu-oi-iler nut  of lown and >
'-1 pel-li.'ips have the iccing brok- A
• en by shipping.  I'riees right, 1
-.- I'lniai) 51          0-lposllc IH. li. Cliurdi [
\     C.W.WILSON,      I
YrGon'rik Dezall   j
Horse Shoeing  j
; Carriage Repairing and
! General Jobbing....
(lulsiilc Orders Vnimptly j
AUcmlcd lo. 1
t Al*i-,!,iiil*4,.***4M..4'.U4i'..*,  j
1' ' *
8 11- , ''«•
i- II you tv.-iiil ,ii
il -»
\ Fresh Fruits,       1
j Confectionery.etc. |
*' *>
i' Our nrlcus nhrnya rciiaotinlile,        -a
4: \t
' V**V********'*^*****'***** '*
Hrvc Vnu Any Painting to hu nunc?
Iln Any ol Your Rooms Need Papering?
Eslimuli ii -.liven 4.ii large eon-
tmelB, We don'l iviml tlio
earth.    We mini   lo plenso
lull .villi I'le work illltl receive
rotisonnblc puy.
Ilnt.'ll Uiilil, Cr-lnbriink
The Herald inyivinp; prizes
fi.i-lhi.se who yuess the elos-
esi to tin- vol.- cast iu South
East K.iiili-iiiiy Ihi.- fall,
The first priao is :i s.-l of
ilialies mi exhibition al tlio
Port Steele Mercantile eom-
The Beeoml is n eaincrii, to
li-ii-i ! Beattie's.
The tliinl is two yours' hiiIi-
Hcii'iioii to The Herald,
I'l.ill  Illi,iii. III!    Iheillililll'
pngii.     II   ttill   loll   vnu   all
If you wish to see thc finest hotel
dining room in East Kootenay
come lo and stay al thc
This is the big hotel at the Junction.
Everything comfortable. It is thc
place to stop,
The afinretjate .* mil of i>riuci_ial nnd interest, uxeopl in tho case
..I'liimls niniil- .-;•.' -Ml |ier arm, is divide I  into len instalments na bIiowii
by Ilu- Inlile below; the Ilrsl tii l«- |-aid .-i lhe I, I purehiiBe, tho sue.
'"' year from dale of i. Iu.se, tlie ilm.I two yenrs, nnd so ou.
A good program was provided,
India being tho subject. Very
nppropritito songs were rendered
by Mesdimies Reid,   Darling. .Me-
THE  PEOPLE'S COLUMN *■ India Allcrroon.
—  Clio ladies of Kuim church  W.
(Tllfi il Inr la   lull    l-i-*,|iilli.-lllli*    (i'l*  llil'liliil!    -ll   *»*-.  u .i-l l i-
illi a"iiinwaii In [l>l>i i-oluiun.1 i e- "•• °; ontortaiiieu n niiinlicr til
—— ladies from the other ohurches on
Editor Herald: Wo are ghul to Tuesday after in  of this week
know you linn* a people's column
ami thought nu American's view of
Cnuibrook mighl  not  lie  unwcl-
i ir in it. Wo don'l like sarcasm,
it's sn much  like war, 1 is only
to In* used rightly whon all else
fails. Imi don't ynu think sofl
wonls .*!iitl whitewash tiro out of
piaeo when they are meant to cover
up lhe truth, especially in public
mutters, l.y turning truth into n
lie and tiers into virtues. Shall
the press and pulpit give u deaf
ear lo suffering and highway robbery? Don't you think thai if legislatures will givo In syndicates
tho public ilninain. mines and special trade privileges they slunilil
bind with these tilings lite responsibility fnr nil tho evil thnt comes
therefrom, just like tin Individual
mail Inking ii wife for better or
worse iiiul tin* billet's as well as
ihi-iiVi-cels. If ii family gets nick
nii.'fffi-m-Im.-v lii bo tpinrnntined whilo
Hie persons through whom the*/'
were miiile sick gn free? Epidem-
ii-s are crunted through filthy residences, l<* s nnd sloughs,    Why
nnl. ([iiai-jiiiliiie these and their
owners, Wo all suffer by this filth,
noxious reptiles find breeding
grounds und creep through onr
windows to torture us in Ilie uighl
as well us ill the 'day, the slings
nf wliich prodneu disease, Theso
things are overlooked for less
weightier matters like the social
evil, hul if you want', (piarantiue
lliis seel ion by n high fonco und station n bookkeeper ill tlio gate
wliere every ninn must record his
name beforo having access to those
houses, so that the public mny
know the chiiracler of the men as
well as Hie women J one Itriinil is
sufficient for both mon nnd women.
Don't elevate ono nnil despise the
other. (Ir how wouldMt bo to puss
n luw lo seiitl theso men ami women
to Groonliuid? Would not incorporation beiu-lit Crnnbrook by doing nwny witli these complniuts,
milking your schools eliicient, and
Inking care of nu-ii who, hull' dead
lie upon your iitrei-lsr How we
pity lliein. Tlu-y an- thoir own
worst cneiiiies.   Cannot BOtuotlilug
111' lllllll' to lllllke their life less lllis-
crubler If nil this wore done
wouldn't lots double in vulin uml
ibis town might outrival Colorado
Springs. Why not ni'.lioniili'/.e
the drink traffic nlong with tin
railroad, telegraph und mines':
Would nnl lhe f-o-ernineut then
lie iii a position to always Iiiul
plenty of work for men willing In
do anil lie a menus of putting nn
i'liil to strikes? Please ilon'i pul
oil' Craiibrook's reform until tin
flowers iu families aro swept away.
Prevention is bett -r thun cure uml
will lessen the lnbor of thoso grand
good women, lh - Sisters of Morey,
J, Muycock.
Badly Injured.
l.nst Thursday, Hugh MeQluniss
a ti'iinisler ut tin- Craubrook mill
of The i-'iist Kootenay Lumber
eompnny, while driving ll pole ear
heavily tonded with lugs to the mill.
slipped nud fill in front of the cnr.
The wheels passed over  both legs.
producing a compound fracture of
tlie right, and a double compound
Tlie fullowlng luble shows tin- uu,.,.ii-i of ih,- ai |,"| instalments on
| llin acres ;ii ilill'eii'iii |,ii,i'n imi!,.!■ lhe nliove conditions:
Iiiiii:ie. al $a.nO|ii inc. Isl i.i i.i'i.i, i i •; .. 1.111,11 oipinl inslul'ls of S fiO.OO
KMne.nl   11.1X1 per ue. li I iimlnli I     il !H',!loipml iiiBliil'laof    IM.00
; Iiiiiin*.iii  :i..',ii|,i'i',-i,-. i.i iiisiiiliiinii    • ■:'.'!..ii,-, in,I instnPlBuf    711.00
j Iliil in*, ill    1,00 per lie, Inl iiislnliiie.il     !l"i.S.-|.lleipiul inslul'ls,.f    Ml.tKI
llMae.nl    l.liO|M.|-iie. 1st iuslnl  .    i,Ileipinl iiiBtnl'lBof    1KI.00
Hill ac at   G.OOporae. Isl im laluieii      III.I- . Il.ipuil iiiBlni'lbof   100,00
Luiids under $2,00 per u.-iit i mid on Bhorler lime,
If luml is [mid Im* in full ,*,t il„. iii,,,. ,,i' ,ii,i, |,.ii..,,., reduction from
the price will be iillowed eipuil In leu  per cent on Iho i mil puitl in
excess of Ilu* iiMiiil ciinli  iiml.iiiiuiii     Intcrosl at six per cent will bo
cliaigi'il on ovei-tlui- instiilineiil.-:.
The cninpaiiy is niso intei-esled in iin- following lottiisitcs: Elko,
Crnnbrook, Kimberly, Aldridgi1, Kitehener, Croslon, Proctor, NoIboh,
Gorrard, Lemonloii, Cnstlegnr, Ciisendu City, Grnnd l-'m-ks. Eholt,
Greenwood, Midway, Nnkusp, Arrowhend, Hevelstoko, Doiudd nml
Kiiniliiiips. Terms nf pnymenl am one-thinl cnsli nud tho bnlnnco in
six uiul twelve niontliB, with interest,
I'm- further pnrtienlnrs apply to the following locnl agents:
W. .M. Frost, Gateway, Montana     -I. A. MeCiilhim, Grand Porks.B.O,
11. II. Bruce, Wilmer, ll.C. (i. A. Reudell, Eholt,B. C
V. Hyde linker. Cranbrook, B. C.     \. Ferguson, Gmenivood, B. ('.
.1. 'I'. Burgess. Kitchener, II. C.       .:. IL Sililmld, Rev. Isinke. B. C,
Iv Mallaiiilaiiic. -Ir.. Creston, li. ('. Thomas Ai.iiel. Nakusp, II. ('.
G, K, Siocket*. Cascade. II. ('. I*'..:. Fulton, ICntnloops, 11. O,
F. 0, Elliot. Ti-niit Lake City, B.C.
Leod mul Griffith, aud also severni ■ ll'"lmv "f ""' 'oft'   Tl"' m,forh*
.. ,        .,     , , ,.   ,    i iinti'niiin wns (liken at once to SI.
nrttcli's ttrilteii hv nii'inlieis til the   ,, ,      ., ,       , .,
I l-.iiLjeut' hospital nnd every nut
society on tho missionary ivod of L_ml<,ral, Ho mny savo his limbs
liidin. A Inlile containing work but his injuries are of n most sor-
donu by tho woiuon nnd children ions nature, nnd ho will bo lnid up
of India wi exhibition. |tor Bonlu ■'""''" ('"lll('-
llefresliments wero served at
lhe close of what proved to lie a
pleasant afternoon.
All Nielli Rc-tlaurant.
G, P. Tisdnlo litis opened up a
lunch counter uml will serve meals
ilay anil night, Mr, Tisdnlo proposes to do thc thing riglit, He
has nimle ti success i f his storo
und will mnko a siuees. of I is new
Michel  51
Morrissey  Bt
Blairmore Items.
Pay Roll al Coal Mines.
The pay roll at (he Crows  Nesl
Coal coinpiuiy's collerios umounted
. c       ,   , c 17, !'" '"'''■' *100,000 I'm- August, un in-
A Supper to J. C. Slater. ,.        ,    -.,,,„,;, ,,
'crease ol iienrlv  $11,000 over the
The  employes  „l' the   lir t previous tuoutlt,
Leask A- Sinter gave .1. ('. .Sinter, j Thu following are the figures for
the malinger, a big oyster supper ouch plnce:
al,  ihi' mill Insl   Snturdny night.|    CoulCreek $04,51)2.85
llr. Slater lias left for his former
homo in Ontario, and the men desired lo show lluir uppreciiilioi! of
him und determined upon n snp-
pei'.as n ju-op.er menus lo neconi-
plish il.   .Many Iiiiii!  wonls wore
said for Mr. Sinter, nml he c.xpros- Blairniore Times: Breckenridge
sid his regret ut leaving men who & hxtlHl have finished up their
had been so faithful in the pi*r- contract ou the (iriissay Moiiulain
fiHiuunce of (tier duly. railroad nnd   have paid oil' tlieir
ineii The   many   friends of
Mrs. C, t-i. lleiil were busy on
Wednesday bidding her good by,
a lion voyage and a happy life in
her new homo in Crunbrcok, bug
leaving on Thursday morning's
Boy to work in slore. apply al
Tho Herald office,
Annllicr SlUe al Frank.
The people of Frnnk were terrified lust Tuesdny by u slide of no
sniiili proportion. It was at tlie
w nt ond of the former slide, and
seemed to iinderniii.e the large
liulte thai is still lefl there. No
one was injured, but ttie people
are badly frightened,
New Confectionery Slore.
A. Cluirtratul. the Iiiiker, is pre,
pairing to open a confectionery
slore in connection wiih liis
bakery. He will carry a coinplele
stock of candies, pastry, etc. Call
nnil see him.
From Hit' Iii-t|iiili-!ii
.Dr. Hell, veterinary Burgeon ut
Cruubrook, visited Ihu camp yesterday.
I,umber is now on tho ground
for tlio erection of liu- twenty-live
collages on the iietv townsite,
These will lie put up by the com-
puny for th - use of their coke oven
Thero are more men at work in'
tlio mines hero now I linn ever be-
f ire ami the output is increasing.
daily. Yesterday was a record
breaker. The dully nvcragc now
iimotiuts lo nlnio.iL a th'olisuud'tojis.
We have much pleasure in announcing that (I. (I. Moll'iilit, notary public public hns been up|Kiinl-
ed u justice of Hie pence for British Columbia. All we reipiire now
is n juil and court house,   L. W.
Putt-tor tl (1.(1. Moll'iilt should
make a good team  to deal out justice in this section.
House For Sale,
i-ix roo u l.oiis •. Hake.* Hill, furnished, two lot. ilil foot each. Low-
price for cash, -Apply at Townsite
For Sale.
The .billies Greer house. It
will be sold nt, a reiisouiible price
and on satisfactory terms. Apply
lleralil office.
Slock Quotations.
Furnished liy Beale, Hutchison
A Elwell. brokers, Craubrook B. 0,
.Will   Slur  19
SI. KiiKi  -17
I'llJllO  17
ll'nr l-'iiglg liiii.nli.liili'il  tr,
I'll.V    Hull  1
Ani'iii'iui llnj  r,
llllll'llllllll  ail
I Vulva Ni'Hl. Cunl * HIII.IIII
Sl. lillll-'lli'Ml. Mllli'd  II)
Can. nil ntnl IiiiiI Minn, Mil  Illl
Alli.-rliiCiinl miill'iiku  I'l.tlll
Uiul I'l-iui. Nuat .'.nil  7.-i
I'.iiiiuliiiii (Jnlil fciiltla  >t)i
Arnold & Roberts,
Real Estate and Commission Agents.
Houses for Rent or Sale.
For Sale
House. Bitkcr Hill.
House. Hanson Avenue.
House, Arnistroiig Avenue.
Store, 2-storoy ltltlg Arnistroiig nv.
Mineral claim, within few miles of
. Orniibrook, house nnd 2 lots, $100
For Rent.
House on Baker Hill, $10 month.
Cottngu oil' Bilker Street, $7.
Houses for rent or side lire inserted iu this list, free of ehnrgo upon application.
Subscribe for THE   HERALD
$2.(111 a yeur.
Or J. S. DENNIS, LurnJ Commissioner ior British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on llic St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It c<in be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock low
and sell on thc rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing* Mills
All Klndi Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
JJ( Dealer in O
{[jj Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
ts-®-®si-®-<a~®-®^a-<a Hi-US- tu-—i.y^.1-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®^*
II WESTERN HOTEL...        f
New Hotel, Newly Furnished, Best of Dining   ^|,
Room Service.    A comfortable place to stop in the
center of the town.
is*--.)- -5. -i*J-ta» -is.' w - -.i- *iii-*a. -vat-isr tii - - c-j-c-j -® -c-j-fti-®- isMa* *"--


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