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Cranbrook Herald Dec 6, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gro. A. Cox, President.
B. ti„ \V;\i.i;i:u, Gen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Dank of Scotland.
from  nn: woods.
Great Clearing Sale of
Men s Suits and Ladies' Blouses.
DurlttR Hie month of December wn offei *.' per cent illscounl on all Men's sail*
nml Undies' blouses,   Note the follow*.)*,!* reiliiciions:
$20 Suit reduced to $15.00       $10 Silk Blouse reduced, to $7.50
15   "          "          11.25          8  6.00
12   "         "           9.00         5   "      "           " 3.75
10   "          "            7.50         4 French flannel 3.00
8   "          "            6.00         3      "       " 6.00
2 Blouse reduced to 1.50
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specially
Hum! Stabling in Connection
Nearest to ruilionil and depot.    Una nccoinmoda-
tions for Uie public unequalled in Craubrook.
 Proprietor      j
Warm  Comfortable  Slippers for
House Wear.
We have a nice assortment for ladies. Famous Dol-jie make, felt-(ur
trimmed and leather sole; other lines less expensive but good and iust
the thing for comlort and warmth.   Call In and see them.
Geo. Bremner & Son.
In the Past Six Months
Our Stock has been quadrupled; our business has increased in even greater proportion. Is not this sufficient evidence of
the superiority of our Roods and values.
We sell everything. Get In the band
wagon and trade at
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.,l,d ®
Cranbrook, B. C.
We have a magnificent line ol crockery.
A better line was never brought into thc
Kootenays, Dinner Bets, Clumber sets,
Special pieces, just thc articles for a practical Christmas present. Come in .md sec
thc goods.   They will please you.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.,
Pioneer Hardware Store
t's a Cold Day
That you need a stove.     They are coming- the
cold days*   We have the stoves—a carload.
The Best Only the Best
In the way of Paints and Oils.   We sell thc
pure White Lead and pure Linseed Oil.
Everything in Hardware Skates and Sleigh Bells
Needles to Furnaces A complete line.
Today lhc Ballots Vill Tti! the Talc
of Hit: Long Fight.
W. Clarke    Wallace  Closed  the
Campaign In Cranbruok
Result in Crnnbrook.
'oli*y. 59.   McKane, 11    Gtlliher, 76
Yesterday the campaign in Yale-Carl-
'mo closed nml today the hnllois are being cast lhat will determine which ran
ilnliiii- in lhe lield is lo he the representative of tliis district nt Otiawo. The
campaign has been a clean one Mr.
McKane, who entered the nice under a
handicap, having been named to succeed Mr. McNeil ns a candidate of the
Conservative party, lias made good use
of Ills limited time, and demonstrated
the fact thai he i.s a strong campaigner,
md also that in the future the Conservative party of this district must consider
him a factor iu any movement of lhe
Mr. Foley, the lahor candidate, was
oked npon at first ns a side issue,
a filh wheel as it were, lhat would not
mt for much in the campaign. The
gentleman has fooled them badly, for he
hns not only developed into a strong
campaigner, bnt has heen able to hold
hia own on the platform with lhe hest
speakers either of tbe old parlies have
put forth.
Mr. Galliher, the Liberal candidate,
has bven an untiring worker in lhe campaign, and has visited nearly every portion ofthe large district. He hns made
rriends, as he is a man who finds making friends nil easy matter.
Who will he elected ? That is n ques
lion lhat 110 one can answer just at this
lmc,anduooue has sufficient knowledge
nf the situation to offer a legitimate prediction.
In Crailbrook the day was a quiet one
There were two booths, hut no excitement, nnd the vote which will be small
as compared with Ihnt polled lasl spring
was rust in a quiet manner.
At the office of John Hutchison. 1* II.
Small officiated rs deputy returning officer, Harry O'Hagau as polling clerk and
Arthur Shellon and C. A. McKay in the
interest of Foley, and Johu Hutchison
for McKane. At lhe oilier booth \V, A.
Piest officiated ns ilepuly returning offi
eer, R Strong as polling clerk, A McFarlane for 1'oley, Dr. Ileli for Gnlllhci
and J. Forrest for McKuie,
Wallace Speaks.
Unit Tuesday night Hon \V. Clarke
Wallace, member of parliament from
West York, delivered a political nddresi
in the interests of Jnlm McKaue nnd llle
Conservative patty, A Leitch presided
and when he arose m introduce tlu
speaker he was greeted by one of tbe
largest audiences ever gathered in a
Crnnbrook hall.
• Mi. VV dlace spoke for nearly two
hours ntid ftom a party standpoint reviewed the history of the Liberal party
since it had beeu in power; maintaining
that it had not fulfilled a single pledge
made prior to the election I nr years
ago, He whs Intu-r in some of Ills condemnations, and claimed that those in
charge ofthe present government were
Incompetent ami dishonest, and also disloyal, Inasmuch as they were Influenced
l.v the Canadian-French element of
Quebec, which vole relumed Ibe party
to power at the recent election.
The audience was an appreciative one
aud were free with iln.ii applause, wlieu
Ilu-   speaker  scored   liis points.    Al lhe
close, three cheers were given i"i the
Queen, Mr, Wallace, Mr, U-Uch lhe
rh,11.111:111, ami John McKane.
The Olid Fellows' Hull.
The coiiimlllee appointed lo mnkc arrangements for the odd Fellows' ball lo
bo given on the evening ol Jnuunfy 1,
met last Friday night ami Inaugurated
lho work. Tlu* hoys propose to |-ul
forth every effort to make the hall a
grand success. They will hold nuother
meeting tomorrow night. Odd Fellows
who have the names of frletidn to suggest for invitations should leave thein
with J. V. Fink or A. L. McDermot, at
the Fori Steele Mercantile company,
Bazaar and (lance.
Next Wednesday the bazaar to be
held by the ladies ol lhe ISngllsh church
will be opened at Wentworth hull at 3
o'clock. Tbe ladies in charge will have
a large variety of fancy and useful articles for sale, ami refreshments will
also be served. There will be no admission fee charged and only 15 cents for
tbe lunch,
In the evening n dance will be given
for which au admission fee of 50 cents
will be charged, which will also Include
refreshments. Tbe event promises lo
he quite a success, as il will afford an
opportunity for everyone to have an enjoyable evening.
■ Umber Jsck" Writes His Second -Vnmial
Aseachdav brings us nearer the an-
niverear) of tlu* world's redemption and
transient hopes and fears give place lo
grave realities, even such hardened sin-
mis as we Icel nature's claims tugging
nt nir heart strings, and past recollections i"' the moment veils ihe present,
with thoughts of Old Santa, stockings in
the chimney comer, sleepless nights and
luviug races nf lhe old folks at home.
Windows along main street begin to
how tin- artisl's hand, Small boys'
months begin, as a consequence, t<» ex-
paud, atul ihey studiously, as compliment to the approaching festival, iuves-
tigale ihe probable capacity of their
stomachs and the elasticity of theii
waistbands Young ladies smile more
sweetly upon tluu pliant slaves, Mid
young men, as n natural hypolhosis,
have a happier cutl of countenance, a
more proprietorship code of manners and
a less frequent pathway lo the bar,
As it wtv: when we were children, so it
was when we were young men, and is
now. To lhe child, Christmas is clothed
in a balo of mystery nnd superstition,
and whispers gastronomic promises that
only the small boy can appreciate. To
Ibe young man it whispers a few weeks'
Close-fisted economy, or a realization of
the strength ofa ten being's displeasure
as penalty for failure to present the sea
sou's presents wilh its compliments. To
us it brings smiles for boyhood's superstition, youth's want of intuition, and
links in a Ihcusaud other ways the far-
off past to the living piesent.
Upon some among us, youth still
blooms with a'l iu accompanying paraphernalia of sunshine und of shade;
around others fill spasmodic rays of a
fast reeding verdancy, while, behind
the real. Ilea a jumble ol ruined castles
ami before, a panorama, which experiences teaches, is less likely to he tbe
ladder of Jacob than the bridge of Mir/a.
Alex ilt.ih)) Grant's one-tithe epistles
gradually lengthened into letters and
now suddenly have bloomed inlo documents. Oil third or fourth perusal his
sly winks indicate Ihnt lie is gradually
solving what tome shrewdly innocent
maiden is driving at, lie then opens the
third button of his vest and reveals an
Image in miulature ol the lall of mankind. Then be tickles bis chin, extends
bis arms and a heavy tear ricorbeltes
from the poker and rolls across the floor
as he funis in his embrace no yielding
form of n daughter ol ti.ve, bul a rickety,
sool-bcgrtmed stove pipe,
Dan Gillis yearns for a sight of the
chimney-pot where be hung his stock*
ing, at Chrislmns tide in the guileless
days nf long ago. Tbe unl cake and the
bag pipes are Ireiuuidoiis factors in the
existence  of OUI  .Nona's  brawny  sou.
and where lhe broad Atlantic cradles
I Canada's baby isle, tbere Dan proposes
I tn spend the dying moments of the
nineteenth century. In one of his solil-
oqules last Christinas, Dun viciously
dove his bands to the bottom of his
pockets, kicked an imaginary enemy out
of the door, and solemnly remarked :
"11 Dan Bpnies the Lord from last year,
east be will have gone with him for next
Christmas, whatever." D.-.U sometimes
gets twisted in his phrases but never in
his promises, facts we would tbat all
maidens take into consideration-
Deai sir, the laws of brevity and the
courtesy due youi leaders compel us to
Atthold further Information for the present, aud we will close hy staling that, if
not previously fired, we will celebrate at
tbe same old stand, numerous invitu-
ti ins toithe contrary notwithstanding.
They say that custom now prohibits tbe
use ol knives or saucers as communicating mediums between hands and mouths
at mealtime, ami. lhat the present generation pick at pieces of cake ou their
finger tips, and sip their soup from lhe
Bide of the spoon instead of swallowing
the soup and afterwards angling for tbe
spoon as In lhe good old days when fingers did duty for forks and forks weren't
made at all. Our refusal to participate
nl society's festive hoard is due rather to
feat of running at a tangent with modern Innovations than any wish to appear
Hoping the above may be considered
sufficient Apology lor eating our turkey
iu tbe woods, and trusting to the kindness of yourself and readers to excuse
oui annual letter in these columns,
We are yours respectiully,
" Lumber Jack,"
Por Sale.
Thoroughbred white Leghorn roosters.
Mis Brake,
The Loid hates a hypocrite
Many n mun has more consldernth
for his dog than bis wife.
Sinn II-Well man.
Nexl Tii'sday, two of Cranbrook's
well known youug people will lie united
In marriage nl Nelson, by Rev. Akburst,
recloi ni ihe Unglish church of that city,
The wedding parly, consisting of Miss
Ada VVelliuati and Mr. ti H. Small, llle
prospective hiiik* and groom, Mr. Thomas Wellman, brother of Miss Wellman.
Miss Walt and Mr, Victor Rollins, who
will officiate as bridesmaid and grooms*
innu, will leave OH the early train Tuesday.
Mr. Small is a pioneer of South Kust
Kootenay, ami his friends are legion
throughout the district. Por the past
two years be bas been a resident of
Cranbrook and is proprietor ofthe Cosmopolitan hotel. Miss WeUmau's home
is iu Winnipeg, but for the past year she
has been visiting her brother, who is
proprietor of the Hotel Manitoba, and
has formed a large circle of friends during her residence tn Cranbrook. The
Herald takes this opportunity in advance
to wish these worthy people every happiness in their new relations.
A Successful Benefit.
Tlie committee tbat bad charge of the
hospital benefit ball will meet at the
home of Mrs. M. Mcluues next Saturday
nflemoon nt 3 o'clock. Tbe amount
raised was something over (1150 and it
will be lui lied over lo the aislet** at that
A   knocker on tbis  earth will hu
hot time uttei be is dead.
In commenting ton severely on our
neighbor, it would be well to slop and
consider whether or not our own armor
is perfect. Humanity is frail, and there
is a quotation that is applicable to most
of us, ''Judge not tbat ye be not judged."
Trail is ugitatiug incorporation. Trail
Bhould take this important ilep. Il
would place a good town ou a propel
Tbe collections of customs at Cran
brook are a strong Indication uf the increased prosperity of this portion of
South Hast Kootenay,
Kind words are cheap articles, but tno
mauy people are miserly iu their use.
Kruger got the cold eye from Emperor
William. That erratic ruler had 110 desire to take chances with his grand
Tbe Nelson Miner Is hitting Provincial
Miuerologist Robertson some hard blows
If it is true that the gentleman condemned certain districts without careful
examination, he deserves ibe treatment
he is receiving. There is no room in
lliitish Columbia for pessimistic ollice
A Slav laborer in the Pernie coal
mines was arrested last week for brutally assaulting a woman of bis nativity
at a dance. Al Ibe trial he entered a
plea of justification on the grounds that
in tbeir native country a man had the
right to beat any woman wlm refused to
dance with him. Ami is this (he kind
of people thut will make the backbone
of British Columbia ?
Tlle Moyie Leader says a court house
'sight" ha? been secured in that town.
VV. S- Keay, collector of customs, fur
nishes lhe following  figures for business
transacted at tbe oulport of Cranbrook
during the mouth of November:
Value of imports dutiable J4685
Free      6511
Total importB #5335
Duty collected  $105121
This would indicate that Moyie was tn
have a tribunal where Justice would not
be blind.
While in France Oom Paul said that
the Uoers would fight to tbe last and
dared the Knglisli lo do their worst.
While in the Transvaal, he hurriedly
gathered bis coin aud left the country.
Moral—11 is easy to talk when oul of
It has been decided that the Japs of
British Columbia can vole at the election
today. It is a good thing. Such steps
as this will awaken the people to the
real danger that confronts them. The
Jap is today tbe greatest menace lo
prosperity lhe laboring men of the
province have to contend with. Heroic
legislation is the ouly thing thai will
cure the evil. Bar the J»ps or prepare
for low wages and a complete abolishment of the comforts of life.
It seems that the story regarding P,
Bums' big strike in Mexico copper
mines, thnt has been published In British Columbia papers, is untrue. His interests there are not worth two millions
of dollars, as a conservative estimate
puts it at nbout one million. Such misrepresentation is reprehensible.
A Dawson anarchist arrived in Snn
FrauclSCO lately worth one-half a mil
lion. Such wealth should lake him out
of the red flag class and land bim with
the much maligned monopolist. He
will have no further use for anarchy.
Nelsou has a printer named Ink, and
those who know him say be is a pretty
white fellow.
The Penile Free Press is now in the
toils with the preachers and the saloon
and social evil (piestion. Brother Henderson, you have our sympathy.
Last Tuesday, at Fernie, Mr. Sydney
Arnold and Miss Law, were united in
the holy bonds of matrimony, Rev.
Dunn officiating. Tbt happy couple returned to Cranbrook yesterday and will
commence housekeeping in the handsome collage built by Mr. Arnold on
Haker hill. Mr. Arnold was one of th
first engineers on the Crow, and Miss
Law is a most estimable young lady
who lias made her home in Feruie for
some time. The Herald extends congratulations.
The Brave Canadian Troops Touches
Iler Deeply.
The Emperor  Declines to Extend
a Welcome to the Wandering President.
The Queen Deeply Moved.
London, l>ec 1.—The redeeming fea
lure of the week, from tht* British poiut
of view, is the return ol lhe Royal
Canadian regiment from South Afiica
which affords tiie editorial writers a
glorious opportunity for dilating on the
solidity and splendor ol tbe British
111 pi re.
How truly pathetic was the tutettngof
the Queen and her Canadian soldiers
seems to have escaped the English papers. Sitting in n carriage the Queeu
matched Intently the men as they
Hatched by within a few feel of ber and
she coin menced her speech iu brave
tones. It was only a few words, but before iv was finished tears rolled down
Her Majesty's lace ami ber voice broke
and at tbe end it was almost a sob. It
is not astonishing therefore that when
Col. Otter replied it was in trembling
tones, and Hot one of the men whom h e
led into nearly fifty engagements fell
ashamed of the grizzled colonel became
bis cheek was wet with tears. Although
lpeply affected, the Queen appeared
to be enjoying her usual health.
■Uermany Turns Kruger Down.
Ilerllu,   Dec.    a.—Mr.    Kruger   has
abandoned bis proposed visit to Berllu,
owing to tiie receipt of an official intimation that Eutporer William regrets
that, in consequence ol previous arrangements, he will b« unable to receive him.
l*he Boer statesman will therefore proceed direct from Cologne for Holland
He telegraphed to this effect this afternoon. The Cologne Gazette, iu an in-
pired communication, says:
"Mr. Krugei's visit is not agreeable to
Germany, bis claim being to obtain intervention in South Afiica. It would be
a grave political mistake; it would be
even a great crime to allow him to entertain even a spark of hope that Germany will render him any practical sup
This declaration is accompanied with
reproaches, Mr. Kruger being charged
wiih "having encouraged a useless
guerilla warfare, and having disregarded
Germany's advice when be might stir.
have followed it." The press generally
strikes the same note.
Kii.hn-.-r Succeeds Roberta.
London, Nov. 30.—The war office announced ihis evening that Lord Rober'1-
banded over the command of the Brit
lab troops in South Africa to Lord Kitchener, it is further asserted that tbe
queen,approves Lord Kitchener's promotion lobe lieutenant general, with
the rank of general while in command
in South Africa.
Kitchener la Command.
London. Dec. I. I a.m., Special.—
Lord Kitchener, it is now officially an
notinced, has succeded to the command
of the British forces in South Afiica
The way for his promotion lias been
gradually prepared. Most ol bis seniors in substantive rank have already
come back. Generals While, Gatacre,
Warren and Buller have all returned
Lord Methuen has not yet received
orders to return, but, inaiiycase.be
will not have to suffer the Indignity of
being compelled to serve under a junior
officer, as Lord Kitchener has received
the local rank of General.
The Queen's Will.
Queen Victoria  is revising  her  will,
aided by Lord  Cross.     Certain  specific
bequests are to  be  altered.     Her  majesty's   private   foi tune   is   estimated at
f$o,ooo 000. Lord Cross Lithe only man
excepting Lord Rowton, who knows bis
monarch's testamentary intentions.
Alter the Nurth Pole.
London, Nov. 27. —At the meeting of
the Royal Geographical Society last
evening Sir Clements I<oberJ Markham,
president of the organization, referred
to the north polar expedition project
from Vancouver by Capt. Hernier, the
Canadian, and expressed himself as confident that the society would give the
exploration all possible encouragement,
Some C. P. R. Changes.
Montreal. Dec. i, I a.m., Special—
Mr. Shaughnessy, president of lhe C.P.
R. says there is not a word of truth In
the leport that as a result of his presence in the city within the last few days
changes are contemplated in the positions of some of the Canadian Pacific
officials. According to rumors, Thos.
Tail will be made assistant manager and
General Superintendent I W. Leonard
will have charge of tbe east from Fort
William, and Superintendent Williams
ol London will be made general superintendent ol lhe Ontario and Quebec
Rowland's Great Mines.
Rossland, B. C , Dec. 3.—The shipments on Saturday night passed the
200,000 ton mark for the year, and as
there slill remains Tour weeks and two
days, during that period there should lie
shipped at least 50,000 tons, making the
total for the year of about 130,000 to: l,
which, it is thought, will easily be about
the quantity shipped from this camp for
the year. There were eight shippers
ths week to wit: Le Roi, Center Star,
War Ragle, Le Roi No. 2, I X I., Grant
and Sjiuee. All of the larger mines,
Including the Center Star, War Bagle,
I.e Roi. Le Roi No 2, Rossland Great
Western and Kootenay mines, All of
the   deep   workings   of the camp bave
lemonstrated that the ore shoots become
more extensive and permanent with
depth, ami hence the desire is strong to
■push   dowu   tbe   shafts  to   a depth ••
apidly as possible.
The St. -Kugene Contnct.
Nelson Miner; The largest deal
ever arranged in British Columbia has
been consumated by the St. Kugeue
Consolidated Miuing Company.of Moyie
by which the Messrs. Guggenheim ik
Sons, tbe smelter people of AotOgsgSSta
Chili, contract to purchase (1,000,000 of
reduced wet silver-lead ore per year
from the Movie mines.
The deal is of great importance, not
only on account of its size, but owing to
the fact that the desire of lhe Chill
smellers to secure tbe wet silver-lead
ores of Kootenay for fluxing purposes
may cause a It-ocm iu those ores.
In the past three mouths. $150,000 of
this ore has been shipped ila lhe C. P.
R. to Vancouver, and by steamer to San
Francisco, where it Is transferred into
other steamers for Chili, Al lhe present
time, a gang of men aie engaged in
sacking 1,600 tons ofthe Moyie ore for
shipment, but there is some delay caused
by the famine in sacks now prevalent
there- Tbe ore will run in its reduced
state about $50 a ton Next week
another shipment of $150.0x1 worth of
ore will take plicc. In fact the demand
is only limited by the supply, ami the
possibility of getting tbe ore forward.
Assayer1! E tarn lout loo.
Nelson Miner: The first examination
to beheld in tbe Kr-otenay**- for efficiency
in the practice of assaying was opened in
this city tbis morning. There are
eighteen candidates, who are taking the
examination Tbe practical work will
be done at the oflices of the Hall Mines,
Mr. Church and Mr. McKillop. The
work in the offices will be done during
the daytime. The work there will be
the reducing of ordinary smelter pulp.
The written subjects are sampling. Are
assaying, and we*, assaying. These subjects will be written on between the
hours of 7:30 and 10:30 o'clock on Tuesday*, Wednesday and Thursday evenings,
The ers^.iners are Proiencisl Mineralogist Robertson, Mr Herbert Carmichael
of Victoria. Mr McKillop and Mr. Harris of Nelson. After the papers have
been examined here they will be sent to
the Minister of Mines Mr Richard McBride, for his approval and theu the result will be made known. It iseipected
that the examination will be held annually at Nelson.
Minlo-r Notes.
Chirles IT. Wolfe, general manager,
and C. \V, Bnrdsalt, superintendent of
tbe Sullivan, were in town Saturday and
Sunday. They report tbe property in
fine condition with the outlook belter
than ever before.
Thomas Kennedy and TJ. C. Drain, of
Movie, owners of the property that is
being developed by the Pollard boys, are
feeling good over the strike made by tbe
Hamilton boys, as their claims adjoin.
Palmer mountain promises to be oue of
the leading mineral sections of this district.	
I. 0. 0. F. Election.
Key City lodge, No. 42, I. O. O, P.,
held their regular semiannual election
lasl Friday night, and the new officers
are as follows :
Noble Grand—Matt Rockendorf.
Vice Grand—G. A. Leitch.
Itecordtng Secretary—a L McDermot,
Financial Secretary—Harry Persona.
Treasurer— Sam Morrow*.
Trustee—Jas, Greer.
Lsdlei' M|ht st lhe Club.
Oue week from Tuesday evening the
governing committee of the Cranbiook
Club will bave the rooms thrown open
lor the reception of the ladies. Invitations will be Issued, and cards will be
the feature of tbe evening. This reception is to inaugurate a series of aucb
events at the club during the season.
Thompson Not Dead.
I-;. IL Small bas received word from
C. C. Thompson, formerly employed at
tbe station here, who was reported killed
while iu action with the Slraibcona
Horse in South Africa. Mr. Thompson
sent a message by a traveling man, and
put his signature on a card, so there
can be no doubt about It. His many
friends here are overjoyed to learn tbat
the report is unlrue.
New Restaurant.
L Garanl hat* fitted up a fine restaurant in the Cranbrook hotel block, facing
tbe railway station, which will be opened
for business next week. It is the intention to run a first class place, with excellent home cooking. Such a place
should be a success ill this town. CRANBROOK  HERALD
TI.KMS OV *St IIMKH'lillN:    ~
■ui* tin* now* of tin>
y nbuut tyoui town
■n.iii to this onlee.
$Keep thc Dollars in Cranbrook I
\\ Christmas is coming.   The >
t people of Cranbrook should >
*■ arrange to buy their Christ 9
9 mas presents of the home ■♦ 1
* merchants.    Honey   spent *'
* in Cranbrook will always -»
J; help Cranbrook. Honey +,
J sent back is of no beneft J;
J to this town. Build up '{
J your own town,    lt  pays. \\
If IS Al.l. OURS, NOW.
We hnve purchased the entire interest
in The Herald, and in the future its policies and couise will be directed by us
alone, lor the benefit of South Kast
Kooleiiay, Cranbrook and Did Man
Simpson. We have failh iu this terri-
lorv. We were in Ciaubruok before
there was a town or hamlet here, and we
expect to see it grow to a city with all
modern improvements. The country is
here, the wealth is here, and cupital and
intelligent labor will do the rest.
Tin- Herald will stand for what it believes to be rif-ht and for the best in-
lerestH of the community. In the future
11s iu the past, it will be broad minded
uml liberal in the treatment of ull <iues~
tions, No man can use it to pluy even
with any ulher man, and every individual ami every town in South Hast Kootenay can feel assured lhat fair play will
be dealt to each. It is a Crailbrook Institution und stands for Crnnbrock
uKiiiust all comers, but is always ready
lo do all in its power for the advancement aud good of any other town in tbe
district. The Herald is nol a one-town
paper, and we feel highly gratified to
know that ihis fact is pretty generally
understood and appreciated throughout
tbe district,
hick wind   movement,      it    preaches
hope and prosperity uud always hus an
abiding fuith in the people ami the community,
Mr. Ksehwinislhis week having the
rooms in the addition lately made to the
Northern finished up, and when compete will have one of the largest hotels
in Bast Kootenny,
Coke Foreman Todluinter now has
coke oveus going and is turning nut
coke at lhe rate of 450 tons a day. During tbe first four days of thi sweek over
a hundred cars of coke were sent out.
A petition is being circulated this week
hy Revs. Gordon and Stilhnan against
thegrantiugofaticeti.se tn llie Crow's
Nest Hotel. Some are signing il ami
some are not, and somehave signed both
[ it and ihe one asking thut  a license he
' granted.
I    The scholars of the different Sunday
I schools in Fernie are already assured a
unod time at their annual Christmas
tree entertainments. Mr. W. R. Wilson, general manager of the coal company, has thoughtfully donated each
school a handsome sum of money to be
used for this purpose. Such gifs nre
always highly appreciated, ami show
a kindly thonghtfulness und sympathy
ton seldom met with imm adays, Mr.
Wilson's generosity will endear him lo
every child in Fernie.
Fred Wilkes, C IV R. lineman, met
wilh a ralher pecular accident ou Tuesday evening. He was coming in on his
speeder and was traveling pretty fast
and when near the station came in collision wilh Mr. I'roctor'adog, the small
wheel of the speeder striking the animal, The machine was derailed, upset
and completely demolished, so much so
in fact that Mr. Wilkes had to send for
a new one while he himself got a pretty
severe shakiug up, but was not hurt as
much as might haye beeu expected, considering the toss he got.
John's new machine
A-cuiiln'  oata nn'  blndirf  'om—tno Iiko.
I've novor not a,
n J.-.1 beats all creation, Bho work titiul
thlng-lldo; ,      !
It eum tho oats an* binds '-*"m up Inuun-
Alen stralgbl and truo.
1   (eel   a   ''It   *l.>w!ili**arU**l,   ih-miKh,    oiv
kinder out o* date,
Willi all thc nr-eat ttwprovemettteoomin on
at such a mi**.
old 1
Kile.  T siii-l-i
- tfs
Soulh Kast Kootenny stands today
belter thuu she has ever stood. Those
who have invested thousands iu miniug
propositions have -seen enough to know
thnt their judgment was right, nnd that
the future of the district, and the pros-
perlly of lhe people, depends ouly upon
i-apilal to develope the wonderful resources of this section.
The Ihree great properties of lhe district, the Norlh Star, the St. Kugene
and lhe Sullivan, are best evidences of
what is to follow. Theie will be others,
as fust as t lie development brings tbem
forth. The future of lhe district is assured, and in a few years it will stnnd In
the front rank as n rich producing tec
And, with the mineral development
there v ill be a corresponding increase in
the commerce ol the district, which will
he an increased population, larger towns,
and greater prosperity on every hand.
The man who lives iu South Kast Kootenay today, is fortunate indeed. He is
located in a territory thnt is ouly in its
first stages ol development, and yet
where enough bas been done, lo convince the most skeptical thai tbe future
is not a guess hut a glorious fact. Where
ran a young mun go and find better opportunities than are presented In this
portlou of British Columbia. Where
will he find richer reward for industry,
integrity anil intelligent application.
Here they haveelhow roon, Here, they
have opportunity. Here, even a little
cupital cun accomplish much. Here,
manhood is recognized, and backbone
stands at a premium, Here, everything
is on a rising market and investments
nre profitable, Here, progress is tbe
slogan, and dry rot is unknown, It is
not Bliauge lhat the eyes of the east are
turned toward this portion of British
Columbia Por the capitalist, tbe mer*
t-liant, the laborer, South Kast Kooleiiay furnishes an attractive field. As
The Herald has said mnny times before,
South East Kootenay today presents
heller opportunities for nil than any
other section in Canada, Paste tbis in
your hat nnd see if our prophesy is uot
The Lethbridge News is now 15 years
old, ami during all thnt time the paper
lias been lhe property of K. T. Saundets.
That is a long time to contrul a paper iu
a western country, and if the recording
angel has kept a close account of the
good deeds done  by  lhat   paper for the
people and the community of Lethbridge,
the credit side nf Mr. Suuiider's account
Bhould be sufficient to warrant a fiee
pnss to eternal joys. If the residents dT
that town will go back over the history
of those yenrs, they will find that the
paper always stood for progress and the
hest interests of the town. In all probability there is not nu individual there,
who bus not been placed under obligations to the News at one time or anoth-
e-, for some kind word, some article
that would nsrist in their business, some
show of sympathy In lime of sorrow,
some evidence of friendship and kindly
Interest, It may be asked, "how do we
know this?"' We know it because the
history of every weekly paper, in this
respect, is about Lhe same. They stand
week in and week out, always icady to
assist and help, in business, in personal
ambition, and iu promoting the welfare
of the community. Tbey may receive
llieir rewatil. As a rule, lhey do. Yet.
there are always a few individuals wbo
have nothing for a paper but criticism,
The columns of any newspaper id)owu
the progress of llie town, hut never auy
I  ihlnk
han-gtn,' still
jes' where 1 lefl It—yonder in tbo oM bom
on Uie hill.
An* I l-ook i-aek wme forty years an' see
the old Units When,
With thar old cradle ln-msiii' tUur-t, I lw*
u crowd o1 men.
Yes.  forty  years  have passed, dear wife,
since vou an' 1 were young:
An', lookln' backward now, they seem Jos*
llki- a song that's aung.
Our John was lea' a-loddlin' 'round an'
'gittin' Erverj-whi re,
Wiih little blue chock dresseB you mado
A large addition is soon to he added
to tbe Kootenay hotel. The increase iu
business the last few month!: has made
this step necessary.
There is talk of organizing tt band ill
Moyie. Those comtemplatiug going in
should cousult lv J, Cann.
Last Thursday tbe trial ofthe men
who were charged with playing at a
gambling game in a local cigar store
came off nnd the parties implicated
were dismissed. The rase wns tried before Government Agent Armstrong, and
J. A. Harvey appeared for the defendants.
At the regular meeting of the Odd
Pellows of Moyie last Monday evening
tbe following ollicers were elected: VV.
h. Reid, Na G.j P. I. Moore, V. O ;
Frank Dauby, R. S; J. M. Lindsay, P.
S. and M. L. Hollister, Treasurer.
In a short tinicG. II. Gillpin of Cruubrook will open a store in Moyie carrying a large stock of groceries, hardware,
clothing, hats, shoes, furniture elc.
Word has been received that W. J.
Vales, at one time a resident of Moyie.
wns killed n short time ago near Whit-
bourn, Newfoundland, by falling from a
train, Mr. Yates was lor some time
cook at Park, Mitchell & Co.'s boarding
Mr. Charles Clark is much imptov-
ed in health and is able to be about once
N. A. Wallinger arrived home on
Wednesday. He is looking well after
his long trip.
Work has commenced on the addition
to the hospital.
It is reported that work on the I>uponl
group will be resumed iu 11 few weeks.
Tbe London and Lancashire Mining
company of England have taken over
the Alice group of mines near Creston
and will start development work nt once
and continue the work all winter. Thia
will make things lively at Ciestou.
A letter from Iv J. Walsh says that i
the spring he will be prepared to do a
large amount af work 011 his Perry ntul
Weaver creek claims,
It is reported that several more marriages will take place within the next
lew weeks, This is due to the glorious
climate ofthe Fort Steele district.
Had lo Conquer or Die.
■ I was just aboul gone," writes Mrs,
Rosa Richardson, of Laurel Springs. N.
C, 'i bad cumsutnptiou so had that the
best doctors said I could not live more
than a month, but I began to use Dr.
King's New Discovery ami was wholly
cured by seven bottles and am now
stout and well." It's nu unrival life-
saver in consumption, pneumonia, la-
grippe and bronchitis, infallible for
coughs, colds, asthma, hay fever, ctoup
or bwooping cough.   Guaranteed bottles
50 cenls $1.00.      Trial   bottles   free   al
Beattie's drug store.
Start the
Year Right.
Subscribe for
The Herald
It costs only
$2 per year.
Dm vou remetn
er them, dear wife?   Ah,
yea, 1 knot
Rom-ember * v'r
you ilu
ihi nt; ho wore, down to
1 hbpiI 10 hive i"
hnve iilm'round, 'moal al-
ways in tin
An' beggln' ine
load o' haj
nut—forty yean
■man hu-' H'
A kin-1 an' trn-
dron of hla
. tosnlilm up high on each
; uu' baby John aalnlwart
anMovin' ono, with ehll-
They're mighty
an* smart ■■
•Twas ut' *■ in >
twins fer >
They're kind n
an' Jos' na
1 only wish tin
dn*n when
eulo, Huts,* children aro,
b thoy nan bo;
iilm an' Sell t.i name lho
,111 an' me.
■ true, aro John an" Nell,
good as gold;
1 all might have Midi ohll-
they're old.
Our lintm* Ls uii
.un*' pleasant; we're novor
John always co
iin' in thc
An'   things llki
often notli
Null's anro 10 (
you Used
nee fermyadvlee'boul git-
thai; an' then ognla I've
-d, loo,
>me to you to tlml tlio way
) do,
Yes, I'm mindful of our mercies, an'I try to
ho content;
But when 1 ihlnk how uhl I've grown, an1
Bee how thin an* bent-
In split- of all tbat 1 i-an do lho shadows
But wl
ren the clouds an' mists-come dowi
1' gather ovor all.
ys seem to sec a ll^ht that shlnei
' when I sei
tlu- skies,
1 far,
okln' wnrtward, when* tho
iin* red an' gold a-flamln' In
the heavens with tho
and dyes,
I  mind im- uf Qod'a promises al>out Hia
place 0' rest,
An' a blessed sense 0' comfort comes homo
to niy ulii It- mat.
Then, when  the sunset glories fade un'
darken lulu nluhL,
I know there'll come a dawn-In' scum of
God's eternal light;
An' we shall see the dawnln', wife; wo'ro
I'ookhi' o'er tho way,
An' wai tin' fer to enter In on Hla umehdln'
We'll know tho wandrouB Workman then;
we'll ■•.•■.- tin- Master Hand
That out ui Heaven's crucible can form the
stinsei grand;
An' all the dark an* gloomy ways shall
o[wn tu our eyes,
Pot with His underatan-dln' wu shall know
His mysteries.
An' wo will not In- ni-mrnin' here an' grlov-
iii* Jobnian' Nell,
Because we know fer certain tihal thoy love
tbe old folks well;
An' when our eye-a arc closed, dear wife,
to ov'ry ,-arthfy scene,
They'll keep the- grasBen -grow-In', door,
above ii:*, fresh an' Rreen.
And—there, thnt'a Johna-comln'l He's pot
the outs all hound:
That new inaniiiiH- bents ov'rythlng tlio
hull creation 'round,
I'll nit my stan* an* help him, fer ho always makes tt seem
As ir ho luvi-ii to have mo'round toholp unhitch lho team.
—Sheldon c. Stotfilur-J, in Country Don-
eludes 870,000 harcB, 1,075,000 lark, 473,-
000 pnrtrldgeR, I2,00Odeer,S24,0OOqunlt,
175,000 thrushes and blackbirds, 85,000
pheasants, SR.Ooo woodcocks, 11,(1011
suipi- nnd 5,000 crake. Nn notice is here
taken of gnme Hint is smuggled inlo
the city.-N. V.S1111.
An Autoerntlc Holer wbo In Governed
hy lln* Will ol in** P-uonle.
The umoer oi Afghanistan, who was
ut Bret suspected of complicity with
the Indian border troubles, but whose
Innocence te now well established, is
one oi the 1110*1 autocratic monarcUa
in tin*, world. Not the czar of Russia
imr tbe sultan of Turkey ismore absolute iu authority, snys the New York
Tribune, Vet he is, or makes himself,
(*iiiiou-!\ Mil.ji-n to the will of the people in some respects, A few years ngo
he grently desired to tisll England nud
olher Kuropenn countries, nml tlte lirillsh government wns nnxlous thn! he
■should ilo so, ton hi* diil not venture to
dosowilhoul tliceonsenl of hts people.
So hu look n plchisoltiim he -subject.   Hi' son! n prochimnllon  very
vlllngc in bin empire, telling whnt ho
wnntcd to d •- und explaining,the ml-
vniiluflCH iimt wonld neeriie to him nnd
to the empire from wieh n tour, nnd ask-
im.Mli,* pi-ople tu tukc a. vole on thc subject und let hlm know lhe result.   So
tbe -nl t wns submitted lo universal
, piilfrngc. Afler 11 few weeks the re-
turns wen* nil In und were counted,
und it wiih round 1 hal n considerable majority ol the people wcru opposed to his
leaving tin country. He wus disappointed, bul acquiesced In tin* will of
th.- people, and stayed at home, sending hla Eecond son to England in hie
Meetlm ol License Cum miss I oners.
Tlnn- will he n meeting of the licensi
commissioners held in Movie ou Decern
ber 15, 1900, nud at said meetlug the
following applications for liquor license:
will be considered: T. J Wellman,
Manitoba hotel, Craubrook! ti. II. Small
Cosmopolitan hotel, Cranhrook; Geo.
Wentworth, Motel Wentworth, Crnn
brook; Levi VanDecar, Royal holel,
Cranbiook; Joseph Brnult, Canadian
hotel, Cranbiook; Jumes Ryun, Cranhrook hotel, Cranhrook.
Vour obedient servant,
il   VV, Ihuues,
Chief License Inspectoi
It Will
Pay You,
iiimirniii'i- I'tltP-nl Wot* kit fur lln* I'mir
an  Well ti" (hi* liiHiircit.
At fires iu the homes of the poor these
detachments of Hu* pntrol work just
as earnestly nnd conscientiously to save
property us they would in the expen-,
slvoly furnished mansions of the rich.
At tcneinenl house llres ihey arc of
fire-iii service. First they aid In getting
ibe people ont; then, gathering thc
goods together, Ihe pntrolmcn protect
them from water wilh tnrpnulincovers.
Tin* majority of these tires breakout in
the basements or eellnrs; then, following 'he nir und light shafts to thc top
iloor, lhey spread, und do the greatest
damage in the upper stories. To extinguish these llres. I lie olher Hums he-
low have to in- flooded.,nnd wen* it not
for the lire pntrol in mnny enses the
poor families would lose everything
lhey owned.
One of the captains of the patrol remarked: "Why.ii would do yourhenrl
good il you could hetir huw profuse
these  poor people are in Iheir thanks,
md the blessings thev shower on ns
when ihey find we've saved their things.
They go running mound, wringing
their hniids nnd crying: 'Everything's
lost: Everything's lost!' iimi then,
when ihe Are Is out, we lead them hack
and show ihem their things, a*- dry usn
chip under the covers, nnd—well, say-
there isn't anything they wouldn't do
for us! Half the ti they're not Insured, nnd li isn't our business lo protect people who are not; bul we're nol
supposed to know everything und our
orders are to protect property Ilrst nnd
Iiml out whether it is Insured after-
wnnls; and il is nol onr fnull Ifwcsnve
the little all of u I f poor creatures
who half the lime haven't. „ oliangoor
clothes in their hack. Vou bet, we gel
to work Just ns quick in n leiiemeut
house tire ns iu 11 big house on Fifth
nvontio, and we do tin* -.nine work in
both places, no mat-tor whether It's-for
the rieli or thr poor."- Charles T. Hill,
ill St. Nicholas,
lln-   Silver  iinr.
Then- ure Ilsh en ipurallrely common Ihnl ii l« nliiio-t Impossible tokeep
ulive in captivity, or even lo mnkc captive without injury. Among these Is the
silver gnr. This Ilsh is fuund iu -con.
siilenihle numbers in these waters in
summer; in southern waters it Is common. It attains a length of two feel, Is
extremely slender iiml spindling iu
form, und iis bond nnd jaws are prettj
nearly n qunrter of its lcnglb, the jaws
tupering almost lo n point. It is liable when captured to do injury In the
net either to the tip of the long jaws or
to some pari of its slender body. It is
accustniiitd to swimming near the surface, in well-acruted •water. Silver gnr
taken in (iruvesend hay, though handled
with the greatest of cure, have died he-
fore they eould he gol in the nquariuiu
in this city. The stiver gnr is very different from the linrdy, bony gar, of
which there nrcsevcrnl specimens now
at the aquarium.*—X. V. Sun,
flnm-a Ciinmuiifd in I'arin.
Paris consumes yeurly   more   thnn
5,000,1)111)  heud  of gnme, according tn
the Daily Messenger of Paris. This In-
'llie pnrt
u-rBhlp hcr-atofore existing betweei
A, W.   Mi
\iii<i< nml  John 1 ntchl-ton uiidei
tlio  firm
mmo ul MpViUIp 8:  llntehlsono
1- Wh ile.■li-.Milv.-.l 0y maliiil eon
sent.  .I0I1
1 [lutcll uu illumes Die itrmsllabll
Itlfsnml h
11 culled all 1 lies due m,* linn ox
uu tm* fiiuveyliiR unu 11 a. \v. Me
Vlt Ic will
'inii'i't.  The business nf Insurance
II, al 1-M ul
>mul UrokeinK*' will beennthnieil b;
John llun
1iv.11.                A. W. .UiVHTlK.
V. ll-.il-
Nov, 21 imt JOHN III IVlUSnN
Renowned and Unequalled
l*AST»l:nst Daily Train WEST
With direct connecting service
to and Irom East Kootenay
country. First-class sleepers on
all trains. Tourist cars pass
Medicine Wat daily lor Sl.
Paul, Saturdays lor Montreal
and Boston, Mondays and
Thursdays lor Toronto.
Westward-Daily Train Eastward
17:25   lv. Cranbrook lv.   9:35
Connects at Macleod For Cal
gary and Edmonton and .tl
Medicine Hat for all point.,
cast. Connects at Kootenay
landing for all points in west
Kootenay. Slocan and Boundary districts, and for Pacific
coast,Main line points via.Rev-
elstoke. For rates, tickets and
full information apply to agent
Cranbrook or
A. Q. P. A. T. I\ A.
Vancouver, B.C, Nelson, li.c.
Nntlee Is Lerebj given Hint ai tlnys alter Ante,
I Inten i to .ii*i*i> in tlie i liiel t Diiiuilmisnnr nl
Ijirnls mnl Wurki fur tlie |terml-»sioti t»» inir
ulmbo thn foilowluu aosciibml land*: au Wnml
situated nn Moyie lnke directly u|t|tusiie Muylo
City nnd vontuiuiiiu nne aei renr le-w.
Cianbroflb, IU\, live. 1-1, won   tl, 11. MINB1I
Notice la liereliy given Hint thirty days after
dfito I intend to n|i|iij to tlio fin*f tomml-a-
sloner of lands and works fot permission tn pur<
t'liinmenrincntn |m»I marked "A. IC. Watts
smith east •-••in i nan |ilnntwUt the smith
\\e-t nnu i ut H. \V. Moltou'a pre-emption
about --lv mill'-, soutli nest of crnnbronitjilionco
wast fonych sj tlionconorth eighty elialns;
ilieiu-i* rnst forty olialns: theneo soutli eighty
chnins to tlio place of commoncotnetit.
Haled lllls l Hi ilnj of November luoo,
Al.l 'HHI) l.liUAltl* WAITS.
I.mill Notice.
Noileelslicrohy given Hint thirty days nfter
this dnte 11 mend to apply lo tli-uclild comiuls-
■•lniu-1 of Ian is and works lur permission to
IHirchnseilie follonlng dosrrllictl Inndsi  Coni*
 iiclua nt a post ii ftt'M-ii "John lireckonrldgfl's
S. W, Corner I'ost" plitntwl nl thu sonthenst
cornerof a. W. Ulensdcll's pre-einptlon, about
iis miles soniliwest of Cranhrook, thence enst ni
olialns, thoiicc north so riinlns, llience west BO
ctinliH iu Mild illcasilell's luul, thenco south
along the easterly boimdurj ol said Ulensdcll's
lund so chains i- tlio pines nf beginning, cuu
talnlng oiu acres more or less.
Dated this mu day ->i November, io o,
John UreckourlilKO,
Land Notice.
Nntlce Is liereliy given tlmt one mouth niter
Uirjilati DfliwIlrsi i-ubltcnlinflof this notice I
Intend io apply to tho chief cnmtnlsdoner of
Units nnd works fm pcrinlinlon to purchase the
following described Inudsi romineiielug ni a
posl planted m ihe norlhwost cornor of Harry
Melton's pre-emption umi which pnst is marked
"W, West's S. li. Corner I'ost," Iheuoe north
mi olmlns, thonco west iu chnins, thenco south so
olinliiH, tlienee enst 10 olmlns io the plnce of be*
glunliig, coiitiiluliig:!."' neresi an i w hi.-h land is
sltunted in tin- I'nlmei ism- seclloii or tin* dtstrlcl
••r south Host Knoteiiay,aud nboul o miles soutli
Hrst of crnnbrook.
Haled id Cranbronk, It, C, tins aisl dny ot
\.,i ber, A. I'., lwo,
Wm. Woat,
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Slicphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co.
The only nil mil route between nil
points tinsl, West anil Smith in..,.
Intermediate Points.
Connecting itl
SPOKANE will. Ihu
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
und O. R. & N. Company.
CtilinecU at
Nelson with Steamer for Knslo
and  All Koolcnay   Lake  Points,
Connects at
Myers Falls with Stacc Daily for
Republic, and
Connects ilally
At    Bossburg   Static   Dally   for
lir.-ind Forks and llrccnwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. I'nss. Ail.
f " The liarly Bird Catches the Worm "
The "Early Closing" Storekeeper _
:f. Should Catch Your Patronage ** ** *_
§ ' iff
%   We can --suit" you, "boot" you, antl "outfit" %,
%  you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early %'
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumbei
* x ()0( )OOOOOQOH®0©OOOODOO( >0<
On,- nr Hi.- Moat CuinfnilllU
Holds III Idisl Kootctia
Are you goinj; to build?
Greer & Co,
Are prepared to furnish plans
ami spei'ilicntinns for nil kintlB
ni building.
See us for Prices.
.* jt  n. c.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranhrook,       :      :        iiriii* li Columbia
Solicitor, Hte.
iiank ot eommprce nkig,       OHAMIUOUK
Wi u. Hobs,
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon Daklng,
and  Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
There are a few poinis In
be considered inIniilJiiii;.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Have you talked wilh anyone abuul luilldini*?
Come and see me or let me tee ynu. II may
du us both Kii'id.
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranhrook, 11. C.
M. Mclnnes J Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
1 Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,|
t Dimension Lumber,
I Shingles and]
1 riouldings.
Fort  Steele  Beei
Is the best.    Patronl/.e
home industry   dt    dt
Insurance, Real Estate an-]
Alining Stock.
Correspondence Solicited.
Established April 1898.
1. O. O. F. Block     Cranbrook, B. THE  HERALD.
The   Oriental   Potentate   Deeotnei  ■
Preventer of Fumlne,
[Copyright, 1300, by c, B. Uwts.|
due day as Dinar Kablff not lu Ills
palace ami reflected uu the wisdom of
bis rule he heard n great uiuuuurluj-j
lu the streets, nml calling In bis prime
minister he said:
"The peoplo murmur, Go out uml
sec what the chin music is nbout."
Tho I'. M. was absent Cor n tow
minutes, and then returned to report:
"0 ruler of thu mm, the peoplo murmur beeauso lho price of com Is so
"Tlint's It, cli? Well, go bnck nnd
lell thom ihnt the prlco shull in* reduced ono hulf. Can't uo tHist shova
up tho prlco uf corn lu my dominions."
Tho P, M. went bach ntul mnde prac-
Inmnllon, imt Mill Hn- munuuflng con-
"What's the row now?" (tann tided
liis hlghnosB nn ho JUiglotl his bell nud
ihe r. M. auswsrod It.
"o wisu king, Um people cakplnln
ofa scarcity of emu. li cauuoi in* Imd
at any prlco,"
"l see. Muke proclamation thut lho
pooplo lit) up ull 'tuters,"
"Rut »o 'talers wore planted In Persia lust year, your hlghiiosp."
"Theu let 'om try turnips."
"But, iiln*, thero nro no tiiriilppl"
"But boons wo always have witli us.
nml wilh plenty of beans on his table
no ono will suffer."
"ii king ovor Persia," said lho P. M.
na he begun to look troubled. "I sold nil
tbo bonus to Turkey by ymir 1,11)01- u
month ngo.   The sultan desired ihem
for bis beilll shunters."
"Well, theu, let my people turn to
carrots aud oulons,"
"But none have beeu grown. O
"And maybo you will toll me ihnt
Ihere Isn't a cucumber to bu found
In Persia?"
"Not oue, your highness."
"Sny you so? How is It thnt such a
stnte of affairs hns come nbout?"
"By royal proclamation, 0 ruler,
you hnd 20,000 farmers beheaded Inst
yenr ns an agricultural experiment.
You were seeking a new fertilizer."
"All! I remember. And the beheading of 20.000 farmers bas left 100,000
citizens of my capital foodlcss?"
"It is true, O ruler."
"Very well, Hnssiin. It's a plain ense
of arithmetic without nny experiment
tn it. To balance the want of crops
raised by the 20,000 farmers you will
see to It thnt 100,000 of ray citizens
nro mnde n bend shorter. That will
even things up, givo tbe people to
understand that I'm looking out for
their bost Interests nml probably prevent nil epidemic of eliolern."
 M. -QUAD.
—These significant words were usod in regard to Ur. Thomas1 Ecleotrio Oil by it gentleman who hud thoroughly tested He* luuiitd
In his own coje-%avIng been cured by it of
lameness of the knee of three or four years'
it-Hiding. It never falls to remove soreness
ti.- well us lameness, and is un incomparable
fc ilimiiiie and corrective,
The  I.Bt-k  of ncilc-*.
Mr. Caswell—I wonder why Minister
Conger's messages are all undated, l)o
you suppose he omits the date to Hnve
cable lulls?
Mrs. Caswell—No. I don't. It's my
opinion thoso Chinese Boxen hnve stolen
his cnlendar,—Pittsburg Chronicle-Tele*
Street Self  Ii (fnee me lit.
"What ia your favorite game?"
"Gulf," answered Mr. Meckton without hesltntton.
"Do you play it much?"
"Oh, tm; I never piny il, but Henrietta does,"—Washington Stnr.
Boddock, June 11,  1807
C. C. UTCITAltDS & Co.,
li,,.,.   Sirs,—MINARD'S   I.IMMKN!
is mj   i-eiiiwlj   lor   M'.l KAl.tilA
Ii  relieves m   on.v.
A.   S.   UePQNALD.
1'niln-hlsi- gmtil   *   :        i        ■ ■ ih    not
g * .ni    A I rum I . * h|i nihi qlwiiyn
lie    l.il.i'ii    il,-llh,*i;i:,l>     belweell    Ilu*
thumb nml rmi-ilngi r, with th * lllile
H11ger I'itetidi'd    Ih'holl -h-nn-.il
Why lln- Pnrsoii Onl Rnrrthtea.
Tnll, nbonl grief of n n nl - mil ,*i
lute An .vi, bison wouuin hnd hex
piviieh.T Invlleil io n Pumlny ilhim-r.
nml when she wenl to get lhc ebb-kens
lo kill Ihem Ihej imd enenpetl nml lhe
stores were eloned    Atclimon Ulobe
\.   In   S.iiilti.ht-. .
"Bqulnchlj' seems to in* ii mm n
gldcrnblo vermttlllt) "
"Iiii h iu. nlwnys has n ttlCTs n ni
luiid Inch story I" lell when be munn
to in.* lo borrow   y."    ilih-ago
A woman's reproductive
organs arc In tho most Intense and continuous sympathy with her kidneys.
Tho slightest disordcrin tho
kidneys brings nbout tt
corresponding disease In
the reproductive organs,
Dodd'a Kidney Pills, by restoring the kldnoys to ihelr
porfect condition, prevent
and euro ihbSO fenrful disorders peculiar to women,
Pain young girls, worn-out
mothers, suffering wives
and women entering upon
tho Change of Life, your
best friend it
MR. HARVEY'S MINK FARM. ' n« Wo. Wn.i.fol.
  I      "l>nnuti!v!'   i\,;,i;.:m|    tilt*   RCWipapCt
It I. Prolmblr llio Only One uf lt. I mini's wife scornfillly     "You're n alee
Kind in tlu- (.'tilted Slut..... j one in talk  nlituil    inrnny,  you  ur.-!
Mr. E. X. Halves* ur Late Mills, Wis..! w,hv* ' '"■"''' >"*' """' '"" """' "" '■"'••
Is enguueil In n uorcl but -.iroUtablo In- j ft"" "f." s1""'' "'..' ''   ' ""'" *" imo
tlustry-iuluk raising. Prior to tho pn* 'Vn'i'iV,',"!"'''V,' replied tbougbttull,.
cut time ilils uudertnklug Ims been un- j -Bm it i followed yout novice I certaluly
beard nl in ihis state, aud probably   wouldu't gel Iuto Hm miner."
tines   lint  exist   iu   tlm   DultCll   States. I
Mr. llm vi'y snlil It wus ilrsi suggested i I A "TflSf ANA "iikmance cioah
in i.i... by ii story iu a boys* pi r. I-J^ATIA,   PAUTuiiVMomre.!
t li:iimli'-.; Itte Cur..
Till- oolisiilliliiliiili i I llie l\vn great
ri pine in- I'ulllpllUil'S Ulllill lll't-l'i 111 >"
nisi tiniiiunl .:. '..'. :!;. says llle I lea
. Wv.s The wnnl Wiigui r luul lo
imiuleil iii.i nl TJn i-iii's ni' llun i'iiiii-
iny     ill'  ilii> r;ii-'  upi'i'illeil  liy  tlie
"ngiii'i un.,  "ilia liure iim mime
lines as :....* nf lluwe belonging la Hu*
ulllllllll m mpilliy. A llsl of Huw ilu
lln ill's   wns   inn.I.,  uul,   lluil   111.'
iv hi'iit iim transfer painters weut
ng iln'iii. Tbe Ural
Int.I lis nnme clmiiRi-,1
from .Invu in I'ulinvn 'hie Pullinnn
biniiiliinl lock Is being placed In former
Wiurucr cars, limn eitiislug n elinngt' nf
in.linti locks 'll..' In'.I linen, blankets,
towels. .I....num. nn.l Ibe -il:,— in Ibose
wlniUiwB .'.. Inline  in grnins  will
Inn.' i  changed, uml Ii mny ml.
n.   wuii:
Wagner »
Iiii' It Ini) Site Wnn Uii.
Ciuilh-iiiiiii My wife hits Inst her w;i<
lei'iirimf. nml Bho wished mo tu stop in
here mid order nnfttluu* sent np nt owe,
ns ii li„,l.s like ruin.
Deillei—Yen, sir.    Whnt soil, sir?
fleiitleninii—Um—I've fmuotien the
name hut it's one uf those thut inula- n
womnn look bet Ier dressed in wot weather  limn  she  is  in  dry   wonlhor..
No futility living in n billons country
should bo -.villi,mi Parmoleo's Vegetable
pills. A tew dmos Inketi now nud tli n will
kiepihu liver nctlvo, cleanse Ilu* Blomnch
fr.un nil bilious ronltor nml proven! iibuo,
Mr. J.L. Price, Shoals, Martin Oo,, ind.,
writoj i "I have tried i, box otPnnuoloo'fl
Pills nnd tind them lhc best medicine for
bYver and Ague I havu over usod."
Tliu Only   luilioi-ity,
Two boya wore nnxlous to get an eiiu-
cailou, bnt InoUod the menus,   Thoy
Were aware of lhe profit in trapping
intuitu, also of its uncertainties. So
thoy won; prompted in ity raising
them. Iti tbreu yeni'B, according to iho
Blory, thoy bad made euough to lnke
thom through collogo ami a profit be-
Mr. Harvey hns a pen nbout 10 liy lid
feel and n yard of the snmo size Inclined by a light board fence six foot
IdtffiK his minks. Tin* hiiihlitig nnd
tho Tuucu nn* But on an is Inch thick
stone foundation, placed lwo feet below iho siitfni'o iii prevent tin* animals
from burrowing out and I'nenpWtf. llo
bus i-apimi-d six fi-mnh-s ami ono male
frotn the marsh al lln* south end of
Unck hike,   llo snys;
"The mu i  I put a rabbit in (he
yard lhat large male, ovou though Ito is   hiu" ' ,l:,"-,,l• ,1'"1 " ",:,-v tn,I°
lu ih.* pen, Mini, hi,., ami Imn.e.ll ly   ' -v. *i"l'» ■'•'""" the alterations are
gives elmse. Uu iwunlly Biiccoutla In
tniii*; the rabbit oul In iiboui live mlti-
HlL-H. Then ho ILU no It a hlin In the lieek,
biting bis jugular volu, When Ibe rah*
Mi   eeiiaoa   to   kick,   ihls   uld   fellow
slreiihos Iiln t full length ami BlleltB
Hie btood, When be hns bad his nil, he
leaves bis prey, nnd lhe rest of ihe
mini's cmiie nnd tenr iliu carcass to
pieces and ent the Ilesh. They almost
Invariably follow tlm method 1 hnvo do-
BCl'Ibod, Chickens they treat in the
Bniuu way, Tbe old male kills them,
Slicks out the lilooil and leaves the meat
for the rest
"I began last October. 1 caught most
of the mini's In regular steel traps. It
breaks their logs, but as n rule they
limp but for a week or two. That little
one's leg was almost off when I caught
her, the paw hanging by a piece- of
skin, but within a month Bho was nblo
lo run around as well as any of thom.
"Tbey aro ns nimble on their feet aa
mice, climbing lip the corners of the
pen ami under the eaves. I huvo n
board on top of tlio fence to prevent
their getting out These animals imve
great flattening powers. A good sized
mink can crawl through n horizontal
crack an Inch wide. Tbey are very
fond of fish and frogs. If 1 place a
number of frogs in tho lank, you ought
to seo them come out nnd jump Into
the water. And the strangest thing Is
lhat they take out evory frog anil carry
it Into the pen before they ent one."
Mr. Harvey Is confident thnt his
minks will bring him good returns in
the near future.	
The dlrectotre mat Is appearing in
Itie-r- as well as In silks and saiins, and
it is always effective.
Persian embroideries enme to tho
front more and mnro nnd nre particularly lovely upon the soft white woolens. It Is snid Unit this trimming will
lie n great feature of winter modes,
The summer girl is carrying Just nnw
the prettiest of muslin parasols to
match her muslin frocks, ami she look-?
a picture with thom - like an up tu date
Dresden shepherdess.
Some of the chiffon ties bave gayly
dowered ends. The dowers nre ramie
of an additional layer of chiffon np-
plhpied on wilh brilliant colors of silk,
which imik;* gorgeously effective po-
Tiie extremely sheer white bloURQS of
the   moment   Imve   called   Into   being
cache corsets more ornnmentnl than
over and added another Item of necessary expense to the outfit of the woll
dressed woman.
Hine in its van inu' similes del, lur-
i!noise, tendre, hyacinth and the rest
Is perhaps the reigning color of ihe
summer season, |',*ssi!il> because It
lends itself so well lo comblnntlou with
ibe omnipresent velvet.
Tbo strapping of the spring season
will. It Is promised, be still moro m evidence on fall gowns, tinvd* of stitched satin or velvet ribbon, inileta, peiiu
<le s ilo or cloth nre on n I most all of the
few autumn powusalready shown.ami
elaborate Inlays nf tnffetn appear upon
rrepe de chlue. light weight gno.1-. ami
riobson's coming home, but he Isn't in
good hr.ilih.    Bpara him. glrls.-Clovo |
land Plain Dealer.
Ana Angel of Archuleta county, Colo., |
got innrr'eil t'"i nlber day mul censed In 1
he uni*.
lU'ttj (Ireen says slie never mnde i *c
tlmil -JliOO.OOO In uie .lay, but then tlottj
In unl) 05.
Count Cnstellnno has tried overythlnii
from a i hallengo t" a slump speech ntul
has not yet succeeded In galuing
i Qcoguhlnr- ii" in lufluenc<i in L^rcm h pul
l'nele Hiram—You mustn't prod the
farm animals, Johnnie.
City Boy—Co on; you ain't the janitor nf this flat!
Illntfl lor Traveler*.
First Traveler—How dn you manage to
make bucIi nice acquaintances in strange
Second Traveler—In New York I follow the crowd, unit it takes mo in all the
respectable places.    In Chicago I keep
out nt the crowd.
I'l-iiii*.--, \u.
"Thoy mv -torn, of hi- naeesturs were
"Probably, hut titled. They were
knifc-liis of the roml."—Philadelphia Norlh
tin ni
!T mn,
.- ui
livr iniiiil
mill i'l,-.*
i   ■.
." -
I ell
II,,, ,
rn n
.ii i
n  f,
liv.- Il|l 1 i
ii'lllilil Sl
i-l  liu  ley
Cities  are  inmli
hi-.,- men.    Very few
nv as largo : - tti
kciiuiI    showing
> ligureil ",i when nn
occurs, -- Washlngluii
What if Ihililuii
1 il prefpi ijiinllty i
tv\ population Is ti a
»thers? We always
i quantity.—Unltimon
Puffed up cities
l.,l„* Mlchlgnu n,
larger Hgurea in th
ion, hut thero te i
une Bunker Hill.
>n Manhattan Island,
,1 Plai'wbere may enl
> criisii-, Ihnn uhl Bos.
uly one Common mnl
The rather   l I-. here, my bny, yon
told nu* you would need only $500 for
youl college term, nnd now ynu want
(500 more,
The   Son-Bui   Ihis   Is   fur   Ihe  things
I don't need.- I.ife
Is Constipation, an Irregularity Which is Prevented
and Permanently Cured by Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills.
AHk   any   reputable physician whnt
is iin* i-uiiM* ,,f ihe most bodily do-
rangemonts nml the grontost suffering, antl In* will undoubtedly loll
ymi constipation or inactivity of the
bowels.   Ilo will also add that ihis
need   nol   he  the  ense   If   people  would
pay proper attention lo this most
Important funt-tiuu.
Through Ignoranco, neglect or a
Bonao of false modoflCy, people allow
llio bowels lo got Into a slate of
chronic canst Ipal ion, and I horn follow kidney disorders, torpid liver,
indigestion nml a complain upsetting
of the digestive, filtering and excreta ry Hysteiiis,
Appendicitis,   Inflammation  of the
bowels,  Brlghl'fl   PiHon.sc und nil Uie
dreadfully painful and falal complications of these diseiiHeH are iisuully
set Up as a direct result of neglecting   tO  keep  the   bOWOls   lienlUiy  mul
Mnny peoph* Imagine Hint tbey enn
prescribe for ooiistlpation, nnd so
dose themselves wilh nulls or other
Htrong, harmful end weakening
drugs, wbloh effect uu action on tliu
bowels, but if tnken repentedly
deaden nml paralyao tha system so
Unit it. is rendered nimble to not for
Itself nnd will not respond to the influence of oiinitive medicines,
Pr. ChiiHo's Kidney-Liver Pills   act
naturally    nml pleasantly    on    tho
bowels, nml through thoir Inning
nud invigorating effects thoroughly
uml piTiiuuietllly cure const!pat inn.
No one who realizes the great Importance of keeping tin* bowels perfectly healthy uml rogulun can afford to lose Bight "( Pr. OlldSO's
ICIdnoy-Llvor Pills us the greatest
rogulators of ihe filtering uml excrc-
Iftry syslems-tlio  liver,   kidneys und
As a fun,ity medicine to prevent
I ond cure constipation, biliousness,
tlyspopsla, inactive liver und kidneys
nnd   lb" very  muny   His arising from
thoso derangements Pr. ('huso's Kid-
noy-Llvor Pills onsily si und Hrst,
having by far flu* largest salo in
A mor lea, One pill a dose, 26 cents
iv box, at nil dculcrs, or Bflmanson,
DatOS  ■Sr. Co., Toronto
I . r Veftll II. i Life \V. » Uu-e of Ml-rty-
lltr 1 .-.*( ,.n i I.imi)-. Would "-n-ell
Friuliiiiiilv uml sin* BecameCnaUl*to
li,, thr Huutebold  Work.
From tin* Bnterprlae, Bridsevmtsr, N.S.
H is appalling to think of the number oi women throughout tb.- country wh.. da) aftor day live a life almost oi martyrdom; Buffering hm ion
frequently In Bilent, ulmust hni-clcss
despair, To such sufferers He* sinry
o, Mrs. Joshmi Wile, will como un ii
beacon of imp-. Mrs Wile lives
about two niiii-, f,*,,,,! the town of
Dfldgewutur, N. s , iiml ,> respected
uml esteomod by '-.il who   know ber
While in ui f the local drug si.nr.-s
nu' long ago, Mrs. Uih* nulled a
number ol boxes of Pr. Williams'
Pink I'ilK iu ii,.* siiuw case, umi remarked lu 'I.,* propi lotor, " If ever
there was .i friend to woman, it is
'hi,-..- pills." Sh- wut, asked why
■li.* Bpuko sn strongly aboul the pills,
and in reply told nf tlw misery innu
which Lhe) had rescued hor The
drugglsi uggosted that she Bhould
innl-.- known hor cun- for tha benefit
of ilu* thousands nt similar sufferers.
Mrs. Wllo replied Unit wm).* adverse
in publicity, yet sh-    would gladly
lell   of   her   cure   if   il       Would   b-nel,t
anyone else, um! sin* gave ibe following statement wiih permission for
its publication —
"Sly life for some yenrs was one of
weakness, pain und misery, uniil I
obtained relief through iho use of Ur.
Williams' i'ink I'ills. l-'rom some
causo, I know not what exactly, I
became so aflllctod with uterine trouble, thut I wns obliged to undorgo
two operations. A part only of the
trouble wus removed, and a terrible
weakness und miserable, nervous condition ensued, which tbe physician
told me I would never get clear of,
1 tried other doctors, but all With
tbe samo result—no betterment of
my condition. Tho pains finally attacked my back nnd kidneys. My
logs nml led became frightfully swollen, nud I ennnot describe tho tired,
sinking, deathly feeling tbnt ut times
cume ovor my whole body. 1 become tumble to do my household
work, und lost nil hope of recovery,
Hefore this stngQ in my illness I Und
been advised to try Dr. Williams'
I'ink Pills, bul like thousands of
other women, thought thoro could bo
no good In using them when the
medical men were unable to oure mo,
At last in desperation I made up my
mind to try them, but really without any fulth in the result. To my
grent surprise 1 obtained some benefit from the Ilrst box. I then bought
six boxes more, which I took according to directions, and am happy to
say was rnised up by them from u
weak, sick, despondent, useless condition to my present state of health
and happiness. Every yonr now in
the spring ami fall 1 tnke a box or
two. ami (ind fhcni an excolloilt 1hin«
at tlm cluing' of the season. Other
benefils 1 might mention, but sullice
It to sny I would strongly rccom-
nacnd Pr. Williams' Pink Pills to all
ailing women."
Pr. Williams" Pink Pills surpass
all oiher medicines as a cure for tiie
troubles that afflict womankind.
They quickly correct suppressions ami
nil forms of weakness. They enrich
the bio,,ii. strengthen the nerves and
restore th- glow of health to pallid
cheeks. Sold by all denlers iu medicine, or sent postpaid at fit) cents a
box. or six boxes for $2,50, by addressing the Pr, Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Ten merchants are under 'he im-
ppss'im ihat Ceylon and India Oreen
Teas will displace all Japans in Canada before long. The ' BALADA"
Tea Company are Introducing them
in thoir Bcaled Load Packets They
un* the mosl delicious Green Teas
ever offered the public
Ev-pn I.nlrr.
lie hnd bpen talking nml talking and
talking umi talking until tho poor gh-1
ii'.s se tired and sleepy sho didn't know
whether il wns this week or lust wick
nr (time next Sumluy, and the clock nn
lhc luunirl w.is holilinjj up its hands et
flier in pity or iu protest. Finally It oc
■nrreil tn lhc yi hi ii- iium ihnt nn eveniUii
i-:ill hnd Its limits, nt lenst in n Intltudr
-.ili-ic  the  nights were nut  ni.\   tuonllis
"HI -- me," he exclaimed, starting up
-:*.,li!ciilv. "it certainly must be time I
wns iMlng homel"
"Oli." she siii.l in a dated kind of wny,
"it mun ba-a oofid 'leal luicr than thut!''
Tbere are oafles of consumption so fur
adranced thut Bicklu'sAutl-ConiumptlTe
Sjrup will not euro, but noue so bod that
ll will not give relief. Kor oouchB, ookli
aud all HtTi'etinns ot tho throat, lungsand
obent, lt Is a spoolflo which has never been
known to full. It promotes a free and
easy expectoration, thereby removing ths
phlegm, and gives the diseased parts »
chance to heal.
A sheet of water one inch thick and
one ncre in area weighs 101 tons.
The Tugela river tins heen known to
rise -10 feet in a Bluglo night owiug to
thunderstorms on the mountains,
It is estimated tbnt tho Hwangho river
-f China caused a hiss nf between 30,-
000,000 ami 40,000,000 lives by drowning
between 1851 ami 1850.
Mr. J. W. Wilder. .1, 1'.. Uffirgoville, NX,
wrltoil "I mn i-uhjeet to sen re attacks o(
Colic und Kidney Difficulty mul tind Par-
motoo'fl I'ill- ail.u.i mo gnat relief, while (ill
other remedies have failed. They are tha
but medicine 1 have ever u«ed," In fact so
great in lhe power of Ibid medicine lo eleiuiH*
mid purify, thai ili-iii—r- of nlimmt every
nnme and nature are driven frum thc body.
alT4ai^i*fcjfci-4i\-l ki^*mr>**l'li'lAifr',fk^ir--Ai>
m 91'Wfiffl* VVVf ——* —-999 9——t9m
BROKERS. . . .
Stock, mnl bond., bought, .old nnd
curried   on  margin.    Lifcicd
mining stockri curried
I Oslers Hammoud& Nanton |
I       BROKERS, ETC,       |
-1 Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg >
*4i     Monoy lent nt lowest rates. w
4)    Stocks und bunds hoiichi and Mold.
4)     Hallway and other farm lands In
Mimilohii and N. W. T. fur sale,
Maps and fuldcrs sent un uppllcit-
. tion.
4r    Gait conl from Lolhbrldgo. _
4:     Prtcci quoted tuall railway points.    ■*
Momma Ptah—Well, well!
tkst  boy not to leave tiie
There never wim, and never will   lie, t
•niterwil iianm-ea, in one 11111 dy, fur all Ilia
to winch fln.li in heir—the very nature of
many euiiitv.-  being stloh  that were the
germs ui uiher and differently seated dis*
ouei rooted in the system ot the patient—
what would rellove one in in turn w..uld ng-
gravau. tho oth r. We have, however, in
-Quinine Wine, when obtainable iu a ■■.■und,
uuadulterat. A Blatfl. 11 reim dy ft r ninny and
grievous Ills,   By Its gradual and judicious
line the fruilcnl   bjslillin  an- led into oolivn-
losconce and htrengtli bj the Influence which
-Quinine exerts 1 n naturo's own restoratives,
lt relieves the droo] inu -spirits of those wiih
whom a chronic Btalo ol morbid despond,
enoy and lack of Interest In life Ie a, dlBODBO,
and, by tranqulllzlng the nerves, (lispuw*.-' to
sound and refreshing aloci*^—Imparts vigor
to the notion of the blood, whioh, being
mi mu hi l id, courses tlm mJii-in tbu vein--,
btreiiKtbemnt; lhe hoa thy animal funotloUB
of the Bystem. tliorcby making activity a
neaesBary result, Btronglhonlng the frame,
und giving life to the digestive organs, whlah
naturally demand Increased substnnco—result, Improved appollte, Northrop d Lyman,
of Toronto huve giveu to tlie publio their
superior Qutn'mo Wine at tho usual raio.iud,
gullied by the opinion uf BOlenttBta, thit*
wine apnronohes ncarost iwrfeotlon of any in
ttio market.   All druggists s*ell it.
•Ilit- l.iit-ucKt Time llnll.
The I'blliidelphhi llooonl uuys: "The
largest timo bull In (be Unl toil Stntes
Is   bt'lllg   ereeleil   oil   tbo   roof   of   till1
-Fourth street end of ibo Bourse, the
task being under the supervision of
Lieutenant Hughes, who Is in charge
of the brancb hydrogrnpble olllco lu
this olty. The bull, which Is four feet
In diameter uml weighs 00 pounds, will
be hoisted tu the tup uf nu Iron onlumn,
1!K) foot abuve tidewater, live minutes
beforo noon ouch duy mul dropped
electrically 40 feet to un air cushion
exactly nt noon by tho Nnvnl ohRorva-
tory cluck In Washington, The object
of the time hall Is tn enable ull the
uinrlnors In tho Dolnwuro and Schuylkill rivers lo regulate thoir chronometer* before sailing."
A One Shleil  I'tnlci-MtnmlhiK.
"They sny tbnt rich girl from Skiboo
can marry tbo Duko of Manchester If
Bhe wants him."
"Pity the duko doesn't know It."—
Cleveland Plain Dcnlor.
Hull I'liiyi'm mnl Summer Glrln,
"Givo it np. Hilly. Why te Urab
like n ball player'/"
"Because she's engaged Just for iho
season," replied Billy.—Winona hake
(1-b-J.) Assembly Beview.
How's This?
Wc offer nn** HunAicil Dollars Reward fur
any caso of Catirrn tlmt cannot ho cured hy
Hall's I'Llunh Cine.
F -i. UI1KSKY -fc (in., prims. Toledo, 0,
Wo, Hie undoritgaod, have Known F, J,
Clnn-Byfnr the hml li yenrs. and btillcve lihn
.'■rf-st-lly litmin libit* In all hnslnes-* lnuisiu*lii,iM,
sml Iiii nctiilly ulil.: 0 carry out any OUllttatlon
miiilo by (heir Una.
WKSTftTiu-.W.N liulusjilf Hrit-i{iits,T..l. 1I...O,
WAI.l'lNO.    Kisban   &   Uahvin,   WliolcKdi
DragglBW, l, lerto.O,
HilTa cttnt-rd Ouro la tnken luternully, acting directly upon the blood anil mucous itu*-*
fiicumf Ihi'iysteni. Priet), ;.r,c. per butlk. 80M
by all ilnivuliii.    I'estbtuniluls frt-s
Hftll'B Fmiilly Pills -are the U-t.
Qoail Ulrl to Make Lov« To,
Atteiidant-Tbnt girl enme In for an
tee cream soda and went nwny without
ordering It
Proprietor—Whnt wns the matter?
Attendant—Sha was so long mnking
up her mind what sirup to lake that
Bhe hnd got cooled off without It.—In*
A Mcniurv of SticceHa,
Friend—Oh, by the way, I hnve been
curious to know whether you were
successful with that strange patient
you were treating last winter.
Doctor—I was, partially. lie bus
paid half of bis bl.lL—Philadelphia
Catholic Standard ami Times.
The Second Knockout,
"I know well enough, fellow eltlteas,"
exclaimed the tierce browed, Bhuggy haired orator, "that tho views 1 advocate
uro not popular. Not ten days ago, while
advocating thein from u public plutform,
I was Btruck lu the head hy a brick am)
knocked senseless."
"Why didn't you wait till you got youi
sense back beforo you went 10 tulklng
■gain?" Inquired u man In the outskirts
of the crowd Iti a loud, ram jus voice-
kA/AsiShUHl/     -TiMLnsu   Ok <i4  As
Blacksmiths' Ironworkers
The Master Mechanics
Extraordinary Soap
M.iili- from fine Stockholm Tar, this -... i|id"iuo*.> -
and remove-- Oil, Rust, Paint and iron Stain., leave.
lhe skin clean and helps lo heal any culs or hurn».
For sale by all dealers in k-'-'J soap*.
Wo have Just published n beautiful oil i> irtrali
Que In K.ei.hirs, j-i/i   12 \ ;i, lmilv f->r fimiiiii
ovciy |ioi«on will want 01 f tlirao maBnlflceal
ofart,wowouldlllto ycutoreprcaeBtuj  Wogl
your cholco of :i» vAi.i \ itl.i: PHKM11 lit
„f wiiii-ii unt llluitrnleil rilwv, for - iimg 0 oi i
thoQiu-oii Portrnllaat lOoonui Write ni oum
'     ii*i-u,.|>h.   Also our full
>l tr:
  n-het free.   The lloynl
ny I-uhllBblng Co., Toronto, Depaiuceui m
An.' you suffering from nervous weekueu
It Id ti ey, liver ur stomach complstiiU, rheuma-
■ism, lame bnck, pains or acnes In any part
-if your body?  Uo you feel yourself growing   v
feeble nml old loo soon?    Ifyou men man wuh : j
the wenkuess that results from abusing the laws   '
ul nature, l inn guarantee you a cure in three
mouths   wiih   my   wonder Ail   Electric   lielt   (
Any honest man can use my appliance ih.t-e '
man hs. nml pny me ouly when cured. |
lleautlful Illustrated book, which tells of my ■
method of treatment aud gives hundreds of
lell era from my gralelul patients, sent closely i
-scaled, free.   Address
130 Yonge Street,
"The Paper of tiie West for
the People of the West"
Write us
a Letter.
If you have any need in the
jewelry tne, however small,
just write us about it.
Our new 1901 Catalogus
cant-kins phoioct'i-'h-'- of
many huri'Irtds if our
choicest r'etcs. ind will
be *eut yo-1- free,
Wo guarantee safe delivery
—prepay charges and cheerfully refund money if you so
Established   1ft 54.
R.yrie Bros.,
Ymiflo ivnd Adol&ldo Sts.,
■ l/l
been t.-»i bf tbonsM^i
nf women   A trained
inn-!': Kill auwei all en
qulrie*.    ;i in p« t..-.,
Mai Hranl Co., Tttenu,
Out. tnj Winnlp** Via
Wo handle complete Ilu
An oxtro TEN   I'Kll i'KN'1. rItuii off all !
orders west  ONTARIO-MANITOBA line.!
Writem, 0.S Specialty Co.. Toronto. Ont.
Mr. Whitney appoars to have caught
>Ir Koono short of horseflesh, us It wore,
-Boston Herald.
Thanks to tho Gould family pride tbe
"-noble*1 liunsL* ot Cnstcllano will not be
Tho sultan or liirko.v inny bo a rude
barbarian in some respects, but he knows
tho value of money.—Washington Star.
William Waldorf Astci sli on Id not despair. Madagascar is mill open to bim
ns a place of residence, nml ita "soeiol
circle" might nol objeet.—Sun Francisco
It hardly seems possible thnt the managers nf the Now York Hall of Funic
will be able any loitgor to keep the Hon.
Fltzsimmons* name nff the list,
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Eieryrttti
-in iii-i t nf tin- I.tin* II pit ted Term,
••My henrt." un imed Mildred Ulen*
dowi'. wringing her limitls, "Is liko lee!"
Vim AlHtyne Vnu Uiuyli stored pre-
(■'.!■< Iy us If Btutig.
'•'I'lii'ii, of eouiiti1, I ennnot nsk yon
tn give me your hrartl" ho ex cl a lined
In n hollow voli-i'.
Fur i-vi'ii lovi> Is not blind to lho great
prlee of lee In miiuuii-r.
Dablcnched can ton flannel makes good
Bare Ihu paper bogs. Tliey mnke good
gloreo fur the cook to clean tbu store
Wben the wnter In tbe outside vessel
of a d'jublt* boiler refuses to boll, hasten
tbe operation by salting tbe water,
Fill dirty saucepans with hot soda till
there is time lo wash them. Tliis means
e grenl snvmg Of time in the end.
Llmewnter will dean jurs nml jupa
which !-()ii[i ami water have failed to
cleanse. It is admirable for donning out
milk reccDtflcles and nursing buttle.
Minard's Liniieut tel'Bons, Etc.
Cltj Edltor-ISvliU'iitl)* yon didn't get
a very close view of N'ookusU'a Rummer
lloporter—Not vwy clone,   Wliy'l
City Edltor-Y vfer 1" It as "n
magnificent marble [ilie,** wliereas It's
n frame house.
Reporter—Is ll? .lust cross out "lunr-
Mc" tbon, nml Insert "wooil."
'.:.--.■■••   b«T*i :■■   ll
;   ■ -             ■ ■ :■}*   ■ '*• ■ "•■   —   *■■.■ -v
- .    -    - ■    ■ v,.. -.. .     [-■...
It- --.   \V ■'■,".-. *        •■■;■'■
tot   :■-:.
■I ■■■—;:'■
i. gh rtby  of
"'-■-". ulnted
.-■'■■        :     ■    ■
late   portrgll i
■:■■-■■■■-.       '.     - .     -
I llfi * '   : iK-elonlng
"ii!,   S:r   W   ' .   . and    Sir
.'..■• Tu|
Wirli   tbi - ■   i ■••   *-.   which  will
constitute . .     .   .■      ry of tbe
:..-*■ Canadian*     I     thi
tlnn it at *-;  .-■ :
half tone  : ; loctlonn    from   AM
Works,   showing     M ■  * ;
v.'. -■ ■      '.
tyi In   i
!,■■.. [ -      . ■  .
- ■
Whether        I tor t         t nt kepi
.. Ml
Vs    •                    ■     -
:■                                     ' it   fl
>*   -                             will    be tv-ll
r\    :*...* * - *   *     *.
every fortii s ' I   ' ■- ■
will be
Free Pn -- (dm
...j * .   j
ever bcfoi  .
wiib   new   pi
cry, red fm
ties, it will itrlre
wrvc  the  reputation ll '
,,f being "tl -   ' ■       rest foi
the people of tl
Uy '■**■' ■■.:..■'■
kTs    Will    i
l'ress '" l«t January,      -'    nd all
the iti«-'iiir,-i,  f..r $1.00
_ \
To Lunn un improred furtaa at cu
renl rite-.   Writ' t-»
■ 9-*-*-*-9-*-9-*-9-»-9-*-9
oufuatured by THOS, LBM, Wlnnlpai,
Catholic Prayer I'^^tx.":
«l.n-», Rallglplll PlottirM .-tataafv, and Church
OrnainciitB, EdaottionM works Slatl'.r'ler«r(-
mItc proinp! mtentlbi, D. f. ] ScMrTi tt.,I'.::r«l
(1 rude Hark Ragbter-sd Korwnber U, IMD i
Dr. Ssnobo agr-sss to take ItutrumanU t>atk
a* half jirlct'lf i.iutH'-i ii-lni! Hii-m areO '.';-•
<•rtit.fi hm.*; uti j( for fiv. watks.
tarrh of tho Bead, and J fsel Ike
Mrs. F. I* Oook, Winnipeg, ttfSj   Ibadsot*
firnl iiiitfiid «(,' nha Irom Bi ghtsDtoeaae ind
itnll.*v.*dm,* t.f I'nin.ft ..I I , n x wiekslwoa
>'r, W.O F:il«orihv, Wu 1..;*■.-.-..v- I tr v..
miff.- dd fcir'-j vfnrM with irlloular ih-iimnildtn,
wo» In hospital for '.> weeks, nnd used almost
every remedy, Including mesmerism galTan*
Ism, olsetrlo rait, eto I hnv- used Oxydunor
todays and i-ecelTed more benefit than fr m
Mrs. Qag ior. Winnipeg, *aya\ I huve osfld it
i-oNi-fiiiniiy wiih my family whonevor ridk,
and it hu oared mo otiovoro Indlguttoo and In
urij,| e.
KnVdoalon wanted in every district. Address
u m T.OIbhlni, Drain Bzcbange, Winnipeg.
Send fur Booklets ol grateful reports
Brass Band
In Strum en ti. Drum-*, t'lilftirmii, Kir.
[,nw.*sl prlCM ever  -,u -\t-i     Finn CStalogDS
C0< llluetratiunii mall-wl rr--<-     VVntt ui fur anything III Mutloor MttSlcAl Initriniinnta.
■n..i.. D-«»- a, fl*   Torwito.Ont. and
Wn-Aloy Royce a -Uo.,     winning, Man
W. N. D. 295. •
We Guarantee
That we have the largest and host selected
stock in Kootenay.
We Guarantee
that we can give you more for your money than any other Xmas goods house in
the Kootenavs.
Uu, earl) and amid thc ruib, ll 1.1 pleasure to Bbow tiouj,.   Uo with tlm masses
and have ll proven lo you (hal
IT PAYS T0 deal -with BEATTIE
KING T.he(3*:oc5
A Word to the Ladies..
I have a fine line of raisins' currants, citron and lemon
I eel, spices, etc., for Christmas cooking. They are
Iresh and the best.
Leave yuur order lor
Christmas I'ruit and Candy.
All kinds of
Fancy liroceries
rioyie's Hotel Kootenay
. j. \j>/ The best uf accnmadaliuns
Leading X for the traveling public.
New Arrival
New Arrival
Toys by Airship
anil Baloon. ****
Coming; this way there  will be  no
extra charge for freight.
Vour choice in goods and price.
Mason & Kisch are still here to
welcome you.
Cranbrook  Music Emporium.
Lot and two houses near
center of city. One rents for
$15, the other for $10. Price
SS00, $350 cash.
House and lot on Baker hill,
$550.    Terms.
See   Hutch.
Picked  Up About the City   by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
C. M. Keep was a Cranbrook visitor
James Cronin, of the St. Eugene, was
in town Tuesday,
te. J Johnson, of Moyie, came up last
Friday lor a few hours.
James Joyre, of Kimberley, was fl
Cranbrook visitor Tuesday.
I. ,\ Finch, llie Kimberley saw mill
mnn, was In town Saturday,
William Stewart, of Snrnl Creek, wus
iu town Monday on business.
Charles Estmere, the hustling operator
ol Kimberley, was In town Monday.
Rev. I Hum, of Trail, has been visiting
wilh Craubrook friends the pnst week,
Charles McN'iilib came down from
Ferule Saturday for a day in Cranbrook.
Frank McCabe, of Ward net, was in
town Mouday. Frank is slill unmarried.
Mr. and Mrs, Frank VanDecar have
moved into the McMullin home for the
Mra J. II. McMullin und Mr. McMul
liu'a mother left lust Thursday for California.
tieorge Richardson aud Prank Rankin
came down from Fernie to spend Sunday
ui home,
Mrs. Reed, mother of W. T. Reed,
left lust Friday for Kaslo, to visit her
oilier son.
The (juadritle club will meet next
Tuesday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Leitch.
Mrs. Breckenridge visited witb Mr.
Breckenridge at Coal Creek and Fernie
the past week,
W, F. TatO, tbe jeweler, bas been
confined to the house the past few days
by a dangerous cold.
Julius Ilurel, the f-oml natured hotel
keeper of Kimberley, was in lown a
elioit time yesterday.
A W. Mi Vlttle has been surveying
inn some lauds In the neighborhood of
Palmers bar this week.
day   I
(1. II. Bremner returned last I-'ri-
jlii   un   extended   visit   with  old
friends in Lethbridge,
Firewood—pine, br nn»l lamurac in all
leugths,   VanDecar Sl Son.
Charles Theis came up from Spokane
lust Saturday to look alter his interests
in South Bast Kootenay.
E- V., Orchard is building one of the
finest cotlaoSa on Baker hill. Il will he
modern and complete throughout.
The new Penile brewery will be read
lor business iu  a short lime.    Tlie plant
will be one of the best in the country.
J I1 Fink received a side of venison
from a Sand creek friend last week and
he let his friends in   on   the good Ihing
R. lv. Beattie hus without a doubt as
large a stock of Christmas goods as cun
be found in any store in hast or West
Mrs. S. Richards and Mrs. Join. Hutchison left last Mon,lay for their formei
homes in Ontario, where they will visit
during the winter.
"Sandy" Stewart was tn Moyie lust
week looking after P. I) Hope's drug
store while lhat gentleman was unending to a matrimonial engagement.
There will be work in the Initiatory
and first degrees at the Odd Fellow:
lodge tomorrow night, and a full attend
ance is desired by the noble grand.
E.S. Tisdale, at one time one ofthe
celebrated foot racers of the country,
Lut now (raveling for tbe Winnipeg
Free l'ress, was iu lown this week.
O. T. Rogers is having his store room
fitted wilh shelving and -counters. His
new goods are expected almost any day,
and lie will soon be ready for business,
Harry Reiueman came over from I*'ott
Steele last Thursday evening wilh Mrs.
Reiueman, who left the next day for au
extended visit with friends in 1'urtlaud,
V. Hyde Baker came over ftom Nelson
Tuesday. He reports Mrs. Baker as improving and expresses the hope that he
will be able to bring her home iu two or
three weeks.
It is suid lhat lhe new St. Eugene hospital building will not be ready for occupancy before February, as it will he
impossible to have tbe beating apparatus
ready before lhat lime.
The Miners' Union ol Moyie will give
a ball on the night nf December 12.
They are making preparations lo huve it
good lime. In fact, anything thc Moyie
miners take hold of, they do it right,
It would not be a Iiml idea for the
readers of The Herald to notice thc advertisement of the Hotel Kootenay, of
Moyie, and when in that busy burg ynu
will always find it a first-class place to
If you know an item of news lell Tin*
Herald ahoul il. The editor cannot liud
onl,ill that is taking place without lhe
assistance cf the people. I,el him
know, whether it is about yourself or
someone else.
As next Saturday is the day for thc
feast of the immatulate conception,
there will be special mass held in lhe
Catholic church in this city ul 9 o'clock.
Ou Sunday the regular services will be
held as usual.
Harry Benlley, the "Only Ilany."
passed through town Friday from Fernie OU his way to Nelson to attend the
annual St. Andrews banquet. Mr Bent-
ley would cross the continent rather ihnn
miss a St. Andrews dinner.
James Wilks, the head of the Biiti >h
Columbia labor organizations, was iu.
town last Friday. He had inteiidul to
hold a meeting, but through un error his
coming was not announced iu time, so
the meeting was called of)'.
If you owe The Herald aiiythhigon
subscription, send 111 the coin, Wood,
coal, diamonds, gold nuggets, legitimate
mining shares and coin of Canada or lhe
United Stales taken iu exchange.
Christmas   is   coming   and   money  is
Dr. John Barber has returned from
Moyie aud will be at home for those desiring dentistry work for a few days only
as he has a number of engagements lo
meet in Fernie, The doctor is being
kept busy these days, as his work te invariably giving satisfaction.
Mies Jardine bas boon enjjuged to gi\o
nn entertain meu t iu Mojle on the 19th,
foi the betiefit ol the'Methodist church
of that place, Tbe jieople of Moyie cun
feel assured that Uu*. program will be a
good one. as Miss Jtudiiie lias the reputation ol doiug her work well,
1'iu-ii grapher Preat has just issued one
of the most attractive group pictures l*e
has ever gotten out. II is a view of the
principal buildings of Cranhrook, and is
gotten up in au artistic manner. Il is
jusi the thing for a Christmas souvenir
to send to eastern friends.
Wedgwood, Scotch and Canadian national ware, also uu elegant line of silverware just received at Tate's jewelry siorc
The Young People's Literary society
ofthe Presbyterian church will meet to
morrow night instead of last Tuesday
night, Ihe meeting having been postponed on account of Mr. Wallace speaking that night.   A debate, in  which a
great deal «t interest is being manifested
is one of the attractive features of tho
Horace ti, Butler, barber, singeing,
Bhfimpooning and cutting ladies' and
children'-! hair, at tlicir tesidence in
Aiken block
Winnipeg Free PierB! Mr. 1,. A.
Iin ullton, formerly C P R land com*
miHsioner, and one of the best citizens
of Winnipeg, leaves lhe city on Thins
day of this week for Toronto, where,
with lus family, he will permanently
reside, Miss Isabel Hamilton will accompany ber father and Mrs. Hamilton
will follow shortly aflerwatd.
Heated by hot air throughout,
lhc dining room is first class,
livery convenience for traveler
I.0.0.F,   Key Cl y Lodge
No. ft     Meets every l-ii-
**'       linker street.    Stijiun iiiui!
Oild follows cordially Invited,
•1. I', i'ink w. i*. (iiml
N.fl. Seo'y.
Cranbrook Lodge, Nu. 34
A. P. & A. M.
Ilewilnr  ctlngs mi th«
third  riuii-iity uf tliu
■V "^       *JvW
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best nl liquors al thc iwir.
All Hit: rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, Sj.imi per day.
( I
When in Kimberley
Stop at the . . . . ,
Uud Nulla*.
Nut in* is herein* -inn ihnl mie th after
nail* i I nte ml in ii|i|il) i<> iin- i'iii'-r eoinmlssiniifii'
tlm riillowliifl described lamU: < oiniuenclnti at
a |iust marked ".lames I). I!cn crson's H, lv,
post"plantcilai Uie southwest earner nl William West's |iii--i'iii*<iiNii. iilmul live miles soutli
tvesi uf ("lanbruok, 11. <-, tlienee norlli si
elialns, thence west t-io chains, llience smith SO | («
chains, tiii'tii-i* enst m ulialtis tu ihe plnce ot
cnuiuieneeiiient, eonnllilliK U3I acres more ol
Dated this uib day ot Suveinlier, nm
•IniiiDs li, Henderson.
While   Closing  Out   These   Lines, a Ureat
Cut hi Prices Will Be Made.
raj ni'iie [insulins Lumps, uurlh fH!.w now 8.00
in IhuilileliUMilliii* liini|H "j l.M'n - ]-M»j
SIOMcdli-lliul KI etrie Hells - • • 5,01
SIO.Moilfclnul I Iconic llultoiles ■     6,00
$M Meillelnnl Klectric Imtterles - • x.iu>
10 Children's Novelty Snfi-tj Mvlnjp - mui
I11O llnml OiM'nliitliigs ol Kootenay sl/.o usxffl)
ami 'ji'Mi-i, worlli$W ami SMieaeli,sellinu ai 8M
ami 81"', fiiehiilliiu bcnntiriil hurnlslied ciu
riiimes, most siiiiiihle ]i esunt nrilia tiny.
All klmls of jileinivs sclllnu at eost I'lciure
rraminjj a specialty, Prlcoa giianintoed lhe
loivesi in Kootnny, Novelty Rcwiors, novelty
llleetrlc Nei'klli' UllllH.ctfl. UomiS S -lit I'MM.
iviieii di'pnsli acroiiipniiles order ami ah mail
orders will receive pivmpt nil nttoniit,
ll, c. Nn\i:i.TY up., Nelson, 11,0.
Kihberlcy Hotel
Julius Hurel, Proprietor, j
New Building*, New Furniture, antl Every,
thing first-class. Otiv object is to please our
■inBHBnflas&Bia -■■ B&raHHHi
^p-y   ^
Nollee Is hereby given lhat one month otter
ditto I Intend to apply to lhc chief 1 mlsslniier
llio f.tllowlligde.-ierlhed lands: 1 o-iuiicnrltlRilt
a post marked "Imuran McDonald's s. K. oor-
nci post."sl itateil t.t tin- northeast cowr of
11, \v. Melton's pre.eiii|il!on near Palmers Bar,
hast  Km-tenay, llience  north elRhty olialns,
elialns, thonco rust forty'chnins 10llioplacoof
"llie coming town of East Kootenay.
near the famous North Star and
Sullivan mines „*-s j/t
Dntetl ait
.-. nuh day 11 October,
Duik'iui MoDonald.
The Chamber
Of Mines
Southern Britisli Columbia
koolcnay and Vole
The Chamber of Mines wants tlior-
ougbly reliable correspondents in every
camp In ibe districts of Kast and West
Kooleiiay and Vale to whom reasonable
compensation will be paid fur tbeir ser.
vices.    Correspondents will be expected
10 furnish the Chamber of Mines with
all development goiitfi ou at the mines,
tlie Installation of machinery, shipment
of ore and value, and generally such
news as will attract the attention of capitalists and cause them to investigate
nd invest,
Applications to be addressed lo the
Chamber of Mines,
Southern British Columbia,
Box 578 kossland, IS. C.
G* Johnson,,,.
\J/ Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook. B. C.
Furnished or
A limited number of lots for sale at prices varying from $125 to $400. Now is the time to
buy as prices wil! be advanced the first of thc
year .* „•« ■ * ,<
— .^^ _
Apply to
Land Commissioner C. P. R. BEALE & EL WELL
Winnipeg; Fort Steele And Kimberley
...Sole Representatives...
Central Hotel
North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of thc best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
\ ISItlDK liitUK'ni wtlcotn tl.
*>v, F. la-mi, Seo'y.
The Lion Brewery
*vkosslnnd, BC
The lariti'st nail i\aes\*\^ pped
Itriwi-n in lirillsh Coluranla
Their DUDWRISRR DKRR (bottled)
is equal Lu any Imported Article.
ARRATKD WATKRS of all bnmdsto
bf bud at nl] hotcla in West mid Riut
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wholesale Giocer
mul St'lliiijj; A^t-'tits
Cranbrook, R. C.
Livery 3
Undertaking Ana
Graduate of Champion college of i$
Office and Ktore, Aiken block,
near Canadinu Pnnk of Colli-
tnerce, Craubrook, 1) C
Upholstering and (icneral Furniture Rcpnir
Will attend to any work in the distil
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Wate
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Cid
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Proprietors „•* jt j*
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams nml drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   „*    .*   J,
For Developed
- Silver*Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Soda water in siphons.    The  i
economiir.il way to handle it.
A nice selection nf "Meriden J
annia" silverware constantly
stock. Choice designs in
goods        .*        J*       J-
High grade movements in
best quality of gold, gold (il
and silver cases. Satisfactit
guaranteed       j*        .*
W. F. TATd
CRANBROOK,    .    B.
Olllclal Watch Inspector lor C. P. It.
Land Pure has
Miniii"* Claim
Etc.       jt
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S|
Provincial Land Surveyor
Ollice of McViltie 4 Hutchison
Cranbrook, li. C.
Pet Vour  Phota
and put on  one of our
Christmas mounts.    Ther!
no gitf that   will   give
pleasure to the friends in
Prest, Photoghraphi
""■ Builder **
,>*T®-^M9-4--<l)-SHi>-?> ■■
tiitiuire "f ■
Durlck nve
Contractor ami Builder
At present om hiiilillnit the new SI. Eugene
hospilnl and a number of two story and oilier
Cranhrook, 15. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
01'l'l(:l*-s:H|.*ltLW:K   lil.ocK,
CKANUKOOK,   :   :   :       :   :   B. C,
M fDANROAIW Is the divisional point of the Crows
I ^ K/^!" D K iJ%JIV Nest Pass Railroad.                               ]
r  Has a io=stall round house, large machine \
^ shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- j
S tensive railroad yards.                                     1
3 Cra br OOk 's tJlie natural and commercial center of South East I
p Kootenay.                                                                  ;
| Cranbrook ,s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora-
j| lions of South East Kootenay.
ij Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
"I South East Kootenay.
% Cranbrook Is biuUl'd^, rapidly and her population is increasing week afler   :
$ week.
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P.'k. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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