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Cranbrook Herald Mar 23, 1905

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George Powell has returned Iron*
dip tu ihe Boundary country.
It. J, Baker, nf Moyie, was t
Cranbrook vision  last Saturday.
.1 Hint's I iftwrouco, ol (.atgn ry, wai
shaking bands with t'l.iuhiouli Itit'ii !i
tins week,
James Dlachau, ul .l.tlliay. was tn
town a lew  days   Uus  Week Oil Joying
ilu- iiie of a metropolis
Mis   (1    T,   Itogers,  Mis   L.   ll. Van
Decai and Miss Ji-itiies are sojourn
wg al Siulai  ibis week,
'"Vie will he a business meeting ol
.rtf Heading lit i Society lu customs    oititt     M lay   evening
March 37, at i. o'clock,
ll  While, President
William Plerco, ul Calgary, wlm bas
charge ol tbo surveys ol tlio land department 01 the V. I*. It., WUS in
lown several days Ibis week on olh-
Clal business.
T. Gallon, ot Nelson, father ot Tom
Gallon, ot ilie Imperial Hank a Ull,
has fallen belt to the revenue oi un
entailt-d estate iu England and will
soon leave lor llial country lo looa
alter ins inheritance.
Harry Uiadiord bad a letter the
utlii'i day 11,1111 J, F. Adams, who is
now enjoying hit. wealth in the uld
country. Mr. Adams is weil and expects io return io Cranbrook within
a short time.
T. AI. Roberts, of the firm of Arnold A Koberts, has been sent io
Ferule to adjust the losses of the recent lire in which ihe companies thai
his firm represents arc interested,
This is a nice compliment to Mr. Roberts' ability aud judgment
Bradford -i: McDonald have opened
their new holel al Bayard, the name
ut the pustofliee at Staples mills. The
house is a comfortable one iu every
respect and lhe people of ibis district whu visit Bajard will always
find a pleasant place iu stop,
The members ol tbe Sunday school
classes of A. Vrootn and Miss Connelly, of the Methodist church, were
given a parly last evening at the
parsonage. Tbe evening was a pleasant one and those present bad every
reason to leel ttiaiiKfut that they wet*
Hev.  Robert  Reid,  of Walla  Walla,
| Wash.,  is iu  lown,  tht* guest ol    ins
brothers, W. T. ami 0. B, Reid. Rev I
I Reid   formerly    lived iu Cranbrook
I where he has many hit-mis who were
pleased tn Bee him again.   He Is now I
lal  the head of  the largest church  In
Walla Walla, one of tbe leading cities
Ol  the slate ul Washington, and    has
mot with wonderful success in    bis J
work  thero.  Speaking ol  Cranbrook
Mr.   Reid  expressed  himself  as  must j
agreeably surprised at lln- wonderlul
growth of tho town since he left here
and is oil in* opinion that Cranbrook
is destined tn become a graot place.
As Cranbrook is the natural center
uf Uus district, and in consequence
the plan- where all laboring men cumo
tn when ihey an* Booking employmout
the Herald will |n tbo luturo publish
under ilu- bead ui "Situation Wanted" any nolleo ol Ihis kind hy a laboring man Ireu ot charge. All
that will ho necessary Is tor
the applicant tu send In his
name, address, and the kind of a position that lie is looking for. The
insert the notice two weeks without
charge. The reason that this oiler is
made is that there are always men
looking fur work, and as a rule companies looking for men. If the two
could get together it would help mat's on both sides. Therefore, if thero
is any laboring man looking lor work
let htm send in the notice to the Herald.
. iljuti'
. the
Are you going io c
support of the free
Then don't wait io
band your offering to
Manning or 11. While.
There is a subscription at thi
penal bunk (or raising a fund lor th?
furniture lot the new battleship Dominion now being constructed. No
amount over twenty-live cents will
be received. An) man with a spark
uf national pride and two-bits will
diop in and put down his name
IL L. Stephens and Matt Roeken-
dort, formerly of Morrissey, aie nuw
in tlie hotel business at Calgary and
from reports aie doing a bit; busl
uess. Mr. Stephens is a lustier, and
if Ihere is any business in the community in which he is located he will
get his share, and ho has an able as
s ist anl in Mr. Rockondott.
The   funeral   Bcrvlcos   ol Eatl Jo-
soph, the smi ol Mi. and Mis   James
Hiown, ol Wardnoi
Marys church In 111
moruTng at it ■in o
a iiumbei uf Irtendi
attendance.      Mi
have tho sincere
were held at Sl
s city lasl Fl i,la*
'clock. There wer
s Horn Wardnei ii
and Mrs BroWl
ympalhy of    the!
During the past two weeks the ILi-
ald has received another large Invoice
ot type and printing material, including some of the latest faces in tlie
typographical ait. This week it
placed with Gage & Co., Toronto,
and Cray, Kwing A Co.. of Spokane
two unusually large orders for print-
stationery. These orders Include
s of paper thai has never been
drought into this district before, and
will aggregate over $1000. The Her
tld believes tlml the people of this
district want their choice nf the best
in ihe printing line, an.l the Herald
proposes to see that they have this
opportunity. If conditions remain as
promising two months from now as
Ihey do now, aud the prospects are
that they will be far belter, the Herald will have a large addition built
in its already large and handsome
building aud will have a ruling machine and bindery established, with
one ol lhe largest job presses i-vci
brought to tho province, making three
in all, besides its large ncwspapel
press. Tlie Herald does not believe
in the back seal policy, hut prefers
to lead. It has tbe best equipped
newspaper plant to be found in anj
weekly olliee in Western Canada lo
day, but ii is not satisfied with that.
as il   has a desire  to give the people
of Cranbrook and this district the
best that money can buy, When all
these Improvements arc completed the
Herald wll in- in shape lo print anything Irom a visiting card lo the
largest poslei or blank book it i-
quite an undertaking for a town oi
this site, hut Uie Herald has faltb In
the community and the business men
anil knows that lhc) will give it every opportunity lo secure lhc business.
The Average Man Doesn't
Know The First Thing
about flour, but th.2 woman who does the family baking-
she is the one who appreciates Royal Household
Hour—made by tht new electrical process—because
when she tries il with tlie simple "Royal Household"
recipes she finds it makes better, sweeter, whiter, lighter
Bread, Buns, Rolls, etc., and more crisp and delicious
Pastry than she ever made before, and she is not afraid
to say so.
South ii.ni"e, Hi'.'liv Co., S, r... Si
i amber i.-ii.l.
"1   'Mint   In Ull   villi llial K..M.I  1!  11
.hold Flour is
the best I ever use.l in all mv life, .,,,,1 •.:„■
nil. kind 1 »ill
have .*. Ions j» i .-.ui j.,-1 ii.
(Signed.)      MRS. AU
1 u any woman sending in name and <u]Jre;s to  I he O^ilvie Flour Mills Co.,
Limited, Montreal, and mentionning this paper, these recipes v/ill be sent FREE.
-,-'   i-,^sisi
1*1 LI.V   AIM'KKl'l VTEI) IH
Held A Co, ate getting ready for
If i"
an who
,,r win
iii business in
,*, lis   ;\   dollar s
..i  piopi
the*,   in.
Ire him
many liiends in then  bcreavouient,
Mis. s     ii.   lloadlcy and Mm   li
Elwcll aie euroute home Horn  Eng
land iiiui an absence ol loui months,
and  tbey   will   .nine m    Cranbrook
nni   Thursday.   Mrs,   Hoadlej  will
bring hot daughtvl  hack with hel
A. McKiunoii is now riding a motor|
bleyole ami ll  Is attracting * great \
ileal of attention,
Tlio Sl   Patrick's concert given by
ihe Presbyterian church bocleties was
a marked success   The program was
a most entertaining ono and the largo;
audience evinced  tlloll   appreciation of,
the iiiiicieiit numbers by enthusiastic j
applause   'ibis    concert, like others
(hat    have been given  in  Ciaiiluook,
demonstrated tliat Cranbrook hu
some very strong talent iu musical
ami literary lines
E, E. Chair, une ol the best known
holel men in lhe west, und lor a lung
time proprietor of tbe l'hair hotel all
Nelson, now the Sirathcona, has tak-j
en charge of the Grand hotel at Spo-
\ novo) method loi Increasing 'he
usefulness of lumbei has been perfect
ed in England, says a wrltei In Col
Iter's. The method consists, In brlof,
in i.'plai Ing thi' an in wood wnh ii
solution of boot BUgai and removing
the excess ol watei by a subsequent
drying. Tho Inventor of tho process,
Mt Powell, attains hlfc object by us
ing a large hot let In which tile Umbel
lo be treated is placed, and the beet
sngai solution pumped In Alter the
air has nil been replaced by tho boIu
Mod the wood Is kiln (lmil Examination ol lhe Wood seems to idlOW ihat
ibe sugar is absorbed Into the fiber ol
the woody tissue, and is nol simply
held in the intercellulai spaces.
li is claimed thai llmboi treated in
tins way Is no longei porous, will I'ol
shrink oi warp, and is stronger, hoav-
ii'i and more durable Moreover, It li
said that ibis wood is nol liable lo
dry rot, it is hoped that hy mixing
the proper poisons with the sugar
bath tbe wood will be made resistenl
to the attacks of fun^l and insects.
do ihe work, that tbe rest of ns, who
do nothing,   appreciate their efforts.
Lot  ns drop down to the fire house ] bijr millinery trade this seasui
ou Thursday night, night,  now    and |    McOailum A Co, are ready lor lhc
then, and   watch   the hoys iu    their  spring trade In the hardware line.
work.    Let   us drop a   Word ol tn-,   njl| ^ Vo  *luVt! \wl.ti flHlng up their
couragemetit.    Let us impress   upon!gtoro ,*-„, |)ils( [cW wooks with   new
ti..'    members  that  we consider    tho1 goods.
lire brigade roll a mil uf honor. One I    Manning A Sldifons are enjoying a
way to help is to have every business .profitable trade which is steadily iu-
Vancouver, B, C, March 17.—The
kane, one of lhe best hotel baUdiiigs j tender ol A. E. and Roy Barrett
in that cily. Mr. Phair is well know company, of Seal Ile, has been accept-
throughout the west, and especially w[ for tj,t. erection of a tourist hotel
in Hriiish Columbia. The Grand will at victoria for the Canadian Pacific
I,, ,.,..1, alters for all people from railway company. The contract will
the Uuoleiiays who visit Spokane, be signed here tonight. The price nf
and when they go to that hotel they the tender is just under $500,000.
will be treated in princely fashion. Work on the building is to be started
Mr. Phair is iu a big town and has the beginning of April, by which time
charge of a big hotel, and he is the the foundation will be completed.
kind of a man who will make a sue-1  0	
(•oss of it.  There is another Inducement to stop at that hotel, one will
be able to find the Herald on file and '    Steady ringing of the bell,  lire in
that is worth a good deal to anyone down town district,
from East Kootenay. |    Ringing of the bell with a break of
In next week's Herald we will pub-  three strokes of the lolling hammer,
lish a statement of all receipts and fire on the hill,
expenditures of tbe reading room   to     Five strokes of the tolling hammer,
date. Executive Committee,     call for practice.
iwn, would
'dock any
what    the
f the brigade go through
secure   practice so that
• ah!,' to do etllcicnt ser-
..i  (Ire, there would   be
appreciation sweep   over
wn    that    \nnild materially
the present stains of affairs
is tho nie department is con-
Once a week, rain or shine,
Irom   twelve    to    iwentj   members of
the brigade aro on hand At a given
signal, at tn the) have donned iholi
rubber coats and hats, tbey dash out
of the building pulling the heavy Lose
reel and lhe hook ami laddel cart at
a rapid speed. To some point on the
main street the hook and ladder earl
is taken. While the hose cut is rushed
further down, with* lho hose unreeling
Before strangers know what is the
ltd' three ui tout men have chased
up the ladder with one end of the hose,
,i whistle is blown, and a stream ol
watei is deluging the roofs, At tbo
same nine on tlio street anolhei hose
is iu active operation and two powerful streams ol water are bursting
forth, streams thai In cast* of a com
flagrallon would soon subdue a most
threatening firo, After a practice of
several minutes orders are given, the
watei is cut off, and limn the heavy,
dirty hose is wound up on tho reel
and taken back lo tho bouse where il
is taken nil again and thorouguly
washed, then, wnh no small labor,
pulled up im the high drying rack to
drain. Hut that is not all. Ihere
must always bo hoso ready. Several
members are detailed to wind up TOO
or HO" feel of dry hose on the reel,
and linn everything Is put in first
class shape, so that when a lire alain
Is sounded the apparatus will be ready
for good work.
Vou own, is ol teal and pergonal
property that might be subjected to
danger from lire at any time, do vou
realize whal that bunch uf men are
doing lor you?
Do you think il is easy work? II
you do just go down there nexl
Thursday night and Like a hand lor
llie two hours Ihat Ihey work.
What do lhe men get for the hard
work and personal sacrifice? Not one
cent in money, ami the thanks and
appreciation of a very few people vho
would be the beneficiaries if there
was to be a fire. Honestly, now, you
business men and property owners,
don't you think that you might drop
around once in a while and say a
word of thanks. Of course the mem;
lit-rs don't ask for it. They think
tbey arc doing their duty by the
town, but there arc a number of people who should do their duty hy Jhe
Let us think over this matter and
sec if we cannot show the boys  wbo
firm try to have a representative oti
Iho brigade. They need mote members, Ami ihe greater number who
know how to work al a tire, the belter work will be done in an emergency.
Boost the lire department. It is
worthy of boosting.
Following is a rosier of the brigade:
Chief,   .1.   P.   Kink.
Assistant Chief, K. J. Bradley.
still   iu-
me  extra
Treasurer,  V.   ■
Secretary, t. -1
.1.  W.  Bieiiiner
George Reese,
E.  K. Johnson
\V. Towers,
K. S. Baron,
Krcd  Pat toil,
W. Seville,
W. Hay ward,
K. Dosall,
I). McLean,
T, Stark,
N. Hill,
K. Tate,
Ira Manning,
L.   Buwiiess,
, K. E. King,
G. A. King, principal of the school,
has invited the parents of thelown
and all other friends ol school work
to the school ou Friday afternoon,
March 21 th, al 3 o'clock. The purpose ul lhc meeting was touched en
by Inspector Wilson al Ihe public
meeting last fall at the time of lhe
teachers' institute, Mr. Wilson mentioned that une great drawback lo
the progress of education is lhe facl
that the schools do not come near
enough to the homes, or the homes
lo the schools. It Is hoped at this
meeting to effect an organization of
all who are interested in thework ol
the schools. In many other cities
these organizations have had the effect of making the school what it
should be—the social center of lhe
community. The healthy interest
aroused gives a great impetus to
school activity of every kind. The
purposes and opportunity of such a
club will be outlined at the meeting.
It Is safe to say that this will
prove to be the most important movement in school matters yet made in
Cranbrook. Every parent, every person wbo has an interest in education,
in the progress ol the schools should
be present and make the .meeting an
inspiring success.
J. I). McBride carries at
stock of hardware and i
creasing  it.
Macconnell A Gillis, the
merchants, are displaying s<
fine goods this spring. {
J. 11. Templeton will have ono ul
the finest drug store:; in tbe province
when he is finally settled In his new
W. II. Wilson, the jeweler, is an artistic winnow dresser and his work
in that line is talked about all over
the district.
C. E. Reid, the druggist, continues
to improve the appearance uf Lis
place of business ami add to Lhe
slock that he now carries.
The Kink Brothers have been making some extensive Improvements In
their stock the past month. These
two gentlemen are very popular business men and carry an Immense
The Herald feels safe In saying
that there is not a town lhe size of
Cranbiook iu Canada where the merchants carry such huge stocks ol
goods and ol such a superior quality.
Morrow A McFarlane have demonstrated what« persistent advertising
along the proper lines will accomplish, providing that one has the
right kind of goods and give the people llie right kind ol prices.
G, T. Rogers, who bas made the
letters "G. T. R." familiar to every
home in the district, has a knack of
fixing up a stole so that it is attractive all the time, lie is a strong l.e*
Hover in legitimate advertising uud
frankly admits thai he can see the
direct benefit,
Ft Hi
In  the Matter of  the Petitions of R.
G. Edwards Leckie, Frank W, Pa-
I ters, Guy ll. Klrkpatrick and Sir
I Charles I Hubert Tupper, Under See-
I    tion 9 of 'The Coal Mines Act.''
Notice is hereby given that the
above mentioned parties have filed
petitions lo tho judge of this eourl
10 decide disputes as to the right oi
title to prospecting licenses lot the
following described lands, that is to
Situate In East Kootenay on the
oast side ul the Flathead river hi
Oil oi Sage creek and from abuut a
to 8 miles north ol lho International
Boundary line, Description ol laud
staked by the aforesaid R. G. Edwards Lnkic:
Commencing at a post on the north-
west bank ol Oil creek, marked "R,
O, Edwards Lockle'a S. E. Corner, '
adjoining Sir r. ll. 'Puppet's s. \\.
coiner post; thence north SU chains;
thenco west (su chains; thence south
80 chains; thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing
040 aires.
Situate in Easl Kootenay on the
least side of Hie Flathead river ou
[ Oil or Sage creek, and from about 5
l to iS miles north of the International
. Boundary lino. Description of land
staked by the aforesaid Guy H. Kirk-
i   Commencing at a post on the north
bank of tho creek, marked "G.    H.
Kirkpatrick's N. w. Corner," adjoining Mrs. M. E. Lane's N. E. corner
post;  thence soulll su chains;  thence
east 81) chains; thence north 81) chains
i llience  west   m  chains     to point  of
: commencement,  containing  640 acres.
i    Situate  in   East   Kootenay  on  the
east side of the Flathead river on Oil
or Sage creek and from about 5 to 8
miles     north   of   the   International
! Boundary   line.     Description nf   the 1
land staked     hy aforesaid  Frank W.
1 Commencing at a post on the north I
; west bank of Oil creek, marked'
; Frank tt. Peters' N. E. Corner,"
adjoining R. ti. Edwards Lccklo's -S.
! E. corner post; thence south 8t>
chains; thence west SU chains; thence
I north 8t) chains; thenco east 80
[chains to point nf
containing 6*10 acres
j Situate in blast Kootenay on tbe
east side of the Flathead river on Oil
or Sage creek and from about ft to 8
miles north of the International
Uoumlary Ijne. Description of land
slaked by aforesaid Sir Charles Hib-
bert Tupper:
Commencing a! a post on the north
west bank of Oil creek, marked "Sir
C. IL Tuppor's Corner," adjoining
I'm! Peters' N. W. corner post;
thence north su chains; thenco east
SU chains; thence south HO chains;
thence west SU chains to the point of
commencement, containing B40 acres.
Nol ice is hereby given that His
Honor .Judge Form bv order dated
February 23rd 1005. has ordered
that any person interested in the
ubject matter of said petitions, rr
having any objections to the prayer
of said petitions being granted, shall
on or before the 1st day of Mav.
D05. file with the registrar of said
court at Cranbrook a petition or
statement setting forth his claim or
the ground ol bis said objections and
verily  the same under oath.
And the said judge has further ordered that a copy of said petitions
shall be forwarded to any party interested by said petitioners or their
solicitors on application being made
thorofor to the registrar of -said
court at Cranhrook.
Dated the 4th day of March, 1905.
Tupper A Griffith,
Solicitors for Petitioners.
J. F. Armstrong,
49 Registrar
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work in
wny of doors, windows, tran.
stuns, etc. Kiln dried lumbal1
for insiilt- work. ('ur work is
guaranteed and our prices nru
j Rough and Dressed Lumber
j I or Sale
Lowest Rates    Best Time
Standard and Tourist Sleepers,
Couches, I linittu' Cars
WEST Leaves Rewlstoka Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday fox Seattle
and Vancouver.
EAST Leave Duntnore Junction
for Toronto, Wednesday and
Saturday; for Montreal,
Monday nnd Friday; for
boston. Friday.
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through Bookings to and frum tireat
Britain and tlu- Continent
For rate?, folders and tickets  apply to
local agents, or to
Q. Hillier, Agent, Cranbrook.
D.P.A., Nelson   A.G.P.A. Vancouver
Capacity of 1500 to 2,(iu0 pounds. j^L'r/.'11.
As good as new.  Apply T. M
ei ts,
London, March Hi.-The first floating labor bureau ever established will
be on board the steamship Vancouver
scheduled to sail hum Liverpool    to
Canada oue month hence.   The vessel
has been chartered by General Booth
of lhe Salvation Army.   It will sail
under the army Hag and carry more
than 1,0U0   workless   Londoners     to
places     in     which work is awaiting
them.   Members of lhe Salvation Army's Canadian contingent—labor   experts fully qualified lo advise British
emigrants as to the condition of work
and chances of remunerative employment—will he on board.   Every emigrant who wants work will enter his
name at lhc offices of the floating bureau, and any who arc not able    to
secure situations will be taken under
tbe army's wing lo the Toronto head
quarters.   The emigrants will he principally those desirous of being   'arm
laborers ami domestic servants. I-'ifiy
be conveyed      free    of
Icharge at a cost of $lu,uiin, but   the
i(ob"   the remainder ol the emigrants will
1 pay lhc ordinary passage money.
Struck Ore
I „ „nr Bk Tunnel. Mining Experts say it will prow
richer and better, rtany large Hold Veins are just
ithcad and will be cut in rapid succession. Wo own
the 200 acres,   WITHOUT DEBT.
-»-»■*■■— .»•■•■••■••>■•■»
'I'l,,- camp ,,f Quick Fortunes, w.
witli rich (i>,1,1 Strikes all around.
covered.   JOIN NOW and
own  imj acres,
Uold Veins bis-
Every Shnre ol Holden Sun Stock (jives ownership
in ilu' tiiiMlii'ld KKiiu'ii'K nml Colorado '.'ihi total
Iimi acres,   Dividends declared on loth wonld !»■
rn* •••*"•"•- •'.•'.•..•'.•••-•-•»•-•■••♦ •' ••••-♦ +
$i5.00  BUYS 1,000 SHARES
$45 Iniys 3,800 shares.   UK) buys 'J.iitHj shares
Full pniil,    Ndii-iissi-ssiiLli-
lUV    It'Cl-Olli:   THE   CHICK   ADVANCES
tin- cheapest and best, with ore in the initios and cash in tho
treasury.   If over-subsoribed your money will be roturned.
Highest Commercial and Bank References,
.♦ a-»"...,^..-»,.,.,."»-^-.-.-»-..^a .'........ .,.,.,,.,.,. ,■*■***.
Itake all remittances payable to
The Golden Sun Mining & Milling Co.
20* Kittnilp' HuililiiiK DENVER. COLO. TnE   CRANBROOK   IIERALl!
1 $ob printinfl ie an Mxtsss
.SU   ALL  P.ltlll
St. Paul, Chicago, New Vork
H.la.t and luurl.l Sleepers. Ilullcl   library
Cra, Mmlern   l>a>   CoacbU,   Il.mnx   Car.,
jMeal. a la Cm ,e.
L East and West Dally "
Special c.eursliin rales 10 World'. I'alr. SI
Louis.     v„ur cbolc. nt route,, .Jit
For rates, lolllen ,,,„! fall IlllormRllOI,
i.-gHitlinu till'-, 'all al.l.i'aa
II. H \S1'T
rilss Thomas, Superintendent.
The Herald Practices the art.    You can get only one kind of
Printing in this office.    That is the best.
The Latest Cuts and Best
applies, l„ whal we're ,
..w calling
your attention  to    IV
■   iliive
liil.'si  cuts,  heeause "
■re all
cutting  gurtiieiits for
3)uup4ll uf Regulation--, for disposal ttt Mineral* on liuminliH) Lamb in Miiliobn,
th-a Northwest Tcrrltorte-J nail tbe Vvk«
Coat   Coal lumu UUU i
~~ i
t- innuiMtoii nt ftllMf I
.11.111.1 ?_"J   ll.i    llll til Hit iii".       N"l j
,i*ifi inn in- auqoiiwl (<y on*i iu '
,.|'..ii!,     I OJUiU   Ut  UM  i-i"' 01
,i ul .', til UQUUu-J •.null l.l.' i-i.lii'i't-
uiu ..I eighteen joari snd u».'i
n i»auit»iiomuitf tu.- i.iiii.'t's
> ...I..I.II Outi) lui .i ix.liluu  WW*
is granted for one
( 11.i:, ill-nil (i..> .lii'lil
tlli.f.'l .Ul nml. I.liu.
ii.iin hit a aoiupaui
.,-uvL-ie.l  iiuiii-i.il 111
... ifluuxiftM iw. b)
HWll VtlUOO Oil*  tun
U.lti.l   wltlilii  It'le.'li
. luiitfl ul u luiiiiuK
,.ni.it n.i) .iliiitti* i im
||   II'.ll-llllU-        I lit'     lVH
ui.mii u-ft
n.i ii-ijuuniutiji*.,
ii iic re.
lU.Wil u) .im Aliuii
..Ilia   L„,,l.,|l.l      hll,'-
M.I,..',     11..
I I.i IV   1T.I.-
Members *
aud> nursing In lornl pityate ward.
Contract ball yearly |5.
Contract monthly -tl.
Private ward ftlO per week, covering
board uud nursing,
Semi-private ward 11*1 per week.
Maternity Work n Specialty
Livery  S
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in tlu; district.
A. DOYLE, Manager,
it ilu-
lUu IusSl'-J
.Ml.llll mi.'.- S
each live mi
uu-. uLu.iluu.
iur vul-Ii till
i.-tii.u. .liu i
MiMll   I:
-if Columbian College ~
Pounded IM.' ' New Wcsliiilnsler B. C
Incorporated ival
Fi-uvi,l«.H „ christian home lor atudent,
Until SOXM, Lt IllU'lai-..,.-  l-alf.',,     llua ll   IHUJ,-
urutoi y .'Ilia, li.r junior .., n.l.-ills, lining gro-
tied I'ulilia Sotiool work. Pobb High School
work, .-niili-i-i ,,11 nigh School prli'llogra, an,I
prepares rortoacliaraeaniiiliintloiiB,  Tonchoa
nil l.l-iiliclim ul I, PRACTICAL BUSINESS
rul'HSH, mai (rlvca illplnmna, (Urea „ lib-
ernl edlicfltlnn ll, Ua own injlhtultite follrae,
,„l,i, n„-1..-.-,,.-. ,,:,.
a ft,.
und Al. L. A.   In IU
(tudem* tbrougli tha
uml tlm degree of ft \
Toronto University, n
in full alltliilimi-    l',,i
■orally work uuu tukij
-i.iii|il.'i,' Arts uout'Mi-,
run li- obtained from
ith whicli the college Is
fuller Information mul
terms write lo
Rev W.J. Slpprcll It.
or We
\. 11- D, Principal,
. ,1. P. bowell, Bursar.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specially
ro iuu i,
u lOtUuUUlll.
■ in operutiuii
rt  Oil'  l.'-l.**   fl*
Uilt Wllttl'U il pi I ilu. ul  Ci'lll'J.Ul*.
tiruLiiUU "inv  ie..---- out1 u.wiai:
Uill a   01" li.iuliuil   1. Ullllluh-Ut
UUuUlii tur t-m-ti nun- ui river
:*r <il On: l.uu ul tiMj .iiiu  .1 lij.ii
per ouiit ootlBomiJ on in,: on,pui utter it oxtuwila
Un lining In Hi" Vnkon Territory, r-BlK Itmae
111 IIVU llll.Ik cil-'ll UNI) Ilu i.tiiulvU In 11 In-tin.U-i  IOI U U'l'lll or   IVM-Ulj    J'.O'',   Ulli*   icue.i-
lilt) li*aSS«.'aili:lll iM i.gll!.IIt'il  IU   tilt' lUljUiein
uii uuu ur bars i* ill'* civ i' ui;luw uns H.iie,
iiuuK. llial buiiuiiar) I,, li. ik.-.i m iis puMiiiu.i
nu Hit* lui nitj ut AUtium iu ilie year ut in- uu;u
Ul tilt* lt.U-.ti,
'luu lus-iet' ili.el have .un* 11 rail lit* In u-Jfraiiuu
vwiiiiii two years tium mu uute or tne ir-uati, una
ilDu UlUllgL lUl' Ullilll me li.,|..-i Wll.,lit   BU   i'l'.,It,
itniii iui'li aaii'. lifiiiiti, ,->i .il p.'i uii.i- lur iliit
yeai, ami slu P'i' mlu- im-i-nuii •iuu,i-,,iit-ut)i-.ir.
iiuyaity huuii1 hh plu-.i-r mlaiuK.
1'iuuor MlUlOU in Uiu Iumiii I'eri'Uiny.-Crtiek,
; iiU*li. toi-r uml mli uaiiii*. *.liiiil iiiii uiuui'il *\,
leel iu lenylli, iiieiisurt'il uu lhe It,.it* Imu u
,-i iiuial (liluulluii ut llio ut.'i'i, or j;iil<-li, lilt
rtltllll "Ji'lOB IrOHl 1 UUU |u ■■_„,,, feci. All uliit-r
pliiutii uluiiiin .iliuli im .'jj feet -.ijUiU u.
I'lnlniHiiie niurhi-.l liy two .euui jnuli, «n>* at
eaeli iml, bt-urln-j iiuiiuoi. liulry mu .1 lie uii-
iiiiiiL'.l wi lun tun days, if tlm ,-it.i.u la wl.lib
leu mil--, ur iniiiiin: luuo.ilur i olliee. ime **min
...ij a.luiveil lui' t-.n-n a.ldilluu.il ten inl.es ut
1 lie person or uuuipauyntukluxa uialtu must
imiii a free uuuor i »:<.*i-iim.-..ie.
Tlu* tliseuverer ul u new mine ll entitled lo a
ul,ulil ul 1" U U'ut  lu  it-iiiilli,  mnl  ll   llie  pi.l'L,
OOllslstS ot Wo, l,»ju feet altoge Uer, untie om-
! juit .a uliiiti i.u luyuuy alutli be  t.ii..i(jetl, tin-
if   rest ottiie pitity uiiUtiitry . laiuiiuiuy.
i.atry lee tie.   Ituyalty at tlie rutu oi two -inl
nlm ...ut |.t;l i- in nu lui: Mil ul- ill till' ({Uill all.p
peil fi'.'in llm VllMJll l.'iiiiuiy lo Im pa.tl io tue
Nu irei- inmer shall receive u ■■rani of more
Muni out* nn in un flaiiii mi eaeli a-ipum!*- river
UftlOK or liukll, mil ttld -..iliie nil.ivr muj luun
any milliner ut claliim liy juircliaH-*, uml free
iiiiueis may work tlieir umiiiu in puriaeritiiip by
li llll;* tiu-li:-* lill.l Jul.-1 UK tue of $J) A ulu.lil
nmy lie liHiitl'iiii'tl, anil aiminer oblimieU on tne
same ereeK, ijUlcli ur nver, uy giving uotme uuu
piiyiiilj li fee.
ffuflt iiiiim 1.01lope on a claim each year to
tlie value ol at luust r'.'uti.
a certiorate tiuit tvurk lias been .Imm mmi he
»li aineil t'-it-n year, If um, Um itaitu tiliall be
ileeiiit'tltu lie ui.iimi..m<ii,uml open luoccupatlou
ami fui i'V by a free miner.
Tin- liiiiiiii|,irn**i ota claim may beilullneil ab-
i..liil.-t> by Having ii Suni-y i.i,..miiuil pal) lln 111 tig
m>ll.ri*.i in (In- Viinii..i|lli'.al liiizelle.
I'eiroleuiii.-.ttl iiiia|i|ii'u|iiliiietl Diiinliiluu
I.iiiiiIh lu .Miuitti'lia, Un- ,Nurili»u-ji 1 ei'rtturiea
ami within llm Vukuu li-nliury nre up.-n in
ui'u.pi'titliiB rui peliuieitlil, aim llie uilulitei
may reserve lu. un nulivuiu.i: or uuiupauy .liav-
laelilliery mi lim lumi lo lie |>u»--e. luii, an
laying tpiHUtllli
i tint
ii pioipi'ctoi' .;U
rua n.it i-\ee.-iili.K
I,nnt   -ll, tl  ulll.-l
it Uie rate of 91.00 an were, subjeui
; auuh rate ni may bo sjicoIIIbu by
w. w.coity
pimtv nl the Mtnut.'i 01 uie Intel or
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For" terms
local land agents
.. Hytlo'Baker, Cranbrook, B. C.
I. H. Wilson, Wtirdiiei', B, C,
K. K. Bruce, Wilmer, III1.
maps nml further particulars apply to the following
E. Mallantlaine, Jr., Creston,
H. & M. Bird, Nelson, B. 0,
Or tu
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Albtrto
Ottawa, Match -u— A great part ut
tho credit fot the settlement of llie
school clause in the crisis ol the Autonomy Hill is said lo he due lo Hon
Thus,    lirei'iiway.      All   the   western
iu the station at this members    uill  .support n Including
toof will be raised uml  Hon.  ClilTottt Sifi   hul  tbe luttei
y added, making three.will   not re-enter the cabinet.    Tbo
rVrraftgeineuU are being completed
lot commencing work on tho changes
lo   bt- made
place.   The
another    sl.
in nil.   All ol the offices will bo-plao.|portlolb
t-d on the seeond limn, while all ot lhe oil botw
Hist  Hour  will  be used  tor walling
rooms, ticket office, baggage and express mollis.     This  being  the liead-
quarters ol the Crows Nest branch ul
Ilu*, 0.   I'-  U   and the GOUSUtloMuU ul
tht- Spokane connection, naturally Ihu
business ai ibis pomi will be great*
I) increased and the company will bu
iva-dy toi u Work will be inaugu-
lalcd ou thu Changes us soon as thu
material can be placed on the gtumid.
Thu Imperial bank will COmWOttOO.
right away titling up the loimt-r post
ulUce corner for their new quarters.
The entire Iroul will be taken uut
.unl put in differently, while the interior will be changed. The rear portion will be inclosed and tilted up as
uuaiieis lot the staff. Elegant new
lutings have been ordered and are
nuw being manufactured, and tbey
will be here about ihe .first of May
when the rest ul the work will be
completed. Uhen completed tbe Imperial will have handsome aud convenient quarters.
Frank Clapp sold to W. E. Werdeti
last week bis .two .story block on
Uaker street, adjoining the .Manitoba
hotel, lor *H,6uu cash. The. lower.
lluur is occupied by C E.. Herd. .A
Co., and.the. second Hour, by the
.Manitoba hotel.
of tin* Intorloi  will he divid
The Levasseur cup ,now -rests'.with
the Cranbrook lacrosse .team. It Is
ou exhibition i in AV. P, Tate's window. When it arrived iestertUy. it
lunkcd like .some old piece-.oi junk.
The Lethbridge . boys did uut take
very good care of it. Today it
shims with the brilliancy ol the
playing oi the Cranbrook dub that
won tlie cup ..lasl season.- Cranbiook
has the .cup,, aud.. whal-.is .more the
town proposes to .keep .it. Cunbruok
should babe a lacrosse team:this.year
tliat could meel all comet's. The Jita
terial is here. The people .ate proud
uf thu work the team did last yeai',
aud will do .all they can to boost a
team this season. Tomorrow night
at 8 o'clock llieie will be a meeting
held at Wentworth hall for lhe .put-
pose ol organizing fur the season, ll
you ate a sport and Icel proud of the
work of Uie team attend lite meeting.
11 you are a claut and don't care
whether the cup stays with Cranbrook or not, stay away. That meeting should be a big oue aud enthusiastic from the word go. Take a look
at the cup, then hunt up a friend and
go to the meeting.
A special meeting ul the .Board of
License Commissioners,. Cranbrook
District, wilt be held .at the Court
House, Cranbrook, on Friday,. April
11, 1905, at the hour .ol IU o'clock
in the forenoon, to consider tho following applications:
T. D. Caven.RoyaLJIotel,. Yahk
J. Swinarton, Yahk Hotel,. Yahk.
F, E. Clapp, .Yahk Hotel, .Yahk..
H. H. McVittie, Royal Hotel,
J. H. MeMullin,
Cbiei License, lospcuu:.
The eigbih annual meetiug of the
British Columbia Provincial Teachers' Institute.will be held.thla..year
in the Armory at Kevulsioke, April
35, 2(1 and 27. This institute, which
is held alternately at the coast and.
in some Kootenay town, is a provincial nflafl aitended by teachers Irom
all over the province. Last year at.
Vancouver over three hundred pupils
attended. It Is expected that the aV
tendance at Rcvelstoke will at least
be several hundred,
These Institutes are of great practical value to all who attend them.
Indeed the . educational progress of
lhe limes is largely mirrored .in ihe.su
conventions. The teachers come in
touch with tbe educational -leaders ol
tlie province and receive much, inspi-.
rat itm from the. papers and lectures
giyen. The chief .attraction will be
Or. G. U. Hay, editor of the Educational Review, St. John, N. IL, who
will talk on "Nature Stmly," "His-,
lory," und "The Teacher's Opportunity.11' The teachers of the Provincial
Normal School, Mr. Win. Burns . and
Mr. David Blair, are each down for
two addresses. The minister of education, Hon. F, J. Fulton, B. A., K.
C, the author of lhe school bill at.
present before the house, is announced to give au address. Mr. Alexander Robinson, superintendent of education, and Dr. C. J. Fagan,.secretary of the provincial board of health,
will also speak.
Tho exhibit, of school work will he
entirely from  the
Tctiiplfiuan ol
wlm will admimstei tlie
WaitOt Seotl. oi llegina.
ver will probably it-ln
commons to lead Ibe Libe
ni'.v province of Mberla.
mines, and
Ft.ink 011-
• fiom the
als in    lhe
Sixty days allei date 1 Intend to
apply io the Chlel Commissioner ■ f
Lands and Works at Victoria, to
niichase    ibe    following    described
anils in South Last   Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted 11
the southeast cornel ol lot 7007,
llience north 80 chains, theme east
m   chains,   thenco  south 80 cgnlns,
theme west 20 chains lo place ol ;c
Dated this SOU) da) ol December,
■II lit K    P    Mavis
New Westminster, IL C, March 31.
A novel mode ot eouvevaiice lo ami
from the exhibition grounds for Ilu*
new goveiuoi-general, who bas been
invited by tin- corporation of New
Westminster tu open the Domtuion
fair ou SepK-mbei i'i, has jusl been
The    iitciiiii-.il    carriage m which
Loid Bulletin lode from Yale tu S.v
vauas Ferry ou that memorable ti ip
in ISitl when the virginity of the district was disturbed only by tut traders, gold hunters and sappeis, will,
with six British Columbia thoroughbreds attached, be at tbe disposal ol
His. Excellency Lout Ore)
This carriage was built to order in
SauFi&uciscu aud brought to the l'laser valley for the special convenience
ot Lord Duffer iu. It was subsequent
ly used by the Marquis of Lome. At
ter completing ^vice-regal service il
was .used-by.-the.-fi. C. Express, company, as a-stage coach.on the Cariboo
trail, and in its day .passed through
many thrilling-and romantic incidents,
For. some years past it has been oul
of commission, but has .been preserved intact, and .the manager oi tin.
historic express company has promised tu forward it in good condition
to the manager ol the .Dominion Fair
at -New- West-minster.
The Herald
Scavenger  Work'
Now Is the time tn have
your closets .and   cesspools thoroughly cleaned
and disinfected.
Leave orders at Wentworth
| jflor be ffiabama
I      ..Gfoavs..
tie,,,tine ninn,!, lira,  iii,
So*. Cna'sir, „n ilu-
t) gatlllttf till) y..|,„iiii'
II,  ,,11   la.U |..
Cranhrook, 11.  C.
li M e. »6W«««**tei(ll«M,(»*til e*
Lettuce, ouionu   ami   i.-eli,ry
Finest Navi'l oMnim?
ami 1mi.iiiii.is.
Eggs tor hatching from snecl Uiy
mated white - Plymouth Rocks of
Haslewood strain that took thi
sweepstake prize in Chicago in 1001
Eggs lor hatohiug $2 per setting.
Victor Can*,
49-eow-3t Creston, »*   C
■ nave the br*st materials  because
.lour patrons v.un't huve anythiuu
^_m  '   .'
I Cranbrook
I Hotel S S
iiut'Hi» Cuiiifiiri a Specialty
tlood SlHbliiiK in Cminectinn
Sixty davs allot tbo publication 11
lus nol lei I tiiiciiii io apply to ibe!
Lleutenaiil Uovornor In Council loi
permission to clear out  antl romo.'o
ibs u uc t.mis Irom the following
iroeks In Kast Kootenay, aud build,
lams and slides tbt'ieoii, and lo ma v
other Improvements foi the purpose
of making the said creeks navigable
(or loss:
1. Russell creel;, from Kitchener.
in the British Columbia Southern
railway, to a point upstream about'
six milts south:
Thompson creek, from where it,
crosses the British Columbia South-,
urn railway, about tluee miles east
from Kitchener to a point upstream
about six miles south.
The only lands affected by ihssn
Improvements are my timber licenses.
The only waters affected by said]
improvements a'.'e Russell creek and
Thompson creekt
The rate of toll proposed    to     bu|
charged one dollar pei thousand teet
board measure.
Dated   this     2d day of February
45-!tt F. Dllllnger
"Emma Fraction" mineral claim,
situate in tho Fort Steele Mining Dl
vision ol Kast Kootenay District.
Where located: Sullivan Hill.
Take notice thai 1, William J. Lane
ley, tree miner's certificate B73410,
acting for myself and agent (or Jud-
son B. Langley, free miner's certificate D73-111, Andrew J, Devlin, free
miner's certificate B73412, Charles
C. Far roll, free miner's certificate
B60676, Walter 0. Burchett, treo miner's certificate 1*73151. Edwin C,
Smith, tree miner's certificate B73479
and Robert L. T. Oalbralth, free mi-
net's certificate No. B7343-1, Intend
sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder tor a «r*>
tlncate of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a crown grant ol
each of  the above claims.
Aud further lake notice that acli.ni
under section 37 must be commenced
before the Issuance
or Improvements.
Dated this   27th
A.  D.  1005.
Nt-tiiritt to lallnmil ami depot.
noun  loi   the  public   iltiei-unl
Hut und Gild Haiti-
Huh art',,unu,
nl in Crsntitu
& Rol
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
amQHH aiiLiiissiisiM:[aiiim[ii!Mam:i!!:i $
None Better In the District
Kates St and up.    -<hiirt Orders and Oysters
nerved in any style frum 8 p. ni. to o a. rn.
The tabU U the bist. th: ni m ire unsurpassed fur clean
6 liness .i'iJ comiort and the b.ir.is supplied with the best brand
ii of liquors and clears.
8M E!a sk m mmM^MSMmmAm
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
1 Drop in and see us any time.   We are un deck 25 hours |
I oul of the 24 F
„f  SltCll  I'l'ltilicitt'
.lay of February,
tv. .1. Langley.
Notice is horeby given th,
t   th
days after dale 1 intend to npply
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands audi
Works, Victoria, for n special license
to cut and carry away timber irom.
the following described land in Souib
East Kootenay District:
Commencing 20 chains east of the.
intersection of* the north fork of Michel creek and lho northern boundary
of Lot 4588, (i. L, thence east SO
chains, thence north 80 chains, thenco
west SU chains, thence south SO
chains lo point of commencement.
Dated Dili .January,  1005,
4U-5t M, McOrlmmon,
The Pioneer Hotel of the St. Marys Valley.
Coiniurtable roo:ns.   Satisfactory dining room service, and  the
best of everything at the bar.
7»>K-i> >>>?*y?\-$ 3»>M'il'S:S!9-S MS S* M>M S-».-v-JJ Sfl-l'S >:
f k &' it- Si-ai.t-iK-fs-s; rt=-?f*f-jtaKr.f-.t
William Gordon
McCallum Block
ai.v-mv-v.-i -j?tH4*r
ci nl I,,' „„aI,  foot.   Tl,.' ,„ i
Bpi'illit njiptil'i'l  must   ,,,,,  Ih» miIi
jl'l'll'll tO hlll'll ll'i'Illllll'llt.      Sl-I,,! Ill
nrtli'i' tor fl rii; lu
The Hundley Livery .stiihloa
Slick Oiiul.'iliiiN".
|.'iifiii»lii'il by Bonle, &  Elwoll,
lirnki't'H, I'r
sl. Eiignno ...
N.,r,t,  Slur...
I'.  Ilai
„,.,l ,',,k,'.  .
ml I'.'ll,|„lli,v
liiill fllvor Water
I .1   I lljLtll  i,
liili'iii.'iliii,,,,!.   .",.1)1)0,   St,
■■ 1,01,1) S,illivi,,,  2,5 iO
The City   Bakery
Take notice that I,  Alex P.  Cue.
ni-tte, inteml .tn apply tu the Hoard | ....       ,        ,
of License Commissioner!,, at the lirst, j s   kllOV.ll   flir   it S   line  bread,
» iff t&flor ^„^: buns cateaiid pastry    Orders
froni   myself to ticorge i). aougoop left the day before will be lined
mil John A. Ntttcrliclil of the license nrnninflv
for the ."Queens Hotel," situate   on I |>uiiii|.iij.
schools ol lire u|i-1 iiaker   street in the town of   Cran
0. o. c.
Owing to such a demand (or our sausages
we have been obliRcd to put in a bigger
machine costing $100.   Our sausage once
tried vou will buy no other.
per country. Mrs Brock and Mr.
King, princljial, expect to attend the
convention; and both are on the program lor important papers. I
Dated  this 17lh day ol March,  A,
I). 190,-,.
52-lt A. P. Chcurtte.
I  Wedding Cakes a Specialty.
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
A. W. McVittie
Dominion and Provincial   Land   Surveyor.
H. H. McVittie
(ieneral Agent
• ■Hi M   ■V
REID & CO. announce their opening of Spring Millinery for THURSDAY,
FRIDAY and SATURDAY, Mar. 23 to 25, when they will show all the
latest in TRIMMED and READY-TO-WEAR HATS S S <* S ^ S
Wliilo common stilt in merely u aounoiiiiiK, Cere- ■' \
bos 5alt is in mltUtion n splt'iitlitl fox^L' to,moke*
children grow   to make the busy worker more
vigorous.  Cere bos Suit should h.* liberally used
For the best cook in Cranbrook.'.'. -''The Wilga"   ;'
For th: best served meal . . .■'■ -;-.--T4wWHga"   i
For the nicest dining room .... "The Wilga"
For the best attendance ...... "The Wilga"
 Special Terms (or Business People	
Guaranteed     £
l .. i -
We have one of the best as- *
sorted stocks in the Koote* *
.. a.w.m   ««=-    -^1--*
nays.                   ' ***   sss^aaas
  • ■
a Mail orders promply filled.
I C. E. REID & GO. I
* i m
A IIKUliOISTS 'Phone 7t        ,, SiplONIiRS A
jL -a '"■     ,'V jj-,
Wi-nn- lol.l tlml we idttill have (iprinj ftlitit^iliil tiirVt-t. l-Vn that
reason wo nm prepared toiuppl) tin- vmihih of our < nslotnem Willi rellnldo
NiHtlii-in grown t.'-t.'.l ^'.',1-. full n'n'.i ^oiife-ni' tin* H*yfte .cMw-uim .»«i-.
I'lowel ami i.iM.li'ti. Our lirooorins nu-as im.sli ti> pur seedtf. I liu
l.n.lii-K' Jo nnl forget Uml nui Civnmery Rntter Ih a l. Oui SMiopm lirogn-
in,* Iiini li v..ii wn it t :i pnti nt ihiwe L-li'Vi* Rttfrt^it'tyeitliei i.-i I mlj of
Hontlpmt'ii, oi iii..*-.' Koynl Purple Udi*'-' MkpK*      \\\t ilo n-.t ex perj to
Itlppl) PVOrj lllll* ill I .IM KlHitPlltM inn till''tlt-H will g■' \l\_v\ ■      _i'o
still haven fun Irnxvaul \ppliw nl tl 7ft.   Tlie.J .m*"ft|i.i! etoodit,
Viilfts i.'-r.'itt ,,-U, tft ;,*]
IP so-- --
?   ?
We have |ust received our first shipftient of Go-."
Carts and Buggies.    We expect these goods
will sell very quickly, so make your selection at.,, i
W4* ''d-vMi
Macconnell 'tit Willis
Furniture MerchantsvUndertakers
H. A. M.\co»i\tiell
If you are doing business of any kind,
and wish to do more busike^s, there's
a way—Advertise in The Herald** <#
Read Mm low A McFarlatiu's
NOW skirts at  Held A Co.'s.
li. .1 MeSwoyii visited Creston last
Mrs. George; Oflugeon has been quite
ill ihe past week.
A. H. 'I'lilt's, of Fernie, was in
Vown last Friday.
Conductor Gavin went to Calgary
yesterday on railroad business,
Don't miss Reid A Co.'s spring
in til [nor y openlngi March 2;i to 25.
There will be a cricket club organized, in Cranbrook ibis season.
John Harris is expected back litis
week fiom- his trip lo England.
New onion seis. Kink Bros.
Fernie has added 120 names to tbe
voters' list since tbe last election.
St. Patrick's day was duly obsetv-
in Cranbrook by the wearing of the
green a-nd tbe accumulation of a few
mild jags.
Read Wilson, "the jeweler's, ad.
Conductor A. J. Martin took number; three   west. yesterday and will
rubably run as extra passenger conductor fur a time.
A" present of out glass is always
acceptable.   See our stock.   .
Tale, The Jeweler.
Wt fl. Batema'n, ol Movie, was
brought to St. Eugene Hospital last
week a very sick man, but he is inv
For Sale—A line store property on
Bakei street.
Hutchison A Black.
If.yuu-bave a piece of news lell Ibe
II,', a
1.1 „1
1,1   VI
nf u
.mil   il
ilits, n
.  ',
linil  is  wliut  th,'
lliat i.s   iif tlie
' Herald a newsy
on ,1
ill   1
1.'    1
nil   s,
, iill iv.
In- ills
id 1
ml   I'.   S|lilsli',l   ol
ast Sunrla) iliti'ii
Hid  will  make Ills
-,.   Ua entile over
hail a haul pi a-
'  sal.
'fee „„
to Crow Has In',',,
l,la   t
Ol   III
IDia 1
1,1   l.l
i- r
, Inipn
10   u,
P    ll
n I'll ilm in,;  llle past
llial   ll   is now  po-isl-
tiavi'l   uial It,i.s pan
tv,tli every eomtorl
alal  1
11 I'll,
. i-..-l
,l„„.,, ,v Black,
Ua   ll
as ,,  li
in,'  ill
lias s
Heilgetl gun   club,
, no.no practicing.
■ expert sl,,,ts and
i, I,.
..i  ,1
I ,1,,' 1
10   ll,
,1,,,' l
l»' a «.
il nml
0   'I'll'
idi-ii to get up   a
how tlu- iiicinlii'is
omparo i„ hitting
I'he new orchestra that was organ-
il a short lime ago is making most
pell en t progress. The members aro
acriclng regularly aitd tho result
li in* io mve Cranbrook a largo or-
lostin that will be a credit to the
Harold Ilarling and wife are Spending a lew days at Sinlar this week.
Macconnell A (iillis have received
their lirst shipment uf baby carriages.
Nicer weather cannot bo found than
that enjoyed by the people of Cranbrook these (lays.
For Sale—Nice cotttoge ami lut;
less than $500.
Hutchison A Black.
J. II. Laidlaw returned on Monday
from a long visit io Toronto ami oilier points.
All lhe mills of this part of llie (lis
trict will be in operation by the first
of the month.
Call in and see our new line of cut
glass. Wo have a brand u«w assort*;
ment. Wilson, The Jeweler.
Mrs. James Fitnllay spent several
days last week with Cranbrook
English breakfast bacon, fancy sugar cured. Fink. Hros.
Tbe main street of Cranbrook looks
like tbe back alley of an Esquimaux
village. It is about time that the
officials issued the unlets lot* the
pring cleanup.
Cottage in Cranbrook for sale, $900
Hutchison A Black.
Fred Drew, of the Royal hotel,
Marysville, was ia town last Friday
Mr. Drew says that Marysville looks
better every mouth ami that it is
hound to bo a good town.
J. J. Harris, of Harris Brothers,
visited IMnchet last week for beef
cattle. He says thai the farmers lilt
that part of the country are seeding
and that fall wheal is as green as
House and lot, Cranbrook, for sale,
Lot in good location cheap.
Hutchison A  Black.
The Cranbrook Literary and .Musical society will hold its last meeting
of the Season on Friday evening,
March 84th, The entertainment will
be in the form of a social evening end
refreshments will be served. A {.ood
deal program will also he provided. Kadi member may bring airieiid.
A good attendance is lei-nested.
Nelson News: Mrs. A. W. McVittie
was subjected to a surprise party
last night, when about thirty of her
friends suddenly called, loaded with
good things, ami au Impromptu dance
was gol up which was much enjoyed;
General regret is expressed at Mrs.
McVillie's return to Cranbrook, the
more especially as her home has been
the scene of many tiospitable reunions.
When you really waul anything sold
see Hutchison A Black.
ipelillig   al  Reid's    next
Seville oranges for marmalade, 45o
per dozen at O. T. Rogers.
Dr. Green returned from Victoria
last Tuesday. ...
Chief MeMullin, of Fernie, was In
town last Monday.- .*j   *. ■ \  vj :..- -;
T. Martin, ol the C. 1*. R. engineers' olllce, visited Kelson Uts-t week.
L. Cohn, of Foil Steele, bas opened a tailor shop iii' Craiibrook ell
Armstrong avenue.
J. S. McEaohern am} wife,-of Moyie. Were Cranhrook -visitors- last Mon-
Miss Arulleid, of Gault, Out., has
come lo Cranbrook to make her homu
with her sister, Mrs. J. Sarvis.
Robert Campbell of Moyie, was in
town on Monday. Mr. Campbell says
that Moyie is gradually improving.
The voters' lists will close on the
27Ih of this month, aud after that
date uo more cau be placed on lor
summer revision.     .. ,
Have you seen the cut glass at
About twenty more children have
enrolled in the public schools the past
few weeks;.
Men ate V Preparing the C. P. R.
garden at the station so that it will
produce flowers and thistles this year.
See Reed's- spring millinery.
Dr. Bell went to Nelson last week
to confer "with Dr., Thomie, St the
Dominion Veterinary .departmuntu'.-..-
Joe Yoiiugtu-ai I is coming. Pre*
paro to shake "hands with Mr. Young-
heart.        ..':■.:   i.. :
Archie Smith to recovering very
nicely from-Ihe-operation for appendicitis.
L. 11, llpiiter, of the.Piiif-liiT ('reek
branch of the. Hudson Bay company,
was in lown several days this week.
Miss Armstrong, of Fort William,,
who was -in:Uie-telephone ofllce for a
short time, iiiu?. called home last'
Moiraay by the death* of bot'-jUiothei*.
James McKee^-lhe bridge man, took
his crew to the St. Marys this week
lo put the bridge over that river in
good shape for the high water.
.k - Parks,-. -tlw- .wcl 1- :k'WfWft- -hmihet -
man, arrived last,-w,cek .from Ontario
and will remain .for a Mine in Cranbrook and other parls of the district.    . ...
For Sale—Water outfit, Including
tank, one (earn i of-horses, harness
etc., with a good business established.   Address Canadian Hotel.
Vic. Desaulnier, of Moyie, was in
town on,Tyec>*day-.'iiK«. l^aaulnier is
one of the pioneers of Moyie and he
has,never Jo^lgij&hj in..lbc fifQSPerQiis
town that is better today than H ever was.
Gentlemen: I Btnrted wearing CAMPBELL'S CLuTH-
INCi three montliB Ago. I find that brand <>f clothing the best
for lit. inr wear and for comfort. I think I have worn all
makes, nnd have had many suits custom mode, 1>ut the three
points mentioned I have not found in any, Bave Campbell's.
Yours truly.
Art, Rkharhsos,
C, P. R. Conductor.
DEAR Sirs: Allow me to congratulate you on securing the
agency for the W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE I am siirt* it is the
REST SHOE mode ou the continent. There are few American's who have not worn them, and with so many around here
from the other side. T am sure you will ilo a bi^ business in the
shoe line, Yours truly,
Alex. Holmes.
Our Specialties for this week will be
Carpets Carpets Carpets
Wi have just received ,lir,.,'t from the larnf»t
- I'ttrpet nittniiiiu'titrtT in the world, Thos. Tnp-
IttiK. Manchester, Kng.. the largest bunch of car-
lints ever delivered to any merchant on tbe Crows
Nest l'aas. We bought right and will sell right.
Ladies, call and sen them. A few Carpet S|uares
lo sell at ii sacrifice.
H1U &  CO.
* • * * • *il■•ft••••*••*♦ft*••*••****••****••*•*****••,• tV-jt t**t*t******.&AAAAAAAAAAaAayNAft*.A
* .«..i_t_
W. V. Title, lhe jeweler, has been
iii Calgary the past week attending a
course ol lee lull's on optical work
that aro being delivered by au exp.-rt
Irom lho east. Mr. Tate evidently
believes in improving every opportunity uf griming additional knowledge
on his work ns an optician.
Cottage to rent from April 1st; $10
i month
Hutchison A Black.
Wanii*.i-a girl to learn postoflloo
wi-ilt. Apply iii wilting and state
salaiy expecli.l. It   K. Beattie.
The Mission Band ol the Metlio.list
church will hold a patriotic social at
the church on Wednesday evening, th<
2inh. A pleasing piogiam has been
prepared uml -lhe evening promises to
be an enjoyable one. Hefreshmeuts
Will Am served after the close ol lhe
Good house and lot on Baker Hill.
Hutchison A Black.
Mr. and Mrs. (!. II. Hartley have
ri'luiiK-d from their visit to Scotland
and were very much pleased to get
back to the mild climate of Cranbrook. Tliey enjoyed their visit to
the old home, hut could not. help hut
be impressed with the suffering among
the poorer -classes in Scotland tills
year. And with all the suffering aud
privation Mrs, Hartley says that il
would be impossible to induce many to
leave the land of their birth and come
A. P, Chenette has disposed of his
interest iu the CJiieens hotel to Geo.
Itougeon, and hereafter the name   ol
the liim will be Goiigcon A  Nctter-
Qeld.  These two gentlemen are   well
known in this district and will make
a popular house of the Queens,   Mr.
Chenette, wbo is manager and oneofjthe .senate, r is In Session; alter a
the     proprietors     of      the     Falls'
View    hotel     at    Marysville,     has
another     large    hotel    proposition
in view and will devote his time   to
this and his Marysville property.
Senator King and wife left last
Monday for their home in New Brunswick, alter a pleasant visit with
their many :teU'ti\es ttf Cranbiook.
Mr. King will return to Ottawa,   as
_ ,0"K-
Hanch, Moyie, for sale cheap.
"Hutchison A Black
George Beattie has purchased a
drug business in Kevelstokc and will
remain there iu the future. Mr. Beat-
tie is a    brothei   of It. K.  Beattie,
K.     J.     Bradley
know tr painters .and
A Co.,  the
CHENETTE A NEAL, Proprietor!
f MARYSVILLE, B. C.  -S&Sf-l-i
'' St. Marys valley. J* Commodious Sample Rooms.
fr-fr -i"i-t-t-t"i-i-i--t-t-i-i"i "i-i-i-i-1 ■ i- t-i-i-
...Dr.'J. H. IvinK, who was calK-d
Iiuine from Victoria on account of
Dr. ..Gni'ii's enforced absence, left
Tiitisijay morning to ri'smne his du-
ties'-at llle provincial capital
Kor Salr—Six room house, two lots
with.stable anil garden plot, east otjS
creek.   Address Canadian Hotel, *
JihI anil Will Langley and R. I.. T, *
(laltiraith were in town last Tuesday |
looking after sunn, ininiiiK interests.
.Ind Langley, who is custom ottieer at, I
I the entrance t,, tho Flathead district,
says that there wil
il fill,Is Ibis season
M*t*+****l       .HIIM.HI,
8 §p«jali°r Cranbrook I
\i Visitors to Spokane :
and was with tho latter gentleman In j decorating the moms and hallways ol
this town lor some time and after-'the new addition at the Koyal hotel,
ward with Mr. Templeton. Mr. Beat-'This piece ol work has attracted a
iie, during his residence in Cranbrook greatdeal of attention Ijoni traveling
made many liiends who will wish men, who Have expressed lho opinion
him every prosperity hi bis new Inea- Ihat they did not know before that it
lion. Ho Is a llrsl class druggist and was possible to have su,-h work done
is one ol those kind of young men not in Craiibrook. No person who has se
too numerous these days who believes cured the Borvlces ol this company
in giving tho business he Is engaged lor any work has had reason lo loin every attention. jgiet it. All ol their work is first
„ class, it is metropolitan, showing the
F?r^.ale~Tllrcc ll0le,s; ,rom *1W0, touch ol experienced workmen, and it
been busy  ihe past week doing smile s»>» """ '"J"' ""' '"' 1mu' a "'"'
very flue work at the St. Eugene bos-  ""'"l "l10 "*
pllal.  This saine llm, has' also just] One outfll thai ts operating on Sage
blushed some   excellent work u. u-l'
to J5000.
Hutchison A Black.
R. H. Boll art and wife, of Wardner,'
will always please the eye, and
apology will never be necessary tor
the appearance of the job. The lact
brought tlieir little son Hilher up for that this firm can satisfy you means
medical attendance lasl Monday. On much to anyone who has to pay oul
Sunday   the   little chap was thrown  the money.   And,  by  the Way,   they
purchased a boring outtil
al present al Kciitly lake and
will remove il to this side of the line
and commence operations as soon ai
Some contemptible whelp without
the tear of the Lord or the constables In his heart cleaned out the
chicken house ol Hugh Stewart last
week, securing about seventeen line
bred hen's, No clue has been secured
as to the guilty parties except
enough to lead one to believe tnat
that the deed was done by some of
the tough young boys in this town
who are allowed to roam at will at.
al all times of day or night.
j    .1. G. Templeton is the victim of a
number of the young terriers iu Cran-
Gbe (Srano
Cor. Hswirt nl Mali
'heGrand lite u-ni.i-iut   J
i-iiUfit-Hli'iktiliw. Ail B.0
papera on Hi" Ntwlj and
romplttcljr •-•'liiriii.ii.finml
rtfltt«d, " Bv§0   modem
run y Hi it-ii'*.. Kiirn [k-uii
-.luii (We to |3 l*r iIb.t.
Hi- lui.*- tor ull nt ii tin nt
out of a wagon and in falling struck a have a very line stock of wall pap'ir brook,     who    helped themselves to
stump and a jagged splinter ran Into on hand.   Drop into their store   and
his head just below his right ear. It look over the     different designs.   If
was a most painful injury ami il was you use tlieir paper your rooms will
necessary     lo have several  stitches be up to date.   No man can afford a
many small  things in his stock during     the rush of moving last week
number of boys in this
E. E PHAIR, Prop.
L»c el I....I P.alr,  NUM., D. C.    2
Jeffries spent Sunday
Only one run-
Mr   and Mrs.
at Sirdar.
It is quiet in town,
away this week.
Kor Sale—Seven room house, almost new; down town. Address V.
Mrs. VV. 1). Hill left yesterday for
Calgary with her son Stanley to have
his eye attended to by a specialist,
Dr. Blew.
Conductor P, P. Dlngman, who has
been stationed at Medicine Hat lot
past three months, has returned to
Miss Hughicna McDonald and Mr-
Benjamin Stlnson, o( MoDseja"!/   wwr£
taken in the wound, but lhe Mttle
chap stood the ordeal without a
whimper.   If the splinter hud entered
to Canada.   The people cannot stand "t0   ,
the idea of going so far away to  a
strange laud and start life again under new conditions but prefer to re- and milk round cheap,
main Ihere and do the best they can. Hutchison A
little lower it would have
caused death in a few hours.
Ranch at    Cranbrook    with cattle
cheap job of painting or papering. It
is always, the most, expensive in tho
j ForSale—Plymouth Rock thoroughbred hens and roosters and settings
from pure brown Leghorns. It is
economy to buy the best. A. C.
Pbjgott./ 7
town who will get a term in the Nol- were united in marriage yesterdai a-V
son jail if some of tho aggrieved par- Ufe homB of Mr< Md Mrs wj&fa
ties ever conclude lo prosecute. Ou u0rie, at 2 o'clock, Rev. Fortune offl-
1 several occasions the boys have boon j elating. The happy couple left on the
let; oft on account of tlieir parents,! afternoon train lor their future homo
but some day that will become a and were attended to the train by a
chestnut, and then the parents will large number ol friends. The bride lis
wish they had looked alter Iheir off- a sister of Mrs. J., M. Robertson au*4
spring. I Mrs. Malcolm Hori«. THE  ORAKHKOOK   ffEBAtO
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.   AsK for CranbrooK
Beerand insist on having' it.
The Cranbrook Brewing <SL Malting Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of all kinds of Aerated Witters.
CRANBROOK. #   *   *   British Columbia
J. E. Stephens,
It. L. Stephens,
M. Rockendorf
J. t awsnn,
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in Hast Kootenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
Stephens hros. & Cu„ Owners anu.l'ruprlcliini,
Morrisscy Mines, II. I.
tt. t. Sttpttis
j. e.
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver .** ** ** «*
Slept]... Br..., Owi.r. .Id Proprietor..
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
The New York and
$ ....Chicago Markets
Right at your door in Cranbrook
We bave continuous quotations of Wheat from
■ > Chicago nml Slocks from New York received at pres- +
'.', ent every 85 minutes. Next month we shnil have a If
J | private wire and an operator.
■ ■ You can buy and sell fur cash or on margin and +
.. you are in the muni, position to make money us -the 4.
11 operator on the floor of the Exchange in New York S
• • or the Pit in Chicago.   *2ll margins, IU shares of any T
stock ami Sill margins,   1000 bushels of wheat one
Come in and see how the proposition is worked, j j
jj Hutchison & Black |
|    The People's Brokers
|   Phone I) V P.O. Box 74
Two cars of Seed wheat
and Seed Oats unloaded a
few days ago and are going out fast. Order early
if you reguire any   :   :   :
HARRIS  BROS., Meat Market I
4 CAPITAL,   $50,000  IN   $1   SHARES
4        The (irst block of these shares are now on sale at 75 cent..
4 For full particulars apply to Hutchison cS Black, Official Brokers
a ol the Company, or to Arnold" & Roberts, Cranbrook, B. C.
* Yours truly,
I* tht Srt-Zon. It conform* to tht feature* by
its tut of •djuitoient,
beiid«* thli wt adapt
ltntt* tu your eye*
by tht moit modern
»»•       ■• *   fit   I    Kmt
is the season to have your
Picture Taken
Prest Photo Co.
j When You     ;
! j   Clean House!
Z Bring your curtains and
carpets to Us for washing.
We make n specialty of washing ('. P, It.oviiri.lls.
...Manitoba Hotel...
(Under New Management)
D. A. McDONALD, manager
jjTli'i- Hotel is in the center of town.   The rooms are |
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- 8
class, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you f
want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba.
employed 2
No Chinamen
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
SLATI* t Ukr-tllL, rroprietws
itlsn |
various kinds of Job Work
wanted this winter. To get it
done promptly und right see
James Greer
Contractor and Builder
It is The Best Paper in Seven
Districts, and You Should
(From the Free Praai.)
Replying to the communication recently sent him hy the associate.)
boards of trade ol sou (bras tern Hrit-
iish Columbia, regard hit; the selection
by ilie Dominion government ot r-ii.n'ni
acres of coal laud*) in Kast Kooli-iiiy,
Hon. run.n.l Siftuu, minister ot ibe
Interior, writes tlu: st'tret-nr*. ol tbe
associated boards of trade: "Your
letter of Uie 88Ul of February hs
come to hand, Inclosing copied olcpr>
lain resolutions oi tlie associalcil
boards of trade. Tliat portion of Ihe
resolutions whicli intlicates that 'lit-
government bas la any way been mistaken or misled in regard to the bC-
lectiou of M>,01K) acres of coal lands
is founded upon entire mistake. The
best qualified expert geologists nud
coal mining experts were employed
for the purpose ol making the selection, aud expended the greater pail
of from two to three yearn in carrying out a conclusion. Tlie conclusion
at whieh tliey arrived was tliat the
50,000 acres of land recommended tu
be selected liually, were considered
the bent selection that the government could make under tlie terms ol
the act. 1 have no doubt that thi:
conclusion was justified by the facts.'
A party of Ml Americans arrived in
Feruie on last night's U. N. R. express Irom Spokane. They occupied
a special car and among the number
were several women and children.
These people are ol the well-to-do r.g-
rlcultural class who are selling their
farms in Washington and Oregon and
are looking for new homes in the ie-
nowned lands of fertile Alberta. Many
of the party have already secured
homesteads near I'laiesholm aud ne
now on their way to settle down on
ihem. Others of tlie party are being
drawu there for the first time by the
favorable reports ot their friends. The
slock and household goods of the for
iner class are now on the way Irom
Spokane. These American visitors
were taken charge of by W. Haudley
who conveyed them to the Waldorf,
They will proceed via the <\ P. K
this evening. A larger party consist
ing of over a hundred Washington
people are expected to pass through
Fernie early in April on a similar
colonizing expedition.
Fire broke oul at u p. tn. today ii
Kent's boaiding house on Pellatt iv
enue. The flames quickly spread to
that on the south occupied by
Dudley a-ml on the north oecilplod by
Mr. Ikx-xler. Still it spread, 'lhc
first of Fred Johnson's cottages li
the south, occupied by 11. Alexander
and the corner house on the north
occupied by Mr. Chapman was the
next victim, hut about half this build
ing was saved. The flames were
checked on the south end at Mr
Mr. Johnson's second collage, oecii
pied by J. Held. Losses—Tlie twu
northern houses, owned hy Prudent]
legal value $2uum- small Insurance
The next two owned by Frank Char-
don, value $2000; 511 per cent insurance. F. Johnson's cottage, $flO,0,
insurance J400. All saved contents
except Mr. Kent. Water power was
poor but llrenien worked well. The
chemical was live minutes lute to
save all  the property.
The management of the C. N. P
Coal company has decided upon build
ing the new office structure of concrete blocks. These blocks will be
manufactured here on a particular
pat-tern ordered hy the company. 'I'he
engineering stall, which is now directing all its energies towards the
new tipple construction will, as toon
as time permits,, take up this office
building work and a month or six
weeks will probably see the construction under way. Some time was consumed by the company in determining the best building material. Cut
stone free from iron was hard to gut
and of tlie other materials concrete
was considered tbe preferable. When
completed this building will be an ornament to the city.
The marriage ceremony of Thomas
N. Parrott, of Cranbrook, and Miss
Minnie Taggart, ol Pincher Creek,
was solemnized on Wednesday CVCnhg
at the Methodist parsonage. The
young couple lell ou Thursday morning for their home .at Cranbrook, i.c-
companicd by the bride's sister, Miss
Tillic Taggart.
Constable Lorsch brought a man up
from Morrissey yesterday suffering
from the effects of a big spree. Last
night he attempted to kill himself ly
stabbing himself in the heart with a
safety pin. He made 15 stabs but
none*were serious. Ile also tried to
batter his brains out with one of his
heavy boots.
Four cases ol typhoid lever broke
out in Fernie this week. One case is
Irom the old town and the other
three were residents below the hill,
west of the school house. The latter
cases without doubt resulted from
the use of the spring water that runs
out at various places at tlm base of
the hill. The health officer has upon
many occasions warned the public
against using this water. A t
the presen t, time he pred ie U
more fever from this cause il people
do not discontinue using the water.
(From the Prospector.)
U Doyle was in lown on Sund.iy
lasl making it very pleasant for 'he
Edward ElWCH, of the firm of lk\i>
& EHwoU, Cranbrook, was at Steele
Tuesday on business.
i. W. Feu ton, representing the Kast
Konteuay Lumber company, Cran*
hroiiri,  was at  StMlti Tuesday,
Mrs. Fred hiiuiioie returned tt*
Stool* on Sunday lost acetkiapaHied
liy Mrs. I-;. J. ('win, of Fernie.
flunk Parks, representing..I . J).
Mcliride A Co., ot Cranbrook, was
registered at tlie Imperial Tuesday.
The weather in the Vicinity of Fort
Steele is superb, of genial sunshine.
The roads are quickly drying up rid
travel is on the increase between
Crunbiook and Stwto;
(From the Leader.)
M. A. Heal I* was up from Ctaubmk
W. F. Gurd was up Irom Craiibrook
Wednesday on legal business
J. Sterritt was up from Cranbrook
yesterday on business in connection
with P; Bums A Co.'s shop.
IL Cameron, manager of the Moyie
Lumber company was down to Cranbrook on business during the week.
The charter lor Moyie Aerie No.fi55
F. O. E, has arrived. It has been
framed and hung in tbe hall.
Philip Conrad has been given a per
manent position with P. Burns A Co,
Mr. Hawke still remains -as managi-i*.
James Graham, a miner employed
at tbe St. Eugene, baa given a-bond
on his interest in the Yankee* Oirl
property near Ymir, and if tbe bond
is taken up his share will amount to
over $12,000. R. J. Doflrwas over
from Ymir yesterday securing .tht
necessary papers Irom Graham. Or-*-
ham located the property in 1899 and
staid faithfully with it ever since,
R. Temby, secretary of tbe.local
miners union, received a letter from
secretary of the Rossland union yesterday, stating that Dune Martin was
hurt quite badly WedoKday while
working in the White Bear mine.    It
seems he fell down a chute About 'io
feet and had his legs badly crushed.
Martin is a member of tbe Moyie-Ml-
ners union and the Moyie Aerie of
A. Stephenson aud Dan McKay upturned last Saturday after an absent*
of four or five months. Ihey spent
thu winter in flic northern part of the
Cariboo district. They had a good
trip and fared well. Robt. Gardner,
who went wiih them is now iu Van
coil vet*.
While out hunting wllh some other
hoys last Saturday Jlarry Crowe:
aged 111, was accidentally shot iu the
right thigh. The hall was from a 'i'i
calibre rille and the bone wus shattered slightly hut not broken. Ur. liar
vie dressed the wound and the boy
was taken lo the Cranbrook hospital
where he is now resting easily.
Nelson News: Chief of Police Jarv.
has received information ol the expulsion of*100 members of the gamb-
ling and rowdy element from Fernie
As a large number of the same clement have lately been driven from
Cranbrook and others Irom Spokane
the local police are keeping a vigilant
lookout to prevent any ol them 'rom
settling in Nelson.
The chief has lately received news
ol the subsequent career ol two of
the same class whom he ordered out
of Nelson last summer. Both ace now
incarcerated in the Washington tUte
prison at Walla Walla. One lor passing a worthless check was sen tewed
to flvcyears; the other tor shootlog a
marshal will spend one .year in con-
linemen t.
Winnipeg, March 15.-The extensive
ranges of the Cochrane' Ranch coin-
pamy in southern Alberta, containing
some 66,500 acres ol land, have- been
sold. The sale was made* by Mr. H
A. Mullins, ex-M. P., uf this (Ity
general manager ol the Cochrane
Ranch company, and the considera
tion is said to be in tbe neigblorliOod
of $400,000, or about $6 per acre; lhe
purchaser   is an American capitalist
and it is the intention to colonize
lands. Mr. Mullins has had the sole
in hand for some weeks and visited
the south recently to close up
The Cochrane ranch is ouo ol
oldest established and best known
ranches in Alberta, having- been*-established in 1881 by lhe late Senator
Cochrane and Is composed of about.
66,5110 acres of land aud < about 12,*5M||
head of cattle.
The quality of the latter is said do
be the finest In Alberta,, as the sires
were nearly all imported-hy-Senator
Cochrane from Scotland, and ■ all1 the
cattle were-bred nn-the range. Tht
president of lhc company is Sir Geo.
A. DrnminOnd, the secretary--and
treasurer Mr. C. M. Holt, and tbt
geueral   manager Mr. II.  A. Mullins.|
0 the
*.-.*.*      m...mm^     »^A -»_^M  ^_^_   ^g^g^^ fa^ffg^ L
A Pfa-jtclass Hotwe Centrally Located
E. H. SMALL, /Manager
, Fine Sample Rooms in .Connection. The bedrooms
arc airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the
market affords.
(ft *!~flW51_<5v .SI-IS.-.* r.\ f.\ i.\ ,i..
ISM>Ms>-<s>-<!>-(.:>->»>-!> >•' 9 '.•> <i>
Wt>iilt».lt anil Ktl.ll
Fresh and Cured 'Meats
Freah    Flail,   tlainc   uud
We .apply only ihe bell     Vnur
Irate ia .ullclted
Harm, li all lhe principal lown.
I. Srlll.h Columbia
1905     NEW     1905
The moat attractive line of
W*fxll Papers
ever shown in Cranbrook
Pressed Goods Stripe Effects
Varnished Tiles for Bathrooms
Mouldings to Match all Papers
l F.J. Bradley & Co.
The New Way
of doing the family waihing—the wey whieh changes it from
dreary drudgery to a cheerful household duty— is by using
I Laundry Trays
Install a modern Standard*
Laundry in your hotnciuiil there
will be no water to curry, no
leakage or damp floors, ami no
tubi to empty or upset. It will
tut »i nt'" increase the selling value uf your
Patmore Bros., Cranbrook, B.C.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Lid.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Drink Home Beei
It Ia Pure
ltd Healthy
It in the Beit
Ft; Steele Brewing Co.
Ma W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
OH shoes made new.   All kinds
iilrapirieg.   dive at a caN.
Applications will lie rccolvott by tl,.,
undcmiKnt-d lor tl,,' position ol agent
lor thla loi'ulltv. One Willing In i'il„
vast preterm). (,,„,,| posllion to
the right man.   Apply
Occidental l.niiii .1' Savings Co.,
P. II.  Ilnv  ir,3.
4Mt Vancouver, HI a
Notk'e is lieroliy glvon Hint by order ol (lie Honourable Mr. Justice
Morrison, made the 18tli dny ul Feu-
ruary, 1905, it i.s ordered Unit
Michael De Leacy of Ilu, City nl Ta-
enma, in the Stale of Washington, le
administrator ol all anil singular ih„
est-ale ol Delia Sullivan, tlcccaseil.
And notice is also given Unit .ill |ii-r-
sons liaving claims against the- I'stult-
ol the said deceased must semi them
in duly verilM un or before llle SU,
day ot April, Jill);",, to Ibe snld MI-
chf*l De Leacy at llll) Grant Avenue, Taenia, Washington, or to tin,
„Bdcrslj!i,ed, after which date the c-
late will be dealt with in due course
of administration.
Datnl this 4th day of March, 190,1.
49-21 Ellis & Brown.
Vancouver, B. 0.
Solicitors lor Michael De Leacy.


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