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Cranbrook Herald Nov 16, 1905

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Array v..
.*'     egislatiYe,
* •* iuA
'"       '",
111.1    ■.'■"■i
•-ICrnm.. .    <-,   *-Or
ir? ry ry ry f-
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: We have today the largest stock of Drygoods, Men's Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes, Ready to wear Clothing, Carpets and Linoleums in Cranbrook. We have decided to retire from business and will continue to sell our entire stock at the exact wholsale price until the final wind-up. A irreat many of these
lines we have imported direct from (ireat Britain and Ireland, hence no middlemen's profits, as we have bought as
cheaply as the wholesale houses and are willing to give you the benefit.
wc have bought direct Irom thc renowned firm of
T. Tapling & Co., London. Eng., which is a sufficient guarantee ot their quality.
Axminster Carpels, worth and sold for $2.25
and $2.50 per yard, we will sell for .. .$1.45
Brussels Carpets, worth $1.75 and $2.00,
we will sel! for   1.10
Brussels Carpels, worth $1.50. will go for. . 98c
Tapestry and Unions from 25c up.
which we imported direct from Stewart & McDonald, Glasgow, will be sold at the wholesale cost.
Ask to be shown these, and for quotations.
Trimmings, Ladies' Costumes, Mantles, Boots and
Shoes, Girls and Misses' Coats, etc., it would be
impossible to give you a quotation on these as our
stock is so large and varied, but we ask you to call
at our store, see our prices, and we are certain you
will be convinced.
In Men's
we car. take any stock in Cranbrook and
multiply it by five and still have some to
spare.    Our
will be knifed, too, and anyone living in the
vicinity of Cranbrook and up to the present
has never worn one of these famous garments must feel that that particular part of
his person has been neglected. Those who
have worn them (and there are many) require no coaching from us as to their merit
Now for the cheaper clothing, and we
have hundreds of this line. We will sell
you a flrstclass, nicely made suit for $4.75
and a better one at $5.50.
We have 275, all of this year's garments,
to be sacrificed. We can give you a first-
class overcoat at $4.95, but a better one
at $6.75.
We have 300 Boys' and Youths' Suits
which must move out; the prices of these
will be from $1.00 up.
and are at any time willing that you compare our
prices with any who might attempt to lead you to
think that their prices arc equal or better than ours.
We have decided to place our carving knife so deep
down to the root of all prices that should any attempt to follow us, we will take them down, down,
down to the "Valley of the Shadow" and there sing
them a little song that would make even the Psalmist blush with envy at our melodious voice.
If prices will count for anything we feel satisfied of the result.
Just a few more quotations and we
will leave this matter with you:
6 pairs Men's Cashmere Socks for $1.00
200 pairs Hen's Box Calf Shoes, worth $5. at 2.75
50 doz. Men's Ties, just received, worth 40c, at 20c
Gloves, Mitts, Moccasins, Overshoes. Pants.
Hats, in fact everything, and we will never let up
on these prices until entire stock is moved out.
CO.,   -   CRANBROOK,   B.   C.
,. ,.,*,,,,*,,***,************,**,,******,***,** ***,j
Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000
Reserve Fund. $3,500,000
!    U U.KI 11,
:.•, .1 Manager Al EX. I \!l;l>, tut
: M.iunr
$*i unit under ..     3 cents
Ovei Ss tntl not exceeding $10 ft cents
"     $10        " " $.10 10 cflttl
"   $30      " " 550 i'- cents
i in".- Order* -»<• Payable at Par m -■■■■ offl..   in i lamtdn ■>■ i Chartered Rank
t\ ni,.ui excepted), snd .ti tin- prim ipal hi poini   In the United Statea.
fid,,'11 tin i    .'   |   i   KID RATI   *.i
nt money
I he) I'm in un excel lent method of rcmlttlnH small -om
with sal' IV   ami al  -.mill co*t,
.-—„..__.-. „   „^.      *n Mi i a iin i   ii   ti IttW   OP-W^>mm9mmmmm^^
I |
BImportant To Husbands!
J     Deposits o( JI and upwards received and interest al- *
J lowed from date of deposit at highest  current rates and *
compounded half yearly.
1. F. M. PINKHAM, Mana*.r.      J
,'5 i i.n ..i i.a,|i,*,*i I..i ...i   I n-i|| vmu tink yimr
fil'       wil,* Ul I'llllll. aial i ilil  IIH        .... ,,.,,11
m^     in, nt .,i  a naili ,..:,, mm,*,   un i'lti.ig   .aii.iiiim for
(U      V in:,-, malt- ynu n*.* ii..t .1. iti ensl. for tliu quill
t>y 111   Ml mill   ■_> alls a,, I, ||,,I   I Vm.'ll.'.i. Ill III. M '' .11*.' 11|*.'| t'| I'l'. |  |,t
,j'        III,al I*!.lit.'I'll j,'Ill-Ill  linns pH.-l *- Mil *lll\ llllll.: ill   Mill  Iinm
|w.H. WILSON,   i^ffirJ
Christmas Is Near!
ivrrn ssws-'ss 'f*K_s
An* yuu in't'ptii'i'.l loi* if: \'V han* Dim Inr.
Host mid iiri'tli.'Hi i-.-.,._-.■ ..I .ll.'Vlal.l;Y.
OAKWAHE, Eli... omr shown in tho Cran-
brook district. In I.ml "in* i_.ii.ils aro su
pretty tlml. ymi will llml il lum] tn make
your clinii'i'. Iml want theni nil.
Wm. F. Tate & Son,
—.11.WI.I.I.ItS AND	
naiiiviT, Ol'TIOIANS
O.li'tial   Watch Inspectors,  Urows NeBt l'uau Division, C.  P. R.
Never Beaten in
EM EM BEB that wo nro never undersold ami will imt he,
Buying inferior i^muls ut our pries i. nut getting
lower |jrii'08 than our's. Compare the goods—grade
fm* grado—make for make—quantity for quantity—-purity fur
purity. Wc nro perfectly willing, Un thut and you will find
our prices lower than any other.
Try us and see for Yourself
No Old Goods
for Sale at
TUE class of goods we handle need no marvelous,
world-beating, knock-down, drag-out clearance sale
to suli tlii'in. Nor nre we t)resseil for cash; wo always
have tho ''dough11 to take ull wish discounts, thus com-
maud ing tbn wry lowest prices jjoiny, consequently are
able to mako lower jiriivn than anyone else in thu district, Wo an* not in btisinesB for our health, so do not
proEt'Sfi to sell goods at less than they cost US, 1'tit WO 'lu
say WO give Ui ounces for a pound nnd a full tlullar'n
worth of goods fur every 'iollnr invested with us
Is as good as government bouds—wo guarantt very.
thing wi- soil will give satisfaction. What hotter protection can you have when dealing with euch a firm. A
boost from a satisfied customer iy lho best ad.possible
to obtain, We. have about UKV) sueh customers ami we
arc after yon. Gel tin- bubil and go to Fink's for a ^'ooil
honest gootU at honest prices.
'""». ne, TIIK   .'ItAMIHlHII.    HERALD
Read it through; every word means Dollars to you. A sale honestly advertised, honorably conducted
The Most Gigantic Slaughter Sale of Clothing, Drygoods, Shots and Millinery Ever Attempted in Canada        r ^
m_H   ''"^W^^WA
■   B I
® *&%
*1 $
i i .-
, i -; ii
.  »
'•*  ';    :   •  1
y   "'.'   --,.    ,   Si
-..": ■ Lviy_j ',m."J ,; .-.;._i%J
O   Ul
To be thrown on the market, at the mercy of the public, and sold for less than
the actual cost of the raw materials, by
THE CHICAGO BROKERAGE CO., of Chicago, ill., U. S. A., is the largest concern of its kind in the world. We handle estates, properties and merchandise of all
kinds and turn same into cash in a given time. Mr. Reid is Cranbrook's leading antl most reliable merchant, holding an enviable reputation for his fair dealings and
straightforwardness in business. Mr. Reid wishing to reduce his stock has placed it in our hands to turn into cash. This stock is known all over British Columbia as
the best selected stock of Clothing, Drygoods, and Shoes in Cranbrook, and it looks like a shame to slaughter tliis elegant stock. But WE TIUST TURN THIS STOCK
INTO CASH, and when the Chicago Brokerage Co. get hold of a bijj stock like this we simply use our knife and cut prices so low that no person can afford to stay away
from our sales.    PRICE CUTS NO FIGURE WITH US.   Our time is short, as we only have NINE DAYS to sell this entire stock, so everything sues.   NOTHING RESERVED. '
Prices Literally Slaughtered, Slasi
^h*1 Vi^
Will   Ca.
Tom to Pieces
_**KXBanatan^Atm. i
White Hemstitched Handkerchiefs worth I.V.
only ....  . 5c
Largo sine rod uml blue handkerchiefs only 5c
.Mrns Heavy Wool Sox, worth 35c, only 20c
Fine Silk Woven Suspenders worth 50c, only. 20c
Uood Work .Shirts, worth  81, only -tile
Hoavy Jersey Shirts, worth $125 only   . 75c
Pine Dress'Shirts, worth $1 to 81.50, only     , t!5i'
Heavy Doubled I'l *.*.l   Underwent, worth 81,
only 55o
Heavy alljWoo] Ribbed Underwear, worth;S1.5o
only 85c
Bine Biob Overalls, worth 81. only 05c
Ladies Fine White Handkerchief, onlv 5c
Ladies Fust Black FIoso, worth 25o, only 10c
Ladies Fine Black Cn_huii.ro Hobu, worth 50c,
only 25c
Ludio. Corsets, worth 81.2.". to Si, choice only, Ooo
Flannelette Shirt Waists, worth 81.25, only 7*i.'
Flannel and Cashuioro Sliirt. Waists, worth -Sl!.
only Sl.il.1
Derby Ribbed I'liderweur, worth 73c, oni)' III.*
Fin.* Silk SI,in  W.-iisi   in  Black and colors,
worth 8-1 to So, only 82,25
Wnlkiin. Skirls, worth S-1.50, this sain only       S'J. 15
Fino Dress Skirls, ivorth up to sii. only :!.-J,~i
Ladies'ClonkB, 85, li, 7. only ........... 2,15
Children'sCloakB, nil Bizcs. worth 81. only I.e..*.
Men's Uood Suits, worth SH lo 810, only . S B.ilo
Men's Suits, worth 812.50, only 0.1)5
Mon's Pino Dress Suits, worth up to 810.00
lliis sale only .    . 8.1)5
Fine Tailored Suits all Btyles and  patterns
up t..:.211.,   choice   only 10,05
Overcoats worth 810,  only 5.05
Men's Fine Overcoats, worth  up Io 815.00,
onlv 7.!>.->
New Style Look ('mils. Fine Patterns, worth
820, only IO.05
(I..,.,] Work Funis.only 60.15
Fine Dress Pauls, worth 81. only. 2.1 .">
I'.xtrn Fine DresB Pauls, worth SI  lo Sll. only    'J 85
t.'ups. worth $1 onlv 15
Mens llnls. wti.lli"$2.5ll in $'). onlv 1.15
Fine Silk Crushers.only 05
Till' N KS AMI GRIPS al your own price
And :i thousand oilier articles in the Btoro Hint
ill be sold for nliiiosl nothing,   (', ,-irlv nnd  eel
Fine French Uinirhanis worth 12.'. an,I
lie '
Flannelettes, nil new patterns, worth 12|
and  15c, only 8c v.i
Fine Table Linen, worth 50c and liOe, yd,
only :',.-„■
Colored Table Linen, worth 50c ami  line,
worth ."im- v.i.  lliis
liie, onlv
5c vi
l.uv in Vour Supply ..I' Winter lilnukels nl those low
Special  Fine nil   Wool   White  Blankets,
worth $5 In $''.. only Sl! 05  pr.
limn   Mnde Comforts,onlv I :;;■,
Wlm, anl Coloi'eil Huil Spreads, worlh up
In $2, mil) 0.1c
All Our Furs  Will be Sold nt  all) Itediiced Prien
All Carpets Mr st Bo Sold, Price No Object
Fine Wool Carpets, only 15c yd
Tapestrii Hums, worth $'l lo$l.2-"i. only l,V '
Plush Kims, new patterns, worth $2. only      l)5c
Buy Vour Now lints Now,     All Now-Stylos Shown
Ladies' Ready to Wear llnls wortli $1,5.1
to82.5o, only 05c
Fine Dress Huts, Ready lo  Wear,  up to
SH.iV>, only . 01.55
All II.nm is Sold at Hull' Price
Ladies' Slippers worth $2, only 05n  pr
Ladies1  Button and  Lncu   Shoes  worth
.$2.*.... only 81.35
Ladies' Fine DresBworth iip'lo$8.5n,unly   I 7".
Mens Uood Work Shoes worth $2,5o ly   1,25
Men's Flno Shoos, worth $B, only 1.75
Mrnn's Fine Dress Shoes, up lo $1, only      2.25
Hi    ■ Sl ,, u,,nli $2.5ii,only I  | 5
Cliililivii's Shoes, only l.l,
All Nol ions Sold Less Than Cosl
A $5 bill spent here will do the work of $15 spent elsewhere.   Your money back if you are not satisfied
If you miss this sale you will regret it, for you will never again hate a chance to dress your family at such a trifling cost. All our new fall goods included in the sale.
We guarantee the above prices to be correct. NCTE—During this sale we will refund railroad fare to all purchasers of $25 or over, distance of 40 miles. Remember
this sale positively opens Thursday Horning, November 16th, at daylight, and closes Saturday night, November 25th, at midnight.
Selling Reid & Co.'s Stock, Cranbrook, B. C.
WEDNESDAY   AND  SATURDAY I)       A        hlSH        lllfi.lfiO'f'V TO WAIT ON YOU
NIGHTS DURING SALE. L^'    rk*     l   **-'1 M    U*C«*«£VI DON'T FORGET SI
& .
ii-*. '     _
r'A W'aW'M m*W*m O'A i BE   i BANBRl >.'v   ii EBAXD
s*»2_®^^;iK^^ a grlat scenic Rourt
"HU fCH"
Will i.,k,
,111 Auctioneer':
be pr cured iron
i i cncc as soon .is.
th< Municipality.
...    I.      MM'
3|      .1   UlC M    .Halt.   Illlal   nil,,lit   llll-  la'
yiS   *        .na ol   last August,      li  wu
,"j       . a       i,, loo. altei ocrtaln
J. ..'     |ll U|l| r tlU   .     '"'Il i.Il.lltj      111*11
:-r       gnltl-i - aa-.    ululated up .um ulil
fy m        | Having a pai> bora*
'.',       i-uri uill    * mi   . ..i. *.
i*H   :  lt-1   in.il,   ill,     .
3Vj .,..,.       Till     I    lla    a :
'., m. 'iaa    i,,,,.l   l,,i iv.u ,1
r<\ .. i    aa   Q|ipui tuiiit)    tc
gj ll        a, 111,        !,,   Ill,   ,1      a a, I .
.m      ,i   '   aim    ;,.a i,;< t ■:.       *   '
^a    a     ,',.,.,., 1    .,., :      i .,.,   * ,;,;    |.Jj
Sj"|      ! ll       llll'l   mm'        I I.    !..|,. !.-1
V '    '     Hl't   i ' an    ta   bC    II   lil
li    a   lla*   1 lil .  ,   uu a-   l.l     •',,'
fli   I,I,,.,I,   loan   ..iuii,   I     J,.    1-etloH     a:
Hal..a    ll,  a,        |i    „,i     ......\   *       .    i,
■      il     1"!    -I   *   la*.,:      .....   . :,,,: Tha
a**'",    i'lia       aial    'alii.,lam,,   ill,,.1,1    u,    'la
(i i ''li    la ill      a mull     Winn   il, -,
ft :   ,n   II.a,I   , lii.'iil,, la,   u.,l,,.„,|   Ill
..     "'.ia    i.riiai.t   liM./r   [lum   HOWlK-r.
'fj*\ Ma*. niM.li  shook abroad ilu* oiloi nl
Ai'l WJiSi'S i'.'i','i'.'iV'i.IiM','i', *■' /,."_'.*'J,_/M,'^."i.->_.>il"iiii  ''''" lul*    '■''' l"'  brcatl  ol the
■»"WraiWww*w)iw<(w)9^ ..,    „i,,  i the   nim
 1 . .— ——    ii ■Mil"- ,.ii|i,'i,',i   ihe trail  which led
inwards itliaia the rocks climbed
44444444************* t t***/**/**************** lown fi ..in llie gronl mountains tn
♦ ♦♦•♦♦♦♦H4«««t»»«»',«'.-..*.M,«*,-->V«HM4«.|4»» m,.|, ilmn aims ,u.mini Sl, .Mnr.s
♦♦._..,. . ,     ., ,   , 4*   : l.i.a.  the   lulling ol thc hills,    their
♦♦ 5,?SaJe,n Oriental  Novelties *t ^AAAAAAAi^'int
Ij   lius is A Great Opportunity tn net Xmas Novelties __♦   through.     The st   iii,tv.<    kiver,
Jt   -_ '1 ! .     ij     ,;.,,,„ a,o,«„,cri,sn,,iet   gravel-
Phone 119
. O. Box 76
lui Ills I    mil TE  KIIOM  CROWS
-        -i«;*!-.«5-.a - :-.
-Ul.   k.liii*±uli,   tUtlUg     ... *J __
wnvonttuou,     a ..-u  uia
UK   DtHKUUMM    ..     - .....
till)       •J.lAUIIWlKAla-.' ..    ,1.
UUUlAC,     ......    -     1
mum aoj  t_u uuuu—>   i,, ii...  \..,.L,,  A
ll   n,,*i.i.    won to despoil Bmi-.ii    ^   nuiwgameiti  uiund
| Seven Years Ago
in Cranbrook •.*  *
\'*%fmi*tmm\t       1'.'   UHl        . ,        l.l  '. I     ■   -
<y <. ■> .- tiia ■•' b i bountUm wwUUi m .'u_.i* iu ttisuouruge uiu titiui a,
•«;. L.iii iai. Uteri, suit would remain thellMytuj i>i Uiow rwtiu . ... t*u* u
y^  in..-;.;. iai le   assdi   ol  the   taoorapai  .-"-**  l0u W"U»w w  tuuiu»i  Udiut .
 lUtess  ui   ;K-  MNtttefy  oi mil f-«"^   i>U»!   UtVwliuu.       IIU   n_....
..U-; i.iiiii  dowered Province.     The! wwt, **o*.ic, 01 .-. Aual   iir«	
iuii'. [oroe ol "us iiiiivictKiiii1-ii-i.i.11 ti      .i.u. ..'...■  . .*..  iun
u  iiiu it-,  home in one, 11 noi bott.jt' i*-*-«uih appauu    ■ ■■ \u   t\ .      u
■ni up tin- vallej   -jeuvi-ii j .1. ..!.„, 1 .ni.., m u., ..   1
I.       but   A    kuuiial   ,y . ■.    1 '"...1    . .    .1 .
laiibo^uuiui]  iitHl uu ecu tiu«.<.
,Nt*l   l.ui.i   ..I..I   mul   JlaJ .    ,.l.lll.,       in
0 L        Ull. ;.-     i...    1      a..   .             I
bt,    .lu.,, j   u,\, 1   , i,   fyutu,     . .
tCl      io     II    '  ■'■   ■ . Ill       .        .,!•   U, till  .
■   - Ub   j ....
I. •■.,! !; .. 1|. ,.,,,       ,   ,  '   . I
Iu     ■  1  ,...i...ii        a      . 1....1-:, ...       .   ,.   .
■'- ■■ ■ i*.', lid ..- 1 ni ..1 a
-1*1 -.1 I • ... - ..- I..I-.. 1: 1,1
ImlJH   vi 1 Ull -     • .11. ifU)   toi   .
■•• ■'    ''-.*'      .    lu  I  ..     ..   t.*
• .:.-.    !■.        till 1
■ ■ 1 "*      ,*.   ■..     ■   juiys 1 ni,-    I- n.,!,
till      UU \U ■      Utt ll   .1     j. 1 ..it   .   .1 j'
i o le.  Kill    .ii tug  Utcui uei  i"    Si
.lial • ->       I A.r      All    ..-
-•."".. ilimjj in j. lyl. ui iti.ii m
11 -1 ■■■    ■'■!» Ij   I -.. 1 bis « .uu.
'i hi ■■ "I «ill havi .tn il» ailjum m ,.,
"   ■ ■ ■' I'      I'.H     Uui >i -,   liuui *     Ull
-in" i-hi.   .t;..i  the mty ai 1 .,,1
■ rai'l ..-ii.s wlm I, *h, 1 j- |L , uu\\.
b»« .-..li ... (jruvitle iui iiu..-,.' who
wuuld Ho :li,-ii li.ih.i.uii.,. in tin.-
ci**- and coiuloi 1      hroiii  ihe   i..n (
the lif..s w ill Ih* 111 mlu lu all ill.
winders oi the lallev, .mi the imiii
trail up to Uie hurd, lhc Koikj, an..
uiu'.- 1 .iiuji under litiiitji)  1'ean  will
*<i****************4-t,t,* <•-**»,.-; <,♦•<»#<>**♦.:.«♦■»♦♦ ».i
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «•*•>*•»***«.«♦*-.♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦*
Wun^ 1'om-, who has .i store on Ariii-tron-j
Ave., says thai his -lock is too li*;. Me has
ii.sl returned Irom ("liiii.i where he bought a
bi^ stock ol oriental novelties, siik goods, brass
ornaments, etc., .mJ he must sell, no matter
lniu' low, to nls_ the cash. He vvill have
sonic great bargains the oexl two weeks
Reniembrr the pia:*.-, opposite Imperial Motel,
Armstrong Avenue:
Lmi_s_Bi_9 3a3HS____SSisS__ >._■*.;• j li -;SJSS_fvS
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Manujiers.
H Drop in and see us any time.    We arc on ilak 2,i hours
m mil nf Ute 21
__$w;mw4Mrmfi: r •":-;' ■*,■"•' "• :,• T^z-j^m. 1.
*********%%* *************^***^
B C. Livery and  feed  Stables
,*k hors
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
opposite statu
ly rcaelips   after   us long imprison'
men I  In the lake,    seems in ehattet
iihout v.h.it ii has seen, ami all    ils
little tributary clitlilreit (now gather*
il to its   wider bosom) hnd     their
voices in speak ot what each and all
have   seen     in    thf     wild   country
up    by    the   glaciers,    where    ih.*y
were      born        Note     that   placo
where   the   stream     wheels   broad-
Ij   in   tin-   right,   where   the    hlgli
rocks crowd ii Irom it,-, cotirse.   Vou
see that the water is deep there, hul
ai  the head ol the bend thete Is    a
broken space ol water with a leather
0! foam and ripple above It.     Mark
11 well   There be mighty trout there,
and a sulky, sullen uhat belike.     In
;i  little while the trail  turns    irom
the river, steals back again into th
i over,   goes   by  stony   ways  over     ;
I bridge spanning a little creek    fresh
! liuin   the   summits,   and   longing to
rest by   every little bay-  and nook
: Onward again, where the red squirrel
' barked  till   the little world    round
, lum almost   echoed to his Bhrillings,
! or the grouse sunned itself on a log,
heedless 01 you, so seldom trodden is
! Uie path.     A mile 01 so larther and
iruiu ihe side of   the trail stot up,
nn.l  up, a huge buttress ol the liiouii-
' tain a thousand feet ol naked rock,
where only a straggling jack-pine 01
1 \\o held a precarious footing on il.*.
perilous sleeps. Anon, anotboi
mountain, sweeping up in one hugi-
l/iiiott auuve auuinei' ruse lor ibuu-
sanus 01 ieei, aimusi straight up,
1..11, snuutdeis, suits and beau, with
1..1. luun ui vogetaiion. une eouid
nut .uii' caning 11 uie Liiiardian 01
llie i.a...- sleeping at us leet. The
ivesiering sun suul lung bars of ligiu
ah ng Uiu waters, turning ihem to
gum   and   purple, rivalling the sky
it.Ii> ot Wild tiuehs lelt little Wakes
aflei them us tnoy paddled near the
stiore, lh.- daj was dying, and the
big owls ,n.i.i.. ; at eacij 01 her from
lhe depths ol lhe forest "Ho-o, ho-
Lit" No., Lo ..-tt ' a.s the SUOW-shoa
helur .j  ihe sound
nl   up
At 11      III
ll i.s
arch U-.J.UU
ilium Meaehcii,
tigs manifold, an
.'■■   lertih   rancl
i'«>ill[MlH]ll[MiM[l.|l[wjllill[_IJR|H|M}ll,II.||(n:il   M , *( KM, -.'V'*]* !*S,llf-i;*]Kllll**(l*<]ll]l|ijK»^
I CranbrQQk Beer I
Made troni the besl malt and the purest wai
er, it is unexcelled (or quality, ■* Ask for
Cranbrook Beer and insisl on having it. •***
The Cranbrook Brewing and
Malting   Company,   Limited
(l-.il iiifiiiiilHiliifi-r- ..I ill kltlilS "I   Ul nli d W 1I1 1 -
k|*|H[«> jIm;*!*;*,!,*;*!*!*!*.:*,*.!,*!*!- .,-••«>.>.■« *■>. > 1 . •tiM|«[a>|Hi«]«iHi;
bom be blcs-
is lovel) and
on all   thai
.\itei supper, when the
nt, and mt- beat ol   daj
1 cooltu ss    special!)    m-
uiun     omfonable sleep
: si aftei smoking a pipe
. womlci uu .1 /-ig-'iig ot
,*.n ti.,-1 nu some shoul-
. . itaiu beyond the lake.
il a   flasli oi lightning
.'s signature in sullea
the muuniain s resl and
oomlng   bastion   fringed
I'he place fell    as  u  ll
iimn- tor that
i-i ihe Mere
in   the  shore of old  ro
// NOTICE 11
limlill   III" J, -.l.h 1.1-. ,,|   i; 1 .'    I*        liMIIII      Iml    I,.
MINERAL WATER F ICTORY lu li    ■ iluh
I mil  n ni I. Ill nt  Inivi-I
11 111    ,   al  f.ll  II nil 1    1 ,,,ill. ulaiil    l,\    llm
■   iiiiriint.'i 1   m.i. nu. in id,. ,h^.
I'll,' |illlill" 11,   I*.  .|,. ■ lllllll   l"'plm„t"il L.ll    I IIH mill
l.i.-t. .1 \ .
•••••••••••••ffa £ MM>*9MNNNHl„-
Cranbrook   Foun
Clean Clothes U~J
^Machine  Shop:
ii   is I'ltay to liiivi- I'lo
class Ifiiimlry in lown. \<
i-iiii'l iilVnnl In pittroiiizo eli
lU'Si. when yon can gel vo'
work iiuiii' hy white pcopli'
11 while way mul nt prin-a tl
will iip|n'«il to iinyoTti.* wl
wiiiits aooil work
Crows Nest l\;
Steam Laundry £,-
. Craiibrook, li.r. n\.
^rri^aNNNNisisr xds
T AlcKinnon & Johnston
■!• Proprietors
SVuam iirepunil to
tlo all kimls of re-
pnir work heavy and
light, iiiaku costiugs,
turn almfls.oto.
Scientific     Horseshoeing   a '
Next  ilay,   and mnnj  a da)   there-
,,i' 'i   the 11 tains in the upper   end
ni ih,11 wonderful vallej were climb-
, t, [lainfully, wearily, to lagged peaks
.m.i   saw like summits,  frost  shatter
:. lit ning 11-1 n, till one in look-
in ; Ilu 1. un ih. path traversed al-
mosl sickened with dizziness. Those
wan l' rei • will hot ever turgot one
i>X|   rienei        The)   li.nl  attained    a
lit . mi hoped thai-, perhaps, it
, : hi .1 i<-''I land outside it on
;,.. ii-.i tli \n That summit-, on
tin   1.11 ;h kI le, fell awaj  shure    foi
1    thousand reel, a grisly, horrible
awe Inspiring, inviolate
ti_.v i'hdi 01 ihe mountain
goat, Mm what a prospect was
Kplea I abroad nu words can tell, no
artist paint 1 xcepl thu (ireat Spirit
who . ■■ Ihi milighl fm a brush.
I'eni aflei peak, glaciei upon glacier,
awat an I awa) tu the end *>f vision.
\t. 1 Gutl.. i.iight Biuillglii over it nil.
I i in/, nn n  all, trying, man   like,
in 11.. 1 iiei ihe meaning ol thai glorious picl  it seemed as if
Thong! 1   leapt   oul    in     wed   wilh
Kii* Thought   could   wed  itself wilh
1 Thcrenftei there was fishing on the
St Mar j s lake, troul fishing really
worthy of the name. There is a
place down at the easl end of the
Lake called the Outlet and just thereby is a deep swirl under the rocks
.uid woods of the soulh shore. Here
the silver beauties simply wanted to
he caught, hut each fought like the
t( thorouglftrerts they are ere thev yielded thi' life. Al the wesi end, where
llie river enters the Lake are still
reaches between the bending willows
so like the upper waters of U'e Knglisli Thames that those wanderers
* named one place Twickenham Ferry.
And here the trout were more lusty
. and more game, ir possible, than at
any other point. Sport for kings
or dcini-gods, it wns. A great holiday iu a fair, but nearly unknown
rand. Nearly unknown, hut not en-
liiely so. as the following will verv
clearly show.
A few days ago tho Herald man had
a long interview with Mr. ().' I'.rick-
Will in* esiablisheil, but il is ilccUln
ih.tt a chalet slall be limit al rim.
llaj when* iin- new scenic route wil
practicallj end,
lhu people of Cranhrook are deepij
interested In ajiyihing Uuu  will  tend
10 open rrjj lhe Vallej of the Si
Marys, ami nothing, sborl oi a rail
way, could be better calculated n
ertect this object ihnn the presein
project of lhe. i'. I». |{ That i; wil,
mean much ior Uralibrouk ti evidi*ut
11 will bring in heir mm ,.1 mean>
and imsitiiui whn are wliullj u.-w 1.
iiu* conditions of things in Mast Kou
U'lia), its resuurues and Ils wuudci
ful possihiliue.s. Th/* cannol huh
here, or even near .is wilhoul  leai ti
mcthlng nf tlu- wealth 01 i.n.
mineral resei ves, om timin r an;,
watei powers.- It sliuuld Im ilu
pleasurcable duty ol our coming t'it\
Kalheis to provide .some ubjeul Us
sons for those tourists in ibe waj 0.
uiiii.ral calihiets at the various hotel
in town. These have done an enoi
mous amount of good for Nelson
Sandon and Kaslo, and should bi
equally efleolive here.
i'he plain moral of this article ti
lhat the scenic beauties of a COUHt)')
are a paying proposilloii Ii is imv.
up to tbe people of Cranbrook an.
Marysville to meet the upportunitj
with both hands, and not to perml'i
ihe stranger to ^u hence without lm\
ing something .shown him to impress
upun him the wealth we have in min
eral of every, kind, our lumber an.
the vaiiety of our fores I growth, ami
with proof also that we have ,, soi
whieh need otiy in be tickled with t
hoe  to laugh with a gnldni harvest,
IT     WILL    UK     BKTTKK    THAN
Ii was admitted that tlio Ileialu
Annual oi nml was ihe linest pio
liueiiou 01 a hive chataeiei ever attempted by a weekly paper in Western
Canada, lne Herald set Itsell »
dniicuii standard to reach, a haru
record 10 lower, \oiu real, bum
record beater, like Klanagau ilu
weight tinuwei irom Kilinahoci.*, ire-
iaiiii, reaches a pre-cmincnee where he
luu. no more records 10 break except
ins own. Ttese he sets about Improving, adding irom lime to time
an inch, a foot, oi a yard, ma) be, to
set ihe world wondering what uianiiei
of man he musl ue. that is exactly
the positian oi the Herald—it Jias no
record to defeat bin iu own, bui ii
will beat il. i'he Annual nf the present year will he Issued un the loth
of December, and will give advertisers the benelit of iis circulation in
time for the Christinas and .New
Year's trade. In size 11 will be Iii
hj 18 inches, or about the size ol
Ihe Ladies' Home Juurnal. The size
a.lo|in*.t lasi yeai was lou large,
cumuursumc and inconvenient. '1 hi
Herald admits thai that was th,
only spot on the .sun. That spot
will be eradicated this year,
The cover has been specially de
signed in colors by the celebrated
bouse of Stovel & Cu . of Winnipeg.
It will he ilie most expensive production ever ealle.l ("i in lis own
class fiom lhe eminent house whieh is
now engaged in tin ning ti out. The
design is allegorical, with emblematic
medallions representing tins various
nidus!lies oi tile Ciaiilu.'ol. disiriet.
lumbering, mining, railroading and so
forth, the Annual will consist of
about ."iti pages ol original reading
matter, and the articles will not ileal
in so mueh dotaill with the various
mines, saw mills, etc, hut will he
more general in then scope iban
those ol last yeai.
Three thousand copies will ho issued, and ii the Herald ean imUe hv
rhe rush of ltJfll there will not ho one
uf ihem mi baud by the Kith of December. Lasl yeai people came tearing Into the olllco on l-lle day the Annual was issued wanting ten*, dozens.
fifteens to send here, there and to the
Old Country, li tbey do noi want a
dish or disappointment let all have
their names recorded for their sufll-
cient number of copies in ndvuucc.
Subscribers will receive nue copy
free, hut all copies after that on:
will cost 25 cents each, just as they
will to the resl of the public.
A word about the advertising
space. The prices will he for a full
page $40, for a half page $25, and for
a quarter page $15. A page will,
therefore, enst on a circulation of
3,0110 copies the ridiculous sum of
only a cent and one third of a cent
per copy. Take ft that only (he
people are shot by th- advertisement,
and their memory rendered radio-active by the style and general excellence of the get-up,  why then the nd
3   HERALD    OF     TH U    DAT*   .-
■<&«■-_ .VV-C-- ve .;•-i-i.*.,-.*...
<Jn the private car, Pliai | ■
which arrived in Cranbrook, Muttdaj
attached to the reguiai train, were
Messi 1. tth) te, gi ncral maim
the western division ul thi 1 r K ,
Koto 11 Ken, genual irailu managi 1
(ui ilk- -..uiu- road, engine* r M II
Ai* iiu.l, oi uu- i N. i- , aud :- ii lal
ladiei On luesda) thi t v r
loud passed  into   the han Is ol
;■■ -.1  1..   1 pai ■ ... nt, ami    ;..
1 - ■ i<   making . li.. nu ovei
■h.   In, ■   te ub' l«| ie us ..j. htiou   Ioi
R   U   Ji Igs, ;   tJast   K	
'• ua) .-. mu ii  piuimiu at  min n
1 nil    ovi ■ from Ste le on  Uon la)
I* .1 lllll, Uie elolhier, n turn 1 1.
Craiibruuli un Honda), Ui in u b 1..
;..ss nip to UlhbrliigL ant  Uacteod
Mi. A. Leilch relurn .1 to Cran
brook ..iun.I... iv.u.nn from a 'in.
.. Macleod Mi l.eii.h reporl. vuij
cold, ftindj wiather on ihe prairie."
T. 1:, MahalTey, ui Wardner, wn
town Monday selecting goods froi
jasieni   drummer io   be   shipped  i-
Cc cade  City,   where   Mr,    Mahaflei
prnposi-s to i-stablish Itimsell  in b
Having successhillj taken ihu Van
■ 'ecu family, from the oldi -1 to tin
louugcst, inrough a run nl typhoi
i/v.i iu the capacity ol nurse j VI1
Henrj Krundid left"fot Fori Stcch
•ii  Sun taj   last
It K. Rcattie, Cranhroul* physic
'ompoumler, lefl foi Lethbridge Mon-
laj' morning in search nf a uwlar cx-
iraelor. In plain, Mr. Healtie has
ie.11 suffering foi several days wilh
he tonihache and has gnue away to
-ci ins mouth fixed.
Landlord lloggarth was in town
rom Elko Mondav lool lug up the
natter ul securing lumbei foi Ills new
totel which he coii'tciuplates building
it  ihat place.     He has been Inform
I since arriving here lhat a saw null
vas in route to Klk River, which il
rue would obviate th ■ n ccs-.itv ol
ransportIng the  lumber from a ills
J. II, King, the popular young
ihj'siclan, an-l surgeon who left Cranhrook about live weeks ago for Uie
nirpnse of taking his (notes lonal c\
imlnallon at Victoria returned in Uie
■ity last Thursday. li perhaps, is
leodlcss for the Herald tu say that
ihe doctor siood a highly creditable
'\amination before the board an.l has
returned to resume charge oi the
latienis at the St. Eugene hospital.
He will, we understand, attend to his
professional calls for services from
he general public.
Considerable S|H.eulalions have bpen
iKlulgwi in here in Craubrook as lo
.■bo is likely lo receive tbe bill, t of
iipetini. n.li'iii of thi' C N. P. road,
.he reporter asked Mr. Maclcod who
he fortunate gentleman was likelj
0 be.     Itnitli Mr. Macleod and    Mr.
Mil staled lhat lbe mailer h.i 1 not
teen determined fully, but the Herald
A'ould know in a few days. It is
protity generally understood, however,
dun Mr. Macleod is m be tho man
uid the prediction is here made that
tuoh will be the tact. About this
Lime the conductor cnlli d "All
aboard" and the train pulled oul [or
Cranbrook is right up-to-date in
things that go to make up a town
on metropolitan lines. The Commercial hosel has jusl installed 01m
of the latest nickel in the slot musical instruments.
As per the   announcemenl  In    tire
Herald  of last    week,   the  Cranbronk
public schools   opened   on Wednesdaj I
with   Miss   Maud   Keay as   teaebcr.
The attendance was very li.L,ht, how-
■vet,   tliere being less  than a   do?«n |
pupils.       There  are  upwards  of     201
■hil.livn here of school age,  and  par  ■
t'lils should    see  thai    ib.-y     alien 1 '
school.    Tbey are much better there
than they are in the streets.
Cninmissiuner Armstrong was In j
Crnnbrook on legal business laM Saturday, an.l according to promise in
■uiiipaiiv with the secrctarj ol lhe i
Hoard ni Trade, W \ McVittie, wen- I
over thc ground for the purpose of J
locating a new road in the dim
of Palmrr Mar and ntio ft site fi
bridge over dim Smith creek or
road leading to Mnyig, Th,-
mlssiniier gave Mr. MJVIttU* u
ilerstan I ihat holh of these m*.
Improvements would be carried
at an earl) date.
■gt     per.    SCR      Iti'i mj;L «nd pnn
J.v-'reformV^   » k«i fcy »•*««.
'f;-c't ■■; **t*
ilj Fil-Rciorm War-'robe bn ij il " 	
RE10& COMPANY .  . J    '' :/?R00K.
'  i   ' ■■--.'<■:. '   ■>.**£
"i'he Best What Is"
P In   Liquors
-< * Thnt is wiinl vou ivmit wlipn you bui I.i   lors fur fnraily use,
■». tin I tlml is whul uv u'narii.i..   you     Sln'|.uii!iits ol llie olloio.
m, pfltWiiips, L,ii[iioru, H:<.ra -■'•■. in i     itantlj   rriviriKatour
,-. iilioli.stil.. hniis...   Wlii-ii  m.i,  l.uv      lore bui     ly the best
9 iiltDKH.s	
'    )KKS l-'UOJl Till!  I'KADi: A SPKCI VLTV,
Wholesale Dealer in Liquors and Cigars
•>  rJ ' m>  1- V'Z V*>>^0>r -  ■  r , >9'9'4W&
I m-i The Foundatian Of Health -j*
In horses <is in man is s>ood pure food-stuffs* We sell the best
that is grown in hay and grain, and to keep vour hoise in jood
spirits and equal to his work, iced him Carneiac Stock Food with
with every meal. Those who have used it for j-sars say it's the
best that can be bought.   Packets, -Z0 cents, 25 lb, packages, 53.00
Tor family Use ^^
'fry  Miinr- nf .mr  J*:.,-,-.-ll. nt jra^*.-
SDerrscs m .    , ,
Thev lire Unequalled, L'nex- /!*_ .   .                *< jjf|
celled <AfA~'-.   :'■-:-    %
I K I, mcDcrmoi t-'*''"-' I^S I
I liiiK'ic.iil. UJinc ii...cl*atit ->A' :■  : '^'.-'■''''•'dHl I
I        I'll ■   17. ' 11. ibrooli ^^    I
la»»C—M—■»—»—■——»«M_Mt«_________|__.M» »___■___>«»
byterian church is rapidl>
nenring a condition which will iiermh
tho congregation meeting there l-1
thch public womhlp Mr, Grant ti
pushing the w'.ii. to cotniiletion au
fast as possible, and in .Ml proliabil
Ity th.' tirst service will Iw hold Ih
on the first Sab-bath in December, nl -
thniigh  ihe formal opening oi     ihe
church will not   take place till ,-,  lalci
i»ki..\m:n   ki:ssi:s i iv
When Delanci*, whose proper naine
is Johnson and whose nationality ti
Swedish, was going over Hie mad 1.1
Iho hotel uf His Majesty at Nelson,
he admitted In ConsUhle Baron that
he was "fairly copped " Me stated
haf he had engineered lhe coup, and
had the "crib'' under surveillance for
quite a while. Asked why he had
not removed the wire which directly
connected him with the commission
of thc offence, he said that he had
tried lo pull it nut of the hole, but
that il cot caught in something inside. Anyhow, he did nnt have the
time. Iljirnn pounced upon him too
quickly for that. Wiih sonic accent
nf regret he told of the easy life of
prisoners nn the United Slates side
of tho Houndary as compared wiih tlio
scvereiiies dealt out to those who offend nn thin Ride.       So it would ap
I   *.*
we have your overcoat and suit.   WE 3 £ Ll E.V El ft
that it will please you, that you will like its cut. its grace ,
and fabric, and, withal, we're confident you'll be pleased I
with its price.        j*        *,<        ■<        J>        •_■■        J* \
rWOOIrlrC Y IV, ing tailor;
.•-.".-..••.".••.....■.•v.,...'.,........,................ '.•..•V".-'.-'.''.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.-V-.--.*VVVV**l
.I'liinl   superintendent    ot using tj|i_ artistically
v,'iiis,'iiiint I'nsls naxl In nothing, in pear llwl Mr. .lolinson lias snn'u-
(act. So Willi small.r spiicea. II i standartl nl exporl-llee whi. li may
iliv Ili-rald says it In iis own lavor, I guide liim lo make a selection ot liis
ll will bo agreed thai ll can deliver hitnrc liclda or business activity moro
thp Riioils wh™ it  is n t|it.stion    ol   in 1'iinsiinaiiri- wilh the Feelings ol tin-
I t'lanhiooli people.
Before you make arrangements for
your fall
see us for ideas, designs and stock.
II maybe mutually profitable
• 1
I F.J. Bradley & Co.
X    Artistic   Painters   and   Decorators
_M[.:..K..:-->-:--:--:--:--x-->-M--M">*->*.-->'>-:-^-:--:--:-^->-:--*.-*j^<_i I UK   CUANnBOOK    ILEHAI.U
BWiB^_lft-Wl«-ffWK-***—« _j.-t--v.-i—-,. -
As has already been announced, owing to ill-health, we have decided to retire from
business, we will offer our
but will
feSft     A S IT WOULD be impossible to give quotations in such a varied stock, we will refrain from the attempt,
PSg   j-^   give you a list as nearly as possible of what our stock is made up of.   As many of these we have imported direct
from (ireat Britain and bought in the very best markets of the world, we wish to emphatically impress it upon
-"--      ' •'<     -*- ■*-   A   „■   intn   tin.
jQ Irom ureal Druum auu .......<..v ... „.„ ---.     j»  w«  »*.._. -.-.. *...,	
ggj the people no matter how "glib-tongued" a salesman may be there is not one or any who can or vvill cut deeper into the
"    - :t! ■•■"••:•*<>- thr* npvt few  weeks, or in  fact until our entire stock has been disposed of.
heart of prices than we wiil during the next few
In Dry Goods
our stock is most complete in all
lines, consisting of Dress Goods,
Trimmings, Ladies' Suits. Children's Suits, Shirts, Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc., Etc.
Men's, Boys,9 & Youths Clothing
Our Men's Clothing, Overcoats, Boys and Youths' Cloth*
ing and Overcoats, odd pants, boots and shoes, wool underwear of all descriptions, and all prices; white and grey
blankets, comforters, pillows, hats and caps, men's furnish-
ings, socks, rubber shoe packs, carpet and linoleums, lace
curtains: in fact everything usually in an up=to=date store.
Sheetings, Cottons
Bought direct from England, and
bought before the recent heavy
advance of nearly 15 per cent., we
will give our customers the benefit at this truly great sale.
All Must Go-HILL & CO
Must Go
Uy  ibe Herald Hubllsbluj Company
Editor aad Manager.
o _\\ THE n|J) MAN M
' ■^fi.99999»aiai!W'MWieeifl-,9att^
,  I    A western Editor has come to    the
There are Improvements in store for conclusion that those desiring "puffs"
Cranbrook that would make the in Lis paper must pay lor them, nnd
knocker sick. This town is destined has established thu lollowlng schedule
to be one of the very best cities In ol prices; Koi telling lbe public that
the interior of British Columbia. Thej a man is a   sucocssftl citizen    when
and religious matters in an election.
The people of Alheria have said in a
most emphatic manner that they
want peace and prosperity, and not
turmoi land religious strife.
Stand up for Cranbrooi*;.
Tbe Herald ti worth U0 a year. Ii !
costs only $2. No man in South
East Kootenay can afford to be without it, and everyone living outside of
ihe district, who is interested in the
progress of this section, should read
it. It publishes the news while it is
news, it is controlled absolutely hy
lbe publisher, No clique, party or
Individual dictates Hs policy. It
don't try to please the people. It's
desire ti to publish A newspaper thai
will be a credit to tho community
Send in your subscription and you
will ne thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates 51 per Inch, single
column, per month, no moie and no
Reading mutter 15 cents per line
to nou-advertisers ; IU cents per line
io regular advertisers. Business
locals Ave cents per line each insertion.
If ymi desire to reach ihe people ol
Snuth East Koolenay you must ad
vrrtlse in The Herald.
Tho Herald has a first-class job
plant, and its work is of the best,
The Herald don't want charity. Ii
wants a square deal on your job
work, If we can't suit vou in quality and price, kick, and send your
work to some Cheap John house In
ibe east that never spends a cent In
uie  iiiu'iiui  oi  in iiiin v i,.......,,..,   . .
development of the country tributary
lo Cranbrouk will be very rapid during lhe next one nr two years and
t'raiibfook will prolit by it.. Thoso
who own property in Cranhrook will
have reason to congratulate themselves for it will prove to lie the real
stud, The changes that the C. P.
Ft. has in view that will eflcct Cranbrook are enough in themselves to
make this town a big winner, and
Ihis added to tie growth iu thc industries ol the country will cause
Cranbiook lo make even better progress in Lhe future than she has in
the past.
everybody knows lie is as lazy as
government mute. ?2.7ii; referring to
a   deeased     citizen  as one  who    is
mourned by tht*    entire   community
than tie devil himself. The world
needs sincere Christians for they are
a boon io humanity wherever found,
and the church needs sincere Christians tc protect it against the hypocrite wliu would don the cloak ol religion one day in the week and fight
shy of the gulden rule tbe other six.
Whenever you see a man who never
overlooks a graft you wiil find a mun
wdio suspects every act of bis neighbor, and is unable tn credit a loyal,
unselfish sentiment to any one when
dealing with public ailair-..
mourned by the enure oonununu; . just a|l0ut the time the new conn-
when we know be will only be missed c[] K,.ls ,iu. municipal chairs warm it
liy a poker circle, $10.13; referring to Urfn bo time to bold another election, I
some galavantlng female as an ostlm- am) then the fight will have to be1
able lady  whom n Is a pleasure,    to gonc through again.
inert,   when every business   man    Ini "	
town would rather see the devil com- The new city might join with tte
ng, $8.1(1; calling an oidinary pulpit provincial  government and buy   half 1
-■....I.;     ilivinn       slxtv ; „f  ..hn ,Ini     " •'«--•     t- ,.
* PHONE 99 CRANROOK, *    C.
GVWVVVWV VVWS/V VVVVV / /^>**\tA/*4^9S/^^
pounder an eminent divine, sixty
cents; .sending a doughty sinner '■■
heaven, $5.00,
Some   papei s   have nol   yel heard
from   ihe election  in   Alberta.     It   is
hi] how far iin* pai ll lan spirit
will . .j ry ari Individual whn   wplrc
to publish a newspaper.
Carry the news to all Ihal "Ol |
Man" Simpson is still attending
BLrictly to his newspaper business
nnd not devoting any uuu to fixing
up a slate. With two newspapers
and ,in annual on his hand-- Le has
nol the lime to spare that those whu
bave been so busy circulating the reports about his political activity fm
thi* purpOSO ot injuring him would
lead people to believe. And what is
more it might be said lhat he has devoted more of bis time and his money
tor tbe upbuilding of Cranhrook than
one or two of the parties who have
been sn perniciously active would do
ii they lived in Cranbrook the rest of
their lives.
The Herald is in the hands of Its
friends this week. The advertisers
have taken a hand editing this week
and the responsibility has been handed over to them without a murmur
of regret. The reading matter may
he a little scarce ttls week, but since
the Herald prints right along more
reading mailer than any weekly
paper in the province the readers will
not object to tlie, reduction for a
week or two.
The result of tho election in Alberta is the strongest protest ever
registered against bringing in   racial
Don'l figure on Ihe pallll
candl latcs foi city olfice.
their ability in advance the
of llie oily. It don't make anv difference whether they are Liberals ur
Conservatives If you wanted men
to look ailer vour business you would
not ash toi limit political beliefs bui
vou would   wanl   to know   il  111 \   h,i I
the capacity nnd Integrity to hand! ■
your affairs m ,, businesslike manner.
The Herald believes in ,, :•   m >n eni
alo^g business hues and hones to sec
,. mayor and council that
Uial kind ol ,v policy,    T
grown to .i stage 'thai il needs mnn-
,i.; 'mcnl and lhc righl  kind ol   man
agement,       There Is it future ahead
fur Cranhrook and it will he the duty
ol lhe council and mayor to prepare
for Uial tni'iri' so as In propel Ij pro
ted  Ihe besl Interests nl the    com
iiuniitv.        There Is no need to rush
blindly Into debt, Ihcn  i- no need to
jeopardize  tl >• ere lii   ol  Ihr
paliiy  by   extravngai l   expi i
tliere   is no   nerd to   make improve
m.-His fHn 1 would !»' nlu ad ol n low i
the size of Cranhr.-nk.     Mul then '
ias  in L
Speaking of what a newspaper does
for   the   community,   United   States
it   Ibei Senator David Davis, ol Illinois, made
jre on  an address that remains evei green in
i„i„st.s j the memories of newspaper men.   IL
D\\ n has
Id:  "Evcrj   vear every local  new
il gives from   500 to 5,000    fi
..... fnt tlie benefit of the communl
whuh it is located. No olh -i
,i nf\ cm or will do this, Tbe edl-
•I in proportion to his means docs
ore toi his own town than anv olh-
mail. He ought lo In- supported
.1 because you happen to like him ui
Imiie his wi Ithig, hut because a
■cai papei is the best investment n
immunity can make. It may not be
•owded with great thought, bui I'm
M.i,iih. ii is of more benefil than
both preacher and teaclh-i To-ila)
illtors do mure fur less pay than
nj in.ui un earth, Patronize yum
imn' paper, nui ns a charity, but as
.iloviiiriiii    £ ui l- i miii.. l    _.,,.,    „_.,      ...
of the dog   kennel that   is   now used
lor jail and court house.
Victor Rollins says that he hopes
that when the new council is ready
tor business it will pass a curfew bye-
law so thai thc small urchins win
uuw„ruaiu the streets at night will
have lo remain at home. The Idra is
a good one and we hope that Mr.
Rollins' wish will be gratified.
_ Week.)
len t.
We    u,
aln.nl   th
mon Is,
■\   M-I
reading   lhc  other
hn'  waj   to select
I      the ' Authority    said,
i ■ .-nm diamonds In arti
,,1 iir.li-. n   It h difficult to deteel
tl.iu "     li Is 11,'vet ton late     tt
in,  but    we cannot heln (eel
below is
editorial columns nf Ll
Cranbrooi. IL raid which w ill rai
hai paper in Lhe esteem of all wl
respect fair play in politics and Ll
wllltngnrss to make ami nils fur i
justice dune unwittingly which is oi
of the characteristics ot a genllema
The paragraph follows:
"The Herald blamed Attorney-General Wilson for ito blunder that pi,icel the Kooteimj's without u judge for
n [,•.. weeks. The Vlctiria Week bus
plainly shown Uial Instead ol tho
attorney-general being lo blame, tlie
trouble wns due to the ueglccl of the
legal depart mmi al Ottawa, Tho
Id believes in placing the blame
and gladly    makes
on their leet    by homeopathic treatment.
The neighbors    like to catch   high
A pour man can tell offhand, vhat
he would do if he had the money.
lie is a brute ol a man who does
not pick tilings up a little when lie is
away fiom home.
.No well order girl can take her
hat ul! without thinking of her hack
tine    advantage   about   snoring ti
lhat tbe pleasure is all yours.
,    A pass may be impossible, but th
i chance of a free ride on a moral Idea
m \—— M
3Leabino Business
Ibouses of Abates-
villc   — *mcltcr tXltv>"
Marysville tins come
into her own. The
town nuw bus a per
ma nc nt payroll nml ti
the gateway of the St.
Mans valley, J. The
Herald cm heartily
Indorse the following
business houses:
need rd .hr ndcHion nl « wise polia f£l.rT-,*l ' w ! ! '"■."!■.■!. >A
u.u wm omhracc lhe needs ol thi n"",;L ■■", '"amond merchant*
people, une Hint will inerense th '" ", "" l'avp *«*" lm>,m' m\
value ot property in the town ralher i!"°.mlR nt ,|l,',n ■•■ tl'(1 inning wh,
'had iilr
up   It
unko a choice
lime never    hnvi
were h-el-tlng     ilu
lhe time must ni us get
paving up tha Christmas
is time In begin to arrange
dng another batch of Chrtol-
■ents. Surely, this is a
* world we live in.
man who hnsn'l n leg to stand
■ un m frequently met at top of col-
i num.
Tte merit of newspaper advlj
lhat ll is prepared in advance
ll.' wasle basket.
A bachelor is one who dot's not like
to give up the pleasure of thinking
abuut  it.
All a woman has to do if she does
nol wanl to accept an Invitation i*
to have the headache.
Thanksgiving day is nol tho best
day tor sin jn ise parties,
Hollowo'en     is    Intended   to save
people Irom the mistaken belief llial
the devil is chained
He is quite n   wise man who   cai
Central Hotel I
The leading ho-   J3
I in lhc Si.   ja
R, Johnson, Proprietor Marys   valley.   $
than  decrease  il.      A   vac.nit   Iol
the business streel of Cranhrook is
worth from Sl,fiflfl to $3,000, but it
produces nu revenue. The owner by
securing a loan that extends over a
period ot lime can mil up a building
that will produce a satisfactory revenue and take carr nf ihe inlerest on
lhe loan nnd at lhc same time pay.
il off.    That would hr good business\ tZ   '
for  the property  owner,      Tt   is    the  *u,'m ^^^^^^^^
.lame wilh a municipality,     Dtfit   nf     ....       , ~ ..t,
this 1,-in.l Is a bin.ln.--a -lain, mul it Is „„"hZSuUtatli'iTS,7 S !
not atttyimc*. Tt.re will ho in-: l''' ' "' hll,uR?, " c1"" \,v'"
vi-sltnants nl this kind to hr mule in' "'"."""* /'l*1 lh'y alf sn A1, ,"f
Cranbrook tbatm-lll require too. bus-te in.R '■,l,"''.y A , i R",' ? Ill
inass Judgment. Wu Want ■ mayor *'" n,.'"' ,lnnt t0 ,ilUh vll",t ""'
and council wilh thp ability tn in'wl ,"""""" ""■>*■
Z:Z^^^utnt'^A\^'^ ™*« « • tt„,r,.„sh„n',l,
this stamp and thcrelore thnre is no'1 "'. " ""' »'"nl hypoorite .Iocs   nnl
g^aa_a'* '^^rn^Mi^-s	
*" I    The man who plays  the church  Tor
LTBETULS CARH7   ALBERTA,     the profit that there mav be in it, is
  jn thousand fold worse than the   man
The election In Alberta last Thurs- who never saw the inside of a church,
dav resulted in Ihe Liberals carrying Tbe policy man who goes to church
23 out of 25 seats wilt Calgary in for the benefit he may derive iu biisi-
douht under contest, dishing having ncsa or politics is the worse enemy
defeated Dennett on the face of the re- that Christianity has, and a good
turns by a small plurality. [deal hauler [or the minister to battle
Where   it   belun**,-.,   mm   *■-.»■■■;       ............      nt;   iv,   .,     ,.      	
un.'iids for ihe error committed, and   (.,,.,j, fmm telling whal a fool I
voiild add furth.-r Ihal there was   nu  ,„.,],. 0| hlmseir.
ixcuso for the delay on Iho part   ol     some     music   converts   a peaceful
be    Dominion   government/    except   breast Into n savage one
gross carelessness." j    pCOnlo are so accustomed  In    Iol
And those   capable   of appreciating   ioW(nj, the crowd lt> is hard to    gi
Uio   editor of-the Cranhrooh Herald 1 tlieli attention to the signs.
m Dining Room service the best.
ti The place lo slop when visiting the Smelter Cilv
I The Royal Hotel
Inl; I i
A. P. Chenette Proprletoi
I ins been recently refurnished and is now one ol
llie liesl hotels in llie district.    Ilendi|ii(irlcrs fm   J5
lhe people. S
illi.a- I'.ni'l.'SS.ii'ls.                                               I      I.,,,,.,],.   ,„■,,   s.l   nCCIISI Ill    I"       ""   IB m
,hc""c,ii'.oT ,;:!h,""r,.:;!',ni:!;ru":::M | aaaa.. a a:" '" "" j mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMm
lor   \_s manliness in adnill ling    an     An nrtlst li    who "ias no olher   »!                               .111-.                  A k*
error will also appreciate thc silence    , ,-• raM ot aunporl.                     f-j III! a iin 1111 1      A        lllll f.     I'A ft
,,!,1,,. i-liini.  nt ilu-    Tiinis at    iis|u'|'„.„. „.:   |.,n  who live on    the   m V9 PC V VI    I fi     IIP  IP     III) m
proper value.    It was the Times  t W|   X cno'plain because Uiey     a»    ft 111 CH U V I 1111/     1/1 lift     UU. _
was responsible toi  the error ol   lho j n0,   ,.nns,,u.   their   prctcrcnee lo   bo  fx                   u                                 "J ft
\A1An ""laeitguai-tiiy8 iwJ^hl _™_?-S »mi« a lot ot «           We carry a complete slock oi everything in the |
  „  _     .. tach up
un Mr. Wilson upon n misstatement of,    '"j
facts.     Hut  the Times bas never even I l'LU|-
corrected   ils   misstatenn m
less offer ed an apology.
The children like to have their
mothers come home and open the luggage.
It is the man wbo has a dress suit
who inquires of liis confidential friend
if it is to be a dress affair.
Are women growing taller, or is it
their hair?
When a woman tells you that she
remembers very well something that
occurred a good many years ago it is
a safe conclusion she is married.
When a man is broke he doesn'L care
who gives him credit,.
IL may be called chin music, but
harmony is not expected.
Sons-in-law do not like to he put
The advantage or getting n lot   of i J5
back of a popular entertain-   h
the obligation    Ihey are; *
niitit is in     .-..-„.-...
placed  under  not   to kick.
H is easy to explain hc>w things
should he done, but to do ihem is a
tax on time.
It is hard to believe that the
people in a crowded street know
enough to know where they are going.
A violinist is compelled to keep his
left hand informed of what tbe right
hand is doing.
Tbe night schools are many, but
tliere is a bar to most of them.
There is nothing better about, going
away from home than tho willingness
to get, back.
People who just drop down on you
are offended if you do not appear to
be tickled.
It is thc man who has a furnace
lire who gets il in the neck when he
goes out.
We carry a complete slock of everything in the fej
Drug ami Stationery line. No need to send away 53
for your goods, «
Smxmsss smsmmssifS'mmi.mtimms'. h
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The HeraJd, $2.00
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T3   W
<w  rj
't. 'w
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a ,j
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e'en* .
s there arc  no
'1! at our pikes.
—   f y uuOJJIbuibu u ■-_» ■-■  -*   -*
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saililW&a-s    1  -
s*l|Sbb*'s,d     •= »*31
S '■ = E j *» * * ffi a > 35.6 " B "g
jj V **" — .*'' C" ,  -^ ." J .'■ — -" -j   ■   /.
Ovlvl'B'EaCEt/iS'e m\9 ■/. _* c —
3j2 S
wa- ,..!..■ ,      .    .
th. ■
*..* i..
1.1,1" I,, li'llal ItiU \*.,.k.
All |a ' ■*■* M
'■am   •    ■      ,    ,il„*r
'Ji iiuiii.li ,:■ .- a
■J.'liarul i.'wi . .
.Ml j.,-,...... . father,
Coupons 'lii.l II. i'r ml ... Vii;|ii_ One
Mud Ufter tin Issue of iliis i'_per.
November lo. 1905
Craiibrm.il Co-operative Sure:
IWV-f. -W- "--JS??*-***'' iit—KSBI
1 fickcd Up Ahuul the City   h.   tnkini-
l.utstlira. nl M_n.   I'mpl.
Hliull S|,;,-,.,l I'ii'klos -"''
iiuiii-. Miswl l'ii'kli-B We
•int..' Swwt tllii-rkius I"1'
tviit'sQuart ,\li\.*.l •"'"''
1II1,mis' IVitri Oiiiuns. iS|,i,*,.,li                                       -•'"'
«s,. \ Bliiukwoll's, WhitB Stnr.'lilliinl'a
11 I'ii'kli's.' |i, r ijuuri -■"'
\\6700   TIMESi
j^ Because we use nothing but the purest ol  drugs  that a
j^ money can buy. A
A Because every prescription is tilled by a qualified ph.ir- f
A macists. V
f Because you get exactly  whal vnur physician orders V
9 Because our prices are reasonable considering the qual- V
•If ity of drugs you get. 9
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jj Prescriptions Sent by Mail Receive Prompt Attention y
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4 4
X clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, ♦
| "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in ♦
X make call and sec the new stock of Ready J
! made clothing just received.    All Union |
ticket fur ibo lwrosse
\,   l.eiti-h     visiiiit   Pinoher
,1   .1   Murphy,
town Monday
For   fountain
bottles, i*u.., s
James   Neil,
east on tin-, .n'l
Harry Bradford, ol Bayard, was In
town Monday,
,1. Forbes, of Bayard, gave our city
.i call during tbo week.
Archie Lrcitch, sr., wetil out on thu
easl bound train un Tuesday.
A new lot of ruhher goods Just in.
Come in ami sec them.—Hold's.
Mis. I.. M. Smith and daughter left
for the Sou. Mich., en Tuesday.
The banana belt haa an unprecedented dose of had weather the past lew
days. _u_
George Laurie, of Creston, has been
in tre city on business for a tow
N. C. McKinstry, the popular livery man of Marysville, was in town
Don McKay has been slaying at tbe
t'os. Me has 'been over Kernie way
ut late.
William Carlin and Robert Dewar,
of Fort Sleele, were in Cianbrook on
There will he more logs cut this
winter in this district than any previous season,
Come and see oui new platinum
work wiili appropriate mountings. It
is the latest—Prest Studio.
Liiile Frank, the great shoe polish
er. Cive me a trial, and your lips
will smile.    At ihe Wentworth hotel
Dr. Douglas Corsan, ana Alex,
Dunne, of Fernie- came over on Tues*
lay to attend the Masonic lodge
A. Lindstrom, ot Klmberley, has
heen in town for a few days resting
from the excessive gailles oi the mining town,
liis Houor Judge Wilson will attend
here on Tues lay 2ist Inst, to hear
the arguments of counsel in ihe case
ol Campbell vs. Drewry.
J. T Held, ol Klmberley, will be
able to resume his duties ihere in
Einotihei fortnight. Ills brotliet is
doing  lui-   loi him at presenl.
i onstable Joseph Walsh, of Kor*
Steele, h.i** been in tbe cltj in con-
up. lion wnh tho death ol the china
man Mac Jo. He went home on
Mrs, ff. ti    At
her   little   '•on
t'hu ilei
r.iu.i, a son.
Manage! Tn
liy.iraii.ii' coil
mi Tuesday.
Mr. Ibotuus
ihe cily ou a
Alex, Muiiau.
ol Moyie
syringe,   lu
i  itm .-
ui     iVlarysvll
Un ."ii   -.i.nn
and     Mrs.     ti.   L
Moftatt has
In- brothel
Oui n.-w photo nuninit) lur \ina.i j
nn .nu-. lug, •'■ . -i vxys i uy the i
lalesu—l'rest Studio,
Tin Scotch people of Cranbiook will
give d bu.ru.uel a- iJiu Uojal hotel un|
in* i~ciiiii^ ol St. Andre* s nay,
Jauu'.i li. Frasur, came down fiom
Wimlcruieiu this weeh, lie had nothing siartling to relate oi thai loveij
Wc arc quotiiift   very low   puces on
M-\ .-j ai
Ling  bwv«
nan i
■ llll
UK li
visit li.
CDC our guns   nnd
^l-l-  a in ill ll n il ion
before you  buy.    We
have ;i complete stot u
in show   you.    .-1
ilUcCalluitt $i
I   il.i
,1 Rinlar. ..n.l
lain   viiiilni;
dnvs ol    Ihi
I al  Ihr Cn
or-ls .
.1 llr.
\v..ixt  fit
tvnm     1
orders  with
Hutch, ot 'phono OB.—It   S,  Ilaron.
.1   K. iiuii'h-ia.ii. the popular oltl
;i-ti ol Marysvltlc,   lionorcd   .mr city
unit a vlsil mn Monlni  last        11.
a I       l*».    Mir.
.asl   Itoun.l |i
iii-..l,iv   Iran
quarters lul,*.
lay no Injurj  rcat
Skill.-S— ll.'k.T's
Bkalca,   Mia nun' a
Ihi'lli.     All sizes.
. rills   lo   J.'i   it   |lili|
r l.aini:
line, ,*u ri
■inr. * i    tral
Ham,,,.I   th.
.nil. it  lion
■ of his heroic
\ lew holel lire
a "IT the track
-stun, the
,,n Wotl-
ml   three
more rlc-
Ihe    rl.
lal 11.1 I
V,    Hainan    „f
I Schools,
lie lap,
million.-,  \i
Bkatos,        Acme
ales.        Lots   of
Prices from   75
-McCallum A Co,
the Scrnnton In-
,   went   west      ou
ts  Ihal  his first
is uu*) satlsfnc*
iMMBSHSi •. ■ Miafi_$____|
WliakmiiU* anil Pclilil
Fresh und Cured Ments
Presh    Fish,   (lame   and
Wc supply only ihe best,    Vonr
irutle In -■■iluileil
Markets lu nil lhc principal lowim
In li■-■ ii-_• li Ciilumbla
HiBB_____l(S_fS_-l- !33B_I____
i"ii, "Thi' Cranhrook people recognize merit in our Institute," remarked Mi   Bonnett.
Mat. Wat wick, omployed by the
Klmberley Milling Co., while engaged
in decking, was struck hy n log which
fell, owing io Ihe decking hook slipping He hns been brought Into the
St, Eugeno hospital suffering from
some whal severe internal Injuries,
Kor Sale,—House and lot on the
main Blreet of Marysville. Applv to
Herald .th-tf
The Kimberley schools have opened
again under lbe charge of Miss Hall,
of Kernie. Mr. W, Clayton, after his
recent severe illness diil not find him
self equal to the continuation of his
labors. There are quite a respectable number of children in Kimberley
for whom the-tamp of learning must
be kept binning.
Laborers wanted by West Kootenay
Power it Light company at Bnnning-
toti Kails, near Kelson; steady winters work for goo;| men; wages $2.50
a day; moderate climate. 33-4t
Warren Debeek arrived on Friday
evening last from New Westminster
to take his position with W. H, Wilson. Mr. Debeek will lie very heartily welcomed by tbe lacrosse circles
In Cranhrook as he played inside
home for the. famous New Westminster
senior tiiun nn many a hard fought
Ileid.    Tie played for Ibe team during!
Ihere will be an imp
tbe Uld    bullous
i  ,;,- .,:,-.- >..;. ....;    ){ Michel,   look e'cuiug ami a full alU.-iifU-.iu
111 n.ui.iro.i.. un lus way wesi ful   a «iuesi«i      Work m the seeu
hurt hollfiay, [>t    i,    u.   Bishop, ol   .-
Mrs. William Cleary returned home drove over   hero on Frldaj
Snn.iay moitimg ana a two muitLlit. somo mouit'al busiiiuss.      i
visit in Winnipeg. i\;im abut io nonce he was
liraul   Duwniug, oi     Jaflray, waa and well,
giving Ul* tiiid hand io his CraitoJoOn w   n   -n^Mabon   and  fan
iriends lost Muuaay. have Si,.Ll.   ^ ptt9t tour moiilhs
Utto T. Schiruar, ui Ryan, has been I'urlluiid,   Ore,  wen-   in  Cranhif
luoivin^ around uur new muuicipatilj WcdnOMlay un Uie wa> tu their Im
iui a ftay or twu. in Marysville.
lhc rajje tins year tor Xmas gifts m1Si  La Uunu- and h.u   link    L
portraits in platinum.    They an- Jeal- Qtti_ son iJaVt    tione to Cowl'
made at Hrcsl's StuUio. ,\llh- Lil uonte w,a bu uu
A. K. Clarke, ot Moyie, has beeu in ber friends   back   east an
ihe city.     He   reports things going her Cowley friends,
well m Uie city by Ute lake. ^ ^      |B prog):OBiiBg IihL.lr ft,
J. h*   Dickson    will be able to re- tin- hospital,  where the vcrj   populai
una* his duties with  the Kimberlc) uUL.ki   aie uld   timer is    sojourning
Milling Co., on Monday next, trum Uie   result of an accident   Willi
Mrs. Watts and Miss May Walts, ui a runaway team.
Wattsburg, were in ihe city Tuesdaj     .. „i f    *%,    .i n, u
,,,,;, °\. .,.,,, .,: .,, ',. , ■ Services as usual u the Methodist
un business,     ttie uig sales hat some    ,     .      .,  u ,    .. „, .., .,„.
attraction for them tr, likely ^\^l       ^^ '""
Why uyt bone a bone ess boitefl ban, a»fl    lnVifsUm-.nl;.      Suitafcia musl.
at tt.  1- H- tt     It will save you the . ,    iu,Ills|l0ll by U|L. choir,
trouble of   cooking.      Une in camp, ,,    ..            -,,     ■        ,,   , ..
liner for supper.-tt. T. it. s. ^f bur'lillS Morrissey Coal   here ti
,,   ..   ...   '..            .        . ,,   , nothing   lo   compare    wltn tha Hoi
H.V.W. Miles, lancher, of IMnchci B|   t JieaU>r    for   sak. b    Hatmon
Creek, has been in the cilj  since lasi n                                                  ■i-ii_^x
Sundav.     lie reports things as being ..."',,   ,, .,,        ,     ,,,-.,
pretty lucky down Pinehef way. . w  ,K »fcl h(*- ''    «R UonludetaU
,    *      ,' ,      . Lilt  has been   in thc city  for    sum.
Peier   Lund,    the    coiitiaci.u   mag d              Ufl           Ul,u  Lhe ,.esu)t3   0,
ijate, has been in the city for    sume tU*    \mimili_     scandals   haw   been
lays past on business connected with somewi1(lt injurious to insurance   all
his railroad building   and otbei  mai iuiui,(
ters. ,.                         ,. .                  ,.
,,,.   .    , .;      ,     ...             v, vases or vauses, whichever you will.
lhe best time to su for vour Xmas   , , J „  „,,, , /L.,n     i.
s__-wrsatota '-Mi u"- ^oittr^^^^'pri^
o tiock.-i iesi btuuio. u   T   K   wiU break Ulcm_get fid 01
Why   not   bring  tome a   quart    of   tii,.m.   <;.   t. R.'s.   See   ti. T.  "
fresh oysters    Irom     Harris   Uros.'_   window tor them
1'hej* will   surely  secure you a   wel-       Ulhur    Ward, ' lale ot tlm Sullivan
come Irom the   lady oi the house.-  ml     is noW Mlin   as UQ lloMt,(. cm,
Hams Bros. BlftWo ftl Ma|.ysvilk.,    hc is Uie first
Patmore   Bros, are putting in    tlu  uliicei    appointed   for     the   smeltei
beat.ing, plumbing and bathroom    In-  town.    The Herald congratulates him
lings at A. L. McDcrmot's new    re- uu his appointment,
sidence.     Can't they do as much tor     $100.00 cash and J25.H0 per month
you?—Patmore Bros. buys a neat cottage close io tho busi
Jack Bryne, of Fort Steele, is de- ness center of the town. This is tin
tallied in the hospital suffering from best oiler Heale & Klwell have placed
some Internal complication. An before the public so far. Call and
operation    has been   found necessary  see ih.m tor particulars. 33-tl
in his case.   Constable Joseph Walsh     Mrs    H;u.ol(1    par|injr(  0[  Wardner,
■.iMted bun -n 'lues.lay. vlwlloil   friends     in town   this week.
J. C. Drewry, M K , of Movie, left .\h. iin;| Mrs. Darling will leave iu a
(oi Toronto on Tuesday to attend a [cw davs for a irip in Montreal, and
meeting ol the directors of the St. Miss Barclay anl Mr. Clarence Dai
Kugene on Uie 18th Inst. Mr. Drew- ling will accompany (hem.
ry stales Uial James Cronin is al John Dri|a. an;|'j. t\ Campbell,
ready in orotito for the purpose ol who h(tve Wl.iX COnllncd to the huspi-
be.ng at the meeting. lft,  wilh   what  Wftfi  though,   l0    i,(.
Foi Sale.—A complete logging camp typhoid, bui which is more likely n
outfit, including kitchen cookery, in- ti; a malarial fever, are doing well
quire at Herald olliee. .if'if    They will soon return to Kimberley.
By lhc way Uml billiard handicap olat Oleson, of Culla'rlson, Mont ,
ai M-Ighton's is attracting a lot ol iS in the city looking around for a
Hiit'iiiioii. On Tuesday evening Bob suitable land locatiou. Mr. Oleson
Baron met Jack Green, Baron giving I i.s cbarmod with Cranlirnok, and sars
(Ireen 25 in 250. Bob ran out the J -tt is a real live cilv. lie Ulinks
game when Orecn was about 153. It hlgHv of the local Uy as n good plan
was a ver j pretty exhibition of finish- tor mixed (arming,
ed play.    The rooms were crowded.        -,-   K> smilh, foreman ot tl
For rent,     two unfurnished rooms | Lumber Co., ai   Tochty, w,i
near business renter.     Apply Herald j umate enough  to shoot  one *il    I
Rev. J, A Day, n. l)., ol MoAty toes ..rt' with a 15 Wlnchestter soi
donia, spent last week in connection time since. He hns heen In :"-i*
with nn orphanage in thnt country.-for about a month, hut is mm a I
lie is endeavoring in place children In] lo he about again.
the different homes ot ibis land anl; c \. Oaflkill has moved fiom Ki
w'lole here placed seven     The parties  berley town and settled down al  hi
Ah Sin, lilled with all the devil rj
.vhirh   ibat    name    may    implj.    gul
iiuiii ,.i ,m opium lau aral an axu the
_.11.■ t iia)  ..iii ran aumuh in    China-
.u-,.11     ue gui uiistairs in thc Chin*
.^.   reslauiani,    auu   nelu   tuo   plow
.tgaiiisl ail comers       lucre were uoi
.uituj cumiuii "1;* rtttJ'i '',|1 thosu Win.
.i.n.-.i   lu    .-.ii'-v.     iii.ii'   ii'-a..!-.     wen.
iiii.aUu.'l  will   all binds ul mild aim
ilnyiug  deaths.      lie  rented   nie an
rjv&tui-   ui each   and ail    w\\h blanfl
uiipui u.iiii., i.m wnen ii,■ prayed that
,ii;   imiiiU ni pi whuuii mighl   whistli
luougli t.ic nuues ot uie gtandmoth-
..ir. m all wiuiin heanug, Uuua,    io
pig-mil, asserted itself,     l'ho pot*
'  u.ii: huiiu.iiiiii u.      1 lie police ap*
,ii,;l on the call oi duty, and called
Ah bin "lo come down io a warm
uutry, ont ol  there."     bin   came
wu, uxe and ail, mid was led away
captive of the maiesiy of the   taw
good b.l
>ear, ot
lum, at u:
Kootena)   lake
nle ol Nelson.
will Sin, paint
•d   \o 1
 -t —
W.  1).   MILL SIC
ml in bonds
i lie ot the peace aim
u me period ot one
irilish justice wuul.i
by tbe pig tall and
i tell yank, clear uver
o abide in the Bas-
i\uw tic will be good,
uk like virtue
Last Friday
iiiously ill ^
s bed.     This is ta
illness Mr. llill ha.
W    I).
ad is
K   At IAIN.
Hill was takei
llll   CQUllIlL-d   u
: second attaci-
had during tth
The    Cranbi i      laerossi  club will
[Ive a '":- -,; : ■. - i'hui -'!.-.> ewo-
iig, November iiu, foi ■...* purpose of
raising ■■-: pplj     oward tte
• i-f.ii.i.n.. thi.:   indebtedness. The
licki is  will   :■      ...    lollara  and aiu
noi*  toi   >oii   bj     ti   ' ommittce. Buy
a ticket toi
-iceure an e
assist  u ...
•llilc  tui
and not only
.,  ire but Uius
and make it- pos-
U> give us £ood,
tegiiima i ;;■ nt scasoa.
WE t'00 B   >\
Wllmet i1 Crai brook is n«-w a
[till lli * Old     Man"
Simpson, of i Hera i, should hi* iid
firsl    mayor, bas   oett -rniiy
worked long I       '■ to maks   thai
place ^ city. He . a success to   Uu
newest cit) in B. C. and her people^
i- ■.. SALE
One oi     tb i mest and best
tui nlshi ■; ■ in Uh  city-     Great
bargain   Ioi  . starting   bouso
iveeping tree tui  coats,  one
-.-: ol stone mai . o ■_■ set of badger
(urs; as  good i   -1-        Apply     to
Beale A Elwell. 3l-tf
past twu months, an.i much tu iii
regret he liuils it necessary to seek a
change ol climate, which necessitate^
ibe disposal oi bis business iu Craiibrook. Mr. lull was ono oi tin
pioneer merchants of Cranbrooi,
starting Ik-re at the time of construe
Hon of the railway witli a small
stock of goods, and developing Willi
tte town until his firm has to-day on*
ot the largest stocks of uiercbandisi
ui the Kootenays. It will seem
si range indeed to have Mr. Hill removed from the business circles of
Cranrhrook, and In* will be missed b)
uis large circle of Iriends who will
join with the Herald iu wishing bun a
ipeody recovery to health.
WAN*: ;.
To know the whei eabouts ot on*
"Uus" St. Amour, carpenter, age
about 60 years; grey hair, weight
abuut lau pounds, height about j ft.
Ut in.    Lett t ranb
Valentine Levi,
Hi i
Bonanza, for William Evans
south slope Harris mountain,
Jewel, for Charles Evans, or
south slope Fisher mountain, adjoin
mg Bonanza
Slar,  for
Sand creek.
Red Deer, for Ilarrv Van Decar
ne.it   Ka.loie Canyon.
Black Tail, for Charles Lindberg,
between Big and Little Sand creeks.
Crows Nesi, lot Thos. McGregor,
on Sand creek.
Orindou, for Frank firindon, on
wesi side oi  Moyie lake.
Winl Fall, fm lli'iuv Eller, on
North star hill.
No bill*-* of soli legistered.
No transfers registered.
One Free Miners' Certificate Issued
munms a,
person knowing ul
will conict
pecial favor on bis friends and reia-
ives   by  comi mcating   who     Mr,
iAim Leclerc, Mai.-  *.    . ti. C,
The last issue ol the Mining World
i ontain : the ■ ing
\ number ol it lhe Sullivan
Group   .. ,   ai   Marys
ville, tavi       .. .   ing the smelter
and tbe mine at Klmberley. It ii
expected that th ob; ci ol their visit
was tu la) out the work for the coming winter, in tte way ol Improvements and additional plant. By pce-
-kni indications the smelter will be
one oi the largest and best equipped
ihat raonej can buy. This, with a
good supply ui coal close al hand and
any quantity ol water power, should
make the ti ol the ore cheap-
than at
ish Columbi
.   jmelter In Brit-
E   K
mui   baH
lie has
He  onlv
taking them   agreeing   to pay trans- Iu.w residence at the mill,
portailon   anl     afterwards    provide .- mile fn-m tin.' post office.
iioard aiwi clothing for three years,    j big crows out in the woods
Two fmnt ofllces, second floor Watts  In   the   big     tamaracks,
block,  fur rent.     Apply to  Deale ft | wants a few millions of them.
Elwell. 7-if   I   xhe   P. P,    H- club will   hold
Back again* The spinsters have re- first regular assembly lor the .-
turner! from Dawson nnd will hold of 1005-6, Wednesday evening,
convention in Wentworth hall next amber 22 The dances given by ihis
Thursday evening, November 23rd elnb ate becoming more popular even
This time they have Iheir husbands season and those who attend are al
and the convention will be even more ways sure ot a pleasant evening.
interesting Minn last year. A com-! j> Chenette and T. Illckey, oi
municatlon will be* read from the Marysville, have entered into a con
young men, who last year expressed tract with the Walts Lumber corn-
regret-that they had allowed lhc pany to get out about two million
spinsters to leave town at all.     Let   fret of logs this winter.     They    lu
■ Thursday.
ce al   Reid's
its remarkable series of victories dur-l were lor the prize, but the
ing the recent New Westminster ex-(thing" which put the, game
Hbilion gamca, iThc Herald condoles wi' Mac
;st   finished    a   logging  contract  fur
the Kimberley   Manutmluring    com
pany of two million feel.
The   Melbodist    church,   of   MovIp.
celebrated Its first anniversary   las;
Sunday, when   Rev. J. P. Westman,   l"
of Cranhrook,   preached  ihe nnnlver
sary  sermon.       There    was  a  Urge
eo ng legation and all   listened   atten-  Ladle
lively.      The choir   rendered a   few     M
well chosen   anthems.        On Monday   tht
another large crowd assembled, when ch
a musical   programme   was   rendered  favor
and his partner had tho game in their   after   whieh Rov, Westman    gave his     Cianbrook, November 15, 1005.
hands by the faV the calrds, ye ken,   lecture on "You're It."    All listened  *f	
but something happened nnd lhe game   with the closest attention.    After the]        NEW ENGLAND DINNER,
went to Jamie and Andy.    McCowan literary part of the programme was     Don't forget thc Sew England sup-
says that his hairt is sair affllcklt at   complete the pastor, Rev. D. M. Per-  per. Boston    baked boons aud   brown;
the horribly  unexpected  result.   'TIS   ley, B. A., treated the audience to a, bread, at the hall over Patmore Bros. |
not   the loss   of the    spoons   which surprise in lhe way of refreshments,  store, Saturday  night, at 8 o'clock,
everyone come next
ure your seat at 01
Sor Sale.—Dougherty organ, piano
case, six octave, price %nb. Apply
to Herald office. W
They had a whist tournament at
tho Foresters last week. The final
bout- lay between A. McCowan. partnered by Wullie McDonald, o' Alaska,
nnd Jamie Smilh o' Port fJlaska,
with Andy Hood, o' Kilmarnock, for
his associate.    McCowan says that he
Notice t: hei git that I Intend
to apply to '<■ ■ Board ol License
Commis ioners r the Cranbrook dis.
trict al th ■ r. _ ...: meeting to be
held m1* ■:. ..   date, for a transfer
of   mv  hot*.   I    . known a-s the
Stratheona ho .. Fori Steele, B, C,
io Gourley and McDonald of tbe same
Dated tbl 151 i ■. of November,
David Griffith.
I.nn.l. it
ni John
oi Kimberley, wi
Marysville on S
they     noticed
and D.m Main
re coming over
tnrday evening
boy   Binking
Uirough a hole in the ice on one ol
lhe small alkali ti^u-.i near tho wagon
load across the prairie. Had Ihey
been on tho scene only a minute Ol
two sooner Uie) euuld easily have
laved him. H appears that tho lad
wo* dialing on tin* newly formed Ice
which was ton thin tn hear him safe-
"The body was recovered afterwards.
No Inquest was deemed nece-sary.
it i.s determlni d to put the old debating sociel) on a firtnci basis In
the rutin ■• Thc Herald believes that
such ,i societj. if properly taken tn
lun-1, would be ol Immense use to Uu
young mi n, ol the city.     A meeting
"will In   held .it  the olliee ol Mr. .1.  A.
Harvej on thc evening nf Friday, ihe
17th lust, for the purpose of selling
lhe ih,i before those interested in
jt. li is to fie hoped thai the meeting will be a success and largely at-
Mr. Ilarve* wuuld be glad
matter a success, and bas
ihe meet-
in]  i
ntrl   llatlll.'lii.n-
Alex. Moffat, a candidate    tor
Ice ol    mayor In   tte pending
n,     snlirits  your  \rilrt  ill     his
'■mini'-  All present l.u.l n lto°d time ami pro-1under tlia auspices   ol tha W. 0. T.
airley.  nounco thin anniversary a success in'U.    Cakes from    any   nf lha Iriends
■ every way. ' will In: acceptable.     Tickets 2.1 els.
Any Laiy will find rubbet
boots a grcit source of comforr
and protection during the
spring weather.
"Maple Leaf" light city boots
for ladies, misses and children
are as near perfection in material, style, fit and finish as human skill, supplemented by
modern methods and machinery can make them.
Insist on your dealer giving
you "Maple Leaf" Rubbers.
There are no others quite so
Selling Agents
J. Leckie Co, Ltd.
VANCOUVER       -   B. C Illi:    ri.'ANItl'OOK     HERALD
, *.*i-. -,1. »-.'.
DISTRICT    <*       -<
JBiHDWBIPMliliBSiliiliIUB'llM>'1WlilW>Hi»-l>i>—lUDPB IiflKIHfiirtTi IW WlHHf"
(Krom the Fernie Free Press )
'lhe new water   system was tested
Uui Saturday and uw-it. wny bad ii
»li t.lwi0i; Were well suIisirm will.
Llie pic-..iuU" siiowu. liie test w.t.--
_a.il- ai Lul' CWlul ol ti.ii.rl a\i.uilc
fcUki   Iua    j>UlvL,   uiUel      llle  SUpcri-
leudcneo ui L'iotti lukumu uii&iit,
.*_>.->ieu ii) n. i.. Mamv), oi nie eii-
giuovcuig btau.    .* uuttu oi -■; men
UO.-.C     Waa      JilliUilcU    lo   lUe   li)Uiaut
una un inch uoute was pui in. uie
watu wren unm-a on v.,t-. torued in
iu me .ni a gu-at, uutancu and um
luue ii.'iiticu iwu men lu ii.tn.uc uiu
blioaui. ilie -.Ui.iiii aus » o pet
punUlCUlarl) lulu tin- an, .u. i .nl.
-viaiuc)  u>  appl>iun ilie principle    "■
level-,   alia   -Uigi-t.-i   LOlupUtUl   Ute
Uiit-e   lo     \s Ui-.lt    Ui'     Vi
abo.e     llie ^luiiiul   to   In-   UU   te
luub.      A test was    Unu mao
but Uuu lal   distance    aim    lie watei
waa louud to siiuMi a distance "i lu
kt l   iioui   lUe   uo/ -I ■
i:., l*rite_-\Vood Co.'s uev. l>*ock,
ipuu whu u ., small aimj oi men, uu-
ilci   vli. Smith *> iluecuou, aiu
U| ,,   ,-.|   oU   -1 U   lUlUMilg   '..""li.
:    in-   ;. .i I.     im   uccupaiicj
W-.lu   nl    'il.tt'lll^   Uie
1 lie
 :iv will   com
.■'i"u,-]ucid.i> aad on Satui
mber  Iblh,  tht doors   will
i,,r Mn- Jir-t nine mr bus
1 111-,
'I    Ui
All.  il.  li.   W
tin- U.  N.  1'.   • "ai  Uu.
bu posllion, which will lahe etnci as
boon   as  ihe   important    engineering
woil.  nuw    uudei     was   1- e pletod.
Mi Wright lias occupied In- presenl
pusitiuu um two years, and dunug
thai nine, CbpcciaW) during the pre*
:,,■!,i year, lu* has eugineeri-d mau)
iinportoul and iliiin-uli wort
cm.ii.aay wilh much auccea
the complelluu oi ihe:-.' wm
wili, m the ordinal'* tour:
considerable redui lion in oi
work oi a special nature. Mr. ■
McEvoy, in addition lo Uie laud e
mission work, will have charge ol
engineering department upon
Wright's departure.
Tlie Kii. Lumber Co. are mai.
rapid progress with llieli
The Concrete wall.*, arc
llooi Umbers arc bciug pul in. A
foicc oi men arc bus) driving piles
ioi Uu- bridge across Uie _lk, The
piles start at Ute dam and ahead)
Un- llfty intervening ieet lu thc rivet
have been driven. The middle .-.pan
over the river will be aboui ill tcet
long. The bridge is nol designed to
carry railway cars inn will be used
only toi Ham cars lo convey Uie lum
ber across the rivet where n will be
haded on railwaj  cars.
A distressing epidemic oi typhoid
lever has broken out In Mr. John
Ueunlugtou's home near lbe mountain
side iu Wesl Fertile, and the whole
Ittluilf ol eight ale uow down With
Uie  disease.        The   eldest  girl,   aged
iii, was tte lirst io Lake Uie disease
and Uie others rajddly contracted il
inside ui only a few days. The alien i ion oi Urn helpless and distressing
condition of the family was brought
to Uev. Alex. Dunn's ai.i-eniion and Ire
sel energetically lo work to have
the faintly properly looked alter. The
aid ol Uio provincial authorities was
secured and Uie father and thu two
eldest girls were at ouec removed to
the hospital. Yesterday the motbei
aud three young girls were also taken
tu tbe hospital and the little baby
giil was takeu lu the manse, where
Sirs. Siucbier bas volunteered tu care
lur it. Thc Ladies' Benevolent Soc
iety has also Interested Itscll on be-
halt of Urn family. All lhe patients
are now receiving the best of atlcti
nun. Thc cause of ihe outbreak is
a mystery to ibo doctors. The family were using spring Water, which
was apparently free irom all contamination.
George W. Shannon bas been appointed special constable on Uie provincial force ut Uual creek.
Joseph Drinker is at Wetaskiwln,
Alia., where be contemplates going
inlu business. We knew .lue wuulu
come west again.
Ur.'. Bunnell aud Corsau have been
appointed surgeons tor thu eastern end
of the .'raubiouk division ol llle U.
r. ii.
.lolm Hutchison, of Cranbrouk, was
a Kernle visitor on Tuesday. "Hutch"
h-udly Knew ihu place and lie Wuii
dried where he was at when he looked up  Victoria avenue.
t'has. luvcy, of the Royal hotel,
received a wire on Tuesday notifying
lum ni his lather's death at Portland, Mr. Davcy went over iu Portland nexl day to attend the iuueral
The. Northern hotel, which is now
aboiil ready for occupancy, is a
veiy neat structure, making one ol
the finest looking buildings on our
Main street. The now Northern ro
fleets gieat crcdil upon Mr, Ksch
wig's enterprise and good judgment,
Hon. It, h'. Green arrived in the
city lasl Friday, returning west    Uie
lollowlng  day.    Hi-,   visit   had   110 im
por tan t bearing, but while here he
iliseu.sscii several matters of local in
lerest, in regard to ,t new court
house he threw out small hope for
tie- present, liis idea is to move tbo
city ollices into Ihe new government
building, and to relit ibe obi building
lor the use of the provincial authorities, The proscnl court room ho suggested to turn into ofllces and io
luuverl the present jail room Into a
court room. This plan will be submitted lu J. K. Armstrong Ior his
approval. With regard to thc Flathead Mr. Green stated that his department was prepared lo spend $3,-
500 on building a trail next spring,
but he added that the government Was
not yet decided where lhe trail's initial point would be.
At the sale of lots held by the government last Saturday, four lots in
the block were sold, two on each
While being driven to the P. Hums
Co. slaughter house last Saturday, a
consignment of 1U cattle escaped Into
not Ik* got in any other way iii.ui
by shoot tug them -town iu their
(Krom lhe Kernie Lcdgt'l  )
i.   Keid, the dry
..I:, uutu of
uv  ye-su-r-
U U S. Llndsey lelt on Sunday
eveniug ful Turuiilu aud i**- nul expected tn return until after the boll-
l.lV _
ii ii Jewell was in town la it week
.uut reports that about ball Uio grading lur Uii- spin Ui tlie lullciist mine
is completed.
J. V. Armstrong, government imeni
held a sat* uf lit- government lui-. ui
ibe hemic annex un Saturday, there
was nui miiih demand iui Uuw lots
uui) imn being sold at Uie upsei
Thc funeral oi Mr, Julm Kler, whu
died iiom un- eft eels ul lhc injiit,.*.
received recenll) while attempting to
board lhe minu tram while it was in
mui inn, was conducted from the un
del taking rooms ni Seotl .v Itoss
lust Sunda) lie bod) was taken lu
iin* Miners' I nion lmil, where a
short service was held b) Uev, Ale-
Call, oi the Presbyterian church. A
large procession ot miners followed
the body  to  Uie cemeicty.
BAB   FIRE   AT MAHYS\ ll.i.i.
said thai lixt leel »'t »uik was done
on ihe v.iii which yielded those val
nes.    The lact ui tho occurrence   i*.
Io*-.t,  buiied m a   Un .anion geulugical
report, though the ti ah oi this most
remarkable niso\er) is vouched lur On Sunday evening lost, at . p. in
bv tin- piovincial mueralogist ant by ; the Falls \ lew hotel, al Maiysvilli
Mi. McKvt.y, u.u engaged on the v,t.n. u iu „aim. anJ SIU((ki, m abou
geological survij It is nue that ,-_,„ s.(.t,t.bl lillle 0II la01l, Evtt>,
fa !„. hi    .:  tl.   It., slaiid crowd ul.. ,h consumed,     and     Jame
aeioss th.' Pa)* Itol    bin suuly ib.-i**1       h
m   Cranhr
au- i.m
who b.i ve
ground i<
*-■;.. enough  In      thi
the work tin it
Mi c Ketuau, ji . oi Frank, eame
lu tho eh) i-u Saturday and went
oul io m a sume property [oi the
Uanadiau Metal Cu Nothing could
be Iimi iu i Us in wt.eie be was tn
what was his business. Trilling as
thu facl is, il shows that tliere art*
sumc people in Cratibruok win* tan
call alien I iun tu ilu mineral in ibe
giouti 1 around here
Pal  u.ins,  the be i barun, and W.
Nell, the proprietor, escaped with
.uiy thc clothes he stood in. Owing
to the hour when the lire occurred no
lives weie even endangered.
.lames Neil says that Irom ii p. m
to 0 IS p m the house was crowded
with people \i about 7 be went
nno tin- dining I'l'itn ,.ii supper.
When about bull through tbe meal he
was called by one of ihe hotel servants, and told he was wanted on
some    urgent    business, lie   found
when be (piit lbe ilininiMnimi lh,.!
the iip|iii p.u i ni ibe premises bad
.'.one on liie, probably Irom an ovei
heated Hue ui stove pipe. He hied
save some of bis personal belong
Craiibriiuk Presbyterian Church.
Saliti.ith Services   „	
 _ 11 a.m. nml Ada p m
adaj School iV liiMe t lass...3 p.m.
Christian Endeavor, Tuesday    sum
Il.c public aie cordially   Invited   lo
at Und all   lhe meetings.
Paator, W. O, W   Km tune, ti \.
Cranbrook Methodist Church.
Corner ni Hanson kveniia mu l.uuis Streel
Sunday  Services :—
Divine Worship  11 a.m
Sunday School   ...:i p.m
Divine Worship  7.30 p.m.
Tuesday :—Kpworth  League ot Christian Endeavor  8 p.m.
A   cordial   invitation   is  extended   in
the public.
-I   IV Westman, Pastor.
Cnnbrook lin|id-i Church.
lln- following is   a list ol ih.
I. Wilson have acumred the Uighla.nlU^and had sitecmlifi In getting out vlcMhSfd i» tlfo Dawtllit clulrch" "
nnc ai   A us wort ii   (rum ihe High- ,„: ,,,,. i.,,,.,,,, Wll|, ii„(-e lulu    ..i        , uaptisi church -
and  i ua), ll   C Co., ol Lon- \ZtZ on hi?an!!I  wli-n some bin?.- gSK £.h":,l' ,l m   *ml  ' "'] ""
(From thc Muyic Leader.)
Hon    llobci t  K. Ureen, ehiel   com
ilssioitei    ni  lauds and   Wui'ns/  tm
while   hen
>g ol   the  Im
i-.iulc hall
Ik. He explained
ih whicl uii' guu-i
nit'ii.l,  taking buhl
entiig.     Au
■i,:   in      th.
In-  :lillkt|H
I'll!   had
ll   iiul    wll
call)     bin
Ui  Which    I hel
iiioiie)  u. kec|
lie showt-M
-erunieut    wa.-
Ml thai cuntid
ihat Un- Ucllrid
sliongei iban evi
t'iicc in the province was being re
.lored. lie said lie was here tu heal
the grievances and learn the needs oi
the pcopie, so that when he got bach
io \ iuluria be could ileal wilh tin in
mon- intelligently.
Messrs. Bonner and Iliggins will be
gin work ou their contract in the
Lake Shore shaft about Monday.
Thos, K. Kelly, secretary of the
local miners union, has returned from
a three weeks' visit to Alberta.
Claud L'ubu is now m Black Hock,
New Mexico, and is working for thc
governmeul un a big irrigation ditch.
He is bossing a gang of Indians,
The ladies uf the Altar Society oi
lhe Catholic church elected new ollieers at lheir regular meeting Uiis
week as follows: Mrs. P. J. Mi
Mofcon, president, Mrs. Cronin, secretary, and Aflss Dnnduraud, Ueastir-
P, K Johnston, the popular proprletoi ol the .Movie hotel, and Miss
i-.li/abeih Schult/,' were married in
Spokane on Monday, November Olh,
.u ilu- Presbyterian parsonage bv
ibe Rov. Chas K. Gibbon. Thc bride
was attired iu a very pretty dress oi
Pcau de-sole silk. Mr, and Mrs.
.Johnston   arrived   home   Wednesday,
and on tte same evening were given
a jolly send-off by their manv iriends,
The Lea.lei cvunds heart) congratulations.
James Cronin left, for Montreal and
other eastern points and will bo away
for about three weeks time. He diil
not divulge the nature of his business, lie informed the Lender bo-
fore leaving that he was of tlie opinion thai ihe annual meeting of the
St. Kugene directors would no! be
held until some time in January.
Ileicttiiore the annual meetings havo
been held about the Ktli of November
each year.
Tins propert) has shipped
quite ,i ipianut) ■•! lead concent rates
tu Xi'lsHi, ■ftnellef, especial!) since ibe
lead bumn. gme such a stimulus to
ihe b.i i mining industry, It (he
Herald mistah.s nut, this mine was
.■.!-■ i rccentl) tn John Cortlnna
whu di-\. loped ii .ml woikvj n wilb
pmiii i.i hliiisell an I in ilie lessors.
the people ul the AinsworUi dislriel
give i rn nana the crcdil ol being the
one wlm m.i.i,. ,i mine ul lhe proper-
■v 'I he) ...s.i jK'.nt in lus success
as ,in example oi the practical beiicltl
ul Uie leasing system which is now
assuming such remarkable prominence
in ibe Slucan. There is a mm Held
mr this nm le of development iu tbe
Cranhrook district. The Herald
would be only too glad in indicate
iu an) practical man who might care
la lorn, into the mailer, hall a do aii
-iiiiiic'iii properties which might be
worked to gu-at advantage undei Uu
Hei aid
sun-ly looking up. Thi
embers whiu it was oni)
tents, with tbe rain puur-
IOI had lhc Herald man a
iui his nose under. Nu
lore    tn bui  grub in,  no
mg  t ids fell  on  Imn  from   tie ceil
Ing. lb- dropped the suns, for Ins
liainls h.i.I been Injured bv ihe hoards,
and ll. I im his lift-. Tin- lire bad
gained such headwn) that ll was out
of il.e tpiestlon tn try in save nnv
tiring The bouse and iis contents
were doomed. Across ibe street,
um tcet away, the heat was so intense that ibe drug slore ..f Dr. Ilis-
liop was in serious danger, It, ion,
w.mid have been consumed were it
noi fm tin- aclivil) ot Mr. Hutch*
uon.   wi. ganized a bucket brig
ade luun amongst the crowd which
had assembled. Mainly In his, and
ibe endeavors of the othei ?, this
huildlng was saved. Alt lh- stock
had been removed intn tli.' streel In
the event, very little was lust, though
-nine damage vvas done bv the water.
Mi Wll ha I some insurance on his
slock, hm siill h.' Inst aboui $500
in value of mi.' Mnl rn- anothei
The biiildinc, which belonged to
Messrs. Kin-h ,\ Jones was full-,
red bv Insurance,
Sunday School ... ..   ..     t p m
Vouug Peoples H p.m  Tuesda)
1'iavei   Meeting ... H p.m, Wcdiiesda)
The public are cordially  invited   lo
attend nil  ihe meetings
Pastor, Henjamln GoodlU'ld, II \
9.T-*m*.*m*m  +.**.+   **>9.*>*m*
ai.'lli,. a,, nm. I
1.-i il..* In
l'!li.i'.illltt._   BI
i    1)1..Us   (i
,   Bull l,li.ran  Li   nil   li.vi'i's  ol   J
0    _ !      SIVl .IS Slli|lllll'llls   t
,   tnaili' s.. us I..   Iimi'   iimIIihil'  ,
4 luu fresh Btoi-k. {
•»-"■ - —• •
4 •'•-•-•'•"•..•"•.-»■.•-•"•-••-•■•--• • • * ♦
; CLINB'S   I'.H'l'I.AJv' t
I is mnv located in its comlort*
, able ..I..I attractive new quar
' in, In ii,  Wails bulldlnlt. j"
_ The Li-oilltis Stoic Fi
J ciluli'l. I'DM'KrTiiiM
, I'KI.SII   Kill  ITS
t Miiia.i, drape,
' Janmi California Naval Oraiige.
, Choice ItnniiiiiM
j .--HUGH STEWART** \ i R
•)   PHONENO    75       ARMBTRONQ AVE    rf:2
J This institution is just up*to*  I
• J.iu- and is rnodenily equipped \
J  to Jo |ust l !u- besl worl; iu all  J
* branches ol the tonsorial art. \
* * :
Btirniiivv your sniul-.c i:
Clll.si i*\i* Lodqb N... '.'i.l
Cranbrook. B. C
llirts 2nd anil till T'u.'-i.lav al H |...u.
m I.O.O...'. lmil.
.1. A. Attii.lt), K.R.S.
.1, V.    Itli'llilliT. I- I'.
Visiting   bu'tliri'ii   cortllaliy tn.iti'd
in attend.
irniitiraui. Local Union 12.1 ..I the I nil, a
iiriiiii.riia.-i of Carpcnicri noil Joiner.
al   IHIlTlltl
M... titles everv Thursday ovening .it
I. ii. ll. I*. lmil, uii'i I'ai mure Iti..-
\ iHltlng liMaliiaii cordially Invited
I I  .1   Y.llll, lalaalil   l**,a,l,.
K..   Sec. I'.,  i.l. HI
;„«-•- .        IIIUI.      ki*.  in. Ii„l.,*
t"";*11''*r>''.   ^"   I'l. Mw-U ever.
■ , i  liall un llal ol   ilm I       	
i      Oil Ilo  Ilall)   lull i !
IV. S. Mi-I.nii.ilil      rii.ui.'a Smith,
V    li ma, 'V.
Kmhtiol  I nil...   M.    .1
I. I    f.   I    'I
V.HV      ll.-R.il.li uuvltn     ni,
./    '..->   the Hunl    :: ii  i.n
111    I'M I l     tin lllll.
M|        GOOD
..... BETTER
SB:aa .,r«,:|lTHE RAQEJ jjjnjr*-
'..- states llat Insii i week, tin ; § this   season  for   Xmas   (.ifls O ! 9 C0'''"",U'
, i
uill   lln
ji,,a,, iniiied
iiuiii ii 1.iiii..
ael. fill!
I'lllllllal.islli'   lilllil.uiv-l-ll
a a I'lii'l'.  nli
lining.     Then   run
l.in-av   ,l.i,*l,,    is.liu
Herald man tu Ins
ih,i not Iiiki'v   him '
i*k rabbit.   There he
,.l a sen
■US    I
hit, he will Ik* selling Ini	
iima old Man I. even il lia lia
I iii a elnii-boaiil shack.
1'iil.li'K IMIOFANIT.
A la ii  ii-i-.l Ha*   nspr
11 s
are potr.tits in scpi.i platinum with a very artistic mounting,
which is entirely
O   O'
■•* i
' I 9
smokeless hard <.
Bankhcad Banfl j
is «;
nui I
luii *
III ,tl  ll... 11.11 till.I ■
III   Ile     buoks.       'Ilia  ulllel   llat       lla'
same .lack L'hism, good luck t„ liim,
stritek ii riili mi liis ilitiiii mt llii|iid
.-1.......    They mu* ii is .is rich us lhe
ore ou ile Swede or lho Luck) ,l,i
.mil Uuu is rieli enoitgli tut Koekcl
.,*i. The Herald ivunders u ,l«
rliism, 1*1*11 o'roiuiir, l*:d. Morgan
and all the ol.i-iiui.-is ul Uie Lardeau
.tn.l I'uplat siiuii ulu u i.s Uut tion.
t*.iist Koolcnay send. Uiein ruuiI wish
is, nn.l li,nil) hopes it'al the) tuai
prosper hugely?
It was decided about a year and a
linli ago lo drive a tunnel some i.Ihjii
leet in lingth to catch lhe leads that
luui been worked lo the Suli level on
ilie ltuii/iilei-Caribou in McOuigan
Hasin, near San.lob, al a depth Ol
abuut l,liuii teat below the surlace
llie tunnel is In iib.ittl 2,700 [eel in*
1.300 feet short ,.1 Uie polnl where
ihev I'vpiiieil  in catch lbe ore,   but
it lie
.-..   11,
bai    llllll
I   lbe  la,l*
llll'   lillllll
.1 profaui
AAAt Prest Photo Co It
I'M lia'ah '?_..._. 9 | «
S l§ ivi-r il  Iii  lur m.\
l'. (>   11  W.-iBhl
,1* ;,_„;
III  (a
■Oosh" iii   "Hurry," ele., ni
urriiiilit.iis   ul   "Cluil,"     "liain it
•Hash It." "Ding   ll."  "Illnmc il
ti*.,   arc  nnlv    Vlirlalinliq   ut   "linn
it."      In sin
iresslon of this s
traced hack to an ...,,,  „,, ,,., ,,,.^.„.|   .. . . ,..
MotwilhslamltiiB litis, you will   over)- hi rcpairillK.    (live Illi' 8 Call
lay b.'iu  people using th in  thoughtlessly lihn  wniiiil  ha  leiiHili   slmckeil |	
at a genuine oath
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old slides made new.   All kinds
. a
'i s
a I
« iv,
u   |. 9
ci Expressage .md Draying &
Phone 3^ f
'•■.■■»* V.** ..■■■'•i*>6va9999999
rinrti  ilnis   after date we Intend
itu'v expcctei   in ii.teii ilu- ..re,   but,  ,-•  *;'■•'*',  '";;,'. ;'",*,-  '__, '*;	
it vouk appear ns \t Uev liave struck  !? fW1? to   \i    ltl,,[,.(IV^tew*
result is iimi tli.- Itaniblct stoeK   is
going np in leaps .ind bounds,    When
: H(peci
Alnniigi't' 'Awn ev ;'.Ivi.*.i{l the stoc
holders to un 1,'rlal.e Ihis most e:
pensive worl [icoplo shook the
i.f.uls,     ilui.Dtiii.j; if values would   I
ii mil nnd carry
the following des-
'd in South   East
I     License
limh.'i   Jit"!
crihed  lands siln.
Coiiimencing al a post planted   2?.
miles, more    or less, north ol    the
 ,,,        i northern   hoiindarj line   of Lot 7812,
I at such a depth or the Sloeau. | tocc nmnh|g Ii(jrlil ,„ ^.^ thonce
west 8U cliains, lh n:-e south 80
ehains, Ihenee east 80 chains, thenee
north  Hi cliains to point of commen-
was supposed to
in wait for Its victim.     It looks
it Zwickey knew  more about   the
filiation ihnn the  whole bunch   ol
iiiu ini;   Thomases—and a  few    ex-
, T	
. It.
tile Wilmer Oulerup.)
■attie, wbu is driving
'   lul
ie. stated un bis   nnl
i when he .mum down 1
ee oi grnilers etnpluye:!
an   Central   railway .■
tin Wen
II   .1
Iai 1
fen  Uus side
been Increased in   abi
all  I
13 duni|i earls were
is also   quolrd ns sa)
as    Informed   Ihal    im
ontlniicil  Ihroiighoiil
is thutighl  nan now
is   all   OVM   uu   lbe   [Ua
' II
ii 1,
, t-OJ ill   ,'lll|i|ul ml   Ula la
.', Ula pr, sen: Increase
ei ii.ieiin ,u„l looks
.1   c  Drewry, nl Moyie  had ,-. won
dm ml specimen ol Rolii lelliirkie will
lum  Winn in C'rnnhrouk a  week npo
li eame from a mine at Victor, Colo
ni whieh .Mr Urewry'j hroilici is man
agcr.     The same looked iml  tllillkc i
piece of whltfl ijuartz   shut  through,
and  almosl  covered wnh what  look
ed like white Iron  (innrenssite),     A
touch of   a   knife showed    that   this
mineral was soft, and therefore, easily u. bo distinguished fiom any of
the iniii Milpl ides. Ah. Drewry had
another piece of ihe same ore which
had been roasted in a pretty high
temperature. It was one bloom of
gold, as lovely a tiling as any one interested in milling could look al. A
ton of the ore realized over $75,000.
While lhe men were gelting it out
there were guards standing on the
dump wiih loaded Winchesters.
Livery  S
IGeo. R. I.cask & Co.
Ti'-uiis iiti.l driver. Itirntshed foi
iniiiil lu tlie .1 i-.tii.-l.
A. I.OYI.B, Man.itiT
A. W. McVittie
Tlm King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
pens thrown iu tor luck. |   pato(l November d, 1905.      .'it-fit
.lames   Heniiehery,     who   was    in
harge nf tin- McLcod syndicate's
work mi Valley creek, near ol i
Town, in tlu- (all of last year, has
returned from a lung trip down tin
.Movie liver where he has been looking fur what the old-timers of Wild
Horse used to call "The Second
Crossing." When Hob Dure and Dave
Cirilliths and lhe men of their time
came in frum Walla Walla they found
good pay dirt on the "Second Crossing." The news of it survivod tin
rush of old-timers, so Jim went a
hunting for it. He (ound it, all
right, hut the Spokane-liiternatitni.il
contractors bad l&tcon pnsi-essiun as
a siie im* a bridge over which the
railway vvill pass. He reports that
il was nn Use for him to try tu do
nny thing there.     lie passed on, find-
ZAA'AA'AnlA:^ A; Our Men's Ten Inch §********************!
:AAA:AA:"Au«ir"m[' Loggers | We Will Do        f
""   "" ■ | Your Draying
vork i-
ilvert i-
ii tli,* I
nl, In
1,1 lu
lllll   I'M I.n i    al      .
'. . in  the Walls building,
brethren   are iniiied    :,,
p u.ii|ri
■I       I   I...H    Haws,    tt      I'.
A.   M.   111.1*1,,   I,     Soc't
CHAXIlUOtlK I.nlui !■:. mH.i,
Heats every 2nd and .lb Tuesda)  in
"(i..„.l Templars Hall."
Ytsitiiti; brethren cordially Invltcl.
A. McCowan, t'.lt.     .1. Sims, Sec'y.
CKAMIUOOK      l.tllitii:
i.  O.  G.  T.
Meals every Kii.lav night above I'at.
luuii-'s Store.
Come and join lhe Happy Band.
i.u . AI. ORANGE LOUGH, mi   is;I
Meets every 2nd Wednesday ami tth
Saturday nt k o'clock in Oddfellows
Visiting brothers always welcome.
W. P. (iUk'l),
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, lite.
Il.uall llli.ck Craiibri.uk. II. C.
arlaiwei Ainislr.mii Ave.
Thirty days'   after dale we Intend
to applv lu tie   Chiel Commissioner I _ ....             . ,.       .      _
"I  Lands and Winks,  Victoria,   Ior al J DOminiOtl illlll Pl"0*. Ill    J
special License   to cut  and carry S cjai   [iliK\  Surveyor. 4
away tlmher from the following des-  4 •         ,
.■ribed kinds situated in South   East   4 li    u     \*    i'-..-           4
Koolcnay:                                         { tl. H. MCVltlie       {
Commencing ;it  a pnsl  planted   l_ \_\ r          it.               _
miles, more or less, north nf the nor-   j (ieneral Agenl             *
them   boundary   line   of   Lot   7313,   a ^
thence running wesi so chains, thence  $ TtMUCD    oimcc    ,„j *
north   SO   chain-;.    Ibenen   east     80   •» 1 IMbhK,   M1INJ__>   .ind J
chains,    thence   south 80   chains,  to   { LANDS                   j
imini   of   commencement,   containing  \ t
010 acres, mine ...  less.                      { CRANIJ''O0K,    B.
The King Liiinbei* Mills, Ltd.     5
Dattil Noveinbor 3,  10(15,      31-51   ( ^»»»»»«»»«..««««%x.
||      C. H, DUNBAR       f
•  •IMcVittie & Laidlaw, | Barris'crP^il^ NoUry |
.     a   vv;   u,.\/-..:..    t\      Mining Englneera
and Surveyors,
thos. t. McVittie. p, l. s.
I. T. LAlIll.AW. U.  !•'..
\   Craubrook,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oflice at  Rcsltlenco,  Armslrung  Ave.
liu: KlYI'Dl. (IOES CRAZY,
John Cai
mi-lit  hum
time ngo,
duly ,,!  ih
.lllliclluli,  ,
.lullll   U.is
mm known ns Hie "Iiiu
•   four months Imprison-
th       'l.illnn.lniiie     sum..
Constable Ilaron wn. on
ii    il.niii nt Spokane
I   ruillll   nul   sal   ivhethal
liainl, ,.i crazy when    be ■
In.i.*l iluiui there
■ tine even
Speaking  ol high   vain
ill   tl'llll-
Mnll.iu.luuie    Ihnilglll   It   llliglll   In'     n
g I aha i,, .ill..iv iha menial tllsnr
dal'  ul   lha   III.UI  a   lull,    I Mil,,Una.
under tin* eyes ul ihe mil warden., al
Nelson     Tl lui day .liihn's time
uns up, anil nulilliig the prison be
proceeded iu sample whisky of
iniKhly piuuf in various places around
Nelson. His imnifil iiiflrmily seining
upun lim, In- hurried 'to the government record olllco and gave the aiii-
cnils iiiuie specimens of bis signature
than Uie ordinary requirements of
strict 'business warrant-ed, lie wrote| line
his name on buoks, nn papers, on
counters, on walls, and badly wanted
T llllll  UM
Wlllll    I.
UIV wil.
l.l lillllll' lllllll l.l
lli'l'lllliplisll  llllll   llll.
jrri. Tlml is wh)-mu
lulsilusii |ii*iis|i.*l*s :
tiiiliiiriii'il niovcra ul llie
Mllsllll it Itlicjl I'illltiis	
to leave his sign manual on the faci„
of a lot of the clerks. .lolin started
a very rough house, waa promptly
jailed, ami liis .sanity having been en-
rides it is a remarkable fact that Um quired in, it was considered that   a
only    place  in the  Kootenays where nice, airy,   padded cell at lhe    New
the lulls     Only live have so far been telliii nle has been definitely ami posl- W'ostmlnfs'lor' iinivetsitv for ihe men"
recovered, and  the remainder, which lively Identified Is In the produc    of tally ,",,,!™vii would L.s ™
are very wild, are gra_tng High up on the I'.-iy Roll on Palmer's'Bar,   Tins place for „ "ni. S«de" as anv
the nioiinlain side.    Tc-day traces ot was a tellurlde of   lead „,„i carried utli-i      (|.  |,.s •"-      -           - y-
—  ._    .......     ... ,„s there at present, and
values in gold from tati.-i to SHOO to the   scones of his   heroic   smashings
two mure were discovered, and    Mi
Ousty is hopc!ul of getting them all I the ton.    "That liiul was made   back and   breakings of men,' beads    and
back.    Some ot those captured could   In  lhc nncieut days ul 181)7.     It Is  bones „■■■ ■        ■ ■      "s   "<MS    mi
I know him no more.
Vou van Imn- a pair ut Logging
Boots made in unlet anil pay double
the price of Leckie Hoots, hul you
cannol secure stronger footwear.
The picture shows une of oui' besl
A wuul uf description: MEN'S
12 INCH LOCIGERS; whole fused
wnh lish grain vamp; bus rex chrome
leg and bellows [ongue to lhe top;
very heavy pegged sole; made on a
broad toe last. Vnur dealer will
show il lo you, if you ask him to do
J. Leckie Co, Ltd.
VANCOUVER   -   -  B. C.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory 1
All kiiuls,,r lillisll wnili iu j
wil) ul' limns, windows, trim- J
soma, ute   Kiin dried luiiilinr J
for inside work.   I lur work is J
gunranteed nn.l our prions nro
sntisf'iii'tni'y.    SiTi'i'it    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
§*♦-•-**« .***.. ..*........... *{.)
When Nun
Cimie to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockentlorf
Opposite C. P, R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgsiy, Alia.
■ 8.30 lu   II
i 'rn in a in
7 .HI   In  8 all
, CRANHROOK ::    ::    ::    ::    ll   C,
;•» l VI * :»I« I «I«' I * l •? I *• I * I * i 4
Dr. Connolly,     ?
•   Physician and Surgeon
''' Oilicc on Armstrong Avenue
ffl    II s *    II   lu   11   ii 111 .   .   to   I    ."I
-   j. in , i iii s p m.   'Phono 106    _,
9 *i
j. 14141 •!■ I ■• I 1 . im 1 , ■• , .    •    •
EUNEltAL lllltECTlllt,
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy;
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
DR. P. li. KINli
iikhit: mil RS :
Ii l„ I:', a m.
I  in.
V   i„    8  |>lll
Ofllco an.l rcsitlenco on Arm ilron * avo
l»li. I . 0. MILES
OFFICE lint Us ;
II I.. I.: a in.
I I,, li p.m,
', iu   8 p in.
<nine in new Held block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear (o Measure a Specially
People who want joh work doiiu
c.iiinot a lli nil to pay tor poor work.
That is why it pays to get work
done at lho Herald olliee. No complaint is made of the work turned out
here tor tho reason that it is up lu
dale and the work of up to date
printers. Tliat makes a rtHIeronca
with any individual. i li!.   > i..\ s'BBOOK    ii '-"li.Yl.li
Synopsis "i Regulation* lor disposal ol Min*
fm1' .-ii I..i.iiitiiut I .i:.l-   ii.   ''ti<'iiiih.i,
iu.- Nitrihwcul fcrrilitrici. ..J I    I uka
.■,*-■ S1U I -*i
..    \ .1
tl] llll '   ll
I       1      ..-   I  Ll
■   I
i  mi
...   i | ul   '...;■■.
■ ■ ..     t .     . . ,
II       I'l    ,i   .1 I       ..i.   .   HI'      ,       ll     ll-,.!.
iMi.ll     I ,i tiTUI ul   tiU-Hl)   imii
Notice is leuby given that  thirty
days alter date I  inU'iui  to apply  io
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works an.i tin- Assislanl Conn •
er i-i   Lands  and Works   for Uie dis*
U iel ol Easl   Kooti I ..-   Iui  a license
!.. prospect Ioi i oal an I petro. ■
1 ■   i.'Umw :i,;'. laud Ij ing noi in
I ni  ill io Hie iMclnuis propel I)  , ud
is miles   not lli ol Ctou
■ ' , ■■  ■   .in.I between the wesl ai d   i
liranel  ul Cai ho i Creek, En '  Ivo ■ : *
f.n.'iii   .a District, Much 'i ia l, Uri I -   I
'   '       ' ] iiinlii.i:
\    i    C mencing   at a   pnsl plantetl
11 |al the um ih i.i -i c.'i i'1!. same being
liie ii it lal |n. .i of Ilo Ltisl Len
and i larked llal lisle Lemi rax, tli n c
. ! ij , tmli ■ I ■■■ ice . ■
eighty i liiiuiK, thenee noi lit eighty
lli ui ,■ ,*,, i eight) chaii lo
lhe     plat I-   ni  ii,- ;ii i.:;.;.,   < "ii:.iimi,.■
li iu ,i- te -,  i  ii' ■ ■
Haiti ile Lemorax, Loi il ■
Haiti ■    '.en n i\,        i I
I.... ..iiii Sepi.-uiher a
! I'mI    ,It.I'll.   II,.',      ,ll       ;l (HI   .!       |,|    -    I,'   I
...      I    tli    .outh en ;l    coiiiei   -i     ' i :■.
■    ■    ,   claim,    imie h i'. ,    !■   ii .!
■ ■   (.'liim    ...  i.n i elaim  .mil
i I'l n i     M.t tin, iin ii e    vi. .si
■>     - :   IDS,    Lh. II ■   liollll     i-iL'titv
lliuiee   iasl    eighty rn.
i    lit)  chains, lo    Hie
l)i   im Ing,   eoiiial g   Bin
.    i   less.
t'liii.i  Uartin, Locator.
Uattlslt1 Lemorax,   tgenl
I. .I September 2SUi, 1005.
i  a post planted
eornei  of    John
3 Pummeii.
ai llm snulli
.iiiiii il.iiin,      ^^^^^
' John Mills and marked .iohti
hence    h   eighty   chains,
ilsI   eighl)     clains,  Uience
..lily eh.ini', Uience wesl eighty eliains to the   place of beginning,
 ''■ MO acres, more or less.
■:   •     .
II     ■    ,-
te Li
Notice is hereby given that mj days
allei date,  i, -Jauies   i isls i
io appi)  iu Uie    Cliitl Uouiuussiouei
ul Lau ■ ■ au - »• 'i - • ai	
■ :i   I   ■ ■ .   ■ .   :
i .„     K".      .. a liceu i ■
,  '.      ■ :   ,
.■■:.:.:. .
lie t    I\ ii.
.... i    mil
.   .
hea i i.... •    :
i otmm nviug at a p   t ]    nu*d
UlO  tun •:...,-.:
. . 1  ,     ' I .      I     1     1
claim, hen      hi
ut    li li    i   .      .  ,.     . ,
Ml   chains,     Ui uci    easl :.
. : till
I ■   .i'.  i
hei     i   ii
■ - il .Lu „     FisIht,  I
Notice   i.     I-. i
monl liu alii i   dale  I inli
in lhe i 'hiel Con inn ■ on i  u     I -ai
,ui.I Woi -..'■ foi  p i mis itoti ti
: e follow ii-1 di 11 il i I 	
K....I. nay ti   iriei
Commencin ■  at  a  po t plant
the    northeast    cornet nl i ol     llti,
iiii'iier    not ih 00 chains, Uu m e wesi
80   chains,     ihence suuth tio i hs i
ihouce easl SO chains along norih hue
ni I.ut 7316     to place ol comi lem
uieiii. containing 480 acres more   oi
Haled al  Elko, It. C. Oct. 2,  1805.
28-9t Catherine Mills.
■   ■■
■    -
■■■ i-).-. given thai *'   I
end ti   app I   '•>    tl
■ Ol ii of   1 .tu Is     an
. -i  • h
tuati        :     lis trie I
-   ■ ■    ■
...  ,.       I  planted    •■
■   i
Uience north    S(j
them ■■*...
':  ■ ■       ■
■ '
Otto V. II<
■ ; m _S!l »t
l.illowing   very latere- uu: ai
ele ii   n thc i».:. ol  tit   f   Huugei
lui .     Pi 111 it   appeared   In the IVest-
al ih
■   north nl
claim,   ...
r   posl   planieil
corner of Elbra
being the Ini
KII.ia .Uil.s elaim and marked
Mills, thence east eighty
ehains, th nee soutli eighty chains,
111 'lice wesl eighty ehuius. iliem.
north eighty ehains to ihe plaee ol
1  "'■""- ntainiiig till) acres, more
, Elbra
or lei
Elhrn Mills, Locator.
Hattiste Lemorax,  Agent.
cated September 2.11...  11(05
,'i 1-51.
, I
Take noliee that thirty days after
lie""'date 1 intend to apply to the   Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for
,. in mi   permission    to   cut and   carry away
ui lo <■   timber from tin*   following described
. |b.rt)   Ian.Is in SouUi Easl Kootenay:
"' m;,i      Commencing   at   a    point   twenty
chains west of Uio north-east cornel
i.i ami  ol lot (MOO, Group 1, Uience norih one
'\',[1}I',,  mile,   ihence   east one    mile, Uience
i south one mile, thence west oue mile
i '■'" *■   lo placo ol li -ginning.
' ';-;'' J. Smith.
1   Daled     tins   23rd day   ol October,
-   v   |905. 31-5t
oi    ..',.1;:, ol a i
;   ■        ,        '■,,■ .    : Ull   ,. .    .
IC KI    .   .i-i i iv.-; .i;i.I ,,li
i.i    east ul C. ti. ti- line
..  s   il .  r asl   Koelena).
\.   ll
uiihc Mill -l-i '    l
BV   r.-i\..
N o r t It e r n
SEA. II I    roco IV
wi  .ill   la    I'll
SI.   .'mil,   _'Itli.'t|*n,   Sum   V 01 k
INII VI I   I ml*, l'i   I  LSI
I'jiln.i*  mil li i   l.l m   -. Ilnll.'t    1 ilirnr,
i.,,,.    II..a, mi   II.)   Ill-ill,.,   Il,„,a.   i ■ ll
tlml   a in _nric.
HIsSI  "ll vi ■■ o\ vv Ml I I S
it   I u-l  .mil   VV ist   Hull,   L
S| i aim iui In ■' nrld l i .... Sl
I .am      V mui .ta,,,.* „i route,
i,. ,*.',i,_ num. ..ill ■"        i|,|u
I   ,i    1
ll   I   III vi KSTOM .  .,  nl
Pel Ilia
! % tfeir Dm I
I       BRICKLAYER .ind       |
I;!       CONTRACTOR        "•*,
X        Fun , Boiler,  Buiion, X
.:, ,t;
.'. uml |.'iri*|iliii'i' wink n Hpi'riiil- .1,
;1;        All ilosoriptioits of atniip. j*
51 wnrk undertaken. Urdi ta l.-l'i t
.i is .... at     ihe
i south-east    cornel   being     Uie initial
L till ■ , nee south
east 80 i,i.un**-     to
■     .. *       and conl
■  '■■ :
\ i  ■
,i ,-, ,,. Si |)ti n
I \\i' \oi ICE,
Notice is hei eb) given that Bo days
.■'.-  i ,■ ■■  .i   io applj  to tho
i    i     i ■    niissiomu    i'i   Lands   ami
the following d
. ■ o
1 -omnu*ni Ing al  a |>n I   daiited    ai
i ol Wi]
fjrcai    Noi theni Kn.it\ a)   ai :
the easl bnundar)  nl Iol   i (III   Ihenci
: ,       .  ■   ■ ifl
Ihenci ' Lhe righl ul
ii tt) ni the i aii i llan i' u llie Itn   w i;
nf tt i ij 111  nl  waj
Westerly  In     a point    oulh ol     thi
south asl   .mn ■ ■       ■    thi
noi id tn place ol comineiicemi nl
i, .-   ii   ■-,, tl
■ li! .   1(1115 II Dl
In tli   mattei  ol a    upplii alion fm
i .in-iin a-.  ■'   lh    ' ■ ■:-' •■■■'<■ oi Title
.    h   j  ol  Loi   18,  Ulorh   I,
I'own iif   Kort    sit-.-ir (Map
Not! .        I   ri      given    thai
:■  i   iny inti nlfoti In i   n   .11 il e c\
piiatinii ..i Ihii tj   I.f.    iiuiii lhc tlrsl
tmhllcatlon In reol .1 duplicate of   tho
t'ertil rate ol Title In the south \ of
l ol 18, Block ■!. in the Town of Fori
Steele (Map C2-1) in the name of Roh-
i'tl   II.  Kar.i'ofsl.v,  which Certificate
Is doted lhe 3rd dav of June 1808 and
numbered 8SBK.
II. F. MacLeod.
Dislriel Registrar.
Land Registry Olliee, Nelson, B. 0.,
November 3rd, l«05. 33-5t
Take notice Uuu  thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
mmlsBloner nl Lnmls ami Works at
I Victoria,   for a   license to cut     .mil
•am   away   Umber  from   the  tolloW-
■i» described lands situate in    East
Cootenay   District:
Starling at n pnsl planted al    the
j iinnhwisi corner of lot (1230,   group
one, running south KU ehains,  thenco
I running wesl Ull   chains, thenee   run-
g north Mt ehains.   tin nre running
I cant M) chains to tho point of   com-
30-51 II. II. Ross.
*^^^^^.>^.>.>.;«>vv*>_'I'vv'/vi'      Dated this 12th day of Sept. 1'J05.
J. I). MuBRlDE'S
;» will
!* i'lni
I've prompt
5. r
O. Bos s:\
Noliee is hereby given thai thirty
days from Mate I will apply to tin
Chiei Commissioner oi Lamls ami
Works for special licenses to cut timber in the following described parcel'
of land norlh nt Kimberley in South
East Koolenay:
Nn. 1. Commencing where a post
has been placet! about one mile due
north ol the north-east corner of Iol
3088, thenee norlh one mile, easl one
mile, south one mile, and west oni
uiil.-* to the plaee of beginning.
Dated October H-th,  1005.
No. i. Commencing where a posl
has been placed about two miles
norih and one mile e.tSt of thc northeast corner of lot 3008; theme two
miles south, half a mile east, two
mtics north, and halt a mile west in
Uie plaee of beginning.
Dated October Ulh,  1085.
No. 3. Commencing where a posl
has been placed about Iwo miles
north, anil half a mile east oi th<
norlt-east corner ot lot 3068, Ihence
half a mile norlh, two miles east.
half a milo south, and two miles wesi
to the plaee of beginning.
Dated October  llth,  1905.
1   ■
the     souih
■ ■   ,
■    ■
nt of
llavnok, It.   (\. 1 d w     0
1. ■,.    ■   -,     1   ■ , ,
I'he Msyi -    Lui Co'iumiiv, Lid
,1,11s  all,1
lo  llie  fl:
nnil Worts
',,      niiri.l.
11    piuci,,
l.l "His.
t'ommi ni
lhe nnithv
III*.!   Kuul
eighl)'    ,*!
thence iva.
• 1   l'i
oniniene. n
,      ''1,
*: ivtni 11 soTH i ■
11  thai
,      .11,, apply 10
1 of fan is an 1
a       ll      a 11.     t,,     fill
ber Irt.i   ilu-  lul
ea '
,   ,1111 '     ul   |„l    ■    lllll
II, ■     ■    -■. Ilf
II     :. a    '        -.
ulh 8u 1 bah .   lb 'iii 1
lu< plan- 1,1    |„
pel    I  ]*.i.ii I    RliA-ell,
.    1    la)   1 :  Ma',.„i
Ihal  thirty li.iys alter
inleml  lo apply to the Chlel
utter   ol  I..u. Is   m. I   Woi ks
to cul .,: I cai 1 y awaj
ila.l.ai n.ai, the    [olloutng ileseribcd
anils In I'.'ast Kootenay.
t'o     cueing ai u posl marked "J.
Strong's s. E. Curner" anil planlcd
..limit     ,  mill'   uas'     nn.l  Iwi-nl)
bains north of tlio soinh-wesl eornei
li ■■
. 1    i,,
Mo.   I.   fiitiii
lllllll'    il       [IU
has been placet] aliuut two an.i a luu
miles norlh anil one mill' east of tin
north-cast corner of lot :t"i>K; thenci
north nu.   miles,  wesl  lull a mil.*
V.    |.      i',i.
.     ....   ;,!..,*.
west,  mu tulles south, and hall
mile easl lo Uu   pit ce ot begun
Dated October llth, 19115.
Nu. 7. Comuiondng where ;i pi
lias been placutl, about two and .1 h
utiles nui :!*. ind Iwi milea eai ' , : *
noi tit easl i [Iol   10.8;  Ihi ■
two mlies   t
■ ivo   mil, s    ■ i ...     aud ball n m
wesl 1,, the plaee ,.t* begin
.,■,■.'.    h I   llth,   11)05.
miles,   easl hall a mile, south    uu
and **. ■: hall a mile ,..     Iht
place ol beginning.
A   IV. McVittie,
30-51 Locator
Haled Oclobei   1'.tli. 1005.
TIMBEH Ntillfl*;.
Notice is Iiaii-l.i   given Uiat  lliiny
days allei d    I [.itend lo apply lu
lho Hon   lhe   Chlel Coinmlsslonor   ol
laual!, and   Works al \ iclorta, for  a
.|.at lal  license   to  CUt   aial Mil! V  lliv.ll
Umbel Irom    lhe   folluwing dencrlbol
i I*.   ..in.,:.* in lau.: Koolcnay   Itis-
i n.*i
I Starting at a post planted una
hull mil,- north ,,l the south-
»a i maia-i ol the l: M, i-'uii.-ii..n
n, thence running sn chains wont,
tlii'iii'i* running 8(1 chains north, tin uiv
,1111111*1 80 chains weal, thence nm
ning HO .l.aua. soulh to polnl ol cum
UK II, .11,1*111.
Starting at a posl plnnlerl at
tli. snulli ii,.! cornel ..I ilu* James
Cramp limit, thence running 80 chains
west, llience luniilug 8tl eliains norlli
hence tunning mi chains cast, thenee
running sn cliains south tu [mini ui
.1. IV.  ItuSS.
Dated October Ulh, 1005,       30-51
Notice i.s hereby given Ihal thirty
liiys alter date I Intend to apply tn
the Iluu. the Chief Commissioner nf
Lands and Works nt Vlotorla, fur u
special license io i-ttt .nul carry away
Umber Irom tho fallowing itesei ilioil
lnmls, situate in Easl Koolenay Dis
i. Starling at a posl planted at
thi' north-wesl corner of the James
CTainp limil; thence running 80 chains
west, ihence running 80 cliains norlh,
thence running 80 chains cast, Uienco
running hu chains suuth to puinl ol
2. .'"Iiiiiine; al n post planted al
llie norlh-fiist corner ol lot C23I:
thence running 40 chains wast, thence
miming nn cliains north, thenoo running hii chains east, thenco running
su rliiiins snuth. thi'tici' iiinniiiir. 40
chnlns lo puinl ol commencement.
J. .Iiii'-i'iisnn, por J. W, Itnss, Agent,
Haled October !IUl, 11105. 30-5t
lhe Chi
A    D    lllll.
P. tilcArll   i. pei   u   Mi
lhe i hiel l miss
Wut -   al  V ii :,,M.
['!,,,;,am:   .
lit.'  [ullowing  Ue.se
111 South Easl Km
1.   f,.iiinii
iin   chaius
ul pclrn
be: I
.    . *
pli am,!
 fcl'li   mm     .'.,a, chains
wesl ,,i *':. i.   ii!   m mu lh fork
ol Michel Crei:. bj one   a  Hi   noi lb
., ii  bounda i .,,:   1588, -roup I;
Iieni e east 81 . ■ thai ,uin
-'■   cha ■       :.   . t   su   chains,
■ma* ,      n ,■ place ol
.    ■ ■      .■    al  a  p. il   planted
180   cl, lui'th nn I   Tti 0(1 ciiains
nl Michel fia : bj one ui a* i.ulln-
aiiv li,,umlaut s ,,j ,,,: 151 8, group 1.
iin iui- wesl >su chain i, tin suuth
sn chains, tlicitcc easl 80 chains,
thence not tl 80 chaini to the place ol
Located tho Bth day ol t)i lober,
.V   Ii    1005.
f. Mali s, pel M   Mi Inncs,  Vgenl
(Form Im)
CEHTIFICA'I'E     OK      1 ill'lluVK
SITUATE IN rill. 1 OUT sl I* I* l.l.
iiiif.viivuftiiiT .ii I \ i*: ii v i.
Liiul Curran, Krec Miners' Ccrtlflcnt.
Nu. B73008, Inientl slxli  days    ft	
Ua date liercot, lo apply lo Uio Mining Recorder, for a Cettillcate of Im
provements, for the purpose ul ub-
laining a Crown Grant uf lhe above
And further lake notico Uial action
miliar Section :i7. must he commenced liifnrc issuance ol such Ccrtificale
al Improvements.
Nail McLcoil Curran.
Dated this Uilli day ui October,
1005. :iii-ki
Notice is haicliy given llml 00 days
from dale 1 ini,nd to applj ta the
Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works to purcraso the l.ll waa*. des-
scrila-il lands, situate In Ute dislriel
nf Soulh K.tsi Koolenay:
Commccnlng at the north east corner of lul    02:17, group I, Kootenay
Jul 11 Strong.
Located Sept. 20th,  I9U5.   30-Dl*
Parcel 2.
Notice is hereby giifu that 30 days
altei dale in* intend to apply to the
1 llial Commissioner uf 1.,-ind.s am!
Works nt Victoria Ior permission   to
ut ami carry away timber Irom tie
fullowiiig described lands:
Co dicing nl  the sotilliwest cur
i,*i* Robinsoii-McKenzie Lumbei Co.'s,
...ini.al. timber limit, marina,1 ol
Lot tiliii-, Group 1, Lust Kuotcnny
Dislriel, thenco suuth no ciaim, cast
-a 1 bams, north 80 chains, west «n
■hains in place ol commencement,
Itodilnson-McKcn/lo Lumber Co.,
September 30, 1005, 30-51
cats tu keep n   horse
1111.1 carriage.    Can you alTortl il   lor
in 1 occasional use?    Whether ynu cm
,,t mu     ::    ::    ::    ::    :.    ::     ::
I. "11. anyway.     By it  you have
nil   the pleas if driving; none   ol
In- bulbil* ul keeping ,1 Inns,..     And
1 espi
■ fur llie mute economical.
The Handle)   Livery Stables
Winter Schedule
Double Service Main Line
Kootenay Section
Hast and West
1 .IN Nil TS
Imperial Limited
.-i.i.i*.i'i:i: KKHVIl'K
KTAMl.tllli   IND TOl'IlIST sl.l*:i:i*.
1 1:- i.ii.-vvi-: 1:i:\'i:i.s 1.ik 1:
DAILY l"i:
Seattle and Vancouver
division,    tin nee   n
Ihence   wesl  40 eh:
40 chains,   thenee  [
the plaee of eomiiu
Located   tin- llh
Medicine  Hat
Cnnncetlng With Cure for
St.  Paul,  Toronto, Montreal
eine Hal Wttliie-ftlavi nnd Satunlayn
foi Toronto: Moiuliiys tttul Prlduva for
Montreal;  Kridnya for lioalon;  dally
for St. Poiil,
Atlantic S.S. Agency
Through Tickets to and from England
and iho Continent.   Ask forClirlHt-
min* miilttigH.   All Unu represented.
For full particulars. Brtt class or
to  timriat Bleepor reservatious, apply
I to local agent a or write
' 0. Millier, Agent, Cranbrook.
'j. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,   , ^^^
Cranbrook, B, U.  D.P.A., NeUon. A.Q.P.A, Vancottwi, of mounting in a stable without  any
,! Jolllfle
of Oclobi
■ ii tn i Gazette ol London, Kng,,
ll  i- a lum nous exposi
"■ ~ art, tniontiac and i tt ies
■ ;   ■'';•  ■•' th   nil) iii..,.,,.  th,
■    ■       between ethies and Ui       i j
ui   hroneho, is anoihei  siory
ll •■:..■  Ui   Poll i    .j.
y has -*1  iii livid lalily un-
au     I in ijpc       lie ia '  the
i'uMhuu -. i-hiid oi ihe eaballeros ul
:' Spain,  with the a Iditiou of Ind-
.tii ways, embellishing the wild crafts
md -i. teisin rn the ied inan with the
i II manlj    swaRgei     ol   tl.'  born
rsemai       rhe daiigprs ol lus trade
ipqulrp him Ui be expert  In whal be
1 ! ':-"       and   -, .veil are Ins m,-tii-
'   -I ;■'■ i lo whal is n-quirnl th.u
un nations    gain tin patronage, and
tt'H ti    -I ih-   i-.ii-.■■■    Un ■
o ih :■■ III r t Ihi "I
"  lore "   . , I.- am  :-..■ i
''   ■      an   nee nal   bad  In I -   .
■-" pai lieulai teal in enmpail ,.n with
Iwliw     lo   i veij    daj    foi
nt lis \ jub ol this kind re(|uii ■
!-'- i nai j in : ve m i physical en-
aiw* ll ia not always the men
who have been in the suddti
Ui j were born Ihal become bor.se-
hreakers, nm in onu sense uu- tin •.
ways ihe best riders. Some men
have n natural aseeiidencj uvet animals, wi thai horses an more t»ub
nilsNlve tn ihem. Others have merely lho gift .,l "staying with."
ll-hue a man ean properly deal with
,i v.i il horse he must be proficient
"'ih a lope, a wvapi n thai in the
hands ol a novice is as dangerous as
gunpowder. One ma) catch two or
thn-e heads ai a time in a crowded
corral), ur even a ta!), and then there
is the devil tn par; or tliere are the
friithtfiil airideiili incidcul ou getting
foul of Uie coil, ..r nt getting lingers
■aught against Uie snubbing-poM. aud
Nn exhibition ol accurate shootine
M auj slelglit-nf-haiid triek Is so
lirettj in watch aa good roping, and
in a whole range really good men can
lie counted on the fingers. Catching
hy ilu- head is a fairly easy accomplishment, the (liilieiiliy being in
I browing, oi more currccily "shying,"
lhe noose to make it keep an open
ml perpendicular course, fur horses
■el very clever al dogd'ing theii heads
lown and shaking it oil. imt to
catch h\ the leet ti a dilTerent alTait
altocctlier. I; seems little short ol
miraculous to see a due caught bv
the feci, nr a wnnmn bj either fool iit
spile nf petticoats.
An cxtraordlti
ami distance, f<
full career, ti necessary for this kind
ol roping. The noose is thrown so
as tn lap the beast's legs fore or
hind, as required, in such a way that
lho end falls open in front, and the
next step ti infallibly into it. Sixt\
calves caught ot a ban! in a --roundup," towtd to the tile, anl branded
in half an hour is not a record.
Where the principal Is speed it maj
Ira Imagined what time ti thus saved
in horse-breaking. Vox when you
have your horse by the head your
■miiliie is only begun. If you should
rail to give iwo hitches round thc
mibblng-iinsl which stands in the mi l-
lle ol iIk- corral ihe horse in his blind
terror will leap at any thing, an.i
perhaps cause damage. Some men
ean throw a horse even thus by i.ring-
Ing all their weight io play at a
certain angle when ihe horse's front
feet are of) the ground, hut for ihe
mosl pari lhe tiresome process of getting a rope unJei his belly and so
round tho fore feel i.s resulted to.
Once down, hall his tail is pulb-d out.
su that ii shall nol catch in anything, lie is then lilted with a
"Eureka" bridle m halter-back BBB
"Eureka" bridle to halter-break blm
—a cruel but effective method; lhe
eyelet of an ordinary noo.se is pui
over Uie lower j<i\\, tn-c lope, alter
uidhiiig ihe circuit oi the head behind
ihe ears, passing Uirough u again.
in ie« minutes he had learnt a lesson
nn life, .ui.! can bo led bj iwo lingers. Some tlabhing nun dispense
wnh all preliminaries, clap uu lhe
saddle ami jump un while Uie horse is
ou the ground; ulhi rs explain each
move to the horse, showing him sad
.lie and blankets, and allaying bis
tear... It is generally necessary to
use a hlin.l lu gel the saddle on and
mount, ami tin- lew seconds Uiat precede Uio fun while tho horse is blinking in.in the sudden lighl are thc
ua-t enviable. Ihere arc many varieties ol saddle, diilering slightly; the.
Krlsiche, Calitornia, Montana, Texas,
.nul others. The iree i.s of iron, and
the k.iih'i wurk hcavj and highly ur-
unmeiited with Utile ros ittes with
iu i.n minutes he has learnt a lesson
mi. The) have a kiiack uf breaking,
and as a call ui a dead antclojpe i*.
unl an unusual burden this i.s some-
uuu*.*. awkward. Two sluches or
girths connected with a strap are
l fni' ordinary work, but une ia
gcnerallj tte allowance tm* Uie broncho-buster. This i.-- buckled on Uio
oil hide, i n the urai- a lallgo or girth
.strap eight feel long Is looped iwlco
through Uio girth inichle, iis length
allowing the rider lo stand at the
horse's In .id and brace himself for a
vigorous pull wllh Ins root against
ihe horse s ..id.-. A mil cantlc an.l ,,
liuck strap are often employed, hm
they an- almost as hard lo use as to
in without, for, in lhc firsl place, on
a bu I len access ol bucking the rider
maj not ■ii,t properly hold, oi he ma)
«iull hiiiis.li mil of the saddle bv
them—a vuy common danger. Tapid-
eros, in leather coverings lot the stirrups, .r. "id the daiigei of lhe loot
going rfghl through the stirrup—the
same reason, h) the way, for high
heels on the cowboys' bonis; but all
unnecessary Impediments are done
away with and loose ends made fast
fm horse-breaking. To plaee a sad-
lie weighing 35 pounds or 40 pouuds
genllj mi a scary horse is no easy
iter. The weight is often com-
nted on, hut the terrific strain re-
reil for roping, and the knocks it
has to en lure, make this necessary.
Half ihe weight less proper!) applied
ild be barter on the horse—a
iruth often overlooked.
Mounting Is invariably done Irom
straight in front. As soon as the
is in the stirrup the horse's head
iiT,-d almost to the saddle-horn
by a liim grasp ol the check-strap
wilh nm- hand, and of the horn with
the other; then wiih a sudden li^ht,
leap the leg is thrown across the saddle, and before the horse ean gol his
In ad the rider is firm seated. This,
however, requires a very strong arm,
and to' blind is lhe alternative, Hut
there are many methods: one is Uiat
bridle .md trusting to a lariat tor
catching the borsi bj the nose when
desired ai oth r, ol ij ug tht sUrrups
logcth i  Miii rneath
ft'hai follows has been variously described and compared. The Uid horse
hucl rests, au I-then b gins again;
an e\i it woi <c case ,- wheu hs reara
ami throw • hiiiiseli bj design on bu
:"!'' Whi i unci ,, borse can be gvt
■ run l - wi i -: is over. Still in
Wind '.■; thu beast ma) trip or run
for dangerous ground, and it is then
'hai ., v : •-.. eon panion is ne-
i »sai) io lu ■■ oi :. le him "ft, anj
there are sonu exciting momeats ia
the i.■.;.■■!    . ■ :..- ■■■ i wire.
In case      a    ■ rope ol a run
ning baiter, oi backamore, tuekid m-
in the Inli is i-as*. grasped There
is a conscientiousness about letting a
horse gel away with a saddle, oeo
will bave the clothes dragged ol* tbelt
backs aul bang on like grim d*-ath
Ihrough mud and brantales la'her liuo
l.-t gn
Rough an t    etui l as    the method
M>metimes is, Ii  is verj efleotual. ■•
li          ■,-!    .,■ I   not liaeki-d
again   (oi  Ave years remembers    bis
welt. Ono
him! ell con-
■   -   kept upu»
tii t, Wi       . *. '   ;       raked," and
, .,f .y  kill  *                    years alter,
leu   be proved
*   ,         |    .:■.:■: ..i.    Some
hi n                     air)     lean and can
nevi r be brnl              I • ■- ot 'his sort
.v.* eh which un
suspecting i ere mo inted,     A
well-kuoV:. ' ed     la
this waj. ;< ■    ■ '-■■'.' al to   a
borrowed sa i V-- - I -■ llh i haractcr-
istic leteri latii - rode fort) miles
foi hi; owi      He rod !.- rsc with
his stirrup: Ii I un l< rn ..':., but sui-
fered Interna! injuries from the buch-
ing, .md was for a long time incapc.-
, italod i: is Ik rs* was not only a
v(T\ !.,: i : ,. . ,' 11•:,.!.it-T,\l bis
tuttle in ., 'cries ol bouts, and could
nol   be   bai ted resting   between
whiles He was thus able to tire
mil ain hul the most indefatigable
i idei Rup ui i an I al rally very
irequi ni not  preventing
•;. [i ih -ii "■ :■ sutferings
.•■■■■ them Tusen* ble  to    wbAt,
thej biilici on il eii hoi -*■-
There is ao qui ilion ot "hands" or
■mouths" wilh the broncho; his methods of eommunicatinr ais deo*, r-
icati d and i re co pi te. Tho heavy
hail breed bit, with ils great port, is
little more than an -i--1 hi I *.«■ slay
him when h * m^ter is ofl his back
und has thi »wn Uie reins over his
head lo catch in any bush oi stone.
By eontinuai handling the broncho ao-
i;.,;i. , a u ■ pi ■ ■■ 's eye for !us **v«-rk,
an almosl lo ti di acceptance o( language, an I i..: bi gui led b) weight
\:. ,. mi iii ml) ipai abb to a bie-
C. H. 1*.
jeais a^o oi*e l*—, v' Keo*uk Co.,
iu., maau c wagon trip u.ioJ6.i uw
aUjAL^-ui suuUnrrn stales, .v ._~a
n*i.i^t j lutt.,;, u» bis return fie
cucuuaUid iw —a friends un, impna-
sious ui -*^ joutuej.
"^u-i, lu. instance, --a.d lit, "i
went to a larmer to a.**- tun the way
to tne ucaiest io**u. i: '*-j.a u_^uv
.- ■" a ... ,.... i wanted to i-uib oa,
uui uu--.- ;. it suuiiiern fellers Is -*j
iiospiiaoie ie.- would not let me. lut
sa)s, ■ ugnt, sir anger, and i.oax lu
Jinnei.       _'.• 1   m.
lhe) haJ a gie*t big dUh ul triW
poidiova m iut middle u; Uk table.
i itc host pusned Uie dish towards -**
ait   Sii)a,   'Have  ■■ :^„bt-r,       I
1001*. _ s>puoniul .... pushed em -_.-.
tie pushud ■-..■ over again an1 says,
ua>e some mote, su anger.' 1 .*>;*.
anoLOei ^^ooiuui aa pusned em back,
iten ne pushed em over &,_a*u aa'
•»a)s, 'laae u——o neat au wi em,
UOILU.N i iiu I.Alt.-Mark
rwaia says \„a\ during Lu da>a as a
Mississippi 'f..o\ ilc i-vi*i i>*.'a'. uo
ine i..ti .--* ihe -s-.epi.ei. J. Hill.
-Na'.r.ta i.uiLi used her; strangers aul
leudeneei were somcumes mveigied
aboard. One afternoon a thick log
aettied i,..v.:. ....; tbe blephen J. llui
■i.n u Ue up io me bans foi Uw
night, une ul the passengers said
i.j the captam; "it's loo i>au we *ie
going ;■■ nu late, captain.
"\\e am I going lo be late, ic-
pliud lhc captain.
"Iiul 1 Utougftt, ' said ihe pasiA-L-
ger, "we v,,:-_ going to Ue up   hers
bo     we  •.:>■, '    answered   Uie  tap-
tain,   "but   inat  am t  going le rua&t-.
us ute.     .Vc don t run ao close   lo
, aU ihat.
animal. Improved the oppor unity
Lacking certain unfortunate :.-.:..:*■:,-.-.fes
ol modern tlnance, says ihe ttas_i_g-
lon l'n-*.l.
"A modern financier of this type,"
ho said, humorously, was robtwd on
11 road wa) the olhei day. A little
urchin in sorr) rags Bllpped up tnr
lond tun, and snatcted hu handkerchief Irom lus pocket. Some one
grftbbi I Uu boy—caught him r«d-
haiidt'd. A crowd collected, A —■**-
" 'X'wllJ run for ibe police.'
■ Uui in. hnauciei nxed a not ua-
klndli look upon Uio trembling ht.ie
■■ 'Oh, let him alone,1 he sail. 'I
began business in a small way my**
seir.' ■■
The sini j ui tho rexas larmer who,
when askod by the minister performing hu wedding ceremony, "i>o you
take Ihis woman," sto., replied,
"Them's tin- calculations," remind**
an Englishman of a similar occurrence in one ol the eastern counties
61 England. The clergyman had
reaohod the same part of the service,
and the bridegroom replied: "Why,
hies*, 'iv, 1 cum  ere a-puppus."
was cleaning the hyenas' cage at Hall
by the Sea, England. One ot the
Uie animals improved the opportunity
lo turn upon the man in an ugly
mood. The keeper promptly defended himself, and, to teach the animal
manners, gave it a drubbing until it
slunk into a corner, One of the
spectators. a dear old lady, then remonstrated with the keeper and
thought he had acted cruelly. The
man stepped nut of the cage, arid, advancing to the lady said: "P'raps,
mum, you'd like to come inside ana
manage him1" The invitation waa
not accepted.
Willie—Hun across tho stwt and
see how old Mrs. Hrown is this morning. Willie (a lil tie l,i!«r)-Mrs,
Hrown says its none of your business
how old she is.—Ex. •I'll R  JK.IN lUiouiv  IIKIIAI.H
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liiu-s Mirrlfl by lioybojj in tli.'
district, ami unii.y thing, not lurried by anyone except ounelvee.
Join onr "Lending Library" nnd
road good llierature nt a roanon-
able expend.
i Beanie ^ Atchison
wh.re tt pays to deal.
See our drug ad. on 1st (nigc
\l! | PINO   f\l.fII'  »V   im
Villi**!* V!
Vli. ai.a. Moltat, ul." baa been
nominated lor tie mayoralty ..i li*
, Ity, called a meeting on Wi I
eve  al the Wontwortr. ball toi lhe
.   ol   addressing   lh    elecloi
IU* meeting   *a    n   uarkiil _uce_,
la, ,u ami Innuenlialli a'';"1'.'*.   ,
l,,i, was lati-ii a'   «i   Be\er,
Hunl   ■ all-i Hi'   " "'  '" ",:l
,.,   inn,, tuallj al  " ;" „
Mi   viollat, who 'mm receive, witli
.,,.  m.  *   marked  cordiality,   staletl
'i,.,. in*   accepted tin' n Illation loi
!l„-   ma ll.i lllll*    "ll   'I.''    BtriCI   main
UUidlng Uial In* did so wtlliout. being
bound tu any »'ay, nnuinei '"   ■"'■■
:,, anv party, political ..i otherwise,
oi to any clique ot section. II was
said that he had plodsod hiinscll lo
Iniiiil iiliinilil In' be elrcteit) a i to
anl hospital, ami do othei IIi'iiss
ol a like character. Ihal was a
■ illi Btatemcnt In whicli no one siiinitu
take any stock, Hi* Is a strong l.tu
i-ral but all thc same, re would an
independently ot thai ot any ollii't
party in lorwai'diiii^, a*- Iai as in
blm lay, tbo in.naii.il interest ol lli.-
city mill ulmii he li.il been mi long
iUaiilili.il. lit- liointrd out thai tin
council about lo be appointed could
only start tie city on its corporate
career, and would only have time
enough to gel lho municipal machinery in motion. The streets anil Bide
nulls should certainly receive attention, lbe question ot the acquirement ol Hie water works and eleotrte
light plants lor the city was a mattei ulin-h should In* veiy carefully
gone nno. Ho pledged hiinscll lo
see lhat lhc business affairs of the
city were conducted just as the private affairs ol any individual should In-
looked alter, Unit was wllh the mosl
carelul economy consistent with progress. A good revenue lot city pur-
poscs should he derived both Irom tinware! worts and the lighting plant.
He saw no reason why the next ihr,a*
years should not bo the very pios
perous onus Ior Cranbrook. The
Spokane-International should bring a
loluino ol now life into the eily. The
Kooti'tiay Central should nlso be an
aid to our progress. Agriculture
would bo a great asset in lhe. weullli
ol thc distrtcl in the immediate lu-
ture. Cranhrook was now the moat
progressive cily in ensl ol Wesl Kootenay, and he saw all the elements
lhat would go to having Uiat progress maintained. In closing lie asked that he be supported by the votes
of the people, and in doing so promised that nothing would be lelt undone by him lor lhe interests of
Cranbrook with wbieb he had been so
long associated,
Mr. U. T. Rogers, who was alsu
nominated loi the mayoralty, was
received with enthusiasm, lie said
that be come to attend tho meeting ns
a listener, not a.s n speaker, it bring
.Mr. Moltat's assembly. As ho was
on tho stage he would any (lint he
would lunl ii tlllticull to criticise
what Mr. Mollat lunl said. Hi- tin-
tiii-ly agreed with him as to tlie programme ol progress necessary foi* tlie
city's wellaro.
Ilo had 'been nominated fot ll.
mayoralty, hut if ho weie dcfeatotl ho
would bear his disappointment without any bitterness, and would s.ij.-
port .lie. .Mount's administration in
ilu. event of liis (Alt. Roger's) defeat,
If In- wero successful at ilie poll lie
would allow no party Icoling to in-
t.'lfeie in lhe slightest degree wilh
the honest discharge of his public
duties toward the city, and what
was lor ihe lionest good ol Cranhrook
with which all his material interests
Wale ho,mil  up,
Mr, li. E. Murphy told ol Ins Inn
mg la, a asked lo lake the nomination fm* tin- mayoralty, but declined
li for reasons ol bis own. 11,* ;.,■
ed Unu he called on Mr. Moffat, wh,,
declined to ba tin: man ol any pain
or clique. 1: was noi lot* liim (Ml
Murphy) to nay whether Mr. Mollat
assumed  ihat    ijomi j..,i  because     ha
though! tlia, In llllll Mime hi.In a
ii.ii'tih - of  the  if  allien
Messis. Jamei flroer, .Ink,' Fin!,
II. Hlckenboltam, (lenrgc Tisdalc and
DeVere Hunl, oanilWates for older-
men, addressed the electors in brief
speeches, .Mr. Modal "puke a socood
time, calling attention to the ueces-
sity of .in adequate sewerage system
lor ihe city, nml also in tha want of
better lire appliances. Those matters should nnil wonlil receive Ihe
consideration of the new council.
A few happy remarks from ihe Uev,
Mr. Ui'sltnan brought the meeting to
a close.
Mr. Ropers said thai he would have
a tneeting in the hall on Friday evening next at 8.3(1 p. nt. lo which the
ladies were all cordially invited.
get a good sl.nl in li.r municipal
career, no mattei what th.- result of
the election may be. According to
then public uttetances then 5 no
.iiil.'ieii.e iu the policy presented by j
the candidates -Ml seem to stand
lot progress ami carelul expenditure
ol the publie monies
There is a disposition displayed ou
the part ol a tew to tone a political
issue into the campaign. There ate
some men so rabid ami partisan in
llieit political ideas lhat ihey would
not act as pall-bearer Ior a dead person   who   tlinl   belli    dltloloul   politieal
liews.     This is lo be deplored, iiiiii
should   receive    no    encouragement
whatever      Crnnl .k wants men in
charge who mil In* lie.' Irom pain
sau Ideas, Irom Irom radical Influences
inv n,un bossism, quiet oi otherwise, rh,- men wh,, aie elected bave
,i great opportunity. They enn be
n'ii„'ini"'ii',l .is uieu who started
Cnnihiook right on har official m,nn,
„i they can be recalled in the i-.tuie
,is iiii'ti win, mini.' a lire* i f municipal management,
il   will
U|.   I.
Thc nominations lor Cranbrook's
first muniicipal elections were made
yesterday, and the following names
filed with Returning Officer Hoberts:
For .Mayor—Alexander Moffat anil
George Thomson Rogers.
For Aldermen—J. P. Fink, James
Ryan, .labcz Harris, II. Hiokenhoth-
am, DeVcro Hunl, Joseph Jackson,
Dan Murphy, G. I'. Tisdale anil Jas.
Perhaps there never has been a
town that presented such a list ot
citizens lor official honors at its lirst
election. The men named are all
well known, they are representative
citizens and  Cranhrook  Is  bound   to
(I    T     Rogers,  one   "I    'he .1111111-
date.  aa mayor, will hold a mc.Hug
t,,in,,ii,,u   night a:  Wentworth hall,
ai.,1 invites ai: jntercsted Jn lie   ad
ti  ...I " prosperity id    i ral,
tu i„*   present, and the l*dl">
are requested :<> attend.
Following ii ai, accurate list ul
those ula, nn registered .nel entllled
i,, vote, taken at 1 o'clock tlm altei
, 10| Ihele will be "ll"''   U'l""- ad
ded before next Tuesday at I P   in.,
i-hci    '  tslration closes:
Armstrong, .lames Ferguson
Abbott, Charles Arthur
Vbbott, William tlarker George
Ilryons, Frederick
llenle.  My!.*   VI Iel
11,,._,.. John Scaly
llaii.luiil.   Joseph Aliens
Bennett, i•>'""-''   ,
Bunnell, Chariot -111110
lloyter, Thomas
Beanie, Georgian Chnstiue
Be.ili.ii.,  Robert  Etlielbert
Itmnhaii. Simeon v.sblii*
Baker, Valentine Hyde
Brault,  Vital
Brault, Joseph
Bathle, John
Bony, James
Hush, William
Belmont, Allied James
Chudleigh, Edward Logan
Clapp, Frank Edwin
Cot'jett, Edmund
Cock,   Charles  Alberl
Cameron, William honest
Colpman, William
Cllne, Wesley
Clark, Hnbcit
Uezall, John
lleznll, Frank Herbert
lloylo. Albeit
Drummond, Thomas Louis
IJuinonl,  Frederick
Davis, Joseph Edgar
Drummond, Martha Josepblne
lien, John Martin
Danes,  Frank Thomas
Doris, Thomas Joseph
Elwell, Agnes
English, James Armand
Eilwinds, Waller
Fink, Jacob Pius
Flowers, William James
Fitzgerald, Charles
Finncssey, John Joseph
Fortune, William George Wallace
Fox, John Llnoel
Fiilljanies, Egbert
Fortune, Mary Thomas
Gurd,  William  Kaiquhar
Gill, Thomas Sutherland
Garrett, John Phillip
Hog-garth, George
Henderson, James Brown
llavnes, vVIUrld Gladstone
lloskins, Margaret Hilda
Hunl. Phlneas He Vera
Hunter, George Graham
llnuicl, Phillip
Hull, Joseph Byron
lliekcnboihiim, Harold
Harris, .Inbez
Harvey, James Albert
Hyder, William
Jollllle, Alfred
Johnston, Charles Wesley
Jolinslon,   Brasilia Dorland
King. James Horace
Ken, George Albert
Killcns, Alfred Campbell
Kennedy, .lolm
King, Frederick Ebon
King. Malcolm Hfiggs
Laurie, John
Laurie,   Anna Mat 111
Leahy,  Barney
I cits,   Leslie
Manahan, .Viihni Civile
Murphy, Daniel Edwin
Murgatroyd, lleiijnimii John
Money, Sidney Frederick
Maycock, Joseph
Moffat,   Vlexandei
Morion, Samuel Joseph
Moilnii, Itoborl I'lcnm-
Worion, Wilh.an Uolii
Moiiiu,  Charles  Ernest
Man,,el:, Natal, Jane
McLean, Lillian Leslie
McBride,  James Duncan
McLean, Joseph Henry
McDeiinoi, Alexander Lewis
McLean, Robert Eugene
McNeil,  Robert  Small
McCowan, Andrew
McEaehern,  Murdoch
McQoldric, Bernard
McLennan, Drummond
Manning, Jonathan
Murray, John Angus
.McVittie, Emily Jane
Matheson, Pete
Nobles,   William   Ernest
Nesbitt, Arthur Henry
O'Neil, Mark Andrew
Patterson, Edward
Poole, Sidney
Piiikhani,  John Farquharson McLeod
Prest, Olive
Prest, Cecil Henry
Perry,  Francis John  Frederick
Piggotl, Arthur Colley Wollcsley
Patton, Jennie Carpenter
Prudeii,  Jacob
Parker, Charles Sonierville
Patmore, Garnet Wolseley
Patmore, Lewis Warner
Itogers, George Thomson
ityan, James
Rabichaud,  Harry
Ryckinan, Selh Watson
Heid, Alice May
sunk   11 ,   Bruce
Sliaii-i    John Sii 1 ester
Spcers, Davi.l Joiues
Stewart   Itli I in!
Samp,  a n.l. *,v Gorgen
Sel llle   Join
South,   l.l ne ■
Sbacklolon, Eli D-an
St   Eloi, Mam  I* 1.is
Snuih   Janus
Shotlon, William .lames
Sams, Joseph Thompson
Sims, James
Stewart, M.iigant Elmina
Simps,,11,   Kate Phelps
ImII.,,1  *'* Hen.)
Tale, Man   lilnl,
Tisdale, lie-.n..* Preston
Ttiohev, William  IKin.l
Thompson, Julia
Van Ileal,   l.eu  Hales
Van Drear, Harry  Day
W.iiiIiii.iii.  Th is
Wilson, H.11..1111 11,'titv
\v,,ni 1,   Wilin.lov,   Einest
Walsh. IVilliam G.inluel
Wnssiui,   Fle.letlik
Gland Folks    Ga/etto:     Cranbrook 1 	
will he Incorporated as a city in the Miss Mary Macdonald, liens to an
Immediate inline Nominations tor nounce that she has starie.l business
ihe municipal elections have been a_ dressmaker aud general seamstress.
fixed   far   November 15ft,   an.l dec- (i0 oul d-!ilv 1( ,i,,sir,,i.   Address, op
linns a week later.       Wo  wish     lhe _ .,   ,   ,     .,. ,..,_
new eity every kind of success.   Crnn- I"'51"*  < "'»'■"  N,'sl  Uundry.    a5-l3«
biook is lhe center of a thriving dis- —	
trict,   and appears to have a Iol    of
progressive citizens who are striving
•H-I-l-l-l-H 1 1 I i I I I-M -I-I II IW 1 I-I I l-l-l-l H H-M-l-l
•I-l'-l-M-M'-l-1 i-1 I--H-1-I-M 1-H-l I-M-I-l-l-ll-l-l-l-I-I-I-I-l-l-l-
I The Cosmopolitan
The   poll   will   I.
IiiiiI and roles un
time h, lne, i,   II, ,
11   .ll    III-   llle
lop..sit, I any
.1.1 1 p   m.
Hull in M MIK Viii 1: BALLOT
The p.n 11 nning will place ,, cross
11. Um square opposite 'ba name ..(
iha candidate Ihey desire m see ela 1
nl. The inter can mark i  candidate loi mm..r aial six ciin lldntes Ior
aldermen. Below are sample ballots,
with other names Hum tli,,so ol tin
Jones, John
Brown, James
For Alderman
Amity, James
Rankin,  Robert
Canton, William
Bruce, Donald
O'leary, Barney
i.Danvers, Daniel
Franklin, Edward
C'Tooley, Dumi.s
I'alson,  Ole
A fiery team of horses becoming
frightened ai the C. P. K. crossing
started up fur   t-iwn with tlm driver
hanging on lor dear life.
They shot past everything at the
rate of 10 miles an hour, ihe people
starwl, lhe buys yelled, the women
cleared tbe tracks with their baby
carriages, (In.lgint!; first one way anil
then the other.
Tlie merchants came out from their
stores and tried io stop them but all
was in vain.
Turning down Haker street at ..ginning rapidity they finally pulled up nt
Ilil. A Co.'s, as it was impossible
for ihem to get past the bargains anl
ihe large stock in tliat sion*; Ihey
were fairly glued to the place.
IMII A Vo. can stop them every
t-iine.    fay them a visit nnd see how
The entertainment anil oyster .supper in I'henueite's hall, .Marysville,
i-u Wednesday night of last week was
a splendid success. Tho program wns
very mueh appreciated bv all present
and reflects credit on those who hn I
in do with getting il up, not io
mention those who tooli part in It,
The Uev. ... 1', Westman, of Cranhrook, made a very able chairman
nnd, tiesides a K'hvJ address, figure I
prominently in tbe program, Tho
programme consisted of a piano boIo
by Miss IfnidicioM and Mrs, Lewis,
chairman's address, piano solos by
Misses Book-waiter ami Hutchcroft, a
reading bv Mrs. Conovar, vocal duet
hy Hev. Westman and Miss l-'inuis, ,i
miarlello in Mis. Mickey, Miss Elliot, and Messrs. Lewis nnd Vance,
and vocal solos by Hev. Westman,
Mrs. Wntklns, Misses [Im Iheiiv ami
Kilinls .unl Messrs. Wood and Vance.
Tl i nt«*i -upper alter ihe programme was pronounced bv many tn
be iin- ht'Ki nn reennl. The ' pro-
oeeds (.mounted to about $3.1.011, to
he spent bv ihe Ladies' Ud, A vote
of thanks was tendered to Mr ami
Mrs rh.n.-iie .or their kindness in
giving iheir hall, kitchen and iliiiiin-
room fur the occasion.
A Chinaman named Mae .Jo, of
Fort Steele, disappeared from his
usual beats ahont a week or ten davs
ago- He was a British subject, having heen born in Hong Kong. His
country men noticed his n'hseiice and
reported the matter lo Constable
Walsh, at Porl Steele. Constable
Walsh found it necessary to break in
the door nf the little shack where
Mac .loo lived alone. lie found him
lying dead on the floor of the cubiclo
he occupied as a bed room. As Dr.
Watts was absent from Fort Steele,
and Coroner Moflatt absent from
j Cranbrook, Mr. A. Mallandaine, of
Creston, was communicated with. He
| attended at Cranhrook on Monday,
i the IhmIv of the man having been
brought over here from Port Steele
by Constable Baron and Undertaker
, Beatty. Constable Walsh was also
in attendance. The condition of the
i hotly having been examined, and the
. tacts connected with Uie death of the
man gone into, Coroner Mallandaine
did not consider a formal Imjucst
necessary. Death was, beyond douht,
Irom natural causes.
half   hour chatting   with tbe Herald
editor,   wlo,    by  the   way, gets  tbe   ■%
name ol "Old Mgn" in a spit il of ;if-1 j?J
[ectlonato banter, ami is in reality an
Last   week
town was taken toi subscription*!   In
aid of the "Home lot destitute child
icn" in Vaueouver.     This homo   has
been gathering   In   the little orphan i
and walls frum this |>.n' ol tin- Koo-!
i mays, and we deem ll our duty an I
,i pleasure lo help this goo I i .in •
Several peuple were away Irom home
wli-u He collectors called, li Ihey
can band in iheir donation tu Mr.
Chas, Roid's ding store ll will bo I >i-
The amount collected was
n.Vi.nu. The Herald trusts ibis list
will In- kepi before the people, and'
from time to time help the good work
already begun.
Strictly Firstclass .md UP-to-
Datc in every respect, rhe
bai is stocked with the best oi
wines, Liquors and Ggars
and the Dining Room service ii
j. H-M-J. M M..M..H-.M**!* M MM* I! I-I ! til -i-| -[ -i .j- j
' i:'riMi':	
I'l'I ll.lt' NOTICE is hereby given to tlin c-luctoro of tlfr- Mm
ttipiility a fin-, wn i. I tlinl j, I',,]] hns become uenessn.) nl the election no
poiiitinK for the Bitiite, uml thnt 1 hnve -.runteil such I'oll, nml furtln
thnt {the [it-rsons duly nouiiiiiiteil ns Cmitlidtites lit the .niil Kleelioi
nnd for ivhom uulv votes will be reeeiveil, lire:
Knul,. Protesslon
Moffat AlcMiial
It.Hiuia i:,.„. Tin
Jam,I, l'i
llttni I'liin. Do Vera AJiJertiii
.liicksiiii .losepli Atli'inn
Murphy Dniiiel la.lnin Aliiormi
ityan l.liiniea Aldorim
Tlsdalo Goorao Preston Aldoinn
Kdivards sl. linuiii,
EdiviiidsBt. liolillc
Im,-ii, Inn.-.       Morclii
The Poll uill betaken nt the FIRE BALL on BAKER STREET
between the hours of 10 a. m, nud I p, in. on \\ EDNESDAY. Nuvem
lier. i:l. 11)05.   I If ivhich all persons are hereby required to take noli
nntl to govern themselves accordingly.
Given under my hand at Crnnbrook this fifteenth day of November,
in the year 11105.
Returning Officer
Will sell you a residence in n
a good locality upon sum 11
1'iisli payment and easy monthly payments for the bnlnuce,
whicli you will not feel any
more then you would paying
Hotel & **.
t ♦
ml,ml .. *>|.. . ...IU        I *
iai ll ihi[n| In I u 111 .i.„ii    * t
'     mail.   ,.i ,.    I ,|,    „|        ||„. .,.,., |„
' 1.   Un-   public   am ,,,:„,|,-,|   „|   t , ,     roul
llm "tui Cold Bath.
Moggarth & Rollins 1
 Proprietor.        jj
*******-*•..**■*********..**. ^t,***.*..t***************
\   ..Manitoba Hotel,, I
l                             il'i.ili*rN,*,.*.M.„i.*,M,.|„,.„ii {
I). A. McDONALD, manager I
j  1 hi- Hotel is iii the center of town.    The  rooms  are I
J comfortable and well ftirni.hed, the dining room is first- ■
j class, and the bar is supplied with the best.    When you I
* want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. I
Muniiiujurcr-i uf
V*   M
tit; f to,. \_ B
* {5E.K.LC0.SJ
* \ -^A>N-    ^^ ■*^-
l.iuiuh and dressed   'i
^Z. lE2i*£  .     Also "II  kimls of     >
*l', j-r riTPH/-i ^Pr-"- Rousthand dressed *
4\ r-^^h^W^-          LUnBERand
i (''i<0      "(HE       *fs  tSS--          DIHENSIONS '
-* . / i^-T"                      C^.   M....1:—-■ .,         '
MOULDINOS        '-ji
HILLS U • «,
'"Ti.'.Tr.A-^ i_ilS5S- .Tuffrny, Rvnii ,-ind   !!•
*\    \,All*K2d^       rr:""" Llir   '•*
HM                     r^—^*^—                                     Itend llillii'. • Cronhri.,,1     '. 5"
<•: '.f
Call and Sec Us for Particulars
1 Am a Candidate jl
Por the Hardware Trade
ni Easl Kiiiilcnay
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing- Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
** * T H E .1. .-*■
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms
Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
Out of Date Plumbing is Lln
If your pluml
f__§Sl_i___P_, of date, die members of your
Gb& }@y_L_____r_i?*>N__t household arc constantly rialtitig their
^-^M-H^^wl,,^^   '1(-'u'1'1*    Defective plumbing generates
^^S_Sfflfli^_ffi_      germ-bearing sewer gasea which pollute
^^"Ifi^/"^) W\     l'ie atm08phere and cannot help but be
_3(S-!   ■'//'T>   a\       breathed by the occupants.
■ \iV\        ^ct us examine the condition of your
MWi__, P'*"'1'1'''!?* correct defective piping and
'~~ *    * install the best sanitary fixtures made,
namely ".StfUrffat-iT Baths and One-piece Lavatories.   Our Illustrated
booklet "Modern Home Plumbing" sent free upon application.
Plumhlng, Rooting, Hentlng and Vontllfttlng Hut
X           W,* lun.  .■nl;iiM,.,l nnr i|iiurlo._ nn.l nm -.1. .,■ k ,,,, ,.,m j;
.j. ni.li.riil.lj ..I Im. ami mn  i|. i  i!i,   u .ui., ,,| ii,,,  |„,j,!|,. I,, X
'X 1111) Iin..     \!ilimii:'li ... ,. ii ,1 ,;,.,i,.|*„ prii.,1 ii, huvi * v
.-. bIiikIiIj I'. -1.. 11: li ..ll     We  : ...mi.      k.kkIs fur ivlini mi, X
-J- sell tliein  fur.     l.iiiiil.iaiii. 111 nml   |um,|„.,i,,,■.,*  Hiipplii 1   1 -j'
.'•! S|ieeiiillj     l_et na tnitllt yun,   IVe have kii mm  1  ;i'
•i- Iiimii  furniture, nlon-s, etc.,  to it" nl   real  l,,,,,.,,,, ,,  !j!
X CordWOOll   li.r   .S.-ik',     I lil||i|i,y||i_n|  AK_Miy ill C.llllll*. lion. -j'
.1. — . ... V
:|: Jas. McArthur, the Second Hand (Wan :l:
ason & Risch Pianos
Arc nol  simply mech ,.nic.i
*'.<'■■   TS '■".•.
fr**i   „■'■''  -.*. .
•:'v4-jl.C   :'
structures nude along certain
|J well defined lines, they are tlie
product of genius. Thc culmination of the study of two centuries is contained In tlie
Illason ft Risch pianos
W. F. Tale & Son., AjiciiI., Cranbrook
J. li. Whiloacre, Western Manager,
Ilu.i bin Ncluuu


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