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Cranbrook Herald Nov 8, 1906

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Array "•' '■■'' re I.U,-..
April UAI
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
fl. K. WALKER, Qntral M.nag.i Al.KX. LAIRD, A..I. Ceol Uuui*
I gaa.ral flunking bu.ino., tnniaotod.   Acrounl. ma, b. opan.d and csrimM a.
mail Willi all branch., of lhl> Bank.
Deposit* .,!' M and upward, received, ...ul Ihtereal allowed al
aurra.it rntea.   I he depi.alt.ir i< aub|eol lo no delay w"
ever  lu  the   ..'lllldruwul ol   the  whul.  or mnj
por.ii.ii of   lho  depoHit
Cranbruok Branch,
P. C. MALPAS. Manager
j**** ***************** *******************************
Capital I'ui.l Up $4,125,000.00
Rest $4,425,000.00 $
J D. R. Wilkie, President.  Hui. R. Jaffray, Vice.-President I
J *
* Branches in Provinces ui British Culumhia, Alberta, Sas- *
4 katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec             *
4 Interest allowed on Savings  accounts FROM DATE OF DE- £
m   POSIT at highest current rates and compounded half yearly .    J
; I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      *
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ •*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 4
\ nick \ss..i; im i:\ r op
W. H. WILSON,   The Jeweler and Optician
Real Estate CRANDRU IK, 11. C. Insurance
W .■ Iiavo just received n clioieo
selection of handsome MANTEL
CLOCKS. Graceful designs in
eight dny.
Will bn ploii8.nl to quote prices.
Hughes Defeats Hearst in
New York
How the Political Tide Turned in
Many ol the Other
New York, Nov. i — At midnight
Lo-nlgM there was sliil doubt as to
who was elected lieutenant governor
of New York.
Sixteen counHes I.a.l not reported
the crucial count at llial hour but on
the lace "f lho figures In hand at Hint
lim.r the result, seemed sain tor Cfoan-
li'i, ol tho democratlc-indopcndcnpe
leutiic ticket.
Tho tual Ior the slate so far
as returned, including tho democratic
stronghold ol lhe city ot Greater New
Vork, Iur lloutenont governor is:
Chanter 0111,231, Uruee, 510.4-7D. II
appears lhat outside tho candidates
lor governor anil possibly tor lieutenant governor, the democratic ticket is
circled. In Greater Nrw York,
('hauler's lead is 131,(111 and this big
lead Bruco must overcome in thi' up-
stale countries. Among tho missing
counties is West Chester which gave
iiinr.h.'s soon plurality.
Republican state h-Klquoitcrs,
while cxoresslng the bcllct late tonight, thai Bruce would pull out
ahead would give no figures. Chairman ' WcodruH said: "On looking
hut tire returns ol some torty odd
t„ii„t les, we und that Mr. Bruco has
tun ahead of Mr. Hughes by ooo votes
and I believe he is elected. At the
present tlmo I do not care lo give
any opinion regarding lho rest "I the
The Independence league hcwKiunt-
tors daiiii thai thr whole ticket, wilii
Um exception cl Mr. Hearst Ior governor, has iwo elected. At democratic state headquarters no predictions or estimates were giu-n out.
Philadelphia, Nov. 7,-The latest
llgurcs show that everywhere in i«
city anil the stale the fusion party
was either hadlv doleated or lu<l It's
x greail. reducod. ha-
, ih.' republican cuikIi-
inoi against Lewis
,e fusion nominee, ran
etywhoro aud lus plur-
h in,unu.
Chicago, Nov. 7.—Illinois went republican b) over HHJ.uiRi, the vole lor
.sn.uli.si, naie lireasurc looting
about l-u,uixi. Chioago gave me state
llcxeti a Plurality oi c.-ei SrO.lHW. The
tepuUlcans lost live rongrcssionaJ dis-
uiiu, giving lho demoerais w In-
»tc..J ol une iu the next congress.
llu- leglslaturo Is uudouoiedly ropub-
n> a good maioruj on joint ua'-
Hamilton, second, art- elected. Thei
legislature will l>e republican. Sena*.
toi m.iiiver will bv returned
In liana went republican in Hi,min. '
The republicans carried nlno congress |
nun and lhe deriioei.il> lour.
Governor. Qoodlng, republican, carried Idaho liy 7000.    'lln- election ol '
William Borah to succeed I . s. scna
tot Dubois is assured.
Noiih Dakota electa Umi.,', demo
.rat, Ior governor by luuu.
.New Mexico gives 58011 raalorlty i.n
joint s.aielioou, bui Arizona's adieu* .ote defeats ihe joU.bu.e.
Wyoming shows republican major.,
lie. ul between JOUu and titiuu.
St. Louis, Nov. 7.—From neai ly
complete returns the democrats have
carried the state by a plurality ol
71140, electing all candtdales on the
state tickel and 11 mn ol tho lii
congressmen. The republicans elected
congressmen in Kansas Cit. and Si.
LOUIS, but lost all the dis-liiiTs whieh
had been swept inio the republican
ranks two years ago.
Concord, N. II., Nov. 7,—With it
towns still to he heard trom, ilu- returns liLin yesterday's elections Indicate that the contest for the governorship will have lo In- settled In the
legislature, the republican candidate,
Charles IC. Floyd, having la led lo secure a majority over the oiher candidates.
l.eliver, Nov. 7.— lteUlliis are ineuiii-
plele Inn sufficient to show the eleclion ot the republican stale congressional and judicial tickets and a republican majority ot lln or moro ou
joint ballots in ihe legislature, whieh
will elect a senator lo sine I Tims
u s vol
or govt-
jr., U
Vll \
rung c>
may r-.su*
This insures 1110 return oi
■tut..1 Culloiu.
; -The most
SftuFronot. ,
liuniL iwitmaiea ul plm
itimlila ludieate t-hat UWetie, republican, baa been cleeted governor **>
■.bunt 15.1IUU ovoi Ui'li, his ruMiT.it
.ompetltor. Ula pluialU) In UiwcHa
s UUi. li is believed tlul a solid
cpuliUoan delegation has been elected
iu congress, llie ropubliunna wm
havo a majority In both branches ot
Lho legislature ami bave elected then
candidates fi'i Buprome court .uallucu.
Columbus, Nov. 7.—In ,i statement
to-day, admitting tin-  republican vii>
itiiv in Ohio, Cliaiiliiiin lUibi't, ul Uio
ilt'inocralic committee, said tltat  Uio
resuli iissiui'i to Si'iiatui Foraker,
wltlmul aevcro opposition- endocse-
mriii in tlif next republican conven-
tion (ii Bucoocd himself, and m oddl-
imn thereto a solid delegation in tlu
iiittiifii.il convention foi tin- presidency
ii bo mi desired.
Nrw York, Nov. 7.—Incomplete returns from two-thirds, ol wu coua-
lies iii tlu state making it impossible
to kivc dell ul te figures on tho state
ticket up tti a late hour to-night, ox*
conl tui Rovemor.
Charles 13. l-lug>.ics, republican candidate for governor, lias n majority
of approximately 52,0110, imt, rhe remainder of llu* candidates are In
For Hi'".tenant governor Lewis
Stuyvesant Chanler, democratic-Independence league candidate, has a
lead in i'he city of 134,041. Up-
slate., Bruce, republican candidate for
lieutenant governor, is running slightly ahead of Mr. Ilutfit's' vote. As
Mr. Hughes came down to ftreater
New York with approximately 120,-
000 It readily will tie seen that tlie
vote for second place on the ticket
will he close, and onlv the complete
official fount will determine the result.
Chicago, Nov, 7.—Rel urns received
to-niRht from various western states
in most instances confirm first advices.
In Iowa. Governor Cummins, republican, will resolve 20,fl(Hi plurality
over Porter, democrat. Two democratic    congressmen,   Tracy,     first,
Fornlo, Nov. C—Tte tiegottatloiis
which have been going on during Uie
past week eame to a standstill Nils
afternoon after a great deal of preliminary  sparring.
The following proposition was submitted by Mr. Burke as a basis of
Tiie Coal companv to turn over to
the union the titles ami ices Uial have
lieen collected from the men anl we
will declare the .Michel strike oft. The
company to withdraw the lock-out at
Coal Creek and Uie union to declare
the strike off at that place bo that
ihc mines can be worked at once
wit-li all the men who have Signed llie
check-off agreement as we '>wletstand
it. and sulwiit to arbitration tho Interpretation oi the cheek-oft clause for
thc life of tlio agreement. Two ol
ihe arltitraiorn to be selected by the
nun, two by the companv, these four
to select the fifth member, all thu
men to return to work without discrimination."
Mr. Lindsay refused this proposl
tion and submitted one, the .sub
stance of which, is as follows:
"If you are prepared to say thai
vou promised us that tte Issue of the
closed shop should nol be raised, thai
yuu promised that union men would
not refuse to work with uon*unlon
men, that president Milchell would
never perm t a strike for that purpose and that (the raising of the issue
of the closed shop lias been a mistake, Mr. Milchell not having been
proper I j advised as to tin* true condition of affairs, and il some reasonable eflort is made to put things
hack in the position they were in before the telegram of the llth September, so ihat there wouto be no advantage taken by the United Mine
Workers of wjiat lias been accomplished by the stfike iu the direction of
bringing about the closed shop, and
some reasonable suggestion of lepar-
atlon is made, then f would fnel disposed to meet your proposal lo pay
ymi Uie money collected for trie
cheek-of) aud now in our hands. We
would feel disposed to pay vou that
money, you sending thc men ;il Michel back lo work. * We would feel disposed to relieve the pos'tion at foal
Creek by allowing the mon who
struck to go back to work. The
question (1f whether or nol an order
in writing for deduction of dues, kIv-
'ii under paragraph 8 of tho agreement, lasts during the life of the
agreement or not to he aubmtttjd to
any judge or chief justice of lhc supreme court of British Columbia for
bis opinion without argument."
Mr. Burke would not accept tho proposition 'd Mr. Lindsay and submitted as a linal offer Uu following:
"In order In meet tho objection thai
the union hud gained an advantage
since the strike t will propose Uial
all men lie allowed to withdraw their
signatures and those who desire to
sign af-ain be permitted t-o do so nml
Ihen we will st.lnmit lo nrhUraWoii
Mie eheck-of! clause for an intcrpMa-
Mon to the premier nf British Columbia or any one that be may appoint
without argument, exceptinc ho shall
not appoint a miner, an operator, or
a judge or chief justice i.f the court
The men to return to work and abide
by whatever decision is rendered, the
companv to do the same "
Mr, Llndsav refused the offer.
Yesterday the company Issued fifty-
five writs of ejectment to miners in
company houses at Coal Creek,
A Great Many People
have the idea that there is not $20.00 worth of pure gold in a $20.00 gold piece.
The Government guarantees there is lhe full amount, and if you care to melt one
     you will find $20.00 worlli of pure gold.
Thc makers of
guarantee luii value In every pair ot STot!-PRCOF.
If you wil! carefully examine them and give them the
hardest kind of test, yo.i will find that you have
received a lull dollar's value for every! dollar inveested.
Try them and get what you  pay] for==SAriSFACTION
Our Goods are
Last Monday the diner on thf wosl'
bound train jumped the track in a out
near Sirdar and one side was torn
off bv contact with the logged rocks,
R. W. Griffith, tte cVf. was badly
bruised, and 0. IT. Talker, the waiter was slightly Injured. K. L, Shaw,
ihe conductor, escaped entirely. All
three of the gentlemen liave been at
the Cranbrook since the accident
A. Good, of Crows Nest, has heen
sued hv A, Campbell for the loss of n
St. Bernard dog, which it is allotted
lhat Mr. Good had kilted for figWiing
witli tis dog. Bolh tlw parties,
with a host of witness's, arrived 'today and the ease is being tried this
afternoon bv .fudge Wilson. Solicitor
Eckstein, of Fcrnie. and Solicitors
Harvev and Macdonald. of Cranlirook,
Imve charge of the case.
A party, consisting of Mr. ami Mrs
\\ Hyde, llaker, James Laidlaw, Dr.
J. li. King, A. IU. Andrews, Dr.
.veiui,    l.  .ll.   huwai.i.-., j-. isituua
..it-i U11C1 1-iaiii.ur Ucoi(jU UO(ihUU.l
.ni tiaii.nuu" une uu) last nctn
iui an uuiu run io i...ui.u b uu.-..
ilij iwcij'euu-tl. wiiiL-ji ulw.i)a nappujib,
..u-jpLjuti ,iiia a s'/iuciicL   wiil-ui    un
.lie   JJUnul   L.UUU1C   uioia-   'll.it   HI ib  S1UU
.I  lue .uission,   puiung  ute luaciune
Ol    111
,111. .
inner, liui.
.l'UIiiil-U lu tuuii al oum Willi Uie.
ipiuu'veL wiicei, iia mi iiienUeu uuU
.uvufuod iu Llie machine, in uw
iiii-uiii/uiu] ihc Kiii£ duuimu Had run uu
u tiuust/us, tim ictuimu to ilie .ujit*
iiun lo give liaket' s a hand, inn
.nu eats then ran on iu il^usous,
arriving there at i a. m. 'lue next
uay leaving Hanson's ai about noon
tliuy ran tu Canal i'lai:» by i p.m.,
stopping uu the way several limes
,ur the purpose ui taking some pnoio-
6i'aphs. borne ot these arc saia to
ue very line indeed, At uanal Flats
ihe serious pail ut the journey be
gan. li seems thai U. iu. 13uwards
.uu arranged that the puny sbuuui
atop at a certain ranch house which
ftj said was only two nines distanl
.torn the Mat and ttat there was a
m^ood wagon road lo it. ll turned
out, however, io be four miles and
there was uu Wagon road, but the
cars made it, but Edward.-, was in the
soup. Ilo was promptly arrested on
Uie arrival oi the pact)' at the ranch
and a kaii^arou conn was convened
with George Hoggarth on tlie bench,
James Laidlaw prosecuted. F.
Sito"d appealctl fur tlw prisoner,
while A. M, Andrews WatcnoJ the
i/asu on behall of the automobile club.
The rest of the patty ioiiued the
jury. Air. Laidlaw, with his Usual
itiuuuenco, pointed uut iu lus lordship what the consequence ui cunning
the cars over such an absence of mad1.
might have been aud urged lhe jury
lo bring in a veixllel of guilty, anil lu
spite oi tliu very able and clcvet defence put up by V. Slioud, the jury
hrought in a verdict ut tuiiiy wltlwul
leaving the room.
The jiidue, beluie pi.jtioniu'inj* sentence, said il was one ul the mosl |
palnfil cases he bad evei beeu called
upon tu try. He referred at longUi
io the previous guod character of Uw
prisoner, but slated thai positively
the crime of nils-Informing motorists ]
as to, the long tii and i,u.iitty ut roads j
must be put a stop to and sentenced
the prisoner to got up the next mom-:
ing and about enough ducks lor the
parly's breakfast. The prisoner
took the sentence calmly, but, early
in thc morning broke gaol and took
lo the tall limber where he is still
a fugitive from kangaroo justiee. Ou
Friday the party minus Edwards returned! lu Hanson's doing a little
shooting on the way. On Saturday
ihey returned io Cranbrook. On the
run in from Hanson's something went
wrong with the King bubble., which
prevented it running in what is known,
as Uie slow speed, which has to be
used in climbing steep hills. Now
the'big hill on the Koatenay was1
ahead. How was it to be done?'
Stroud then did one of his iainous
stunts. He just hacked that car up'
whal is the worst hill in the country. To appreciate this one has onlv I
to sit in the driver's seat in a motor
car and hold on to the wheel and ■
look over one's shoulder.
The cars then ran into town, the
whole party having enloyed a splendid
trip and all thoroughly enthusiastic
over motoring and the possibilities
of motwing iu the Cranbiook din-'
Wear a Frost and Wind proof Chamois
Vest   and
.lust n f.'.v of the gooil things wu Iiiivp to offer:
A full line of CROSSE rS BLACK WELL'S GOODS, stioli as
Kill IS.
ASHCRi (FT l'i i'I'ATi IES.   They can't bo beat.
AND SATURDAY NIGHTS; Wetlnasdajr until 8 p.m.j Sutur.lay 11 p.m. TUK   OltANTBHOOK     ll lilt AMI
\   {
io-t*iri*r* wkH-'.p
1 land Tailored Garments, Completely Finished.
fetfii tfc. ,<-.
; -.-    . ■:■   twOS-fritC-fr;
Fruit Growing, Stock Raising and Dairying Industries
of thc Province.
i BullaUn Nn. In itm
•if Provincial Inroi
s Suits $25. $30, $35.
The finest garments  made  in
Canada. ,-i
And (hat means *
the finest materials
—the finest tailoring- the finest in
ev. tv'detail of style,
lit and finish.
$25. $30.  $35.
as    ihc
ot Hut-
Perfect Comfort
in five minutes.   It will lake
jusl about that time with a
Fireside Souvenir
We  have i   line  range to
make a selection from ....
J.  D. flcBRIDE
"js-3*:-J,'i>->a-ii.>-.-i-. :> iv:;: »-, n a :s-5 ; : ,->Xa-3-3-3At:.t.£ ■>« CC-MOuk: »«(#"
Fruil growing is one ol lbe iutant slilp,     The Royal Horticultural   So-
industries ol Itniisli Columbia, Inn n eleiy's a|.prrclalton ui the io.it  \.us
is nowiiii rapidly ami is quit*   cer- ":".'"" bf tbe .ward ol the society's
,.„„ ,-„. ,„.„, year* lo rival uiiulna, AuAA'Ji tfebil
lumbering ur [kliing.     A lew    years in-luliing of thr.run genera!
ago Ua- .u.i.i   ..lm ..mill niiiiii.'   in ish t'olumbia (Hon     .1   i'l
.ii niu. iiu- Kuni.ii.iy> .is iiiiii e,ruv» Kin .luu v ('ii.iii,     London)   wilh I
llu,     tlistriets   wuiilil   lii'   looked   11)1011   |.|s      frnm      prominent   fruit   ileal.
as .i 1'isir.nai)  n imbecile; lo-.li.) anxious in    do business with llritish
.ill   Suii'ilii'tii     llritish   t'.iliniilii.i   is Columbia Inm growcra     To inomiii
acknowledged    in   I.- il'- I"''-!  Hull Inrilt  sails!)   il,,. rlamor lor Itrllisli
•■iiliiini  mi il"'- .-o.ilii.ent.   Sol  mi!) I',, ,,., ,,,„,   „,„| |„ wnirhasto Hm
will ,i iiruiiiii'i' iiiiii iii,'.:.iiiiiI..im. i.m j.,,-i of lis iiihmI iiu,]!!,i-s  in- tioparl
llu'   uualll)  nf ii.    nun   i- suiu-rlol i,i,,,i   ,„  .,.. t,, ,,|,,,,,. shipped  in   cold
,.   Ili.ll   i;i,i»li   in .mi   ,.llii'l   imn     ui. Hii|.ii;,| ii   [nil    earlon.l     nl    .i.s,, II,-'
.liii'll.'.i        rni.ni.   l.iii.lii'.   nl   Lull trulls   lo   London   in   ,1,..   i„||   ,,,   |.„,.',
liuin pi'ili'i'i ii.ii iii iTii.un lm inn i.i mii ili.n-I- ,,i  Hi    ||   m   I'alnioi   pi
i  .In
stun,-.*,   llll'   I'.lliirii-'' .l|ilili'  ll'--
!„ ,i iin.ilnii's „i, Um Island
■al—iiul    lah'ini! a mllci'liou
i'i liimhta Innl ii is i.n^i'i
lured   an.l     li.iin   llil.orcd
 I.II    llllsivll.il,,i„|,      Inl,
inilial  hortieullurist.     This tine 'col
locLiou was Hi,' chlel altraclinn .ii ilm
Hoyal   11 uliurnl r-'rull -h.,.v    ,n
London, Kii-.l.uil, .mil ai several pro
liu'l.ll  shuns, ,,n.I  uas iill.il'ileil  iii.[in
'"l'i"-       'I'll.' Ili.yill Horticultural So-
I'iftv prize u uuu.rs were:
fill    Province ,,(     Itrilisli l-uliiiii'liia  (l,,r
i.l ..lis.,.  Stirling and I'l.u-nlrii, ol collection), cold medal.
oiiaiii.^,.ii lake, shipped    .1, r. Oartlett, Troul creek   silver
a nul i.nl .i.l nl apples in     (I real | 51I1 Knlghtlan medal
liiiinin     'Hi'' -l"l in consisted   ,.I,   .1. |;   nn,„■„,     Summerland   silver
Syps, Baldwins, Oularlqs nn.l Canada Knichtlan meilal.
Ili-ils,       Tli.'\   .uuuil    in ili.i mn,    Thos. \V. Sterling Krlowna, sllvor-
Sinil.ii.l. mi November uth, in splen-   -in Knlghtlan mcdnl.'
■li'l cond i, .ml     sold al six sliil ,   Coldstream    Ranch, Vernon   silver-
lings per box, ,,r uiiniil jl inure   per gill Knlghlinn medal
barrel than the choicest linstorn Can-     Thos.   0.     Rail,   Lvtlon     silver
I'li.iii a: s-recknnlna lhree and   a Knigrllnn meilal.
Ilall boxes 1.. lhc I,'inl.   Thr Hrilish     Mrs, ,1. Smith, Spence's Bridge, sii
Columbia apples moused  mud: in lev- ver Knlghtian medal.
1-1 nmongsl trull   Iralers as well   as     Kootenay    Fruil 0rowers' Assocla-
consumers, ami many letters were re-  Hon, Nelson, silver Hnnkslan modal,
eived by the consigners trom persons     .1.  1..     Pridham,   Kelownu, silvei
ngrr   in    secure    shipments   0! lhe Banksinii medal,
splendid lmil.     In Um   year follow-     Ailer Roinu llm rounds nl lln' (mil
ins,  lllli, Hie Brilisri Columbia   dr- shows ami    securing   uniiunllllcd   ap-
parlmeni "f agrleull  liii'.vardid   a  ptoval everywhere, litis collection was
collection "f British Columbia    Iri.il   hrohuii up an.l sold lu Irull dealers al
I.uiiilmi,    Kn.ili'.ii.l,  Inr exhiliition  tin; hiuhesl |i 	
pi.ii iuiui maikets. The small lots
exported hive bcu iu .la- aaimo ol
1 xiniiluelils—samples .nth which 1.'
demonstrate Um capability ol Uie
ri'.iitii's t;ioiv lo perfection in tlie
.alleys nl the main lint' id the C. |".
11.. ami a.s tins fart becomes Keiicr,Lllv
in.,nu more attention will be glvi-n
11. Ilii'il iiiltiialion.
One advantage, nt peach growing is
llm loot Ibat the trees I'nnie nun
bearing earlier    Han Hm apples,   boIboundary lum
llial. under     favoianle utiiiliislaiues; 	
I'oui-.iMi old     peai-h     orchards  will|   l.aiiiiiii; pays liandsomely, especial
viet,I as high as -iluu worib ol   iiiut  Iv u, cases w-beru lite
i'l'i aero. obliged to ouittlo) skill..I labor lo .1
Speaking ot     lbe    Inline ol poach  lhe milking .nnl butler making.    Tlm
growing,   Mr.     Thomas Ciranlugttani, local demand for butfco.  Is constantly
pil'l,,.,   S.IIS llllll    Illi-   |l,i|ll||.l!|..||
gupoltOI  limills ml! in 11,i„. n|u tlu-n.
a leading position.
Nectarines, apricots, Bgs, alniuuds
and several othei oi Um less luini
trulls anil nuts lulu- Intn Llled in u
small waj witli success, and unu m
cmik-iit'iui' ale not Warning uhu espies*   tin- oplntou     Uial   lie- suuu)
slopes  nl   lln'     lain'  ,'nllliill   Uild     III'
Boundary   mil 1 Iuc,  any Iruit   <<i
Vegetable   which     is grown Ini    .lull
.lilies    snulll   nt       Ull-       llltl-IUaUiilinl
Any available Doiuiuiua Lands
mill.11 lhe Hallway Hell iu Uiil.st.
Columbia, may lie hniocsieadtxi hy
all) person .v'ao is the sule head ul a
taiinly, or any male over Is years ot
age, to the extent of Oa9*qualler
seel 1011 ol llill aeii's, more or ness.
Fully must in- made personally at
,.".._„. "', Ih'' local land nllieii lm llm illslrint)
in uliuii tlu- land is slluale.
llle li'imi'sleiiiler is .i-iiu..t-.l to per-
loiiii .he conditions connected  ilicte-
.'"'.'!.      ...'"'Ii'.!   Hl,b     uiiiiei    one ol   lhc    billowing
in    Hi.-
Bpleridid   Jieaelies   lallud    secured an' 1,11
lo  samples    uf     tlio Orel man ,.,.1      In 1:1111 11,,- creameries „i um ' ,,,   A, ,eu, bU „,ni.ths' resldrac.
111, by Mr. Thompson hllloH uuvlnco proiluccil 1,1111,870 pouiids ul „,,„„ „,„, oultivatioo ol ilm land   in
.lil.mil.    ..I..nu:.ini. hm only   an  h -i, whieh uas sold ,,i  vcragc Ru ,,.,, |,„  u,,,.,. years
i-x ..I wlml is i„ eo  mil.     llm  „| aijj eenls pel     , ul. or tl'M:.i:i'\      (ii)'i| ,|„. ijiimr („. muiliei, .1 Uiu
ml en p.     lius second v.iiieiv is   liiile tn  Hi mmi ilie pel eenl | „„., ,s deceased), of llm li ostoad-
excellent    ..|„- „i Iruit, and   m    „i llm value  .■, I Inl    llm ,,  „,,„,„ „,,„„ u Ulm ,„ um inin-
 ' Hm iiiip.'lliil slull.     Ol   | Imi nm fm      |005 was     I. I.ili.'ll I uy ,,,  ,|„. il,,,,, ,.„i,.|,,|    |,„,  the  rc-
pounds   inuu   llm     ire.iiiiiii,'.,   ulnl,- ,.,,„,.|„,.,,|S us  |„  lesnli-fmc  ma)'     hi.
Iliediiir)  pr el  was  ul   nm.  nillslliil hy auth person tesiding with
I"",""1"'    'San ,1,1s   in   all,   ,.,l      ,,,, ,,„,„,-, '|„.,
imii al   H'lli,llllll       Villi,, a   large IU"  i     (;||    II   Hm   selllel   has    Ilis   |ii-llllu-
liuilli n   nf   llm   llil|i..l led   nlli.1,-     ii.i.   ,,,,, c   ,,..niu,,,. uliuii l.ll mine land iimi-
f|"»!H'b-d in     Nu' i Ibal    i.ni   ,.,i    |,,  |,„„ „,    ,im vicinity id    Ins
"ii1.  serves i »   Hm greal possl | h0nieatcad, Um roqulrotucnlB as    .,.
hiliiii-s l,,i dairying m lliiiish Cnluin , rMidcuco ...a)  lie     sallsOed b)   rosl-
'"•i   'Hi''  vlnee possesses ...ni.) ele M|,.„n. ,,,„,,, n„. said laud
nieiils ui'ri'ss.n i ,,i run.imiii- il a '
gieat daiinu:'. country the products
,,i ulmii should     Include iin   in   ..ml
condensed null..    Theii.  sl     ivo
areas ul |«isloral land In Hi.- Inlerior,
while increased cultivation in lho
lowei count.) mil torn, ilm nercs
-.ui tniling g id.     \liih a plcntl-
ful   supply   nt   Uuuil   ii,Iter   .m.l   Iuiui ■
innl aii.l nutritious im issi's. there   is
every required i.u illn  .i.l Inl        The
nnii' i- must tiiborablc    lo
lose II  does nol   inlim let   In
ii ui quantities i,< displace ilm   liu
in.I      .ulmii'.      Iii    llle lueselil
i.   uf      luui'.l.'ss.   it   will 1„- null     a
.i years now beton* liinisi Colum
,i mil he supplying Hn- i'.in.nil.i
nliei  and     exporting huge qnanti
i ■■
.mli  |.l
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
Tin; New Managers.
Drop in :iiii soi- us any lime.    Wc are on dctk 25 hours
mil of tiie 24
Automobiles are Popular
hut at this time of the
year one must Ihink of
j STOVES. Thai cooking .-.i'r..; could be replaced by anolher that
would save you fuel and
make you money. And
as to HEATERS, we
have a siock lhat will
meet your needs. Snow
will soon be here and the
price of wood lias gone
up. Call and sec what
we can do.
J. G  P/ICCALLUM   &   CO. MNiWt.
■■■■ '- ul iinigii rice.it land, situated in I!'* hesl
!. '     locality to lm lound lu Kast Kootonay, being 111 miles
''' '■'       ■' '!   P'istollko.   The  Koolonay Central llo.'lway
i iraes t.he property,   ll is, bountlcil mi uue side by ii
'• "bid. 1HI..1.I- excellent trout  uiul char nailing
tiie proporty is a country capable ofgrnsing lrjwiy
'i id cuttle ami many promising irtimng pros|H'.its
-.1 in ilm neighboring raountnuis. umi apart from
«""" 1 "'Il.v "bould shortly beeomo very valuable ior
i 'i'I"■ '■- .." iii'inniii ni the naturally central position:it
i-M!" '., tbo surrounding country.   360 acres uf Hns
1'   ■ n w iiroughl under cultlvntlon wlu.1. ease and them
,,' '■'  -.' :"'";•  "'  i'iis,"l  crop.   70 Ions of bay aro cut
ii i- "iml.   [hemare suitable build'ings lor all imr-
-."- .i.'i  an irrigation illtcl. lain been constrticted which wilt
iurn.su water tor irrigation and ,1 stic purposes.   Fur further
nl  I
—   Ileal  Estnlo Agents, Orntllvrool. -
is not il.niral.lo to purchase Hm properly In one large
 t«„i',iii bo CUT i'l'ami UIVIDUD inn. smaller pareels
nf   li.   ::ii.   in.   1011 iii'ii's,  ,,r otherwise,   lo  suit  purollnsers.
I lit:   T I T I. 13   IS   I X   I' |j |; F F (; T   CON HI T I 0 N
IIS,     Kings,       V.ililli'l'l nil's
ume Pippins, Ilini' l'i .inn
ranns, from I vllnn: Rlhslon Pip-
Ins, Wolfe Ulvers, Wcallhirs anil
nnws, [rum Krlowna .mil l.vllnn
'.irni'is. Kings, Canada Hrd. Kin.- .,f
ompklns, Onlarin .1 uiatlun Norlli
ill Snv. Hi lln i I Boskonn, Baldivin,
.1. I.nivrence, (In nui:" flobi ■„ Unset, Alexander, B1 -nli im Ornmrc,
.Viiriiimr and Mcintosh llnl. Irom
KMowna; Weal Hit-, Bibslrrns and
nravruslelns. from Vieloria. Pears
Uniii'ii' Cliiirgrau, Fostern Benrrc.
llMirre d'Anlnll nml Hnwells, from
Ki'lnuna. anil plums from Victoria.
Tlm pxhihlt wis greallv admlreil anl
evoked Hi" hlghesl enci nlnms frnm Hit
npwqpanprs. Th" I.cndon Times,
while hesitating In declare IV fru I
superior In 11-p hpst English speei-
bnitli'il llipy very neaily
,    Ml    11
lllllll'   Ilil
ul Iliuil Hrilain
fur ihis   season's
I'lililntilillv s.lali'il
ulc mlh'lhe (llii
rinlv eslahlisliiil.
slice, ss    nl    lust
uill forward a commercial exhibit of
fruit lu Li.u Inn iliis autumn, where it
uill lm shown at Hm Hoyal Horticul-
i in ai Fruil show, mil al ns manv
provincial fairs ns puss hie. Tliis
"\liiliii will he in charge uf Mr. Palmer, and will he made im nf Hie hesl
Imii available fuun all parts of llm
province. Tin1 Canadian Paclllc Hallway company generously co-operates
.iiiii lhe governmenl nf' British Co
liutibia in the collection and trans
linriati'iii uf ihc fruit, furnishing cold
storage ears aiid cold storage space
.ii its Atlantic sicamships free of
To slmw Hip progress nf llm province's Irull business il is only n
'Since last Oclobo.  300,000   treos
Imve hein    planted,    and ilm coming
vear mil see „ greal  Increase   ,,iei
iasi.    The culttvatl I peaches has
in 'uiilhii'd     ehielli   In  I'i'aililaiul
.unl Summerland     und Dial disiriet.
inn uiu large territories arc   being
opi n' 1 up    in othei nf ih.- mountain
lallevs.     Shalfnril Bins,  have opened
a section uf in.nun acres   around Pen
i i.i mi. in ihc Okanagan, and ,   shorl
tin,,- uill see every aerc ol il stocked
wiih peaches,    apricots and Hie Oner
(mils    ,   Then tlieie is lhe Slinilka-1 the
ineeii     valley.       The   new railroad | ol ilm
Uirough lha' districl will throw open
large ureas „! laml.    Already nearly I bl. dd	
niiiiini trees have been planted." Range.     Once ii   i
Grape     euliurp   mi   a commercial  the    soil i'  is nit
has-is can scaicelv he said he In   es-'gel il oni.     Luce
lahlislmd in ilm province, 1ml  wher-  sueee,ilii.» admiral.
cu-]' Hmir cultivation lias been   hiel  Valley, Thompson
i ilm s, in liei n districts il has prov-  manv oilier pninis
1 successful     The experience ol Mr.  ,.f ihis nutritions I
'huinas 0. Fail, nf l.vllnn, who may annually.
i' styled Hm    pioneer grape glower.     There are sixteen
; lhat nearly every varieiv ,,f grape jnivntc creameries
.'ill riptn    in Hie  "dry  belt,"   and  province, all doing
Ii.ii in mosl cases thev will como   in  snllsfactnrv  dividends      The provin-
lalurily  ahoul   two ' wi-cks earlier  cial government     aids Hm establish
Ihan in Ontario. imnl ol eo-opprative creameries   anl
Im    fael tlml grapes   ol execllenl   elieese    taclories hv loaning Ihe pro-
quality ami flavor    ean he grown    in   motors mm h'H lhe cosl nf llm hlllld-
qnantily sulliclpnt lo supply llm large Ings, pi,ml aid fixtures, repayable in
and stcadilv Increasing demand having eighl InsLilmenis .villi Interpsl .h ",
heen establish:.!. Iiurlieiillnrlsls in ll'e per eenl., Hi' lii-' nf Sllrh iiislal-
"ilrv belt" will he encouraged to set   menls lu lm paid a' ilm expiration uf
uut v'tievnids, pnd in lime tlinl part three yenrs, "id Hip other sevpn an-
if    Biiii-h       Cnluinhia     will     rival   liually   llmrcailer.
Ontario's famrd Niagara peninsula as Relurhs furn'Sheil In the deparl-
a producer uf grapes and peaches, "irn' ni ria.ricii1tr.rc iriie tlm following
lliiiish Columbin grapes are as vet a .l.tai's nf thp oulptil nf ihe creamer-
novelty   ni Hm    market, Iiul    their  les for 1005:
isl   valuable  plants  in  cnlli-
praetlcallv a weed   n H. il -
il.i...     ucst nl ilm Cascade
Impossible I,
ir alfalfa, I:
in Okanagai
cr V.illcv an
■e heavv 'crop
■ are produce.
six iiiuuiiis' imiiie ui writing
.stiiiiild lm given lo lhc Commissioner
ui ii..ionium i.m.I. ai Ottawa ui intention In apply lul  palcnl
l ii.ii lamls nmy he purchased at llll
pel acre Inl Boll eual and lllll lor
.inilil.ii He Nul liiuie ihan ..all
acres can be acquired hy one individual ui company, Royally al ihu
laic ui leu eenls per lun of 3,000
Poti.uis sliall he collected ou llie gross
W, Vi. CORY,
Deputy ol the Minister ul llm Interior
oaPbed then, io color.' shane" andjsarv to quote lhc shipments for fh
flivnr. even afler having (ravelled I las' four years, which are as Inl
(1,00(1 miles  hv raiiwav    and sleam-]lows:
Hi Bv
•'reialil. Express
Tims. Tons.
1,1 llll '1ST
I,SOS 070
11.1111 SIM
11,181 1.1711
Total. Increase.
Tons. Tons.
An Increase of uver iiii per cent, in
four vears.
The tolal shipments for lour yenrs,
11.SS2 ions, are far Irom representing
lhe while crop, Hm grimier portion
■ if whiih is consumed locally.
Tlie increase iu Irull acreage has
lreen greal within recent vents. In
1801 Um ininl orchard area was I!,-
131 nercs,: in Hun ii li.ul only Increased iu 7,i:iii acres. Iml between
Ihal and HUH llm increase was lumped in lll.l'lli, .mil in lllll.-. In 211,111111
acres. This 'nct'easc in acreage lor
1005 incuns lhe planting "' about
I.min.imn young trees.
The quality of llm peaches ami Hm
grapes grown in Southern British Columbia ean scarcely lie excelled,   Hi'
crisp,   lily ail'    and    bright    Slllisliin '
combining   in   Imparl ., luscictisness
mil ll.i
the in
3,303      11,88a
-or lacking in i
'S. 'I'llC      1,'l'CI
s growing wilil
near Nanalmo,
sibility „i lhc :
uf fills fruil,
t ,33a
m fruit uf hot
I discovery oi
un Vancouver
has suggested
Ul'CCSSilll   Clllll-
illy iu   the
I'repatlng land	
Trees (luisi al 12.',
Freight, ele	
nl   Slim nu acr
ecu Is each .
cols each ...
inliciii districts, ami no dniiht ll
experiment will be made in the nea
[mure. Almonds, walnuts, chestnut*
nectarines, uPi'ienls, olives, ami othc
semi-lropical funis, have been successfully grown
The ' selling mil alii care of an
orchard until it becomes a source ol
profit requires, considerable outlay ni
cash anl personal exertion, hul' ihc
results after a few years furnish
ample compensation, 'The ensl of
soiling mn twenty acres ul apple
iiees in Southern British Columbia
is aboui as follows:
erativc and
Ishcd in Hm
cn 1 earning
Umil crops .
il    bil wen    l
id small trulls, plnnt-
,,'     I I CCS     llll'     111.'       nisi
id red clover up lo He'
Id more limn pay   lol
■ Iuiui'
b.iuiil product
jliiu nuiih.
iuii— pr
value ni ii
ib,- sixth
produce Js
id I li
lied In
Nln liim
years, wnh ihe original
crest, nnillil amount   i<
S2I2 per acre, less   Hu
is. clover and imii.     In i
cai    Hm orchard  should f
i ivurlli nf fruil, m   Um ;
Pin.  .nnl    in    Ibo    ninth huiell,, wen
lihii li H   should  pay    a llm Col Islr
. per 20 acres p
lb n in every man
wlm desires in make money pltasaui-
ly in sel up in lhc business. In
(iliiinagaii llierc arc Instances nf $5,-
000 lu $0,000 gross profit por aero.
Ai Koliiwnn n tons of pours and HI
inns nf j,riiMs por acre arc nnt un-
Ncar Nelson, 11 acres
1 i,imn cases ui strawberries
tuns ni runts, netting tlm
iei J lun per acre. This land was
neriy a e.ilni swamp. Al Lvltou
I.n grapes, averaging I Ilis. lo lho
di, were grown in ibo open, on
in Rnneb, u ar Vernon,
lured  $lll.lilill  wnriili
"I  is i
ul iniiiil  In
u   I.a -
T. W.
■PS will
III lllll.", il
produced llu
111 llllll il
lii mu:, ii |t
iroduo 1 t :u
IliilUClli  llili 1
o 170 1
uns  1
re!    pi ih.il,!
v nm    vol
ias   ror
maximum prod.iell.in. • I'l
Apples i.ii nalhan) planted in 1000 In'
produced this vear lllli lbs. a Hce. nr
(Fruit worth S1.50 per lu-11,. hox, f.; is
,.. I,   packing house.)       ' I   I
Lasi jtar Ihose trees yielded, as bn
loitr-venr olds, 00 lbs. a iree.     Nix
esl im
sl   at  feci by experts,
Sp. apples ,\l I'eachlaiul
Tr nml ,i lull gave a rcluril of
in peaches. Tomaloes lo the
11 .1..'iun   per acre were grown
anagnn lake.     \ cherry   „t
■inn   produced   sun   pounds   ol
These cases arc by nu means
niiiul iii confined in anv single
■t. siniilai ones could bo cited
alinosl  anv   pari  nt Hie prov-
Applcs nnd pears' produce fron.
a ions ol fiuil per acre, accord-
vu. id v. am! llm average   prico
and ISO per Iiiii rcspectlvelyi
. prunes, cherries nnd pcaclios
lllly bear lal'gelv, and llm prices
Iwavs salisfaoluiT, if Hm fruit
Polly picked and packed,
i packillH has boi n lil'iiili'hl lo a
1-1 in Hrilish Columbia, the
:ls used   being considered    por-
Cniirlon.ii' (Alex. Ul-quliarl i
ImIiii Bunk 	
New Westminster 	
Sail Spring Island 	
Siimas (O. Bowman) 	
While Valley	
Total produc!inn 	
A company known as the British
Columbia Cheese company, with Mr
Ernest 0. Sherwood as manager,
and Mr. F. s. Ralph as factory
su-pei-inteiidetit, hegah tihe manufacture nf cheese almut April 1, lllllll, at
Langley. Tie laclory lias ,a capacity
[nr ' handling live ions nl milk per
day. which would miike ahoul l.oou
pounds ot cheese. The cheese produced is i.f gund quality and is finding
ready sale. This is the first* choose
factory buill in ilm province, and its
success lias already encouraged the
establishment of another, wliich is
being ci ms line ted    at Murray's Cor-
Catt'le raising on a large scale was
once nno of the chief industries of Uio
province, and many ol lho large
ranches are still mak ng money, but
the tendency of lute lias been for
smaller herds and lho Improvement
nl tlio stock. The cd'orls ol the
British Columbia Stockbreeders' association have proved successful in
this direction. The association imports and sells to its members every
year a certain number nl young purebred slnok. purchased in Eastern
Cnnada by a special agent, win, visils
the principal slock markets in the Interests nf Hie farmers. In Hint the
association imported am! distributed
in entile, principally shorthorns; Hi
mares, Olydes;'18 sheep, Ilanipshitc
downs; 11 pigs, Yorkshire; 33 fowls,
While Login.rn. The linlls sold [rom
•.lim In {150 and up lo S.illf); the
mares averaged WOO. Al n sale hold
bv Hm association al Now Westml
sier, in March. 1000, llm fnllnwing
plus's wore roali/isl: SllOl'thoms,
sli.", lo $l.',2;     llnlsli'ius. JBO lo $11111,
olher breeds, $r,o i„ $100; Suffolk
stallion, $300; CIVdcMlalo stallion.
.",n.",. Shropshire ram, iin, owes,
While llm province is capable nf
raising all Ho beet, mutton and pork
required fur home (-,,11.111111111011. a
very largo qunntlly is imported, the
money sent abroad annually amounting lii abonl $8,000,000, Tlm pails
ni ih' province particularly adapted
in cattle raising are iho interior
plateaux and Hie Fraser River valley,
though lln re is sciiri-cly ., disiriet In
which  llm keeping nl a few bead    will
noi pay well, for lho high prices pro-
vailing Justify stall feeding. The
development uf irrigation should stim*
Hiato Hm cattle industry anil make
Hm province self-supporting in rcspecl
ni lii'i'l.
Sheep raising is anolher brunch of
grieuHiue capable    of great expan
lbs. of butter. Aver price pel
.     11,27.1 ..111
.     13,358
.     711,211
.    I III. IHI
.    100,1130
.    181,083
.     57,505
.    340,900
.   23,!lli:l
211 3811
.   2111,Sin
.     57,125
. 1,460,343
.2S 1-5
.'Ull lie
     hd other countries[sion.    In the past Ihc ranchers oi thc
tare  following imr lend in Ibis,   most j Interior ob'iecieii    to sheep, as   iluy
"-ihird acres of Barllell important  matter.     Careless or dis- are such close feeders, and sheep rais-
pemrs produced    in Inns nf fruit,   or honpsl  packing is not to'lorated,. ol- Ing was confined    chiefly lo southern
nhonl   800   hexes.      Soiling    price, fenders lieing severely punished.            Vancouver    Island and lhe   (lull   is-
$1.35 per hox, f. „. h. packing-house, Peaches are   successfully grown   In lamls,     where    considerable number"
$1,080. manv   parts, of  Southern British Cn-1 were
These are the monl
One nnd     nne-Utiril acres of Beiirre liimhia, and in every case the   fruit   favorable pails of tho province    for
I'Ani.'ti pears produced  17 tons,   nr  bas attained a good size, ripened ful- slmilp raising, though Hmy do well in
itd'Anpiu pi 	
j 850 boxes.      Selling price. $1.10 per   Iv and possessed an exceptionally fine many localities in the interior,
hox, f. n. h. p.icli'imr-hnuse. $1,100.     1 flavor.    Peach growing gives promise j   Hogs, in small farm ng, are probab-
I   Two am! one-third noros ol Italian  nf becoming an Important Industry in ly Ibo most    profitable of live slock,
1,111s. or 3,200  Okana'an, whoro Hie area of   vriung owing lo Hie    general demand     for
00 cpnls   per. orchards is increasing rapidlv.    Manv pork, bacon, ham and lard, and mueh
Icrnle, $1,020.                                       nf these    are bearing,   and peaches, attention i.s imw being given-to rails-
One   .ic'"   of plums    nrndneeil    12  from now nn,    wl'l become a noilce- mg them.       Over $1,000,000 ol   hog
I  Inns, nr  1,300 eraies.   Selling price, 1 ohlo iiom ill fust Ireighl anil express products are imported .annually,   anil
I 70 eet
I    Tin'     nrlu.i!   experience,     nf mitt-1 MiP spm-, iniu i-iiuiu ...-.-. -...       - —-  -  ,
growers    ts   highly safisfaclory   to plus with which to supply even   the Berkshire and Polainl China-  The iii-
,iii'. (Rtn. Uhlpmniis. Sn far flu- sliimni-nN prices are always    hiRh, so that   Uu.
from six nml one-third, Imve hm,    verv small, as nearly   all farmer can never make a mistake   in
Uii' poaches prown find ready sale mi koeplni; a small drove ot piss.    The
nf frillt-lMie spot, and there has been no sur- breeds which mature earliest are  the
Teasel ,„,:
■Olll'.lO-il   tl
small pack
niiiiii fur \
Hogs Ihrlvi
tt i,
1 ncc,
*ti n«,
!:.-■ I
nf hoes l;a
hlLshmeiil of sum,
uses, hut thero i'
xtensivo expansion
l*J pail nf ih,. ijr,,v
'I arc In demand at all sea
peclally animals wefRhln-p- fron
l'i" pounds, suitable for tresl
'nl    f-.r    good horses, es-
ilr-nfl iin.i working anl-
.uc    consequently high ,...
horses were raised in ureal numbers
in 1 lie Inlerior without much Attention In their quality, and in consequence greal bands nf wild horses
became a nuisance nnd a menace to
ibe fanners ami ranchers to such an
extent llut the legislature h.nl in
adopl measures fot' Heir destruction,
The c.tiality <,f horses Ims been mitcli
Improved nf late, an,I although Hu
"cayiisc," Hie native pony, will always he prized for iis hardihood an.l
endurance, lhe tendency evervvhere ti
inr a belter class of animal. Tli.
horses exhibited at the reoenl Dominion Kxliibiiji.n iif New Westminster
compared favorably wiih those cf any
country in the world.
As already noted Uw Dairymen's
and Live StncK ass.icinlirn are dninc,
splendid work in securing tn tb"
fanners nf British Columbia n belter
class of live stuck. Tho cffiirls of
thi* association in Ibis direcMcn arc
materially assisted hv Hie Canadian
I'acilic mil wav, wbii h grnnls a
freichl rate nf ' one half the regulai
rales on all Importations o! pure
bred sinck, the only condition to
icrnnl'ing such rale being Hi-' production nf uniform record certificates in
'■verv   case. Tbe   nMiipanv   insists
thai ".ill record oei'ttljCfitos aceeptod
bv ilu1 mllwav must be nf uniform
size ii'iil appearance, imd Iwir the
seal nf some ei'titr.il hotly reco-irnlvnwl
bv ibe di'pai'tmcnl of aurleullnre"
While 'his nib- prolwls Ihe railway
againsl fraud, if acts as n
tl.iul.'e safegunnd in fh
puiThaser of hkli hreil
Thi'       |j\e   slntk        lill'.lli-i".'.   i[i      Illi'.
province is Viiiicd, .is well as profit-
able There ate   the      vjval  ejMle
r.inebes nf tb.- Upper Country, ibe
mire bred herds nf lite l.nwet Main
land, lhe dai'v herds of lhc creamery
districts, and tlif wad's all ovei
Manv vears ac-n, even before Hrilish
Columbin could boast nf a mflroiul,
ranchers wen- iitillzlnjr lbe fertile val
le\'s i."i ire.r ih"   moiuiHit'ts fnl'     b'ie
pin '.ie! i   ,1 „f t-eef. I'lltlel'  Favorable
conditions   and   t-'n-d    mnn'Lretneni
^ p    nf   Ihese herds    li-ive   inereased
until (tlieir owners now reckon them
bv th" thousand, rather.Ihan by Mie
Individual animal.
There are manv ranches worliiy nf
mention, but perhaps lhe mnsi noted
is llial of the Doudas T.ake Catllc
company, Bttbafed al lhe hend of lbe
Nleoln valley, a'-niit Tin miles fmm
Kamloons, on tbe main line of [he
V. V. Tt. The slock on this ranch
consists nf abonl lli,firm head nf eatflo
and 2,non horses, most of which are
well hnd nntl many of fhem rcirrisie
Sixtv davs allei  date I intend     to
iply 'to  ' the   Honorable   thc Chlel
ummissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria un     permission io purchase
tbe following described lands situated
in Su'iih Ka'.si Knolcnay;
Commeiicliig at a post adjoining S.
IS. mi mi of Tracy townsite and
nun lu .1 .1. S. J.'s N- 13. coiner,
ib, ine lu cbains south, thence 41)
chains west, thence -Hi chains norih,
thence 40 eliains cast io point ot
iii.'iitn.nccmeiit, containing ItiU acres,
more or less.
John S. .loncs, Locator,
.1. ti. Edmundson, Agent.
September  12,   1000. 35-0t*
Nutice is hereby given tbat GO days
after date I intend io apply to ibo
lion. Chief Commissioner uf Lands
and Woiks, Victoria, 13. C. for permission to puicha.se the following
lands stunted in South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a posl planted at
lhe huullnvcst corner of Lot -311,
thence running west (10 chains, tbence
running north -in chains, thenoe run-
niiii; cast io chains, thence running
south -io chains to point oi commencement.
M. U. King.
Cranbrook, Scpicmber 17, 1006.   20-9
Sixlv davs after date I intend to
apply 't.i " ibe Honorable tbe Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works at
Victoria ini permission to purchase
ibe following described lands .situated
in South tOasl Kootenay:
Commencing at a post at S- E.
corner of lol lil^l anl marked .1. A.
west        bank of Kootenay
M's N. W. corner, Ihence east til)
cbains,        more nr        less,        to
liver, th mc lift chains south-east
along river, tbence su chains west,
Ihence 40 chains north to point ol
commencement, (he whole containing
320 acres, moro nr less.
John   S.  Mnehray, Locator,
• l.  ll,   Edmundson,  Agent.
September .13, 1000. 2f»-Jlt*
TIMOTHY   AND   ll'I.ANl)   HAY.
1 have a large quantity of    above
to .sell at foil' wing prices:
Per ton
No. 1 Timothy, f.o.b. Cianbrook      JlS.IiO
No.  1  Upland, f.o.b.    Cranbrook  ,..     11.00
All orders promptly attended lo.
2ii-!f       I,  DeKebr,  Didsbury,  Alia.
Importer anl
nf cloth is tin- till wool BlOtl( nf
lunforinlfl now on onr countoru,
nilrnctivu in cjtifiH.y, wenvo uiul
vnriol.y,   Kordi-iliiiptivoty
i|jon   iih    Tun,   l'..k nml
miiy   wonr llm sunn) Hint
.■its. Iml tlm ilrnsH)' itm 11 |)R>.
I'l'IS  t
Wllir stUlirtlllllU nlil   nl   lho
i' non, \ud only in Blylo, lil nml
llnieli, Imt nl ao in m/ituriuls,   iSua
onr mock NOW.
Take notice tbat slxly days after
dale 1 Intend to apply (o the Chief
Commissioner of Lan is and Works for
permission in purchase (he following
described lands in South East Kootis-
Commencing al a pnst plantod at
the   norlh-cast   corner     of lot 32fi,
d animals."   Om cn snrerh "imai;-| Kr''3llI» '. thence    east   eighty chains,
Mvt' land   area necessary for    the
niainten nice nf sr.ch herds.'
A stdry is (old of a man who was
clven nermissioii (o let ;) h irse run in
one of t'Jiese |iasttii,e.s for a few days,
(Continued on pago three.)
[hence norlh forty chains, thence west
eighty chains, tbence south forty
cbains to place of beginning, being
lot numbered 7,U0, group 1, Kootenay district, containing 810.20 acres.
Ellen A. Darling.
Dated this 10th day of October,
lUflti. 29-91 THK   CBANBBOOK    HERALD
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from  private houses, churches or our
own parlors.    Flrstclass undertaker in attendance .4 JA
CranbrookCooperative Stores
wan  bull   lit'
@   Wc  li.wo  tlio  besl  facilities in llie Kootenays (or
during the summer weallier.    Wholesale and retail
: Dominion Meat Co*, 1
V^ E wish to announce to the people of Cranbrook
that we have purchased the business of Harris Bros
and we ask, for a share of your patronage. Our prices
will be right, quality the v*ry best, we realize your
wants, and are here with the jjoods. Call and see us or
phone No 57.
jj Dominion Meat Co., j
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
make call and see the new stock of Ready i
t made clothing just received.    All Union *
♦ Labor. x
It takes more than
modern machinery tu produce g.iod fluur. It is the
care used in selecting the
wheat before it is ground
and the searching tests of
expert chemists afterwards
that give
Royal Household
its nutritious qualities, its
purity and its uniform goodness.     In its preparation
no process tending to improve its quality Is omitted
or slighted. Tell your
grocer that yi
makers guarantee it.
Ogllvie Hour Mills Co., Ud.
157 Msitrcal.
* that you want Royal
Id  because the
Rambling Reverted
Use tin* bitter elements ol life as
medicine and food on the sunshine.
Time is never Inst that is spent in
leading any porson into a belter life.
Don't neglect your children until
iho)' are grown and thm complain because tliey neglect you.
Give ymir children good books and
plenty of them anil llien help them
understand what ihey read.
Habits formed in youth are very
apt to stick to you in after life.
Young people who now spend every
dollar they can raise, arc not- apt to
be thrifty'in after life. Those who
Ko in rude company and use rude language will naturally associate with
tin* ruder class in'years to come.
Many parents never seem to think of
those things, hut allow their children
to drift along just as it may happen.
Sympathy docs not eni ghien a burden of sorrow, but il does fcolp the
burdened one to bear liis load, If,
therefore, you know of sorrow which
presses another's heart- give expression of your sympathy with him,
even though you understand ihat he
alone must struggle under the wotglrt
ot his burden. In nne sense your
words cannot help him; in another
sense they can. Speak them out.
therefore, for what Ihey mav be
ivorlh. lie will be grateful tor
ilr tn and you will lie thc better for
tlieir speaking,
mUmXV\J.9 Solomon's description nf a ladv is
complete;     "The heart  of ln-v   hus-
| band doth safely  trusl   in her.     slu
1 du liim good and nol evil all Hie
^^^^^^ +J flays nf her life.      She glrdeth   Iter
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   loi»s,  wit* strength and    stretoheth
nut rcr   h.ui.l to   the poor; yea, she
  _   _      .      -.   - Uiveth aid to the ueedv.    She maketh
■  herself coverings   of ' tapestry;    her
I'lothing is purple and (lne linen   Her
husband    is  known    In    the     gates.
'., *     Lon hei
:.. i  -.,-> luting >■ Ub
llnu WOI I.U IT BE
I! .tn autboriui ivi  I - »er« t.i
in- i*u*ued     '.ii-     moment [rum   the
court ui beat •:.
Ift]      ' '.-    ,-,, : ' :.        .    .   .   :■■ ■ :
ttbai passion
survive tbe week '    u
■   ■■■ -. ■., oi  an
gain'     Oh, no; oi     ...     ;
Unl animati
to endure	
would be a rush tu |
oppoi lunlt)       iii
t-hitdren about Un m
be ii" imfroi tau' e, no
bulb) ring little .ii iu
..[ caressei becausi
bail  "i   laoe        'I h ti   * ■■ ■ fcl  be    no
turning the boj
the reason thai
tgey wen prone to nul
the tidies on tbe cha :   u   ! ihe hri<
a-brsi   on the  tin tin        i ien   wool I
!••• no Iti t. -it I non li ii •        u where
'he girl a *it* In thi ni     al
ttain tiro*, wt.'ii  '
Ing wiih loafers.  In llfl
and nacging, Mckecn
torago theii coldne •■ and  I
re)ing, to vie wll li ea h
deem tin- [ias'  rlui inp
alloted them    Friend ■ w< -J I
faithful, lovers more I
more thoughtful i>i eat.i olh       coni
fi»rt as the swift     ti"'.:     :■ 'ti awa)
Hut we need no bull tii   froi i h mmi.
to acuua lit us with the briefness   of
love's opportunity.     The  mi ti ol oui
day is already set, and we wondei  ll
the thought of home io us may no'
quicken us to improve the i
brighten our homes wilh the lull and
constant shitting    of love t-hal  ti In
our hearts, although ilimmrd nnd cor
rodeo* hv the soniid environments of
lContinued tn
■ ■}
bim   A   Wees   lw      :
:.■    r   i.     .      ,-■.,.;..    IU     i>|
■■■I    id.-a  ut
■ ran U.-~      i;.,-i.- ate
a, ;i  ol ia i projwr-
■     ,,,   ...   01   :.    U ■.  '   ■'
Utd      Among  these would    be
incr, owned by lhe West-1
. ■•...    ti i ine    company,. •!•
■l-I-l-l-I"P-r-I-I-H-H"KS^H-H**H-   %m
' Cranbrook   Foun-J }»,VAN1>
*j-   j       PROFESSIONAL CARDS ,
AJdA-AAAM ***A***^
Mnnulaclurers nl
Roiurtl nnd dressed
LUflBBR and
Also ..II   kinds of
Jtiffrav, Ryan and
I'l'i'iiilirmik, ll. I'.
- j,.tm
Mend Office, • Cranhrook
Irprmtti and ln,ii„r
!^ Sh' I'l'i'lU'lll ll"' llU't:
J-***, iiul m iter tongue is
ti.   ii,""-' "      Strength,
T  I  L',.„,ll„i« ,,„l    vir,„
*   i
lies      \ worn
in ..11 liei way
n woman run
I'M (i'ii  la.lv
1 stn ng and w.
in whom lln- li
II illlil.
ll killd-
"art. cl
is tlie
If  sl
her .
llllt '
<1"*¥V»."«,¥1f''V * 'tfVVV-lfW********^
XcaMno Business
Ifoouses of tlftat^s*
Villi*    ClH' Smelter din;...
come i >»
Tliu i,..vu iiii )ii'i'iiiniti'ii
ivv lius
i-u ii   lii'iirtilv   i
fifififififififififififiKS fififififififififififi ffl
1 Central Hotel
The Ic'iidini! ho- _*
 lol in the St. ffl
j|    HANDLEY & COLE Proprietors Marys valley. §
fi limine. Room BCrvlCS tlie hesl. ffl
S The place lo slop when visiting the Smelter City £y
1 The Royal Hotel     1
» A. P. Chenette Proprietor |j
0 lias heen recently refurnished and is now one ot H
fi lhe best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for £&
ffl "«c WPk- I
of youi husband to
ii your own mother.
Is thc wise woman you think
- will respect vou all the more,
ii Uiini when vmi married vour
Fred or vnur Arthur ih.it he was the
nne perfect man in nil the world, and
now vmi have found oul 'hit he is
very human, ufter alt? That ti does
seem sometimes as though he loved
| himself a little belter ihan von'' That
G can ever hear to differ with you
iinietimes in mailers thnl conoem
oil very much" \nd. oh, dear little
'Oman, that he will forgel iust what.
Mm wani him in remember some-
liiiit'S'' Now iu*Jt take our advice
and don't tell anybody. Ile is your
liunhand—your otlmr self—and vou
might to cover his faults just llk0 you
dn your own.
Parental love, conjugal love, flllial
love and the keystone to thai arch
thai supports the pillars, ot government and keeps our social system
secure. As n rule anarchists have no
children     N'n. nothing to love    but
themselves.      As  -,   rule Hie poor love
their children heller than the rich,
for riches will in time absorb a man
nnd absorb his hest omoHons. With
the pour I'he children ate first, with
tho rich tihev are second. The law
nf compensation cc/mca into ovorv-
HiiiiLC in this life. The good and the
bad the \oy< nnd the sorrows are
kindly mixed hv a wise Providence.
Then'b't ns all be content with our
bit. I,et us not took over lhe fence
to envy our neighbor, for we hnnw
nol his secret sorrows. Let IIS not
trouble our own house Tor fear wo
shall inherit Hie wind.
§ Marysville Drag Co.
We carry a complete stock of everything in the rig
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away ffl
foryour goods.
In the virgin forests of lh.il won
tlert'ul land, Australia, lhe ancient
natives practiced lheir weird and
mysterious riles of healing. Much of
iheir ancient lore will uever imw \w
kn-owu in certain quarters, and even
modern scientists havo Imn ama/.e.l
at lhe deep knowledge ul medicinal
plants possessed by these ancient
natives. U'h.n discovered bj Capt.
Cook, the great explorer, he wrote
ol them; "1 .lid ict observe
on^st them anv sign of disease,
nlil men with.mi bail aid teeth were
n.ii of life and activity." This wonderful henltli was found to lie due to
ihe fact ihai they used certain herbal essences as medicine. Wlml
slronget proof could be li.ul . I an this,
of the fact th.it the herbs nt the Held
and the trees ol th,' tores! constitute
nature's nudlclne chest iut mankind.
In Hileans for Biliousness, the grcal
Australian household remedy, you
have the finest kimwn medicinal es-
sTiices. From coating lu kernel thev
are purely vegetable. Tbey are an
absolutely natural remedv for iudiL;^-
tiion, headache, blllionPii >ss, constipation, piles, and all disorders arising from liver and stomncli disorders.
It is now well known that liver
medicines hitherto in use mostly
contain bismuth, mercury, and other
harmful mineral products. These
mineral constituents nre very injurious if taken for long, and produce
such effects as that of loosening the
teeth, causing the hair to fall nut,
out. Hileans:. are entirely different
and superior. Thev are purelv vegetable, and contain no trace of any
such harmful ingredients ;is the above.
They cure that which Ihey are taken
to cure, and do nnt leave hi hind theni
evils worse than the original ones.
Hileans arc mild in their action,
nnd are thus suitable for lhe most
delicate const iiul inn They never
cause griping or pain. Taken n1
niehl. they work while yon sleep-
toning up and fctlmulatlm*. lhe liver,
strengthening lho digestive organs,
remov nt; the causes of headachi—
and when ynu awaken it is: tn feel
"like another person altogether." as
the savin? goes. Hileans cure headache, constipation, piles, liver
rouble Indigestion, and all digestive
disorders, female ailments, skin eruptions, biliousness, sick headache, bad
taste in the mouth, foul breath dizziness, fainting, buzzlna noises in the
head, ferlimrs nf uncomfortable full
ness even after - It (tht meal, anaemia,
debility, ete. Thev also net as ?,
general tonic, nnd by Improving the
tone nf the wlmle system enable il
tn throw off colds, chills, etc, Thev
improve the general circulation an''
a boon tr. nale faced ilrli and
weak women. All tlrm-i'Ms sell al
id cents a hot, nr nml free from Hie
Hi lean Cn., Tnrnnlo, on receipt nf
dry and
Machine  Shop
McKinnon 6: Johnston
1 : Ne
j] Scientific     Horseshoeing
Livery  S
Teams and driven, furnished for m
joint in the district.
A. DOVLB, Manager
Take notice that thiity days after
l.itv 1 inleml to apply hi tb.' Chief
Commissioner of Lauds anl Works foi
a license to cut and cany away timber from the following iIim i iln-,1 lands
situated in South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at ihe south-east cor-
Honor lhc d,nr mnllirr. Timr- ha*' J," "lA'AueTAi Su- fi™
■cat'tornl simwy (lakes on her brow, •*. ■ ''''"■ '' ""• i".." S» 'J;1 "■
nlowod   ,lrr„ furrow*    pn Imr oUcck. I,.™"' ,,,,,"" [niA I,.,,      mil, "id
nuw9       Ilu'    lliis     aro    linn    nnd' ,;,,.„, '
sl.i-.mVrn.     but Ihnfip   nrr    tlip lips'
wliii'h liavo kiss'ii    mnn>- n hot. tear
from the rliildish idipelis, 'nnd tliry ,-irn
liir- swedes! lips in the world. ' The
eye is dim, yel it. slows witli the
si'l radiance Hint run never fade.
Ah! yes, she is a ilear old nmliier.
The sands of life are nearly run out-.
Imt feeb'c as she is. she will iro
farther, anil  reach  down  lower
Walter Frasor.
Dat«d November 5, IUIUI.       ;!.i-r,t
Receives both ladles and gentlemen
as resident or as day students. Has
a complete commercial or business
course. Prepares students lo gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades,
(lives the four years' course for the
H.A. degree, and the lirst year of the
school of science course, in affiliation with Toronto university, Has-, -
.special "Prospectors' Course" for
iniiiers who work in B. C.
Instruction is given in art, music,
physical culture and elocution.
term opens September nth, tOOO,
Kor calendar, etc., address "Columbia College, New Westminster, B.C."
oul   :" UUU bead; 'lhe ]•}•
■    ..     ivutil m ■ Seuaioi tit.
, ,,i Ducks, ti. C; then,    ,
lown   :n   I', ana -an valley, situated ' T
uon , .. large ranch owned J, .i».n. ukim- t-m
. i'. ■- li.i'i.. U.tU1., as well as J tuni Bhaits,eti
be   ti itn niu .    .,:.! 11 hel te ranches, j.!.
ul ■ tl     is   wm lli   neatly     a
un   In uid ,i    -i ore   oi
Ihe rauel    I'cntic-
v ,i   all ■' a    ver)  Iai   i estate,
■■'...    ;.•'. :i   . ii:   Ull   mlu   Hi
m iv !■■'     . ; :    :, ing sold for    llllll
gruwui iii . b) rhe Wai,
ttilli   everal others
I I.'    |HJ IOII   l.\    nt,,'   hi,,||   ..!    10,1	
ii   ' uuu .....   ,.: tillable land, when
ion i" cultivate
mon  l ban uut red, is bound to
■i '.ini   li.' pro re -     ol lbe ouuiiln
II i )   , uiu lei ol uui'- when all
;, ,i.   i.. n ti       will be divided into
iiuallei i.ii ins, .uppoi ting ten times
lln .i pie--.nl population; the big
tancta will then l.i a thing ..I Hn- pasl
lieul un be produced ou Uiese laiubcs
ioi lush than Vi [tei cw u, aud sells al
ihe coast i.u js to tlu. "This ex-
plains huw some ranch owners have
become millionaires, 'ihey have, o.
course, done piuneef work, and aidwi
materially in developing Llie country,
.-.u no uue will envy ihem a well earned retirement, with uii thu luxur>
money can buy.
Anong lhe progressive, well-to-do
farmers oi the coast, especlallj along
iho Kraser rivet', may be found some
very good herds of pun- bled cattle,
tho foundation stock being largely imported from Ontario. ' The Short*
hums arc ihc mosl numerous oi thc
beef breeds, while the Jerseys seem
iu lie tht- must popular in Ute dairv
dislrlcls. There are, however, sotnc
excellent llolslein herds uii I.ulu Island, and ne.ii Duucati, uu Vnncouvei
ihf pure bred horses are confined
.almost entlrelj tu stallions, the
Clydesdales being decidedly mute
numerous than any nf ihe oilier
brails. 'I'lie various breeds of pure
iirvd bogs arc represented, as well as
several breeds of sheep. Ucef production i,a th.- coasl will never be
carried un extensively, as lhe laud is
ton expensive fur that purpose, but
probably considerable will -be dime in
raising pure bred animals lo supply
ilie ranches uf the upper country.
The dairy heeds along the coast are
in ihe Increase and will continue to
lie sn for some lime. Only a few
years ago there were no creameries in
the province, and now there are about)
twenty in operat i.n. .Most nf these
arc doing a large, successful business,
whicli will make an increased demand
for dairy stock, so, all things considered, the outlook for tho live
stock industry of ihe province is certainly good. '
Two associations have been recently formed, t,nv known as the British
Columbin Stuck Breeders' association,
which has for itn objeel the Im-
ptiivt'imui, importation and sale of
live stuck as well as holding stallion
mows, winter fairs and Miction sales.
Winter fairs hive proven of great
•iiu'.iiiiiiial value wherever conducted;
with the absence of side shows, lacrosse matches, horse races, etc., it
is much easier to keep lho attention
if ihnse present upun topics relating
in agriculture than it is during the
all fairs, when these attractions are
;u progress; therefore, much Information is gained, by those who attend.
An ii.netinn sale was held during
March of this vear which proved a
success. It broughl together the
buyers of tin* ranching sections and
llm farmers of lhe coasl districts,
whn have pure bred stuck for sale,
under the most favorable circumstances, and a large number of animals changed ownership, wilh the
Icasi possible expense to both buyer
ami seller. In lho future this auction sale and winler fair will no
doubt  lie an annual  event.
A new association was formed during February of this year, for the
purpose of promoting tlio dairy interests of tlio province, A dairy inspector has since been appointed and
lho Dairy Act amended, empowering
the inspector to prohibit the sale of
any milk, cream, Iml ter or cheese
which he considers unfit for human
consumption; and if such prohibition
in unheeded, a penalty of $50 may be
imposed for each offence. This authority, accompanied hv a careful inspection of the stables, stock, dairies, creameries, cans, utensils, etc.,
h mi Id do much to Improve the dairy
pr ducts of the province.
Hrilish Columbia as yet produces
only about half as much butter as she
consumes, so there, is ample room for
the business lo increase, and with a
short winter, excel lem grazing, and
abundance of winter feed, and hlgb
prices fnr butter, few occupations will
pay better.
We arc propared  to
do a]]  kimts of ro-       Jjt0 alu.m{
pair work heavy mul
li^'ht. make castings,
Ci'i:s( j.nt LODGB Xo. 3.1
Cranbruok, B. C.
Meets every Tuesdav at 8 p. m. at
"*'  Fraternity Ilall.
T.  M.  Huberts, K.R.AS.
,1. A. Arnold, CC.
Visiting   brethren   cordially tinted
O.O.F.     Key City Ledge
No. 42. Meets every.
Kundar    nigbt    41
N'tw      Fiat emit y     Hall.       Sojourning Oddfetlows cordially invited.
Wi rk in tlu- Third Degree.
V. II. McKay, W. T. Haynes,
K. Q. Sec'y.
I will  have  my  winter supply
111' (.'(Ull  ill  il    t'l'W    lill.'S.    illlil    .'HU
ready lo hike ortU/rs. I will
Bankhead Hard Coal $8,75
Soft Coal S0.75
ij.'ist ivinler I was mil ul' Cual
part of lime, Tbis year I propose to keep a gooil supply on
liuiui. ami will sell
lrar>l>roi>k|l.t,g,e. No, U
A. F. *;a. M.
W/ H*       Iti'iftilar meeting, ou
WJ/\     the third   Thunn-.r,
Visiting :,r,'lt. tn welcumed.
S.  II.  Iluskins, Sec'y.
M. A. Beale, W. M
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Mn't every  Wednesd&y evening   at
I p.m. in II. ol I.. E. 1U11.
l'i. ('iiiiiii Aerie Physician
P. (I   Hul 28'.
C.  Hoss Tate. W.P.
.1. Breckin, Secretary,
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
Meet  at  II. ol L.  F. Hall Snd   and
ttli Saturday each month.
Visiting bietliten always welcome
T. Boyter, Jas. bi. Larrigaa,
Vi. iM. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Mazell Block Cranbrook. B.C.
***** ******************
* Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
J Public Etc
J    Cranbrook,     -    •     B. C.
Take nutice thai, lliirly ilays alder
^..  (late.   I inteml  to apply   lo thr, Chief
 .,   lor I Commissioner ol Lands and Works for
you than nny other 1111011 earth. Yon  a license to cut and carry awav lim-
cannnl enler a prison whose liars c„n I lier Irom the lollowlng described lamls
keen her out: vnu   cannot mount   a situated in Soulb Kasl Kootenay:
sc.iltnll In hirb lor her In reach, Hint I   Commenolng slxly    chains east   ol
she may   kiss and Mess yon in   evi- j the 1(1 mile post on easl 1 Hilary ot   Fnnnr'lrlcndii'
(lencc nf h»" ilcalbli'si Inve. When thc'lot 15H2,  Ihcce     cast  eighty chains   I 	
world shiill despise nnd lorsaVc yon,! tlience   norlh eighty    el is, Ihence      The new school house is comnloW
v.h-ii it Iciiics vnu by lhc wavsiil,. In   wesl     elghly    cbains,  Ihence    south ' .,,,,1  will lie   inilr 1    j   ,k
perish uimnlrni. the dear mother will  eighty chains to the polnl ol   com- fit J dry     Ttc build in    ■    „
gather yot. in her arms nnd Wl vou  mencement. I . a'ivc   . • ,n.l   he w   k ,Kf ',, 1 i
nil your virtues, unlil you almost for- W. Iliggins.       ,,        , ,   „!   „-. "    A, °,' hulUllng.
get that your soul is disllgurod with   D.M NoY«k« S, U08.     "iMt ' aatLlacto.y mimn'er,     '"L '" a m0S'
I Seven Years Ago f
? in Cranbrook ** ** *
sS HERALD   1)1-    THAT   DATE j.
The Methodist sociable held at tho
residence ol vv. T, Heid was a pronounced success, The rooms were
crowded wiih a merry throng and a
everybody tad a good time.
The second installment on the
shares of lire Pay Roll Minim Co.,
have all been paid in sli,,wing practically 1h.1t lho public has lull coii-
li'c-m ih.- ground confirm this con-
liil lire        an all who       sec
thc mine seem       confident
of It's future. An application
will lie made (or crown grant as soon
as A. IV. McVittie has. completed tlie
Miss Lcssle Uiulcrhill and Mr. F.d-
snii Ililscn, Miss Annie Hcnnct and
Mr. Thos. Robinson were llie contracting parties in a pretty double
wedding llml occurred at Fort Steele
on Wednesday last, Hev. Duncan olli-
el.iting. Ilnlli parties were the re-
ny presents from their
I Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong At.,
Forenoons .... 1.80 to   11
Afternoon. • • . • 1.30 to 8.S.0
Evening. > • . . • 7.30 to I.SO
CRANBROOK :i    ::    ::    ::    B. C,
November 16th
NovEMBEri 24th
Dei ember 8th
December lorn
Ami Weekly theronfler
Salniin, 850 ami upwards; Second,
tlo ami upwards; Steerage, 820.60
anil upwards, according to steamer.
Detailed Information, Saloon plain,
Berth reservations, Sailing Lists, olc,
GEO. HILLIER, Agent, Cranbrook
A. 11. I', . .
I). I'. A ,
• to 12 a.m.
1 to   i p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Oflice and residence on Armstrong ...
8 to 18 a.m,
1 to " p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office li sew ReM block
Repairing: Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work la   iur a>lvertiaement> but w*
put tlllfl kill hi the lliffdl.l.tu
t'Jui/li;ir.i/»i it.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
[of repairing.   Qive me a call.
Near Lower trmstrong Avenue,
j   A. W. McVittie
i Dominion and Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
i  TIMER,  MINES  and
j CRANBROOK,   B.   C.
Q[-m-l-O-O*mMmO<Ot*SmO0*%&a&% THE  CRAiN BROOK  HERALD
illi:   PAVER   THAT   IS   READ   BY   THU   PEOPLE
tiy  tin' Herald   Publishing Company
Editor and Manager.
Tbe Herald Is worth Jiu a year, li
C08t8 uuly ti. So man in South
Gael Koolenav ean afford to be without it, and everyone living outside ol
the district, who is Interested ut tin
frogrcsa ol this section, should read
i. u publishes tbe news while it in
news. Il i.s controlled absolutely b
tin* publishers No clique, party o
Individual dictates its policy, It
don't try to please the people. It's
desire Is to publish a newspaper that
will be a crcdil to the community.
Send iti ynur subscription and you
will he th.uir.ful ever afterward.
Advertising rates Jl per ineh, pet
month, uo more and no less.
Reading matter 15 cents per line
to non-advertisers; 10 cents per lins
to regular advertisers.
It you desire to reach the people ol
South Kast Kootenav ysu must advertise in The Herald.
The Herald has a first-class Job
plant, and Ms work Is ol the best.
The Herald don't want charity. It
wants a square deal on your Job
work. If we can't suit you In quality and price, kick, and send your
work t.i some ('heap .lohn house In
the east that never spends a cent in
f \**********\
1,000 & Week
ilns in Hu* guaranteed circulation of tin* Ilernlil
(iun lints upon in InveBtlga-
lion liy nilvi-ttirtet'H ut uny
Th- Herald gives ft dollar
in value for a dollar In mon-
"•y. Tlie lulvurtlser haa the
righl in know what he is
receiving for Iiiu money.
The Humid ta nne paper
thai conrts Inveallllgatlon.
The Herald will be found on ,
,' sale at llie follow inf** places:
, ry-vill', Marysville   Drug Store
[ Wardner, (i. Donahues Store
Moyie, S, K. Harvie's Drug Slore
' Ryan. R. P. Pinlay
, Fernie, Purdy's Buok Store
♦ Elko, llolbrmik's Hook Slore
♦ Cranbrook,   Ilcntlie & Atchison's
t and C. B. Reid & Co.'s
t BY THE OLD MAN.        |
There was a com mu u [cation in last
week's lletald from Sirdar in regard
in ttf need uf ;i school at that place
ihat shows there ia a great field for
missionary work right here in the
Kootenays. Uuh 25 to 35 children
,unl im <i,iui facilities is a condition
ib.i i is deplorable in the extreme,
ami one that should receive frnm the
governini ni Imuiedlal-e attention.
Every child in Canada is mm led to
iin education, and lhu children of Sirdar are ii,, exception. Wu would like
io see ti school huuao on every hilltop and in eveiy .alley. That Is
ihc besi heritage lu leave lo the
coming generation.
Bcttei statesmanship will dn much
toward secui ing hei tct terms,
l'i.jihii.nl. has won a treat name
t"i .,.*i-f-li as being one of lhe very
besl towns m British Columbia and
Westell, Canada. And what is more
ih.- 'm'Mi I, growing better all the
del busy. This is no time for any
man lo be doing nothing. Never before In the history nf the district has
t here been presented such opportunities for securing work, and at wages
that will enable any man to put
aside something for use in the future.
And ihe saving suggestion Is one
that should he acted upon by every
man who is earning a living. The
future of llii* pari of the country is
going to be i.it brlgbtcr Minn in the
past, and lhc man who has «, few
hundred dollars laid aside will see
all kind nf opportunities by which bis
condition (,aii he vastly improved,
don'l lie a miser, and don't l*e a
There s/inuld
he no chance fnr poli-
lies lo creep i
in the mnnagemint r.f
citv afiairs
i  Is n mistake for it
lo In- permit-to
1,  as  nil  of Ihe prop-
pi tv owners in
1 business men of the
city   conlrlbiil
lheir    share  to  the
supporl of tte
new municipality. By
keeping out politics there will lie
better chance of securing a square
deal all around, and tbat ti what lhc
people want.
Now that the city has expended
a large sum   in the construction   of
sidewalks,   whieh have   made  a  iiie.il
improvement in the to«", it might be
well fur the council to put in crossings for thc benefit ol the people who
use the walks V'nder existing conditions it Is a great task foi a bidy
to wheel a baby carriage over the
crOSS SttWtS. owing ty lbe absence ol
proper crossings.
Kev Westman,  of   tho Methodist
church, will dell vet a senium next
Sunday evening on "Tte Press." Tins
is    one of the     series    that he   will
pleach during the     next  few weeks.
Anolher ihat will prove exceedingly
Interesting will be one on the subjeel
of "Woud-abe Aldermen." This .sermon shoulu draw a full house as ii
will no doubt prove Interesting at
ihis time.
lt is too bad that the strike at
Feinie was nol settled, i,r at least
that sume arrangements was not
made whereby the men could ro hack
in work, and the industries ot Eastern British Columbia be permitted to
enjoy theii present condition ol plus-
periiy. li is nol only the cual company atrd the eoal miners who will he
affected by this strike, but thousands
of others all through tie Kootenays
and the Boundary country,
Duncan Hoss and W. A. (Jallihii
have gone hack iu Ottawa to be
present at ihe nexl session of parliament, which convenes nn ibe 32ud
of this monlh. Both of these gentlemen have done good work the pasl
session and return wiih the confidence
irf their constituents.
Mr. Davidson, the member from the
Sandon district, has now taken his
posl Won wi th t he Social ist s where
he has belonged all the time. Ml'.
Da-vidson, by the doctrine that he
preaches and the influence that he exerts over i( certain element, 1ms done
much to injure the condition of tlie
workingmen in lhat district and Hie
general prosperity of the district as a
Kaslo will soon have a saw mill iu
ftrll operation, which will prove a
mighty good thing for that beautiful
Have we failed to mention thai
Cranbrook is the saw mill center of
the world? If we have, we pause
now to beg thc pardon of our read
That station platform has not been
widened yet, and on Wednesday we
saw a lady narrowly escape serious
injury if not death, hv a large packing trunk landing on the platform and
iust  missing her. Some day    Mie
Herald will gel a great item of news
from that platform, and it won't he
Iht' fault of the employees of the
road, as they are (loins all they can
under ihe circumstances to (prevent
accidents. A little mite out of that
*;'2'J,(U'0,U0(> profits of last year would
fix that platform.
Last Wednesday there was snow In
ibe west, snow to the south, snow
to the east and snow to the north
but no snow in Cranbrook. Tie
bananas are still all right.
The Cranbrook Electric Light com
pany will expend between $100,0011
and $150,000 in the near future
enlarging its plant and providing ami
increasing its power facilities. Everything grows in Cranhrook.
The East Kootenay Lumber company are rebuilding their mill * few
miles west of town. The mill is
already erected, and work is progressing rapidly on installing machinery,
etc. Mr. Leiteh, the manager of the
company, said when the other mill
hiirntd and people were deploring the
loss of a mill at Cranbrook, thai the
mill would be rebuilt, and what is
more, that it would be placed in a
location near enough to Cramlirook,
so that tlis town would -gel the benellt of it. Mr. LeHch was the pioneei
saw mill nun of this town and he or
his company has paid out hundreds
of thousands of dollars to men wlm
have spent the money in Cranbrook,
and when he made the dev^tratimi
about the new mill everyone felt gt««l
over it, for he never fails to keetp his
word, The mill is so situat«I tliat
it will have timber lo keep it running
for many years and Cranbrook will
reap the ber-efit.
The Herald wants better terms
Irom some of its subscribers. There
ate a ew who insist on tbe Herald
giving trem uood reading every week
in the year, bn Insist on the paper
tilting it on cn lit. We arc looking
for some one tu handle our case of
belter terms.
The Gmnwood Ledge is going
enlarge.    Ciood for the Ledge.    That
is evidence of prosperity.
The elections in the States last
Tuesday attracted a ureal deal of
attention in Ibis country, but perhaps the contest iu New Vork between Hearst and Hughes, aroused
more interest than any ot the others.
Both men had their friends in Cranbrook, and the defeat of Hearst was
a surprise to many.
.Jim Fraser, formerly stage driver
between Cranbrook and Windermere,
is a great humorist in his quiet way
Last week when he was in town, he
left tlw following information at the
Herald ofiice: "Tell the Old Man
that I bad a case of second growth
strawberries from my ranch for him,
but the darn cattle got at them in
Ihe rig on ihc way down," .Iim
wants the Windermere country to be
known as a successful competitor of
the Banana Belt.
We don't notice that the Conservative papers are printing what Cou-
vative Senator McDonald has lo
■ of the manner in which Mr. Mc-
flitde handled lbe better terms question at Ottawa. Mr. McDonald has
said far more than any of the Libera I
papers   tttat bave beea    so violently
The GREAT SALE Still Continues
at Cranbrook's Greatest Store
THE mighty movement of goods spoken of in last week's paper was really mightier and greater than we had expected,
but what sensible purchaser could withstand the prices quoted by the irresistable John Carter and his many assistants.
Imagine Men's Suits, regularly sold at $10.00 to $12.50 being sold at $5.50.   This is not all.    We have decided to
place the carving knife still deeper, and will sell balance of this line, viz., about 80 Suits, at $4.65.   We have somewhere about
40 OVERCOATS, in all sizes, this year's production, ranging in price from $10.00 to $24.00.   We will bunch the lot and
sell at $6.95.   Get in early and avoid the jamb.
The sale in Boys', Girls', and Children's Shoes is still continued, and the prices, as you may well know, have been cut
to the bone. Parents, this is a line you cannot afford to miss if you have children going to school. Even a purchase
prospective would show wisdom.
In Ladies' and Children's Underwear we have something more than one cord.   We herewith give you two or three
quotations which will largely govern:
ft im per suit, will lie sold at „  OOC
separate, reij. 76c, each, will lie sold   ...
at, each „  4l)C.
ill all slues, will be sold at exact wholesale
cost.   W'e must unload ihis line.
We have US Suits In—
Ladies' Ready=to=Wear
of last year's styles. The prices ranged anywhere from $12.00 tn $30.00. The line has
been bunched anrtfmany sold at (3,60. Tbere
are a few lelt to he siierificed. We consider
Ihis one of lhe Krenlest snaps ever placed
befure llie people.
And Now About Dress Goods
We feel we liave been doing for the past
lhree weeks the Press Oooils trade of Cranhrook, and as we have a Urge consignment in
transit from Scotland we have decided lo as
nearly ns possible clean up our entire stock,
and will do so If prices count for anything.
For 25c. we will sell ynu a good, heavy 42-ineh
TWhHD, regularly worth trom 50c. to 60c.
Al .'ITJ.jc. we will give a better article, regularly snld at 7~>e. These are desirable lines for
Girls' School Dresses, and at fl.00 and $1,111
will give choice nf Inrgest assortment uf
DRESS GOODS in Dress Lengths ever placed
before the people of Cranbrook, and which
regularly sold at $1,715 to •*.'.'.25.
Ami now, as a final, we want to lalk In
you onee mnre itluut—
20th Century Brand
for men. The extraordinary Buocesa of this
brand of fine tailored garments for men haa
been due In n great measure to the fact they are
unquestionably superior in stvle nnd lit to any
other make.
Tbe tailoring, too, ti just a little better than
any other creditable production. Wo are in
the clothing business, ami we see the best and
the worst. Wc chose the 2Uth Century Brand
garments fnr the same reasons that you
Bhould, viz, because tliey are the best, ninl
because the price is always a just price for
quality an.l no more. II every man who
weara the 20th Century brand of clothes
weie to lell liis friends and neighliors how
really good they are. tbe big tailor shops
iu the Hast would have to be enlarged to
cover a whole block; but BOme men are selfish,
however, and they keep good things to them*
selves. We tell yon again tbat a very large
pe-eentngenf tbe well-dressed men you "see are
wearing the 20th Century Brand Clothes, This
is no Idle dream ami we" believe tbere is more
truth contained in the above statement than
the average pulpit orator imparts to bis enrapl
listeners on a Sunday evening.
.fust come and listen to the inimitable John
Curler sing his Utile song witb as much pathos
and feeling [but without tears) as did ever
CroBaley or Hunter sing in days of yore. There
will bo no collection taken, but we have decided to place these garments vi'/.:
wiihin the'reaeli of iill, and for one week we
will sell at BUOll prices as these.
Suits, regularly sold at $24.00 •• $16.50
Suits, regularly sold at $18.00 ■• $10.80
criticised hy ihe Conservative press,
and for this reason blio Conservative
papers prefer to keep quiet on the
When is llial sidewalk to be built
on tiie nortii side of Baker, street'.
Proper!j owners and business men un
ibe sunny side ol cOS) sireel ai'e gelling anxious.
The police have been doing good
work the past week running worthless chaiaetiTs mit of town, and the
Herald wants tn commend them for
It. The Herald would suggest, however, that ihey keep the good woii
The Calgary Albertan Iht'ows tha
following brick al us: The press
despatches announced the death of thu
lirsi Karl of Cranhrook, whose other
name was I laid). Most western
people believed that ilu- only lilled
person of Cranbrook was "Old Man"
If ih;> people of this districl unite
iu a subscription lo secure an ambulance    for the   Sl   Rug  hospital,
ihev will he il g .i great  work   Inr
Buffering humanity.
Never in Mi- hlstniv of British Columbin has a imliiie.il scheme foil as
Hat   as  has   Ihe  "Belt l   Terms"   play
made hv Premier McBride.     II   was
io sweep    ihe count re like wild li
hul Instead it died ,, linrnln'.
11   wilt
Don'l slop boosting for Cranbrooi
doing thin,
lines consists  in  not
It's gelllns, to be ven dillieiilt to
tell wltere lbe rear advertising section of ihu average magazine begins.
The nllicesci-ker ti usuallv worried
aboui tho ful ure of Ihe country.
People wh,. cn f0 churcli from a
sense of rln 1 v seldom catch lhe odor
if sanctity.
Politics is nol n business;  ii  is    a
If all the gte.it things planned for I
to-morrow    could    bu    accomplished
what   a   splendid world this    wnuld
A had candidate i.s the result of
careless citizenship.
A vnte in Hie box is Worth two
kicks against bosses-.
The niiin who forgel s tfi vote hns
very Mllle right to bemoan had government.
The man who is not proud of his
suffrage is nol a source of pride, to
Iho community.
If men were as zealous in religion
as ihey are in lheir partisanship
tbere would he more doing in church
To-morrow's task rooks easy today.
Kxeliisivi'iiess is no sign of sanctity.
Doubt dies when faith takes posses-
The   pieach.T     cannot  he goml for
llie whole congregation.
H Is mt enough to he good hearted.     Vmi must be light headed.
flnsslps would  he stricken dumb   if
all eats were plugged up,
"The     I'arlv     bird    catches     lhe
worm," hut  It's rough on the   early
A lol of men have forgotten character in an effort to build up reputation,
Monev has w/ngs, hut lhat is no
sign a   man should Iel  it  flv    away
wnh him.
No nne ever meets a mlddloagcd
man who was not a good skater.
when he was a hoy.
Tlie wise husband alwavs expresses
surprise al his wife's diligence in
putting up fruit and pickles.
ber 2, eastern stales 4.     Cool   wave
will  cross     west   of  Kockie-s    „bout
eni'sVtiesT ^^ ^"^ *' ^^ '    Take llollco  tha!   ,ll"',?'  ^>'8  ;lfU'
This will imi be an Important dis-
Commissioner of Lands and Works lor
Special licenses to cut and cany away
timVr from the following described
lauds in Kast Kootenay:
il) Commenc.ng at a post planted
near the north bank ol H.ngay Creek
ami abonl 3A miles frum where it
empties Inlo tlte Klk River, and marked J. Strong's N. 13. corner, thence
west ItiU chains thence south 40
chains, thence east IIIU chains, thence
nortii '10 chains to the place of
turbance. Temperatures will average
below normal, cloudy weather will be
the jfule and otherwise rather pleasant weather may be expected.
The second disturbance of November will reach Paeilie cnas-t about
Nov. I cross west of Rockies country by close of 5, great central valleys fi In 8, eastern states !l. Warm
wave will cross west of Rockies
about Nov. 7, great central valleys 0,
eastern slates ll.
Put your affalrfi in older, for this
will     he one   of    lhe   worst winter
stormsi of ment years,     of   coursel npar ihi, ..„..,.,, .,,mk of Bingav"Creek,
ii     wll   no    affccl at parts of   ihe     d   . „,  |lli|(,s fromVhcro   It
continent,   but    as It will teach   a        M      int..' the   Klk River,    an.l
large pat r.I Nor I   America,  1 will |   a'rkw| ,,     stl,    -s   N   w   >
m.M.y to designaie where its    fury t^nce ra8|   ion (.|.,,ii,,, „„,„,. Sirl|lh
will  he gieatesl. I be firsl   mdiea-'. .,„   ,,lnj        ,,„,„,,    W1,s,   ,li(|    <..   ■
ion nf the    approaching storms will thc»cc north 40 chains to ihe plac	
be  a   great   use   in   temperatpre    and j nmni.„i.
weather lhat might  induce vou     to | 	
..vti'iKted outdoors affairs.    Don't he.   (;t)   commencing al , st planted
deceived by the persuasive dements,    *,„..,   ,,  mI*M    ffM,      ,,,,,'s   w
bul  gel   ready  for r furious   winter|Crirner nf"  L   m^   ,„,. lnnri(P(*    ,,
"'■ Strong's N.    K   corner,
l(i rhains,    iIii-ik
(2)   Commencing at a  post   planted
Washington, Oct. 27.—Last bulletin
gave forecasts of disturbance lo cross
continent October 27 to Nnvcmbcr 1,
warm wave 2fi tn .10, cross west cf
Ko.'ktes country by elnse of November J, great central valleys Novmu-
distnilianee. If  it. misse
happy because il did.
November will be a had weather
month. Three great slorm poi Ind*
may he cxpeotrd that will cross' the
eenl ral valleys not tar from Nov. 7,
17 and 27; :i Ml tie earlier fuitber
west and a little Inter east. The
first om* mentioned, and described in
nexl above paragraph, will ho llw
leasl Important, onlv an Introduction
to the real tiling. 'These disturbances will cause Brent storms in many
Parts all around Ihe earth.
November will averace eolder tlnin
usual.    ^*of  mueh precipitation till
after middle nf lhe month.     Much had
weather till end of December, and i
will pay tn net   rea.lv for the worst
lhat  sometimes occurs during    Ihi
Editor Herald:-! beg to oiler with
nil due respect', a text on which the
clerics of Crnnbrook might find a
good sermon, useful and interesting.
Tbe text Is*to he found in Nahum,
chapter 3, verses 4-5. It seems to
hnve a bearing, in some degree, on
Cranhrook. Otherwise, where is Hie
use of clergy and churches?
Yours, etc.,
Jack Lumber.
i,  llience wosl
lh  XU    chains,
Iheii e cast  tu chains, Ihei south Hi
chains, ihence easi -Hi chnlns, Ihence
nortii sn ehains, tiienre wesi in
chains, thence um ih 10 chains lo lbe
place of commencement.
(I) Commencing al a post pl-,nlcd
aboui I', miles wesl and I ■'. tulles
south of lbe s. W. corner nf L.
(1833, and mai'M .1. Simng's N. W.
enrner, lihence south sn chains, tiienco
east K(i eliains. Ihence norlli sn
chains. Ihence wesl SO chains In lhe
plnee of commencement.
Located Nov, Bill,   100(1.
(fi) Commencing at a pnsl planted
on tiie wes-t bank nf the Elk Kiver
about \ miles south "r the S. i),
corner of L. flftflS and marked .1.
Strong's N. E. corner. Ihence west.
■Ill ehains, llunee south 120 chains,
thence east about 80 chains to the
Klk River, Mience up stream to the
place nf commencement.
.1.    Strong.
Located Nov. (ith. inou. 33-6-1*
Fred A. Small at Cranbrook, 13. C,
as lauudt'vmeu, under tbe linn name
of "Blaine A Small," has ibis day
been dissolved by mutual consent.
The business will be continued by
the said Fred A. Small under his own
The said Fred A. Small assumes al|
liabilities of the said partnerslip and
all debts due and owing to saitl partnership must he paid to him.
Dated at Cranbrook, Octob?r 3(ith,
A. Ci.  Hlaiiie,
F. A. Small.
Witness: L. W. Patmore. 32-3b
Notice is hereby given  thai John
Fletcher Prlngle, of Marysville, B C,
hotel keeper, has bv deed, dated Ihe
lliib day of Octobei, A.D. tOOfl, ;ls-
slgned all his personal properly, real
estate, credits and effects, whuh may
Ik* seized nn.l sold undei execution,
.my prison (,r persons, firm in corporation of whose tlebl oi  claim   lm
shall   llnl   Ihen   h,|\e  received  notiee
A meeting uf ihc creditors nf Iiiii
said John Fletcher I'rlngln will hn
held .il tiie olliee of the Hold Cnin-
m i sai cue r in the Ooverniiienl (Wires
al Cranbrook, B. ('., ,,„ Wednesday,
Die 71b dav nf Novembei, \ D.
IUIUI, at Die hour of 2 o'clock in Itiu
aflei Iiimii.
Dated at      Nelson,  It.  O ,   litis 2Mb
day of October, A. D. IflOB,
Taylor & O'Sbea.
Nelson, B  <'.
Sni Iel torn for tin* a'bovo Trunin,
Albert Mutz, ;,1 U
Miss A, L, ITitlatii, tenclmr of
tlin pi'innt'orti- Tortus mutlur nle
^Armstrong Ave     Cranbrook;
Maternity    cases    n    specialty
Address :
Take notion     that   the partnership|
heretofore Carried on between ns   the ^^^^^^
undersigned.     Albeit   (J. Blaine andG tncral Delivery, Cranbrook, B. G THE   CRANUllOOK    II KHALI)
Ranging in Price
Our Mantle Department
K;u*li Garment carries our assurance tlmt nothing better in
tin1 wny nl' Tailoring enn In* had at its price.
Ladies, you should not agitate ynur minds aboui the selection uf a coat, Visit uur Mantle Department, ami you «ill learn
uum* thereabout Fashion temlenc) in a few moments than you
would from tluukuig about it fm* hours ni borne
A  WolID To TIIK   \\ 1 >I.   IS   RUKI Il-IKNI
i korrect Shape Burt & Packard |
I      American Shoe for Men
♦        We i-.iii ni't ..ini ;i Shoe in lit ymir toot,   If we haven't it
X   iii shirk uv will hike your iui'U3iirti ninl huve tho hoots, hern
;in two weeks, guaranteeing lit uml quality,   \\'.' have twenty
Sample SI s in ohoose tjtyle from.
G. T. Rogers
I'li.ii'v iiiiiI sii,|il.m;
■ ■lilll. k.-rv,.\lin«.
Iliiotnif SIihi-h. Ural
.lust Arrival Sen our whitlow display. Wo have jusl what ymi want
in t'liiua. Come in ami inspect our
delightful display, even though you
do not buy.   Our  prices an*   right.
C. E. REID& Co.,
Druggists, Stationers
Phone 71. Dispensing is uur specialty
We havo in Stock a so.nl range of
Horse Blankets. Prices in all sizes
According t.> Quality. $2.25 Bach,
$2.75 Each and also $3,50 Bach.   .<*  ji
The Cranbrook Cooperative
Stores, limited
Opera liouse
One Night  Only
"   SAT. NOV, 10th   \
Harold  Nelson
- AMI -
Clifford Lane Bruce
Ami an Excallrjul       w  \
*** C imiiv iii ~
— OF
PRiciw, inm. rso.
tt   ilu.   mn   ol   ill,'  hill lilioy *
Whv   1 111   I
11,1,1      l.„|ll„IH
our i>:in..ii-  Fill
III,'   lull
AIit, Boo.
« linlcenI,. Win. Mumlio.it
iiliniiili 111.', PlMMie 17
Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Chickens, (lecse,
and Turkeys
Special Attention Qiven to
the Mountain Market
Order Vour Turkeys for
Thanksgiving and Xmas
Just Received
Thf Palm, chocolates,
Fred Mitchell was down trom Klm-
borley   Saturday   lost.
I'r. I.   V.     Bishop, ol  Marysvlllo,
was In  town  viMi'i.l.n .
Ed Hill, ot Moyie, was transacting
business  in  Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mrs, I, ti VanDecar entertained a
riiunlii'i nf friends last Friday afternoon.
Dave (itiiliih and Fred ltintnnre
wero over Item Fori Steele Friday
W VNTED i.v a young lady, a inv
sl tion us liookkivpei. Applv at lliis
..ili.'i'. 88*
.1. V. Adams, ol WyclIITe, was registered at lhe Koyal hotel Monday.
.1 It Pollock, n( Fernie, was trans-
noting business in Cranbrnoli yosler-
WANTED—A position as setter in a
saw mill, Have had several years
experience, Resl nf references. Ad-
rtrcss V. T., care lletald.
W It Cox, of Elkn, was transacting business In town (the first nf the
Mi ;md Mts n B. Renerlict, nf
Mayook, weie Crnnbrook visitors Friday last.
(.'. I,. McCrea, of Marysvlllo, was
tiansai'lin: husiness in town lh,* first,
nf the week.
Call up 'phone D8 for fresh lettuce,
ml flowers nnd house plants. Hutchison greenhouse. 83
Famous pictures, cond frames,
teatti' to hang. { off —C. V. S.
Miss Thompklns, of Okotoks, was
visiling with Cranbrook friends the
first nf the week.
H, Wi. Fiillerlon, of Nelson, was
calling on hti Cranbrorflf cuslomers
the first of lhe week.
A. Mnl/, assignee for J. F. Pringlc,
was in town yesterday nt tending a
meeting of the credit-ms.
Pictures ready fm- the wnll. Quarter nff regular price.—C. v. s.
W. IT. Bradford, the genlnl Wyellffo
hotel keeper, was transacting" business in town yesterday.
Ct. U. Parker, accountant for Ihe
North Star Lumber company at,
Elko, was in town yesterday.
".lack" .Johnson will leave for the
east in a few davs, where he goes
to purchase machinery for annthir
sawmill for the Elkmouth district.
.1 S AnderJou and r. W Catlsu
i.l WycliBe, were registered at it
Cosmopolitan  hotel Sunday.
Paul St. John, who has been ea
ployed ai Jaflray tor some month
dm returnwj to Cranhrook.
Mn   George Biwnnet Invited in
few ir i-n-ils la-.'  Friday afternoon  i
hocoi ol Uri   \\   U   W. Fortune.
Mr, Kerr and children and Mrs. .'
\ McDonald ol Marysvilli wei
pjuesis ol the Royal totel Sun h
Don t  forget  the grand ball  in aid
■h.'     ' ranbrook   brass Ua   I
day evening, Novembei  3'Jth
Try i box ol om fresh ma N ■•
nlabea—Tne Palm.
.1 s Vndrews, Wai tei Nei oi I
VV .I Northev, ol Wycltlfe '■'■•"* n
.- '.".ii .it the Cosmopolitan Mon
LOST—Ladies bunting case watch
with fob; "Dell" engraved on case.
Return to Hill A- ro m
To-morrow la 'he King birthday
but m accordance with » royal pro-
rlamatlon 'h» celebration ol 'he same
i postponed until Friday, May 24th
Freeh made chocolates The palm.
\ F Krapfel, general manager ol
tin- North St.u Lumbei company
was up Irom Klku the Aral ol th
JT* cents buys a '>u< picture -
c   r   s
I.overs of horses sooilld sh* . work
..( art lhat we are Retting .it ensl
We  liave only llu* one.—Prest Phot*
Mis .1 C, Durick and daughter
and Mis V Blnmoro, ol Fori Rieole,
weie Cranbrook visitors the first of
the week.
Famous pictures, good frames
ready to hang. ' ofl.-C. (*. R.
\ ' Boyle, A. Nasliind, A. ll. Pal
mci and H. L. Watson, of WyoliHe
were registered at the Cosmopolitftii
hotel Miowhiy.
II. p Itayley, of Chicago, an expert in electric headlights, is In
town ibis wwk giving Instructions U
"Grow" engineers
.las. Fraser came down Irom Whc
Windermere Sundav last and It-It
Tuesday tor the coast, where he will
visit fot some time.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Hyde Haker ami
.Mrs. E. Elwell drove to Hgiison's
i» Mr. Baker's automobile on Tuestlay, returning on Wednesday.
Whal is home without a picture?-*
C. C. S.
Engineer B, McGoldrlo. who was
Confined to St. Kugene hospital tor
some time, is able in he around
again and will soon be til for duty.
Harry Munroe, who has lieen recuperating from his recent nt'ack of
typhoid fever, returned from Lebh-
brfdgo Friday, aud is again firing the
yard engine.
WANTED—Porter. Must be able
to milk cows. Applv L. B. VanDecar,  Hoyal hotel. 38
Tliere will bi* a public meet lug m
Went worth hall Friday evening, November win, mr the purpose ol re-
organixlog the v. p, ti. ^uadrhiu
duo for the coming season.
Engineer B. Leahy, who has been
visiting in Ontario and Quebec some
weens, returned home Friday last.
Tlie rediculoiis prices tor pictures al
ilu* Co-operative Stores is surely a
temptation tor Cranbiook people to
WANTED—A position to do house-
mk. Address,     Mrs.    Cameron,
erald olllce. 31-*
An    entertainment     consisting    o(
vaudeville bist part and a comedy
let part will be given in aid of the
Church of England jusl before Christmas.
Fur Sale—20 acres nf first-class
Irull land, twu milts west ol Creston. Apply 11. Hickeiibotham, dan*
biuuk, ti, C. 'in
Kev. A. D. McDonald, of Hampton, P. V.. V, will couduct thc services in Knox Presbyterian church
for the next two Sabbaths, November
llth and 18th.
Fred Lynch, t-he cigar manufacture!
nf New Westminster, who is one ul the
besi lacrosse players in Canada, was
calling on his Craiubrook patrons, the
flrst of the week.
WANTED—Position as engineer by
man of years uf experience with certificate. Apply to E. H., care Herald. 29
Engineer Joseph Daly, who has been
spending a few weeks at Banff, returned to Cranbrook last week and
remained here a few days before proceeding to his home at Sirdar.
Mrs. W. H. Stratum, of Port
Arthur, Ont., who has been the
guesl of her brother, Milton Williams,
tor some weeks, returned home on
Tuesday last, accompanied by her
little son.
Frank Davies, conductor on the
(His Staples log train, lias taken a
ninety day leave of absence, and left
yesterday for Leamington, Out. Paul
Hoffman has taken Mr. Davies' place
at Staples during ihe lattcr's
N. 0. MoKlnstry, the welt known
Marysville horse dealer, leaves shortly fnr Idaho, where he will purchase
300 bead of range horses. These he
will winter in Southern Alberta and
in the spring sell item in the Edmonton country.
Don't, be the last tn gel in to the
V. V. S. picture gallery.
Judge Wilson granted an order for
the liquidation nf the Pay Roll Mining A Smelting company, Limited,
last week. John Leask was appointed liquidator, lt is understood
thai as sof.n as certain formalities
an* attended to that development)
work will be continued on the property.
Iu the Methodist church next Sunday evening tihe pastor, Hev. .1. P.
Westman, will commence a series ot
addresses, which will continue for
six weeks. These subjects will deal
sending the ideal fnr living. Next
with social and public morals, pre-
Sund-ay evening will deal with "The
Press." Song service at 7.30. All
WANTED—Position a« Ume keeper
in a lumber camp. Have had experience in this line of work, and can
show recommendations, Address
G. J. B., care of Herald. 32
W. J .Crosby, who has lieen with
the Staples lumber company the past
two years, has Revered his connection
with "that firm and lefl yesterday via
Chicago and New York for a six
inonihs visit to his. old home in England, where Mrs. Crosby has been
visiting the pasl three mon ihs. On
his return to Canada Mr. Crosby will
proceed to the coast In search of a
location to gn in business for himself,
WANTED-To buy pullets.     A. C.
was i
V   C
and i
in u
-yLgOtt, Cranbrook, B, C.
\ Campbell, ol Spur wood, was in
town to-day.
Ui and Mis (His Staples lell today lot a trip to the coast.
Gomel .tones and Olio Wistier weie
up from Wafdnei Monday evening.
W F. Hunt will leave Monday next
foi a len days' trip lo lire coast.
F.   A.   Jones, of  Marysville,
, town the first ol the week,
M Mi limes. who had been
img Cranlirook friends, returned
iv Monday last.
t Is home wtthoul a picture? -
C. s.
l. T   Galhraith, Dr. Hugh Watt,
Wm. Carlin, ol Fort Steele, an-
n today,
leti Perney   went to Sirdar Tues-
here   he   will   aii   as   uitm-l   Inl
"Crow" engines.
.. Clayton, in.- Kimberley met
. ...nn, was transacting business in
Cranbrook yesterday.
T. Clark, of Mnyie, 0nc ol the
old timers of the district, was in
own the liist of the week.
Fred Smyth, of the Mnyie Leader,
r/as transacting business'iu Uran
brook the Insi of the week.
A picture will make a Xmas box
foi youi friend.—C. 0, S.
R, \\. Wood, ui the Trltes-Wood
company, ol Fernie, was in io.\u between trains l<,-day.
Hev. and Mrs. W, tl. vi. Fortune
it-it Monday afternoon tor then new
borne at Hid Dm, Alta.
Mis. Win. Small, whu has been
Visiling ai Vancouver t-he past inonlli,
returned homo Friday last.
The creditors ot John Prlnglo held
a mooting yesterday aHernoun tu see
what entitd tie dune tu save lhc as-
svi-s fot their benefit.
Tho Fink Mercantile building is
lujiidh Hearing completion su iut as
uw siore room is concerned, an" the
cninpaiiy expect lo be able iu uccupj
tn.- building within three weens.
i'. U. .\iaipas, manager ui the Canadian Uantv ui Commerce, teceiveu
yesterday iwu notes yellow wnh age
Uial nan beta issued u> a private
uanW hi Cratttirook, Kent, England, in
ilk- yeai Usui*, each ui Xlti oenomma-
Uuu. The notes wete quite a curiosity ami have been sent un tu othei
patties by Mr. Malpas.
Joseph Ficd Churnoreau and Eda
Louisa Stevens were united in mai-
uago at a o cIock .Monday evening
lasi at ihe home uf the bride's parents, Hev. Westman olhciallug. I'he
wedding was a quiet one, only a tew
Intimate frills and relatives being
presenl. Tne Herald joins with tliu
many friends of the happy couple in
"xlending cuiigiatulations.
Pictures.     See them.—C. c. S.
c, J. South, superintendent of lhc
Children's home al Vancouver, will
.Oliver an address at the Baptist
■luiieli uu Wednesday evening next
at S o'ciuck. Mr, South has done
much good work in the jiast in aiding
and reclaiming unfortunate, children,
and is thoroughly devoted to the
work, and bis address should prove
Interesting to every citizen of Cranbrook. All arc invited lu be present.
Lines McKay, of Windermere,
arrived in town the first of the ween
with 117 bead of line cattle, which he
lelivored to P. Burns A: Co. one
hundred and twenty head of the
cul 1 le were from Mr. .McKay's ranch
neai Fairmont, and lhe balance from
E, H. Forstcrs ranch, near tho same
place. Mr. McKay was accompanied
he drive by Jas. Fraser, Will.
McNeill, Thos.' Williamson and Will,
What is home without a picture''—
c. v. s.
On Friday evening lasl a large number of ibe friends of Mr. and .Mrs. ll.
Murgatroyd gathered at i-liat estimable couple's residence to bid ihem
farewell before lheir departure for
heir new home in Lethbridge. Cards
and dancing were the programme ui
lhe evening and n most enjoyable
lime was spent by all present. Mr.
and Mrs, Murgatroyd and the children
left for LethbiLlge the first uf the
WANTED—Carpenters, tour dollars
per day. Apply West Kootenay
Powet iV Light Co. Works, Hunuing-
ton Kails, near Nelson, B. C.       33
Our sale of "wall picture.*;" at cost
is almost ended (or ilu* season. We
have only a very few left. These we
will sell at straight cost, as WO need
our wall space for our new Christinas
stock-, whioli we expect in twu weeks,
and which Wc Wish to assure our customers will comprise noiluug but high
class work from many ut lbe best
artists. In the meantime coino a'il
secure the bargains thai remain.—
Prest Photo Co.
WANTED—First-olass sawjers anl
road cutters, l-J miles wesl ol Tooh-
ty. Highest wages on llle Clow to
llrstrclass     men Apply to W. J.
Corcoran, Tochty. 33-2t*
A movement is    on fool tu sucuro
an ambulance   tor use between   the
trains and St. Eugene hospital.     As
there are so many    patients brought
into Cranbiook who an* sick or
jured,    and    llieie being uu way   <•!
transporting    them     l-o llie hospital
except in au open     wagon, an ambi
lance is virtually an absolute necc
sity.      Subscription   pallets   will    it
prepared and circulated over the di
trict and in town      Any person who
contributes  to  this fund  will  |,e giving something d.r suffering humanity,
and there should     bo no trouble   in
raising the money.
John A. Field., of Hamilton, loim-
erly president of tho Trades and
Labor Council ot Canada, iun now
organizer (or Canada nl the American Federation ol Labor, spenl several days of this week In the city,
lie was accompanied by E. W. A.
Odell, of Hamilton, organizer (or tlw
Boot A Shoe Workers International
union. Mr. Flett says inlet national
representatives are now looking inlo
the trouble at Fernie and if ihey find
thai the union is in the wrong tIh*i
Iheslrike will be called oft, but it
Ihey don't there will tie a protracted
struggle.—Lethbridge Herahl,
WANTKD-A number of small tio
contractors at Marysville. Addles;*
Drawer No. 2. 30
The mill of ihe Staples Lumber
company at Wycliffo was closivl down
for tin* season the lirst nl ttie week
afler a remarkably surc->ssfU run,
During tie coinini: winter the mill
will be thoroughly overhauled and
plans have been completed for enlarging the same and installing new
machinery and when another season
opens up thev will lx» |n a posltiion
lo practically double the Capacity of
tho mill. In the meantime they have
arranged to establish several ' more
camps on their limits and logging
will be carried on this winter to a
much greater extent than at any
time in tho past.
It's the...
We can give you
Stoves and Ranges
Patmore Bros.
ANiglil School will li, opened under the minpices of the
Cranlirook Reiulinu Room, will. E. W. I.ON.l. ,-,u experienced
accountant ot mitny years in .-halve. Tin- classes uill meel nt
tin' Reading Kui.ni MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS nml PRI.
DAYS nl 8 p.m.
ENGLISH Including, Spelling, Arithmetic, Writing and
i BOOK-KEEPING   Single  and   Double   Entry,   including
Joint Stuck Company's .vork,
SHORTHAND A new system, simple,, asily learned. I lne
hundred words a minute guaranteed in tliree months. ..r uo pay,
Shorthand Course includes lhe English Course also,
Shorl lun
ping, full course
Do. Sii.Lil.* ;Uei Double En-
try only  . **^."..Ui
All payments nn- tu bo umtle t" Mr, II   White, "f the
Rending Room Associutton, who has authority to arrange t. rws.
Attorney L. A. Kcksfeln, of Fernie, is in lown to-day ou legal business.
"Jack" Fox, of Nelson, was transacting business In Uranb'rook this
FOR SALE-I-louse on Baker Hill,
lot '15, block «ti, seven rooms, electric
light, watcipipe in kitchen. Apply-
to Mrs, W. S. Keay, Fcrnie, B. ('.
Drug-gist Wilson, ,,f Morysville, Is
transacting business in Cranhrook
Louis Stockett, of Bankhead, registered at llm Cranbiook hotel today.
Vi. .1. It. Forster, manager of Uio
Forster Lumber company, of Spar-
wool, was transacting business in
town unlay.
i'i",'. cents   huys    a 50c,   picture.— '
c. c. s.
Jas. Balfour, tbe C. P. II. Insurance agent, is iu town Inuhi:.^ aftei
business for the company he represents.
Jos. Wilson, nf Creston, and C. W.
Voting, ot N'cison, piuvincial constables, were ill town a couple uf
days this week.
The council at tin- meeting la>t
night passed ;1 motion lhat will stop
tlh* ringing of the lire bell at morning
nuon and night hereafter.
R. S. ti. Smith, a piumin nt lumberman of Quebec, arrived in Cran-
broos to-day. .Mr. Smith is making
a tour of the province luo.ung ovei
tho lumher  industry.
d7i cents buvs a atie, picture.—
C. V, ti,
Mts. V. Hyde Baker and children
will leave Saturday ior hinglaml to
remain most, of thc winler. Mr.
Baker will join her about Christmas
Thero are a few shares of :be curling rink stuck left and thus,, who
want to get in on ihe ground floor
shguld see A. C. Nelson ot .1, V. M.
Pinkham without delay.
Mr. tlcorge Henry, uf Creston, and
Miss Agnes Elliott, ot Cran-brooK,
were united in marriage at iin* Methodist parsonage Thursday evening
last, Hev. Westman performing the
ceremony. They will make lheir
luture home at Creston.
I). J, Johnson is making excellent
progress with tlu- cement walk:
around the Canadian Hank of Commerce. Manager Malpas will enjoy
ibe distinction of having had the first
cement   walk   in  Cranbrouk.
K. W. Long, ni the Electric Light
company, is arranging tr, open a
clas-. in bookkeeping, short hand and
English st.biects wiihin ■, very short
lime. The work will be carried on
under the auspices ni' the reading
room, anil nie ball nf ihe tuition ^oes
io the reading mom- Mr. Long is
an experience*:! accountant and this
will give young men nf this community an opportunity tn secure valuable
instnu'iinn ihat will prove nf great
benellt lo them iu the future,
l'in.|ii|.|.iii             Slroil'lmrrj-
Oriiiigo      Vniiitln
llii«|il..rr.v                M»|.l"
I.,-          Nectar
Pmnrvnl aiium-Flarora
Ami luw linn
1   Phono Hi.   Chas. B. Hreie, Prop.
Only Oaudj Mnkeni "row's
N»'«t Lim-.
1 —        -'■ J
I have llm tinesi lot of
Wood ever put ill this
Bection. Any length,
will  deliver on   order.
Anything in Stoves and
nny old thing tu fix up
your licurii*.
Sunday Evening
This is the First ol
a Series
Butirer A ' o. -
Fur Table lies
Sleu'arl's  Fin"   Chocolate.
1'lii'in ~R>.       AitMSTROjfn Ave.
Baptist Churchy
■■ Magnificent   Minorities  of
lhe World."
"Famous   Failures  nf   History.'1
'• Kingship of Mini."
-■ Kingship nf Christ."
-^at-e, <-< <•*••*■*. w -*.1*0#Oa :-C
G I^OtW'MiWWttBittgi'tgftff •**•©•****©* >.
il-'i. in The Moyie Leader.)
TELEPHONE   l"li  Mu\ IE.
a  local  telephone system will    be
established iu Muyie as s , as   the
switch board arrives Irom l hii ago
It will be a 1" ptoue -i-'ii'iu lo begin
w.tb, but will he increased as thi
business grows. At tin lust meeting
oi ib»- I...-: IM.,. ua) l. lephoiw com
piinj tu Craubrooh the directors tooh
delluile action mi the matter. The
"central" olllce ben- will be in the
Moyie Drug a Stationery store. The
rales Iui' thu Moyie exchange tave
nol yet been lecided upon, hul the)
will probublj ia- ilu- same as those
ehaigod .■ I ■- n .io ■<■ v * ., muuUi i>"
business huuses and >-     ntoi.tli io1
le-lii'in ■
ih,- Moyie board ol trade was   ro
organized at   tlie iiieelirtg held  Wed*
nesdaj  evening.     Following are   tht
iii-w   olluel.s.
j;. Campbell—President.
V.  Desaiilnier—Vice president.
K. A, Uill—Secretary-treasurer.
A  resolution was adopted petitioning a bank lo locate in Moyie.    This
mallei   Mill  be kept  sight  ol  Ulltll  the
desired ellcct is accomplished.
"Nigger,    the pel and pride ol the
Johnston family and the Aloyie hotel.
WOS   shut   lasl   Aloildaj     While      Main.
Johnston ami ,
.1,- lal-
IU ,
lit   UlU   JO.U,
when   the i'i caiibei     nib- llicy had
wnh Uieiii was accidentally discbarg
nd.       'lite   bullet   lodged   ill   Ult.'  (log ;.
back gu 1 bus crippled bim quite badly,    but he   seems    io have a goud
chance tor recover).
.Mrs.    Uoupill,    Mrs.     Ueuellu ami
I'be.1 i-t    ('nun      i el ui ned     Wednesday
a.,iu Spokane.
Mt i. ltobl. Campbell i.s visiting
with friends in Cranbrook,
A bah) was boin lo Mr. and Mis.
Chas, LaUoutc yesterday morning.
The many irinids uf Miss Lull.
Crowe gathered at the Methoilisi
church Wwlncsday evening and spem
,i tew hours in a social way. Th-
ladies prepared and served au excellent lunch, iii tii which there was ti
musical programme bj Moyie's local
tab-in. Miss Crowe was presented
wilh n Ibrce-piece sol ol cul glass-
wane. She Will leave Mo\ ie uexl
week lot Uusslaml, where .-he has ac-
cuptod a position in the post ullue.
li. .1. Elmci went iu Kingsgati*
Wednesday lo lake ovei ihe hotel
p coper ty wbieb be recently purchase.)
in,in Jack Swinnecton.
Mrs. Fonte teturncil Sunday frnm
Kuigsgaie, where she wns visiting
wllili Mi. .in.i Mu. II. li. Dimcck
While away .she ,(nd lira. Dimock tool*
a i ttji in Sjiokanc.
The Miners union pun-based sale
this week and placed II III lheir hall.
Postmastm Smilh also installed a
larger    safe iu his nllice  to keep     lip
with the rapidly Increasing business
The wife of Augusl Beck died in the
Cranbrook hospital last night. Mr.
Beck is miner al the St. Eugene,
and bioughl his wife tn Cianbrook recently from l.ibbev, Monl. Thc remain's will be shipped back Lo thai
place fni interment
register their names on lhe municipal
voters' Usl and as a consequence bv
."ai the gi eater, number be.ongiug lo
:1ns class will have no vole at the
next city election.
Uiss Eti, Maud Whitney, dauglitci
.i Mr. and Mis. 1). J. Whutney, toi-
tuerl) ol Uu plan- and now of I-eib
bridge, will be married on Monday to
Waltei tv IJi.cban, ot Winnipeg.
(leorge Clapp   met     with A painful
.undent on S ,'tittl.tv night while
haudliiK nunks at lhe C. V- ti. depot, Ile was in ihe net ot lifting a
mink winn a heavy commercial box
hi..ke loose and letl on his baud, causing vet)  paiuitil injuries,     The hones
nf  lie band   were  tettli.ly  btuised  atl t
ibe   flesh was  torn    so  Lhat  several
stitches wete required,
Mi    and   Mis.    \    SleWait, of   Van
couver, spent A lew davs early In Uie
week in the city, ihe guests of Mi.
and Mis k I, Wrlfjlesworlb, niter
which they proceed oil on their way
.■asi on an extended honeymoon trip.
Mis Stewart is ii cousin o( Mis.
Things .iie beginning lo boom m
Hosmer. The flosmet post oflice
was opened this week in '- mporary
t|iiaitets. The Bums b.ock, now
meter  construction,   will   be completed
in about Iwo weeks. Mi Fletcher,
nf Marysville, bas commenced the
predion ol his general "lon. hulld-
Which will be the fust tn make a
•tael ci their public building a\ Fernie, the provincial government or the
Dominion    governmenl, Is a problem
ihal has lieen prop ulist in us. Both
rrxivernments have npproprlatcd mon*')
n.i public buildings at this plan* and
'mih have had ample time ere ibis tn
make a start, yet nothing has been
lone. Our interlocutor, who u
oinpth-W", "f ;l cynic where polities
are eoneerned, answered bis own ques-
Hon by remarking thai he supposed
lbe one' nearesl an election would
make the first move.
mail   weie
(From Lbe Kernie Free Press.)
The annual meeting of the Fernie
Liberal association held in Stork's
opera house on Monday evening Was
fairly well at tended. The chief bus
iness of the evening was trc eleclion
of oHicocs for the ensuing year, whioli
resulted as follows1
lion. President—Jon. J. A, Macdonald,
President—Nominated, Ur. C. P,
Iliggins, Owen Boss, President it. Vi.
Coulthard, and Fred Stork. The two
latter withdrew their names and on it
ballot being Laken Dr. Iliggins was
declared elected.
First Vice-President—Nominated,
Owen Hoss and U. W. Tuttle. Mr.
Koss elected.
Second Vice-President-—Nominated,
J. L. (talcs and W. M. Dicken. Mr.
Gates elected.
F. J. Watson was re-elected secretary-treasurer by acclamation, tbis
being ins fourth successive eleclion to
that position.
For the fifteen members of the executive there weie iill nominations a'ul
tbe following were elected: F. V.
Lawe, F. Stork, It. W. Coulthai I, J.
Hunter, E, A. Ivummer, C. Rluliards,
H. G. Lock-hart, .John Podhiclancik,
W. W. Thomson, Joseph Aiell0, Jan
McLean, L. ti. .McDonald, S. F. Wallace, antl Kobt. Kerr.
A wile was read Irom the department of public works at Ottawa relative to the Feinie public building
The telegram staled lhat owing to
the change of front to Cox street eel
tain alterations were required in the
plans. These were almut completed
and new tenders would be called for
at c.nce.
Thc secretary was instructed to
write W. A. (Ialliher, M.l'.. inviting
htm to visit Fernie when on his way
to Ottawa to attend lhe next session.
Votes of thanks were tendered the
retiring president,  R.  " "hard,
for his values    services for the year,
,., ,,,        ,. ,,        , .    .1 luS    ■>    KJ iiiim.si.il II. r tl mis   ll.ll (-       IIITU
and Mr. Stork fur the free use of tlio raised, quarters secured In the school
opera house. !i01IM.   hal, .inrl thp 1(gymi. wjl|    ,„.
well equipped for indoor' exercise   fi
(From The Frank Paper.)
The most Important news Item H
has heni lbe pleasure ol The Fiank
Paper lo give tti the public for some
monlhs is the announcement it Is
authorized to make this week that
\. V. Flumerfelt and 11 N. Clalcr,
prosldont and vice-president of the
Inleiiia1inti.il Coal A Coke enmpany.
,.f Coleman, bave seemed the control
of the Alherta ('oal A Coke company, which owns probably the finest
domestic cnal property In Alberta
and will immediately proceed to
open up aunt her nunc. The announcement is of the utmost Importance to the Pnss and as well tu lbe
whole nt Alberta, British Columbia,
and Uie state oi Washington, as it
will solve the domestic fuel problem
which, within the vear has become
a .serious matter.
The Alberta <'n,J A Coke company's property Is located about a
mili^ea-st of Lundbteek and consist:-
of ti, nin acres with seven miles on Uiu
strike nf lhe seams. There are on
the property what arc Said io be
eighteen seams of coal, all of workable width but engineers generally
consider that the eighteen seams constitute lhree folds of six seams or
six folds oi three seams. There has
never been sullicitni work done on the
ground to determine the fads further than lhat tbere arc actually eighteen seams tliat might be worked
from a single shaft. The cual is undoubtedly Sic finest llarite or domestic coal ever discovered in Alherta,
in fact, according to hundreds ol
analyses that have been made by
probably as many different parties,
the coal r-uns sn lii^h in carbon as lo
virtually give it rank as a semi-
bituminous. It is exceedingly hard.
is verv low In ash and practical tests
have proven it except inn illy fine (or
all domestic purposes while for steaming it is not far, if :.ny, behind the
bituminous coals of the Pnss.
A meeting of the stockholders o!
the company will be held at Spokane
within a week when Mr. FlumerfcH
will be elected president, and Mr.
Galer, vice-president and general manager.
To all people interested in the coal
husiness il will be especially gratifying that the Alherta company and lut
line property has fallen into the hands
of such men as Messrs. Flumerfelt
and (ialer, the heads nf the Interna
tlonal company, who have made a
mine at Coleman whieh. within three
vears of tbe dale of striking the tiist
pick, has a capacity of '.!|ll,(     of
enal on a one shift day. as il spells
success for another hig coal mining
It, J. Galhraith. of Lundbreck, Ins
jusl returned from a trip io Spokane
whore he arranged to put the greatei
part  nf lbe outpi     nl his mine oil tin
domestic coal mn I *l there.
A. Waidman, rancher of Gllllng
bam. had five head of five cattle kit
led by a train dm lug the past week
Il is snid the loll ihe railroad li
levying on the herds since lhe beavv
sleel was laid is much heavier than
prior lo that lime, as Irains run so
much faster that stock does not seem
io get clear of the track in as large
a percentage ol cases as formerly,
A number of the young men of lbe
'amp have organized ;,n athletic association for the purpose of cstabllsb-
ng n gymnasium.     Funds have   been
ll aim.imt to. Hv phone from Holden il was learned that- the Vanuuu-
ootttracting company thai have
been carrying on construction En a
desultory way lot over a yeai had
(put and Saturdaj shipped all their
horses and implements, and broke up
their camps, and ihs Imt is t,,illumed by nun who have since arrived
from Golden. Since then tbere is a
peisisuut iniinii alloat that the U.
P. It. has taken over tbe rood entirely and will ai once put ou a big con-
slruction foree and uish the work to
comploliou. Tin- authority for ibis
rumor is not made known, yet it is
given credence, and it is Imped will
prove true.
A movement is being made to havo
atl th.- ma.I .-asi of Medicine lla-
iuoLght in by Cian'iiionk route and
:be effori aPlH'ars likelv to be success
ml. Tb.- post olliee authorities state
that   while ihev   aie     willing lo go
to the trouble oi sending mail three
lavs , week bv Cranbrook and lour
davs h\ GoMtii, Ui.'. ate willing to
.send all ib.- eastern mail bv the
southern route. This will he an
advantage over the presenl system in
Mime respects and will make the
Cranbrook route a more permanmit
It is wt\ evident that lho Paradise
mine is hi be Worked on a inuli larger scale ihe comiug winter than   it
has ini Ihe pasl iwo years. During
tin* past week a large quantity of
supplies lias been s.ui up l„ the
mine, nnd tbe bunk houses an* being
uvei-bai.leil. ll is staled all tbe
local miners wh.. wish in -j.,, in wmk
Unite will he L-.ii.en ihe opportunity
Manager Bruce went up to the   mine
Mondav and it is at presenl impossible io g-ct ihe facis concerning the
rumors allont until he returns,
■I, McCoilougb came down lasl
week from ihe Comstock group, on
Toby creek, and states lhat a large
cabin has been buill- and the men now
have very commodious quarters. Thev
are now working on a trail from the
cabin lo the new tunnel anil later a
wiie hand tram will he put up to
'inn- down the ore. The cabin has
hem Imiii ahi.ul a mile ftntu the
Nm lib Fork sleigh road on an old
nail formerly made by l\ Miehelsen,
over wbieb supplies aie being taken,
lie slates thai Ihere is nn mistake
about the Comstock having ilie finest
surface showing in this camp, and
that there appears to be plenty of
It. A. Kitr.pton, proprietor of the
staj*;e lines, slales ihat in accordance
with requests from a number of
people he will make the express rah*
from Cranbrook the same as from
Clolden, and that in the future many
will find it an advantage to have
some nf lheir express parcels come
bv way of Cranbrook.
W. II. Moore, ol Winnipeg, and K.
II. Small arrived from Crnttrbrook
last Thursday evening aiid sfpent until
Monday sizing up lhc resources of
Utis valley. ' Mr. Small is well
known throughout ihe valley, having
at nne time kept a hold 'at Canal
Flat, and lis numerous fricnls were
delighted In see bim.
ipfe™^     a. Needs this New Discovery.
i \
VAA.:. R, j
i-J Xrt. - )■■]■■'
-A J A' \   !
%% ■
1.V-.   «jifvy    <'
lu)k ■     \       *
« :    -f
>'      ru,'-. -.'
...    . ■  =
■ v  -     '   . ■ .
■ '■   llll OOP*.   ■
1 I Vi W 'ill i    ■:'••'■
illMki. .'
11, tkrhr.'i-' ■ F
Greece wilt always be remembered for lhe tine types of niiinhocd
siippli dby the heroes of her battlefields and the athletes of her arenas,
bul sliil more will these heroes ...id aliiletes themselves be remembered
:. ustom they bequeathed lo later ages ol hea ing sore an I injured
es on their bodies by the external application ol some secret 1 <.lm
live,     the Greek charioteers did not emerge (rom llitir .11,1.1
races sill....it some sevc . bruise or gaping wound; and lo ono'nl
each injury carefull) wilh their lav... ile balm was an indispensable
pa ! i.l the .lay's programme    II we travel hark in history we
lind 1l.1l lliis external "rubbing" has prevailed righl Irom
,    ll.e earliest  limes, ..nd ll.e only explanation ol ils survival,
I! ami Isl so many changes i.i science vrim lo Ile in the f... 1 that
lite exlernal use ,,1 salves ami balms is di.tale.) to us by
Nature herself.   Our own instim I i.-lls us to rub a pari 11 ml
1        lulls; and   i'i /.i,i>iiiik llie ideal subslance lo apnly lo
-  I    in, injured or diseased surfai e is universally believed It. have
be in found at 'ast.    It is a well-known fact lluit pre-
.V\    parationSj such as ointments, creams, salves, linimenls and
I   1  embrocation have hitherto been Imperfect in their action,
nd, ii: re ivcr, liny frequently .....lain quantities of rancid
■ , nl,i.il fat and mineral products of a harmful nature.
■ r. '
i-ftrv   ■--■■■
r\V-M'.-;-.'' ■  '     ,'    •
»-ifes?^ ■■
■«f»   v;-";' ■'
■ 1
Ili.l.l   ll.'l'lli
Mil. li li.iri-.
Mr..; 1 .-
lut. 11. .
llll-    lull
iiiiiii |
ii.ll, 1
ninipla you
lii'i'l...l I.11I111
... nil.;, |J
Mllli 1  1
1     ...Mil.   llllll
llllll!,.' olh, IM
il 1 III ll.
inl by thu .1
in.   Ii iai
l,i!,l,v mini.
...1 i.iii-iniiii^
1..     I.mi,   In
•1 i.iii in lln- li
.. I.rui-i'
nn.l ,,1-01
, i.i-l, 1,1
1 lllll 1
1.'. luii
«1 lioLouil,
rl, all (.um.
-'■ "'I'l '
.1 (kin ilim
as to Zaro-Oak's Healing Power
^Siii should be usi -   For.
.spfafflswifi* -T:-■'■ -~ ■  .   • ' : ■ RM^n
1 iii.UKine.
1 Iiii'il ., i,r..l
BlltWfl, till!
11- 1 applied lho
11 eco uilve
li-,',1.   In „,„■,-
FREE        1
Si'lnl 11
k ti frco lest.
Kn.ll Hi
k i'n.,1 ulbi.ruu
Mill   ,1.1
t you 11 <l 1 im.v
.limit's VV. Slowe .iml -Miss Annie
Ilargreavn wero marrictl at Christ
ilnirili on Oetolier :111th, tho rector,
Rev. It. s. Wilkinson, portormtng Uie
William Jackson of tin's citv, and
.Miss Hannah Weavalc, who lately ar-
nvt-d from England, wore marriod in
lhe Methodist church,     Kev. Vi     I„
the winter. The organization has
cleclod iho loilowing ollieers: linn
orary {.resident, I.r. fl. 11. Malcolm*
son;' president, Albert Blower; vice-
president, .lames I'etrio; treasurer,
Alev. Petrie; secretary, H. a. shep-
|)ard, trustees, .Morgan Richards.
Wm. Sommerton, Harry Evans and
II.    P.. Sliepard.      The lirst smoker
Hall tying the nuptial knot. «""    he held at   miners' union gull
.Mr. SKi'iid, „[ Toronto, nephew   ol  Satu™«y ev™lng. Non-mher 17.
S.  A,    Skeatl, of llie     Ilnsmer mill,  ♦	
has   accepted a   position as clerk in WINDERMERE
N. F.. Suddahv's drug store. 	
The W. (.'.  1 l.i 111111 i.n i-onvpaiiv   got ,„        ,,    ,.,.,       ,. ,
all their cooils packul up on W'odnes- <|,r"ln the v"l"m Oulcrop.)
day and shipped them ir, Edmonton,!   Thei-e has been many rumors afloat
where thev nre ^iiiiii, into husiness.     ; the pasl week concerning lhe (iitnro
Only   fll  householders   and license- constrttcttor. ot the Kootenay Centra1,
holders  i bought ii    worthwhile   to, jet il is not clear jp.vt »-tal tjwy will
(l-'liiln  The    Hlairiiinre Times.)
W. E. Loach, uf Fcrnie, spent Sun-
ilay in town.
.Mr.   ,111.1 .Mrs. Dan Drain were   up
Hull) .M.ieleiiil  llle lirst "i lbe week.
Slivnii Campbell, uf Maclcod, .spenl
ibo  lirsi  uf lhe  week  iu llliiirillurc.
.1. (lumi, ui Coleman, paid a vis'1
1,1 ihe prairie Uus week in search ul
Mini.- „i Ins burses which hud slrayo.1
iiuiii Iris ranch.
II. I', lleiittii'k, who lias li.ul
uharge uf .1 surveying uuuil in the
I'Taiiit'.i.l country, ' rctiiriicd to Coleman wiih lus parly on Tuesday.
'lum Iiilliili ami Jack I'Tshor led
yesterday mi 11 hunting nip.     There
is  u',*-lli»'uhl   hul   Wlml   sull'.e hig    'llu.
will be bagged, us bulb gcntlomcn
.ue iiuied iilmt'ods.
.Miin.la! llle I II1011 Hunk o( Canada
iipellt-ll   llieli  doors  here   lur  business,
wiili II. ll. Smith, ul Lelhbrldge, as
cashier, anil V. .1. Wnddington, ni
Calgary, us accouitlaiit. The lirst
ilepusu' was lii.ule hv W. A. lleebc
ivho made a tlcpusil in gold in lbe
liisl lunik     lu he   opened iu    Blair-
.liiiiulav, M. Bnek ul Coleman, whu
had heni un lho sick list (ur some
lime, was found ile.nl. ll appears
ih,,l  lhe deceased had gol  up mil  uf
Iu-i! ami wandered uut ul   il s ami
before he could make his way back
home become exhausted nnil sal down
.ml   liiell.      lie    mis  uu nlil   lilill'l   ill
Coleman ami n member uf ihe I . .M.
IV. ,,f A. Ills remains were taken
el arte nf hv ibe local miner's union
.mil he was laid lu resl 11 the Coleman cemetery- mi Wednesday afternoon.
Al, lhe meeting nl the license cum
missloners held .it I'lncher Creek   nn
Tlli'Silii.' Iiein.es were gl'nlltt-li In A
!■'. Iliiiid, (ur un Ii. Iel. uml Jnllira
I'aden.  lm   wholesale house,  ul   Bel
Noliee is lu'i'ehv given U.i I thirty |
.lavs after date I intend iu apply in
ihe Chi, i Commissionei' ,,i bands ami
Works ii.r a special license lu cul uml
I'.iirv awav limber (rom the tollowins
desciibwl luiiili in Suuih East Koolenay:
111 Suuih ,.! Sl. Maris river near
Six Mile creek, commencing nl tim
north-east enrner i.f E. I,. McViltie's
limber license, tlunce wesl   mile,
llience norlh nne mi'e. Ihence east umi'
mile, Iheiiee suuih one mill' lo Uie'
point uf commencement.
. :       ■      ■       t nnii carrv
her frum I . il
: in        Lh Easl Kootenay,
al  lh
1  cor-
eo hundred
ll in'.'   wesl
ity 1        1 ul-ll
lllll eli, I-,    lh nee norl
liiiilri'il     mil   twenty   chaii
lis nc ■    i.i    ninetci n    (1:
'1 .iiuii' ms'in,ml
\. Im  Krapfel.
llll.l     slal.Ml    17 Ih    Ililiil,,'
(21   Commencing ai u Posl planted ~
1 vv,mv   chnlns   north   nf ihs norlli-     Nonce is I. 1 1,1
wesl enrner uf E. I.. McVittie's lim-  '';-' ,',;' ' '-j     ',.
half cliains' west, oue   hundred    ami  Commission 1 ol 1.
Iwenlv chains nurlh. liilv-Uilee ami a   ''■   sl Jl
hall chnlns east, nml une liundred uml awaf ""■-'' '■■
iwenly chains soulb in Uie point nl '" lbe dislriel .1
commencement. I",1'' '
  Jaflray   si.,'i.u
I'll   Commencing ,!t lhe north-west (.mil. group I, Koi
corner ol inv Nn. 1 application uf lliis' ,,.     .,
lale.    Ihenee north   nne  mile.  Ihenco    . ' ,:'   ,,, ,.''*    "'•
east one mile, thence south one mile. ] ■''■ ."• '''.''•
111. nee wesl  uue uiile, In   llie poinl uf !     "•   '' ■ "'""i Suil
(1)   Commencing ul   lhe soulh-easl
corner nf Inl HIM, group ono, Ihenee'
wesl sn   chains,   Ihence     south    Ml1    T.
chans, Ihenee easl su chains, thenco date
 Hi sn chains lo lhe puinl uf com- Com
uiencement. ! .1 in
John Hanbury.   j i.n
linleil lliis   Ullh    dav ui   October,  siiui
lllllll. 1    c,
W. Im (lunl, Solicitor, Cranbrook.     ol .1
31-SI ! mil.'
.il    thil
1. ins.   ap"-!
'I"   ('hit!
,1. Hanbury.
1 llay ul October
Drink HomeBeer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
* {
I is now located in its comfort- !
* able and attractive new quar- •
J ters in the Manitoba Hotel.      I
j This institution is just op-to- I
i date and is modernly equipped J
1 to do just the best work in all !
. branches of the tonsorial art. }
S\ \p   s'lii-e.i
The man win, is Indepemlenl is mil
nf politics,
Sniiie del Ivory wagon drivers always Imve   III'   luck   111  link   1 in     lhe
worsl road, ..herein ihe. illiistralc ,,
frailly pii-mlcnl alllullg im ti
The llOUSe  plillll   still   mil   ul     lliiiu-
is     persuaded Unit    ibis is   a   cold
Will III.
A 111,111 can lull up   bis trousers
,111.1 have Ills Irei'iluin uf Ilis llululs,
which is a puinl nf t,,nsei|iieni'i' in es
lahlishlng    lbe     Biiporlnrll)     ol Ws
It   seems   111 he  llle  Iiilliili ' nl    sunle
I pie lu lind ihe hold-up man, whero
lhe lowu is siiflieieiilly nii'll'n[inlltan
lu support the luxury.
The hilllis nf    peuple    nle  sn elnply
Ihal many liilngs nu in al une Dtlr
nnd come oul ut lhe other.
Where sireel lights are dim gliosis
consent In show themselves.
11 is peculiar Ihal so many men
when ihey nre full are run uver.
In balancing a bunk account Um
pennies aro important
When life is nn,' sweet suns: lhe
credit belongs in the [tinctlonal sysiem.
A uiau wii'.i a royal Hush looks on
ibo bright siile uf gambling.
Ii is peculiarly iinfnrtunnlo fnr lh
uuui whn ninnies fm love lu he afraid
ol wwk.
Nutice i.s hereby given ih.it thirty
days after dale i inteml making application tu lhe Honorable lhe Chief
l liliilni's.liner   nf  Lnmls      nul  Vuiks
pplv     lu lh' Chief
nils'and Works [or
I carry away lim-
111 described lands
l.sj Kootenay:
■ii v chains soulh
s lusl uf lhe 1!)
Nn lin-i, ll-eneo
anil slxly ehains,
lu pnint ul    cum-
11,11 f-ul November
P.   P.   Piiihli.
1000.       .'13-51
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
Blacksmiths,  Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers
MjLaujIiIin Carriages ani Dttfin? Inu!: nii'.s far Sale
CRAN U ROOK,   11   C.
Shop Phone 50 P.O. Box Ml Barn Phr.rO
!**»**%*..»^*^^^-.»*^»%!e"e^'*'*'»^-**«•*-*-.•*'» »*-**■**■*©
Try n   Case nl
When You
Come to the Metropolis tay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockeudorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00    PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work in
way of doors, windows, transoms, etc Kiln dried luuibor
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed and our prices are
satisfactory,    Screen   doors
oiigh and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
THOS. T. McVlTTIE,  P. L. S.
.1. T. LAIDLAW, M. E.
Two  Dozen   Pints   $.!..,;<>
Ki|iiiil  to  Gtiintioss'   Tlw f'ini'sl   bovorntfo   mi   liu*  nwiilr
fur  fatuity ;iml till ilu tis*.    Imports vigor ami
health, ami toncH up lhc Imilv gcnorally
Christmas Photos
Ynur   folks   ill   li.uue
Wiilll.l     miller     I,uvo
your    picture    Uuu,
anything else, lienor
have it ink nlv us
llieie njilways ll rush
lhe   lust   foil   week.
Prest Phoio Studio
pi i
1     COD  Clll-       |
llri'wui'. Cranbri
l'!j I)., you wuul n bargain  in i'l
[il Crniiliriink proporty,     I will |
[i'l Bull my business liotisu nnd pi
fl I'd opposite 0, I'. II. depot 1
| i'lii'ii|i. I'u.ys good rout,   Kin., jij
11 iiivi'slini'iit.   Aililri'hu
'-1 f^l
rnmiiiii.sinner ul l.niuls unu iv,iiks lur: H       .       . g
a special license lo    cut and carry |      liUIIl Let, Cranbrook, B. t. |a
nwny  liinher fl'iim  lie. loilowing (los- IB '
inliee  ihal   lliiily  days ailer
lltenil  In apply  In ll:c   Chiel I (3
limier ul Lands nnil Works Ior 11-1]
iheii  lnmls in    Suuih    East Kool©
; Commencing ut a pust planted ul: [
| lbe norlli wesl enrner ol H. M. l-'ul-
; lerlnii's limber license Nn. 6300,
thenco west llill ehuius, Ibonoo south
In chains, Ihenee ensl lllll chains,
Ihenee nurlh '111 chains tu Ihc puinl ol
is nnnoiicement.
11. II. Itnss,
,1. VV. Ross,
(Per) c. Jorgensen, Agenl.
IV. F. (lunl, Solicilor
"*"  I Or J, A. lliirvi.y
IS-11*1 1
110     WORK    AT    MODERATE
For particulars call up 'phone   No.
lis lielween the hours of 0 a.m. and II
I [i.m., or   'phone    No. llll after olllco
le for the   I)   r./.T\      TOI?      P    ,;V0   A I    T\ '    """''' ,lL   i:™'l"'nnk', II. C.,    Ihis   Uis.        All    orders   will    teeci
i be afraid   K,   Q,£k I J      1 OIL*     0 tV - s€ imi I - M 3 37lh day ot October, A, 1), lOfJo, prompt attention.
^mtmml*'*"'-1***" »»**-»       li.m.Aim.tm^m-m.Mml*.*'. m). „ MANSFIELD, I ML' CRANBROOK MllltAI.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«*♦««■♦ »♦»>*♦<.-! »♦■»♦♦♦< ;.•♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
20.000 ACRES XX
:♦♦      nlllie verv |.ieki.l',!,e«,l.'''"i l.l'iliil, llie liiiiilliinl   Kooti f _\9
f     Valley, Haul Koo en v, II   .'.. oxtoriiHnu Iron. Canal  Kim to ?Z
.?     Llku.'uieiilf. In r ale in 1 om %3 lo (111 per aero. **
♦ ♦
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility       XX
Matchless Chrnat-j and the Most Picturesque Situ-      4*
*4 Matchless C
♦ j ation West of the Rocky (Mountains.
JJ The hu.,1'" present oven- lmil, ...fulness. Including tim-
** l.eie.l 1, lies, luiisliv 1I.11-. 11.   1  ll,   nu 1   111. iimi      lie
♦ • brualiy Iiiiiii, u.areli  and inmi.l,,..   I.m.u...11 1 lul deop, liliick
♦ ♦ l.iiim :'the lii-nel, lumi '..sn ■   , ..iu.lv  lu.nu, splunilidly uiliiple.1
♦ ♦ lurlrultcillti.ro.     U'lie.e irriirji.i,,.. ...ay I essarv on the
♦ f 1.1'iielie-. ivnler enuI'oluul i 1 l'u .....nl...- I.   Ibniinnluini
44   .     ||„. Ijurkies Iiilu 111.'  I.....  IV riVi'l I'llU   lllllll       If    llllll  -111-
?! M've.1 1 -.1 1  11..'   I-  .   li   i"   Ik'I'.i   -ul..1.mm.I  ,,,:.. I. ,,....
** lafu.soliilHj.il 811 ne.eara.-l.,
** The |.ur,-lu.»ii prio, wiHii.eli.'l.'lhu lln.lier, which em bu 10I1I
♦ ♦ In'llie puiiliilM., mil., ul   .uu.  Iiii..lui   I.. 0 11 nl   ui   other
♦ ♦ loyally   I'ln, ■." will     ■ n 'I ,11..- ilu- pur.
♦ ♦ 1 Inure prico, nul " illin II     esiiui 0 i.illy rmiu  uu mi	
4* ,,...1,..!     i..,m,mii luiilil .  1          i  11  ...   II I, I,
TJ ." evi'iv I.n .1.1, ..ne     1 ... ■    11   1 nl in ..,1,1, ib„ valley
XX l"i' >"i  ""'I'""    I    ' I  ili"l""l"    I-I   :■■  "ni
*4 iml railway will purul 1.1. 1    |>. It. i»,|uilo
1,1 imiii Iuiui.
lul  llllll.el   ] ill'     lip   li
***»*********4 »<■,.;','■:   - 1  1■***'.■*** ,***********
*********(44 ♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦< .■•♦•♦*♦♦•«<.*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦
t. g. proctor, NELSON, D. c.
OrtoJosnnh Ryan   Cranhrook, B. C.
Hotel *&
QueslF Comforl a Spucinliy
Uood Stabling *n Connection
Nt-nrcpi to ru.ltiiul ami - ■ ■ .1.    Hns uceoiumoda-
J M.r.is   for   tbe   public    n.::.n ii-d   in   Cranbrook,
tlul and CoU Ralhs
Hoggarth & Rollins
Robinson=!McKe.iz:e Lumbei* Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
Ai! Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
***********'\-i .'*■:■*&***********
 '■ ■   '— S*
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, b. c.
Headquarters for
Tlie Miuiii.Ui.ii-
in lho cily.   Tl
^..|.|..|..H..|..|..|..j..|..|.....i. |..|..|..H..|. |. ...! ....1..|. |.j..!-|.|. i-l l-l-l-l-ll I-M-I
-l-l-l-l-t-I-1-l-J-1-I-1--1-»--«-sl-1 llll ■:  !|-I-1-I-I-l-H I "I'I'I'I-I-I-l'1-l "I"'"'
The Cosmopolitan |
Thc place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
-»-l--f~l--i--l-l«»-.»-t-l-t-1-1-»-i-i--)-l«f!-I••:••)•■!•■!• l-i-i 1 t-1-1 1-1-1 -l-l-l-i-i-
4-l-4-ll.-l-ltl-M.il.. |..l t i-i   ., |..|..|.|-!_.,| |..|..|..|..|.|..|..|..|..|.
iiriragfiWi»fiiai.i.;."i.ricr«fif«r»M«i»;i        ■'-'■■ *>-.« """  •■■
£   n, n   aamwa        .      ,,l C  S    tclephom
1 OLD 101MR. . 3> %
m      INTERESTING  ITLMS.      £
il5i"iai"l?l^<-i^?»I^"^I<"l«fe«ii'     ...
i- ,1      ■■,...■■   ,- •),.■ •[.,-.'., : '■ ■ "'-!i      ■■ *■';-
■  ■ a ■■ ■   ■ I   ■■
ii  [.ridge police eourl ihai dm
ih-, p luntj
ml 1 ■ ■    ..'
tain sell
■. trober nl
ini lean    childii'i    :
..   bas
 hn eil from -"''
nii.ili'i iinm J' -
The In. re,
ml ,,i ScarburouRl. nu une nighl was
,,;, I  .!   ii.elillV   In    'lis   Ism :'.     1 vi
.,1 llnu Ami. and iiuii''! .1 bou.
1-2011     om' hundred an I 11 dil cran—
18.1 unu      lui 1 in —wi re     si,    ii. 1    .1
..ie.it uminiiii ol nil ntained
1  in, u.h 1    1 inly nets were landed
,,1,, .. ii,,- s< ui' I. '' 'in drlllei
(lion ...in ,     vim h lo.. .i   ll
lu.ii in
Onsldcralili' dela) wn causc.1 .'i .1
ive.1 nu.     .11 Ripley,   Surrey, b) l">
,.,i is   uu ih,- pari  ul  lh     I 1   ■
I, ,„,|    |he   lul le« 11.     The   IUUiui
1.111H    .11    arriving al     lhc church
Iiilliili   lllllt   lhe elel'ill I   ll.nl   1"' ■'•"'
ten ih'- appointtticnl .nil bad i" I"'
icnl im. 11 was i" si .lm un usl
Uiul ihi' bridegroom lul lail.d i"
lumi; ihe tin.,. Eventually everything wus in readiness .nul Uu' cere
uiuny proceeded.
To travel a.OOII miles in acl ns
"besl man" al a welding is un experience Which lines nul full In the
lut ul iininv men. This, however,
wus undertaken hi In. Philip
Itees lormerl) a student at Iluy s
hospital, uml now n medical ntlss.on
uu iu China, in a-t tend in llnu Position Hie wedding "I bis Irlend, the
Hev Uthin Tuii'lu'll. u ineilicnl uns
Minimi  ul ibe hospital nt   Hankow
'lhe vael I   Mnyun.i
ot th
.  the i"iiiliii toi
I '.1 M
:   ;    '■
I   .
I; in arhle   potato
grown il     li
i 1..1 .-, .i 1' . ,,■ lii ., ..
\  woman   ivei     ivcnlj
,. l.lll lu  lie -11.luu' ted
ii j....       woi kho   -      M
, 1
utile    ul     latiil.fr,     i.il'    ul   li  : I lie
board, before U
ill take ehargi
A strange sighl was wim -I .1'
Huitsbn,' Lock, uh.-ii tm .1 Ilun In 1
yard un Ui.- r,ni.im I.;.- r.i .1 ilu
link, lhe surf.,, 1 ul the V
Iiii'i,,lli covered unl. Imi! .mil ily
uu fish—pike, in.uh, lu 1.nn, dace,
etc—poisoned bj some unknown
Orders have been 1 ned tin 'Is lib
huiiiilinii   Niirihiiiiilierl.iii.l    ('millers.
stationed .11 Limerick, lo  sbaml-
el in ihe middle ol th ninth.   Th,
stub will he transient I In Ihe depot
ut Newcastle, and aboui 35(1 men will
imn       lhe   2nd     lull l.lll. II      ill   Al.lci"
A Musi nie service, in whieh the
music will be iill bv Masunic composers, from Mnznll In ills presenl lime,
uill be hi'l.l at Sumhujii, cathedral
mi November 2,"'. Hr Madelcy
Richardson, ibe cul'hwlral ehuir ilirec-
.il .nub
lul   lbe
with a string
Midland  Raiiwav
.„ ..urlaimel properly „
"}•'<'   '"nt Derby.    Thev include
1,1111 lire
rockery, draper
Tnlli'shiiiv,   E:
twenlv-seven    winning Hags, ogl>lcoii| „„„(„,   irnveling rugs, "unibrelln   ..
ul   which represent    llrst-class pr Ms walking sticks, jewelry .nul bicycles.
and nine second-class.    Her record is ,	
Hi' Irsl iu her class fur Uie season. During 1I1 ■    progress ul ,1 football
■she is owned !«' Mr.  Leuchars, ami mn(Cn n| sh .rehnni. Snssev. ,, pari
is    ii.nim.iiul.'il    hv     Capt.   Sli'l'h.n ri(|w   which .,,,,1   ],,.,,„  >.w|nKn|"  rell
llurbiink.     Her   crew aro all Tones „„,„„.,,    n„,   players, nnd fnr several
bury men, and two of them sailou   In minutes     lhe   game   wns abandoned
Sir'   Thomas   Upton's Shatnrack 11 „nji^t n,, piaVers contended lor pus
.mil Shamrock III session ..I the Hi nl.    ll w.is captured
The mayor uf    Hull bus presented    ' ''   '       I  (
ihe   skipper   ui     Uie    Hull trawler     \t     Brentford      summonses   were
p mli   wiih n sold watch und   t'•'! ur.uiii il neninsi lhree inm lut lioldiire
crew with a sum ui money from th0ia rabbit coursing meetins in n Held
German Emperor, lor rescuing the at Hotinslow on Sundays. Process
crew of a German barque. The fisher- wns asi.,,,.| („,- under Ui" Sundav oh-
men elTeeU'il the rescue under perilousUervance uri uf ITM'. I: un. dated
condition in liie North Sea, in I that the penalty on coitvlct.on «.is
heavy sens nml a violent ...Is-     Hi'1  £200 per day.
soils'were washing   over ihe barque 	
whin eleven u! tbe crew were   laken    To show tin ir lliankfiihiess In Pro
uii. vldcnce (ur a greal catch oi pilchards
  : 111 (lerran's hnv, amounting tu 2,500,-
Tbe presirliiii uf Blackburn districl  uuu fish, Uie lishcruun uf Portscalho
,.f  the     Lniieushiiie    Congregalional   (Cornwall) devoted a proportio	
union, in hi- nddress recently, sug-| ^ proceeds towards yar.otis local
gcsied the formation nf 0 guild whoso charities. 'I'h.' owner uf ilm simi,'.
inles should forbid  Uie .lis,iissi.ui of  i,,   K   Peters, also subscribed.
knew 11T sun.lm  school loot ball com-     \„    oducallon   rule "resislct"   ii
mriees iili.i met un lhe S.ihlinih. Iie Norlli Devon happens lo lm the over-
fix up ih r. matches, nml   "i  ..,.,.|  m     Uie parish iu whicl lis   rc-
nlm would im attend Sun   .,,|.N ,ilHi   consclEiilloiisi)' summoned
nul unless they innl Um pnv   himsell iur   non-paymenl ul ihe   de
using the school billiard tablo mj!l;i, amounllng Ic  I-.    He handed
days. i Un- suinnnnis     lu Uis constable, whu
  1 ,ii ume returned it as "served."
- church,     Music    hawkers    inn' .-barged    al
a'--" various  Lcndon police courts iccuii
li,    under ihe new    music copyright
e Suuih   ,iV|   which wenl  Inlo lorce Augusi  1.
Uie deb- n,,sl jiiouiitsl ignoraiicc, une s.ml   h.
iml   "'".had been down for a lung holida)   In
■ ihe country, but neiiltci  |il-.t availed
  ■ ihem.      Sume   weie   lineil   His., iu
,1 Mhi.h has iusl been m,oiv-oiie days, uiul others as mueh
The nnilcd ,
..ore 111,11 unl
:: lira,
I 1,'spn
-A     111
I   hill
■ .1 ilepii
.11 .m.l  1
sl   lu
■   Wm
A vordicl uf "iiii'iiliiii.il ilealb" Was
■ letuiin-.l ul  tbe   Canning town coro-
iii-i .s eourl un Elhel    Cullicriao Isn-
liell.i  Imies,  ulin nle II)   poison con-
lainlirg   arsenic    in      inisiake    fu'
j su eels.
Councillor A. .1. Turner, in making
presentation ol a purse ol .IUIUI 1
if   111
S eattle and
via ihr
Great Northern Railway
Um Rev. P. n. Hodges, mi his- leaving  Kirklei   fur  Christ  churcli,  Clup-
:,, 1      mi  Uie    occasion ol    llu- ho,m, said.Mr. Hedges was tlie   only
Scottii.li Liberal Federation meeting parson who ever visited his (lock un
1: Peebles mi XoiTn.be. 15 next,.       I Lowestoft Pish Market, mul lie   wus
  imn nu   'acidulated drop curate."
\  in 11 nln n.is cycling .ilnnil   lbe 	
Seniuutirrs road (Haute Marine, ,1 mnn named Daniel Smilh, ro-
|.'i.iii,,-i mil,' lie.ulliiieinnsi inlu a mandwl nl Nottingham for being
i.u.;, ,,i nine.       lie broke lho ensk, orunk a„,i Incnpablo Ihrough ilrinking
l.ni ins I I was uninjured. methylated    spirits, said:    "I am n
I slave In methylated spirits.    1   lake
\  young woman in 0 railway   car-, n (0    relievo mc   ,,[ terrible pain in
m„ .  11,,. unin il.n asked lhe pcrmis-\t\K hl.,l(\, ihrniiiih nn accident.   When
.lm ,,i Mi   .1, While, M P.. I" smoke  nu. recline conies I cannol insist."
,,   cigarette,    s.,is    The Manchosler 	
llaily DespaU'h. "1 trust your honor will forgive me
  I iur appearing before ymi without wig
Th'   master    ul Ch.'linstord work- 01. gown," said a barrister in n case
bouse h.is reported  lu lhe guai'dlaimUl  lbe   llrompion    counly curl n-
1 in.  11 bread cutting machine boughl   cenlly.   "Mv clerk 1ms tailed lo hr ng
tm  ihe workhouse Ims effected 11 sav- ihem."       '"I hope ymi don'l    car
m« ui    1.IU12 loaves,   valued al   C32 y0ur learning in vmir wig and gown
lis. was Sir William Sclfe's reply.
\ Parisian milllnei has poslotl a The sea sorpent has appeared l-atli
sign inei his esiiihli'luiu ni which do-hale in the season Iii tun Kincardti
claros       "Tu    oilier,     1,1   visit. In slii.*• county policemen, in Stonehav
ih , nml lu buy—ihal is ilm .Inly  Bay.    They describe ii ns fifty yards
1,1 woman. To pay—llial is ihe dui. | |nnRl wilh 'a narrow body carrying n
nf 11,un." number   nf shorl    litis i'n lop,   will
  I smaller   prnli.rbcrniices cn each sidi
bii.'iiile composed ,,( Um main lius.
\ I'lilillileer s_* bii.'iiile I'nll.pnsril
nl v.,mini bus bJT luimeil ul Kudu-
in: cbl. ui MlTnnii I'nliiuil. In prn-
leel llm liiwri iiliiini the winter
mon Ihs, wh'li the min nil leave the
place in (inti wmk in lhe country.
"Spring Hniirus," llm Easl End
poet, lias received a letter frnm Sir
Henry Cnmpbcll-Bannerman, ic'nowl-
etlging iiis "warm expression -f sym-
pathy ' in the 'oss sustained hy Lady
llunnel'iniiii's dealll.
Princess Chrfsllan nt Schleswlg-
I-tolsleln, wnn six prizi's at. the   an- n gaivanir.cr    whose body was taken
A lodger whose vole w.is objected
lo at llaki'ivill because le did mil occupy nne room continuously, explainer! iluu he was compi Ili.i lu move
irom une ronni tn another according
tn ihs (UreoMon nt Uie wind, whicli
caused lhe chimneys iu each room in
smoke alternately. His claim was
A verdict of "found drowned" wns
relurneil nl the 'Suuih Rtailmdshire
eon ner's court nn Edward Chambers
AN EXPER1I \. 1. IN twn 11K
Till. I-KI.I.
A     CANADIAN    DETAINED    1 "l;
' ■ S ' M     '
:   :     teeen'tl     1 1 ral
il.   I' .  .1     lee, nt   um .      ii
I.     inl i' ■' uu ■ >-i" 11' m ■
keen 1:;.1,1.1' ion oil
li:        Lull. ,   nli   10  9      1 IH
a draught man, in u
losilion in Ci,
'.'.h 'I. I.s lisi 1, ,1 nub lus wile uml
I'm ■ n 1.1 mouths ni
tow, Ite I.:'   .' eli the
iiji'l. cast cornel '   ■(
call ■.       ;
.;.  t.aurie'i   ttortl m  po :.
h 1.      ., i'l   - ■ ■ ■ ie.-   ivesl ■
,.,> ehains,   "' '
thence cast ku' ch I
COlllIll. lueliiMil
.lam      V. 1
William W. Lam nl
:    Con
■        h ■ Sim  in ri.
1 I aui ic
: u.st."  thelice easl
■     h • llll   elm'
i.i  shun iu,., 1 11 m   , hains,  in 1.
■   l bi   11 1  is Si attlo     H
ravebd to    \ ancouver In- Uu- f   P
It. and '.., 1. 'l.e Unsn  Northern mil
llal Vrriving    ■■'
1. m. Vmi 1 i's.ii im ii
i.-i      n.i   customs      |UU puses u,|  Uml
.. i's   Mi   I ■ li.ul In- 1 .il,-,- icarcl
hi   large!    baggage having pn-
1 Ui      uitleal, iiul   he
I«l on ii.   journey.
.ill    Lain  liei mu     1'ieii 111 Seattle
..11  1 11    in 1  ii. was offered .1 po
[ii, 1   .    draught man in in   cily en-
i.llu s .m.l    he accepled    lln
li    1' ...I. T! 1     WaS   nil   I'l I.lul     Sep
lemliei   -'.Ui, .m.l having worked    m
11  eapacitj nil day, in ihe en-
lire    iimi,1,1 1 .I,-, Mowrev,   ihe
11; engineei is- iin.illy asked iun lu
■ nl inne mi insiend uf returning i"
Hrilish Columbia.    This Mi.  Lane ai
he   lime  (lllll   intiliil'sl   lu  lln.
Alter wmk llial day, he walked
.l,wn in Un- what! lii huiiiil ihe lorry
ileamel   lm   AIki  Pi.inl,  where    Mr.
Lane's  liter resides, wlm    bis
surprise In' was laken in charge li) an
emigration officer nnd requested in
nee. minim him.      He wns taken   in
he Seattle eourl bouse, where he was
L'l.iiiuil mil placed in ibe hospital
.iur.I ui companv with sev,-ml trusted
convicts.     lu his new  suit nlinus,
he sp, ill the night, hut curly in tho
11.1111 mi wus visited hv Uio emigration officer and ink™ in Um emigration headquarters. Dn arrival there
he was closely questioned nnl gave
evidence on oiilli A scries uf ipies-
ii ins ul U very pointed nature    were
mnsi  ni  him 'ns   lu  how   he   w.is  es-
uiiiiu'il ut lllaine, in whieh Mr. Lane
,lulid,  llml  il      wns eii.linl   llm elis-
imus ollicials lunl mis-taken him foi
in American, uu nccnunl nf him Imv-
ii" n small liuveline valise in bis pns-
.essinii.      Tli' Inspection nml   close
•russ-i'vnniiliiilii.ii ui ll Iheiiils only
i,aile l.'.ie mailer look worse .mil Mr.
i.uii.' wus informed Iterl he would be
liisl hv luw nnil could either defend
'.iim ell'ut iiimii!!' un attorney. T'ns
late i.f affairs evidently did mil suii
be "prisoner" uiul he stated Uml he
.iiiiiii onlv he in" glad in return 10
I... Canadian side il allowed. Tte
v.iniiiiiiiiuii ended in a slaleraeni ol
ihe mallei' hem.: U-legraphid in
iVas-hlnglon. In Uie monnlime, how-
■ver.     Mr. Lime hul    Uie    choice nl
spending   Uu'   week's   llell'tisinil   eitllel
11 ih- eourl house nr in lhe detention
.hod nl Porl Towns I. lie preferred the former nnd fur n whole week
njtiyed lhe life of 11 real d lalned
migrant, Instead nl heli.fi inl mi
:lis customary ilml nf bread and
.valor ns he expected, Mr. l.nne was
treated like n prince, nnl in respcel
in ihe American emigration depart
•ii'iil, he bus nullum; hul Hie highest
.(    praise      In  give. He    halt,   nl
■muse, iii keen ihe company "!' llm
isual police en'ui'i characters' wim nl-
liesseil bim as "Canuck," bin in the
•uu I ler ni in.nl- Mr l.nne sin les.
•hit   Ilnv  were  equal   tn   tllnse nt    n
irsi-clnss holel.
Th' loilowing Snlul'iluv he wns iiliiini,si Uml his requesl fur deporla-
'iiiti bull been granleil, and wus ue-
'oinpanied down 10 tlie wh trf Uv Uie
igcul whose name is Mr. Parker Ellis.
Tickets fur Viclr.'1'ia were purehusol
mil he wus ilii'n given his freedom.
Mr. 1 'in   iiiiiiils lu stai in \i. iiiii
nl already las obtained u position,
mi he wili never forget his vacation
n lhe "free' slate uf Washington.
Take notice Ihal thirty days after
Iulo I Inleml lu upply lo the Chiel
Commissioner ni Lands ami Works fm
,1 license in cut uud carry away Umber Irom the loilowing described lnmls
situated in Suuih Ensl Kootenay:
Commencing     twenty ehuius suutli
nf lie 111 mile pust nil lhe oust Inuill-
Inrv ,.[ lul Nu. .1551)2, llience south
eigbly chains, Ihenco enst eighl..'
.■bums, thenco norlli eighty chains,
llmnee wesl eighty ohains tu the
point nf commencement.
Waller Eraser.
Paled November 5, 1900.      33-5t
is herehy givt
n tha
lays alii
1 iinte 1 iiiicn
1 in apply ti
he Chic
ul I.n
ills   .,11.1
iVorks a
\ iclorla lu
n s|
"iai  li-
•ense to
cul uml eui'ii
rom lhe
fiilluilinc (losl
amis i„
Suiilli  E
asl Koolcnay:
nclng at a pn
sl   pla
lied   nl
he soiit'h-ensl corner i
' Pan
iiiiii,'.- 1
■.'Use Nn. Iiiiil
lb 11
0   II .111)
sn chain:
,     Ihenee    on
t    llll
Uienco s
uilli 211   chain
. Ihei
in drain
, Ihenee snulli
llll eh
litis .mil
llience w
•st no chains
.. llm
nlnce ol
11. M   ll
.1. W   lii
his     Isi day
uf  N,
W.  !•'.
Btll-d, li'.inlirn
ok, Si
Kill ' li uns in th.- place ot
■ Liiii"-- A.  Laurie, Locator,
tt    lam W. Kauri     Vg ni
l ■■■ il .1   th-   fitli ,l,.\   ...   ti-.'..',,r,
."1.   ('tiniiii' nciii ■, .< ■    .1  posl   planted
.1! nut    111 1 ii ■!,     ■-,. •    uf James A
!..,'ii ie's   ■ ■ iih w esl   coi ni i   posl     nl
location   niinibei     four nnd   imjrki'd *
'\v 11 i.iiii V,. Lam 1 ■    soul i west i oi
:,   :     '1 1  I tllitl-'C     . .1   '    1"      i :
Mi nr.' nm 1I1 Iiii. t'lt'ih      thrnce
in . liains, llience  iouth  I fill eluii    tt
ilk- place • I ci nnii- ncemenl,
William W. Laurie, Locator,
Loral.d   Hi.-   mli   day ul   Ociuhei
,1 1
l.ll '1
11     pus
uf       Wll
planl  1
Mill       W
's      si.llll
1      "It   1,1
1   11,.
veil's   s
|lii-l     lllll
HI I'll
Iiul III
Ill,   eli
nr-,  tli
ll    luu
I.e.-  west
liains 1.1
Henry Iluwell, Locator
William Vi. Laurie, Agent,
ated the   Olh -luv   ul   October,
nl ., post planted
nnd marked ".Tames  A. I
tlh wesl cornel   posl,"  Ihei
chains,  ih  north  nm
n.e wesl      III chains,  th in
.lames   \   Laurie,  Loealor,
William W   Laurie, Agent.
Located tlm   nth   div ul    in   ■■ -
liiurkid "Uilli
uu   W.   I.
wosl corner 1
nt." thi
chains, lh,nee
norlh in
wesl   lllll     eh.
in.     11,
chains    I., lh
w   Lau
0.   Cumin'm
im_- al
lim   chains
Laurie's soull
west"   '.'
:.- ^ . a   ,t ,'' '  pi.u.ivd
- .   .     I.      Ii   ..nl   ■'' t 1.-HI1.1  west ot
■   .        .. ■        iuuiii west corner
ton Nu. iu uid maiKiii
1 .. . ■   i'l. ui'mL   wt*
ti       ;, .    It   oU    uit^lQS,
.1  J. .   Itit'Iii c    suuih
."  ■  8U 1 bains   Ut
i- ■■   mi ti' .
Laurie, Locator,
Laurie,  Agent).
:   in,- lutli daj   ni uctolwr,
■  iug al  a posl planted
a'*-1.:   i" c ttii ,,!  th*.- inoutli
Creek  "ii  ilie    east
Vermillion     Kiver ami
li..wai .1 nm th-west
'..in.-i post. ' lli nee east tim clmfna
;■  I.     souiii  iu 1 hain .     Uience west
ItiU . 1:.1 11 , ih :."  north pi chains to
■ ■ ■■. n . ■ ment.
ii.iii)   ili.w. ii, Loeator,
\\, ham >>   Laui i , A^i/iii.
I..,, ated   ihe liu. L..\    ot Oetobw.
I '     1 omiu ii' .....  ..:.  ,l  ,'   it  I'Unicd
..'  cliaili "-'.i   ul   11 Ui)   iH'Wca s
.,  ■■.      j... .  ".  localtou
....       ... a       U&iuea a.
 :   -■.        COl ml   pusl, '
till       di ... uce    east*
hu   chain .    Uienci   noi lu *"   ebaws,
 •■■   .... ;.-  10 .■...' place ui
1 ■ ■ ■
.v.  I..unu-, Loealor,
tt in w   Laurie, Agiut.
I.iii ..    ..li iia)    i'i ucu.ber,
m.   1 ;.■.,.., .11 a pust plantod
a-uoul   a* iii.t.u>      uul'lu ui   tile  iuuu^U
." 1 io*>i'eci«ji.a Crevn auu ou inu ciaL
L.tUn ut aii.' \cimiuiun i\i\et auu
umihcu "i.ii.i.iii; 11. i.auiiL' b souui-
L-dJ.i cuim .    ; ■ -..     ibx.-nco ftesl    ou
I'u.l.It:.,   .... ..1    "■■   1 .....:.-,    Jl.'lRU
easi .--ij cnaius, ih-ucu -.uuil! su
eiia-ms iu ino    place ui    i ummeue**-
William tt. Laurie, Locator,
cai- .1  .:.-    1. .i.   ua)  ol Uelober,
Ji. i - tunn :. .;.., ..'. \'o-\ plan led
.. ■■ ■' . -.. uii uoi .li 01 ite moult,
• :    r.    .■ s. Creek aud marKed
Jam a. La ■-.■ ■ •>■- h \\.-.-.; coi-
ii'.-t     iiu:''.        . east SU ckains,
■:.;;.•■ ...;. .    U.nw  wesl
.... ,*" chains iu
piai .    [commcm .unm.
Jam 'a a. Laurie, Locator,
ttilliam tt. Laurie, .\.-!':.'..
■   .    . :.i\   ui Uelober,
u> 1 hains, '.bin  south      i ha r.    li
'I; 1 place of commence]    i I
William W   Laui le,  L c loi
Locate.!   the   1'Mh day nf   O tober
1 ninl.
10.   rmum n:
i     t liains    ni
For ilelnlled Information, rates, etc., call on it address
Fernie, ti. 0."
iiii.il show of tlie Maidenhood ami
Windsor branch nf thc National Poultry Organization society, ot which
her royal highness is president.
'rin* Bourne (Lincolnshire! cuardiatis
ntetl llvir clerk, Mr. ('. W. Hell,
wiih ;i silver kt*tt|i> nn liis approach-
marriaffc.       The clerk's triamt-
frniii    the     Itirmiii-'lvmi   Canal. Al-
tlvni'.ii In* was     onlv fifty years old.
liis ilai.Rhler said 1 hat he could nnt
find employment because lie was Uio
Malor nuiiaidsnn, nf Carnoustie, \
R., Instructor nf llie London Companies It. A. M. V. volunlecra in amlni-
fatluT anl faiher    fonnerlv occupied lance work with dogs, haf lieen com-
llic itnsilinn which h" now fills. missioned by Baron van LHHehoolr, of
  | Rtocfehotm, "who is in charge nf   war
Owlivjt lo n tropical downpour ofiilogs in the Swcillsli army, lo supply
rain a main tehmhonc cahle eoiiduit at'liim with some Scotch cullies for
Dover was flooded during one   nighl  ambulance work.
N'niiee is hereby given that    thirl
davs after dale I inleml in aPI'ly  t
'llr linn, lb* Chief Commissioner    of
Lands and Works for a special Heen
io cul ami carry    away titul't-i  from
:1m 'nllMvin.: described 'land-, all    of
which air situate in llm districl    of
Vorth Kast  Koolenay:
1. Commencing at ^ Posl marked
"William W. Laurie's nnt il,-\v,--1 coi
'i r post," and planted at the mouth
.f tin- South Fork of lhe .Siinson
river 'h nee east SO chains th nee
. -uth Hfi chains th, nee wesl 80
chains, thenee norlh RO chains to tlm
place of commencement.
William W. Laurie. Locator.
Located Ihe fitli dav of October,
3. ComtneiicinK at a post nlanl w\
west of and adioinlnn William W
Laurie's n irth-west enrner posl nf
the List lncatinn and marl.t-d "Henrv
Howell's norHi-ea^l corner posf,''
thence west 1 no chains, Ihenee south
in eh.i'ns. thence east Hid chains,
il; ncc north to chnlns to the place of
Henrv Howell, Locator,
W. W. Laurie, Agent.
r oeafed the flih dav of Oetolier
a  ' ■ -'   pi  :.'
f    Will mi      W
Laurie's  soUth-vi    t  corner  post
location    No. il ami  marki I  "Henrv
IN,w,-11'-. soulh west cn..; post,'
litii-e .'ast Mi chains, thence north
SO chains, ihence west Mi chain-:,
tin n ■!* south wi chains tn th ■ placi
,f I'linnm neement.
Henry Unwell. Locator.
William W. Lauiie,  Agenl
Located the     10th day ot October,
11. Commencing at a rr>-' planted
RO chains north and 20 chains o*c I it
Henry Howell's -..'rh ■■■ sl
posl 'of lncatinn Nn in '.1 :. -i
"James A. Laurie's s ih-wesl -:-
ner post," ih *nce n rth ICO cha ns
thenoe e,st in chain-, tlience south
lim chains, 'h nee west Mi chains tn
the place nf commencement.
.laities A.  Laniii-   Locator.   '
Wiliiam W   Laurie,   \ rent
Localed tlm     LOth -lav ni October,
IJ. Commencing a' a post planted
west of and adjoining James A.
Laurie's south-west corner posl ol
location Nn. 1! and marked "William
t\ Latin: s ■ :tih a -; ccmer post
llwnce we.i in chains, tlu-nce north
Uiu ch.iin>. tin nn- easl H> cha :,-
ihenee smith 100 eltains in th- placi
nl commencement.
Willi,rn W. Laurie, Locator.
Located   the   10th  dav  of   October
LL   Commencing ai a- posl  planted
100 chains imrth and Hi chains wesl
nf     James       A.   Laurie's   south-west
corner post o! location No II anl
marked "James A. Laurie's south-
wesi corner post-,'* thence-north Hti
cfains, thenee west sii chains, thenee
sntitih Sli chains, thence easl sn
t'hains to Hie- place nf commencement.
Jann-s   \. L,i"!ic   I-ocalor.
William W. L. iric   Agent.
Lncate.l   the'   lOtti May of October,
11 Commencing at a posl pli :,-•■<i
su chains north and mn chains wesl
nf James A Lsi.rie's Roui-h wesl
eornei in -' nf location No-, 13 and
m.ikid "ILtty Unwell'- rioilth-west
eornei posl " lh j eo easl BO ohains,
thence north so chrtlns, ih nc< .'esl
thenee soitHi mi thiins In
nf cn!
t oca! tl
1000    •    '
SO'chalns noi
Henr\      II. \
W   l..u
:.l Oelo
'     'iJ Cit,  l
ii- wesl cf
i -i cornet
n I marked
•   'A-'   '    Cl   t
to   chain i,
tee    sntllh
chains to
clnins. il, nc wi -<
plaee nf commencement
William W 'Laurie, Locator.
lOcattd ihe   nn]- dav nf   October
in; Commencing 'nl'n posl nlanted
f»0 chain? norlh and m chain- west r,f
William W Laurie's soiH-ll-wesl corner post i-f lne.itmn No. IS and m.irk-
id "Henrv flowell's sr.uth-west ebr-
n-r post "    tbence north«S0    cllafris,
ib.uiib      :.  ...
.■. post planted
ttilliam     W.
:.   ,.-■     cornt:   post    of
tioli   No   iti .-.n.i marked "James
I    trie's   -■ ith-east  eornei   pest,"
a-' west     *" i bains, bl enoe noith
il uce east   so chaius,
.....;:.-. ui the place ul
. :.   m nt,
.   '.., ■        Locator,
Willi,   .        i.   ...      \.■■:.:.
..     . 1  .-. ■.   ol Uctoher,
J I. al  _ -.. »st planted
•  A, Laurie's
I location
_: :     : i- ;.:;•   Howell's
ier thenoe east
':.   Sll    chains;,
.. :. su chains,  Ihence south
hain place ol c unmence-
. :.',
Ht :.'■   Howell,  Locator,
' .■■- . .  Agent.
...  ol October,
: 106.
-:     C  tap St  planted
:.■ nh     ill ni y Howell's
post ol locatiou
: -i     William   Vi.
■iouth- ■..-■     corner  pest,"
theme west
.    ..     th :. -    •   .'!.   160    chains.
h :.     easl   ;
nceri   :.
1  -   'u-i.
'.'.'    I.ii'
llth   il.
ne.  Locator,
y ui   October
-"    Commen -:.- at  a p( -'  planted
north   ■■:" Hrnry Howell's
mutl     est     co :.-1    pi it of ex-ation
23 ■■: "ttilliam    W.
Laurie's     • mtb- ..■■•     corner post,"
". :. thence   north
tbence we it   1"    chains,
':. :.        ■.-..  160      iim  '    the place
of commencement.
William  W.  Laurie,  Locator.
;. the Utb    lay ..; October,
[906. 33-5t
20    C     men ing at a post planu*d
ahout one  ...; .
'••I     'ie
rom     the head    of
and   ahoul     twenty
thereol     ;n,d marted
Laurie's   uorlh-west
..-;.. ■■ east Itj'i cbains,
ibd-.n-.,  thence west
;. .. lh -10 cbams to
tt. Laurie,  L.rCator.
U:h du\   oi ik'tober,
•h.iin.s,  tlnnep v.f-1   Hn chains    to
place of commencement
U nrv Howell, I ocator
William W. Laurie, Agent,
Commencing    at a post'plnnlcd]   LncnUd   tlu-   10th dav nf Octohor,
100 ehains west    ot   Henry Howell's UOQO.
2',. Comm '.. .'.- at a post plantwl
iboul SO i.. -.. •■■■■■•: ■■! ttilliam tt'.
Laurie's nui Lh-wesl i ornei po-rt of
I.- ation la I ■ ned .wei   marked
"Htnry Howell ■ so ith-west cornet
,),. ■ ' tb ;.' no] th Hi chain.-., thenco
easl 160 ch :■ - tbeni e Bouth 10
h .;. ihence west 100 chair..-, to tbo
place ol commei cemi r.",
II, ru v Howell, Locator.
Located th    12      laj   ni   October,
28 Comn m at .. post planted
about     i"i : ■ east ol   Henry
Howell     noi h wi  I   comer   post ol
location  lasl   :..:.'■' ■'   aiid    maiked
"William W, Laurie        ith-west cor-
■    .., ihei. e   ni "1.   80   chains,
■li net   en      ■<• < ba ..     I hence   south
-I' , hail wi at 80   chains    to
!.   [i] -■ neement.
ttilliam W.   Laurie,  Locator.
Located  th:   12th   lay   nf October,
i -in,
29. Commencing a' ,, pn-* planted
about 1" -1 ains n irth i.f William W.
Laui nortl easl comer pnst nf tho
■' ition 1,' it mentioned and marked
"llenrj iii we I • no th-wcsl corm-r
post," th mc ci-' v" chains, thenco
-mitl. SO chains. Ihence west 80
chains, ihnce north sn chains to tho
place of commi neement.
llenrv Howell, Locator.
Located     'lhe    12th  dav  nf Octobofc,
•tn Cntnmrncinf* at a nost planted
about five chains north of Henry
Howell's north-cast corner post nf
lhe lasl mentioned location and marked "William W. Laurie's north-west;
corner post." tliencp cast 100 chains,
Ihence south Hi chains, thenee west
160 ch.ins. thmee north -10 chains to
the place fi commi neement.
William W. Laurie, Locator.
Located thc I2th day of October,
101)0. 33-5t, THK   CRANBROOK    RJfittALO
The bettei terms problem is pro
vidlng a fruitful topic of discussior
in the coasl pri ss The Victoria
Colonist has recentl) published two
Interns-ting letters on the subject
which arc produced hereunder. The
first i^ trom the Conservative sena
tor of Victoria, W. J. Macdonald,
and the second from K. L. Drury
Liberal M. I'l'. ior Victoria.
Senator Macilonald's letter reads a
Tn the Editor;—May I be allowed
an opinion on ihe part acted by our
premier at ihe recent conference of
premiers at Ottawa, as one wta Iw
presented on more than ono occasion
tn thi* dominion government and parliament ih.- financial standing ol this
province, oil nt which must be well
known i„ ihese two public bote
ami io th.- provincial premiers u
parliamentary reports
Om  i i^ht t^ spe-
whom     the
were   forwarded
shown,    N
i'«'   premier,
claims nt   Uu- j,
mttteti nt dominion
i"i  adjustment.
doubt, it
intention   of
LS    to      d SCllS.S       UlC
vinces wiih a. vom-
ibinet ministers
n.l  not solely      by
■msefves, and not  that any   group
oi premiers .shnuld recommend   what
any  special    province  should   receive.
How, ot  why ihc deliberations   took
tlllS    fot 111.     nl      «ln'    "       "
mn  premier
.....rv1.!»!aki,is thai im,,; as ,l(.
I'1'1"'  his    claim  before    the
.^eminent,    and    not
. .iihject     in  ,|-
^bim     of   ih,
_ ,,,,..1.1,    ama    nol  U)
have it  siil.i.'i't    m tie opinions,    oi
provincial   premiers
land Sn   Wilfrid  Laurici
is  the   premiers    should
orm   treatment, but the
i-.li   Columbia being of
ca'itieiti, pud not for un
Mclti de ITid not say   1
nn    arrival' at   Vieloria
premiers not agreeing i<
proposal foi a sliding scale of in
creased subsidies   that on withdraw
ing from ih.- conference he laid
""se,     and   claim, before Sii Wi
uiier     hoping   foi  tan   and   ,i»si
rn.tti.eiil      This he mav have done.
i  I dn aot know.     Noi did he imn
ni the    $110,000 which was ret-om-
tided by  tl"' conference as well a;
one million dollars payable in lei
nal  instalments,       If'these
is could  be    had  in  Hn
hunt going   down nn
'■case  nf   [li
f'-i' special
formilv, M
un, AZ
M'UOOIS in  li
ing   many
'"•sal  of one, ot
was unwise mnl ),].
sonic vears tn if,.
"i'i" terms" case
lumbian with (l th
welfare ol the cou
think the immune-
all  it  is) sho
and 11 usi  thl(
"tangos mul
tiai  ehaiaciei
either   nr   h
tinned    be
mean liim
•Vll nil Vultr 1,,
' belp lo the ji
"I     in  establish,,^
Hrlde   pi
creased   I
t'S of roads      flic
'     "I   both   Ihese S
y shut ihe door tot
'fOpCIliiig ,,f "lnjt-
As a llritish t'o
'I' mietest   in    th,
"y. 1 do sinccrel)
'latfon (tor that ti
ive been accented
"ne went on thai
('lls  "f  a   substHii-
(1  be  made.      Will
n or the amounts men-
i';n"   "ie     province next
knows?     ii is nn, n[t(lJ;
orcttl on persons, „r on
Al the leception Mr. Mc-
lf?s,     ni   threatened,    in-
umn. consequent on    id,
districts bv rail-
- --, >  .mmmis uy rai
ways, and population coming in li
garaing schools and roads, i.nless in-
creased subsidies were received.
Would it not be more statesmanlike
to say lhat lhe opening up of the
country would increase the provincial
revenue by the sab* ol land, and
legitimate taxation fmm mines, timber and other sources, which governments sn well know how to secure,
in his speech be referred to a probable appeal to the imperial Kovnn-
ment on the ques!ion of "belter
terms," and lhat should an ameud-
U'liL to the llritish Noitb American
Act, be sought, that ihc claims oi
this province would be presented,
Air. Alclliidu knows lull well that any
amendment proposed Lu Uiat Act will
be at. the instance of the Dominion
government, and that no province
could have its special views given
ertect to in aa imperial amendment.
'lhc wishes ol the Dominion government would prevail over that of any
provincial government, ttben Judge
"' ' appealed   lu   the  coloniaJ  01-
ic years     agu on the non-rul*
ihe conditions on    wliich
the province joined federation be had
a good case—a bleach of contract.
In rhe present case there is no legal
claim on lhc Dominion governments
.simply one of equity. There is no
breach uf contract now, so that our
premier would have no breaches witb
which to come before the colonial office.
Wilhoul entertaining any such appeal the premiei thus ■■a.iuod a very
important point, an admission that
the province is entitled to special
consideration, and if be had played
that card wisely the province would
most likely have fared better. Mr.
advice is to follow up this admission
in a statesmanlike way, sotting for
this purpose the colonial olliee to one
side, which at ihc most could only
recommend, Imt could not command.
W.   J.   Macdonald.
The coming ongagcmenl of Messrs.
Ilaiuld Nelson ' and Clifford Lane
Bruce, wiih their supporting company, will Ik* welcome news to lhe
theatregoers of Cranbrook. This year
the company is by far the most
talented and will present*-here for the
first lime nn eleboral-c scenic and costumed product on, "A Soldier of Fortune."
The plot is laid in Germany in the
early costumed pei ind ami deals with
the superstitions of the people of that,
time. Sir Rupert around whose adventures the play is woven, the gay,
can-less, fearless free-lance and upholder of thc poor and oppressed is a
\ery lifelike character in Mr. Nelson's hands. Those who have witnessed the artistic work of this great
actor may feel sure of a treat when
Mr. Nelson appears in this role.
Mr. Clifford Lane Bruce, who has
been witb Mr. Nelson for the past
five seasons plays a leading part in
the play. The supporl ing company
is large and Includes Oeo. Dayton.
Wm, Yule, Bryce Desmond, Pearl
Eeesor, Lucy Thayer and many
On Thursday evening, November
2tHh, a public ball will In* given in
Wentworth ball in aid of tlie Craubrook brass hand. This will be the
ball of the season and the committee
in charge will leave nothing undone
to make it one of the social successes
of th.* year.
Since tho re-orgaiii/.ation of the
baud, about - year aso, the boys,
imier ibe Ifaderrfaip of B. H. Short,
have btin most diligent in their practice, and haae nut only contributed
their time to the .same, but have.
purchased a number of instruments,
a supply of lhe very latest bund
music, which, with the exception of
the Jt;,r> contributed by the city, they
have paid tot out of their own pock
ets, and the result is to-day lhat we
have a band tbat every citizen may
well feel pii.ud of. All monies thai
have been received bV the band for en-
(■agvmen ts has b-rvn placed in 1 he
treasury for the pr.reha-»e (;t uniforms
and, as this amount bas not been
large, and as the boys ate anxious
tc secure the uniforms in order to
make a respectable appearance in public, they have decided to make this,
their first appeal to the public. The
tickets or the occasion lia\e been
pjacedat Vi and every citizen should
pTrchase one and thus show their appreciation of an organization which
ras refrained fmm asking aid until
they have proven beyond a doubt thai
they are worthy of the same.
A well attmled meeting with Mr.
Jas. Neill in the chair was held al
Watts-burg on Saturday evening last
for lbe purpose of orgaiii/.ing a social
club and library and after some dis
cussion it was decided to proceed in
Ihe matter. Ollieers were according
ly electedand a considerable numbei
ly elected and a considerable uumbcj
of members were enrolled. The of
fleers elected are _$ follows:
t'lesWeut— E. ttaits.
\ icc-l'iesideut— tt. Juhusou.
Treasurer—A, E. Watu,
AbsisUni Treasurer—V, Watts.
faccrelury—A. A. U.illaid.
Assisiaiu Secretary—A. V. Bashei.
A uuiiuiiig and executive couuniitct
ivete appointed and olbei business
carried tuning... Messrs. Walls 4.
omis have Mildly piuims,ed a very
iiandsome donation in cash, besides.
a piauu and assisluuce iu ulner ways.
Ue hope ibat iu tbe neat future wc
ahull have a cluu ul wtieb auy town
mijjil be piuud, as iu addition l^
iiuiaiy aud reading luum, it is in
iciideu iu have puui tables and otbei
aiuiisciucnis. Alter passing 3 heariy
>oie oi tuaiihs tu all concerned in in.-
iiiovcmi-ni and siugmg ''Uwi Ha\v
.be King," the meeting adjoitrntxi.
Long may the \V„ttsburg suciai cluu
Uutirish, it is a good move iu n gooa
Vancouver, Nov. B.—Robert Jar-
dine, ol New Westminster, lias been
selected by Dewdney Liberals to contest that seat for the provincial
house wilh Premier McBride at the
coming election.
Division L, J. O. Clothier, Principal.
Pupils enrolled  20
Average    daily     attendance  10.30
Perfect attendance:—Ethel Culver,
Bulla Taylor, Ruth Harvey, Daisy
McCallum, Edith Hail, Harvey Dickson, Joseph Bourgoine, Alec* McCallum, Chas. UcCowau.
Division     11.,   1>.    Claire   Caldwell,
Average  35.11
Enrolled  ll
Perfect ai'ttudtuice.—itayniuud
Armstrong, Rachel bardgeit, Ueor-
gma Caiiwngbt, Mclva laitwriglii,
edgar Davis, Rubert Fuiley, Dry sun
Kiumss, Arthur Fowler, Harold Ilall,
KaUierine AlcCaJlum, Jessie rtie-
Cowan, Charlie Morrison, Dave Reid,
V'ldceul Smith, Lillian McCowan.
Division     III., Miss     R.   0. Purdy,
Average  37.litf
Enrolled  -18
Perfect attendance:—Nathan Barn-
haidt, Benj. Beai'he, Eva Uryues,
Claude Davis, Violet Deacon, Marcus
Derr. Robert Derr, Kathrine Dumont,
Rose Dumont, Gordon Fowler, Carl
Gill. Edgar Handle)', Marguerite
Harvey. Bertha Hickenbotham, Stanley i'l ill. Wilfred Hunter, Mary
Leightliauser, Ituby Nesbitt, Jennie
Patlon, Ruth Reid, Constance SWven,
Olive White.
Division     IV., Miss     C.    G.   Hall,
Average  44.27
Enrolled  52.
Perfect alt i.i nice:—Arthur Bowness, Melvin Burton, Ella Bryans,
Percy Bardgvti, Marguerite Drum
moiid, William Kit/.patriek, Wesley
Kinley, funis Hill, Graeie Iliggins,
Gladys Hickrnbotham, Jessie Hunter
llnl,i Johnson, Lee Look, Lottie
Leask, Irving Lea.sk, George Mead,
Carrie Moore, Clifford McNabb, Andy
Patterson, Mav Hyatt, Laura Richards, Earle Stewart, Nisei Thompson HazcI TayU.r, Bernard Schermer-
horn, Aliee Wood, Gordon Walllnger,
Lauretta Arms-trong.
Division V.,     Miss R.     M. Springer,
Number enrolled   50
Avcraue attendance  -10.
Perfect  at tendance:—Clarence
new, Mary Barnhardt, Wilfred Brault
Nan Byer's, Valery tie Grace. Fred
De Grace, Alex. Dickson, Douglas
Finness. John Kit^patrick, Norman
Fowler, Roy Hill, Vernm Killens,
Albert Laurie, Alberta McLean. Gordon McKenna, Ix-tHe Moore, Wm.
Moore, Rainsford Parks, Frank Pat-
Orvil Thompson. Chrvstille
Helen   West,    Gladys  John-
Iraturr th*i ran imt be dnplu*atr«l--
the miiihinaiivi of RwratCI and coat
- the collar nnv be faftttUtd dosr lo
the tliriMl oi  rolled   back as dMireiL
Wescul and Sweaters
come in all si/cs, weights and colon—
wilh club emblems or college rotors
knitted to order, kwirt «l IwlalitM
see out trademark mi raih ^annpnl
Write fnr catalogue if ymir dealer
riiini.it Mipply jnli.
»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦*»♦♦ ♦♦♦«
(Selected )
ll     is     tll,
the most  t
relage Mi.it
at  heart   he i
When a m.i
nature thai  I
of the cook
judgment iha
Sonic men ■
lheir lips.
.,- done.
still he i
n  lime and
wh., admit!
■   tlin)   expect   t
.* is a bitaiuM
such symp
ii  iun    inti
md i.ii Ihii
lheir principles .
-lllllll v
Hi*   wila
A   bl
The wise
his windows
.vh.u  the pu
One way lo get even wilh i
is lu put him m ;, hole.
The chautauqua speaker fo
ha'.iit uf carrying a rati
It      is easy      li. gj
people   unaajiiaiulfd
■sin to tb
ie facts
t belli.
iy   pushes
The man who slobbers in
is either drunk or foolish.
No man is arraigned in
court   . w itiu.in     having
storv back of bin:.
his speech
tho   police
a pathetic
ire su mean  they
nminit suicide to <
ie woman.
.Men on the. stump lnnk smaller thai
when they arc standing oil cotnino
It is lhe girl with little hair of he
own who is entitled Ic sympathy.
This is lie
overcoats ai
When everybody wants to do a certain thing, everybody will fight t<
get there first.
time when  last  year's
mustered for inspec-
After a man h
while he finds oul
ts been married    a
the shortest    way
The best way tu maintain wages is
lo put 'em iu the bank.
One way to tell whether anybody
lives there is to noliee whether the
porch has been swepl.
Many people have the discomfort of
a bad.storm every day iu looking
for it.
The dc'ight   of many tenants is
break in a new house.
al     li
Bom—On Saturday, November 6th
11100, lo Mt and Mrs. W. II. Marshall, a son.
Born—On Saturday, November 5th
11)1)0, to Mi. and Mts. A. Joliille, a
Fred lla/en and Fiank Angers left
Monday morning tm  the Wlnderi
Mi. and Mts llativ Robichaud led
Saturday afternoon ioi   the
in  lhc east.
KOR SAl.K-l have eever
class pun* bred name eocki
sale al reasonable prices
Baidgctt. .v.i
J. tt. Mackintosh, accountant o
the King Lumber Mills company, lef
ou .Sunday for Spokane on business
He is expected back during lbe week
Mrs. J. P. Fink recovered nleolj
fiom her recent illness and was abb
to be out for a short carriage udi
the first of the week.
V. S. LiddicOatt, who has been
tp.ite ill for some lime, is somewhat
Improved ihis week, ami was gble t
he mn again lo-day.
The Kninlils of Pythias and (hi
Fellows hfdir.es have appointed ,ioiu
committees tc, complete the pit-limit
ary arrangements for lheir annua
New Year's ball in thc Fraternity
.Mr. and Mrs. P. II. Khun, nf Bar
kcrville, B. C, arrived iii Cranbrooi
'.L.nd.n and are visiting at the resi
dence of Dr. E. W. Connolly. Mi-
Barker, is a brother of Mrs. Cou
nolly, mother nf the doctor.
The Cosmopolitan bote] is heim
grca-Mjr improved by the addition o
a modern wash room ami new lino
lentil in U.e office and b'ar. Mr
Small, the proprietor, is always up
to-date, and his hotel is doing „ bin
ti. Avers, om* of the most popular
iff the olliee stall' of the Sl. Eugem
Mining company, at Moyie, passed
Ibl'oUgli Craubrook Tuesday on bis
way to Spokane, where he will be
married. Mr. Avers' many friends
at Moyie gave him g grand send-on
on the occasion of his departure,
tt. D. llill informs the Herald lhat
be is now convinced that a tMel
knows a good thing when they
This week a big consignment of 20tli
Century clothing was received by Hill
A- Co, and m arrival bete il was discovered that some of the package!
had been broken inlo and fifteen pain
of trousers stolen while the gnod:
were In transil.
Lark Langin has returned from Ed
monlon, having sold out his busines.-
in that city. Mr. Langin says tha'
ihc prairie mny be all right but that
he prefers to live in the mountains.
He savs that Mr. Greer, Mr Noble
Mr. Dickson, Mr. Rooks and olher
formerly of Craivbrnok, are doing
The besl   \
lhat  is failh
The elmr
big debt ha
ut of life
st away.
■I.   Ibat
acknowledges   n
I mi money mat-
lhe    lies
iheir tn
An  itcln
loss of sle
with  rlieiimalism,  though of
Iciiiperaiiicnis,  cannot   keep
ubles to tliemselves.
but   whin
A sho.
ploy men I
People w
ike them,
A    winter    pit
thin-s out of lh.
'ast   appears   ti
ei  up.
nt   lake any
like children are
lsure     is  in  fishing
There .wilt be a special meeting of
the city council Friday, evening for
lhe purpose of considering: the mailer of giving the Electric Light com
pany privilege tr, extend their works
iu this city. The company arc arranging to expend over $100,000 in
the way of improvements, and tilm
permission from the council is necessary.
Key City Lodge. No. 42, I. O. 0,
V., hiis been invited to visit Wildey
lodge of Moyie Tuesday evening next
and participate in the exemrplilication
uf the wc.rk of the initiatory degree,
to lie followed by a social session
A large nuiib'cr of members have already signified their intention of
atlending and all Odd Fellows who
wish to participate are requested to
leave their names with Vi. T. Haines
at the superintend! nt's oflice. C. V.
ti. station, or with M. D. Hillings at
llu* Herald office.
Ollawa, Nov. 7.—The Grand Trunk
Pacific has decided upon lbe Yellow-
head Pass as the one which it is lo
use to reach Iht* Pacific caast. This
has been done after careful surveys.
The govornmenl will lu* asked to approve Ihis pass, which wil! give a
grade Ibi'ough tin* Rocky mountains
of about four-tenths of 1  per cent.
Take n,.tice tbat thirty davs afler
ilate I intend Lo applv tn ihe Chief
Commissioner nf Lands and Works for
a license to cut and carry awav timber from the following described' lamls
situated in South East Koolenay:
Commencing twenty chains soubh
and eighty chains east of the 1!) mile
posl on easl boundary of lot- 45A2,
thence north nne hundred and twenty
ehains, tbence easl forlv eliains,
th:-nec souih (.ne hundred and slxlv
ehains, th*nce wesi forty chains',
.,      ,    ., .   .tbence norih forty chains to the point
advanced accounting, leading to a do- of commencement,
gree of B. Acct., C. A.     Room No. I W. Higgins
E. W.
Long,  B.  Acct.,  will  receive
pupils     for    iastruetion   in
C, Royal hotel, or Address Boi 75.
Dated November S, 1900.
83 31
Woid was received in Cranbiook
Sunday evening of tile death of Geo.
Clude, manager of llolel Fernie, at
Feline. Mi. Clude was undergoing
an operation for the removal of a
cystic turner from behind the knee
joint and'died while under lhe III*
Ihieiice of the anaesthetic; 'i'he following regarding his death is from
the Fcrnlfl Ledger:
The chloroform was given at 11 a.
m. Air. Clode took it, apparently
very well. Ilis pulse was strong and
normal iu every way. Ilis wife was
holding his bands. 'After about ii or
7 minutes of administration of the
chloroform he muttered some
indistinct sentences aud partly raised liis head up
and dropped back lifeless. All the
standard hear! stimulants which
were m readiness' at the time, as is
customary in giving anaesthesia were
administered without avail. Artificial respiration was continued for
over three hours without thc least
flicker of life, and the doctors had to
i el net a u 11 y ad m i t that t he Grim
Reaper was tuo many for Ihem.
Mr. Clode was 10 years old, a nat-
t\e of Ontario, his former home being
at Flora, where his molher now resides, and who has with her ;i young
sou of Mr. Clode by a former wife.
Mr. and Mis. Clode were married
seme seven years ago. and have re-|
sided in Fernie ever since, '
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
Therefore, to read
. .The..
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yea^r
$1.00 For Six Months
Herald Publishing Co.
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager


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