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Cranbrook Herald Sep 13, 1900

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ORANBKOOK,   BRITISH   COLTJ-TBIA,   TIHUSDAV,   SKl'THMlllilt    13,   1900.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. B, ti. Wai.kkr, Oen. Man*
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A General Bunking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
The Celebrated dt dt
Slater Shoe    3
For Men        jt      jt      jt
At the...
Toronto Clothing Store
Reid & Co.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad ntul depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Life is Full of Misfits.
You meet them every day, bot they
are not bought here.
You can tell that if you know a
g-ood thing; when you see it. Come
in and try one on.
....G. BREMNER & SON....
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
We are now in position to show you as nice and cheap
a line oi Shoes as can be found in East Kootenay. Call
and examine them and be convinced	
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd.
"lisst Kootcnay'i Big Hall Order House"
Tbe Most Appalling Disaster Since lhe
Johnstown Flood.
The Oty of Galveston, Texas, U.
S., Devastated by Hurricanes
and Raging Billows.
Regarding the terrible disaster faintly
portrayed further along in ibis column,
the latest news received at Chicago snys:
Dalian, Texas, Sept. in.—Charles S.
Dlehl, general manager of the Associated Press, Chicago: From the latest reports, which are considered reliable, the
disaster at Galveston and along the coast
bas not been exaggerated, The waters
of the gulf and the bay met, covering
the island to a depth of six to 12 feet.
During the sudden flood a most terrible
storm was raging, the wind blowing
about 80 miles an hour. Many of the
dead have been uncovered, others are
still under the debris, and others were
carried out to the sea. It is not possible
to give at tbis time a reliable report as
to tbe number of dead. From estimates
made by reliable persons who have jnst
come from Galveston it is believed tbat
not less than 1500, and possibly as many
as 5000 people weredrowned. Of course
the wounded are numerous, The dam.
age to property is most shocking, Some
of the best public buildings and private
establishments were wrecked. Thousands of homes were swept entirely away.
It is quite safe to set this down as one of
the greatest disasters tbat ever visited
the United Stales. The loss of prop
erty is irreparable; tbe loss of life is
appalling. G. H. Deally,
Manager Dallas News.
ibe wind   had veered to iht
Hardb a Dry House.
"Very few if any buildings escnprd
injury. There is hardly n habitable, dry
bouse in the city. When thepeoplewbo
escaped death went out lo view the woik
of the tempest nnd   foods ihey saw the
most horrible sights imaginable,   In tbe
three blocks from Avenue N to Avenue
II, in Tretnool street, I saw eight bodies
Four corpses were in one yard. The
whole ol the business front for three
blocks in from the gulf was stripped O.
every vestige of habitation, lhe dwellings, establishments ami every Btructure
having been either carried out to sea or
its ruins piled in a pyramid far into the
town, according to the vagaries of the
tempest. Tbe fin>t hurried glance over
the city showed thai the largest structures, supposed to be the most substantially built, suffered tbe most.
"Tbe Orphans' home, Twenty-first
and Avenue M, fell like a house of cards.
How many dead children and refugees
are in the ruins could not be ascertained.
"Of the sick in St. Mary's infirmary,
together with Ibe attendants, only eight
are understood to bave been saved,
" The Old Woman's home on Rosen-
beck avenue collapsed. The Rosenberg
school-house is a mass of wreckage.
The Ball high school is but an empty
shell, crushed and broken. Kvery
church'in tbe cily, wilh possibly one or
two exceptions, is in ruins.
Many Soldiers Perished.
"At the forts nearly all the soldiers
are reported dead, they having been in
temporary quarters which gave them no
protection against the tempest or Hood
No report bas been received from the
Catholic Orphan asylum, down the
island, but it seems impossible lhat it
could have withstood tbe hurricane. If
it fell all tbe inmates would without
doubt be lost, for tbere wns no aid within
a mile.
"The bay trout, from end to end, is in
ruins. Nothing bul piling and the wreck
of great warehouses remain. The elevators lost all tbeir superworks, and their
stocks are damaged hy water.
"Tbe life-saving station was swept
away, the crew being carried across tbe
bay 14 miles, to Texus City,
Revelstoke has been having a series of
bicycle races.
There was only one cast In the Fernie
police court last week.
Another   large   furnace-—copper—has
been started at the Trail smelter.
fi H Miner  ThePioneer
...Three Gents' Wheels at Cost...
STOVES—Jusi received a carload,
All kinds ol Builders' Hardware, Paints, Oils .md Glass,
ROOKING.   Tin and painted metal.
Baveslrouffh .ind Furnace work.
All work in tin shop iirsl-cLiss ,\nd promptly attended to.
Cranhrook and  floyie
Heated hy hot nir throughout.
Thu ilininy, room is Ilrst class.
Bvcry convenience lor travelers.
Hotel  S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best oi liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $a.oo per day.
line nl the Most Awful Tragedies ot Modern
Houston, Tex., Sept. 10.—Richard
Splltaue, a well-known Galveston man
and day correspondent of the Associated
Tress in tbat city, who reached Houston
today nfier a terrible experience., gives
tbe following account of tbe disaster at
" One of tbe most awful tragedies of
modern limes has visited Galveston. Tbe
city is in ruins aud the dead unnumbered 1 am just fiom the city, having
been commissioned by the mayor aud
citizens' committee to get in touch witb
the outside world and appeal for help.
Houston was lhe nearest point at which
working telegraph instruments could be
touttd, the wires as well as nearly all tbe
buildings between here and the Gulf of
Mexico being wrecked.
"When I lelt Galveston shortly before
noon yesterday, the people were organizing for the prompt burial of the dead,
distribution of food, and all necessary
work afler a period of disaster.
A Terrible Tempest.
"Thc wreck of Galveston wns brought
about by a tempest so terrible that no
words can adequately describe iis intensity, and by a Hood which turned the
city Into a raging sea. The weather bu-
tenu records stiow that lhe wind attained
a velocity of 84 miles an hour wben tbe
measuring instrument blew away, so it is
impossible to tel] what was thc maximum. The storm began at 2 o'clock
Saturday morning. Previous to that a
gieat storm hnd been raging in the gulf,
nnd the tide was very high. The wind
nl first cume from Ibe north and was in
direct opposition to lhc force from the
bay on the liny pari of the city.
"About noon it became evident the
cily was to be visited witli disaster.
Hundreds ol buildings nlong tbe water
front were abandoned, tbe occupants
fleeing to higher portions of the city,
livery borne was opened to ihe refugees
black or white. The wind wan rising
constantly, and the tain fell in torrents
The wind was so tierce thai tbe rain cul
like a knife.
Entire Cily Submerged.
" Hv 3 o'clock the waters of the gulf
nud bny met nnd by dark the entire city
wns submerged, Tbe flooding of the
electric light plant and the gas plants
left tbe city in darkness. To go out into
the streets was to court death. The wind
was then at cyclonic velocity, roofs, cisterns, portions of buildings, telegraph
poles aud walls were falling, and tbe
noise of tbe wind and the crashing of
the buildings was terrifying In tbe extreme. The wind and waters rose steadily from dark until 10:45 Saturday morning. During all this lime the people of
Galveston were like rats In traps, Tbe
highest portion of the city was lour to
five feet under water, while in tbe majority of cases the streets were submerged to a depth of 10 feet. To leave
a house wns to drown. To remain was
to court death In the wreckage. Such a
night of agony has seldom beeu equaled.
" Without apparent reason tbe waters
began to subside at 1:45 a. in, Jn two
minutes tbey bad gone down two feet, and
hefore daylight the streets were practically freed of the flood waters,   lu the
Tlie First Grand Exposition of tf-esources
of South East Kootenay
All ,
n Account of a Difference in
Opinion as to Railway
Cranbrook, British Columbia, nth
Sept., 1900,—Editor Herald.—Dear Sir:
Will you kindly allow me through your
paper to announce to the public thnt the
proposnl to bold at Crnnbrook on Sept.
34th nnd 25th n Mineral, Agricultural
and Industrial exhibition bas been abandoned, owing to the failure to secure
railway rates satisfactory to our association    Vours, etc.,
A. W. McVittie, Secretary.
He Arrived uu Ills Special Train This Morn-
Ian, Catching  Up with the Limited
and Passing It Merc.
The Granby smeller nt Grand Fork
has proved an unqualified success.
Rossland is cleaning up the tramp ele
ment-—it is bit the road or gu to jail.
C. I'. R. warehouse and terminal
buildings aie being built al Rosslaud.
Silver-tip bears are too common for
comfort nt Sandy creek, West Kootenay,
It is said that Mr. linstock's assets will
pay 100 cents on lhe dollar of the indebtedness.
A boom of logs belonging to A. Wood-
row, containing 75,000 feet, were recently seized al Nelson.
Hew'tt Rostock has assigned all of bis
real estate and personal pioperly foi the
benetlt of bis creditors.
Duncan Ross, editor ot tbe Greenwood
Times, and Miss Maiy Thom peon have
been united in marriage.
The miners at tbe Queen Bess, in the
Slocau district, 45 in number, recently
struck against tbeir boarding-house fare.
Tourists who have been visiting the
glacial region near Kaslo, say that no*
where in Switzerland bad they seen such
awe-inspiring scenery.
The seventh annual convention of the
Sabbnth-school teachers under the direction of the synod of britisb Columbia
will be held in New Westminster Oct,
1 and 2.
A flock of sheep belonging to Tat
Burns were recently impounded at Revelstoke,costing tbe owner$225* heclatuis
tbe nelion was illegal, nnd bits Instituted
an nelion for damages.
It is being thoroughly deilionslrnted
that many Japs were illegally naturalized during the late stiike of the salmon
fishermen, aud that justices of the peace
profited largely by doing whal they knew
lo be illegal husinesr.
A Vancouver dancing-muster who has
several expert girl pupils, whom be has
given exhibitions wilh at two or three
provincial fain, now proposes lo tnke
ihem to a Dawson dnuce-hnll. As tbe
girls are of gooil family and presumably
virtuous, considerable indignation has
been aroused in the city.
Lord Mluto and' parly, reluming from
his lour of Ihe Northwest nnd British
Columbia, arrived here at 10 o'clock.
He occupied his special car—the governor general's—and there were two others nnd a baggage car iu addition,
There was 110 organized reception for
the distinguished party, although a fair-
sized crowd had assembled at the depot
through curiosity. After a considerable
wait Minto alighted and engaged in conversation with a number of citizens. The
only thing approaching an address of
welcome was delivered by Sullivan, a
veteran of the British army, who approached tbe governor general aud said:
" Put 'ertlinr, ef it weighs a ton!" and
Minto did so. Then Sullivan added
" I'h were do de Bu res fi>.ht? Pehin'
de rox! l'hwcre do de English fight?
Bebin' de Olrlshl" And lhe governor
general bad lo join lhe laugh.
A Letter Mas Been Received by Secretary
Hutchison lo That Effect From Ihe
Provincial Superintendent.
The following welcome information
was received tbis morning:
Education Office, Victoria 10 Sept.,
1900.'—John Hutchison, Ksq., Secretary
School Board, Cranhrook.—Dear Sir:
1 beg lo inform you tbat on the recommendation of Inspector Burns the education department has decided to add two
additional wings to lhe present school
building at Cranbrook. Plans are now
iu course of pieparation by tbe public
wotks engineer and tbe work will be
pushed will) all possible dispatch. Vours
truly, Alexander Robinson,
Supt. Instruction.
soprano singer of Grace church, Winnipeg; Mr. Robert C. Campbell, solo tenor, Knox church, Winnipeg, and Mr.
Stanley Adams, baritone, choir leader of
St. Andrews, Winnipeg. Those who fail
to henr Miss Miller aud company sing
will certainly miss a rare treat.
Tbe admission will be 75 cents.
A Splendid Organization of Ladles and lien-
t lumen.
This troupe appeared here last Friday
evening. Il wns nil that had been promised for it, and more. This company is
leaving a most enviable reputation behind it at every place it appears. Its
members aie artists as well as ladies and
The ball wns filled almost lo its cnpHC-
ity, nnd wonld have been entirely so hnd
it not been fur a misapprehension in tbe
tntnda of many as to the character of tbe
piny, "Sapbo."
It was strongly apparent lhat the compauy wns unable to do itself justice on
account of lhe limited capacity of the
2x4 stnge of our "opera-house." One
of tbe scenes—h short one, it is true-
had lo be eliminated altogether and
mnch of the business tbat tends to make
any play more interesting and realistic,
bad to be dispensed with.   However, the
members of the company proved themselves to be actors In a high sense of the
Alec Cochrane, as "Jean Gaussin,"
gave nu exceedingly natural representation of tbe character, his work npon
making the discovery tbat " Fanny I.e
Grande," was u tbe notorious Sapbo,"
being grand. Herbert Jones as "Uncle
Ccesalre," the old rogue, could hardly be
excelled while Miss Klliot as " Sapbo"
wns both ns au artist and in personal
form well adapted to the difficult character. One of tbe most interesting and
touching portions of Act III,' where
"Jean" casta " Fanny" off, throwing her
violently from him, was n descent from
tbe sublime to ihe ridiculous; If he had
thrown her from bim, as under ordinary
circumstances, her head and shoulders
at least, would have been hanging over
the stage; consequently he had to hold
on and almost lay ber dowu,
Tbe remaining character-; were all well
It will probably be years before Cranbrook will be favored with a visit from a
company of equal merit.
Examination of the Great
Sullivan Mine.
That Means Gean, Solid Ore, As
It Comes From the Mine---
Nature's Concentrates
Home Irom Nome.
"Hilly" Doble arrived in Cranbrook
last Monday morning, from Victoria,
where, it will be remembered, be and
Mr. Shier arrived several weeks ago. Mr.
Shier has since departed for Dawson
City, where he will engage in mercantile
business, Mr. Doble being interested
witb bim.
If Mr. Doble was pressed a little he
could interest you for hours and hours
with Interesting tales concerning one of
the wildest stampedes for gold diggings
known to history. So far as tbe Cape
Nome district is concerned, Mr. Doble
dors nol seem to think it without merit,
ami thinks lhat it will eventually become
one of the great produrers of gold. Fi-
nnncinlly, the party had hoped to fare
heller, but slill were far from losers.
Mr. Doble bas resumed bis old position with M. Mclnnes. is looking nud
feeling we]], and has founts the " glad
haml" reaching out for bim from every
direction since arriving in Cranbrook.
New Homes.
Contractor Greer has Inken two new
contracts recently, one for a cottage for
Mrs, Cosligan, on the hill, 26x32, one
story In height.
The second one is for a two-story bouse
for Ole Nelson, southeast of Mrs. Donahue's property.
Mr. Greer will soon have bis own handsome little -2-story house completed. It
is a "cracker-jack" for neatness, sightliness, and convenience. It will bave
furuace heat, and be one of the handsomest residences in lown. Mrs, Greer
has said that she will not return from
tbe east until the home Is ready to occupy—that accounts for lhe ttcbeleraU'd
gait Jim has heen wearing lately.
At Nelson, September to, to Mr. and
Mrs. V. Hyde Haker, a daughter. Moth
er and child are doing well, and lb
Nearlng Home, Sale and Sound.
A telegram was received at this office
Monday from P, ft. Simpson, dated Seattle, Sept. 10, saying: "Just arrived;
be home several days.   F. K. Simpson."
Tbnt wns all, bul it waa good enough
to know that be bad safely returned to
civilization. He will doubtless be better
than ever prepared to infuse new life
into tbe paper which bemadceopopular
before leaving for the lnnd of lhe midnight sun, if lie returns to Cranbruok, as
Edith J. Miller Concert Co,
A greal trent is in store for tbe citizens
of Cranbrook upon tho arrival of Miss
Edith J. Miller and compnny, who nre to
sing in the Methodist church Monday
evening, Sept. 34, Miss Miller bas already won a high reputation as a singer,
both in ber native Canada and abroad.
She was gold medalist of her year at
the Conservatory of Music Toronto; subsequently she studied iu Loudon and
Paris, winning golden opinions everywhere. Tbe press, both Canadian and
American, spenks of ber and her ctmipn*
[ Prom ttio Moyie Leader- sept. ^.]
A new delivery wagon has been added
to MacBarchern & Macdonald's mercantile establishment.
New safes arrived this week for J J
Murphy's clothing store and Hope St
Beattie's drugstore.
Work on the Moyie brewery is going
steadily nbead nnd the building is rapidly Hearing completion,
A. D Parker, acting manager of the
Canadian Hank of Commerce, Cranbrook, was out to Moyie last Sunday.
R. ti. Ileattie, F.ast Kootenay's leading
druggist, and one of Cranbrook's leading busiuess men, was out to Moyie Sunday.
W. A. Prest, the Cranbrook photographer, has n large tent on tbe way from
the east which he will erect in Moyie
and establish a branch gallery therein.
P. I,uttier, who recently came from
Fort Steele -o start a laundry, while unloading furniture from a car at tbe
Lnke Shore siding, fell and broke his
Thursday morning tbe bucket brigade
was called out to extinguish n fire on the
roof of lhc building near the Moyie hotel. The fire caught from a spark from
the stovepipe. It whs easily put oul anil
but little damage done.
Moyie is lo have another business
block, It will be on the southeast corner of Queen's avenue and Victoria
street, nnd will lie built by J. P. Farrell,
the owner of tbe lot. The building will
he 4r» feet long, 30 feet wide and two
stories high,
The strike on tbe Society Girl mine
which was made Inst week slill continues to improve, and those who have in
spected tbe property sny it is the best
Snowing lhey hnve seen in the country.
The ledge is now eight feet in width.
Already there nre over lwo carloads of
ore out.
Tbe secretary of the Moyie board of
trade is in receipt of a communication
from Government Agent Armstrong stat-
ng that the appropriations for road work
nclude tbe amount of J400 for ettend-
ng the wapon rond from Moyie southward, and the sum of $200 for the improvements of roads and streets about
and in the town.
W. R. Hocking, a miner, and at one
lime secretnry of tbe Miner's union at
Movie,was arrested tbis week and lodged
in jnil on a charge of bigamy preferred
by bis wife. He wns given a preliminary bearing, committed for trial, and was
taken to Nelson Inst evening by Constable Liud«ay. Tbe jninximum penalty
for lhe crime of bigamy in British Columbia is seven years.
Spokesman Review, Spokane: "The
Sullivan is in a position to commence
tbe shipment of fully 100 tons a dny at
once, if it was so desired," said Colonel
W, M. Ridpath, Inst night. Colonel
Ridpath has just returned from from nn
inspection of ihe well-known Kootenay
mine, and has some great things to say
ot it, chief among which is that when it
is fully developed it will surely be oue
the largest and most profitable mines in
British Columbia. Speaking of the matter of output, which is an important one
to the mine at this time, Colonel Ridpath
" Wbeb the question of cheap and
rapid transportation of ore from tbe
mine to the terminus of the North Star
brancb of tbe Craw's Nest Pass Railroad
at Kimberley, a mile and n half nway,
has beeu settled, all will be smooth sailing. A wire trnuiway bas been contemplated, but there is Bn easy grade for the
dtslauce, and a wide or narrow-gauge
railway could be built nt comparatively
stnul! cent. This would be much cheaper in the end, as it would also afford
means of transportation for the large
amount of timber that will be needed in
tbe mine when shipping is put on a large
scale. Whether a spur will be run by
tbe railroad company, or whether we
shall bui'd a narrow-gauge line, is yet
undecided, but action will be necessary
in tbe very near future. Tbe building of
a spur from the wide-guage line would
be entirely feasible and would be a desirable solution of tbe question.
Mile's Presto! Development.
"The development ofthe property has
been excellent and it i= in splendid shape
for work, both above and under ground.
There are on tbe ground eight residences
and buildings, ore-sca'-es and other conveniences. The mine is shipping from
one to two car-loads per day. Tbe ore
is hauled from the mine to the railroad
by wagon. Tbis will do for tbe present,
but it is not desirable to carry on large
shipments tbat way. During the year
we put iu a 10-drill comp-essor witb a
boiler and complete outfit lor its operation. Work was started with tbe machine drills last week and tbis will permit much more rapid and satisfactory
" We bave two immense ledges on the
property, and work has been concentrated almost entirely on one of these.
Thia developed ledge at first looked like
a blanket vein, but further examination
has proved it to have tbe slight dip characteristic of the region, The - evelop-
ment of this ore body with tunnels aud
shafts has proved it to be 25 feet thick of
solid galena, running from 40 to 65 percent, lead, a small quantity of zinc and
a fair percentage of iron, making it a
very desirable smelting ore. This ore
body has been fallowed to 120 feet depth
on tbe dip of lhe vein, and it has been
traced from joo feet to 400 feet on its
" Tbe tonnage of this ore body is seen
to ))e enormous, when it is realized tbat
it requires ouly 5,'i or 6 cubic feet of ore
in pb.ee to make a ton. Tbe operations
of the company, under the management
of Charles II. Wolf and Superintendent
Burdsall, has progressed most satisfactorily and we feel tbnt tbe mine has a
great future very plainly before it."
Some general facts of interest were
furnished by Colonel Ridpath, Tbe Sullivan group consists of three claims, oue
of which is about five acres short of full
size. It is situated north and a little
west of CrHnbrook, on tbe Crow's Nest
Pass railroad and about ■/* miles east ol
tbe enst shore of Kootenay jlake. It ia
reached from Nelson by boat at thc junction of lhe Crow's Nest road uml the
Kootenay Valley line, and thence up the
line to Cranbrook, thence by the North.
Star spur lo Kimberley. From Kimberley the Sullivan lies about oue mile
and a half west, on a high, precipitous
mountain, with an easy grade to tbe collar of the shaft on the main ledge. It ia
exceptionally well situated for mining
and tbe handling of ore, as tbere ia a
small lake near the property from which
excellent water runs, making a gentle
fall to Kimberley. This line will reach
the heavy and extensive body of timber
that is available for the use of the mine.
The stock in the mine is own-rd principally in Spokane, the main holders being Senator George Turner, Charles W,
Wolf, ti. I) Sanders, Frank T. Post, the
estate of tbe late judge R. B. Blake.
Major J. M. Armstrong, Colonel Turner,
and Colonel Ridpath.
father Is wearing a peaceful and content- j ">''» ,lie 1110Bt Haltering terms.   She is
ed smile. j accompanied by Miss Jean Forsyth, solo
Board at Trade executive Meeting.
At a meeting held last night ofthe
executive ofthe hoard of trade it was resolved to ask the government ngetit to
expend tbe money which hns been ap*
propriatcd for roads tributary to Cranbrook as follows: A two-plank sidewalk
from VanDcrar's corner lo tbe bridge on
lhe way to the school bouse, and the balance on a road from Cranbrook to lhe
Perry creek rond.
Spokane Mining Exhibit.
Superinlendent L. K. Armstrong, of
the mining department of tie Spoknne
Industrial Kxposition.is one of the busy
men in that city these dnys. He says
tbe mineral department of the exposition will be far better thnn ever before,
with better exhibits from tbe districts
which exhibted lasl year and with many
new camps and districts represented this
a. w, H*vnrriB, ills., im.s.
JOHN Ml fCHISON, Notary 1'ut.n*
Tlio Herald ileslres to pjlvo tho uowsol tha
illstvl.'t. If yuu know any nlinilt >>iu town
your mine or your peoplo, send ti to this ollice.
Steps Along the Path That Leads
to Housekeeping.
Tbe Labor   lu   l.uukliiy  Arouuil a Little—
-    rrubU'iuH of (.iti-.-t Pitchers—Ulsap-
Iirt-hfiMluiiH ul m Truck Lim-J
t uf l'i»rkii,Ki-».
At tin- boordlng boUBO M dinner the
innu mentioned to bin wlfo the fact that
he luul thul iluy signed (he letuo of Uie
house which tbey had deelded u> take,
and ihcn iold the colored waller tlmt
he would like some more beet, Tlw
waiter left tbo door open bclilud him us
In* went Into the kltohcn, nnd baw led:
"He's boon asking for more hevS'."
"Somebody's been asking for-more
beefl" slirloked the la-ndlody'a daughter.
"Who's been asking for more beef?"
demanded the landlady.
Tho other boarders looked curiously
at tbu man wbo luul nuked for it. A
Bbadu of vexation uiuiiu upon his face,
und ns ho ate and choked over Uie beef,
lu- remarked to bis wife:
"1 will be glad when we do get to
"Yes, denr," said his wife.
"uf course," continued tho husband,
"I dou't mean that, I'll like it simply
because then I'll got enough to eat, but
I'll bi* glad t«i Inui* n home of our own."
"So sweet," murmured bis wife,
"Ami," Uie husband went on with
enthusiasm, that grew lhe more lm
choked over tbe beef, "I suppowe we
mlghl us well move in nt onee, ub soon
as wc get n few things wc need, nnd
then we enn furntah it properly afterward ns we go along."
"Of course, dear." assented hte wife,
"Well, then," sn ul tin* husband,
briskly, In good spirits in spite of the
beef, "let's say you pack up to-morrow,
und WC move in the dny after."
"Hut. dear," said Uie wife, putting
ber heud on om* side and wrinkling Iut
foroheud, "do you think we ean j>o«-
slbly do that?"
"Why, yes," snid the husband. "I'll
just stop in iii 11 store to-morrow morning nnd tell tbem to send up what we
"ll-ni-m," murmured the wife, slowly*
"We'll just get some things to eook
with and i-nt with and sleep on to start
wit*)*,," the husband explained lightly.
"Yes?" returned tbe wife, with Increasing doubt.
"Yi's," snid ih** husband. "You
might tell nu* now the things to get."
"Well," replied the wife, promptly,
"for the kitchen wc n I—" and she
talked fm* live minutes, "Of course,"
sin* snid in conclii-slon, "those are only
tlie most important things, tlie things
wc enu'l get nlong without, and I may
have forgotten some. Then there arc
the other things we will be needing
nil the time, and the things wo'll luivc
lo have sonn*4inieK."
"Say," nuked tbe husband, with the
danwlngof an abyss before liim, "don't
you think, after all, that it would be
better for yon to step Into tbe store in
tin- morning uud do Uie ordering yourself?"
A soft, low light came inlo hercy-os,
"Very well," Bite replied, sweetly.
"And you can got everyUilng that
we'll ii 1 ut ouce, so Unit we can move
in the duy after, can't you?" lie naked
a little anxiously.
"I'll try," she replied earnestly and
bravely; "but you know I'll have t<i
look around a little to see what I can
get, Vou know it would be extravagant if I wen* ui buy everything in the
lirst stun* I ftn tered; and you don't
want me to be extravagant, do you,
".No, no," suid the husband quickly,
und the next morning he deposited ber
ut the door of lln* first of the stores.
That afternoon be hurried borne
from business us soon as he could get
away so thut he might help in the puck-
lug ami other prupurul ions for moving
ou the following ility. His conscience
rnthor reproached liim for having left
tin* laltor of shopping and of packing
both to his wife, ttnid Ins remorse was
Intensified when ha opened the door of
their room and caught sight of her
tired, worried face.
"Oh, I'm so gliul you've come," she
said eagerly. "I need your advice so
luiii-li. My head is actually whirling
wiih all I've been through lo-diiy."
"Poor thing," sold the husband penitently. "I ought to havu known bettor
thnn to make you do all Unit yourself,
especially us I really wns ufruldof llm
job myself when I shunted ll off on
you.    It  must   have been dreadful."
"Ii wns bo puzzling," returned the
wire with a High. "I was trylug to
make up my mind about those," and
slu* pointed to u raw of glass pi Ichors
on Uu* table before her. "Did I do right
in Inning tllOBO, or should I bint* taken
"Oh, it. doesn't mutter," Bald the bus-
bund consolingly.
■■Now." continued the wife, absorbed
in Uii* problem before her, "they pretend that these an* i-ut glass*. You can
see for yourself that they ure not the
besl cut." puthtlug one of them into
her husband's hands, "but ihey say
they're German or Knglish cut glufls,
Which isn't, so good as ours. What do
you think'.'"
"I think- they're gloss,' returned the
husband rather vugilely after an examination.
"Xow." the wife wont on, "If they're
pressed glass, I paid too much for
them; but if they're, nny kind of cut
glass, tin*;- wen* cheap, one-lifth of
what American cut would be,"
"Then," said ber husband impressively, "you did quite right to buy them."
"Anyway, they'll do for the kitchen,"
concluded the wife with a sigh of relief.
Iler husband looked around Uie
"Where   arc   the  olher things?" be
"What things'.'" returned his wife.
"Why, Uie rest of Uie kitchen and
dinner and bedroom things.   Haven't
McVittie & Hutchison
...Dealers in, .
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
i. o. o. F. Block
Mines anil l.nn.is Surveyed
Fire, Life anil Accident Insurant!
Money lo Loan
Ganbrook, 11. C.
they come yet, or did yu\i have them
sent to our boarding house?"
"Oh.youmean tilings for the house?"
replied bis wife, "Why, you don't sup*
I****-*- I hud time to gel them to-day do
"And we're not going to move in ti>-
morrow?" demanded the husband, in
a voice eloquenl with disappointment,
"Certainly not, unless jou think I
can keep house with two class pilch-
ers," replied Uie wife with dignity aud
some truce of injured feelings. "I've
been going through oue slore afler another all day long till I'm dlst) with
all ibe things I've seen. Where do you
think I had time to bny anything'.'"
The husband begged her to buy provisional utensils, sn ihnl they eould
move Into tbeir house certainly In another dny. U was in trembling hope
thai he returned home on the following
evening.   Ho found his wife lying upon
the bed.
"I'vo such a headache! ' she sighed
The husband looked around the room.
Upon tbe uuuitclpiece ho saw the two
glass pitcher- of the duy before, ami
nt their side u vinegar cruet, lie eyed
the cruel bard.
-Humph!" he grunted, with strong
disapproval In his tone.
liis wife's eyes bad followed bis. Ai
this reproach'bhe arose proudly from
ber bed. took him by the nnn, nnd led
Iilm In the window. There wus to be
seen n heavily laden trunk, from whieh
men and t»yn were busily engaged In
ciwrylng packages of all shapes and
sizes  Into  the  house. She pointed to
""There," she said, wilh reproach and
a headache and forgiveness ond unrecognized merit all mingled, "those are
kitchen things."
With the unreasonableness of men,
lie bounded from one extreme to the
"Great Caesar!" heexchiimed,"you re
bankrupting mo."
The patience of the woman, though
tried sorely, was not upset for a moment. She displayed a large roll of
"You misjudge me," she said, lapping
him affectionately upon lhe cheek,
"You have not yet learned to know yoni
wife. There are 07 different packages
there, and for them I have spent less
ili-ni $5, a few cost ten cenls nplece, and
t he ot hers cost fivo cents. So," she added, with a little pride, "you see I am not
so extravagant as you thought."
"Pardon me. dear." suid the husband,
both penitently and anxiously. "Then
the kitchen is furnished and we enn
move In to-morrow?"
"No-o-o." replied the wife, "not quite
vet. Ymi Bee, these things nro only
-nine, of the things we need. Pots nnd
kettles and pans," she added, with n
sweet smile, "eost more than five or ten
The husband sighed and resigned
himself to the boarding house for another week. The history of what has
occurred since then is not worth giving
In detail. You ean see the wife in the
stores any day al Ihis time. She is slill
patient, industrious and sweet natured.
The husband sometimes aceoiupunicii
her. lie began going with her white he
still retained ilie Impression thn! manly decision could hasten tbe slow, tortuous process of shopping. ITe still is
ber companion nowadays nl times, because he is possessed of the notion
that it may some time bo possible for
him to discover how- she spends her
time at the stores, but he knows tlmt it
is liest thnt he should uot accompany
lier. The lwo natures of the male and
the female grate. The man cannot grasp
the Hitbtlo distinctions Unit are seized
by intuition by thc finer sense of tbe
woman,. For Instance, one day Hhe
showed him a four-quart saucepan.
"The price of this." she said. "Is -19
rents.    Now in the other store WC ean
get a saucepan like it for *I7 cents. Now,
which om* otigbl we to buy?"
"The other," said tbe husband,
"llut." objected the wife, "they ure
different, and I don't know which is
the beat"
"Buy both," said the husband,
"ltut,'' objected the wife, "we need
only one of them."
"Flip a cenl," said lhe husband,
"And perhaps get Ihe worst of it,"
raid the wife.
"Then   don't  buy either," snlil    the
man, promptly,
Of course Un* proper solution of lhe
difficulty was logo Ion third store nnd
flud a third saucepan of a third price
unl qualityi bul ii never ocaiirrcd to
the husband to silggcsl such a thin!.',
ami as for tht wife aim was bo confused
by lhe unkind behavior of her husband
that she always foiled to remember the
proper procedure iu such cases until
rhe gol home, Then she was accustomed to tell Imr husband where he had
beeu mistaken, and intervals of coolness would arise between them. So the
husband has given up accompanying
his wife to Un* stores.
Six weeks have passed and the husband no longer asks his wife overy
evening if she thinks she will be able to
get, the few things still lacking on the
morrow, so thai they will be able to
move Inlo their new house on the duy
following. He has schooled himself to
a point where he is now resigned to
making his dinner from one small piece
of beef, and no longer dreams of tin;
beauties of housekeeping. Al Ihe same
time hopes have begun to spring up.
Mis wire is talking of n trip to the
"I'm so fired," she says, "and I really
need to go somewhere to rest."
That, makes him Ihlnk that the shopping musl be nearly over uud that the
next move hIh- makes will be to begin
housekeeping,   N. Y. Sun.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between
Thomas Welluian and Julius Hurel, doing business under the firm name of
Wellman & Hm el has this day been
dissolved   by   mutual.      Thomas  Well-
man will pay all billa against, and collect sll| accounts due the Hotel Manitoba of Cranhrook, II C, audjuliiw
Hurel will pay all lulls RgniUBt, and collect all accounts due the Kimberley
Hotel, of Kimberly, D, C.
Signed,   Thoma-i Wellman,
Julius Hurel.
Hated Cranbrook. lt. C.   Sept. 6, lyoo,
oh liereliy given thai v. Hyde linker
Intend* n|i]ibInu forthwith to tin* L'hlet Coin
mlHsloner of Uuuls nml Works for a-iiiMlul
license tn rut limber oa tin* followlna Uor-crilieil
taints; caanueueltiH ill tin- lull lui pnst plnntatl
nbout ui chains north »i MeUmimiUs timber
least i:ik river mul a h 11 a mllo cast ol tin*
lliutloy trail to bull i ver, tlicncu west DO chains
tiii*ni*e soulh lOUclmhis, llieneo west W chains,
tiii-ai'ii south iw I'tiaiiis. tiietii'i: enst a'ong Mo-
DoiigtiU'inorth limit ami iiiui limit proihiceil
iai uHttliw, thenoo north so chains, iiieiu*-i-> west
4ii i'lmins, tlieuco nnrlli in olialns to placo nr be-
Khinhig, v. im-i; i;._Ki:i:.
Allgtl-lt ::ist, 1900,
Notice Is herohj given that a. w. McVittie
Ink-mi* applylUK foitlnvitli to ihe Chief Com
iiiissioiiL'1* at Lauds ami Wmi's ror a 9pe_iul
license to out timber on tho following described
iiUiilsiGoiutucnohignl uie initial pnst planted
about 12U olmlns norlh nr MoDougalla timber
lease ou Uk river nml hall a mile easl ttt the
Hnrtloy (rail to bull river, thence nor h ISO
olmlns, thence west &0 chains, llience Booth mo
chimin, llieneo wesi on chain*,, thence smith 20
olmlns, llience cast loochulns to place<>r le^tti-
iilnif. A.W.MCVriTIK,
Angnslsi, iuuii.
Notice Is hereby given that John Hu'chlson
Intends npi'lyla,: foithwlth to the Chief Commissioner of hands ami Works for a special
license tn cut timber nu Lhe following dcscriiieii
hinds; commencing nl the initial |>ost planted
about n hundred yards to the east ol tlm Hartley trail tn Hull river about roar ami a hair ml s
up the trull rrom l-.lk river, thence mirth 00
chains, llience wesi 40 elialns, thence norlh 4i
chains, thonco west 40 chains, thence north 20
chains, I hence west in chains, thence soutli flo
elialns, thenee east 20 chains, llience soulh co
chains, thenco ensi wo < Imin-a to place of bruiting. JOHN HUTCHISON,
AugustS|, f.-ifi.
Notice Is hereby given thai ti, Hutchison In-
tends within iw days from date in apply in the
Chief Commissioner of l_tnds and Works for a
I'elri'leam lease of the following lands ia .Soul h
Kast Konteuayi commencing ni the initial post
planted near the left hank nr Aklmlna creek
when* crossed  hy the trail a I) nut three miles
from thi* boundary, hence north one mile,
thence west ono mllo, llience south "ne mile,
thenoo eiiBt one mile, ('. HUTCHISON,
Aaj!IIBt-l, IIMI.
Notice Is hereby given Hint H. ll. MeVUUe Intends within 00 days from date tu apply tu the
Chief Commissioner or Lends and Works torn
Petroleum lease nt tne following lands in •* oath
Kast Kootemiyi commencing at the initial post
planted nn thc Aklmina creek trail about four
ami ii half mill's from lhe boundary, thence east
nne mllo, thonco south oiu* mllo, thence west
one mill*, thence mirth one mllo.
AllgllSl 21, man. II. II. MC VITT.E,
Notice Is hereby given that A. )<;. Watt Intends
within DO days from date to apply to tha ChlPf
Coiumhsloncr nr bands ami Winks for a Petroleum lease nf ihe following hunts in South Hast
Kootenayi commencing at the initial post
planted near the left iia.nk or AklmiiiH creek
where crossed hy tbe trail about three miles
from the boundary, thence east one mile, thence
south om* miio, thence west one mile, llience
north ono mile, a. K, watt.
August '-'I, liKO.
Notice Is hereby given Unit James linker in1
lends within CO days from date to apily to tlm
Chief I'omtnl.-isidiii-r of Lands ami Works for
a Petroleum lease nf the following lauds In
-Hontli East Kootenay, commencing nt the initial posl planted oa lhe A k in iim c-reek (rail
ubout four and a half miles from thu boundary,
thenco east one mile, llience north om* mllo,
(hence west oue mllo, thence south one mile,
AuglHt .1,1000, -IA.MKS BAKU It.
Nnilcc Is hereby kIvoii that \Y. I*', flnrd Intends wilhin oo days rrom date to apply to the
Cheif Commissi mer of Lands and Works for a
Petroleum lease or tho following lands in Soulh
Host Kootenay, commencing at the initial post
planted near tin* lelt hank nr Akmiina creek
where crossed hy the null about ihree miles
rrom tiie boundary, thence wesi one mile, then n-
south me mllo, thonco uast one mile, thence
norlh one mile. W. K. til'ltl).
August 2|, 1003,
Nolloe Is hereby uivanihat I, itakor late
within UO nays from date to apply in the Chief
Commissioner of Lands ai,a Works for a Petroleum lease of tho following lands In Smith
Bust Kootenny; commencing at the initial post
planted near Iho lefl bank or Aklmimt creek
where crossed hy the trail nbonl throe miiet
rrom the boundary; llience east on * min*, thenco
north nm* mile,  thi'iiee west nne  mile, thence
smith mm mile, 1. ItAKKIt.
Aiijjnst i'l, i'.i-i,
Notloo In hereby given that a. \V. MeVltllo
nit-Hints within (in days frum date tn apply lo the
Uhlcf commissioner of LamIs ami Works for n
Petroleum lease In Snuth i »-t Ifooteuny, commotio oi: nt tbo initial post planted near the old
Irail uii s;n;i- creek almul ten miles from thu
Interim!!innlhoumlnryithonoo w,st nne mile,
(hei  soulh one nilie. tlieaeo ennl nne nub*,
thonco north nm- mllo to llio place of hcKiuning.
August 90, tOJn. A. W.Mr VITTIK,
Notice Is hereby given Hint V. II. linker In-
tends within oo days train date to apply in the
Chief Commissioner ot lands and Works for a
I'etroh i lease nr tho roltowlng land In South
Bast Kootenny, rommnnoiag nt tin* initial post
planted nenr the old trail up Pani* oreek ahmit
ten miles irom ibe International boundary,
theuoa east one mile, thenco south ouo mile,
tlieueo weBt one mile, thence norlh ono miio to
placo of beginning. v. ll. UAKKIt,
August L'tl, |sim).
Notice Is hereby given thai iiohn Hutchison
intends within oo days from date in apply m iho
Chief Commissioner or Units -ipd Works for
a Petroleum lease or the following lamtsta
smith Kast Kootenay, commencing at the Initial post planted near the old trail up Sage creek
ahuot ten miles from lhe International boundary, thence east one mile, thence north one
mile, thenoo west ono mile, thence smith one
mile to place nf beginning,
—In ear wheela it te ileal ruble In combine l/iughnean of ntnielurc with an intensely hard foiling MiiTnee, nml In
this i-nil the oul-fthlcisflometiiiioscase-
hardened or made almuat aa bunl as
Notice Is hereby given that R. b. McVittle Intends within oo days from dale to apply in the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands nhd Works for a
Petroleum lesso or the foi owing land in south
Kast Kootonay, commenolng nt the Initial post
planted nn a knoll aboul nm yards west of lhe I
old I mil tip Sago creek nboiti nine miles from [
tlm inlerunllomtl boundary, thence west one
mile, tllOIICO smith one mile,  llienee east ntli'
mill*, ihcnce norlh ono mho in pinoe -nf iiegiu-
nlng. i:. i...\ii:vitttk.
All. lilt .11. I'."1". I
Has jus! received a targe
and complete line of
Which he Is selling al lhc
■■me price, liked li the
Cameras for $1.50 to $150
Come in and see them „•*
Electric toootiBJtj*
1 have a stock of Klectrlc (looils on
the rond nnd have In stock now
Electric Hells for door hells, or
lintels and private houses. I will
carry a stock of chandlers and closed
globes for electric lights, Call nml
give me an order.
P. W. Rookes.
Piper -ft Currie's old place.
On lettldf your contract
until you hive seen
Lnte of Toronto
Contractor •»<* Builder
Those co'item'-l'iUng building will ilo well to let
mc figure on the contracts.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S.
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Batik of Commerce, Cranbrook, B. C.
Upholstering and Qeoeral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work In the district
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick ave.
G. Johnson....
W Assayer »nd
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANI1ROOK,   :   :   :       :   t   n. C.
Saddle and**
Pack Horses
....For Sale or Real
Livery  3
Armstrong ave., Opp. McConnell'S Store
Nutii'f lt hereby nivrn tliat one month atter
lints I lotrntl to apply to Die clilef ciiniiiilssinw-r
nt lands nml works at Victoria Tor permission to
purchase iho follow)uk dosorltwtl Innds, Hint is
to sny* -i'l'iiniii'iii-iM!,' at a po-it mnrk-uil John
Sinter's HontlieaHt aoruor post, plnntoil at the
nm tin*:ist corner of MUohotl-s pre-emotlou (lieo-
onl iiiuiihi'i* unt) nenr -St. M-arys river; tlii'ncn
nortli forty clintus. thence west eighty chalim,
llicnce soutli forty olialns, thence east eighty
ch tins to the place of cnminenceinont.
Dutmi nt ('UBluiHik, It. C„ the O.li ilay of Anji-
llSt, 1000. a-J John Slater.
Notice is herehy glren that one month after
iliitt* I Intend to apply to the chief commissioner
of lands nml works at Victoria for permission to
purchase the following described lands, that ts
to say: ('ommeurloK st a post planted forty
chains west of llie northwest corner of 8, W,
.MHH-ell's pre-emption near Rt. Marys river,
tlii-iico north forty elialns, llience west eluhty
chains, thence south forty olialns, thence east
eighty chains to the pluee of commencement.
haled at t.'rantirnuk, li. ('„ the oth day of Auk-
ml. iww. » T. W. bans
Proprietors •* ** S
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in tbe district.
Manager   „*    j*   .**
Renowned nnd Unequalled
EAST-Fasl Daily Train-WEST
With direct connecting service
to and from East Kootenay
country. First-class sleepers on
all trains. Tourist cars pass
Medicine Hat daily (or St.
Paul, Saturdays for Montreal
and Boston, Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto.
Westward-Daily Train-Eastward
17-25  lv. Cranbrook lv.  9i35
Connects at Macleod for Calgary and Edmonton and at
Medicine Hat for all points
east. Connects at Kootenay
landing for all points in west
Kootenay. Slocan and Boundary districts, and for Pacific
coast, Main line points via.Rev-
elstoke. For rates, tickets and
full information apply to agent
Cranbrook or
A. 0. P. A. T. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C. Nelson, B.C.
Are you going to build?
Greer & Co,
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specifications for nl! kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
jt   Jt   B.C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Cranbrook,      : British Columbia
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk of Commprce BI.Ik. CKAXIIItOOK
11. \V. IlKlirilMKIt
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Contractor and Builder
At present am building Ihe new SI. Eugene
hospital and a number ol two story and olher
Cranbrook, B. C.
Promptly Attended to.
...HOI EL...
Open Day and Night
.'....Best of Table Board
A first-class cook has charge of the culinary deportment and the
lodging accommodations are not excelled in Cranbrook.
"The Early Bird Catches the Worm " f
The " Early Closing " Storekeeper *_
Should Catch Your Patronage.-* „•* m.
Wc- can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" %
you in a strictly up-to-date style. Conic- early %
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AH Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Refitte.l Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Kast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props
Cranbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-Al.l,   KINliS   OF	
I Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and j
flouldings. I
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Wan   In   the   Ilu a 111 ran   HI mot-If   nnd
tvu.-iv Whnt it Meant.
It wns un a Cleveliiuil street cm* tlmt
a well dressed imm carried his hnuii to
liis jaw now nud then and uttered a
stifled groau. After a bit a fellow
passenger imd hla curiosity aruusud
aud brusquely queried;
"I've been there and know all nbout
lt. If she's holler nml hns the jumps,
it tt 1 tt*t uo use tooling around. What
ymi want to do Is to go to n dentist."
'Tin!   Jeiiislin, hut how it uelies!"
"Go right to llie dentist find hnvo It
yanked nut. Man with the toothache
always feels a nnu- scared aboul having it yanked, hui that's nil Imagination, you know."
"I'd rather tie shotl" groaned the sufferer,
"Oh, pshaw I Go to soma dontlsl who
gives laughing uas. 1 It'll give you gas
nml take the tooth nut without your
knowing It. I pledge you my word
that It won't hurt any more than par-
Iiik otT a linger mill."
"Uml Whnt a llnr. G'wny from
"Why, mnn, I pledge you my word
thnt you'll never"—
"Don't talk to mo! I know all about
lt! I've been u dentist myself for tho
Inst 15 years!"
"Oh, you havo!" growled tho other as
he backed nwny. "Well, that's different. It will not only seem to you ns If
your blamed old head wns being pulled
off your shoulders, but your jnw will
ache two weeks after, nnd I'm durned
Kind of lt too!" M. Quad.
I waa cured  of   painful   Goitre by
Chatham, Ont.
I   was  cured  of  intlnmmntioa   by
Walsh, Ont.
I was cured of Facial Neuralgio by
Parksdale, Out.
Instead of rickety tallies for china nod
bric-a-brac n house decorator advises n
narrow shelf ncross one side of the room
upon which to stand jugs uud teapots.
The best care for the disgusting cockroach Is to purchase n poison phosphorous
paste uml spread it on bread. This kills
them in n few minutes. They go nway to
To tnko tho letters nnd coloring off
new flour sacks, put them into tho boiling
suds after the white clothes are taken
cm'. Let them stand 20 minutes or half
an hour; then with very little rubbiug
they will come oat while.
It Wm Cain, All night.
"Do you—do you remember who killed Abel?" nsked the old mnn in the
Btroot car of the man on his right.
"Why, Cain, of course." was the reply.   "Who did you think It was?"
"Wnnl, durn my hide, If I hnin't
mnde a fool of myself! lt wasn't tea
tnlnlts ago that I bet n mnn $*_ to $1
thut it was Gollnh, and now I'll her
to go barefut all summer to make it
Up! Vos, sir, It wns Cain, and Gollnh
wasn't In It, and Samson wasn't born,
and i). V. Jones, which Is me, ou^ht
to be hit wilh the same club thnt Abel
was I"
lln-   11iiil,-rii   Driiiiin,
STottug Actress I expect to rise to
greatness in the future.
Manager—Tho future, my dem? It
Isn't your future thai makes yon great
It's yoiu past.-Detroit Free Press.
An All mi, nl In
|H-   I <<n   till- Suit,.!-,-..
«l Kiita-sblcd—A Yl-p
nit llrm t Trouble.
Naturally every stok person tu whom
help Is promised will ask, "Ims tho
remedy heen fiuoeessfiil ;■ Whom bun it
helped!'" We eiiuuot better answer
these questions than hy publishing tosU-
niontalB received from grateful people
who aro anxious that othor sntlVnrs
may profit by thoir exporiener. Ono
of those grateful ones is Mrs. Dunlins
Kills, or   Parry Station, Out.    Mrs.
Kills says:—"Three yearn BgO   I hud B
vory severe uttitok of la grlppo, and tbe
disease left me in   uu   extremely   worn
out, nervous, ami enfeebled condition,
Tbo nOtVOUSUQfl was ho severe as to
have almost rehulted in St. Vitus dunco.
Sleep fomtok me. 1 hnd had uttneks of
ln'iirt trouble, nml the lienduehes 1 endured wero something terrible. I bad
no appetite, and was literally fading
away; I wus not nblo to work nbout tho
house nud wns so weak tliat 1 could
scarcely lift a onp of tea, 1 was treat-fid
by n good doetor, but wilh uo benetlt
Almost, In despair, 1 r-UOttfld to patent
medieines, ami tried several, ono afler
another, only to ho disappointed by
each, 1 Muttered lu this condition until
lhe winter of IHUU, when a friend pro
vailed upon me to try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, nml I began taking them.
From tlm Ilrst (he pills helped mo nud
I could feel my ntreugtb gradually re-
turuUig. I continued tho use of tho
pills according to duectious until I had
takeu eight boxes, wheu I was ngnin
enjoying perfect, health, My strength
had entirely returned, my appetitu was
splendid,the hnurt trouble ami nervousness had ceased, while the blessing of
sleep, onco denied, had ngain returned.
I had gained over thirty pounds ln
weight, und wns ablo to do all my
housework with case. Iu fact I had
received a new lease of lifo. I believe
my core is permanent, as more than a
year lum since passed and I feel so
strong and well tlmt I venture to say
thoro is not a healthier woman in this
section; indeed I am enjoying better
health than I have for twenty years,
and this has been brought about by the
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I feel
that I cannot say enough In tbeir praise
for I beliovo they saved my lifo. My
sou bas also received the greatest benefit from the use of those pills in a oan
of spring fiver."
Ibe Shrewd Ti-lek by Whleh u
Tit rill y Q-ttrniilu Out HI* |T3,000
AuroHM one Hundred und Twenty
Mile's "l   Wild  ami   Lonely llund   lu
Nevada to u Railroad,
"When 1 wus atteudlug to business In
Piuclie, Nov., u good imiuy years ugo,"
-aid u veteran inlucr, "ihe town was llio
miles from a railroad mid lacked a good
mauy ot the ormuiivuts of a real high
civilisation.   Hut   the  ii ey   part of  it
wns well lepreseuted, uud utuoug the
lucky chaps was l'i, .1 Schuster, a thrifty
i-eimun from I'iim.i, whu wandered
imt there aud coppered the brewing hunl
uess, lie had a brewers which, howevel
guod'll might have been as u producer of
beer, showed iftomise cuougli for him tu
Id ■>.;
iu I
uml go
(Ion a nuta or two, and Prod
at ome lo get Ulil with his mot
buck lo the luxury of Sun I'm
"It wus easy euough to talk uhout, hut
Ihere WllB thai 1.0 lullea over a wild mnl
lonely load, uml Plocho just ul thut turn*
held 2_ road agents who needed about
¥70.000 iu ilieir business and were liaug
lug around waiting for the Duti-bmau to
start f»r tin* railroad with his stuff, The)
didn't euro foi* the notes especially, hm
Moy did wnni that cash, uml wanted It
hud CUUllgll tu have spilled hlood Ior il.
SellUSlcr knew ull this iih well us the.v
did, uud ut the Bll tti C lime he did not lei
up mi his proposition to get out of town.
"The hoss milium keeper uml politician
of the towu wus ii allied Lynch, and he
was a nood friend of S eh aster's. So was
the livery Blnblc keeper, Travel's, and
Travel's luul a pair of tine horses thai
could go ilie distance better than anything ia that country. The three friends
talked the mat tur over, uud next day
Schuster announced thut he would celebrate Ids departure, which wus to occur
mi Tuesday of lhe following week, by a
wide open banquet the Friday night hefore ut the hall over Lyudl's snluou. In
Ihe meantime Lynch eame to inu-nnd told
nn* to hold myself ia readiness to go ut a
minute's notice tu u mine of his u dot-sou
or so udles down the roud to put up a
"The bunquet enme off accordiug to
announcement und wns the biggest social
fuiR-liuu thut Piocho hnd ever known.
All tiie towu was out, Including every
road agent lu the place, and the chant-
pngue (lowed like water. Schuster wus
there in n dress suit—think of that, will
you, hi Plochc, over 25 yeurs ugo, uud
nobody offered to shoot holes in it! The
host forced tlie festivities, so to speak,
which began ut 7 in the evening, and by
10 o'clock most everybody wns drunk.
Including Schuster, who seemed to be
drunker tlr-nt) anybody. About this time
I wus culled out, being duly sober, ns 1
don't drink to excess, and, going dowu
stairs, found Lynch at the side door with
Travels' team of buys hitched to n buggy. There was nobody nrouud the
streets, and I wondered whnt Lynch wus
doing there Instead of being nt the banquet, where I hud seen him out hulf un
hour hefore. He wanted to know If I
wus ready to start nt ouce for the mine,
and, although it wns entirely unexpected,
I promptly told him I wns. I didn't have
on my working clothes, tint that didn't
count for much there. He got out, and
1 gut la, and beforo I had got myself
lixed Schuster, iu his dress suit and us
sober us I thought hefore he wns drunk,
Joined us hurriedly nud got into the buggy with inc. He luul n light overcoat
around his shoulders that he put on he-
foie he sat down. I didn't quite understand what Schuster hnd to do with the
pump, but before I eould nsk any questions Lynch told me he would explain
nfter we got started nnd .said it was lime
for us to he off.
"We drove nway slowly nml quietly, ns
Schuster said he didn't want to wake up
the police, and as soon ns we got beyond
the town he told me we were to drive to
the railroad nud thut he had his traps
nud his $70,000 in gold in the buggy. This
wns more than my contract called for,
hut I wasn't going to back out then, and
hilling llie horses a lick WO ilew nlong the
road like a cyclone. I hud always wauted $75,000, it seemed such n nice poetical
kind of ti sum of money to hnve, but
liow lluil 1 diil hnve it I never was
more uncomfortable, I knew that it
those road agents discovered Schuster's
nh-ence or guessed thnt he hnd skipped
they would be after us on horses, nnd I
did nol like the idea of being chased for
ii tew doscn miles nud being stmt out of a
buggy, I would hnve much preferred not
tn Imve ihe $73,000, It was u tine night
for driving, jusi worm enough, nnd ns we
kept the horses up to the best thc rond
would allow we kept our ears tinned
backwnrd for the sound of bootbests,
nnd each of ns hnd two revolvers in easy
"Wo stopped for breakfast -10 miles
from Ploclie, Schuster changing his
clothes us we drove the lust mile or two.
We gave our team a good rest, with nu
oyc on our buggy all tiie time, nml nt
ii,mu vie started ngnin, making 40 miles
hi dark, und ihe next day we reached
the railroad in lime to catch the train for
Snll Luke City, 1 went there with
Si hosier, nud as we pulled oul of Ihe
station nnd knew wo and the $75,000
were safe, Schuster tupped himself ou
(he li-.:ul with u peculiar German smile
nnd snid: 'Mi-ppe I vns a Dutchmen vat
,1 u',i know soinedings; nber iiii'hl.' Then
U, waved his hum) toward Plocho in
farewell. He wanted nu* to go to IVUco
nnd stay n year with bim, hut I had oth
ci btlllllCBI in iiltciid tO. When I got buck
to my loam rour dais later, they were ns
a Ins ever, and  I  went Into Ploclie ns
though I hnd uot driven more thnn a
doiOII miles, but everybody kuew where
1 hnd heen. The road agents hud very
Ifltlo to say, but one of Ihem told me. iu
speaking Incidental!] of Bchniter, that he
hated n liar."
JUlt Willi I  Hr TbOUKht,
Un niii* a gentleman took n poem tu an
editor who was his dlU t school.
"It hints me, old fellow," suid the editor, "to wound ymir feelings, Imt. truly,
we nre so overstocked wlih poetry that It
Is useless to rend yours.    We can only
accept what shuws unmistakable genius."
"Well, just rend that poem," snid lhe
schoolmate, " 1 tell me whnt you think
of it. lt may prove heller thuu yon Imagine."
"It Is ns 1 feared." replied thc editor,
nfter rending the poem. "The poem
shows no promise whatever. Pardon me,
but ll is simply absurd und utterly useless."   '
"That's just whnt I thought," repliod
the Kchoolmnte. "It's a copy of some
verses you wrote in my autogrupli album
while we were at aehool together."
It Ih time llie American womnn Icnrned
tlmt It is not a feather la her cap to wear
a dead bird In her bonnet.—Louisville
The first  thing  u   woman   does  nfter
three weeks' nbs ia iu the country Is to
nsk for thc Iniest Issues of the r««bt<>n
in u gasl lies.
Unless it iii nu rii lues such n row wnen
his  wife  sells  nu  uhl   footstool  Ihnl   the
neighbors send fur tin- police she will become emboldened uml m II nil the furniture lu thc house.—Atchison Cliche,
tlftY*    Heen    Knmvti    I'rnui    BarUirl
IIh>» und   Ne-..-r   I.nut   l'»v,ir,
Both as a condiment imd us n medicine |
mustard 1ms heen known from very early I
dnys.    It wus ulso used l.y the Saxom
mixed   wiih   huney   und   vinegar,   afler
which it wus simply pounded in n uiortur :
uml -ius>,-il through a sieve.     In the reign
of George I a vrgtuau of Dm hum hit uu
the idea of grinding* Ihe  seed  iu  u  mill
uud sifting the Doll)  from the husk, uud
this method is still employed,
Twu varieties of inusturd used nre the
blink nnd the white. Tl.e black is a tall
nuniiul, with brlghi yellow Dowers, followed hv seed poila a half inch lung
containing mhllsli seeds, and Is imp posed
tu he the sum.* lUeUtttmed In lhe Bible
us lln* tree which grew from "a grain
of musl aid seed," ns ilo* pluui grows in
the  lli.lv   Lund  to lhe lleiglll   of  L'i  feet.
The seed    I   uf   lhe   while   variety   is
much larger thnn Uml of the black, uml
the seeds mi* luigei uud of u bright yel-
low color. This is the variety used in tlle
suhi.l kuowu an mustard uml el-ens.
lu ilie modern sys| f imisini'd making lln* two unlet lea are mixed together
ihe black coiiiiiluing volatile nil. -.ulplnii
nml ultrogi'll, willed Mlppllen the pungent
llnvor, iSe whin- uddiug the acrid Inste,
Thi- pungent oil i- not ilu. I..|ied nil th.
iim-tuid Is nmisle I hs   ii"' inblllliui ul
uuter. Hlllcli m>|n Up .1 kind nf reimeiita
lliiU.    Ii should I 'men*.herd Ihnl boil
••Id I
nii,l h.i   1 ii limit,
rl.nl.    Win,' rliii'il
Ini   luul   IlllWiiil*
lltl.'   I*'
pl'll   i
illy   ii
(vlilli* wlm*.    Mil
e   v
f  IU
mi'   i-   I
;.l: 1,
mn Iili'r.    Mm
tliuis I. ii vnlimlil
Clilniiiii Ni'wm,
'* ,
lie   t'ol'l
III   slill
1   o|    |
lln HI.
llo.l   ll   (.'IIH,'   Hill
Alone Will,,
*   Iti
tit .1
Mmle  It
ny Su|i|M
Till" WlllilW ill  1
li. llo- 1
Oil   Bli'iKllI   of   llill
1 U
the   Hindus  operandi  of  till*   l.llllul'S   ,;*».
trick when discussing "Magb us a limn.
Amusement" in The Wnimiujs I! mi
Companion: "The leal uf comp.ll ug ,
walking stick or umbrella in stand up
right ia Mn* middle of n piirlnr within.
being supported by iinylhing or iltiybod:
nlways seems wniidei fill. !t U ho-'
when nhout to pcrfiil'lii iVls feut to Iinv,
a hhu-k screen fur n background and h
order the stick ur umbrella In Nt llllil tlloln
uhout ti font iu front of ihis screen. T<
show the audience lhat then* Is no per
sou or apparatus behind this screen t<
secretly help the slick t<> stand wher
commanded the performer cuu Like lln
screen uwuy for a few minutes until uii
are satisfied lhat there l.< no hidden up
pnrntus there. I'ass ilu* cum* mound
among the audience  to  'let   ibem  sei
there is uu pin In the c 's ferrule nnd
that it Is un ordinary cane, tibsnlntelj
without life.' Wln-n the screen is again
In pho-e. lln- slick enn he hypnotised Its
a few mysterious mumblhi-s. whleh will
be certain to keep ihe uinliim-o guessing
In the wrung direction. Then ilu* stick
will stand llluiie for ns lung as the performer mny desire.
"The seerel uf hypnotizing is so simple
that  the iimlieiice  will  never suspect   it
It i- to previously Me n yard of black
thread from Ihe tup of om* of the front
legs of ua ntdimiiy chair tu lhe top nr
the other fioot leg. letting the 'hag' of
the thren.l full tu Ibe ground until lendj
for the 'liypuotltditg.' Carol.-ly place
Ihe slick wilhin thc 'bug' uf the thread,
phi tl I Ing the slick upright si\ Inches from
tbe chair, making it appear that it is
mils I'S ,1"' merest accident that the per-
runner selects this particular spot. Now
lake your bunds nway. and, of course,
ihe si'i.k will btitud when* yon place it.
The supporting thread will not be seen
uii necouul of tbe dark background. This
uml mnny other feats any amateur cau
peiioim after u little practice."
t 'Unmet ft*.
A growing tree is nut thinking of the
shadow il will cast, It is growing to
heur its fi uit or furnish the timber of
its being. The shadow grows iu conse-
ipicnce. And it is so wiih un honest,
goud life. The inspiration of it is uot
tlu desire for olhers* applause or tbe
growth of personal Intlueuce, but the
wi-h to du lhe duly of tbe day boCSUSS
it is duty. It is n.u by mero brains thnt
good, enduring IllliuenCO is secured.
Character, whieh inspires contidem-e,
wins respect nud hy tbe very laws of
lifu tells ou others—this is the force
which ii good mini directs, llut self con-
celt, personal vanity ami overcoufidenc-t
in oneself ure not consistent with this
ohsroctcr. Let there be unaffected mod-
Pity behind obvious power, nnd respect Is
won. uml respect 'mnllps 'afli»«»ico_ ot
lhe best  kind
Sillily  i.t-i'iiinn.
German should be the first foreign language studied ia mir schools, snys Willinm Cranston Lnwlon in ti* Atlantic
The linlh sear Is i]iiitu lull* enough to
begin It. In fear or live yeurs ft could b«
really mastered us ti  working tool.    Nur
Bhould the best literature be long postponed, The supreme masterpieces, Indeed, Knusi, Wnllensteln, Nathan, are
111 suited for children. Most of "Wtlhehn
T.ll" or "llcrmnnu mid Dorolhea" could
be rend In gramII nr sol Is.   Hut perhaps
tin- giculcst Wealth »f the (icrmuii speech
Is lu ballad nud lyric. The vocabulary of
this literature nhu is very "lose to the
hi'iiiiy,  homely  Rnxon  lOngli.h  of our
own I ie, uud Ii onr ths,   Scores, if not
liuiiihiils, uf sinh lyrics as Lhland's
sli-mid be stored in the iilciuoi)' uf every
child of 11 ur lo.
a Stupid ii'-aJi-r-xrv,
"Iliggsby married a Httlo woman becnuse be thought be COU Id overawe her
by bis physical siipreiiuu-y,"
"The stupid   follow  didn't  know  thut
the bossing proclivity of a woman is almost IllVnHahly in inverse ratio to her
Bi7.e."-<_ level und l'lnln Healer.
Honeymoon Cruelty.
"Nay, madam, the dny 1 married you I
gave yuu the key to iny henrt."
"Yes, nnd then ymi went right off nnd
hnd tbo lock changed."—Brooklyn Life.
A Loudon expert doclnros thnt if some
material could be discovered that would
make it possible to build n laborer's cottage fm- $riiiil the housing dilliculty would
be at nu cud.
The Parisians expect thnt 05,000,000
persons will visit their exposition.
There are numerous complaints about
the exorbitant charges iu Paris uml on
the fulr grounds, The Parisians nre
evidently de term hied to make tlio most
of the opportunity.
Season tickets to the Paris exhibition
must hear the photograph of the persons
to whom lhey lira issued. Thu Algerian.
Tunisinii and other Mohammedan exhibitors, however, refuse to huvo their pictures taken, us it Is contrary to the
Thrt-r Common Condition- That ('nil
Pot Correotlon i-> Glasaes,
The three defects uf eyesight which arc
most commonly encountered in otherwise
lu-ultby persons uud whieh cuu be mure
or less perfectly overcome by uieuus uf
glasses are nearsightedness, farsightedness und astigmatism. These ure all important, for besides thu discomfort uud
atiLoyiiUce of imperfect sight the iim>luu-
tury efforts which the sufferer makes to
see better strain the eyes and tint only injure tbem, but also give rise through re-
Hex action tu headaches uud vurious
nervous disturbances.
Neursig'hleiluess. .shortsightedness or
myopia, us It is variously culled, is u conditiou of thc eyeball, usually a lengthening, iu conse-queuco of which the rays of
light nre brought to u focus in front of
the retimi. uud su the object is blurred.
This condition may exist frum hirth,
but is usually lhe result of too much und
loo eurly use of the eyes, ns in the case
uf students, engravers, women who do
tine sewing uud 10 forth. Thus we may
say that putting children to work nt some
of the kindergarten exercises, such as
performing und druwing. is iu a double
sense u shortsighted procedure.
Mnny   nearsighted   people   refuse   to
weur glasses, preferring to deprive themselves uf sight fm- everything beyond the
nose rather than tu injure tbeir personal
appearance, ns tbey think. This is another shortsighted policy, for besides losing much uf the joy ot existence which
cuiiies from seeing lhc beautiful things
Cbout und nhovo us such persons are very
liable tu suffer frum intlnmuuitiou of tlu
eyes, produced by conslnnt struiu.
A less common defect is lung or fin
sigbtedness, or hypennotroplu. This te
the opposite of myopia, the eyeball being
tlatteued or shortened uud the rays of
light consequently not coming to a focus
by the time lhey roach the retina,
Iu this case the eye often corrects the
defect more ur less successfully by making the crystalline lens more convex, bul
It dues this at the expense of the sufferer's nervous force, nnd so we often iin.I
tired uud congested eyes, headaches, indigestion and even serious nervous nffec-
lions. The effort to correct thu vision is
entirely voluntary and cun be overcome
ouly by the tilting of suitable convex
The third nud most common defect is
astigmatism, lu this condition there Is
somo irregularity of the surface of the
eye or of the lens, by mentis of which the
image ns It reaches the retina Is distorted. Untreated astigmatism is a frequent
cause of headache and other nervous disturbances. The only relief is the wearing of glnsscs, ut least whilo rending,
writing or whenever nenr objects are
looked at.—Youth's Companion.
Uow the Tramp Intended to Rcek-
lt»MMl>- SquRiid-r Thnt Amouiit,
"No, I never question beggars," said
nu old citizen who hud just bunded a
small coin to n typical hobo who "braced" him on n St. Charles street corner
thu other day. "If the caso appeals on
Its surfiice to my t-ymputhy, I give, nnd
If not, 1 don't, aud there the mutter ends.
"One night several years ngo I wns
standing almost nt this very spot, when n
most disreputable looking tramp shambled up and asked me for a dime. His
clothes were in rags and tatters; he wore
one battered tun gaiter nnd one cloth
slipper; his nose resembled a ripe tomato, and ho hud n dilapidated billycock
hat perched ou the extreme back of his
bend. In those days 1 had a foolish idea
that I ought to be very careful not to encourage intemperance by indiscriminate
llllli.-,  in I li...L-,>,l  tho <ii<pni-illon nvni' nml
hm.Iciie.l my heart.
" T wouh! gladly give you a dime,' I
said, 'if 1 thought rt would really du you
any guud, bnt I am satisfied you would
Immediately spend It for rum/
'"No, enp'u, you're dead wrong,' he
said earnestly. '1 dou't Intend to du nuth-
in of tli' kind.'
'"Well, then, I'll make a bargain with
you,' I replied. 'If you'll tell me exactly
nnd truthfully what you propose to do
with it I'll give you the money,'
" Ts dnt straight?* he nsked.
" 'Certainly,' I answered,
'"Hen cumo with me,' he snid mysteriously.
"My curiosity was aroused, and I followed him half wny down the block,
where ho turned into nu alley and led mc
to the further cud. The place was silent
ns tlm grave, and not a soul was iu sight,
hut he looked cautiously up und down
nnd peered behind n pile of boxes before
he spoke.
"'Now gimme de dime nn I'll tell ye,'
he whispered hoarsely. I handed it over,
'Cun ye keep n sc-eret'f' 'Yes, 1 guess so.'
'Well, I'm goin to get m» boo'a bl»*k-
Plymouth  Hock.
Plymouth rock has become an object
of veneration in the Uniied States because of its Interesting historical associations, As is well known, it is the rock
or ledge on which the pilgrims are believed to have landed when they first stepped from their boats In the harbor of
whut is now Plymouth, Muss. In 1775
part of the rock was removed to the vicinity of Pilgrim hall, but wan after-
wind restored to Its original site and is
now under the stone canopy that sur-
niutints the main rock on Water street.
Charles Sunnier snid, "From the deck of
the May llo wer, from the landing ttt
Plymouth rock, to the Bcnato of the
United States is a mighty contrast, covering wh.de spaces of history hnrdly less
than from the wolf thnt suckled Itoumlns
und ltcinus to tlmt ltoinnn senate which,
on curule chairs, swayed Italy nud tbe
Itutiinn lied Tnuc
Here is a itory of Ruiklan red tnpe: A
gentleman in .Moscow ordered a purtieil-
tur kind of horsu from one ot the government breeding esluldishmeuls. After n
delay of three weeks lie received an ofll-
rial communication, spread over much
paper, to the effect that as he luid omitted to forward a stump for n reply there
could he no answer to his request, This
document was signed by several officials.
The gentleman apologized and sent lhe
stump at j lice. In the course of the
nest week he received another communication from the breeding establishment
to say that n horse such as he required
could uot be supplied.
,   A I'oMllile Solution.
Mrs. Brown-I don't think Miss White
will ever mnrry Mr. -lonks.
Mr. Hrown—Why not?
Mrs. Brown—Oh, she quarrels with
Idm so constantly.
Mi*. Brown—Ah, perhaps they've been
secretly murrlcd already.--Philadelphia
Do Not
Pay Cash_»
A WJ lug* MTlng ctn be mads,  W. ca„
turnUh the eiact .mount (or Knyriafmeat.
Write for ptrtlonliirs and prlo*.
and ■■—-—. }
So great has been the demand
for the Free Press War Picture that
the supply of maps of South Africa
was entirely exhausted three
weeks after the offer was made-
If you want u copy of this handsome picture, stgU the order below
nnd send to Free Press with
50 Cents
Present subscribers may avail
themselves of this offer by sending
fiOc, which will entitle thein to the
picture and lo have their subscription extended fur six months,
Please send Weekly Free Press
for six months with picture of
"Capture of Commandant Itotli.i
by Canadian Mounted Rifles" for
which I enclose 5U cents.
"Sniping" Is firing by sharpshooters
wherever they see uu enemy's head or
T !■-■ on outpost duty da not Bnlute
th.*ir superiors or notice them unless ud-
There nre over _0 rope knots used In
military engineering, in additlou to which
for pontoouing und spur hrldgiug there
are several different forms of loshiug and
Wide pontoon bridges nre steadier thuu
narrow ones. The Lioats fm' such structures should not he Immersed deeper
than within o fuet .nf the top und are
placed -stein on to tbo current.
George Byron Curtis, who recently succeeded W. II. Mudford as editor of the
London Standard, was assistant editor
under Air. Mudfiud for 20 yeurs.
M. Edouiird de Ilcszke bus lost his
youngest child, Marie, n bright little
girl of <i. 'i'he body hus been sent to Warsaw from Loudon fm- burial iu Polish
One of Lord Huberts' many nicknames
is that of "Saint," conferral hecauso his
figure is pictured lu u stained glnBB window of the Hoyul Military academy at
Woolwich, England.
Mr. Luke (ireen, a traveler In Rhodc-
siu, asserts that he drove off a troop of
live lions und many hyenas, which bud
attacked him uud were not frightened by
his gun, by Bring Em-dish periodicals ul
Lord Ilnlshury, the present lord chancellor of England, will probably retire
'.Vhen his lifelong friend. Lord Salisbury,
leaves ollice, and it is suid his successor
will be Sir Francis Jeune, president of
the divorce division.
Senator Culberson of Texas said recently that 15 yeurs ago he hnd his picture taken nnd u sudden death followed
in his family. Ten years ago the same
coincidence wns noted, and since tbeu the
senator llees the camera.
IIerr I. K. Posiiunsky, the great philanthropist of Russia, is dead, lie left an
estate of over *_0,(.l<j0,000 rubles. Five
hundred thousand rubles were bequeathed to charitable purposes, and to this
sum his heirs huve added 1100,000 rubles.
P. P. Hay, who has been appointed
United States marshal uf Hawaii, is secretary to Senator Cullom. Mr, Hay, who
is ii muu of 50, wus horn lu Columbia
county, New York stute, but hns lived in
Illinois many years. lie wus secretary
of the Illinois state senate in IHT3A.
At the recent annual commencement of
Columbia university, Washington, the
degree of LL. It. wus conferred upon
Commander Richard Wainwrlght, superintendent of the Naval academy. Commander Wainwrlght delivered the address to the graduates of thc university.
Ex-Governor Hogg <if Texas hus formed connections with a law firm in the
City of Mexico, nml it is snid he also contemplates opening nu office in New York.
Two of bis partners ure Francisco Al-
faro of the City of Mexico nnd It. L.
Summorlln of Sun Antonio, well known
iu Texas politics.
General del Mnlno, the new Italian embassador at Berlin, is tho ofllcer who was
in command ut Milan when the sanguina*
rv Insurrection took pluee there in the
spring of 1808, Though he hud hut li-ium
men nt Ins disposal he managed to retain
the upper hand and prevented the Bucking of the city by the socialistic mob.
Lieutenant Governor William A.
Northcott of Illinois, who has announced
himself a cnndldntu for the Republican
nomination for vin* president, Is a native
of Tennessee, but has lived in Illinois
since 187D. In 1800 he was made bend
consul of the Order of Modern Woodmen,
which claims a membership of -luu.ixio
iu the United States.
In Japan It Is the custom to set food
before gucstfl ut whatever timu of duy
they call.
fin the east of ("utindn Is one of the
greatest  forest  regions ill  the  world,  mi
the west u mass of mountains, in the
center u vust prairio territory.
Logs are the cheapest thing lu Siberia,
hut if the forests ure cut as rapidly for
the next century ns they have been of
Iuto years reforestation wilt become as
pressing a question ns it is in America,
Smuggled tobacco conllscatcd by the
British customs authorities wus formerly
bullied in the huge furnace kimwu as iho
queen's pipe, but for some years past ihis
has not been done. Instead tbe tobacco
Is scut to the criminal lunatic asylums
for the benefit of the inmates,
Much bus been suid lately of the capture of quail in Egypt, touching the protest mude by Frenchmen ngalast carrying tho birds across French territory for
English use. Until (his mutter rose nobody seemed to kimw thnt quail existed
Iu Egypt, but tbey do—hy the millions.
Know Ile Hail Nu Iti;,Iim.
Thore is ti lineman in the service of
thc Michigan Telephone company who
doesn't liko to wear a lint on hot
dnys. A kind-hftnrted old ludy saw
him digging a post hole, nud got him
ono nf her husband's old lints. Not
wishing to offend her, tho mail put
it un, and, wlieu tiie joh wus completed ho went to the door nnd returned
tlm lint with thanks. "Hut you musl
koep it," sim urged. "You will injure your brains if ynu don't wear
BOtne tht lig on your head I liis hot
weather."    "No, I   won't,"   nl i   llm
eooontrlo fellow. "1 hnvoti't -kot any
bruins. If I had I wouldn't be digging post holes,"
Uv Won.
"No," said the fulr girl, "it's no use.
You don't come up to my ideal."
'.'Perhaps not," be answered, "but I
don't cure if 1 enn only get nnywhere
near my own."
"Your own'/"' she answered. "What is
yum* ideal''"
"You." he whispered.
"Ain't you UWful!" slie simpered.—Tit-
ii.mm- ii. Free Bas. Am
, P. tl.H u-i.   K   V. H.O< ut.
i'mollis Durcr always smokes while
painting on a portrait, except, "f course,
when u lady is the "sitter. He snys that
lu* finds the greatest Inspiration iu a
James M, Barrie, tho novelist, In consenting to stnnd for parliament, shuws
0 decided change nf opinion in such matters, since only five years ago he suid
thnt he would rather bo Uoggod than
huve to go into polities.
South Africa seems the magnet for
nut hon Hum* duys nml .1. M. Barrie is
the latest to join the writers* colony nt
the frout, which included, up to recently,
t'onan Doyle, Kipling, Itlchard Harding
Davis   .I'.l*-"-  Kahili nnd several others.
•TA1T. OK (HIM, CllV ol* To!.l*l'l>, ( ,,
I-'nam* .I.i'iiinkv iimk'isoath (but hois 'lio
senior partner of tlio llrm of !■*. J, i'iikmv ._
Co, ilo IK l.ll-iie^ ht the citv of T*'..!'..
County and i-itute afonwaid, and llial mid Orm
uiit imy the mini ni •'*.!■: iffNintia) i«'L-
LAKs fur onoh ami oven caw ol oatarrh tint
cannot bocunuby the use of Hall'sCatakiio
t HUB. t'HAN'K .1. i IIKSI'.V,
Sworn tn boforo ma nud luhscrlbod m mv
pra-enco, thli atli iiuy nf I i.e. .ul..-r. A. I)., Kn).
,  — -, " A. W.iil.KA-i'S.
Ur.At.l Aof.iry Pmk,
Hull's Catarrh Curo i« ink n lutcrnnlly and
uei*- illi out ly on iin* i iood nml iiiqcom snrfaoes
ef llm .lymi'iu.   Sen i fnr trailinonlali. free.
T ,1  Ilil'NI'V A. (*"., Tub-do U.
Raid hy Drugglah, itc.
IIuH'mI'iiiiiII) Pills are tho best,
nut It llnttn't.
"Hero's the clockiuakcr come to fix
our slttiui: room clock," Bflld the funny
mini's wlfo. "Won't you go up nml got
It for him V"
"Why, It Isn't up stnlrs. Is UV" replied hclnzlly.
"Of course It Is. Where did you
think It wnsV"
"Oh, I thought It hnd run down:"-
i-hiludelphin Cress.
Dickie'.-Ami d iri-iiinpt'v. Syrup stands at
tin* head of the M-i for ull dismses of th,.*
Illroal nud lungs, It acts like magic hi
breaking up u cold, A cough i* Boon subdued, tightness of the ch< bI Is relieved, even
the worst caio of cuunimpUon te relieved,
while In recent cafes it may be -a d n. ver uj
fai. It 1- a raedie'ne prepared from tho
uci.ve principles arvlrtue-joi several medicinal herbs, und can I* depended uj-m for sll
pulmonary complaints.
"I   suppose  you  ure quite  familiar
with SbukespenreV"
"I should say so," answered the farce
"Rend all his plnye, of courso'-''
"No; 1 can't say I have."
"You have seen them played?"
"No; I haven't seen mnny."
"But you burlesque Shakespeare!"
"Of course.   That burlesque has boon
In our fatuity for years.   And I don't
see how nnybody could get more familiar with Shakespeare than we do In
thnt bui'lysque. We're positively chummy!"
"Don't you think thnt poet's Inter
work Is very delielentV
"Well,"   answered   the   unwavering
ndinirer,  "he doesn't  want   to  writ
high c!ara stuff all the time.   He's g •
to do Hoinothliit- to show his -rersatlll
Sl.KKl'LKSSNKss.-Wbtn the nervesora
unstrung umi Iho whole body given up tu
wretchedness, when the mind ie filled with
gloom and dismal for. bodings, tbe result --f
derangement of the dtgestlvi organs, sleep-
lessneM comes to add lo the distress, lf.mly
the subject could sleep there would baob-
livion fur u while, und temporary relief.
Farmolee's Vegetable Fills will not on y Id-
duct; sleep, b*dt will act ■«. beneficially that
Ihosubjcot will wake refreshed and restored
to happiness.
a Swindle,
Lawyer—Now, thanks to my eloquent
speech to tho jury, you've been acquitted, so you can confess to me what
you've done with the 100,000 gulden
that ynu stole.
Client—Hut 1 swear to you thnt I'm
Innocent   I'vo, in fnct, stolen nothing,
I.nwyer—Vi>u Bhnmcless fellow, why
didn't ymi tell iin* thnt In the first plow
Instead of letting me believe tbut you
Would lie in n position tu pay no* hnnd-
Fdiueiy fur my sen ices.—Der I'b.b.
Miuard's Incut Cares Euros, Etc,
Why Ile  Was Thero.
"Didn't 1 id) you I didn't waul any
of yonr Infernal -.rind around hero?"
shouted the I 'it t -im ri* citizen as u
hand organ man stopped nt his gate
"Ves, ymi lelhi," v.us the reply.
"Then what are you doing here?*1
"I'm ln*ro to no pluyee,    No plnyee—
2ccntn.   Muchee pluyee—1 conta. Bool
Tlieti Slie Would,
Hostess- Won't you nsk yuur wife to
pluy fur me, Mr. PhoxyV
Mr. I'iio.y—No, hut I'll got ber to do
Hostess—Why—or—howdo you mean?
Mr, Phoxy- I'll nsk her uot to.-l'hll-
inli Iphln Press.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Ererywhere.
Olll, hnl Good,
An officer Iid.1 been wounded In the leg
during an engagpoicht. and ti surgeon was
at work on llllil, Afler ho had made
2iany lutliions, the ollicer, growing tired
and worn with pain, naked if ho I ad
nearly tlnUhrd.
"I urn looking for Iho bullet," Bald the
operating surgeon.
"Why didn i yuu nay so hefore?" replied tin* nllleer. "It's In my pocket*"—
Peni'Mm-H Weekly,
v I'lilloaophlettl View,
"Joseph, hnve yon taken off yuur
ilauiieis whilo you hnve Buch a terrlbld
i oh r«"
"Yes, I have. When you bave such n
cold that you can't take nny mure Is
the very time to get rid uf tbem."—
Chicago Itecord.
Use the aufe, pit usnnl and effectual worm-
killer. Mother Graves' Worm Eiti rmtnotori
nothing et-uuls it.    Procure u bottle uud
tuke it lum.. .
Amiable, bul I'ntbetlc.
"Wlmt i- your object iu dwelling s-s
persistently on abstruse philosophic top-
"Well, answered the innu with a very
gentle but un pros poron's look, "1 suppose
it'- beeaitso It's one of the few places
where I cau dwell without paying nut."
-Wnshlngtnu Stnr.
lluu- yaa tried Holloway'sCora Cure? lt
has no equal fur removing these troublesome
eiereeenees, us ninny hava testified who
hnvo tried It.
rutin H>   Pomeleai,
"Ha!" Jeered the bystanders, "Tho
automobile has eome to stay. See it
•'Thiit's nil right." responded the man
on the sent, calmly lighting n cigar,
"Hut why should u miiehliiu iimt merely displaces tbe horse excite tbe 111 will
Ol :i-.-.■'■
Tin n. having found out what "as the
i: . tti'l   Willi  the  •ii-j'.'liery.   be   tuuVed
oG jn t in iinte	
MAP LA (iHII'1'H.-Mr. A. NIckerson.
farmer, Dutton -*riles: "Lost winter 1 had
In grippe, nnd it left me wilha -"-evera pain
in 'he small ot my buck nnd hip thnt used to
natch me whenever 1 tri.-d to climb a fence
'lln- lasted hir til ml lwo mouths, wheu I
h. tight ,i bottlo ol Dr. Thomas' Belectrlc Oil
ni.d u-cd n both Internally and eternally,
ui. ruins auA evening, for three days, at iho
eipiratlon of whieh time 1 was completely
She   Iiml   Q I   llenaun.
"I notice," said the editor, "that you
lid *. !>• gull spelling your middle nnine
w'th th.* •}•,' u s.etus that even you
are nol free from what tbe Bavage sex
calls "ti .*i iu's nonsense.' "
■ ll - . t femiulne foolishness at all,"
e: ■ ,*'■! Mrs Olive Kyd Blurdeklns,
tie eminent ndvocnte of downtrodden
v, in.iit "I dou't want to he mistaken
f. t -a prij*.('tighter, tbnt is all."—Indian-
V1VED.—-C ••■■■: application lo buslnws
•',■ i :■■ -j, -. and it th re be
Dpi r .1*- ill I ssitwlc sod .1- |in asion hid
-■,*,*.■ t- Int. iv, ne. I h< - « t*... fiom ctoni-
•jc'.i.e tronb ■ -. The *-»,on of .*\.!.-i»«- l-ririn*
mi tiiv.ii- iir-egularlttcs, and ibe ttomach
■ ■ ■. - - ■■- .--:■.- :•!■■ ford properly. In thi-*
ei minimi Pai-ucki'- V. gelatin Pills will be
ft mid a n.-copeniti**n of tm. |«wer, n stor-
lau th oiu insto I ealthfnl notion,dispelling
> ., and reviving Uie  dunging en-
High ■•■. Ca.-h Price \*t\A fur Butter and
Bess* AH ma.*! oiden foi fruit promptly
attended.  RsHsfacHon guaranteed.
Money to Loan
.Apply to
liOvcst prUM tT*-r -**a-ted.   Fins c_;&logu«
M t lutemtloas m»Bed tree   Writs aj for any•
thlnj* i- Muilc or M_*l-»l Iiutruiiit-iiU.
Whaley Eoyc« _ Co., ^liZ&lxL.
tffiWT.'l:. CIGAR.
Hnnur-tUu-fd  by TIKI". I-KK, Whmlper,
Catholic Prayer J&il'iSZg.?.
■l.r., ,1 ..--.. .- l-i'iiurrl btat-jtfr, .nd Cliarclt
Or; .::.,-.^ r...-...-. ,:.... V. .rk,    -•'..:    r".. r, ri
o«l».prorapt»U«imor. [ ij _;.;:f *,C[.,I:i*ia]
tf %
|    EVERYTHING...        I
| •
jf     Wo hup a largs Stfjck alirajn on
J hand ol
Wc f-nn f,i oui Dally ox Weakly
Papers or JohOutlitfi onu
few hours untie***.
WoaUosuppIj -KKAUV-ritlNTS.
STI.Hi:u-l'LA'l'KS und
W. N. U. 284. mm*.+*m****9***m** -#•*--•>****.##
Picked  Up Aboul thc City   by  Asking
Questions  of  Many   People.
Miss Jack, of Kimberley, was iu lown
Mrs. O'Dell left Tuesday morning for
a visit in Calgary.
Willis tn Burns, school inspector was
ii town yesterday.
Furnished Rooms—Neat and comfortable at Mrs. OdeU's.
Kngineer Busteed was over Irom Medicine list this week.
R. j. Hamilton, of Nelson, was a re
cent visitor in Cranbrook.
Phil  McArdle,  of   Sj.oki.ne,  was a
Cranhrook visitor Tuesday.
I). J. Elmer, of Moyie, wss in town
S today enroute to Fort Steele,
■ Mrs. Bigelow, of Kimberley, was a vis*
itor in the metropolis yesterday.
Mrs. Pollock, of Fernie, has been vis
Iti tig with the Misses Wellman.
Lady wishes employment by the day.
Inquire at Henderson's fruit store.
M. Mcluues departed for Calgary on a
business trip combined wilh pleasure.
tix Judge Hutchison was a visitor lo
the lake city Tuesday and Vednesday.
A bargain—7-rootned bouse, good eel
hi,     Apply A, H. Watt, townsile office
Charley Kstmere, the mining magnate
of Kast Kootenay. was in town yesterday,
J, A. London isn't true to his name
for be registered recently from Moutrea!
"Jim" Joyce's countenance illuniinst
ed the Cranbrook dining room recently,
Johnny Murphy, wholesale snd retai
clothier, ol Moyie, waa in the city Monday.
A. Stronacb, of the car service depart
ment, was over from Winnipeg this
Snap—$550 buyB a good house on
Durick avenue, A. K. Watt, Townsite
J. McMaster dropped dc wn from Fer-
.ne the other day, to see a nice little
T. II. Mcouire of Nelson is over here,
working on the hospital plumbing con
Vie Desaulnier, the popular proprietor
of the Central hotel, Moyie, was in town
(iood Rustler Leask is quite ill, but
the symptoms so far, are not particularly
The wagon road to Palmer bar has
been put in excellent condition by the
Jack Hurley's benevolent countenance
is no more visibly officially about the
C. P. R. depot,
T. J. Duncan, of Nelson, left a sample
of his chirograpliy ou the Cranbrook
register Tuesday,
J. Davis of Hilton, Man., and J. M.
McFarlaud of Kdtnonton, were at the
Cranhrook Monday.
For sale cheap—5-roomed house in
course of construction. Apply to A. K,
Watt, townsite office.
Mayor Pollard, of Goatfell, was a passenger on Tuesday's cannon ball, bound
for Calgary and the laces.
Archie McVittie departed last night
on a business trip to Rossland. It was
in connection v.iib the fair.
Fritz Sick, of the Fort Steele brewery
—the only one of note iu British Columbia—was in town yesterday.
Dr. Green   returned   from   the coast
Tuesday morning, as genial as ever, and
looking much improved in health,
I,. T. Coultou Ins arrived from Stratford, Out., and will hereafter do business in the store of Reid St Co.
George Lewis has rented tbe Kimberley Meat Market from R, Rogers and
will conduct the business in the future.
Last Saturday night an unfortunate
cay use fell into tbe turn-table pit at the
round-house, losing his li:e in consequence.
Mr. Govereaux received some fine
samples of ore last week from a claim at
Skookuui Chuck, carrying silver, lead
and gold.
The swampy spot in the southeast part
of the town hns been drained by means
of a long ditch. Tom Young bad the
If you are a lover of new, natty, and
up tu date stationery at right prices go
to Beattie's; have a look whether you
buy or not,
Kngineer Govereau went east on business Tuesday morning, and returning
will csBt flies with which to delude the
festive trout,
Fred K. Kwart, an electrician from
Nelson, is wiring the houses and store
buildings of subscribers to the electric
light system.
A siding Is being put in at the leask
& Slater sawmill, which will save them
a haul of about one half mile when making shipments.
Life is too short to turn your lungs Into suction pumps trying to pull smoke
through imitation cigars. Go to Mc-
Vittie's nnd get good ones.
General Superintendent's private car
passed through here on tbe west bound
laat tiivht, and was taken possession by
that official at the landing today.
On Snturdiy next a mail-car will be
run 011 the Crow's Nest branch, which,
of course, includes a mail clerk, thereby
facilitating the forwarding of mail.
A Cranbrook mother, a few days sin-re,
cooked and served dinner for a number
of people, wns confined in the afternoon,
waihed and dressed her new-born child
nnd wiih about to go about piepuring
upper when her busbaiid ariived home
and caused her tu desist,
Among tbe Cranbrookers starling for
Calgary Tuesday morning to attend the
races weie George Wentworth, James
Ryan  Arch. Leitch, Tom Wclliuau  nnd
William MeKenzie.
Fred Dumout is having his residence
virtually lorn to pieces inside, in order to
make improvements in lhe place, plaster, etc, and enlarging it as well. G, R.
Leask has the contract.
Ii joi are not a smoker, ard have
never U-t-ii able to appieciate a good cigar, you don'l know nhat you have
missed; it you do appreciate one, you
will find it at McVittie's.
Horace K Butler, Barber—Shampooing aud cutting ladies' and children's
hair a specially; hair dyed or bleached;
will call at tesidence if desired. Shop in
Aiken block, Cranbrook.
George Meyersholm and Ira Fierce, of
Fort Steele, were en route to Palmer bar
and Palmer mountain last Saturday, on
a prospecting trip. That district seems
to be taking a little turn for tbe better.
George Morrow, who lias been in the
counting room of M. Mclnnes, lhe
dressed meat magnate since the depat lure
of Mr. Doble last spring, has retigmd,
and "Billie" is bnck in his old place
again. Mr, Morrow has been indisposed
for some days, but is now recuperating
and will devote several days more to rest
befote deciding upon his future busiuess
engagements. British Columbia will be
his abiding place jusi lhe same, however,
Wbo Hive Been Doing Buslacis In Cran
brook This Week.
H. Hi Spicer, lumber, Vancouver.
Sig. Black, butcher!*'supplies, Chicago.
H. II. Welch, paints aud oiU,Victoria.
J. II. Hemsworth, groceries, Victoria.
James Dowler, boots and shoes, Winnipeg:
George Lindsay, groceries and liquor*
II. W. Gerhardt, dry goods and furnishings, Winnipeg.
By fllsi fc'dllb Miller sad Company at the
Open House.
Tbe Calgary Herald says: A large
audience, considering the wet night,
greeted Miss Miller and her talented
company in tbeir concert on Monday
night, Tbe fact that a Calgary audience
liberally applauded all the numbers and
demanded encores to not a few is, to
those who know Calgary audiences, a
sufficient guarantee of the quality of tbe
concert and it is no exaggeration to say
that tbe programme was both excellent
and popular.
Miss Kdiih Miller is a contralto of
high order and happily without the sensational methods which so attract the
musically uneducated. Needless to say,
Miss Miller sang charmingly, powerfully
and artistically,
Stanley Adams is on old time favorite
with Calgary audiences, and he does not
pall or deteriorate.
Mr. Campbell, heard here for the first
time, has a voice which is both a teuor
■ud a baritone, possessing a singular
roundness and purity.
As accompaniste Miss Forsyth wns all
that cuuld be desired.
Ths Trainman's Trade-Mark.
You often meet men witli a portion of
one band or the other missing; you'll
win oftener than you'll lose if you bet
tbat the mau either is or has been a
Last Friday William Itoiven, while
working iu the yards at Fernie, lost two
fingers and the thumb of his left hand.
The ^injuries were attended to by Dr.
King, Mr. Boiven iu the meantime having come to Cranbrook to slay until recovered.
Since lhe above was put in type Mr.
Boiven has had to undergo another operation, the entire hand now being removed.
On Monday — Davilsan, while switching had a finger badly pinched. Fortunately ouly the fleshy or under part of
tbe finger was caught, mashing it to a
pulp. While no bones were broken, the
wound was very painful.
What la a Wlld.Cal Mine?
Western Mining World: Will some
croaker or one per cent money loaner
wbo thrives on tbe ready circulating
money of a miniug camp, and who ia
everlastingly cautioning people to beware
of " wildcat" mines, have tbe good grace
to define the term, Let him do 10 and
every condition he applies will be met
by producing a grent mine which, at one
time, possessed the alleged attributes. Is
a mine a " wildcat" because the stock in
the company owning it is sold at a nominal figure? If so, then the Granite
Mountain whs a " wild-cat," lor itsstcck
was sold for less thnn 10 cents n share,
yet it paid over ^13,000.000 in dividends,
and ts still being profitably operated.
Iron Mountain was sold as low aB 8 cents
and has paid over half a million in dividends. These mines were once only
prospects with 10-foot boles, and so was
every oilier great mine.   The fact is a
wild-cat" is only such when time and
development show it cannot he made a
mine, and yet it may, as a prospect, have
had great promise aud have been worthy
the expenditures made iu an effort to
win a mine.
Electric Lights.
The electricians completed wiring tbe
new hospital building yesterday. There
will be about 60 lights used there. Today work was commenced on the Fort
Steele Mercantile Co.'s building.
Subscribers and others wishing their
homes or places of business electrically
lighted are requested to leave their
orders at the office of the secretary, W.
F. Gurd.
A Powder-Mill Explosion
Removes everything in sight; so do
drastic mineral pills, hut both are mighty
dangerous. No need to dynamite your
body when Dr, King's New Life Pills do
the work so easily and perfectly. Cures
headache, constipation. Only 25 cents
at R. 1*;   Beattie's drug store.
The Herald feels very sorry to huve to
allude once more ton class of h-pings wbo
occasionally attend public Mitertnin-
uients and meetings in Crnnbrook. Tbe
last emp of these things were strongly in
evidence   at  the   recent    entertain ment
given by the Australian Comedy company, The linger ;„>] nun ui lhe audience
was there to witness mid to enjoy a first-
class dramatic representation given by
the above mentioned company. The
perfoiuiauce was of a high order, and
the only un pie-maul f.utuirs connected
wiib the tttdii wer-. iul»rpoUllo_s during pathetic passages in the piny by tbe
scum alluded to, cr by coarse remarks
aud offensive moists between acts from
the same source. Such creatuiesnie unfit to be in the company of self-respecting people, and were eui'eutlv unaccustomed to it, kuowiug no etiquette hut
tbat of lhe dance 01 beer ball, They
are disturbers of the pence, nud should
be treated as audi by the constabulary—
either arrested nnd locked up or thrown
out of the hull.
The expression, "U's a wildcat" is
often heard regarding mining claims
which are either uot rapidly developing
into mines, or Upon which money expended in exploration hns not achieved
results that may have been reasonably
hoped for in accordance with surface
indications; although such claims may
prove total failures as mine!*, as long as
they were brought forward in good faith
hy their owners, they are not "wildcats."
A "wildcat," properly speaking, is an
alleged prospect, totally devoid of merit
as a possible producer of precious mineral wealth, used as a means in the end
whereby conscienceless individuals or
corporations hope Ic—nnd geneially do
—separate gullible people from their
money. A "wildcat" is simply a cold-
bloo 'ed swindle, somewhat after the
gold biick order.
A Most Delightful Outing  Home for Those
Who Desire II.
The C. V R. house hoat whieh ia now
completed and ready for occupation hns
been visited by a large number of Nelson people, all of whom declare it to be
nn ideal outing borne. Tbe boat is completely furnished in every respect. The
four state rooms with their four double
aud four single berths are equipped with
everything one would desire in a bed
room at home. In the dining room is
all ihnl a dining room lequlres, silverware, glassware, etc., and the room
itself is sufficiently large to accommodate any party tbat could travel on the
hoat. Tbe kitchen is complete, loo, nnd
in fact, there is nothing lucking ati*,-
where. All of the rooms are carpeted
and the hallway is laid with oilcloth.
Upstaiis you are in the open nir, with
an awning to shield you from the sun
and a hammock if you would lay down
and read and rest. No more delightful
place, to spend a week or two, could be
imagiutd, provided, of course, the boat
is anchored in some one of tbe thousand
beauty spots of Kootenay Lake. No-
where, perhaps, iu all the Dominion of
Cnnada is there a body of water offering
to the man of the reel and Ily or he of
the gun such inducements as are offered
anywhere on Kootenay Lake and no
where nre there more delightful secluded places than can be found here.
And il is to give visitors the opportunity
of seeing tbis, uuder most pleasant conditions, lhat the C. P. R. has cau.td to
be built this house boat. It is to be
rented to parlies and at a figure which
makes it within the reach of everyone
who can afford an outiug. Tbe boat
Itaelf will rent at $5 per day, witb n
minimum chnrge of $20. It will be
towed lo any point lhat can be reached
from Nelson at the regular towage
charge of 50 ceuts per mile, with a minimum towage charge of $5. All that
those wbo rent the hoat have lo do is to
stock it wilh eatables and drinkables,
Nothing else is required hy them unless
they desire a servant and this the C. P.
R. officials will undertake to secure for
Just Arrived at Gilpin's a Car
Load of Groceries and Hardware.
Our fall stock of underwear al! in  and  prices  to
suit the pocket	
Big bargains in Men's Clothing, 20 per cent off
our regular prices	
Give us a call before purchasing elsewhere it will
be money in your pocket. . .
Agent   for   the   Hamilton   Powder  company.
Editor's Awful Plight.
F. M. Higgins, editor Seneca (Ills.)
News, was atflicted wilh piles that no
doctor or remedy helped until he tried
lliickleu's Arnica Salve, lhe best in the
world. He writes, two boxes wholly-
cured him, Infallible for piles. Cure
guaranteed. Only 25c. Sold hy R , K
Beattie, druggist.
I.O.O.F.   Key CI y Lodge
No. iii.    Meets every l-'rl-
day night nt Iheir hull on
linker itreot,    Sujmiiiilni;
Oihl Fellow* coiillnlly Invited,
j. iM'ink Wi r. mini
N.fl, B-80*y.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. P. ft A. M.
1'i'nul.o niiTtirius on tlm
' lint Thursday nt tin
VUHlnd hret e 11 welcoin.-ii.
W, V, (Iran, Rec'jr.
Notice Is hereby ntveil Hint 1 havo this day ai>-
plieit to tho clili-f I'DiiiiiilsHlnii.'r of l-unh ami
works fur a iiermlt or M1v11.11- tn cut uml carry
nway all nr any -nf tin* timber linon the follnnlnfi
iii's.'iii.o 1 ptcoD or parcel <>r laml: Comnionelng
at the southeast coiner of 1*:, Little's pre-emption, tln-iii'i* went El chftlns, (hence north i.t)
chains, tlii'tit-e east BU chains, thenco south 190
elialns, to tin- place of iic-glnniiiK'
Dated nt Cuwibronk. dlstilct of Boiltll East
Kootenny, this loth thiy of Ahkihi, immi.
Kduard I.litli*.
Nol Ice is liereliy given Unit one front ii after
ditto I liiU'ii 1 to apply tn tlm chief commissioner
of Intiils and worki nt Victoria for |wrmlsilon to
purchase the fuHoalig uo.oHboil innilsi Com-
iiiimicIujj nt n poyt marked "John l-fliirla's north-
i-asi corner post," Inlniited at the northwest corner of A, Lsiififord's pre-emption! near rahnera
l'ur, thr-nco '-ant 40 chains, thence south so
elm iim, Ill-Mice west 40 chains tn 1111* cast hound-
ary of said l.niiuford'.i pre-emption, Itionco
nortli ho olialns to iilaca of ih-hIjihIiik.
Dated at Crnutirook this Kith day of August-
Wit). John (.mine.
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
-a®  ® a.
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Bu.bSXu.yb0ufty?n' Lotsfrom $1254400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
The Herald   $2.00 Per
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
House | Sign Painters
Paper Hangers Decorators
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which it is done.
The Lion Brewery
rfVRosslanil, BC
I lu' Inrucsl nml llncsl cqjilppcil
brewery In llritlith Columbia
Tlicir DUDWElSlitl BKttR (bottled)
is equnl io miy Imported nrliclo.
AKRATRD WATRRS "full IiiuiiiIh t.
lie luul nl all holcts in West nml Rn.
James Kerrigan & Co,
Wliol, snle Gtocer
mul Selling Audits
Crnnbrook. B. C.
*i\ -fi-fi-ti'tiiiiii'P'fiiii'iiii-*-) »*\- mi 9"
Planing Mill
;; -no Sash and ::
5?     Door Factory
...Mnmifnclurers of...
Sash   jt  Doors  **  Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
For Developed
- SiIver=Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
5yrups( Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons,   Thc  most
economical way to handle it.
A nice selection of "Mericfcn Britannia" silverware constantly in
stock. Choice designs in A 1
goods J* jA t4 j|
High grade movements in the
best quality of gold, gold filled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       .*        jt        jt
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector for C. P. R.
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.        jt       ji
Mnde by Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L, 5.
Provincial Lain* Surveyor
Ollice nl McVittie & Hutchison
Cranbrook, II. C.
Prest & Co.,
fj^TThrei: iloors enst of Postofliee.
•"•* Builder dt
:::::Crnnlironk, It C
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
r*\D A \IRDr_r_kr ,s the divisional point of the Crows
VK-AllDKWWIV Nest paSs Railroad.
•r*t*5_flf__*_"_fl_-f  ^as a ,0°sta'*' rour,d house, large machine
wl dilUiUUlV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Carnbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
s? Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay. 1*?
S Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week afler M
i:?;1> week.
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, ||
manufacturers and investors. !j j
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTT1ENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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