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Cranbrook Herald Nov 23, 1899

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M'MiiEK :»;
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gso. A. Cox, President.
II. Ii. Wauckr, Gen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A General Bankinj* Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
RFATTTF THE druggist.
UuL\ 11 IL 11 pay sto t radewi thhim
Thc finest stock of stationery in Kootenay.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Lcadvillc of East Kootenay.
Terminus of North Star branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Great Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
Via Cranbrook
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to mill ond antl depot.    Hns Accommodations for the public unequalled in Craubrook.
a®   ®n
"The S Emporium"
Sherlock & Bremner.
Arrived this week •(•$«
Dress Qoods,       Ribbons,       Trimmings,
Shirt Waists      Linings,       Satins,
A fine display ol Dinner, Tea, Toilet and fancy sets.
A car load of choice groceries of the best brands.
Ladies' felt slippers, iust thc thing for comfort.
Toronto Clothing House
We arc full of business bul can attend to your order. The
latest in Suits, no better made. Boots and Shoes, the best in
the market. Underwear, Rubbers, Collars, Tics, Shirts. In
fact, everything a man wears.   Conic and sec us.
 Reid & Co.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Men's Furnishings
And Groceries
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Cranbrook &> Fort Steele i*? Wardner
Varied Designs,
Local Application
Pine Present
W. F. Tate
Cranhrook ..JHWI1U
onlclul Watch Inspector for (row. Nut braaca
liner's Ftrces are Kapidlv Entering
the Interior.
Every Evening
Except Sillily ai. T,
Eicept Saiiay lit TaiMiy,
Our studio will be opeu f. r taking
Pictures and the uie of view, to
send to your (rinds at Christmas.
Always busy
the last few week* before tht holiday
season, We wonld emphsize the wla-
dom of coming NOW.
Yours, for a happy Xmas and a proa-
perous New Year,
Get Your Freighting
5am flitchell
P. O. BOX as
England vs. Transvaal.
Rossland vs. Fort Steele.
Just arrived, t carload of
In hogsheads, barrels and kegs.
The Finest Lager Beer in
But ttaatsuy AimI.
Drewry's Ale, Stout and Lifer In
pints and quart*. Bau'a al*
and Oulnnesie'i stout.
WMtMM oily.   Frallei HfftM,
W, It. Koss. U. W. HiucuMaa
Barristers, Solicitor!,
Notaries ublic,
in,Min..ok ruoUrooE Offlaa
ash Kokt stbbi.b.      IS and IS Hanson Block
...Teacher of...
Piano, Organ and Theory
For particulars apply at real-
deuce on Armstrong avenue.
Tie Cltlieai al Craiareek Have Takca HaM
al the Matter.
At a special meeting of the board of
trade, held laat Monday evening, further
action waa taken on tha matter of fire
protection. The committee oo fundi reported that nearly $400 wai insured, and
that tbe work would be continued with
good prospects of the amount being materially increased. Prices on hoeccart,
hose ant. other fire apparatus hava bean
asked for, and another meeting will be
called aa soon aa tha Information haa
been received.
A Uthkridge Realise.
I«ait Saturday evening there wai au
Informal reunion of people who had
been former residents of Lethbridge. at
the hospitable home of Mr, aad Mra,
llremtier, Those present were Mra. J.
1*. Parker, wife of the superintendent of
the North Star mine, Miss Lawrence, of
Nelion, and Mr. and Mra, Campbell, of
New Westminster, who *are oa their
way east for lhe winter, The evening
was a moat enjoyable one, and many
pleasant memories were revived.
The Free Statu Want to See thc
Wat Closed—Several Severe
Battles Fought.
London, Novr 33 —*A half hour's en
gagemt nt occurred at Mooi river hi at ion
The shelling of the British caused much
havoc to the Boers, but the response did
little damage to tbe Imperial forces
The burghers are marching in large
number! toward Pletermarltzburg, They
have arrived at Nottingham. Gen.
Uethuen has crossed the Orange river
aud is advancing rapidly toward the relief of Kimberley. Orders have been issued for the mobilization of a sixth
army corps at Aldersbot,
Loudon, Nov. 22. —There has np
pareutly been no communication with
It it court since noon Tueiday, and the
Boers now control the railroad thence to
the Mooi river. Consequently niomen
tous developments may be expected at
any time. Tbe Boers are swatming
southward.. Large bodies of them are
reported all around Estcourt.aml parties
of Boers appear even to be threatening
Fleterrua itaburg. Those camped at
Highlands station are well supplied with
artilleiy and all evidence tends to show
that the various Boer forces are being
largely Increased by accessions from the
disaffected Cape burghers. The serious
deficiencies iu Cavaluo is being felt by
the British who are uuable to keep in
touch with the mobile Boer forces,
whose presence is hardly reported be
fore they are lost sight of onl/to re-appear in some vital point along the line of
communication. Oen. Hlldyard's forces
anchored at Kstcourt but the naval gnus
can do little but await an attack until
Oen. Clery's column iff capable of taking
the field. According to a Capetown
dispatch Gen. Methuen's division, after
leevlug Orange river, had reached Wilte-
puts, halfway to Belmont, yesterday,
aud advices from Orange river today
shew tbat the Doers occupy Belmont in
force and tbe neighboring hills are
crowned with Boer cannon. A patrol of
lancers, which has returned to Orange
river, came unexpectedly upon two Boer
laagers. Three shrapnel shells burst
ctoae to the lancers, who, however were
■nhatmed. British transport Hildman
Caslle, said to be the largest transport
In tbe world, which left Southampton
November 4, with 3000 men, their kits,
weapons, machine guns, ammunition,
balloons, pontoons, wagons, etc., arrived at Capetown this morning.
About 3500 of Gen. Buller's army corps
have now arrived. The transport Nubia
with the first battalion of the Scots
guards haa aailed from Capetown for
Durban. The transport Corniihia arrived at Capetown yesterday.
London, Nov. ».*—The Imperial troops
have begun their march northward
through Cape Colony and have reoc-
cupled Naanu-poort, an Important commanding station In the Orange river
district It Is expected Colesburg will
be occupied neat. Reports from Ladysmith on Saturday Indicate the garrison
wee full of hope end confidence. A
party .of 700 Boeri on the highlands
thirteen miles south of Kstcourt were
driven irom their position by Kstcourt
carbineers. Kruger has refused to allow
United States Consul Macrum, of Pretoria, to act for the British In Transvaal.
London, Nov. 21.—Boers to the number of 6000 ere now moving toward Grey-
town io Natal in a starving condition,
aud are foraging on tbe farms for food.
A report was received from Ladysmith
that the heaviest fighting of the war hud
taken place last Thursday. Tbe enemy
wu defeated, their dead numbering
hundreds. It is expected the British
will eaaume offensive tactics this week-
A party of 1500 Boers has occupied Colesburg. Gen. Methuen's real objective
point li said to be not Kimberley for the
present. But to secure complete command of the Orange river. No further
Ightlng is reported at Kstcourt but it is
stated Gen, Joubert bas moved south to
prevent a junction of British forces.
London, Nov. 20.—Saturday morning
a large body of the enemy advanced
with confidence on Kstcourt, boasting
that tbey would occupy the place In a
few hours. The Boers were unawaie of
the long-range naval gum in the place,
and a ihall, effectively aimed by blue
jacketa, aent tbem back helter-skelter
to the hills. Their speedy retirement
aatonished their artillery potted on the
Details have been received of the de-
fenee of Ladysmith and the heavy fighting November 9 and 14- The lyddite Is
terrifying the Boers. Ladysmitb cau
hold out for months. The Kimberley
column wai ready to start north Tuesday under Gen. Methuen.
London, Nov. iB: Heavy bombard
■anta are la progrewdatly around Lady-
-with, bat tha British have repulsed the
eaamy at every point. Arrangements
are la a forward state to itert from
On-ag** river with .the Kimberley relief
eolaainaadirOaa. Matthew. Kimberley
' wee eete oa Friday.   The Boen are said
to be very active in Cape {Colony north,
aud have hoisU d tbe flag of the republic
over Olher noith. To date 23,502 of tht
reinfu cements lav. reached Capetown,
of n-t::Ji ;•"- J90 have disembarked at
Durban. Tlie latest to reach Capetown
are tlie Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, the Princess Louise regiuieat,
According to a Pretoria dispatch, the
prisoners in*Pretoria are-2j officer* atul
Hoe oon-commitiMonediofficen and men
Another report states lhe total number
of prisoner! to] the hands of the Boen
is bt officers, and 1,304 men,
London, Nov 17 : An armored train
was sent out from Kstcourt on Tueiday
to reconnoitre. On its return from south
of Colenso it was shelled by Boers'
artillery and two trucks left tbeltrack,
Mall h run-puny each of Dublin jPuill
lisrs nml tlie Dm ban.Volunteers ma-'e s
plucky defence, but the enemys" jfiriog
was too fierce, and it is 'estimated i„o?**r
100 are wounded or missing, The 'train
steamed back to Kstcourt,, £ Lieutenant
Churchill wns taken prisoner. It is
hoped many of the British escaped in
safety lo the veldt.jThe death of Gen.
Joubert aa reported, is uot now credited,
hut Gen. Lucas Myers is believed to be
wounded. Hoi fighting occurred around
Ladysmitb on Friday, and Gen. White
out maneuvered and,, outflanked the
enemy, administering a crushing defeat,
200 Kaltirs being nqu r.-d to bury thi
Uoer.dead. Tbe "Prince of Wales Own"
regiment, the West Yorkshire have
reached Kstcourt from Durban. Free
Statea are becoming dissatisfied, and
want to end the war. The nth Lauoers
have reached Capetown.
Ou Inst Saturday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock, Mr. Archibald McVittle, of tills
city, and Miss Kmily L. Leslie, daughter
of the late Edward Leslie, nfPrescott,
Oil., were united in marriage, Rev.
Procunier, of Christ church, officiating.
The wedding whs a quiet one, only immediate relatives beiug present.
The bride is a sister of Mrs. John
Hutchison and has been visiting here
since last March. Mr. McViltie is one
of the best known residents of Soulh
Kast Kootenay, nnd is a member of the
mining and real estate firm of McVittle
& Hutchison.
The bride was remembered by her
friends with mnny tokens of the high
esteem iu which she is held in the community. The Herald extends congratulation! and best wishes for a bright and
prosperous future.
Attention I
Tea aud coffee drinkers. We have
just unpacked lhe finest lines ever bro'i
to this city. Call -and examine them
and be convinced'hat the goods ARK
GOOD, and that the prices ARE right.
Also examine our new groceries.   They
are fine.	
How " Teddy" llawei Watched the Water
Quage at This Office.
Last week''Teddy" Hawes, who was
a printer in Kngland years ago, helped
out in the ruBh al The Herald office dur-
ng the illness of the editor. When the
time came for running off the papers,
Teddy" was lold to watch the water,
and give warning in ample time to refill
the boiler. The press kept going, and
The Heralds were being turned out at
a rapid rate.
Uow'a the water,  'Teddy?'"   asked
the foreman.
"■Atl   right.     Plenty  of  il," replied
Teddy," wilh his broad, Cockney dialect.
A few minutes more and again came
lhe query, "How's the water?"
Lots of it," came back the reply from
the neighborhood of the engine.
Another minute or two, and the foreman, growing anxious, asked: "Arc
you sure there is enough water?"
'Yes, sir," said "Teddy." "The
bloomiu' barrel is clear full."
Biff! The press was stopped. Whiz !
and the injector was turned on and the
water began to climb up in lhe glass.
Teddy" had been watching the barrel
of wnter in which the supply is kept, instead of the water glass on the boiler.
A Pioneer Celebration.
The pioneers of South Bust Kooleiiay
are preparing for a celebration that is to
be held iu Fort Steele some time next
mouth, Those who will participate are
the men who have been in tht* count* y
fifteen years or more. A big fund is being raised and a warm time is promised.
Fort Steele, as the original town of Uie
district, is the proper place for this eel-
ebralion, and The Herald -extends its
best wishes to the promoters for a glorious time.
Wailed, a Biker
At  once.    Apply to tbe North  Stnr
Mining company.
A Huatllog Company.
M. Mclnnes St Co. have purchased a
large sheep mnch at Maple Creek, ami
also a large band of sheep at thai place
They will take on a lot of cattle for winter feeding and ship to Cranhrook ami
other points in Soulh East Kootcnuy in
the spring. This company is to the
front, and is today furnishing as fine
meat us can be bought any place on lhe
Sidewalk to the School.
Government Agent Armstrong should
have n sidewalk built from the main
street to Uie school house. Willi the
walks that are being built by the citizens
in various parts ofthe town, such n walk
would afford thc necessary accommodations in wet weather.
Old Papers.
At The Herald office at 40 cents per
The Work of Development Is Iking
Poshed Forward.
Tht  Sullivan  In   Gootl Shape-
Black Bear Improving;—P-ty
Roll Standi Well.
A Bpeclal to the Nelson Tribune rrom
Toronto, dated November 15. snys:
Por some days past there ln\e been
persistent rumors regarding the consols
datioii of lhe I, ike Shore i*ruup of mines
at Moyie, in East Kootenay, B. c.,
owned hy tbe Canadian Goldfieldi syndicate, limited, nud the Moyie and
Queen ofthe Hills claims, which adjoin
lhe ttflke Shore group, n controlling in
'ercst <*r which J C Drewry recently
iuteha.*ed. The deal wns actually con-
nnimiU-d loday, nud la owe of the larg.
est mining deals ever made In Canada,
The consolidation actually embraces the
rnmoun .St. Eugene group at Moyie, as
well ns ll e properties above referred to
The consolidated company will thus uwn
nine full claims anil five large fractions
The dial wis prrangedjjby George t'.ood
erhnm, T. G. Blackstcck, J. C Drewr)
and James Cronin, mid the agreement
was signed this afternoon. Mr.Go-.-der-
ham lias purchased over n million share*
ofthe stock of the Canadian Goldfieldi
syndicnte, limited, and is now tbe larg*
est Individual shareholder in that company. The new company will be known
is the Ht. Ellgeue Consolidated, aud
will be capitalized at $3,500,000, in fi
shares, 300,000 shares to remain in ihe
treasury. Mr, Goodcrham will he presl*
deut of the uew company, and the personnel of the new board of directors
while not yet definitely arranged, will
include the following gentlemen: T. G.
Bluckstock, George l.umner, ti, ti. Hea-
ton, J C. Drewry, John A. Finch of Spokane, nml James Cronin of Moyie,
The prupei lies are nil silver-lead, nnd
thc Lake Shore and St. Eugene mines
are well known shippers, Together
lhey will make the biggest silver-lead
mining company in British Columbia.
BlncV Bear Ins«aliir*t< Mathiner>.
Tlu* shareholders of the prospective
Black Bear Mining company, limited.
will be agreeably surprised to hear thai
the Black Hear is to have a couip'.ete
hoisting ami pumping plant. The
shareholders are to be congratulated in
having Mr. Kstmere to look after their
interests. In his quiet way Mr Estmere has secured the old I.i'id plant
from Wild Horse creek- when he found
he could not handle the water in the
Black Bear by baud. The plant consists of a 16 horse power marine boiler,
a 14-horse power engine, a hoist and a
Knowles pump with a capacity of 60 gallons a minute. The plant is now on the
ground and already to run but for a few
fittings. No doubt that Black Beat
stock will toke a raise as stoii as the
work of sinking begins again. A number of transactions have taken place in
lhe past few day.*, in Black Bear stock
Il is rumored Hint lasl assays from lhe
60-foot level have heen very flattering
AH Information to be gained from Mr.
Estmere about tlie property is, simply,
lhat the Black Bear is all right and tbat
tbe property will make the fust shipment of oreover the North Star branch
railroad. As soen as the machinery is
iu running order three shifts will be put
lo work and the force increased ns soon
as the 100 fool level is reached. I*ook
out for 11 jump in Black Bear stock.
The Empire lo Ship Ore.
Several carloads of ore have been sorted nt lhe Empire ready for shipment,
The wagon road is about completed and
as soon as snow falls the ore wil! be raw-
bided down the mountain and hauled to
Cranston. The C. P. R bas been requested through Mr, Cameron, divisional
RUperiutendent, to put in a siding at
Crauston for that purpose. Test samples have been ten I by Mr Ksltneie to
Trail atld Nelson in order to obtain a
smelting rate. These tests have given
exceedingly satisfactory returns ami as a
result the Kmpirc will rank among the
steady shippers this winter. Either Mr
Esiineru knows n good thing when he
sees it, or he is lucky enough to follow
He appears lo he successful ill every
tuing be takes hold of. At any rate it
looks very tniuh like the Empire and
Black Bear are going lo pay their own
way fiom the lop of the ground.
probably ship ;
n* soon ai the r
to carry it.
dnload of ore per dny
ay eonipany is ready
The Sullhan.
The experimental work on the Sullivan has undoubtedly proved the existence of nn extensive deposit of galena,
which lhe company is now preparing lo
mine for shipment, The ledge which is
now being sloped is over five feet in
thickness and consists of solid ore of
marketable vnlue, and hns been traced
by unmetons shafts and drifts for such a
distance as lo insure n supply of shipping material for many a year, mid tin
Sullivan is now ready to take a place as
one of Ihe shipping mines of South East
Koolcnay. It is fortunate that tbe miner-like development of this property
should culminate in success nt this time,
just ns llie cOUBtmcttot* of the North
Star railway is muring completion and
the facilities for transportation are
offered, without which Ihe ore would
have to lie idle 111 the dump. Fortunate
also for lhe railway,  for the mine will
The Pa> Roll.
The necessary steps .ire being taken '0
secure the crown grants for the claims
iu the Pay Roll group, and ihis company
is now on a thoroughly bastuess-Uke
Tbe three claims owned by the com-
pany include the most eaiity followed
outcrops of ledge mallei in the camp,
bul several adjoining claims are likely 10
prove equally as Valuable nfter development. The gioup of tellurlde ledges
have been traced west and several new
claims staked on tU-m, lately, Qua n
ind West making 1 ver) promising loca-
ion, while to the uorth ofthe Pay Roll
the huge ledge bai I eeu located hy Bux.
mn and others, Jack M N« II has a fine
galena bearing ledge som two or three
miles to the northwest, wl his Hkely
to be heard of some day, and Charley
Farrell has n targe ledge ol porphyiy
up Nigger creek wblcb carries dee gold,
.md apparently only w.ms development
to become a producing mine, a .ni e
up the Moyie river on Salisbury erefrk is
the ground of the Moyie Placer com*
■wiy, which is smd to be one oi ihe larg-
ist aud most promising placer propositions in the province of British Columbia, just below this ground is the tunnel  mn by McNeill and Ridgeway, in
which the latter was kilkd   some   years
ngo, and from which much heavy free
gold has been taken In lhe immediate
vicinity ot the Pa*, Roll the N'iggei creek
banks ol gt vd were wished for many
;ais and yielded mauy fortuuea fot the
old timers. The l'i\ Roll |B [u a gold
country and u •> pn ' ible lhat ilu* rich
deposits of a! ivial . . were by natuie
ground out of jnst such quarts as that 10
be seen on the pro] erty now
Thc Pedro.
This claim Ilea withiu less than half a
mile of the North Mar branch, uear
Marysville. at*, i is appireutly oa tiie
same ledge u tlu Black Bear. The surface indications aie of the very best aud
a to-foot shaft shows that the ledge is
widening rapidly as it gains depth. The
ore is a mixture of lead and copper sul-
phldes assaying from $15 to $60 per ton
throughout the wh th   which val
ues warrant shipping at once. A half
interest In the propertj bas been acquired by the Kootenay and Algoma
company of this lown. The deal had
beeu simmering f.-r seme time and has
at last beeu consummated, and the
shareholders of the Kootenay and Algoma may be congratulated upon their
new acquisition.
The wiuieririiTt Country.
J. W. H. Smythe, manager of lhe Canadian Bi.uk of Commerce, returned this
week fiom Windermere where he has
been on business couLecitd with his in-
itituiion. He uyi that everything is
looking in fine shape in that country
and that there w 11 be a vast amount of
work done this winter.
The Delphine is under bond to Hammond and Osier, of Toronto, nnd twelve
men will be employed all winter. Ar-
raogementi have been made for shipping by the way of Golden and the out
put will be alxju*. ave tons per day.
The Paradise group, which is lower
■ lown on the mountain, and tbe first big
discovery so low, is bonded to an English company and development work
will lie pushed forward all winter wilh
six men working,
The celebrated ked Lint* will have ten
meu working this winter and will rawhide their ore down to the river bank.
The showing on thia property is better
than ever and it is bound to be a
At the Silver Tip six men are employed; nt the I'ay Stone, four or five
men, and at th*.- Swansea four men.
.Mining  Sulci.
The Black Bear Mining company has
got their pump  ami  hoisting  plant  in
place, and steam up, and the machinery
is reported to be working satisfactorily.
The management deserves credit f.jr the
energy with which the work hns been
carried on, and lhe mine bids fair to be
one of the first shippers of ore over the
new railway. The success of the development of this property must give a decided impetus to all that district south
east of Kimberley, ar.d he of great benefit to the town of Kimberley. Between
the Black Bear and I.uke creek there are
several prospects Which only need capital to place ihem in I he same rank ns the
Bind: Bear and it is lu hi- boprd tbat investors will be found wiih sufficient enterprise and tb a the owners "I the pros-
pet-is will not place unreasonable values
on ibeii holdings.
Building Notes.
George Wales is making some improvements about his dwelling.
M. McKiichcrn is putting on lhe siding oil liis uew residence.
Mr. Gill is having a veranda built on
bis house which adds very much to iia
J. I'ink and P, E, Simpson have been
inclosing llieir homes witli a fence.
G. II. Miner is having his new home
J, Mcl'enk is building n new residence
on his Durick avenue property.
Thc frame work of the Magce house is
completed . It is going to make n handsome home.
The Cranbrook Lumber company is
preparing to install nn electric linht
plant nt their mill. This company is *1
ways to the front in any movement that
bespeaks enterprise.
The Herald would make agoodChristmas present for an ul-F-ent frieml. CRANBROOK  HERALD,
THURSDAY.     -     NOV   23, 1800
l*\ K  SIMl'SuN, Btlllor nnd .Manager.
Ono year *?-•""
siv mouths hOO
The Herald desires t" kWq the news or the
district, if vou know any about yum town
your iiiiin- or your peotde, wuii ti to this ofllce.
PAY!    PAY1   PAY!
Fat your haidi iu your pockets and
give something for the tire find- It
you are interested in the town in any
way, by having a business, owning property or holding a posi'ion, it is your
duty to get to the front. A disastrous
tire on Baker street would mean misfortune to every man, woman aud child iu
Give something. If you can afford to
give only oue dollar, give that Show
tliat your heart is right nnd ihat you appreciate the situation, It is good business to protect yourself. It is money in
your pocket, The money given for fife
protection is nut n donation. It is au
investment,  and  one that will pny big
Get to the front wiih your cash.
Don't be a clam.
Marriages in Cranhrook are becoming
the proper thing. The young men are
gaining wisdom.    Let the good work go
Do you want
Good lob Work?
If you do come to The Herald
office. That is the kind we
do.   Try us and see.
The building in Craubrook continues
This good weather is a great boon, and
the people are taking advantage of it.
Craubrook stands toduv ns the head
town in ICnst Kootenny for Improvements, and she has just started.
The carpenters and contractors of
Cranbrook must nil be christians. The
Lord has heen wilh them so far as the
weather iB concerned.
There will he less Boers and more
beers in the Transvaal when the war is
A recent New York paper had an interview with James Wnrdner, who is now
ti the eastern metropolis. Mr. Wardner
is now interested in the new northern
Eldorado, Cape Nome, and will return
there iu the spring.
Every man who has a dollar invested
in Crnnbrook is feeling pretty good these
days. Their property is increasing in
value day by day.
Another Transcontinental Rosd.
Montreal, Nov, 16. — The Canada
Northern and Mackenzie St Mann's railway enterprises are still much discussed
here. It is now said that New York
capitalists arc behind the big Canadian
contractors and the statement is that
Mr. W. Mackenzie will be president of
a second transcontinental railway system before four years will have passed
oway. Amongst olher stories is one tc
thu effeot that Mackenzie & Mann made
a great deal of money lately out of a
ileal in steel rails, which they had pur
chased from Carnegie before the tise iu
all kinds of metals. The story goes that
the firm In question had bought sufficient rails to lay their track from Port
Arthur lo lhe junction wilh the South
rastern, and when the heavy rise took
place it is asserted that the Filtshurg
people purchased the rails back, Mac-
Ketizie Sl Mann clearing up no less than
A Mounted Police Suicides.
Macleod Gazette: Constable William
George Harrison committed suicide at
tlie barracks this morning between six
and seven o'clock. Coroner Campbell
held an inquest this morning. From
the evidence it appears that Constable
Harrison shot himsell in his room off
the sick stable. He evidently .held the
revolver, a regulation police revolver, in
his mouth, the bullet coming out ofthe
top of his head. The revolver was found
lying nt his feet. Harrison had been
about his duty as usual this morning,
The special constable on duty in the
sable heord the shot, ami going in,
found Harrison deud,
Constable Hurtisou was an Englisl-
man, aS years of age. He was married
yesterday afternoon by Rev. J. W, Dickinson.
The coroner's jury brought in a verdict of death by his own hand while
temporarily insane.
A Change tor "Father Pat."
Rossland, B c, Nov. so.—"Fathir
Pat" Irwin, who Is known from one end
of British Columbia lo the olher, has
severed his connection with lhe English
church here. He will re-nignge in the
missionary work, which has been his
life career, and the frontiers of the prov
ince will be his field. The change was
decided upon last week at the meeting
of the Anglican synod on the coast,
where it was decided that the parson
was too cramped in snch a civilized field
as Rosslaud has become, Bishop Hart
accordingly offered him a roving commission all over the Kootenays with the
newer camps us his especial field. The
proffer was accepted aud now "Father
Pal" is no longer rector ofthe Rossland
congregation. Rev. W. H. Hedley of
Durham, Kngland, is here temporarily,
but permanent arrangements for his successor have not been made,
The passing of "Father Pat" will be
learned with deep regret by everyone in
the camp. In its kindliness, its liberality nnd its self sacrifice his personality
is unique nud very lovable. A broad-
minded man, he recognizes neither
castes nor creed, and among tlie miners
and frontiersmen of the whole province
he is looked upon with little less than
veneration. His new commission relieving him of the cares of parochial
work wilt give him more time than ever
to devote himself to their wants, and
the one unpleasant feature of Ihe change
is thnt it may take him permanently
away from kossland. I
The Quebec legislature will be summoned ou January ii,
Mayor Andrews was nominated by
Center Winnipeg oppositionists.
Sir William Downs,  former principal
of .NKGill, died iu Montreal of paralysis.
Thc  Klder   Dempster steamer Merri-
mac from Quebec is twelve days overdue
in its arrival ul Belfast.
Col. Otler, now bend of the Soulh
African Canadian contingent, may be
appointed chief of llie tire brigade of
The Empress of Germany has written
a letter staling lhat she is shocked at
the ridicule thrown ut the Bible by a
German university professor.
An earthtpiake vUilc-i Santiago De
Proclamation won the November
English Derby.
JeAVies aud Corbett havebasn aiatchsd
to fight in the near fulare
Emperor William, the Empress and
two sons have left for England.
The rate fur - full loans at Toronto
banks changed from 6tf to 7 per cent.
Ij.iglu L. Moody*>as taken -seriously
ill in Kansas .City, and is now la a
critical condition.
Canadian trade reports in-llcate a
daaire for aeaimnable weather, althoagh
business is good.
Hilda Bluke was sentenced to be
hanged on December 27 for tht murder
of Mrs. Robert Lane of Brandon.
There are aaid|to be no signs of war
between Russia and Japan according to
reliable correspondents.
The Mikado miniug olfi.-e at Rat Fort
age was destroyed by lire, but the books
and gold bricks were saved.
Mr. Charles Adams was nominated ai
government candidate in Brandon City,
The C. P. R. have made application to
the Dominou Parliament for an act to
authorize the (company, to construct a
second braucb line in Manitoba and tbe
west neat year.
The aggregate trade for the Dominion
for the past four months shows an increase of $12,567,000.
Lady Salisbury, the wife ofthe British
premier, is dead.
Ten vessels were wrecked in the straits
of Magellan.
Children of fourteen years nre reported
fighting in the Boer ranks.
The late Sir William Dawion's funeral
lakes-place today.
Two sons of N. M. Howard, born in
Winnipeg, nre with the British troops at
An earthquake-proof palace, designed
for the crown prince of Japan, is uuder
construction iu Chicago.
At Mrs. James Browu Potter's benefit
for the A nericnii hospital ship Maine In
Loudon, $851x1 was realized.
A Kettle river dam near Grand Forks,
B. C, gave way, carrying down over a
million feet of logs aud auolher dam.
The Emperor and Empress of Germany met with a warm reception at
Portsmouth. They are guests of the
Queen at Windsor.
Premier Greenway opened his provincial campaign at Portage la I'rairie. Ad
dresses were ably delivered by Messrs
Watson ami McMillan.
The schooner Maple Leaf was badly
damaged during  a storm on Lake Erie.
The captain,  Ralph   Robsou,   and  his
rather were drowned.
Jeffries and Corbett have beeu matched ta fight lu September, 1900,
Queen Victoria starts next March for
the shores of the Mediterranean.
Seventeen vtssjls were wrecked during recent storms along Newfoundland
Citizens ol Rio Grande City, Texas,
attacked a fort garrisoned by colored
Vancouver police believe they have
captured Tascoit, the celebrated Chicago
There is more friction iu Samoa, German officials refusing to sit with British
members ofthe municipal council.
Filly masked men captured a party or
sheep herders in K- utte 1 ou ily, Co ore
do, and proceeded tn kill lhe 3-0*.
sheep iu their Hock. Tlie herders were
then warned not to drive any more
sheep to Colorado.
Whitelnw Reid delivered a patriotic
and statesmanlike address before the
New York chamber of commerce on
friendly relations wilh Britain.
Tbe Sunday school convention at La
1'rarie was concluded.
The 11earner .Conestoge wast lost la
Chicago Harbor with her' $10,000 cargo
Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann are in
gaged in advancing railway, coal aa-fl
steel enterprise in Nova Scotia.
Manitoba grain is steadily being diverted from BufTtlo, and sent through
Canadian channels, owing to tbe suspension of coasting regulations.
The Manitoba legislature has beea
beeu dissolved, aud the general elections
for the provience will be held December
7. Nominations November 30 Return*
ng officers have been appointed,
A Word to Ihe Ladles.
A   printed   or engraved   card is the
groper tiling.   The Herald prints them
with type of the latest desigu,   Call and
sec samples.
Christmas Printing.
Now is the lime for merchants to get
their Christmas printing,   The Hei aid
office is prepared  to furnish anything in
this line.
—Johu Mpssmaa, oi Farkersburg, VV.
Va„ made a fortune of $300,000 with, his
nose. He was u deaf mute, and could
pick out a piece of ground uuder whieh
thero was an oil well by simply smelling
it. He recent ly lost his life iu a railroad
—Tlu* biggest crab ever captured in
Mobile bay wus recently caught by Dr.
T. Aubrey Dickson and George W. Owen.
li weighed two poundf- and measured
S3 inches from tip to tip of claws. The
shell measured nine inches iu length
by flvo iu width.
—Several farmers In central Kansas
nn** connected by telephones, to permit
thp  runners' families to engage In so*
rial conversation, The Instrument*(tost
six dollars each, ami Un* barbed wire
inclosing tin* farms serves to transmit
the conversation.
—-Reports on the Indian wheat mop
nre beginning to come in. From the
(-en tnil provinces wo loam that the area
of wheal is only L808,O28-ucres, tts compared with L',711,131 ilcrCB for 1800, uml
a ten years' average area exceeding
4,000,000 acres. The estimated outturn
te 3B4.75S tons, against 868.33B for 189&
and 784,802 as the ten years'average,
—Experiments show that a light of
one caudle power is plainly visible at
one mile, and one of three-eandle power
at two miles. A ten-candle -power light
was seen with a binovulnr at four miles,
one of Jit) nt five miles, though faintly,
and one of'I'teundlesnt the same distance
without difficulty, Ou an exceedingly
clear night tl white Might of 'i.2 candle
power can be .distinguished at three
miles, one of 5.8 at four und one of Iii at
live miles.
—It appears that the domestic cricket
of Europe, the "cricket of the hearth,"
has bean introduced into this country.
In Minneapolis und elsewhere they have
proved to be a great nuisance. House
agents there eluim that besides being
tiresome and noisy, they are very destructive, so that "a house Invaded by
tbem could not be rented." TliiB cricket
was observed in Camilla by Kalin in
1749, ami its recent occurrence there has
been confirmed by two well-known entomologists; and it has been observed
In various eastern towns by Uhlerand
others, but it has not hitherto been common in The United States, though frequently observed in Canada,
The Work Tells
the Tale   *t   jt
Greer & Co.
Estimates given on all classes of work
In our Hue. If you intend to build, see
us.   It may pay you.  t*~
J*   Ji   B. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk ot commerce IH.I-*. UllAMIltuOK
-   80ME   BAD   NURSES.
Ct-niM fur Ulrla Wbo Are Merely Fel*
lovrlDK > sTmd.
'The. fame and publicity which attaches to this1 profession (nursing) have
stimulated a false enthusiasm which
seeks the satisfaction of pride and vanity by fawning at the feetof the goddess
of notoriety. The result is thut the-girl
who i-i not satisfied with lier home volunteers us & nurse. She sees in it poetry,
life and fame. She finds the service of
her own relations dull, uninteresting
and prosaic; but she Bees glory on the
horizon if she enters a hospital ward.
Her own friends do not fulfill her expectations of what is her due. She finds
uo pleasure in tin* duties of the home,
but there gleams to her entranced da-
lion a vision of the dawn of the Ideal
service in becoming the drutllge of the
unknown. llut she who (sun-not serve
lier own will never serve another. Her
dreams will vanish with a cruel rapidity
when once inside the walls,
Hundreds of those who stand on the
doorsteps of our London hospitals, seek-
ing by all sorts of ingenious devices to
train admittance, are not capable of
dusting a lady's drawing-room, mueh
less fit to have charge over life and
death. A large percentage of them
know not. eve.11 the elements of dbmeeti
economy and cleanliness, and it were
the gravest of errors to permit such into
the ranks of those who must combat
with the micro-organisms of disease,
To commit the charge or dressings and
cleansing to such-would be to foster un
enemy in the camp. The strictest examination, the prolonged preliminary
training-may have, must have, serious
disadvantages- but il is effectual at least
in this, that it makes the rejection and
elimination of siioh candidates ns these
easy, and safeguards the public from being inundated with flimsy eounterfeita.
—Westminster Review.
"I suppose I am a kind of gumbo,
a New Orleans man said to me, as if
enjoying the joke on himself. "I am
French and German on my mother's
side, and English on my father's; my
wife, i.s a mixture of French and German; wi* talk French to our children,
but We have given them English names,
and we are bringing them up to bo
thorough-Americans." At this juncture
a tribute to "gumbo," the dish par excellence, seems appropriate. Okra, valued as a homogeneous urlicle>of diet in
Egypt and Syria for centuries, becomes
a general mixer of meats and vegetables
In Louisiana; "okra gumbo" has' a
universal succulence and adaptability
to ihe tables of the rich and the poor.
There nre gumbos also of oysters, crabs
or shrimps, according to taste, and tho
Creoles have their "gumbo ■file."—Lip*
I'tifumutlc  Horse Collars.
There are now sold pneumatic horse
collars that are inflated just us bicycle
tires ure. Pneumatic collars are made
for draught horses nnd for carriage
horses. Those thus far sold, however,
have been chiefly for draught horses.
They are mnde with a rubber nir holder,
which is covered with canvas, and the
collar is then covered with ticking or
kersey or leather, in tlie usual manner.
Pneumatic horse collars cost about a
third more thnn the best collar of the
ordinary kind.—IS, Y, Sun.
Over OB Milt-* per Hoar.
The electric motor will be an ae-
eepted and working factor of the Western railway of France from the begin*,
niiiR* of next year's summer service.
Thc distances between far-off stations
from Paris are to be covered at the rate
of more than ns English miles an hour.
•Westminster Gazette.
Stationery Store
Stationery, Novelties,
Cigars, Tobaccos,
Books and Periodicals.
Cranbrook .stationery Store, Agents
Lowest Rates to Any Point in Canada or
.   ....United States....
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Opposite Crnnbrook hotel.
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Physician and Surgeon.
01'1'iOli SIIEHLOCK   lll.oi'K,
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
Cranbrook, B. C,
Refitted Throughout
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels lu Kast Kootenay.
I^OY/j/ll       Newly Furnished
©♦■>♦ •*■'• . • »♦•♦•>•>•>•>♦•>♦•» »««»
•>•>.. »»-»♦-•>♦♦*>•
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the test of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and the bachelor should deal with Mm,   It will fay them.
( la: iiiii,,,mii,,,iiii,ii,ii,iii, i,M,ii,ii,,,,|
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All'Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt   dt
•*■■■>■••"»•»•>♦■•>••>■•>•>•>■•*■->-•>■>-»• ... ••■•*>■*> »♦♦♦.» ••»♦■•»■•>■*-•» ■»■»••> »«♦...•»•>..-«>
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Kihberley Hotel
Wellman & Hurcl, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class. Our object Is to please our
Chas. Estmere...
Mining Broker
IllacV Rear... jj<c   Empire  5c
Kimberley Consolidated, loe
Kimberley, B. C
Vis Craabrook
,   General
' Blacksmith
-Al.l,   KINKS   OP-
I Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and
Promptly Attended tc.
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & 0. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines and  Liquors  at  the  Bar
Tbe Best Slock, the Most Satisfactory Prices, ud
Flrsl-Class   Work.       Repilrlni  Neatly  Executed.
B. G Furniture &
Undertaking Co,
Manufacturers ol all Kinds of mm—mm
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer >.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
I East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proprietor ::: :::
This hotel 1ms been refitted and refurnished,    fhe table
is the best.    Satisfactory rates given regular boarders.
Baker Street       :-:       :-:        :-:        Cranbrook, 6. C. |
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop,
The Central Hotel Is open both day and *
night.   The bar goods arc first class, Jjj
and the dining room is iu charge of &
Thos. MiCnrsfin, and is second to none jjj
hi the Kootenays.   Free sample rooms £
aud the best and quietest bedrooms in Jjj
the town. , *
The Nortli Slar Hard Is t&c large ami
magnificent hotel at Kimberley that
is just finished and Is furnished new
throughout. Everything in connection is first-class. When you visit
Kimberley, dou't forget The Nortli
Star Hotel. THE   HERALD.
Forty-three poppa reigned during the
budding nl st Peter's cathertml. Rome
The great pineries of the Boatlftru
states contain on an average about
5,000 feet, board men sure, ci Btundiug
timber per neve
A number of the firemen of Wash
fngtitu havo been mounted on bicycles
witli a view tothetr respowllugqnictcly
iu llio case of trivial fires
After a recent tornado in Australia
thousands of wnter snnlcos were fotnid
nu ilu* bench in one place, wfiilo in au
other tho beach was euttrley washed
awny. leaving nothing but bare rucks
A Kansas paper tolls of n bauk cash*
Ier wlm wit on the neighborly Bide of n
iboet of postage stampB one warm day
recently and found It noqpssary to gii
lu mnl mnka a ctmngo of clothing
boforo liocoiild «ot Ills books to balance
a womnn without nnns hns boon
ran it!oil at Christ chm-uli, Now '/.en
Imid. The Hug was placed upon the
foilrili ine uf hov loft foot, a similar
mnrrlnga in this was performed nt St.
■' h' church, Hiiry si. Iftlmunil*. hi
Wlillo Mlchnol Angolo's marble rn
lier nr l,i*da, iu ilu* Dargollo palace at
Florence, was being taken down fnr
h slight repairs it slipped nml wns
broken to pieces It Is hoped to bo able
tn miik the ptecos together ngnin nn
Hint tliu joints will not show
Thurso bay. in tho nortli of Scotland,
is having trouble with whales A large
school of bottle nose whales wns recent
ly stranded in the shoals of the bny and
driven uu the hoacli Thero is no way
of llttnlillg tlieni oil", so that Thurso pen
pie must Imid thoir noses for a good
part nf tho summer
In idleness thoro is perpetual despair
Christianity is tlie highest perfection
of ltiiinnnity — Johnson.
Humility te the solid foundation of
all the virtues.—Confucius
Adversity borrows its sharpest Rting
from our iinpntienn-.— Bishop Home
Ask for Minard's g Me no oilier.
Now a Drunken Husband Was Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife*
She writes:—"I had for a long time been
thinking of trying tlio Samaria Prescription treatment on my husband for his
drinking habit**, but I was nf mid he would
discover that I was giving him medicine,
and the thought unnerved me, I hesitated
for nearly a week, but ono dny when he
came homo very much Intoxicated and
hU week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
off all fear and determined tn make an
effort to save our homo from the ruin I
•aw coming, at nil hazards. I sont for
vour Samaria Prescription and put it In
his coffee as directed next morning and
watched and prayed for thu result. At
noon I gavo him mure and also at supper.
lie nevei' Buspeeted n thing, nnd 1 then
boldly kept right on giving it rcgulnrly.ai
I had discovered something that set every
nerve in my body tingling with hope and
happiness, mid 1 could see a bright future
spread out Iwforo me—a peaceful, happy
home, a Bhnruln tho good things of life, an
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's heart,
for my husband had told mo tlmt whiskey
wasvlleBtulTiinil ho was taking a dislike
to lt. It was only too true, for before I
had given him the full course ho had stop,
pod drinking altogether, but I kept giving
the medicine till it waa gone, and thon sent
for another lotto havo on hand if ho Bhould
relapso, as ho hnd dono from his promises
before. He never has, and I am writing
jrou this letter to toll you how thankful I
am. I honestly believe It will cure the
worst cases."
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
■ent free, giving testimonials nd full Information, wiih directions how to take or
administer Samaria Prescription, Corre-
•pondonco considered sacredly confhion-
ttal. Address The Snimria Remedy Co..
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
no equal ror tors sluiuWcre
rir.li na Flulitrrt*.
The Inhabitants uf Cochin China nnd
si-mi hnvo known the lighting capacity
of ii snvngc little lish for many yenrs,
nnd have long been lu tliu hnbll of
making uintchos hot ween those owned
by di (Tot-cut men, just as Medians
match ganieciu'l's und some Americans
uud tiUlgllsliuiQll bull pups When a
match Is imule the pni'tloS to It having
luid their bets bring their specimens
of tliu lie ire Utile Helta pugimx in
globes of wnlet*. Itutli are put into one
globe nud without a iitnuicut's hesltn
ilou they fly at eneli other nml ilo unl
cease llglitlug until one of the com
Inttants is killed by the other.
It Is only n year or two since spec!
incus of    this lish   wero  brought   to
Paris, but uow mnny nre owned lu
Paris, nud It Is said thnt the demand
for good BpoollUuUI Is cnnstaiiily on the
increase. They are benutlfllll) spotted
with red ami blue and would niiinit
ntteitlloD In any miunrltiiii by tltcli
colors niuiie. The savage unt uro be
hind ilie beiiuly would luirdly be bus
peeted.-Chicago liner Ocean
LimiIiiii m llcfiirtl.
"You will llut rOfUSQ my lost re*
quest?" plended the ciindeiniied crlui-
"No," replied the Jailer. "What Is ItV"
"I want to bo photograplied In th><
act of entltig my last meat, so Hint
when It Is written of me, 'On the moruiug of Ills execution he ate a hourly
breakfast of ham and eggs, coffee ami
fried potatoes,' the proof will be it
hand to show that I am not the base
sinve of custom."
Ills request wns granted, nnd the
, luirdctiod  wretch,  Implacable  tu the
_) last, made his farewell breakfast ol
liie nud whisky.
They Kern (lie Key*..
Visitors lo Tangier nnd other settlements of Morocco notice thc keys Mint
nre carefully kept iu safety In the houses
or some of the families of ancient de*
Theso keys belong to the houses In
Spain once occupied by the Moors before
their expulsion from iheir homes mnny
centuries ngo. The Spaniards occupy
these old houses, Imi the descendants of
the Moorish owners si ill guard the keys
In Die hope that the day will come when
they call return In fJriinnda and once
iiioio resume control of the property
from which they were driveu by Spanish
Tin*  Iiiti-ii-sthiw  l'i o»»  Mrlrily  nml
in»triit<tivt*iy Described,
Tho manufacture of wall paper is
singularly interesting. First, a web of
blank paper is set in a, reel behind n
blotching machine; two cylinders brine
tho five end uf the paper into tha ma
chine, where -i roller working in a coloi
pan puts a large quantity of culm* upon
the paper in blotches. Then n set of Hut
brushes, called jiggers, brush i[Uickl>
buck and forth, thus spreading the coloring matter evenly over the surfm 1'
the paper
As the paper comes frum the blotch*
Ing machine a workman takes oue end
of it, wraps it arounde stick nnd places
lhe stick across two parallel endless
chains, and the paper is thus carried up
nu incline. When IM feet nf it hns run
nut, ihe chains take up another stick
that lies ncross them nml curry it up ns
they did the Ilrst Mick. A third stick
sooti follows the second, and thus the
work continues until the entire won of
paper lias been llll) out nf the blotching i
The chains in tbolr working hang tlio
paper iii InnpH uver ti systoill of steam
pipes, nnd it in thus Ihnrnriglily dried
before it. reaches tlm end uf tlm chain
Work, where it in ngnin wound Into
web form
Willi paper designs arc ilrst sketched
uu paper and then transferred to rollers
of tlm siso required It is necessary tu
prepare as many rollers ns there are
colors iu the design. Thus, if tlm design requires printing in eight colors,
eight rollers must be prepared.
When nil of the rollers aro ready, tho
artist directs his workmen, and euch
uno is given a color, A workman to
whom that color has been given takes a
roller to his bench, sets it firmly in the
grasp of a vise, and, with hammers,
files, brass ribbons and brass rods, goes
to work. Every bit of tho design that
is to be in green is traced out for him,
nud he carefully reproduces it in relief
oil the roller.
When his work is finished, the roller
bears on its face, in raised brass, green
stems, leaves, etc., and nt the proper
time nnd placo will pnt tho green coloring and shading jnst where the designer intended it should be. In liko manner the other rollers nro mnde ready for
use, and they nre then taken to a press
that has n large cylinder of the width
of ordinary wall paper Thero are
grooves aronnd the sides and the bottom of this cylinder, into which ure fitted the rods on the ends of tho rollers,
and when in position the faces of the
rnllers just touch the cylinder. An endless cloth bund comes to each of the
rollers from below (euch band works in
a color pan), which contains in liquid
form the coloring matter to be carried
on the roller to which the band belongs.
Each roller is placed in such position
that the part of the design upon it will
Btriko exactly in tlio spot necessitated
by the relative position of tho other
When all is ready, the paper that has
passed through the blotching mnchiuo
is placed between the cylinder and the
Hrst roller, the cylinder and tlio rollers
revolve rapidly, and soon the paper is
beautifully printed. At each of the endless cloth bands there is a steel semper
called u doctor, nnd it is tlie doctor's
duty to prevent t<x> mnch liquid from
the other pans from getting on the
The wall paper press throws off ten
rolls of pajier a minute, and each roll
contains III yards. It is said tlmt
stamped paper for walls was first man*
nfactmed in Holland abont the year
1858. Some of tbo very costly wall paper in nse nowadays is beautifully embossed and hnnd painted.™Philadelphia
Mow Kallenlte GUpl-ide*.
Tests made with tlie new explosive.
knllculte, show thnt it has some iiropcr
ties of marked superiority to dynamite,
[ustend, Por example, of being largely
composed of an Incombustible, bascllko,
Infusorial earth, eucalyptus leaves and
litive bark are used, these containing
a large quantity of gas and llielr com*
i.ustieii adding to tho force of the explosion. The whole compound, in fact.
is explosive, aud this, it Is claimed, Increases Its efficiency nud economy at
the same time.
In some.experiments at Sydney, as
noted  in The  Mining Journal,  four
holes were drilled tn a depth uf 10 reel,
ami each wns charged with I- pounds
nf ihu kallenlte: the charge was tired by
electricity and dislodged with com-
pnrntivcly slight upheaval some 200
cubic yards or stone; there was little
uulse and hardly uny pereeplllile sinuke
nr fumes. These qualities, It is thought,
Indicate that ImlUmlto is a desirable
explosive for military as well as for
mining purposes,
At Last!
A  Itt'i'M-tl.v lui* l-ft'ii l>l»i iivvi.'.I tlml  will
IVrmmit-titly   Curt-   Catarrh.
This Is not merely the words or ihe makera
of Mils iTnieily but thejianrtlon ll backed up
I iv It-vidiiu: j livaicianannil the h> u-jrable tegtl-
monie? ofuundrerta of curedonet And mure,
there ia nn absolute f*nnr?nlee to cure in eTOM
package or money will bo refunded. Wa will
ul-o'siinl a nm wuetti' trial quwitltv free t*>«ny
iiaraoD Buffering tnun thli dangerous diseas-.
jtibtuteM Catarrh Cnre is n new dtseorery,
iii-irff n preaaripqoD oerfoctcd by nne of
Ainerlca'amosl roeeeauul ipeolallsti In treating- thli disease, It la a looming*, penetrating
una i-'-iiiui-,' ji-ii.fi.le, prepared from <-tniuli--»
,--mi|'-mull-.!* Lull*., mnl Ewntlal oils, m be
Inserted up the nostrils, Tlie heat o( the both
melts ii, und i I.e-.en mi ol breathing rarrtes
it fi Ihe dlet-ascd iiarta. It rmabos.soothes
aud heals civi-r) parent tin muoous membrane
OUruigiiiviniiilil.v nil forms nt nilnrrh of the
nil fn
icpli Little,
ell km
Chtaken   Tulk   Tlml   llnmnn   llrlnita
'mi Uuli-Ll*.   I.i-tn ii  In < nm,irelu-iitl.
H Ik ii strnagi luoguago tbnt htumia
ears learn readily tn comprehend, For
the moat part it i- Instinctive,   A fuzzy
toddler six limns nm uf lhe shell has live
distinct calls. The lirst ami loudest of
them is the Inst ante, uttered when he
loses sight of hte mother or finds himself
out iu,the cold. It is loud and very
shrill, The second, the hunger note, is ns
shrill, bin mm-e plaintive. As soon as
eating begins it changes to a sort of satisfied chltteilug.
After oatlttg they grow sleepy am) cry
to he hovered. The note is smiiewhal
like lit-ii of hunger, with a peculiar tremolo breaking it in tho middle, Very
rarely do thc mothers disregard It, though
Hm'.v may be eager to go foraging over
graBfi plots or down hedgerows.
The fifth note, the chlr-r of fright or
astonishment, is the quaintest of all.
The chicks themselves appear to find
something in it distinctly humorous.
When they nre u few dnys ohl, if n lag,
wriggling worm or ii fat, juicy bug be
thrown to them with tbeir usual fond,
they will lirst ili-nw away from it, ehir-r-
ritig In concert then, after eying it a
minute, seize upon it and toss It about
with fnint, Immature chuckling cackles.
This chlr-r develops at Inst in the grilling
cull of warning, at sound of which from
their mothers even the youngest scatter
nml scuttle to cover.
Anything, a bird, a kite, even a very
small passing cloud sailing in the sky
overhead, will evoke this warning cry.
Let one hen sound It, and every other
hen will tnke It up. Often, oftener thno
not, indeed, the alarm is a false one, hut
centuries of hawks hnvo Impressed upon
each feathered mind that "danger eoiueth
out of the air," and they govern themselves accordingly.
Everybody knows how hens cluck to
their broods, but it may be news to many
Hint though 100 bens mny be clucking
in ihe same Inclosuro the voice of each
Mill ho individmd and unmistakable to
her Immediate family. A chick just out
of the nest may not be able to diserlm-
iaate, but let bim follow for a day, and
he is past making mistakes,
Kvea more wonderful is the hen's ability to differentiate her brood from nil the
rest Wiih spiteful! ill tempered fowls
this often lends to pitiful barnyard tragedies. An Intruder) feeding peacefully
among chicks of his own size, shape and
color, hns often been slain with one sin*
gle blow of n sharp and angry beak.
A cock, especially a gnniecnck, or ono
of Spanish breed, hns a wonderful variety ot crows. Hy menus of thuni, indeed,
be mas llie whole gamut of expression—
hope, fonr, defiance, triumph, love, hate,
rage, vanity and a tine, ineffable con-
It is the hens without families, though,
that are the true barnyard gossips. Auy
fine day. outside molting time, you may
sec them standing In groups, their beads
close together, clucking ami chattering
like bo many blackbirds, or else wallowing in light earth, pecking lightly as they
scratch ami wallow, nnd evidently finding it good sport to throw dirt over encb
A hen, save when setting, will never
wallow ntnne.    And   when sotting she is
unt normal, but a ragged, unkempt and
very ill tempered shadow of herself,
scowling nml pecking nt whatever comes
nen r ber.
••Lend Me Yonr Anta."
A plague of small mils is worrying
the good housekeepers in the lower part
of town. Tlie little pests get in the
sugar howls, piny havoc with cakes ntul
pies and drown themselves in the jelly
and fruit preserves lt is well known
that the largo black nuts devour lhe little red oiicb, and one bright lndy Intro*
duced several of the big black nuts into
lier homu in order thut they might ent
lhe little ones up The bhick unH did
their work nobly, and now the house is
freo of tho small pests Since the bright
woman made her successful experiment
her neighbors frequently ran over nnd
nsk: "Mrs.  , will yuu please lend
mo your big black ants for a day or snl
I want to borrow them to eat my little
ones."—Breckinridge News
fettim-ia on I'ohUti.
France is trying hard to surpass Germany in the matter of red tapo Advor
Using posters must hear revenue sttunps.
varying in value ntcovditig to the size
of the poster. A mun who nUixed n \o
centime stamp on u poster which should
hnve had only a 0 centime'stamp tuts
jnst been lined lib francs, or $*.->"-. lot
ths offense.
Sure Hit.
"The best way to tickle a man's vanity," says the Mannytink philosopher,
"Is to tell hlin he hasn't any."—Philadelphia Record.
Alloway & Champion
Llstad ttoaks bought, sold, and sarrrlad
on margin.
Wrlta as If yon with to eschsnto nny kind of
monoy, to buy Governmsut or 0. tt. W. Oa-
Unas, or to Had Bionay an/when.
ho Hot iiii'i') (iota Coin, llerauaa It
In Pull at tlli'i-olit-a,.
It is daugerous to go nbout witb o
pocketful of money. Because a thief
may catch you? No, not specially, but
because microbes will get after you. If
ynu carry gold about wilh you, lhe doctor
ii sure to got it. Micro organisms of the
must dangerous sort live longer on gold-
pieces than anywhere else—almost. The
number of bacteria found on thc surface
of ihe coins varies considerably—on silver
nml gold from -I'-" to 3,500, and on copper a still larger number.
Tn show the harmful results that may
occur from this, doses of from one to five
cubic centimeters nre inoculated into the
blood or uuder the skin of rn libit* and
guinea pigs. In one ease out nf ten
death results. In a series of ex peri ment i
by n French physician death wns some-
limes very rapid, with symptoms of acute
f-fpticncmhi. In one ease tuberculosis
wns communicated to n rabbit by a piece
of wnnl which bad been passed over a
ten centime copper coin.
There nre other ways to court Ills thnn
hy carrying pocketfuls of money. Rending on ears nnd bunts Is productive of a
grent deal of trouble with people's eyes.
Kin-h eye Is controlled by six muscles,
nnd the point of vision Is only one-
twenty-fifth of nu inch In diameter. The
motion of the car makes It a grent strain
on these muscles to focus the eyes properly.
A guud way to develop paralysis of the
facial muscles is to let the barber wash
yuur face with very hot wnter mornings
when you feel rusty. Hot wnter opena
np the pores of the skin nnd permits the
fnee to become chilled suddenly, This
brings on paralysis, Very hot towels will
■lu the name thing.*
Creiiiullnii In <ln*iHn,
A consular report from the Ilrltlsh le*
gallon in Tokyo contnlns some curious
Information on eremntinn ns practiced Iu
Japan. It Is stated that the body in its
rough wooden eotlin is placed on a thick
gridiron ox tending nearly the whole
length of the chamber, nnd firewood Is
piled Into a recess at the buck. With
forced draft, the heat generated by this
when lighted is sulllcieiit within a few
hours to completely consume ihe body.
An average of something over 70
pounds of wood is required for complete
ci-enmii  though this amount varies
with ibe hotly to ho burned. It is, for
Instance, found that fat people hum far
mure easily than thin, while persons who
have died of consumption require moro
time ami mnte wotid thnn any others,
Tbe tlmn varies ftnui three to six Imill'S,
Save the Babies.
Thousands of thom die every summer who could be saved by the
timely use of Dr. Fowler's Ext.
1 »«■ of Wild Strawberry.
dawn iu dawn
)■ ht
A nun in
Tin- mun in llie rliy -ilodi NU way,
Worn out ly Um ruth (rom day in day,
Ami ilgin thai in* nu mnro cun in
A iny in tha country, tlml uml tree,
—Chicago in.'cor J.
TTIfiDDl'lTDP will heal Irtish or old wounds In
ULuLnliUllD mini or boast.   It liua uo equal
l-'xiioahiiE Hin Men.
"Our colonel  Is gelling entirely too
risky," remarked u Filipino soldier.
"Yes," assented a comrade; "he mude
ns hold on to our trenches yesterday
until the Americans got in pink, view
of UB."
to?t your appttltef Ha\e yon a coattd
tongue I- Hnve you an unpleasant tus:<- ln
thu mouth r Dues y<>ur headache, and
have you d zzitn ssf It so, yuur stomach
H out of onler, ami vou nwd medicine.
But jou du mt like medioine. De t nt
prefers slcktu-Bs to medicine must sutler,
but under thn • lroi.m--t u.'-ia the wise
man would pr enre a b-jci-f Pnriue'e.-'i
Vene able Pills and t-p-edily got h in self
In health, and strive to he p su.
j uni Wlmi iiv Seeds
"Whnt in the world did yon buy thai
piece of land for'/" was asked of the
visionary citizen who suddenly decided
tu tuke up bis residence outside of the
city, "The soil is unproductive and
"(Jootl! Your judgment confirms my
owu. If the soil Is not sour my scheme
Is a failure. I propose to raise cucumbers nnd young onions that are pickled
In the growth."
Ilia Sollcltnde.
"Who captured that prisoner?" asked one officer
"That's not tho question," answered
the other, who had absorbed some exaggerated impressions from recent
events. "What we're waiting to find
out ts who captures theglory "—Washington Star
WMtcrn En ter prise.
Stranger (in Dugout City)—It doesn't
seem aa if this place conld have 20,000
population, as you report.
Resident—Waal, it ain't got quite
that much ordinarily. Vou see we took
the census the day the circus was in
town.—New York Weekly
llul    Gol    Ihu    Spniiklns    Thai    lie
It nu I ill)    DfrtrrvriJ.
The mother of a Utile Iloston buy.
visiting friends ou Capitol hill, round
I'd the kid up when he appeared for
breakfast the other morning.
"Weuiiall," she said to him, "you
will recall that upon the second evening of our arrival here I forbade you
rending Herbert Spencer and Huxley
at night by the light of tbe gas in
the room set aside fot- you, ou account
of the heating properties of the illuminating Quid, i'oil have disobeyed
me, and I nm about to punish you. I
am very sorry to hnve to"—
"I beg of you to eliminate the preamble," replied the kid. "Punitive
measures Inflicted conversationally
create ft distinct sense of fatigue within tne. At nny rate I Pray you to reserve your didactic discourse until
after the application of the birch."
Theu the slipper fell nnd tho kid
bawled utmost like something human.
—Washington Post.
k Bellerille Lady, Horn Doctors
Faded to fielp, -Oarecl at
laat by Doan'i Kidney
No OM Who has not suffered from kidney
disease can Imagine tha terrible torture
those endure who are the victims of some
disorder of these delicate Biters of the
body. Mra. Richard Rees, a well-known
andhighly respectedlady of Belleville, Ont,,
had to bear the burden of kidney complaint
for over ao years and now Doan's Kidney
Pills have cured her wben all else failed.
Her husband made the following state*
ment of her case t - - For ao years my wife
has been a sufferer from pain in the back,
sleeplessness and nervousness and general
Erostratlon. Nothing seemed to help her.
lectors and medicines all failed, until we
Sot a ray of hope when we aaw Doan's
adney Pills advertised as a positive cure.
"She began to take them and they helped
her right away, and she is now better la
every respect. We can heartily recommend Doan's Kidney Pills to all sufferers,
for they seem tostrikelhe right spot quickly,
and their action is not only quick but it is
*■ I cannot say more in favor of these
wonderful pills than that they saved my
wife from lingering torture, which she had
endured for 20 years past, and I sincerely
trust that all sufferers will give Doan's
Kidney Pills a fair trial."
LAXA" Curi- constipation, biliousness
aick hcadnclio and dyspepsia.
•LIVER Evci7 I)1H guaranteed perfect
■lf"n and to act without anv grip-
Bia . _ ing, weakening or sickening
PILL* effects,   35c. at all druggists.
There te not a mother
Who loves her infant hut
should keep on band during the hot weather a
bottle ol Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Straw-
V  berry.
v i *■*     There is no remedy so
L-BKV safe and so effective for
<jlic diarrhoea of infants,
and none has tlie endur-
saliou of so many C'una-
1 dlan mothers who have
proved iti merilt, nnd therefore speak
with confidence. One of these is Mrs.
Peter Junes, W'arkworth, Out., whOSAVSI
'-1 cun give Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild
Strawberry great praise, for it saved my
baby's   life.    She  was  cuttinp  her teeth
and was taken wlih diarrhoea verv bad,
■Mv sister advised ma to got Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry. I v.°t a
bottle and it cured the baby almost at
i'l' a year the Caspian overflows
umi st iti nils mil s ut (tali   sufficient
m i.-.-ii ih.- ivhole ol ci-niral Asia ir advantage i-iiiiiii in- taken of these Im
iim nn- resources given liy nature,
AHirummih-nl ItiKinnneiits or glass
wife used hy Uu* Cltiucsu us early as
:_•>:• H il,
ASMAUj I'll,I., lil'TPOiVMlKl'L.-.
They tha julgeof tie powers of a pill
by Its sizo would oansl >r Purine! e's
veae'able Pills 1 > h* neklng, it Is
a little wonder mmm-.* pills. What It
lucks tn sli*. il makes 11 p in polem-y.
'l'i » remedies ^blcii it nrrbs him put up
In ihesH small tlcso-i been 1 e thuy nre. fo
piwurlul thnt only-inn I dot-i-s a 0 ro-
quired. Th * full sttouith of tin* <*itrac r
It sfl'-uiv-i lu tils 'u in ami do their work
Tlie alu-dun-l Wind .liu.im-.-r.
"We've simply am m nigh ()r it!"
protested the neighbors.
Tin' man whu luul heen rtiiiulnjl
Kcali-s upon n h'oiuhotie Ittinjltoil gayly
"Then this is what yo I(!ht call
the burn of plenty!" he rxHillnieil as
by smitten hispli-itlloii.
IIi'iv   be   latlirbeil   lipilill.   all! i*h
near lo ilenth.
There never wns a man in the world
us ureat tut 11 -11111111 buy thinks his uncle
Diek ia.
fade, but youuft lives iiulnugeied by 1
levero ooiirIh and colds may In- pivser>ed
by Dr. Th Unas' KcVonlc Ull, Croup,
whiioi-l x 11 n^'li. brunchlils, tn short all
nlTe t 011s of ihe throat and lungs, sr.i relieved t y this 1 lerlln-f i>iv|*ar-itiiin. which
nlso r. medics rheumiitia pain-, ioivs,
bruises, pi o , kbit ey tllffl 11 ty. and Is
most ie iiiuiiii*
Chinese iiviiiti, celebrated tha
. tsnndih .1: livi-rxar*. uf the death
■i'* Wnnx, ii:.- inventor ol lhe Chi-
■ it Tuns
ins,- ilientt-r.
Crm-io T'i-u.-r,-i,-i i» said to coutetU-
pltite nn cu.ii retirement from Ihe ilatte,
ll.- i.i ih,- ■■„>.,'.-..[■ *.f 11 Inrse fortune,
His ilnuj-hter recentlj married a Milan
I wus eured   of Ulioumtitio Gout by
I was ctued of Acute   Bronchitis   by
Sussex. Lt. Col. O. Ore we Rend.
I was cured of itciitc Rheumatism bv
Markham Out. O. S. BILLING.
A i-t-yi-ni'-old by Arlon, dam Hour!,
2:17, bus been named San Telmo nnd
Is n natural paei r. Within 80 dnys
after being lafcun from grnss be showed il mile better than 2:80 at that gait,
Amelia, by Electioneer, ts snitl to
have foaled twins four times In eight
years. She is ibe dam of four In the
list, notwithstanding her loss of time
bused oil the theory thnt twin colts
seldom live and never prosper.—Turf,
Kiidd nnd farm.
•luiiea ivnuita How.
"Isn't Jouus a Mule penurious when
it comes to supplying money for bouse*
hold expensesV"
"1 won't say ns to that, but I'll tell
ynu whnt happened. His wife told
him Uml ibe parlor carpet had become
so worn nml t'u/./.y that it wns Impossible lo sweep it any more without
uiaklbg li worse. Some men would
have li-imlotl out money fur inure.
■lOiiUU got tlio lawn mower nud run it
over the cat'pot."—Detroit Tree Press,
(.1111,1    ■m-Ik-i'ii-.
"Wlmlever Induced the Rrowntous to
put In iheir summer In n houseboat}"
"It makes it comparatively easy for
them to dodge their creditors."—Ohlcft-
ao Cost.
There Is danger lu neglecting a cold.
Many who nave died of Consumption
dated their troubles from exposure, followed by a cold which settled ou their
lungs, aud tn a short time they were beyond tbe skill of the bent physician. Had
they used Blckle's Anti-Consumptive
Syrup, before lt was too late, their lives
would lave been spared This medicine
has no equal for curing coughs, colds,
and all affections of the throat and lungs.
'        ',-      \      J    'tjd '*7a.
■...,,«   •1-ririlrJ. t»»
c*_»jjw. ii«l 11 .1 ). .re
I WatcSCo.. Tct*ite,QnL
W. N. D.    W
,    LBST viif   roitOBT. note thai wc luv
; But'i*r I'ti-x-te-in.! Kt(wh F-*»m l"r oii-oft-lh.it
■ wHi.-i.-llei..-.-. In.- Ktici-:.'.- ..n.l H. ■<•• I'.!****™,
ami tlm; our •• Alexandra*- and ** Uetotto"
1 Cream Separators ar.- thc u*»t in ihe world*
Corn 'poudaici mllo t«-j.
i- =?
We keep a larffe Hock
a!-*-*:***! on band of
Til-):, I-RINTEBS*
A Cnrrpnl I'lirnac,
P.iKr.D- Tils wi.l li dleslp-ite ihriu-
i-elves In the etomitoh tan nut he ex e-ted
to have inuuii tJTect uionCe intesilnes,
and to overcome eofitlveni ss tlm mi tli* Ino
administer.-1 unit lillm-nco th--action
of these lonol', farm lee's Vege nble
1*111 -i nre so mnde, undi-r the Uj.ervistun
of exDtrts, t at. the substODors ln ihem
lntendul 11 ope tit nn tht- inle tint s are
reta-ded InaoMo 1 until t' ■>>■ pas- through
Ihe stomach tit u bo.ie's
yj^l IllNLltV.   Can fit
t iT P»r*« or Job Oatfit»
* 1*-' on ftw hourt" nolle*.
and    PAPEB   aad
t'AJU) --TOCK also supplied oa short notice.
NorthWtSteil Branch:
LUCil, STEELE It B&TO,   ctrei-a Teu
Importert of Groceriei      I-8-* B.Coffe«a
CtU-rlaf-i?*,   Tiaicou-i,   Ilarrowa, «ludmllu,
ae.   COCKSHfTT PI-OW CO., Wlunip*f.
Watts—Old you see thnt story about
an nrrowhend beiug brought up from 1
ilept.ll of more lhau 1,500 feet undct
Potts—Yes. Strikes mu the fellow
thnt shot It that deep Into tbe earth
must have been u protty good mun ia
his time.—Indianapolis Journal.
(uhlinliim' OveralKlit.
That wnu a wise schoolboy who,
when the master asked. "Why wns It
thnt his great discovery wus uot properly appi'i-einteil mull long nfter Columbus wns dendV" promptly replied.
"It was because he didn't udvortlse,
Cnn'l Slinke II Off.
"Yea, Hint's his foil, He Is n good
surgeon, but for the lust ten years be
has studied tiotblug but warts."
"Well, that's n sort of thing tlmt
grows on ono, you know."—Detroit
Vm—% els liable 8)*ni|iloine,
"Doctor, my husband snys black and
red spots nppear before his eyes overy
night.  What do you adrlidt"
"1 advise tbat he stop jilaylns
Crimp Promptly  Relieved.
Mrs. J. Slmms, Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver, B. C, writes; "One of our children
bai been subject to croup almost einee its
birth.    Wo llnd Griffith's  Menthol   Mul- i
ment always to give prompt relief,  and I
would not be without It In our home. As
a liniment we do not think.- It has anv |
equal.   All druggists, £5cts.
A VvnRefill TIiiitiKht.
"In some future year," said the citisen with n powerful Imagination, "the |
human raco will iiml the sun exttucl
Tlint once glowing orb will cease to
shed its rays upon our world. Then
whnt'll we do."
"Whnt will we doV" echoed tbe mo
rose man. who was gritl 11 lug for tin
llrsl   time lu   weeks.    "TintI   Isn't   lln
qui'Stluti.    Wbiit'll the Iceman do'/"
Wiisliii-'lon Si.-n*.
Rare Deioilon.
"Do you think Dolly's (lance love*
her?"    '
"Indeed he does. Why, lie went end
made love to that pretiy Allhrlght girl.
Just to give Dolly a chance to cut ber
out.''-Col I Ier'* uvcMv.
ihabd'i Lunar w mi ir Piyiiciui.
There nover wns, and never will be, a
universal punscea, in one remedy, for all
ills to which flesh Is heir—the very nature
ot many curatives being such  that were
the germs of other and differently seated
diseases rooted lu the system  of   the patient—what would relieve one Ul ln torn
would aggravate the other.    We have,
however, In Quinine Wine, when obtainable lu a sound,   unadulterated   tt-ve,   a
remedy for many and grievous Ills. By Its
gradual and judicious use the frailest systems  are  b-U   into   convalescence   and
strength bv the inlluunce which Quinine
exerts 011 Nature's own  restoratives.   It
relieves the drooping spirits of those w 'tb
whom a chronic stato of morbid despot,'.
I enoy and tack of Interest ln life Is 11 tils*
; ease, and, by  tranqulllzlng  the nerves,
: disposes to sound and refreshing sleep-
imparts vigor to the aotion of the blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout the reins, strengthening the healthy
animal functions of the system,  thereby
making   activity   a    necei°ary    result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life
to tbe digestive organs,  whioh naturally
[demand Increased substance—result,   improved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of
.Toronto, nave given to the   publio their
'superior Quinine Wine at tho usual rate,
land, gauged by tho opinion of solentlsts,
I this wine approaches nearest  perfection
! of any ln the market.    All druggists sell
I It.
tt II
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee.
reason enough why it ts
popular. f
■olid Oold Ring, Set with Reul tint-
net* and Pearls, tn I'lunb und
"nlIn Hox
Tree for Hulling 1 Dos. Packages.
$100.00 REWARD I
Ths above reward will be paid 10 iny person who will prove
win speck or streak the finest linen.
we want agents to sell this entirety new household article
uml mc ■in-p-m-d lo (.-Iv.- fitl-.-r |.r> iniimi*i <,r nmli i-<,nmti»-'i..ii-i
io I.a'll.s. [J i.vjmihI Olrls h Iw will work form.
1-,-,-,-i-y h-mii-liuM rif.-ili li;n.| f„r UihjcIi'v ]nir|o«- ami.once
trli-.J. they will liny m-aln.    Kiu-li lm- j«-c!(ai'ei--jiilii ni •ullli-lrnt
mue tor tlie i-1-i-iiii't.-tin-. t- of mi average fmniiy fnr nt on 14 months.
simply send name ami Rddreasand ive win rprwlrdyou a
iiimilier of pm-'ka-'i'* of hlnu (mil our h\<t promlum li-'
Wrlt'-at oih-i; anil *fi nrf. thn ai/iuui f-,ro new urtl-1<- ihnl
evoybwlv H.-.-.U, M.-nilnii thli |.u|n;i'. HIIIIHNWII'.IVIi
Solid Nickel Stem Wind *ad
Bet-Oood Ttmekeoper
Free for Nelllug 3U Pnehavre ..THEO..
W. F. GURD, li. C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Craabrook,       :     :       Britisb Columbia
To operate the " Copper Crown "
and  adjoining   mineral   claims.
Capital Slo.k J.SU0.01HI. divided inlo -.UUU.Utlll Shares at tbe Par Value ol 25 Cents Bacll
1,000,000 Shares tn the Treasury
G. Johnson....
Judge Townseod, Rosslaud
I.. Craig, Kossland
li. N. Oilmen. Holland
C. M. Edwards, Cranbrook
Julia MuicbieuD, Cranbrook
J. I;. Saucier, Roaslttinl
W. 1   tiurd, Cranbrook
Head Ofiice    •    Cranbrook, B. C.
We have accepted the official brokerage of thc above company and
now offer 100,000 shares at 5c each, payable in five monthly installments.
McVittie & Hutchison,
T"»>">"■ . „ MIMING BROKERS, Cranbrook
C. M. Edwards       k. E. Ileallle
Joho lluklilsun     1. E. Saucier
\J/ Assayer
^ Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
I.O.O.F. Key City Lodge
Nn. i:*. Moeu every Krt*
rtny nljtlit at Uiolr Imll nn
linker street.   Sojournlnif
Odd KcHdwh cordially Invited.
P. I-;, .slm-ison, I', C liaiiKlu
SM. sce'y.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up About thc City  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Bures his property. All that's heM In
fire insurance te given in the (.lima of
the com pnt ilea represented by McVittle
& Hutchison.
Vancouver Wot hi: Mr. nml Mrs.
White Fraser, of Toronto, are visiting
tht; city ntul ate guests at the Ilndmin*
tou. Vancouver theatre-goers will remember the pronounced hit that Mis.
White Proper made as Helen Grace ia
Uoolle't* Baby at au amateur performance some time ago in this city.
Solicitor Gurd is iu Fort Steele today.
J. E. Sancter bus returned to Kossland
fnr a few days.
Hungarian, Gletiora nud Graham flour
at Gilpin's.
G. II. Gilpin was in town Tuesday for
a short time.
If you want crockery or a nice dinner
set, try Gilpin's.
Tom Wellman came down from Kim
berley this week.
Don't forget the Sinity concert Tor
Saturday evening.
Evaporated raspberries, apples nnd
apricots at Gilpin's.
The Suiily concert promises to be an
enjoyable entertainment.
Try Gil, in's for groceries Always a
full nnd choice stock on hand.
Constable Cox has heen transferred to
Moyie to succeed Mr. Lindsay,
The Fernie Free Press is publishing a
small daily to give tbe war news.
When you think of fire insurance, you
think of McVittie and Hutchison.
Miss Stella Marshalsay is now clerk
ing nt W. I). Hill's clothing store.
Col. Haker is expected to return to
Cranbrook the latter part ol this month.
Harry Dunbar, formerly ot this place,
has left Duncan City and gone to Seattle.
Costs but little, but worth much,
Fire insurance. See McVittie & Hutchison.
Col. Henderson, of Moyie, visited
with Cranbrook friends several days this
Harry Drew, the popular landlord of
the North Star hotel at Kimberley, is in
Cranbrook today,
For men's odd pants nnd vests see the
line at tbe Fort Steele Mercantile Company,   Tbey nre fine.
The Fort Steele Mercantile Company
have the most complete line of men's
underwear iu the city.
For porridge you can get rolled oats,
groats, rolled wheat, wheat lies, middlings and com meal ot Gilpin's.
They arc the best in the cily. Fort
Steele Mercantile Company's gloves.
The goods are right and the prices are
Mrs. Neil Mi Leod Currau and her
daughter returned last Monday from an
extended visit to hei former home in
the east.
Rubbers, German sox, nnduiackinnw ,
Tbere are none better than tbe lines
handled by the Fort Sleele Mercantile
Chrles Kstmere, of Kimberley, was in
town tbis moruiug. lie is on his wny to
thu Umpire mine nt Crnustoti to put on
six more men.
The merchants of Crnnbrook have
been dressing their windows lately, and
the appearauce of the stores aie greatly
improved as a results
What has become of the street lamps
lhat several of the business houses have
used iu the paste They would be a good
thing these dark nights.
The sidewalk fever is spreading in
Cranbrook, I.et tbe good woik go on,
It adds to property values, aud impioves
lhe appearance of the towu.
The arrangements have been compU
ted for the dance that is to be held to
morrow night. It is expected tbut a
lnrge crowd will be present.
We uotice by eastern pnpers that Mrs.
M. Mclnnes has visited Pembroke, Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls and New
York, and will return home for Christmas.
The Indies of tbe Methodist church
inteml to ask the merchants to close as
enrly as possible Saturday night to give
all au opportunity to attend the Smiley
concert. The concert will not commence
until 9 o'clock.
The Golden lira has passed into th.-
management of Messis. Hates and Sin it ll,
C. A. llnggen, of New Zealand, the for
mer editor, bas used it as a stepping
stone to better things, and is engineer
of the Certainly Gold Mining company,
Sure insurance, A man is known l.y
the company he keeps, He will also be
known by the company In Which he in-
lie Talks Right.
O. S. Frazell, the hustling represettta
live of the Fort Steele Brewing company, was in town Tuesday: Mr, Frazell says that the brewery is doing n big
business, a fact lhat is natural since its
product is the best. Mr. Frazell is au
oil timer in llie Kuiucuays, uud is one
of those broad-minded men who believe
in tbe wonderful resources of lhe district
as a whole, uud hns n good word to say
for all the towns. It is such men as Mr
Frazell who impress strangers with the
idea lhat South East Kootenay is ull
Certificate of Improvement
BlTUATK IN TIM-: 1'oHT STRRI.B MlNINfl DIVISION of South Kast Kootrxay
DlSTHICT. Wil Bit K l.'il\\TK*i-O.N* 111'. K
I.KIlKltltV  Hll.l,.
TAKK NOTICE, tliat we,
Walter Vim Arsdnlen, Free .Miner's ceitiil-
cato, No 11'i.n.t!
Holier! Di'inpMjy.; Freo Mlner'-i Certificate,
a 0,&*.7,
llavlil Howell, Free Miner's Certllleate, uo,M8,
Kl.la IS. Jones, Freo Miner's Cettlllc.,to,
A-TO,72i, Intend, six y days from the date hereof,
to nil ly toilu* Mining KoconlerforaCertltlcato
of Improvements for tlie purpose of obtaining n
frown (Irani <>r the above claim,
Ana farther ia> notice that notion, under
section it;, musl i.u comma ml iieforo the
Issunncc or in *h a-u-tlllu'ttc of Imiiroveiunnts.
baled this rtii any of November, IBM,
Btgno.1   WALTKtt   VAX   All.s]>.\|.K\,
l*AVII»   NfiWBU,
KLtllN   IS.  JUNKS.
Certificate of Improvement
HI.mite in the Fort Steele Mining Division of
East Kootutiny nistiict. Where locaied-
s,-iitii nf ami adjoining ilio ■•WoIpohiu" ■ ti
tlio south --i.it- of iim west fork o( st.
Marys river, uboiil live ml csfroni Sawyer's
TAKIS NOTICE Hint r, A. W. MoVltllo, Freo
Miner's C'erJIIcii.e   110870, acting as tlgClll fur
Wm, Mllllcim, Free Minor's Cerllllc.ilo uio,uo,
ami lltiuh AlcCool, Freo Miner's Cerllflcnto Ait,-
t:ii, inii-nd sixty days from tin- date hereof to
apply io t!.e mining rouonler for a certillciite or
liii|)ii>vt'iiii-nt fnr tlm inniinsu nf iilitaltiiiiL' it
Ami fiinlu-i inke notice Mint notion under
Hcct.on :■;, must be rommuiicod liefoni the i^
-tunnce of suHi ccrllllcnte of Imprnvenion'.,
Dated tins letli day of November, isw.
A, w. m vniih.
Certificate of Improvement
Bltuiite lu tho Fort Steele Mining Division or
Bait Kootenay District   Where located-
Nortli "t and adjoining ihe ■ Welcome" on
ttio south Blilu of tlm wc-t nnk of St. Mary:
river, about llvo miles from Sawyer's Pais,
take NOTICE thai i, a, w. McViltie, Free
Mluer's Cflrllllonte nosTO, acting at agent foi
Arthur Flillllps, Free Minor's Certlflonte ii|9,
ooo, Intend sixty-dnys fr tn the date horcof to
apply t*> Un* miuing reaunler for a ooriKlcaie r,i
Improvement for tim purpose of oiiiniiilng n
Crown iirant of llio abovo claim.
Ami further take notion unit nelion undor Section IT mil t bo ooiiimcncad beforo tlio Issuance
of inch oertinonto oi Improvomoiit,
Dated tliis ifith ii iy .>f .November, isw.
'lake until*.' lliil sixty ilnysnrti-r iliile I mt.-mi
in anlily in tin- riili'f riiinnilsMioiier or l.nmh
nml W.nks fm* in-niiiH lm to I'liriliiisi- Ulil acres
<>r laml iii-ai tin* Writ t* mine mi llie went fnrk
nr Ilit'Sl. .M-u\-i ilM-r, In East knnlpiiayilir'irlet,
more | in it lei. la.lv ili-Mi-rilieil ns f.-llmv-* ;
Cntaiiienclim al n \nul market! II. W. Mm:
•onlli'-iist comer. Iht'lice writ Hi ehaliiH, UieiieR
limtli in r-lialiH. lli.-nee enst in elialnn, tlicacc
s mill in chains in -mini nf connn nci'ltictil.
I). W. MOO It R,
Pitted at Cranhrook Cotober 17, IHW.
lake notice that sixty days niter date 1 Intend
tn amily to the Chlof fommisslonpr of i,amis
mnl Works fu:- jK-rmlsslou to i uielinsi* li'-inei'i's
nl land nniiv llie U'e emim inhio nn Uie west Turk
or Ilie Sl. AlaiV- rivi-i in liast I\. i»:.-imy iltstrli'l.
mure lUll'llciilniU deseill.eil as f(dloi\s:
l'i mehiK at a }«ist iimrkcil 1.(1   Unit's
simlhwi'Ml enrnei*. llieneo imrih 4' dial is, theinie
rail ll elmliis. tlieuee smith III clinllis, llienee
west li' ell iln-i In iiolnl id toiiuncneemeiit,
T. tl. IIOI.T,
hated ai Crnnbrook, October 17, IBM,
"l"1 Teaming
Wood  and   Ice  For Sale
Cnuiljrook, DrllUll Columbia
'Inoat Ji.,t 1, Rooms [it East Kootenny
Don't (let Bald
Try His Dandruff Cure.   It Cures.
Notice to Cranbrook People
Do nil kinds of work
liy continel or tiny.
Reasonable prices
fnr all work done by
us.       Terms   cash.
*** + *********&***********,
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
Excursion Rates
To Winter Resorts
Japan, and thc
tiawaian Islands
Cheap rates to the
Old Country
Iu roiiii'-rtion Willi all
Btcontet lines, via
Montreal,   Boston   and
New York.
C. li. McPherson,
(ii-ii, I'nss. A'-i-ni, Wlnnl'ioR,
William Stilt,
Ass I lien, t'asH. AnI, Will til).i'l,'.
Livery 3
Proprietors ,.* .* j*
Regular   Stage   lo   Kimberley
Tt':itii4 nnd drivers furtilslied for nny
point in the iliRlrict.
JH.tnager   jt    Jt
The Black Bear Mining Company, Ltd.
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares of 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares of Which Will Be Held as Treasury Shares for Working Capital
This company Is ,iow lielnic organized for lhe purpose ot acquiring mid working the BLACK BEAR AND MABEL
Development work consists ot various shafts on the vein for a distance of of 300 teet, all showing ore, Thc
vein Is 6 feet wide, with 3 feet of solid galena ore,
Samples of ore can be seen at thc City Hotels and The Herald Office.      Promoters stock Is now on the market at 2*4
CENTS A SHARE.     For further particulars Inquire of
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager Canadian Bank nf Commerce,
Via Cranbrook.
HOTEL        ?      Propriclors-
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
located, and ranks with the best.
-   First-class Dining room and best of Cigars and Liquors,
Rates, $2.00 per day. n     .      tor*
Short orders day and night.       LranbroOK, D. L,.
t-iiti* nt Toronto
Contractor «»j Builder
The London 8c Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We carry in stock a
Mule Skin Glove
Which we do not hesitate to guarantee to the
.    public.    It is specially adapted to railroad and
construction use.   Wrten you are buying gloves
don't overlook this one.
Stores at Cranbrook, Pincher Creek and Macleod
NircmplAtlllK blllldlllB will .In well I'l let
nt.' tiuurooa llw contracts.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
mm T*T*f*T*,T m ww™ ™™ m m m m m
II     Planing Mill
§| "-i Sash and ::
55     Door Factory
. ..Manufacturer! of...
Sash   jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  *t Turning
Pioneer Hardware Store
Three Bicycles at a bargain.
The season is well advanced and you will soon be in
need of KEATING STOVES. We can give you what
you want.
All kinds of HARDWARE constantly on hand.
TINSMITMNG of all kinds on short notice.
Roofing, Eve Troughing and Furnace work a specialty
S S G. H. Miner
•T*D A MRDnni/ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
vK^n DKVv/IV Nest Pass Railroad.
§j> rVatikfr\r*-k Has a I0=sta11 round house' ,ar&e machine fit
M  -wr-a.ilUrUUiV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- jj?
© tensive railroad yards. M
H Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East fet
H Kootenay. M
I Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- ©
5 tions of South East Kootenay. g
| Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in g
I South East Kootenay. |
H Cranbrook Is building rapidly and Iter population is increasing week after L
H wee^' If
H Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, g
!>' manufacturers and investors. " •
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. UND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner, •£•>
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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