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Cranbrook Herald Aug 3, 1905

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Nl'MISER   19
Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000
Reserve Fund. $3,500,000
ll K. \V M.K1U, ,„,,, ,l M ...iu.-. ILEX. I nun. Vi»l Cm'l Maupr
n-.-.iii ti At   i iu   i Ol LOWING RATI 3 I
$5 mnl .in.lr*t 3 centi
Uvpi  ****. ind it"' ixcte-ilng $10 & earn*
"   liQ      " " $30 i-i cenu
"    . ,10       " " IK 19 cent!
These Ordern aw Payable at I'm' ..i ..n. oflici- In ('nnuUuof • Chartered Bank
(Yukon excepted), nnd ai iho principal band
io the United States.
Thev torm un excolWnt method ol ivinitting small suras ol money
with sttf.'-ty mul it small iost.
C. MALPAS, M.'.i.
capital paid up
rest   ■ -  ■ •
J T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. ami Gen. Manager *
* ■  1
* i
S A general banking business transacted. Drafts solo avalla- *
J ble In every put of Canada, United States ana* Europe. Special J
J atlentinn to collections. I. F. M. PINK11AM, Manager.     I
* t
,'.»«HtH..KKIHIt.li!»''«'it.,(i» »HtlMtt»
BE/\LE   c?   ELWELL
1',1'iy li,.ri.' Power firt-liox boiler and all con
nectionst manufactured bv Golriii & M.Cul-
Ini'h i.l i.inli; only been in une tout months;
inspected and efficient up to 125 lbs.; , moke
stack mnl tiny ropes  ol '   all complete
.«,:3=&i *MJ -■  '■•  - :■ - '-  -  : -'■" 8 s -'
I   Don't forget Ik Place   I
Sp Wlu-ti ynu wanl ., good wai h al a reasonable Ig
^ price, backed by an Ir mclad guarantee,   We handle 83
&; all the besl makes ol American wai !,-.. also several fl
|h lines ul Swiss make,   See us and gel prices before m
I buying.                                                              I
1 Plsott. CDc lewder    |
BiHmHHiHHfiei:.-, fi sasiaisBfasaiaiiiil
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms S C. Hoadley, Cranbrook
Tli"  inconvenience   of   separate
glasses Ear reading ami distance
in avoided by oordon bio vision
glasses,   which  afford  perfect Bight for ni-ar work
and also for seeing st a
Wm.   r.    late &  SOU, GRADUATE OPTICIANS
Official Watch Inspectors Crows Nest Pass Division, C, P. K.
Whul was unquestionably the lasl
t- i lacrosse came yet played lo the
Lcvasseui cup series and one ol i'1*
insi witnessed In the wesl ol recenl
years waa decided at Lethbridge on
viiti i a i.i i whi u tbe Cranl rool
mlxi ,i U wuii the iticV bandl i
Ihal . It) With one 01 two excep
Hone lbs •locals were all In the plnl*
nl condition and visited Lethbridg-
determined to deliver theii choices*
goods. Against them was the die
advantage ol foreign grounds, the recent deleat to overcome and thi (asl
est iiiiiuii ul player* ibe prairie towu
has yel produced (Julte a numbct
ol local enthusiasts followed th.
Cranbrook team, cheered the buys bv
t'helt presence und bucked them With
money, that It was impossible lo get
The hall was laced oil shortly attel
three o'clock on the fine grounds opposite the Lethbridge hotel, In thi
presence ol hundreds uf spectators
In this quarter the visitors put uji
as Hue an exhibition id combination
work us the harshest critic could
hope to see anywhore, and had thcli
opponents looking like a lot of graduates Irom the school tor the help
less. After three minutes of pla>
lhe hall was grabbed hy Cowan, who,
by a dexterous .-.hot fclg-zagged ii
through the blockade that formed In
front of the Lethbfldgc goat and Into
lbe nets.
In the second quarter lhe homi
team was given a chance to
show themselves, which the) *dtd tu
good advantage and soon had thi
second goal to their credit, UoMuUcn
doing the shoot ing. .lever work
prevailed on both sides and the quarter closed wnh the score a tie.
The third quarter started oil wllh .1
rush and very strenuous playtug vv..-.
kept up all the way through. On
both sides the pin*, was characterized
bj pretlj combination passing, close
checking and hard rushes, but when
it came down lo Hie line points Cran
brook plalnlj evidenced her superiority. Finally, Carruthers mauag d to
detect a glimpse oi the nets through
the barricade ananged Iwiore Un
Lethbridge Roal and spun the shpere-
vii ntih an unerring aim that scored
another game. The home team \ru-u
bard to even tilings up, hul wen' kept
exce im .l> bus) protecting their own
goal until neai the close when thej
penetrated i canbrook's rather too
open delence aud scored, making the
games 2—3. McMullen again turned
ihe trick.
In the lasl quartet playing was verj
even' foi some time, it was notice
able, ht wcver, tliat Cranbrook was
doing nearly all ihe shooting, and Uie
LetbbtidgoUes showed themselves ex
tremely wise in having then nets so
closely protected lhat ihey were enabled to check some ol the desperate
rushes ihat were made on Cranbrook. pan The locals were confident iluy had lho stronger team
and made heroic efforts to break
hrough tho regiment of reds thai
gathered In bunches at every sign ol
dangei to the Lethbridge goal, but
wi ie unsuccessful
Cianbrook played an aggressive
same fiom lhe start, ant were justified m doing il hy reason ol then
itren ih but ihey probably did not
give their goal the protection it
should bave had At anj rate Mo
Mullen again succeeded In obtaining
'he ball at a very opportune moment
and quickly availed luu.sell ol tbo
chance lo score the game which won
tbe match and al loasl n year's lease
nn iiiv Levassem cup Tliis was
scored a little less than two minutes
In lore ''.ill »ii lime and although
Uratibrook .inl some lightning combination work and some hard shoot'
Ing the noXI lev*, seconds they were uliable to penult ate the '"block s>s-
i.'in" ol lhe home team's lystomlzfld
The line up was us (allows —
Cranbrook. Lothbiidge.
C   Maiin.iii.iii      Goal Warwick
Miller . Poinl Brown
Staples     Covoi     Point  , Scott
Bathle        Ist Defenco        Portleos
McArthui        2nd   Defence     Ripley
Block .. .     3rd Defence    .    . Wallace
Graham Centre Seolt
McCullogh 1st Home ..     . Skeith
Cowan      .2nd Homo ... Stewart
Maiiiiahan  inl Home   ...   Kobson
Hatton   Outside Home   GoW
Jarruthers   .. Inside    Home.  McMtillfii
Field   Captains—For Craiibrook,   J.
McSweyn.   For Lethbridge, Praser.
Umpires—For   Ctainbrook,   Grlflllhs.
For Lethbridge,  Percy McBride,   of
Winnipeg, late captain Toronlo   lacrosse ti am,
Referee—Chas. McQueen, of Calgary.
"Sandy'1   Cowan   is a plucky,    aggressive   player,   and has a   system
t-hat    kept    the   Lethbridge   defence
The work of Walter Miller was especially prominent. Ue put up one
of the finest exhibitions that has been
seen in this section of the west. Many
I laj     wi re ■■■' le
and he showed ot
that woi
playing with any ou    the
coast a ears a
Both teams played .-"l lacrosse
.nl   the   individual   players   played
jc -i Iai:
few Crai
■ '
placed ogi  '     ,l"'
tits play a gi ■*•' ;
a neutral However,    no
..   ■. .    ..   -  I
There aie no quitters in Cran-
brook s la.:. 8 b i am
McQueen deserves praise lot the
lair, Im] act al uiann . in which he re-
tereed tbd game.
i n- :. ,'.,. ii 'ii.- stai on the
prairie town's twelve, and ilie team
would be .ii a sore loss without him.
Captain Black handled his men In
line shape before, during an.l aft-ei
lhe game,     He has worked hard  Ior
he team, is .. spoil and a gentleman
and has much credit comtnfc to him.
The visitors entertained Lethbridge
in Cranbiook slj le.
Graham shines all the time.
The Lethbridge entertainment committee was engaged at a protracted
meeting to discuss ways and means oi
raising a I";'1' ilil lumt 10r babies.
Although a lew ol lhe Cranbrook
players wen* battered up to some ex
visiti is jiMii.
nelbod i.i oliji
it ,i   b:
mounted police cuuuuci ,i
was ..u) tliiug but lair ui
iv. Staples, in the tu
counter l.e lias found il ut
gut tangled up In in all hi
ol laeruhse playing, was u
lvvo ul these bi Igjiti '"'■ ****'
lbe law .im hvld lung ei ui
uppuuent \o gulhei Inni!
groki and strike at him
Qst. Mee, in t it i D
tt..ti Miller iwt Lo uv
work (he hasln't btt-n ir;
luckil) tut the docloi I ol 1"
esled, a- he [the doAu
imii wltb ihe mounted police Nice,
Isn't ll ' Again Mttlei was oxchang
ing a josh wnh a friend on the sidi
lint's when an Impuitanl and IntelU
gent luui of ihe mounted pol.ee* totcc
strutted onto the field and polltcl)
Informed him that if he did not ciosi
bis , ratorlcal enunclatoi he would bt
forthwith landed In tbo guard house.
il,.u b nice, too ' Carruthers was
siiiuli.uly treated Had these little
rackets been of a serious nature oi
had they been provoked by Cran-
urook such actions on the part ol the
led coats might be passed over, out
when a set of men with the majestj
Ol the law and hundreds ol citizens
behind them resort to Buch unfair ac-
.ions and silly, sickening threats it Is
about time for a house-cleaning in the
r.uiks of the Alberta mounted police,
it. is also a serious reflection on the
sporting fairness and cleanliness of
me town as these facts point strongly to a foolish scheme to Intimidate
■I,.* visiting team.
The lollowlng lacrosse fiends enjoyed iii-- ho&pUnllty ol the Lethbridge
sports with the Cranbrook team i
Will and Vic Rollins, U E Beattie,
Di .1 II. King, William Hill. PhoB
Cnven, J. Hayes, G Gougeon, A, S
Bennett, den, Lcadbealer, D .1 Me-
Sweyn, Frank Dlckison, J. Arnold, J,
Bates t has Yeandle, Alex Ingram,
Potor McLennan
Lethbridge Is a pretty town, has
good Btreots, several fine buildings,
many enterprising business firms, and
some handsome girls n also has a
limited number ol 18k sports Then
thete are the mounted police
The Cranbrooks were joined en
route by friends all along the line.
Cranhrook'a old friend and sporting
enthusiast, Ton. Rooks, of Fernie,
was there with the Illuminated countenance and cheerful hand grasp
Excellent progress Is being made b)
the B. C, Distributing an.l Construct
[tion company, in the building of the
high tcnsii.n power Iin;* Into Lhe
boundary from Bonnfngton for the
West Kootenay Power & Light Co,
About 300 men are distributed all
along the route, clearing righi-of-vvay
distributing poles, etc. About 20
miles of holes have been dug. Il is
thought it will be February 1st before the line is ready for business,
! There Is talk once more of reviving
the project of driving a 4,000 fool
tunnel  into   Hardy'mountain,     near
'Grand Forks, thereby tapping a number of leads at a depth of some l.hOu
feet. It is claimed that it can be
done for $75,000, and that an average
of $20 pcr ton can be obtained from
tbe ore veins thus tapped.
Victoria   B   I  - Jul)   10 -ftbill   h
cannot yel be Bald wnh absolute certainty    whi re    the   tt rmli
Pai n.i  "i the    Grand    Prunk  Pa -
will t«\ it would appi .ii lhat it I   to
he Kaii n Island, about i i mill
of Poi i Simpst:.    Tlie compo
fiom   tla- government ol Brltit h < ol-
umbia a giant of land and the location has already been approved of by
the government at Ottawa    While it
is   open   to   the company   to name
_.noiher   terminus     before   beginning
actual work yet   those in a position
to   know say     that    they saw little
duuU ihat Kalen island will be selected finally.
The island is for all practical purposes part ol the mainland and was,
in tact, so marked on the early maps
ol tne district The passage which
separates it iiom the mainland is
narrow and at low water is dry in
places. It would be easily bridged
to connect with the main Une without a break,
The Island is only partially available for townsite and colonization
purposes. Considerable ol it Is set
aside as an Indian reserve, of the
remainder the railway company has
heen granted 10,000 acres Of this
there are estimated to be 4,000 acres
which can be utilized as a townsite
This overlooks an admirable harbor
known a.s Tuck's inlet.
The grant for lhe townsite Wai
made at Jl an acre. No restriction
was pui in tliat early construction ol
the British Columbia section was to
be   undeotaken,   but   only   that  tlie
site   was   to    be    named   as   the     cer
minus before the end ol nexl year.
'there is one drawback lo tin- location and lliis Is the presence of the
Indian reserve on the island and also
un Digby island, adjacent to it. In
ordel to control the harl.oi of Tuck's
Inlet the company, it is reported, ate
seeking from the Dominion govei i,
ment a port,.oii at least ol the rcser-
,e. If this Is accomplished the approaches to the hafhoi will also bt
controlled by  the railway.
The smelter built by lite Sullivan
liroup Mining company, at Marys-
He, has now been in operation a
month, and although there have been
dlfllcult-ics incident lo all new plants,
the results as a whole have been eminently satisfactory.
George Turner, of Spokane, one oi
the largest stockholders in the company, in an interview in the Spokesman-Review  last Saturday said :
"The first month's operations were
largely experimental, as is always
the case in new plants, hut the results were exceedingly satisfactory.
We are now able to say that the new
smelting process is a success beyond
"The ore treated," continued Mr.
Turner, "was exclusively from ihe
Sullivan mine, running about 30 per
cent, lead and 12 to It ounces in
silver. The smelter has a capacity
of 100 tons daily, but oui roasting
is substantially reduced With' hand
roasting it is only possible at the
best to reduce roasting charges to $j,
while with Huntington-Heberlein
roasters this cost can be cut to -SU,
At the lower figure, too, the sulphur
is eliminaUd.
"When lhe Sullivan smeller is running at tbe enlarged capacity outlined we expect to Heat Sullivan
ores at $5 per ton, whereas the mine
paid (18 to $20 when shipping to
custom smelters.
"The smelter has heen rather unfortunate this month, a Ireezeup having occurred In the furnace. Tins is
lo be avoided with difficulty in new
plants until the proper charges are
determined by experiment."
New ~ Yolk, Aug 2.—Na/uiiro Islu-
kawa, editor of the llachi Shimbun,
ol Tokio, one of the men officially accompanying Koinura, the .Japanese
peace envoy, said today : "My
people felt that this is one time for
peace." First we must get Harbin
and   Vladivostok   for unless     we get
hem we fear that by and by we shall
have to fight again. We must stop
Russian ambition now, onee for all
We don't wish to fight the Russians
again, once peace has hem concluded."
On the question of indemnity, Mr.
Ishikawa said he thought the people
will be satisfied with $2,500,00m,out),
"then Sakhalin must be ceded for two
reasons," he continued. "In the first
place it was exchanged by Russia
thirty years ago for the Chishima
archipelago, hut these other islands
really belonged all the lime to Japan
and it was only because Japan was
at that time afraid of Russia the.t
the deal was assented to."
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A policy in tlie Provitlfnt Saving.
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*fttttttttr *u****w •,»»«•«•*«•«***'*«••» ■*•*•** THE   (RANISROOKITIEItAI.I.
'    ~~~- r\
(From the Leader,)
0,   \   king was elected as one   ..i
the vice presidents of the Cranbrook
Labor Hay celebration committee.
Tbo Moyie band Is making excel leu t
the town i> given   a
a week,
musical ireat three
i druggist     of
this week and
In    Hai
ku I'lu-
tt.   ii-
ere  has
Mr.   G.
Winnipeg, aiiiv.it h,
has accepted a position
\ies drug stoie
Mis Cronin, who ti no
cago, will leave thete ahoi
1st on her trip abroad t
where iter parents reside.
,1.  Aiwo.il,  the C.l'.K.  agent he
is taking a well earned vacal
leit Tuesday with his lamily ior
trip through the eastern slates,
Atwood will be absent only about
month, but his family mu.   ""
lbe fast lot throe mt.uths
Baldwin, latelj at Cowl
charge of the olllce.
J. i;. Whltcacrc,  rcpresi
Mason -v Risch piano 	
this week looking aitv
eially.     Mr.  Wi
ill  J. 11. 'Hawke  lo a.i as lie.
a._^*ut and any  business ol   the
ean be transaeU-d through him,
This   week A. '1. Cl.uk hold
ranch, whieh is situated a mile
A hull llom  town    on   lln-  west
oi the lake, to K. N. Maclicth.
Clark has worked Industriously    for
several years aud has a good portion
ui the. land cleared und undei cultivation.     The land is well satiated    for
gardening, Irull raising, stuek raising
and iMsuie-d there i.s considerable goou
timber on it,    Alt, iTaik has not iic-
....... yet wiiat be bhuh ilo, but in au
probability    be will remain in     tins
me ease ol the Crown vs. Joseph
Ni. dorsia.il was i i i.-.l ttediiusila)
moiniug ueiore Jiisla-is ul tin- I'eueu
h. A. Hul nihl IL li. lte\oi. An.
MedcrHlttdt was luialfctll Willi -jelling
heer at UlS m.,\..i.. m two bo>s
under if. jinn. ■-. -ne.      Uie    buys
tCHtlliHl Ui...   .».; i.-...   IK, and
■■Jul the)  n.,.1  .M...-..,. ami ji.u-i    ioi
tne beci   on   ,...   ......
iMeUer.si.i,.ii  .-,.., ,i    tn..
at the tunc serving
not pay any parliuul
tbe  bO)'S,   Out as sou
that  tbey  were umier a^e he  watiii-u
tneui not, to come again,     ihe    ju.s-
uee.s after weighing ibe uvldeiKU. said
tbey wuuld deal Iciilclitlj   wlUi    nun
anu let lum uii wuJi uiv costs ol Uie
case, hut cautioned bun ugamst aiij
lurUiei infraction ui ihu law.
Tliere is a strong suspicion thai a
lew oi Uie hotel men in town were
bock ol Uie move to have Mr. Nledcr-
stadt "pulled. ' Mr. Medersladt is
selling beer hy the yuan at ins brewery aud has practically captured the
entire heer drinking trade. The hotel
mm naturally enough have not taken
kindly tu Uns, and it is said the)
have been looking for an opportunity
to give bis "thirst quenching foundry" a knockout blow' Air. Xledcr.
siadt is an honest, industrious, hard
working man, anh there is not a belter oltlven in Moyie. His mono has
always been: "Live and let li\e."
It is needless lo say that th
sentence imposed un him met
popular approval.
the Fairy creek route assisting eaeh
other up the precipice where the Kails
..re by means oi a rope. At tin*
summit ihey erected a Dui; which ean
■be easily seen with tlie aid of a glass.
Mr. CuuuiuugK took with him & baio-
luctct and b) comparing the readings
<>ii tin* top ol n.i' mountain with
those taken in the city on ihe same
dav   lie calculated   tluil   the   height   ol
tlie mountain above sea level is 9.0U0
feet ni 5,700 feet above Kernie.
The losses approximately  at
Fernie lire with Insurance ate
Victoria Avenue (west side.)
Lo*.;-,     Insur.
t b,unu  ( 4,ouo
best  land  to be  nd  i»  the valley
and he is certainly the right man to
torn il Into good use. as he has done
in mining and timber, Mr. Gallop
hns not yi t ma-It' public jusl bow oi
io what extent he will proceed to
utilize this bit; ti.nl oi land, hut be
will planl out quite an extensive
orchard and otherwise Improve it.
The Ptarmigan lett on Sunday
morning last, taking to Cloldcn a
boom id ll.mm railway tics There
wus some greal hustling to catch the
(From tin* Times.)
A numbci o. Frank miners ate find-
iu,-. employment al Coleman
and yet they listened to Father Cm-- had management,   James Cronin un-
U and  absorbed   his teaching  and [dertook   to   reorganize   and   tecon-
whole mining Industry and
he has transformed il as oul] a vrii
sang the hymn* ihal be composed lo [struct Its
the    wend   music   ol   their    savage »*
tribes.      I n It-1     his   Influence    the
Kootenay   Indiana became   Christian
to a man.    He taught  them to plant
and pruu to sow and to reap, and to
diaoard   lbe   wigwam for the dame
building and  the log cabin.   He     ie- igrouud wealth
produced In tht* Kootenay the wonders j thtn^ i have .
fame mi tt'
instiiu i oi
n   ii   ilviuteisou
Kernie Free 1'less	
Oeo. Carruthers 	
Slieppard A   KUlott...
Wm    Handley 	
Cigars in Handley's...
B.C. Fur. Co. stock .
B.C. Fur. co. bldg...
ttin. Kschwlg, -i bldg.
c. V. Clgai factory...
Kenny t\ McLcod 	
c. 0. Dcmaurcz   	
<i. N. Ky.  r.	
Master's barber shop
Cttlhbeit block 	
C. tt. Laidley 	
1.1\ Kckstoin ipui'lj
K. Sotheru	
C. C.  ttright  	
.1. it. Wallace 	
Angels'   rest  	
3 00
0 iiiiii
.....    bus)
i.. ami    dm
Men I li*U     lo
, tic learned
(Fcrnie Free Press.)
tt. Hundley is branching out. Hi
has purchased thu skating rink pro
perty which at considerable cost hi
will convert into stables, cu-. Mr
Handley has m horses and employi
20 men. lie is one ol our most _mc
cesstul  business  men.
It, o. it, Randall relumed on Wednesday after a ten day chase after a
large party ol Stone)' Indians who
were heading for East Kootenay on
their annual gaiiicraid. lie held a
PQW-Wow wiih Child Knr aud -.cul
them home quite satisfied, Lark uf
space  prevents  a  longer  account     ol
his Interesting trip.
Mayor Stork was y est onlay solved
with au Injunction notice, ihe appi I
cant seeking to quash By-Law No. ll
being the water loan by-law. The
injunction will be heard beloro u Judge
ot ilie Supreme Court 10 days irom
the serving of tbe notice, James
McLean, the. applicant, claims that
the vot« on The by-law Is not valid on
the ground that ti, V. Moil and
others who voted were not qualified
tt'. 0, Robins, of the B. C. Furniture company had a deal on with J.
F. Alcorn, of Snohomish, Wash., for
the sale of his business and the new
owner was to take ft over "on August
1st. Tbe (ire. eame and put an end
to the deal. As no papers were
signed Mr. Robins will deal with the
insurance adjusters. Mr. Alcorn is
a brother of Dan Alcorn, carpenter,
of this city, who was to assist in the
A party of nine, comprising the following Fernie people, J, (1.   and
. $71,100   $-10,550
Fast side
Posl ollie
Hr.  Iliggtns 	
Blundell,   grocer   	
Uleasdell,   druggist .
r. 1-ogue   	
Waldori   A iiiiiiituie
tt.    A.   Ingram   	
Ingram  a .Viclpij iv.
Bean  -i   Morrison  ...
LobS,     Insur
Is FalconerJ 1,000  covered
>        IHO
Mrs   tin i O'Hagu
n left uu Monday
evtniug on it vj-.it  i
o hei  parents ai
Ft.it ttttliam, Unl
Cattle &blpmenu
hftvu already  be-
gau   Irom Pinchei  <
,'n-i k,    the range
cat He being fully oi
ie month in    ad-
vance of last jeat
Veaterdaj J   Han
. D, C. Drain ami
J. Llvitigstou hu i
't. ., trip t..    the
South   hoih  uVcl   Ul
e trail juai com-
jiltii.i iinm this piii
ii- io ihal poini.
Mrs, ll  UHicnu an
t Mi..  K. Steevas
drove  up from   Hr.
int. i.n   rimrsda),
Tin u horse thcnmu
tittmunagcablc and
tiiftdu a wreCK ui th.
u  rig      in.ib lbe
la.nes   ebcaiKd   wn
mm;   .wi)   injuiy.
bm wt-re compelled
to walK home.
ihat   tho    Jesuits     wrought on    tin*
banks ol Uie Pat ana centuries   ago
They    received    the    teachings    oi
Father   CoCColg something aftt I      lhe
mid do.
v. llein/,* is-   undoubtedly    the
tsl mining operator known    to
Mean continent   lib.
in discerning undei-
ttie mosl w'liii.Litul
known oi itutl   ot
I l.l l V
heard oL     L' n; after Marcus
and W    \   Cl^rti und the Boslott   <k
Montana   ptoi le had   had   tin ii  pick
au I tlioite of ilu  Lime c.imp,  llein.-e
manner  of ihe  Chaldean   shepherds, followed - them
who beat   the glad   tidings id    gieal   afi,-.   ntiue ul    fabulous
joy that heralded lhe Messiahs com* they   had   ignund     ..i
ing.     But the sceptics among    them worthless Such    w
noted that Father Coccola dKi    not
raise  lhe dead  nor did  his   leaching.
save  ihe  living iiom  death.      Indeed
it seemed to the tribe that the  now
religion speeded the extinction ol the
picked   up   mini
wealth   tha
discarded a
rate and an Indian huve,
Peter, cither assumed, ot was as
signed, the duly ol slaying Father
Coccola. Somehow the missionary
hcaid ol it and us Peter rushed al
him, blandishing his deadly weapon,
iin- prusl calmly (Waited him and
wilb outstretched bunds dxclaluunl
"Come on Peter, I am ready to illu
ior you, as I have lived i"t you."
Ibo coolness and bravery ol Uie wis-
slofiory savtd his Ufu and noni thai-
hour every Indian   in the Kootenays
chain r
ly   the
.     II. in,
sight    ,
gift  lln
Ih- had
Hi.-   mine)
-id     Thai  I
has   made
i ai iiuciia. J
'. Ilutchisu
 $ 7,81
(From Free Press.)
tt. C. MeUellaud who has taught
the 1'jUo sCliuol lor ibe past year ua-.
Mrs, tllcn Campbell and datiglitei
arrived tins wees nam Craubroos tu
make "IJicir home here.
Alls. J. M. Agi.ew was up Iron.
Cranii'ionk this week with net husband, .she will reside in Elko a«
.stM.ji as  their cottage is completed.
A. Sheridan has a une garden at
Elko, In addition to the ordinary
vegetables he has sweet coin, cucumbers, squash, etc., growing splendidly. Lost yeai his piuiipi.ii... ripened
in the garden.
The North Star Lumber compauj
bas erected Ihiee handsome new
houses on ils mill site, wUich includes
JO acres, These will be occupied re
specllvely hy Messrs, Agilew, Cooper
aud Campbell.
'I'he government has promised to
build a new school house at Lli.o on
ihe condltlou ihat llie trustees get a
clear title tu the site. An ellort is
UoW being made I" get this front the
Koolcnaj    \ alley  company and    the
C. P.  IL
The Fort Sleek Brewing company
recently purchased the Klk hotel from
(ir.. liogganh. i». MoNelsh, the
gcninl proprietor, has a full house
and is doing a good business, He
anticipates improvements on this
house ior next year.
(Kiom  Uiu Outcrop.j
Wilson, a lumberman
oft his fooi with a h
sdny as clean as a
a nice steak,    Dr.
i, cut a
dressed the loot and be is doing well.
Brodstrccls is authority for lhe
.siaicinent ihai O. I). Hoar is suing
the Laborer's Co-operative Mining
Co. for $2,340 at Golden. Mr. Hoar
was tho former manager of this company.
A big hand of Sloiiey Indians came
over the Rocky Mountains' from the
Northwest last- week and are camped
on the reserve south of Windermere.
Game is sure to be slaughtered by
these Indians and tlie law should be
it is generally acknowledged that
the man in the Columbia Valley who
may be styled the best all-around
"hustler" is R. S. Gallop, of Center-
bury. The expression is often heard,
"Well, what will Dick he up to
next'.'" and it is characteristic of the
man. When every line, of business is
quiet Biek suddenly turns up something and makes a "bunch of money"
out uf that which others saw but
value. His latest
^^^^^^^^ has just
and Gordon Johnson, Bert Whimsier, I purchased 2,000 acres of C. P. R. .and
H. Hackney, J. R, Wallace, and W. on lhe north side of Horse Thief
Bladry climbed the Three Sisters' creek and slaked 100 acres of gov-
Mountain on Monday, returning on eminent land adjoining It. He slales
Tuesday evening.     They went up   by   that this area contains some of    the
Aif-! knew not of its
red Cummlngs,  Rev.   A. Dunn,  Fred enterprise is in land and In*
Moyie, July 20.—lu all my W'aiidci
ings throughout lhu fai uorthwest i
tiuvc sen uo spol that 1 would rathei
.■all in) home Hi.ui lius. I have auen
cities Iii.c Spokane and Portland ana
Seattle and Uiiunpeg and Vaucou-or,
ior whom the fates nave decreed renown and greatness such as onco belonged to Athens and Genoa and Ven
ice, bin these do nut appear lo me us
places where 1 should like to abidt
forever and close ui) allotted span oi
iin.-. 'Ihv c-ii> it)" often is a tiiclaii
choly solitude, masks aud faces crown
the thoroughfares and there one Hilda
an utter a-i'sence of the feeling which
aees in rath human destiny a sail
bound lor a distant and mysterious
port, to which ai least wo owe u
ucartfell bou voyage.
tin the shores oi the tnooitllt   lake
and iu tllli shadow ol the liilghiy pine
clad rills ihere is a ' uiiiinuiuiy ol
unman fellowship which is tho very
airtlthcsis oi Unit "sauvc gui peut*
apirit wllicll pervades l||o city ami
ihis Latter day world.
It was thai thai   sent Cha'teaithri-
and a wanderer ovei   the lace of     the
earth, an   Dilute! in inlclleet and    in
.leai'l iinlil once again in the liildst o.
tbo solitudes of [uresis and niouulalm.
new dreams came iu llllll and he elcc-
iridcd the w.nid Uierowllh.   Well did
Byron    write "M)     altars   aro   U
iiuitiniaiiis   ninl ibt* ocean" ioi    tin
.ue    teachers   and    companions    i>
those lhat will   listen to them    ai
inti' them.
Cities breed selllshnpss and cynicism, but uoi always, igr ihe saJitt o
the Koolcnay, though born in Cot
sica, was educated in conic. I relet
of course, to Father Coccola, whos,
itudeut da*.s were passed in the
shadiiw ol St. John Latein and Cul
the jouih reared In lhe heart o
Rome becomes hupercoptlblj a dreamer. Ue sees ihat "Eftipiles aud
A'orlds go down. Time waves to di*
solution, and on [lie Roman stage
nlstory becomes luminous. It was
here, that ibe Corsican youth,
whom 1 wine began to ureaia
strange dreams and to realize ihe
emptiness and hoilowncss and mockery oi all the greatness and glory
mat onco radiated from the imperial
city. And then Uie thought came lo
.um to go forth from ihe Ktcrual
Cily and .seek in distant lauds uud
climes some savage race to whom bo
ihould bring the knowledge of the
t'ruellhrd and the light and, peruapsj
ihe jo) oi civili_atii<u, and thus a
generation ago wo find lhc young Corsican, a priesi, sailing across ihe
broad A t -a I a t it* wnh heart and mind
nent on bearing tho gospel tt" the savage red man ihal dwelt in darkness
aud Ignorance in the wildest mountain legions o| the American nurtli-
W'osl. One summer eve i«.ng, long
ago, this t niMi-,iii priest. Father
Coccola, Ui 111* camp lire iu Unheal i ni thu wilderness ol Last
Kiioieii.iy. White folks were rare Jl)
the Kooti nays 30 years ago. The
Hudson's Hay Co. had some foils
along iin- lakes antl rivers wht-ic us
burners and Irappeis traded with the
Indians, but even so. th.- Kootenays
wore less of a while man's land than
was Central Africa or Afaghaliislati,
A lew itdveitl-uroiis spirits had indeed
pierced the fastunesses of the Ki
enay. William Kernle, an Kuglish
sailor, hnd explored the passes lead
ing into the dreary plains of Alhc'r
ta, and hn had foil ml coal measures
lhat might, he thought, In ages m
come he valuable to tile while men
but for all lhat it was tin- red man's
land whrn lust Father Coccola lit-
bis camp tire on tin- hank of Kootenay.
Tbe advent of the pule face ha;
ever been, on ihis continent al least
the signal of tho red man's decay.
Whole tribes and races ol the abor
gillies in Nurlh and Soulh America
have absorbed tho teachings of the
gospel und aspired to tho modes and
trappings of civilization; but tin-
very touch of the while man has heen
fatal lo ihe Independence, vitality
existence of lhe red man. That fact
is fully realized hy the dying races
that once   ruled   this western   world
named Cronin tbe wonderful captain <>i the
mining iudustrj thai he is and bis
absence ol side, ol pretentious, ui
swaggei and his deep sympathy with,
ami unfailing kindness lot the men
who work Im lum oi with lum make
lum ihe besl liked and the best loved
mining manager 1 have known
.Moyie was Iai III ihe wilderness
when Fa t hei * 'oeci i|n readied thu
Koouna) 30 years ago The uur ol
the while man had hardly evei been
reflected in its wants. On lis shores
knew him to he a man or Qod ami „,nv ^ ^_ unsceut city of Moylo and
none more so than the Indian   brave over there is the St. Kugene conocn-
ibat essayed to slav  him
How that Indian has loved Father
Coccola ever since! It was he lhat
bunted for weeks and weeks through
.■anyon and creek and precipice, and
avel mountains lor some hidden mine
to sell to the white, folks for gold
enough to build a church lor Fattier
Coccola. He Kiuud the min.' on the
,-resi oi the mountain overlooking the
woiidiuus bcutv of Movie lake and lie
hastened back to Father Coccola with
samples pf bij discovery. Chance
led James Cronin io the Sl. Kugt'iie
tiii-jsioii at the same lime and Kather
cola ottered Cronin hall  Uiv mine
Haling null, planned and built ft
tlio first to the Ins I hy James Cm
himself. It handles BOO Ions ol <
i n.i ore daily and saves tin per ci
ni the values In the ore. .Moreo*
along the shores of the lake tl
rolls a transcontinental rallrotuj t
will lake you iu a palace cgf
Ral 2-Priest and Piospi-ciot HltllHH
Boston. Thai ts tho Crows Nesl
Pass line of the Canadian Paciltc,
which is now building Into Spokane,
and whieh within a yeai will he t||.
shortest   and   besl   i.iulc  gin'OSS      t|(C
cuiiuii'iit in Sjinkaiie, Portland
Seattle ami  \ npcouver,     The c
u he would locate and acquire Mile ,,v liut Fathct Coccola discover
alion ago was peopled only
ha vi
! hide
and develop it. '('Ins Clop in did and
subsequently sold the priests half Interest for 113,000, Father Coccola
built Indian liter's house ami gave
htm $500 and with the balance be
built the church at the St. Eugene
The Indians do not see as much of
Kather Coccola as in the long ago, in
those glorious summers when he camel
over tho mountains and taught them
all  the beautiful things of the Christ j
and His world.     Away   up iu     the I
valleys towns   have   sprung up and in ;lu n,   fujj
■on.,-   thotisKujids    of   Italians     and ' forest clothed
Krench   and     Auslriaus have    found j^,.      i  |mij  .
homes and employment   there.    Wll !,l;1|ll  ()f ,||t,   ,
a lew white Rtl venturers and the sa\
lege, Whose sole dellghl was lb
chase, i.s gum* futovcr. St camel
aui   railrontls,   mills   nnd factor ie
lobbed it of half lis
b.'itei thus for ih.-v
lo Ute upbuilding hi
World of happy bonus.
To in.* at least the tr
is not unpleasant.     Onlj
I sat  upon ibe \ei.indab
villa and beheld Uu- in
uie llie
■on i
behind     Hn
lountalns aim
tihi.l the las
ng  day   and  ;
.1 ih.' sl.j  anil Uu-   lake
litili*    while ago   was    plllpte
Id in ihr rays   ul the setting
now bathed in lho soft    light
eoltl, [rti
inds are
and all
-till and
li.iiu Keenie's CofU properties have al-1 ctoutl ol)
reddy developed into the world lam* that a
ous Crow's Nest Coal mines and Und go
Father Coccola has had to leave hisIsun is
beloved Indians to minister io tbe «[ t'lt_
Italians and French and A us tr Inns -jie w
delving in the mines. If tho truth moon's
be told   they need   his ministrations for the
far more than ihe red men ot the ripple disturbs iht* surface ol the
Kootctiay. liis Ind'ans lead lives lake nor doth the tinlesl wave break
j)f Arcadian simplicity and innocence-,! I" "mun upon the shove, tt is the
hyt lhe white folks of lho coal camps hushed st|lluoss u| the summi-i eve
have brought hither the vices and and now there comes out through the
lhe passions of the old world's eftele open window the strains ol the soft-
Civilization. jest music.    One of lhe daughters   oi
Not all of course, for here at this Irish exile i-, waking the echoes
Moyie, wheie al eve upon iht lovely I with the .self-same harmonies ihal
lake is heard the plaintive hymns o[ roused the Gael to deathless heroism
the Kootenay Indians, I see dnother ere the Julian tacc dropped the
sight and listen to other accents that 1 Koman sceptre ot before the Goth
rcc.ll Ireland wmiriori,,. ..cry am, STSL *?rJS ^tAti iTn'fn
ilie liiiility ol its r»re lor well nigh t|lt. |aMj Utrgugli which the Columbia
two ttioii-iiiul years to the very Ideals anil the Koolenay lluw. Inn t. Uu-n.
that Fattier l.'occola but yesterdayt«s lo their sire their richest treos-
planted „„o„8 these Indians „l i'^ZiAA'% tiAAllAi
west. Over yonder perched above Ireland. How full of pathos and
Ute lake, amid flowers and faw'ns Is j how soothing is thai music as u
tbe home of James  Cronin,
■ how soothing
tea Cropin.   Thirty walled across the level)  lake     But
o    was    a  dreaiuei ' u"u   ll01"  )'ondcr  shores  w here     the
h     . j Indian hunters have camped for    the
n,ai['night comes other music, wild, weird
own wild way lhc psalms and hy
that   awed   Cloves and     A1 aide ami
nerved  Chi istiaudoni  for   the sovere
Ignlly of Uie world.
iv A. O'Farretl.
years ago   he  too,
young and happy, and   with
as bounding as the skiff he saw rtane-|nn'd plaintive.    The Indian is singing
ing upon   the waves of    lho magnifl-jln his own barbaric tongue and In li
cent bay of Ban try thai laved    lbe
shores of his Irish home.
But Ireland, a land of enchantlug
lovliiirss, of proline richness of soil,
of monumental wealth in story and
tradition and folklore, bail no niche
and gave uo opportunity for fame oi
fortune to James Cronin. He knew
lhat he was fated to cai Ihe bit ter j
bread of exile aud he wept many a!
salt tear as he bade farewell to thej
roof-tree under w'hfch he was burn
and ns he gazed in mule good bye on*
the clifts ami islands that make port
oi the rock hound coast (if Ban try
To America he came with the bou.-1
and the muscle and brawn ami brain,
uud, what is besl nf all, the ideals;
of Celtic Ireland. Those ideals nre
the glory and lhe hope and the solvation of the exiled Irish, When tbuyj
arc lo.^t then chaos uml night might
come ngain. It was those ideals
Ihu't uiadr Thomas Francis Heoghct'
the Incomparable nialor nml death-1
less soldier of his age. It was,
those same idea!*, that have enabled
millions of heart broken Irish exiles'
to become prime factors In the up-j
building of the new world.
I am not going to tell here how;
James Cronin has grown and prospered until he has become the most;
renowned captain of the mining Industry iu Canada. The St. Kugiiiej
mine that Indian Peter and Father
Coccola induced him to develop is thej
great silver-lead mine of Canada and
one of the richest in the world. It
is adding from 51,500,000 to $2,000,-
000 a year to the world's wealth. Itj
pays from $30,000 to $10,000 a month!
in wages and a like sum lo transportation companies and iu May last]
il earned $80,000 of net. profits.
James Cronin is the father of the.
mine. . He,, developed it from the
grass roots, and recently when Rons-
land was overwhelmed with years uf
Wo ltiiikt' n Kro.-tt bool lur
lioyo, *l»Strniig tin n horsn" ns
lho little (.Imp would tiny.
A hit stylish too, just as
Btylish mi n hoy eiitvu tor.
When n mother pinks up
oue ot onr Ijov'h boots slu1
knows, at tt K-Uiici) tlml: she
loot -.invk liar liloul nl lasl
Slu'tl In* willing I
money tlmn she'd
fur I'listcrn nii'itl*-
she don't lutve lo,
AU reliable dealers huve
J. Leckie Co., ut.
. |„I,V    llll.l',.
 ii Willi!
1.1,1 .tu.   lllll
Q.   C.
Xcaoino Business
1D0U8C8 of Atones*
villc  — -"'"•'ltC1' —H_!
.Marysville has come
imn her own. The
luwn nuw lu-. a per-
niiiin-nl pat roll anil i.
Ihe itaiewav uf Ihe SI.
Marys valley, j. The
lleralil van liearlily
iiiilurse tl,. fiillnwinit
business huuses:
I Central Hotel I
llie Icailini; liu
I in  the Sl. H
\i. .liiliiiM.n, Proprietor        Marya valley
g ■-  i„nMM   raitcy, ^~
W iiiiii"'.'. I'm.iii service tin- besl. _\
$ Ilif place lo slop when vlslllng lhe Smeller Cily w
i'—      -^ ~: -- ~~" jg
-_____■ ________■     .
ft            l:. Angers, Proprietor ^
39 Ilns been recently returnlsheil nn.l is nuw one »l SJ
^ (lit- hcsi hotels in Hie district. Ilendqiiiirlers inr S[
M Hie peuple. ^
I The Royal Hotel
_3 ,..•■..    ..
I A. ML: L.. LO R «••• ««** carries n uon- |
i GENERAL MERCHAN1 eralslock of merchantlise fit
*,? His prices nre rijhl. Prospectors can find what ihey »
n want, save freinlil anil transfer hv biiyiiiR in Marysville 13
n n
Carries an up-
|b. SPROULb ((„llll(cstutkofg
j^ dress Roods, men's wear and modern novelties,    liis jg
53 goods are rij;lii and prices attractive.
m' n
| Marysville Drug Co.
'A We carry a complete stock of everything In Hie tS
S Uriig and Stationery line. No need lo send away jjl
ti (or your goods. S3
0 n
^j CHENETTE & NEAI., Proprietors gj
$ MARYSVILLE, B. C.   Tl" •»•«-« -J ^ O
M '         : j i 11...... ..„
t'luippcil   hold in  the
g« Sl. Marys valley, j1 Commodious Sample Rooms
1905      NEW      190S
•j. Tlu> most attractive line ,,!'
I Wall Papers
Y ., , ,--=— —
•j. nvftr bIiowii in Ornuhrook
Y l'r.'__t'.l lii.iulu        Siiijn' I'itl't'i'tu
X Viirninl,,',! Tiles li.r Bnluroomo
Motililitigo ti, Mntiili nil l'np,
| F.J. Bradley & Co.
11 Need the Money
'}[ Su I am ne) I Ing mum.' iiiii' siiiiiiui'i weigh I  worsted -soils lut  (2A.DQ
"j.* Regiilnt   pi ir.- limn it  In $33.01),   fall   ami   examine   Llltuo Iol
Y yourstOveu.
X *
When yon visit Cranhrook stop at the
1^ None Heller In lhe District
9 Rules St and up.   Short Orders und Oysters
'^i nerved In any style troin 14 p. in. to 6 a. ni,
9 The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpasied for clean
9 Uness and comlort and llie bar.is supplied with the besl brand
£> ol liquors and dears.
$ L. B. VANDEt-AR, Prop.        £
HBttia BBgrnsiBuniMinS till.
II. I.   Slqih.lis.
IU Kockcadorl
J. t ,-iiiMin,
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel Is still the best con
ducted hotel in East Koolenay. Your money's worth
at all tint,."..
11.1.. Sleph.m.
M.,,li,,i, Hi... .. i... Owner, anil Proprietor!,
Morrisscy Mines, It, t.
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver .<-.< .< .*
mt um w mn: hotel
II    I    lltphVDI.  tl.,,..,  nn.  rr..,.,ii,ur.
Morrisscy Junction, It. C.
j! Cranbrook
jj Hotel dt &
. i; \ N BROOK   111:1; Ai.n
RE IS A  M '•', ONE
Mi,lit-: OK Mli.    DENNIS
lull, before the boa
'IU TOLD  BV   MANNEfi        ...,„,   iir    ,„,,„.     .,
Chicago 1 ,
parable I ,. N, eel
ean   la- from il
;■ ...
KM-fi  a ..... ho ul         each step b-
'.   '    ■ tlml ■.   ■  a
,:     laml    ■■ pal ,r>, nl     rc-r.-i
I, irge   tliat   ilia  ,., I
line ,,t block  15811, it,,- a
extreme southeast cornel  ,a
mai been shifted '_", ,, it,
ward \,.» ■:,,. 1,1,, ,. hod
"own   .,.,„;,■ I    i,,   ■;	
■'■"'al   'a.,   |    '.   .,:     ,,,,,   i.j.l,
'"'      Mi    II. im i, _a|(|  I,.   ,1,1,
POSe   tl      nl, l.l   |he   -mlai,:   ol      ■ :
granting  ttitliom   survey,     n.
n„l   aalaa   with   r        II,:
■ ■■'    " m|i    as tin-;    iei
Itiu-stn Cuilifiirl B S[.i'ilatl>
llond ' laLliiu In I'.iiiiH'CII,,,,
..I ,l,],..l.    Una «....iniiii..la.
uiieiiuallnl  hi  ,,.,„,„,„,,.
tlul and i'al.1 Raths
Uoggarth & Rollins
jffl______l_ii§H Sl ■ :':■ 1 •._a_SBHlBfl-HBB
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
ihe New Managers.
'j Drop in mnl see its nny lime.    We are on deck 25 hours
1 oul ni the 2-1
hmhb-Shkh^ am ■■■ bhehhuu
•I-H-I-H--M-I-H-I-I-! I'M I "I I Ml "I "M-I It'll I I I II I HI I l»H-
■I-I-H--I -M-I- I-I "I'l- I'l-1 -I-1 "I'l -I- -I- i'l I I "I-1 -l-M-l I I'M' I "1 "I- I'll'l'lj'
lust See J low il Feels
lo be. Satisfied
Stop .il the
I;. II. SMALL, rlanager
t I
II -'■-
V.--I-I-I -I ■•!■ -I-I -I'-l-l "l-:-I"I -II-! *•*-*' 1-MIM -I I I-1 I-I I I-I-l'I + l-W-I"
.|..H..,..!..|..,..|..|..|..|..|.!..|.|..|.|M.! I ; ! i-i! tl-Ml ll-l I II-I'M •■•'-! I
\   ...Manitoba Hotel...   j
t lI'ialml'N, 11    till,     1.   Ill, J
} D. \. McDON VLt), rlanager
* -MI '
J Tl*.1-Hotel Is in the center ol  town,    lhe rooms are ,
J comfortable and well furnished, the dining room i> first- j
I class, and the bai is supp ie I -   ih the best.   When you ;
! w.ini .i good place to simp come to lhe Manitoba. j
*             WE QIVI   VOI   VOl K HUM V'S WORTH j
\ t*,.iit*Hi,«i^,.****r.'"'■"'*•!****.**.*.*■. ********
$46414 <• ■ ■*■" -1 -       ' ■ I - * I t__#*Mg
| When You Buy Liquor
£ Buv the Best====
Rambling Reveries
I.V A liKI ...llk
"Homo's   „..t     inetel)    lout  squar,
Tl,..ii .li mill picture hung and gild
II,,,,,,'   la   lllllll'  UU'l'l'l lllll  I'lll'.S.
Kill,a with shrines the heart   hart
Home! go watch the i.iiil.iul dove,
Sailing 'iir.nl. the heaven above us;
Home Is where there's one to love!
Home is where there's one to lovr
"Home's nol merely root .ii.d room,
It needs something tn cmleai it;
Home is where the heart can bloom,
Where there's some kind iin to clicci
What Is home with none t,. meet,
None to welcome none to greet us'
lto„:e  IS  SIVt'a,,—;ind   ulllv  SWeel,—
Where's there one to meet us!"
Ii is a fait whicli mathematics cannot explain, tlia, tli. more affection
we leave at home tlie nunc we cum
llllll   US.
True religion sweetens, strengthens,
devotes iiiiil enotiles home tile ll
pushes back the horizon „t existence
.ui,l   makes ,n„'   in   live ,n u   Lira.,
A hnjipj home does nol result Irom
,i lai'RC income. . large ,,„„„„,i ,„
love, plenty ,,t _,„.! smse an.l n ,,-,,
little ntoiipy »ill make u happy home
Keep ,.",, laa.i a.aai. your con
set, >»',' i.m   ,.,,n  Ii. ,ii;  pure,    v.-niriji
.,'.,li..11,  „t. i   ..., OUI   ItllO   ll'a IM.li.i   .1,1,1
make n life lor yoursell.     li ia youi
"The h.m.l   lha
,cks ilia
!l -
lact that "ci
Iai   ■ ...   a,    hold
  ttich i
a doot ha] : ..    ...
1   ■ ■]  writing—oi     : a .i    j ;, ture—ol
.:     yel
'•" you    I .. all act,
al          pent   nous and  in.livid-
,al, a     hat ol ,   ,   i
Well, let    us sel     ow   many ways
there are til open r,.; a dooi      There
arc .it least six ol tllctn      Th.- ,1	
may be open d abruptly ot It may
be opened slowly ll may be opened
m :-'11 ■ ' promptl) an i n may be
''knocked ai —for one ..! two rea-
tlie person
i,, a.,   n.uv be
lioi   i
• percept im        ''
IcCipllfl : ng on  a   a., in   ,,,.,,,,,
"      ' a
tains,  .,.
,.ee a  Hi , ,
rta.    Kn.„,
■    'I)    In   'I,-  lama.
io-V'",'   !"""        "'■    ■     '
'■" -" ■■■■■'■•   I ill I.
,J,I""> -'"' "l"iM the line .., rail
    '"  ""' I'"11"   "I   ■■■ a      i     ■
' 'I months ago 'Im ,,.,,, .., .,
"'■■ment had asked t„ hat     .       ...
'ZZ     .. "  " '  "'" '""''"I"''.
'•    '''      No** lh.comp.nj
 "'   lo    urvey    ilm., j.;. ,.      ,,
""»'i grant was already in il ,i
Posse sion Bui the survey had bVei
undertaken ncverthelcas,     L'non    It
■><! been sp.,,, S37.0Q0.     Th.    ea
AHogethet the survey had cosl more
"» "0,000.     am  u„s J
""•'ler no obligation and merely     be-
.haf.Inoi.f'"'^"!!1-"1 "'■"' bEe" afraid
that ttoutle might ensue over boundaries
II "as further charged In this con
Motion, said Mr Dennis, ihat the
point uf beginning, ihe _ ro point
had own shifted i„ n. c ,., ,,., n,
111,1 not mind admitting that ther,
was a dispute about tlie exact polnl
"I this rcro There wns a diflei ,„
of Illi feel And of the two llflerlnt
|,"M,ls "'0 I' I' I!. I, il taken th
most westerly. So lhat II there v i
■my ihifiin. ol the zero point, n had
he. n Hast and nol cast
But   al
I h.i
nmrs in without any ceremony what-
ver The lain,lla nuns quickie-, anl
■• stands before >.-,, , Imosl before
..ii have lime to look up from whal
un  Individ ,.l
utiiivd   in    d,
, Hi
levcrthel,   .
,I,„NI  a,all,
ii   right    gi
.|i.i, u,     a,
ill,   .,,1,   on
la,I IS,   nil I
ilMliuiia,!   ni
Ihal such
..I  deter-
I,MM   111,.'
nu: oldest and pur-
\\ hen you want a drink i-I
Rye Whisky
Asl for the BEST
Supiilied to all hotels by
IVholesalg Winn, Llquori auu Clean,
able to g
'itii a will
The   ,li„,
il, tr,
Oi nl.' Ihr nppositi. way of door
ipeniiy—the cautious stow manner
■i ci Id ing ., room. I, lakes tbe
icrson sum,   lime lo turn the handle,
"'■"'a I" ma"'1   I'll V      What  Will
"il, .. person be like ' Writ, a
"'is,,ii who tnki's upwai : nl hull al,
a ui lu upui ,, iiom will lake, in all
,i,.liability, ,, sulid yeai  and a hall
li..  Rnval
ll     1     ,1
llicitllll    |.
lllll      IH
\\   .
, .. 1 , 1
,      till
||,|1|,'I      lllll
9 i. n   ii... p
9   u..i ilu lliim
4> lit,,.
V \\ holesule IK .ill I .ti Liquuri ninl ClgOra
<*r£f:*■  t at' ► >  r ..,-..■.-«» i* r * #9v9-<r
It C. Livery and Feed Stables
.i .-Iiiuh i;.,-,..,ii'i' I »''i,»i, iw
park    IllirtOS    fof an.   1" 11,t ill
ma, Drivers
he district
Blacksmith and Woodwotl
. Shop
Snun old staud opposite st„
.unl senl     i.
prison pens for "boodle'   and "graft
iviicn lhc haii.l that recks the eradl,
rules   the im,,:.   tliere   will be
icho, i h, use on a,.-,, hill top and ni
saloon in Ihe vallej
Children    are very observant    .,„.
i*i n the tint   III tic ,a. - notice    tii,
.1 (lerence bctwrt-n the smile and   Hi
i' wn oi   ib,  partnl -         Veal b,
year, as rhl ,1 et    .,„, older, and Hi
" '■   '   ' :- a d hearts begin to  es
Pawl   ndcr thi iudueiicc ot   the    en
'" "'■  » ■    icasliive children usuall
cultivate unconscloiislj   Ihe mothcr'i
disposition      The child   will be sa,
.,,.1    melancholj   II the mothei stghi
a'"1 complains     II the child Is Indcp
■ i,.l,'„,  nnd   s. li i.l..... i    olttn undei
such    circumstances   il   will become
stubborn anil defiant     When the child
leaves lhe childhood behind and    becomes   a   Maui,;   ,,.....   ,,|    iMihi,.,,      111.-).
ib.' .nl .ii.a is ,.i ibe sad mothei be
, 1,,,,,'s ..nil in,,i,. a;iluuaiii     ".Mothei
is liltic nnil luiiili' ,s a gtuomy place
and   the     young people   sock    tholi
.null',,.II,ill,   alai.li.i,.        .\„,|   ,|,,.„   t|„,
mothei becomes blue Indeed, because
be mu,,a,i control the famllj and
tho) dm na aiuiii il„. Iioiue. Tin- sad
ntoliic-i has a depressing Influence on
ilia home siia comes lo ilia break-
lasi iiiiil,- sifiiniis, Hi,- luiniiv hurry
'I n'l' Hu' meal and all scent relieved wh,,, ,, is finished Tl..' I..,us.-
hold lusks ar,' iai,,',, up ,i,iii ., heavy
ipiril an.l   l„    whole   boiise tins    .,
, a' lil"' .,|.|>.'.,,..,..'a.    Tli,' gioomy
complaining   woman luu, low  friends
ami    .|,all is   luui'h   of   ll.i    I IHU'      lillllll'.
there is an cstrangcmcnl between .1.1-
,'li ..ml il.c uii,,: mcmltcrs i.i ilia
mii.mIi . lur children seek hrlghlei an.l
iiiiiit ngont.l itiiii.ts ninl the   con
tiilini-i' aiid companionship that should
have I,-.', n hers arc given in others.
Moihers have heavy burdens but iluy
aro committing a greal wrung when
Ihey allow    these inn dens to shadow
.i person
Hail! i.u
ul opens
liuin,!    Ill
i Is   \l
' lias
There tout
l.l   -ai..  toi
the i,mini., ui ,n jout sense ni sighi
you would say Hut nobody else was
presenl I'his person is wanting in
-i:. a.,,I, ,,i character, lacking in decision, -,, ,i,, ,,„• |,N| ,,,,,, faith ii,
luu, t„n much lla mil back ..ut ui
difficulties ami should n,,i lie relied
upon in ..uy greal degree.
On Ua ntlier hand, the brisk,
prompt ,„,ii ul Ilia iluur handle, lol-
luui'il almost Immediately liy the
opening and closing ol ilm- auur, suggests animation, resolution, alertness and dependability in an emergency.
11,,,-e people wliu bang at the door
aie uncouth, tinrelincd and more vig-
uinns a,.,! well iiiieain.ii.ii iban subtle ui discerning. Those, however,
who lap .'..uili possess iceling, and
aii- sensitive and tenderhearted.
.UU ililul |„„;,|L, pn mi in a regular
tallou uii llie dunr, while sober mind-
is! individuals lap seriously and deliberately.
•Suiiie people regularly burst the
doot open, if ,t ,lu,s nut yield tn
gentle pressure  at onco they    tliroii
ll.e    weight    nl   then      llla.li.    person
against ii nnd liter-ally fore, it open
Hi.".e aie ih. sell willed lolk—?ho
peuple ul,.. have hot tempers, who
■ue ieiiii.li' when mas, J, and nlm
when stirred into action, am thorough and navel hail hearted about
uui thing.
Nun an.I then we find people who
li.ne contracted
till'   lives  ill   lhc
l.iinill, -,
members ni    their
i Boards   .
bad been nsscrted thai iher
was .,   difference of _'. miles nn th
j."'''in.iiiuii.il   boundary   lire.
I speaker luui .se:n that,     ll,. ,
ii jusi possible ib.,, there might hi,
j been a mistake     Tli,, |,
I tut' zero pnint might ni
t",i true soulh     ll,. tl
Ployed .1   McLatcliie, „ man who
worked   im   hm,   .;     v,,lls ,„
Northwest mul In whom he li.nl i-
confidence, to go over ibis line
flick his azimuths     Mr   McLal
l.a.l    iliiiic   su   ami   had
azimuths correct.    Tim,
,'d ibat the whole Im hud be
bodily eastward 2J miles lo
berta.     Nov,  the land   was gn
alternate blocks north and s.mih    ■ i
lhe   railway.      Hence    the   vnai.rn
boundary ol the southern block, liod
1888, would lie in direct line     iviih
ihe   eastern   boundary  ol the     ,„ ,;
block.     This was done and the lines
again found accural..    Then a survej
was undertaken .suiiib of the northern
boundary ot lot  _,._!) su as to read
the international boundary and al thi
same lime tic iii th. small.]    blocki
ol the   Columbia and   Western grant.
There was found lo be an error, not
of 21 miles, but oi 11 chains less than
the company should have and    they
were losing thai     strip ol land,    11
chains   wide along „ length oi     20
miles.     These fads hav. been    submitted to tho government.    The government   referred   them to Rossland,
and   Rossland,   which  city    was thai
originator   ni   iheso  charges through
ils delegates to the Associated Boards
ol    Trade,     had   maintained     that
it was right and the C. P. R. wrong
Finally   the   provincial  governmenl
had requested the C. R R. to make
a   survey   along    the     International
boundary line       This  lhc C.  P.  R
who felt that they had spent sufficient
money, refused to do     But they said
that ii the government would appoint
three surveyors they wuuld abide by
their decision-     An alternative    proposal   was 'submitted     to Roislar.d
That was lhat Kossland should    appoint a surveyor and the V. P. P.. .,
second and     that   these twn should
agree upon a third, or let the    government   appoint a third, lhat     the
C   P   R, would   pay all lho espe.-.'-.e
up to ihe time of decision and thai
they should be refunded these expenses by Rossland if lhe Rossland eon
trillion was found  to be Inaccurate
Tliis oiler, Mr. Dennis said, he would
lay before the Rossland board   a
Mr. Dennis concluded again by sal
ing that he thought that when the
Associate] Boards again met, they
hould take lho mattci up and allow
_ u ■>... * ..i,>;.i.iilaiae"i"i" sla ikisiwiiiTiui *;.,»« ifi^wramisisisistMtjii
! Cranbrook Ek^r!
Mad.' from the best malt and the purest water, it is tini-xcelled lor quality. J* Ask for
Cranbrook Beer and insist on having it. .s.<
The Cranbrook Brewing and
Malting   Company,   Limited
Also manufacturers of all kind.- ot Aerated Waten
■ ■•' -' ■        '■ > > *■* m'.n'it.tt'.u-K'muli n «» u m\{a*'.u-t> ■> w t * k'« »VkliTi!Bin.fii
.,    ,;., ,'■ ,,',AiatA*i!" AA*AA*!*..'.!'.*A**^
Manufacturer! of        • %
Rough and dre&sed   J -Ji
-.HE        <A Saga
*S     V f7>...:.nv,v%
l.l HBER :,iid ;-|i
DlilENSlONS [ Js
Also nil   kinds ul -jl
wus vi I-It
•!,;'. iy, Ryan and   l-fli
Cranbrook, B.C,     J-Ji
(lead Olllce,' .',.m  • •■ ,s   , JS
ffl9 #"jf,*******'*if*#*l*Jr* # V # YWMV9'M
• (HI ""        -**-*. _      .
'      iawv»i%
•'" ' t'':^:ii'*»?l
s? ■ s ;4 ^ Ami I
en  t'i even   ■  ■-'   —er
C(\\ I id    ffno    asks   lor
r*,--, ■   R-iH   utke
JAM . pay
.-     I ."..
t : ■ : are familiar
j 4   with  -■ ity oi
I ^   our ii■■■.- ■ ■ '  Veal nml
Lum     i young der, Juicy
.:■'..'■ l i i llent for
■■>■'*• ;**
■ pi m
I  ii /w
1   Ilfll
hutting    lho dun,    carefully behind llim 'o be represented
Ihem,     They belong  to tho caret ll,     Having finished   his remarks anent
conci'imatiie,     reserved "1"se Questions Mr. Dennis pro
Robinson Ml:Kenzie I.umber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinrls 01
Rough and Dressed Lumberj^-/^;^^^-,--
Aljis! how litili' .lu wc appreciate
our mother's tender love while she ti
wilii us, though (Ititiliii .iii.l ik'volcrl
u. h, r. Afui |icr lips are closed forever, anil Wc know she will never
more lead us by h.i counsel, clieer us
along th.* pathway when thorns pierce
us, shadows gather over us. then we
unit imii'oiy's pages and feel that if
we only had mother haoli how many
rays nf sunshine we would bring into
h.r heart. So many kindnesses wo
iiii^ht have shown her if we had
only known she was only going away
so soon to return no more. How often these thoughts will pass through
vnur mttul after vnur sweet old iiioih-
class, Other persons bang 'lie luor
to; they will disclose, on clo-ier investigation, an absolute lnJittcici.ee
for ibe feelings of others—>vlll l;e
self-centered and egotistic.
People who only lmil shut lhe dooi
novo, carry anything to a finality
Thej lack completcnes* and will not
lake lb.; trouble ami pains to make
theii efforts successful or productive,
They are the people who abhor detail and dislike close observation,
uud will, therefore, never make successful students of character fmu.
iii-iin-; the way in whieh other people
open ilif iloor.
TIib foregoing hints, while not by
any means exhaustive, will, ii is believed, serve to pul the furious upon
the righl track; and those whu ....
suillclentlj Interested may derive
pleasure and mi liltic profll fmu
the warnings which the manner u
which their friends enter ihe room
may in ibis way aiioid thorn.
to make the announcement that ll
was the intonllon of his department
to survey and plot the lamls suitable
for settlement in Southern Drill h
Colpmbia so ihat intending settlet'i
tould go straight lo them and see
what they were like. Tlu- cost ol
lhe survey would hi* added in tin cosl
of the land, but thai is only whal i
required now when settlers purchase
land either from the governmenl or
from the railway. llut by hating the
lands surveyed in large areas the
cost would Iip considerably lessened
lo the individual purchasers Al
present when the settlers fame they
found it difficult to locate lands, consequently settlement was retarded
Phoenix will celebrate Labor Daj
W   il P, Clement, ol flrnwl I'VirUs
has   heen   appoint! d   deputy    count]
court judge, temporarily, duYtng   lln
illness uf Judge Andrew Lcamy.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For I. rins mups ami further particulars apply to the following
oi il I ind ...■ 'iitsi
\   iimi. Bilker,Cranbrook,B. 0.    E. Mallandairio, Jr.,Creuton, B. 0,
i   i.  V, ,:mai. Wardner, B. C. H. iS St, llinl, Nikon. B, 0.
:!  li Uraco, Wilmer, B, 0,
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
v,,*i ,. i hereby given thai sixty
days aftei dale I intend to apply to
i„- . 'hi i i ■; mi oui i ol Lands and
Works toi perml sion to purchase the
i, (lowing d icribed land South
!.,, i Kootenai :~
t'omnii in ii * al a point where    the
Thirty davs after date I intend   to
apply to the Chlel Commissioner    of
Lands nnd Works at Victoria, B. C,
for u special license to cut ami catry
away  timber iiom the following des-
cribod  lands, situate in South   East
. ~,\tii, group one,     Commencing at a por,t planted at
Railway,   the    south-west   corner of lot  5464,
thence west forty chains; thence south
I the Moyie  CO chains; triors or less to tht north-
he     Vloyte em boundary of   L.    Cahlll's timber
linn    up-1 license;  thence following said  bound-
chains, ary east to the right-of-way of   the
,iii,u   ..f  ll. c. Southern Railway, thence fol-
i ■-,.        ■ .  '     Railway;    thence lowing said right-of-way in a norther-
la        ilu       "i   rig]' ol way n  tlls-Jly direction to the southern boundary
tan ■   ■,!   twenty    chain!     more    oi   ol lot 64(14; thence west to place   of
less  lo the place of beginning commencement, containing C-iu acres,
Thos   Cave-n : more ut less.
' Pet 11   II   McVitUc,  Agent. W    N.  Clark.
|    July Uih, 1005. 16-»t        l>ated June 80th, lOUi. 1*3-51 I
THE  OR—NBBOOK    II 1.1. A I.n
.,1, i \1111111ir     111,'l'Vl IllkUrf »' government Improvements, «
GRAN BROOK      ll r.KAIll1    ,.„i business.     Then- ,s i,.. iliscttul,,-
B, Tt. Herald PuUid-I CompsM    '""" «'"'" •»* "»><"< "« '•""' ;''"'
D' Lrnuied.     ihere should be ti  when awropria-
H..n.i are made. The people ol South
Kast K,,(.tci,i,)" ui a Kioto are lal
•„„rc interested lu the advancement ol
il„. district and theii own material
,1'clliii.'. than lhe) ale in the politl
cai lortunes >.t any Individual. Bum-
mate the political tenures and place
,he matter ..n a business hards flu
p,,_,.!,. »l„, pay ilie taxes want •'
square ileal.
I uiriiltlAI.  NOTES.
t "-_■ aU~~j>s*-*-*\
Editor and Manager,
The IJeralil ia worth $10 a year-Jl
costs only t* No .tn.ii m •-•> '
Kast Kootenay car, afford lo be w th
out It. andevetyuue living outside ol
«,; district. Jto U ""«'>":. " ';.
progress ol this sccllon, should lead
ft. It publishes the news while It I
it_v.s It is contrullnl absolutely b)
the publisher.     No clique, part)   '"
The pubusi ,
individual    dictates     Its   policy, ll
don't ny t„ please the people.     I
desire Is to publish a newspaper that
will be „ credit   lo   the community
Semi in   your suhscrlptlun and   >,„.
Will be Ihanklul Cl.l aitcrwaid.
.livcltising tales tl per Inch, singti
rol_n.li, pit month, no more and   no
Reading   mailer 15 crnis pei   [tut
to i,..„-adve,t,sais .  'in. per line
to regular advertisers,, iiiimiicsi
),.cals Bve   cei.ts pn   line each laser-
"if'vou desire to rench tlio people ot
South East Kootonay >..„ must  ad
vortise in The Herald.
The   Herald   lias   a first-class   jol,
plant,   mid  Its work   i-s „l lho host.
The Ilernlil don't want charity. II
wants a square deal on >unr ]oli
work. If wo can't suit you i„ qMal-
uy and price, kick, and send your
work lo some t'heap John house It,
thr east thai nevei spends a cent in
1,000 8l Week)
Tl„.i  1.   ll.o   r.u,.r,..,..-.-.l
Circulation ..f lt»« tr...-
br..ol\  rl.rald   -o-    **   *>
Pressroom and siiWcrlp-
lion list, open i" ii,mm,,na-
ti„n by nilvertisrirs al any
Tiiu lluralel '.'im'.,, il.il1.tr
in vol.,.- Ior n .lolliu in i ,-
ay.   The uilvertimi ha* the
right to l.ia.11 wiinl  he  If
 IvIiik   for   In-   nionny,
Tho llutnW  ia  nm,  impel
Unit  ,"- .i..'-Mi'..,'i..i..
Vif *,*,*«'" .'*• ":' */**" '■'"*
-Yl— -—-.' ,-■■,.'-, JASJKSmWU*m
ll„. Kernie Kree Press "a* -les-
Iruyeil hi lire last Thursday, The
i.iss ia '.t.t'i"! above Insurance, anil is
a serious blow lo ,b.- publishers The
Herald only hopes thai business ma)
boom witli the papc. In a way lhat
Kill soon mai,.' up „.i ihe disaster
\ loss oi >i.,",,. ,.. a British Columbia weekly makes tha "I,'"" '"' as il
[Mi »„s in Ute 80 cent class ,'•', Ull'
time beiug. Hut the r'reti Press pub
Ushers are ..il right. H,'"> burned
.nil Thursday, and Saturday the) Issued   a p.ip.i   lust the same.     Yu|.
1,111,1 hold ih.ttii enterprise ol thai
"An holiest man" must be thi
standard Ior candidates lot municipal
positions in Cranhrook,
Petty grnltlng la Uie worst kind.
Kasl  Kool.iia)   has nan ,-nough    oi
The liii.il returns in Albetnl give
Mans,,,, lhe Conservative candidate,
a tuajoriiy ol 50. Thai is enough to
prevent any dispute,
Cranhrook tins every n-asun to leel
proud ol liei walci supply. II '-
..ne ul lho best in the province.
Th,. I nii.tl Slales Sh-el corpora
tion made something like $30,000,000
Uie lasl si. months. That Is mot.
than we will iu»kc publishing the
Herald ilia ueitl two years.
The Cloldcn Stnl i- showing marked
signs ol improvements,
and age there is I "'" "' • tendency lu snub tabor, ,n which is a
thousand tohls worse, to patroalae
labol What Is 'I"'"' about any man
thai should give Um the right to
look down „P"„ to'**' ">"• a""1 "'
It Is t,.,„, il",'" ever) day. Some
men nia even heard lo say. "I sup
pose I ",„si pretend to lie friendly to
help nu business " Such a remark
is an Instill  lo every labnriug    man
.lot   n,   creatine  In inity did    nol
mean thai nm should nam lhc linen
,n.l Hie "tl" i the rags, thai one
should !„■ the situ • ai I Ihe other lbe
beuei;**tal')      The   «"orld  should    be
open in ns oppori lies, and lhe lact
iit.u a mon ..rn- ti'- living by the
.»,a, .-■, Ills brow ihoiild not acl »-
i haiullcap in his struggle i"t ihr
good Ihiiigs i,| eiirih.
11,,. ,,,,,,, wl nes a dollai  should
try in pa, :li„i .I Mai II ever) nn,
Iill ihal 'I'.',' would '■'' '■" "'""'
monc) ,,. clreulatl. li and many ,nor,
Ichts paid llt'own ,-annol pa) whal
be ,ni,- it Sniilli ilon'i pa)  Brown.
ft I.V THE Dl l> MAN IU
K Ji "
• McVittie & Laidlaw,
professional cards j[      Mining Engineer
and Surveyors,
IK 1 WERE  MR.   SIMPSON   ANDlj jj WlIIililWMM    * Crbk-kkt Lough No, 8a       j
mr, si.mpson ni*: were uk. \_       IL    1 I » KNIGHTS   ol*   PYTHIAS thos. t. MeViTTiE. i-. i.. s
,,,,., ., , _      J"   ,      * ,V"   '    '   *' **' . I       'I'       I     *.  till     AW      !U        L>
iit\ William nannahan.) ■**f****»*Er*-**?t5**'-*"tt**> | Cranbrook, H. c.
  It    has   ofu-u    bttii    saW   iliat|Meet8 and and 4th Tuesday at 8 p.m
if   I were   Mr.   Himpson.   an.l    Mr. . ,,
' out- basis tor  mi
Simpson ba were me,
iti     tins    pari    uf   Until
.\i.    exchange
I woman work?"
lln ir husbands.
asks,    "Should     .i
Most  of them ,hi~
♦♦♦♦♦. o**-^ ■;-*♦■>«'♦♦♦♦♦♦
The Herald will be found on
sale al the follow inn; places:
! I Marysville, Marysville DrUK Slore
Wardner, 0 Donahue's Store
Moyie. S. K. Harvie's Drug Slore
Ityan, K. P. Fiulay
Fcrnie. Purdy'B Book Store
Eko, Holbrook's Book Store
Cranbrook,  Beattie  A Atchison's
and C I'.. Keid & Co. s
Uy tlio cmnjiletloii ol a survey o
the bouwlarj* Unu hetweeti Canada
and tht* United Slates in the northern pari- of Verimml, three towns
Rcchlord, Easl Hechford andSlovctw
MUiriire found to 5c on Uamwilan
soil, li is ;i peculiar situation ami
Ni add to the interest a man has just
been found {-."Miy of murder in thai
country and his at'tornej" now say*,
that sioce the residents of Rcchfoid
were on the jury the irial is Illegal,
as Canadians cannot sit ou 1 nlted
Stales juries.
(.'. if. OiWions, the Vaneouvei
newspaper man, Who had shot an in-
dlvtduai who had been ton attentive
to (iiiiboTi**.' wile, was acquitted al
his trial last week. Since the shot
gu» ti now the ratabllshcd weapon oi
defence at the V'anctjuver hearth
stone, a lot of fellows who prefer to
] show attentions t.i some other man's
wife will be more, ciiii-ful in thi
future.     Long live the shot pin.
business   men were  young, en i    Lie
A Doukhobor in th*- N'orthwcst has
been discovered with a harem of lif-
teon giils. Canada is too far advanced for any modern Solomon io
live without trouble.
Duncan It«.ss is to lie received with
What Cranbrook needs al Us flrst
municipal election Is a major and
council that will he above pelt;
^raHlng. And lhe firsl evidence ul
any move of this klml should bo ox-
posed.    Oratt is not a new proposl-l
tion in East Kootenay by any means '
. ,     r   open arms on his return t<> the bound-
The Hcral.1 know, that  lhe people of lfy cQmiTy> ConservaUvcs   Rnd Llh.
Cranbiook want a clean admlnlslra- prft|8 alike joining iu the Jollification,
lion, regardless of parly or persons. U.^ )h(l Ih^^,p iir t,|(U |)arl of I(rit.
The Herald will advocate SUOh a |gl) Co,um,|,|a wwrfpd thp r}lVil,. N(>r.
policy ami labor lo prevent lhe tap ,hpr| fl|H, Mr KlJSS uia(iv R m.iird
tare of the municipal olllccs  by  any       M     „ ,   ,, f M fm. lh ,
eique that have ulterior motves In Mou> T!l, man \±0 S(;rv,„
view.     iht* people will not slanii for Ujfi ,_ |(| ^ ^.^ fa [fi
anything of the kind if they know it, Uh! ma(| ,fl ftpprw.iatCi uik1 ,h,.
antl il Buch a move is Inaugurated, \{tV0?\Q o( ^t. boumtary intend lo
the Heialrl will give the maltei lhc sbow T||(lir ftp|lwclaWflfi hy giving Mr.
kind of publicity that kills. j H(|SH ., sn.llt h.uuinei.    For a    new
There aro enough patriots-! and htm-  mcmi,or   without     legislative exper-
«t men m   Cranbrook to Insure   an   ( Mf> RoRg ^   ^ [m ^_ m_
honest, straight forward ftf!n',lis*''a: light ol publielty with marvellous
tion. Thai Is .he only kind thai LIrirrilv 11|1(1 what ,„ ,„„„. ,,„ M:[
will satisfy the people, ami the creep- I .^ fl( R(lvanl jm(|
ing, the silent, smoolh graiter, tne
man who la looking oul tor self l"
every   move he   makes, may as well
The man whu would sell his ofllclal
h.'ii.ir loi .i few dollars i, .i pool
man lo follow.
Referring lo the late Albernl eon
test, Ui Ui-1'..i.al.l niiglil sa>" 'We
have mi'i Un '-it '■-) -1"-1 wa un
The most conservative people it,
Cranbrook aro Arm En the opinion
that the future of litis town and thr
whole district w..., never brighter,
Don t target thai the Ith ol Sep
temliei is l.a'n.n Day. Pul awaj
your cares mid troubles lor that daj
an.l came to Cranbrook where evcrj
preparation Is being made to givi
you .i gooil Lime.
The Herald subscription I'M con
tlniies tu glow.
Ih,- time is coming when there wll
.»c hun.liisls ol uien working on Pert'}
creek in mining aud lumbering, Am
.vhat is more il^i  lime is not man.
If ymi pay iiii foi cloth ii make,'
a diftorcncu whit hei you get live yard
oi uu jatds, and what is mole, yuu
want I" know .vhat tou are getting.
That is the way Hit- public deals with
ii"   men-haul       And   If a merchani
llUyS    .i.heriisinp,    spud    tie     sllo'ilii
know whal he Is paving foi in ih
way of circulation, The Ilernlil
priii-ls ou r 4.mm l( niuiitti.
The Herald Hunks u is a guta) tim
loi the newspapers oi Ctntada lo iu-
augurale a movement lo have pensions provided In tbo governmeul foi
retired publishers, Wc are nut ii-,
posed io wild hug the proposition ,.n.,
are willing lo entef lhe $fi,iiuu a yciu
for life class.
Qovernoi Mi limis, by the uxcrcisi
of honest scnlimenls and coiiunui;
sense, is making a most envlabli record in Ut.- \ uk.'it.
Air. Tait, st-cretat) ul wat Ioi Uu
United States and Alia_ Uooscvuli
the president's datighlur, by vUiliiijj
Japan and receiving enthusiastic a\
tentions from Lho olllclals of tliu:
country, bave placed the republic in
a, must delicate position, considering
that lbe peace commissioners ui l*tu&
.iia and Japan are just road) lo meet
iu the United States, li seems like
lhc display ul a total laek ,,i t.u,
Jotin Hay would never have, been
guilt) ol such a bad break.
In uui the. Craubrook   UotaW a   de
light it would s'uely tie.
To wow that thoughtful lace .m.i lu
have that active brain,
To boss those clunky printers, u? Im
and hue again,
And ilu-n the local lews, how I would
the nun that made reductions foi my
editorial roost.
\l o a    word   ioi   VanDecar, Enlc
Small likewise,
\nd con ihe local merchant nnd bring
tears to bis eyes '
ni    ih.- wandering   public   lo mak
ilieiii patronize
The man who undcisi 1 that  it paid
to advertise,
Each Sunday  I  would attend .i service twice or more,
And hear the words ol wisdom In mj
seat near the door,
Then iwo columns 1 would print and
criticise at will, land tiffing whatever came to his hand
For   tbe sanctimonious   publlo    who as a "boy in the sunimer tune.     His
live up on the hill, parents then moved  to Spokane ami
For the bcnetii ol the ladle* a word as |,is rather w.is Interested In a sav
oi two I'd s,iy mill, lor two   years   .Take found cm
O! styles   and   creations   lhat were Lioymeni at ihe mill.    Thai he eon-
worn thcie that day; eluded  thai  he would learn a trade,
And ii there   were a wedding words Und being of a  mechanical  nun    ui
would appeal 11 mi9hlI Ih- gol his hammer and saw and
Sweeter oven than honey, a stab for for  five years he pounded  nails and
in  I.O.O.F. ball.
leady   prosperity]      j, Ai Arnold, K It S.
,   Visiting  breUiri wfdlaily^nvitcti; PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR
bia was lhe lael Ihal so man) nl lhe  llh it\_u.u^
I   T. LAIDLAW, y   E.
J. 0. ClM.HIMiS
Lrniil>r»uk (null Union H*i >■' Oic I'nlicU
Un-ilitrlini.tl i.i Csrpentcri ■nil Joluem
nt viuerka.
This local nicets everv Friday evening at » p nt. in C.I  i ■ hall
Visiting iiieihi'U cordially Invited.
.1. a. Landry,        J   ll   McDonald,
KcL-s.e. Presideut.
....    . ,     t.nu.i.    Ke*, City Lod|f
nOT?^   N"   >'   M»t« »very
*^S ..'_>'-•'   Vluiiilaj     night    in
aud Intelligent.     Craubruuk bas heen
highly  lavorcd   in  this  respect,  aud
■in., iu lhat ' lass  i* nie hctlei   or
iiuiie favornbl) known than .lacon P.
Fink, of tlie well known lum ..i Fink
Brothers, "Juke" .t- hi l« familial
I) Known all along the Crow, Is one
... Mi.-    Liim   da)   pioneers, having
started bis cared   tu Easl  Kootenay I their hall on flakei street.   So|i
In Wardner, in the early history    ol  ing Oddfellows cordially Invited
Dial   town.      Vernon   county,    Mis
sotiri,   is    tlie t.u ih    place ol    Mi
Fink, ami naturally  it Is lus disposition to Insist upon people "showing
htm.      li was    in lbe yeai    nl  1873
thai -he made lus appearance un this
earth and he continued lo live iu Mis
souri   until he was l"> years ol agi
doing   like mosl    Missouri boys did,
going to school    In lho winter lime
\\     s     \1, -|...|,.i1d
N   ti.
Charles Smith,
I (nulTOuk I odgt, No. .1'
K. I:. k A. M
Itegulai mcpttngs on
Hn* third Thursday
in every   monlh
cut boards as a carpenter. Then tu
about two years he clerked in a sion
; Being still young and looking for
step aside. Such Individuals will
not llml a place in the administration
of Cranbrook's affairs. Politics will
cut no figure wilb lhc average property owner, nor more than ll would
if he were looking lor a manager for
a business. The people will demand
the righl policy ami the right men
None other will stilt. Keep out the
grafters, high or low. Thai is a
mighty good slogan Ior the list
II is now the first week in Atigttsl
and Don McKay, superintendent of
roads, trails and bridges is si ill in
town unable to ilo anything as there
Is no money. Government Agent
Armstrong seems to he powerless in
the matter, us he cannot order work
done unless ihere is money appropriated to meet the bills. Ami yet
the people paid more faxes litis year
than ever before. Is this district lining to be passed up entirely hy the
powers that he? Is there tn he nu
return fur the money paid hy tho
people in taxes 7 What Is llie cause?
Can some one on lhc inner clreln explain ? To mix up polities and bad
roads Is bail business, To mix up
politics and useless trail. is bad bus
Hy the way, Mr, McDrlde, ns tile
election Is over, yon might as well
withdraw thai Tin.wift MM suit
against the Victoria Times, It wos
a go.rd ail antl you Iin I u run foi
your money,
A man .--/peaking to lhe Ilernlil
editor the other day, said when re
ferring to a certain newspaper I "1
never rend the polities of that paper,
although 1 like its news columns."
That remark struck us* ns a peculiar
one Tor an intelligent mall. No
party Ts immaculate, and with parly
papers fawning al the knee of power
or persisting In captious criticism of
the opposition, the man who would
base his opinion of a party's integrity upon Hi.- prejudiced views of a
party organ, is making a big mistake. The vote nf i*very man should
Im an intelligent one, and no man can
form an Intelligent opinion of a de-
baiaible question by reading one side
only, The man who bonsts lhat he
is a Liberal nr a Conservative because his father voted that way,
shows a deplorable weakness*.
Labor Day should lie a hig day in
Cranbrook. This town owes its
prosperity to lhc returns of labor,
and no towu can be prosperous unless
labor is prosperous, This fact
hould   receive   more   widespread   re-
To mix up political ami    any  cognition than it does      In this day
Ida Tarlicll says that J. D. Hock
.iellei is the worst man on earth, owing u. Uu- example that he sets in
defying the laws ol the land six davs
in tho week and playing to nod un
Sunday lur spiritual aid.
The Sultan of Turkey came neai
being blown up by a bomb tho othei
dny anl attributes his escape to ihi
love ol the Lord tot blm. Tin* lln
pious wretch. II there is a creature
on earth thai ilesurvea the wrath ol
the Almighty to bo vlsilcd upon his
head, it is that human Henri.
Sn heavy will be the wheat '''"i1
ihis ycat that the C. P. U. has had
So arrange fui an additional outlet
by thr way  ol Vancouver.
the beer,
\u.l   when  the   charvarie
id i>e iu ibe van,
And   piint a full column ui how   we
"rushtd thp can."
And if these things should happen in
the future soon,
Vou would see in Cranhrook n wonderful boom;
Soon    three    editors    would   handle
And   n score nr    more of reporters |
would ilsit itn- corporations,
Two war correspondents   would    bo
dispatched without  delay,
To  lhe Held nl operations In  Russia j
fui aw ay.
Our'building, like the New York Sun,
i block would occupy,
Hm presses wotltd be ihr largest thai
money could buy,
And, oh, the circulation would spread
across Ihe sea,
It   I    were   Mr.   Simpson   and Mr.
Simpson he wero we.
Unl wlnn this   life is over and    wc
cross ihe great di*. Ide,
And I stand   up for judgment    whir
the Old Man hv my side, I change he Joined the fire department
Let   my name be Manahan, let    m\  uf Spokane.    For two years he work-
chance still be, ed as a lire liwlriy and it was during
As before I were    Mr. Simpson   and  thai   fcimo   lhat    he   picked    up the
Mr. Simpson he were me, knowledge nl fire   fighting that    has
 „ proven    so   valuable   lo   Cranbrook
A Canadian newspaper nnin who has with liim as cbiel of the local brig-
Ircen accustomed to receiving rntlway arte. Uui the inactivity qI ,t. fire-
passes an.l deadhead tickets at thea- man's life did not appeal lo lus
Ires, recently visited the fair at Port nature, and when lho opportunity
land, Ore. When he was confronted[came to use Ute Information lie tuul
with a si.-*n announcing Tht; admission secured as a clerk in a Spokane store,
charge nl BO cents to Ihe grounds be I ho embraced it and wmi to Kaslu to
was inclined io balk. "Hero," he enter the employ nl 11 nry flelgeiich.
said *o a friend wllh him, "I dou't who hati a large general tore ai thai
like the idea of paying f.O cents to get place and at Ainsworlh, A few
in ihere. Unit a minute and I'll monl hs later Mr, Fink was sent to
hnul up Lewis and Clark, tho fellows i AInsworlh to take charge uf lhe husi-
who arc running the show, and see if „pss at thai place. Bill working Ioi
l can't get a pass." someone else wus nol along the line
{ihai he. wished  to    puisne, and with
ll, T. Lowery, of lho Fernie Ledge,),,,,, niimInu  n,    ,,,ie  ,iM,   Konlmj
he   possibilities
Visiting brethren welcomed,
!::. Patterson, Set 'y,
l:.   0,   E.
W, P : s. .1 Morrow, W. S.: A
M. Black. Aerie meets at 1 O u
F, hall 1st and 3rd Froday
Meets every  2nd and  llh Tuesdav in
"flood Templars Ilall."
Visiting brethren cordially  Invited.
A. McCowan, L\R.      J. Sims, Sec'y.
I'll \\ iuiook     mux; \.
I. O.  C.  T.
Mrels I'vrry I'rlilay in.Jr. tibnvn I'.u-
(',.,.„' and jniu ilu' 1 lappy Hand.
1 Cranhrook Sash    j
; and Dour Factory •
i * I
All km. In nl' Ihi inli work in {
\mi\ nl tltairs, wimluwB, Iran J
boiim. ide.   Kiln Uiioil IuiuIh'i- J
fur iiiHiile* wmk.    Our work in j
Hii'iiiiiilivi! uml our priccu nn* '|
biitiflfueltiry,    Mt'ii-ou    ilwira *
K'ouvJt ami Dressed Lumber
I'or Sale
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old slums made new.    All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call,
t.Ci. tl, OH IXtlK l.tltltlK, NO.  IST1
JAt'Oll 1'. FI.NK
tlun't   wuul
a,,,   luu
nt,       A
a    la...
all ait
growth is ,l,
. Ill,'   „i>c,
tallis ,,i asiiin rslabllBltlng tils """''"'m..,,,,,,,-,.
ly pa|K-i-, tho Claim.     He should   do I uu-m.-hatiillKins' in a iii-'w roiin'l'ry      A
so.    It Is writing lor a.pauer ol that -om,,all!   „,„ ,,„ , iu s ,a,„, ,„
t-haratitur where l.ow.ry does W» (tales'l'hels, ll. Jl. t'orslcr, W. J
hest work. To lie bothered wllhL, Wakefield, John and Jaenh Kink,
petty details, to be handlca|i|,cd with\m\„ ,|.,. namc ,„' ,],,. |.'„rl Steele
the weekly expense bill, is enough lo|jusrcantila couiuaiiy. l-'ort Steele
take Hie liniiinr antl poesy out of all). was ,h], c,,nlre ,„ at,tliilltts in those
nature on earth, and uo man ,,1 talent La,.s ,„ [ac, n ivas the only lown in
ean do justice lo himself trying to t|,e l,,\\^ ani| ,i„, i,i» rush ot peopli
give Irecdom'to Ills thought and won- |nt0 lte Jounln ^._.~i,t..-.n to Hi,
Jeritig at the same tune il I'ete ,„„„ of ,..,.,, s,a.](, this ucw coin-
,l,.nes will leave Ill's ad. In another 1)a|1J, hm;iM „„, n,,. »,„l:, ],,„,„„ as
week. «>■ would like to see l.owt'ry (he American Store In thai rustling
with (1.(1,000 in the bant and nolh- town anil, with pletilj .., eaplUI, itit'ti
ing to (to iml write lor a monthly ol expertthei 1,1 i-harge, Hay proceed
paper ol his own, Thai would be a j.-,, ,,, rustle ,,., husiness with markeil
paper worth reading. success.     In August, tviv, they coin
  pany hiilll     ,. liraluh slore al Ward
We have ..tlin iinii.lt'i'.'it why il  Is ner,  II,.n >!„' heBiliiuarters lor    eun
Ihal  so many subscriptions arc paid slnicti n '!,.- t'rows Nasi line an.l
.,n   Monday, and   Iiom- come   ,.. II     Mr. Kink »,„t l" Uial  '"»•' '" :-'l'
conclusion lhat on Sunday subscribers  ,,   hei '.■ usi r eliargt ol the hu ,
get ,n thinking ahoul their sins on.l ncss. Km a yeai ho stayed at that
oi ,'„„rse Ihal unpaid siitilerlpliiin point, ami undei his mnnageiiienl lhc
looms up like a dark cloud ..„ „ sun   braneli .tore    did   ., must |irolllal>lc
shiny day.     Tho ,n,-<'t i" nilinculoiisIbiiKiiu-ss     Thot plclion ol lhe rottil
because every Intelligent person knows! through Vfarilrwi changnl tlie as|icci
Mint one ci,,,,,,,, b.'iii, it,e Lord nntt al the business, and tlesirlug t.. kee|,
nii'o tlu, iiov.*spn|icr man at the -aim'; u,i will, lite procession, the Kurt
Ilini'. Isti't'li,   Mercantile    eo,n| ,      liuill
The   Orccnwood   Times said    Inst? Kink moved     here   lo    take charge.
week:    "Providence    wns   the mum.' i_atvr, as lhc   >.»s is   "i  llie tlm-
,.[ the depart,,,,' ,,l a „„i„l„',' „l out ttlcl cciilritli'ed al I'rantrrook, litsl
riiizens lur Nelson this iveek." DnriR Uie Will-duel store and then the b'url
lhat mean llial Nets,.,, is heaven nr <__(,_lc store was closed, ,,,.,1 tic,
hill - Kink na. given   clinrgo ul llm Orni .
—.— Ifinirii business in thi   .lisinai     Last
There is a country eillior In Mini- year il,,' ,«,. brothers, John .-.,,.1
toha who starlcd about twenty years Jake, bought out. lhe other stock-
ago wiih .',» cents, a hamltul nt type holders in tIn-- tlrin, nn.l on Ihe liisi
nn old Washingtiiii press, and ttwlny'ol lite year cluing!il the name ot the
he Is   worth   $100,000,    This    greal company   to  I'iuk  Uroihers.     it    Is
wealth has   lirrn acquired   hy tmgiil- to-daj one ot the li, sl know ns
ity, energy, Intelligence, strict at- "' 'he illntrlcl and Is doing a great
ti'iitii.n to business and also the lact business. .laco'i, Kink has always
that an aunt In England left hlmjbocn popular in Craiibrook. He is
(iiiii,90S.    The average newspaper nun „,, energetic   cUlron,   llhcrnl In his
will grow rich by lollowlng iu     llie Ideas, load)' will, his li  and money
'   footsteps ol this odllor, Ilo ailvunce the inleresls oi the com-
,  ,, ,    ,„ I " Iinunlty, ami an enlliiislaslto supporter
in,- most fertile In llntisi, Columbia.     The onlv horseless carriage, opcr.it- ., ati,,„|ics w, iocai nrcentzatlons „l
Many new towns will spring up. and1^ ,„ Cranbrook is tlie one owned liy     .. ,   ,    .  '  '„„.,„'.„,       ,,,.' ,,,,„,. ,.
"    Oolden   will h- the   outfitting Mr. Dorr, tho shoemaker     It is.put-' 	
N I.s. Ill T II  WOS T.
Moyie     laiil.i:     ,' c     I.,   ,l,,..'«
alioul ii, isi.'i then, a silver cup
down a, Cranbriiol! thai .hould be
brought hack ,.. Moyie ..,, Labor
Day '.'
lii.ldi'ii Stan Cranbrook is again
taltiin^ incorporatton. Such a large
and beautiful place as Cranhrook is,
witli its many Influential nml bus) in-
habitants, should lie able t.» paddte
ils own canoe.
(loliicii Stan Oolden is destined to
become the wholesale center for north
cast, and southeast Kootenays. Who,
tlie Kootenay Central Hallway is
built, many eastern wholesale houses
will open branches here. The com,
try which this road goes through
the most fertile in Htitish Columbia
center   tor all    these points      .lust
watch Ooltlcn'fl smoke :
led hy a mule.
married and lias at, attractive home
on Baker hill.
Meals eiai, _„,| Wednesday anil HI,
latuiiluy ai »   o'clock iu Oddfellows
nlways welcome
Mks Ill-till', Icaili.r .1 Uie Plailiilurlt
Spt'clal   attention In touch,   teach
mine, phrasing an.l glinting t>( stud-
l'"i jniliciilais apply I'. E, Heid A
W. P. (il'k'l),
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Kit.
Itaicll lilti.k Craiibriiuk, B C.
I      C. H. DUNBAR       ]
*■   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    .
f. Public, Etc. '!
I   Cranbrook,    -    -    ll. C.   ,}
.'.  ...  ,'•
I.-****** *******************
Physicians and Surgeons
Ollii'e al   Hostdeneo,  Armstrong Ave
OKI ict: Hunts:
Forenoons .... 0.30 Ir, tl
Allernoons - - - - l ,ni in S 'in
Evenings 7.30 lo 3.30
CtlANRHOOK ::    ::    ::    ::    11. ('
if, I «« , '*> '  .- M«, I 4' I * t •*,! * I * 1 *   4. i .
Dr. Connolly,
'    Physician and Surgeon
-a Otli.e „ii Armstrong Avenue
'.   Hours:- ;, ,.. II a in, -i i.. I   «
|. in ,   ','   ll.  s  I, ,„.      I'l,..„a   III..
U\{. I3. I". KINU
OKKICE lint HS :
II I..  1:1 a la
i ti,   i; p.i,,.
7  I,.   » |. i„.
llll'l.a ,.|il   1,'a,,|e,ice Oil    11 n.i.l I ,,|ig at',
I, ti, 1_ a ,„.
t   ,,.    II |, III,
1  I.i    « |, in.
Office in  new  Heid block
'in.: hohsg's r..HA
I'p hill nine i mt,
Down hill trot mo imt,
On the plain spare me nol,
And in case ot sickness call up
l)R   CROSS    VOTBRINARV  SUtllllil.N
'   and llllll... OUNTIST
CKANHkOOK, II II. 'Pheu 1.
tt. K.  llliATl V,
HI M.II.W,  IHItKl'Tlltl,
: Cranbrook   Foun-:
dry and
: Machine  Shop:
iYlcKlnnon& Jolinaton;
Wn ur,' proptirttl to
il., all kiiuls ut impair work h.'iu v nml
liyht, mnke cnBtlngn,
llllll sll.ll'la.i'l,'
S.liiititii     llorscsliiii-iitg   n
Tnke n iiii,' t,,
in.,I  l'.-nv Creek nml Blop at
The Perry
Creek Motel
0. BURGE, Prop.
IM.'ii'i'r ninl Hy,in,,,lie .Minium
riitht nl I,and. A !'»■,,>,t,
t',,1   Drive ami   ll„'   pltloo lo :'
Bpntttl uu enjnyiilile tiny
_ *
' I'lie Lending SI  Km
I  KHKSII   Kill ITS '
_     CHOICE  I'liNKM'TlllNKHV ,
J      IIA/.EiAVniili ICE CHEAM I
t l'i pi Dcllvory, _
4 — ;
I .HUGH STl'WAR 1'.* i
If,        A MM-. I II
•$•*%•%%%%% •*•*•%»
We lane l.oon In II,.- laaaia— tot
aevoial years and oui i.ii.ii.e.- i- In
ereuslng,   thai shows Wl! llivi- sil
ISIHCrillM.     H'„ liive ..,, of llie Ileal
equlpinunts in It. ,'. ,.„.t „.- nliuiui
strictly t.» IiuhIuush,
Wlien yoil Want 11   moved  see  ua
W'.. make it.. specialty „,,.l in,,.' n
piano mover and can do the work
without risk. Also household i,u,,i
Perry & Fitzgerald
l'lt.M'Ktt.T.Ul-1 ol   lilt.
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
llllll. opposite C. P. K. I'llllMI: tl TIIK   CllANl'.I.oOK   HERALD
. .:
When Applied to the
M. P. P.
Does not signify Member o( Provincial Parliament as some thought
who read nor aJJ. last week, but
monthly Payment Plan
which Is now In full operation al our QRnAT FURNITURE STORE. 11
yon need anything ill this line don't delay in seeing us- A small payment down will furnish vour home complete. The balance you can
nettle in small payments that will besl suli ymir income,
Not long Irom the old sod were standing in lront ol the Manitoba hotel on Friday - last when on, oss the street,
read our sign un the side ol out' building
Cranbiook Co-operative Stores, Limited
"Sure," said one, "it'-.; lots ot co-operatlt n they have at home, but! never saw 'I imitcd* . fore. I ' ondei hat :■■ " That evening one ofthem dropped in our store, bought Campbell Semi-Ready Suit at $10.i . 'air . ,. nl ii SI 0 Suit Trench Balbriggair
Underwcar, $1.25, and a Rood Hat at $1.00. Saturday morning he appeared on the street drrs new i itfit and > •.,-. chum of the
night before. "And where did you get all the fine clothes?" said the chum. "Down at I Storei Limited-, he replied. "Did
they tell you what that'Limited meant?" he was asked, "I did nol have to be told, after I itfil ! i ans that there Is a
tmsim*w^*mxmeet>t-3i'*z*r*+ >.,.-e_i
HjrtSjSfe.,.; -"■- .   . . ,i--iVjU,*«K^s___S_gB»f_iWfr^we>'.a'', ''•':•.__•
i Hew Siasioncry
ii n,n mt,
i you—Patmore Hro
a Slcclo via
la a
J Jusl received   I ,  lhe niaiiu
» I,,, uu.,, a   lieu  line "I pnpet
_, ,,.". iu nan   ■ liapes uml shades
J  ipcl   an.l  ,,,l as
* ai ,,,ii aii papetics, .:',
* Lin ti stuck,
s Bcailie«JWcblson
J     See our drug a.i. ..a Is', page
:     , has   Mil:.,.li,i
•   Iol  Sun.la)
i mn,., a-    Union     is ai   Spokano
.haa   llll . wael.
Ctrl   Wauled   135   pet monlh    Ap
pi)  ,,, M,     I. »   Leask.
I'i.u,',  Clapp  is  ..,   Yahk  tins  week
* !l...,l.l,M   lllll',    his   I.all    ll"Iel
William Kosifi  and K   Itoach,    ol
Kiiili. iaa. ivere ti, town ..a,, nil days
this week.
Mts. (Di i Uishup, ol Marysville,
was a ilsitoi iu!,, Cianbrook Iriends
I last Saturday.
II >' HI,...la has closed his shop
If,, the suimiiei monihs an.l will take
'.. i.-' in il.e nature ot a change.
Mi     I     lam, in a  and Miss Wliito-
li.ai. ,.i   Mo)lc,  sjnui    Sun,lay   ami
lloiidii)   with iriends in Crnnbrook,
i'.iMina, i    Archie   Cameron, ui   lho
,'. I', it, n-turii.il i,  ins trip    tu
Atlantic ,,,.,.,, Saturday last.
'*""                        ;    II -s Hatha Herberts relumed    lo
P..ked  Up Abuui mr ility   h)   *,sklej( [ t'rannti   Mcir.lay after a couple oi
Questions "I Mm.  Peuple.
Head Palmore Bt I
M   !■'  (.m.i Is ,„ Calgary this » ek
llohcrt McLi-an lelt ior lhe t'o"
land Kair unlay
ii \t, uill, .a Piiivhe, Creek, wain   11,111,  lasl   .11,,11.1a,
.ins 1.11,1,11 returned litis wc.i,
liuin a pleasant trip lu llie coast
,las. Km lie,. .,1 the Sullivan mine,
uas   doing business   In   lown     tun.
V e. k
,i tt McVittie .,,.,1 wile, Miss King
and A il Heale spent Suiula) in
Mrs II H Mcl.eoil and Mis A M
BiuWO, ul Haul:.,,, Were ,:. low,, lasl
M, inlay
Mrs tt 11 Donahue lell Wi In. „U)
aiU'tn.n.n lor at. eUentled lis', U'
.1. II Plnkhniu, man.,..,', ol the 1",
petla!  Hank,    vistied  Wardnei      a ,.l
I'.lku  tins  weak
.M     Mclnnls    came   up   Irom Elk-
,„..,„), this week lo look allei   s,	
lius.iuss ,n i ia,,:,..,..
,\u, and Mrs II Darling ol Wa I
ii i, iicie the guests .a Mr an Hi:
tt   !•'   Tale lasl Monde)
Mis   u   ll    Bremnei   lell
I..i   Vancouvci    where she will visi,
with liiiiuls ,., a ie week
Im Sali—Neii i leveland blk,
racer, price 1115     ' an he   .,
I'   H   I	
I        M.m iaa. I.m       I.U
Is    in v,   ,, ,pcctt.l     ol    I    i     I'    I.
liinlicl   in  il„a  bcelion  .,,,., has     In
hoailuunrtcts a,,  Cranl
' .tone loulidal u    I
I ana.l  llll   II '   COI   llll'ICI
,,.i,i|,lei,',l .m.i work ..„ lhc »
,..  Inaugurated will i Mn)
Mrs   He',', i IJ..JI.-J   ul Km mi
has hisii ilsiiin ,:,',,   In,
||    |      lal I, r,   "I   thi    I
, ,-t ,il ll. .1     to     Ki'lla
weeks .i 1, ai li.i Hume in Winnipeg.
.1    ., Mcl'.achern and   Leslie   Kox,
.,.,, „. tt.ii.ii, i ,s leading sports, ,<■
gister.d ii!  Hi,- Cosmopolitan s.,,„i-
Mis. II      Xoilhey     an.l   ilaiightci
.la..,  i, lain.,i from    .N.ls.ni Suii.lai
al  a,      a    1. V.      .Una   .11.Illn;   ul,      tlielt
....aii „i I'roclor, ll  L-.
s   .1, Might, u, ., nail in one ui
Ills   lis 1   ,,i  1   I'll,!.,)'   ai„,   ll_s      com
,,.;..,1 ;,, bubble tuutinti town (or icv-
I..I .!.,)a,  hul   Is  HOW   all  11 :llil.
■His   i,,,,: .„  Small i.n „!■, Satur-
l.i,    Iol   aa     , \l   lilled     .Mil   !,,   Lelll
, .. .    and  in.ile llieie she iiill    Ui
.be  glUSl   ,,!    \l,s.    II,in.1   ttlilll.al .
n   i:.,ims returned l„.i week   from
a  ini, lo   i'..!,.a,i  ami Intermediate
I,,lli,s        He  sals   llllll   he   nalel   sail
I'm    sale—Klftccn   Inud    ol    work
lease.,    iialalil     from    12110   l„   U...U.
,'..!   ,,,;::,,    particulais    ...ll  un ,,,
write In   ,    tt.   , ,.,s.,, \ s    Cran-
,uuk    la  ,                                   |,|. u
■ I      !■'. I'riiigle,     1, 1   proprletoi
Mi-;   Itui.t. t.r Moyie, ww In   tow SOI
In- i.iii' i pal i ..I lasl  iveek
,„   C  «   cms.   V.S., palda pro   ■'    '    ' VID1.AW  1:, mm-     KHOM
\ I'l.l AS ..VI   I Kll       I I
son cm
less,,uial \ n.it u. Crest..a Tuesda)
Mis       .1     II      I laml,a  Oil   I..M      I     I.
visiting ai Cleat..n il.e past week
1'   .1    Mctii.iia,,, ..I Creston   tegl ■
letcl a,  the Cosmopolilan Sunday
.1   T   Laidlaw return 1 I la)
Horn .. " si. s» .im plea a:,   mi;, ,.,
.1   K   Huchcrolt, ..I Mali's,',He, was  |,.,„, am.   as ■     l-a  I    ol
,„ town Saturday nnd Sun-Jay lost      minng   mgincets     ihal   ,. sit. 1   lhe
Hev  sio.it returned lasl week Irom capital ui the Vuki
bis nip t., the coast an,I Portland
t:.,. hospital I1 ople ■,  n.,,,
Mr. Laidlaw  says Ihal  lhe trip
tins ,„,.,• ..I ll.e yeai   Is 6iro|il]
i., si„
ale   pa
se.l.aJ   to
a inagnift-
lilted Hn
had a trip
Iii  bo
.,i   lhe
now in i"
,i„iui i,i ,
and   price,
Um     lla'   ,     ma a'''      '
staia.a li.,s heel, i
,i„. ,i, inait.l ,.i    the loi
trains ih.il ■■•■      ■   "   ■■
i i....
tt. 11   ml       la   ..I   'a    <■•■ ■ :
i,.ill        tpp )   ID Kelioe I
I'oml ,.  I Id     Krtntc    I,   '
Sen,,,". .,.  llie llaplisi liuin
lla-    I" 111     'a    M,      lllll   ia    "
,1 „ ,.,l   ll)   llle past,,,        i
ie,i ' taliie  , i      Ihal
 ,,.        a.i        l    ."I
I,Hal  Hi'  l:
,l, la,  i nlilwell    v,'"  ii '
iilisk   .a   the  I        '.   II
■ a '1,     a   I       ,'
I an. 'lie   hospital   .r,   a, I,      ii.
, iililii, II i     ,,'1 bail I) ' flpp
,. ling .,,,,1 livls  thai   "i  ■
Is alive
•I'lie North Stai nail Im    hul down
,,,, Hie pi,".eil !,, make untie a iium-
liel   ..,   Illi|a,I lalil   mijiiiii I it
„,„■ ,,l;'.ei ..u.l Ititiiuiei i. being In
stalled, a s,i ol In,- n.l!. .,,.1 othei
,1, n.■,'. .ne being made lh.il will
,   ■        i.ieiiltale  ll,e work .,,     Iiul
11 |ll,C,
Second I .1    Itpewiltet    [ol   sale
A bargain Apply Arnold .v
To am an Idea ..I the extent ..I it.,
lielil Irom which the I leal.I gathers
patronage t, inlghl be mentioned thai
during the pas! Week this nlliee lias
iln'.e work h.r patrons In lloosville,
Waidnrr, Klk,,. Marysville, Ryan,
Moyie   ninl    Port   sic,I,-,      Whal  ,s
lucre the Work Was Iluu, old cil'ilmi,'
ers ulu, are always satisfied witli Hie
work Irom lhc Herald office.
am   IM,   I llllll    |     .:  ' Ml      I'll,,,'.!,
', ...I
*    ttiiaiim and   in.e. ol KUlarnuy,
'a a     , a    ,,,!   ii  the Costuopolltaii
-it 'liaii    ii : aa    from :!,<■  I'm Hand
,ll        Ml    Um::,     ll,.    : :   ..M   ,.,..,„..,
mil, tbe i.m,   .i...i .,!.,. with  ibe  ap
f I r. a .
llll bus)    :In    a.is;
III.   pi ,,.„,i,   I,a     in
' lig u ,il, ver)
, a, rail)
une c.ime l.  t tu
rain listing ciri urn-
Lniices ,    uipar thiitj
ll. lums a. ,!.,• Uorrl
l     ' a' .,     '  [I
at  lloul  Walls
'   i    ■■ ''a,   .    lu   Urate   a
.   II
A.   II    1 a . I   1, 11   Iai I   Satlll la,   Hi,
itttl  111,  I     Mail
I,  ' I'- I   a     'I     .,,   |      Ml   ,       tt        l|
1,111,    Hie   l.ll
i,i pan uf tb,
I        ,   ,.   , ,,,        e,
...    a   'I,    'a     .,',;:  I,
,'■      l.l 'MM,,    L'bUI'Cll
"a    I'" I„  •    ,1,11   la
:    ,1    lla    IM.I,
"a"  Uniirm   eame a. Mi.ii.la)  irom
|BJl|t,   . ,'.„,
a   || la       ,   ,.,' |,,|    ||.,||   ,„,      |...
11)   Up     ,,..1   iiii,
a   i     y lor wmli
I. II. Mel      _        lasl   I'.m .I.n  lot
    '   aa I     mil   aM. lal    Ilia '111,1
I'""    Lillllll ll   ,,,,!  , lllill,
•il'-anl       He expects  !.. latum al I
I lllll   I     ,l"'  Hl'»l   "I   S.l.l.'li.liai
I'lni  tntlers  ivhu has heen Inter
e '.si in Ha. management m Hie .May
a.'1. Lumbei cotnputij for Hie past
year, leaves next week f.,i Winnipeg
It H ll iicii., will remain in charge
■ a the company,
■I   M   i.a.i'.. ., ill,., ,'.,„„■  down
., sp,,,.I Sunday al Cranhrook   will.
i, s lanilly.      As s,„„,   .,., ,|i ,»
Im,ise is ready Mr, Agnew will move
in Kiln ii,   reside permanently,    a.-.
musl   ol  ills   nine    will   ba   lakeli     up
null ill,   ii, ,v planing mill ihal     the
North   Si.u    company    linn   elected
Miss    lluteticlofl    and    Miss     fun
nolly visited Marysville un Tuesday.
li   c. llyan, ol Dayavd, was regis
tciid at tlie Cosmopolitan last .Mm.
day. I no storms atr
Hoded bain  received  weekly at  Q ,  ,..„,..,   ;,, in
T. Itogers. cent s.h'ms..
.1,   E.   Austin,   C.   1'   It,  agent     at uijoycd   1")   ..I
Elko,  has  been  appointed   Assistant tamous   Tread
Acntral     Chairman   of   the Western o\ei   tha    Iai
division   ul Hie   Oi.l.r   ui Railway h ukou, down
Telographcrs. Uawson, ul,.,
H. II. McPltec, ni Kings mill, while mg undone lo
working on the planer last Saturday I'm ladies and
was so unfortunate as to catch   ilie » uLMani on
li.imli ot his lefi hand and it was em Hint Ihere .:,,■ many <l
oil jusl above tlie joint.     He hurried coulury, .,.„ that ... t„
io toiui and had lhe Injured member a low „i u '  '•  "'
attended to and is getting along nice- minus
ly nuw | '"  "'i'1
The eomnilttce on Lumbering   mil Ul UK '
Milling     el,Ills   lul     11,a   Lain,        Hal ' "i nl.la .1
cele!,,.,lien .tie willing lu receive all) M1"1' '"
aigaisiiiiii.s liuin those win. inteml iim'"'1 lu'
paiticlpate as ,,, U.a besl mannci
lllla ll   In  .111.1. e  H.I   th,   elil.l'.    Al
c nun.catlous   should he address.
lu T.  .1    Hulls, i,'..ul ii.ia
I   ll     Willsun .,,,.1 slstci and alt
li iii.,,-, ,,i Wardner, have gone
ilu- coast  na  ., lllu weeks  nip a.
ivill   u.ii   ilia   Portland   ,..,,    whil,
away.     Mr. Willson is ihe C   I'   I:
agenl at     Waulnci    and   , uc ,,i  ::■•■■'"
musl j.upiil.ti imn nl.ifig Hie line   ,1.
,s a l,,„,l   » I a ,.'""!  mm   '."    " '\
imn is coming to lum
.1.  Hani,,,,,  anil    wile, nl I'.,..n.l. n,   |||t J(	
Man.  iiiie in ilia ,iiv several day.  ] * (.  ;..,
ihis week in ,.. Ic lo Hie coast   Mi    '_, ,,'.,.'„
Illanbury is at the head ol ihe   com-  ^,.w, ,
pany ihal has ilia North sun   mills  ',„,.....
and the noils ai  Elko     He slopped '	
I ,,n ,u Kl,,„ ., i.w days and Hi.,, can,  .. ,„ |	
I. i, ,„ Cranbrook lo see how this pan :   .m. i.,
i ,,i il,,' business was progressing. ;.,,,.; Ian
Dan Mcintosh   returned   ihis week ['
noil,   a nip    io Winnipeg    ami i
Dauphin country      11
tali  ai Winuipcg was .,.! righl     ex*
,:„• inabilit) "i the manage      Witmet Outcrop: Hike made
 |.,-ily  care loi   the    big I by Mcsats   U, .,
I la,   I.
,,    II...-I
l.l !...!,.:,a
n prupor-
thi   i,H', STRIKE   n's    I'Olt)    CREEK
eepl i
croud     s.i popula, has the visit  to ivashbutn
'Ami, [it,  lac '..,    i,.    lbe   people ol I reek
«,., mm,    . a'     ,   tlul     ihey  simply I ceiling
-m.I Grtmmond,  wh,' was lual man "c "°"
.iai  ,,i  Hie Calgarj   Cattle companj ™
iui some time, lias purchased ,i bak ,'
m bu itiess ,n in,,,i,,ks. Ail..! la, and "1"' .
.nil take charge m nie business nasi     i-etti
.,,■ i.      Mi   <,tiiiiiii. ill m ., ii,si class n'"1 '"
i,,,i.a  .ti. i pasin ,„.„,   iiaiing   erved Ij  -*'
Ills lime in tho I'lia'" s hi I'm,Iaa.I |sliver,
.,,,1 tlie people ..I Okoloks a,e :.. l.e
congratulated upon having ,, man ol
ins ablllt) in ihat lun' In addition
lo tliat is lho lact Hi.it Mi Urlm-
,„..,,.I is a iiuu.l ei,,/.. n, public spirited and ., first-class man lo He u,
lie ml .lu well in Ins location ami
ihe citizens wta, patronize him will
.!,, wi n
am  II.  li
ile ui Toh)
, no i.  is   huie ,.-, bee
oppei  .u  lead but  It  is
,,    .1   «,„,
i.l Creston,   was
:. la   I      '.'.In,,'    [lie    lali.a.i ',,'
,,,.   II ,1       llil.ai   iaa,, 1
rarely    that   a   d tn-atum ol
,,,,1,1.    laCal'lU'S,   nl    II,    pOplllilt'lt)     'll
laaih    iOI'lll,    Ull-UlS    11 .ll,    I la
am.  ,     !,,,,!   I,a.   ,.,,.,,..     ,'   ,I'll,am    dating il ■	
.il„I   I,   luaa   la,,    '...   . m -,;..,'   oil     Ul   111.
standard plays of modem linns An
admirable coiitpaii) ol at'tisia have
,.. .a .... [gn, .1 it..' various |i
ala,    inlet.",,,,..',   .Ilai.,, it'll
play will   receive a   cuinpl
electrical prudnction
Is ale un ..tie  al    Ueat
mn s dtiig store.
Uie uie will  nu, wi 11  m .... li llieli
Mt Washburn lelt lut lhe claims
Monday to stari developmtnl al once,
and Intends to make a trial .hipiiicni
,.i a car load oj 'la u;.- as t|ulckly a..
possible       1!.'  na    ti",   a a. Oil a   trail
wh,,, l,e made the .1...... ery, the lead
being covered with wash Irom uu. to
live leet deep an.l proved bj uncover-.
mg it m several places tu he   lour
luw,. last week .... a day closing up ,.»t wW. ^ [h|. ,|(. ,, ,.„,,,, wMe
strawbcri)  business   lot  Hie sea-U.^ ,(llJ „.ls tollowed right down to
M,   Wlgen bad .uu etatei, this th_      „ bottom jli;| L,. lw,.n (ou„d
. ■   .:,,-. .',,-■ -.  ■ a ,. ... -.'.oociooo
••"'.". .-: .• .    .•' :■.vO'X.C'O
i;r?-V'i,'   .m
W ,   1,,M,' ,, i, H   I'.liil. I I'U
111 its iii si_.    trmi IS
,,  BOll    •! mlii'-ll.U'l mil   :■
Regular $ 4.00 '
Regular j   ,.00 lot "4-00.
Regulai $ 7.50 !,-, .-   i.00
Mr $ 9.00 for,   „
Rtsuiln,    lO.OOforl
Ro ;..!,.■  M     M ,  . ■
COJ50.0C ,-".    .   ""X-C'OOv.OO.O.O.OOO
We          ■                         ; REGU- ,%
!  ■;-;                                        • ...- *
is I CSUR- *t*t
IXG I RESHN1                            .-ai- •{•
end a ]t]
Send ,\,
          ....... ilsap- V
yiMi and easily dlHiiosed i.i the entire
mt N,".! yen li.- expects tn have
,.i Ira! i 1,8(10 crates Ih' Im*. taken
luii)! ni producing Ins hetrlca an.l in
Lonsequtiice ho lias succeeded In placing a prodiici i.u ili,< markel iii.it
luinjtetl iiit.j high (avoi ni once Next;
yuu, i'V.ii ivi 1 li hi.i tui-ailv Increased
u.-iii, be will have no trotihle about
iht- posslhllltj* ol disposing ol the lot j
it is i  ui,'.'    Mi   Wlgen, who    bj I
iii.lii-.iiy fiii.l Int-t'lllgence, iIl'Iii.iii-
■.ii.ii.' thf ^tutul possibilities uf this
country in tlu; trull line
.'it   .'Wl*.
lit    w\
doi.e up the hill
t'  Work Ims b.-Pii
Tli,- claims    arc
'onvenifMly located toi Bhlpplng and
plenty «ii wa;, i and tlmhi i Is at
Ihaml.    H !*» Ktaii-d ili.ii t!;.- owners
ah i a.i
Un in
ilalted .in
Bed an .,',!  mad.'
U   i:   Hruco  hai
I'Miiiiimi   ami othei  'n.i'
pfcting in th-' vicinity
The Hernld tiirnwl ..ut this week
ih,' in si poster ever Issued from a
pilliting "lh<''' 'ii Ilk' diatTlct, 11 was
im iin- I ahor Day celehralion am!
was pi'ini.il iu Iwn colors merged,
Tin- olllce has received ninny mmpli
m.'iirs i.it Hu- job since the bills have
Iheen posted.
The tamous ami tnovnioit'-ly success*
r. s. tlill retuijievl Sunday after (,,1 dramatization uf Marie CorelU's
his trip to Wninipt'g with the remains remarkable novel "The Vendetta
of ihe laic Krnic Brown, lie *>.iTr. wj)j |,e t)1(. attraction al Wentworth
ihat all the arramemenls were car- na|| on Monday, August 7th, \
rled Hirougli with.,ui any trouble. t!;e case in nl! of Marie CorelU's
Wilkie Brown, of New York, a broth-j works, this ti a story which sIh-ws
im, was in attendance at-the funeral,'the wondrous d,pibs oi the writer's
and Mr. Gill says lhat Mr. Blown imaginative powers and relates tho
-■.islit'd him to oxtend the thanks of story of an unfaithful wife, who, with
the family to ihe people oi Cranbrook per paramour, causa lhe husband in
foi thrir many kind acts. The tuneral he buried alive, and while'thus em-
was atiendi-d by representatives of tombed, he registers the oath ol ven-
Ihe   KiiKineern,     Odd     Fellows   and Kcaiit'e.
Eagles, Mis, Brown will remain at During lhe volcanic, eruption of
Winnipeg Beach for a while and then M<",lU Vesuvius, he is providentially
return to Tranbrook tu adjust her (cewl flfmi his llvli?.B .^ath, ami af-
allaiis She has not determined yet toward follows the torturous death
what she will do but in all probabil- of the e.riiiiK wife. 'lbe theme is
ity she will remove to the east. carefully  treated and of intense    in- home in eastern Canada.
at  ihe galcwaj  oi  the i-
,11 the iia.k- ni the West
l_,.-i luturu is etilain.   i.\
iid.\u lie'iitli  lhe *>M .i.i.i,i.
, iu .     Wi hope Ui m.' i.i
ma     leUlii   jutiiii.-).      l
saies oi   Ontario   lnndeii
someMlial, as    «,
luiouio,  uu   ihe tain   it. vi.iiJ
luriLiUs, 1..ti slave Ui-ti lime, u
juuiiiujs bj   boat and rail,  wu
■n a unUriu ai lit i  best.     I lit
.ur simp!)     grouning    beneath
L'fUpS. Nl \L'I        W.'IO     Ull.')       M
t_.i'-aii'i l>i ise iii aa aiiuiulaiii
,,luiL* mi' oicliartl gla»idt'ii  uiu
with  thf display  ul  ripe ui   i-
U'ulls,       Unituio .ti  presiiil
like a "gaiduii ul ii.. ^.iiis.
Uf \i.siii'.i tun t,.it.ai held .'i
Mversion, und pivaciiwl Uieri on in.
Sabi-alh. 'lhe beatiUiul etiun-h Uuitd
mj, was the baiue, uui lU'ath and n
it- mateiiali) vhanged :ii,
peisonuel oi lhe vuimegaLiou. ^ i I
ii party livid t.u the U.a
m-.iii.iy evening, wu mel at least Ihtet
lliimlred ui ..ui uld friends, an.l ha.
opportunity ul -speai.ui.-i with
them ul ihe work in the great West,
and nied to impress upun tli.iu the
iiiipoiiaiue .ii belTiiug ih.' newel
li.tiis iu have ib,- upeii ;.. uvluai) and
the Word ui God piovtnilued
Wc bad tbe pleasure ul atli ndinu
he closing f■..it. .-.. at \.. - bouin.
College, where Miss Itlioda Leilch
luu been in attendance 'I l.e twu
numbers, toi which i In- n.i. down,
were undtred in exoelleht lonu llw
richness, luilness antl mellow uess ul
hei voice, wuii a cleai enunciation de-
lighttd the audience, line oi the
i'oronto papers characterized her as
the star ui the evening. Cranbrook
bas in Miss Kho-ia a singei oi whom
she maj justly teel piuud
Here in Toronto we are quuih
resting, and while it is a great and
busy city, ihere is aljudru^L* oi oppoi-
tumty for rest afid quiet. And real
ly one would need to he milet, lor
ihe least exeitiwi Seems  In [in. ::,.!'-
those iiuiii the West, 'ihe wvepin
skies haw caused the atmosphere to
be very humid and We liavo simply
sweltered In the heat. Tho Scotsman sinews "Oh for the bloom of in)
air native heather," but we have
longed for the cool nights oi Kootenay, where one can wake up retrt
ni the morning, and not rise a.i we
do in the east, as it from a "Turkish
bath." Ontario is as far behind
Kootenay tor elimate as Kurope is
behind America in ihe advances ui
We expect to he in Cranbrook lor
the second Sabbath of August, and
shall be as glad as William Tell to
be back among ihe elans and the
peaks of ihe mountains,
\\. (i   w .Fortune.
.1. Staples, of Heiil ,^ Co', h.,-. gone
lo New York to spend a monlh loo.t
inj.', up new stales ami Ideas tor tbe
store.      lie will also visit Ins    uld
s If a Hne$!ion of money?
'. i   :■'■■..■ ■     yoiir
1 ■    ;■     .
;   '
■'   '
DRUGGISTS       'Phone 71       STATIONERS
*£9'*•*#'!. V'•".' -   ■W°g*#sfV'tr-2¥W¥W999V
Cra       ik's Ur. Siore it
.1 .':
I   I.
Invites you to call and inspect
their $5.00 Suits
Sieinp is I  lievlng   ■< ■*■   Comi; ,ind tee
Ourtinslion ia fully emtipped for the tnanu-
i, .turiii   'i ill I.i, fta "i 'i'r.. Imii, mai Copper-
.' work     Ai,-" Air I'ii'" '''ai KoofiinK.'
I,,a ,„::■ ,,,i.a.,,,;..n. ,,ii ni, furnace work,     We
t,l'AI,'.\Mi:i-. nl U   O'OKK,    Give us u'
, ill I, I :,. convinced	
ici/amims Hardwares
«, ,».»»»».»»»«». .'♦'>«»"">*''l»'i'*»**»''*'r**'WI t We Will Do
Your Draying
Mt ii, ti manner that in-
" suit's s.'ttist'it.ti.itt.
That is ,,ur bttsi-
nesa. We want to
plt'iis,'. We are willing t,. labor hartl t»
.',,'.',„l,|.lisl, tlint   nli-
j,.,'t. That is why oui
business prospnre : :
■iitth.Br)'ci movers ol lhe
Mason & ki^it Piaiiuh	
ill Sob printing is an Uvtsss
I ■ iaaBaf«««toMi_w»iaiBisa z.w<n ^ <
* ——... -      ,
9    ......    wimi.A...n    r.-",TO -ail.Soft
The Herald Practices the art.   You can get only one kind of §j
Printing in this office.    That is the best.
Ont-aiiii -uri Quebec derive hall the
:*4444*4***4*4* 444444*.
I   A. W. McVittie   I
J Dominion and Provln- J L,a,
Thousand  Knots  Abuut Can
.    ......     ..; lit,' UU,' „l .1 mealy bOuWul,
4 cial   Land   Surveyor. J | (SM1',,i i,, the ExiuMtiw branoh oi .he
-    H. H. McVittie
4 I iitiiniiii.,11 Department ol Agrlouiturj
......    ...... {|lli Which ,i   i a.i    aniiiillit "1 tr.t.iillia-
J (ieneral Asicnl _ i""» IS s,v,'n '" sll,Bl° scn'<mce ''''''.
j ueuerai ngun jgrapte,     The hlca Is to give nitlsui
i t ■ crs 'in Idea ol tin- resources   an   dr-
J TIMBER,   MINES   and J ! ^rablllty ol Canada as a homo lur ihe
J LANDS                  { sotllor, or a iiel.t ol industii.il mug)
{ .         ,   5 'toi  Hi,' capitalist      But, as   "J Can-
{ CRANBROOK,   B.   C. } |adlo„ ,,„,.„_ .„,, „„. much „',"■■ \>»
luntry, the Herald propon". io
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is tht- Best
R. Steele Brew ing Co.
f »«'«^««*'»-»»«'»«'»«%*'«*«0 | ow" '
• roprint one ot two uaragrapns   ..
— 1 taint.) in the pamphlet.
'[•'.UTS Alltil T   CANADA'S   .III
t'.iiiiiiln lius ., inllllis lorce •A I'
Tina li.iri' call he expanded tn ., »',
strength ol t„„.,,„u ai ti„- lirst it
„t dl'ii'il,':
t   Camilla.■, iiuiii ia   depurlmctil eus
| _. millions a y,'.ir
:   Cnnailti hits 110(1 inuunli-il policemen
j costing Ilall .1  million
They   [in I toi an ai.., as large    as
| Europe.
■: They are sub-illvltled into eight)
j posts, Irom Hudson's Hay lo Kocttj
—— I Mountains, from United States
I boundary to Arctic Ocean'.
; Canada scnl S,:t7_ men to Soulh
' tinea duriiit; ilia Hoar war.
; Ol ilius nuinliet 2ml ili.d ami 252
I wcrt' wounded,
!   Strathcona's Horse luiiiilierctl u!i7.
•   t:,inad,i expended t!l,8mi,ti00 In send
Footwear to Measure a Specialty lag ihe 8,i?_ men to .south Ainca.
!    Canada will hrrattcr maintain   tlie
   I defences at Esquimau and Halifax.
This wilt tost Canada an additional
j i„,Minns a year.
This will necessitate iai.ins the ,,■
(iilar Canadian lorce to 8,000.
Canada   will spend in Itltdi, nearly
Lt j        .St per head tor military purposes, as
1 \TP1t*\T        miXt        against (8.30 pn head in England.
1 V Wl   Jf "iCO* KACTS     ABOUT     SOME    FIRST
-_,nv,    r^v, _ i THINGS IN CANADA
lj__.lt ffi WJILE     pin, iinsus taltcn In I'anada   was
Rroprietors :'" lr'ur>'
  \   First coloui'/atlon   enterprise, limn,
Tr^raa and .lrivera fnrillBheit for any   when  Do   Poutrincouit settled     i'orl
,    ,  Royal with European settlors,
point ill llit ditilitct. ,        .,,   ,  ,     ,_,,     ,
v Manitoba lust  settled in mil    by
A. OOYI.E, Manager. m scotch settlers under Lord Sclk-
i The "beavct first appeared as .'an-
i aiia's emblem on control-arms graul
ill by Charlfs 1. to Sir William Alex-
: arrder.
First newspaper published in British North   America   was Ihe Halifax
lilnzetto, March 'li, 1752.
I   First sottlemciit in Quebec,  1«IS
!   First Roman   Catholic   Bishop    oi
; Canada was M. de Laval, 1659.
;   First Catholic church built in Canada at Port Royal, 16118.
I    Firsl Canadian batik—Bank ul Mont-
! real—started in 1817.
I   First  steam railwn)  built in Can-
- ada, 1S.1D.
r-i_,     14.     D p. , I   First   steamship to   cross lb.' At-
L)OU t    re!"/     K6nt;laiilic was the Royal William,    Iron,
i Quebec, 1833.
Build a House    ; Kirsl ™,als'»Vmuia ***'* 177u
along the St, Lawrence
Itut hi-f.ir.' doini. bo see Junius    I   ""'rsl r»'iw">' l"'""i<' '"'r"s's ""'' Sl
Repairing Promptly Done.
.ivery  S
Hand Store
We carry a complete
stock   of   household
goods, and have a lot
Shoes at your own price
Jas. McArthur
Safes Old Stand
(ireor, the contractor,   Tl*, will    I
Lawrence, the Victoria, 18f,u.
,   First   C. I'. 11. train  crossed   ll,,'
bo alilo to lilop yon with .uu;-     c„nu„e„ti ,i„iy i-_, mi).
gestious thut  will prove   vill-     j    Allanlie ruble lust laid to Canada,
lillllll', . AilgUSt   a,   18US.
, „ First ropy ol Tortinlo Daily (llolic
James ureer issued, Mamh *. mn.
Nortliern railway opened iu Ontario
!,,„ May Hi. 1853.
!    Northwest   Torrllory seiiiiircd    I.y
puri'liase, IH7H.
British Columbia admitted  In   Uu.
Dominion,  1871,  Prince Edward    Is
land, 1873.
Kiue's   Collate    (Toronto   linker-
Contractor mul Buildi,
Portland  and Return
30 Day Limit
; slty) opened iu 1813.
I'l LP
I   Cnnada hits the largest libit,',   pine
: acrcas on the continent,
:   Canada's loresi products totaled sn
I millions In 1003.
'I    Canada exported,  iu  Ml)., 38   mil-
- lions of forest product.
I   Canada has, it is estimated, a mil-
Choico of routes, nil mil via Stinuis  Hon square miles ol standing limber,
or 1  The Dominion forest ry braueh    dls-
g,    g,   m* Tt, ,      iriliuted over 3 million seedlings.
S. S. Princess Victoria | Br|tlsh coiumwa exi„,rts 120 million leet of lumber a year.
VANCOUVER TO SEATTLE   Cim"la ,ias ovor in0 pa|wr ,l"d p
Canada slands tenth in this respect
in the world.
01 this 1(111, 112 are pulp mills.
J    Their product  in  1003 reached |B,-
! 2111,(100.
|    Of this. 7f, i«*r cent, was exported
[chiefly to the United States.
Canada has the largest pulp wood
areas in the world.
Canada has set apart 12 million ><■■
Through Sleeping
Sunday       Wednesday       Friclriy
For full particulars, first class or I res In lorcst resorves.
tourist sleeper reservations, apply]   Canada has set apart 3,210,210 ar-
in local at.'i'iits or write
Canada In,. I",'.'"-.  Indians
Tlia, denreti ,-1 li)   :'.'. „. I8UI ovei
Value nl     tl •. , tn    prmluce, '1.
\ „l t tht u  li.limg and hunting,
m-i  iiumlml    and
ilni.iii'ii    attend
ttiis.'s earnen,  1"",
linn lind ., hall
Ni,,,- thou a ,1     •
Oigtlly-lllC       I,all. I,
_•.,» schools.
Two liuirlifil nn.l twenty one luilUn
youths an' 1m.ii i'. trades in iniiits
llial sclioois.
.'.tiia.ia spend   ' vis a y.m   on
Twin,, utne lia iisiuul ■■! tin' In
diai.s ,,ia Piotcsiaiiis, 3t,!U5 lloman
Catholic, 11,2011 pagans—uuislde ol
the la,  no,It,
'I'lia   in.liana   own   37,830    horned
slock a"'' 32.li.t.*, hoisi-s
RANCIllN'f   \M,   HtlttllATION.
Canada lias 100 million acres ..i
gut/ins iiiu.I In ,1,.' wasl
Twenty Ove Mai- ...t,. the catll,
trade ot the wi-sl  totalled 3ft head
81111,llllll  im,lunl-   ,,,,'  la,11   l.i.-lllt;   l„,a
lured i„ ibe Cnnadinn west.
liuc bai, ra llii- uumhel is cattle,
an,! tlia ns, sheep aial In.isps.
Tire   .uu Is   being   pastured    an
double llie in,nib., ol tine., veals aito
-.22,uuu head of cattle were seal lu
ttreat Britain m 1003 au Increase ol
lu:i,out, over 1002.
Cnnada exported ll millions worth
ol oattlc and sheep i,, luw
Canada lias all luld ... million eni
lie aial U lllllll..a horses.
2n.nno dlflerenl rnnehlng brands an
registered in Ihe Canadian wesi
i'anada has _4 annual roundups in
her ranching country.
The tlrsl carload "i cattle was shipped from ilia na-, in Issfi
Canada tuts aim miles ol trrigalinn
canals in Alberta.
These are mnde up ul WO dllTerent
canals anil dllehcs
The C I' It is building a l|ll!
mile irrigation ennal lietweeu Calgary „,„l Mc.li.iiic Hat,
'fins will rosl, ", „,ili
11 ail! reclaim 1. million acres nl
land a,„l make available nnotliet I.i
million acres fm ranching.
Tliis area \tlt"ti reclaimed will sup
porl a population of 500,tmo.
On,, hundred utiles of ll.i- new sy.-
tcip is ttiHlcr construclloii, irrigating
300,000 acres.
Till'.   I.AKIIKST   IN   rill':  '.01.1.1.',
According lo (lie best informed mil,
ing men, M'nidner, Idaho, has In tbe
Buni.cr  Uili  .v  Sulllvalt  tiic largest
ll-ail'SillC,       ,t,ll>!IU'Jt|a     mu,,,     j|| I;i,,
world. Tlia Broken llill mines ol
Australia produce mure, but the out
put is in.,,, several dilterent min."-,
while the Runke, llill ,,,„l Sullivan
output is from one mine and ..na oi"
body. In April Uns year 1 lie Hunker Hill produced nearly 5,000 tons ol
metallic lend nnd 200,000 ounces ol
Silver. Tlie Bllllkel Hill ,ias tlu'
lirst lead-silver mine in In- discovered
in tlm I'i.iici d'Alenes. While it is
not as rich per Inn us some ni the
later discoveries, it easily holds the
lead In the production uml aggregate
wealih. For the yen 1001 ,his ,„„■
mine made u. -.iris us much iu ua,
profits, according !,, sworn statements furnished the assessur, as the
four mines belonging lo the Federal
cnmpany The Federal people have
l.nu   nf ihe snai   mines nl   u„. ,||S.
tt'it'i,    ilu-   l.a-i   ,'h ■, Standard.
Mammoth and Tiger The nel i„„
liis .., Uus,' in,,, iii.n'K each ,,i ii-hieh
has a large concenl rating mill, nre
given olllclally a, ,1,1119,030; liie na,
proiiis   ,,f   lhe   Huiikei   Hill, having
one ,„  aial one null, une Suits,8,18
only S2:i(l,l(;s lass ilun ilia four Krcal
mines of lhe Fnleral etimpany. This
y.-ar il,, Ha,,'., i inn i„ expecled lu
surpass „H prcvlnus rceords,
T II K  111   ll   0 F
Cranl,tool, is llie hi'iuli|„n,'lcl'« oi the
Crows Nisi Pass Railway,
rtranhronk is the luisiuass lieadquar-
lers of lite lumber Indinrtrt of the
district, und rn,ue than 2_ saw
mills are within a radius of 25
miles,   uii u   dally capacity     ol
1,000,0(10   leal.
Cninhiniil. is lbe   business hendnuar-
Ifjs of 11,e milling ilutusll'l   ,,f  llie
district. Tim St. Eugene, North
Situ atfl Sullivan silver-lend
mines, the. Marysville smeller, the
historic P.rry Creek, Wild Horse
and Hull River placers, lho Baker
Mountain Dull River .uui other
rich ore deposits, arc all within
25 miles of Crnnbrook.
Cranbrook is lhc goveroment. head-
unai'tei's of the district'.
Cranbrook bus fine agricultural land.
.nil-: MARTIN hips ins PEN   in
II,,,,    Joseph  Martin, ..ne ..i    Die
brainiest  men ol Canada,  writes   11,.', 7  Br|n«   your   curtains   and
lOllnWiUg   l.'tl.'l     ,'■   lbe   News Aillal     f «_', , ,,
tis.'l :
T'o  lbe K.tilol  ol  lit
\ When You
^   Clean House
lit .tt till Uf|
liti-Uf. Ni>t
I   It)   -.Hit-   tu
ui.- rate m
111   t.l-C.lllHt-t-
Ni-ws .\il\
Sir,—I iin uui iimii. 'im' youi t'.ii
tin i.i! <>i iht- othei day, inking lllr "
appolntmwit of Sir Henri Jolj oi
lletttftnl-govcnior, will mwl witli ap
in..val Hiiii.sli Columbia is Ihe
onh province in Canmta leM in which
worn-otil .unl ttlscardcil pollllelans "I
othei proviiit'ts arc pul Into fai jobs
Formerly Hi.1 same course wns adopt
ni in ihe province of Maul lolm, bin
the pcnplo llieie would nol stand It,
and it ha.-; hoi been attempted f." a
long time.
1 cannot agree wiih youi praises of
ibe uri ions ol Sir Henri ns lieiltcn-
ant-governor here, Ta my inliid, titi
eoiitse has been a tirossly unconstitutional oiu1 He had only been in of-
fire a few weeks when lie gave an interview in a reporter al Winnipeg,
(liaising to the sides Mr. James Duns-
uiuir, who was then premier, Thi:-
praise wns un tloubl very pleasanl
to Mr. Dtinsmulr and to his friends,
but was scarcely so lu tin* Opposition
party. 1 have always understood
thai it was the duly of the lieutenant-governor nol to express any opinions wiih regard to members uf his
own government, or politicians of
any liin.l. Not km,.; afterwards he
committed hlmBolI to -a very lulsome
iiani'^yric upon Mr. Turner wiih regard to matters which had up to
'hat moment been ihe subject nf
heated debate in tlie house and nnl of
it. Thes'i' ofloiiecs wrre certainly bad
enough, but were trifling comipared
wltb iht- action in ennm-c'tirm wiih
ihe forming of a new government after the dismissal of eolnnt'l Prior. Sir
Henri .Inly called upon Mr, McBHde,
presumably because he was (he loader nf lhe Opposition In Ihe house.
That would have been a proper course
to have pursued 11 ihe situation ha.I
been the ordinary one of the government being defeated by lhe Opposition; it was, however, well understood ihal such was nol the position
At any rate, insti'nd of Mr. MeHri.li
forming a government from the Opposition, nl which he was tlw Itwk-r, he
under look and did form a Conservative government,
Thero was noUtlitg whatever to jus-
lify Sir Henri July claiming lhe
Conservative party to power al thai
lime. He was well aware thai both
parlies had declared in favor of pari)
lines. The government which had
been dismissed had as its head one
of thv leading Conservatives of lhe
province, and many nf the Opposition
in the hoiiM' wire members oi th.*
Liberal party. What justification
was there, therefore, for Sir Henri
■Joly bringing into power Um Conservative pally ?
I suppose ihe editorial to whieh 1
have referred and the many petitions
ihat are being signed by Conservatives asking tn have him retained arc
intended as a slight expression of
gratitude fur the ureal service which
Sir Henri rendered at ihat time to
'he Conservative party in this province.
The new government announced the
elections for lhe 31st nf October, The
Liberal Opposition made all its ar-
rangomi nis upon this basis; then,
withoui a moment's notice, lhe dat"
was changed and ibe elections were
brought on nearly a month earlier.
The result of this hick, whieh was
connived al hy Sir Henri .Inly, was
Uial the Liberals losl Uiree seats, if
nol more, wiih Uie result thai the
Conservatives not Into olllce, if nm
into power. Sir Henri July was
called upon hy the Liberal Opposition m Interfere and prevent. Ihis
outrage. He did not think il woi lb
while to even acknowledge receipt ol
UlC     letlers    that   were  sent    tn   Imii
wllh regard to Ihal matter.
Vour article points um thai su
llcmy .Inly has been a great success
socially, [l may be .so from the
standpoint of a corlpin clique. Even
in this respect Sir Henry .July has
departed from all Hie usages laid
down with rogartl to lhe arl,inn of a
lieutenant-governor in his social cap-
aclty. He has apparently overlooked
the fact that he in this respect is
not spending his own money, bui (he
money of the public whieh is provided
for that purpose. No one has been
recognized by the lieutenant-governor
in this respect unless he belonged to a
eprtaifl small clique.
rndec ihe above circumstances it is
not very surprising that there Is no
demand from members nf Uie Liberal
party in this province for a renewal
of the slate of affairs which I    have
iiiime described,
It is lb,- hope and wish, I believe,
of the Liberal parly at anv rale, and
, , ^Ij  think the public generally,  Hint   a
to thei north, south, easl and west ■ British Columbian should bo appoint-
Cmnbrpok's ,JI|S   office business Is ex-',,, (*   tIl|S b| ,,   ll(1 , .J,..
leoded by only five niivs In Brlt-:douM tliat a%iail Cil|1 |r(: miul whl)
will  redti m  the position and hy  his
G. Hillicr, Ajftni, Cranbrook.
J. S.  CAilTLJH,       K. .1. COYLK,
Ontarin ban set   part nMrly seven
' million acres as forest reserves.
fc.P.A., Nelson. A.G.P,A.. Vwcoavtf^    Quobw   faM   set     apart<   1,020,000
ish Columbia,
res in two Rocky Mountain Parks in   Cranbrook has   note line bouses Mian  ,.„„.,,„,,, cnn,, „„' lUp ,„,s,  ,ra,|i,i(,lhS
1      any other loan In llm district.     I „,    J,,.,..   , „.„, , ,
British Columbia. Crnnbrook is
in the largest  town .»r ,,s size in.
Canada, wllh „ people who abhor
a noun, but appreciate a pcrman-; Joseph Marti;
oni, .lead)' [;io\vt|i I    \ aucouver,  Jupc 3Ullt,  U00
.     te   1, ,.;,,; ii '"'   lbe ollic,,   Irom a   constitutional
■'    '' ""    ' "        "   "tandimlnl.
Yours Irnly,
carpets to us tor washing.
mt I' I'. K.mvnilh ' 7
No Chinamen employed L
Crows Nest i
Sleam Laundry 4
SLA Tilt & MM, Proprietors 5
^_r-. _
Prests Siudio
is full of now §
Wail Pictures 1
\ Silent Salesman ut*
tached to each. \mi
urc limited ie Inspect*
O 0
:tii'i ("i
nutrKtQK nm
uf Illl-lUtlU,
• 1111.1
■nit' il a t..l   I1.1   tine
thlillttll .'. ui'.,11 j, ,y lit
min r.i .inmil.ta.!...
I   .tll.l llll I if ..   COIlil illtf
Notioo is hereby given Ibat    aitci , Syaopsli ut Itciultttoas (ordlspaaal «i Mlo-
one iiiunth iiom tlie data ol tbo first erats «o Uummioo Until io Mamiiiba.
publication htieol applleatiou will be        n,: NarlkweitTcrriloriM lid ttie uut
made to Mis lluiiom  the Lieutenant- icrriion.
Oover  In-Couueil for Incorporation
us ;, city municipality under ttie corporate name ol Cranbrook, of the im-
iiicoriwrartcd Iw-olUj located in tbo
Province ol Uritish Columbia, described as follows -
Commencing .11 .1 point In lot
twenty-nine (29) Group One, Root-
in.iy District, in ttie Province of
British Columbia, whoro tho nor the t
h limit 1,1 11,nob! siivii, as shown
on a plan Mrd nt Ute land rojriitry
{olliee at \.lsnii. Urltlsh Columbia, as
I number six hundred iml sixty nine
im.it) prodiictd, -'like-, the southerly
Mmll nl ihr right-of-way of the
Crow's \i t Pn is Hallway, as the
sabl n.-.bt nl wav Is shown nn the
said plan niimbci (lllll. thence south'
wvaterlv along lhc halt! iitoduetlnn of
Un- northerlj lumi ol Harold Streel
.md nlnng 'he said northerlj llmll m
ll.tiol.l Streel 1.. Iho Interseellon   of
said 1 to 1 th M\  im r Harold Sheet
wnh ihe easteilj limil ot Lummleti
Avenue as shown on said plan 0(10,
thence southerly  along  lhe mild e.r.
lellv  Mile „[ sti.l   l.liuisiti-n avenue    In
Its intersection with Uie northerlj
hunt ot t.tlwatil Stiwl ns shown on
id pi.hi. Hi.in,- easier Ij along Uie
I noriberlj limit o| Kilwani Streel
with Uu- ens ter I j
llmll ,.1 N 11.'I*'-.' Ueiiue as shown
plan Rfittd, iil.d in Uh- wild Land
Rogislrv Office on ihe 2:1111 day of
Jnnunn ifioi, Uttnce southerly along
ly easicrly llmll of said
Kareis«;e Avenue as shown on said
plan iii1' lo lis Intersection wilb the
1I1 ih limn 1.1 lv.1M. streel as
hown on ihe said plan 08fl, (hence
westerly along ihe southerly limit of
Kn'n street as shown on sal<l plan
ftCfld anl nn lhe plan flllfle, and flCOb,
1 Land Registry Olllce
ion of said' Kaln
h ilu- northerly limit of
Van Hone Streel, thenee northeast-
r!y along Hip norlhweslrily limit -if
Van Homo Street lo Uie point
mmepcemi nt
11. T, Rogers,
W   K   flni',1,
I A. Harvey,
F R. Simpson.
V HeV. Himt.
1 T   Kin!;.
IV T, Keid,
1 D. McBride     111 it
ated ibis 2Sih dav of July, a 1»
..lUilUl.M- jf.u-i Uu.it Ilia ,i.i|,','l Hit-- .
■.It  yi-.tut
: tnl    IIMI
J.-1.1 i mi
JJycs   .
The f.
s c:
CI.u'llv ,
.:„ 1,
wear gla
ahotihl 1,
once era.
V   ,1. M
eye t-\]„
perfect .1
.     r.hissei.
:tr may be
0R\l)HATH opticians
Tatce notice that I, William Small,
of Cranbrook, intend to apply fo the
Hoard .ii License Commissioners for
Cranbiook district, al Ute first meel-
iiit,' held .10 days 01 more after the
first publication 01 this notice, Ior a
transfer from myself io Peter Matheson, of Uie lieeiise to sell intoxlcal
mg liquors at lhe Imperial hotel in
Haled  July  12,   1!)03.
11* -It William Small.
nro nil ricrlit w wntcli. Imt imt in
ili'ivo,    Tlm Imrst'S wt- ,.■'.' iu utir
art- Hrli'i'trd fur service ns well ns
show. Tliey tiro ^nod lively rotirl-
hUth Hint will eaiTv you snli'ly
thero umi buck, Fur p. drive or »
ride we enu supply ymi wiih a uooil
horse and 11 proxjur curHngo.
The ti.'inUtey Livery Stahles
IN    Till*:   COUNTY     t'Oi'RT    OF
kootenay holden at kort
Bel ween :
U.  J.  MARSEY, Plaintiff,
—and —
MAY   BLACK    OILLIKH  anil   J
\l.   ItlCHARPSON,       Defendant,
I'n Aha  Jllutl. (iillier, of Ciiuihlool.,
B. "C:
Takp notice llial a plaint has been
entered and a summons Issued against
\nu in ihe. above County Courl bj
W. J. Masspy, of Vancouver, II. C .
foi tbu sum i,[ Stfl5, bulng for goods
(Old and delivered, and an ordei has
hein made lhat Hut publication ol n
notice of  Un: miiv ol   Blicll  plflllll    In
ihe "Crnnbrooh ' Herald ' shall be
deemed lo h« service ol ihe r-uiiimnns
upon you.
And take notice Hi.it the time vi 111iiu which \ou shall he ut liberty to
eiiier a dispute to Ibis acllou shall
be within elghl day: altar lhc I7t.li
dav ol Atigusl  nest
J. F. Armstrong,
Dated at Cranbronlt, It C , this
_!.-,lh day ..E July, A.D . L005      IB li
Thirty days after dale we in-loml hi
apply iu the Chief Commissioner oi
Lauds and Works, Victoria, lor a
special license to ml, and carry awaj
timber from lhe follow iic; described
lands situaUd iu Souiheasl Kootenay :-
Commencing at a posl planted at
ihe south-east corner oi'L. CabiU's
rinibc*. License, Ihelien nitmliiR north
M) chains; ihence east 1(10 chains,
mora or less, lo a polnl due north
of ihe south-west cornel' of lot 5-16-1;
thenee soiit-h tp ssid sQiith-wesl eor-
11 1 of Iol 5-1(1-1; ihenen west lb chains;
Ihclice Solltl]
lice sixty days after date I
apple tn the 1 lun Uie Cbiel'
i;ouimissiouei <>r Land and Works at
Viciori,. i.ir permission to purchase
the following described land, beginning
ai a post .rn ihe east bank of Movie
river in ibe East  ICobtcnav district,
.1!   111.-   SOlltll   east   Col nel'   of   lot   7103,
marked u C. Si. Clair's .-..unh wesl
corner i ost; llience north 2i) chum-.,
Ihence «.is* 20 chains; thence south 211
uhaliis; thence west 20 chains, i..
point oi iifAiiiii'i^, containing -in
acres, mote oi less.
LO-Ot B   C. St. Clair.
\;thk Rtafion, June 25, U1D5,
Take notico ihat thirty days after
date we intend to apply to U'»* Chief
Commission! r of Lands and Works
fot a speulal license to cut and carry
away limber from the following described lands situate In Kast Kootenaj
District, B, ('., commencing at the
north-west corner of King Mercantile
( o.'s Soulh African Land Grant
(Trooper Hammond) running west so
chains*, south Su chains, east 8U1
chains, north SO chains, to point of
The Kins Lumber Mills. Ltd.
M, B. King, Manager.
> Vukun l.'iut.ii)
Ilf    U.-lllj,     .-Ml-,
lit ll.i
,1 have ,
IWO jfll
llU.lt o
t'.i^t i.i. .
ilCll H.til*.
UM Mi- p
) SJllllU .1
ei Mimui
Ut'lll.  Ill,
in Hit*. \
n.i, LifHM
l,; mil 1- i
u-a nl um
lOWeit   Iii
.rt-** imn
,-, ii n imn
i ii, ,<■
1-, ,,l iwo,
i,Bwj Ihi.
j.ul ■>
«liluii nu
I lit
ill ,'iV,'. i
i ..ll tllti
\*ml t
l.llltllC l
..... lb,
Iff  lllll,''!
Kit 111.-
Kllieu -.
<: liHUll U
it, ..n.i.
•li   r m
_„i«-n, ,,„
.1..  ail     a
„„o n,a,i
., U  Haa
,-,.a.|. a,
I i.iiull.liilu
UM ii.a.'l.u.,
...a „(..
...K-t ..a ia
illcll r.,iu _. UliO
,„I, ottlia MU.I.l.l ..I Hit, llll
, . it. ..my
I ...aa.'.llaa
.tilt] to tha
IMIltll 'l'.y
Thirty Jays rtltor iint« I nill cppl)
,o the Chlel Commissioner of Lands
an,I Wnrlts for a special lit'ins,* In
cut anil carry away timber Irom lha
following described lands: Commencing .tl a posl siuiiitt-,1 on ll,,' wesl
bank ot the north fork ot al It'll. I
creok, upposltc ll. McArlliiu's norlh
tvi-si cornel posl on lhc trail rttimlnic
to M. Melnnes' mine and running Bu
iliniiis no, ,1, aloiia hank ot said
creek; llitpco 8ii chains west; thence
hi, chains smith, thpnee mi chains east;
thence 2(J chains norlh in thr place
oi cninnicnccm, „i, containing Bid
,ii',,"., innre o, !,■ ■■:
17 :.l Vi.   II. (Ilt,'.,.n
Mil hi:.
l.l It:   I
irfcn thnt  siviy days alti-i
i.iiii to apply i" ii>.' chid
tllinla.Kll.ll  ill   lunula   iili'l   Works   to,
mission ,n piirchitKc ihu lolluvvlriii
M lllill     all.la   l|>   Soulh   Im'UM    1m„,M
■11,'iU.t     1,1      Ilu
 ui',   ill   I,,I   311,   11,1
chains; llienrii soulh
llience   wesl    I.., it     .
la ml. UM'i.l,  chaina  ,
.1   II,
1,.,'mI .1 ::7, lun.,.
snuil, west
,a cast tin lv
wt'iily ,'liiiinu.
lalli.',,        Ult'llt't'
i.i.,. .■ ..f   ho
,,'V Sliiplcs,
II 1,1
Noilce is   hereby given   Ibat  sixty
il.lts allal dale I in 1,0,1 In apply tu
Uiu  filial  I' iii-.siiill.l   ot  [.mills all.I
Works Im pel mission io purchase tin
loll..win. described l„n,l In South
Kasl Kootenai :„
Commencing at a post planted    a,
ll„-   nor 111 west   corner ot    lot  I'M,
chains, more or less,   ihence north    13 chains lo lul   Illi
thence west 7 chains to   the bank 01
Uiu Kootenaj' river;  Ihence follolvln.
It   c.   Southern  Itniluity.  thence
following right-ol-way ..I said II. C.
Southern Mnltwav In „ Bouth-wesler-,
ly ,li,c,'ii,,„ lit, chains, more or loss, 'saitl hank down Hlrcim to the puinl
o point ,,f comnit'iici'mcnt,  contain- nf cummericctueiil
ng B'lii acres, more ni less. " i„,„ac tvud
Tl„. KW Lumbei Mills, Ltd ,'"',"!s ""'''
I'.Y    UtilNtl
SliAll'l.l;, TOCOrtA
AM, .M.I. I'Al'll I,' I'l) I.N TH
St. .'mil, Cliicntto, New  Vork
.\M, Al I. I'DINTS I  t   I
,'hI.ih' .nil lourlit SleepcrR, Dtillrl   llbrnn
Cnrs, MoJi'ii, li.., tuini,...,  Dniini  tot,.
;Mml. u in Carlo,
ttrsi niiAi.s on wiiui'i.a
J   l-*ASTS'l'RAINS   7
m   lillst   nntl   Went   lllllll    *.
IplcUl .',.lil,,|,„, rnlf. ll,  W,„l,l', Inli.  -',|
lanli..      \,.n, .Iiul.i ..I runic
Kilt   ,!,„'.., lllllll I   lllll   ,  UIU,1,1.
,Ta.,liUi: ll'lpa, cull .a, it,liu.... ,
I. 'i  Vi'itki:,',, ii, i: i.n hi
■I   U'   I',   I. ,'   I'   ,t   I'    t
.-V.illl,, ,111   W. I(iv,',.|,|a   lv.
WiihIi. Spukiiiio. Wuali
Notico is hereby given that -.i-.iv
.t.iis an.a ilini' I Intend in iipplj lo
itic Cliicf Con,miss,,u„'i ..I I..in.Is an.l
Works for permission I., iitirctmst,
ilirit' luui.luii mul lui'iii! .a ns ui
nml in .Smilli Kasl Ki.hi.ii.ii , tl.-.
.'filitit as f.illiiws :—
Commoncing al a post |ilu(ilct| ill
ttie niiltll-wcsl I'olll.r ol to! No. f,',
ihence norll, forty elinlns aloim tit"
uitst boundary of lot unu.',, theiing
easl .sixty elinlns, more „r less, to llie
Wilt! Horse Creek, llience following
low,, tin- said stream to a poinl ean,
..I the initial posl, Ihi'iiii' wesl liu'!)'
hains, more ,„ lass, lo ilia pi,,,.',' ul
Ircgl lining.
Sarah I.a line Galbrailh,
Uatcd   at Kort   Steele,   11.C,   Gib
Dated July 2.lh, 11)115
la-5t     Dated July .id, H05,
15-nt    July, 1*05,
mmm_m^,mm_mm_amm_9m_,mh_.__M.a__a____,_,m___.___■mMM.M___>K____-M____lM.-MtttmMM■«.M.H*>M*"aM.MaMMn««aWMMWHnMHMW«HMaHMHH_M«HH_,M._. ^MM.aMW«WMaMMaMM«»£M.M.HMMM.B
fi*W QEac<J t_3_t<J L___aS_W_3E_raL__42_F__^E_P
_o_^r3_>i-l r ntSi 'Ji r-__. -f J^^r-fsr^r^t^J^r-CgJMt_i_ Jt
PARADE   AT   10   A.   M.
Best Union Float    .    .    .
Best Driving Team      .    . $ 5
Best Merchant's Float .   .
Best Draft Team    ...     5
Best Lumbermen's Float
Best Dressed Team      .    .     5
Union with best general ap-
Union  with largest repre-
*************** 4*4***4*************** ****i<-*********4444444
Winners for Wet Test 2 Cups and $50
Winners for Hub and Hub Race Cup and $25
The Harvie cup goes to winners of wet test.   Races to take
place after parade on Hanson avenue.
l_Ut____i__-uij__j_iiii__m_—ai •_ i     -*■«—* *   " —— •""     I ——_—————
Will be Mun from Every
Point in the District at
_m_M_m_*m«mh_mmmm:'.. ■___ _BB_M_—WW—_B_MW_W__>_W—_i _—i_M i____■———_——■
Come and Enjoy Yourself
Ilall mile dash, open, horse race
Hall mile pony race  114'   hands or
Indian pony race	
Squaw race    -
Chopping contest	
Tie making contest	
Sawing contest
Loading lugs	
First   Sec'd
$.0       $20
Drilling contest iopen only to niiuerl
ol East Kootenay)	
Running high jump	
Running broad jump	
High pole vault          .
Winning team, trap shooting
150 75
10 4
10 4
10 4
Silver Cup
100 yards, open $20 silver cup     $10
Half mile open       $20
Boys' race, under 16 years 	
Boys'race, under 10 years   	
Girls'raee, under 16 years
Girls'race, under 10 years
Union men's race, 100 yards, 20 to 35
Union men's raee, iii tu 45 years
Old men's race, over 45 years
Fat man's race, 2(10 pounds ur over
Pulling lb pound shot
Tug ul  war, ou  cleats,  IU men on
team, open to East K-outcnay 35
No second prizes withoot three entries
$1200 IN PRIZES $1200
J. P. FINK, President H. WHITE, Secretary
S* M'DONALD, vice-ch'R'm
VICE-PRESIDENTS: J. F. Huchcroft, William Oliver, G. A. King, Robert Findlay, H. W. Drew, I. H. Wilson, J. Austin, A. K. Leiteh, F. Becker, I. J. Baxter, Glen Campbell, Samuel Speeis, R. A. Fraser, Oliver
Burge, N. Hanson, E. C. McPhee, Thos. Young, George Leiteh, Thomas Moran, W. W. Tuttle, C. C. Farrell
£i£S_f THE  CUANBROOK    ItfctUl.O
Cranbrook Presbyterian Church.
Sabbath Services, 	
  11 .1 r.   ai !
Sunday School ,v Bible Clot
Christian Endeavor, T n
The public aro cordial 15
atU'i.d al) tha meetings.
Pastor, tt. 0. W. 1 , rtun , It.A.
Craiibriiuk Methodi ,1
Corner ol ttansun tvenuc and I "'■
Sunday* Services :—
Divine Worship 	
Sunday School 	
Divine Worship .   .
Tuesday ;—Epworlb  t.ee
Man Endeavor
A cordial invltatl.
the public.
.1   1'   tVestmau
Cranhraat II,; till
The following il   .. I
vices held In the Baptl 1
Sunday   II an,, a, I
Sunday School 	
Youns Peoples
Prayer  Hooting ... - p
The  pulilir   nil'   a,
attend all  tl,,' rue. III,
Past, ,, J
**•:••., .,,,, . '. ."»-.". ,.,,.„>,i., ... ■>,,.".'♦
* is no-v located i'i  li I C
9 able and atttacl -
* ters in the Wat!    — J
\ This institution is fust
• d.itc and ts mod rnl
I to do just the best
f branches of the tonsori
^1 »■,>»»■ tn>inii»m
1. •
i TISDiV.-: j
confectionery itm
tiro tht* agents ho
mous Ot.   I
•uit w 5
0 mous  u.    li,    i if. uial   ■   ■    f
i well known by till  lovers t»l {
d    BWOPtS.
made sn nfi to  hi
f  lutt fresh Klnri:
TH '
Formerly Hotel I hair
NELSON,   I;. C.
B. TOflPKINS, Manager.
I'h'ta hotel is one
British Co limil, iu
in every respect.
sa,ulil. rooms.
ot the besl   i
mil   up-to.i]iil
,:. lown yes
•     m , .,..'.,,,;
ute still talk
house    1
1 '.,„,.
, ,  n trued trnm    »
HI I (,    IM...     a
:        '
, "...      mmi .a.. ».is at
id ■
■    , Itll   ! M     IMM
:    I'illl'l    1    I 1      ,
of th   ... ■,.
■ ret,      >'
.■    u    I,
nil   ■      ly anil Ihi ll
I 111      H   Walker, span,
...        ,.,..    ,    11,:
lerdaj   in:l  will    vlsil
I ,,  mi,  days,
:,   1    an attrnctlv,
[il le    glass
II la:    bus  the al
: v.;:,  1. 111 be hon ■
' , i Imn   I.      a  v;i,
,        .    ..a       : ''   ,,;    Lla
tl, Man itlflil is In llm   SI
...   an I u
:,',.'!     Kill
1     •    ■       ll. 11. Kin?, V-.  I), lla
'     , ,    :   ',   1 , "mil    ai
,   a   I     i.ernteu a
,    I .ii    a :.    t excel
;    ,   :.:.■  '.'Mai.  Illi,
.fatly a]i
.'!        ■ '■
IVill,lllll   t'rui loll  iH   in ilaj   It.
n.l ai  Sp. nccs' Bridge,
,1      :...;. rnlivc pual
Un  1 , .mil,     tin
eontr, cttus.
■  ,   ■    ol  Ihe ,',  I'.  I!
liula)     ■  'iia new ..ll'n',-
Tli sa ntllces
i . ■,   mmi  ' .1 lor Iht
.11 1  : m      uii 1     nf ll    Rial)
fi      'Ml     ll,     it It'll
mil    hail  si,uiu    lais   , Ing   a'
I, only last;ll „ law niinulei
and    il, is leered    lhat cunsitlerablt
loiu, lo ilia launina crop.
Hev.   v.. Iman, ol   lhc   Methodist
hiirch     .■ ,       i  turn Irom Manitoba
1.   '    :   '".I,,,   an I    have charge of
I     ':■■■■ '  a party    to
Hi ' Ilu      i    ■ )  lor an outing. Th.
part)    ivas   in.. In up ol    Mrs. Tate,
I ich rds, Miss llaus     ul
, ,     ,   Iol a.   alls.   Im   la.   Silltp
1, .1, lit      . Vi. J. Atchisnn   and
RECLAiMiNo kootenay
Hoiitnrs Firry  Herald :    W. J.  Kr>-
b.'tts, siipt'iintfndent   ol construction
iol ihe Spokiine a. International Rail-
Nanalmo,    II.   C, July St.—"It Is\v_jt |8 interesting hlmsell la tho  re-
lion nl   lho Western     Knel oiamation ol the overflow lands in the
.,,.,..,..  not ,.. reopen No. 1    mine Kootenaj Valley.    Thla Is important
,1 ii:    a. balance ol ih,- yi-.u,   mulIleotii fwo material standpoints—first,
ii.it then unless conditions u«>w cxist-lj^, Roberts' Judgment as an engineer
11   .1    materially altered."  So said |g worth  a great   deal, and, second.
11,, aiat.'ii.li'iu   Sloilt'tt   to-day  when
.,,.:"■ 11....-t..-.t ..n the strike situation. II
1 .,! ,. made  good H   "''I re
sult   lit b-mi'lu,'!.)   ul   at   least   tlllv,^
be has the ear ol the financial publh
Mr. Roberts  is a man who   doali
with big enterprises.    There are mil-
lioits m the Kootenay Valley reelam
„f   the    Nanalmo   busmess tttlon projeot ami il attracts an engi
!,.,.,       'la .losing up of man)' uisti- tun of Mr. Roberts' ttbiliiy.
ami bringing Urn ens en   lhe|   There ate 160,000 acres ol overflow
lan.ls 111 the Kootenay Valley,    li is
: J. Edgar Davis |
BRICKLAYER and        %
,       Furnace, Boiler,
, and Fireplace work 1,
A Short Drive
From Victoria
People of South East Kootenay who visit Victori.i should
not fail to visit Goldstrcam. -/'
It is the tourist's paradise.
Boot and Shoe Maker
Hanson Avenue
Opposite Mc\rtliur's Second-Hand Store
If you have feel that Btoro shoes
won't fit nice antl easy, give ir.e n
trial. I have had a large ami varied
experience in England ami Canada.
Or if you have a pair ol old shoes
that arc nice uml easy, bui arc gel
ting the worst lor wear, don'l throw
them away—lirinR them to me and I
will fix them for ynu, so tliat you
can be comfortable ihis warm weatb-
■ja Repairing Mcall) utid Prompt I) Done
fur il..' c '■■■ I - nml Joiners, came
uver from t'ali ary lhc first ol tin
week 1 n.l v ill remain until Saturday
when he will hold a meetlnp
in Patmore halt fur lhe purpose of acinic Intel, sis ol the order.
(i. in ral   Superintendent    Jamieson
"' pr from Calgary thla week In
1 private car   accompanied hy Mrs
'i and   .ilss   Jnmlcson,    Mr.
■ ; Janiiesi ii returned on Wed
n   day bui   .Iii - JamieBoii    remained
and  lo lay   uith   .Miss Wilson joined
l :. eampii g pal ty al Moyie.
Lhc lime o!" the year    thai
-   '     1    >"m. in the woods should
11 '■■ re when lca\ ing camp
•will I    nu danger     ol
I. ■ '   yeai   there was an
ol ■■:.!■. age resuli.ni
. it 1 ninny of tlicni
arelci  nei . of prOpli
Dr. Di 11       /        1. nl Jollel, rils,
1 La     in   Itoyal.       Tlu
ph;  it Ian iu liis
■ ; er of years agi
in propi rty up Ihr
tie | 's valley,     lie visited    I hit
■ ■ 'i 1 ion five j ar, ago mul   litis   year
ought hi     on    al ng   In enjoy   a
an ;.l   lhc in-,1.,;i,■; nf    ih,
t. M ry's valley.
R   H nttj    wan   badly   jarred
hllo working on  thi
Idilion   I Kuyal llolel.     Hi
was rn. .1   -i "l! an l  i tar ted to move
pi Hr    mOVOtl    tlill'
;  . ; ! one   ol Iih  men mo* ed  Uu
■   1, ml  Mi    I   alt]   without     Hi,
letter's   knowledge,   and   when   Mi.
Beattj    ■ ippi d hi c i bo b und nothing
but July air to hold the weight    ol
'.   a remit I lie went down
eel   and landed headfirst
In   a   nail     keg,     I Io   gol   several
■ I.. i'i. . ,ui I n kink in his neck that
JS not mi!  ;., 1.
li. II. Walker and wife, nf Rhino-
land 1, v 1 . are lhc guests nf Mr,
and Mrs, W. T. Reid. Mr. Walker Is
a brother ol Mrs. Reid, and is a lawyer, enjoying a fine practice at his
I-.     Since Mr. Walker is a resld-
'.eit.' »l ruin
Uii, nm: in the l.n.ii'luii mlno, lhc
-nllieiy toiiipauj will rtrplvc appll-
,-,,-■ im nun :-. up to tt'wliitsday,
and ii .,-.■. li ..M, I., n-curi'il lhe
:; .,,:>. innii w.ill i.'Miitif operations
IhttiK.lay. OthiHwlNi*. it !*• report-
1 |f ii,.. 11 hie will be i.U"-i ftltli i-ool'
'Hi - \\. ,1 rn l-'-'t ration ol Miners,
whuse nu mli 1 hip -1" a aot exceed
11 \pt».i in day in return to work.
The 1 in "1 Min*.' Workers, with ;•
.,, ui ■ rship -1 ■"". and v ith whom
lbe ■ 3 .■ with Hm rulllery company
in narrowed down to a straight
;: ,,.,- ,;. | .! [„n, are still trfulur-
,.i,- ii 11,,v. 1 11 ains lo he soon ii
tbe wesli in fid ■vktlon can must-cr up
.Miiii.'iiiit. force lo opernto collieries,
in which even! .1 clash between lhc
two unions Is feared.
i.Ki'.iiu  ihe tedgo.)
The rooms aud  restaurant in    the
Royal lloUl   have   bern (pinrantlned
1 wing t.i im outbreak nt diphtheria.
After the hit; fire last week the oil)
water supplj was like bean soup. Ii
was slimy and yellow, nnd had to h
iuj-Jpcd with a spoon in order tu bring
appreciation.     None used it on thcli
Torn Rookos packed up .ill his din
monds and while there was little
danger lie made it a point to ■■><'<
thai every guest was wide awake.
Tom uii.'Lin uevot lust his smile
Ills hotel has steel plates on the out
W. C. Hamilton bad $18,8»fl wortl
0! goo.ts iii his s-torc. lie packed
up Borne ol the most valuable, tht
in j never gol within scorching
distance of his line establishment.
Wm. Ksehwlg states that his losi
Is tas.OflO and the insurance $0,000
He has already comnu-ncwl thp l-oii
sl ruction of n 1 ■ ■ i_-1* and stone hot-el
building upon the Northern site, and
opened n bar in the old 1'holo sUi.Uu
in.".! io the Waldorf.
It is estimaled thai ihe damage n-
the Waldorf hotel and lhe furnltun
liitintis, etc., will amount Ui $-1,0011
Thomas I'ogue, lhc lessee can hardly
estimate his luss.     Liquor was stol-
n and n Iol wasted by the laps ol
the barrels being turned, while Ih,
indirect loss will he greater than anything else.
Last night the Sherman and Piatt
company presented "Moths" a'
Wentworth ball lo a fair sized audience. The pint 6f the play is Interesting and the east of characters displayed ginnl discrimination. Hayden
Stevenson, the lover ot the unhnppj
princess, did nut have a part as prominent as his many frit rids in Cranlirnok would like to have seen lilm
assume, but hi- made a mosl pleasing
impression, nevertheless, Miss Ward,
was as charming as ever in a role
Ihal possessed some wry dilllcult
characterizations. J. J, Kennedy
was ilisplcablo as the smooth, crattj
prin. e. and Miss Cornyn maintained
her position us a favorite. The others had little chance in last night's
play, hul all made the besl of the
parts taken. The cniiipany will appear again to-nighl, ami are worth
the liberal patfotUMje of the people n!
Cranbrook.   •
A Kansas paper thus speeds the
departing hence of onr of ils prominent citizens: ' Deceased was a mild
mannorcd pirate, with a mouth for
whiskey and an eye -for boodle, lie
nunc lur.* in iin; night with another
man's wito and joined Hio church at
the first ehanco. Me owed us several
dollars inr the paper, a huge meal
bill, ami could he heard praying six
blocks away. He diet, singing,
"Jesus Paid H All," and wu think
he was right, us be never paid anything li tinsel f i He was burled in uu
asbestos  lined collln,  and  his     many
oni  ol
Wisconsin a
,1 a  lawyer,    he
must 1
a   1.    ['"I  III ii
n.     Politically he
is a ,1.
<• Ids brother ts a
mm  '1
ii    ..1 tl  a   '
rong supporter ol
"1   ol
ll     ..     ■
or  I., tolli ii
..:.   a lhe 1
l, Ilia must l.ill;-
niiail States former wlm believes
lla'   1  I
II .1 Slates
Senate nn.l Is     a
1     lull   Ol
I'.iit   a,ul rugged
.    Mr. Wul
at   is   |,l,'U.S,'il   with
aii... pi
ll„,   all
ii ol r.u,a,i
natc    „,  Hi
.iml Ih,nils thai
- banana belt     Is
conceded thai this land, Irom Its
great fertility, is easily worth ttOO
an acre, when reclaimed, ii figures
out, therefore, lo be n ll5,U00,0tia
Mr. Robcrl-s has had his ultontion
directed to the subject more [urtleu
lariy trince becoming latereeteil in the
Spokane -.v luteiuatumai Rallwav,
He reasons that if this land, i ..w
worth but a tew dollars an acre as
wild meadow land, could oe -sava-d
ii.mi tis annual Inundation, and made
t_ be Worth $ll»0 an acre, the \tJle)
wuuld be filled wilb peuple ami would
bo teeming wnh agricultural Industry,
nils wuuld mean big revenue Ioi thu
Spokane A I it tpr national. Ho has
given lho subject a goud deal oi
tliuu-ltt and investigation, ami already has plans for Its accomplishment, IU* believes that much maybe accomplished by widening lhe -ml
rows at the outlet ot Koolcnay Lak*«
This could be done, as he says, without interfering with lhe water powei
at points lower down. lie would
wiih n the channel two, three, font
or live times its present size at Uie
narrows, as might be required, this
he believes would allow the water to
ilow out nl the lake as fast as it ran
in, instead of allowing the laku to
Iill up, causing a hack Water for miles
up the river. Willi the lake remaining at a normal belghlh, there would
lie a good current between Bourn r.-,
Ferry and the head. The watei
would run of!, instead of the river and
lake becoming congested, causing an
overllow. As to expense, It would
not bo greal compared to the magnitude nf the results to folio* success
.Mr. Roberts states that all the earth
to lit moved can be handled by steam
shovels, the composition being most-
It sand and gravel.
In this connection it may be of interest lo Know that Chas. G. Reed
er, nf Spokane, who is probably the
largest individual land owner in lhc
Kootenay Valley, has purchased the
land ou both sides of the narrows sn
that if the capital can he secured t-o
itmltrlal-e the work, tliere will be
nn question about the right to cul
ihe land away.
The capital necessary to accomplish
the wiirk may be supplied largelj
through the agency of Ute Canadian
Pacific Railway and the Spokane iS
International Railway. Mr. it.,
bouts, in discussing the subject wilii
the Herald, stated that Mr. Corbin
would bring the mailer to the attention of the O, P. R, and Invite joint
When these great companies become interested in such an enterprise
results may be expected. Great
would be the Koolcnay Valley if it
overflow lands could be reclaimed.
Very fi-w* people have a proper conception of  Ihe vail amount of business   transacted    in  tho    Craubrook
poKtolTlcG,       l h *    growth    of Cianbrook ami  tlie dislriel   tributary    to
his town has been -.1 rapid that ihe
business nf  the posliiRlcc  has    gone
ahead  by  leaps and   bounds.     Some-
times the people o|   Cranbrook    are
Inclined lo Hnd fault wiih some delay
in ilie olllce, but ti they   would stop
to consider    tbo volume ol buMne
transacted, the) would be inclined
be mine charitable. And as a rule II
is   lbe  weal   thai   has   lo Millet    limn
in.iiiei'.i.iti'   postal     facilities as  tho
Maid   department    al   Ottawa   aro
loath In more   loo   last in   rapid I j
growing   towns,    a*-  ihey    have had
some   experience    with      mushrooi
places      Pui K   I.   Urutlic, lhe nosi
mnstei      hns   iwvri let up in bis e
ii.il.. io    Bi'cura every facility     t,
expediting the business in the oflici
ami   has   inVCBlcd    li.ii.'li 'ni   his     o\\
money  tn improve the conditions, 1 lo I   '-v   f*
has piol.ably as   ellleleui  a stall  a       SB
i.  postofllco in tlu-     m
McKay, a lad)   "i'   >;
Fire Insurance
We write snr-
I iluu    linen   nt
Lloyd's,   I -
iimi'.  Endnnd,
Phoenix Pioneer: At last thi
word has arrived to proceed with the
construction of the V., V. & E. railway west from Midway, and that
little town is now beginning to be the
scene uf unwonted activity. Patrick
Welch, partner of J. W. Stewart, who
has had the contraci for some time,
as stated by the Pioneer, received
telegraphic advice in Spokane last
Monday from St. Paul, and at once
started fnt; this section with other
Spokane contractors, arriving here
Tuesday evening, and proceeding al
once to Midway with his lieutenants.
Mr. Welch was back here Wednesday,
leaving the next morning for Seattle
mi business connected with the contract, and will return next Monday.
With the shut being made on the
construction of the V., V. A E, wesl
from Midway, also comes the news
this wecK that work Js being begun
on the grading of tho .Midway A Vernon railway. To add zest to lbe
situation it only requliis llial the C,
P, R, begin work went from Midway
—as many think il will shortly.
Thursday evening one ol the McLean
brothers, railway contractors of Vancouver, arrived un the (ireat Northern, and staled that he would at once
stall on the Midway A Vernon line,
ind Inquired where he could secure a
Mends threw palm leal fans into the lot ot t(.aII1S( eU,     j,c sUu.d    n.at
'iSjthc line was nut being constructed by
grave, as he may need tb
tombstone will he a resting
hool owls."
The Fernie Lcdgfl, which reached
here to-day, contains lhe announcement   that ft. T.   Lowery, Uie pro-
ibe 0, P. It., but Independently    of
[that company.      Whether only sulli-
Ici-mM work la to be dune to hold  the
STOCK FLOTATIONS charter, or whether construction will
Km nislied by   Bcale A El well, Hrok- bo prosecuted in earnest through    to
irs, Cranhrook, Vernon does not yet appear.
Maicoiii Wireless (Canadlan),$ 6,00
Marconi Wireless (American). 0,00
Detorrsl  Wireless Telegraphy..,   2.50
North   Star     , U7,
St.  Blugene      .45
Rambler Cariboo  ,. .     .22
Western Oil A Coal  18 1
International Coal A  Coke ...     .21 [prlelor, has snld the paper to D, V.
Sullivan  URj'Moti, who   will organize a company
  ilu    lft'ie   over   "lL*   propeltj.     Mr.
j Lowery says that lie will go 1q N*el-
NOTICE. son and revive the monthly formerly
I, the undersigned, A. J'. Chennette, known as Lowcry's Claim. Mr. Molt
jitend tn apply for a transfer of my  is n(jfj a newspaperman, but he is   a
S Junction, .o-aL  MerooLat husllet ar,(l shmild be ablfi to make
the nexl mcotlng ol Hit: License Com-, the   paper go.      The name   will be
missloners for Cranbrook district.       changed to the Ledger.    Nothing as
A. P. Chenette.   I to the policy under the new manage-
Cranhrook, July tlth, 1005       19-4 ment has been announced.
ii be found n
wesl.        Miss   K
several years experience In postbfil
work,  has chame ol  lhe money mil
department, and Miss Tanhauser has]   ^.
charge of the general delivery.   Tu1.'1   '
June as a tmsis upon which to esll-
mate the   business of the  ofiloo   and
one   finds figures   of a startling na
ture.      There    were  107,000 letters
handled   during   that monlh, and nn
average of four   sacks of papers    a
day. '    Thore    wero  1,300 registered
letters, and 450 money orders    made
out.       The office    also redistributes
mall for Bayard,   Marysville,    North
Star,  Klmberley,    the Mission    and
seven oiltces on lhc Windermere  stage
line.     Cranbrook. postoflice is doing
more business than the office at  Kernie, Rossland, Revelplokc and    other
towns of thai size, and there is only
one in the Interior that exceeds it In
the volume of business transacted
Mother Antoinette, of Montreal,
Mother General oi Catholic hospitals
and schools, is iu town to-day inspecting the St. Kugene and ihe Mission school. Mother Antoinette is g
great traveller, au.L Is now uiv her re
turn to Montreal after visiting the
different Institutions in Alaska, British Columbia and the Peace Rivei
country. During the trip she rode
over OOO miles by stage on one pan
of her journey, She was snrpns. :
io sou th'.' grmvih uf Cranbri)...
..ince she was here six v.-.ti-- a u
when she visited Cranbrook to .nu!
orizc tho building of the St, Eugene
hospital. The various schools and
hospitals under her Jurisdiction have
r.uv.l for thousands ol iinforiunates
s-lnee she bas had charge and d irtng
alt  thnt  ii   in the wild rn -•■ and
In civilization, the doors ol th «e
places have always hern open, und ho
questions asked of an; applicant a-
tn whethet th.? sufierer tin I moiwj oi
John Hutchison & Co.
SJbat Bo Vou Slant?
Wn hnvo it if ii m in lhe genoral
liaitlwuri.' line. Thnt is one beauty
about our immense Block, We meet
tin* needs of iht* people, both in
goods, quality uud prices	
♦ gog®@®
4 vv y-f
T «   _■__»  '-<
11T o <
; n     117«
wastes liis
money ou
wliteli is
poorly printed
on poor stock
Hot Crazy
bm Is
using poor
All work
turned out
first class
do not wear clothing turned out rjy
the thousand. They want tlhjli apparel to hel..ng (o them and show it
for the best dressed men in the town.
Tbey woulitn t think of going elsewhere. They have a ceason, of
'course, We will tell it to you il you
will call here.
..._ m ^^
'$ A Mark oi Relmcmcnt. \0?MJ
Cleanliness of person is one of the
<4&„&.tf) m°~: c,'-,'*'n'-*"'»''■'"!'  mar'ca  "'' rcfmun-ient,  and
''''**'■'''■$"    /' commamJ.1 at all times the highest ra-jicct,
wrV-*' *» -.*               t   r        *    -i  *
. yr-fti t1!6**!  In   promote  clcunlmcss,   ins'a.1   in   your
■.'   j(i. *-.;. sleeping apartment nr dressing urnm .i snowy-
I'/l, [iv''^ wliitCi one-piece  "^tttndji'il"  Porcelain Enam-
I   iiJlH    * * eled Lavatory, provided with un abundant Ilow
..-;?.'.'   ' of hot and --il.i running water.
\ - ►jlfj    " Oi.r plumhers arc skilled mcchat
_■*-.-' tfltisfactory Work.     Let ui  quote
Plumblna,  liuoliiiii,  Beating and V'entlliitlng Bnglncphi
'** It l
Include everything Hint appenls
to llii; critical in music, mill lu
those wh.• know ilm nnture of piano construction. A Uiir.1 ul u
century im* lirmiy 'entrenched
them in tlie hearts ol Ihe people
,,l Cm,ulu. Before purchasing see
mason & Rlscb Pianos
C. li. Keid & C,,., Agents, Cranbrook        ,t ,
J. (I. Wlilleacrc, Western Manager,        jji "...
It,,. 1,15 Ni'l.lill
j m
Wl,..ksalc aud Krlall
I'resh and Cured Meuts
f-rcsli   I'lsli,   (lame  and


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