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Cranbrook Herald Mar 22, 1906

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e> y
4***********4 ».♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
The Office Of The
Cranbrouk, has been Removed to the
North-Bast corner of Baker and Cranbrook Streets.
F. C. MALPAS, Manager
^H,H„HI„<„„„„, n ,,* ,,„.., ** ****** ********
C { VM J t  OOK, 15. C. 1
4 Capital Paid Up $3,900,0110.        Reserved Fund $3,900,000. J
£ Total Assets uver $39,000,000 S
R. Jalfray. Vice-President _
$ D. R. Wilkie, President.
j *
j Branches in Provinces of British C-iliiinbin, Alberta, Sas- *
katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec .
Interest allowed on Saviugs accounts FROM  DATE OF DE- S
POSIT at current rates .ind credited hall yearly. {
$ J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      J
9- -*_,
Will -Sell
5 roomed dwelling on Cranbrook St. for $550.
Payable $200 cash and balance at $7.50 per month
until paid
 ,    m
A Watertnaji Idf.il Fountain Per. We have
just received a fresh assortment of these, and
would be pleased to haw you call in .ind try the
points. Also received a shipment of Dainty
Broaches, Stick Pins Etc., which .ire the newest
work of the Jeweler; .ut       J*       *        J*        J*
»»»0»->»<t»>i»\^^.<'tK^*K*<'» «K^f
for Spring Suitings, Trouserings and Rainproof Overcoatings. Newest specialties In
all lines j* .< J.* „■*
The cily council   mot last evening
ami eaeli im-m-lier and Hm* iii.iv«>r werr
present, Tin- proceeding! started
00 Willi Die usual laek ol enthusiasm
111 evehement. A lew spectators'
were present, mon as a means to
kill time than anything else, and did.
nut Dipnoi to get BUOb lull value Ior,
their money.
Tlie    hal]      started    rolling      wlien .
Mayor Rogers called up the petition
ut the ladies who had visits thfl
ciiiiui'il chitmlH'i a week ago and de-,
llvcred addresses advocating the clou* I
ing ut the hotels on Sunday and the'
removal nl tue bouses ol ill-fame. The!
iiiaym said that the police commission was composed ol two members,
wilii himself as an e\-ollicio mt-inher,
anil the Iwo appointed members could
not agree on the hotel question. As
it was Impossible to secure Mie opinions ol all of tht. people, he thought
that it would be well to secure th
opinions of the aldermen, as tliey
had heen elected to represent the
people. This proposition seemed to
meet with the approval ol the members of the council. Alderman Tisdale moved that the law be enforced,
which was seconded by Alderman
Qreer. Mr. Ityan spoke flrst and
said that he thought that it was a
mistake lot the council to take this
mattei up at the present time. He
did not believe there was any necessity lor it, There was no trouble in
town and there had not beeu any for
long time.
Alderman   Jackson
said that    he
\ Free Economy ii\ Glasses
The truly "economical calculate the relation of
the cost to the', result, Considering Unit uur
Olawes givejperfeel Bighl they are Indeed ti
WF    Tflfp *   Cntl    —JKWEI.'BB8 AND—
.  1*.   1 aie CC _>On, qiuotjate opticians
Official Watch Inspectors, Oro-j-s Nest Pass Division, C. P K.
took the same view of the mailer as
did Alderman Ryan.
Alderman Murphy said that his
views were the same as those expressed by Aldermen Jackson and
Ryan. He knew by making Inquiries
that there would be many people who
would not come to. Cranhrook if the
hotels weie to close their bars early
Saturday night, and lie had got thai
information by making many !tu|uiries
un Lire toad. If the hotels were
closed ihe men would not come here
hut would go elsewhere to spend their
money, not only for liquor but fur
goods as well.
Alderman Tisdale could not agree
wilh the three who had just spoken.
He thought ihat the men would come
to town to buy goods, but that after
got/ting a few drinks they would spend
all  their money  for whiskey.
Alderman Jackson said that the
reason that so many men quit going
to Fernie is because that town has
adopted the closed policy, Cranbrooi. had a good class of hotel keepers who were disposed to do whal
was right. If it were otherwise he
would probably have a different opinion on  the subject.
Alderman (ireer, speaking on the
subject, said:
It has been understood that the
council had no right to interfere with
the hotels. I have no desire ito
cinch the hotels or drive business
away from Cranbrook. All I ask is
Uut they abide by the law. If tlie
council has nothing to do with this
mat ler, what are we Incorporated
tor?     What  is the law for/
Alderman Kink saitl that just at
this time he thought that it'was inadvisable lor the council to Interfere
with the hotels, although it might
In- later. He was of the opinion
thai after the houses of prostitution
had been removed from their present
location that- there would he less
trouble from liquor than there was
now, and he did nol believe that there
was a  'own in tlie west the size   of
anbrook that bad such a good
id in tins respect,
Alderman Qreer wanted tho opinion
the city solicitor as to tbe right
ol the council in tlte matter.
Alderman Ilyau asked if tlie council
had any business to interfere with the
matter at aii. Continuing Mr. Ryan
said: "Now, your worship, you
have asked us to express ourselves,
WO would like to bave your worship
express himself."
The mayor reviewed the situation,
explaining why he had asked for the
opinion of Mie members ol the council, saying that some were of the
opinion that he favored the movement inaugurated by the ladies, and
some thai he favored thc hotel men.
Mr. Ityan—Hut will you give    your
The mayor -sad that sometimes on
some questions Ihat was a difficult
matter. In the various talks he had
had wiih different peoplo, according to
some statements made to him, it
might be a good idea to close the
hotels on Sunday, while according tn
Statements made by others, it might
be a detriment to the town. ,
Alderman Jackson—Your worship,
that looks like straddling   the fence,
Mayoi  Rogers—Not at all.
Alderman Greer—l don'l propose to
net as informer, If the hotels nie
lefl open I eau stand il. I won'l
report on ihc hotels personally, 1
believe that, for all concornod It
winilil be a good thing to close lhe
hotels on Sunday. 1 want all to
understand that I am out and out
and llat footed in favor of closing
ihe hotels on Sunday.
At Ibis stage ol the proceedings
the mayor rillod the motion oul of
order on lbe advice of the city solicitor.
The motion as agreed upon and the
opinion of Uio city solicitor are as
A motion in any way regulating
the hours of opening and closing
hotels is out of order, being beyond
the powers ol the council, therefore,
the motion as put "that the hotels
Iw closed according to the Act
out. of order.
This does not mean that a motion
could not be put "that in the opinion
of tbe council the police should en
force the provisions of the Act,'
which would of course, be in order.
After this Alderman Greer asked
the Herald editor to publish the facts
of the meeting so that he would be
placed in the right light, as be hail
>■-       isp-fli
Phone 4
II. >■
? V   f. 1
i-fct.O   1 Ntf-
Wc make a specialty of Miners' and
Lumbermen's Supplies.
We have had lots of experience in
packing supplies so know just what is required and how to pack them.
Our goods are reliable so that you can
rest assured that when you reach your
camp you will find everything just right.
Your money back if you're not satisfied
Phone 4
of [jUUc
111 I sed Ii
■ lintels,
t Ii.i
; he was willing
.now where he
1, Inn he was
nal publicity.
; probably
lived fo
received Uw support
ber whom he had pn
influence to close tli
Alderman    Ryan
did not   want "his
not that he cared, f<
to have the people
StOOd in any   quest n
not looking for pots
And that closed what
one of the most inter©
ol tlte council
lieen incorpora
Tenders were reci
enger work from K. Slcwni 1 1
Mi-Lain, hm as they were no!
same basis they wen- reterrj i
to the health committee.
A vote was taken f.ir health office
resulting in  four votes
nelly ami  time    for  il
mayor voting.
By direction of the council the five
and police committee were authorized
to purchase o( A, C. MeKciwiy, lliii-
Ish Columbia manager ol lhc Gutla
Perclia Manufacturing company, what
hose and reels were necessary for the
fire department, Acting on Utcso
Instructions the committee with
Chief Bradley purchased 1,51)0 feet 0!
i_ inch Red Cross Cotton rubber
lined hose and two lire hos
cosl ing in all about $1,1011.
The purchase ol a snd- was
ized and then the count1!! took
question of considering in-laws. After the close of this work ilu- council
$85      huys one lot 011 Hakei liill
buys one lot
across creek.
300 buys   2
lots   on Armstrong
on the Hill.
nd   11.
mi the
ha. b
$ 400 buys two lots in one of the
best residential Mocks ou the
$ 600 huys a one storey dwelling;
lour rooms; water; chicken
house, two lots; fenced;
%'dbti cash, balance on easy
$ 750 huys a two storey dwelling,
3d ft. by lit It., live rooms
with barn iu rear. Water.
Terms, J200, cash balance
$25 per month.
$1000 huys a one storey dwelling,
plastered, water; size oi
building 28 fl. by 32 ft., together with half acre of land
$1000 buys dwelling anil two lots,
one block from center ut
lown,    Easy terms.
$1200 buys a 2 storey dwelling,
2 bed rooms, parlor, dining4
room, kitchen and large
hall; plastered; electric
light. Easy terms. Centrally located.
$1500,iuya a two storey dwelling,
centrally located, iu good
residential neighborhood.
Water, electric light and all
modern conveniences.
$3200 huys a two storey dwelling
plastered throughout, with
two lots. Ground lloor
consists of parlor, sitting-
room, dining-room, kitchen,
pantry and one bed room.
Second floor consists uf d
large bed rooms and bath
room, toilet, etc. Good
cellar, hot air healing
throughout. Electric light
telephone and water. One
of the hest appointed residences in Cranbrooi.. This is
a real bargain.
Arrangements have been completed
by the King Luiiiber Mills, Limited,
by which they have acquired 2t)
acres of land on the prairie just
north of town and on the west side
of tlw track, for the purpose of constructing a large planing mill which
will be used for the purpose of finishing the product of tho two mills that
the company now have, ami a third
one that will be put up at Yahk.
This plant will be liist class In every
respect, fully equipped with the latest and best machinery manufactured
for the rapid and economical handling of lumber, anil will cosl between $25,000 and $30,000. The object of the company in building this
mill is foi the purpose ol concentrating all of thr business ol tlieir three
mills at one point, ami also the
chief clerical bustui ss. lh ro In
Cianbrook will he thc general offices
of llie companv. Hero .ill the lumber ol the mills will hr stripped t<>r
sorting and grading, drew Inp and
drying. Kor the Ifttlei purposo an
immense dry kiln will In- creeled, and
everything arranged so ihal the lumber will he mil let] from ilu*   cars
lo the planer, and go di
planer to Ihe dry kiln,
laboi   as  possible,  ami  .1     little    loss
of nine js modern ingemiilj  i.m de-1
vlse plans for econoinj in both.      A
side track  will  he buill  al   onco ami
all the lumber in Die yards a*l     the
other Iwo mills will be brought    in
and piled up here, tin- frame work iif
tht- nil Ud ings got  oul. an,I  Ute   work
of construct ion rusli
lie secured from lhe
works, and for tills purpose a line ol
pipe will he laid to connect with (ho
company's     mains.       Al    lhe start, il1''."'-    . ,
Ihere will be aboui fitly men employ-!    '"° mi™ hills of this establishment
ed, and as the plant  Increases,   tills  averaged $360 a month during      Hi,
number will he augmented.    This will   Y*4t of 11105.    Tbo condition of   tin
In a most, exeelleul Improvement for  owner's health alone, render
Craubrook and will he a permanent
in  lhe
lil I le
W11 Inn half mile of the post office.
lour and a half acres of loam land
(iwo and a half under cultivation)
and two excellent dwelling houses,
milk cellar and general outbuildings
titer eon, will be sold as a going concern fully equipped for tho Immediate
carrying on of the lucrative mil.
business established b) the ownci
wmhin recent years.
one dwelling house is n
other will hi- sold fully fu
il,   tin
died,    1
id a
Well   tile I
yearlings,   two
Ulllhel   of     well
Owner nil
milch   COW
young calves
lmil chickens.
oilers will he entertained for tin-
land, dwellings, buildings, slock,
business and business connection as a
whole, or for  the land and buildings
The Electric Light con
the Water company expec
into their new building ll
the week. It is a two si
litre and is filled up in m
with all the convenience
staff as well as the publu
dos liable.
This is a rare opportunity for tin
profitable investment of a moderatt
amount of capital.
Modern and Excellent Detached
and Five room cottage residence and
in move'l(»t 60 bv (IA feet, on Louis street,
■ first of Offered 'a rare bargain. Electric
ircy struc-j light, city water, both mom, conser-
ili-rn shape vatory opening off dining room,
for the j verandah all around, brick chimneys,
All    of   Rented at  $20 a mouth.
the telephone wires frum the hill will
he carried into    the building by    a_
cable buried beneath llu1 street. ' 27  Cosmopolitan   Hotel,  Cranbiook,
Impure Drugs make
Big Doctor Dills..
Give your doctor the very best .
hy getting your prescription fi
where you know tl.cy will be filled
wiih pure drug** and by. competed
men. Even tne best doctor cannot
cure you with below strength and impure drugs. Then, too, unskillful
way of compounding drugs will spoil
oven the purest.
Our drugs are pure and our methods
of compounding are   skillful.       Any
prescription we compound gives
the result your doctor intended it to.
The prices we cltaree are as low as
il is possible to make thorn, considering tin- purity and skilllulness.
:Tlii. Vin ele St. Michel is recommended by the highest
in.-, HcelI nuthoritios, ami mnri- than 25,000 certificates attest
J the wonderful euros effected by this marvelous wine.    It is
♦ a nutritious, invigorating, antl eminently tonic wine, it suita
t nil ages, It is ns Indispensable to children ol a weak consti*
X iuii,,11 us t'l mliilts whose blood bus been Impoverished or
T vitiated by the mini ii.i.- n i ivhich i'i.kmi.i- heir.
T The Vis de St, Michel blnea all the coiuUuioni elrnn.nl ol the
X hest wine.    It is exceedingly rich in sugar ami tannin .iropertiet it
▲ 1 ..muni, ninn a little Iron, which .orve. to increase ll* astringent |.rn(>.
4, ,-ni,-.   The hamiv union of then ejcollont qualities and in richness
4     mil..-in*l iiiulnnh'tnlly iiiu.*,. it iiuii,. iimi rank ol  ral and h ghly
♦ ni bed wines,    li Isexeoll aa a cordial, very agreoahl the taste
♦ nml is , itnendnbleon nccottnt nf the t>>ni-* and strengthening nroii-
f ertles wlili-l, ll imssesscs to n high degree,           HiilT.I:i:i:l>
J Pharuioceutlcal Chemist,
\y I.ato house doctor In the Paris hospitals.
♦ A. L. McDERMOT, Wholesale Wine,!/ > 11. j 111 J • i;
t I'lionel" CHAKBHOOK, B.C. I'l i IT
** ** THEjiji
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook Till:   CRANBROOK    II Ell A LO
/ M 53811*,
A Safe and Profitable Investment Capable of Earning 40 per cent per Annum
To be Incorporated with Capital of $50,000 Divided Into 50 Shares of $100 Each.
Fully  Paid and Non Assessable
Tin' limits under option for the above named company an situ
ated near Kitchener, B. ('.. on the Grows Neat branch of the On
nadlan Paoitio railway ami consist ot 6760 acres of timber lands
bald under government liens,'. Another Inru,* traol of timber
land has been staked fur the banefi; ol the oompauy, the tolal ol
whose holdings willnggregate about 100,000,000 feet. The licenses
now In force are deposited with  the Hunk of Montreal. Regina,
The purohase prim, of the property, including all Ions nml ties
now cut thereon and alsu all improvements, is $25,000. one-halt of
whioli is to ba paid in cash. »ml the other half in stick uf thr
company -125 shares—at par; Of the balance of the stock 375
shares ■ -103 shams are to remain in the treasury as a reserve, and
the remaining 275 shares are now offered for subscription al par,
payable us followsi 25 percental time of subscribing and 25 por
cent per month thereafter until fully paid up. The proceeds front
tho sale of tlie stook to be used for the purpose of completing the
ptirohuse of the property and for planl equipment.
On or before May 1,1908, a meeting of shareholders will bn
called forthe purpose of organization nud tho election oE a Bonrd
of Directors.
The plant to bt in;t»llecl will have a daily capa:ityof 30.000
tett and will be complete in every particular.
20,000 ties and 400,000 feet of sawlogs are now cut an. awaiting
m;an. of transpartatian to bring them out ol the bush.
Negotiations are pending with the Canadian Pacific Railway
company for large future deliveriesof ties, posts and telegraph poles.
t'ni lliis oui ami send 1 with th ■ nutounl ot lho firs
to the I.O !AL Mi !•;N r, or tn tin  Bank direct,
TO Till; (i. \. HINT LUMBER COMPANY, Limited:
Care ll.ink rn" Montreal, Regina, Sask.
I'lonse allui  me
.   Share ..
ofth iCapil il Stook of th * ii. A. lll'XI' LUMBER (
Limito.l, ns p.<r your priutail  prospeotns, for whioli 1
elvwilll ell-
close S ...             ...... 11 • i 11 m lirsi payment oil same.
i: irn ated yi-ai.y output
Lumber 5,000,000 (eel
Ties 100,000
Posts 50,000
Telegraph poles 2,000
Made up as follows:
Lumber, 5,000,033 leet at $2 per 1000 $10,000
Ties, 103,003 at 6c per tie      ...     6,000
Posts, 50,033 at 2c per post  1,000
Poles, 2,033 at 50c per pole 1,000
Total  __ $18,000
A very conservative estimate, hut
With n constantly expanding  market   in  the prairie provinces,
conservative capitalization, practical maiuigemenl and large timl., i*
reserves, we consider the stook of this compnii)' of the Bnfest
ami lirst investments iiom in tin- market,
All Payments on account of slock to be made lo the Bank of Montreal, Regina, sask., who will hold funds in trust until lhe Company's Organization shall be completed
Arnold &
Telephone 99
Local Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
committee's determination thereupon,  tin
anil forthwith printed as so certified,  wil
  shewing such certificate: -i i
TEXT OF AMENDING ACT AS IT     "(d)   Three copies ul leasl of   the on
FINALLY PASSED, , Voters- list so    printed as aforesaid  wn
_____ shall he posted   up in each oi   three cm
conspicuous public places in tlie mun- ate
The Act    to   amend   the .Municipal   j(.ijlality   and at  the city lull,   and  iva
Elections' Act as amended m    com- s,*la.** remain posted up until the day -uri
niiiiii* ol   tho   whole, and as further 0j t.jlTtion "
amended in the house at tlie report 5 section II ol said chanter 68,
stage ninl finally approved is herewith as enacted by secth.ii I ol chapter 21
given: ol ,,|K    statutes   ot inn*:,   is licrebj
I.   This Act uuv be cited as    tin* amnl,M by striking    out,  in     tlu
"Municipal Elections Act Amendment rour(h Hll(, „r saur section, the word:
Act, mini."  i "certified as eorreel by the clerk   o
1.  Section 2 "t chaptci 21 ol    tin-  ^  municipality," ami In* subsiiiui
Statutes of  lima is hereby amemled  inK [.herelor the words "ocrlMed   l,j
by striking out all   tin- words aftei   ,* ,avm.   pursuant     lo section 0,
tin. wiml "lollowlng"   in the tourth aKl by striking out the words "clerk
lim'     thereof,   ami   hy   substituting 0, ^   .municipality," In    the sixth arc   i
therefor the lollowlng: | line ol s-aid scotlon, and by inserting  work,
"Householder" shall mean and   In- Uk, Kim[ -.slTi>n.,|" ,„ ||en thoreot.      enuugh,
. lie  in., ailai
i. waa iuiiil'j    uy
.i.n       t.UIllL-L.1111^       IU,
liteun n .i. II. Siuitn,
any person of 'In' full age
7.   Section 5 nf chapter ^fi ui   Uie
uhu occupies    a y^tutes- nf 1002, as enacted h,  .
dwelling,   tenement,   hotel, ur board-, [:ion 5 of ,.|vllp|(.r 21 nf tin* statutes
iiin-hniiM*,   ur any   part   or portion of jMR   is |lf,r(.bv repeated, mnl   the
Iwelltng, tenement,   hotel     or fft||owjnj, substiimed     in lieu   there-
i.|i in.
buar-iliiin house, and who shall, unless0f
exempt hy statute or municipal bylaw, have paid directly to i!h> municipality rates, taxes or lees of not
less Limn two dollars fur the current
.'i. Paragraph (a) ol section fi of
chapter fi*, as enacted hy section i
of chapter 2II uf the statutes of 1902.
is hereby amended by striking out all
the words after tiiu word "householder," in the ninth Une, down to
and Including the word "municipality" in the nineteenth line; and also
hy striking out. tbe word "Decern-*
ber," in lhe seventeenth line, ami insert iim the word "October" in Hen
■1. Section !i of said chapter «8
nf Ihe statutes nf 1807, as enacted by
section 1 nf said chapter 21 nf tlie
statutes of 11)05, is hereby repealed,
nud tin* following is substituted .■here-
''fl. In eitv municipalities the list
of voters tor the next current year
shall lie prepared by the clerk tn the
rouncll nf the municipality, and shall
he closed at fi o'clock iii the afternoon nf the 30th dav nf November ill
euch vear (if the loth of November
shnil be Sunday, then nn ihe Monday
"fai The list sn prepared, nr a
copy thereof shall, mi the tenth day
nf December, he pnsted upnn the notice board ur usual place fur public
imtilicaiiniis, a ft he eitv hall, and remain sn posted until the silting of
the commillee nf revision!
"fhl The council shall, on or be-
fore the tenth day nf December, hy
resolution, appoint two aldermen
Who,  with  the mayor,  shall form
than able in
anil should 01
iu   Ihr
■ Ini
court nf revision, and such court shall
sit on the 21st day of Deceml>er (or
if a Sunday ur n public holiday, then
nn ihc week dav following) an^d shall
continue to sit,'if requisite from day
to day. Ten days' notice of the sitting nf such court shall he K-Vf,n hy
post-in*; as aforesaid, and such notice
shall he continuously advertised for
five consecutive days in some newspaper circulating 111 the city municipality:
"(c)   The court    uf revision    shall
; piuve
"5. After the flrst election t-he | satisfl
nomination for mayor, reeve, aider-
men and councillors shall, in every
municipality within Ihe province, he
held on thc second Monday in -lanu
ary in each year frum \i m-ui tu __
p. m., and in city municipalItles, tlw
polling, if any, on Ihe Thursday foi
lowing from ■■ o'clock a. in. Iu 7
o'clock p. m., and in district or
townsite mun ieipali lies tlie pul I in/
if any, shall Im* held nn the Saturday
following frum 8 p.m.  tn 7 p.m.   '
On the report stage lln- following
new section was added; li shnil he
unlawful ut anv municipal election In
provide to or 'for any elector, 01 t"
or fnr any inhabitant nf the muniel
pal it y. or any person being wit-bin the
municipality, from the dm nf nominn
tion until after tho day nf said elei
tion, nny enckadr. ribbon, ni olhei
mark of distinctinn ..nil no person
shaH use at any municipal election
flans, banners, placards nr hill', in am
way concerning nr having reference
to 'the municipal elpellnn, whethei
carried by hand nr upon vehicles at
any such'municipal election, An}
person committing an offense ngitiusi
lhe prnvisinn of this sect inn shall, in
addition tu any nth,-! punishmeiil 01
consequence provided hy sintitle, he
liable upun summary conviction lie
fnre a  justice of   the peace  In a   pen
all v nol exceeding SflO.
It shall he unlawful fm" any eandi*
date for election al any municipal
election on the dav nf election t-n di-*
trihute in or in the vicinity nf am
polling station, cards nr printed nt.it-
iter containing renresen Iai ions nf hal
I lot  papers nr ballot     mark1;, nr am
invitation   to  vote fnr  amor candidates.
A car load of machinery will be unloaded in a few days fnr ihe company operating in the St. Mary's valley in connection wilh whicli Mr. I.
IP. I.eavigk has heen associated since
December last. The actual operations on the Mystery and the other
my 11 niu.il/iri) Mun m iil-htiihiii:. claims owii.-d by the company nn
any application to strike out the AIki creek are now in charge of Mr,
name nf any person which has been Bunce, an enjeineer who has had
improperly placed thereon or to place [experience from Nicaragua to British
on such list the name of any   person. Columbia.
improperly omit fed from such list. | A compressor plant is found lo be
All alt era I ions made in the list shall. necessary for the development of the
be shewn In red ink, and the lisf so property, and the car load now on
correct-mi, revised and altered hv the the raHs contains a-ll that is re-
mM eommitlee shall Ih- certified bv quired for the Insinuation Tlm
ttie mayoi  as correct, showing    ihe pJnnl wiil he nf a capacity lo. opera I a
inner they will he entirely] lu,
Those are the people wo ,„,
want in this pari of British Colum- llu
bin, people wilh hoth the pluck and Li,
the means uf uhiiif; lh.- counlrj .1! ,s
fail trial. Where men go in f u min- ,„.
ing wnh small and limited capital, *,*
insufficient foi thc purposes ol reallj | un
demonstrating the val 11 oi llieli Imld- .h,
,t  black eye thro
feel in itself,   lm
fact  lhat II lias
•'inclng lest.
Messrs   Leaviek
nl llie c
1v gets
mi   ilc-
despateher wired operator
n.i., at Swallows, ten
t.i the m-i ne ui the wreck,
,' westb und train ihere
astbound train number Iti
-. When number Iti rcach-
1. its crew was notified to
1   Swallow.-.       Meantime
S,   1
<'-■-."'   lh.    1 "
av, The ilai 1 iihh ,
lie St, Mary's valley
nainsfin  of Cranhrunk
li, I cn vvest-
.   was asleep.
number .'J passed
tslicl by tho des-
11   it   had  passed,
A   warrant      is
Di •■ 1 f  the wreck
,111 lii-
.i   il . pi
is   piniitl
tt   1 i-i  tt  .11  grounds we ha
-ii '"      i-f in tl
mineral w
.,    Mi.
(>\ KU  \ SCOHK RdASi LH  \LI\ I-
UN   COLLISION   ON   'I iii:   RK)
bin     Colo      March      Ifi    !
two   score llvi s   wero     erusln il mil.
earl j  lo -l 5  iu ,1 head on 1 dlisinn of
two    I-.I---ii,..'i    liains   near   Adobe,
Colorado,    Ire   Denvci   and     Km
Orandc railroad, nnd mon than a
score of the victims were ini im rated
beyond  ideutincati n by n  Ore    Lhat
In in.'.
iili.W   .
II   ■
Ilalll   .11 I
lu    crew
!   Hi     ..   . ■
.      hv  II      ■  HI
lhc aid
M.i'   1 i.ii
In    the
rc westlwumd train
1 nn ied bj  passen-
m wi re homesoek-
1,, 1 s  were   among
ii   i. 1   Hicy     ■ ue-
■ ■   ■     ',' reach
!   il, 1.1       aii.l   Willi
. t ■   in   lhc  real"
II, hi
The monc
SCOO inm
de«t roved
Ma:,\   ,,
all  v.
|. ,, ].":,.. press:—The lumber cut-
Iii , son li ■ arrived and activity
is noticed ahoul the mills. Tin- Ccdai
0, are ready for operations
1 ck of two ami a half mil-
nl logs, which will be a Ided
■ season progresses. The
mher company would have
Ij  nmv bul f r' the cold snap
In the crowded closing days of the
last session of congress, when everybody was rushed to death and the
nights as well as the days were gi\-
cn to law-making, Senator Hale, of
Maine, mot Smntui Spooncr, of
Wisconsin, in one of the corridors of
Mie capilol.
"1 hope you will he here to-nigh!.
Sume matters that are ol vital importance are to come up. We shall
need you on the lloor."
"1 don't think 1 can attend tonight," Spooncr replied. "1 have a
long-standing engagement to take
.Mrs. Spooner to dinner at a friend's,
and she insists that 1 must go."
"Tui! tut! Spooner," Senator Hale
protested. "That is not llie proper
patriotic spirit. Why, man, wc need
yuu here, You must break your engagement and do your duty to your
constituents, No Senator should
think of a dinner pally on such a
night as this."
"Well," Senator Spooner said hesitatingly, "1 will try to get out of it.
Maybe Mrs. Spooner will release inc.
Of course, 1 appreciate the force uf
your remarks, and I think 1 can arrange it to he here."
Ile went to the telephone, called
Mrs. Spooner, explained the situation
to her and tu-ltl her to go to the dinner without him, as lie was compelled
tu remain at the oapitol,
About midnight, after an exhausting session, and with some hours of
wurk ahead of him, Senator Spooner
called his wife again.
"Did you have a good time, my
dear?" he asked.
"Oh, yes," she replied. "It was a
very delightful affair."
"Who took you out to dinner'." inquired the solicitous husband.
"Why," said Mrs. Spooncr, "I
went wiih Senator 11.ile."
Mining and Milling supplies, coal, iron, steel 1
cant hooks, saws axes and numerous other |
articles required in the above lines, including |
camp steel ranges at I
McCallum & Co.
I                                Hardware Morcliauta m
)  B C. Livery and  Feed  Stables {
Firat elnss Kijis, safe and stylish teams, Drivers {
ami  iJ.ick horses for any point in the district. t
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Same old stand opposite station
tt-%-%•*   *\_\
cash in.
ml T„,1,111ns wen- Bpcntllng
t I'ni'tiilii'llii iiixl sal. ii'-
ilii* s.mil*,, Kiiziiii; nt tin'
last approaching
lhc Jay
g, iiiei* 11.
llllll   'wl. ..
Uie.     Tiitiiniiis, having   Mil    silei
lm somo inomtinls, Maggio remarkwl
"A penny lor your tliniijdils, Tain!
wail yo lniv
include everything thai appeals lo the
critical In music, and lo those who
know the nature ol piano construction
A third of a century has firmly entrenched them In lhe hearts oi the
people nl Canada.    Before buying sec
"O' corse I wail, l.nlilii-."
"Wivl, I.n- lell ye i'l,,. 11-1,11,, lassie,   I     was   jisl    lllillliill'     I    line   II
wall lie il yo well! tile gie mo a live
Iiii klsslo."
"iiii, Hint's It, Is ii? H'lTl, Tan, I
Ire nno objection." Ami she plantal
lho desired caress on liis lips. Then
Thomas wenl nil inin anotlicr brown
sillily. After a short Interval, Maggie smilingly sn gain:
"An' wlml ur,. ie Ibinliin' about
iimi. Tnmmlc—aniHioi* 'bus,' eh."
'■Na, u.i, I
C. ROSS TATE, Local Agenl El
WHAT A l.iiNt: RNCIINK   llll).
Winnipeg  Frco     Press:—A   1'nihvay
il 1111 cxoeptli nal 11.1111,.-, ue
"il's"mail*'''si'l'i„iis,''",n''1 ""   ""' ■"•''" li'"' 0'  ""' ''*'"-
Milan Paeilie a slim I distance wost ul
.Maggie, iiuiel-l Wliitewimd lasl imr;,I.        About inlil-
s I'i
"Is 11  l.nl.lie?" , ...
ly, her hcarl going pitra-pat with ex- n|RM al, cngtae ,„,„T ,. Mstwnrt,
icclatlon as she eilgeil a hit   closer. , ,,    ,    ,,                  .,
'An' 11l1.it niiebl  it. be 1100, laddlo?" wnB lc" sIi""|iuk n"    a siding near
"I was jisl, t tlin Ml,'," eame lhe l*e-: Uroaihiiw.      During  Hie absenee    ot
mill will    hei nlv, "lhat il was alwot lime vo nniil Hm engiiii'i'i* ami     tlie* fireman.    I'll,'
,     ,, -     ' e...a. ....„ ,      .,—
Many „f 111,*, ilea
hound fm Hie nor
crushed ioconiotti
splintered eoadira
belore all lh.' lm
lhe dames Iielng ■
e.nill nol nproni
lli,- iml had I.mn
* . * , f 1*".-, ami logging
.; uill he continued during
progrss is being made on
mill nf lhe Elk Lumber rnm-
a (.■»• weeks will see il, in
The markets are exeel-
llif. outlook t'l* ibe lumber
never was belter.
Hint penny." | back pressure   nf    steam apparently
—■ .  blew the throttle open, and the   big
PIT IT DOWN. engine started en  lbe way eastward
  [ wiih nn one aboard,       It continued
llar.lie— Yen can say what you ils journey easl a distance nf lit
like, Imt 1 tell yen that, there is good miles. About two o'clock the run-
slug in that, young fellow. away was struck hy the engine nf tbo
Dickson—Yon bet Ibece is. I saw, transcontinental H.i'" number two
him putting some of il down in the proceeding eastward from the coasl.
bar-room just now. ' A lnrgo passenger list was being ear-
lii.l 11 number two Inn n.i one was
Injured The rogulni dim hen* at
lu'in n.m., uill arrive in ilu- ell, ,u
fl..1U p. 111.     Tl (ticlnl account    nf
tlie ilillinilly is as fellows:
Al 12.85 .1 in. H10 engineer an.l
fireman nn lhe switch en -Ine ni
llliiaihiew wenl tu slipper, leaving
their engine nn a si.ling. While thev
wero absent tho engine started from
somo unknown reason. II lefl tho
track nl Ihr switch, and lhc lender
became detached and wenl cm ihe
si.lo. The engine proper remounted
tbo rail an.l proceeded, running mil
mi the main line, lt ran a distance
nf 1.1 miles, and was struck by train
No. 2 a short, distance vest. ,if
Wbitewood at 1.00 o'clock. ' ,t engine nl No. 2 was Slightly damaged,
and the drawgear on the mail car
driven in. No person was injured.
The lino was eleal* al   HI lla a. m. TUB   CRANBROUK   HERALD
i We an making; the
Best Pork !      jage   5
in the country.   This sausage ind we can
guarantee it as a first-la* ■ arl the test of
meats and always have B
Rambling  Reveries
Grace is in bet study,
Modeling in clay.
Maude i_> getting ready
Voi tin- matinee.
me is writing verses,
In iht* lower lull,
The Wi ^
ll i INS  i
Clapp & !
The New W  ■'
Drop in and see us am tl ne, deck 25 hours j_j?j
: __m
I'll!   if till
■ ■,: i
at   P. BURNS."' COMPANY   .*
)'. ■ ■ JTS
i  Heats
besl      Y„u.   |j
*' towns i^*j
I fm
: H39»i-99
JAMES   Kt ll
begs to notify tlto rosidonts ho hns   I 5
nildiKla MINERAL WATER ostnli   it
linhnient anil wonlil conlinlly s el.   SS
or to call or send for n sump r by I       5*
trade) and guarantees his koo the dis-   m_
trict.   The public are respi usnnil   SS
sample the goods nt the factory, fl
»999%9<s999t>99mgr. >ee-9cav999
— M: .-.•.-■■*V9t»99
clothing that is "Gilt i in name, ♦
"Gilt Edge" in mated Edge" in ♦
make call and sec the Ready *
made clothing jusl ri All Union ;
Labor. ♦
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦ ♦♦ f ♦ »*-**♦■><       .^ •'. **4t>4*4
mtmrntifflfflfflffl m .. ■*uu st
Xeabino Biwtu
130U8C8 Of fli\..
villc   ^lH' *^||K'lK': '
_*' $
:;"  ffi
i allcj.
SCentral Uv
ei R. Johnson, Propi
ffl Diniii)! Kiiimi service lhc best.
8 The place to stop whei ler City ti
mmmmmmmmm, mmm
iTheRoyai Hotel     I
A. P. Chenette Proprletoi* M
Has been recently refurnished and is now one of ti
the best hotels in the dislriel. Headquarters for S
the people. h
imn   .-•■. \mmm&
We carry a complele stock of everything in (lie ffi
Drug and Stationery line. No need Id send awuy ffi
for your goods. ffi
When Genevieve rehearses,
Plays at halt.
e'er a love talc sighing
Edith hides her fave,
While Antoinette is trying,
To decorate a vase.
Brother's al thc casement,
Bawting lur his lunch,
And ma is in thc basement,
funking lur thc hunch.
Be kind  to thy   mother, tor,   lo! on
her brow
m.u  traces ol sorrow t»* seen!
Oh,   well   maj st   you  cherish and
comfort hi-r now.
I-i-i  loving and kind hath she been.
i.eiiiiiniM-i thy mother, tui thee vrtU
Mie pray
.\s long as (ind givcth licr breath;
Wnh accents  oi loudness then cheei
tier lone way
E'eu to the dark valley ol death.
Advertising onr afflictions only Increases tlini circulation,
Never tiy In be inure than you arc,
fm souiii-i ui hurt euiiiitvii.*its are
The world's greatest men grew
upward liuin t-lni lower classes, while
iin. world's meanest men git-w .downward from the upper class.
The man and woman who try to
make tin ir home tbe most interesting
.spot on earth for each other, and lor
their friends and those who are neat
and dear to llu-in, have but occasional use for the club, It is to them,
like tin' theatre, a pleasant place to
enter nuw and then but not a spot
tn dwell in.
Tlie world is full of women who can
amuse the ordinary man. Can sing,
dance or recite for him; can paint,
write nr decorate in a manner most
pleasing, -hut the pour man often pies
Ivggiitg for a woman Who can sew on
bm inns ur mend his clotlies; who can
cool, liis fund with economy and
flavor ii  to his tas-lc,
Many of US miss Ihe joys that
might be ours by keeping our eyes
fixed on thoso of other people. No
nne can ciijuy his own opportunities
for happiness while he is envious of
another's. We lose a great deal ol
tlto joy of living by not cheerfully accepting the small pleasures that cumc
in us every day, instead of longing
and wishing for what belongs to
others. Wc do not lake any pleasure
iu uur own modest horse and carriage, because we long for the auto-
inuhile ni victoria that someone else
owns. Tlie edge is taken oft the enjoyment of our own little home because we arc watching Uie palatial
residence of our neighbor, Wc can
gel no satisfaction out of a trolley
ride nut into the country or a sail
mi a river steamer, because someone
else ran enjoy the luxury of liis own
carriage or yacht. Life has its full
measure ot happiness for every one ol
us, ii we would only make up our
minds to make the very mosl of every
opportunity tliat comes our way,
instead of longing for the things that
come our neighbor's way.
The following oratorical gem is said
have fallen from the lips of Hon.
W.    .1. Bryan.       It is   not only a
.iiMtiiiiul word painting of immortality, but contains much s»*«l f°°d for
ii •! •• Father designs to touch
will Urine power lhe cold and pulseless heart of the buried scorn    and
■ .ik,* ii hurst forth frum its prison
walls, will lie leave neglected the
■mul nf man, who wns made in thc
image of his creator? If lie so
ttoops to give to the rosebush, whose
withered blossoms float upon the aut-
imn bcecze, the sweet assurance of
another springtime, with he withhold
the wonts ot hope Irom the souls of
men when the frosts of winter come7
If mattei, mute and inanimate, is
clmnged by the force of nature into
.1 multitude ot forms that never die,
will tlie spirit of man suffer annihilation after it has paid a brief visit-
like a royal guest to tbis tenement ot
line wiser than     Bryan has    said:
And  whosivvcr  liveth and bclieveth
hi i;:.- shall   never    die," "Because I
live ye shall live also."
li is our opinion that, the new year
■ i bt to bogln with spring. That
sweet, fresh, budding season, wlien
the splrll of newness is just awaking
from its limit s"ltvP wl begins with
magic    power its    work of revival,
ig new life and energy into
every vein of nature and thrilling the
art ol mankind with new joys, new
i .]„     ni-u  aspirations.      The    soul
at  cm remain   Insensible to    tire
11*, of spring is Indeed dull    and
.   \ j    even  unnatural.     Hawthorne
i . "I'lniit such a soul the world
must   hope nn     reformation of    its
11 no sympathy with the lofty
i.uth   .mil      gallon,    -struggles    ot
■ , wlio contend In his behalf."
How i.-vmislv the birds are singing
Ihis iiiuming and why should they
not, foi the blight and decay of winter is passing awav, and ere long
tire earth will be arrayed in tho full
bloom and glory id spring time.
Vlrcady the air, so soft and balmy,
hears  thc  fragrance of delicate hlos-
 s, and llie drowsy bees murmur of
new burn delights. Bryant says in
his poem ou "The Gladness ot    Na-
"ls this a time lo be cloudy and
When our Mother Nature laughs
When even the deep blue heavens look
And gladness breathes from the blossoming ground?"
Marysville Drug Co.
away. Indeed it mmi that all ihe
forces ol nature are united in refivi!.-
ing and beautifying the worM.
Is this not an example worthy of
uui intimation' li all human hind
would fall into lint- with thoa -.ni.-.
forces of nature, if each and every
out oi us would lew! our influence to
ttie noMe cause of making bettei and
brighter ilie condition ol humanity,
what a paradise this world would h.-.
Tliere is within us a power, even lbe
power of kindness, whicli. if exereistd
as g-ih! intended it should be, would
nut only dispel much ol the gloom and
Intteinw*. of other lives, hul would be
liuittul of joy in uur own heart
1 he-iieve* tlu- truest happiness is ihat
winch conies from the knowh-dgi- that
we have*-caused others to be happy,
Then why not make use ol oui opportunities? There ts magic in kindness, though lt be exprewml merely
in a word ur a look.
It is of no consequence how pood a
man is abroad if be is really mean at
Dun'l teach ynur children that it Ei
a shame to weai worn, and   patched
otofebes it you are not able i.i aftuid
better, but that it is nn tnumr in
wearing new ones that are not pant
tor. A poet (.aid, "Remember, that
tags may cover a hnv whn will s..m,-
day be the great world's joy "
Sympathy and enoouragcmonl are
the spurs to greater deeds, One gram
of sympathy can be compared to a
gram ol must and seed, but one   seed
planted and replanted will h lough
to finally spread over Uie largest
field. A living seed once fell from a
Hying bird's beak Into the crevice of a
ruck. lt grew and multiplied until
finally it burst, the ruck iu twain.
Tliis is a scientific tact, a real happening. Be not sel fish with vour
words of encouragement and sympathy. Tliere ts nothing so "cheap1-
and yet nothing can be mure vain
A woman 51 years obi took her
own life iu Chicago recently, leaving
to her sorrowing family this onlv
explanation. "1 am so tired, so
tired— there is so much to do." She
had finished her task beforo she
sought death. Her home had been
made neat and clean. A Iteavy washing had lieen dried, ironed and laid
out In neat orderly piles. Then she
had gone to the attic of the little
borne and with her own tlml hands
had Wolcbmcd death. This is a sad
lesson to the living whu may still
have a tired mother in the ' household, bearing the heavy lun dens un-
cnmplainingly, and should tte dear lo
those whom she cares for so faithfully. She should be given every
help possible, from the strongest son's
and daughters who are neglecting the
home duties that thev might perform, leaving them for the tired
mother to do. "I am so tired, so
tired—there is so much to do." Too
many a good mother feels it as she
goes on and on bearing the burdens.
Too many well fcrown children
forget it as they seek pleasure and
pas-time and constantly add to thc
burdens of the mother, which should
Ire lightened as the years go by.
Thc above appeared in a recent issue of the Chicago Drover's Journal.
We can but wonder if tliere are any
mothers In the homes this paper visits, who are saying, "I am sn tired,
su tired." Voung lady, cut this nut
and paste it in front of your mirror, so you may see it many times
each day. If there is a tired mother
in the home each member of ihe family circle is knowing to the fact.
Too many of our young people fail in
showing considerate attention, and
ton oft-eh do noi fully appreciate thc
salt-sacrificing love aiid benigh presence of mother. Like tho air and the
sunlight, she and her lender ministries are received and looked upon
as a matter of fact. When she is at
rest in the home of the soul this
thoughtless negligence will cost them
many a tear. The time will come
when the consciousness of having done
our duty to those who bore and
cherished us, will be of more value
'han tame or gold. This department
is conducted in the hope that it may
awaken on the part of the husband
and the child a deeper appreciation of
lior who is the central figure of home;
that it may strengthen the family
bonds, making them more beautiful
and tender; that it may encourage
charity and breathe hope for that
future wliere language is music,
thought is light, and love is law. If
you still nave vour mother with you,
see that she never bas cause to say,
"I am so tired" if in your power to
prevent it. Let the above sad lesson be kept fresh in memory's casket
never to be lost or forgotten.
is so brisk  that  one of the  lum
working night  .hilts      This will  be
an innovation m Dundee shipyard
Tbe    recent     strike  of   tiie  textile
district    of   Saxony   and Thuhngia,
Germany, which   lasted    [oui weci
cost tiie laboi  organizatjoi     the sum
ol $347,-000.
It Is noted that the Dundee whale
fishers have now a matter ol his
cwts. of bone safe undei hatches, but
t-hat they aie holding out foi a rise
in price. The latest quotations weie
only round £2,GOO pet ton,
Tin- I'hth- shipbuilding annual re
tunih. will show that Chile firms have
beaten alt records, both in output and
in orders placed, The uutput for tlie
twelve moot lis was 650,000 inns, as
against 118,000 .. year ago.
The American Fed. ratio
ha*,   entered    a   vigoroi
againsl    the   proposed   SUS
the uatmii.ll eighi-houi   lau
Panama Canal wmk.
The    liiieiii.iti.in.il      L'igannaki
union won the gold     medal at
Lewis and Cl.uk  exposition al   Port
land, Ore., im making the best   an
must sanitary cigars.
Every employee ol the Weatlngltoiis
Air Brake company, at I'll tsliin
received au extra month's salary .
a present last Christmas, the tut
amount so expended being (111,000,
I *aE*CEN*r Lulu,
Meets every Tuesday
New Fraternity Hall.
J. A. Arnold, K.R.S.
George Thompson, C C.
: Visiting brethnn cordially muted
i io attend.
Craskreik Local Uatoa im of the t'aiici)
HrMhcrliuiiU uf Cirpcattn ind Joiners
nf *mcr.c...
Meetings every
I   O, (i, T. hall,
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
bdwarcl Koote,
I.0.0.P,     ke> Clt) Iodic
No  i'i. Meets every'
Monday     night
ty   Hall.     So]
cordially invited
M, i). Biiin
Thursday evening ai
over Patmora Bios.*
McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
THOS, t. MiViiTit:  p i, s
I   T. LAIDLAW, u   E.
|. * * ••••-.. ;*s4*.
j   First-class Work by Exp_n-
| enced   H,.nds.
$    The Cranbrook Hotel
|   Facial Massage a Specialty
ing Oddfellows
h\ ll. McKay,
N. G.
Surely our hearts should respond to
the gladness of nature, and we should
not only lie glad, but we should feel
deeply thankful for all these blessings. Fnr are they not but so many
expressions ot divine love and tenderness? |
"Oh. thnt man would praise the
Lord for His goodness and for His
wonderful works to the children off
men." But how seldom we stop1
to consider frum whence these blessings come, or what our lives would
be without them. We have saM the,
blight, and decay of winter is passing'
Tliere aro 85,000 trade unionists in
New South Wales.
Hallway workmen in Chili, South
America are striking.
Germany leads all other nations iu
a system of sick and accident insurance.
On April 1st Vancouver carpenters'
new scale of iO to 45c per hour goes
into effect.
The textile workmen are the most
poorly paid in Germany.
One German woman in about every
twenty-seven works in a factory.
The lathers, oigarmakers and granite cutters everywhere wurk only
eight hours.
The Miners Federation of Germany
has 121,000 members.
The Western Pacific railway is supplanting its dap laborers with white
men in the grading camps of Nevada
so it is said.
Three hundred and ninety-eight
local painters unions have 'gained
tlie eight hour day, forty still work
ten hours a day.
Five hundred member
Dry Goods Clerk's union, <
employees ol   small deale
Fast Side, New York City, bave de
elded to strike unless   their domain
for one day off a week is granted,
The lithographers of   Berlin,   Ger
many, have obtained an eight houi
WOW day without a strike and with
oul friction of any kind, although tin
letter-press printers are working nitli
Thc net effect of all changes in rates
ot British wages reported in November was an increase in wages ol
about $ti,000 per wwk. The changes
affected 35,700 work people, all ol
whom received advances.
■ Japan witli a population nf ahoul
47(000,000, employs upwards of .'1,-
WHl.tHHl persons in her fishery, (ish-
curing, and acmiatic industries, including profitable sea-weed ami sea
salt farms. Great Britain and Ireland, with a population exceeding
45,000,000 do nut employ 300,000 per
sons in these trades.
Unless the longshoremen ol Boston
recede from their stand with regard
to a higher scale of wages and »■■-
cent the compromise offered hy th*
steamship agents, the Boston waterfront seems likely to be tiie center ol
a hig strike.
In Chicago and New Yuri. n:m nl
the results of the printers' ..triko is
beginning to show itself in favor of
tlie men. Small shops which fm
years were non-union are organizing
and adopting the label, and putting
some of the striking printers to
Altogether there have been a dozen
companies fishing ui and around Nanalmo harlwr this season, employing
from 250 to 500 men, and the total
production has reached mure than
2,500 tons of herring. ll was regarded as an off season for all kinds
ut fish.
Policeman (to tramp on park
-bench)—There is no sleeping allowed
Tramp—Tliere ain't? Tlien what
are you doing here?
■ 4	
"Sir, I am a student of the Political Study club."
"Well, what can I do for you, sir?'
"1 want to look through your tele
scope, sir."
"My telescope}"
"Yes, sir; 1 want to see if Saturn's
smashed his rings too."
One day a little boy came to school
with very dirty hands and the teacher
said to bim:
"Jamie, I wish you would not
come to school with your hands soiled that way. What would you say
if I came to school with soiled
"I wouldn't say anything," was the
prompt reply, "I'd be too polite."
A. C. Smith has moved his fruit,
confectionery and cigar store from
tne corner opposite the depot to the
Leask building, next door to Fink
Bros., where he wiil be pleased to
see you all.
Miss MansfleM will do fancy typewriting (or afternoon or evening entertainments at reasonable rates.
Ouess work questions supplied, -or
typed (ran copies. 45-tl
Japan is now able to construct
battleships of any size in her own
dockyards without auxiliary machinery.
The lace trade affords employment
to something like 300,000 persons in
The Rand has a population of about
1*4,000 out of a total of some 2!»0,-
000 whites in the Transvaal.
Shipbuilding la Dundee,    Scotland,
Take notice that thirty days after
date 1 intend lo apply lo Uie Chiet
Commissioner of Lands and Works
at Victoria for a special license to
cut and carry away timber from off
the following described lands in Kasl
Commencing at a post planted at
tire Intersection of the western boundary of lot No. 3093, group 1, with
the northern limil of the right-of-
way of the B. C. S. Railway, tlu-nce
south-westerly along said northern
boundary of the said right-of-way
seventy ehains, more or less, to the
■northern boundary of lot 2805, group
1; thence west 20 chains, more or
less, to the narth-west corner of lot
3805, thence nortii 80 chains, Uience
east 100 chains, thence south lo iho
northern boundary ot said Iol No.
3693; thence west along said northern boundary to the north-west coiner of lot No. 3693, thence soutli
along the western boundary of said
lot to the place of beginning.
Win, Iliggins.
Dated this 10th day ot March. A.
!»., 1006. 61 al
irutirotk I.•die. Nt. i*
A. P. ft A. M.
Regular meetings or
tiie tluitl Thursday
ot every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
S. II. Uosklns
W. A, Beale,
W. Al.
F.   0.   K.
Patmore    Ilall    eve.)
l'. Huss '1'ato, W, I'.
A, M. Itlai'k, W. S_c'».
VisiUug .rotliers conllally Invited,
Meets cvciy 2nd and llh Tuesday In
"(lood Templars Ilall."
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
A. McCowan, O.R,     J. Sims, Sec'y
I. o. c.
Meets every Friday night above Pat
more's Store.
Come and join the Happy Band.
Meets every   second    anil    limit
Saturday in Patmoro's Ilall.
Visiting brothers always welcome.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Huell Block Crinbrook, B. C.
C. H. DUNBAR       !
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   j
Public, Etc. |
Cranbrook,    -    •    B. C.   2
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - - - - 9.30 to   II
Afternoons - - - . 1.30 to 9.30
Evenings 7.30 to 8.30
CRANBROOK :;    ::    ::    ::    B. C
9 to 12 a.m.
1 te   9 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong av,
9 to ia a.m,
1 to   8 p.m.
8 y.m.
7 to
Office In new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specialty
is now located in its comfort-
t able and attractive new quar-
* ters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is iu.t up-to-
date and is modtrnly equipped
J to do iust the besi work in all
» branches of the tonsorlal art.
CRANBROOK, ll   ('.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
We Will Do        \
Your Draying      |
a manner that in- Jo
sums satisfaction. •
That is our busi- £
nogs. W i- wanl to
please, We are wil.
litiir to labor hard to
accomplish that object, That is why our
business prosjjers ::
41           Authorised noi ers of thc 9
9 Mssoi A Risch Piinos  J
'Jfe Bjy an. S:ll oi  Cinnisiion
WANTED:-Weste.n  Oil  and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
People who want job work done
cannot afford to pay (or poor work
Tliat is why it pays to get work
done at the Herald office. No complaint Is made ot the work turned out
here for thc reason that lt is up to
rf&ie and the work of up to datt
printen. That makes a dlSernof
wt* tar MItUm).
If ynu require any hired help, either male or female, write to us. Our
charges are reasonable.
Employment,     real   estate,   Insurance and co in in Iks ion agenlu.
AMI Wttaikiwiu, AlbtiU.
Notice is hereby given that tiiiriy
days after date 1 Intend tu apj'ly to
thc Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fur a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on thc fullnu ing described
lands, situate about two miles from
the mouth and about one tourtk
mile west of small stream running
northerly Into tilie Flathead river and
about two miles easl of C. P. It.
line as surveyed. South East Kootenay, U.C, and lies adjacent to E.
10.  L.  Dcwdney's claim on  the east:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-easl corner, being tbe initial post, thenee running north 80
chains, thence west 80 cbains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 8ii
chains to place of commencement and
containing 640 acres.
Cecil B, Winter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent,
Located this 29th day of September, IIM. Ml THE   CHANIllfOOK    riKKALO
(ilAMIIlllIlK   11I.ISAI.H
Hv tin- Herald   Publlahtnj Oompa»y,
govcrnmi nl       sn, i    ., *.,
W.is-lnie-loli.    L.l     ,-\.,]n|iii      wi ni i
In-   eniisliliii.t   illi   .1."   ll
tniii—sii thorough \
cipln ul "ni.ili '■
in   ili,<    political
lh    III,*     piillllr.ll      ., ■
. I it,,.,, experience .0  Ottawa   mil'
J/l       . politicians,   the)   iTiiniiih    «,-,,•
£il      A « _ pistillcd    in    o
tf- /dZ^^*-^*\\ -Thus il„* chain   »
.7*  ' ^^ » M,     Slcplren *    .vas  liiokllll
Editor an.l Manager.    | alter  llle local inn eml of the rail-
wa\   in   the wesl,  s
i   .,   ■' :      ll
The Herald Is worth (10 a year, lt
routs only ti. No man in South
Easl Kootenay can afford to he without it, and everyone living outside of
lhe district, who is interested in thr
ss ol ilns section, should read
^^^^^^ the news while it is
newi,   It ii controlled absolutely   by
it.   it puhlis
news,   it it comav-..™	
the publisher. No clique, party Ol
individual dictate! IU policy. It
dun't try to please the people. It's
desire is lo publish a newspaper that
will be a credit to the community.
Send in your subscription and yuu
will ue thankful ever afterward.
Advertising tttei ll l'« torn, *lllt-lr
Column, per  monlh,  no more aiid   no
column,  i1
,11'ic    nutter  15 crma per   Hue
to mui-adieiUsers ; IU cents per line
to    regular     advertisers.      Rusinru
li'i-ali live   cents per   line each Inter*
If yuu desire to reach the people ol
South East Koolenay you must ad
vertlse In The Herald.
The Herald has a tint-class Jol
plant, aud Its work is ot the best
The Herald don't want charity. Il
wants a square deal on your job
wurk. If we can't suit you in qual
Uy and price, kick, and send youi
wurk to some Cheap John house li
the east that never spends a cent in
1,000 * Week
This ti ilie guaranteed circulation uf tlie Herald
Press room.ninl anbeorlp-
I ion liata open lo invent ikii-
tioii l>y advertisers .at any
The Herald gives a dollar
in value for a dollar in money. The ndvertlser line the
right to know what lie in
receiving for hit* money.
The Herald is one paper
that courts hivesttligation.
Cranbrouk,. Bealtie & Atchison'. •
9 i
Mr. I
s.-ii kn,.»   Mi    \nd
(-,,],,ii        Ml     ViHli'l
i.l „|   Mi    llndwell,  .m.i     Mi
ii i.inl1.
Bodwoll   was,    in    lllli .
lllll;   lln*   gUVcnilllClll      III
uf prior political n-1.iii.ii,- in tin-
Bouwell-Prlor contest   in Victoria.
Ml    l.aiM-n Kuril   Hn* plans nl '
Grand Trunk   I'acilic   ...    Iai  as
the, li.nl developed in n -anl t<> a
terminus   and   cui| Inyc I  Mi    li
ili'isini in spi mil    Un* land   anil   | r"»rey        k
ni.iki-   surveys lu the uoinin J-4>.*-        ji_\
Porl Simpson, the  -Mint.,n   iw     | _"J^t;        j^
minus      Mi     Lut'scn   n.i*- acting     F*
lot ilu* 111.in.I Trunk I'acilic    II.*     I
Was  to,,   lli-alllll   ,i   m.i!,   I,.    In.ll..-     ' -
III,-   lll.lll,'!    Ol    ,1    [lllllll    Mil    Ull'    IIIIII
over ul Kaien Island .1 mul lei  nl
real consequence u, lum    lie uas
looking '.. iin* impriiveim 111 ul Iii
relations with llie entnpan,. w itli
which In* It 1  Hn* present  linn*   j
large ' tracts   im   enlist 1 net lm     I x-^>-
MCSSrs       Ali.lrlsul.     .ml    ]l, .lul;       . foA»-
hnwever,  were not    wealth,  nun     I r3E>
anil    Hi,*   sii_-esii I   1.•: 11,11..
conipatl,   lu Ilamlll'  litis ami min
Millinery and Drygoods Display
proper!) neai ilu* tcrtniniis calm
not iiiiiiaiuialK an.l Irgilimateli
iiuiii ilium     lu ilu. Mi   l.arsen
agreed, as Mi   Boilwcll was I	
in*: altei ilie political unl rn il
and he was willing In* (Bodwcl
sliinilil uiTumiili.il In- nn.l 11, hi
own way Mi Antlei um .,.1* In
the north looking nltei Ihe real
estate nnl     Mcrsib   Bodwell .11
Anderson In*
wanted .unl expeeli -I ami im re en
lilled   In   male   SOInolllillli   nn   'In
deal,    11    lli-i   could    in luce llu
nn certain icrins .iml nt iin* -nn.
time   Impress   lhe   tlniiul T 1
Paeilie,   Hi gli    Mi     Lawn, "
III,'    l.llli,'    Ul     Hi'll      SClVlCCS    III     |llll
Inn 11  tlil-ollp.il      There 1.  -.
in Iielng im-ali miiiillinl 11I1011I il
Tlml kind oi Ihlng Is Ii.ii,j. .lm,,
i*im il^i. i** considered leglli
unite, nml  llieie is  lint  ,1  incmliel
Of   ll "Sllluti      Uml    Willl'llll'l
lake lhe same lieu .is lln I In
.ami lie glad i" have llie iippnrluii
111* lhe)   li.ul        M  ...nl 111
less hvpoerlst in kii.-Ii mutter,
nnillil lie ;,|i|i;,*rnilnl In 'In- |lllll
Thursday,   Friday   and   Saturday
March 22, 23 and 24, 1906
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ||    |     h.u.l   f
I;     HBRALI) A0ENCIES     t  ""«<"-<'. ""••»
, >     The  Herald will be lound on ^
', ' sale al Ihe following plates:
- Marysville, Marysville Drug Slore
, - Wardner, ti Donahue's Store z
| | Mnyie. S. K. Harvie's Drug Slore 9
• i Ryan, R. P. Finlsy *
,, Fernie, I'urdy's Book Store
\J F.lko, tlolbriiiik's Book Store
Nu man can leel pride in the n
session nf lhc British t'uliiiuliin
Tlie resignation ol   In *   (i,
al Wilson may mean mm.* ihan
peais un tlie luce, nud  il  mai   i
less     There is nne thing sine, n
em in in lime if there i i .mm
back ul ii.
Stand up lot I'l.itilin.uk.     IVIiet
there a telle]   luun lu slaml up
ine people lo    ih
he  eillliili.il   unci
:es nf a newspaper ami llie person,
lesires of lhc e.lllnl       nil   lira™   111
_   editor will advocate cerlnii   mallei
f   I'l s"l )'  he '•> il  lircl
mnaln sHctil upon, bin i prom iti
In* lhc rcspnnsihillll of Iii- pi iiiu
iii conl rol ui a medium i.n good
evil   m   Iin- Clllutllllllit) .
Vi, II Boss mil never In* allium
general. To accept lhe portfolio li
would Imve lo itn back to liis    enn
slilueiiev     (nt  e.mlii mat i,.n.   an.l     ll
never could In- elected ugnin in    Pei
Hill & Co.'s Annual Millinery and Drygoods display threatens to be the greatest and $g
I* grandest demonstration of artistic productions that has ever yet taken place in the city, m
~-     and would do credit to some of the larger centers.    The invitation is extended to all,     §j
whether they desire to  purchase  or  not, to  visit  their mammoth  showrooms on the     m
second floor.
Cranbrook's Greatest Store, Baker Street I
Tin- \iciuriii Colonist, one ol the
slaiiiicb supporters ol the McBride
^ivcriiim nt ami an enthusiastic defender of the Kaien island ileal, lia
been publishing three column edttor-
fa-ls since -t-he n-tlioiirttmeiil uf the lei;
islaliire    in each    issue of  tlif paper,
apparently with the idea of defemling
Commissionei' Oreeu ami tlie executive council for giving away a valuable lliict of land to .Messrs. Hod
well, Anderson, Larsen, el al., foi
lire trilling sum of $10,00(1. The following Is a portion of a limn articli
in a recent issue of Ihal paper Ural
needs no comment. If any sane man
can read this anil still say that lie is
ol the opinion thai the hest iutereKts
oi ibv governmenl were conserved h\
this act (if tlie government which has
become notorious all over Cana-ila
ilri-n he must surely Ite a hliu.liil par
tlsa-n, Ami this article is written
by a Conservative in a strong Conservative paper. Tlie defense is si
weak that lhe scandal must surely In
Tbe (juestlon io lie coiishlcrod as
Un- crux of Km Investigation, now
llml Un- other considerations nf
legality, etc , Imve been disposed
"f, Is "Mnl the government
deal wnb Un- (irand Trunk Pacific
ill reel in disposing of Kaien island foi   ii'i miii.il purposes'"
I'poii tin-, point  we have lo iclv
upon Un- evidence of practically
iwo witnesses-Messrs. Hodwefl
ami Anderson, There is a sliffht
divergence between Urein on some
points, imt in the main they
agree. Mr. Larson, as an extensive contractor, luui an intimate
and au inside knowledge of affairs jn respocl to ibe probable
linn of events in connection wil It
Uu- construction of Un- Grand
Grand I'acilic I! is evident thai
in- bail an underslan-ding with the
Company, He was a friend of Mr.
Stevens, an American, who was
chief engineer of the railway.
There is everything to suggest
that the political experience of
lbe United States, and of Eastern Canada, to a lesser extent
perhaps, suggests approaching
governments through intermediaries. It was the most natural
thing iu the world for Mr, Hays
and Mr Morse to suppose thai
the British Columbia government
was no execotion lo the rule,
Thev never    iln-amed    of going   in
the   lirsi   instance   direr!  to tho   j
Messrs. McBride ami Citron    .1 1
call nil' lla- Colonist.
(llie u,  the  ll il   |>i.liie  ,i*   Cole
iiiki-i, was suspended on the cliargc ol
fr<s|iieii[iiig an house ol prostilutio]
nn Sunday an.l drinking fiqiuu      Tin
nllieel* uas lhe s * uh" Iml beei
so aelive in arrcs-liug holt I keeper:
fur violating the Stimlny Inn Tin
holel keepers urn* hived ami lhe nl
fleet* was tried heliiiul closnl doors hi
iiu'tnlii'is ul Ins eonipnin and es tier
alnl. Tlml is rubbing ih justice will
a spiked club.
Tlie opening ,,i a lau,.* Iinishui.
llliinl In Ihis town In lln* King Lum
ber Mills. Litniled, is going In In- u
greal benefit tu Crnnbrook.
Th milicrs nt lire British purlin
ment are tn he paid In lhe future
Thai is as il should In* In lire pasl
onlv Hie weall'liy could acccpl  office
unless it   was a 'mail like .luini lllllll-.,
the labor leader, wl... w.m support! I
by tin- unions while In- held nllice
until Ire ,,i,..tti. .1 ,i posll-inii thnl paid
a salary.
Some ul Hn* papers nn* Jill railing
the Increase In the parliament Indcin
nily the "-..il.n > unrb " I'ai ll,
llieiulifls a ih'ii'iil sal.ii y nn.l Hi. I.
wuu't   Ih*   su   iiiiiii,   ot   llllll!   _!.|.l.*,.|!l
•venthim: in sight besides llicit   ...
all*      \s  I,, ihe pelisii i,  i, ulure
lli-ralil  Is opposed   In  'Inn   .,    ii   ,    ,.i
Ihr u|iiiiii ii ihal   il  is iin.i,.
..      oM-WMSi-.-JiSS-tH.frC.SSS&e-C-,, or Im
S BY THE OLD  MAN. S :',;'';,'
tlia I
Ills     1,1 lh..
revei     h,,-n
uas made llu ol
t   lend
ttllor „[ ,, paper  limn ., iiiunci
Alii Will   ll   Is   I ■  iiimii.I I,,l.|m
It I *    Iwo    unu
and I hen   .... he n.i iruiihl
i.      ■ |1      ll     ..   im       ;  .   in..I..*   lli
in,. I   1"   an
.:  t. s , „,...i„„,, ,* ^■tAAVKAA!A:'iiJAA
,   eighth year.     When ihusc -whn    hav , sii ■ deal   anil wc hope Uial    out
■ i    he, ii here during all ill llml  lime slu I cltorls in Ihal dilcclii n ban* beni ap
■I In consider tin's fuel,  Ihey uill ha i l'i'*'ml. d      The hnsiness uf lire Hei
S| l|i'*-* l':i--1" ,   V'M's.     iiiiuii-si*; ','1,;, pijrer »^Hret^l*rlol, but a" no
I  I!l'*ls i"'"   liuiHlre.1 -aiiil sixteen ,„,„. s0 ,-apW|v ns „.|t|,|n  ,,,,.   |lasl
I   »-«>«s I bai     is a hm- period aid ,-rar.     fm  tins ue Blank ibe peopli
i" "ire nlm   puis 11, - 111,11    nun- -» ;llh- „,,, „„.,,,.,s,, ,,„,. rtiorls ,„ Bivi,
.' Iin.lnel   Iiewspapct  unit, 11   means in.   ,|,,.m   ,J|U1.   ,,.,.,.;,, ,|.       .,,,   ranll    „ |„.
luiiiir.l sirugg'llug, iiiiii.l.l wuii,,   im ]ms  iiaeklnui,' enough  to    stand    un
I   tense anxiet)  ami IliiUuring hope ai.d ,-;„ „.|ra| h[, ,irems is ,-iglil,' ami   mil
„   wcai)   despair.      As .ln,l,l«J*w wandels etiileaiur   In   |il,,i*   Ihe   double     gallic
., I1..1I1 over Ihose years Iherc-is   much n|- llu. t,,,,,., ,.jn h||i ,, newspaper in
,    [.llll.l  In  console,   lillllll   In  give  sails-  |.*|(,  sa„H.   unsh   «.||||0tH   ilietll ling  till'
1   taction ami lien* and  llu.ru thoughts displeasure nf some Individuals.   Bm
,:t,i bring a tear uf sorrow 01  .1 sigli wc   ,|l:j.     u,ih„ ,,,   please   all the
 'Biol.     Eighl   S'.ears•cililtn*.   -n ].»..1.1.- many years ngo, and the man
paper in    a luun ihal    consisted,ac who does try to   please all ul    the
' hrst of the shadows of the siiMouniM pKI|,]c j,,   e,Iiling   .,     weekly   news-
;   in: molintain peaks ami Inl slakes on  pa|)„   „.i||   ,.,,,,1,   be  nut   nf  business,
,   a   bain  prairie  iiiiiii   thai   mun    lias I,..,-,,,,„,. i|„. people nliom he is mini:
1 grown in he nne of tin. besi in point. ,„ pleas,. v. ill soon tire .a' his hy'poc-
|«te inii'imi     iii    British  Columbia stati'iinii.     Tliis'is our nnniial reter-
;.   n.ili'i.'H,   involves   ' a   i I   expel- ,.nee lu lhe fan  llial  this ciimiiininli
',",',""   I'"'.'      Iml in nnr wurk iliiiiii,; ihai |U , |,a,| ,,, put up wilh the Herald lo't
, ,""•"'•   nm.* wc have s I)  hnd litem    llur- .,  i,.M„ ,,[ vears. and also   wilh   tin
" '"'"  ue; all ihai nine wc ban' never pen- okl Man.    li uill iml conic up again
I".....    "*!i " ""i'1*   a"''     "'' ha"* written i,„  twelve months, mid during    Ihai
The    llnilnl    ,'urks      fliuclle
slal*li*il   a   erils.nl,'  on   '!„*   '■   I
is,le        II    is   lllnell \   ll
encore is   all right', lm'
i-nl.  silh, clnppiltg ui   11..* Inn   .
is a detrimi-nl  in am   1 lllel laiuim nl
ami is neier endorsiil' hy ime    Bill
nf Hiuse present.
Then, is in he n second paper ii
Golden. If ihe Herald could ^,1
lhe pictures nf the men win. an* going
In at tempt such ,1 foolish move liny
wnuld he bung iu inn niih',' fot future
Tlin Imve gone Inl crazy iu 1*M
morion and lhe banks have called
down lhe speculators.
Tin. Maolcod Gazette ha.- clmnecil
hands. Wlml thev should ilu in Ihal
■lown is fur lhe people in gel lo-
gcttwr and arrange foi* one papei and
let Ural he a gn"'! "«'' '!'«" Papn .
cannol exist in thai place an.l     lhe   '
hllsilll-ss   men   should   lake   .!    Illlllli   lii '
Movie is making a Md in lln* pu
tie at large as a summer resort Tl
peuple nl that   ilrl i.'lil I'll   spol   have ..,     uuu,
■iirlit   in   cultivate atiilniiuii*,    along   lm lenchoj
ai*ii i, lasl  inahi.
Iiul upon,
lyvexpressed  their ..,	
ni. Kink and Mui*|iliy en-  .......1''   ..,''".    ,   ,,, .■,,,,,,,    ,,,,,  „.,.   .
:   "*' :      Miuib.in'    »        ,    i,   1"","'; i"ic   wc wish tire   readers ol     tut
11 v,  In  :.*:!., lusi       ,      , \V,,|,,' 1   I 1 ,1   ,', ,   ,1  Hpra"   "" ""' I"' '"">  and happl
.lit i.n, nn Lil,    1-1.1 1 .,,   ,        I,,.,,  ,,,„,„, M,,ln ,     „,, ,,.Vi.,
AH     "I       ui,' I   '    .nc  I'""   ' 't'-'Mcd   ,hev   may  he.  ami   wnuld  un:,.     Ihal
"    I'OWCl.     'f       ,   „,    "lemle     w    I    V    I I    , ''J     '"'"     "'    "'""'    "''"     ",''    Dl""UI«
m      1     , rn' „      In nun        ''"   l'"''"'1""    '"" '""    '"
,1,   ,' ' ','"    '   "'. '"    "*"""i.  Ibis nine fur young  11,  ,,   witli
,,.     » 1   m1""",!"   ' '!'' ""'" ""u '"■""■■  "    wllh
,    .,   ,     V1"11 ;'u',"',v "" "';';,, "'" , ,11"' ''"crgv. uu, ■ pi, n ii,,, R,,..,,
>    ihiiuigii 11 all in- hnve lunl ami been  «,.,,. u*,.^i
"'     .appi,    ue   bale     1 ■   Irielllb I .	
"    *        'Ulllm 111,1     H!    .,,,.   musl *
'    MHIsfiieloril)   nli-el   In    I *h .ii.n-l er   .„S*J*)»3*3? P-5 3-a-1-S ?-3>-l-l l?5*5>j.i
'  lovalt)   iii uur ii -. ami     we ,*.'_, . . . %
"    ;,:"   buve  I of Ihose lilg hearl-eil,   np-8 Seven    Vp.1t--;    Atrn
 '.•pm-iative I ml men love    .„!ii "■ °eVen     * earS   -"-g0 '<
Jl  peel        \    I i   encinie
dol  i  Imlliei  n-      \ hi  n
;    '   ca I   b.i H  '"■ b.	
■"';   evei   ii   Ute)   du       I.m   	
: '    :"'  i uii kind nf a 'I.".   ni I,
lhc   k n   i,., I      I,   ni .luu, i
i ,,,.',,,,,;. ■„,, ,;,,,,,",,,',,,',''. , ,,,,
more  H '■,.'.■  "il'l lm-,, In!,',"'". ,!,   hv
I'm     .,, |,,     ,,, ||
'•"■'■■■"■'    In' had less nines   i,„   „-,,,  ,„,.,   „■„,    ■   .-■
im us eielii   fm     iirleneiilciice    nf """' s"""' '';*'s'  Ivoolenny,  rellirncl
' i-i nrsly of purlins, in all of ll"""' "'ll1' '■""""'■ al   Ciaiihi ,
■ nj",cl advantages Ural  wuul I make
his partner,  I*'   I*   Simpson      S'cat give him une ol tho besl hotels     In
lv tun years ago Mi   Brown and   lire Soulh Kasl Kootenay     The location
wrilei  formed a partnership on    tire Is superior and Mr. Shlei  mil do a
Wanliiet    Internaliuin.4,    ami     later big business
came lo Cranhrook.     Hav altei tlu) I	
week aflei   week, wc ivere placed   in
close iissociatlon with blm and    lire SHflRr  TAI KS
belter thai we knew bin  greatei onun I    IHL^a
Even tempered, big hearted ami lait Fred Smyth, Editor Leader, Moylo
minded, and as si|iiurc a man as Goil -Our lown is in belter shape ihan'il
ever    put   mi   his   fools I.      Mr. has ever been and Is Imploring dally.
Hi,.wn    in Ins quid    assuming waj Tire pay roll ol the St.  Eugene    is
won tire hearta of his friends and tire growing, and oilier mining opV.Uions
euiilulenee uf  the    people.       Wc  will ,„ adding lo the tolal.      I'he opening
miss him and  miss him sadly.       lie of the saw mill is going  lo lie a lug
was line blue, through and Uirough, t],j„a, „s „ ia,*g,. numbei ol men will
and wc can never hope lo have busi- be employed.     Moylo is all righl.
And if'mmvn,,,. would"go?his "jusl , ■'•*•■,n>:j". Wardner-Biisiness gen-
diics   on ihis   earth, II  T. Brown's ™»l   '« Improving In Wardner, and
share ,.f lire good lliiiigs ol lire world ,,""..!.' scc„„a   l^osperojis   suniiucr
nnillil be a princely uur.
.liliimie McNeill is now lire ailisl
dispenser at the Cosmopolitan.
tin   I
all a
illcl    In
n I in Cranbrook'.* .« |
. i :   ft        ' ^
ii re ;.;  ITEMS  t'l'I.I.KU   KUO.M   TIIK '■
*'nil ir.  tlKUALIJ   uK    THAI'    DATE {
uh'i  el.eeeeseiesieiBeeeseftaisiSflss*/*'
",'''     Mr. Tale, the Macleoil jeweler, uh.
'  ,',' spent   seiei.,1  ilais  lasl   week luukin:
draliiigs  with    mankind.     Tl
Cranhrook'nn  ns dire a b
llll   .1.  can   he   liilllid  nil    II
i c'ontlnenl an I il   ha*   .ileal
iilel pri-.
II Ml HIS MK \SI in*:
Unlit  Ciitlci   Nu.  In, ., kiniiergar-' Hun  would lend I
.      . place.     "I    1	
i-fulli   looked over the situation,'
,1   Mi.   T    "nml   I   am   now   sun
i Cranbrook has a great future,
r'vHi"if"snme'","r • was uliKhtlj preludlcoll -against Ih,
s   hi wn  ubei   I'''"''' l"*i"H* 1 came, bin alter looking
her lhe II. iel,I '•""'' ""' '" hl  ' '•"' '"siIv  ?M    "''"
''* * 'rook will In* Hn* coming town.
enjoys every adva-ntnge in Hn*
if  location and  railroad  [aeili-
iml  Uu* country musl  Imvo    a
V..   Imr:   *,.|w.:7*.'in: I hnd J™'"™'1 i*,""'  '?' .:ld,,'« b,"s ss* 'l'1'1
,    pcrsonallv and wii-h    the Craiihrooli sttrelj Is ihe place.
The columns ol  the  Herald 	
been   'open for anything H, T   Brow;n, ol the Herald,    lefl
llrei  eoitld unl
in   lire i ltd   Mi
spile Um   iiiiuhl   hold  .
i   lividiial in the commit!
lit  we have ll .l.e
Intimity, give prosperity to the pcoplo poseil
 _ ... Spokane, having dis
if Ills i rest ill the Ilernlil I,
The Crows Nesi I'ass
Lumbei company will start their mill
an n and thai will add vet) Iai I;
rn iin* :.lllllliel* of men nuw i m|i.  yi 1
  I     II      Huchcrolt,     M.i i    llle-
A. II Eenvvick and wife returned Marysville will see a prosperous sum-
last week from Hie sojourn in South- m r Everything Inn!:-. ■■ •-1 Iti that
crn California. Tlrev cxpu-i lo go to in * '1 look in m* ,* M . p.
England this summer, dcvelopmrnt up the si   M rys i Hey
-Ii.iui Fink left for Spukane ye ler- Inn      .1 hiisim ss f. i ,,*i  imvli
day iiecuiiipanicl by his ratter. Tl"'■     [| ■ |,| \ai|on—1 relit li d tn     'I ■
will visit. Republic to look after somi     , ,, ,  s    ,       . .,
' - l'1"""*' "'■"   ■■"'■'  I'""          .*'■    cl   lu      el   li.ul      |„   tte  I ,,
Mr. Brcmner, of   the firm of Sh.-i   .,'' *.|,,',',',V' Av J   " J
luck ami Brcmner, returned lasl era   kM u .,  , „,,',,„  „,:,, ,,      v
inn from Macleod. where In* has been   , „.„ hl.],w ,m,
llll- past   week.      Ill' lias aeeumpa I
hv Ins r.i null lid   Taylor,  nl  tin-  him , n
  its   llllon—I  have     luun    I   Iin  i
V,   Hyde     Bnker,    local  lownsllc .ml Haywood nl ihe Ur len
agent,   iefi   ini    Victoria     Tuesda) ' f Miners fm a i *   i .. ,   ,,,
illuming, when* In* uill imn In. i.ii ami   cannol  helmm    llml   *     i   ,, ■ ■
ei      llu expects in In* absent   ahoul  I ihem Is true     All tin   i i
lltreo weeks ten ol Ite Fcderati, it nsk is n   I It
  nnil    wliero Ihose nun  mn)    et    a
E   II   Small    whu has lieen III bad ».u deal      II Ibei  sl ill,.       |||,
I,,„IH, iut   ihe past  two weeks,   hn    t lire crimes wilh    whicli  lire,  	
I'lirailaj   ni ne  tm  Sreltle,   ul hargi-d no nrRtnlnllnn  wuiilil  wanl
bi< mil remain inilil hi   iitovcis   II. Item     pinishid    qulcket    limn   lhe
wns accompanied h)  IVrej  Irvine. Kelcrallon     'the   Federal in
H   t!   ltieh.inls.il, Hn- engineer who I ■'..■■■<■ in pence and ihe upli l.h'n. nl
bad  charge nf   llu     I.uai I     Hu*   Hi    I.m. ami ale ngalltsl   vlohmcc   ni
[iiiiii   In-!,-   lu   hniil.ielei.   al   III.'   m'ii.1,1
vl u!"/.,;!!;i!,„,\i;"!!ns"„.*,*h'''   Mu      -I    "     M'Bii.le-1    iisil'.l  .'.,l.„iv
has been m i asi enjoying him   ' "" ""*<, ««" allnoiig ,u- lived
I    i^   link   III   III.'   li'll     a "llll     "'■''"'   "'   ""'   I""-1    "    Was   illlliellll   Iiii
He'expects   ti' te  a    vei"   I"        ■'■"Wi/.c   thr  old   town,    t',,1-
W'esl  h nal* lot  it feu  weeks   Ire    '■'-"'  ll-'s '""' " wniili'iliil growth     I
e leslllilli.   Ills  null "■■     l '1,'tc.sisl  Willi  lh.'  1,1, a   Ihal   Ihe
  ' bund tils of i pie wlm cmne    Irom
Ire frnnb ,  I is s., crowded   ""'  '•' "'ll'  "'llls "' '""''   ""''-
se davs thai   il  is al sl  inipos- '*'•'    -'''I   Nebraska   In   whal    liiey
I'm Ihuse lleil Ihollghl uiiniil lie lhe wild,■me nf
All.i*i i.i. must have been surprised
when they looked upon ll.e magut-
ccul   business blocks,      Ite  Inn dsonio
Ben Tlreil 1   came 111 Irom    Creston   rraldrneca,    the     $30,1   McIIkkHsI
ii'sii'i'-lai He  reports  ihal     all church and many other evidences   nf
Sand I'reek   properllrs    aie looking advanced    eivilizalion.       Cnilgary is
good, aiid snvs Ural  the Bushels and Mm.|v a great city.
Mi^.',uie    iire   pushing their properly
at  a rapid  rate, W,   I'.   Hill—The parents of    t'ran-
  ; -brook should go to thc public school
I; ti. shier has purchased lln' buildings in Ibis lown and see uii-i
Vinnsla llolel at Steele and will tlieir chi'dri n have to contend wilh
combine ii with Ins well known place as well as, the teachers. They aro
U.e liiteriiatiuinil. Mr. Shier will mil lii tn put children in ai ' some-
reiiinili'l linlh buildings anil make thing Bhould he done ns soon .... pos-
ni.niy other Improvements whicli will, sihle tn belter tlieir condition.
ihh* In     nnd  r
.cunt In slay tin TtlE CHANBBOOK HERALD
Ymi are cunliiillv invited to
Reid & Company's
Spring Millinery Opening on
Thursday, March 22, 1906,
and following lift)"
tailored hats,    Th
tliuht COIlBptoiWUB .I
Wi- nru bIiowIiik n variety of designs both In dress and
olortngsare oxquisilo. tlio millennia of the daintiest. Tlie
musl tho trimmings are Flowers. Ribbon and Maline.
The Lingerie Hat
ih very pro
• ■in ihi
, to be worn with linen Bulls
Remember the Date   and the Place
■» ■»♦■>■»♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
?        We have just received u consignment  of biscuits  from
♦ DUBLIN,    There has been tm ever increasing demand for)
JACOBS GERMAN RUSKS and we Itave not been always;
; alile to supply the needs.   We have plenty now nnd if you want ,
one box or ten we can supply yuu. 2
This branch of our business hns kept us busy since Sntur- ♦
dny. The Hoots and Slums wo have urc evidently the kind *
people wuul.   Thev lit the foot and the price tits the purse.        J
G.   T.   ROGERS]
Fancy and Staple Groceries, Crockery, Boots and Shoe   I
>♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦-♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
for Vour Animal friends
we have a complote assortment ol
standard remedies.    Thoy   n 1
medicine a- much as a lininnn
being. Anl being unnblo tn pro-
lest thoy nre entitled to ihe best.
Our Condition Powders
u',11 make youi stock livelier and
heller, .hey will cute any simple
tronbl 11 save yon Uie expense
,,[   ,     .*, ,u,.uy.     Try tlieni   Illi.
sea.,.11 nn I - *i* nor, elfectlve ihey
mm  rn
E. REID & Co.
Uuggists       Phone 74        Stationers
i profitable!
5j Purchase a Chatham Incubator and Brooder from us. Easy
S Terms. Ask for an Interesting book on this Industry. Sole
*** Agent
I     J. D. McBRIDE
K been here since i8uS
iable to stay longer. X
A illstrlet visitor once went I
an old Scotch woman who wns dying
Mrs. W. Colpniau i.s quite ill.
.1. A. Arnold    visited Moylo    last
John Kyan, of Wardner, was in
town Monti-ay.
1). A, McLean, nf Mnyie, was in
lown Monday.
ti. E. Mo-attic visited Marysville
last  Sumlay.
Dr. Blslrop, of Marysville. was in
town  last   Sunday.
M il King is still in the hospital
Iiul is improving nicely,
Mrs .1 iv McBride was visiting
Friends in Kcniie this wwk.
II   n      inm tn   And in uie returned
yesterday from ilie east,
p   Lund, ol SVawlner, was in town
[•between trains yesterday,
I    Hurley Armstrong, of Moyie, was
in town Monday ana Tuosday.
1   Mr, Maycock, oi Marysville, was a
: Cranbrook visitor last Monday.
1    Charles Pinch, of   Marysville, was
j in town several days this week.
i    Mr. Donahue, ol   Wardner. was    a
! Cranbrook visitor tost Monday
|    J. HamWy, mordntrt, returned last
Saturday Irom .1 tri|i to Nelson.
i    Pred Frith   came   up trom    Moyie
{ last Monday tor a couple of days.
i     It    McVvlv, of    Wyeliffe,   left   on  a
1 business trip lo Calgary ilns week.
,     \V    V  Pratt, of Marysville, was in
t-he cm tlh- latter pari of last week
1;   II   Bohart. hotel proprtctoi   al
| Wardner, visiteii Craubrook  Monday
Roj  Myers, ot Pullman, ill., registered at the Cosmopolitan Tuosday
A. P   Chenette, ol MaryavlHe. was
in town on business the lirsi 01   llw
Judge Wilson and wife visited
friends  in  Nelson  several  davs     lasl
I week
1 li Johnson, ol Marysville. was in
town tliis week taking in tin- sights
t nl   lhe city,
I Mrs 1. anil J. Whitehead, of Moyie.
wen* registered al Mn- Cosmopolitan
hotel Monday.
W A, Lovely and wife, of Wycliffc,
wero registered al thc CosmopoiHtaw
holel Monday,
It S. Ilaron is confined to the
hospital again with anoWier attack
• if  internal  trouble.
"Charley" BrcnoWey, formerly ot
Cianbrook, but now of Moyie, was a
visitor t<> the city Friday last.
W p Acton, nf Sirdar, has been
transferred to Cranhrook, awl will
remove liis family liero.
.1      V    Ituehcrott,   ot tho smelter
city, was a Cranbrook    visitor    the
latter part of ,ast week.
\i   Doylo was   in Tatar, Artterto,
Uus week looking after interests Iw
has in that part ot the country.
Miss Qualfc, of Sirdar, was
brought to the liospiial last Monday
with a serious attack of tousoiiWa.
I.. banging has returned from his
trin to New Brunswick and looks as
if his vacation lia-d been a benefit to
T. G, Jones, of Wardner, eame up
nn Monday flight's local to visit his
child, who is sick in the St. Eugene
Mrs. T. W-ha-lcn ami Miss Snow, of
Fernie, came up -to Cranbrook Sunday
to visit Iriends in Cranbrook ami
Ed. and Frank Shaw, of Marysville,
were in t-he city this week and left
Mondav for Calgary, where they will
take ' up farming on an extensive
John LeRoy, of the Staples Lumber
company was" in tlie eity this week
mid spent several days iu the metrop-
Qeorge Pushee is now braking on
llie Ferine local.
It B. Benedict, of Mayook, was iu
town last  Sunday.
George Robertson, of Pmchci I :■•■-,
wus hftown last Friday.
a. K Watts, of Wattsburg, was m
town the first 0  the week
Farther Genet, ol Sandon, was ..
visitor in town this week.
Mrs. Rudd, nl Moyie, was iu town
tbe earl iei pun ol tlie week.
If you are intending to build ,1 1	
you will need .1 furnace. Uui spe-i iai
ty is ihe "Sunshine" turnaee h
burns cnal coke 01 wood We make
it oui business to give ialUIaetion —
Pa-tmore Bros
l) A Ayres, ol Moyie, was .1
CtVUbrook visiioi  last Knl.n
William VanArsdakm, ■ I Port
Sicele. was in lown yeslerdni
Pol Sale—Sis roomed li ttage Will
sacrifice foi cash      Sec Hal 1     Bros
Gel vour name un tbe lim nf lbe
HHi club.     Vou will nevei   regtri  n
Jl Staples, nl Wyeliltc .v.i * regis
bored al ilf Craitbrooh la 1   1 uesdaj
The Misses Sheppanb ol ttardttei,
were visiting friends in town lasl
Tbe millinery openings are mm on
and tlie married man immnelh in lus
The trout season opens on tbe 25Hi     Looks more like bauanaa this week.*   I    ti   VanDecai      ol   iti
Ibu^^^ -ni-st.iMtti,       .
•-.itching trout an.l having them iu
Ibeii possession less than sis incite*
in len&'tb .Ue liable to a hm-
leallw '
li,     Tin
as   generally
P01 sale cheap-\
lounge Enquire \h
"Tlw Palm."
St     Patrick's day
observed   throughout
Sal-unlay  last.
Prank Ihvall, who has lieen m ihc
hospital   fm   the pasl   two   ttii'U,    is
slowly Improving.
Patmore Bros, arc bus) this week
on a blower system for Watts ,v Co.,
ai Wattsburg, B. C.
ll ll. itoss, of Elkmouth, who is
interested in a lumbering plant, was
in town last Saturday.
Our own make of candies shipped
out of town. Jusl drop a card lo
"The Palm '
Mr. Diaper, of Uie'Nelson News, is
in town representing thai most creditable daily papei.
If you are needing a new range, we
are prepared to supply your requirement s, Tlie "Koolen.iy'' range is
our "leader." You will Ih- suited to
the King's taste.—Patmore Hros.
A. Pratt, who has been in Marysville for the past year, has gone to
Rnssland for nn indefinite time.
Dr. White, superintendent ol llritish
Columbia missions, spent several
days in  town this week.
Miss Gladys Oasklll, of Kimhcrioy,
came down this week and expects to
remain In town and go lo school
J, Swinnerlon, who has ihe hotel
at the Uoumlary line on the Corbin
road, spent a few days in town tins
McCormlck's best chocolates at
•The Palm."
G. 11. llilliei is reported as improving, whicli the people generally
of Crnnbrook will l.e pleased to
If you waul your towu to grow
and prosper, wake up. rub your eyes,
roll up vour sleeves and go to work
for ii
A. P Stephenson, tormenlj ol the
Movie Lumber company, will ro 011
the road for tlte North Star Lumber
The golf duh will hold .1 meeting at
the duh house on Saturday, the 2 Ith
at l o'clock. Arrangements will he
made for the summers sport.
Gel vour clothes cleaned at Cranbrook live Works       1 p-tn-d.ite work,
Gel vour dollies cleaned al Craubrook Dye Works.     Up-lo-datc wmk.
Tlie Ai1.11 Soeiolj ol Hie Catholic
church will hold a bazaar in Wentworth ball during the latter part ot
April      Knrtliei announcements later
Candies, fruits and nuts A high
class confution n-t  "Tlie Palm."
A W McYiwn- len yesterday for
Swift Current, where lie will survey
a new townsite. From there he will
go to Lethbridge where he has some
W ll Miles, oi Portage In Prairie,
was in lowu this week. Mi. Miles
is tlie C, P. ti. agenl at Unit place
ami is considered one of ihe best   in
(lie   west.
II Albert on, of Wychfie, returned
Monday wilh his bride from Stillwater. Minn , ami is a guesl at the
Constable Morris made an ollieial
visit to Wardner ll|» week Mr.
Morris has a large districl to oversee now and his lime is fully occupied.
Have you seen Harris Brothers'
cart'' Of course you have, and is it
not a dandy'.' The flncsl Irish Jaunting ear looks like thirty cents compared wiih it.
Ii pays to read the advertisements
of enterprising home merchants, They
are the people who make it possible
to bave conveniences righl at your
door, so to speak.
For Sale—Eight room, well finished
house on Baker Hill. Apply
to Dan Burton. 46-tf
Superintendent Erlckson and T.
Martin, of the engineer's oflice, visited l-)lko last week to ai range to give
tiie North Slat Ltttllbci company at
that  place more side I racks.
D. E. Taylor, of Klmlicrley, wenl
to Phoenix this week to attend the
district meeting of the Western Federation of Miners as a delegate from
the Kimberley Miners union.
Most fortunate is the bo) or girl,
tlu- young man or the young lady who
is given the opportunity to attend
school iu Cranbrook, Its educational advantages surpass any town ol
like size in the province.
Why pay rent when you can buy a
largo col tug*- (hi Maker Hill with
lots lii feet frontage, for $1125.00.
Two hundred and fifty dollars cash,
balance on terms. Applv J. S.
Arnold, Hox lOn.i, Calgary,       52-11
Rev. J. P. Westman. tlie pastor,
will have charge of the regular
preaching services in the Methodis-t
church next Sunday, Evening subject, "We Are All One." All are
Tliere are just a few who have permitted their subscriptions lo lag
behind. Don't do it. You will die
one of these fine days and your family will want a column obituary published free.
was .1 greal sueee
1   Thompson, of Pei 1
in lown Mn- lirsi <if ti..'
l people
•mm..       i,,wn   is  Miupl.   wowtei
tui. and  tlr.it  u.-\,,    before has    hit
hotel I«m, Sj   crowded      Vii      Rol
Inn*, "i  lloft$Lrth .\   Rollins   ul   the
h-.i    youi  home       We cm furnish     Join ihc loo duh      p  rtln ,(,, \,,„   Crairbrook,  savN    that   lie  is  turnr ■■
you wnh beautiful "Standard"   -.u.i    Rood and ii will do the lown good       them a\\a\   ilai   altei   ,1,.
tarj   porcelain enameled baths,  wall     William Welsh, ut tin   Herahl staff.   Small,    ut   th
01 pedestal labatories wnh mi ing!
io match, installed in au up-to-date
uiamiei —Patmore  Bros
II .1 Northey. contractu], has tv
turned frum Millwwu-t, Minn . alter
visiting ni.un western towns and 1-.
making preparations i-1 Ins summer's work
Mi Prowse, who bas been confined
to the Si Eugene hospital foi ihe
post iwn months is doing nicely and
will be discharged from llut institution   III   .1   Sllol 1    'INK
Charley Graham, lui  .< U ng    time
eliiplo.t.i   ni    llle   clothing   ilep.i I I ment
of Und ,\ t'u - store, left ibe first
of ihe wen no Vermillion, Vlbcrta,
wiien-   l.e    e\p.(is   t,, m.i into bust
Ins in.mc througi
Charles Harris, tl.
seal I. 1 1,1s arm last
well again
\ Mnllandalc, of tin- C P R laml
iiepaiim.ni made au official visit lo
Calgnn lasl v.,,-k
Frank wauts to incorporate.
Tlieiv is a town that i- making excellent progress ami promises lo be .1
growing industrial e.nt.-i
Tom Rookes has gone tu Kiimoutop
in aeeepi lbe mmngemein of lhe Alberta um "i Hn- Dnevi hotels In the
prmi ice -I   VHierta
P01  S -Ladv's  Knglisli side sad
die also English lailunil ndiiu
ImWi, sum small, dlghl Iih I. Ap
I'll  Hox   \    care ol Herahl
Man) words ol praise arc being
th-aitl .ih..in ihe new Falls View
hotel ,.i Marysville li is evident
thai Mi Pr ingle, the iiroprb lul is
going 1.1 have a firm class place
Mi* McCalg .md baby, ul Leth-
hmLv arrived lo-iiaj foi a visit
uiib Mi and Mis ii 11 Uretnnei
Mr-  MeCaig will tie remembered b\ a
large numbei  ntls as Mi-s Ena
Mis Gomel -lui.es, 1,1 War.lnci. has
hun I,, re H.is week with her bnhj
whu has to in quite ill. bul in now
Improving, Mr. Jones Ims tuiu up
several times to see lata ihe little
in.' was gelling along.
I-:    11
... 'ji- Ulan,  s,n s
11-   Uiai  often he nnd-  ii   impossible   lo
mom ail ..f ih.' applieant       The lm
luine.'i    wh,.  l"iial,  Un- Wentwurlli ami  lhe Cana
,-k  is   about   ''Ian are   crow\le.t,    ami  'li.- Queins
which is smallci of course, hut i- doing a fine business      Thai   would m-
dicatc ihal   Ci.'iJnuok  is (put,- -., celi-
, tei       The people who c ■ h. m-   all
1 S|K'i»l monej and thai  is wlnit makes
a  town.     Let   Ihem 1,.  |i e big and
coasl when- In- has another mill. M
Hanbury is much pleased with tho
outlook fm  lumber this season and
■ pile
lv   (i    Dicks,
penal   bank,   h
LWgary; Tin
Dickson regret
pleased io 1,110
A     suppei   wat
S.iliihlav    al
(iiuhhe.'of   Ite
uf il. 'i'   Rogei
hcu   li.nisfeirtd   to
many Iriends of  Mi
ns departurc but are
of ins advancement.
given in his honor
te Wilga. W It
■l.sioke, succeeds   Mr.
weie  a  gl
during ilu
iced   1
hi-jui \
Mai n
dep.u llilelil
tt Satui-daj
ilea present
ni.     who acecptcil
to (imp in and    Imve
f tin in made purchases
tscd   tlieir  ddi_;hi    with
nl   of    lhe   new      sloie
uf nowls tlm-l   weie   on
I   Smyth, uf u„- Moyie Leadei
w.is     111     lowu    uh    Moiida\ Ml
Smyth 1..I- 1 liacaidcd ihe talking neck
ties, but is rn,iv resorting lo dink,
in his trousers that vmi can heai
above ihe rumbling of ihc train
Cnndieti mmle ■ vei v Ihuii al "The
Palm  '
James Park,, who is now in ihc re
tall lumber business in Saskatchewan,
was in town this week tn attend llw
annual meeting ol the Kast Kootenaj
Lumbei companv Mi I'.uk says
thai business is good in the new
Wanted-To borrow $1,600 for throe
years. Best of security, Applv to
ii., Herald office. 411-11
William Forrest, well and mosl
favorably known in this part of   tlie
country,   is  now      gen.lal     tiavdlniA
agenl nu ihe Massey-llarris companv
for thc province ol Alberta.        Tlw
Massey-lfairis eomptUl) ale luekj lo
get such a man.
lv C. Wilson, of Monissiv, has
purchased the stock and husiiu-ss ol
ihc Marysville Drug companj ami
tiMik possession ihis week. The
people of    Marysville    wi'l   li„d     Mi.
Wilson a pleasant gentleman to du
business wilh and one win. alvvavs
deals ou ihc square.
J. 0, Brewery, lhc mining magnate, fishing cxperi, rustling politician, passed through town last Monday 011 his way io Ottawa. The
fishing season    will    soon open, hul
"J. C," was willing to desert tho
mountains streams, as he is mil aftei
uuui   ibis spring.       li   is a  largei
lish  and   much   harder   lo   laud In
Ottawa tliey call n a wnulorsblp.
When vou   want   fresh candies irv
"The Palm."
The Yei'iia Mav company played iu
Cninlirook three nights ' lasl "week.
Tlie specialties were away above llw
ordinary Imi the plays as presented
would not wm leather medals in
Swansea for histrionic merit,
Pastor Goodltehl will preach in tin*
Baptist church uexl Sunday upon tlw
following topics; Morning, "The
Evolution of a Suul;" evening, special
sermon tor voung men, the subject
luing, "The Materials of Manhood."
Hearty Invitation to all, good congregational singing.
If you want lo ruin your hoy just
take his side of every ipiestiuu and
dispute lie has with liis leaclwr or
ymir neighbors' children. Just let
him know vou an* witli him, righl or
wrong, in all his disputes. This will
give him a good start in Ihe downward path.
Eggs for hatching from Blue Barred Plymouth Rocks, $1.00 per 13
$5.00 per hundred, Call at Mrs. W,
V. Borah, three miles west of Cranbrook or drop post card Cranhrook.
The golf players are able to resume
their sport for the sea.-fh. Thc game
promises to Imve a numbei' of additional advocates lliis year. There is
nul a liner game for'those who do
nol have much time for exercise and
are confined to their offices a great
part of tlw hay.
Miss MacLeod has returned from
her trip to the eastern millinery centers wltere she was able lu make ber
selections Irom llw stocks jusl received from New York and will have
Ihem on display in Inr former quarters just as soon as the plate glass
arrives for the window. "I will be
heller able than ever to please tlw
la,li**s of Cranhrook as every dollar's
worth of goods thai 1 will "have on
sale will be new and t he latest
One morning this week tlw prettiest window decoration probably
ever seen anywltere  vvas  t-lia-l  on one
of liie windows of Keid A Co.'s dry cleaning and dyeing house in tliis
goods slore. Jack Frost showed his eitv on a scale" in keeping with the
most artistic skill on this occasion,! business In this field.' Mr. Powell
and as a result tin- lower half of tlw has secured tlie services of a man who
window vvas a beautiful panel ol doll- learned tbe business in the Old Coun
ca-te white frost leathers as perfectl\
HILL   .v   Id
Hill A Vo hui-H) ouMid themselves this yeai in theii preparations
foi ih. 11 annual opening ..- millinery
ami ladles1 apparel       The stairwav
u' H "nil fiom   was drapi 1   with
silk  bang ngs,  glviup   lb.
ol entering an attractive  bowi 1     ,.-
you winded v  wa\ to Ihe beautiful
display above.     I lie uppe  lie t
burn divided un,, iw.. apart nn
curtains In lhe first was a fine dis-
M'aj ••' ladies goods an.l carpets,
while i|„- oibci w.is devoted entire!)
to the latest designs in llw millineiv
ad. And the word art is used ad*-
vlsedly, foi uulv -.Lis wai the creations thai bring •.-. -,: the heart ol
the average woman are witboul a
doubl works uf art The rooms were
beautiful)) decorated with lace curtains draped in a pleasing manner,
while here and     th. u-    wen   potted
Tliere will lie a meeting next week w"' '"" anfl /'"" *™ !-'""'
to arrange Ior lacrosse m Cnnvbrook I'-'"'\'^\-^ in handsom. lardhnen
diiini' ihe coining season There is •UUII(,|al lowers tha: would hwl a
a lut of cvcdlen. maierial in Can-] !ll"ll.".""« ''"'•' In theii ■„. tx'u re-
brook this vear for a successful club £ffj!*!£? ,'", ""'- ,w"rkli l,( ll-l,lllv-
and Mn* L.-v a.ss,-ur cup should be1™ '*' !,v ",[ t,H' '»a»J visitors
brought hack 1.1 Cranhrook I f",'ss,'(l  n°'a««sl5'     ujwn
• I   Hanbury, ol   Brn-mlon.  who
owner of the Norlh Stai  mills in 1
(hat covered the lioors    And nnn^h-.l
With   tin-    expression-    of   Ih    ladies,
, tlwir exclamations ol admiration lor
tiict, arrlud this w.vk Irom th^ wtm, {]Ky SRWi were t[ll, slrakiS    ,.
music furnished bj  a moitern grama-
phoiie that sc. mod to give tlw neivs-
sary liuisb to an arrangvmenl     ihal
'"" l"'1"'1   l,',ir I met with the hearty approval ,.|
most critical present Nevei More
have Mill & Cu made such a success
of iheir annual openings, ,v.\d never
liefore hav, ihev received such un-
stltited praise
tea,     Man,
aii'd all expr
Ute arrangen
an.l the das.
The Herald thinks 11.-.M tlw
police committee ul Mn- ell1
acted wisely in purchasing Mteii hose
fiom A ().' Kcniicy, manager of th.-.
British Columbia branch of Gutta
Perclm Ilubbcr Manufacturing companv. The Red Cross bland l- a
sian.liitd .hi and and i-be local lire
liepariment liave demonstrated thai
since the hose they bought of Mt Mc-
Keuney six years ago- is siill in exeelleul condition. - ii  pays to    buj
lhe best.
.1. Young Hvers, travelling repre-
scntaiive of ihi* Calgary Herald, was
in lown the lirst of the week and did
some excellent work foi his paper.
Tlte Calgary Herald is growing and
i-xJeidiim -its territory, li has been
making a loi of* improvements ihe
liast few months and wilt soon have
iu operation a new press ihat will enable it to meet the growing demand
Mr.     Dyers is the   right kind ot    a
newspaper   representative "as   Iw   sav-
eys. Ih- is a gentleman, a thorough
wrilei. a. good hustler ami a credit
to   llw paper   lhat   he represents.
Cecil Stanley, .representing thc
National Drug a Chemical company,
was   in   town   vesleidav.    "It   is     an
honor of course to represent one of
Mu- largest drug companies on Un-
American couiiiuiii, but tliat is not
iu it. wiih lbe, honor .ol being bom in
Lucaii, Out., an.j yesterday evening
llw other two Lucaniies, Vic and
Will Rollins,, foregathered al llw
Cranlirnok hold. Mr. Stanley is
buill like a Greek god, ami walks
witli the" grace of an old time courtier and is a general favorite on tbe
road, and 111 lhe cities thai he
George     B.  Powell' lias opened
r— ^
Tli.  "lie   wil!   I,.,  honest
nn.l ri-l,i,i.l,..     T| ,|„,t
"I'l'-.ti il.',..       So   niih
boots. .All IwoU ll.ni
look well aie nn. honest.
Leckie's BooU are all
left,her mnl ni.de t.i
meet n-e-tern require-
menu. The 1,^,-,. ii„.
|iro_iiect„r ami il„- minei
.-.ii tle|iend on them when
Im fi  il„* busy haunts
Ask your ilealer f..r
"Leckie Boots" Bin]
tuk,- i„j Buhslitu.c
J. Leckie Co. Ltd.
Nii|iii*ii?li—-tiui-li   nlglvl 'before retir-
NoHohlg that her talk was all alinul ! '"« '  wl"k' ,lown ""*' ■'■""•R1"s in   a oils illi his    return Irom StiUw-.il.er
lii'isclt ami Hie minister, Im sai.l,        | little notebook, iliuu-lti'i* know. Minn.
"WplI, really.      Jcamtic, 1 Iwlievcl    Miss    CuUIng— liuliwl!   Ami how     .1. Dorlcc, ol Oarleton, Minn.
vnu think tlii'ie    will ne iioImxIv    in   ,      .,..,, . ,,„ |„.,.,| i|,,iME ti,..,f. i turned to that eity Hits week    -alter
heaven tut yoursell and Hie minister, I    \.    , . ,' .,.„,,   ,i„R „„n,.„ s|iei«liiK the winter with his niece,
lie said:                                                   Saplaiffjli—A«K>ul   tilirao  jeais i j|rs. Lovely, al   WycliBe.    Mr. Dor-
"Ah, wool," said    the old woman,|    Miss Cutting—Then   ynu must have  |<,. |s VWy rotich impressed with East  meantime Mr.     Kitidliii    Is   looktog
-an' I no' sac sure aboot, tfn, minis-, tia- tiis-t. page nearly   tilled by this Kootenay and hones to return in tli,- alter his extensive property interest*
Mr. and Mrs. .limit-.. Findlay arc residing temporarily i" riiui'brook
until Mr. Findlay makes permanent
arranROntents lot lln- luture.     In the
te lis if they had lieen |,liu*knl
froni the breast of sume delicate
binl. Many |ieo|ilc stopped to ^aze
al Mils marvelous fn-ak nf nature
and all were Inud in thelt expressions
nt artistic appreciation.
X. .1. Mcllonaltl, wlm has been with
Hie Standard Lumber company all
winter, has gone to Eye Brow llill.
Sask., where he has a homestead, ami
will remain tliere six monihs. Mr
McDonald look up his laud ami    liy
working in the lumbei c ps in tlie
winler and looking allei his laml in
the summer in* is able to make the
thing wmk tu ipitsl shape ami    will
winning in this western country J0.1™ "m   ' v JISStffr,oa*l  ' .
Um     l    i»    lt,,._,ai    i.„,^.,,   ,.V     nlm   *>' "lls sectjotl ol count.)        lhe name
K"     J    '      M"tt,M    lmMl   0l     "" "-The Palm," ,lust  suits the place and
verv best
horotighly competenl
every respect.. The establis-bnient
will be equipped to press and repair
cloihcs. dvc all kinds of material,
curl feathers, in lact do anything in
the cleaning and dyeing line. Tlw
rooms are over the Calgary Meal
Market and the vast numbers ol
people iu this vicinity wbo have
clothes that are not fit to wear awl
yel are too good to throw away now
have un opportunity to save tlieir
clothes and money at the same time.
th* Beit •itatn Sel* ii m Protlict
"Kurtz'  Own"
"Kurtz' Pioneers"
"Spanish   Blossoms"
*i»r UU kv III 4t9i Daltn
ui CiNova into, m.,
Vancouver,   -   B. C.
Hack has moved to bis new
Hers ncXl lo the McCaHum bani-
e slore ami is lilting his plaee up
i most  attractive manner.     Wlien
Columbia  cille
at     New   Westtniu-
scvera-l davs in     Cran-'
tin- ipnhIs he-
luxury vvln-n people ean
candies absolutely flesh and of
qualltj   M»iii   Mr   Huck turns out:
I by the way, if vou have not been
I in llieie yet, drop in. Nearly everybody ill town goes in. As evidence
nf this faet Mi. ituck's Itusiucss has
' more than dOulHwl since be moved to
i Hakei  street.
\ liiuif.
brook last week in the interest:,
that well known educational iust it n-1 ,s!'
Hon, Mr. Howell says ihai the col--"" '!
It^e is making most' commendable
progress and that the results attained aling the educational line are
eminently satisfactory to those who
patronize the -institution, Tliis i.s
(500(1 news to tbe people ot this pro\-
Inec, since it is far preferable io send' ■' V. lluchcroft, of Marysville, is
tin- voung to homu institutions rath-'a lucky man. ■ Two wivks ago he
er than to tlw tar east when tbe re- [daccd twenty one dollar bills in the
suits are satisfactory. Mower    bureau drawer,,   in a room at
With tlw opening of spring there the Cosmopolitan holel Getting up
is the demand for job work. The'in a hurry tbe next-tnorning to catch
people nf this district should bear in an early train he grabbed a- few
miihl that tlw Herald is prepared to bundles thai were in tbe drawer bul
turn out ttie best of work and at foigol ahout lhe package of money.
prices that will W reasonable in tne -Tlie other day be was stopping at
extreme. The Herald docs job work Mie Cosmopolitan again and "just for
for tlw lumber companies in this luck" In* went to .tbe room be had
district, ami lo do that one must occupied on his previous visit and
bave a lirst class equipment. There opened the drawer. Lo, ami behold
are very few job offices in the prov- Ids package ol money was lying there
inee better equipped for commercial Intact. A dozen people had occupied
work than tlie Herald office, and none ihe room during the lime the'inoney
but lirsM-class workmen are employ- had been Mien*, but no one had seen
ed. With such a combination this ii Moral When slopping at the
office is enabled to irive its    patrons  Cosmopolitan hotel always open   11m:
We   have  tlie  tuile  Htfenev
for the
li i** guaranteed pure.
Best Ceylon Tea
Home-Made Marmalade
Quantities made to order.
1. N. FINCH & CO.,
Confectioners, - Cranbrook
Phone I8H
near future.
I ia Cranhrook.
the best of antisfajrUuit.
bureuu drawer*.
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Calgary Butcher Shop
Geo. B. Powell, Proprietor
Kor high class wmk in dyeing,
cleaning, pressing, repriiriitgnnd
French Dry Cleaning a Specialty
We do all kinds oIlftdloB1 work THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
,» «.(_»«■* 5-Wfr************
Vimia n in mm mmtiw mttrmm m im************
i From the Moyie Leader.)
Mis Kdward Law-lot was in Cran
brook "ii a visit tins week.
M. A. OlotWeX -and ti. A Ayie*
were in Craubrook Thui.sda)
II H Uimock and family moved t«
Kastpoit on Uie Corum line ytMei
.Mis V, d McMahon is home lion
the  hospital,   where she lias  been  foi
Homo nine.
Miss Cameron was lu Cranbrook tin
hist ui the week visiting with MU>
Daisy tlilli.i
I iamily are    i
Mo vt.
cut   i<
11. Canton
occupying Mn
\ leloria street.
,1. c,  Drewry  returned u
Irom  tin- *-asl   I'uesdaj   and
Uoss'i.iini Thursday.
I). ,i. Kliuet, local agent for Hit
Mo) ir townsite, reports conslderabb
aetivit)  in real estate lately.
The lirst shoot of lhe Moyie Gut
club was held Thursday afternoon at
iheir grounds, north of town. lln.
following is the score made by cacl
oui ot id birds: Casey, _!l, Camp
bell, iu, Large, 11.
bit met Iy railwa)
c, but lately of On
old Friends in Keruti
tKrimt  the I-
Mr,    Newland,
yard master hei
gun, is visiting
.a  present.
Mr, l-'cruau is al Pilot Hay aud rc
ports llial two ions of ore are be
mg taken out of the Bluebell mun
daily, and tlie ote is yielding a liana
some profit.
Ml. Itlackslone ol the Nullhcm
staled to the Ledger a lew days ag<
lhat his company nail under coiisidei
avion the building of one of tlien
standaid coal chines here whieh wu
be a greal improvement lo the lacili
lies oi Uw yard.
Charles Kettles, lale a candidal-
for member of the Alberta legislatiin
iu Uie Pincher Creek riding, was ii.
lown Saturday. He reports wheat
Linking well hut in need of moisture.
Cattle weie also looking liim. Mi
Kettles was one of lhe liisl settles
in Piueliei Creek and likes n too wel.
to leave.
Mark Drumm, of the Frank Papei
came down the 1'ass before the wnni
with jib aud mainsail close reeten
Mondav and had such a hardened
cheek in- lold the Ledger il was cold
ci lien* Mian at Frank, where all tin
winds of all kiiuls are manuEootUtee
ami turned loose to howl up or dowi
the Pass. He went baek on tbe nexi
The Central hotel changed hand?
last Thursday ui^bt, Mrs. Jenninji
and her son, Leslie Mills, stepping
out and James Scverus taking pos-
session, .Mr. Scverus conies from lbe
Carbonado mines where be lias been
.secretary uf ibe United Mine Work
ers organization for tbe last year ana
a ball. lie is deservedly popul.n
witli all classes and the Ledgei
wishes liim success in lus new vcuturt
as a hotel man in Fernie.
Harry Uentley is in the. hardware
and lurnllure business at Dayslaua,
ll     serins       strange   tliat    Fernie
should of all   places    be   tbrea-letied
with a    eoal  famine.       Mr.  Handh-y
bad nearly a  hundred orders for coal
booked  ahead yesterday but had
coal   on   baud     with    which to fill
ihem.     It is understood that a
came down last   night and orders
now being lilled,
A wire just received from Victoria
as wc go lu press states llial Judge
Irving has decided ihat the water
agreement .should have received three*
Itlths of Mie voles cast to make it
legal and bas quashed it assessing lhe
city wilii costs. The request of
counsel for the Crows Nest Pass
Electric Light A Power company to
he heard  in  the case was relused.
The Ledger is glad to be able to
announce to Mie people of Feruic that
the Klk Lumber company has, aflei
mature deliberation, decided to add
an up-to-date furniture manufacturing
plant to the fine large mill now rapidly  Hearing completion.
The coal output for tlw week ending Friday, March li, was as lollows.
Aline- Tons,
Coal  Creek      I0,:t|3
Michel    7.2B3
Carbonado I,HOI
K. McGinn, of tbe Grand Vorb.J
blanch of the American Trust Co ,
has taken Charge ol tbe Coleman
branch of that company during the
absence of W, R, McUat\ who ti taking a   weil-eariiiM  holiday.
building was nol heated tot  ibe OO
A serious lire was narrowly averted
at tbe residence ol Dt, Uouuell
Tuesday eveniug. Tlie lire made
appearance m ine partition near
fireplace, bul iorluiialel) was delected
at the start and was extinguished
without the aid ot the brigade.
Miss Kidd, matron of the Fern
hospital, mil witii a painful accident
al tbe link Saturday evening. She
fell while skating and sprained bei
ankle severely. She will be unable
lo attend to ber duties foi some
weeks iu couscqucnce.
The cold weather caused coiisidei
abb- cilia work al the mines on Mon
day and seriously attectcd lbe eoal
output. lJunug Sunday lhe pipes
were frozen) and dripping water covered ibe tracks with Ice.    in No. i
mine wheiv electric motors are used,
tiie ice bad  lo be removed before tin-
hauling commenced,
A couple of miners from Coal
Creek gol cantankerous iu the bai-
loom ot ihe Michel hotel on Monday.
Landlord Crahan, who is always ou
band to put down rowdyism, prompl
ly knocked oue man dowu -and grabbed his rubber hose us the second
man reached for bis gun. Tbe visitors were invited lo leave the town
by the nest train.
Judge Wilson held court on March
7th, when Frank Smith, charged
with stealing a diamond ring worth
1190 from Lena IMI was tried and
discharged. Smith was once a particular friend of Lena and she Mien
gave bim a diamond ring. Later ho
returned the compliment by presenting Iter with a similar token of bis
affection iu the form of a $130 diamond ring purchased from Liphanli
on the Instalment plan. Tlw ring
afterwards disappeared. Lena swore
that it bad been stolen hy Smith,
but the latter in court claimed she
lent u to bim to wear al a ball al
Coal creek. It afterwards turned up
iu tbe hands of a local bartender,
who bad advanced y.m on it. The
accused urged the plea that lie considered the ling as the properly of
Liphardt  till it  was paid for. As
the prosecution did not prove criminal intent the accused was allowed
io go. The ring was ordered to be
kept in custody of the court until tlie
bartender and Llphawlt's claims were
satisfied. Tliis was satisfactorily
adjusted yesterday.
iFiom the Golden Star.)
N. Russell returned jo   Golden
(From tli* Fernie Free Press.)
R. K. Ward, who formerly was in
the drug business in Fernie is    now
al  the head of a successful hardware
business at  Llnydminster, Sask.
II, Calvin, agent for the new town-
site ol Pincher station, is iu the city
a guesl at lhe King Kdward. Mr
Galviti reports that the prospects
for the new town are bright and that
many pcoplo in this part of the conn-
try are making enquiries with a
view to Investing, Mr. Galvln will
remain at Fi-ruie for a couple of
I)r. W, II. Willson arrived in the
eity yesterday and is renewing old
acquaintances in  Feline.     The doctor
bas lieen practicing in Winnipeg since
leaving Carbonado and lie is now
thinking of coming wesl again. He
says the Winnipeg paper ibat stated
lie was going t-o locate at Coleman
is a little previous as be bas not fully made up his mind as yet.
To-morrow the following sums will
be paid out at the three collieries of
the C.  N. P,  Coal company for tbe
month of February:
Coal   Creek  ...   $71,212.55
Michel      41,771.25
Carbonado     12,256.55
(From Tlie Frank Paper.)
The Macleod Gazette bus been taken over by Attorney C. F. Harris,
who will try Iris hand at newspaper
making. Two results are assured,
One is that the paper will be improved and tlie other is that The
Gazette will not be susceptible ol
being charged  with being afraid of its
At tlw lacrosse meeting which was
to have been held at the Imperial
hotel Monday evening it was .decided
to postpone it for about a week, as
very few citizens were present. It ti
hoped that a good number will attend the nexl meeting, so tliat arrangements can be made for the coin
ing season.
C. W. Grace, who leaves shortly foi
Fort Asstimboiuc to take a commission in tbe United States army, has
sold his barber business to J. N. MeGuire, who will continue the business.
Mr. MeGuire bas been employed Ity
Mr. Grace al different times during
the pasl two years and has made
many friends. He is a good barber
and will merit the success he will no
doubt achieve.
Up to the time the present cold
snap set iu, Pearson A Jewell bad
made excellent progress on tlw slide
road and now have nearly half u
mile graded. The work bas beeu delayed by tlw storm but will go ahead
again as soon as lhe cbiuook gels Hs
work in.
The trial of Corporal Kimbry, of
tlw local mounted police detachment,
on the charges filed against bim by
Proprietor S. Manahan, of the Coleman hotel, was held al Coleman Wednesday. The trial was behind closed
dooi,- and the complainant was uol
permitted to be represented by coun-j
sol. Notbing has been given out as
to the result of the trial but it is
unautbentieally staled that Corporal
Kimbry was let off with a reprimand.
Tbe bearing was bad before Inspector
The Pass Power and Light company bas commenced moving the
electric light plant from the present
location at the smelter to its new
[tower house. Tlw work will occupy
considerable time and by Saturday
nighl wilt bave reached the stage al
which it will be impossible to furnish light until tbe plant is installed
at its new home. Manager Arnold
tberefore desires the public to take
notice that there will be no light,
after Saturday until further notice.
He is unable to state just bow long
tbe lights will be oft, but states thai
tbey will Ik- turned on at the earliest
possible moment.
Whiskey was the death ol a man
named Griffiths at Lille this week,
Griffiths was a lumberman employed
hy the W'est Canadian Collieries company in its iumtwr department at
Lille. Lasl week be left camp and
went to Lille where he got drunk
and providing himself with a gallon
ot whiskey and several bottles ol
beer he started for camp. He evidently continued to drink and either
fell and could not get up or sat down
and went to sloop. Saturday morning he was found lying in the snow
terribly frozen. He was taken to
the Lille hospital where he died on
Mondav. He was burled Wednesday
at  Lille cemetery.
last  Monday aftei spending tlie wit
ter al  his old home in Kngland.
Mrs      R,   \.   Kimp ton, of Windei
mere, who has spent lbe past   monlh
in Eastern Canada, returned to (iol
dell on  Monday aad     will  have    to
home on to-morrow's stage.
K V. MiHei, accompanied by lu
little daugbtct Mav, left last Salur
day bu the coast. Mis. Miller will
follow   m   a   lew   davs.      It   is     theii
Intention  to  lake up their  resldeti
at Vancouver.
liKliui i
Northeast K.
COUIltS llie if
spoilsmen li
ot lhe I mli
making a  kii
urlng in iel
ispeds ol hunting lug
olciiav, aud from all at-
will  be a  great     man)
un  the eastern p»
I     Stale* ami  Knglawl
rn; in
[   I hei
idv  inaKing ■
icinity this
- gentlemen
■men-Is wu"
Alls. Koss, who has spenl tin- win
ler hero wilii ber parents, 11. R. ami
Mis. Mot-die, left Sunday lasl for hei
home in Seal tie.
His   Worship Mayor     Uavid Howes
and    Alderman     Fred,    Larinou
Field, took afternoon tea in tin- i
trv vesU-rdav.     Thf mayor made lhe
tea, '
llr. Mc.Vliee relumed to Golden last
week from California, Wltere be spent
tlw winter with his family, and   ha:
tbe   ivl ll
I  practice he
c    tc
(    liis
has  hetli
Woodland, of Revelstoke
spending a few davs ii
lown. and left Thursday nighl foi
home, accompanied by his sister
Miss Bella, who has bei n spending .
few weeks as lhe guest of Mis:
Houston. Miss Adams also aeeom
panics! them,
L. A. liulina-ii, who has been in the
commercial telegraph otlice of Ihe (
P. It here tor Hip past eigbte.
months, successfully passed his e
aminaiion as an operator at Reve
stoke the beginning of the week at
will shortly he given a charge.
This  vear  John  Anderson,   ihe   well
n ilni
.  int.
V, Ij
Into ii
1X1 ll
■ two
tons e
1 nut
His |il
nee is
Of   till
• besl
a rom
>,l (
lias ;
I   COS,
iy so"'
I Olll-
mi liis
', nt
nl sue!
1     ili-
men it
s Mr
. Ai
serve every success.
Thomas Conner and Stanley Mood
ie, two of (iolden's old timers, will
start Mie publication of another pa'
per here within tiie next few weeks:
tlw necessary plant having already
been ordered.' Tlie Star wishes
boys every success and hopes they
may become millionaire newspapei
Georgo P. Wells, at one time at
honorary member of this community
but now of Nelson, won the Dominion Cartridge Co.'s silver medal pre
sen-lied to the Nelson Gun club for
(From tbe Outcrop.)
Last Friday Chief Cameron bail
John C el est in ami Moses Klmhatkot
before K. J. Scovll, S. M., charging
them with giving Wm, Paul, a 1
year-old Indian hoy, liquor. This
case was brought oil account of Mie
evidence brought out at the trial
Louie Paul on the previous Monday.
The boy stated that be found a bottle
on the ice and took it to the camp,
where the men opened It, told him it
was whiskey and give him some to:
drink. Une Indian pleaded guilty and
the other iu bis evidence finally admitted his guilt. They were each
given the option of a fine of $25 and
costs or spending a month at hard
labor in the Golden jail, and chose to
pay tlte fine. The law provides thai
in case an Indian supplies another Indian with liquor he shall be fined not
less than $2o or one month in jail or
both and not more than $100 or six
months; that is for selling, supplying
or giving any liquor. For a while
person giving, supplying or selling
liquor to an Indian Uie law provides
Ihe lowest fine shall he $50 or one
month in jail or both, and the highest %'dtiti or six mouths or both, and
iu case tlw fine and imprisonment
imposed if the fine is not paid another six months may be given. It is a
very serious matter to provide an Indian with liquor as it invariably sets
bim wild and nothing will stop him
when under Its Inlluence. Tlie evidence taken in the case of Louie Paul
shows that he was ipiiic determined
to have a gun and go out on tbe war
path, and it was wilb much difficulty
the other Indians managed to keep
liim from doing harm to his friends,
this valley are as
trioiis as may Ite
nd are deserving of
I there are onlv a
cau li
Victoria. B. C, March It-It, is
generally believed that tliere will be
no attempt to ea.l the local legislature together again before a geneial
election, and that this may he
brought on al an early date.
The pinching out id the Kootenay
Power Co. bill at the final sitting ol
the house is regarded wiih much dissatisfaction by all concerned.
J. A. Maodonald, provincial Liberal
leader, is being congratulated by all
hands upon tbe courage displayed iu
the Kaien island land scandal, the
identification with wbieb of M
.lames A. Anderson made Ihe task ot
the investigators an unpleasant one,
Tbe governmenl escaped iii the house
through the majority whitewash report,   but   stands   condemned before
lbe country upon Die evidence and Ibe
Incontestable conclusions therefrom,
in the nun.nil) report. Even the
straight   Conservatives in tho bouse
could   not   he  induced  lo iiiiaiumouslv
s wallow
Cknmn, K
two other
bouse io i
lopted u-poil,
in, Gilford and one
withdrawing fmm
pe the vote.
"I remember Johnnie Cutely," said
the returned wanderer as Iw talke
with au old Acquaintance in tin- bom
town of bis youth. "Ile was a
awfully bright young fellow, and lh
Village CUtfUp, I often wandered
Why Johnnie didn't go on tbe stage.
"He did."
"What line''    And did he make
"The Dower ville and Hunk towu
lino. And he's the best driver the
stage company has got,"
Notice is hereby given that
month after date an application will
be made to the Governor in Council
bv Valentine Hyde Baker, Janu
Ryan, Charles D. McNab, Charles
George Lvi tit-ton and Viscount Cob-
1mm, under,the provisions of Oltaptei
!!2, ol the Revised Statutes of Canada, for permission to construct
dams, booms and other improvement
for logging and saw milling purpose
iu the Kootenay River in South East
Kooteuay, British Columbia.
Tbe plans of lbe works proposed t
Iw constructed and a description of
the site thereof as required by tlw
said Act have been deposited with
Mw Registrar of Land Titles at Nelson, H. (',, and wiih the Minister ol
Public Works al Ottawa, Ontario.
Dated   at    Cranbrook,    U.C, this
Ifltb March, 1900.
W.   V. Gurd, solicitor for the
plieants. 6
What Fit-Reform Means lo Men
Founders In Canada  of Tallormade
Gar menu Ready For Service.
Mr. G. G. S. Lindsay is expected
to arrive from Toronto next week. It
is understood that Mrs. Lindsay will
accompany him.
The congregational meeting of
Knoi church, which was to haw been
held  on  Wednesday  evening bas  been
postponed   Mirer  weeks  later.     Rev., _       .__..,   	
Fortune tr.-.mr- up from frimbrook   In Frank hospital
preside bui  owing In a mistake the incut.
(From the Blairmore Times.)
The late cold     weather has   sadly
interfered    with     Mie many building
operations going on here.
J.  Emerson, secretary in the coal
company's     oflice here, expects     to
leave on a visit to bis old home    in
England Within the next few days.
Thursday Mrs. J. D. McLean,   who
has been seriously     ill for th* past;
few da^s, was     taken down fo    the
for     mwtical    troaf-
Thc   1
quiet   and
found anywh
mueh   credit
few of  them
touch liquor,
Jos, ilendt rickson
cape last Thursday
sing lhe ureal dlvhl
thankful thai be liv
cellenl climate as lb
be undertook i
lake from Wi;
camps.     He
with bis fri*.
i- induct
had a narrow
nighl from er
', and be may
•s in such an
is. lu (be after-
i walk across the
iidormerc to one of ibe
liad been drinking some
. m ids and started off apparently all right, but says ihe glare
of the bright sun on lhe Ice hurt his
(;y*s and blinded bim mul |10 |av
down. Friday Willie Tanyton was
going across about 10 a. in." and found
him, and got Chas. Ellis and Walter
Stoddort eo the scene, where tbey
saw him lying in a hole in lhe ie'e
about Hi inches deep, which the heat
of his body bad made, lie was unconscious and thev took him hack to
lown. where it look a couple of hours
to revive him. On Saturday he was
going about seemingly Utile tho
worse of his experience. Strange to
say, freight teams passed within 15(1
yards of him in tlie morning without
the drivers seeing bim. Had he been
out nny night since Friday night be
would certainly have been frozen—
lucky Joe, may you live on forever.
Harry Mathers not! Jack Thompson
drove into lown Tuesdav from Fort
Steele and have since been renewing
former acquaintances in this vicinity
Both men were interested in mining
property in llm dislriel several years'
To Lord Stratbcona—perhaps more
than to any other one man—does Canada
owe her present day prosperity and tlie
brightness of her future. He believed
in the country and tbe marvelous possibilities of proper development. With the
completion of tbe C. P. R., tbe ualiou
awoke to ils resources and greatness.
To Fit-Reform—more than to any other
one means—is due tbe fact Uiat Canadians
are tbe best dressed men on tbe continent.
fit-Reform blazed tbe trail iu dress, as
Lord Stratbcoua and bis associates did
through thc trackless plains aud mountains of the Northwest.
Fit-Reform was founded ou three great
ideas. First: to give men garments,
planned by designers who could create
styles, aud made up by the best tailors
in the Dominion. Second : to set a standard of value so high thai it would be
everywhere recognize! as the criterion of
men's dress. Third-: that by a scientific
study of physique, lbe different types of
men could be graded and a system ef
sizes successfully devised. The reformation of men's garments came wilb Ibis
solution of the system of sizes. So accurate were the first calculations, and so
carefully were they tested, that any man
may step Into any Fit-Rtfonn Wardrobe,
select the Suit or Overcoat that pleases
his fancy, and have it fil perfectly—he be
tall or short, large or small, stout or thin,
or normal.
This is what Fit-Reform meant at its
Inception. This is what it means to-day-
It was a success at tbe start. It is a far
greater success to-day. Men were eager to
lest the promise of tailormade garments,
ready for service. And be it to tbe credit
of   Fit-Reform  that  every  promise  of
Jiuality aud satisfaction has been faith-
ully kept.
Fit-Reform tailors are a trained corps
of specialists. Each tailor is au expert
on one part of tbe work. Ue moulds
collars, lapels, shoulders- puts in sleeves
—shapes trousers. Uut docs just that one
thiug. Naturally he acquires a skill aud
dexterity that no custom tailor ever does.
l-'ew men realize how vitally important
Is the question of workmanship. Only
painstaking expert handwork can givu
permanent shapeliness lo a garment, No
matter how a coat looks, it cannol and
will uol hold its shape nor retain its grace
unless tbe inside bus been properly
moulded and held in place, ll is because
the foundation is right, Uiat Fit-Reform
garments uot only impress one favorably
at first glance, but also retain theii
Of equal importance to wearers Is the
quality of cloth. Here the exceptional
values offered by Fit-Reform may be
instantly noted. Tbe richness of the
patterns, the air of quiet elegance and
perfect taste, would never be possible
with cloths of doubtful grades.
Every wearer of Fit-Reform garments
feels tbe security of Uie Fit-Reform label.
They know it is the garments behind the
label that make the label stand for all
that is best in tailoring.
To the man who does not know values,
it is a guide to satisfaction. To the man,
who is unacquainted with tailoring, ft is
a hallmark of perfection. To the man
who does not hava the time to keep
abreast of tbe fashions, it is the surety of
correctness. To all men, it is a guarantee
of a great commercial business, ready to
make good any fault in materials or
workmanship of any garment bearing
this label.
Fit-Reform has been one of the substantial successes of new Canada. Fit-
Reform garments are demanded by well
dressed men nil over Canada. Fit-'
Reform Wardrobes are in all the leading
cities from tbe Atlantic to the Pacific, for
once a wearer of Fit Reform garments,
always a wearer.
Our staff ol salesmen will be on
thc road in a lew days with fall
samples of
Don't place your orders until you
have seen the New Models. Tliey
are great sellers.
Soiling Agents I.n llm Wost,
Cranbrook   Foun-1
dry and 1
Machine  Shop
i IHcKlnnon & Johnston ;
.it  thirty
apply l.i
Notice i.s licroby given tl
iluys alii'i ilnii* I Inteml tc
lli,. Chief Commissioner ol Liu;
Works fm* a liri-nsi- to cul atwl carry
away timber Irom Hi. lollowlng tlt'i--
riilii-il lnmls in Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a pust marked
Oeorge Geary, located at the north-
cast, corner uf lut n.'tli; thenco easl
■in chains, thence smiili lliO chains,
thence wesl in chains, ihenee nortl
lull ehains, to place nt heprlrniing.
Cteorffe Gray, Loca-tor.
Haled this ,Mli ilnv nf March,  luini.
Nolleo is hereby
Ian S. Ntcholsoi
withdrawn trom ilu
Indite, ean led ot
llnllle ol the Cranbi
Siven   llml
,   hnve  ihi
under lln
ink Sash Sl
Wb nn.
iin  all
pair wi
.rk It
|i;irt-<l  tn
la uf iv-
ilivv ninl
tight, ii
turn sli
Scientific    Horseshoeing
A. \V. McVittie
S)nupsls of Refulatlois for disposal of Mil*
crals oa Domliloi Laods la MaaltolM.
ih: Northwest Terrllo ■ and ike Vakac
mi   C-talUUKUtnayoanuteUHdatllOMl
tore ior soft coal aad *\w r.n ai.tiirm.iie.   Sa.
inorolbaaai acres can be acquired by uur la
.■:..>.!  company,    tuiyuuy ut the rate ef
in, t-iiis |n-r t.m of itUOOpOUaoi siiall be culled*
I'll    .. lln urns', output.
UuarU. IVimhis ul ■rlnlilr.'ii jt-urs ami over
.iun jiiliii stock cmapauics linliliiiK free ailnar'a
coriniootei may"uliUln entry lura ii'liiliig luca
eemlaer'i oarUJteata h muted tor om
ii ji-ur-.,nottxHWiaii n *■. i'i""i i>.iym-"ui
.iiiei* uf |7,SUmi iiuaum jui an ludlvldual
- m UU In *Mi" i"'i ..nunin i.n it t-umtmnf
iniK t.i capital.
'-<> in ini*), iui.im; discovered mineral a
niiiy locate a claim IBuuxlOUU lewl bf
uu iml lln-mime Willi t»ob-uil 1hi-.Ii.Im*I-
.iiiiii Uii1lctivom-aLeit.il cu.l uu the llat
Iiuii' nr vein.
ilium -.null ne reoortteq within lllUta
if l.uMtcl ultlllll li-ii imii'. nt a UllUtag
his' ,'IHi-i*. mie iiiliiiiinii.il Un) alluweU tot
i i.m i-in.ii ii-n miles or fraatloo,   iht too
■ i-IH'K ..I'lilllll is J.'.,
i .1 jiiP" iiitist h,. ,'i|i,'iiil,.|l   nil  llie  i-Ulia
.''•in ui |i.iiil In the imuliit. ii riler In Uiu
>l    t\ 1 |,-ii li.is 1-ei-ii CM', inlet! »r i«td
alitor may iiimiii Iiii.iiik asm t ey iniult, mul
"iiii'lyliiK with nllii-i  Munlii'iiii'iiU, pui
by lhe Minister ol
iiiil.iiiniiK iron ami
■it nrrHorf.of aa
iai   Land Surveyor.
tl. H. McVittie
j Dominion and Provin- J j M°i
{ iiai   Land   Surveyor. IS
4 (icncrul Ani-nt {  R
t     {<■<!
t      N   '
4    unit
f      1
Pete's Barber  Shop'
Ilns  roll
hnlel   111
ilVlll 1
nexl d
I   onpoi
will   give satisfaction
barber shop.
a the Wentworth
in A, C, Bow-
new bank InnUI-
ylinlly.   Jly
P. J. Leithauser, flgr.
Clean Clothes!
company, between myself and A lln
Slater, Henry A. McKowftn, John '
Spence nnd William C, Slater, a
tlm hist mentioned persons will cai
on llie partnership business, ami w
collect all debts duo the partners!:
and pay all iis Itebllllire.
Da-totl at Cranbrook, B.C., this 1
day ol March, ItlOti.
Allan S, Nicholson.
Witness: 0. Darling, 50-3t
Notico is hereby given that thirty
days after dale wc intend to apply
to lhc Chief Commissioner of Lands
anii Works al Victoria tor a special
license to cut and carry awny limber from lbe lollowlng described
Commencing at a post placed at
the southeast corner of lot No. filti\
Kasl Kootenay district, thence cast
SO ciiains, thenee smith Sll ehains,
thence west 811 chains, thence north
so chains, to placo ol commencement.
Kobinson-McKcnxio Lumber Co., Limited.
Da-ted March 5th, MOO. 50-5L
Parcel 2.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after dale we Intend to npply
to the Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works at Victoria for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from the following described
Commencing at the .southwest coiner Robin son-McKenzle's Lumber
Co.'s Limited, timlier limit, south
east of lot 6H.8, group 1, East Kootenay districl, thence south 80 chains,
east 80 chains, imrth 8(1 eliains, west
80 cliains to place ol commencement.
Robinson-McKenzifl Lumber Co., Lim
Dated March 5th, 100G.        50-5t
tu t i
oni to |
pork done liy w
white wav iiuii
nil np]   ■'
y to hnve clean
ilii-iv is a firsl
in  town.   Vou
Itlullizi-  I'lli-
■nii nt-t your
ite people in
it prices ilmt
iiivtnii' who
nl work
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Crnnbrook, 11. C.
]. Edgar Davis:
BRICKLAYER and        ;
Furnace, Boiler, Range, ',
nml Firepltieo work u special- ',
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendort
Opposite C. P. R.
$i.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
All descriptions of stone
work undertaken. Orders loll
J. IV MiUlilDE'S
11 reciovo prompt attention,
p. alloxan.
j, wi
*j* riinin
Geo. R. Leask & Co
lalf 1.00	
illation nm) in* Kiiiiu.-.i
ii-i lm in liHiali- t-l.tniik,
otou ci ipi-or. inllii' nnt
llllOkGMUlUJI l.-im-i. s
patent f-r u minin   ..hihiIhu xlmll pruvlSt
B    I'."J Ill   nl  l,...t.t>   4.1   tlH-   lllll-  lit  ."|    PN
il Mi- i luct nl ih<- .-.h-.hi..u
di Mining. Manitoba mui tin* N, w, r..
imi: lln- tuluiuTmiltur. I Im-tr niuiuii
{generally nro iini tent ■ouart; t>mry Im,
n. Hiiiiii-,>i»iiv.   nu n„. \,uii, ttukal-
in uw - ,'lHiitisai.' I'liln-i luu ill I ell, tilt
11 belll|| IU li-fll Iiiiik mill f\li'ii,liliK lM-
...'I. mill luw unit-, nun h.     I In- liiliti la*
1 ll.ll    imVuilS.   lllll   (Ml, |lll>   l-.W-K   tu  IIM
•i in hm,., li.ink. tint m.i r\, .-.'.iun. i.uui
l\li. reifwin i«i»ir n umu, i-mimi m.
uili mny I- iiiitaltiMl,
' -in: in ii-i- ilini ni Mi-iiUohR mnl tba
I..   I'M't'pllUK   till)    .llr.i,li     lill'ltun —A
ii i-i nmy mIhuiii uuly u.u letm-i. nf flirt
■ i. li lui jitt-ini of iHt-iit. yt'tui, reiitiw-
-. I.n- iIim.-ii-ll,m u[ Hit- .Minhlei of tilt lO-
in ii... aii'i hubji'i-t iiitln* riahta ol »n peraoua
■■■ i ■■ i..i> .*, ,.i iiiiii iiiiii rec-ivu i-niiiiM tor nil
Ult&flutfsoi liiiiuh cluliiui,exet'plu
iliiniiui Uv, r, iilitTdhe lea-iei) in
iu-.li Htotei iiiiiii. nn 1-n.i-ii .u..-nnil'' letu	
11.. i- —r i-.ii.ill ]..ni- ii ,ii,,iKi- In ,ipi-r.itlon
w ninn iuii- -i-ii-mi limn iiir i ut I,-111 hi* leiiae tut
each iu- iiiia--,, imi where a jjeriuu "< L-niiiptui
IU "ti.iini'ii inure tlnm <>nu .i-u-r .me tneilMt
lor .nli tlfit-i'ii unl,--) tiriutttiou i- Miiiii'i. ul
l,i iii.ti. flu per annum (or em-'li mite ot river
li\i-eil, llny.i iy ut the rait ut IWO uuil A li*lf
[n'l ,1 nl .■...ie.-itftl on Uio output .ifiei it etceedl
I Ui il«iUB In tlif Yukon Ten itory. - Mix leuiet
,'1 nve mliel i-ii.-li iiuii he __iaii.--il.il ti irit
iii.in-i (or a term or twenty yew, nlso renew
a i a--.
. ■ i ■■-.*••-■ -. iIlIii is ftiuiiiieil in Uie sulnnei'K-
.iinm nr Inirs is lln* river nelnw low wtutf
m.i. n, tliat lioiimiarj tn bt-llxe.i by na iioaltlou
.rn im- is, iluy n[ Annual iu .lie yeai ut the dtlt
nl im leust,
i i.e lessee ilialt have one dredae in operation
. ... i--.<•■. ■-.un from the ii.iLe of the it-ase, ana
i<Ui urCUgl Un■ e.u-li live i"ilia iMinlii hu yenri
It. i<) Mieli iiaie. Kemiil, Sl.-u per utile fur flrst
\--in, iiiiil flu periiiliefi>reautiatib»e.pieut)'enr.
i "V.i .j stme u>t pliiLer miuiiiK.
I -. ei j.Munim in (tie \ uknii Territory. -Creek,
.. . I mi .mn mil iluiiii!. slia.l mn eveeeil -M
iii'i hi ir;uiii, uieusured un ihe baae Hue or
Ki-Uetal   'iiii,-iliiu  of tlio creek or guk-h, tht
ivliltl iii : limit 1 iino to -.-.iui  reel.     Al" oilier
I'i.K <•. i l.uins tkllta.ll ne —v feel anuare
i imii.smu marked by two legal poita, on e a
eiiou end, bearing uotK-ea. Kntry inu.it be «b-
i.ui.i'il wi inn u-ii nii.s, if the elaim ia within
i. ii nun-, oi mining reeouler'a nllk-e. ont extra
iluy tiilowed fm each auditlnuut ten ml es or
l in- person or company atanlnx a claim mutt
hold a free linnet's certllleate,
I in- discoverer uf a new mine ia entitled lo a
il.L.ituif i **n leel in length, uml n the |mrty
COUldStS U( tWO, I ,."■-ij feet alt"i;.'.lii'i, on Ute uul-
|iil ol ulik-li no royally aliali be i-hiirged, lbe
rt'sl ot tne party oiilluary , laim> only.
t.nlry fee 910. liuy.illy at lhe rate of two and
one iiaU per ceuloQtbt value tilths gmd »inp-
pii) fioiu ihe Yukon lerrltory to hu paid lo tut
i otiii'iiuller.
No nei* ininer ahall receive a grant o( uioit
In,in on,'mining claim on eaeli Depurate river
i' K or glitch, but the aaine miner may hold
uu. number uf claims by purchase, and frtt
inluen may wurk their claims lu partnership by
(Ulnguoilee ami paying foe of ;.-. A elaim
may ue Imuduned, ami auoiiiei' obtained ou n,«
sun e creek, gulcll ur river, ny giving notice unl
paying a lee.
'..  I., ni,ist lie limit*mi a claim
the value ■ if at least faw.
A ,fi 11 Heale tliat wurk has heen ilmu' mini bt
ol> aiucil each year; t( uot*, the claim shall bt
deemed to heaimudoneu.aud upeu to occupation
aiiuomiy liy a free miner.
L'lie iilaru-sof a .<iaim may tieiletlned ab>
"olntily hy Iiai Ing a survey uiaile and publlshlui
DOtlOCS in the Yukon Official lia/etle.
I'firoleiiui.-All iiuapuroprlated liuminlou
l.iin.l> in iiaullolia, lhe Sunliweat Terrllorlet
.ti..I a imn thu Yukon Terrliory are opeii to
prospecting for pelroieum, ami lbe uiliiMtr
nmy reserve (or an Individual or ooinpaay having mui-iiuii-ry uii tlm laud lo be |iriH|>ected, aa
aif.iiil.Ui acres. SluniM tho |io>|iector illa-
Covcr oil In payllig i|uai)tlUes, ami sutialactorilr
f-i,ihii.li such iliai-uvery, an area imt exceeding
wo acres, Including the oil well and ain-h other
la il ii*, ma. be ili-tei mined, will be sold to tht
discoverer at tlif rata of li.ou an acre, aubjoot
to royalty at such rat* as may he specltled bf
outer -lii-couiicil
Di'imtv of the Minister of tht Inter
in-ill, lutertor.
i each year tu
ir wi
irk in uur lulvertlaom
out, 1
mt this ad in tlio Uur
emphnsixB lt,
N't'tti* Lnwi'i* tVinstronu .
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work iu
way of doors, windows, transoms, ete. Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed and our prices aro
satisfactory.    Screen   doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
>•■■>■•■»»-» t't *■♦'» ♦'•'♦■• •••••••«
Take notico lhat thirty days ntlcr
date I in I end to npjrly to llm t'liicf
Commissioner ol Lands und Works Ior
a llceiiso to cut nud carry away tlmher from tin- following described
lands in Snulli East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post about ono
miii! south-west id Skookumolmck
liver, ami near Sydney JolleU's
Boitth-rnsl corner, thenco lfiii chains
south, thenco -10 ehains west, Uience
Hid cli.iiiis north, thence -10 dial
nasi  lo placo of commeiicoincnl,
t.'. W. Wilson, Locator,
Located this 2iiml day of Kohruary,
lOUli. IMV
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the firm
name and stylo of llie Pine Tree Lumber Company, is this day dissolved.
The undersigned. Mailco-lm Mclnnos,
will wind up the partnership business
and is entitled t« collect all accounts
dun, and will pay all the liabilities
of lhc firm.
AI. Melnnes,
J. ff. Agnew.
Da-ted at   Cranhrook this 23rd day
of February, ltiOfi. 4t*-ot
for a particular purpose is easy   for
us.    Because we   bave them for  all
kinds of use.    Naturally mu
is far .superior to Uiat ol the hotae
which tuts lo cart coal during tha
week and carry his owner to a funeral
on Sunday. If Santa Claus saw our
horses bo would pension oil his old
reindeers, chop up liis old sleigh aud
Iiiu* a rig Irom us. Vou should do tho
gamo whon ymi require the services o(
a hm se and carriage Ior any put pose.
Especially ns our scale of charge!
makes it really cheap transit,
lite Mmullcy Livery Slnhlea
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kind?
of repairing.   Give me ■ call.
Livery S
Team, and drivers farnl-hed for my
point in the district.
•ha. t_tL ttRL «__&.
Here is an opportunity to secure just what you want
in a country that has  the finest climate on earth
jP j_* jET jC?
The   Kootenay   Valley   Will   Raise   Most    Everything
An J thi mirket is at the farm gate, Here you can make big money on your farm products, and live
where your labor will command a good price in winter. Garden truck, grain and roots of all kinds
are profitable. Much of the land is timbered and the logs, which can be cut and sold free of govern-
miiit royalty, will pay the price of the land.   The opportunity of your life.
For Full Particulars Write or Address
Joseph Ryan, Agent, Cranbrook, B. C.
Wll.I.    Ill
UIV   THE    K. C. It.
Ill II.I'.
The Wilmer Outcrop:—Many Mines
luring the past mck km. Tlio Outcrop
cprcscnlative lus lieu asked:
**Un mil .iill lieiieve Hit- Koi.Ii-ii.iv
Yiiii.il' railway mil In* built? ami
iuv' '    (.iui answoi is
'.'Yes! Certainly Uiv K. ('. II
.ill In* iiuiii, iin.i well undei »,iy In-
ire tin* present year wanes. Tlie
roli-hnise  maj   in* expected  here  be-
ue IHII7."
1st. Because, we believe, Premici
I, Hi i.ii- knows whereof lie speaks
■lllll.    RceallSC.   lln-   mad   is  a  IICCCS-
ilv In lln* C. 1'. U
Inl.   Ill-rails,*, $800,(100 is too much
1.   In*   Inst.
lib. Because, ttie Dominion mi1im.Ii
-.presents,   nl   least,   IS   per    ci-u!
I tin*    aitll.il     construction  nl the
."illi.   Because, the DomIi,kni subsid)
ill m.i In- lurther extended
Tlie Outcrop |ust hero would go nn
i'i*ni,I   .is  saving   Uml.      tin*  ohailei
irhlors nl   Hn* c   P. U    il.n* n
ympallij in iiii'i, present position
i.l fun hel dOROVVO creiiil (ni having
one all in their power lo build the
1..nl ,1 wliili* Ihey aii* iimi,* llkel)
.1 lie losers Irom ihe presenl  silua
...ll. suli lln-il* efforts will In- sllc-
.siul in bo fai us lln* road lllll he
iilll        Thev   niuy  he  mil   lm      -nine
ems Hie thousands nf dollars    and
In-  haul   unit,   spent   111   then   ell,.lis.
II account nt mil  receiving the   m.i
.inilil 1 1 Hie legislature, nml pos
Ilil,. lhe inss may he pormanenl
Ne.eilh, l,*ss.  lhe people nl Mils i.il
i* wil! -.laml Ini    im finiliei  eiten
1.11, nl Inn.* III lhe mallei, fm lhe,
ie   null      I I      Hn'   IOI>g    .silspelim
n.l wanl in sen Hn* mattei portna-
eiiilv •„ itl«l nm* wm* nt another.
Tlie    11111 nl   1150,00(1  mil  he    spenl
dorr i'i. ,1,1 1.1 11..1. .111.1 il work is
il   1 onllllUWl   lh'* ' ipany  will  Insu
lie v. n I',-in 11 subsidy, mak
I 11   Inl ll  losi   1*1  tl II."
'I'lie   in' I    ,.1   liilll.llm.     llle   in.i.l       i
HI sl,   . ■ ' [mated   .it   limn   Iwn   In
nil   mllli,.ns nt il.ill.n-.       Taking lhe
hest i' 11111,ile,   (nui* million,     ihe
Illlli   1. Mil    III     "I   imn,IU."      lllll
in   mil    1,1   111, ie   limn   la   pel   eenl    nl
ie 1.. 1 ol il.e const met Win nl Ihr
Now, il lhe mat weie in aelnal
p. 1... 1. ,1 11 iinulil late a long lime
n.l plenty nl haul wmk tn eatti thai
"1 pel eenl .11 lensl railway men
,e   mi   leemil   a-   staling   thai      few
.a ii i is pay nm tiring like Ifi per
-nl   nI llieli   ensl  miring the nm
*. i i  ti'ieen years.
is,a ii is reasonable in suppose
i.* c   lv i;   m* any obiter company
ei may wn.nl a rnatl in tin* near
mn.—in (ael. needs it now—will let
'. per i*int. cn hv
I'he K   c  ll. will he completer!  by
Hr .ml ilnv "f Augusl, 101)7, ami ac-
ivi> enn lnielli ti will he Blurted Ihis
Prnni UcBride Knows whereof tie
iienkn when lie says lie looks forward I
i Mn* early construct-Ion ot tliis
ynu he kind enough to print the   re-
marks herewith subjoined in full:
Your worship the mayor and members of tlie council of lhe city of
Cranbrook:—We uie a delegation appointed by the W. C. T. I'., and yet
not liy that body alone, but we re*
presenl all the women, mothers,
Wives .mil sisters of our town to ascertain from vou what attitude yon
intend to lake wnh regard to certain
outstanding mora] evils which are
corrupting tlm minds, and ensnaring
thc youth, and making onr whole
lown become accustomed to vice,
'iimi, i.s otic of tlie surest ways ol
crushing out thc better nature, and
allowing tlte baser to predominate. As
ilie poet Pope says;
Vice i1- a    monster   ol   such hideous
Thai    io be hated   needs hut to be
Vet  seen loo oft. familiar wiih   ber
We first endure, then pttv, then embrace.
Wc lake it for granted thai you
will do all in j "ii- powei to see Ibat
ih.- law Is enforced, and as some ol
vou are fathers, and all ol you ' Interested in the i.uuu. you will do
tour utmost lo make nui city clean
antl liu al
Wore smallpox 01 any othet dread
disease to visit oui community, every
precaution would be taken to stay
tire spread ol tlie contagion, and surely thc cry nf in »t*!iei s w ives and sisters will he heard In you ami the
powei Invested in you will he used
wl el) and well.
Mis  w   o   W  Fortune,
TWO v \i.t; un   run mki \  K it.
\   QUEEN, OF I'll \N-
t'nlgan      Man h      in    Two    llttli
hoj t, almul    \>  \ .'.i i    ol age,    wen
burned to death this afteri n.
I'll )   were   Wibrej   Oaj  and   Willi.
Mi Itai i,     ,!   Willi    Met..ir,     ,-i
<'. M.  II   .ii.;i„i'.'i ,i .1. Gay, .1 ('
I'    ti    eli.. 'i
The i i.ii1. .li mi i in usi in ;i bam   nl
325 Tl vnth street, ownetl bj  I   s
ti. VanWart.
Tin- children   were playing in    tin
n   the   Editor nf   ihe   Cranbrook
Dear Sir:—In your report of Mm
deflation of women that waited on
ie council on Wednesday evening,
larch llth, vou state that Mrs, Formic read a paper bearing on the
on-] question. Had 1 dealt with
hal (mention T would nave taken no
vceptiofl to your statement, but in-
smuch as yon were not correct will
Imv loft, Mi Moli
the place a moment Ireforo the' (lame
broke out an.l heard ohildron's
v.mes. Hi- turned iu the alarm of
lire. When the firemen arrived a
stream was turned Into tire loft.
Suddenly the body of a child was
thrown up un the side of lhe burning
building hv the force ot the stream.
Chief Smart did nol realize al that
time tbtt children were in the bam,
but rushed in to examine the suspicious looking ohject.
The body of little Willie McRae was
was linn found, At once the burned
hay was pushed away and ilie other
corpse was found, Both were-burned
bey nd recognition, Life was extinct.
The mile fellows had evidently
been playing ihere and had struck a
ma I eh.
(Willie McRae was a brother of
Mrs. .1. A. Green, who husband is
employed at. lhe Cosmopolitan hotel
in Ihis cily. .Mrs. (lreen was seriously elteoted liy the sad news and
left. Iin yesterday afternoon's train
for her former home to attend the
A Steaming Cup of   A4'
gives the player
strength to play,
and keeps the
watcher from
catching cold.
\\\\v\N'H!'i   '1!;
NOTICK. least   one   mile,   thenee   north     one
.  hall mile, more or le;s to     llie B.
Take notiee that thirty days alter if. southern rigbt-ol-way, therm
date I intend to apply 1" the Wiiei south-westerly along said rteht-ot-
Cnmniissioncr ol Lands and Works tor  way to point ol ootnmeneenien*-.
„ license to cut anil cany away timber trom thc tallowing described
lands in Soulh Hast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post at thc
north-west corner nl ltnht. Little s
Nn 2 license, thence lBU chains
snulli, thence -ID chillis west, thence
llill chains north, thence 10 chains
east to place ot commencement.
0. S. Frlzzell, No. 1, Locator.
Located this 23nd dav of February,
lurid. 19-si*
fi. D. Shackleton, Locator.
Dated  February  _lh,   IH.6.     4«-6t"
nl ice that thirty
-     ,*'*' JL, .  "nc and ime-quancr m
date 1 intend lo apply to the   chiel   Qoatlel! siding on the IS
  *■_...!..     111........ ■
'lit:       ATTORNEY      OENWI.AI.
Victoria, March 16.—The session oi
lhe legislature being over the resig-
iialinn nl Hon. Charles Wilson, at-
tmiiey general in the Melinite cabinet, hns come tn light.
When Mr. Wilson liilt ior Ottawa
on private business in the midst, of
ihe heaviest part ol the session tliere
was a prophecy made about, the'
legislature that lie would never again)
in* s.vn m ihe attorney general's sent.
Ill  the hnllse.
linn. Mr. Wilson and his colleague
ih.l nol. see eye-lo-eye on the Columbia ,y tt'eslorn Subsidy bill, which
was then prepared n/ul ready Ior presentation to lhe luiuse. II. is even
said llial he was wilb diltlcillty re-
stiaiiuil Irom making his position
eleiir on lhe lloor o[ the house on
lliis question, II..I h,. been a private
menthol, instead .,f a member ot Hie
government, he would likely have
laken this COIIISe. y„r ttie sake ot
his party, Itowovor, lhe iiMoinev general retrained Irom an open split and
consented to withdraw Irom the
scene, taking advantage ot ttie opportunily la no east, »n private business us a blind until tht, session olos-
His* resugnatlon, however, it is understood was then handed in on the
understanding that Hie premier for
the advantage of lhe party, might
keep il, back until ilie house rose. Tlie
lime lias now come and the resigna-
tinn is in and accepted.
When Mr. Wilson left tor the east
his plaee was fillet! by Hon. F. ,1.
Fulton, the provincial secretary, who
will likely continue to fill the post
tion, thus avoiding the unpleasant
necessity ot opening any constituency,
at  tlie present time.
aj-e. lias met witli opposition Irom an
iluexpecteii source. Enquiries were
went irom Cranbrook tn Rev, ii. 1.
Rasmus, pastor ol the lirst Mothodist
churoh where Rev. Mclnlurlf had
previously ministered, asking for liis
endorsement ol Iter. Molnturff. ...Mr.
Rasmus replied that, he positively
could not endorse Mr. Mclnturfl or
anyone associated with him. Mr.
Mclnturfl. in spile ot ibis opposition,
ibeld meetings al Cranbrook ami iol-
Icotod money lor his orphanage When
I«e eanie to Feinie some Cranbrook
■eoplo sent Mr. Rasmus' telegram
bere ninl an eltorl was made to prevent him Irom holding meet ings in
Kernie. Mr. Mcliiturn m Hie moan-
time had nol been Idle, lie secured
credentials irom a haulier nl Norlh-
port and when Mayor llleas.lell was
given the Spokane wire Ihi* head ol
the Alamo Co.onv had his cn-ilenlials
ready. As a resuli May.u lll.asdell
told Mm in go ahead.    As a result
•ol tin' adverse repiirl Irom Claiilirnnk
the 1. o. ii. F. rescinded iis niter of
lis ball aud Mr. Melntiirtl li
holding meetings at the Mil
and at Coal creok,
'  hall
Commissioner oi Lands and Works fot
a license to cut and carry away timber from lhe lollowlng described
lauds in South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post near O. S.
FlizzeH's south-west corner ot No. I
license, thence UIO cliains north,
thonce 10 chains west, thence llill
eliains south, thence 40 cliains east
lo plaee nf commencement.
C. Vi. Wilson, No. 2, Locator.
Located this 22nd day ot February,
1906. 49-61*
Take notice that thirty days ai'er
date I intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and W..rks
at Victoria tor a special license to
cut ,and carry away timber from
Hie lollowlng desciibed land near the
western boundary of South East
Beginning at a post piat.ted about
iles snuth from
C. Southern railway ' and running east IU
cliains; Mie'nce south 160 chains;
llience west 10 chains; tbence norll-
1IJ0 chains along the east line ol
-lames .iovce' timber claim.
Dated thc'8tr, dav of February, Wi.
47-5t       Allan Manson, Locator.
Fernie Free Press:—Bishop David N..
Molnturlt, A.M., D.D., bead of tho
Alamo Colony, who came to. Pernio
last week seeking aid lur hia orphan
Coldon Star: Col. S. 11. Sleele.
tlm man who held tlw Kicking Hoist
bridge here in Hie early days against
an organised gang of whiskey suing.
glels and defied them singly or col-
lcctlivcily, and who up to llw pri'scnl
has been looking allei* South Alriea
lirst with Strathcona's Horse and
later woth Mie constabulary, is on
his wily home to Canada and is said
to base au excellent chance ol appointment to command ol llie new
permanent curps to he maintained in
•the new provinces ol Alberta and
Saskatchewan bv tlie ledcral gov-
ornmrart. Tltd regimen I in question
will be called tlw Strallieniia Horse,
after the tiroops that, were raised hy
the Canadian high commissioner for
service in South Africa. Col. Sleele,
or as lie is better known throughout
tlw West, "Smooth Hon','' Will be
welcomed back witli wide open arms
by bis matiy. admins on ttie plains.
Vancouver, March 20.—A special
despatch trom Victoria to liie World,
says: Mrs. James Anderson, wlio
figured conspicuously in connection
wilii the Kaien island inquiry, lias relumed from California, and is vigorously resenting public references to>
her identification witli Hie deal. A.
few evenings ago she Invited a Col'ui-
Ist reporter lo accompany her lius- j
hand and hersell to the residence of
editor Dunn ol the Times and witness
Iter horsewhipping of tlie editor, Tlie
call was made bill no whip ligunil in
th,. conversation'. Instead apologies ^ ]amls
were pleaded for but denied.
yesterday .Mrs. Anderson recorded
the narrow escape ol .1. A. Maodonald, leuiwr ol tlw Liberal party,
irom similar chastisement. She had
met liim on tlie street, she said, and
lie bad declined to listen to her. She
bad thereupon, site claimed, secured a
horsewhip and was on tin- point of
using it when friends wrested it trom
Take Notice that tbirly days after
date I intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner ot Lands and Works
at Victoria lot* a special license to
cut and carry away timlier Irom the
following described lands near the
west boundary of East Kooteuay
Beginning at a   post   planted   at
a*out one and one-half miles south
of Cioalfell siding on II. C. Southern
Railway, and running 80 chains west;
thoncc till chains south; thenee 80
chains east; thence SO ehains nortii
to the plaee ot beginning.
47-St James Joyce, Locator
Take notice that thirty days alter
date 1 intend lo apply In the Chief
Commissioner oi Lands and Works lor
a license to cut and cany away timber   tinin   the  (ullowing    described
Effective, Sunday, Jan. 21st, lollowlng changes in passenger train
schedule: No. 3 leaves Rexlord 10.IS
a.m.; Bonners Ferry 1.30 p.m ; ar
rive Spokane 5.40 p.m.; leave 6.00
p.m.;     Adrian    9.10   p.m.;
5.-10 a.m.
Everett u
7.00 am
Rexford   i
Hon n ers
3.30   a.m
an iva
7.U0   a iu.;   \e.t\e.   7
.j. in.,
10.,iii   a.m.; Wenatche.
p.m.; P
acific Av.
nue 5.43 p
wiih  Ni
. r,i, Kv.
t   b 5S
lit I.
| west corner
license,     111
Kast Koolemty
t a post at the norlli
f C. W. Wilson's No. 1
i-i*   if,u   chains   soutli
UK-nce -10 drains west, Uience luu
drains norlli, Uience 40 chains east to
[ jilace ot commencement,
Holiert l.iitle,  No. 2, Locator.
Located lliis 22nd d.iy of February,
lilUU. 4(J-5t'
Dilating on the necessity lor precise instructions, Lord Ualfoin, at a
London dinner, -told an amusing
story relating -to the Soudan railway.
To an official, he saul, there came a
telegram from an outlying station:
"Slatinnmasljor has died. Shall I
bury him?"
The reply was stmt: "Yes, bury
stationmastcr; hut please mato sure,
he is really dead before you (In so.
In due time came    track the mes-
sa-j?e:     "Have  buried  sta.lioiiut.tsM
Made sure he was dead by hit tine; hbr.
Take notice that thirty dayi at1*r
da-te I ifltend to apply to the Chiel
Oomiiiissi<Tit.r of Lands and World
for a ftpccittl license to cul and carry
away timber from the lollowlng des-
crilieii lands iu West Kootenay:
Commencing at. a post planted on
tire south side of the B. C. soubhorn
rleM-of-way about a half mile north-
fast of McNoillis Siding, tlicnce east
one half mile, thenee north one halt
mile, thence cast one half mile,
twice on the head with a fishplate.-Hbonye gtyptti   one   halt milo,   thenc*
p.m.; arrive Seattle 7.30  p m.
No,  2  no  change.
No. 4 leaves Seattle 8,u0 a.m.;
Everett 0.16 a.m.; Pacific A venue
9,20 a.m.; Wenatehee 8 05 p in , Ailrian 4.5u p.m.; arrive Spokane 8.35
p.m.; leave 8.40 p m. Bonners
Ferry 12 25 a.m.; Rexford 5.02 am.;
No. 2:.o leaves Rexford 5 2" a.m.
connecting with No. 4 Swlnton 7.34
a.m.; arrive Fernie SOU a.m.
No. 21!) leaves Fernie ID.no p.m.;
Swlnton 10.20 p.m.; Rexford 12.to
a.m.;    coune cling  with   numbei   1.
Through sleeping cars operated between Spokane and Fernie. S.eeper
fare between Spokane and Feinie
Femle to Vancouver 2i hours and
■15 minutes, connection being made
with No. 272 at Paeilie Avenue.
Extra local trains Nos. 2li."i and 2i>B
will be operated lietweeu Spukane
anil Leavenworth, leaving Spokane
4.00 p.m.; Wenatehee 10.50 p.m.;
Wenatehee 12.03 a.m.; Spukane 8.00
a.m. Buft'et Bleeping cars will be
operated between Spokane and Leavenworth, trains Nos. 285 and 206;
also extra train between Seattle and
Skvkomish, leaving Seattle 6.30 p.m;
Everett 8.10 p.m.; Pacific Avenue
8.15 p.m.; Skykomish 10,20 p.m.
Returning leave Skykomish 8.00 a.m.;
Pacific Avenue 8 0!) a.m.; Everett,
8.28 a.m.; Seattle 10.Oil a.m. Local
train being operated bel ween Bonners Ferry aud Spokane will bo withdrawn. |THE   OBANBHOOK   HERALD
Till', cost ot* living ia
an important thing
in most homes. You
may have to figure closely in these mutters. A
little extra on a barrel
of flour mav look big to
But there is a difference between spending
money wisely and spending it foolishly.
Sometimes it is economy to spend instead of to
save, lt is in the case of
Royal Household Flour.
Those few extra cents
a  week,  that give  you
Royal Household Flour
in preference to interior fluur, buy health.
Nothing contribute! so much to the tood you
eat us fluur, and therefore nothing should be more
carefully bought.   Ogilvic's Royal Household Flour
is thc whitest, cleanest and most nutritious flour that's
milled. It is the only flour
that is absolutely pure.
Aslc your grocer.
Oflllvie now Mills Co., IM.
"Oa.lv!.'!, Ilimk fnr a Cook,"
contain. 130 page, nf clielh'llt
recipes, some never published be-
i'nre.  Your grocer enn tell you
bow Ui .*-■' il KltKH.
§ That Spring Suit |
j§( lt is timo to have your tneiiHiire  tnken und   I   huve just re- \\\*\
KJ wnved ti complete fine of jQ
f*       Spring and Summer Suitings      |
££ from lln- mills.     Drop in and look over the stock. jm
| L. Cohn, The Tailor |
ti Armstrong Ave. Cranbrook, B, C. S
*r   ' ~ —      ♦*
Mn.lictar.ri ol
Rough and dressed
Lll/IBER and
Also all kinds ol
.._-..___.          Jntfruy, Ryan and
l|-j       \J'''*ilWV^^P^            Cranbrook, B.C.
*t J             ^-wjrf**^^^                    Head Olllca, • Crasbrook
9i®. ^*................. *...... *®!g_
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Hotel a* &
Quests Comfort • Specialty
uood Stibllni In Connection
Nearest to railroad aud depot.   Haa accommoda.
tion. lor the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Hot and Cold Raths
Hoggarth & Rollins
ol  the
Cranbrook'a One Hundred Club is
now a pronounced success. The
people have taken hold of the proposl-
tioii Willi au enthusiasm that is a
guarantee that Hit. full number will
be easily secured, Nol only lh,'
people iif Cranlirnok, but the people
in oilier towns in tlie territory tributary to Cranbrook au* taking lu.ld of
the matin with a will and llieie are
man! more in billow. They appreciate the lnmi.l-iiiiii.il*,! spun displayed
by Cranbrook in this movement, and
as they n-ali/e Ihal the people ol
lliis town, iti their wmk uf publicity,
are looking   In the hull.hug up ni the
district as a whole    and nnl to any
one partlculai  section, the rostdeuts
ithei     towns in   ih.* district
m get  in line and .in alt Ihey
can to assist   iu the wmk.     ll will
be good lm     Marysville, lot    Moyie,
lm  Wardner, t"t    Kort Stoolo,    lot
Klmberley,   lui   Wasa,   lot IVyollBo,
lot   Perry Creok.    m [act fot eveiy
portion ni the district,     H is    the
intention of the commit toe on publicity lo have a comprehensive pauiph-
ici prepared,   embracing Information
of iiu- nature    ihai   is heuig Bought
alter by  those who are loosing    lo
British Columbia   inr luture homes.
Tliat such a iiioveuieiH is necessary a
ibis iiuie, n  might he stated    that
vvilliui    the   past     week    Sirrclary
Roberts, of Hu* board ol trade,   has
liad Inquiries for Information regard
ing this scotion Irom pai ties in England and llu* I niiett Stales who contemplate   moving   io  tliis   part  oi
British Columbia.     And ihese inquiries are coming in weekly, but   tners
are no pamphlets ready lo meet   thi
glowing demand.    Tins is where this
dislriel   lias    always    been deficient,
and the lime lias arrived ior intelligent action,    Itliat wo need here is a
larger    peiiuaiieni    population,   and
there are many avenues of profitable
living ill lhe territory tributary   to
Cranbrook,     It is up to the people
of the district to spread the information broadcast.
The list, of membership, as it now
stands, is as lollows:
.1. A. HARVEY,
Vi. T. REID,
(i. Ti ROGERS,
A. Vi. JlcVITTlE,
C. E. RE1U,
II. .1. JleSWEYN,
Fort   Steele.
J. P.  FINK,
11. ,]. JOHNSON,
J. F. Jl. P1NKHAM,
lilt. F.  E. KINO,
U. J. ELMER, Moyie.
F. J. SMYTH, Moyie,
There w&B 1 very enjoyable time at
Fraternity hall last Tuesday evening
alter Mie Kniph-ts ot Pythias had
closed tlte regular work ot tlie evening. Tlte occasion was the presentation of a Past Chancellor's jewel to
J. II. Fink, Past Chancellor Commander of the Cranbrook lodge, us
evidence ol the appreciation ot tlw
members for Mr. Fink's roiwI work in
ItH- lodge since he hud been a member, ami as a token nf lhe lodge's
high esteem in-fore Mr. Kink takes his
departure tor California, where lie
goes t-liv lirst ol Hm* moiitli for his
Health. Tlien* were songs and instrumental music galore, and when
the time fur the pn'sentution arrived,
Chancellor Commander Thompson
arose and in a short talk Unit made
a must favorable Impression upon
all present, be expressed ihe sentiments ol even- member ol the lodge,
and then presented thi' handsome
jewel. It was a trying moment to
Mr. Fink, bul lie met lhe oide.il
bravely and in a neat speech conveyed
his thanks to ins brother members in
a   manner    lti.it  brought     for ill   en*
iiuiMastie applause, The evening
olosed with a mnsi appetising lunch.
Ollieers were ius-taUitl al a meeting
ot the Rocky Mountain Chapter, ti.
A. M., held Tuesday evening ol last
week, as follows;
Kx-Comp.-J. D. iUcllride, /,.
Ex-Comp.-A. H. Oraco, l.l'./..
Ex-Coinp.—I*. Mackay, ll.
Ex-Comp.—A. ti. Fenwick, .1.
Kx-Comji,—,i, k. Armstrong, T.
Comp.-\\jn. K. Tate, S. K.
Conip.—V. Parks, S. N.
Comp.-E. Klwell, P.S,
Cranbiook lodge, No. 31, A. F. A
A. M., attended divine service last
Sun-day afternoon at the Presbyterian church. Hev. Fortuno preached
lhc annual sermon. Tliere were
about forty Masons in the procession.
There will be a Rebekah lodge organized in Cranbrook within a lew
weeks. A committee lias the matter
in charge at this time.
T. M. Roberts has been appointed
as delegate to the grand lodge of K
of P., which meels in Nanaiino iu
The Cranbrook lodge, A. F. A A
M., held its regular monthly meeting
last Thursday evening. Quite a number ot members from nearby town:
were present.
Tbe K. of P. lodge of this eity will
hold their annual ball on the 24-th ol
Butte, Mont., March 13.—During the
fiercest storm that has raged along
the line in 20 years, four giant locomotives of the Oregon Short Line
crashed together a short, distance this
side of Humphrey at 4.20 o'clock this
morning, killing Fireman S. J. Lucas
and painfully injuring a number of
trainmen and occupants of ihe passenger conches. Lucas was hurled
headlong against ttie door of the firebox and was buried beneath a mass
of flaming conl.
When rescued his fare and head
were charred almost beyond recognition.
Engineer Erlckson escaped by leaping through a cab window. He was
painfully cut about Ihe hands and
arms, bul was otherwise uninjured,
undue!or John Quinn suffered a
bruised, head, nnd Baggageman Fit*-
Patrick sustained a sculp wound.
The passengers nn Ihe northbound
train escaped without injury, although many were severely shaken
The engines were going double headers because of t-he deep snow, and,
owing to the fact that the water
tank at Mon Id a was frozen, two engines left that point fur the next
tank, thinking they had the right o(
way. A short, distance out the
double header struck the double head-1
er coming in the opposite direction.
Tlie collision broke the steam pipes
of the coaches and tbe passengers
were compelled to remain in their
berths to escape the piercing cold, thc
temperature being 20 degrees Mow
zero. Traffic is still blocked on tho
line and will be for another day at?
least. The snow i.s car window
The East Kootenay Lumber company held its annual meeting at the
general offices of the company last
Monday. Nearly every shareholder
was represented. Tlte usual statement and balance sheet were presented, and adopted and a dividend of six
per cent, on tlie paid up capital of
the company was declared. The rc-
tlon. Mr. A. Leiteh, the manager
and \V. II. .Miles, were re-elected. A
vote of thanks was tendered the officers of the company for their work
of tlie past year.
The company has been making extensive improvements and have further important ones under consideration. Mr. A. Leiteh, thc managing-
director, looks for a prosperous year
in the lumber business and says that
his company will be ready to participate to the fullest extent in that
prosperity. Their mill at Jaflray
has been overhauled and made a
first class plant iu every respect, and
the capacity largely increased. The
mills at Cranhrook and Ryan are in
better shape than ever and will lie in
condition t-o make a big cut this season. Logging has been actively carried on during the winter, and an
ample supply is on hand.
Ottawa, March 21.—George Riley,
ex-M, P. for Victoria City, has ai.
rived here and will be-appointed to
the senate at once.
At a liberal caucus to-day-it was
decided to amend the pension to
ministers' bill, by adopting tho British system.
Hon. William Templeman, minister
of inland revenue, was introduced iu
the house to-day by Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and Ralph Smith, amid great
Liberal cheer ng. |
A delegation comprising all the
British Columbia members of parliament and Senator Bostock, waited on
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Hon. William!
Templeman to-day and discussed the!
vacant senatorship and the appoint-'
ment of a lieutenan't-goveinor to succeed Sir Henri Joly. The delegation
was unanimously in favor of tlw appointment of George Riley, of Victoria, to succeed Mr. Templeman In
the scnatotshlp.    The question of the
Vancouver     W'orld:-on    Saturday'
evening a funny thing happened tn the
legislative hall at Victoria      U  was
just before prorogation, and the «»
ernment  was hurrying throu li
lal-ion iu an eager desire to "ti." from
the wrath to come," when  \\u-  thing
happened.    The third reading ol    a
certain bill    was    moved, and upon
that motion Hi.- member    for Vmir,
wlm bad sat     through three x   ion i
without opening his mouth, made his
maiden Bpeeeh.    it was  shoit,  con-
siting of three wortls, but il was decisive,    .1.  \   Macdonald, .1 li i Olh
er, Stuart Header on, T   \\   Pati i •
sun, and other   oppoi I tion nu
h.t.I  labored dav nn.l night   t.i   defeat
a  measure   and had    foiled  bul l
iiieinti.'i [ot Viuii won wllh bul   I
word of three syllable! In two    au  !
otrds,     His maidni   Bpeeeh,  "l    oh !
It'.i' ' killed  the lull, .uui  wiih i<     i
look oi   gratification   ih.it    he   had
emptied tlie deep cells i.l in, brnfn - i
the knowledge   which in-   had
tln-i.-iii   dm ing ih.-   ti t.-i-     .-
swept    across his   Immobile count en I
ance as he sat down       hi
oi iiuie lhat a gale ot  ■ xtj mill's .u.
lumi force began at the vcrj  nn
the   iiieiiibt-i     im  Vmii     ■   li ■   I In
memorable Bpeeeh    Tho chimin \ |»ol ,
clacked, tlte    windows     i""!>,'   tho
waters ol the harbor spin In il
the   causeway,    dark   storm-clouds
scurried across tin- Bkj and Un  *.
rudely enfolding in its embrnc.    u<
cross     ou ihc   spin-   ul Si. Janu
church, dashed u   in piccca to    uiu
ground,     Sliong uuu quaked, wotueu
shrieked, children wept, and ,.ii luu-
ritd together in a paroxyism ol  terror. The  weird masks  ol aucieii
Romans ami Greeks that peer   down
on the legislative chamhci Irom    lhu
eyrie of the skylight    left   tin n   ai
customed placo to confer wnh    each
Other as to thc cause oi tlie uproar.
"What's    all   this aboui      aski I
Solon, as he lighted    his pipe    au I
blew great olouus ol smoke irom   his
"Why, didn't yon
uf the member for V    	
"No, I didn't. I was jusi taking a nap and 1 missed u. Was it
eloquent?" asked Solon.
"It was great," broke in Cicrm.
"Grand! Siiperbl Remimlod uie of
one of my own efforts."
"What—what's his name
"His name—liis name—nli, yes; It's
Harry-Harry Wrong," said Marc Anton v.
"By thc shade of Minerva " i x-
claimed Julius Caesar, a*- hi v. i
at Brutus, "he'll live in hist tj But
what did tie say?"
Quoth Brums: "He said, '1 olt-
jeot.1 It was his lirsi cltoi l, an i,
out of compliment to his oloquenco
tbe elements are raging outside, '*. -
are being wrecked on the >;
west coast and churches and houses
are tottering to their fall."
"Why do not his constituents reward their bravo oratorical gladiator?" growled Nero, ns he sipped ai
nectar fit for thc gods.
"They're about to do so," replied
the blunt and sour Diogenes,
"What will they give him?" asked
"They have boughl him fl Talking
Machine, and it will occupy his seat
next session. It will cosl only (60,
while he costs $800."
At this there was a murmur of
gratification among the musks; a
page turned (lie lights off, and when
morning dawned ttie ancients had resumed their customary places anil.
looked down on lhe chamli
and majestic silence.
Refining Co.
defined toAb'*i
Vancouver, British Columbia
li i- perfectly crystnliwHl, I
•pHil il in .-s.-i-ll.'ii..'    Sold
ih.- speci:,
' asked Lj-
To the individual of thc male persuasion, whn knows nothing aboui thc
millinery creations except tax, sn fai
as the bill may go, tho complex
shapes and ingenious arrangements ol
those articles of wearing apparel lhat
arc to make beautiful woman more
beautiful, are a mystery indeed, And
the writer was inure ihan satisfied
when he stopped to gaze upon llie
millinery window at tlte store ot W.
T. Reid'A Co. With the white sill.
back-ground, tjjo now styles in hats
and their attractive combination of
colors, tlie silks and ribbons that
made one forget thc snow storm
without and think only of balmy
breezes, beautiful lluwers and singing!
birds. That window ti; surely a
dream, and during all of tliis day no
feminine heart was strong enough to
■ resist the lemptnlinn to stop nnd
I gaze with enraptured smile at tin-
attractive display within. But thai
was only nn introduction. Hack to
lhe millinery department of this
handsome store there was to be seen
enough in the way of millinery art
to drive the feminine mind distract
If there is a shape known tn the n
linery designer it is there in all
its pristine beauty. Colors, col
colors. Everywhere is colors i
year, and most harmoniously blc
Reid A Co, have reason lo feel proud
of their display nnd Ihe appreciation
evinced by lho many visitors who
thronged the rooms.
lieutenant governorship*was also dis-i ,a>s., "V   (l '   ' '■     r
cussed   amf the   delegation was un-  ,n i"      w r "\  S        '
aniu.ous in favor of James Dunsmutr a,w ftS?J2 !     ""'      '"
Notice is hereby given thai
davs after dale we intend
tor the position.   Sir Henri Joly will
continue in office for a month or su.
iiiiiI 1'iiriy away timber fro
lowing rtosci ilii-il lamls in So
(1)  Commencing nl n p.. t
nt. llie S..W, mr * nf tiiniii
Nn. 6578, thonco wesl HI
llicnm north mi chnlns, lln
sn cliains, Hi.hit smith 811 i
tiie     place nf    beginning
[ileal fnriii nl sugar I
in uppotmtttoe nm!
Hi sellltil imi'liliui's.
for it .-ii your Grocers
uiy hi
In the Gentle Spring Time
comes the thoughts of
Improving Your Premises
Are You Going to Paint?
Are You Going to Paper?
Are You Going to Decorate?
It  so, drop in or send me a card and
we will talk it over.     There are
new ideas in colors, new designs in paper that may
: interesting to
on your Work.   We do nothing but
the besl and you will find our
prices right.
Painters  and  Decoraters
«*«♦♦*,*.♦« ,********* *******************4***44
4>««»«««««««»««>««.«««««« *♦♦♦♦♦* >»«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦->♦
♦ ♦
20,000 ACRES
nl tlm very pi.*k of the .eleotctl Iniiiil in tho beautiful Kontennv
Vnlli'i*. Kumi Kootentiy, U. t'.. oxtenillng Irom Canal Flat to
lilk.i, nro offerail for snlo ul from fl t,, *lll per uere.
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility,
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
I, brushy II
mnrsli -nn
ii-li luini I
re. Who
i-ran I,,-Iin
ito the Km
ie nf tbe
l so arret i
nl lho |l
utefulness, Inohullng tim-
airle nnd meadow. The
ids consist of deep, hlm-k
loam, splendidly adapted
my lie necessary on the
in tain oreeks flowing from
I'll)' Ij.h.Ih it,,, fully Hili-
i siili-ilivith-il inlo foil,-,.,!
limber, which run be wild
i" gover eni in other
n.uu ibim realise the pur-
ly i p the amount-In*
l,-uuv river, iililub lo
mnl through t in vull
roposod KinleiiivC.
I'ln. ('. I'. It, l» nil
Oi to Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B. C.
, ii ,
11, i
IX ,
< t ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦« * V«.«.«««## ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*««««««««X4>«>»
.|..|... ,.|. |..|-i.-i-i-i |..| ..|..|..|..|.|..|..|.|. j. I I ||-|.|-|-H-l-MHHH-H-M"m.+
Towne— You've got, a new typewriter girl, I see.
Towne—Is she bright?
Browne—Well, I don't know whether
it's Intentional but site seems to be a
irniali' .lush Hillings
Oeorge Watson, ol Fort. Steel,
visiting in the city.
Horn—On    Tuesday,   Match   UOth, Q^o acres, more or less,
11)06, to Mr. and Mrs. ,1. II. Hcnder-j    (2)   Commonclng at a pnsl planlc
son, a daughter. | al, the S. W. corner of limber llecnt
The Ad„lph Lumber company are No. 6574, thenc. wesl 80 chnini
arranging to move their plant to tbence north KII chains, Uience rust S
Baynes lake, where they have exten- chains, thence sonlli sn cliains, lo lh
-live limits, and tlw. new mill will he plaee nf beginning, contalitiim III
readv for business   within a    short acres, more or less.
A man fell off a handcar at Curznn  nt  the S. W
yesterday and was brought to    the ,l5's. thenco »
Commencing at. a pnsl plantt
ner of license Ni
■t.   811 chains, llinu*
hospital this morning at 6 o'clock in *■"•** 8I1 chains, Ihence easl ' 811
an unconscious condition and i.s still eliains, llience south 80 chains to the
unconscious.    Thc man had sustained l*l;l,'c ol beginning,   containing    (i-10
a fracture at the base of the' skull,  trrnn    -
It was impossible to learn liis name.1   01
more or less
I    (4)   Commencing at a pnsl planieil
one mile west of the S. W. corner oil
intrr-u to uTinnn i timber license No. 6674, llience west
WHEN IT STAIir_.D. |40 (jhai,,^ thence   nortii  1(10 chains,!
Lawyer—Were you present when the thence east 40   cliains, llience south!
trouble began between    the prisoner lfiO chains, to thc place of beginning,
and Ms wfle? containing 010 acres.
Wi*tness—Yes, sir.       It was    two Joseph Whitehead Ross,
years ago. I Hales Hingslon Itoss.
Lanryer—What .happened then? |   Located the   ISIh day nf    March,
Witness—I aMcndcd lheir weiiitiiig.     1606. Ii_-_t
J   |
! li
The Cosmopolitan ||
a  i+
The   place   where
man will return after  JJ
stopping once.


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