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Cranbrook Herald Feb 5, 1903

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URANllltOOK,   RIMTISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   I'ICBltl'A It Y   5,   1903.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
'" Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. 0nO, A. Cox, I'r-'Hi.lent. II. K. WalkKR. Oeu. Mau.
Paid Up   Capital
Total   Ke.iiar-ra
IWposils Received,   liencral HankiiiK Business Triniti'lcd
SUIN.IS HANk Mil-All HRNI    Dr.o.11. Ittctlvt.   I.ltrt.l AII.O'..
* »•..,•••*..
l*>l#l*l*l*l*l *fcl*l«.|*l*l I-1   | . '.. '.«* I*    ,. |,i. 1-s.l A|.*|(., |.i '.. , 9>
___»-,'»'.   . .-.-i >•; • i • i -I •■: -i -i |.s I-. |fl*»|*i*l*l*l*l<*|.i'i»-__,'__
We expect to rebuild larger and better than ever.    A
lot oi goods slightly damaged by iire and some turn- \
bled up by our hasty removal will be sold at very low
prices.   This includes
Ladies' Suits. Silks
Shoes of All Kinds
Hats, Clothing, etc.
. Our Furniture Department still doing businese.   Now
is the lime to buy and save money.
Undertaking given prompt attention .
....AT GILPIN'S....
.*,  .«• i <fc I -* . A ; *   -i* - ..-. i ..-■; s>
♦ i*i»i»i*i»i*;*i "
•>i*-.:e*i f-i !'•: i*i*i*i»i#i*i*i*lSli!*!*
Watch repairing is our business, and we give careful, pains-
1 taking, attention to it. We try to have our work give satisfaction such as will win the confidence of all who leave their
repairing with us. It's our ambition to add to the reputation wenave already established of doing thorough watch repairing.   We guarantee all our work.
• *••»«> •>«*
Black Prince   Hand Made      Lippencutt
(•"v-*-*-* •> ••*•*••••*• • •>•>«>••*••>*
• •••>'•> *»"»*<•)
We Invite Your Inspection.
Dan't think you can get better prices away from
home. Our stock is up to date and we sell tt
just as cheaply n* eastern jewelers.
Q-ffu-ial Watch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C P. R.
y*»>*» ♦•>•>♦•>•• **»'• ♦
• "*H»} (•>* • •■»•••
Arc you in need ol
either wholesale or retail. Creamery Butter, Dairy
Butter in tubs, boxes or bricks. Eggs in any quantity and oi best quality. B.-si Ontario Apples in barrels. Cranberries (Cape Cod) the best in town. We
have a good supply oi the above and invite inspection.
King Hercantile Co.
..The Pioneer Hardware Store.,
A Should end in this  atoie
Uxelraa to aeeli for stoves
SEARCH   better or lower priced goods
Hue where.   The heat move.
are offe ed an I lowest prlcea made here.
Our new line of
Coal and Wood Heaters
Coal and Wood Ranges
and stoves of other varieties is complete.
The drug ns of these stoves are very
buniHo ne and the construction la perfect They five ihe most satisfactory
results wiih leaat consumption of fuel.
i observations!
Fin (• the Watts Hack.
Last Satiwday night tire was discover-
ed lo tha throe story building of A.
Walls, situated In the center of the
principal business block In tha city,
and within thirty minutes every store
lu the Muck was doomed, aod—-
That is tha way it will read, ami lhat
la what uiay hai'pt-u at any lime, and
wbu is going tu he done li it should.
What would he the result If tire should
break oui iu aoyoue ot tbuae l*ui l«Ji nf-"
The town wuuld he iu ashes in twu
liniiia, any many intxrhauis wuuld be
What is to be done for better fire protection?
Whas ia to be duue fui more Ure
fighting apparatus?
What is to be done to organize a fire
cnmpao) f
Wbthlatobf dope to save the property aad your financial live-••
Shall we continue to sit still and do
no. hi a*?
Shall we wail untitaaother fire wipes
as out?
Or, ahall we do something?
I iMiti.-
L B VanDccar's two beara went into
winter retirement some, time ago, •Uli
last Monday coo aider* hie cutiosity waa.
troused regarding lbs* traditional ground
hog question, aa a bear ia supposed to
act the nn*. It was a bright day of
sunekiue, and tf Mr. Bruin came, out of.
hia hole, he wonld surely see his shadow
and go back for six weeka. But Bruin
evidently preferred to remain within
the, wanuih uf hia quarters,, for be never
ebowed up. One parly remarked thai
In nil probability those la care of lhe
bears forgot to put lu a,calendar, and
toe bes*a unconsciously peased over tho
m & tn
Take it month In and ni-tnth out,
newspaper publisher gets an many roasts
that be falls into a habit of looking tor
nothing else. It la therefore a pleasure
to get a word of encouragement now
and then, and that is why, we publish
tbe following letters, which were private
notes to the publwhtr, and not for publication. But we could not resist tbe
temptation io take advantage of the opportunity to show that (here were some
good fellows on earth.
Moyie, B. C Jan., 25th, 1903
Editor Herald: -Enclosed. please find
$3 tbo amount of my account. I da not
want the paper stopped like the other
-fellow, but I want it to come.. Witb
kind regards,
1 am Yours Truly,,
N   A, MacKenz e.
mm m lumbermen
Tke ktMleiiv Amial-wi Holds Aniial
Many of thc Mills Arc Increasing
Their Capacity for Next
Klmberley. B, C. Jan.. 39 h, 1903.
Editor Herald: —You can make our
order for the Herald two copies. Send
me a bill for thia, Although I subscribe
for several papers, 1 could not gft along
without Tht Herald I think Cora town
ofthe sire ot Cranbrook, and the many
difficulties lh** must occur weekly, in
your efforts to put into the. bauds, of
Tout many aabacribera Ibe latest news.
The Herald does you great credit, and I
am only sorry the many readers of your
valuable paper do not appreciate your.
ertortr* lu (he right way. Wishing.,ynu
and airs. Smpson the compliments ot
the season, 1 am,
Yours Verv Truly,
Neil M*L. Curran.
Kitchener, B.C. Jan., 76th, 1903
Editor Herald:--tour dollars herewith. Never dr«a*utd of what you suggest, I in m habit to trior aa the
ordinary bunch ol huwwoity and when
I tind a differce exists the chances are
even that It ia on my side and not,on
the other fellow's. But 1 neve* try,.to
best a newspaper man. Utiles will be
hot enough without that additional
wrigtit to hear, and I never could under-
stand why anybody should. Of all men
tbt evetage- newspaper man gives tht
most and perhaps gtta flit least, and he
ctiialuly ought to have hot Christmas,
buna far break laat- at least ont a year,
Yours Very Truly,
 J, T. Burgess..
Tfct Bursas Cole. Wsaikr Cat  Dowa tmt
The. rarnival held laat, WeUnesilsy
night wae not so largely attended, aa
Ihe night was very frosty, and ii was
impossible to keep comfortable even by
persistent skating,. There, were seveial
very striking costume* but J. II. CaSt-
lake, at heavy weight clown, probably
aroused the most enthusiasm. Following are the winners of pr, zee;
Ba-d dressed lady, Mrs. Mat bison.
Beat dressed geutlemen, Cecil Prest,
17th, Century Knight.
Best dressed girl, Miss Daisy, llillier.
Bssi drcaaed boy, PredSuull, Jockey.
Beet comic gentleman, J. H. Cast-lake,
Other Costumes.
A T, Vroom, Speeish Bullfighter.
Miss Maud Patmore, Summer.
Mils Gertie Rollins, Goddess Of Liberty. '
Miti C, McConnell, Young Bride.
Francis McConnel, Dear OHMuthtr
J. a! Smith, Knight of Malta.,
The Mountain Lumber Manufacturers
association'held ita annual meeting last
Saturday at Leask'a hall. There waa a
full representation by members aud
proxies, and a vast amount of detail business dispatched.
J.'W. Robinson, vice-president, occu
pied> the chair in tbe absence of A
Leitch, president; and W. F. Gurd, officiated as-secratary.
The following members were present
A/ Mott, of the D. V. Mott & Sou
company, Fernie.
IL. A, Kaooiue, of the Cedar Valley
Lumber company, Fernie.
A; McDjugal, of the Fernie Lumber
company, Fernie.
M. Foster, of Cotton & Foster, Crows
John C. Slater and T. W. Leask, ot
Leask & Slater, Cranbrook.
A, Moffat «nd W. Calpman of tbe East
Kootenay Lumber company, Cranbrook.
Hi Cameron, of the Moyie Lumber
company. Cranbrook.
J.W. Robinson, ofthe Roblnson-Mc-
Kenzie Lumber company. Cranbrook.
Geiige R. gera, of Lethbridge, and E-
J. Waddle of Kegliia, representing the
Western Retail Lumber Dealers association, were preueut to confer with the
association regarding tbe anticipated
heavy demand for lumber on tbe prairie
next season.'
It was quite evident from tbe evidence presented that the market next
season will be a good, one Hnd the de*
maud such that it will require nil tht
energy ol the sawmill companies of tht
Kootenays to meet it.
, It is evident, however, that the manufacturers of lumber appreciate the situa
alion, and lu consequence the lumber
Industry will take hs placer aa one of the
foremost in eastern British Columbia.
The annual election.was held with tbe
following result:
A. Leitch. president,
J. W. Robinson, vice-president.
.  W, F. Gurd, secretary -treasurer-.
• F: C.  Jones,  Golden; J.   C. Slater,
Cranbrook; H. fit   Beutley, Fernie, and
M, B. King, Cranbrook, executive committee.
sold for *)3,(jjo.-jou to a syndicate of
Michigan lumbermen. The deal, whirh
his been ponding for some lime, was
closed in Sau Francisco at the office of
Kenton. Holmes iV Co, wbo were tbe
majority stockholders. It is understood
tbat tbe tynd rate purpose continuation
of tbe busiueaa of ihe mill* without
Aawal Meciitf.
The East Kootenay Lumber company
beld lis annual meeting last Monday,
Duly routine business was traniacleil,
and pitas ior ihe coming yetrdiscutwted.
The same officers were re-elected as follows:
A. Lellcb, president and general
C. I). McNab, Vice-president,
W. Colpmnn, Treasurer.
A. Moffat, Secretary.
J. Kyati, Chairman board of directors.
J. Ryan, A. Leitch J. Park, C. D. McNab, W. Colpmnn, T. Muir, M. Leitctn
Sooa Ready to Saw.
' Tbe double mill lhat is being, put in
at Meadow Creek hy the East Kootenny
Lumber company, will be ready for
sawing lumber between the 15th and
3oth of ihis month. Tbe tie mill machinery is expected early next month and
will be installed without delay, as the
company is anxious to get at ita contract
foi 750,000 ties for the C P. R.
1 Will Doable tke Capacity.
1 M, B, King, manager- of Ihe King
Mercantile company, returned last
Monday, from St. John, N. B , where he
■went to arrange for a complete new
0iUl outfit. He flsys-the machinery will
srrlve In time to have the mill in operation the first part of April. The milt
will be about the same in size as the
one now In use by the company, which
jvllt double their capacity. The present
mill is lieing overhauled and placed in
firat clasa shape,, and with tbe new mill
(be company will be able to make a big
cut the next season.
Tke Big Wardner Mill.
;' IL C Lindsay, superintendent of tha
manufacturing department of tbe Crow's
Nest Pass Lumber Co., Ltd., has returned from  (be east, where he completed the purchase for tbe plant of the
company which will be erected et Ward*
■er, B.   C,,   says the, Spokesman Review. ■**..,■
) The machinery includes s double cut
•band and circular mill, a planing-mill
And a dry kiln of large capacity.     The
p1 la 11J > lion Id be in full operation liy tbe
middle of May.   The total capacity  cf
yie nulls .will(<be  150.000 feet In ten
hours. .......
I The company owns an Immense body
of limber, estimated at 600000,000 feet,
if. is yellow pine, tamarack and fir< the
yellow pine and tamarack being especially fine aiid clear and will make
Ihe beat of shop lumber and. building
, John Breckenridge. of- Cranbrook da
president . of the company; William.
Carlin of Fort Steele, vice president;
Peter Lund ol' Cranbrook, managing
director, secretary and treasurer.
Big Lumber Conpaiy.
Seattle,'Wash., Jan. 30.— The ">ig lumber   mills   at   Port  Blakeley, together
wtib   50,000  acres. of timber landa  in
Maspn and Kitsay counties, have.been
Sawdust Painters.
Mr Bachelor, one of the members of
tbe Mojie Lumber company, who
resides at St. Paul, Minn., spent several
daya last week in conference with Manager Cameron at  Moyie.
The Moyie Lumber company is im
proving tbe Moyie river for driving logs.
The East Kootenay Lumber company
will have the ouly tie mill iu tbe Kootenays,
P. Lund, mauager of tbe Crowa Nest
I'ass Lumber company, is spending all of
his lime at Warduer  pushing   the con
aliuctiou of the company's big mill.
The lumber Industry has been the
salvation of tbis district this winter.
Lumber companies find horaea and
men bard to get these days.
Four Cbildrt.il Die of Scarlet Fever aid
No Further   Danger Anticipated
and Sick  Ones Are
The AI mood Eyed Sons of tbe Orient
List Wednesday waa Chinese New
Years, and the oriental population of
Cranbrook cut everything loose tbat
day and night, In towna of this siz*,
where Ihe Chinese population in limited,
iwo'or three days is about the limit for
the big htghyu time, but Hie heathens
do a big line of business while ihey are
at It. Thia year the Cranbrook contingent imported a full band from Victoria
and kept it busy during- the celebration
period at the big joss house of Sing
Scanyl. Regular work waa suspended
Wednesday, and music, chickens aud
fun tan werethe features of tbe occasion.
Every laundry waa transformed Into a
gambling resort, and the rattle of the
chips and the kiyis of the players could
be heard ell night Wednesday- There
were many white visitors tbat afternoon
and evening, and the band entertained
delegation alter delegation. A boiler
factory Is the peace of heaven compared
with the noise of B.Chinese band, and
no one else but a Chinaman could stand
It thirty minutes without going crazy.
Sam-aooey and cigars that would kill a
wooden Indian were on tap for visitors.
The drink tastes-like vinegar, pepper
aauce, rotten apples and limberger
cheese combined, and will burn a hole
in a man's sock two seconds after swallowing.
The celebration waa a great success,
the -devils were all scared away by the
burning tapers, and many sacrifices
were made to confucius.
How. Ht, Second   tbe  St.   EnglM  aid
Sold It.
Rev. Nicolas Coccolo, O. M. L, who
is to be in charge of the Secret) Heart
parish pending the appointment of a
permanent successor to Father Welch,
Is ont of the most Interesting clerics in
tbe Kootenays. Iu the early days of
the country he waa the owner of the St.
Eugene mineral claim, that afterwards
developetl into a mine said to be the
largeat silver-lead proposition in America. Father Coccolo learned the secret
Of the location ol the claim from a converted Indian,, aud tbt substantial sum
realized by him from the aale of tbe property has been devoted to the St. Eugene mission and industrial school, of
which he is rector and principal.
Father Coccollo was one of ibe pioneer evangelists ef tbe Komnn Catholic
church io the Koottnays, and his work
among the Indians of East Kootenay
was well tjstahllslied before the advent
of the Crow's Neat railroad brought the
resources of the country to tbe attention
of the outside world. One of the Indians converted to the faith under the
missionary's miuhtratlona told Father
Coccolo ot the big ledge outcropping
near what ia now called Moyie lake, and
the claim was staked under tbe reverei-d
gentleman's directions. While in its
prospect stages, aud when ita magnitude
was an unknown quantity, the St, Eugene claim was sold to its present
owners, and several thousand dollars
was, realized for tbe missionary work
inaugurated by Father Coccolo. The
funds thus forthcoming were applied to
the carrying on of Ihe evangelistic work
at the St. Eugene mission, seven miles
from Cranbrook. Tbe Industrial acbool
la In a flourishing condition and the
status of the Indiana of the diatrict has
■ entirely altered as the result of tbe
educational work instituted.—Rossland
Cranhrook has had a aad and sudden
visitation of death last week, four little
ones being claimed by the dread dia
eases, scarlet fever and dlptheria. The
scarlet fever cases came from Sirathcona
in the Territories, being the children of
Grant Boulange, who had been living
with the sister of Mr Boulange since the
mother's death. One of the children
was dead when brought to Craabrook,
aud tbe other died a few days later. On
Saturday the little daughter of A.Grioier
aud the oldest son of J. Brault, died of
dlptheria. Both of the children had
beeu isolated at the Grluler home and
everything done to save them, but with
ont avail. Another aon of Mr. Brault
is sick, and also a young aon of Mr. Grl-
nier, hut both cases are improving.
Dr. King says that be is of tbe opinion
that there is no further danger aa the
disease of dlptheria is well In hand. The
school tiusteeB very wisely concluded It
best not to take any chances, and closed
tbe school for ibe week, but it will be re*
opened next Monday,
Every measure tbat would contribute
tothe safety uf the community was enforced, and perhaps it is to this fact that
Cranbrook has escaped a deadly epidemic
The  Deal as.
Charles Belange.aged three years, died
At Sirathcona ol scarlet fever. The remains were brought to Cranbrook and
the funeral held Thursday at the Mission
Frank Belange, aged five years, died
Friday night, January 30, of scarlet fever
and was buried Saturday at the Mission
cemetery beside the mother and brother
Carrie Grlnier, aged five years, eight
mouths, died Saturday, January 31, of
Henry Brault, aged ten yeara, died
Saturday night of dlptheria.
The double funerai was held Sunday
afternoon at 4 o'clock from Campbell's
undertaking rooms and the remains interred in tbe Cranbrook cemetery.
Some Timely Remarks 01 • BrMft That li
Badly Needed.
Marysville, B. C. Ian., 31st, 1903,
Editor Herald:—Il may aeem a little
permature, as It is yet so early in the
season, tu write about the- proposed
bridge over the St. Marys river which
would bring Cranhrook and Marysville
into closer connection. We all know
that a bridge ia badly needed. A good
site, I understand, has been cboaen by
those who are in a position to be a judge
of such things- The tost of roads'let-ding up to and from the bridge would be*,
small, tbe grading to be done is compari*
lively Blight. The benefit to be gtlmeoV
by tbe people on this side of the river
would be inestimable: This winter, for
example, the need of a bridge haa been
felt very much, as there baa been quite
a lot of lumbering done on or near, tbe
St. Marys river, and the idea of having
to go about twenty miles Instead of
twelve, means a lot to any man, no matter what business he follows. With tht
lumber industry all along the riven* Increasing by leaps and bounds, the
Marysville smeller in full blast, and the
Influx of moro miners and prospectois
into the upper St, Marys country, It
would seem to indicate that-a bridge'
somewhere above the present railroad
one Is practically IndUpensible, It
would appear as If a ajilation of some
kind was necessary to draw tlie attention of the powers that he to tbis matter,
There are however rumors afloat of a
provincial election being imminent. If
such Is the case, all I can say is that aa
far aa tbis aide of (he St. Marye river is
concerned, thst Ihe candidate for election that puts most bridge timbers into
the construction of his platform will get
the most votea.
John F. Adams.
Don h Ftrt Static.
Fort Steele has a dog problem. Each
family that moves out invarable leaves
its dogs, and it bas been a question
what to do with them.
The following from Tbe Prospector
seems, however, that.they serve a use**
ful purpose:
Stranger to small boy:—"Little fellow
can yon tell me where there's a hotel?
Small boy:-~"Yes air; go rlgbt np
thia street till you come to a lot of doga
in front of a building wltb no sign en It.
That's the hotel.
Stranger looking up tbe street;—"Say
little fellow, which one?"
Mrs. 0. rl   Prest Writes of Her Work la a
Southern Town.
Bffilnghan, III., July 25th. 1903.
Editor Herald:—] ant much pleased
witb the college here. It is devoted
exclusively to teaching photography in
In all iti branches. There are students
htre from all over the world. A young
men arrived from Spain the day* I did-
Not being able lo speak a word of Kng-
liab he brought au interpreter with him,
whoafter making all arrangements left
bim. We also have one student from
Sweden, one from London, Eng., and
two Japs, one from Ontario, two from
British Columbia. Most of the othere
are from different parts of the States.
Altogether there are about etgbtyfivt in
The college was established in 1893,
so bed passed the stsge of experiment.
The two buildings are called "Garnet"
and ''Rembrandt" hall, built of Virginia
brown stone, pressed buck and New
York red slate, heated by steam, aud
lighted by electricity, containing about
forty rooms and surrounded by a natural
park of several acres in eatent. Tbe
buildings were originally constructed by
a wealthy gentlemen for bis home and
stables al a cost of over fifty thousand
Since coming here I have taken up
tbe unrivaled "Carbon Process", tbe
prints of which are considered the art
gems of photography, and have never
been equalled by any known process
and are the most permanent ol all
pictures. Last year I was [0formed by
a traveler iu our line that these pictures
sold ia Kossland at S40 per dotan cabinet
a lie. I presume the sale of these will
be somewhat limited iu Cranbrook, but
you know for a few ofthe wealthy, sucb
at publishers, etc., tbe best is none too
Next Wednesday I expect to visit,
what is claimed to lie the Boost studio in
tbe world, "Strauss" oi St, Louis. Last
week I received a letter from the proprietor of one of ibe best equipped
atndioa in Toronto offering me tbe free
use of bis studio fur any purpose. I
might want while iu the city. So I
expect my trip will be beneficial to me.
When I return lo Craubrook we will
remodel our studio and bave a uiacbinc
by which we will be able to take
pictures in the evening.
I am not very favorably impressed
with the town of Effingham. Ii is a
stew, sleepy plice. Sucb old fashion
|lga going round at a suaii'a pace. It
Mr. Miner's outfit was turned loose here
tbt people would never recover from
tbeir surprise. Tbe town might be
more appropriately lie uatned Rip Van-
Wlnkletown. They say lt ts typical uf
these southern towns and the further
south yon go tbe worse it is. I won't be
sorry to get back to Cranbrook with Its
gergeoutly SDti-set-tinteil background of
mountains I expect to be home about
tbe 25th of February.
Very Respectfully Yours,
O. II.  l'rest.
Gaveramat Reserve. '
Morrlssey Miner: There haa been a
gaeat deal of speculation as to how aud
when the government reserve located
south of Morrissey and on the international boundary line would be ibrowa
open. Tbe Miner has taken the paint-
to secure authentic information on this
matter, and there is no question but -
that tht reserve when it is thrown open
will be advertised for thtee mouths In
the Gazette and local papers, so that
every one will have an opportunity to
know the facts. It is possible tbat tbe
government mny bave the reserve surveyed and sell the property lu blocks to
ibe highest bidder.
■ Up to tbe present time a vast amount
Of tbe reserve conl lands have been
staked, but the applications for license
have all been refused Hnd tbe money returned, nor will any application made
at this time be considered by the government. Furthermore, any peison who
|Ukti property there now and  files an
pplication for a license, will have no
better standing with the goverument
than thc person who stakes bis groand
t!be day the reserve is opened, no mailer If be does stake again that day. lu
other words men stakiug there now are
doing so contrary tu law, ami their woik
ri all for naught and given them no advantage whatever.
Nrw Llccaee Conalssioaers.
j The  members   of the  new  board  of
Bcense  commissioners have   been  appointed.   They are as follows:
1 J. I)  McBride, Cranbrook.
I W. H. Whimster, Fernie.
, F. Burn, Fertile*
1 The retiring member is Mr. Ellon, of
Fort Steele, nnd the new member is
Fred Burn of Fernie. Mr. Hum is a
popular citizen, hut why two members
should be selected from one town ia not
Belter Cone Back Home.
Ottawa, Jan. 30 —Messrs. Prior and
Kberts wilt wait on tbe government
again tomorrow on the financial question. They are mating a 6ort of political burlesque of tbe whole business, and
whatever the province mav get from Ottawa the business will have to be trans-
feted through some person who puts
province before party. Nothing possibly can come out of the polilitical farce ■
which ia now being played, CRANBROOK HERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
oaeyeat .".fuS
Tlie lieral.t ile.lre, ti> -.Iv*. tlie Wm .'I til.
dlatrtot. It >■».. bnow ai.y iit.-tut v.... town
,wut tula.... y»..r laople, nnil It to lata ante
Are You Going to Paint?
or havo any Papering and Interior Decorating done? You will be well pleased
with the work if you have Benjamin do it. House Painting, Decorative Painting, Sign Painting, Hard Oil Finishing, either polished or plain, Paper Hanging,
Tinting, etc.   I am nut superstitious, but I believe In signs.   Yours Truly,
Tbe Coaal people In organising tbe
ntw Mining Association, go upou iheli
usual theory, "lhe Co»t ll everything"
11 the promoters ol lb** schema bad
neen less reckless In the statements seui
out lu ihe preliminary circulars, ami
had called ihe meeting at RrtiUod,
Kcvclstoke or some other central   uoiui
uearibe mining districts, a largaautDii*
ance could hate been secured and per-
bapa stuns good accoutpliaheu, Th.
Coast people are always looking for a
graft aud ibe Interior nas to pay for ii
The idea of holding a mining convention
at Victoria for British Columbia) Who
could afford to go as a delegate-: How
many clerks, mechanics and proapiciorj
wlll he in thai couveuilon? II H is ik*.
Olsire of tbe people to have a success!n'
organization, let It be started right, but
for tbe sake of the good name of tht
province, cut oil tbat secretary who
parte bia name In the middle ami say
legislation has killed mining In British
In prohibiting Lowery's C.aim trans -
mission through the mails It may be interred that the postal autboililes art
afraid of the naked truth. Loiter?
should put pajamas on his Ideas,
If the Dominion government Intend-*
to guarantee *f.':ViHiiU>i)ii boii.h for the
Grand Tiunk lo build across the continent, why not guarantee its own bund**
and own lhe road.
Ho long as the surplus of Canada's
mining product Is mat keted abroad, i
will be impossible to legislate the busl
nesa tnto a profitable basis until the
foreign demand causes an Increase in
tbe foreign price.
No man In Canada would restrict tht
liberty of the press, unless he be a crlml
nal or one mediating crime ln some
form- But there Is a vast difference between granting perfect liberty of thi
preaa and prostituting the malls of the
Dominion to class of literature
that no man cares to have in his home
And the fact that Lowery calls every
man wbo crhisea his Claim, a mora.
coward a hypocrite or worse, does no
takeaway the odor arising from tin
articles that have appeared In fait
newspaper venture.
Premlea Prior has been eating good
dinners with Manager Hays of the Grand
Trunk, ami promising land subsidies
Before the Crand Trunk reaches tlm
province Mr. I'i lor will be a hazy
memory In the mlbds of the people.
Premier Prior says be will give land
to tbe Bret transcontinental line that
reaches this province. The people will
have something to say Mr 1*. lor when
tbat times comes.
Political   Points.
Morrissey Miner: It is said now on
pretty good authority that the appointment of Chief of Police Forbes, as government agent 11 Fernie, is a misnoniei
in a sense, Inasmuch that be is simply
appointed as ilu* rt preventative of tin
government iu nutteis peitaiuing ti
records, and not to act in 1 lie capacit)
of Mr. Armstrong, If this la true, thei<
tbere would be no change tlmt woulc
naturally follow if Mr. Forbes wns to
huld tbe same posi ion nt ibis end ol
tbe district that Mr. Armstrong Iihs held
for the entire district. In all probablil)
nothing in this line will be done timi
tbe districts have beeu officially divided,
aalde from some steps to relieve Mr
Armstrong of some nf his present duties
In the way of routine work.
And in connection wltb these reported changes there was a rumor to the
effect that a movement was on foot to
have H. W. tiarnes reinstated as chief
of police. Tbe Miner is loath to credit
the rumor with the slightest toiiudation
Tbe bent thing that can be done fur Mr.
Barnes is to allow bim to rest in the
peaceful bliss uf official retirement,
And, If there Is any man or set of men
endeavoring to have him return to a
position of power iu this district, The
Miner is willing to wager that it can
give tbe reasons.
—■> Morrlssev Miner
Mrs- Campbell, wbu has been running
a restaurant at Cranbrook, has opened
a boardlog house at the mine.
The coal company contemplates putting In a reading room and recreation
hall at the mine tor tbe benefit, nf the
ft Is taid tbat T. R, Morton will open
np a mine neat* Cowley for an American
syndicate. Mr. Morton's long experience In tbls work will make htm a valuable man to the syndicate should tbe
report prove true.
Tbe snow this year all though this
valley Is of such depth that loping has
become almost an Impossibility. N -Ither men or horses are able 10 do much
work off of the ma tit* road, aud to break
a road for all tht logs becomes a very
aapeoslve proposition,
li is becoming mat apptttnt each
week that ihe breaking up of winter]
this >tjr will bring unprecedented
Booda, and this will mean disaster all
along the Crows Nt**.! branch. Tbe,
company la doing all In lit power to pie-
pare for the contingency when It may
,rtse bill human power caiiuot, cope
with ilie force i1 un uuutii lloud.
W. 11 Moore hai received tbe appointment as postmaster at the mine.
ind as soon as the nrce-eary anange-
rieum are completed a« ottun will be
MtablUhed at thai polut.   Thia   will be ■
i great convenience to the citizens of
hat place, as at preseut the mail la
'utuped in a tub at the company's store ,
ami everybody gets a crack ai It. The ;
■ew office at tbe mine will also lighten ■
Poatmaatci i:.Ills' Unites at this place. |
Kiiuii Tiie i- ei uie i"r**e Press,
J. a. Arnold, of Cranbrook, waa In
town this week.
Kev. Connor was around for subacilp-
Lions for a new church at the mines,
mil collected about J-I..0.
Thos. Crahan and Jas. Macdonell were
iu town negotiating wlib General Manager Tonkin for the saleof their townsite
of Morrissey at ihe jucllon of the two
roads. The matter was postponed owing
io Mr. Tonkin's call to North-port, but
-vill be resumed upon his return.
A Slav wtman was stabbed at Morrlssey mines last wrek by one o( her country men. The woman was bribed by her
issailant fur ihe sum of 135 00 not to
disclose his name aid tu consequence no
irrest w,is made. The wuiun was
tiadly cut.
It Is rumored tbat T. It. Morton, late
■verttian at ihe mines here, la golug to
Cowley to opeu np a coal vein for an
Kngilsli Company.
Mrs. N, A. Mckenzie and baby E ntly
of Moyie, spent several days this week
with Mrs. C A Kiltigenstnith, of lhe
fernie Hotel.
Prom the Prospeetor,
K. Uoblnson, Cranbrook, was In town
,1. A- Kyan, Cranbrook, was at Steele
Tho«. Crahan, the Morristey uwnsiie
igent, was at Steele on business Thursday.
C. Kranson, Crar,brook, was reglster-
■*d at the Imperial Monday.
Notice af Dlsselutloi.
Notice is hereby given lhat the partnership heretofore existing betwten
Mrs C. Slmw and Mrs. C. Campbell,
doing business under the firm name of
Slmw & Campbell, i^this day dissolved,
Mrs, Campbell retiring and Mrs, Shaw
to continue the husluess, collecting ac
counts and paying all indebtedness ac
cruiug from tbis date.
Dated 29th January, 1903.
Signed, Catherine Campbell,
C. Shaw.
Witnessed by Rev. H. lleachani.
A Llvelr Htshits Just lailall*4 at the
A machine, cupuble of cancelling
tin- btamps un a thousand letters in
u minute, was Installed ou the 1st
Feb. ut the Toronto General Pust-
oil'ico. Jt >locs thc work uf the »lx-
hund drop innuhinos that in their
days were considered marvels, when
ion 1 pared with tbe old hand stamp.
Ths iK-w machine gicutly facilitates
Ibe work, uud enables the clerks to
give a mora efficient service by being
always op to date with the great
volume of mail mailer parsing
through thoir hands, Tlie lirst davit begun its slump-cancelling career
in Toronto at 4 o'clock, and bufote
midnight about 70,00(1 letters had
pdsftetl between its cylinders.
Tliis. lively iiiai-liiiie hus been in-
sttilted by order of tlu- Postmaster-
Oiii-ial,   who  Is constantly      un  the
lookout for tho 1.11 I'M improvements
in iho handling of mull matter, especially for the frequently congested
centres of distribution, It Is In uae
In every large city iu the United
statiM except ftuffitlo, It la very
compact, aud opart from a two-
font carrier projection occupies llttiii
more spilCO than 11 man .slutidlng. It
is run by electricity, It la adjusted
lu run oil 11,000 loiters in an hour.
but Its makers claim Unit it is capable of handling 711,000 in the same
time. The average in tbe United
States is al.out. uii.Otitl. Attached to
it is an automatic counter. Une man
can operate ll, but for speed it requires three—one to fetch the letters,
one to feed thetn und ono to carry
tbem to tint distributers,
Kuiiinih*   1
i'ult>iiu  yui'i-ti    1
Prairie Belle I
Willi it..-.. 1
This appeared on the bulletin board
aa the Jockeys wbo hud ridden (he lirst
beat of the running nice wheeled thell
burses and, riding before tbe judge's
stand, wlived tbelr bunds In signal.
The blatant country baud begun to
blure. The race truck was a mass of
Justllug. swearing, sweating, betting
men. Cold clinked agulust silver, bills
wero waved In air, everywhere ruse
cries of "Two to one!" or "Teu to Uv<
ou Kounoke!"
Buckskin Jones, a saloon keeper,
seemed to be tbe only taker for the losing Bide. He bod staked a small fortune on Coteau Queen and bet against
Itounoke freely.
The Jockeys were leading their mounts
to snd fro, wetting thu animals' mouths
and rubbing their limbs. Many bunds
were stretched forth to pat the winning Uoauoke, a black Kentucky bred
mure, whose slender, refined beauty In
some subtle wuy suggested tbe Gibson
picture uf A tnerkan women. She
seemed proudly conscious of her triumph. Her nostrils diluted, and tbe
pupils of her eyes widened.
Heslde Itounoke stood her Jockey,
Bud, and her owner, Jim Harcourt, a
clean cut, lithe young ranchman.   Men
A  Bullttln fin- W«b
The first pamphlet    issued by the
Department of Agriculture for women has just Hindi' Its appeurance.
It  deals  with  yeusl-making, The
Ilull-'iln suysi In the process o'
bread-making, Uu* management anil
control of the yeast mid its fermentation is usually tlie operation: and
It 1h owing to mistakes in lis treatment     that     tho  greater  number  of
failures in bread-niaklng are due.
No manipulation of the flour      or
dnugti will compensate for weak or
badly prepared yeast. The oilier
factors of uncertainty in bread-making consist chiefly of InsuthVieui cure
In kneading and thy liitlei vucb in tbs
auaHty ol flows.
pressed about them, paying the bom*
age tbe American Is so eager to render
to bis god—Success.
A grim faced, thin lipped man stood
quietly  beside  ltuanoke,  passing  his
baud admiringly  over  her glistening j
Hanks and slender limbs.
"Whut'll you take for her?" he asked
ln an undertone.
"Not for sale," replied Harcourt.
"I'll give you $2,000 If she wins,"
murmured tbe grim man without moving a muscle of his face.
"Twu thousand dollars! Jim thought
rapidly of a neat cottage on the
ronch, where he could-take Jessie ln
spite of the disapproval of her stern
old fattier. Judge Osborne, but tbe caution of the uuturul hm'seumn wus
strong. lie putted his cigar a moment
In Bileuce, while tbe grim man watched
him closely and murmured carelessly,
"I'll see you after the race.".
The Dakota sun beut down mercilessly on tbe grand stand where gathered the shoddy aristocracy of a boom
town; upon the fringe of farm wagons
outside tbe luclosure, where occupants
craned tbelr necks to see tbt races
without money und without price, and
upon a single Indian tepee standing
near the course. The last was occupied by Hhuuka Ll, who bad set up
bis household gods, Including squaw,
papoose, dogs, cats nnd ponies, within the Int-losure, thinking to while
away the tedium of tils abundant leisure by the excitement of the races.
The lust strulii of "Just Due Girl"
dies away, tbere is a burr-r of drum,
and the hrst beat of the pacing race
. Is on. Hut Interest In this event Is mild.
I Anxlety-and cash are centered on the
1 sei-iuid heat of the running race, the
next 011 thu programme.
I At lust the hideous, goggle eyed
' blankets nre removed and tbe sunlight
glauces ou shining flunk, bridle und
1 stirrup, Jim Harcourt, standing be
side the Osborne carriage, in which sits
Jessie, duluty, ptitricltin and lovely
enough to turn the bond of any man,
sees Buckskin Jones press through the
crowd and slip a folded paper Into the
baud of Hud, Itounoke's jockey, who
Is already mounted. Fear, anger, ex
ultstion are plainly written upon bis
low browed, dissolute face as he reads.
Wltb a sinister smile he tears the paper
in bits.
■tru wnlspert to Jessie:   "I am of
••red $'2,000 for Roanoke If be" wins
fou know what thut means for us.
.•*<»'* face lushes.
"»«*» know he will win, but will that
».-* 0 alters?   Nothing will tnuke falter f.-el differently about It, and 1
■nn<,t disobey him."
Vh -re Is the usual friction of starting, but now tbey are off. Uoauoke
for*;'?& steadily abend, But see! Koine*
thin? happens1!1 She rears—wheels,
l.'otmu Queen gnlns. Again Itounoke
plunges and rears. Great beads of
•went start on Jim's ashy face. By
heavens. Hud Is holding her in, and a
breast ahead forges Cutt-uu Queen, her
slender budy ull Iron ami ttrs. tibe'S
uuder the wire.
cry of Buckskin Jones and hia satel
lites. The Infuriated men gather ruuud
the Judges' stand. They bid fair to
tear It down, uud wltb fierce crlea of
derision Is mingled the name of Hud.
tbe Jockey, who barely escapes rough
handling through the Intervention of
Bui'kNklu Jones.
What Jim Harcourt said to bis
Jockey Is not a mutter of history, but
wheu the third heat Is called Bud has
disappeared and Jim It uiuunted ou
"Win her, and the two thousand la
youm," whispers bt of the grim face.
A voice shunts: "Don't disappoint
your friends, Jim. We've put our
money un thut -mare of youm."
"You foul, don't you aee they have
changed ridersV" crlea another.
As be pusses the Osborne carriage
Jim catches just u fleeting glance uf a
fluttering fichu, and he knows without
looking huw white aud tense It tht
face above It.
Itounoke responds to tbe magic of his
touch and voice. They are oue length-
two lengths ahead. They are almost
home.   The two thousand will be his.
But what Is that In the course? A
papoose— a tiny, dusky bit of humanity thut has strayed sway from tbe
tepee of Shunku Id and ts playing contentedly lu tbe dusty course.
Tbe horses are forging almost
abreast. There Is no time to hesitate.
It Is certain death to the child if It remain, defeat for bim If he rescue it,
but there Is only one thiug to-do.
The crowd takes Id the-situation and
after one mighty groan is silent. Then
ln an Instant Jim swings himself out
of the saddle and seems to cling as If
by magic to Itounoke's side. For ont
awful second Itounoke's hoofs thunder
in his eurs; then he grasps the bare,
brown arm of tbe shrieking child aud
Is back again in tbt saddle. Earth aud
sky reel before bim. Tbe shouts of
the people reach bim like* the fsroff
echo of auother world. ,He la dimly
conscious of the tiny brown body tight*
ly pressed agaiust bim, but Roanoke
never swerves.
Coteau Queen's driver Is slashing her
mercllously. Tbey are almost home.
Faster! FaBter! Now Roanoke Is un*
der the wire like a flash. The race li
Pandemonium reigns. Every ont
shouts as In a common voice.
"Bravo! Bravo! Hurrah for Jim
and the kid!"
"Won after all an* carrytn' extra
weight, an' every pound's a foot In a
runnln' race!"
"She's tbe best mare Id South Dakota!"
Pla-Boule, the papoose's mother,
hangs on tbe outskirts of tht dusty
throng, her green and yello* iblanket
sounding a dominant note.of color.
Though anxious to recover her baby,
she Is too timid to assert herlelf.
Seeing Judge Osborne approaching,
Jim dismounts. The Judge parts the
throng with outstretched hand.
"Well done, my boy; well done! My
laughter tells me you are thinking of
selling Roanoke, Don't be luka hurry
sbout lt. We'll talk lt over at dluner.
Df course you'll be up at 7—yea?"
Just then from tbe bulletin board
flash the ominous words, "All beta declared off."
But Jim, banding tht papoose back
to Its eager mother, neither, tees tht
words nor bears the exclamations of
the men around him. He is thinking
)f the evening after dinner.
Vtrr Heiplel.
A provincial clergyman during his
sermon caught sight of a member af
bis congregation wearing a very 'worried look. Suddenly the man's face
brightened, and during the remainder
of tbe service his appearance betokened a perfect freedom from care.
"I am pleased to think, William," remarked tbe clergyman after tbt service, "that my words helped you somewhat this morning. I noticed during
my discourse that your face lit up and
the sunshine of smiles chased tbe
clouds of worry away. Now, what
portion of my sermon appealed to
strongly to you, ehV"
"To tell tbe truth, sir," replied Willium, "I wasu't payln' so much attention to your preach in' ai I ought to btv
duue. I waa balancln' up the week's
cash tn my mind and found myself
two aud three pence abort. I worried
and worried about that money, but
couldn't dt lt In nohow.
"Then I happened to catch a word
or two of what you said about tbs
preparations tbat man made for bis
prodigal sun. and It came luto my mind
like a flash of llghtulu' that I'd speot
two and three pence for a new horsewhip to give my buy Jim a tbuuderln'
good tildlu*. It's wonderful, as you
say, sir, what a help a chance word
may he. Good mornin', ■Ir."—London
1, "Jj-lurraU fur Coteau Quasar la the   uue.
■■*->•« a Cleat la Italy.
"Some people who rave about Italy,"
says a mau who has Just made a tour
of the country, "may grave 'Italy' on
their hearts as deep as tbey please, aud
perhaps In her art. her sky, ber atmosphere of history and romance tbey find
sufficient reason, but I admit that all
these were for me spoiled, the 'Italy*
rubbed off, every time I went Into a
store to buy a cigar, or one of the tiny
objects that pass for cigars In that
country. You pay for your cigar, then
you look ahout the shop for the light
that Is always to be found in America.
Failing to And It, you try to ask for a
match. Filling to make yourself understood, you begin to gesticulate, making Imaginary scratches on your trousers and holding your fingers before the
end of the cigar. Then tbe storekeeper
begins to comprehend; light dawns
over his face. He passes you out a box
of wax matches wltb a colored picture
on the top. But. as you proceed to
pocket It and go out be lu turn begins
to tulk and bold up bis fingers. So you
puy bim to get a light Indeed, lt 1b ont
lung pay, puy, pay."—New York Trib-
Land Notice
Notice is hereby given that sixty itny-i after
.Lit.-1 iiiifini in apply to ilu- tiller fttnunla
Muter nr lands nmi Wc-rkt tut fteruilulon to
puiciiuHf tin- following described laml*. in ttouln
I-H--1 Kn.ili'iiii■. -
Commenelnfl at a ...i-i marked **n. Morrison s
tun itn-ast corner*" planted nt Hie northwest
corner of I*. I.iiiul'*. imii-li im- ul Itm-k (Tie-.,
thence wist so rhalii-t, ihMii-e south mi clinliis,
lo ths northwest curuer nf i..it 18 group one
Koottaoj'district, tbenetsasi ttchilas, thanes
oorlli 80 ohalostu lhe place uf beglumuK, cou
falsing t*U> sorts mure ur less.
ated this Mh iieit-iu-Jtr. in-:.   .        .   .
3-f H. Morrison.
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
Outside Orders Promptly
Attended to.
LatUlf    ■•rn-ard   Tall*   at   Its   WoinUrtul
M**«h-*.n.»au   Kvarythera l-abor-Ha*lag
u«-«ic«» Abs-aad • *** ssatsrl-a.
It Was again m, gluriuus SepU-uibur
day, such an uuly Cuuudu can piu-
Vlut, when uur little party uf <»ix
started fur ths 1'uiiiiim.n rutupuuy's
st**vl und li.ui wurku, at 1 mt 1 cil some
distune* fiuni thu Town uf Sydney,
Cape Hieltuii, wntes J.ttlit Bi-rinud in
The TorotitQ Ulobe,
The  Ural   thing   that   striicl.  me  lu
connection with Sydney ww the wonderful plan aud tht- iijiAchluety, which
mude tlictn luuk unlike any of the
great tinunpha uf modern engineering 1 hud hlthertQ been. There Were
really three iinuier«,t- pleia within
sight as we entered the harbor, and
without duubl the UlOlt important I
part uf the great works uiu thusm
Urge    labor-aavitig      devices    which
handle Uie tininenioly heavy material
which is received and .shipped. \
The first thing which Struck uue un
coming tuwaida tho row uf red brick
buildings uiul musses of masonry and
uiuchinery wus lhe fact that, so much
waa open to the air and brilliant
sunlight, which seemed tu penetrate
•very crevice und corner. The immense line of works seemed strung
out frum the furthermost point ot
the ptiiiuaulu, and thu whole story
ot the success uf tha Dominion Steel
und Iron Wurlg) lay possibly in the
fact thut nowhere else in the wurld
bus nut ura prepared so perfectly the
ground for such an enterprise. |
Otae not Jong ago 1 heard a woman
ask:   "Where are the Stetd mines situated at Sydney?      1 heard they gut
the iron .from Belle Isle, where    ull
tht wrecks take place."   She hud not
lived in the age whs-n the only scieit-
titic knowledge deemed posMble    fur
the female sex had. Uqtfp }utpipit.'red in
frum.  that    well-kiirbwii and    plump!
little     text       book,      '■Somebody's
Science  of Things rumlliur.''    when
one did learn that for the mamifuc- j
ture of steel there ure four   different
ingredients required—coal,  ore, limestone and dolomite—alai, if one may '
be allowed    to add another ingredi- ,
ent, "capital." |
It Is needless tu say that the Belle
Isle referred to by the ludy in ques- |
tlutt Is not the Belle Island in Con- '
ception Bay, Newfoundland, 402
miles from Sydney by steamer, frum ,
which the Wubana ore comes. I hud
in my possession some of this ore,
a tiny piece ubuut the size and thickness of a fashionable cigarette case,
of a beautiful ruddy brown color, but
Immensely heavy, considering its
siza- The coal, which is converted into coke, comes by rail frum the Dominion Cual mines, nut more than
sixteen miles away, and the retort
ovens iu which It is prepared are interesting beyond wurds. One cannot
help regretting thut time would not
allow one to spend days in .wutching
the marvels of modem mechanical
science. Tht limestone which we saw
stored in great bins came in barges
from a, point about sixteen miles
from tha works. So, taking It ull
round, the materials, with the exception of the ore, are, practically
apeu' ing, "on the spot." The question of ore, and a further supply, is
one which la of absorbing Int-ercst to
the people of Sydney, for, after
speaking to many men concerned ln
ths matter, one finds that there Is
not, as a general rule, very uunji
confidence felt in the skill and ability
of tht mass of prospectors and mineralogist! on this continent. The
knowledge necessary is in the bunds
of the few, and while there is a general belief that Canada ia immensely
rich in ore of different kiuU, ths proper Impetua has not *v«u yet* been
given to enable us to develop our re-
sourest In this direction, Even to-day
tht process of mining of almost any
kind of ore is so costly that men
having little personal knowledge of
what it required hesitate tu put
their capital into what may bt a
magnificent investment.
There was something splendidly
stimulating and magnificent lq those
giant enterprises which rose up before out at the very Drat step one
took on Canadian soil after leaving
the continent of Europe. One knew
that it was only in January, lvuii,
thut the open-haul!h .process, by
which steel is manufactured in this
age. began work at Sydney, and thut
already ths company are shipping to
England, ths United States, and even
Germany. Masses of shipping . were
crowded along the piers waiting for
tha pig Iron and steel ingots- But
unless ous sees ths works himself
there Is little chance of realizing
what li being dene by the company
lu tht markets of the world. Ont
could not help wishing that Rudyurd
Kipling's pen might g|v« to the
world one uf thost extraordinarily
humanized pen Pictures of this great
luachlueiy, such us he gavt of the
Steamboat and tht lorauiottvu. Ho '
gigantic la tht machinery connected ■
With the blowing engine, which de- I
livers fifty thounund cubic feet of air
per nilunte, thut the.structure which
covers them appears simply u fragile, j
shell compared with' the massive and
Intricate uiaae uf Hying wheels ai*i
leather bands, enormous vulVes and
boilers, scaling ladders and narrow I
galleries which rise to an extraordinary height above one. There in a
great deal of electric power URed,
aud this Is generated from the waste ,
gas frum the blast furnaces, which |
is put into an electric power-house
and conducted to neurly every part
of the building. We watched 'with
breathless interest the gas fuel In the
great blast furnaces,' the roar of the
blast sounding like the surf on the
shore. Then, again, there was the
marvellous machinery which hauled
up an almost perpendicular incline of
what I should imagine to be a hundred feet, the coke, oro, limestone,
etc., used in the process of metal
manufacture, to the 4op of the blast
furnace, and when lt readied tho
summit automatically tilted the contents into the mouth of the furnace.
TO AND FliflM All.
St. Paul, lliiluth. Minneapolis,
Chicago anil points east
r liroilgli I'-il'-i'*- a.1.1 1 anrli-1 DNpara
I.I. I..K ill. I llllllel HtiioHlii-i l.ilinii- i'ara
M. T. UNDECK, Agent,
Q._W. P. A., Seattle, Wash.
Why you sliniilil bay
Because it.» tbe beat qmllty
Because u >• tbe mow ImiIm cbew
Because it i« the jatgw bi.b ...j.
lu or 25c |.lu**
Because n.e i.*.. ... ..iu.m. for
-.Heumiiu,, valil J... I, INI
Because « taitaiiiw «»«> piui
BeCailSe yonnleale, I. a„lbn,.|e,llo
,.-l„,i,l ,..„, ,,|..|tey ,| ,uu
„,.* 1,1.1 »,ll.ll ,1
I HOTEL... i
i  ..a.............1.1..»,  S
J       PrTHk MATNI1SIIN, Pra.rl.l.r.      |
i .»*i<i...<•.*».««»»«».., x
J WI.*.,. you arc tiuii|-ry ami -..nt £
•A a i*".-.! ."--al go to Ibe  Kail S
JJ KiKtleliay. j
J When you are tired .ml w.at a S
-ft noo.l real k» to lb. K.al Koo- -_,
J tetiay. m
q, When -,011 are tbir.iy and w.ot a £
j .nml drink  go  lo tbe Ka,l S
J Kootenay. *
J,   I n fact wh. 11 ynn are in Craubrook
•» atop al Ibe Kh.i Kootenay
-«»§* i. .(».<„„> at****.
Canadian and American
Saw Mill flechlnery
I'lsnlBX Mill MstMocry
Sash sod Duoi* Mschfsrry
lumber Dry Kilns
Blowers and fixhssst Fsai
Stesm snd (Issullne Ksglnes
Hoisting snd Plevatl-df Mschlncry
Iron Working Ma.hlsery '
Automstlc Saw lliiinjc Mschlsery
Shark) a Dietrich Mill Ssws
Ever) thing high grade
Write us
Wlsslpci, Mst.
W. F. O.URD,
Barristrr, Solicitor, Etc.
I.O.n.F.    Key City I a-lae
So. ...  Mi-Hi. evet) M..n
.lay nliilit at ilit-li liullu ,
linker itraet,   Hoiuuilliy
(hl.l Fellow* r-nr-lliilly 111,II---I,
A. I.MI.-I1, .Ir., JI. I), llillln**..
Nil. sen.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Si liiltor for Ihe Imperial Bank of Canada
The Colonial lave.tmenl and Lea. Conpaay
Cranbrook, B. C.
Proprletnt of the
Candy Kitchen
tarries a ennt|illtk atoek ol
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. niu a.. can
NOTICR in ruvniAci.iits,
. Ainu
( 11 iMia.ii
ckai.iii rhMU.KH, n,ii,-M,.ii -"tender fm
,*1 rntiiuroolt Helionl," niu i-e i end veil liy the
iiiuleisluiieilii 1 in iiiimi id Moitiluy, Hu* imu
Ki'lmiury, ii*'.!, f"i Uie • ri'itmn mul .un |ilminil
of imv.'-'t >i> iniilii mi in 11 mil k st'i 1.
l'laiiK,i|H'ellli'iitliiiiH, rmnis ul lemli'r nml i-mi
tinci mny Ms it uiul after II|i,j-IimI Ii-Ihii
sry, itWi,, at tln> niiii'i' ur tlm i Invermiiriil Aiti-ni,
Kurt HtuHi'- •
1'eniisrs w>H "i"i ''*■ eoirililrrcd null si mmlr
iiiimi ilu-|u into-1 fin ins mi|>|i |ci| fur Un' iiin|Hwe,
ami the n\i ei'iiii-iii iu evconie a i i H|i|w>r,d< ii
tii Hie fui 11 uf teildUl In ilnl) HiglitHl li   Ilie
tiiiciur iiinisfif nmi niu other r. 1.11 tisiiii*
iii'uts unlit' I'rnvliif0 iii tun I'i'ii.ii sitiii of tiuti
fur Mis laillilul |n rfiiiiiinui"-.' urtlie work.
Tlielowa-tlor nny tcniler tint m-ifssiiniy m-
Deputy Cotnm isloner of l-amiHatui Works.
ijinisimi Wn De.urlnie.it,
Vktoriii, H. 0„ '.'Hill .luiiuiii), l wa.       40 llw
00 YIAM*
Oopvumhtb Ao.
Jl IeMftB Lib* II. I
The proposed substitution of peat
for cual looks very much like mulling the thing into the ground.-'
Bunion Transcript.
Sometimes a big monument only
means dat yu' fr'en's, bavin' ggt you
•Jar, wants ter keep you dur,	
Anyone is-nHn-- n akcl r-h and dncrlnlInn mar
■■■''■'- -  '— irhtf-	
irunnuiTPJi C
 J If cimII rl 1
tout Ir-pn. CnrtSSt ni
qnlchlr uceriuln onr oinmmi free wbettiar an
tnvtinllnn WliriibrlblyntitBiitabla.   Cimuniilili'i)-
HuiMHirlcllyc'inilileiitli.]. Ili.ndbDOkonPatanU
■out fros, Pl(t-B*t naanry for lecurlni Mtsr
Piit-anti tukun ihronuti Munn *To.»
tptrhilmliet, wltlmiitclmri-e, in tha
Scientific American.
A handiora.-tr tUnitratgd wselilr. Urmt elr-
r-nittllnn «r an-/ ncIumiiij,! i*,i. Turiui, la a
icnr; luiir munltia,|l. Bold bjrill nflWHdHlm
c Co.ao,B*°»*"r- New York
John W. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   Ail Modi
of repairinic.   (live me a call,
Doae o. tbart aatlc. .1 tbt Hon. Sa.tlai
Depot uppMlle llnr) t Doyle', livery Habit.
Prlie »l»<r .1 Territorial Pair, N. W. T..
oa banc iboea Pile.t Calllvalvr M.k.r.
Plow, .m Matblacry Repaired Proaiplly.
Ulie mi . trial
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co
Th. only .11 r.il rout, between .11
point. Kast, We.t and South to.,,.
Intermediate Poind.
Connecting at
SPOKANK with th.
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Cnnneit. .1
Nelson with Steamer lor  Kails
and All Kootenay   Lake Point..
Conned, it'
Myers Palls wllh -Slag. Dally lor
Republic, and
Coll.ert. -lady
At    Bossburg   Slag*   Dally   for
(Iraittl Forks and llrcenwood
M. A. JACKSON, 0... P.... A,l
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagn ts, idtii.
Ginger Ales, Etc.     %
Soda water in  siphons.   The molt
Economical wy to ha ndlc il.
Physician and Surgeon.
OIN« .1 RMld.se., Araalraai A.a.
ForestMBt,   •   ■   •   •   ••*•, to II
AlKranaaa   -   -   -   ■   liMioiiM
Ev.al.ia   ....    LMtoMt
CKA  BROOK,   :   :   :    :      :   8, C Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
ZEB •• •*•
By   Carl   H. Kini
Copyright, i'*n. t» a. h Rlcbaids in
(Hi'vinil fvt'uts lnul bappouod in "iu
lift- ot /fii Taylor before bli romance
cant, •"'•I* luittuoo, ho bad grown <ip
to bv t\)'i*ui} Ilu-«* jtiiiH tun nml bml
tiii'iniif ■ fiiitiii't'H hired man; he had
Hiiin.*-t bocotuo engaged to one Fanner's
daughter anil fully engaged In iiii. lb- {
er's; he bud reml a doieil lOVO Htmlt**,
tukeii  tbe  |u ia*.** in   a   l|W|))Ug mhiiol.
Kin mil tn piny tho accordion uml wilt  ,
tell a pin'iii.
Kurb u thing iih ii Niiiiiuii'i' boarder
hud uever bee-li lu-unl of ut Bhcltloll'l
Comers, but one evening tifler /.i-b bud
come up from itn- cornfield bin mother
looked at him In u very wise maimer
aud half whlipored!
"Zeb,  you  can  never kiichs  what's '
happened!    The Slielilons btive nut u
oiiimiii'i* boarder!"
"No, by goshl"
"Yea, they have. I wss there when
she come, its a young woman, uu'
abe brought two trunks. Mrs. Sheldon
bed never let on, though 1 always tell
her everything Unit's golu1 to huppeu
to us. Yes, It's n young woman, uu'
•he's golu' to stay a month."
"Good lookln'?" luqtilred Zeb, with
i little more Interest..
"Handsome as a picture," replied his
mother. "Yes, air; she's tbe hundsoni*
est girl 1 believe I ever see. She's got *
fcrowu hair au' blue eyes an' teeth as
white as chalk. An' when she laughs
It's like the Jingle of Blelgli bells. Zeb,
don't you wont to get a look at her?"
"1 ain't dyin' to but I suppose It
would be etikett to call on her nn'
tort of welcome her to the neighbor*
"Of course It would, of course. Yea, j
you'd better dress up a bit after supper ■
an' go over, an' If you want nny ex- |
cuie you can ask Mrs. Sheldon to lend j
me her nutmeg grater."
An hour later, dressed In his Sunday
clothes. Zeb walked over to the other
farmhouse. Tanner Sheldon hadn't tin* '
Is lied milking yet. itnd his wife was
still washing dishes, but on the porch
•at tbe young woman witli teeth na
white as chalk. On tlie way over Zeb
hud been preparing n little speech of
welcome, and he Intended to lift bis
hut and sbake hands after the latest
fashion. When he came upon the summer boarder, however, lie was knock- j
ed out. He who bad stood up without
a tremor before 150 people at a spell-
lug match found his heart thumping
and bis throat diy us be stood before
witb her again.    She bowed a llttlr
coldly Instead of extending both buudi
snd  expressing   her  delight   over  the !
hollyhocks,  bulf of  which  were plult
sud Imlf white, and he almost lust hit ,
wits again.    When  no  words  would
come, he climbed an apple tree, shook I
down about  a   bushel  of haul,  green
sppb'M for her, uud though he realised
thut he lnul btirit one suspender In de
sceiidlng  be managed  lo lift  his list
•tut buck awu.v without fulling down
"Zebby," said his molher when lis j
told her about It, "JfOU did Just right.
There wasn't sny uae In ss.vlu' any |
tiling. You acted shy sn' coy, su'
that wns better than a rial of itilk. 1
know girls better ii you do, su' you
needn't worry. 1 believe I'd like to
hlive you tunny tbis girl." -
"I believe I'd like to," be replied as
lie sauntered away lo think things
over. As he whs going over the case
lu bis mind It occurred to him lhat he
wil.-. somewhat biimllcupped by being
engaged to Laura Lattinier. He would
remove the hundlcup at once, aud before he slept he sat down and wrote
a letter that did the business.
The next morning a hoiupiet of pinks
awaited the summer boarder at Sheldon's, and that evening Zeb culled with
a grim determination to express the
hope that she wus enjoying herself.
She did not appear on the porch, however, and after tulkttig with Farmer
Sheldon for au hour about the crops
be went home. He was looking and
feeling glum, but his mother said:
"Zebby, you don't understand girls.
She didn't come out because she Is coy
an' shy, like you, an' perhaps Mrs.
Sheldon had been Jokln' her. You Just
keep right on as you are doln'."
He kept on. Every morning he aent
a bouquet gathered wltb his own
bunds, and every evening be called.
Sometimes the summer boarder sat on
tbe porch with Mr. and Mrs, Sheldon,
but the only remark she ever made to
him was to ask if there were auy
beurs In the neighborhood, He accepted his mother's rosy views and fell In
love.. Also for six nights ln succession
he played the accordion in front of
Three weeks hnd passed, and he wss
making up his mind to press things a
little more, when Mrs. Sheldon Informed bim as be banded in a bouquet
of peppermint and forgetmeuots combined thut tbe summer bosrder hud
left. There was no message for him -
no farewell. Mrs. Sheldon even had
the cruelty to say that bis name bud
never even been mentioned by the departed boarder and that the hollyhock
bouquets were supposed to have come
from ber own garden.
Zeb turned away with a cliill at his
heart. When be reached home, bis
mother tried to say something consoling, hut he froze her with n look and
passed on to the barn. He intended to
bang himself; but, being unable to tlnd
a rope and realising that a chain would
hurt too much, he gave up the idea
und wandered down into the cornfield,
An hour later his fond mother found
him asleep with a pumpkin for s pillow .and a squash apparently ailing us
sentinel over his slumbers. She wiped
n tear from the corner of his eye and
"Poor, poor Zebbyl He can't understand that this girl went away because
she waa afraid she was fulllu' lu love
with bim!"
•UK HAW  HIS   I'liNM'SU.N    l\|i   11 IXI'I.KSh
NKSS  AM<  I'lllKD  KIM.
one young lady,    she aaw till confusion Uiul  helplessness, and   BllO pilled  [
him uml broke the painful situation by
"Did you come here to sec Mr, Sheldon about hogs or sheep or tlliytlllllgV"
"N no, inarm," stutiimered /.eh ns
be reached out ami pulled ilie top off
• weed. He hadn't Intended lo sny
"uiiliin," but ll hail cone out lhat way.
"Maybe you are a relative or lome*
thing!" continued the boarder,
"N no. uitiriii," came the reply
r. gal ii, with a determination to kick
himself ull over Ihe loud for repent I life
the unfortunate word.
'I lien ensued n painful pause. Thu
tiiMi'dei rocked to uud fro uud looked
0V«r Zeb'l head, and Zeb shifted his
weight from one foot to the other and
tiled his best to get rid or his llQIldl.
Hv iluully drew s long breath, straight*
ci.ed up uiul said:
'1-1 hope you'll lo\e Sheldon's Corners"
•Yes. I hope no," she replied.
"(Iood ulght."
"(iood night."
With thut he turned nnd plodded
homeward, uml us he plodded in- kicked himself uud culled himself ull sorts
uf names for his stupidity. The mother
anxiously awaited his arrival. When
he told her what had occurred, she replied:
"Now, Zebby, you needn't feel a bit
bad. Tbat girl saw bow bashful au'
modest you it us,'an' she'll like you ull
tho better for it I'll bet a guilder
against a chicken that you made a*
After thinking matters over for
■ while Zeb almost concluded that lie
bud, and he begun to feel better. If tw
hud made an Impression, then lie must
follow It up, us wub alwuys done In
novels. He got an Idea for a "follower" before he slept, ond next nrnri.*
lug before break fast he wus ut the
Sheldon kitchen door with a bouquet
uf hollyhocks for the Slimmer bourd-v.
Zeb's romance hnd begun.
He did not appeur at Sheldon's tlmt
evening, as one of the cows wus miss-
lug, but next day, seeing tbe summer
boarder In the orchard, he made an er-
tine to exoae lt and come face to law
A i.ittit* «iiri'a ru-a-apii■*.*■•:.
Two women uud ■ bright little girl
occupied seats in a Prospect avenue
car one evening. Tbe little girl attracted attention with her questions
- and answers. It wus when Ihe car
■ reached Eighteenth street thut the climax whs readied. At that point the
\ car makes a long stop before pulling
up the hill. It wus while the car was
st a standstill that s pretty woman
sud evidently s friend of the two in
the cur passed along.
"Mh, dear! There's Mrs. 8. My]
She Is such u handsome woman." said
the mother of the bright little girl to
her friend.
"Ves; she la beautiful," assented ths
The little girl wus looking out of the
window alter the tig ure strolled up ths
hill.    Presently she turned in her seat,
■ s:i> mamma, you look Just like thst
"Do 1, dear!" asked the mother
"Yes; Just 'tartly—all 'cept the head,"
The little girl Is still wondering why
the earful of people Isughed.-Keusus
City Journal.
i(ul,-k   Hetaras.
|    "An inquest Is quite sn event, even
'■ lu a city." suld the man who bud made
j a trip through tbe backwoods of Wis-
' consln, "but they don't tske much In*
| terest In tbem In the lumber camps.
I 1 was at a camp when a saw log rolled
off a tint cur and over a man and
1 mushed bim Hut.   It was Just at noon,
aud nobody wus disposed to lose any
" 'See here, men,' called the foreman
tu a gun,;, 'we've got tu get this thing
over with before we go to dinner. Six
of you stand around.'
"Six of the men came up and stood ln
a circle, and tbe foreman continued:
'"Now, then, there's the log aod
that's Bill, and as Bill couldn't roll
over the log we must take It that the
log rolled over bim. Verdict of tbe
jury Is that he came to bis death .by
accident and will be burled after quitting time tonight, and now let's have
dinner, and may heaven rest his soul
The Stockholder.
"I like the place," said Mr. Newll*
wed, "but tbe railroad fare Is pretty
"But. surely," replied his bride, "the
railroad company will Ax that for you
when they know."
"Wheu they know what?"
"That you're the man wbo bought
thst share of tbelr •tock."-~PhJlade»
obla Press.
a Qaaaa ciij l«i>o Tbat iha lllt*>f
■•»)• *m Nan Ch-*MB le*Ur,4 •/ iS<*
«r»r>«iii •! iHtiiinu i|( ■*•*■!•
»••'• aaiiaa-a Lttal p„.« *■*,*. ■•■».
•far, iu« cur Life Oaagealal-B«itsi
•• It la
Tha lintptu chnnn un  i.nr eml.U-ni la
thu hard or Bi.gm maple, and al*
though  n »s th* grandest of lurest,
lieea tu magnitude md  hi'.uitv  of a*
peel, it is not unnatural Iu lhe clly,
where ull maples; are on un equality,
to regret that th*-*. silver maple, with
lis early buds and delicately-outlined loaves, has not been our choice,
says Tin; Toronto Ulobe, The silver
maple blossomed  three weeks ago iu
Toronto, uud the male buds havt
already ilru-vn the pavements whets
the streets enjoy the blus&lllg ot sunshine. As witb meat of the maples,
there ai« mule and female trees, but
some ur* found bearing both sterile
«iid fertile lluwers, The .lower buds.
which have been giving promise of
lite ail through the winter uud havy
now coille forth to fulllll their mission, are roundel* und mote obtusa
than th* foliage buds, which will
stioii.elouguls und lull uway from ths
pule, green, downy leaves. The beuu-
ty of these leaves is in their deep,
narrow sinuses and loug, slender-
pointed and sharply-indented lubes.
Tbe live main divisions und many
sharp subdivisions of the leuf could
not be mors gracefully outlined than
in aature'i pattern. Their color,
pale given above und silvery white
beneatb, matches their delicate outlines, and their slender, drooping
Stem* Rouble thvpi to turn with every
passing '\>ind,' though not with the
uuifoi'tuity of the aspens. This is un
early umple, and its familiar two-
Wingud seeds will be on the ground
aud stfivjng to sprout and take root
before the seeds of our chosen em--
blem bave matured on their stems.
The red maple Is also early, and its
mulo buds ure already tramped into
the boulevards or swept into the
carts of thu scavangers. Their hrst
appearance u. f«w weeks ago, red,
swelling and putting forth the deli-
cute grow tii they had treasured
through tbu winter was an announcement uf spring. The seeds of
thu maple ripen in May, turn a
bright- red and full, taking root at
once if condition**; are favorable. Ths
leaves ar¥ of a more substantial pattern than those of the silver maple,
the divisions between the lobes being
angular and not so deep. In color
they are a brighter green above and
of a duller white beneath, but they
can bs dfsllngu(shed from the leaves
of the ijtgar maple by their sharply-
Serrated margin. They present .the
in,.st   beautiful uf autumn colors.
The suyer maple, which we claim
ns our very own, does not find the
city cpngenlal, and does not attain
the splendid proportions familiar in
the woods ol easftii Ontario and
f-luebef. It is mu a precocious tree,
and tliy f inter buds, both or flowers
end larvae, are still dormant un its
braiuhvi. Both open about the same
time, and while the soft, downy
young leaves are shedding tha elongated it'flles that huv« encased them
during lhe winter the dowers are developing iu yellowish clusters on
slender sleins* The male and female
I trees are genially distinct, but both
fertile and sterile flowers are sometimes (Olllld in separate clusters on
the same tree The flve-lobed leaf.
Sharply toothed, and divided by
rounded   sinuses,   is   familiar   as    the
emblem of   the Dominion,   This   is
the tree of the tUgftl hush, and that
Canadian has missed .something uut
m his Iffe who does not associate it
With Ihe ■sweet" recollections of his
childhood. The smoke of the open
Ore. the pritlin through the snow, Uu-
quivering of the heat, the piece ul
pork suspended over the great kettle
to prevent thy sap boiling over, the
drlpplpg spiles and basswood troughs,
the looped twig as a tester, und a
heterogeneous assortment of kitchen
Utensils pressed into the service for
sugaring off, make a harmonious
backgrutiiid of memory   that    always
comes wiih th* first announcement ol
Uiapl* sugar, and those who see it
With the eye of understanding will
pardon the complaint that maple
sugar is not like it used tu be
Ths maple stands In many and
vaiying backgrounds, Perhaps ths
liandsoitif grain lu the back of a violin it'iaii* tlif occasional discovery of
a "birdseye" stick in th* woodpile,
and ullorte to split it su as to show
, boil, liie bird's eyes and the Wavy
curls. It rivals the soft maple" in
tht bt*l)ltancy    of its autumn  tints,
' and paints a much bolder landscape
The tii/h carpet with which It strews
the ground hastens lo early decay
•ud does its part towards producing
th* moist warmth we delight in under ths nam* uf "Indian summer."
The sycamore mupie is familiar,
though a KuiypHan immigrant. ' Its
leaves have the characteristic five
lobes, but art quits distinct! t in
appearance, being darker and thicker
1 than those of the sugar maple, and
having ruu'idiy and obscurely toothed margins. Like the Norway maple,
it reiuins Its foliage later than our
r.atlva trees. The ash-leaved or California maple -should be more popular, but its compound leaves of from
three to five ■leaflets' seem a bar to
Its claim to membership in the chosen family. It retains its seeds -late
Into the fall, and seems reluctant t.t
part with them even after Its leaves
nave fallen. The little spike maple
Is met occasionally in our. suburban
woods. The five lobes of its leaves
stem; crowded into three, and they
have   a llnely-wrinkled    appearance,
, tut they urn smooth above und
downy undorneath. Its spi- e of
greenish yellow dowers is found
assong the leaves In June. The
aseosewood that makes ao much of
the ur-.dei-brush in Quebec and eastern Ontario is also a maple. But In
Ita native forest our chosen emblem
la supreme in her regal beauty, commanding the .'homage of ail other
ntwbtrs of that handsome and In-
ttiertlag family.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacilic Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor llrst-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The amrrinit amounl ol principal aad iat real, except ia lh*.
caae of land*, under $2,511 an acre, ia divided inlo ten inalslmenla a.
ahown in Ihe tabic below; Ihe firal lo he paid at Ihe lime of purchase, Ine second one year Irom dale ol Ibe purchase. Ihe third la
twu years and ao on.
The liilltmini table- shown lhe amounl ol Ihe annual inslilmenla
on 160 acres al dilferenl prices under Ibe above condlliona:
INI airs at $2 Ml per acr. Inl isalalmenl I5».»5   0 equal inlal'la al SS0.08
3.W)     •• 7I.M MI.IMI
IM      " UM 70.00
I.*.     " »5.M KO.IW
4.M     " 107.115 am
S.M     " I-..S5 lOO.OO
KlITl ber lev is ""•' busilKSS an'J shippinx Point for Ihe
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & 1:11.WELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ,he t|ivisiona| p°'n- °' •hc Crows Nest pass
Railway and Ihe commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V.HYDE BAKER, ownsite Agent.
Far further lalormalloa apply to .|.nl. .a .hove or lo
Land, under $Z.5»_per acre are sold
oa shorter lime.
II tbe laad Is paid for ia lull at Ihe
lira, of parcbase, a reduclion from the
price will be allowed equal lo len per
cent oa the .awu.l paid In eacesa ol Ihe
usual cash iaatalmeal.
latere.! al .la per ceal will be
charted la over due la.talauala,
Tbe Company bas also lola lor aale
la tbe folbiwisi laws .ilea ia Esal boot-
easy: Elbe, Craabrook, Moyelle, bitch.
eaer, Crcalsn aad blmberley.
The term, of payment are one-third
cash, aad Ibe halaace ia ai, snd twelve
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Kitchener i« in the center of the great
Iron range aud tbe gateway to the White
Qrouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
She invalid
Requires nourishment in a concentrated, palatable and easily
digestible form. Bovril should therefore form one of the
chief items on the diet list of every invalid, as it is the
embodiment of all these qualities.
Bovril is not merely a stimulant to prop up the flagging
spirits tor the passing hour. It is a highly nourishing food,
containing all the strength-giving properties of the best lean
beef in the most palatable and easily digestible form.
Bovril is Liquid Life.
in all the
Towns in
. Land Purchase Notice
siitv days after date I will apply to
the chief CommlHslnner of Lamia and
Wot Its for leave to purchase the following described piece of laud.
Commencing at the initial pnnt placed
at the northwest comer of. block 331
South Kast Kootenay thence north 20
chains more or less to the right of way
of the British Columbia Southern rail-
«ty along said tight of way westerly
to where It Intersects the south line of
Arnold's st nlors pre-emption thence 33
cfaalos more or less to the east  bound-
ry of block 4Mil, tbenre south 'Mi
chains, thence east 33 chains more or
'ess to point of commencement, containing tin acres more or less,
44 Robert Unbson,
Dated at Cranbrook, Jan., 14, 1Wi3.
Land Notice
Notlrs Is liereiiy given that sixty ilayi after
dute I lutenil toupphrtoiliffOhlstOoiDiiilssiiiner
nf l-aml*. mul U'urks fur |n*Niiis*.|iii, to tmirrlnisu
about lift)' arret-of linul Kitiltlleil nil St. .Murys
river in the Koiitheru Division of Smith Kail
Kouteuay, ilesi'i Hii'il as fulluws*-
Ciiiiimenriuijt at lhe nnrtliweHt comer ot
KtiKtue Lei li-rc's Di*veiii|.lloii, tlieuce e .it lu
cliHliis, thence ninth to the St. Marys river,
tlieuce fullowiim the said river up stream to a
I'ulut tine- nnrili nf Uie _n>liit o( (iniiinieiic-iiient;
tlieuce south lo the point of I'lnnuiencetiieut,
llsleil at Craubrunk, 11. (*-., Nov. SHHll l«"i-'.   ■
Kl-tiKNK I.KtLKltC.
I have good* wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention*
Richard Stewart
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby given Hint sixty r-ays after
date 1 wil apply tothe filler roinmlsslniier of
l.aii -iiiiiii Winks for i.i'1'iiils-.loii to I'litvlmsi*
ihe foHowtiiK ileicrlbed lands lu smith hast
Kootenay t
commencing at & post marked "John Hill's
soiillieast coiner" planted at K. Campbell's
siuilhwet comer and oue mile north of the
uortheast corner of l.ol ;tis (-nuip one Knntcnay
district, ilieiKi' nurtli mi I'lialiii-, tlu-u.'i- West *»(
chains, ihence south mi ciialu*, tl epce east No
cliutus, to the place ut ijculuulim. cuntiiiuiiiK til1"
res more or less.
Dated Ihis stli lieceuiher 1909,
■j» John HI 1.
P. Burns & Co
«k.l.Mle ..4 Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Wc supply only th* best.   Vour
trad* Is solicited.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Land Notice
Notice la hereby Riven tlmt sixty days after
dais I liileadto apply lo tbe Chief t'omiulHloiier
if l-audiand ttorksfor |itriolisluii topmeliaie
the  fiill-miuic  deicrilied luuds In  Mouth  Kast
Couimeiiciux at a post marked "A. (lonrley'S
noriheast corner," plautedai the tmitllWelt corner uf w. I,, luiiitun's puroiia*M, st Hock Ureek,
tlieuce weil nil Flotilla In Ihe east limit ol l.ui BIB
group <me Knuiensy district, thence south 80
haliis. thence east H chains, thence north wi
chums to tlm place of tieKlmiinu, ciiul,ilnln_j UMi
ucie» more nr less.
Dated the Nth da> o! Dsceuiher HNrj,
ja A. fioiiiloy,
Land Notice
Notice is hereby itlven that sixty days aftei
date I Intend to apply iotlietlilefCoinhiUiloiier
ul LniiiU and Works for iierilllsslnil lo piircliase
the rtillOIVlnR ili'*iirllniii liiinls 111 South Kasl
Kootenay i
i iiiiiiin-ti.'lui'iita po-l in:okeil "John Antler-
son's northchst corns'*," planted one mile east
ot ths hnrtheaat cornel ef utsisiu kioup one
Kootenay district, tlieuce we-it ho chains t<»ald
I.ut 3ih, theuee south aloiitf tlm east limit of
said Lot *JIH ho chains, theuee east M) chalos, lo
the southwest corner of W, U Darllugs pui-
chase, tlieuce north w chains lo the place of h
sIuiiiiik. conla DinK IHO acres mure ur less.
Dated this Htb day of Decemlu-r 190.'.
3p John AtNlersui*.
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend to apply lo the Olilef Commissioner of Undsaml Works for |>ei mission to pur-
chusk the following desorlhed lands:
rimnneiirlliK at a post planted nil the easi
hunk nf the Kootenay river in the district --f
Bast Kootenay ahnut :w chains below Jen,
llrowu's application tor purchase, thence ran*
iilnn south an cIihIds followltiK nver ili.wn xtteam
ihsneteaitw chains, tlieuce uurlti w chains,
thence wrrtja clialns to place .of (joiiimeuce-
luent cuiiialnlni ko acres inure or lens.
Dated this --ffltli day uf nctubei, IWB.
A. liood,
37 Dan Hayes, A gent.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
f>. 0. Fart Sled., B. C.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion -*oll-*-_« of   U. S
Office anil atore, Aiken block,
□ear Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranhrnok, B. C.
Upholaterlai aad Otacral Farallar, taaalrlsf
Will atten.l to any »nrk In the diatricl
Afeat for tbe Brasdaa MarM. aa, Ura.lt,
Work..   T.-abstaaaa, Iteajilaa,,, .tt.
and Builder  j»
All work ga.raat.ee'.   See as befart
>o« ball*.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
Livery S
Proprietors ** *+ -^
Teams and ilriven furnished for any
point in ths diatrict.
Manager   o*>   >   j»
Notlct la hereby given thst thirty
days after date we Intend to apply to
tht governor In council at Ottawa
for approval of plans foi Improvements
oo tbt Kootenay river In the county of
Kootenay, British Columbia, under section 3, chapter US. revised statutes of
A copy of plans and dasrrlption ofthe
proposed alte of said Improvement a
have been deposited with the Minister
of Public Works at Ottawa and In the
ofilce of the registrar of deeds for the
county of Kootenay at Xelson, British
The Crows' Neat Paaa Lumber Qo.,
44 Limited.
Dattd at Fort Stttle, Jan, iTtb, 1908.
* ;*:-: p a ■> t» » 9'9
We arc offering our winter stock
fk in the Allowing styles: ■'
H "Raglanette."    "Grosvenor,"    "Chesterfield,"   lister'
at following prices:
U $20.00 for $14.00 **
Jt $18.00 for $12.00 jj
$15.00 for $10.00        §
$8.50 for $5.50 H
Made in leading styles well lined.
JhIhIm.) <$■ *   •- (S- •    S IS S> ..-^.><JMeK.VSM5>-«)-C.)-(SH:.)H»-(SHS
Capital Asihtrlierl  S4JN.MI
Cspllst Paid Up 2,*2J,MI
(test  2.4M.M-3
T. B. Merrill, I'n-slil-MiI, 11 It. Wllkle, Vice
Preausni: William Ksm-uty. lUiti.-ii .lum-.y,
Willium Hfudrie, T. smherlao*t staVner, Eftu
l». K. Wilkle. Uaotr.il Hansel.
B. Hay. A*uu-.uat tienc-nl Meeassr.
W, MnfiaT. ItHpeetoT
A Qcicrtl ftasklsi Isilieu Treats., ted
uf (1 unit upward* rei'-med amilaitrestaUuftnl.
Asmli In Ureal Britain   I.liiyrt's .Haw-*. Ltd.,
Christie's Reception Wafers
For afternoon teas and receptions there is no biscuit
made that tastes so fresh and crisp as Christie's. For
your afternoon tea tomorrow purchase a box of
Salted Wafers
Light at summer air, crisp as winter moon.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
....   Ltaflrt
:.' I., tuliurd St.. l-i)Uitun.   with *h.i>m money
may he ik-|i>i-,iit*il for trannfci Uy letter, nr calile
i» any »f the above bnoohts,
F. H. MARSH, Maasicr
HiMfts until autllatils In all parts of rauada.
In ted state* nml Klin,',*-.
Pitted lip Abuttl Ike Cily by A.kia,
■Jut.llua, al Ma.y  Heaple.
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is-a new stilt. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection ol suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The 3oth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B.C
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
**-• ♦-»-♦-*>•>» **> ■»-*>
McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
We keep a firstclass stock of Tweeds and Serges. The
designs are kept right up to the notch. The quality is
always the highest. Every bit wool, pure wool. People
like goods of that sort.   They ought to, it pays.
Cranbrook, B. C.
• ••••>•••••*•*•*•
»*>■♦*> ®g)»>-» *-♦•>♦.♦♦ »■♦-*> ■>-■•-•"*> ■»•*>**■♦*>■» *>*>-^)
-S)** ••*•■•-*>*»*>♦ *■♦-» ■*>••♦*>«
(i>»*ji »««»*t-t*.-«*»*	
Hotel s s
(luesls Comfort i Specialty
(Iood Slabliog in Connect ion
Nearest to rail mad nml depot.    Has nrroinnioila-
tinns for the public unequalled in Cranhrook.
Drink Home Beet
It Is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
will be closed for a few weeks. ®
Will be opened in February.... f
"It ia bitter to have It alwaya and not
nrr.l il, than lo need 11 our. Slid not
liavc II. "
Palmer & Arnold
Phone 99
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. P. & A. M.
liii-'iiiin meetings nn iii
thlrtl Thursday of th
\ union brethren welcomed,
M.A, llKAi.K, Sec'y.    i'^-
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
We nre ready to furnish est itn rates
on any work lo our line anywhere
in Hie iliBlrict. Address all let*
Iv.t'h to Crnnbrook, R- C,
Valeuliuea at Hem lie'a.
hil. Home visited jaffray laat Saturday.
F. Deroiier, of Jsffrny, waa lo town
J- II- Hawke, of Moyie, wss Id town
M. B. Kuiff returned from New Bruns
wick laat Monday.
Misa Lesie McBacheren has been
quite ill thc pest week.
Don't forget valentine day, and tbe
assortment st Heattie'e.
Frank McCabe, the Wardner pioneer,
waa in town Saturday.
G. T. Thompson visited Morrissey
Saturday on legal business.
MiasGougeonlsaotiog.es temporary
assistant in tbe post oltice.
J. h. Parker, of the North Star mine,
was in Cianbrook Monday.
Not for years bee their been ao much
snow at this time of the year.
G. H. Miner left for Winnipeg
Wedensday on a business trip,
Thomas Mi-Vittte of Fort Steele,
vielted Craubrook laat Saturday.
Born, on Friday, January 31st, to
Mr. and Mrs. G. H, Gilpin, a aon.
P. Woods and wife, of Cherry Creek,
were Cranbrook visitors last Friday.
N. Hanson cane down from Wasa
Monday and left Tuesday for Morrlaaey.
Constable Djw wss in town Monday.
He has been transferred from Elko to
F G. White of Sandon, has joined the
local staff of tbe Canadian Bank of
W. B. McFarlane bad Improved sufficiently to be removed from the hoapitsl
to hia home Isat Monday.
The "kids" had an easy time with Mr.
Morels' fat uien'a team in tbe hockey
genie laat Saturday night.
Tbe team of ponies driven by the
family of A Leitch, ran away laat week,
oiul.y damaging the cutter.
Mr. aud Mrs. C. D. McNsb .are now
keeping bouse in the residence vacated
oy Mrs, Brown ou Baker bill.
Mrs, John Baiber left Monday for
Fernie where she,and the doctor will
reside permanently in tht future.
Shaw Parker, of Fort Steele, was a
Craubrook visitor Saturday and favored
The Herald with a pleasant call.
G. P. Muir rauie up irom Moyie Monday to attend the annual meeting of the
Kast Kootenay Lumber company.
The new mall route from-Cranbrook
to Wilmer will prove a great; couven
ience to tbe people of-this district,
The Frank Sentinel says that C. E.
Held, formerly of Cranbrook, is Buffering wltb a acvere attack ot rbeumatiam.
Norman Cbaput, the engineer who
was injured at Crowe-Neat laat. week, Is
able to get around and is aboat recovered.
Fred Smyth, of Moyie, was In town
Monday. He says tbe weekly debates
held in tbat town have proven a great
Bert Richards, Archie McKaehern
aad Misses Bennett snd Small of Marysville, attended the carnival In Cranbrook,
M. Leitch, of Oak Lake, Man., waa In
town Monday atiaudlng tbe annual
lueetiug of the Kast Kootenaj Lumber
Tbe Herald bas beeu crowded with
job printing the past two weeks and last
week, tbe office turned out over 30,000
The Herald was In error laat week in
giving the dale of thc Odd Fellows hsll
November **.h. It should "have been
February 91b.
David Giffitb came over from tbe
Wild Horaa laat Saturday. He aays he
looks for lively times on tbe old creek
neat sesion.
Tbe bschelors of Fort Steele, will give
a ball on Tharaday, February, 51b. A
number of invitations have been recelv-
by Cranbrook people.
Dr. J. H. King left Wednesday for bis
old home In New Brunswick, aod from
there he will go to New York to remain
s couple of months.    -
Palmer & Arnold have had a magnificent gold leaf sign put up this weak.
It ia the work of that artist In his line,
Benjamin, tbe painter.
An extraordinary general meeting of
the Fay Roll Gold Mining and Milling
company will be held at the ofllee of W,
F. Gurd at 3 p m. nest Monday.
A. Leitch, msusger of the Haiti Kootenay Lumber company returned Sunday
from a trip through Kettern Alberta,
where be purchased a number of horses
for his compsoy.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M Mansfield went to
Marysville Tuesday with there household
goods, where Mr. Mansfield will have
charge of the books of the rt-organized
Laurie Lumber company.
Tht Herald is indebted to tbe courtesy
of A. Dick, government nine inspector
with headquarters at Crantirook, for a
bound copy of the commissioner's report
on the Fernie coal mine disaster.
Thomas Crahan, agent for the Morrlssey townsite, wan iu town Tuesday.
He aays there ia nothing new in the
negotiatiooa with tke coal compauy for
tbe sale ol the Morrlssey townsite.
Last Sunday night the thermometor
diopped tn 17 degrees below. That waa
within five degrees ol the lowest point
tbe mercury lies reached since Jamea
Gill has kept tbe government record.
W. A. Apptequitb and D. McLeod of
Nelson, were In Ciaubrook Monday to
see Superintenpeut Jamlenno regarding
the building of a switch to theHolloway
coal mines In which tht gentlemen are
largely inltreattd.
The Odd Fellows ball next Monday
evening promises to be tbe leading
event of tbat character this season.
Kveiy arrangement ia being made to insure a complete success, and the popularity of this annual event of the Odd
Fellows will no doubt be increased this
Colonel Daugberty, one of tbe '64
Wild Horse pioneers, Is in town the
guest of J. H. Wolfe. Mr- Daugherty ia
a miner of varied experience, having
spent years at tbe Homatead, Com stock,
and other famous properties, and wss a
friend of Marcus Daly, Hesrst, JMsckay
and other bonanza Kinga when they
were like himself, miners of fortune
without a cent.
Laat week The Herald turned out a
complicated piece of job work for tht
Cranbrook Electric Light company.
Harold Darling, thc bookeeper, on receiving the work said. "I want to congratulate The Herald office on that
work. We could not bait gotten a
better piece of work In any city. It la
a credit to any job office." Well, Tht
Herald prides itself on its j-b prlatlng.
It has tbe material, machinery and the
workmen. In no other way can first-
class wotkvbt produced in a printing
F.J Clark, jr., general.western agent
of the Great Western Express compsoy
with heat-*quarters at Spokane, was in
town laat Saturday. Mr, Clark is look-
over tbe British Columbia field tbat is
touched by the Great Northern, and
expecta to workup! big fruit business
neat year, in addition to a regular increase of business from the States, since
bis company Is now able to meet the demands of the people- He met a number of Cranbrook people and they found
htm to be a pleasant, genial gentleman,
and one who waa ready to talk business
in a busioesalike way.
The rich sands of the Cariboo country
hitherto discarded, have beeu assayed
by tbe provincial mineralngint ami found
to carry high values In gold. This
means much for the Cariboo iliatiicl,
and placer mining will spriug up there
upon the receipt of tbe news. Strange
es it may appear, It bas not been till,
this year that anyone thought of assaying the black sands for values. Tbe
provincial mineralogist this year took a
quantity of tbe sand that had been
throw* aside and assayed It with the.'
results shove stated. Tbere is ittiv
aniuuut ol liiiil in the Cariboos that will
now be Worked for gold. The atra Is
large snd will make an imuieune plac*r
mining field. For a number ot years
the Cariboo country ,ha-j been known to
be rich in minerals, but little placer
mining has been done. It is uow
thought placer worklugs will assume
important propprttoueiu the district.
The closing or the amelting plants of
the stale of. Muutaua, owned by the
Amalgamated Copper company, st Ana
conda, Butte ami Great Falls, is hang
ing In the balance. At a meeting of
the directors ofthe company to be held
ahortly after toe first of the mouth iu
New York, positive action will be taken
and, if it Is decided to close, 10.000 men
will be thrown out of employment. Thia
corporation la the largest copper smelting company in the world, and action
eucb aa It is said every indication points
to will have an effect on every copper
atate lo the United Slates. The lowest
wage paid is $3 a day.
Over f 1,000,000 of ore has been stolen
from some of the rich mines about Fort
Sumpter, Oregon. Tbere was a combination between trusted employes and
outsiders snd when rich veins Mere
struck valuable samples were carried out-
in tha clothes of tbe workmen.
Take Natkt.
Tbere strayed on my premises sbout
thc middle of November last 1 black
sow. It hss lived on my place ever aince
The owner can have - it by paying for its
keep and for this notice.
John Breooin.
Social Eveata.
Mrs. Devere Hunt gave a very pleas
Ing afternoon to quite a nunfbqr of ber
lady friends last Thursday.   '  *'
Mrs. P> Lund gave. en afternoon
Thursday; in honor of Mrs. McKillop, of
Rev,-Fortune and wife tntertaiosd a
jolly  party of  friends Isat Thursday
Norbsry Ranch Sold.
G. Fewnell, who recently retwaed
from England, with Mrs. Pawuall, has
bought tht Norbury ranrh tbfough-
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell, tor a sum
reaching close to lio.ooo. This is one
of the best ranches in. tbe country, and
with the one Mr. Pawnell already owns
in that vicinity gives him a. valuable
trsct of land tbat will greatly increase
In price aa the country la developing.
Tbe Coal Covpasy.
The output of coal from the I tree collieries of the .Crow's Neat l'ar-s Coal
company for tht month ot January is
the largest monthly output io the history of the company says the Fernie
Free Press.
The following figures give the correct
returns up to last night and today's returns are estimated by averaging for the
past week. The figures are if, anything,
underestimated aa the last days of the
month always reach above the nver-ige:
,Coal Creek 20 000
Michel 20.000
Morrlssey 15,000
Michel's production is steadily IncresB-
Ing, the result of the extensive development work done there lest summer and
bow It is a neck and neck race between
that colliery and Coal Creek.
Tbe largest previous record wss in
Msrcb, 1902, when 53,000 tons were mined. The outlook is promising and no
fears art entertained by the mangement
of the company that they will not be
able to supply the ever Increasing de*
meads of the British Columbia market
The TrslueiH-i Bill.
One of the most delightful events of
tht season waa the ball given jn the
Wentwortb ball .Monday evening by the
engineers and firemen for tbe railway
employees of the Crow. The ball had
beto beautifully decorated lor lhe occasion, and a profusion cf signs! lamps,
switch lights,. and trainmen's lanterns
addedmucb to the beauty and aignifiance
of the occasion. While the crowd was
sooaewbat large for the hall, all present
enjoyed tbemselvrs thoroughly and
wending their way home at a late hour
all voted the trainmen's ball ont of
tbt apst pleasant evenings of the
A Swift Rite.
Frank Sentinel: On Wednesday at
7:15 Dr. O'Hagan waa called to attend
Euglneer Cbaput, who bad met with a
aevtrs injury at Crows Neat where bis
engine bed jumped the track. Tht
doctor waa taken to tbt acsna of tbt
arcidtat on a special engine, which
covtred tbt distance in teat then, fifteea
minutes, or st tht rate of abou t 50. nl'es
sn hour.
Road to Spokssc.
Tbat Cranbrook ia to have a direct
road lo Spoksne Is no longer a quotation.
The new road pnjected by Senator
Turner end D. C, Corhtn, of Spokane,
and other capitalists, ia without a doubt
backed by the C P. R. The road wiil
be built from Spokane to 1 point on the
boundary line In Idaho, about ten or
fifteen miles from Tocbty. The-C. P.
R. will build from tbat point to connect
witb tbe Spokane line, giving a direct
route from Cranbrook to Spokane.
Mr. Corbln, who built tha- Spokane
Falls & Northern, hss just returned to
Spoksne from Montreal and New York,
and expressed himself as follows:
During the present year, the.railroad
will, without queatloo, bt built to connect Spokane with the Canadian Pacific.
I do not say tbat this road will be built
by the Canadian Pacific, but It Will connect with it. That is all I cart to nay
for the present."
That looks good to Cranbrook.
Prom tbe Movie Leader
Wesley Clint was up from Cranbrook
The lafsnt daughter of Mr. and  Mrs.
V. pesaaliuer tjie-d last Thursday morn-
lng|iwl the funeral wss bald Friday
Andy Johnston waa up froa Morrlssey
tbia week. Although he had nearly all
bis earthly possessions swept away by
fIre- a few days H°> .An(,y la .etlll cheerful aid take* his lose philosophically.
T.m Farrell }iaa returned from the
Halcyon Hot.Sprtnga considerably Improved In health. He speaks very highly
of the springs as s health resort and a'so
of the excellent managtmetof Mr Thos.
j    j     1   ,1   ■iiummiiim   n.i .    1 ■
Tilda**, aad FrMiy. J
Maa-lajry, We4nta*la>, Salarday
Cake, ul all de.crlallon, alway, oa
la-rf.   Spetral Ordera promptly HIM.
A. R. Gibson
(?v»"f ■*>■♦■»>»>.♦■*>*♦* mii>«i»*ih fffl
- I have opened a
and am carrying a stock of
hay, .oata. chopped oats,
. bran, ah fits, wheat and po
. taioea, I also have a slock
.of fliur made from selected
Manitoba hard wheat.
I also have a froth shipment of butter etch week.
Fresh eggs and poultry. '
Prices are right, Giveme
Hill & Co. are still after the dollars by
selling; at paralyzing discounts. Get
your goods cheaply while you have the
• •••*••*••>*••.>•«>-•)
J. P. FINK, Manager.
Prl______*________ -fri-fc ljfr.s*f>j*k***a ^*aWa*-L*a*. aawM
t*»2 ™ V^^W*«V^a'^^'^f ^K**V*
* I • I * I»I «. I <p I 9 I (P I » I «. I » I «> I * I •■* I <■* i -,*. K" 1 *,*. I ■■*■ 1 <■*■ I,.. 1 « I * I »] * I »_l
® -
=♦       . -a
{*. beg to call the attention ol the public to the fact that they arc '''$
?; now prepared to act as CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS for %
®i the Outport of Cranbrook. They have had a supply of thc *(j
*.. proper forms, printed; these forms cannot be obtained elsewhere. '*,,*
®*r _^ ,  »™
■l«l«lis>l«.|«>l«l-°>l-8>l* l«. I ■» I ®  *s ! ■?-1 •?> I •3.|*l-»J-»I ®l«J * I »l *> 1 # •
. l^mifW  ^W ^r, ^R. Wh-■■fc.JBU--eni-Wl «■ ■Mh»V.^F. WU ^r\ ^w W-l
P    We Sell
H Schlitz Beer
WI Fernie Beer
$. Guinness Stout
$ Bass Ale
5*     Agents for
S T. Lebel & Co.
H Hay and Grain
Another car of that FAMOUS SCHLITZ
BEER will be here this week. We carry *
thc LARGEST and BEST stock of
LIQUORS and CIGARS in thc Kootenays. Send in your orders and be convinced.
J. R. DOWNES, Prop. S
Heated by furnace. I
Comfortable rooms. «
Convenient location. %
The bar Is supplied with only j
the best and we keep a com- j
plete line. S
*»..«*»..«.».*»*,1»*M. «......»..«.«»«««•««». •»•.«■»*
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
None Belter In the District
Hates ll and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served In any style Irom 8 p. in. to 6 a. ni.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for cleanliness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands
of liquors and cigars.


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