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Cranbrook Herald Aug 31, 1899

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I KANIil-OOK,   1'KITISH   COLUMBIA,   Till*RSDAY,   AW.UST   31, .1809.
pj»»* • *•* •
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. GEO. A. Cox, President.
B. ti. WaIKKK, Gen. Man.     •
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
cranhrook BRANCH. '. W. H, SMYTHE, Manager.
The  Work  Tolls
the Tale   **    jt
Jas. Greer
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Lcadvillc of East koolcnay.
Terminus ol North Star branch ol the Crows Nest Puss Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS arc situate within a radius ol
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Ureat Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
1'   ().. klMIIGKLV,
Via Craabrook
Hotel 3 3
quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioad an<\ depot.    Has accommodations for tbe public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Is the best glimmer beverage known.     It is a hot weather
tonic.     Try one IxHtle nnd be convinced.
OitDIOIOIOI® l®l® 1*91(91® ISIOI031©
i.   It Paya to Deal at
Is ibe only sttckv fly pnper mnde. We sell it and offer no
substitute. Fly Poison, Fells, Insect Powder, and nil tilings
necessary to make life worth living.
Beattie's Drug Store
Poatofiice building, Cranhrook
I®I8I®I®I®I®I®I8I®I®I® ®
At the Toronto    lothing Store
A Snap.   A line ot Boy's Suits bought for c.tsh at a sacrifice,
sold while they last for
$2.50 a Suit
[ui 1
.  vast Amount ol   work   in
■  Kootenay. nnd hii wurk ii
il [j* ■      ii  \"H  mi ■ ■;
.: ■:
I   um nud sec blin.
„•*   .*   B. c.
Parrott Bros.
...Dealera In..,
ss Feed ss
Farm S Produce
The best of  ,
Hay and Oats
St. Mans Country (lives Promise of
Great Prosperity,
Development Work Going On AU
Over the District  and Everyone Feeling Confident.
On braid nt n
Call ami see
Van Home avenue, between
Commercial uml Royal hotels
| Cranbrook
Corner Dakar atroct
ami Hanson avenue
over postolllce	
All Sizes of Photos up to llxll |
Finished  in  Platino or Polished. §
Views  of Cranbrook  and Other jjj
Points of Intcrst in British Col- |
rnnbia Will Be on Sale  |
dt Prest & Co. I
•ill W
These suits are well worth $3.50.
last loin.
Don't miss them.   They can't
 Reid & Co.
Fire!    Fire!    Fire!
Attention C.P.R. firemen. What
is the use of burning your hands
and wrists when you can get a
fine pair of cordivan asbestos tanned gauntlet gloves made especially for your purpose. The price is
all right. .* dt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook sr> Fort Steele tv Wardner
Late nl Toronto
Contractor >«j Builder
. oo ,t..mi lallne i.'illilli^ will ilo wall to let
Crnnbrook, British Columbia
Planing Mill
*■»• Sash and ::
Door Factory
 ,;y hll Uie Kui-slii.il11 companies with
any bodies, ol ore io mine at a profit.
Bonded lor S.-UIMW.
Prospector; E. J. Walsh has taken a
bond un the Emerald claim on AIM
creek from W. Meachem, the price being
$20,000 The life of the bond is one
year. Tbis claim Is well spoken of. It
is sttuutKl oue half mile south of the
Pollen group nud lies between lhe Hard*
scrabble, owned by Fred Hazen, aud the
Alice, owned by Dewar and Murphy.
There is twelve feet lit a lead carrying
copper and galena on lhe Emerald, and
it ia said to be one of the best showings
in that section. Mr. Walsh is al present
in lhe east, and what he proposes to do
could not be ascertained.
St. Miry* Prairie.
Tbeit are many   likely  prosps-cts  ou
tbu- Prairie near Luke creek- nod in the
neat future a large rind prosperous min-
■['A population will make lhat part uf
ihe distiict a heavy producer of metal.
Both copper and galena showings are
numerous and many high assaya have
been made of ore from different claim;
The Carbonate group has been worked
in a casuul way for three seasons rind the
main ledge is now showing every mark
of a mine, Tbe ledge has been stripped
for a distance of over 500 feet, and a
halt is down aboul sixty feet with very
nalisfaclory showings. The Carrie Lei
is a claim which will be heard from some
lav, as it has a remarkable showing of
galena near the Burface, The ledge has
been traced by Bt ripping for Borne 500
feet and several .shafts of various depth
have been sunk, Mr. Soucier and McVittie St Hutchison have bonded tbis
claim and a company will shortly he
floated iin the east to prosecute work
with energy. The Annex, a strong ledge
about ten   feet wide, has a very fine
bowing of copper ore, but not much
development work done on it so far.
The many other cleiuiB in the locality
will he described in later issues.
The government road men ttre at work
uow constructing a bridge across tbe
north fork of St. Marys river so that in
future that dangerous ford will be a
thing of the past, and mining operators
on the middle and north fork will be
able to get their supplies in from Cranbrook at all times of the year. A large
appropriation is needed for road work
on lhe St. Marys river as there is one of
the most active embryo mining camps
in the district of South Kast Kootenay,
a camp of such possibilities and of such
an immense area that it is difficult to
realize the amount of money ihat will
sonic day be invested there in mining
machinery, Somewhere up the St.
Marys river a mining town like Rossland
will be built and the railway from Mary.
ville up that river will carry ore to an
enormous amount. Then will South
ICast Kootenay take its proper place as
one of the greatest wealth producers of
Palmer Mountain.
Mr. Thomas, a well known mining
broker ol Spokane, has been out looking
over some of the properties near the
Hamilton brothers claims, and' intends
doing some exploratory work at once.
If results are satisfactory a force of
miners will be put on and active work
be pushed during the winter. Mr.
Thomas has been over a great part of
West Kootenay, and like many other
miuing operators is now looking to
Kast Kootenay for a mining proposition
lhat will stand the investment of money.
Union Jack.
Work is progressing satisfactorily on
the property. The broken wall on the
south side has given place to a clean,
free wall with a streak of mineral iu the
ledge matter adjoining. There is a little mineral showing through the whole
ledge which continues to hold its width
of a little over six feet between walls.
.Manufacturers of..
Doors  jt
jt    Irnmcs
Band .Sawing  .*
G. Johnson....
Job Work dt
Herald Office
\V Assayer
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook. B. C.
Moyie Mites.
Leader: The Lake Shore mine never
looked better in its history than at the
present time, and in all three workings
there is plenty of high grade ore. The
new air compressor is wot king to pe
fection and the meu operating the ma*
hine drills are breaking ground at a
rapid rate. Tbe large ore bin near the
siding is well under way, aud when finished ore shipments will begin. For the
present the clean ore is being stored in
the old ore bin near tlie No, 2 tunnel. It
is now an assured fact tbat the Canadian
Gold fields syndicate will erect a concentrator this fall. At the present time
there are fifty-two men on this syndicate's payroll In Moyie.
Carpenters are now at work putting
up the jigs in the St. Kugeue concentrator, and the pirn t era are giving the
building its lirst coat of paint. R. K.
Neil, the designer of the concentrator,
aud John A, Finch, one of the largest
owners of the St. Eugene mine, arrived
in Moyie from Spokane this moruiug,
Across the River.
From the Prospector.
R. R, Bruce, in charge of the Sitting
Hull group ol mines on Horsu Thief
creek, hus sixteen men employed in the
development of that property.
A short time ago II. L. Amine made a
location adjoining the Red Une group
of mines. He has just affected a sale of
the property fur $20,000, with a $3000
cash payment.
N. A. Wallinger bas gone to Spokane
to attend a meeting of the Tracy Creek
Mining company, of which he is one of
the trustees.     _______
Mining Notes.
Several transfers of interests iu the
claims have been made lately 111 the
vicinity of the Union Jack. Huyers are
speculating on the results of the work
on this claim.
Moyie Leader: The fuce of the crosscut tunnel which was being driven on
the Society Girl mine to tap the ledge is
now in oie, and Chas. Farrell realizes
that he is in possession of a great mine.
The Mastodon group of claims near
the mouth of Terry creek will be crown
patented at once and arrangements will
then be made for thorough development
work. Messrs. McVittie and Hutchison
have tbe contract for tbe smveying.
John Fink says that they will be unable lo haul ln any ore from the Chickamon Stone until snow dies, as the late
rains bas softened the new road badly.
Bunk \and cook houses have been constructed, and everythingisin good shape
now for business.
H. A. Woodford, of Wardner, was in
town last Friday on his way to properties owned by Charles Roland and himself on the Wild Horse, He says that
the Curley, on which they propose to do
the work, lies below and between the
Big Chief and the Dardenells, and they
figure on a tunnel to strike the lead at a
good depth.
The management of the Kootenay &
Algoma company has under consideration the fine prospect on the St. Marys
prairie and expect shortly to make a
start at this, the company's second venture. When they have actual operations
proceeding on three different propositions, it will be advisable to watch the
price of shares, as a good strike on any
oue property will make a strong advance
a certainty.
A   WAR   IS
Situation ia Southern Africa Becoming Serious.
Tracklaying   on    the    Kootenay
Valley Road to Commence
at Once.
Cape Town, Aug. 28.—The Cape house
of assembly is again debating the que**
lion of the transit of arms intended for
the Orange Free State, and presumably
the Transvaal. Kvidently a state of extreme tension exists, as every speech
made today was received with almost
absolute silence in the chamber.
President John, who repeated the
argument he had used iu the previous
debate, asked the premier what action
the Cape cabinet proposed taking in the
matter. He said that the recent speech
of the British secretary of state for the
colonies. Sir Joseph Chamberlaiu, at
Birmingham, had forced all to the conclusion that South Africa was ou the
brink of war, unless the Transvaal met
the British demands. In his opinion
the Cape government ought to follow
the example of I'ortngat at Ik-lagoa Bay
and refuse to permit the transit of aims
as long us the crisis lasted.
Will Kmi* Whst lo Say.
Pretoria, Aug. 2-S —The reports of
Joseph Chamberlain's speech at Birmingham last Friday have been calmly received here.    President Krueger said.
"Let the newspapers bring whatever
they like. I cannot say whether lhey
report Mr. Chamberlain correctly. When
he speaks to me direct I shall know bow
lo reply."
Commandant General Joubert in the
course of an interview declanj that the
whole republic would resist like one
mau auy Interference with its independence.
State Secretary Reilz said be believed
Mr. Chamberlain was speaking for himself only and not for the whole British
cabinet. He declared the situation bad
not grown worse, Dut there was danger
that a spark might fall into the magazine and do mischief.
Promptly Attended to.
A Low Smelling Rite.
Nelson Tribune: lt is probable that a
great increase will soon be made in the
ore shipments of Rossland, many properties with low grade ore being enabled
to ship by a reduction of smelter charges.
The miuing men in general ore aware of
the fact that since the blowing in of the
North port smelter it has been found
possible to reduce the ores of .ossland
at a cost of about $3-5" a t< n. Now
comes the report vouched for by men
wbo should know, that the management
of this smelter Is considorlng.the advisa*
hility of accepting ore at a net rate of
JJ4.50 a ton for freight and treatment.
This will be a substantial rut below the
Trail smelter rale and v 111 bring the pay
limit down very low   ndced, enabling
Other Building* and Improvements Wblcb
Mark Progress.
The plans and specifications for the
new ^school house have been received,
and are now on file at tbe office of W. T.
Reid, one of the trustees. Tenders for
the construction of the school bouse
have been asked for, returnable on September 2. Two sets of bids are called
for. One tor a single room building
complete, and the other for a two story
building with the ground floor only finished.
The new lockup Is being pushed forward rapidly, and will be ready for occupancy next week. It is a large building [and will meet the demands of the
police for the present.
Constable Morris has let the contract
for a residence on the rear of the government lots.
Edgineer Drummond will commence
at once the construction of a rrsidence
011 Baker hill. The cost will be between
$i3ou and $1300. A. I). Grant has the
Engineer Gill's new house is being
pushed forward by Contractor Leask,
The addition to John Hutchison's residence Is completed,
Tbe Rock Drilling Coateit.
The hardest granite that can be found
in the state of Washington will be secured for the rock drilling contest at the
Spokane industrial exposition In October. The manager has let a contract to
the Hon. Miles C. Moore, of Walla
Walla, to furnish this granite from the
Snake river quarries. For the double-
handed rock drilling contest there will
be two pieces of granite each six feet by
five feet by one and one-half feet. For
rhe single handed contest there will be
one piece of granite six feet by three
und one-half feet by one and one-half
feet. In the double-handed contest two
teams will drill at a time, each on h
separate piece of granite. In the single-
handed contest two contestants will
drill at a time, but both on the same
piece of granite.
Send Tbem lo School.
There are a number of children running on tbe streets of Cranbrook that
should be in school. It is criminal for
parents to permit their children to
neglect [opportunities for an education.
Send them to school and in later years
they will be thankful.
Will Visit Chicago.
Chicago, Aug. J3 —The Cauadiau Vet
erans' association this morning received
a letter from Sir Wilfrid Laurier staling
that he, the Karl of Minto. the Canadian
cabinet, and members of the Canadian
parliament would accept the invitation
of the Chicago festival committee to
participate iu the festival exercises to be
held during the second week in October.
K Arri.es st Cranbruok Laie and Misses a
(loud llinntr.
Last Monday at 12 o'clock the delayed
east bound train arrived, with the special
car containing the representatives of tbe
Eastern Canada Press association.
Superintendent MacLeod, of this divi-
sion, had ordered dinner for the parly,
and (everything was ready for their entertainment, but the wanderers evidently did not understand that it was a free
spread, and passed it by, only to be filled
with regret later when they learned
what tbey had missed. A free drink or
a free meal is a boon to an editor, and
this unfortunate mistake no doubt cast a
gloom over thai crowd for the rest of the
day No attempt was made by the people to entertain ihe visitors, as tbe time
of iheir coming was uncertain, and their
top here bound to be brief, owing to
the delay of the nam. They looked
over the town, and nnu- out ot tea asked
about the fanning and stock raising.
One man wanted 10 know the chief occupation of the people in this district,
and when given the sententious reply
"digging holes in the ground," he innocently asked, "What do they do with
the holes?" "Sell 'em!" came lhe prompt
reply, and the wanderer from the east
walked (ou confident of the fact that
some one had been trying to impose
upon his credulity.    But  the party was
ll pleated  with  the appearance of
Cranbrook,   and marveled greatly at hei
wonderous growth
One License Drilled ind Kcqueiis tor
Traailer** Laid O.er.
A. B. Grace, of Fort Steele, and R. fi.
Beattie, of Cranbrook, constituting the
license commission for this district, met
in regular session in this city yesterday.
The application of Fred Roo for a license
at Phillips, on the boundary, was granted. Applications for transfers hy T.
Wellman, F. Frith and George Hog-
garth were laid over until September 7.
j. R. Costigan appeared for T Wellman
and W. F. Gurd for Fred Roo.
The question of advertising in the
papers published in the localities where
lhe applicant lived, was brought up by
F. K. Simpson. A. B. Grace, one of the
members of tbe board, held thBt the
matter rested entirely with the license
inspector R K. Beattie, the other
member, held that the board should see
that the law was complied with in this
respect, and that hereafter be would
hold a violation as sufficient cause for
throwing out the Application.
The board then adjourned to meet in
Cranbrook on the ;th of September.
The Kootenai Valley Ross.
Bonners Ferry, Aug. 27 —John Mc*
Martin, one ofthe largest contractors on
the Kootenai Valley railway, hai completed his contract. He bas taken some
extra work, which he will complete this
week. This leaves Twohey Bros, the
only contractors left between here and
the boundaiy line.
The Roberts railroad track laying machine has arrived. It will be set up
ready for operation tomorrow, and Tuesday morning the track laying will commence. They expect to lay one and a
half miles of track a day. Boarding
cars and fall equipments for 120 men
will move along with tbe work until the
entire track is completed.
Fatal Accident In Chicago.
Twelve Steele arches in the new Colli-
seum building at Chicago fell last Monday; killing nine men.
Craabrook All Right.
Mr. Bartholomew, a. rancher living
near Wasa, was in town Friday with a
load of vegetables. He was told at Fort
Steele not to come to Cranbrook, as the
towu was dead and the people had no
money. As he had never seen the place
he came anyway, and sold all of his
stuff before be had been in town half an
hour, "I was surprised to see such a
good town," said Mr. Bartholomew,
"after hearing what I did, 1 will be
here In a week with a four-horse load of
vegetables.   Cranbrook Is all right."
Railroad Notei.
Fred Farrell is now employed in the
engineers' office.
Work is still progressing on the coal
chutes, and it is Hearing completion.
T, S. Hay, for some time assistant in
the station agent's ollice, has gone to his
home at Port Arthur.
L. M. Mansfield, who bas been agent
at Moyelle, has been transferred to the
dispatcher's oflice in this city, and will
probably remain permanently.
Conductor MeKenzie has returned
from an extended trip to Eastern Canada and the States. He looks well after
his vacation and is feeling good.
John Brown, chief clerk for Roadmaster Krickson, has resigned and gone to
the Rainy River road, to take a position
wilh J, R. Turnbull, who has a contract
there.   He is succeeded by Mr. Haines,
School Supplies.
The p'ace to buy school supplies is at
Beattie's drug store. He keeps a full
J. W. II. Smythe, manager of the Can
adian Bank ot Commerce, returned last
evening from a biicf trip to the Winder'
mere district. He spent two days looking over that section, and says that it is
a beautiful valley, with great mineral
prospects lhat is hound to give it ft prosperous future.
Ladles' Aid Society.
On Wednesday afternoon of thli week
tbe ladies of tbe Methodist congregation met at the home of Mrs. W. T. Reid
for the purpose of organizing a Ladies'
Aid Society. A goodly number were
present, and the following officers were
elected: President, Mrs. Prest; vice
president, Mrs. McMullen; secretary-
treasurer, Miss Fletcher; convener of
the visiting committee, Mrs. G. H.
Miner. Members were received to the
number of eleven and much enthusiasm
was shown aa the different departments
of their work were under consideration.
The society will give a public concert
tn Miners hall on theevening of September 15th. Further announcements of
tbis will be made in later issues. The
ladies meet on the first Tuesday of each
month and would be glad to welcome
into tbeir midst anyone who feels so disposed.
He Pissed Ul By.
It is a matter of regret tbat Brother
Grace failed to call on The Herald while
in town yesterday. He could have seen
the largest printing plant in East Kootenay, with stacks of job work drying for
all parts of the district, and found the
glad band waiting for him. We prefer
to believe that it was lack of time
rather thsn journalistic discourtesy lhat
prompted him to pass this office by on
occasion of his first visit to the commercial aud mining center of East
Will Be Married Toilgbl.
Miss Anna McKeewen and Mr. Harry
Kabichaud will be united in marriage
this evening in the parlors of the Commercial hotel, Rev Voung officiating.
Miss McKeewen has bad charge of the
Commercial diningroom, and Mr. Rabi-
chaud is a brakeman on the Crow, with
a host of friends. The Herald extends
the prospective bride and groom its best
wishes for a happy future.
Two Ycsri on the Road.
Moyie Leader; Two years ago, lacking one month, Mrs. I). J. Rimer wrote
from Gem, Idaho, to her husband, who
was then in Dawson City Last Tuesday Mr. Elmer went to the Moyie post-
office and received the identical letter.
The envelope liore seven different post
marks and was pretty well worn from its
two years' wanderings.
May Locate la Roiilaad.
Rossland Record: A. P. Bremner, a
hotel man of Moyelle, who has been
looking for a business here, returned to
his home for bis family. It is understood that he bas secured an option upon one of the leading hotels of the city
and expects to take charge upon his return. 	
Tbe Herald Job Office.
The Herald has just received the most
complete line of printers' stationery
ever hrought to Kast Kootenay. With
first-class material, first-class printers
and first-class stock it is an easy matter
to turn out first-class job work. That is
•why the Herald job office is so popular
with business men CRANBROOK  HERALD
.      .     ;.;;j,W     AUGUST 31, 1809
V. i: Sl.MI'.-iOS, l'ilii"i ami Munimor.
li:i;.M> ill'* SUILSCltU-TlON:
■ tin- news "f tli«
tiwmi ytmt town
li lu this ollice.
We were shown a neatly printed
pamphlet entitled "The City ui NtUou"
one day this week It COMaiDGll a comprehensive writeup of Ibe town and was
issued  with the compliments of   the
board ol trade of Nelsou. That body,
made up of busiuess men of Nelson, in«
tended .thai the pamphlet should be in
every   way   an attractive advertisement
tor the lown. On the last page, however,   was   the   imprint   of uu  eastern
printing bouse, Bhowing that the work
hnd been done out of the city. The
Tribune and Miner, of Nelson have expensive plants, and could havs done
lhat woik right at home, and when the
hoard of trade sent it out of the city ii
set nn example lhat, ll Inlkwed up,
would close up nearly every business
bouse iu Nelson, ll would be wise lor
Nelson if its tumid ot trade would luke a
Smith Kast Kootenay is a good district to tie to.    Nn  man can lose  who
does il.	
Smith East Kooleiiay will be largely
represented at ihe Spokane exposition
tins year. 	
A Nelson tddermnu by the name of
Beer wants to close the hotel barrooms
on Sunday. 	
I! is said that Joe Martin spends his
leisure moments sharpening a long*
bladed knife he inrries up his sleeve.
Ottawa talks of putting a tax on baby
carriages. Tbat would seem lobe direct
legislation against the infant industries
of tbnt town.    	
Ii llie politicians of lhe province would
take a vacation and give the business
men a chance, there would be a boom in
British Columbia prosperity.
\V, K. Rsling, of the Trail Creek News,
has purchased the Rosslaud Record. If
he handles the Record in the same able
milliner lhat he has the News, he will
make a success in his new departure.
Lieutenant Governor Mclnuess is now
in a position where he cau iudulge iu regrets over his action iu dissolving the
Turner government, It was a precedent
that is now keeping hlin awake nights.
The members of the Kasteru Canada
Press association had a great chance to
see something of the west on their trip
through the Kootenays. It is to he
hoped that they will profit by it ami
write more intelligently of the needs of
this country in the future.
The Herald is proud ofthe fact Hint it
has n good word for every town iu the
district. It is published in a prosperous
town, surrounded by prosperous towns,
in a prosperous district, filled with prosperous people. How a man can be pessimistic ill a glorious country like South
East Kootenny is beyond our comprehension. Get in line. Grace. The sun
will shine on you if you will come out
into the light.   Smile and be happy.
Une of the most elegant specimens of
printer's nnd pressman's art ever issued
iu ihe northwest is the souvenir presented to the members ofthe National Edi-
torial association ou the occasion ofthe
annual convention hei 1 there this year
The illustrations are art gems, and the
matter is comprehensive and valuable.
The material used is from the American
Tpye Pounders company, of Portland,
atul lhe work is from the presses of
Penslee Bros, company, ofthe snme city.
Those fortunate enough to receive a
copy will take good caieofU.
The Port Sleele Prospector says that
tbe editor of the Herald has devoted his
time in trying to pull dowu other towns
in the district. At no time during the
pasl two years have the numerous editors eutUloycd by Grace had much to say
for nny town in the district aside from
Port Steele except words of derision and
condemnation. Yes, there is one exception. During the month of June tbe
Prospector had two favorable notices
about Crailbrook and her Dominion day
celebration. And during tbut time the
Prospector carried a $lo advertisement
for Cranbrook. Get in liue, Grace, and
look forward tn the glorious possibilities
of the district. Fort Steele will be all
right. Take something for your dyspepsia, tell the truth, be friendly wiih
Cranbrook and her people, (jult kicking,
cultivate a love for humanity, and when
you die your chance lor a golden harp
will be as good as that enjoyed hy any
one else.	
To Build tu White Horse.
President S. JI. Graves. Directors W.
D. Close uud C. Lambert, and General
Manager I*). C, Hawkins, of the White
Pass it Yukon railway, have gone north
to make arrangements for extending the
line from Bennett to White Horse rapids. The officials are said to have officially continued this news at Vancouver,
where lhey stopped for a few hours ou
Iheir way up the coast on the steamer
City of Seattle,
It is said lo be the intention to have
the new line completed in time to handle business at the opening ol navigation next spring This will require the
serviced of iSoo laboring men, who will
be advertised for as soon as the contract
islet. This extension will have a tolnl
length of ninety eight miles.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCE „* .* „■*
Q   Q   Cranbrook, B. C.
TWU fig-urea slowly paced the beach
u.tC—. Tlu* moon, now and then
pevpiiig from behind u line *>f Heeey
elouda, seemed to took uin-nxcd ut, the
unwouUx) seetiv, for in the quiet little
llahitirg village the sight ut human beings, ihe Houiul uf .Uuiuuu voices, aftor
the church clock bad punk-d forth nine
positive atrokea, wero rare occurrences
"Fine food for village gwwftp 1 would
moke, Allan i-'&m-, were 1 to be wen At
thin hour with .ion," aald dim of the
two, a ytrj, whose tail, tithe figure
seamed Ilko a reed bealde tin* stalwart
form ol her companion, "bm 1 m-i*uk*I
stifling up tin-re und It'll 1 miutt mum
down nitd listen to the, sen. How we*.
1 to know I ah-ould Uud you here V"
'I am always ht'iv, Elite, w&tohlng
the light in youreaaemenl window till
it dickers uud di-ee, then envying even
the darkness whieh aurroundb you, enveloping you in iu presence, till I wan-
Ier home ami toss about on my bed till
morning. Vou -should not comb down
here ulonv.   It, is not nt'lV,"
"Not suf-e? Indued. lanottheeeamy
only mother? Did slit* not beai-meou
her grent white bivustand cast me<here,
u little hclple** child, with her golden
hair iill drenched with Halt spray, her
little white garments clinging to her
1 hubs7 Ah, Father Green ia very kind,
mul so ih Mother Eunice, but aome-
tiuiLt- I fancy a tall man in soldier's
uniform, with mueh glitter of gold, tms-
Ing n baby girl high upon lib*shoulder,
M-lIlL-tillH-IS   UateilS   lO   tllC   tirt[iil.g   of &
child Lab tongue, with head bent low at
the knee of i* ftUr-hulred womnn with
delicate white hands sparkling with
rings, who stoops 'und kisses the kneeling child with loving tenderness, Thon
I stille, and if I eould lial rush out.into
ili-e air, eould not stand1 In-side the dear
old sen und listen to Hit1 stories my ear
alone ean understand 1 would go mad.'*
'Tour Elllel Poor little girl!" the
man replied. "No wonder theso people
cannot understand you, with your- protty, dainty ways so unlike tbeir own,
with your sweet, fairbrtiuiy,Irtstrango
eontrast to the Hushing black eyes und
bright red cheeks of their own buxom
lassies. Ah, well 1 remember tiie dny
when, as you say, Ui« ecu oaati you at
our feet. Seth Ureen-hud jiwteonieln
in his iishlngainnck,<tndlt was his keen
eye whieh Hrst detected tlu.* white atom
the waves seemed to beor so tenderly,
Then tvhton it nunc ncftrer and he saw
it was ii Mule child lashed to n spur, bi»
firms were the tlrst- to receive you.
When you openteil yonr eyes you smiled
up Into his face, aud with that smile yon
won his heart, He Is only a tlshernwiTi
like myself, with u rough exterior liku
mine, but I think, Elite he would lay
down bis life miliar than Unt rough a
wind should blow u*mhi. his one ewe*
lamb, even as I would do for your sake,"
"Ah, Allan,-' sobbed the girl, "how ungrateful you make me seem. Am I not
as ignorant as you, save what little
learning the good curt* hau given, me?
Is not all l have Imvji telling you tht*
freak of an idle Imagination? And yot
ut limes It Beems so real."
"So It may In*, Kllie.dear, butif.after
all this lapse of time, .some one should
come from the great world toclalmyoii,
would it give yon no pain to say farc-
well? Ah, if. Instead of vain replnlngs,
you would come to the shelter of on hon*
est man's botno, humble enough, liod
known, for your Httle feet toen4er, but
where you should Ih* guarded as a
jewel bev\*ond pHCttl where your wiidte
hands should) ne'er be aoilcd or your
brow bear evidence of a single care,
would it not be better, deer? Ooino,
Etlle, to my heart, my home. 1 cannot
put it in fine words-, but ncjver mnn
loved woman: better than I love you, I
don't nsk answering love from you,
How eould you give it to suoh us I am?
I only wjiiiI your smile to light my
hearth's I one, you r voice to give iih*. gentle greeting, tilu* right to fool that yotl
are mine, to work for, fight for, if need
be, die for!"
"And for all ihls you ask so 11 title, Allan! You ih in L me so ungrateful as to
take it nil when l ean yield so meagerd,
return? Ah, no, This fancy will pass,
and when I hen- wails your homecoming
some   WOmun   whose   hands   ure    not
afnaid of honest work for her husband's
comfort, whose voice dan give you back
your words of love, whose tips ean echo
your kisses, you will thank me then for
turning from ilu- bright picture you
pillIII for tin-. Our hearts are sirange
things, Allan, ntul nerve ns Htrungn
tricks, but we cannot foroo ihem, Kvr-
givi me und forget ine. Good night I"
and the girl turned wearily awny, while
the strung mini threw himself prostrate mi the Mind and lay there motionless for hours, He had known his dream
was vain, but It had taken none lhe less
hold upon him. Since the hour he had
held the Mule childish hand in his boyish grasp, neither as child nor woman
hud she mude of him an unheedwl request. And now that he had only put in
words the story his reason had long
known, ii yet name upon him liken new
blow from an unseen hand, All night
he lay where he had thrown himself,
and when at last, roused by the sun's
beams, he rose, his face bore sad traces
uf the night's conflict, j
Id was somewhat *« surprlsi* to tho
stolid villagers when Ernest Hammond, I
who had come nntongsl them for a
month's fishing, let, one month glide
Imo two, nnd ti third begin Its course,
and still say naught of letivlngthetn. lt
mnde the good when question his stay
no less plenann-tly, thai he excited none
Of  his   fascinations nmong their own
flock, that their darkrhnlred daughters
were not exposed to the Are of his hand-
some eyes, or led Ihem to shake their
heads less ominously when day by day
he found hii way to Betj) flreen'i pot**
^TO-®-0 --iMsr-*©**^ (S^®--*-®-^^ ®-®^®~®
1 CRANBROOK, • British Columbia
tuge, or night after night fioundhim flitting iu *Selh Cireeu'e doorway. He always had a friendly word, a friendly
pipe for the gray-haired fisherman, listened to his long yarns with keen Interest, while ever and anon u new gown
or handsome shawl would find its way
to Mother Eunice's stores. So the
WOPthy couple came to greet the handsome face with honest welcome, listen
to his volte with genuine liking, yet
failed tu see the blushed play ut hide-
aud-seek on the girl's fair cheek, or
watch the stolen glances which passed
from the man's eyes to hem.
A titfW page iu life's history seemed
opening   before lier   wondering   goto,
Flatteries delicately vellM, thoughts
subtly spoken, led her daily Into regions sl range and unknown. That
night, upon the beach, wheu she had
watched with pitying gaze u strong nut n
w restle with hin agony, seemed passing
from, her memory, while a new, delicious feeling filled all her heart and life.
Yet a strange pang shoots through her
as now and then she seen Allan Kane
et me and go. Hhe mi-wet* his kindly
smile, his welcoming words, until she
forgets both in the gladness which lllls
her heart ut Kruest Ilanunond's coming.
"The summer haa been passing
sweel," he mys to her one day, "but I
must have done with idleness und go
hack to my working life. Will you miss
me, Mignon?"
"Will I miss you? I can scarce tell till
I know what absence means."
"Ah, I need no absence UitMsuretneof
the void my soul will know. You have
given the Glimmer all its brightness,
EIHe, When I first saw your face, fair
beauty, I wondered what strange wind
oould have blown you lo this rough
shore, but 1 learned to bless thai favoring breeze, as having wafted lo my side
the fairest tiling on which my eyes had
e\er rested. Some day, Elite, you shall
leave this place und muke your home
with me. My wife will ink* good care
of you."
"Your wife? You are married, then?"
broke from the girl's white lips, while
ai iu a vision cume memories of his
looks, IiIh twits, his words—ull, all
breathing love, and that love for her,
"Xo, not married exactly," came tho
reply, as though he were speaking afcw
off, "although so soon to Im* lhat 1 can
play 'truant no longer. I shall often
think of you. Elite, often picture your
fitir beauty, nnd I fear, married or
otherwise, I shall envy -with mad envy
the man who culls you for hia own."
"Then envy I not the woman whom
you call wife, tio back to your guy
world and the girl who awaits your
coming; greet both- with fair words;
press lier young lips to yours, hut re-
men-liter one woman lives who would
feel her ears poisoned by your whispered caresses, her lips sullied by thu
touch of yours. I thank you that you
have robbed your goingo>f alt its stiug."
"Elsie, Elsie!" exclaimed thc man,
who had listened, with a great amazement growing in his eyes. "Listen ere
you so reproach me, I loved you ere I
knew it. I meant not to drift into dishonor nor yet to tell you of my love,
since the telling made it such. Listen,
Elsie. Return that which has hurst ull
bounds to-day. Let me see you smilo
upon me as of old and I will break every
bond thut holds tue, so thut only I can
hold yuu to my heart and cull you
"Think you that I would accept your
love ut such a price, above and beyond
sll tainted with dishonor? I am but a
simple girl, Ernest Hammond, but the
way of truth nnd honesty is at least
open to me. You have proved to mc
how false a thing may be, let thc outside be fair as it may, I doubt not 1 shall
be rhe better for the lesson."
The summer waned, the harvest fruits
were gathered. The winter came with
Its garb of purity, but Ellie seemed to
take no heed of time, The old people
listened vainly for the ripple of song
they loved so well to hear, and wondered
what had come over the child. Hut
there was nn hour close ot band when
all idle surmises were swallowed up In
one common throb of anxious fear.
Two fishing boats hnd gone out from
their midst. Allan Fane commanding
them, but only one had come back In
safety, A terrific storm had overtaken
thrni, and those who escaped gave little
hopes of the others' rescue. Ellie listened to the story with wide, staring
eyes, then turned away with a great
sob and stole down to the beach. Day
after day found her Btrainlng her eyes
seaward, until at last thc words which
tortured her broke bounds.
"I told you, Allan, you would find
yuur mistake, und that one day you
would love another. 1 little dreamed
it was 1 who made the mistake, who
loved you even when I spurned your
great, honest heart.   I knew it the duy
he left me, Allan, and tt gave me
strength to say the words which told
hlm all my scorn, for side by side with
his pitiful weakness 1 RCI uiwl to MO
your face -duniug forth It* love for ine;
lo hear your voice with the misery in
il you could not hide. Ah. Sea, you who
.-pared my life, could vou not have
saved bla?"
The young voice died nway in a choking sob, und she would have flung
herself fuce downward on the sands,
even as he had once done, but that
strong arms held and clasped her, while
two eyes radiant with love looked into
"Is it no dream, Ellie? Is this wonderful happiness really mine? I should
have died, dear, dining these awful
days. The strength and courage which
saved us would have deserted mc but
that I seemed to see your smile in the
darkness, your sad eyes watching outward full of lovej your voice saying:
'Allan, I need you!' So I struggled on
until they thoughl me mad, ami so I i
wus; mad With hope—with longing for
this hour. Look tip, sweet. Tell me, ts
It true?"
But though the fulr head-onl j buried
itself closer on his breast in silence, Allan Pane needed no spoken words to let
him know his one ewe lamb had found
Its fold at last.-—X. Y, Ledger. [
H  -PDA MRDHni^ ,s the divisional point of the Crows fg
g$  --VlvAll DKV-UIV Nest Pass Railroad. jg
Cf 5111HPrink'  ^as a I0=s,:ah round house, large machi
me*4a. £1.111/1 v/V/lV   shuns. PYnensive r.'silro'iil hiiildino-c anil e
shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex= j
tensive railroad yards.
£f Cranbrook *s the natural and commercial center of South East H
H Kootenay. t"t
fI Cranbrook 's *he headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- K;
W tions of South East Kootenay. Ki
g Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in H
South East Kootenay. jgf
I .          .
H Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after M
ill w^k- If
<H Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, K
manufacturers and investors. ra>
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,        * •
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
^i^>--®-4)-®-®-®-®^>)-yiy^i> -®-i>-4> (i-iHC.')- ®-®~<i>x® -®-®-®-®-ir^®-4>-4>1®--®r-®-®-^r
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   It will pny them.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hold is open lioth day ami j. The Norlh Slar Hotel is the lare,c anil
ni^ht.   The Imr goods nre flrst class, jjj magniftceut hotel at Kimberley thai
anil the (lining room is in charge of _ is jnst linisheil nml is furnished new
Thaa. McCarson, and is second to none ]j throughout.     Everything in conncc*
in the Kooteuayfi.   Free anmple rooms I tion is first-class.     When  you visit
and the best and quietest bedrooms in 5 Kimberley,   don't   forget   The   Nortli
the town. | Slar Holel.
California : Wine : Co.
....NELSON, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
1 The Cranbrook  I
Lumber Co.        I
\        Saw and Planing Mills
j :::AT
-Al.l.   KINliS   UF-
I Rough and j
| Dressed Lumber, j
I Dimension Lumber, j
I fhingles and f
flouldings. I
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. a a. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Craobrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best] Wines  and  Liquors  at  the   Bar
Fort Steele
Brewing Co.'s. *^Portei\..
Best on Earth   «•*■
in wood or Bottles       tes. Kerrigan, Agt.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public,
Office—Cranbrook Street
Cranhrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
The Beat Slack, Ik* Maat Sall.hnlorr I'rlrea, aad
Hlral-Claaa  Work.     Ktpalrlai Neally llicculed.
lIl'FKIU-Kllrai.OCK   lll.OOK,
CRANBROOK,    ::::::   B. G.
Sashes and Doors
At Cost for Spot Cash
The Cranbrook Hardware Co
Malta for (Iob|huoIi nra olosctt as folli
in., Mondays
in., RatunltiyH
liio ua foiliiWB
ill.. MI ■:>■-
I.O.O.F.   Key City Lodge
No.«. Mcouovery IM*
■Iny ttltflit ut their lia.ll ou
linker street.    Sojournluu
otui Fellows cordially invited.
li 1:. Beanie, v. K, Utni|)>on, V, C. Itunkln.
N. tl. V. 0. Seo'y,
I     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  !'!• About the City  by Asking
Questions <>f Mnny People.
John l'i uk wuh in town Monday,
juke Pink wont to Wardner Tuesday.
J. !■' Joyce visited Moyie lust Tuesday.
Hatelwood Bulter at tlie Fort Steele
Mercantile company,
w. S. Rcid'fl wife and bou arrived last
Friday. They will visit with Mi. Rtid
at his camp on the North Stnr brancb
during good weather.
Tin: Herald desires to extend (banks
to many of lis patrons who have come
to tbe front so promptly in the payment
of tbeir subscriptions.
The many Crnnbrook friends oi .Mr.
and Mrs. L. :.l .'■: insfu Id will he pleased
to learn that they will again becot e
residents of Cranbrook.
Rev, Irvine, belter known throughout
the Kooterays as "Father Pat," speut
several days in town this week on mutters affecting the English church,
Mr. and Mrs, Hutchison and Miss Leslie left for Movie Monday evening for u
two weeks' outing on   Ibe luke.    They
will occupy Col. Henderson's retreat.
Don't  forget   tlmt  the   Commercial
hotel is one of Ibe beBt hotels in Kast
Kootcuny. Joyce Brothers, tbe proprietors, art making a great Buccess af tbeir
Mi, I'nff, general agent foi the Sun
nml I,ile Insurance company ol Canada,
bus been iu lown this week interviewing
McVittle & Hutchison, local agents lur
tbe coin puny.
George  Taylor   has   purchased  the
k'tilteeu. Ottawa; C W GowjU, loin-
wall, A c l; McDonald, Alexandria; Col
.. [thi on, Perth; j !I 1. Patterson, To*
routo; W j Taylor,Tweed; Thos Gris-
dnle, Haker City, Oregon; Everel Method, James Campbell. 1' i-. Uland; G
lloggarlb, Klko.
Di. Hell visited Kiml erley this week, teaming und freighting business from ti.
.  ,.        r , ,, . H, Crosfltey,    Mr* Taylor la well known
Genera]  bm-  nl  farm machinery at .    r,    .     .       .    ■■■  ■ i •
-,.,„.., in Craubrook and will do a good bust-
Harry McViltie eame over from Steele
A I.i-ilch. Sr., visited Fernie and Fort
Steele Inst week.
Ben Murphy and wife, of Moyie, were
in town Saturday.
Hazelwood Butter at the Fort Sleele
Mercantile company,
For sale cheap—a bicycle in j^ood repair.    S \V. Mitchell.
The open season (or game of all kinds
commences tomorrow.
Scott Moirell, of Moyie, was a Cranbrook visitor Monday.
\V R Ross, of Fort Steele, was a
Cruubrook visitor Monday.
Constable Morris expects bis family
from Trail within a few days,
W. R. Stone is able to resume busiuess
again after a serious illness.
W. T, Reid left Monday evening for a
trip through West Kootenay.
Fred Pieper gave tbe people of Moyie
n few pointers Saturday night.
W. F. Tate, tbe jeweler, expects bis
famjly within tbe next few week
Constable Bull, of Fernie. wasa visitor
with Cranbrook friends yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Grace, of Fort
Steele, visited Cranbrook yesterday.
Rev. Procuuier held services at the
Church of Eugland Sunday evening,
P.J. Smyth, of Moyie, "brother of tbe
editor," visited Cranbrook last week.
Robert Cox has succeeded Fred Frith
ns chief clerk al llle Cranbrook hotel.
George Hoggarth, the prod natured
mayor of EJko, was in town yesterday.
Au immense line of fall dry goods aud
cloaks will arrive at Gilpin's iu a few
J, Houghton, manager of ihe Sullivan
group, was a Cranbrook visitor tbis
An important meeting of Odd Fellows
will be held at the lodge room tomorrow
J. R, GofT and Charles Armstrong, of
Fort Steele, were Cruubrook visitors
Mrs, J. Spell man arrived from tbe
c.i;t this week tu Join her husband In
this city
Clinic and lei us make a deal—a round
411:1:1.*: fm- a square meal, At Mitchell's
William Doble bas sent buck east for
bis family, nnd expects them sometime
next mouth.
Joe I.aidlaw is improving at the hospital, snd expects to be able to get nut iu
a short lime.
J I> Elliot has sold his daity stock to
A. M. Fenwick* ami retired from the
ii'ilk busiuess. '"
Miss Kennedy,of Calgary, visited with
het cousins Mr. and Miss Moffat several
days ibis week,
The dunce nl Fort Steele Friday everting is reported as having been a most
successful affair.
r,  11 Mluct wns In Kimberley several
ii.n'. ,1ns week, where be Ims several
routing contracts.
Ilnielwood Butter at the Fort Steele
Mercantile company.
I'm man RiUcu'S wife and bubv have
a: lived from Rat Portage aud will mako
tin u home iu Cimibiook.
Parents, send your children to Beal-
tie'n iliun store fur school supplies. Mis
Murk Is Complete iii every respect.
|oe Roblllfard,   formerly   C.   P.   R.
ii, ent    nl    tins   pulul,   is  now  assistant
1. 1    keepei fot M. Malnucs & Co.
Tenders foi painting tlu* Presbytcriau
1 ih irch i< ive hot u naked lor. The) are
tu he filed on 01 beTi te September 1
1      uh, Black  Diamond and Jcssup
drill  and pick  Itcell,    Also full  line of
min ami ' uiidere1 hardware at Gil
i li
Fred Plepet visited Nelson thiB week
to purchase n large slock uf wall paper
foi several targe caijtraclBhe now has on
Constable Mortis  wns called to Moyie
Monday night 10 adjust a little difficulty
between two beligeretit residents of that
The Cosmopolitan hotel is doing a
most satisfactory business. Messrs.
Small nnd Musgrave believe iu pleasing
the people.
For Bale—Columbia graphopbone complete and in perfect order, with aeventy
records, price $25. Apply drawer one,
Fort Steele.
, Constable Cox, of Victoria, has bteu
eent to Cranbrook lo assist Conalalde
Morris during construction on the North
Star branch.
J. ti. Musgrave returned Monday from
a (rip to Nelson, Rosslaud and other
West Kootenay points. He enjoyed lit:*
trip .cry much.
ness in that line.
Thomas Hume, the brakeman who
had his leg taken off last winter, has returned from Minneapolis. He now
wears an artificial limb and gets around
uh spry as unyone.
Chmles Compston, chief, dispatcher
will leave for the const this week for tlie
purpose of recuperating his health,   Hia
\v 1. Crooker, J P Fit; ■; nmi * , Fo-
ronto; Thoa A Joyce, Bii a sail . M in;
■'- 1 ■■■:.■• ■: - 1 G v. White, Wm Gordon,
..■;■;. . G ■! ;."■;■■ ■ ■■ 1
Mieh: C Kauffrai n, j '• 'an, vliss N Morns. MissR Lysle, S Morrill, Moyie; A
Clocklie, Vi 11 Ryau, M McCarthy, J
White, J Cqurtemuncne, Wardner: Adam
Hall, Yabk; Thos McKee, Winnipeg;
Mrs A Kitleii nud child. Rat Portage;
10 Kendall, Ottawa; M Salmon, Renfrew, Ont; Dan McDonald, Jas Joyce,
Kimberley: Angus McDonald, Godericb,
Ont; Tom C Gray. Rossland; o B Williams, Fort Steele.
1 ;i ii Kootenay.
1 m Louis, John AstromR, Lethbridge;
3 O'Brien, Thos Fee, Thos Drummond,
H O'Hagan, Win Campion, Geo Hyde,
Macleod; P T Peters, Winnipeg! Peter
Norman, Peule; A Doyle, Kort William.
Ilu-.li Brandon, Nelson; Joe ti Robillard.
Moyelle; Capt C H Mllford, Col H D
Ilendeison, Moyie; F Adams, Urandon,
A R Duncan, Vancouver.
The Black Bear Mining Company, Ltd. I
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares of 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares of Which Will Be Held as Treasury Shares for Working Capital
Ban:sin List.
Brick yard cheap for cash.
Four   roomed   furnished   house
stable, $550.
Three roomed house, $125.
McViltie St Hutchison.
Are You Hungry?
Just received, 11 car of OgUvle's flour,
mother and niece will accompany him 1 u has the strength of Gibraltar.   Hun*
as fur as Revelstoke.
There is a great scarcity of men for
various kinds of work just now, Cranbrook contractors cannot find enough
carpenters, and men for other fields of
labor are hard to get.
Dr. King has bad a telephone line put
up from his oflice to the hospital at St,
Kugeue Mission, Tbis will give hint
direct communicattoi. and save him
needless trips at times.
The two daughters of J. F Armstrong,
of Fort Steele, havu returned lo the coast
to resume their school wotk. Mr. Armstrong accompanied them as far ns Kootenay Landing Tuesday night.
II. T. Ceperley, president of Ceperley,
Mackenzie St Rouucsfell, Limited, Ibe
largest insurance agenta in the province,
wus iii Craubrook Friday and Saturday
inspecting their agency bete.
A li VanDecar has built a sidewalk
from tbe Aiken block 10 tin* lloyal
hotel, which veiy much improves that
part of tbe town. He has nlso put up
an attractive sign on Haker street.
Vou should see the new porcelain bath
tub at McFarlane's barber shop. Il te
the only one of lhe kind in Bast Koote
nay aud the best equipment for beating
One can enjoy a bath wilh such modern
VanDecar & Son, who have taken full
charge ofthe Royal hotel, have fitted up
their house in magnificent style. The
rooms have been refurnished, the painters and paper hangers have been at
work, tbe new verandah hns changed
the appearance of tbe horse, and eveiy-
thlug is now in fine shape. What
more, they are doing a most gratifying
■ Pm
garlnn and Olenora in sacks, half sacks
and quarter sacks. Rolled oats in 80,
[0, 30 and 8 pound sacks, Wheat meal
11 8 pound sacks at     P. McConnell's.
Parties having bread tickets on S. B.
Eyre's North Star bakety, can have
them redeemed at Bremner'a store dur-
ng the month of September.
This company Is now being organized for the purpose ot acquiring and working; the BLACK BEAR AND MABEL
Development work consists of various shafts on the vein for a distance of of 300 feet, all showing ore.      The     J
vein is 6 feet wide, with 2 feet of solid galena ore, j
Samples of ore can be seen at the City Hotels and The Herald Office.      Promoters stock is now on the  market  at  Ufa
CENTS A SHARE.     For further particulars inquire of
Men Wanted.
Men wanted to cut nbout 20,000 cedar
posts. Good timber. Price 3 cents.
Further particulars npply to
H. Pollard, Goatfell, B, C.
The past week or ten days teems to
hnve been unusually wet throughout ibe
whole of the west. In Peruie it has
rained evciy day for two weeks.
The C. P. R. he*, commenced to re
move the new freight shed to make room
for the erection of tbe depot, which is to
be completed hy the middle of October,
Mr. ami Mrs. B. B. Eddy, of Hull,
Quebec, spent four days i'l Lown 'bis
week nnd paid a iimi to the mines on
Thursday. Mr. I-Mily is the great match
monufaciurei of Canada,
Woik on the coke ovens has been
somewhat retarded during the pnst week
owing   to   lhe continued  wet   weather.
Qood progress, however, is being mnde,
aud before the lirst of December tbe full
three hundred will be turning out coke
Colonel P. ior, M I* , and A. W. Jones,
Of Victoria, paid their first visit to Per
nir this week, and made a tour ol inspection of the mines, both are large shareholders iu tlie company, the colonel b«-
Ing one of the old British Columbia
Southern directors.
A McDougail, Pernie;J Houten, Sullivan Mine; K Biison, ti Q Brown, Ilenty
Davis, J Monlgoiueiy. M McCarty, J It
Dem lug, WS Reid and wife, Thos Mc*
Keo, W a Uhoiiru, Winnipeg! H A
Woodford, |as White, A Grant, Ward-
ncr. W Sandon, tflkoi I H Robillard,
Creston; J R GofT, Chas Armstrong, B A
I'.lion, A l.i'ith, W R Ross, Port Steele;
I, Thuruinu, Culgitry; PS Uceller, Nelson; i h Pope, C P R, J S Henry, Toronto; J Mejlon, Kootenay I, mding; J M
Catioll, Kimberley; J K McUuchlaU,
Owen Sound; IITCeperley, Vancouver;
p Chapman, Nelson; J N McCracken,
Moyie; Thos Wordmap; Macleod; K
Ooldstone, Montreal; II Watson, C V R
survey; W I. Thomas, Spokane; D J
Riley, San Prancisco; Colin C Brown,
Rosslaud; I. M Mansfield, Moyelle; A
MeKenzie, New Glasgow, N S; J Cardell,
Calgary; Jos Liirouude, Miss Jncobs,
Miss Phillips, J McDougail, Montreal
Chas Armstrong, Mrs GofT, O II Williams, H McVittie, J F Armstrong, Dr
Corsau and wife, Miss L Scott, John
Arthur, John Fink, Fort Steele; Chas
Kstmere, J W Gordon, W Greig. T Well-
man, Kimberley; Fred Stork, W II
Whlmpster, Fernie; P E Lee, Jack Mc-
Guire, Macleod; I) J Klmer, P F Smyth,
Steti Hanson, Scott Morrill, P Collins,
Moyie; John JI Coff, Vancouver; J Bryan,
V Levecque, Wardner; I Betad. Newfoundland
J Spell toon
Imperial Houauholtl ot Auatrln Curlia
l'»  l':\iP(iviifc.*tm-«-.
According to the Vienna papers, the
domestic nrrangQnwntfi of the imperial
household of Austria have recently been
subjected to reforms of tbe most radical
nature. Hitherto, it is stated, tbe wasto
uud mismanagement lave been gigantic, says the London News. Now, bow-
ever, many ancient usages—Borne of
them dating from the time of Maria
Theresa — have disappeared forever.
Formerly the servants enjoyed many
perquisites, which amounted to a very
considerable sum during the year.
There were "depnt'iten" or allowances
of wood, wine or venison. Euch domestic, too, used to receive two large
wax candles daily in Bummer and three
in winter. In future the "deputaten"
will be abolished and there will be a
rigorously fixed weekly allowance of
candles, which will not err on the side
of extravagance,
The liveries of the court servants have
also been tbe subject of reforms. Those
used n> remain the property of tlu* wearers when thev were changed for .1 new
outfit. Xow, they must 1-e returned to
tin* superlutendenl ol the household.
In past years the wincoonsumedbj the
ita has amounted to sonic 15,000
liters a year, This, it is estimated, will
in future be reduced by i.wo-thinis. The
custom of permitting the servants to
appropriate and sell tbe remains of all
the household meals and banquets is
also to be done away with. On tbe occasion of ceremonial banquets the perquisites on this head hnve frequently
amounted to 4o or .11) florins a bead to
tie attendants concerned, ln future
the, romnlns of nil snch banquets are
to be purchased en bloc from the comptroller by a contractor. In these and
other matters the house of lla-poburg
haa determined in future not to despise
domestic economy,
She U Improving Ikr Hotel ndd 1UII-
« It)       11-■'ll 111 lllll llut I on «.
The question is continually asked:
Why is Ireland, with its exquisite scenery dim! almost unrivaled beauty, neglected by the pcrlpatetlcSaxon? There
arc, 01* havi! been, invariably two methods uf solving the problem. Bays the St.
James Oozetto, The Saxou has
shrugged his shoulders and repeated
for the thousandth time the old formula nbout the discomfort and Uie ex-
eessively high tariff of'the irteh hotel.
Or, on the other hand, he may have re-
narked ou the dilatorlue-is of thc Irish
railway train.
lt is not for im to den-y tlmt, to n
very considerable degree, complaints of
thit-,   character  have   been   more than
justified; hut a recent and rather ex*
tended   experience of both these nee-
essnry adjuncts to the business of touring has revealed to tin the tVi thnt
Mich grounds of lllBfintisfaction nrebe-
Itig rapidly nnd certainly removed. Ireland Ims at lasl awakened to her possibilities uk a tourist resort which—
whether it be In sea, mountain, lake or
river scenery—rivals if it doe** not excel
Scotland nnd Wales. She is accelerating und improving her railway service; «hc is opening up new nnd—for
the tourist*—virgin routes; hor hotel
phoprtctora are alive to the necessity
for materially changing their methods;
and, given these conditions, there can
be no possible reason lu the world why
Ireland should not obtain a fnir sbare
of the holiday bur-vest which at present Is bestowed with bounteous hand
upon the continent.
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager Canadian Bank of Commcrce;
Via Cranbrook.
Stationery Store
Stationery, Novelties,
Cigars, Tobaccos,
Books and Periodicals.
Cranuroak Stationery dtoro, Agent.
Lowest Rates to Any Point in Canada or
 United States	
Opposite Craubrook hotel.
Kootenay and Algoma Gold Mining Co.
Head Office at Cranbrook, B. C.
Capital Stock, 1,000,000 share, at par valoe ot 11 each. NON1 J Incorporated uoder the lawi ol British Colombia with Don per-
ASESSABLE. sonal Liability.
President. A. Leitch, Sr., Esq., J. P., President Cranbrook Umber Co.   Vice President. M. Mclnoc. Esq.. of M. Mclooes & Co.. Craobrook.
.lames Ryan, Esq., Cranbrook; Qeorue Bremner. Esq.. Cranbrook: J. H. king Esq.. M. IV Craobrook. j. R. Cosli'ao. E.q.. Q. C, Craabrook;
T. T. Richards, Esq., Cranbrook; E. E. Simpson, Esq.. Cranbrook; Joho Leask. Esq.. Craobrook;
Hugh I). Henderson, Esq., Moyie; I. J. HcArtbor. Esq.. Paisley. Oot.
Solicitor, J. R. Costigan, Esq., Q. C, Cranbrook, B. C. Backers. The Canadian Hank of Commerce. Cranbrook.
McVittie & Hutchison, Official Brokers. John Hutchison, Sec'y.
Now developing the Union Jack and the St. George claims near Cranbrook, and the Kootenay and Algoma
claims near Wanita in the Trail District.
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We are now selling men's straw and canvas
At a discount of 20 per cent, or if you want
a good felt hat we will give you a bargain.
Stores at Ganbrook, Pincher Creek and Macleod
Pioneer Hardware Store
We heve a few-..-
left.   "JFill give you a bargain in them.
The flies are here and the season
is well advanced.   We will sell
Screens, Doors and Windows
........at cost.
S S G.H. Miner
IV-piKM of Men anil Women.
The average weight of 20,000 Boston
men waa 142 pounds; women,
pounds. At Cincinnati the average of
the Kami" number of men wan 134
pouwlf-; women, Kij.
Mitnufni'ltirc ul lisplualves,
More than 10,000 persons are engaged
in the maniifuct.uro of explosives In
Great Britain.   I*»«t year 40 persona In
J P Periiuson, Montreal; Mrs   tlio business woro killed and 107 injured
i, Hogansburgbi N Y; G A! by accidents, ..
1       —— . t.,,a,,i its* -'-■-—.. £.. —w	
The Empire Mining Company, Ltd.
CAPITAL $500,000, IN 2,000,000 SHARES OF 25 CENTS EACH
s   s
This company is being organized for the purpose of developing and working the EflPIRE
mineral claim, better known as the FACIOUS MAJOR STEELE PROPERTY, situated on Sand
Creek, two and one-half miles from the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
25-foot vein of chalcopyrite, assaying from 8.36 per cent
copper, 9 ounces silver, trace in gold, to 23.79 per cent
copper, 37.6 ounces silver, and $4.90 in gold.
The company has a strong treasury of 750,000 shares. Promoter's shares are now placed
on the market at 5 Cents per share
s  s
For further information apply to
CHA5. E5TMERE, Promoter
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Trustee
Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B. C.
Kimberley, B. C.
Via Cranbrook
(i}*>9-* • •■• •■♦ »■•>■ Ht>HM
99-9-9-**-+^* • *■•■* • * * **-•••*>••>•**•* a a tywm-rn
>»•>•> I.-1 «.*»•» 1 M 1 **•>»**© The Herald Job Offia
IS unequalled In Oast Kootenay for its facilities for doing first=
class job work.    The work is right.    The price is right.
The stock is right.   Try us with an order.
"1 aent tor you," she said. "1 knew
yuu would come it yuu possibly could."
She bad puzzled him from tiie flrst—
her absolute loneliness and bet reserve.
jo you remember, Brother Jw, the dear
old days when we
Embarked  in brisk commercial life. *», There were moments when uv won
hopeful as could bt.'
Investing all th*- hoarded wealth or copper
.•enta and dun
And going into bankruptcy m leaatadosen
A doaen times, at least, 1 say, but tancy it
\vai> mure.
Wfl (ailed, and ate our stock or goods,
Wln-n we kepi siuru.
Wt- opened in tin* coslhousa once with
eighteen sauily sticks
ur candy In an old fruit Jar. ia nicit-#l pur-
chased six,
i We -Hot Red *• tat
And having tlfteen
us u would go,
Buying direct from Mr   Mean,  th* gru-
coryman, you know,)
But not u euatomer appeared, l very much
To say.  in fine aons ever name
When wo kupt atore.
um- time you noM your ragi ajid bon«sand
1 gave you a whip
Which you had covoted, for half a working
And, invoicing •""'"' peppermint, aome pins
and indigo,
We opened ui the haymow with our apu-
ita ull aglow.
Wo thoughl  the I'lns and blue would lure
housekeepers by the score, ,.
Hut ne'er ii parson came to boy,
When we kept store.
Wo vigorously advertised In aheeta most
neatly penned,
llul if the people ■■■■■-..I onr bills tli-ay dM
noi comprclien .
ur  comprehending, minted not merchants
t in
al dial
nailn-'ly stuck (In trade)
Mr. M
ua by
•>.-ii nt in■-ra* of patronage
re  mor
our edible
WO kept Btor».
ad In
c in wht
I've managed
o lay up a
il  vi
ii, I  it
rstand, i'»«i'-ii
a pretty
ink un
ml  1
han treated u.i
Well U.1
t ao
■■-, J.iMt
look back and
CO  again,
wlnh that
1 tw
i mlgli
r an boor or so he boy*
a at, iicforn.
the -ui
which failed lu
we kept store,
SOME one war* coming uu the stain;
ua the little district visitor wa* do
RLundintr. The ascending party struck
u vestn, which throw n fitful *■**"■« ovor
the (Jump und filthy wullsaud Ute gray
gowuud form of Hester Moore.
Dr. l'tiui Muyland stopped aside, flattening Iiih broad shoulders aguiuat Uie
baluster rail tu admit a wider passage
far her benefit.
During the next two weeks this
"slumming" doctor und the aoberly-
drossud little district visitor met about
half a dozen times uu their separate
wnys Ui or from home den iu a crowded
alley, and at the end of a fortnight the)
m-tuiilly ilt'lied criticism aud spoke. It
una raining a steady drizsie, and
Lhrough the mire uf a dirty court i'aul
Mnylnud saw a familiar furm iu gray
Stopping over the puddles without an
"1'li-ust* take mine," he said.
Hut she would only consent to share
"Those places are not fit for yuu,"
snid tht; doctor later when walking with
her homeward. "Vou are too young,
too—too—indeed, it is scarcely safe for
bo young il girl to venture among the
criminals that are hidden here."
"But I must," she murmured.
"Ah, yuu an- one of thu.se brave women willing to risk anything. 1 hud heard
of you long before I Imd the pleosur
lighting yuu down thoae rickety stairs
two weeks ago."
"Vou hnve heard of-me?" sheusked,
with nn ubrupt sharpness of tone which
h<* did not notice.
"Yes, from the jiuor wretches whom
ynu huve made yuur devoted friends,"
lie exclaimed, "it iu more often for yuu
thoy cull in tin' extremity of their pain
Mum fur me."
'"I um glad if 1 have dune any goud
.--tii' snid, sighing with relief.
"Uoodl" he echoed, "If the depraved
creatures about here worship anything
ntaU. it is the LlttleQray Lady, as thoy
huvo named you
Dr. i'uiil Mayland wan celebrating hla
40th birthday over a lonoly cup often.
Old Betsy, his housekeeper and oiu
time uurso, had mude a doubtful louk
Ing cake in honor of the occasion, and
her affectionate master was sacrificing
his digestion to please her.
It wus not often tlmt tie wiih left tu
njoy a in
ul in
. and to-day win 'ft,
jition to the rule He was
still contemplating a setond slice of
cake when he received a hasty summons
to it case in Lavender court.
"That's just like hi in," she growled
in monologue- "He'll ucver be rich
while he doctors them paupers tor nothing,     And   lhey   take 'vantage of Ink
goodness, they do. Now, if Master Jack
hadn't turned out a won rulrv I "—here,
being a devout Catholic, she crossed
herself and mused mourufully upon tin-
doctor's secret sorrow,
"Master .lack" waa 1'uul Mayland'a
youngest brother, hia Junior by
years, who had been left ius a sacred
trust by tlicir dying mother to the
elder's can*. Some seeds of depravity,
pci Imps sown iu long generations past,
curly developed iu young Jack. After
rushing through various vicissitudes of
gambling uud drink, he devoted the re-
mnlning part of his sodden Intellect to
the criminal science of burglary.
His distracted brother for several
tears grieved for his "sacred trust" us
u tiling lost Io him, until one night
Jnck had appeared craving protection
from the law. Fur the sake of his dead
mother, Paul hnd shielded the boy,
who, when the danger was over, broke
lonse again, and in the course of time
his dexterity curried him in thc rrini*
inul world the sobriquet of''Lightning
Al Havender court, in the room where
bis patient lay. Dr, Mayland found the
T.|ttle Gray Lady kneeling hy the
truckle bed on whieh a consumptive
child was dying, t    ..4.,,
dered if she were tiring of her charitable work, su obvious tu bim had beeu
her troubled mind sometimes, Tonight, walking beside her through the
busy streets, he abruptly put his fancy
into wonls.
"Yea, 1 am very tired," she answered.
"1 hate the work.   1 hate it."
••Hut. it isn't compulsory," he exclaimed.   "Why du yuu do it V"
"Because 1 must," she suid, bitterly.
Paul Maj land WOS not a rapid thinker, and nut until they had turned into
the street where she lived bod he come
to Borne sort of conclusion. Perhaps
she was performing deeds of charity in
expiation of some trifling sin, magnified by her tender conscience,
Yes, he loud her. She bad guessed
it long ago. It was in thai moment
when he had once unconsciously revealed hia secret that her work had
(become suddenly hateful to herself.
"Don't go in yet," he Raid. "1 want
to tell you something. Let us walk
back to tho end of the street."
"1 love you, Hester. 1 love you." His
low voice penetrated through lhe tnd-
tie of Uie street. "I iim not a voting
man, but my feeling for you is deep
and strung enough lo lust my lifetime,
even unto eternity." He caught the
sharp sob thai wus choked iu her throat.
"Hester," he cried, "look ut met O, my
darling, what, ia It?"
"I am su happy!" she said. "That is
How long thuy walked up nml down
the pavement neither knew. They W
jerked  hack  to  the reality of things
by   a faint, lumrse voice that s
to  have  Hpruug  out   nf tho darkness
beside litem:
"Paul, for (lad's sake, save me! Tt
is the last time I shall (roubleyou."
"Oo to my house, by the buck door.
I will join you in ten minutes,"
And, catching at Hester's hand, he
htirriod her along.
"You are trembling, dearest, Thut
man haa frightened you. He meant uo
harm.   He ia ray brother."
"Your brother?" she gasped, ''Lightning Jack your brother?"
"What do yuu know of 'Lightning
Jack?'   Who are you?"
"Cume. with ine tu my lodgings," she
said, faintly.   "I can't tell yuu here."
Hester Moore sat with her arms
stretched across the table, her head
bowed un them in speechless, tearless
misery. The confidence which she had
withheld mi lung hud been wrung frum
her at laat.
She was no angel of charity, but a
person sent frum Scotland Yard to
track the burglar, "Lightning Jack."
"Su thla ia our Little Gray Lady! A
human bloodhound paid to hunt dowu
fallen wretches."
Every word lushed her like a whip.
In the distress of that hour he was
blind to her pain, blind to justice, blind
to his very love for her.
"Well, your victim is ready at yuur
hand," he suid, bitterly, to the trembling representative of Scotland Yard.
"Of course, yuu will du your duty."
He walked from the room without
a backward glance. For un instant she
remained thus, spiritless und dazed.
Then u gradual Indignation worked its
way through her clouded brain.
What had she done to evoke contempt, or forfeit happiness? lk»rn of
a detective father, she had beeu carefully trained by the clever parent in
certain Intricacies of the profession, and
since his death the. work had been to
her a uwaua of livelihood.
The cheap clock on the mantelpiece
Struck 11, and she raised her face ut
last, a wondcrous pity looking out of
her burning eyes. His seeming cruelty
had been but. the outcome of fear for
th** safety of his brother!
When the dawn showed through the
chinks of thp blind, she threw open the
wlntlow nnd leaned out her faco in tne
chilly breeze.
"Hester, I have been waiting fnr ynu,
hoping againat hope that you did not
go Inst lllgllt to—Scotland Yard."
It was Paul Mayland standing on the
pavement. He bent hia face close to
hers, atul whispered,
"Thank Qodt" shn said, with shaking lips.
Death had spared her & terrible task,
"Lightning Jack" had died in delirium
iu the arms of his brother.
One of the cleverest lady assistants
attached to Scotland Yard resigned her
poet a few weeks ago, on the occasion
'■tt her approaching marriage.
The pew-opener of the Southwnrk
church was heard to remark that "in
all her ken" no muu had ever looked
so proud of his bride ns did the "slumming" doctor who brought buck tliu
Little Oray Lady to live with them.
Have you forgotten, little wife,
Our far-off cbUdhood'i golden Ute?
Our Bplendld castles on the sands,
The boat 1 made with my own hands,
The rain that caught us In the wood.
Tin- cakes We hud when we were Koud.
The doll 1 broke and made you cry,
When we were children, yuu and I?
Have you forgotten, little wife.
The dawning Of thnt other lift-?
The   strange   mw  light  the  whole world
When life love's perfect blossom bore?
The dreams We had. the Bung* we made.
The BUnshlne, and the woven shade,
The tears of many u sad good-by,
When we were parted, you and 1?
Ah, nay!   yuur loving heart, I know,
Remembora mill the long ago;
li is tin- light ot childhood's days
That   mIiIne»   through all   yuur    winning
Clod grunt we ne'er forget our youth,
ltn Innocence ami faith und truth;
The BmtlQS, the tearH and hopes gone by,
When wo were children, you und I.
—Casaell'i Magatlne.
The End of His Cyclonic Career
Brought Grief to the Hemlock Bell.
ON ONE uf mj
my trips through the
country, up in the
hemlock belt," said John Gilbert, the
traveling groccryman, "a disconsolate-
looking native came out of a barn near
tlie roadside and hailed me.   1 slopped.
" 'Did you cume through J inkins* llul*
Ier'." lie asked, .   *
"'Yes,' I suid,
" 'Was folks gathered- pooty plenty at
the tavern, lookln' glum." he asked,
" 'Not that 1 noticed,' I replied.       ^
" 'Wasn't the store abet up'." V
" 'No.'
"'Business goin' on about as usual,
hay ?
Tin- Ctiurt'n Advice.
There was once a western judge whn
wus never heard to use the pronoun
"I" ouudde of his own Immediate family circle, after his appointment to the
bench. At times his habit of reference
I to himself lent au air of dignity to his
speech; at other times hia listeners
seemed to be decidedly more Impressed
with the humorous side of his addresses
thuu with the subject mutter thereof.
Oue day a young man slightly under the
Influence of liquor was brought before
the judge. "Young nmn," said the
judge, impressively, "when thia court
waa about your age'It sometimes In*
dulgt-d in drink, In consequence of
which It nearly committed, on one occasion, the crime of murder upon one
of the court's second couaina. "Hut the
court oaw the error of Ita ways', reformed, und in time was elected judge,
aa you now see. This court, however,
has not the slightest doubt thut If it
had unt iibandoned its youthful course,
it would long since have been Immured
cither behind prison bars or In Its
grave! And it te therefore especlnlly
fit, young man, that this court should
urge yuu tn du likewise."—Youth's Companion.
'It appeared to be.f
"'Then they hain't heerd on it down
to the Holler yet,' said the native.
'GuCSS 1 better lo'ie down there an'
break it tu 'em myself, kind o' gentle.
If the news hits 'em suddent they mowt
•diet down the tavern.'
'"What's happened'." I asked, my curiosity excited'. 1
"'Why, Snorter's dead!' wus the re*
" 'Who's Snorter?' I Inquired.
"*Uuess you must live pooty fur
about here,' suid the native, 'if you
never heerd o' Snorter!'
"I hadi to admit that, I did not live
thereabout. The big barn door wa*
open and swung back against the side
of the barn. The native stepped back
and closed It.
"There,1 said he, pointing to a miscellaneous colleotlon uf things hanging
to thai, aide of the door. Them's the
latest assortment of Snorter's scalps!'
"I counted 2.1 ratsklns, a weasel akin
and a chicken hawk,
" Them's Snorter's (M'uIjmj,' sold the
native, 'an' you bet you glooin'll foller
when the news gits round ihat Snorter's dead!'
" 'Son of yours'" said T.      #**
"'Son o' mine!' exclaimed-the native. 'Puhl Then? ain't no son o' mine
nor no son o' nobody els** on the ol'
PasBadanky could a hung up a passel o'
scalps like them! No, sir! Snorter
wa'n't my .son. He was the son of a
hurrienne. Snorter was! He waa a
rooster, an' the son of a hurricane! Xo
one never see the likes o* him afore,
an' won't never see the likes o' him
"'Four years ago a hurricane setch
as we never heerd-on afore come swoop-
in' through this deestrle'. Tt come from
the southeast an' fetched all sorts o'
truck along with it. droppin' of it here
an' there, an' pick In1 up more in place
of it, so'a we had things that belonged
mebbe 'way down iu Virginity, for all
I know, an' things that belonged to
us wns mebbe lugged'oft an' dropped
down 'way up'in Michigan, jes'as like
ns not, if the hurricane -wind held oul
that fur—an' from the \yt\y it wns golij'
when it slid over the o!' Passadanky
I've an idee it had wind enough to carry It on lo Alasky, easy enough, before
It give it's dyin' yoop, After the hurrienne jjnt by I went out to take a look
around, an' 'mongst other things* 3
found was a red hen, set tin'dazed-like
under a thorn "bllfih. There never had
been a hen like ihat in the hull hemlock belt.    How fur she. had rid on the
bosom o* that cyclone nobody'tl never
know. I picked her Up an' found an
•■'gtf where she sot. The egg wa'n't no
bigger1 n the everyday run o* he-n'i
eggs, but it was red- ■'.iimii*. 1 as red uh
(he hen. I brung Ihe hen nu' lhe erg-j
hi, but the hen never seemed, to git
herself together agin, an' give a eoupU
0* kind o' homesick sighs an' kicked
the bucket, i had an' ul' domtnlck hen
that wus pin In1 to set, nu' I sot her
AtnOhgSt her seltin' o' eggs wua that
red egg that come from some unknown
country, ridin' Inlo the I'asaadanky
deestrle on the? bosom <■' that storm,
Some 0" that hurricane hail worked Its.
way into that e-,% sure enough, for the
chicken that come outen It turned out
to be a reg'lar rnovin" cyclone. That
chicken wus as rei! ns thc egg It came
out of, an' that chicken was Hnorter,
He was the son of a hurricane, an' lie
took after his father from the word go!
'"First time 1 ever took notice o'
Snorter's uncommon p'lntswnsoneday
when he was about it month old, I was
goin' by the barn here, an' I heerd a
tremendous cacklln' 'mongst the check-
ens buck in the barnyard, tin' a rat
sipiealin' lu seti'h a key that I know'd
It must n run ug'in trouble o' some
kind. I went round to the yard, aji*
there wus that hurricane chicken, tvltfh
nothin1 on It yit but plnfeathers, tug-
gin' away like mad at a rat's tail, which
he had keteh-eil hold on as the rat was
sklppln' Into a link- under the barn,
mehlte with an pgg or a youngchiekeii.
Afler two or three jerks that buddln'
cyclone of n chic-ken yanked the rat
This hotel has just been opened to the public. The building
is one of thc best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new
and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing
the public and we propose to do it.
out. The rat was blgger'u any one o'
them sculps o' Snorter's on this barn
door here, an' you'll notice that eome u'
them sizes up a leetle hefty theirselves,
Quiekeru I kin tell yuu he sw ung that
rat up over hia head an' slapped it dowu
k'eplosh on a big Eftone that lays in
there. Three times he done thut, an'
then chucked the rat to one side. There
wa'n't no mure life nor backbone left
in it than there is in u wet dishing.
My ol' woman come along Jes' then an'
"'"(Ireat Peenpnck! Ain't he a
" 'An' that got to be hia name, though
I've always been sorry 1 didn't call him
Hurricane nick.'
"Just then a mule In a loglnolosure
un the opposite side of the roud raised
its voice in the must prolonged uud exasperating heehaw 1 ever heard u mule
" 'That's i.itupin Belix,' said the native. 'He hain't Sling like thut iu three
yeurs afore.* He knows Snorter is dead.
an' he's gloatln'. That's another thing
that weighs m« down. 1 bought that
mule three yems ugo. I got him cheap,
un' he 'peered like a bargain. First
time 1 tried him 1 tiK>k hlm down in the
lot yonder to plow oorn. Ho yanked the
plow the satlsfj Incet kind two or three
times oerost tliu lot, an.'then he stopped,
braced hissclf, an' hung down his ears.
1 coaxed him, an' I laid the gad on him,
an' 1 proddi'd him with a pitchfork, blithe never paid no more attention to me
than if 1 wus it house fly.
" '1 lubored with him fornn hour, but,
us nigh ua I could make out, thut mule
hail made up KU mind to sttiud there in
the sun till the jedgment day. I was
makln1 up my mind to go hoiiw nn' let
him stand, when along come Snorter,
llw seen right away what waa up, an'
he turned his hurricane natur' loose on
to that mule. He hopped up on the
mule's neck, socked his toes inter his
iiiaiue, Jabbed his bill way down inter
the mule's ear, an' hollered things in
thnt ear that waa htur-ruisirV to hear
The mule wuh took buek tremendous,
but he was a mule, an' he rise hia heeU
to'rds the sky, an' Hopped his ears, an'
shook his head, an' tried to skeer that
rooster away. llut he didu't know
Snorter was the son of a hurricane, an*
nrter awjjile he kind o' settled down
an' began to look round to diskiver whnt
he was dealln' with, anyhow. Snorter,
he socked his claws an' his spurs inter
the milk* an' rammed hia heud so fur
inter the mule's ears that I thort sure
he wero goriu' his bill through to get
at what brains the nude had. An' yell!
(ireat wildcat! how he did yell things
way down ag'in the drum u'that mule's
tar! An' pooty soon the mule begun to
look skeert, an' by uudhy give up, hung
hia head, an' went to plowln' as if he had
never quit an' never intended to.
" 'Seat' day be bad a notion to go on
strike ag'in, but 1 got Snorter round
where he was, an' he buckled in like all
■persest-ed an' from that time to this
he's been the bes' mule in the deeetrle'
Tills mornin', though, 1 went out to
put the harness on him, an' what does
h« do but kick up, an' heehaw un' heehaw, suinpin' he hadn't done In three
years, an' 1 hain't been able to get nigh
him. He knows that Snorter's deud, an'
he's-gloatln', an' lie won't never be wuth
a cent to rue ag'in, except ub buit fer a
bear trap!
" 'So fer four year, pooty nigh, thut
amazln' rooster hus cleaned this here
cleariu' o' rat* an' weasels au' hawks,
Even b'ar seems to have heerd o' Snort'
er, for there hain't one bothered lis
sence he broke that mule. 1 s'pose. wc
won't be able to keep a sheep nor a
pig, though, now, suuu 11a H gits out
through the deestrie" thut Snorter is
dead. I wouldn't feel so clean cut up
and banged down by It, though, if we
could only And a feuther layiu' round
anywhere. Snorter died suddent un'
complete. .- .-**
" 'Down yonder'long the creek they're
workln'u stone- quarry. Snorter hadn't
never been down to look the works over
till yeste'day afternoon. Then he
meandered that way, je.-d na the men
had knocked off tin-dinner. Sam Sli-
ccr brought the pews up. Ile snid be
was settiu' under a tree, ton rod or w
from the quarry, entln* his grub. He
seen Snorter walkln' over that way, un'
lookln' up by an' by he sees the son of
a hurricane tuggln' away at sumpin'
the fiercest kind. Sum got up un' went
to'rds the quarry to see whut Snorter
was extermluatln'. He got pooty nigh
the spot when he see Snorter swing
sumpin' up over his head to fetch It
dowu ag'in un a rock, jes' like hu killed
rats. Sam wtys when he see that hu
turned an' run away aa fast as his
legs'd carry him, but he hadn't gone
more'n three sttipi when sumpin' went
or? tremendous. Sam was tumbled tint,
an' he suid he heerd stones an' things
droppin' around there fer a matter o'
two minutes or mure. When he could
git up and look back at the quarry, all
hu could see o' Snorter was a hole in the
ground an big aa a cellar. Sam haa an
Idee that Snorter dlskivvred the strings
luingin' out of some curtrldgfH they
blast with at the quarry, the cartridges
being klvered up. Snorter, thlukln'
they wus rata' tails, jes' went for one.
un' never knowed his mistake, That's
Sam's idee, an' the heft o' evidence Is
that ht* hain't fur from right.
"'So you kin ruthcr Imagine that
there's gloom settiu' down on this clear-
In' thloker'n (leas on a groun'hog dog,
an' 1 guess I'll godown tothellollerun'
break the news gentle, fer If it hits
'em suddent they mowt ahet up the
tavern.' "—N. Y. Sun.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $2.00 per day. -,      ,       1    0   /*-<
Short orders day and night.        Lranbrook, D. L.
B. C Furniture &
Undertaking Co.
Manufathirers nl nil KlttJs nf
Upholstered Furniture and Mat tresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmers.
Perdue Blink. Onpnsile Canadi.-in Kanlt Commerce.
s s
I East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
itH: reduction in
111 a (Iriule Mm- -ini'iiih,
HnnnKcnu-nl and Wedding Kings.
' HruiKhcti, llrfueletr*. Chains,
Blouse Sets, lilt .*]
tViirlt ami Ciwils liiiaianteed
to (live s.iiinfiu'tum.
T. T. Richards
I'rnjiiii'iiir   :::.:::
W. F. Tate
This hold li
is llio hesl.
is been refitted antl refurnished.
Saliafuctor; rnteB niven regular
flu- lohle
Baker Street
Cranbrook, B. C.
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs Jt ** *t jt
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
HILL & CO....
j*>      Mclnnes Block
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Cranhrook ...JEWI"l.i*l*
Mllclal Watch Inaneotor tm Crows Nt'st branch
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
Imperial Limited
An Unparalleled Success
Fastest ni Best Train
Crossing the Continent.
Steamers   Leave  Fort  Williams
One uf tin.- Mosl Cotiifurtublt
Motels In Kust Kootenny
Refitteil Throughout
Newly l-urnislnd
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, D, C.
Where Education Counted.
Even tlie cubuuI observer could] eee
that the men had been indulging tiia
fruely in the flowing tJQWl. The pair
mode their way alopg the street rather
unsteadily, Tltey were men of the laboring dans, but, neverthclefifl, seemed
to be jolly fellows.   Finally one said;
"Jerry, I'm 'nebriateti."
The other replied, after some hesitation:
"I don't know whut you mean, Tom.
Of course you huve a, better education
than 1 had, but I know yer drunk."—
J'UtladelphlaCall,  ,;^
44 The S Emporium "
Sherlock & Bremner.
Choice Fresh Fruits received three times n week.
Oats, hay, Hour and Feed.
Our grocery stock is complete and fresh.
UenLi' Furnishings, a good range.
Boots and Shoes well assorted.
DoAuroA ealtt ni Ladies' Blouses, Ladies' Dress Skirts
Keaucea s.aie 01 and Ladjes, Ul)uerskirtSi
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Blatk Hear... 7%c   Empire	
Kimberley Conaolltlnted, si
ll. L. Cummins, C. E.
ItJiil'l.SIl COI. I .UNA
Kimberley, B.
Via Crnnhrmik
Finest Ilalll   Roiiliis ill   Baal Krioteiii'J'
Don't Oct Bald
Try Ilia Damlruir Cure.   It Curea.
I will deliver daily in any
quantity pure, clear ice to
any part of the town.
I also have a regular
milk route and deliver
night and morning,
Special Rates to the East
and Toronto Exposition
C. E. McPherson,
Qi'lit rail. AgOU', WlintlpPi*,
William Still,
Ash t Qui), 1'lWB. AgtM   \Vln'il|n
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
The oily rill route without chanje at cirt
between Nelion nnd Roislaid ind
Spokane ind Roislind.
Loitvo o-'jo ». tn.  nki.hiin   Arrive AiM it, m
••   i-jiua   "   uossi.ANii    ■■    li.ua "
"    fl.no a. in. sHu.AM-: u.io p. ih
Train Hint Innvrn Nolsoti nt(180a, in  ihuk.h
di,si' uniuioatltms nl SimkiuiG fur till   rm-iiir
I'llllSl  i-i.IiiIn.
I'iiwiik'ts fm 1(0(110 itiver iu»i lloundiry
(Jrcok ooiinoel ni .tiitim- niiii him--* ii-uiy.
t. (l, t)IXON. 11.1' ft t. a„
BJllikttllUi  W.isli.
u. 1(. TAt KAIIUKY. Agt,,
Null It. V.
W. F. QURl), B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Hrlll.h CalamMa
W, It. Una.. II. W. I1RRCJIH.II
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
ORAKjllinoK 1'riinlirimlt nnloi'
ami huil SiKKi.K,      IB ami in llait.»ii nii..k
•«' Teaming
Wood and  Ice For Sale
Cranbrook, llrltiab Columbia
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk of Ujniun'riT lll.li;.


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