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Cranbrook Herald Sep 4, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Oho. A. Cox, Prealdent, B. It Walkkr, Gen.. Man.
Paid lip  Capital S»,OIHI,(HIII.IHI
Real  2,000.000 00
Tolal  Re.OUKca  85.000,000.00
Deposits Received.   General lltiiikinj; Business Transacted.
SAVIMIS HANK Bm-Alrr—:NT- llcpoalla Received- (ntercat Allowed.
The store for either large or small
buyers of anything in the range of merchandise. We IMPORT DIRECT (the only firm in Kootenay doing this) saving two profits and getting better goods,
A few seasonable items:
Deering Mowers and Rakes,
Crockery, Linoleums, Carpets,
Curtains, Refrigerators,
Furniture, General Furnishings
Our Grocery and Hardware Departmens show a healthy
increase of sales, Help us to do more business and we will
help you on low prices
When print blurs and read- }Q
ing is only possible at an S
inconvenient distance your 'f%
eyes need help. Our glasses Q
restore the vision of youth. Vr
When a man wants to buy HARDWARE he is pleased
if he can deal with a store where quality and prices
are satisfactory. That is why my patrons are satisfied. I carry a complete stock and my prices are
satisfactory to all.
Come in and see our line of Fishing Tackle.
 It will catch you	
Hotel S s
Guests Comfort a Specialty
flood Siabling in Connection
Nearest to milium! and depot.   Haa accommodations for tiu> public uiii-i>iiullo.i in Cranbrook.
A number of articles which are over
Btnying Ihelr lime here. In the home,
the gnidt'ii, mnl lhe field Ihere are many
days ofuacrulnesai before them, but In
Hu? store their places are wanted for
other tiling*. To create new iuieiest in
In tbem aid make Immediate sales we
liuve marked all with quick prlcea, just
n few names will Rive you nn idea to the
clinrncter of all.
HOSE PIBLD HOBS (hest quality),
.SNATHS. RAKl.S, etc A full line of
0. H. MINER.
riiiiuliiiiR and Tinsinllhlnx la Connection.
Summer Heat...
Is made less oppressive if you wear
one of our light flannel suits. Just
the thing in weight and price. A
fine line of summer weight underwear; don't suffer, gentlemen, call
in and get relief.
...HILL & CO.
The Firms of Juhn Hutchison and Beak &
Elwell Consolidated.
Mergers Beeu lo be the order of Ihe
ilny, uml follow lug iti this hue the linn*!
of Jobn Hutchison and Beale .t Klwell
have consolidated. This change went
iuto effect on the first ui September.
The new firm is composed ol three of
South Hunt Kootenay'a hustle™, ull
young men, and ull men who nre trained
aloug  their  sptTi.il   linen, which makes
the I'oiiiimiiiiioii H strong quo iu every
Their head uflice in in Crunlirook, nud
,it their intention lo keep in ucuve operation branch offices iu Moyie, Fort
Steele, Kimberley, Marysvllle, Morrissey and Klko, B, C. aud Blairmore sud
Frank. Alberta. Their business will
consist of lire, plute glass, boiler, accident mid sickness iusurauce. They will
act as real estate, cuuiuiissiuu aud financial agents, uuditois und accountants,
uotaries public and general brokers. A
collection department will also be une of
their branches.
The iusurauce business will be uuder
the direct hu per vis ion ol Johu Hutchison
who needs no introduction lo the public.
The auditing nud accountant wurk will
beitichatge uf IM. A. Bcitle, who is already well known throughout, the district in this line of business, and hml
seven year a' experience in the Halifax
bunk at Halifax, N. S.
lid want 1*11 well will give his attention
chiefly to real estate und collections, and
they will eudeuvor to make a special
success ofthe latter department, ami will
have within a few days nine active oOtces
covering this district uud a portiou ol
Alberta, which should very materially
euhauce their work and enable tlieiu to
give general satisfaction by prompt attention to that special branch of their
All three members of the linn are well
and favorably known, and the success ot
the combination is already assured, for
business entrusted to thetll will receive
prompt and satisfactory attention.
Morrissey Coke.
The completion of more coke ovens
means bu increase of the supply of coke
and ci nst q.iently increased mining ope
ration nnd this condition is rapidly approaching a reality,
The Montana and'Greal Northern road
from Jennings north lo Gnlewnv has
heen completed. Tht- road not lh from
Gateway ou the iulenuitioii.il line U
known as the Crowe Nest Southern.
Constiuctiou work ou the Crows Neat
line is being pushed as rapidly ns possible. Construction trains ate running
within four miles of Morrissey; which is
the U'jiniiiiis of the Hill road.
The right cf way bas been graded to
the townsite of Morrissey, and It Is er*.
pected that the steel will he laid into the
towu hy the last of this week. A branch
line extends from tbe townsite to the
coul mines, located about four miles
soulh. The track is laid from Morrissey
to the coul mines from which President
Hill expects lo ship coal and cuke consume.! at Butte, Anaconda nnd (ireat
Falls, Mont., and Spokane, Everett, Seattle uud North port, Wash.
The Moriltsey mines aie empto) ing
500 men, which force will   be increased
as occasion demands, it is the [nten
lion to build 600 cuke ovens. The ovens wilt have a capacity of 10..0 tous ot
coke per day, and will employ several
hundred men when in lull operation.
The ovens will be located ou Morrissey
creek, just opposite  the  townsile.   The
preliminary survey of ihe ground is now
being made by the coal company's surveyors. A spur tO the ovens will be
built this fall mul material will be
hauled  111  and  placed   on   thc   ground
ready to begin the work of cnusttuctlou
by the opening of spring,
It is ailUOUUCul that the Montana and
Great Northern and its Canadiau extension will be fonually opened for traffic about September 1. With suitable
equipment the Gieat Northern will he
able lo ship from 8,000 to 10,000 tons of
coal pel day from the   Morrissey mines.
President Hill -.ays the Gieat Northern
will haul 1,000 tous per train.
A Hl| Oold find.
It is rumored that a very rich strike of
gold quartz hat- been made somewhere
aboul llie head of Perry creek recently,
and a nuinbei of prospectors have stnn-k
out in thai direction.    Specimens of ore
have heen shown containing large pieces
of gold, alio rich In silver in the form of
horn silver. It is said lhat there is a
large vein, and that it promises to exceed anything yet discovered ill Kast
Kooteuay Han Monroe is the discoverer, and a mau by the name of Ross,
who has been in tbe district for some
time, looking for mining properties (or
investors, has negotiated for a group of
six claims. The locality is about 30
miles from Crauhrook
Mill At Wardner.
The Crows Nest 1'nss Lumber company, the latest milling company organized
iu South Kist Kootenay, hns let neon
tract lo Breckinridge & Lund for clear
Ing and grading the site nt Wardner for
the new mill to be built at that point
There will be a dam built to raise the
wnter In the inlet four feet and piling
placed above the head of the island.
Breckinridge & Lund expect to have 25
teams at work by next week and Wardner will he a busy place once more.
Tbe Base Bat! Aggregation Capture
Another Victory.
It  Means a Record of Ten Victories In Ten Games This
It is the same old story.
Just a difference in figures.  That's al).
Craubrook played Calgary. Who
won? Say, stranger, where are you
from that you should ask such a question?   Craubrook, of course.
Haven't they played 10 games this
season?   And haven't they won 10?
The scalps of Kast Kootenay hang at
their belts, and four scalps from Alberta,
one from Pincher, two from Medicine
Hat, aud now Calgary relinquishes a
goary, hoary forelock.
The boys left lust Sunday. They
traveled nearly 24 hours and theu played. That dou't make any difference
with that aggregation. They could go
to the moou and win within 60 minutes
after they got there.
Can jamieson pitch? Alt mine cannon ball. And that man Bertram! Well,
he bus been catching freight trains for
years, aud a cannon ball is dead eaity.
Malliusou played first. Did you ever
see a piece of meat drop Into the mouth
of 11 St. Bernard dog. It can't escape.
That's Malliuson on fitst. He eats
them, and then keeps ou smiling. Aud
theu Hampden ami Tetllock 011 second
aud third, finishes up the triangle of
sure things. Aud that shortstop, Wat-
soul That nice looking, curly headed
buy, who starts the girls clapping their
hands. He goes after a hot ball like a
trout after a grass hopper. An eye like
an eagle, a movement like a streak of
lightning, he gelt there with both feet
aud both liniids tvei y lime. Tbe outfield is a winner, but with Jamieson
pitching   Ihey   don't   get   much   to   do.
Harry Nevin, the mnn wbo makes the
opposition crazy with his coaching, is
pool! A fly In his Held Is like a silver
dollar thrown on the bar with a thirsty
crowd; it is goue. Hughes and Thorp
are the other two, and they uiuke u solid
Tbe boys play ball all the tiuie. They
don't booze, but are ready tu work aud
attend strictly to business, Iv II. Small,
the manager, looks after them. They
like blm, aud what be says, goes, when
ou a trip. And then they are all gentlemen. Cranbrook is proud of tbem as
players aud individuals.
Hurrah for the base bait boys!
Crunlirook waa defeated lu the second game
1, l» 3.	
Harry Lindley Is All Rlfhl.
Tbe welt known comediau, Harry
Lindley, arrived last Friday with his
company. They played to big crowds
Friday, Saturday, Monday aud Tuesday
nights, aud gave the veiy best of satis
faction, His company is very good, but
of course Harry himself is the big part
of the show. He is good iu what ever he
does, and as an entertainer be is a big
winner, Kach night he kept the crowds
roaring wiih laughter hy his humor,
and at times be would by a touch of
pathos bring tears to runny eyes. The
Harry Lindley company is'always sure
of a big house iu Cranbrook. Specialties by Little Mystic, Mariott Brotbers
and Miss Natol were excellent.
Tbe Coaservatlvei Are Coming.
Halifax, Aug. 39.-—Hon. K L Borden
leaves un Monday for his trip to British
Columbia, Twenty leading Conservatives will accompany him, including A
C Bell, M P, New Glasgow; and either
Mr Hacketl or Mr I.t*force, of Prince Kd-
ward Island; P A Powers, M P lor Westmorland. N II; and G I, Mclnerrey, M
P for Kent, N B. Quebec will be represented hy T I) Monk, M P, and three
others. From Ontario there will be lv F
Clarke, M P, Toronto; James Clancy, M
P, lt.ithv.elf; Dr Spronle, M P, liasl
Grey; W 11 Bennett, M P, Stmcoe; R
Beau, M P, Grey; W B Norlhrup, M P,
Kast Hastings, Tbe first meeting will
he held iu Victoria on September 8.
Says a Good Word.
Phoenix Pioneer: Another weekly is
about to make its bow in Kast Koote*
uey, called the Morrissey Miner, in the
new town of Ihe same name. P. lv.
Simpson, ofthe Crnuhrook Herald ls behind it, and if he makes as good a paper
in Morrissey as he does in Cranbrook,
residents of the coal town are to be congratulated.
Ou August ao, a lady's abort jacket
was lost betweeu Cranbrook ami Marysville. It was a heavy, dark grey coat,
lined with black satin. A suitable reward will be given to anyone who has
found the same, If they will leave it at
The Herald ollice, Cranbrook, or at tbe
livery barn of N. C. McKinstry, Marys*
, villa*
Prom the Pernie Pree Press.
Coal oil has been struck on the site
of Morrissey and several applications
have been entered for licence to prospect.
Mr. Frederick Keffer, Eeneral manager and Chief engineer of the llritish
Columbia Copper Co., of Greenwood, B.
O., was In town for several days this
week on business connected with the
smelter. Mr. Keller la one of the moil
Important mining msn in British t'uliini-
bla. He has made the famous Mother
Lode mine of Greenwood, one of the
best paying mines of tbe province. He
bought the property when but a prospect paying some 812,000 for It. Tbe
property is now estimated to be worth
$7,000,000. It ls estimated that 8ti00,00i)
has been spent In devehpemeul work,
The mines are worked in the modern
way, and the ore Is laid down at tbe
smelter at a cost of 75 cents a ton. Mr.
Kefter ls on bla way to New York, were
he will spend several weeks.
The Cedar Valley Improvement Cc-
commenced shipping lumber Lb! weel.
Tne large mill which bas beeu In course
o* erection for several weeks is not yet
completed, but the small one la cutllu■;
about lo.ooo feet a day. The plant
when completed will be the larger,
sawmill concern In the province east c.'
Nelson, having the capacity of sum 1
,40,00) feet a day. The main building i 1
being erected by Juhn Cralgle contractor of Ottawa, Is two stories 188x33, Tbe
machinery which is now being put Into
position consists of 1 large circular saw
with top saw, slash tables, trimmer
tables, twin engine, a pair of cylinder*
for cutting logs edger, a large trimmer
siw besides a well equipped planing
outfit. The machinery will be operated
by 11 180 horse power engine wllh two
boilers of 7fi horse power each. When
In full blast the mill will employ aboul
thirty men. The company consists of
H. Bently II, A. Kanmisc and H. Lever,
all well known In Fernie.
From the Aluyle I .nailer
A. II. Trent spent a few days In Cranbrook this week.
The families of Messrs. Held and
Hungerford and their guests broke up
the camp acrcas the lake and returned
to Craubrook on Thursday. They bad a
fine time and intend to spend a short
time here each year.
The scarcity or cars on thla road U
causing the sawmill owners considerable
inconvenience. Tbe Moyle Lumber Co.
for Instance, have beetween 75 and loo
carloads of Lumber ready to ship and
Park Mitchell & Co also have a large
supply on band, but neither are able to
get aufflcent cara to fill the orders east
of here.
Jake Nelson returned to Moyle Thursday from tbe hospital. Mr. Nelson was
confined to tbat Institution for nearly
four mouths with a broken ankle, he Is
now able to be around on crutches.
Charles Duncan McNab, manager of
the Jaffray lumber mills, and Miss Alice
Maud Johnston, of Nelson, were married
at the Methodist parsonage in Nelson,
Wednesday, Aug. 37 190a. Rev. j. H,
White officiated. The wedding was
a quiet one, only a lew relatives and
friends being present. Mr. McNab is
well known in South Kast Kooleaay as
a man of sterling worth, aud his friends
are legion. Mrs. McNab was the teacher
of the Jnffruy schools last year, ami her
many charming qualities of mind aud
character made her a genial favorite
with all. The Herald extends congratulations and wishes the happy couple all
happiness the human family is heir to.
Mr. and Mrs. McNab arrived in Craubrook Saturday for a few days visit with
Mr. Ryan at the Cranbrook hotel.
Mlnlug Notes.
T. G. Blackstock, vice-president ofthe
War Kngle and the Center Slur mining
mining companies, is auihoiity for the
statement that his companies have solved the problem ot Irealiug fs ore on a
profitable basis. If ihis can be dune it
will prove a greal thing fur Rossland.
And when f$ ore can be treated iu South
Lust Kootenny this district will experience an em of prosperity thut no man
ever dreamed of.
It is said that the I.eRui will soon
ship 30,000 tons of ore per month.
Mining is having a great revival in
Rossland aud lhe town wilt soon he in
better shape than ever before.
Treatment ol five dollar ore at a profit
would make a great country of the St.
Mary's Valley.
Big Railway Business.
Nelson Tribune: The movement of
freight on the railways entering Nelson
shows a decided improvement. This is
caused, In a great pari, by the resumption of work at ihe Crows Nest company's
coal uiiues at Fernie, Michel and Morrissey. The C. P. R. is now operating
three 15-car barges from the K-iotenay
landing slip. These barges make a
round trip a day, aud as they carry full
loads each way, It will be seeu that the
tonnage bandied totals considerable
every thirty days,
Marvelous Resources of South East
Few People Realize the Possibilities
of This Section and Opportunities Presented.
Stop and think about it.
Meu ure naturally .teekiug prosperous
fields for business. This is the age of
rustle and get there. That is what has
developed the vast territury ofthe United States, und what is bringing prosperity lo Cunada. And today there is not a
section if country in Cunada or the Uniled Status that lias such a bright future
us has S mill Ivust Kooienay. lu fact, il
is impossible fur any uiuu to conceive
what tin? future may bring forth. It Is
full to ovei flowing with undeveloped resources, und men with money are just
coming to a realization of this fact. The
coal proposition is already au established fact, uud yet the industry is still in its
infancy. There are vast coul fields in
the south eastern portion ofthe district
thai have not as yet heen touched, and
when tbey are being developed will add
thousands lo lhe present population
Tbe lumber industry is just getting under headway, nud williin the next twelve
mouths will assume immense proportions nud give to the district a large
payroll 12 months iu the year. The
gradual reduction in cost in the treatment of ores by modern methods is
bringing petmanent prosperity nearer to
tbe doors of the district each month.
Soulh lv 1st Kooienay is a vast storehouse of low grade ore, as well as having
many high grade propositions, and tbe
levelopiueut of these properties mean
the employment ot thousands of men in
the near future, and big returns for capital invested. Tbe agricultural interests
are increasing iu importance with the
Increase lu population, and the time ia
uot far distant when the rich valley* of
the 10k, Kooteuay and Moyie will be
producing graiu aud vegetables In vest
quantities, Iu addition to these re
sources are those_of iron aud oil. P.x"
perlmenis are being made along theae
lines, und it is now almost an assured
certdint) that both iron and oil will be
found iu paying quantities. If this
proves to be tbe case millions of capital
will be invested aud commercially thc
district will be revolutionized.
These conditions are simply as they
actually exist. There ts no exaggeration, no boom, no attempt to mislead.
The statements are simply cold facts
If a mau Were to travel the country over
be could uot find a section tbat can
promise more for the future than South
Kast Kooteuay. A blind man can see it
now, and tbut is why The Herald feels
safe in buying that this ia the place for a
man with capital, 01 a man with energy
aud intelligence. No better can be
Work Nearlog Completiea.
Frank Sentinel: Next month will ace
the Flunk and Grassy Mountain railroad completed and turned over to tbe
owners. The grades and cuts have been
nearly all finished and work on the
many trestles, culverta and bridges
iiliuig lhe line is belug rapidly pushed
ahead. Tbe ties are being delivered
und as the steel is laying at Macleod
ready fur immediate delivery here, tiack-
laying should commence within the next
ten days"
This company will own and operate
ttieir uwn Icoiuotives and to a certain
extent the rolling stock, but will depend
upon the C, P U. for the cars for shipping their coal to market, while coke ovens will be built for cuking Ibe surplus
When this milio.nl is completed the
Oold Creek collieries will put on a big
force uf men aud Gold creek will be the
scene uf a great amount of activity.
A Card.
September t, 190a.
To the Business Meuof Cranbrook and
Vicinity and the Public:
As will he seen by notices In tbfa Issue
of Tlie Herald I have today entered Into
a partnership wiih Messrs. Beale and Klwell. I therefore take this opportunity
of thanking the business men and public
generally for the very loyal support tbey
have given me for the past four and a
half years, which has been aud is moat
thoroughly appreciated by me, I can
assure my old friends that any business
iiistrin?Lil to the new firm will have
most careful attention, and I may add
that so far as insurance is concerned I
shall persnnnlly lake care of that branch
ofthe business,
Once mote thanking all my friends, 1
remain, Yours Truly,
John Hutchison, or "Hutch."
All of the lumber companies are kept
busy these d iys Thru* Is no let up
on tin? demand for their product.
Mr. Stockelt Says the Coal Company la
Acting la Oood Faith.
Thomas R. Stockett, Jr., general superintendent of the Crows Nest Pass Coal
company's mines, in an interview with
a newspaper reporter at Nanaimo tbe
other day, regarding the statement that
the company was employing men in
Pennsylvania to work iu the mines here,
said that he knew absolutely nothing
about the attempt to hire men in Pennsylvania for the Fernie miues, and if
such an attempt was being made he
would know of it. At tbe present time
he was not needing any meu at Fernie.
and only a few men could be given employment in the other mines.
So far as the compiuy was concerned
they had made an agreement with thc
men aud were acting in good faith, and
if at the expiration of two mouths, a
majority of ihe underground workers
voted to return to the uld system, Ibe
company would couipl) with the request.
The compauy was working in anticipation that tlie miners at Fernie would
contiuue working, and had uo intention
of making an attempt to violate the
agreeiueut wheu the two months expired.
Id thus acting iu goud faith, the company expected the men were doing the
same, and If they would keep their heads
and act reasonably he hail nu doubt au
amicable agreement would tie arrived at
by which the miners and company
would work harmoniously together.
Tie Follow! of Coin man Us tion in ihc Nelson
News Is Self lixplsustory.
Kdltor The Dally News —On the Ulh
inst., I sent a piece of -.hale to the provincial mineralogist to have it examined
and I received the following reply:
Victoria Aug. IStb.
De;r Sir:—Yout favor of the llthlist
baa been referred to ine. The sample of
shale contains crude petroleum. Tbe
clay scut would not be suitable: they are
too fusible.
Herbert Carm!chael.
Public Anallat and Assayer for B. C.
This petroleum bearing shale Is found
at tbe base nf the Carboniferous range,
lying southwest from Pel nie town.
TUeae shales can be traced as far as
Morrissey. Knowing something of tbe
habitat of petroleum, with a friend, 1
went down the Talley nine miles, ami
examined the rocks dne west from tbe
C. P. It. depot at Morrissey. Calcareoua
sandatone and light porous limestone
atrew tbe ground at this point. Tbese
when atrnck with a hammer gave off a
peculiar oily odor, bu: different to tbe
odor given off by the shales further up
the valley. Finding a tine grained black
rock In the "wash," I broke It and exposed the Inner surface the to sun. Ia a
short time it sweated oil. Near here
the Carboniferous recks came in co:-
tact with the Cambraln, and form with
It a synclinal basin or trough.
In my judgment, this portion of tbe
valley Is worth tbe attention of tbe
mining geologist and oil expert.
Daniel McKemle.
Fernie, August 2-jtb.
A Hand) Bet Ice.
A Grenier, of this city has patented a
■orel device for cooking steaks. It is a
conical cover that is placed over auy
slxed skillet, and does away with the
smoke and steam that is .-.■:■:. a nuisance
In a kitchen. It also retains the flt>v r
of the meats. Mr. Grenier is taking
orders and sells tbem at 50c 75c. at.d
f 1 50. He also makes them for reslaui-
anta and hotels, that work with pulleys
and weights which are soid for f>. 00.
Tbey are woriti investigating, and
would without a doubt prove a great
help in any kilchen. Drop Mr. Grenier
a card aud he will be glad to cult upon
School Report.
Report of tbe attendance of pupils  of
Cianbrook   public  school   during   the
month of August.
Pirst Division.
Total daily attendance 441
Average 44
Total enrollment 50
Second   Division.
Total dally attendance 335
Average 33
Total enrollment. 3(1
Third   Division,
Total daily attendance 471
Average 47
Total enrollment
Sliaatloa Wanted As Nurse.
Any lady requiring a  nurse  apply to
box 84.   Have had mauy years experience. (a5tf
Why Yea Shoal* Buy "Fair Play" Chewlag
BKCAUSK it ia the best quality.
Bkcausk it is the most lasting chew.
UhCM'sK it is the largest high grade 3
or locplug.
BftCAUSH the tags nre valuable for premiums Untii, January ist, 1904.
BKCAUSK we guarantee  every plug, and
Bkcausk your dealer Is nuthrized to refund your money if you are not satisfied.
Thc Kmpue Tobacco Co., Ltd. cranbrook herald [)0 You Take The Herald?
Editor and Proprietor.
The Herald deitre*. to give the news of the
district. If yuu know any about your town
your mine or ymir people, send it to Hits office.
Tbe Herald led some people astray
last week by the publication of a notice
regarding the voters' list, It was right
as far as it went, but it did not go tar
enough, and therefore left a number
laboring under a misapprehension ot the
facts. The Phoenix Pioneer gol into the
same trouble nnd ofl't*rs an explanation
thai completely covers the situation.
The idea, more or less prevalent, that
all existing voters' lists will be cancelled
on the last day of August mid new lists
be commenced beginning with the first
duy of September Is wrung. There are
two acls dealing with this question, the
Redistribution Act and the Provincial
Klecttona Act. Section 5 of the former
provides that after thc coming into force
ofthe Act the register of voters will be
cancelled, the date fixed for lhe coming
into effect of the act being upon the dissolution of the present Legislative Assembly (Section 13). Section 6 requires
every person desiring to he registered to
apply lo the collector of votes according
to Section 11 of the Provincial lilections
Tbis latter measure, that Is lo say, the
amenolng act passed last session, comes
into force on September ist as slated in
the Pioneer a week or two ago, but only
applies, nud ihis is important, until after
the dissolution of the legislature, to
those who apply afler that date to have
their names placed upon lhe register of
In brief then, thc lists will not be cancelled on the 31st inst; those seeking to
have their name put on the voters'list
on or after September I must comply
with the provisions of the amended
Provincial Klections Act; the lists as
now existing will remain in force until
the lieutenant governor dissolves the
legislature, and after the dissolution
everyone must reregister according to
the same act,
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is <vorth $10,00, It costs only $2,00
Minister Wells is very prompt when it
comes to his district. The question of
the Paradise road came tip two weeks
ago, and already it has been settled. No
wonder the Wilmer Outcrop goes into
ecstasies of delight over tbe honorable
gentleman's promptness, as follows:
It is a pleasure once more to note the
promptness with which our member,
Hon. Mr. Wells, gives attention to the
requests of his constituents, and tbis is
but one instance in many iu which his
zeal for the welfare of this district has
shown itself at a critical moment to be
of high grade.
Aud yel fur two yenrs this part of the
district has been endeavoring to get an
important road through to Perry creek,
and all that has been done is to use $500
to start n trail, ami the money had to be
deducted from other improvements contemplated In the district. The Herald
regrets that it cannot voice the sentiments expressed by the Outcrop,
Prom the Proipecton
Mesdames Morrow. Richards McNabb
and Miss McNabb, Cranbiook, Miss Ida
Anderson, Regina, and Mr, II. II. (iilf-
flth were visiting at Steele Friday.
Mrs. Hussell, who recently arrived
Irom Scotland and whj Is on her way tc
Australia via Vancouver, Is at present
the guest of Dr. Brodle. She expresses
herself delighted with Fort Steele, Its
healthy climate and picturesque scenery, She contemplates staying here
for several mouths before continuing
her journey to the southern commonwealth,
A concert by local talent, and a dance
will be given during the nexl full moon
in ah) of the Fort Steele Hospital.
There ought to be a mule club orgar
feed In this district composed entirely
of those who are continually kicking,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby Riven lliat thirty tlnys after
dute l Intend to apply to tin? finer 1 'oinmlsslanoi'
of Lands and Works for a license to cut and
carry away timber from tin* following described
lands In S0111I1 gait Kooten lyi
Commencing nt a post planted ico ehalus north
and 40 chains east of the northwest oornor of
i.m Na B2-1, thenco north-to ohulns, thoneo wesi
leo chains, thence snitt h i'i oiinlns, thoneo ousl
n;i 1 eluiius to iiie plana 'ii beginning,
Dated tills 20th duy of July, 1008,
ita 0. I). MiNAIt.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Chlof Cunillllssloi!
or of i.ainis.'ifiii Works ror a license lo out and
carry away timber rrom the following described
lauds on Meadow oreek 111 South Kust Koote*
i oiniiioiiciiig ut a post planted io chains easl
nf [lie southwest  curlier  of hot No, IWJ, l Iience
west IHO oiinlns, tlienca south 40 chains, thoneo
east IDOclialns, tlieneo north   10 chains to the
-Miceof beginning,
Uiitetl this audi ilny of .Inly, 1002.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
iinte 1 inteml to apply to i tin Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license to mit nml
carry away Hinder irom thc following ilesciiiicil
lamis on Meadow creek in South linst Kooienay t
Commencing at a post pliiutcil S) chains south
of tho northwest corner of hot No, ano, tlience
west too ohalnsi thenee south-io chains, thenee
easl 180 chains, thentso north 10 olmlns-tottie
plaoeof tie1-;! 11111 ni*.
haunt Uiii 2Sth ilny or .Inly, 1002.
2.1 ll. MUTCH,
Hon. I. ft. Prior, minister of mines,
while in Phoenix told tlie editor of the
Pioneer that he was in favor of party
lines in provincial politics. While In
Cranbrook the same gentleman told the
editor of The Herald thnt he was not in
favor of party lines. Is it the difference
in altilude or association that causes this
divergent expression of opinion on an
important subject?—Cranbrook Herald.
It's uow up lo the gallant Colonel to
explain bow tbis is thus.—Phoenix Pioneer.
The Colonel has evidently put bis fool
iu It, or he changed bis mind after conferring with Dave Cur ley at Nelsou.
There is sonic kicking on the personnel of the commission appointed to investigate the Fernie mine disaster. It is
too early for that, The province don't
want a coal mine commission nor a miners1 commission, It wants an honest
commission to deal honestly wllh the
facts presented. Until the commission
appointed demonstrates that it cannot
do this, il is heller to refrain from criticism. 	
It looks very much ns if the Conservatives of British Columbia were getting
iu line for nn election.
Some people nre hard to please. Because Premier Laurier is receiving great
attention in tbe old country, tbey find
fault wilb blm. If he lacked lhe ability
to do this tbey would, of course, find
fault just the suni*.
The cereal yield in Canada Ibis year
will he over 300,000,060 bushels. Th's
is an Increase over all pi evious records
and is ni racing the ntteution of lhe
world to Prosperous Canada.
Timber Notice
Notlco is hereby given that thirty days alter
dute 1 Intend tn make uppilcntlon to Chlof 1 0111-
niissinniT of hands and' Works for a special
license to cut and carry uway timber from lhe
following de crlbod hinds:
cm dicing at a pnst planted at the north-
west coiner of George it. v. Taylor's tlm imr
limit, about one mile west of the nun Invest
corner of hot 0811, thenee south so ehalus,
tlienca west ho chains, thenco north 80 chains,
thence east na ehalus to tho place of commencement, along the south side or the Crows Nest
Past railway, containing mo acres, more or less.
Dated this tiA Uuy of -Inly, 1002.
23 H. S, TAYI.OK.
Timber Notice
sotiee Is hereby given ihat thirty ilnysnlter
date I Intend tn make application lo lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license lo cut and curry away timber from lho
following described kinds;
Commencing ht a post planted at ilio southeast corner of [.ousn, Kootenay district, tlienoe
south B0 chains, Ihence west su chains, thence
inuiii -11 chains. 1 lien n>  cast  **') chains  to 1 lie
placo ot commencement, containing ii-iu acres,
more or less.
Dated lids 22d day of July, mi.
-Jit KOI I BUT WltmilT.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
(Into I Intend to make application totlioClilef
('ommlssloner of I-unds an I Works ror a special
license in cut and entry away timber from the
following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted atthe north
west corner or hot Hit, Kooienay Dlstrlot,
thence south so chains, thence west sn chains,
ineiiee north m ehalns, thenco cast 80 chains
iilniii" tin-smith   Bldo  of the  Crows Nest I'us
railway to plnce or commencement, containing
lunacies, more or loss,
Dated this '.:..'<l day or .Inly, UIIK.
2^1 OKO. It, <'■ TAYfiOIl.
Notice is hereby given ihat thirty dnysafler
date I intend |o Applj* to iho Olitof Commissioner
of hands and Works nt Victoria for a spoclnl
license to cut and carry nway timber from the
following described lands in the Smith Kiwi
Koiiicnay .Hill!,■(:
Commencing ut n post ninnteil about ono quar*
ter of a mile from the bank of Perry creek ami
nbout one mile southeast of George A. Laurie's
application post, tlienca north no chains, thenco
west SO chains, thenee south  B0 chnlns. thence
east clinlns in the point of cnuuiicncement.
Alums! 1st, l!«W.
The Crows Nest Coal company has
now gotten the preachers after it. The
Presbytery at Grand Porks adopted a
resolution declaring that the coal com
pany should allow a church-tit the Morrissey and Michel mines',
Church An limine*'mc 11 is.
Methodist—Rev. S. J. Thompson, pastor. Services nt 11 a. 111. niul 7:30 p. ni.
Bible school at 3 p. m„ \V. T. Reid,
superintendent. lip-worth League every
Tuesday evening nt 8 p. m, A hearty
invitation ia given   the public to attend.
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intend toapplyto tho Chief ('ommlssloner
of| hands and Works for a license to cm nnd
carry away timber from the followlns ties*
crlheit lands on the w. sl hank or the Kootenay
rlvurpn Soulh Fast Koolennv:
Commencing nt n post panted near the crossing of Small creek north of Plumb Bob creek by
the trail on west side nf Kootenny river, '.hence
south RO chains, thence west so chains, thence
north so chains, Ihence east B0 chains to plnce of
Dated this 20th day of July, ioi>-'.
23 .1.U1I.S   PAUK,
Timber Notice
Nolle.1 Is hereby given thnt thirty dnys nftor
dnte I intend lo apply to the Chief Commission*
erof LAndS and Works fora license to cut nml
curry away limber from the following described
lamis on tfotil creek In South Kast Kootenay •
Commencing nt a post planted IRI ehalns
north ami ICO chains west of the northwest eornor of Lot No. :K(i. tlwiice west in chains, thenco
north 20 chains, ihence west 20 chains, thnncc
....ill20chains, thenee west 80chains,tlionce
north 211 chnlns. ihence wost 90 ehalns, thenco
north co chnlns, thtnee cast 40 chains, theme
south 40 chains, thenee enst 4'i chains, thenee
iltli 40 ehalns,-llisnee ("ist 20 chains, thenco
snath 40 chnlns to placo of beginning.
Dated thUaotti day of July, hub.
aa JAS. 1.van.
Timber Notke
Notice is lioroby glvon that thirty days after
.Ian-1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol Unds and Works for a license to oi;t and
carry away timber from the following doscrlbcd
lamis be ween ttie Koottuoy r.var and Q0I.1
,'ivck III fckmUl Host Kootenay:
Commencing at u post near ihi west hank of
tne Kootenai rlvor iieiuw ihc mouthu( i-.tk river
ami out 10 South Olid Of Mann's l nilicr IIl-oik
thenco south .0olialm, tlionoo wost iiiooh'alus,
thenee itoitli 10 chains, til 01100 Oast Iim chains li
i* | Hi
Dated this Will da) ol July, 1008.
2i it. II.HOPKINS.
limber Notice
Notion li lioroby tflven thnl llilrty days after
data ) Intend ttnpply tothoCli of Commissioner
of bands and Wor*s for n u se to cut ami
carry away thnbor rrom tlm following described
lands on Meadou oreek lu south Kiwi Kootenayi
Coinm 'lug nl a post planted nt Ilia south
west corner of I.m No, .M.i, llioiira north 40
di.mis, iIipiioo wesi imi chains, tlionce south iu
chains, Hiei on*.l lllU ehalns I > Hie place of ho
Rl '■*-•
hatd hus aoth day of July, IHw,
is ii, a. dutch;
Timber Notice
N'otleo li hereby alveii that thirty days after
data i Intern! tu apply to the Chief Commissioner
or Lamis and Works fur a  license to cut ui.t
carry nwny Umber irom the r illonlng described
lands between uie itontomiy river uml Hold
oreek In South Kast Kouteniyi
Commencing nt (n p si plunted on lhe west
bank of tho ICouteinj river To chains north of
tim north hoimdarj nl i oi no. 329, thenco'
i.-,ichillis, the,nv soulh40 chains,thoneo
ini ohulns, mor ■ i. ss, m the bank of iho snlil
Kontmmy rlvor, ihonco norlliotly nlung tin
rh it haul, I., t he place i»r hi'gimiing,
Dated this astli day of July, 1102.
::i A. .1. LKITCIL
Timber Notice
Notlco Ib hereby given that thirty days after
ilale I litem! to apply lo llie Chief Cl ii-.Ii.ii-
01 or Units and Works for tl license lo cut ami
carry away llm!i»r limn the following lies tIIjoiI
lands on Menduw creek in South Kast Koote
I'oiinncu'hiR u! u posl planted 40 chnlns south
ol the northwest corner of IM No. fl-M, tlionc
north 40 chains, tlieneo west 100 chains thenee
south 40 chains, thenco cist luo elulus toiho
plnce of beginning,
Dated this apihilay of July, 11102,
Timber Notice
Notlco Is lieieby given that llilrty iluys nfter
date I Intend to apply 10 the Chief Comtiils
er of Lands and Works for a license to cut ami
ear ry nwny limber from tbo following described
lauds on Meadow creek in Smith linst Kootonay 1
1 loininonelng nt n post plnntod so chains south
of the northwest corner 1 r lot No, »20, thence
west HiO oiinlns, thenee lioitlt   io chains, thenCI
east ico chains, tlienca south .0 chnlns io place
or beginning,
Dated this aoth day of July, IQ02,
23 l„ M. I.RITCH
Timber Notice
Noflna Is hereby given tlmt thirty nays after
ilnto 1 lutoiul to apply to ihe Ohlef Commission-
erof Umls and Works for a llconso to out aw
curry away timber rrom the following describe,
lands bet wee i the Kootenny rlvor und Cold
creek in botith Easl Kootenay;
Coiiimencltig nt a imst limited on tho west
hnnk of the Kootenay river to chains north or
tlie north boundary of hot No. run, thence west
iso chains, ihence iinih -to chains, thenee east
140 chains, more or less, to the said Kootenny
river, ihence southerly along lhe river hank to
tbo placb of beginning.
Daied this 28th day of July, 1002.
2:1 M. l.KITCH.
Timber Notice
Notice It hereby given that thirty days utter
date I Intend to nppty 10 the Chief Commission*
or Of l.anilsaml Works for ali cuso tootlt and
carry away timber from the following described
lauds 011 .Meadow creek In South Kus! Koote
Commencing at a post planied 40 chains sontli
f-f Hie southeast corner of hot No. 818, Ihenee
north 10 chains, thence west 100 chains, thence
sunt ii 40 chains, theuce east 10 > chains to place
or beginning.
Dated this L'utli tlay Of July, 1002.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thnt thirty days after
flute I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner or Lands and works for n license lo out and
carry away timber rrom the following di scribed
lands on Hold meek In Smith Kast Kootenny
Coimnonelng at a post plnntod no chains
nortli or the center mile posl un tin* north boon
dmy of lot No. 380,1 hence nortli 40 chains,
ihenee wost nm chains, thenee south in chains,
thenco east ififl ehalus tn the place ot beginning
Dated this Wl h dny of July, 1002.
Timber Notice
Notion Is hereby given that thirty days nfter
ttaio 1 Intend to apply to the chief Commissioner nf I.ainlsanit Works for n license tn ent and
cany away tlinliorf rom the following described
lands on flolil creek in Smith Kasf Knotenayi
Commencing nt a josi planted 100 chains
north and 80 clinlns west of lho northwest corner of Lot No. IHP, thenee south ."0 chains,
thence west BO clinlns. ihence north ho ehalus,
thence east .so chnlns to the place of beginning.
Paled this 3Jth day of July, t*m,
2:i J, K, KKNWICK.
Timber Notice
Nntlco Is hereby given thai thirty days after
dale I Iiii'ud lo apply to lhe Olllol Commission*
er of hands ami Works for n license toeilt niul
enrry iiwny limhei' from lho tallowing teserlhed
landf between (ho Kootenay river ami cold
oreek In South Bnsl Kootenny;*
Comiiioiielng nt a post planted 370 chains north
and 180 chnlns west nf the norltiwest corner or
hot No. 38t», thenee north 10 clinlns, thenco enst
100 chnlns, thenee south 40 nhnlns, theuce west
ICO chnl n< to place of beglnnlm*.
Hated Ihis ."Jth dny of July, 1002.
Timber Notice
Notice la h'oreby given thnt thirty days after
dale I Inteml to apply to the Chief Commissi lien if unds nnd works foe a license th out nml
carry away timber from the following described
lands on Meadow creek in South Kast Kootonay;
Commencing at anoit planted 40 ehalns south
or tho south cast corner of Lot No. 828, thenee
west so chains, llienoo south so chnlns, thenco
oasi su ehalns, then-jo north OT clinlns to the
placo of beginning,
Dated this 20th dny of .Inly, l!KK>.
Notion Is hereby glyeri that thirty days after
ilnte 1 inteml to upply to the cider Commissioner of Minds und Works for 11 license to cut unit
carry away timber from tho following described
lauds between Itlto Kootonay river ami (fold
reek In Smith Kas; Kootenny:
Commencing at 11 post plnntod 00 chains
south or the northeast) corner or, Lot No. 820
Iheiicfi north 00 chains, Ihence wesi 8) chnlns,
ico north 30 ohnlns, tlieneo east 126 chains,
onr less, to the hunk id the Kootenay river,
100 southerly along snld river bunk to u'pnint
easl nf the place nf 1, ginning, tlieneo 4.1
us, moro or less, to tho place of beginning.
itetl this 87ttl day of July, 1008,
88 O. P. MLTIt.
(l-oli.M  V.)
Itiiate hi the I'ml .Steele Milling Division of
Bast Kootenny Distiict,
Where located 1 Near Mark creek.
Take notice Hint I, Kdward O, McKinstry
(Pren Minor's lertllleitte No, H 48,800), acting
ror myself ami as agent for Sylvester a. Paiion
Free Minor's Cartlllcuta No. it 111,112), Intoud,
sixty days from the date hereof, to imply to lhu
Mining Recorder for a Certificate uf Improvements! for lho purpose ot obtaining a crown
iiiaiit of tl.e above claim.
And further take uollcu that net Ion. under
section 87, nmsl he commenced before the Is*
Miuiice of sueh Certlfloato or Improvements,
KDWAltD O, .MiKlN.STftV.
Dated July 17,1002,
hook (mt" mineral claim, sttuuie in the Fort
Steele Mining Division of Ensi Kootenny ;Dislrict.
Where located -Palmer Mountnlu.
Take notice lhat 1, William J. Hamilton, free
miner's corilflcato No. boo 140, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply lo the Mining lto-
corder for a ceiiiflcate of Improvements for the
purpose id obtaining a Crown (Irani of iho
nbovc claim.
An 1 further take notice that notion under section At inns', be loiuiuein'cd before the Issuance
of such cert ftctiteof improvements,
I lilted this itli day or July. 10 '2,
Notice is hereby given that thirty (Inys atler
dale I Intend tn apply to tbo Older Commissioner
of Lund and Works at Victoria for a special
license to eat and carry uway timber from llie
followingdosorlbPd lamis in the smith last
Kootenay district:
sitiiaied ou the east hank or I'erry creek, commencing at a post planted a few yards cost of
,1, A. Unite's I'pplicaijoii post, ihenee sooth sn
chains, thenee east so chains, llienee north fO
chains, theilOO west MO chains to the point of
AllgllSt 1st, 1002.
21 K. CHUDLEimi,
Notice la hereby glvi-n thai thirty dayanfter
date I hit ml to apply to the Chief Com
uiissioiie or hands and Works at Vtetoili
foiuspeen'. license tu out and emry away tlm
bur from the following described taints hi the
Soulh Host Kootenay district:
Situated one quarter or a mile ensi. of Perry
1 iceli mmeiicing III 11 post planted along slue
of W. Simmons application post, thence north
ehuiiis. thunce west .su chains, thence south an
chains, ihenee east  so chains  to  lho  plnce of
August 1st, 1002,
Notice Is hereby given thnl thirty daysafier
data 1 Intend in apply to the chief Commission*
Or of Unds and Works nt Victoria for a special
license to out nud carry nway limber from the
following described lamis in the south Kast
Kootenay district:
siiuuieil on  lhe enst  bank of I'crrycree!
commencing at a post planted a tew yarili east
or (ieoige a. huurle's application post, ihenee
CltstSO chains. Ihence north KJ ehalus, thenco
tt'es'.SO chnlns, thence south flO clinlns to (I
point ni commencement,
August ist, 1003,
21 It. LAURIE,
Notice is hereby given thai thirty days after
date l intend to apply to tlm chief Commissioner
or Unds and Works at Victoria fora special
license to out ami enny away timber from tin
following llestnlbod luud-i In th-* South Una
KootemiV (listlie!:
Commencing ut a post planted on tlie east
hunk of I'erry creok. ul I two and one-half
miles down tho creek iron, Old Town, ihence
nortli so chains, thenco west 80 chains, thence
sontli 60 chains,   Ihenee  east  .so chains to tli,
point of commencement.
Ail.ust 1st, 1002,
Notice is hereby given that llilrty ilaysafter
(Intel intend 10 apply io ihe Chief Commlsdon*
erof Unds and Works nt Victoria for a special
license to out and carry away limber from the
following described lauds In thc Soulh Kast
Kootenay district!
Commencing at a post planted alongside
(leorue A Laurie's No. t post, oil the east hank
or i'erry oreek. about two and onedinlf miles
down ihe oreek from Did Town,thence nchains
west, tlieneo south so clinlns thence east no
chains, ihonoo north 80 chains to the place or
com men ce ai out.
August 1st. lffl)2,
2*    V .LA, LAURIE,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby Riven Hint .thirty days afler
date 1 intend to aiiplytotheChlefCoiiiml-sloner
of Unds an.l Works fora license tnontad
carry BWlty IHmbcr   from   the following des-
on I lands on the wost hank or the Kootenay
river in South Kast Knotenavi
Commencing ut a pnst planted npar the cross.
Ing or Small ere k north or Plumb Doll creek by
the trillion the west m.i- ,,f Kootenny river
thence north sn chains, ihence west wi chains'
thence south so chains, thence east 80 chains to
the place of beginning.
Dated this 21HI1 day or July, 1«I2,
23 J, A. V. Pl'I'.STDN,
Timber Notice
Take nollce that I h::-.o applied to the chief
Commissioner of hands ami Works for a special license to cm ami carry away timber from
the following desorlhed Inndsi
Commcnctngat a post marked "M. Mel	
aid's a K corner," planted aboul luiir a mile
north of tho northwest corner of hoi :i,'i:, fu
Croup 1, East Koot iy. ihenee north Wl ehalns.
tlionce wost,so chains, thence s..oili hi chains
thenee enst so chnlns to (be plnee of Uoglnolng,
containing 040 acres.
Dated the astli August, 1002,
Timber Notice
Take notice Hint I have uppllel tn the Chief
Commissioner of hands nml Works for a special license to cut and enny nway Umber from
IhO followingileserlhed Inn,Is:
Cotiiineiielng at a post marked "W. Stocks S,
L Coiner," planted ut the Intersection of ihe
western boundary of a Cadloiu'i pre-umpilon
with ibe nortli boundary of lot :■*■•., Group),
Pnst Kootenny. ihence north 4"i ehalns, tlieneo
west (OO clialUS, thence 1011 til 40 chains, llldicr
east Iim chnlns to the place of hc|-iiui]iiu, containing i',lo acres, more or less.
Dated this 'Mb day of August, 1002.     -
-'•■ W. STOCKS.
Timber Notice
Thirty days nfter date i will apply to the chief
Commissioner or Umls und Works for a social license to cut ami carry uwny Umber rrom
tha following ileseilbod Inuds III South Knit
Coi onclng at the norltiwest onmcr |K>st sit-
iiutodoli the enst Bldo or Itlnek 801, uboiil 100
yards south of ,\o. k post, ion cbalns|east, thenco
40 chains south, tlienca ino chains west, theuce
in chnlns north to Hie point of commencement,
"10 acres more or less.
Cranbrook, Kib August, 1002,
••neiii'viie*' mineral claim, situate in Hie Fort
Sleele Mining Division of I,-ist Kooten iy District.
where located— Calmer Mountain.
Take notice that I, William J. Hamilton, free
miner's certlilcato No. nooi-io Inteml slxly days
rrom the date hereof to apply to tlio Mining Recorder ror n cortiiicnte or Improvements ror tiie
purpose of obtaining u Crown llraiil of lho
above claim.
And take iiotiter notice tbut action under Section 87 must he commenced before tho Issuance
of such cci'tltlcute of Improvements.
Dated Ihis cth day of .Inly, 1002,
Notice la lioroby given mat thirty day snftgr
date i Intend to apply to thectilol Commissioner
of Umlsnud Works ior permission io prospcot
for coal mi the following described Inndsi
Starting at u post planted <m the west bank or
the north fork or Michel er. ek, about live miles
above tho north boundary of hot ess, is. i,ou
sultl creek, thenee 80 chains north, llienee su
chains west, thence no chains south, ihence mi
linlns ensi to point ot commencement.
l iiicil this 201h ilny of August, 1003
_^______   hy bl* agent, c. M, Edwards,
1 Hot Sun Ruins a Building...    I
pj If you want to protect the build-           H
1 ing PAINT it.  The QUICKER you           gj
Q you paint it the more money you           13
[0 will save. We paint buildings and
p] use the best of material.
H Paper Hangers and Decorators.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chlof'Commissioner
op Unds und Wonts for permission to prospect
ror coal on lh - following described lands:
Starting at a stake plained on the west hank
of the north fork of Michel creek, about live
miles uhove the north boundary of hot 4 68, 0,1,
oii;sald crook, thenco 80 chains oast, thenee sn
chains nortli, ihence so chain* west, thoneo so
chains smith lo point of ooinmotioemeiit.
Dated tills 20tll duy of Au-ust, 11102,
24 1111)4. 11. MOFFATT.
Hy his agent, O, M. Bdwar-js,
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given thnl thirty days after
date I Intend to make application to the Chief
Commissioner of hands and Works ror a special
license to out and carry away limber from the
following ilcscrilied hinds:
Commencing at the N, K. corner posl situated
on tlie wesl side or c. P. it. Illoak ;i it, nnd
mile from II. A. Kobson's corner i od, liicnc i su
chnlns soulh, thence HO chains wesl, (heme so
chains north, thence su chains east in the point
uf commencement, i'.iu acreB, more or loss.
Crnuhrook, luth August, li),i2.
24 O.H. BLACK.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given lliat thirty duys after
dute I lutein! to make application to tlie Chief
Commission.)r or I.amis ami Works fur poinds
sion lo cut and curry away tlmb r from the fo!
lowing ilescrlheil hinds;
Commencing at iho n. e, corner post situated
on the wesl side of C, P. It. block 831, and about
one ipinrter of u mile from the railroad, from
said post so chains south, tlienoe so chains west,
Ihence so chains north, thenee mi chains ens. lo
the point of commencement, 040 acres, more or
Cranbrook, August ioiIi, vm.
21 |I, A. ItOBSON.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty duys nfter
date I intend toapplyto Ihe Chief Commissioner
of Unds ami Works for a special license lo cut
and carry uway timber Irom ihe following
deserlbed lauds:
Comiiiciiclii * nt n post mirkcd "W. L Darling's N. It, coiner" planted on Chlpka Cl
one mile west of the laud included in p. Lund's
special timber license, In South Kast Kootenay
thence west ao chains, thence south so chains,
thence oast so chnlns. thence north 80 chains tu
point of commencement, conlninlmi iho acres,
more or less.
Duteil this 26th duy of August, ID02.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dnte I intend tonpply to tha Chief Commissioner
or hands ami Works ror u special ikvusi* to cut
anil carry nway Umber from llie following desert lied lauds:
commencing nt a post marked "R. II, Jamie-
son's N, K. corner" planted nt£the southwest
corner of W, F. Curd's purchu.e, one mile wesl
of tho soutwest corner nf Lot 823, Croup i, Kast
Kooienay, thenco west 40 chains, ihence south
100 ohulns, tlieneo east 40 chains, thence north
100 chains to the place of he. inning, containing
010 acres, more or less,
Dated this 2r.U1 day of August. 1002,
24 lh 11. JAMIESON.
Timber Notice
Noticejis herebtfglven that thirty days afler
date I Intend to apply to Ihe Chief Commissi, n
er ul [.amis ami Works for a special license to
cut anil curry nway timber from the following
described lands;
Commencing nt n post marked "IL it. Jamie
son's N. K. corner" ph-ntod on the north hank
of Chlpkn crack nt the southwest corner of lhe
land Included In J. 11 reckon ridge's special Um
her license, hi South Kast Kootenay, tlienci
west sn chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
enst si chnlns, thence north 80 clinlns lo Hie
place or beginning, containing ino acres, more
or less.
D led Ihis 2,1th day or August, 1032.
24 H. It. JAM BSON,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days nfter
dale I will apply to the chief commissioner
or Umls and Works for permission to cut nml
leiiiove Umber from the following described
1 'oiiimenclng ut 1 he northeast corner pnst situ*
nted on th-) wesi hank of Moyle rlvor about 120
yards  Sillth   from   the  falls, south Mi chains.
thenee west ao chains, thence north so chains,
thenee east 80 ohulns to the point of commencing, mo acres, more or less.
Cranbrook, 2ath Angina, 1002.
24 III lill A. ItOIISDN
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby Riven thut thirty duys after
due 1 hhi apply to the Chief Commissioner of
UllllS ami Works for a special lie -n-e to cut
ii'i'l carry away Umber from ihe following ilescrlheil binds'
Commencing ul the southwest corner post,
placed on the hunt of Moyle river norili of Ifoh-
rts' pin ci mine uud hall mile wesl from the
jlllielloil of MOVte liver and Nigger creek, oust
} chains, thence north so chains, thence west
so. hams, thence south B0 ohulns 10 tho point of
eiiiiiiiieiii eiin'iii, ni*. acres, mme or less.
cr.in'iro ik, itoth August, wi
Timber Notice
Nollce is hereby glveii that thirty days after
ilaleliiiiui,ii„ make application tithe Chief
1 m Isiloiier of LandS and Works for Hcen B
lo cut unit carry away Umber from tho following
Icscrlliwl lands:
Commencing nt a post planted about one mile
WOSlof ibe Sfiiitiiwesi corner of Ut Sift,and
iiiuiii.'!: 81. haius ninth, thenco so chains west,
thence mi chains south, thence SO chains cost to
the pla-e or ooiiimeiiceinotit, containing W
ucres. more or less.
cranbrook, 11. c„ August20, ,W.
Timber Notice
NotICO tl lioroby glVOU Hint thirty ilaysafter
dute 11111 tun 1 to make application t<> the chief
Ciiiiiiiils.loiiciiir hinds nnd Works Tor license
10 cut uml carry awny timber rrom the following
desorlhed lauds 1
f'uuimt'tii'hiR ut u post plained nbout one mile
wesl or sunt Invest comer ot hot am, and run
nhig so chains wesl, thence so rhal is south,
thence si) chains east, Un-iico so chains north to
point of commencement, containing mu ucres,
more or less,
I'ruuhrunk, II, ft, August 20,1(102.
a 11. mti'MNKii.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tlmt llilrty days after
duto we intend to ma|(0 nppllcnt ou (0 tho Chief
Commissioner ot Lands ami Works for llconso
to cut uud cHrry uway timber rrom the following
ileserlhed hinds:
Commencing ut a post plunted at the soulb-
we-st corner of Lot 818, und miming north SO
chains along the west Dm*, of Lot HIS, tlionce
west Mi chains, theuce SOtllll so chuius, Ihence
oast HO chains to place or common enietit.
Craubrook, ll. ft, August 80th, l'J02. :v,
P. Burns & Co
in all the
Towns in
WMcnalc aad Hs-lall
1 Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Crush
Fish, (lame and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade is solicited.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
a. ti. THonpsoN.
Barrister., Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Craabraok aad Maryavllle, B. C.
Draying and
Pianao Moving a Specialty
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining; Claims,
Etc., made by contract
P. O. Fart Steele, fl. C.
Undertaking: And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office nnd store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook. II C.
Upholslerlnf and (icncral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in thc district
Agent lor Ihe Brandon Marble led Ursolic
Works.  Tombstones, Headstones, etc,
I.O.O.P.   Key Cily Ledge
No. 42.  Meets every Mnn-
^ y   duy night ut llieir hull 0
linker street.    Hojniiriilug
Odd Fellows cord hilly Invited.
A. La.tflh, .Ir , M. Kockemlorf,
N, 11. See'v.
Lrinbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. P. ft A. M.
lingular meetings on the
third Thursday of the
\ lulling luTtherii welcomed.
(1KO. A. LKITCH, Htift'y,
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons,   The most
economical way to handle it.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes mode new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Fl. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway  Co
Tile only all rail route Ix'twrell all
poinla lliisi, Weal ami S.mtli lo....
Intermediate Points.
CoiineclluB. nl
SPOKANE wllh llie
(ireat Northern, Northern Pacific
and 0. K. & N, Company.
Cntines la nt
Nelson with Steamer lor Kaslo
and All Kootenny   Lake Point*,
Myers Falls with Stage daily for
Republic, and
CotlllL'i-la .1x.ll V
At    Hosshurg   Stage   Daily   fur
(iratid forks and flreenw.Hid.
II. A. JACKSON, (let,. I'aaa. A,I,
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There arc a few poinls lo
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Malcri
and thc price.
Have you talked wltb aayane aboat huildla,?
Come aad aee aie ar let me see you. II may
do ua both food.
Contractor. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers; give your order
To The Herald Office
By jj
M 8
Copyright, $
I,,,,,, by •*
Widow Jiisuti was tbo rt'iii-t nf Farmer Jitsoii, nnd sin- cnri'lcd mi iin- iiiini
niter his ili'iitif with t'vcii uuni' wisdom
than hu hml Bhowi) lilmsetC posscBsml
of. Sho wna still on tin- brighter Bldo
of forty, t'uii* to look upon uml wiih nt
pence with ull hor neighbors until ilu*
ono to tin- east of hot Bold out nml a
strttuger moved In,
ilu wns u mini of middle age nnmed
I Chlslmlm, nml, botng u widower, hla
slater mannged tho hotiso for him.   if
'tbu Willow JiiHOti wns ono Of lliosu who
I wondered what sort of mini be was,
folic won the lirst to lint) it out. Among
her live Htoek that .vent* wcr« n doston
bogs, nnd it wns the fault of bvr hired
I mnn that there were holos lu tbe
fences through which thoy mado tbelr
way into the potato Hold of the new
neighbor. She hud just finished hor
broalifnst one morning when Clilsliolin
wna announced. He had tlio courtesy
to lift his hat nnd give bis nnme, but
be also bad the bluntness to add:
"Madam, your Infernal hogs hnve
rooted up half an aero of potatoes for
me, and If you can't manage to keep
Vin homo I'll shoot every ono of 'eml"
She looked nt blm nml saw that ho
traa above tbe ordinary and felt that
had Bhe been Introduced in the conven-
tional way she would have been pleased to make bis acquaintance. Uut his
rude greeting angered ber, nnd, being a
woman with a mind of ber own, she
at once replied: j
"I can pay for all tbe potatoes on
four farm, and If you come bore to I
threaten me you'll find a woman who
don't senre!"
"Well, you keep your hogs at borne."
"And you keep yourself In tbe same
That wob tbe flrst ttlt. The fences
were mended and the hogs were in despair when a high wind blew a gate
open, and the drove spent the night In
the same potato Held. Next morning
Chisholm drove ten of them home and
■aid to Widow Jason:
"Mndam, there are dead hogs belonging to you lu my Hold. Will you have
tbem removed or shall I bury them?"
"You killed them, did you7" she asked.
"I did. I told you 1 would, nod I
"Then I'll have tbe law ou you."
"Go ahead."
She went to law, and there was a
suit, and she was Ingloriously beaten.
hog lot wore thoroughly ra.inlred, aad
for four weeks the porkers hud to
make the host of their sad lot. Then
Josh left llie bars down one night, uud
as the widow was getting breakfast
she beard tlie crack of a ride. Half an
liuiir Inter Mr. ('hlsholm appeared to
"linud morning, Mrs. .Tiihou, Those
wi'i'ii-iii'il botfB of yours rooted up luy
giil-ilcu lusi night, uud tills liiumlng 1
killed iititithi'i- of thein. If yuu want
another lawsuit, I'll drive you to town
in my own buggy."
"And you -you've shot another?" alio
"I hnvo."
"Then I'd like to shoot youi You aro
the meanest mau in tho statu of Ohio!"
"Yi's'iu," ho replied, with a how ua
ho turned nwny.
Widow Jason drove to town to consult hor lawyer again, There wiih $10
in It for lilm, win or lose, but this time
Mi-. Glilshohn wns arrested for mnll-
clous poi'Becutlon, In his testimony he
roforred to the plaintiff aa "that lady"
uml exhibited uo animus whatever, but
he also proved that ho wns the ono per-
sccutcd, The widow's hogs would not
let lilm alone. She wns beaten again,
nnd this time a stout pen was built,
and the bogs wore shut up. The farmers had of course tuken aides. Some
contended that Chisholm bad exhibited
a menu and un neighborly spirit and
others thut thc widow had been derelict fn not mending her fences, and
there was much talk and discussion.
It occurred now and then that the two
principals mot on tlie highway or at
tlio crossroads mooting hoiiBe, but
while Chisholm lifted his hat and bowed us If there was nothing ou his mind
the widow, except for her blazing eyee,
seemed enrved of stone.
That pen held the hogs for a long
six weeks, but hogpens have their
weak points, and patience and perseverance wlh seek them out. The hot
sun warped a board and made an opening, and the industrious swine enlarged
It until one night they all passed out
and headed straight for the next farm.
Tliey fetched up aiuoug the cabbages,
pumpkins, squashes, melons aud carrots, and during the long hours of
darkness thoy ran riot. Tbey were
missed from the pen early next morning, and the widow sat dowu on the
doorstep aad cried. She cried because
she wns vexed, nud she cried because
she wus a woman. Every minute Bhe
expected to hear the crack of Cbis-
bolm's rifle, nnd she fully realized that
any further appeal to the Inw would
be wasted. She was vexed at lhe
hogs, at Josb and ut Chisholm. Her
tears were still fulling whon the new
neighbor stood bofore ber and bowid
and said:
"Mrs. Jnson, those blamed hogs of
yours damaged me a hundred dollnis'
worth lust night."
"And how many more have you killed?" she asked.
"None.   I've Just driven 'em home."
"But why—why"—
"Because I see how It Is. I must
either kill off your whole drove or
build a pen myself. I shall come over
tonight to talk to you about It."
He appeared nn hour nfter supper,
mul it was il o'clock before be w»nt
home. Even then the "talk" was not
finished. As a matter of fact It required a groat ninny evenings nnd wns
only concluded one winter's night
when she laid her bend on his shoulder
nml snld:
."If you aro really sure thnt you love
me, then the farm, the bogs and I nm
yours, ami we'll bo married New
Year's dny."
Womanlike she fell prolty bitter over
It, but ul llto Hitiuc lime she bud (o
glvo Mr. Clilsliolm credit fur lock of
nuy bitterness, Uo staled bis ens., in
jtllO mildest milliner and even Bpoko
llilghly of her iih a neighbor. When
sbo loiiii'hi'd homo after the lawsuit,
mIio salil Id her hired man:
I   "Josh, If lliat mini (ijlsholm comos
on my Inml again 1 wnnt you to throw
liliu nlT."
1 •'Ves'lD, I'll do ll," replied the nttinly
ll wasn't a fortnight before Cilia-
Imlin cnillO, He wus mi his way to tlio
liiiiisu when Josh bended blm olt nml
ordered blm back. He refused lo go,
niul Josh laid hold of lilm to do (lie
throwing act, but found himself a licked man lu about three ml mil en. While
be mt ou the ground with n handful of
g-fflu to his bleeding nose the victor
passed ou to the woman, who bad wit-
DOISCd the fraCBI from the front steps,
Lifting his bat, he snld:
"Madam, those hogs of yours have
been at It again this time lu my cotu-
fleld-aml I've had to kill another."
"Have you dared to kill another of
my lings V" she demanded as ber cheeks
IIiiiiiciI and her eyes Unshed.
"I have.   Shall I bury blm?"
"Sir, you are fl Bcotnidrell"
"And you ure a charming widow!"
She drove to town ut once to see her
lawyer. There was $10 In the case for
blm, win or lose, and bo advised ber to
sue, Shu sued and got beaten ngnln.
Tho defendant referred lo her In the
highest terms, but he also proved that
hor fences wero out of repair. Tbo
lawyer saw $10 moro In II, win or lose,
und udvlsed Josh to prosecute fur assault and battery. Josh brought bla
swollon uoso aud black eye Inlo court
nnd wna beaten by several lengths. Ilu
bad provoked the encounter, and If ho
bad got the worst of It thc law couldn't
help him.
It was a month before anything fur-
ttw Ut*yjf*)kMi\l 'ibe fences urouud tha
A Frnlinor-* Cooper Letter.
An autograph collector of Philadelphia hus In liis possession the following
loiter written by James Fculmore
Cooper to bis publishers In 1S31:
"1 hope you will be wrong In anticipating u bad reception for 'The Hrnvo.'
1 cannot toll you much of lis reception
In Murnpe, though QoSSOlln says It Is
very decidedly successful In Franco.
America Is. Of all countries, one of tbe
least favorable to works of the Imag-
Itialiot). In Europe or, rather, lu England, where there bus existed fl necessity of accounting for some success in
the very tooth of llielr prejudices and
wishes, It has been the fashion to say
Hint no writer ever enjoyed so favorable an opportunity as 1 because I uin
an American and a sailor. As to thc
Ballot* part of tbo business, it ls gross
l.v absurd, for whnt advantage has an
American sailor over nay other? They
kuow the falsehood of whnt they say
In (liis respect, for I can get £3,000 for
a nautical tale that shall celebrate English skill tomorrow. For myself, I can
write two European slorlca caster than
I cnn write one American. Why, Eu-
rope Itself Is a romance, while all
America Is a matter of fact, humdrum,
common sense region from Quuddy to
Cape Florida."
A Buiuuruui  I'l-cumUl nm wl    lilt   IVIml*-
shlp'i   Hf-mantM*   Trip  L'p   th. St.
I,»wrtno*~li u ii * iiii story t
Tl*e whale which strayed up to
Montreal uud stranded itself has
i caused one of the small sensations of
the past week. Tho Montreal papers have not treated bis whal*
ship's memorable (rip up tlm Bt.
Lawrence with tho respect and attention due such n distinguished visitor. In fact tbo event has been
treated with suih levity nud IndltTor-
oiico iii Montreal tlmt people in this
.city, says tho Toronto World, axe
wondering whether there was u
wlmlo there or not. The Improsston
got abroad thnt someone going home
from 0110 ol tho clubs bud •'kuI tin,"
uml that liis vision wus distorted by
tho rushing waters of tho St. ■ .Lawrence, su that Instead of serpents
nml crawling things bo Baw a whale.
Anotlior improbability, in tlm view
of land lubbers, wus that tho whalo
should Btrand itself on a sandbar or
rock. It bus always boon under-
Stood that u Well brought up whale
could soo where it wns going, and
tbe stories we have read about
whales "swatting" boats und capsizing would-ho wlmlo captors into
the sen. confirmed that Impression.
Thon again, the reports that a number of citizens had shot into the
forty-foot monster several scores of
bullets without appreciable damage
to its anatomy, was another puzzler, and we wondered why a crew
of river men was not organized and
equipped with harpoons and other
whale-killing devices fn order that
the valuable bones aud oil contained
in the carcass might be secured in
the interests of cornmercel But the
newspapers kept working oil insinuating jokes about tho whale until the
truth of the story was completely
discounted. On Saturday, however,
news came to hand to the effect thnt
the whule had got out of dry dock,
so to speak, and taken a trial spin
or two, and thnt a chap who went
with an old gun to pour some more
lead into it had been tricked by liis
weapon and received a Wound moro
or less serious.
A heated   discussion  was   brought
on in Toronto when one of a group
of men characterized the whole thing
as a flshstory.   He was at once met
with the assertion tlmt a whale was
not a (ish, and forthwith ensued an
argument as noisy as ono would hear
in a   political   caucus.       Webster's
Unabridged     was sought, and     the
first "whale" found thero was    the
verb, meaning "to lash with stripes;
to whale, to thrash, to drub." This
was not satisfactory,  but the   next
j "whale," defined as a noun, wus better,     and     the mnn who called tha
Alnmnml a fish went away and     bid
■ himself.     Noah Webster said a whale
' was:     "Any aquatic Mammal of the
order cetacen, especially any one oi
the large species, some of which be-
! come nearly one hundred feet long."
I Webster's verdict  was  accepted,   but
J the     explanatory note Immediately
following led to further speculation.
j There     nre two groups of      whales,
namely the Odoritccete whale, which
has teeth,as tha cachalot o; spuria
whalo:    ami   tbe Mysticeto    whalo,
I which    is   without teeth,   hut    bus
: plates of baleen or whalebone, hanging from the upper Jaw.     The most
important     species     of    w half-hone
] whale nro the bowhead,   or   Greon-
| Antarctic whale, tho grey whale, tbo
humpback, the finback and the rorqual.     What we want  to know     ie
whether tin* Montreal whale   is     a
! sperm wlmlo or a bono whalo,    and
whether, if n bone whale, it is n rorqual, a finback or a humpback. Whon
this Information is given tbo people
may be Induced to believe there     is
; or has been a whale in the harbor.
Appointed .liii!|*-*  fur i oj*»ltj.
1 In November, lTSfl, Hon. William
Smtth was appointed Chief Justice
, ol Canada, a position which be ro-
1 tained until hla death on November
j .1, 1708. Tho olllce was ia tho na-
i tare of a reward for his unswerving
loyalty to (treat Britain during tlio
, American war of the revolution. Born
: In New York, lie wns thc author,
J when tho controversy aroused hy tho
1 action of Parliament in passing tho
1 Stamp act broke out, of a    proposal
I partaking somowhat of the nature of
i a confederation of the colonies, in
| order to moot the problem of tbe
taxing of the North American do-
pandonctes — a council consisting of
representatives appointed by tbe several Uinta Assemblies, lo whom,
meeting at Now York, all royal     re-
ouisitioiis for assistance should be
made. This body wna to decide upon
the quotas to be supplied by the
various States. POBSlbly tbo riders
attached,     that tho King's approval
should bo necessary in tho ease of
tbe appointment of each member, and
that the tenure of oflico should bs
during life and good conduct, accounted for the scant courtesy which
the proposition received at the hands
of the^colonists.
norman Student! and Beer.
To speak of the pleasures of the German student and make no mention of
beer would bo like the play of "Ham-
lot" with the part of the melancholy
Dune left out. As the student strolls
about the country or the city, In the
music halls and theaters, at bis social
gatherings of nil kinds, at dinner or nt
supper, he steadily drinks bis beer.
The code of health drinking nnd tbe
etiquette of tbe drinking bout nro complicated aud most punctually observed.
All university functions Include a
great drinking bout —Jubilees of renowned professors, club anniversaries,
ceremonies In honor of a retiring pro
feasor. Any and every ceremony Is Incomplete without the formal kneipe
with tonsts. Ue Ims attempted to throw
a poeticnl glamour around beer, to in
vest It with tho charm of tradition nnd
lo hallow it with old associations of
college days'.
Iu Europe tbo American prefers to
drink water, and this is a great i.i.vh
lory to tbo (Jorumns, who ennttot pos
sibi.v understand bow thoy can prefer
liiin to boor.—Detroit Free Press.
It Soundad Serloui,
Bishop McEvny, tho esteemed head
of the Roman Catholic Diocese owning Loudon, Out., us cathedral city,
is not only a very able mnn, but
gifted with a fine sense of humor ;
so we rather fancy ho will enjoy this
true story: One of tho Separate
schools in Loudon Ib St. Peter's
Another school In London oast is
known as the Holy Angels. Tlie other day boys from these two geographically separated schools met, and,
as sometimes happens among the
best regulated schools und families,
a bit of a scrimmage—nothing very
Serious, however — occurred whereupon a passerby heard om small
boy shouting to another lustily :
"Come quick! Come quick! The
St. Peter's kids aro thrashing the
Holy Angels!" —London Advertiser.
A Cm. Iu Paint.
At Upper Canada College, Toronto, recently, one of the teachers, In
talking to a class, asked thy boys to
give examples of proper nouns that
could have uo plural. A small boy
raised his hnnd promptly, uud was
asked to mnko answer. "Hell, sir,"
suid    tho    boy, mentioning a place
that certainly is -.angular enough,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from Si.m. to $5.1.0 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands. Jl'hese lands are readily accessible hy the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregnle amounl ol principal and inl rest, except in the
case of lands under S2.S0 an acre, is divided into len int.lulms.-i Is as
shown in the table below; the litsi to be paid at the time of purchase, tne second one year from date of the purchase, thc third io
Iwo years and so un.
The following table shows Ihc amount of the annual instalments
on IM) acres at dills-rein prices under Ihe above conditions:
loll acrs it S2.SU per acr, Ist instalment $50.05 a equal inlal'ls at $50.00
3.00     " ,.               71.40 "              MI.OO
3.50     ", »               83.90 "              70.00
4.00     " "                95.85 "               80.00
4.50     " »              107.85 "              90 00
5.00     " "                19.85 "             100.00
KimberleV is ",e husincss a,ul shipping point for the
* North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook 's ""* divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of Soulh
Easl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further lalormalloa apply to agents aa above or lo
A. TAYLOR, District tand Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If the land is paid tor in lull at the
time of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent on the amount paid la excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interesl al six per cent will be
charged ia over due instalments,
The Company has also lots (or sale
in the following town sites in Easl Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, kilch
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance In six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud lhe gateway to the White
lirouse copper fields.   J, T. lit KtiliSS.
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Well Dressed Men who have
an eye to economy wear
E. A. Small & Co's Clothing
. . Buy . .
"Royal Brand"
It has this label
in the pocket of
every coat or over*
This label is a guarantee that " Royal Brand "
is tailor-made and manufactured under our own
roof. That ouly durable cloths and the best of
trimmings are employed in the make up.
The "Royal Brand" Clothing is of the latest-
fashion, cut by the highest authority possible
to obtain.
Ask for " Royal Brand "—Then look in the
pocket for the label—that is your protection.
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City of
.outIt East Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
>anbn sik and Marysville Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
.Reid & Co. Agents For Cranbrook.
and Builder *
All work guaraateed.   See ua before
you bulid.  It wilt pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
jjj CRANBROOK, B. C. *
i ************************  i
* PETER MATHESON, Proprietor.      J
JJ ************************ J
5 When yon nre hungi V and wnnt J
>fi a good tnenl go to Ihe Kant jfl
Jj Kooienay. 1*
J When you are tired ami want a Sj
-ft good rest go to Ihe l.nnl Koo- r-t
m tenay. J
JJJ When you are thirsty nnd wnnt a 5
* good drink go to the Kast -**.
jjj Kooienay. ffl
Ij! In fact when you are lit Cranbrook £
ii stop at the Kast Kootenay. *
East Weal
Winnipeg Westminster
Toronto Vancouver
Ottawa Victoria
Montreal Skagway
SI. John Dawson
Halifax Seattle
Boston Portland
New York San Francisco
Upper Lake Steamers
Lv. Port William, Sua., Tne,, Frl.
When in town don't
forget to stop at the...
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook.,.
Everything Firstclass .
Opposite Depot
L. R. Gubbins,
J, T, Dendurant,
Leave Dunmore Junction dally (or St. Paul
Leave kooienay Lauding Tuesday and Satur
day tor Toronto aad all eailcra points
Leave Rcvelaloke dally (or Seattle, Vancouver
aad co..st cltlea
...ONE MILLION...     8
Of all kinds of DRY LUMBER on hand. Can load Q
from I to 5 cars per day. We will quote prices on Q
request. Q
Mfrs. of Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles and Lath q
Mill wllh Capacity Irom 25.1**, lo JO.0O0 per day Q
Marysville and Kimberley, B. C. Q
Refill.-,! Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Kast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
L. B. VanDecar, Prop. IJ ***. ~ |
Crauhrook, B, C. ... 1   1 \J Id
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Through tickets to Europe via all Atlantic
Llaea. Prepaid tickets from all poinls al
lowest ratea. For full particulars apply to
local areata.
A. II. P. A , Ageal,
Vaacouver. Cranbrook
J. S. CARTER, 11. P. A., Nation, B, C,
Teams antl drivers fiirnialied for .nA"
point in lue district.
Manager   *   Jt   Jt
Wt have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. 1..POURING IN..|
Immense shipments of New Fall Goods
New Dress Goods
New Silks
New Staples
New Footwear
New Clothing       |
O New Blankets §
New Wool Underwear    New Caps    ,11
Have a look through our stock before buying. Xjf
..REID & CO..
I       INVIGORATING       I
K The day will have fewer risks for you if you start it with IR
*  a cup ot good Coffee or a cup of G. T. R TEA. SjS
Shield Coffee, with  just enough chicory to improve the <*K
flavor, 40c per tin.   Turkish Coffee, 45c.   Chase & Sanborn's xw
famous blends or pure beans, ground fresh, 50c. A
We have Teas at all prices from 20c to 60c per pound, <^
but our special, and we claim our best, is the G. T. R. at 50c. O
Come in and get a sample of it. EH
to Fancy and Staple  Groceries  and Crockery. O
to O
Fresh Beef, Pork,
Mutton, etc.SS^
Pork Sausage, Poultry, Fish and
Game in Season.
Offices at Cranbrook. Fort Steele, Moyie, Kimberley,
Marysville, Morrissey 'and Elko, B. G, and Blairmore ansl Frank, Alberta. * The District is our
territory. * J*        .   * J *
<j> Head Office Cranbrook, B. C.
S       Spokane, Wash., October 6th to 14th, 1902, Inclusive.       |
*   C4~-,l,   HORSES, II0US,
S Fine Arts Exhibit
I Fruit Exhibits nSKbr
I Eight Day Racing S&MWft
Agricultural Exhibits W°kKs
$25,000 IN  PREMIUMS
HIsST MUSIC—Amusement extraordinary,
kinds for sale.   Write for catalogue.
FRANK LEAK*, Advertising Agent.
Concession privileges of nil
Mgr, and Sec'y.
'Tis said that persons living nn annuities
Are longer lived  than others —God
kiiosvs why,
Unless ts, jdiigne the grnntors, yet 80
il is,
That some, I really think, do NEVER
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
, i>#-^«>-.>-»*-»-»-*>-»"»-»*-
Proprietor of tin-
Candy Kitchen)
, arrlean complain amok ..f
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. <H>e us a call
I 11 | | | |TTT'*TTTTttf ..*«■*..*t-* f x[
y* of Interior or exterior of your home go tn v
§.i  PREST'S STUDIO    g
* Amateur work wllliwelvo our best nt ten I
\     tion, Nonresident work solicited      *?
I Sell This Brand of Silverware
"Silver Plate thai Wears."
vtxtO, WORLD.
Official Watch Inspector for
Crows Nesl dlvl.loa C. P. R.
• Vroom & Dezall
!     Horse Shoeing
; Carriage Repairing and
| General Jobbing....
f llulslde Orders Promptly
| Atlended lo.
1 Two plastered rooms for
I rent over Herald Office.
! Inquire of
1       or at Herald Office
Select private boarding schonl for
hoys. Modern methods. Accomplished
masters. Excellent table. Home care.
Refining Influences. L-arge, airy bed
rooms.      Specially   built    clans   mollis.
Cricket, fojibnlt, boating, swimming,
military drill. Patronized by the best.
HlgltfBt refeienres. Prospectus. Rev.
C. J, Brenton, M. A , Vancouver, B C
Reference the Rev, II. lleat-huni.
|     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up About the City  by  Askinj*
Questions of Many  People.
Owingto some misunderstandings In
tii-.* past The Herald hereafter will make
i flat role of 7% cents per line for first
insertions nml 5 crnts per line each subsequent insertion for church and soe'ety
locals advertising paid entertainments.
No tickets received In lien of advertising
or ns complimentaries. Business of this
character will lie transacted on a cash
basis hereafter.
Miss Emma Leltch is visiting friends
io Frank this week.
W. B isclay, shipper nt llie Jnffrny saw
mill, was In town yesterday,
Gecge Leilch and bis sister Miss Low,
are iu Calgary this week attending the
E. L. Smith, of the bank force bas
gone to N Minima for a two weeks vacation.
Crunlirook foils nre unsurpassed for
beauty. The banana belt is nit rit>ht for
W. C. Johnston, of the bank went to
j itTriiy last week for a fishing trip The
liig one escaped.
Mrs. Charles Clnrk, Miss Bailey, Mr
Smith and Herbert Clark, of Foit Steele
visited Cianbrook Monday.
Rev. C. J. Brenton, of Kings College,
Vancouver, was in towu yesterday in
the interests of that well known   school.
Died Friday August 29. infant sou ol
Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Lacey. Funeral
service were held at the Baptist church
Suntlay iifieruoon. Rev. Auvache
Robert Cox came iu from his claim on
Wild Horse lust Saturday, where he has
completed his assessment for this Bea-
sou. He left that day for a brief trip to
Tom Wellman returned from Butte,
Mont,, Tuesday, where he has a string
of horses. Fred Small, his jockey, returned with him. Mr, Wellman expects to go back in a short tiuie.
Mrs. Neil McL- Curran and little
daughter Agues came down from the
North Star miue yesterday and left that
afternoon for their former home in Ontario wliere they will visit tor some
II. \V. Ross, who Is looking up prop
ertles in this country for nn American
syndicate, wus In town last week. lie
expects to locate here permanently, as
lie iin.Is tbis town n convenient place to
Rev. Fortune bas returned Irom Grand
Forks, where be attended a meeting oi
the Presbytery. Tlie reports nf the proceedings show that Cnuilirook's representative took 11 most prominent part iu
lhe work
Frank VanDacnr, who has been living
in California fur the past year where be
li olds a gr.od {.osition as ttave.iug nah s-
miin, hail to come us far as Spokane ou
business, and took a lay nil', of two
weeks to join his wife here iu a visit to
his parents, He may rem.iin permanently,
R, O. Jenningi came down Tuesday
from the North Star mine, lie is look
iug for n bunch of axemen to get oui
wood lor the mine. Mr. Jennings says
t nil about Sj men are employed at the
Siar now, und that everything is looking well.
F, J, Smyth, editor of the Moyie
Leader hlew into towu Tuesday with 11
new suit of clothes and n Imtterfly
tiecklte. Smyth is the Deny Wall of
Moyie, and meu go miles to gaze with
awe aud admiration at his ties. Among
llie newspaper meu of linst Kooteuay,
Smyth is the Adonis as good looks are
Ins long suit, nnd he has 11 laugh that
drives away the blues, cures deepnn*
deiicy, makes tbe hair grow uml brings
joy to the sorrow ladened,
The carpenters of Trail are on a strike.
V. Hyde Hiker has returued from
Government Agent Armstrong is in
Nelson this week.
A. McDonald, the contractor, came up
from Moyie Sunday.
W. R. Ro.-.s bus resigned his position
as stipendary magistrate.
Father Ouelette went to Feruie Tuesday to officiate at a funeral.
Mrs, T. GUI uud children have gone
tu Manitoba to visit relatives.
A, Currle O In Wardner this week
papering Frank McCabe'-i hotel.
The Labor unions of Fernie celebrated
Labor day with a paiade and speeches.
There is a general Improvement notice
able 111 business throughout tbe district.
The Labor unions of the Boundary
countiy celebrated I/tborduy at Phoenix.
Mr. ami Mrs. Thomas Rookes are
spending several  days nt Calgary nml
Jani'H Gill has heen knocked out by
his old Italian friend lumbago the past
few days.
Rev. Thompson, pastor ofthe Methodist church, held service at Moyie last
Fred G, 11 est returned fiom South
Africa last week. He was glad to get
back to Cranbrook,
Mrs. George Jackson and childreu left
last Saturday for Frank, Alta., where
Mr Jackson is now located,
The Craubrook friends of Mr. and
Mrs. A H. Mutz will regret to team of
the death of their infant child,
Fred Owens left last Tuesday for bis
home in Manitou, Man., after a pro
longed vi-it witli his uucle A, Leitcb.
The coke oven meu of Michel went out
on a strike the other day, hut returned
after a conference with Manager T/ouki' .
Miss Ada Betscbeu, who has been visiting Miss I'utmore for several weeks,
returned Saturday to her home tu Re-
The delivery horse of the Fort Steele
Mercantile company gut nay the other
day and broke up Ihe wagou lo a slight
J. K. Henniger, formerly of Wardne*,
but uow employed ns a Great Northern
bridgeman, bad his left foot badl*.
mangled by a car while working near
Grand Forks.
Mr. Chudlefgh, chief dispatcher, is t ff
for a two weeks* vacation, and J. H
Scott is in charge of the office, Mrs
Chttdleigh went to Medicine Hat to
visit in the meantime.
Mrs. J. W. II Smythe, her mother
Mrs. Keny, and sister Miss Keay, re
turned lo Cranbrook last ttun.il ay from
Greenwood, and will make this town
their home In the future.
An item of iie*-s lhat is not news:
Tlie morning passenger train was late
seven days last week. If there had been
another day in tlie week it would have
probably beeu late eight days.
J. P. Fink has been busy cleaning
liouse llie past few days. He expecls
bis wife and children in a few days, and
is heard whistling, "There is no place
like home," half the time.
G. II. Gilpin has bought out the
Kootenay Furniture Company, aud
continues that stock with his own I Tbis
gives Mr. Gilpin the largest stock of
furniture between Nelson and Calgary.
The alleged correspondent who wrote
the article in last week's Prospector, regarding the Martinier trial, did well to
keep his name a secret. It was an unwarranted slur upon Constable Morris,
who did his duty.
This is the time of the year when the
soul of the person who has heen buying
on credit all summer from the home
merchant is made glad by the arrival ot
Baton's catalogue, and he begins to
save his money to send east for. fall
Edward Bray, one of those wbo made
a nice "fortune out of Crows Nest Coal
company's shares a few years ago, arrived in South East Kooteuay from Victoria last week and is "visiting round"
with his numerous friends iu this district.
The committee in charge of taking
itock for the East Kootenay Lumber
company, has heen busy this «eek.
The milts nt Moyio, Cranbrook and Jaf-
fray were closed down Monday, and the
great piles of lumber iu each place
measured. The company has many 01 -
ders to fill nud will be kept busy supplying the demand.
James Jukes of Douglas Park, Chicago,
is visiting his daughter, Mis. R, R.
lamit-son. Mr. Jukes had intended to
join Mrs. and Miss Jukes here but
through poor connections from the
south in coming from Utah where he
had beeu 011 a visit to oue of his sous,
missed them, Mr. Jukes will return to
Chicago via Still Lake City next week.
There will be fun in catloadi at the
Spokane interstate fair this fall, and no
one can afford to miss it, The management lias taken time by the forelock aud
gone after amusement early in the game,
and says to this paper, tell the people It
will all lie at the fair this fall. Balloon
ascensions, merry go rounds, ferrls
wheels, moving pictures, side shows,
freaks and many high class attractions,
enough for you; many will be entirely
Sealed lenders for tbe alterations and
Improvements to Christ church, Crun*
Inoi.k will   he received by tbe mider-
ligned up to Saturday September 13th,
at 12 o'clock noon.    Plans nml specification may be bad from Jumes Gill
DeVere Huut,
A. C. I'igott.
Churchward tiers.
Messrs. Carlln aud Doyle, of Fort
Steele were visitors at Old Town Sunday.
Mr. Ross Is at Perry Creek looking
over some claims of Mr. Stierwood's.
The Perry Creek Mining Co.. are still
Increasing Us force of men. 11 lias now
seven meu at woik.
The Perry creek Hotel Is the place to
get a good chicken dinner on Sunday.
Mrs. Paul Handle; of Kim ber ly is
spending a few days visiting her old
friend, Mrs. Barge at Old Town.
Why Vou Should Buy "Fair Play" Chcwlnx
BHCAU8K It is the best quality,
Bkcaiisk it is the most laBtlug chew.
BrCAUSB it is the lurgest high grade 5 or
loc plug.
BttCAUSH the tags are valuable for premiums Until JANUARY 1st, 1904.
BucAti.sK we guarantee every plug, and
Bkcausk your dealer is authorized to refund your money  if you are not satis
The Empire Tobacco Co., Ltd.
»»tlF Jaeraal mt Abtrdtta   Make* IU.
tjn-ml D«f*mca at tht BvmlalM,
Here is a Scottish newspaper. Tin
Dally Journal of Aberdeen, .with *
really eloquent defence ot Oanadry
against Kipling's implied suggestion
that snow plays a part la oue dall^
'The title of 'Our Lady nt Wa
Snows,' " says the Scottish writer*
"bestowed on Canada in a haphaa.
aid sort of manner by Eudyar'd Kfg*
ling, is not at all a hippy onej
as it upplies to a season 0&1& 1
have seen the grapes hanging la'
luxuriant bunches to the vinee Ini
a Quebec garden, and the flelda 01
tomatoes grow crimson la th**
warm sunshine; I hava lingered lh'
the golden wheatfleldi fn the evening and listened to the myriad
sounds of the cricket and grass*
hopper; I have walked amid tba
cedar trees in nn Ontario awamp
when the sunset glow hnd faded,
and watched the fireflies darting to
and fro like shooting stars; und I
have watched the tiny humming-bird
with plumage that rivalled tho gully-
painted butterflies, contesting with
the bee for iho honey that, lay within the swei't-jtutf-lling flowers.
Scenes like these me not associated
with a land of never-ending winter. Consequently there can be
no greater mistake than to imagine, ns too many people do, that
Canada is a semi-Arctic country
out of which little good can come.
And yet, what do we find? According to tbo returns of tbe Hoard of
Trade fully 65,000 to 7.-").000 Britisher* went to live in the United
Slates during the past year, while
only IU,ouu or 13,000 weut to
Canada. 'There is no reason to
doubt that if the resources und natural wealth of the Dominion of
Canada were more generally known
in tbis country, we would soon hear
the last of the term "American"
as applied to Canadian products,and
United States producers would no
longer receive credit for Canadian
goods, in many chaps BUperlor to
their own. Those wbo guide the
destinies of the Dominion think
that the Stars and Stripes bavo
overshadowed lhe Maple Loaf long
enough. Every true Briton will be
of the same opinion."
»r. rruiir Ont nf th» Kltct.
Canadians generally will be interested in learning that Dr. J. Beat-
tie Crozicr, author of the famous
work, "History of Intellectual Development," has bepn selected as
one of the 300 representatives of
the empire lo the splendid ten-
guinea volume of portraits nnd, biographies which the Grosvenor Press
are bringing out. Tbe work consists of representative men of every
class outside ot lhe military nnd
civil services, who will have a
volume to themselves. Dr. Crozler
will be one of tho representatives
of the department of philosophy.
Also, of course, he will stand ns one
of the representatives of Canada, a
distinction he hns well earned, nnd
on which bis countrymen will
warmly congratulate him.
The I.ovln--a*>ia of Dogs.
I have heard tbe watchdog's honest bark' bay deep-voiced welcome
to me as 1 headed for the pear tree
after dark, I believe Ihc fellow that
owned thc pear tree chose to think
that lha dog wns giving him warning of my approach, but I know
better. 1 had never given that particular dog any reason to dislike me
and tht fact that his noisy welcome
did bring the owner of the tree Into
his orchard with a gun was not
the   dog's fault.    It   wus  merely   due
to the circumstance that, the dog
in his canine Ignorance welcomed me
too vociferously.
Tbe epistolary nil In Franca Is
jtill   old fashioned  lu  at  least     one
particular—the sand box is still used for blotting,     "The elegant   yso
of tbe Huuduruipic" -s a thing to bu
The mortality from cancer   among
sailors fn very high, 41.5 per   100,-
000,   whtlo    that ol miners Is ouly
12.2. 1
Call at Tom's Barber Shop, Victoria House, opposite depot.
Tlie slii'ii i.i neat, the towels are -'loan,
Tlie shears nro 8liui|i, the razors keen,
And I-*veryllil 11 u lhal skill can do
If v> n'l! call lio'll dn fur you,
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave 15c.      Hair Cut 35c.     Shampoo 25c
Physician and Surgeon.
Office al fte.ldeace, Arm.troai Ave.
Foreaaana,  ....  9:30 to II
Allerooeaa   ....   1:30 to 3:30
Evealaia   ....    7.30 to 8:30
CRA-BROOK,   i   :   :       :   :   B, C
Excitement Still Prevails at
1 The Big Store I
O Iii out Men's department new goods are arriving every week
^ so that our stock  is becoming;  more complete every day.   It
| will pay you to inspect our goods before purchasing.
A, This week we received a large shipmen-. of Glassware and
O Chamber Sets which we will sell at close margins.
<j^ Our stock of GrocerieS is always fresh and clean.
to 0
to J- P- FINK, rianager. «•>
Don't Let the
Biggest One
Get Away
This Season
Remember it always
Pays to Deal with
X     Buy Tackle that will stand the
strain. And that's the only kind
' that we sell. Fishing tackle is go-
■21 ing fast here. Poles were never so
ja cheap belore. Landing Nets were
?• never so light and durable as our
1902 styles. Have a look at our
hard braided silk and linen lines.
7 Of course, as usual, we carry the
? best assortment of FLIES in East
2 Kootenay.
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The 2oth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
AH kinds and superior quality. Our
Apples and Plums cannot be equalled
in town and the prices are right. Don't
think of preserving until you inspect
our stock.
A RATTAN CHAIR or        I
Will Renew the Appearance nl W
Your Parlor.   Good Values In (j>
tbe Latest Style cm be hod
Repairing end Upholstering a Specially.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, per bottle   I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00 '
Usher's Old Vatled Glenlivet, per bottle I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle   I 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts'1870 Invalids Port, per bottle        2 50 jjj
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle     I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle     2 00
Claret    Chateau-Clowsman, pints  I 00
Bass Ale, pints  35
Guinness' Stout  35
^■W*«i?"lr^-W*lf-»*l^**^^^ (,
Our Samples of Woolens
And Tailors Trimmings for the Spring
and Summer Season, 1902, are made up
of the latest and choicest to be found
in the foreign and domestic markets.
They are especially adapted for the merchant tailoring trade and may be had
upon application.


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