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Cranbrook Herald May 8, 1902

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CllANUHOOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA;   Till IiSDAY,   MAY   8,   Hills'.
ft *»■#■*>■•'♦
The Canadian Hank of Commerce.
I IIsin. lliii). A. Csix, President.
j I'.lld Up   liljillill  	
! Kssi  2,000,000.10
J T„,ai Reiourcea  6S,O00,0O0,OO
11.1C. Wai.khr, Oen. Man-
j A (iencral Banking Business Transacted.
! Deposits Received.
j London Agents—The Hank of Scotland.
I 1
The Tailor= Wade Costume... i
is the greatest boon ever offered up-to-
date ladies. We have juit received a
large stock of the latest styles, none
have been made over a month. They
are correct, so are the prices. For inst,i nee
POR $7.00....
Others a little more.
Groceries, Hardware, Tinware, Crockery,
Shoes elc, all niuvlng lively. No dull times
here. A hit of Furniture to arrive In a few days
to stuck uur new shuw rooms.
"j& LOWEST, LOWEST In town
h  VrcUlUr00K      Quest*. Comfort i Specialty
j j   II       ,       | flood Stabling In Connectloi
jj Hotel s s
Nearest to railioud aud depot.     Has accommodations  foi   tbe public unequalled iu Cranbrook.
...The Pioneer Hardware Store...
ll-mcmber when the carpets are taken np for cleaning
and the house turned Inside out generally that our stock of
contain* mnnv thing** which will be ot assistance in putting
It to rights again, Tne names of a few articles will be in
orders: Brooms, Hnslien; all kinds Feather Dusters, Mops,
Pills, Tack Lifts, Tacks. Tack Hammers, Picture Hooks.
Wire, Faint, etc.
Car Load Carriages
Just to Hand...
Poultry Net.
Garden Tools
...Fishing   ackle...
A compliete Assortment of thc Best mid Prices that
will meet Iiie npproYttl nf all. Ilnnsi'lcaning means
lliat lite walls must he cleaned.   See ns about
Tlnsmlthftig a Specialty jt p# flcBRIDE.
We are getting; new goods every week. Our
stock of white jf.ioils and spring novelties is
unet|iialled in East Ksotenay, Call in and
and see the many pretly things we have.
3 Respectfully solicit your patronage and hope to please I
W, you in style, quality and finish.   A fit guaranteed.
Tailors, Cranbrook Block.
The committee in charge of the celebration on the 24111 bas decided to postpone it until Coronation Day, June 36th
for the purpose of leaving the day oper
for the other towns nf the distiict.
Mc Is Reported   lor  Cuuraj-cuus anil  Intelligent Action.
The   Herald   is  in   receipt   o( 0 letter
from  Sydney J   Muikbaiu,   fuuiitrly  of
Craubrook, but now in South Africa, enclosing a copy of general orders calling
attention lo ihe bravery of Corporal J.
Hendry, of eastern Canada, nnd Trouper
William Stewart, well known iu this
district am) a former resident of Sand
creek. The portiou ol the order u-IjIiuk
to these men is as follows:
"The inspector general desires to
draw attention to a very commendable
piece of dispatch riding successfully accomplished by No. A, 1676, Corporal J.
Hendry, No. 5 troop, and No A, 1S84,
Trooper W, N. Stewart, No. 13 Troop
"A" division. These men left Botha-
ville ou 28th February with Important
dispatches for Colonel Kekewich ut
Woliuaraiibtad, 40 miles distant. In
their first attempt Ihey were driven
back by Boers, and trying again on the
ist March, were a second time forced to
return, but the third time they were successful and managed to get to Wolma-
ranstad. Here they found tbe Boers in
possession, and were pursued by them.
They fortunately got 011 to lhe spoor tf
Colonel Kekewicb's column and follow*
ed it up, reached bim in due course.
Tbey were both strange to tbe country
and the plucky and intelligent manner
in which they carried out the Important
duty entrusted to ibem is worthy of the
highest praise, and has been lully reported to the commander-in-chief.
The Levasseur Cup.
Ross Tate, secretary of tbe Cranbrook
Lacrosse club, is in receipt of the following couituunicaliou which explains
Fernie, B. C, May i, 191)2.
See's L- C, Cranbrook.
Dear Sir:—A meeting of delegates
from Cranbrook, Lethbridge aud Fernie
represented lespectfully by Messrs. S.
Hayes, A. Scott aud R J. Black, was
held in the Royal hotel ibis afternoon to
arrange a series of matches, etc., for the
l.evasseur cup, which is to he played
for this year.
The cup is to become lhe properly of
the team winning it three years in succession, but is to be held each year by
the team winning the mosl scheduled
games in the year.
It was agreed
(1) That a schedule of mitches be arranged, one game with each team un
their owu grounds and vice versa.
(3) Tbat the visiting team pays its
own rail, oad expenses ami the home
team the hotel expenses.
(3) That the followiug schedule of
games be adopted:
(a) May 34, Cranbrook vs. L-'th*
bridgc at Cranbrook.
(JO   June 23. Femh
(0) July 1, Fernie
1,(11   July iS. Cranbrook vs. Pernie at
(**)   July 30, Lethbridge vs. Pernie at
(1) August 13, one of Ibe deciding
games, nl I,eihhridgc.
. Lethbrldge at
Cranbrook   at
Cranbrook Will Be Stormed.
The Pirates of l'lnchei Creek intend lo
storm Cranbrook at au early date, notice
of which will appear next issue.
The troop is composed of 40 residents
of I'uicher Creek, Alta. U will he the
greatest musical event in East Kojtenay,
liilberl St Sullivan's comic opera Pirates
Ol I'enzitnce, colored light effects, gorgeous costumes, new scenery. To lovers
of opera this will be a treat. We admire
the energy nnd pluck displuyed by the
members of this troupe Itfbaving successfully mastered so ditlicult an opera,
a feat which is not any loo easy for amateurs in any part of the world We are
Informed on reliable auihotity that the
costumes are very handsome, aud that
the choruses in particular are rendered
in an excellent maimer, Wntch the advertising columns ni nexl issue fur full
II Is Reported That They Have Nine
Feet uf Oaleua.
The Sullivan Is Preparing to Resume Operations In the
Near Future.
Mining news this week is further evidence ofthe fact tbat Smith liast Kootenay is a vast treasure house of precious
metuts. The latest and oue of the most
satisfactory pieces of news received for a
long time, Is that of 11 big strike of gu-
leua on the North Star property. It ia
reported that last week while operating
the diamond drill a vein of galena ore
was struck that showed between seven
and nine feet. This is exceedingly gratifying, since it demonstrates that this
celebrated property will continue to pay
dividends for a long time to come
Arrangements have been completed
for the North Star to commence shipping, and tbis also meaus a large addition to the force. This increased work
on that property is a good thing for tbe
district, and simply emphasizes the fact
that South East Kootenay is bound to be
a marvelously rich section.
The Aurora.
Tom Rader of Moyie, wai in town last
week. He is one of the owners uf the
Aurora property, which is located just
across the lake from the St. Eugene, and
was feeling very good over a strike of
three feet of galena, iu a new portiou of
the claim. Work has been inaugurated
on tb s part ofthe claim owing to water
in the shaft, and the change proved to
be a lucky one.
The Sullivan.
In all probability work will be resum-
1 on the Sullivan in a very short time.
Just as soon as the smelter at Marysville
is near completion active operations wil-
commence at tbe mine. Mr. Hull, general manager of the properly, is in the
east uow, aud white there will arrange
with the railroad company for the con-
Iruction of a tramway to bring the ore
down from the mine.
The St. Eugene.
Tbe new boilers thai have been in*
tailed at the St. Bugene are of far
greater power than the old ones, which
would indicate that tbe company is pre-
paring for an iminenne atuouut of heavy
woik. Everything is getting in shape
about the properly for work, and it is
generally conceded that operations will j
he resumed withiu n short time.
Perry Creek.
Messrs. Thompson and Hunks are busy
pumping the water out of their mine
three fourths of a mile up tbe creek
from Old Town. When the water is all
out they will put in a large new pump.
The mine has been closed for two or
three months, consequently it was full
of water and a big j »b to get it all out.
It will Like them two or three w.eka yet
to clear it. This is the famous placer
mine Lhat yielded  su  well last summer.
Mrs J. O. Trow of Wisconsin, arrived
nt Perry creek 011 lhe first of May, and
will spend the slimmer nt the Perry
Creek Mining company's camp.
Gus Tbies has leaied an interest in
the Thompson and Banks property and
work is being pushed as fast as possible.
Oliver Burge bas been clearing and
beauiitying tbe park around Old Towu
making It au ideal place for picnics.
Old Town, Perry creek, isjustanice
distance from Cranbrook for n drive as
there is a fine wagon road all the way,
and good accommodations at the eud,
The recent rains are clearing the snow
trout the mountains, giving lhe prospectors a chance of which they are taking
nd vantage every line day.
Jimtnle Larfoti has left his Interests at
Perry creek in care of Ous Tbies, and
will atari on Monday for Thunder
Mountain, Idaho. Jimmie will be back
to good old Perry creek.
One H a- Formed for ihe Cranbrook District
Tuesday Evening.
A  Central   Liberal   Organization    for
the Cranbrook   district was fotmed ou
Tuesday evening in this city, and a resolution adopted lu favor of provincial
elections being held on Dominion party
The different towns iu the district were
represented by the (ollmving delegates:
Fort Steele—Messis. Watt, Giassick
ami Stewart,
Cranbiook—Messrs. I II. King, Rob-
ins'iii, Mull alt, Uuni.* mid liiault.
Moyie—\V. L  Ried.
Marysvllle—Messrs, Laurie and Borden.
Kimberley—Messrs White and Archibald.
The convention was held in Leask's
bull aud Dr. Walt of Fort Steele was
elected chairman,
After the transaction of routine business officers were elected as follows:
Honorary President— Hon. Wilfred
President—W. L. Ried.
Vice-Presidents—Presidents of local
Secretary-Treasurer—A. Moffat. '
Executive Committee—J, W. Robinson, J. llriiult, M, limit*, Cranbrook;
Port Steele, Ur. Watt and J. Orussiclt;
Marysville, A, L- Borden; Kimberley,
A. Archibald; Moyie, A. Clarke.
Measures Will Be Taken al Once lo Raise
a Fund.
A meeting was held last week for tbe
purpose of inaugurating a movement lo
raise a fund for purchasing more lire apparatus lor thc Cranbrook fire company.
A committee composed of G. T, Rogers,
A L. McDermot and C- R, Palmer was
appointed to arrange for an entertainment to be given in the near future. An
effort will nlso be made to secure an additional fund by private subscription
from the business men of the town.
Another meeting will be held at the
sample rooms of the Cranbrook hotel
next Friday evening for the purpose of
making further arrangements and organizing u fire company. It is lhe duty of
every business man, house holder and
employe iu the town to be present. Fire
protection is an important feature. It
may mean tbe salvation of the towu.
Burn out the business street, nnd what
will be lhe result on property values iu
tbe towu? Let the business houses be
destroyed, aud where will the clerks go
to work the next morning? It Is to tbe
ititerest of every one to be present.
Don't forget the night. The hour is 8:30.
Coal Land Deal.
The large coal area near Blnirmore in
which V. Hyde Baker of Cranbrook, and
T. G. Proctor and R. E. Fishbum ot
Nelson, are interested, has beeu secured
by eastern parties and active development work will be inaugurated at once.
The deal, it is understood, is a large one
and will give to these gentlemen ample
returns for their Investment; iu fact,
such a sum that will make them feel
good that they got into tbe coal land
Saturday Nighl Concert.
Last Saturday evening the Cranbrook
brass band gave the people on the streets
considerable pleasure hy treating them
to a band concert.     Electric lights were "Uh Water Expected.
arranged for the convenience ofthe play* Owing to the lateness of the spring,
era and lhe boys played for nearly two I there is still a vast amount of anow iu
bourn. It is to be hoped that the band ! the hills, ar.d it Is llie opinion of all lhe
will be encouraged lo make these S tlur- j old timers itiat when the warm weather
day night conceits a regular thing.   It j comes there will be higher water than
Farm Lands lor Sale.
The choice farm lands of the Cranbrook Fistute, being Kootenay river bottom lands, have just been subdivided
Into lots of from forty to one hundred
acres, each lot fronting on the river. For
prices and terms apply to
V. Hyde Baker.
Manager Cranbrook Estate,
Cranbrook, B. C.
ti.   II.  tiilpln'a  Business  Shows  Immense
The name of Gilpin Is familiar to every
resident in this part of South East Kootenay, and men and women from over a
large territory trade at that store. G
II. Gilpin first located in Fort Steele at
the time ol the big boom iu this district.
Later he established a branch in Cranbrook and afterwards closed his Fort
Steele store and opened a branch in
Moyie, A few mouths ago he closed his
Moyie branch and concentrated his business in Cranbrook, figuring that as tbis
was the center of the district he could
better command the trade of the tributary territory from this point. To carry
out this idea he arranged to enlarge and
extend his business by preparing for
more room and increasing his stock.
A uew two story building, 24 by 100 feet,
with a cellar 70 feet long, was built, just
in the rear of bis old store building and
connected hy a passage way. The former building is two stories, 115 by 24
feet thus giving him 12,000 square feet
of store room. The original store room
facing Baker street will be used for dry
goods, groceries, clothing, boots, shoes,
etc. The rear room on the second floor
will be used for packing and shipping
purposes. The second Boor of the new
building facing Armstrong avenue will
be devoted to furniture, bedding, carpets,
etc. On the first floor of this building
the front part will be used for china,
stoves and tinware, Bnd tbe rear part for
machinery, feed and goods of that character. The various departments are being conveniently arranged for the display of the many lines ot goods carried
and purchasers once entering tbe store
vau find almost anything wanted in any
line. In addition to the large store
rooms, Mr. Gilpin has an oil warehouse
in another part of the town,
These additions to his business shows
Mr. Gilpin's confidence in Cranbrook
aud the district. And he is not a plunger, but a conservative, careful business
man who looks ahead aud prepares himself accordingly.
Such a store is a credit to Cranbrook
and a credit to the district, and Mr. Gil
pin is to be congiatulated for bis energy
and his success.
Further Evidence  of the Riches  of
This District.
Great Steel Works Will Be Built
There In the Very Near
The whole district of South East Kootenny is greatly interested in lhe development of the iron mines at Kitchener,
which has beeu carried ou under tbe
supervision of W. Blakemore, the well
known mining engineer. He has spent
the winter in Montreal, and last week
came west, going to Nelson. On
Monday he passed through Cranbrook
eiirotile to Pernie, aud The Herald man
was fortuuute enough to meet him at
the stutton.
"Is it true that there will be no further
development work nn tbe Kitchener
iron properties," was asked of the gentle ma 11 .
"Absolutely so," Mr. Blakemore replied, "simply because it is not necessary to expend any more money iu thai
direction. I have been satisfied from
the start tbat we had a big thing, and
our investigations and assays the past
winter have demonstrated that we have
one of tbe best iron properties known.
We hnve it on tbe best of authority that
our ore runs higher in metallic iron and
lower in sulphur than the famous Lake
Superior Iron. There is nothing more
to he done now, until tbe time is ripe
for the establishment of steel works and
tbe development of tbe mines. Tbe
state of tbe market and tbe general condition of affairs iu the province would
not justify the large expenditure which
this would involve at the moment, but
the company is prepared to go ahead on
the lines outlined as soon as such a
course is justifiable. Meanwhile plans
are being prepared and tbe necessary
preparations being made for the erection
of a steel plant and tbe actual work will
be inaugurated at no distant date. This
season no work will be dace on the
property except the necessary assessment work on properties bonded. The
company bas crown granted sll tbe
claims which it has purchased."
This means that South East Kootenay
has proven beyond all question that it is
the richest district in all of Canada, having within its boundaries all of tbe ele
uients of great wealth, and lhat the development means aucb changes in this
district that the mind of the average
man today cannot comprehend what
tbe future will bring forth.
Mr. Blakemore goes west in a few
days to examine coal property tor the
Similkameen Valley Coal company and
other property that promises great re-
turna to the investors,
Railway Nates.
Work is to be commenced shortly on
the Dew stations to be erected st Creston,
B. C, and Frank, Alta. The extension
is also to be built to tbe freight shed at
The new standard train rules took effect on the western division on May 1.
Tbey ere almost identical with the rules
force on the Grand Trunk and the
larger American lines.
Breckenriilge & Lund have secured
the contract for grading the new croas-
ing sidings being put in between Fort
Steele junction and Wardner, between
Wardner and Jaffray and between Crows
Nest and Hlairmore.
Thc bridge over the Kootensy river
at Wardner was turned last week for tbe
lirst time in two years Captain Armstrong intend-; to b ring his steamer, the
North Star, up the river as soon ss thc
w ater rises sufficiently to admit of it,and
Bridge Inspector Stocks made a test ot
tbe bridge in anticipation. The steamer
is now tying about half a mile below
Wardner wailing high water.
Word has been received as to the appointment of uew license commissioners
Inr this district. The names are J. D.
McBride, Cranbrook; E. A. Elton. Fori
Steele; Mr. Whimster, Fernie. Constable Barnes was reappointed license inspector.
A drawing Tows  With   Many   Natural Advantages.
Marysvllle Tribune
All that bas been said to the contrary
notwithstanding Marysvllle stands, today, with as bright a future before her
as any town In the Kooteoayi, Naiur-
ally situated as the gateway to tbe
upper St. Marys country, that home of
mineral wealth, that section second to
none In the whole piovince, from a
mining point of view, she will without
doubt become a great mining center.
Situated as she Is as the only outlet for
the North Star and Sullivan hills aud
the mining district behind them. She
must be a good town.
As tne location point of the smeker,
she must be a pay roll town and that
pay roll tf necessity must be a large
one. Marysvllle Is also the center of a
large lumbering aud raochlng district
which, In turn also, must add Tery
materally to her wealth. Again, as the
starttog point and as ibe base of supplies for tbe construction of the proposed railway to Pilot Hay on Kootcoay
lake, she will become a great railway
After a few moments con-*ideratlono f
all these advantages he must be a
skeptic Indeed who doubts Marysvllle**
future greatness.
We doubt If there Is a town In the
whole length and breadth ot Uts great
Pacific Province that has so many
advantages both natural and commercial. A look at the townsite will convince any one, let him come from any
quarter of the globe, tbat we have a
most beautiful piece of earth on which
to build a town. The rivei ou one side
with s background of mountains rising
skyward covered, as tbey are, wltb tt
and tamarac Is a picture for artists
to dream of. Tbe creek on tbe west
side, a fast Sowing mountain stream,
the Dome of millions of brook troat, Is
as pretty sight as ore could wish to see.
The seemingly endless park like conntry
on tbe east sod north bouadarys of tbe
town Is great change from tbe cisso
wooded heavily uuderbiusbed counlTj
so peculiar to tbe Mountains. In fact
from a scenic poiut of view Marvsvllle Is ao Ideal townsite.
Of coarse we cannot live on scenery
in Marysville any more than we can In
any other town, and there is no reason
to do so. Marysvllle will without doubt
be a great pay roll town for many
years. Mechanics of all kinds wilt be
wanted here to assist in the reduction
of tbe ores that will be treated by tbt
ssselter company, laboreis will be Deeded, carpenters and builders will be in
request to aid In the building of the
many residents and other building*
which will rapidly be erected; Marysville will be the supply poiot for tbe
miners and prospectors of the district,
and therefore It wid be tbe home of a
large number of merchants and traders.
In fact Marysville position is now aa'
All tbe elements lhat go towards
making a good town are here and therefore Marysville must be a good towo.
Those who are lucky enough to have
property in Marysville can rest assured
that ax no distant date, tbe bread that
tbey have thrown on the waters will
come back with a very substantial Increase.
We say again as we have said before.
"Stay with yoar district and your town
because they are good places to up to,"
will b« a good thing for the town.
this section has Heen for years.
Tiemakers Wanted.
I want 40 tie makers to work making
ties about seven nines south of Moyie.
For further particulars apply to
G, R. Muir, Moyie.
Or Geo. Reed, at camp.
For Sale.
The Gamut restaurant and grocery
mock at   bargain.    See   Mrs.   Garrant.
It must be sold al once.   Also New York
Grand piano.
The Entrc Nous s Success.
The Entre Nous club gave ita last
dance of the season Wednesday evening
at Wentworth hall. This club waa organized last fall, and during the winter
has given a number of dances tbat have
proven a great success, and done much
to add to the social reputation of Cranbrook. Each dance has been well attended, aud the young ladles and men
in charge are to be congratulated upon
tbe pleasant time afforded those who
have attended.
The success of the undertaking means
tbat lieu-after the I-.litre Nous will be a
permanent social institution In Craubrook, and one whose entertainments
will he among the desirable ones io the
done to the I.ardeau.
George Goldsmith, one of the best
prospectors in the Kootenays, left this
week for lhe Lirdeaii where he aud John
Leask are Interested iu an immense galena proposition. The property will be
developed this summer to some extent
Ssunders li Here.
Marysville Tribune.
K. D. Saunders oue of the member*
of the board of control of the Sullivan
Group Mining Company arrived lu
Marysvllle on Wednesday.
Mr. Saunders was seen on Thursday,
by a Tribune man and he said 1 "I have
come here In absolute charge of tbe
work of construction and shall remain
here during ft. W. Hull's absence la the
east. While I shall make as few
changea as possible, there are some
which 1 have found It necessary to
make. A. L. Antiln is severing bis connection wltb tbe company and his place
will be taken by a uew superintendent,
st an early r-ate. All work wilt be
pushed forward with great raptdty- I
cannot aay tbat tbe work baa progressed as fast as I bad hoped it would but
there Is no doubt that It will now go
ahead as fast as money and men can
make It go, and we intend to nave an
absolutely up-to-date plant so as to be
In a position to treat our ores to perfection."
Tbe Bachelors' Ball.
Considerable interest Is being manifested iu the Bachelors' ball, which is to
be given on the 20th. The committee In
charge has been guaranteed enough
fundi so that no expense will be spared
to make the event one of tbe best In the
social history of Cranbrook. The invitations sre out and are both neat and
uulque, and Ihe number is limited tn
thai the hall will nnt be unromfortshly
crowded, thus insuring a good time lo
all. A first class orchestra will be in attendance and some extra fine music l|
Editoi aud Proprietor.
TBttMi nr hi- I Ittl lTO>
Onoyear - - - - taw i
Six niuuths   iM\
The Herald desires to give llie uewsof tlie
district. Ii vim know uu ' ■ .■ . «: lown |
jour mine or youi peopl*j send it wt li mice.   J.
Tlu*  Ferule   Free  Press, couuuentlng
ou lhe article iu last week s Herald anent
the proposed Inveatlgaliou Iu tins ilis-
trict, has this to su) :
If the editor . f Tbe ETeral I will take
the trouble to look up oui last issue he
will find ii full report ol lhe appolutment
af a commission to investigate ibe al*
leged Irregularities In connection with
the administration ol th ■ Liquoi License
act in thla dtsttlct. fnie, we di I uot
print column upon column ol the rumors
which have been circulated foi lhe past
year or two, simply because ive have no
definite information and could therefore
make no charges 11 The Herald haa iu
formation which justifies the pollcj
which u has pursued in connection with
this matter it certainly deserves credit
for lhe stand it has taken, but if ou the
other hand u is Inspired lo give circulation to tbe.se rumors foi some selfish
motive aud having no prool with which
to buck up its articles, thai pnper cei
tainly deserves lo be censured.
In regard to Coiuinissionei Stork, the
Fernie representative, any one who is ut
ull acquainted wltb the man will nol
doubt bis integtlly'for a moment. Th ■
oilier two commissioners aie com para
live strangers to us, mid wc certaluly
would not clrculule vague tumors to
their discredit without having substantia] proof tlmi tbey are correct.
The Free Ereab is entitled to an apology relative to The Herald's statement
that nothing had appeared In lhat paper
regarding the proposed investigation.
The article was overlooked by The Herald, As tu circulating rumora, The Herald has taken the stand from the start,
that since such rumors are in circulation
it is only just lo the people at large and
to the Individuals affected, lhat an in
vesication should be held. It lhe rumors ure without foundation, it is time
that this fact should he known. The
Herald has uo selfish motive, unless the
desire to promote the best interests o1
lhe district may be considered selfish.
It hus uo axe to grind, uo friends to
boost into ollice und no enemies lo displace. It wants to see fair play in the
district where ii is published. If there
has beeu any crooked work in the giant
ing of licenses, directly m Indirectly,
the public is entitled io kuow the facts,
If nil this talk is simply Ibe woik ol
some disappointed'' and vindictive individuals, it is time thul this should be
known ami the official atmosphere
The Herald is pleased lo see lhu- Free
Press speak so highly of the integrlt) ol
Mr. Slork. who some time ago favored
this paper with liO view-- on ibis matter.
The Herald Is convinced that Mr. Stork
will greet au Investigation with pleasure.
Innocent men have uo fear of investlga
tion. There are others who will be
pleased to see an investigation, ami The
Herald believes that the Free Press is
among that number, Why should those
connected wilb lhe commission be subjected lo abuse aud slander when they
are innocent. The members are all old
residents of the district, They should
be protected. It is not right to drag
their names through the mire unless
tlierei.sciiu.se. Let the truth be kuown
and put to rest for nil time this most uu
fortunate matter, This is not a movement for the display of malice; il is one
for honesty nud fair play The llerubl
iu not working as a prosecutor; it i;> asking fur protection fur those who need it
from llie slanderer and vllllfier.
Do You lake The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district, It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique olfaction. It is n-orth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
Smith Curtis has been asking some
pointed questions of the finance miuislei
au to the revenues and appropriations
for different parts of the province. As a
result, the following showing was made
for Easi Kootenay:
The dislrict as a whole contributed in
revenues during lhe yeare'ndlugjuue 30,
1901, $98,876.14, ihe north ridtug giving
$14,714.77. and the south riding J77 041.-
27, There is a discrepeiicy of $6220.60,
as this amount cannot wiih accuracy be
apportioned lo either ol the districts.
But here is where the mill; ill the
cocoa-fill is shown, fhe north titling,
represented by Hon. W. C. Wells, cabinet in in is ler. man with a pull, etc , with
revenues amounting to $14,71*1 27. receives for roads, trai s  and bridges, JaS,
646,65, while S mlb East Kooteu iy, with
revenues aggregating $77,941 27. gels in
return for such Improvements, ibe paltry
sum of 815,703 yo.
Aud yet the papers of that little baili
wick grew very indignant a Jew mouths
ago when Tbe Herald stated 111 plain
language, that this riding, witli Us vast
interests, its greater population and its
greater need, bad been discriminated
against hy the Honorable .Mr. Wells, in
favor of bis homo riding,
This year the same discrimination Is
shown, since the two ridings, with revenues far fiom even, aie given lhe
same amount in the appropriations* ft4,-
500, It is such rank wotk as this that
is disgusting the province with the
Dunsmuir outfit.
When British Columbia's government
gets through With   Its  railway grunts, it
can economize by cutting down expenses
on its immigration bureau. Wi.t-n llic
lam) is nl) given away the Immigration
buieaii will no longer be ueeded.
The Herald hns added nbout thirty
five names m its list during the past
week, and not a single subscription was
solicited. The people recognize in The
Herald R district pnptr. ,
®-**-$---gH§*--i3HaM^ (SKS - l*HS-®^r-gh
t Real Estate for Sale by "Hutch"
Mouse and Lot imi Baker Hill, Six Rooms
$650 cash, balance easy terms
House and Lot,  Six Rooms and Stable.
$300 cashi balance easy terms
House and  Lot, Six  Rooms, $goo cash
All Snaps.   First Come, First Served
1 It Pays to "HUTCH." I
* (3
(i. H, THOriPSON,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cninliriink anil MunsOlk*, It, C.
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tohncco is ,   11 -munUc
enrrlcil -11. in it
winning   on   its   merits.       "Have   you  availublf   The I
tried   it?" -iheudi put 11 >, 1
LIMITED iiithMwitii'mfi!
  "'llie luv-i'iil 1
lut-iir nuj  llabl
REPORT, ment ut thu  pre
asl  as luii.U lire
•ping our miiii I., iin' imii
ability urul 1 herewith ipio •
up.iourj in our nrst pros
■ni  t<>
1 rn*
ml hit llll tl'
ujimiy hu
In tin* President, Directors nnil Stockholders
uf the  SiiuilkaniL'k'ii Valley Conl
Cumpany, Limited,
; as pmsil-li- witli ilmtli-M-l.ip-
■rty in ilic bait posslblo ail*
uitutonnd mniiernmnclilne-
unt hi .pialiil.'il ami expert*
u tht'11i1.it.1 tit lhu 111.11111*'-
ivu 11 i.n eutorcd I ilu a 1 -
nu a Smelter Cuiupaiiy, I.I111-
u.i ui a smaller tit Ashmilu in
it 1
lu milking this 1
uin puny, 1 limit p
11 report t« tho  ||U
man fiicttii.it   pn
» to ub
: il.at any du
j Vroom tS: Dezall
I    Blacksmiths
Horse Shoeing
• Carriage Repairing and
I Qeneral Jobbing....
Outside Order. Prnninily .
Attended III. I
mil ii
< Ii.i
mr company, wtiicti v
siitiigu Xntwlihi an
nny other ilUadvaii.
lli ilia avall.ilili' ami
mu Ihi'lld ul liiri'.'toi
iti vim all may well Ui
dilerutlun lhu
■ liuve bail to
hy ilia 1
tla* linti
in- obtained l.j nlij tn-Jliihur from um
I from the fiu-l liml it wuiildtnke ui
tllllt!   ,.f IlllS   IIIGCtllltt.    I    IVOIItll   III
mwuvur, tu aiisiver any uuestluu win
to tho aiiiilrs uf in,, euiupiuiy, past
mi luiint'. it is tin- Intention at pie-.
itiiuu- Hie devoid-uncut already m
1 n ><l>'i ilu- direction ut .Mr. Illnke
itmli are iimllhblo until tram
i'tl 'lln- progresi mute i.llh
ij ihrj.Coinpniiy iintler II* pres
- uaks fur Itsj.t
belter shmviug in s
1-1 ii
li- i'i.
itn* nubliuto any
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made hy contract.
P.O. Fori Steele. II. C.
and Builder   *,«
All work guars 11 Iced.    See us before
Sow, beforegutiiR Into ilolnlls will) my 1
tiisli fn s.iy tliut allaiis .it  Ihis Mini cull
'lull up ill a day, ami il  wunhl  lit; miriitr
leot it.  I must add tliiit in disc lan-tn-* 11
i.sas Mauagln-s' IHrcetnr it has been imp
'""jjj   you build,   It will pay you.
Cianbrook, B I
nil 11
I lasi  Aa.
i' lOIIlUIIIll
llOM'ltlff,  Hilt'.
DUHl Uii.l.a'.|i
ai iiiat lima i.Buu
-m 1.1111I11 i-a-.li.au
i'i.nti.tt'ts from tin- Kyndlcnte
liuve seeiirod what ivns k w
Hunch, wlilch was alreatt)  1
nl 1
lie.I In tut' H.m
a.iiii-- smith na Ns. We were nhii^ct tu laki
uvei the option then hehl by lilm on Mr, 1,1
in-.tils rant;!], which adjoins tho lownslto n
Uupperfl-ilil, hinder to nroteci our Cumpanj
From a coiitiietlllve townsile, au 1 also io secun
soitif valuable water rights and a most v ihmb:>
tunel ersltti.|As evidence oi tins in foment belli
uo it, we have already sold siitltctcut real eitnl
under contract 1 > more tli in pay ior ih ■ oiuin
try    I'tirthor -
uiiuii Is round 1
k -1 ■
' lh
llto lit
ihat canmakuOils recordami I » m *■!.».*.
ii.l:la is ul btnek ccrllllcitoa which today
ni worth tlio paper the) an* written 011.
coneuilon I wi-h 11 itiaa. llie hoard nt ill-
1,1m 1.1- over ready nml must valuable
1 nn ivliicii tlicy liu 1* assisted an-In ills-
•nu iin- un lies ami ufTiu •» of this com imiiy
01 my own iifllm r I must say that lliavu
i.Liut'ii my duties without fear or riirornml
i-lii-t oriiij aliilliy lo tin-atlvituta^ nl ail
iin-.1. We have completed 11 bridge across
iniil.;tm .-ii liver at .Ashnola, \\f have ac-
.1 ihe iinvuslte, we have developed some of
uai seams suniclent lu ilctennlnc Ihelr vol*
fliave com pleted roads to ami from Ilu*
rtanl points m tlio Company's properly,
11-t, oui mn 1 ,1-1, 1 have undertaken lho
guiiinltmi oi tin- Aslinola  I'oatr jinny.
lusi clause or Mr
holdings 11 tha SI-
mil l;a iti "fn Vail-,, vrln.'li U as follows:
'•llavlim male a  thorough   exnmhntlon o
your properly l havn no hesitation hi s yinj
lllO i-ilOStiOll of its ..Uu • as a i-0.il miii 114 prujiii
sitioii.  'I'lu' surface, tmvnUto ami wntar pnwei
lug through tins diatrlit, becama luen istugij
nUiiablo, ami, as Indicated ubuvo.l aon>l ler Hint
,riiiL-.l thotr
th tlit'iitl:.Iiii I s lily
in the future
il. fur Uld.etJ
ill r
.lily ■
, pn
of '
f.ii t-s; cu-ope rat 1011 In ouiiiiectlon
aril a.11 have to say tlnally is Hi
liopii nun ».- will all work tojethei
im hi ' iiii vantage uf ah to iceru
Hubiaiidiuiil divided wv Tall.
Vnura respaBtfuliy,
11. II, i'oiiUi, .Managing Dlrcc?
pital *1,0
y 111 this (llitrlct, a.t
tngauveiitiiios tlii-iv is ,11
tioa. I^eiilisl ter that 111 Ul
urn good ami that yon woul
spoiui iiii) 111 nlorate uiii'iiint
mine Hi' in-ill.tl oharnctor an l ..ilu* of }
w. 11. Blakemore, Mining Itujlu-i
Thkcotnilol with lln fact  tint   M . I.I.
arj t-nli-1
Is*..ed I
1 u-u.ii im Auvortla
I I surd Air Seoil's I
Issued io. Ufllco I'll
Isiticd lur i xticuse
»t •
sill   loi<lll|.-|
sod iiudot tin- .ui. 1
i, im.11 iin! Mel th
Hilar wide > tlw re
: Mr. Link. 1
that the Collin*''
in.tl,.-in.a.- considered   um iiioit; v
herewith snl this  lettei   to mu uf
I'uuwary as evidence!
nwa Uuin
D. It. VoUUg, lO'i, Managing Direct)
1 n Valley Loal Com puny   Limit
11, 1 .
llll! -'.Ill Ul
My Hear Sir -Hlmro  writing
'onrCuiiipauy's property, So
itsofciml 1
11 y
UU.1S .oal lias ai'iu,
ho uvuulol jour e:
in iy uot being 1
i.i.i' fiilu i< le areas
nick up'iii, nml I en
M-.ition id vi,a, 1 in
iy lliel
1 ror.Caslt  3i.RU
•?   D8«,«tS
nc lu treasury ..   -H'j,:tui
81,00U,IU0 9l.U00.Q0J
Co.il Piclth
Mlli'Tiil 1 la
As.ami., lo
m.    Hu.I ami llul er    ■- -
■■;i . Uml syndicate	
1 Haml at aadai Manager
duo on Aslm.da Townsite S
>tit Liability, Ashnula 1'own-
I- paid pn, tula from la .it
John 11
luiihtnhu itii'iiil.iii  iiut  iuroriualion lias
lusi hi received to llic ellecl that a itlauiuinl
drill which ims lu.-i-n o|ieratingon coal pruporty
wljuhilug yours, and lit ihe iminodbito 1 Ichilty
oi I'rlncotoii, has, utter passlug throtiah 0110
scam oC   llgulto, fid a son t htliiuuiioiii
c ml ai a ili'pth Df una hliudrctl r.-ci from lm'
surface. SlwiiUI this fprinatlou ho vorlttod, It
niuy Le takoiiat couotu'sivo ovhloneo ilutbi
luminous coal wlil be io imi under your property near AslmuU, 1 speak thus guardodlj* ho-
cnn-iM 1 am nnxtuin not to rtitae any imrens inn*
hie uxpeotatlou until tin- llilekucss uud ijnauty
uf tlm coal h iictually dcinuuatnitod, nnt tiu-ro
to lie uu reason to dotiut tin
r tin: rajwrt as it conies from it reliable soiuco   Muehlnory
I may say rnrthor that having mgard lu tlio  Dan Mill
Oflice pniiiituro—.
linglnoer's Iteport
found tin*.
im- region ofthe Itocklcs lu UrllUh Coliimhlii it
w mid I.--an 1 ixcoptlon If  any   iruc liiliitiuiimis
coal found did not prove to hu nopd coal.
Oiiirs very imly.   tZi t
W. Illakeinnro,
ruiHiiiUiig I'li'-iiic 'i' 'tu th.) slinllkaiiieen Valley
1 n.ii Company, Limited.
A diamuiii ilrlil ins hcen socitrad Jointly by
lilt 1
Llmilcil, .1..1I nl ih,' present tluiu It iy frecli.i.,1
to \shntln A sa« a 1' id inlng mil' ar • alrenilj
on the ground nnd aro lining put in shapoji
L'"i ciuiim pruiniaiM 1.i.n   «j  hnvo  imtui
through Mm p e -1.. ttu in ali' v-.11 li r. It- 0 ci
to tin* esiahlhl nt of the eltj  orAslinola
mid ptal li
.- AssrismoiiUi - -** J.l.iL.vi
i.i,im mu,;*)
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of 0. S
Office und store. Aiken block,
ueai Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook. 11 C-
Upholstering and (icncral Furniture Repairing
Will utleiul to unv work in tbe district
J. 11. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
(Hike nl Residence. Armstrong Ave.
forenoons,   •   •   •   ■   ":.lfl to 11
Afternoons   ■   -   ■   •   1:30 to3:30
Evenings   -   •   •   -    7.30 lo 8:30
CRANBROOK,     :    :    : :    :     IJ.   C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
Lai.'nii.ih Ural fii isi and Mintrol assayer lo
ih.' North stai Mm in 1 ipany, limited,
Every Description uf Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Attention in  Samples h) Mall and
01r.ee nnd Laboratory:
Ruulcna} St., Nelson, II. C
I.n.OO     Key City Lodge
11 <
l-MKMiill  IIBH
ticiioral axponi
Wages at Aslili
Aihi'.u -ing
w t r Iflghis
V  11
,y iiiuhi at ihelr imii mi
linker street   aojoiirnlng
itdii PcllowsconllallyInvited
S J  Morrow,       A  L. McDermot,
N. ii. Kee'v.
Crnnhrnok Lodge, No. 34
A. P. & A. iM.
The nioi annual meeting of the share-
holderHof the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
company ans in.l.i in Puronta ou March
The net pro tli <>' tho tear after pay-
lur,, all operating ■ xp -nsei ami nil
ohargos nl 01 eiy kino, amounted to
g*3t)7,81H ;i.i Altai psyln|{ .1 ul vide ml
at the rate ol ten i> • >■ nl pai annum
a balance ol :"•*■ 142 SO "vis carried forward to Oh- or. dtt cl  pi nllt and lout.
This company'*  ia aro their coal
minus and the towuslio ul I'cnile, Poor
yeaxj ago this company hud no tram
portatlou facilities, and their BtOOk sold
a* low as eleven cents per share.   T
dav their -tuck i» selllns »t flifi no,
I'ANV Limited assets au* Coal Mines,
Timber, Walcr Power, Agrkutiurnl ami llor
liniltural Land, City Water Works, Electric
light Plan) mid the Townsite of Ashnola,
nturounded bv ihe following resourct-s:
(iulil, Copper, Silver, Lead, Iron, Lime, Fire
Clay, Platinum, und a Pine Slock Railing
Country, una it is tbe smelting centei 11
tliu Similkameen Valley with a cllmatu
all that could hty asked. Tcduy vu
can secure lii option on tbis company's
stock by paying ten cents per sham
down and ten cents par month until
fully paid, with non-forfeiture clause.
Tills pri e l» Bitbj-ct 10 a twenty-five
cent advance without noilcc, or as soon
as tram portatton is ansim.ii. The prea-
ent price Is SI.Hi pec stare. D 1 not
wail until it is tou late, but get lu on
the ground il^or and make a handsome
profit, a purchaser of too shares now
may gain a profit of fjS,U00.00, Crow's
Ni st shares as an •.-sample. This would
be a fair profit en an luvtrsiroent of **10
per month for eleven mouths, Wc invite the fullest Inspection 1 f the con.
nanj's i,ffjlra by intending imrctiasers.
for turther intoimailon upply iu tbe
Similkameen Valley Coal Company Limited, Il.-ud Olllce, Nilson. D, C . U"om
■ A,'* K. \V. C. Block, Nelson, B. C.
....Dealers in...,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, m
■^f      flouldings, Etc. N
1 /K Paper Hangers and Decorators. I,
E5-2J    T r ° M ROSSI AND
..... 1 j ipi il,.s,,lr;.'i!|--s'',.-^mrHFT7F''-rirTirwi i 'wu^..ni -..^,
U-.Ull^JU.lll.fcyLi!lJLilJjtiJtjjLVJ!jjL'jUjLV.t „_,   ,,..,
EI Wallet Paper,
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co
The only nil mil route between all
points linst, w.-st nml South to...
I *• IP. Burns & Col
in ail the
Towns in
t\ huli-suli nnd Kclatl
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Pish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the tiL-st.    Your
traili- Is Solicited.
Thomas Stevenson
Cash uu ilitiidn
at Man iuer'8 Aeet
Blip f-.ii
Nelson IL C, April iMll, IWO.
1 holders of tlio Slmllknmcon Valley
 .nv, Liiiiito.lt
.-ii   I hi'r.-liy '(icrlify Hun Uie above
. i>.In ilt th. inn' pLlllloii nl tut'Cum.
Ira        P. \V, awanneli, Atidttor,
A Continuous Show
lirst Class Cnfc and
Rooms In Connection
'Always on Shift"      STEVENSON & MclNTOSH
•^  rtegitlnr meetings on the
(hliil Thursday of tho
Visiting bruiierii welcomed,
, A, Llm h, Sfti'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Drink Home Beet John w. Wolf
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
Ft. Steele Brewing Co. oi repairing.   Give me a call.
Intermediate Points.
Sl'OKANB »itli the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Connect, nt
Nelson  with Steamer for  Knslo
and  All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Palls with 5tnj.e Daily for
Republic, and
At    Bosshurg   st.-iRe   Dally   f.r
(iiainl Porks and Greenwood.
II, A. JACKSON, lien. I'nii«. Ast.
1 linvc good wosid til .ill lengths.
Leave orslers .it Townsite ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There are a few poinls lo
be considered in biiiltlin",.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and thc price.
Have ynu talked with misniic abuut hulldln-?
Conic and nee me nr Id nt. sec yuu. II may
du UR both (fund.
Contractor. p*A
r <,; Our Business....
/hen you want printing done right,  that  will
pie   z you <ind your customers, give your  order
o The Herald Office
«,-, «   iiii.v .liniiii'Iii ii iwo »t   "'■
I'svsi stops wore mode for you, Tom. *"' " ,1"*v '"'"'"".•'•
g    Your .'."iiivi'iil iirni  Is heavenly.   1   „ '    !";} "'V!,'IU )u"'!o " ),J" 1'aa " b""
f    Forrester
I'.'.'l us ir i Und 1' ni n fool hull giiuie
ii   ivlii'ii you alow ii|> iiiiiI deposit m.v re-
vi . i*   doesn't milts nv ir mu. were wuuii.i m
;-J(    .'.iiMrnjlil, Mi.M. I.. I.-I. ...ii.-i..-    n
lli.ii dollars?"
"Oh," llllsss-i
don't see why
nny exception to tl:
.1 mnn. "1
l lo prove
1  would
usual ex-
Is or else
.i.i      ii,
lion politely, bul mil sol
Encli nni.. In- Im.i .' nlk.Hl tii i!
Ill,  nul.  uiiuii ilm.i. ii:.-1 I..1,-1,
tin- lone n-iiir ■  m bIIi-ii
uu c di,. straggly .«ss,,ni urn
nm,,I cliorrtej no hml  isUoil i
"Tliiinl.s: out nl nil,"   o ,l .1
without rouioving her gni u t
1,1.   nl, BlllUSlieil ,'H II:,' hll
sel sliiliii',1 lireu.1 fur l.. tho «
thnt l-oprosontcd Vneiunwn is
"Aro you hunnryl"
Tin. other times In- hml (tono
his -"linn i lookout.point when
uttered Unit frown iiegiith ■■
pnused uml ii„,:, iinoih, i :.. i.
Sho wus cold.    She u .-	
Unit Ini'.v, foolish, oiiiti <
n riiilsinnl gnriueul si Iiii li sho i
wns ni-iii-ly 7, nm! there lind si
his,' n toy engine t„ scoot from wall to "ru ''" -''	
..   wnli In ii rroniy,   Mr. Ki'iwlii li'iniii'il '"-'nies nud either wij
•'■•   in ICurope, ho suss," WIl'k tu uuve car tun.."
"II I .'..uld Ihlnli Unit you only did It	
;   to toi-iiieut me, the w„.v It wns will, tfquM.. „. ..... ,,„„.
 It     ' I,   "   '  '" »T' "I!",1"" """■ '     Mistress-Mary, Mnryl   fveju.t hm-
» i," "in ■   r   Til "'"y •>"" "<» "nadglnk   Vou know
s .lillori'iil.   11,'sli.rly-llvu- |,„.,.v „ ,8_,
in   In
i-iirs unlinpplui'»».
Ml, 1,1 — * Hi.    Hun's   onthin',    inu'iiui
'tlw uhiiiit mol   I'vo .lusi Binnshi'il th
largo glims lu tho drawing room."
A  Sni'.'t-...
Lnnillmly-1 bellovo In letting cofTee
boll for thirty minutes. runt's thu only
wny to get the gootlni'RS out of It.
New Hoarder (titstbig liis und lens--
tng Iti—Vou hnve succeeded udmlrsbly,
Wfm %
Al.tlL C0MT8ACT.
Si-nlcil Tuiiili-ra, iiildreMO I lu  H„
leimrnl, will l.u Ived III inlaw.
ii Friday,  Ilu'.Mi, Slay next. ...
111'!' ill   Ills .Ml!j.st>'S Mull., 1,11
nntnict tin Finn'si-ins, sis Him
t,ill„',l III Ul,' I,,
sill: OX.AKGBO 1 I' IM.
n fresh, cool lnko breeze
shot its lust crimson shi
pines of Uie uinliilnnd si
cold wilb his com m ,1 sn
only sho would give t
wonkonlug!" !„' thougl
cntight ii gllmpso ,.f her i
lifted robclllotis chin ami
[UM- lip. the straight little
delicious totfslesicy t,, tilt
mid the [luttel'lng ss.-;i-
curls Unit tlio wind ton
pluiisi'd—niul his fn.it gn
fending clump of aspirin.
If she lind never kissed li
hnvo  been   nnother  maun'.   Iml
hint-not ouee; lie could illstlnctl
llll'llllier several li:i - I.     S: ll tl I '
lull   I'ousililv   kil ■, •   i   ,
kissed   him   III   il : ,
friendly, mild little ,!.ns ut his
or eyebrow—whon lu- hml n in;:
or left for college, lun Jenu hml
llilfelelll -iliir.l.lil ever sin,-.' he ,
reniombof, when, a liiin, bin  '
hatred young cronttiro ni six, ■ ■
lU'oi'lulllleil  her lose lur tills,  lion
housetops   nml   graciously   stiov
him wltb favors vnrylng tii
I'liraniel kisses to iie eyes ol In
,h,|l when the hitter Weill thu «:
Inr kind.   II.- looked ai Ins wnti n,
hoill   could   liiil   ! .■ ■ I Is    I, 111 i
from  Mncatnwn In i. .- nuollier
hour,    ll would in:,!,,' a li.min,:: o
way around Uie lai o to
eoltligcrs f, i' Uie hop.
,1:::,, is-     -Thirty
WH ami        "It's nil Ilio silllie. mill I know Illll'lo
„. silinu    Nick  smells cold cash nr he'd  never
Hum.   yotl   ul   his   henil   llm   wn.v   he
,.i,i  Uu. 'II"   h'.'sirt thriiw mc nt his hend,"
,.'„ -mi     Cl  Ui,   hot  ileiiinl.    "Kloiuuir Is ul- I
.l„ar,l ways is ill,,is."
md. "Ob, well.  Klenniir, she's most thlr-
ty" - I
'    "Tweltty.flvo lust April." I
nwny li "I don't cure Who wouldn't look ut
sii.'iiail Iverwln. If ho comos on the boat, I'll
Now ho   throw bliu lu the liike/' |    m place of wedding oulie In Holland
,,   I,.,,        Voniwoot clllldl   torn, dear, do you   wedding   sweels   are   given - "build.
'" l(l  i;i    v'"'u    ,   ,    , KUlkers,"  they  are culled.    They  ure
.„.,. for       ->o; I dim t know,   ho retorted bit-  „„,„,,,, ,.„,„„, U}. clllldre0 „„d ure my.
,.,.,..   i,   icily.    '1 don t kuow anything, Jennie,   ed In flower trlmtned baskets,
ling up   except Unit 1 love you, um] you don't
enroll rap."
There svils silence.   After a few minutes she sink- ii glance nt him.    Ills
head wns lying ou his nrins, his fus'O
Mililoni   she mulled a little, tremulous,
fearful smile.   What a hoy he was!   A
man would have known, taken It for
granted aiiywny,   lint all ho did was
avow  his cause nnd lay down  henrt j"m'11 "">'" ''Cveea tliu I
nml sword before the battle hud even i "I'1,''1,"" ' J"'-' l'"" m
l"'-""' I   frliilcd notice, i-oi.k'.l.i
lui  off on the distant tmirsh some I tton ns tu eniiitltlnnii ..f |in
night fowl sent a quavering, anxious
cry across the lake, am] thu water boiled lazily .nniing the reeds down near
tlisi rickety old pier.
She shivered ami looked away from
ilm strong athletic young figure lying
among the sword grasses nt her feet.
11 im hail nnt been going away that
night! Uow long half a year seems
when ono must be alone! But he wns
siicl, a l.oy! sho turned and laid ber
ssa|    hand on his shoulder.
"Tom, don't do Unit," she said quickly, n llttlo frown contracting her eyebrows. "1 didn't know. .You nlwnys
m nil ns if it were? half fun. Don't
yuu know you did? Ami Hob and Ollfl
weren't In earnest. Hoys aren't gener-
'l,v- alls.    They  full  In  love hccniise-oh,
Hie sllll    jilsl lieeanse!    And 1 thought you were
i.so ilm ihe same. I didn't think you would
Ue ssas   wain il to be forever, lho wny  men
Oil.      "If      do."
s ;sn of No response from the prostrate llg-
,1 thin ure. tier hand wandered to his hair.
ii.e up- It was thick, wavy lialr. She had lov-
up- isl lo pull it back iu tlie old days when
'■    h Ita   sh,. hml been angry with him.   One
 i.   could get sueh a splendid grip.
-'laying "Voil never said you really wanted
.-hero il nm. you know, Tom." The words did
in uuof- not come ns easily nnw. "Mr. Kerwin
a-lu lhu proposed, really nnd truly, In the reg-
ulutloll wny, like a mini. You never
t would   even proposed."
Thc figure sat bolt upright.
"What did he say?"
'The bout has left the Island,"
"How .lid ho do II?"
"They'll he here pretly soon."
".',an. look at inc.   Don't laugh."       I 1""
After nwhlle, when they could tietir^'
lli.  sh.sv. fntnt whistle of the boat mul ' ,.^
walked   d.oui   lo  the  pier  together Iire.
Can£u . .
the Canadian Pacific  .....   ,   ■
In the Kootenay District.   The prici
lurai lands.    These lands sire rcssiily  ice
Terms of Pa> m;
The aggregate amount of principal and n..
case nf lands under S2.50 an ,.::  .  dl  ....          : ... .  . .
sliowu in the lalilc ticluss; ilis ni-t to he nald   tl
chase, ine sisiinsl one year from date of the pnrchnsi
Hsu years and soon.
thc'amoi i
under thc aboi   i  .
The following tabic .-In
un lull acres ui different pri.
Kill ncrs al 52..iti per tier, Isl Instalment v'V'.l   i, ,
.    " lllll     •• ■• 71.90
.1.51)     " " H.l.i'll
f.oil    ■- •• iis.;,,!
4,50     ■• •• 107. 5
|    " 5.00     " " 19.85
Kimberley LSt.f business and shij
J  North Star and Sullivan m   i
liliAI. & ELLW0LL, rown    i
Cranbrook !DS t!,c iMsi°n<? p°inl oi i!:i'Cl
Railway miu the commercial ccnitc 11
liasl Kootenay.
Por further information appl> in agchls ns above nr tu
A.  1AYLOR, District Land Agent, Nejson, H C
NilTIUI: i*
Notice Ih lieruby jttveu tlmt tliirly iiiu'si.it r *
date I liiin,nl in niiiK.' iipplleniinu tu the ('liu* #
Coiniulssloiier uf l.niuls ami \V,.n,s fm a llci-usc *
to |iros|ieL't ior conl mi ihu fofioniuii ilewriix-d 1.
lauds J;
i uniliieiiclllg al it|u t ililrkod "'Itn,.. ll. Mnr* #
fait >. W   coiner  liasl" |i1aii.el  u. thc wn-t *
hunk ol Mlt-hi'l creek t.h-at-iiii. ni kMn mort - *
er to,
isin-e i
111. Tif,
In the |
st.nlli 80 i'i
neeul ii.'u,.
1 10th  A
lull, i'iu.
•lute I
fliy-i,,-, t
til lllll
cct lor
I Units nn
0>>a1 mi ihat a i..-st  ii
N.   1..
llll- Ill's
creeK h
imi'<!t..l>'lY i
]i-U. hfin
Mi.i n-; ili.'ii
:     Jt
.   (,,r   «
.■■ ,t , ! *
■ It
I I dolt right?
slsed sinlilciily:
"\nu il.
"Ask KI
Better than Kerwlu?"
iri" she said.
.isl.   1,,.
I>ale,l l.Hi .S|t...
N..is.. l. herolo ,
linn-1 liu,.,,  i,..,11
„l l.aial- .ml .1   I .
II    was   ii    :.,
 ked a »|ira;
began to cat i
melllliei'i'il Ut ll,
Who hud Hie '■
Ing llttlo is .i.i-
IllU.t   he  In   lh,
11      1:
ssa.s   :1 ;
pure -
She glanced up Indli  nu
lllioll  hesiile  In I   ami      . .
Iirolllld Imr mul II en I. II   Ul
"I   like   sou   si    i.i; ;',
Tom," she snld,
"I.ii.e wlml
I   "illi. Jusl hi'u.'c up ami 1
! forgol you're only u boy:  i
Hie I I .Sel?"
"No;   I'm   iml   il  hoy.     |i
like ilia
V   Hurl.ev   nml   I-.ip..
.lasin'ii,   lhe  QaseoU   piiet,   who  wns
Iso a borber, hml inniiy n strange nd-
,iiii,,,- iiiisin^ I'lMin the Incongruity I nnrtli fork of uii
: Ills two professions. j I.nortlierlj    o.i
Al  one tune  when  lie was visiting   ''.""J   '"[" '' '"'
he inns or ,,r a  l'l-oneh town nml had . .'-uiO^'i..". i'i'i-'i.'.''.'
inuiis-ii to giss- iiii Informal recitation j
o Um townspeople the hour arrived, i   I'nteil imii Am
n.i ins ims, did m.t appear,   Several |~
'i   i i.i nt p.a sniiages assembled lo ne-1
 pauy   llii'in   to the hull,  but  tbo I   Notls-ln liereb
yor ivm.ilimil Invisllile, busied with   'I"1" ' iBtm l to
inally, rearing lho lmpatlonco of his
-•s.    lm   opened   the   door   or   Ills
: . I   In apologize uud shelved Ills
covered with lather,
lust a moment," said lie; "1 nm dang my shin Ing."
Hi."  said  .Insulin,  "let mu  help
Saw and Planing Mills
 AU.   KINl'.S   ur—-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles , ror
.    -
Hull t ihty ilu)-. afii
ih* nt once doffed his runt, pave n
i I- nnd   llulflblug touch tn tho roxor nud Blinvod
, jou s<>'   On- lu.i.vot* In a twInUllnj- with whnt
I ■■ cnlletl his "hnnd of volvot."   In n
i... -  Km win    i >w tulnutos In- wna Iii tbo hull rrci'lv-
Iii0 tumultuous nnplauBe for his Bplen*
linn's,    iit-'fl   iiiti rocltutlons,
"lin't iluit plensni I '
"Do ypn Ilka I    aw
ll,> wa* Btn ti i I mi
bor foot, nil Ms ii.'.iii
bo looked ut her
ryes thut hail uol
ipiestlonlua   iiiiT<
Hdhl   Hint   hail   si .I.1,
llfn   in llm   Itglithu i
"Pretty well," alio snl
"Mt'ticr than you do
■ v,ui nro sn disnjm
Tom, Uml 11 Isn't  imi
ri turned goiiPituiBly,
su In doubt, ynu kuow,
is uhvny'fl tbo suiiK*.   i
must amiable- men I It;
"I iiiini amiable inou,
"now you must lo
VI    'i   n  i   map, Prom   Modlnllio   lo   tlie   llrxmn,
Tbo oorller part of Vlctorlen Sur-
ui i if at   doit's  career  was  beset  with  many
ii his eyes us   trials uml   dlltlcultloB.    Ilis  pn routs
v  v.'if g i   wished him lu take up n mod leal on-
>o tbe fnuik, reer, iml bo began bis studios with
ol boyhood, somo wai, Thu love of the drama,
y ut lln- red however, wus far gwauir tliuii tbe
, llle] eivd to tovo u( ihu pill box, and In lho Intel*-
nt   U bourne   vul  ut' tbo otber work  Snrdou  wns
busy upon n play, HlfO wus n stl'llgj-h
piouglitfully.     I'ni-   lilm,   fur   bo   bnd   llttlo   money
tbougli be mannged to gut joiirunllstlc
it'll* ut nines, work io Bupplmnent bis more Blonder
o Judge," she Incoino. Ills first piny wns a failure;
Oui keep unu iuii] Sardou rushed from tbe theater
ul Mr. Kerwlu vowing never to outer ono ngnln. He
is mu' ni' thu rdi seriously III, wna nttrs-jd back to
'ever ••"      health by Mild   du Breoourt, an ne-
truss who lived on ii Hum* below, und
mmlf, denr!"   from Hint time his fortune wns made.
Don't call me dear.   Wben wo
yon nlwnys ring Iu tbo cousin racket' msner-m in ciiiro*rm»ftr-
liml Moiir boy' tuo.   I'm nol n buy."      I    names—Ro you are going upon the
"Don't growl su. You aro a boy, b1* 8lage? Bxjiecl to beepmo n great actor
feet ono nud a Imiidrcil ami sixty quo nf these days, I nuppOBO?
| pounds of good, solid, bwcoI tcmiHUvd i Iluwua Expoet nothing! 1 want to
lovnblo boy. 1 ivondor If Mr. Kerwin ten ru to write nH they do upon tho
will be worried about tne m«\ uoiuo un stage wben tbey haven letter to write,
tho bunt.   lit-Ims the lli!?[ waltz." Jlumiliiyl   Slonognipliy is iiotliiug to
"you nlwnys glvo blm wai Uses.   All  It j—llojtfia Truuscrlut,   *^rtr.^     ...
Notice h hen
nil' I n.i ml i
Blvou tii il i
i "nun M- Mf
dun in i nunc
litll Ai'ill. ll-nj.
nth si fit
ilill  Bu rh
1. A.
Notice Is hereby tftven Hint thirty ttnys after
iiiiii-1 hit nil in make tipiilloniluii t-i UiuOh.et
['oinmhiilfliirr <>r hunii ami U'nrka for u Itticiiie
tu |ir.s|i(!i-t Mr il uu the fol1uWlngiJ**scrlbe.t
limit <:
i onimciichiittitll i"1**1 nwrkcil "W. "MofTat s.
I!, corner post" phuiU'il on uw west blink nf
Mluhul crcaH tit on; one uiii<' in » noriliorly til*
I'l-c.iini from 0. Mcluii s s. I.. corner iwist;
ilii'iii'it nui'th BOotinln*! ih nico ives) em uhiibis;
tnoiieu south MM'iii.ius; ihe nisi su -jhulns lo
ilm nl uf f uoulnitlujf.
WAI. .Mill'IATT,
I lull! 11 |«|| April. IHU.
Nolleo Is herohy rIvoii tluu thlr y ihiyi nfter
iiuti-1 lui.'iii tuni.i ii njinllmtl.ia lo tuo Uh,«f
Loiiim Hlunor or l,ii'nls nnd Wurhi rnr ii llucmi
to prosiiiHit for uuni on tho following tlonorlhoil
i uititi i'iii.1'-. ul a i.iiit nun Kml -t: \\. i; vulns
s. \\. H,ii,urt"it" i'hinloil uu lhu wtbt lunik of
MioliefuHok hiim.'tn,itt!i) iuiju.iii.ig i, a ,,i,
pifsN W. runiu imHiiihoiimiorihH-iHiiihi
lliftu-tt''a*t it ulllillis; llif'li i> HUlltli  -iiK-hon
ihi-u-'i* wail ■iHh.iiii-.'tii'n- i-l r iii'ifhiiili
I, W, UltAltNM,
Uat.'.i tniu Aj<rii, iju-*.
Notice Is hereby givi-n lliai i..o
itftto  h,|.-i-i.iti,,i win npply
< uiiuii silonei of Oui s nml wur
lot iiiiiil-lmi tu imtui'iisa llm
nonbeil laiuls; Coinini-nclnji al a
on the wrst hank ot ttoch (*.(*«'».
oi Son h Uasi Kooienay. it. < .
west <>r Klko, uu n.i- loiiih side
sm ftws Itnimnyi  ulnj- we
thence loiitli an ctinim, thence t
tlienco inuiii -*i chains to tha ]i
Mixiie.l, I'KTKH I.USJ).
>,■£******* ******************$
1 MOTEL....
AT-.n-"".-- ;
VOir'.Os O ■.:!■'■ '
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
Winnipeg Vancouver
Toronto Victi
Otlaw a
,.  „      * I Montreal Portland
S CRANBROOK, B. C. | Nm Vork
4 ti
4   n^-^i552333&t5-fT&K-e-e.t   sl'
II      r*DTGR MATIIBSON, Proprietor.     Si VIA SOO LINH
JJ   IU35«5;»23-i-fs;C-?j-SrS-!!S   I'i
i! wtienji re ii,ii,K.v nml ....ni J st, Paul Cliii a ii and al
v        n k.,11,1 iiind Ro to llm Bs»l 'l>
"i Kootenny. *| POtntS.
',5   When ynn  nie lirell nn.l wlml ll   2
^i       u.i.ni re.st go to .the Knsi Kim- ^i Tourist Sleeper Service
->       ten.iv. 2
*  When ...ii nre llllmiy nn.l iv.nii ,i  J|
itriuk Bo to uu. Bast « East, leave Dunmore Jet.
j* tn fact wllitt yon nre fn Cranliroolt ijl
!,,          slop nt llie I'inst K.ii.teiiiis'. 'n
* .'-.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all Kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
oda water in siphons.   The mosl
k economical way to handle it.
l.s KoolesB) Landlnx i ridn;
St. Paul, Toronlo, Montreal and I
Wesl, leave Revelstoke
Vancouver, Seattle, Coasl
Stcflmfthip 5cr. ies.'
From Alaska, Hawi ii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
I: .1 CIIVI.I: C 1:
A. li. I'. A .
.1. S. CARTER, II. P. ..
. •  .. •   .
:  llS
ie great
■ White
it .-i It'l in
Cily of
Sole Agents
im ber
r Healer in
- : ■ f'ir I'rices
i fortable
•; otel
d iiions
: iililic,
i ihon imos.,
ii C K
a   lock ol
, ick,
d Brick,
Pire Mrick
::nd Tile
s'.cvs, fire
ed, -.r .u.y job
line call on
. Taylor i
We are receiving new goods
daily. See our new Waists.
See the latest in Hats. Our
prices are always right. *te **
We have a fine selection of Spring
and Summer Suitings. The patterns
are the latest and best and our prices
are satisfactory to all.
Leask & Henderson
The joth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, li. C
* ol Interior i
JJ Amateur sv„rk sslll leeei.
V    lira. Konrwhl.nt.il     t
-liilliii   |
iliil     Ji
In Old Camcrluii lluK-l liuililiiiK
mil am
l have recently opens
ready lu tiilii- boarders
iiieal,  I have im lh|Uot I
tentlon tu run n strictly
.1 tills
.y  Um
ilny, weak or
and It la my hi*
class boarding
Proprietor ur the
Candy Kitchen
Carries a coai]ilDlc stock of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Ul.c as a call
W.  J.  WELCH,
Draying and
Pianuo Moving; a Specialty.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
For Fire Insurance
at Equitable Rates
in Reliable Companies
See US.   we can
save you money.
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
|     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up About the City  by Asking
Questions ol Many  People.
The innii who whispers down n well
About the guilds he has to sell,
Won't reap the gleaming, golden diillnis
Like one who climbs a tree and hollers
MORA!,—Advertise your goods in The
Fresh flower seeds at lleattie's.
M. II. King is fencing in  his
A food Witch is a neccss'ty oi clvlllzstl
Anion,  IH-.fi tirade Rnilrnnsl Witches fill:
WALTHAM linl'l i lis own.   Conic In and sec
our selection.
Officii! Watch Inspector for
Crows Nest dlvlclon C. P, ti.
Paul Itoudley of Kimberley, was in
town Monday.
Four fresh milch cows for sale. Apply
to I\ McConnell.
A. W. McVittie is doing some surveying ul Marysville,
.1. Gillis is now with the Furl Steele
Mercuutile company.
1,. S. McKinstrey of Marysville, was
in town last .Saturday.
G. W. Hull and wife of Marysville
lelt last Friday for the east.
Mr, Archibald, the Kimberley druggist, was in town Saturday.
J. I*\ Armstrong of Fort Steele, was in
town a short time Saturday.
Messrs, Beattie, Bonus and McDermot
visited Klko last Wednesday,
Dr. O'Hagan of Marysville, was a
Craubruuk visitor last Friday,
A paying iuvesttneut—a summer suit
made by McSweyn Si Griffith,
M. II. Strsou ol liridgelown, Out., is
now clerking fur ft. II. Miner,
C. 11. Oreu of Klko, brought his Minting pli Z to towu last Saturday.
Henry Parker and wife left last week
for Pincher where they will live in the
w. T. BuBsear of Llgin, Oie., succeeds
Mr. Steveus at the Kant Kootenay Bottling works.
M- A. McKenzie, construction eflgl
neer nt the Marysville smelter, was iu
town Sunday.
Ice cream, the best, will now lie found
at Mrs. P. McCotiiieli's. Will sell by
dish or gallon.
Norman Hill and wife came down from
Marysville last Saturday lo spend Sun*
day in Cranbrook.
The Klko committee on celebration
give it out cold that they will have a
rousing celebration.
Mr. and Mrs, J. Swinncrloii nre now
keeping house in the Cory Dow home on
the east side of lown.
II Haines, manager of the local branch
of the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
pent last Suuday in Nelson,
Mr. McMann, secretary to Mr, Hull
[eueral manager ofthe M irysville smelter, was in towu last Friday.
Call   and   examine   our  stock.     No
trouble to show goods and quote price
McSweyn & Griffith.
The addition to the store room of
Reid & Co. bas beeu completed nnd add;
very materially to the appearance ol the
Rev. McKillop of Lethbridge, passed
through town yesterday enrou.e to the
coast,   where  he  will   rest  for
J. P. Fink received a telegram to the
effect Unit Mrs Fink and children bad
Bailed from New York, April 30, on lhe
So lo Beallie's   for your fiowei seeds.
W. L. Reid of Moyie. was in town
Drop iu at Mrs. McConuell's and try
one of those elegant milk shakes.
An Indian found u good overcoat on
St. Marys prairie last week The owner
may have the same hy paying tor this
W M, Clancy nud G. A Mason of
Farnham, Que., arrived last week and
have taken positions in Superintendent
Mr. Forbes, the new dispatcher, will
build a handsome residence just south
of the Presbyterian manse, P. Navin
lias the coutiaci.
W. F Tate, the jeweler, is showing
an elegant Hue of gold, gold filled (10
year guarantee) and niekle spectacle and
eye glass frames.
Dr. Hai ber, llie dentist, is iu Cranbrook again fur a short time. Those
desiring work in his line should 111 ike
their appointments at once.
Summer Is here lo stay, and you can't
keep cool iu that winter suit. Come in
nni have a look at our summer suitings.
McSweyn 8c Griffith,
Mrs. 10 J. Peltier, who underwent a
rioua operation last week, is now lying
ry low at St. l.ugcne hospital. Her
other arrived yesterday from llle east.
Dr King has just planted a nice lot of
aple shade Irees around his residence.
The move is hy the way of experiment,
ami quite a number are interested in tbe
L. S. Austin, formerly superintendent
of construction on the Marysville smel
ter, has severed his connection with lhe
company and left  Sunday for his home
u Colorado.
Mr. and Mrs, Ilreckeiiridge arrived
last week from their trip through east
eru Canada and a number of the states.
While 111 Illinois they found the weather
uncomfortably warm.
J. S. Carter, district passenger agen
for I (he C. P. R., was in town Friday.
"J S " is n hustler and is making friend-
ant) business in this part of British Columbia at a rapid rate.
M. Milnties, who was slightly ill last
week, was taken very badly Monday.
und is uow iu a serious condition. Mrs
.Mclnues wos notified and arrived home
yesterday from Calgary.
IfyousulTer with bead ache or dizziness, It is generally due to eye strain.
If so a properly tilted pair of glasses
will relieve it. Consult \V. F Tate, the
jeweler.   No charge for ex iminatiou.
Mr. ami Mrs J, F. Armstrong came
over from Fort Sleele Monday to say
good bye lo their daughter, Mrs. Taylor,
who left lhat day for ber home in Golden. They were accompanied by Miss
Armstrong and Mrs. T. T. McVittie.
Mr. and Mrs. George Gurd and two
daughters arrived from Nelson last Saturday and will make Cranbrook their
home tbis summer, Mr. Gurd is in
very poor health, and is in hopes that
Uie climate of Craubrook will prove
Front tlie MMJki'illa Tribune
Ben Pugh left on Tuesday for Palmers
Bar where he will Jo assessment  work
on two of bis claim* at that place.
Albert Mellor who lias taken over
the business uf Frank McQabe li uow
In charge and prepaid! 10 supply ibe
public wauls.
H. White of Klmberley has taken a
position as book*keej er for the King
Lumber company ami leaves for C'ran-
bruok In a lew days.
A W. BoVlttee, P. L. S., arrived in
•u-irysville ou Friday 10 take charge of
the tiuine line for llie smelter company.
J. P, Fink thu manager of the Fort
Sieel Mercantile company of Cran-
tirook, was in  town on Thursday   ami
visited thc Sullivan mine.
N. C. McKinstry while rounding up
horses last week hail n very palnltil
accident while running Die horses
through the woods, He came in contact with a tree which caught htm on
the forehead ami face dazeing him tor
a short lime .iml throw lug hhii from his
norse. Wc are pleased 10 see him able
to be aruui.il. Mack thinks that round -
Ing up horses 1b rougher wotk than play
ng [out ball.
reek,   was   In
reports that
mine nee
The ranchers and farmers are very
busy uow putt! .g In thjlr crops.
Inspector of Customs W. C ute of
Victoria paid the borg a visit last week.
Mrs ll 10 and her youngest son Dick,
left for the south ou a Visit to frlead In
Uuite 1 States.
J, D. GDrilon Customs Collector at
Pnllllpps moved his olllce to Gateway
B. C.
.I.C. Carrulhers, Nelson, for Turner
Beeton & Co., vUltetl Kjosvllle and
Gateway last week.
Walter A Wells of Fort Steele Is vll-
itlng friends In the Valley.
Several engineers visited the watar-
falls ami took Photos of the surroundings, but nothing could be learnt from
Greal Falls and Spokane people are
trying to buy several claims on Phil-
llpps creek. There is every prospect
of considerable work being done thla
summer now that the railroad Is so
Tbe Mlnteer brothers will put men to
work on the Ojpper Kettle the lirst of
The United Workmen of Tobacco
Plains will hold their annual ball May
10 at Tobacco, Mont,
Frank McICnlght, who was working
at the St. Louis hotel, left for Calgary
to enlist for Sauth Africa.
Happy Frank is spending a few days
on his ranca In the valley this week.
The funeral of I>r. Livers, who died at
Liko last week, was held in ibis city
last Friday, Father Ouelette officiating.
Mrs. Livers, wife of the deceased, accompanied by her brother, S. A Drake,
arrived from Albany, N. Y , in time to
attend the funeral.
Frank Clapp went to Ferine on Monday to superintend the opening of the
branch of lhe East Kootenny Battling
works. Mr. Clapp is a man who believes in giving the people the best for
their money, and ihe town of Fernie is
to be congratulated on securing a branch
of his business.
Charles Stevens, who bas been with
the Lust Kootenay Bottling works foi
some time, has gone to Fernie to take a
position with tbe branch establishment
there. Mr. Stevens' Cranbrook friends
regret his departure, and The Herald
lakes pleasure in recommending him to
lhe people of Fernie.
As tbe warm weather approaches the
necessity of business meu seeing lhat
lhe back yards are kept clear uf refuse
mailer becomes more important. A
spark in a box of paper or a pile of
Straw might wipe out the business portion of the town. A tittle caution now
may Save a big blaze liter.
J. A Gillis is now in charge ofthe
men's furnishing department at the Fort
Sleele Mercantile company. Mr. Gillis
is well known throughout this district,
and his ability to serve the public satis
factor!ly in this line Is well known. Call
in ami see him and look over tbe large
stock thnt company carries.
Captain Miller and son, Charlie, formerly wllh lhe steamer North Star on
Ibe Kootenay river, are building a hoat
on the lower Columbia river In Washington, ro open up a portion of the river
that has heretofore been declared unuav-
iguble. If there is a river Unit a limit
can navigate the Millers will get one
Captain Armstrong was ill town last
week. He had brought the steamer
North Star up the river as far as Ward
ner and was compelled to wait there for
more water, ns the river is exceptionally
low for this time of the year. The captain will take llie boat through to Hanson's place at Wasa, anil get ready for
shipping lumber down river from the
Hanson mill.
Prom lhe Prospector.
II Haines and W. C. Johnson, Cranbrook, attended the ping pong festivities at Steele Thursdad evening.
Ben Illicit le, who served with the
Strathcona horse, has again enlisted
fur service in South Africa
Rev. Mr. Duncan aud latnlly have
goue to Innlilail Alta. where they will
reside iu the future,
Dad Sprague, Tracy
town ou   Thursday.    II
work ou the Iowa mine will
next week.
The ping pong tournament Craubrook
vs. fcVt Steele which was to take place
on Thursday, was declared olT ou account uf the nun arrival uf thc Cianbrook team.
Mr. Guy P.iwnall has purchased (he
Yelliily Ranch near P.sh Lake,
W a Chishoim returned on Saturday
last (torn LikecreeK. II: hm been doing wont ou the Carbonate group, one
of the big galena proportion In 1l1.1t section.   The present work however has
notilevolopcd anything new. Mr, Chishoim went back to the mine on Monday.
J, J. Lildlaw and Robert Little were
Inspecting a numher uf properties ou
Luke creek last week and report lhat
several properties In that neighborhood
wilt he operated during the coming sea
The sawmill at Wasa will commence
sawing on Monday next. Aboul a mil -
lion feet of logs are In the yaid rtady
for sawing. The stock of dressed and
rough lumber on band amounts to 350,
000 feet. Arrangements have been
completed for the trausportiou of lumber by s'.eamer to Wardner. The steamer North Star is expected at Wasa
during the coming week,
This camp is situated on the east side
of the Kootenay river twelve miles
north of Fort Seele. Copper and lead
with gold and silver are at present the
sole metals represented In the camp.
The Kstella mine has been worked
continuously during the wlntei months.
Dc-votopraent work ou the Wasa Viking and Crescent,and a propertyowned
by Mr Shira ts now golug on. It Is expected that work on the Iowa will con -
ounce In a few days.
The Fort Steele
Mercantile Co.
wish* to draw the attention
ul the public tu their well
Assorted stock ol
Hats, Shoes and
Men's Goods
in   general  which   will   be
sold   lor   the  next three
weeks at very low margins
Gill and inspect our stock ol
We carry the largest stock In
East Kootenay and therefore
can supply you witli the best
Try our goods and you will
always deal with us
to Take Dr. Scott's Citrate of
From the Moyie header
Jeff Gauthler Is In receipt of a letter
from A. (1. Lishapelle, wbo is now In
tbe hospital In Greenwood. Lashapelle
while working on the Si. Eugene shaft
bouse last fall accidentally cm his ankle
with an adz. Blood poisoning set In
and he was for several weeks In the
Cranbrook hospital. He apparently
fully recovered, but a few weeks ago it
again became necessary for him to go
to tbe hospital. He Is uow afraid that
it will be necessary to amputate the
limb la order to save bis life.
The OJd Fellows anniversary service
which was held In their ball last Suuday
afternoon, was well attended. iOv.
Fortune hill the attention of his audience for more than an hour. He delivered an elotjueut sermon on Odd Fel
lowship and the teachings ol the motto
of the order, "Friendship. Love and
Truth." Mrs. Ei Hill outdated as organist and the lodge duly appreciates
the services which she rendered.
Mark Brooke left this week for Ymir
and other West Kootenay mining camps
Messrs Grant St Sheady have secured
the contract of building 80 m Ies of
railway near Moosomln, in the Northwest Terr! tor le 1. This week they
shipped their forty head of horses aud
oiitili. and they arc taking about thirty
men with them. It will take nearly six
months to complete the contract.
Win. Lawson of this place is now the
sole owner of the Gladstone Iron mine
near Blalrmore, There are three
claims In the group, ami the work done
consists uf a nu foot tunnel, Mr La.\
son has also a t|iiarter section of valuable
coal land In that vicinity,
Mr. Hobson, general manager of the
London Mutual and  Ottawa Fire Insurance companies,  with headquarters at
Vancouver, and Mr Leltch, superintendent ofthe same companies, with head-
1 quarters at Lnudoil, Out,,  have beeu in
I towu tbid week coilftiHug   with C. R,
The Misses ClHrke left lasl Friday for
their home in Mmiitou, Man.   Quite a   mo8t   fuvurflb,y   imP'""A  * th   ^'"'O !'■» frclgut chrks gave a social even-
numbar of their friends gathered at the' brook, and look upon it as a town with (Ing In his honor at their home   last
motion to su) good bye.
From the Pernio I'reo Press.
Miss McGillnm, of Cranbiook, Is in
town this week, the gu.-st of Miss K.
The Frank football te m w ll play the
Pincher Creek team In the latter town
on the ?1th of May.
Business is Increasing In the C. P. H
yard again. Huh yard engines are now
working day and night.
MUs T. Hewitt, who recently opened
a barber shop opposite the Northern
hotel has left town rather suddenly,She
leaves many sorrowing but wiser friend-
EL Cllne, day operator at the station
has been removed lo Cranbrook. Dui-
lug his stay here. Mr, Cllne has made
himself verv* popular and hla departure
J Palmer,   the   local   agent,   They   were j Is regretted by a host of frleuds.JThe C.
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning ou its merits. "Have you
tried it?"
A Thousand Tons Daily.
Itossland, May .l-The shipments of
ore from the Hissland camp, for tne thc
week ending tonight,average over 1.000
tons dally, made up as follows: LeRoi,
S.FjS; L-RolNiS, 1, 500: Rossland-
Great Western, 300; Centre Star 100
Giant, 10(1; total for week, 7, 172, ton
total for year 122,297 tons.
Gas.   Anderson, a  railway   laborer,
aged 31) vears, stabbed himself twe.
six tlme^l i-lth a pen knife at the Grand
Central Hotel, Grand Forks, last  Mjn
day, In an attempt to commit suicide.
It Is figured InGrand Forks thai Bo un
tiary contributes 800,000 to the province
and this year is allowed only $14. SOO in
thc estimates recently brought down,
A recent shipment from the Ruffled
Grouse, Lirdeau, netted the owners
3101 per ton.
Tne Suiset, near Sin Ion, has netted
the owners 840,000 for the past nine
months,and still has a large quantity ol
ore In sight,
Canada Is coming to the front as
copper'producer. Ii 1000 the output
was 0.000,000 pounds aul In 1001 It bad
Increased to 30,000,000 pounds or 15, 0(0
short tons. Tale output mule Canada
eighth on the list of copper producing
countries. Bri.Ish Columbia headed
thc list of the provinces In the production of copper.
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning on its merits, "Have yi u
tried ll?"
Mull lines Easl.
Marysvllu Tribune
O. W Ilnll the generel manager of
the Sullivan Group Mining Co, ac*
companlcd by Mrs. Hull lelt for Toledo,
Ohio, on Thursday. Mrs. Hull hll
been In very poor health of late and It
is hoped lhat au entire change of climate will he beneficial to her health
Mr. Hull will return fu about Hirer
weeks, Mr. Saunders will take his
place In the meantime. The Tribune
trusts that the trip to thc Bait wll
restore Mrs, Hull's health permanently
ai.il wishes Mr. and Mia. Mud Uun
Liberal Association Formed.
Marysvllu Trlhlinu
A meeting of the Marysvllle Hbcra's
was held at the Royal hotel on Thursday evening and an association was
formed. J. A. Liurle was elected president and II  L. Borden, Sec -Treas.
lhe president and secretary were
elected as dch-gates to the liberal con
ventlon to be held In Cranbrock on
May the IStn. The meeting adjourned
until 8 p. m. M y the Tib,
wheie they will convene In Adam's
guilt Inline
1 week.
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
Iron and Quinine Tonic	
..Jams and Jellies..
Many Kinds and All Good.
In 1 lb. glasses,       in 2 and 5 lb fibre       In 7 lb pails
Roayl Shield Jelly Powders have no equal.   2 pkts 2Hc
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
The heavy and ever increasing demand forces us
us to keep increasing our stock and the result is
our numerous customers are reccivcing thc benefit of thc big turn over.
Thc more we sell the fresher and better our
GROCERIES are and thc cheaper we can sell them.
Our I rn sl t has doubled in the lasl six months.    Help us lu swell
II to four limes this volume In lhc next six.
Will Rciu-tt the Appearance uf
Your Parlor, timid Values In
the Uti'st Style can hi- had
Repairing and IphulsluriiiK a Specially.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
"M Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle
Danville's Old Irish Whiskey, per bottle
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle
"VS Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle
John Dewar's Special, per bottle	
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle	
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle	
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle      I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle     2 00
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints      1 00
Bass Ale, pints       35
Guinness' Stout         35
$2 50
....     1 75
1 75
1 75
I 50
       2 50


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