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Cranbrook Herald Apr 30, 1903

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l.ltANItltOOK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA,   THUKSDAY.   APItIL   80,   1008.
}}}♦*?♦■.♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦*♦{♦*»»•»♦»«♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»•*»»♦♦•••««•»♦ *W»*»*WiM*4S»M«5MM**MMi**
I Because of an unusual combination of circumstances everything favors the buyer II
si of real estate in the new town of
The new town is destined to be quickly occupied by desirable people, because of its notable advantages.
stand between you and a handsome income. Not only will Morrissey Mines be the best business town in the
district, but it possesses every requisite for perfect homes. The property is owned by the Crows Nest Pass Coal
Company, Limited.
I It is Located at that Great Industrial Center, the Morrissey Coal Mines
«* ■ . 	
*| It costs you nothing to investigate and you ought to learn about the many advantages of the new town whether
J| you are going to buy now or not.   SALE OPENS FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 1st, 1903.
Morrissey Mines, & British Columbia
The Canadian Hank of Commerce.    I  AWFUL   ROCK SLIDE
Head Ollice. Toronto.
Hon. »'.k<i. A. r.tx. l-it'*>i.li-,,t.
Paid lip   Capital    .
Total  Rc-iarrr.
II. li  Wai.kih.I1.
!,.,I«HI,1««I IHI
..  .    .' .-UM.awi in,
? ,.l««l.«HI Wl
Deposits Received.   Ocncral Haiikiiiu Business Transacted
SAVINGS H.Nk HEPAU HUNT   DchiIIi Received   lairrc.t tlla.nl.
Portion  of the Town of Frank
Buried Beneath an Avalanche.
(or n osket, am) tha awakening, gpsp °f
fright tbe only earthly farewell. In
other cases tbe buildings were -tprcrd
along with tbe title, to be tt last caught
mul tiemoliabed and tbe Inmates crushed
log a mass nf mi'k above it. If ths hud
heen true, the men wruking in the mint*
would have been lout also, an<l during
the day a relief jinny went near the tun-
uel mouth an it  cotibl he located and
hy falling rock or collspsing -walls. It" started to clear away to gel at the mines.
waa only ■ few seconds from lhe time ; These people worked in the face of great,
lhe movement started until tbe tod, and } danger, as there were rocks nf different |
yet in tbat brief period the valley with i sizes still coming down the mountain
the ■mountain on one side, sleeping hu- j side.   Thirteen limits after the accident
#*l$l-**l-tl*l*l**l*i*l'*M*l*l-**l  I*
. ...........
Gilpin Closing
: •'
Six Members of the Leitch Family Killed
and Four Bodies Recovered.
llo you realize how deep a cut ill
prices selling out at cost  means?
inanity In tbeir booses along the center,
and a rising bench ou tbe other, wss
filled to tbe depth of w to ioo feet with
a solid mass of rock esteoding In width
a shoot of jiv went up from many
throats, when a body of worn, weary and
haggard men were seen to emrrge from
the   mountain   side  above   the tunnel
in places nearly two miles and In length  mouth.  There were fifteen nf tbe miners
between two and two aod one-half miles.
To gain some conception of tbe view
presented one ceo picture a mass of
broken rock dumped Id a pile for building purposes, and then let hia Imagination run riot and permit the picture to
be enlarged ten thousand fold, aod then
it will be only a faint Idea. Perhaps in
the history  ofthe  country  tbere  has
who bad by superhuman elt >rtn saved
their lives hy diggings new opening j
from tbe mine through tbe mountain
side. Two others had smothered to
death. Tney felt tbe jar of the the slide I
while at work, and knew something bad
happened, but had no idea of tbe terrible scene tbat was presented to tbeir
view when tbey came out Into thr light,
iii; Comr and let us show yuu.   To clear a  number ol  linen oi (i;;
(i-ii which we   have an over supply we are making ruinous prices  • |
Durkee's -Salad Dressing, formerly 6oc now 30c Yt
rallies' Skirt, formerly io now S.i
ll,,\ Cull Shiies. formerly S.i now Si.go
Any lib can »f fruit now 2,k
We can sell FURNITURE only lor a short time. Secure some 'ff
(1,1) ol these bargains whilst you can. ''"
i 1) Call early and often.   There is still a lot ol stulf to be sold.      '"-■
• V* I • 1 * I •»•', * I * 1 *•* I * I * I * I.-1 •■ I I * 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 ■» 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 * I # [«
Penalty of Eye Abuse
Don't wait until the eyes give out and you are compelled
to itop work. Many people must overwork the eyes, but none
need permanently injure them. If the vision ieels strained get
the proper glasses at once.   Bring your eye trouble to us.
Without warning, without any toll-
matiun-ahatever, an enormous mass of
tuck at the top of lhe great mountain
nt lhe town of Frank, Alberta, broke
loose a lew niiuntes after 4 o'clock WetV
ntnday morning, ind with the roaring of
a volcano came sliding down tbe steep
mountain side with awful viloclty,crushing and grinding the life out of all lo Ua
way. Within a few seconds time nearly
twenty collages were burled beneath
this tidal wave nf death, and over
sixty people lost to life. A
reign of terror broke forth am 3*g the
miivivlngpiiiple of the town. The air
was filled with the dust of the grinding
limestone and In one or two cases a cottage was set on fire by being turned
over and throwing homing stoves Into
tbe debris. The, roar of the falling
masses of rock, the glaie of tbe flames
and the rising of the powdered dust natural y impressed tbe frightened snr*
vivors witb the terrifying Idea tbat the
lowu was tn the midst of a volcanic
eruption. There ras no halp, there wee
no knowledge, tbere was apparently oo
escape. With h'auched faces and quaking
limbs some of the terrified people sought
to put on enough clothing to protect
ihfin fiom the chilly air of night, while
| many ruabed forth la their nightdresses,
frantic wllh fright aud wildly appealing
for help aud protection.
What bad been a peaceful valley of
Industry and safely was suddenly transformed into a niovlug mass (>( rock that
swept death and destruction with It-
Down the precipitous sides nf the mountain towering nearly 5000 feet in the
clouds, came the vast masses of rock,
the force of gravity producing a speed
and power alan.-t inconceivable to the
human mind- There was no eiplosion.
There was uo throwing of rock and
dehrls lo tbe air. There was un auioke,
uo convulsions of the mountain or valley,
00 enlpburous fames. Tbls great mass
of rock, eiieuding nearly a halt a mite
Id length along the mountain side and
near the top of the diiay height, hatl
been forced loose by the action of
nature.* aod with awful, irrislstlble,
deadly force, moved from tbe bnseot the
mountain across lhe valley, spreading
out lo Ita 6etd of destruction like a fan,
until between two and three miles
In length had been covered by
tbla devesting mass. Houses that
stood close enough were completely
engnlfed and Ibe sleeping inhabitants
were buried -beneath a mass of cold, unfeeling rock to the depth nf 30 to 50 feel,
with the crushed aides of tha building
never been sucb a pecoliar rock slide I Carrying up their timbers tbey cm
with sucb disastrous results and such a new shaft timbering as tbey went,
marvelous force and activity displayed, until they reached a mass of loose rock
and years may come and years may go i at tbe outside,through which they wotk-
bnt that mountain at 1'rank, with the I ed their way. It was a long aeige but
gaping, semicircular bolt, will be point* ihe men never lost courage ami came
ed out by passengers on the tralui with out of it thanking Clod foi their good
feelings of terror aud horror. ' fortune.	
Ne Cha-we (er RtKW.
Sii ol Ihe Leitch Family Killed.
Ale* Uiteh, htother of A. I.eUctiof
Although the terror strlckenedinhabl   Cr(lllbrooki lived with his wife ami seven
tans weie partially calmed down   with . c|llWrrn („ „   cottage   that   was on ibe
the appearance of dawn, yet miny In
the portion cf tbe town tbat escaped the
avalanche of roch hastily gathered some
clothing aod valuable* and sought refuge
in tbe neighboring town of Blair more
three miles away. Thi* was especially
the case with tbe women, but the men
as iinnnas possible, formed a relief party
and hurried to where tbe cottages had
stood. There were aniinus hearts and
willing hands, but little for tbem to do.
Perhaps In all tbere were oot more than
live or sii injured. If touched at all,
instant death bad been lhe result, aod
hundreds of tons of lock bid the bodies
from view. There wss little need of
doctors or nurses, and tbe rescuing
parly soon completed It* wotk. The
dead were past human aid, and it will he
peaslble in recover their bodies only in a
tew instances.
Caight Iff the Mist.
une of tbe theories of Ibe disaster was
that the coal mine had caved in, lo?iefi*
ooter edge of the slide, but still fur
enough iu to lie totally demolished nod
the father and mntlier air! four of the '
hoys were killed, The tlend children
are John, Allan, Wilfred nnd Alhol, ami
tbt buttles ol the two former are not re*
cover nl The escape of the tlliee girls
waa a miracle, especially that of the lit
.tie baby two years obi, who was found |
(near a neighbors housi: several yards
away, In her night dress and hare feet,
without a scratch nr bruise. She had
been sleeping with her parents, who had
been killed In their bed. and bow lhe
Utile one had go' to where she was
found will never be known. The house
hatl been pushed along with tlie slide
about 30 feet and wushnilly crushed and
demolished. The tour boys were sleep
ing In a hedrnom in a lean-to at the rear
nf ihe building, lhe father, mother and
haby tn a back bedroom lu the 111 niu
part nf the building, and the two girls
lu tbe front room. A raftcf breakiug
■rom the celling fell so *& to form a sup
port over tbe bed in wh;:h the two girls-
slept ami leaving a *.tn,*..". space into
which tbe bed had been crushed and
jammed. The little girla Mere huddled
together to their terror, and as'de from
a few bruises escaped unhurt. It tonk
nearly two honra to dig them ar, n*,
great care bail to be eieinsed to pie-
vent heavy rocks and portion* of lhe
crushed hmliliDg (rom falling ln on
them. The bodies of the parents we r
badly bruised but the remains of tie
two boys that were found did nol nbow
any herioii*i It j trie*. The other two
bodies are buried beneath the rock and
it party of ten men are searching for
tbem. A. Leitch, wbo was in Jnffrajr,
went up on Superintendent Taylor's
special and performed tbe **a<l task of
caring fnr the dead. Tbe bodies were
prepared for burial ami brought 10
Craubrook on the pastenger. The little
children were met at I'ernie b> Mm
Jessie I-titch and wUeu the traiu sr-
riv-id in Craibrook takun at once lo the
Leitch home,    Arrangements  for the
funeral   will   tie   made   as   noun   as the
wishes of (he other two brothers at (ink
Lake can tie ascertained.
killed In Po upou re and VUVcl|k'a Camp.
Poupoure .V McVeigh's ratlroail camp
was located about one tnlle below town, '
and at the tlm-* of tbe accident there
wan only live men in camp, but tbey
were all Killed ami burled beneath fifty
feel of rock. One of ihecoer, wn young
McVeigh, who was married about a year
ago anil leaves a wife and baby. There
Is not a trace of the cimp left and il la
not possible to ilef initlly locate Its former position.
Mine Mad Been Sold.
The coal mine had been  sold  only  a
few days before to a French Syndicate
for $1,B00,000, and was lo  be   delivered
on the i:, of Mav     ll.   I.   Frank   Is  In   .
I'aris now to close the deal.
Wonderful l-orcc Shown.
Men wbo walked over the whole Held
say that there are places where masses
of soil! rock as large as freight ears
can be seen fully a mile from tbe mount-
aiu, The mass of rock has acted like a
snowslide, forcing Ita way across the
valley and pushing up on the hillside
, to a considerable distance. Two or
three ranches across the main line of
coalloutd 01 fourth page. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietoi
The Iteralil dostrea to give tl ---• "■•'
airttlci.   it yon know  any ;t,",;"1,>1"",1L,,!'
,..iiriiihie.iryour|. te. send tl to thU ulltee.
The suow storm laat Monday knocked
OUt onr annual poem on spring.
TbeCanadaln Karmet wants to put
theChlnameti nu Ontario  farms,   We
gte willing
The kind of untouiMii that send** |ob
printing ont ol town whon mere is a
hrst class priming ofllco that p-«y** K"0'1
wages, is not the kind of unionism that
protects working me---
A ltoston physician claims to have
■liscovereil lhe smallpos germ Ue
■houldtake and bury it at once ami rid
the world of this dread desease.
Clean np your own back yard before
you criticise your neighbor's.
If the prediction regarding the l.lbe
rat party in the Dominion prove true
and they decide lo go to the cuinury.
aad the British Columbia government is
diaolved, there will be lively times in
this district tbls fall.
Iron Is king with the eastern legislator, while lead evidently looks like
a while check,
llamey seems to have put up a poor
South Kast Koolenay looks belter
every mouth.
Morrlssey Miner's Obituary.
Morrissey Miner: With this issue,
Tbe Miner closes Its enrlhly career.
Tbere wan a good excuse fur its birth,
there is a legitimate reason for Itsileulli.
It came into tbe world tn meet lhe need
at thut lime, and it goes to ils death
because thai need bus lieen fulfilled, since conditions have changed
and the town in the vnlley Is
to be supplanted bv the town on tlie hill.
Wc have no regrets lo cvpress, no
kicks to make, no tears to shed. We
are in lhe newspaper business as a unit
ler of business, and prosperity ar ud-
versily aie accepted as Ihey are handed
out to us, without praise or condemns
lion. We desire to extend tn the people of Mmrissey nur thanks fnr their
uniform courtesy, atld lo those who as
sisied in the sttppnrt of lhe paper, evidence of nur appreciation. There art
cayuses in Morrissey the same as everywhere eke. Tbey have existed since
tlie origin uf lime,  and  no doubt  Ihey
will he fo I in heaven and hell us well.
.Some are so small lhat Tom Thumb's
vest would make nn overconl for them,
and so mean lhat it pole cal would refuse io associate with iticill. lltlt this
element is comparatively small. The
word is full of true, honest, whole hearted individuals, with whom it is a plea-
fiue to mingle. Morrissey has men ol
that stripe, and we have enjoyed knowing them and hope thai tlieac-fjuninlimce
may continue.
We desire In add it word regnnlitiH Ihe
gentleman who has been editor nf lhe
paper under onr management, Matt
Kockendoif He has been with us for
the past six years, assisting iu the publication of the Wardner International,
Marysville Tribune, Cranbrook Herald
aud The Miner, of the latter be has
had complete charge during ils life, and
the results have been eminently satisfactory to us and the public. We bate
In lose Matt, but he has now on nppor
(unity to escape from the newspapei
business and he intends to take advantage of it. We have been in the business 25 years, and in all (hat time we
have never known a belter, more reliable and efficient newspaper man ami
priuter. With a keen sense of the responsibilities of the position, a ready
writer, a rapid woiker and all round
good fellow, he would have made a
great success in the newspaper business;
but success in this line is not attractive
to a young man desirous of accumulating bis share of this world's goods, and
consequently Malt will look to other
Hues, lie will be successful, because
he has tbe ability anil energy lo win
success, ami he will make warm friends
while some people arc getting ncijunlnt*
Latrosss at Fernie.
The I'ernie Lacrosse club has organized for the season, and elected officers as
fatrons, Messrs. J. K. Pollock,  I,.  M.
Proctor and A. Mills'..
Hon. President, Mr. Jas McKvoy,
President, Mr. N. K. Broley,
1st Vice-president, Mr. W. P. Cuthbert
and Vice-president, Mr, .1. II. Brtcker,
Secretary treasurer, A. C. Uphardt.
Hxecutive   committee   Mosrs. James
Miller, I>. Walmsley- and II. O. Watson.
Ilelegates   lo  the A.   A.  .V-sneiatlnu,
Mesars, Brlcker nnd I.iphardt.
Delegate In Lethbridge 10 attend district convention, Mr. M. A, Kiisluer.
The election nt a captain wns postponed until a later day when this nnicer
could be selected with better judgement,
Nr Sale.
Usiray sow, cared for hy me since Inst
fall, will be offered  at    public   sale,   on
Monday, May I J, lyu.
s j. Rretmatif
fntni It.*' lamia
. inn-.*. 1
v. ..ik ,!•>,
c.     Wall 1
r»U t
l,V    Ull
how. ,.
,,<* don'l
rnM inticli
ns it;
-uwl oil 1
I W.,)
down a
ll »vi- '11,
l-iiuiti, *,
1 „u4 /1
-at a
1:111 now
|.| V).in  no
l to
, 1 colli.1
10 ,1.
■> auu.
ll.rtV. ill
r h.il**lil
a v
1 lhe
■ lie imH lu
I..     11 »,
1 ply you.
1 iu ilie
rum 7 in 4 |
Walk in
1. Ir
op-CIl 1101'ks,
]        U to 1'.' a  111.
1 to ti p. m.
T to * p. ni.
Timber Notice
r'rmn Hi'' Mi.vn' Leader
James Cumin bus lefl   (or  California
ami wld he away ab ut a month.
The case of N  A. MacKona'e again-.!
sien Hansen has been dlamlaaeUi
The ice on tin-I  k • is lapully   hteak
Ing up ami will likely be all out hv   lo
nun m.v or neit day.
Marry Himoek and wile stopped oft
in Movie Wednesday nn their way to
Nelson.    Mrs.   Dimock   will   make   her
home in Nelson during tlie summer,
Il is said that there is a young buiy
In Cranbrook wbo is so modest she will
not retire so long as tbere Is a copy ol
lhe Christian <>m*rvcr In lhe tooin.
We wonder tf she would object to a j
Morrissey Miner, a trunk Sentinel or 11
r'orl Steele Prospector,
A petition Is being circulated a«klngi
the commissioner of Linda aud Works
to refuse to grant lhe l.tst Kootenay,
Lumber company permission to obstruct j
the lower Moyie river with dams. It Is
contended that the barking up of the
water In the lake will ruin A. T. Clark'.*,
valuable hay ranch and will also cause
the Si LaTigene company a great deai of
trouble In gelling rid of the tailings
from ihelr mill.
* Our line is exceedingly replete, comprising staples which are
* the standard tor excellence and merit, while the collection ol
J Overcoatings and Trouserings contains many exclusive and con-
* lined styles ol the   b.*st   foreign  and   domestic manut.ictures and
1 our entire collection has no equal for complete and varied ASSort-
* ment and stylish designs and colorings.
I The Leading Tailors Cranbrook,, B. C
.   Notice u hereby given tout thirty day* after
(Intel luiemt to ai>|>ly to tIr.*- Uluil ('uMltlll
.-Iiiiiirut 1-uii.lx ami Um,.*. nl Victurlti Iur a
■ I ut use in mi ami earty awnj liml»-r lr«m lli.-
fnl uttlDit descrdisil buitl-.;
,!   < uwuelnuntl»e souilmesl oc-racr »f i»i
j an*, iii.,ii}i 1, tlieiu-e 1,1.1th ;.-,:,', ha ns to 1I1.-
ii.iiltiivtxt .111111*1 ii| iht tfiirvsnl-l Inl. Ilini.-t
j ms| tn i'|.;i ||i, lilBUee Milltjl tU*JU cIlHIIU, tliriicc
I ••Hit nietml •* l» iwllll ul .-miiiumi- m, mm.
liuhilui :•* -•■•"•** "f '■ ar IfttuU u ur Ink
li,iir*.i luii dai <•! April (wet,
Atiues i:ti\, 11.
Sheriff's Sale.
iiitiiiiiu ,
I $ 1 (•; 1 (ii 1 » i (r I (.; I <•*- I (•; I ® 1 ffi I ffl I ® I (•,: 1. ' • 1,. 1 ffi 1 ffl 1 ffi I IS I ® I ® I S) K* It*
w ] • IVI #l4 iwTw I ♦ !♦ I *f4» I ♦(♦I I , ■• 1 v 1 • i ■• , ** i • 1 ■*■ 1 1 ■ I i \w !*♦ 1
.•I  llllK-.ll 4
11, tteii h nutty
Tn \vw- 1
I  .if ll Will ,t| |-I,-|| |'||.'1.|>   IV
..nn ut itrllhli <
BV mint .if 11 Win ,t|
It Hi,'Mill,.1*
ll 1. II Unfit I lis AMK'H-MrANY, I'll
ii' when you have an accident.     It helps the hurt if you
•1. have something to pay expenses with.   Wi furnish
*. the needful when it is most needed.   See our mercan-
*• tile combination policy.
Phone 20, Cranbrook, B. C.
! 9r
\* I A ; A I A I A I A I A I A I A | A | <g) | A I A • <i 1
® I ® I ® I ® I ® I ® I ® I ® I ® I ® I ® I © I ® I (Sl !"•
I'l  tin- l'tn%|iei-|or.
Dr Sawyer, Cranbrook, wasatSteele
Saturday on business.
Barrister Thompson and  Ur.  Harvey
Cranliniok, were iu town l-'riday.
A. It. I'Vuwick was up from I he. ranch
l-'riday. He reports lhat the fanners In
ilie vicinity .of Hull river BJe seeding.
farmers are looking serious this
week. Nightly frosts have delayed
seeding, which throws spring planting
Peter Woods waa down from Cherry
creek Sunday. lie 'say'** lhat farmers lu
Lhat vicinity have commenced spring
Miss Annie Durick, Miss I.. Tacn-
liauser, Miss I-'. Taenbaiiser ami Mr. A.
Doyle, attended the dunce at Wardner
Thursday evening.   They report having
a most enjoyable lime.
I ® I® I® I® I® I ® I ® I ® I®
fi I ®
t> i
> i •*>
;,n.i to me ilin-.'ii-l nualif-l tin'
IS   AMI I II M IKI.I.S III   M l.l.l\ \\
ItOl I' MIMMi i i IMI'.\N\.,l,l,u,|,o,|
nf s. i/.-il ;iihl I iki-u in i'i,-. niuin »u Hi,.
IllleHint interest  nl  I ,r s.ml ,lrt. ii.U.hi,
**«jWby vo
j Vroom & Dezall    jl     pA|R pUY
I    Blacksmiths! |   CHEWING
j     Horseshoeing  :,    T0BACC0
j Carriage Repairing and       J [
; Qencral Jobbing..., j j Because it is the ^..aiuy
♦ Outllde Order* Promptly I ; BcCilUSe it Is the moat UsllnB chew
! Altcnded lo. j - BcCJIUSC ll Is lhe Inrgest high gi.dt
lour .'vt.iug
- M I
if I..-I	
The Hertlit! Fret I'ress has the following notice of the uiatiiagt* of Constable
S. II. llosklns, ol Kimberley:
The marriage of Miss Margaret Ward,
ol Hertford, Knglaml, with Mr. Stephen
ll. llosklns, of K tuber ley, was solemn*
i/ed ai Christ church, Ferule, nn Tuesday last. The bride, who was given
away   by   Mr.    I,.    R,    Forbes,   looked
charming in a white silk dress ami picture hat. The ceremony was performed
bytheUev.il. Ueaclinm of Cranbrook,
ii.siisted by the Rev. C. W, Houghton
ol i'ernie. The service thanks lo lhe
klndlieSH nl Mr. Staebler, wat choral,
After the ceremony the guests were entertained at the home of Mr. -ti.d Mra
I, R Forbes. In the course of lhe
evening the Rev. II. Ileachetti delivered
a happy speech welcoming the bride to
the wesl. They left tbe following mom
nig for their home at Kimberley followed
by the good wishes of a large number ol
h lends, This Is the first wedding that
lias been solemnized at Christ church
The Herald extend-*; congratulations
•v* illl best withes for happiness and prosperity.
It Makes a Different*.
Nelson Tribune; The tarilT ou Steele
can be changed at once to suit eastern
people, hul the west must wait Indefinitely before the tarlT on lead can be
changed. If a satisfactory taritl 'arrange
ment was made the Kootenuy district
would employ 10,000 men wliere the
steel industry emplojs 3000 or 4000, The
man in llritisli Columbia pays the Dominion government in taxation overlive
limes us tu licit as the sleel woiker in the
Hsik Copies Wanted.
Tlie Herald   is   minus (he  following
copies Irom its tile:
Don't be x\.L//vKlVled that you will not wake up
that you will not wake up in time. Our alarm clocks
are guaranteed to give satisfaction. We have just opened
up a nice selection in
Official Watch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C. P. R.
My business is rapidly increasing.
Because I have the stock to select from and mv prices
are satisfactory,
Pioneer Hardware Merchant
V ll'lUll'K-tlrtl
_ilpug, llrsjlirluk, * limn t.ili-K.i.iiii-.- rtirull	
,iih.ii in.-Mii.n*>'ii,|-iim s |.i,i|i*-it\ iii |lit< Tumi
•■r \tarysrltle, IL r, in rwiiver Uiu sum ur
^i-jl.'.'t nml ul nli.teie-l «n #.it.,i nt tin- j.t-i
ih-i hiiiiuiii from Uiu nth ilay nr Kslinuir/, iwii,
iiinll'luiMMiiit. lie* Lies Shi'ilit*-. ja 1111 hi aw*, nni
eers's fi't'i, mul all uther l.-mtl iiii-liu-iitiii i.\|i,'n
seSiflltUfuhleli|lkhAl]e\iiuMifiirsnl -suffle.eni
i|t,-ii'i,f in satisfy Mill JlltlKllluiil il,-lii nml eiiNig
ni the limn uf Murysv.l.e, It. u.. on Wi'diu'iilny,
Ilu-till ilay of May, I'im, al llii-li.iut »( isoVun-k
MiiK-luti-nillnii [niri'linsers tvii s,n>r>
theuiMlvesiis tu Itiiereai ami till,- ,>i iin- m\\,\
ih-ieiiilniii, Sulliiiin 1.(1.14, Mi nui). ri.iiiKiuy,
All Inventory nt the nel/,ei| unmls mav la* sneii
iilHiii Hpiilleitliiilt to M, If, Mi'Mah-iii u\ Marys
Villi), ui|.l at |||H >]|fiin tnill,.,- Ni-1-.i.ii. 11.1
Uilleit M Mur)8Vll|e, lUll A|l|1l. lUKt.
H. I'.Tt'i K,
.1 HherffTiif Silutli kl itnm
Timber Notice
Take imlleelliiit thirty ilayi afier tltite 1 Inland in tippy ti) tim 1 liter 1 01 umi-.t,umi' nr
Unil-uni'l Works foi' a s| ltd lli-ciisn to cut
and carry away limber front the ruttmvluu tl«s
erlbwl lauds j
). I'liiiimeuehigHt n |wst |ilnu ed iilnti mlins
n.iitli nf a iiorili liniiiiilarv nr   l.ut 4 ss nn runt
Imnkor i'ii/'_'.-i-.ii<i ure.'K in-t,,,-,! -i*. steiilieiis
\. W.i'urner ihisI," iiieuee Smith -n t-lmlut,
llimme Kast siiehulus,llMiu-e S'nrlli i< ,-liaius.
tllCiiee West #icll,illM in place uf 0 iliimetiue*
iiinit. isiiiialuili' lima it's, mme oi*less.
ii, I'lUiinieiicliwai ii 111 i-it timrkeil "K, Sie|i|icus'
S, W, oorner |wst" iilitlited lieslt|c tlit- ulmvi-
uii'iiiiniiPil inlliali-1 post, tlir tic j- I ttsi sj ,-haitis,
ihfii.-e .Nm-ihs'1 i-haliis, lli-n,-. West SO rlialllS,
tlti'iii-i's'uiiili-»■ clialiii tn pljic-e ,,| fhuniieuei*-
ini'iii, riitit alii Inn ni11 a.-r.-s, more nr leg*.
liiiteil this imh i.ny of .Murch, hub.
Nut lea I-, tifreby given thut I, th** uiiileriimipd
lutein) tuiii) cm) days after after ilntu in wn-h
I'i the ASNiSIUtll rtilllllllsiliilicr ..r   lJUl.ll ami
Wmks fill tb- ills net uml the Chief (mnml
slmiernf Ullilstmil Wink*. Of Uu- |irii\lllefl
1 llrlthli I'tiiiiiiiiiia fur 11 ili«iisa tu iiniiim-t r
(tuiland iielroleiiiii iiiain the liimls iust nf 11
> I'latlientl rivi'i In Itiesmih unslerii e. in.'i*
' llit)t*n>vlineof .Jlrlimli iVilumlila ,i,si-i,1,i ,|
Minus: Ciiuiiu.-Ui'lii-- Ul II |tns| al tin- timlli a
enriiermarked "W, 11 llinhnus nori.east n
; m-r l»isi' ihPiire sn • limns west, tliemu
i 1 'lllllllS South, Uliiliri- si) I'llililM Mist, tlll'liee
M'llililiB uurlli l<>   |hist ,>r nimiiK-ii,  ineui ai
I 1 nlllallllliK I'lOUiT.-S.
]    Daiiil JTihilityiif .Miinh. l'Ni:i.
, W. II lin.ismi. l..rat<ir
1        1 I.J T. .M. Ilalh) hliUKflll
1899 Vol. a, N.
1901   "   4,   '
1901    "   ,|,   '
1901    "   4,   '
inoa   "   5,  '
The Herald w
to any one sending any (if tin
l6| Sept.  14th.
411, Dec. lyth.
4a, Jan. J in I.
43, Jan. yh.
2. Mar. 171I1.
pay 2_ cents ner copy
Slcam ntllnx.
Can lie hnd al tbe it.  II.   Miner store
very cheap.   Now is thc time to buy.
Slink IJniilalinas.
I-'iirttislleil l.y ll,*iili-, lltlll'lliaoil
& Kl
wt-ll, lirokera, Crantiroolc, ll..!.
N-.illt Star	
Sl.   Iltigeittf,..       	
Wiir l*;an'c CiMiMiliilnt-.il	
I'll)*  Hull	
American Uny.      ....         	
St   Kitf-ene Moltlitaitt Mlllca, I.til
l'„.*.«  N,*sl Cnnl - |
15" on
I'li.'iili-iii ml ami Coal Mlni-a, l.ut
3 50
A'ltirla Coal atnl Cok*-	
.1 5"
li sl Clous Ni-.-il C1.111
Halu.1—,00 St,   l*'ll*;rlie.     1,5'ai
Star, 3,-.oo ^ulllvao.
Craubrmik   Has   Became    a   Iur   lluvin-j
V Hyde Baker, has received the fol-
lowinn New Vurk ninjl repirt of London
fm trade conditions;,
Mirch 23 Messrs. C. M. LatiipHOti &
Co report by cable the follow inn: At the
Hudson Bay Co 's spies: Otter, 40 P"
cent, higher than last march; fisher, au
per cent higher; fnx, silver-ao per cent.
higher; fox, C.pss, 20 per. cent, hi^he:;
At their own sale: Fox, cross,
25 per cent higher than last
March, Messrs.      C.      M.      Lampr
sou Si. Co. will sell beaver on the 27th
inst.   White fox on the 1st uf April.
March 24 h.—Messrs. C, M. Lampoon
& Co. report liy cable—At the: Hudson
Ilay Co's salei Marten, same as last
March; fox, red, same as last March;
fox, while, 50 per ceijt. hii-her.thaii last
March. At their own. sale: Vox,, blue,
same us last March; wolverine, 111 pei
cent, lower than last March.
March 25.—Messrs CM. I.inipsoti Si
Co, repotted by cable—At lhe Hudsjui
Hay Co's sale: Mink, ,I0J per cent.
IllljIter than last march '"'I.yiix 5"
per cent, higher 1 Wall 5 per cent lower
I Al their own sale: Fisher, ft) per cent,
j higher than last March.
March 2ft—Messrs. C. M. I.anipsnii &
Co, report hy cable—At ihe llydaoti Haj
Co's   sale:   Hear,   black,   20 per   cent.
lower than last March; 'tt-"r* bnmn, 3.1
per cent, lower; musk ox, 30 per cent,
lower. At their own salr: (liter, it. per
ceiil. h'uber thun hist" March; lynx, 3(1
per cent higher.
Cranliniok is rapidly becoming lhe
fnr trailing centre of the Kootenny. Ml
James Gill, the buyer for V. Hyde linker
has hy careful study of the market,
thorough knowledge of tlie business,and
strictly lair dealing has gained a name
among the trappers which ensures ti Itn
their patronage, They receive lhe lop
market price for tbelr peltries, and are
(inlil Jn cash, thus enabling them to ills
pose of their catch immediately upon
their arrival iu towii. Mr. Gill informs
us that lhe matlen uf this district ure of
a very high grade dfiiiatuliiig the highest market va'ues al all limes. Lynx
alsouttaln 11 blub state of perfection.
Hear caught In lliese parls arc usually
small, and unt as well'furred as thoae
further north. Mink anil oiler also
are v.*ry inferior.
Tne cash paid for fuis is nearly ull
»j)cUi in the town.
Barristerf Solicitor, Etc
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The Commission Grants Only Three Out of
Nine Applications.
The license commissioners met last
Friday evening ut Fernie to consider
ihe nine applications for hotel licenser,
ut the new town of Morrissey Mines.
When the cum mission con veiled Ihe
court room was crowded wl-.li interested
parties anxious to know the result p.
After a little tliaciisalon, the commissioners retired for un hour to deliberate,
When they returned, they am minced
the following result:
11, I, Stephens. Alexander hotel,
W. ll. G'Hioiig, Windsor hotel, granted
Chan, Farrell, Western hotel, granted
c. j. higby, iucbunge hotel, withdrawn,
T H. Moiloii, Miners hotel, refused.
Andrew Johnston, Royal hotel, refined
David Clark, CI irk hotel, withdrawn.
Jules Htiroli Morrissey hotel, withdrawn,
Spenee Lynn, I'nion hotel, withdrawn,
It was 1111 nmi need by the commission-
era tltnt In till probability there would
not be more lliuu four licenses granted
in the new tuvu, unless there was an
extraordinary growth, as ihey considered four good hotels ample for the needs
of the place for some lime tn come. The
three licenses granted speak well for the
commissioners, as they nre to men who
will put up good hotels and maintain
first-class places, II L. Stephens la one
of the best kotvu hole! men in the (lis
trict. William Canong has heen manager
ofthe Koyal hotel at Ferule for several
years, and Charles Farrell ia Ihe well
known mining mnn nt Moyie. These
men nre ihe right kind of Individuals to
receive licenses, and thev are entitled
lo protection from cheap joints lhat will
prove nothing bill dives Well equipped and well managed hotels nre a
credit In a town, aud Morrissey Mines
is lo b" eoiigialulatctl OU the class uf
h.tels sbe is lo have. ■
Timber Notice
lake iintlt,-that llilily days alter il.iti-I  hi
lend  tu apply  to Uu- I'liL-f l',.iiiiul-**ii 1 11
LuimIs and \Vnrli9fui spedul llt'i-tisu to mil mn
carry uwuy limner from un- roilimlui- iiesmlhAi
1.1ml* in Miulli I'iiM Koiitenuy :
1. I'uinilll'Ui'lllg at a  past  inurki'd "I'lii'dsli
Uuieiirau-f's northeast uoruur i-usr* plnnlmlm
ilie west huiul nf IllsgerirlJ rn-ek, nine nuii.
mu Hi or a nnrlti Iwuiiilflrj nf tut r-ss, (-rmip utu
tllPtuifl wesi wi ehalns, iheiicu snulh si -iliiiliii
lli-piice past siietiains. iiieiii-H north wi ehalns t.
tht-  plan'  nf   hCKlli|llnu 11 a 11 illi_; 1M11 tu	
mme nr less.
'.'. CoillinaiiulllK al a |Hisl   niarKi-,1 "lta|-IKti
Uiueureiiv's oiiiulimtst  i-ornci |siM" piaui,-.
lit--tile the iihnve lueiithiii ,1 i,il|,al tl ihisI
lliaucti in uth sn elmlns, tlieuce west su rhiilus
Ihaueesouth Mehahw, ti -n east m elmlns i.
ih« pitted uf cimimeiiceinenl, t'lmhiliilmi  .iti
ucres iii'.ri-nr les-j.
Hated ihis lilli day nlMioeh, \m\,
'!! llilptislu l.;i 1 irouv.
Timber Notice
Takfl luitiie llial Unity diiys after ilale I I
lend In   iqi.ily tu   lhe   thief l*n iksI i
l-uiulsituiilV.ri.iri.ru Kpet-lul  llui'iiua tu c
uiul eany uwuy tiinher friuii tlu- fullnwlliK d,
mllimi lauds In Snulh 1 ast Kimteuay:
. 1. CiiiiiiufiimiiK ul a 1 nst mnrked "ll. llml,
N. W, et.nitr |i»st" nlautml Dins- uillis lh nf
a 1,null liiuindary „f i.„t i,sh,(iiiiiip 1, and
mile eusl uf I'll/itenihl i-ieck, Ihenee Hntltll su
i-hahts; Iheiitlfl Kiisl su ehalns, thru n Surtli mi
f-liulns, thfjiice Wi-Mi m, eliahs In pirn r lie-
K'uuin^, containing i.jd m-res, more nr le <s,
*.'.'t'ohibK'HClniiat 11 iwsi miukiHl "1:. Clmli-'s
s. W. cm ner |n»t'< phmiml hesiiie iliealmva
liieiltlmied luitjiil-'d p.isl. ihenee Kllst no elmlns,
tlti'iiea Ninth *JehuiiH, 1 ham-e WeM sn ctlmim,
llictiiit' fltiutli fin ehalns lo place nf 1 iieiii-C
luelit, cmilahiliui '•*» m-res. iiimv m les-i.
Iisletl 1I1U licit, day nf Mil mil, ll'il'i.
■l II, fl|,ll»tt,
Timber Notice
lake unlet ihai thirty duys uitm ilatu I In.
Icmi i.i tipii) P. tin* Chief I'm Iisi 1 nf
(.Hints ami VVuiki for ti sp.-nei 11 mi tn cul
itud'Uir) utfii) tlmhei fi.i|ii lhe fi.lli.wtlu: iles-
cr.lit',1 In mis in Mr.iii I'iiii K.Hitmi.iy:
l. ('fliniurllfliiji ut a ihM iiiarki-il '\V.
iiiiiitnm's \. tv, corner |hisC! iilimiuil sevsti
iiiheniiiuili if a liOllll hmiiuhny nf |ji| i;,sk,
(lriill|luliet ami mie mlla ni-| ,,1 j'||/Keinli|
creek, llience Smi.h nu ehulus, Ihenee l-,iist sii
chuiiK, llicncii Nntjli/iicliiilm,, theuce Ue«t mi
clililtjs t.t iiIiici- uf fojimieiiceuiciu, emiiiilniiii;
iiii'urcis.iiior.-i.r less, ''   '*..
■i, iiiiniiieiieliiit al ' a pi.st -DgrkPil "U.
llllllilllK'S S. W. cm iter ihisI pin11I.1l Ih-hiiIc ihc
al-me hiitiale.l |Nilt, Ihi-tice Klis< nu chains,
Iheiieu Virih MiMiftius, llii-nr*- Wesl Hi elmlns,
llience Sunlli Su chains ti |it,ur- id I'linimi'ii.'e-
ineiil, emit ilnli.u ''in ucren, Mliirn ur lets.
Haled Hits IQth day t>f Miin-h, iWl.
II ' .-■■ VV, iIANUMi.
Timber Notice
I'nke imticelliul thirty liny, "alter dale  I  In-
tend it. apply IV tliu -Olili'f riiminlssiuiti-r nf
l/illils and Wmks for a< spejiltil IIWHlsii In cul
uml curry uwuy timber frflpi lli** fnllifwliig iles-
eillted hillils hi Smith I'li-l Km.lmiay:
I. t'miinlelii'iiiK tit a' piisi ma'rKeil "\\, \V.
Tlininptnii's S. VV. rurher - pusl" |.hinleil rtvet
iniles iimlh nf a iiorllimn Imiunl.iry i.f Inl -mn,
Ciiiiip mie. and mie mile Kust 0' ,l-'ll*/genili|
I'rcek, tll'aillie Hllltlll sii elfaltis^theuee Kust ml
ehahis,tlieiiee Nmlh HUelialns, thi'tli-c West mi
i-htilH.i tu the place nf hrRniiilii)-, ei.nliihuii^ i;i'j
acres im.reur less,  *'
.'J ('muiiiem-iui; ul a |Sisi mtuked "IV. W,
Tliiuii..noil's S, \V..ui.riier |hmI'' |.hilileil heslile
Ilu* ahove meiitlmitHl Inllhileil j.usl, llieiicn Kasi
Hu i'liains, riieiiee'.Vorib su chains. Ilieiue West
hu ehulas. t hence South mi ehulus tu the plane nf
i.ei.liiiiiin', i-iiiititliiluK U-ti' acres, iiuue or lesi
Hilled tills nth day or Mui-eh IW3,
-g    : •" -   W.:'W,IU0MrS0X.
IWCatlSC the tngs are valunhle for
♦ <i. P. TISDALE,
•ID |iti-iiii,iuis niiiil Jan. I, |.
I iSt-cmi.ii- ■>•■ ma,	
CiiikIv Kitchen
Canilics, Iri'ils, Nut
llisi'iiils, I'ipcs anil
Tuliacciis. .11
"■TV ,ll„|_|
Hi-.auso viiiinii.iii-.,n»ini,„fi.wi,o
'I'."''I   ,   Ill-.llrv   I you
 I *..tl*.|i  .1
im: HMPIIIfl niHian ci.. n..
! j ...........»..,.........._*.
1" "j   HOTEl  ?
VV. J. Welch
I            CKANItKIHIK. II. C. *
I 5
1 ><>..«.. ...a,..,......,, 1
J       I'l UK VHIIIISIIN, l',„p,l,lor. J
U   >,>............»....».., J
are litin-,ry nml Man, j
 *,..   1.* . T
I J   Wltrli
1        11 u.umI mral mi to ill*. ].;.., $
\\'lti*ti vim  me tireil mul want a £
-imui rt-sl *-.. In tlie l-;ast Kihi- a,
Una,-. j
¥   YVIien vi,11 uie  tlnistv anil until a S
,        ,                  ,.,....!         ■"""' ''""k   H°   lo tll«  Ii»*l *
I make a specialty uf iinluauini-: J      k ™>. *
I J   In tart wil* 11 vim r,r,-in I'raiihrnoV 2
,i        alnp ut tin* llaal Kouleuay, m
...... .....it..«,,,.,, ...I*,*
cars aud moviiij- pianos.
Prices to suit you.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Hest
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Timber Notice
Ml*.   W.-l.   |.|
i-lialii Kiiullt, ti.
Jo!m W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live mc a call.
Dune on sliurl nullie al the Mnrne Shoclai
Depot nppnsllc lleary & Dim It's livery liable.
en that Unity davs ad-i
t.iiht'i hi-Tl'miimt*
f tiii.lsaiid Works al   Victoria,   ll. I.,
i-euso In cut nml c.uij mvii) Umber rro
illmvliinilesrilhed I Isi
i 'uiiiuiciicluH ,t ii pn-ti piumci ;u th« nmlh.'prlie winner at Territorial Fair, N.  W.  T..
usl comer, and ahoiii the Miiiihcu-t cmner or Jon   hone  shoes     Patent  Cultivator Maker.
"   IMuws  anil   Machinery   Repaired  Promptly.
41 tilve me a trial
.. thei
I  N.  III,'   ,i|;
l.rmik. ll. r.. A pill mil tn
S.j{iii-il. Hen
iipplyin I he ii
nml iriirkuloi
I  I Im i y
Coal Notice
mi  llml   I, tin-m.ilcr
til) .1,,ih lifter dull-1..
n,i nnd I in-chh-l,.hi,
UiiuHimici nl liiudA'tutj ivinkrtul tlie prnvilice
ill Itrlllflll t'ntlllllbln l<»'  ii lii'CUN,-I.. | pe,t
far.-mil nml |n>(iol<-  upnii  ihc lundaensl
nf   lhe   l'lilthm.,1   ni.l   ii,   Ihc   HUllllll-UHl-l'll
,-oriim   nl   lhe  |ii,iviiiii- id   lliilist. I'.iluiiihit.
dtwi'illieil ns fnllnuf    I'limmi'iiciiiKiil u iiohi
ut ihc tllttlttl i..-r iiii.ikcd "It S. I.mi
l.ic'n   tltlllInvent    cot' *    l-.thl."    Iheiic-   Sll
ehulus ciihI, tliciitc ml cliillimROUlh, theiiee
MiehiilliN "•'■>'. Hn a..-Nih-lniiiiH in.ci li ti, puei
<il I'onitlieiieeliieiil uml ci>uiuiiiiuu '•*" n.-ieit.
l>ul<.|--Ml.dav..l.Mai,li. Ilhllt.
It.S. I.mniic. hientnr.
I. N. Ihillv, limnumit
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,   Utu,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Coal Notice
Ni.ti,*,. if Iii-rt-ti.v -liven  Unit   llihlv ilitvi
IKS'mtS!!UV^0k^ltm7o Economical wy to handle it.
iiMiapeel fnr coal uml petroleum on the foi'
lolling il-'.-ci' l,e,I lamIn, Kilil-itti oiLtlm aeal
M.I,, i.i Klk river nu,I heloii HiutOHltofMur-
riHM-.v, I'liiitf. Nihi vullcy, Kual Kootenny
ilir>lrii-t.fumiiici<ciuK<it " |wsl miirkcil * II .1
Tlini lien lioriliuilt l collier." eland.ut.* eloau
to I'ltin "i*> lii-i'iniiiiN M.iiiiu'iihi cDinei-piinl.
thmice   nun III   mu  cliiiiim,   theme   Hear   SM
eliuiiiH, tlu nee north 80 I'liulus, lliiuii'u cnnl
mi il.iiiiii in pltiic nf, iiiiiiiiciicmuetit.
Halt,I .Uiiicli*J!i. I'.m.'l
H. J. Tlinrmi.
Daniel Mi Kclinic, ngmil,
Coal Notice
N.ilicc iH licicby Kivi'ii ilitit  I, Ibeumlei
hIk I. in) I  ihirlv (80) ilnya lifter (lute lo
apply io the mwlslniil uoinnilssloiipr ol Inmln
nn.l works Iur tho district, mid tliu chief com*
niifHi i   ill liiu.It- und  Works nf thu pro*,
iiicc nf 111 ir ie.li Cidu,liihiii fur u liceuae lo primped for mil nml li llnhuin iipun Ihchiiiilh
eusl of tlu- I'lttltiiuil river In the sntilliniiatcrti
coriu-r id ilu- |ifoviliep nf British t'oliinihiu,
ihwiilicil as (uIIi.hm: (.'ulttllli iiiiu)| ill a |HjhI
m ttiiiHiillllllVCal en,.-I mil I Iff ll    S. |i. How
• H'h Hill. Hi coi nm po*.).' I ti, in .- Nl), |	
etlhl, 11 'c-.ll- I - mu- li.iliciiccHOcliulliH
tlcHl, lliclice.-ll chain*.   H ll 10 poet III CI III!
tu mum,I mid coniniuiiiu lliuu, re*.
Hi,i,-,l'.',-Hi,Itii ,.( Mm*- li, l.io'l.
H, li. Unwell, liiciilor.
I   N   Ih.H.v, hm npimil
Coal  Notice
NolheiH hmehy «iv hul   I.  Im- uiolm
mh 1,1 ml llilllj   ('Kbd'.v»ufim .hih'l.i
npi-h to Hi,.iisnlaii oiumlKfl ml lumis
tliid wuritH fill ihc il.Hlilcl nn.I Ihnelilcfi'iim
of llnli-lil'olumhii. hn ii li.-m.-c u, proapi.. I
l.irciml nml  petroleum  lip,m IIiiiIiiiiiIh eusl
nf  lim 1'h.ili I  Mv In- - ht'iiH mu
en in-i- of ihc nriivl i li.m i, i ,.lm,,i-,„
dcMiihcl uh follima:   lie ehiR al u |u»-l
lit. lhe rhlllllll-IIMl ii.llim uiaikcd '-Unciir
While's miiilln-iint enriier | .ml," Ihenee HU
I'liiiiliaweal, llicmc HI ehnlllH in-ilh, tlir-ncn
SII cIiuIiih eilel, Iheme Hll cliuitin Honth to
posl of coiiiuicliiinielit. uiul ciuiluiliilij- Ittll
liiiiiiltfTilnlti.viil Mni.lt. limit,
(Ihciu- rt |,,t.-. I..mi I of.
I. N   Ih.b.v. bin iitff.nl
Coal Notice.
Nolle is hereby uiven Unit l.ll [dor*
hIkiioiI, hilHiiil thiii.y (»0) duys filler tliitti In
llppl.V lo lIliiUHSislllhl couiiiiiHeioliei'ofliiuilH
nml tvoiliHfor Mic district, mul the chief com*
iiiiHsioimrnf IuiiiIh 1 HorkHiif the province
Of Itrlt-isll t-'til lllll hill   fix- ii I i ecu MP to piiinpccl
[in conl uiul pctinlciiui upon the biiula iiii I/i    u    tiimMuc/vm
lieKluth..'UfltivePi,iH1cHoullun',tei'.i.o.' ■   U.   H.  TilOrlPSON*
if the province of Kiilmli Oollimlllll ih'Hcriheil
nnlotlmi*": rniiiiiuiicii.ii nl ll llfiali al lhe
Hoillltciial coll.ci- nn.l'kcil *|l|||,'e Whili.'rt
Hiiiillii'ioil coi-nm- post," HlDtlrO HO clillMm
lb, Ihcni'B80elllllns wei.l,ihelu-eM)chni|.a
Himlll. llience Ml chaiiiH enHt to pout of colli-
inclici tneiit mul I'Olltill'ihiir 1140 neiea.
Uttte.ll.'-lliilu.vofMiiich, II111.-I
Bruce White, locator,
1. N. Dull*,', tUUgODt.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   ■   -   *   -   V-JO In II
Afternoons   •   •   •   •    1:30 Iu,l:,l0
Evenlnki   *   •   •   •    7.31 to (t:M
CRA.** BROOK,    :        : :    E. C
I have good wood ol all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
Henry Parker,
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor lar Ih, Imperial H.nk of Cauda
Till Ciiliiaial lovt'itioeal aad Laao Comaaoy.
.    . Cranbrook, B.C.. -t.-w.)—15*-«> «-® -IMfHH
-fi» g> (ft jg ***■>
.•*■■■*.•  iSM0-9^
Thii department of our growing business has had our special IT
attention.   You will find the selection ol
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Pine Pnutwcar
second to none in the Kooteays.   The  famous "Bell
our leader.
Dainty Strap Slippers
Many lines with French heels, beaded toes, beaded straps,plain
and lancy buckles, prices $1.85 to $3.50.
••Walkinc Boots" for Ladies
t We are showing a nice assortment of these in patent vici kid,
'J f glazed doilgola and line box call leathers. Made with exten-
11 sion soles, dull kid uppers, etc.
JL Misses' nnd Children's Footwear
II Our slock ol SCHOOL SHOES lor the children will be lound ,i,i,
Ii complete. Suit soles lor infant'.. Red kid shoes and slippers IT
ri in all sues.    New fashion sheets in lor May, call and get one. Tj
ii RFin &  P.OMPANY 8
ID t«t <•- (St ifl <•> <«. r5v **A in-A*. ffiWB
„    i«i  •*,   i*   (•!  (tl ■(•',   ®  i«)  (•)-*,•!--v-iV-Ml
(*, .(.i t>. <*,, *.». ... •- *. •   •> ...
(•>-••> (•)-•! <«,.  -•) ••> -■». ■•> '•> '.. t
*"  "Points Vou Can't Miss" 2
- BflQd ^
we gel bv ei press an i ti.it  *4^
llu-v uuv   reach   viu  HKKSII    '.
Ii r mm level)   ceulH i, ,l< /,-n In   mr
get them that  way yet we sell lot
■ i - .—*•■- " £,
We iiauy expect a en- gS
algntUClH nf liesh dairy tmtter ffi
m i ulis nn.I ooe pound lucks.  At
We  dally
I'llce will be »5centi
Fancy anil Staple Groceries and Crockery
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock low
and sell on thc rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Get that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
The -goods will still you
The cut will suit you
The milking will suit you
The price will suit you
i Why use inferior  potatoes when you can obtain the j!
I very best quality from  us at  thc same price.    Since j •
| the last car arrived we have been selling 2,000 pounds J J
daily.   Send  your orders early  before they are all !!
gone.   Flour and  Feed, Butler and Eggs at lowest
A. I.. flcUermot A. C. Uowne-M
Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit Merchants
Scktlli Bur       1 The Highest Brands i The l«r,**»t aad
of SCOTCH and
heal   Assortment
| of lliiitteallL-
[ Llquora
A complete stock of Cigars, consisting of the
"Pharaoh," "l.-il-ortunii," "Irving," "Barrister," "Monument," "Hilda" and others.
Mall Orders Promptly Attended to. Telephone 17
Write tor Prices. CKANBKOOK, B. C.
Agents for T. I.ehel & Co., Hay and tiraln.
Capital liiberlic-J M-MM*1
Capital t»aU Ua
T.H vmiii, PrMdaoii i>. it  WIU.tP.Vlca
I'l-Ueaii   Wlllleui   1U:iii*j.  ltnbr-il Jafti-O.
Wiili.uii IK'U-Iiu*.   I. Miihi-rlual aUyafr, tba-.
ii. it. \*» iki«. ii. yetui klauaar.
It Mny.   lf*ti-1'llll 1.fi.i-l.il Mi.lt-1::- |.
W. \|,.flin   ln-.iw.rliw.
A (ieacral Kiak.ii Baalaeaa Traatacit-J
MllMii ll.\*>h  tin'llUMI.M    H.-|...tlK
ol ti.mii upwards rfealwU wMllul#retiiUlownl
\urut* Mit-M-ii lirltaio  i.i-.i.r-. it.,11 .1."1'.
7'   I   lll'-lil.t   M      l.nu.loil.    Wltb   »li*-iii   ii-"I'".
mn) Im- MifiHiiK) t„r inualar l>] iriu-r, ->i wots
i...,uy i.r tlifi.i.i.H- iir.i..,-li***i.
P. II H%MSN. Naaafer
hmttij 1.1 i.vuilti.i*. .11 ui. inrtaol Cautda,
t lll-l M..I.--. -IU.I I un.!..-
PlUctf Up Afc»l Ibe City  by Aafclai
QMatloM ul  Muy  Pt-upk.
Prkt at Mtiala.
New York,  Apiil  >8—liar    silver.
S4 %     Klrrtrtilytic i-upprr, 14*4     Atrial-
t(aiiiHlvil cupper, t4>(.
Loudon, April 7. — Laad, /u 17 6d-
lit-tiKiiiiKh, M outlay ni|(bi.
Shaw I'm Iter, of Fort Steel*, *aa it.
town Sunday,
t ii'», lli'urv cauit nver trow "Fort
Steele Huuilay.
Tnhf u 511 mul 75 or ula fer |leDgnii|*,li
MoiiiUy infill,
Wtiiis \ Co luve iiinvfil tbe I,cask X
Slater null tn Palmer Bar,
Mr. Atcliimfi, of Fort William, ia the
new ilispatcber at tbe station.
Tbe Cranbrook tennlH court bas been
put in I'ommiRHtoii for the aeaaoa.
It. K Realiie visit nl Morrimtey antl
Feniie last l'mlay am) SaluttUy.
A Currie came upfroui Waulner Saturday 10 apeml Snmlay In Craub 001.
Mr- IleDgouKh kept hia atnlience iu a
continual roar of laughter,—Quebec
Mr*. Ttiin (till Hint cMMen returtieil
Su tunluy frmn nn t-lteinleit tri|, to
Morris, Mnu.
Cnnstable lloaklna atul wife of Kim
ber)*-), viniieiU'iHti brook friends several
daya this wt-ek.
M. It. King niftilr a trip to tbe prairie
aud   Northern   Montana last   Meek  in
H'Hicb of horses.
Keiiftlor King ami wife and Doctor
King are expected in Craubrook ibe
Hller pun of lhe week.
Those who dump gnrbage near the
town nre breeding ricknesfl for the community and trouble lor themselves.
Tbe Robinson & Mc Ken tie l.nmbei
company t.m moveil Ita office just north
ol Dr. KiiigSret-idence.
l*wo rout (arable rooms 10 rent lur-
iii-b-*'l 01 iinfiirnlaficil,   Apply 10
I1. McConnell.
The early fishermen bad been cateb
lug a lot of trout In the Kootenay and
Klk rivers up 10 tbe ailvent ol high
(Julie a number of Cranbinnk   feoplr
Ml H«i !n Morrlnsey   Tbuisdny  evening
to be  pie-eut at  the lowoalic opening
Some rubbish might tire near the
Weoi wot lb hotel last Sunday, and made
11 dangerous for the hotel tor a few
N. Maoson, of W'aaa, waa in town
Thuisitsy eu route home from Morriasey
where be had beeu to look over the new
Mra, Donahue, who haa beeu living
in C*«lKarv lb** paat wiuter, baa beeu
looking after her Cranbrook property
tbe paat «eek.
Ilurtv t'ttlterson, formerly cfmmercial
operator ai the station, Is now holding
a   position witb   a roat»ission firm   in
Brandon, M-m.
There are too many young kids iu
Crnnbrook smoking cigarettes. A little
pim-iital di^'ipliue along this line would
be 11 itood ibing.
A letter from "Jimmy" Hunter formerly in the Bank of Commerce here,
snys hi' bo-ps Ibe lacrosse boys will win
tbe i-ii|> this y«*ar.
A big mogul engine on the (»reat
Northern brought yo empties into Morrissey last week, ami Look out 50 loads
of coal for Jennings.
General Superintendent Jamieson
came over from Calgary last Thursday
As Ills f*>iiiily is In i|iiaraniine,he had lo
take bis infills al Ihe ho.el.
Yoti wilt not feel dieaaed In thai old
suii, cone In and have us make you a
nice neal summer suit,
McSweyn St Oiittih.
Furnllure and furnishings of Home-
atead boarding house for aale, also one
Adam Hall range,
4 Mrs. P. Nevln.
Read (lie announcement in today's
paper regarding lhe Sl. Kugene Mountain Mines company. It presents an
npporttmttv to tbe small investor that
should nol be overlooked.
Stewart McKim', who bas beeu witb
O. T. Rogers (or lhe paal two years ex
peels to go lo (be Kdinouton country
to engage in business (or. himself. He
will nuke a (rip up (Here utxt month.
The l'erry Crerk Mining company held
lis animal meeting on April aist. Albert
ibt 11 ks was made general manager. The
ci-iiipHiiy expects lo start their aleam
shovel 011 lis Perry Cieeb placer ground
in a few days,
Our new Spring Stock bas 111-t   at live J
call ami loepect nur *tock before ordering v-iir spring Bolt,
M> Sweiii Hi Griffith
C. 8 t»f ere, 04 fernie, wm lu lown
Thursday i" aee Mr. Hodgea, ibe bookkeeper t.i tbe Cedar Valley Lumber
company, who Isatiioualy ill at the hospital.
G. II Gilpin is ererlirg a two story
building ou ihe lot where hia other
buibling was burned D will he occupied tiy the McConnell Furniture
Keep uji tbe good work o( cleaning
ib»* premises Make Cranbrook one ol
the cleanest towns in ih- district, A
little labor by all of th.-se Interested wilt
have the ilesiretl i-llci 1.
Miss Fortune received word from Rev.
Fortune Tuesday to the efleel thHi Mrs.
I'lHiiine 1* lutprnvlng nnd that be
will return Friday uud have charge ol
the services Sunday.
Efffss Mabel Alum Crilgle and I**"-.! \V
Parson "' Wardner, were united In
marttage last Monday al the Methodlai
parsonsne    by     Rev,     I'l pSOD,    Tbe
young couple returned to Waiduei where
Ihey will reside.
The warm weathei and lams the paal
week huve made all kinds of trouble
along the Crow. Theie have been a
few wau-iouta and numerous mud slides
tbat have caused all kinds of delays In
ibe train service.
W. R, Nobles, wbo is now incba'ge ol
the King Meicaiillle company's store,
has purcliHM.I tbe George l.eask bouse
south of Tbe Herald olli.e, nnd will take
possession as sonn as it is vacated by
Mr. and Mrs. McKim,
J. Nererfield, ibe popular cutter at
V. Burns Si Co meat maiket, left yesterday for his old home in Scuttle to visit
relatives for a moaib ''Jack" deserves
a vacation and Ills friends bere hope he
will have a gnoil time,
Dr. King returned Tuesday from the
east looking a little thin but feeling
well. The doctor was accompanied by
Senator and Mrs. King, his father aril
mottler, who will visit tbe members of
the Kiug family in Cratbrook for some
Harold Darling came up from Wardner Sunday lo spend the day wltb bis
many friends here- Mr. Darling is «
living argument of tbe bene tils of Ward*
tier climate, He is Increasing In welylit
uud looks like he wus enjoying tbe best
of health,
Wilmer Outcrop; Father Coccolo bus
beeu visiting the Indiana ol tbls district
duriog tbe pail week nnd held services
at tbe Mission. Tuesday morning be
tiehl service lu Wilmer, after which lie
started south.
Tom Weliman and T"tn Cavln returned last week fioni Sun Francisco. M**.
Wellm-Mi bas been lliere all winter wilb
bis stable hi-i) bas done wel1. Mr
Caviti down a few weeks ago, and saya
be had the lime of bis life. Mr. Welle
man wilt reiuiin 11 few weeks before he
returns lo tbe circuit.
ltd. Orchard, of Frniik, Alberts, was
in town this week. Rd, bas a restaurant
al Frank, and it is conceded by everyone to be the best iu thai part of the
couniry. Well, It could not he nn\
other kind if Kd, I) chard was In
charge He Is one of the heat cooks In
the country and ns ni-iit us t\  pin   at all
Nearly 5,000 tons of coal and coke
were shipped through Craubrook Inst
week, Irom the Crows Nest col Her len,
Prom Fernie 75a tons of cosl and 1.656
ions of coke were sent out, and from
Michel l,o3o tous of coal and 1,173 tons
of coke, making a total of 1,830 lima cf
coal, and a,8jg tuns of coke, and a grand
total of 4,.Say tous of coke, and a grand
total of 4,6iy tons of fuel baudled during the week.
lhe   Herald   Olllcs   la   ,Hakte|   iMco.h,
Poring tbis muoih ibe Herald office
will add several hundred dollars to lit.
equipment. It has a second job pres-..
and about twenty*five fool*, ol the latest
job (aces. It haa ordered a new dress
of type, winch is now oo the way fn in
Winnipeg, and after ils arrival, tbe
Herald will appear in a new dress that
will make It look as neat and attractive
as a young lady witb a new KaMer
Tbis office is also in receipt of ihe
largest order of priming stationery ever
brought into this district, which Is being
unpacked   ibis  week.     Thus  tquipped
with the best of machinery, ibe latest in
typefaces, a complete stock of station
ei v, flut papers, cover**, hoaid etc.
and rompeleiit, practical printers, Ibe
Herald is prepared lo meel lhe   urowitiK
tlemands foi modern printing throughout ibe district, ll may seelil BtrnUge
that tins (Dice, already enjoying tbe
lepntatioii of having more type mil
machinery tbiiu any in this part of lhe
country, should put more money 111
material, Hut Tbe Herald's policy has
been to lend, not follow, and as a result,
It lias been able to give the prop e the
best in modern printing and (bus command a business irom a large territory.
As evidence of this (act, during the past
month, this office has filled orders tor
printing (rom Kimberley, Sirdar, Klko,
Fori Steele, Fernie, Morrlssey, Rooa-
vllle, near United States boundary aud
Frank, Alberta. Good work counts
wilb the people, but ll tases good
material, good machinery and good
workmen to produce good work. Toe
Herald possesses these necesaary qualification1, and Is now better prepared
than ever to please the people-
'■Good printing at a fair pi ice, but no
poor piiutnig at any price," is the motto
ol The Herald printing office.
Mils company ofleru iur sale several parcels of the choicest
FARHINO, (iWAZINO and TIMBER LANDS in the Valley of
the Kootenay. j» Adjacent to KAIL and WATER TRANSPORTATION,   ji    (iood  Local Markets,   ji    Easy Term*
ll Premises   lo be a Magnificent Present.
Rehearsals fur Ibe PI ntes of Penzance
thatlstobe present*it Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings of next week
are being held nearly very evening ant)
everything points to a great success.
Those wbo will take part are busy
with tlieir costumes, an.) Mr. Mackenzie
saya that these promise to excel those
nsed in Pincher Cieek uml I.eihbridge
The stage bas been enlarged, the rear
seat shave heen raised and everything ar
ranged so that seats in every part of the
house will Im all right.
The presentation of Ibis oners promises
to be the greatest musiciiil event In the
history of Cranbrook, and the people
are anxiously wailing for tbe lime to
come. Tbe advance sale ia very good,
and this week most tf uot alt ofthe seats
for the first 11 Ik lit will lie gone.
Mr. McKenzie received won) from
M'aa Gertrude ll.iyes that she would he
here today to enter rebearaals for the
part ol Mabel which part she has taken
li fore with such signnt siicci,rs.
Nulla to Ihc Public.
Our Mr. John 11, Fink wilt have direct
charge of our store now, ami you may
rest assured that no pains will be spared
to give yon better service and better
goods whenever and wherever It is possible. Mr. Fink bas bad years of experience in the tea and collet* business
witb such large and well known houses
aa J. A. Folger Si Co. and A Schilling &
Co. of San Francisco, consequently he
Is well posted and It is onr aim to heller
these Hues, All goods put up under
thc h'and P, 8. M Co. will be the very
hest that money and txpe lie lice can
Mr. I'luk will have personal charm* of
the men's furnishing and teas and toffees Mr Morrow will have ctmrge of
groceries. Willi sucb men looking after
your wants you me assured of ihe best
al all times.
Foil Steele Mercantile Co l«ismttcd.
Tor All Particulars and Information Apply to
T. O. PROCTOR, manager,
V. HYDE HAM*. Craiibrinik A«cnl.
NELSON, li. C.
A Camera is Instructive
antl Pleasing
■lc,cka Cbcaa.
Three la-lies' bicyclea aud one gentle-
itiatt'a at a hat-gain for caatl at the 0, 11.
Miner atore.
Prest's Photo Co's
Now Open.
The Dominion of Canada Guarantee and Accident Insurance Company
Up to 31st December, 1902,
had paid in Accident Claims
'*' Haa everylhin-* nice iu ila I
line, audi aa •?•
SCONES ind ■*:
PASTRY.... i,
Order, for Bread from oul*        (i-
aide promptly aiten-lfil lo 1
fmttU Op.e,lte M. E. Cbarca  J
C. W. WILSON,      I
SMjva s>-®-®-® ®-® <t>-® ®-®-
Blairmore Owxr tl. S. PclHller
Car Lois or Small Quantities
Agents for East Koolenay
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
See Lore abou. plasterlof, you,
liouae. If we can't convince you
to have tt plaatered, well, "L ve'a
labor la loal."
Canadian and American
Saw Mill Macblaery
Planlni Mill MicblMry
Saab .nil Door Macblxry
Umber Dry Kiln.
Blower, aad fithanat 'Fan,
Steam aad rjeaollac Esglaca
tlulallai ul Ellv.tlai Mecble.ry
Ima Worbl.g Macbli.ry
Aut.aullc Saw r'llil.i Mubl.iry
Sburley i Dietrich Mill Saw.
Kvcryiblai blub trade
Write aa
Wlaoleei, Maa.
No per,HI ..tiiiul-l live in a country like this wli.te
su ii,*«,i,■ bcaulltul scene, are inrseulf.l wltbnul a
i-aiii**,a. II vou lake the pti'tuie yourself it tin. 411
Hil.1-,1 rharitt an-l ,nu **-.t |, .. yi.u want it. lirup
l,.,o t,1— 1-,-etofllc. li..ik Store uml have a camera
lu k Willi
Beattie, the Druggist.
Are now arriving every day. Better ||
call and see them. Choice lines in hats, |.i
shoes, ties, shirts, collars and underwear '•.:
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.   ii
ARRIVING A carload ol
Already half are sold.
Place your orders early.
King Mercantile Co.
■»*>—t"-r|    I
Hill & Co. are still after the dollars by
selling at paralyzing discounts. Get
your goods cheaply while you have the
M        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
gg None Better In the District
0 Kates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
Q served in any style Irom 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
W The table is the best, thc rooms are unsurpassed for clean-
CD liness and comfort and thc bar is supplied with thc best brands
!__§ ol liquors and cigars.
Hotel 3 3
Queils Cotnlo-rI $ Specialty
Oood SliMlec la CoaaacHai
Nt-areRt to rulltoail ami tlcpot.    Um accoiumodi-
tlniiN  tor the public unefjuallril In Crantirook.
|***> ■*>-*>-» m 9 *» «
f_f_fS*i* •■»*>• m+Q CRANBROOK IS  IN LINE
Fiitrc a (kncral  Bonus as  a   Kt
lief Measure.
And Karl Nit2tl Takes   a   Turn
in Roasting Eastern Canada
to m Finish.
The*Cranhrook Hoard of Trade held
Hireling last Monday night at the offici
of \V   V.  tlnid, the secretary,    lu  ili«
■havDceol \V, T. Held, the preside nt,
l  K Sinipiou wm tinmed m chairman
The action of Um government In unu
iiiKiluwiillrlti-.il Colntnhln on tlie lend
duty wai thoroughly diicuased, rikJ
finally n motion prevailed adapting i
rcaOlutlQii along the tint.* uf that pnssed
by the Provincial Mining a'snoclalloi i
asking lor temporary relief hy granting ■
a bniuis to leaii mineral smelters and re-
After discussing some other husluesi
and receiving the report ol the commit
tee that visited Victoria the meeting adjourned.
"No, Sir. The St. Kugene won't open |
up," said James Croiilu, themaimger ol
that properly tu a reporter ot The Dull)
Newt* yesterday afternoon, Mr. Cronin
tame In from Moyie yesterday and
leuven for the south today. lie wn'
very emphatic In his protest over tin
lead tariff situation in the cast; and In
kaid: '-Kan-tent Canadians nre ;t lot ol
politicians they have no regard for tin
west and our needs ont here, their interest evidently censes alien the Rockies
are reached and fur my part I've no fur
titer use for them. See, now, we mi^lii
a.t well he mfcicxeil to Chilians hound
up with eastern Canada, If we could
make a deal with China I'd favor it.
China would give US a market for mu
lead aud a tariff wall to protect us as
high as we wanted, There is no sense
iu the way the government lias treated
us and thrown ut down. We have worked the tariff question up ami had nol
only the whole province but Manitoba
and the territories behind us. The mat
ter was eiplained fully to the govern-
inenl, they cannot say Ihc evidence was
not forthcoming and In good time before,
the budget was made up this year. I'm
nick of the whole business and see no
daylight ahead for this section of the
province. We have not been able to
get simple justice in the tariff matter,
We are taxed up to the neck for the
benefit o( eastern Canada nnd pa)
through the nose for running the whole
dominion yet wheu we ask for consiilera
tion at the hands of ibe government as
we have been lining for the past two
years aud more we arc lirst put oil' with
plausible excuses and finally thrown
aside without any explanation aud nil
our efforts In the past have just amounted lo nothing. Yea I'd favor joining
China tomorrow, if I had my way*; we
might be better and we could not be
worse L'll ',bun wc are now,
"There is no use staying up in this
country. I have some mining in California to attend to and I leave for San
l*'rauclsco in tiie morning. I don't know
when I will coule hack to Itrltlsh Col-
"Whnt do you think of the outlook
for It-all?" a«ked the reporter.
*'Il» hard to say." replied Mr. Cronin
"1 think it will stay up, ami ir we hatl
got the Canadian market wltb even prevent prices. 1 would have taken chances
and opened up the St. Kugene at once,
You i-ee we could then have looked
ahead with some certainty aud made our
coutraets for the season. As It is, to In-
ef u«S to us, London lead must rench
/ 15 snd stay around that figure firmly
before we would think of commencing
operations at the mine. Tue American
lead trust can do pretty nearly as it likes
on the London market and can and I
think does, move the ^notations up and
dowu-at Will, just to suit the situation
There is some hope however, in this
lhat lead is gelling scarce, there is tni^li
ty little stock on hand and not much
coming up comparatively speaking',
The consumption is Increasing Although
/lue ia being substituted for paints. [1
tost more to be sine, but il makes a
much better article. Outside of this feature the general consumption of lead is
steadily growing so that / 13 in London
this eOturner is no dream but a reasonable possibility the wny things are going." .
''And if lead reaches / 15. whnt then?"
"I think," said Mr, Cronin, n 11 dive-
ly, "UiHt we might then open up the
mine. Not full force, you understand.
but we'd start work."
"A Slocan mine owner said lhe other
day tbnt lie 'believed silver would reach
60 cents thia summer. His statement
waa not credited here. What do you
aay about it?"
"Why, I think the outlook for silver
ia brighter and more hopeful than it has
been for a long time, Its ever so * much
better than that of lead. A deal of
money has lieen spent by the silver
party in the United States to bring
about a conference in Mexico this summer of all tbe nations Interested in
silver. Thousands of dollars bave been
expended to bring ntitnit this conference
•ml 1 think it is sure to eventuate. They
propose to make a silver ratio of 30 to 1
or 34 to 1 and if it is decided on I think
thr (.'»ufereuce will be strong enough to
sustain it.   If It is 34 to 1  silver would
the twit figures being the minimum in
•ach luata ce. Yea if si.vet reaches tj
cents we'd all be dvtug -m-mess m the**
larti a'ong tlu* old lines. Peopla In
dose touch with the movement in the
itates tell tue tbnt ils cuming tbis sow
liter and I believe it is, and that is wb)
I think the silver outlook Is reasonably
bright.   1'. will take time, nf course, »nd
il we wuuld all lime been working when
it happened and su Have b en able to
Lake the full beii.fi! of lb" jump ill
nice-**. As it 11 the lead mines will bave
'0 watt and trust to luck tint whit 1
-lave paid nuy h ippeii this suintu t
vVe won't have to thank tlu- government
■or an;thing in anv case, and l bave not
iiven uji my idea of Chinese annexation
:u the meantime, 1 understnudd there
ia to be n meeting ot lead mining met;
this week, but tin* lioys will liuve to  get
.long   will)out   uu-  as   1   shall   be  out
i| the country alter tomorrow."
Mi. CrODln added thai Hie St. t'.Ugetii
ta, had expended $150,000 on the mine
tithe wuy of development work, ami
d conditions were right it would i>e pni
dble for them to ship lot nearly lliw
tears, at tin* tale ui oue hundred tons ol
i:e it day without any further develope-
ueut. The Oie Hverages s xty three pei
-cut   lead,   with   lliirtv five   ounces  ol
diver to the ton- When running full
force three hundred men would he em-
..loved alloj-i-lli.-i.
Karl NltUel Talks Plainly.
Kail Nlettel. ol Moyie, a mining engineer ol recogn'ted ability, wbo is
largely lutereatnd in mining properties
in Kust and West Kootenny, was ii.
own last Thursday, having come up
from Moyie to look after some business
pertaining to St. Kugene Mountain
mines. Mr. Nieu-1, naturally, was
teettly dlsnppointed over the govern*
netil's failure to affjrtl rebel to Hie 'end
mines of Uritish Columbia,
"1 find ll difficult to fully express IU)
feelings over the matter," said Mr
Niei/el. "To think tbat a government
tiiaile up of eivilzed beings would prove
so derelict iu tbeir duly to one of tin-
-•rent eat provinces iu the dominion,
seems almost Incredible, It is not be
cause tbey were not sufficiently infoimed
m tn conditions, because tbey were
given every opportunity to secure ample
information on the matter,    Time ami
ignln the 111 itter lias heen presented io
heill, and iu a maimer tbat tbere could
lie no chance for a misunderstanding
Tiiere is Inlk of tt bonus. Tbat Is the
refuge of the demagogue and pap sucker,
the wine drinking promoter and favorites
ofthe government, lliltlsh Columbia
lead mine owners are not asking for n
lionus. Tbey want protection from the
smelter trust of the Slates, ami a chance
to Ki-'t- i" nnd do business, open up then
mines and make the Kootenays ulinl
they should be, a vast bee hive of iu
ilustry, with thousands of well paid men
taking out God's own wealth from the
mother earth for the enrichment of thi
people, the cleanest wealth know 11 to
the world, produced without creating
heartaches or misery, or bringing Borrow and misfortune ou one class while
ihe other profit by tlieir downfall
What can the leaders of ibe governmenl
mean by their siutiil, is more than 1 can
see. What can they gain by taking
llritisli Columbia by ibe throal? I dou'i
believe iu boycotts, as a rule, but 1 think
that the people of llr.tish Columbia
should do ad in their power lo cut out
lusteru Canada commercially, Utili.
the people of that section are brought
to their senses. Get at their pocket
bunks and we will then be able to reach
their sense of iusllee, Here is a great
couniry held up by a grinding corporation of the United Slates, aided and
ibt-tted by the government ol Canada.
Surely il is a si^ht tor gods."
Continued horn i'1"*1 l'«'Ke-
the C. V. It. were covered with the rock
tbe houses demolished and the lu wales
Two Brave Women.
Mrs. W. Culpman and twu children of
Cranbrook, ami Mr. and Mrs. It* Bentley, Ol FerUle, were on tbe train going
west, ib.it was east of the slide. With
the help of some gentlemen who run led
the little ones, these two ladles walked
the entire distance over lhat II Id of
rock and ruhhlsh, ueailv two miles,
and never tiiuiuiiireil   a   Word   ol   1*0111
plaint.   When they hid gotten through
llim clothes were turn ami ludraggled
Kill Iheir shoes liadly fill. |-'t-w woiin-li
would attempt such a U-at.
May Cum Half a Mlllloa.
The- t|tt»tluu ol rebuilding   the line
through tin- valley is a most serious one
10 tlie C   1'- K   as tbe space I-. filled troili
the mountain to the bench,   a tetnpoi
uy track will be buHt over the debris
along the line of the creek, hut when Ii
coined io cutting a grade foi permanent
road bed,  it   will   cost   seveiul   bundled
thousand dollars.
The News In Cranbronk,
Tlu* news was  received   iu Craubtnok
at au early hour ami Superintendent
Taylor was notified at once. He lost
no time in nniiiiging tor a special
traimind notifying tbe doctors,
As a result ai 7 a. m. tbe train was
ready wilb Dra! King and Green Supt.
Taylor ami Others.
During lhe forenoon groups of people
gathered about the streets ami discussed
the terrible catastrophe fioui the meager Information received. Many lnul
friends or relatives iu I*rank uml great
anxiety was fell as lo their lute.
Sympathy lor Ihe I.elUti's.
There was sympathy l-xpresstd ou ev
ery side 'or ibe family of A, Leitch when
it became known that the brother's family bad al) been killed except llinc
The following   to.d   the  story   ot  tlu-ii
,   Frank, Alia , April 19, I903.
We arc   all  safe.    Alex    Leitch, wife
and font hoys are dead. Jessie, Mj>* and
lhe baby are badly hurt;
W. C. Hamilton.
Delay Saved Them.
Rreckeiirltlge & Lund have a camp
at Frank where they luve been doing
some work fir the C. I' R. Mr. B.ieck-
enridge, who is' in charge, wa*. preparing
to move to a new locatim near the
mountain hut had been delayed several
lay*. The delay saved them for the
place selected for their new camp is now
filled wiih tboiistndt of tons of rock
Services Held al   Christ   Church  hy  Rev,
Last Sunday was the H,1d anniversary
oi the establishment of ibe Order of
Odd bellows in America. The Key Cily
Lodge No, 42 ol Craubrook wus installed
lour years ago ami lotlay has a line hall
.veb furnished ami is in a prosperous
jondiliuii. As is the usual custom, tin
annual anniversary services were held
mil this year Rev. Heucbatu, of Christ
church delivered the address. The
members of the order met in the hull at
2:30 nnd at 3145 appealed 011 tbe street
111 legalia and maicbed lo lhe church.
The regolm s rvice of the Kngllali
church was obsci veil and Kev. Iteachaiu,
although mil a luembci ol ibe older, delivered an excellent address that was
listened to nttentivi'h by -i-ll presctr.
At Ibe close of lhe  service the members
formed in Hue again and returned lo the
mill where a brief social session was
held. A vou-of thanks was tendered to
Rev, ileacham, ibe choir, J W, Wolfe,
the marshal ami visaing numbers, afiei
winch an adjournment was taken.
bargains In Cooking Sieves,
Go to ibe It. II. Miner  store  and  see
bow cheaply you can buy a good cooking
Timber Notice
TakelioH.-ellial llillly dnya after dale I
intend lo apply lu Ilu- Cliiel C UllHSlniliir III
I.■unIh uiul Works (or special lieen,',. to nil
uml curry nivny limber bom tliu following
iluHCrlhrd lauds in South 1,-n.l Knoli-tiny:
I'dmmimelng at a post plan I eil at 1 In- point
ivWro llinonat limit of Lol II98 flrohp I
ntrlkr-H tlm smith limit of lots 198 (Iroiip I,
HieiM-i- tilling south limit ol lois-i-j:. ami l-Ji*.
(Iruiip 10 lot luiKl (iroiip I, HO elmlns morn
or i.'kh, thence south no ehalns iiiorn or less
to tlm nor li limit ol I.. I'uylos pnw-ni|itliiii,
thi'imi' west tin chains moro ur lets to ltd-
il-.li   Columbia   Bmithern   ruilwny, (1 1
niii'thnest   tiioiig snid ndbvu.v  lu said lot.
-I ] I'.Y U ci-mil-Hi along H asi  lim if  nl
aiild lol ll-.'."i. 117 elmlns timriior less to tliu
pin,,- of beginning, containing mm aen-s
III' I   IlKM.
huluilllllUi April in ll.
u 0, T St-burg
Noles Picked Up.
Sanator King and   w.fe and Dr. King
CHIlie through just  lhe  day  before and
Hie Senator now thinks ihey were very
If tlie west   I OHU1I    Hail)   bad been on
time it would probably have beeucniighl
by the slide,
Cecil Prest went to Frank lust evening
with his canif ra,
At i? o'clock a special freight left lo
gather rails and lies to reconstruct a
irack lo take Ibe place ol the one covered by the debris
The excitement al Fernie was intense
during the day,.as It brought vividly 10
nihil the memorable di-aster lu tbat
town a short time ago.
Tlie telegraph operator at Frank was
n .oiled with inquiries from relatives
ind friends af people living In Frank.
Mr. Leitch stated last night on bis
return from Frank that the death of
the mx members of his brother* family
in nli* sixteen of his relatives who had
■lied In the last elguteen months.
Mr. and Mrs C K. Kdd, Dr. and Mrs.
it'll igan, Mr. and Miss Hamilton, 13.
Orchard ami family and J. Murphy, all
well known lu Cranbrook, were living
In the part of town tbat escaped.
Hears are entertained that thereat
nf the mountain near the business portion of the town may full nnw. If ll
.lot's It will wipe out the town.'
() 1 the station platform at Frank was
a leg of a human being. • ft bad been
found lu the wreck near the cottages
One cf the tipples of the mine was
found ne-jr.y a mile away.
Tbere was nothing to Indicate a volcanic eruption,
A Inrgn number of Cranbronk people
walled   (or   lhe   passenger   trail!    Iiom
Frank, which arrived ai .1 o'clock ibis
■i i:v nn: 01,11 man I
•*>.. .*■■
•»fc BiM'MSaiW Bftftfttt*fi!9iM*'Ws
Tbe Penile Free Press contained an
article last week written by one II H
Short of lhat town that should never have
appeared in any reputable newspaper.
The subject supposed to be discussed
was tbe granting of an additional license
in that'town, and so far as the writei
confined himself lo a legitimate discussion of that point, he was within III*
bounds uf reason, justice nnil decency
Hut when be lett the license question,
and attempted to, supplement, tits argument by a scurrilous and'mirile personal nitnek upon a member of the board,
he weakened his cause -and belittled
himself. We have t|o personal Interest
In the fight now raging in Ferule, but
as a newspaper man, we do know that
the columns'of the I cal paper Is not ihe
proper place to-wash dirty linen, and no
man can strengthen his argument or add
to his perronally as a christian gentle
man by indulging in such tactics. It is
had tor   ihetowu, bad  for the paper,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $,.ou to $5.1x1 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The artrv-ialc amount of principal and inl real, except in the
case of lands under $2.50 ao acre, is ditidi-d aa,t,. Ion instalments as
shown in Ihe table below: Ihc first lu be paid at the lime of purchase, lite second one year frum dale of the purchase, lhe third in
two years and so on.
The I..Ilu-in, table shows the amiiuiil ul the annual insl.lmenls
un 160 acres il diflcrenl prices under lhe abuu* itindiliiins:
IMI acrs al UM per Mr, lal inslalnicnl SSi.'.S   u equal Iftlll'll .1 S5II.IW
1117 1.5
k'imlii-f li-v *s ""•' l*i'sii»-'ss axil shipping point for the
IN.!III*.-CI ICJ'   No|i(| S|ar anj| Sl)|(|van m||)es
B0AL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
f rinhrook 's ",e divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
Vld Railway and Ihe coninterdal centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE UAKIIV, ownsile Agent.
For lurlher inlormallan apply lo aftala .a above ar lo
Lands under S2.S0^per acre are sold
on shinier lime.
If Ihe land ia paid lor ia lull al the
lime ot purchase, a reduclioa (rom Ihc
price will be allowed equal to len per
cent on Ihc amounl paid in etcesa ol the
usual cash instalment.
Inlcrc-sl al si, per cent will be
charged In over due Inslilmenla.
The Company has also lols lor sale
in lhe folluwlni town sites in last kuul-
cn.y: lilko, Cranbrrmh, Moyelle, biich
ener, Cresloa and Kimberley.
The terms ol payment are oae-lblrd
cash, and the balance In sit aad twelve
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Kitchener is in the center ol the great
Iron range aud thc gateway to Ihe White
llrouse copper fields.   .1. T. BUROESS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
This Label
is a Good
Clothes Guide
This   Label   Means   Nothing j
in   itself,   doesn't
make tlie clotlics .better,—our fabrics 1111J tailoring
would be just as good without it. It's value is in
what it stands for. It is your good clothing instir-
iiuec policy ; we put it tlu-re for yuu, .'mit for ourselves. We want yuu to look-for it in tlie left
breast pocket, for il means "absolute satisfaction."
" Royal Brand " Tailor - Made
Clothing means everything the very best
custom tailor can give you,—-iiiaterial, workinnu-
ship, fit, style,—without the delays, of, the custom
tailor, and at 11 third less than hi* price.
Tlits clflllilii'i U inn-le liv i?   A   r>'u*,i.i. & Co. ftVnlreat,'fijunderi ami
:en in Canada of Tailor-Made Clathiuu, Keuily to-Ucar. -
For ■•!• nl! over Canada by th* bast Clothing Mcrehanti.
Sold by W. T. Reid & Co.
Dealer in
& - o
Q[ Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season. Q
in all the
Towns in
^ sit
P. Burns & Co
Wbolcsalc aad Kclall
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only Ihe hest.    Your
trade Is solicited.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
uiul binl fur Hit* purlieu Ititereiilid in th*
iitinlilli*.    Ah lullii'itiiimi'ttitij' tbiuil at
Mr. Mt'l'.n.i.-, the Crttntirnnk incutIwre
nfthe hnsrtl, It Ih li unity worthy of nt
I unt Ion. Mr. Mi-Hiiilt* is a minority ot
thr tiii.inl, mul ttnturnlly, ou iimttorn
|n-rtniiiiiiK tn l-Yrtife nlono, wmilil ilift-r
in ilu* ilcsln's nf tlie two I'urnle nielli-
iit-t*. A« ii geiltlblllHIl, it mnn of integrity nml one witli nn env all e bimlnem
repute lion, lie is not culled upon fo
notice the illrty thrusts bf tlie writer of
thut iirlide.
to Ut to
We ire surprised tlmt Mr. WaUnce
would iiilinit n ro.nuiuiilcntlo.lt, conehed
in mien terms in the coluui ih of ,hl«
naper. An honest discussion of the suh-
j -rt would linve heen a different mutter,
out p rsonal attneks are never productive of any ({nod In auy cninuiuiiltv
They linil discord iini"ii|' friends, and
create enemllien that uny take yeats tn
wipe out.
to it* to     mZ,'
As u> the t',tiiiiiinn of the extra llcensV
■viihiMii ronsideriiiK the nu-rils or demerits of the petition or counter petition, we are of tlie opinion that tile
ooanl I'Dinmlttfil a grievous error. There
was no need of another one in that town
ind it wan unfair to tneti who have spent
'hoiuands to give tbe people good
hotels; Ton many hotel* iii a towif thr
•me of ferule lu a posiiive iletrlmenl
,      ..„.,— ,   m — -., ■  -r—  ■   ■   -   -
An eicfsslvi* iiiiinli-r he^eia an   till
liolory moral condition in n couiititiully,
and ifiidera It viiinallv ImpOHilble to
niriintain strict police rcttlllalfunB ai
limes. The law mi the Bitl.jdQI is wcaWl
and tin- resfonollilliiy of the com mil
siniiet*» is ini*rensi.*d in coiiaequencf;
Their diu'ietioniiiiy poweitJ ate utenl,
and they phoulil be txeicis d fur i.he
.good of the community, w a whole and
the liuliridmtla who hitve HGtetl in goo
faith nnil'invested \Heli money freely lo
provide hotels that will he a credit to
the town in which they an- built.
fr in to
Speaking of: MipportiiiK a flte il«-
parlmeut lein'ml* ns that Ferine held a
meeiii'K the other day nnd inaiigintied
a movement lhat will raise in the ueigll-
hoi hood of Sj.ixio to put a deparitnent
in that town on a solid hasli. Say,
What's the matter with Cranhrook,
• hen it cornea to lire protection*? The
pt-nple seem to to think lhat the build-
i.tiKS cau't tmrii here. They linve for
go'.ten the (tilpi'n fire already.
to to to
Ourhananai w»re tut hack a little hy
that April snow storm last Monday,
jJini.Oill, the weather clerk, is jeal ns.of
fllir aucceaa In raljiliig hsnanas and ba
threw in that stoiin to play iyen.
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Farl Slc.lt, B. C.
We have a slock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
*   and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
CIIAKI.KS l>. CAMI'lint.l
Undertaking Add
Grailttate ofChatiiptoti colleije nf   11. S
Office antl atore, Alkali block,
near Canailian Bank nf Commerce, Cranbrook, It. C.
Uphol.terlni aail lleoiral Parnllar, Repalrlai
Will attenit to auy work iu th. iliatrlct
Afcat lor Ih, Braadon Marbl. aaf 0ra.lt.
Subscribe for The Herald niiw.'woik.. Totabii.a...itia-iiMa,,tic
and Builder  j*
til work laaranlced.   See ua belore
you build.   II will pay you.
CranbriMik, 11C
Livery S
Proprietors a* •!» J»
Teams mil drlvera furnlahed foi any
point lu the district.
MnnaKer   J*   jl   j»
Timber Notice
Null.'., in lii-n-hy given llml  80 <l,ivs utter
dllti- I illli'llil lo apply In Ilu- I'liint I'oUimiM*._;__.
•loner uf l.nndti and wnrtcin lor priiiir-nlon lo
cul mid rni* v tinny limlior fnun  lim Inllnw* .
iiiH ili-Ni'riliwl IhiiiIh-. - p
Hil.unti'il in MiriIIhItIi'I nf Kast Kootnnny
,lOUimenetllg nt a post (ilanlpd ahnnl one
inilt'ivi^i nnd nui- linlf mile nnrlli o|ibt<iouih
weft I'omiir of Lot* IIUH llinnce norlh 40* ,.
cIihIiih tlipiii'i- wesl llio I'liniiiri klu-nre smilh -■
Ml I'hniiiH ihenee i-iiat. I no eliitius eoiftnlnlng
litOiii-i'fH mnroor IdHH,
lial.'.l thi» 301 ll tiny ol Mm Mi IflOll.
Him,...!, M. It. Ftilli-rton
1 hy Dun Itnyi'M, Agijtii,


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