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Cranbrook Herald Feb 2, 1905

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Array /
a  1,1
VOL.U.M 10
ft, ;:
.in,i,i,i, ,,,,
I'he tttinillcj I Ivcry Stnhlea
I,a  ,1,1'  ",,,,11
Mm-' -  ,-.    , I-,,,,
llllll   |l|l| >>'l    ...a,   a -I,      -,,, .,
1 ll.'.V ,,,|.l   ,,,,,,'t,   I"   III.'   ll ,   a    '.
lla-rr ,-  ,„■  ,'    I.,,,  -  „,   ..,,.-,
'",■'■ '"    -,■„-,,,,.    |    i,
llilYtliii-ii ... Il»-  ' I ...I. |
ll,"«" »    I" ' HK,.1.1,1.'
Draying Is a Particular
Wi. maid' llml nm- business.
Plllycll I'Vl'l' l,,'.',t','lll\ ,'(„l,|,l.'lll,lr.
iIIhiiiI run' iviirkl U'r mm ploy
tin- besl mm,, uv .-,-i„ llml In ilo
tin, work, Tln-y hit I'tiivl'iil nnil
|,r,„i,|,l. 'I'l, 'I is ivby ,im |,l,'nsi'
III.- [,.•.,j,1,'. Wi'Wttnl ynl,l'litisi-
ness .naI il «•„ m.'t it «,'■ willl„','|,
it, lii'i'.Mis,' wi, will K.tlisl'y yon.
Perry & Fitzgerald
I'li'irtni mns m nn
Cranbrook Carlage
and Transfer Co.
Oltlcc oppimilc C I'. It. I'll.i.l o.l
J        ORCHESTRA        j
i s
i *
J Musi, furnished Inr Italia. I'nrllcs, etc  ,
* Two to seven pieces, ,
J *
| Cranbrook,    -    ■     -     li. C. J
•a ,
. i
■ Cmlnnrys ;
I'ancy liox Chocolates        ;
* - .
1 at the Candy kitchen ,'
; ' }
• II...   II.,,,.   I-.Ml    .,     |...,|. ,'.,,.,Ill     '
J   In Ian,-, uial l„ l.ii'k    tv,- I,,,,,- „i-.-i- J
!' »„', "i',!,., ni,',„,« »i'nii» i'.'.'.'lili.i.,',', !
 ',  ski-: nun l'.-,,- MIXTI'IIK i
l,,t Ilia I'll,I.Huh. . t-ri.,.-. ii. ii"..! '.- *
, Ml,I-I I,',, 1.1 ',',„...„„ S|l|.„ll *
nileiilliin ait ■•,.!.. J
: Q. .1* TISDALE. :
Paint that Stays
IVl' llBI'lltl'lll'Sl   Of   lllll
U'riiiltnul ■ ivnrknlwnya
mim~. Bl,lis,.'„'li„,l
Wlii'it ynu ivnnl i..iii,Ii„i;
|>„|,"r liiili|!iii|{, tli' nl-iiiil
..,    si'.:,,    „,',,',,•;.     Bt'C    ns
li, .1
ittitsrKiiMti <vi-'M'i:
Do you want a Stove? Doyou  !
wAiii Boots or Shoes? Do you  ( |
w.inl   B&Tgains   when-   New
Goods   arc   arriving   d.rily ?  |:
Fhen come to my store*
Now riiis. -Lfooil driving
mul stultllo liurHi-s nl
rptiHOilidiio nili'. (hir
nim'will lir iji^ivo^ooil
o.'iro to rill hot-Hi's i»l;i
Mnl Willi un.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
j Dezall Brothers
;   Blacksmiths!
•     Horse Shoeing :
; Carriage Repairing nnd
j lie lenil Jobbing....
» lllll.Ur Orders Prompll] .
I .IlKl.lt'll l.l. I
,.,r -   kitiils ,,! .lull  Wntlt
,i.,,it.-.| il,,-. ivlulor    Tn ,--i a
ilimi, |„,„„|>,l, uml iml,i .„-,-
James Greer
' moli r mul llitilili-r
\"« ,- III,' li In niili-r i ■
Photo .< *£
\ls., I rli'i'llml |,;,ilnl'«i'liii.|il.yi
a-anl i,, hi i„l I liim-.
Prest Photo Co.
,-,.. ...^,,-> i.,/ii-i I'lmir
II. TOrtPKINS, Mnntiner,
I'liis  hot.il   a-  1  III,-   hi-sl i,
inl lal    t'mini,ilaa   nml     i|i ln-ilntl
II   I'Vl'I'.l    r.s| I,        W.M    lijrlifp,
,,'IMI|lll'  I'll. HNS
j Cranbrook Sash j
: and Door Factory •
j       All Minis.,1' liliisl, mirk in ;
|  miy of doors, ivtmlow-B, Intn- J
!  bo ns, ntn.   Kiln .li-i.-.l I I-.,- ;
j  fur insult' work,   ' Inr work in J
)   Ltunii,nl.',',[ tun] onr [irii'na nre ]
; snlisfni-fory. J
■ ,
, i
; Rough ami Dressed I umber ;
•             l or Sale
u   ll  hi: \ i'iv
I'M-NKltAl    I,IKK,'Till:.
I'll \NliltiioK, ii  r
Wanted Immediately !
,,„„ It'lll
We Imv
-. lar
M.a 1,
..    ml   ,.,:      |„
■i     it,
.', i ■ 1 lli',1
„nr ,'. H.-r iIipiii     A-'|'!> mn. lui- term*.
PKMUM NUKSRRV co . Toronto, tun
\\ llni.il."iui'.iii,t« im* I..-liii--ilm:r<ii-'.,
; #>     i mwitfld, im, by T. C M.auit
"She's coming today," Trlx Yeuner
j so. hi despairingly, looking up from an
o|i"n letter, iiornlue, tbo eldest Ven-
ii. I', am I ted wanly, "1 knew It," she
wild, "Misfortunes never come singly,
i :■ ,, the youngest of thein, who bud
i"-I sh dimples nml doss Bilk etirla all
I'vi-i- ii wise little brad, protettt-d mild-
ly: "Uou't suy tlmt. llerry. I'm sura
( uusln Angola means u> bo verv kind."
"She'll lug, nug, nii^ over our rlslc*
Itifi thut iin.n.'.v- I'm unit* there hub
not enough to be worth keeping," Trlx
miui. dropping her bead belwoeu her
hands. Berulee lauBbod-sbe bad tlia
spirit of them nil, "Itlght you are,
'Iris," she suld. "Still, there's uo de-
n.i ing 1 dou'l see Jusl how we are to
lira without the hundred odd dulUrb'
Interest It brought."
"Why, somebody, nllbodles, innst go
to work," Trlx answered, slgblug,
"I'iii already In busluess, raising
chleltens," Berulee said, smiling whim.
alcnlly, "llereafter i shall sell broilers
mnl fresh eggs Instead of letting tbeui
boentounl home. Vou ucedn'l laugh—I
enn imike Bometliiiigoiitof iny chicks—
nnd Trlx lias nt least a chance to he
orgunlsf ut tst. Mlehaol's, C'nssy must
keep house and help me with tlie
brooders. Oh, we shuJI manage ruinously without Iroubllng Cousin
"J linto lo trouble her, but ihere
Isn't any otbei- way." ('assy sold, with
ber most infnntilo smile, The other
two stared, "You don't mean you an1
going tn live wllh her—be a companion
nud dependent?" Dernlee elded, ml
Bpots fhishlng oul in both cheekB. Ciis
sy palti'd ilu* ITU ■(juts softly ui she
answered; "oh, uo; I'm Just guing
lioint* wllh hoe for a visit. She likes
to have me nt Vendnle, because Carter
].p'» wild once we two made bucIi an
"Why does she not uuirry him and
have done with It, I wonder?" Trlx
■aid rclleetlvely, Rernlec had turned
n way  her head,  lho red dying out
quicker than il hud come to hn- el ks.
Casey snl very straight.   "Thai Is one
of Un' things I Hm going tu iimi out,"
Nolleo is hereby given that sixty
days after date I Intend to apply tl)
the ehiel commissioner or lands nnd
works for permission to purchase Lhc
following dcRcrlbed hinds n Una led in
Kast, Kootenay district: Commencing nl tbo southwest corner of lot
IS;'.''., f!ii,up 1, Kast Koolcnay ills*
itici, llience wesl 211 choiiis, tWene'e
snnilt "ii chains, more nr less, to Mm
nnr Hi boundary ol loi (1801, llience
wwI in clinfiis, more or less, In the
innt'c'sl corner oi Inl 5251, tlunrc
following the Elk river up stream in a
noi'ihrasti'ilv ilirrcLIon twenty chains
moil' or Iosb, to tin* place of coin
iiwiifipniaii 1.
Elko, It   (.'., Dei-   t-llh, 1004.
'VASSV, Willi KSSfH \i"   I'ltoll SIAllllVIXO
slu* said; (hen nn a thunderous knock
sounded: "Talk uf angeli mid Angelas!
There she Is, ua suru lis faiel"
Mhta Angela Vernier, utherwlae the
fe in liy, waa henv) In |iwson us iu
purar N'otwltbaiatiding Iternlce, u
slender beauty, wns so Piirluinly like
luT. Angeli t.i unl help liiiUng hei'.
i ndonbledly n uns nggrnvaltng to
have fate inkollioanniogoneral outline
mid color scheme, yel fr  ii evolve a
erenliiro sn oxipilslte ns i.i niako ope
seem a course and dauby enrlcatiire.
Sliil. silica Miss  Vernier bad  renlly n
eonscleiiec nlto greeted lleiTj i o ef-
fectlniiaicly Ihau lho others, oven
pumping n r.-w i. "irn.
"Bui tton'l yon worry, Cousin Aligo,"
Berulee Buhl bravely, "We cau take
care of selves."
"L'iiiiI   I   mn   i.-mly   li.  lal.e rare of
LbeiD," Cassy piped; llion, Bintllito up
rtl her rich eoimln: "I'm going to marry, yon tun,w   marry rich,   After Ihal
-.<,.- shnil ail be happy."
"Indeed!    Who Is (lie man'.'"  Miss
Velit leiiKltnli-.l, hntr UghllBl.    CflSHJI
smiled more liiim.ini.-l> tintn wet.  -I
an i righl perlalii yet," nliti ID Id.   "1
um going linine vviib yoll lu lind out,"
"Wuii all iii.\ heart, .<>«i i Iill. uinue
baby!" Miss Vuniier suld, plni'hlijg
Caesy'a cheok, In her furtnlgbt's stuy
slie made nt least fifty separate plans,
but went home with Casey under her
wing, iiflBuretl thai bet poor ronalns
were Ungratefully belli upon whrklng
out snlvatiou in ways of iheir own de-
Mlilsitmmer always hrouglil Vemhili
lo its best. Tliis oBpeclnl mlilsumnu'r it
was fairly oncliailtlllg.   ''assy bad beeu
there Iwo months, Cnrloi' Lea ami hie
biichelor iiuele, tlif iiinjor, had kepi
things social humming. The two l..nl-
nneed beaiillfully—Carter bad money
nml willful strenglb, ll injur gallant
■pfpiH'lence. Between tbeiu It was no
vork at nil ti, make Cossy tbo belle of
t io eouutryslde. Miss Angpln had let
them lido ('assy's pious purpose and so
net litem in fetching iu the cllglbles lu
For h young person thus speculatively bent Ciissy was tl id lllfflCUlt-
•«■ liitlii-uli, ludeed, Miss Angblu bagged
Carter te take her to tusk r. dly.
"Kiit la leltlug aliii ibe best ebaueei
tht .an ?\*t hope tu lui.f." said Cone
In Angela, "Defused three men last
week to my certain knowledge, eueli
of whom bee tboufinda a year." Bo
Carter lay lu wall fot Calsy tu she
Went eut lu tlie ruse garden Kor a
uiinutt they walked alkntly ahmg tin-
petal strewn pa ilia, then the nnt a
fueed about, eaklng plumply, "Caaay,
who Iceepi you frum marrying rieh?"
"Carter, who keeps yuu frum marry
lug rlchl    You've beeu engaged, as I
have nut, this i«nt aeven yean," Gaiiy
rtttorted, looking at him MlUrwim-.
He laughed not Quite easily, "imu't
yuu kuow about uiy engagement?" he
lakpil. "l courted Aug* Lu plcuaa my
I grandmother, wliu wue lu love with
j Veudale. I have not married her-as
I yet—to please myself."
"l see. four delay ll tlie reward you
lllow .vouraelf fur dlllgetiee," Casey
■ «uid, dropping her eyes,
! "Stop," Carter said roughly. "You
know I love -ttetnlce, who will but*
nothlug io suy to me becailM -.lie
thinks I agreed to Hell myself end
vlghUy enough despises me."
"if | lell you a secret—two secrete—
will you ever lell?" Cassy asked Iprel*
avamly, smiling roguishly. Cartoriind-
deii. Again slie laughed nnd pul Iht
mouth close to bis ear, saying: "1 emi't
Whisper; the secret Is too big. Major
Lee Is dead la love with Cousin
"O J.ord! Cassy, don't Joke! It
would hu ton cruel!'' Carter guspeii.
i'assy ran on as though she bad not
heard: "lie's courting her, too—count*
ing u heap better than over ygu oii|.
And she Jikea it. 'The only roa-son »be
doesn't say 'Ves' ofl'liaud is s',e thinks
the loss of ber would kill you"—
"Ob, how can I uudocetve liei?" i.'ar*
tor fried.
Cassy looked at blm with lofty colli"
passion. "Don't you think her ey««
would bo opened If you ma riled somebody else?*' she asked,
"You—you said tbeve were two.jie-.
orat's, You don't, ypw oau't meau Kerry dues not quite bate me?" Carter demanded, trembling.as he spoke.
Casey looked.wlee. "You have beard
stl you can'bear for one time," sba
♦       ##•«♦#
Mrs. Major Lee, horn Vernier, lows
to lell over her romance and commonly
wind up with: "It La really luu touching. After poor, dear Carter bud so
pobly stood aside fur his uncle, he married uiy cuiisiu becHuse of the family
Their I^et.etaarr*!.
There could be uo.,eifusefor fiunlly
-liistrels if it jveru not that Ihey t\y,~
pjejudes^.aud.excuses for happy I'ecoil-
CillatlQgS,      No    iHUiesL    mail   .will   tiiljr
Unit be.and.bla better seven eighths
uever disagreed, say* a writer iu ibe
New York Proas. I, have lu mind une
brilliant Mlu.w .w.h» tells lliis nn blm*
self sud his .wife In deepest coulldeuce:
"We hud uur little after dinner, spat,
aa usual. She vowed site was going
home to her mot ler, »hu lived uuly
Iwu blocks away. I swore I .wus going
tu tbe i.-lub.ttiid stuy all ufiflit. 'I'fie
live children uf. our happy union we['e
asleep. The .aervmil* .had gone tu .a
hull. She.got out uf i,iie front dour.a
little, ahead of me aud started esst. 1
went west. At Ike curlier I Junked
back uut of the slant of ;ny eye and
■aw ber standing still in tlie middle of
the ueiLbloyk. ..,After a Utile hesitation she walked back. I said, 'Quite
I .moon tonight.' 'Why don't yon upeu
tbe dour?' silo ripped uut. 'Hccuuse my
aeys.are upstairs,' 1 replied. 'Why, so
are mine!' she cried, Well, 1 hud lu
Climb a tree and upeu the.window on
the third .floor before we,got In. And
we haven't quarreled since."
Th» Klifil Bell..
The Czar, or.king of bells,,pa tbe
Itusslaua call it, Is In tbe Kremlin at
Moscow, and, In spite uf one ur two j
oilier clatmante for Hie title, It Is uu- |
douhledly the bn-geat hell hi the world.
It wus east lu i?J'- hy order of Ihe
Kiupt-ess Anne. There is uu record of
ils ever having been hung. It was
found Imbedded lu tbe earth where It
had fallen and was exeuvated and set
In position by order of the Emperor
Nicholas In 18.10.
It Is 19 feet 3<£i Inches high and
Weight 432,000 pounds. It ia snfd there
were more than ",000 tons of bronze
melted for Its casting. j
The king stands In the middle, of a
square ou a base Of granite, and looks
like a grant bronze tent. A fragment
broken off from it Ilea ueur the tower I
of Ivan Veliki. It Is used as a chapel,
Ibe tlhsute being so great ihat a man
may walk through without lowering
his bead. It Is a.beautiful piece of
work, and lis touti le suld to have been
particularly sweet Tbe sides sweep
nut lu a brood snd rulghly curve uud
nre encircled witli % top uud lower
holder of artistic merit
A .OimmI Km*** K»i'»a». I
A memorable Instance or presence of
in ind waa tbe.adventure of.a certain
Ucsauglert at tbe time of a popular up*
dalng In Paris, -when tbe people took
possession of tbe Tullerios. The hero
of .Ihe incident sagely acted upon the
theory i(iat a poor excuse Is better ibuu
i e utidnuilielimen heller Ll a bet-
lei' plie wttuid be.
lie wns an Inquisitive person, and regardless of the ibiuger lie hastened to
tbo Tiilleriva at midnight tu see what
wus going uu. At the gate lie wus .
slopped by two revolutionists of mul- ■
nous appearance. "Why do you uot
wear a cockndo, citizen? Where ie
your cot-kudo'.'" tbey usked.
A iiiuh Bulbei-ed abuut liim anl demanded Ueritely, "t'ttir.eii, where ia
your cockade?"
Uestpigiera look otT his but, turned It
around and around, looked at it ou all
sides aud then said lu u tout of mild
"Clilzeua, It ti strange, rery strangtl
I wait have left it n uj aigbtcap*
rsbiu m*. win Imake-RtmUlMantM
•f "ltl"a  l.» (■■•  Wbt kuaw,    s.uu.
Ha labia m.i,-mi>«u«.i..
; 'the ludies of tl,* Women's Chrlatt-
au Temperance Union'sjuiU-t'lgtirotiu
deputation doubiless folt a thrill ui
a.iUMiuii.iii ihu „ii„.i- tiMtV W|u.„ Ua.
ITIum   Minister i..iu   them Umt be
I wus o i,on mu..Lit. Vol it wna ouh
modi (led rapture   that ihouid   i..,\,.
i l*wn ox huicecl b> ihoso ennioal and
' onorjpatio women, f„r the I'um miu.
, later eschews tho weed because lie
cannot uso tt.   To blm belongs   no
| laurel wronth for ahstinenco. it .*■
not a matter of choice; it i.s ,L ruse
ot stoin nceea-lty, for .Sir Wilfrid
baa said Una in liis salntl duys hu
tried to do as other men did. Uo
tiiuii Lo smpUo, but Llie sweet solute
was not for lum. To put It baldly.
it made him Sick, Two or tliroo
times be essayed lo .school billiseli in
tlio use of tim grout em anodyne Tor
meotiti won\ thai itin world knows
or ever will know, but Nature sLep-
ped in with u voto, Sir Wilfrid's
brain i.s .strong, but Mm Internal
OCOnomy lower down is weak,    Tlill
iiiciipueiiy caused liim somo regret,
and occasionally does to thi* day,
In the company of friends, who huve
been enjoying tlieir cigars, the Find
Minister has often sniri: "l w|-b ]
could enjoy a ci«ar the Way you foi-
lown seem to"—for Sir Wilfrid's lun-
guago, as may bn seen, nnd us is
known to all who have had much
contact with liim, is pleasingly direct
and delightfully simple. lie dues
not, llko bouio otbor men high lu
piiljlic. life in Canada, make spoochpe
In private.
lk«  Ina l'.i|i|i»ia.
Another big m»n Who Aaimot
smoke is Sir Charlie Tupper— tjio Old
Midi, for "Voung Charley" earn) for
tow joys more than for thoso which
his old bUu'k bi far-root gives. The
former Premier snyB that ptibllo
dinners are oflon u possible infliction
to hjni. This is when tliey nm held
in a smut] or low-colllogod room,
whore tlio smoke onnnot naeeiwl. At
lhc dinner of the Picsa QotJcry of
Carliiiiiient a your   or so   ago.   Sir
ChaiyOS   lliouilifillly   ivf.rird      to      bis
limitations in the Way of pn toying
Bmo\e He tola his nearen Imv
too, had challenge) uud hud been
.vnntiuishcd by our Lady KiCotiuo
When be.was a young mnii in N'nvn
Hflptla, bo said, everybody rbownl
tobacco, in addition to pfllllg it in
a decoiiL iiiui .sensible mmiiier. At-
ways progrosshe, uml always striving after some, new thing— Sir Charles js a very Athenian in ibis latter
respect—ho essayed to amoko. Tbe
results woro ao disastrous; that, unlike Sir Wilfrid, he nevor tried again.
Once was enough tot* him. The Wat-
Horse of Cumberland was   put   to
rout by one solitary pipeful of bu-
perini* smoking mixture. Like nn
asluta war horse, be knew when ho
wns licked, and he retired from tbe
Sir Charles. J til) lor, had nn difficulty in contract ing ibe habit tlml
bad conquered his father.
I h* 0|i|.*.llli,„ l.aMiIri-.
Robert Laird Horden, lender of
His Majesty's Loyal Opposition, has
two prime passions—a love of Kipling and a love of smokbig. Not
that Mr, Hoi'den carries eitVor to
exre.-H. Kxt.ravngniice in any line oi
life iu totally foreign to him, but bo
can quote Kipling by the yard, and
he allows hinificlf a moderate number
of cigars per day, porjiaps six or
tcven. And his cigars are about us
good as can be found anywhere, in
other things Mr. Boi'deii is almost
ascetic, lie Is an indefatigable
worker. No man in llie IlodSo of
Commons more continuously scorns
delights to spend luborious diiya. Uut
the laborious flays must be brojeen
by a cignr once In a while.
'llia.MlMitiri nl lit* Ijdfrltir.
And llieli conies Hon. Clifford SU
ton. 'The cigar bill of the Minister
of tho liijtelor must tot np to n
pretty figure at the end of Lhe year.
lie, too, will have nuught but the
best, and, aa hu gives away twice*
us many as he smokes, the expenditure must l>« high.
Ill* )llnl»i*»i* ..I  tiiatiini*-,.
Once in a WhUo Mr. Slflon induces
his colleague, Mr, L'atolson, ,to accept a cigar, but tlu; Minister of
Customs insists upon preforming fbe
common day pipe, beloved,by childish bubbto-blowoi'S, nnd retailing '■"
ono cent. With tills, filled with
strong tobacco, between his teeth.
Mr. 1'uterson is quite happy. Once
upon a timo, when the Liberals were
in Opposition, it was Charger) Ity a
rather excitable member Ihat Sir.
l'atcrson smoked too much, I hat be
Bpent his time iu Number Six, ilie
Opposition hondquaitors, enjoying
that, clay pipe, when he should have
bpon in lhe House showing up tbo
Iniquities of the Conservatives It
was borne in upon lliis consoi'loiia
gentleman, that it was Ills duty to
remonstrate with Mr, Pnlerson, hut,
luckily, he mentioned his Inlolitlnn
to a ffiontl. That genllcninn wns
aghast ut tho veiy Idea. "Why,"
said he in horror, "don't you know
that .while Pntorson is silting there,
speaking to nobody and apparently
doing nothing but smoke, lie Is g> t-
tlng up the fraineworh ot some
speech' }t yon don't, J t.-ll it to
you now. And don't ynu suy a word
to him, if you're nuL looking foi
trouble." It was a true bill, Men\
of the best speeches that l I- 'ii
der ever delivered were plotted out
whilo he was sitting with Ids liijnla
high In the air. If nny figures were
Deeded., the icipih-einenl wns rwnoin
bored, and wus filled ufter the smoke
was finished, lim ilie groundwork
wus settled by the grateful comfort
and aid of Mcntiii.—-The Tuiontc
V#vrf in'i  MUkimi  Hu«■<*•• tal'iiI,
rcter Yoregln, tbe Doukhohbr leader, bus returned 'o Winnipeg nfl6ra
tour of Duiikbobor villages, and reports ihat tbey nre seeing the folly
of tlieir recent pilgrimage and are
now anxious to talto up homesteadi
again and settle down, 'tbe liun.i-
gratlon Coinmlssloner, Mr, Smiih,
will faciliiate tills as much as possible. Herbert Archer of the Knglisli
.Society of l'i lends, i.s ulso ut Winni-
!««■, and reports that owing to Vei-
egfn's work there will tie no pilgil-
luage uutbroak  next moi u,4,
Tbs City  Bakery! simpie
is known for It's fine bread,;
hurts cakes and pastrv.   Orders
lefl the day belurc will be filled \    i ^
promptly. | ^F
Wedding Cakes a Specialty,  j
Club Restaurant
Opposite Imperial Hotel
Armstrong Avenve
....'l'lIK SEW....
"Correct €nali$b-
Row to use it."
OTBD TO Till: 1-51:01-liNUI.ISH.
Josophiiio 'Curek Itnkor, Ki»rr,»i;.
I'artial conlenls  lur lhi> month.
t'..,irsv in i-amhxii lor Ibo Upginiicr.
Cottrso in  KnglUli fot   tlio a,li-,,,.,.,.i
llnw to ii.i'r.'.i.M' fine's Vocabularv.
Tlie  An .,, t'.itivi'isation.
Sli.,,,1.1 .m.i Would: How t.i CsoThem
ProtiuncIatiODH  ,(',-,nun-  Dfctio.ia.ry)j
Correct Knglisli lu tl,- Hume
Correct Enjllsl, in il» ^'-; ■■
'j'•^fS■'•''.''■;•,' - "       ii
:   .
Purchase Price $3.00 s month
1 Allowance mjdi tor old machine
, '"«Vf~"'** 1
»'^ t '. : * '   -i
Lowest Rates    Rest Time
TOROXTl,. Ml 'Nil',  \:   \ ! w
VORK,  MARITIME   i'l,,,Vl\
t'Ks. NEW I.M, I IX11
VANCOUVER, A it'i't'!;; ,. -i,
ATlT.Kt'.ll.NM'KNl \ fOLN'TS
'..  ,
Business   lCtu-liuli   I„r    the Uusl...'
r,„„l„„i,„l «,„,K  How i,, Write idem ,
stuiii.-s in Knjjiisii l.itcrnlure.
Al|,li.il).",.   Mat i,| At.lit.-viatn.i.
WEST  Uiives Revulstnli,.   ,\1„„.
$IM. Vur.   Send II ceils for Sample Jg" "utAAiJ^Z
Copy. ninl Vim,,.in mr.
cumttcrEnglish. i-iai$iM.iii.  'RASTfl;';v"P l,'":'w,!v Ji;udi"'i
u _;1| f^r Luroiito, \\ eclnosciay nno
Sututdny;    for    Mon'trpul,
• ——-—^--- . __ \ Mondn;   i nd   Friiluy;   for
lioston. Fridiiy.
In lhe mallet ol tliu csUte ul Tuppei ■     Atlantic Steamship Agency
Bltaklioy. late ol Uie town ol W'aid- [ llinmgh  Bnokii ps to nn -  fn n   Ureal
net*, in tin; Province of British Col- Britain nn,I Uu tVraiii |
umbla, •deceased intestate,  —   —
  for rules, folders and tlt-lwte  appl;   lo
NOTICK   is licreliy given   pursuant! I«wnl agenti*, nf to
io the "Trustees antl uxecutoes Act" r. uuu     ../*,.
Uut a!) creditors ind others baying I        «♦ miller, Ment, Cranbrook.
claims against tlie estate ol the said  J. S. CAltTKK, R. 4. CO^ I.E
Tupiirt   Uleaknoy   who died at Fori      D.P.A., Nel*n    A.U.P.A. Vancouvei
Steele, H. t'., i.n oi about the    lliii'
day   oi September, A. I».  1904, are  	
iceuitwl, on in before ilie 1st day oil
February, luui, to send bv post pre- Notice.
paid   or  deliver   to the underslgricd I   Tbt^roooihsaiurtlK ■:■■,- i„■-. ntioi
solicitors   lor llm .idnuniatratiu    ot I thianotice fin applimtiun wi
tho   estate o( tho saw deeeased
Vancouver, B. C,    ttaelc    christian
names snd surnames, adresses and •■:*_■■
soiiptlons,   the full   pattlcUIars     of
their claims, tlie statemcbtl 01 iheii
acuounls and tlie nature of the securities, if any, held by them. m
thnt aftct such last mentioned   datt-
tbe administijit.i will pfocetrd to dis-
Iribtite trie assets ol the said deceased among the parties entitled thereto
tbe  l.lMiif
SKtioo 82 nf tl i r.i-ij,.■,,,..-,   let,*' :-;,     b.i
tin.   "t'ranbrouli   Khbo  a  l'-'"-   i onyi my
t.imiii-d." fm pprni ■ -  -   lurhn ;■   Ma iisirii
/..rtli-il i.|ili^ "KimJ-Hi.   Milliiii' \  Maim-
l«. luriog I'oropatu. Ltrattu
h«(f.l ui i ronhm ,..   OrUihoi  ' illi   WH,
Land Notice*
having regard only to the claims   of , t   ..      .
rthidi     hf .shall have then had notice |                 '   .,
uf, and that lie will not he liable for ; ", 1"", "   .,   '
tlie    suul ussels, ur any pait tlitreof               ,         .
to    any nelson or  persona of  trhosa   ,J        """   ,""
claims imii,,' aliall not haie l,een   re-    . ,    ,, J         "
ivivi',1     By liim at tlie time „f   s„,'l, ,""'""•■ ""■"""'"-' ■
,listlili„tio„. -„cn„„..  ,1 n.l -
liati-il ai   Vancouver, B.  C,   tlill !""f""""'-'■'■■"'",-/■• ■■
,'ll.sl djv ol Ihs-llllH-l,   ltll/1. !    I'a'"l"''"l'"'-',-'   111"!
., l.-a
Si'liiilois lor     llie     I Ion. ,t aide   Sit •
Charles lllblierl   Tiippar, Iv. 0, ..(.;
ti., Ailniinistrator of ilie ealate   oil
tlie said lleceitseil inles-tatc. '    Mntleet.herebygl.eothat  ■•■■   ;■.••- oiler
; ,..,e I ii.i.n.l ;ti a|.i.t\ ,..,,.,- i',,„l . rnurm,
~ .     , ;. ,,i,„r.., I..., <i< .....I , ,'■-, ;■-'., j„ i,,-;.. i-,
| laii.-l,,,., Il.a I,-ll,.a,, ^   .]..-,:.,.!   a. ,:    ,..„r
Land Notice. \__fvJ.'_T " """"' '" "•""'
i r.H^i i\ nun naj
.Sixtv ilu>h ul'Mi-itniH i Intend to nj plj i-. ' CuAinmiriDg ai n pm-i planti Motbi nuiji
'im t'lii*,! t'oifiwlriioiu-r ol I.nu.u unl ufB.C. s.uitn.iu i:,iii,.av. nboiit one mile
SVu'fca.fiirjsiniilesinii lo pqreliaaD 7.". iterM pastolUontMlittjtihii it) :•. -I,.■ ...„.t
ilHaiid ri itati. in fbi-diuli • ■• nl .s..ii il.   Kuril    boundary nf tbe V K   I''   mn -.,.,,..-.1
KootHiH.voMld'twHlitdii'fulln***- |"IJ. A.l' S \\       im»r   -     ■        I -.t: -.
f'nnuilHiring   nt Itm lnler>e>-lliill   ol   Ilu    rhallis,   Ibfure   mtal   fttry -     then***
w.t   liiu>uf l.nMlJ U. ()ti,ti|.|. Km |. nn v.I i?   j ii.irth i i«lil... li.-m.*   Mi      ■ fi •-.
tritif wiili ih* riirlii of wtij ,t| iht) Uritlfh t'ol    to plan* ol nqiniui i    iti'.        mt  inh k fliiu
umiiia Bridthcin railway, tl faouilinboDi j  < tvn nun i--b.
lo.|.Hiii», iiiHi.r-in-Bt i,. tim Mifd rlull „f:    Ihtied nf OoallH! 3 nijon  S'ltwubtr 17th,
rta.y. iliriii-f alongisld ri^lo ..( «n,v to.ploi I 1001
aa-fli B'fio A. Miiuii-t-a.
Cranbronb, ■!-''. I«t VuvtH|wr 11* t
Tale    notice   that    I,   Michael   J,
MePeak,   intend   to    apply   to   the
Board     of     i |«nac    ..;,•.
t i     fran • ■ ■■
hiccting   hold   uutj
dale     nl this notice,  fo'r a trans.ci
from     nivself to Alerandoi P.  Cho-
nett«    nf   the license for the East
Kootenay    hotel,    situate   on  Baker
stieet, in tbo    town of Cranbrook,
sow known .is the Queens hotel.
Dated lliis !ith hav of J an Gary, A.
P.,  1905.
>il-4t M. .1. McPeftk,
Take notice that we, Finch .t
Jones, Intend io apply io the board
of license commissioners for the Cranbrook district, at the lirst meeting
held thirty days after the lirst publication ol this police, lor a transfer
Iron) us to Alexander V. C'benette of
the. license tor llie Falls View hotel,
situate at  the lown of Marysville.
Dated this 17lh day of .lanuarv, A.
D.  1005.
■i4-4t Finch St Jones.
I  J".-!IT
i: ,\ pttuUon
;.. r f   \   j'.nSi ..l,   ^"i.!
Mil Itt.
lifter -Iii'*- i iiiiiri
L'oinmeui lug a   a p, 11   ■-     '-.i ■
•fltithenst boundary of loi ••'.   ■'■■ ■
uiiii- elm in* ii,mil of the J- ■ ■- i ihitotttu
S'»ntli.-iTi It.iil'.viv mstkml "A K H s. W
uuriiiT''ilieii.-i. h.imi, figlitj i-linlns, ni-ii'-i-
**ii».i fort j i-lniitib. theneMioi th eiglitj rhanea
tliaur* went forty ebnhia iu [din* ■„ , ,m
iiifiK'.-mi-iit eonittlnitig c'-, ..• rea montorlnm
Dared «t Craiibrook, Novetuboi L. li I ■ ;
A  R  Pnolaon
;i7-»t V. A. I'iiiiI*" ni ngent.
Take notice that I Intend to apply
to the license eommlsslonera of tbo
CrRnbrook district of South Ma.iL
Kootenay for a transfer of tho license
fot tho Cosmopolitan hotel now hold
hy me to Eneas H. Small.
Dated at Cranbrook, Dec. 9, 1001,
iZkt John It. Downes. TIIK   OaANBBOOK   HKHAM)
Job printing ie an HXvtsss
The Herald Practices the art.    You can get only one kind of jg
Printing in this office.    That is the best. ||
SI. Maul   Chicago, New Vork
Pal... a,,., ,'uuri.t Sleepera. Itulici   Library
Lin. MoJtro Day Ceaclwa,  it.,,,,,.  Can,
JMtals t It Carte.
East tuul Wesl Ilu
Hy U
Sputa! cuur-.i..ii rales to World's Pslr, Si
tuuu      Yum choice "i rutin-
For lali-e, i„l,l.
regarding trips,,
rs nn.l full ilii..,mat
ill on or address
S. li   Y1.UKK.-
0 «  r .i
ll   HANDT
.   1' .i
,111   IV,  II.M-lai.l,- A
Spokane. IV,,.-!,
S)uup*ii wl KeiulalluDS lur dlapeael al Mil*
crib oa tkinilolua LhJs ll Maalluha.
lb: Nortkwct.1 Tcrriieriea aid the Vskea
,1    i'oil I Infills Uial be |>uri'tiaie.l at ||0 Mr
i.» M.tt co.il ami iM i"i anthracite.   Nut
■UiiOi.i aerft eiiii ui* ai'i| ilr«t 111 •,"rt IU
nol or ,-u.ii|Min.   Itoyatty «i ti"* '•*''■ l,f
(.rn-. | hi 'inn nf 1,'HM |«aiu.is until beoolleot-
■ a -- iial|iiil,
miiih ..[ ritttiicnii i-eari nnd over
euinisiuie*) tiuldlng free nluerl
i obtain entry mi a mining loea-
* eerllftcate l| nranle.1 lur hup
„.l.- yeur%imli*M>*eililu n,l*> "I***" iwym/'it
tvanee i.r ST,IW par uuiuuu fur uu lu.iivUiuai
..n.i from IM I.. •'"-, i>t aiiuum tor a eouipani
according tn capital. . ,
\li'.- miner, 11.1.111.; illvovere.1 iiiinarttl in
l.llli',- Mini :..,'.it.- » .'laliil ISMIX1IVM lent liy
iu.it kin* mil lln*-..une Wiih iwftlawl|sO**U,oeiH"'
iuc ii.i.Lii'.n n..ll.-ei .mi* al <*a<-ti nnl ou lb-    --
X  numir    in        *&*  _
ami bi
a free in
,»le i.r
nis.H Thomas, Superintendent.
Graduate   Loudon Hospital,  England!
HloAiie Maternity Hospital New York
Members yearly $10, covering board
and nurBlng In Henri private wind.
Contract ball yearly |5,
Contract monthly $1,
Private win.I *:.'" pei week, poverlng
board and nursing.
Semi-private ward -fll poi week.
Maternity Work a Specialty
Livery  S
Teaiiin uml driver, fiirnUlieil for any
point In tlie illHlrlet.
A. DOVI.E, Manager.
-$j Columbian College •£-
Founded lit' N„u WeslmlBSler H. C,
Im'urpiiran-j Itt',.1
* +
J By bliinitie Iirmiut Heath *
♦ I      T
Copirrlgltt, ,*'.'. ,'
s. s. McCl
M. llll
„   |,itj-
i'ro.'i.l.b 1,
an 1,
.-,.,a   Ol
l.olli sexes, „t
a.    liar
,    |.,a|.
uralorv elan.
or ji
-nla. .1..
,,u »,„
,1,'U 1'iililleS,
.a. lllul
S ,.],,„,!
work, millers
all II
I |,m,l»-
l,-», nml
prerinres Itirl
1' lies
ull Itrunelies
ot   1,
Al. llll
,',,l!,lrtt:, in,
1 Kiv
a .lip
a      11,1,
a  a  I'll,
r ral i-itiiaiilio
. ,., it
a oil
, .'
I nurse
uml iii ll,.-1.
a a.
a,a,- to,'
m i: i
uud 11. Ii. A.
l„ 1
Ill v.,
work •
iii tuki
.tmlelits ilo.
null 1
IU .-..
,„ Arts
uud tliedegn
A .
.-.1 In-„
Toronto Hi.,,
1 ,1
lell Hm
IO l„ll Ul,',,.. M
...-   1
,,l t
li.,. all.
i.ruia write,
Ho W. J. Slpprell
II. I'lill. iu.1,
.1 1
.  HllWl'll
Repairing Promptly Door.
I outwear to Measure a Specialty
 .nicit wittiiu nneiii
itlltll li-n u,u... ur tt mil.in-
 ma additional day allowed Jul
i-vn-y iiiumioiini iriimiif-i.il rr;wu..u flie r**.*
Ii.i i>-i«iilli)ifuclaim ii** , ,
U ..-.nl fluii limit i>i-ri(it'(i.|i-il nil Hi« '•'■illn
eii.r. yui"l i..iull..tlieliillllliJf i«*i-..r.ler la llru
iliKv'f.    Whfii SMW Ilai. I.«-H i«\lN*litlnt »r ittM
lln-1... itl.ir j up" ■ hailiin itsutve* iiumI". aii'i
inidii I'tiintiisriit*.'wiib ittlu-r re, nil rr inr uiu, pur-
ffiiul-aliiiiuiiiy lirni.tttflli* Mia Mllililer »l
llie li.miloi iijli.iMiei-l.uiiiti'i>iitaliiliiKiron and
ml,-,! uis.ic.ipi<H'.nt|lu- .iiiumTerrtt..ri...t au
aieaijiite*t..*t'i|iiik! luiiu'teii
Hu- imu'iil f t n nibiliu l...irtU..u kball lumutf
fur the |,;niu<-tii nf r.»ytiiij m lim iui.* i-f ."j i"-i
ceni m Hit- iu.-r.tuiiof iii--' iiH'iiii.iii
rU'i'i Minli-M   Miinin'bii ttii.i in.- n
eu-Hil mitt lie Viiki>nieiilt.ir#.-llai'et
.'NiluiiK.'ii.'rallv NMUHfektMuarv; i-mii i»>*.
I.-, n-iu*»viiiiif,y''»iW.   tm ibe nj-iith swsat
riiBwan rlyerelsliwa nre eliliauutrur ueuen, iii*
filTller llrllU    H"!   IfBI   KIIIK   iltlll   cilrmlli-'   Im
lwi'.-ii inch "ii'l I--* Wftier mark I'he lul'ai iu
i'liuli-1 l.a'r illi-nliiiii. luit «^l.'iul>i I'iick  I.i li«
bue nl iin- bin rn iiarnV, inn ma Ssreedln, t.om
fnei wii' realesm imwii ia used, elatins -■'■
feel wide may beubtalneo,
i.i'tnii-iiiKliitlie.iv.'iii nt Manltniia ami tlie
M W 1., fixcepilufc tha \ukoii |VrnUir|.—A
tree iiiii.er aisy nhiain enly i«.u Isasei <tf live
mbsseaeli f«r alarm «f l«pnty year-., renew
ahlelntnedlwrst|iiiiiiftheMlnl«eruf the in
'llli'lt'-kii-e'silatll lieiililllie.l (j, (lln •illlUlirli;
Ml lll-ll .tl   Ijltt  III   Iti-*   ll.rf   iMUlitt   In,.    IVillr.
 i^, nml miul'i-i !■!Die nthii ii   ui iiermuii
nlm have, nr who mai reeelya enlrN nu• twi
(l|.','|IIU1..l   lo-lll'll i-I.iIiim. i-\i't'.|il .Hi II..'   .NI-.I.11.
I'liawSi) ilvr, wbereibe ies-iee nmy iiiaif;e i»
Ini'li w,i(i-i iimiK 1.1) .'ili.li iilieiuale leiiselu.lit
Ihi' |i'-.M'est|iill K.iv*. il tli'iitS" l-» nperillitii
iillliln mu' H«a T Uii* 'iif'e uf l||e lease f»t
i-ii.'h live ii.Ui'i*. Inil tt'lu-ri' a in-r-inii "i I'l.liili.iiij
has iihiiitnwi mure limn une lease i.n* du-.li;*-
l„r.*tuh Dfleeti m.i,"*  nl fr.,e|l.ui I. rium.'l.'iil
Hentiii. siu per inimmi lur eaoli (idle nl rve
IkiM'iI. |(iiyaltVii|il|pr>ii«<>rtwii iiliil a hall
,i"r cf iii i'.iii**.-n».i on id'- „ut(,,i| iirn-i It exeaeitn
llreilglna in Un- Vukon T«rrlinry. hu ieam-«
nf live utile*. ea.'Ii may t..* KlSllfdlu it free
minor fm a lenti »r ivn-nty yeari, atmi renew
a llle.
'llm li-x-ii-s- \ 11 'hi Ni mi-', I !•> (he miiIihimi)'
•■ii ne ii nt- hriia la id- uv i iit-tiiw low water
liiii.k.lliathoiuiihity |.i|i*Iri«'l hy ii* unsltlnii
,in tlif lit ilai nf a.i^iihi ui u,u >i'iir i.r the iiiiie
nf tlieleasA,
l lie uuiifi: ulmii tiny.* nm* ili-eilne lu nprmllan
nuhhi im. years from Ibe ilsieof tlie leime, ami
.,)!.> iiiti.li:'! Inr .-i.tli lhei.i||,-s wili.1i) sit yi-ur*.
fl-iilU Ml.Ti dille. IteiiUll, *|"H pat mile [.it llisl
ii-ar uml fm p"''uilli' fiirea.'lii,iiliiei|ueiilyi'iir.
j.-.y.juv Hiiite ui liliu ermiiiiiis
I'liiiar MlMlliii hi I Iw Viihim I'eiilliiiy.-Ctefk,
mileti. liver uiiil lilliiliilniii shall not etueeil -Jfiti
f.*iil In l.-iij-'tlt, iiu-ji».il.'i| .ui lbs h.ise till.' ur
u.-lli'iHl ilui'i'llim uf Ihe m'ptfh nr uub-ll. tin'
wl.lili h-'lu^ irtiin I omi tu -.'.tun faol. All nilu-r
■.hi,i»i 1-l.iuiit -lmil l.e .".ii feel *i.|U ire.
i luliniiaie iiiuf'lif.l Ly tw.i maul |mst*>. nun lit
.■.ul. i'lni. beitiliig null.es. Kulry must he oh-
tallied wi.hm wuilsys, ir ibe uliilm h witiiiu
HU miles .if minim,* reeinjjer'ii ultlep. unsexira
.lay (t'li,*i-ii Im* each inl-Jilli.ii.u let) miles ur
fiiullnli. , ,
Tbei*r«i»iiiiri'iiiiipaiiy»liikln«a claim must
linlil » free iniiwtr'*. seflirii-atl'.
jlieiltsi'inuer nfaiii'H wine hi entllleil tu a
claim uf I WO reel In leilulb, aud Jl ihe pi.rty
...iislsU uf twu, I,.'"" reel altiia-eitier, nu Uie mil-
pat uf whieh au royalty shall he chargei!, the
n-st uf the party mitlmtf-y Waluis only.
hull y he 110. It..yally at llm rale »f two ami
niie half |iei.:.'tit mi the vuhieuf llm iciml ship
pi-il fintn the Vi u I'mrltury lu be paid lu the
Sn free ailimr »li;ill receive tl (trillll nr more
lli.tinili.-liiliilil!! I'liillil nil eiutli <i«|iur»lf river
irei'k .»r mulch, hut Um same milter muy bold
aiiy uniiii'i'i id elalms hy purvhiise, anil free
 .-is may wmk their claims tu pailnersltlti hy
lllliiymiltc.! and   pay Iiiu fee of Si.    A cla,-
may l.e huml-ili<*i|.aa.l aii.ulier ubtuiueil mi t
same creek, ipil.'ii <>r rn er, ny giving uollce ami
n.iyin-' a Ice.
w-.ik musl l.e dim.-mi a I'lalin each yeai  lu
the value nf at least Ilini.
i     A i .-ililkiite Unit wmk lius hen ih.lie mint lie
,.t. ,ii I cai'l, ji-ar. if iml. Um claim Nhall lie
il.ciii.'.lto l.niifiii(id<.ii"<l,ii[i.l <>|m<ii [iiuri'ii|.all..ii
iiiiilemiy hy aln-e iiilast,
1 in- li.iiuiiliiri.-s ur a claim may heilntliied ah-
s.ilufi'ly hy having a survey made ami pnlillhhhi"
nntlees Hi l|ie Vnt..iiOfllclal lia/elle.
I'.iinl.iui, All iiDanpiflpilsieil llmiilulmi
IjiiiiIsIu ..laiilli.ta, Ui* Nurthwent Terrliurlen
ami within Ihu Yukon I'erilinfy are niieii In
pifispei'ilmt for petrmenm. nun tlm iiiliihter
nmy n-ki-rvi* fm an 1'id I v lil mil or company liev*
uii; niiti-iiiiii'i y mi the land lu he prus|iecteil, an
urea uf tim a.'i'i'N. Sliniil.l tlm pius|ieclor ills
ouver nil In payiiiit iiuaiiillles, ami saiisrani..rlly
••stiihll-li such Uheioery, an area in it evaefilltig
'.ill ll'Ti'i. Iiii'llidhil! tlie oil Well ami NUeli ullier
land *s may he deleimilie.l. will be sold tu, the
dhciiversr al ihe rale nt sum an acre, sulijct-i
i ,;iln nt iiii'li r.iie a-, may i..- spirtfle.t by
• >l.ler III i ,UIU. l|
\\. WtClUtY
lli'f.atv nf llir VJlpMet uf Hit Inter ur
i >t iii. iniarlor,
"Hut there are n<
Sylvia," declared Fowling sin He ut Ins yeettj .
a lu'io In a fi'i«'* evat!
"Wluit dn you think. Mr. Wynne?"
Sylvia turned to tt yOUtlg man \vlw hud
been a silent listener, "Are there no
heroes left V*'
"Pretty fair Imitations, at any rate."
be answered. "Take up any newspaper and see If this Is un age uf cow*
"Who ever sutd it was?" put In Fowler. "There's plenty of couruge In the
market, only the old time quixotic beta
has gone out."
Just theu Maurice Hqrton'a entrance
cliangeil tlie spbject, Wyritic soon ruse
to go.
"If you've nothing better to do,
Wyunu." salt) Fowler, "I'll call for yuu
to lunch tomorrow."
Wynne nodded uud took Ids leave.
Horton slipped lntu tlie vucuut pluee
beside Sylvls.
The two young men luid their reasons fur avoiding each other, lUslimt-
ly connected, Ihe recent death »»f u rich
ffllfltlve linil g'ven liis entire property
lo ||ni'|oii. wt)fl *IlM a degree Hie near-
rr. Kvery one knew that lhe old mun
Intended Wynne for his heir, though
he hud neglected tn make u will, but
Horton suw lu thla chance only his
own gflOf) liiok.
put tills wus uut all. |t was tin open
secret Ihat Imlli iidinirt-d Sylvia l|ep*
liuin uud Uml lur h ii nt fuvfu-ed ilii|--
pin 8|n«'P Lil» iKTesskiii to wealth. She
honestly beiipvi'il it l|pr duty lo mrtke
the besl posslblo mutch for liei orphan
niece, who, thougtt fortuneless berself,
hud been brouglu up In liKury.
Wynne wus at his desk nest dny
iyf|e|, ho beard llm door behind blm
'■you're a bit early, powler/' l'e »aW
without raising his eyes.
"It lsu't Fowler." Hoitou advanced.
"I'd like a few words wlrii ynu before
bo cornea."
Wynne turned aud looked at Horton.
•'Well?" he said.
"Time presses," said Horton, "so I'll
come to the point. I saw you wltb
Sylvia Beiihaiu last evening"--
Wynne's lips tightened. "Well?" be
said again as Morton hesitated.
"Well, of course 1 know you want to
marry ber. Walt a minute," ns Wynne
made a ijult'k movement. 'Must think
It over. HUe has always been used tu
luxury and would be miserable without It. Now. you have your own way
to make, you know. Look at tbe other
side. I could until ry nil ber whims.
I've set my heart un ber, nnd I'm willing ri» puy tbe price. If I make It
worth your while lu withdraw"—
''You cur!" Wynne sprung up with
clinched hands, "(let out of my sight
He stopped Short, listening. 'Ihere
wus a vague rush outside, then a cry
that rung; sharply through the room:
Hoth men sprang to tbe door, but
wherever they turned the smoke poured
spectator,  pushed  bli  way  throua.lt.
Wynne opened bis eyes tit id looked nl
"HortonV be stammered,
"Safe enough, confound him!" muttered Fowler.   "You gave blm your
chance,"   vtith  n   quick   guess at   the
tint ll scented Ihat Wynne hod bad
a wonderful escape. There \yoa no
COncUSSton er broken bones; he would
he right again In a Cow days.
So it proved. When be uest saw
Sylvia ltenluuu ull that remained of
his misadventure was an unusual pin
lor and a scur across the forehead.
Sylvia ciitni1 to meet him wiih out*
stretched baud, ber fflCO aglow, 'Muck
told me"—sue laid without any preface. "Oh, it was ho brave or yuu lo
do if!"
He shook bis bend, lie could not
take her praises on false proteuses, "It
would bavo been cowardly not io," he
suld. "When 1 found myself thinking
that only hla life stood between tne
uml ell that 1 care for In this
"Oo yon care so much fur the
money?" Bhe said softly.
The look und totie broke down his
self control. "Vou know it isn't tbe
money," he »aid vehemently^ "except
as the mouey men us you— Ks. I must
nay It now- I love you! I love you!"
dropping the hands ho hud grasped.
The slender bands fluttered buck |0
lita sleeve. "1 might any something, lou,
if—it you nuked mu"-
"lf 1 asked you'." lie caught her
hands agnlu. "Sylvia, your Ul|Ut told
me you would be wretched wltbout-
WlthOUt What I cannot offer yuu yet—
und I believed her. Hut now- Tell
uie, Sylvia, may I Bpeak now and not
fool Unit 1 apt risking your Impplnossl
May I, dear?"
The answer was so low that lio bad
to bend bis bend very close to lieni
It. But that It was satisfactory may
be Inferred from Fowler's remark a
little lafer, when they met nt the dour.
'(Well, Pop, Quixote," he paid,, Willi a
keen glance Into Wynne's luce, "ynu
don't look as if ynu had repented your
Tolly yet."
"('VO seen no reason for repenting ."
far," Wynne laughed back.
"H'm! 1 suppose you think you've
knocked my theories all lo pieces,"
said Fowler. "But I still maintain that
you're simply Oil anachronism, only,"
wltb a quintal) look, "on the whole
I shouldn't mind if there were wore
of you!'' 	
Iti'fmv ordering a new Suit ot
t 'IiiIIm'S.       II,',',',„S,' «',' lillliW \V|. ,.„,|
tiliiigu you. i M,r inensureiueiils
;ilv c.rri-ft. ,„,r slyli-s |,ro|ier uml
our prii'ms iitcasiiig.
Vim will lii'iist.iiiisl,,',! how iniii-ii
your ii|,|,,'.',i„,„',' will !„■ i„,|>r,iuil
by wi'tmiHi Cl,,ll„s .Mini,.in (>vi|it.
Don't nmkoit luoniitut,, uf „ molehill by thinking thut Conl nml Vest
mtiilf hi onlor wi'.l Iw to
, (<> \vi-;ii-
Leask & Henderson
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
A P.wl,r,
A certain boy goos lo a Prestiyterliui
Sunday srtiool. He inn never bean
buiillml owing to the fuet luut b s
pareuts me not uii'inlieraot the ebiirob.
Tliey soni«tlnie» ntteuil rellsious serv-
lees, however, W4 tbelr sou bus (re-
quenlly b,ul opportunities lor wlti,e«s-
Ing (lie baptismal oereniouy. Recent-
ly bis Hlinilny scbool teneber b«J a ills-
cnsslnn with Win concerning tbe fact
that be bail never been baptized, Informing blm Hint until be was lie could
not become a member of the church,
He wont lionie, considerably troubled,
to nsk bis mother about It.
"Yes," she answered; "yon must bo
baptized before you can be taken Into
the church."
"Well, why didn't you have nie baptized when I was a little baby'/" be
"Oil, that doesn't matter. You can
lie baptized at any time."
"Do boys who are eight or nine years
old ever get baptized 1"
"Yes, ofteu. Even men, sometimes,
are baptized."
This was going too far. He looked
ut ber witli open disbelief and by way
of Justifying bis doubt said:
"Not big men ns old as papa! How
could their parents bold thou In their
arms while tbe minister was welling
tbelr henda!"—Chicago Kecorit-Herahl.
F,,r forum, maps nml further pnrtiimlnro npply to tin, following
local limit agents:
l', nyilc tinker, Criinlir
I, U. Wilson. Wnnlner,
U. It. Bruce, Wil r, I
ok, ll. C,
K. Miilli
iiliiitle, .Ir,, Oreston, It. C,
Hint, Ni'l»„,i. B. 0.
Or to
llritish Columbia Land Commissioner,
tuiintliiiii I'adlii Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
liritltlpli    BACK    TO   ROntON    ANH
In their faces, lint snd stltllnj*,. Tbe elevator shari was ti well or Iiuine. the
itulrcuBe half burned away, so sudden
wns the work of destruction.
"This way!" panted Wynne.
Hut the lire run wiih them -up the
walls, along the cflllnir, UUstorlns nml
crackling uver iheir heads. At the
end of the passage was a window commanding a tire es.ape. Wynne flllllllUtl
up and called biuk to Horton:
"Quick, for your life!"
"1 can't!" gasped Horton, unnerved
ind helpless.
Wynne knew that thero was barely
time for hli own escape. Why should
be sacrifice bis life for the man who
shut blm out from love and fortune?
For au Instant be thrilled with the re-
altxatloo of all that this chance might
mean; the next he hurried back to Horton and dragged blm to the window.
The fresh air revived the half stupefied man. aud be descended lu eafety.
Wynne was following when a great
piece of crumbling plaster struck blm
on tbe bead. Bleeding aud stunned, be
staggered and went down.
iVftlcr, who bad beeti an auxloua
Nut  »   Plrnnani  Trip.
It was ou his return from a more
tbuu successful concert trip Unit oue of
the best knowu composer-musician*
wus met lu tho street by a friend.
"Pleasant trip?" hu friend inquired.
"Rleoiant drip!" the musician answered. "Ar-b, bluiiuel, un! Vy, vbeo
we got down dbere the baritone haf
forgot hit tresa drousers, nnd vot ihall
ve do.'
"8o 1 go on und Way, und I run qvick
bebltit the scenes uud chlinch, und he
<o oud und sing und come ijvlck buck
tgalii, und 1 put 'em mi uud bitty.
"Acb, 1 buf cbuncheil my drousers
lefeu time dose vou ef on lugs n treaty I"
It Is told of this sain.* uiusli-hiu that
'j« ts now enjoying the conjugal felicity of a third attempt, and upon la-lug
ui reduced to a young man ul a reception recently he said:
"Ah, you married?"
"Yes," the young man replied.
"Ont n gnnt vlfo?"
"floot-Root! 1 haf now, too. ninn.
She make those lire uml cook und imfer
boder nt nil. She Is do pest vlfo I efor
haf, you belief me."—London Answers.
Slek   CoiivleU'   Uxeu-trn.
One of the first duties I fulfilled ns a
supernumerary warder was tlie care
nnd control nf prisoners "down for (lie
doctor." Convicts complaining of sickness are allowed to leave thole cells
during their dinner hour and for in up
In a long rank outside the medical ottl-
cer'B room, Into which Ihey enter nnd
state their cases In rotation. Many of
the prisoners' complaints nnd requests
at the doctor's desk are extremely funny and grotesque.
"Please, Sir, I've got a bad heart,"
oue man says lugubriously.
"1 know you have," tho doctor replies, with a laugh. "If yon bad a
good one, you would not, lu nil probability, have seen a prison Interior."
"Would you be so kind, sir," tbe next
man soys persuasively, "as to let me
have one or two of your samtlmonUHis
pills'/"-London Tlt-BlU.
Huw tlrftag-m ■'**»•*■ Ih* S»»lli W«r«
Aii«»»blj Sui-prlM*! Uur lag •> H**t-siil
VUU to ior««l«.Oyr W«**IS«> ■*'«.udl-
tiuui,   WlHlar »■«  luMMtr, M«r«  i-u-
JotftbU    Ibdia    lUa.1 mt   *ua<*ll*l*  lla*
~u lb* Luiilluam.
Not too long,   and not too cold,
the Canadian winter is, to everyone
who can ultotd an overcoai, an ul-
togcthoi- f-tiioyablt icasuu. Tho ideu
bus    tiomubow    boon   (--j >t «*»>!    abroutl
iimi Uanadn is u iumi ot perennial
Cold, uud Kipling's uotortuiiutu
phruse. "Our Lady ol tlm Snows,"
bus dono considerable to foster this
iiiiatuki'ii iiolioit. Until recently tba
people ot lOtigland have looked upon
Canada as the miithein Liberia ol
the llritish Empire, nnd, In no wuy
bus Uritalti'a best colony been more
mlsr-^presented than lu regurd to her
limatft, soya 'the Toronto Clobe.
I'jveu in the I'niieU States    there {*
rcmurkatdp t^noi'uiH'e ponrerniug
tlie conditions of weather this side
oi Um line. In the lata winter ut
i.mi year a largo convention vttm
held in Toronto, attended Uy dole-
gates frt>in ull over America, score*
of who in citiuu luuded down with
extra clothing uud bundles ut heavy
wraps. When they readied Toronto
they wore surprised to find that eveh
a light, overcoat was hardly necessary.
All these misconceptions me the
more surprising, because a glome i\l
the map will ut once m1|0W (ho facts
concerning Canada's goographlcnl
Situation. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Qll0hec, St. John und Halilu*
lie In n belt corresponding exactly
to Prance, Italy und Turkey. London and Liverpool are in the some
latitude as Labrador, sumo si-\ot|
or eight degrees farther north \)\a\\
tlio !.'uniid|un centres. And yet tbo
Idt'ii spopis In luivo obtained thnt
t'utiuda ii altogether "uottliluiiil."
In comparison with our American
nolghboi'fit we have a douhle mlriiii
tngp.    Parts of  Ctinndu nre i"   the
Kuiue hitilude as the New Knulau.l
Slates, but ovon llio.-o parts which
uie furllinr north are less liable lo
climatic oxtromes, Control Ontario
seldom Intn us sovoro winters as New
York, uml, on the other bund, oui
Hummers are much better tempered.
Toronto and Montreal a1'" povpr held
In the grasp of winter fury as thti
American moLi'opolls frequently Is,
nor in any Canadian t'|ty have We
the other extreme. o( puralyKptg beat
so intense as iu Huston or Philadelphia. In the West, Manitoba ami
the adjacent territories, though
farther north than Hiunesotn uml
Dakota, have milder win ten, lower
bliMpi'dS. and a more even temperature, wiih freedom in summer from
devastating cycloncn. A northerly
situation does not necessarily mean
severe wonthor: In Ontario, for In*
stnncp, lho cold is loss intense hi
the Hudson Hay country than on the
north shore (.f Laka Superior,
Cupadn's climate my be sumniod
,ip vury generally an u temporato climate, Neither so cold us lo inuke
spnntaneouH onlerjirlse linposslblo,
nor so warm us lo have an enervating jiiiliioni-e, it is just, such a •li-
mate ns cncQurngtv n t'lgneoup type
of iniiiiii.-.ul and mul cb the work
boih of brain ami hand a force thut
It Is a glorious season, the Canadian winter. He deny and resent
the imputation that wo have winler
all or most of the time, but we are
proud of It when we do have it. It
gives us the sharp, keen delight of
out-door lifo ihat no southern clime
van rival: It gives us the best of
sports; and it gives us icenery of
sulking beauty, fantastic form und
delicious purity. Our winter sports
are national. A snow-shoe jaunt, for
example—wllh the air as still ns
death, and acres of white leliind and
licfote. A tramp on snowshoea under such conditions, to the merry
tune of laugh and song, is something
Worth the while. Ilosy cheeks and
sparkling eyes, nud tingling blood
are the physical results—splendidly
iuilutod lungs, und sweeping circulation, and glorious sleep afterwards, of skating uml toboggan*
iriK, uml even of s|e|gh-dnlvlng, quite
us much may be said. We get some
fun out of tho winter lu Cnuudu.
For natural beauty there ate few
things to compare with such a sight
as (bui. nn u recent January morning, only a fi'W weeks ago, when
Ileitis und bushes und trees were
weigh led down With nt-wlv fallen
■i-rcuullfnl." I'n iry lumi pictures,
sui-h us frosty winter mornings sometimes bring us, lust bnt an hour or
so, but every Canadian has seen
them, and knows that Ihey rival, iu
dnnd white, ibo richest colors ol
iiuiumti. An excellent doserlpllnii of
one of tho'-e rnro sights is gheti in
Th« Comber Hoi'tild:
"The snow gently sifted down oui*.
nhjiii Inst week, uud covered each
limb and twig nf every tree, pro-
during (rn- tlie noxt morning such nn
cITect ns a person may sec hut mice
or Iwice iu a lifetime, li. was Impossible for anyone to refrain from
Spooking of Uie hen ii ti fill snow thut
morning, Tho early riser came
fni lh from his home into    a    worl
Hotel S S
lli.c-.lx Ciiiiilurt a Specialty
ilmiii stabling in Connection
Nearest t,. ralltonil ,.„.i depot,
lllinfl   Inr   the   public   miri|iittlli-
lliil anil Cnlil Hath-.
Miik nci-itmniiHln-                       2
1 in Cranhrook.,                  J
lo^arth & Rollins?
 Proprletoi s     J
$j        When yon visit Cranbrook stop at lhc        T
*a^ Nunc Itejtcr In the District
4^ Uulcs Si und up.    Short Orders uud Oysters
4B served In any .style from 8 p. m. tu 6 a. m.
gn        The taMe h the bj?t» th* rrnii are un^urp.t^ei for clean
$ Uness and" coiiforl anl th: b.trjri supplied with the best brand $jl
•v of liquors and cigars. <4k
9 l. B. VANDELAR. Prop.        j>
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New MumiKcrs.
Drop in uml sec- us any time-.    Wc- arc- tin deck 2.S hours
nut nf the 24
•&&.i*.$t:t:>z£<-$<-x :-^-*.:,t> £te:<:t: t:i-r;-c-^ct
The Pioneer Hotel o( the St. Marys Valley.
Satisfactory dining: room service, and the
best of everything at the bar.
. . . • . .,.,■„♦ . .
. .... .,,,[f|«-«.
We nre now In shape tn furnish nil kinds ol
Orders promptly filled and delivered In town. Tor prices npply
King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
William Gordon
Hint si-etui'il  like, a fairyland.  Nut ul ill   __   _  .. n«     . r*D A1
bronth of    air   stirred   during    thu ■ \ McCallum OlOCK *-KAI
night to disturb tho inch    of   snow   J ,..-.,,,- —.-.;-■ *•-■,*.•,->,-■-■ ^j,^,
that lay on every    lirunrh unit Iwlg,    ^.T* .»---*'•-•■-'■-•■•■■-■-*■•-•-■*■-•*•-*■"•""'■"
The thin wire aei-oss the HtreeL liui'o
i:.s vvrlght of snow and looked like,
a if rent cnblo. Tho sparrow Hew
from tree lo tree, and the tiny bird
soi*ned lo huve n strength out of all
proportion to iis B|ze, ns It stirred
n branch In n tree-top and sent snow
flown, which, disturbing more ns It
fell, multiplied as it descended, causing sniuuthlng like an avalanche at
I Im bntlom. To look up a tree-lined
slri'ul iimi morning gave a vlisw tbot
us iniigiildcenl and   stirred    settti-
I  iu the dullest.    The    rod brlult
, ps   glowml   through    the   whltu
-.    Then the wind stlrrod   itself,
I. i'i*w off Ihe snow,    a    vandal
ui   or   air touched It    oft   tha
There  wa*  a   |ibttu*   that
o. c. c.
M.y giinil digestion wnll an nppelilc and lu',,111, nil belli. SIIAkl-SI'liAltl'.
Tliorotnro wo boII notliiiifr, lint, the nltniitest of Bent', Motion,
Pork, FIbIi, Poultry, nto. Try nnr Snnsiiffe, llnlniiifiiii Wint','.
wi'iat anil Ih'iiiIuIhhmh, Irinl yon will buy uo othor,
■WM ■■■■■    ■ THE   CUAXBUOOK   llEUALD
t.jfr^X ■■'<■.;■_
M Of Interest to the Ladies H
8S& of Cranbrook. Hi«
Picked Up About the Clt)   by A.klaf
I'uemiiiiis ul Man.   People.
lie expert Ihe tracelling representative for lhe
m   few dam. m^.
jjTv*        • U lius been m/r custom on former occasions, ire   psv
IS&m.   "''•"'" incite tin ladles In our Show Rooms lo inspect   Jg™
It.-a.i Mm
.1.   Ililhs
,iv   ,l Mi Imii I.u,,'a
visited   Morrisse:
Kri'si' roaated peanut,
Cranbrotih Hakcry.
dallr Jt Ibe
11 tt
IMERWAY SILK WAIST CO., will be wiih usina   &K
Mi   ;„„l Mrs   .1   Preston,
n,.rn, to Mr
.laliaan     1    a
and Mn
M   ll   King
{   Frank Dlekinaon spenl
, at Fernie lust week.
this magnificent showing »/' Silk Blouses, Shirts, funis   KjEjj
:**'?   ««'f ' 'Minnies. f-^tyj
.v*1. .Vo/fiv ,i/ Mr i'i,;,'/ rA-iV ,,■■'// /> qiren Inter.
tickcl lor th;* Bremen's dance
;i     tickcl     for      the  lirenien
ihe dromon'
on the eve
received a vicr
s iii Nnv.i Scotia
iiii his work is an
*+**,>**.** afc * * A*^^
nf two ivooka tipo ul„„,t Uitsst'l Apples itr.mi^iit it-, onion, from outside
points nnil ini|iiii-ii's furiiilii-r kiiiil,,. Our tipples nre nil "CoWslrenm,"
have pjss.-J government liispectim,, nre hriiitiled XXX, uml j-iiarnii-
teeil lull weight.
N'tlltTlllMiN SPY, |i,r l„,s... $2.00
KINilS. por I".*  200
SUBSETS, por box  1.7.1
GREENfXGS, |,,'t- bos  1.73
Physicians' Prescriptions
and family Recipes
 Purest Drugs
C. E. RCID & CO.
DRUQQISTS     'Inline 74      STATIONERS
Buy q llckel loi
thai will he given
February lOlh
w   it   Doattj hi
Irom the underlain
j complimenting him
I inidt-italii'i
t   Messrs     Clapp -S Rollins, ol    Ihe
Wentworth hotel,  have been making
j boiuo extensive Improvements and ns
a result ilu-   premises arc lur more
I attractive,
Come in and sec McClary's 'aii
oua "Pandora" range.
Patmore Bnu.
The pastry made al the Cranbrook
Bakery In certainly up to dato. Wedding cakes nml oriiainental work our
specialty 41-tf
Call al the Cranbrook Bakery lor
a loaf of homemade, French, graham
or rye bread It ia certainly delicious. 44 tj
Mrs. S W, Hyckman, nee Crosby,
will receive on February 2-1 th from 3
to C and Irom 8 lo li) p.m., and afterwards on the first and third Friday ol each month.
I There will he. services at the Methodist church next Sitndny at the us-
il ual hours. The Lord's supper will be
administered after lhe owning service. Strangers are cordially invited
to attend.
j    Wanted—Situation in private hodse
nr   hotel; references  furnished   if r.e-;
I sired.  Apply Herald office.    43-it   -j
Miss Connolly is prepared lo five
lessons in voice culture and piano
music. For particulars as to terms
ele, she can he consulted at the residence of her brother, Dr. K. ff. Connolly, any evening. It-it
II. Stuari becomes proprietor of
the McConnell trull store tomorrow,
nnd Ihe first of next week he will ;c-
open ihe place and he ready to attend
to the wants of tbe old customers
and many new ones.
Died, on Friday, January 27, Mrs.
Mary Podbalanlck, of Fernie, aged
2fi years. The deceased had been in
the hospital about a week prior tn
her death. The remains were taken
in chars,!' hy Under taker Bcatty and
sent lo Fernie
The C. P. R- dance Riven List evening wus a grenl success in every wa\
The man who says -'banana" to t|i(«
editor ol the Herald this week may-
get into trouble.
Thero are still a lew Annuals tor
sale at the Herald olliee. People
wanting them should call soon.
Wallace Hamilton, ol Fernie, came
down Tuesday to attend tlie Itinera)
services of the baby ol Mr. ami Mrs
E. Home,
The local news may he a little >hy
ilns week as the "Old Man" did not
return Ironi bis jaunt to Calgarj until Tm iday ol this week.
Wanted—A girl Inr dining room .nd
up-siairs work. Apply P. 0. Box J".
Moylo, »  C. H-Jt
Hoggarth a
ii the Cranbri
plans   thai
Manual addition to
i.k howl,
will   men
pnetois »
preparing  .
substantial addition to  Uut  p"p'i
Th.- I\. rn ['. lodge K*<t one of
tlu-ir delightful "Ai Homes' last
Tuesday evening. Thero was a large
numboi ol glials present and all ,*e-
p.ut a most enjoyable lime.
I W. D Hill received a telegram
[evening from Calgary stating tlm
sou Stanley, who is attending
Western Canada college in that city,
had met With on accident while pl.t;
mg hockey ami one eye was so bad!)
Injured tluuhe would probably J"-..-
it. Mr. and Mrs Hill lift this alter-
jnoon Im Calgary and will prohabl)
•bring their sou home wilii them.
Last Monday evening the offl*
cera and teasers ol the Metfbodfst
Sunday school met at the residence
of (i. W, Patmore, assistant superintendent of the school, awl spent a
pleas.m: social evening. An address
loi congratulation on Mr. Patmore's
[recent marriage and appreciation oi
ihis faithful service iu the Sunday
school was read b\ the pastor. Rev.
'Thompson, and iu i.iti.ilf of ihe schol
ars, tttacfmra and officers of tin' school
a handsome combination bookcase m.i
writing tlesk was presented to Mi
Patmore, who made n suitable reply
ol thanks lor lumsclt and Mrs. I».n-
morc, and expressed his purpose to
devoir himself wiih greater dpfgcmt
than ever to tin- Iranortanl |n term is
ol the Sunday school.
A Mi Karl,
iit-iiilfiiien: I have
tpineo you started in I.u-
-ui sffed customer—The
always got wmsI value fm
in your DOnness that I like
thing in good plain lignres.   That .
phlcs und charm tern for |*rleo mark* i.- a pretty oW muui
old and tiHU.lni.iiir i..r the Lumbal dark, aud trot if why yi.
men gei tht- trade,
■ought my furnishings at your stoie
neea; I am what vou might call a
main cause for satlttacthui i* that I
my money, There are-other features
Siumat tin- marking of every-
ing of certain htarogly
Stoves.   Tbey i
isfaclinn.   For
t-ciilnit   that  you   l'i
nt McClarv-'s Famo
bv Pat mo
Bi i
ArlhtirK. Mallei t. nl Vancouver,
representing H. 0, Dun A Co., has
been in town tht1 past few days ?]?.-
iitt; up the financial stamiing 'of the
business men. ll did not take 'ilm
lone tn get through with the Herald
rHBHCSHNPMeVil 0^94b4tf999^994b^99
When You Buy Liquor $
S Buy the Best = I
X W.-iirm in r.','.'i|,t '.!.,„ im,,i.v fn.tn tin-  Itovnl iliatil-   T
L^ ley It is )„,r,'. 1,,'is tlie .il'.'. .',,,'i ii'.„i,-a i lii'intil j...ml m- \^.
Sr iitrit tin' tliim; Wi' si-ll i'i.',vtl,i„m in ill,, liquor mill i'ij{tir <P
i iin,'- m
Wholesale Dealer in Liquors und Cigars K%
*'tL4>9>*>9***99<>99<>9*<*■■»$ y ^ ►!
, M.irri.-.l. nn Wi-dni's.lnv
I-,'hr„aiv 1st, Mr. .ia„„s Wllsnn „,„t
Miss Eva Losan, nt till, l„.,„r nf tlir
bride's sister, Mrs. W. J, Voung,
Young, I!,', s, .1. Thompson .atlii'i.ti-
Ing. Mr Wllsnn is nn entplovc i„ ;l„-
t'   p   u   s]„.|,s. and Ihi, brftlc is   ,i
' ,„„st cstimahtu lusly.   The Herald extends its rongratulations in tho h;i|i-
make tho t„
,!„. kind ivo
Hi   Kim
' Vi,',..ri,i to Bttend
,-,(  tt,c   provincial
people "t   Cranbri
' he  proud    ol   It,.'
dnos ho stand I,
! physician,   l,„,
I sio'n. liy his n,,l
! cognized ntiilitv aud
I member, lie became '
, populnt  „„',i,t„',s ot
[ strange as ii may sa
j itv extern led to both
i King tl,"   (','-,
next Tuesday   for
th,- annual session
legislature.   The
i rentes
' ivholo
Wll,,   is
lens.,,,   to
Nol   onlv
,,,'trsy. his re
s energy us i
.. .., tha ,„"s'
„■ house, „„.l
ii, bis popular
Idea. 1„ nr
district bus ,i
i cretllt t„ the
I net.
A  hir^t' t'nlisitriillh'llt nf
Spanish Wines
Port and
.1 fill
.1 the
,f W.
A. I.. McDCKMOT      *^,
WbulcMlc HlncH, I lijii.ii*. Mil LlKnr- '
rary, have a card in this
Hernld. This fimPIs composed
A. Simpson, formerly with P.
Burns ACo„ of this town,' and M.
McDonald, one of the lust known
rustlers in western Canada. Tbey
deal in flour and produco and net as
rent r.il agents for various lines.
They will sell or buy anything that
vmi   want   ami   give   vou   s-iil isfaction
iu ihe deal.   Mr.'McDonald, or as  J,e
Little Mac,"
ilid  when he writes
good tilings.    The
Hcle from his   pen
si it*  Leioy Sa
nile,   dressmaking
Hanson   n ven up
;e's SO-it
The Herald Is' in receipt ol ,
1 ntinn from the mayor 11 nl ,'
Rossland to attend the i-l.tlith
winter carnival in that
'1   li VI-
.IN illlll
Stoves, Ranges, Coal and
Wood Heaters
Don't forget thai wc do all kinds of I'l.UMIilNti required in
ynur house.    We guarantee all our work lo
be done by first class plumbers
land lias become famous for her winter carnivals as well as for Iter ^reat
mines. This year the carnival will
he hild from February Iii to 18th,
and the program is heller than (.'er
before, It is needless lor the Herald
to dilate upon tlie hospitality of lhe
Rossland people, Suffice il to say
that lhe man who goes there once
wants to go again, and, furthermore,
lie never grows tired praising lhe
town nr the people. No man ever
visited lhe place without having a
good time, and no man ever attended
the winter carnival without becoming
.1 live nnd active advertising agent,
for lhe next one. Those who can
possibly arrange it should go in
Rossland this year. 11 will prove
visit that will he long remembered
with pleasure
Tho   married   men who have, been]
Miss Mabel Wellman arrived last
Bundgy from Vancouver, where .he
has been WM'i'tg ll('r brother, Thomas
Wellman. and is now the guest of her
sister, Mrs.  E. H.  Small.
Mi. Harold Nelson will present a
new play this season, " Paul Kau-
var." It is a play that should give
full scope to Mr. Nelson's peculiar
powers in that line.
Au old lady named Agnes Mathcson
who was brought In the hospital a
few months ago from Uaynes lake,
died last Tuesday and was buried on
Wednesday from ueatt?'s undertaking
R. F. Heal tip wriles lo a friend
in Cranbrook that he dnn'i like lhe
atmosphere at Ottawa aud that he
wishes that he was hack in the banana belt. Well, he would miss the I a-
nanas this week.
Tom Rnokes leaves next Saturday
for Spokane to make sortie purchases
for the new Fcrnie hotel at Ferule,
which will bo opened under his management about the middle of ibe
The Watson Stock company made a
great hit in Calgary arm played to
big houses. So popular did Ihey become that, they were asked to remain
another week and consented to do
On Wednesday night of last week, in
presenting the Christian, they play,.d
to the largest house ever gathered in
There is a petition being circulated
over the province asking for more
stringent regulations a.s to the killing
ol game, A copy of tire petition can
he found at tlm tnwnsite office and
those who favor such a measure
should step iu there and add their
name to the petition.
A car load nl apples that bad been
condemned by the authorities were
burned nn tbe prairie nne day Ihis
week. We wish that the authorities
had the power tn condemn some of
he 101 ten job work that is sent in
from the outside. We would take
.real pleasure in burning it.
Last Monday evening the ten weeks
old baby hoy ot Mr. and Mrs. Edgat
Home passed away after a brief illness. The death was a sad bhnv lo
the young parents, as the baby was
an unusually bright one and the treasure ol their happy household. Fun-
rial services were held at Ihe home
Tuesday afternoon, hy Rev. Beacham,
and the remains Interred in the Cranhrook cemetery.
The lodal customs office was moved
today to the comer room in the new
I-lefald block. At present the old
furniture is being Used, hut an appropriation has been made for new furniture throughout and it will he installed iis soon as it is ready. Mr.
White, the collector, will have a very
neat office when be is established with
his new outfit.
The Calgary Cattle company's
slaughter house was destroyed by
lire last Thursday and the building
and all the contents were a total
loss. The contents were valued at
about Jiinno and the building was
worth about the same. The insurance amounted to Sioon, George
Webster, of Calgary, general manager
was In town that day, and before the
lire was nut he bail contracted f°r
another building with Oedrge Hunter
and work is being pushed on the new
structure now.
Charles Holdcn, of the Canadian
Rubber company ol Winnipeg, has
lust grievance against the Herald-
Mr, Holden is tbe genlleman who
presented the members ol the Cranhrook lire brigade with badges, anil
when Hie matter was written up in
the Herald be was named as the representative of another company instead of the Canadian. The Herald
desires to apologize to Mr. Hidden,
lo the Canadian Rubber companv, to
Chief Fink, to Assistant Chief Bradley, lo all the members of the fire
brigade nnd -to the Cranbrook puhlic
for Ms error. It can do no more, and
is glad to dn this, for Mr. Holden is
a prince and lhe product nf his company stretches over a good deal of
The program committee ol the Literary society have, arranged a novel
program for the next meeting*, which
takes place a week from Friday night
at Odd Fellows ball. In view of Ihe
talk about Incorporation in Cranbrook, it was thought that a municipal campaign might prove interest
ing, and therefore an election for
mayor will be the chief attraction.
There will be three candidates, and,
unfortunately, politics will he introduced into the campaign. 0. H.
Thompson, the solicitor, is said to
lie a receptive candidate on the Socialist ticket, while 0. T. Rogers
and John Hutchison will he candidates on their own personal platforms. At the meeting each candidate will present his claims for preferment in the way of a platform nnd
an address to -the electors, and there
will be other speeches by the supporters of the respective candidates.
At this election woman suffrage will
be given a practical test, as every
lady present will be given an opportunity to cast a ballot.     Without a
On February 18th the Cranhrook
(ire brigade will give a dance i*i
Wentworth hall tor tho purpose nl
raising a ItHle more money to meet
Ibe extra expense of placing a house
aud reel ou lhe hill with an equipment of hose to protect lhe homes iu
that Section of town. This a most
laudable, object and every person living 011 tlie hill should purchase a
ticket whether they can attend the
dance or not. It is lor their benefit
that the lire boys are going to all of
this trouble and they shuldshow their
appreciation hy reciprocating in the
way of buying a ticket. These tickets can be purchased at almost any
of the business houses or at the 1 er-
ald office. Now is the time for the
people who are to receive the It ulil
ofthe h|l) house to get in tine and
show that they will do iheir share.
One who has lived for any length of
time in Cranhrook and also visit-id
other-localities in the western pan
of Canada, cannot but be most favorably impressed with the climate U
this particular section. While it is
cold and dreary, with biting winds
and unfathomable snow in many
places, here at Cranbrook the weather is ideal, with just snow enough In
make line sleighing, but no cold
winds, no heavy, dark, chilling davs,
hut bright sunshine and a temperature that makes a California!! fepl
at home. That is why people are
happy here, that is why when they
return tliey invariably say, "Cranbrook looks good to me."
P. S.—This was written before the
thermometer took a drop.
• .*■     '01 the Fullness ol lhc Heart Ihe Mouth Speaketh"
I  I
(lout las"
-I. th,..
huvu h
it* for HW. I,
rculoil ci ihi
I will call
i* by ti t-, ilarald thai wm are tha wile age
-■'ne-.   limit) mv opinion il.nt h is Ute
<>i,um nt.   Put aside u pair for ma, No. •*.
1 night.—Dan i-iillit*.
nu'i fmm a latter written !>»•<*. I ft to S, J. Moi
ii.- Mat the wn, of VVlndertOero]
r S.uii: A l.'lter inuu  Cnitibrm.lc tell-im*  That
1 ■.•mul nuceess Mince starting in business on your
uluil hide
1   to  lie
1 do not know your partner Mi. McFhrlaoe, hut I *u# iyU
.11 ii I in,-1 .1 10.111 with u -'.nt 11.-elisnd a long none 1 w»mid
eel lum.    I Low be I- not too it iff necked.
I uii'lwi-i.ii.il thai you have secured th« el\clnatve right to
!i "UmpbtllV Siml-kf-id) Clolhiag."    Vou nitytl   have  ft   pull
I was In Vancouver last summer anil fail, ami I lull
\"ii Sum, ihu bv-:il uiilor-were preiiv near OUt of bullui**,
Kvuryhody was wearing "Caatsell's ScMl-Ktasy Ctoiblai" l
would hnvo bought» suit raywlf, l»ht l wan going Intu thu
loll-. I willl* In CrttnbrooknhoutJnn, 1Mb. ao plraontanlrri
dink pattern and lay it aiide< Her* are my measurement*!i
eheat, :!'.|V.... arm vi. wnini 'm. hip -io, h*jt Siftj.
H      flDortow & flDcjfarlane.
Burlington, Out., Gazette: The
marriage ot Miss Nannie E. Crosby,
third daughter of I). P, Crosby, Esq.,
of "Sunny Side," Burlington, to Mr.
Seth Watson Ryckmati, of Cranbrook,
B. C\, took place at 1 p. in. today
(Wednesday, Januney 18th) at.ihe
home of the bride's lather. The
home was beautifully decorated with
paltns and lerns. Rev. Dr. Williamson performed the ceremony. Mrs.
Wright Orr, nf Oakville, played lhe
Wedding march.
The bride's going away gown was
.. smart blue cloth, opening over
white and gold chenille,
Mr. and Mrs. Ryckinan left on lhc
5:10 p.m. train lor their future home
in Cranbrook, followed by a shower
of rice and the best wishes of a host
of friends.
Let us fit up your bathroom wllh beautiful ••Standard" enamel good*
.- a I way H some goods we do not want 10 carryover till
nd yon wilt always tjnd something that ton need that you
we li.uc just received - complete aasortmen
in a k «
V.\ the
Is 111 hand.   There 1
nest season.   Prop ii
.un get at actual cost, 	
of InteruRtiotitil Sfok and Poultry Food; try a package of poultry 'ood
y.mr hens hty.whlleoggs are high.
out stock,is complete- lit nil line-,   we are pleased to have yondrdj
ymn wauls be great orsmall,
Your- truly.
Dan Alton, who has been at the
head of tbe bridge and building department of the Crows Nest branch
for the past year has resigned to accept a position with the Canada Pipe
company of Vancouver, and will he
the sole representative of that company in Western Canada. Mr. Alton
has been with the C. P. R. for many
years and is well and favorably known
all over the western lines of that
Company. Since coming tu Cranbrook he has made many friends who
will wish him every success in his
field of work. On Monday evening he
invited a number of the employes of
his department to his home to spend
the evening, and several hours were
devoted to singing, cards and pleasant conversation An elegant lunch
was served the guests by Airs. Alton.
One of the pleasing features of the
evening was the presentation of a
magnificent silver tea set with tray
to Mrs. Alton, and a large heavy oak
chair, trimmed in leather, to Mr. Al-
toa, the gifts being accompanied by
the following note:
Cranbrook, 30th January,  1005.
D. Alton Esq., City:
Dear Sir—On the occasion nl your
leaving the company's service, to accept a more remunerative position,
we, tbe undersigned, members of the
B. A*. B. department, beg respectfully
to tender you onr sincere congratulations, and trust that you may have
every happiness and success in your
new position. While it was with
great regret that we heard of your
departure from onr midst, yet it
gives us great pleasure that' your
next position will be one of Increased emolument and freedom. In proof
of our esteem, we beg that you and
Mrs. Alton will kindly accept a small
token of our esteem nnd cordial well
wishes for your success in whatever
sphere your lot may cast.
On behalf of the employes ot the B.
& B. department.
J.  J,  Kennedy,
Scott Macdonald
E. King,
F. H. McKay,
A. .1. English,
0. C. Hanson.
The kindness of those with  whom
donlit ihere wilt be a hot time in ihe he had been associated the past year
town Ihat night, and the hall should (was tn0 much for Mr.Alton, and for
be crowded with people. a few moments he was overcome, hut
„,     ,, „,        . finallv he succeeded in partially con-
nntnri-,1,,^ i.,, ii.    v.i      w iii   "Iie  McClary  Maiiufactuiing  Co:n-   vcying the feeling of gratitude    and
entertained by the Entre Nous cluh pany are noted for turning out ,,ooi friendship that he entertained for the
ffntfc^ .T,,Dy' haVe on hand at   ;r-'a" »™ and the thanksto'h Si     and
morrow'night by gnmg a dance   to ent orders lor all of their   famius wife for-their generous gifts
rv   a»i?LttTWiS; ^Y^K' r^m ** tllcy ™ «"*   Mr. AltS -ETalK^terted on
have a 2 S37 lii„       S      ade   ''V" a yw s linie      Fnr salc b2 I his new work, and for the present his
nave a pleasant time. ■ Patmore Srja.   i family will reside in Cranbrook.
For the best cook in Cranbrook . "The Wilga"
For thi best served meal "Tht Wilga"
For the nicest dining room .... "The Wilga"
For the best attendance "The Wilga"
 Special Terms for Business People.....
Ebe tleralb
office is equipped
for doing
the best class of
3ob imorh
and at prices
that should keep
all such work
t-cu *
lu bill) I
iridic & Lund Coal Shares
." 1 • c W*ess£-tc-.£-t*e;:s-e-.-: hot  i $m SMMM
news  of the
I . .-mii-ii as nf l^fiO acres, extends 14 miles on eauh side of the main line
Pacifio Railway, Crows Nest Pass.
I,.      ire four coal s'-ams averaging 10 to 12 feet wide, three miles long,estimated
to give <t tomiase °' 0VBt 10,00U.iHK) ions of eoal,
T: ilready well and favorably known, being a lirst class coal for steam or
m purposes
Th t cost of minim; and loading coal at Lundbreok is S1.05 per ton    Pre
sent price of coal, P.O.B ears at mine, for Screened Domestic is S2.50
This is without a doubt on,- ot the lust Investments ever offered for Bale it, this ,listri,
Only a limit, I number of. shares on the market. For application forms aud further i
iffi      89
JqyPS ■ ft !•;»
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.    Ash for CranbrooK
Beer and insist on having' it.
The Cr&nhrook Brewing ® Madting Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of n.11 kinds of Aerated Wa.lers.
CRANBROOK, *   *   ^   British Columbia
J. E. Stephens,
It L. Stephen;
,tl Rtirkvadurf
J tswson,
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in Kast Kootenay. Vour money's worth
at all times.
a..../, a.    .-.-...-af«
Stephen- Dros. 8 Co., Owaera and Proprietor.,
Morrissey Mines, ll. C.
aCdMf-"!- I'M" XfJKtPm
tt. L. Stephen!
J. E, Stephens
Morrisscy is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane~the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle? 32 hrs. to
Vancouver *se *nt of ae
Stephen. Hn,.., Owners and Proprietor.,
Morrisscy Junction, I). C.
£ Wholesale & Retail Butchers |
Hav and Grain Dealers
Prices and Quality Guaranteed. m
We are showing some        H^^^
Beautiful Suitings
for the Christmas Holidays
, t
Nitttirallv brlpht children with
irrcr'iilur   vlsinii   r-ftcn   upp nr
pituo'rl nii'I Innllent'vt*—not re*
rn.'it /lit; \V"T-rl^ quickly.    Tliis
defect ii.- 'einc.lv with f.-lasiii"'
in 'i.i deprive your child 11"
b s* |io ;■ hi** \ Islon.
(Kroru the Ledge.)
I The liotel Fernie will open in a tew
idajs and 'lum iloukes will hand tlie
pen to travellers.
Mrs. W. R. Campbell, accompanied
by her son, will spend a lew days in
Cranbrook vioitins her brother, John
The race is not entirely to Jie
Great Northern. A car of oil co:i-
sij;ned tu Charles Richards came over
the C. H. It. from Winnipeg lo Ferine in three days. Such an unusual
burst ol speed shows ihat cvn wiih
gieat railroads* competition makes
tin- other, lellow hump.
The Canadian Bank nf Commerce
moved imn Its new quarters lasl
week lhc hank premises me small
but massive, especially tin- dool >
They Imllcate solidity, and an* tin'
lines t in lliu city. The new manganese burglar prool sale cosl $800, und
is the only oui' ul iis kind in It. U.
Ii mnl; tin- bank officials six hours
in open ii. .ii..I ii Un- combination is
over lost the sale can only be opened
by dynamite or some equally persuasive explosive. Tin* Bank ol Commerce is iu a nourishing condition and
the Lodge Is withdrawing its accounts from the various banks in ll.
C, and placing them all iu this one
nl the greatest financial Institutions
iu Canada.
(From the Free Press.)
Messrs. Taylor & O'Shea have
served notice nf discontinuance of
tlieir appeal Irom ilu- judgment cf
Mr. Justice Martin dismissing iho
plaintiii's actions, with costs. The
result is that this litigation is tor-
ever ended, the plaintiffs accepting
Mi Justice Martin's judgment uh
On Monday morning ai six o'clock
tieorge Masson, the seven year old
son uf Dr, and airs. Corsan. of this
city, passed away. The little fellow
had been ailing tor some weeks mil
during the last few days ho was unconscious. Nothing was left undone
to keep alive the nickering spark oi
Jiie but the end was not unexpected.
George was a manly little fellow ind
was liked by young and old. The ".-
neral ou Wednesday was largely ; i-
tended.An impressive service conducted by the pastor and Hev. Mr. Foe-
tune was held at Knox church where
the little fellow had been a regular
attendant al church and Sunday
school. The bereaved family have
the heartfelt sympathy of many
friends in their sad loss.
M. Piirick was at Cranbrook Wednesday un business.
M. Guiuter, who has been visiting
at Canton, South Dakota, returned
to Steele Monday.
Mr, Miller was down Irom Skookum Chuck Thursday. He reports
that a large number ni sawlogs ,ue
being cut in that vicinity.
George G oldie, Cranbrook, was a
guest at the residence of Mr. Mil
and Mis. T. T. "McVlttie during lln*
early part ui this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Gurd, Miss
Hunt, Miss Curd, Cranlirnok; Miss
MaonolU, Vancouver, and (i. S. \le-
Tavish, Rivers Inlet, were registered
ai the Imperial Wednesday,
-«/-*A-ii.   -!.•/-*<•.-   •>■     V'r-    <•.-<•> "<S>-(S>--li-   ■
^^Cosmopolitan Bote!
_A Firstclass House   entrally Locate 4
Fine Sample Rooms in onnection. The bedrooms
arc airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the
market affords.
99-® ft
-(?-«?, -
,•/-w ftts>-ts,<!>-t?. -*«HSH9 ■®~®-<SK9-®-i-' H   ••■-'■!* ®  -•'•
(Fiom the Leader.)
A boys hockey learn Is being organized in lhe town.
Mum, to Mr. und Mrs. Vowonlo,
iiu January -1st, a daughter.
R.Campbell is building an ice boat
to be used on the lake tliis winter.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs
P, .1. Bonner last Saturday, January 31st.
James Cronin ' i home from Ross
land and will remain here until after
the first of the month.
MiSj, It. Teiuby and Miss Luln
Crowe were in Cranbrook Wednesday
and Thursday, returning Friday.
Miss McLcod was up from Cranbrook antl attended lhe dance given
by the Odd Fellows lasl evening.
J. K. Crowe has purchased the
piece of land north of town, upon
which Dili's dairy ranch is located.
from T. T. McVittie of Fort Steele.
Mr. Clowe has already begun remov-
«ii„i,-<iiir .nit Retail
resit mul Cured Menu
Preah   PUli,  (tame  and
supply (Hilt the'   tn'Ht
irtiUc ll mill i'l I til
Markets iu nil tlir principal ihhoi
tn liml-li Luitiniiilri
ing the timber from it
Joseph Niederstadt has purchased
Ri caterer half interest In the Moyie
brewery from the administrators "f
the estate. Mr. Niederstadt -will
sever his connection with the Cosmopolitan hotel next month, and will
devote all his time to the brewery.
The   Moyie   Lumber company have
had a deal on for some time for the
disposal   of their mill and extensive
timber interests   near   here.     H. II. j
Bachellcr,   of   Fairibault, Minn.,    I1'
here assisting Mr.  Cameron in do
ing   the   deal.      In    all prohabili}
Cranbrook people will be the purchasers.
Practical experience, good sound
judgment and common sense frequently wins out over "book learning." It is safe to say that Jan\es
Cronin never attended a mining
tehool a day in his life, and yet lie
stands head and shoulders above most
^Xi'i'i 0I T,ie "schooled" mining men in the
Rraciu province. Like Jim Hill in railroading, Mr. Cronin has gained his knowl-
 o—  edge of mining step by step, aud   lie
r is therefore familiar with the details
FORT aibtuht,, 0f Cvery branch of the business.   He
(From the Prospector.) can neither put the letters "M. E."
n —._..  ir,,,„r   h.-c   nr   rvinhnint* or "B- A." after his name, but his
George Watson was al  Cranbrook n Qn    mjn; ,(,      Wl]i
on business Tuesday. cany more welght6tThati that of
G. F. Pownall, Fish Lakes, was at dozen   college    bred experts tn    the
Steele Tuesday on business ""' '
Mrs. C. Greer, who left Michel 01
Tuesday for Cranbrook, was presenl
ed on 'the preceding evening with c
prelty gift and an address from the
Ladies Aid of the Methodist church
of which Mrs Greer was
Medicine Hat News: In another
column the need of further police protection for the ranching interests is
dealt with editorially and a case in
point to emphasize lliis need is 1 ur-*
nishod by an incident which has just
occurred down at Milk' river, Starks
tt Burton, the well known ranchers,
claimed a horse on which a brand had
bec-n partially obliterated and another oni> substituted and which was running with a bunch belonging to one
Bowers, who was arrested charged
with the theft ol the anini.il. The
horse was taken, in charge hy the |.o-
liec, but mysteriously disappeared
from the barracks before the preliminary hearing, which came off in Let'i-, ,
bridge ihis week. Evidence has boon | P' a.«ne specimen of
produced to show thai the prisoner
had a hand in obliterating the brand,
but Iv the absence of 'lie horse the
case has been adjourned until February 1st. The lliefl of the animal
from the police barracks shows conclusively that, a strong gang of rustlers must- be operating in the Milk
liver country and it is up toihe police to recover the horse and to
adopt active measures for clearing
tbe country   of these daring   stock-
j   Huff & Carter;~welfknown" timhei-
men of Fort Saskatchewan, have been
awarded the contract for the taking
out of 100,000 tics for the Canadian
Northern railway during the winter,
! These lies are to be used next sea-
' son in the extension of the main line
I toward     Edmonton.     The contract
j calls for their delivery at Battlefo'.d
[ by July 1, 1905.   Work has been com-
j nienced" on the firm's timber limits cj.
; the Vermilion rfver, 45 miles northeast of     Edmonton,   and about  luo
| men and 25 teams are lo be employ-
i ed during the winter.   The ties will
be railed and floated down the Sas-
I katchewan river tu Battleford in .he
I Mr. W. R. Gilley, of Gillcy Bros.,
of New Westminster, is the possessor
specimen of a British Columbia toothpick in the shape of n
solid and perfect log which measures
90 feel, in length, 58 inches iu diameter at the larger end, and 55 inches
at tbe smaller. This immense log
would square 3S inches, and if cut i.p
would produce about 15,000 feet cf
lumber. It was cut several months
ago on the shore, of Pitt lake, «*.ntl
Mr, Gillcy lias already refused an U-
fer of $150 for it.
iood Chine
I you are not a regular reader of
-VOUR «]
RREARS ? ? ? ? ?   •
If the  rush of business I
prevents YOU finding !
time to write  up your
books, or having your
bills and accounts regit-
luriy rendered and col- j
lected, apply to
P. 0. Box 217
The C. P. R. detective in arresting
on suspicion Geo. Golding in connection with the robbery at Coleman is
likely to have gotten his employers
into a peck of trouble iis George is
mote than likely to enter suit against
that company for damages. The
grounds upon which Golding was ir
rested were so absurd that the C. P
R, shauld be made to pay for their
mistake —Blairmore Times.
Strathearn-Shuttleworth—In the
Anglican church of St. Paul, Michel,
by the Rev, Aykroyd Stoney, on
Thursday, January IDth, Robert
Stratheain, of Fernie, was united in
marriage to Miss Teresa Emily May
Frances Shuttlewortb, of London,
Miss Shuttleworth spent several
weeks in Cranbrook soon after her
arrival from London and made many
friends here who will wish ber every
G. s. McCarter, of Revelstoke, has
been appointed secretary oi the Ping-
ston Creek Lumber company. The
company will not resume opcratiojs
Uii spring.
The Columbia River Lumber company of Golden Is applying for a provincial thai ler to enable it to ope-,
rale electric light and waterworks
plants in Golden and vicinity. file
scheme Is receiving the endorsement:
of the citizens ol the district.
S. F, McKay is installing a saw |
mill upon lhc limits owned by the;
Active Sold Mining company, on Porcupine creek near Ymir. Several;
thousand feet of logs are alrcdy on j
hand awaiting the installation of 'he
Lumbermen in the Kootenay valleys are exceedingly pleased with 'he
conditions which have characterized
the work in the woods so far, and tbo
Indications are that the number cf
logs cut this winter will far exceed
that of previous years.
Fernie and Sandon at the meetings
this month of their boards uf trade
strongly endorsed the resolutions of
the coast boards re duty on Ameri.
can rough lumber. The former city
has sent a delegate to Ottawa to
strengthen the hands of the lumber-
I   ...Manitoba Hotel.,,
(I'n.l.'r Nriv Management)
I). A McDONALD, rianager
! Tl1'" Hotel is in lhe center of town. The rooms are
c i.Tifortabh an I well furnished, the dining roam is first-
cbs:;, and the bar U supplied with tlie best. When you
want a gooj place to stop come to lhe Manitoba.
MWafl Papers^!
We arc making special
reductions in prices of
all lines of
Call and see us before
buying. Our patterns
will please you.
Mouldings to match
all papers.
F. J. Bradley & Co. 1
2 Armstrong: Ave.        CRANBROOK, B. C 'Phone 52 |
Robinson-.VlcKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
w • -   - —n
Drink Home Beet
It Is Pure
It Ih Healthy
It I.s the I lest
Pi. Sieele Brewing Co,
I. Kc.ra'° ,'?,rt,se'' Saturd.ir was payday
!      }. A ™l1,le'^s arou.n<i Fernie, and
The managers of Knox church , x-
tend a hearty vote of thanks to the
follotVing artists who so ably assisted in rendering the program present-, .... »-B.,„c   ,
ed in Wentworth hall on Burn's night:   [or uaScs the Crows Nest, Pass C.
Mesdames Templeton and Brock.       company paid out $123,043.15.     Tl I
Misses     Adolphe,   Lou   and   Etta: money was distributed as follows-
Lettch.. Jessie and Lily McOowan.   I Carbonado , $17,537 59
Messrs. A.    McCowan, J. Sims,   C. \ Mlctnsl    36,116 ID
Darling, Graves, J. Saville, Wright, I C"*'   Creek    611,989,1.',,
and Masters Charlie and Douglas Mc-1    _ — !
Total I  $>23,64| .5
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
ol repairing,   (live me ■ call.
Say, People j
Have ynu seen tlio wnrk o
prows Neat Steam Laundrii
It's certainly up - to . ilni,
W|»arinl rates for hotels nml
family work, Spaolallis
flannels,   blankets  nml mr-
lllillrl. W'llill,     lul,,,!-       f,„|y
l'.'1'li'i't Batlsftiotion niv,,ii hy
Crows Nesl
Steam Laundry \
SLATER & Mil'Mil!, Proprietors \
Jl is The Best Paper in Sivei
Districts, and You Should
Have It.


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