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Cranbrook Herald Nov 28, 1901

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•     The Canadian Bank
of Commerce.
Hon. .'.,.:„. A,Cox, President,
B, li Wai.kkr.Gch. Man
filial  Rcsnurs-cs        	
 2,000,000 (Ml
A General lianking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Hank of Scotland.
Cold Weather Necessities
McClary's Stoves, either coal or wood, are
the very best
Another large shipment of Heating Stoves,
prices $4.25 to $30.
The new "Le Roy" Steel Range, coal or wood,
cheaper than a cast iron stove and far better.
Bedding, Pillows, Blankets, Comforters, Etc.
in immense quantities, all prices and excellent values.
Our Rubber Stock  is enormous.    All  new.
Latest patterns in Skates, to fit everyone.
We still do the  Furniture business of East
100 Boxes Batgers Peels.
Nothing 1
We also have some fine 1
Stilton Cheese which we are cur* |j
ing; will be ready by Christmas. 1
Limited   ix
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Latest in
Dress tio.ul>
Why Should Crauhrook People Send
Money  Last ?
Immense Stocks In the Cranbrook
Stores This Year  to Select
The Tim Batons are doing a land office
business throughout tbt- distiict as the
holiday season is approaching; Men
who have come west to secure ibe biI-
vnntages of higher wages are doing sll
in their power lo kill the very prosperity they me ei joying, hy sending east
fur their supplies The Herald insists
that this is wrong in principle, anil poor
business ju.lgmeut as well. When a
mail iu this country gets his monthly
wages, the first thing he should do is to
dropdown on his knees and thank his
good stats that ihe wage received is so
much better than he got in Ontario,
Quebec or New Brunswick. After that,
let him rise to his feet, and look in a
mirror and declare lliat he is a man
among men, and that he will do all in
his power to maintain t lie degree of good
times that he is enjoying in llritish Columbia. If lie wants lo buy something
for Christmas, let him stop ami think*
Thinking won't Imrl htm. and if he is
fair and judicious, he can come to only
one conclusion, and that is that his
botiden duty is to spend his money
where he makes it. There are a thousand good reasons fur this, hat one or two
suffice to make the case a strong one.
In the fitst place, very little, if soy, is
saved by sending east. Vou can't gel
what j on want, and when you do gel it,
iu manys it is nol satisfac'ory. Why,
tHke Ihe dress makers in ihis town.
Hardly a day goes by without someone
coming iu to have it iliess bought li*. tome
eastern sweat shop   made  over so il will
look presentable, li is the same with
uiauv other things purch
catalogue system There ate people in
Ihis town who have seni east for shoes,
and returned their puichases several
times and still failtd lu get what ihey
.supposed ihey were sending for
liouestly,   How,   good   people,  don't
greeable or unacceptable to those who
have dealings with him
If it were possible for us to write of al!
llie little things which have cut down
the average of our success and to calculate just how miiih each has contributed
10 the whole it would be most helpful.
Por example, one young mmis advancement lias been cut down 25 per
cent by bad temper, a surly, disagreeable disposition, anolhei s by carelessness In dress, an  unkempt   or   slovenly
appearance; nnd yet another by a sharp
tongue or nn unkind bablt nt criticising.
Many a bnlltnnt and cap ible stenog* ■ it
rapber lies (ailed to advaUCe because she
had disagreeable habits which nunnoyed
her employer, who, while lie recognized
her ability, prelerred a lets able stenographer who bad sot-able and sgreeable
11 unit 1 ies. The tack cl amiability has
Blood in the way of advancement of
many an employe who wondered why lie
diil not get along
MINES   «.--.«.n.
Silver at lowest Ebb.
■11-Heview.    Silver   is   now
.;,iPlowest   price which it has
, ,-..ujy years,    Trailing closed
l-'rom t
ie .
Iml.' I/
James  Fraser
up In
looking after G
the absence of (.Jon
Miss Alice Connell arrived in Moyie
Thursday from Omro, Wis , and will
spend the wiuter with her cousin, Mrs,
W. R Stone at the St. Bugeue mine.
Chas. lliesel hns returned Irom his
trip to the Horsefly district, uear the
Mrs. J. M. Lindsay is spending a lew
days in Cranbrook.
Frank and Andrew Johnston returned
from Olympia, Wash., last Saturday,
where they look the body ol their
brother Tom for burial,
New Goods
We are receiving new goods almost
daily. Our selection this year includes
the finest fabrics of the markets at
the lowest prices.   Call and see us.
Manager Sam Grant of llie Moyie
Lumber Company is u_ow making his
headquarters near the mill north of
town, Mrs. Grant willspetld the winter
in the east.
Wm. Gallop, while working iu the
new shaft at the St. Eugene Wednesday
evening received such injuries as to
make it necessary for lii 111 lo go to the
hospital for a few days. The staging ou
which he was standing gave away and
he fell nearly 14 feet. He will be at
work again ill a few days.
A story lias been received bete regarding Lamb Creek. It is lo the effect that
during ihe Wild horse placer gold excite-
1 by the j meiil a halfbreed by llie name of Frank
llushainan, while packing between Fort
Steele and Walla Walla oveitook a man
near Honiiers Ferry who hail been in the
vicinity of Moyie LoJ$e mitiiug, This
nuiii hail a baking ponder can full of
nice coarse gold. He said he was on bis
>u think the meicbanis in Cranbrook j way to Sail Francisco and that be would
are entitled to youi fullest consideration. , be back In the spring, but for some un-
They are giving up their money to make J known reason he never returned. Hush-
tbe town grow. Tiny ate contributing I aman said as near as he could lind out
for public improvements, They are the the man got this gold on the same
ones who have to put up for the things stream which is now known as Lamb
that make a town grow and property I creek. This story may be taken for
valuable. Tbey are the ones who give ! what it is worth. However, a little ays-
you ciedit when you are short, and ihey j temalic prospecting OH Ibis creek might
are (he ones who arc entitled to your .result in a big strike being made,
sel In
Sutui ,| '>New York with silver selling al s<>'i cents. That was a decline of
a quarter ol a cent during tbe week, and
n decline of 0.3 cents, or practical*
ly m pfer cent in the price of the meliil
since the first of the year.
The decline in London has been practically synchronous with the fail In New
York. The decline iu price iu the British market has also been just lu per cent
since the first of the year. The price
has been lowered from 2S yj pence per
stand ml ounce, which was ihe average
price in January, to 26 pence flat, which
was the closing price on Saturday. The
evident disproportion between the prices
I of iiie two countries is due to the fact
that in London the price is for "standard" silver at .915 fine, while the New
York price is for "tine" silver.
The average price for silver iu New
Yotk was 50 5H cents In 1899 and 61 33
cents iu 190 1. Some months ago, on llle
formation of the American Smelting &
Refining company, belter known as the
smelting trust, S. Guggenheim, one of
the leaders of the trust, gave out an in-
lei view in which he spoke about the
prospects that the trust would raise I Ue
price of silver, just as it lias raised ibe
price of lead. Mr. Guggenheim spoke
hopefully about the outlook and said Ins
company was considering Ihe matter.
The main difficulty, he Intimated, was
to do away with the rapacious brokers
111 London, who Insisted on making the
world's price to suit themselves. He
suggested, however, that the smelting
trust might he able to overcome that
trouble. Since the smelting trust l'ol
control of lhu American tiel.l, however,
the price of silver had steadily fallen.
"There are so many causes which go
to make up the government price of silver that it in difficult to arrivi- at any
adequate explanation outside of thai of
supply and demand," said John A.
Finch of the Standard and the St. Eugene mines yesterday. "Un the whole
it may be said that the supply and demand are llie prime factors iu fixing the
market price of silver or any other article of commerce.
"While there has been an increastd
consumption of silver in the arts mid
sciences, the supply appears to have
steadily exceeded the demand. A large
portion of iti«* increase in the production
of silver may be attributed to the increased development of the bimetallic
mines. While the decline in the price
of silver bullion must necessarily decrease the revenue of silver mines and
even those having byproducts, 1 cannot
see how it will materially affect the mining situation in this section, which Is
composed very largely of bimetallic
or that he soon will be. There will be
'■ trumpet tidings from Idaho within two
or three months, he says, tidings that
will proclaim Idaho au American Trans-
vsal or a United States Klondike, that
will pale the fame of Cripple Creek or
any other old diggings. Tbe colonel
curries in his pocket a vaseline bottle
filled with pure gold, al] extracted from
just three pounds of quartz. He knows
a man who made a bet that a pound of
rock from the new Idaho field would result in from $60 to (So worth of gold.
"Colonel Dewey is au old time west-
ner. He rounded Cape Horn 34 years
;.-. He is already a multimillionaire,
even if these new proi peels do not make
htm Rockefeller's rival. He is a hale
old man, as he parades the Auditorium,
without a collar or a necktie, but with a
bin diamond blazing lu bis shirt bosom.
His find is a ledge 5000 feet long and 240
feel across*. He estimates a ion of the
quartz will yield $14,000 The world
never saw the like, according to his
Refused   (1,000,000.
According to Juneau advices printed
in Skagway papers Gold creek, upon
which the Last Chance mine is located,
for which f 1,000 out) was recently offered,
promises to be the scene of greater activity than ever before. The F.bner Gold
Mining company, which has been developing and operating just above tbe Last
Chance mine, will install 25 addilional
Btamps in the spring.
The London Exploration compan) will
commence the long tunnel which it proposes to drive from the bead of the Last
Chance mine to open up the property
upon which it has been making milling
tests the last two years. This tuuniiel
will be 6,300 feet long, costing not less
than $150,000, Including upraise.
Charles Pierce, general superintendent
of the Alaska Perseverance mine, is now
building boarding houses aud preparing
lo house a large force of men to diive a
2,400 foot tunnel slill further up ihe
creek to open their mines.
t>tt>t>4>4>$$tototof M totototototoi -tototototto
I Skirt and 1
I Blouse Sale...    1
i <$>
P To clear our Fall  and Winter Stock n
* we will CUT THE PRICE IN HALF. j|
^4. REID & CO. |
trade when you have the cash.
Vou will make purchases for the holidays this year,    You always do, ami this
veat  will  be   no exception.    Now, suppose, instead  ol   sending  foi your catalogues this year,   you change ihe system
and  spend your money  at   home.    Go
and see Gilpin, Deattie, the Kootenay
I Furniture company, Tate, the Fort Suele
Mercantile company, Reid&Co., King
, Mercnule   company,   G.  T    Rogeic,
j Hill & Co . M n. i, Mcltride, McConnell,
in fad any oi the merchants of tliii
| ami talk to them about purchases
theii  piiees and compare  the quality
h what you will get in the east. Then
take in consideration freight or express,
ertalnly ami disappointment, aud it
is nine chalices out of len that you w'll
be  belter sal is lied  wiih the home pur
liases     Then, you must take  into con-
iilerntioii the  fact   that  the money you
lave earned In   the   west has been spent
n the west.    It   increases Ctanbrnok's
business, gives worl: to  mere  people,
adds value  to  piope.ly and contributes
iu a material way to the general prosperity at home.
Do your Chrbliiias trading at home.
The Leader has learned on good authority that the C. P. K intends In the
near lnlure lo erect a small refinery at
Trail to he run in coneectioti with their
smelter. The plans are nearly completed and the woik will soon be under
Her ijnjulh Has Been  Steady
Most Satisfactory.
Present  Prosperity Secured Whs.l-
ly On Merit and Not By
From ihe I'ree Press]
Chief Barnes is confied to his bed with
miliaria He is expected to be about in
a few days. ,
The villages of Blalrmore and Frank
have been proclaimed ami tlate of election for overseers fixed.
The sixteen-year old son of Geo. King
while coasting at the mines on Tuesday
collided with a bridge timber and sustained severe internal injuries
Wurk on the Crow's Nest Southern is
progressing. Grading is almost finished
from Jennings, Moot., north to ihe international boundary line, and tracklay-
ing will shortly be commenced.
The nun who was among the pioneer*
of Cranbrook, an.l remained here, has
reason to congratulate himself Finiu
the lime that Jim Ryan opened the
Cranbrook hotel on ihe prairie, up in
the present, there has never been a lime
when CrmbiooK was not forging ahead
more or less Sometimes business haa
seemed a Utile dull; sometimes the future did not look so bright us we might
have wished, \et. there has never been a
time when there was a retrograde movement in the town it has gone ahead at
times witli imps and bounds, and ibeu
dropped to a steady, substantial growth
that creates confidence an.l bespeaks
permanency tor the place
Take Cranbrook and compare It with
any other town in Ihe district, or any
town nt similar a-*e in either of the
Kootenavs. and nne can tint help but he
impressed with tbe fact that Ctaabrook's
career has been one that would uatural-
ly bring jay to the heart of the resident
or any one materially interested in Uie
And yet, Cracbroob has nol had
smooth tailing by anv means. Whit
she has secured in way of growth and
prosperity has been on merit alone, At
nu tune Las she been the recipient of
government (a. -s Appropriations for
this IU;-* □ have been meagre as compared with other places of lesser population and far less imp-nance The sidewalks have b;en built bv private cont'i-
butions; the street! have been repaired
by the townsite: tbe public buildings
would not make a decent miner's cabin
on a claim that was only a prospect Although centrally locaieil and on the rail*
road, yel lhc lown has been denied I he
holding of conns, and public offices tbut
in all fairness, not only to Craubro >k
but to tbe district as a wholt, should
have beer, located here, have been held
in an out of ihe way place. Yet, not-
withstanding that the town has been
made the victim of petty spite ami Iccal
jealousies that had no cause for existence, it has continued to grow in population and importance, and become
what it is  naturally destined   for,    the
Prospects for a successful season for
he Hockey club are good. The team
will be strong at every point and only-
lack the "slippeiiness" to get "in de
game." The secretary has corresponded
with the  Lethbridge, Macleod.   I'incher ! S,eat commercial center  of the district
Hot Blast Heating Stoves
The best stove on earth. Will burn
anything. Just what is wanted for
soft coal. Call at once, as they are
going fast. Have had to duplicate
my order.
l.itjiiiiiiK llle.
Mr.   Ned   llray, fottneily   of thin distiict, was  III   lown Tuesday,    Mr.   llray
hasjusi returned from Bngland, where
he has been  the past   year, and is now
en route to the coast where be will remain during the winter. He is one of
the for tu nates who disposed oi a bunch
of Crown Nest Pass coal shares a few
years ago at a good price, and now be is
enjoying life. Speaking of his stay in
England Mr llray said; "1 stayed a year
this time, thinking I could get accus-
tunied to the old country again, but I
was not satisfied I spent some time in
France and Italy and visited the famous
resort at Monte Carlo, hit finally tired
of the whole thing and longed for the
familiar scenes of llritish Columbia,
Well I am buck hero now and am satis*
fled.    I leave for Victoria tomorrow."
License Commissioners,
etf)| '    There  will  be a  meeting  of the 11
ie)]    cense commissioners held at Moyie, 11 I shares art
■ ity, ' C.   December  15.   I90I,   to consblet  up-
Otl   plications ot the   following hotel keepers for renewal ol licenses:
Peter Matheson, Bast Kootenay hotel,
L   11. VanDecar,   Royal botil,   Cranbrook.
T. J. Wellman. Manitoba hotel, Cranbrook.
C. H. Vroman, Went worth hotel, Crau- I
Jniiies Ryan, Cranbrook hotel, Crau-
Jos. Ilraiilt,Canadian hotel,Cranbrook. j
Nils    Hanson,    Cosmopollson    hotel, ;
Cranbrook, 1
B J. Peltier, wholesale license, Cranbrook. I
O   A   liurge, Perry Creek holel, Peril ry Cieek I
I    Frank   McCabe,  International hotel,
II. w   Barnes,
Chief License Inspector.
Hindrances tn Success.
Success: Many aman with great brain
She Told Him.
A young man was at a social function
ill a nearby town the olbei night and it
fell to his lot to entertain a pretty yolWg
lady, and as she was full of life be en
joyed himself very well She had a
short sleeved gown, and be thought he
never before had seen such beautiful
arms, but she seemed ill at case and
finally said: "I was vaccinated tin-other
day and it took beautifully* I could nlmost scream it hurts so." He gazed at
her faultless arms in astonishment
uud  asked:     "Why,   where   were   you
vaccinated?" "In Winnipeg," she said
with a smile, and the young man fell off
the chair,—Exchange.
System of Cheap Smelting.
The statement made by Mr. Miner
president of the Granby Mining, Smelt-
ing and Power company, the other day, I
lliat the improvements at tbe Granby
smelter, now under construction, are being paid for entirely out of tbe profits of
the last and this year's operations, is extremely satisfactory. This company has
not been very forward in bringing out a
balance sheet nml report, but, on the
contrary, the main subscribers lo the
the original subscribers, when
the various companies now consolidated
were promoted, and if they are satisfied
the public has not any very serious reason uf complaint. This company's operations have for some reason or another
always been subjected to more than
ordinary amount of criticism, but iu
looking back over its history it is difficult to see where greater economy of organization or efficiency of working could
have been attained The ore in the
Knob Hill and Ironsides is exceedingly
low grade. It has always been felt thut
its successful treatment wasin the nature
of an experiment. Hut certainly if it
had not been successful there would
have been something very far out in the
original calculations of its nature and
value. It has, apparently on the con-
traty. proved fully as amenable lo treatment us was  expected, nud   the  various
economics orIg nated in connection with
the mine and smelter have proved most
efficient and valuable. According to Mr.
Miner llie cost of smelting has nl ready
been reduced to f l 90 a ton and ibe in-
cease in the plant, now being paid out
ol profits, is expected not merely to double the tonnage but lo still further decrease the cost of treatment per ton,
Under these circumstances there is fairly
Creek, lilko, Muyle and Cranbrook clubs
and hopes to be successful in forming a
league to play for the magnificent trophy
given by A  C. Lipb irdt.
Geo Uremner of Cranbrook was in
town Thursday on his way back from
the east.
'filestore at the mines will be built immediately but nothing definite has lieen
decided by whom it will be operated.
Pay day enlivened the town considerably. Between six and seven hundred
men were paid nearly £70000, Very
little disturbance was noticeable beside
the Fitzgerald case, The business men
had a very satisfactory trade.
pewer nnil tine physique who started iu
Iiie wllh good pto.-pecls has Inited to attain great success because of little Idiosyncrasies, peculiarities of Bpeectl or
manner; things not 111 themselves vicious houses for sale oil terms h
or wrong, but  which  render him disa-1
Lei Us Be Thankful.
Today is Thanksgiving, and every
man iu Cranbrook should feel thankful
that he is in Cranbrook. He should be
thankful that he lives in a grand, glor
ious country where there are opportun
ities on every hand for progress and
prosperity. He should he thankful tor
ihe magnificent climate that gives him
health and energy. And while he is
feeling thankful fur Ihe blessings he is
enjoying, let him not forget the less
fortunate in life. Today is a good day
to extend a hand where il is needed.
If you know of a case, don't stop to
see if they belong to the same church,
but meet the necessity so far as it is
iu your power. The Lord loves a
cheerful giver, and hates a stingy
Iiufi'i Like llic Green.
Alex Moflat has kicked on the prevalence of greeti paint on the Garden   avenue houses where his  home   is located.
The Herald editor touched up bis with a
mi]il tint of green,   A. w. McVittie gave
I authority for tbe assertion that the I •>■•• house a similar shade.    R   B Iteattie
I success, Ie-1 ■"lu ImL'*   l'"rHlll- Clapp bloomed out
with a still brighter hue in the trim-
mlngs on his place. And now comes W.
T. Reid with the roof of his new house
painted a brilliant St. Patrick's green.
That is the last straw, and now when
Mr Moffat passes up the avenue to his
home, he looks neither to tbe right or
lefl, and the usual smile is gone.
eutei prise Is a prove
House (ur Sale.
Two conveniently located,
Like a Fairy Story.
Spokesman-Review; Colonel W II,
Dewey of Idaho baa created a sensation
111 Chicago relative to ibe mineral resources of the silver stale, and mote particularly as to tbe wonderful gold deposits which he has recently discovered,
According to uu interview recently pub
Usher! in ihe Chicago Record-Herald the
colonel stands a chance ol becoming a
I second Monte CrUlo,    The article is as
ell built I follows:
I    "Colonel W. II. Dewey of Idaho be
Cuid.       Ileves he is ihe richest man in the world
This statement [1 being venfiOdby Ihe
dual btuinesi of ibe merchants bnd
manufacturers I: is ihe wholesale
point of the district, and the lumber
business of this town is greater than ail
tbe rest ofthe district combined. Rapidly and constantly is tbis trade growing, giving to this town a reputation
that reflects credit upon thoie energetic
citizens that have nude the lown wliat
it is today, the queen city ol Somh
Kast Kootenay,
And to tbe pess misttc doubter, the
knocker and the jealou-. UHfortunate who
failed to locate here, "The Herald would
say that the prosperity of Cranbrook is
yet in embryonic form. There are railway projects ahead lor next season—not
paper railway-, but tangible, substantial
plans thai are bound to be carried f .r-
ward, that will materially advance the
good fortune of Cranbrook. The Herald
is so confident of what it predicts ai.d
says that it feels sa'e in making the prediction that in three yean from now
Cranbiook will have a population of
from 5000 to 8000 people.   The critical
tage has loot* since been passed, and
every  new  development In tbe district,
and industry added means just thnt much
more for the prosperity of Cranbrook,
Cranbrook is all right.
Ne* Meal Market.
I have Opened a new meat niarkv1 tu
the stand formerly occupied by llie
Western Supply Company- I will keep
a full supply of the Nest meats, and also
fish ami poultry. Fresh pork sausage
will be on hand at all times. Vou will
find my prices reasonable, and what is
more  nothing will   be    lelt   undone   lo
please and satisfy ihe trade.    1 would he
pleasetl to have  you   call   autl   give our
place a trial.
tf A  Joltiffe, Prop.
Men and Teams Wanted.
Fifty men and  25 teams wanted  to
work  on   railroad  grade ou Ihe Marysville spur of the C. P. R.    Apply to
\V„ P, Tierney & Co,, Contractors
Marysville, II. C.
At St. Bugene hospital, Monday morn*
ing, of appendicitis, James Kennedy,
agetl 44 years. Funeral was held Tu. s*
day afternoon from Campbell's undertaking parlors, interment at Mission
Amen, Here.
Frank Sentinel: A new custom collector, Wm. Gardiner has been appointed
at Macleod. He was aworn In last wtek
antl is now in charge of the office. It is
to be hoped that he will give more satisfaction than Iiii predecessor. CRANBROOK   IIE
I' lii  n  and Pr. iirli'toi
I    „    "I    .1 U '   tt I'I :" ■
A  ■ sully ..I Iti. Itiibil
...  tiefil „r Inl,*,
Seen,  ......  Ill
I ,,,..,■ HI,,,',,
.      Ll- li
.. ,,.■- t., ■,." i"
Jl-i' II
I  .     ,i , .ii. ir,.i, 11,', ...I
l',,.,i. h. . ,..-11,1.-1,1,111 nl I..slut I.hi.I.
President    Roosevelt   ma le   I Imse I
itront- lis ilis, ..-.■>'. by lii" ,1.- lai ii
favui ol  tui Sl.."   cic ii-.  n     i Sll,' ' 11
ne..    his Ltlitt Culumula could have j
RtlMilJI ill '
WO ...... i      ipll     .'1  llllB
The i'-ort Sle. le Pi i.pei i"i came i ..i
I nt week tn ao artl, ■    .-
t,.i   i]   rtatli'tt aa a  competlioi   I i i
roads,   i'i ."„"' cou-ii, ii ■        ■ -
h i,:. I- iiii- case, bul in South I'.'-t
Kootonaj with tho li olenav rivei the
nul. navlmlilo stream, ihe adveut , I
the railroad baa cooked iisvt transpotl-
an n I'bele arc imu.i reaious loi sl.:-.
mu chin! „„,", being tlio ■liorinesi "I
lb,..-a.,.,, :,„il sl,.- .1,.,-.-,- .il navlc i
luRtb. Kootenai South Km li roteria)
Uittlctli si railway c linlry anil si,.'
euergles uf tne people must be dttucteii
In Hut way 'I'he Koitunay ,-.,"■ -s
iii-,-,Is i, road, lili'-.vi.s, sl,- -ss Mary',
valley, tVnul li, I L.-.I, ..' nil int.!j ..' oil-
is the necessaty roads ami pn pel i.-.'i-
Ijtl.iu     Capital si'"I   lab,,   win do th'.
J.ilm II uston ,il tli.' ."'-.ii l'.lhune
hnl a light on tin: elreet lai' wees ivltc
tx-Muyoi Necland ol that city, and i'
reportti aie true cams.- out second beil
.loliu i, a hot lighter wilt, a pen, II i nt
h- li not |„is up right physically to i .
iln'u,o In any tlsllc maltneus. S ck ti
tt,,; pen, ll lUston. Y ni generally make
is i\ [null st mat "ay.
ill S' I'odwcll ol Victoria will entet
politics. Bodwell! L,et in tee. l-n'i
that the n in-' ilial li ii- tieraily at 11k
bofsuiii ul every publlibed application
to, corporation ptlvitegcs that has beei
ma i.' in late years in Llritish s' lum il
tVnit n n,i no-.'
'I'lm lirst copy ol Tho Marysvllle Tr
buns' appealed   last  Saturday.    I.  i. :
newsy sheet and   gond    \s i ar.
Interested   mil   a:.„   worked th,  '..s.i.
tin. time we have i ailed the o d level
for years, The paper lias rccelvei
many compliments, but we .i..-ii, to Bay
right here 1 ias   Its „, Ighl I nul pal
pet) cj: Lei Is is ll io lo '.ho iauila |.oi. i :
uur partuet in tlio enterprise, .Mr ,t
Hulchlsou, bolter known as "Hutch "
 ill    hllll-'li    .il     :: .mi.' til,
V.li.rull.i .Hi..-'.,   i',.-       lu      i
sn,'     |in,|,.-i-tj   .'mi i'i"i i
iunr.ll ,H'<<  l.-rii.l. to ho lliii
lis I     Tl." yes, "in  "i .ill   I''
1      :       .'"'I
! '    i .-.I   .,    I,".,    u
..I..I I,.if 1.,'       	
  iii ii   wi'll   ii Ui' nli.ru ,i
!  .    |...'I-   Ill,   "    I"'    .'ll   I Ii  ,"ll  '!'
I  ill'-   Ul','   i|illi'l.ll    fll'llSVIl    I 1***111
' ''I'I Il'l''        1"        llllll." '
i   ...     il.,  i."i   i. i.,l  svhit
s      Hi. il- I Ill,a  u.  Hil'iUH-l „'ll
,-.|l,'.'I.S    K..'„l     I,'
.1 Ill-
Hi ■ lun     Iii    il    II iuIi   ss
In- li-.ii lli, oiorhfiisl iii ,lu
iiiiiI ili'iiiiiiis; un- ivhullj     i
nth,    lu
|„. ii'     Tin.,     In
"I  nppi'tIti'S.
.ill  lis   ll.,'.'. I.-
Bill Koolcn
next season,
coulldent, w
uliiiiil   I In- -1 1.lur-
i.ll-niull    I    i'.:.
.iu either liu.nl .,r
"ul, 1,1'tn.k ll'il.llj
:..i lour tlii-iiiiL'li il
minors un- lirllsliuil
i,,y uilliui' hunt '.smi
iii-iiL'l,  Is, come  Iml
,r tin    iiooi
t'nltlo Hills
thiil,  scrub,
il  their tin*
- sv r i I
- ties — mill  sliniil   in   il   nil  this,     ul
- .-,' bury thomsflves in ihu thickfi I
-i uiii .1 niiili.|'u,,,wili. lhu i hi,-!..-,
i,ml slimlinr tho l.uiiur. There the.
-,.nul nil 'I...   iiltli sirosiphig    !,,-,,,-
tbey are begtuulng tu realize what a
hi,; thing this ilfstii t is in undeveloped
In.lsi, rlei
There will be more than one rail
built tn S ii'.li Kisl Kooienay next l
There Is u.ie Clraiibrools woman ivlui
always slay, until   in.-   lass   at so, ial
mean thinus said ny oilier people al" , i
thtlr neighbors.
Tile mine owners uf Won Kootenay
say that they propose to gn Ittlo ti.i
meat husineaa against Pat Burns I'hey
wiii have a good time. Pat Bui. n
lei ,ls stricily lo his business,
.ists    IS',uiltl
Si n.itor IJupeiv is lo be married
Cori.tmas io a young ls.ily whose grans]
tatliui was a boyhood friend of the talii
atlv. senator. H pew is . I I enough
ami should be wise cnoufi . ■" ,n , i, u
le, than tn hlioh May ami h ctlnbet
I." iv, !,' iborl L-'rew, passor of the t'.r-t
Presbyterian ol.ii oil s,l Nelson, o.,| cl ■
tt) ii tu", lu ni- charge tbe first ol the
yoir, l, i.n.:; about n u tvered his be
aftet a ycai . absence, ttev, I'mw has
maiiy tr lends in Cranbrook, who will be
pleased to learn this II.. Is a -, ' f,
low as sv, il ;■- s, ['iu. i lier, ami i- ml
wliii tha gl i ii.i l in ,:. ..i ... , u.aiti, g
no discrimination b, twe, n '.:,.■ m ,■
who c nnibutea :n bis cLutcti a i the
lnilivluii.ll uh" nus'i'i pays him a cent,
Possessing ability, with a broail, liberal
mind, ami a nu ■. christian heai t, be
wins friend., for hlmaeil ami christian
Ity wherever iu: goes, byshowlbg yeung
men that a cbuicli is nut a j.i. and
that tie chil-tlan religion I- nol a vow
to fi.isils- all that is bright and , leas-
ant uu earih.
u I "i'"i   lusi   in    lies,   llius  killiiu
ll      "I    Mi ml'    ].',    ill,S.II'S. 11,11.    il
.HI.,'".,    Hi'"      111.I'.      In-    tlf'll     |„    llll
iv...'.    I.y   Mm  ii,,l„..,,'.,!,l...  ,,,,)„  „f  ll.
tinging   uml   I'l.'ki,.,.,.
Illir,      iubl.oiiy       horseflies,     lis,
,,,-lius    nci'nss     lho    iim uu uf      il.
ings,  Ihuiiitti  tl.u.i     ut-li  riiriiriuii I;
',.■   SllH'ls   flil'S        II    I-    I  in    In   -..'      .
i,i.,i   boh
I io    us   lllll'
SV'.ll.ils    Ih.
Uu.}  huvu
eil.    Thny    luts
i!i-i\.-,i iiwii.s  or l.il
t'l.itii'   in   I'
Hi,I   -ii
'il'issuil.   In   hill   Ih.un
Hi.' lush    us  Hi.',   li,
.1".. lli.,-   I'll .1
III'   I I'll."       II
liiiuiii.Innl lliii ssli'i'.' il era
posturing    sueh  prev n
-il'l"    Tlie i is nmsl i. to
Imiili ut I,iu ilily.       In    n
llf   llSt.ll   HI,,' III.I.V I r.isH   Ihi',','
II   ",l"ll„.l I.' I'..   llllll   1
1.    "I".    Ill    I'l'ISlUUII.     llm        i:
nun h    Ifnvel    lilting s	
I  Ul'.,,,,"     UUII,   l.ll I
no  .-.,.', i.-.l   inni.      hull     fi.rsvu
ml either lly ml in   um iirivr-n
, ij     ssli..it-    t! .".     i ml   n ",,, ,..|i
I-. ml   i|iitul.ls ,   uml   I litis  snl   up   I
mails f,
,4 i 1 IO   ii.   i*..J   1    Ji IL-/3.
The Smelter City
of East Kooteo
I EA:; rENAY|!^
.; -. B. c. t
ti, «-
,j, H-i-Mt-a-s-s-B-sif-s-sfc-f-B-frC-fr-eti ut i
i    hm. iiArtti    . pre      ;,; FRIDAY, NOVEMBER  29, 1901,
;;;>->. -    - >«> '
, i    . ,„,    II II.   :: t I ■ i. 1.  111.
:   : " l"  the   Is.isl   t|. I fits
as I
■  ,i   sn.l unit, is  "' '
Vii: i'„,k,,,;- j, Househ »!d Furniture,
'<: win',,,'
!■    g„   I.i   ll,,'   Inst   ii.
«i      k ■ ■ • ;;;
;;; m'». ... ■ . ■„.„u:us',,„ „k ;
i,s .-I, i   il llle li.sst K  liny T
''■''.-pti,'-: tin ■■-■ . liiiliii''
Look for the
r    r
i Because it will have the first
sniefter in East Kootenay.
2 It will have the first lead refin=
ery in Canada.
3 It will be the great sawmill cen=
ter for the St. Marys valley.
4 It has brick yards wiih a capac=
ity of 30,000 brick per day.
5 It is at ihe junction of St. Tlarys
river and Mark creek.
6 In Hark creek falls if has the
finest water power in the district.
7 It is the point from whence railway construction v.p the St.
Marys river will begin, and will
be the base of supplies.
8 It is only seven miles from the
t , 11 IP    ,     Dining
l:     , ,    .    s  .
UiKllS:   ii'.       I',,   , ul ill NAMMEK
. :;   IN, \inlr.
Cniiilmmls nud Man ■. lie
  . .i.-ciule
.. Effei live ..
On Octol cr 13th
A New i:s.'.'ilurt:
..HOT IES...1
At tli.
rheWi       .rth Hotel ^_ Tv   u IS,est
c^2,j,     Sec ion
"'"     | Leaves K         Landing East-
Dres '        ng
Mrs. R, V. Vroom
|. prepares! lo
be consitleretl in bniltliiij;.
lititiiitl Tucsili j and Friday
Leaver; Medicine Hal Westbound
Sandai am' '-•.'.'uesday
■ i    . i .itossiiiiii   Good work,   Good   Material
.-.ild t.lC  pi'lCC. |:||r j|mc |nb|cs JU,; | ,||  :„,,iri|„i||„„,   (,11 on
nr address nearest local agent,
dmk L^?-ooc Bees
ii: is Pure
i- is Healthy
It i.-. thu Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Saddi   '    ses and
hale :        £S ■'$ >£
Stable raid Office
Chas. :;. Tripp,
Cranbrook,li C.
R.J. Ctn I li C.H.COLEMAN,
I    A. ti. P. t. Atom.
Vaifcouver, :!.'.". Cranbrook
.1 S. CARTEK, 11, f V. -s.lson. II. C.
j. ;i.
Physician a
id Surgeon.
Office at i'i    i
l.il"  Ave.
:   ■      '
llll     "
".:■)   In   ||
i .in In VJl)
:ia\i ; in
:    :         :          11.
'ill.     .
c od
George - has wood
of all  ■     jilt      .■ ix  Iiii
before buj i.-. .
liidispensa ; in
North Star and Sullivan mines,
two of the greatest silver=lead
mines in America. ) TkrmOlliefef
9   Marysville will be a pay roll town|)     g-j-j Bnfomelef
with   a   constantly   increasing
force of men.
,':      ..'
S 0 T—
V    ■
Have youi
Conn and
do „.- boll
Spokai   - tils &
Northern R'vCo.
■--0    Nelson & Ft. Sliephard R'y Co.,
Hiding? Red    Alountain   Railway  Co.
Contractor.       i'"'"   '-'' '■ " ■ ;"s
James Kerrigan & Co        nelson ,„„
wholesale deal Intermediate Poinls.
Gen; ■
Mi      mdise
i my
Grain vmd
Given   special   attention. 1^,^'^
tiiv.il Northsrn,  Northern Pacific
.•nisi 0. I*. .-•• N. Company.
Nelson  wit
anil  All K
er for Kaslo
Lake   Points,
Stage Daily for
£>;• l.ff-:   i   -Ov-ri-litv   At    lil""-'''"    slaK«   tlailV   for
Veil   lins   tl   -. Ju-tUiUI).     Urand Forks and flreenwood.
Cranbrook, B. C. '■■
ii. i Jackson, tie,, pass. set.
■-■i I.O.O.F.   Kc, C " Indue
•i   -'
w Every Home
Isdurl I. I:. -
Lots are now on the market
and are selling rapidly<£<$&
AVoT'llt .til:!, .:,. . : illy matte to
meet tbe tlima le c tndilions ot
Western Canu In, svtll hu sent
free lo every yearly subscriber
of the
' 1
II.. tliviirlllhle i .,.,, I. iu.-.
Mr.      Iilil.l      I      ih.uihl       lliiiih   v
n Hi   rnlsu     lllll. III, nni is:    liny     i
very expensive.
sir.   Isullllu i..f l.tinul
ilm time I hnvo raised ii
SinipO:!1 o;   Hr^tchss
...Sole Agents...
*r:!Offices:   Marysville and Cranbrook
= Crcc
w""""Ba            \ ()|,i,i ; Proprietor
Season i-joi-ipoa           \
Tut  mit     t?-'r-    n-lvivll-^mrnt   /   Good ■      ■                  i-,L* pub*
''•■":                 lui weeki? ) rc'     '"'■ '      '   '        ■' ' i:'lIS'
i'i. ■                          .   ir togotih-  S   •-' IVrry
I'  " ind                     Lhenrwm-  >   a,       , ■ KYr
j   mi      .■. .:,    from        ubrook.
iin nml i ii i..i.i.
Teaflioi*— Tloan' yo' know why «■■
i send mtsli-imrii-s to pn>iu>li to il ■
Willi tbe wotneD figuring in unjirec. jientlu>n in foreign Inn's?
denies] expense In ih. [tarctiate fcoi- Pupil Wai, mnh snya (ley tloes if-
unailon gowis, and the leadeia of the I iRS> lu' "■ 'scuao fo' takin' up collec-
yovernmtnt flguilng on hov to pay the th>lxii-
Increasing ixpi.-n.se of tlie war, in altera
arc kept up io an Intereatlng pitch In
LoniloTi jiist, now,
Cerllllcatc ■ ■ lln u   Ion ul in IMr..
Iriisiiisi.il   Company.
W. F. aURD,
Bai ri ,i ■. Solii (tor- Etc.
Surveys ,„■	
I        Land Purchases,
, Pre-Emptibns,
Mining Claims,
Etc., iniiile by eonlract.
thos. t. vicvn nt-:. i>.t..s.
I'. II. Port Steele. II. C.
I have | ■ (wood ol all lengths,
Le n ordei I'own ite office or
willi Gci i        lylor.
Riclinnl Stewart
Some: hinj   foi Vou
• l'   i ■ tl" uliti >niir
I'll'I'i'   <  I V. Hll   tltll    tl'./.'ll
wiblci I nliinn nre thrlniltlfll.
Cflim   ■ i    ilmc in koI uur
'. -loll, (tnimlncd
(nun till ii '      ilircc 'ifi'l.s fru in
tOk .,i  ,;. :  l-hulOKrnplier
i lu-
JAMES C3I    . .       \
raiibronk,       :      •        Drilled Columbln '  ICtOf
und Builder  -y
Get ymtr job WorkLworkmm^t o.i„(,d„ni
i you bullil.   It ii.ll pn) you.
at the Herald office c,;„,i>,,,ok, uc
"11 I hail what I possi a
Kootenay In ready cai b, ' said
nf Cranbrook  the other day,
know wbe-e  i  could   jo and do as wnli I
ilii:iJHarry Williams,
Impi ■
Isist K ,.io,
aclivily. anil It os.hn
wish Is Thoie is t,
this dlltrlcl uu, lug
fiteat      Will take conlrneli for tllRKlngcellnn
dsi   1   trendies, etc., anywhere in tin- .lisiii, i
ni-- ia  at reasonable rnles.
i-'ai'. I t-UANIlROOK, II. C.
ii this i„u ' Is on* ol the iunctions ol the tailor.    By his art he makes
i'''.'1,''".1'',1' '-'i ' "  leficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc.   It is our business
uy r„r itn 1° -I0 l-iat, vtid more.      We not only tn.-.kc perfect fitting;
g  '■■ -1 i;ii sel off a good figure and improve ,i poor
Hiy"iin"ned one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
j would not think  of selling- at less than double our price.
""•""'';'"j Leask & Henderson
uini io.  The 20LI1 Centuij Tullors, Cranbrook, U. C Printing
.•cured when you sjel
your work at The Herald office. Try
it and be coin inced.
■i: ..
3 - i)
1!    : . Iron* I    ',i.
*, , .    .
THE HOME LIGHT.                     p.,  ,„ |.,ls jgnlnsl   llm   luii'.-h   ii'llulnW
Th. 11-1,1       •■     ,.,,'',. I' ' '    '"'  '";"   "   '".el.   i"  ll-   '•
tl:"l!li-l  till   : l.il   v. UH.
"i'lu.'u y, in ui,,.." ii,., rtu ■' 1 miii   "I
K i   i -I   ■' 'i il      i i. lu   "   pi"
ii   i. It  hln   , ■ smith
!..-.        "Null    I,ml,.
a nun , s
ti , ■
'■'i- ii" . innl .I.. in mnl tin- i   ur
'I...'      t'lii- i        'ii   hml -i
i ■  ,    i
',         ■   .il Hi    i   . r
I : ■ I
<.'■' '•>♦ ■•-#♦••"»«J    |   ,    'Hsi     ■   .   i       ami   luur
I  : I',    ,,;,   lhu
I        I     I'Ulltl     ,, n ni     Nl  III,,
i llli      |l|l       I.,Ill
ln I :,     till  I'I     II"    -.'.'Ill's    ul'   .'llllll
♦ ' lllltl    unu:  I  ;. ...   i  ,   Muster isill
i        i
-5 " '  * ' *
| A/   EL**
iitipany control a large ni   i of the choicest farml      ind i ns; lands
ram $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter I for agricul
tural Ian I       1 lies   Ian  • are ret sible by the Crows Nest Pius Railway.
Quaint Easter Customs of Early
Settlers  Preserved.
is,1, Two t..«..11.11... ol ,»l.l , uiuxli. inn- '
ed to li, t it,, .ii.iiiti, o lhu Tul.lt, to
1111   I n.ii.r   s in    l.ii.i,,-■  1,  1 ung
llui.i   Ago   1: .1.1... s...*.mn'.
I....1.1.1  »i  '.,,   Intl.
t ..iiiin.il I..1.11.1.
linns-    uf  thu    q .1,  1111. ri     ng
rush,ins     mnl     Iniilil 1.111.   1.1   I ..  1. :
ssliml,     tin-     eurlj      settlers   111   N'on   ' •
It,lllll'    liltUlrhl     USUI     111,11,     I'nui,,,,"
n ,     ri annus,   I
..". •* cs*'-"-oe'."-><
.1. I ,1
nl  Whip
'I'I,,, pal n li    sinnit'e studio i'
wllh 1, :,   i      .vi'il in  1     linnil". j
'l'!,,.  1. 1,'"in   I ml  I'fls'll I1
u .yi                           uu  ;';
.inin. mist ivlu
111.     ul:
.1.    '.ins wore very   ,,,„,,, ,,,.„
nud tvli
llO   I        ll    In    till'    s|-   ' ,1,1.!,,,| ;|
ti, e:        ■- llle thought | '""" "'-
1                               ......"..   t I    ' ., I ^
tiecau e  of   1                    ■.      li      ; ,'  , ,    ,'
Ibi-ons                                                , 1
1 innj     ...                tun     .-- ■ r v
my emu ■                  Un-11'"'■!' wl. i- en
In   in,..   1       I  nm   I          -    mi" rs 1, "    11 1
01-OUII I         -"          11 envy tlielll, nl .1 1'
my env; ;      lovely  thing
which I It      1 1    nt, 111 '1 its features JJ;
gi  lill lo tun.   11 I
...iii.l only I               0111? picture!   Hut ',.,
lu:'"'                                     i'i- with 1, :  he '.'
cost ..              it"l innui 'In; - "i :■: :• ■- iu sculpt
cation tvliith I 1   -I      ml in enrnli : 1 ,. r
1      bread.    And  the Inspli'iitlon  will licl.l  in I
■                 Il I         il miner while I Into 1 rat
hi         if it 1                 1 lo i." >'■    ■
.    . I   In   liis   hands t"i':-   ol
1, iiiiii                 I' is  moved  us fi	
I   Slli
:      ,  I     1,11.1,'    III,!
 I   rime
east window. Whim
dlsnpiiel I:n
Still   III.
1 l.i;.
.ir  il,.
Terms of Payment
"i "■!. e.iepl  in  the
■  -,   " ■ lain ten Instalments .-i- k
own ' ' ie first to be paid al   1,10 lime  nl pur
pur, base, the third in
'" - ■■       le shows the an innual instalments
...  ,1 liilonst
.   0 equal inlid'ls nl S50.00
•   ' - 70.1111
'. 80.IHI
I ■• nil nil
19.85 •• IIIU.IID
ui  tl urliosl   ,l„.is of the col-
he ft-iisl   uf I'lustei   svus cclebrtll-
bj In.Hi ,1.1:" niul Inns-. Tin- .I.-sii-
ii- nlwnys invited the dignitaries uf
I'hurcli mi.I '.iniu 1.1 il  11, their   ,',-
i.'i.us iiiiur muss. tVlieu -.rgensun
is.is llovernur ill (uiiuii.. niul lm niul
llisllop   l.ns.,1   dualled ns lu lhu  ques-
tl, f pi-eeedeni-e, ilm Jesuits lound
Ihoinselvos In 11 ililuiiuiiii us it, win,
-li.uild occupy ill.' I.ml,.-1 sum nl ihu
KilTlbl .' i* l'K-In-uiics-;!iis:   hipping point for the
1    North Star and Sullivan mines,
BCAI. & ELLWELL, Townsite Aj-ents.
Land  uti       1.50 are sold
'■'   IH.-sll
li iho land Is paid im in full  al
' mini lho
um j:.,:,i ia...   ■  ,,   .
merest al -l. per  cent   s.in be
ver due in la
The t" ■       	
..I ■,. ,     ■ i.
in        Elko, Cranbrnok, Hnyelle, ki',.!i
i '■ :    rcsliin ind  Kimberley.
The tonus ut payment are one third
i;i-!,. and die balance in *i\ an.l twelve
un- or Hm Uisliop. Tlm timii suliiii'.ii.    s„ ilm tulheri
| neither uf them.
ilfcrdlna i tilur innl
CranbrOOl    s "le -'■v's'ol-a' ;,,i'l!l -*' "ic Crows Nesl Pass
: j ami Ihe commercial centre of South
:.isi Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
Tlm   painter
r, ui dell ■ i.
U". ,
somiM'suitlts in    l ' ui tlm    groat .    ' j
.tl: nml  mi   Ascot,     I'ny Ilu'.',' per- -■'••'	
suns i'i'ou from iniii'iiil sin ulight   In-    ' '    •-,/., '.',,'.'.' ,
In.hi   three suns  ul   sniirist'.
Kiisi.'l'  tiny   is  u   rulisiisuis     f.sl iv.il ' ___.,„.____.„
of mnrked  importance,   Afler    Unit,
is,.!,   ,ls   „„„,..   iiliiuriiliim.s.   ,l„.     ml-    '    ">-»'-i"-*M«
vent ,,f I'li-iur '...is hailed -.villi Joy
it wus Um fiisii.iii fur llm | pie   n
remain    up    until midnight   ui  Ilnl.
Satnrduy    It, break    tlm fust    nil I
Kitchener is in the cenicr of thegreal ' n
Iron range ami the t;uieisii.i in the While 1'0
Qrottsc copper fields    .1. I   iiUKOESS, '■'
Tow nslte Agent. ., I
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
tor maps and fi     ;r informational ply to Agents as aho. e or Id
T; ;e o  as.l\
■  ■■
u.is observed wiih 11
uf llm earl) C'liristii
mis permitted during lln Iv Wool
ns pernio I 'ino  II,,ly ISu.'k  mnl a- -J -sy
any other austerities wore enj ed !,        |        | f f-fl f    Oh *■•     i       *\
l.'Abho rnsen
aiiiiiiiiiii'iun, dose
im,' in lho early
as fulloiss.
in. h illstliiKiilslieil '
ilutl mi Enster din- J
du.ss of Hm colony   ■
lhe iiliW. "ill,   or
ih.is,• times nl  in- ■
tile cere,, y,   bul   J
.'   i It. bt            bitterly,
0 I Then tho
, :
r    ' '
'j     I ■:     ..
: I
, ,     i   :
t..,' ilm .loin
own Inii".
I ..
worn   nut   ul
nl each i-i. i lllll :
-   nl
■     ■    ii  beef  in...-
Saw and Planing Mills        j
:::AT |
■     . \
M.l.     KINliS    OF  2
\'  R^o'gh -   :j |
Pressed Lumber,!
Dioiensitvn Lumber,
litis    s and \
0 Markets
r] in ali the
m Principal
1 -r
=--   1 owns in
i,  .:•:■ : w.:Co::
A Ocinnos & Co..
eat Merchants  I
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
««« j
'*■■** We supplj ,,!,.". the i . -t     , ,,ur
' "j
sS!lJEr:T0:O ilEl   ,
Robinson k McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds 0!
Rough and Dressed Lumber
u.ills   ,|„, . .nun.,:
here wns    pre-
IN   S'i'.K':     IB MADE TO ORDEn. ]
-----•■*•>-'--- "- "*■*■■ Do Vou Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
V.     ''a
The Hr«-i»t   D
.   ' I   ilny
i i
'. :
llllllll    I   ■
uud sl
i, ii .
,1ms     li
lil.nli. 'i
t    ■
i     '
I ,
1   .        : '
1      '
- i'i'
"Vou huso    I i I
fill.   III!
Uf I,
III "I 'llll   I'
ll. I ' I  '"   ■   I ' ■    !
I    ,       ,       I   . 1101   IV, li,  :    i       s It' 'I
K,,r jk,i v Itn and ivntor courses, tii.it , n ti
..' , .,    in   •",   ,    in ,..-... ilry pnilt
*, . Jo,     lhu .mull,    ia     lltilll   wllh a   li    in Ut!      '    '  '
I " , lorspi'1'ned tvllti forest,   lu	
lei .  'I
'      I''
iu uml iiseil
tables wuiu
liusl svunt
...I mil ll*
politer on liml ii.i'ilinli-
Uolillu.l Throughout
!. !i. VanDecar, Prop.
Crnubi ,ok, li. C.
 ■ M ui Conifnttable
iu '.■     i. linst Ki itctisy.
"        ,   [Intniiheil
Iim st
..I,    nml     ll	
.,   lho     ivliiiln
-s. **»- ■**■ «*-*«?. -<*.<i
 »"""•■ :o o i t h n ;   - . ;oo;  '
I.10SI    ,'" "      lo       I , p-    u-    -j   r      .      .       ' u    i U      , P   '   \ O HP .    !
I,,,,.,v ,i,,„    |    i:       ,   ;  ■■ Hln    i.        E   '•  9 5    '  Z      U ti fcl    'i-i. \-!j)u 1.1   t
',..   I,    Vi.i,
::,orO    'T !  1! : ' :o:0: ' *
us.-ll     ill- Wov l'ol im ' :'"l!a t
I'orlo     Hi nil   Musi.,,. -Jul. "v ,,         lo |    , :          bl.'ltoi bull
.     i ,i   ,,-,1's , ,  „",ii- On.-,.  Try it. v., ' • .
\            ,, „ ,,,.   ,,,!'„,.  hiigi.1'  limn li.iiliiuiii" , ill   Dl. :!.^
lulu*, nnd, i money will bedlvislislcipui in          ice                                         ri i ^
i ml' Now- .ii'i'SVuis. I'liell Ilill IX'Ceivi nil                  :'"■]•'
000 squnro feneb will receivo $20; I   ■■ ',     ,     IV i   l„        In  nil si-,!
liiiinillnnd,  u thul
mil,* lut-Kcr.
No  mi ver  betn
mi     empire     sn uru.
ivni'il's.    Tho einplro
' VslTIl
„„     omplro     su great ns King    13d-    Q
To Overcome -.:'>•'■... wiinl's.    Tho empiro lo which    Vic-
A  well  known   pliyslclnn il.1vnl.rps   torln sum l.il In 18117 covered ono-   -■
the theory tint Hu' .lisirussii,:: suiisii- j sixth     „t     ilm land surd,,',' uf tlm I
lis sunt ill the bruin    globoi lli nplro In which King Kil-
u ,' ii
)i s*.
Thenngel eteppi il in lho western \-in-   i
,l,,w nf ilm r i nnd lb ng li op, n wide. ' nml not hi the stomnrh uml Unit relli-t   ward     I
,. illllg  Hie  huso     vim-fnill'l '■■
i toluive testptl
lod unv.-i's nearly i
l times us hie „h j
s big i
A. 1'. Vroo:  .
Blnsla liiiiui"; i ' o
lleveil tlm iiiiiiuii ,-,
i'..r ul  till! s u uh
nl ttin
Wagon rink  . .
and i    .::i u.
! : . 0 K
'I'he pnliii.i   conn    .   I  it I  beside i may I
hliu.   "(-■nn ii   ■     i'      ii re?" wild or the brain.   Ho chilms to luive testptl f'^'^J"^'^,' u"nmVii%Vit'a»"tTiii   Blacksmlthln--,
'"'•  Tl"'■■      " Is out- ol this nrien nnd tlinrotiB  ly lit the rase stales,  will i   Alaskn  nn
tlioroiirgt.nl .      .   i ,„,  masters of sck  islue t    I, llo.ts ra ,, poMB,„um    | thn
enllery," ild   "Unit! inorbiu. nnd other III    on     li ntiuss-n  B „R hlg ns fontlnental Eur	
"The palmer's gns I llnwwl his.   It Is n tllstrnssliiB syn   ■ m  without n _NoW V(„.k ,,,.„„
ivns spi           .'i   lltth   "ll   win,
lilowlug    i'.ui.i.    n: truss in ll
,l,.,i below wns n light, plnrhl ^nm,. ■ cor oi me ,   , |nvnntlont tried
3nst beyond, wnsnpiiiili tree In Id. i, ol  Ice to the back ol  tin I, uml        ||u, |lpit|H,  ^..,.,,..,., „, South Af-
wlih ilnriiii;; Ihis iiiiniii It.   "Tlit'iu is iiuiiiiiiui limns  The Ice Is to lie broken rJl.n ,H ciilliul "solltl I r."    II  is u
nothing but pnsiel  in ihlsivliig," snld ,,ii i iim i.iis pL-umil imi.vt'i'ii il,. i,,'d.- iHiymndo from malt nr.,1 Imps, liotn   All kinds of work given  prompt |
hi to mnko      attention, and we will antei   '< 'ir
in* equally      satisfaction to our i i all or any Job
,, i    no do. Yosir- Fi       tde.
We have a stock of
Co :  in' i Brick,
IVes.    I Brick,
: ii;.' Brick
and Tile
...ft iiiltirs niul ulnar
tlllta Sll, "ll in l"li : I" 11" ophlllH' III,',11'
i,m."    Ilu  ruili'luil  mil   his   liiui.l   ui.il
drew Iii a climbing ruse Hull hml ,
cl  In llm ',   einenl     "Wn     III)
11,urn i'..|ii,  .:• : ' I." I n'l      i I.. :■   ' ' 11 ,1
-nul carefully lust It Bhould brush oil
towel.   Ilu
by 1,1.1,Iin : tlio Ima,I ,
niul pn
sink nr mil nml fermented,    li   is
i" n   all    i,. i nl   w.iiur exooll, HI      I r uml   In
,1,-1-1-.    Phis   Is   will in- will  in Iml   nr colli elil
liniui',  ns n  i.-li.-[   I'm   nick  Innl i'i ■ cosb bollifl vers  sbnplo,   The inllltsl
In which ho li y lire snl.lint,   ltoeti- au Ki ■* have reported fsivuiuhly
t.tui Advertiser. u|'"" "t
.    i ':  t
Geo. li. Taylor.
io. don't buy    Df-i   TET-D    Th-""KHI
until you ice..   rl^l-,1 ILK    South f   t kooitoiy.    Write (ar Pricci
Cranbrook, B. C.
PELTIEIR is also agent for
This is th-: supply point for South East Kootenay.
V   v    l\ B-.-f iL^f      ii
'-■:• .1 ready for your fall wai
k.        papering.   We will sell wai
- -|       ,■ ,......, .', . .   ,-•: ,.• ,.r be •'.
PIEPo Cl    RIE.
When Vou think of Insurance
And 3 tut slionlsi think .if it with winter coming nn
You think of HUTCH
See him or Ilis right bower, TOMMY TURLEY   .'.
Ho/ie's        Hotel Koot-   ay   ■
the bcsl rn' accomodations
LiCc      »llt;   _, lor tin (raveling public.
Hotel NBW*i
Proprietors. BGOQQOOOGt     JOS KX3QQ « -•' OOOO
Another Car
We want room to store this car. We Q
have a large stock of bed room sets. In O
order to get them moving we will give ■•*■
io per cent off for Cash    0
JUST RECEIVED, in bamboo, oak, ma- 0
hogany and enameled music racks; and q
screens, filled and unfilled; ["these are Q
moving fust as prices are very reasona- 0
The Kootenay Furniture Co., g,
Next Door to Post Office
I     LOCAL   NOTES     2
. • ■»
" Picked  Up About the City  by  Ask inn
OucHtirniH  uf  Many People.
The past week liua been very miieli
Fred Frith, of Moyie, wiih in town
over Sunday.
Don't forget the Inziuir at Wentworth
1 ball next Tuesday.
Rev. Beacham held services at Klni-
berly lust Friday evening.
Bazaar at Wentworth hall Tuesday afternoon and dance in tlie evening.
Mr. Mcl.eod, superintendent of railway mail service, was in tuwn Tuesday
J. R   Downes   lias  opened tlie Cosmo
" politan hotel and is doing a good busi-
* ness,
Don't miss the great side of blouses
' and skirts at Reld it Co.'a,   Only half
Miss Anna Grant ol Frank   is visiting
' her  sinter,   Miss   Ella,   and   friends   In
Miss McCallunt left on Thursday for
" Fernie where she will visit friends for
1  two weeks.
Mrs. J. Sidney entertained a number
* of her lady friends very delightfully on
Thursday afternoon.
Miss Magee has been appointed or*
: gnuim at the Catholic church tu succeed Mrs. Costigan.
The railroad boys ami others were
glad lo see "Sanity" MrKir/.te buck in
town for a few days tbis week.
Tomorrow is St. Andrews day mid yet
the Scots of Cranbrook have made no
preparations for haggis or brew.
The ladies ol Christ church will bold
t bazaar next Tuesday at Wentworth
hall.   Sale opens promptly at 3 p. in.
Beginning Thursday, llie 28th, today,
tbe Kiuiberley and Marysville train will
leave the Cranbrook station at 2 o'clock
Fred Pteper has beeu doing some ar-
tislicjwork iu the way of decorating the
dining room of the Cosmopolitan hotel.
The town of Frank has a chess club
Some of the residents of that booming
burg must have soiue extra time on their
"  bunds.
h. B. VanDecar has one 0 f the neaU-sl
•1 d cosiest hotel offices in the Koole-
Says. He has made the Royal a ver)
•ttractive place.
G. R. I<eask, the contractor, has sever-il new contracts for buildings in
Marysville. Mr I-eask 0 making a
great killing in Ihe smeller city.
Mr. and Mrs. 0, II. Miner entertained
• large number of friends at cards last
Friday evening. It is needless to add
that everyone present hml a good   time.
The Methodist Sunday School is pre*
* paring tbe cantata, "The Crowning of
Christmas." It will be given iu cininec
tton with their Christinas tiee on Christ*
Bias Five.
Thomas Bell left some time last week
for Spokane or other poinls. He left
quite a number of solicitous friends iu
Cianbrook who would lie pleased to see
him return.
R, K. Beattie ami Sam Morrow visited
Marysville and properties in which ihey
* ath interested up the St. Marys valley
this week. They say that Marysvllle
loiks good.
The Kntre nous Club will hold its ini
tial dame at Wentworth hall tomorrow
night. The club has been enlarged and
It is expected that many erjoyable parties wlU t>e held tbis winter.
Matters have arrived at a stage in
Cranbrook that if a young man desires
to stand right v ith his girl he must have
* cutter or the wherewithal to hue oue.
Oysters alone won't save him.
Tbe Masons met iu regular communi-
Cation   last  Thursday   night,   ami   two|
"  candidates were passed   lo the second
degree.    The   election   nl   officers   will
take  place   at  the  regular meeting   in |
Messrs McLeoil and Hunt have leas
t-tl the skating link for the coming season and are arranging to make the place
an attractive pleasure resort for ihe winter. They propose to give several entertainments during the season and Tlie
Herald hopes that the people of Cran-
liiinik will give them illiberal patronage
The Odd Fellows of Cranbrook are
contemplating the giving if a social
next month on a large scale (0 take the
place of their iiiiiiu.il bull. The mem-
beia expect to make the event one to be
remembered among the social functions
of lodges in ihe district, and invitations
will piobably be sent out to sister lodges
I*. Burns and wife passed through the
city last Saturday euroute from Calgary
to Nelson. W. W. Dobel, his manager
for tbis district, met him at tbe train
and aflei a short conference, Mr. Burns
concluded it was not necessnry to stop.
Pat Burns, as be is known from Ottawa
to Vancouver, is a practical illustration
of a man getting there by attending
strictly to business at all times aud ou
all occasions.
The Herald is sorry to hear ofthe con
tinned ill health of Mr. Harvey, of Fort
Steele, and trusts that in tbe near future
lie may recover so that he will he able
to take his position ugain iu tbis district. Mr, Harvey is a land murk in
South Ktist Kaotenay nml he has been
instrumental in promoting a good many
enterprises throughout the district,
Reserved in his manner, yet he is a good
fellow when once yuu know him, am!
The Herald wishes him a speedy recovery and continued prosperity.
from iii.* Marysvllle Tribune
L'H-ai Manager Hail, of the Sullivan
Co., will tmllil a handsome and ctuoili
011s residence In  the near   future at a
point overlooking the S-., Mary's river
The lenders for the Smelter Go,'s new
olllce are all lu. li will be a handsome
building 40 by 36 feel two stories high,
a stone foundation, containing eight
rooms. It will be located on Sullivan
A site has beenielected for the ho s-
pltal. Lots ll and IS In block 31 being
on Turner Avenue. Ur. O'Hagan has
made a good selection and tbe plaic
prepared by Mr. A. VV. McVittie show -.
very neat building Indeed. Allowances
have been made for all modern conveniences and the hospital will he one ol
the neatest cottage hospitals In the
The building will be commenced at
once and the hospital ready for business about Christmas.
The saw mill erected by the Smelter
Uo. Is now In place. It will be leady
to run by the (list of the week. It will
have a capacity of 13,000 to 30,000 fiet
per day. The boiler, engine and sawmill machinery was supplied by the
-.lift-brook Machine Co., of Sberbrook,
(,- lebec.
Messrs. II igan and Hull In conferance
with the townsite agents selected a block
Jlu by 138 feet for scliool purpose, lots
1:1, ll, Ui and 10, block SO Tbey
selected 100 feet by 193 for government
1 lllcc purpose. Buh sites are central
and convcnlet for the purposes for which
they arc Intended.
The contract for clearing and grading
the building site for the smelter was
let this week to the l-mifc H-others.
A space BOO feet by 350 feet will flrsi
nave to be made dead level. On this
level space the excavation for tbe stone
foundation will be made. Work In being pushed as rapidly as possible and a
large force of men arc at work,
Marysvllle's growth Is belplcg the
district. Merchants In tbe surrounding
towns are feeling the bjiieiU of this
growth. Every train running to Marysvllle has from one to four car loads of
goods for this point. The Tribune believes that the general good of ihe dis
trlot is the point to be aimed at and the
building of the smelter and rettnery at
M-irysvllle, Is doing more general good
for the district than any one thing that
has ever happened In It. Marvelous
Marysville is the best point In the district, at tbe present time, to Invest
money In.   It Is a Pay Roll Town.
him to plat the town In a way that
would produce tbe inou satisfactory
results in the future. Two years from
now tin: Marysvllle townsite will be a
beautiful monument 10 his genius.
The pessimists Say, "Ob yes, a smelter at Marysvllle, but how about dry
U is true that dry ores will be a nee
easily for our smeller but ai Senator
Turner saiu some wetks ago in an Interview given by him tu a Wesi lio.te
nay paper This is the third smeller
we have been Interested In and we
shall do the sjuie here as we have In
o'her places, that Is we shall bring In
our tlry ores."
Uut as soon as the railway up the
river Is finished the haul for dry ores
will bt- a shori one as there ate many
promlilng dry ore properties up there.
Review of the Publications Relating toThisCountry in!900.
1 Kurt 1-UMle PruaiMtn
One   nt     the     most    notable    events
of the week was the iiiuriiage of Leonard Harper and Kleatior Horsley in the
Church ol Si. John llie Divine Thursday,
Promptly nt 12 o'clock the bridal party arrived at the chuteh. The ceremouy
was performed by the Rev. 1! Dencbam,
pastor of Hit* Church of 1*) iglaud al
Immediately following the wedding a
reception ut the Imperial hotel was ten-
deied the couple, which the friends ol
the happy couple attended in a body to
tender congratulations ami good wishes,
After the reception Ihe bible mid groijui
drove to Wasa,   In n few days they will
reiurn ami lake up their residence al Ihe
roucb ami will he prepared to receive
their friends,
it was a pretty wedding and the happy
couple were tin.- recipients of many useful
Might As Well All Uu.
Phoenu Pioneer:    Premier Dunsmulr
expects to take a trip south shortly
Willi Mr. Wells In Ottawa, and Mr
Prentice iu Kugland, the government ol
British Columbia will then he represented by ihe one remaining minister—
Hon. D. M. Eberls, acting premier, acting president of the executive council,
acting bead of Ihe council of public instruction, attorney general, acting minister of finance, acting minister of educa
tion, acting minister of mines, Acting
chief commissioner of lauds and works.
acting provincial secretary and acting
minister of agriculture,   What a farce!
Former Wardoer Hoys.
I'lini-nh Pioneer,
Isaac Berkman, formerly manager of
the old Victoria hotel, left on Monday's
train for Sun Francisco, via Spokane
and Vancouver. He will engage in bus
iuess in the California city
J. II. W miner, of Grand Forks, has
been awarded a contract for hauling six
tons of ore daily from die Alhambrn
mine, near NeUotl, Wash., lothe Granby
Tin- r-tiiB Ari'hle hr« timer.
The death of Archlo Drcmner will
be sincerely regretted by every newspaper itiuti iu Canada who mid thu
privilege of knowing him. Mr. Uremner wns one of the cleverest writers
mid nn,: of the best all-round Journalists Canada baa produced, Uin
humor wus of that 'quiet' quality
which never grows stale; his general
knowledge vvaa wonderfully wide and
correct; his descriptive work was
racy and entertaining, nnd ni iho
sumo time correct; uud his heavier
articles were of the first order, lie
was a whole-souled, genial, companionable man, who made friends
wherever be went; he wus always tho
life und soul of any company h.*
found himself in. and ho whs one of
those rare conversationist.-? who never tired those who listened to him.
He was generous and his friendship
wns warm      anil  loyal.     He  was  tlio
enemy of conventionality, pretence,
hypocrisy nnd fraud, und never failed
lo give these a solid rap when opportunity offered. As a newspaper
man ho stood in ihe front rank, nnd
bis Influence upon tho press of Cnti-
ndii will bo felt for many wars lo
come. God rest, thee, Archlo; thy
friends will miss thee sadly.—Hamilton Spectator.
Welllniftou'i (ouk.
Wellington's personal taste and
habits like those ol most great men,
were very simple. He cared not -for
show or pomp of any km,I. Inst.-ail
of building a counterpart to Blenheim, for which money hud been voted, he bought und improved Strut h-
(leldsayo, a common country ginlle-
iiuiii'H house. In liis diet he wns very
nbslemiuuH,    even to the  Injury,     It
appears,    of    his    health,    lie, of
course, kept 11 lirsl-rale French cook
for his guests. The cuuk, it wus
said, one day suddenly resigned, Tho
Duke, in ostonlshmont, asked the reason. "Wus his salary hisufllclenf.-"
"No, my salary is very handsome.
lint 1 mn not appreciated, I cook
your dinner myself, u dinner iii for
a Kiliir. Vu„ say nothing. 1 go mil
und leave     ihe under cook  tn rook
your dinner.     11.- gives ymi a dh r
fit lor a pig. Ymi say nothing, I
um not appreciated, 1 must go."—
(j uld win Smith,
November. |    A   w   McVittie, who has had charge
One month more and Christmas w Hll of the townsite survey, has done a  fine
h« here.    Merchants should  prepare lo   piece ot work.    Nat only is he a  man
Hi .ike    their
**' public.    I.et the people know >
Urni income in and see what y
for Chrimmis burgnni,
lo    the j Fully   equipped   with   the     technical
>u want I knowledge   to  perform   the work In   a
mi have J most   approved  manner,   but   he  also
I possesses Hie artistic sense that enable
IM, ll   l>lil.
A party of youths nt an English
seaside Lown had tried ull the punny-
ln-ihe-slot machines on the pier, until
ut last they came lo one that didn't
respond to Um penny placed jn the
"Look here, my man," suid Ihe
eldest of the party to the pier attendant-, "that machine is to try
your weight; the next your height;
the next your strength; then, yuur
sight; and now I've put a penny in
this thing, but I didn't .see what'it's
"That, sir," replied the plormnn,
"Oh, that, one is to try yuur temper, sir."
And it did,
ll Wn* Edited by ihe Fro[«;s*ur of Htstorj
(Prat wru 11 j-, of Torunto University,
•nd PublUhed by That lt,-.ut uiiut,
i'i   Learning - Can ail u.'*   iiii*
(lout tu tbe Empire   Ottwi
-H-CUOIll,      uf       tb*
The fifth volume of "The Review ol
Historical Publications Helming Lo
Canada," published by Lhu University
of Toronto, and edited by the professor ol history (Professor Wrong 1 nud
the librarian of tbe unlversilj (Mr,
ll ll l.ungtoii). bus just appeared,
mid en 1 bodies a review ol .ill tho
publications of LDOO rolnllng Lo
Canada.    K  Is sumptuously  printed.
Annually    for  Hve    years « volu	
such us ihis Ims been issued, H
seemed at inst hardly possible thai
each year n book of more than iwo
hundred pages could be filled wnli
review of Un- publications relating lo
Camilla appearing iu a single year.
Vol h.-re ii is. Nearly seven pugoB
an-      taken   up   With   the   brief  titles
ill  of these publications.
I'he contents aru divided
conveniently into groups, of
winch "Canada's Relations to
the Empire" siamls first,
Nothing very Important under Ibis
■head appeared in L000, if we except
tin- able book uu "Commercial Fed-
erutlou and Colonial Trad.- Policy."
will leu by  Professor  Davidson of the
University of New Brunswick, Ho
proposes, in lieu of preferential
iiii.!.-, that subsidies should bo paid
iu order to cheapen transportation
within tlie Empire, This would
amount to a practical preference^ and
would do good all round. Anything
more tbnn ibis is unlikely, he thinks,
to  be enVi'tcd.
The second set Uon in The Review
is '-The History of Canada," and
a huge number of works appeared
in 11)00. There are some learned reviews Oil the Cabot question. The
great edition of the "Jesuit Relations." just, completed, calls for a
long article. A new and scholarly
life of riiuiiipluiii, by M. Gravler,
has appeared, uud some attention is
paid to works on the diplomatic relations   between   Great    Britain     and
Hi.- railed states affecting Canada.
A good many inaccuracies and omission- iu Uu- articles on Canadians
in ihe "Dictionary of National Biography" me pointed out.
In ih-- third section, -"Provincial
and Local History." the French
shore question ns it affects Newfoundland is reviewed, the "tenth
island" being treated as really a
pari of Canada. The Nova Scotia
tJoverniuenl has published 11 new vol-
huiu of archives throwing moru light
upon the Acadian question, .lodge
Hoiitliier 1ms written an interesting
history of the City of Quebec, and
.Mr. .John Ross Robertson's "Landmarks of Toronto" is noted The
Northwest and llritish Columbia are
much in evidence, Mr, Heckles Will-
sun's nnd Dr. Uryca's histories of
th.- Hudson Buy Company being tho
nmsl important works in tin- year.
Mr. Bnillle-Grohinnn gives mi amusing account of sport and life in British Columbia.
In ihe fourth section, "Geography, Economies and Statistics,"
numerous works on the Klondike me
nol iced.        This      review   is   llie  best
guide to the enormous literature upon (liis subject. In uu earlier volume Dr. (i. M. Haws,in, lln- htto Hi-
rector   of   the   Geological   Surv.-V      of
Canada, described the Klondike lii-
eralure     up to  ihe time of writing.
The publications of r.'iiii hnvo not.
lost ihe former sensational character.
'Ihe Klondike miners are, il appears,
admirers of Shakespeare. "Nearly
everywhere Shakespeare seems to lie
the favorite author. ... A gulch
thut had a full set of Shakespeare
considered itself in for rather a cosy
winter, and there were regular
Shakespeare dubs, where each miner
took a certain character to read.
The reviewer of the Statistical
Year-book of Canada, edited by Mr.
George Johnson, rebukes what lie
cuils   its  tone of  narrow   patriotism.
The progress of mining in Canada
und the work of the Geological Survey ure described, nud we lun.- a record of travel in Canada, extending
from Labrador to the Tnclflc Const.
Perhaps ihe most breezy book reviewed is "Buffalo Jones' Forty
Years' of Advent ure," "Archaeology, Ethnology und Folk-lore" uud
"Education" complete tin- volume.
Many publications relating to the
Indians iu Canada appeared during
the year, in connection with education, renders are pleased to see a
skotch of the career uud a complete
bibliography of Sir Daniel Wilson.
On the whole, the contents of the
review ure most varied and Interesting, Nowhere else is tin-re to be
found such a repertoire of Information regarding works on fanuda.
Professor Wrong and bis collnbora-
tours criticize frankly, The tone Is
fair, however, and flunk criticism is
siill so rnre in thin country ns to
deserve a special  meed   of  praise,
Wlit-lp* <>r llie I.Ion.
Of nil the   colonics   New Zealand
sent the largest proportion of its
strong youth to light on the African
Veldt. While Canada bus sent onu iu
every 1,328 of iis population, mid
Australia one in every HMO, Now
Zealand ims sent one in every ;i:j,r».
I Iiiiii),''.!  Her Vli-nx.
Dolly—So Bessie Is to be married,
after  all!  She  Used  to  pretend  to  be
a confirmed man hater; told uie once
sho wouldn't Wed a kingl
Flo.—Did she, poor thing! Well,
she's got to put up with a knave
how.--Ally Slopcr,
I .-Iti-rn Hucelved by I.imiiI r-i.
Each  Londoner on an average received two letters a week.
Hulli-inn  l.nb.ir Trmihl.., of Til.
The   Railroad -Tho    laborers    have
returned   to    Llielr     work,    havint
agreed lo the contractors' regula
lions—11! hours and six sllllllngl
York per day. says The Toroiilt
Globe of May 17, 1801, At present
all  is apparently satisfactory.    Th,
troops have md  I n sen I from L011    ,
don,    and     under     prusenl  olroum-    , . . ...
Itancus tbey are Hot rei^tut-jtl^ . Ul repairing.     UiVC IDC 11 Ulll.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old slides made new.   All kittds.
)OG( : .        ■■'   I
We art- daily receiving New Cowls, q
Everything we  hnve will be up to q
date.    No old stock.   Come and see a
the Roods.     It will cost vou noth- O
ing, (
OCOOCC;  ( ( ©QO« )G< ( GO( K h K K 'GOO
Of a Liquid Nature
*thi's   Fluid Beef
G. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple Qrocerles and Crockery.
Epps, V.inl loulcn's,
Fry's Cadbury'.'
Wc are anticipating1 the Xm.is season by placing on our shelves
complete variety ol Dried Fruits, including Currants in packages and
bulk, Raisins of the Unest quality, seeded or otherwise. All kinds of
Nuts, shelled or otherwise. Our already complete assortment ol Confectionery will in a few days be added to by those unequalled G- 11.
Chocolates of which we have the sole agency. A lull line ol staple and
choice Groceries. Of the celebrated "Kin Hee" Coffee we will have
more to say next week.
Orders for alt varieties and quantities of Lumber respectfully solicited, and will have prompt attention il left at our store.
The only ccrlalnl) in lift: Is -Ji-aih.     While in good lu'nllh lhc provident man guards against
disaster Iu his famili ur estate by a pulley.
The Mutual Life of Canada
Formerly the Ontario Mutual Life
Is noted for its favorable rates, high dividends and honorable dealings
Is a company of policy-holders, by policy-holders, for policy-holders, and
a "policy in it pays."
C. R. PALMER, District Agent
to <•>
*>>— "°—-
j*i   New M inapetnenl
V       Newh l-'drnished
Cosmopolitan |
l^nTn. Hotel s s
** * .*-.» ..-- j* .,* .-* tk j.v/ i,v-j,   ^?--»   Sic?""       X
to <■>
to        Everything is firstciiss and will be maintained in m
^s, that way.    Only house healed by furnace. &
to ->
$j Will be in charge of E. E. Orchard, the well known <>>
to chef, which is a guaranty that the table will be satisfac- 8
to <*>
4> tory in every respect. .-\
to <■>
to        THE BAR will be supplied with the very best of m
^ Liquors and Cigars.      The traveling public are invited  59
to to call.   Open on and after November 25, 190). -$
! Manitoba Hotel
J Centrally Located  Comfortable Rooms   Well liqnipped liar
The rianitoba Hotel Is One of the Best In South
East Kootenay.     Your Patronage Is Solicited
Home Hade
Thai. iV \\ hat ours
is like.   Try it.
City Bakery.
Our buns, bread, cake ims] tickets lor uleat
tl. T.   Rune's -rstii'is store.
All elegant line of
Cranbrook   Souvenirs
High Grade Watches
Choice Selection in
Jewelry *
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta-
clewarc, clc.
W. 10 Tate, *HjWihr
Crauhrook, B. C.
Olllclal .Viitsli li,-|'i.liir tor C. I'. «., Crowi
Nest Pass Division.
Livery  S
Proprietors •< -.* j*
Teams ,s,s,l itii.os Isirnisheil for any
point in lis..' 'iistiiit.
Manager   „*   „*   Jt
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking And
Graduate or Champion college of U. S
Office nml Btore, Aiken block,
neat Chnailtnil Hunk of Coin*
merce, Cranbrook, It C
Up hoi lie ring und General Furniture Repairing
Will utii-ntl lo nny work in the ilistrict
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
Licensed Provincial Assayer
nd rnntntl miAyer t«i
hr   N
rlli Sl n
■ Hi >■ i
.-.ii  Kim
upiny. iiiniit',1, »ih
■ .ii Mnryiviiio, H. U
i iy  ;il   N„ith  stiir
o   hroiniHiitleniloit
iu in.ni..
We, the I'udorsiitui-d \l li  King ft Co., wlili
nnullfj ouruUHl i- mid thu pnblln thai mi
iml after N'nvembri   i Lli,   Inst., Wo Will  he
tiiowniw tl ii un: Morriilittle I'omimiiy" illni-
ie.1), who will nuiiniL-ii-] ih- H-iM-ii uu i iiuiiiu
ll.'s nf -.mil M. |i KluB&Cn,
McBride Bros.
Heating Stoves
Cook Stoves
Tinsmith ing
McBride Bros.
|| Cranbrook
Hotel S &
Gucsls Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling iu Connection
Nearest tn ralltoatl nml depot.   Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
' (•)•-•-*•-• • •
• ♦ • • ♦ ♦•♦♦♦••*••(§) ®i • * >■->
•*■♦'»'»■•■■»11 >••«-•»■♦
tv II
J*0 1 llj I
intlci ..I
'niul ni
il uml  1
it muni >' .. ...I.I..I
i -  ind  i<* l , H<h
.i ..iinro .r nroiperl
\l it. klu
iii. "rom-anlei Wli
tin- iiniifi ni tin.
.It'll.) Ill-111    1 !>lll|»l
v li) mu
ni  Ihey
1  IIS lllll
.-, Co,
llllll 1'p
y, l.im
1 It'll
i horelij
l.il   Mn
mi'n tluil nt nu It
ii um tit
■i Unit
I Iin
. l.il
nl. >
-I I.
'■l-.lifi  null, A.  li i-Ml, ii
«..iui.iii|n\;i-.iiui) immitii which roioliitlonlit
il Mil>,i-.|ii.-nl   I \lt. ''im,   lii'lii'Kil Mi'i-ltliM
.mi) ..n. ii mid ini t mi Muvamlior llli, ,\. i>
inoi, wan iliiiyi iirmed us n spuiU rranlul ,
M sn, I, i,,,i mn tn-1 i im,' io- ...Y'llnt-
liiouli nl u in.nn i,-n imitt Kiilshmy, ltii|,(nf
-'-■'■ill "I \-'i i vw In lhu h-nvliiCD nf lln I hll
I'uliimhh im l-lipi unloi mnl .it ll, Aliliot, Ksq.,
al th""! I»l« '-ii- liiM-cctin fin ilu* itiirimie
.'I   HU' «"lllllll'  tl|l  Ml- llllUll,
S'nllcDlsntinmivi'uuiiniiiiii tlio "tiomiia.
olosW in i ii Acl, iMin," seoiImi tut thnt the
i rwllloi'sol im.i «iii is linvhiti ulnlniHiitioti tlio
said fumimiiy nro rctinlreii un or before the
-'"Hi "f l» c i. A. I),  lEhl), in miiiiI their
inuiii s ;i il ii i.iiesMs. iiii> imilluu ftifl oftbolr
tl,-iits in cl,ilnis mnl ii:.- iiiiuiii' of ili<- securities,
ii nny, held i.y iliem in \Vll"nm Kerrlmnn ShIb-
imi). Vim ver, n. i., thu l.l.|iililutiir ..r tlm
mii.l Company.
\utii'D is further ulvcii Unit nfter sticli lunt
ini-iiti.ini'.i data iii.' kind llipildalor win i rodeed
to distribute the as-cti nf ihe Bald C'dinnnny
nmnntl the iiarilos cnlitlnl thereto liuvlnare-
Haul mil) n. ihe claims ol which be Bhnllthan
llllll' llllll' i.
Unti-'.i ut Veacouver, It. c, Movembof M, 1001,
iKImiiiit 1'ltml.i-U,
Mackliinon hi HdiuK, (Iranvlllo street,
Vancouver, H.O.
n-'i-iiv      gullcltw im uu-Sold Uqnklator.
Read the Herald
and pay for it


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