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Cranbrook Herald Apr 25, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
How. Gtso. A. Cox, President.
B. E. Wai.ki;r, Gen. Man-
Paid Up  Capital  W.OOO.OOO.W
Rest  2,000.000 00
Total  Resource)  65,000,000.00
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
Those Stoves of Gilpin's Cook with Comfort
This cut shows the Best Cook Stove in Canada for the price—
McClary's "Brandon" for $20. J* Steel Ranges for either
coal or wood, for but very little more money,   j*   jt   jt   jt
New     Carpets,     Rugs     and     Curtains
We furnish your house complete from cellar to dome and do it
right.    Drop into GILPIN'S.    Satisfaction sure to follow.
Will wear out his Shoes much quicker than a dull boy.
3$ Its a good sign to have him do so. It shows there is
3| motion in him. We have just the Shoe for this kind
iff of a boy, Shoes that will keep him busy trying to get
C the best of. It matters not how many boys you have,
C or their size, we can fit them and save you money.
|reid and company
% Sole   Agents   for   the   Celebrated   Slater   Shoes
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specially
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommoda-
tions for the public unequalled in Cranhrook.
♦® (•>•-*♦
5T Why take chances on losing your life with cheap fuse
4 when we can supply you with       jt       jt j*
ft Bennett's Always Reliable Fuse
%  - - — 	
toMade      in      three      grades.       Also
| Pope's   Safety   Fuse   Igniters
£   * 33
■A) Neither Water or Wind will stop them from lighting ^
*p the fuse. Wc also have a Fuse Coupler for shaft 9
0 work. Wilh this devise you can explode 5 shots 9
0 wilh one igniter without danger. Call and let us show
0, them to you. We are agents for these goods, and for
X the   best    powder   on    earth,    THE    GIANT
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
J. P, FINK Jt Jt a*
Untiled ♦
When You Ride a Wheel
rjdeXqoop ONE
I have a fine line this year, inclqcl-.
ing the Clgyeland, Dominion, Gen-*
dron, Antelope, Geneva and Ideal.
Come and see them.   Prices Right.
...   Q. H. Miner
The Cranbrook Tort -It Athletic Association will hold its spring meeting
May 27 aud aS. The first day will be
devoted to uthletlc sports tnd the second
to horse racing. The purses and prizes
Aggregate $1000 tnd the meeting promises to he a success in every particular.
Thc Members ol Christ Church Close tf
Ihe Post Veer's Buslicss.
Tbe annual meeting of parishioners
was held iu the church on Wednesday
evening, April 17, at a o'clock. The
Rev. Huvelock Iteacham, late appointed
incumbent, presiding. About 35 parishioners were present, Including some of
tlie ladies of the congregation. Afler
prayers, the incumbent addressed tbe
meeting in a few well chosen and appropriate words. He congratulated
those pre.-ent in attaining their desired
object in gaining after many struggles,
au independent parish, and asked for
tbe hearty co-operation of all in the work
be had undertaken. He referred to the
fact that be was their pastor pro tern,
aud frankly stated that If he proved acceptable be would remain, but if not ke
would retire, as soccess could Hot be
achieved except by tbe united efforts of
tlie priest and people. The speaker
urged upon tbose present the need of a
successful Sunday school, and asked air
to co-operate with him in tbe upbuilding
of that branch ofthe work.
Tbe regular business of the meeting
was then taken up. James Gill was
elected cleik, and the minutes of the
last regular meeting were read and approved. S. P. Morley read the church
wardens' report of 1900 and 1901. The
report set forth tbe fact that substantial
support bad been given the guaranteed
stipend fund. It also eulogized the
Ladies' Guild for tbe great work performed during the last year, and gave to
J, F. Armstrong the credit of holding
tbe congregation together during the
time tbe church was without a pastor.
After tbe financial report bad been read
oflicers of the church were elected as
Incumbent's warden, H. Haines; people's warden, G. h. Morrow; sidesmen,
A. R. Turner, DeVere Hunt, F. R. Morris, Dr. Barber; lay delegate*, Messrs.
Baker, Haines, Hutchison; alternatives,
Messrs. 1'iggott, Gill, Parker; auditors,
Messrs. Hutchison, Gill; vestry clerk,
Mr. Gill.   	
Miss Daisy Moffat - - - 3rd Prilt
Before wt begin to write about Soutli jenay.   'filestores are numerous and at
Bul Kootenay, we must know where lo  tractive, all carrying valuable stocks.
find it.    It is situated in tbe sou* b east
ern corner of British Columbia, am)
covers many stjuare tnUesofrlcb mining,
timber and agricultural lands. Until
late years, these mint- bave uot been
extensively developed, although in 1S64
and following yeais many millions of
dollars where taken out of Wild Horse
and Palmer Dar creeks. The principal
mineral is galena. The most important
mines, now shipping ore, are tbe St.
Eugene and Lake Shore mines at Moyie,
and the Sullivan group and North Star
mines at Kimberley- Besides the galena
mines'there are rich coal fields at Fernie
and Michel. The Fernie coal mines are
now being largely worked, and the 210
coke ovens are kept burning continually.
The timber Is another great resource of
South Kast Kootenay, as tliis district is
thickly wooded, and lumbering is one of
tbe principal industries. South Hast
Kootenay has mauy important towns:
Cranbrook, Fernie. Moyie, Fort Steele
and others. Of these flourishing towns
Cranbrook is tbe natur.il center of the
district, both as regards its situation and
its convenience to olh>*r parts of the
district. It is situated on a broad, level
flat, some mites in extent, and has the
Joseph and Smith creeks running
through it, supplying it witb pure, fresh
water. It is a division 011 tbe Crow's
Nest railway, and is the home of the
superintendent of Ihe division. The
round bouse and work shops, which employ over a hundred met), are in the
town. The C. P. R. yard is quite large,
holding over 500 cars. Tbe station
is large and comfortable and tbe freight
shed is commodious. Cranbiook is also
the junction of tbe Crows Nest and North
Star railways.
Cranbrook   commercially is the acknowledged center of South Hast Koot-
The Bank of Commerce has a branch
here, and does busiuess for many ol the
surrouuding towns.
There are three saw-mills in Cranbrook, the Craubrook Lumber company
slatted iu 1X97, aud have had no alack
season yet, Robinson Sl MeKenzie and
I.eask Si. Slater came later aud are doing
good business.
The hotels are numerous, being seven
in uumher, and afford good accommodation to the public. The Cranbrook was
tbe pioneer hotel, but when tbe town began to grow a little the others came
thick aud fast.
Cranbrook boaste ofoueof the best run
newspapers iu South Hast Kooteuay.
The news of the town and district, and
the current events ofthe world are all
accurately recorded. Its circulation, too,
is considerable; it bas now completed
Its third volume, and during its three
years of publication has doue much to
further the interest of the town and tbe
The educational system baa not been
all that could be wished, but Is becoming better. Tbe number of school attending children is 140. Three large
comfortable rooms have been provided,
each presided over by a capable teacher.
To a town the size and age of Cranbrook the churches are a credit. No less
than five roomy churches have been
erected, all of which arelargely attended,
so much so, that Craubrook has the
name of being the best church-attending
town in tbe Kootenays,
When we see the residences and stores
lhat now fuiui Cranbrook. we cau hardly
realize tbat a little over three years ago
the town consisted of tbe old customs
house, which is still standing, two or
three log huts and Colonel Baker's resi
deuce, Therefore, when Cranbrook has
made such a miraculous growth In the
past, can we uot hope for a much greater
in the future?
Improvements   iu   tbeir store aud   now
have a very attractive looking front,
Mr. Williams and family intend lo
leave the first of the week for Fernie.
Tom Ratler, the owner of tbe Aurora,
returned on Tuesday from a trip to Spokane.
Dr. Barber, the Cranbrook dentist, has
been in Moyie the past week on professional business.
Michael Sheady, of the firm of Grant
& Sheady.'relurned to Moyie from St,
Paul last week.
Miss Josephine Hugging if ft on a visit
to Spokane last week.
On May 4 tbere is to be an election of
fire wardens iu Moyie.
Tbere was a picnic held at tbe graveyard last Tuesday, A large number
were present but rain coining on .some
what spoiled the outing. Tbe purpose
view was the beautifying of the
Thomas Christian is again in Moyie
iu the employ of Hill &Joll.
The Otld Fellows will attend service
in a body next Sunday evening. Rev.
Grigg will preach,
P. 1). Hope, the druggist, went to Fort
Steele Tuesday.
It Will   be (lives oa Wcdaetday   Eveilaf
ol  Next  Week.
The ball tbat was to have been- given
under tbe auspices of the Baseball club
of Cranbrook, and postponed, will now
be given on the night of Wednesday,
May t. Tbis will be the last dance of
tbe season, and everything will be done
lo make ft a complete success. The
people of the town should give their support, since it will afford each one an
evening of pleasure, and ut the ssme
time help along a good cause.
The following ladies hav-i kria-jly consented to act as patronesses : Mrs. J. R.
Costigan, Mrs, F. R Morris and Mrs. ti.
ti. Simpson.
(Md Fellows, Notice.
Next Friday evening the Odd Fellows
ol Cranhrook will bold an open sewt*n
for the purpose of observing the eighty-
second anniversary of tbe organizattoa
of Odtt Fellowship. The members are
requested to be present with tbeir families, and also all Odd Fellows in town
who are not members of tbt local lodge.
A short program will be presented, and
ou Sunday the iflih, theaanual cbimh
service will be held at the Presbyterian
church al 1:45 o'clock. Rev For;uue will
preach the sermon and tbere will be
special music for the occasion. Every
Odd Fellow in tbe city on Sunday Is requested to meet al the lodge room
promptly at 1:30 p.m. to join the pro-
Cession to the church. A cordial invite*
tion is extended tothe public to attend
the services.
* *■
1 *
I News   From   tht   Cos)   Metropolis |
[ From Uie Iree l'ress ]
Miss M. Trilton left ou Tuesday for
A large wild cat was shot ou Sunday
afternoon close to Mr. Janes' house.
The quarantine at Michel was lifted
on Sunday.
* I
I News Notes Fran tie Mineral City *
A Fire waa Drowned.
James I'owers, well known In Cran
brook, met his death yesterday at Sirdar
iu a most peculiar manner. He was
firing for Joe Daly on tbe switch engine,
aud while crossing the trestle in some
manner lost his balance aud fell from
tbe engine into the lake. No particulars bave been received up to tbe time
of going to press,
Sim Palmer Accidentally KIM.
Sim Palmer, well known over South
Kust Kooteuay, met with a fatal accident
at Macleod last week. He was among
those quarantined at one of the hotels,
and while standing on tbe second story
veranda, leaned against tbe rail to catch
a bundle thrown to hlm. The rail
proved to be weak aud gave away,
throwing Palmer head first to tbe street.
Hia neck was broken and he died after
several hours of agony.
Mrs. Arnold, of Cranbrook, was in
town tbis week.
Little Arthur Turner, son of Mr. and
Mrs. 11. J. Turner, Is very ill aud small
hopes are entertained for his recovery-
Rev. Mr. Reid, Methodist minister ot
Cranbrook, at rived in town ou Tuesday
evening. He expects to make Feruie
hia headquarters for several weeks.
August Baldorf, accompanied hy some
twenty-five meu, left for Michel on
Tuesday evening to commence the erection of several hundred coke ovens.
Mr. and Mrs. Eschwig. ofthe Northern
hotel, entertained about seventy-five
guests at a dance given at their hotel on
Tuesday evening. A very pleasant
evening iBieported.
A very successful football meeting was
held on Friday evening of last week for
tha purpose of organizing for the season,
'Mr, Wm. Taylor was elected captain and
Mr, Sherwood Herchmer the club's
representative on the executive of the
athletic association.
T. Kde. census enumerator for Fernie,
Is hard at work. He will be through in
about three weeks. He estimates the
population, including Coal Creek aud
the mines, will rnu about twenty-four
License Inspector Barnes bad a Frenchman named Tromblay, who keeps a
restaurant north of the station, np hefore
Justices of the Peace Trites and Lange
on Saturday night, charged with selling
intoxicating liquor without a license.
Tbe accused asked for an adjournment
-In order to give bim lime to procure a
lawyer. 1 The adjournment waa granted
and on Monday evening Mr. Costigan
ol Cranbrook, appeared as counsel for
tbe prisoner. The Crown brought forward two Frenchmen as witnesses, but
they so contradicted themselves and
made such a mess of their evidence that
the case was dismissed without calling ou
the witnesses for tbe defense.
Renovsllng the Cosmopolitan.
The Cosuorolltatt hotel is being
thoroughly renovated and refurnished IB
part. Mr. Small intends to make ft oM
of the neatest and most comfortable
houses In tbe Kootenays, and -no effort
will be spared In that direction.
A reception was given Inst Friday
evening at tbe residence of Mrs. Brick
son, for tbe new rector ofthe English
churcb, Rev. Beacham, There was a
large number present nnd all bad a most
enjoyable time.
[From Tbe Herald Correspondent]
The St. Eugene miue commenced
shipping again this week and Is shipping
large quantities daily, as they have to
supply 1500 tons by the end of the
mouth. During the closedown there
are about 60 men working, so that il the
miue does not open up for a few weeks
Moyie will still bave a pay roll. It is
rumored that the mill is to be run two or
three days each week, and some ore
taken from the dump to be ruu through,
Iu all probability tbis is what will be
done, and will be continued until tbe
mine opens up in full force. Tbe St.
Eugene is too good a property to be
closed down.
On Campbell creek, a very short distance from the town, is the dam belonging to the Moyie Waterworks company
It is built between two high walls of
rock at the lower end of a natural basin,
Contractor Pollard has a force of men
working on the dnui for some time and
expects to bave it completed by tbe first
of May. Tbe creek affords tbe best of
water and in a short time Moyie will
have as complete a waterworks system
as any town in tbe Kootenays.
liHAM'  &  SHKADV'S  Mat.
The uew sawmill which is to be built
hy Grant & Sheady is to be located between the Ci P. R. station and the St.
Eugene concentrator. Work on framing
the timber lot the mill will commence
at ouce aud by June 1 it la expected tbat
the mill will be in operation. They intend purchasing a steam tug in Nelson
to run on the lake and bring their logs
from the logging camp on tbe upper
lake to their mill.
Muir's mill, having had a thorough
overhauling, is now ready for work. Mr.
Miiir has had a number of men cutting
lrgs all winter at Moyelle, and last Tuesday they were driven to bis mill in two
large booms. As tbe lake is now free
of ice work at tbe mill will commence at
Since the ice left tbe lake Mr. Grant
has been doing a thriving business with
his pleasure boats. He came to Moyie
about the first of the year and since then
has been building boats. He now bas
eight or ten first class row boats, and
that tbe people of Moyie appreciate
them can be seen any evening by taking
a look at tbe lake.
Reid Si Campbell bave been making
Building  ol (he  Crow's   Nest  Road   Will
Make Jennings Lively.
Libby News: Iu the course of a few
weeks Jennings bids fair to have a new
lease of life ami become a busy boom
Of course the prosperity will not be of
a permanent character, but when the
construction of tbe railroad to the north-
eru coal fields begins it will he tbe scene
of considerable activity, and for a time
at least business there will be good.
Tbe second corps of Great Northern
engineers have begun cross sectiouing,
and as soou as a few miles of grade bave
heen established aud measurements made
the contract for the construction ul the
grade will he let and tbe load building
begun. Michaud Bros , of Libby, were
down from Jennings last v.eek ami
purchased tbe big hunting boat
of W. A, Hit Ua which tbey have
taken to Jennings. The Michaud boy
bave beeu hired at a salary of J 15c per
month to haul supplies tor tbe cross-
sectioning corps of engineers and as tbe
route Is along the river and tbey are ex
pert boatmen, they will take iu supplies
and move camp for the engineers.
The steamer North Star which bas
been tied up at Jennings and is also being overhauled aud wben the grade contracts are let and tbe construction of the
road begun, will be put in commission
and used to transport supplies while tbe
road is building.
Of the road building tbere is no longer
any question. President Jim Hill has
issued au authoritative statement to this
effect, and during bis present trip to the
coast will undoubtedly issue tbe neces-
say orders to bis subordinates.
The Crows Nest Southern Bill Passes
Tlie   Cuininitlee
The   C.   P.   R.    Makes    Many
Changes in Railway Officials
East and West.
application l<
ami continnes
the railway co
valuable consul
ant with lhe ^o
11 )   Thai,   r.
The Moyie Leader Three Vesrs Old.
Last week tbe Moyie Leader was three
years old. A paper that is three years
old in Kast Kootenay, shows thnt tl •
mau who started tbe paper saw a whole
lot of pioneering and hardships, tired
Smyth, editor of tbe Leader, was one of
the flrst who saw a future for Moyie. He
broiigh his plant from West Kootenay
on a mud sled, and issued the lirst copy
ofthe Leader when there wad nothing
more than hope and gall to susuin a
man in tbe newspaper business in Moyie.
Dut be never faltered. Week after week.
when cheese and crackers were a banquet, and a $2 note looked as large as a
show bill, Smyth's laugh was always
cheery, his smile infectious aud his predictions of prosperity appeared with unfailing regularity iu tbe L-fader. He
kept persistently at it, spreading thc
news of Moyie's great riches throughout
Canada and the United States. He said
Moyie was all right, and time has dem
onstraled bis wisdom. Today Moyie is
one of the best towns in Kast or West
Kootenay. The temporary suspension
of tbe St. Kugene has its effect at tbe
present time, but in a short time that
will all he forgotten. Moyie has a future
aud it is bound to be a bright oue, ami
The Herald trusts tbat tbe future of tbe
Leader and its editor, will be equally si
A Successful Concert.
Oue of tbe best concerts ever given in
Cranbrook was that of lhe Foot ball association on Tuesday evening. The program was an excellent one ftom beginning to end, and what is more, it was
closed at 10:30, a fact ihat met with the
approval of all, The innovation of barring encores was a pronounced success
Those in attendance were free in their
expressions of satisfaction, and Ibe Poot
Hall association was highly complimented on its first effort lu the concert line.
Census Work Nearly Completed.
Jud Langley, census commissioner for
this district, was in town yesterday. He
says that tbe work of taking tbe census
for the district is about completed. All
of his enumerators will be through in
two or three days, excepting C, M. Kdwards, who has been delayed by being
quarantined al his home. He is at work
again and will complete bis part ol the
work sonic time next week.
Tbe Crows Nest Southern railway bill
h-js passed tbe railway committee, ofthe
house of commons, and the chatter will
be granted, The vote was uuaiiinujs,
and was based on the following agreement:
Agreement between tbe Craws Nest
Coal company, lhe Crows Nest Southern
railway and His Majesty tbe King herein represented '■•* the government ofthe
Dominion. Til* ; eatuble recites the
■ tauten 1 lor a charter
be coal company and
ny for divers good and
lions do hereby coven*
nmeut .*.*-> follows:
hex b\ the action of
tbe coal company in regard to the piices
at which coal or cuke shall be sold, nor
by the action of the railway company respecting the cost of transportation,
whether by discrimination rebates or
otherwise, nor by the action of both inch
companies, either acting by themselves
alone or iu connection with transports-
tiou agencies without the international
boundry lines, shall coai or coke either
or boih be sold for consumption outside
ot Canada or to consumer's outside of
Canada at prices wbicb discriminate uu-
fairly against consumers iu Canada.
12.1 If at anytime upon satisfactory
evidence being given to the governor*
generalin-caur.cil ke should be of opinion that tbe spirit of this agreement is
being violated and every such case, and
when aud so often as such violation occurs the governor-ger-eral-in-coucnil
may impose upon tbe ccal company aod
tbe railway company such restrictions
and conditions respecting sales or supplies of coal or coke and tbe transportation thereof to or ior the use of consumers outside of Canada for such a length
of time and within such times as he may
think fit. with a view to preventing such
unfair discriminations.
Ij) The order-in-ccuncil imposing
such restrictions and conditions shall be
published in the Canada Gazette, and if
after such publication ibe coal company
sell or supplies coai or coke or the railway company transports coal or coke
contrary to the terms of such order, the
company so violating tbe terms of such
order shall pay, and hereby covenants to
repay to the government as liquidated
damages for such breach the sum or £3
for each and every ton of coal or coke io
sold or supplied or transported. The
amount of such damages to be recovered
by action by tbe attorney-general of
Canada on behalf of the government In
any court of competent jurisdiction.
(4 ) The reason for requiring the laid
companies to en:er into tbis agreement
being tbat at present it is believed by
the government that there is no eff-clive
and satisfactory competition by other
coal and coke producers iu Canada. It
is agreed lhat when t.y order of the
governor-general-in-council it is declared
that by the opening of other coal mines
or the manufacture of eke by others
such effective and satisfactory competition has arisen that this agreement shall
terminate with respect to coal or coke
both, according to the nature of such
Mr, Sifton accepted the suggestion
that the lasl clause should be  amended,
provided that Instead of tbe agreement
terminating it should only be suspended
during tbe continuance of effective and
satisfactory competition.
C. P. H. CblflfM.
Montreal, April 21 —Tlie following
Official appointments nre a n 11 ou need  by
the Canadian Pacific railway:
Mr. Wni. Whyte, at present manager
of the western lines, to be assistant to
the president.
Mr. Tbos. 'fait, present manager of
eastern lines, to be kanager of transportation.
Mr. Jas. Oborne, at present superintendent of the western division, to be
superintendent ol the Atlantic division,
with headquarters at St. John, N. IJ.
Mr. H, 1', Tinimemiiin, at present
superintendent of the Atlantic division,
to be superintendent ofthe Ontario aud
Quebec divisions, with headquarters at
Mr.j. W. Leonard, nt present superintendent ofthe Ontario ami Quebec division, to be superintendent ol the western
division, with headquarters St Winnipeg.
Mr. C. W. Spencer, to be superintendent of the eastern division, wilh headquarters at Montreal.
Superintendent  0,   I.  Hury is  having
bis residence connected with the C. i\
Editor and Proprietor,
The Herald desires to give tlu newsol the
dtstrtet. II you know anv about your town
yuur mine or your people, send » to this omce.
Notlc-a is hereby given tltai one i
dale I Intend toap|«yta tbo obk-1 u nn tlmci
ot lauds nml works for peruitatoii lu imrclinss
l!;e rollowiugtlosorlbeil lands In K.st Kuoteiinyi
Conn iclujtai a i»"*t nliuitad ui the smith an*i
uoriiui of u.i mi Hi group i lt.>oten») illstrlot,
atul innrkwl, "tl -nurd's N. B, t'otner." therea
south su eh'iins, thenco weal maliatns, thenco
O'irtli ni olialui, tli* nt- enst so a ialns i» tho
i.in-e ni hot) nulug, eon nintui! <uu a* rt s nioro or
tltuatoiii Soulh lasi Kootonayi Gonuneuclitfl
ntauust niatki'.i "i'enUilMJul sunn's south easl
turner,1 |,touted au olialns north at tin uordi
wed ooi uer tl .1. T, lotion's iffo-eiuptlon, ami
itbont throe mlioa north of Pranbrook thonoo
uortli w chiiltw, thonco wesi I'.ti chains,
nii*in*<-s,niiii iiu cimius, thencoenst io olialns,
thonco tun i it oa clialus, thwoe vn-tt Boohittns t >
tliu placo uf cniiunencotnuiit, eontnhdng latm
iicros iimro ur tens,
ItateiLut Crnnhrooh thlstt'dayof Mareli,'l90l,
Thursday, April
Mttid.t) " ,
MuinUv.    April
Tuesday      "
Wednesday "
JAMES 0UJ-, Obsorver
Cranbrcok cll'/ens should extend a
cordial Invitation to Premier Murler to
visit Cranbrook on his trip to the west-
It should be a general Invitation irom
the people, Irrespective of party : ni la-
There Is every reasou to believe tbat
lead will go up again, ami within a short
South East Kootenay has undeveloped
riches galore, enough to make this als-
trlctoneof the best In British Colombia.
The Canterbury Outcrop wants 100
more paid up subscribers. We want
several hundred more, and if one-half
pay up we will celebrate,
The weather clerk has evidently been
devoting his attention to other cour.
tries this spring, ami as a result the arrival of summer has been somewhat
The Kaslo Kootenaian severely criticises some of the returning soldiers because they pined Buffalo Bill's aggregation of rough riders, saying that the
neo should show more dignity and
greater consideration for their reputation as soldiers of the Crown. Talk Is
cheap, but lt takes money to buy bread.
Returning soldiers are out of a job.
Tbey must find something, and It was
quite natural for some of them to fall
In with Buffalo Bill's offer. They are
earning an honest living, and arc not a
charge on tbe government. The Koot-
aoalan bas gone a long ways to find
fault witb a lot of good fellows,
The man with narrow contracted
Ideas Is a poor proposition wherever
you find him.   	
Money is a nice thing to have, bnt
when one bas to sacrifice personal honor
and self respect to acquire it, the price
Is too big to pay.
The man who will take his home
paper month after month, and never pay
a cent, is a peculiar sort of an individual.	
Send The Herald to your friends back
east. It will keep them posted on thc
news of South East Kootenay.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Paclfie Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 .to $5-00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The Idea of government ownership ol
public utilities is gaining In popularity
year by year. Tbe Increasing power of
trusts has caused people to ponder over
the possibilities of the future If no
action Is taken for tbe protection of tbe
The Sandon postmaster's salary has
been cut, and the Drill cusses the gov
eminent for tbe act.
Railway lor Lardesu.
Furguaon Eagle: C. It. Hume, of lhe
firm of C. B.IIume Sl Co., wholesale and
retail merchants at Revelstoke and Trout
Lake, was in town on Wednesday. Mr.
Hume is enthusiastic as to tbe bright
future before this camp now that the
railwsy is under construction. He also
believes that as tbe C, P, R- must complete their branch to Arrowhead by Jan
1, 1903, the company will not let up wben
tbe foot of Trout lake is reached, bnt
continue construction lo Arrowhead, antl
even then there will be no time to spare,
as It takes lime to build railways, Mr,
Hume speaks of trade constantly im
proving, and in fact the general tendency is one of progress and solidity. C.
B. Hume & Co. long ago demonstrate tl
their faith iu the Lauleau, and with tbi
season they expect an era of increased
Over the Province.
Ferguson claims to be the educational
center of the I.ardeau,
It Is a backward spring all over Mast
and West Kootenay and the llnunilary
country. As a result prospecting is
badly delayed.
Windermere mines are shipping, and
tbe towns of tbe Win tier me re country
to be connected by telephone.
An Editor and His Snap.
An editor wbo died of starvation after
making Dr. Tanner ashamed of himself,
was being escorted to heaven by an au^el
who had been sent out for that purpose.
"May I look at the olher place before
we ascend to eternal happiness?"
'•Easily," said the angel.
So they went below and skirmished
around, taking in the sights. Tbe angel
lost track of tbe editor, and went around
Hades to hunt him. Ik* found bim sitting by a furnace fanning bimself antl
gazing with rapture upon a lot of people
In the fire. There was a sj^n on the furnace which said: Delinquent subscribers."
"Come" said the angel, "we must be
"You go en," said the editor, "I'm
not coming. This is Heaven enough for
bj given that thirty tlnys
aivlylu tin- din*!. -111111111-,-
t tUI'
Kootenny, i onu
Uurd's uortli ne
eustol It, Hull's
elglily clialus, tl
north eighty ulm
in in*
nl ity L'lilUufi,
ivest oigtity
iu.-*atiiH r.'iiniiij of March hmu.
Take 1
Timber   Nolice.
;  Timi I Jumes'.llu
hh duy mado appli
Boat Kootuiny, Co
Kootouay, tliancu -
uu olmlns, thonco ti
10 (.-hulis, (bunco no
ohntiii to placo of 01
March mst, twu,
plication in ilu- chief 0
* Hum tin- fullowh
iff CUSt   III
WAI. MuKlwNZll
'-il   Inntls, s
iiencluu  ai
■ wosl  i-l.:lil> cliaii
.ist elftl
In  plllc
[ i-niii-
m ont,
lug muu
itoros iiiui-o
>■■ less.
J Hit
il Man
1 Kith
J lit; (.'KAN Ul
UUK hi
*.* is he
von Mm
ir iiiiii*
ll til   ll|
11 hh
1 uoinin
hit <il'
lllll Mill
lllltllll' 1
(i Tin
m tin-lit
ig tlMCri
11 n
At the	
Herald Office
Livery  3
Proprietors jt jt jt
''Villus and drivers furnished for any
■nihil in lho dislrii'l.
Manager   Jl    Jt   „*
Ptii-nislied or
Inquire of,..
Durick nve.
Tommy's City Bakery
Is mnkinx lite Dowers bloom.
li mnkinx Tommy's business bloom.
II ynu wnnt lieu I tli to hloutn
Iim Tommy's Itreud, Cukes and Paalry,
The besl blooming product In tbe city.
Shipped to all purls ni South Hast Kootcnsy,
Delivery lo nuy pari ol the city.
Thomas J. Hayhurst
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk it over
with a Contractor. We are
in the business as our work
for last year will show. Call
on us for plans and ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co.
The aggregate amount ol principal and interest, except in liic
case oi lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided inlo ten instalments as
shown In the table below; Ihe Ilrst to be paid al Ihe lime of purchase, Ine second one year from dale of Ihe purchase, lhc third in
two years and so on.
The following table shows the amount ol lhc annual instalments
on 160 acres al different prices under lhc above conditions:
16" airs al $2.50 per acr, Isl Instalment $5M5 q equal Inlal'ls al $50,110
3.00     ••           » 7I.-J0               •• 00.00
3.50     ••           " MM               » 70.0(1
'*            4.00     »           •• 95.85               » 80.00
4.50     "           •• 107.85               " 90 00
"            5.00     "           -• 19.85               •• 100.00
KilTlberleV '8 ^l16 business and shipping point for thc
" North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook -s *-ie t,*v-s-onal p°*nl of thc Crows Ncsl Pass
Railway and the commercial centre* of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
Por maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre nre sold
on shorter time.
II lhc land is paid lor in lull al lhc
lime ol purchase, a reduction Irom the
price will be allowed equal to len per
cent on the amount paid In excess of the
usual cash Instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots tor sale
In the following lown sites in Cast Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kllch.
cner, Creslon and Kimberley,
Thc terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and thc balance In six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
I A * tt re*   Y ^**e ■,est °" accomo,lalions
Hotel    *
for the traveling public.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
The only all rail route between all
poinis Kast, West and South to..,.
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SrOKANE wilh the
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily lor
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg   Stage   Dally   for
Grand Forks and Qreenwood.
11. A. JACKSON, Oen. Pass. Agt.
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. 0. Fori Sleele, B. C.
«« Builder dt
'':*'Cr>nbrook, B C
Direct route to all
East \ West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily West daily 16:10
I6;I0 " East "     7t50
13*00 Kimberley 18:50
Kimberley trains on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and  Saturdays.
Por time tables aad lull Informalian, call oo
ar address nearest lucal agent.
A. II. P. A. Agent,
Vani'oiiver, B.C. Cranbrook
J. S. CARTER, B. P. A., Nelson, B. C.
Cranbrook Always
Uu=to-=Date dt dt dt
Enlarging pictures done on the
> premises. No need to send your
work out of town, especially so
when it can be done as well. If
not aatisfactory no pay required.
Charger reason able. Come and
see sampler Largeatock of picture
moulding on hand, Frames made
to order,
Prest, Photoghrapher
w. F. GURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook,       :      :       British Columbia
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
Solicitor, Ktc.
Hunk ol t unnii'Ti'i; I'lilK.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU,   KINliS   OF	
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AH Kinds 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Have you talked wilh -anyone about building?
Come and see ine or let me see you. II may
do us both food.
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk	
Morning or evening to
the people ot Cranbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite the
Methodist church.
Bgyptlatl Ools lor aefdin).—Hniall quail-1
lilius .c per pound; in quantities, tfjiper
First clan line ol Jewelry, Clocks,
and Silverware always in stock,::
W. F. Tate, !'.e..Jewele
Olllclal Watch laspector lor C. P. R. THE   HERALD.
Somo I'aru^riHitiM ( ali-nlnlril to "InUp
ii Mlianthrapo Smile,
"Sjienking ol n tottcli of winter,1" re-
marked Bacon, "a triend ot mine nsked
me fnr a loan t>» buy ;i heavy overcoat"
Foot? Light—I sec n follow Ims nrrttton
n |.l;tv uml called it "Vaccination-,"
Sm* Brette-Hl Lot it won't t:ik<*.
"Wlu-n n iiiiiii niliiiiift n |,:iiln
e to lil
jo,vH ami Borrows." rcmnrknl tin
it >■( ovettle mnl thlltga, ".-Ih-'m
11)1   11   l.
Icat uup."
Bill—Hc'a in tavor ol oxpon
llll,  .vn
Jill—Oh, yoa:   lio'a in the ye
;l   bun
"When tt minis i,i n rrnul ta wealth."
■iv tiked  the  ohiorrep of evei le  ntul
'■ '   '. "■*"'**■ men don't  n to cure
We believe ii wnn n Chicago hay iimi
hml iiipnl eoimtUeralilo time minimi a
stable who refevreil to Ute imivnii nn n
Slip—Why '!» yn:i Biippoao thoy hnve
Ihnl senl In the furriec> wl 11 ■*
ll. Oh, I BneBa Mini te whal lhey iry
Ilill--inti you kill fur live lilrdi
ihoollugho* today1
.1 ll-Why, im! Uo-. conld Hu-v
liii.l. when thej \viut killed?
Oothnm- Qmcloint! I should think i
you'd get tired bearing the thins tnlkl
She—1 ficiit ii rent invert poem i" the
editor tlif other dny, but I iinvcu'l Been
It published yet,
Ih—No; 1 guess it wnH too sweet tn
live.—1'onkei'K StnteHiiinn.
iVvDlilnnuo iiml t:\-iliuuitlon.
A Uttcn gcntlemnn who wus in New
York recently Invited n eertnin bright
Jtiitl ebnnutng young lndy to go to Hip
thonter with him. Her home Is on the
upper west sido in n neighborhood reached by either the Boulevard or tlio Amsterdam avenue cars, As tbey wero lenv- j
lug the young lady'a home Bhe remarked '
to her escort in the hearing ot her dlgal- j
fied iiutl somewhat astonished parents!
"Wu will tnke tho Amstcrgosh n'venne i
cars. My rn titer wou't let me sny dam." !
—Utica Observer,
A Promising Child,
"Whnt's Uie matter with our cherished ;
infant':" inquired Mh Blyktas as a series ■
or prolonged yells renched his ears.
"Why, tie's lost his temper, nml he's
standi ns in bed clutching the footrail tit I
thc brnss bedstend with both hands aud 1
elioullug nt lho top nl'his voice."
"Lot hlm alone. He'll be a gront pollt- !
Ical orator one of these tiny?. Ilo Ihlnka j
he's on the roar platform of a train."- j
Washington Btar.
Bnipeimlon HHiliron.
Thore Is no doubt tbnt the Ilrst Idea ;
of n suspension brldgo wus suggested
to primitive nmn by the Interlacing of I
tree branches nnd parasitical plants i
across rivers.   Probably monkeys used
tlictn boforo mon dltl.    In very mottii- |
tnlnous countries, such ns Tibet nml j
Peru, they bnvo apparently been used :
since tbe dnwn of history,  possibly
We beliovo jaNAHD'S LINIMENT is
tbe best.
Matthias Foley, Oil City,  Out,
Joseph Snow, Norway, Mo.
Rev. H. O. Armstrong,   Mulgravo,
N. S.
Chus. Woollen, Mul grave, N.S,
Ptorro Lnuilrvi sour.,   Po'kemouchc,
N. B.
Thomas Waeson, Shofflold, N.B.
Why  Art*   9-nhu-   Vulcnr nnd   Others
\: i* *     ■!    ||,  [
Why ilo we :   ome vfcgi lUdea
nnd despise oi .., -. •] he bonu i< a
graceful, eout'ding, engngtllg vino, bul
you novor eau pul beaua Into poetry 01
lulu tlie highesl kind ..1" prose. Then
Is no dignity lu tbe bean.
Com—which iu mj garden grown
nlongstde the iu'itu, nud. so fnrn^l ran
soo, wiih uo aifectnllou uf superior!tj
i.s, however, thp child of Bong. It
waves iu nil literature. But mix ii with
beans, and iis high touo Is gune. Succotash is vulgar; il is tlu* benn iu IL
Tho benn Is 11 vulgar vegetnble, with
uut culture or nnj Ilavor of high soele-
ty among vegi lables.
Then thoro is tho cucumber, like so
nuiny people, good for nothing when it
la I'ipo. ami the wildness has gono oul
of It. How Inferior to the melon, which
grows upon n similar vino! The cucumber is 11 Borl of low comedian lu n
company whore tbo melon is n minor
Tbe lottuco Is to me n must Interesting study, ticttuco la like conversation;
11 musl bo fresh and crisp, so Bpnrkllug
Ihnt you Bcnrcely uotlce the bitter In It
Lettuce. Ilko mosl latbprs, though, Ih
apt to run rapidly to seed.
Btosscd Is tbut sort wblob cornea tc
a heud, mnl so remains like n fow poo*
pie I kuow—grorttitig moro solid nnd
nntlsfnctory aud tender and whiter nl
Ibo could*.
Lettuce, like conversation, requires a
good deal of nil. to nvold friction nml
keep Ihe company smooth! a pinch ol
Attic suit, a dnsh of pepper, mustard
nnd vinegar, but so mixed thnt yon
will uotlce no sharp contrasts, ami n
trlflo of sugar.
T feel Unit I am in tin* best society
when I am with lettuce. It Is In ilu*
nio-.i select vegetnble circle.—Charles
Dudley Warner In "My Summer In n
They Inbrenso a Conilnctor'n Work
outl Arc Trytrise to Hi* Temper,
"Some people hnve no sympathy for
street car conductors," said one of their
number after he hud had a peculiarly
lively time In making change nnd giving nud collecting transfers, says lhc
Xow York Tiinos.
"Xow," continued the conductor,
"there te ono Utile matter tlint would
save ua lots of trouble If tlto people
would only boar It In mind, antl that Is
lho wny tbey band in their transfers.
"Some men nnd a few women know
edotlgh to baud us lho little strips of
paper just its they receive them—that
is, spread out iu such a way that wc
can glauce nt thom, see Hint tbey ure
nil right nnd then place tbem with tbo
pneknge already collected. The majority of people don't do tbis, nnd us a
rule tho women nro tbe worst of the
"When a woman gets n transfer, she
folds It up Into ns small a space as
possible and theu stows It nwny In her
purse. When the time comes to collect
this from lier. she BsIioh the wad of paper out of tho purse, bunds It to the
conductor antl sits bnek lu her sent
content with wlmt she bus done.
"Tho conductor bus to unfold this
piece of paper to see If it te really the
proper transfer. This takes time, end
when tbere are a dozen women on the
car all doing tbe snme thing the poor
conductor has more tlmn he onu do to
keep bis temper. Men 11s a rule don't
fold tbeir transfers, but content themselves with shoving tlie slips Into tbeir
pockets and tbon producing a crumpled
piece of paper when It is called for,
tossing It to the conductor, who has to
smooth tt Into shape.
"Tho same people would nover Ihink
of handing In a railroad or theater tick-
el in Hie same wny."
lln- Patau)  BpeUl   N.-nrlv Time   Month*
in i> aospiu-ii willinm o*tt!»g iteiief
-Hi*.   Willinm-.'   Pink   Fills  Ko* tores
Him tn Health nnd Strength,
Por upwards ol a quarter of a century, Mr, Ueo, McLean tins boun a
resident of tho town of Thorold. Ibis foreman In the lumber yards of
Mctb-iii'.v -k McLean, umi is known
not only to the citizens of tho town,
bm by most uf iht- Inhabitants uf lho
adjoining region aa well. Muny of
Mr, McLean's friends kuow thnt he
wus ti uncivil with u BBvera type ol
eoiaUca, and know also that he hus
boon released Irom tho pangs of lhat
excruciating trouble. Dol loving thati
hts -story would bo uf public Intermit,
a reporter called on him and tuked
him i" what agoucy hu at.tributod
Iuh fortunulu release Irom pain Mr,
McLean's   unhesitating   reply   was
Ur. Williams' i'ink i'ills, .md J
never bos I late to *n\ sn either ' Mr.
McLoan continued: 1 was afflicted
wiili scjatlca for 0 number <>f years,
Thu in.ist Bevere attack occurred several years ago, when I was confined
in  iii\   bod lm- several  months.  1  suf-
fored borrlblj wilh the trouble, und
thu only ratio! 1 could get wns from
morphlno, cither in tablets or hypo-
durmically Injected. 1 could not put
my loft tool on tho ground without
undergoing Intonso agony. I was
treated by physicians, and at tho
hospital in St. Catharines, to which
institution 1 had to bo takon uii a
stretcher. 1 was iu thu ho&plial
nearly threo months, but without boing curutl. Then I returned homo
vory mucli discouraged. I next iried
electricity, but it hud no perceptible
offect, I nlso tried a number of advertised medicines, but with no better results, Finally f. was urged to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, nnd us
I was willing 10 try anything thai.
Boomed to offer hope of a euro I gut,
several boxes, t had been using tho
pills nearly a mouth before. 1 found
much relief, but, from that dny on my
recovery wus rapid, and in the
courso of a few months 1 wus as
well as ever I had been. I am now
a strung, healthy mun, and although
I have since endured mueh exposure
1 have had uo return of lho trouble,
antl feel that my cure is permanent.
Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills certainly
proved a blessing in my caso, and I
.shall praise them when opportunity
Rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia,
purt iul paralysis. locomotor ataxia,
n?rvous headache, nervous prostration, uud diseases depending upon
humors iu Lhe blood, such as scrofula, chronic erysipelas, etc., ull disappear before a fair treatment with
Dr. Williams' Dink Pills. Thoy give
a hoalthy glow to pnlo and sallow
complexions. Sold by nil dealers
and posj paid ut 50c a box or six
boxes for $3.fi0 by addressing tho
Dr.Williauis Medicine Co., Brockville,
Ont. Do not be persuaded lo tako
some substitute.
llo  Wan  Sot   In   Hin   Ways  nnd  Wna
I too ml m Stay So*,
Prom n senan of duty the newly married ronns man spent Sunday with hts
fnthce-ln-lnw, intelligent, wealthy nnd set
"No\*.t put in natural gn§ for beating
purposes, heyS'1 from the pon-iu-hiwt as.
■ hii
• ho
tin tho
11 look
Mn-dcm Mother'! Ulni-j.
I do not believe iu telling a chili
itories to frighten him when he 1-
When Clifford is naughty, I expl
germ theory to him and ii.tvi* hi
through n microscope ut hneterin.
It frightens him lorribly aud fit the
Biuno time Inculcates scientific knowledge,
Today Clifford asked nn* if I believed
in the efficacy of prayer, i pwtntocd to
nuswer liim tomorrow. I wonder If 1
dure sny tlmt prayer is antiseptic?—De-
troll Journal.
* in 1 ri.1.in 1 * 1 ■■
"Y011 are as good as pic id me when I
nm around," iho young man said, with
Increasing bittcrn-tw, "and behind mj
Intel, vnu call mo 11 drunkard. Vou nre n
two rnccd girir
"If jou umi see two faces 0*1 me," * he
coldly  mnl, "il shows l have been
tolling tho truth about you."
This broke thc back .<r iheir engagement, nnd ihey meet im strangers now.-
Ohlcngo Trlbnue.
Prom Trnuh to Twin,
"Whnt is n family troo?" naked tbo
young person.
"A faintly tree," answered Miss Cayenne, "Is much lite oilier trces-vi rj
sturdy neiir ibo rools, bul becoming
more uml moro frail ami bnsubs lal
ns It branches out"—Wasjiluglon Star.
Is tba deadliest nml most
■painful malady to which
mankind ts subject. Dodd's
Kidney Pills will euro any
caso of Bright'" Disease.
They huvo nover failed in
ono single case. They art
tho only remedy tbat over
has cured It, and they nro
the only remedy that can.
Thero aro imitations of
Dodd's Kidney Pills-pill,
box and name—but Imitations aro dangerous, The
original and only genuine
euro for Brlght's Disease is
Dodd'a Kidney Pills are
fifty cents a box -tt all
Btovrnvray HHilr-s.
Stowaway brides are not as rare at
the barge office ns ono wonld believe.
rt Is quite easy for n girl to slip nhonnl
an outgoing steamer nnd slow herself
In one of the bunks below decks, lying
quietly there umi! well at Bea. .V ense
happened a little while ago, tho girl
eonilug to meet Iter fiance here. As
both were pour, tlu* former resorted to
this perilous expedient to accomplish
the ihsii-ed end. One would think
tbnl Btieh a heroic endeavor would deserve ii better reception. Hut on nrrtv
lug, having been Worked very bard on
shipboard for passage, worn and wor
ried almost to distraction, tho maiden
waa so changed by her ordeal of love
that uhcti her betrothed mot ber be
refused to mnrry hor. A few dnys
luter, while bein- taken back to the
ship for deportation, she leaped Into
tbo bay. netcued gnlHiuity, she linger
ed a prisoner In the charity hospilal,
but '^d -•*. ■ ■*•" ki btti i. literally of
1 broken h art   Unslee's Magaslne.
Sli.'imtli lit  Alniiiluliiiit.
In reply to tbo question which, tt is
said, metal  workers  rrequofitly nsk,
Wlmt is the strength of aluminium?"
ib.* Aluminium World sflys that enrft
aluminium Is nboiit equal lu strength
to eaat Iron in leuBlon, while hi resist*
lug compression it Is comi&rntlv-ely
w. nl.*. Under transverse iiralu aluminium Is not very rigid, bm ll will
bend nearly double before breaking
rhe tensile -strength ol nltimtnlum is
gmttlj Improved b) forging nnd press
lugnl 'i lei iliira of 000 degrees ti.,
ond aluminium alloyed with nickel is
much Ktropgui thnn tbe mire metal.
tn  l noon*■• (.hi* DlHoiiili*.
Trotter- It's n favorite nmuaonieut
unions iboeaslorn fakirs lo twlsi ihem
selves inin some muscle Btralnlng.
norvo rnektng, bono crneklng posture.
uud -
Miss Itlvalion-I'-n't tt funny how
those odd orlontnl tdena Iiml dlsclplef:
Trotter—Whnt tio you moan?
[   Miss nivnlton-ltt-ally. Iinvcn't  you
ever seen Mnud Wtiyiippe pluy golf?-
■ Harper's Bnanr.	
Tallied out*,
"I will ml!" roplied tho younn WOllinn
'•Minn Lid huhler." lie rejoined, uinkln1
1111 entry 111 u suitill luenioniiuliiiii hook
ami teplneinji il in his packet, "ynil have
tin- In.inn* nl' bellig tin* 1)1**1 girl who Ue.
reftim! me i»ltn*e ilie new century hi
mm."- ChloiiKoTiiliuno.
; Hv ilu! death of Lord IMiinl.vro, n
Hllu which has existed since I WW
becomes oxtlnct,   Lord BI an tyro wan
I ttio twelfth holder of the poeruj-je,
- .■!   Pom
i wns raised
sylyania.  My
.  .! ctjal
ind   1  always
*. .1 are th
> original nud
it, Thin n
bote electrical
It ts ho
ping to make
■■•,*•   1
nervous.  My
:"   al  :!.
telephone or
il  I've ih
lie the "time.
■■     rIi   1
iu   world   us
*  1 i - .1  ;
ice.  Antonio-
mid snj 1
nt.   What do
it create
1  horsos for?
1 ii ror ii
p ior mortals
ii ihe gi
■nt scheme of
won't  >tl
mv n rulilier
1   l-i loll]
-; in mv hnrn.
wi* shod with
1 nl
ibi- nevrfaa-
nimiust *.'
ery 111:111 that
.-- nro eon
Ing to a plot-
ic way I
00k at It."
nm un out Itotalila Qoeaaloa :i.- Be-
riinii- m llriiti.-'*.
'When we opined n now branch Une
out iii Wisconsin." suid the railroad
mau, "it was' found thai ubout overy
is.i.ii who traveled betweeu the towns
of l». and P. was a deadhead-tbut h*.,
ihey were miners, sawmill bunds and
lumbermen—and they serenely ndd ihe
conductor to gtt to when he demanded
faro. Ho tried to put two or three of
them off lifs tralu. but got his nose broken nnd two or three teeth knocked out
as u result. We sent our best men up
the branch, but lhey were licked as
fast ns thoy appeared. In this emergency 1 was Instructed to secure tbe
aid of a prizefighter. 1 went down to
Chicago and got pome of the boys to
put 1110 011 to 11 heavyweight, and ut an
interview with him l told him what
wns wanted. He was to act ns hruko-
iiiun uml ilo the Knocking down uml
dragging out for tbe conductor. When
I nsked if be thought he could clean
out ibe deadheads, he luughed und re
"It'll be peanuts for mo, I'll bump
and bang the lot till they'll become us
gi nth* as kittens."
lie wus u big fellow nud a fighter
with 'i record, uud though his terms
were pretty high we accepted them
aud Installed him. It was all ou tho
quiet, you know—a little surprise party
for the deadheads, On bis tlrst run
(here wore nine lusty i-bups who refused to enme down with thc cash, nnd
the train was stopped and ihe new
brakeman -tailed iu to do the bouncing,
lie went in slnmbang, knocking tbem
right nnd loft, but, alas, be wasn't
lighting In the ring! Those men bopped up ami sailed In, and our imui
didn't last live minutes alter the renl
business begun. Thoy not only blacked
both bis eyes, split his nose, damaged
his chin uud pulled oul most of his bnir,
but drove hlm Into tho woods, and wo
had to send out a searching party to
lind him. lie was tlie saddest looking
object you ever saw wheu be was
brought to ine, nud when I tried to
brace him tip lie shook his head ami
backed oft" and tmld:
"No more of thnt, colonel. I cnnie up
here a Bgbtoi' with a record, but I've
been licked by a log roller who never
saw n pair of boxing gloves. I guess
the best thing you enn do i.s to pull up
the rails nml let your old brunch lino
to the country for n turnpike I"
M. Qt'AP.
llul There Wore otliem Who Hml lite
Nitrao  l ituilih* nnd Didn't Worry,
The smooth faced man with the lighl
hut who was traveling homeward iht
Other evening 011 tho Alley "L" turned in
the somewhat smaller mun silling uexl
10 htm and said:
"i wish you would tnke your arm <*U
tho back of my sent. I don't like il."
"So?" responded tlie olher,
Hut he lei it stay.
The train reeled off two or threo blocks,
"^Vill yon lnke that arm nwnyV"
"< Hi. yes."
But ho did not take it nwny.
And tbe train reeled otf two or three
mofa blocks.
"I hove asked you to tnke your nne
nway.   Are you gttiug to do it?"
"Why, certaiuly."
Vol he let it remain.
Tbon that man wilh the smooth fun
and light hat rose to his feet nnd smote
thai other man grievously on the left
check, insomuch that it began to swell.
Whereupon that nnn was removed expeditiously.
There wns some excitement iu the ear,
but the passenger who had done the smii-
inp was calm.
This may hare been because the pas
longer lie hnd struck was somewhat
Hut let that pass.
As ho left the ear at Forty-third Btroot
ho remarked:
"I don't think you will do thut ngnin."
"If you'll j;ive nte your name and nd*
dross," answered he of the swelling
eheik, calling ufter him—lie was Qghtlnt;
mud now—"I'll show yon! 1 dure yon tn
give me your nnme nml address!"
In the excitement of tho occasion a
young ninn on llie other side of tlie ft! !c
had thrown his protecting arm nrouud i*
blond maiden nud wns still senlouidy
shielding her from nil possible danger,
"What did be hit him tor?" she asked,
'•Heritn.se," replied the youm; man.
"that follow had his arm nrouud him and
WOtltdn'i remove it."
"Wasn't thnt n little thing," sho wills
pored, "for him to get angry about?"
And llie train proceeded to reel oVf n
fen wore blocks.—Chicago Tribune.
Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt is Sold on Thia Basis to Men and Women
Everywhere.    Not a Cent to be Paid Until the
Cure is Complete.
The  Ut,   McLnughllU
u plan      11 te ihe only
Electric Belt is tut? ouly remed; in ibe world which cun he sold on such
iu-vor-1'uiling eure for Rheumatism. Lame Back, Nervousness, General l*e-
billty. Loos of Power in voting,
Mlddle-nged, und Old Mon Varl-
nieb* Weak Back, and Kidneys,
Drains of Vitality, Wasted Energy,
Sleepless in**-.. Pains In Head. Buck.
Cheat. Shoulders and Limbs. Female
Weakness, Bearing Mown Pains anil
ull iho*-*- atlinenta frmu which wuinen
suffer, li cures after iii uth«r remedies huve failed. Why ■ Be uuso t
rolnivs nerve !.f* animal \ tnlity,
v uriiit h nnd vigor to I! wea\ [tti is
li makes thein Btrong, h restores
them in whal nature intended thom.
health, vitality; atul you know, deal
reader, if oath organ of the body is
Rtrong ami acts vigorously you will
bo In perfect health
A llO
IP-A-IT     "W H IE ^     CUBED.
* Win
Sliuiiliinl , in,** ? Sfp lii'ic
, if 1 \ir ,\*«ii Ini'v to lum* nny
nn* -.vhllp I'm Hiiro or'io Bel
•irnliellV   Wlll'll   1*111   J.-I11IC,  tlil
nlicml 1.1 -nn lime nml keep
'in gnlllg In ilo wlmt 1 fill! tn
nil lliift wnrlil l.v ih.' suit .lo-
luXak'tt in bonis, (nclorles, linsl-
nml nil llm rat in' llm mono-
ii lln' inUJocI nr polonn nml
'w Iter iiliiM-l. nml jnst riim-ni-
menu tvlint I Bny."—Dttroll
"t-'nn you lell mc tlio shortest wny i.
tho Mmlilo Arch?"
"Yes lolly* nviT tin' rnillu*x4l nerosi
tit,- Serpentine nud straight on."—King.
'I bear ynu lowered the camel's record for a utile dnsh?"
"Ves, and he'll hnve to get a bump
on himself lo bent me."—New York
llin Lonru-lc-nrt- wnn Oenr,
"My friends," Raid tfid condemned na
be stepped forward for a few lust
words before the noose was adjusted.
"I nin't no iipeeehuiiilior, and I ain't
got much to sny. I've stole bosses uml
drunk whisky uud played he onl a and
bin ti tuff mail? and If I'd lived n year
longer l Bhould probably hev bin sent
to ibo leglslncbur. Thank the Lord
thul I've esenped sich a fnte nnd l:ln
still look ymi all in lhe face, and now,
,11m, you kin pi on with the hllllglp mul
bu (llit'lied to you,"
For 60 Years
mothers have been giving their
children for croup, coughs and
I colds
Mothers—have wu Shiloh in
the house at all times? Do
you know just where you can
find it if you need it quickly—
if your little one is gasping
and choking with croup? If
you haven't it get a bottle.
It will save your child's life.
"Shiloh ■tw»Vl  cured my   baby   nf   croup.
coughs and cnUK    I would nn be without a."
MKS, ROBINSON, Fori trie.
Klilhilt'H ('oiiMiiU'-tlnii (lire Ia until liy nil
clrilgKlHtM I" -i'ltiiiiiin Hlitl I'niloil Strttt'H Ht
'-!.**.<■, .Vi.*. *l.no it In,Ml-, liinrf.il HrltHl.i
it Ih. itl., 9* 8d., mal 4*. fid. A fi> lm< .1
KiiHiiiniri- uufri wllli iirrry bottle. If yotl
mo tint Hiitl-ili-il (tn tu yuur <lriigfiat mnl
(i-i your money buck.
Write for illustrated book on Con sum til Ion. S»l
wilhuui •imt tu you. S, C, Walla a Co., 'J'urunio,
Are you sick?   An
wrllo to no      I   a
I  will  w
Vnu bn-
I «i\
you lu pain? Are you tired ot dnctaring without r-esuli ?, Then come to m
i ibo onlj muu in tbo world who has confldenti** enough in hta rvmedj t" wai
ii*.* cured,   I know what l ouu do, anil as,vou do not you can trj it Ilrsi   on
until  vou are ciirori.   I have cured 50,000 i pie In lhe lasl  Lwentj year    an
■r\  caso, I oiu willing io stand the toss where I fall.   So come and tn  it  now
t-iil I    If
or write
cult   I   will :
it deals
-ud yo
my be
ind Illustrated
i. B. SVIcLauchliim,
130 Yonge St.. TORONTO, Ont.      J
I9   OFKll i: ITOUUS-P u in. to S 30 p iu       #
• t-l^«K*tl*w^,»w*tttlJI4*t*tt(**tMt« OMttllMM**M.M«»*
Hi-it  1* Than 11 Keeorded Deed,
When tin* Vlrdbitfin who lived In the
tvioniio.1 log cnblu with 11 family of * *.*-
tu hud iiihl mo tlnn lo iii-i-os of hte Innd
wns 11 mild conl bod, I nsked bim If hi-
deed wns nil right
"Never Imd nn dpc.-l, snli." he rathei
lirumlly milled.
"Hut Imvo .vnu no ptipers ttt nil?"
"Nu ptipev 'tnil. snli. 1 jest squntleil
down un ihis yerr bind 'Hi yenrs ngn mnl
hev boon yoro ovor since."
. "Itul it' ymi lm\o tm papers won't the
owner eotne nlong mmo dny iimt bounce
you out'/"
"Noi Bkntwly. nah—not sknssty. Tim
te b. nny. will, lluil the renl owner lm
ofuno nl.nij: ihrof ilMVreiit times tnul
u'i.'.l ii, mnl i-ver.i lime In- got killed mnl
lud in give ii up, lleeda nud sicli Ihlngx
nn> nil ri.:hi 'nun in ihelf way, bul un
old gun. tvlili ii hni'l Novell feel bug, h n
benp I'll i*i rlghl itroiiud rem"—\Vn«h
'ut.-fi.ti I'.i-i.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by locnl applications, as thoy cannot reach the
iltacaMd twrtlon of the car. Iliero Isonly ono
way lo euro di;afness, and thai in byeoiislitu-
1 tonal reilK'dli'H Mi tit'iti-Hi te caunoil Uy 1111 in-
ii.-imcrt ooiidltton »f iin* mucous lining of the
(■'ii-lin-lihin tube Wlion Oils lulu; kcIh Inflamed you have ii rumbling sound or Imperfect
lii'-irlnjf, and v lion it te ontin-l>* t-luBft 1 i|i*ufncsd
i.i tbe result, :n>d niiless tb" bilbiinimitinii oun
hr, tulii'ii out iimt IbiH tiilm resloreil to llt-mur-
mal condition, liBartng will bo destroyed f-.r-
ov«r; nlnoensos out of ton are c:iu«uil liy catarrh,-which Is nothing hut an hifltimed oon-
ditlou or llm iniicous Htirfiii'ejt.
Wewillglvo One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Ih'-iim-H H-iiiwi-il l.v i-ulnri'h) tliat cun
unt be cured hy ilnll's (Julurrli Curt*. Hend for
i-lrt'nlorH, fret1.
K.I. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
sold by DriigaliUA, 76c,
MtiUi Family PIIIh aru ih.*
"lie's getting awful fiporly, Isn't he?"
"Yes, since tlmt hnud organ tour ho's
always inlking nbout clothes nnd so
clety, nnd bo comes home in tliu middle
of the ulirbt nud wakes up lhe whole
Jungle wilh bis collego yell."-Chicago
1 UDV/&11 A,     FACTORY, Montreal
Iler llun Stlci-Hun.
Through oceans 1*;' rouinunts nud ribbons the pulling hiy woman towed tho
tnook little mun.
■•What in the world shall l send her,
.1,iliu.''' she blustered. "Come, suggest
awuetblng thnt would please Aunt Hot-
ay. Soiui'thlng Inexpensive, Why
don'tyou say Bometiilng?"
"Stationery! book!* or workboxes,"
suggested the mock littlo man,
'■Nothing of the kind. Vou couldn't
select a present for tho nsbhiau. I
will look at boiuo of tlios-e fancy bnxos
Thoy were before the soup counter,
iiml she hnd her finger ou uu elaborate
boi containing bIx round rakes ol
white soup.
"r:iut.*,v nnd parfumcdl" she mild,
lifting u enke. "Tbo vory thine thul
would plcaso her the most Vou may
wrap thut up, miss!"
"Uut, my denr," protested the meek
little man.
"You just keep quiet I don't enre
for nny suggestion^ from n person
without taste."
"Keop rpibt, John Tenhrook!"
It Boomed ns if her voice hnd penetrated evory corner of tbo great store,
and the littlo mnn shrank away in mor.
"Well, John, whut did she Bay about
the  little  gift?    SoinotbliiR  nice,   I
"She returned it."
"Yes; you will (Ind a note In the box."
Slie unfolded the missive and rend:
"Niece—I return the box of sharing
soap. I am a little too old to appreciate
the joke of beiug called the •Bearded
Lady.'   Your  Aunt   Betsy."
It will not be long until wo shall hnvo
a universal parcels post carrying parcel;
for almost a nominal charge. The whole
tendency of the time i-t to bring tbe people closelr together.—ladinnhpolls News
The objection t-.i the parcels post ia not
to the thing itself, but to tbo vicious principle involved iu tbo measure which hm
heen presented, which is that no more
•hull tie p.-iiil for carrying u package of
tivo nr ton pounds 'Jn miles than ".,'MJ
miles.—Indlannotdls Journol,
Tho world    deals good   naturedl)
with 'lie good-natured person.
Some pooplo uro novor more sonotis
hun whon thoy try to not  fuum
The man who uever look* up *• r
rank failure whon it. couics to Hftiiu
Minard's Liniment Cores Colds, Etc.
Motive*   do   not   make mon   men
muko llin! [yi s.
It is ii ouso of milk-Bhnko whon tin*
lilkimm fails I(» vail
The pursuit ol happlura ts peculiar, For Instance, tin* pursuer ou
foot is mon- bk-*lv m catch up than
th>' pur-uor in u?i automobito
Minard's Liniment Cures Dipbtteria.
Whal   lhe average    mun needs    is
somebody who will moke hlm do lhe
te-i  tie imi
ri 1 no to anna »i>«*.iik one
If toss of -bop means loss ol Demity
he average mun tuu-* L"* 'rout-led
'vnn insomnia
MiuH'i U;;e-:: Cure Girgct ii dm
Thi- average woman's ideal mun is
11 a creature of the juiatrmution.
There are times in every man's life
whon he i.s ju-=>i!.ed in kicking himself. X
No man was ever &o much  *n love
that i'. interfered with hte appetite.
Minard's Liniment te Distemjer,
Every 'inie a woman mentions her
iage a man is   emialcd ihat h'tlcty
repeats itself.
i   A   one-aided   quarrel    never    lasts
y very ott.cn. lingers and prf-rmits
div lo get iher-.- ahead of it.
Ceylon and India Tea
IS    PURE    TEA.
Afrnld to tin Hume.
lie floppod ni th*1 corner, gaxcil ln(<
the sky, scmlched hla chin uml pulled hh
whlskn-s. Then ho rumbled iu bi- pm-h
ot, wiiiiklod bis brow, pursed up hla lip-
end blew hla nose in 11 numnoi more do
liberate tlum the collector of n hnd debt.
Anon he opened hte mouth, tugged nt hi*
lower lip, muttered to himself und fixed
his oyen on ihe chimney tups in a vacant,
stony s-tnrp iimi soon collected u crowd
which blocked tbe pavement.
Up wns n married man trying to think
whnt It was his wife hnd charged him i"
be snro tuid get.—Tit-Bits.
"Pure tea calms, restores and cheers those in distress.'
idR/Iitk: it.
A free sample of delicious SALADA Tea sent on receipt of
postal mentioning which you drink—Black, Mixed or Green
Tea.    Address "SALADA," Toronto or Montreal.
Bra$$ Band
IiutrtimentH, Driiini, Vnlfnrni, Etc.
Lowest prices txar quoted. Fine catalogue '
60' Illustration! milled (reo. Write ui for anything hi Mtul-t* or Mimd nl Instrument*.
Whaley Royc. A Co., ^'^iSi,
WAMTFn T   l),h'"r-- "ad oth t- ti- send
ft Mil I Ell 1 ut mi,-.* for our printed prioo
list of second-hand Bicycles. All
kinds: all in good condition, Trices
away down. Spoolol* discount to
dealers. Must elenr nt onc<?. IIun> 1
Andro Arms & Cyclo Co., 10„ Thistle
St., Winnipeg, BucHS-lora Lo Ily*
«T Brothers.
Rapidity,  Save* nbout uno duy in three.
■QutelniRanndditrnbiilty t-.lib.mt iinisnirwear.
General niillly.   Hist f..r nil kind* of work.
2U Portage Ay.*., Winning.
The Berliner
s 1'. inch horn,
3 re-cords
The Talking mucin tie Ihnt tnlk*— siiiRs—jilavv**(very imituineiil—reprodOCSS Sousa's
Baud—Negro Wastrels—string orchestral nr ilmrch choirs
The Berliner Grara-c phone Is tender, denier, sweeter and simpler than any other
'I'.r.'.i-i*: M-ii hi nent nnv price—ll pttysctke walks, walttet m.*ir-r.tic-iaii(loperaiic sclrcl-
ious.it sings (worda ana muilc] of ill tha popular songs of the da? as well a«coon aoofs,
■miii>u. 11 ii'1 sacred selections— it t,  • funny 'loriesor rrprsisa prayer,
The Berliner Qram-o-phone is tuide in Canada, wery iriftmnient is sold wiih a five
yenr'K written gtinruntee.
The records are not wai—they nre hard, li.it and indcMructible. Will lasl io years.
Write to us for Catalogue nnd lecnrd lisls free
FACTORY: 147*171 Aquaduct St., Montrsil.   f MlNUtL blOUT Centul Htni|«r fer Canada.
For rale iilrin nt HncUon's Bay store*, prlco $in.5u to oorer expren from Montreal
Not an out-of-dute artlolo, but nholutulj j
the most Bcrviuoublo, durable, liuht nmninu
nnd perfect Bkimmor, ll«i p6ge Catalogue
nulled free on application. Agents wanted 1
In every district. Apply ut onco.
Shipments of l'Vtsh liutl. r minted,
Wm. Scott, ""•^S/tSA*™*"'
woAtnMr fidUt'
IM l'lnnt. |i„,t 1 "t.i for f ].   Bend fur ltflt
N. G. MALI.IIllv, III.ICMIlftlM, OM;
'Hudl/ aAv<*JiAi4/wWiLdA   *
ttfis-ifityit- ***4 mfr- ftMrVut/ f
W. N. U. 313. II I'nis lu Ileal Wilh Seattle "
It Will Pay You
To save doctor bills and wheel baby out in one of those
New, Nobby and Noiseless Baby Carriages
The largest stock of small wheel goods in East Kootenay,
and consequently prices are right.
R. E. Beattie, J?ueggist
William Moffd, brother of Alex.
Moffat, stoppetl off betweeu trains
yesienlBy on bin way home to Toronto.
The football fc-nme tbat waa arranged
to take place belweeu Nelson and Cranhrook. has been postponed from April 37
to May 4.
A, l.eitch is making some extended
improvements about his home. Ue is
going to bave a magnificent place in another year. ■
Oliver Burge has gone to Tobacco
Plaint. He expects to open an holel
somewhere in that country along tbe new
line of toad.
Miss Klla Orant, ofthe postoffice, and
James Hunter, of the hank, were-summoned to Fort Sleele yesteiday ns wit
uesses in a government case.
Messrs Steves and Haines returned
from Macleod last Mouday, where they
Do You Sell Liquor????
II >o, don'l bey   D CI Tlpn   The Oily Whole-ale Liquor Dealer in
mil you mc ..   I   ULIILK   Soulh Eail Kooteuay.    Wrile lor Price!
Cranbrook, B. C -S* •***' *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
New Vegetables
Peas, Cauliflower
Radishes, Lettuce,
Most  people  weigh  the question Of Where tO«wt*ul  to  relieve  the  Macleoil railway
best buy their groceries.     You want cleanli- ■"■"•i'*» «*■»■ ""**"'••• i-"""1**"-*
ness, freshness and  all   round  squareness.
Prompt delivery is the second consideration in
our grocery business.      QUALITY is the first
....Q. T. ROGERS
Fancy and Staple (iroccries and Crockery
All Kinds of Meat at
New Butcher Shop, Aiken Block
We are Here to Stay.   .   .   .
I Are arriving daily.   You know about our groceries.
j They are always the best.
Our aim is to please V\t.OP '-'°^
Try us a* ivinyr © ®
New Dresses
Cost Money !
And when one buys they want their money's worth.
We have just received a large stock of SPRING AND
please the ladies in quality and price. Our stock comprises the latest styles from the eastern markets. Call
and sec them.   You are always welcome. J* J* J* J-
The largest stock of Gents' Furnishings
in South East Kootenay jt jt jt jt jt
...HILL & CO.
The large oil painting exhibited in K.
K. Heattie's window will be rallied at the
Royal hotel, May 4 Tickets may be
obtained ut Beattie'*or The Royal hotel-
will keep tbe hotel open from this tim
un aud solicits   lhe patronage of tl.e
Windermere Mining; News.
I'rtuti tin* ('iiiiti'ilniiy ()utt*ro|>.
Por many mon I tit the Delos has l«eu
idle, lint it is stilled lhat il te to be
wotketl tbia snn 11 iier on a somewhat extensive scale. If this report be true, aod
there is no reason why it .should not be,
__ we can be sufe iu saying that we will
The eledric light company de»ires tbe * jUive n COpper mine shipping ore it an
public to know that its poles are not for
advertising pu.poses and lhat hereafter
lhe people are warned not to post bills
on them under penalty.
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly understand their business.   This is so in any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job of painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice it.
How can it be avoided?    Why, that is easy.   Simply by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right.
Go and see some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
1     LOCAL   NOTES     I!
« *
Picked  Up Aboul lhc Cily  by Asking
Questions of  Many People.
Danre next Wednesday evening.
James Ryan  visited Jaffray this week
Charles Mngee luu- built an addition lo
bis house.
He sure and buy n lickel for the baseball dance.
Born, to Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Drummond, a boy.
If you know any local news tell The
Herald man.
To Kent—four roomed bouse. Apply
•t Herald othce.
Mrs. U. Murphy has returned from a
Visit to Calgary.
H, W. llarnes and wife visited Cranbrook Tuesdny.
Peter Lund Is recovering from 11 severe
seige of lumbago,
Charles Armstrong enme over from
Fort Steele Monday.
Don't forget the baseball dance next
Wednesday evening.
James Joyce, of Pernie, wus a Cran
brook visitor Mouday.
Tbe new warehouse of Lebel & Co. i
rapidly assuming shape.
Two degrees were conferred hy lb-
Masons last Friday night.
J. K. Costigan visited Port Steele
yesterday ou legal business,
Father Ouilette is now feeling very
well nfter bis attack of illness.
There will lie au election of fire  wardens held in Cranbrook on .May 2,
Hazelwood ice cream at (inrranl's.
John Murphy, one of Moyie's lending
merchants, was iu town Tuesday.
A regular session of lhe county court
was held ut i'ort .-Utele yesterday,
Miss BtllUlfl Leltcb will leave next
Satunlay for Oak Lake, Mnuituhti.
Tbere will be n meeting of lho Liberal
association tonight in Le.isk's ball.
Furnished rooms to renl, Good location.    Inquire at The Herald ollice.
John Breckenridge came down from
Michel last Monday for a brief visit.
T. B. Hill, of Vancouver, visited his
brothers here several days this week.
Ed Hill, manager of Hill Sl Co.'s
store at Moyie, was iu town Sunday.
The baseball dance next Wednesday
evening will be the last of tlie season.
Mrs. George Morrow entertained a
numher of lady friends Monday evening
J. p, Fa rei I, oue of Moyie's prominent
citizens, wasa Crmibio'ik visiloi Sunday.
The new Baptist church will lie ready
for didicatloti about lhe middle of May
Fresh roasted peanuls at Garraut's.
W. V. Gurd spent several days in Fort
Steele this week attending to legal business.
Vic PesQulnier, W. L. Reid and O. P,
McDonald, of Moyie, were in Crauhiuok
Frank McCabe and Mr. McMillan, of
Wardner, were Craubrook visitors last
W. S. Keay visited Fort Steele as a
wiiiie.'s iu a government case last Wednesday.
Mrs. C. M. Kdwards and little daughter
Dorothy, are the guests of Mrs. G. T.
William Cariin, the mercantile Poobab
of Fort Steele, was a Craubrook visitor
Mr. tad Mrs. T, Lebel nnd Mr. ard
Mrs, E, J. Peltier, visited Fort Steele
lust Sunday.
Plenty of milk to supply all demands.
Milk at store, by quart or glass. 1'.
Jnst received—a nice assortment of the
famous Crown Fountain Pen, by Tale,
the Jeweler.
Fresh fruit received daily at Garraut's
For Sale—ladies' bicycle, almost new,
wit be sold cheap for cash. Apply at
liutahl oflice.
Wanted, information regarding Alex.
Jhilverson. Address, Knule Aukhus,
Michel, 11, C.
K. E. Orchard and family have returned from Michel and are again living
iu Cranbrook.
Maurice, Evangeline and Josephine
Navin are attending school at the convent in Calgary.
Eggs for setting, brown leghorns,
black menokas, duck aud turkey eggs,
at P. McConuell's,
G. H. Miner has recovered his dog.
Constable Barnes brought him back from
Fernie last Tuesday.
Mr.  and Mrs.  V. Hyde Baker bave
1 ieen giving a series of dinners aud afternoons the past week.
Mrs. George Brown will leave next
S,ninthly Inr Winnipeg, lor a visit with
frieuds and relatives.
Elegant ice cream at Garraut's,
A. T.   Vroom  is  progressing nicely
with bis broken leg, and expects to be
out in two or three necks.
Joe Schmidt bas goue to Blairmore
where he expects to do some contract
work in the building line,
Mis. Alice Rookes has recovered from
her recent illness and is now able to resume her work of leaching.
W. II, McFarlane has added another lot
to his residence premises aud is otherwise improving his property.
Paul Handly, of Kimberley, bas shipped a car load of horses to Illuirmore
where he bas a grading contract.
Bob Shaw is uow first assistant at the
ISaat   Kootenay  holel.   Mrs.   Donahue
Fung You Kam did not sell his laundry to Mali Ming & Lee Wand, but is
still iu business himself, aud still owns
ihe building and lot. Mah Ming & Lee
Wand did not pay the money.
James Gill and family went to Pincher
Creek last week for a biit-f visit witb
Mr. Gill's mother. Mr. Gill relurned
tbia week, but Mrs. Gill and the children
will remain there Beveral days.
Harry Fairfield is operating an equine
hai ber shop at Geary & Doyle's livery
barn, and, after watching bis machine
work, we know what tbe expression,
"making the hair fly," means.
Last Thursday there was considerable
wind, and J. R. Costigan remarked, as
he dug the dust out of his eyes, "Mayor
Grady, of Macleod, is in town, and
he brought some of his Macleod weather
with bim."
The mass lhat is to be presented in
about lwo weeks will be the greatest
musical event in the history of tbe
Kootenays. There will be a chorus ol
between thirty or forty voices. Tbe
people of Oanbrook should not fail to
hear it.
Rev. and Mrs. Fortune leave next
week for the coast aud will probably be
absent about four weeks. Rev Holford,
of tbe Baptist church, and Rev. Dr.
Wright, of the Presbyterian church, of
Nelson, will fill Rev. Fortune's place
during bis absence.
E. J. Peltier has taken en interest In
the wholesale aud retail grain and feed
business of T. Lebel & Co., who are
building the large warehouse on Aim
strong Avenue. Cranbrook will be the
headquarters fur tbe whole district or
Soulh East Kootenay.
Ja-ob Herkmau, of Phoenix, was in
town this week. He says tbat owing to
tbe quarantine in force at Phoenix the
town has heen quiet for a few weeks, but
says that the Boundary country ie in a
uiost prosperous condition and tbat
Phoenix is bound to be one ofthe best
towns iu Britisb Columbia.
Mrs. W. J. Henderson and Masters
Elmo hnd Austin intend leaving here,
about the first of May, to visit friends
aud relatives in Manitoba aud Ontario
They will visit the expositions at Toronto and Buffalo. Mrs. Henderson's father
resides in Buffalo, Mr. Henderson and
Master Charlie will remain bere.
Commencing May 2 from Owen Sound,
and May 5 from Fort William the C. P,
R, upper lake Bteamers will resume
regular trips on following schedule:
From Owen Sound, S. S Alberta, Tuesday; S. S. Athabasca, Thursday; S. 8.
Manitoba, Saturday. From Fort
William, Athabasca, Sunday; Manitoba,
Tuesday; Alberta, Friday.
Pieper & Currie, tbe paper hangers
and decorators, have done the finest
work in papering tbat can be found In
this part of the province. They have a
stock of paints and paper unequaled in
South East Kootenay, and tbey also
have the knowledge of putting them on
right. Mr. Pieper, at any time, will take
pleasure in showing some of bis work to
those wbo care to see it. It ranks with
any to be found in any city, simply because Mr. Pieper was instructed in paper*
ing hy men trained in tbe business.
Eastern parties examined the Anchor
mine, near Kitchener, last week and
contracted to drive the tunnel an additional fifty feet for a goodly sized block
of stock, Tbe tunnel Is now in over
sixty feet, and thirty feet more will bring
it uiideruet-iih the rich showing In the
shaft at a depth of about ninety feet
Work was resumed on the 17th. The
Anchor is a copper-gold proposition aud
is attracting considerable attention on
account of its high grade ore and excellent shipping facilities. An American
capitalist left Boston, on Thursday, iBth
inst, to inspect the property wilh a v'ew
to purchasing.
early date, If Indications and ore ou the
lump count for anything.
Tbe Hist steamer to make the trip up
lhe Columbia river each spting ia always
anxiously looked for, but this year Iheie
was more thuu ordinary reasons for rejoicing when the melodious voice of the
steamer Ifynk was first heard Saturday
eveuing. For with the opening of navigation theie commences a season of
activity which everyone believes will excel! anything heretofore seen in this
valley, Tbe Columbia river Is very low
this spring and Captains Armstrong and
Bacon are to be congratulated upon their
success in bringing the steamer up as
early as they did. Tbey started from
Gulden on Thursday aud In two days
reached Fitlands, but must bave met
with many difliculties as tbey stopped
below Peterboro landing Saturday night,
aud did uot reach Athalmer until Sunday
eveniug, where they left the barge and 1
steamed up tbe lake to Windermere.
On Monday morning tbey s-arted down
the river taking the first barge of 1 ooo-
ton shipment of Paradise ore, which is
to be shipped direct to the smelter.
The steamer having made her first.trip
and with the gradual rising ofthe water
It Ib anticipated that she will have little
trouble in making regular trips. It is
expected lhat she will 1 rirg up ihe mail
next trip, 1 hus again giving us two mails
a week.
dive Us the News,
Tbe Herald would consider it a favor
if the people of Craubrook would give
any information as -u people coming and
going nway. If you iiave friends visiting you, let The Herald kuow, The
editor irys to get (he news, but he cannot find out everything unless he is told
If you want a Sunday Suit
..See Palmer
If you want a Pair of Pants
..See Palmer
If you want a Fancy Vest
..See Palmer
If you want a Nobby Overcoat
..See Palmer
All Garments Made to Order
and Guaranteed to Fit *.* .**
I.O.O.F.   Key Cl y Lodge
Nn. 4i    Sleets every Friday night at llieir liall on
1 laker street.    Sojourning
otlti Follows cordially invited.
Matt Rockendorf        A I,. McDermot
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers In
Grain and
Given special  attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 31
A. P. t A. IH.
Ib-jftii'iir meetings no tlte
thnn Thursday of lit,
\ isiims bretltern welcom-d.
\v, F. nt'Rn, Rec'y.
Give you time to think.    Think about that INSURANCE on
your house, furniture, store or stock.      Act on your thoughts
Fffi-n amp
i.i.1 ,.*JL
Fort Steele
is ai hw
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Wholesale ind Retail
Meat Merchants
Presh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, dame and Poultry.
We supply only the best,
trade Is solicited.
I mproving On Nature
60  YEARS'
Anyone Rending a ufaeteh and description m»?
quickly iisfiirtalii mir opinion free whatbar an
ftivintlon In prohiiMy paletitnbta. Ciiromunlca-
llnnBstrlitl' Iliindbookon PattnM
Bi-iit t'rcii. tilili-nt in.-eiii*y for i-ecurMff Mini tin
Putotiti inkon ihrnuBli Munn A Co. recelft
•rpfdiil nutlet, without chnrjfB, In tba
Scientific American.
"ly. 1,11 rue-it eu
ill. Tcrtni.13
all ne*rtwl«n.
'New York
hln-at on. D. C.
A handsomely llhirtrol-ftd weekly.   _attta*t_t*
eu Iut Um "f jitiv Kii-'iiiiii'' Jinirnal.   Termi, |3 a
yenr: four ti tlm, fl. Sold byall ptWM-ail-Hg,
MUNN & Co.36'0""---- r_
Branch Office, mi V Ht„ Washing1""
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The .-niii Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotel-, in itftst Kooteuay.
RclHtcil Throughout
Newly l'"ui'ttished
Thou wanting chimneys, fire
placet, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
License Commissioners' Meellig.
Tliere will be h meeting of lhe license
commissioners  held In    Cranbrouk on
Friday ( May  io,   1901, to consider the
following applications;
The transfer ofthe lireuse of Julius
Hurel, of the Kimberley hotel, Kimberley, li. C„ to Anile Campbell.
A license to Fred Roo, of the Great
Northern hotel, at Redmonds' Place, at
Crossing of I'.lk river, Tobacco Plains.
II. W, Hume,
JUttme J nupector.
Undertaking And
Grnilualc cf Champion college of If. S
Oflice ntul store, Aiken blork,
near Cuiindinu Hank of Com*
inerce, Cruubrook, II- C.
Upholstering and (icneral Furniture Repairing
Will ntleud to uny work In the district
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and I'liiiiting,
VanDecar & Son, Props. I-I /*Yd**/•*•***]
Craubrook, B, C. #«»!   1 U l°Vl
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for sale on liberal "^VORKINti BONUS. For
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Koutenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C.
nn1il,Hilvert4nilnml0A*>|ierMine,wantetl at the- KXpllANOII, 'MUM Mll.l,
INti i;iu.li irni'iortlM tmntmlul nnw fm- *-">i»tern Investors, I'nrlloj. IiiivIhk mliiim
■iru'iorty lor .ale nro r,-t*uo,teil to t iiii«niitiilt*-i<iftlii'inin*totiie KXflllANiH' ror 01
iiliilijoii, \vb iloslrii to lioar front iirospectora wlm Imvo prom'sliu ntltioml ul s 11
ui.u-ii t'ol-iui'ifa. 1-roniwotors nnn* nUuliisinon are renno-rtedloinako Iho KXOIIA NIII
thoir ln-iulo.itiir|orii tvltott in NoUon, All miiiuil,*. hIuuiIiI i„- nnn My oxprofS, I'roi-nlil
Coh'im'iQniloi'i-a sollaltail.  AilUre-m nil cointniinli'iilliinii tu
Andrew F. Rosenbcrger, Nelson, II. C
Talo'i'tono No, int. I', 0. Don m.
[0[iiaHMHSlMHSP!HMBgB*ll 11 SB
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice al Residence, Armilroni Ave.
Forenoons,   •   ■   •   •   9:30 lo II
Allernuons   ....   1:31) lo 3:30
Evenings    ■   ■   •   ■    7.30 lo 8:30
CRANBROOK,   :  :   :      :   :   B. C,
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South of Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C.
Beale & Elwell,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsite Agents.
Kimberley jt Moyie J> Fort Steele.


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