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Cranbrook Herald Jul 11, 1901

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VOLUME    1.
The Canadian Rank of Commerce.
Hon. Oho. A. Cox, Prcslilcttt,
I'/ilil lip   Capital    .
total Koourci'B
li, H Wai.kkk, Oen. Mm.
i.uiiii.iiiiii llll
di.ii i.Ul 11 ml
} A ..General Banking Business Transacted.
! Deposits Received.
! London Agents--The Hank of .Scotland.
GILPIN Sells Everything
Owing to tlte late, cold spring we have too much
stock in these lines am! offer them al the lowest
price iu town:
Dress Goods and Stlns,
Ladies' Blouses  dt dt dt
A uumher of odd lines in Shoes or Clothing may be
just what you want.
Our Grocery and   Hardware Stock
We do the  FURNITURE  BUSINESS right and no-
one can undersell us.
Great Sale
Skirls and Ladies'
Summer Blouses,
Don'l miss this snap.
.....RIED & CO.
\4*a*'j0.44.400.00*i004 >4
< < >4.4Ms*m
I Best on the Market 1
California Peas, Beans, Asparagus,
Cranberry sauce, Oysters and Lobsters
Small and gallon canned fruits.
J   These goods .ire .ill put   up ir
Ly vel*y Btrlctesl pure lo.i.l laws,
i   v.-,-   an
.inder  the
Remember Lnycock's Huilcr.
guarantee ^
r4<4rr4 < rrA: 0444444444 r>4000
1 Porl Sleele Mercantile Co.
.1. I>. LINK
Harness    Harness
Single and Double Set*
her Lap Robes.
w n.ii .imi Rub-
Clearance Sale of Bicycles
Twelve wheels  Iii Iv sold at Cost,
early and secure a bargain.
...   G. H. Miner
Tun   liDCiT   DDADEDTIEC ''*eatr«tes runabouts ouncesof illvei
IffU    UKCA1    r nUrCI\llCJ!(1n.l65to;opfrcentli;.(l.   Durtig I9QQ
1 fiiioiit 15,000 tons of these concentrates
were   produced Hml   shipped tn  vaiimis
far distant smelters, including Swauseu
Nil  lhe Sl. l:Ui>cilu   and  ilk  North | in Wales aud Antifagastl in Chile.
Star Mines.
Tbe average number ofmei
■ii the property te alumi -150.
Tbe North Star.
Th* second annuul meeting of tlie
I North Sim Mining company, limited,
limit place nt Montreal Iut week, the
j vice president. Hun. A. A. Thtbeaudeau,
j occupying ihe chair. The report whu U
waa presented say*: "From thr repoil
i<i ilu- manager youi directors feel conn*
detll thai us t lit-t t- ure Urge aieas   yet lu
explore, additional on bodies mil be dta
"Although conditions iu the mine ure
moat satisfactory) yet your directors deplore the extremely unsatisfactory conditions existing sl lhe prtWUt time lm
tlie reduction and uiuiketiug Ol the coin
pany's ores. These have bt ly been
aggravated hv the luw piice of lead, hut
they ure primarily due tu the extensive
1 Iiiiiii**. ol --.melting, ami the high rales
ol tiuusportaliou, as a result uf which 50
per cent uf tbe value of tbe ore i.s tnken
A    Detailed    Description    of    the
Workings    ol    the    St.
Moyie, 11. C , July 6.- N. st to tht* 1,<-
Roi llle St, Kugene mui'- In Haul Koo-
tenay must tank us the largest proihicer
in llntish Oolniiiliin. Tbia Is the pioperty in which John A. I'inch uf Spokane
ml James Cronin are interested. Its
total product during Inst yenr timnmilcd I f<" freight aud treatment.   Owing  to
to ahum 630,000 ounces of silver mnl 21,-
000.000 pounds nf lead, of a total value
of over $1,000,000,
The-St. Kugene mint.* Coll si fits uf three
distinct shouts of ure, all in the Same
lead. The ledfje runs from the sli oil* of
Moyie lake tn the summit of lhe hill lo
tbe east of Moyie city, n distance of 1900
feet. The upper slioot, which reaches
frum the surface ut the summit uf the
bill to the 400 foot level, te known ns thc
St Kugene proper. Krum the 41x1 foot
to the s-Soo foot levels the lead is almost
barren, The second shunt, known us
the Moyie working, rencltes from the 800
fuot to the ii'iKj foot level. Then again
comes an almost barren stretch nf 500
feet, ufter which ure* the Luke Shore
workings, from tbe 1500 fot t to the 1800
foot levels. These levels are all utlit
tunnels with endless series ol cross-cuts,
drifts and raises,
In tlte St, Eugene workings four niniu
levels hnve heen run, which, with adjacent workings, reach a total nf nearly
4000 feet of woik- lhe hulk nf the ure
stopeil has heen taken frum between the
JOO and tbe 400 font levels. The ore
from the upper workings is conveyed In
Ibe cuncent.utor by means uf an aerial
tramway constructed by Byron C, Rlblet
of Nelson, U. C. Tbe distance covered
by the tramway is 35111 feet, will] a fall
of about 1400 feet. The buckets which
hold about 900 pounds of nre each,  are
loaded ntld emptied hy nil Bttlnttl
vice which reduces the cost ofo]
to a minimum Tbis tramway ^
in transporting the me from tti
or St. Kugene workings only.
lietween the St. Ktigciieund the Mo>ie
workings a tunnel bus hee
on lhe 500 font level      Tli
point is, however, unproductive, uml the
work hus been, then-lore, suspended
Thc Moyie nr nnd,Ik* workings include
lour main   levels    tl  800, 900,    1000  and
1 too feel respectively, uud wuh adjacent
drifting totnl up to nearly 1000 feet of
work. Tbe ore from these workings is
nil ,Hopped tothe 1 hm loot level, whence
it is lowered hy ineaus of a Burface gravity train to the uppei level nt Lhe lower
ot Lake Shore workings
These lowei woik ttgs consist of three
main levels at the, 1500 1700 and i* 0
lout levels. Willi crosscuts nnd dtilts
lhe total work 011 lhc lower shout
amounts to uliont 4500 feet, The ure
from these works bus  so lnt heen   taken
principally from between tbe 1700 ami
|8oo loot levels. Together with the ore
dropped fiom lite Moyie workings tins
tne is loaded front 11 shoot into cms at
tbe 1800 foot level Trains ol from six
lo eight ol these cms are then drawn by
mules ovei a iUgbtlj downgrade surface
imck to the concentrator,
The Sl. Kugene  lead, which has heen
these conditions, and in view of the
strong fiuaucial position of tbe company
it bas heen thought wise to curtail shipments as tbe directors believe lhat better markets cau ultimately be obtained."
Iu bis repoil, tbe manager, Mr. Frank
Kobbins says; "During tbe year 3,141
feet of prospecting and development
woik bas been driven. Ily means of thii
woik we bave discovered tbe extension
uf the orlgiual ore ubanuel to tbe south.
This is so recent a discovery that, at
this time, it is impossible to estimate its
exteut ur its importance. It is not my
deslie to raise your expectations with
reference to tbis too high, but ill justice
lo the shareholders, to wbum I understand tbis report will be submitted, I
cannot let its discovery go unannounced.
As I continually have expressed in my
weekly reports, I have always lell sanguine thatt be continuation of the ore deposits was to be found, and 1 regard this
as u cmifit illation of my belief."
:*,t to lie practically
■ct various
bile ihe averagi
ve and six leet,  ill plan
1 ioan-1 30 feet II Ian
t less throughout, 11IU1
etween ihe working, d
tc void id pay Die
In the iiiuiii shout llie
l erably, home nf   11 cm
uh na, assaying 7° i,t-1
1 *,o ounces id sflvei
com 1
1 hup-
n width
8 it widens oui
Inerallxvd mon
uij;h lhe area*
■sei 1 I.ed above
un* varies con
listing ol solid
cent lead utld
to the loll.   The
e K ^1 r mi Hit- wi-si    Tin- property
nnd hy K.J Hi|*,t>ye and S C.d.ix
More   Evidence  of  Ike  Richness  of
Sl. Marys.
A Large  Mirurr.il   Exhibit  a Feature uf tlie Fall Fair at
iillllk    NliWS    0I:    llll     IHSIKICI
M. ] llalpin has returned from his
two claims, the Ruierald ami Phoenix,
on lhe upper St, Marys, where lie bus
heen working for the past few weeks
Ue Is feeling very enthusiastic over tbe
uutlonk, and stys that there is no lunger
any question as to lhe richness of thut
part of the country,   lie brought down
some tine samples ol copper ore, that
give every evidence of 11 big body nf ure.
He has three ledges oil each of his
claims, and they are ul gootl size. The
iys he has secured shows 25 5 per
cent cupper, with atiunt % j in silver uud
a few cents in gold, lie is in uu bis
iiiitit-l about 311 feet, and says Unit the
bowing grew better as depth was
lecured. He left yesterday for Nelson
tod expects to interest some panics in
lhe property, and return anil dn extensive development this winter.
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We nnt only make perfect fitting;
garments which set off a ^ood figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling  at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The aolh Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
general average oi tin- ore taken ftom all
three shoots, however, is aboul fifteen
pet cent lead und  nine minees of silver.
iiii- ore from lhe uppei nr Si. Kugene
hoi kings is slightly richer ill silver, run-
inn about teli ounces us Rgaliiflt leven
nd u hull ounces In the lower workings.
The concentrating plant at the St Kugene mine Is by fur tlie largest nf its
kind in thc province. It has a capacity
of .|nu tuns per day ami is driven by
water-power. Provision is made fur tbe
use of steam, however, in case uf emergency. Water is brought to the mill by
means of two flumes, tbat frum lln* .soutli
being five miles lung and delivering its
water uuder a bead of 550 feet, while
that Irom tbe north is Ihree miles long
and gives a head nf .\i<> feet.
Tbe ore from the bin is fed to two 9x15
crushers and then to coarse rolls by
automatic feeders. After being screened
anil crashed it is passed In the concentrator plaut, which consists ot 14 jigs, 5
single Welfley tables and s Frue vauuers.
Tlle tables retain about 20 per cent of the
total product. The rale of concentration
is about 4 1 2 to 1.   The resulting con-
The News Cams ss a Settee Shock to
This Com bim ally.
Last Friday the people of Cranbrook
were shocked to receive the Intelligence
of the sudden demise ot Mr. J. W. II,
Smythe, manager of lhe Canadian llauk
of Commerce at Greeuwood. He bud
beeu in ill health for two weeks previous
lo his deaih, but the day before seemed
tn be rallying, Theu be took a turn lor
tbe worse, relapsed into a state of unconsciousness, and 12 hours later died
peacefully and without pain.
J. \V, II. Smythe was a youug man fur
v *in ut tins I lllt! ris*sPu',s'l,le positions he bad heltl, as
he was only 3; years of age. He entered
the employ of the Canadian Hunk if
Commerce about 14 years ago, and his
natural ability in the busiuess he had
adopted secured lor bim rapid promotion. When the Craubrook hruuch was
opened lit. Smythe was sent here from
the east as its tirsl manager. He came
as a youug uiau and au easterner, aud 111
lo days he was a westerner iu every
sense, -^>uick to adapt himself to cou-
dt'. ons, » good judge of human nature.
uutirlug in his energy, affable ami cum-
pauloQahle at all limes, be wou fur him-
■ell a Urge circle uf friends, and for tbe
I bark a strong following. Later he established the brunch at I'ort Sleele, and
remained in chaise uf the twu until the
management selected him as the best
muu lu lake charge of Ibe Greeuwuud
branch. There he made a great record'
antl rapidly increased the busiuess of the
bank, and, as he bad doue In South Kust
Kootenay, making for bimself many
new ami strong frleods.
Little over a year ago be was united
in inairiage (u Miss Maud Keay, of
Craubrook. whu survives him At the
lime of his death Mrs. Smythe, her
mother, Mrs. Keay, and sister, Miss
Margaret, were wilb bim, and every
thing that medical aid aud kind hearts
could suggest, was doue, but without
The funeral set vices were held Saturday Hml ihe remains wtre Interred in the
cemetery al Greenwood, hits Smylhe
bus ilut yet arranged her plans for the
future, bul fur the ptesent will remain in
Mr.   A.   Warren   and   Miss   Maggie
IIllCkett, of fertile, were united iu uisr-
ringe on Saturday, July 6, by ltev. Oor
don, at lhe tititte's uncle, Mr. J. Turner,
iu h'erule. The happy couple came to
Craubrook tbat afternoon, remaining
over Sunday, and going on to Spokane
Monday for ■ brjef trip.
Mr. Warren was station agent at Fernie
for tbe C, P. R, and a yonng man uf
sterling worth. The bride formerly resided iu Ctaubrook, where she bas a
host of friends who with both of them
every joy and happiness.
I-'nun thu Canterbury Ihihrnp.
Iu consequence of the lateness ofthe
season and the depth of snuw upon the
high hiountulus.Thcputcrop would sug*
it that the goverument allow an ex-
si on uf time fur the performance of
assessment work. This is really necessary as many claim owners cannot possibly get up to their work iu time In
1&J7 for similiar reasons gold commissioners throughout the province were
allowed to exteud the time for a period
of 60 days, from lhe 17th of July for the
completion of assessment work where
tbey bad cause to believe the claims
were Inaccessible. Therefore, we claim
that pruspectors should again be allowed
this advantage.
1*. Strulford and partners went up the
South Pork of Toby creek on Sunday to
COUlUience work on the Juneau gioiip.
They will cut a good trail of several miles
to the group, and intend doing sufficient
woik lo show llie ledge up properly.
Last season they traced the ledge for
uhoul 301^1 feet and uucoveied two leet of
clean ore. It is slated that Ihere ate
vend parties anxious to get bold uf
this group.
I'rof. Robinson ami his men came
down from Jumbo creek lusl week, where
they have already accomplished 27 feet
ork. They will go up lhe bill shortly to start work on the Leora, upon
hleh has been fuund tbe greatest copper discovery iu Hast Kooieuay. The
work doue witb a pick uncovered a good
loot of solid chalcodyrlte ore, A pecuh-
,r feature of this tichore is that at the
grass routs there is absolutely no copper
status to he fuund on the ledge, which
carries 32 per cent copper values. While
there is only one foot of ore uncovered
1 he iiidicaliutis are tbat it is much wider.
Tu prove the width uf the vein, a crosscut tunnel is to he run which will cut the
ledge at a depth of 20 feel and drain olf
tlie water.
F. A. Mulhnllund is reported to have
cleared up $2$,000 in copper slncks. If
this be true Cauterhury ought tm nine tn
the front soon. We join wilb his many
friends in this valley iu hoping thai it is
Rev. Father Cncola drove in from Fort
Sleele and held services lu the Mission
chnrcb on Sunday. He has since visited
ull lhe lowiis in this vicinity, calling
upon the members of bis chinch und his
111 nu friends. The teverend gentleman
bus been iu Kail Kooteuay for many
years mill is held iu high esteem by all
who know him.
F, Collett returned nn Tuesday's boat
from a visit tn the east. He appears tn
have enjoyed bis trip and we leatn thut
it also piovrd financially a success
Mining Nates
Yesterday  was  pay  day  at the St.
.Mr, McKinney came in from Ferry
creek last week with a sample of surface
gold tbey are getting in tbe placers nf
that camp. Il is a bright, coarse gold,
and Hssnj *i high Rxleuslve work is being dune on Ihe placet grounds there,
nud it lm ks now us il it might prove a
llvelj camp ihis winter.
He Protests Against a Crusade lu
The loi
al branch ofthe Lord's Day nl
Itauce, a
1   a  meeting   held last Sunday
decided lu inaugurate a warfare
iu tin- inl
crests of 11 strict observance of
Sunday i
11   Craubrook.      Mr.   Patterson
was elect'
ed president of tin- local branch
and tlw
woik nl  closing np hotel bars,
driving 1
mt  houses ot prostitution   and
prosecuting any and nil persons found
Kudty of violating the law ou Sunday
wus delegated to him uml other mem
hers of the executive committee. Tbu
resolution was presented hy W. B. McFarlane, seconded by Jack I,\le, und
supported on the Iloor by Rev, Fori uie,
Rev, [lowering. Mr. I'ult.-rsoii mid Mr.
Iloyce.    No one else   was  nsked   to  es-
p.ess un opinion except Rev Beacham,
and he, iu a straightforward way, tuid
why he did uut favor such a movement
iu Crnnlironk. Mr. Patterson, the chairman, said tlu- meeting was a representative one of Cranbrook citizens, ami thai
hi* was glad to see the people take the
The Herald two weeks ago stated its
reasons for believing thut a crusade
against hoiel keepers 111 Cranhrook «t
this lime, wus Ill-timed and uncalled for
Cianbronk is not looking fur trouble.
Right nl this time there are matters
pending nf such iuletest to the material
welfare of Cruubrook,   that  a movement
thai means internal dlsseusiou and bitterness of feeling, wheu there is no need
of it, is little less than suicidal Cranbrook is not a bail town. The fact that
she has supported five churches is evidence of this, especially when it is
taken Inlo consideration that the main
support of these churches Ims been from
people who wouid not and do not favor
tin* adoption of radical measures in tins
town ul this time, to enforce a strict and
puritanical observance uf the Suhhath
Should   Leave   the   Question   ol
Sunday   Observance   to
Bdltor Herald:
I  have lived iu Cranbrook for abc
two years, ami in the west for 15 tea
md I must say thut Craubrook is b) 1
lu* most Sabbath-observing place thu'
have seen in tbe wesi
Btay   here I   hnve   lu-v
di unliMi disturbance 1
Sundays,   ami   only
slom uu week days
observance of the Sabl
matter fur the  Individ
lowed lo decide, eat h
our hearts  if we art'
Sunday or any  olhe
sdde lo slu jusi as   u
as it is un Sunday
dear, good  people
iliemselves in   much
loubl meau well, bul
BID   firmly   COUVlUi
lion te uue calcul
than aiU.itnc the
it-.,d a horse tu
,d any
1 think th
unl mind to be alone of ns know In
slunlug, either on
div. and it ispoi-
ich nu a week day
I believe lhat the
*-.*. ho an* 1 icerclaing
1 on llie subject liu
it nt llie same lime I
■d   ttl.1t tilt-it  line ot
lefl to damage ralher
ib j eel     ll Is possible
* tier hut yon cannot
is not
quesliou i
if prohibition or
If Ihe ra
isiug of trouble
ne, lhe
upleuf the
lown; if ihe in-
a crusade
meant prohlbl-
Ulld  111
abolition •
il the drink evil.
e w<ui'i
I he few who
would **ay them
But i
■ry person
01 sense knows
lhat llle results WOU III unt mean prohibition nr anything like it.     Neither would
ii mean lhc Inculcation of strict moral
ideas inlo the minds of any of those (ot
whose gond this movement is Intended.
What, then, is the use of tbis sttil't-?
Why should such a movement be started?
Kssl el lhc River.
A Heat ter Craabrook.
A subscription paper Is being circulated to raise money lo buy instruments
for a brass band In Cranbiook. Mr.
Higginbolbam. a musician ol loug experience, has consented to take charge
of an organization, and under his direction Cranbrook should have a first class
baud iu a few mouths.
The Herald was published in Cran
brook before any of those who nre stirring up this trouble came here. The
Herald has heen published on the broad
plane nf civilization and humanity. It
has dune in iis humble way all in its
power to promote lhe best interests of
lie town. It has stood fur good citizenship, law and order, ami harmonious action. Its editor has given from bis few
dullurs at all limes for the buildlug of
churches, and anything else that prom
isid good for the lown He has worked
week alter Week, recording lhe events of
the town, marking down the milestones
of progress, and jealously   guarding the
good name and fume of Cranbrook, and
it is with regret atld sorrow that he  sees
ii crusade started without reason ami
without cause.
Take the name-* of Ihose who have ul-
ways been found shoulder lo shoulder lu
the woik of pushing ahead Cruubrook, a
loyal, patriotic hand, free with their
money and their time In help Crati-
brook.     And  huw   many  of tbeui   are
lhey llmt favor stirring up strife and tun
moil iu Cranbrook today nu the ((uesiioii
of Sunday observance.   Many nf these
' names tn* fouud Oil Ihe church register-;
neatly, ti not all, umde it possible to
hnve churches in   which   tu worship in
Cranhrook by their liberal contributions,
nud yet lhey would consul harmony and
personal Influence in ihe support of any
mm id ipiesli >n, and not the radical
measures ol ihe famine Ami these are
representative citizens whu say that lhey
are satisfied with tht* conditions in Cranbiook, lor the very good reaiofl that
Craubrook toda*. Is oue of the most quiet
ami law abiding towns iii the west.
make him drink unless he la sn disposed
Man, un this subject In particular, is
very much the horse, and a stubborn
one at that. The ureat majirlty ot the
inhabitants ol this Iteauliful town me
bard-warkirjK people, whose occupation
in order to make a  living for themselves
ami those dependent upon ihem tie-
mauds their whole attention, They turn
out at 7 o'clock tu tbe morning to commence their week's labor, and come
borne each night at *- o'clock, sweal-be-
griturd, laded ami tired—this sis days iu
the week Now, sir, is it not nanus1
that this weatled body should welcome
the Sibli ith tlav and look upon ll us tbe
piisouer did upon the sunbeam In whose
cell each day it stole, and Is it n<<t the
must ualural Hung in the world for Ihis
poor, faded, worn-out pen. Ml to lake
bat innocent pleasure he can oul of
this dav of rest, and to him, d-»y of liberty ?    Soiilr take drives or tides, others
quietly wander off to the woods to coot,
inviting glades wilb wives and families
and their friends, others, perhaps, lake
their fishing rods aiui wander along Ibe
banks of the creek, enjoj ing lit the full-
e--t extent lhe c<x*i. refreshing air, caused by ihe rapid brook over the many
colored stones, kiting with its gentle
breath the overhanging leaves and
branches, and these are the pleasures
which you very pious people would deiiv
the working man. Shame on you, I
cry, and ask you if Ile 111 whose lool-
sleps you are suppo-ed lo Ire following
would support you in your arrant narrow-mindedness.* I believe in God and
the Christ who died fnr ns alt, and I also
believe ihBt God In His great goodneas
would not have placed u-. on this beautiful and wonderful sphere tf he had not
wished us lo enjoy tt and lis privileges,
You leaders of this movement, ynu are
nu| shut indoors at hard, dirt) work six
days oul of the seven, your I'd hus (alien
in pleasanter ways. Gel out and do one
week's good, honest, hud work in Ihe
sweltering Weather, and then tell us how
you appreciate your Sunday.    I  have
lived In a good many western towns and
I can honestly say that Craubrook is the
cleanest and must orderly western town
thai I know of ll has four self-supporting churches. Remember the fable
of the goote which
aid the golden
A Citizen.
From Fori steeir I'rospector.
J. Y. Keslerjust down from the S-»an
group Informs The Prospector that  the
assessment work nn the Swan group bas
been  completed.    That  bis   camp   will
now be moved to the Star group and ihu'. j
the development of t':is property will be 1
continued until late lu the fall. j    The Herald believes in  temperance,
.,-.., ... personal liberty nnd common sense     It
Mr. Grundy Aukus, who has been eu-   J  ,. . ,. , . ,    ,   .,      _
,.,,.,      .   , , .     .believes the  world  would  be b-etteri.fi
gaged   in developing  the   vikti.g c aim 1    .,,     . ,. ..... ,,,
h *■* , H.^'*   ,        .,  B without liquor     It believes It would be
wns tn   towtl on   Tuesday.    He  reports   .   ,, J     ...     ,      , ,, ..
         , . . ,   .    ,       better   off  without   adultery,   without
that  the tuunel is now iu   5a feet,  that   . . ,      , ,,   r ....
.   .        .     .       ... hypocrisy,  with mt theu, without  big-
the vein Is six feet iu width the ore Is a    ,       ... ,      .*  ,    ,, .?.
,„,„,, ..I oll>'' Without crime of any kind.    But it
galena.    Work will he C   It . Jed during   , ,, , .
, a 1 knows that so long hs humanity exists,
the summer. , .... , .,
|U8! sn long will human error Inllow.
Messrs, Cadwlx ai I Aukus have com*	
pleted tlie assessment oo tbe Moonlight ]    An Indian doctor did little nr no husi-
claiui.    Tbe Moonlight  is au exteusi
-Hlaeral hihikli.
A W. McVittle, secretary for the fall
utr «nd exhibition, is anxious to secure
a mineral exhibit from the whole ills*
trtcl. Ile would like tn hnve samples of
ore labeled and senl tohiiii nt Cranhmnk
an soon as possible, ami
the nre will be relurned alter ll
of the rshibiliun If mt, it wil
tainrd fur a pt-nuanent exhibit
pruiulnent place 111 Cranhrook.
Atolker Iras Deposit.
It is said   that tlu-  Fenwick
have discovered sn Immense ir<
in the Sand Creek   district, j"
Jutfray, and that reliable
■is mi lhe streets Tuesday uight.
k brothers
run deposit
ist back of
ays show U
... be a fine quality nf mineral. M is
understood tbat a large Company have
tested the samples uud have secured 1
virtual option on the  property fur a few
Tht Perr> Creek Rind.
It is important that the road from
Cranbrook to Perry creek should be
built as hoon as possible. The govern*
menl bas appropriated (.500 fot this purpose and the people of Cianhrook should
let nothing inlet fere -with ibis piece of
work. The road will be a gieat boou lo
Perry crei-k, as it will place the camp
several utiles closer to a supply point. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor an I Pro] riot u
TIll'M- OV Sl'll PUtltlUNi
The ller:L
distil'.*!.     If
your mine 01 ;
Success depends upon a liberal
patronage of printing offices.—John
Jacob Astor.
l-nrrcilol l.v "llnti-h."
Nmlll Slur	
SI. HuBCIlc   	
■ -    7 '■'
.    *•'.<•
1  ■!'
— 941-
Crow. Nest (.'nnl 	
88 ...
Canadian C. 1**  S 	
***************** nm**** l
Imoyi e
- },Mi*llllitiili?tf****** j
9 5
3 News Notes Prom Ibe Mineral Ciiy l
i *
1*9^91 991999**riir*yi^i'**i*^
Till*.  BT    BL'OBXB.
Although fur the last lew weelts ihere
have been rutnon that anollier shut
ilowu was ai turn!, tLe mine lias been
sieuuiy lunaiLg u^ to the present, the
QamntersmtO being the only oaes of ttie
force laid uff Tne mill Is steadily inn-
iitug   double  shift   and   Is   lurulng  ru* ] Sketch  or tli
rge quantities of ure daiiv. Tne coin-
paty Intend working n row deal for
ha ud Ung their ore anil In ill pobibiliu
m a short time all those laid i IT will be
[■ut io woik anil everything bein lull
Dla I
The Leaderirti e  K now  In ihoshade
nf the nnw {ill. ami ihe bai   ci mli.n->l
ly stare us iii the ini •*     li   will  bu  oni
aim to always i em pei   onr  cdliorl-al*-* .s
m avert  any  posslnlUiy of gelling b
html ihem    Moyie L*ader.
The uv -rage editor i** willing to stand
behind his editorials.
('rauhrooli is not a tow
ll-UMi Columbia
vlve lhe cm illtlons
the Bine l.i*i of
f tree
Tne (l vernri
of lhe New !
tl-setnent,   s in
in *
-, pool plaoetor
hai prevailed when
mi id give I.iwery
Tnls Is a big world Titero are many
kinds of people Iii ll, and - ur experience
fui taugh; uh that theie are many people who do i.oi think hh wo do, an* j isl
as good as wo arc.
.inliii Houston Is rlghl wtion he fays
thai thu it pnrt ot thu mlnlainr of mines
Is valuah e only as a maltoi of hl.siotv
A mi|ipu*mI-nt of n few pages wonh
have given valuable In format-Inn aa ti
conditions at tin- time the rtport wni
Issued, anil wa are sirry that Minium
McBride did not lake advantage of the
opportunity to break away Irom a cos
torn that sh I   hiva   benn hurled luny
ago.    IU* lu a yonng man, and sliuuld bt
Oraubronk seenn tu be a Mtcca for
brldi s     There   were   aevtr-il   Iti u
this week.
The hot wave stlluk to.wn 1111*s ivcpfo
ami thc jlbberlng Idiot waa It *pi busy
will) hla query, 1. it hot enough fnr
yoi I'
The resources of t
surpass those if an;
nub ti. iii Kootenay
district in llrtiis'i
It Is now rumored ih.u Premier Huns
mn Ir Is ti> roll re ami thai Pinanoe Min
Isier Turner is to t-u-jcoed him, Will
tbat help matters I
Morgan has returned from K trope,
bin an the sun and mot-n are Mill on
duty we presume tie has not gobbled
thein up yet in his trust organizitlonf,
The L-sanders won   In   the Henley re
gaita from ttio Pennsylvania hoys, and
Ihey won by   being   the   fastest crew I
one  of  llm   best   races  over   pulled ul
tf  nley.
Tlie average prenchct Bees only one
thing.    The average man seen many
Viciorla has a (fig crank IIt tore
down an American dig that a V clot la
merchant had put up on .1 ily I The
dig crank on either side ol the llim is
nothing moro or lens than a notoriety
seeking Individual, ami his action Is he-
log generally ignored, as it should be.
Molding up fains te once inorr a pr. -
fl'ahle liu tuny In lhe Stales A gai-g
of robbers took 81/1,01111 from a 0 i-ai
Northern train lu Montana last week.
The editor of the Sllvt tioulan cou
tlutiei to give evldqncoof crank lam II *
berjtiH Canada, cnrsoi thn Unbed
Slates and slurs Kigluml. lie slu uhl
ju np off the eailu.
uRowrti or Christ cifUKCH,
It Is Now Necessary lo Increase Iho Pres*
ent Accommodations,
New  I. 0, II. F. OHIcers.
Noble Giniid—M. Kockendor-T,
Vice Grand- -S. 1   Morrow.
Kecoiding Secretary    1    IC   Simpson
P.tnincial Se.iL'inrv -J. I'. Fink.
Treasure!    t   A   How.
Warden    A. Munuing
Cnndlictor-   II. 1'uiMins
U. S. N. G  - A. 1.. Miller nml.
1, S   N  G.—W   Simmons.
R.  j  V   ■'■      IC   Brown
1, S  V, G —Dr. |   lv. King.
R   S. S     II. Brock.
1.  S  S --Iir   bather.
O, G —R   ti   UeutUe.
Chaplain—Rev, Holford.
If you want the best of
fob Work,  >hc kin*:
will please you, see.   The*
..■""'■  ; ,*, ■ ;
lie raid.
itlu*.  Xuvlgator who
U...U tin  Iriluml over.
'he ii"'.*.1" Islnncl unci notlrlFl iiir
. ol Ilrii, ;. I'nlumbhi which benr
•     nuuic     ..( Vancouver arc iohiI-
my uj iho (loin ol  ■ western scn-
isl iu Uml ....inu -■ tt.ivli.nlur
I e.v|>lurci Horn In 17.. \ n-
IVl'l*   tt'n       -i.  .    tllll'l     II        III        uld
i-l  il  lln'  llrlll  *.*■.
.;   iuuni'illul 'Ij  iilUT   ua
.1 i,    ii .:   ni   I,..   ...   ml uml    I   nl
>.u;. s       nt        Vol -'IU   I'Ollli   In   IllO
Llllli ' tl   -■;■■ UiS   • .'I 111*1*1 liill     Willi
•     norlliwui '      ...... i   ol   1       i ...
iv. ver,   tllil   imi   ii- in   unl ii   I Ts*...
ncnulescc-tico to Imr plans ami asked,
"What 1 Ret (or dinner*:*'
"We'll linve some ol that nice ont-
■ li i class Use ii'' Jewelry, Clocks,
td nl   llvi rwan always in stuck. ::
Direct route to al
mul ■
some i
nml vi
W. F. Tate,
Ni xi Sal til tiny evenb g thnre will B(,n
tai.fl place in .Moyie nne ol ilitt m tst j][1(j
bolttntlllc glove COU lent* over *\l\n<--s-.d voj
in Smuu Gist Kootenay B ih al uu-, *""'
conieittautP, Juck Pi i^emld el Mun
and 131 Ouffo: Pomle, nave boon tralnfl   Wlifii,     lm\ im    t'i*"-n  to     Ij   In lu
■.ui;  hard lur tlio  bum  unl are In tb     protViwdon ihinn«   tho   lum.    h
pinkof cuiidittuii.   Tne exMoltlon will | wiih   denimtPlmil     ui    li    li-mil ul
take  place In  M.rb-j'*- hall,  which Is, J^™  -Jjj J.'JjjJJ'J   ' '  *  j lj|J. j ":
large e nought to cunforubly accom-' |,Imv,ii in   ins 11.1111     trot spun
inoilatc those who will wish to wltnets   |»h  tiowrnmint        >*    w	
the light.    BverythlnK  l»  I"  raaillncsnl iimki> u  sunvi   ol   tin* 1      north
and the people of Moyie ami lho nelgt- "'unl* .'"' .''"''''..'''., w,!'" '-.\\'.''
boring towns ol Cranbiook and PerntQ ntrnii und wImmIht huiiii* 1111*111111' n
are eagerly awa'tlng tbe day. ,*,, mn.. n t,u\  nm  ■   ist h**   w.i-\
Ami lln* I"  I Will
ivy IllUBti'ntlng »n Tn-
Plnn For 11
11 Servant.
jj    a Btory IlliMtratlng an tn-   ,'j
■ t (-*.* II  ,1! ,   Plil  Mil*   Kn:p- ?
X   By Charlotte \v. Eastmans.  :»:
A 6
Tom K tder. the owners of Uie Anrnra
mine, returned List week from Spokane
.tnd In a short lime a foice of men will
be in*, to work on the properly. Within the lint fsw days Uie showing In the
.1111111*1 has be»u very intti'lt Improved,
11 indlier lead having beenstrtick it is
thn intention 10 su>p work lu iho mn*
nol In a short lime and sink on lhe
-[di* ml id showing of ore which lhey have
at the mrfjce.
The new cturihouse, which has heen
in course of election for the last lew
week*, Is now nearly completed ami
wlu-u HnNheil will present quite a Hue
ni'pearai.c -. It Im llnely situated on the
shore or the hi;--* am) will lm furnished
nt an iip'to-ilale manner.
Work on Hit* uuw sawmill is steadily
progressing ami iho frame of ihe main
Miidnig is now nearly completed.
VV > 11 HtilMhcil ihe mill will ue about 180
01 mh leet long and wi'l he furnished
whn Ilmt'clnss machinery. I.a>t week
a gasoline launch arilved lot ihe com*
pniiy It wdl be med lor lowing lo/s
and for carrying In supplies to the mill
an) the lumber camo which in located
nn the big lake. The machinery is (x-
prcteil any day nnw and on its airlval
opeibtions will be rushed so ihat sawing will Mbely commence within a
m iilth's lime.
The pipe for the waterworks has now
arrived but work Is still delayed on ac-
c.'inn nl   Uio uoi. -arrival ot lhe linings
VV 'k win commence immediately on
ilt-ir arrival so that' in a short time
M vie will have as gootl a water supply
as any towu lu the K mtennys.
At ihe election ol school triMteen last
Sittmlay Messrs Crowe, I'ollaul and
Ncideeslatlt were re-eleoted.
Tom Htckey anil his wife returned la>t
week from ,\1 chel.
Attherpgular meeting of ihe OU-
follows on Monday evening last, tbi-
• Hh er-. for thc ensuing term were in
There was a dance given in the Koo
tenay hotel 011 the evening of the lili.
and alt those who were present pas-^til
a very tjnj tyabte evening.
Wild in E iward wlm was so serlouslj
lnjirid a .shott time ago is able 10 b-
itTi uml i giin, and hopes In u few days
t > be again at work.
Tin1 Catholic Indies will give a bazaar
in M QregOl's ball on Thursday the
ier In1
In ken
tho  l'i
Snudwli h   I
the   \miTl ,*
ii waa a ulmrmlng littlo Bitting room
lit which Mrs. Mn •u\\ sut sewing ilnln-
t.v Btltclins. lleforv lier stood thu aurv-
:i!.t girl, who, With u Rtulltl siiin*. un-
iioiinceil tlmt slie hml round n plnce
down lown.
"llut, Mury. yoti surely would not
Iwiyu mo .without liilii." Mrs.  Mnsoti
tor  cookli'S   rrom   tho   pi ..        ,-.   ■■
Pome eoltoo soup, 1 In   ; .... nnd      *   *
tl     n i.'i* mil.    1  thud:  we'll   tin ■
mhIu !■•■ with It."
"All right.   I do It," unsworn! ('Iirl
1      .       g|j       VI d  Ml' .   M       ll
• i im sim thoughl  i'l' the Imlj   ii ivn
1 i«n,   "Sow. 1 iiidnui  j tin ro wi Icomo !
■ . i     mill of my lulior."
li  -In* ivli tho IoiihI Mt guilty, tho '
■ un  ,v ol lhe innit.v hou  1 of i-tiro mul ■
■   umi       .
mining of gri'uii glrlm   tu .. *   11 u
>.'■.,.,■.. j   t
■ l  onlj   wish l ami 1    l-i   tin   othoi    Go
In  riiI I ■    '      Uint.in      1
■ I'oi  lu i.i* In lho 1     1 11 i.i hut 1
il I in      tin        d uud loti
' '      1 mi   '
1    \||'h. Hi'inh-rV. i    ■ .  1 . ;  .. ■   .   .   I
Tl       rt .; fi *■* points to
be uiii-tiL-ifJ in building,
East i; West
First-Class Sleepers, Touri.st Cars
anil Dining Cars.
■ Through tickets to l7.iiv;l.iiid. Ihe
continent, Australia, China, i.ip.m.
iil'i'i*. lis     1
l,,iil mn .'im,
May 1". 1
Imiu, in s
hiistoii.'il i,y
led him In In
his lull ihiiiv
stirlly      ini'ii!
••I km 11 |iln
whore I cm free dol-
Tck'Kraph Line lu Kimhcrley.
W.iik Ims Iu'l-ii InailKiirntuil on n lele'
Kin|ili line- in Klllllii-rley liy llie L*. I*. K
Tills will prove 11 yri-iit rnnvi'liieiice tt
ilu- |i,',i|,li. ol Hi ,1 town, nml iilsn In Hit
illinium coiiipnni r iimi section.
********* ****************
i *
. *
I   News    I rum   tlie    Coal    Mi'lrunulls  *
* *
am* ,y******************
I 1'r Mm Iriii' I'll'.. I
II. Ilcllllcy nliillii'il  nil .MumI.ll   Iiiui
Arclidencon Peiilrenlli, ofiliu Knulisli  „    „,.,.k.s vl   ,,. ,,,,„.      lh
rliiin-li, mnite .in nfllcinl visit lu ihis |tnr<
lull lust week, uml pn Iteil lioll u-
iiiK ami evenlntj Insl Sitmlny. In Ins
eveninu services lie innk occasion In
congratulate lhe tiieinlieia of Chrl.l
church on the fad ihut liny vvpte uuw
self-supporlliiK, ami nlso that the nu-nt-
bersllip luul inereiiseil to such nil extent
that measures would huve tn he Inken
.Mr. J k I'ulinrk, IIMUnuor ol tlle
Itoyal, is I'lijnylnij n vls'l from his
mnl Iter uml sister, who m lived Inst week
Iiiiiii I'm I IiiiiiI, t Iretnn Mr. Pollock
met Ihem ill Nelson.
A liull   wns  (ilvell in   Ihe new  (lininji
tiomeiiiiitely to provide more room, room of the Withlurf hotel on Monday
either l.y litiildinu, nu adillllon to lite evening. Mr. Katlntise hns one uf the
present chinch nr liy erecl'llg u new finest dining rootlts in Hiilisll t olnmbla,
hnilding nenrer the hllsiucss center o
the town.
luiinghl   Mrs. Ilcnlley  and fuuiily  Willi
Archdeacon Pentrentll might have
added thnt the prosperous comllltnn uf
Christ chntcli Is due to tlie Rood work
and personal popularity ol Rev. Ilenohntn,
who has heen III ehfllge only n few
months. Iu u quiet, unassuming mun
lier, he hus wnn l'ur himself n position 0
sttenglh uud influence In lhc roitltlllllt
ity, and is Hiiil.iin,- up un harmonious
and enthusiastic following in Ills church.   **'" '"* ''el'l "" Sunday next as usual
Ernie Cltnrhoittean, a hrnkemun etu-
Itlnyetl in the yntd here ami one of
Ferule's best lacrosse players, luul Ihe
uiisfo lime to hnve his little linger cut
off while linking a coupling up nt tlle
mine yesterday.
Mr. \V. Il'iikemore will conduct the
services inortl'ng nnd evening in the
I'niglish church until the clergyman in
charge  mines  frum   the enst,    Service
HON. Ft*
Sketch ul Mn. I i. i
Hull        lt.llH-.rl     I
Uololthtl Si.iiviiii
is returning fn
settling wuh Hi"
French shore qtu...
inu  I..' si'U till  in i!
wnhiiiii     eotisiillii
•■I would give yi,n Sll. I.in yuu ngroeil
is   to work fur nm for X2.:,u If 1 would
It  tench yuu tu mill nud do the work."
"      ■•] got nnotlei* pliu-e down lown.    1
„    sny I t.'11 ni'M  wi'i'l:."
i    lCutri'iity and pcrsunsion were nllke
In vnln.   It nil imleil wlih. "I go next
,..     line yenr from ihis lluie Mrs. Mnsou
wns  :i   wiser If  mu  n  better  wutll.-lll.
ml when l.i nn nliuuiilici'd, "I got nn-
the ihlnl girl llun
tin- woniiin down
When Sir   Mnso!
nl trained for
home in din-
lit   nln'l-   Unit
Sir   .li
nu nl.
Inw,   Inu
ISKij  he
Sli   Will
Sir  Will
liis   t'uhi
"i, s     t'nl-
II is   [.,I ll
MSt     Ii
i   Mr.' Iloml
Coinninl Si
liudow Innl clouded the domestic
I, hut when his wll'e htlll piiurcil
r liilc of wui  she proceeded to
■fore  hlm 'pl'liis for lii'i riiluru
li'irtrii    Clliniullgn.    When he hnd I'lilly entlght
S*'  .Inhll's    1™ Iii™. '"■ liiuulied lullll  I luml.
■i i-iuiii'iii. "You're ii mighty Hiiinrt Utile in.
uier suidled man. Mnrln lull li you try Ihnl gnino
lied to the you'll mil down." he nniiollliccd when
n isso.   In   ehe nskeil Tor his oiilnlon of her plans.
iker ul"    th"       >.|'j| nol lull iluwii any harder Hum 1
liisiniiii jit    |II1V(. |„ mJ. ,,,!„,,- ptnua, nitd I believe
I can .hi It"
"All rlghl. I'll imclt yuu.*' be promised encouragingly.
Assured ol   lu*r hnsbniid's coopem-
.-'■ '.'..ii'i'i'iu-   tion, Mrs Sla-iiti very willingly ngreed
tm i,,.' wns    I" lali'* Lena's cousin, Christina   who
Knglnnd on   bad just arrived rrom ibe rniherlnml
ii. un.I   iho    in ilu. week which llili'l'vened before
i  by    both   the nitn-.ni nf the new iloiuesllc nne
ish c.iv, in-   plight hnve supposed Sirs, Slnson to he
"■   it   blue  slocking  ul   lhe deepest  dye,
-    ror she cnrrled u peiu-ll stuck In Iut
'.'    Itolr mul slopped lo Jol down burning
thoughts nn  whulcver  was  tnnst  colt-
hu was nl   lho CJttu-    Vl'"1"1" "' "■" "", "'""''""I* I    Tlie
vu      Cunfefcnce Sir   c   A    llann    bnby's bnck nr llle boltolll ol the dlsll-
vrole     ol     Inu.:    "A  comparut tv-ly    |mn   were nllke nvnlln      When  lhe
■iiiing ninn. bin  his imi amiability    new  Chrlslbin   npiienrcd.  rresh   nnd
initio    bim in funk wiih the lead-   rosy and rlcnn. she started ill ber tnsk
ni; statosincn ol tit" dny." with   vigor,    lier  former   experience
taught ber Un- bcsl mclhnil nf Insiruc.
lion, aiui. inking up one i.r-ti.-u- after
rfiicu »f cut...  11,..nt,,i in Anglo .ir   nuother. she told lite nntiies dlsilnctly
twenty nc........ an.l encouraged Christina lo repeat it
rii-iv      Wns      a    very   curious  mill     until she wus sure ul' it.
iiiiiii'ul tnlrage .ui  lui." liiiii.ii   iiii      The lirst iierrornuincp In the domes-
recent  Sattii-dny.    The sttrfuce   ol    tic net was tu fry polnlocfl for lunch-
ml  she
..ii tnci
•• Iicnderi
:..  'i   ..:.   uf  11
baste   into  ihe |
tl, "gi t lu'cnl
ble.    sir.  i        r
enrly train     We
, but wo will
Cranbrook Trains
Dep'irl Arrive
■■I     Material     7)50 daily     West       daily 16:11)
j lo;IO   " K.tsl "     7:1.11
UtIHi Kimberley I860
Kimberley trains   on   Tuesdays,
Thursdays and  Saturdays.
. nd tin i i'i.'.
li*. ,..    <:»', <SA
,: ■- ,ft...4. m
.-        ■,,'     l-i  ■.'■•■      .   -.I. - -s*l*iil.l
g.ota..    ':V: .;; •; ;;|j;*4jl;*i
I ur lime Inlilcs nml full jiiiiiniuitiiui,  mil un
ur nililress itcnrist linnl ogi-nl.
B, J. CI1VI.I1
A. li. I'. A.
VntiniiniT. ll.C.
J S. CARTIiR, ll. P. \. Nelson, II. i
,     .-■- r*
it;.* '•■.*:■"■
•'You i
'B^mmm , Spokane Falls &
nitttd wi;(t anyone about btilldtng?   \*       .« *.-*..    ,-*
m, or 1,1 me see yon,    .,   NOrthem R > Cl).
.,    .,    ,,...-      |Nelson & PI. Shephard R'y Co.,
'■x   h.   LbASK        Ked    M iliiin    kiiilwiis   In.
Conl raclor.
it stall' nl'
I   told  Iter     Kej Cilj l.iulsc
. I oilgc, No. .11
S t  II
The only nil rail rn
pninin I'lnl. Wesi i
In- wus
Ih..  lisl
In  I-
i llllil iv,
In   I'
I.e   upl
.-'ie nf .
b.    "I."
: wi n'
if   III"   shu
many utllei
lily   *. I
llll   In
u -.-riils. Chrlstlnn." said Sirs. Slas.in
"' IIS she held Up Ihe spider, "is 11 l.i'llle.
,' iiiiiI these nre eggs," punning to the
* polnloes.
Alter   this the   blend   llllli   till*   llli'llt.
|. the crackers anil the raisins. Ihe eulToo
,1    uml  Hi"  li <   changed  plan's,  mid
<i rn) nt' tlie commonest  nieuslls in  the
n kitchen ami the iliiiing room were in n
lem horizon, confusion ihnl luul no order excepl in
luro  "i     '"" llie tcrtlle b'nilll ul  Sirs   Mnsoll     llul
l-i.i'l-   I.I.Ill- flu. I,ml I,,,,. Msl v,.li ii„.,ii.„i;,,.,i  .,11,1
' "*          '*"".' her  ntlstukes   were  lew.    Sir   Slnson
( *!..!_',..','v-*.'.'-il   I™'1'  '"-'  nslnsile   ni|i|iort.  nnd.
hi  I..- hmvlv Hmugli lu1 feiired lo give an order lo
visible    ubnv" th.. lower Intervening* I'brlslllin  wllltnlll  Ilrst consiilllng his
buildings,     nml     presently,  like the wife llllil.his n|ipi*nlilig look nt lhe ttt
raising uf a drop sei  in u u ire, Lie when he held up the cracker lar
th"  1 'senile  would   nppeur   su lo Christina ntlll naked tor mnn- raisins
till  ih.- ahtire in'  *ii"  hike .mil    the was very amusing he gave Ills wire uu-
sien is  imprisoned  in  lite  itu Mil sllnlril ndinlnillon lur the glib milliner
Would   b"   pl.mil'    visible   high     over |„  lv|||rh -l,,. ,.„ul,l urder n slit  pnllllll
!'"' "'■" ' '"  ''"''  "|*i"»'i    "gin-   lu-.tni. fried un.' ni a sniiil e or
'iCs,,,:;;,;',;;:.,',:;:;:,.,:",;.'::,•;:';,. «-.«i --';•:, ';••   ,
ft,.v,,,„l    ,..     ln,|   v ,..   .,.,,„,!   Vl,|, .1 ii-ii-p.-Hliig I hiisiiiui worked linnl
un Imtneiise inu n  .,( Interval ' hv   ' ' I""'1 "' ''"' »"""'* '"* ll',"">' ''''
Hi" Luwn p...pi,, ui Munilu. slroiis of .lining herself t t aa pu.
phenomenon wus
fur   111   Which   tie
iippeari'il     ui   n
full      ,M      one
surface  in   l In.   h
ul   Imp.
linle wm.urn
nt   all   lluil
ear  fnr  Wall
Sirs. Mam.ll. il
I,- willing n.
Slnson  nrtfti
uml then mn
"1 ani so re
;  .-. COSTIGAN, Q.C.
liilcrmciliiilc Points,
■lilut nt
Solicitor,  !3tc
i ItANItltftOK
i'r plaee down !■■
'tlie Illalor
:i i.- codes of
il    mnnils,   s
ill In-Li,il iii kill, it
dllllctilty In kccpl
tuniiilmcnt.   'lln  I.
Wlij Ilea l ill  l i
Soma    'inu 1 1
Ong win.'in i  or un'  a -.
Ilrltlsh su .' could In-
he King,    ll  ull depends
■I view,   sn.vs   'liu-   w.
Iliei mau nr nm  in ' e <  lined  re
ft'llhlli'ss   nf   ■llllpe   nI    Imt    I I    lln
\\enrs This wus ii in- iii any ci'titllry
hut -nn \< ui n .. nml I in I. ul ih i
period a gentleman nml i.-uit . ■ u i  ■.,
ippnni'l  "i, ,i, in
ill  ,
slide i.u tbe "fret* duMm plnce' tlown , i with ibelt htimls Irom n
luwn     sim  iuiihcii.1  in   tier   nmlve ,11,1, ,t,| |n ihe eetiicr or ihe illiiiiig in
.b'us     loimne gladly will r fi'lends, liter hie nnd lllled wilh tl mire lit lihmn
•spectlng    Kngiisb, that ebtiiire mlghl cnll  uno hie bill m fare |in ,i I'm n ,u.
,' ' "'    use. never Intruded ull Iho ground wilh llol,    t :,.,i,,.|ii||v in now ml tvletlge
1     which Mrs   Slnsfili luul liiiiipi.|.'.l     I'lll* I such pi lings I  '-lm, n,    |
(••lellf'llli'lll   nf   bet   eXpcl'lllielll   milled |„   s,,   ,|„|„ii   prullnllllce   nlirsclves   IWO
llll I   Utile   llileresl   In  the   i II)* | eenliirles 1'ellloveil Irimi llie Inllle mnn-
irk    I'll
dig Ill   uf his ,ill.'-nil
reason why his    snlf-n
siill'i-r        ulil   eereiitfinl
Iiliniil  long nf'"!'   I li. -11
llilicaltce   has   it
It   innu   Hike  ..IT
According ti. ii
of lhe custom hn offers Inr mi Insult,
fm- by removing; his hot he presumes
Hint sli" is cnrrylng n club ur some
other murderous wcniinn concenied in
the fulil.s nt lief  draperies.   When   he
eelillltles |
hers nf sll
Hull   hl'iile.   nn   mult.
mui nm  turn m nn
smne oilier rcs|iecis
pnliil i
' I
kid ill	
„,.| „.|.    girl, ntul Sirs  Slnson lllllgl
ure la im    Iliyslerh'S In salmis innl simps thai sbe niu, ,
respect     should    bad heretofore He'll us sunlit prlvnle ' ."ine
ies mny be re-   knowledge. C'hrlsiniii luul reached that , 2n,e.
r niiiiiiiiil   slg-    singe  In   her tlt'vt'iopiui'lil   when   \l
I.    Uhi   should     Slnson could give nu unlet  lui  llllli
hat  to ii  hilly?    „ 11.1 go oul lur nn ill'icr in win, some The nttmhei ol  spei Ies if ll-hen liv-
J"^1' siitmiii'iiiu'e   nssnt'tnice thai tt "tiltitalile, well servetl ing bnblliinlly in tic suit witters uf tho
dinner would await her return,   sim world can only he tipiiruxhiiniely esti-
knew that-the lime wns mm  at huml muted,  prolmbly uhout   lil.iluo     Tlui'to
for the Inevitable announcement, uml clusseil us "shore llshes" live, as a ruin,
so when Christina snid, a little more    close in the surfiie | mir the hind
takes  iin  his  Imt   lm  says  in h.-r   in    shyly  than  some of the former gills, mul lire well known lu the snli   carer
effect:      '"There   is    my   naked    hend:    "Sly cousin, sbe got the pli  where 1 angler 111 Ills nllttnas as tlte.,wcukllsit,
sninsh it  if ynu  wnnl   In."   ltut   who     see   tier   every   flay:   lhe   wnniail.   she striped bass, klllgllsb. etc   HI llieshore
ever thinks uf Hi iitin  of  thu cits-    Buy   she   glad   lo  gel   girl   what   yotl    llshes   there  are  n! t   l.llll.l  species.
now?                                                               make: she have your girl alinilee time,' The "pelagic llshes." in Ihnse which 111
Mrs. Slnson answered cheerily: iiablt the upper waters of the semi, are
_  ■■■""■ '■•"* '" """--I'd                 "ah   rlitlit,  Christum,  ynu   can   go rein 11 veiy few In nun,I
The   pest    ut*   Hritish   Cnlllnibin   lor-
"All  rlgh|, t.Tirlsll  yuu   can   go    rein 11 veiy few In number.   Thu "deep
rlghl nlong.    I'll itel along vvlihout n    sea tisims." which live in depths vary-
girl for iiwhlli', hut Sir. Slnson Is going    lug frum 'Jim to '-'.."mil miliums, ennnot
n plum  railed Hie devil's
n't'er   the   lli's|i''"ln*.iik"?.lt "nnd     '" hrilig t-mipiiny liullll* tonlgbl. uml I be   even   upliiuxlllllllel..   ,• ,,..,     ,
■ poisoned wounds, which fun-    w"'" " *•"-'•*■' idee dinner." new species are being constautly iliu
ciiii-tiiia smiled ut so   wllliug   uu lovered.-I'lulu aud Slrenui.
Sl'OKANp: with the
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and 0. R. & N. Company.
Cunnvcls ut
Nelson  wilh Stcnmer for Knslo
ami All Kootenay   Lake  I'oinls,
Myers Palls wild Stage Daily inr
Republic, and
Connects dnilv
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
lii'.-ntd l-'m-ks aiui Qrcenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Acl.
.inert:' Surveys
lud .ire ...,„kftft nitd :
li.liinil mir rnr
Alter 22..Mitel,.
Perry - Creek
Oliver Burge        -   Proprietor. THOS. T. McVITTIE, P.L.S.
P. II. Pari Steele. II. C.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by coiilrnct.
G.yod accommodations lor tlie public. B-x ol i.-.'i ; .mJ cigars.
Come famous Perry A. D. GRANT
creek distiict. ''.''.lur!.: and placer
mining:.  8 I   m Cranbrook.
Ciias. Estmere
Rea! Estate and Mines
Klmbertey, 13. C.
•"' Builder ,t
:::::Cni[iftnnil,, n t
2 Bs
ini  Meanly and HarK'iiiis
I       In Oil I'lihilins frnmeil
' 'lii?!,:"'1.,1,,! ...ai Prest'a
I - ....   '       . -1.1.1              i i ... I.  , I. nn, , '
i    '    llsllil   .', ,   '    \..l   .,     ';    I	
ll I'nl I 01     II i I
. •  ■!         Ml   ...  I
liver!      r-.'ii      '..     I'  '1'    '.LU "■
.     ' i'lH	
I.I   <
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
l.-inliiiuil. : |l,in.|, Col Iiln
,,':,";;:;:::! .iames oreer
..unl Contractor
'liim!"1 mid Builder  j*
is'ii.'ily    **" w,lr'' m'srsnli'f'fl.   Sec us hrlere
yuu luiilil.   II will pn) yuu,
  CriinbninlE, II C
iS^'SSS'-iS'Slta Tommy's City Bakery
nlcl''St''-un!ll''p.,| 'I.','!,'',.',"'1'!'",''''!'!,",1"!",'' "l"*1"""1 • Hive JOIir  wife n icsl nflci
in;,.In ni'.i   |il,all tl na llio if  lillf'slite III l'i lis t,u' iP'll||| CleUllillg.       I,' I US Clll nil \ui.
nrnj.li ti.ili. iiiiisu     .■ null na.er.i in thn eniSB wit|,   liretul,    It's  not  as   (iood   as  site
il'istliel.'il'iil t\iile:'i nnSl'l "!! tirkuii "■'• tlnVftlii! m»l"*s hut you entilil stntiil n while sl e
\liliiii s* s. \v  it. nmr pi st," ll tettur.li tun rests.   We hnve Ihe hest  iu  low-ll i li*l
cllnlii'i i"ei'i'.'i'' ™"i .„'!.' \"o   t!','",i i,',.','V l'u'.,' BlliP'"'i'l pa'ts "f h. t-'-   We can a pply
nhinlay ni in in;,,,,'. tu.,,. rn' less. "!1 fleitiiillfls.    "Alletitiou" tsiittr mntln.
I 'I"*'i'' !*■ ■' ..Mm '"I. •            I Tl.            I  u     I
MAU in..il MolSNIiH, 1 nomas J. Hayhurst 9l
I   $
JV    ■
1   1
1    ..,*.'
.,::■        .
I    f
1    I
: -rt
he Herald
Will give you all the news of South
Enst Kootenay, and the price is hut
j*   $2.00 per year
i*i®-® •■ - • ■>• '•• - - - - - - ®-® ®-®^--®-&-<.>-y-<.>®-®-'->-<!rr., m;/.v.»-<4>-'.) .. ii ...,, ®-®-®-9-^-® ®-©~-9 <•> '•-■ ® ®-m 8
ll   i, < -    -    -    -    - •    • '"    •    '- •-.'.• ' •. t . ! ■. ' . : .    .    ..   ...   .. i,. |......... .    .    .,.■...     ..   ,,i I.i I
- Canadian Pacific Railway Lands |
Notable Firjui-.i in Ihe  Early Lifa
of That City Pe       .     .-,   ,
em.     Itith
faculties,   he
'lhc Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a larjre area ol the choicest farming and ranching; lands
in lhc Koutenay District. I'he prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural land -.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
::.etch OF REV \.; '■'- »,'
I I  1*1111*.
1    IIVll 1 ■
.,1 !., tako ..11 aiiiv.* inhivst  in 13th Annual Report of the On** j^*£
uml   to inirauB hte coDgunlal tario Factory Inspectors.
1 liuiue, iir lm.I   nu uncommon ac- 	
llun of lilei-nry ami histo
Uml ul 11 ti..i,,i   1 , ■
Your* ui-i Hlm ■ i;,* ti	
" I *i "-' u      In     . ■ 1 ■
I'lprgj inn .   1     .
ii.    11     I!
..| i.':i;thii\ .   imillliriKS,     .'ll- 	
iii .    Ili< nlfio luul    a   limit    . ,iil<<i I mn     ||,>   wits        pu-     ' »i«*l'*»»»«»» «* If nwrlle l.i|ilit .«n«u.  Bul
ii'i' ■■;   Hin*,  lUUOllg t'ltl- .     11 inu   I'ro-Hiir*   U-»n*»tUu|  bp-t-ad   I*
nu- 1   coupticl wuh    (I,,.se lurmlM-il  ta Be ■ Uuch Mor. fo-
ih nf iiilmtiiii mn nml r08| I ■
.. ivjiu. Uii-iHiKli Innu yenrs, !        tM* C*UM " *fl0ld(
Id I      in-li'fiii iK»lih   fur   iliu *"''••    <''""f"<    "•"«
1 <i mioil <>i' Hi** Itincl    uf   tlie hiving  '■'<-»•   **■<*
\ iimpie I in' 1
In I ic
su.Iuk   lil.
CM   An   lien
I,,.....I ...1,
lift,   II
I.I    llll  .
Hr S, .,,l„ ,
Hs >.■ ,1-1 ,.
hull   I..	
hml I
-11   .In.•!.I,, ..I 11 lit, nt   Hutu I itllicred
in • nnn 11 1 mm  1 n.t  in tv«t»t-
Milli;      ir   towns  hnve  ml,i|ilisl
.     null,.-:.      ur      ImVC  llllli BllCh
>       " '.i  them I.i ,1 mn. 11111I
'     ' '    I In'       Moil   ni   Hies.'   rtl-
i.l    qilnnntlon      A  few ....' the
,..;.1 '..ens, with llieir sii|i|ilem-
' ill'"., ni'i' lis follows:
11-   III-' Ill  Illy.
1 ft .      llie l'ii|iitiil t'ilv.
I tt    lllnn    lln- Aiiiliiiimii. City.
1 .     .', II     ll.C   I'.IIVSl    l'itt.
i  .    .'i    Tlle  l.iiiii.siiiii,. City,
I ;.,    ...nl   Iii" Telephone Olty.
1       Wool ...    The  Frontier  City.
Si    1.....i., - - 'Ih,. Knilw.n City.
t h., il,i,iii-The Mnple City.
liiii-il.-ii   City.
Terms (if Payment
Tlu- aggregate amouni ni principal and inl rest, except in the
case oi lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided into teninslahm-nls as
shown in lhc lablc below; the first fo be paid at  the time of pur*
'   i1     HU shown in the table below; thc first to be paid at  the time ui pur* ' ^v-V
-', •*     <Jki> chase,  tne second one year frum dale ul lhc purchase, the third in ; aa
M   40 '"*■ •*''"■**""ls""n* ,00
* • "     ^►*r-' II"-* following table shows Hie amount of the annual instalments ' 4><^
•^4^ "" l,,w a*•'*■•••■•" a' difterenl prices under the above conditions: ' *4)"(^
Uuel) ii-  I Ik*   I
Kumfm-d- Tli- UIiinIc City.
Hi Hi *.il!,-  Thu Ray City.
Wi .. Isiork—Tho Century City,
I'   *  buro- 'In- Ek-etrlc City,
ttnli    i.Mil,*  Mum-liesiur.
ll rliii   Tlu- Clurnmn Town.
Cornwall—The  Fnetory Town.
Uoil.rirh-  Tl.e Snli Town.
nroekvillo-Tlie   Ishmtl   Town.
Tl Mi*.ild- Tin-  Ulil Town,
doing   furlh
ll—Till'   H<
'Iih*     Hi
1    'rln* iiiirii-fiiili annual report uf tha
' Ontario    factor)   Inspector*,    win ii
I fovccb tin.* yeur  1000, showa that   mi
I Bjiitu ul a Kfii'iai    tlualru tu comply
I wuh Ih'* law us iu tin* safety of employes there Wllfl u reCord uf B94 ac-
i Hli'itts, of which S3 were fatal. Ciiri*-
Iissiiess     is a favorite explfttiptlon,
luu u om- looks ior iht* cause ul the
nlletfud enrelcssnesH  it  will  general I *t
he found In tho high pressure    that
creates a demand for speed in modern
industry.      Tin* workman is admonished hy hin fureiiian or employer lo
lake  BU flic ilM I   time   lu   insure  safely,
to make everything perfectly socuie, l f-
aiiil to avoid accidents, Ai ihe same m*
lime, he is admonished bj  'he    very
| conditions under which he works to
sacrifice nil things, safety ihiiluded,
iu speed; fur he knows that sloUi is
the unpardonable sin. that if his
day's work dues not .show satisfactory results In* will be forced into
the ranks of the unemployed without
I furiher Inquiry. Modern machinery,
with its irresistible strength ami un-
Iniagfliable speed, is responsible for
a long record uf maiming uud death,
tine victim was drawn against a mill
saw* by ihe carriage tliat conveys tlm
logs, und died from his injuries. Auolher was caught by the casting on
tiie moving bed of a. metal plane|--
st   we  huvo     of    a|1(i WU8 |(*||(.d uy being drawn under
I the *   stationary  rest   ihat  holds the
cutting      tool.     Both  these neeidents
occurred     with slowly movJng mn-
, chinery.    Uncovered tanks of boiling
ifiix—The (Jarrison  City. | ffalor     were     responsible    for   two
npolfs- lli.<   IHuenose  City. deaths,     nnd   another  was due    to
rlutieiown-lhc Island City.       I scaiuing through disconnecting a live
,il  present!?: i Btl,n,„ p|p0i   Three    deaths resulted
from unprotected gearing, but in one
case the  injury     wns comparatively
slight,   the fatal  termination    being
,'"    "-v* due tc* blood-poisoning,
ver*   Hi-   i.-rifle  City,    and       The danger  <>f shafting has    been
Western Liverpool. emphasized  by a   record of four vlc-
i    lhe ' npital  City. thug,   nne was oiling it while in mo-
.stminBtei—I'he Hnyol City.    tinn    )lhor was pull|ng „„ «| -bl.fi
o   The  Conl   City. - -   ■ ■- -       ^  -
ips   Tin* Indian City.
The City v.i  iVsilny.
ii   The Mining ' ity
    'lhe Smelter City.
M   00
IM hits til UMI per *iit. Ill in.liiliiift.il WM   o fqital inlnl'ls al $50.00.4^*,
71. W
1,(1.00  00
•Tlie I'l-.iiri,. City.
Tliu ttii-in   fin.
Kinibci'lcV 's ",c '"ls'"ess •'""' s'iipP'tiX point for Hie
-   Nm Ih Slur antl Sullivan mines.
liliAI. & El LWELL, Townsile Ajuenis.
CrMllbniok 's "1C (''v's'ona' P0'nl °' ",c Crows Nest Puss
Railway mid ihe commercial centre ol South
Mast Koolcnay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above nr lu
I.mills utitji'r $2.50 per ant* are snlil
tin shorter timi.
If lhc land is paid for in full al the
Iiiui* til purchase, a reilucti.ui frum llie
price will be allowed equal to len per
cenl un tlie iinnit.nl paid in excess of Unusual cash inslalnienl.
Interest al six per cent will lu*
charited in over due instalments.
The Company has also lui- lor sale
in the lollowini* tuwn sites in I'ast kooleiiay: itlkti, Cranbruok, Mo.xelle, Klfcll.
encr. Crcsiun and kimberley.
The terms ul payment are one-third
cash, and Ihe balance in six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg, fl]
X-ir-®-^-®-®-®~®-® '.•>■•'  ®~®   '• '•'  '-•> ®  ®  ®  !•> W-W-W^VI-®-®-®-®  IS '.,  ..j  tj> .,.)  ,.. ..) '.,, .., ,.j -..,-... ,,)^t>2-®2® ®24,.(tf-^i<!n <i)-(i><.l-tt4SI
I'll" American    Lu-
i-y City.
t., : ■'
»    '
il '
. ,ii tl
il- ll 1 it.
:     ■
IS    ill
llnd    '
III,   ' '
1 i-
-.   li ■
flit   ,,
Sl   nuv-Tlin .Itnhy  ('
Si mlun   The  Cnnyoi
l>nlsu ■ i he Lnke City.
It *■ Istokt    I'ho i:,*iilwi,y City.
i'.'   tt is    I"-:    it   il.i/en  other iimlii-
il   -i , -     tnwiu miflhl   with propriety
- ' In* ndded, while the list  fur Cnhmln
Id   rertninly   Im?   hicomplotr    did
ta i
tlii.li*  th.
a Hiinl was crawling under a shaft
in n fiirhidden pint's, und the fourth
was cdughl by a sheepskin Unit fell
accidentally on a shaft and tightened  u boll I   his hand as  it   was wound
up Two ini-ii we're killed by c5in-
Ing accident ally into contact with
' circular saws, and one death resulted
j from a wound inllk-ted by a p(pce uf
liiuibei* thrown from « saw in motion.    Two other saw mill hands met
with fatal accidents, one having I n
crushed by a falling tog nml the oilier killed by a bloW Iroin lhe lever uf
a saw tarriiui* A bursting grindstone
Klondike Capital, or [
rom o
i c-i ■
\ ll     1 In
.  ed one fatal accident	
under the line | t!u, record of the power hoist Includes one death coinifig under the
cognizance    of     factory  lcgtslalion.
i ; Liiy ot i.ii-!  | ,„„. accidental death is recorded   as
due to the fnlliim uf a lumber    pile
ThE8:STHE EVER SAW- ' A   boiler  explosion   resulted   In     one
faiality.   and   one  death   was   caused
I  ' liaoitrtnn on the Fnrmln-f Potilbltlt'M    l.v   ihe     pxplofttOli  of n secrtl     Comal \t >'<.*i.|ii i iniiiii.i. pound used iu making Rreworks, This
,i  >.'        i : .--I n:  ponsidei able Inter-    ls ''"' record of deaths which   come
,,.,,;  ,n  ii,.- ,,;,i  ,1,,!     within     the     purView t-f the fnctdry
iliHirii-ts  (ol limited ncre-    ll'1*   "l"'  °' "lt! 'OMrt array »*>f Usgrr
■r.x,,,\   mn    |,\      the    accidents ninny were of a serious m\-
■ n     In   Siiskatch-     "•■'''    resulting   in   permanent   injury.
\   n    „jn  ,v,,M.,,i   cau-    i\s n general rule reasonoble enre hns
Infoniiaiion  concern-    been     oxen-iseri    to prevent  needless
rl,   .      , -     danger,  hut  human Ingenuity  is not
*    ol    ligR   uville,    directed  toward  devising safeguards
u, ,.,     \](,     lVas „ delegate    A  rortunp awaits the man who will
,..     ||m„ ,    lim)   At,;.    devise -ome mentis ol cutting n few
snvH               minutes oil the time required   to   do
y   |,(S ,„■ »rnin    the     wort      bul   ho who devises n
i -     One  runner     i    schema for sechrfng Ihe safety of the
I  .,,   |7_-,  a,,,s                 wqrker     musl   be rontenl   with    the
 i :  is     "i wheal  !">m    15   satisfaction nl knowing that he has
in bushels  Ln acre enlarged ihe tcupa ot factory leglsla-
ol  h.ii.v   from    10    """ _____
Is to      re	
I-,  „ts  f,*,,,,,  160 Th« Bull a«« tht Htbban.
I ikIh'U lo arre An  extraordlnnr}*   Inrldcni   was  re-
1111    No.   1 ported mi Titi'silnv m   tin- premises of
1'onsiderable number n draper In lhe Sew cross-road,    h
Swine ih. well nud there appears thai  whilst  n drove ol cat-
ungsi   them     TIipj tie wero pasfdnf; the shop a bull ev|-
 i Inrouic to   lhe donllj  took a fancy to some starlet
iltli   nn tin   range rlhbon, und endenvored to gratify his
'     I evei bum     l.ii  .md pononnl Vonii>   l*'inriing lho,doorway
n    i> .<!   failj   matured and tno small for his nduilttance', thaant-
■ I   rn    I]      nil11  Units   grtis •■    "I uml npritlk] a     wni     for hlmsoll    by
I't.i      1 nm llrmly con-rlnced stnnshlng  up  thrm lame plnte^ilass
nil <     (Mdtei  -facill- whitlows,  12 feel   by   Id f.*.*i. unit .-n-
i  i  ii pudi in.ui ih.in nn) l have taring Lhd establishliient, Then ensued
n mosl excHnig.M*i'iii.  Women scroain-
ri ,',
i, ..I ■'
-1    two   loll,'-   IO     til"  six,|i  I,
 I " . i-.l. I "■'„ •,„„*.> <-<l„iii. „ii,l   iihti  sli,mi,,I      'I'l,,.    hull   |,t  t|„,
1'illoiiliiu i   ti'.in Tlio I'l,iiii     n ""'.  nu*- Hi" ''"iiir.' ol oiii-iii--
i:       I mil    ti.- ronil lion, hflns nritinlty on ahow io to,'
ii.,i  Citnitflii  ift   'i     Iii- wlntliiw   I3v ooilv liu wna   on
it    .ii ., rule    tvlilfh woll it. 'n"i om, l„t,ilx    cut, nml ix„s   i,.,i
 ii   h i.,,- ,"*..'*.     Mnyil'a H..,.KI.v.*'.
..I    ll.ift    ,i„ll,1l>       is  —	
  »    "     Iiort from , „,„ „, ,...„„„..
i .. -   t ii- ii iii    Iiii i mi:,■!■    nt  Mont*
xxitfi .till-. ,ft|"i,,ii Hii.iiii'io t,, llio totnl number "f fur sools tok-
 nt i ii i.iii'iii*.   t'oilii en in   Cnnnillnn aoiileri ijuilng    tin*
in       i liim,,., Is'unii niiiivax    build- yi'iii* ll>00 who fln,A3l).
■   Hi" .-.in..- inn,'     Hi.ll   till!       'I'hl* l"l"*l'*r I'liiot  ol  I» I'stiinitl-
i,i i    illil    I     riiiiRlili-rliiB    hor wl to bo xvorth *-l,8Hil,lB0. It.com,
.   i,i.in,k     oiinnro    I'l'i'iiliiti'io. I'f'i*"'** H'iH rnnnn-ln,   illsporttod    on
"'" niii.,"! .is rnpld progrtMH, lho "onbonril ,,i ibe   iqarltlitio   pro-
i  ,     'i,i'"i   si„ii.s, with   npproxl- vio'-.'s.
.,!..,>  . i-titv    ttiiliion    poptilntlon, 'I'bo ponllnfl lleol losl yonr niimbor-
i,i,\ ■,'   in round   titiiohfi'M,    iso,ono '''I *l" vomoIo, nn increnne nf 11 ov,-r
ti, !, s    if   rnllt'nnd,    wlillo Cnnndn, tho pre\*lous year, tnut reprosontlog
«*illl   n»*n   iiii'lli'll   pooplo,   Ihis   IT. I on  ilKKI'WII'* "I 2.1111   tons' rofflller.
mil ft      Tins   .,iii|..iiift.ni    it   will    bo 'l'1"' *"ilmnii-|ii-,'s,.fvli1J(  iiidnstry  ol
.'.,• n. is oi I   ivhli'li mir northern "i"111*'11    Oolumblii,    eomprlslng    mi
ti. Itrhhnr tins on I'l'itsntt ift In, osliooi- ciinnerlos mid    reprenoltllllg o "upllal
,,1 "   |- ,. iS ,.,,,,,. ren«on to rojol™ "' *1,1180,000, kIVos cmployinonl   to
nl   tliis  fviil e lit Ciinillllllll    pros- 18,1177 IHIOiIb,
|i.ill\.     lo  oil  tlml   piTttiilis t.i roil- No  l"ss   than 711,86*1  mon wero 00-
i wnj  'i|ii'i'iiii'iit. frmu nnh-iilntM    t Plwl '" l!l°" 1" oxploltllfg tlio xvai-
n ,|..  t v.'siiinil" t-. ofin-.s. onr t'tin- eratof Conotlu, osloii 5,f»06,760 fntlt-
,,,! ..ii iniislns t,,\f.,.|it  In a ff.w tnlntir nioti of nets nnd ntlior -lulling    lt'*or,
| j,,  I, ,,, ,1   nl   IH'f'si'tll   Innk     In ri'pi'l'So'tllltlg   11   f'opltill     nl   $10,000,-
1 tlm I ,null si s on lite bom nl sop- 000.
! |,i,,.,       ii is, therefore   with u    to- '■''"' lovnl ctiteh of Ash In I'limidn.
iluiih'lid fervor, founded upon Rdf-ln- for iho yenr 1800, ns reported    hy
i ii, nt. woll   iis ilium    neighborly lho llsliofles   dopnrliiiont, ■mounted
feol Inn, iimi Mils country will   ulsit lo 931,801,701); being un lifcreafce of
,'ii'., „,,,,!'. i, i„  ii „i ii,■ si'1,,1.   Cnnndn   eonllnuttd   succoh   In   the Sa,2li0.000 ovor tho yield of .the prt-
rwhinuhes, wlilfb wore   buiii,. flitocilou." j vloon yenr.
llo- Inner I
tho  Roll  nl'
linns  nl  Mi
bnnd,  il"   i
'or    " Ill
th" in :
,,:   It    It
mv,'!il   nl  il
,,-   hi .■" .
HOll.   11 lm s
lllll, 1    111-"
npi'i'llvo ii
lilinrlni   '
lers nl h'ffl
urottt  tiii.fn
  ■     ml
fnil-     liiltie
nf    ih,-    i
llllil,-. I
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-Al.l.    KIMfS   OF	
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,!
| Dimension Lumber, I
fliin^les and $
I flouldingfs. I
JJTJ      Wardner
Fort Steele
n*?j     Kimberley
M. Mclnnes & Co., |
Wluleulc ••il Knail
S Iii
Meat Merchant
l-resh and Cured Meats Fresh gj
Fish, Game and Poultry.      El
****** m
We supply only Ihe hest.    "tour g§
trade is solkileil.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
0OOGe-)Q0DOeOOO*GDOOQe_JG»(3©S*a0i|     The Prospectors' Exchange
Kelittril Through-Mil
Due nf the M.isl Com furl ftlili
lintels in Kasl Kootenny.
Newly Furiiislieil
I.. It. VanDecar, Prop.
Criltttltnnk,  H. C
Hoyie's Hotel Kootenay
■ |. \f/ The hest of nccomodaliuns
Lead III g A fm- uk traveling public.
A. T. Vroom,
Whkiiii ritikini;,
mill  I'uintiiiK.
All kinds ol work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in ail
we do. Yours for trade.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting: chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. H. Taylor.
«    _ __^_    E1
m No.4 K-W.-C Block, Nelson, B. C ffl
b!J i;i.|.i,Stheri,i*ai ami i!«|ipor Mtnei mntal *i lhe KXOfMKUK. fi;i:i; mii.i l*^
L./| IM: iiiil.li |.iii|«iiif.w;ititi*ii.ii i.ii.-K for KHilefH lntf*.t.ir-. Patties haWnjc luuim - tgtt
-^ (iitiiotty frsftSe nre r i|Ud t«l toi n-Uamtil-a of llieir ow to ilia KXCtlASup, tat et \:?
iiiniii.it. Wo ilcilri!to lienr from iiroipe-rton »li« l-nvo t.i..m-in iniiMml eh nu in ]_}
iti il-h t'olmnliln. lYmiicdori mitl inlnliiKraeotrar*|H*8*t«ltoiiwlteilieKXi ItA.NOK^
tl.elrlitnuliiiiiirtrrawln'iilnNpltiiii. Atw.mt.u ili'inul i»* wnt iij sxprei*. l»rfi«J0.^
Uorrii|Hitiileiice sulluitcil.  AiMrem (ill Dotnmiittliiillotii t« fi!J
13 Andrew F. RosenberRcr, Nelson, is. C. H
__ Tfllop' mif Nn. HH.   I'. «', llflX 70n. ^
The Western Supply   Co.
Late Hill & .loll
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in.......
Cattle, Dressed Meats
And Provisions.
Head Office, Cranhrook. li. JAMES, Manager.
Wm- Matheson, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and i.« now ready to cater tn the
public, lirst class iliiiitiK room service. The ^besl ol wines and
liquors at the bar. KOUKKT SHAW, Manager.
Do You Sell Liquor????
II mi, tlfin'l hut    [)P|   *rif".L>   The Oily Wkoltiilt I itiufir llt-slt r in
until jou sic  .    tl-,lft,l llft.lv   Soutli Cul KiKikai).     -Arilc loi I'rlm
Cranbrook, B. C S   8   It
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
>K5 3r<
4. .-.A *,*.**.*> A A, A, A.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     t
* '*
Picket!  Up Aboul lhe City  hy  Asking
Questions ol  Man>  People.
Tlie Presbyterian cliurcb is being repainted.
h nt—bunch ol keys Please return to
j. V  Fink.
OgiIvies flour, bran, ahorti and chafl
a: G. T. Roger's.
\V, A. Prest ban opened n hrancli
Btu l * in Fernie.
Milk sbake. tbeg'eat summer drhik.
at .Mi-. McCniinellV
l-i Jovce, ol K mlwrl •>•, wis n Cum
brook visitor Monday.
It vi,u use Uycock'i butter once, yo ■
will never buy anj other,
Tin* chince ol your life, Get -t ham
mock ;it coat at Heat tit -.
Mra W, T. Mild i< expected to return
from Wisconsin nexi iveik.
An*,;nn Leitch, ol Oak Lake, vlslteri
relatives In town 1 $t we k
Uycock'a bir.lei th l>c«i—al Ion
Steele Mercantile 1 »"t| my -
11 irry McVittle hi d Mr. Ileiulerson
vlfllled Fort Steele last Fridi.y
Ciijidnctor limn baa been having a
sciimis nine with om* ol Ids eyes
The pure California canned goods Rl
the Fori Steele Mercnnlilecoiitpnity,
weeks, Mrs. M, H. King and baby will
uccouipauy him to her former home at
Kingston, and will visit relatives timing
liic slimmer.
,ndi* 1
irhooilbl U.
lay at his huu»e.   All
M. It   King nnd Jud L
trip dowu Hit' Koitenaj 1
G   11. Leltcb  and T    Richnrda spent
lasi week iu iht*  1
T. R. Hentl
the arrival ol
art* well,
All the Cranbrook little folks who an*
attending school in Calgary will return
this week
Henry Kershaw, of Fort Steele, waa
mnking a Imnk delivery in Crhnhrook
th v week.
Fresh strnwherrir-a I, mve yonr nrden
for a crate. Ptlce ihis week, Lv'S- G.
T, Rogers.
Miss Vera Riickinn returned lasl week
from Vale, where ahe has ft en ntlenditig
srhnol the past winter.
I).lores Murphy, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs I) Murphy, returned from the Calgary school yeatetdaj.
Poor butter is worse thnn no butter.
The Port Steele Mercantile company veil
Laycocks,   It Is the best
California Canned goods rank with Ihe
beat in Ihe world. Tin* port Steele Mer*
ennlile company,   See ihem,
Mrs W. J Welch nnd children have
gone lo their former home ill Rat F.ir-
tage to visit during lhe suuiu er.
Now Is tbe lime lo buy shoes lor the
women nnd childrt-11 <l'*l prices from
the Fort Steele Mercantile company,
Joe Smith came 'loan from Fertile
Saturday wbete In* haa been woiklng ut
the building trad*.* the past few months,
John Murphy, ol Moyie, wis in lown
Tuesday, Some one traded hum with
"Jerry" and of counegnve bim Hit worst
of it.
The   social   given   at   ilu*   Methodist
church last evening wns a financial success and those ; r settt had a good
Conductor Tom Cavin Ims resumed
work on the Crow, Tom's many frieuds
will he pleased to see him nu the line
Mra. Oliver Burge haa arrived from
Kalispell and j'dued lu*r husband at
Perry creek, where they will reside this
Our choc slock must go. Th.it is why
we are selling women'a and children's
shoes so cheap. Fort Steele Mercantile
Shoes are made lo wear. That is lhe
kind the Fori Steele Mercantile company are set line at price*; Unl will surprise you.
Nnrtmin Hill came down itom the cast
Loop Tuesday II** Is running thu branch
store at that place for IIMI & Co., and is
doing n good Ij tidiness.
This is   the  time  ol   vcar a man   or
WO ll call enjoy .1 b um k.     Vnu ran
liny Ihem at cost at llealtln's, Untry up
belore they nru all gone,
Tlie social given by tl.e Ladies Guild
of Chrlal church Inst Thursday evening
at lhe residence of  Mrs, Thomas Gill,
wa, a pronounced success.
George   Levnsscur,   of   Pernie,   was
slinking hands wild C nrook friends
on the depot platform Tuesday, while
the train cltnngod engines,
T. II Bt-arki of Rlfchorn, Man , h former member of Stinlliconn Horse hus
arrlvtd in Cranbrook to lake u position
in G T, Roger's groccrj store.
The Herald has received lhe prize list
of the Macleod Agricultural Socfeiy exhibition which is to be held nn Wednesday and Thursday July 17 and 18
Canned fruit tlmt Is guaranteed lo be
put up in the best manner known is the
kind to buy Thai is why llie Fort Steele
Mercantile couiynny sell ihe California
The person who look lhe magazine
and holder Irom In front of Heattie's
drug slore last Tuesday Is welcome io
t .e magazine but should return tbe
Dr J. H, King left Tuesday fornn extended Halt to his old botti ■ ,1! Chipm ill,
N It., nud nl routs ■ be will 1 .ke hi ihe
Buffi lo exposition and o'.her points ol interest.     He expects to be gone about six
There will be an opening ball nt the
: Kust Kootenay holel this evening.    Mr. |
I Mulhesoii) the proprietor, will dn all in
his power to muke the occasion n plena-
ml one.
A. li VanDecar, ofthe Royal hotel, is
giving fiee baths during the hot weather.
He has a liue bath mom snd is willing
t - give the people a chance for a swim
»hen they need it.
.Mr Campbell of Reid & Campbell, of
Moyie, pissed through Cranbrook Tues*
1 .v on his way to Scotland. It is runt-
»ed that he Intends to bring a bonnie
nte luck with him.
11 irry Haines has reached the pinnacle
ul fame at last. lie has hail his picture
published in the Golden lira in compel y
with Fred Collins, the murderer, and
Constable Cameron.
\V, T. Reid has received pla s nud
specifications for his new residence, and
contractors are ligutitiij on them now
lie expects to have the house rendy fot
occupancy by next full.
Fred Kwart, of Nelson, the electrician
who assisted in Installing the electric
light plant In this city, will take his old
00 Itiou again w th the company.    I') .'■
fell will leave on the 15th,
The Herald is under obligations to
Simmy Rajltle for copies of Diirl'nii
papers.    Tbe style of the sheets  pub
1 is hei I  in Soulh  Africa would noi paas
muster in Soutli 1*. isi Kootenay.
M. B King will let the contract for n
handsome residence on Armstrong avenue, opposite The Herald ollice. Ground
Wits broken for il Tuesday ami work wil
1* pushed through to completion.
The Crailbrook Lawn Tent is club will
give a formal opening next Su'imby
1 ft or noon Innu three to six o'cl ck
Ahs A. W. McViltie will serve lunch to
ilu* members ami their friend* from font
[m six.
I. M Mansfield has been assigned to
tlie station al Jaffray, nml will lake
charge tliis week. IliU will give the
McNab Lumber company outside com
itiiinicatinii, as iheir increasing business
de it lands.
W. W. Doble has had a letter from R
G. Shier, who is now in Dawson, in
which lhat gentleman slated that he expected to leave DiwSOII about July l and
would visit Soulh Knst Kootenny the
bitter part of this month.
Harry 0' llapiu, the well known and
popular conductor, lefl Monday fir Fott
Willinm, He expects logo to Salt Like
ill about two months tn engage in work
on the new Clark mail that is to be constructed between Salk Lake nud L'is
.Mrs. Helen Itrnctscb, representing
lit mint Hall, formerly St. Mai/a Hall,
boarding School for girls in Spokane, is
slopping in the city for 11 day, and will
be pleased to meet any of lhe parents
Interested in the school at lhe Craubrook
hotel this evening.
The Herald has received the uaitbl
courtesies) from ihe Spokane fair management. The fair this year is lobe a
hummer It will be something afler the
llul Uie of i lu* ro in nig Craubronk fair, and
will include hoise racing witb an agrl-
cultuial and mint-nil exhibit.
Mr. Welch, uight watchman at ihe
Cranbrook Lumber company's mill, bas
raised a flue garden this year and fully
demonstrated that early vegetables can
be counted on here as a sum crop. He
htouglil some lettuce to this ollice today
that was as fine as we have ever seen.
Mrs. Robert Reid lelt Monday fnr
I'omeroy, Wash , to join her husband,
Rev. Reid, who has a charge in that
town. Quite a niinilier of friends galb
ered at thc station (o say goodbye to
Mrs. Reid. During her brief residence
10 Craubrook she had made matiysirnug
friends, who feel keenly her departure.
lhe people. It wns a (piestion of education, and considering everything, he
could not endorse tlte course urged by
bis other two brethren ol the ministry,
as he did not consider that  there was an
occasion for such it movement in Cranbrook al Ihis time.
The chair made further talk as to
conditions in Winnipeg ami Manitoba,
and a youug man by ihe name of Boyce
S poke. *
W. 11. McFarlane Ihen presented a
resolution embodyluglbeldeaBadvaoeed
and moved iis bdoption. Tne motion
wai st.-ohded by Jack Lyle, and a v .te
taken, between one-ibird and one-hall
present expressing themselves by raising
Ibe right hand
Aiioih"! vote, leaving the work of enforcing Sunday observance 10 the executive committee of lhe Lord's Day alliance, of which Mr Patterson is chairman by virtue of his office as president,
was taken and carried, and the meeting
tin*: 1111 ale red a Uriiily.
As Alex Lnnglord was coining down
in m FiilmerH Dm lust Saturday aftir
noon, lbs yotuu S ot -h coulle suddenly
gave tongue upon the opposite sldi
ibe creek Thinking he had t
grouse Alex pushed carelessly through
the brush, and found himself confronted
by an immense grizzly bear.   High upon
his hind legs he si I sinking savagely
at the young dog, which, fortunate y for
his master, continued to distract the attention oi huge "Ailiiin Hen," thus en
aiding Alex to recover his wits, for the
brute was no*. 10 yatd- d dtt-n . He rested ins 1 ilie, an old Snyder, against a
branch and iired. The liullet passed
through the brute's heart, yel he traveled
50 yards before collapsing, Ahx has ihe
heat's hide lo prove lhe validity of his
A Joint Meeting Was Held st the Presbyterian Church Lett Sunday.
Last Sunday evening a joint meeting
of tlte churches  was en'led at llle Pres-
byterinn church after ibe close of ihe
regular services, to discuss the en fot cement of Sunday observance. Tli • meeting was nol alirgeone. Rev. Fortune
presided, and announced that the flisi
thing t'i do was to elect a president of
the Cranbrook branch ol the Lord's Day
alliance, A Patterson was named, and
elected.   He look ihe chair nnd after a
short   talk 011  llie  question  of Sunday
observance, snid ihat it was lima thai
ihe laws were enforced iu Cranhrook,   In
ihe east tliis was being done and iu
Toronlo there were men who would not
like nut llieir carriages on Sunday as a
m Mtcr of principle.
The chairman called on Rev Fortune
who urged the eiifoiceinent ol lhe Sunday law against the hole) keepers of
Cranhrook. He said lhat he was willing
thai due notice he given before prosecution was Instituted, but that if a man
did not obey lhe law of the land he
should be punished.
Rev. [lowering, of the Melhodin,
church, seconded all that Rev, Fortune
said, aud added tbat it was time tn lake
action in Cranbrook. He also urged
lhat a movement against the houses of
prostitution, which was also taken np by
Rev, Fortune, who said that he hoped
the women of the towu would rise up 111
their indignation and drive these abandoned women oul of lown.
Rev. Beacham, of Christ church, was
called upon next. He created uo little
surprise and consternation when he announced llul he was uot in accord with
ihe movement to stmt a Sunday crusade
Ik- thought that the question ut Sunday
observance waR mainly a matter of personal conscience, and that be did not believe it possible to legislate morality into
-Kit-hards A Frlnglc'a Minstrels.
"Kvery season something new" seem*
to be the lltotlo of Richards & Prtugle't-
big minstrel nggiegation which appears
iu Cranbrook oa Filday, August 2.
This season it has grown to mammoth
proportions and presents a bill of features
never equalled by anv similar organization in America, Bright, brisk novelty
runs I hi Quit It the program and the big
varied acts ate so cleverly blended and
s'rung together that it forms a most enjoyable evening's entertainment. Fifty
OOpular colored minstrel and vaudeville
■ n ert'.in-is are included in its tosier,
among whom aie ICid Laugh rd. Dick
Thomas and James Moore, the cleverest
ol end men; lhe Alabama quartette; lhe
Hoiisley ltrolhera; the big novelty act,
'•The Black Watch Diill"; Slteids, thr
king of netialists; a aliiklngly novel ami
elaborate fusl part selling entitled Iht
Realm of lhc Mikado, 1 ntt otitic! tig the
entire company in brilliant Japanese cos
(utiles, ami is a decided innovation in
Wai eh for the attractive street parade
that lakes place al 3:31 p 111. See llie
elegant imported KngHah dog carts,
draw a by Kentucky thoroiighbied horses.
Hear the two brass bands especially carried by the company Ior their magnificent slree parade,
Hillside  Opinion.
Movie Leadei!    The Cranbrook muds
ters ami some of ihe members of theii
congregations are out ou the warpath
against the hotel men of that town. So
fai as we know Cranhrook is one ol (Inmost peaceable and law b ding towns 111
llie Kootenays, and its hotel men constitute some nf iis most substantial citi*
zens. Ami nud it is safe to say if it were
not inr tiie support received from thest
same hotel men, Craubrook would not
lie supporting live churches today. There
is plenty of work in Cranbrook for these
journeymen soul savers without iutei-
fering with the rights of businessmen,
Dr. O'llagaa Married.
Last week Dr. O'Hagiui returned from
Port William, accompanied by his bride,
and they have taken rooms at the Craubrook.      The   marriage   occurred   01
Wednesday of last week,   at lhe home ol
the bible's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mc*
Nabb. Tin* bride is a sister of Conduc
tor Joseph McNabb, of this city They
will make Cranbrook their home for the
present as lhc doctor will have charge
ol Dr King's practice dining the latter's
absence in the east.
UK lu the Races.
(i die a crowd of Cranbrook people
left Tuesday fnr Calgary to attend the
races. The parly im hided Mr. ami Mrs.
Peltier, Mr. ami Mrs. G, H Miner. Mrs
II. McMillan, Miss Rvan, Miss Navin,
James Ryan, A Leitch and T. II Well
man, Mr. Peltier shipped his liorst
Kimberley nn .Munday,
A Strawberry Social.
The Ladies' Aid of ihe Catholic churcb
will give a Htrnwbciry social about the
35II1 of the month on tlie ho pital
grounds, Iiln horn le arrangements will
be made for a goud lime ami Father Coc-
Culn's Indian I).mil Will lie ill alie nl.tilt e
The Crows Ni-sl Southern Host.
Smveyora aud contractors are being
rushed into the country between Jennings and Klko, ami grading oul fits are
already on the ground and more coming
No time will be losl in pushing ahead
the woik, ami trains will be running
early next fall.
Lee John thc Watchmaker
Intends to leave iu len duys forChinr.
Those having watches and jewelry at his
shop will call at once and get the same
If you uo come I take them away.
Fltigerald-Cuff Contest.
Arrangements have beeu compht.'d
for lhe boxing contest between Fi zger
aid am) Cull" at Moyie Saturday night.
The purse is $300 and iu all probability
there will be a big crowd present.
War -11 llieir flum to M»k* the Hurler Ira- '
pi ,*i;nal,l,. - A K-pw llarraeka With
it Fine t'-rnniiioliiiM.
Gxtonslvo   Improvement a    in    the
fortifications nf Halifax are planned
hy Lho [mjicrlnl authorities, nl-
though the ollicers of Hm garrison
nro, in usual, extremely reticent, it
transpires thut the Wur Department
will construct at tho very mouth of
Halifax harbor nne ot the strongest
foil** in the world, The new fort
will exceed in proportions York Redoubt, which is second only to th*
one at Gibraltar. The new fortress
will be armed with 12-inch disappearing, quick-firing guns of the latest
type. It ia stated that it will be
located ni or near Sambro, at the
point whero all vessels entering Hall-
lax harbor must tako their bcarlugs.
This fortress will be of the utmost
strategical value. for no hostile
lleet. could pass it without being disabled. Sergl -Major Wosl wood,
Huyal Engineers, an expert fortress
constructor, who arrived recently
from Kngland. was ordered by the
Imperial authorities 10 superintend
tho const ruction o( the work. The
Imperial aulhorilies huve decided to
erect new barracka and io construct
other import um works iu Halifax
this      Slimmer.        I'lium  were  sent   10
Halifax contractors. The plans prepared by the military authorities call
fm' a brick barracks fur married
soldiers, quarters for officers of the
Hoyal Engineers and Uoyal Artillery,
quarters fm- ward master nud a
gymnasium. The gymnasium building will he ihe (litest iu Canada,    It
will cover a large urea of ground and
will bo constructed on the citadel
slope. Jt will contain swimming
baths, shower baths, dressing room,
" It Pays ta Deal With Beattie "
SUtamant of Their Number. Mll-aa|-a aad
oilier Iaforiuatli»B,
From rei urns received from the 8ft
electric railways of t'anndu. Mr.
tleorge Johnson, the Dominion sta-
1 Istielan, makes up the following
statement: "At the end of December,
r.tUU, the number of miles of electric
railways hi Canada increased lo HHI
miles, or *\\) miles over the number iu
"The 85 electric railways in Canada curried 118,120,862 passengers
iu 1000, un increase of L4,097,203,
This is equal to carrying every man,
woman and child in the country 21
"The car mileage run was 80,924,-
855 miles, an increase ol 1,277,508
miles over 1890.
"The mileage run and the passengers carried show that for each mile
run the electrics curried 3.8 passengers, against 3.5 in 1899.
"The amount of paid-up cupital invested in electrics on Hee. 31, 1900,
was JUO.(133,000. and the bonded
debt was $12.tilO.422.
"The number of cars in active service in 1900 was 1,642, an increase
of 98 over ihe previous year. The
employes numbered 4,493, showing
an increase of 104 over 1899.
"Tho total receipts for the year
were 85,422,540, and the expenses
"The steam railways carried 17,-
122,198 passengers in 1900. Ho that
totul passengers transported by rail
was 185,262,055. Between them, the
steam and electric railways carried
the whole population of Canada 25
times in the year, and the proportion
was over H7 by electric and u little
under 13 hy steam in every 100 persons carried.
".Since 1897 Hie number of passen-
gors carried bv the electrics Increased from 83,811,000 10 118.130,000.
an increase ot 34,319,000, which is
equal to 41 per cent., while those
carried by steam using railways
creased from 18,742,454 to 17.122.-
198, nn increase of 25 per cent.
"The expenses form about 67.50
per cent, of the gross earnings of the
stonm-using railways and about 00.-
27 per cent, of the gross earning of
ths electric railways."
Enigratlwi t* Caaada.
The area of the Dominion, extending as jt does from Hie Atlantic to
thc Pacific, is as large as Europe,
but the population is nn greater tbun
thut of London, snys Lloyd's Week*
ly. ft'hat a prospect this opens up to
those who are possessed of the necessary energy and capital to take advantage of iis great resources in agriculturo, minerals, fisheries, forests,
and manufactures! li offers free
grants of laml to settlers in some
provinces (Manitoba, the Northwest
Territories, tind parts of Ontario),
frown grains in others (New llruns-
wick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario,
ami British Columbia), and improved
farms may be obtained everywhere at
reasonable prices. What Canada
wants is more people and more capital, und those who are anxious to
obtain information about' our leud-
itig colony—iis progress iu recent
years, aud the advantages it oilers to
settlers of all classes—cannot do better than consult the High Commissioner for I'uuuda. whose ollices are
at  17  Victoria street,   London,   S.W.
Nawipaiier Ruiian* lu llawioa City.
The newspaper business must be a
good thing in Dawson City, Th*
rules for The Ditivson City Daily
News are 25 cents a copy, or $4    a
mouth. The subscription rate for
the town is S4M u year. It ii an
eight-page dally for live months ot
the yeur and four pages for the re-
malnder, The circulation is u Utile
under 900 per dny. A 10-page weekly pii|icr in published al 25 cents a
copy for the lown. It is distributed
up the creeks by dogs and curriers
and outside lhe town the price of
llie single paper is 50 cents lo $1,50,
according to the distance ilu* currier
bus in travel to the subscriber.
In The Dawson News Ofllce (here is
u Merganthaler machine, which, with
ull equipment, cost $4,700, bin by
lhe time it wus landed in Dawson
tbe cosl luid down there wns $8.-
289. It had been shipped too late
fur navigation und had lo be carried
400 miles over the ice. The horse
feed alone cost $39 a day and It
took 27 days tu make the trip.
At Cost 3
We are closing them out.   Come
before they are gone.
Headquarters for Fishing Tackle
an 1 Photographing Sur plies
t\»  C.   OCclltlC,  |)ruKgist
Why worry over what you'll cook?
Don't worry.    Don't Cook.
For lunch try Crosse & Blackwelfs potted
ham, chicken, tongue or game. You know
the quality.
....Q. T. ROGERS
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South ul Herald Ofllce
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
flllltc al Resilience, ArmslraiiK Ave.
hi-Ttloinis. • . . ■ e-Ml In II
Afternf'oatt - ■ • !:.«, lii.t.tll
Evcnlnga   ■   ■ 7.30 lu s ,«>
CRANHROOK,    :   :   : :    It. I*'
A Few Points
The most delicious Fruit Syrups of all kinds, at 25 cents a
Preserving Sealers in all sizes at low prices.
Best Creamery Butter in pound bricks, and boxes from ten
to fourteen pounds each.
The only complete line of confectionery in town, including;
the G. B. agency.
Prices and Values */*.-        the Grocer.
Always in Harmony.
Have you any mining;
stocks to sell ?   dt  dt
Do you wish to buy
any mining: stocks ?
I can get yon the highest market price
in the former case, and the lowest in
the latter. I am the only broker in
East Kootenay who receives regular
telegrams daily from the exchanges in
Toronto and Spokane. Market prices
are posted daily in Cranbrook hotel.
P. S.   Don't forget thai insurance you were talkin g abou
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort i Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railiond and depot.    Has accommodations Tor tbe public unequalled in  Cranbrook,
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly understand their business.   This is so in any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job oi painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice i*.
How can it be avoided?    Why, that is easy.    Simply by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right.
Go and see some ol their work.   That is their best recommendation.
GEORGE A. LAURIE has secured the sole handling of the firewood on the Cranbrook estate and
is now prepared to take orders for'
and deliver stove wood in all sizes.
Order, in bl lell ll Mr. V. Hyde Biker's
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wlifil.-uilf dealers In
Grain iuu\
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranhrook, li. C.
Livery  3
Proprietors jt .* .<
Teams anil driven) rurniallcil for nny
point in the illatrlct,
Mmingcr   .*  .,**   Jt
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of nil kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way lo h.indlc it.
Undertaking Aml
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Oflice nml store, Aiken blork,
nt'nr CutinillfUi liiiuk of Com*
metre, Crnnbrook. ll C
Upholstering and (icncrnl Furniture Hcp-tirlne
Will nllenil lu finv work in llu* iltsllk'l
Gentle Reader
Tho' wc cannot clothe yoti
with righteousness* your money Invested in ,\ cool ncftllgc suit m.ulc
to your m-cmirc, will insure lo you
that. "Oh. so happy" feeling-, llmt
comes with a consciousness of rlghl
doing. We await, gentle reader,
your pleasure.
Crown Tailoring Co.
Room I P. It. KiilldiiiK
Drnk Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
I Ft. Steele Brewing Co.


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