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Cranbrook Herald Sep 7, 1899

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, ''resilient. B. B. Walker, Gen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Man. jer.
■*>■• ♦•♦■••*(•) • •> • ••••>•>•• «
In Kimberley,
The Leadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus ot North Star branch ot the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius ol
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Great Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
Via Craabrook
The Work Tells
the Tale   **    *t
Jas. Greer
!!■• done ii vast amount of work in
South Bunt Kootenay. nnd hit work is
•iin recommendation. If you iutend
building, be tiurc and we him,
Jt   Ji   B.C.
»»••»»»«♦» *>*>(S)
Hotel 3 3
Neareat to railioad aud depot,    Haa accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
®  T*  5
Is I
r.   It Pays lo Deal al : :
Is the beat summer beverage known. It ia a hot weather »
tonic.    Try one bottle and be convinced. —
_ ®
Is the only stickv Ily paper made. We aell it and offer no ®
substitute. Fly Polaoo, Fella, Insect Powder, and all things j.'
necessary lo make life worth living.
Beattie's Drug Store
Postoffice building, Cranbrook    <$
At the Toronto   lothing Store
A Snap.   A line of Boy's Suits bought for cash at a sacrifice, will be
sold while they last (or
$2.50 a Suit
Don't mil
 Reid & Co.
These suits arc well worth $3.50.   Don't miss them.   They can't
last long.
Fire!    Fire!    Fire!
Attention C.P.R. firemen. What
is the use of burning your hands
and wrists when you can get a
fine pair of cordtvan asbestos tanned gauntlet gloves made especially for your purpose. The price is
all right. dt dt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co,
Cranbrook a* Fort Steele ** Wardner
Ills reduction In
/"Ian ilruili' Movements 1
Eagaiement aad Wedding Rings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chains,
Blame Sets, Etc	
W. F. Tate
Cranhrook ...JEWELER
Ohlctal Watcli lnapector for Crow. Neat branch
JS Corner baker street
taml Hanson avenue
over |K>sloRlce	
| All Sires ol Photos up to 11x14
{ Finished In Platino or Polished.
Views ol Cranbrook  and Other
Will Be on Sale	
dt Prest & Co.9
l-nii' n( Toronto
Contractor »•> Builder
Those contemplating building will >lo well to let
Ine figure on tlie contracts.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
ll Planing Mill
|| '"iSash and ::
I?     Door Factory
...Matiufacturera of...
Sash  „•» Doors  jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawinj*  .* Turning
Job Work dt
Herald Office
G. Johnson....
W Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Gold Values Arc Shown on lhe Black
Bear Property.
Mining News From Over the District of General Interest to
the Public.
New Discover)' In Kimberley Camp.
The latest development in the Illnck
Bearsluwi the ore to carry good gold
values as greater depth is attained. In
sampling tbe vein at a depth of twelve
feet to determine what character of ore
carried the best values, the following assays were obtained: Galena, So 6
per cent Jlead, 37 ounces silver,
value $99 97, Galena ami iron pyrites, copper 2 per cent, lead 29.8
per cent, silver 32 ounces, gold 0.7
ounces (gold value $1447); total value,
$66.40 Quartz, galeua aud pyrites, copper a,9"per cent, lead 5.1 per cent, silver
10.6 ounces, gold 0.2 ounces (.gold value
$4 13); total value, $25 40. Chalcopyrite,
copper 20 per cent, silver 26.6 ounces,
gold 0.25 ounces (gold value $5 17); total
value, $95 13 Iron pyrites, copper 1 45
per cent, silver 1 ounce, gold 0,6 ounce
(gold value $12.40); total value, $1840.
Tlie foot wall, showing a great deal of
mineralization, wns assn ed and gave:
Copper 0.3 per cent, gold "■ jounce; total
value, $7.30. The above assay returns
make an average value of $61 i,(i for lhe
entire vein. The vein is now widening
out and has every appearance of opening out iuto a large ore chute. The
property has every prospect of making
one of Kimbetley's best producers of
mineral. The change in the location
liue of the North Star branch railway
has materially benefitted the property,
as the track will be within fifty feet of
the ore dump. Work Is being pushed
on the Black Bear in order to get as
much depth as possible before the railroad is completed. Mr. Estmere is confident that if the vein continues to show
up aB it does now the property will pay
for the cost of development by shipping
the ore which must of necessity be
taken out.        __
On Saturday last tbe affidavits were
sworn by the manager of the Lake Shoie
mine fur water rights on Wilson creek.
The water will be carried six and one
hall to the Lake Shoie aud will give 3S0
inches of water, which means power
enough to run a very large concentrator.
Work on the ditch and Hume will be
commenced as soon as tbe water right is
Fat Job for W. A. Carlyle.
News conies from Rossland thai W. A.
Carlyle, superintendent of the Le Roi
mine and all the B. A. C properties, has
been offered the superiulendeucy of the
celebrated Rio Tmto copper mines in
Spain at a salary of 5000 pounds sterling,
or nearly $25,coo per year. He is now
considering tbe proposition, and it is
thought be will accept it. His salary is
now fSooo per annum. He was
formerly provincial mineralogist, and in
that place made a fine reputatiou as a
conservative, able, conscientious miniug
man. Few young men have risen so
rapidly as Mr. Carlyle. He now has a
world wide fame.
Windermere a few days ago. He has a
lead of solid galena two feet wide and is
now stacking oie. Mr. Klliott, of Cranbrook, owns u half interest in the property.
Mr. I*\ Robbins, who is the consulting
engineer fur Manu & Mackenzie's properties, .vith headquarters ia the Bound'
ary country, visited the North Star mine
last week. He reports the work progressing in good shape, and says that
the force will be increased in a short
The owners ofthe l'ay Roll are feeling
highly elated this week nnd with good
cause, A general assay of the lead at
llie bottom of the 411 foot shaft showed
the following values: Gold, $300; silver,
$16.55; copper, $3 18; lead, $60.45; to***1.
I83 iS. The hoys are iu for a short rest,
but will gu back to resume work in a
few days. In all ptobability arrangements will be made to ship ore this fall,
unless a company is formed to handle
the properly*.
Across Ihe River.
Fort Steele Prospcotor,
Wo.-k on the Tontine group will be
continued all winter.
Plans will shortly be perfected for the
vigorous development of tbe Morning
group of mines.
Considerable active work will be done
on Iloulder creek this fall. The Big
Chief, Dupont and Little Chief will employ a full force of men in the development cf their respective properties.
Work will shortly be resume:! on the
Minnie M- aud Tiger claims on Tracy
Thc Brittle Silver group is showing up
better than ever.
R O. Jennings will shortly put some
men to work 011 his Bull tiver property.
Development work on thc nickel
properly ou Wild Horse creek is still going on.
Some beautiful specimens of ore have
been received during the past week, and
over a thousand pounds were shipped 011
Tuesday to Ottawa fiom Fort Steele for
the Tarls exposition.
Promptly Attended to.
Change   of   Une   on   Ihe   Branch—Other
Engineer Richardson has moved his
camp from Barnes' ranch to Marysville.
M. Burgess, for thc past year station
agent nt Wardner, left for his home iu
the east Tuesday.
J. G. Taylor, formerly agent at Elko,
has been called to Cranbrook totnke the
third trick in the dispatcher's office.
L. M. Mansfield, formerly agent nt
Moyelle, has been appointed chief train
dispatcher and assumed the duties of his
new position last week.
The family of Mr. McFuddeu, the
bridge foreman, has moved back to Selkirk, Man., fur the winter. Mr. Mc*
Padden accompanied them as far as
Macleod last Tuesday.
Several cars of Meel arrived for the
North Star branch during the past
week. The laying ot steel will not
commence, however, until there is
euough on hand to go right ahead wilh
the work.
Mr. O'Brien, who h..s charge of construction on the North Star branch, says
that he has never experienced any more
difficulty in securing labor than at the
present lime. And be says the ssme
condition prevails throughout the east.
The route to Kimberley has been so
changed that it uow passes within 200
yards of Marysville. The last survey
places the road ou the bench just above
Chadwick's hotel. This will give Marysville a station and make it a railroad
The International Hotel Block a Mass
of Ruins.
The government stock yards lure have
been completed and aie now ready to
receive stock.
customs officet here, te
Total Loss Estimated at $20,000
and Only Partially Covered
by Insurance.
miles ul  me  iviiu'Ci"**.'"."'} "ZZV.' ""*"
Cascade Record: The Rainy River
road is one of those subsidized hy the
late dominion parliament, and when
completed will be 460 miles long, It
runs from Port Arthur, on Lake Ontario,
through the tipper edge of Minnesota,
and around the Lake of the Woods to
Winnipeg, The work is largely of a
rock character, which is always pleasing
to contractors, and means many months
of work for a large force of men. Several of the sub-contractors on the Rob-
sou-Peuticton line, having finished here,
are moving their outfits to the Rainy
River road.
Mining Notes.
McVitlie & Hutchison, mining biokers
and real estate.
More miners and prospectors are coming to Cranbrook each week to secure
their supplies. And the number will be
greatly increased as soon as the North
Star branch is completed.
Mr. Bielenberg, of Deer Lodge, Mont., I
lepresenting the Montana Mining company, was in town yesterday. He will
let a contract for work on the company's
property on Tracy creek.
A F. Aunice, of Spokane, loaded a
pack train nt G. H. Gilpin's yesterday
with a winter's supplies for his property
on Weaver creek, where he will have
two meu working all the coming season.
"Jack" Legg, well known last winter
in Crailbrook as the owuer of a large
bunch  of horses, made a strike near
Easter Lilly, Barnes' New Horse, Is the Big
The races at Fort Steele last Monday
were largely attended, and the sport,
notwithstaud ing the unfavorable weather,
was first class. The course was heavy
on account of the mud, but some excit*
ing finishes was had just the same. W.
H. Barnes' mare, Easter Lilly, captured
first place in all the events except the
300 yards race, which was won by Tom
Wellmau's colt, Disturbance. The result of the different races was as follows:
600 Yards, $100 and $50.
Entries, Goldie, Easter Lilly, Homely
Hauk and Grey Eagle, ist, Easter
Lilly; 2d, Goldie,
Quarter Mill, $100 aad $50.
Enlrif s, Easter Lilly, Goldie, Homely
Hank,   ist, Easter Lilly; 2d, Goldie.
300 yards. $100 and $50.
Entries, Disturbance, Easter Lilly,
Goldie and Buckskin, ist, Disturbance;
2d, Easter Lilly.
Last Thu sday evening at 8 o'clock,
Miss Anna McKewen and Mr. Harry
Rabichand were united in mariisge iu
the parlors of the Commercial hotel,
Rev. Young officiating. A large number ot friends were present, and after
congratulations were offered the party
participated iu a bountiful repast that
was served by the Joyce Brothers as a
compliment to the bride. After supper
the guests indulged in a dance until a
late hour. The occasion was a most
happy one in every respect,
Badly Braised ud Cut.
Last evening as Fred Pieper, W. N.
Clark and Tommy O'Callahan were driving dowu the hill north of the Mission,
the team took fright aud started to run.
Clark jumped and escaped injury. But
O'Callahan and Pieper were badly
bruised and cut about the head and face,
as they struck logs and rocks. The two
men look like they had been through a
prize fight. The team wss still going at
last accounts.
Fort Sttele Prospector. Sept. 2: About
9 o'clock Friday morning smoke was
seen issuing from the upper floor of the
Hotel International, and inside of an
hour the hotel, together with the building of T. C. Armstrong, occupied as a
liu shop; C A. KUugensuiith's, occupied
by M. A. Beale as offices of tlie Dominion Express company, aud a small building of C. Leutner were totally destroyed
involving a loss of probably £30,000.
The fire raged wilh great intensity,
and the buildings opposite narrowly es
coped destruction, Iuside of two min
utes after the alarm was sounded the
fire brigade was on the grouud and had
streams of water ou the fire. It was to
their heroic efforts that the town was
The principal sufferers were George
Shier, the owner of the International,
whose loss exceeds f-Suoo: insured fur
$3000, c. A. Clingensuiilb, loss $1000;
Insured for $400. T. C. Armstrong, loss
Jioco; insured for $700. C. Leutner, loss
$400; no insurance. W, M. Stewart,
loss by water, J1500; E. Ncidig, $300; A.
Grei, $100; Robson & Rogers, fiou. A
number of others losl to a sui=ll extent
But little was saved from the International, and it may be counted a total loss
lor Mr. Shier.
It is the first lire of any magnitude
that has visited Port Steele, and the
streets were thronged with people, aud
all ofthe male population were engaged
iu saving property. That the Oriental
was not destroyed was due to the fire
brigade, whose efforts, when it was apparent that the International and adjoining buildings could not be saved,
were directed to saving the buildings
opposite, the iuflamable nature of the
building making it herculean task, but
it was accomplished aud the loss was
mostly from water.
There was uo great excitement. The
members of the brigade worked like
beavers, and received commendation
froui all of the citizens, Many of the
firemen rushed into the flames enveloped in wet blankets, while some were
somewhat scorched.
The porter of the hotel was burned
about the head, but not seriously in
jured. There were no other accidents
How the fire originated no one seemi
to know, as the flues iu the portion of
the building where the fire started are
all of brick. Smoke was first discerned issuing from the attic, and it is
thought it started between the two
buildings comprising the hotel.
Oue individual whose name could not
be ascertained rushed out upon the
porch shortly after the alarm was given,
clad in his underwear, aud slid down
one of tbe posts to the street.
Loss by Fire.
The total loss on the Fort Steele fire
was about (20,000. The insurance was
small. That's poor judgment nnd poor
business. You mny be next. We are
agents for the best insurance companies.
See us. McVittie & Hutchison.
A Citizen Says Craobrook Is del iin 1 Mighty
Little Benefit.
Why dou't this part of the district
receive any benefit from the money appropriated for wads and bridges"" asked
one citizen of another in the Cosmopolitan hotel yesterday. "Take the work
that has beeu done this year. Aside
from a little bridge and some work ou
the Mission road, what has there been
done that would be of any benefit to
Cranbrook, or properties tributary to
Cranbrook ? Of course, there was not as
much money appropriated as the dis
trict should have, but it would seem
that this part should receive what it is
entitled to. It looks as if all the money
was beiug spent in other places. I don't
understand it."
As uo one seemed lo be able to give
any explanation, the questions remained
Catholic Church Services.
The new Catholic church in tliis city
will be used for services next Sunday,
but the blessing and formal opening of
the edifice wil) not take place until later
iu the month. Bishop Doutenville, of
Now Westminster, will have charge of
this service, and will at that lime make
his long delayed visit tn South East
An Unusual Summer.
M. Phillipps, of Tobacco Plains, one
of the oldest pioneers In the country,
was in town yesterday. He says that
during lhe thirty'five years he has lived
in South East Kootenay he has never
known a summer so cold and rainy as
this one. During August the maximum
temperature at his home was 80 degrees,
while the minimum was 60, and there
was over four Inches of rain. The graii
is in bad shape, aa it is too damp to
save, and lhe cold weather has prevented
the fruit from ripening. He looks to
see a mild, open winter.
At tillptn'i.
want   comforters,
J. D, Gordon,
down sick.
Hotel arrivals nt lhe St Louis holel:
If. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, Fred Johnson, G. Johnson, Mis. Fred Stark, Fernie; Prof. Wells, New York; Miss Dun-
lop,  Vnncouvei;   Miss   Ross,   Waterloo,
Out.; H. Hulst,California FrankScherf,
Sheep Mountain.
A large party of free Indians from
Medicine Hat and Maple creek ure
camped near the town.
Dr. Bell is expected here from Cranbrook.
The school opened .Monday, the 21st,
with a number of scholars,
Fred Roo took charge of the Crows
Nest Trading company's stores here on
the 14th, and it is expected that several
carloads of goods will an ive shortly.
The Craubrook Herald is ou file nt the
St. Louis hotel-
Mr. Phillipps' claims are showing up
beyond expectations
Several  mining  experts
from the south next week.
aie expected
If yon   want   comforters,   blankets,
sheets, quilts or pillow slips, cull al Gil-,
pin's.   We have a nice range iu all these ] for ■*■■>»■«*•.   They will occupy a r
lines.   Wesell the furniture, and why t, {*$** 1?j5_ltfHt  a9 ,oou ""
Because   wc  carry   it  complete  stock.
The past week we sold G, Hoggarth, of
Elko, the furniture foi his new hotel.
ii.'in the Leader.
James Cronin left for Spokane last
evening, taking with lnui bis little ltoy,
who is quite ill.
Dr. C. P. Htgglns, son of e**Speakei
IHggins, ofthe provincial parliament, is
iu Movie for the present and may decide
to locate permanently.
J F. Armstrong, government agent for
South Rest Kootenay, paid Moyie
another official visit this week. Mr.
Armstrong has made an appropria ion of
J150 to be expended on ihe streets of
Moyie, aud the work will begin early
Monday moruing with J. M. Lindsay in
Pronthe Prea rrr*-*.
We are pleased to be able to state a
portion at least of the big C. P. R. mill
at Coal Creek will be started up again on
Monday next and in all probability lhe
w-iS!-r?f. &e.-Blll*^^rW^ift^«pr«.
■tentative of ibe Manitoba Free Press,
has been appointed to tbe position of
traveling salesman fer the Crows Nest
Pass Coal company. In Mr. Polls the
coal compauy hts a first-class mac; he is
well known, has any amount of energy
and is sure to give the utmost satisfaction.
Tbe local branch of tbe Bank of Commerce gives notice thai on and after the
first of September a discount of one per
cent will be charged on all American
bills anil five per cent on American
We were shown a few days ago some
fine specimens of copper quartz from the
"Belle View" mineral claim at Tobacco
Plains. This claim is tbe property of
Mr. D. J. 0. Mclaennan, of Fernie, and
tbe prospects of it becoming a very valuable mine in tbe near future are certainly bright. Mr. McLennan bas bad
but one assay made from tbis claim.
The specimens assayed were taken from
tbe whole width of tbe lead, five feet, at
a depth of eighteen feet, and gave a
total of $84 40, gold and copper. ''Mac"
thicks he has a good thing, and if appearances count for anything be certainly has.        	
The lown continues to grow, and the
number of visitors increases week by-
week.    Everyone seems to be pleased
with lhe place, and many expressions
are heard of confidence as to tbe future.
Quite a good deal of work bas been
done on the streets, which greatly improves lhe general appearance of the
Julius Hurel has l*en in town the pist
week looking after the* work on the new
ivimberley hotel. The paper hangers
arc now at work, and when the building
is completed it will be one of lhe best iu
Hast Kootenay.
J. M. Carroll, of tbe Ontario bouse, ii
doing a nice business. He expects to
make some material improvements in
bis place Ibis fall.
J. Lg Gates is enjoying a nice patronage. Bob Johnson, of Fort Steele, is
with him uow.
Harry Drew, of the North Slar hotel,
was absent several days this week at*
tending the races at Fort Steele.
Ben Thiell bas established a barber
shop here. Beu is well known in South
East Kootenay as one of tbe best aitisls
in his liue that ever trotted down lhe
Quite a number of railroad men have
visited the camp llie past week.
Charles Kstmere, the townsite agent,
visited Craubrook and Fort Sleele this
Alex Guyotte is pushing forward the
work on his building.
Gregg & McMillan have opened up a
stock of general merchandise.
Joyce Brothers have got up their tent
and have a large slock of goods ready
__ lI,e
building is ready.
Charles Kstmere will start work on
bis new building iu u lew day*. CRANBROOK   HERALD
SEPT  7. Ib99
v, v. SIMPSON, Kdltoi nml Mnnai
TKltMtJ or sinriniTinN:
i yu
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCn J. ..■*     '   ■-•*
O   Q   Cranbrook, B.C.
* .*, ■;. I ■.. ■'.- . . \-' ..-. -'. '...'. •.'.: . .,: . .*.'.* g-t-4-fc
The Port Steele fire should be a lessou
:o every householder in Craubrook.
Had it not ben for the Rre proteclion
enjoyed by Port Steele, the whole town
would have probably been swept by fire.
Will the people nf Craubrook wait until
they have Buffered severe loss in that
way before they take decisive action ?
At this time there is plenty of water.
but UO facilities ior using It, There is
no hose, uo carls, no buckets, no ladders, no organisation, nothing but the
absolute certainty that if a fire starts it
hIU not atop until tbere ts uolhlng left
to burn.
Suppose, for instance, Unit n Are
should originate iu the Cranbrook hotel,
tbe Commercial, or the Mclnnes oi Hanson blocks? What could be done ? The
people would be helpless, and Halter
street, withiu two hours lime, woul 1 be
a mass of smouldering ruins. Many of
thc busiuess meu would lie bankrupt,
and the town would suffer a loss thai
might be irreparuble. Do lhe people of
Cranbrook fully appreciate what Hint
would mean? Dou't ihey know that a
town without buildings or business is
uot a town .' Don't lhey know lhat
properly would at once depreciate, and
that lots selling now foi fiouo to (1500
would go begging at hall the price.
But, some one will say, "1 don'l own
any property,'* 01 * I have uo building
on my lot, therefore a lire ciiniiol hurt
me," That is a mistake. Every individual in the town, whether be ts u
properly owner or whether lie is without
property and without a stock of goods
to lose, in Interested In fire protection.
If Baker street was swept by lire tonight
how many men would be without employment lomorrow morning? Those
who sit now in fancied security
and contentment, because tbty are
drawing a salary al the end of each
mouth, would be confronted with a
change in conditions thai would force
home to thein the cotivictioil that Ihey
are interested in the proteclion of the
town. It is to Ih*.- Interest uf everyone
that proper facilities for lighting fire
should be provided.
In the laugunge of a statesman in the
Stales, "ll is a condition, not a theory,
that confronts us," Now is llie time to
take action. Let a meeting be called.
I.et the object be thoroughly inadt
known. Let every man, no matter il be
some oue else, understand that' it is'l.
bis interest to bu present and have l
voice iu the mailer. We all want to re
tain our busiuesu. We all want tu retail
our positions. Theie is a small start ii
the way of money, Have a rouslnj
meeting and see what cau be done. 1
thu people then express a preference ti
take chances with lhe rather than display ordinary wisdom by providing fire
protection, ull tight,
Bul the way lo move is to move
This hotel has |ust been opened to the public. Thc building
is one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new
and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing
the public and wc propose to do it.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $2.00 per day. f.     1       1    p  /-*•
Short orders day and night.       UranoroOK, D. ^.
British Columbia.
*-2t*?s-':--2?ri**m*******r-***s*t■***********! k^nc*
B, C Furniture &
Undertaking Co*
Manufacturers <>f nil Kinds uf
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmers.
Perdue Mock, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
1 tiling
Tim a 1
Many mull
lio 1 n ii'irul
tin* liuillK'iriillon nl a v,r<nt
southern British < oiuinbln, >
al Trail wore but Ihu Ulloluil
liitf ciurlcil out, nml one fe.
courage niimuR i>y low n
nitus, itL'jjilining ai Hgiii/.-j
tou, il bus ifrtUiiully hoi-n
m, uml uow ilitiii.co ralo wi
This all ij'i-iiii,lli'itiWi-n
-IW lott HH Sin I'd ton In
ulil he WorKOll  In a   [irollt,
Trull uiul ISorilii-ori smoltoi
ciipnulty tm Itosaliiut) on
A rate us luw ns },\
smelter  lor South  tiut
Mil  Jul'
iiiy In
: smiuHiiir
ul -11 jiei
iiuni-.- Unseiiil'
1 will mean n
Kootenay ai n
very ea ly date, a nil permanent prosperity for many camps in this distiict,
When f 1 ci ore can bv handled ai a profit
iu South Kast Kootenay, business will
receive such an impetus in the district lhat it will lie haul to make a guess
us to the limit. Theie are great times
ahead, and those who slay with Soulh
tiasl Kootenay will huve reason lo he
thankful for il. Prosperity is iu blot
for lhe people iu all the CBlllpS. Just
posl this iu yuur hat und remember it
Keep   JTOUt eye
ul! right.
Etuerg)' and  perseverance
pi South Kast Kootenay.
ti Cranbrook.   Shi
After all, mining seem*) lo lie the surest
and musl profitable Investment,
Soulh ICast Kootenay is all right
Events each .week go lo make the
declaration stronger.
The mnn who invests his money wisely in South Kast Kootenay is the man
who will find that he has laid up a growing treasure for old age.
The Spokaue exposition is going lo be
11 big advertisement for the Kootenays
for the reason that the Kootetiays will
be largely represented theie.
The Herald extends its sympathy to
those so unfortunate as io he the losers
in the fire nt Port Steele last Friday, but
congratulates the town on its narrow escape from a general and disastrous nin-
flagratlO!!. The buildings destroyed
were located on ihe mosl valuable property in lhe town, and there is little
doubt but that the enterprise of ihe
owners will result iu new building.', to
tnko the place of the old wilhin a very
shorl time,
I East Kootenay
Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proprietor   :::  :::
Tliis hotel lins been refilled ami raliirrialied,   fhe tabic
is Hit beat.    Snllafaclorj rales given regular boarders.
Baker Street
Cranbrook, B. C.
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
ijents' 1 les, fancy Shirts, "summer Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs j* a* Jt Jt
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
Mclnnes Block
11/" Is the divisional point of the Crows
**■ Nest Pass Railroad.
Has a io=stall round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Crailbrook *s the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook *s *'le headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora**
tions of South East Kootenay.
Cranbiook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
. For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
 >»»S I !)MM»«MMtMMMIMWMI|l«4MitMM«iMMtM(ltM(|
T. A. Creighton,
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes thc best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife nnd the bachelor should ileal with liim,   It will pay them.
Nnrth 5\iar Hotel
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Harry Drew, Prop.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
Tlie Central Hold is open both day ami
uiglit, The bm* j^ouiTj* are first class,
and the dining room is iu clinrge nf
Thos. McCnrson, and is second to none
in the Kooleuaya. Free sample rooms
mid the hest and quietest bcdiooiiis in
the towu.
The North Star Hotel is the large nud
magnificent hotel nt Kituberley Ihnl
is just finished nud is furnished new
througuout, Everything in connection is first-class, When you visit
Kimberley, dou't forget The North
Slar Hotel.
Refilled Throughout
One of the M.»si Comfortable
Iiuu-ls iii ICisl Koolcnay,
Newly l-'iiriiisluil
VanDecar & Sim, Props,
Craubrook, B, C.
"The S Emporium"
Sherlock & Brcniner.
Choice Fresh Fruits received three times u week.
Oats, hay, flour and Feed.
Our grocery stock Is complete and fresh.
Gents' Furnishings, a good range.
Hoots and Shoes well assorted.
Reduced Sale Of Ladies' Blouses, Ladies' Dress Skirts
and Ladies' Underskirts.
Pineal li..tli it
Don't (let Bald
Try His Dim,Innl Cure.   I
in Host ECootettay
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning,
California : Wine : Co.
....NELSON, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Pianino; Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
fhingles and f
1 flouldings.
Commercial Hotel.
...J. F. & Q. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and   Liquors  at  the   Bar
Fort Sleele
Brewing Co.'s
Best on Earth   ,*
In Wood or Bottles
Jas. Kerrigan, Agt.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The lU-flt Stock, llie MoM Sail*-factory Prlccn, nml
PI rat* Clans  Work.      Repairing Neatly Hxccutcd.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public,
ce—Crnubrook Street
Crnnbrook, (i. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK.    :   :
Sashes and Doors
At Cost for Spot Cash
The Cranbrook Hardware Co THE   HERALD.
HvUtM-lluitr* of iut Ohl .Until.
Tbu lovers who enjoy rending ibe
biuui' books tuj-'i'iliiT will bi' hnppy iu
their married lifo.
A lifetime or carefully studied defer*
ence enn be billed in o mouieul l>y a single ironic gleam or ilu- eye.
In warm woiiiiier Uie lioiwewlfe re-
memtiQl'8 that bopt- rhymes with soap
uud suds with Inula.
The poems imi tjiiuil enough to leuii into fanie are go'llil'il Ily hnd L'UUUlfll to lefl);
iuto llame.
Tn  lie  leiuetnlieied  by  a   woman  It   li
only iieeesanrj* tn tell her smnr-Uiliijj ulci
II In Ml I    hersell'   llllil   she   knows   llbejulv,
but rniicles Hun nobody else lias round
Whal a y |{ man lil.es is lo look into
»   pretty   fan-  and   make  remarks  Mint
en 1181' ll to pari iis i-i-tl lips and show
white  111.     Whnt  i Id  man  tikes
to fook lulu u pretty fnee aiui make
mail,-, llial ctuist- ll lo purl In red I
llllil t-lmw  Us   ivldle  teeth. -Delroil   Tl
I'lll'li- IMII'n Itlt'HN,
Even   a   umiTleJ   womnn   soinifl lines
WllM.s a tfliOll ileal Uf llll'ei'li.i  a iluji.
A yullllil fellow seldom tft'ls t'llt-iillh
moill uiiiil It liiisn-med int.. t laiis..,
A m.in Hometlmci'doi'Hti'l tlml unt what
he I- until be dUuoviTH he'd like In lm
Bumellitim eUu
Tb.> man nbu kIvi-s nwny all his money
hefern lie dies has •■ -jmul oppui-tuulty to
disi-i.ver what penpli> really ibiuk ot hi in,
-CleVOlflllll Leader.
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Hums, etc.
A   WOMAN'S   I'l.lTK    WINS.
HOW  il   llrinikeii   Miutmild   Win*   Miule
Nuliei' ill uu   liy u llett-iiuiiii'il Wife,
She writes:—"I luul for a long timo
beeu (Milking of trying the Hum-ma
Prescription treatment on my husband
for his drinking habits, but I was
afraid he would discover tbut I wus
giving Inni medicine and tht; thought
unnerved me. 1 hesitated for nearly a
week, bnt ono day when be cume borne
very moo!) intoxicated uud bis week's
salary nearly ull spent, 1 threw off nil
fear and determined to make au effort
to save our borne from tbe ruin I saw
coming, at all hazards. I sent for your
Suuinriu Prescription and put it iu his
coffee as directed nest morning und
watched nud prayed for the result. At
mum 1 gave him more and aim at supper. He never suspected u thing, nnd
1 then boldly kept right oil giving it
rtjgnlariy-ns I had discovered something
that set every nerve in my body tingling with hope uud happiness, und I
could see n bright im ure spread out before me—-a peaceful, happy home, a
share in the good things of life, an nt,
teutive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's
heart, fur my husband hud told me that
whiskey was vile stuff und he was taking a dislike to it. It was ouly too
true, for before I hnd given liim the
fnll course ho had stopped drinking altogether, but I kept giving the medicine till it was gone, uud then sent for
another lot to have ou baud if he
should relapse, as he had done from his
promises before. He never has, aud I
am writing you tbis letter to tell yoa
how thankful I am. I honestly believe
it will cure the worst cases.''
We will send our pamphlet free, giving testimonials and all full information with directions bow to take or administer Samaria Prescription . Correspondence considered sacredly confidential. Address The Samaria Remedy
Co., Jordan street, Toronto, Out,
ULCERKURE-sore uu lor Poisod oak or In
To CHap I.■■une** LenrM.
I>o  you   know  how   to   crisp   lettuce
leaves?   A most simple process, but one
rarely   adopted   Judging  by   thn   wilted
■tuff we generally see served.    A gentle-
man oi the old Bcliool was my teacher,
ami while yet n mere maid 1 was pro
im-ted to llm proud dignity of crisping
the lettuce.
First carefully separate tho leaves from
the htnHi. discarding discolored ami Imperfect ones ami leaving untouched the
tiny lienils; lay them all iu cool, clear
water for awhile, all moruiug if vou
cboi.se: pick Ihem over a couple of liines
before serving; wash one by one ami iny
in a wire basket if you Imve one; if noi,
n clean, soft towel will answer: gather
tbe rnds imd sides loosely ia your hau.]
Iiud lightly shake the letluce; then put
the Ionics in 11 nil miller, whleh Mm mI
lu the refrigerator, bul hot on the lea
lionvc until needed, when you will iin,I
the letlttco ilellelonslj col and er|sn
I'liolinh |o uark, \,.,,r .-nt ibe leaves.
|r vet) huw. divide, with ilu lingers into
nmtillct pi..os   Wlml to Kn|.
Mliinrd'w Liulment.l.clicYcs Neuralgia
Tii« i'*.iiitittii,n or ttre-ni Kit-men,
Neither linen, Newton, Locke. Daw
nor Rtunrl Mill lefl a son to In he ill bis
fame, Wlillo uf liUlorlans Hume, Ulbhiui
uml Much ii lay \\ ,-w ue\ er lUtll'l led.
A1110114    our    great    paiuleiH    ltev nn Ids,
Lawrence ami the l.nc Lord  Ubjlituii
were  I ill ell el urs,     llogmtll  peipetinled it
renin idle lovo inntch, which was fruitless,
uml Turner, Uu- great magician or color
nml canvas, twice soured by emly dtsnii*
p.dulinciiK never married.
Handel, who may almost bo claimed ni
nu Kio-llshinnn, had uo wife but his art.
ltrahain, perhaps our grontoBt slhgoi*-,
whoso daughter we some or us remembor
nit Lady WaMct-rnvc, 1 believe lell no
hoii, while or the punts nf (lie footlights
Unvy (ianiek and Jollll Kemble died
Childless, ami the direct male issue of
Kd ml Kean ended wilh tbe dealli of
or his -,..u Charles.—Pall Mali Qaiotte.
Like a l.nilj.
"Franeefl," Bald that little girl's niiun-
itio. who was etltcrtatnlllg callers in the
ptirlor, "you came down stairs so miioly
tlint you could be heard all over the
flOUSO. Vou know how to do It belter
than that. Now go back ami come down
the Mails like a lady."
Frances retired and nfter n lapse or a
few minutes reentered llie parlor.
"pid you hear me comu down flairs
this time, mammaV"
■'No, dear. I am glad you caine down
qtlletly. Now don't let U10 ever have lo
tell yuu 11-,'aiii not to come down noisily,
for 1 see that you ean come down like a
holy the second time, while the lirst time
you made so much noise."
"The last time I slid down Hie hauls-
tors,   explained Frances.—Harper's Ha*
fll-M  Hrlef II In lor j*.
Full of tho enthusiasm of youth, he
started out to see the world.
Itul his en'ill gave unt, ami he had to
hunt for work.
Tin' only opening he could find was a
coal mine.
Ku he who bad started out to sec tho
wmhl gnvo it up.
And he started iu to see It.—Chicago
Tribune.     .___	
Miiiard's Liniment foi sale every where
Hnslil  Tlm wnvia come rolling In,
wiiiio with foam, white with foam.
Father tuils inula the din,
But baby alti-ps ut homu.
Hush!   Thu winds rnur boarst uud dct-p
At tliuy cotoo, u» thay uunie.
Br utile r hunts the laty ahtvu,
But buby Bleeps ut home.
Husk!   Thu rain sweep's o'er the knot-TUb
Wlieru they roam, wbeni thoy tuuiu.
Buttor noes lu seek thu COWS,
But baby ult-eps tit liume.
When the Kfrntaiia Wn-ri* Nut Allowed to BlUOke oh the Streets.
There are many old lime Qcrmniis who
remember how strictly the law ugalnst
puhlh smoking used to he enforced. That
ihe law is dead is one of lhe fruits oT Ibe
revolution, of ISIS. The Berltliera wero
the tirst Germans to smoke iu public.
ClotirngO  to do  su e e  lo Ihem dlU'ltlg
llie memorable dnvs wben lhey dictated
laws lo their king, Frederick William I V.
lhe present kaiser's graildUlielo. As thnt
 arch,  while llll lllll llg on the bll I CO IIJ'
or Ho- Berlin castle, was commnmleil hj
the roroluLlonlsts to imcovor before their
dead "ihe mob," snys a contciiipoiaiy
chronicler, "heaped Ibe additional indignity upon him of putting huge pipes in
The citizens stuck to their pipes and
cigars during the following months, wlieu
the police nml military dared not Inter-
fere wiib ihem ou iiitlinu provocation.
Allei ward, when the lide had turned, att
attempt was made to again enforce tho
law, but the people got so Wl'Oltglll up
over the mutter that Ihe police dropped
Ihe persecutions. In March, 18*10, the
old law was repeated,
As It happened liberty to smoke everywhere except in church ami in the theater was one or the few results of the revolution lhat have never been interfered
wilh by subsequent government acts.
Before the revolution disobedience in
the nnllsmoktug law was punishable by
a tine of 1 thaler. If a German passed
a sentry box or a royal palace pipe in
i Uii, he was mulcted 5 thalers.    'i'he
smoking of cigars in public was deemed
particularly ntYensive, and judges frc-
tpieiltly imposed au extra t Iut Ier on the
person guilty of stnokiug Buck nu article.
In Gcrtnnuy the cigar came to he considered "the correct thing" only after tlie
Introduction of matches, It wns easier
lo lii-'ht a cigar than a pipe by the now-
fangted agency; hence the cigar Increased in popularity nnd beennie gradually
recognized ns the superior of the pipe in
a "social way."
But "liberty to smoke" is uot yet universal in Germany or elsewhere. In
Berlin, Munich and other capitals. Including Vienna, army officers and soldiers
are forbidden to smoke lu the principal
streets through whleh members of the
royal family are liable'to drive. If bt
other streets they see a royal carriage
approaching, lhey must Ihrow away their
K«H** lntpreaaloaa.
■Memory plays ipieer antics at times. Ae
our ideas of thitigsdovolopmidinako progress tho relation to ourselves, hs wu were
of it rciuombored placo or Incident, keeps
puce with thu advance. When wo wero In
youth, wo thought the house In which wo
lived In those days n veritable mansion
aud tho yard was as large and commodious hh a park now seems to us. Our memory keeps thein thus, although wo have
hum outgrown our little Knives.
Hut when we ngain visit tlio haunts of
tlm early years wo lind that lhe mansion
has diminished to a cottage and tho yard
seems miserably small. Wo havo "outgrown thein. 'ihere seems lo bo u self adjusting lens that, ns wo faro farther from
tbo scenes ami surroundings wo oiiru
knew well, keeps magnifying ihem &o
that they aro alwnys the Kiinio to lis.
And It must bo to ot Incidents and
people its well. Memory is kind and
throws a mantle of softening mist over
wlmtover comes Into her realm. And
when we go back and find tho old neighborhood or see again onr long remembered
friends WO must not put all Ibe blame of
changing upon them. It Is we whu have
changed, perhaps far more thnn hava
tbey, only we do not stop lo realist) the
Catarrh Cured
After Fifteen
Years' Suffering.
Mr. JottaOrovr.iU Kwefer Street. Vuin^uver
B.C . whites: After meivlnj** InftlUoH
benefit fiom Ja*a mess Catarrh Cure. I I'utilld'-r
It mv duty tu uild mv testimony Tur the bem-tlt
of fell'W suftvp-rs. 1 had been a jrc-at sutTi-rcr
from rut nrr li tor fifteen vears; and duiini* thut
time I tri'il uluiij-il every rtinedy I eyer Heard
of for Otis tr.,iiiii.- uuTasoonal (jootorti lm'
tin-result ivuouy temporary r-iK-f. nml in
each esse the otuorrn returned, I used a:
boxes of Japanese Catarrh Ours dtbt one yea
io:., and "iii". thai time have lieea  iptetel;
latarra Core Is tie- only i
iiiiioi. nt
rrh ret   disco«u*ed| the
Hrst up
-.i-i oa»ofcatarrh ui n
We will aisuls |. I..-.-.I
J   l,TM,lltl-l.llMlll«llll  ll
»dl«l UV
• rtriftlthi A Mm iii.. i-
I   ToM.nl".   s..I.I by all
t-M-differ 1180 with guar
The   Anelloueer   »H   Uulek   Wlltfld
mid iimi ii > Hrade u laie.
An   ailCl
Heel    i.Hi'
blast   Wnsblagtoi
redoubtable  hull
111 milr. mid Set'iiiul-..
At leant Weenturlir* 11. 0. lhe Habylo-
ntaillUSOda sexagesimal system of nidation, consisting of sari and sossl, of which
we havo vestiges when we reckon 00 minutes lo tho hour and 00 seconds to the
minute, or8,000 secouds—thnt is, asnron
of sossl—to tho hour. That wo count lb
inches to the foot, B-l hours to the day, UOtl
degrees of  buigltnde around  tho equator,
no degroei ot latttudo rrom the equator to
the poles nnd 00 mllos to a degree may
also Ih> traced to the samo duodecimal
Habylonian system of  numeration, whleh
originally rookoncd 00 shekels to the mlna
ami 00 mlnas to the talent. All thoso
numbers nre fnotors or multiples of tho
Htrofl, or00. Our mensurosof time, money,
ot liueiir uml angular spneo, are all derived
irom tho drcoks, Who QbtAlnod them from
the   Babylon Inns, probably through tbo
Shojiuirr*  II.ii (I  Lot,
Persons complain thnt shopgirls do not
jump actively to wait UpOU thein when
tbey enter a Store. Why not? The other
day 1 SOW h girl Sppronch n respectably
dressed woman of middle nge—that's 88—
and   heard   her   link,   over   the   cun liter,
"Whal would you like, ma'amr
To Hiis polite attention I wns nhncked
to henr the woman reply: "Von ithill tip!
Don't you talk to me! I enn nsk To.*
whnt  I wnnt, ami I don't want inn   im-
pmtcuco tt i elorksl"
A lew rebnfTs (mm sucll creiiinres nre
quite unough to cool Llio ardor or nny
shopgirl, ■
The  I'ttni-ni of   I liliigs,
"Yes, Unit's the hrltlo. "
"Verv young, Isn't site.'
'Nineteen, 1 believe."
"Who are thon middled aged womnn
tttlh her!'"
"Thoso are her iinnmnled sisters Shn'i
chnperoulng thom." -Ulovolaml I lain
K-ilt>a nml   \olea.
"Does your wife plnv hy iiuteV"
"In,   er   yea.   The phillu denier lio'.h
mine for flKJO."—Cololinlii Springs (In
set to.
The tmlcey was Ilrst discovered In
America and wns brought to tingluiid ia
Ibe early   pint ol  the sixteenth c.utiirv.
Since   tl    it   has   been   tn climated   iu
nearly nil pints of the world.
IVi'iiflinbuco   menus   "the   lm-iiiili   of
hell," in allusion to (lie violent surf nl
ways Koeu at JV nmntli of itv chief river.
Tho Descendant of tho Pilgrims—My
ancestors camo ovor In tho Mayflower.
Tho AngiomauIno—Thut Is nothing to
bo proud of, me good fellaw. dust think
what it ibiocn of i, timo It Is slues they
wins Kngllsh, Now, my peoplo came ovnh
only a hundwed yenhs ago.—Now Vork
III* lle-lermliia-r I'olat.
Mrs, ('ndger—They tell me, Henrietta)
that your husband is unkind to you.
Mrs. Howes—Yea, John Is not vory gentle In hla manners, I must admit, but
thero la one thing 1 will any for hlm, be
novor kinks up it rug ur creitNos it 1 lily—-
lioston Trttiisorlpt,
vlduali < mouly ter I "slick"   was
the couio of a farcical scone recently
tlml would have done credit to a bur
Icsi-lle  lh0W.     He   hail   bei-a  talking   lu*
dtistrloiisly fur a long iim.- tn a crowd of
interesli'il but elil li I is) tt st it* listener-,.
The affable auctioneer conscientiously
went through his repertory (rom begin*
ning lo end, bnl somehow the crowd did
mil "warm up   to him—to quote his own
language,   Finally, with a dark look that
bordered OU despair, he grubbed up a
well known pasteboard bathox containing aoout Ml spools of silk thread of different colors. With the grace of a conjurer ho extracted flvo ot the spools, nnd,
arraying thein in n tempting semicircle
ou the counter, announced thut ihey w'eit
"to go at any price."
Hut the nadieucc, while admitting with
nods of approval that lhey were good
spools of ihreinl, displayed no marked
Inclination to become excited over ihem.
Not a bid wns offered.
"I'll sell 'em (or 10 cents," suggested
the auctioneer timidly, lt was plain
from lhe tone of his voice that lie was
losing faith iu himself nml in all tlie
world. There were no takers. Tlie
mini uf the red ling added three more
spools to the semicircle, "All for 10.
cents," he declared. Hut thread stock
was far below par. The auctioneer
caught up nil the -spools from the counter and Hung tbem into the box with an
impressive gesture. The light of Inspiration flashed from his eyes.
"The wholo blnmed box for 10 cents!"
he cried.
"I'll take it," wns the prompt response,
and a little man in a washed out overcoat and wearer of red chin whiskers
stepped out from llie crowd wilh n diily
10 cent piece 111 his upraised hand. The
auctioneer clutched the money feverish*
ly, aud, turning tlie box upside dowu s«
that all the spools dropped into a basket
un the counter, he handed (he worthless
piece of ancient pasteboard tu the anxious customer. A roar of hilarious
laughter lose from the crowd that was
heard throughout that neighborhood.
"I don't want your blamed old box!"
wailed the uufiM-tunate purchaser.
"You said you'd take il," replied the
auctioneer. "I'll leave it to the crowd—
didn't he?"
"Yes!" came In a strong chorus from
the delighted nudienee.
"I bought the spools!"
"No, you didn'i! You bought the box!
I'll leave it to the crowd—didn't he?"
"Yes!" came the answer again, stronger than ever. The red whiskered man
stalked indignantly from the placo with
the box under his arm,
" What you going to do with it?" yelled the crowd.
"That's whnt!" cried the speculator
as he held ihe pasteboard box in both
bands, football fashion, nml kicked it
vigorously into the middle of Washington street,
The nnlliloK.
To tbo uninitiated an affection for a
bulldog seems it perversion of taste, for the
bulldog ts not symmetrical, la not graceful aim sometimes appears to lack intelligence. About bis Intelligence, howover,
there Is more than ono opinion. About
his affection and his loyalty thero can bo
no doubt whatever,   ills affection knows
neither hesitation, wavering or change
ami ho la loyal to the death. Then, again,
he Is a rare comrade. He Is not noisy, ho
Is not nervous, and ho ia not given to demonstration, lie mis tlio requirements that
Bmorson formulated as to perfectoompan*
lotishlp. Ho docs not need to speak to
Show bis sympathy. He can tell you what
he wishes to say with liis Utile eyes, and
he can be eloquent With thu wagglngs of
his stumpy tail.
This kind of it companion Is not such as
commends himself to all persons, for there
are thoso in tho world who like chatterers
nml consider tho unending small talk or
thu drawing room the highest and most
pleasurable expression of human wit. For
suoh as thoso tho bulldog la not likely to
have tbo greatest attractions. Lot such
SftVO a frolicsome dog or a kitten (hat will
chase lis tall. Hut the bulldog is a good
companion for a quiet man of n thoughtful and philosophic cast of mind. Tho
bulldog will nut disturb bis musings, the
bulldog will not say tbo wrong thing nt a
tilUOWhen silence is precious, for tho bulldog rarely speaks. When he does, he Is
Short, though not sharp, In hit-cmuniuni-
i-itltonsnml vory nuieh lo tho purpose.—-
Thn Ti-IKnIi* I'je.
"No matter how self possessed a man
may appear on the surface," said a closo
observer, "there are certain Involuntary
movements liy which ho will always be
tray hlmsolf to minute scrutiny. To
illustrate the polm, hero's u neat little
parlor trick In llllnd reading:
Seal yourself directly In front of your
Subject nnd  lell   him   to book bis linger
tips togothor before his chest and pull na
hard (is lm ean, at the samo time thinking intently of somo letter or the alphabet,
Then look flludly at his rln lit eyo and re-
pent the letters aloud, beginning with A.
When you como to tlio one he is thinking
about, a swift, Indcserllwiblo change will
Hash across thu pupil, It is purely uu*
conscious and Involuntary, and uo human
being alive can prevent It The purpose
nt lhe linger tip pulling is meiely to distract his thoughts nud keep him from
hallllng you by concentration of will. Try
It soino time."—New Urluttns Times-
Ilrhtgliiic I'd lhe Average.
Old Hui'us Qogblluk, a slow, deliberate
sort of mini, dropped iu ono dny in a casual sort of way to BOO his friend, Stephen
Nobbier. It was tho lirst timo he had boon
In to seo Stephen lu i'2 years.
"Uiti-ml You don't como lu very ofton,
Hufns," riiUI Mr. Nobbier.
"No," said Mr. Uoghltnk.
Hut be went In to seo hla friend Mr
Nobbier again the very next day,
"Um-ml Yoti'ro coining lu pretty ofton
now, KufiiB," wild Mr. Nobbier.
"Yit-as," said Mr. Qogblluk. "I'm
sort, o'bringing up tho average,"—New
York Suu.
■Mutter of  IMiientlon,
"Oh, that I had tho wings ofa blrdl'
slmslgheil with Inflnllo sadness.
for dinner alto had eaten pork chops,
pickled olives and loo creuin.
Wus It, thon, that alio needed the gizzard nil her thnn tho wings nt a, bird, In
order that uho might bo happy 1— Uul roit
*>.,innl.-(1 OmlnoQi.
It was Scythe's wedding day, an I he
was teasing his boy brother-in-law,
"Well, Johnny," be said, "I'm go*
iug to lake yonr sister awny and have
her ull to myself, and yon wun't Bee
bt-r uny more."
"Nu, really—are yon?" BHid the boy
"Yes, i am   ^vhut do yoa think ol
"Nothing. I fancy I can stand it if
you van
A     I'L   It Ml 11 I     !"■ '."[..■.>(.
Save the Babies.
Thousands of them die every summer who could be saved by the
timely use of Dr. Fowier's Ext.
of Wild Strawberry.
Prospective Lodger- The main thing
is that I ge| u room iu  quiet house.
Landlady—Oh, this is a qnlet house
eir! In thu next room a singer lodges,.
nnd If it were not quiet he couldn't
practice all day long, us he dues uuw.—
Lubtige Blatter.
ULCERKURE HtBll We Wural Kill) Wild Kills
"The doctor put iny husband on hi.-;
feet iu it week," sho exclaimed, "lt
wus no trouble ut ull. The bill bo presented fairly lifted him out of bed."—
Chicago Record.
The Professor's i <■«.--.
She—1 um ufraid, professor, thut his
voice will change.
Professor—Veil, Ium afraid it won't.
lllliuus hendaeha, to which women ure
more subject than men, l-eoomes so aoute
in some mnj.'ci-i that thoy are utterly
prostrated, i'he stomach refuses food.
and there is a tom-tnnl and lUstrest-lug
effort to free the fitoillimh rrom bllewhloh
has heemiie unduly secreted there. Por-
tneloV.s Vegetable Pills ate a speedy
alterative, and In neutral zing tin effects
of tbo iiiirudlrg bile relieves Che pressure
on the nerves which cau es the headache.
Try them.
A Klmi.lll..' at llimie.
Wayside diameter—I beg pardon,
but can you spun- uie a dime to gel
BOtnething tu eat with?
Philanthropist—Yuu du look really
hungry, uud ynu huve an honest lace.
Here, tuke ibis. A quarter uugbt to get
yuu a pretty good meal.
Wayside Uhuraoter (couteiuplultng
coin utter phihuithropisd bus passed nn)
—Hitily gee, und fellers go way out lo
Alaska und actually dig for money!—■
Buston Transcript.
ltiihi't Walt to Hear.
Hewitt—1-iiuett nays tbat you are
ufraid of him,
Jewott—Afraid of him I Why, 'twas
only yesterday that I culled him everything 1 could think of.
Hewitt—What did he sny?
Jewott—I came away from tho telephone as soon us 1 hud said ull I hud to
say.—New Vork Journal.
TO THOSE OF SEDENTARY OCCUPATION.—Men who follow sedentary
oooupatlons, which deprive them of fresh
air and exerolse, are more nnme to disorders or the liver and Kidneys than those
who lend active, outdoor lives The
former will llnd in PoTtneloo's Vegetable
Pills a restorative without question the
most efficacious on tbu market. They lire
easily procurable, easily iftken, net expeditiously, and they ate surprisingly
cheap considering their excellence.
I'. O. lil'.AH i n 1387.
CT.3D. O'B-RiEnsr
11»  rrlnct-s* St,, Winnipeg,
Private wiro connection with all markets
Grain bought nud curried on margin
GorreBpoudenco solicited
Alloway & Champion
Lilted  Stuck! bougbt, ruthl, and oarrrltd
uu margin.
Write ub if you wish to exchange any kind of
money, to buy Uoverntoont or 0. N. W. Co.
Lsnds, or to send uioaoy anywhere,
Belleville Lady, Whom Bootors
Failed to Help,. Cured at
Last by Doan's Sidney
No ono who has not suffered from kidney
disease can imagine iho terrible torture
those endure who are the victims of some
disorder of these delicate liltcra of the
body.    Mrs, Kich.ml Kees, u well-known
andhlghly respected lady oi Belleville, Out.,
had to bear tho burden of kidney complaint
for over 20 years ami now Doan's Kidney
Pills have cured her when ull else failed.
Her husband made the following statement of her case: " For 20 years my wife
lias been .1 sufferer from pain in (ho back,
sleeplessness and nervousness and general
prostration. Nothing seemed to help her.
Doctors and medicines all failed, until we
Sol a ray of hope when we saw Doan's
Sidney Pills advertised as a positive cure.
"She began to take them and they helped
her right away, and she is now belter in
every respect, We can heartily recommend Doan's Kidney Pills to all sufferers,
tor they seem tost rikothe right spot quicklv,
und their action is not only quick but It is
" 1 cannot say more in favor of these
wonderful pills than lhat they saved my
wife from lingering torture, which she had
endured for 20 years past, and I sincerely
trust that all sufferers will give Doan's
Kidney Pills a fair trial,"
LAXA" Cimi constipation, biliousness
sick headache and dyspepsia.
Every pill guaranteed perfect
act without any grip-
ran ■ as "IS* "■■■•■'■"■■■"K «ir sickening
rlLL-9 eflects.    B5& Ut all drugt-ist*.
There is not a mother
who loves her infant but
Should keep oil band during the bot weather a
bptlle ol Dr. howler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry.
There is no remedy so
sate and so effective for
the diarrhmn ot infants,
iW 'and non.- has the endor-
* •ion of so many Cana-
n mothers who have
proved its merits, and therefore speak
wuh confidence. Ono of these is Mrs.
Peter Jones, Warkworth, Ont,, who says 1
" I can give Dr. Kowlei s Extract of Wild
Strawberry great praise, lor it saved my
baby's life. She was cutting ber leeth
and wns taken with diariliu-a.veiy bad.
Mv sister advUcd me to nc' Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry. 1 got u
bottle and it cured the baby almost at
Pell Mu Wit
A brilliant,   yoiins;   man,
lit) 1
Bars a fio.
was bi'.-iiiiiii.ii to forio   the   habit   of In*
dulgonoe ln the wine onp   Ho know that
Other men   were   druiikunlH,    but he fell
tbat lm himself wan strong and would
never bo anything but donr-oved and
strong of nerve and llrm of flush. The
years went hy. Ho bas bad honor ami
position. He has become it drunkard with
it nil, and UU honors havo been for mub
Ing. Whisky ami wine have dono for him
what they have done for all the rust anil
what they will dn for all who are foolish
enough to bo deceived by them,   If he
eould, hii would   deter   young men from
following In his footsteps, but lie will
not, influence thom.    They  will think of
hlii) simply as nu old drunkard,   and say
that hii wits a fool not, to have enn trolled
himself 11 111 tie: and tbey will follow him
on 10 death.
Itemed*, tm- Bote Throat.
Thi* is just whoro Griffiths' Menthol
Liniment Is so verv vn'uable Auply it
to thu throat and ollf-sl when golpg to
bed, and the soronoss and tntl-immation
will become Iiiunutllately relieved. No
other linnner.i has ever given such universal Hatlrftotlon as thin reinarty. Sold
hy nil druggh-ts, 'in cenla
Tlm liili.Hint.
Bhe I....U 11 fragile (lower (ram a bunuh «, :ii:i.-'
her iirnisi
Bwcol bul.' iimidun thai bIio was]
Its polals for a moment nt her rltie, red IIjji
wuro iires-wxl-
Dainly lm!. maiden ihat showasl
Thou sho badu nut sweet "Ucod day."
Threw tho Bconlud bud nway,
Anil I watched It whero il Iny—
Pretty little maiden tlml aliu was I
I knelt bauble tin- tlowor where it lay upon the
Tender little muldcn that sho was)
I fondly pressed it t<j my lljis us she luid dune
Darling KUle maiden that she wunt
And then, turning suddenly,
At the comer I could see
tier slyly watching me—
CuuiibiK Uttl-.' uiatdui thnt she wosl
—Cleveland Leader.
O. (J. RtOHAItDSON ec Co.
Dear Sirs,—I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT in iny tdnhlu for uver a
year und consider it tho very best for
horso flesh 1 can gnt and atrougly recommend it. GEO. HOUGH.
Livery Stables, Quebec.
Vastly IHITerenl.
An will bo seen, it mitkos a great differ'
ence how one uses tho muscular resources
Ht one's command.
A mom her of nn athletic club, after
swimming tlio length of tho large tank
hi the basement of tho Institution, came
out pulling and blowing, apparently ox
ha usted.
"You don't maimgo your breathing
right," said tho swimming Instructor
"It ought not to tiro ynu so,t As to the
upper part of your body, Including your
arms, you uso exootly tho same muscles.
und In very much thu samo way. In swim
mlngnsln sawing wood,"
"No, slrl" gasped the swimmer. "When
tt comes to sawtug wood, I use tho inns
olos of soiuu other man."—Youth's Com
So rapidly docs lung irritation spread
und deepen, that often in a few we< ks n
dimple cough cutiiiiii'ts in tubercular
I'liilniimi'tioij.     Gl\e   heed   10  a    COUgh,
tlinro isalwavs danger in delay, get »
bottle of iihI;1l'.~ Antl-Consuraptlti
Hyrup, and cure younelf, It Is a mtdi-
cine iiii-un iiM-i'd for nil throat and 11111-*
troubles. It Is compounded from loventl
herbs, each one of which stands at the
head uf the list ns exerting a wonderful
iullueuce In curing consumption and all
lung discuses.
"Don't yon have some uneasiness ns
to the result of this operation, doctorI'
anxiously inquired thu patient.
"Not a bit," cheerfully answered the
surgeon, arranging his instruments so
they would he handy when needed "My
dear sir, at least lfipercentof the operations of this nature are entirely successful. ''
Burrows, Stewart & Milne. Limited,
Hamilton, Cnnndn, have issued n circular to the stove dealers stating thn thc
fire which occurred tn their factory Inst
week will not Interfere with Btove business or repairs. The part ot tho building
burned was the mounting shop, whioh
will he rebuilt inside of two waeks
Fortunately the large oonoera's stock
of stoves, furnaces, and sualos, which is
very heavy at this time of the year,
escaped tire, owing to their very large
Ilia Outfit.
"I wnnt my suowshoes, my chest
protector, my fur overcoat and an oil
"Why, whero on earth are you going?"
"To the spring picnic!"— Atlanta
ULCERKURE Heals All Old or fresh Wounds.
A Smlile 11   '>*ii,--.
"You used to go to school wlthCoppeil
tho new millionaire, didn't vou?"
"I did. Foot is, I gavo him bis first
start in lifo."
"With ft bent pin."—Cleveland Ph.in
Iteverso Htlt-ei,
"So thoy finally from .loanson out of
thu company, did the*.;'"
"Yea And I never «i\v abutter man
In all mv Utt_l	
Minnrd'a l.lnimentCurca DnudrufT.
*n *■„•* et\ *i> *i-* ♦«.> •/j*iwiwjwiwiwiw[wi*f^i»'*,i?*!> *;*iwr*?^i»«*v #i> *.*
FIRST in 1851.   ->r    FOREMOST in 1899
for the Least. Money.
ViC^I*^!'*^!'--^*'** •/j'T^i-fVI'*- */j> •'iWiV^v'Vlwt-wIwIt, .-,>» nwIwIwI-«^I;i%IC"5a*?f[?
VM. 4t-Mfrn,4>t
tie*/ *^nA/ /ife-ny
LKST you   POnotSTt—Writs for Prloea
on Dream Si'imrntiii-s. Un^.lin.: Bnglntt, Tre.ul
Powers, ano everything luted in ibe ChesH
Factory, Ui'i'aiii.'rv'i.r l»,ilr\. If v .11 have ten
cows.onu of ear It.oi.t Si'iia'r.-itors WILL BAVfi
Ita c-Mt tlio first ji-ar.
/f Ct atLitit/yfcJU.
LUCAS, STEELE & gP.liML   a,,i-\,~...
Impart... .fa,o..rlM     }':«;|",.-gffi
Willi IIS. II I •      US.* U.Splce
WANTED   Man inilM
V « li
irllinl, ■-un |.l.- .111.1 nl,
111-   <'
lt. 111!.
1 iral ~
lid; w
waakllw.ln.lar.lbi »•
■.   f\
O. San
■■■ ■ • .ii
Toh uncle, he done put on bia Bn 'o n
. lothes,
An  be ni'.t'  not ilown  foil  lo take a
1 fast
De people on ilu corner, di y ]•=' laugh
"De |niliCL-?.ilon la .lone gone ; LSI
l'ur wa'n'l no mahchln nor na ra
ile band.
Par wn'n't nobo.ly In .!■■ big grand il
An my href came mighty f;<.-'.
When   I  seen rial   1   had  c< tu
(-round I.... Inte,
An de big pollri'inan tot me 'i..'  ll  « 1
no un". to v.-alt.
De puhcesalon hud done -.;.
ub. dar's lots o' folk.-*
fflien It latdtu lo litre nl me,
Thai iwful camera's eye).
Uy kiily trl-fflcd all al out
And rtootl upon I. r li.-id,
Ami I lorgol ilia nun n»
Until—"All donel" they -uiJ.
But wln-n il." plrture cann It wu
'IV .,ii,'.t.'M ibhi-f   youtM,
Tlie luti. dldn'l iiiow at ■ll—
Tin. plilure wan .1 tm
-Abbla Pirwell Brown In Utile Men tnd Women.
Whut » Bachelor say*.
A woinoti has uu nse for u mnn she
cnu't use,
Womeu seem to think a bachelor hus
no busiuess to know puytbhig abuut
Lot'H wife probably imneil arouud to
see if (lii> hired girl had let loose tlie
canary bird.
A wniuuii'f* sympathies are always
villi the nuder dog uulessthe upper
dog Is lier hot-baud.
Most girls in ut u mnn aLont thu way
they do a ribbon—whe 11 they take him
till their necks liny wlud him aniuim
their flugers.
Vim call alwny* tell bow eld a woman is by flud lug out whether sbe thinks
it man is fasciiintitig becaoso hu is
wu kul nr wickrd becnuse ho is fascinating.—New Vurk i'nr-.-
A SllnKT UOAT) to health wns opened
Kt tinis.1 suffering from rhronle coughs,
'tritium, hronohltlt, caUtrrh, lumbago,
tumors, rheumatism, exoorlntcil nlppius
or Inllamoil Imur, nud kidney mun.
plntniH. Iw the inn..ilueiiun uf ih.' In-
oxpuuslvo ■ and effpotlTO remedy, Dr.
Thomas' liulootrlo Oil.
1 Whafs ia
other nams
A rose by any
:.. QSSWfit."
Th. rf   i- -i good   d.iil  in   -■   iihiiic   If
Thai   moans .. guarantee ol PURITY
llcicrjiilirrr  in thlanuuitrj.    tm.-.-n»ed
it i- « ronllnnonj thorite.
TRY    IT.
An when dey arrives at la«t
li'j-  wishes dey  bud   hurried,  'tase j
daan't hesltati ;
Dcj' tin's ilia world"-, been movln, 'eaat
hadn'l time 10 wait.
Pa puhcesston has done gone ■
There never was, aud never will !>*, a
universal panacea, In oue remedy, fur all
Ills to which lb-fib is he-ir—the very nature
oi many curatives being suoh that wen
the germs of other uud differently seated i
diseases rooted lu the system ot the patient—what would relieve one Ul in tarn
would agKravato the other. We have,
however, In Quinine Wine, when obtainable In & sound, unadulterated state, a
remedy for many and grievous ills. By its
gradual and judicious nse tbe frailest systems urn led into convalescence and
strength bv the influence which y-iinine
exerts 011 Nature's own restoratives, li
relieves the drooping spirit*, of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and taok of interest in life is » disease) and, by tranqttilizlng tiie nerves,
disposes to sound and refr-'-ihirg sleep—
imparts vigor to the action of the blood,
which, being stimulated, courses through- .
out lhe VelUS. BtrengthenlKK the   healthy
■wiiiiuii (unctions of the Byitem, thereby
iimkiiiK activity o necessary result,
itrengtnening the frame, and giving lifo
to tho digestive organs, which naturally
iieiiiiimi increased substance—result, lin-
prov'-il appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of
Toronto, have glvoti to  the   public their !
superior Quinine Wine at tbe nsual _\to,
ind, gauged hy the opinion of  scientut!-,
this wine approaobei nearest perfection ■
of any ln thu market.     All druggists sell
is the kind that housekeepers who want only the
best always buy. Packed
in pound and two-pound
tin cans, it come3 into
the home with all its natural aroma and strength.
Protected by our Seal,
the consumer knows that
its purity and strength
have been untampered
with. Yout grocer sells
this kind, but be sure our
seal and name is on the
can you buy.
*~'-L •k,^i»-   I,,,.,, ti,«tnone) for nny good*
ri'liirm-.l u.diijiireil. Till* 1* tb*- Iii. nil policy
on wblcb me an building u;. tl.-- mad order
bus b'I We in i*t plaais yon 1 failinif •. pUai
we ful In k.-i'jt vnn una einttuiiii-r ■unl we liatrd
w.i.[.. 1 1.ni money in iidviTtliiinr. u»r Cau-
- It ! I)rv'ti<,oil«io(a 1 kiinl- Clotb-
ItlfXtorllc i.'.dU.,in-n,01o\ei«:i illbi-li-rt,
11.11... .   1 Hlioaa, liuia .-..,■! t iiiiH, Dnut.,
Hooka,  ll.ii-.lv..-11-c,'  hi 11 it ,i:..i Olii-iunr,
(Iroecrlca ind I'i.-v ki..m-. Corpotn mid
Hin-- I iii-iii.Iiliiu*. I in iiiiin.-. Wall
I'.i'n-iH .nl Pictures, IntnloKiie nod
glltuptOH li-.-e ll von write
THE      P
ml c
ro It ONTO
Tin- Canada An-ldioit Aaaitr, Cti'y, s clear
nn.l reliable |k>IIcj giving 1 .ilemniiy Ut total
ur partial uuablemunt wlthoat extra ooarge.
Tin-   American   gnrely   ( n'y, lhe   1.tk- ***
guarantee oatnfutny in Lhe world,
"W.   T.   KIRBY,
84 5 Main 8b,     -      -      WJunlneg.
IiniTAHNIA,  HKAVKIt  anil   mil.vui
'iiiekiil.    I'nl
11 ]> liy
en 1 li--,-.--.   Win-.mi-,' Harrows, Windmill.-.,
Ao, < <>< KNiiiiT PLOW t'tt., Winnipeg.
M.iih tor dtwiaieb ars oluaetl as fu'lowj'.
porTS^jiu,SSl'. ■■«■. M«Htal
. Mi*
si ua in.,Baiiir;la)s.
i :...'m -i, in.. Mvmlays,
i., ,.'->'i Yu Vn- Mi'-i-i l'itt iim. I".. M'linliivs
■""  ' "u i:  i. i;i;\Tiu:. i: m.
i'.,si..iii.e;ii Craabr-ittk. H.''.. -luna*, im.
I.O.O.F.   hey City Lodge
Nn.  I.'.     .Meet*, every I'll-
ilnj' niuiit ai llielr linn on
linker strai't.   Sojournlug
ttdd I'fllowHcordiallylnvtl«l.
It. K. lioatUe,    ]*'■ I-- simpsti
X. 0.
K, c. Itnuklu
}      LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up Aboul lhe City  by  Aaklnjf
Questions of Many  People.
R, ]•„ Beattie visited Moyie Sunday
O, ii OUnin was n visitor Monday atul
. Uitcl
few .In
S , expects liis family 111 a
Alex Watson hns gone lo the Nortli
Star mine.
j. N. McCracken, of Moyie, was in
town Monday.
Hazelwood Butler lit tlie Fort Steele
Mercantile company.
John   Mir.iliy  i.s 111 Moyie, anil   will
probably hente there.
Por sale cheap—a bicycle in «ooil repair.   S W. Mitchell.
II. L'liiniiiiii*-, ol Fori Sleele, wns .a
Cranbrook vlritor Sunday,
Charles Ustuierc, of Kimberley, was a
Craubrook visitor Monday.
Father Coccola has returned from liis
trip to Vancouver and Rossland.
W. F. Tate's family have arrived, and
Mr. Tate Is correspondingly hnppy.
The license commission will meet in
Craubrook on the t.)th nf this month.
H. 0. Gordon, of the Lakeside holel
in Winder mere, visited friends in town
this week.
Come and let ns muke a deal—a round
quarter for a square meal. At Mitchell's
Fred Frith lelt Friday evening for
Moyie to lake charge of his lintel, lhe
1/ike Shore,
Fred Pieper, Matt Rockendorf, Archie
Currie mid F. ti, Simpson visited Kimberley Suuday.
llnxelvvood Butter at the Foil Steele
Mercantile company.
Last Monday was labor day, and coti-
trarv to the rule, tnosl everyone in Cranhrook labored all day.
('.. C, Graves, ol New Vork, is in town.
He Iras come lo Cranbiook for a shoot-
Ing irip ami prospecting tour.
Mr. Uyre and wife have closed theit
bakery ami taken Iheir old place at llie
Cranbrook Lumber company's mill.
John Hutchison returned from liis out-
inn at Moyie lake Monday. A. W. McVittie, Ida partner, te taking his week off
Wi F. Gurd, the solicitor, has moved
liis office to the townsite building, and
is fitting np a room ill comfortable
George R. Le;tsk is now engaged tn
building a store for Mr. McGregor, and
nuother for McCracken & McDonald in
Por sale—'Columbia grnphophone complete .mil in perfect order, with seventy
records, price $25, Apply drawer oue,
Fort Steele.
Moyie has an express oflice now, and
the board of trade is circulating a petition lo urge the C. F. R. to build a station without delay.
Hazelwood Butter at the Fort Sleele
Mercantile company.
Fred Roo, who is in charge of the
Crows Nest Trading company nt l'hil-
Hps, is also in tin* hotel business, ami is
doing a good business.
Fred Hazen wns taken to tlie hospital
lust Friday ill with the fever. He is
gelling along as nicely as could he expected under tlle circutiis'ittices,
George Uoggaith's new hotel at Elko
is now ready for the painters uud paper
hangers. Fred Pieper bus the contract,
mid (hat menus (hat it nil! he well done.
Mr. Chad wick 1 proprietor of the new
hotel at Marysville, is enjoying a nice
trnde. The number of people passing
tbat point seems to he on the increase.
Fred Smyth, editor of the Moyie
Leader, ami the man who lias done more
for his town than any one mnn in it, wns
it Craubrook visitor Monday, He
brought his laugh with him.
Mrs. M. Mclnnes left Tuesday morn-
lug lm her uld home iu Ontario, taking
the children with her. They will be
gone several months. M. Mclnnes nc-
COUipanied Iheiu us fnr as Macleod.
Government Agent Armstrong has
posted notices to ihe effect thnt a court
of revision will he held on the 6th of
November I'm lhe purpose of hearing objections to the retention of any name on
the voters' list,
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
have greatly increased their wart-room
capacity, ami yet everything is filled,
and more goods are being shipped in.
jack Fink, the local mannger, 1ms bis
hands full just now.
Don't forget the concert to be given in
Miner's ball on the 15th hy tbe Ladies'
Aid society of the Methodist church.
Tickets 50 cents, proceeds to be devoted
to the inside furnishings of lhe new
church which is shortly to be erected.
Scotl Morrell, well known in South
Kast Kootenny, and for some time engaged in the clothing businera In Moyie,
suddenly disappeared last week, leaving
n few mourning ftlendfl to the extent of
several dollars.   Scotl Is an ex-titiple of
n smart mnn going to Indes on short
Thc Moyte Leader, speaking of L. M,
Mansfield's removal to Cranbrook, says;
Mr. Mansfield, hy his kind ntul  oflublfl
liter and his courteous treatment of
those wilh whom he bad dealiugs, uisde
bim a netiernl favorite, nml bis removal
tins occasioned many bitter feelings of
Gregg Sl McMillan is tbe name of
a new firm that has just opened up a
new stock of goods in Kimberley. The
members are young men full of push
and energy, and each one enjoys the reputation of dealing with his fellow mnn
on the square. Tbey will do a good business in that prosperous town.
A letter from H. T Hrown, formerly n
partner of The He aid edi or, announces
tint he is 011 his way to New Vork cily
on a matter of business. He will visit
New York, Washington, Iloston, Chi
cigo, Omaha, Sail Lake city and Denver
before he returns. It is an elej-nut trip
and uo one deserves llie ei joyment of it
belter thnn Horace Biown.
J. M. Hedley, accountant at the Canadian Bank of Commerce, left Tuesday
evening for Ids annual vacation of four
weeks, lie went to .Seism for a brief
visit with his brother, and will then ie-
turn by way of Ciaiibrook for Toronto.
Mr, Hedley Ins confined himself closely
to business the last year, and will he
able 10 thoroughly enj >y his vacation.
In addition Ln tiie handsome souvenir
premium list which is betrg prepared
for (he Spokane industiinl  exposition,
the management will nlso issue a daily
programme It will be on a scale more
elahoiate than ou veins previous. In
this daily publication there will beglvcil
ull the news of the exposition. Each issue will be illustrated each day with a
finely executed engraving of audi objects of interest as the falls at Spokane,
court house, view of the ei position and
so on. ll is intended to have this work
of such n line quality lhat tbe visitors lo
tbe fair wili wish to collect a copy of
each issue for preservation.
mm ****,**** a**y+***.*a*+*a **
5- "0
*" m   '--
ec E a
I ra
The Black Bear Mining Company, Ltd.
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares of 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares of Which Will Be Held as Treasury Shares for Working Capital
Waller McAllister, Knrdly, Que; \V F
Prevost, Foit Steele; (Jeo Lyon, PJ Red*
diuglou Arnprioi; John Plzzell, M Williams, London, Ont; fins Beakcn, Creston; W K Gregg, I> McDonald, Air
Shaw, Kimberley; C Slruce, Sirdar; R ti
Burns, Theo Lucas, Montreal; James
Smythe, Chaplesti; M Breunan, A McCormack, Sheenboro, Que; R A Groves
midwife, Minnie Wright, Winnipeg: E
A Barrlck, R Nash. Moyie; \V J Carr,
Toronto; K Bath, St John, N B; T Tuttle, 1), Speers, Fernie; A Lesser. Webb-
wood; Carl Webber, Great Falls, Mont;
Miss Rntison, Vancouver; Peter Lund,
St Marys; J M Gftlsspic and wife, Like*
side, Neb; Prof B M Moiiius and wife,
Los Angeles, Cul; G W Roe, Livingston;
P Grogau, Egan vi lie; F F Eddy, Pincher
Creek; I) Coutts, Stratford; G Lennox,
P Mosey, Jaffray.
Alex Addar. C Peterson, J S Taylor, II
Scott, W O'Brien, J Thompson, Russell
Evans, Elko; J W Gordon, Chas Estmere, J Kearney, J F Shaw, Dan Mc-
Donald, Kimberley; James Park, F J
Smyth, T Farrell, Moyie; Alex Robin*
son, Vicloua; A S Clifford, A F Annls,
F L Fry, Bonders Ferry, Idaho; Peter
Rosendnle, Wasa; High Gordon, Winder-
mete; W H Seyles, Cascade City; Sam
Sandaux, hull River; E Richardson,
Winnipeg; Geo C Stamord, Hamilton;
A W Law, W M Milne, Toronto; Thos
Hume, Minneapolis; A B Grace nud
wife, H \V Barnes, Marsh Shilling, H II
McVittie, M Durick, Rev. Procurer, J
\V Arthur, Dr Corsan, C li Arthur, II L
Cummins, M Martin, Fort Sleele; Rev
Irwin, Rossland.
R Bullock, J Reid, P Mon is, I) McDonald, Mrs Smith, a McDougail, Fernie; Geo P Player, W T Peverell, Fort
Steele; Thos G Wnuless, F A McIIugh,
Jas Er.right, Calgary; R C Charles, W J
(.minlin, Nelsou; ti Richardson, J Louus-
dale Dctipe, Winnipeg; Geo Milne, Mrs
Nelson and family, Macleod; Colin C
Brown, Rossland; W L McDonald, W
Williams, Joseph Lurotinde, Mra Jacobs,
Mrs Phillips. Montreal; A C Dobe, Orange, N J; IV L Thomas, Spokane; E
Home, Oak Lake; W J Wines, Kimberley; J D Gould, Nortli Bay, Out; M Mc-
Fnddeii, Cowley; 8 Berry Yuill, Trail;
J T Burgess, Wardner; H Wnters, Will-
nipeg; Michael Phillips, Tobacco Plains.
East Kootenay.
Allan McLaren, Spokane; Thos Anderson, J Main, D Ramsey, Nelsou; J I)
Hamilton, Winnipeg: S Hartley, Fort
William: R J McDonald, Nelson; John
Barry, A McijuilHn, Brandon; Theo
Lucas, Montreal; WJ Grant, North Star
mine; John Aniler->on, London; Thos
Lindley, M Louis, P L Buckley. Calgary; II O'Hagan, J R Palmer, Mncleod;
M J Martin, Toronto; R P Dillon, Moyie;
S Phoenix, Hamilton; L Stevens, Lethbridge; J McCarthy, C F Presnnil, Winnipeg; R V, Condon, Brandon.
Take iiollcii that 11 sp  mi mooting at the
lliianl nr 11 ■tHK 1111111111 hunts fur .-.mill Mast
KiHilfliay w.ll lie belli at Ih • (iiiicitiiin-at IniiM-
Itiu' In tin* Um .1 nf Criiiilirnil*, mi Tliiuailiiy, the
Dili ilay of He member, A |i. IMP». at iho hour of
11 0clock 111 tn- foronoon,M01111 tin time, to
f-iliilil'-r (lm hi imvl'm n-i|>lieutiiin:
riiminiN Wi-hii-iti, tr.iiisfer or Iiotm license
finm Itnviil Intnl. Crailbroo!. In l-iliubeih-v
h..t.-I, Khnlmili-y.
II, U\ llARNltH, Inspector.
I hereby glvo m tloe thai I shall foriliwHli at*
ply tn iim CiimiiMsloaer if bamls mnl \\nrkn
for lierni'Hiinii 1.. miroliaso the rollovltlg lie*
scribed tinn>-(!ii|i|i'(i Crown land;
Comnicnotngwhera ilu* iuiii-ii |mst ims been
plinti'it almiit niie-lnilf inlte west nf the snuili
eml or .Jimmy -nith like, tltQIU-Q siiiith in
elmllil, the  wist -Hi eha'iis, llieu  mirth to
rliii'ns. Iln-iice east -III ehnbis to place m" Iii'k'ii-
lliliKi emu.|i|ilri|> im* tn-rcs,
Mai. .I nl I raiibroiik, 11. V„ Sept. -1,1809,
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Solicitor, 1:1c.
Dank oi Uominerce HIils,
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Black Tlenr... 2#c   Empire  5c
Kimbeilej* Consolidated, 5c
Kimberley, B. C
Via Craabrook
Canadian Pacific
Railway ompany
Imperial Limited
Au Unparalleled Success
Fastest ""l Best Train
Crossing the Continent.
Steamers   Leave   Port   Williams
Special Rates to the East
and Toronto Exposition
C. B. McPherson,
<i n, I'n-i-i. Agen), Wlnnlnegi
William Still,
Ass 1 aim, Titss. Agent, WIiiiiI-h-j*.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Slicppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
The only rail route without change of cars
between Nelion and Rossland and
Spokane and Rossland.
hmve fl-M n. m.   NKt.HON    Arrive 8:.tf) p, in
'•    lUim    "    IIOSSbANH     "     ll.'.'li  »
"     8.:Un. in.   SCHKANK ;..m p, 111
Train Unit li-nve-* Nelson nl fc2fi 11.111   nmkei
CloBO emilieetli'iiH al S|nikinie lm   all   1'iietlb-
Ctiiial iwlitta,
Paasoilgora' for KottlO liber nml llimmbtry
Creek eunneol at Maroui ivllli itajto ilally,
i\ U, DIXON, (1. I' ftT,AM
S|. iktinn, Wuib.
W. F. GURD, B. C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook,       :     :       llrltlah Columbia
II. W. IlKltriiniRll
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
■n" Teaming
Wood  and  Ice  For Sale
Cranbrook, lltitiuh Columbia
This company (a now litinx organized lor the purpose 0I acquiring and working Ihe BLACK BEAR AND MABEI.
Development work consists ol various shafts, on thc vein (or a distance uf of 300 feel, all showing ore. The
vein is 6 feet wide, with j feet of solid galena ore,
Samples of ore can be seen at the City Hotels and The Herald Office.      Promoters atock is now on the market at J*4
CENTS A SHARE.     For further particulars inquire of
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce:
Stationery Store
Stationery, Novelties,
Cigars, Tobaccos,
Books and Periodicals.
Criiiiliniiik sintliinrry Store, Aupiita
Lowest Rotes to Any Point in Canada or
... .United Stntes	
Opposite Cranhtook hotel.
Kootenay and Algoma (lold Mining Go.
Head Office at Cranbrook, B. C.
Capital Slock, 1,000,000 shares al par value ol SI eacb, NON' I Incorporated under the laws oi Brillah Columbia with non per-
ASESSABLB. tonal Liability.
President, A. Leitch, Sr., Esq., J. P., President Cranbrook Lumber Co,   Vice President, M. Mclnnes, Eto.., of M. Mclnnes * Co., Cranbrook.
James Ryan, Esq., Cranbrook; George Bremner, Esq., Cranbrook; J. H. King Esq., M. D., Cranbrook, J. R. Cosllcaa, Esq., Q. C, Cranbrook;
T. T. Richards, Esq., Cranbrook; F. E. Simpson, Esq.. Cranbrook; John Leask, Esq., Cranbrook;
Hugh D. Henderson, Esq., Moyie; A. J. McArthur, Eaq., Paisley, Ont.
Solicitor, J. R. Costigan, Esq., Q, C, Cranbrook, B. C. Bankers, The Canadian Bank ol Commerce, Cranbrook.
McVittie & Hutchison, Official Brokers.
John Hutchison, Sec'y.
Now develcpin j the Union Jack and the St. George claims near Cranbrook, and the Kootenay and Algoma
claims near Wanita in the Trail District.
The London 8c Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We are now selling men's straw and canvas
aaeiTl/V 1 d...
At a discount of 20 per cent, or if you want
a good felt hat we will give you a bargain.
Stores at Cranbrook, Pincher Geek and Macleod
Pioneer Hardware Store
We heve a few	
left.   Will give you a bargain in them.
The flies are here and the season
is well advanced.   We will self
Screens, Doors and Windows
..at cost.
S S Go E Miner
*•••* a a a-9-m-tt a *>*■*>»«>•><->»«>
The Empire Mining Company, Ltd.
CAPITAL $500,000, IN 2,000,000 SHARES OF 25 CENTS EACH
s   s
This company is being organized for the purpose of developing and working the EHPIRB
mineral claim, better known as the FANOUS MAJOR STEELE PROPERTY, situated ou Sand
Creek, two and one-half miles from the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
25-foot vein of chalcopyrite, assaying from 8.36 per cent
copper, 9 ounces silver, trace in gold, to 23.79 per cent
copper, 37.6 ounces silver, and $4.90 in gold.
The company has a strong treasury of 750,000 shares. Promoter's shares are now placed
on the market at 5 Cents per share
S      S
Por further information apply to
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Trustee
Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B. C.
Kimberley, B. C.
Via Cranbrook
*■+-*>* w 9*. * •* 9-9-99 9 •-* + ••••
M*>«l**»H-)««»ttH»l'>»H«»-l»ll« »M<H«H<


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