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Cranbrook Herald Aug 16, 1900

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VOLUME   '!.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gro. A. Cox, President. B. R. Waikkr, Gen. Ma»-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—'The Bank of Scotland.
*>-mm-9>*>m mm •**-• •■•(ft
ROOMS s s s s s\
I. & G. Bell's Celebrated
...For Ladies and Children...
A complete stock just to hand. Ladies' and
children's Button and Lace Shoes, Ladies'
and children's Slippers.        ******
** lev ** Reid & Co.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
-flood Stabling in Conaectloo
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has nccommodn-
tions for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
....G. BREMNER & SON....
20 per ct.
Off dt dt
Did You Hear?
Thai wc have .\6Ati another feature to our already
well-assorted stock?  We arc now sole agents for Ihe
Calgary Brewing Co.  dt   y*t   dt
for the towns of Fernie, Cranbrook, Kimberley, Fort
Steele and Moyie. We will carry a full stock of
their bottled beer, porter and ate. These goods need
no recommendation.   Used once, always used.
Wc arc also agents for the Giant Powder company,
Upton's Tea, Bennett's White Fuse and Safety
Lighters, Goldsworth Tea, Schlitc Brewing Company, Wc will continue to carry the same well assorted stock of Liquors, Men's Furnishings, Men's
Shoes and Groceries, as usual. Try some of our
German Dill and Sweet Pickles In bulk,
Write us for prices.   That is where we
shine    in attending to mail orders    J*
Remember the plate
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd.
J. P. Fink, Mgr. "I;"1 K*>l«ii)'i Rlf Mill Order Hou.r"
fl H  Miner   The Pioneer
....Special Prices on a Few Gents Wheels
Windows, Doors and Sash in all varieties.   Also Builders' Hardware, Paints, Oils and Glass.
ROOFING.   Tin and painted metal.
Eavestrough and Furnace work.    .
j    All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and ftoyie
Will Clarke Teds ot Their Trials iri
Treatment of Sick and Wounded
Soldiers, Will Says, Is Disgraceful.
The Herald job Printing
Slantlerton, July 3, 1900.—My Dear
Mutt: You muat excuse this long sileuc-,
aa it has been enforced. Aa you have
learned ere tliis, I and several other
Cranhrook boys were attached to 11
squadron, which was to go to the mouth
of the Kuti river and march overland
from there through Amatorge land to
Koomati Poort and blow up a very important railway bridge there.
Well, we sailed up all right enough,
but whon we got tbere we fuund that thc
Hoe s had got wind of this expedition
and had concentrated in large numbers
at the bridge add had prepared au ambush some 30 miles away for us; consequently we sailed back once more tp
Durban. Then we disembarked and entrained for Lower Ingelo; wc got there
Saturday morning, June 9, and Sunday
morning we ate on the much for En-
rowe, through Zululand. We arrived
there and remained one day, when we
got orders to march back again; thia we
accomplished in three days, camping the
first night at lower Tugela, the next at
Stanger, and Durban the next. This
march through Natal was a very nice
one, and as Natal ia tbe fruit country of
South Africa and the people generous,
we had a splendid time.
We arrived in Durban Friday evening
June 15, and entrained tbe next morning for Newcastle, arriving there on the
17th. The last four bights ol this trip
we were without blankets; one night it
ratned and the other nights the mercury
was be row freezing; this was entirely the
fault of our far-famed colonel, who
thought the tough men from the west
could stand ibis; of Marie, be had his
blankets and tent. As a result of tbis
unnecessary exposure abont 20 men were
left in the hospitals, oue of whom—Cot-
terill, of Nelson—has since died; Mnjor
Laurie was also left bellin 1.
We started on the march from Newcastle to join the 3d mounted brigade of
Mullet's army under Lord Dundonald.
The first night we camped at Ingogo,
at the toot of Majttba hii': the next day
1 was knocked out with rheumatism and
fever—had a temperature of 104 8; fell
oil' my horse twice that morning but
managed lo ride into Charleston; there I
got intoaspringleea transport wagon (we
had no ambulance—another oversight on
the part of our gall.nt C O.); from
Charleston we marched to Zand Spruit
for the night, passing through Volskurat
ou the way; here we joined the 3d brigade and Buller's army; our comrades
are the South African Light Horse, Thor-
neycroft's Mounted Infantry and the
Mounted Corps of the King'-) Royal Rifles. Here we left three of our members
in hospital, including Major Liurie; the
next day we marched to Parde Kop. On
the way our transport had to halt to let
the main transport pass; I counted 49
wagons with 4 yoke ot oxen on -.ach
From Parde Kop we marched to San
ileeton. recently occupied by the Boers
—so recent! y in fact that their rear guard
were just leaving town as our advance
entered, ami three of our outpost were
shot that evening. Here the army remained iniilcr canvas for seven days. I
went into hospital, the 18th field hospital, Indian; we received splendid attention here, nnd had several visits from
I/ml Dundonald, with whom I had the
pleasure of having a conversation; he
asked me many questions concerning
British Columbia, aud you may be sure I
put in a good word for South Kast Kootenay, aud Cranbrook In particular*
Ou our way from Durban to Newcastle
wc passed many places that recalled the
beginning of the war vividly before our
minds. Pietermartzburg, Ladysmith,
Colenso, Hlandsgate, Nicholson's Nek,
Gleneve Junction and Duudee, not to
forget Newcastle. Then on the march
we passed through Lalug'a Nek and at
the base of historical Majuha hill and
lugog'a heights.
Ike Foster la In the Durban hospital
with a broken leg, but is getting along
O. K. now.
The regiment went away troth here in
company with the I. M. I. and several
infantry regiments. Yesterday word
was received that they bad beeti In au
engagement, and tbat two of out. were
shot, but there la ao confirmation yet.
Last night so new men arrived In camp;
I knew several of them, Including Corporal Paton, who used to be in Cranhrook,
When the outfit went to the front our
hospital went with them, and they
ahifted ua into the in Ian try; I muat say
tbat they are treated shamefully here,
and that if thia la a sample of the Regit
lar R A. M. C. field hospital I must aay
that it is a disgrace to the British army.
They feed yon on regular army rations
In hospital, and you have to attend to
your own dr-iMltffc-, Carry up your own
water, etc.
Well, I must say good bye now. Give
my regards to all the people, and he sure
aud write.   1 have not received a word
from Cranbrook since landing iu South
Africa. Good bye, old man. Yours
truly, W.N.Clarke,
That Is tbe Way Beth Laxurles and Necesal.
lies are Broaght to Craobrook.
The agent at Crow's Nest, a small
station np the line, appears to have gol
into trouble, says the Mrl.eod Gazette,
It appears that some little lime ago a 1
car loaded wtth silverware went over a
bridge and the agent and some other
parties are accused of mnking nwny with
some of the goods,
The Herald is glad that the Gazette
has published the above news item, as it
gives this paper an opportunity lo produce some facta that otherwise might not
be given credence by an unsuspecting
public, Tbe carload of silverware mentioned by the Gazette was consigned to
G, H. Gilpin's wholesale silverware department in Cranhrook; the fact that silverware is required to supply the needs
of Cranbrookers is confirmatory evidence
of the wealth, refinement and luxurious
tastes of our citizens, as well as the immense quantities of merchandise required to supply their needs; just as another verification of this latter fact, it
might be mentioned that the Fort Steele
Mercantaile Company has en route a
carload of toothpicks for the Cranbrook
bote); Bremner & Sons a carload of table
napkins for the Hotel Manitoba; Reid &
Co. a carload of bar napkins for the
Cosmopolitan, while George Wentworth
will bring back with him a carload of
toilet soap for use in his hotel, and Malcolm Mclnnes received yesterday a carload of sausage overcoats for use in his
Whose Works ol Art Were Placed Upon tbe
Feoce of An Uuappreclative Woman
Finds Himself "UpAtaloitIt."
A fence sign -advertiser, accompanied
hy two lightning manipulators of the
brush, appeared In Hie twilight of Monday evening anil began decorating tlle
sides of buildings ami light board fences
willi legends and free prescriptions; all
went well until the artist began the decoration of the outer walls surrounding
the gardens of a chateau occupied by
Rome ladies whu wear fine clothes generally and sometimes a jag; on this occasion the latter article is said to have
heen a portion of their wardrobe. However, they strenuously objected to the
profanation of their fences by pat. med,
ads. or other articles, and expostulated
with the chief push in pleading tones
to call off his minions; their eloquence
was stronger than that of the traveling
philanthropist who Bought to deprive
you of your parecbymatrous eutoza or
other long-tried bosom or intestinal com
panions for a small consideration; hut
their touching appeals were directed
against a stony heart, and while tbey
plead in vain the magicians of the brush
accomplished their hellish purpose, and
standing forth unhlushittgly in yellow
and red letters on a background befitting
the dark deed—a jet black—was seen
the injunction, "Chew Umpire Ruga."
The deed accomplished the villains deposited their brushes and pallettea in a I
curt secreted near by to facilitate their j
why handiest I wo-r-d-s witb these base
hirelings and vandals? Ami I will show
unto you peripatetic disciples of Raffle
some of the things that a woman of action can do when screwed up to high
C My blood boils within me! What ho,
there, Stray-Horse Gulch Juliet—Round*
steaVCornelia—Tenderloin Violet—Last-
Chance Nell—bring forth my trusty bat*
tie axe, and so surely as a red light shall
shed iis refulgent rays on the row tonight, so surely will this good right arm
avenge my wrong! You, my trusted Violet, take your good machete, and mash
it if a head or band interposeth iu this
fray as ruthlessly as though 'twere a mon*
quito paitiiking of ihe nectarine of thy
chenyred lips!'Chew Kmpire Rag'—
nit! (Smaahety-hangl) There goes yonr
Chew—no more chewing here! (Bang!]
There goes your old EM! (Crash!) There
goes your P—your EMP is out—(Slash)
goes your I, (I only wish it was your's my
balloon-built frteud) — (Bang-iinashety
smash) and theregoesyour I-R-E—your
old empire has fallen lo 1 ise no more and
I nm avenged!—avenged I—avenged!"
and the woman of action triumphantly
gazed npon her persecutors, then upou
the work of art s r.we.lin fragments o'er
a small section ol the townsite, theu turning slowly and majestically, haughtily
wended her way to her chalet, aud the
director of arts slowly and sadly wended
his way towtiwHrd ns the setting cun disappeared behind Bald hill taking much
of the sign advertiser's profits with him,
And at the same time, as though in
mockery, veiling itself with a big cloud,
hanging out a great curtain of red.
Hold All lor Canada.
Victoria advices say that the government policy regarding the granting of
The Entire Output of the Slocan Lake Country for
This Year Hore Than Doubled by Our
Three nines in One Month
The shipments from Slocan Lake points from January I to July 28, according
to a report in the Nelson Economist of recent date, were 2457 tons of ore and concentrates; this from 12 mines and five camps. The shipments from Ganbrook and
Moyie for the MONTH OF JULY were: From the St. Eugene, 2400 tons of concentrates, value, $70 per ton, and from the North Star and Sullivan, at Kimberley,
2820 tons, value (estimated) $45 per ton, giving a total shipment from two camps
and three mines of 5220 TONS for the month of July,.against 2457 tons from Slocan
points during six months, giving a total valuation of $291,900 for the month of July,
or nearly one-fourth of the output of the old Coeur d'Alene district for the same time,
with its 20 dividend paying mines.
The output of the three mines above mentioned will be at least doubled before
the end of the present year, barring, only, possible, but improbable large slumps in the
value of silver and lead.
Is not this district, surrounding Cranbrook, worthy of your investigation, Mr-
Capitalist ?    There are still many good "prospects" In it awaiting the help of capital.
But One Sajs Smelter-nan Braden Talking of tbe St. Eugene Nine.
Mining Men   Who   View   These
Mines Arc Astounded by
What They S«,
With the single exception of the Silver King In Utah, U S , the St. Eugene
is the greatest silver-lead producing
mine on this continent," said K. B
Braden, Ihe welMtuown manager of Ihe
United Stales assay office at Helena,
Molilalia, smelter man, and ore purchaser for the American Smelling and He-
fining Company, one of the largest on
earih; in this opinion Expert Gunn,
connected with tbe same company, coincided.
The St. Kugenc concentrates are ao
remarkably puie that the Guggenheim-
ers purchase them largely to use in connection with the reduction of the veiy
base, low grade ores fiom the great mine*
they owu in South America.
An opinion of this kind, coming from
such a source—especially when there are
two other mines almost as great near by
—entitles a country to the attention of
mining investors. Tnere are pcorea of
good prospects near by. with transportation convenient, awaiting the help of
capital. Tbe vicinity of shipping mines
is the place to look for more.
Aboat Two Hundred Cranhrook People ol All
Sexes aa. Ages Enjoyed Themselves
At Mojle Last Friday.
welner-wurst factory, while Tale the
jeweler has a car-load of hair-springs en
route from Switzerland.
These are only a few Hems indicative
of ihe commerce of Cranbrook; of the
coarser articles of merchandise, they
are brought in by solid train-loads.
Aa. Tbey Will (Is inn tee a White Laundry-
MR Ample Patrosaie.
The citizens of Kimberley have organized to rid themselves of the Chinamen
—-to make a clean sweep of the few now
there. They are setting an example
worthy of emulation by some larger
To accomplish their purpose thev propose to starve John out. If this fails no
doubt some other means more effective
will be determined on. Following is an
Invitation tbat aome one competent will
do well to accept. Kimberley Is a live
and progressive town, and the time when
It will commence to grow very rapidly is
near at hand.
Wanted—White Laundry—Object being to get rid of the Chinese; support of
thecitizensguaranteed; person with family preferred. Por furiher information
address Secretary Kimberley Citizen's
Committee. Kimberley, II. C.
Another Sawmill.
The pioneer lumbermen of Cranbrook,
the Leitch Brothers, will bave another
mill cutting lumber hefore the week Is
closed, if ii ts not doing ao already. It
ia located about five miles south of Cranbrook ou the railroad, and will cut from
12,000 to 15,000 feet daily, making this
company's dally output from 40,000 to
50,000 feet daily.
This mill is the original mill of the
Cranbrook Lumber Co., reconstructed
since the fire. Sidetracks have been
built to tbe mill, and every convenience
possible for facilitating work supplied.
Arch. Leitch while east recently made
a contract for 1,500,000 feet of lumber lo
be delivered within a few weeks; this
means the employment of many more
men in thc timber and at tlte mills far
a long time to come, and a general bustle An the part of nil hands.
escape and stole away in the gloaming
of theglonm
Heartsick and despondent was the lady
of the manor whett she gazed upon tbe
work of the ruthless fiends. "Oh. God! '
she cried, in accents wild; "give me
strength to avenge my wrongs, and to
remove the stain from my blackened
fence!" Iler prayer was answered; she
was immediately struck witb an idea so
forceful as to cause her lo stagger; but
she quickly pulled herself together and
flew, as It were, Into her chalet; quickly
she reappeared with soap and water and
brushes, nccompanled by her trusty
maids and nought to t(face the work of
the vandal; all of uo avail, although they
rubbed and scrubbed until their lily-
white fingers liecame rose red—hut all of
no avail—tbe work of the destroyer of
the purity of fences, like lhat of the
destroyer of characters—was ineffaceable.
'Twas now that the 4x5 sylph like form
of the chief fence decorator became con-
v ul ted with fear as he gazed upon the
gelbackntyouative attempts of the
avenging goddess and ber fairy damaella
three; now It was his turn to plead, but
it was of uo avail although hts tears
chased one another adown his bald and
furrowed face and fell to Ihe ground like
unto a Dakota hailstorm; nor did the
presence of another sylph-like form, car-
tit d around by a minion of the law help
matters—instead of provingoil on troubled waters it was like pouring gasoline
on a red hot stove,
" Avaunt, ye fiends!" she cried In tones
of righteous indignation, while a look
of withering scorn shot forth from her
twilight orbs; " you thought to Impose
upon a weak and helpless woman, but I
wilt prove to you that I am unconquered
aud uncrushed; you thought that you
bad triumphed—ye heeded not my im
pre—er--ah—supplications; ye thought
to ride over me like a Strathcona horse
over a Boer, but I will show you tbat
ye are but as jackasses seeking to devour the British lion! On your own
beads he your destruction! There was a
time when I would have (rested with you
—that time, through no act of mine haa
passed; never again shall we say, either
to the other: 'It's your treat!"—nev-er!
ne v-e r-'! n-c-v-e-r r*r*r!   llut ah-h-h!
Yukon charters Is to refuse all applies
tlons until settlement of the boundary
question, thus conserving trade for the
all-Canadian route and desisting from
the upbuilding of Canadian towns. Tbe
government is in communication with
Ottawa regarding the Canadian project
witb a view to harmonious and combined
Perry Creek Agala Holds Forth Promises of
Rich (iold Mlaes.
II. Kller was In town Mondiy; Mr.
Kller is in atl truth a pioneer prospector
In Kast Kootenay, having made the third
location In the country.
Mr. Kller and D. K Monroe arc partners in a new discovery on the divide
between Hell Roaring and Perry creeks,
and If siirfaceindicatiousgo for anything
they have a honanzi.
At the very summit of lhat divide they
have .4 feet of quartz, which from samples taken clear across the lead give an
average of $60 per ton, and also pans
free gold very generously. Four claims
are located ou thin ledge, two of them
tbe Gold Leaf and Follow Me—belonging to Mesrrs. Kller and Monroe.
At present development work consists
of only a lofoot shaft; for about half
this distance the lead was somewhat
broken, bearing the appearance |uf having heen gently uplifted at some time
and then settling bnck Into place. Thence
on, so far as known, the ledge is entirely
Tuesday morning, Mr. Kller, accompanied by Shaw Parker and a gentleman
who wished to inspect the pnperty, departed thence.
Mr. Kller reports the Sherwood property, in thnt vicinity, as looking very
well, and also that the Shakespeare
group, tieing developed hy Gus Theis
and partners, as making a splendid showing.
The mnn at the end of the pick, drill
and shovel will yet show good mines on
Perry creek.	
The Strike Sll US I loi
On the C. P K. win practically unsettled 'n-.t night, I bough a peaceful solution of the question will apparently soou
be reached.
At the time advertised two coaches,
well filled with ladies and gentlemen
went (0 Moyie for a day's outing. As
previously announced, wilh the exception of the hotels, all the leading business houses in town were closed for tbe
day, and many of their employes attended the picnic.
Although n reception of lhe visitors
and an address of welcome hid been
planned by ihe Oid Feilows of Moyie,
the excursionists scattered as soon as
tbey alighted from the train, making
frantic rushes for row-boats, fishing resorts, etc. In the afternoon, however,
many gathered at the platform bnilt oa
the bank of the lake for dancing, and to
tbe splendid music of the Moyie orchestra tripped the light fantastic until
Visited Mines aad Mill.
Many took advantage of what waa the
first oppsrlunity in their lives to see a
mine, snd through the courtesy of Manager Cronin and his affable assistants,
made a trip through the workings of the
great properties of the St. Eugene company—mines, of the kind unequalled in
British Columbia.
To many the workings of tbe concentrator was a revelation, and Supt.
King proved a cheerful guide, explaining so far as it was possible for tbe mind
untutored in the processes of ore reduction to undertiand, the manner in whu h
the ores from the mines are concentrated
and prepared for their final reduction.
All who met Mr. King realized that he Is
not only a master of his profession but a
genial gentleman as well. Under his
mmagemeut the 200 ton concentrator ia
doing mare and better work than any
other mill of the same capacity at any
mine—and this is not his aayjforheis
quite modest in that respect, and unai-
suming, Jbtit Ihe testimony of others
competent to give an opinion.
Wanted to Exc-hsofe.
One of Vhe most frequently-heard remarks from the visitors was: ' 1 with
we could Irade part of our prairie for 0
piece of this lake"—a wish that Ihe
Moyie people endorsed.
Mnny were surprised to see in Moyie a
substantial us well as a flourist ing little
town; quite a few had the idea that they
were going to a little shack or log cabin
settlement, but were very happily surprised There are many nice little homes
there, and numerous substantial hotels
and business huildings. Some day Moyie
will be incorporated, the streets graded,
and will present a very handsome appearance.
In the evening Ihere waa a ball at the
Kast Kootenay hotel, for which a few remained over, but the larger number were
tired enough when night came to return
home, hoping to enjoy another trip on
some future occasion.
Conductor Tom Cavin and crew were
in charge of the train, and proved themselves the right people for an excursion
train—courteous and efficient.
Oa a Fishing Trip.
James Fisher, William Lowe and Richard Smith, passenger engineers ftom
Medicine Hnt, were in Cnmhrook Tuesday evening, being on a fishing trip to
points In South Bast Kootenay. They
were guests of Hilly Veunhles nnd Hugh
Brock while in Cratibrnok. Mr. Fisher
Is owner of Severn) fast horses, and
may decide lo bring one or two dowu
here dining the fall meeting CRANBROOK  HERALD
. tn |d\T tin* iii'wsnf tho
. any .ih'i'ii ".your lown
il ■. HL'tiil n Lu this alike.
Fronitlm Mo/leLeader,Anj u.i
j imes Ryan, of the Cianbrook hotel
was out in Moyie Wednesday.
j J Murphy, \V. L. Reid, and V. 1 >« s-
siiulinei spent Wednesday in Craubrook
Rohert Campbell has returned Irom
thu hospital, bul in still suffering with o
sli ftknee.
Mis Charles King is in the Si Eugene hospital, having been taken there
inst Monday.
A, I. Mi Dermolt was among those of
the popular Crnnbrook boys who took In
ihe sights of Moyie yest-.-iii.iy.
] R. CoBtigan John Fhik.W. S. Keay,
0 1' Cnmpbell, W. T. Reid ami W. P.
Tute und wife of Cranbrook were among
ilu* visitors lo Crnnbrook yesterday,
Wil.iiun llouiton, one of the best-
known miners in ihe ramp, has re-
Uirnerl from the hospital, where be was
confined for some time past with rheum
at ism.
o.J. Johnson reports a rich strike on
the Aurora on tlie west side of Moyie
lake lie was stripping lhe ledge ah mt
aso feel nbove the No. i tunnel and uncovered a two ami a hall foot ledge, Mr.
[ohnsoti is quite sanguine over the outlook of bis properly aud the people of
Movie feel much elated over the favoi
hie prospects ot there being another
mine in the near vicinity- Mr. Johnson
has already token out two tons of ore
from ihe new workings.
Rend lhe Toronto World.
During the past few years tl.e Toronto
World has been building up a remarkable reputation ns a reliable nuthority on
finance, commerce, and the mining industry. Also for its reports of the livestock market.
In these departments The World employs a stall of men specially qualified
by actual personal experience to handle
the questions with which they have to
This is why people interested in these
Subjects are regular readers of the World.
Prevented a Tragedy.
Timely information given Mrs. George
Long, of New Straitsville, Ohio, saved
two lives. A frightful cough bad long
kept her awake every night. She had
tried many remedies nnd doctors but
Btendtty grew worse until urged to try
Dr. King'sNew Discovery. One bottle
wholly cured her: and sh-? writes, tbi:
marvelous medicine also cured Mr. Long
ol a severe nttnek of pneumonia. Such
cures are positive proofs of its power lo
cure all throat, chest und lung troubles.
Only 501* and $i oo, Guaranteed. Trial
bottles free at R IS, Beattie's drug stole
Dally Train on Koolcnay Valley.
Spokesman Review: There will be a
daily train service oil the Kootenay Vi
ley railroad. There will be a passenger
train each way every day. idle train
will be run over the main line to Hon*
tier's Perry, and thence over the Valley
road to the bead of Kootenay lake and
Connect with the lake steamers.
The rails nf the Canadian Pacific nnd
Spokane Fulls and Northern have been
connected und the roads nre exchanging
much business right along. There is
nothing to prevent freight now going
right through to Spokane in C, P. R,
Dull times are reported in lhe Boiiud-
ory district.
The Slocnn country is said lo be taking on n new boom,
The C. P. R. hns purchased the big
limestone quarry nl Gladstone.
I. 0.0.P. Key City Lodge
.. 1.'. Moots ovory Fr.
y nljtlit at their hull on
ikor street, Uojonrnlna
-nlbilly invited.
; W. !■'. 11 imt
PILL   ******
Physician and Surgeon.
oFi-icK-siiKKi.ocK block,
CRANBROOK,    : :   :    B. C.
G. Johnson....
\*V Assayer and
^ Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C
I camo upon it yesterday up In tho garrot
A homely object, yet to me 'lis worth Ita
weight in gold;
lis rramoa littlo net awry, Its body cracked,
ltut as 1 held ll ln my hands what m-enea
camo back to mel
Upon its surface long hro I aolvod tho problem* ilri-jul
For masters who nn- Bleeping now baneath
iho (lowers -lead:
And many a message here 1 wrote lor only
one to eft*—
The little lus. who used to sit across ihe
aUl-a from me.
I fennd Initials in tha irfcnifc by Jauk-knttt
littered there.
They itind ior writ- who was to me the fairest of the fair:
And every mark upon tha slate thnt cruel
time tiai spared
Recalls Bome leaaon which m youth thui
fairest lassie shared,
Ah. hare's the crack which long sgu was
was mado by Jerry Call
When to the Iloor my precious slate be purposely lot fail:
Wo did not speak for nonr a week his mischief caused mo i-uin,
mn when in- drew mo frum the erwk we
friends became m-ruin.
Itow ofton o'er this ancient slate with man;
a scar und nick,
1 wrestled with tho myst'rlea of the old
How proud I used to hold It up whenever 1
wan rluht,
Hut when 1 foiled how glad was 1 to keep
It out or alghtl
\\ hut vioiQrlon from my "Webster" on this
old, old slate I won;
wimi little rhymes I used to writ* whvu
other tolls were done:
How in my -*«'iit behind the. stove the muse
1 tried ti> woo,
And glibly wrote or "rosea red" nnd violets
BOft and blue!"
I seem to see those Kttlu rhymes upon Its
surface now:
I seem to catch some cherished names
breathed oft with boyish vow;
And 'round me from the misty pa-it where
recollections meet.
I hear 1 lit- merry patter of a score of youth
rui feet,
I see the stern old masters, kind for all their
stat-ly ways:
Thoy brightened though sometimes they
clouded o'er my boyhood days;
And. grateful. I would weave a wreath and
place it when- lhey lie
With folded hands to-day, beneath the gentle, starlit sky.
I lu-ar tin* merry laughter of ihe girls wf
uaed to swing
Beneath tho hoary beach that eaat Its shadow o'er tbo Hiirlng:
Hut from among thom ull therecomee from
oul tin- fur away
A sweet and lovllljr face Upon the olden aluie
The pencil of my memory brings out tvery
graceful llm*.
i'niil there at anils before my gaae a tlgur-a
half divine:
And neither sponge nor moistened hand,
wilh mischief iiii elate,
ran rub 11 single lineament from off my
treasured slulo.
Tbo spiders shall not spin again their nimy
silver thrall
Across tbo old state resting long against tin*
garret's wall*
I'll set it in tho sunshine Mite a queen in
vestments fine,
Por it whispers of a boyhood whleh to-day
seems imlf divine.
-T. C. Harbaugh, In Ohio Farmer.
Mrs, Skinner's brother James   wnn
late at dinner time. The others were
at the table when he came. Hla slater
rebuked him mildly und suid it wasn't
lier fault if the soup waa cold, lie replied with great enthusiasm thul the
Boup whs "just right," and, to prove
that he mount, It, he consumed hla entire
pontlon. Theu he leaned back and
looked Inquiringly at bis neplte\» Willie, who luul been scolded twice already
fur whistling ut thc table.
Uncle Jim winked and little Willie began to snicker.
Wlllle—1 did.
Uncle Jim—Did you?
Willie- Ves; and you ought to have
heard tid McCarthy laugh,
Uncle Jim—■ Whut-did the teacher do?
Willie Oh, sin* didn't do mueh. It
made her kind 0* mud, I guess. She
suld: "I'll declare, Willie Skinner,
you're one of the worst boys In the
school."   .
Mrs. Skinner—What's this all about?
Wtille-—Aw, it ain't much. UnoleJlm
taught me U> Speuk u plexe   that   be
used to apeak when he was a kid.
Mra. Skinner-When be whs a boy.
Uncle Jim—It's a good piece, isn't it.
Mrs. Skinner -James, it sound* awful toeall a little boy by such a name us
that,  What was It you spoke, Willie?
Willie-   Aw, it was jnst a piece.
Uncle Jim- Vou must, remember it.
It's about the captain's daughter. "We
were crowded in the cabin," und soon,
Mrs. Skinner -Yes. of course. Did
you tench 11 to Willi. ?
Uncle Jim -Yon ought to hear him,
Coon andapenk it for them. Hill.
Willie    Aw, I don't want to now.
Uncle Jim -Oo nn. I'll bet your
father wants to hear it; don', you,
Mr. Skinner (taking n sudden Inter-
nt)—Yew, off esc,  What IsH.
Uncle Jim I knew be wanted to
hear it.   Your .mother will like it, tou.
Klbel    I guess he's forgotten It.
Willie   -Aw, forget it!    I    know   It
msy.    It'n jilM:
"We wore crowded In tha cabin,
Not a soul had darod to sleep:
it was mid nlghl on the water*
And tho Blorm was on tha deep
""I'll a fi-iirfiil thing In winter
To he shattorari by tbe blast
Ami to hoar iho rattling trumpet thunder
Tut away tlte niimiv
"And as thus wo sal in nllance,
ICiu'h urn* busy with his [iniyer.
'Wo are lost!' the captain shouted,
As ho staggered down tin* stair.
"But his littlo daughter Jollied him,
As she took his Icy mitt,
'Ain't you afraid?' the captain cried
And she bodly answered: 'Nil!'
"So wo—"
Mm.' Skinner-- W.'llie s'kinttei*! Stop
thnt Mils mi-nut-el Well, TKomn-s, I think
that yon.ni lenst,ought nottolnugbat
anything of thul kind, tie's had enough
without being eiieourngi'd.   (To Willie)
Did yon get up in school to-day and recite that piece?
Willie (half-frightened, but nlso em
boldened hy Undo Jim's winks)—W'y,
yes.   Ain't it nil rlghl'.'
Mrs. Skinner—WHlic Skinner, you're
gelling too old to play innocent. Vou
knew thnt wium't In the piece,
Willie—Uncle Jim said it was.
Mrs. Skinner- Well, it, sivms to mc
your Uncle Jim isnll the time trying to
net you into trouble. I should think
you'd find hlm onl nfU r awhile.
Undo Jim—Why, them's uotblug bad
in what he said, ltwas jusi u Utile variation on the old verse.
Mr. Skinner (trying to keep a straight
face)—What did your teacher say. \\ lilt*?
Willie (encouraged by his father's
mirth)— Oh, gee! She was hot under
the collar I
Mis. Xkinner—Willie Skinner, where
do vou learn buck lungungi ?
Uncle Jim   What did she do?
Willie—Aw, she just mopped me and
mnde mo go buck to my sent, an? saldi
next time she'd semi me home,
Mrs. Skinmr ll' I'd boen your teacher I'd huve whippedyo\i good,
Wllllfr* -Ho! Uii-hn! Thai just shows
all what you know. Teneherenn't whip
kids any more, Any teacher thnt whips
a kid geta flred - that's what Kd McCarthy snys*
.Mrs. Skinner—Well, Ed McCarthy
needs 11 whipping if any boy over dltl,
Mr. Skinner -It's a good thing for
you thnt you haven't got my ohl teacher, If you tried one of those funny
recltatlonsonhltn he would kavotann-ed
jour jacket
Wlillo- Huh! I'd like to see some
teaclter lick me!
Mrs. Skinner—I wish sometimes thnt
teachers could Inflict punishment. 1
know if I was a teacher I'd whip thc-se
McCarthy boys if I lost my job theiiexl
Kthel—When we're bad tn our room
the teacher sends us home,
Mrs. Skinner-That must lie tonriblc
punishment for some children,
Uncle Jim—I'll bet Dill would hate to
bo spiii homo one of these pleasant
Willie—Aw, I wouldn't care.
l'nele Jim—Would you come right
Willie—Aw-w-w! One dny wny last
summer IM McCarthy kep'on tbrowln'
puper wads so the toucher would send
liim out. *-ii_ he wanted to see a bull
game, an' 1 guess she wus on to him, for
she didn't send bim home, ut all. S!i-
put him in tbe corner nnd mnde hlm
slay after sohool. un' then ull Its lck!_
woltcd to boiler ut him when heenine
out, an' he wus so hiiul he run nflcr
Dob Ellsworth un' chugged hlm right in
the stomach an1—
Mrs. Skinner—Willie, you'd belter ont
your dinner, You can finish tlml some
other ttmo.
l'nele Jim—Who la your teacher
Willie—Aw, it's ol* Miss Sanders.
Mrs. Skinner—Willie! Don't let me
hear yon speak in thnt mnnnet'dfyotir
temchcr ngain,   Do you hear?
Willie—I guess if you hnd to go to
school to her every day you wouldn't
be mi stuck on her.
Mrs.   Skinner—Never mind    talking
back.   If you huvo anything to sny
about her. call her Miss Sanders.
UnoleJlm—-Doyoii love your teacher?
WIlllo-Aw, keep still.
Crude Jim—Why, every Jit tio boy
ought to love his teacher. Ethel loves
her teacher, don't you, Ethel?
Ethel—1 liked her the ilrst dny.
Willie—Oh, geel Vou can do nny-
Ihing you wnnl* Ut tbe. lirst day. Wc
thought Miss Sanders was a dandy
when she flrst come, but she's got so
cross now ns kids can't do a thing.
Mrs. Skinner--No wonder. Yotl boys
would spoil tho temper of a saint, It's
bad enough to take enie of one. I don't
know what I'd do If t had 20 on my
l'nele Jim—You'd do wliat Miss Sanders doe-*, You'd put up with tbem ns
long as you eould und then send them
Mrs. Skinner—Well, I'd get even with
those McCarthy buys. I'm sure Willie
would never have got 1« reading thoso
cowboy Stories if it hadn't bein for
Cnde Jim—Probably Mrs. McCarthy
thinks it was Willie that led her boys
Mrs. Skinner—Indeed! I don't see
what reason she has to think anything
like that. W'dlle behaves himself very
well when he keeps away from thoso
boys, They are always gelling bim Into
some trouble.
Mr. Skinner—I'm afraid tbey don't
have to pull at him very hard.—Chicago
Mnkliia  llatlr-.HiU  SlllOOtlier,
Tbe fuet that within the past 16years
iwo-thinls of the tirtovenuess in railroad 1 rucks* hns been done nway with
011 certain lines was discussed at a re*
ciint meeting of the Xow York Aeiulemy
of Science*, The Improvement has been
brought aboul principally through ucu
designs and methods of manufacture ol
mils. A 'traek-iudienlor" ear, traveling 20 or 30 miles un hour, fiiuiw up lln
Inequalities, tho "up* and downs," In
the rails for euch mile trnverscil. Formerly tbe "loiul UiQf|utility" |«r mile
n iinlod to six or seven foot, even
for the Is'sl roads; now it 1ms In en reduced to ouly 1^ or i-0 inches, and this
remnant ia saiil to be due In ileut-s in
lhe rails,    ll Wflfl pointed out llial llto
Improvement, which mny in* carried
farther, brings with It heavier loeomu*
tlves and ems. longer train* and higher
speed.—Youth's Companion,
Keenly   UriiM-cd.
"How time flies ns ono gets older!"
"Yes; when I wnsaclcrkoniUsnlary
the lime ilhl not |«ws Imlf so rapidly
us It does now, that 1 n min huslnoes
with notes to meet." — Indianapolis
Just Suited Iilm.
"Don't   you   think I have a very lovely
figure ?"
Bakl a pretty little maiden that I met,
Ami. remembering she was heiress to a
I said her figure BUlted me. you l»ot!
—Town Tonics.
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
,.,l ~-_/ 1 T -*l v, 1,
Wellman &. Hurel, Proprietors.
j New Building, New Furniture, and Every.
J thins first -class. Our object is to ('lease our
t     patrons.
Open Day and Night
.Best of Tabic Board
, IA first-class tuuk hns charge ol the culinary department and the
1   lodging accommodation-] arc not excelled In Cranbrook.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. Thc Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Contractor ami Builder
Al prtBcitt am tiiiililiil1' liic tien SI. liu^ne
h'-gpllnl and a number uf lwo ,„■> and other
Cranbrook, B. C.
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick nve,
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champ-on college of U. S,
Office .mil •tott*. Aiken block,
near Caiuullaii llniilc of Commerce, Cranbrook, It C
Will Attend to any work in lhe district
Promptly Attended tc.
On kiting yuur contract
until you hau seen
Uie -if I'onmto
Contractor •«« Builder
TllolO COIIttrnil'ltltlllK blllldlliu will ,lo well 10 lot
llio lluiiroon Iliu coiitmots.
Cranbruok, British Columbia
Saddle anddt
Pack Horses
....For Sale nr Renl
Armstrong nve., Opp. McComiell's Store
Livery  3
Proprietors jt jt .*
Regular   Slagc   to   Kimberley
Teams nml drivers furnished for any
polnl in lhe district.
Mdnager   t*   ^t   jt
•t.s acsiic
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced
June 10th. The "Imperial Limited" takes
you across the continent in fourdayswith-
out change. It is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience o f
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
B. J. C0YI.fi
A. II. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C.
T. P. A.
Nelson. II.C.
Arc you going lo build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to fitriiUli plnns
mnl Bpeclfictitious fur nil klmls
-ui building.
See us for Prices.
ji   .**    li. C.
Alex. H. Watson...
Hr-?, Uk- iiiiil Accident Insurance
Accountant, Notury I'nliiit nml Con**
vcyancer      ::      ::      ::      ::
Accounts .Made Up
Oflice over Healliti's Drugstore
A. W. M'VITTIE, D.L.S., P.L.S. JOHN HUTCHISON, Notary Public
McVittie & Hutchison
.,.Dealers in...
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
Mint* tad l.amlH Surveyed
Fire, Llle end Accident Insurant*:
Muney lo Loin
I. O. U. I;. Itloc-k Crunbrook, li. C.
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
tl. L. Cummins, C. E.
Fori Steele, B. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
IliuiH of Conimcroo IIUI«.
W,  II.   ItOSD. II.   W.  IIEII1.-II.MKU
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
I " Fhe Early Bird Calches the Worm " 1
C, The " Early Closing " Storekeeper
<K Should Catch Your Patronage a*.-«
%  We can "suit" you, "hoot" you, anil "outfit" %
%  you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early •%
m&m\ *t ^mm»w«¥»o
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Drefssed Lumber
Refitted Throughout
One nf the Most Comfortable
Hotels in East Kootenny.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, H. c.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        E^ort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
l The Cranbrook
I Lumber Co.
|        Saw and Planing Mills
-AM,   KINKS   OF-
I Rough and
| Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
| Shingles and
I flouldings.
1 IN  STOCK Oil MA1)1<* TO OBDEE. |
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD.
-So ine    I" nny    Th I n ku    Urn nl    l> y    n
WliIe.A-n-nku Mail.
"A runny thing nbout tliis business,"
snid n 'iiiut who runs the ole vn tor in n
bin offico building, "is the wny peoph'
will sometimes call out wlm tover Imp-
pens lo be on their minds lustwid of the
number of the Iloor nt which they wit ut
to Btop. .lust it fow moments uro n
very good looking lndy gol in the enr,
anil when wo weie nbout imlf way up
shecnlled onl stiddoulyi
" Two Imrlt tcethl'
"'Wlmtl* said l,a littlo startled.
" 'i menu flvo,' she answorod, turning
red. Thon she saw thul umdu ll worse
timu ever, and slie lunii-d red some
'"1  menu ptoaaa stop nt  tho flflh
floor,'  she  Itintmgod   t<> my   vi*rv   low
when we ivoro nearly lo tlio (np. Vou
ni*i>, bIio wns on hor wny lo tha denilst's
ni'iylie to have two baeli leoili Bimtch
od out, and l suppose the couldn't
tlilnK of niiythlna else.
"Tin* other duy u fat, fussy old ninn
rushed In wilh n hundto of papers In
his I ui iiii.   When We pit iii-ui- llie I'ourlh
iloor, ho blurted out!
"'lto'sn rnscoir
'"Very likely,' snid I and kept on going up.
"'III. thero. ho yelled. 'Why don't
you slop where 1 lohl yoilV
"'How did I know whleh iloor you
meant?' suid i. iwimt you remarked
flt-s Iho lunnntfl mi mivernl floors.'
"It turned out that ho wanted to nee
his lawyer. I dou't know whether lie
■wiih Ihlnklng nbout hlin or somebody
be was In litigation witli."-Now Orleans Times-Do m oernt.
St. Martin, Quo., May 10, 1895.
0. 0. RICHARDS & 00.
Gentlemen,—Last November my
ehild stuck it nuil in his kuoo causing
Inflammation so severe thnt I was ud-
vised to tuke him to Montreal nnd huve
the limb amputated to savo big life.
A neighbor advised us to try MINARD'S LINIMENT, which we did,
and within three duys my child was all
right, and I feel so grateful that I send
you this testimonial, that my experience
may he of benefit to others.
A ltt-(t.*i*   Itfim-il-f,
Customer—Have yuu got any of Pill-
man's popular pellets iu yet?
Drug Clerk—Ves, sir. They came this
Customer—Qood. I've beeu asking for
thorn for a week back.
Drug Clerk—Ate you sure you don't
wnnt a porous plaster?—Philadelphia
The Stini>i>l"K Pitrnilox,
"Those prosperity prices mako living
awfully high."
"Not for me. I've found out that
when things wero cheap I bought a lot
of stuff 1 didn't realty need."—Chicago
Record.        _..
Consumption's Victims
It Wns Thought Mi- l.liwl« Smith, at
Witter ford, Wns in Consnmpl Ion, lint
Hbi- Health Hns Hoon KtMtorctl—
Advice <<> Similar 8ufltare».
From tho Star, Waterford, Ont,
Throughout Canada thero aro thousands of girls who owo tho bloom of
health shown iu their chocks, (bo bright-
uess of eyo und -elasticity of step, to
Dr. Williama' Pink Pills for Pnlo People. There aro few girls in the first
yours of womanhood who do not Buffet
more nr less from unnoniiu. Wo seo
thom uvcrywhere, nml thoy aro oarilv
recognized by n sallownesB of complex*
ion, or perhaps extreme pallor, they uro
Bohjoet to hen due lies, ilizzinosH, palpitation of Ibo heart, ami feel tired nnd
worn out nn Ibe least ex vtion. To
those who miller in this manner Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills offer speedy and
certain relief, Proof of this may bo
had in our own town. Miss Llsffta
Smith, danghiorof Mr. William Smith.
is today the embodiment of heil/lti
and nativity, yet not so long ngn
her trim's feared tbnt oonanmptlon
hud fastened its fangs upon her.    A ro-
prpRi'ii»utive ot the Star reemtlv interviewed Mm, Smith ns to lhe moans employed in restore bor daughter's health,
Mrs Smith's unhesitating reply wus
tbut Dr. Williams'Pink I'ills wero on-
titled to tho credit. Mrs. Smith snid:
"My d&uiihter is uiueteou yoars of age,
Kor nomo yoars lhe hftS not been vory
strong nud wns subject tn nick hond-
uehet*. Lust Hiitum* r she wool In work
iu an cutuhllidituoHt iu Paris,   und   hnd
not I ii thoro li'in*   wben   her  health
grew mnob worse. She consulted a
ilih'lnr thore win nuid that her hlood
wus tu Hiii'h n hnd state thnt the trouble
wuh likely to develop intoeuusumplinn,
aud on hearing Hits Li/./io at onee returned home. Whin wo -taw hor wo
feared shn wns lu a decline. She
Buffered very much from hudftohQI)
was us white uh chalk,wilh dark circlc*-*-
under her oyes ami the eyes sluiiukeii.
Her uppetito wns very llckh* nml she uto
very little. Sho wns very despondent
and at times laid she did not euro
whether she lived nr not. i decided to
glvo Dr. Willinm.' I'ink Pills, wblob I
heard woro no highly recommended In
eases liko hois, u trial. Sho hnd only
taken tho pills for a oonplo of weeks
whou wo could soo au improvement.
\iv Mm time she bud used a oouplo of
boxt.i her appetite wns mueh improved,
hor hoadnobos loss frequent, and tho
■pirit of depression passed away. Fonr
boxes more fully restored hor health,
nud today shn is as well and as active
as though sho hnd never hud a day's
illnoMt. I really think Dr, Williama'
Pink Pills saved bor lifo, aud believe
they are worth thoir weight in gold to
girls suffering as sho did."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills made rich,
red hlood, sttougthon Ibe nerves, bring
the glow of health to pnlo and sallow
cheeks, and make the feeble and don-
pontii nt fuel that life is once more
worth living. Tho genuine uro sold
only in boxes, tho wrapper bearing the
full name "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pale Pooplo," May ho had from
all dealers or by mall ut BOc. a box or
six boxes fnr .-J;. Ml, by addressing tho
Dr. Williama* Medioine Co, Uroolc-
tlllo Out.
it Was
ov Alive 1-*
M-  Both
thc    Police
O til el
-.'.•tmil   tu  tl>
and ii
l' Safe
>■ Lnntled H
tt Mun.
"A hen
ex peril
m my ei
remarked the
e   added   mn
ther  id
graph ti
the i
times' gullery
in northern Mlehlgau lu **r 12 yoars ago.
It hinders on the llnwkslinw style ol
■lory, but It Is nevertheless true, The
safe at the street car barns, then located
ni Michigan avenue, between Wabash
avenue and Thirteenth Btroot, was hrok
open and u i ildemblu muu of mon
-stolen.   My partner nml I were detailed
on ilie caso, aud wc succeeded iu nrr
inu om* of the burglars.   The othor
1 'lied hnd lefl town, nml 1 was pul
Ills trail.    Al Iiml  linm whal  wns I	
ni the Mimieiipulls und Boulli Shore read
was iu course of const met i  nml I
eelvcil n thi dial my man, whom I In
The   KV
Trip Ki
a uh iii
nnl ci
the t Hh-ucilon force.   1
l'i und Mi.< snow Iny houv
Ai si. Ignnea I mail
of iim civil engineer I
iw min I ami nrranged
io uu lus|ioctor.   -
disgiiisi-il, 1 hoarded n
eniiHiruetlon  oiigino nud  was  take	
within ten miles of Trout Lake, whioh
was a junction po! r the new road.   I
In.) io wnth tin* remaining dlstniico, nn.l
nt Tr.mt take 1 engaged oecommodatl
ai the makeshift hoarding house, wli
wasa plao shanty uhout 40 feet long i
IR feet wide.   Ii was u mlsornlile, hi
vliing place, built of culled lumber nnd
l'i..vid.d with narrow bunks,  aud tho
run* was ii combination calculated to develop nil lhe ugly traits in n man's nnture.    Porhnpi It wuh tho 'glohhy' I'm
I'uik, stale brown sngnr and vile black
coffoo thnt made tho workmen ill tempered.   Anyway, I never met n more soar
vlsoged lot in nil my life, and 1 anticipated trouble from the start.
"Though I did not believe iny man,
whom I soon recognixed, was sure of my
Identity, I knew I was regarded with
suspicion. My work us uu Inspector wns,
to use u Blnng phrase, very 'conrse/ und
I soon fell into disfavor. Tho suspicion
of the men grew iiml with them the vigilance of the burglar I wauted. I soon
learned that every mun in the camp wns
liis friend. They knew Unit ho wns a
lawbreaker, hut he had established himself as a favorite, und they determined
to protect him, I tried several strategic
moves without avail. Of course, I had
my revolver and handcuffs nnd thc law
behind mc, but the law In that wild, bc-
cludcd spot wus nbout ns effectual ns n
toy pistol against a fort fully equipped
with toy cannon. I wus miles from
memis of com muu ten tion, und I concluded that I must make n hold stand for it
or abandon tho criminal,
"I Innl secured a bunk directly ncross
from his so tbnt I conld intercept nny attempt to escape by night, und during (he
dny I lived up to my role of Inspector
so fm* ns his work wns i eerued, During  those  days  nud   nights  of  suspense
how I prnyod that tho civil engineer
might come down nnd help me out of my
dilemma. It seems, however, thnt he
was engaged nt some other section nf the
line, nnd the time of his coming wns indefinite. For three nights I Iny awake
wntchlng every movement of my frieml
in the opposite hunk and trying to plan
some menus nf getting nwny with liim
peaceably. Finally, one morning just ns
the gray of tho dawn was beginning to
peep through the windows nn.l the camp
seemed to ho iu its proton it dost sleep,
Mr, Burglar drowsily dropped un nnn
iiver llio Fide of the board. His other
aim was also in view and entirely free
rrom Hie blankets,
"'I'll take liim mnv or never, nnd It'll
lie dead or olive  for both  of us,'  1
thought. The thought cave speed to iny
notions. 1 wns already dressed, ns 1
had slept with my clothes on throughout my stay in the camp, nud to get
noiselessly to his side ami slip the handcuffs mi his exposed wrists wns but the
work of n moment.   Of course, he was
bo twnke.   lie sat bolt upright In the
lied, staring ns though disturbed by n
troubled dream. 1 clapped one hnud over
his mouth lo still.* nn outcry, und wilh
■ lie other I pressed the iimr-zli
v.ilver against his fun bend.
I'll blow your brains
end  nf  Us  belli,  hut
the chances. Now,
gol up quietly nnd c
noil to stand trial.
arouse the camp nud
■■ Til come/ he as,
"The fellow, llkom
1   whispered,   'and
It !
■ be th*
are you Willing
tue with tuo to 1
H- are you going to
get shot.'
-, wns already dress
in preparation for emergencies, und 1
■ceded in getting him up nn.l out of
house without awn ken! ns the chorus
■norers,    Willi revolver In hand,  I
.bed my pri r out Into the road. 1
oVCll one of the cuds and ultat bed il
ul I, 'we
nn'l run,' Ii
i-i Imps lllll
, pointing
c grumbled.
i will b.lp you,' I
i revolver nt him.
him to sit ike n  p
it  did  |'
B I lope.
"tacked together, I with my ri
ready in mv light hand, we mu*
presented n peculiar sight thnt coh
mm iilm,' ns wi* hurried over the
shrouded country. Well, I ffm
follow tlm longest nn.l lini-dcBl run he
cur had In  bis  life.    Then,   when  I
Ilium:!!! we woro iftfO from pursuit, 1
will...) bim. ll wns IS miles to ihu Sou,
uml we wore n tired looking pair when
we gn\ tbeie,   I never learned bow Iho
neiis of ibe fltchl of ihe Imrfllnr uud (ho
doled I ro affected that I some, oul of
the wny construction camp. Was he
con .let-nil Koi hut ho is No, - hi
JnckBon today for another crime. 1
hnve never hi id milch ttUOUt it because
I was dlsnppolnled Unit he was not convicted on thnt charge, as he ought to
hnve been. Ile escnpctl through u technicality nnd then had ih. ve to threaten ino with prosecution for abduction."—
Detroit Pico Prets.
Qulnn—Ho hns more nerve than any
mnn I ever met.
Do Panto— In whnt wny?
Qilhm — Why, ho went ovor to his
neighbor's to borrow; snid he wanted to
Bhool a mt.
Dc route—Whero does any nerve come
Qil'nn—It wus his neighbor's cat ho
 «»rni t„ shoot.—-Exchange.
Do Not
Pay Cash-*
A very largo saving can bo mado.  Wo can
furnish tho oisot amount (or toy payment.
Writo for partloutars and price.
When, a yen- aifo, the members of
tho Western Ganrula Press Aasoala-*
tikui returned from a trip to the I'a-
•■Ule coast, it w:is agreed on all lunula,
and Justly bo, tint that -__vurs__.il
had been one of the moit BUccesoful
ever hold .in tho history ut proas as-
bu'latkms. it waa felt also, that no
matter wh;it excursdonB tbe Western Qauadn Press Association might
hold in tho futuro. It would bo next
u» !mj«>asiblo to quite equpj tho magnificent ricoojs ot the Pacific coast
excursion ul 1800. Tbut wns the
Opinion of all at the time. Ami
While no ono would wish to dissent
from -ho univcr.-iil opinion of the mem-
bens of tho excur.-ii'ii party of last
yonr, still, now limit the second mi-
uuoJ excursion of the A-soolatlon has
been heM, It must in* conceded on ail
efclaa that, the pronounood and splon-
i;i.| miecuM of iho excursion or 1000
Inu otttshona oven Un- thoroughly enjoyable and tiltogothoc -aiKoouful
trip of   IBOO.
It ma ii imppy suggestion, Indeed.
that lod iho Association at Its laat
BiintuU mooting !<■ select on eastern
trip for the socoud annual excursion.
The Intlneniry   WTIS to nil rospocta nu
bloat one, it included a \Mt to
many of tho loading cltlos of tlie
United BitatQ- as well as tho ohlol
elites <»r l-Uiwtorn Onnoda. Hut no
Irtlninrary. no mattor how . complete
ami p-t-rfevt Iih nrrungoiuoiit, no
matter what potntfi or interest that
tt oiuOit-IU'Odi lUld there woro many;
im Itinerary could hnvo mado tho
excursion tho -splendid success tbut
It wm without tlio series of receptions
ami ovatlon-i thut met tlio party all
along tlio lino. To say that the
exflurskmlstti wore woll received and
tord'tnlly wfdepmed at ovory point
visile 1, Is not at all snfflclout to ox-
pre.ss tlm Jftual facts. Thoy woro
mot with open arms everywhere ontt
entortaiuod hi surc-ft a royal manner
us to mn Ice it impossible to Iiml words
to g4vo ailoipmte ox|>r-o..don to one's
toolings, lt Boomed, hi many cases,
(11*1 thougli tbo pooplo of tho cast,
and iMirtlculnrly tlio prossmon of
the oast—many of whom bad visited
tho west, iu a similar capacity as
tho members of our excursion purty
woro visiting thom—foit tlmt tbey
had a debt to pay to tho westerners, uud right nobly did thoy discharge
thoir obligation witb tenfold interest,
Tho excursion purty numbered
betwcii 75 and Sll peoplo, and was
In all respects thoroughly representative of Western Cajiadian journal Ism.
Owing to ctroumstanooa which nr-
ow in connection with the excursion
commiittee'B negotiations with tho
railway companies, it was found no-
PCKHtry to Oliooso St. Paul, Minn,, as
tho place of rondo/.vous. Hero on
tho morning of May 20th, the oxcur-
kIo]lists mat, A majority of thom
camo ovor the Great Northern railway from Nerho, which point was
rn'i.'hod via tho 0. P. It., and the Association Ik undor a deep obligation
to Mr. C. E, M-o/'plHii'son, general
passenger agent of tho 0. P. it., nnd
to Mr. P. I. W-iltnqy, general passenger agent of the Great Northern railway, together with Mr. Smith, tho
local agent of tlmt road, for trans
porting such a largo contingent of
tbo party to tho Twin I'itio-j. Another instalment reached St. Paul
via tho Northern Pacific, and to Major Swiuford, the gouoral agent of
that lino In Winnipeg, many thanks
aro due for facUltatlng the transportation arrangements over his lino.
From St. Paul to Milwaukee, nnd
thojwo to Obicago, tho pooty was
yurrlod In itw two Pullman sleeperB,
specially chartered for the occasion,
over the Northwestern line, To Mr.
T, W, Teflsdala, tho popular general
poissenger agent of this Uno, thc
axenraoi] party was nm or n heavy
oldljratioii. The run ovor this lino
was thoroughly enjoyed, and thoro
woro evidences on nil sides of careful operation ami efficient management. What added to the pleasure
of th* trip ovor the Northwestern
Ine was tho fact that, tb rough the
kludues-* Of   Mr.   Tcasdale.   Mr.   CluiS.
J. Gray, ono of the mort popular   of
the company's  travelling agents,  ac
ononlod tho party right through
to <*hl-ago.
From Dhlcagd tho route was over
Uie Grand Trunk to Detroit, and
thonco to Suspension iirldge and
Buffalo, Tho trip over the Grand
Trunk was very* pleasant Indeed, Mr.
Goo. W. Vaux, the assistant general
posscitgor agent at Qlilca'go, was
courtosy Itself, and rendared all tho
a-sshrtanoe lu his power to tho com-
The trip from BufflOlO to. Niagara
Falls and Lewlston was mado ovor
the olootrlo railway, and from Lewis*
ton to Toronto by thn over popular
old vtcauu'r. IJtilcora, of the Niagara
Navigation Co.
From Toronto tn Montreal tlio committee had arnngod that tho party
rtlDltld  (JO   all   the  way*       by   wator,
bravolling hy tho magnlflcont    now
Btoamor, Toronto, of tlie Klchtllou and
Ontario Navigation Co,    TIiIh     nr-
raiigiiMnont was enrrle.1 out ns fnr
as   PriT-n'iitt,   where,   unfortunately, It
was loornoq     tliat   tho connootlng
luvit for Montnvil bad boon dnm-
Ogod, nml the party wn.s tiikon from
that point by rail via the
Urn ml Trunk. Tbo trip down
tho Ht. Lawreneo and through
tho       Thousand       Islands       was,
h-owever,  greatly   enjoyed,  and     will
tong i.e romborod by    the members
of the party,   Tl fflcors of the To-
rorrto, nud the officials of the company did I'ver.v thing ] toad bin to
make Hie  trip a    pleasant ono.
Fr-pm Mmrt real to Qnoboo ond return, through tlio kln.inc-is of tlie
mllit-tor <>f railways ami canals, tho
fix-onrslontsln wore tratisportod over
tlio lutorcolonlal railway. This was
a i-oncosslon whioh was vory mnob
fcpliri-Viatod. Mr. 11. A. Prion, the
supurliitomtent of   tiho    company   at
Montnvil, escortod tho . excursion
party to Quoboo, and til. prosencoand
att-oaitlim n.i.ic.1 In no small degree
t<t tho pleasure of thli portion of
tho trip. Iu this connection a de-
ItOAtO littlo compliment paid to tho
Ajpocfrttlon was tlio preparation, undor Mr. Prices' direction, of a eou-
voulr menu card for tho dlnnor on
tho return trip from Quebec, a copy
of wl-Udi was presented to overy
member of the party.
From Montreal to Ottawa and
from Ottawa to Winnipeg, tho ox-
cun*K.lonlst« were tiinnn[iortod over
thio CVuutdJnn Pacific mil wny
in two sleeping cars, wbloh
Imd boon chartered for tho occasion. In tho Journey from Ottawa
to 'Winnipeg, which was made without any i-jtop-ovor, tho excursion
oars woro attached to tho Imperial
Limited train, and tlm party waa
glvoil nn Idea of thn nature of the
timo mado and of tho equipment of
thli trniux-ontlnental if I.ver. It Is
noodles-j to any that tbo run was
pr oho mine i itly witlsfaotory in ovory way, ami that the party was
lOtldod In Winnipeg promptly on
((•h-edulo time.
At a mooting of tho AsBoolntlon
ho.tl on U.-ard tlio train on our home
ward   trip  lie   fO-kDWlna   l-et-olutinilH
wore uoanlmoUB.-y carried and thu|
secretary wns lust rooted to for-'
ward copies "f the suae \o the pir-
tlea latereste -:
Thai our tnanka i. tendered to the Min-
n-£uota Prvoa nasaolatioa, ih« Commercial
club of St. Paul, antl the Board ul Trad of
ii.hi.tai>.its, ?■ i ': - eourtesb - » stended
to us during our visit to th.* Tw io Cltits,
ai.d Uiut Bpeclal muitlun b*.* made nt tlie
i-1 -.'..ni attentions ot Messrs, Hull,
Fo *. — Collins, Rankin, Stlnc Meystt
Mltchil and Pcttc:.
That wa extend <jur sincere thanks to the
mayoi and council -: th city «-r Milwaukee, the Mllwaukei Typothetae, ibe freaa
tlub aud lhe .'abst Hrtwjig Co« lor Unir
klud hosj-llality to us duiii:g our visit
u. theli ti-uuiiful city, au_ tlmt tht- tx-r-
uonul klndn SS of Mr. N. L. liurilixk be
Bpectallj reccgnl_ed.
That our thanks b conv-WBd l<> repre-
sentattves ot the American Type I'.-umlry
and Barnard Bros, ,\ S| indlt-r*. „t ('IdcitRo,
ui;-i particularly t . Mr. J. 1.,. l.iv. niiu.a^er
of Iha Chall-ang-e Machine Co., thmugh
whose geni-TQUa and cqien-hearted hospitality our visit to that illy w.o-j mad.i one
oi I'lmsur.. and profit to each member of
oui i arty.
Thui tha officers «>f the Pan-American
BzujBllIon or 19U1, b** Uianki-'i fm cour-
.•t.-.iH extended t-> us tlurln-j mir way ln
Huffiilo. and lhat WS BXpr-nw our hviii-
pathy wlih an anterprise which will Ale
play in a fining mann i ttw resources ol
ih ■ nations ol this contlni ot ,and wiiich
win h.iv. tn .ff.it of blading still mora
i!*.t th.   peoplos ol ibe New
Boasball, Football, Tennis, Qolph, Orloltet,
KishiDK Taokle, Aiiiitiunitinn. and nil other
lined including light hardware, wo carry in
etocb, nud our prices ur.' very low.
We also do (jun repairing good und cheap,
Wc will tul;l* .a t.v'i *.•   * - !- nny
produce you may iwrs c<mlirooC eto, oto.
write us, giving lull deseripUoo 61 what jou
■ tbii.-iks
Tl.nl wc cn»
blii.s. of Waikwvilla, "iii., fi
lit-h In airangioif a visit I
distill-tv of lln.tm Walker t
tot thoughtful remembranci -
nt "in i arty,
f tb
Thui tin mayor and council ol Mngnra
Falls, Out., ba thaniod for the munnir In
which the) received us.     We shall reialn
a memory nol   only  <■(  the   beauty   and
tjiiii.il. ur <>t  .artii's   most   mighty  rain
aci, but of  th - kindness un.i aMi.mii
displayed  hy  Ihose   who  put   th<-mtH-lv
al .-uih personal tm-onvmlt in*.* to ri-w-lve
and welcome us,
Thut w*. express our heartfelt appreciation of thi- klndn-sa of the Canadian
Piraa aEaocintlon, the mayor umi council
of tli* city ot Toronto, and th ■ local p
of thui city, our trio frotn Niagara to
th' Qoe-sn City and our visit u> lis pro-.
ininuit building.-* and Ut p lots of hiaui;
will (vir in* remembered with feelings.,
plcasun and satlstaction, We teal tba
wi- an particularly indibtid u, ills Wor
Kill]. Mny.T Mjii-duiiiihl uud AUprmnn I,ia
lb, Messrs. willing, Cooper, Plrlo, Ijiw
and Clarke, cf ih;: Canadian Press asso-
elation, nnd to th-- management of
Toronto -Telegram,
Tlmt wv tender our sincere thanks to
Mr, J. T. Johnston, manager of the Tort into Typo Foundry Co., for kind and
generous  entertainment   iu   Torunlo.   am"
thai we express out* gratiUMi> i-> Mcssi9
B. H. White and J. II. L, l'ntters.,n foi
all lhey iliil towards making our vlnli
io Buffalo, Niagara and Toronto sophs-
eant and profitable and to Missis. Miller &. Ilk-hard, of Toronto, for th;- handsome souvenir of the visit to Buffalo
and  Niagara  Kails.
That we extend our special thanks to
Ills Honor tin* I,it un-nnnt-Qovcrnor of
Quebec, and to the Honorable Mr, Tes-
Kler, s|K'iikor of tbe U-gislallve Aaactn-
bly of Qu.ii.c ainl Madame Tivsslcr, and
particularly to Mr, U S, Dsmnrs, president of the AsH:K*iat.-d I'n-<s i,f the Province of Cju.hec, hnd Maj il* U* Vnss
for their extreme hospitality during our
stay in the nnolont cnpiial. our oxcur-
slon around Lh_ city and over tbe historic plains ot Abraham, and our delightful Ball down thr river to the beautiful Moivtmon-nev Kails and tht; ocean
Steamer llathlln Mend will remain In
memory as among the happiest bour3 of
our outing.
That wi* express our warmest appreciation of thb kimlnss und ho.-pliailiv of
the gnat city of Montreal. The reception
by his worship, Muvor I'tvfontaine and
the council, the drive up tbu mountain,
th*.' happy hour ou the summit und tho
Visit to the harbor works nnd tlu- Allan
liner Parisian, contrlbutid to give us a
dny thut ean nover bu forgotten. Words
would fail to express Hit* generous and
whole-hearted attention of the Proas Association of Quebec, and thu Individual
efforts ot Pnsident Oordonsmitb and
bl.s einnmlttt'i' cau  never be forgotten.
That wo thnnk Mayor Payment, of the
city of Ottawa; J. O. Iluth, iford, M. P.;
A. \V. puttee, M. P.; T. 0. Davis; M.
P.; nnd Mr, staffer, of the Ottawa Clll-
zen, for their kind attention during our
visit ti, the  capital.
That we tender hearty thanks to the
Department of the Interior, and especially to Mr, J. A. Smart, deputy minister,
and Mr. Frank P.dh-v, HU]K-rintendent of
immigration, for aid rendered in various ways towards the signal success of
ihe excursion and further thut we beg! to
acknowledge the kindness of the Depart-
enl In permitting Mr. W, J. While to
company our purty. His presence add-
1 merest  and     enjoy-
That we tt nder to Mr. T. W. Tc-asdals,
gi in ral i assenger agent of thc North-
wot, rn line our sine.-re thanks for irun-
sp-rt.ng' our party from St* Paul lo Milwaukee and thence to Chicago; and that
we fully appreciate the kindness and curtesy extended to us by ihe officials of
this  *,*pu!ar  llio, .with  sp.clal   reference
tc> Mr. Chas, J. bray, travelling passenger agent, wh.» escorted us over our enure trip on th- Northweetetn route. It
gives our association pleasure to tesilfy
to the efficient oi-cratlon and management of this line unl to the concessions
and kindness extended  to us.
That we tinder to thc Great Northern
railway, nnl t-.. Mr. F, I, Whitney, Us
B\ at nil j assenger agent, our cordial
ihuuks for aiding us in a v. ry generous manner In trans* m-ting a large number of our excuslonlsts from Nccho to
st. Paul, and that w. place an record
our ai-pivriutlon of the many kindnesses
extended to us by the officials of this
line especially remembering nlong with
Mr. Whitney himself, Mr. Smith, thc general agent at  Winnipeg.
That we extend to the management or
th.* Intercolonial Railway of Canada and
so  Waited   Around   Awhile  (o  Save
His Itepotation.
A nmn wns leaning ugalnBt n tree box
nn   upper  Kigbti i u li street  ul  about
11:311 the oth.r i,'■ *l.t, when llio cop on
ilu* bent camo :   i .*.   The cop stopped
and lo l.i-l ilu* n i    :i over.
"i.viiii,1,",aid tin  cop.
■*'l he same," Raid llie citisen.
"Waltlu for Boino one?" Inquired Hie
police tuna.
"Nope," replied tho citisen.
"Jusi stnndin there, h.> V" said the cop.
"Top," *.;i!ti the man who wns holding
up Ilu* live bo-:.
"l.iv.- around hore?" asked Hie ofllcer.
"Right Inside the house I'm Btandlug
in from of," said the man who was doing
the loaning,
"Far he it from mc to rubber," said
tho cop, "imt what's your graft, Louie,
""li. ni.no in particular, except bus-
tllnfe for a livinu'." ri plied tho innu. "Par
be  it   from   ma   lo   !i |   yon  eronl;   rlgllt
ihere where you stnnd from 'curiosity,
nnd so I'll tell you. My wife suid to me
before I went down town ihls evening,
'If you're not home by midnight, I'm
going to pack up und go right homo to
my mother's—so there, now.'"
"She did, hey?" snid the cop, looking
nt Ids watch.    "Well, what about it?"
"Well, I'm borne abend nf time," snid
the cltlxen. "It's only 11;30. I'm just
wailing.   Sec?"
"Oil, that's it, ia it?" snid (lie onp, mid
lie went down the street whistling "TllO
Wise tiny llnd His OhniiBt and Took II
Quick."—Washington Post.
An  AtlvrrtliM-,1.
I.m*t yenr then I    ■     RI ul la), tlio miltry Himunr
Tbit n    rati ly    ■'. tht countr*** then wti lurely
IO IV    O    I-
A licautilul ■dvertliainent wa* In n morning pa*
and wl n l raid Iti promUe-i I cut ■ hippy tsper,
1 n* the- iK-eiit, wirli u-.y wile; in lingua-p *.,„-i-i
nd i
lis told vi at !■"; handsome h*3'j-?e round
bright Bowen were growing,
The v.    !i I lib I, tlie wi lietore, the Oiblng, Mil-
ing, rowing,
The balmy   nir  raluiiriuui,   thu   breetei   gently
The,drivel,  iii* ichooli,  the ehorchei and tl.e
ncislttiorhood su ni*"***:
No Pun* and  no niusn-jitops—why,  it Kcmcd a
I had
l >
> to visit it; you'll think I was a
rordl (or truth and ligned the
I told my buiinen partner, ind he laughed
That it my wife Would stay a wet-k 'twould citi-M
I iin ■ me lurpriM,
Ilo ofTtn-d then to bet with me-1 took, I lltfayi
A lliourand .l-'ltur-i that wo would nd stay thi
* iion ''-■
Wo went   W uld j-i u bcllew tt!   All wero hapw
nm] cont^ntedj
Thc plai    and all alx ut It W-m Just ai were n |i
. ■!.
In fact, 'I:- **■
lo tlml a
Uy partner in.
Til the agent Mid "ai
ghl the place nor lo. M
nnd, though he did riSi
When I told liim 'twai mi Item 1 put t
purchOM money,
"Tho papei's say there Is nn exceed-
luffly dniigeroufl $20 eon tit erfelt bill in
eli'cnlntlon," ohBorvod the Qiinuclnl editor.
"DaiigetioiiaV" .snid the rent estate
editor. "Oh, I see—mlerohesl"—Chicago Tt'lbuno.
So rapidly (Jooh lung Irritation tipread
and (lei'i'i'.n, that often In a few weeks a
almpla cou^h oulmluntua in tubcrvular
I'on.siiiiiptluii. Give li.--.-il to it emi^li,
thi-rii te always duiker in delay, (n't «
bottlo of Sickle's Aotl-Cousumptlve
.S.vrup, nnd euro vonrfclf. It Is a imdl-
cinii unsurpassed for all llu-oat and hint*
troubles, It is com pounded from govenil
horbs, eauh ono of whieh stands at the
head of tho list aa exerting a wonderful
influence in curing consumption anil all
lung diseases.
Sard}* Uii Intentional.
The strangers were making llielr way
eslward from Michigan avenue.
"What a horrlhly dirty street!" ei-
liilmed the tall, inntrotily pcrsbnage
iill;lug iil.uiy at tiie head ot tlie proccfl-
on. "Whnt is tin* name ur It?"
"1 ashed the potleeinah jnst now," snid
ie Imy who wns trylug to carry a valise
ml two umbrellas, "and 1 understood
im to say it wns Uuhhlsh avenue."—
liu-nt,'-! Tribune.	
CO. aro tbo proprietors of Ult. THOMAS'
EOLBOTRIG OIL, which is now being
sold In ininiciw*. quaatltlQs throughout
the Dominion. It Is welcomed by the
suffering Invalid everywhere with emotions of delight, lieuausi' It banishes pain
and gives instant relief. This valuable
specillo for almost, "every Ul that tlesh Is
heir to," Is valued by the sufferer as
more precious than gold. It Is tho elixir
nf life to many a wusted frame. To the
farmer It Is Indispensable and should br
In overy houso.
Thnrr* never was, and never will l>e. a unl-
■fersiil panacea, in one remedy, f..r all ills to
whioh flesh te heir—the very nature i>f many
curatives being bucIi that were the gernu of
other and differently Boated diseosoa rooted
In tbu system nf the patient—what would
relieve* one ill in turn wonld aggravate the
other. Wo have, however, in Quinim* Win..
when ohhdnahlo in a sound, unadulterated
stato, a remedy for many ana grlovoas il.-.
By its gradual uud judicious uso thofratlcsl
systems tire t< d into convaleecenca and
stivii^ih by the Influence which Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives. It reilavt ■
die drooping spirit.-* of thoso with whom o
ehronlo Blato of morbid despondency und
luck of intercut in life te n disease, and, hs
tranquilizlna tlio nerves, disposes to sou ni I
and refreshing Bleep—Imparls rigor t*» tho
action of the blood, whioh,being stimulated,
courses throughout the vdhB, strengthening
tho healthy uiiimul functions of thc system,
Ihoreby making activity a m-cc-wiry result,
sti'i'iicMii ninn the fnunc.and giving life to
tlie alaeslivo organB, which naturally demand increased Buhstauco—result. Improved
appetite, Northrop ,v Lyman, of Toronto,
Imve given to the public llieir BUporlor Quinine Wlno ot tho Usual rale, nnd, gauged hy
tin* opinion ot scientists, tin- wine up-
proachos nearest perfection of auy in ttic
market.   All druggists tell it.
our party from Montreal to Quebec am
ri turn, thus adding very materially to
ths pleasure of our trip, nnd we desire
to acknowledge tic- kimlnc-wi-H extended
to un by nil the officials of this rall-
way, and especially to Mr. II. a. Price,
thn Superintendent nt Montreal, who escorted us to Qusbee and did everything
In his power to nxxku our visit a pica-
Bant  one.
Tliat we tinder to thc Canadian Pacific Railway Company, th.* North-.rn Pacific Railway Corn-pony, the Grand Trunk
Railway Company and th_ Hicinlieu
ami Ontario Navigation To, our hettrt-
f. it thanks for many favors ami courte-
sitj. extended to us In connection with
our excursion and we dcalre to acknow-
l.ilg' Hu uniform kindness of the various officials of thus- lines with whom
Wi   rami- m  contact.
That we tender to Mr. C, E, Mac* her-
flon, -ganeral passenger agent of thc c.
V. It, at .Winnipeg, our cordial thfinks
for muny favors granted uu in arranging our excursion und iHi-cclnlly for assistance in bringing the Western members of our party t<» Winnipeg; and Gretna nnd r. turning  tbem   to tlicir homes.
That our h.arty thanks be extended to
thi Hudson's Hay Company and Mh popular commissioner, Mr. <\ n, Ohlpman,
for muny acts ..f kindness extended toua
on om trip, Th Ihougntful remembrances
of om* comfort by the 11. li. Co., as so
kindly arranged by Mr. ti. n. Nixon, at
l.-us joints, aild-d in no small in a-
_ . B  to tli-   ptOftBUro   of  our    excursion
ami have been thoroughly appreciated.
Tbu .ur warm st than-- be 11 tended
to Mr. n. a Jenkins. Burarlntendenl   ol
?. II,  tibgrailis;  H,  P,  Imlght. i,ns-
idint and general manager of the n.s.
W. Telegraph Co,, and flol. R, a. Clow-
ry, vice | resident and general suporln-
lutriidint of lhc Western Union Tela-
graph Co., for the free Use of their lines
ni* i> i.filial ami Boclal miBsag-ps during
th.- tlm.* of our i-xcursii.n. The favor
was mueh aMir. elated by all thc mem-
bers of our party, and greatly facilitated
tna arrangements irelimlnary to the
That   wc   extend   our   heartiest   thnnks
to tna manogemont of tin* Toronto Type
Foundry Co., at Wlnplp g Toronto, and
Montreal, for special favors granted to
ub 1a many ways and espjelaUy for assistance In aiding us In ensuring the
flnancla/ success ..f the excursion and
wo desire to place oursalvei on record
an fully appreciating th hi- favors.
That we extend our Ibanko to the Calgary Brewing Co., of Calgaryi Mr, Gordon, of Ilm-hann.in & Gornon, and J. A.
Darby, of Winnipeg, nnd   Nir,   Samuel
Poote,  of  Imp il:iI   I'ourt  of Chicago, for
iheir kindly remembrances of the party, Th:lr thoughtfulness did much to
a/Id to ths comfort and pleasure of our
excursion Ista.	
Frozen Cliori'les and Cherry I'ancak-oi.
Sweeten a quart pitted cherries with the
samo measure of sugar and Iut them stand
till the juice Is drawn out. Stir them till
tho stiKai* (Its-solves, thon add a quart of water and freeze. If canned cherries are used,
take less miuar.
Stow somo cherries with a littlo water,
whlto wlno, sugar and cinnamon] cover and
let them steam soft. Strain olT tho juice
nittl put the chcrrh-H between two pancakes
and strew su^ur and cinnamnn over,
The Cnnndlaii Copyright Rill is now
Mora the hrltiMi parliament and ti in
a   fair way to be willed.
They Never Came llnek.
The farmer hnd told me that be bad
been keeping summer boarders for several years, nnd presently I nsked him
If any of them bad ever returned a second sea&ou. lie thought it over for
three or four minutes and then replied:
"1 hod never thought of that. Yes,
I believe ono did come buck the next
"And stop with you again?"
"No. I don't think ho did. I think
lie enme back to nsk us bow fnr It was
to tho next place they took la board-
erBl" __;	
and Dandelion are known tooxert a powerful Influence on tho liver and kidneys,
restoring them to healthful action, inducing a regular flow of the secretions and
Imparting to the organs complete power
to perform their functions. These valuable ingredients enter Into the composition of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, and
serve to render them the agreeable and
ulntary medicine they are, There aro few
pills so effective as thoy in their action.
Wnold Hnve Iler Own Wny.
"I wnnt some OddroBS cards printed"
she said to tiie stntluucr lu a businesslike way,
"Certainly, ma'nm."
"I want them to read 'Mrs. ami Mr.
J. Hrown.'"
"Hut. ma'am"—
"There nro no huts nbout It, sir! I
run tlie house, nud I run Hrown, nnd I
either come flrst on the cards or I dou't
want nnyl"
OIES.— Machinery not properly supervised and left to run Itself, very won
shows fault In Its worklug It Isthesnui.*
with tho digestive organ - Unrcttulated
from time to time they are likely to become torpid and throw thu whole systom
out of gear. Parmcli'it's Vegetable Pills
were mado to meet such cases. They restore to tho full tho linking faculties,
and bring Into order all parti of tbo
llo-iv nn I>1I|i<h> Mny nc Hcunrtrd,
"Tlie eclipse of iho moon last liight,"
remarked the Oldvlllt? Weekly Bugla in
its    column    entitled    "Local    Shorts,"
"passed ull quietly."—Chicago Tribune,
Time ttt Start,
"I see thnt ninkley hns started on tils
usual sprint: outing trip."
"Yes,   bis   Christ inns   creditors   were
gelling  Importunate,"—Cleveland   Plain
$100  REWARD,   $100.
Therender-i.if ibis paper will be ph-nsc-d to
ii'iirn iimt th.T.* i-t nt ii'.tit on.- dreaded (linen*-,
tlmt■ sclencu lm* lieon ulil- lo enre In sll lis
Btitg-js, uml that ii Catarrh* Hull's Cntnnh
(Urn is the onlv iKniiivi- enre known tn tlif
iiivdlcnl fintcrnlty.   I'atnrrli i»*liui a comtltu-
tumid di-ivase, requires a iiiii-iinitinii.il treatment-. Hairs Oatarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
nt'iiio: dirri-.tly upon thn liWxl mid mur-oii-a ioir-
fiicos of the system, thereby destroying ilie
foiuidntl'iu .if Ilu'dtsriii-ii., nm) Ktvltiinlii> nut ten)
itrmgthbyIniUdlng up tlm conititallon nnd
ti*.-i-!iiik' inilure In .l-.iiik' it- work, 'lie- ].r-
I-rlcKiis have f>n inmli rnltb in [tl rurfttlv-'
piweiH that tlmy nlfrr line lliiinli.il I ollnrx (or
iny caw that It Mils to oare, Bend fnr list of
AddrimH,   F..). OIIBNBSV ft CO,, Toledo,0.
Sold l.y bnif/KHt-i, 7V
Hall's Vmntiy i'ills are tbo best.
BentlnK n -Pol n rid en re,
I wiih Kitting with the colonel In bis
ollice wlieu a negro came In from tbo
plantation and suld:
"Kurnel linker, I has como In to tell
yo' dnt one of yo'r Imwga am nitssln."
"And I hear thnt you nro eating fresh
pork," replied tlie colonel
"Yes, stih."
"Isn't It a rnttier curious coincidence
that you should be eating fresh pork
Just ns one of my hogs was missing?'
"Po yo' think so, kurnel?"
"I certainly do."
"Dnt's de way my ole woman said
yo'd think, an fur fear yo'd 'spect me
of kimwin what' dnt liawg went I'ze
brung along ?.l in cash to pay fur hlm!"
"That's right, Jim. perfectly ri^ht,
and you mny j;o back and keep your
eye on the rest of the drove. Threo
dotl'irs! And It's your bog, and there1!
no more curious coincidences about it."
Not Thnt Kind of lleenrd.
Mrs. YVundor— Here's nn Item about
n girl wbo can slug any song on record.
Mr. Wunder—She must be a phonograph.—Haiti more American.
Minard'-s Liniment Cures Garget ii Coin.
Nut n Mnn,
"Yes; he's a self mnde mnn."
"I thought you said his name was
"So it is.  What of it?"
"Well, It takes nine tailors to make a
ninii."-l,hil,*nlcl|.liin I'r.-ss.
Miiiard's Liniment Cores Distemper.
Sp-rrlnl   t'l-ftiillnic.
Judge—Prisoner nt Iho bar, stand up,
Prisoner (thickly)—Kxctise tne, your
honor, hut I've been standing up at bo
tunny lairs tlmt I am quite unable to
comply with your request.—Detroit
Free Press,
Miliar, s Liniment Cms Colds, Etc.
The Ituroii'N Pont-print.
Shoemaker--1 ju t called at Hnron
Pumpowsky'i again. No man enn collect
a penny of bim!
Tailor—And still you nre going to make
Idm another pair of boots?
Shocninker-Wlial makes yen think po?
Tailor-Oh, 1 ttcc yon Imve bla men-Hire
on Um buck of your coiit.-Unsero Uesell--
Miiiard's Liniment Cnres Diphtheria.
.Mrs. Jones—Your lllile hoy gave my
little hoy tho measles.
Mrs. Brown—You are entirely mistaken! your little boj enme where my
little boy WM nud look thorn.-Ilidian-
npolla .loui'tial.
Hatter Ol Memory.
The rniiu v. i o wns attempting suicide wus nol sinking for Ihe third time.
Of course 11 wai m tsnry hereupon
Ihnl in* recall everything In bis past
life In the space or one instant.
This he fulled to do.
"Again my accursed bnd memory!"
be hissed and waded ashore In much
chagrin, whleh wus in nowise lessened
by tlu* d rlslve laughter of the spectators.—Detroit Journal.
P. |1,60 up.   E, 1*. *1.0J n
What Littlo Percy Henrd,
"Ptipa," snid little Percy, "why doesn't
mamma travel with the circus?"
'•Why?" Mr. Ucupeck asked. "What
could she do in a circusV"
"She might be the Btr ng woman. I
heard hor telling grundmn ihe other day
that slie cold wind you ai und her little
Qngcr just ns easy us nothing."—Chicago
n PRbuuuD uu., lu
" ....■ ■' Cu.li Prioo paid for lint., mul
I'-aa-. All mull ordore lar (rail nrouinllj
ntloniiod.  S:i .hcUuD gianntn-d,
_,0 YOU   USE
$jy> 0I1I-5SINC g?
lltPTIIt lUTBtR*    .,
-.[iP SOU AND I'lUBLE  \-m
oi us si'i'tr.ioR Mints
Farm Lands
For Sale in All Parts of the
Province.   Write for Lists.
Brass Band
Instrument*. Drams, Uniforms, Kir.
Lowest vri-.ffi erer <|u ited PIdb rutidn-Rii*
W1 Ulustr-llon-i m»llod Iri*- Wx\tt u* fur mij*>
thing l'i >i«*ic or 1>i n*i- iti Inttrumeuti.
_- .-**
. LI »:. Hiiiulpe-s,
N",- i„i,l-r.        -::..    N      btlietlmeto
pnaat. I i , .itaitl, n -:i Ih,     .-. -   • ..
:-'..--    :.    -   :, :, ;'    .'   •.
,;. «   UUXAT.D, Bee
I". R—^'     :    ■  - : r -   ,•!.','* t-.
p—.llo_ daring 'I.   ■... il.
Bliti, RellgloQa Plttttre, ^:wtt_rv, andctiurcb
On_m_tj, EA-.r.:-it,iial VV'ik. (l.l,,..rd.r»rft.
_It. prompt, .umllo-B,H,afflu I tt. IllIBU
II,- :i li-.l E,2l.? l.inL'ir.e (jvfr thc d'-onfaj.'.
Uurir.„, t_lr w ek wc will  «-!!  ft K.l,d  ({old
llaDtiog Bntzrarod I-, ii'.-= Hatch. U'altl.ara
mo.emcnl. l'cndaal .S.t, guaraakoj |,,r ono
l-at l„r S I 2.50.
TheJ3nly_Printers' Supply
House in the Northwest
Wo keep a inty. s,.'k alvftya on hand ol
PHtNTEHS' MAI Ili.VKIil : no . ar, Blool
I).,ily..r Weekly Peperaor Job Uuilit. 01 n
few l„,ur- n„ti,-... \v„ alto n|>pl; RBADY
r *****************,.,....
W. N. U. 279.
tU&riM All HunJU -   O^/H^rfixwth
•JLeuHs .ofi 4ocamMx> tie cJtiot- M Qiujt/
ttt   4.V9-4/   tf**^ tAt/ ytlW itCutrH/ rt%Mty€
&>y&t>,(/tUL,a{4 -4W-^^*-*iW.
iTrtde Mark.)
usf ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores. Sttttttk*!********************
i     LOCAL   NOTES      \
Picked  Up About thc City  by  Asking
Questions of Many People,
Rev. Mr Wood, uf Knslo, is a Cmn-
bmok visitor.
San Mitchell can suit you with fur
nisbeil i-juiu.
E B Braden the rnielter man, was in
town this week.
Dr King paid a professional visit to
Moyie last night,
Miis Celia Jardine, elocution, »t residence ol Mrs. McNab.
Fruits of all HeABOitnble varieties for
preseiving nt McCounell's,
George Wentworth 1ms heen nl Calgary during the pus', week.
u Joyce, the mining mati, came down
from Kimberley the other day,
Mrs. Caleb Ames ami children, of
Moyie, weie iti town yesterday,
M. Gallagher and wife, of Macleod,
arrived in Craubrook yesterday,
Mrs.Doig, a well-known hotel proprietor, was in Crnnbrook Tuesday.
Lndy wishes employment by the day.
Inquire at Henderson's fruil store.
W. Van der (liarbt, Amsterdam, Holland, inspecting mining properties.
A. P. Diemner, representing ihe fat
men ol Moyie, was in town Saturday,
Arch. Leitch removed to his new and
handsome borne ou tiie hill yestirday.
C. HiitiKerfurd Pollen, the mining mau
from l-'ort Sleele, was in town this week.
To Rent—Three room cottage. Enquire of W. li- McFarlane, O. K. barber
G. H. Gilpin wentlo Fort Sleele Saturday night to visit will) his family over
As nu advance agent for a picnic party
all must admit that Fied Pieper was a
W. II. Miles, traveling freight agent
for lhe C. P, R , of Calgary, was in town
Monday an engine ran off an open
switch but was soon replaced without serious trouble.
J. Jones of Moyie, accompanied by tbe
Misses Crossmaii. of Kitchener, was in
town Tuesday,
I). T. Hughes, of Vancouver, hnd business which took him up Perry creek early in tlie week.
Hon. Edwin Walker, of Chicago, nnd
Dr.  Williem  Doug-ill of Joliet, III., ore '
guests at the Koynl, I
Hd Orchard, wife and little boy, left |
for Michel yesterday, where lhey will
enjoy a week's outing.
ti.. A, Kllon, the Fort Steele insurance
man, was sauntering on tlie boulevards
of Cruubrook recently.
If *"ou have too many wheels in your
head call at P-arrott St Detuers wheel
bouse and take oue out.
A. J. Geddes, formerly wilh A. IJ.
Tiites & Co., Feiuie, is now iu lhe stoie
of G. II. Gilpin, Craubrook,
N. Mcl.eod Curran, financial agent for
the North Star Mining company, was a
visitor in Cruubruok recently.
Fied Tate bas decided to learn the
druggist's business and has accordingly
become a pupil of R, lv beattie,
W. T. Dickson, superintendent of the
proposed electric light system for Cranbrook. arrived in town yesterday.
P, Lund was iu town yesterday, coming up from liis camp to partake of the
excitements of city life for a change.
John Fink was one of those who remained over al Moyie for llie bull, ntul
if he did uot enjoy himself uo one did.
Miss Aila Wellman, stenographer and
shorthand reporter, will open an office
for that kind or  -cork in Ilu* near future.
Miss Jean Dyker, a iulor in the public
Hrluml, has returned from her home
neHr Nelson, where she passed the vacation.
Henry Dias, representing tlie I/on
Brewery, has gone to the Slocan country
on busiuess for an extended period of
ti ti. llusteed, of Medicine Hal, a C.
P. K. engineer, has finished his surveys
nt tbe junction at Kootenay lake, and returned.
The friend of Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Joyce
will   regret   to   It-urn that death claimed
Iheir Infant child soon after arriving at
Hut the lake water al Moyie teemed lo
have a strange effect on some of thc
boys—or wns it tbe huiuiilily of the ut-
W. F. Quid, 11 C. L, has found his
business to be increasing so rapidly that
a stenographer has become a necessity,
n portion of tlie lime.
W. P. Achifon of I'julerby Ihe sue
resfo: of John Ross as principal of the
y.ublic sib jo!s in Cranbrook, has arrived
and assumed his duties.
Mrs C. F. Hnnninglou and Messrs.
M. A. lleale, W. A. llleasilull and Frank
llauuington visited with friends iu Cranbrook Tuesday evening.
William Tarrant, who has been developing his claims ou Luke Creek Ibis season, has departed for liis home in South
Dakoia, returning again next year.
Kniic Hrown, of lhe C. P, R. locomotive force, wiih his mother, is occupying
thc house tenanted hy Arch. Leitch until moving into his new hnme this week.
Ily the breaking of n rail a locomotive
was partially precipitated into ihe lake
nt Kootenay luuditiu, last Sunday; furl ii
uatelv piling underneath kept 11 from go
iug to the bottom mid sinking iu the
mud. Roadmaster Rrlcioti wnn soon on
hand aud iu n lew hours luul lhc engine
released from its pinions position, but
little worse for llle incident.
Mi  aud Mrs Dowering, who have been
guests at the Royal for the past ten days,
will occupy a room tu the Aiken block
until the parsonage ts ready for their use.
Shaw Parker, the well-known prospector and miner, brought his genial face
to town with him last Monday, departing
early on Tuesday morning for Perry
James Forrest, who was injured one
uight last winter by fulling in an open
trench, is iu lown. He bus been in the
hospital at Hauff almost ever since, aud
is still an invalid,
Horace ti Duller, Barber—Shampooing and culling ladies' ami children's
hair a specialty; hair dyed or bleached;
will call at lesideureil desired, Shop in
Aiken block, Ciaubiook.
Oue hundred tons of liny for sale at
St Kugene Mission. Hay consists of
pure timothy, pure clover, mixed timothy mid clover und Hungarian grass,
Price per tou, loose (15; baled, $30,
Mr. ami Mrs. Dick burden, of Winnipeg, weie in towu this week. The former is a well known character throughout the northwest, distinguished from
every day people through his eccentricities.
The rooms of the Cranbrook club hnve
been rendered still more attractive mid
cosy by,the covering ofthe floors ofthe
vestibule aud card rooms wilh oilcloth,
aud a substantial addition to the furm-
Constable Lindsay, of -Moyie, arrived
In Cranbrook Tuesday witli four vags m
charge, who have entered the govern
Ilietlt service at Fort Steele, lor a few
weeks; ihey weren't huniiug the job,
bu we ver.
The Herald staff return thanks lo the
K.ist Kootenny Untiling Works for a
case of pure bot'led cider—oue of lhe
most beaUtiful drinks made. This company also bottle seltzer aud other mineral wnters and soft thinks of all kinds
of a quality unsurpassed in auy land,
is home industry nud should be exclu
sively patronized, t-o fur as possible.
II you ever have lhe privilege of making a trip through llie mammoth cellar
of lhe Fort Steele Mercantile Co , you
would see a sight not to be viewed elsewhere In Kast Kootenay, and probably
not in West Kootenay. The cellar is in
reality a big warehouse, and absolutely
fireproof. Hy an ingenious contrivance
of Manager Juke Fink's all openings to
the cellar cau be automatically closed in
a moment's time. The entire store an I
iis contents may bum, and still lhe company will have a stock of goods in
tbe collar unt quailed by but few in
Bast Kootenny wilh which to resume
business. In tbe cellar aie also two
" warehouses," bonded and excise. Every particle of space is filled with goods
piled to the ceiling, just room enough
being left to get about iu. In the store
a handsome counting-room, spacious
and conveuieut, and tastefully furnished
is auolher Improvement. It commands
a view of the entire sal stoom.
KNIUHTS   OF   Till!   OK IP
Who Have Been Doing Business In Cranbrook This Week.
A.   T. Jiffery,  Winrii-, eg,
John G. Wilson, Hour, Nelson,
R. II, Carley, spices, Winnipeg.
J. Prentice, crockery, Hamilton.
William Yates, crockery, Toronto.
T, R. Ella, stoves, etc , Vancouver.
Thomos Parkinson, produce, Nelson.
D. F, (" Flour") Dickson, Winnipeg.
J. F. Whiting, gloves and mittens, He.**
Ii. C. Davison, California wines, Nelson.
R. J  Work, druggist's sunilrie**, Hamilton.
A. W.  Meyers, jewelry and notions,
Alex. Cross, Nelson, representing the
Rand Drill Co.
J,  M.   Ho*,d,  representing  thc Daily
Globe, Toronto,
J Craw luul, accompanied hy his daughter, groceries. Nelson.
A.   C.   Ilench, accompanied by Mrs.
Beach, crockery, Montreal.
Those Made to Mr. aad Mrs. Mooney Were
Numerous and Expensive.
Following (loo late for last Issue) is
the list of presents received by Mr. and
Mrs. Arllnir Mooney on the occasion of
their wedding lasl week:
Silver*— Brotherhood of Locomotive
Firemen, lea service; ten service, a friend;
cake basket, Dr. King; cake basket, A.
L McDermott; buller dish, J A, McNeil; butler dish, Mr. and Mrs, R Cra-
ham; cut gluts aud silver sugar bowl atul
spoon, lv. H. Small; card receiver II. O.
Itngan; clock, Messrs. Snrvis, McGold-
rick and Peters; frtilt dish, G. Johnson;
berry dish and spoon, Arnold and Chn-
put; pickle-dish T. ami Miss Jessie Well-
mau; mntmahule dish, Mr. and Mrs. T.
ttoolces; luncheon cruet, J. Hurey;
luncheon cruel, Mr and Airs. J. Robert-
sou, salt and pepper cruel, Mr. antl Mrs.
Caslakc; suit ami pepper cruet, Air. nnd
Mrs. Tate; silver niiiMa.id dial), J Ryan;
fruit knives, Mr. and Mrs, T.Gill; silver
teaspoons, C. P. Campbell; tray, Miss
Dollie Wall; nn:-cracker and picks,
Air, and Mrs. R. R, Heattie; berry spoon,
S. A. Spears; sugar spoon, Mrs. M.
Leonard; sugar spoon, Miss Klla Grant;
butter knife uud sugar spoon, Miss Ada
Wellman; berry spoon, j. GUlis and Aliss
Celia Jardine; leaspoons, T. Francis
Churchill; doz, knives and foiks, Messrs,
Pal more; whist counters, Mr. aud Airs.
Greer; napkin rings, Mr, and Mrs. McGee.
China—Teapots Air. nnd Mrs. Fortune,
Air. and Airs. W. Henderson, Air. nud
AIs. AL Innis, Air. and Airs, McNuhh;
cheese dish, a friend; glass stand, Mr.
George Gougeon
Linen—Table Napkins, Mrs. Ilremner,
Airs   Gregory,  and  Airs.  Dalton; tabic
doth, Mrs, Stewart; to-vels, Miss Garrett; 5 o'clock tea cloths, Mrs, Manning
and W. W, Richardson,
Aliscelhuieous-Sideboard cloth, Airs.
w. S. McDonald; bras.** mounted water-
colored painting, Air. and Airs. W. T.
Reid; jirdineire, Mr. and Airs Drummond; Iloor uml, Mr, G. H. Gilpin.
In I'd ini*'iny With the Stephens Brothers He
Is SUU In Pursuit of lhat " Slake."
Upon learning ofthe return of Messre,
Shier and Doble from Cape Nome, who
were associa'es with Fred Simpson aud
Hugh Stevens in a business venture, the
Herald telegraphed Air. Shier for Information regarding Fred, from whom no
word had been received during several
week.   Following is the reply*.
Victoria. Aug. S, 1900, —Air. H. Al.
Wentwoitb, Ciaubrook, H. C —Dear Sir;
Your telegrHin received. Mr. Simpson
tiid not accompany Air. Doble and myself home. We lell Nome on July 23d,
and Mr. Simpson bail gone oul prospecting with the Stephens Bros on July ai,
ami he is nol likely to leluru before the
ist of October.
We sold our stock to good ailv. nt ige.
Air. Simpson made up his mind that be
would then take u tt ip over the country,
as the prospects are very favorable,
We were all very sorry to learn of Mr.
Urowu'fi death.
Mr. Doble and myself wl«h to be re-
niembercd to all oltl friends.
1 remain yonrs tiuly,       R G. Sh er.
Story of a Slave.
To be bound hand and foot for years
by the chains of disease is the woiat
form of slavery. George D. Williams, of
Manchester, Mich., says: ''My wife has
been so helpless for five years ihat sbe
could not turn ovtr ill bid alone. After
using two bottles of Klectrlc Billers she
is wonderfully improved and able to do
her own work." This supreme remedy
for female diseases quickly cures nervousness, sleeplessness, melancholy,
headache, backache, fainting and dizzy
spells. It is a godsend to weak, sickly
and run down people. Cure guaranteed.
Only 50c. Sold by R, ti. Beattie, druggist. 	
Tbe quarantine declared against people from the United States has been
called off by the authorities at Ottawa
Nol lee In hereby utven Hint I have 1I1U day a\>-
plied tu tin; chief commissioner of lands nail
works for a pei mit or llcinso lo c t and carry
away all ar nny or tho timber u 011 tin* following
ili'si'riiie.l piece or (inreel or land: < oiarnei-ietiig
at tlie ■outlii'itst corner of K, Little's pro-urn*)-
tion, thence west hj elialns. iheoce nmtli 11*0
elialns, ilu ine cast si ilialas, tlnm-e soutli l-.'U
chains, to tlio place of Ik-kIudI >g.
Dateil nt C iiiii-r.nik. dlstilct or Soutli limit
Kuoi-111>*. tills i-t 1 ilny of AllglHt, 1000,
Kilwanl Little.
Nol loe is hereby given that one man h after
dnte 1 intend to apply to tli > elder commissioner
nf lauds nnd works lor |«rmlsslon m purchase
tin* billowing described lands* Commencing at
aiiosi marked "B. -****, Kennedy's N. li Corner,"
planted at lhc  northwest corner of Lot ;u,
iiroupl, Kast Kooleiiay, tlienue west-It) ilialns,
llieine smilh tw elm lis, thCtiee t-iisl JUthn lit,
to Die westerly boundary of s.iid;i.i*t :n, llieneo
northerly ui ub said westerly buimiltiry, BO
chains 10 ihe place or iteg'tinlnit,
I'ated at liaiibioo-. this tith day or August,
i(ioo, -j. Thomas s. Kennedy
Nn loe Is heveli)' given that one 11 011th afler
dale i intern tu apply io ilie chief commissioner
or lands and works at Victor!. fnr permission 10
purchase thu fulumlig rtosoillwd landsj Com-
lliencln_ at a poyt marked 'Julin Laurie's north-
rust corner post," |idautuil at the northwest corner of A l-i'igfurd's iiro-cmpllun, near Palmers
lar, tin-nee east in chains, llience suth 80
chains, in nee west -ki chains lu the east boundary of snlil Langford. pre-emption, tlieuce
north Mi elialns to ulaee of beglriniDg,
Hated at t'lanb.o.k tins l.th daj or August,
UKU. Johu Laurie.
Notice te liereliy given tliat one month after
date I intend to apply tu the chief coiiiiaisslotier
ol lands arm works lor in'iiiiisslon to purchase
the foi owing described landst Commencing at
a imsi iilauted at tire sunt Invest  co uei   of K.
Little's pre-emption, Iteconl No, ooo, at Palmers
liar in the dlstilct of Fast Kootenay, thence
tioith 4U chains, thence west SO chains, tin rice
south 411 chains thence east SO chains lo the
pluee of beginning, containing 3-f ucres-J
mieil al Cranbrook ihtt Oth day of July, 1900,
(!, I), McNab.
Notice l-i hereby given that one 1mn.U1 after
date 1 Inti nd to apply lo lhe chief cotlllll islouer
nr lands aud works for |ie mis-ami lo piueliase
the following described land 1 coin im-nci nit ai a
post planted at the imt hurst corner ufE. Mi-
tie's pre-emption, Iteconl No. u<t), at l-aimers
Par In tliu district or gait Kouteiiay, llicnce
south in chains, llience west sochalin, theme
mirth 4fi i'lmins. tin rice east HO chums to the
pi.ice of beginning, eoalalaing uai acres.
Haled this'Jth day or duly, I'J-uO.
J. ,1. Cameron.
Notice ll hereby given thai one month art r
dnte 1 intend to apply to chief eommlsidoner of
lands and works for pern-ilulon to ptirelitoo the
following described inn is:  Commencing at a
|Hist planted at lire southwest corner of T.
Voting 1 pre-emption at hilnu-rs liar, In the district nf Knit Kooleiiay, tl CO ninth   10 el a ns,
llience west nu chains, thence soutli 10chains,
itienoo east 80 elinlm to ilu* place ot beginning,
i tinning--MIC es mure or less.
Muted at 1 ranhruuK tills Mil day of July, 1930,
(lea Joyce,
Thli ly days after dale I Ititeml In up* ly lo Hie
chief coillinUlli nor or hunt-, and works for a
sjH-i-lal i-i-rinlt to ent timber I'll Ihe follonliiK
dcserllied land; commencing at a post panted
ai the nortli enst comer or \V. IlllstlOl pre eruption, und running enst l.x) chains, tlieaee smith
bo elialns, thence west IS) olialns, theme n rtli
mi riuiins tn lioint of commencement, eom.iiiiing
wa acres,
hated Hits nun dny <>( July, 1900,
Jiimes A. rlteolo.
Take notice that ono nmntll arier date I Intend to apply 11 the chief loimiiissloiicr of hunts
and wmks for pennlsdon lo purclnuo lhc following iirsiTii't'ii lands: Commencing at Dm
southwest corner or precmptlm No. fill (fid-
ward Watts) llicnce nortli 10 cha'ns, thence
west -BUchains, thence soutli -it) chnlus, (hence
cast su chains tn the po.nl of commencement,
situate near Palmers liar la ■'-011 li luiit Koote-
Dated at Cranhrook this oth day ot July, 1000.
T. Young.
Notice is hereby given that tlie undersigned
will SU days aller dale apply tu tlm chief cumin s
sinner of lands and -.v-nrks of lirillsh Columbia
for a speelal license to cat and mrry away Umber from lhe foi owing described land; Commencing at a post | lautcil at iin* sum beast ear-
ucr of llloek 8066 (BlWSdoll'S) ilinnee east SO
chains, thence nnrtli IIM chains, llience west so
otiuini, llieneo south i'.w chains to piaue of com-
Dated July 10th, 1000,
John llrtckenrld|t| Applicant.
See the new
Comfort Hose
"Never Burn the Feet"
New arrivals in Clothing, Dry Goods, Furniture, Hardware, Groceries, Etc.
Most complete stocks in East Kootenay.
From Litigation
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrcll, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
BurbSXu.ybuJ!n• Lots from $I25=$400
Apply    p0ft Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
The Herald  $2.00 Per
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is lirst class.
Every convenience lor travelers.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best ol liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly lurnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
House % Sign Painters
Paper Hangers
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which it is done.
The Lion Brewery
tiVRosstand, 15 C
lhc Inri-csl nnil lineal equipped
brewery In !)rill»li Cnlumliln
Tlulr I1UDWR18UH DKRR (boltlcill
is pqitnl to nny Imported nrticlo
A ERATH D WATERS or nil 1» Ih i
lie luul ni nil hotels in Wont nml Etni
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wliol stile Giot-cr
anil Selling Agents
Cranbrook. II. C
Planing Mill
•■><) Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  .*  Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   .-*
Band Sawing  jt Turning
For Developed
■"' Silver=Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
tyrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons,   Thc  most
economical way to handle it.
A nice selection of "Meriden Britannia" silverware constantly in
stock. Choice designs in A I
goods        jt       jt       .*       jt
High grade movements in thc
best quality ol gold, gold filled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       .*        _*■        .*
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Official Watcb Inspector lor C. P. R.
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt       jt,
Made by Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial l.nn.1 Surveyor
Office of McVittle & llulcblson
Cranlirool., [I. C.
Prest & Co.,
*Jf Tliree doors east of Postofliee.
»•"■ Cuilder dt
-::::Craabrook, 0 C
-\2r-_*r-is'—ia^-iar-*_^-^—*•_/   *•-/   >=/   aw—>=■—ic/—w—>»   w  ■JV~^z/—-sr-isr^sr--sr^22zr^isr~iV-Vr-\*l—i^^
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
fDA lMRDr-ni^ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
tK/VnDKUUN Nest Pass Railroad.
C t*51flht#nr_l^'  ^as a I0"sta-' rour|d house, large machine
^* clllUrUUlV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook Is the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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