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Cranbrook Herald Dec 19, 1901

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Nl MBKK ;;o
Cat sttp
We have Crosse & Black
well's Mn sh iniini, Curt let
Urns.' Blue Label, Faust's
Oyster Cocktail,
Fearman's Full Cream.
And Stilton's, which is
cured in the finest port
wine, TkLnrcn's Imperial
nnd Roquefort.
Maker's Sweet and Unsweetened, Perfection, Frya
and iVtenier's.
li a k e r * s. Vanl louten's,
Fry's and Cowan's.
Chase iS; Sunburn's Seal,
lolgei's Avoca ami Crystal
and F, S. M. Co.'s.
Cakes and trackers
We have a very fine assortment manufactured by
HcCormlck and I'errin.
Canned Fish
Anchovie Paste, Bloaters
and bloater Paste, Caviar,
Clams, Clam Chowder, Had'
dies, Kippered Herrings and
Herrings in Tomato Sauce,
Lobsters all kinds and sizes,
thu Finest Brands of Oysters and Salmon, Wet and
Dry Shrimps, Imported and
Domestic Sardines.
Canned Fruits
Apples, Apricots, Black
berries, Blueberries, Cranberries, Red & Black Cherries, Cu r ran t s, ti r a pes,
Gooseberries, Law ion berries- Peaches, Fears, whole
uml sliced, Pineapple, Plums,
Red and Black Raspberries,
We also have a line nf
fruit put up in pint glass
jars with patent sealer tops.
Canned Meats
We have a very fine line
too numerous to mention
in this space.
Aylmer Chicken and Van
Camps' Assorted.
Canned Vegetables
Asparagus, California, whole
and tips; Beans Aylmer, S.
& W.and Frenht Com, Aylmer; Mushrooms; Peas. S.
& \\\, French, Aylmer com'
inon and extra sifted; Pumpkin;
Pumpkin Pie; Succotash;
Rhubarb und Tomatoes.
Johnson's Rosemary's Mid
Cudahy'sBecf; Seelys Lemon, Vanilla, Almond, Pineapple, Strawberry; Pure
tiold Lemon, Vanilla, Banana, Cochineal, Orange,
Peppermint and Winlergreen.
Herrings, Mackerel, Salmon, Whole and Brick OhI.
We hove Culifiirnin Sour.
Sweet dlxed, Stuffed riatl-
goeg anil Peppers, Red Hut
titid Sweet Relish, Crosse &
Blackwell's Mixed, Chowchow,
Onions nnil Gherkins, Mango Chutney; tlie above in
half- pints, pints and quarts;
we also have plain and sweet
mixed in bulk.
In evaporated we have everything on the market; in
green we have Apples, Cranberries, Lemons anil .lruii"iis.
liatRcrs' Citron, Lemon,
Almonds, Peanuts, Walnuts.
We have some very fine
in t and 5 gallon pails and
in bulk.
We have the California
Chili in pints and half-pint,
Durkees and Hume llrand
Salad Dressing, C. •< B, Anchovie, Lea sSt Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce.
In Spice we can offer you
Folgcr's fiolden ,0ate which
we believe is the very best
on the market.
In i
Pant il
sortment of bulk teas
A few other things we ntinht
mention which are very necessary: l.aycocks butter, the best;
Allen's cider, celery salt, capers;
currie powder, gelatine, grape
nut; Post llm Cerlal, California
honey in pints, half pints
and frames, horseradish, horseradish-mustard, jams and Jellies
of all kinds, C & 11. and Keiller's
Marmalade.prepared mincemeat,
olives, jelly powders and Icings,
St, Charles Cream.
We would Ih- pleased ts. have
our representative call on yuu
and quote- you prices on the
We guarantee our goods to be the best on the market and our prices
must be right when we can supply the big orders that we do, tons of
stuff going out every day.      «-*       «*      **       <£      <£      <£      <*
Wc tlo not carry anything besides groceries, crockery, hay and feed and men's goods,
LAST KOOTENAY; to verify this we invite you to call and inspect our big store and fireproof cellar and the enormous stock of goods they contain.
We hope to have a share ol your valued orders and wish you A VERY MERRV CHRISTMAS,
This is what many Cranbrook ladies will say when planning their Christmas Dinner.    In order to assist you in your
selection and lo give you an idea of the enormous quantity oi nice things we carry in stock we have taken Special pains I
in preparing the following List: -<        d>        -A        ><        -A        <£        *A        <£        *£        ^        ^        ^ I
leas we can offer you 11
ll.als, (ioldworths and f]
1's, also a eery fine as-    '
.1. IV FINK, Mim-scr.
Christmas lhat much happier, It is a
day for good cheer, so let tbe good
cheei come to nil.
Next Wednesilny ia Christmas,    it is
i im* for enjoyment mnl gon.1 cheer.    H
Is a time to throw  aside for the day tbe
responsibilities nnd worries of life, and
i- y nnto yourself, "Tbis day I will be
1 ippy. and this day   I   will try to make
others happy," It Is the only wa) to do
Those In the ureal west, where poverty
and   privation   is   virtually   unknow::,
li ive uo reason   tit offei lor not doing -
1    is only  in ihe crowded cities, wheic
tbe awful light   t.i bare existenr. go
rn from day   to   day,   that   Cbristni  •
c  Hies tu tn.K'k   the  poor snffereis with
i'ii homes, without  food su
1   pe,   Sueh  are the eomUtii i
il iy nml age, niul those ol us h
fill down to h'Miiililul dinners - l
\ '■ .'iiiiii.tt help lho*e i.u itw.n, lm- i .-
hups we can some ol thosi nearei bom
Tiiere nn* you up men i» ever) ci-tummi
i v who hnve left Iheii  home to do
t lemselves.     I hey arc away i i In i i
i iluenccs niul hoiiu .-.in*, .m.l Chi latin .-
the one da) in   the   \t at that tbfj   im
'   i-t strong I)   i tu pressed with ll
ie)  ne lonely, iln-v .ne down hi arte i
,    l temptation 1-. i .r-v   imdt -   i
.    inn--    v.in mot bent, ami you fall  i
i 1 In- ho) I ': l"i tlintit'i it. .t.i.. i
i in know Uml there are pi i>| li ■■■
.' mid help tli.'in make  the .lm  . pit u
t ..ne    L will do you iiiini, and  ii
will do tin- young men good
liveryoue -lis uld beat  lu  in
.    n act p.'i lormeil on  Ihal day l
.   '..Miiriii i-i utheri .*i i make j
-tntithcr Contingent.
Tbe niter of ihe Canadian government
to semi anothet contingent of 31m to
Allien has been nceepted by tbe Imper-
nl government and ihe enlistment will
begin at once. Tbe 26th of this month
is the day set fur this district, nml Fort
Steele named ns the place. There nre
quite a ninubei in I hit. pari ofthecouu-
ir> wlio intend tn apply for  enlistment,
linn ti Marysvllle.
IM    King   w.ts  called  to  Marysville
I'm nl ,\  ii^hi l..  att.'t .1 .mu- uf the men
,i work on tin- Marysville smeltei build-
1:... 11.1111. i O Mall v He ull irom n
-.. .iil.tl.l and rnphued a kiduej aud «is-
1 lined ollu t lutein.ii i' j iries. ll 1'
Mi Millan nnd Wallei Wilton drov the
learn from Marj -v i le la get ilu- doctor,
niul Mi Wils'Mi returned with tin- doc
■ t.n making a total .■; 6 - miles driving ia
one ulgtlt.
Mnn> I Icenses Qrantcd.
iif   honid "t license coinniisslonera
nut ut special session ai Penile last Sat
md '*. and granti .1  - license ta 1   |ones,
at Klko.    On M la) they met ih regu
hu annual session ai Moyie and granted
• ■ ni wills I., all ni the hotels In ibe district, excepi in 011    two  instances
tt here the law had not   been complied
m   ii ni in iking ihe   ippllcatiou     The
I'l.'ii foi .hr foui ih place in Klko
H     mrued di ■■ 11  il this time owing to s
technicality, and the application of Mr !
Mel).nml.1 for a license In Mnryivi.lt I
was refused.
Cnrihiiti to Be Rtniu-il.
"Cariboo," said a well known mining
man, speaking of that part of the district near Bakerville, (o the A Micro It
Journal, "is on the eve of a big revival
In mining " There Is ample warrant for
the statement in considering what hai
been accomplished duting llie last few
months. It is worthy of notice that the
gratifying results aie inaiuly due to the
smaller hydraulic and drifting mines.
The big nud rtakings such ns Slough
creek, Cariboo Goldfields and I.iinl's
mine on Willow rivei have ml.led nothing to the production ol Cariboo this
year. I'he returns came principally
from Hums creek, the Low Q-ton claim
on Lightning, ihe Thistle gold mine,
tins l.mints' Dragon creek mine, W. C,
Fry "ii llardscrabble, Flyno Dos. ou
Mosqueto creek, the Sin Juan, Low hee,
First of May, Stcut's Gulch, and other
mines woratng ou a small scale.
The latest reports from the Horseflj
dUtrict give three leet of snow on the
ground, and numbers nl men already on
the scene putting up shacks, nnd waiting
lor the return ol spring
\ Mil) nl tht Mass
There will he a midnight mass at the
Catholic church Christmas eve, and arrangements an being mide hy the choir
foi 11 ime program >'l unisu*. Miss Lund
and Mi- keld and ! W. Robinson will
lake 11 prominent part and it Is expected
that tha attendance will he quite large,
Cbristuins mines ue\t week. The Her*
s uld siafi hns heen doing double duty the
I past week lo net Ihe Christmas printing
1 in shape.    They nre   worn   out and (eel
i as if they would enjoy a Christmas vnen-
j tion  ns   well as other people.      Some
months there nre live issues; of'I'he Her-
1 tld, never  less  than   lour.    We charge
fur four at nil times.    Next week we will
skip nn issue ol The   Herald lo give the
[ hoys in ibe ottice an opportunity to enjoy a holiday,    We aie of tbt opinion
thnt the pittrons will not  enter nny seri-
■ ous objections.     On January 2 The Her-
1 aid will appear as usual.    We take occa-
. slon to wish The Herald readers a Merry
; Christmas and n Happy New Yenr, and
i many of them.
Alter a Senator,
i The Knslo board of trade has adopted
the following resolution relative lo representation in the senate:
Whereas the province of British Co-
lunibia is represented in the parliament
1 of Canada by six members ot the bouse
! of commons and three senators; and
whereas Ihe population of Kootenay
! and Yale, shown by the recent census, is
. about one-third of the population ol the
1 whole province, nnd of the nine member! of both commons and senate only
! one is resident iu the southern interior of
British Columbia where the business in
terests are diverse   from those ol every
other part of Canada.
Be it resolved thnt this board respectfully submits that in the event of a vacancy occurring in the senate representation of British Columbia, such vacancy
should, as a matter of fair representation
by population nml interest, be filled by
calling to the senate a resilient of this
mining district, familiar with its requirements. _„_____^__
Crows Neat Southern.
Fernie Free Press; Latest ndviees
from llie Crows Nest Southern say that
11 >nstmi'in>n is making good progress.
Grading is almost finished on tbe portion of tbe tine from Jennings north to
the international boundary line, and
tracklaying will shortly be commenced.
North ol the boundary line there has
been some delay, occasioned principally
by reason of difficulties experienced In
getting the permission of tbt government for right of way, etc. Now, however, comfortable camps have been erected and work is making gootl progress.
It will take six months to finish the
road on tbis side of tbe line. Operations will be carried on all win er, as
there will be but little snow or frost to
interfere. The contractors claim that it
ia difficult to secure enough men. They
say that tbey are paying fair wages,
have comfortable bunk houses fur the
accommodatiou of the men and that the
food is plentiful and of gootl quality.
Owing to the alien labor law men cannot be brought from Spokane and other
cities to the south of the line, and on
the other hand it costs too tnucbjto bring
workmen from eastern Canada.
Musical Recital.
The arrangements for the musical recital to be given on Friday evening by
Miss Llllld at Wentworth hall hnve been
completed, and it promises to be an
event of unusual interest, Other well
known local singers will participate in
the entertainment) and the program will
he one of the best ever presented to an
audience in the Kooteuays, The recital
will present an opportunity for tbe lovers of music to indulge in an evening
of enjoyment, as ever/ effort is being
made to insure au artistic success. The
seats are now on sale at R. I*. BeattieO
drug store, and it wou'd be well for the
people to lose no time if tbey desire a
good choice of seats, as the tickets nre
selling rapidly.
Candi-lutta In the Field.
It is evident that several people in
South F.ast Kootenay are desirous o'.
sacrificing themselves on the altar of
politics lor the benefit ofthe people ol
this district. It is rumored that Fernie
will put a man In tbe field, or rather Ihe
man will drop into tht arena without
warning, ami announce himself ready
to meet all corners. T.is man, it is understood, is looking for strong newspaper support in a certain direction.
Furtherniorei although such things ate
not supposed to take place, it is said
that he has some money, and would be
willing to part with quite a chunk lor
the purpose of representing South Ball
Kootenay at Victoria. Of course the
fact that J C. Orcwery's iinnie has been
presented is pretly generally known, but
In some parts of tbe district tbe pt> \
refuse to take his candidacy leriousl
whi!= in '-'.her pirt** tbev Bre very t.
wrought up over the matter. Amoi
large number of voters E. C, Smith.
present member, stands pretty so
When an election does occur South h
Kootenay is going to be a hot h I
Hotel nf-cmrir it Harynltle.
II. Ii. McMillan, proprietor of '.
Royal h-tei at Marysville, wi.l hf.v-
formal opening of his hotel the fit--t
the week. It tbe necessary arrftii.
merits can be made. .dr. McMillan ; 1
poses to run a flee tram from Cranb"
that alght for the benefit of the ptr.;
in this town. Nothing will be left u
done to make tbe opening a succe 1
every way.
K Musi fcnj-j>sble i)*m.t.
The Kntre nous club dance last Frid •
night was one of the nicest parties »-■..-
held   in   Crar.hrook     Thtre   were
■■noiigh members present to make i' ei
joyable, and the evening   proved fi'i 1
Ireinely pleasant   one.      On   Friday lb
j;th the   club will give  another dan-.
and   a   special   attempt will be made '
eclipse   all   previous   efforts.     On   lhu
evening there will  be quite a numln-r
guests,   and   It   is the intention of  .
club management to make that dm
the event of the season
A new telegraph wire is being pi"
along the C P. R. from Nelson to 7.
nipeg. It will facilitate busines'.
Cranbrook and ether leadingcltlet
• -
***.******* **t%i**t'f*
I     MOYIE, li. C.     ?
* .»
Another year has rolled around and I am still leading in my line with the largest stock in
such .is Nails, Pipe, Pipe
Fittings, Bar Iron, Building Paper, etc.,
always on hand. Just what you require.
Stoves, Tin and
Enameled Ware
My stock ol Heaters and Cookers is unequalled, having some two hundred different lines. In Tin and Enameled Ware
I can furnish your kitchen with the latest goods from stock.
Cutlery and
Carving .Sets, just what you require to
handle your Christmas turkey. Table,
Fruit and Pocket Knives, forks, spoons;
all the best make. Some snaps in Silverware, closing out this line.
Glass, Etc.
As in all other lines my stock is complete.  You can depend upon the quali'y.
Plumbing and
During the last year I have had several
larg'e contracts in Hot Water and Hot
Air Heaters. I am always willing to
give estimates, guaranteeing satisfaction.
I am ready for the new year with a stock carefully selected for the trade of the district.     I carry nothing but the best,
their patronage in the past and wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year I am very truly yours,
Thanking my customers for
Frtitor and Prop]    l
TEK.MS OF si n-riiifili.s
The Heral.l desires to give tin; nt-wsiil the
district,   ir you know tmi ntm ii i nu I ■- n
yuur mine or your people, send it to this nlllee.
llie t.ia.l IhMieatli tli>' narrow ktwws
Ks.ii'U) wlieii-.-a.-li [■H.tli-|>oliii i?.ips;
Hie tmttertlj ui'on the r-mil
FreneheseOliteiitliienl tntif.ii hunt,
-Itiulytiril KIi'Hiih
Tbe Uolden Kra desires the Herald to
apn'ogl/e tor commenting upon the fact
that Hon. W. c, Wells bad expended
sucu large sums on lils district while
others were (occetl to get along with
tar less than their importance entitled
I beta to. Asa reason for this demand
the Bra says that the most nf the appn
pi i .moil expended in thai rid log wai
for the constmeilon ot certain wagon
roail*. and that don't count. If tbe
a mo nut expended on wagon road J In
Sointi Bast Kootenay was subtracted
irom the total appropriated, tbe balance would look like nlrty ccniv The
Herald never said thai Mr Wells was
trying to buy himself solid with his con
illim-nts, hm simply Intimated that it
was a good thitig to have the miinstei
of public works as a member, A cctn
parlson of the work done In the ten dis
IrlctM la a suWcient basis upon whicl
make such a statement. The Kra I
weak as the Canterbury Outcrop li
defenie olflMr. Wells.
ii i io with pride. It '■■■ - ncvei ■. n-
countered the slightest troublt, aud it Is
sale iu say that there is not j union In
the entire province which has more harmonious relations wiih the employers
ins members.
•; i%V-V%%\-%\%\^
.f^;^: w7w% FOR SALE....
| EAS1   KOOTENAYSl       20 White Chester Pigs, 5 to 12
C   P. Campbell,   the
indertaker, was
In lownTLurada)      Ml
Campbell says
tn- be lualurleil *-l   pel
8 on a wltbln two
years   which shows ttu
Uii-un-- lu his
line baa uetn bilsk.
The I'ost outlook at Victoria is sun
en. uga i Hotlwell paper, The last Issu
Is giv m up almost entirely to that gen
Hernia's candidacy,
WUh ,loe Martin ami 10 V Bodwellai
opposing candidates lu Victoria tht
campaign will nut lack in points tl iu
The editor of the Itossland Miner wll
not m ike ui my friends in his abuse o
John Houston ofthe Ndlson Tribune
Ht.iuion may be cranky, but lie is alti
cere and honest, anil has more brain
than those who keep shooting the dan
of animosity Into his hide.
Minister Wells has returned from O.
tawa with four railroads In his mind
Wells must have been easy and th,
Ltiiihrgivernmei.l tllliil iii in (ull.
Elltor Pettiplcce of the Lardeuu IO
gle h.is turned bis guns loose on the so
clilist question. If his [ndgment t tpial
led hit enthusiasm he would reili/.: thai
uo man was ever converted by abuse
Mr. McK-icheran, of Cranbrook. cami
up to Marysvllle Thursday and will re
main and work on the smelter build
logs. Mr. McRicheran is a gentlemai
that The Tribune editor has known
some Ume, and will make a good citizen
for Marysville.
Wc! borrowed a saw two weeks ago
and forgot who loaned It to ns. We
let DiU fact be known, and since then
nine men have claimed the saw, anil
four have proven that It was their
property.   We still have the saw.
-N' C, McKlnstry came to Marysville
on Tuesday, and was so pleased with
the lown, that he bought a lot and will
build a livery stable.
Hugh McMillan arrived lu Matysvllle
on Mcnday and will henceforth be a
clti/ -ii of this town.
Tbe Fort Steele Mercantile company,
tbe big company with lis big stock and
Us hustling manager, .I P. Pink, is out
afttr Ihe business these days, if there
Is any thing In the grocery or crockery
line thai company dots not carry, no
man In South last Kootenay* has been
able io tlm) it out, and It Is selling goods
from Medicine Hal to Kooienay Lind-
Me-ars. Bale St Small, of lhc Man*-
rllle hotel, have arranged wiih Mi an.l
Mrs Sllnn. of Movie, to take charge ol
their dining room, and Die change
goes Into effect next Monday, This
will make a gteai improvement in the
hotel, as nothing will be left undone to
satlaly the gUSItS.
Proill th.- Mnyie Luinlel
Tin j to the reputation gained by the
Mo) it* Miners' Union, their secondan*
niul ball last Thursday was crowned
with success. There was nothing lack
Ing; the committee, consisting of Me*
srs Win. Mills, If, (', Llvesly and Cam
eron C ark. saw that everything wm
provided for. Gaod taste was displayed
In decorating the lull. The charter
was placed at the head of the hall and
was draped with bunting and ever
greeiis. L'nderneath were the letters
W. F M, On one side encircled with a
birder were the words "Welcome to
All" und ou tlie opposite side were the
mlnei's pick, shovel, hammer anddrii,
neatly arranged. On the I .• h of De
cember, I8D0, just Iwo years ago la*-l
Thursday, Moyle Miners'Union No ri
was organized. The membership on
that date was :il; today ll is consider
ably over the 31)0 mark. During the
two years It has paid out   in sick ben
fits $1,11111, and  has now between	
and 11,000 In cash nu hand tfrfi invest-
meats.   The union his attain. .| a stand
lay In Dili  community   which  can   be
A   Leltcb, ihe Cranbrook lumber kit g i
was lu town Tuesday.
I) Wilson. Inspector of school, was
in town this week II.- was well pleased |
with the way lu which the Moyie school i
was conducted.
The trial of the Crowi
foi throwing sawdust I
up list Saturday inori.ii
M igisttate Armstrong.
«B During the past year we hnve greatly increased um facilities           .*#■
jyL lor doing business; increased our stuck, increased our busi-
m-F ness and increased the si/..- of our store    We carry more           (fit
fWj goods and better goods, in the way ol                                                   j$
■4 Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Boots and Shoes 3f
■$r than ever tiefore, and our prices  please ibe people     We             jp*
.■4P will he pleased lo have you call and look over some of tbe              Jjf^
^> late novelties,    Thanking you for past patronage and wish-             ^>
;p^ ing vou a Merry Christmas we remain, your a for trade,                   JH
| THE BIG STORE =     HILL & C0< I
jHOTEl  |
I Ui ll.
Iiii    *H*ii$i 2S~.it-■****** **U    tl.
}      HETEH ■Uiiiisuy Proprietor.      J
! JJ}   When you   .tr-  hiing'V   and   want   f\
the East m
'i. ti. R Mult
ho lake came
in fore Chief
W !■' Hint
represented (1 U Mulr, the defendjut,
and II W Uiriies conducted Die prosecution. The prosecution contended
that Parke, Mitchell .v Co. were in the
habit of throwing sawdust In Die lake,
wl.hh Is contrary to law, Mr. Qjid
. intended ih.tt Die sawmill wn* situated
ou a hay. not on running water, and
thai a boom was used for the purpose
oi preventing the sawdust from liming
out into the lake. Mr. Ai main u-j has
not yet rendered his decision In tho
John McTavlsh, a miner employed at
St. Eugene, and Miss Nellie Wall-ahead
were married in Cranbrook Thursday
morning. They win nuke tl e.r heme
In Moyle, Hull are popular young people and have a host of friends here,
l nun ih- I ri-.' I'rtis
I.  .M   M m-uielil,   bookkeeper   forth
McNab I.umber   company,   was In tow
(! Johnson, formerly of Fernie, who
is now Interested In good mining propo
s tions in the I-irdeiii country will likely winter here.
II iiry Abby, son of the machinist at
McNib's sawmill at JafTray, had his lelt
aim broken last Friday He was brought
here and the fracture was red tic ed by
it. Ulggtns,
A brakeman named ,1 ahn Uremner,
who lives in Cranbrook, hail a very narrow escape in the yard here Wednesday,
II; was turning a switch and attempted
to step on the footboard of Die engine.
He missed connection and in falling
grabbed Die brakebeam ami was dragged
under. Wade under Die engine he let
goof the brakebeam and did a slum
ttiat will slop his growth lor some Dme.
.Nearly the whole length of the big en
glue passed over him when he was
"bunched" up between the rails. He
was taken between the drivers without
a -scratch
T .1 Hennessey and P, M..-I-)wan, of
this town, enlisted at Plucher, for the
third contingent, and left for II t li fax
Wednesday night, where they will embark tjr South Africa.
Marysville, IU milts northeast ot Cranbrook and :i miles south of Klmbcrly, Is
a reality. A branch from the N irth Star
railway Is graded Into the lown P4
milts; the rails will be laid in ten days
and then/ There is already a nice drug
store, It generai stores, 1 restaurant, a
medical man, the Marysvllle''Tribune,"
l weeks old, a bright, clean, crispy
newspaper; 3 sawmills, a brickyard
turning out 30,0)10 dally, and the slone
foundation of the smelter all hut completed la ocular demonstration that the
town is there io stay.
From I'ort Steele I'mspeetor.
Mr Ralph Elton, well ami favorably
known In Fort Steele, was married on
the 30:h of November at Plncher Creek
io a M'as Dinner, a young English lady.
The happy couple will take up their residence at Frank, N W. T, We wish
them many years of happiness and
Doctor Kmnedy, of lOirt Macleod,
who was here as medical examiner for
the third contingent is an old friend of
Indian Agent OOlbralth, it is •.-.• years
since they met ai Macleod and a grout
change has taken place lu the Kooteuays and the Northwest Territories.
We regret to  announce  the death of
William   I. Tompkins,   late   teacher of
nn* Fort Steele public school, at L mil
vllle.   Kentucky,   where   lie   went foi a
change of climate. Previous to his leav-
i ig for Kenui:ky  Mr. Tompkins was at
Die Fort Steele  hospital   where he was
iretully  attended   by   Dr,   Itrodlc and
s'urse Knih. and during his stay there
ippjreutly      was      rapidly      Improv-
ng.    Much   against   the   wishes of  his
medical attendant he decided to make
n effort to go  to   milder dim tie, and
n h's way was obliged to rest at Parole
for a week where be was u ider th* care
it Cirsan    Shortly after his arrl -
t Louisville hedled, and ii lath .ughi
ny his  ft lends lint  the Dip there wa
oo  trying   on his  weak  constitution.
Mr. Tompkins was born near Oration,
intarlo, and began life as a newspaper
eporter.    He did work on a few of ll e
papers  In Ontario, prliclpally on the
Trenton Courier and the Telegram, To
rontOi     Before  coming   to British Columbia, he   taught   in   several   of the
schools of Ontario,     ilis -first teaching
experience in the Province  was in the
I'raser valley,    lie took charge of the
Fort Steele  public  school as   principal
about two years ago and proved himself
faithful and painstaking.     His death is
universally regretted,   lie was comparatively a young man ol about .11 years
of age.    He   was  married   and his wife
left for Ontario a few months ago to
visit midlives.
I 5 When »o
lis        ll I
I.I    111:
111. tl.S
Wait For It
Wc have a car load of Furniture
coming, It should be here tomorrow or Saturday. It will contain
everything wanted for Christmas
in the furniture line and prices
will .suit you.
We Have Now In Stock
Rockers, Chairs, Settees, Music
Racks, Screens, Toilet Sets, etc.
Call and see us.
Kootenay Furniture Co.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. (-.1:0. A. Cox, President, It. Is. Wai.khr. Cell. Man*
Paid Up Capital  ss.ikhi.uihi.iiii
Rest  2,1)1)11,0111) llll
Total Resource!  65,000,000.00
A General Banking Business Tr^n-tacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
To the People <>f Cranbrook
iml South East Kootenay:
We take this occasion to thsnk
you for n rapidly increasing trade.
As the (ddest established hardware
linn in ihis district, we have en-
deavored to deal wiih the public in
b manner thnt would be appreciated, nnd ihe fact thnt we continue
to ho.d our old customers and secure new ones is evidence of llie
fact liml we have succeeded In our
Dining ihe coming year we will
greatly increase our present facilities. We liuve hern in business in
South Knst Kootenay for years,
nnd expect to remain here. We
have nlwnys carried the best of
everything in our line, and are
proud of the fact   that   we   have
earned ibe reputation of being n
reliable firm. Our store now Is
Blocked with shelf mid heavy hardware, granite nnd tinware, gnus
tinl ii iu.n ii n 11 ion, cooking and b tilling stoves Cull ami see nur goods
.mil gel oui-prices.
Wishing you u Merry Christmas nnd a Happy and Prosperous
.New Year, we remain.
Yours Truly,
Livery S
Proprietors j* ** .<
Tennis ntitl driver, liirnislR.il for
point in tlie slistris't.
Manager   .4  „*   ,.<
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairi'tit;.   Give me a call.
Home Hade
That is what ours
is like.    Try it.
City Bakery.
Our bum, bread, cake ami ticket, .sir lalcm
tl. T. ksixcr'K Krocery sti.rc.
Kast Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
H .tn|,  il llir I
tut want n
linst K.ii.-
iiii.I until n
'  the   ICsist
Look I.n ilu-
At the
The Wentworth Hotel
months old.
200 Chickens; some pure bred
prize Light Brahmas and
200-Eg-t? Incubator, by Stahl,
with electrical attachment,
foster mothers, etc.
Bunt Cutter, hand and power,
by Humphrey.
For particulars apply to
G. H. Gilpin, Cranbrook*
for the
iml he Up-lii-llale.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
tt is Healthy
it is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables .* <*
Stable .Siuth of Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ofllse nl Residence. Armslrnn* lie.
(Ill tci: HOURS:
Forenoons. -   ■   1:30 to ll
Alterations   •   ■   •   •   1:30 lo 3:30
Evenings   •   -   ■   ■    7.30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :        :        !   :    B. C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
Winter Schedule
.. effective ..
On October 13th
Tiiere are a few points lo
be considered in hnililinn.
A New Feature
Crows Nest
Leaves kootenay Landing Last-
hound Tuesday and I'riday
Good work, Good   Material I Leaves Medicine Hat Westbound
and the price.
Sunday and Wednesday
tot lime lahleit mill lull iiiiuntiailiiii,  call on
or address nearest local ti-eill.
a. a. e. a.
V'ancnuser. B.C.
j Hose.um miked ..iih Hitsnne nh.iui hulldlo,?
Come .'mil see itte or let mc see yon. It may
do us hullt good.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
J. S, CARTER, P. P, -.., Nelson. B. C,
Spokane Falls &
Northern RVCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway  Co,
The only 1
points Ens
une between all
and South to....
Intermediate Points.
Conneclftig nt
8F0KANK witli the
Oreat Northern, Northern Pacific
anil O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson  with  Steamer for Kaslo
and  All Kootenay   Lake  Poinls,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily (or
Republic, uml
At    Bosshurit   SIiikl-   Daily   for
.Intuit Forks and Greenwood.
If. A. JACKSON, den. Pass. Aft.
Surveys „,
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made hy contrail.
Harry Williams,
Will take contractu for digging rellnrn,
IreiicliPH, ele., anywhere in the district,
hi reasonable ralea.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economieal way to handle it.
3,Georjce Laurie lias wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
I have Kiisid wood sil all lengths,
Le-ave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention,
Richard Stewart
A iiiniii.iiii .'lilnsB Star Mount" ..lilt wur
ilium, lu ..ill he given »iiii ever) douni
lahlnei pictures token ii.'t.irs' i hrlBtntM
Conic nnw, nnd else u* lime in gel o.r
eliilslnni- ...nl. .nil \u uiirl. nri.tiiL..,
from this tittle lis-fnri' lines' weeks town
time of -iliiue. Nil SI. I'liuluK-flph-r
Is one. of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up lor -lefictencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect lilting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson'
niHinicnJ The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C i
I      LOCAL   NOTES      5
« »
Picked  Up About the City  hy Asking
Questions nf  Many  People.
Hest oysters always on bund nt (inr-
Twenty-five per cent discount on fill
ladies' and children's jackets nt Reid
x Co 's.
Ken Rtclmrds left yesterday aftert i
bu Oiiwwa ami Montreal. While absent
lu- will hnve an operation petfortuud on
lm injured eye, ami an Artificial optic nisei ted.
II Cranbrook
Hotel S S
Quests Comfort a Specially
linnil Stabling in Connection
mi| air
lllll llVf
Tbe  Port Steele Meifiinlil,
li is BOI11C line h.iuei kraut 111 o
Rrtlloti pnila,
I R. Coiiltgnii, who recently moved
wilb Ini family back tu Ciilgnry, won
new In.m.it. ni   his  old   llnme  Iiv a lull
limn speech nl a banquet ol lhu Uld
i luieta
Reld & Co. have studied tlie school
-ime question from tin- parents' nud
boy's puiuts ol flew.
While Manitoba, eastern Canada mnl
moat ni tbe Stales me suffering wiih ex
iteine cold weather, Cianbrook is enjoy
nt,: a mild winter.   The Urd looks nltci
Reid & Co.'s great half price sale ol
-.kills ami blouses is a hummer.     tlet in
line before tbey all go.
The Granby Consolidated cotupauy
ii.is Installed a biiquelllng plant tu
bundle Ihe due dust of Its furnaces. It
i the first plant of its kind In British
Get hi your orders for oysters, chick,
ens, turkeys, and the best ol meals ami
ii-.Ii at P. Hums & Co.'s.
Eruulc Collette was in town Monday,
just   returned  from   h trip to
Butte, Moat. He* was on bis way to
Windermere where be has extensive
mining interests.
Tbe largest, neatest and cheapest line
of ladies' and gents' ties and handker
chiefs ever Shown in Crauhrook at Reid
-\ Co.'s.
I.. P, Williams, secretary and treasurer
ol the Sullivan Group Mining company,
arrived from Spokane last week and has
been busy looking after supplies lor the
smeller at Marysville.
A few of those fine shoes for women
and children lelt—are going at actual
cost to clear. Port Steele Mercantile
George llilliartl returned to Cranbrook
yesterday for the purpose of enllstiug lu
tiie third contingent. He has been in
Manitoba the past summer ami has con
eluded to yo to Afilca,
That Christmas dinner will nol be
complete unless you look over the fine
irrayol meats, poultry and fish at  P,
Turns Si Co-
Cranbrook's steady growth is a marvel tu Hie people oi the district. Il
keeps up lis niorttll regardless of eiMiill
lions oi times, and prosperity lingers
with her week afler week.
llatteuhurg work, drawn work, embroidery pieces, sofacu-hioii covers, sofa
cushions and lea cosies bu Christinas
Kills at Reid \ Co.'s.
Mr. anil Mis J P. Pink nave a ver)
pleasant party toauumherol young people Tuesday evening. As is always the
ease at that hospitable home, everyone
present hail a most enjoyable time.
I I*. Dowues, proprleloi ->i tbe Cosmopolitan, is making h f-ieni success nl
bis nil ulghl dining room, Tbe move is
appreciated by the people ol Cranbrook
and is a great boou in the railroad boys
Mi. mi.l Mis W, P, Tate KHve a card
parly last evening lo n itumbei ol young
1 ■ ople, Progressive pedro was tin- pro
u mi mnl elegnnl prizes wen- given lo
the successful .ines. lOn ti one had .1
moat enjoyable lime.
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations   for  tbe  public   unequalled  iu   Crauhrook.
.....Proprietor        J J
Paints and flouldings.        <
^3**   -BS--i    *^*   f^"    i*   f^   J*
% We desire at this time to thank the people ol this **0
fi district for the patronage of the past year, and to assure fi
;fir you that during the coming year we will be better pre- C
fi pared than ever to please you.    Our stock of wall pa- ■$
-ft per and paints is being greatly increased and we will %
fi be able to satisfy all.   Wishing you a Merry Christ- ■$
mas and a Happy New Year we are yours truly,
Hint, the managers, propose to make at
siu'cess of llle rink if the light kind of]
m magenieiit will do il.
The Telephone Line.
Tbe Craiibrook-Marysville telephone
line will be completed Ibis week and direct communication will be established
at once. This is K0'nK ,0 prove a great
couvenieuce to the people of both places.
Joe Is (toing tn Kuii.
Victoria. June 14 —The Times states
tonight thnt Joseph Martin will oppose
K V. Bodwell in the contest for the vacant seat in tbe legislature for Victorin
City, and that Dennis Murphy lias been
ottered   the   portfolio   of   minister   of J
Turn's Brother Rnughi.
The lollowlug, taken from tbe Detroit I
Journal, explains itself, and refers to
two brothers, who, being separated for
17 years, bear ot earh other for the
first time :
William H Rookes, bettei known as
"Hilly" Rookes, who lives at .147 Woodward avenue, is a quiet, retiiing sou
ol a fellow, mil When he v sited tbe
Russell house grill room last night ami
bought wu,e i.n the parly, someone
mentioned that something must be do-
Someone   else   Ihought   peihaps
stranger   lm,
ie    ni   that
ouiethfng   "I
ie ,-!   these.
l ins moriiiug tin
eitei to my hou
-n't fiom the  hu
I'tatik Desaulniei ' M
.'i t tnnbiook the ..ilu
1 . run brook  is a natural renter, mnl n
■ I lOWIf      The people "I thai Cllj  me
doing n  steady business ami me lo be
congtalulnletl "
i'hi- merchants nl  Cianbrook   uevei
ii .1   ...ii magnificent illsplsys ofholiiU)
gin lit S   tis   ihey  nu-   showing   this   -, r II
Thetc is in. need ol anyone lending mil
nl loWtl bu am Ihillg        The vmieu mnl
Hi.- pi ires hiII pteasi	
1 IiiiiI church Sunday school will hold
a t itrUlmns celebratiun in  Wentwotth
1 /   -ni Moud h eve g, Dec iiihei . | d
n.   inning al HrtunYlork sharp,    livery
...,' wclc  A collection will be taken
Ur, Morrow, ol ihe Port Stceln Mei
inpnny, has just c pleted re-
th.'ii    in 11.nm.ih   slock   ol
The ri! .-rt is ver) pleasing tn
Any one .IcsiruiH anything in
uitlltl do  well to see what tbey
live Griffith, the Wild Horse veteran.
-. in town yesterday and brought over
■ iisml grist »f gold dust. Mr. Grlf-
h is Interested in the work of going lo
limit on the bullous Wild Horse creek
il lie is of the opinion that they will
ike good diggings when tbey reach
v tlitt.
The Cranbiook Electric Light com-
p my bus arranged to put nt 511 lights at
lln- C. P. R. round bouse. This will
give the company nil the lights it can
handle tu advantage, with its present
■equipment, It expects to install another
dyiiatllO in the spring, owing to the great
increase in the business.
The skating rink opened last evening
fur the season. There *vas a big crowd
present and the opening proved a pleas-
nut one in every respect, the hand being
lu  attendance,    Messrs.   Mcl.eod  nml
ul man brought j
is,,"   be   said     "lu
chei   ni   the   tailor j
I know  their let
1      bj reel ug ..I Ihem      It was post-
in iikt-.l "Cranbrook, llritish Columbia." I
ivondered  who could bi   writing me
liiin tlim im   awa)   place  and   soon 1-
.V .    11 possession ol Its contents.   The.
I'OIileUlS  math*  uu-  'buy' tonlghl   The
ictiei wan it.'iii ui) "i.iii brother, Tom,
ti 1 ihought >■ ie dead
Vou see. we  children   were brougbl
i|    hi   I. Ion,   1 inl .  and  Ike  mmiv j
'lin-i   children   we   became  sepaiated :
wbeii 1 was but eight vcars uld     Tom ]
len 'I oiil west and  l  came tn De ,
1. ■  ,inl in  fine married   ami nettled
down.    I'   was  1;   pears  ago   when   I
.,«   1*0111   unit   1   h ive   I ill   a Inivy
.,. ,,iin'ii..ii  si 1.' bow   he   looked    1
beard at  varlnu-i limes ihai  he .lie.I
1 uevei could  locale him nm find
1   nit partlculnis
I'hf   leltei    I   ICCeiveil   toll!   me   thnt
1,1 is ii ippily married ..ml Hint he is
keeping ibe best hotel in Cranbiook
[iml fie wants me tu uu there ami sec
him He named Iih boy after mr, ton,
t - 1 1 am quite promt thai I have a
in phew nh.) <s named nftei mc. i
it.11 had a nephew and Hint alone is
, nougli to make me 'buy '" Then
"Hilly" ordered another bottle and
everybody drank to ihe health of tbe
nephew. "  ,
Peculiarities al Nuiiitis.
Names are tunny things to conjure
wi:). Take tome of tho-ic In Marysvilli
for instance." Hungry as a Wolfe," I*
n common expression, yet there Is one
here that has a restaurant. K II
Small and William Small are both tall
men. Al Hale la neither full of hay or
cotton. Ns rinan lllil ilon'i lettbegrata
grow on lilm. Charles Held Is more
like an oak. Mr. Hull, instead of being
empty Is full of Ideas and business.
Charles Early Is generally late. Mr
Taylor n.ver made a suit of clothes,
Joe, l-ililluw never laid law down to
any one, Mr, London never saw that
city, lllghwarden, the barber, never
ofilclated as high or low watdeii In
lodge, Fred Pleper can't even play a
bass drum, ami Archie 1 mile never
au- any of the celebrated dlsli In bis
When yon  think nf Christinas yolt think nf
When  you
Weill lie:
think   of  cold
yon think of
XVlit-n villi think- of tire y
tliinls 1.1
When  ymi   think   of insi
mice vou think of
We aie iliaukiiil thai during the past ye.r   there has
been 110 hie losses: thank'n'
For your  sake ami   thank ltd
for the companies we represent. We hope it may he
the  smile   next    year,      Wc
will continue tn he with vou
reaiU to attend to itn-riliing
in nm line. Wishing von a
Merry Christmas ami a b«p-
p» ami prosperous New Year
I am yours fm insurance,
John Hutchison.
laiUftlOCC "ml Mitiiiix Hrukrr,
Crantiriiiik,  tl   C.
A Problem
If John Jones' income is
$1,000 and the annual living
expense of John Jones and
family is -fi.cixi and John
Jones only carries a life assurance policy of $2,000. bow
does John Jones expect his
family In live two years after
his death?     Insure with the
NOW nnd know that in the
event of your death your
wife ami children are adequately provided for.
C. ti. PAI.MIiR, 01st Agent,
Mat. I.He Assurance Co, ol Caa.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
I he Canadian Pacific Railway Company cont-jl a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1,110 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
Tht' awn-gale amuuol ul principal and int rest, except In ihe
case ul lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided Into len instalment, as
shown in the table Mum the firm In be paid al Ibe time ul pur.
chase, tne second une year from dale ul Ihe purchase. Ihe Ihird in
two year, and so on.
The lulliminit fable ihuwi the amount ut Ihe annual instalments
on toll aires al different prices under the abuve conditions:
IWl airs at S2.SU per air, Isl instalment I5M5
« equal inlal'ts al (50.00
KimberleV is <hc l)usincss -*-■•- shipping point for the
-   North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is tne *-'v'sion--1 Point of Ihe Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
Easl Kooienay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as abuve or to
Lands under (2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
II tbe land is paid for in full al the
lime of purchase, a reduction Irom the
price will be allowed equal lo len per
cent on Ihe amount paid in excess uf the
usual cash instalment.
Interest al si, per cent will be
charged in u\er due instalments.
The Company has also luts fur sale
In Ihe following town sites in Eial Kuot-
enay: Klko, Cranbrook, Moselle. Kltck.
ener, Creslun and kimberley.
The terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and Ibe balance in six and twel.e
Kitchener is in Ihe center uf the great
lri.it range aud Ihe gateway tu lhc While
Grouse cupper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
*&-© -iMjHf
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-ALL   KINllS   OH-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,!
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦•♦•♦♦•♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦•♦•la1
gj Markets
grf in all the
H Principal
KJ Towns in
H British
I Columbia.
P. Burns & Col
»holt.al- inj Retail jfl
Meat Merchants 1
Fresh and Cured Meats Fn.sh ?.«j
Fish, Game and Poultry.      |^
We supply only the best,
trade is solicited.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
; )Qo®mBa®QDmm®m3®®mm®m
• ••
One nf tbe Most Cmnfortablt
Hotels in Kast Kootenay.
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
I. I). VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, tl. C.
Do You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
II su. don't buy    QPI  TIPD    Tbt Only Wholeule Ll,8.r Dultr fa
until yuu nt..   r I.U I IHK   South Kail kootenay.    *rlti far Mrtl
Crinbrook, B. C. * -O- *
PELTIER is also agent for
T. LEEL & CO. .?<tti HAY AND OAT*
This is the supply point lor South East Kootenay.
—FREE— *
We will give the above reward to any person who will correctly arrange thef
love leli.th lo Hpi-ll the niitiieflnf three Canadian eities. L'seeach letter buti
once,  Try il.  We will positively give thy money a way, and yuu may be the \
will Ih-
money will be divided equally. For instance ahotild 5 persona lend in correct i
answers, each will receive (40; should 10 peraoni send in correct answers,\
each will receive $20 * twenty perrtoui* $10 each.   We do tliia lo introduce^
(our (Inn and Roods we handle artouickly aa possible.   SEND NO MONEY J
WITH YOUR ANSWER.   This is a FREE contest.   A post card will do. \
Tho.-e who hnve nut recelri'il atirililni* Imm ..iln-i oonteiti, try thu une. #
! Manitoba Hotel
' t  Centrally Located  Comfortable Koums   Well Equipped Bar
The rianitoba Hotel Is One of the Best In South
East Kootenay.     Your Patronage Is Solicited
**-...... *+ * *•--./?.-♦ *** • •♦♦
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and wc will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do, Yours for trade.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
When You think of Insurance
And you should think of it with winter coming on
You think of HUTCH
See him or his right bower, TOMMV TURLEV
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodatioas
fur Ihe (ravelin); public.
..•~~— —
to Calendars, and
■£ *    .
i Christmas lards
-   ,                                       l''..l   Ills.'!
~ , 1 ,„
Bibles and
- &$tototo.to.toi< 4 i ti hm ■     s$:tototoi>< °m>i>i>ttototot>to< f oee<0' < m $*m!&<
,   I
:   1.
be 01.1
, li.ls bliullllgs
I ai.-  sisistic |l
S'lint.ti t.i   Ell
In , .;-.'»
and appropriate.
I Best of Pipe
Poesy anil
to Brushes
J' Kbolly ll
to Has. Natl. 1
to We have e\
to '""••'
BBB. Peterson jjj
Meerschaum and C ise ■ ■
pipes. In case I'M'. 8 ■-.■ Iiave .
M me line ijo.iiK .it prices •■
that are exceedingly low. j,t
They make a nice prcseni jt
Smoker's gooiis ot every va-    *
.'  I>
iiii, hair, cloth, )\
..lit ami Bonnet, jt
rythlng in tlil*- 0
belt   .nn hop - -.nil   when
donbl a hen l ,i present lm;
book,   li la -iii.- in please.
Dressing Cases
Keally. now, In thla lino
wo mi- showing some pmiuI
site article* that are botli
bean'lfn ami practical ;:3ses
n| k-aitier wllh brushes nml
comb in ebony, mounted with
sierliag silver.
,i TO THE PEOPLE OF EAST KOOTENAY;    I have .m.mgeJ to have my jf
,! he.i.i. .       ,   at R. E. Beattte's Drug Store in Cranbrook again ihis year and wish lo im- s1
ritce. ■' P1'1 ' : ■•"''"'■ ---■■- -'Lil-lr. ni lovers and sweethearts, in fact everybody, thai 1 have the .'
lit it       .. irtment of Christmas Goods ever brought to the 1-Iootenays, and Mr, Beattie will !/
act I i.i showing the goods.   Yours for Christmas Cheer, !-j
SANTA CLAUS.       ?i
i! t!
.1 ;; 'i-iii'iii-11.i-ii = mm*ii(iftii?!!--!  s«  fni!;i-ttt,rttttf*•**«-- |t
,1 itore is filled with the choicest articles lor holiday trade.     i have selected with greater care t(
ol .! .tn I bel ■. !,'.!,> ol the wants til the people this year, and ha. e bought .it bedrock prices.   There- .,'.
in  .. I.n. . isition tn s;lvv you wh.it you want .it prices tli.it will prove eminently satisfactory.   1 il
a t'. w.ini me in .inst look over the stock.   We will take pleasure in showing yon the latest novel- l'
-- j-fraKaKaMSKSHaHaKane B*t«<«- =--• v r. •----■ *-***-*-*-&
ti Perfumes m
the Baby
Don"l Forget
have arilt
hm  and
itabyl    Why, we    j
ea that will suit ■■
Th.? bfsi ami moat del
tcale from   France, England    j*
am! America   Pool perfume Sh
I* a pool   present   but a bot- fflj .
tie of exqulslti perfume la a 52
retlned gift for unybody.
Sleighs and
There are big tlolla ami -. 1 AVC
Utile dolls,  brunettes  ami!;-   Itv*
li lea,     .Ml   beauties  anil if.
[list tbe ililug to make ibe \t i.n  n
I need '
to Leather (ioods
.') lies,    i    -ou cate to buy, all righti II not,all right.
I'his week I will give the people BAROAINS IN CHINA as
s'j the   ■ i for toys, and until Saturday, Dec. 14, will sell
I     China at 25 per cent off!
if. Take   dvantage of this opportunity to select a handsome present for little %
i-i ol yo
lilt ]oy.
- llttlo girl 'lam-.- -A
«'.' .Ill ll>
oil atinpo.
She will waul something
aiwavs ttiiils
present for clilltlta
aiiins.' ai .1 keep tin
1...in.-     We have ..
, Stationery
mini.:       Don't wait until ihe lasl.    Come early and have your purchases j!
set aside.
Never beta,
yr brook lias itlt'it- been .boss n j.
to such a varl' t\' in Hits 1
i llran- f!
nt lu
We carry  Hi
this line iDClltillng tbe latest   ''
novelties.    Ask lo see litem    I]
jCR     BROOK,
don't eare 11 It coats only i '! ..   . ..
dollar, Ills theact with her   ft \\f\C   l\   DfttC
iim lie boy's iieari yearns   *
tin mother and home Christ- o Bomeilil
man.    Ik wants 10 me thing '• tasty lm   tnanth
nice am) be can get it here, t) The  prli
something that win just suit -i
ill in- a great nay ^u
' *
a  Rfinil   v
i      They   -"<
.c children <;S
u line line.    .,.
;: now anil <^
anil lablsv v
I. BQtnethtag that will Just suit ,| anil the vailuty largoeuottgh
f.l h.r. .j to please <**»
..»._.. ... - -  - -•-. -.-_-.-..-.-.  .  ..:.-. K-3Ha^!a«3»saH»awa>«>a>ai.5aHaf«MB«««4^R--a'<e«!«^si«MsInl
to'~ ""'" -Tit pays to' deal at beahie'S } CRAI BROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA. | it pays to deal at beattie-s |
».»*-fc-f-f****** ****** *'***4'
*      LOCAL   NOTES
it enl..- nt 11   T   Rivets'
Moiiilny afternoon anil
» Tnke oi.ll.-
♦ grocery stun
J  evening
****-»-l**+****-.***-*-*-*-»-"»*'»*,i    llentlle Is lilnklng n tlrive nu Ms clilnn   |
iin make room for Itla Chrtatmaa toya   '&
I'ickctl  Up Ahiuil the  City   by  Asking' lie wants tn cleni  liis china Uiblea hy j j
Questions ol Many People.        I Saturday.
 . I     For choice finil niul chocolntes. un lo |
tlooil applea nl Gilpin's Onrmnl's
|    Just recelvetl, n cntloatl ol feetl.   We1"
I .sill handle this line in tin- future,   t'.
| 11  I'.iliiin
\     ]'.   llstllis  \  0,.  Iisiv  only Ihe best of
''">' meats, lisb iiiiii poultry.
John   Dreinnet   is  laltlitp  .villi the      n,e finest line of pipes mid Miioker-.'!I
""""I"1. goods at   llentlif's  tn  lie I..uml   lu   the! J
Charlie Vtoiiian   was   In   Mirysvllle Kooteuuys.
Cull at Millet's for youi skull's.
All kinds Ol  skates al  1'.   It   Mllist'i
hi. Green ol Moyie wiisiii town Tile.
Tins svoulil hen well shod community  5
At this festival  season we endeavor
t» keep in stock a class of goods that are
iti demand and of a quality that will in-
ur   entire satisfaction.   Just look over
the list and come in and see the goods.
fHPKTIP'-!  I'''-M";s HtSCl'ITS—A large nssorltllenl
tlllVlollC 3 displayed where you cnn see and sniupli
iliem. Christie's Sltnrtb ead. Plum Pudding, Fruit Sultunn
nnd Pound Cuke. ROBERTSON'S Chocolate lion Dons. Caramels, Fruit Crystals, Butler Scotch. Turkey Pies. Preserve-]
1 igs. Royal Buckingham Cluster Desert Is nni.- in quarter
boxes nnd by the pound CRAVEN'S ISngllsb Candy, Shelled
Almonds anil VValnutB. California and Japanese Oranges, Apples nml Lemons,
everybody wore Relil ,-i Co
See Jollille Inr ynnr ChriBtutas  t
""'l l""'UrV- nor your Xmas presents In diamonds] -
l-ngltsh holly iiiul mistletoe lot sale nl and gold jewelry, Tale,  the |eweler, s- gmH
0. T. Roger's. allowing is fine sunk.
George Johnson wns in   It s\n severe      Uoti't forgetJollilTe's meal ttuttkel for
days this week. y.iur Clirl&ltnas supplies ill his line,   fie
It is well worth a visit to see Held & carries only the best.
Co.'s neckwt'ur.                                      ^    \ „jce lwill st011e j,e„, T\nVi diamonds j
Mrf.  J.   Plndlay  of Klmberley is in' wilh emerald, sapphire, ruby oi  poatl
Wc keep a. fresh stock of choice
F ind St.tple Groceries.
\: ■ kc QUALITY our aim.
]' v   ■     ■   to sell and you to buy
ihat ::..-.; ul cood.*;.
Fancy and Staple
Groceries & Crockery
aew" i;i:szn*mhi
/-. ri        --,-,.it
town this week.
ai Tate's, the ieweler.
I-. McBride Itnade a bnslnt
Marysville Saturday.
JolliuVs meat market has ihe best lor      Don't forget the little oneB next Wed- I
ChrlstmnB dinner. nesday, with hi least soHiethitift in the 11
,   ! way ol it Christmas token.
trip to ■       J
J Schalch and Normau Ilill <.f Marys- il
The stores will nil he open evenings   -;,l--  '■"'*'--' --o*«   Wednesday  lo  see i g
until nfter Christinas. Cranbrook nnd liet people,
NnU, fruit,  candies, ele.,  fresh inijd      Lots of chluaware for Utile money, at I
nice, at McConnell's, lleotlie's  tot the next lew days,   See I J
i lleatlie inr bargains in china
tl. II. Miner   and J.   I'.   I ink  visited j
Maiysvflle Inst Sattirda?. '    It is Bsid lhat the new road from l;er
,,   ,,- o  r  I, ,-   i    .  -.   i i nie t«i lentilnus, n distance ..i 10G miles
G.   11.   Miner   mnl  J. I'. link   visilcil ' ' h '
v,        in   ,   , c ,    I "K1 be competed next March   *
Marysville last Saturday. '
I    C. R. Brown, of Ihe  North Star mine,  |
w is in Crauhrook Tuesday on Ins w«y lo : I
. S[,nknin* for ii few weeks vacation.
Fir up-to-date choice silvei ware ft
Xtois, see Tate, ihe jeweler.
fit       '   '' ':"
.    AM, J
J\ A" \ .'--   i"       VI",
Jit    Ms'S'inli'l it I'eruie  lun llikeli
itiiinlion h it li Ri'nl & Co.
Don't forget lhat the prices of Tale,
the jeweler, nre  right.     lie   svtll   be
Will Claik came slowi t  Mnrja    pleased loquole them al ally lime.
villefor a few days last week,
Rooms lo   tent  in   postoflice   hloclt:
suitable for lo.lgiiig or office purpose
Apply to R   li. Ileilllie. it
Do you want ft no worth ol china In
*S cents?    If so, see Ile.'lltie,
P. McConnell bus receive it bis stock I
ol Xmas candles, fruite, etc.
!' .Mi'Cimiiell is unpacking
i n tine line  l-
«ill soon be here!   What it
happy time the Christmas
season is when ihv world lays aside its cares and |
worries and brings forth iis sunshine and joyous I
greetings.   W hy nol combine usefulness with your Christ- I
1 "■"= '--;<"     There is nothing more useful, appropri-
AND mm;
mid litter Mnh.h
V, Dec
Dining Room o
the c
ilnn Hotel Will 1
•.' open
0AV AND MlillT
L-t'il   itleitlitni .
ill In-
to sltort orders.    1-
esh Is
S   sl S 1
■ iibsn-
I tjliiistiiins cntulies.    They
Prank, Altn., hns been made a flag  lntely Iresh and just what you want,
nation for passenger trains, Mr_ Schofiel(, 0,  ph)cller Creelt and I
t'hristniss buyers are gelling niiniei     Mticleod, Bpenl Sunday nud Monday In 1
ons on the streets tbis week. lOWIl slinking hands with old lil.-nils.
Vie Deiaulnler of the Centrnl hotel nl       Two cars ol groceries received iHst'fj
week    A carload ol furuitiiie will arrive jt
tin-- week. I".   II    Gilpin.     ;
Mr Schofleld, o| Plnchei Creek nnd
Macleod spent Sun.lay mnl M on day in
town slinking hands with old friends.
.Mis   A.  1,1'iit-b will have two sisters 11
from Matiiton, Man , Inr hei gueuti most ' f
ol the winter,   Tbey ute expecied to sr |*,
William Tierney is nnw night tulxol-  rive next Tuesday
ngist nt tbe Ci imopotitan hotel
inns gem rosity.
ati itablc than iht; beautiful sttitk of goods we are
shov ing.
Moyle wan in town yesterday.
CIniide Mansfield came ovei from I'ort
Steele Sunday foi u brief visit
Tate, the i.wt-li'i,   is showing a   nire
line In knives, forks and spoon -
U l{, Beattie has iome lug b irgaina In
rbina.   Cult before it is loo late
Don't delay nbout securing your holly
spun 11 ami wreetha al Hen llie'*
Harry Drew,  of the North 3tai hotel,
Kimberley, wus in town Tuesday
Oo lo Jolllfle'i meat market for your
Christmas meats, poultry mnl fish
The Crniibrnok merchants nre doing n
inn- CbrUtmna hiislnesa They deierve
tu foi ihey hnve put In Borne  elegant
itocks fur Ibis season,
See tbnl your feet are lightly shod before you lake your seat tit tbe ChriBlums
dinner Reid .V Co. can supply the right
Bhoes nt the light price.
RwilldresserB say lhat Held &Co. sell j    Mr,   McK8lw|e,   0f New  llruuswlck,
""   -<■-'"*'"  ■'"- brother of Mrs. Carter,  has accepted n
position iii the postoflice, and assumed
Make your wife » nice Xmas present
of ii ninlltle cluck.    Tate, the jeweler.
N. Met* Curran and wife came down
froni the North Slur Tuesday evening.
Ins new duties lasl week.
Dr. J. II. King left today inr Ins
home in New Brunswick, in response to
:i telegram announcing the serious illness
of his father, Senator King.
I     Ladies
ind Fine Slims i
Tor Men
and Boys
What 1-* rr.o e spprrprlato than
A Suit for
Your Husband
or Boy?
Hu larjtcBl Atlorlmenl wehavfl ever
I shown tu Neck wo or, Silk llandker
', chiefs, Miilflen, Slippers, Mouto Coiilii
. Dressing Jflikcls, Utlki silk Umbrcl
-, l:is nnd -he iiiinilierlcss lines nf |O0dl
j wc arc carrylrtl thnt ninke npprnpriiiic
i presents fur Christmas.
Han      rchlefs, all k'tuls     ' Udles' Jackets, 25 per ccnl dlscounl
tii.ii    and Dresslns; Jackets i Ladles' Blnuses nml Skirts half price
nil kind
Cu      - ■ Covur-s
Ctt di
Tea Co
i Drawn  v\ nrk
and  Um  rn tiered  Pieces   .i .'
all id sizes
v |
Silk  I  nbrcilas   mounted
ii. ^Ivor
;:, :   -      uses
Kid li     es
■ j
at Wl iie ll ns
e  British Vuko
Peter Mat ties on ol the Kast Kootenay j
holel,   has   been  f|iiilt*   ill   the   past feu j
The Cranbrook chinches are pn-piir
ing special music for the Christmas Ber-
A Cranbrook souvenir spoon would
make a nice Xmas prtnent. Tate, tin*
Miss McKillop is  assisting   Bt  K K
Beat-lie's store during  the holiday rush .>onr>. ■<- .*■     ••.^imu.s^itM
All the hotels are making extra prep- Oilptit's Suggestions fur Cltristmaa Presenla \	
tratlonslo put up nnedlnuers for Christ ;    i Imve rerelved the followfiig gonds n,,el  ',1-
net, I during ihe lust few days: :1 ■  I1"1  '
Itig lot of reed and latlan chairs, lab-   "' 'vigati
l,-,,*ic. Ml   Whit
.Mollis chairs,   big and   comfort ible, M'-'^'i'i1'-'
prices f7 toil3. nniii   south ie opening  of  nnvi
l'aucy crockery and glassware, Import* KntIt'u lKXI
ed direct from Kiiglniid.
Carving sets, Initio cutlery, skates, etc
Come in ami see u-i and look over our     \in9lt
g la. (',. ll. Ollpiu.    11, [|'(I| |,,..,
Si ii In. r n Cniiiioi* Sun ih. ,   ,.,.    ,tl.
Captain I    It   Sanborn, formerly of have found i
Moyle,  Rust Kooleiifty, will ii])i;iitl the r mn from
wiulet   with llritish Columbia friends, leaves the m
ID & CO.
MM .--.ste.a*i
■ s found  linliiiiil   uns  was est-itpi  g
the hedrnck.   The Incniion of me
|"1   tins   li.-ltls  is   nlioul    six   llliloa
for   llle i.ni-iile mi   norlll ol Ihe Kinnli lake locations in llie
hey siill probably •«■   Port Steele district
lltlter w.'tn the hist, mnl you will It
yon buy your sun anil overcoat al Relil
Ut Co.'i,
.isn Creek.
.   ike Pennsylvania
unit n iooka as
1 |i it ire .tiii'.iit; lis
■ i    rep it Ihnl tlie)
■ i - k    The oil
l,e ilesini'ij
llr. barber
II ■ rcl nl limn Fertile mnl will n
in nn t"i several .inys.
dentistry should call nt i
At llie resilient f the bride's father,
Wednesday, Dei!. 18, by lbs-  Rev. W. it
w.l nue, II A . Iteltrt Itcrmiilna Del*
to Millie   Antoill.'lle   W.illtu
1   ibe .T.'.'l'Jnii.i ,l,ii..|ii,.i of Joseph Wallace.
Neat  ivli.'ie ibe   He   Isl .xiciitla uraiiilntlona,
is doing .1 larger business than ever. There
are reasons lor it. We carry an immense
stocl. in every dcp.iitm.jnl. We cover the
lit'Id In business, Instead ol having several
Stores doing the business, we handle the various lines in one building .md with one force
ol men- Thai is why wl* can give tlie prices
and prices .md quality count with buyers.
wishing to purchase pvaclic.il presents should
visit our store and look over our stock. We
carry everything in
Dry Goods,
Gents' Furnishings,
Dining Table
= G. H. GILPIN =
...The Jeweler...
I am read) for Christmas
with ihe 1 ft hue of
Ever brought to the Kootenay country.   It includes
Ladies' anil lien I lumen's
Watches. Hat .mil Slick
Pins, Cliains, Silver Ware,
Bracelets. Rings, Uroocht-s,
D 1 A Tl 0 N D S
Large nnd small,   Drop
in and see the stock,
uilkini Wntch Inspector C, IV ti.
Crows NCSI 1*481 l> Villon
Santa Clans
We hnve everything in slorV
tn make Un .Ini.hen glatl
ltn|iii,-iM.- it. mention them,
mil* . onie   .ml  -.   lm y      I
BelvcB, Wi . seel in evet)
I hi tig fnihloni .1 m Liiiuh Iim-
nml royi Mini nu- Nni Lninh
Put I.n lln-  1 in. il  duties ol
Chocolates iiiiiI
llvcryono ..ill tell you to po .
KING'S niul gel i'. 11 ii. Wo '
.nuke ii specialty ol supply. .
Ing Cotifcellonciy, Niiih nml
Ituistns tolm.'i.ii.s, snles.elc.. |
ut ii reduced title.
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory


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