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Cranbrook Herald Nov 21, 1901

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Array gr
21     1901.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Glto, A. Cox, President.
i'nlil Un   Cnpllnl
Total Resources
. ft Wai.kru,
. 2,0011,01)000
In.ll'l.i,,i.i I nil
the   lowest   in   the  history  of tb
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
Cold Weather Necessities
.it lit:
wood, are
McClary's Stoves,
the very best
Another large shipment of Healing Stoves,
prices $4.25 to $,{...
The new "LeRoy" Steel Range, coal or wood,
cheaper than a cast iron stove and far better.
Bedding, Pillows, Blankets, Comforters, Etc.
in immense quantities, ail prices and excellent values.
Our Rubber Stock  is enormous.   All  new.
Liitest patterns in Skates, tt, fit everyone.
We still do the Furniture business of Last
ti     •
Ladies, ask to sec Ihe new Automobile Jacket, in both short and
long lengths.   The most stylish coat sold.
$to$$totototototo®$*>toV*4>*^ ■'>$ **SPH
Dinner Set
We arc now unpacking the finest,
largest and best lot ever brought
into liasl kooienay. We have
them in every conceivable shape
and shade, from $12 up to $(H)
per set.     Call and  see  Iliem.
1 to
!*> <>
ST-^-rs^**' '   fy* *"   •   -   r r -  r r  r r  r r<£<>->.V
iii^> ••  he Big, Wide-Awake Firm"
to Fort Steele Mercantile Co
H J. P. LINK        .«        ..-« .•*
Hot Blast Heating Stoves
The best stove uu earth. Will bum
anything. Just what is wanted for
soft coal. Call al once, as they are
going fast. Have had to duplicate
my order.
G. H.
Messrs.   Saundera
for Spokane last. Mo
P   P  Hogan  bas
recent attack ..( illu
Ihe eil)  'lit     -.,.
Norman Hill ..pint
this week,
Prank McCaba he
clothing Mure opened
J. Scbalch hns his i
business,   lie Iim
lea l'
mid Williams
clothing store !
bis grocery and
Fertile Coal Company Turn.- Out 13,-
000 Tons In October.
Till;   PAY K0LL   RUNS   UP  $96,060
store ready fur
ly'a hotel is being papered,
mye anopeniugnn Thanks
bu-ldlng is nipi ily
1) McMillan, who
S   to   be ready  fur
Me hopes tu n
J  R Angers
assuming sban
has leased il, ex\
businesa by December to.
Tbe grading foi tbe spur will be commenced nexi week, aud will be com
pleted within 30 .lays
A. Leltch, of the Cranbrook Lumber
company, wad among ibe visitors lues-
E I Plait, representing the British
Columbia Permanent Loau & Savings
company, ui Vaucouver, whs looking
over the lown lor bis company last Tuesday, He says liis company expects to
lo business lien* next spring.
The* Robitisou-McKenzle Lumber company will build iwo cottages at ouee for
rent iu Ibe residence portion of ibe town-
There is a great demand for houses in
Marysville just now.
Hale & Small are doing a gieat hotel
business just now.
Excavating lot   llie  smeller will com-
enee this week.
The new saw mill will he ready for
business llie lirst of next week.
Mr. Lay, of the North Star mine, will
open an assay office in Marysville.
Marysvllle is an ideal luc ition for a
brewery. Some man will make a pi.e of
money by putting in one here.
The Marysville Tribune will be issued
next Saturday Pred Haines, of Edmonton, is in charge ofthe mechanical work
on the paper.
The demand for lots continues, and
there is a growing impression thai before
a gieat while the ptlceswill be increased,
Hendley it Wolfe's restaurant is going
lo be a neat place, and llie firm will do a
big business.
S. A. Gebo Throws tip ihe Bond
On the Iron Properties On
Bull R' /er.
It   is   not  generally  known
I Crows Nest Coal company is t*
i a fortune every   month, in di
; and producing coal, nor hnve \
people in the distiict a full ....
1 ol   ihe  output   ol   tbe   .    ii| ill)      Mr.
Hick,  inspectoi  oi  mines  ftu   ibis dis
irlct, returned from  Fernie the first of
the   week,  and from   him  The  Heratd
man secured sonu: interesting data    Por
October, the output was 43 000 Ions, 38,-
oooat Ferule and 5000 at Michel, The
number ol coke ovens have increased to
.).>.) ul Penile, and  212 at Michel, und in
fi in per ton, and from the profit balance
■ 83 cents per ton satisfactory dividends
were put-]
The Treadwell is a conspicuous exam
pie of what may he done with 11 big low
grade pn.position
October there was tin 0
tons of coke from Ihe
The daily output is 2.10.1 t
expected that the da
itpul of 13,000
Fernie ovens
>:i   ,   and   it   is
Ipiil of coal by
1.1 toil*.
iract fur a
II be ;> in
the eud of the year will lie 2
The company has let a c
rock Inline! at Michel. It
feet long, and 7x1,; feet, iml
pleted by February 1, a lar
to be given, but if nol eon
March the bonus will be ti:
dueed A large compressor
up to work llie drills Tile
company recently installed is working
satisfactorily, and motive powei for Nos.
2 and 3 mines is pasting 110,000 cubic
feel of air per minu.e. The payroll of
the company fur October was (196,00 1.
rr Fort Sic,
McKinsliy   ,,l
was im.iiik in,
I Tlusrsslisy.
The lliill livi
down for tlte s.
I from a
iiiiinl'i t
I   A   lit
1   Steele
Mont ,
visit on
. ihe old «
biic Up fitiiiti mi [run property.
Frank Sentinel: Murk Diumnij ihe
secretary of ihe Canadian-American
Coal and Coke company, ol ibis place,
returned on Tuesday from a trip of inspection to the Hull river iron mines
near Port Steele in S lutheast Kootenay
upon which mines llle company some
mouths ago had   placed   11 bond of $120-
000, As a result of tbis inspection the
bond has been thrown up, the men paid
off and work suspended.
Uoder ibe terms <if the bond made by
S  W, Gebo, a pnymeti   w is due upon il
this week, and to   meet   tins, il deemed
advisable,    was   the    reason    of   Mr
Drumm's trip to Fori Steele. Au inspection   of   the mine,   where  conslderadle
I work had been done since tbe bond was
Wednesday \ placed, did not prove satisl ictory, how
ever, the chute of high   grade  ore only
showing up eighteen inches wide, ihe
remaining ore being full of silica which
bad replaced the iron to a great extent
This showing did not   justify the pay-
ineiil so Mr. Diniiun   called   tile deal off
and let out the men.
This is more unfortunate for llie owners ol the claims than   for  anyone else,
I although it may delay to some extent
, represent*   .,..,,.       . ., , ,
r ! the installing of the non   furnaces here.
..f Vancou-
erest of bis
s have closed
ill   publish   au illusion as a Christmas
as been ill lor th
i Improving.
in tin- ;peopl
id Marysvill,
tor  his couip ny
ol   Cranbrook.     He j
Tuesday     and   was
K fine Loan liunpany
K J. Plait ol NeOon, 11. C,
me    tl.t-   Htitish    Coliniii.il    iti!,  ni 1 - ,. ,.
* Hut us Ihe resources ol the  1:
Loan and Savings company ol \ancou- ,  . .   ..  , „
** ' „ being Investigated, the prese
vei. is in llie citp  in   ibe  interest of his -       ;. .   0
• ies oi iron ore is becoming u
cm,,,,,,,      M,   Flatt is » hustler anil IS | fc nnd „.,„, ^ , „.,
"""    ' "■'■''■■"      'i'i-   'J liml the company has at it.di
hest of these mav lie acquirei
Th.-   fact    that    ihe   first   1
pressed wilb ihe pios-
pects 1.1 mat lown and is of the opinion
that Cranbrook is ou a solid business
foundation ami wilt continue lo grow us
tbe center of a ncli lenilory. Mr. Flail
is fortunate in the company he represents as it is one ofthe strongest iu Can
inla. and ns method ol doing business
appeals to any fan minded man. It has
many loans placed 111 Southeast Kootenay an.l is rapidly growing In lavor with
the people, The lact is a man can do
buslm-SI with Hie British Columbia Permanent 1...IUI am) Savings company and
feel that he will be treated honestly and
fairly all ihe time,
ihe Jeffries-It uhlln l:l|hi.
Tbe pugilistic contest between JefTrli
ntry ere
e of bod-
.- widely
.iug cap-
Daal, the
Mining Notes,
Nelson Tribune: C, P. Hillarrlved in
Nelson yesterday fiom Kitchener He
'.ports:; deal us having been made on
the Morning Star, a cupper prospect lo-
c.iled five and a hall mites 1101th ol
Kitchener, He says a syndicate of London) Ontario, men have taken a bond
upon the property and have made their
in u payment of $2500. Comparatively
little work has been done ou ihe prop
erty aud llie showing consists of 11 4 fool
body of copper ore.
Robert JOtlray, vice-president and
general manager ol the.Crow's Nest Pass
Coal company, interviewed at Vaneou
ver. said very satisfactory progress is
being matte iu the opening of mines and
new railway ventures in the Fernie district, The present output is frum 1.500
lo 2,000 tons per day, and J.J Hill, ol
il e Great Northern railway, who is a
large owner in the coal company's stock
says at the end of four years from now
tne output will be 10,000 tous daily.
Even If this estimate is Urge, the business is certain to grow to great proportions.        _
Fitzgerald, the Pugilist, Gives a
a Knockout Wow
Constable  Banks Takes ,t  Hand
and Gets  the Decision in
the Mixup.
Ilia I ree Pr
Casey went to Elko Thursday.
He will spend Ihe winter iu Ihe mountains binning and trapping, and will be
al ways available to guide bunting parlies.
With "Casey ul the bat" deer.wiH fall
for sure.
There was trouble on ihe mine road on
Monday, Nine cats went off the track
at the ..I.! power house, caused by the
rails spreading, The mines were shut
down and traffic was blocked all day
Monday and Tuesday.
The railroad hospital at Elko will be
completed on Friday aud ready for occupation. It will contain 15 beds and
will be iu charge of Dr, Keith,
A good deal of stealing is going on at
Morrissey. Haifa wagon load ol black
powder was swiped from the mines this
week The police are 011 and there will
bt something drop soon.
A c.nnp of Woodmen ofthe World was
Institute*! 011 Tuesday evening in Joyce's
lull by W J Graves, Vancouver, when
the following officers were elected: Past
Con Com.. Ii, II, Trues; Con. Com ,
Rev. D, Holford*. Adv. Lieut, Keith
Whimster; Clerk, B, H. Short; B inker,
Geo. Cloile; E-Cort, P. McKiunou;
Watchman, R J. Logan; Sentinel, C. E
Fltllj lines; Delegate lo Head Camp,
Rev. D. Holford; AU. to Head Camp,
Geo. Clode; Board of Managers, A. McDonald, M. Bailey, W. B. Ganoog.
■ proved .. fiasco does  uol  1 y  any means
I disturb ihe plaus i • the con ; my. They
ate   iu the  market   for   iron  properties,
but these must be big enough 10 justify
expenditure of the   luge   sum the company is prepared lo spend m developing
LeRol Has New Maimer.
Rosslaud, Nov. io -John II. Mackenzie, the new genoial manager of iht Le
Roi, who was recently selected to take
the place made vacant by llie resignation
of Bernard itlacdonald, has arrived in
Kosrland and has assumed ib
New Goods
We are receiving new goods almost
daily. Our selection this year includes
the finest fabrics of the markets at
the lowest prices.   Call and see us.
Latest in H j I I    S* ff)
Dress Goods IIIUL, OS Wtf.
and K iihlm ni Sail liancisui last Friday
evening was a rank fake. The light
ended 111 Ibe fifth round, not by a Knock
out, but Jby one ol Rublin's seconds
llnowing up the sponge. No one bad
been hurt, no damage done, am) it was a
fluke and a lake. It is such glaring
frauds as these that is putting pugilism
ou the lowest scale. No wonder llie
crowd* slill cheer.al the meutlou of John
Sullivan's name.
New Meal Market.
I have opened a new meal market iu
ihe sland formerly occupied by the
Western Supply Company. I will keep
a full supply of the liesl meats, and also
fish and poultry. Fresh pork sausage
will be 011 hand at all times, You will
liml my prices reasonable, and what is
more nothing will be left undone to
please and Batlsly the trade, 1 would be
pleased to have you call und give our
place a 11 ml.
II A. Jollill'e, Prop,
Hack From the North.
If. L. Stephens, formerly of the Ward-
ner hotel, Wanlner, but for Ihe past lour
years a resident of the Klondyke and
Cape Nome countries, arrived in tbe
city Sunday nnd is tbe guest of The Herald etlltor. Mr. Stephens wintered in
tbe Nome country last year and says
lliat without a doubt they have tbe cold-
e-t article iu ibe line of weather that
can be found anywhere. lie gave it as
bis private opinion that the winters of
Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota
bunched together would make an Italian
summer compared with aNotnebllzznd,
Speaking of tbe country Mr. Stephens
tsaid that there were some very rich
creeks and a large amount of gold bad
been taken out but it was a question in
hi- mind whether llu*lliunUliips enduied
In such a country warranted the light
male. Many made money and thousands
had lost health and what they took iu.
As for himself, he might go back next
spring, yet Hie climate and business
prospects of Southeast Kootenay appealed strongly to him.
,is new
ition      Among
mg men
Mr. Ma
i/.ic lias tile repu
n ot be-
UK well
irmed in  all th
1 D|
to piact
mining and is
„ good
ti a 11 age
Alaska Treadwell Quid Mlnln
■. Company,
The e
eveiith annual   slat
it at llie
ulwell Gold Mln
11 g
for the
ending   Ma/   I
. I«
fire Protection.
Winter   is coming   011   and   the   lire
inbiis Should   see that  the buildings
luties of are In proper shape.   A little carelessness   is  liable   to result iu a serious tire,
and now is the time to take ihe necessary
precautions. The lire department should
also see that ihe apparatus is iu good
condition and ready for woik. When it
is needed, it Is needed badly,
J/ist Sunday there was a christening
in oue ol" the families living near the
tiack in Fernie, and considerable enthusiasm was imbibed in honor of ihe
event. As a result there were several
animated disputes and considerable disturbance in consequence. As a result
Constable Barnes' services were required
and be startetl lo chase one of the offenders, Another bad escaped him by
running, and while sitting on a log to
rest, he was accosted by Fitzgerald, who
won igiiomy as a pugilist by bis meeting
with doll iu Cranbrook in September,
"What are you doing here," said F1I2
' W.diiug for a friend," replied the
man, and he started to use.
' Vou are," answered back Fitzgerald,
aud be delivered a blow with a hatchet
he held in his hand, felling his victim
like an ox.
Caustable Barnes, who was returning
from his chase through Ibe brush after
tber man,   arrived just in time to see
the blow. Without any hesitation he
rushed in and grappled with Fitzgerald,
placing him under attest. There was no
struggle, as tbe big prize fighter consented to go along without any trouble.
After walking a short distance the
would-be gladiator changed his mind,
and announced lo Mr. Barnes that he
had never yet been taken to jail and did
not propose to go at that time. Then
the fun began, and in a few seconds
Fitzgerald  had hu   idea  that  be  bad
struck Something worse than Goff. Constable Barnes did not lake ftoy chances
Pulling his gun and clubbing it. he pio-
ceeded to give the ex-prize fighter a
beating that will lung he remembered.
At last, with crushed   features and blood
According to the Nelson Tribune tht
Golden tiding or W. C. Wells borough
had appropriations this year for road-i,
trails and bridges amounting to $61,400
with a population of 1 93s. Southeast
Kooienay, with a population of5,961,
and a member who could not be bought,
bulldozed orj illied by tbe government,
got only $37,547 for ihe same purpose,
It is not strange that Northeast Koote*
nay is satisfied with Mr Wills as a member, nor is it strange that  Southeast
Kootenay is dissatisfied wilb bun as ■
minister of public works. If population
wealth, rapidly developing resources
and pressiug net-.Is is not to be taken
into consideration iu the distribution of
funds fur public services, then ol ran 1 sir
there can f»e no objections. But in all
fairness aud Justice, if air. Wells riding
received foi joo Southeast Kootenay
should have hail over $100,000, Tht
pull of a minister of public works if
great —lor bis own district.
Tlie Moyie Lumber company is making  regular shipments to the east now
ami the mil
is running
y mill
A subfccrl
plum   list
is 1
cine. C
for the put
...se  of  ra
g  l.ill.l
tor tlie
purchase 0
an   orgau
the M
j nnes Cr
>mn and la
v line arrived
11 Moyle fi
>iu   Spokat
c '
...I ha
.' tistsen
up their res
deuce in thei
nrs, ll
Besides w
hat work
joing .
11 at the
St. Eugene
this fall.
nt woik
on  both   tl
e   Aurora
1  Socli
is   r.srl
properties 1
1 being pus
Ml Lite
been   pron
ota! to it
e I
ot roisl
master, sue
reeding M
As soon ,
s the blac
rive tlie
new tdditi
,n to the
,ic sel
"il alii
Cro»s Nest -souihern.
Late advices from the Crows- NOst
Southern is that construction is making
good progress. Grading is almost finished or, the portion ol the line from
Jennings north to tbe international
boundary line, and track tat ing will
shortly be commenced.
North of tbe boundary line there has
been some delay occasioned principally
p by reason of some diffOulties experienced
flowing from many wounds, Fitzgerald I i0 getting tbe permission of the govern-
cried for mercy and intimated that be | ment for rinbt of way, etc- Now, bow-
as anxious to stroll jailward without |everi comfortable camps have been
erected   and   work   is making uood pro-
Ihe net profit for the year at *f,i52,559
The report gives the expenses very fully
in detail, and, In fact, supplies all information that can be expected. It is accompanied by a map showing tin- condl
tion of the mine and the ore in sight at
the close of tbe year, which is given at
The total ore taken from ihe mine and
treated from its lirst working up to the
close of this last fiscal year wns 3,802 •
133 tons. The total yield was j'; 479 2J2
in Que gold front plates and $3,101,355
from sulpburets saved, an aggregate of
$ti>5S3.627, or $2.78 per ton; the total
expenses were $4,979,961, or $1 31 per
ton, showing total net profits of $5,6oot-
666, or$1.-17 per ton.
The 457.802 Ions of ore milled dining
this last fiscal  year   averaged $1.88 j er
liuod Morse Sense.
Canterbury Outcrop: Why is money
scaice? because people send il away
instead of patronizing their fellow citizens, "Live and let live" is a motto
which every person in tbis western
country should always remember. If
you want your money to come back let
it roll around, don't throw it two or
three thousand miles away,
Men and Teams Wanted.
Fifty   men   and   25  teams  wanted   lo
woik on railroad grade on Ihe Marysville spur of the C. I*   R.    Apply tu
VV   1'. Tierney & Co., Contractors
Marysville, II. C.
ttiiiisc for Sale.
Two conveniently   located, well built
bousts for sate on terms to suit.
fcW. F, Gunl.
uy further argument
Un Monday Fitzgerald was given a
preliminary hearing and held for trial
for attempted murder.
The viciim.of Fitzgerald's assault wa§
badly wounded, but will recover, although at first it was feared that he
might die. Constable Barnes passed
through town Tuesday irom Moyie and
told the particulars of tbe case to Mr.
The Crow a (iood Road.
Nelsou Miner:    R. B, Dixon, who was
Identified with the Crows Nest railway
construction and operation since l*Vj~
was [n tbe city on Sunday, and in speaking of tbe cond tion of the road he said'
"The road from Dutimore Junction to
Kootenav Landing is in as perfect a
condition as it is possible to make it.
This is tbe third year that the traffic department has had to ballast the line.
The work d-me in iy io by the steam
shovel outfit with Engineer Montgomery
aud under tbe Immediate supervision of
Road master Erickson was excellent.
The quantity of ballast turned put beats
the record of any similar wurk done on
the system. Since Superintendent Bury
assumed charge of the division In February last with Fred Walker as train
master and chief dispatcher a marked
improvement In the movement of the
traffic has been noticed ami has met with
a full measure of appreciation of all the
shippers and conslgnes concerned."
Music Pupils.
Mrs. S. Richanls desires to announce
that she will open a class in music For
a number of years Mrs. Richards was b
teacher of music in the east, and she
has arranged to resume the work in
Cranbrook at this time. 1'arents or pupils may call at her residence on linker
hill for terms and particulars,
lhanksgiving l)a> Excursion Kales.
For Thanksgiving Day the Canadian
Pacific railway will grant the usual fare
and one third return rates lo and from
aB points in local territory. Tickets
will be sold November 96, 27 aud 2S,
good to return till November 30.
J. S. Curler, li  P, A.,
A Successful Lontraclnr.
Contractor Greer has done an im
mense amount of work along the line of
the C. P. K this season, nnd is finishing
up several contracts at l-.lko, He is
building a two-story hotel, 30x60, and a
dwelling house for Jones ,V Mcintosh,
and a store, 17x30, for Mr. Mcltahm*.
The new hospital budding for Dr. Bon-
nell will be ready for occupancy this
week. 11 is 30x30 feet, two story, with a
two story office, 12x24 feet, and kitchen
and dining room addition 12X^4 feet,
one story The building ll finished iu
naluial woed and is a credit 10 the place.
gress. It will take six months to finish
the ro.id on this side of the hue Operations will b** carried on all winter as
there will be but little snow or frost to
interfere The contractors c'.aim that it
is difficult to secure enough men. They
say that ihey are paying fair wagea,
have comfortab'e bunk houses for the
accommodation of Ihe men. and that
the food ii plentifnl and of good qual ty.
Owing to the alien labor law men cannot
be brought from Spokane and other
cities to tbe south of tbe line, and on
the olher hand, it cost too much to
bring workers from eastern Canada.
K Quilts* Braktman.
A new brakemsn was sent to head*
quarters one day recently with the following requisition for the caboose 1 pair
gloves, I pair overalls, I uniform cap, I
lunch pail, I rubber link, 1 rubber pin. I
red lamp with chain. The requisition
was duly presented by the unsuspecting
brakeman, and gently turned down. It
was probably the same feiiow who was
sent nol long ago to the engineer by ihe
conductor   lot   some   torpedo   oil,   and
spent the afternoon oiling the torpedoes.
On another occasion he swept ihe sparks
off a car for an hour because bt was tod
that it was loaded with powder, and
would probably blow up.
Cosmopolitan Reopened,
osinopohtan    holel   wi
The Cosmopolitan holel will oien
next Monday under the management of
J R Downs 1. B Orchard, one of the
best cooks In the country, will have
charge ol the dining room, and hit iep-
utatlon as a chel is sufficient to bring
custom It is the intention of Mr.
Downs to make the Cosmopolitan first
class 111 every respect, and he is spending a large sum of money to get Hie
hotel In the best .shape possible.
Mint to Calgary.
J R. Costlgan has determined to move
lo Calgary, his former In.ine, where he
will continue the practice of law. He
lefl Wednesday, and bis family will
move later. Mr. Costigan is a barrister
of recognized ability, and a hard opponent in the trial of a case- He will be
missed in the courts of South Eatt Kootenay. Mrs. Costigan, who has made for
herself such a strong position in the
musical and social circles of Cranbrook,
will have many friends to mourn
ber departure, The Herald wishes
the family happiness and prosperity
in their new home.
Tho rough bred Roosters for Sale.
Four black  Spanish  and three game
roosters  for sale.    These   birds arc all
genuine thoroughbreds.
Thomas Wardman. ,   . mcnsunite
Lime.   Sot I olieti i""1 dud
. ml   ■ ( hour wo
. ,i    . fin .    ,
uu . I   ....   . ""- is my
•  ■:..   n-orli     vVltlilu Ul hours 1
Edit' ii   .nl Pt-oprletoi       hr.,1 I       i  . r yit, ht from the
.... l hullt craft
1EUM; ,.|     I r i , il'l'l" •' .... |    ;      iviug sail-
Une year  -  -  - • -' -'■'-    oi uud left h, I     bunds of a bio-
tslxmouttis "     i   .     . . ....       J u week to re-
Uiii:      10K   HERALD
■    ;.
.;''   -
Tlietu.ul ii.n.'.iii
SL li was iiiM'ii out thnt u yacht had
; been bought fur n resident of the
! Azores uml wns to be d.'Iiv.-red there,
' aud  there  wus uo  trouble about  ber
i Klj'lin
lililliiKlvl.   NOTES,
The Smelter City
l   pn ; ... - I   Ir. s mint ■
| ing at hei hotye on Itikei hill.
Oth/: ;       ■ Bee.
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
W 1,11c l.iiossin.-. nf s'olti's.,,  Hint  ],;t
s ■ -rn  ivns in I'udlJi. ii nli|iflll'i'il H,.,t
Hon Ittiuilnm hml nollhor Imiirls il
, his dtlllBliter nor set nn extra ivntoh ,,n
.1 onn Uotlltcn ia getting It on all Hides   h,... movt.mt,„ts,   >r0 Joilge her siucitnn
now became lie httil tlie brains and cum-   um| ,.,.,.;,|„. ft ,|u. bouse nnil gruilnda
age to sngsesi a I'1"' ol redistribution. mu] Ul„\„. i».-i- ,vu., lo uu u|,|i„lnt.d ren.
Miuy a sujsi who o Isl not have lie/.r ,1 deavous must have lii'i-li ;i sllltlcilll unit-
osu Hie iquires on a chockc. boatd, are , nr. bill - miill-licd 11, niul two
now  criticising  and condemning  Mr ' I' '" «"<" u»rl  m"["« « b<"lt
k ,    .        broUB it the imr of overs i inl. Tell
Hcuiton on lils plan   ot distribution. . " « W« j«°l ^ ^ ^^ x
A blue jay can pica a dgarto pi.ces butj Mm M , miu| upn|1| um- H|w
It tal.es a goosl nun lo nuke one. wlu ,|s |,,.nv0 ;ls s|„. was (n]r.
I    We I'll  I .villi n fair wlml and
"",,!I    Because   it  will  have   the   first
Tbe building of the smelter at Marys  '- ,
.llle means prosperity lor slils part ol j aj011f, ;ls j, driven by steuni.   Wn Imd
the distiict. 1 g„l nivuy s,, ipileti) liml 1 ilnl nol look
pill'stlit, liiil daylight hail Bcureely
Someone wrote a  letter to the Njlion [ bl'oltctt  ss In-n  sve found n  steamer ill
■ ' • .take.   As I nftel'ivui'il
he girl liml liivu missed
light, the snlliug of the yacht ,rises'.
',',',1. ami while mu' steamer wus Innl
■il for Um i'i lea a second took Hit
"iirsi- for ltio nnd wns h....h overbuilt-
Miner telling itui paper auom ihe good ,
woik D. McKay has done on the roads i
of South liis I Kootenay. A prophet Is j
nol   wiifiLiu   honor   save   iu   his   own
The   Fort Steele 1'iotptctor and ihe      At noon thn a
Fernie Free l'rest   aunounce illustrated    'i
editions   for ton Isiuus tide.    The Herald wishes them luck and regrets thai ll
Is not prosperous  enough   to Indulge In
lhc same luxury.
The hypocrite and  Llie knot k-r shall
be cast down together, Neither deserve ' •,,,,, l]s   |(ll[ ,,(,„]
an   at-nlli g   place   ou   llie   face  ol  Un
The government at Victoria la something to which the residents cf British
Columbia can point lo with pride—-
obcr nil
It is pretty generally understood that
the preseti! provincial goverununi is a
failure. Who Is Jto blame ' No party
or no particular combination uf people
If the govei mii ;nt was a parly the
blame cjuhl he placed where It he oags
Thai Is the bu,{ In the beer of British
Columbia politics at this time.
MoD-maltl.of Li it i fame, has stepped
down ami out. He became famous foi
his (utile efforts to belittle labor and
place ihe wage earner on a plane fai
below the man who profits by the In
duslry of labor.
The Phoenix Pioneer, commenting
Upon the growth of I'lineui*. since the
Pioneer was started, says: "'.'lie place
Itself lias grown from a straggll ig mii.-
ing camp ot (100 to On) people to a wel
ordered city ol about 1500 souls wPh
graded street", water works ami electric
lights." II -re Is a practical lllmtrattoii*
of progressive souls.
The Phoenix Pioneer has started on
lis third year It is one of the neatest,
beat edited anil prosperous weeklies In
British l'jIiiiiiM.1, ami Elliot .Vllctx
deserves ihe success he is enj tying
Here's hoping he may have many year*
of Increased prosperity,
God loves a man, wherever he may be
found,  and the dress don't count wi en
the suiil U called hence.
came up with
nlxmrd of her,
while the father bad inl.eii tho oilier
route. She cniiie Blushing alongside,
.villi shouts uml yells from her crew.
thinking to mnlie mi ensy capture, but
us there wore no nrined men nbonrd
she quickly sheered olT before our rl-
H.'s. Within tin- in m two hours sho
i- three differenl attempts to crash
i.ur lire, which
won not iii.'iiiu fo hill, drove the men
from ih.- pilothouse ami confused nil.
Then sh.' settled dow u to pursue us,
and, us n mutter of fact, she hung n>
us r..r-is h 's. slu* hml come .ml unprepared "iih fuel or provisions, how-
ever, nnd nt lust hud lo turn nbout and
head forCndix. I'.y the time she reached port it wus fuo Into to think of further pursuit, and we were left to make
our voyage in pence and land our passengers in due lime nt Bio. 1 learned
thut Hon llamlnez and the Spanish
government kicked up a great row
tin- affair, nnd there was n tot ol c
Bpondcnce mid demands and rod lire,
Imi Im Costa won his bride, nnd lho
ward, and tbe obsilnale old father bod
nothing to do but chew thu rug uud
yell "Carambal"
I p  :
be considered in building.
Good   '     ■     Good   Materia!
and the price.
4    o "\
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.  m
—  '  : $-$*!;'
Saddle Horses and
Sale Sin   es ■ * <M
Stable Snuii, ot Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,!■
!',•.. .'!.-.>, I-    Ii    C    ""vc) "Hnd ivllli anyone oboul bulldlnir
Uillll/IOIJA,   l>.  -U  Come and see me or let mc sec )ou.   ll may
' ' "0^»
.    • -at*
»'.     .-. aUiO
.. Effei live ..
On October Kith
A New Feature
*-fl 8
.,   *    1.   f    !>« ' '
' { ' I   i y
Ci r
.1. II. KING
Physician and Surgeon.
Illliss' al I'csliluics', trimlrong Ave.
OFFICE lisill."-:
Forenouns,   ■ Wl) t„ II
Afternoons   - li.lsi 1,1 .t:.ill
Evcninss ■    UOI081JI)
The steel trust acknowledges n |,roii,
of SJ 1.11,11, if.lil  in  six  ni'intlis.    Tn.it I,
mote tli a 11 wc have made in the newspaper business the lasl six years
Whul  ll,-  1,1,1 1.1  ll,<- lis,II,- ,.l   lolicr'. Ft
~l'„„i,„,-,„l,-,l  1,111, lull..
l.i  -nraernl     Sir cirnrlea    Wnr-
ren, i„ his repnrl of ti„, l,n, Un ,,f
Faber'a i'i, tli-iquuland U.-st, on
Jliiy .'in.   11(00, snyai
"Hw-Uuii 1,1. i,i"'ii-r„i. Itiiuhoa,
win, tvna nt the umiii turinlioltae svitl,
tl,,' scultlH, on h".iriiiK ll„. rirlllH, nml
ai'i'inu  Ilu, hurai-s stn sle, Bol    lo-
gothcr ., lew ol Ins men nnd nisi	
Into tho km.,I. openluu 11 lirisl. lire
on tin- rhiun where ,l„. It,.,.,s were in
tho ,ii..1,1",1,1 wuKliiiiKK, until ih.'.
ti'''' bll«etl to I...-.' lira by Lhu y..si-
mniiry      „,lsn,i,'ilii:'      mil   In  I'r,ml   nf
them.    Al     in.- sumo linn,, C,.|.laln
J'11,1.,,1      .iml     j.   t.l'.inp 1,1 ^.'lr,l   V,.,,-
iriiinrs,   look  rmssi'.ss | ,1,.. snulli
end of ilm -.ni" knurl, ami acted under   ,1"'   order*.   ..I   I..I    IIiikIii's.     Its
hoi,linn     tins kiii.il. ih, s   |iii's,'tiii',l
tin- ri.belfl i'. m ii.i,  liolrj    in,,,, ,|„.
d„ ii    of il niciery.    At   Mils
iiiiii- il." rebi-la l"j,ni to run awny
Irom  Hi- Houtlt slilu „f llm Kiirtls.n,
nml Were in tloinfr s,, cxponod , ■
Hi''', but Col, tluglum, aiipptwliig Hi.nn
t„ I." in,,' ,,iiii men, ol'detetl t'n|,l.
Parkin uml party lo cense lire,   nnd
tli,',v tit s.n|",l     Col. Iliiulu's then
decided i„ outflank  n nnnij-,   and
with ami 1 iin- -i nnnry nnd somi
K„„,l sin.is of vnr s coi'|is, li" drove
the enemy up bovond tin, tliriTtlon .,(
tin, coinotery, tli.m Rs-ttlnjr. in linn
wm, t',,1. Crowley, nml brlnffliur, liis
right    sl I,!.,' up li" took Venter's
men on their flnnk, nml Urovo Litem
away to Lhu noulh."
In Hortlun ^'1. Mem Cot. llltRhes
A. A, li. Iiilclliijunro ,llli,■..,', Mm,,,.
Ogltvio, "K" ll,,,,..ri. i:,„nl Canadian Artillery, imii CnpL. Mncklo,
Warren's Scum , urn named "ns brine; particularly worthy ol mention
for  ilu- "M.dl.n,   si'i'virea   llicy    per
''"' 'i   llu-lr   re»| live spheres
during iii" ,lns ."
tl,',,",„l    Warren'* reporl In,., l „
•tr,nulls' aupporlerl by f.nrd Hob-
erls Inins.'lf, i„ |,|9 .i—,, , ,„ ,,„.
III,-,) wlilstltiirr.
Dr. Willlnin Krulisa in Tho Journal
of Nervous and Mi'iiinl Diseases <ls,.
frilii's Hie ens,., of u Polish herdsman,
•^7 years ur use, weighing 'Jim pounds,
.slm aoino iiuiiiilis previolla tit nn neel-
.1. in bad suffered from apoplexy resulting In left hemiplegia, lie tvna
slowly regaining the use of bis iirni
nnd ls'g svbs'ii be wns struck by o train
niul was found unconscious on tho
track with three scalp wounds. Thero
was a depressed fracture ot the skull
'In™  Inches nliiivs' nnd one  illl-b   be
hind lbs- left ear.   lie was liumedlati
trephined niul the depressed bune
About io o'clock nt night lie began
to whistle, not, however, tbe "popular
songs of ihe day," but the whistle culls
be wus accustomed to use In calling or
drivlug his (locks, lie would continue
whistling for about oue minute, then
would -cease for flvo ur im minutes
and kept tbis up nt regular Intervals
until lie died. Al nu time was it possible to distinguish any melody.   Tim
sumills were of tlie same pils-b .'iml 111-
tensity nnd of llie same character.
They were audible throughout tho
ward .-iml attracted the attention of pit-
tlcnts and attendants. To tbe phy-
s in attendance It wus a strango
smelter in linst Kootenay.
riy'tn'tiio 2   It will have the first lead refin=
esy in Canada.
3 It will be tht* great sawmill cen=
tor for tlie St. Marys valley.
4 ll has brick yards with a capac=
ity of jo,ooo brick per day.
5 It is at the junction of St. Harys
river and Mark creek.
6 In Hark creek fails it  has the
finest water power in the district.
»;« 7 It is the point from whence rail=
way construction up the St.
Marys river will begin, and will
be the base of supplies.
8   It is only seven miles from the
North Star and Sullivan mines,
two of the   greatest silver=Iead|s! WEEKLY F   ; i'Fd'iS
mines in America.
"iy" q Marysville will be a pay roll town
with   a   constantly   increasing
force of men.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
liidispen?;.')!e in
 Every Home
A Reliable
and Barometer
J., n- belli giimf.
James Kerrigan & Co
«liuls'snlc dealers In
Crows Nest
Leaves Kootenii} I finding East-
bound l'n .-'!,n iiiiti Friday
Leaves Medicine Hat Westbound
Sundaj and Wednesday
Fur bins' Inhlci mid (nil Information, call on
j or iiililu-ss nearest total agent.
Merchandise       ' A""
' l a y
Vancouver, li.C. Cranbrook
J. S. CARTLR, 1). P \.. Nelson, 11. C.
Grain and        Spokane Falls &
Produce L   ,.      ... r
Northern R vlo.
Given   special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, l>. C.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
...--.-   '- ■ I.O.ti.F.   K.) Cils Ledge'
-. ' -.'    s„ ,.     „,.,.,.;,.,, ,",.l      The y all rail ionic between nil
•-i-'J ....   ,   i „i ■,,,  |,„||„„      poinls !•.:,-! I South
%ii (| Intermediate Poinls.
A. L. & \. M.
! ;]!"> j Qrent Northern, Northern Pacific
and ... K. eV N. Company.
Lots are now on the market
and are selling rapidly<&s<£
experience to hear these whistle calls   C^* |£*BU^S,,
. i^^^r-ysas Simpson ix Hutchison
...Sofe Agents...
the pntlent nt nny time beforo
or after ibe accident, and be died,
whistling a few inin,iis's before death.
I'.-.'l  mil,,'I  Ki,,,..   T. ran...
&T&VTZTZ5£ Offices:   Marysville and Cranbrook
niifaililB   no   tin-   liiiMnt-lllno   nl    tli.i '
Ll.* [utrsiiiis as the btilterlllcs or tlio
h inuiii Bpeclos, Cnrljlo had promptcit
Milties to press Tctutysoti's cIaIids tor
it pension. Tho rival cJnlirmnt una
Sbcridnn Knowles, tliu popular drtttua*
I'cci consulted Millies us t.» tbecource
wlili li tn ought to t:il'i>. nccoinpnuylng
iin appeal by tlio stntement that for
lii'i.m if ho Knew nbsolutcly Qotlilng
either ol Mr. Tennyson or Mr. Know lea,
"WhutJ" snld Milttt-H. "novo you
never seen tho oamo ol Hherldun
Knowles on it iiln.iJ.lUV"
"No," replied Peel,
"And t)flve imi never rend a poem ot
"No," wns iiirniu the answer, nccom*
pnnled hy n rciiucst thnt Milne* would
lei him boo floniediIns which Touuyson
Innl written. Accordingly Milnos Bunt
to Sir Robert Peel the two poems ol
"Locksloy Mull" uml "Olysses."
I      P
'll..' Mnlteao,
Tlie Mnlleso nre mnliily tho lust surviving  re nnt of  the Cnrtltitgiitlnu
brnneli of the olsl Phor-nlclnti people.
Malta was the half way station hu-
iv.ss'ii Cartilage and Sicily, long held
by the Cat'tltngetilans and of which
llninllcnr, tho falher of Hannibal, was
at one tiiiie governor.
Get ready for your fall wall-
*^|U>-     papering.   We will .sell wall-
p^      cheaper than il lias ever been
sold in the district.
nii'l :
Season tyoi-iooa
out r !. ertl -" sment
,-e  Weekly  /
Solicitor, Etc.
■ lU.lK. ci;.\M:i;iiiiK
Nelson   with   Steamer  t'tir  Kaslo
and  All  Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily fo:
Republic, and
In the County Court of Koolenaj lloldcn ul
In tlie tnnllf-i    , lln    il  i     u! •■it-Mi ..f lli'i
Whe^ You think of insurance
And you should iliink of it witli winter coining on
You think of HUTCH
See him or his right bower, TOMMY TURLEY
Harry Williams, ®«£  • -  • •
Will Ink-contract*, foi dinging cellars,
reiii'bcs, ri,-., anywhere in Iiie rlistrit-t,
l reniouablc rnles.
floyie's        Hotel Kootenay
I o#   S5    . v The besl of accomodations
L«CcitS ii ll g" A f0|. n)e |ravc||ng f>i,hiic.
Hrj;1"pl ' Ms.ri.AHON   BROS.,
U«-Ci Proprietors,
Certificate nf ifi-■ ItcnUiralloii of 'in livt
\C\ 1807,"
Perry - Creek
Oliver Burgc        ■   Proprielor
Good accommodations for the pub-i
lie. Be.-.! of liquors and cigars.
Come and see lii^ famous Perry
creek district, Quart- and placer
minim*,   8 mites from Cranbrook.
VV.  F.  QURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
raabrook,       :      :        British Columbl,
At    Bosslmrg    Sl.i.te   Daily   fur
tirtiini Porks ssitsl Qrccnwood.
it. t. Jackson, ticn. pass. Agt.
'"• ■'•■■ of 11 premium for
1 I'"   I* «   '"■■'.   Iinv,     . ,',,,'u
Land Purchases,
IHining Claims,
Etc., made by conlract.
I'. 0, Fort Steele, II. C.
ma .I...'
'■■ ihtt,     ;    - rn r,u n
'i ■. ■  '.
I have goai wood ol ill Is-iisrllis.
Leave orders il Townsite office or
;:,|1]0 I with C', rev raylor.
Richard Stewart
Something for Von
A lii'iiini'.i! "(iin       ,, itrninl" „illi .nur
plialn In alll i   .  ..; svit'h ,,,,, dnicn
talilncl i in    lal, i h, [,im s ii,,-iii„is.
Conic in '    mnl    rem llm,  in js'l nur
Clirlsliii.','. ,..',:. ,,.,i      Un imrl, ,., I,,.,!
Ir.iill Ilu    ilnl    i   lun   ,.'....   ,.,',.|,s bum
Urns' III Hilling. 1 -IfI ST, I'll ,',a|,lirr
tho   11. "Illy
I'i..'   I'r,   i
Get your Job Work
piipvlat tiic Nenihi office
and Builder  ,-<
All imrl, tnaranlccd.   Sec us ktorc
you Iniilil.   li will |,„) son.
Il„. I„. ..I nllli
h-i'il.s ..I s'|„,
I'll,'1,1111,1,ill n
, .-..nm, illviibnl
ill.'   IS'II'I < ID
,'lllCO   I- -ill!.:!'*
Crnuhrook, ll t
[mproying On Nature
Is on-- nl the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up foi leficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and mute. We not only make perfect liltinry
garments which sel olf a good figure and Improve a poor
one, but we put matt-rial in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
flic mill Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C I
The iOo Printing
.-.'..'. ...
• • •     	
  : -I
■   i 4 |  ;"
be secured when you get   :■ CanadL..'. . icific Railway Lands I
«■ work at I he Herald  office.    Irj      . . J     ^*~      **^  0
it and be com inced.
Tin- Until ..t liomo'a ii wuailrou. light,
i hi Canadian Pocit .. Railway Company control a large urea of the ehoieest farming and ranching lands
in tlie Kootenay District. The prices ranee I rum $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural Iiii,sis.   These lands are readily accessible hy the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
ii'.'iiiusi the gray wnli.
"Close your eyes," tho ntlgel snld.  "I
vlll sln.ss' you Ilio s ul wing."    'I'll,'
mluler I'll lillitm-lf led I., Ibe south
illldnw.   "Nun  I;," anld Ins iii ■
\ slfllise change Innl c ver lhu
ini'l'M." In Ihnl  short i neut.     A
 Iluwer ilu- ■■ , "I ihe foliage ot
Ilu, Iroes mid ,1 '.'I'.'ii.'.l Ihe I s of
ilu. I.I..H mu .  ' Itj   ii-.-ir Innl a
itruugei ami vlvl.1 blits..  "In litis
.-ul 1. " said llie iiiigol, "are nothing
mil nils.   'Ihis |s wbi'l'e It.i-ii llolllu'lir
I'.i'iii'.l    I..I, ni'  1.. lhu I'onil nnd
ill ace Hi.' cliui'glllg. is bib- I
hemes of lhu 'II..I-.-  I'lllr' nml  hear
.■ir iii,|gltlng,   I'lnylns there ou the
-I   mil.I   nr.'   Ihe   glltullis   „l'   .Mini,,
llnsliklrtai.fr,   Here nre nil  Ibe hind-
apes thai we s-er »|ireitd „n cnn-
is. T.nln.s tbi'ii' uru BL-eues uf enltn
♦ f I niul .111I1I; tomorrow my Muster will
1     llAlilill'l KI.MIN1E RTVEH.     I  | clot » sky, bend his
Tl    11.1,1 ,.l I".".  ■ , "."I'lii UH III 1st
VI ill   It I..U.I'   .   ii'iiilii
II ir, ft.,,,, ■   I       ,1 ...    .   ir,
,       r 11. Sim .. -,   l,o„l, lli'inibllt
f ANGEL •:• * •-• *   I ;
Hi prink ngulnst the rough window     .,,.-,, . T,T, ,   ,- -r-, ,, . -.- , ,-, .      •   •'
hunt  11  bnek  to Its placo   THE AREA OF CANADA     .',
Terms of Payment
dI Cumuliani   ThoirCoun-
■l 1,1 Sons on tlm l mi ut
The aggregate amonnl  i principal and int rest, except  in the
.   a       case of lands under S2.50 an acre, Jb divided into len Instalments as -^
shown In the luble below; lhc first Io be paid  :ii   lhc lime of pur-
•v •
x   *•
HiaOli    i:„,„|,,-i,i.i'«m|,,,,is'.',»..'.« • .   ■ clldSC,   Iih.   scelulil   one year from dnle of tile purchase, the third in \   \
>-«"'«••"'»" '  "'" °'""    ' ■' TX two years and soon. XX,
- • *• -.              The following tttble shows the amount ot llie annual instalments to"&>
• • ■k-i on 160 acres at different prices under the above conditions: -i   "-
*Vto   IM ners al S.'.Stl per sicr. I-I instalment SUMS   0 equal iutal'ls al S50.00   -  '•
%f     toi ■■ . '!U      •• » il.'KI •• liO.IMI  'Vk
•.'•■   ^y    "        -'-so   ■•       ■•          oi'- " 70.01)O^y
'."   <""'    •• 4.00 5X3 „ m.m^to
1,50     •• » 107.85 » '.0 00
5.00      " ■• IMS '. 100.00
Bin   l-oiilbltllla. »t th. Country.
r.iiin.li,,,,:. huvu ih-' ui,-.is,si and
rli'hs'Sl ,-,,,111,,., in I'i's- Ibilil lea n|...i,
,1ns con ni.    liovi fn,'., 1 uud s.i-s
ni    uslii.	
thin,  .ill     li"-'
his bed
ihnl lliose |.n|ii|s whit wlsl iy hnvo
lm' inudel llie gluulu nud tho slurm."
Willi 11 gesllire lln' angel bade Ibe
,. r ,, hud citcll    I" ' ''I -  It'" •>'■ i'  -i'™1"1  '"""
lis   I Iiv dliigv ,'Ui'l'iiiis    and led hint tu tbe oust wlllduw.  When
«.<,....*,...-..»♦..-.<>*.. .s>»..".»»•-*«
The ptlttlter snl 111 liis Bqtlttt'o studio
with  : ..  bend  buwed  in  his hi
iVwmTi order    Now'.1 olO.v,   'Ol'-'"'"Maine
l„'i,|„'ii,',l llu'iii lb,'i',' hml I'liiui' iiiiulImi'
subtle ehltuge ou llic world wilb,nil.
Tlii, I'leh llnis bud dlsniiii
the , 1.... 1- ssiis Iiiiii'.   The mini's
..... drntvti and gnunt, and when | .,.|h, ,.,,.,, lhua |IIlt1 d|s,ipns.ni'cil; 11 sub-
■alsed bis bend his eyes were very I ,h|,,,| ,„.„„,, ,,,„, ,.,,„„, „„. i^dgel-ows,
i mnl wisps of ragrnnt, tnutley leaves
' ilaueetl nlong the paths. The great trees
were liai'e, nnd lu the network which
their stripped,  complaining branches
bleed Ihe wind intitle n s ber singing.
■in ibis wing." sulci Ihe itugel, "are
niv Muster's etchlugs. Uere are silhouettes nl' forests against 1, Bteel sky.
tlere 111,' stretelies of bat'feti sencottst
bu,el;- il> s.    tlere ure sk'solnte
l-y bouses hy I,I,'ill; ways.   Hero
•■These yettrs!" ho cried in lb,' sl-
leni "four nf them, tiny nfter day,
week after week, ulssn.ss striving, always laboring tu i'\'|,ivss the thunglit
which Is in my bruin,
1„..in-"   of   poverty,
Iwuys Impotent
itls.'.-.ys   lolling
through three days tluu un Un1 fuurth
1 n 1, irnvt in. dt Is and uintei'lnla fur
uij great tvorkl   1 toei the power with
in  ti.,'.  but  1  am  helpless.    Others ! nre nil lb" smi anil sober shadows of
around me succeed.   1 envy them, nnd   His' pencil."
my envy sintiitsl.'s Uin lovely thing
Willi h 1 try In pnint, niul Us Isutuivs
grow ghastly mnl baleful in me.   II' I
cuuld   nlj linisli Hns , plcturel   But
1 ..-in t ssiibsisit hours of work with
costly models uml tunny slnys of application whli:, 1 must spend in eurulng
rn.- bread.    Ami Uu' Inspiration will
nul  unit.    It  Hides ,1! ler while I
lie n.   if it pusses, I am lost."
lie   I. .is .1   Ins   bend   in   his   hntlds
Again tlm angel bade him Hose bis
eyes and Minis the north window open.
This tlm,' 11 fun imr change, tlm greatest „f ull, appeared. Tin' pointer
,,.uiil Sinn'., reiiress 11 cry „f delight,
I'm- lm is,is looking mu upon 11 world
or sculpture, smi snow had initrbled
llm dimpling   siirl'nee of street   mid
Held uml sn ihi',1 th,. harsh outlines
lulu grace, stilling tlm spill'ltles of the
distant riser. II bud turned llm coa-
tours    ni  tlm    faraway    hills   ill    the
curves .11' n iu uinidcns mid giant
I warriors.   It   sins   ns   ll gb   some
,,. while and shining,   groat white vision hml c ■ while the
drifted down  through  llie o|  sky   onrlli slept  leh nil tbnl was  e,
I,,,, ;   „d .,, csiile linn.   The paint- |nll ihnl was m. ly. nil thnt wus without
"...     , ,   , ;,..',    u,. I;,,!,,,, nn,, (bo   ebnrm. and ilreuin ll  Into luvellness.
,., ;"',. „..,', „,, :, 1  for !„• Innl seen   The IKiliilrr drew 11 long, deep brrath
„„ . 1, .„', ... dreams.   II,' eliisped his   uml threw hnclt his bend with a pecul-
taarts nud knelt nl the angers feet, and   Inr   gesture   There was a new light
,!„, « were still 011 his race. I1 »   ul*  ''i,','.  ut   which  Um nugel
.p.,, .„ 1 „,is I slm: nl li,' cnnvns 1 stnlletl. II.' seated himself and dropped
spread upon the easel.   It wns a Jnlu-   In- race Intu his  hands,   ll wus so
lileuf lm.'." I'm ins. for tin' painter wns   grent nml i nrvt-loi
,„ |, i  ... | mu,:, Ii u grent nllegory      "hen lm I..
cl hniunulty  etui I  "The Triumph   g""''-   II,'
of Lire."   "Will nte you not nt workV" ; J™rs  wen
tlm   stranger    asked.    The    pnlnter | bi-nutlful
stretched  l.:s nrms wide with i    '■ '	
spnlrlng it 'slttre.   il ,sns hopeless m.l   '  - »l '
helple -.   I: mi'in i  want, di-slre. !'■>     .'
crtv, ugooy, suppllentloo, all blent Inin    I    ■
ie nue,'] wns
I t„ his tvi*. The
upon Ins I'm-.'. "A
' be Bald. "A hi'.iu-
■ looked ut the cnn-
egnrsletl liiin pitifully for
I':.,' climbing
tl.. redder, n
ui    -ll
tllfi; Murylaild, lU.-
111,1100;  VerluotiL,    II,-
,',.mi,,i i.il.)..'     Ini'hulu
Ilu, following miii,in,n.il status, m.'
Iii'iiisvis,','.   It.n.M,   s.|lllirc   mill's,      1,1-
Itliode   Islnnd,   I duU squnro     lull   ..
,,r  n   t.ilnl   Ol   1110,1 I"  s,|ii.,i,'     lull-
Afnr Includlnc the uhove, wc elm
Mill allnlll i" I',- generous, uml
h'lisi' rniiiii lur nnolhcr Btnto us
hli'go    us  Ni'sv  Jersey,  Willi     7,81.1
k,inure miles, nasi sun bus,'     su	
-l.ttuo s,|iu,,'„ tulles lu Loss oft ii
closely corneroil. Quebec is ueui-ly
0,000 si|Uiii'e mill's larger than    the
l'roviuce ni Ontnrio,  insuring lilts,-
nun Hi|ui,i',' miles. Tho two Provinces named, will, Uritlsh l.'olutnbla,
possessing s ren „f :isut,.'tl,o sqitnre
miles, t,nul ss.'ll.itno stpuiro mill's,
nml is ns largo "s ull uf llm
following West,'rn Slates, .1/.: Colo-
r    lOS.IIdo     s,|„nl','   mill's;   lib ,
SI,SOS, si|i,iir,i null's; Illinois, 60,-
r,;,,i iupuiru miles; Ins.,,, r.ii.ii-,,
s,|,in,v inil"s; Kunsus, 80,080 square
mill's:     Michigan,    B8,l)15       Bqunl'o
mill's;    Alii sola,    8H,»06    sqtturo
mill's:    Ohio,   11,nun s,|„,it sllcs;
Oregon, nil.0110 square miles;  North
link,,1„,  7".7'.'.",  s,| ''■ mih's;    Utnh,
8I.H70 srinaio miles; leaving lsl.OOO
squnro mill's t,, spare, Our NorLhwesl
Torrltoij    ul mprlscs UOtl.OtlO
squui-e mih's: ihis nveti ml,In,I tn Um
n i-.inl nf 1.7 1,1,11111, sipinre inil.-s or
l„  iin- „.,.,  ,,!' still further compnri-
Ihnii Alnskn,    by     677,81)0     squsiro | *
miles.    Hut n larger part „f Canada
still  rcmaitis  tn  i o csmsi.lorcd,  vi/.:
Alunitul'u. 73,1)611 ssiuuro miles;    As-
Kimbet'ltT *s ri-e business and shipping point for the
"   Nurlli Star ami Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsilc Ajjciiis.
Lands under S2..SII per acre .'ire -mid
oil slinrUr lime.
If the land Is paid lor in full al the
time of piircliasc a reduction irom the
price "ill be allowed equal tu ten per
cent un the amount paid in excess uf lhc
usual cash Instalment.
Interest at six per cenl will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Companj has also lots for sale
in the following town -iie- in l-'asi Koot<
enay: Elko, Cranbrnuk. Moyelle, Kltch.
encr, Creslon and  kimberle>.
The term-- of payment are one iliird
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
Cranbrook 's ''lc l''v's'niial poinl of lhc CrowsNcst Pass
Railway ami the commercial centre of South
Easl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
•..j-®-<s> ®-®-
Kltchciier is in the center of Iheureat 1 • t
Iron range aud Ihe galewa) tu the White "• [
Grouse copper fields,   J. T. BURGESS, W
I ,.u nslte Agent . ..,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
For maps am! further information apply to Agents as above or to
U.*.f4*4J.«il4^4f«kAI..'.il4*>il,*|-'.'td,.,«Al„',4«A4-,Ail««Jk<.**«4.^      |
ii[3igie;. •■•'"•"--o oo- ■ zmmmimm
niv mill's:    Al-
■    ntifes; Atbn-
bftsku,    I"l..-un, square miles; Terri-
ton  .sis, uf Keewtitln mnl suuth    of I jj
Hudson Ihi.-. I'."'. SOO siiuaro   miles;   «
territory    of Hudson's Day. 363,000   1
square miles;     islunds    north     nml I,
northwest, nol  iterated in abo.
3 in    s,|,iiu,<  miles;   Ui.'.'l   I-.'
mil   Itiver St    [.ntvrencc,    nut
i.uil.'.l in iih.,,,.. AT.-lui, sqllnre mill
Prince  Edwisr.1   Island,  2.000 squ,
miles   New  llrimswick, L's 200 squi
iiii't-s;  Novu Scotia,  20,000    squ,
i The Cranbroot
| Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
; ■
i ■■
» : i-
* If'
-Al.l.    KINIi.S    Of-
j Rough and
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
,M. Mclnnes & Co..
1 Meat Merchants %
i-i jii'i
M h'resh and Cured Meals Irish fm
|;| Fish, Game and Poultry. .,
k ««« H
We suppU ,,nl> the ne-t.    luur Ol
!•';        trade is solicited. 11
BEBBBKffiEB6 ffl .-l- OrOOOOI031E3
Dressed Lumber, |; Robinson & McKenzie.
stmh-uls    of    Ui.' Cain
"In lib..
,■ unlh'is nl,' th.
mo I, l» "1 nil
tlm   gn
niesl   works   o
Hm   world.
Nnt lii'i.:
Is   iniss|i,_-.    1   1
ns,'  i*"l''''    i"
e i.' sn
■ :'i 'l'irimt,'bis'
pr.!:.   .11 i
There t
■■  '       "'
on. "'',
tin i-   '
i  „ll Um Brest
.  ,i,i   their   hihui
I'r.'i i ll
nlder.    l lie    .  . :
.    ..!    I.I!,''
111,1.' ,.( tl
th,- past  !.
11 Dimension Lumber,
heoi -,. careless about
ni this il.,, ui.'smm si
r. h> comimring Hi
.,s with thu-..' ..f th
ont Itself nml ll.,' 1'
M:  Brit
Shingles and I     Saw and Planing Mills
k.S I rioulding-s.
i-   s,-t   iluSll
ut very fin
ill untouch
All Kinds Of
Hi ..." -I.   W.i
11)  nl   lln'
1" '"   U',' etl.lUI'11
Cl    i
■ i ,,■ never benrd ol ibis nailery,"
i-i i ■ i I'm r.
.!   llm  un.:. I      "YOU   III,V0
I  ■   In:   ,   Will   llll,       .nl ! IlllltlllS."
lln I, ni bed ll:, i.'i ns lir s|. ki'.
Iin   pi'iu, I   llllllll   liis lii-nil     "I   mn
not in.' i.e .m.l "i„ -it wi'ii un "
on at artists    I «  uld beltel tvullt lun
".\,.i i..." anld ihe nugel gently. "Ymi
liiisr Um will In iin. Mm .mulls' is
luiinim: In sum soul "
•lln' painter's lips moved silently, but
tlm lllisel umli'lsi,.ml I     "TnIto me
Mill, s,.u ti, this gallery," be wns s;iv
P.lllisll     fulll
. in spui-c
 ,,■      mil."-       II. .1. IlliiiH
,,,,. mllos; Spain, isii.tas squar,
.   .,    mnl Quebec n  '117.Int
,    : 1..   bigger   Ui.i,,      Am
llum:.,:,.    230.311  squill' s
..In, I   \..i un, .  11".- 771  squur
.. ,'iml nil  III,' sinnllel   Stales    0
„,   tiignlher   .uld,"
• ^^*«»w..^v
Rough and Dressed Lumber
(   ; oo\o : a©o*cc ^oooooocmxiimmmMm^mms^mmm^a^msmim^
O fV • e •
One of the Musi Comfortable
lintels in Kast Kootenisy,
Refitted Throughout
„ 11. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, il. C.
Koyai ■ ^ '
|    The Prospectors' [Exchange
S No. 4 K-W.-C Block, Neiion, B. C
l'J (ioltl, Silver-Lea I iimli ■. per
,.| IXd tiiil.li properties rtniitwl .1
:t%i property i"i sala are r iju-cteil t. - .
ilj I'ii.itl.n.   Wedeslrotolu'tirfr 1 [icrtora b        i     prorat-'ln: mineral cUlmi in •■*}
... 1  in tlslifo tltlii.    |'r-.>i"i..r~.iiii mn.  . i-.-n.i-. f        twit imak.     ■ I *-' llANOK [ .,;
j™j theirlieiuhpinrtorswIigiiIn Xclson   Allsami'l - il 1 i*e *ent i»y expreu, Prspsld ■ ■■■■.
i!'J (J.JI r.-MMiiil.'MT solicited    Adilrasi all ■ omm(inlisUlon< 1 1
IAN',I.     PKEB   Mil.I -L^j
1'ifi-- harinj* iitirnri;- | .]
: e km iiasijk for ai ]—.
Andrew P. Rosenberger, Nelson, B. C. >.!j
■ So. KM.   I', n. ii-. ■
mMmmEBMmmmim .; mmw5m& a
()O©O0O00©®tm&iO€;.. i o ooor. oooc:
™^;east kootenay hotel,
Sn II  WHS Willi llm
Sii il  Is s,   :
-s tracts In
To II,,
A  well known   physician n.lv es
tlm theory Uml tlm illstl'esslng sellstl-
Tlii'iingi'l stepped to tbe western win- : t|,ln „, nausea hns lis sent In tlie bruin
flow ul Um tu.ui d iluiis 11 open wide, j and not lu the stomal 1, and tbnl relief
Tlm pointer enme und  stood  beside i mny bo obtained by cooling tbe huso
luin.   "Can ive sit It frnm tlere?" snid j „r the I,nm,.   lie dull,is lo hnve tested
lie.  Theungel uoiltletl.   "This is mm ur : ,|ljs „,,,.,, nnd thoroughly In tlm ease
tn.. four ensu wiims ni my master's ; ol sick beadtiche, I.Minus colic, cholera Snpnme'i Kim .
gallery," ho snld.   "Looltl" I moibus nml other Ills In which mtiiscn i    Tim flrsl  Church nf flnglond built
"The painter's gttzo followed'tila.   It ' is n distressing symptom  will,out n   In Nnpni  wns in  lH.'tii nnd 1837,
wns spring,    A Mule soft wind wns ' bIiikIo failure; also thnt  he ouee re- ' Jnlm llllilmrd
blowing.  Tho starting grass lu lho gut-, j Moved tlm nniisen reaiiltlng from calf |
oen hi'lnsv wus n light, phmlil green,   cur uf llm stomlteli by tlm npplii'tltinn
Just beyottil was a pencil tree In blootu,   „r Ice to Um back ,,t  Um neck nml
ta^nou" jio|o!otit!rn"i ojofiji |,y OAQU J
ii.u::::'T:;iV.7^lfsiTiN o.s,h,ji —FREE—       $
Bipmr Il.-s   mil,I !i.n2.'l,7HU squnro j   IVowill givtilhonbovoroivartltoaiivnersnn whowillcorreetlynrningethe'l
mil",   in,' big enough to sivullotv nil inbovo lettenl tosituil thu luunesof threeUiiuuliuiieities. t'seeiich letter buti
i;u- in in Kut'opc, uml lenve -IMI .1,71 | A once.  Trj ii. We will positively give tim money nwny, nml ymi imiy bo tlie \
Intl.--    in    spssre,   „,, umisi'il     area    f fortunate nnrsott.   Should thoro bo inoro than 1 set ol Toct answers, tlief
,.,,-..,.., limn nil I'T'unco uml noriuniiy \ imonoy will hodivldcilcqitnllv. For InsinncoEhould ■", personssumlincurrecti
put ingetlmr. I Annswers, each will rocoive &I0; hI Id in pen ins send in correct answers,\
ins mi: p ,„m m„s Lover-    feacli will r Ive $!0 ; twenty persons, JI0 each.   IVoilo lids toil luoef
l,ml, iim   liiuni'iisii   nnwllilllllu.    iu iourilrin nnd goods wo linndlo ndquickly ns possible.   SEND SO JIONEYi
,.,„ .,.,,   |„ connection with     tins' MVITH YOUlt A.VSWMIl.   This fs a WIEE tost.   A post card will do. \
v,s,  lerrltorv.    IV,' must   nut fnrget     *> "' '""•"""  '""""', «'""" .sl.crmnle.l..l^thllune. $
lis.   vullinblo   wenltll   in   our   furests.
i„  golll,  silsm  nml   other     mi,.,'tills.
our   .".nmsise    ushorlcs, nt go
,,1'i'iis ,if fort I lu whi'iii  hinds,       mm
cuii srut'.'.'ly cotnpruhend iu u nelvB-
pftper mtii'li- wlml   mi  unions Imr-
II ue.'  I'linniliiuis iinssess.  inui-li  „l it
nil t„ lm pooplctl nml tluveluped.
»•».■%.-%.-^-EMPIRE SUPPLY CO., ORILLIA, CANADA.■»-*»--*^»'«
im tif llm iiiiii..lilm ilniuhlng.   'llm lirst Wes-
Inyan I'lmis'li wus Mull   iii   I Ml I ami
1813.     I lull lei   Mr.l.lvur  wns  ono    ui
Willi darling bees nboui it.   "There I ,.i,,it uc.  Tlm Ice is i„ !„■ brnkeu \)\'rl] ''%™!,'ft™'Cn,,"" "'",,iui'b,0ubi
nothing but pastels In this wing," snld   mnl the bits placed lielwjwn tho rohls ,,.si,|'„,||   „.„'„ ,„ f the miisons. Tho All kinds of work  given  prompt I
tlm nngel, "Um u.fi colors   clear ; „i „ towel.  Itelli-r imiy be ohtn tl „„, M„u„„lisn Episi'tipul chitreh was      -,,,,ntion ,na we w;|| rruarantee  Those wanting cliimncy.s, fire
tints which belong Id nn o| titedl- I by ling Ini ver n Blnlt or tnh , , „  1K|r, nml lltilslietl   in      attention, ana we win guarantee
uu,."   lie reached out bis baud "ml   nml |, -Ing ii small sii'i'mn of witter ih-17.    ii    wus populnrli known ,,s     satisfaction to our patrons in all
A. T. Vroom,
lilus: ksmitliinir,
Wagon "Inking,
ami Painting
Wc have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Hrick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Wm- Matheson, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and Is now ready to enter to the
public. Pirst class dining room sen ice. I Mealiest nt wines inn!
liquors at lite bar. ROBRRT SHAW , Manager.
Do You Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
II so, don't hu)    DCI   'riI--0    riit (inii WhoteMle Liquor Dealer In
until >oii sec.   i   IZL-i I I I_-i\.   Soulh Bnsl Koctenay.    Write for Prices
Cranbrook, B. C.   8   * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point lor Soulh East Kootenay.
John W. Wolf
Look lor the
iin-w iii a clItDliIng roso Hun Innl
cl i.i ilu- tiiM-iiiiiit.   "Wns aiij'tliliia
more Gxqtilalto?" U* wilil.   Thi'ti. hhI'H.v
and cnic'1'ull.V Ic-st IL Kiuutld ijrUhli ufi
th,'  ii.-.-k.   Tills in  worth roiiictn-    "Um Whin- LMiiiit-li."    Iftm M|n-n
ijcrliiK a" ii  iTllor fur Bh'lt  hritiliii'lio,    wlio    tifd-rwnrdH    Iiv,.,I niul  tiled nt.
tti wlilfli mi liniiiy uiii Hiilijctt.-Kui li*     llolilllli Won iIk cuiiLi'ii'lur und buil-i-
ve do.
Yours for trade.
{MIDI Advi-l'LldL'l".
j A. T. VROOM.
place.,, boilers lined, or any job
vork in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
Boot, Shoe and     ...HOT WEINIES...
Harness Maker
At th.
tiltl slnics in.-itlc new,   All kinds ■■
nl repairing.   Give mc a nail.
The Went worth Hotel <o
i 30©i )Q ii    GQQGQ
We want room to store this car.   We ©
have a large stock of bed room sets.   In |t
| Coming
order to get them moving we will give
io per cent off for Cash
JUST RECEIVED, in bamboo, oak, ma- H
hogany and enameled music racks; and q
screens, filled and unfilled; Jthese are (j
moving fust as prices are very reasona- I
The Kootenay Furniture Co.,
I   lH-.ll-.il
Next Door to Post Office
Limited     Q
»*#■!.+** A****-**************"
I     LOCAL   NOTES     I
Picked  Up -.hunt Ihe City  hy  Asking
Questions ol Many People.
Christmas Is only four weeks
W, K   Ross of Horl Steele wi
i in town
Messrs. Doyle and Carlln wei
e in town
Al   Hide   ol   Marysville   ca
ie  down
Contractor Johnson «f Moy
e was in
town yesterday.
The  license  coinmUsloners
met   ni
Moyie nn Tuesday
The  W. T. Raid residence
is rapidly
Hearing completion,
M. li  King  aud   family  ha
i- moved
Into their new home.
Three pedigreed Collie pups for sale
Apply lol'. McConnell.
William  Stewitrt.  of the  Occidental
holel, was iti lown Tuesday.
Miss Ella Grant visited her parents at
Frank,  Alia.,  lasl  Sunday.
J. I, Angers of Marysvllle came down
Oil Tuesday's evening train.
Wanted, good girl, as gem
apply to Mrs. ('.. II. Gilpin.
Mrs. Wash I ui me, ol Windermere, was
i Crauhrook visitor Tuesday.
.Samuel Grant of the Moyie Lumber
company was in town Sunday,
The new Baptist parsonage is being
rapidly prepared lor occupancy.
There Is a good chance fur a hig fall
of the beautiful before many days,
Superintendent Bury visited Klmberley in his private car last Saturday,
It is quite likely thai the trains will
be tun .litert InloMurytiville hy January
Miss Hva McKillop nf Lslhhrldge is
visiting her aunt, .Mis George Uremner
"Dick" Strung ami ' t/urly" Humbly
are ojieralitij* a restaurant   at Mnrtissey.
The Herald force is in good shape
•gain and their will he no further delay
with the work
M. Billing*-; has fully recovered frnm
his Illness nud is now at work tignin in
The Herald office,
A, W. MeVillie went tn Marysville
Tuesday In do some more surveying for
the townsite company.
Mr. and Mrs. A W. McVittie entertained a lar^e number of their friends at
cards last Friday evening.
Next Thursday is Thanksgiving and
the churches of Cranlirook will observe
it wiih Ihe usual services.
Paul Knokes has secured a leave nf
absence Irom the C 1'. K, and will he in
Cranlirnok for a short time.
Principal Mclntyre h.id recovered
from his recent illness Monday so that
he could reopen his school.
Christ church will ludd an olferitig
Itrvtce nevt Thursday and endeavor to
clear up llie debt on [he church.
Rev. Holford, formerly nf this city,
is to deliver a lecture iu Fernie on
1 Gall."   Wormwood wilt come next
The Robinson McKet./ie Lumber company is bnil.liiik a large barn ou the
premises occupied by G   11    ll-t-tniii-r
As I have added a lew fresh milk cows
to my herd I can supply all demands for
milk. l'. McConnell,
S. W. Gebo, well known in South linst
Kootenay, has had to go to Montreal for
•n operation for a gathering in his head.
If ynu know any news, tell Old Man
Simpson, or »ee his right and lelt bowers, Matt aud Mort. You tell ll, The
Herald will print it.
P, McConnell was injured lusi Monday
by falling from a wagon, nud striking
his hack on the wheel. He will be laid
up lor a short lime.
I,. F, William* and I- 1) Saunders of
the Marysville Townsite company left
Tuesday tor Spokane 'Ihey will return
In two or three weeks.
The blind boys gave a most enjoyable
Concert on the evening ol the glli on Ihej
porch of the Cosmopolitan hotel. The I
boys feel e,rntHii] to Manager Ryan, of]
the   Wcctric  Light   company,   for   the-
hghls furnished, and lo M- It. King for
refreshments. The band hoys intend
giving a dance the ao ll of next mnnih
The Masons meet ill regular etinmuii-
Icalion tonight.
W. P. Tiemey & Co have secured tl.c
contract fur grading the .Marysville spin
from llie North Star branch,-ami will
roillllieuce work at once.
Always kim.vn as carrying au immense
stock, Gilpin has practically doubled it
by llie addition in the pist two weeks ol
ihe whole nf llle Muyii* stuck.
The youngsters of Cranbrook are get-
ing ready for skating Already they
'invt* hail two nr three mornings where
there was enough ice lor a spin.
The Cranbrook Electric Light com
puny is ready tn build the telephone Iim
to Marysville and work will he inaugura
led as soon as the wire arrives.
The Hospital Ladies' Aid soe'ety will
meet at the Crauhrook hotel parlors on
Tuesday, November 2t), at 4 p.m. Al
members urgently requested to attend.
Charles Vioinaii, proprietor of lln
Weiitworth holel, has made inile hu
Improvement iu his place by enclosli g
the front with storm doors for the winter
li. Ii. Orchard came down from Hlair
more last week ami will remain in Cran
hroook for some time, Ed says that al
the people of Hlairmore are  moving to
A. JollilFe has opened a new meal
market In the Aiken block. Mr. Jollitl't
is well known in Cranbrook as he wa*
formerly cutter for the Western Supply
Harry Reineman proprietor of the
Imperial hotel at Fort Steele, was in
town Wednesday. Harry is looking well
nnd says that lm is still looking for that
11.mh and south road.
Fred Ha lies, of Macleod, arrived in
Cranlirook Sunday, and lelt for Marysville Monday, where he will have charge
of the mechanical department of Tht
Marysville Tribune.
A general meeting of the Kulre uou
iliib was held at Leask hall lasi evening
and it was decided to hold the Brat
dance iu Weutworlh hall 011 the evening
.if Friday, November 29
The license commission held a session
at Moyie Tuesday ami turned dnwu tin
application of Jones -.t Mcintosh for a
license at Elko. It looks ns if Elko
would have only the two hotels.
Mr. Lawreuee, of the Lawrence Hard
ware company of Nelson, was in town
last Saturday visiting Mr, and Mrs
Bremuer. Mr. Lawience is one of tin
leading husiness men of West Kootenay
Don't forget the ba/.aar lo be given b)
the ladies of Christ church on the afternoon nnd evening of December 3 It
will be worth your while to see tl e
pretty things they will have on display
Mrs. W. A. Miner and daughter Pansy
left yesterday iiioihing for Revelstoke,
il. C, to visit her brother, G. S. McCar-
ler. barrister, for a few weeks when they
will gn tn LosAngeles, Cab. for the winter.
F. P. Hogan, nf Spokai e, 'was attacked by iduess last Saturday just ns
he was ready to lake the train for Marysville, am) had to go tn the hospital. He
had fully recovered by Monday and wns
reatly to resume business.
James Ryan, of th ■ Crauhrook hotel
is never satisfied unless he is improving
his premises. This week he has been
placing electric lights around his prem
ises in the rear yard nml cellar, thus
adding to the convenience ofthe place,
(juite a delegation nf Fort Steele peo
pie were iu town Monday. There were
Mrs. Nelson, Miss Watson, Miss I-'olsom,
Mrs. Reineman, Mrs Hinmore, Messrs
Laidlaw, Doyle, Col let t and Rev Reid
They enjoyed tlie trip aud made numerous purchases in Cranbrook.
W. P. Tieruey visited M-uysville Tuesday, returning in Cranbrook that evening. He left for Nelson Wednesday to
arrange for the inauguration of work on
the Marj sville spur, which will be commenced next week and pushed rapidly
to completion.
The Prospectors' Exchange, of Nelson,
has passed into other hands. Andrew
P.    Roseiiberger,    the   proprietor,    has
demonstrated what printers' ink will do
Inr a man in that business, as well as in
any other, The press of the Kooteiinys
will regret his retirement, tint will wish
him every prosperity in any field lie miy
Miss Lund is now readj to take pupils
in vocal and nistruiii 11 al music. Ill-
(|tiire in residence ol Petei I.-ind.
Wh,.'. about thai hockey club* It is
about turn* that the playeisol Craubrook
got together nnd made preparations foi
the winter. Fernie is anxious in foiui a
league taking iu several uf ihe towns
aloiij* the line, so that there will be
some ^oo.l Sport this wilitei, The lime
tu make tbe uecesiary arrangements Is
now, 80 Unit eveiylhtng will be in shape
for the upening of the season.
A Hiin.iim poem of Merit Sent to a Lon-
E Tom Wellman and Frank Dickinson
spent a week in the mountains bunting
deer. They returned this week nnd
brought bnek one deer. The body
showed that it had had both front legs
hn.keu, ami Oliver Burge says that the
deer was struck by a train ueui Swansea
and the hoys found the carcass aud altet
riling Iwo or three bullets into it brought
it borne u a prize There has been no
denial of the story and it may he true,
hut we aie not sayiug so.
Iii    the season ol
tin- woods,   Mi*,   l..
this  eli.iiii.ini-   "Foi
Mil  Pender Isluud    H
r     whet
us all to
s      E,t-nds
Idyll"    from
to    a
iii.< grudimi
.Mnl  rain .'1  1
Ttin I   lilil.-
A1..I   liml'
llll- ttOI-gl-U
An.l,   slln
Between un- mid  lln- mieekle-
Ami saw uiwii Unit lutu- iv.-mu
'fill)   l.lill   ut   a   luii-st. lawn.
Tin- level smiliglit on tlie ilew
lu I'imI nml yi-lli.w  lliisln-s pit
An.l ilroo'illij* in-illli'>'< l.raiii-li'
Ai-i"       in   spot n Irelttnl sh
Ami It. midst, 111111 iiiii.lest
Upon a  U. In
[ruiisu surveyed in.* seene,
uu wiUtulug .-yi-.-j .iiuii.'d.
.Nur hhl
Her male, liis created heart un tii*tt,
I uiliijj iter mistress Ion demure,
Wiih pompous swiiBner su-iun-d uy,
a ttiiii.-v I'ui'ii in  mi mature;
Tho opeu nm. in.- milling wings,
lie Haunted pi-mull)  while he mnrte,
Oheilleui to tii.- law or tilings,
ills passlonute uud vain parade.
lie pn
Bsert u tip-io
, pnfTert
- times nlioi
: iiie nun
Ills  ll
ly, my, pre
Bed his iml.
Uu- luckless
il gusto 1
love lorn
eyes -tin- lm
illy deign
'il lo
nil. li mire
nnd twin
lie 1
lew u Ihiulil
The ilrnii
Tho to
n railed a
olne tni.l
L a glniieo,
lor mute Hurt flown
wn ii  silt
1  li.uk.-
dt-n whin
, mnl im
ii« wines; askance
ml   nit sell  alone.
Empty »t linnil. yx run in heart,
Aiioa 1 rose nud timi.-.i to go; '|
1  li.-nrrt nfar tin- I1rnst11vu.nl part
Before   Hi.-   ptiiiie-sirlcken   doe
Ami following inwii. nud, looking hack,
Ilnir hoped in si-,- tn>> plot
rrt in
ii.leil  bluwly   ili.wii
lln- Hen us :. liar n-r.
Such should be the lii le of these
lines, for whoever observes these interesting inserts tiliils It rosy enough
lo foretell exactly Un- kind of weather to be expected. Ai least iluit is
the opinion t-i many raisers of bees.
Generally   the   bee  stays   ul     home
wl i.-
sky is simply dark and cloudy these
busy workers do not leave their
dwelling till at oil''.'. A few au out
lirst, us though the queen hud sent
out messengers tu simly ibe state of
ihe atmosphere. The greater number in observation until ihe clouds
begin In dissipate, und il is only
then iluit the battalions cii'.lro rush
out in search of llielr neciur. A bee
never goes out in a fog. simply because il is well nwure Uml ulimpness
und cold are too fearsome, rcdoubt-
ubln enemies, We do not 1114111, however, that ihe bee is u meteorologist
111 the absolllto sense of Ihe word, lis
cleverness consists in never being
taken unawares, for it posse S'i,*.s untiring vigilance. Often one imiy observe the hidden eilllllliu* of bv.*s into
the hive wh.-n a ilm-» domls hides
Ihe sun.      uml  -\eii  iho.i^'i   thu r-liD
is nol   111 evideii'.:.
1'rit ilu-.- i'i-<-*« in Camilla.
,  except  in  barest   out line,
Not hit
Is known of the men who hud tli
honor of set 1 ing up the lirst printing
press in L'unudn. Their nil Dies ure
William Brown and Thomas Oiiu.our,
In I7(i:i ihey came from Philadelphia
to Quebec with the iden nf starting
a newspaper, but  the tllfueullles    in
llle Will' Wel'e so IlliltlV uud unlll.ills
that it was u full year before the attempt a  in anything. AH material—ink, paper, thu press itself- had
10 be Imported Irmu Engbiud, nnd
skilled labor did nut exist. Overcoming nil obslaelus, however, the
first number i-f The Quebec Gazette
appoarcd on the 21st of .lime. 17UI1,
wiih <  hundred mid lift) subscribers, nnd from thai day Cminda was
never without a newspaper.
/.it'i-r-. ilill  lu llr.  Murkily.
This Incident ut ibe late lt.-v. Dr.
Murkiiy. of Formosa, is told by a
correspondent of The London Advertiser;     "I   hud   llie  IiIimH.iv of     being
acquainted   wiih   Dr.  Maekay    somo
y.-ars ago,     lie preached  for 111
Prose   Story   of  an   Adventure   That   In
Ifi.lli  I i.'i ) I.imI>.
Here is tin- tule of u cancelled btuinp
Tin a. stumj**—
A   postage slump—
A two-center;
Pont want to brag,
Hm   I never was
Licked | I ' j
Except unci- - vYl
ity n gentleman, too. ■ 1
II.'  pui   me  A i,|
To a (-....ti thing
it   was mi envelope,
Perfumed,  pink,  square.        !,
I v.- tii-rii stuck oU
That envelope
Ever sine,..
lb-dropped us-
Tl nvulope mid mo-
Through 11 slol  lino ,i dark box;
Hm   w,. wore  rescued
Hy a mall-clerk. -
More's the pit)!
lb- hit nu- mi awful
Smash with a hummer;
It    h'fl    my   fare
illack and blue,
Then 1 went on a lou(j
Journey j ,
Of two days.
Ami when we arrived—
The junk envelope uliU me—•
We  Were  presented
To a perfect   love :,j
Of a girl j   |'j
With a stunningest pair
Of blue eyes
That ever blinked. j   \  \
Say. she's u d ream I
Well, she mutilated
TIlO pink  envelope, J |      | |
And  lore  one corner
■ Ii Pays !■- I  - ■   -    1 11 attic
Over 500 volumes, containing all
the latest novels. They must
all go at any old pile.;, to make
room lor our Christmas supplies
I^.Jlr    I
Home Hade
That 1- v, hat ours
is like.    Try it.
City Bakery.
imr funis, bread, cake nml tickets for sale at
(i. T.   knutr's unncrv slare.
1 ir
Of me off
With u hairpin.
Then she read what
Was i„side
The pink envelope,
I never saw 11 girl blush
Su beautifully.
I  would be stuck tj
On lier—if I could.
Then she placed
The  writing   buck f|
Iu the pink envelope; '   |
Then she kissed me,
Oh, you little godletsf
Her lips were ripe '
As cherries
And warm
As Ihe summer sun,
The pink envelope aud me—
Are now
Nestling snugly
In her bosom. ,  |  J!
We cnn hear | |;
Her heart throb. | |.|
When it goes fastest       1
She  takes  us  out
And kisses me.
Oh, say,
'This  is greal!
I'm glad I'm a stamp—
A  two-center.
lilt-  l.'iH-  At-Will*  lliriiuiflr.
The death  of  Anliie Dreiuner     Will
be sincerely regretted by every newspaper man in Canada who nad the
privilege of knowing him, Mr. Itrein-
ner wus one of the cleverest writers
und ono of the best all-round Journalists Canada bus produced. His
humor wus of thnt 'quiet' quality
which never grows stale; his general
knowledge wns wonderfully wide und
correct; his descriptive work was
racy und entertaining, und at the
Bunio time correct; und his heavier
articles Were of the lirst order. He
was a whole-souled, geiiiul, com-
panlonable man, who made friends
wherever he Went; he wus always the
life und soul of any company he
found himself in, uud he wus one of
those rare conversationists who never tired those who listened lo him.
He wus generous ami his friendship
wns warm uud loyal. He wus the
enemy of conventionality, pretence,
hypocrisy and fraud, and never failed
to give these a solid rap when opportunity offered, As a newspaper
inn ti he stood in the front rank, und
his Influence upon the press irf Canada Will he felt for muiiy years to
come. Ood rest thee, Arch to; thy
friends will miss thee sadly.—Hamilton Spectator,
l.rllliiittu i'i Cook.
Wellington's porsonal tasto and
habits like those uf most great men,
were Very simple. He cured not fur
show or pomp of any kind. Instead
of building a counterpart to Blenheim, for which money hud been voted, he bought und improved Struth-
fleldsaye, a common country gentleman's house. In his diet he wus very
abstemious, even to the injury, it
appears, of his health. He, ot
course, kept u lirst-rute French cook
for his guests. The cook, it was
Bald, one day suddenly resigned. The
Duke, in astonishment, asked the reason. "Wus his salary insufHelent?"
"No, my salary Is very handsome,
Iiut I um not appreciated, 1 cook
your dinner myself, u dinner lit fur
a King, You say nothing. 1 go mil
uud leave the under cook to cook
your dinner. He gives you a dinner
lit lor u pig. Vou suy nothing, 1
um not, appreciated, I must go."—
a old win Smith,
Ve*, It nni.
A party of youths ut nn English
leosldo town hud tried all tho penuy-
St. Jlury's Presbyteriuii Church Hi-th.-sUit machines on tha pier, until
nbout 80 veins ago. He also spoke tLl •fl8*' they euine to une that didn't
of his Intention of going out ns a r08l,o"d to tho penny placed In tho
missionary to the heathen In    For-   B'ul"
mosii, where he soon after went. Ilnl "''u»k here, my mull," suid the
wus nlwnys 11 man of great earnest- oWt'8t ut tlie I"-1'1---' '" t'"' I'hr ut-
ness mid bis heart wus always in his   tendant, "thut    machine is to    try
wort',     nn t  occasion, when build-    J'"1"'  Weight;     thu next your  height;
ing 11 church he sent home to Zorra   tllD m-xt >'tMlr strength;  then,   your
ownship     for Sii.OOO, und without   H^M- and now I've put u penny iu
npologj dpumnded that It be suit .tt
once.    The a IllOU tl I   Was made up uud
sent by reiurn mall.
l*ii|i.-i Wood.
Taper wood is ns hard ns wood itself, is susceptible of brilliant treatment, is vastly lighter, perfectly adjustable unit absoluluty llroproof.
The eteiiioii of skyscrapers necessitated 11 very serious study of fire-
proofing treatment, uf wood, uud the
result is thut paper Is coming very
lurgely into use in all .'uses where
woodwork has to bo used.  It. Is par
thing, but 1 didn't see what it's
"Thut, sir," replied the pieniiun.
"Oh, thut one is to try your temper, sir."
Ami it did.
Of a Liquid Nature
Hpps, V.ml lumen's,       Cnmz c
Fry's Cadbury's    v-iUCUd,"!
Bovril, and Flifirl F-Wl'
Fohnston's    riUIO DCtl
G. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
Wc .ire anticipating the Xmas season by placing on our shelves ,i
complete variety of Dried Fruits, including Currants in packages and
bulk, Raisins ol the lines! quality, seeded or otherwise. All kinds ol
Nuts, shelled or otherwise. Our already complete assortment oi Con-
lectlonety will in a few days be added to by those unequalled G- B.
Chocolates ol which we have the s.oU agency. A lull line of staple and
choke Groceries. Oi the celebrated "Kin Hee" Coffee we will have
more to say next week.
Orders for all varieties and quantities of Lumber respectlully solici-
tei, and will have prompt attention if left at our store.
Thu only certain)) in life is death,     While in good tic-iliti the provident mini guards against
disaster to his iuniib nr estate hy a policy.
The Mutual Life of Canada
Formerly the Ontario Mutual Life
I; noted for its f.ivor.tHe rates, hi ;h dividends and honorable dealings
Is a company ol policy-holders, by policy-holders, for policy-holders, and
a "policy in it pays."
C. R. PALMER, District Agent
to o
<i> 0FI:N    AGAIN!
to "~——
1 Ne0M
.-* „•<  „•«  ,-t    <  ..-<  ,<
Cosmopolitan |
Hotel S S   I
An elegant line of
Cranbrook   Souvenirs
High (iradc Watches
Choice Selection   in
- -.»■
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta-
clew.tre, etc.
W. P. Tate, r:o,eiv.i«r
Cranbrook, 11. C.
iiilsslni Watch Inspector lor C. V, R„ Crowi
Nest l'ii*s Division.
Livery  S>
Proprietors .< ** j*
Ts'nlns ,u„l ,irises furnished for Buy
point iii llie district.
Manager   ,*   .4   jk
L:ast Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
01" all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
economical way to handle it.
Everything is firstdass and will be maintained in <*
^s, .- ,.- ..- •> ■■• ..-- .- x [.uiwi,   fc?
to <»>
^) that way.    Only house heated by furnace. A.
to <"■
0 Will be in charge of E,  !'.. Orchard, the well known <£•
V chef, which is a guaranty that'the table will be satisfac- Y
X . '*
to tory in every respect. <^->
to . <V
4> THE BAR will be supplied with the very best of <*>
A Liquors and Cigars.      The traveling public are invited Jg
to to call.   Open on and after November 25, 1901. <h
to <*
t ♦
! Manitoba Hotel!
! Centrally Located  Comfortable Rooms  Well Equipped liar  ;
Undertaking And
Graduate of CUauipiou college of U. S
Oilicf ami store, Aiken lilork,
near Ciiundiaii Bunk of Culn-
merce, Cranbrook, It C
Upholstering mid Qeneral rurnlturc Repairing
Will ntteml lo any work i» llie district
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
Licensed Provincial Assayer
nil,,,' „,-;„   K .1
Itlven u, i.,i,i| i i
j The Hanitoba Hotel Is One of the Best In South 1
!  East Kootenay.     Your Patronage  Is Solicited   ;
McBride Bros.
Heating Stoves
Cook Stoves
McBride Bros.
M   ll    k'lit-M ,t.,wlHll
iii tlii'innl'ei ni t ii "i miiiniilM tVlmliiifl Un
Act, irts, 'ami In t !<■ iiniifi «i iii. iw'a
Nrnl   l.ius.l .m.l  l>.-M'l'|iii'iii  ( niiipiiiiy,  1,1m-
lit'it,' Inlinuiitation,
Nnt '■■ In here Inn Ilia! »l un lUtmanll-
n.,ti II"ii-i.,!  M.'.tiii   '■( till* . ritWl Ut I I 	
.,.,,. h'l
I'I 11,11]
V    li   II
II    Mill
11)01, i
U i
..1 III.
,1 Ull
> of \ .11
lllll III' .1 1
'   u mo
III.'. Ill
u.'liil Mr.
.  M.luit,
•i tli.- mu
ll .NO
lUHroftil Lubor Trnublei of 'Sl.
Tho Railroad—Tha laborers havo
returned to tholr work, having
agreed to the contractors' regulations—12 hour* and six shillings
York per day, saya The Toronto
Globe ot May 1", 18S1. At present
nil is apparently satisfactory.    The
tin.hirlv'li.iliptul^'lJlur'VviliuKii'  und    V'1'0'" h",VL' ,lut.bw'11 s,,,,t f,ul" I-°"-
la becoming   popular for that    pur.   J.on-    «''d    under    presont clretun-
uoao ot' r        stancos ihey um nut re-juirudj ,   J
Hotel S S
(lucsls Comfort a Specialty
iii.ml Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad ami depot,   Has Accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
*® ®-
• ♦ ♦ »»'• » »•-*■> »■<■• *'»-»0
i.i iii
Mil nr   li.'.'.-inlii-i,    \.   I'.   I "I.
uniiii'SiiiiiI tiitilrosMCK, tin' i-.i.i
,|i-l,(s 111- .-Liiin- ai i'i (tn i..'i.i'-i.
If any. Iii'M M Uin Will	
Lun. Vniii i.'i. IL ' . in- Ui
snlil i' imtiy,
Nutu-Bli rmtin't .'iv.'ii iii.it nil.i micli inst
 nil t .im.-Hi"~.mi n.mnl,tl..i will iniceed
loilistilluilo llm us-i*ii "i the mtlil coiiiininy
Kiinl iin|-| in Un- claims ul nliith In- slmll tlii-u
linn, mil Ice.
Hat.-1 ut Vaiiooiivcr, n. ('., Kuvuinber ll, 1001,
iM.ii.nti t'liinhett,
Mnvklniion llullilluy, uinnvltlo Hiruui,
\illlt*.IIIVt'|, it. i'.
ii.'l-m        s.ll. lint |..r tin' isiiitl l.l.|itlilatnr.
Read the Herald
and pay for it


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