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Cranbrook Herald Jul 6, 1899

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® •	
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. B. K. Walker, Oen  Mnn.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Hank of Scotland.
Have |ua) received tho largest
mu.I in-M assorted Block of
In ISitftt Kootenny, Including tho rnmous Durham, T. & II., Old Chum, Seal oi
North Carolina, nnd others as well kuown. In cigars and cigurettea we have till
tin- well known brands.
Art* arriving daily. In Confectionery we nro at the top. Try our Fresh Apple
Cider, ami nteo our Choice California Wines.
Cranbrook... ...Moyie
9-9-9-9-9-ty ■•{.'.,._-• 9-9 9 *y.
:    il Cranbrook
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort n Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rollioad aud depot,   Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
 I'roprictors J.
a | ® i ® i ® i ® i ® i ® i ts I
Flies      :=:      Flies      :=:      Flies 1
Not House Flies, but Pishing Flies @
We have received thc largest stock in East Kootenay direct   @
from the manufacturers in  i oronto and New York.   We can   "
satisfy thc most fastidious.    Reels, rods, lines, worms, froggies,
and everything; necessary to insure a good days' fishing:.
it pays .o ncai .i:,,       Beattie's Drug Store     |
Postoflicc building, Cranbrook     (.
® t ® I ® I © I ® 8 i ®I ® I ® 1 ®-* I ® 1 © I ® I ® I © I ® I ® I ® I ®' ® I ® I ® I ®
At thc Toronto Clothing Store
A Snap.    A line ol Boy's Suits bought for cash .it ,\ sacrifice, will be
sold while they List lor
$2.50 a Suit
Don't mi:
 Reid & Co.
These suits arc well wotth $3.00.   Don't miss them.   They can't
last long.
I3HHMS]       ;■  ■  i mTmWLimWLtwtm
w i
Do You Wear Shoes
We h.ivc just received thc finest assortment ol shoes ever
brought into East Kootenay.   Wc have them tn Black* Tan
.md Chocolate colors, and all thc latest shapes.    We also received o very line line oi Men's Underwear lor summer.
Call and examine tiiese Roods and be convinced thai we
are selling them at prices lower than you ever dreamed of.
Our Motto is
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook & Fort Steele a* Wardner
South East Kootenay
Here in Force.
Great  Dominion
Day Sport.
Visitors   Say   Cran*
brook is All Right
A Glorious Dny With No Unplcas-
ant Features to Mar thc
People's Fun.
Cranbrook celebrated Dominion day,
and tbe celebration was n record-
breaker fnr Bast Kootenay. Tin.* people
poured in here from every pan of the
listrict. They came liy rail, by stage,
iy wagon, ou eayusei' ami afoot, Fernie
people crowded the special train; Klko,
Cranston and Warduer joined tlietn.
Fort Steele wuh depopulated, and Mnyie
turned out iu full force. They left the
towns, the Ui lues, the prospects nml the
trails to join in the grand jollification,
mnl wben the day closed there was but
sentiment ami one expression
among thc visitors, and lhat was. to Ihe
■•fleet that Cranbrook was all right. The
program of sports was :i good one ami it
well carried out- The day was all
tbat could have been desired from early
morn to dewey eve. ami lo one and all it
was a happy and ii joyful occasion.
At y:.(5. after the arrival of the passenger trains from tlie east and west, a procession was formed under tbe supervision
of A. VV. McViltie, marshal ot" the day,
it was not as large as had been anticipated, owing to tome ol the organizations fai Hug to get in hue.  The baseball
and football hoy-, fulled   to get  together
in time, but hoth teams were represent*
ed, The Fort Steele band took tbe lead,
followed by the bicycle hoys, the hall
players and the Indian band. They
marched up linker street and return and
then to the Athletic association grounds,
«here   the   program   of   the   day   was
opened with the football game between
Fort Steele and Cranhrook, .vhieh re
Milted in a victory for the home team
llie next event was the baseball game
between Fcrute and Cranbrook) and tbe
visitors wenl down in a glorious defeat.
At -' o'clock the afternoon spoils
opened Otl the other grounds notth of
[own, where the lacing truck.-: had been
laid   out.      lleie   one    event    followed
nuother in rapid succession until about
6 o'clock, wben the shoot opened be
Iween hemic and Cranhrook, which resulted til favor of the visitors.
l.alei in llie evening the Uig-of-wnr he
tween Cranhrook and Fori Steele was
pulled  off  on   linker street.      Tbere
was     some     inisundc* standing     owing
lo the Impossibility to hold back the
crowd, nnd as a result the Fort Steele
boys declined to contest and the decision
was given to Craubrook.
Mitchells Restaurant
Table Board, per week   -   -   $4.00
.   Meal Tickets      -      -      -      4.75
Opp. McFarlane's Barber Shop
Tttc Poullinll 'lame.
Tin- Pod Steele football lea ui mine
over oil Saluiduy alii) was defeated by
the home team by a score of t lo o,
The game was it good one throughout
ami hoth teams showed considerable tut*
pioveliiciit in form and play since their
Inst mulch. The day wns rather warm
for football, still the'hoys of huth teams
went at it wilh a vim and dash that
showed a determination to win if possible.
The gnme started nt 11 a. ui , the Fort
Steele team being somewhat late in arriving. C. M. Edwards acted as referee
and mnde n very impartial one, and was
satisfactory to both tennis.
Fori Steele won the toss and played
with the stm in their hacks. Cranhrook
scored their only goal in the first half.
Billie ROBS got several other pretty hot
ones to stop. The Steele forwards did
some excellent combination work ami
many times got within easy scoring dis*
tance of the Cranbrook goal, hut the
inability to shoot lost them the game.
During the second half the play was
much ihe same nnd waa ns warmly con
tested as during the first. It was during
this half that Steele got their only shot
in on the Crnnbrook Hags, and it came
very near scoring. At the call of time
tbe score still stood i to o, and the mid
als remained in Cranbrook.
The teams arid officials were as follows:     Fort   Steele—Coal,   \V   It   Ross;
backs. McDi-rmot, Wallinger; half-backs,
Betcben, Murphy, Theopold; forward.-*.
Watt, Broulette, Beale (captain). Wilson, Wilniott.
Cranbrook—Goal, Clarke; baeka, Q A
Leitch, Hurley; half-hacks, Parsons, Mc*
Rorv, O'Callaban; forwards, Spellmnn,
A K Leitch (captain), II Liddicoall,
Christian, V S Liddicontt.
Referee, C M Edwards; umpires, M
Ln Fortune, Ferule; Thomas Rookes,
Fort Steele; linesmen, W B Sly, Cranhrook; C W Nelson, Foil Steele.
The Base Ball tiamc.
The game of Baseball between the
Fernie and Craubrook clubs was a walk
away for the home team. The contest
was tbe first match game of baseball
ever played between two towns in East
Kootenay. The visitors put up a very
good game hut were weak in their pilch- j
ers, ami this gave the Craubrook club a
big advantage. The score stood 31 toy
at the end of five innings when the name
was called to permit the spectator!* lo
lake'in the sports on the race track
Prank Rankin umpired the game and
gave the best uf satisfaction. The players and positions were as follows:
Kornlo 1'osltlnn Cranhrook
lt. I., lli-n-i-'r-um     fllvirl siiiji    A.St. I'm!
Milt-ui Kutncr      lirsibaso W.Ttirobtill
riiii Mallei second lirua M. Koukemlorf
Jni-k Mclntyre       third Inuo .1. rJiinllmnn
1;. Mollot right ii'-i<l it. Uruiitla
AltgllS 1 Binpbell renter lii-lil K. < hit
Dan JjiPortuai) leftllclil ll. I'arsnns
B. WrlgRlPStvortll I'Ui'lKi* M, Hhorlilllo
a. c. Lipliardt catcher F. Connolly
The Contests.
The afternoon sports were well attended aud great interest was manifested
in each event. The hillside was cove rod
with people and their enthusiasm was
turned loose every uow and then when 11
favorite passed under the wire in the
lead, Following is the list of contests
and the winners:
One   mile   Open   trot.      850,  $20,   $10
Thunderbolt,   ist;  Nellie, aud; Sox,
300 yards boys' race.    f$, $2, }i.   Bert
Vandccar, 1st; II. Scott, 2nd; J. McNeal, 3d; C. M. McConiiel, R. Burns.
300 yards running race, heats.    $50, $20,
$10.    Homely Bank,  1st; Buckskin,
2nd;  Spanish, 3d; Raindrop,  Nigger,
Reform, Flying Fox, Nellie.
One mile bicycle race called off.   Only
one starter.
Saddle horse race called off.    Only one
Putting the shot,    tio, $5,    R. Laronde,
1st; P. Mannhan, 2nd; I)  McNeal, II.
Cameron, W. Tnlley.
One-half mjle boys'  bicycle rnce.    jto,
$5.    N. McConnell, ist; Frank Bums,
2nd; Beit Vamkcar, F. McConnell.
Slow race.    $1$, ftu, f$.    Dick Turpi 11,
ist; Peter the Great, 2nd; Mustard, 3d;
IOO yards hoys'  race.    $5,  f**,,   fi      S
Blightly,  1st; IL  Scott,  and; J.  McNeal, 3d; P. McConnell, A   Mcl'eak.
E. I). Mathews, H. Vnndeear.
Cigar race called off.     No entries.
Running long jump     $io, ,55.    M   Slier-
blno, ist; E. A. Carr, 2nd; A. II Slluti,
j. Laronde.
too yards loot race, open.   $35, ri .**. $10
IL Broulette, ist; O. Leitch. 2nd; II.
Robinson, 3d; A 11,111 Paul, A. 11. Slim ,
Alex, Pete.
Five-eighth mile open.   $50. fio, fio
Reform,     1st;    Andrew     Tom,   2nd;
Homely Hank, Luke.   No Hiiid prize
Green race.   $to, $10.   J. M. Medley,
ist; PflUl, Slid;   W.Rogers,  P. Woods,
ti. 8. Drummond 1 Billy.
Indian   wrestling,    fin,   te,.     Baptisle
i-il; Pillie, 2nd.
Thc Clay I'igeon Shout.
The Craubrook boys hail promised the
Ferule boys a shoot if lhey came, and
they kept llle promise. A party of five
was hastily organized, consisting of
Messrs. Leitch, Moffat, Keep, Costigan
and Simpson, and they shot ugaiust
Messrs G. W. Wilson, G. G. Henderson,
T. R. Mcllmoyle, E. Wigglesworlh an.)
H. Beutly. Both scores were low, but
the Cranhrook side was the lower of the
Snap Shots at thc Crowd.
Everyone seemed to have had ,
It was a little dusty, but that
G. Johnson,  the Moyie as "aye;
among the throng.
Harry Reiueinaii and wife were t
the Poit Steele visitors.
Mrs. W. R. Ross and  Miss Vou
Port Steele,  and  Miss McFnrlai:
Fernie, wire guests of Mr. and Mrs.
John Hutchison.
D. II. Gilpin and wife were among ihe
visitors from Fort Steele.
Col. Henderson, ol Moyie, was present
and IhotOUgbly enjoyed the day.
The Lord wns with Cranbrook nud
provided .deal weather ior the day.
Archie Currie took first prize In rooting fot Cran bro ■!; at the ball game.
Cranbrook's grand stand was fully appreciated by the people who attended
the races.
J. M. Hedley is all right in the alow or
fast luce.      He w.is given thc decision in
both cases.
The Cranbrook way is all right, Tl e
people wire pleased, and eveiyoue went
away happy.
R. O. Jennings and wife drove over
front (Fort Steele early in llle morning
and enjoyed the day.,
There were 183 passeucers counted on
the Fernie excursion train just before 11
got i .to Crnnbrook.
Jules llnrcl look n chance on the
weather witb his Booth, and won out.
His friends were glad oi It,
The Fernie excursion Iralti remained
until 0 p.m . a fuel that was greatly appreciated by the excursionist*.
Harry Drew, of Iho Central hotel al
Fort Sleele, wns shaking 1)11 lidfl with hte
hosts ol friends on the ground,
E. II. Small and W. S. Keay made a
fine showing iu Llieii combination cos*
luines for llie bicycle parade. »
The Fort Steele hand boys did theii
work well, and will be kindiy remembered By the people of Cranbiook.
George IJoggarlh, the mayor of Elko,
was here, of course. George never fails
lo see what is going on iu the district.
The decorations on tbo business houses
were very elaborate, and linker street
presented a most attractive nppcurnnce.
Joe Lnldlaw, as a driver..fa last steed,
is all right liecame in second in lhe
trotting race 'there were two hurses in
Uie raco.
Mi. and Mrs. Cltrrotl and liUle daughter came down the evening before and
chjoyed the day with their many Cranhrook friends,
George Milliard officiated ns deputy
COllBlable, and did good work 011 the
grounds protecting people from accident
on the race course.
Of course Will Cariin was here. He
always attends a good thing, and the
people of Cranbrook never fail to extend
him the glad hand.
Dan McNelsh, of Fort Steele, nicknamed by Archie McLcotl as the "King
of Sports," gave the hoys a few pointers
on how lo pick winners.
Father Coccola pleased the people
with his Indian boys' baud. Tbey were
very much In evidence and attracted a
greul deal of attention.
The members of Llie various committees did a power of hard work for the
success of the day, and none fell better
111 nil lhey did over the results.
W. S. Reid, James Ryan and J. R.
Costigan did satisfactory work as judges.
And by the way, acting as. a judge is a
thankless tnsk at any stage ofthe game
J. G. Shier and wife, of Fort Steele,
were among the visitors. Mr. Shier
missed two races while looking at the
stakes of the North Star branch lhat
lead from Cranbiook to Kimberley,
J. JI. Hedley fell from his horse nfter
it had passed under the wire a winner ill
the green race. He losl his stirrup nml
had a narrow escape from >i set ions accident, but fortunately was not hurt.
Mr. Ben Ily, mayor of Lelhbridge. and
resident of Ferule, was here, of course,
and if there was anyone who enjoyed
the day more than lie, we have failed to
beat of bill) ..t the lime of going to
The following people of Fernie stopped
with Mr. Janes ami wife: Mrs. Clark
and child, Wm, Durlrg, Mr. and MrP.
MeClcnlon, Mr. nnd Mrs. Creg, Mr. and
Mrs. Lawrence and children, Mr. Quale,
CharlesUug am) Mrs. l'euiiock.
The North Bay residents in Craubrook
feel highly elated over the success ol
Laronde, St, Elai and Connelly in tlie
baseball field, as the boys ball from tin-
same tune. Tate, lhe jeweler, haa been
shaking hands with hi unci I cvei ilnce,
Notwithstanding the large crowd pre*"
ent, ilie servi :os ol Llie officers were
nevei 1*.iiiul into requisition, A Better
behaved crowd never got together, and
throughout the long day there was a
total absence of anything like trouble or
ditUit bance,
Kul   Lee  had   a   nairow escape   from
killing a Chinaman ami himself when
his horse bolted Die track. The horde
Bolted into the crowd, shuck the China*
man, stumbled nnd fell, throwing Lee.
Purluuately he was not hurt and the
Chinaman limped olf cussing a blue
stieak in Chinese.
P. J. Smyth, the good looking editor
of the Moyie Lea er, came up wiih the
people of his town. When you put
Grace, Henderson, Simpson aud Smyth
in a hunch, the latter will always walk
off with lhe beauty prize, ami he carries
his honors lightly because he Ji a jolly
good fellow.
G. G. Henderson, manager of the Ferule Free Press, and Ins Brother, M. E
Henderson, his tight hand Bower, took
a day off and saw Cranbrook for tbe fust
time. The gentlemen deserved n vacation. They are doing grent work for
Fernie, publishing one of tbebest papcifl
in  lhe Kootenays,   and   are entitled to
every ll
give Hum in tbe way ol bu   1 1
The Prospector office ol Port Steele
was well represented. Mr. Keeler, tht
editor, and Messrs. Bale and Murphy,
the compositors, were piesent, and
thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was d
splendid opportunity for Mr. Grace to
have seen the town for thefirst time, but
he failed to avail himself of it The
people of Cranbruok regretted it foi they
bad much to show the gentleman, and
hope that he may   yel \:>it the metropolis of South Bast Kootenay.
Till;    FAT    MBN    WON.
\ Baseball Uanic  Willi  Plenty ul itcci bul
Little Beefing.
Tbere was a gnme of ball pi lyed last
Thursday evening evening that aroused
great! r interest and furnished more
iinusement than any contest that bas
ever taken place iii E ist Kootenay.
The fat men's team, organized by Frai k
Rankin,   played   the   local  team.      The
s-ore at the end of ihiee innings stood
17 to 15 in favor of the corpulent gentlemen. Ii was a warm game from start to
finish, and the playing of the fat men
was one continual round of revelations
Their costumes attracted great attention
und elicited many murmurs oi praise I
and admiration from the Inir sex prea
It is of little interest what position tb(
regulars played in, In t lb the Benefit o:
tbeir opponents who have won fame b)
their splendid work on the diamond
The   Herald    gives   iheir    positions
Catcher. Jake link;  pitcher,   I. mi  Ilotl
For North Star
Branch Bids.
il Will k Ul In Two Scelions From
Cranhrook lo Kimberly.
1st   b
J.   U.
Costigan; jd base, F K
Moms, -hon .stop, Frank Raukiu; left
Belli, J. W. II. Smythe and Al Brown,
ceulcr field, J. Fisher; right field,
W. li. Ross; umpires, J. II. Laidlaw
and Tom Rooks; custodian of the keg < n
third base, C   M, Jvlwank
Il took one inning before thc members
ofthe fat men's club could control the
the 1
e lime iu reaching lhe beer
keg on third Base, and it was seldom
that the coacber could get one of them
i.(f from third base to get a home run.
It wus a great victory, and leathei medals will be distributed as soon as they
can he scented.
It would take tbe pen of ,1 Worth lo
propeily describe the unique beaut) ol
the variegated costumes worn on'the
field that evi ulng. Old Sol - * r ■ • i ; vi !■. ■
hind the Selkirks, giving a tacit acknowledgment that the brilliancy of his
rays were outclassed. The chipmunks
and eophers took to the Brush, and a
lonely raven tbat was -.lowly wending
its way o'erhead, cast its eye downward,
and with a sh ill cry ol fear ■;■■:
through   the  air for tbe Uml er fastness
of baker mountain.
Jake Fink woie a red -shirt with the
letters "JI. L." emblazoned thereon.
No one seemed to know what they *•-
for, but the general impression -eemed
to be that tbey were for someth ug with
1 meaning similar to Bades, but not
spelled tbe same. It might also be
added lhat be had on some other
clothes. J. R. Co.nigan, attired in ; ink
stripped pajamas, white hat and a ier-
spblc smile displayedjthe curvatures of
his embonpoint to tbe best advantage.
W. R. Morris, executive representative
ofthe Queen, had a costume of his own
lesign that was us original as it was unique and startling in effect. A loose
oming jicket of light color, black
bloomers that had bloomed long ago.
dark hose held aloft by pink garters thai
loomed up like a wart on the end of a
man's nose. The head that .showed
marked signs of early piety was *.i- .*.:.
encased in a Mollier (loose c.i-j that
brought into greater piomuience the
rotundity ol Ills rubicund countenance.
Prank Rankin lookc 1 like a cross between an Italian bandit and a Swiss
mountain --unle. He wore a waist that
was blue on the north side, red on the
south side and slightly tight on the inside. Dark panties served to bring in
relief the pink stacking on Ins right leg
and the yellow one on Bis left. His cap
was of gypsy pattern and Siwitsh make
Al Brown wore a sweeping cap of Black,
a dark shirt draped a la Chinese, one
leather shoe, one rubber boot aud une
rubber neck to which wai attached a
safety pad which was never bel re worn
in front. J. W. H Smythe had Alberta
pants, a sweater that made him sweat,
Kootenay slippers mid clean socks. \V
R. ROfS, forgetting for the once that lavas a member of the legal profession
was attired in Lhe paradoxical disguise
of n while winged augcl, ami was playing Charley lid wards for SL, Peter. Jim
Fisher, with characteristic modesty,
wore a plain White Bell with wrought
iron buckle and cast iron nerve. Joe
Laid law'a costume was a dream—that te,
a pipe dream, nml made him the cy 00-
slire of all eyes.    A  white silk  garment,
[we'll call it a waist but it wasn't} ttuuks
of brilliant fctripes that resembled the
nbreviatcd costume of a ballet girl, white
stockings that filled so closely that they
gave his No. ii'sb nm for their money.
A green belt, and Iri-cuiored ribbons
floating gaily on tlie wind, produced a
meteoric effect in his periodical spurts
to third base fiom tbe infield. Tom
Rooks wore while which harmonized
with his decisions.   Lou HofTman wore
bis Fort Steele clothes and said all vests
looked alike to him, while Walt Turn-
turned Ids suspenders and parted Bis
hair in the middle.
Theater Three Nittht:*.
Thc 15th of October is Set as the
Limit ot Time  for Completing the Work.
The date for receiving Bids for Builu-
ing the North Star branch from Cran-
brook to Kimberley has been set for
Monday, July io, and Blank forms for
■eiulers have been prepared nnd given
out to prospective Bidders. The follow-
ni)- printed notices were posted this
morning, and naturally attracted agreat
deal ol attention:
C. 1'   K.
B  C. Soi*tukkn Division
rBKDBRS    POR    NOKTll    ST \R    HKASl.il
Tenders will be received at the engineer's othce. Cranbruok. until u o'clock
ii Monday, July IO, foi  tbe grading and
-.'.her work on llie North Star Branch as
pet  specifications and form of tender,
which cflti   be   had   on application at
Ecc.    Work lo Be tendered for
in two  sections:     Section No. 1, Cran-
'■rook to St. Marys river     Section No.
N  - -■   Sl   Mays river  to terminus of
line     The  lowest, or any  lender,   not
neces^iriiy accepted hy the company.
M. H   MacLeod, Superintendent.
Messrs. R-jid. McRae, McCarty, Mc-
Crimmon and McDonald are tbe contractors who have been waiting here for
the p.ist two week?, and Mr. E. Kgan,
inother well-known contractor, arrived
last evening. It is quite probable that
ill : these ge-.'.leweu will bid on the
work. The form of tenders calls for
bids En lwo sections, the first from Cran-
brook i" St Marys, and the second from
St. Marys to the terminus of the line,
and also provides that the work shall lie
:oni[ieted hy the 15th of October. This
would indicate that the company pro-
z-j-cs to pu*h ihe work forward as rapidly as possible, so as to get at the tonnage
wui'.i-:g for them in the Kimberley district. It is, therefore, reasonable to
suppose that no time will be lost after
the bids are received. One of the contractors in the city staled to a representative of The Herald that if any of
■±v bids were accepted contracts could
e-.-.;;;. be awarded in four or five doys.
It vculd be necessary then for lhe men
who got the contracts to return snd get
their ou:iV.s here, which would take
about two weeks more. In any event,
work could Be uuder headway by August
first, or very soon after.
The people of Cranbrook have been
waiting patiently but anxiously for this
work, but they fully realize that it is
not only a good thing for Cranbrook,
but fur the whole district as well. It
-ett;es the question as to what town i»
the busine-s center of the district, and
wil! contribute largely to the development and prosperity of South Hast
The Harry LindB-y Big company will
apjH-iir in L.'nubrook fjr three nights
this   week    commencing   tonight,   nt
Miner's old store room. This company
lias played nil over Canada, and in every
instance il has given the best of satisfaction.    The  ;.e >ple  of Cnmbiook  are
fortunate in having the o| porlnnlty to
see  them, and  The   Herald   predicts  a I
good house each night. ;
The   Da)   Was   a   hi-*   .Success   la   Every
The celebration held at I'ort Steele on
July -j was a Big BUCCCM. Although the
morning was -lightly marred By occasional showers, yet tlie rain was not
heavy enough to interfere with the
sports. The football game between Port
Steele and Lraiibrook was an interesting
contest,   resulting   iu one  goal each.
file horse rai es, which were held on lhe
main street, furnished plenty ->f n*no**e.
ment for everybody, mher cotttett*
made the day a mccesi in every par-
::• liar, Cranbrook was well represented and several oi ihe boyacaptured
A Jab for thc Fitol Killer.
One day this week a man who had
been working for weeks with pick nnd
shovel on the railroad drew his pay and
proceeded at once to imbibe freely. As
be liquidated he began tn have visions
uf great wealth, and Iinally he pulled a
J5» Bill out of his pocket, tore it in two
lengthwise and lighted a stubby clay
ptpe wilh one half of it. Friends inter-
tered aud prevented him destroying the
otiier half, but he may lose it anyhow,
as it may not be redeemed.
Well. (lard!).
Everybody should go to Cranbrook
tomorrow—Dominion day—and see our
baseball boys wallop the Cranbrook
team—Fernte Free Press.
Yes, ihey wnllo-jed our hoys, in a
lominiun Dsy Bills.
Those having Bills ngamsl the Dominion  day committees will  please leave
them with J. W.   H. Smythe, nt Canadian Bank oi Commerce, without delay. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY   JULY ti. 1890.
t*. ti mmi'sun, Editor nud Miwiwer.
Tlil'M.H Ol'   SfllM-Kll-llu.N
Tlw lternld ileslres tu kIvb tho news n( tho
illfltriot. ir yuu know any hIhihi your town
yuur niltiu in yuur paoi'Iu, seud u tu this onirc,
I WO young
the wide
ttiiiL' Of th
young men were seated   upou
poroh of u Beaside hotel
things past and   preae
and finally glided into confidential
teiobaiige of experience^ untnlad
of the fact tlmt lhey were within, e
oliot of an open, window, whose clt
blinds were deceptive,   Inasmuch
thev kept out sight,   Bm   admitted
One of tin- men, liny Somera, luul
lately returned from a three years' sojourn abroad, and hod accidentally met
ot the dinner table his old college chum
and dear friend, Robert Blake, a young
lawyer rising in Bis profession. Of Bim
I will Bay here tlmt he wns yet young,
ubout IBi or '27, a good-looking, manly
lellow, with a handsome income. Now
let him Bpcak for himself,
Lying* upon a wide lounge, just under the window of which 1 made men-
lion, was u little figure hidden by uu
afghan,  but above  thin eould  Be seem
u face of delicate beauty, with childlike Blue eyes, wistful and patboMu in
expression, nod loose curls of pure gold*
en tint. Over this fttOOWOSa perplexed
shadow, mid more thnn onee. the pretty
lips murmured:
"Oh, how mean, oh, how wicked it in
to listen! ltut 1 must hear! 1 must
The friends hnd discussed current
topics, until, us 1 have said, lhey bu-
I'iiini' confidential, when Hoy said, rather abruptly!
"1 heard some gossip about you as I
passed through New York."
"Yes? 1 did not know 1 was of sufficient Importance to be the subject of
gossip: Whut, if it is uot u secret, did
you hear?"
"Tell me firHt, if you are engaged to
Be married ?*'
"Short, and not particularly sweet.
I heard, then, that you were engaged to
a hunchback, a little monsterl"
The fnee on thc other side of the window grew while ns snow, But Robert
Wake gathered Ids brow into a heavy
"Don't be Hilary, old fellow!" hlfl
friend pleaded, "I was foolish to repeat H. I might have known It was
false, being well aware of your fastidious love of Beauty."
"False, yes! But I would give all I
own to make it true! You have heard
the gosaip, shall I tell you the truth'.'"
"See. here, Hob! I've uuide a mess
somehow.    Do forget it."
"Look nt that!" said Robert, opening
a small velvet case he took from hia
Breast pocket. "Tell me what you
thing' of It?"
"It Is beautiful! Lovely] Oneofthi
few faces one may call angelic."
"And mind and heart are as Beautiful,
as 'ongello' as the face,"
"I enn easily believe it. The. expression is pure and sweet, jls a babe's."
"Yet you just called her a little monster."
"Bob! You cannot mean that she,
the original of this miniature, is deformed."
"Yes. Hhe wus crippled in childhood
—by me."
"She is a connection of mine, a stepchild of my uncle, and when we were
children we spent our summer together, us 1 was a yearly guest at Owl's
Nest, my uncle's place on tlie Hudson.
She WilS the sweetest little fairy at ten
years old thut.you oversaw, and 1 wns
i great hulking boy of 10, and did not
understand how delicate she was.   I
lotually Believe. I was in love with her
.hen, But I wus nl the moot awkward
thge for such sentiment, und 1 covered
ny actual adoration by tensing her
\e were on the lull behind my uncle's
louse, where there wns tl steep di-eliv-
ty, and 1 was, as usual, half romping
vith   her,   taxing  her   temper by iiiy
jflteful miinner, when, somehow,heav-
mi knows how, unintentionally l pushed
ier over the OtlgO of the hill, nnd she
tell down to the'fOOt. When I rcueliycd
her she WOO. white and senseless, and, I
thought, dead. Oh, ihe long ngony of
that walk when 1 took her in. my anus
to the house, staggered Into tlio room
where     her     mother     wus,    putting'
her Into her arms, only to rush away for
a doctor, I was n murderer in my own
eyes, aud for days while she lay between life and death my misery eould
nut Be described,    ■' w"s ■M"m m~
fort that she lived, But. when 1 wns- told
that tho injury tu her spine would lull Ufa-long deformity, then, Boy as I
wils, I made n solemn vow to devote my
life to her."
"1 Warn sent Bn«k l'i the boarding
BehOOl  Before May   (did I tell you her
name wm May Talbot?J was able to
neo me, nnd from sohool I went to collego, while my uncle and mint were in
Germany trying the But lis For their darling, Every letter wus a torture to
me, yet l longed for them, watched for
thein iwmI shed bitter tears over the record of the suffering 1 luul caused. But
it was Umi years Before I saw May
again. I went abroad when- they enme
home, but circumstances prevented a
farewell visit to Owl's Nest, and I remained, us you know, in Italy, on account of my fatlwr's health. Do you
wonder, Koy. that I wns a reserved, morose Boy nt college?"
"Reserved, yes, and often very sad,"
replied hia friend, "But never morose.'
Many times I longed lo usk for your
confidence, but there was something
thut told me it was too deep u sorrow
you were Biding for uny Intrusion,"     I
"I eould not talk of it in those days,
When my father died nnd I planned to
return to my own home, I renewed1 my
self-exacted vows to devote my life to
May, but—do not despise me, Ito*,—it
was with un lidded misery and pain.
JhMiieiuBcr, I had not onee seen her
since tho day when I carried her home,
after my hand had ruined her young
life, but I knew thflt she was deformed.
The Herald
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for turning out first-class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of lhe fact.
1 was a young1 man, in the full vigor
ot health, and, while ray conscience
udd me very plainly taut 1 owed my
lite to May Talbot, my bei.rt shrank
from the only way in which I could
otter it. Common sense spoke very
plainly. Only us my wife eould 1 give
to May the tender care, the love, that
might throw some gladness Into her
life.   And I, like a coward, thought of
the long misery of my own life tied to
a deformed woman that I did not love.
So 1 eame home, a slave in my own idea
io my duty, and resolved to wear my
chains bravely. It waa summer weather again wben I went to owl's Nest.
and, to my surprise, lhe house was full
of guests, most of them young people.
I think thai May must have gathered
Homethlug Of my intention from my
let 1 era, for she wns no longer a child,
nnd suffering hud made her Wuuitinly
.veil beyond her years. I oiilj guessed
this from her manner, I had expected
to meet a frank, cousinly welcome, for
our correspondence had Been like that
of an affectionate Brother and sister.
But May was dignified und even chilling In her greeting, it was soon evident to me that she was trying to thrust
other ladies who were lier guests upon
my eiiiv, and to avoid me as fur na possible."
"Hm wus she repulsive,Bob?"
"itepulslve! She was far from it, my
poor illtlilllg. Keeling her deformity.
a.- Mich sensitive natures do feel any
■personal defect, she hud a morbid idea
lhat sbe was hideous alio! yet a craving io be loved, if she could not Be ad-
mired. Governed by this wish, she had
cultivated a naturally hue intellect by
eon-stunt study, poring over books
•Alien other girls of her ago would have
Been seeking pleasure In flirtations or
amusements, With a sweet, pleasant
voice und u gtxtd ear for music, she
hud cultivated a musical taste till she
|vaa wonderfully proficient, and her
singing was a pure delight to hei
friends. Hut for me she never sang;
shu never played; never chatted as she
did with her other friends, and avoided
me. so persistently thut ut lusl a horn
Ble fear took possession of me.   In spile
of her natural sweetness of disposition,
Jier affectionate letters, 1 feared Bhe
lad never really forgiven me, But was
too generous to let me know the truth."
"ll'iu! Nut an unnatural fear. Hut
niy dear fellow, when you found your
self so persistently snubbed, why did
you not leave her? You hud done ull
your conscience required."
"Hut not all my heart desired! One
dny, when she wus not more grnclqm
than usual, I mude her a downright offer of marriage. She wus furious! She
said I insulted her! Nothing eould convince her thut 1 was not trying to make
amends  fur Ihe pnst, at the price of
iny own happiness. Prom hot indignation she Ibueame ptitliellc, tisklng nu
how I could so wound her. Iinally letiv
Jug me in tears. To sny that I felt like
a Brute gives but u faint Idea of my
sensations. I left Owl's Nest the same
day, trying to comfort myself by mj
own virtuous intenlious. Hut, ltoy, I
love her! 1 love her with ull the
strength of my heart, Her deformltj
to me is But a touching rcmlnlscenct
ef the tenderness I owe her, and which
I long, unutterably, to pour out upon
her. To me she Is "Uie one womnn iu
the world, and I cannot imagine u
deeper, -purer happiness than mine
would Be eould I call Ber my wife. Uow
lo convince her of this, how to over
como her morbid horror that I am unwillingly devoting myself to her service, 1 do not yet know, llut 1 nm resolved to try. Surely such deep, sincere
love us mine must at last win Its way
and force her to Believe Bi its truth!"
"You have my best wishes. Come,
shall we ride?"
So they strolled away lo order their
homes, nud May Talbot threw off the
afghan, to slaud Before her mirror, and
onee more compare her little, crooked
figure with the thought of other women's symmetry.
lint into the Blue eyes hud come n
radiance tbat made the whole face joyous. Over the sweet, sensitive lips
hovered u smile Born of love and such
happiness us her life hud never known
Before. For she loved Ber knight well,
this fair maiden who would not occept
his pity. To have Been his wife, doubt-
iiijj* his motive in seeking her, to huve
thoughl every tender word a duty
wrung from his remorse, would huve
Ibeen torture. To be Bis wife because he
loved Bor, hud won her love, wus such
happiness thut the truth mude her
dizzy, and she sank into a deep armchair, sobbing for pure joy.
"My dear," said a matronly ludy. presently entering the room, "who do you
think Is here? Hubert Hldkol 1 ntcl
him 11.1 wo drove up to the porch steps,
Tell me, thirling, will it Be painful to
you In see bim? We cuu go uwuy If
it is."
"No, mnmmn,  1 want to Her him."
ltut she made no explanation. She
mei him in the evening promenade,
when, leaning upon her stepfather's
arm, she slowly walked on the beach,
Her smile, ber soft words of welcome.
Invited him to remain beside her, und
soon he wus alone with her, the older
gontleinnn pleading fatigue.
They were ulone, l hough hundreds
passed and repassed In the publio promenade, Her voice was low, yet he heard
it above the roar of the Breakers, when
she said:
"Kobcrt, i am afraid I wus very un-
kind to you last mouth."
"Very unkind, my darling!" he said,
all bis love in his eyes, as he looked into
Ber face.
"Will you forgive me?"
"On one condition only; that you are
kind now and will promise to Be my
"I will!" she said, gently; "your true,
loving wife, Itobert, for I love you with
ull my heart."
"As 1 love yotl!" he answered.
Hut lie never knew lliut she bad heard
that hour's chat in whleh he hud his
heart Bare for Bis friend, little guessing
who wus listening so near to him.—N.
Y, Ledger.
—"It seems the courts tind no flaw in
Bilks' will." "You don't say sol Why,
1 supposed liilks to Be richer than that."
—Detroit Journal.
—Uncertainty.—Farmer—"Can i hire
you to shock my corn?" bicycle Girl
(aside)—"I wonder if he tukes me for a
man."—-Detroit Journal.
—Reflected Ulory. — Visitor — "And
who are you, my little mun'.'" Cuth-
Beit (with consutous pride)—"I'm tho
baby's brother."   Tlt-Ults,
—"That tenor of ours bus a marvelous
Voice, lie ean hold one of his miles for
half u minute." "ShuokBl I've held
one of his notes for two years." --t'lcvc-
lund I'lnin Dealer.
—"Tell me, doctor," asked lhe ambitious young disciple of Uulen, eagerly,
"what was the most ihtngcnais case you
ever had'.'" "In confidence, now that
I am ubout to retire from practice,"
answered the veteran physician, frankly, "I w ill confess thut it wns my medicine case."—Puck,
—During the progress of theThellus-
SQU will case, which benefited several
generations of lawyers, one of the counsel employed suggested that something
should stand over "till the duy of judgment." Said itlchard Oethell, who also
appeared In the case—he was subsequently Lord Chancellor Westburyi
"Will not that be a very busy day?"—
Household Words.
A gentleman culling at a hotel left
his umbrella in the stand in the hall
with the following Inscription attached
to it: "This um lire lln belongs tou nun
who can deal a blow* ul 250 pounds*
weight. I shall be back in ten minutes." Ou returning to seek Ids property he fuund in its place a card thus
inscribed: "This curd has been left by
a mail who ean run V2 miles uu hour.    J
shall not come back."—Tit-Bits.
A TcxKN Han Who Culled I'jjun tun-
4trc»*. tu Nitini- UU Ho j.
Of the many freak communications
which reach the capitol and the departments one whleh came to tbe house
just before it adjourned is deserving of
the proverbial biscuit. The letter was
addressed to "The Congress of the
United States in Washington Assembled," and cume from a resident of u
small settlement In northeastern Texas.
It was written in un entirely earnest
spirit,  it suid:
"Dear Mister Congressmen: My dear
wife Amanda has just Been Blest By the
appeurunce of a healthy young boy. Me
and my wife can't agree on no name to
give the Boy and we want you to help US
out. 1 wants him called Dave and she
wants bim culled Cy, but she won't give
in neither will 1. Now what we want
you to do is to have a document passed
through your body giving him 0 handle,
flense attend tu tiie mutter as soon as
possible.   Yours."
The only person around tbe house to
whom the letter could have gone
through the regular system of diBsem-
Inutlng the miscellaneous moll was the
private secretary of Congressman
Bailey. He communicated the contents
of the letter to a uuniBer of the employes around the house. The other
afternoon the secretary sent out a number of typewritten letters tu a dozen or
more employes, enjoining them lo meet
in one of the committee rooms.
When the clerks assembled, he proposed that they, as ll substitute house Of
representatives in committee of the
whole should attend to the very urgent
communication which he hud received,
and that a suitable name should be selected for the growing young Texan.
Accordingly u set of resolutions, sticklers in their form und precision, were
drafted, with seal attached and signature properly fixed, and sent to the
writer. They informed the Texan that
the congreSB had taken cognizance of
his communication, uud hud acted accordingly. "The congress, exercising a
power which was vested in it by the law
of 1884," suid the resolutions, "hereby
designates, denominates, titles und
■allies your offspring after three distinguished scions of the ixjlie Star. Let
it be known thut his name shall be
Bailey Chilton Mills ,"—Washington 1'ost.
Kei'li   Smiki-n   it*   Peti.
"There la ii pet snake In nearly every
house in llra/il," said a t'hicai'oaii who
hns returned from a journey through
that country, "They keep thein Justus
we do the eats or dogs, und. indeed, for
much the samo purpose, using them to
kill the rata at night. Thosuakesoren
species of boa from ton to fifteen feet
long, and are perfectly harmless to
mankind, while they are quite affectionate und, like cats, become attached
to the house where lhey are kept.
These sunken ure sold in the markets,
where I  bought oue thut died on the
voyage from Rio Janeiro to New York.
"A scientist, to whom 1 spoke of these
makes, told mo that no snakes are really dangerous to man. He said that
never had a suuke attacked u tnun unless the tnun had first attacked it. Thu
reptile Is defensive, Bui not offensive,
and hus no desire to pick uipiarrel.   But
if you tread on a snake the thing cannot
know thut your Intentions ure not in-
lmical to its welfare. So i always
avoid snakes.'1—Chicago Tiroes-Herald.
Up lit   hy   tli*?   Hun.
The towering Washington monument,
solid as it is, cannot resist the heat of
the sun, poured on its southern side
on a midsummer's duy, without a slight
bending of the gigantic shaft whleh is
rendered perceptible By means of a
copper wire, 174 feet long, hanging in
the center of the structure, nnd currying u plummet suspended in a vessel
of water. At noon in summer lhe apex
of the monument, li'il) feet above the
ground, is shifted, by expansion of the
stone, a few hundredths of an inch
toward the north. High winds cause
perceptible motions of llie plummet,
and in still weather perceptible vibrations of the erust of the earth, otherwise unperceivud, ure registered by it.
—Youth's Companion.
Bakery s s
(Successors lo «. S. McNeil)
Wa havo tht? only brick
own in Cranbrook now
in operation, antl Iho
quality ol t.nr brenil is
titst class. Will deliver
to any port of the town.
(iive Us a Trial Order
Promptly Attended tc.
Tuke nolle* thut tlie partnerriitp lierrtotore
existing betweuri us, tlie luulerMitfneil.JU hotel
Keepers Rt tlie towns of Wiiriliiei urn! < ttitade,
ll, 0., eider the llrm name of Kctt-'turiu it .Sltnp-
Son, Iut* Uiii ilny been dissolved by mutual uon-
The I ■ iis Un'hs will be. continued by I", J. tick-
stotin, who a-tMHiiiM nil llnbllllleH ot |i,irltuTS-ii ip
unit to whom ull debts Oue Uie isiitiu*r*ilii|i 11111*.
be paid,
liitti'il at Cranbrook, II. 0„ March 1, Mitt.
.Villi*****-*. C. J. WK8T0BM,
O. N. .Iiiliiwui. B. ii. MMI'SllK.
fort'. J. KokK-toini.
Mmt lUKkeiidorf,
for F, K .Simi-wui.
Paper Hangers
Decorators dt
Modern Work.   Estimates Furnished.
Dealers In Wall Paper aad Mouldings.
II you Intend to paper or pilot yonr
building let us figure on your contract
Ute of loi'iiito
Contractor ut Builder
FUttNisniiu mm uf ciiAWii:
Ihose couxeniplaUm building will do well to let
mo figure on the contracts.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Parrott Bros.
...IH'uK'i.'i In..,
SS Feed SS
Farm S Produce
The beat of	
Hay and Oats
On huml nt ull tllUCfl
Call nml ace us    ,
Van Home nvenue, between
Commercial anil Royal hotels
Freight and baggage hauled to
and from any part of the city.
Teaming   of   all
prompt attention.
kinds   given
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
The aaly rail route without change ot care
between Nelson and Rossland and
Spokane and Rossland.
iAMve t-:xi a. m. nki.sox Arrtvo r.:.Mi p. iu
"    I2i'i5    "    1H1HSI.AM) "      11.2a   "
"     &S1 a. in.  Bl'UlCANJI 8.10 r
Train iu.it Wave* Nelson ut r,.--ii u. in makes
eli>*.. iMtiiiipvtlnni at Simkiuio [nr ull j'aclOo
IVnim points.
PafwngiT, for KoltUt lllvflr nnd ll.tuii.llkl >*
Crook oounoc* At Mareu* w Ith stago (tally.
0. It. DIXON, 11. I'. KT. A„
Spnkano, Wash.
This space is reserved (or
Robinson & MeKenzie.
tl. K. TACKMIUItY, Act
Commercial Hotel...
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines and  Liquors at the  Bar
The Best Stock, the Moat Satisfactory Prices, and
First-Cleat Work.     Retal'l'l Neatly liiecuitd.
•*-•>•>.•-♦-.>.> (*»)
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
!       Have you seen his stock ?   ll includes thc best of everything,
I       lic:.h .ind up to dale.
|                             Notions, Furnishings, etc.
j                                Triiit, Pish nnd Oysters.
;   The housewife nitd lhe bachelor should deal with hint,   it win pay them.
 - , utid)
*»*«>*»«.*.****-. 1*1.: ...Al.;
I The Cranbrook
! Lumber Co.
1        Saw and Planing Mills
1 :::AT
Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
I Shingles and
| Houldings.
Royal hotel,
Finest Wines, liquors and Cigars.
First Qass in Every Respect.
Arrived this week at	
"The s Emporium"
...A Carltiad Of...
See our E. & 0. Wheels,
New Rrj moml Sewing,*
Machines always in h*»*
»lock    ,*    ,.i    ..I    ,*
Another Shipment ol Dry (loods,
Ladies: Blouses, Belts, Blouse .*
Sets, Skirts, Undershirts, Zyph-
ers. Dress Goods, Trimmings,.*,*
Ties, Rugs, Squares and Carpets
 Sherlock & Bremner	
California : Wine : Co.
....NELSON, B. C.
Best  Brands Wines,  Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention       I
****** ^*^*^, Rppf
Fort Steele UWI
Brewing Co.'s.... Porter...
Best on Earth   .*
In Wood or Bottles
Jas. Kerrigan, Agt.
Crnnbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Tlie Preacher'* Frequent Armful of
WuniL-n** Cornel [tank*.
"Revival work," mid the- professor,
"isn't wlmt It was in the old time, The
Ute te different*, nnd religious experience la
different. 1 huw not beard a man or wo-
loan shunt in churoh fm' 4ii yeurs, and yen
11'iin rcuioiuber when a Bervlce or meet*
Ing wtta nut counted much of a meeting If
sumu good sister  did   not shout.   Thin
woiri tnuttnl spuntnn saittory, iii n state
wi excitement and Ri|i|ii-]t><. too grenl fur
uUvmijee In conunoii wonts, nnd wlilub
found expression in hysterical shunts and
Jnyli'l  uxultuuntlous.    A   great    preacher
would stir ti uruwd to conviction, an ox*
Imrtt'i- would uiakuau linjmssluiii'dapiical,
nnme ciuutluha] wniimii would ho asked tn
imiy. amis the shouting would begin.
"The gootl woman, kneellitgon tlio Iloor
innl with head bowed, would begin in*
volte almost Inaudible, but an Bho--roccud'
Hi hot- voico would l uno louder ami
stronger, her DguriMVould bocome cruel,
until lln..Ily in thp viv) ii'Miii-y ol oxultu
mum sliu won Id ,•■■, aloud In her rejoicing
Her sluitiU would Imi greeuil by exeluinn
Hum af •Amen)' ami '(llury to Uudl'imil
tli.'i. tbon. would Iwliandslmkliig, singing
Heforosuelinwlldwov leltt-muti i
• M" ii'l-'ii ii- fnivuiloxi'imniidsuave*would
beat iim nmmil.-,', k'tiuli, Miiniiiii.ttti i,v
ibuivJob-liiKcbumh uiciiiI-vm
"I have la-aid my rather ruluta must
wonderful cjrperlenros in iiortliorn Ohio,
where, In Iho uld time, it wns tlio rulo for
It wns tliouustom tbon for women n- wear
Imslts, nrcorsol boniils, Instead of slays ur
.mim'Is. 'i lieso busks wore mudo of pliable
hickory, but thoy coinpolled a woman la
«u very straight and Imposed sumu lltnltti*
tlons uu frcu muvemunU   My father suld
that frequently nftor n n ling In which
there hnd been oxoltomoiit ami sl ting
he bud gothe'red up nu urmful of oumul
beards which thowomon in thoir fi-ciucy
had drawn from their drosses ami thrown
undor their scats and forgotten."—Chicago Inter Ocean.
'liim iii i iim i i-i tm Cafes.
Tho iii-oil waiter Institution te anion;
tho odd oustoms of Austrln. In overy lm
tel, restaurant) cafe or other resort whero
fund or drinks an- -sold thorn is a function
ory who goes about among the guests, iu
they summon him with tho word '-bozah
len,"niidoollcut8 tho pay for whut tliej
have drunk or euton. Knob man tips bin
to thu extent ot;, or it) pur cent of tho bill,
N\i niii, i' w-iitiT can receive nny money
except a personal tip. Tho head waiter
gets no salary for his sorvlces. On tho
contrary, ho ofton pays the proprietor a
gootlsum fur tho plan'. Ilu is hold m-
sponsible for everything—entnbies, drink,
ablo.-, crockery, glnssware, Hilvcrware; in
hotels, even fur room rent, carriage hire
ami broken windows. His compensation
conies from tin- tips, which wnnetlines
amount tu many thousands of guldens n
yenr (a gulden ar Ilurln is cqiilvalotit to
40 cunts).
MinnrdN Liniment (.'ares IHnlhcrin.
True Thrift,
Hi. ku Appreciated the shrewd ns well
as tin- Iminorons sayings of tho Cornish
country (oik. Thero dwelt not fnr from
Ute abode a duirywouinn and lier litis-
band who bad begun life in u very
small way witb one enw, and who. liy
industry and thrift, hud acquired quite
a nnmber.
"Uow is it." Baid Hicks lo herons
dny, "that yon huve got on so well
Mra. P.T"
"Well, you see, Mr. Hiclw." she replied, "most peoplo bo alius thinking
uf wlmt lhey do want, lint I aii<l mv
old man. weiio alius thinking of what
we can do withont "
Tuklnu » Walk.
Justice—What have yon tosay in nn
swrr to tlio clmrgo tti' stealing Hiia
mail's plnuk walk!
The Aecnaed—I took it byudvicoof
my physician, yer honor li.' tuid mc
ttt tnko ti lougwnik every duy This
wnsUmlirst long wall; I snw toilay. tuid
of conru I loi k il A tiinti can I afford
to employ u dot-tor unless bo takes his
Justice—The conrt, however, will
give you advice fi r notbiug three
months' real V< n will take It in tbe
house ..I correction -Iloston Transcript
Minimi's l-Inliuonl Cnres Distemper.
Lewis Carroll, the author of "Alice
lu Wouderlnnd.' was I md ul pnaillng
his friends with etiriti problem* Ous
of thein wa-. lhe quiitum When does
tbi< tiny begin, It a man could Iravel
around the world m fuM thai the siui
would nlwuysbedlriHilj nlnve hts head,
nml il ),>' wi ro in stnrl truvellngnt midday mi Tuesday, thon In L.'i Imnrs he
wonld return lu his original point uf
departure nml would llud that thedny
was now enllod Wednesday at what
pnini nf bi*> -journey would the duy
clintigo iis iiiiuii-v The difficulty of un
Bworlng this iippnrenlly simple qui stion
lias t-nst n gloom over many n pleasunt
A unUier problem wns as follows A
ropo is hung over h Wheel fixed to thu
roof of a bnildingi st <um ond nf the
rope a weight is fixed, whleh exactl)
Roniilerlialanees a monkey which Is
liflugingon tlif other nol Hnppusethnl
the monkey begins to climb tlm rope,
wlmi will in. tbx roanltl H is very curious tha d Iff or on I views taken by g I
malhi'iiialiiiiins. Ono says tbo weight
goes up wiih Increasing volncily i others
say tlmt it goes up nt the same rate as
thu monkey, whilo nuother snys It goes
aaggaaaaoga bb—■—
I\ O, UltAWKH   l 'J.s-J.
J. 3D. O'B-rie-n-,
MH   Prlueesi St., Winnipeg,
Private wire uouuvctlmi with all marhets
Orniu hunglil and carried on margin,
('in respomleiiee Hollelteil.
Alloway & Champion
Mated fllauks lintifflil, suld, nml carrrletl
on margin,
Writo ih If vim wish tu uJCL'linnau any kind ot
liunaiy, to buy (ioviTUHHiil ut* I.'. N, W, Uu.
Lutuli, ur tn rtm\ iiioihv uiiytvticro,
MlimrtlsMnliiiPitl riircstJiirgelluro-i-iH
Su   \\ li. ii   Imi   (io  to   r.ntt-tittid   I'm' I
•try tu Uu lt.
"Yes," remarked the mini who bail
spent the winter in London, "it's funny
to see the young Americans over there
pass themselves off for Englishmen. 1
hnve uu incident of tho kind in mind.
When 1 crossed to tho big town, 1 was
nit't by a young chap who had preceded
mo by about two months. When 1 Bet
eyes on liim at tb" rail wny station, I
could hnrdly believe my own sight, lm
appeared so changed. Uml I met liim
<m Broadway 1 would hnve spotted liim
as a typical ISugHshmnn. To mo lio
looked tbo Britisher to a T. Uo waa
dressed in a suit of checked clothes that
didn't Iii. Rissl - were shapeless, liis
gloves I.... big ami bis Imi a littlo Mat
llfltiir ihat looked Ilko ii tried ogg, ami.
too. whotil peiied hUmouthi learned
thai ho bad not stopped tho Imitation
tit UioctolhcB. lb' ttilked like a 'John*
nio' for ull tbo wm l<l.
"1 could hnrdly understand It, and in
explanation ho said that In- Imd pi eked
U nil up lor bis own buliolil ami Hint
ovory ono thought bim lo bo a lull
blooded lilugllshmiiii, with a genuine
liking for -joints and al.-. Will, wo
started up tho street, ami beforo wu
Imd gone a q.iarti'i' ot n mile my
young friend was acci sted by a grimy
faced ami rugged link' nowsboy who
yelled at liim. "Ero yo 'avo it, me
covo. Hi' ioltest N'York 'Kruld,' aud
my young friend collapsed. I learned
afterward bow fitiilo it Is for an American to pretend in England. Why, there
wasn't it nowshoy iu London that
conldn't havo picked my yonng Mend
out among a million human beings
with liis eyes shut."—Detroit Free
radii in on Prounrtiun.
"What does 'better half mean?1
askod tho InquisitlvQ boy.
"Better hulf," explained tbe father,
"is usually tbo smaller purt as to size
and the larger part as to influence. Jt
thus evens up and takes a half."
"Ubt" said tho boy.
"John William, you ought to be
ashamed of yonrselfl" said lhe hoy's
father's better half.
Slio-n-lntf llim tin* Dark 9llle,
"Why did yon invite Brngden to
spend Sunday with yon': It nearly
broke his heart when Jennie HnrkiuB
married yon."
"I know it. I thought If Brngden
came up and saw how Jennlo and her
mother rule tilings in the house over
which I aui supposed to preside he'd
be rather glad for himself alter ull."—
Harlem Life.
Miriam—Where do you expect to go
thi;* summer—to tho mountains or the
Fannie—We haven't derided yet. It
Will depend on which papa selects. I do
hope he will say the seashore That will
mako miimmu tako to lhe mountains,
and I like them so much better.—Chicago News.
A Courteous Itnllmnil Mnn.
Inquirer—When is the next train to
Leamington J
Station Master—Twelve o'clock, sir.
Inquirer—What, isn't there one be*
fore tlmt t
Station  Master—Xo, sir; wo never
run one before tbe next.—Tit-Hits.
a Wise Jmlire.
Judge—How old are you 1
Witness -Excnso me. judge, hut—
that Is, 1 didn't suppose—must 1 really
answer! Yon see, judge  -
Judge- Dou'i be so long about it,
madam! The longer yon tako to answer
the older yon getl -Der Floh.
Tho Manager What was all that
tronble among tho freaks 'his morning 1
••Why. the two bended man got into
a quarrel with himself as to which of
him should got sbavedlirsl "   Tit Bits.
Mi  i t-i Service.
Tom    After nil, whal are kh n - got .i
Kitty (domnrelj)   Theii face value
Brooklyn Life
li.-.il    I ....   Mni'li.
Catarrh Cam
Be Cured.
Japanese  Catarrh
Inn  lueceaifult*- cupeii   with   this   mint
daugvroui disease, uml t-urt-d
ii. tttiij- oured.
Ml-s A. Kliott.of Bcoohvllle, Oat., writeB: 'If
we had only known of Jaj-aiieM Oatarrli Cure
yeursngo, my fatlwr would Lave beeu saved
iumi ipcndhiB huiidreui ol dollar*, nnd 1 would
liav-i'.-.'ii uv. [ruin the fonstnnl pain and nn
uoynnceof tliiimostdlflgastlittrdbunie,   I liave
liii.linijoili lur vears.   My brail was ntuff--d
ap bo tli.ti  I  lit not breathe t',ir.,ut*li iny
nostrils. Hlv In-rath was vi r*.- iinimr. I liofl
almoat n euiutaiii pain la mv bund and over mn
eyrs. Not Iiln k I reul I it'' save me pormam m
j'. lief,  until iuIiik .l.-i-iiii.-.    Catarrli   Cara
Kroni the veri iir-i hirnvi ■ relief, and m .i
lliortthue Imd munml tltr it.ciiniiiliitl-.il mi
Mint 1 i-i,iil,ll.r--.-itli,'irfi>lv iliomeli On- n-siTil*.
Tin* ent" lofl my li.-atl jtti-l eym U*. vfluet
uii'in tnj in.niii mum truly wonderful   |-urlfy-
iti i i.ilur, n lur inn ib" i' i-i leni *\nvt iislns
.his r.i s imv. i.-.i f.'it th< 1'. hm i-iun ul my
inrinur trtmblv.   I ma lilitlth rvv mend It,
and kii-i»i nf ..i.!i.i,.ili.'i- i - iiurm ..■ ib rli -ti
Lilian it Uiwi-urt'd."
Hold liy nil druimism.    so i-Miti     Kit Iiosm
wltliouru|riinrnuii*wl, rm   : JJ.   A fr ■■
will lonni iiildi.-.     Kiu-loso   '  ■■at   -i.in|.
\ddri-Hi.Tlio (.rlllllhi .\   Miu-plier*iii I ■. I."
Tlio liandsnmest of tlio now sat in foil*
lards are striped with a lino of iioavler
sai in ami |joIkn iloi lid between tho si ri|ws.
Tlio newcetohonlllo trimmings of lattice
patterned bauds, scrolls, bowkuot tio*
signs, ric, are very attractive us well us
A favored DolorcombinatlonuextBoason
will bo [Mile apple green aud soft primrose
yellow j also very beautiful tiuts in pink
witli doop erenm ami nprleot Bhados,
The varioty of parasols displayed this
yeur Ib almost us bewildering as tho ox*
htbltof vnrled dross fabrics, The dome
Bluqiu of inetllum size Is still tlm favorite,
A fawn colored Kngllsh uergo tailor
skirt worn with a gray ami violet striped
and dotted taffeta silk shirt waist affords
u dainty contrast! to Its modernized oton
Jitokot of sorgo.
There Is grent variety iu iho display of
little open jackets—oton, bolero, gnrcoii,
Itussiau, military, oto. They are mado tip
both us separate garments and en suite
with the gown.
Fnnoy vests and the moro amplo woist-
t-oats aro vory much in evidonco on handsome models for the season boforo us. On
many ooBtumos familiar stylos are repeated, liko the plquo and marsoilles varieties,
fastonod with small, round pearl buttons
Tho oiroular skirt with a tabllor or
pointed tunic Is very graceful, especially
for those who need tho effect of long Unas,
and tho skirt flounced to tho waist for
thoso who wish to avoid thom. The top
flounce on the lattor model Is joined ton
belt which finishes tho round waist.
Most of tho gowns for evoning wear for
the coming Benson nre out out square or
rounding in tho nock, and the sleeves are
made elbow length, Chiffon con be shirred, tucked or drupod to cover tho nock if
desirablo. For thoso who uro tlredof silk
muslin, uhonlllo dottod not forms a dainty
aud becoming change.—New Vork Post
Tom Ochiltree has made $4."i,00O on
Wall street. P. S.—Tlmt is what Tom
says.—Louisville Post.
Admiral Kautz seems tu be a sort of
pocket edition da luxe of Dewey.—Philadelphia North American.
Hose, the German consul at Apia, appears to have boon ono of the wild varioty.
Jr. is timo he wero plucked.—-New York
Mail and Express,
If Evangelist Moody really bolloves the
world Isn't growing bettor, ho must admit tlmt ho has wasted n good deal of timo
—Detroit Tribune.
John .lames lugalls Mousing Embassador Cboato of talking too much is a
protty clear caso ofthe pot calling tho ket*
Uo block.—Boston Herald.
Tbo inequalities of lifo aro demonstrated
In tho fact that Senator Dopow lias a big
houso and no wife, while Congressman
Kobertshas threo wires aud no houso,—
.-'t. Units .-siar.
Tom Johnson pretends to be lu favor of
fnv tr.uisiioriation, but it transpires that
thero uro no passes outstanding ovor any
of tho street car linos In his control.—St.
Louis Hl"l>e Ili-imK'r'U.
President Harper of tho Chicago university is trylug to get a corner not only
on all the education iu tho country, but
on all tho idle money in the hands of gen*
erotis millionaires.—Indianapolis NoWS.
"I'm torry, franlelli, llm I yon mnko
io litile progress Vou don'l prncttre
"Why, professor, since I've boon
Inking pi.in.11. mom wo'vo been obliged
to movo eight ttm-nl"- Flfegende
'L'hero m-ver was, mid nevor will te\ a
universal paunoea, Inoueromody, for all
Un in which ib'sh Is holr—the very nature
.i many curatives ueing such tlmt were
ibe gonna of other and differently seated
i(senses rooted ln tho system <>r the pn-
lelit     What Would relieve one ill ill turn
votild aggravate tha otln-r.    We have,
novever. in IJuinlne WIllO, when  obtaln-
tblu In a Bound) unadulterated state, a
remedy for many aud grievous ills, liy Its
gradual ami judicious uso thu frailest Bye-
ems aro led into convalescence and
itrengtb bv the influence whiuh Qiuulne
ixorts on Nature's own reBtoratlves. it
-.'llt'ves the drooplnic njiirits of those witb
.vboni a chronic state of morbid despond-
JUCy and look of Interest lu life is a dis-
'uso, and, by trnuquilii-inR lhe nerves,
disposes to sound and refreshing sleep—
imparts vigor ,u the notion of tho blood,
v hi oh, bcitiKsMmulated, cnuri-i'stltrnuKh-
uit the Veins, strengthening the healthy
iiilmai fu notions of tho system, thoroby
•nuking activity a neees^arv result,
'itrongthohing tho frame, nnd giving ill'u
in the digestive organs, which naturally
demand Increased Bubatanco—rnsult, lm-
orovod appetite. Northrop und hvumn, of
Toronto, havo given to tbo public their
mpdrlor Quloino Wine at the usual rato,
mu, -raiM.-i'.i by tho opinion of Bolontlsts,
this wine approaohos nenreit perfeotion
if any In thu market. All druggists noil
In the partitiono( Africa Franoegeti
the lil« dosort    ll cannot he, said that tho
French nation lacks sand.—Minneapolis
That   hard  fall   King   Malaafa  got  is
largely duo to his trying to run bis usurpation  business without a junta.—St
UlUlS l.epill'lic.
Once again Germany is foiled, England
has bought tha Tonga Islands while Qev
many wns threatening,   Ilorlln is in m*
Ing damp with tear-..- Hi klyn Kagh*.
The  tlrst   business of  tho  e/.nrs peace
congress should bo to find out what Russia
means  by making  mu li   baste  in pi-rfeot
ber   war   establishment.'—Kansas   Olty
If it Is thoir doslre to make a brilliant
I military record, the Samonni havu not
dnnowlsoty In choosing tlio two strongest
nntlonsol the world for their onnoiiotiti
Pittsburg .Nnw-,
Japan, so tlm nowsinougors sny, want!
a now language, min that, will bettor fit
iis advancing civilisation.  Aim matter of
'art, the .lain SO latii'iiagii USsJtO Is Ipokfl
duos nol contain a singln euss word.—St.
Louis Hopubile.
I meet Cares Cote, t
If a man has latent, lio can mnko uno of
another's genius.
A Crowd of dtides nn.i-bt lie appropriately designated as n, vat-ant lot.
Somo marriages are failures and some
am but temporary oHiborrassinonts,
Ah a man grows older ho spends less on
his pleasures antl more mi ids ailments.
When a man is satisfied with his lot, he
always plants tt keep olf thogrnssslgu
on it.
Notwithstanding tho antiquity or the
theater lint joke 110 one lias ever been able
to seo through it.
A man's cup of joy resembles an aftor
dinner coffoo cup, but bis cup of sorrow
holds several galluns.
A Otnolnnntt gonitis has Invented a fold*
lug baby carriage. Parents of folding babies will llnd in this a lung felt want,—
Chicago Nows.
Tho smallest quadruped iu the world Is
tho pygmy mouse of Siberia.
The etophant does not smell with his
trunk, His olfactory nerves are contained In a Blllglo llOStrll, which is in Iho roof
of tho mouth, mar the front.
The dragon Ity   is   something   Ilko a
knight in the pieces of a game of chess,
as ii ean move In eeoontrlo directions,
backward, sideways, and niter its course
without turning its body,
Th«* (teuton.
Other tsees may be ruirur
Than your race, sweetheart of mine:
oilier Dyom mny W iin-ru lovely
Thau tluwa true blue eyes of thins,
OtLtr glrli may bn tiiuri- tfnn.-i.-ful,
Street Rosins, ttun ibou on.
Bin I cure ui^t. vli. my Uurimg—
Yuu ure misirtii ol my heiml
Other piris n*uy have more icftrnrng
Than thou linftt. oh, loie ol mun.-!
Others, iou. mny tiave oempleztuns
That urt; lovelier than tlnue,
But I Bare not lur their gimoet;
Ah toy love f.wi not to tkee,
BiiiL't- you're ulwaya telling what a
Wonder yon consider me.
—Chisago News.
THOROUGHLY.—Parutelee's Vegetable
fills dear uie stomach and umels of
bilious matter, cause tee excretory vessels to tiiruw- off Imparities from tbe
blood Into the bowels and expel tin- deleterious masi from the body. Tbey do this
without paiii or looonvea eoce to the pa-
tienl, who speedily realizes iheir gootl
Ullice8 an BOOU as they It-gin to lake t-liect.
They have strong recommendations from
nil kinds of people
Could appiv the I'arattle,
It is not always safo to talk in parables to the yonng, as the following
ichool board story shows: A correspondent states that one of Ins pupils caused
bim some annoyance by nncoulhness of
hpeeeli. dirty boots, and soou, so, Bays
onr  cwrr--|ji tub ni    "1   drew a   verbal
portrait fur tho chifH of tin- man who
ditl not shine in tin- world of polite society. 'Vou cannot fail to know him,'
said J. 'fm- be never cleans hla boots
nor washes befuro meals. IU* speaks
and drinks wben bm mouth is lull ami
generally uses his knife in place of his
"Gradually the lad whom this story
was designed to profit showed an awak-
eulng interest ami put out bis hand to
•■peak. In reply tainy query, 'Well*' 'I
Inn i w bim,'suid lie. 'He's our lodger I' '
- London Chronicle.
ImuiL'tllately they were offered in ihe pub-
tie, Pariuuiue's Vegetable Pills Imcame
popular because ol ihe i*uod report they
made for themselves. That reputation
Ints -ji-own. nud thoy now rank mnnng
the lirst medicines fur use in mucks ot
dyspepsia and biliousness, euniulalnts of
the liver and kidneys, rheumatism, lover
and ;i;:ue and the innumerable complications to which these ailments give rise.
Ilini   n   Worthy   IIiimiiiiMnriHn   Mntle
a niik'Iii Mistake.
An enthusiastic member of the Society For tbe Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals, whose short si^ht and big
heart are in diametrically opposite proportions, had a peculiar experience the
other day. Ho was walking down Pry-
tan In street and noticed what seemed to
be tho members of a household assembled around a small bonfire in a yard
adjoining a cottage. They were apparently deeply engrossed in some unusual
proceeding, und a very peculiar, dense
black smoke was arising rrom the lire.
Tim scene was so idd that thc good
man stopped to look. when, to bis horror, a half grown boy in the crowd suddenly produced a large Maltese cat and
thrust the animal directly Into the henrt
of the smoka
"I wonder if tbat will do it." said a
woman who was looking on
"uii. tbis will kill anything ("replied
the boy. with u heartless laugh
Tlm bumuiiitariun felt liis blood run
cold, The dense voltiiiieof vapor screen*
ed the wretched eieatnre. bnt in bia
mind's eye be beheld its agonized contortions, and lie could hardly Iiml words
to voice his indignation.
"You cruel villain!" be screamed,
"release tbat cat immediately I"
The boy looked around with open
mouth "Mind yonr own business, yuu
old lunatic!" be replied with asperity.
"My own business!" exclaimed the
member of the Society For tin* Proven*
tion of Cruelty to Animals, boiling
over with rage "Tliis is my business,
Blrl   Take that cut out of the smoke or
I'll have yon In the parish prisonI"
The boy glared at bim in apparent
stupefaction, but the woman began tu
In ugh
"Wo ain't hurting the cat." sho snid,
diving into the smoke and drawing
forth tlie animal by the tail. "See! It's
our poor old Tom, and he's been dead
ami stuffed these live years I Wore getting the moths out of bis fur!"
The humanitarian's jaw dropped. He
wiped bis forehead, and the group snick-
ered audibly.
"I—uii—beg yonr pardon," he said
faintly—"really 1- er—I must catch
this car "—New Orleans Times Democrat
Curious Pact.
ry mildest tempered mu
ThSI up in mnv I've met
ti- used a fountsta pen fur yenn
Ami never curied it yet.
-ally Slop-.
From his feet to his boJy,
and ran a blood tinged,
Irritating water.
Mrs. A. Kelrste*d, Snider Mt.,H.B., tell:
how hor little boy suffered, and hew
B.B.B. cured him permanently.
There is not •
mother in thi-, Und
who haa a child »uf-
It'iiiij,' bom sKui din-
ease in any form but
will thank Mrs. Keir-
stead, of Snider Mt.i
N.H., for telling of
llie.remark'ibl** manner in whicli her boy,
Freddy- was cured
of one of the sever*
NtEDbV KMR8TIAD. erf and most torturing ol skin diseases
bv tbu use of Burdock Hlood Bitters; and
not only relieved und cured for the lime
being, but, mark you, after eight years
the disease has sha.cn no sign of returning.
The following is Mrs, Keirsteatfs
letter :—
"With gratitude I can testify to the
wonderful curative powers of Burdock
Hlood Bitters, Ei,i-ht years ngo our little
son, Freddy,Van aullctcd with salt rheum
and was iu n dreadful condition. His legs,
from the soles of his feet to his body, were
entirely raw, and ran a bloody water,
which appeared to burn nnd itch until he
was often in great agony.
" Afler trying several remedies, we resolved to give B, B. H. a trial.
"You can imagine with what delight
and gratitude we saw our boy entirely
Clired after using one bottle and part of
the second. We gave him Ihe remainder
ofthe second bottle, ami from that time
till I be present be has never had a sign of
salt rheum nr a sick day. You need not
wonder tbat   I   think there is  no  other
medicine can equal Burdock Blood Hitters
lo piiHfV tin.* blood and build up tbe health
ami strength."
They Reach
Thc Kidneys.
f.lr. Conrad Beyer's opiniun
No ont- can be hoe It by with lhe kidneys
tn a diseased or disordered state. The
poisonous Trie At-id which it is their
duty lo filter out of the blood, is carried
Into the system uud produces Rheumatism, Headaches, Backaches aud hundreds of ills nnd ailments.
Anyone who has the slightest suspicion
that tin- kidneys are nut acting right
should take Doan's Kidney fills. They
are tbu moat effective kidney remedy
known. Mr. Conrad Beyer, at E. K.
Snyder's Bhoo Store, Berlin, Uut., bears
this out when he BUyBi
' 'Anyone suffering with kidney troubles
cannot do better than tako Doan's Kidney PHll, for tbey eured my wife who
has been afflicted witb pain in tho buck
und   Other   k i.i in-v   troubles lor a lorn*
time. Tbey buve helped a great many
uf my acquaintances in tins town, uml I
must" say  thev  uie   the  medicine   that
raneli the' kidneys with the best effects."
E. Gartly Parker SSi'"™"'0
.     l um oflfcrlng wtua attractive Duma, autlitug itsclujiut nun.   It Kill ,««. ,uu tu
..-.0 In toUflb null du,     tuUL..    It.-atur.] .Uc>elir.. LloUBli".. Mur.tui; i. S.ul.
(Must have the
t^enuiine, The
iimitations look
very nicc> but they
hurt my delicate SHIN.
ti '- AucnrTvaxr
Tlif  I-UUVI-   leretiee.
Will you inn down lliu nintioii and !«>■ bj the
i word
Anil seek in an HUllablfl way
B) I'Miit,],!,. ti) lend tliu burhiirtan horde
With nt, thought Of UiUtUnl ha-r'i
U„ yuu promfw a Minu whra uii wsrfni-e shall
To prove that thoy spunk nut urn-lit
fflm tny linn thorn's only ono oltnnca to huve
Ami that's in keep rotidj to fight 1
Th to ueii toimk, Guard euch variant mood
Whirl, Imuty liniminitj known;
Let llOlieof fOU velllineii sjilublu rndo
Tu josllu it Hdigilbi;'- reposu
Discourse or llm weather uml Bay "How-dodo I"
tn a matiuer dlscroetly \».UU;
Ami perlnipn, it gnod fortunu your footstopi
You'll Ket home .. tihout Btnrtlng n fight.
-Washington Star.
(ii ml hi.
A candid nut bur. who writes to us from
thu lar west, Inclosing a few specimens ot
his work, snys of thn latter:
"I'm not ono of lhe bom writers I'm
n butcher by profession, ami when I'm
not killing biaif I'm writing pootry, nnd
my friends tell mo that my poetry Ib as
tOllgll as tbe beef.   If you ivgroo with tllUlll,
phum don't tnoltlo It. "—Atlanta Coustl-
"faiiM  ttAA^Aevuj travels- jhtjCcL,
^Jl.J.-pj.. ft
Bay and uie tbem tad
yoo will tie aellellted
with rt'inln. U not
Bituuea money refunded. Huttfac tared br
Borrow, Stswtrt «
Mline, Hamilton, Can.
MANITOBA DEPOT, U3 Princrsi St., Wlntlper
Aiiyour dealer for GRAM) JEW1LS.
Hi,' llent Cure for Colds.
Only those who have used Griffiths'
Menthol    iilliiuielil    call     a-i-m-elate    Iti*
vuluu fur coughs antl eolds, ti.Hpeolally
with children. Apply It tu Ihu throat
and ohest un a Ihinncl when guint*- tn lied,
und the result will surprise you, Try it.
3Ti cents, by all druggistH.
Thc winners uf thu sewing inaohiuea in
iho Itoyal Orown Soap Ou, - uompetltlon
fur the week ending May 87th am i» ful
lows: Winnipeg, Mrs. Lund, U .McMillan
Ave., I'urt l-touge; Manitoba. .Mrs. Win,
Lee, Shoal Lnko; N. W. T„ Mrs. J, K.
Henry, b'lotwode, Assn. As advertised,
thin in the last drawing for sowing tun
chines, but bnukri und pictures will be
given fur wrappers as usual.
at the bead of thu list for all discuses uf
thc throat und ItingK It nets like mugiu
tu breaking up a cold A oough Ih suuu
Bubdued.tightnessof tho cheat is relieved,
even the worse case of eunsuni'inuu Ik relieved, white In recent, ousts it maybe said
never to fall. ItiHatiicilieliieprenaredfi-uru
the active principles or virtues of several
medicinal herbs, aud can be depended
upun for all pulmonary cuuiplaluts.
llo uie I-nun,
Officer—Here, you cau't sleep in the
The Sleoper—Where'11 Igor Mywlfi
Ie cleaning bonne.—New York Journal
line I'olnl or lllllei-enee.
Yeast—Miirriiige ia jnst liken lottery
Crliosqnbe'ik—Oh, I don't know    A
mail doesn't have to keep a lottery tiuk
«•.—Yiiiilri'is StutuHiui ii
THK PUBLIO should bear in mind
that Hr. Thomas" Keleatric Oil has nothing in common with the impure, deteriorating class of BO-callcd medicinal oils.
It Is eminently pun- and re ally e lticacloii9
■-■relieving pain nnd lameness, -lill'ne-s
ot the joints and muscles, and sores ur
hurt-,, besides Ixdllg an excellent specific
for rheumatism, coughs and bronchial
cum plaints.
Hmxe llenltli nnd Money,
Mrs. Cobblestone—My dear, tbe doctor aaya my health will improve by
clmugt* of nir.
Mr. Cobblestone—What kind of a
"He says 1 must live ut a higher altitude. "
"There's seiisti in thnt, and we enn
snvo u heap of money besides."
"Of course, Hero we're paying $00 n
month for this third iloor Hat. wben we
(Jill get thy sixteenth Iloor for -flit) "—
New Yuri; Weekly
llnvi   the ti,,,,ii Ml Hi ha .Mnuilt  llto.-l.
From tho point of view of most Port-
hinders the moon was launched the
other evening ou its journey to tliu
Kenlth sqnarelyfrom ihe peak of Mcnnt
Hood. Tlm glow of tiie setting snn hud
luii'dly faded from the big mountain
when bit substitute poked iis nose over
the north slope und sat for a second on
tlu- shonlder half way up toibesiimmit.
like Ibe earth oil tbu shmildiT of Atlas.
Then it jonrnoyed diagonally op tbe
slope till it reached the peak, dipping a
little, so Iimt  the  rugged  outlines of
the mountain st I onl sharply against
the deep red sphere.   The ii ii left the
summit like u vast balloon, making a
littlo sonthing nil tbe while. It seemed
to hang impended n few minutes be*
'tore going farther, bnt soon gathered
headway and joiinu'Vetl forth into thc
The plctnre is une which is not often
seen, but which is worth crossing a
continent to witness.—'Portland Ore-
will cure every euso of Diphtheria.
will produce growth of hair.
Stanley, P.E.I.
the best household remedy on earth.
Rivcrdnle.     MATTHIAS FOLEY.
Oil City, Out,
netting lit* Measure.
"Is your friend it Btntesmnnt" asked
one politician
"Well." answered tho other, "ho
thinks he's that big. Unt, to tell Untruth, hu isn't mueh more than a tuwu-
Hlllp  l-Jilll  '*
-___ prevented
BARBEH SHOPS ff„ T*ut it.,*
minUtlfeintP-tlWil -.ulnnMili
•tdnunrl.M. v ■ r,t-:.,,-™s,»i.u.ju
Nirtiplu wlib baakltt ^ti u» »—■ t* -wrt-
JONESBflOS. *C0. Tflfonto.
Ltrr**i catalogue fn-c.
THK REID UHOS..2.i:Kl.'gW*sl.ToronU.
g. fa     Icaacureprrman.nllyall
~  "ia» diseases peculiar to worsen
such as displacements, in-
llammations and ulceration
ol wom'i. painful, suppressed aud Irregular raenstmation, leucof-
rh(M. etc. WRITE.or, FREE BOOK.
an. Jui.a B li-.*tt. Bit jg IjiBtmt j-.,.
He knows,
His patron know-?,
j and cvenbody lenows
that this can contains
the purest, best, and
most delicious Coffee
that expert buyers can
procure. It's
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
that's the reason.
LDCiS. STEELE 4 BEiSiOL Circle Tea.
Imporlera ot Grocerie, '-• {*• * "• ':■>"-'"
^   . L.rs. A 11. K.ir.ieU
WllitiuS. llmiillion.Oiit. I..S.A B.8pleea
H'r- keep a larpe stock always on hand of "yp[
CHINERT; ean lit out Dally or We.kly Paper,
or Job outfit, on few ImiirT notice. U'e alao
Toronto Type Foundry Co.. Limited.
ur, tiw.-n St.. WTnnipef.
W'li.-h fua i em l«tn tao-tni t-> crick, u-tm;
HajAr !■>--:■<it.-*-. :,r,::.-: Uld i-JUJVit ftUml th-*
'Tu-,! fir:iin.
BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO are tbe finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by
MacKENZIB k MILLS, Winnipeg
AFmt«»tati«. BINDER  TWINE.
"Ami yuu say the i-li-.t of a teacher SELECTED Manila
told ynu that ymi Innl an extravagant H|GH grade Manila
fuiil of n fatherT" , '*» mtdtlhtoMMoafniw Pow UMlteHtapl
"That's what he meant." A'k tnr Vrtama mtul tempi**.   Spwlal lu*
"Httt whnt did be wy?" aaamtaaaU U> earluad Bayers,
"Ho mid it was criminal folly to   TI,K »»»BPEKDBNT CORDAOE CO.
waite iiiiiti.-y.'ii theedncatlon *if inch a Limited . Toronto.
ren   nf   Itanlla   rtntl   Html
<•   mi,.I    K"I'i-   "I   fifty   ill--
chnmp  as I om. "—Cleveland   Plain
The term "Infantry" nidieri ori«i*
on tod with tint Bponinh am) waa first
applied to Ibe military force employed    ■    ■ _,    .      .
by an Infante, or yonng Prince of Bpaln,    It  C    HA     IPIfk
to reacae bli father from the Moon.        II  O    IIV     E   ll*U5\
All tlio land above theaea level wonld
not fill up mora thuu one*tbird of tht*
Atlantic ocuua
HU I* I Kill-.■■■.
Father—All, my ton, it plouau hip to
km that you are taking nn Interest In |-oii-
tlca, Evory good oltlcon Bhould interoet
hlmsolf hi politics. That Ih nn Imposing
lot of Agurosyotl havo thero. What ilo
they roprcseut—tho voto fui-thn different
candidates hy wards?
Son—Xo, fathen thpnooro not political
figures, They represent the uverages mnde
by tho meiubera of inn- baseball team lu
their practice gaiiius
City of
Tn make Itlicults, Rafllcn fir., nice nuri
lifflit mnl nrholeminie when ynu me
II la anniirpimti'il
la l.EAVKMSf;   STKF.NfiTH,
five It it 1't.rlt.R-i .	
I uk.'    y,,T i varrlmiae, wiwotiiL'Ilarrowaj Wtnamiilf!
,uiy ii, uny C-nniwliiili I'mill'i:  Ity. j •*   t'OCKHIICTT I'l.dW CO.. Wlnnlpef.
OKO. A. GltAHAM, Mnn*i|*ijr,       ——--——--——--——--——-•——
lint Portage, Ont. ty   m   -j     ,_._,£ CKANIIUOOk   POSTOFFICE
i,i..   l«e*'l •■ ■
in    M	
v*ni.,j,f,;,ct.a\-1.■"•-.-'-- ..<.■■" ■ ■        '•'_
I     LOCAL   NOTES      I
*i ....  *
Picked Up About ih-.' City by Asking
Questions tti Many  People.
A Moffat went to Fernie this morning.
Charley Noble wcut to Pernle thi*
Dr. Bell left fot n brief visit to Peroh
this niotnii g.
John i'ink cnmeovei from Steele Mon
Mi-s Uvana, ol Lethbridge, Is the guest
ol Mrs. \V T. Reid
Robinson & MeKenzie nre now readj
to tilt orders for lumber
ti Kgan and wife arrived from Win
nlpeg hist eveulng,
Do you like Uml Don't forget the
Lindlcys this week.
John Hay, tbe well-known blacksmith,
was in town Monday.
Mrs. J ti, Joyce and children visited
friends iu Moyelle this week.
Mr. Henderson, ol Vancouver, baa
been In the cily the past few days.
Tbe two days' celebration nt Nelson
was a grand success in every way.
Harry McVittie, ol" Port Steele, wasa
Cruubrook visitor this week.
Get   yonr  Screen  Doors  mid   Sftsll   ul
the factory, T. W   Uask,
.Mrs. J. II. McMullen visited with
friends in Nelsou over Sunday and .Monday.
Mr. Orcenmnn and wife, who live on
llarnes' ranch, were iu town Wednesday,
P. Met! ugh, formerly well known on
the cuu Kt i ur t ion of the Crow, is in the
Mis. J. Fink returned Monday from
Alnsworth, where she has been visiting
Messrs. I.oi-kh-ut and Templeniau,
two well-known conductors returned
this week.
C M. Keep, thc Fori Steele banker,
passed through Cranbrook last cveiiiiu
for Spolcane.
Jake llerkmnn, the popular hotel proprietor ol Wnrdner, was in town yesterday and today.
George Geary has put on the regulation Concord coach between Cranbrook
nml Fort Steele.
Tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday night Harry Mndlcy's big company.
Don't miss them.
Douglas Hope is in charge of Mr.
Beattie's drug store, during the hitler's
absence in the east.
Have you seen those Crtinbrnnk souvenir spoons in the windows of Tate the
Jewelet?    They arc beauties.
Tin- hns*»ball nnd football medals were
supplied by Tate the Jeweler, All the
boys were pleased with them.
Mrs. Wilson left lor St. Eugene hospital yesterday, where she will undergo
an Important surgical operation.
Charley Farrell, of Moyie, one of the
best posted mining men in the country,
spent a few days iu lown this week.
Seventeen people in the l.indley company. Remember the dales and gel a
(■nod sent.    Tickets on sale at Beattie's
Orders for rough or dressed lumber
promptly filled by Robinson St Mc-
R, I-; Bentlte left lllls moruiug mi n
business trip lo Fernie, Portage Ln I'rni-
He and Winnipeg. He expects to be ah
sent about ten days.
Mrs. W. R. Stone has arrived from
Otnro, Wis., to join her husband in this
city. They will make their permanent
home in Cranbrook.
A. 0. Grant, lhe contractor and
builder, has been mnking many improvements to his boo'e, ami now has a
most comfortable une.
Three   nlglltS of   fllU   and  pleasure at
Harry Undlrv'" company's presentation
of their farce c uncdles The people 11
Cranbrook should turn out in force
liny your Sash and Doors direct from
the   manufacturer,   and  save  yoursell
money. T   W. I.eask.
The remains oi John McMahon, who
died nt the Mission hospital n fern
months ngo, were inken weit lasl evening for Interment at Grand Forks, Noith
Mrs. J. J. Forrest and children arrived
from Donald lust week. Mr, Forrest has
arranged temporary quarters lu his new
hotel building, and will live then- for
the present.
The three-story C. P. R entltlg house
te rapidly Hearing completion, and will
be a most creditable addition lo the
mnny Improvements tho c impany is
mnking hete,
R, !■:. Beattie, Tom Wellman, 0, H
Miner and M. Mcluuea expect to leave
today or tomorrow for Winnipeg, They
will attend llie exposition and look afar
business matters.
P. C. Potts representing the Willi 1-
pen Free Press, has been in town several
days the past week. Mr. Potts talks
well in d baa the advantage of talking
for one of the best daily papas in
The Cosmopolitan hotel did n big business on Saturday. Messrr, Small &
Musgrave have acquired an enviable
reputation as caterers lo the public, and
are reaping thc benefit hi ihu way of a
paying business,
Now is tin* linn-to insure ugahist typhoid and mountain fever; r-.i oo n year,
(1500 a week Indemnity! also ngainsl
accidents connected with   railway  und1
t ii:.-.   Write  foi   partlevlai ■ to M  A
Ui de, Fori Sleele, B  C
The [oyci Utulh rs, sines  l ihli I! hold
■ ■'    ■   immerclul hoi,;. hnv«   placet! it
:: ■ be front rank witb the leu liug hotel'.
■ t 11  Kootenays,    It ti 1- bei 11 1 e iim d,
n fitted and  repainted    ml its ] itrut
ere a dug in nuillbei veel
Miss Hurle, formerly li '   ■'
.■ :   t Fori Sl ■■ U   h     • hum -■"  1
1 .■ :    .ol    did   established* her   1 t* d
1  ■    1
the lir.e of
t e Ci vs Nissi L'a-js rond nud in the
country tributary to Cranbn ok.
■ it 1
iheu new sawmill in 0per.1t 1 ti is wortnj
tlie time their machinery arrived here
they had it 111 position and runtnrg,
S tch dispatch speaks well tor the activity of the new firm aud nugu s well for
Lhe success ol the undertaking.
Board ol Trade Meeting.
N\ xi Tuesday night is the date for lhe
regulai monthly meeting ol lhe I oard of
mute, fhere sic several mailers oi nu
p irtaucc to ever) resident ol tht t iwn to
.•onu- u| id what is more these maters ueed imniedl tte alletition. No buui
ness man should bn absent at Hint meeting, nml those who fall to come 1 eve no
light to kick 11 certain things do ui do
noi come u. puss. Ask your ueigbboi
what iscoudug up lhat night, ll
be nble to tell yon nud he 11
you would better lm 1 out,
ot   bm
Miners Wonted,
At the North Star mine, llim or lunr
fhey musl be good meu.
Nulla Star Mining Co
Fur Fire Protection,
ork  of putting   In   lhe wall
hydrants ou baker street is now iu pro
grcss These will afford very good lire
protection if the business men provitU
apparatus, A meeting should be held
lor lhat purpose at all early date. With
the heal of summei the tlanget from liu
iucieises, nud every precaution pos-d'ih
should be taken.
Sash und boor Prices.
Buy your doors and sash at the factory
).G. 2 ft 6x6 ft uxijj  .     ft 70    each
■■    3 It 8x6 ft smH    .-    ' -*■»
"   3 ft iox6 ft iov-i/s. .    1 9°
13x24 snsh, glaBsed      1 25 per. pali
.Minim Notes.
Neil McArthur, owner of the Coppei
Girl, which joins the Copper Crown on
the east in Isador canyon, hns nt lived
here to look at his properly. Ue will
return this fall lo tio some development
woik. The claim shows up well on the
surface, nnd Mr McArthur is of the
opinion that he has a good thing.
John Hamilton and McVittie &
Hutchison have just located claims on
one of the biggest quart?, ledges in the
Kootenays, about six miles west of town
on a branch of Palmer Bar creek The
quart?, is exposed for a width of about
200 feet for li distance of a third of n
mile, Ou one side is n deep gulch showing the quartz standing tip over fifty feel
in height so that there are over five million tons hi Bight before woik is begun.
The rock is a highly colored and honey*
combed rose quartz and specimens have
been sent for assay. Prospectors hnve
been hunting for this ledge for two
years, bul until now its location has la en
I  D Nights In h  It'ir.
Ten Nights in a Bai Room" was pre*
tevei ng a! Min   '■■ hall. Ten
ui ; . -. -.!,)■> run foi thtf *iv, 1 ige man
in 1 . count0 bul rj lite goo 1-sUed
hoi gi ei '■ tl tht compauy und wit
bim that killed father.
n i. j . . !.. tin ■ ; uny will
|,i ■ : uld Ilomi stead"' checker
■     id and all
Ut       .   . and Embalming.
Th   British Columbia Furniture company will do undertaking nud embalm*
intj    Office for thu present at Maggs &
•\lmust s Conflagration.
Lasl MondiM evening lump exploded
u the store ol Maggs & Hughes. The
oil tanked anil for a minute or two there
wns every chance for 11 disastrous lire.
Kortunately the flame0 were extinguished before they spread to nny extent, yet
hete was considerable damage done to
he goods.
lire -   \\ vtitIS S IIUtllIKe
le 1 'i ii "i.,'.- I'niiniilli \lt
l.Hiil' of Co'iunpree bliltf,
McVittie & Hutchison.
Mini's nml liilnls aurvcv.il.        IllBlimrice
1. •.•.'•'.'*■.-'.".'*'.'•'.*. ■.■:.■■■;•■.■■.*'.<■.<>:-.■ *.-.'".'•'. *.'•',*'.'•'. .•.■:-.-.- *." - - ■  •> >"•■ ^<->-'?s?
' ~ Milsh Columbia. I
-if 2-3-32*2-3-5-3 2 £-3 l$3*-)3-&&*3-i*S-34£Ce-E-fet£.tC
(((8>( £5 &W-5G-C Sir
CRANBROOK ^PMKl»E*rt "f ",e Crows 1
C**;?l fill 1*00 Iff ^as a l°:=s,:**ii" round house, large machine H
Wi clliyi UUSV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex= f!f
tensive railroad yards.
L'**l *
Iff  Cranbrook *s the natural and commercial center of South East
t? Kootenay.
'•'• i.) •*
$•$  Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora-
J i. tions of South East Kootenay.
(j*|  Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
if South East Kootenay.
M Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
1 Week"
III  Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
'^m-s^-P^h-!^ • - •'•'-'■'•■-' • "-...',.■.'...*-ii'-^--®-®!^^-^^^^
Commission and
Insurance Agent.
Britisli Culum ila
Mu>ic Minus.
Tllere art- eijiht men nl weir1, nnw on
tbe Uks Sliorr, The tiew tunnel below
tbe ore bin Ims been stHrted. ami n flume
i.s belnjr bulll from Campbell creek lo
brine: jjower for running tbe compressor.
Tbe inncbiiitiy for tbe compressor bus
Arrived, the tjioinnl is grntled anil every.
tiling; iv.iily tn set il up.
Tbere nre fourteen men working iu Ibe
St. l*ugcue iijiiiv nnd sixteen men working nu tbe concentrator. Ten men
■ iniiril lowork mi tbe Hume Monday.
A Hew cropping of ere bus been discovered about nan, feel below Uie old workings
Charley I'nrrell Ims finished his rond
lo the Society Girl, ntul shipments will
tie 111.11I1; from Ibis property ns soou lis
teams can be secured. The fust carload
of ore will lie sent to ibe Uul) Mine.
smeller nt Nelson.
Illiiel.   Vrl  1,1   Iiml,,,.-.
Although 11,, eullnnry Iin. In the lui
SU yenr. mnde rnpid strides, there It u
eepttiiu sun 1 in     itbniit ilititier.pnrtli -
which, lo Ilu Itnblltlil  dlner-nul  eiitnel
Imi Utile .liorl -I dull   uu '    1    A
ludy  in Kei   ,, :-   ,, a nleil lltelden
of irlvlnircv,   -. yi ,1 ., mnmii inl dinner
11   'lie   ititnii
null. The llll
The  leeliith wns of limine, ,11k, mill
Ihe only tieeornllons used were ii dels,
The lurlle. Mere cmned eilher ill bluek
nr mnuvp, nml the te..linen were
dressed III hln.-h breeches and conts
und mtiuve sill, slot Itinjrs.   On either
side  of   tlle    llOStrSS     sut      tWO     l.liieli
poodles, cxceilenlly clipped nflcr lhe
npprnved Krcnelt fnsblon, tvith nuittve
colored  Isms on  Iheir   necks.     The
menu was retnitrknblc fur tl bsence
ol anv color iii tlie vinnds, save u ve,
tlie rest being ejtjicr blnek op white.
llniiiliillts ut llercnlrtnenm.
11 Is probnldy Iho general impression
tbnt pesters nml handbills nre modern
Inventions, bul ii hns just been discovered tlml tbennelenl tlomnnspracticed
Ibli method nf ntlvcrllsing. Iu digging
nl Itcrclllnnotltn there wns broughl to
light n plllur covered with bills, ono mi
top of nnothcr. The pnste used loutlck
Ihem wits mnde of glint nrnblo. The
bills, when sei'nrnted nml cxnminetl,
were fonral 10 I.e programmes nnd announcements nf publio meetings, and
Canadian Pacific Railway
The New and Direct Route from
East Kootenay
Toronto, Boston,
Montreal, New York,
Halifax, Philadelphia,
St. |-.'iu!, Chicago
...AM' Al.l...
Eastern find European Points.
facile  Coast, China, .tnpnn anil Australia
..First class and Tourist Sleepers	
-TlllloL'illl  l-'lto.M-
\M-:< TKiN MM \VI.KKI.\ vln M.vCLKOD
I will deliver daily in any
quantity pure, clear ice to
any pari ol the town.
• *g -g
fB am
I In
I also have a regular
milk route and deliver
night and morning,
.1.  L. RATION.
Engagement and Wedding Rinua,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chafns,
Blouse Sels. Etc	
W. P. Tate
I Crnnbrook ...JEWfiLER
Sashes and Doors
We have lots of them and they are made of
the best material and put together by people
who know how.
Quality is the true test of cheapness.
We also carry a complets stock of HARDWARE, STOVES AND TINWARE.
The Cranbrook Hardware Co.
We keep all kinds of shell"
and heavy Hardware, Paints
Oils, Glass, Snsh and Doors,
Etc. Also a nice stock of
Screen Doorss and Windows
Copper, Agate, and Tinware.
Tinsmithing in connection.
Goods delivered to any part
of the city free of charge.
,V, II. Unas. 23 -   lb IV. lll'.lll'IIMUII
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
H. L. Cummins, C E.
FIlItT 8Tt-BI.Hi   :   i   HUITISII COt.tJMDIA
Physician and Surgeon.
(it'iii ii siiian.ii it ni.oeic,
G. Johnson....
\}/ Assayer ^
* Metalurgist
Moyie, B. C.
Are You dt dt0}
Going to Build •
'♦*- Contractor antl Builder
He is ii busy iniiii, because ho pleases
tbe people, but be will furnish you plnns
nml specifications, nnd give you esti-
nintcs on nny building tiieft you may
,*   Jt   B, C.
n               Curlier linker stract ^
A mnl llonaon llielliin
fli                over iMisi.iilli-e  -it
g All Sites ol Piiulos up to 11x14 H
; Finished  in  I'liuiuu ur Polished. |
Views  ol Cranbruuk   and Other 8
Poind of Inters! in British Cub |
uiiiliin Will Ih on Sale. . .
...HILL & CO...    '
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
Gent:;' Tics, Fancy Shirts, Sumoier Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs J> jt jt jt
A Full Lirie of Groceries on the Vl'a*/
MILL & CO....
.*       Mclnnes Block
Eastern Store       Eastern Prices       Call and See Us
B. C.
Clothing,   Boots and Shoes,   Millinery,   Silks,   Etc.
First class DressmnkiiiR Parlors. We turn out work on very short notice. All
tirst class ntul up to date.
Call am! see us before ynu make any piirrlinses on Clothing, Boots, Shocn, Mtlll"
nery, Silks nr Dressmaking and we will convince you that you can save 39 to 40 per
Cent l>y making yonr purchase with us.   Call mnl he convinced.
Owing to the increase of our business we shall put more hands on and make
the interior ol our Btore larger to meet the demand. Ask onr customers whnt has
caused this. Tbey will lell yon low prices and strict attention to onr mail order
MAGGS St HUGHES, Opp. Bank ot Commerce, Crnnbrook
Central Hotel
North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hotel ir. open both dny and ™ The North Slur Hotel is tlio lnrge nnd
night.   The bar goods are first class, * magnificent hotel nt Kimberley that
and the dining room is in charge of J is Jnst finished mul Is furnished new
_  ',', I Thos. McCnrson. and is second to none |j| throughout.    Everything in councc*
«»    P-HAct fit*  C f\    g|  i« the Kootenays.   Free sample rooms § lion is first-class,     When you visit
*t»    1 leal (\ \r-\Jm g Und the best and quietest bedtooms hi JJJ Kin ber'ey,  don't   forget   The   North
»*j.'-M:>.=-:^;; j-.*»''•'-   thetown. ff Slur Motel.
Planing Mill
:;'» ««*Sasli and ::
Door Factory
ie i,<
. .Mllllliliieliirelsiil...
Sasli   jt  Dtmrs  jt  MimltliiiKs
,*   Frames  .<
Hand Sawing .•*■  liirninK
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
Curries n cotnplcto
line of	
Try our $c Cigars.
Opposite Crnnlirooli lintel.
This hotel has just been opened to lite public.  The building
is one of the best in  East Koolcnay.     Pile  furniture  is  new
and lhe table Is first-class,    We have every lacilily for plcasin
thc public and v/c propose to do it.
Wanned Th/oisghout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $2.00 per day. n     ,      i   r>  r-
Short orders day and night.       Lranbrook, D. L.
I East Kootenay
it Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proprietor ;;: :::      >
This hotel has been refitted snd refurnished.   The table
Is the best.    Satisfactory rotes given regular boarders.
| Baker Street        :-:       ':-:        :-:        Cranbrook, B. C. |


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