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Cranbrook Herald Feb 1, 1906

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 1 'OTORl*-
Paid Up Capital SIIUHlil.illiO      ■        Reserve Fund $4,500,000
n. I*. WALKER, i
tii.-i.il Mon .■.*.*■       Al EX. LAIRD, A--i- Gen'l Ma
$5 and under,.
Over $5 nn.l not tt,
"   no
"    $30
      3 cents
i-.tnij; "Sin    6 centi
$30   io cents
$30    15 centi
. nre .'uvalde nt Par ai my ofilie ini InmiUn of i Chartered Rand
opied), nnd ni tho p ilpal banking rn •■ tu the United States.
Tliey form an excellent
with i
method i
ul l\ an
if remitting ki
I al Mini!) ai*
nail .sums
uf money
—, , —~ . *
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and interest al- *
lowed from date of deposit at highest current rates and £
compounded half yearly. J
I *
* I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      *
S 2
Un******************* **** **************************
Tor a Good Investment
ii iRUY—■
East Kootenay  Power and
Light Company Stock
Only a limited number of Shares on the market.  Prospectus and further information can be
obtained from
rrs For the Company
1 Have
Your  Eyes Examined 1
We are flolnu II
ami   fmnio lillmi;  tlinso il
troubling you In any way, ■
tli.'in.     Wo   .•iiaraiiirr   to
refund your monoy.
mini   nl'  I'Vi-  testing
If yi.ur I'.v.-s nro
nnil ioi im i-Miiiiiiii-
yon   sin Ufu.-i imi  nr
Successful  fleeting   Being Held in
This City
Hatters of  Importance  Have Been
Porl Sti-i-li--IIii-.il Watt, ll. I,. T.
Cliilliruitli anil A. II. Fonwlck,
Pornio-D, V. Mutt,  .1. L.  Pollock
anil Dr. I'. V. Biggins,
Trail—T. W. Blligay, P. Vi. tiiu.ni-
s, y and N. Bums,
Kaslt.—I.   I..      Iti-ltiillnili,   A.     P.
Ciiiilaiitl anil Vi. E. Zwickoy.
Moylo-J.  P.     l-'iittt'll  ami  P.     J.
_N«lson-J._ .1.   Campbell, Jt, .Ci.
Proctor nml P. Slai'kcy.
Ilosslaml—L.   A. Campbell, Smltilt
Curtis antl W, II. Folding.
Cianbrook—B.    K.  Bea-HIo, J.   P.
Pink anil Ci. II. Tliniii|istin.
eil Boards
ol   'I
in sc
ss Lt .n   in   I
if  51a
mil  i
s oil
sinco -1 t
i.     Presh
i-nl  (
. 0.
inn .
I on Tin-si
ay nu.
rami' in
ine Irom
arrived ot
train.      Altc
assigned i
.1 h
ll.lll    lllll
V    I-"
nn si*ri,.
i titi-
far .
l  tliis   sc
lit- pi
have been
o tho
t-sentt-tl by  tho
Willi  last
i'ii tu our
Tin- resolution asking tin- government
to aiil the Kootenay Central roust riu-t ion wns amended s,, that it
road to ask the government to loan
tlie money, antl passed unanimously.
The resolution asking Hit' government
to lunl.I a wagon road up tin1 St.
Marys valley was adopted without
It-ii.iit'. Tho school quest-Ion aroiis-
i\l as niiit-li Interest as any question
presented and lumiahed tbo basis lot
an extended debate. The resolution
was finally adopted asking the gov-
,i nm.-ni tn repeal the new school acl
The t
.m.i   mt
and go hat-k to the old
invention is made up ol
il ini-ii in the Interior ol
Columbia, men who under-
what they are taking aliout
_ wlm are ill earnesl in their
Ihe conditions ol
iiitrease the pros-
ile. Thell work is
nil I Ii.i I Ihey ask is
uf Uu- country.
I ,1,-m li. O. Buohanan delivered
he  following  nddress   wliieh  was 1 is-
.-m-i in veiy    Intently by tho  tlolo-
nl l.niillv
I'ii Hie lleliir.il
jt .* T 11 E jt ■**
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
Is what every one is looking for. That's the reason
our Watch Repairing Department is always crowded.
No matter what grade your Watch is (from the
cheapest to the most expensive) we will make it give
Wm. F. Tate & Son,   S^SSSZuTa
Official Watch Inspectors,   Orowa Nest   Pass   Division, O, P. R
al  (
ogfitoa   to tlio I
'onvi-iilioii of II
inls or Trade, i
.Jghth An
o Assacla-
if Rnsterti
tui lln
i think wo aro favored, through
having tlio opportunity of meeting in
Hn' beautiful ami thriving city ot
At the request of the presidents of
tin* boards, in all of the cities in
which municipal elections were due
to occur on the 18th inst, which was
the day nfier thc day fixed by the
constitution for our meeting, I announced a postponement of our session for two weeks.
The intervening week was that set
for the curling bonsplol at Kossland,
an event in which our secretary and
several other ot our active members
were interested, and it was on this
account not available for our meeting.
Wc have had within the year industrial peace and prosperity within
our borders, and our order paper does
not disclose any question of special
dillicnlly that is to con-io before us.
the   matters dealt
year, several bave been sett
entire satisfaction.
Tito duly asked for upon corroded
lead was promptly and fully granted,
although all other tarifl changes
wore held iu abeyance.
The commission to investigate the
zinc resources of the district and to
roport upon met hods of I iv.it incut
was appointed and spent a part ot
the summer iu tlie held and bas now
ils report under preparation.
A judge of ttie county court oi
hiast Kootenay lias been appointou
and is ins-tailed in olliee.
The Coast lo Kootenay railway, a
work long and urgently demiuutled,
bui one oi greal engineering iliilicui-
ly, is now under rapid construction,
as are also links iu the chain Uial
is ultimately to give our friends in
the Boundary districts an alternative outlet to the main line of the
Canadian Paeilie railway.
1 regard the creation of a Dominion Department o£ Mines, as (from
our point of view) one of the mosl
Important things that we have ever
asked for. The resolutions adopted
at our last meeting on ihis subject
were duly forwarded to the Dominion Government and were particularly urged upon tbe attention of the
Minister of lite Interior, the active
representative in the cabinet of western interests, and the minister who
already 1ms as a branch ot bis department, the geological survey and
the mining bureau.
In reply the honorable minister assured us of bis hearty acquiescence
in tbe proposal, and bis intention to
advocate ils adoption.
Events that have since occurred
have also tended to create generally
;;•■ political circles tlie impression
ihat such a change is contemplated
in the near future.
Thc executive has within the last
few days again put the matter before tlie Right Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laur-
ier, and this convention will be asked to endorse further efforts in the
same direction
Thc territory represented by this
Association is par excellence the
mining district of Canada, and it
devolves upon us to take a leading
part in the agitation for proper recognition of our industry.
lu the matter of an act which was
last year proposed in the provincial
legislature, oompulsorily limiting to
eight hours, the length of a day
which any man might work in a
smelter, thc passage of which act
was opposed by this association. The
outcome has been that the act was
not adopted, hut the matter has been
taken up, by friendly negotiation between the employers and the employees, at all the smelters within
our territory and amicably settled.
Boards of trade are always in favor of tlie adjustment of such question by mutual concession, and are
always prepared to lend their help
to bring about such adjustments.
Boards of trade are always in favor of the utmost liberality of treatment of employees, that is consistent with the life and prosperity of
the Industry concerned.
Hoards of trade are always in
favor of measures calculated to pro-
mole the health and safely of labor-
lug men.
Hoards of trade on the other hand
object t-o legislation, arbitrarily altering lhe basis of contract as lietweeu Individuals, arbitrarily depriving Individuals of the right of
contract, and to legislation loading
the statute book with restrict ions,
eiitorcable by penalties, directed
against actions (such as overtime
work) which actions are in themselves strictly legitimate, and which
may at times he absolutely necessary.
Some attempt was made by the
provincial legislature at its last
session toward dealing with the
preservation of forests.
A few forest rangers were appointed, and were on duty fiom May
first until September 80th.
These officials seem to have had
at their disposal, neither money with
which to employ men to fight fires,
nor statutory provisions under which
prosecutions    could    be successfully
maintained  against   those  >■
fur the Otlgin of fires.
Within our territory and pmli.il.iy
also in many other parts of the
province, tin* last Bummet li.is been
one of the worst on record as regards fi'icsi destruction.
While   this   hftS   been   BO   WC   BCO
faet report.ii, thai [n the twenty
mile ln*lt   along   Uio   line of   the  t'.in-
adi.in Pacific railway, whuh licit i
policed by tin* rangers ol Ute Dom
iiimii Government almost o nipleto
immunity Irom loss was ecured bj
tlie expenditure of a tew tl i
We arc asked to join in congratulation beoause the provincial budget shows a surplus nf receipts  ovei
expenditures    of    (300 01 a.      We
applaud this result, imi wc must Bet
against this surplus of cash in the
treasury, the grim fact that the ro-
sources of llie pim [nee have been
depleted to lhe extent of millions oi
dollars hy the destruction ol timber, which destruction might have
been by strenuous effort and a
iiuwlerate expenditure prevonted.
The time is rapidly passing, dining whicli the fiction cau lie successfully maintained, that North America, or indeed any country in the
world, with the possible exception ii
Siberia, has in reserve any eon
able slock of timber.
As regards onr own terrilo
think we should recommend In
provincial governmeul   lhat:
l. A larger number ol fire
dens be appointed.
'i.   Such  wardens must  have
(a) To employ in emergency all
Heeded  assistance.
(b) To  investigate  tlie  or.gin  ol
all   unlawful    fires,
prosecute   offenders
damage     lias    ans
their carelessness <
(c) To employ   counsel  for
conduct of prosecutions.
d.   Such  wardens    be  held  slue
and    li
responsible  for    the     ctiicii nt     discharge uf their duties.
4. Legislation be enacted providing llial all expenditure Incurred in
ciiorts io suppress any par Lieu lui
nre, may be recovered from the party responsible for liie origin oi Lim
In lbs connection 1 beg lo remind
you of a resolution adopted al om
meeting at Kernie three years since,
in whicli we asked tlie provincial government to set apart Roniewoeru in
Lhe pine lands of lbe valleys of thc
Columbia or Koolcnay rivers iu Kast
iYootenay, a tract ot timbered laud
io be maintained as a park reserve.
1 recommend that this request be
repeated, and that the government be
urged to take action, bctoie the
lumberman's axe and lhe bush lire
shall have completed their deadly
Soon in tlie adjacent prairie provinces tliere will be a population oi
millions doomed Lo spend their lives
upon treeless plains.
To these a near-by resort such as
this valley iu its primitive stale ai-
iords will be as a foretaste of 1'ara-
The Canauum Pacitic railway,
which in the future will profit by Uie
transport of    travellers  to such    a
spot,   might well be_askcd to _cu-
operate with   the government iu   its
A railway to run north and south
through the Kootenay and Columbia
valleys, from some point on tli
Crows Nest Pass line to some point
on the main line of the C. I'. II, is
a work for' which lhe time is fully-
1 believe that this convention will
do all it can Lo assist lbe communities which have fur several years
pasl, zealously aud perseveringly
promoled this project.
Tlie lower lying lands of the district are becoming famous for tho
production of fruit and berries.
Tliis business has become an important and welcome addition to our
list of available industries.
Those Interested have before us
several matters whicli for theii welfare require adjustment.
Efforts to prevent the Introducton
of fruit pests, or lo supplest ihem
in their incipient slages, mean great
future economy.
I trust thai the m[in-sis ol Uie
fruit men, for tlie means ol protection, will be strongly emimasizod by
the convention,
I presume that from this year ami
onward, our successors in olliee will
collect and publish statistics of al
least that portion of the crop thai
is marketed.
As a starting point, I may suggest, that there are now planieil in
our district 4l),0UU fruit trees and
200 acres of berries, ami that tho
product iast year was worth $laU,-
I estimate the cut of lumber last
year to have been 135,l)uu,umi feet,
an increase over tlie year before of i
35,000,000 feet. ' !
The marketing conditions were not1
wholly satisfactory, uml the mill i
did not turn out more than one half'
of* their nominal capacity.
Some of tbe new mills arc models'
of mechanical skill and ingenuity and |
for economy and efliciency will bear
comparison with any saw mills in
thc world.
The case of the lumbermen for the
imposition ot    a duty     upon   rough
(Continued on page eight.) I
f       \
It will pay you to see
our west window.
To Buy China
At Half Price
Till Saturday night, February 3rd, we will continue
this sale.
Beautiful China Tea Cups and Saucers (or 10c.     "
Genuine Wedg-ewood Rail Plates for 45c.
A Whole Berry Set for  50c.
Jug's, beautifully decorated, (rom  10c to 52.50
These Goods are all Genuine   Snaps.   Don't Delay
Ualuablc Residential Property
A two-storey frame dwelling, two bed-rooms,
dining-room, parlor, large hall and kitchen, plastered
throughout, electric light, centrally located. An
Exceptional Offer.
Cottage containing* 4 rooms, with water installed, (enced
2 lots, 33x|25 each.   Chicken house in rear.   Only SbOO.
cArnold C8l> Roberts
%w CRANBROOK, British Columbia Jf
Winter Carnival
FEBRUARY   7,   8,   9,   10
HOCKEY TOURNAMENT fur the Championship ot llritish
Columbia, nml Gold Medals
SKI  KAClN'i AXI)   JUMPING  for   tin- Championship of
Canada, ami Mold and Silver Medals ami Silver Cup.
for Championship Medals.
Opening with a   Grand Skating Masquerade, in  Rosslaud's
commodious rink, tin- largest sheet of in-in  British
Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or .Manitoba.
followed by an enjoyable Smoking
Concert under the atiBpieeB of
tin* Kossland Aerie
of Eagles
Secretary. Chairman, THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
A TAL E i'l'' IIOKHOR,    Sl KKKU-
IMi   \M» DEATH.
Seattle, Wash .
nt them on     tin1
weatltei   side were launched and were
the boats
Iter s:
Uii    Id,
t'-Vshells as soon
they struck the water,    Then  came
the attempt to gel out tin- lee boats.
"I'liisvr o'Karrel toull charge. Pour
  women ami    a number ol men  went
Jan. 25.—A special   illU> 'he boat.     1 do not  know   how
report to the Postrlntelllgeucci wires "W bu\ *llv was   P*«ta»lly '"I1
'       ., , ■ ., .... Just as ihev    were    lowering     the
from Port Angeles al 3.30 a. m.lother, tbe davits broke and the stern
ili.it the rescue ship City ot Topeka ol the boat fell to the water, while
picked up a   lite raft at  1    o'clock tbe boat hung in ilu- air.
yesterday    a*teni,      sx miles oR'   "Kvrl>'   ,,m'   **as precipitated   in
Cape Beale    with nineteen survivors
of the Valencia on board.    The men'caught a glimpse of an agon
were in a pitiable condition aud   al- then another, and yet
ni.'-i dead from exposure
(;. it. Harden, passengci,
M   Taroej, qual termaster.
P. O'Brien, waiter.
w. Raymond, messman.
VV. D. Johnson, coal passer,
'  J, C, Egules, fireman,
C. h\ Lcman, Mrsi freiglii clerk.
Krank Lehn. freight clerk.
Joseph McCaflcr), passenger,
.1. Welch, waiter
A, I Uwkins, passengi i.
iv  i1, ;iison, second ofllcer,
J. t'oddent, waiter.
John Johnson, Ihitxl cook.
U, l.. Alii ion, passenger, Sl. Paul
Tliuii,.*   n .: ,t... .i  * . taut engineer
U, Willi . pn   '■!■-11.
r. i'i,iini, iiu*iii.ui.
William Du erty, Ilroman,
which has     hn-n  Insling  nt-ar      tli,.  j*-*-.**?,
water   will  have   nil  lur,  tuul     tlu-  *^>s*"
-skin may lu-, in a dealer's h.uuls, tlu1  (30*
Tli,* following   uii uh- appeared    In* subject id prosecution lor tlr.it    rca-
llic Vancouver Province uut' Uay lust sun,   the    purchasing dealer   being
week, ami will prove Interesting    to intuiei-iu of uuv offence.
tlu- people nt this district: The discrepancy   heiwei-u the regu-
Sportsmen and Uu- general   public  la*lons applied i" Vancouver   Island
■nliii-sli-il  in  tlu* preservation nl the   and   lilai'ul.ui'l   also   hamper   the  ail-
' -*.'.  ,..i,.^t.*.,i.... ... ,i„> itn-si^it law    and
nl ilu* present  law
Mlu* sea and   swept   away in uu    in
slam.       For    a second in two    I
■    I face,
.other,     as
( they  were washed bv  mt-.  Ilu- waves
dashing over the    ship   swept    the
deck loose, and even swell lilled   H
HV  dung   t"      Hu*    ugging ,i[       the
deckhouse.      Then at attempt    was
made lo get  a line ashore.
A lircman named Cigalcs agreed
lo swim ashore. Hi* was in tin
water fullv half an hour, hut was
unable in make Uu* beach. 'I'he ship
struck in a lunl sput. She is directly .it tlu- font nf ii precipitous
hiuii Unit comes siuri in tin- waters
edge. One man w.is swept ush.ii,
and Buoccctlod lu lauding on a small
link. \Yc shut a line lu him an.I In
llll.l In climb llie .-I.IY lull fell am
was kilhil belore our eyes,"
1 i> I tin* mosl pitiable Incidents
was 11,ai ol a liiile hm aboui .'.
visits old. His rather, mother and
two Iiuie sisters put nil ill ulu* ill
tin- ImuiIs. 'I'hi' boat was i*apsi/isl
.mil iill were drowned. The little
fellow walked around crying Im* his
mother. The last 1 saw* nf Wm iw
u in,- lll-Iatcd Vaim-1 was dinging tn tho rigging.
* .\   lame officer    nf  tlu- Concord,
Victoria, B.C.,    Jan.  24.—Among
thu im
eia wn
ii.   h. Taylor, rancher,   Ko
.Mrs. Taylor.
U.u iv Ward, book-keeper
Biydgcs, Blakemore Sl i'a
Nelson, B. C.
(i 11. Jesse, passcngur, lorr
siilcnl nl Nelson.
nf Uu*  .n
t,i 11
was pitiable.
•o rocHej
lu* exposure.
I   uiiniil   12 i
i* thick wi-.ul
uay' with    bis two  sisters,   wero among
I those iu the rigging.
**lly  Wednesday  morning the   ship
fm*. was rapidly going te pieces.    Every
nn, | swell carried away a portion id   the
ship ami the decks rose and fell Willi
ini'i* ro-every breaker, an.l it was Itnposs bio
in slay nn deck with.ml clinging tu
a  support.     The  ship  was   slink  1.
.i.iliii..nI .ilinui     the level   oi ilu*   hurrlcan,
'I i-i y | deck.
il v in-    "la   ihe morning another sad cai-
Tho amity   occurred.     Al I  lllleeu    oi
o'clock,! Iwetrty persons, among tlu-in un
women, had taken relngc it
A I   In* I.   li
III  gill
A   11*
I. is I   11
In* the
lllill';   lull     i
ill  nf u   puw
I'hi-y  appealed  I
plnco, as il  was     li'-
nived Irom ilie wash ol the waves,
I allium.;-!, tlm flying spray dashed over
running.     Onol lheir beads,    Suddenly, and without
iiiseil iiii lup uf, warning, thi* musl   tottered and full
vt ii wn.iiii in- with a crash, carrying ils lea.I    ui
' gully   tunned shrieking human   In*.ilil   tn a    ler-
breakers.     The rllrte doirUi.     I do mil think a single
supporl Im 11 h.r miu was saved      Tin-it* lindies   were
r nt   ii,ns    Unwashed from tliu ship and wo   could
ulnl which, nw  tlu-in .lasl.ud against the rocks.
nasi, inulil not     "Tu .ul.I in inn* misery the last nt
Uuui.    With ii ' nui food wus washed away and    we
sighting     Uiu lunl nn   water in drink.     The wlml
.rod liuin    lbe and lain,   comblnotl     will, lho seas,
i,   in    charge of second   male| soon numbed us.     Every liim-nm'ul
who,    wllh     iniiiil ililhi'iillv, llins.' iu  lhc rigging would lose   bis
succeeded   in   making  fast   a  line     tui hold In- wuuld hi- swepl away In   Hit
ilu- raft       Tin- spectators mi     Uio sharp rocks.
t'iiv nf Topekn     watched lhe Strug-     "When we saw   t-he (). u in    the.
gling ..[ lhe gallant seamen breath- morning wo thanked llml fm* saving, ■"■'''I"
lessly. tim* initiiiii* they wero high us, hut when she, in company will,
iu liu' air, ami tin* nexl Inst in the tug, shecreil nn ami Balled away,
sight. At i.mt they succeeded In she was followed hv nothing but
bringing ilu- rati in ilu side nf lho curses, 1 supposo il' was Inn dati-
sli'.itni'i. Tin- sight o Hie pool' giTuus fm* loom lu try and save
lhu  rail   brought    tu
"When Uu' Topeka finally hnv
Llll   ef
llm ki
11   w.i
hit ion ^^^^
ivalieii uf  the iitHl   inai'iiUlnd   at
gaiue uf tlie province huve read wiih iiiinistiut: __::..,
gn-.it  satisfaction  llie paragraph   in prohibit the sale ol venison in   Vie-
il.i*   King's   speech   wliieli announces ">i*iu, while it  is allowed Ia    Y.ui-
u,i- intent! f Hi,- governmenl    tu couver.       II   is obvious, therefore,
bring iu a liiil fm Uie preservation uf Mm Island hunter has merely t.i con-
gome. The previous attempts iu vey liis deer to Vancouver, where he
ilns direction have resulted in scv- Unds a ready market; thus hnpcrteel
eral acts unsatisfactory alike to Uie PtoleoMon is ultonlcd to deer on tlio
man wlm slim.is, be who lislus, ami Island. Such want ul lorethougbl
to Hu* trapper, the dealer in fins as this in ihe preparation ut ilm
and skins an.l tho restaurant-keepers existing gaum law oilers a premium
and dealers iu game.     Tlm prospec- 'or Us vloteWon,
ud surveyor alsu i iplam,  nud Practically    ihe snine em
uh...ils    charged   wiih Hu-   on- '"iti repeated by ihr governmenl
forcemeat ui ihe law declare thai us 'is recent reguhiHon '
it stands il is unworkable and imsat-
istuctor) ami affords nu adequate
protection tu tin- game. Very lew
fishes dm ing the Inilil. thu periods,
besides     i In* me n who shoots
hv "iil.-i
-il. making It legal to kill ben
ei iioiih nf latitude M. whuh is
death sentence lo tin- beaver.    It
Impossible tn iili-i.tifv   tlie skins
beaver    killed   smith nl l.nii.nle _
in who us a m.iik. i hunlei is  ready ""' natural   rcsull being Uial   skms
tn supply   Willi game nn.l lish at anv "   animals   kill.sl   in   Ilu-   still    pro
uml nil seasons  have a wui.i ut com. Wmt«l area will be carrieil Inlo and
me...I.. ii...   ihr game   la»   us   tl «W In tile open territory.
stands       A.,     nel  drawn hy  Uioso     "he sitbjccl ol lishiug In  Hie   pn.
mil. ..   knowledge ol sp..n ..u.i    un vlnco is a iliiiin.lt one, owing in the
mutilated in couunlclee wuiilil   menu conflicting rights   ul lli,-    Dominion
I wii  organized corps ■'"'• "f Province; bin il is surely the
uf  gil
l.l 11
s, ii Imii Unl
i- market   lillllll
uld go mil  uf
< I.i
lu mil
.   ami
iluly  uf  Hie  latter  lu  lake ordinal)
measures in enlorec existing rcgula-
limis iiii  llle subject,
I    llin-li  all   Ihese  matters,  thmnilgli
'    rcgula-lcti by  enactment, Ihey
lie only carried Into
pei i*ui|is nf game
Tin- presenl game law is a piece nf
vei.tui.le patchwork. Somo ol Mm
provisions nf the existing aots ci
ti.uliri and nullify each oilier, n
there is un provision fur Imprlsi
ment wiiliuiii ilm' nf flagrant alien.
dels. The cry uf Hie nuw socialism
iiuii protection uf game means a cc-
I'.n. in tin- English Kami- laws, and
is class legislation, is a plea Inr the
poacher ami tie wlm merely shouts
tu kill. A line siii-inlisni' advances
equal rights in the game nml fish uf
il.e province, antl tn tin- pecuniary results which nmy accruo Irom licensing luui-ii'si.h'iiis wlm come hero Ior
sport.    Tlu' animals also have riirlits ,   ,
In ilm 'premises,   an.l thoso    should  "™..*."'• lll'«** ■" a.spirit
lie always   horn ii.   mind when considering ihe suhiiTi nt regulation nf
"A' ■ . „   , , 11ratIc
I be interests of ibe fanner have a
verv important hearing on Uie question,     lie is greally interested    in etlKL
any legislation   on tlio subject,    not
only  from bis point  of view of     llie'
Injury done bis crops by game, hut
from thc fad tlml lie is a great sufferer by lhe    thoughtless   or selffish ,       ,    , ,,
acts of ihose who, in pursuit of   the nimi Veslerday   In   lhc pql
game    which be   feeds, overrun    his
holds ami intorlere wiih his business,
 r injure bis slock, ami   make  . . .,       -.       .,    , ,
' fauces      The  '" ^"   '1W ""   tl"'   strength of In.
ils   however    I1'1'11  "Iat   lllv    bye-law  which     deall
true sportsmen      and   wi"1 drunkards    did not apply      lo
will ilouhl'lcss look io ,,t'1'' b'i^'niii'b as, accowting to    tho
ii meotiiitt Hie   sonic-  h-arned   judges or   Now    Brunswick
-   ,|„.   j,ir_  supreme   court   iu  tbe case of     Miss
Tlie onlv   ^il^ French asking admission "~ "'
heel by
^^^^ w.irdi'lis.
■, present machinery for ibe purpose is
| totally liMwIellitate, and It Is a significant commentary on ibe methods of
ihe government lo lind ihc ofllco of
lbe chief game warden iu Ihis cily
dosed during bis necessarily fro-
qiictil absences; the natural source of
informal imi on the subject of game
'being without anyone in charge to
give answers lo enquirers, issue licenses   or receive     information    "f
breaches of  the  law.
A rapidly increasing income would
verv soon Ih1 found the result of a
t sportsmanlike eqlllty, which would deter
lhe evil-doer 'and would he w.nk.ilile
by ihose charged   with its adminis-
St. John, K. B., Jan. 38.—Con-
sleriiatioti and anuiscimnl was evidenced yeslerdny ii
among the spectators when Kali
Smith, who (rn Saturday was ar-
restcd for drunkenness,  was allowed
of  the an
to help
conflicting  claims
ill the town gunner.
nicthi.il  of conlr
iif the sailors on tbe
vessel, lu ibe stern of tbe rail sat
au old man wilh snow-white hair and
pallid features, who held on bravely
lo bis place. Three nthor men were
lying senseless in a heap iu lhe rear,
washed hv even- swell, and retained
solely hy tlie bodies of Uie other
men who were closely packed. Time
ami aurain great sens swepl over
Ihem. sending a shudder through the
onlookers who feared to see them
swept away. Tlie work of rescuinii;
them w.is muvgerous, The men weie
too exhaic.live to tic a rope abonl
For a minute il looktil as though
Un* old man with grey hair was gone
when the raft gave 'a sudden lurch,
hul the prompt work of Mate Hurke
and his men finally got him on deck.
This man was no sooner safe when
another tainting form was swept
away, anil was only rescued by
quick wmk on Ihe part of the boat's
crew. Tlir next man lo be swept
from the rafl managed to grasp a
line and cling to il Until he was
hoisted half way np the ship'.-, side,
when hi; strength gave mil, and   he
fell   hack.        lie  was    picked   up     bv
lhe boat.
The rafl pul nul from the wreck
yesterday morning mi sighting the
steamer   Queen   and attempted    lo
reach her. hut before tbey could got
Within sighting distance Hie vessel
put abonl ami headed to Ihe strait.
When tin* Topekn hove in sight the
raft was once more manner and again
pul forth.
The survivors told terrible tales of
tbe  wreck  of   the vessel.    When    they
left the ship Ihere was about ninety
people i.n board, almost all of them
clinging to Hn* rigging.
Men, women and children were being swept hy every sea.
As soon as Ihey \i,ot aboard, Dr.
F. Whit in;!;, assisted by two nurses
and members of the crew, hastily administered stimulants and put them
to bed,
After picking np Ihe raft lhc
steamer went in search of another
raft, whicli lhe rescued men said had
left the ship earlier in tbe day. The
\r cl i.m fnilv twenty miles to tbe
other side looking Im ihe crnft, hul
no m rn  nj  [|   was   to he seen.      II   is
the general Impression Uml this rati
The Mini.ois Say most of the
boats wen* smashed to splinters
when thev were lowered.      Two    of
lhe   life   hiuK   weie   capsi/iil   shot Hv!
aftei   launching,     One escaped     the tcrdav
breakers and pul to   sea with   about'
enilit or nine people aboard,
The following is Hie story of (i,
Willis, one of Uie passengers, and one
of  lhe  men   rescued   from   lhe  raft:
"The ship struck al 12.117 on Friday morning. 1 was on deck at tho
lime smoking a cigar and was look-
ing at my watch when Hie first crash
came. In an instant all was excite-
meul. There were the shrieks of
lhe frightened men and women, tbe
wail of liltic children and the hoarse
orders of the officers of the ship. The
vessel reeled like a drunken man,
slid over lhe reef nnd struck a^ain.
"Tbe command to back her off  was
given and     she went   astern at    full
speed,     hut   it   was    loo lale.     The
aler was pouring in like a millract
sight we determined io maki
fort to reach her in the life raft.
A few of Hie men cared lo make Hie
attempt, as it appeared to be certain ileal'!] to even try lo cross the
breakers, Imt nineteen of us were willing and we started. Willi only a
pair of oars, the simple
against Ihe wind and sea was almost too much for us.
"Pari of lhe time we were under
water and were almost drowned, but
we were impelled liy desperation ami
fought against the elements like demons.
"We bad a man upright in the center of lhe raft and had blm wave a
shirt on a pole. When we saw the
schooner turned we llioughl she had
overlooked us and was going away.
If she had we would have died righl
t hero.
"When we left the ship we tried
to get some of the remaining women
to go with us hul  thev refused.   No Iia  .
' ,„-..! such as i;
Western  Slates,     which    derive
,,uie  to pieces.       She was breaking I enormous    income  from   that
up when we lefl
eccentricities of ihe latter will prob- s '    WI" ' .
i.v the enactment  and \,mlF ,?ilc i(\
torney, lhe woman was not "a per-
wilbin Hie meaning of the act,
nblv lie found hv ihe enactment and ""•.'.^ I,.ii,t'!li,\ !*?w*m;« ''il1 »ot
enforcing of a gun license, moderate SI."ll'•■ "e shook his bead and grasp-
in amoi.nl, but nol transferable, and ™ il volume containing the city bye*
issuable only to those of responsible
age, being producible on demand of
anv game warden or other peace officer. This would bave the effect of
limiting the danger lo the ptilili
help   cau now    reach     I hem     befor
morning and the ship will have   then
md con d    not
laws, In a few moments lu* read lbe
Klb section of lbe bye-law, as follows: "Any person who shall be
found drunk or feigning to be drunk
or making any loud bawling, yelling,
H tin. lunula nf Hie fool with a scroamillfi, singing or shoaling iu
il Hie hands ol Ilu tool ttllll a  My puirtfe^reet', thoroughfare, alley,
Another necessary regulation which  r\ml   JJ ,/>-|tmti'(l   **» be lined/'
E* ^n"       team'w   fn a' cor*  ^ wl forth te plea, and she    rc-
ion   iiisiiiue  nf   i  dwelllm.   house   P1""1    '"    ""' negative.       lie then
n'l    ie   hi.     u■   ot*  I  "vi     T    tral'   stol«l    '" l,vr "l*" sll° 1,M- tl,k™ «
p   ,.u    Iriglniai    in   llaiellra •   very clever    point   ami   lhat of     oe-
I ul Ins nt   end to   the road shootei  „,,-„ o( ,„.,. J       fty |n, mM
I. I spn.isn.ei, Have expressed i™ «'« ^ff1 of the doubt, and
themselves In meetings and private- ™"' dn nnt hing else safe allow hot'
lv, in favor ol a gun license, and all >"' ,";"1','" "'. "" "R; ..WO* «
officials eoncernnl   with    the admin- """"l'h i1"' Prisoner loll tho court.
ist rat inn nf the game laws are heart-,  *  ^__
ily in its favor, us furnishing   somo TROUBLE AT VICTORIA,
cheek on the   doings nf    tlmse    who 	
shoot. I   victoria World:—Tliere  are rumors
Proper regulation by Imposing such a*| the capital to the clfeci that   all
a license and    the thorough policing  [„ mt  w,.u    •„ _|,c cabinet.      It is
of the shnniing and lishiag    grounds putrllcly slated    that  Attorney-Qen-
by game wardens wuuld result in   a era*| Wilson is not in harmony   with
urge inennm to    the province,    ami  bis colleagues ami lhat several mea-
injoyed by some of    the sines which he insists upun Introducer,  iiif. are not    lavored by the    other
dree,  ministers,     lie  is also bitterly re-
The present
have held    togetliot moro
lliilti a few hours.     She was directly j
traded frum
men Is i
ulil imi nf Ihe   law
proaohed for    his failure at  Loudon
sportsmen    at- ■,, ule ,stm.t Ends ease, whieh meant
.llslin.ee    by  stale- scl mucl, [,,i* bis innslillieliev, and  to
in such a position that there is    no 1 ""*'"•■**, s '" ""' sl""'| J" "' I'"'1'""'1'* bis obstinacy in refusing to   employ
hope ol anyone roaohlng shore.       if  "■"• ,wll° ;",'; Prepnictl to spem  thou- counsel In London to assist him   In
the two boats   which wo saw    get. Si.l",,ls "' ''"""*, I" R''1 "K]y m° 1'™1   I"™ ik the ease is attributed the
aw iv and mil  lu sea were nicked mi l "f W« ■*■'"'"'■      "*■ " K" "" ovel disastrous  enni'lllsinn  nf  a     mission
S   oSoulant   ami ntnXs    w I. !'" «">'     '"   PW»H of llmn*  avor- wbleh, had he listened to lhu advice
Ira the only ones saved.                     Ito pastiltne,    and   from this sourco pi   competent lawyers here,    would
"('•ml     Iiil.lis.in    Inst   his hen ings   "'"'"'  ""'  Pl'OVlnco would   in  a   very have had a  tliuill|illalll   end.  Another
nul ran' the shin ashore     11 was  ai'tew sl'as""s he «Mo '" Pay for a full cause of disagreement in the oahlnol
dark and stormy nlght/an tiling . ""'I";   ,"'   ff*™18    pioleftots,    whn i?   attributed lo the action ol    the
could     bo seen.      The ship    struck !'""M ?'ls","I'1 ;',s ,1rffl  iva ™?' '-',' ?lllc,' commissioner in the haien  1s-
wbllo running full speed.      We    all   fe replaced In   Ito latter cnpaolty it laud "Job."
thought wo wore to tho southward ol, '",   " '"; '"' R „» "i'"""'  '""'v  	
I,-],,lfl|... nf loreslers. when tho BUhjecl nf for-
"Theie were, uiinv deeds of heroism ' !'sl 7  ls, ,™1!'     « colatHl  ''-v     l'1"'
md many aots ol cowards, but    oul "",    P"1""'*    ,
1   Another sourco uf iticomo would be
by liconso ol gamo dealers whn wish
sell, aud   li'#ii*l    ami les-taiit-ant
whuh' the people hehdved well,
and ini't  their fillc like men."
Second mate Peterson, who was in
.-lunge of lhc rafi, sustained severe
Injuries. lie siilisliiiitiuli'd Ute
story, as also did every olio ol the
uieu rescued.
n'rom the list iif rescued Irom the
rafl      llm    mil f  ".lull..  Olgodns,
liieimin," lias been erased. Undoubtedly he is the sume imin named hy
iho passenger as being killed while
climbing up the .HIT.
•r Kn
y   ever.
i  News,  Jan  27:—The sleam-
o was out of commission yes-
owing to a disaster of   Fri-
tbe steamer   ran
on a rock    oil  tlie     long point   near
Pilot Bay,  making a hig hole in  Ihe
foi ward compartment.
'I'he accident occurred during the
heavy fog of Friday evening. Il is
the custom mi ihe lake in such circumstances to run liy compass and
lime reckoning as lights are loo uncertain a quantity. The method
answers fairly well, but ou this occasion tho Kaslo beat its lime from
Proctor to Pilot Hay by two minutes and therefore tried to turn the
point too late. As ii struck everything moveable on board was overturned.
Until the extent of the damage was
keepers who wish lo serve game.
There is no good reason why Ihe man
who does mil slunf and who has uo
friend who does shoo! should he debarred from tlie purchase of game in
season iiiider proper regulations. The
gamo ami Huh are a part of the fond
supply of lhe province, and each individual inh.ibjtanl possesses a natural and Inalienable right to employ
bis part I it. wht-lher he kills il   or ________________________
nol      This is so self-evident a prop-l 	
Mil-Ion   Uml  il    would surely    '"om-' .
uuitid  aif u   from any   intHligeul    FEBRUARY  7  TO 1 2
Icgiylaiiirc. I   	
Reports fr  all sources show   llie|  ♦	
gallic of   lhe province  is   being  ia
lv    diminished,   nud   wh te ihi
doubtless due lo Hie spread of ci
station to some exienl, il  is certain
ly also parity occasioned bv ruthless
slaughter bv     white    men ami    Indians. ■ ^^^^
This is also line of the fish in Olir ■ Dau_am   -tl-U     Uth      nth
sl reams,       Duean   furnishes a    not-  rebrUHry   7tI1t   5111,    Qttl,
able example of an ideal trout fishing I
locality being ruined by  Indians   being    allowed   to build    lheir weirs. f/inA^i *_ „^f ,.*-••_ ,**-*tii  p,.h
and destroy unslzahlo flrh al    their 0oo« to return until  heb.
own sweet  will.      No plea advanced   12th.
for lhe Indian in favor of his acl ion
in  reference to lish can possibly   ex- j t
cuse lhe destruction whicli bas taken
place in   the Cowieban and   other pu[j   Programme    Canadian
trout  sl reams of lhe province. 1 *
The   skin and fur dealers complain'
I the unequal pressure" of "llie"' game j Winter  SportS
learned the steamer's head was lieiii, •"»':     T,*.v particularly resent   the
The wind swung the vessel's stern toj
tht    beach   and    Imr head     lo the '" H'e rock.    When it was found Ihal action ol the governmctil on the sub- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
waves.     This sawd itianv lives, as'°"ly the   forward eumparttimet   was leet of the beaver, which would   ap- For Proernmmes   Rates and detailed
she    was then    swepl back   tn Uio Injured, the captain backed his   boat Pear to lira unprejudiced observer In si
shure, and struck once again in such llfi and brought it tn tho wharf. create    a monopoly in this lucrative
a position Unit she remained partial-    The passengers Including It. J, Mc- business    to the henefil of Ihe    few I 	
ly ahnvi! llm, water and on an   even, Phpo, ol Slocan, and^P. SI. i.iaek, oI| '"T1""' [li'iiiincnl ol^ the many.           | For lull particulars, llrst-class   or
information apply Local Agents.
"Every wave nnw
over ber and many jt
Ily rushed i n     deck
death witltottl   time
"Tlie oni, 1  was gi\
wa slu d
nplo who has
went   lo Ua
iNi-lsrin ei.tinneil to Proctor later" hy I   .''.'j,,:'1"™', R1*"" .J':1'.'?']"' a.!','milm'
tourist sleeper reservations, apply to
local agents or write
J. R. CARTER,      E. .1. COYLE,
ossetl   to Proctor under her    own' revision, Hie present regulation as I
.-.un after having b  pumped out,' the purohase   ol skins being    ranch
id    having a   canvas   patch placed   complained   of us showing want    nf   n p A   Ncison   A.O.P.A., Vancouver
hole.    Repairs wero oueclod knowledge o! tho subject.     A    well „''„„„     . , r„.k.„„_
or yeslorday, k„uwu   dealer    objects Unit a   deer 11. Hillicr, Agenl, Crinbrook.
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people, v* Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
F. E. SIMPSON. Manager
or I
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ ♦♦♦-»♦♦♦«
Therefore, to read
. .The..
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
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$1.00 For Six Months
It is   Mete   That   We
Should Eat Meat
May the Meat that you eat during the next
year be tender and choice. And may the
ensuing twelve months be happy.and prosperous
Rambling  Reveries
Nn clever, brilliant thinker, she,
Wnh college record ami degree:
Mie   baa   N"i     known the paihs   o
Tin* woi hi tt.is nevei heard hel name;
sire walks in old, untrodden way—
lln   valleys ol  tin* yesterdays.
for many of tbe sins that now oof*
\ nipt society. We would not have
1 that lovely spot desecreated by an
1 oath.
mmi lu-t Hnl.lisb hearts
ti. i ■.
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins.
Tlie New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.
out uf the 21
We are on deck 2S hours ffl
. m
Our western manager, Mr. r, C. Whiteacre ,will
be with the local agenl, Mr Ro^s Tate, for one
week during December and will offer
Special Christma.s Prices   and   Easy    Terms
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your name and address o Mr. Tate. DO IT NOW
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he Atlantic to the Pacific. Their splendid tone
volume, their artistic case designs, combined
with their great durability, have won for them
this great popularity.
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Fresh and Cured Meats    Kg
Fresh    Fish,   Qame   and j*j|
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X make call and see the new stock of Ready
4 made clothing just received.
All Union
i Labor.
li r:—r- 1 ffl
Marysville h3*> come
Xeabino Business
imn hei own.    rhe
In mi nuw   has a per-
iiKiiu'iii pa.mil and in
Ifoouses of flftar\>8*
hlc jalewn. nl Ihe St
\\;\r\s valley, J> lb.
Villi?    c be Smelter Clt\>...
It erald   luu   heartily
ndorse the following
uiloess bouses;
lie leading ho- ti
l in  lhe St. ffi
Marys   valley, ffi
•  ffl
1 Central Hotel I
k. Johnson, Proprietor
Vmi      li.llm.ini;
An- Inl in ideals tine and sv
Anil   lunl   all   I'llllly  ami  good
In lu-t divine*! motherhood.
e|is   bar    faith
*   l.i
I rulos   tin*   w
n in I
II won
I   llle
lid   in  gOOd     ami
rood are bravo and true,
[inn* as pearls ul dew;
h< i  i. high .nui i'i .uui.
I   glad    wideavui  span-
This   sad
All  Im   lbe .sun,
Hn very smile
And    liearts     a
In loiter
ne ol liei lace;
blessing throw
happici  where
en lh
, clear-eyed messenger,
iper    luvo—thauk   God
Nn homo is quite complete where'
everything for its comfort and cheer
has been done without tlie presence,
ill which redeems the too sordid per-
buM ul present opportunities by the'
lender touch of the things M tlie
past. "What is home without a
mother?" ibe street ballad has it,j
but jnsi as true anil forcible a
phrase would be "What Is homo wiih-'
crawlmother?"     Whether it is |
New York Journal — "The real
thing in lilt* is marriage, with the
happiness and purpOM tn lite  that lt
hi inns'.'
"Cannibalism was once a bigger
threat to the family than is divorce
al present. Cannibalism ■■ccasumj)-
ly wiped out Uie whole family. ~ Hut
n has disappeared   and family   lite
still   remains.
"Marriage, ami uk*al human hie,
Which i.i impossible without mai-
iuge, will suM.^oaii the divorce
court talk aiid sL-^ndal it will outlive tbe fool 1st) MeltsllUiS Willi limil
plans lut mail ilif; mai Mages shutter
ul mule elUiling ut Ion RMpe(table
.Mi-h     Will   culitmUf   Ui   talk      ami
they mil continue tu many.
"Aud hy tlie lime Uh*)' gel su
civilised that uivy cuuiu IH) btiurtvU.
iaiihiui aiiU devutud, v\vu witliuul
UlO legal inamage lie, they Will alsu
be sumoiently iiwiued tu rwlhw ibat
I Uie marriage a ute is Un* only nupj-y
slate, Uui nu Othei cii5U.nct u
1 uut lit UunUiig ul.
I"Kvery uwnaiiicd man aird Kuiuan
whu  leads   llua     papei   s'ltuUlil    UiUik
huw much ul Uieu Uvea have    uclu
"Nu matter how uld yuu arc it is
betttfl    lu   be     mauled   Uialt   tu     ire
"Nu mat lei huw pour yuu arc, 11
youi helm it. goou and yum courage unbroken, it m better io be uiar-
lu-it inau single,
■U.ili the failures in the world arc
due lu lach. ul incentive.
"lluiidroilS    ul   Lliuusauds ut
ihe brisk and bustling grandmother,  men, jogging   along in   a dull
whose years set lightly and whu    is cou.a   got out ut u rut ii luey
more useful than any brownie In the somcthng iu make them try,
Inline, or  the dear old  saint     whose!    ... . ..        ...
work is d. ne and who can uulv Sit I, A mm} yo^gster, with wobbly
With folded hands and show us' how, ^ U1*' UcaV>; tim* V"aiu* _"*
near heaven is to earth, il is ^ j hwy o«t of Dalaiice, tttttl small tat
grandmother that is lho real angel J^S ?"o i !?. "U.1..'" ES1.!1 LVU.n
in lhc homo, and every chid in
family thinks so.
jjle i iieiice, win mast: a man succeed, maKu
I him vvutii aiM give up nonsense,
"Last of all his money and Unas
cial prospects.
"Needless to say Ibe one great
ibiug that precedes all tin- Dthen
as a matter of course, is ihe extent
ot the young man's affection lur Un
young  woman.
"That afhviion will In- reflected in
his children, in his material success, in every happy houi that they
spttHi together.
"Men need not Im* very particular
m Uwir c-Ikihiv Women are fai better than    men, as a rule, in    every
"Any kind-Ireart*-d, good tempered
young woman is a great ileal too
goqd for almost any man,
"Consider g>«»din*ss nl hearl <• ■
ptiially in picking oul yoUl tt ii '
lion'i pay too much attention to
lieuuty—Uial  is very unimportant
A R<K«1, lii^h toiebead is lie t hi
than   pink  clM*ek.s The   wile     with
Uie plain tare is very often the I.v t
"Whatcvei you du gel married
"Don't  remain a one-handed,    in
coin pe lent   [n-ison,   fnv    from amln
Hon, that allowed jrout line ot d<
oent to be   cot oil, depriving tlie i
lure ol ull   the Struggles .iml    iiiii!
mode by your ancestors in tho pai
"(h*t in tbe game,    (let married
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
Ckesi i:nt Lo_n.fc: No. '*V,i
KNIGHTS   of   PYTHIAS TIIn    ,   v
,-       .       ,     r»   s* THOS. T. BoVITTIE,  I'. L. S.
Cranbrook, B. C. j  T LAIDLAw. u  k.
w et    • vi i v  Tm-sdav  at  S  p.  m.  at
New  Fraternity  Mali. *	
J. A. Arnold, K.R.S. ! ^a*,,,** -
George Tl-mpson, CO.  £$♦♦♦♦* ****** ¥4>MQM
Visiting   bietlircu   curdially invited, %   c* et „\.    w   .   »    r
to ait. nil. | J   rirst-class Wow bv Expcn-
Crmihniiik   l.inal  Uoloo   1211 nf  the United
Ur.illitiin.i.il ui Carpenters and Joiaeri
of America.
Meetings everv Thursday evening ai
I. 0. 0, T. hall,
enced   Hands.
The Cranbrook Hotel    <r
KKFU-XTlONS  OP   A   ltAI'lli.l.iiK
New Yoik Press.)
gul    looks    as
IfO  is  aiijuuiio      violin   wiule
-.1    lhe folluwi
ig re-.
tu the
A     lady   reeeivis
ply fi um a neighbor in answo
question  why she allowed he
ren and husband to litter up   every
room  iu   tho  house,     and  the  sentiment will lind lodgment  in llie heart
uf  every  home-loving  person  in     the  other
bind: "The mark i.f the little muddy
feet  upon  the Hour can be easier removed  than  the     slain  when     those
little feet go down into tho highways
nf evil.     The prints ot the little lingers   on the    window pane
shut oui   ihe sunshine half so   much
as ibe    shadow     that  darkens    the
mother's heart  over tbo one who   is
Inti  j     name    through     tbe coining
vears.       And if my John finds    bis
homo a refuge from care and trouble,
aud his greatest happiness within ils
"What  every man   and what every
woman wants in uus worlu    is
absolute ir.eiid, one tu whom every-
imiig can be  luld,  who is uiuucsied
ytluug    tliat     interests    tue
* Humid if I
,  1  i.u
Many a
happy fact
iiuii   .md
'''This friendship exists iu marriage,
and H cannot really exist, uutsiue ul
"Women ate   fairly good   friends,
cannot aud     uieu   are goud    iriends.     Uoal
union ui friendship', as well as of ai-
tection, is the uniuii uf Uie man and
Lbe wile.
"The man or the woman that
doesn i want tu marry, that doesn't
warn, children, with tue respuusHiil-
is lioots in U)i lltc udleuldon, and liie reality
and liang his coat ll"lL llR'> bnuti. li* Uchiug iu moral
every day in lhe il"a ni«i«UiI duVelupiueilt.
in stand H ami lie | "You stand there the product uf
ot set>t thnl It Is wonderful evolution, and ui miiacu-
j luus spiritual creation, It has
''■■'  earth millions uf years io
i   hi
i,l oloquenci
s   been   said
cheerful   holll
me to make
Lhan all the
that  can  be
that Ui
language are "Mother,
Home .mil   Heaven,    and one might
almosl   say the word homo Includes
i .ill   Ior who can think of Ivome |
 ...i ;.._.        ,l...     .....,,!..I
who     sanctified
And is not
name in heaven
the gentle
ii by her
home    the
We think i
taken i Jl ..
aiHl  produce you.
"Your parentage goes back iu
stiuigiu line ifhrougn the Uiousands
oi ceuturies, through Ute ages ul oppression and slavery, uf barbarism
or savage liie in tbe forests oi
wonderful thread of   life
Unit has brought yuu living tu-day
through lhe whole wunderiul history of humau life ou ibis planet.
"Are you going to cut tlie thread
letting ii end with your existence?
"Are you selfish and narrow and
stupid enough to take more interest
in yuui own lew short years ol self-
Indulgonce than in leaving children
io go uii the great march ul humna-
ity and lo witness as youi representatives in future generations, llie
great achievements of the race to
winch you belong'?'
"Emerson says:
'The lover seeks in marriage    his
private felicity antl per lection,   with
uu prospective end; and Nature hides
Love lights a lamp  in his happiness ber own end—name-
be   ly, progeny fur tlie perpetuity of tho
nf the betlei land as a home win-re
brightness will never end in night.
Oh, then, may our homes on earth
bo the centers ol all our joys; may
they be as green spots in the desert
to which we can retire when weary
of the cares and perplexities ol life
nnd drink tin cleat waters ol love
which we know to be sincere and always  unfailing.
Loi love at     home    always stand
with   her   aims   over  us   to  help    lift
the    burdens     thai  otherwise would
weigh us down
that glows on
shri nihil lu gloom. Love, sweet
angel, sl cengthons lhe weary and
steadies the band that carries cordial to the suflorer's lips:
"Time will softly, sweetly glide,
When there's love al home."
Admit and k■",'!, lovo as a member i
nf your household. Never for one'
moment Hunk Ihal your doing is uu-'
Important, oven if much of the wife
,uvd mother's lime is passed fn the
kitolien. Tlie noblest and tho wisest
Ivo by eating, non-poetic and   com-1
n is   it    may   seem.   Think,   tired
Imuscwilo, not of piano trained fingers as becoming sliil and awkward'
mil flushed Irom moulding tho "stall
nf  life."  hut   consider what   lhe itielli-
i.i   ol youi homo arc accomplishing.
"i ..ni  -mi Is taking high rank in col-
'.■  i \.iim daughter is bolna cdu-
ii-i, and they derive slrengtli of
Iml, frame and muscle from
not Iter's table." Ate you imt dolt something  liwlisponsahlo?     V
I che
53 Dining Room service
lic best.
The place lo stop when visiliii); Ihc Smeller Cily ti
-  I The Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor &
Ilns been recently refurnished anil is now one ol ti
the best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for ti
the people. ti,
| Marysville Drag Co.      I
{•J We carry a complete stock of everything in the gj
ii Dnijc and Stationery line. No need to send away 53
^ for your goods. ffl
"A pretty Emersonian combination
of poetry and social science, but not
necessarily accurate in these days of
moro general thought.
"Every youifgi man and young
woman should enter Into marriage
and live tlie marriage life with a keen
realization ol a parent's responsibility and opportunity.
"Don't bother ahout money, or
comical sucial rank in getting married.
"The money will attend to itself if
you are worth »iiyibiug—if not, you
might as well be a married failure
as any other kind.
"So called position Is a joke.
"The main     thought iu   marriage
should be the determination to   live
up lo all of tbe promises given   and
, lo   add   worthy     specimens   to tbe
oforts   help lo run all     be imm familyt
iv  id  life      What   would   be- | '
"Every young woman should    Intend to get   married, asd want   to
get married, and she should not he
e noblest of lbe laud. ashamed to say so.
"01 course she selects tho young
man that she likes.
What   would   be
if in discouragement
>r and home girls cense their
Out   of   the  well kept,   homes
mil.lest   of   Ihe  l.iiid.
Hoys, he industrious.     The
w. nls earnesl   workers.     God
intended fur any one to be Idle
more work you do lhe sweelei
be vour sleep and  brighter an.
pier  your  holidays.     Take  ntt   yo
coat ami moke a  dust   in  the world.
Hul we would not repress your buoyant spirits or .shut you out from all
lli.il    is glad  und  happy  in this beautiful  world.     We would  like  lo pass
vo a b
"Nothing is as important in marriage as tin; instructive, mysterious,
unexplained love of one human being
will for another.
1,1'' I "The choice whicli seems accidental is really Nature's choice. It is
the expression of a cosmic wisdom,
far above ours.
"Nature's promptings, far from being blind, are keen-eyed and far-see*
for  each  nrigblmrhood   ing.
playground,   where I
would have it just as pleasant as it
could    he made,     shaded     hv lovely
trees, plenty of soil grass to' tumble     "Let   the young   woman who    is
on nnd singing binds overhead.   This  studying men   with an eye to  tlieir
"To the unreasoning power ol the
kind of young man the human    race
owes ii'ine-tent'hs of all its progress.
will he so much nicer for our boys
than loitering ou street corners. We
would hnve the old fashioned games
onr grand fathers played and all modern improvements for developing the
muscles. Hut, listen hoys, we would
not have any pastime you would
blush Tor your parents or sisters to
witness, such as scorch and wither
every high and noble aspiration, de- tion of
grade the soul and prepares the way   away.
aval lability—and she should so study
If     a     gill     looks     as     if she
never     spoke   to     a   man     In hel
liie   extfcPt m   the presence ul hei
mutliei it is au even bel Uiat she has
a secret engagement.
A woman cau always see a juke ii
it isn't une.
A fine way not to understand a
woman is lu many her,
A woman would rather have curl)
hair lu a wig than her own siiaigin.
All thai some people have lo du tu
make stocks go uuwii is lu buj
them, '
A nice way lor a woman nut to
have cold teet is lu weai a pearl
A mau could have a hit of [uu lining things that nuw boro him he-
cause tiiey arc respectable, it thev
A woman is nearly always sure
that a cup ol nice, hut cotlco will
help Iter bus-band's business when u
is bad.
It is just like a shower bath to
why one of your neighbors is su much
mure successful than yuu.
A girl is awful smart tu luok
pretty when site isn't.
Tliere is    a guod   deal of fun
keeping   other people    Irom   having
There is more money iu not having
a large family than llieie is hap pi-
ness in having it.
It would he real interesting if the
heads ol families should gu uu strike
lor some ol the money they earn.
A woman's idea of a good head for
business is having a live-course dinner when there is enough for  three.
Tbe investment is lor the other fel
low when he sells It lo you
Everybody abuses ttie devil, but it
is lo be noticed thai he never thinks
ol resigning his job.
If a man happens to bave any
brains his wife always acts Willi
oilier women as il she did it.
The enjoyment a woman gets oul
of having her daughter go to a party
is sitting up nights to make the
dress for it.
You can do more to get a girl   to
listen to you by sending her a nn.
bunch of flowers  than you eaji    by
reading her all the sermons that ever
were preached.
When a woman trusts her husband
it is a sign site doesn't let him
know it.
Winnipeg, Jan. 28.—The vast quantities of steel rails coming into Kort
William and passing through here lo
points for convenient distribution indicate remarka-ble activity in the
construction and improvement along
Uie 0. P. R. system during the
next season. Steel is being stripped
out of Fort William at present at a
rate of about ten to fifteen cars
daily; and ten thousand tons aie
still in store there. Oue hundred
and sixty-five cars will be sent to
Cowley to replace Uie steel on thai
division of the Crows Nest mad, and
1WI cars to Laggan.
The band committee of the winter
carnival at Rossland has at length
finished its labors and filed a report.
its chief duty was to secure a proper brass bami to play during each
night and day of the carnival, commencing on Wednesday, February 7th.
It was found t-o lie impossible to
organize a band for carnival purposes
in the city, even by drawing from
Trail. Applications were received
by t-lie commititee from tlie Nelson,
Greenwood and Colville bands to
furnish the music needed.
After considerable deliberation the
committee decided to engage the
.Greenwood band, a musical organization ot more than local reputation,
ot which A. D. Hallett, a very
capable musician, is tlie leader.
NanaUmo,   January   28.—Tbe Western Fuel company, of San Francisco,
"First the young man's intelligence ,has   .ust unearthed     a body   of fine
—that is most important, since it us- „,    -J , „„„ __.   ■ ,„,,. .   . ,,. ,,
fall, M*. nior-a. cltaract.r. HX'SHfif mL*S, ''litl'S*
"Second, his  health,   soundness of tendent SJtoclMrtit says there Is   coal
nerve and of body. I in sight, to permit the   company   to
"Third, his education,   the eollee- take a thousand tons a day from tho
"   laets   that   he   has stored,new   mine for     at  least    eighteen
i.ao.■.'.ur.o«-i,*!.,„_...,.„■ |BARBER SHOP 1
\'isiting brethren oontl&llv Invited,    f ,i>
Iiul  Vuill, Kdward i'note,    I t   c,,;,i «",„, q     ■ t.      9
_ Hee.-S.... President l t   hac'al M'>si•*"!<- « SptcUIty    j
tt^"}J*   «•» ciu Mi* j I T) E, SOUTH,  Prop'r. 1
BR il   *s"   *t. Meets ev.rf i,                                             r       ■„
.. *~m*   Mimilay     ui|tlit     .1   99994 r	
New     Fraternity    Hall.     Sojourn- —	
Ing Oddfellow, cordllll, invited. .
I. II   McKa"          u   "   imn..— •—'
N. tl.
M. n   Billing,,
CrantirmiK L-d.e, No. J,
A. ft i A. M.
. ll'i'.'iliu meeting, un
the third ilmr.ilay
of every month.       '
Visiting brethren welcomed.
S,  II.   Iliisbins,  Sec'y.
11. A. Beale, Vi. M.
F.   0.   E.
Meet    In    Patmore    Hall    every
Thursday. '
C. Ross T.il,', IV. P,
A. Jl. lllack, W. Sec'y.
Visiting liinilii'ts cordially invited.
Meets every _ml anil  .th Tuesday In
"Good Templars Hall."
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
A. McCowan, C.R.     J. Sims, Sec'y
('liAM'.I.OOK     LODGE
I. O. G. T.
Mcels every Friday night above Pat
more's Store.
Come and join the Happy Band.
Meets evety   second    and    fourth
Saturday in Patmore's Hull.
Visiting brothers always welcome.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
tlazell Block Cranbrook, B, C.
i*   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
8 Public, Etc
I   Cranbrook,    -    •    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - - - - 9.30 to   11
Alternoons - - - . 1.30 to 3.30
Evenings ----- 7.30 to 8.30
CRANBKOOK ::    ::    ::    ::    B. C
1    Dr. Connolly,    !|
l    Physician and Surgeon   , '■
® Oflice on Armstrong Avenue \',
Houm :—9 to 11 a.m., 2 to 4   »'
p.m., 7 to 8 p.m.   'Phone 105.   *'
♦ l»l»l»l»l»l*|i»l»l*,|»l»l
9 to 13 a.m.
I to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong avi
9 to 12 a.m,
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 11 111.
Office In new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done*
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
People who want job work done
cannot afford to pay for poor work,
Tint is why it pays to get work
done at the Herald office. No complaint is made of the work turned out
here tor the reason that It is up to
date and the work of up to date
printers. That makes a diOeRM*
with wi MMM.
is now locatrd In its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution i, [usl up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do iust thc brst work in all
branches ol the toniortal art.
Drink Home Beei
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Ce.
" We Will Do       1
Vour Draying      f
in n manner that insures satisfaction.
That is our business,   We want  to
** \ please. We are willing to labor hard to
accomplish that ob-
JU ject. That is why our
__f_   business yrusi>trs : :
Authorize, rnoier. of lhe J
Mimm & Pis... Ph..  9
this   season for   Xmas   $*tfts :
arc potraits in sepia platinum with a very ar
tistic mounting,
which is entirely
Prest Photo Co
7e Buy and Sell  on  Commission.
WANTED:-Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
The undersigned will, thirty days
after date, apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
Speeial License to cut and carry
away timlier from the [ullowing described lands In East  Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the intetsectTon ol Uie western boundary of Lot No. 3303 with Ihc northern limit of the right-of-way of tho
B. C. S. Railway, thenee southwesterly along said northern boundary ot said rightK)f-way seventy
chains, more or loss, to the northern
boundary of Lot No. 2805; thence
nortii eighty chains; tlrenco east one
hundred chains, theme souih to the
northern boundary of saitl Lot No.
3693; thence west along said northern bounda"y lo the norlh-west corner Of lot Nn. 8C08; thence souln
along tbe western boundary nf said
lot to the place of beginning.
40-5t Win.  Iliggins.
Tochty, 19..1 December, titUi. THE   CRANHROOK   HERAI.tt
iu Uh Herald   P«wwa,l«^SgJy'
EdltOl  and Manager.
The Herald la worth ttii a year, ll
costs onlj S3- No man in Soulh
East Kootenay can afford lo be with
out it. and everyone living outside ol
the district, who is Interested in the
progress ol ibis section, should read
it. li publishes the news while it is
news. It is controlled absolutely by
the publisher. No clique, party ul
Individual dictates its policy. It
don't try to please the people, It's
desire is to publish a newspaper thai
will hr a credit   to  the coramumtj
Sand In   your subscription and    you
wui ne thankful evei afterward.
Advertising ratea H pcr inch, linglt
column, p<r month, no more and u<
Reading mattei 15 cents per Iin-
to non-advertisers; tu cents per llm
to regular advei users, Dusincs
locals ini. cents pet line each Inset
If you desire to reach the people of
South Kasl Koolenay you must ad-
veiiisi' in The Herald.
Tin* Herald has a first-class jol
plant, and its Wi,tk is ol the best
The Herald don't want charity. ll
wants a square deal on your joli
work. II we can't mnl you in quality and price, kick, and send your
work to Borne Cheap John house In
the east ih.it never spends a cent Hi
'—* s
MORE   lliAN
Thli In the gunmnteuil
dilation of tho llornhl
Dross r ii nntl subscription lists open to Investigation hy advertisers >t any
The llorubl gives n dollar
it, value foru dollar In money. The advertiser lia-- tho
right to know wlmt he ia
receiving for his money.
The Ilernlil la one papor
tlul eourl.- iiiveatillgution.
O     ibe  Herald  will be found on ,
J sale al Hie following pluces:
O -Marysville, Marysville Drug Store ,
J Wardner, (i Donahue's Store
J Moyie, S. K. Harvle's Drug Store '
X Ryan. K. P. Finlay
4* Pernio, Purdy's Book Slore
? Elko, Holbrook's Book Store
♦ Cranbrook,  Seattle A Atchison's *
0 ond C. li. Keid & Co. s
Lasl week the Herald lost a sub-
si'iihei .mil an advertiser because he
did nol agree with some ol the ideas
of the Herald, and for the reason
thai lhe Herahl advocated the election ol James Ryan. He was a
teJness man and a member of the
cily council. In twenty-five years
of work in the newspaper business it
was Ihe lirst experience ol the Hernld editor in thai line. We don'l
expeel everybody to agree with the
Herald, but no man in business
would expeol the people who deal
wnh Iiiui to agree with him in all
things. No ninn in business bases
his business on lus political feelings,
hut on ,i business foundation. That
is the way the Herald does. It expects advertising and gets it on tho
basis ni circulation nml the business
gained hy its advertisers, li expects subscribers and gels them on
the basis of giving the people the
worth of their money, as the Herald
more money on its publication
il.itu any other weoklj papei In British Columbia. When' the Herald editor inn hardware, Dour, clothing,
of a Cranbrook
thus losing an ad. m a subscription
Conditions have changed. To-day
the weekly paper is a power for
piod in il»* community In which it
is published. It is based on a
straight business policy, and its
business is transacted on this basis.
The Herald has been published ta
Cranbrook since the town has had a
start. It is conceded by newspapers
generally thai the Herald is one ol
the besl Weekly papers published iu
Western Canada. During the past
yeai ll has paid out in wages alone
OVel M.OUO and this money was all
spenl iu Cranbiook. Ii has stood up
foi Cianbrook and Smith K.ist Koolenay week in and week mil. antl ils
editor has spent lus lime and bis
mono) foi the advancement of ihe
com moult), hm Hie Herald is not
asking foi special favors. li wauls
business on a business basis, ami in
no other way. Antl as t.i its policy, il will continue in Hie Inline RS
iu   the    p.isi,     dolllg   whal   II   thinks
besl for thc proiperity ol tho people
as a whole, antl if il loses more siih-
scrlbem and more advertisements because ii cannol agree with each and
every man who happens to bo n
patron, H will he perfectly BnMHf.nl,
for it is tins very polity llial has
linih up lhe Herald, ami is im*leasing its subscription and ils business
month by month. And what is more
Important, more pertinent, more to
ihe point, such a policy is right, and
right is always a winner. The llor-
■ilil has no apologies to make lo win
advertising      oi      subscribers.    H
The  Prank Panel Issued a  speetal|toi the past    two or   three   years.
Mi. Ityan or any other mem
l.er of the council, except that
lire Herahl hopes m he aide to work
harmoniously with the whole councl
fot the advancement of Cranbrook
Thai is the object of ihe Herald and
H   In Neves   tlml   is   the  object   ol   the
uu.oi and council. The Herald
cares nothing aboui the loss of lire
advertisement and the subscriber, hut
refers to ihe matter simply for the
purpose of treating tire principle
volved, The Herald believes in
square  deal.
The breath of spring is in the at
Unisphere IimI.iv. The balmy chi
nook bus dethroned old fcero, and tire
prospects for the banana crop ar
again    brightened  — Medicine   I lati
Hold on there, Foster. Cranhrook
is the fruil center of the only ban
ana belt in Western Canada. You
may raise a few scrub plants around
llie llal, hul here we make a sue
c.-ss of the luscious, South American
banana that Hour .sites only in o
warm,   salubrious   climate.
A Kansas editor says lhat some
engagements end happily and some
in marriage.
Tlio Herahl irusts th.it the vlsil
ing delegates to lhe meeting of the
Associated Hoards will return to
lheir homes with go-oil opinions of
Crnnbrook ami her people.
They are playing baseball at Loth-
bridge lln-se days.     What an ad. tor
the  town  and climate  that   piece   of
news    will   In* in Ontario and     th
Northern Slates.
(let in aud push along the hand
wagon of prosperity for Cranhrook.
A Winnipeg Clulleinu sold his wife
for $111. Those (ialicians ale
great traders.
iii the amendment io the Labor
blH, Air. Itoss, of Kernie, voted
ngalnsl it, ami Dr. King, of Cranbrook, voted for it,
lioi  . ' ii  anything
Calgary How claims 10,000 people'
Whal a crlfobagc player that census
taker would make.
Oct married, young man, and show
that you have something to work
for in this world.     Don't wait mill,
u have saved up enough money,
for if you do ihat sweetheart of
yours will die an old maid if she
remains Hue to you.
Let ihe people know what Crnnbrook and    this    distrel    possesses,
Thai   is all   we need  iu   Ihis section
ni ihe country,
William Dollar, of Client d'Alene,
man itd a girl named Cbristlnla
(•'airplay.     Comment  unnecessary.
numbei that will stand as a monument to the publisher, Mark Drumm.
H   consisted ot   twenty-four   pages,
fillod wiih reading matter of a most
interesting character, ami illustrations ihal will give Hie stranger a
piopei conception ol the 1'ass country, Frank is going through 'be
process ol being bom again, and Mr.
Drumm, through his paper, is not
permitting ihe town to hide its light
undei a bushel, The paper is a
credit lo ilte town, ami Irom tlu* first
page lo the lasl, shows  the hand   of
the trained newspaper man. li is
easy foi people to read a paper like
lhat   nml   c.isiialh   n inalk:      "That's
pretty gotwl for a lown like Krank "
BlH   if   Ihev   knew   what   lalioi   Mich   a
publication  Involved,  whal  bonis   ol
won.   an,I   ml, use aiiMclv.   what   c\-
pense, ihey would   saj  more    than
that Itm   the    average   individual
means all right, bin he don't think
li the)   did ihe people of ihe   Pass
would g.ulifi and give lliiiinm a
banquet and drink his health, Mill
sciibe for his papei, send iu lheir
ads, ami wish him ami his piospeiiij
foi man) years to come Tin* Herald coiiguiiulai.'s you, Diumm Ymi
liaVO llollF a  hm*  pi,re ,.|   \.,nl.
*$ ttooooo -a ->.*-z$-4**** ion s^efc
Three days in Winnipeg, witli the
thermometer ranging from 25 to -10
degrees below /.em and a good
siiti wind blowing is enough for any
Individual who has Income accustomed to mild weather in Uie banana belt, and we were no| sorry
when we had finished our business
and were able to start west again.
Dm Winnipeg is a great city, and
has to-day as bright if uot brighter.
prospeel s, than any city iu Canada.
Dui ihey still have a number of the
relics of ihe country town, and one
is no streel cars on Sunday. The
cily is one of magnificent limits,
with beautiful drives and pleasing
.scenes al the suburbs. To the man
with money io own or hire rigs, or
Hie lime lo enjoy himself during the
week, the facl that lhe street cats
do not- run on Sunday may he of
Utile Importance i<> him. Hut to
lire man who works hard nine or ten
Itours eaeli week day, who has a
large family who cannot afford to
liiie carriages for driving on Sunday,
ihe loss of lbe street car it a most
seriuus matter. As one man saiil
to ns, 'Hire streel car is the poor
man's carriage, and we who have
io toil all tlie week lind it quite a
hardship when we cannot go to the
parks or the suburbs ou Sunday, the
only day that we have to get oul
and enjoy the beauties of nature.''
llut that will he changed in lime,
iu fact a hill is now pending in Uie
Manitoba legislature lo permit the
people to vote upon this very matter.
Whal Winnipeg needs al Ihis time
is a safe theater. Nome tune there
will he a lire or cry ol' tire iu the
thealre, ami lhe results will be like
those at Uu- Iroquois theater in
Chicago. It makes one nervous lo
look around alter you have taken1
youi- seal and begin to wonder how;
you would get out in ease of a Iii
nr stampede, The cily authorities
should lake up this mailer, for
llieie are several hundred killed there
soiui'liniu   they   are     the   ones    l<
houses that he built about  IS months   Iti shades and harmonious blediug Otj LUMBER MATTERS.
ago, and during that  time  ihe prop-   eoloi   is impossible. A  sunrise  m 	
erly bad so increased in value   Hint   the  Kootenays, when Ihe sun    lirst  POINTS OF   INTEREST TO   TIIK
Mi.   Cranl   made  more on  that    one  sireaks  lbe  blue  dome ol lbe heav- j       Ll MBER TRADE   OF THIS
deal that we would in the newspaper his, producing    effects   that    would DISTRICT.
business in ten years. t^l {*w     brush of   a painter gives! 	
  only     an    idea  ol    the    transcodent      The bill brought  into the house by
We failed to see our old friendhwauty ot the necktie. Mm who the Hon Robert Green, if made a
"Little Mae." which was a mailer go in" after their mail are held spell law would virtually dose lbe mills
of regret, tor his kindly smile and bound and ladies go into eslacies of "I the interior. M provides that no
good natural s.mi.gs is like a tonlo, delight. Solomon in all his glory timber can he stopped outside of the
to anv man. | has nothing lo il. Mi. HeaO e province, nothing hut manufactured
  Unites   serenely and telll    us conftd- lumber.     This would mean tlml   tlm
Calgary has   gol the righl    slarl   entl) thai he has one in reserve thai  '"-- l»u» -ss now done hy the Koote-
fiu   Hie   making of ..   hig city.       Not    will   even  eclipse   Hns one. \"»)   ""ills  in shipping piling,  railroad
liiutiiie was looking well aud was
glad to hear Iiom his many Cram
brook friends. It is quite possible
that lie will he transferred and m
will be either as accountant or
Al.Moose daw we were delayed for
several hours and ihis gave us the
ipportunlty of looking up our old
iieiNls, Messrs. Laurie and Siddous
These gt-tii leinen seemed io have
Itted in Moose .law jusl righl. and
loth are prosperous and seemingly
happy. Moose Jaw is forging rapidly   a-Iwad  and    is   one   of   the    besl
towns iii ibe interior west to-day,
We got into Calgary fust iu   time
to h.-.n  ihe celebrated libel c.i
I.   S.    Dennis   against  "Rob"    IM- '
wards, of ihe Eye Opener, din missed    Hly, Iowa, n city at th.it  imn-    ,,f
'aboui   m,uuu inhabitants, ami ail.iiDll
mly has ihe town    Hn* right  atari
hill   il   has as backers one of  lhe best
bunch of hoi-sier. to he foil ml In Cm
,ida. Thev   llUVC      Jltst   one   slogan,
and that is, "There Is nothing too
good for Calgary." It reminds us
,( the lime when wc lived lu   Sioux
n*s, mining props, fence posts
The    Fori Steele Mercantile   rom    '" ,!l'' P»wlrfo    provinces would    hi*
pany   has made   appi c ni foi    ft BtopM     When .1 was iii.i present-
bonded    wan-house  Im   their    largo wi Di   King expli d wlmt ii would
I mean io Hie mi.*  mills and it w.is
,\ hull-sale
business  iu     litis
Mr   De ii, ihe leadei  ot the Cou
nerval ivo part)  In Alberts whu tail
•sl  to lead, did  liol   like HO llll he
things ihai ihe doiighl) "Huh" said
ami as attorney for Hie c r i; he
had charge of ihe ease Dm I'a,hi.
Nolan     Was   oil   lhe   olliei   side.     and
when the)  got  through He *H   was
iiii  the oulside.      Wh.it   js th,-     use ul
suing    Rob   Edwards foi libel'!     li
tit.n't hurl Hoh noi will li do ihe
other fellow any good
And speaking of Daddy N.d.in, we
were introduced by thai genial
French gciUicman. to "Handsome1
Harry Latimer in a manner churuc-
terislie of Mr. Nolan: "Mr. Simpson, lbs is Mr. Larimer who is
charged with sie-iling $100,000 iu
Philadelphia uud until 1 lind at least
>!in,onu 1 will refuse to believe thc
gentleman guilty," Mr. Larimer is
.still lighting extradition ami Paddj
Nolan is furnishing the legal knowledge Io make the light an interesting
s. A. Olaucey, who married Miss
llailey, both formerly of Ihis cily,
is doing well.       Ile is a city sales-
dealers in builder's supplies, and is
making good having held bis position for more than a year. The
Claticeys are living in a most attractive and comfortable home and
Sieve looks for a busy year, as
building will Iw   unprecedented   next,
The city council would do a   great.
stroke of business if Ihev would lake
merchant, lie dots not ask Hie man's S(lln(. ,l(.li(t||   1(| lh.iVl, ,„„  Uw rtlill.
pol        oi     whether   the    merchant Sundries from tire business ceil- 	
n  rci    with him on politics, religion,   ler (l[ 1[lt, towIli     They aro a   men- man for a Iimi    that   are   exteusiv
railway   building, municipal matters  ftce l() lh(. |llM.|i|, l)f n,.* people and
in   taxing .logs.     Undoes want    to  arc   dangerous    in  the   way of fi
know ihe price anil quality of goods   There is surely some way thai   Ihis
pinclia t*.l      To stop one's paper and  can  he  done.      li   is  done   iu    other
lo slop one's advertising because the. towns, as  the  importance  is  reeog-
adveftiser   .md   subscriber does    not ni/.od hy  the people generally.
agree wiih the ideas set forth at all 1 	
times in the paper, i.s to say iu sub- Smith Curtis seems lo have tire
stance: "Agree with me, think as 1 political Iht iu his bonnet again,
think, refrain from any criticism If he enters the arena-again Joe
Ihal does mn  meet  my approbation, I Martin  will he the nexl   to   follow.
or 1 will lal.,.-   away   my business.1 	
Such a condition is a relic of old I Petty polities should be eliminated
time newspaper practice, when lhe wl,<* the people arc working for
publisher of a weekly newspaper was   anything  that is to Ik- a benefit   lo
looked upm ilo as a mendicant, as Ul° ,,mi lls il wlmlt''
a   subject   of    public charity,   as     a' "~~~
burden 1h.it the community must  put1    Tlw Vancouver World  is making   a
up wiih, than    n business man.     In   Wilt' "» Patent medicines and at Mie
those days the publisher of a weekly  same time it, carries about a dozen
paper had no opinions, and of course ,,[ the ads. iu its columns.
his paper hint  no  influence or slain!-!
ing.     li     was a   miserable, servile     Attorney Lawe, of Kernie, has beeu
Bhpct, of   in, benefit to the commun- appointed city sol citor al a salary
II. L. Stephens and Matt Rocken-
.lorf are doing a great business al
the Palace hotel. Stephens says
that be has struck a live one an.l
that Calgary bas now started to
grow, notwithstanding its marvelous
progress lhe pasl year. These gen-
llemcn have pinned llmir faith on ihc
metropolis of Alberta ami within
Iwo years from this date they will
ne al tlie head of one of the best
uotels in that cily. Jusl see if Uw
(Hd .Man's prediction is not made
good. Stephens is a marvi] and ,i
queer combination. He is one oi
the besl read men iu Hie country ami
only the choicest literature interests
him. inning tbe past fifteen years
he has been in lhe commission business in Minneapolis and Denver, had
one of tbe finest restaurants in Helena, Mom., in Hie palmy days of lhat
slate, opened lire (list hotel iu Wardner, D, C, milted fur gold at Dawson and Nome, built an holel al
Kiko, Mori ssey ami Morrissey
Mines, has made thousands and lost
as many, bus a word thai is as good
as a government bond, never took a
drink of liquor in his life or gambled
for a cent, and .s one of tin- best
equipped men for the hotel business
lu the west to-day. lie never wore
any but a lay down collar and a
ready made black tie, wouldn'l wear
a dress suit to his own wedding, is a
friend that one can depend on in adversity or prosperity, ami has as
many Iriends in tbe west as any man
living, all of whom would he pleased
to hear thai "Steve" had struck a
rich lend thai would laml him mi tho
sunny side of Easy street.
Our old friend, J. J. Young, of the
Calgary Herald, gave us lire glad
hand when it was nol busy counting
up the receipts of llial marvellous
success in western journalism, the
Herald. Talk about your Hearsts,
why thai man Voung is a marvel.
A few years ago be was publishing a
little daily in a little shop wilh a
little income. To-day be has the
besl equipped establishment between
Winnipeg and the coast, and is sliil
improving. He is ambitious in a
business way and is desirious
of reaping llie fruits of his
labor iu that town. Hut lie has
still a greater ambition, He lie-
lieves iu Calgary, he worships ihe
town, yes, if he ever plays we are
inclined llml mosl of his prayers
are lo and (or Calgary. Willi hope
for the future, with confidence in his
judgment, with thai hroadmiuded
spiril lhat would see his town go
ahead and all prosper. Mr, Young
has Die enlhusiasiii of the visionary
ami lht> practical knowledge gained
hy long and hard experience. His
paper i.s a continued surprise, ami
uow hr will sl a il a morn ng edition.
He bas several oilier publications
and Is making a success of all of
ihem. The worst we would wish
Mr. Young is success, lu lhe work
of giving Hie people of Alberta an
up-to-date newspaper, Mr. Young has
Mm*   assistance of    Col. Porter, who
  .... .was raised in the blue grass country
summer m Winnipeg.    His firm  are    ,,-.., , .     7   .    ,   i   'i
,, , , .',, ,. , ..of Kentucky, and has been trained
wi-ll „l,as*,l Wltl, 1„S work Mil „„,.,,,,„,,;, „.„„„ mms „, „„.
Stove Is workltiR or still bct-tur\mim aml oJtia(ta.. porto- worked
ll.ii.Ks-. wl.it.li his f.i.„tls here    h      m, tll„   ,„,, MM| ^ Kail8M 0|,
ltal '"' win K''1 l» ,l1"' li""'* Mo., 18 .furs ago, when Hie    limns
) Wo ....
Rimes ami
'dinner ai
* Wo saw George .Miner several
and had the pleasure of taking
1 liis home and meeting Mrs.
.Miner and the Lille girl. They are
all well and George is doing a profitable business iu the brokerage line.
He has a magnificent suite ol ollk-es
ill tlie handsome .Melntyre block,
mid wc found him busy all lhe time
we were llieiu and it was difficult
to catch a moment when we could
vo a lalk with him. George is a
Canadian, hul he has tire instincts
d tire down east Hading Yankee,
uid David llaiuin would mil he in
e with liim iu a horse trade. The
week WC were there he had just elos-
deal iu wbieb Ills couimis-
$1,500. Of course he is
not making Ihose deals every week,
hul Ire .8 making money and lots of
1, a lad Hi.ii will he appreciated
hy his army id friends iu this districl, where lie lived so long,
town      li  will hv toi im
,ii ' hm later they w ll applj loi n
bonded warehouse foi  Imports
'   mcirdmenl   tlul   would chain
iim-i    Mir   \i;i:  RICH IT
ot iIm-ui  w.ie regulm  Calgarj   hm
tors.     During ihe big t n Union
Sii.uv dl) an eastern syndicate Ihabl   MwHelne llat   News:- F   K   Hlnty
Imd sec .1 n valuable trnci ,.i land *»">< "f Ul'" Cnmbrook Herahl, vi It
..i.i ,i the ell)  and la hi oul  I.*'1 u ''"v '■•'•, ***** '",'1 l»'ie,w*wl
the      st      a.l.li s    to   the   lown.l"   »r,IM»l  Ol   machine.V   loi   he.   Lell,
buill  au chna.nt  railwa)   -„,    thai  (f^ P1™1:.    SnT"n l,,,s. ..^
ihe addition could he renclred   a iti
and  thus avoid suifaci- crossings     Of
Hu* nei work ot railways.     A  visitor
lo the lown, who happened to m>Uc
lire plevated for the firsl  time, saitl
"Whal    in   Hie   wmhl   has   SIOUX   Cily
an elevated  mad toi"' A    oitteon
win.     was    showing him the sights,
promptly replied: "What, hasn't  New
York an elevated road?" That was
Hie spirit ihal has made SIOUX
Oil) one of tllO host cities iu the
middle slates, and il is the s.ime
spirit that is pushing Calgary mi
rapidly lo thc from, Now tlu-y are
out after more publicity, more Luiie,
iin.re people, more business, more
of everything that will make Calgary
a larger and more prosperous town,
li is Impossible to kill a town with
people like that. Hair on you Calgary, ll does us good to see that
kind of spit t and that kind of work.
May you catch up with Winnipeg is
our devout wish.
| Seven Years Ago |
| in Cranbrook *£ *<£
J4 A
«feefiiB©ett6Cifr&c:*&6^e-:^.-?:-s-5 s.*^
W. T. Keid will build a home in
Cranhrook as soon as he returns
from Portage la Prairie and brings
bis family here.
W. s. Keay, collector of customs
lias  received a  regulation  flag    foi
his olliee, and it Will he hung iu tlu
breeze on Hie Hag polo in ihc Aikei
The new Cosniop.ditaii hotel will
open ils doors on lhe 10th. Neither
Mr. Small or Mr, Musgra\e seem lo
have any superstition as fat as Friday is concerned.
E. IT, Small ictir.-d from Hu- Gilpin store lasl Tuesday, so as tu
have more lime lo devote to arranging the Cosmopolitan holel. It. A,
Fraser, of Fori Sleele, will assjsi
Percy Irving in the store.
Kev. Ilall has established a reading
room   in     the  Presbyterian   church
which   is   open   every   evening.       This
is a move of practical Christianity.
Kev. Hall is developing ideas in the
way of Christian work that means a
future for him. The minister who
can get out of Hie orthodox rut
shsl humanity, will lind himself iu
when there are opportunities to assist human ly, will find himself in
demand wherever there is work to he
done in the Lord's vineyard.
Last Friday the ofilces of the
Crows Nesi Pass line were removed
to Cranbrook, and henceforth this
city will be the official headquarters
as well as divisional point of the
road. M. IL Macleod, the superintendent, has his ofilces tui lhe second
lloor of the depot building, and in
his olliee are L. McKay and L. S.
Drummond. 'I'he engineering department is in charge of W. L. Mc-
Keii/ie and bis assistants are F. K.
Rankin, John Boswoll and J. A.
A. Macl'hct'soii. 'I'hev have thu
large loom mi the lirsi lloor north
of ihe ticket mom and an* duly Installed and bard al wmk. G. I,
Morrow, paymaster, has bis office
on Hie second Hour. W. K. (iurd,
claim and right-of-way agent arrived
Monday ami will have bis permanent
t.uih iu Southern Alberta ami Soutli
i-m British Columbia The man
who is without   faith In  ihe Cann
ili.Ui Wesl these da\s is au oddity,
The faith whuh begets deeds is the
good kind, ond Stmpsiil) has it Smne
man gmM at figures would have bis
work i ut out il he sal down to
figure up how much Kasl Kootena)
lias benefited through Simpson's ac
idvo pen.
ll is hard lo get lhe longue iu
shape   lo   luk   a   smiling  hand.
Many 1 roubles will blow away if
they are given a chance to dry out.
Evert tattler knows that nn airship has "been discovered,
The untaxed dog is always sticking
his nose in.
A Iree in the bonnet sings before ii
In snuggling lo ascend lire hill it
is noticeable what an easy time
people have who are going down,
li is the delight of the sun to
come out of the storm and laugh at
people's fears.
It is noticeable when the walks
are slippery that the girls cut the
besl  figure.
Some     people   lind    it   so hald lo
keep awake in church that  Ihey go
to  sleep  before  the contribution is
If n man wants I" bo good it is
necessary for him lo Ire his own
A   hare
who lives
is   noticeable  lo
i le
after    ibis.   It.
Fellows, governmenl Inspecting engineer, will also remove from Macleod lo Cranhrook, as .soon as tlio
necessary arrangements can he made.
John Sutherland, master mechanic,
will have his force here win never
he can arrange lor quarters.
He is a good friend who knows
where you waul  hi he tickled.
The   Hue      hoist-   (IOCS   Hot   slop   lo
inquire the value of the cargo.
The man who fights aud runs away
will acquire tire habit id running on
short notice.
What is well enough Is for yesterday.
Children can stand a good deal of
bad weather if there is no school.
Anything indicating presence of
mind is something! of which to
A statesman is a man who ean remember tire holes be hns dug for
other people.
People    who    lake    items    to     lhe
printer feel nattered if Ire does   nol
call attention to the advertising.
A quiol home wedding is ominous
of a change of weather.
People who want lo shine wanl
the help of   lheir  fiiinililie.
A fool and his money are no I
A tlibber heel is much Die same lo
uu angry coin.
11 is pom business lo worry over
what people will 111 in I; to the «'\
tent or pulLng Ihem to Ibinkiug.
Moan thoughts lion I on Ihe surface
Every speech is charming io tho
women if Ihey like the man.
A mun ul a pink tea is never sure
of bis ground.
I h.i i" . i  ii. hm   Hi.ii   w.\. nol   done
The loll will nevei  pa  - lu ll    pn
en)      „|,
There t u. I., unolhei noil ,ii Jul
ha) \i. Hanbury, ol lire North
Slti ll,    Imn    pun lu i i bun    ei
HOIIH    mi     lon:,el     ,   I    |     ml       I   ill    U)       .III  I
Will   put    ih   .<   pollal.le   null    lu   111,1kII
lire mi      This will it  .1 - .ii i in.-
The. ih.iw .m.i (iHi pqmiil I" ol
sn w Im,*. eaiigitt some ol tire mill
men In Uid sliupc ko tar a   lheir logs
.in* .* ii.einid Nu, hm tliere lus
In . n t-',ii ai imii in logging 'V.i
Mm-,' ihe smiw lirsi enme, bul lho
null in,'ii weie rsp,-i bill) noxious
this year, to secure .1 lalgel supplj
than 1 vei  before.
Tire soft wentlrei down ..ist has
previ ni,-.l null mi n from gel 1 Ing out
Iheir logs, as troy.cn     swamps    ami
lakes   ale   necessary   lln l e   to   do   the
wmk, .ind there is   uow   talk of n
small im Hns season and a hig increase in price, from $| to $;"> a
thi usand.
Tlie priees in lhe Slates show a
tendency to increase.
The clergyman—Do you mean to
say ihat your wife goes to church
every Sunday without you?
"Well, it isn't my fault, I can't
persuade her lo stay at home—Life.
Sunday In 1 letlgoland begins on
Saturday at 0 p.m., when lhe church
bell is tolled, ami continues till the
same hour on Sunday, Formerly no
vessel could leave port between these
Two Chinese newspapers, published
in Shanghai, sent special correspondents to Witness the recent army
maneuvers in north China H was
the firsl appearance of tho Chinese
special correspondent,
Measuring -2 inches In a direct
line ami 2X following the curve, Uio
looili of an extinct African quadruped has been brought from Abyssinia
h\   Ilaron Maurice dc Rolhchild.
The wettesl place in tire world is
said to Ire ChcrraputiJI, In Assam.
lis average rainfall for lire lasl ten
years has been nearly 37 tcet. Next.
io tins come lire environs of Bom*
hav, wilh some '.M feel annually,
though the slnglo station of Debund-
uscha in Kamerun has Imd for several years an average of 34 feel, chiefly iu .summer.
Tin* t'.I'.H. will nut ihti'IiI trolgllt
after 3 p.m. for shipment same day.
As goods iii'isi li<. nl IrclBlit -lii-d ln-
toro :i o'clock or they mil nol lie
loaded until Hie f.illiiwinp il.iy. WV
will ask mil* palrniis to |ili'.isi' lei
ns have tlii'it orders tlie day preceding shipment if possible, su tli.it vvr
may get punts properly iimii'il ninl
■hipped in good Bhape.'
Fink Bins.
TIii'it   is n new tie i'i town    -ami j 	
there Is sorrow in the Inviis nf .In     No man run Im su tall as In i
clerks in tlie Fort Ste'-'le Mercairlll'.'  sure liim against being short.
were from 12   o'clock    noon lo    12'store.     Scott Morcll held the.   palm 1	
.1. Vi. Robinson was in town while o'clock noon, anil the only vaoatlon' In I'lnnbrook fin* a while with    bis'   II   is   foolish   for   people to take
we wen- there and wns as busy as a'the newspaper man got   was    when  lire alarm     scurf,   lint  when    Millie   tbelr weight froni a pair nl scales,
Wall   street broker witli a big   deal he overworked and went to the bus-  Langtrir arrived   direct    Irom Tor-  *	
thai  he   has on   hand for liis firm,   pital.    Porter has not grown a day  unto with a combination uf    colors j SURROUNDED
tin' Kiibiiisini-McKi'tizic Lumber coin- older, can do more work now iu   ten   tliat would have   pul  .losoph's   coat
pany. [hours than he could in 20 in the old  to    shame.     Now tliere is a    new 	
—— I,lays, and has evidently secured   the claimant in the field for the necktie     "Tliat cat you   Insisted upm I.av-
Ono of    tlie first   men wo met   on ' si'('tet of youth Ior he lias a face like   field and np to the present   time tin   ing around    the   house," said     Mr.
,       ,i .....       i eiu'Hih I has- had un rival     Postmaster Dent- Oooley, "is around your canary hint
our return trip   was Jlmmlo    Hun- ,l miiim. - nns mm nu uvai.    i usunasui mm ,;' ' '
ter, who   was  with    the Cranbrook |   | tie came   Iorth lasl Sunday with   a     ,"•      ,(
iiv    in ulmii ii    was published, ami   nf Wl a month.    The name   soundsI liranoh of the   Cafmilton     Uank    ol '   A. D. Orant and family arc living   necktie lhat   is a daisy, a    dream, h(,r iway."
Un* pnlili In*,  stood in constant tear go«l Ior   a position   ut Uial clnnne-   Commerce for several years, and who   In Calgary and are prospering.   Re-  a poem, a   thing ot beauty and    a     "To,,   |ate,     _ say   she's   already
uf "le i, im    "in, Irate subscriliei .mil  in has heen will, lhe Yai.enn'ycr branch   cently Mr.   Grant sold a    block   ol joy finevef.     To dcscrlb?  ils attis- around your canary bird." THE  CUA2JBROOK   HBRALO
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦*»*»» »♦♦♦»♦*♦*•***■«•■»*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
2     Ladies' Corset Covers, regular prices
f        from 50c to $1.25, now
l.mlies' Flannelette  Drawers worth    . »„
from 50c to 75c, to clear al /fVC
l.ailies'  Flannelette  Night downs, «*-,*.
regular $100 to $1.50 (or / «>***'
Children's Rubbers from 111 2 to >.  -jt-r*
while thej  lasl only •*5W'
40only flen'a Soils, regular$10 «£a n —
to $15, to clear at «Pu*VO
Fit Reform Overcoats al Less Than Cost to
. .  ..;-•-.$>
I       MORE   ROOM
:«',. ,-, mpl.lti iking mlilltlouii to our Slore nest monlli tn inliko
luiiili du  ,1  new   line ».* lire milling    ShclvuS   ami   partitions   llie   In  he
9 removed nml many rlinn«es made.    .« nn Indiici H in Imv wewlll niter
♦ |, iaw nnd all during February 15 pcr «nl lllstnunl ,iff nil Crockery,
x Ulasawaroanil Fancy China.
♦ Twain, Piece -In* Toilet Sets. pink, blue nod groun similes
f regular price I11.0U, sell nl  18.56
4 English China Tea Cups nnd Saucers, willow  blue, per _
dozen ....  t'l.'lii
Chocolate Pots, Cake nnd Braid Plain
Cut Glass Howls, Hon Rons, Decanters,
(lloj-nl Crown Derlrj*)       [Itojrnl WorclnuUor.
t Y
*ou know what a complete Stock we huvo had uml now would he the ,
4 Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery f
(fWyVW^V^^^^AM^^^^^^AMM I
Tor Vour Animal yriends
t   .Nm.        t'ei'««'"°Aml being unable to pro
a*'*.,.*'S     t.'-l tliey nie I'lilitleil luilii'I'i'it.
1..0NDITI0N ^*|^|    •'■-. \    ()ur Condition  Powders
m^mA    Mmt      '   .HI key ,,,,'k  livelier	
C. E. REID & Co.
Druggists       Phone 74       Stationers
Out ol Town Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Wines,  Liquors  and  Cigars |
CRANKROOK. British Columbia    £
There is nu Smoke lu Equal
-• Kurtz's Own"
" Kurtz's Pioneers"
" Spanish Blossoms"
Union M«d<- bv
UN Cordova St. W.
up   Abuut lbe Cily by   .-kmj
Questions nf Many  People.
.. r  '
ii   i'
I'.ii * tti*
l'i     l.l
.i-ii.mt    Apply
■I   Mmi.       " I
era .m.I plumb-
I*: F.
In*    H.il i*
Wi-ilnosilai.  l-'i-liin.
Mi.   ami     Mrs.
•lulilii'ii, nl     Mny
lays in Crnnbrook
Oovernineii't Agenl
ill-it   Mnyie  this week
lllll "li .ml .illil
I*  7lh.
MiK.iili.i.in     ami
,    spenl    several
tn. week.
Armstrong vts-
011   iillli-i.ll   tills
Mrs. Vi. H. llill nml Miss Fortune
left yesterday fur LeUArldgo and
Hnynto.nl, where they will visit wiih
relatives nt Mrs. llill.
Experienced accountarrl mul awlltot
is open to receive evening employment. Hunks kept ninl balanced.
Apply 11. F, 1!., care "Tlie Wilga."
Persons borrowing bunks Irom the
library at tlie Free Reading Room
kindly remember tu return same at
tlie end uf two week's.
M. II. King left the fust nf the
week tin* Winnipeg where he hns business anl he may go on to his lormer
home in New Brunswick before he returns.
Mrs. Peter Lund is the guest of
Mrs. Vi. V. Tute, where she has been
receiving her many Crnnbrook friends
and their hearty congratulations un
her marriage.
The unexpected thaw caught a
number nf the hotel men awl meat
markets iu hnd shape fnl  ice, ami un-
there is annlher cold  spell  they
he np against  the real thing.
en   I
Clary's  "Canada"    Enabnohvare
the Koolcnay     Rauge ate   uur
■is.     We can supply your kiteb-
etruin ments.—Patmore Hros.
nln!   —   See.nui      li.'inl express
.1.. suitable tm* general drayago.
ess Bos 11. Moylo, B. C.      15-e
:  Rale—A   number .-1 thorough-
white    rock    cockerals;  fislu-l
in.     Also settings uf eggs   Irom
i    SboniViker's      l4ioHnftHmd
k      I   I-:   Calhcart,   Cranbrook
II   I
ii i.-inii.il inn as expel is on blow
.*. ...   Va\
W-iVk,   Illi
Help Cranbrook
and the district by
mailing a copy of the
to   a   friend :*.*.:
ine ii
1   M.
e lut
nu i
i Ci
■   lha
mill n
in Hi
• Fr
ict in.
1- Re
.   I'V
1   Mr
Marry Bradford, of Wycliffe, is in
town to-day.
Bert    Black  visited   Kernie
wivk for a day.
William Carlin, of Fort Steele
in town last Monday.
The sick folks in tin* home of
Q, Brlckson are improving,
.Mr. ami Mrs. Roberl Johnson
Marysville,   are   Cranbrook
The junior hockey alub went
l-'eiine to-day fm u game wltb
junior team pi thai eity.
Frank     T,  Davies,     returned
week Irom Lethbridge where iw   bas
been visiting wiih Iriends.
C, ti. McCowan baa gone lo Montreal wuii his little daughter, wiio
[i in very poor health,
A. 1. McDermot will leave nexl
month bo Wlimi peg to attend the
v\«il iiiie, ui Ins tdsler,
The   days an*   glowing beautifully
■:     i"    Hild   Mie   eleell |l     ll.'h'    lulls   ate
growing i ni responding!) smalb-i.
l' n i class accountanl wtili iwo
yeai s experience lu lumbei business
is open im a position, 'it in • ■ I Iel ■
.il.i olllce. ■'[
Mrs, I. li VanDecar entertained
a large number of frlewda Wednesday
afieiii.nm.      Cards     wen-   the pro-
There Are a Few Left
k wilh Mr. Kriek-
would he more
iimi gentleman.
ol   Ihose  inlerest-
Hng Koom will be
l February 3ml,   at    K
his is Mie annual
meeting and reports for the pasl
\.mi will be read nml ollieers elected
f.n ilu- enmiug year, Every Uuly
oi gentleman Interested in keeping
this room open are cordially Invited
in attend.
Mis. it, u Jatnlcson accompanied
Mr. Jamieson over from Calgary
last, week ami spent several days
witli Cranbrook friends, returning
yesterday wltb Mr, Jamieson in bis
piIvato car, Miss Jamieson, who is
the urn-si of Mr. ami Mrs. Eftgor,
will remain for a week m more ami
then return to Calgary, accompanied
hv Mis  Eager.
Thomas Caven, Mayor Rogers and
.1 A. Harvey are in Victoria ihis
week iu ihe Interest of matters of
imporlanre to Craivhrook, Dr.
King, llm member from this dislriel, will co-operate with these
gentlemen ami do all in his power
io secure the improvements thai
lhe governmcrvl should give Craubrook. There will be no division nf
opinion among any of Hmse gentlemen as they will do all Ihey can for
the lown. To say otherwise, to
bring in ditly political (lings against
any one of Ihem is lhe kind of a
policy lhat ruins many towns.
The Herald bas faith in Hu- good intentions aud loyalty of all of these,
gentlemen and will hack any and all
of Ihem in any good work that they
may undertake for lbe advancement
of Craiibrook and lbe prosperity of
lln- people.      When   it. conies lo     tho | season   he
prosperity <>f Cianbrook it, is lime
to cut oul politics, anil every man
iu the town knows that this is a
.1   Maycock hail tin misfortune to
slip   >>n     Ihe   ice      opposile   Ins  Imilse
las!     Wednesday    ami    dislocate     bis
Miss Maui'lel Moffat has returned
io ber home iu I'aixlstnii after a
pleasant visit wilb her cousin, Miss
Alice Mollat, of lliis eity.
W. II- Ciouse is still quite sick iu
tlm hospital wiih the lever, but
Ihere is every prospect of immediate
The many friends of Mr. ami Mrs.
Wood, of Elk-horn, Man., will be
grlovcd In learn of the death of
their eldest soil Ihivid. aged Jill years
after an illness of two weeks.
(Irani Downing was in town last
Monday. He says that the metropolis of Jaflray is booming. Mr.
Downing expects to make a trip to
San Francisco within a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Morris gave a
very enjoyable at home last Tuesday evening. There were a large
number of guests present and all de-
dare that it was one ot the most
enjoyable functions of the season.
Iiuii Orpington Cockerels for sale,
Jl.ali each; thoroughbred. A green
bono cutler to exchange for Vegetables. I want a power macb ne;
new; $11. While W. I.. Whitney,
Cranhrook. 45-11*
Norman Broley, who has had
clmrge of the construction of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce building, will leave in a few days with
Iii:. wife for his old home in lhe east
to visit his father and mother,
Fred Small is in lhe hospital sick
wiih a slight attack of typhoid fever. The Herald hopes that he will
soon he able to he out again. The
Cosmopolitan Imtel does not seem
llie same with Uie smiling face of
Fretl absent.
■ hiu MeKee, better known as
"Dig Jim" was in lown a short
liiiie-lasl Saturday on his way lo
Elko. Mi. MeKee has his gang working on tin* C. P. H. extension from
yahk i«* ihe Boundary line putting
In culverts and making the necessary
It is reported that Tom Uookes
will resign as manager of the Fer
nie hotel, al Fernie, and will probably seek a warmer climate fur the
benefit of his health. Tom is
great hotel man and it will seem
strange indeed to not see him behind some hotel counter iu this district.
The regular public services will
he held in the Methodist church next
Sunday at 11 a.m. ami 7.30 p.m.,
the pastor in charge. At tlie close
of the morning service tlie sacrament
of the Lord's Supper will be administered. Evening subject, "Something to Ik* Croud Of." A song service precedes this congregational
choruses. Anthem by tbe choir,
solo and chorus "Never Alone." All
are invited.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Clienette and little
daughter were driving; down from
Marysville on Tuesday, ami when
aboui two miles from Cranbrook the
pole dropped and tho team started to
run away. Mrs. Cheneitc graMied
her little daughter and threw herself from the sleigh, ami Mr. Chenette followed, allowing tbe horses to
lake Iheir own course. Fortunately
all of tlie pafties escaped without
any serious injuries, Mrs. Chenette
Only sustaining a bruise on one of
ber feet. Tlie team was caught below town and very little damage was
done to the rig. Mrs. Chenette was
on her way to Pincher creek, wliere
her son who is attending school there
has been  taken ill.
What Is the matter with this kind
of weather'.' And yet there are
people so skeptical that they enter
tain doubts about the possibility of
raising bananas in Cranhrook. The
fads ale that this coming year the
Herald expects to have the best
crop of bananas that it has ever
raised in the past eight years. The
conditions are perfect, and it is to be
hoped that tlmse who are still in
doubt will come around next summer
il  partake of    the  luscious
:- ■" ■■■    '''.it
I). V. Motl. th.* versatile editor *■;
Un- Ferine Ledger, waa in town on.*
day   last   week.       \|i     Mui t   was  om
nf Uie leaders in tin- Rgtvi agalnsi ih«
obi council in thai lown and 11 leel
mg fairly gtwd over 'lie sweeping
victory ibat Uio ' Icket he
backed secured. Mr, Motl is
a lusib-i and is i.nw contemplating   i Ik*   esWublishiin nt   ol   a
daily pa|H*r iu Feinie. Such an institution in a town il"' ai/.e <>f Feinie will take nistliiie,, nerve plii I
T   S. Cill—"At Macbi.il two weeks
■uo, n    was    twenty degrees Mow
zero at om- end of ihe railway yard
a..l laming at tbe "llier end. Tbey
lutve  a   variable climate.''
■ bei  	
V.- ','      ',,
nl   Chief
81)13,  ol
Under tl«- prcsMlem
gei A. McCowan tlw
Ooui i Cranbrook, Ne
Ancient   Ordei      ul    b'orwiUM   .  Mill ■
lamed tlien  friends   ami themselves
to a mosl enjoyable     ami   iuei ■■   ml
li-ainjliel   at    Un    Itujml   ho.el   oil   i*u
daj   lilghl   lasl.        I'ovcK   weie    laid
loi ovei lin> guests who took then
places shoiiiy ali.-i len o'clock. A
veiy exci-in-iii menu having been 'ii
p.-Mii ol tlie Chiel Hanger, in a
nborl aditu-ss staled tliat u,.* urdei
started in Cranbrook about a youi
ago wilh a ini'inlieislap i.l un oi
iiiuvn, and he was happj lo announce lhat it now miiiilielitl close
up lo the fifty mark. As lhu urdel
was founded in tin- uld Couuirj it
was but appropriate tual a grcut
percentage oi the brethren lirsi saw
ilm light in Scotland, Ireland oi
England, but tlio roresicrs had inducements and attractions Ioi men
oi every race ami everj creed, uu
saw several around him whom bu
trusted he would have the pleasure
oi initiating inio me mysteries oi
Korcsleiy belore the veal lUUO h.m
passed away. Aiiei tne chairman s
address a thoroughly onjoyaole tune
was spenl iu dlsposrng ol a leiigmj
toast and song list, Tin- Koresiers
can bo.isl oi several aolo bii.^ei^,
Willie a nuiiiiiei ol tue laviiud guest..
uiu well iu sustaining lue repine toi
talent ot tne outsmers, many oi
wliuiu will belong io tne order be
: lopg, if iimieaiioiis go tot anj-
ULii'g. Ttie IwiHiticL w.l,^ a nioM
UisWliel success, tUtil'Kuu n\ ilo \ai-
nag note ol any knul. v..i./.i „.
luwship prevailed, and wlteii "Aulu
Land .Syne" was in older ttie mem-
oers and guests bad every reason lo
pui tlieir hearts nno me words auu
music, li was a great nigni tor mc
e oresters order and all w hu iook
part in lhe celebration,
Host VanDecar deserved the vote
of hearty thanks lie received lor tin.
magiiiliceui in an ner nc provided tue
The Odd Fellows of Craubrook have
decided to bold their animal hall
this year ou Thursday evening, tlie
^^ind of February, 'llie bull wil m
held lu tbe new Fraternity ball and
everything will he done lo make It
one of Hie most enjoyable balls ot
Uie year. Firxl-elass music will be
secured, refreshments will in* serveti
iu the hall, aud the programme will
be one that will moot wiih the heart)
approval of all who desiro to participate. Charles Smith, 1-- E.
Haines and Vicont Llutllcoal con
.stilule tlie commit lee ami already
they have started to work on lln
preliminary arrangements. The committee are entbusiasl ic over Uie
prospects of the ball and propose to
give tins people a very successful affair. The patronnesses are Mrs. A,
Leilch, Mrs. James (ireer, Mrs. J.1J
Fink, Mrs. F. E. Simpson, Mrs. A.
II. Eager and Mrs. S. J. Morrow
Tlie tickets will he two dollars.
■ I.   V    M.   ['lnkhaiii-
quick    changes   in   elm
iiuie iii Calgary when
ihe theater wearing a
heai \ mr coal and face muilled up
i.i keep Irom Irei /mu. During Uu
play ihe thermonn '-'i changed <»
rees, .md ihe people walked home
carrying their heavy wraps on their
.u ms,
One of the leading features of the
carnival ai Roa ! i I will he lhe annual smoker trf ilu-   Fraternal miter
of   Eagles   in   I.,   h Id   on   the evening
of Un- »th,   imme... | ly ailer      the
hock.-y match   al   il      ;' I nlou hull.
.The etrtertainmenl  will i..ii^i>.t of   a
ln'iit bm- vaudli iih performance, music and
1 remeui- refreshments,   to   conclude   with    a
I  lively boxing  coi *
LUC \1.      l.nlnit;     ENTERTAINS
i nui;   ORAND   MAXTKl;    is
\W\ \l. STYLE   VND ll V\ ti.
a (.imii  l an.
l„. .i  Thurwlay   uvt
rn t    .-I  Ke)  CU)   Li
Fellows lodge ami ihe mem- thirtj  d, ■_■
■tie Knights ol 1'Whus lodge *^°l  ':'
Ige luld a spe
ei,il meeting, Un- uccosiou being lhe
w ii ni Urand Mantel MacKenvie, ol
Nel* Wi illuHlSler, who Iws charge lui
il.e yeai ui u,e jurisdiction ol British Columbia,    'lhc business meeting
was a i.i im    one,    und immediate!)
aiiei   adjoiirnineut  the members
tlm (i.m Fellows lod]
h.'i.s ol ihe Kiug-hls ol I'yiliias ioilge
Willi   lad)    fllwiMS   and   iel.tll.es      ol
bolh, sal down lo the long tables
ihat bail been set ami lilled with
.-.Huh-.*-, i.n lire occasion. R. I.
Uea-tllu occupied the clmir of the
presiding ollicer, and to his right
sal ihe liraml Alaslcr wink- to his
i.n was Siayut Rogers. About l-.i
laities and geutlemen weie gathercil
aiami im- ireauiiiuiiy arranged tables, with those who were lo respond
lo lhe loasts given scats at the
mail table, Alter lhe many goou
uiiugs had been disposed oi,  Cliair-
ii.an 111 all le eatlwl 101 older and proposed a toasl lo the King. This
Was drunk ami "Uod .Save uie King
sung ii) all present, Mayot Ungvis
w..s Ui.n iniiouucul ami OeuvercU an
address nl ivelcomo to ihc Honored
^ul'sl thai was very welt received,
air. Beattie tlien spoke ul tho Liauu
idastcr, um exalted position that ne
ueld, Us icspoiisiuiiilies anl ils
noiwrs, and elose.1 by asking all to
Uao and uiiiik to tin) heallu ul Um
guesl ui lac evening. .Ur. MacKen-
/.m was received with hearty applause ami responded by delivering a
mosl iulelVJliug talk ou Odd Feliow-
6tnp and Um general history of tne
ijtaci. Rei's, Fortune and Westman
replied lo Um toast ot "The Order ot
Odd Fellows" iu a maimer Uui
elicited all hinds of applause. A. 11.
linger, Past Urand Master for tne
province ol ljuebec, sjioke entertainingly of the working of the order m
ihc cast, and he Was followed by I*.
ti. Simpson. James Ureer spoke
itclingiy oi the Key City Lodge, ol
which lie is a charter member, and
told lne iiiciiioeis present mat ne was
liuimT to have his name on the char-
u*i mil ami Imped to sec thc lodge
piogie.ss in lbe future as it had tu
the' pasl, W. 1*. late, one ol the
oldest iKld Fellows in Uie lodge,
gave a talk that was of especial interest lo the ladies, as he deail on
lhc Rebekaii branch of the order. J.
P. Fink, replied to the toast of the
Knights of Pythias and his remarks
were well received. W. F. liurd
spoke well, as he always does, on
the subject of East Kooteuay. After
lhc dose of the banquet Uie tables
were cleared away, Uie carpet rolled
back, aud to the strains ol beautiful
music the guests tripped the light
fantastic until a late hour. 1 he
veiling was a success from the start
o lhe close and the committee in
harge deserve tbe thanks of all who
veit   present.
notice-fh \it:i;mtv IIAI.I..
In reply to numerous enquirers, wo
bog to Inform tbe pub)' that hot*
Uf f. O. 0. F. and K. ol P., have
mutually  decided to rent    or
suh-let    ihe   hall an)    circum
T. M
■Ilil   I  ml'*.
11    .
.1   K. -,l P.
WANT, 11!
Engineer    w ith third   claw papers
I.u   pmi.ii.i.     ,■..   mill  planl. Apply
lo Pine Tree Lu      i  Ci .. I . mouth
li. C.
Notice is bei■■      ;iven we   In
tend i«> ap be Board of Lic
ense Coiii:,..    . CU)   of
Cranbro »k m etl      ■•  I
■ appei
■ transfer
of the license : "■ hotel,
Baker Sn-, M                    B.  C,     to
Dated  at   i':u-R: il    C .     tins
IwelitvtifUi     d; '* UUlli.
Nils petei  VI.
Qouj ■    ifieW,
Pel   W.   P.   Quid,
IT'-U Aatils.
Have you seen Maurice
electric automobile? It is one
thc latest inventions of the age
is the handiwork of Mr. Quain.
outfit consists of a stone sled on
which is fixed a complete electric apparatus lor driving Uirough the
frozen pipes ot the water works sys
tern of lhe city a current of electricity ol sufficient strength to melt the
ice. Tlie principal Involved is a
simple one. By conneeliug each end
of the frozen pii>c wltb a copper
wire, which is a first-class conductor
of electricity, and as the iron pipe is
a poor conductor, the friction e.ms.-s
heat in the iron and thus molts the
Ice inside. Every nitht since lbe
cold spell Mr. Quain is .mt wilh his
automobile thawing out ihe frozen
pijies, and it is far cheaper and
much quicker than digging up tin-
pipes and thawing them Oirl in Uial
Victor Rollins, of lhc Cranhrook
hotel, returned last Sunday from
his trip to his oltl home at Lucan,
Out., to see bis fatlier who has been
in very poor health lor the pasl
year. Vic says that Uie east looks
good to bim, and that old Ontario
is far more prosperous than iu former years, and thnt in the larger
cities as well as in the smaller
towns, the people all seem lo be doing well.     He said    1h.it  he    coul"
IC?  n grand s  t, a
splendid fat] -j    ,■ ..npinees
man's k-.it. 1: tits .'*. a glove
and is* a Btylisl •'. king ool too,
a«= heavy boota go; being made
from No. I quality 1 os calf leather
with a heavy soli it will wear
like iron. For sale by all yood
retail i-iiue men.
3. DcHie Co.,
(High River Tillies.)
Jack (lillis, who docs a men's tur-
nishlng business "un the wrong side
uf the C. 1'. R." has gained the
good will ami earnest ilnuiks ul
tliuse who comprise the senior hockey
club uf HiRli River. Last week lie
prcsinMl the team with rod sweat
cts with white trimming and woollen
caps and stockings lo match. The
boys look extremely clever in their
bruti new suits and appreciate Hie
Wednesday eveniiiK a llirit-4n|i
ska-ting nui- took place at 10 p.m
al Uio big rink w Hi the inlluwin,
onirics: .1. A. (lillis, A. A. Bai-
lai-li.y and .'ml Holmes.    .1. A. CM-
Hi   look   lln'   had   at   llie  slalt     and
was never headed awl won easily the
insi prize; Hulliuhey second,
Jack (lillis tlie Ulan mi the "wrone
si.l,- ,,t tlie C, 1'. R." with a view
ill kocping llhreiist ut lhe times lias
dccidcl lu enlarge his present store
and put in n fresh stock ot dry
goods .iml RiuiMii-s. Ile will conduit the business on a purely cash
basis and as a result will nfier cx-
iraoiilinaiy bargains. The Times
congratulatol Mr. OHHs nnd predicts lor liim success in his cnter-
■M4-S*.-$■*■*■••••• • ••••-• '.-■■
We have jwt •<- eired a
shipment of tlie very i oil ■
em   Choc    *• - Pine
Appi.. Lemon, Vanilla,
Orange, Raspberry ami
Strawberry tl.t*."--   at tin;
Confectionery Store
PHONE l.:i 1 f
High River Times:—F. 1). Becker,
the energetic secretary-treasurer ol
Staples it Co., wholesale and retail
lumber dealers, ol Calgary, was in
Iiiiii River Tuesday, looking over
not Sp buVnotloc tii'aTliic pcoplo the Interests of his firm. Mr. Becker
of Hie eas-t arc far mure caul inns in *us travelled over the whole ot   Al-
their business affairs than they   arc
the west, nnl tliat liusiii* ■*,:*. in il:Mi-
mine   on     straight    business priiici-
Rev.    Fortune Informs us tliat    the
iiiusin-iil.s  fur  his  lulnini  crop    1W:, ...
evl"-ison   va   never so good. Last'ph-s.   Toronto, l.e said, was growing
• vvas more succcWul than to tat a better town each year,   an.
1„. l,as     been sil.ee coming to    this  it    was a line     place to live
iisttiel    as bis crop was larger and  after all Vic. was glad to get   lia. I.
nf iK-tler quality     than ever belore.
Truly this is a wonderful climate.
to tlie banana belt and liis li
ami around Cranbrook.
bell a and speaks in plowing terms
uf the outlook ti Southern Alberta,
ai,.I High River in particular. In
his opinion next year will lie the
iKinner year in Alberta as tliere will
lie a great influx ot settlers from the
United  States  and   tlie  old  country.
J. D. ricBride
Hardware  Merchant
Cranbrook, li. C. TttR CRAXlttiOOK HERALD
.1,-.:        ■-     .
t*-*t-'fc*vt*S->- frfri-Ctt"
vt-t-: t-tf-.tcK-t-fr PM*Sft*tf*ftC*ft©**
-  "-to   t'VttV
fxp: ri.
(From   the -Moyie Leader.)
The     B ■ i '■ Mi Ktt)      Mining    Co.,
Lui , Non Personal     Liabilll).    has
bei i. regis li red al Victoria.    This is
.   ......i.i>   thai   has bei n orgaula
ed to pi i pi. I i"i aud develop Llie
miucial resources which arc believed
in ujcisl undi i Uoyic lake, The
capital y is  W,-
e      .   ,   hi   , ...   laiui  "i shares
will Ih H ■■■■' li ■ iui bird ol lh.
i,.,, . ., Lit-usury stoci..
i.. n   Black,    11
Nelson, il pi    nn ni   umi
um .  I Miiuii   Co      -.i
i i. Crease, ui    .mjIsoii,
|. .,.■ ... t\i .•■.■I.,    an.
i .... ■ ... . luck    win
in on . un I kei >■■ i luu Lire ue*
two and J U,0UU shares    will
I.,  u     . ■  i' ml i  Lui *'U   daj b
at 'd  i be amount
I... .  ,   ill   * 111 ■    -...;.    A ..1   In'   usi it      le
sink Lbe siutl AM leel and drill
.   uiu Uislalicu,      i ■ ul nel   blues
i'l   . ."i i.    U III   Hi'   SUlU   Iw   lalSt!   Alld!
i-i i audi .'■....i i apiial Lui develop
iin-iii may be neeited. Aicxunuci
bUdip, .n.i.., is making his lepoii,
an.i   us suoii as ii   is eouiplelv.1    a
piuspt II  be  i sueu.      liios.   i -
Aie\ ii ii. Uu ... i,. in.t.ii- prelim mar)
surveys and laid u n llie siiati sin
A Luiee ul nun aie now sin mug ,i
saudpipu in i .. buliocn lu ascenain
Ll.e exuel nal ute atrJ tlepili ul liu
alluvial deposit. tlie mu ul tui
snail is jusl . lUth i.i Uie U. I'. lv.
stuiiun uu Liu lion oi me _ahu, in
leel Iiom Lln t , 1-. It. Hack an,i j>.
feel iinm lhu line oi lne 1st. hugem
propel L). As soon as Lhe tli ptli
aim nature ol lhe surtacu is leuuivu
a three cumparlmeiil bliu.il will m
suns .,ii the Muyic side, ami lau-i a
two compartment une on tlie Aurora
.side, 'j ne walls io bedrock will in
cemented to exclude Ute surface wai
ci, ur ii ueces'sary a steel casing wu,
bu used. I'ho preliminary won. is
going along nice!) and nu serious ob
si.n Le: have yel been encountered.
Tin- work is being carried on undei
the direction ul Mr. t'lias. A. Mac
Kay, ine aciing manager.
Hie wca-Uici  foi  Uie pasl  few days
has been execpli iih  mud and line
Tbe smn\ is disappearing rapWiy,
.md tire ice on the lake is not ovei
three ui  fum  inches m thickness. N'u
Mlilliiet S  Use.
In.  Harvie ami tits bride
ni   ih
I .Mli
.luiiu .     Muelli i
tiewerj   expects     Lo bavu ids
li.'. I   on   itii-     ji.., c L.l   in   ailOUl
weeks' time.
.1. n. McArthur, .1, A. hew
A. Dm ton and A. LaKuutaine
in Moyie this    week un busim
jiluiil   oi   lhe  Moyie  Lumbei   Co.
ViiUicy Lodge, No. H, I O.O.K.
held ,i liie meui/ing lasl Tuesday evening    ill    homu     .il   1).   !_..   M.u'Kcu/.ie,
the grand master, ami K. K. Blmp-
son, the deputy grand master du
British Columbia. The Initiator)
degree was confer rod upon one ean-
illdate, and lite visiting olllcials wen
well pleased al Lbe manner m whicl
lhe work was put on, and coinpli
meiited L-be members ol the degrei
term for having Lheir wmk up si
well. After Lhc social session, during which refreshments were served,
the nit'i-liug was addressed hy boil
Messrs, MacKenzio ami Simpson.
Three men mei with accidents
while working al the St, Kugene
iuii.i' tin week. None weie seriously nun. however. Last Sunday a
rock icit ou    Peter   Lutner, striking
liim on Mie hack. He has been laid
up sunt*, but Will soon he able to
return to wmk. On Wednesday Wm.
Keasl fell ahoul m feel iii the
shall and reeelvi .1 some pretty had
bruises, Thursdaj -lolm Walsh had
one of his fingers so badly bru.sed
thai it was necessary to have
Those ol M o)io who have lived
through the disastrous davs ol the
place have reason to congratulate
themselves on tin ir foresight, oi n
you will ti i in M tl eh ulubhorncss in
manifesting theii faith in the town.
There weie dark da) i foi the pconli
of Moyio—days thai promised nothing hul failure ami nun, days that
gave no hope, days Ihal gave no en
courogemenl to the most loyal advocate of Movie's future. It.il Ihai
time has  passed by,        The St.   Kug
i-m- was never in better condition
than .it the pn sent limo. This company Is woi I Ing more men iban e\et
before. Tho future ol the company
was never so bright, nor was it evei
in position to profit by the favorable conditions lo such an ex len I as
now. The sal.- of the Moyie Lumbei
Co., to J. ti McArthur .\ Co., one
of the wealtl e t lumbei companies
in Canada, mans thai an industry
i lia-l lu Ireen doi maul for somo time
will shod he one of the first Industrial fom ! ' lon foi Movie's prosperity, Thc opening this week of
operations in tbo "sulrmarlno" mining BCliemo, thai is fo say, tlm development of thc mineral resources
thai hy scientific men la believed lo
exist beneath thc waters of Moyie
lake, au-iirs further success ami pros
perily for Movie. All other mining
properties in the territory directly
siibnlaty lo Mnyie are being looked
after in' a manner that means Ihe
expenditure of money for further development. All nf ihis portends
but one thing-lhe increased prosperity of Moyie. During the dull times,
Uu- period ihai tried Uie souls of
tins most enthusiastic and optimistic Movie advocate, the Leader always maintained that alt ihal ihe
place needed was confidence and pa-
lii-nee. The projiheev of ihe Leader
lias proved line, and from now on
the people of this town will have to
do with glittering prosper lv instead
nf darkness and doubt. Tin- man
who lives in Moyie, wbo owns properly here, wlm is engaged in business in this town has reason to tie
thankful. Movie is all right, and the
time is not far distant when her
natural resources will he attracting
tin* admiral iuii nud capital i f the
(Krom lbe Free Press.)
A cue-in    wiih fatal results    oc-
•urxvtl .ui Tuesday afternoon at 3.3U
i dock   at   the  sand   pit   cast   of    lbe
oke ovens, killing Joseph (liullaute
ind injuring ti II VIcKwing, who
liad charge ot Uw work. Mi Mc
lOwing and hi*. Itelpcr wen- engaged
iu hauling sand and ela)  toi  plastei
ing the col ven dooi;.     They had
worked n undei lite ton for a considerable distance, llml Ing [1 easier
digging there when- the frosl Imd
i ..I penei rated, Suddenly without
an) warning the top fell In. A
I at go piece mil   on liiullaulc, pinning
bim      lo   the    back    of      lhc   sleigh,
Another large frozen plcco fell
agnlnsl    Mi   McKw Ing, pinning   turn
lo   lh,-   Mile  Ol   LllO   I'll The   Uc.Mlll-
ieii brothers who had just passed
beard the noise mad.- In ibe [all
,ii..I the shouts of lbe men, ami mkIi
ed back Lu llieli relief, After re
leasing lliuliaulo tlw lattei got up
ami walked a tew steps, then sal
down. Winn uskod by Mr, Meliwiuj
ii he was hadh hnri he replied;
Yes," and al Uw same iiislanl
Mood rushed Imm his iiiuuth. Mr.
Kuing was then released and his leg
■..,, found lo he broken. The i
wen- placed in ihe sleigh and du
lo     lhe   hospital,   bill   liiuli.iiile    died
in the way.    Mr, ICwing's leg   s
laiuod a   had break, which will c
line  Iiiiii   lo  lhe  hospital   lot  a     i
ideiahlc  lime.
lltpilt   lol   Week   ell
Coal     Click
I alholi.ulo   ...
ling   J a
Total  tu,ti38
Donald, tho little four-year-old st-..
ul .lames While, ot Wesl Kernie, died
oi liiptherin ami was burled tho
same da)    und. i    ihe   direction    of
Scol 1   A  Koss,   mi'ileilakeis.
We wero m error lasl week In
stating ihai Urn Masonic fraternity
...i.l taken Um lodge room in tlie
..,w Henderson block, in all pro-
i/ahiliiy some ol the other lodges
w ill secure il.
IV. It. Koss, M.P.P., is chairman of
llie standing committee in thu legislature on municipal affairs, I le is
also a mciuhci oi lhc mines and private lulls C'.iiiinil lei s.
on Tuesday morning a liiile after
ihe midnight hour the. inhabitants of
Coal creek were rudely awakened by
a rumbling, jarring sound, accompanied by a noise, as of a heavy wind.
In a moment ii was over ami iin
immense body of snow had slid from
Uu- mountain on the north side ol
Lhe valley, pan nil)' wrecking some
bouses several hundred ycaids above
lhe slore.
Mi. Alex. Black, of Winnipeg, own-
i'i oi lhe mill ami Umbel limils recently owned by Lbe McKae Lumber
Co., of Hosmer, arrived in Lbe cily
mi Tuesday to make arrangements lo
pul ihe mill in operation. His arrangements have been salisfaeloril)
concluded and work will commence
almost Immediately lo get Hu- mill
in working shape'. Mr. J. Lynch,
who is well known in Kernle ns a
reliable lumberman, will have charge
of the mill, he Inning leased lhe
properly on satisfactory terms. Mr.
Lynch is pulling considerable money
Into Uie concern to pul it on a good
basis. There is a big slock of logs
ready for cutting and tlie mill win
lie iu operation within a monlh, ll
will employ from 111 to 60 men. Mr,
Black, who is the presidenl of a hig
lumber company, In Winnipeg, will
handle all Uu- lumber the mill turns
nut. Mr. Black lefl for his home iu
Winnipeg last nighl. His son An-
iln w, w ho accompanied him to Kernie, went to the coast.
(Krom  the  Kernie  Ledger.)
improvement   upon  a  council   on   lhe
A shaver on lhe council may be an
A snow slide, 1200 feet long and
from 2(1 lo UO feel deep, came down
ui the Q. N. Hack a mile below
Swlii-ton station, some time between
leu o'clock lasl nighl and four this
morning II will take several days
lo clear Ihe Hack.
The editor of ihc Prospector talks
iiiy.vleiiously of a galled Tzar ami
wo noliee iu iill the papers coming
limn ihiii way references to bogs,
wbieb would lead one to think ihal
Ihere are lots of that kind of ani-
m.ils roaming around up west. We
have been up in Ibat country often
and our experience would lead us tn
believe thai Ihese fellows who ibink
they see hogs and Tzars roaming
around loose in tho woods, are affected wiih near sigiitedness nud
voitld md know a bog from a T/n
f Ihey weie to see them at close
ange. Come down hoys, there are
io bogs or Tzars up then-!
(From the Times.)
Oeorgo Pierce, slaughter houseman for P. Hums A Co., fell from
his rig Saturday and received some
few Blight Injuries.
The school closed ycslerdny noon
and will remain so until after the
dipibeii.i  scale  is  over.
Tbe banquet Iwld at the Coleman
hotel was a success in each and
every particular The huge dining-
room and tables were beautifully
decorated and the cuisine was
thoroughly enjoyed hy the sixty persons present, When il comes lo a
spread sieve Manahan, Hie proprietor, has the goods and knows how
lo deliver  them.
Yesterday the   Hon. W.  II. Cush-|
nii, minister of public works, visited
Krank    lo look    over the slide    and
nake arrangements   for the building
d tho wagon road across il.       The
lelay    In Hie starling o, Ihis    worl. i
does' not   rest altogether with    lhe'
government, who, although hul. lately    returned    to    power,     are doing
everything to oxped te the necessary1
public works.
Thai, a franchise for an electric
railway to connect the Pass towns
is looked upon not only as a [laying
proposition bnt n valuable concession
Is pvtdrnccd bv lhc fael thai two
 ie   applicants   have entered    llm
Held. The citi/cus of tlu* district
may lest assmed that bv the time
snow falls again next fall' thai they
will be aide to step aboard Ute
street oars and visit tbeli neighbors
al any time of ih.* day.    While there
are more applicants Until will be add-
to secure elmrters tlie fact ihat tlwro
are so many s a guarantee to the
people that tbe road will he buill
ami buill   wilhoul  delay.
s SwaiiMui. oi Coleman, a team,
ster employed al McLaren's No, i
mill, bud the misfortune Ui slip
from lus load Wednesday aud Uiv
sleigh passed ovei his bod) lie
vvas picked up in an unconscious con-
iliimi, ai.-l laken lo C,,h-mau, where,
aiiei examination Dr Wesl wood, the
attending physician, pronounced bis
in uu ies serious, Imi nol necessai ily
(Krom the Outcrop.)
li  is understood llml a greal deal
of developmelil wmk will I,.* done  ou
Hie south Imk o|  Horse Thiol   creek
nexl season, provided the government
Is  in.luini  lo   e\l. nd   lhc road   up    ll.e
Wuul comes in.ni Gol.len thai Hn
petition circulated   i.y ll.e board   of
I'ladc  in   ihal   town  asking   the  h*_;is
l.iline !.-  -i  Ihe d. C. It. is l.vilit
will li-i.nid and a greal UUlilbci o
names have ulrradj men nHaohed l<
v private lettei f i Um okanagan  stales     Ihal     lhe  faille m     Uie
Windermere disiriet as a fruit growing counti) has icaih.d llieie ami
ihai man)' people there state    lltat
lhe)    will   COIlie   hen-   lU'Xl   seison    lo
invest. May the) come iu crowds,
for Uus countrj   will iwai investlga-
I loll.
Freighters en route from Golden
an- experiencing grcal trouble wiih
Uh* present mild weather,
The balm)  elm k has been blow
mg steadily since Monday and ihe
sleighing is done for lhc present.
The force of men employed liy U„
Columbia Kiver Lumber Co., clearing
out Toby creek uie now at work
near lln- long canyon, having cleared
ih,- creek from neai Uu- 17-mil
Ah. ami Mrs. T. St.uhinl eliiei
lamed a number of lheir friends at
Blowlly last Friday evening, among
Uuiu being Miss McNeil, Miss Mc-
Naiighioii, Miss Snook, Air. and Mis.
Pitts, .Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, and
Messrs. K. Hume, A. It,  Yates, .}, M
McLeod, .1. Williamson and C. Parmer, One antl all report leaving
thoroughly enjoyed themselves upon
lheir arrival home ai  noon  lbe next
K.-v. F, w. Aiivache, formerly [ias
it,r of t-he Cranbrook Baptist church
ami  now   stationed     al    New    Wesl
minster,   will  probably  accepl     Hie
position of missionary evangelist for
lire   B,,pi ist    work nf Western Cai
ada. Speaking  of      Um   propose
change, the Vancouver Province says
ihai a decision regarding Um mattei
has been passed up lo Mr. Aiuache
ami ii is altogether probable thai lit
will aeeepl. This action was laken
at a meeting of Baptist leaders i
the Wesl held at Victoria this wee!
This is lbe lirsi missionary meeting
since thc union oi lhe tW'O eeiiv.ii-
iiotis under one missionary supel'iu-
leiideiil, Kev. \\. T. Stackiiomc, formerly pastor of ihe First Baptist
church, in Vancouver. Id* has juiis-
dletion over Manitoba, Saskatchewan
ami British Columbia. Belore the
uiiii.ii recently curried oui be had
heen superintendent iu Manitoba lor
six years. Ile is now making a tour
of the British Columbia churches, and
the selection of an assistant in Uie
West in lake lhe olliee of inissioiiarv
evangelIsl is one nf ihe chief matters   lo  he set lied.       The duties     of
the new   official     will extend    over
British Columbia and  Alberta..
The meeting at Victoria also endorsed a scheme for Uie establishment of a college at Suiniiierland, in
lim Okanagan country. ll will be a
denominational institution, and will
be Incorporated, li is expected thai
the entire seli'.'mc will be ready iu
• lul), meanwhile the church workers
aie going ahead wilb lhc building and
lhc canvass. Kev. A. ,1. Saunders
is aliemling to lhe promotion of the
college work.
Kossland Miner:—Never iu the lus
im) of ilie Kootenays has there beei
such ii scarcity of    machine driller.
as al presenl. The cause is lbe ill
ci eased number of men who bavi
been pul to work since the price o
the metals have gone up. There an
constant calls for machine men frou
the Boundary (rom Hie several camp:
tliere, In Kasl Kootenay there Im:
been an Increase iu the number o
men employed, In the Coeiu
d'A tones, in Butle and else when
soutli of the Boundary line there bai
been a steady increase in the number of men employed, This domain
has almost drained tbe camp o
machine men, until the mines ben
ale a liiile short of them. It wat
rather difficult to fill an order re
iei veil by ihe local union n few dayi
since for len machine men for the
.Mothei Lode mine iu the Boundary.
K.   W     Pel Ui,      represent ing      1
Daily  World,  Vancouver,  is  in     t
•ily in Hie intetesls of Ihe It.
Annual Ke. iew, which will be pi
hsh.-il In ihal paper iu April a
has for objicl the wide dlsseniinati
liable Information concern!
the attract I veness of British Coin
.dike In lhe capitalist, pr ispi
tor, fruit grower, farmer and toi
Rl  on a  scale never In fine at tcni]
il      The K.view, if supported, as
bids fair to be.  will  have an edili-
uf ail.nun    copies, which will he ci
ciilaicil    bv  ttp-liMlate   methods
thai    positive    results mav be abs
lulelv   relied  on.      The   Keview    w
be the same size as the Ladies Hoi
Journal, have    about   Hilt pages
more liberally illustrated in lhe hoof style.      Some idea of the magnitude of the proposition  will  be gained   hy  lbe  fad   Hia-I   il   lake a ' car
of paper to print  il.
A suggestion for advertising
Southern British Columbia will he
made nf lhe meeting of lbe Associated Boards, asking Ihem to endorse
ii population pro rata scheme along
lbe lines of publicity now being satisfactorily operated in California,
Colorado' and other slates.
111 till' AT CRANBROOK
Cranbiook, January 80, 1906.
Editor Herald—Willi   all deference
I   presume  to suggest   lhat   it    would
be a guod idea ii 'be people of Cranbrook ami its Vicinity weie to lake
inlo their setimis consideration tho
advisahiliiv ot holding an agricultural exhibit imi hen- during the com
mg summei in connection wilb othei
.-\hihils and  lhc usual annual  spoils.
Our neighbors al Nels.m annual!.
hold such nn exhibition, and altliough
ui a small way, so lar successfully,
wiih a sinallei territory and less
diversity of production titan we have,
Craubrook dislriel is the natural
cenier of not onlv a large Umbel
and mining Industry, bin b) nm mi)
means less      Ide     ecniei   ol   a     fruil
growing    and    vegi lable   i hieing
.•oiuiiiuiiii\. as well as Iruving a large
number ni successful stock raiders
w 11 Lmi its precis is,
This leinioi)    includes  ihe    Ci.-s |
ion mui dislriel   tu the wesi,    im-
ii*iitli- Tobacco Plains   m tlm souih
easl   and the   wonderful Windermere
district   lo  the noilh east
Cranhrook is much more accessible
io Creston districl  than  Si Is nd
me would almost    he sale m saying
ihal   Hie people of llml disitict   wuhl
preferabh  semi ,-xiuiuts here,
Competition |s nl(. ||fc ,,-■ trade-
ami ii is on!) reasonable ihat Cres
ton, Tobacco Plains and W mdci nieie
competing fui prizes agalnsl each
ulh.-i in a common ccuici would do
more to rglsc lhe slatnlard ul    imn
and      teg--, table  p|i.iluelion   Iban   all)'
other Incentive,
III all lltcse, as il wen- outlying disttiets appertaining io Cranbrook valuable entile and horses aie
hied aud could be exhibited, as well
as having exhibits of all other Industries.
Naturally such au exhibition would
cause a number of people from these
districts io attend and combined
with exhibits of Cranbrook vicinity
and local attendance from all points
on lhe Crows Nest should make such
an affair a success.
The people of Cranhrook disiriet
want lo wake up ami get to wmi.
mi lheir laml. The altitude mav be
a litt'Ie higher Ulan ihal i f Kootciiny
lake and ihc extremes of weather a
little more, yel outside of a small
tew, no land is being brought under
The few who are doing iheir IkM
in a small way are doing it suctvss-
fully and gradually proving thai ihe
laud around here 'will produce abundantly and il si-enis Hie onlv way '"
wake" ol hers to this fad Is to have
an exhibition.
Go west through 'be Boundary dislriel west of Midway ami Ihere you
will sit on mountain tops antl side
hills where Ihey have great,r extremes of weather, less water, less
simbt-r, no bet ler soil and greater
altitudes; nothing hut farms, producing wheat :iu io to bushels lo Lbe
acre, oats 10 lo 50 bushels lo Hie
acre, as well as vegetables in uluin-
dancc, ;ill doing well.
Why mu here? We have a market
righl at our doors with good prices
for Rene ratio ns to come, water, soil
,11.1 climate. The market belongs to
us. Why not get iu and hold It?
Six months pusslng as a single
nighl; dropping io sleep in California, awaken inn in a foreign land,
thousands of miles across the sea,
retiring in allluent circumstances,
arising a beggar; passing into ilu-
"dentil of each day's life" a happy
married man, returning to conso.ous-
ness ;i widower—these ale the
si range experiences undergone by
William A. Smith, special organizer
of ibe American federation of Labor, in California, who arrived in this
cily on Monday on  lhe liner Sierra.
When Irving in his comfortable library evolved tbe story of Kip Van
Winkle he doubtless thought his fiction was witboiii semblance iu life,
yet Hie story of Smith's adventure is
as marvelous as lhat wterd tale of
ihe mount ains.
One night bile last June Smith
dropped to sleep in a railway ear,
en route from Los Angeles In San
Francisco, Tbe next morning, as he
llioughl, he awoke in a strange
room. Rubbing his eyes, he gazed
ahoul lum. Il was a sordid room,
unlike any he was accustomed lo iu
habit, lie arose and lifted the curtain. The country be looked upon
was unlike anything he had seen in
Cml fornin, and he knew lhe State
well. Descending Hie stairs, be
found himself among people as unfamiliar ;is bis surrounding*;. They
taliped English, but wiih a foreign
"Where am I?" asked Smith, addressing one nf the men,
"Where are you'.'" reiterated the
stranger. "Well, you must have
been among good company lasl night.
You're in New Wales', of course.
Where did vou expect   lo he?"
"What month is Ihis,'" The company gazed at Smilh iu amazement.
"Vou look sane eiioiurh." vvas the
reply, "vou yotl ask idiotic [(tics-
lions. 'This is December. Would
vou like di have jl   altered?"
The man spoke triMh. Half a
year had elapsed since Smilh closed
his eves m the California train,
In thai lime be had crossed half tho
globe. When he told his story lus
audience vvas convinced of bis in
sanity, When he nuked them for
uionev lo travel lo Hie coast, he
got iaiigbler for his pains. Sn he
I ramped  to Svilney.
At the capital 'be looked up the
labor council and narrated his experience io union men. Tbey Investigated and found he was whal lie
represent nl himself to he. Tbey arranged for lis return to America,
iring a passage for bim on the
The itisi |p|(er Smilh received from
his home at Los Angeles contained
news of lbe death of his wife.
.R'"■"-'R   ■
"' '   "    A
To give zest to
winter sports, relieve
fatigue and ward off
cold, lake a cup of
^   steaming hot
Pete's Barber  Shop wwww»ww»t;|
l Cranbrook   Foon-
dry and
: Machine  Shop:i
iMcKi,l,inn .Sc Johnston
ll.is removed    Irom   tin* Wentworth
Iiuiii to next   du, i in A. i'.    li,m
ness1 uml   opposite new  I'.inl,  Iniiiil i-j'
[mr,     1  Invite overybody.   .My work
will   give snUstnction,  '   First-class
Inirli.r sliu|).
P. .1. Leithauser, rigr.
}   A. W. McVittie   I
4 4
4 4
{ Dominion and Provin- {
4 cial   Land  Surveyor. {
|    H. H. McVittie   \
4 /........
General Agenl
{ TIMBER, MINE  and i
| CRANB'-JOOK,   B.   C. {
Livery  S
Trunin mnl ilri\erH tnniinli.il for mi
point in tlie ili.itii-t.
A. DOVI.B, Manager
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
nf repairing,   (live me a call.
r ^
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at tlie
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00    PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Synopsli ol Rcgulatloni lot dlnpoul ol Mlu-
orals mi Dominion Lanili In Minllobi,
U,? Norlhweil li-rriin I tout ttu Yukon
I n   !      ' - .il I lll.l-, 111,1.  i'l' I'llOli im ., III |||| |l'l
■ , " .. ■■■.! mnl I o fai a llirut'ilu.    Nul
liliili* lllllll    -'   .i.Ti'-i .'Hi. In   Il'l) ,llrl   ll)    min     n
iihiii in hi L'umimny,   i ojuitj ul  rod* "t
  ■.,..!.: l>- ,-  ;l.vt
We arc proparwl to
iin all kinds of rc
pair work heavy anil
light, make castings,
turn shafts, etc.
Scientific    Horseshoeing   a T
Specialty .|.
CleajiClothes i
  ■— i*
Q li   is easy to have clean fa.
' clothes when  tliere is ;i firsl Z
/ class laundry in  town.   Von 7
J can't afford to patronize clii- 7
% nese when ymi can gel   your 9
■ work dnno by white people in a
/ a while way and at [iriivs thai /
k will a|ipt'al in  anyone  who ^
■ wauls i^oiiil work 1
I Crows Nest t
%    Steam Laundry i
■ Cranbrook, B. 0.      "   *,
13. €dgar Davis 1
%       BRICKLAYER and       |
.'. X.
...        Furwieo, Boilor,  Rntign, .%
A ninl Pirophtco wnrk a Buuoiu]. X
A X.
i' ')•• -x
•J* All descriptions of stone- y
X work undertaken, Orders lefl *l*
fat |
%    .1. ii. mobride's    :i:
lililll milling
ll.i* Iiimii, ri-iill.ii).
-j. will reoiovo prompt attention. *j«
••• Phone 116. P. 0. Bos 86., -j-
X v
♦ ♦^^♦♦^♦■l. *WJM*^|w!^M|.^*^Mi»CH»
Furnished by Beale St Klwell,  Brokers, Cranbrook, II. C.
SI- Ensciic    (13
Canadian Ooldflelds  li
Weslern Oil * Goal    Ill
IiilfiTinliiiiial Coal * Coke  .'til
Sullivan  i 7
War Baale      25
Nortii Star    s
Rambler Cart-boo  :t;
Marconi   Wireless (Canadian).,, -I.Sll
IMiiiiiniiil  Vale Coal  .'Ill
Humming Bird HU
Sales:~600 Humming Bird; ..on
North star; 7.*ill Western Oil &
Our wmk is our aitvorllsei it. Imt
iml iiii*. ml in ihr llorulil in
emphasise It.
Near Uwer Ariualniiiii ,\voi
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds nl llnish work in
wny of ilnurs. windows, tniti-
Hiniis, i'ii'. Kiln ilrii-il lutnliiT
fur iiisiilu work. Onr work is
tinarntitt'i'il nml onr prices tire
satisftictory,    Screen   doors
Rough and Dressed l.unihcr
For Sale
Effective, Sunday, Jan. 21st, lollowlng changes in passonger trail
schedule: No. ,'t leaves Rexford tD.-l"
a.m.; Bonders Ferry 1.80 p.m.; at
rive Spokane 5. in p.m.; leave n mi
Iiiii.; Adrian n.lll pin., PaclHi
Avenue 6.-10 a.in.; EvoreW 6.-10 a.tu.;
s,attli- 7.mi ii.m.
Su. I leaves Hi-xtiml inn n in ,
Itimiifts Ferry 8.30 a.m , arrlvi
Spokane 7.IUI a.m.; leave 7.15 .i m ,
Adrian 10.80 a.m.; Wcttalchoo I2IIS
p.m.; Pacific Avouiio ft 15 p.m.;  inn
 sling   wiih Nu. 272,  EviiicM  .i fin
p.m.; arrive Seaillu 7.30 i> in,
Nn. 2  il-ango,
No. I leaves SeaHIo K nu n in .
Everett n in :> in.; Paclllc Avenue
ti.211 a.m.; Wcnnlcl  8.05 p.m.;  Ail-
u  ..50 p in.; arrive   Spokane s 2.'i
it nm,' Hi. .mil
mi uml iiii,'	
i Hi
I'l'l I
li'.lll*      K  III
i ii in, hY-iiinii .',
leaves Uexfold 5 ■■«    	
ciiuiiectlng   wnh No.  I Sniiiii.n 1 il
,i in . .miii' Penile 8 un n tn.
Nn. 2in leaves Fertile lu uu p in ;
Swlnlnn In 20 |> in., lieslonl I:: in
.ini ;     i-i'iii liny   uilli    iiiiinh'i   I.
Tliiiiii.'.li sleeping cat's nperalwl In*
lumi Spokiincninl Fcni'lc. S.ceiK-r
Iiiii-   lii'iui-. n   Spnl,,im-   nml     Pei	
i.l I
Kernle In Vancouver 2.I Inn
if, tnlniilos, cotineotlon lu-inji    	
Willi   N.i.   272 al     Pacific   Avenue.|
I'Mni  li nil  trains  Nils.  205 nnil 2IIII
mil    In*   npi-rati-il   lietweeu Spokfttie  fi
mnl   Leavenworth,    leaving Spokane ...
-l.llli   p.m.;   Wi-iiali'lini   III..Ill    p.m.;
Wi-natt-lni'  12.llll a.in.; Spokane s.iin
HiiiTi'I sleeping cars will   he  ,
lu KlNt; A HOUSE
articular purpose is easy   f"i
us,     Uccatiso wc   have them lot   all
kinds nl use.    Naturally our
operated Ix-lwi  SpoEane nnd l.cav- s, f" ,s"'"'""  '"   "'»' "   ""' h"R
' ellWOPt.ll,   limns    N,,s.   205  ami   200: ul"!'h hf    '"    alt cua   '"'R     "";
also Btra In. twin. Seattle nntl w,01* '"J ™rr?,lli" ?v"f,r,l° " ,l""'1''1
Skvk lull, leaving Seattle 0.80 p.m; !'",' ""' "'*     '.'iT'.S    ln'is,s,nw ",",
Imi'lell       8 III    mil*     Pnelfic   (v-ini,     l,nlSCS   '"'   wou,°  fiC'SlOll  ufl   Ills     lllll
I'tll..      I'llllU    .lillllll'    ,.:...I,  ....       i.   ,    ..,    ii        i,   .mmi.   „,,.|
8.15   p.m.;   Skykomsi    0.20    p.m.   V""" .s- '""I'  'J' '"s "'' s "■* ';"'
Reluming leave Skykomlsl, 0.00 a.m.;  J'™ ',   ,'™   »»•,I°„u,f    '» u'°
i^AtiriA^TA^XA ^AArrZ fapltsS C""gCS
tiers Perry and Spokane will be witli-, ""■•"•*•"■ "-"'y t,u*a'' transit.
,g  drawn. '"-   Handlcy Livery Stahlcs THE   CUASBROOK   nEHALO
There cannot be different degrees
ol purity any more than there can
be different degrees ol honesty.
If a man be honest, thai is all he
can be.    There is no superlative.
One flour cannol be purer than
another. It can only be more
nearly pure.
In these times when all llmir man-
ufacturers arc claiming purity you
should remember these two things:
Actual purity in flour can only be
secured hy the use ot electricity.
Royal Household Flour
is the onlv flour, made and sold in
Canada, that is purified by electricity.
You   can   get   Ogilvie's   Royal
Household Flour from your grocer.
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., united,
•-Ogilvie's Book for ti Cook," contains 130
panes of excellent recipes, s,,nu* never bef.ru      ^&.^lf'Sjt
published.   Your grocer can lell you bow lo       *«A_3a__K
get il FREE. i
Hotel & S
lluesls Comforl s Specialty
timid SisMini! in Connection
Nearest to railroad anil depot.     Has sccommoda-
tious   for  the  piililir  unequalled  in  Craubrook.
Ho, and Cold Baths
Hoggarth & Rollins   1
 Proprietors «
On   the      wle.le the    year  1805 has
i„-, i ., fairly o-.il om* lor Hn- lumber
Industry »d British Columbia. Early
in the year a number "i the nulls
were Bhul down,    owing to lack    ot
ti- In-
demand i
in it,,'
Ibei i
rnteis. During the spring mouths
tj i nli lions improved considerably
nth .,- i,, local -"ol foreign trade.
In* mills ,,t British Columbia look
,, ihe Northwest Territory .ml Mai,-
tn|M f,.t al least sixtv-live lo s.ven-
v   pel   cent    of   then   11 .ide  and     Hie
•XimtlK II   Ci.llllaclioli   ot   'he   luin-
I.Hl'.elV   depends   -.11    the
iiuie.     Aftei   soodtog,
pin,.' of ihis vear, the wea-
. -ii' i in, il   line  ,nel   lhe  prOipcOll
were fall tm a good crop,
i >t ii. i i"i lumW became mora
in -.1, i)  during   Uie earlier    part
,d lhe ve.,1 .Mid l.il'l <Hi 111 lbe BCa-
tOU    .if"i   lhe Hop  h.i.I   matured,   the
iliin,in,I wan fairly brisk, ami a large
quantity i.l liituhei Irom the coast
.m.i mountain sections found a ready
market in those districts. Tie It
('. nulls. liowover, profiled little hv
ihc expansion ol trade in Winnipeg
through unprecedented building operations Hicie is al least st-M'tity-llvc
per cent, of the lumber used there,
was shipped iu bv American firms.
ll.il ih,- It. 0. mills this trade as
well Ihe y.*;u 1005 would have exceeded every oilier year in lhe history of the trade,
Owing lo the largo amount of railway con struct-toil in the central region of the Dominion, the demand
during the fall months of the year
jnsi past was unprecedented in the
history of tbe trade. The American
mills have bad plenty of business at
homo to take care of and Hit' orders
for railway construction have largely ciiine to tbe coasl and mountain
tti'dti, ii/iil ihe great trouble is .1
present to (mt tliulij-r order* fflM,
Tin- (i 1.iiiii Trunk Pacific are requiring large quantities ul limber and
will continue to do so luting lbe
period of the construction if the
railway. The Canadian Sor'i .el'i Is
also building extensively and the I1,
l', it, s requiring large orders for
additional railway construction as
well as for Uio -construction of rol-
tock.        This railway demand j
shortage in the log market there ol
(1M,(MH),000J om- hundred and fifty
million feet, so there is noi much
chance (or the nulls being able bo gel
supply Irom that direction.
However, a large number ol new
logging pUntu are being installed,
and logs are likely to decline in price
about May or .lime, but 11 is thoughl
the nieieas.il demand foi lumbei
may take ean- ol all thai mav lie
nut   in  the market The outlook
foi nslai logs is not Ver) bright, and
if tbe provincial governmenl »bvd-
utaly refuse to allow the export,
very few will Im- pui m the   market,
Tliere  is   a   small      demand   f-i|   .ih1.ii
h,_*,-. i.f iust class qua-lily hv the
small cudar nrilh. operating on tlie
coast, but tbey do mu wish to handle
logs "f second 01  third gradi
Ahout htieen lo twenty million
[••ei  ,.f roughei grade <>i ewlai    Ihm
June    30th.
old lor good
Side      foi
irge amount I
Ocen exported to the 1 1
during ihc vear aiding
1005,    These have been
pi icel  on   tilt*     Alliel call
shingle purposes, and a I
ol united    Slales  money bas   Mind
its way into the pockets ,.[ tin* log-
pus of British Columbia
During lhc ypar some extensive
transfers of timlier lands have been
made at go**! prices. ai timber
limils in British Columbia .ne
coming more costly to put in
water every year. ' The day ot
band logger is nearly passed,
oxen and horse teams ale now
most altogether discarded, except in
sliiiuie boil camps, anil the large
road engines have taken tbelr plac.'.
They too, in a few years, will
have to make way for the logging
railway, as the timber is logged oft
the water front. Almost all the
timber territory lias been plastered
with licenses, some of which cover
little or no tlmher. The amount of
timber in British Columbia has iu
my opinion been greally exaggerated
in official and other reports, and it
is safe to say that not one acre in
five hundred of the coast region contains timber worth operating. There
is, however, sufficient quantity for
many yearn to come, but the supply
is hi no sense tneschaus table. It Is
doubtless   whether  |t will  stand  lif-
Tlie project for mining undei tin-
lake at Moyie has been incorporal d
under the name of the Black-McKay
Mining Co. The board of direct
is one in which the public can have
every confidence- consisting of .John
j Morton president and manager of the
company winch owns Lhe famous
Triune mine neat Ferguson, Duncan
MvArihm oi Nelson, h. A, Lteuai
police magistrate ul tho same city,
and, of cuiusc, ihc two gentlemen
wii,..,e names aie assoctaltu \wui it.
Mi. c. A. McKa) will act us managing director. Aircao) liu lias pul ....
a crew ol men sinking a sauu pipe
to test tne nature ul Uie strata tying between un suiiaci um in<
loin. ll.e sUill mti\ 11 v* III I ,U1I p
uui ing   hie  NlUking  >ii   i.ii ■   .i.m.i   ,ii, ,
vsin   i,e  ,1   iei i.tl.t   gUtUl   i.,   I...    	
Ol   UH   UUlUgS   Uiu I   UtuUI   .<>'   iii.t,...,.-.
ed  ill  tlie _>..all  -so US   LU  CXuiuUu    ,..e
Wa'turs vMiu-ii iiiii- ue m nil  wuu   ,,.
sume la.siie.ii at some bLw&u of
u«wiupun*ut,      1 UW   woi •*},    * n
win  ne  sui.K  al   ll.e  piai e   rtuVlC    Li .'
sand   pipe is going uuwu, ui       nn
pUlUt lo-al il. no.-. gluUItU l..I"!,,-,,
bu lne comjiaiij aim is close .. to i.
Uie l .I'.U.   Incus,       llie clutt liess  i I
ine woih to me railwa) win uu u
nig adviutuigu     wifl.ii  '..i   iiiiiiuiiiiii
coiner lo ue installed.      .se^uii.i ej
.tie now penning |oi the nutter, an
coiupics.s .i, iitm.s, iioisi, engmv, wc
JUC Wlllel |,as II OU llmples.(unable authority tual iwo panics aru
willing to put up llie eiuite umouul
livc-ssaiy to push lhe work In a
llltnl lest. The piiiilie wiil have an
opportunity to invest, ami wnutevci
pan oi tne subscription is nut taken
iu tins way will ne covered ii) Uie
two parlies referral  to.
The nickel ore o! the Grace Dure
claim near hurt Steele lias ucen
identified ny William Fleet nom-it-
sou ute provincial mineralogist as
coiyiuie, a compound ol uichcl, .neti-
iiufuy, arsenic and sulphur, in lus
letter to Ute writer ne says in,*i
coiyniie js a comparatively ran*
mineral and one wlucu he nevet
knew to occur as au oro ol nickel,
it certainly is an ore on tne Dole
claims. He also slales tnai tm:,
is llie lirst time lie has come across
Mie mineral in Uus province ami ie-
ifiiesis a largo specimen to u- M-nt
nun lo lie piaetM iu llie museum al
Victoria, The writer will see that
the iii[iicst of Mr. Holierisiin will
lie complied  with.
Montreal,   .lau. 2
pomp and    s leinni'
-With all    tlie'
of a military
iv years,
Of course, timber wbieb is imw not
has kept   the trade brisker Iban us- considered     worth   putling in     lhe
nal (luring this,  the quiet  season ot water will be eagerly sought for   in
tbe year.        At present orders    for ten years' time, and doubtless many
building Louses in Manitoba and   tho timber lands which leave been lodged
prairie provinces is somewhal  slack, will  to* rc-logge,i after that   period,
'bul a good demand is anticipated   in The provincial government should do
the early spring of 1008,        Reports everything in its power to    prevent
from there   would   .ndicale that    at the "destruction   of the forests     by
least    a tlvird mole lunihci   will    be fire,     Large areas   have been    des-
required    there next  year  than   las troyed by  past, conflagrations,    and
Id in 1005, and sullicient new the' Iokk.'iI oft   portions contain
mills 1
It is
of the
I him; w
put   III
lo   11
se  in
; safe to say tb.it  the
British Columbia mllli
ill be nine hundred mllli.
hii,inni—and   ii   would  no
t-  if     ihe billion  mark
What   leads mc  to
possible is, that owing
ipetaiion   in   large amount of   combustible mater-
et  that   de- iai  which  if   burned     would largely
I destroy  the timber that has     been
input  left.
for |    To sum up the situation, it is sate
ii feet  to   venture the assertion  that    the
sur-   year  ISiOti will     'be the best  In    liie
was   history  of   the  industry   in     British
think   Columbia.     'I'he money  invested     in
io  lumbering   enterprises  in   this  coun-
ich a large amount of money   being try  has made but  a very  small
put  in cltculation through  the   sale turn,    notwithstanding 'the    feeling
of     the banner   crop   of tlie praitio among the general   public  that  lutn-
provinces of 1805,  that  building op- bcrmen   have made fortunes.     .Many
crations  during  li'Ofi  will at     least have put much     more capital    into
be thirty per cent, greater than    in the business  (ban  tbey can hope to
any former yen.       There is almost he recouped     for  for a number     of
certain  to lie a large influx ol emi- years to come.     This, however,    is
grants  who  will  require largo quan- something to be     looked (or in     the
titles of     lumber, and sutlers    who early history of the lumbering in any
have had     their liisl  crop may    be country,   and while thc mills    have
expected   u> extend     their   building hot  made large sums of money    in
operations.     The amount ot   lumber their business thc public  lias been
******* W*W* IfYlfl-lfVVWW**!
Robinson-Mckeii/ie Lumber Co.. Lid.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rou£h and Dressed Lumber
ihe dilTerent railways will
also increase the output of lumber
largely, some nulls in this province
having sullicient orders for rough
timbers for three and four months
ahead .uid al fair puces.
li il.e market in the United States
continues te keep up the mills there
supplied throughout tbe year the B.
"   lumbermen ma
besl yeai ut   the li
trade, and if   thc Dominion
ment sees flt  to put a duty of   twe
dollars   ($2.00)    per      thousand     oi
rough lumber coming into the country a good Canadian trade will    he
large   tx'nefieiary    by   the  establishment of tlie industry in this province.
Notice ti  herein-     given  that    the
annual sitting o[ ihr Court of Ilevi-
.    sion f..r  il..- purpose of hearinp     all
funeral  lhe remains of  the late Hon.   complaints    againsl   the    Assessment
Raymond  Prefontainc     were    borne ,,[ 'be City ot Craubrook, B. ('., will
?"ii  last res*ting place at    Cote 1h' 1k*M   in ihi- Council Chambers in
n.i..- cemetery this moraine.     111'!' Sill<i t,,v "' Cranbrook "n     tho
,  .   funeral  started Irom theTcity!Mh ** °^arch'  K* D' 1906'
lmil shortly after nine o'clock.
The procession    was led hy militia
and police and the hearse was drawn
b) six ttoi .- ii avily draped, sur*
rounded by officers and sailors or the
C :. iltan (im-, i "Canada." The!
curtcgi w.is followed hy members oil
■■■■■■ family, high dignitaries of the
cliuroh and state, including represent-
at Ives i-i the governm *g- neral, lieut-
■ .. ivernor and bis stall, aroli-
11 liop Bm. h.-si and bishops, mem-
'■ ■ i tiw fetleral eaWuet- 'he sp.-ak-
ei ..I th,- senate, chief justice oi the
supreme court oi Canada, chief justices of  the  Kind's  bench  an.l   siipei-
i"i courts, members "f the privy
council nol in Hie cabinet, tin soli-
cil«i gi neral, Inspi. toi general and
si„n. members ol ilf siiiatc, spcakei
of the bouse ..I commons ami of the
legislature, tlm city council and oth-
11 bodies and pi Ivato citizens [rom
nil pans of the province.
The route of procession fiom ihe
iii!, hall io si. .lames UaUwIral
wus thronged with thousands who
sli "I toi i.iinis in ihe intense cold
waiting tor ihe procession,
I ">th dav of Mi
hour of 1<U(
Dated    at Cranbrook, B. C
2lth dav of January, 1906
C, II. Brest,
ll-r»t city Clerk
t the
Tahe notico   that   thirty  days alter
date, the undersigned intends to appi) io ihe chief Commissioner ol
Lamls an.i Works at Victoria lot a
Special License to cut and cany
away limber from the following des-
cilbed lands in  East Koolenay:
Uoglnning ai a post planted nt
the muth-wesl cornet ol lot 83V;
Un nee soutli IU chains; thence wesl
Ii.i) chains; thence north iu chains;
Uienco cast   HiU chains to place    of
l,    L
iiilaiiiinii   ti jU
or less
nl Edwards.
18 til,
Ottawa, .Ian. 29.—The situation in
respect  to tbo    vacant  portfolio    is
unchanged     excepting    that    strong
C,  lumbermen may  look forward to  pressure is being placed on the pretn-
°I   tbe   iff by tlie friends of solicitor    general   Lcmieux.     Some  Quebec  politicians profess not  to like the idea of
the portfolio being taken from   thai
province,     although    none ot     them
have anv objection  to Senator Tctn-
even   if there should be   a  pieman being placed at the head    of
the demand tor   lumber
(do of the Iiiu
(. wc luvc your overcoat ,mJ suit. WE BELIEVE ;|;
j; thai it will please you, thai you will like its cut, its grace !£
X- and labric, and, withal, we're conlideul you'll be pleased %
X wilh its price
* .i.
/ / NOTICE 11
bBgs ti) notify tin- resiilonts ol East Kootenay that ho hns
iililwl it MINERAL WATER FACTORY to liis tffltab.
lishtnt'iit mul would cordially solicit any rosldont or traveler to call or send for a sample ordor (particularly liy the
trade) and guarantees his goods suporior to any in the district. The pitblio nru respectfully roqunstod to visit its ami
siiiniilc tlm -,'iioils ttt tlm factory.
Blackoning of tho demand tor lumnor B mjniiig department. Some use is
rn the Amorican sulc of the line. being made bv the parti/.ans of Mr.
Strom; representations have been Lomieux of an alleged lack of unity
made at Ottawa and also before the nn ttH. ,>art „f British Columbia's
tariff commission hy ihe lumbermen representatives, but the premier
of Canada for a duty against Amor- knows the real situation in the wes-
ie.ui lumber, and it is io be Imped tent province to he entirely satis-
lh.il thai which is theii rights will factory in that respect. The great-
he granted when the presenl tarifl is ^l objeotion to the Duebec idea is
sed. I that the number of portfolios   would
be Increased, for which there is    no
id   To
Ir has been
especially so
of the year,
c active and
^ii Irai
verv  active,   the  latter
during     the  lasl     half
when lbe demand beonm
prices lose considerably,
Prices for lumlier at the present,
tune throughout the world have an
upward tendency nnd if is safe to
venture the opinion lhat these prices
will be maiiilaiiieil throughout lOOfl
ThrOUttll extensive buildillK i
iii Mu- cities and farming d
British Columbia local trade has ex-
Besides as the premier, the minister of just ce, the minister of agriculture, the minister of marine ami
lisheries and tins solicitor general
will sliil Iw from Quebec, llie plea
thai lhat. province is not going to
W weii enough provided for, will not
have much effect anvwliere, not even
porn-ions in l-Uiebee, where tbe justice of the
liicts of  C|a.(m 0| t(M, WfSt js fnr|y admitUil.
,1   fo
fail   f<
At lhe
I-    S|UI
•ars mid
eu/il iliilii
.enI   lime
•iis prices
as there
llie  W,
When a man of fair experience iu
the Held flints what he considers is
an ore, but one which he dots mu
recognize, lie should at once send it
to tne Provincial Mineralogist at
Victoria for iileiilillcat on. The ore
will be carefully tested in the government laboratory and a report of
what mineral or minerals arc contained iu tlie specimen will be forwarded free of oliargo. If, (or example, the ore contains gold, silver
or copper, this facl will no staled
but the values will not appear. The
qualalative analysis of any ore sent
liie regular assayeis, though Ilu- department will furnish at any time a
quaiatalive snalysis of any ore sent
for examination.
It is staled ou verv excellent
authority that the Magnet group
adjoining the Mystery on AIki creel
has been bonded bv Mr. L. ti. Lcav
ick. Tlte Magnet belongs Io William
Meachen, of the ranch iu the Sl.
Marys valley, and William Cat'lin, of
Kort Steele, The price has not been
made public, nor is of any real Importance. The material point
that Mr. Leaviek is showing a strong
inclination to add to his holiiiiifvs
This is the best proof of his opinion ot the country. Since it has attractions for him, a man of wide
experience in mining, it will certainly have equal attractions for others. The next man who comes
along may not have the courage of
■bis own convict ions very sl rongly
developed, but he will be ready
enough to have the courage of Mr.
Leavick's convictions, ami to govern
himself accordingly. That is now
tbe industry grows. It is llie first
step that counts.
William Hamilton and his associates have bonded the Belleville group
of zinc claims at a verv respectable
figure, indeed. Mr. Hamilton states
that work is to begin on the property
inside tlie next two months.
It will be noted from tbe parliamentary news that John Breckenridgo
is applying for a chatter for the St.
Marys Valley railroad. This at
first sight may suggest Ihal onlv a
logging railway is contemplated, but
it can hardly "lie doubled that there
i.s something more at the back of
the move. Mr. Breckenridge has
■been Intimately associated with (he
C.P.R. in a variety of railroad contracts, lie mav'be relied on to
thoroughly know the ropes, as the
saying is. It is, therefore, not
going too far afield to assume Uial
he may be acting for the U.P.R, in
this matter. The iinporlani matter is that there is a prospeel of a
road goiiiK up the valley, anil that
Ibe timlier resources alone seem lo
justify the undertaking1. This is
what  tbo Herald has been t-eis.slenl-
ili.t    porl it
eni Hul  at
$;. al  Hie
owing to  ihe     Washington,   Jan.   211.—The  scere-
may advance  tary ot  the treasury has received
an- piaclieai- telegram from   Captain   Kilgnre
lhe mills   the revenue cutter (Irani, at    Seal-
; 'i ■ ■•< ■•■    ■'!'■      In   the  He, in which lie says the cutler   lus
just  returned from the scene of   tlie
wreck of llie Valencia.     The   (Irani
n $ii,J   to  brought  Imck with her ten survivors
"      Thfl of the wreck and lhree dead   bodies,
stock.     In   th
ot  1005 logs    were
ices   ranging from M
inp, nr fr
nt   the
Notice is hereby given that 311 days
afier date we Intend Lo apply to iin*
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works and the Assistant Commissi net ol Lands and Works for a
license to prospeel lor coal, oil and
petroleum ou the following lauds, to
Wil, and mole fully dOSCNllcd as Ue-
llig siiuatc about loin miles east ot
tue Canadian Pacilio Railway Land
Urant, lh miles south of Crows Nest
Pass ami adjacent to, and adjoining
Ihc Kl.ul.eail Kiver, in Block lJitJ,
Soulh Kasl Kootenay, B, C:
1. Commencing at a post planted
al lhe noiih-easi corner of It. K.
Scon's claim, same being the initial
post of 11. K. Scott's claim and
marked "B. K. Scott" and lying
south ami adjacent to Kdwaid Whil-
moi'c's claim; thence south eighty
chains, thence wesl eighty chains,
thence north eighty chains, thence
easl eighly chains, to the place
beginning, containing tiiu acres, more
or less.
B.  V.  Scott, Locator.
R. L.   Beard and   Charles   McOuire
2. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-wesl coiner of George
Scbartt's claim, same being the imt
iai post of Oeorgo Scharf's claim and
marked "Oeorgo Schorl," ami lying
souih ol C. Owen's claim an.l adjacent thereto; tbence easl eignty
chains, thence south eighty chains,
tlu nee wesl eighty chains, thence
north eighty cha ns to the place ol
beginning, containing Iiiu acres, more
or less.
George Schaif. Locator.
It. I..   Beard and   Charles   MeGuire,
3. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner of Mrs. E.
C. McDorman's claim, same beinc the
initial post of Mrs, E. C, Mclier-
uian's claim and marked "Mrs. K. C.
McDorman," and soutli and adjacent
to B, F. Scott's claim, thence west
eightv chains, thence south eighty
chains, thcuce east eighty cliains,
Ihenci' nortii riclity chains to the
place of   beginning,   con laining   (iiu
ti. S. B.  (\.  i-.;.
Notice is hereby given that application has been nude hv James
Ryan, Cbarh M . :,.'v. -Hyde
Baker, of Cranbrooi , British Columbia, and   Cliai i o  Lyttieton,
\ iscount CoMiam, ol Stourbridge,
England, to the i... uti nam Governor
iu i'<'in.eil imdei ■, ■ proi islons ■>!
the above ui.ni toned Ai i. i-.t authority to proceed al the i •.:..:..'ii<-i1 nl
sixty daj i thi Hi a ibtication
i tins notice m ih.- British Colum-
i.i      Ga/oitc .,  -:     ii.   ihe  I'lanhtuok
Herahl. a   new spapi t  published     at
Cranbrook,   iu. .      I   lumbia, with
ihe removal ol ol    ruell. i.s, and the
construct ion ol  ,l.,iii-*.  slides,  booms
nd otbei  v.,.!..        ,     ar)   to lactate   tin'   !'■■■■      j mi -.-ion  and
tmlding ol .           .    itnbi i   in     tire
Kootena)   Rivei               i the  mouth
■I   Plumbob   Creek i KI    Kiver,
ml also to take i
, huh   maj      *'
ons true tion ol
The maps   	
efeieiice .t> req iin . . j the said
Act havo been depo lied wilh the
thief Commissionei oi Lands and
at   Cranbrm ...   British    Co-
this   _"::.    da)  ol January,
. - oka ot
W. K. Gt KU,
t'l.^:.. :.'- ...   B   C.
St.! ciloi  Ioi  ■...-;  Applicants.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days alter date I intend to apply le
the Clncl Ci mmi >sii nei et Lands and
Works lor a lh i ■■ to ;■: i S| eot lor
coal aud petroleum on lhe following
desci Ibcd land. lucau d tw o miles
nortii .-I ti.e 1' latl ■ .i : River and one
mile west ol the Ptnchei Creek Uail
in Kast Kootenaj distrn t.
Initial Post No, 1.
Commencing at .■. ;■ it ^..rk.-d the
south-east cornel, 11 lug ;;.«■ southeast corner ot lne J. I'. Redding
coal claim, adji i ii g tbe -J. w.
t:.,usdiliii coal .,...:.i on the east,
ihence west 80 ■ ...:•, thence uori-b
mj     cliains, - ..*". SO chains,
Ihence south m> chains to place ol
beginning. (This claim beii^ a relocation of the >. MatlOews location
which was a re-l cation oi a claim
lurmerl) located b) .v. Hackett.)
J. I1. Ue: ling, Locator.
Dated  January   1st,   UU6,
Initial Pi st No. i.
Commencing ,- „ , * * ■. marked the
south-west corner, Ueing tbe soiith-
west cornel ol .'.'\\. Cougblin
coal claim, adjoining lhe -J, P. Bedding cual claim ou the west, tbence
noitb iu chains, Lbence cast iii
chains, thence south so cbains, tbence
west bti d • the place of beginning. This claim is a re-location
formerly located by S. Mathews who
re-tooated the ciaim formerly locate
by A. Hackett.
J. W. Ci tghlta, Locator.
Dated Januar)   I    .  1906.
Initial Post N     I.
Commencing at a post marked the
north-west corni i, Ing lbe noun-
west eornei oi the Kive Metals coal
claim, adjotaing tbe L. ti. Seleen
cual claim on the west, thence east
bH chains, thence s uth BO chains,
tbence west &u chains, thence north
SO chains to place ui beginning, This
claim is a re-location, formerly located by S. Mathews, who re-located
tbe claim formerly located by A.
Five Metals Mining Co., Locator.
J. P. Redding, Agent.
Dated January 1st, lyuti.
Commencing a*, a ; ' marked the
north-east corner, being tbe northeast corner of the L. B. Seleen cual
claim, adjoining the Five Metals
oal claim on the we        encc south
R. L.
;. E.
McDorman, Locator.
and    Charles   MeGuire,
wcalher during January, February Ten dead bodies, the captain
and March was exceptionally fine, ported, were strewn along the shore
and large tpianl'Mies ot logs were put from one half to two miles apart,
In Uie water. Owing to the demand The secretary has directed Captain
f.i lumber being poor al that time, Kllgoro to communicate with Uh*
Ihere was an oversupnlv, and n mini- Pacific Coasl Steamship company, to
her of largo plants discontinued log- which the Valencia belonged, and to
H-iiig fir and went to logging cedar recover the bodies, provided the
for export. As the demand for lum- steamship company will bear tire ex-
ber increased during lhe summer the pensc. The Canadian authorities
overplus of logs was cut up
many   plants     nnlielnaled
be asked for permission to
move the bodies.
demand  for lumber during  (be   last
three mouths of lhe vear   curtained
tlieir output.     The unprecedented demand for lumber during this   period' ~    ™
has taken up all the surplus Iocs, and     Amherst, N.S., Jan. 20.—A    das-
many of    the mills have practically  tardly outrage    was committed      In
no stocks on hand.                               'Spring Hill lasl night when the   of-
Prlccs in consequence have risen (ice of the Tribune was broken • into
from *l to $1.50 per thousand, and and the type taken. Some was des-
logs delivered a-t the mill now range troyed and lhe balance was strewed
about $">!., $7A and $1) a thousand, all through the main street. It will
Should t-horc be much had weather lake three or four days to get lho
during January ami February ol plant in shape to issue another
IflOfl "prices w-ll go sliil higher, and paper. The Tribune has taken a
the price of lumber will rise In con- leading part In civic matter
Puget   Sound mills also report
Winnipeg,  Jan. 20.—William Whyte
announced at noon that the maintenance of    way   men ot liie wesl had
advo-  been   granted an    increase of fifteen
cji'ting" eivlc   reform   In lho   coming cents a 'day.     They were lu confer-
a    town elections. encc here two weeks.
ly hammering into tin heads of
public. Observe whal persln
hammering (noi knocking) will
Tin Herald was the fust to taki
seriously the gospel of Ihe St. M
valley. It is another example
Ibe people Imvliig lbe courage of
convictions of otlwrs,    Lei not
apostles    of the     gospel ot  the
Marys have any fear tlml the v,
will ever belle their predictions, It
is Iiii; with the Tate and fortunes nl
thousands as yet unborn. Let Oi
hear in mind lhat it will tak.
population ot many millions tu even
partially develop 'Mie resources of
British Columbia. At present every
man, woman and child lias over two
and a half square miles of breathing
space in this province, while in Belgium aud parts of England Hie density of the population equals 223 u
the square mile. With an averagi
density of 50 to the square mile Brit
ish Columbia would nave a popula
tion ot 1-8,831,150. The day will
come when it will have Ihem, au
support them in comfort and witli
out crowding.
■1. Commencing at a post plan to
at thc north-west corner of Caivii
McDorman's claim, same being tlti
in Hal posl ot Calvin McDorman's
elaim and marked "Calvin McDorman," and lying south and adjacent
ge Scharf's claim; thenee east
chains, thence south eighty
; thence west eighty chains,
j north eighty chains to the
of beginning, containing C*lo
more or less.
Calvin McDorman,  Locator.
Beard and    Charles    McGuin
i* Agonts.
to Gn
It, L.
'I I"!'
Take notice that I will hear and
determine cases on Monday, the l&Mi
day of January, instant, at 10
o'clock a. m. al my chambers, Imperial hank building, Cranbrook, B,
C, when it is alleged thai any person's iiitme has In-en Improperly
omitted from or placed on the
voters' lisl of tlio Municipality of
tho City of Cranbrook Ioi ihe year
Datod al Cranbrook, B. C, this
lUih day of January, 1006.
P. E. Wilson,
Judgp of the County Court of   Kast
Kootenay. 42-11
SU     chains, tbence west  "
thence north 80 chains     1
.,     cast
Uti chains lu plaoe ol bi   i
, -ilS
claim is     a rc-locath ■■   ■ ■
cated by S. Mathews, whi
e located
thc    claim formerly locate
i by    A.
L, 11. Seleen, i
Dated January 1st,  1806.
Take noliee that thirty days after
date, the undersigned, intends to
apply to the Chiel Commissioner ol
Lands and Wi rks at Victoria for a
Special License to cut and carry
away limber Irom the following described lands in  East Kootenay:
Beginning at a post planted at the
snutli-WCBl corner, License 6182,
llience eastward fiftv chains to tbe
Koolcnay River; thence south-easter
ly along the Koc'enay River to
the north Boundary of Lot 327;
thence west ahoul !l(i chains to the
east boundary ot lot 820; thenee
north along east, boundary of lot 32!)
to the plaee of commencement, containing 040 acres, more or less.
ClifTord Edwards,
Cranbrook, B. C, January 13th,
Inilial Post No. 5.
Commencing at a post marked tho
north-west corner, being the northwest corner of the Annie Couglilin
coal claim, adjo.uing the Five Metals
coal claim on the north, thence east
8U chains, thence south 80 chains,
llience west SO chains, thence north
80 chains tu place ol beginning. This
claim is a re-location, formerly located by S. Mathews, who re-located
the claim   formerly located by    A.
Annie Couglilin, Locator,
J. W. Cougblin, Agent.
Dated January 1st, 1006.
Initial Posl No. 6.
Commencing at a post  marked the
>rtii-cast cm,ei,  being  the    north-
st corner of the Margaret Redding
ml claim, adjoining the L.  B. So-
•n eoal claim on the nortii,   thence
mih   Ml chains,    thenee  west      ^•
rains, bhence north BO chains, thenco
est -su chains   to the place ol    beginning.      This claim   is a re-location, formerly located by S. Mathews
who   re-located  the   claim formerly
located by A, Hackett.
Margaret  Redding, Locator.
J, P. Redding, Agent.
Dated  January   1st,   1906.     43-flt
Thirty days after dale I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a Special Licence to cut and carry away timber
from thc following described lands
situated In Soulh  East   Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
about three-quarters ol a mile west
of the south-west corner of lot 4133;
thence south 40 chains, thence west
■10 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 40 cbains, thcuce north
40 chains, thence cast 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to thfl place
ot commencement, and containing
040 acres, more or less.
4(l-f»t* John Strong.
44-5t'    Located  December   lOth,   1005. TUK CilANimOOK. IIKKALD
it'nut.inifil tu lu first iM-i* 1
lumber coming into Canada
Tin- erection at Prank, "il
lii-ii.i. tiu.i outside "f ""i territory)
ol the nine snu-ltjng planl ol Iw
t'.iii.iil.i Metal Co., a plan!  now *i|i-
-nching   completion,   Hi,  s"|i-
es i.i   which will,   il i*. presumed,
entirely   drawn   Iran   rnir territory.    Tin- renovation i'l llie smelt-
' iiimii al  Pilot   Bay, alter    nine
lyears   nf Idleness.     Extensive     im
provements nml a prosperous vi-nr oi
opera-lion   at   ilu- Granby  Canadian
I (Trail) ami Hall mines smelter.   The
' rise     '"   prominence nt    ilu* Nickel
i.l ,„ mil show lli.*  Plate mine at    llwlley, Simill teeti
,1    im   11)05       1 Imvo disiriet        In-   n.niim _ "iii'iatii".
* laiirs in    tl"* collect! I   B. C. Copper c,mipany>_smel-
■I'.i ". these, ami 1 have tei  i 'oonwuod.
,,l   mil,    Mm,,*   |nil,i'i*.ln*il     '
,..,,:,. especial.,  as n-Barilsjal*-.-. ,,, „   ,)f
■ ti tariB commission, .unl
,,-.ii!-,   is ni ill  in  il.nill*..
The    in   ics    nliii*li will lie
Tli,. Il.ial.l li.ul ilu* picsLli-nt'., ail- 1IKUT SLACK'S liuiui FORT! SE Upon Mm, as h,. i.as t*u. ;,|,ii,tv ;„1(|
ress punted ami mi ilu- tnlil'---   fur   ,,     ,       I expi-iiMu-e, and is Industrious and re-
Im In'iii'tit i.f Un* delegates within a     II. J. Black lia*- gono t"   1-i-inu* to'liable in     every   way.      His many
I genera, man- Iriends in Cranbrook, although s"
Morrissey   ami] t.i mt liim leave here aru pleased at
 .quarters at lus jt,umi [ortune.
nhorl  Mine alter its delivery.     This accept Hie
,u*i  was evidently appreciated by ilm urit .,1 i'
ilelecules   Im on a motion mailo   liy ramie railway, nu
|.*i,.<l Starkey   seconded by i'r. Wall, Pernio.    Ml   Black uill have a road
Hie   thanks ol ihe convention    fere a liiile over live miles lim*;. rxteinl-
tendercd i" Hn' Herald i"i I". court-.tag Irom Coal creek    tu tlio   limit
,..,      Thanks    jentlemcn. Northern depol   m   rornlo.      Iln-n:
  | art- two train crews, sectiion   crews,     Miss Mansfield will ilo lancy type-
i    i    Campbell    ol  Nclsin  made repairers, etc., and all will in- under  writing tm afternoon or evening cn-
so'm'c restrictions' on  Um press    ..t Mr.  Black's supervision.     Tlm posl-  ti-iiaiiuimiu-.    al   reasoirab),
lay's  tin.    that were   liai'dlv liim is a good one ami Mr. Ill.uk is. (limss    work   questions supplied, o
Men in   Mi. Campbell's posl- u man who   mil meet ovcry tlemand | typed limn copies. 15-1
ii .In,ulil understand llial
•narils values.    |l'
Tin- figures as compared with those o
given in "iu published leullcl   ol last  pli
*, B   production,   show    a    slight  the jeai ol I
',:,,,,.,..,',i, ,,.1,1 ..ml   silver, ami   a mine   to    I
,i, copper, lead    a«ill»nrk
I llie alYaus uf tin- Domlnio
companv,   wiih Hie promt
lmil     ii
fur a part
great men ,i c
input  nf  1
l'lie consolidation
mines uf tl
i-ll uu
I 111 1*1
that I 'I"* St. Eugene, L'en-lei star nm) W.i
0„rminf S'sS-e.' m^ajirs   .  ■   -. ' *   '
AAAn   "tt' id   lower grane
such as   lormerlj   were hit "'    "■' ,-„„,„   „, „,,„
,     m ■   Jump. .., IT™""
i... cn   an   inert
1 .'■,■'■:„'  !i„."n„nns'roi   tlie" coast,  anil     luui.   lahl,   to  S].,.l,
anil   under one
ri>lil|ih't lull      .unl
paper desires to misic-
i am condition, hm -■ tno-
thc) ilu owing tu the facl Hml
with a knowledge uf certain
lhat Hn* public is entitled to,
in give tin* newspapers the in-
lurmaliini Tli* newspapers "f British Columbia, ai personal sacrlDcos,
wuii minim-ling energy, wilb small
returns, Itavc loyally and lalthlully
si,,,..I lu ih,- province ami ih.* people,
ami much ui   Uie proaucrlt. "I    the
l.i\    is  aim   In   lln-  news-
.._..-■>.. ni      tin'
■irsslul    initial
lead works   ,n
.a   Montreal.    Tlm boe-taning   ul    rail-
output way innst nml nm   Irom Mi'
i„- mines   "I  tiro coast,
ll  i
•' . "'   iu,   have iln.t   a!  a hlgli level,     with no apparcnl
'""mu'ownin..- ■pi.'"!""'!    ol  cllne.     quotation,
i at  tin*     presenl    nn*:  111 Ni-w ^ork
t„ iiu-ii-  silver, na;   cents;   copper, is cents
uiu" Icaliet ul   las'  In London,   lend .U7.li.il ami spelt
havo itn .J
,,i ,,m  markets   with
.1    ,
I,, .|,is connection I dean
' '     "'"'  "'. "'"*m''!n,,,'iitv""ui  £30.0.0.     Tin' lead bounty paid    In
year, through wh ch lie quaiiui-y        U||,   n„mi„jcm        vr,n„m,„   ,,vsl.s
coal converted into   cone, wire automatically  when   lead  it. Lun	
iloduoltxl Irom the tola  quantity mm - .
,,i      Making allowance lu   Wis.
will In* ii.ninl Uml Un* value
lur Um,
„   „[   u,,,|| llllllS   Li. vu
,1,1 Uus tins flguro
urd   cuke   product , aird jtoM im-j {  ,>„,, as ,,iRll   aa En.i_.0)
tin n ii. Tin- quota-
continuously above
December first, i
year, exceeus uy ...W.UuO.O. that ol
lasl >''."'* .     i    ,,. i,,„ii.
Th. totals as they stand an  lilgi
h    satistautory,     coiistiluting   i*'"
t'ln:  nui...   prospcroU-  >'<■•" ■  *•     '•,',
mi   had, and indicating U»     •
.,,„, „.,!,.i growth ui our greal staph
Industries. ,   .   ,     ,
.\s a matter ol   record I desin  to
„„i„ as events nl thc year:  lire cum*
Sullivan smoltet    at
I in,* successlul
nn llllll llll
with il
nl   tin
.   pro-
,,,n Kootenay in mua;
Silvei    •' ' •'••
1 "i'i"'  ;•";•;;;;
/.im*. *	
Total mineral production
•i|iu'iit'lj'    iiii   bounty     has been
earned fur the lasl  two months.
Km* Ihc fiscal war wliiili closed on
.Intn. mull 1005, tin' amount ul
bounty earned  was (337,210,01.
Su lar on Un- presenl year (seven
niinil'lis) owing tu llm limil m.i I ki*l
Uiv earnings ■>, bounty havo limn
only about $80,000.00.
I tlcslre In thank llm nllii'i-rs    anil
 lobcis uf lli,* Ini'al limn,Is [or llmll
i.n iimi co-operation in llm wmk   uf
Um year.
, itufi'il in   Southern Yale and Suuih-
2(1 till
2211.llllll nz
3,500,000 ui,
,lli,llllO.00O iyi.
50,131,835 ui,
13,830 tuns
300,008 Inns
201,038 Inns
crlosltngly   ki-iit
it   lh,' public till' n "iiilrl
, ol Hns land.
\i in n',1 ,ik iii night Un1 visiting
h-lix-aies ami citizens ol Cranhrook
Mil r.iilii*i around tlm board al lhc
Crnnlirook hotel i" enjoy llie good
Hum;-, prepared for the occasion,
II I. lli-.illi,-, lui'si.l.nt ol Um Ini'al
iinani. will preside, ami lollowlng is
th,' tu.ist  list  arranged:
Till*: KINO,
.i. li.    .1. P
II. Paldlng.
}I.tim nun
Total   value production, m
1111,1100,11110 firt
'Unl liiniliet 	
1 " '   P1IOCEED1NOS.
A resolution asking a duty on pig
lead was altered     to ask a specific
imposi i     t re    cent pec pouiiit
,in„ aaiiing tho prolcrentlal allowances and tins arrangement be mad
Hn, basis ol duties on manulaotureu
lead products. . ,.
Tho convention passed a resolution
asking Un* government to repeal tlio
new school net, sinco il was 1I1JUI-
ious i„ both rural and cily sohopls.
The motion was made by Dr. Walt
and seconded hv  J. L. Pollock.
A resolution was passed asking
that tlio duty nn high explosives he
abrogated, to lesson the expense nl
mining, , .
A imiiliui'iii was passed asking
tho government to build a road inlo
the Flailn-ail country.
A resolution asking the Dominion
government lu buy gold and si'.vi-i
at Trail, whoro thero is a refinery
lucated, was passed without debate.
Tin* resolution asking tire provincial govi tiiMiiiit to aid in the construction ol the Kootenay Central
brought luini siinic strung arguments. Ur. Wall lead of! with an
explanation ol lho bonus granted at
une time, and how il was repealed
without notice, and asked fur a renewal i.f tlm subsidy.
Smith Uttrtis asked a lew qni's-
linns as lo whu owned llie lands
Uial would bo benefited Uiat started
some warm talking.
11. E. Iti'iiitm urged action, showing that such a road would open up a
rich valley with mineral, timber ami
agricultural resources.
A. II. Fcnwick made a lalk lor thc
ii|M*iiiir: iif  llie valley.
T. il. Proctor, representing tho
Kootenay Valley Lands company,
.said that his company wanted lo ih*-
vi*lii|i tln-ir lands hut could nut tin se
until there was transportation.
H I,. T. G.illirnitli, who has lived
in Um valley 40 years, urged favorable action tor tbo henefil uf Suuth
Easl   Kooteuay.
Smith Curtis opposed either land
or cash subsidies, hul said that lie
would favor il if the government
were given lirst murtgagc bonds on
llie mail.
I). V. Mi tt urged lavornblc action
ami said the road wuuld he a lug
thiim: lor lire nli"]" disiriet.
Tlie  resoltlth I  Smilh  Curtis  In
h,ne C, P. II lamls in the province
all taxed was disposed "1 hy Hie
adoption ol a resolution to urge an
investigation uf lln* conditions,
A  rcsolul  |iri.listing against  tho
lull   Introduced   by    I Inn.     Hubert
ilii-t-ii  preventing il xportntion ui
lltulii , mil nf the province, was lli-
, iniliii,,I In* II. X. Mull ami seennil-
i.l hy I!, ' E Bcattlo, ami carried
unanimously and tin' result wired tn
Smith Cttrtifl presented his lormel
resolution regarding the shifting the
lines in iti* survey in lhe Flaibea-d
country, in Hn* detriment ut Hie
country s interests, was Itotly dis-
iii.'ml ninl when presented lor a
vole proved tn he a lie. 0 in n.
President Buohnnnn voted iu favor
nf t-he resolution.
A resolution was ailnptpd asking
the Dominion government to establish an experimental farm in thc interim* nf British Columbia.
Tl lection uf ,'Hirers resulted   in
tlm election ui President Buchanan
nnd Secretary McKcnzie, with Fred
Starkev, uf N'elsun, as assistant to
the president.
Smith Curtis, nf Rossland, pmvi-d
himself a tower uf strength in tlm
various arguments that came up.
lie slu,well himself to he practical,
intelligent, shrewd and quick lo tfrrrt
grasp  lhe pertinent  puinls. ,|,.,l(
Fred Starkey, president ol ilu*
board uf trade al Nelson, showed
himself in he a strung member.
Starkey is a rustler, a hard worker
fur liis town and peuple, ami when
the people honored liim wilh llie
presidency nf the board, they honored themselves,
11. V. Mult, i.f Fernie, look an
active interest in tlm wmk nf lhe
meeting, aud then, w.is liiile, ii
anything, Insi  while he was present.
The Rossland resolution regarding   llle   new sel I acl  *i'f    the
I'tuvinie, aroused a vast   amount nf
interesl.      Mr.   Campbell,   uf     Knss-
tnnd, condemned the bill and said
lha! the ael Has a positive detriment to tlm province. R. I.. T.
(lalhrailli, uf Furl Steele, was emphatic in his denunciation uf the
government school act, and said that
it was retrogressive, non-senslcal
and a positive injury lu Hie pn
luce, anil that the Hon, Mr. Full
was lho wrong man iu the win
place. lie expressed lhe liupe thai
the present session nf the legislature
would nol cluse until lhe act was
Wiped nut eliliiely. In. Wall
llioughl lha! lhe only remedy was
tu wipe uut the at-! entirely and go
hack tu tlie old ael. Mr. Wall
moved Hint the resolution be referred in resolution committee. This
was seconded hy It. E. Beattie, win,
ixprcssod the idea tlinl the resolution was nue nf ibe must Important
that will come belore the convention.
Smith Curtis made a sluing plea
fur the education of the rising geii-
cration of llritish Columbia, and excoriated lhe pnsl governments lor
giving nway tu corporations such
vast areas ul tho lamls nf the province, instead of reserving n percentage lur the school (uml ul (he province British Columbia will never
be a great provinco until the rising
generation is properly educated, ami
they never will he until the burden
nl education in small communities is
taken nO. the shoulders nl lhe few-
ill thoso communities, The young
men must In; educated. .Air. Curl
resolution provided thai nne eighlh
nf tlm public lamls, Including c
areas, be set aside fur the lienelil nf
the school fund.
llr. Halt, R. !.. T. (.alhrailh unit
A. II. Fenwlek, the Furl Steele delegates, were very much iu evidence
in the work uf the convention, and
what ihev salt! wns always Ilslened
In with Interest, as all three ol Hi
gentlemen uie pioneers in ihis country nnd i Id give mluim.iinm  Ihal
wus reliable ami Important i sl
Dr. Iliggins. nne ul the Feinie ile
legates, onmo in late hut gut tu wmi,
in earnest,
i, is hero reprr
paper will Iravt
Mr. liver, n, Nelst
senting  Hie  Nelsuli r
a guarantee thai thi
n gun,! report.
•I. L. Relallaek, nf Kaslo, is in
of the best known men in tlm em
venlion and is thoroughly I'ainili.
wilh lhe wmk thai is presented.
Tom Proctor, nf Nelson, is a typl
eal delegate.      He pays close attention tn the   proceedings and is    ah
ways  really  In enter n
Tom Proctor, everybody calls liim
Tom, is here. In [-act, Mr. Prootor
never misses a meeting of Ihis character and is a booster fur the Knu-
tenays par excellence.
Secretary    McKenzie,   nt   Rossland,
lius In-™   kept busy   wilh his official
duties.     In an organization of   ihis
kind   the   members   come frum    all
parts   nt the country   and deal nnt
Hie hot nil*,   but when  it gels  righl
down tu points, tlio secretary    dues
wmk,   hacketl up by the prrsi-
A poor secretary and a poor
president would mean failure tor   an
association   nf the character ot   the
Associated   Boards ul  Trade.     B'or-
liinately   in   Mr.   McKenzie and     Mr.
lim lunl   Buchanan the assoo'atlon has two ol
the best men lu he fiiiind.
\ssnci .TED Hn Mills (IF TRADE
I   ti   Buchanan,   A.   II. MaeKen/ie.
A    Leiteh.
,1. ,t. Campbell, T. Vi. Blngay.
T. (I. Proctor, A. ll. Fenwlek.
F.  E, Simpson, Nuhle Blnns.
Fiiil Stnrkev,    Lurne   A. Campbell
.1. I!   Pollock.
lius Erlckson, Vi. M. Pcarco, Dr. II
Hi. Iliggins.
F, Vi   Ouernsey, Vi. T. Iteiil, fl.   II
A. W. Dyer. II. V. Molt.
Maple  Leaf
R.ubber Footwear
Mi,,Ir  I I*  Kul.m -
Uuhbor, uver all rtyh-i
limn   I'iui- 1'iirii
ni foollorm hum
Uuv Look Will,   lil Well nnd nciir We,,
Are sivlisi,. N...u ,,„ii Durable
For Sulo hi ul' I *l lenhM.
Vancouver, B, ... Selling Agents
Ui£ Robinson-McKenzie
Lumber Company
Total enrollment  211
Total daily attendance ,,.3-125
Average  105
Division I.
Total altcnd.iiice, IHi; average,
2-1,77. Perfect at tendance*— Annli
Tistl.ile, Victoria llllliei. Ethel Culver, Daisy McUaiium, Eltretla Drummond, Koliert Uttrlc, Cecil Jalfetres.
William Johnston, Enid Ilarnlninli
Frank Sissons.
Division II—Mrs. Brock.
Total attendance, -SfiT; average attendance. IT.nl; pupils, 51; boys, :il
Kirls, 20. Perfect attendance:—Winnie Deacon, Inez Smith, Grace Welsl
riiarlie Laurie, Lilian Leask, Sadii
(lillis. Delia Taylor.
Division   III.-Miss  K.  Lewis, Teach
Enrollment, 45 total attendance,
T.'iS; average attendance, -IJ. Perfect at tendance— llachel Bardaol l,
M hired Clinc, Arthur Powler, Lilian
McCowfon, Lizzie Walsh, Robert
Den, Marcus Derr, Wilfred Dallas,
Haglolro Brault, Mary Leathausc.
Division IV.—E. M. Oartwright,
tin inl linen t, 54; average attendance, -11.27. Perfect attendance—
Percy Bardgelt, Hazel liurkitt, Marguerite Drninitininl, Wanda Kink,
Gordon Fowler, Jessie Hunter, Lottie Leask, Itoss Pascuzzo.
Division Y.—Miss It. Springer,
Perfect ui tendance:—Norman Fowler, Willie Fitzgerald, Gordon Wai-
linger, Gladys Fink, Earle Stewart,
Harold Colpman, Frank Bomp. Enrollment,  'dl;  average,  ,'12.511.
Division  1.
English liteiature:-First, Delia
Dninimond; Second, Olga W igon.
Passed—A'nii'io ltycknraii, Charlie
McCowan, Roborl  Laurie.
British history:—First, Louis
Stewart; Second, Robert Laurie.
passed-Olga Wigcn. Stewart Morris, William Johnston, Alick Mc.
Callum,  Louise Rollins.
Tliere was a hig meeting at the
new gymnasium lasl Monday evening
nnd ahoul lim members wero enrolled, oilhers win- iilectril as follows:
President—Uev, Wcslman.
VIco-Presldeiil—J.  P. Fink.
Secretary—Dr. Comiolly,
Treasiiror—W. II. Wilson.
Executive ('nmuiiUti*— .1. IV McBride, F. .1. Bradley, Fi.il Pa-Hon,
T. Stark and R, G, Dickson.
The ttymimwitim is now one nf llie
recognized Instltitlions of lhe town
and Hs success is assured, and lliis
has been greally due lo lhe energy
ninl hard wmk of Rev. Westman.
D. R. Yales, manager nf lhe Ol-is
Staples Lumber companv, is in town
Mrs. w. II. Grilhth entertained a
number of friends this afternoon at
a thimble tea.
Mrs. W. F, Tate enlertained a
large number of friends in honor of
Mrs.  Peter Lund last  evening.
-Mrs. G. II. Brcmner gave a verv
pleasant party last evening to 'a
number of friends. Five Hundred
was the programme. i
Dan Macleod,  the right  hand   man
of     Breekeiindge    &   Lund,     on   the
work on Uie   Onrfoin road, eame    in
to-day for   the first time in    three
i in"i,Hi*.
Have a number of small
tracts left within a mile
of Cranbrook.
This is a great opportunity
to get something good for
little money.
The Robinson - McKenzie
Lumber Company, Ltd.
Cranbroook, B. C.
9^^-%.«.«.«.«.««. •%«.-»<% %««.%%%%0(|%
B C. Livery and Feed Stables $
First cIiisb Rigs, safe nml stylish teams, Drivers
and puck horses fur any [joint in  tho tlistriot.
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Sumo old stand opposite station
0*%-%-*- *%-%^. ■».*».»* *•«.•»* -* •%■%. **-*-9 9% *»
r— ^
Stocktaking Sale I
Wc ,irt  now  taking  slock and  we find a I
nombcr of articles that  we will sell below I
the regular prices   such as Stoves, Tinware I
and numerous other articles at I
McCallum & Co.
tlardwiiro Morcliants !
-I-I—1—t~I -I—*—1-1—t—I—I-l—l—»—1—1—I-I-I—I -i- -j -j. -i—j—i-.^_|-_4_(_(_j_|_j_1_(.^_t„j.
I The Cosmopolitan
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
i T
Will take an Auctioneer's Licence as soon as one
can b2 procured (rom the Municipality.
Phone 119
P. O. Box 76
Ik-foro you make arrangements for
your fall
see us for ideas, designs and stock.
It may be mutually profitable
X    Artistic   Painters  and   Decorators    ?
i I
I |


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