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Cranbrook Herald Oct 9, 1902

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• •••-• • •♦(•).>-••
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Quo. A.Cox. President. II. B, VVai.kkh, Gen, Man.
I'.tlsl Up   Cnpllnl
isiai Resources
. sh..i:hi..khi tin
. 2,IHKl.lltMI Wl
Deposits Received.   Qeneral llniikinx llnsincss Transacted.
SAVINtls DANK HI I'm MONT   D.po.ll. Rtctlv.d   Inltrr.t Allowed.
Bigger and Better
Than Ever
Wc have hough! all the Furniture and Undertaking stuck of the Kooienay Furniture Co. and
we have now lhc best slock in either of the
Kootenays, Iiy Ihis combination wc are in
belter position than ever to supply best of
goods at lowest prices Mr. McConnell, who
is thoroughly experienced in undertaking and
embalming, will be on haml at our furniture
store to attend to calls day or nighl.
Furniture Repaired and Upholstered
A Clock, Watch, Ring, Watch Chain, Locket, Cuff
Links, Stick Pin, or anything in the Jewelry line?
Come to me and I will give you the best of goods and
you won't kick at the prices. Now in my new stand
near Post Office and ready for business.
Air Tights
Hot Blast
Down Draught
Up Draught
Sight Draught
or any kind of
draught that
you may want
in the way of
Cooking or
Heating Stoves
Just a little worn, eh? What vou need is a new suit, One
that will wear, one thai will look well at .ill times, and
that will not COtl too much money. We can lii you out.
We have .i line selection oi suiting, to choose Irom and,
wh.lt is more, you can depend upon file quality.
Leask & Henderson
The ...th Linnil•> Tailors, Cranbrook, II. C
All kinds .ind superior quality. Our
Apples and Plums cannot be equalled
in town and the prices arc right. Don't
think oi preserving until you inspect
our stock.
ti .,
* BY nn: iii.h \i \s q
**•$*» MM 3 BA 6 •." SSSfifi ff»(S^
Wc got   ii   Circular   letter   this   week
from a Montreal jewelery linn luinoiinc-
tug the fact that tbey were read}* for
business un.l nilted il we didn't want
one ol their catalogues. Weil, o man
iu the newspapei business don't buy
much in Uu- way of jewelery. Nut hut
what we possess sufficient vanity to
enjoy anything ol the It I ml, hut «c luck
the price ih a rule, Yet, if we were
going to invent iu anything ol the kind,
we would mil upmi our own jeweller*,
W. P. Tate, lhe pioneer  ilea ler   in  that
line In Cranbrook, aud W. ii.  Wilson,
earry gum] Htockti. uml mIiuL is more
theii kiih i mil re In wotth Something.
Then they uie oue uf us, ami an- cmilled
to the trada of this town.    We havu't
sent for lhe catalogue nor do we intend
to. The home merchant suits us, anil
we propose to slny with him Tbat
Montreal firm wouldn't give 25 cents for
the building ol a sidewalk, a Btreet
lamp, a church or Anything else ihat
would he of a benefit to Crunlirook.
Tate and Wilson nre good enough for
ti ti ti
James 0111 nnd Rev. Deachem went
hunting lite other day, down in the
neighborhood of Fort Steele junction.
They beat up the brush In good shape in
search of chickens and hail indifferent
luck, lloth men are averse to giving up
und persisted hi ko.uk over bills and
though dales until suddenly Ihey noticed tbat the shadows were deepening
ami that night was nearly upon them,
At once they turned to go home, but in
the excitamfnt of ili» hunt lh<*y had
wandered away Irom trails ami roads,
lost all idea of direction, am) soon
realized that they were lost. Afler
travelling some time tbey came upon a
clearing where some rancher had put up
a stack of hay. With the chill of night
coming, with no knowledge of their
whereabouts, they concluded that that
stack of bay was their haven of rest and
safely. Little time was lost in burrowing out two boudoirs, and making themselves comfortable. Willi the cayotes
crying and the owls hooting our friends
•lept Ihe sleep of the just. The nexl
morning, with plenty of light, they
toon found llieir way home.
ti ti ti
Peter Math.smi, ofthe Kast Kootenay
lintel, got up mi lie 1 early ilu- other
morning and as a result enjoyed a sight
tbat was novel indeed. He saw a large
black bear uiakiu-- iis way across the
flat just eaat of his place. Ohi bruin
looked around a few lime and seemed lu
realize lliat be tiad dropped inlo clvill-
ition, nml theu started mi a gallop toward tbe bill, passed up between the
residences of A. W, McVilte ami R. 1*1
Beattie, and then out ol sight toward
lhe timber Hint surrounds that part of
lown. It Is quile probable (but the hear
hnd beeu making 11 social call upon Ibe
two tn confinement at IheRnyal hotel.
A slm*. comes down from I'erry Creek
tbat tbe party engaged in suiveyiug the
Routing King group al tbe head of I'erry
Creek experienced an interesting bunting adventure during the recent  snow
torm, About eight inches of snow had
lai leu over night and in ibe morning
Bert Waul ami Joe Walsh went nut to
hunt tbe bones. When ihey got to
where lhe hones should lie, Ihey found
their track*, pointing out of the mountains nml tbey hvked out after them.
Ihey made a bee line (ur the trail and
followed thai tor eight tulles tu the fool
ot llic UlOUUtalni; then they wandered
from the trail out under a dump ot wide-
spreading trees. The boys followed the
tracks In there nml Ion ml three hears all
iiile.l up having a cnuifortahle snooze.
Wben lhc horse hunters recovered their
senses tlu-y went back and examined the
tracks they had been following und discovered Ibal Ihey were bear tracks;
nml then tbey trudged their way back to
iinip, ruminating upon the  unrclibility
ul banian affairs mid tlie things a man
ill   see   when  be   has   110 gun.     The
boitei weie all ul camp wailing foi their
New Yurkers   Look ing  (her  British
The Start of a Boom That   Will
Make Business Hum in
This Province.
THINK tllPI'ln MINKS   lift   All.   muni
and other cooking utensils used in the
household should he
This tins many advantages over Iron or
common tinware. Costs a little more,
of course, hut lhe increased strength
limply repays Ihis. This ware cannot
1 iisl, Is not affected hy mid, and is easily
kept clean. We now have a complete
line nnd our prices nre very pleasing,
PlumblDi and Tlismllblii I. CiueilM.
(las liiphislnn.
Lilt Saturday ft. l'ntmore, who has
charge of ibe timtulthlng for ft. II,
Miner's hardware store,went lu Klmher-
ley to repair Ibe ncelylinegas machine
at Marry Drew's hotel. He had nearly
completed his work when he lighted a
match to see if a drop of aodler had gone
to the right place. Wheu the match
flared up there followed a terrible explosion, and Mr. Patmore was thrown
backward. The machine was wrecked
hy tht force of tbe explosion and Mt.
Patmore bad one leg broken just above
the ankle, and was cut and bruised
about the body. It was a narrow escape
and might easily resulted In death or
more lerious Injures, Tbe unfortunate
man Wis brought down on the train
that evening, and placed under ihe care
of Dr, King. He Is doing very nicely
but will he laid up for some time with
his fractured limb.
We have nol advanced Ihe price ol our
Tobaccos. Amber Smoking Tobacco, Bobs,
Currency ind Fair Play Chewing Tobacco
are Ihe same slie ind price to lbs consumer
as formerly. Wc hive also extended Ibe
lime lor Ihe redemption of Snowshoe ti|i to
January Ul 1HV4.
Th* Umpire Tobacco Co., Limited.
Hor some yearsTbe Herald has mnin-
t.lined thnl the people ofCauatla did not
fully realize Ihe immense wealth uf Ibis
province, und yet there nre people wbo
seem to appreciate the worth and Importance us a held of investment. In
Eastern Canada one will nenr a grent
deal nbout Hritlsh Columbia, aud remarks lhat have a tendency to injure
the province wllh the stranger who has
capital to invest. And yet it is a fact
that tins beeu proven, that Hiiiish Columbia to-day is one of the richest provinces in the Dominion, and a most
promising field for the investor. During
tbe latter part of this month, a party of
New Yorkers, have been investigating
the possibilities of this province. It
consisted of William J. Itrewer, Lli
Mirandon, John K. Tylee, Frank, Auger,
William Oaede and II. Charles Royce,
Senator from Vermont,
The tour, which will be nue uf investigation, will occupy nearly a month and
wilt Include ull the well known and more
famous mines, especially those that
have made colossal fortunes for their
The lessser properties, those in process
of development aud abuut to be developed, will also be visited, with a view to
ascertaining tbeir future value, A uum-
ber of the tatter mines are situated adjacent to the better known properties,
aud in a number ol cases, it is claimed,
are more accessible to railroads,
Senator Royce is more thao enthusiastic relative to the future of British
Columbia iu general and her products Iu
'llritish Columbia ia practically unknown," aaiil Senator Roj leJOOCOOver*
satiou with The New Yoik World correspondent, "aud Its resouices bo far
discovered are almost limitless. Development only will produce the results
necessay to show that Ibis vast territory
contains greater Blares than any other
country iu the world."
"Do you represent I-.asteru capital?"
"Yes, and it is for tbe purpose of Bub-
tauliatiug the statement made by promoters lhat the present visit to British
Columbia is made."
Senator Royce smiled when asked to
state tbe amount of lhe capital -subscribed to develop the lesser—that is those
mines not so familiar to investors iu copper properties,
''Capital sufficient lo develop mines to
practically any extent." said the Sena-
ur, "will, I believe, he forthcoming pro*
iding the mines visited will bear investigation."
It wns learned nt the Windsor hotel
tu .lay that what promises a most pow-
erlul rival ta the Copper Trust will providing the conditions warrant, follow
tbe visit of the party to the copper
mines of British Columbia.
A well-known Monlrealcnpitalist,who
refused lo permit bis name to be uBed.
said tn speaking of the movement to
purchase and develop copper mines In
British Columbia nut controlled by the
"Millions of capital in New York and
tbe ICast will be forthcoming In case the
report made on the recently unknown
cupper mines of British Columbia nre
-'Are the men interested in this, the
latest attempt to develop the products
of llritish Columbia prominent:1"
"Very, bul I am not al liberty to mention any names al this time. Suffice lo
say, however, that (be capital al hand
is ninpie*"
The proposed trip of the party of
which Senator Koyce is a member involves nearly H,uou miles through one of
lhe most wild ami picturesque regions,
a part of British America almost unknown except to those whose interests
in industrials takes them bo far from
the Atlantic coast.
Replace with novelty, the landscape
changing anp recbinging as mile after
mile is passed, now a valley, here deep
wooded laud from which a deer occasionally peers timidly forth only to
stamper away—these aud many other
views unfamiliar to dwellers In the east
will greet thc little party of truth
seekers Into Ihe wilds of British Columbia as tbe journey proceeds and Seattle,
the queen city of the Northwest, Ib
William J. Brewer, who shares with
Senator Royce the hitler's enthusiasm
relative to the future and possibilities
of the great northwestern part of British Columbia, said to The World correspondent as the train waa about to
pull out ofthe depot:
■ W<* will aualyze carefully all that
baa been represented to us about Bri
tish Columbia, and should it be shown
that the resources of this im nie rise
stretch of country are such ns to warrant
the investment uf targe capital it will be
Among the mines ihe party visited are
llie    Rossland,   Le   Roi,   Alalia,    Wl
Bagle, Central Star, Granby and Nlckle
Man)   Men    Sceklug    Holel    Privilege*   iu
a New  Tuwnsllc.
Since it was announced that the Crows
Nest Pail Coal Company would open
another new townsite nearer to Its
Morrlsiey coal mines there lias
has been a great rush fur licenses. W.
II. Dames the former constable, has an
application, uml In last week's Morrissey Miner there were i.i more application!, as fullows;
William llluncbard Oanong, "Windsor" hotel,
F.J. Dunn, "National" hotel.
Audrow Johnston, "Royal" hotel.
Charles McNab, "Alexander" hotel.
William Shaw, " Monarch" hotel.
Frank. S, Moore, "Imperial" hotel.
Curtis .lames Dighy, "Imperial1 bote).
I'.uos 11. Small "Imperial" hotel.
Kugene Walters, "Home" 'hotel. A
transfer from tlie present premises known
us ttie "lilk" hotel on the townsite uf
the Morrissey Townsite Company.
Jean Eugene Angers, "Richelieu"
W. M. Stewarl, "Rqsilu" hotel.
Kulit. Scbriim. "Murrlssey House",
transfer from the presenl location oil the
west side of Klk river.
Kugeue .1. Peltier wholesale license,
What tbe commission will du with so
tunny It iu haul lu tell bul since the
mailer is iu their hands it would seem
right that they should use some discretion in ihe mutter. Thai ninny licenses
nearly as many as there are in Feiuic,
Fort Steele and Craubrook combined, is
rank nonsense The character uf llie ap-
plicautu Ihe kind of a house they keep
etc. sbould have great weight in granting them.
The commission meets at Fernie uu
the 17II1 to consider the big hunch.
The Price of Lead
Lead has fluctuated in price since lttSn
and once has been lower than now. but
came up again.
Lead miners will be interested in lhe
following table which taken from the
mining Industry of Ihe V ulted States give
tbe average price of pig lead at London
since iSfio.
Year                                C. a. d.
18S0        16 ft 9
l8»l    IS ig g
1882        14 7 8
1883     11 iH 0
1884 tl 6 o
1885     n 10 0
1886 13 4 0
1887     12 17 o
1888   13 !«' 3
1889          10 0 io
1890..     13 7 to
891                                      12 8 10
1S92 10 15 1
1893    9 lS 6
1894         9 Ia °
I895. ..                                11 o o
1896                     tl 6 n
1897 1? 0 0
1898 13       .1        0
1899 13        18 6
1900         13 4 u
1901,    .    II iu .1
New Placer Company.
Morrissey Miner: The stock holders in
the Fast Kootenay Placer Mining company held a meeting at Fernie last
Wednesday evening and elected the following officers:
President—J. A. McDonell.
Vice president—Dr. Bonnell.
Secretary-Treasurer—W. R. Ross.
Managing Director—J.   A.  McDonell.
This company has some valuable concessions In the way of lenses on Hie eel
ebrated I'erry Creek near Craubrook,
and will operate their ground with a
steam shovel, which is already 011 lhe
ground, The prospecting now done on
the ground allows il lo be very neb, but
uot enough to pay -.by taking off the
lirt to bed ruck by hand. With a ileim
shovel It will be a different proposition
ami oue is warranted in making the surmise that the results of tbis enterprise
muy Btsrt a big boom in placer milling
all over the district.
Hurk Hits Keen Suspended I mil Next
Evidently it is the Outcome of thc
Fight Between Eastern and
Western   Parties
A Bl| Coil Field.
The Herald is pleased to know tbat
the coal deal in which M. Mclnnes and
A. Mullet are interested bas developed
to that stage where it is now an assured
fact, 10 far as the permanency and extent of the deposit is concerned. Mr.
Mclnnli, speaking of the matter this
week, said: "We have 5,000 acres of
coal land in our property, and have demonstrated that we Lave six seams in
place. These Kami are clearly defined
and can he traced aloug lhe mountain
side Ior four miles, The property is on
tbe north fork of the Michel, and so
situated that a road can he built to it
from Crow's Nesl with little ur no grade.
We have spent considerable money demonstrating what we have nnd now we
are ready to talk builneii. Our cnal is
of the coking quality, and il is estimated by experts thai there aie millions of
tons ou our property.'
The  Marysville   smelter   will  not   be
built this year, The machinery is being   housed,  the men discharged and
everything closed up for tlie season.
Last Wednesday word weut out that no
agreement bail been reached, and that
in consequence all wurk would cease and
everything shut down until next summer, ll was a hard bluw to people
who had invested nil they had iu Msryi-
■villi, depending upon woik coutiuulug
tills fall until the smelter was ready to
blow in. Many of them had invested iu
Uu- town upon the iiuileistaiiding tbat
Ihere would he UO unnecessary delay
nml now they v. ill have lu make the beat
A U UUI ber uf men were let out last
Tuesday, ami the balance will he given
their lime Saturday,   Mr. McKenzie the
foreman, Will go lu Spokane.     Mr.   M
Mnhon, the bookkeeper will remain in
Marysville.   Mr. Klwendorf, the super.
iutemletit will return to 1 Oliver, and
Mr, Hull, the manager, will probably go
hack east.
The Herald desires to slate that In declining that llie work would proceed it
depended   upon  the word  of those in
authority, and was entirely innocent of
Intentional misrepresentation. In fact
it was not settled until a few days ago
as to what would be done. Tbe eastern
stockholders, indignant over tbe reckless expenditure of money, determined
to do nothing toward raising more
money unless ihey bad coutrol. Tbey
were uut given control, and hence the
suspension of wotk.
There is nu duubL that work will proceed next year, but until that lime the
Marysville smelter wlli be  as  silent   as
The Lead Question.
Nelson, It. C , Sept. 30, 1902,
Editor Miner: Owing lo some divergence of opinion as to the best means to
be adopted for tlie encouraging of silver lead mining in Kntish Columbia, I
desire that the mine owners fix a time
and place for the discussion of this subject, and also as to the admission into
Canada free of duty of all mining supplies and machinery not manufactured
lu Canada, and the loweriug of duties
on certain other mining machinery
manufactured in Canada.
I shall be pleased Lo atlentl any such
meeting in order that I may have their
views thereon to aid me in my endeavor
to bring aboul conditions most favorable to the mining industries In my constituency.
1 might add thai the views of tbe
boards of trade and smelter men and
some of tbe representatives of large
silver lend mines in my riding on tbe
question are already before the government.
1 would like this matter to be taken
up in earnest by tbe mine owners, and
to be advised of the time and place of
My kindly giving this space in your
paper, you will oblige,
Yours Truly,
W. A. Oilliber.
May Receive 1 Call.
Calgary Albertan: Knox Presbyterian
church will select their new minister 011
the evening of October 22, A full mett
of the congregation will be held, and
the votes of the congregation will be
Since Rev. Dr. Menliiiau resigned the
following Ul In titers have occupied tbe
pulpit! Kev. Mr. Miller, late of Phoenix,
II. C , Kev. Dr. McCrae of Greenwood,
Kev. Hugh Jack uf Westminister church,
lies Moines. Kev, Mr, Hustle of Okoloks,
Kev. Mr. Otiiin, Rev. Mr. Nixon of Ayr,
antl Kev. Mr, Fortune of Craubrook-
Rev. Mr. Logic of Winchester. Got.,
will preach on October 5 and 12 and
Rev. Mr. Battle on October 19.
All of the ministers who have preached have been satisfactory and all will
get voles as any would be satisfactory.
A Big Contract.
P. Nevin left Tuesday for Mcleod to
arrange for inaugurating work on tbe
new court liouse be is to build there for
tbe Dominion government. This is one
uf lhe largest contracts secured by a
Cranbrook contractor, Htnounting to
nearly $30,000, and Mr. Nevin got it in
competition with several eastern firms.
The building will be constructed of cut
stone, and brick- uud will be a fine
piece of architecture. Mr. Nevin has
bnd years of experience In handling contracts of this character while engaged in
business In the east, nml will feel at
home carrying un this work.
There Will be Horse Races. Pool Races and
a iiiine Contest
Arrangements are being made for a
successful meeting in Cranbrook on
October 27. The horse races will be of
a nature that will attract the people and
satisfy their demands for something
good on thc track
Tbe fool race between Mitchell of
Fernie, ond Nevin of Cranbrook, will
prove a  great drawing  card-     Already
unusual Interest is being manifested in
this event, and there will probably be a
big bunch cf money change bends on
the result. The sports of the district
are taking sides in [he mailer ami evinc*
iug a disposition to buck their Opinion
with their money. It will be a hot race,
but the Cranbrook boys feel sure that
they have a winner in Harry Nevin,
who is a speedy runner ami a square
Another event has been arranged for
the evening ihat will prove Interesting
lo those favoring that class of sport.
Frank T. Lewis, well known as a boxer
and wrestler tu Canada and tbe United
States, a mau with many victories lo tin
credit, will meet Fitzgerald the miners'
champion of Fetnie iu a twenty round
contest. Huth men are well built and
able lo stand punishment. Lewis hat
marvelous strength, muscles lhat when
in use are like chilled Bteel, nnd lhe
training of years tn the ring and on the
mat. Fitzgerald boxed with ftott in
Cranbiook last year, bul met with defeat, as the science of ihc young Cali-
fornian was too much ler linn He has
always felt sore ovei tha: contest and
it anxious 10 redeem himself in the eves
of those who hold the opinion that be is
a quitter. Without a doubt ihe contest
will be worth seeing. Both men are lu
training,   ami   both    feel   confident   of
victory,     ^__^_
Vegetable Culture ia This Dislrict.
Palmers Bar. Oct  5th, 19^2.
Kditor Herald:-As jWtake more than
an ordinary interest in the capabilities
of this district, and as it is so oflen condemned ru of little use as an agricultural
producer, I thought maybe a sample or
iwo uf articles not usually grown iu these
altitudes might be at Interest.
I have taken lhe liberty of sending yuu
a few Jerusalem Attichoke-:. and Sandwich Island Salsify, oyster plant,', also
an improved kind of sugar beet You
will bind the first two of much heller
flavor than when grown in the south,
aud tbe latter contain a larger percentage
of sacchrine. Try tbe beet sliced, well
boiled aod then steeped :r. pui'e grape
vlneger, but if there is the least little
acetic acid in the vinegar it will spoil
the full flavor.
Yours truly,
A  E, Watts.
The Crsnbrook Schools.
D. Wilson, inspector ol schools, has
been in the city for a few days looking
over the situation in the Cranbrook
scnools. Tbe three rooms here are
badly crowded, and Mr. Wilson appreciates the fact lhat there must be some
relief, but what will be done ls not
Ooechauge that has taken place is the
transfer of Mr. Vroom from tbe position
of assistant to principal, and Mr. Watson from principal to assistant.
The Perrv Creek Placers.
The big steam shove! that is being
takeu lo Perry Creeir, is now on the
way. It is quite 1 task to lake such a
large piece of machinery over the bills
but J. A, ttcDonnel. who has charge of
the work, and Is manager oi the Placer
company that is lo -ise the shovel on
Perry Creek, laughs al obstacles, and aa
a result carries oui what he undertakes.
It will take two or three weeks to set up
the shovel ready for business.
Alt Gone to the Fair.
Quite a number of Cranbrook people
,iave gone to Spokane to attend the
fair. Among'.hose who nre there this
reek are Mr. and Mrs. M B, King. Mr.
.nd Mrs. L- B. VanDecar. I.. J    Peltier,
Ryan, T. Wellman, 11. H Miner, O.
<■ Leask, J lvagon, The) will la- gone
. week or ten days.
Light and Telephone Nollce.
All iccouuts of the Electric Light and
Telephone company will be  payable  al
thc telephone office In the Cranbrook
hotel block.
Hy Order, President.
Private Boarders Wanted.
Mrs, Cartwright Is  now  prepared   to
take boarders at her residence Armstrong
Avenue.    Rales furnished on   application, Mrs. Cartwright.
Cosl Miners all Right.
The coal miners at Fernie and  Morrissey have agreed   to  continue work,
and all differences have been settled,
For Rent
A good seven room house; rbeap.
(1. II, Gilpin.
Ae have not advsneed ihe price of our
Tobacco. Amber Smoking Tobacco, Hobs,
Current) and Fair Plsy chewing lobsccos
are Ihc same she snd price lo lhc consumer
as formerly. We have also ettended Ihe
lime lor thc redemption of Snowshoc tsgs
to Jsnuar) Ist 1901.
The 1 mplre Tobacco Cu. Limited, CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and proprietor.
-   ,2.011
-   -   1.00
tine y
!Slx in	
Ike llrriskl desires to plve tlie 11,'ws of lhe I
dlsMbt it >',»' mwv. any nlw.il >mir lown I
S;*ut,,'o, i.m-l*.l'l''.-™.l ll in lists stilt™.    j
What nrltlsli Columbia needs Is a
govenimetii lhal will Infuse more bual-
ness snd leas politics In the building of
roa.l, anil trails.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is «*orth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
Premelr Diinimulr has arrived but the
political fine In Victoria has not been
touched nil yet.
When the election does come off In
this province there will be no dearth
of excitement.
Tfiere   seems  to   be some  m(sunder
standing  among  the Conservatives In
llritish Ooluinbla   anil   the   I.lbcruls   at
Ottawa.    Thc reiurn   of   the  two  premiers will ptohably ma.m trouble.
There Is a clique iu South But Kootenay that has fought Cranbrook at e\-
ery turn for four years. That clique
will have an Inglorious Ilnlsh lu a short
time. They are building their own
guillotine for official decapitation, and
there will be few mourner*'. The powers ihat he can easily become the powers that were. 	
Cranbrook lias made her own way un
aided by government favoritism or political pull. Her success has been due
io her logical location and the enterprise of her people, Towns built on
such a basis cannot be pulled down by
the futile efforts of those prompted by
petty spite.
In view of the extended experience of
the Fernie Free Press editor on matters
mundane we accept his censure with
due humility and becoming grace.
Ue presents a perfect exempli
ficatlon of the new school of
journalism, the cardintl principle of
which Is to do anything anil everything
the master dictates. We congratulate
him upon his success along these new
linen and trust tbat as he passes from the
suckling singe to that of mature years,
he will never have occasion to regret his early relinquishment of mental
freedom or the adoption of personal
vindication to meet the exaction of the
powers that be.
From the Fernie free Press.
Walter Harwood shot a beautiful liltle
cub while out hunting near lhe mine*
Yesterday. It Is said to have been a pet
of one of the cooks.
It Is said that a game of lacrosse has
been arranged between Nelson and
Medicine Hat for a purse of S-J00, the
match to be played on neutral grounds
In some town between thc two places.
Fernie will probably be chosen as tbe
held or battle.
Mr. II. L. Stabeler recleved the sad
Intelligence on Thursday that he was
possessor of a brand new step- mother,
He his not been seen io smile sines.
The story to to ihe effect ihat Morris
sey coal will not coke is incorrect. Some
trouble was experienced with some old
slack which nail been lying nn the dump
for over a year anil this Is probably the
cause that led to the clrcu'atlon of the
A bund red yard race has been arranged
to take place at Cranbrook on Oct. 87th
between 1*\ Mitchell of Fernie and II
Nevin of Cranbrook, for a purse offfiOO
Sporting men around town are deeply
Interested in the event and a number
will go to Cranbrook on that date. Tne
Crauhrook people have every confidence
In Nevin as he won from Mitchell In
Frank on Sept. the 17th. It Is said they
have]erected a little shack out on the
recreation grounds for blm as he spends
all his time training. Mitchell has a
severe cold at present and has not yet
got down io work, but expects to commence training next week.
.■• WiU fi■",••.. x-arir Killael.
The American Museum Journal reports us proof of the passage of tha
wild pigeon that tlmt Institution kai
■diitlciiliy iu securing ' *- .specimens if
auiccfdi-d  only   nfter a good deal   of
difhcuiiy in securing 12 specimens   °*
tha bird for adding tu iis collection
Jt wus only a few yearS ago that,
wild pigeons in countless'1 number
visited their regular food!ng.ground!
In ihe Middle und Western Stiites,
and now they are Su rare tbut spso-
tmens nro almost unobtainable, 'ttie
compiler of this paragraph has seen
tbem un thick in a Canadian beech
sre« as the leaves themselves not x'o
very lung ago. No .satisfuctyry explanation uf tbelr virtual extinction
bus been given. ' .
Caatra •( a W«B««rrull>   Fartlla   Pralrla
UIMrlel    taulit  Vialaa-Sama Gr>««-
Luck  rtrang  Starlet.
There wus a time when the settlers at Moose Jaw, N.W.T., proposed io get theu anothei  name, In the
beliel that the prospects of the tuWu
were Injured by such n buck-lll-the-
WOods title al Mouse Jatt There
is no such idea now. The Moose.
Jawlans are proud uf their town,
name and all. It Is largely a railroad centre at present, being the
divisional houUquartera for n lung
stretch of the main tine uf the Ol1.
H, ua well as (he Sou line lending
down into Dakota.    H bus •2.200 ut
US comfort ahlc-luuk ing people a»
there are in western Canada, the men
tall and bronzed by r.tpusun to the
winds of the prairie, (he women pretly and fund of line clothes.
Mouse -law is ensoul lally a home
tuwn, with a tins situation ou the
noi then 1 bunk of the st renin from
which it takes III inline, uud which
affords opportunity for boating at
favorable seasons.    How young it Is
may be best learned from lhe statement of a gentleman of n statistical
turn of mind, who said that when he
caina to the town in 1805 there were
only eight unmarried young ladles
above sixteen yean, while ihere were
but ween 400 nml Mio unmarried men.
The chief Import for a long while
wus young ladies, uud now in Moose
Jtiw, according to one uf its merchants, it is necessary tu carry a
large liu* of bub.v carriages, children's chairs and similar goods.
Moose Jaw is rather proud uf Its
flour mill, which bus 2-10 barrels
daily   capacity,   and   runs    day    and
night. Mr. I'on.ibi McLean, the
miller, had tha distinction of so
whetting the royal appetite when
the Princess of Wales was at Calgary
last tall und tasted soma biscuits
mad* from his (lour lhal her Iloyal
Hlgliim.-.**  specially   ordered   a    barrel
to be sent lo the royal bakery. In
connection with the milling of Hour
bet* it Is tu be noted that the bulk
of tha product finds its way inlo tbe
ranching country tu the west, and
into tbe mining camps of llritish
Columbia. A portion of the wheat
also goes west, so that there was
very little ot a wbe.it blockade lust
fall In tbt lloose Jaw district, Including the town itself, and four outlying elevator paints. The production was loraiewliat over a million
bushels in the dislrict, 200.000 bushels being turned into flour at home.
Between the town and country trade
the merchants are vary prosperous.
The greatest natural advantage is
th* wonderfully productive suil of
the district. Chanting the one thing
needful, moisture, of which there has
not been aay lack lu recent years,
there seems to b* no limit to the
productiveness nf th* laud which is
a rather still clay, without lhe black
■iirface would of the Indian Ileud
district. The average wheat yield
last year lu the district was .I.'i
bushels to the acre, probably 95 per
cent, being No. 1 bard, of a peculiarly bright color much sought afler by
millers, and produced, It is believed,
as a result of the dryness of the air
during lha season of ripening. A
yield of 50 bushels of ihis sort of
grain in spots here nnd there means
enormous profit to thu grower.
Tha return to the fanner, when
everything is dowu to the lowest
basis of cost, will b< most gratifying. Even now ther* Is nothing tu
grumble over. Her* are some good-
luck stories : A farmer last spring
bought a quarter section of laud,
agreeing lo pay 91,020. He put 100
acres of it in crop, und got uu aVer-
age of 40 bushels, his money reiurn
being over $2,000. Another crop
like thut will ilium than pay for the
land and leave a handsome surplus.
Another man, uu Englishman, near
prinkwuter, on the .Soo line, bought
soma laud lust May, planted eighteen
acres of flax about the first of June
and gut twenty bushels ol Hnx seed
iin acre, worth over 91.00 per bushel. The crop gave enough net profit
to pay for his quarter section. Another incident Is even more remarkable. A farmer some liltle lima
ago, -whan things were not quite so
good, offered his land to another for
91,500. The offer was refused, bul
tbe mnn wbo refused it said be
would glv* the owner half the crop
for the privilege of working it fur
th* llaion. He paid 92,200 as the
value of the half-crop grown iu one
year on lulid he had refused to buy
outright for 91,500. Th*sc are in-
stansH thnt the reader may be Inclined U think exaggerated uml exceptional, and iu smut measure they
may ba so, but Mr Amiable and
other reputable business men say
thut three good crops In Ibis district will more than pay for the land
on which thoy are grown at the
present price of good farm propei ty.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 Intend !<> apply to tlie Assistant OoaillllS*
sluner nf bands and Works of tlm district nf
Kast Kontenay, iimi tlie Chief Commissioner of
Lands nml Winks for 11 license tn prospect for
coal on tlie following described land, situated
an the norlh side of the Flnthend niter, Die
Initial post being about one half mile south of
the I'lncher (reek   trail ami nlioiit twn miles
east of the boundary line nr the Canadian I'acl-
tie railway's tract nf land, in tha sontli easl
pnitl.ni of ICast Knntoiiy district, province of
nrltlsli Columbia,
Dated this 7lh day of October, IM2,
roiniiiftn'iuuat a post ill) nnt s.xleon tulles enst
ofthe inwn nf Morrissey lining the southeast
earner njaccnl to tin- northeast eornor nf
Thomill 1 raliati's claim, thenee ho chains wcBt
thence Sll challlS linilli,   lllPHCO "0 eluiltls east,
tlieneo »> chains south in tlm place nf beginning,
Ouululiillig six hundred an.l fm ty neres,
Jtair.il Oils miii day nl se.i-l.-i c. i Wi.
Martin Chilian
by a iiiukeii, Agent,
Take notice thnt I have npplle I to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lauds ami Works for especial llcenso to cut ami enrry awuy thubur from
tlio following described lands i
»' neuelug nt n post marked "W, stocks 8,
K. fnnier," planted at ihe. Intersection of the
•vestem boundary of s, carileiix's pre-emption
■Mih Hu tli liniindnry id Lot W, 11 roup I,
Out Kooienay. lliouue nortli W chains, thence
west 100 chains, thoneo smith -hi chains, thence
enst iixi eli;uiii m on- place nf beg it, con
iiiiiiiii'- Lin ucres, more nr less.
Dated this Ssth Uny ot August, 1009
-'.. w. STOCKS.
Timber Notice
Take Nollce ihat thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of I.mils aud Works for a
special license to cut and carry awav
tlm er from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "A
Uookes' N. W, corner," planted :.'l)
ehalus west ot the south east corner of
Lot 338. group I, Kast Kootenay, thence
south so chains, thence east so chains,
thence north so chains, ihence west 3d
chains, to the place of beginning, containing 1140 acres.
Daied this Ifith day of Augus\ 1002.
2ii A. ROOKES.
1 trait* •*-*■■ a Paal  P««l
Kx-Mayor    Alexander   Manning hus
presented tu the city of Toronto   a
.very Hue example of the painting of
the .lute Paul I'eel. It is a hug*
plr.tnr* in 011-1, and lias been hung in
thu City Hall, in the east corridor,
near the Council chamber dour. The
work is entitled, 'The Iteturn ofthe
Harvesters," und depicts a Brittany
peasant retiring from tb* holds, in
the red glow of the evening, with his
Wife and child, The latter aro seated -on tha back of a shaggy puny,
the child in front, with iis head
thrown buck, laughing into its
mother's face. The mother is looking
down at lhe child with a smite that
Is eloquent of maternal joy and pride,
They ai'e crossing a stream, and the
father, a lino physical specimen of the
rural laborer, is walking beside the
horse, up to bis knees iii water, and
he Is looking at his wife and child
with an expression of great satisfaction. Over his shoulder h* curries a
fork and rake. The right arm, wilb
Which lit, holds them, is bared to lhe
elbow. It is a masterly piece of
painting, The composition uf the
whole work it flue, tha color Is rich
and glowing, und the technique Is of
thnt quality that bus mado I'mif
I'eel a name highly prized in Canadian art.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days afler
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Woiks tor a
special llcetse 10 cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "R
dUea'S, E corner," planted on Gold
creek trail, four miles north west ofthe
north west corner of Lot 320, group 1
East Kootenay; thence north Hi) chains,
ihence west 8u chains, thence south tin
chains, theuce east SO chains to the
place of the beginning, containing (ill)
loted this 30th day cl August, 1OT-3,
*.»« R. TRITE3.
Timber Notice
Tuke Notice that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to Hie Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a special I'cense to cut aad carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a poat marked "T,
Wellman'a N. W. corner," planted 40
chains north of tbe south east corner
of Lot BOS. group 1, Kast Kootenay
thence east UH) cbatna, thence south 40
chains, thence west h'.o chains, thence
north 40 chains, to the place of begin
nleg, containing (140 acres.
Dated this 14th day of August, lflOSJ,
2d T .!. WELLMAN.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to ihe Chief Com
missloner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from tbe following lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"loseph Dobbs' N. \V. corner," planted
at north east corner of Lot 380, grcup
1, East Kootenay; thence south 100
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
north 100 chains, thence west ill chains,
to the place of the commencement,
contalulng 040 acres.
Dated this 14ih day nf August, 1002.
Ninety-five tons uf gold and 520 of
lilvai  ur* mined in a single year.,
Nnttco Is hereby given that thirty days nfter
flute ! intend to apply to tho Assistant Commissioner nl Limits and Works nf the distil, t tif
.-last Rootflliay, anil tha Chief Commissioner nf
Units and works ror a license tn prospeo fnr
nul nn lhe following  ileserlhed land httlllltod
uu tho north side of the Flathead Itlvor, ttie Initial post being about ono hair ml e smith nr ihe
I'lncher Creek trail iiiiiI nbout twn tittles east of
tlio boundary line -f the Can .dlnn Pacific nil
way's tract of laud, lathe soiilhenstpoitlon of
Kast Kootenay district, province of llrhlsli Col-
Dal co this 7th day of October, 1(102,
commencing at a -...ist about sixteen miles east
of tlio town of Morrissey, being the southwest
uoruer adjnecut tu the northwest enrner of 11,
l„ Meiilicus claim, thenee m clialns east, tlionce
w chains norlh, thence 80 chains west, ihence
so chains south tu the place of beginning, con
mining six hundred nndToity a'res.
luued Oils liiili day of He|>Iember, niv.:.
John Crali.ui,
hy  A. Ufleki'tt, Agent.
yotlcetiliirebyglventh.it thirty days after
dale 11 niu ml to ap|.iy to tin* Assistant Commissioner m Unds ami Winks of the district of
Kast Kniiiermy, am! the chief Commissioner of
Umls and Works for license to prospect for
.na! on the fnlOwltiK il rlheil  land, situated
mi Hie soutn Hide nr iin- Flathead Hirer, Iho
iiiiiiiii post tn- nu nbout nue half inileinutli of the
I'lncher 1 reek trail ami about two Allies can nr
the boundary II ' tin1 Cuttiulltln I'aellle rail*
ways'* tract of land, in tho south bait iwrtloii
,.f Kast Ko tleuay, province of  Hrltlsll Ciiluin-
huted this uh day of October, toiw.
r,n eilclllgat   a  pnst   llboilt   sixteen III Ies
east uf the town of Morrissey, being the nortli
west corner adjacent to the northeast comer of
I'lioiniis Crahan's olnlin, llienee BO chains east,
thenee so chums south, ihenee 8.) chains w.st.
theuce sn chains north tu Die place of hegiiiuiug
containing six hundred ami forty acres,
Dated Oils mih day nf Hepteniber, im,
11. I,. Stephens,
by !A. llookeltf Agent
Nollce is hereby given thai thirty days after
dale 1 intend hi apnly to the Assistant Commissioner of Uinm and Works of the district of
Kast Kooienay, und the chief Commissioner of
I.auds nm! Works for 11 Ilea ise lo prospect for
mini nil tlie followln: lands, situated on the
smith side or llie tlatliead ltl,er, tlm Inll.al pnst
being about one half mile south nt tlm I'lncher
Creek trull ami about iwo miles east id the
boundary line »i the Canadian I'aellle railway's
tract of land, In tho southeast portion of East
Kontenay district, province of llritish Columbia,
hat. tl this Tth day of October, 1WW,
Commencing at a post about sixteen miles
enst of the town of Morr-ssey, being ihe north
.ast corner adjacent t» the northwest corner of
II. I., !*itep|ieni claim, llienee si) chains soiuli,
Ilioncets-J chains west, tlieneo ho chains ninth,
thoiiac so ehalns oast to the place nt beginning,
containing six hundred nnil forty acres.
Hated Hus Hllll day Of Sept em ber, UKW.
Tliniiiiis Crahan,
mi by A. Itii.hi'ii, Agent.
l.\TllKsrri;i:.Mi:ci»i IM 11PTIIK NOIIT1I
lii tbe matter »i the Ksinto or .Initios Wilson
I'lirsuaiii to the order ul the Hoiinrnhle .Mr
.lusti <• Itlelianlsou dated the tth day id Sop
ou ilurnlli
■curtly it mi
Dated al 11
iiie nlmv>
-*H&-(!H^-i^r(^«^/-«H«H!)- •"'  -' " '-' "'
, he I
1, this luili day nl Sc|it„ 1901,
NOItMAN  MAi'KKN/.ll*:,
Public Administrator.
T-Nov I, Itogllin, N. W.T,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thnl uiiiii dnysafloi
ate I lut ml lo   apply In   the 1 bh-t   Cull!
ilaslnncr of Unds ami  Works at Viotoilii
iraspeea license I > cut nud eiliry away tllll-
bur from tlie folinwlnti described lauds i
iilllinelielilK al npusl lliiiiked "J.   W. Ilnji's
V, corner." planted m ehalns south nr the
lh oust eurnor of Lot Nn, ;uo. group 1 Kiwi
Kootenny 1 ihence north lun ehuliis, theuce easl
M chains, lliencu smith MO chnlns, tlionce wost
10 chains, to tliu plate nn in- beginning, r-ontnbi-
m 040 acres,
hated Oils sstitli dny ot August, UWil.
20 .1. W. IIAY1.B,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thnt thirty dnysafiei
date 1 Intoml lo apply to the Chief Commission-
Br of bunds nud Works nt Victoria for a special
license to cut nml enrry nwny Umber from tin
following   ili-SCllhed laUlK.
tinnieiieiii;-at n pnsi marked -a. M, North*
. s n. w. corner," iilnnted 10 chains south m
the south enst enrner ol l.nt No. ;i:o, groii)i 1
Knst Kootenay; thence east su chains, thence
uiii ei clin-ns, tlionce west 80 chains, thenco
nth so ehalns, to the plnce of the beginning,
containing M1 acres,
hated tills audi dn) of August, uw.
■J0 A. -M- NOIlTllllOl*.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tlmt llilrty days nfici
dale 1 inteml tonpply to lha Chief Commissioner
of Lnmls ami Works at Vlctortn for 11 special
license to cut and carry away timber from llm
ftilInwlm; ileserlhed lnmls:
Commencing nt a pnst marked "J, l.eo Fen-
wick's 9, K. corner," planted nbout one mile
north of Dohson's cabin un ilu* west bunk ni
told Creek; thence north Uin chains, thence
rest 40 chains, llienee smith IQG chillis, thence
east 40 chains, to the ploee nr tlie beglnnliiK,
inlalnlllg nm acres.
Dated this mtli day of August, 'Dn.1.
20 .1. l.KK FBNWICK.
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby *jlten tlial thirty days nfloi
date I Intend toapplyto thoOhlel Co ilsslouei
of Uud nnd Works at Victoria for a spccln!
llcenso to out and cany nway timber from tin
tolInwIiiK daierlheil limdst
cnmiiioiii'iiii; at 11 pnst marked "I. A, Moirntt'i
N. W. Comer," planto.l forty chains west o
the smith ens; enruer of hot Nu. IHO, j*rniin 1
tins! Kootenay; lliencu mint 40 chains, llicnn
south mil clinlns, tlienoe west 40 clmliiH, ihenee
iior-.li 100 ohnlns, to the place of the boiilmlug
'iinta niu)* 010 acres,
hate l this Wth dny of August idi^.
■2i: I, A. MOFFATT.
Timber Notice
Notice 1^ hereby given thnl thirty dnys nftei
date 1 Intend to apply in Uie Chief Commission
erof Units nm! Works fnr a license to cul
ami carry awnj timber from ihe following des
crlbed lands:
m lenclng nt n posl mnrkeil "M. L Trltes
N. IV. corner,' planted at unutli west roruer U
A. Tntes'timber limit) thonee east so chnlns
llii'iiee smilli so I'hnms. thenee west sll chains
thenee nnvlll BO chain*., lo llie place of the lie
ulniilng, cnntiiinlng MO acres.
hated this 23th day of August, 10-2,
20 M, I- T1UTKS,
Timber Notice
Take Notice thattlilriy dnys after dnte I In
tend in apply in iiie chief Commissioner o,
Unds ami Works inr n speolal license to cm
nun carry awuy limber from the following described lands:
Coinmannngntn pnst marked -i:, it, Kennedy's s. w. coiner," plnntod 2M chains nortli
uml 200 clinlns wed of tho north west comer ol
Ut imi, goup l, Kast Kootenay; llienee cast in
ehalns, thenee noi'ib lUiballls, Ihenee west im
chains, llienee south 10 chilli IS, tn the place nl
the beginning, coohiln.ng mo acres,
haieii tlus'JOth duy of August, inifi,
it! K. I!.  KKNNKDV.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days afte>
date I intend lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner of L-nils and Works foi
a special license tn cut antl cany awaj
timber from the following describe!
Commencing at a post marked "T
Hook's S, W. corner," planted at thi
soulh east corner of Lot 338, group 1
Eist Kooteti.iv: thence norlh 80 chains
ihence east unchains, 'hence south s
chains, thence west sn chains, te tin
place of the beginning, containing iim
acre i
Dated this loth day of August 1(102,
36 T. HOOK liS.
Timber Notice
Tske notice that thirty days afte-
date ! Intend to apply to ihe Chief Com
mlssloner of Lands'and Works for ;
special license to cut and carry awa<
timber frum the following describee
Commencing at a post marked '.Inn
Mulligan's N. E. corner," planted Bb
chains west of the south west Corner ot
Lol 315, group 1, East Kootenay; ihenci
west so chains, south HO chains, east sn
chains, north Hi) chains, to the place of
beginning, containing Old acre?.
Dated this ->Hih day of August, 1002.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty davn after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Land and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked '-D.
Smith's S. K. corner." planted at the
north east corner of M. Dunn's timber
llmll In South Eist Kootenay; thence
norlh 100 chains, west 40 chain**, south
10(1 ciatm, east 40 chains, to the place
of the beginning, containing 040 acres
Daieil this 2tith day of August, 1003.
20 "      "        D   SMITH,
■ v  . . .
•\' ? /"'"
v '     ■*     . ,f »*u*t
f ^^l*M^4s   x
'.' "*'!'' ! ' ^LV'O"0,"^-% 2f£N     A.     '\
The first 200,000 of these shares have already
been subscribed and shares are now selling at
15 cents on calls of 2 1-2 cents per month, according to the terms of the prospectus, and the
fourth 100,000 are to be sold at 20 cents, the
fifth at 25 cents, on the same terms.
fl 2,000,000 Shares Par Value $1 Each
li Por Further liifunnailon Apply to the Official Brokers of the Ashnola Smelter, Limited
It Ponton t& Murray, Toronto, Ont.
g A. W. Moore & Co., Victoria, B. C.
i|| •     C. S. Elouglas & Co., Vancouver, B. C.
fi W. N. McGannon, Morrisburg, Ont.
If H. R. Cameron, Winnipeg, Man.
fl R. J. Steel, Nelson, B. C.
ll Beale, Hutchison & Elwell, Cranbrook, B. C.
tl -, —    !    =—        - ——=         m
I? ROOH "A",  K. W. C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C. |
Code Address '.'Ashnola", Nelson, B. C.   Code: Moreine & Neal "il
P. 0. BOX 714
.     .     .
.. *>-®-^t)-<5WiH2>-*5>^H^
Timber Notice
Timber Notice
Take Notice that tlilriy days afler j .Notice H Hereby rIv.-ii thai ttilrtr day*,
late I intend to apply to the Oalef Com- j ilnle I Intend t-tnuply mthe Chief t'nmtnl'
nlssioner of Lands am) Works for ofurol iJindsniul Works for a license tn cu
•pedal license to nit and carry away carry nwny llinhor frmn Die following deie
Imbei from the following lands: i htndsi
Commencing at a post marked "W. rnninienchigat n i*n« mnrk
Waleotl's S. W. corner." phnied on thi j " J, .,,',' ),, i0t \o W lirniiii i VI
mrth east corner of ,1. Swinnarton's1, ' tueucPi%iBtiffl*cli'aliis. smilh fttiohi
Imber limit: thence nortli 40 chains. ^. ;.|",;iiii-, n nih w oiinuis. in the jini
hence east 101 chains, ihence south 40
chains, ihence west 100 chains, to the
daceo* the beginning containing 040
Dated this 2.uh day of August 1003
so w. WALcorr.
Timber Notice
"M,  li,   I'V
M, O ll'NWHK.
Timber Notice
.   Notice Is hereby Riven ihat thbty days afler
dnto i Intend lo npply in the Chief Coiiiiulsslau*
j [ er of Umls and   Works mr a license in ent ami
i carry away Umber from tho following described
1     lUIHlS:
Commencing nt n post market "a. m. Ken*
■   iiedy's s. w. corner," t>l mteil ono*half wny lie*
I uveen Hold Creek nnd flold Creek trail, three
'* milc*inorth wost nr ihe north west corner <>f
II i.oi a,''. «rmi|) one, Kooienay district! llienee
0 rast too ohnlns, thence north m chains, ihenee
j nesl im chnlns, tlionce south 10 clulus, tn the
plnco nf coinmeuceinent, eontAliilnR mn acres.
I   Dated this jtrtlidny of Auguit, tow.
■\      11 A. M, KftNNKDY,
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days afler
late I intend to apply to the Chief Com-
nlssloner of Ltmls and Works foi a
special license to cut and carry away I
timber from the *->■'*-■»■■-" .io«-.rih«,i I
Commencing at a post marked ".I.
Swinnarton's S W- corner," planted 40
halns south of lhe norlh east corner of
vf. Dunn's timber limit on linid creek,
Rast Kootenay; Ihence north Ml) chains.
hence easi 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west BO chains, to the
place of the beginning, containing 64(1
Dited this 2*.th day of August 1003.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
da.s after date I will apply to the
Chief Commissioner cf Lands and
Works for a special lie *nsc to cut and
lemove timber from the following
|    Commencing at the north  west cor
IU   am    carry   ««**J   Ber p08t   „|dCed at the south  wesl  cor
following   described , [|er ^f lj|f,ck .,,„   „.,, cho|n| ^^ ,henC(
40 chains south, thence 100chains west,
thence 40 chnlns norlh to llic  point  ol
commencement,  containing 040 acre*-
more or Ies--.
Cranbrook, Sept   1 h. 1003.
27 C. H. BLACK,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given- that, thirty
days after dale I will npply lo the
Chief Commissioner of Lands ami
Works lot a special license tu cut and
remove   limber   from   ihc   following;
Commencing at the north weftt curlier post piar.il ih.i: half mile south ol
(J, II lllac'd north wesi corner post
-.ii chains east, ihence **■ i chains south,
thence 80 chains wesl, thence *. i chain*
north to the pilnl oi commencement.
COIltallllng 040 acres mure Ol lens.
Cranbrook, Bopt, I h, 1003,
27 IBSAC I'lniiL.Mu)
Timber Notice
Notice Is lioroby ttlvon Hint unity nays
date i inteml tonpply io the Chief Commissio .ei
of lnmls an,! Works for a license to cul ami
curry away timber rrom ihe follow Iiir dmerlbcd
in in Is;
Coimnoticlns a' a post marked "ll. a. Trltes'
S. W, eornor," planted at tin-1 mih east  mi
of,1, Hwlminrtnn'stimber llmll tn smith 1'iisi
Kn.itetiiiv: tllOIICOOlIBt B0 ClinlllB, tin life linitli
Bflchnlns, the wesl 80 chains, tlnnoa smith
siifhnms. tathoplnceoftliohcglmiing, cnntnln-
haletl this 2fltll dny uf AUffUSt, l«w,
20 I). A. TIUTKS.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby Riven Ihnl thirly dnys nfler
date i Intend in apply tn tin1 Chlof Cnininlss -
er of l.iuiils iiii l Works fm' a llcenso i u niul
enrry away ilm-ior from tho fullowinii ilosurlbod
commencing ut n ikisi marked "B» I'. I'on*
wlok'a N. It. corner," plftiitcu nUoiil iv,
milt's north or Dahsm'soniiln nn the uqrtli
fork of hold Crock, Hnntli Knsi Knnranny, nml
ntiont  two mil.H   west  of  llie  PllllllbOh Mail
thenee smith io chnlns, ihence west nw chains,
iiieiii'einiriii inI'hiiins. tlioncD east inn clinlns,
In Mm place   of llie   bCgldllng, COUllllhlhg 0ID
Dilli'il tills-JTth illiynf AllKllSt, 1(102,
•in K. \\ KliNWICK,
Timber Notice
Notlco Is hereby given Hml llilrty ilnvs after
dale t lmI'lnl tn npply m iin- Chief < lominissluiier
nf baiitlsiiiil  Works al  Vloiotln Inr a special
llconso tn out nnd carry away limber from the
fallowing  dcsiiitlii-d Infills;
Coininoiiolnu nt a ims marked ".1. it. I'on-
wloksH, KtCornofB," iilaiileil nlioul mie mile
uoitii west of where tho small uroot enters tho
liuilli rnrkurilold I'reek, Mouth Itnsl Kooloiuiy
llienee iimtli sn chains, ihence wcsl SO chnlns,
till e sniiii RoelitdllS, I hem .ist sn chains,
tn iin. placo of the hpglnnlng, coninlitlnu C40
Dated llilsaitli day of August loha,
ati J. H, I-ION Wll K.
IN TIIIC < "I y\\   i ui III   ui    l<t)UTICNA\
s hard
ii Dial
n thu Uli dny ol
r nnw it
|.s<l . .
or ihe
by his Hoiiur .1.
salil com!, Hint
James 1
Sll'. 111''
nilielal AdlllllllM
Halm ni
ai tlm
esliile  nl   AIOhHI
c Hy
i:*,eiy i
Is If,,llll,
1, llll
kc |>
■il to't
ie mnl decenseil
Inilhwllh  In   UlQ
11Hllll ll
1 Villi,
In po.s
isSlnn eitcels lie*
lllllglll({ t
i lho il
-d is r
mdred forilnviili
nr until
llllllll ll|n
in Inl
lier po
In tint <
son, linving nny
htnliiitluiMii Mm
i or so mil
SllllII "
iiiboiIIs rcinilrcil
Wlllllll III
ly lay
:n M'ini i.\ rails*
tared lot!
In lhe
iinlcrslgned, lis
name niu
'Sl,  I
1 the I
'1 I'iiilicirais or
t,'iiii'iii of lil-s ac
iiniiii. an
1 lhe i
nt   lln
Buetirhy ,ir an)i
e oxplr
or tin-
said thirty days
Ill  'Stlllllll
with  lhe iIMh-
hill Inn n
claims mi
llie e
' shall
ivgiird In UK-no
live bnd imilro,
Dated Al
my ur Horn. n»a,
.lAMllU Fi
2.i Ct
Adiiiliil.li' uior.
For (jetting a Beautiful Watch
and chain Free,--No Money Required.-Every Man, Woiunu,
Boy, or (iirl has the .tame Opportunity under our System,
In order to have Dr, Arnold's lOtmlish
Toxin Pills placed In ihe hands of nil
persons suffering from bad health we
make thc following mosl liberal often
If you will send us your name and
address ai tl agree io sell fnr ns twelve
boxes of Dr. Arnold's Knglish Toxin
Pilla at -ac. per box. we will nlvc von
absolutely Free a beautiful Welch ssd Chile
in either Lullm oi Q ell is size, ur ymir
choice of twenty other   premiums nii-h
as Une sets of Jewelry, Kings, violins,
Mandolins, Tea Sets, Sateen Skirls,
Cameras, etc, Remember we don't
wanl any money until afler ynu •eh the
I'Ills ami inn don't have to tell any
mote than 12 tioxcs lo gel llie pie milium.
Tuls is a bona tide offer from a reliable
concern that has given iliouian.lt of
dollars worth if pn tn urns in agents all
over the country. Itemombei alio iiut
Dr. Arnold's Kigihh Tuiln I'Hln are a
well known it* in ed v lor all ilhteasei ■!
the kidney ami bladder, Origin's
disease, diabetes, rliQumats*m, iter tous
troubles, and leuialr r. n.p .tints, ami
aro for sale by all Aral Class (IrugglilS
.nul dealers In medicines in ih parts of
On- world.     You   have   only   lo  show
them to soil them. You are not offering something ihat ilu- people don't
know, o.ir waichcn are the regular
aiundotd ■■ >■• h>r Lidlos or Clentlemen
In Nl.-kel   or   Ouu   Metal   Canes   wltb
handsome Illuminated dials and reliable
tlme*keepcrs, watches such as no lady
or gentleman need be ashamed lo cany
mil iht-v wlil be sent absolutely Free
to ul) who sell only iwilve boaes of
ihose wonderful Toxin Pills, Wilte at
once uml be tlie tlrst In Your locality to
earn one of those beautiful watches and
chain, As soon as we receive your
letter or post card we will send you
post paul twelve boxes, together wllh
our Illustrated Catahgue and beaut'.
fully colored with y ur name and address on an onr authorized agenl, I) ur
in inliul thai you will nol be asked lo
sell any moie than lhe 12 boxes aud we
iimi'I win,tauy money iinill after vou have
sold tbem, Wo bear all the expense
and aro only nii.klug this liberal rfh-r
as a met hml of advertising Dr. Arnold's
ISilgllsh Toxin Pllla, D n't .lelav,
.m li.* at once and cam a beautiful | re*
aunt lor yourself foi rhtbimas.
Address AltNIILO MlilllCINfi CO., Depl. 116,
SO Adelaide St. East Toronto, Out. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
You Save Honey
"Royal Brand"
with this guarantee label attached
to the pocket ofthe
coat or overcoat.
V   (Mm,    / x
I   tf<&£>' ,   tW"     I
<Rovai Brand. '-is*.&
"     CLOTHING       ,M
niu   brthiu
E. A. Small & Co., It., maker.., are founders in
Canada ol Tailor-made Clothing ready-to-wear.
It lias taken years of careful training in the
manufacture of this Clothing, in order to reach
the perfection, which " Royal Brand" has
" Royal Brand " Clothing is now reaping its
just reward by its enormous sale from the
Atlantic to the Pacific.
Compare Fit, Finish and Value of " Royal
Brand" Clothing with other makes, then ask
yourself which you will have ?
Reid & Co. Agents Por Cranbrook.
Hll l.t*«i   Buttle.
Teacher—Now which was tho Black
Prince's lusi war? Intelligent Pupil Thompson
•—Please miss, tbe one be died in.— as n no
"Iti-fiania** there was n» room."
I'he bhistn of winter ure fierce and ''Old, "
The snow lies deep over hill mnl wold.
But a star Bullies brlglii iiiioiigii tlie deep-
enlng gl. .no -
ttouin fur tiie Christ-child, room:
Where nian's distrust  ami hla greed   for
Han frosen the floods of tender rain.
Till never a Hower »f lioiie cau bloom—
Hooin fur the rinUi .lill.l. rooml
In homes that ilri-i>.--i griefs have borne*.
'Mid silent fornu >'r (hose that mourn,
lu  th.' shadows Hun  gather around   me
fteom fur the Clirist-ehlld, roam!
Having rim Willi Ilia Xiitno.
After   nil,    If    is   Ernest   Sotcm-
Tho iiuiue will  bo kopt
ns   o    iioin    ih> pin  J lo Iiiis ton
brothers, mul twenty yours ugo they
I in
process nf law. Thoy were scattered
throughout ilu* work), nnil fur soma
reason the step wns nol taken.
"Thai is the name under which I
nm known, mul, although Soton is
iho correct name. I hnvo no objection tn Setnn-Thompsoii. Tho bright
boys in the newspapers can hnvo
their fun. hut 1 mn sill! with tho
'wilil animals 1 havo known.' "
I wish I liml a horse nml sleigh*
The sleighing Is so ilm- to-day.
1 wish i hnd « little ulr
With ni.-. close snuggled
George Laurie has wood
nl' till lengths, see liiin
before buying.
Drink Home Beet
ll is Pure
11 is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Sleele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give mc a call.
Physician and Surgeon.
Olllce nl Residence, Armstrong Aie.
omen hours!
Forenoons,   ■   ■       ■ 9:30 lo II
Afternoons   -   -   -   • 1:30 to 3:30
Evenings   ■   ■   •   • 7.30 lo 8:30
CRA   flROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    II. C
I.O.O.P.   Key City Lodge
Sn is'.  MwMcvcryM.il,
,1.1,  ,11 = 1,1  Sll  11,,'tl   HI." >,
Dtiker slrei'i.   Sojniirnlni
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control n large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in Ihe Kuoti'iinv District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands.    I lusi lands arc readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
varrlnf llf„ for lire   I
■nt   rri.in    tb,-   tearful ,
Where nations sir.
An,I   0   .".->■   rlius-
A. II dying people BlIlkB to Its iloolU—
llooni rur tin- Christ-culld, rooiol
It.*,in for tho Bbcphorda of Bethlehem,
itoom r«r tbe nngola Mint wing l„ ttu'iu.
Room for the lliitst. lis Hi.' wintry gloom-
lluuin fur the s'liilit .lillil. room!
-Willis Boyd Alt.'o.
I    I wish, its tit,- nighl nlr
Thnt  die mlgh.  simgglt
... sl.1.,
I wish, thnt when lhc lull
1 in'elit hnvo cottmgo to pn
I ivlsli ,l,i,t
Might then •
Good   .,   Drill,    Uut   Kn.w   Nothing  .1
Minuting or  Hiding.
over ilu- signature "A Disappointed Un..," u wins correspondent,
writing to tin- curronl issue ,,l    Tho
I'.imuli.lll Nihility ClrUetlO, ilruws
intention t„ sunn, fo;,tint's ,,f nullum training in Cnnn.ln lie rica-
crlbc. himself ns li.iiiiu:  n      prrlov-
ISIl,'.'.   ISI„I    I
isglmsts   ,
pored    Yes"
th,ill,!,* I ti.li
sleigh   UU gll
.,1 ■.»■„ I..
Is    I.,   ll,"
l"l    .Villi
th.. Cnn
vice, stnil  nllt,,11, St
111 III,' 11,-1,1  I I.I..
lore ill. recruiting
I   iu.is   MIS   thnt   I
nilnciit N >' it in
ol Na I district,
sliill IllBtflli'liir nt
tor sovcrul yours
tended two coin's.
Toronto ,iii,i I i
and was for tut
Well, when wo wei
hiBPoetlon bj tin- i> st
e.i ..st. among n ntiinh
being ,i    Itkels  nun,
1 t„,..s,.,i the doctor t
«...-,.      ...IS.   nn.l   ..us
.... were lliii, .j.I.-i. I.i
int..     I mice       niul  lit.
, let io
sip lot
. plck-
.'.      mil  fired  ,s    ,1" i   Of
„  Inl'gol       I  nrknowiodgo
tin.t   I   SSUS  nni   S.-I.S   | tn .11
thu, nor ul Hi,' riding Iml winch
followed, become I hnd novel hcon
in-...ii.-i.-.l     in it,is work        I'lineo-
I|I,,,|||IV     I    WUS   1,-1,., I,Ut I    S,.,s   ,l,','|,-
Iv bun und pointed mil tn tho D
ui' niv qualifications us n soldier
und Instructor ll„ replied iii.it 'lio
won sorry, but molt worn wanted for
work nol plus ' Whui wns particularly galling tn uu' ...is itn-    fact
tlmt two Iri M of mil,.' from    tin.
next county wen. i»„th enlisted Thoy
know no moro ubout drill than n
pule of goals, but ns thoy spend a
lot of spare lime shunting rnbblts in
the winter thoy proved to bo pretty
handy with the tin,'.    This   seemed
to take lhe eye of lho I'Qcrillltng nl-
lifer, so I wus tlll-ni'd down.      Now,
Mr. Edllbr, whnt I wanl to know
is why we ore mil latlflht I huso
things  at tlio schools,   il  tbey      ore
the chief tpiulifli-iitioiis required when
lighting men  nre ncodod,
"IJUrtng m.v  two courses   nt.   Toronto ami London 1 never sow a row
of     111111,iu,ill i,,ii,    mil-   spoke     lo   a
horse. Can you explain niiii.teis
or after tne any en,isolation?
1 must sny iimi. I believe In tbu theory lhat if
a soldier can't  .shoot   he  is no use,
uml It (iocs api ■ ridiculous    Unit.
In lhe militia orders culling for
recruits It Is Set forth I hu I ' thoy
must he able to Bhoot.' Ono might
as well advertise for a cook, stipulating Hint she must be ol.lc In light
a lire, or tor uu olllce clerk Willi lho
proviso thut ho nmsl bo ublu lo
... It... lor VV..I <;,»(,u-n-.l Alio
tb. t .'.I,,.' u....1,1.
I'll,- ni,l   li
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount ol prtnclpal'and inl rest, except in Ihe
ease tif lands under $2..ill nn acre, is divided inlo len instalments as
slum n in the [able below; lite first In he ptiid al Ihe time uf pur*
chase, tne second une .ear iruin dale ui llic purchase, the third in
Iwo ycara and su on.
Tin- following lalile slmvss ihc amount uf Ihe annual instalments
ml Ilill aires nl dillcicill prices under llle abuve conditions:
Ilill airs at $2,511 per iter. Isl inslnlinenl t.W.M o equal intal'll al SSU.UO
■lllll     ■■ •• 7I.V0 ••               60.00
I.SII      i, » 8,1.10 "                70.00
l.llll     ■■ •• 05.85 "                80.00
...ill     •• •• 107.85 "                WOO
5.00      " " 10.85 "              100.00
k imli.-rlt-v is the business and shipping point for the
ixiiuvcr, iv.y  Nwl|i S(a|. and Sl|||ivan mines
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsilc Af-ents.
i'r'iiihniitk 's ",c divisional point of Ihc Crows Nesl Pass
vi aiii-i uur. Rai|way „„,-thc commercial ccnlrc ol Sculh
liasl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
Fnr further infurinnllnn npply b, agenls ns abuve ur tn
Lands under I2.it per acre are sold
on shorter time.
II Ihe laid is Mi* lor la lull at the
lime ol purchase, a reduction Irom Ihe
price will be allowed equal to tea per
cenl oa tbe amounl paid lu excess ol Ihe
usual cash Iaalalwil,
Interest at ali per ceat will be
charged la over due iaslalaeala,
The Company has also lots for sale
in Ihe following towa sites ia Easl kooienay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, kilch.
eoer, Cresloa aad kimberley.
The terns ol payment art one-third
cash, aad the balance ia ait and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of thc great
iron range aud Ihe gateway lo thc White
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent,
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
M. lli
ii I.
Lranftrook Lodge, Nn. 3.
\. P. S x..«.
Regular meetings
111,,,,    I l.m-.Hi'
Hrsl annual bamvuel .u lho    Bociety
Hilly   lli,i-..  .slm  , .in,.    ,,.   tho  wi'st   i
'.',:l ,,i   previous i,.  th„l  .Luc      s\,t
eligible to attend lhc Hprcud   li  was
.,   in.isi     mi,,,miii,;     and  historical
gnthecitiB ol lhe pioneers    who    hud
braved Iho I ships und   dangers of
tl urly days,    Around tho    table
snl mull vih.. c, i over lho     .,ld
unit rrom fort It, nton, when long
hull trains with creaking wagons
drew in supplies from Iho soulh   for
Foil  Moil cod     Man)   I r    inetn-
tii'i-,. of tin' vn \t i" sv,.,,. ihere, and
i,i,i comrades recalled I tc days when
fin s  code sldo by  sisle ,n  ss I     '"-
gethet 1st iml tin' stoekade and luis-
lions .,i I'm i Walsh, when lho lull, ins iluenlened nllnck
So t  the 11,-, lies wore     very
imii,slug,    i  aid  llmei        tl Id
wl it,,.,.. ... ii, 11.linnil wanted lo
ml.- the spooking ll,. ri peiitedlj insist.-.1 tlmt ho ti.,,i I ti in it tun-
oilii't  gi'uiii n speaking, and wnnt"
,..l over)  to M'uii.',' lho laei     lhat
,„. in-i struck lho ,i,u,ins twenty-
six years ngo
i in, ,,i 11 M i iiin'i - dosi i Ibod i.is
llrsl onll  t" rnlgur;    In     I-""
tin   ..uin-    la tli,' opposite I I.   "I
iliu I... xx lllvet which nt tbut Hoio
of tli,. s.-.n si,,s very high mul awlft,
plunging    his hor. lo it"'     cold,
deep is ' bu civni nulls   reached Ilia
otltor sldo, I s'liiu  to his     muse's
mil whllo.lhc nm I swum    ncroM,
Hero ho wns tint by tss,, pollcomuti,
mul warmly welcomed nt lho N IV,
M. r   bnfi'iiekn
I'ulg.iis. nt thai llmo consisting nf
n low ion shncks, wus ,u Inolnlcd
litis! ninny weeks Journey from lho
then fur nwny csi \,.sv ii is n
nourishing city ,,f live thousand poo*
in vt.li.'i' pluses, .mil whul wero ollco
great,    I ly   stretches ..I     prnirlo
win.co ii mull COUltl rid.' for "Inys
without seeing n soul, nro now dotted with tbu lutii'tii's of prosperous
It.   wus    Bilggoated    thai no time
sl bl In, lost  hi making nu   elToct
to gather nnd eoeol'd lb 'ly     .intuits of lho west, for tb" old-tin
wbo    pnt'llelpatod lu historic ov
wero .nn. by ono passing uwuy,
witli thorn much Inloi'osllng hlsloi
Mutt.v is hourly Inuult vvs'til uf
East Kootenay
Holt Iiii"; Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all Ixinils.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Elc.
Soda water In siphons.    Thc most
economical way 1° liancllc •'•
Call at Tom's Barber Shop, Victoria House, opposite depot.
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave 15c.      Ilnir Cul .Lis.     Shampon i.is
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
Vroom & Do/all    -
Blacksmiths |
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
licncnil Jobbing....
There arc a few poinls to
he considered in building.
Good  work,   Good    M atcri
and the price.
tin, s ynu lalkcsl wllh anyone nbout building?
Come nnd see tne nr let tne sec you, ll may
,l„ us both good.
(i. R. LEASK
and Builder  *
All work gitnrnalecd.   Sec ns helnre
ynu build.   II will pay vou,
Cranbrook, 11 c
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & I'I. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co
The only nil mil route between nil
points Isust, Wesl and South to....
Intermediate Points,
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
tireat Northern, Northern Pacific
and (1. K. & N. Company.
Nelson  with Steamer for  Kaslo
and  All Kooienay   Lake  Points,
Myers Falls with -Stage Daily for
Hi-public, and
Connects slnilv
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
(if.'ind Porks and (ireemvood.
II. A. JACKSON, Den. Pass. Agt.
llutshls- Orders Promptly I   u.
Attended la,
rf«***»*"«''»****»""^ Montreal
i | EAST KOOTENAY I st. John
* ij/wri 8 Halifax
S HOTEL... I Boston
i CRANBROOK, B. C. f New York
San Francisco
Timber Notice
IU1.14.I i HHIHtlltlH
PBTfiK MATHBSON, Proprtclor.
When you  lire lllingrv  and  vviltil
T:ilii'Nollrs'lballliltlv,l,iV«aller,ble A
1 Intend in apply loihoChlol r,minis- *
slonct of I .mils iiiiiI woi lis lor a special g
license to cut and  carry  away  limber j - - ,     , n
from lho following deicrlncil lands:      |J        kooienay 1
Commencing al a pest market >>M. I w||e|| v„„'.,lu lir,,,i „„,, w„„| a J
Iiiiinrs N. IS. corner," |ilanicil about so •* ,     ,     ,   llle Kl,sl K„„. J
chains north ofthe forks of (Inld creek J*
on Pollution trull in K'"I Knoleo.iv
thence south 80 chnlns, thence west so
chains, ihclici! niirlh su clialns. lltci ce
c:st 911 clialns. to lh- place ol the be-
ginning, containing lllll acres.
U.itcil this ,'.',th day nl Almost. IHO!.
Timber Notice
lea      Take Nollce   lhal  thirty day.  afli'i
'its date I Intend to apply  to tbe Chief
nnd commissioner „( lands aril wniks lor a
■y,    sprciji license to cut and cany away
,u  Umber   Irom   the   following ileserlhed
b nnil.  loll-'lands:
ing bis siory. nnd, of  trso,     pur-     Commencing at a poat tnitlteil *-l., It,
fecllv  niiUiuiitii-.     Only  oci'usionnll.v .smith's N  M. cornci," pljiitnl on thc
wus  tbu speaker  Interrupt,nl —  Hint I wesl side   of   the   no,111   fntk of Hold
wns    whon be snlil so thine;    loo' creak, about three miles irom Its io,hs
hard for oven n vvoslernor to swal-1 npstroa'mi thenco soulh 80 chains, wcBt
low, At u  luler hour, wil.lt     iiiitih' sn chains,   noilli   Sll   chains,   east st)
g i fooling,    tin, Blithering    broke I chains, tn tho placo of the beginning
Up,    after    111..l.v     pleiisunl. rcmilils-I cnnlHilling lllll acres.
concoa ot tho dnys long gone by, Ditad thla 110th day ol Augu.t, lima
i- • ' * -   •    10 L. II.   8MMIH1.
tenny. *;
J!   When you are IblralV null wnnl u J
* pood ilrink   go   lo the  lv.'isl ax
1» Uootcnay. J
J!  Io fact whin you arein Crauhrook I
J        slop nl the Kast Kooienay. *.
When in town don't
lorgct to stop at the...
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook,..
Everything Firstclass
Opposite Depot
L. J*. Gubbins,
j. T. Dendurant,
Upper Lake Steamers
I... Porl William, San, lue, frl.
Lcuve Dunmore .lunsllnn dally fnr St, Paul
Leave knolsinny LandlttK Tuesday aad Satur
day lor Ionium und all ea.lera points
Leave Revelstoke dally lor Seattle, Vaacouver
aad .nasi sltles
Through llckels In liampe via all Atlantic
Lines. Prepaid llckels Irem all points at
lowest rates. For full farilsalars apply lo
local agents.
A. II. P. A , Ageal,
V.ntouv... tr.obro.k
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
» b.l.ule aa. Retail
1 Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Ertsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best.
trad* I. uillrl.nl.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kind. CM
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Ktfitted Throut-hout
One of the Most Com forUbl*
Hfjttln in Hast Kootenay.
Newly Farnlahed
L. B. VanDecar, Prop. IJ /.i^|
Cranbrook, B. C. ...1   1 \J LCI
Livery &
Proprietors * * *
Teams and slrivers luruiaheil for any
point in the district,
Manager   *  *   *
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by conlract,
P. 0. Fort su.lt. I. C.
Wc have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, lire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking: And
(irtiluitr of CtiHiiifiiiiii rt)!li|<e of  U.   8
Office and store Aiken Mock,
neii Canadian Hunk of Com*
merte, Crattlirook, B. C
Da baliterlai ai-J Otitril Fanllirt B«Hlfl*M
Will attend to any work In the dUtrict
A|iat far the Biaalea Mirklc *U (kealta
Wtrki.   ToHktleati, Hta-Jataaai. aU. l.l.l.I.I.I.I.I.I.1-.I.I.1.I.>♦"■♦! •!
Ladies Tailored Mantles § Skirts
This reduction ol 30 per cent includes c.ll our NKW FALL MANTLES,
191U This menus money 10 anyone requiring a stylish and comfortable wrap for full and winter wear.    Note the following prices:
$22 DO Ladies' IVarl Grey Coats, hell sleeve with cuff's, for $15.40
£16.50 Ladle**'Oxford Grey Coats, i4 length, bell sleeve
with CUffs, fnr...
. -f 14 do Ladles' Black Heaver Jackets, >$ length, for $ V.80 ■•
1 $9 5° L'idies' Oxford Grey  Frieze Coats. % length, vertl-
,. cal pockets, new style, for $ 6.65 <*■
f7 txi Ladies' Oxford Grey Coats, -4 length, for % *.%**
JSOQ Jackets and Skirts for  .  $3.50
- S3 S<- Jackets and Skirls for $ 2.*J5
*   Come and see what 30 per cent redctton really means to in-    '
tending  purchasers.   All garments marked in plain figures.    *
1 REID & CO. j
t-T<> 1 <j> 1 «> 1& 1 Q i. I. I. I <S> 1. 1.1 <H> I ♦ I. I * I. I * I«1. 1.1 «• 1.1 * 1 * 1 •
to o
JT England Is Unquestionably the X
of the world. The best products of the plantation find their way to that market and from
there are distributed all over the world. The
fact that the masses get a good tea at a reasonable price has much to do with the popularity of
the beverage. The consumption of| tea on the
American continent is yearly increasing, as the
imports show, and the demand is for a good article, not a tea dust nor a cheap, coarse congou,
but a leaf that will brew a mild, mellow, fragrant
cup ol goodness. That is what we claim for our
G. T. R. tea. It is carefully selected and judiciously blended. There is a pleasing quality
about it that "touches the spot" for tea drinkers.
We invite you to have
Afternoon Tea with us Saturday, Oct. 11
This invitation is extended to every lady in the
city. Don't feel that in accepting this invitation
you are expected to make a purchase. We want
you to try our tea. See the place where your
food is kept and how it is kept before reaching
your hands.
Fancy and   Staple   Croceries and Crockery.
That is our constant aim and we now have a small line of new
China that is more up to date than anything ever shown in
town, the quantity is limited as we must clear all before Xmas
goods arrive.   But the price is well call and see what you
think of the prices. Remember wc havn't a car load of this
china, but it will pay you to call and see it
Q.   . T1SDALE,
Proprietor of ■i'e
Candy Kitchen
Gnrrlcs a complete stock nt
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. (Jive us a call
'lie who will not, when he ran,
Must tarry when he would not."
Secure Insurace
it is too late
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
The Empire Restaurant
Mesdintes Shaw & Campbell, Props.
Meals antl Lunches at all Hours
Home Made Bread, white
and Ilrown. Buns and
Paslry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Of i i
Before buying your fall and
Christmas presents have a
look at our stock of
and Clocks....
A full line of Optical floods
always on hand
Jeweler and Optician.
Official Watch Inspector lor
Crows Nest division C. P. If.
di nr  itartot in oxturlor nt ymir holifc* mi' > •**
t    PREST'S STUDIO    |
*  Alt-ste > ■ work nf. r   olv,   sir Uesl r    -n £
*i       iimi.  Nn.in,, ..lent work an" -I  il     Ji
Select private boarding school tor
hoys. Modern me'ho Is. A impllstlul
masters. Excellent table. Home care,
Refining influences. Large, airy b d*
rooms. Specially built r* s rooms.
Cr-rket, football, boating*! s*.mining,
uiilitmy tli HI, Patron'*! 1 by the best.
Highest reference -;. Prospectus, Kev.
C. J, lirenton, M. A , Vancouver, Ii. C
Reference the Rev. H. llticbim,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook and Marysvllle, li. C.
Owing to some misunderstandings iu
the pnst The Herald hereafter will make
n flat rate of 7% cents per line for first
insertions nnd 5 cents per line each subsequent itisertion for church and society
locals advertising paid entertainments.
No tickets received in lieu of advertising
or as complimentaries. Business of this
character will be transacted on a cash
basis hereafter.
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Read Keattie's ad. As usual, it will pay
J, L. GateB, of Fernie, waa In town
Rd. Hill of Moyie, was in town on
Friday last.
Charles Armstrong visited Fort Steele
last Tuesday.
E II. Small visited Fernie and Morrissey ihis week.
F. H. Roberts came down from Marysvllle on Saturday last.
Afternoon tea at G. T. Roger's fancy
grocery more (Saturday.
Fred Smyth, ofthe Moyle Leader was
in town on Monday last,
Mi. aud Wis. W. D. Hill, visited relatives iu Moyie last Sunday,
Fred Frith, of Moyie, was In Cranbrook several days last week.
Reid iS: Co. are selling their new Fall
mantles at 30 per cent reduction.
W. S. Keay, customs collector at
Fernie, was in town last Tuesday.
The North Star miue haa ceased shipping, having completed its contract.
Wilson, the jeweler, has moved to his
new quarters neat to the post office.
J. D. McBride has filled bia store with
stoves.   A car load arrived last week.
Mr, ami Mrs. Geddis, and children of
Elko, paid Cranbrook a visit Tuesday.
Wfliittd—A Flret Class vet and pant
maker. McSweyn & Griffith's,
Chas. Campbell is bulldiug a residence
in the west end of town, which he will
Thirty per cent reduction in Mantles
and Skirts At Reid 81 Co.'s. Read their
H. I, Ilorden of Marysville, waa in
town this week getting a new supply of
groceries for bis store.
We sell It. Nobody else in Cranbrook
sells G. T. R. tea, 50c, per pound at G.
T, Rogers' fancy store,
George Wales has gone to Marysvllle
to tuke the position of engineer with tbe
Laurie Lumber company,
Mrs, P, Lund left last Sunday for
Spokane, where she will place her
oldest buy Iii school for tbe winter.
If you want something nice for a dress
suit drop in and see our range of blacks,
McSweyn Si Griffith,
Some of the Cranbrook sporta were
out on Baker Mountaii tbe past week
shooting, and report game plentiful.
Don't forget that we have a cheap line
of men's working pant, something that
will weur. McSweyn St Griffith,
Frank Clapp returned from a business
trip down lhu Une as far as Fernie on
Suutlny last. Mr, Clapp reports business
If you want a stove, wan't a good one
and wan't it at the right price, see McBride, He has a good stock to select
Mr. Bleu, the brewery man, of Rosslaud, was In town last week. He Is
thinking of putting up a brewery in thia
The new hall is rapidly assuming a
different appearance, and when completed will be one of the best In thia part of
the couutry.
Hugh Brock, one of tbe best known
drivers on the Crow, was in town several
days this week. He said that he would
like to remain here, hut that he would
have tn return to his rattlesnake run on
the prairie.
MORRhSSEY,   B.   C.
If tlie co.il mines nnsl coke ovens of this .listrict should close tomor
row eveiy smelter in British Columbia wos-M close wi"iln thirly rlays
l.iiiii MEN will lie employed in the near future in the mines nnd at the
mice ovens of MORRISSEY.
When ymi ure passing call in and see
our OVercoatlngB,    No  trouble to show
goods. McSweyn & Griffith.
The pretty display of china in Beattie's
window is attracting many admirers,
Bach piece has a very pretly view of the
town on it,
W I. Twiss, the hustling life insurance agent, Is In town in conference with
Palmer <\ Aruohl, the local agents of
his company.
The telephone line between Cranbrook nud Marysville hns been thoroughly repaired for the winter nnd is now in
tine condition,
T. F. Parr ish, a mining expert from
Greenwood, B. C, passed through Crnuhrook Tuesday on his wny to examine
tbe Kstella mine.
The Indies of the Presbyterian church
will give a Scotch concert on Hiillow'een.
An announcement of the programme
will be made later,
A. Leitcb, manager nf the East
Kootenny Lumber company, left last
Friday for a business trip to Golden,
West Kootenay and other points.
Mrs. R. Dudley and son Russel, of
Kimberley, left on Sunday last on a
short vacation to Lethbridge aud
Macleod on a short visit to friends there.
Palmer & Arnold have started a pool
tournament nt their billiard parlors.
There are eight entries up to the present time aud the list closes Saturday
D. Anderson, of the C. P. R. shops,
who ban been on a six weeks vacation to
Buffalo, New York, Boston, Toronto,
and other eastern points, returned ou
Sunday last.
Trainmaster McNeil Is feeling more
like a permanent citizen of Cranbrook
since his wife and daughter have arrived. Tbey have rooms at Ihe Cranbrook
for tbe present.
Jack Gillis, dealer in genl.'s furnish*
ings at Morrissey. was in town this
week. Jack says that there It no cm! tu
business with him, and it is far beyond
his expectations.
There are already tonnteen applications for licenses in the new town tbat
tbe coal company propose to put on at
Morrissey. It is evident that the coal
company now favor booze at their mines
and plenty ol it.
Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Campbell have
opened their new restauiant ne:t door
to Ibe poat office. The place bas been
refitted, repainted and placed in a most
attractive shape, and the ladies should
do a profitable business.
Chas. Finch, of Finch & Jones,
Marysville, returned from a trip down
the line on Saturday last. During his
trip he got a number of orders, Mr,
Finch says that he cannot get cars
enough to ship his lumber at present.
James A, Baker, organizer for tbe
Western [Federation of Miners, waa in
town Tuesday. Mr. Baker is a good
talker and reasons well in his discussions on his favorite topics, and withal
is h pleasant gentleman to meet.
For Sale.—Desirable residence on
Baker Hill, owned und occupied by G.
W. Fillmore. Fur Sale nt u bargain.
Furnace and water conveniences, Apply to Beale, Hutchison, Si Klwell, or to
Q, W. Patmore, 28
Jobn Rice, who bus been employed as
chief maehinest at tbe Sullivan miue,
has gone to the Windermere country to
superintend thc installing of an air compressor for Tom Starberd. A better
man for the work than "Jack" -Rice
could not be found.
Dr. Htggins, of Fertile, and Miss Huggins, a sister of Mrs. F, McMahon, Of
Moyle, were united in marriage last
week at Spokane. The young couple
have many ftiends in tbe district wbo
join with The Herald in wishiug them
all kinds of joy aud prosperity.
Mr. Darling the operntor for the telephone company seems to be the right
man in tbe right place. The Herald
editor Ii.ih bad experience with central
operators for twenty years, but never
found one as obliging as Mr. Darling,
The public appreciate the services of
such n gentlemen.
The morning pnssenger last Saturday
struck a baud car ou the bluff below
Fort Steele J u net ion aud Wardner
The men weie taking it nil when the
accident happened and one man had a
bone in one leg bioken aud his face
b.nlly cut. He was brought to the St
Eugene hospital for treatment.
Frank Sentinel! Mrs. G. A. Jackson
and children arrived here on Wednesday from Cranbrook, B. C, to join Mr.
Jackson, local manager for P. Burns &
Co, They will take up tbelr residence
In the P. Burns block on Dominion Ave.
• * * J. J. Murphy returned from a
trip into the Perry C.eek district in ICast
Kontenay on Tuesday. He brought
hack with him some tine specimens of
free milling gold ores and predicts a
great mining future for that country.
William Sin ill of Marysille has been
in town lhe past two days.
George Jolriston returned last week
from the l.arileiiucouutry, Hi-suy*. thnl
everything is looking well there and cnn
siilerable cup tal has been invested this
season in gold property am] Gohlfields.
a new town near Camborne has just
been stnrted and is growing rapidly, Tom
Turley formerly of Cianbrook is there
In charge of a store.
Frmn Hit' .Mn*, i> l.-'ii'ler
■lames Cronin left Thursday for Rots-
land and Spokane, and may take a trip
to New Mexico before he returns. '
Chas. Biesel, formerly superintendent at tbe St. Eugene mine, Is new In
ihe mining brokerage business In Spokane with Dr. Keddy.
Joseph Niederstadt bas taken over
the Cosmopolitan hotel, and wilt
hereafter conduct the business. Mr.
Niedtrstadt will conduct a drst elate
house, and he deserves to meet with
M. A. Bsale waa here this week looking after the branch 1 ill;e of R-ale,
Hutchison Si Klwell. Mr. Heal says the
new firm Is meeting with excellent nue-
ceis and that tbelr business is surpassing all expectations.
The Moyie board of trade is fa receipt
of a telegram from the deputy minister
of Marine and Fisheries at Ottawa stating tbat the shipment of black bass for
Moyie lake was postponed until the
weather was a little cooler. The board
bas been Industriously working for
some time on this matter, and has finally succeeded In securing aid from tbe
Dave Fleetwood has left for Spokane
and tbe Coeur o'Alenes to spend tbe
winter. Dave Is a character. He Is
over Ti) years of age, served in tbe army
daring tbe civil war, has traveled
through Eiropeand been presented to
ac-rcral of tbe   crownad   head.,   croaiad
the American continent eight times,
been In every state In the union, has
visited every exposition of Importance
during the past 50 years, and does not
know the taste of liquor. He now bas
bis eyes on tbe St. Louis exposition,
which will be held In 1004,
Mo rlssoy .Miner
A. W. and Harry McVittee, the surveyors, came In from Cranbrook Wednesday night and are closing up their
work on townsite.
U. E, Beattie and George Wales of
Cranbrook, were among the passengers
on the east bound train Thursday. It
Is tbe first time George Wales bas been
so far away from home for five years
There ls not a better place In South
Em Kootenay for a camera fiend than
here at Morrissey. Tbe views are
magnificent and make very attractive
Mr. Bleu of Rossland, the proprietor of
the Lion brewery, was In town yesterday looking over Morrissey aa a field
for thc building of a brewery. Mr. Bleu
appreciates tne fact that the town Is
located just right fcr the building of a
brewery, since tbe home consumption
of beer would be enough to make a
brewery pay. He has established a big
reputation aa the brewer of a fine quality of beer, and tbls naturally would
give him prestige at tbe start.
Foss & McDonell have secured* tbe
contract for getting out the material
and grading for tbe foundation for 800
coke ovens at the Morrissey mines. Tbe
contract I*. ijiilte a large one and will
reijnire a big force of men. The work
will be Inaugurated just as aoon as the
camp can be eatablUed and the men
gathered. With tbe contract tbe llrm
of Foss St McDonell has with tbe Great
Northern and thla new work, there will
be enough to keep tbem busy moat if
the winter.
From the ITo,i>ector.
Dr. Sawyer and IT   Fairfield, Cranbrook, were In town Thursday.
Four large rafts of lumber came down
the river from Wasa Monday.
Mrs, C. M. Edwards waa visiting
friends at Sleele during the past week.
Dr. Brodle, wbo has been unwell for
some time past ts reported as somewhat
The young people at Fort Steele are
making preparations to give a Thanksgiving ball on Thursday evening,
October lotb.
James Wardner was at Steele during
the early part of this week. Tbe Irrepressible James Is looking for something good which he hopes to find In
.South East Kootenay.
Just received a full line. Also Carrs'
Heavy Oversocks. Fall and Winter
Underwear in all colors, sizes and
prices, from $i per suit to $7.50 per
Ft. Steele
Mercantile Co.
J. P. FINK, manager.
.ii       In presenting our varied lines of (all specialties, we
"ji submit for your inspection the most exclusive and best
31 quality of fabrics possible to obtain from foreign and
jr. domestic manufacturers,    A visit to our tailoring par-
33 lors will prove of great interest to you.
A Word to the Ladies
Have you seen our new fall goods? We
have some exquisite patterns and latsst
novelties in ladies' wear. Call in and see
our display. The prices, well, they will
satisfy you in every instance.
...HILL & CO.
For a given price we insure you against loss. You take ^
no chances. We do as we agree, without fail at any w
time.   That makes you feel safe. ®
All over the District.   See us or our agents anywhere ®
i Head Office Cranbrook, B. C. l0UL and low distance 'phone 20 I
"r S
Hotel s s
Quests Comfort ■ Specialty
Good Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Haa accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
•*>*»-• ® S)*** ••••>*
r 2''V'<3oot#fi#iaoig'3'"1 :m sooooggoq
§    .     Fresh Beef, Pork, |
3   &   Mutton, etc.sss g
T        Pork Sausage, Poultry, Pish and   O
f>! Game in Season. Q
i" .1 0
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00 '
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle  I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  I 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts* 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50 \
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle ' 2 00
Claret—Chateau-do sman, plntss  I CO t
Bass Ale, pints  25
Guinness' Stout  25 '


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