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Cranbrook Herald Nov 15, 1900

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l*UAM!l*OOI-:,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   NOVEMBER    15,   lildl).
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.     j
Hon, Gao. A. Cox, President, B. ti. Wai.kkr, Oen. Man-    *
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
\ Qeneral Banking; Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
1 :*M r9"tit ■>^'t'^Wt>4>t't<H^<rA>€'t>4><?'
• | LADIES s s s |
t.                      Do you want the  hest  fitting w
•> Corset  in the market?    We are  the sole SS
V agent in Cranbrook for the celebrated m
:               W. B. CORSET. 1
n we are importing this make direct from the n|
V* manufacturer at New York. m
$                               REID & CO. 1
II Cranbrook
* ♦
ll Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
j j Nearest to rallioatl antl depot.    Has accommodu-
, * lions fur the public unequalled in Craubrook*
Garments for Cooler Weather.
Wc have ,t large assortment of shades and quality in all slees,
children, misses and ladies, They are well made, well sewn, and neatly
trimmed with lace and silk embroidery. Wt* have too much stock in
tills line and so are selling; at reduced prices.
Geo. Bremner & Son.
Our shoe stock Iin-. been Inrgelj lucreased by
Additions nl Ijj-kc lines of
King Qualty Ladies' and Gent's Shoes.
E. P. Reid & Co.'s, of Rochester, N. Y.. Lndies'Shoes
(The leading U. S. Makers)
Weston's Children's Shoes.
Ladies' Cloaks and Furnishings at cost.
We have a line of   *t   jt
Misses' anj
Which WC wish Iti close out.
'I you need shoes and we have the sizes wc can  save
yon money,
Next week wc* will open the largest and finest line
"i CROCKERY ever brought lo Bnsl Kootenny,
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.,1"1
Pioneer Hardware Store
It's a Cold Day
That you need a stove.    They are coming—the
      . cold days-   We have the stoves—a carload.
The Best Only the Best
In the way ol Paints and Oils.   We sell the
pure White Lead and pure Linseed Oil.
Everything in Hardware Skates and Sleigh Bells
Needles to Furnaces A complete line.
W. Peters is Enthusiastic Over the
Province's Future.
Tlu- Sullivan Will   Partially   Suspend   OperaHons    tor   a
Hrlllsll Columbia')) Bright future.
ti. W. PeterB, assistant general freight
agent for the C. P. R., with headquarters at Nelsou, was In Crnnbrook several
days last week, Mr. Peters liad jnst re
turned from u trip through West Kootenay ami the Boundary country, and in
nti Interview Ims thla to say regarding
British Columbia :
"We first went to Rossland and there
vlaite'l Iht* I,e Roi nud War Eagle, which
we luu nd lo in: iu the best of condilioii
Willi ilie management of these mines we
made arrangements for various matters
in connection with the shipping of ore.
At Grand Forks we found the smelter
working and it is in spleudid condition.
The work there has been increased 6oo
tons per dny. We visited tiie Mother
Lode mine uud of this too much iu its
praise cannot be said, as it is iu a most
magnificent condition. There is an im-'
□tense body of ore iu sight ami much
blocked out. In order to have more
room they are now moving their ore to
the bins at the smelter al Greenwood,
The II. C. Copper company has been delayed some in the construction of the
smelter there owing to the lateness of
the arrival ofthe machinery. The smelter should lie iu operation by the end of
November. Its capacity will be 300
tons per day. We visited the site of the
smelter at Boundary Falls and found it
quite a suitable one. I bad advice today
ihat the fust shipment of in icltlnery for
it was sent irom Denver, Col., today,
They should have it completed by llie
end of the year. Tlie smelting capacity,
with this aud other smelters ol the
Boundary, will then be large enough Lo
reduce all the ore that is produced iu
Lhat section. The distance lor hauling
from any of lhe mines will uot exceed
25 miles nnd llie freight rate can not be
a very large factor iu obtaining the precious metal from the ore, ami with the
modern equipments of the smelters,
there should be no reason why even the
lowest grade ore should nol bring a
profit to both the smelter and mine
owner. There are several properties ou
lhe west tork of Kettle river thut are
showing up well, and it is said bv prominent mining men tliat lhey are equal to
llie mires of lhe Phoenix camp. If ihis
is tine ihere will be enough ore to keep
all thcsmelteis running to their fullest
capacity.   Taking Into consideration the
present condition of tlle   mines  of  Kast
Kootenay, Slocan, Rossland and the
Bouudary country, prospects were never
Inighter than at present to make British
Columbia famous as a mining center. I
wns never more Impressed wilh the
great advantages of our country than 1
was during uiy list trip."
Looks Like a Strike.
J. P. Bailey came in yesterday from
Swansea siding feeling elated over a
sttike he had made on his property at
thai point. Me had reached n depth of
18 feel iu his shaft and had a lend 15
Inches across, Monday he put iu a shot
lhat opened Up a  streak of clean galena
eight Inches In width, and a Utile work
showed Ihnt it was rontinuoiis.     Vester-
iiay he secured an asss) ol some specimens taken rrom ilu* lead, nnd il showed
the following result: fit in gold, fm in
silver, $4* to lead nnd $4 iu copper. If
the vein shows up a permanent body Mr.
Ilnilcy tins 11 bonanza, and its value will
be grently enhanced by the fact that the
property Ih only  a  few   hundred   yards
from ihe railway,
Mines Around Tort Steele.
Prom iiu* Prospector
The contract for work on the JoIim I,
mnl olher properties on Lewis creek will
shortly be couimeiiceil.
Work will be resumed on the Old Abe
in a few days. This iH one of the most
promising prospects iu this section, and
bids fair Lo make a good mine.
There are six feet of quartz showing in
the bottom of the shaft on the Bald
Mountain, on Wild Horse. No work
aside from assessment, has been done on
the property. The showing is un excel
ent one. 	
Prospecting With a Diamond Drill.
John Pink, manager of the Dean property on the North Slar hill, is prospecting now with n diamond drill. They
hnve stalled on the upper side of the
claim uud will work down.
Working on Palmer Mountain.
The Pollard brothers came in on Monday to get supplies to take out to their
Palmer mountain property. They will
do some development work this winter
ami endeavor to show up what lhey have
iu their claim.
for handling the ore iB limited, the
Sullivan mine hfia been compelled lo reduce its force and temporarily close the
full extent of its workings. It is io be
hoped ihnt before many months arrangements will be made tn secure railway
try asportation,
Too Many Miners.
Through Hie extensive advertising and
lonsolldation of many of lhe big properties iu Cr^ple Creek district, Ci lornd 1,
ihe secretary ol the Miners' Union al
ihat plnce Beuda 1 ut word that there nre
more miners there than can find employment.
A B'k Town.
The Herald isii* receipt ofthe 13th an
'iiml report of the Vancouver board of
trade. The volume is replete with Interesting Infoi mation, und contains
.•noiigh facts io '■mi that Vancouver is
destined to be otfe of the leading com-
tuerclal maris oi tile Pacific coast, lt is
u town of big bauk buildings, big trees,
big Salmon catches, big business, big
railway depot, big wharves, big ideas,
big aspirations, big-hearted people, big
hustlers and a big future. It has 30,000
population and In ro yen's will have
100,000. British Columbia has reason tu
be proud of Vancouver.
Messrs. Taylor and Sifton Speak for
the Liberals.
ulnars work receives praise
the Introduction of Hugh John McDonald into Dominion politics, the speaker
smiled nnd saiil that instead of entering
the broader field of action, Hugh John
was out of Dominion anil provincial politics aud had returned to the C. P. R.
is legal adviser at *f iu,ooo a year.
Mr. Sifton then closed wilh a glowing
tribute to the Liberal party and an earnest plea for the voters of this district to
support Mr. Galliher iu the coming elec*
.loll,      The  meeting then   closed  with
cheers for the Queen, Laurier and Galliher.
The  Porm ol lintertainmcnl Decided Upon
lor the Hospital Benefit,
The meeting of the ladies held Mon-
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. Magee, to devise plans for a grand enter*
taimueiit for the benefit of lhe hospital,
was a success. There was a large attendance and it was decided to hold a "National Tea" in Wentworth hall on November 27. Another meeting has beeu
called for tomorrow evening nt 7:30
o'clock, at the parlors of Lhe Craubrook
hotel for lhe purpose of completing arrangements, nnd the ladies are anxious
Hon.   Clifford   Sifton Will Speak
Here     Nt:xt     Saturday
The Liberal meeting held al Wentworth ball last Tuesday night was fairly
well attended. W, T. Reid officiated ns
chairman. He extended an' Invitation
Lo the representatives of nny oilier parly
to take their plnce on the platform, but
no one responded, IK* then introduced
S. S. Taylor, of Nelson, who "made a
pleasing start by giving South Kast
Kootenny and Ctaubrook a good boost.
Taking up the political quefttlotl bespoke
n good word lor the personality of both
Messrs. McNeil and Poley, and then pro
eeetled to jump upon Tupper and Tup
peris tu, declaring thai there weie no
longer nny parly lenders among the Conservatives, and consequently no party,
which left thc Conservative voter al lib
erty to east his ballot for any candidate
he pleased with a clear conscience.
The speaker then took up various
points iu the Laurier administration,
showing that lhe work of ihe lusl four
years reflected great credit on the Lib
A Qood Showing.
The ore shipments from Kimberley were nol quite so
large last month, owing to Ihe inability ofthe Sullivan to get
their ore to the railway. Thc North Star Shipments were
about the same as for thc previous month. The total for tlte
month was 2.415 tons.
Thc total shipment from the St. Eugene Consolidated for
thc month of October was 3,007 tons, breaking all previous
records, and distancing for thc month any silver lead mines
in thc Coeur d'Alcncs.
Thc lumber shipments for thc month of October fell off
slightly, owing to one of the mills being shut down for repairs.
Thc total was 4,3 cars.
W, S. Keay, collector of customs for the outport of Cran
brook, furnishes the following figures on collections for thc
month ending October 31:
Value of goods imported--
Duly collected $2,055 70
Inland Revenue collections      $1,009.93
to have the gentlemen of the city present nt lhat time.
The plan is to hold tbe supper with
tables representing the people of Can-
nda, America, Buglnud, France. Ireland
nnd Scotland, nnd the national dish of
each country will be very much iu evidence. Tbe following ladies have been
named as a committee : Mesdames Magee, Mclnnes, Leitch, Morris, Krickson,
Costignn, Fortune, Drummond,Murphy,
Jnckfion, Simpson, Reid, Morrison, Lund,
Rogers, Breckenridge, Brown, Hunt,
Kdwards. nud Misses Magee, Wellman.
Fortune and Nevins. The committee is
anxious to receive suggestions from any
one as lo features for the occasion.
Hou, tlifhin! Sili-iti, Minister ol the Inter*
ior, Will lie Mere Saturday.
rhe Libeials of Cranbrook, and cili-
ns generally, regardless of politics,
were pleased Tuesday to lenru thnt Hon
Clifford -Sifton, minister of the interior,
had announced that be would stop off
here next Saturday on bis way io West
Kooleiiay, to deliver nu address that
evening. Mr. Sifton will speak in behalf ol lhe Liberal party, but the prominent po-Mliou he occupies in ihe councils of the administration, and his reputation ns u pleastug speaker, will insure
a   crowded   bouse.    Me   will   speak   al
Weill worth hall, Saturday evening, com*
uieucing at 8:30 o'clock.
He Announces That He Has Closed His
Political Life.
Marcus Daly, the Mining  King oi
Montana,    Succumbs    to
1 What   South   Kast   Kootenay   needs
just now is a competing line of railroad,"
said   A.   T.   Clark,   of
AflOlher Rail"     Moyie.   "If   Lhe   ('.real
road Wanted.     Northern    would   build
uu the Kootenay valley,
or extend their line from Creston through
the Moyie valley,   it  would  lie  a great
ihing   for   this   country.     Of course   I
would   like  to see  it reach Moyie.) but
slill I would like to see il come, no matter  whal  towu it lauds iu.    Such a liue
wuuld   be a boon to all of us, no matter
where   we  live.    I am afraid  the much-
talked of north and south road will   not
materialize   very   soou.   There   is   uot
enough  tonnage in  sight and   that   te
what railroads are buill fur."
Willing tu Retire.
Toronto, Nov 9 -Tbe Mail and Km-
pire's St.John, N. B . correspondent says
Sir Charles nud Sir Hibbert Tupper bad
a short conversation with Hon. Mr. Poster yesterday during which the lender
eipressed n desire lo consult his friends
before deciding bis future course, bin
said he would prefer to retire from active
politics and take rest. Mt Poster is
said to hnve expressed n desire to retire
and enj>y the freedom of private life, if
he can be allowed lo do it, but expresses
a willingness to lend a hnud anywhere
be can be of use.
Successor to tupper.
Toronto, Nov. ki—It was stated bere
late last night th.it local Conservatives
were freely considering the name of R.
I.. Borden. Q C..M P., of Halifax, as
the leader of the Conservative patty iu
succession to Sir Charles Tupper. He is
a son-iu Ian   I Sit Charles Tupper,
•* I don't know bow soou it can be accomplished,   but   I   would   like to see
something done iu  the
Incorporation    way of securing incor-
Needed, poration," remarked
John Hutchison, "This
tiling of the people going down in their
pockets for everything iu the way of Improvements is gelling to be au old story-
Tbe trouble with such a plan is thai it is
the same old crowd that puts up the
money every time, while lhe whole town
reaps tbe benefit. Take the sidewalks,
for instance. Nearly all of theui have
been built by subscription, but not one-
half of those who use ihem have paid
anything for tbe privilege. If the town
was incorporated, then everything done
iu the way cf improvements would be
paid fur uut of the common fund."
Man-us Dal) Dead.
New Vork, Nov   1; — Mucus Daly, of
Montana, died al B am   today at the
Hotel Netherlands.
English Comment.
London. Nov. S —Tbe editorials in the
papers bere today express warm approval of tlie re-election of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the premier of the Dominion o! Canada, and the return of the Liberal government to power. The Pall Mall Ga-
zetre voices the general com men I in
saying: "Sir Wilfrid Laurier is the living embodiment of tbe spirit required in
Canada II look? as if he might have as
long n spell of power as Sir John Maedonald. Not only is be a French-Canadian, but an enthusiastic British Imperialist statesman, one of ibe most inspiring and useful personalities in the empire, but tbe election attempts to lum
race feeling to bis disadvantage, have
deserved the severe defeat."
A Successful  Dentist.
Dr. Barber, the dentist, will shortly
pay a professional   visit   to Moyie, Klltl
betleynnd Port Steele. lie will be absent from lown quite awhile, and those
iu need of bis services will do well to consult wilh him before he leaves. Dr.
Barber, since practicing in South Rast
Kootenay bas won for himself an enviable reputation In his profession, and the
people of the district are fortunate in
having a dentist of bis ability.
The Sullivan Temporarily Closed.
Owing lo the fuel that their ore tllUS
ate tilled to oveiflowiug   aud lhe  facili-
Election Date Named.
Returning Officer McDonald, of ibis
district, has mimed December 6 as election day, and November 19 as the day
for nominations. This is going to give
the three candidates plenty of time to
get over the territory and spend their
Pushing lhc Electric Lights.
The work of stretching the main wires
of thc electric light ^lant and connecting the business houses is progressing nt
a rapid rate. The engine nnd dynamos
are beiug installed and it is expected
that the current will be turned ou nbout
the first of December.
(irate Takes ll (iracelully.
Port Steele Prospector :     The election
is over,   and   if you weie on llie losing
ai le tnke youi  medicine  aud  say   "you
like it."
eral party. He praised the work in the
Yukon country, stating lhat notwithstanding the grent expense of opening
up lhat wild, far distant territory, enacting laws and establishing police protection tbat there was n surplus of $640,000
from the revenues of tbat section to tbe
Dominion. Tbe Intercolonial railway
I was in.ntn need as au example of wise and
economical administration during the
past four years since the management
now bail a surplus each year, Instead of
asking for funds to cover a deficit, and
llie service had grently improved as
well. He Look tbe Conservative government lo task for giving 30,000,000 acres
In land aud $44,500,000 In cash to railway corporations, aud drew a parallel
between the action of the C. P. R. uuder the old regime antl the new, as lo
building tbe Crows Nest line. He called
attention to the fact that under the Conservative! the national debt had Increased on au average of $6,500,000 a year,
while under the management of the
Laurier  government  tbe Increase bad
been held down to f 1,51*0,000. There-
duel ion in postage nnd thegreut jncien.se
in trade under tbe preferential tariff
were presented as evidences of wise, business-like and patriotic statesmanship on
the part of the Liberals. The speaker
then closed wilh nn eulogy on Messrs.
Blair, Tarte ami Sifton, going into detail as to their official acts.
Mr. Taylor was followed by Mr. Sifton
who spoke briefly, but interestingly. He
look up the resolutions adopted by the
Conservative convention held in Revelstoke, and analyzed them briefly nnd in
a humorous way, taking a shot at Sir
Charles Tupper and his cold storage
Idea, Referring to the plank calling for
a duty on lead he said tbnt since lhe
market for lead was neither in Canada
or the United States, n duty would not
develope the mines -of Ibe country.
Whnt was needed was a wise und liberal
policy iu the development ofthe west so
that capital could be induced to invest
freely lu the pruperliesof Britisb Colum
liia. Such a course would do more for
tbe mine owners than nny duty Ihnl
might be levied. Referring to the resolution that congratulated the country 011
'There are a number of things  that
should be looked  after for the interest
of Cranbrook," said R.
Board ol Trade   K.  beattie.     "I  would
Wanted. like   to   see a   rousing
meeting ol the citizens
held, and the Hoard ot Trade started off
again with new life and uew energy.
Such au organization is a mighty good
thing for a town if it is kept up. There
are matters coming up '•every few weeks
thai needs attention, aud work performed by an organization of tbat character
is far more effective than anything un
dertakeu by private individuals. It is
time lhat tbe people of Cranbrook stirred
their stumps in this matter.''
Raaicler Head.
New Vork, Nov.  ia.—-Henry  Villard,
tbe  well   known   financier and railroad
man, died  at midnight, a; Ardsley, on
the Hudson.
"Cranbrook is a beautiful town," remarked S. S> Taylor,   of Nelson, yesterday morning.     "What
Thinks Well      is more, the town is so
of Cranbrook.   so  situated   that   it   is
bound     to    become    a
great commercial center.    Vou have a
great advantage in location and your
citizens evidently appreciate this fact,
for I  notice they are wide-awake aud
energetic.    1 wasjiere about  two years
ngo   and   naturally   I   expected  to see
some  growth,   but I  was not prepared
for the change   that  I find here.    Vet, I
believe ihnl  tbe town  will have a still
better growth during the uexl few years.
British Columbia is going to be prosperous,  and   Cranbrook   will   receive   her
share of tbat prosperity."
A (iranl of $1000.
Tbe good news bas been received that
the St. Kugene hospital of tbis city has
received a grant from Lhe government
of $1000, This is simply a just recognition of an institution tbat hns been a
power of good for humanity since it was
first started. It bus taken care of any
number of cases for which it has never
received n dollar, and when a patient is
brought to its doors, tiie question of
creed or financial standing ia never
asked. It is only a question of what
cuu be done for the sufferer, Tbe Sisters
iu charge have done a noble work and
The Herald congratulates a government
lhat shows lhe proper appreciation of au
institution that is doing eo much good
for humanity.
At the Manse on Wednesday, November 14, by the Rev. W. G, W. Fortune,
P.. A , Jacob Priider, of Cranbrook, whs
married to (Catherine Waddelt, of Selkirk, Manitoba. Tbe Herald extends
congratulations to both parties and
wishes the in Ult hounded joy and prosperity.
Advertising Points.
Tbe live man always advertises.
Advertise'.   lt will do you good,
Changes for advertisements must be
in not later thau Wednesday morning of
each week.
The man who advertises and patronizes his home paper is working for bim-
: self and bis town.
I There are only a few business men in
Cranbrook who do not bave their business represented iu The Hei aid.
The Port Steele Mercantile company
are talking shoes tbis week and they
change their ad lor lhat purpose.
R. K. Beattie. who bas lhe largest
stock of Christmas goods ever brought
to Rut Kootenay, has a word this week.
Prest, tbe photographer, changes bll
ad this week to call attention to Christmas photograph work. Good idea.
Avoid the rush.
Geo, Bremner Ac Son want to sell
warm things for cold weather, Iu consequence they are advertising flannel
underwear for winter.
The Herald has the largest stock of
printing stationery uu the wny from Toronto ami Winnipeg evei (nought into
Past Kootenay. It also has an invoice
of new type, containing the latest faces,
The Heruld keeps up with the times and
this fact should be worth something to
the business men of Cranbrook, A first-
class printing ollice wilh first-class
workmen is a credit lu any town. They
cost money, bm The Herald Is willing to
spend the money if it can get returns.
Christ Church Bazaar.
Tbe Ladies' Guild of Christ church,
Craubrook, propose holding a bazaar on
Wednesday, to commence at 2 o'clock
p. m. Admission free. Tea will be
served during lhe afternoon. The latest
designs in fancy work, including embroidered sofa cushions, lea cosies, center pieces, etc. A dance will be held in
tbe eveuing at S o'clock. Admission
50 cents. Refreshments will be served
in au adjoining room for 1-5 cents. A
home made candy sale and a grab bag
will be among tbe attractions,
An Important Meeting.
An Important meeting cf the odd
Pellows   will lie lu-lil tuxt I'riday night.
There nre two Initiations on, nominations for officers and appoint men I of an*
ntial ball Committees. The Noble Grand
nsksfor a full nnd prompt nttendance, OK VM'.IIDOK   HER VLD l * M'vnm "'L's''''s' JU,IN "UTC"IS"N' N°'"r> rMk
McVittie & Hutchison
..Dealers in.,.
* Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
lln* Herald ilesires to give tho iiowsol ttio
illstrlet. ll you know any tibmil \yaax town
yuur inliu* rn* 1*11111 i-i*"!*'1'. semi it tn tuu ofllce,
eep the Dollars in Cranbrook»
Christmas is coming.   The £
people oi Crnnbrook should »
arrange to buy their Christ ->
mas presents of the home »
merchants.   Honey   spent »
iii Cranhrook  will  always J
help   Cranhrook.      Huney J
geht hack is of  no  heiiell J
to   this   town.    lUiilil   up {
your own town.    It   pays. J
Mines snd Lands Surveyed
Fire, Llle and Accident Insurance
Money to Loan
I. 0. O. F. Ulock Cranbrook, B. C.
To "lit* who is neither u Conservative
or n l.ibtrnl, but wbo hns been a close
ohscrcer nf political events in Canada
lor some time, it seems that the Conservatives have fallen into the error of
hero-worship. They bave hnd leaders
wbo were numbered anions the brightest
men In Canada, and ibe history ol the
Dominion will have lis panes illuminated by lhe goad work of these individuals, lint, (he (act thai oue man as
leader has displayed extraordinary ability ns n statesman, does not argue tbat
there nre uot olher men eijually us
bright and equally as able. Canada is
full of such men, east and west, in both
parties. No pnrly dies becnuse one innu
dies, aud no parly should he so controlled mid managed tbat all of its hopes
are centered In one in ividual. Such a
policy lends to create the practice of
blind worship for one man,   aud   causes
the party lo lose sight of other members
who nre growing uitMijJand potent factors
in the success of tbe organisation. It
kills nmbilioii by robbing other statesmen of the veiy Incentive necessary to
force them ahead. In the work of any
party, principle should be Ibe lode stone,
ami iitait hut the Instrument. Give to
any party, Liberal or Conservative, tbe
freedom it needs, and when the crisis
comes the tight man will not be want-
ing,   Cn inula is full of them.
Tbe editor of The Ils-rnld is hi receipt
of -it formidable looking blank from the
government office, the sending of which
seems lo be a joke, considering the fuet
that It hns heen forwarded to the publisher of a weekly paper in tbe Kootenays, They ask for returns on salary,
rents, dividends, slocks, bonds, interest
on notes und investments, securities, etc
The form also askS for value of ships,
steamers, etc., owned by the recipient,
book accounts, debts due ns, cash in
hand, und other questions of n similar
nnture. The idea of a country newspaper publisher receiving a document
like lhat, causes US to smile a smile that
is childlike ami bland. They must imagine that we are a bloated trust magnate d iwdllng at the shrine of Monopoly, inhaling tbe perfumes of luxurious
bowers nud Idly clipping coupons lo
ameliorate ilu* ennui of existence.
As to salary, we have not drawn oue
for years; ns io rents, those in our
clothes are most cousplclous; our dividends on stocks, bonds, etc., can be
easily taken care of. We never drew
any dividends but once, and thai wus ou
$50,000 of hank slock. A dividend of
40 per cent had heen declared, and jnst
as we got our hands on the money we
awoke, mul discovered that the $50,000
nnd lhe dividends were nnugliL but a
dream. The only ships that we have
been Interested Itl weie schooners to
which wc held transitory titles, ami for
which we paid so much per. As to
cash iu hand, lhat is absolutely foolish.
We know what would happen to any
cash we might hnve in our baud if we
should meet llert Beattie, Jake I*ink,
.Malcolm Mclimess, or any of the rest of
om trustlug mercantile friends, and iu
this instance we use lhe word 'trusting"
advisedly, Asm debts, well we have
plenty, but unfortunately Ihey are on
the wrong side of the ledger. We propose to keep the blank ns a souvenir of
the linn* when we were  supposed   to   be
so hitched up In financial matters as to
pity 1111 IllCOUlO tax-
Scientists are having a good ileal to
say about a lot ofmeleori Hint nre due.
We hnve a lot of subscriptions that are
due nnd the are of far more importance
to us Ih (Ui all the blazing meteors that
have left n trail of fiery tl.ime ncross the
darkened dome of the vaulted heavens,
gauizatlou.    Men may be defeated,   but
parties do not die so easily.
The Spokesman Review snys that
since the Canadians left South Alri.-a
lhe Uoers hnve taken heart a*.*a'n ard
become perniciously active iu their war-
The Ontario government will give 160
nrres of land to every member of the
Canadian contingents 111 South Africa
wbo were residents of that province at
the time of enlistment. This is a sensible recognition of Lhe services rendered
by the soldier boys, and is far belter
thnn several nights debauch and speeches
of gratitude, mnde up of glittering generalities.
The defeat of Hir Charles Tupper was
unfortunate, inasmuch ns the man wbo
has been such a prominent leader for so
many yenrs, wns deserving of better
treatment. The mistake mnde by this
eminent statesman wns his persistent re-
fusal to admit that he was growing old.
lie now (nlks of retiring from public life.
The Liberals seem to be over-jubilnnt
wheu they assert thnt tbe Conservative
is without a parly. The ties that bind
the Conservative party are Rulllcicntly
troug to bring ubout nn effective le-or-
Pete Smyth Is as yet confined to his
Mr. VanDecar, of the Royal hotel of
Craubrook, was seen on our streets Friday.
.Miss Ida Hawkins visited  Cranbrook
Tuesday, and ulso ibe Mission hospital
while tbeie.
W I, Reid Iihs bent for tbe pnst week
mnking n trip through ,lhe Northwest
The proprietors of the hotels in Movie
have formed a protective association. In
lhe future any one leaving a l.o el without clearing bis board or bar bill will
Iim] it difficult to secure lodging elsewhere. Any one not paying up his account in reasonable time will be black-
lisieil unit all hotels notified, not only in
Ibis towu bul in other parts of the di s
iricl ns well.
A Deep Mystery.
It is a mystery why women endure
backache, headache, nervousness, sleeplessness, melancholy, fainting and dizzy
spells wheu Uiousousands have proved
that Electric Hitters will quickly cure
such troubles. "I suffered for years with
kidney trouble," writes Mrs, I'bebe
Cherley, of Peterson, In., "and a lame
bnck pained uie so I could not dress myself, but Electric Hitters wholly cured
me, ami, although 73 years old, I now
nm able to do all my housework." It
overcomes constipation, improves appetite, gives perfect health. Only 50c
at Heattie's drug store.
Land Notice.
Notice is hereby Riven thai thirty days after
tliis dale 1 Intent! to ajqily tn the clilaf onintnls*
slonoi* »f luu,Is ami works fur permission to
purchase the fnlloalng described lands 1 Com-
mmietng nt a nasi marked "John Breekenrldge's
s. Wi t'liniiT Post" planted at tha southeast
earner nf a. w. lileaadell's pre-emption, about
six null's southwest of cnititiriink, ilii'iiee eust in
olmlns, tlienee nortli M chains, thence west hh
chains to said Bleasdell's land, tlienee south
along the easterly boundary of saia Bleasdell's
land so elialns tu tin* place nt iicginiiiut;, con
minim: iim acres mare or iphh.
tinted this tstli <iay uf November, in n.
jniiti Ureokenrl lisp.
Land Notice.
Nntlce is hereby given tlmt mie month after
llio dutc of tho Ilrst publication of this notice I
Intend tn apply in the ohlef conunlsdoner nf
1 in is nml works fm* permission tn purchase the
followl.ig described lands* rommenclug ut a
p st planted m ilia northwest corner of Harry
We ttiu'. 1 re-Olllptlon arm ivlilcli post U marked
"VY, Wears s. li. Corner Pnst." thenos nonh
sn olialns, thence west iu olialns, thence souiii su
chains, theni-i* easl-nii-iiiihin i» the place of be-
i'Iti 11 Inu. containing!tWnoreBj nnl which land h
si noted in tin* Palmer imr section nf the district
of South Past Knotciiay.ond niiout & miles south
west of Cranbrook,
Dated at Cranbrook, H.C., thi* Stat dny 0'
November, a. |)„ who,
Win. Wesi.
IteeuriU Show  lli-liorah (iauu-Mt Was
m   Mtanmarhittttlta  Hold Ier.
Thb (act that there was another New
England woman besides .Mull Pitcher
who won fame tu the eniinon's mouib
baa recently heen brought to light as
the result of an Inquiry ul the pension
bureau. Tbere is u certain ludy living
in Massachusetts who Is anxious to become a Daughter of the Hcvolutton. She
believed that ber genealogy eould be
traced back to revolutionary times
through the records of thc interior
department. To prove this fact she
wrote to the neeretury of the Interior,
asking Information as to the alleged
military service of Deborah Oannelt,
her ancestor, whn was said to have
served as an enlisted soldier in thc
revolutionary wnr us a member of the,
Massachusetts infantry. Tier belief
wns confirmed by the receipt of thu
following letter:
"Miidnru:    In response to your recent
Inquiry, referred in the bureau by Hon.
Webster Davis, noting secretary ofthe
Interior, I hau* the honor to advise you
thai Deborah Gannett, n woman who
served 111 the revolutionary wnr under
the name of Hubert Bhurtlefl, mude an
application for pension on September
It, hH, at which time she* was S'J
years of age. aud residing at Sharon,
Muss,, und her pension wnn allowed
for two yenrs' aetuul service as a private in the Massachusetts-troops, revo*-
lullonary wnr. lt appears ihnl she enlisted in ihe month of April, 1781,and
served In Capt, George Webb's company, in the Massachusetts regiment
commanded by Col. Shepherd, afterward by Col. Jackson, until about the
month of November, 1783, wben she
was honorably discharged. During the
time of her -service she was wounded-
ttt Tarrytown (probably in the second
battle of tbnt place), and was also present at the surrender of Lord Corn-
wullis.   Very respectfully.
H. CLAY EYANB, Commissioner.
—St. Louis Globe-Democrat,
Timet]   antl   I*hoto-grn plied al  Oar*.
An English inventor has contrived an
Instrument, which he calls the "dromo-
graph," intended to record the time and
photograph the finish of u nice, whether
of horses, athletes r,r bicycles. When,
at the start, the contestants break a
eord an electric boll rings nnd n chronograph begins to record the time. The
breaking of the .siring nt Ihe finish
slops the chronograph uud ul the same
Instant exposes n photographic plate,
ou whieh the position of the contestants
at the end of tlie raee Is recordtjd.-—N.
Y. Kun.
Oh, Mars, please tell us truly, ts It really
cool up there,
And ean you soititliow manage it to get a
breath of air?
And whfti it's night, by throwing wide
eneli window, vent and dour,
oh, can you sleep in bed or do yuu toss upon
the   floor?
And In your brow ns our* Is, frum morn llll
evening, wet
with iii-aiis uf perspiration which Juat com*
mon folks cap sweat*?
And Is thi- air uu verv full of lieul and du-U
nnd dirt,
One duy   Is qultO enough tu riUltle-dui'il-tf
uny shirt'*
And when the dny Is chilly doe* the Iceman  leave a  lui,
And Ju-it a tiny I'll of iCQ when duys un.*
alsillns hoi?
Ami when your brow la beaded with a hundred drops oi dew
Dares anyone Inquire;  "la it hoi enough
fur yuu?"
And is there real good Ashing In your lakes
siiii unoxplorcd?
And, by tin- by, What do they nsk for llrsl-
olass Bumtnor board?
Wt* do noi like tlu- earth real well, its heat
is simply Vllel
If yuu'vi- u snap we'll all be glad tu come
aud ntn) awhile.
—Nixon Waterman, in I.. A, W. Bulletin.
SOME eight or ten yeurs ago John
Mitchell was classed amoug the
many prosperous farmers of Kentucky.
Reverses eame, however, and at, tbe
opening of ray story he was, comparatively speaking, u very poor man. Out
of the wreck he retained a few acres,
whieh, assiduously worked by his own
hands, were his only menus of Btipport.
His wife bud beeu an invalid ever
since Jess, tbeir only child and daughter, left college. Upon her entering tbis
Institution her father paid for the full
course jn advance, fearing, n> he said,
thut* something might hupp-en to deprive Jess of her one great desire—a
college education.
lleiug capable of tilling any position
tliat required sense and qualification,
Jess whs forced to refuse Ihe few which
were offered her because her fu titer
would not leave the "old place" and
move to the city and her mother needed
her constant ut tendance. She tried ber
hand ut story-writ Ing, but the dozen
or more that she sent out with so much
faith iu tbeir availability cume back.
The wealth und poverty of the surrounding country paid homage to Jes*
Mitchell. Whenever there was to be a
gathering of uny kind at Judge Hew-
ling's mansion she would be among the
Invited, And Sully Doak, whose father
was "the all-firedest poorest cuss in
seven states," never thought of asking
"the boys and girls" to come and have a
"time" at. her houso unless Jess had
promised lo be there. Then Sally would
make things lively around ber little
whitewashed home gelling ready for
the occasion. Thc night of the party
would find everything ns sweet nnd
dainty as Sully herself,
Jess would always take her violin
with her, for sbe knew that her musical
gift gav-6 these people genuine pleasure.
She was never happier than when adding to the enjoyment of others.
Now, to he asked to Judge Uewling'S
"meant something," but Jess never felt
the difference, She felt just as much
honored in being a guest ut the Doak
Ham Bruce had been keeping* watchful eye on Jess for many 11 day. He
owned one of the finest stock farms in
eastern Kentucky. This did not make
him presumptuous OB far ns Jess was
concerned, for he knew that dollars and
cents cut no figure with her. Sam was
positively ugly to look at. One nf the
"old-tlmcrs" said that he appeared like
"be wuz half made, then furgiit erbottt,
and jis niitimlly slopped under."
This may have caused his timidity In
approaching Jess, but it did not prevent bim from giving lier thul grent
noble heart of his, Hint any true woman,
no matter how beautiful or fascinating
she might be, would be proud to be
queen of.
Were anyone to lell Sam Ihnl Jess
thought of him other than us her next-
door neighbor he would not believe It,
And although she was "uncommon
kind lo him iu his Inst spill of sickness."
Un- folk around about suid nothing but
"ihet Mitchell gal would be kind te almost cnyboily." JeSS "WUZ u-geltill'oii
nnd ns she "never licdfl reg'lur bcuiishe
wahanl likely to ever hev a mnn."
"Oeltin- nn In yars" did mil bother
Jess.   Time only add0(1 lo her beauty.
she had become perfectly ri ncllcd to
her hu ind rum existence nml went
nbout her household duties without 11
tnut mui*. And when, one morning in
the early purl of April, her father was
stricken  with  paralysis while loading
the wngon with the vcgelnhlpsthai he
hnd hunched lhe nigh I before, she, being convinced thai there was no Immediate danger, took his place on the
wagon, drove to the city nnd furnished
his customers. When Sam remonstrated with her nnd begged her to
allow one of his men to take ber father's place, proud nnd independent* lo
the core, she would not listen. Charity
she eould not accept.
Poor Jess. How Sum longed to take
her to his heart nnd home and to comfort those who were denr to her. But
he, loo, was proud and couldn't brook a
refusal, so kept silent.
On her wny lo Ihe cily Jess happened
to think of u Mr. Williams, whom she
had heard her father laud as mi enrly
riser. He was a wealthy land owner
of Houston, Tox., nnd was slopping at
"The Louisville." Kvery morning he
nnd Jess' father would have a chat.
People were wont to say that John
Mitchell could not Speak for Ibe minutes on any subject without chiming
in with Mmy daughter." Of course he
mnde no exception to Mr. Williams.
Jess made for "The Louisville" first,
thinking Ihnt she would beat the
"early bird," for she did feel out of
place In u vegetable wagon, It was hard
Public Notice.
1 huve in my pasture a dark bny horse
four years old, branded on shoulder ami
hip with square and spot in center,
which 1 will sell at public aurlion 011 the
[8th of November at the stable bf Geary
& Doyle, In Cmnbroak, II. C, to meet
the bill of expense standing against suid
J. II. McMullin.
to beat Jack WUMams, however, and
when Jess Maw u'portly. handsome fellow pacing up and down in front of the
hoiel she knew that II wus he.
"Paralysis," Juck wus saying, ut the
same lime trying tO pierce through the
heavy veil that hid Jess' tenr-stnlned
face.    "I  trusl   that  it- isn't anything
serious," he continued,   "May 1 go to
see your father?"
"Certainly,"   Jess   answered,   in   u
IriMiililing voice; "I know thnt he will
lie glad lo receive J'OU."
"I will be out ihcrc Sunday, dood
The balance Of the week Jack was not
to be seen.    He knew thut his presence
embarrassed Jess, so he kepi  aloof.
First, Jack was inclined lo regard Jess
as a "new woman," bin he promptly
chunged his opinion and Ruturdny
morning Ihe portcj; handed hero note,
which lend us follows:
"Miss Mitchell! I have long heen oher-
Ishing an hloal. 1 havo accumulated wealth,
hoping ihnl somo dny tins Ideal would baa
reality.   I now lay my Wenltll, my heart and
llfolons devotion at your feet,
That evening Jess was later Ihnn
usual getting home. Sum, who welched
(on the sly) for hei* every evening, wus
frantic. lie had heard of Jim Bos-
well's return,  Jim wus1 the lender of a
gang of thieves and a sworn enemy of
Sum's. Tbis enmity was lhc continuation of a feud that commenced between both families long before Jim
was born. Sam tried lo make friends
wilh Jim, but Jim said "he'd never rest
until the lust Bruce wns off top of creation."
Sam feared thai -the gnng would
"hold up" Jess, no he walked down to
meet her. Ile hnd not gone very far before he spied four masked men. Ile was
under the impression that, he wns unobserved, so be hid behind a clump of
trees to wait for Jess. Kvery second
seemed an hour to him. At last ho
henrd the sound of a vehicle, but it
came so slowly thnt he fell positive
that it was not hers. Or. great heaven I
("ould il be thut old Cob was coming
home without a driver?
Sam jumped from ambush and run
wildly down ihe road. Jim had recognized Sam from the first, but wailed
to see what he wns up 10 before letting
him know that lie wns around, When
the gnng saw Sam running they started
in hot pursuit, thinking thai he wus trying to gel away from them.
In the mean li 111c Jess had been thinking deeply over the -contents of the
nole she hud received thnt morn ing,
She had come to a decision. She
would marry Juck Williams for her parents' sake. Seeing the lateness of tbe
hour, she gave Cob lhe whip.
"Hall!" shouted one of the gang,
rushing into Ihe street and grubbing
rhe bridle of her horse.
"Whal do you want'.'"Jess asked.
""Money or your life!" came from
Ihe masked desperado in a murderous
"You will get neither." Jess
answered. "The little money I have my
disabled! parents need. I am Jess
On hearing lhe nnme the mnn look his
hands from the bridle and passed aside
without another word. Old Cob seemed
to know thnt his friend wus in danger,
for he started up the rond nl such .1
break-neck rale jess conld hardly hold
him. They hud nol proceeded very far
■when she heard the report of 11 pistol
close by, then n groan nnd her name
called. She slopped, alighted und went
in lhe direction of the shot. She found
poor Snm wounded nlniosl to death and
his enemy bending over him. watching
Willi glee for llie lasl gnsp,
"Sam Itrucc!" Bcrcamcd Jess, "and
you—Jim Boswell—-his murderer!"
"My God! Miss Jess, what is Sam
Bruce to you?"
"Everything, Jim—every thing."
Jess got down upon ber knees nnd
tried to slop the flow of blood with her
handkerchief. Jim knelt beside her;
he put his hand over Sam's heart, looked
closely ut the wound uml said: "He will
not die. Miss Jess." He then whistled
for his partners; he iold ihem to dlvesl
themselves of iheir masks and to see
that Sam was taken home. He himself
went for ihe nearest doctor,
Sam wanted tbe elite nt bis wedding,
Jess did noi object, but she said not one
of her poor friends should be slighted
for the very grentesl of them.The night
of ihe wedding homespun nnd Imported
brocade "rubbed elbows." Jim Boswell 'was nol forgotten, hut. he stood
outside until Ibe ceremony was performed, On entering the room he
wnlk-ft over to Bom and said nloiidi
"Smu Ilruce, you have won fl noble
woman for a wife. I, lo... hm- her, bin
not ns you do. The minimi.m and
worship ihnt a good Christian mnn
trout 11 give bis Creator I give her. The
onr thnt won mv nun's love now sleeps
beneath the daisies. When she. ,Tca«
nml myself played togethernsohlldn n,
I loved both of Ihem. When she, lln*
one of my henrt, lefl me, I cured not for
my life, so wenl from bad to worse. All
my old-time friends shunned me, bul
your wife always greeted utc kindly and
she wus nol afraid to gmsp my band in
friendship mid give a word of advice,
which kept me from doing wrong many
a lime."
Jim took from hte contpookel n
handsome jeweled watch mid presented
it to Jess, saying: "Take it, Miss Jess;
honest money earned in Hip sweat of
my brow and bought for you. Tnke il
and God bless you mid yours,"—Chicago Xews.
A Pinin Df recti oa.
Canon Knox-Llltlc told 11 good story
once at a church congress. He snid lie
remembered a lych-gate in front of n
beautiful church, which hnd been rn-
stored nnd mude very nice. There wus
.painted over lhe door: "This Is the
(late of Heaven," nnd underneath was
the lnrge notice: "Oo Hound the Other
Wny."-Household Words.
—A woman's Idea of a real good-
natured husband, Is one who will gather all the wiiii (towers she sees,—Washington Democrat,
Pe re*
Renowned and Unequalled
EAST»Fnst Daily Train- WEST
Willi direct connecting service
to and Irom East Kootenay
country. First class :,leeper. on
all trains. Tourist cars pass
Medicine Hal daily lor St.
Paul, Saturdays lor Montreal
and Boston, Mondays and
Thursdays lor Toronto.
Westward-Dally Train-Eastward
17:25   lv. Cranbrook lv.   0.*3ri
Connects al Macleod lor Calgary and Edmonton and at
Medicine H.it for all points
east. Connects at Kootenay
landing for all points In west
Kootenay. Slocan and Boundary districts, and for Pacific
coast, Main line points via.Rcv-
elslohe. For rates, tickets and
lull Information apply to agent
Cranbrook or
1-:. J. covi.n W.P.ANDERSON
A. II. P. A. T. P. A.
Vancouver, H.C. Nelson. B.C.
Arc you going to build?
Greer •& Co.
Are prepared to furnish pinna
nitd speeificntiotiB for .-ill kinds
of building.
5ee us for Prices.
e*   jt    B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Elc.
Crunhrnok,       :       :        British Ulumblfl
Solicitor, Otc.
Hank or Commerce i-:*; -.        UHANllKOUK
Barristers* Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Promptly Attended to.
O<t%%%%^-^-\%-%%f%\%%\%,%kX.X.X. ii [ j
f " The Early Bird Catches the Worm " |
% M
€ The "Early Closing" Storekeeper >tt
Should Catch Your Patronage** * tft
f- %
I   We can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" %
' lS you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early %
a>V\. V'v %-sy^
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
ij      m mm  ■   i ::  '!   ( (j M li !      .
i    1 I*W«C»
One of thr Most Com furl nhle
ilotelalli Una! KonU-imy.
Reflttcjl Throughout
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crnnbrook, II. L*. . . .
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
I The Cranbrook j
♦ • s
' t
I Lumber Co. |
1 i
j        Saw and Planing Mills \
\ :::AT 1
-Al.l,   KINt'S   OP-
| Rough and \
9 '!
1 Dressed Lumber, I
1 Dimension Lumber,
| Shingles aiui |
I flouldings.
* .i
J. IN   STOl'K Oil MAM'" TO OI.'I'KI!. j
**•»■»■» ■»•»■»*?* V »■»*•»•»•»»*» 9*****'*t*****9*****V99t9*t~V'-9999a  t
There are a few points to
be considered inlniiltlim;.
Good work,   Good ' Material
and thc price.
Have you talked with anyone about bulldlnK?
Come and see mc or let mc see you. II mny
do ua both ifond.
Fort  Steele   Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    «•**
The Herald  $2.00 Per THE  HERALD.
QEABBR00K,  B. 0.
11 i'nmi' at ii Mum lniipiturtune Time
Pur tlio Pretty A»«K>r.
"Ami It all Liiui-L* frum a little, petty,
miserable, Inslgulfleuut, ulcbul plated
lilunu clock that cost ute just OU eeuta
at a bargain Balel" exctaltued the pretty girl lu bliiL*. with tins iii u a eyes, to
her sympathetic frleud. "i haveu't tbe
slightest idea why 1 bought it unless
li was because It wus so cheap. Cor
goodness knows I didn't ueed It! ltut
buy it 1 did ami carried it home, whoro
I bragged of my bargain all the rest of
tin* day. it wouldn't run moro than
hall' tin* time, atul iinally I turm-<I it
over to my littlo sister to play with.
"Vmi Know Uu* ilmo I huvo Innl wlih
that eligible young man ami bow I
huvo quarreled with evory girl frtouil
I know who hint dared to look nt bim?
ltut you dou't know liow many nights
i Imvo wostod altllug up planning a
campaign that would bo Biircosstull
"Woll, he called tho othor owning,
uml i Borvod notleo on thu rost of tho
fatally tbnt wo wnn tod tlio draw lug
room io ourselves that evening, lor l
foit suro Hint tho supremo momout
innl arrived, I wnsu't disappointed,
Wo woro sltthig slilo by sido on t\
di vnn, quito by necidout, looking ut
soma engravings whon ho begnu, and
1 trlod to look as if I wan awfully Bur
prised, ltut ho hadn't spokon more
tint ii throo words boforo that miserable alarm olook wont off right undor
us, whoro my littlo Bister had loft it
whon she wns through playing with It.
"Prom tho wny tho youug man Jumped yon would havo thought that ho
wns a part of tbo alarm and always
acted that way whon tlm alarm was
sprung. Elo made for tbo door, mumbling Bomotblug that 1 didn't catch on
account of the noise that tho alarm
made, und ho uas outdoors boforo the
din censed and gavo ino a chouco to
collect my wits, And to think that It
was all caused by a little, miserable,
petty"— Tbo pretty girl lu bluo gave
It up aud burst out crying.
Gentlemen,—While driving down a
very steep bill last August my horse
■tumbled nud foil,catting himself fearfully about tho bead and body. I need
MINAKD'S LINIMENT freely on him
and in a few duys be was as well as
ever. J. B. A. BEAUCHEMIN.
William Wnhlorf Astnr uow very nearly fill tills the li'iinii-im i-t u iui'u without
a country.
The neit time Mr, Astnr im*a iu orc-nk
Into huh society In- will hnvo n competent chaperon,—Milwaukee Si-ntinol.
William Waldorf Astor went to Austria tn get nwny from Bngllsh society;
antl that same uiglit thore wns n severe
frost, accompntded by snow, hi ■■inn**
parts of tin* empire.
Woll. Mr. Astor can now cast oil n lot
of the Impectinion? blue blooded leec(ies
who huvo been fattening mi his prodigality, Hut. really, doesn't it look ns if
lie Imil solil Ida birthright for a pretty
pom* moss of pottogeV—Cleveland Plain
Willinm Waldorf Astor, writhing under the reproof administered by London's
"smart set," has Dcd to Uermn-iy.    lt la
liupeil that onr German friends will remember ihnt his Income is the only thing
American uhout Mi, Astor.—Denver Republican.
With reiranl to Mr. William Waldorf
Astor, we un this si.le of tho wnter cmi-
imt in-ist tun strenuously that b» the
laws nf I5iigitiiul rtni] International comity, tn quote Gilbert'a onco familiar
phrase  "'le is an BiigllBhman."
Thoro never wuh, nnd never will ito. a
universiil panacea, in um1 t< m. ily, fnr all (ill
to which fl.sli te heir—tho -rory nnture uf
many euratlvos being Bitch  Ihnt  were  the
germs ol other 'imi iliiii'i't'iiilv sooted die-
caica rooted In tho iiyslom of Iho patient—
whnt would rellova mn* HI in (urn would ug-
grnviii.* th,- other. Wo Imvo, howover, Tn
Qulnlno Wlno, whon obtainable In a sound
umuliilteriititl stale- ii roiHodl for ninny mnl
grlovous ills.   Hy hs Kmdiinl nml jiiiiu-lmi.1
uso tho frallesl lyatrnu nn- ii*,i Intocoi
loKonca mnl sirniuih hi iin- Influenoa which
ijiiinthJ oiorte in initiurV mi ii rostorall
ll rotluvea Uta drooplny spirits ol tlioeo witli
h limn n ohronlo state ol morhld despondency nml hiek ul Intoroil In life Is n dlsonao,
nml, h) Iranqtdllslng tho net-ros, dlsnososto
Bound und ri*iri**-bmM mIivi> -Imparts vlgui
tn tlu* notion ol the blood, which, being
Htiiiniiiitni. courses throughout tho voln»,
Btrongthcntiuj iho luu tb> animal (unctions
nf the sjhi.in, thereby mnLing ootWlty a
nouounry result, ilrongthcnlnfi tin* tramo,
llllil )ti« inu 111'1 In Un* iliU'-th, ui mills. wbi,*h
niitninily ihiimiiii Ineronsod mi balance   te.
snlt.lmprovodnppollto. Nortlin.pJ l.y n,
of T ito have given lo Ihe public iheir
suporloi Qalnlni wioonl tin* usual rate,ai d,
gqugod ii-, th,- opinion ut selonttsts, thli
wlm* ni'inuiielii- ii. tin || IwrfecUon Ol iiii) iu
tl nrltol.   All druggists sell ii.   ,
T < - Nr-M lili.11.1 ri,|t.
'I'h><   Hh  Iti ll Itnynl  II,*,: nl  mm
ni Vhlii hm bnw hud rwil oui id
Ihom „ now pntierti Mil w-rvleo ..■,..
whu ii ihuj  in.* ii*un; expet'lmentully
li I** a inu- i.iir.u limn the ordinary Hold service cup The Iinp nl
Ilia   bnck     foils In the nape ol ihe
nock, mnl the pen) niita woll down
tn shield il yes     V leather     chin
atrap W'.'i>- H rn pnaftlun
Tlio     I g *   i-     li.n.le  nt     light
kimki canvas, mul lo woll vontllated
Mr.   Tl UIB   ll-ill-trd.  ByrflOllBO,   N.   v.,
writes:   "I him* been Dfllleted lur nearly a
yonr with iimi most-to-bo dreaded d miho
ilysiu'i'siii. uml ni limes worn out with pain
snd wnnt ol aloop, and, nfter Irving nltnost
ovorythlns recommended, I tried one bos of
Fnrmolca s Ycgotabla i'ills. I am now nearly
well, and bollovo lhey will ouro mo, I would
not he without thom fur nny money,
Her E a pin nntlon.
"Why," Inquired Mr. Blrlus Unrkor
Indignantly, "do women gossip so
"Because, dear," his wlfo nnswered
■weetly, "If they don't go around and
get the news during thc dny their husbands will Insist on going down town
to hear lt Instead of staying nl home.
Aud, even as it la, they bnve to go out
two or three times a week to gather up
What we overlook."—Washington Star.
The DUctulliiliijf or Coney.
Boss-Didn't 01 soe yen Inkln two
rounds o' tbe ladder wl' one step?
Casey—Vis, sorr.
Iloss-Ve're discharged for Incompetency. Didn't yes know this Job's bein
done be th' buurV -Colorado Springs
liurlni HnttU AiilntitUfueauuib tn Hun*
ier nnd rialcio,
'Ihere have boon many Instances lu
which lights huvo l.ivn lost or won?
according to the number und condition of the horses enguged, says Tbo
Golden Penny. Whou the siege oi
Plevua commenced the Russians were
bringing ull their stores nnd food
from Sistova by the aid of 66,000
draft-horses, und at tho end of tbe
siege it wus fuund that no less than
33,000 of them luul died from lund
work und exhaustion. The want ol
rest und foot.1 tells on a horse fur
more ihnn on a man, Tur in the rose
of tho latter there mv stimulating
Inlluences of patriotism, tin* glory ol
victory ami other feelings which' are
n< xtstonll In the tmluro ul a horse
(luili* hull the horses in Kngluml tool
to tin*   Crimea never roturnud,   most
of Ihom having di rom html work
uml si limit inn Indeed, only nboui
."iiui wen* killed in action, Bn ro-
iluced nml   Bturvoil   liuvo ilu*     poor
kind   tlmt
I n   known  in
oi  anuther'n mils mnl tu kuow
the W| Is ul the gllll OlirrlugOH      Nlt-
liuleuu took wiih hlm ncriuu tin* Mo
nmn HO.OOO mvnlry hurses, mid on
hla roinrn lu six ' inunths In* could
only inuainr 1(1.0000,       Mun-    than
halt   lhe  hurnoK   whu-h   Won-  ongllgl'd
uf     IS
disabled; (II i tlu-wi wore kilh-ii. mnl
unl.v lilly-tluvi* Hin In iu ucllun In
lists Afghan wnr of IHHH il te wild
that 11,000 cainoln uml half tho hot-
M*s engngod won* lusi in threo
ninnths, H will thus he seen Umi
actual fighting does nol claim no
many horses us starvation ur overwork, Defective shooing, sun* backs,
wiint of food nud rest und other at tailor causes go far towards render! ug
horses useless fm- practical warfare,
(ine mure nml Important cause nrojls
careful attention, and It is the danger of injury horses run whon boing
shipped across tho wen. They nro
lu constant motion, ihoy continually
fall—many of them to be trampled
to dentil—and tho rest become frightened, kiek and buttor on'o another
about, und aro rondo nil useless. As
an Instance of this. It was found Hint
ono regiment on tho way to thu Peninsular wnr wns deprived of just
half jls horses un the voyage.
II ninn   uf   final Ills    Uie    Oriel mil    New
Among tho books found iu the mosque at Damascus, says Thu Lundun
Dally Mail, i.s a -series of ton bunks,
written In beautiful gilt "Julie, beginning with the smallest-sized Koran over seen, nnd ending in one ns
lurgo ns the one  hi  the  Native     Li
iu In
N'n/fiii Tasini has called u military
nml civil committee, und made them
take uu oath thui nut a single pleco
of papor -shull leave tho room in
whieh they are kept. The books ure
kept in seeks uml boxes, and every
evening every member of thc committee must li\ his soul to theso, und
thev cannot bo opened unless all Oto
members ure present).
The tJennun Academy entertains
grent hopes that the original Sow
Testament may be there, too. The
German Emperor Ims written to the
Sultan un the subject, nml it has
been decided that n Gorman profossor
shall be sent to Damascus to try tu
find it.
iir*   llnrtfii in   Ar«1iHiii*-Uii.
-Mrs. Martin, wife of Frank Mr.i-
tiu, engineer to thu Ameer of Afghanistan, iH mn* of the very lew whlU
women who havo lived In the capital of that Btrauge country, hhi
has lately arrived ut Simla and give*
some Interesting facts about tin
court of Afghanistan. She snys tin
Ameer i.s kind ami courteous tn tht
English   and   dues   his   best   tn   iii-ik-
things     pleasant    fur them.    Then
woro only fuitr other Europeans    ii
Kabul   wln-n  Mrs.   Martin   was   there
■mc ti*.
formerly a harem nnd is inclosed l
,i iiiiu.*    wall with Btroug gates
guard of   Ifi of the    Ameer's   Bepo;
sum>umis   it   dny   and   nlghl   niid   l
iin* Ameer's orders no member ol ll
liutisehuld is allowed out without n
escort Mrs. Martin look n ble.\c
lo Kabul and the Ilrst woman <
rldn a wheel In Its streets Tl
i|iiivu was struck with admlratlu
and, having ordered a cosily mi
chine from England, sent tor Mr
Martin   lo  teach  her   I
nr t v
Ic   it.   but
balance herself,
tnd ih.* bicycle has he
nf ih- harem ever sim
« lm ii in Bli* M«rri ?
QUwin Uiliii-lniiua has ngain been
hon rttlicd bj tho gossip nioiigi rs and
again ihe bridegroom chosen for her
had lo Join the now long ii*-' ol re
lected suitors Hor Mihjeetn aro
grnwtnfi mix I mis nbout their young
rulei I'liey wuuld like lo seo lur
rom for l a bh  seltleil down or    rat hoi
Heltleil  iu  their  Hut I nf net   nnd feel
nsatiml Ihnl lhe succeuslon lo lho
iin*,,i„. was •-'■mn llul tlio youthful
oven gn hus n greal  eye in cdci i
si„. 1,! w   lu ho mi object   ilerest,
.md M la |ierhaps pardonable II she
onJtiVH tin* knowledgn thnt  lho «*m* ol
ovorj eligible prli ■■ fix pun hor
11 is hei loved in lm tnhrahl-. certain
notwithstanding nil lho apparent
myatorv, Unit hn- mind is full) umde
up nml lluil lho lull young tleruiun
Prince Wiiiuim nf Und,  will bn hor
(ilihi-yin w tixi.iwi.
A Cliliteso window is a qua Inl sub-
lerrugc fm* obscuring lho light ol
iln,\ It is an Intricate pattern o|
woodwork in Bt might linos, with
pieced ol gin ss stuck on the surface
mid lilleil up Willi strum;, yellowish
pnper, lis principal uso is in sealing up an apartment ngalnst un> inrush of fresh air by nnn mil ventilation,
111* I. iii-jl-lu-j  1'lnnl.
A  llower     known as the taitghtttg-
plnnt, which grows in Arabia, Is ho
ml.    because    its    seeds produce
iis similar tn those produced by
laughing gns.    Tho (lowers nre nf a
bright    yellow,    while the seeds ro-
ible small black beans.
1'iir llll-iliui   lll-liu Itiini.
(tussle's Academy n[ Sclonco hns a
prize ol 1,600,000 rubles to bestow.
In 18HH Geucrnl Arake/oljew bn-
ipieathed to it 50,000 rubles, whieh
was lo accumulate until I02B, when
llircu fourlliB of tlm mun should    ho
given to lhe best history iu Itussimi
of Alexander l.'s reign, Bays Tho Ln-
illntiiipoljs News. Tho other qtturtor
Was to be spent in print inu tho work
lu having It translated Into   French
und German     uud fnr n  prize tn the
second best work. Tho accumulations
will amount to nearly 3,000,000
uii linn-iii'? in hit imin
i  :■     .      ti ii.ir  (h'lail  with
II -l    io*ingi liu tutsry ol |uin,
ig ii iii i.i Ionia nititlc, loit perfume,
ccul ul loici Jylng 'ju a tomb,
.i'l l.y a|iiii(;'» dew ur tUOimvr'l ruin.
n-jc tl.v mimiu when (tie ctnnot clung-*!
inji uf morn. Iiljli not I or leltinj tun
et the,   Tlnv are povfcrleta tu ettrtnge
,il     tin-    1)UKK
It llll
tll'S    li
11  1
»..l 1,)
III.' 11
Itlsli   ■
Mill I'l
IIIIV   il
i.  wo
or (H.
Igor nn
1 Hi..
it In
I11V11    1
Ir llio
o rmi
inl.l lui
lirlli,   1
vv Iho
'1     llill
ml nil
llll' si
till' i'i
Vi I
ii|mii   i
Isl   ll, 1
llll SM
VI'll   i,
iilrlcnl Blabber
il<> will ii
I that In
t hii ome in
a Burnt! nt tiini's a poitnirp Btniup «uek
mt thu \uill at lhe height nf nu hmiifluiiry
victim's bosom. Tin- aw Inni UK nnn te
practically the radius of u circle, nf
wliii.li circle the blade forms a part. In-
Blend, therefore, ur tho point going nn-
crrlugly lo its nmrk it moves In a curve,
whieii almost Invariably will throw it
clear of the point aimed nt.
The expert's grip upon the dagger te a
singular ono, but It achieves its object.
tie only takes the handle of the weapon
with his thumb mid firit three finger1*.;
the fourth he folds into tlm palm of Ute
hand. Tho folded "little tinner." lyius
wiih its lowest section against the inside
of the dagger handle, gives a Blight outward thrust nml corrects the tendency of
the dngger poiot to swing in a curve.
Held tliis way, tho dagger will hit the
postage slainp every time,
lint the stiletto, rather thnn the dagger, is the ideal weapon of the assassin.
Few people know what the truo Btlletto
is like, and fewer still how it te manipulated. In tiie first place, it hus nn hilt,
only a wooden handle, resembling thnt of
the cotumou chisel, but without the brass
hand. The blade—If blade it can he
called—is a slender, three cornered thing,
except for tlie tough texture, very like fi
When the ill fated empress of Austria
was stabbed, the statement crept Into
some newspapers that she had aetually
heen wounded with n tile. A Btlletto,
nf course, was used, hut it wus probably
qnlto unfamiliar tn many of tlie newspaper correspondents.
The stiletto handle is held In the palm,
with the thin hhide pointing outward und
upward. No force is needed! none indeed could he exei'iPil In smh a position.
14nt the single terrible "poke*1 in the liver
nr tiie stomach is mure thau sullieieut, It
was from such u wound that President
Cnrnot died. The stiletto te practically
titleless except as the tool uf the assassin
and as such wuuld he mude nu illegal article, save in museums ami similar collections.
Only ono form of cutting weapon is
properly held iu the con vent inn a I Binge
fashion, nml thnt is the terrible Spanish
knife,  used bv tho southern  peasant  fur
slicing his onions nnd his enemies. Hut
this Is employed in slashing crosscuts
ami not, as a rule, in stabbing.—London
Srori-N of  VpittlnncM on llir iimi. rn
Up tn liiiii* Uaoblns,
The modem fire truck, besides carrying
longer ladders and a greater variety
them than tlm ohl lime tire truck, has a
far inure elaborate equlpmeot ot coatrlv
unci's uf oue suit nud imuther fur u>e il
getting at uud fighting fire. Improvements
ure constantly makiug iu nil these appliances, aud uew thlngt are Icing added all
the time.
Ou one of the Chicago trucks there urt
lli ludders. the longest of them uu extension ladder thut cau bt raised IH> feet.
This ladder is uf the kind thut te raised
•ni the truck, tu which its fuot is secured,
i'.y means of erauks aud the mechanical
appliances attached tu it. eight men, four
nf them standing on thc truck -mid four
on the ground, can raise this ladder, ex-
t- tided and in position fnr use, in 3(1 sec-
onds. Besides the 1)0 foot extension there
i- carried on this truck a liu foot extension,  which is taken uff the track  when
used and rnlsud from the ground. There
is it!-, q 15 foot extension ladder, ended
u junior extension, whieh is used when
there i- occasion tu carry u ladder inside
■>f a buildhig where the italrways might
i unrrow nnd where It would be Impossible !■■ carr) a 16 foot ladder with solid
tide pieces. Folded, a man cuu curry this
ladder on bli shoulder almost ouywhere.
lb -iii. s the three cxteiulou ladders de-
serihed, there arc ou this truck two 35
fnnt bidders, one "-'."> foot, one "JO toot nud
  1(1 fool ladder, nud four 1(1 foot seal-
ing holders nf the kind with which tire-
men climb the front of a building, these
having each h ilugle shaft uf wood, with
bundles riiniihig through it to hold on by,
and with a luits; boflklfjco hunk at one eud
nt right angles tu thu shaft, whk-h lg
thrust thi»ii|,'ii a window to rest upon
the sill. There are carried un tlie truck
lulls  tu   he  used   with  the
Part lentil r Alinnt Ilta -shoes.
A western couple who were on a visit
to New Vork for the Brat lime put up ut
the Waldorf-Astoria during iheir stay in
[his city, ami what was left of their first
day in New York they largely devoted to
viewing the decorntious of the hotel,
Tii» myrtle room, the Astnr gallery and
the great ballroom wen- viewed hy them,
and the magnificence of the appointments ami opulent decorations left (hem
both breathless. They said little, however, in comment, but thnt awe was one
.if ihe feelings that what ihey hnd wit-
nes-ed gave rise tu wus evidenced by the
husband, who, upon retiring for the
night, «hen he was nsked by his faithful
spouse if. according Io his usual custom,
In* was nm going tn imt his shoes outside
in be l.linkeiied. emphatically replied:
"Not much.   U l did. ilnv'd gild them,"
Unit n ll'unl In It.
When the ltev. Dr. .1. T. Ward wns
pnildrat of Western Maryland college,
smut- uf tbo students stulu the molasses
ci ii-. from tin- kitchen nud poured streams
or the treacle down thu whole of the
banisters thnt led rrom the sky parlor io
the basemint. Dr. Ward got up very
oarly tin* next moruiug, and ns he went
down tho steps lie gathered a handful of
ihe molasses.   Tho faculty sat In solemn
bpssI  but  nm  un Inkling could they
Bud ns to iim Identity of the ndscrcnuta.
Suddenly tha liuumr of the thing broke
upon ihe doctor, and bu said: ■•Gentlemen, 1 may as well confess. 1 had a
hand in il."
Tin- Hi-lulu Ate Hi.- Talis,
Aii Investigator of matters Roolostenl
said: "I saw staled lu a iiaimal history
volume thai If ti worm should he divided
no* [interior pan would grow a mil und
(lie puHlcrlni pint would grow n heud.
1 took I'J worms and dlvhH tlicin, placing (he divided pints of each worm iii a
sepnrnto glass, In less ihnn n month I
bad *JJ worms, losing onl) two tall pints.
The bend pa,Is I,.,,! growll tails, iiiiil the
(nil pails had grown heads.    Then  I di-
uilcl two worms Into halves nnd put
lhe four purls into a glass, inlo which I
placed earth, hut tm food, nml the head
puis ate tbe (ail pints."
Mr. 1
into t
ier 1
ing w
ItOVf lli> Mmle It,
>e you are building a new Imuse,
■s, ymi are right."
mie the money mit of whisky, I sup-
hy, ynu are n distiller, are you not?"
i, yes. ltut the money I'm putting
Ids house was made out nf the wn-
imt Inlo tliu whisky. Kvery forth*
as umde out nf tlio water, sir."
Labor is noble, but of two ancestors
peoplo generally lung moro of the one
who enjoyed 1'fe mi money he dh) not
have tu earn.
A husband waiting fnr his wife nt n
bnrgniu snte is nhutit the cheapest thing
In siitlil.—Cliirniro News.
Allow & Ctap
, Stocks and bunds bought, sold and
carried on margin.    Listed
mining stocks curried
Bcnling laddei
There are curried ou this truck four
axes, ten crowbars and two picks, hammer headed on one side ami pick pointed
on the other, whleh are used for picking
holes through walls to get into au adjoining building. There are two tin cutters, long handled implements fur cutting linles iii the tin roofs und ripping
up the tin. There are two window breakers, iron halls attached to a length of
cord. A man ol* tho roof throws this
iron ball over the edge to brenk the windows with which it comes in contact on
Its backward swing nml so let out the
smoke uml ventilate tlie building. Under the ladders away down at the rear
end of the truck is n burse reel upon which
there Is one length of hose, which, by
mentis of reduction couplings, enn h«
coupled on to fire hose of uny size. There
arc nlso a lot of nozzles, one of which is
called the distributer. This bas an attachment tliat whirls rapidly under pressure of water passing through It. The
distributor Is used in cellar (ires. A hole
is cut in the floor, and tbe distributer Is
thrust through.
Another curious sort of pipe carried Is
the cellar pipe. Tbis Is n rather long
pipe with two hcjids in it. The cellar
pipe Is suspended from u holder standing
ou the ground, thus mnking it possible
to swing the pipe nud point In different
directions. The bends in the pipe enable the throwing of water to points that
could not he reached with n straight pipe.
There are two fire extinguishers with
which to put out small tires or to keep,
If the truck should get there first, a fire
In check until nu engine arrives. There
is n portable fire escape, one end of
which enn he attached to u window sill
by menus of which a ti reman enn lower
anybody from u building or a person
could lower himself. There are two life
line nuns that will throw a slug with a
light Hue attached 300 feet up over a
building, a jntnpiug net, two smoke
masks und signal lings and red lanterns
to flag trains ou the elevated railroad.
Fur   other   uses   thero   are   two   white
tn  the  PoiiiuliiKl-cnl  Dp part rat at.
At the Atlanta exposition iu 181HJ thure
wns a "woman's building" on tht
grounds, nml the committee lu chargo
made n strong effort to secure a diversified exhibit from nil parts of the south.
To that end numerous letters were addressed to prominent women asking them
to send anything thnt would be curious
nnd attractive. Among those who responded was n huly who lives in Richmond nnd who is a member of the uld
Virginia aristocracy. Being naturally
proud of her descent, it occurred to her
that lhe framed copy of her family tree
would bu nn Interesting object, nnd it
was accordingly expressed to tlie committee.
Later on the lndy visited tlie exposition,
nud, of course, one of llie first things she
looked for wns her own contribution, but,
Btrange to say, she wns unable to find it.
The entire exhibit was neatly catalogued
uud, running over tin* hook page by page,
she nt last encoiintered the entry she
was after, "Family tree, loaned hy Mrs.
— of Richmond."
When she turned hack to where it was
located, lier proud Virginia blood curdled
lu her veins.   It was In the "I'nuiologicnl
Fall antl lUpllelt Directions,
Two bicyclists passing thrutigh u small
town ou thu Long Island shorn decided
to take the train from there home. Being
unfamiliar with tbo place, they stopped
to Inquire of a colored woman the way
to lhe railway station.
"We are strangers," they said. "Would
you kindly direct us to tho stutiou'i1"
"Certainly, suh," she replied, "Keep
n-goln right on till yo' comes lo de corner
wlia du olo postollice used ter be, den
tu'n to yu1 h-f nu yu'll go right to do
ita Hon,"
As they rodo off she heninei] with pride,
tiny with nniiiseincut, und, although they
found the Minimi, they huve yet to discover the "comer wlm d« ole postoftict
used tur he."
fl-Htlnt lloiTti l» BNiln-tii.
The lawyer was telling of the great for-
tilllo effort lie Intended to make when
the case ciiuie to trial.
"Sir," bu said impressively, "I shall
"I see," Interrupted the litigant, "tlint
business Is business with you luwyers ns
well us with other merchants, and per*
hups you are ri^ht lu wanting the matter
settled nt ih*» siart. How much will you
'■Inlercstc-d Affect loft.
"I'm ntriuu,   you're marrying
me only because I've inherited from my
uncle 100.01K) crowns."
"Why, ninnche, how can you think
thnt of me? Your uncle Is nothing to
mc! I would marry you, no matter from
whom you inherited the money!"—Der
KnlHliiK fnliHem.
Thu wounded British soldiers often
amuso thomsolves during convalos-
conco by knitting nnd fining similar
work. At The (tables, Surldton, England, which ims heen opened by Ua
owners, Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Cooper,
a« a convalescent home for returned
soldiers, one innu knitted n pair of
Blockings for his baby In u dny.   Oth-
urs  knit.      for   themselves     uml   their
wives, uud a favorite article is n Berlin wnnl belt bearing the nnme of the
owner and lhat nf tho action lu
which ho wus woundod,
Bh« Dad Trim] Mnny Uedioluni without
Avail, but Ultimately Fouud a Oure
Tiuuuirli the O*o ul Di. wininiii-.* rink
Few bodily afflictions are more terrible tlmn disease ol the heart To
'ive in couutdut dread ami expectation
or death, suddec aud with lust faro*
Wells unspoken, is for most people
more awful to contemplate thau the
most serious liugeriug nlness. The
slightest excitement brings solleriug
aud danger to Bucb people.
For several years Mrs. (Jravel, wife
of P. H. A. Gravel, foreman in Barry's
cigar factory St. John's suburb, t^ne-
beo was such a sufferer but thanks to
Dr. William-' Piuk Pills she is again
in the enjuymeut of good health. Mrs.
Gravel sayB:—
"My geueral health wuh bad for several years, my appetite was poor, anil I
was easily tired, lint it was the fro-
nuuni sharp paius und violent palpitation of my heart which caused me tlie
greutt st alarm. I tried muny medi-
ciueu, mid was treuted by Eevernl doc
tors, bnt lu vain. Finally 1 bcciimu so
poorly tliat 1 was not able to do any
household work, und wus frequently
confined to my bed. At tho suggestion
of one of my friends I decided to try
Dr. Williama' Piuk Pills. Alter taking a tew boxeB I began to guiu new
strength aud rigor. Tho paius in my
heart were less frequent and less
severe, nnd ln every way my health wub
improving. I continued using tho pills
until I had takeu eight boxes, wheu '
had completely recovered my health.
I have galued in flesh; my appetite Ib
good, and I am able to do all my household work without feeling the awful
futiguo I was before subject to. I am
very thankful to Dr. Williams' Piuk
Pills, for they have truly released me
from much suffering, and I hope that
others may be induced to try this wonderful medioiue."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by going to the root of tbe disease. Tbey
renew and build up tho blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thnB driving
disease frum the system. Avoid
imitations by insisting that every box
yon purchase Ih enulosod iu a wrapper
bearing the fnll trade murk, Dr. Williams' Pink Fills for Palo People. If
your deal* r does unt keep them they
will bo sent postpaid ut 5U conts a box,
or six boxes for $2.60 by addressing tlie
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out
He Itcmvinlicrcil Thom,
"By the wny," -snid the man who had
stopped nt a farmhouse to water bis
horse, "15 yenrs nfgo a poor boy enme
this wny, uud you took bim in."
"Yes?" queried the fanner, somewhat
"You wore kind to him," went on tbe
stranger; "you fed bim, gave him
words of encouragement nml nn old
suit of clothes, put u dollar lu his pocket nnd sent him on his wny rejoicing,
lie told you nt tho timo thnt be never
would forget your kindness. Am I
right V"
"1 reckon you are," replied tho farmer.
"lie said that If he prospered he
would see that you never bad occnslon
to regret your kindness to a poor.strug-
gllng hid."
Land's snkes!" exclaimed tho farmer's wife exeitedfy, "It sounds almost
like n fairy tale, don't It? Why, you
must Imvo seen htm,"
I have," said tho strnnger, "and he
sent n message to you."
"Whnt Is It?" they both asked ex-
"lie told me to tell you that bo la
still poor."
As the stranger drove nway the
fnrmer went out und kicked tho pump
viciously, while hts wife threw a rolling pin at the chickens.
Beware of  Ointments for Oatarrh
That Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely1 destroy the sense of
Btiied and completely dentin tiie whole uyt-
l-ein wlii'ii i-nii-rlnit It thr'iuijti the nnicoii" niir-
fai-iiH. suuii articles should never to used except on pn-dci-liJtloiis fi om repotidilu pliv.-dciims,
ns lho ilumuKO ihi-y will do la ti-u fold to lhe
■nod ynu enn poiiluly derive (rem tin-in. Hall's
Citiirrh l'mo, ijiuiiiiliirluridliy F. J. Cheney i
On., Toli-Uo, 0., enn tn ins no inenury. anu L
token Internally,acting directly open ihe blood
end iiiuii'UH stirfHc-'S..f thu nyBtcm. In lm*.inn
Hull's Catnrrh Cure ho sure ynu get the Beiiu-
Ine. It Is taken liiluinidly.niid unnlohi Toledo,
Ohio, by K. J. Cheney & Co,  Testimonials free.
Bold by Druvulnts, inlo*76u per bottle.
Hull s Validly Hills ure the best.
Mice und Mntoliee,
An Investigation extending over a period of nearly three mouths was made by
the Inspection department ut a Boston
fire Insurance company in order to determine whether fire run he caused by rata
or mice and matches. Tbe tests were
carried on In a cage made of iron pipe,
covered with galvanlned iron Dotting, in
which a tin box partly flllcd with cotton
waste was placed for a nest. Huts and
mice, singly or several at ft time, were
confined, for longer or shorter periods,
within this cage, In which sulphur
matches, parlor matches and safety
matches were nlso placed. The creatures
were alternately fed nnd allowed to ro
liuugry. During the experiments with
the mice apparently none of tin* motcb-n
were gnawed, but two of the safety
matches were carried hy them into their
nest. Ou thu other huml, the ruts Ignited the sulphur uuitelies by kiidwIiik
thein, which is indisputable evidence tliat
common sulphur matches can be Ignited
by rats. 	
NOMIO.-Thcse few ndjoctivei apply with
peculiar force to Dr. Thomas' Eotcotrto Oil—
a standard external and Internal remedy,
adapted to tho relief and cure of coughs,
sore throat, hoarseness and all affections of
tlie breathing organs, kidney troubles, excoriations, surcs, himenos-j and physieul
l'nlplt -and Pew,
In his "Lighter Moments" the late
Bishop Wnlsham How tells of a lndy,
a great ndmlrur of » certain preacher,
who took Bishop Magee with her to
hear him and nsked him Afterward
what he thought of the sermon.
"It was very long." tlio bishop said.
"Yoh." snid tin* lady, "but theru wns
a saint In the pulpit"
"Antl a martyr 111 tho pew," rejoined
the bishop. 	
So rapidly docs lung Irritation spread and
dcopon, Hint ofton In a few weeks a simple
cough culminates in tubercular consumption,  Give heed to a cough, thoir'- -1	
danger In d
 ,. .-. AJtlo nf   BIcklo'B
 -w«»JUmptivo Syrup and euro yourself.
It Is a imdieine unsurnasBod fur nil throat
Ami ('iiiimihi]
'"inpoilllded  from
und Innu troubles.   H Is .,,„,.,,...
low™ herbs, each ono of whleh stands at
the head uf the list ns aicrtlng a wonderful
influence In cutlug consumption und all
lungdiseu'us. J
tADIR Jl -
siioe ViW F
it UNRivAiro roft hitihN*
H.utimr. torTAHo ruuu   i
roe mc if) mot1- m olh toiiiim
snot omv.1 ni- PKriAit tiNitiHt »*
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l tonll mother, who want th.ir table { 1 UlllllU V     UUl
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healthy -
Mmlo ut tho iim
M.nuf.du,.,. of th. W.br.11       \    & ■ t K T   I   H I N d
for the Printer
iv Mils fair to
er n delilec of
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PUSH    illto    i
blond,    Tin
limi'K nlie-iil.
Ir nny oilier uutimi mis ui
Time tn tmilio known tbe fitet
i wu more don't matiur.—UulU
'Twist ntihniy Imrrnrs, win** nnd iu-
■nurn of tviu-H nml uni'Mii-i-tei! thunder-
.tm-ius tbe victim of beim illm-imp Bin mil
ml il KiU-p,V I'llllliee ill thoBO MlUCB.—PIlU*
ideinbiii Inquirer,
FAGGED OUT,—Nona but tho»* wbo
hnvo become frigged out know what a da-
pressed, mtsornhlu fr cling it Is. All strength
In gone, uml despondency b s taken hold ol . At their Wmxt
llle BUfforcrS,    Thuy ft t I   ii" though Ibcru IS i pec tut 1Yr.liu-.iUv nml Tlnir-ilm.
untiling tn live for.   There, however, Id n St.pt   Ulll, BIlll' ilHn nu,.n
cure—one boxof Purmelce'sVegetable Plils '
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strength.   Unndruko und Danfli linn ure two
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Wo hin been humclod bj
lo MJ Iheli sim «.-.! -ut ol
rrhn,—» -it . U huil.
The l*|lllORO|>Iiy uf It.
"Why, sir," e.U'luuueil tlu* ermlitt
Gliluiuiuitl, "we bnve forgotten mon
Uliotll eivilizulii.il Ihnn yuu ever knew.'
Men's Tweed and Worsted Suits In
FINK GOODS, well maie nnd  aU up
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  We  guarantee  to ofT-'-r and sell  ev-
■,^_ -. .     , „       - »ry '.lie in the Ca'alosue.
Hon* it lit of Dencflt,
"If your  medicine  Is  nothing   but . *rtock on view on Monday preceding
colored water with n little sirup In it, Ea'e*
bow cun you claim tbat  it dees anv Cata:.,-->;? may  u  bid   from    the
rmnitwi                                                             ' Auctlone-T-rs   a:   Tor-'-r.t ■     and     Mont-
i-m.i      ..- .t       ...           .       . reai   or   --'^   DONALD   FRASER   &
\\hy, if they believe what I say It CO., WINXiPE-G.
constitutes n Rort   of   a   ininO   cure.
doesn't It?"
BUOKLmO    &    CO.,    Trade    Auc-
tloneers,     TORONTO,     MONTREAL
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,
An Oponlntf For Hlm.
Toss—She's broken off her engagement
to Tom.
Jess—Yes, but it isn't p'Tinnnent.
Teas—Why, she sent uii liis presents
back, and wrote bim tlmt she didn't want
him to ever dare speak or write to her   ry, to BOUT. DICKS05
Jess—But sho added:  "P.  S.—Kindly    -:=^^^————m
neknowlcdga receipt of ihe oresents and
tbis letter."
Uine-i an Meal Pot Icy,
Hrr*. Manitoba ttn-l N. W*T.,
i-rinnlpcs, Uan,
Gtmarnl Agent,
Winnipeg, M..,.
Brass Band
Ii.ttrninenU, I>rum>, L'nlf'irm*, Bte.
LowMt prices «tm qa,te<i Plea uUlogot
SO. Mnitntlonti naQod rrfc-n. wrlti a» for my-
thlnf tn Music or Mu.l  «i Jnklrninetitt.
Toronto Ont. ud
Wu.a:;*it. iimo.
MiiHt llfcil tlie I,inMin.
"George, I've embroidered tbe 'Absent* ;
minded Beggar' on tins lovely tiik pillow
for you."
"Thank   you,   dear.     It   is  the   very ;
thing I wanted."
"Hut, George, don't you forget your- I
self nml go and put your bend on it."— ' Whalef Boyce -ft Co.
Chicago Urr_r_  |   _
Minard's Liniment Cures Golds, Etc.
linen  Wlmt to I're net-1 lie.
"I wish you would fill tbis proserin*
ion I ir. Swell innu left fur my wife."
unl tbe wealthy man.
•'I guess this was monnt for yon." tlie
Iiui* clerk tmiil. smiling, es be road the
f THOS, I.I K, -.Tlnnlpe-K.
"Oh, no,   H'h for my wife."
"I menu It Is for yon to fill.   It refills
ulinply: "Hx,   nm.* trip to Europo,"    |
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Pay Ing n Bulmilinle,
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"Well, pn, *r i go r ur picnic with
tnn, I wnnt t' blie h'mi nt'-r buy V carry tb' Imslu't."
Market  Street, Opp. Cltj   Hull.
Winnipeg! Mao.
| MKST .SYvlliMv   1 DOftOt till COI IISB8
I   Writo r-r rala'i gae
W, A. BIFPRBLL B. A., Priodpal,
Catholic Prayer 8^eVa>^l?:
aiHm, Itelloloai l*ii iur* 1 SUtairy,andChareh
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qbItopromptetunilon g^j Sa-JllttfrCO.jGUIttl
m-i i
- Acetylene Qui
Kol til  All Mie.
"Wlmt nn Idle curiosity most women
have I"
"I don't know. So far as I've noticed, It Is usually kept pretty busy."—
Philadelphia Hulk-tin.
MM's Liniment Cures 0ml in Cows.
lathe beet, ihoonlj reliable, md the m««t
dnrablogoncratorlnOanad i, WorksautornaU
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ol Christinas goods ever
brought to Fast Kootenays.
Buy while you can get your
J      LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up About the Cily  by  Asking
Questions of Many  People.
A, Leitch, Sr., returned todny from
\V K Robs returned fiom Winnipeg
The Masonic lodge meets tonight in
regular session.
li. II Miner ami wife paid Movie a
visit last Friday.
R. !■; Beattie spent several days in
Moyie last week.
"Sandy" .tlcDougal has been in town
the past few days.
One fit*t of Democrat two-seated bobs
for sale by I!. H. Miner.
I*' ire wo o.l—pine, fir nun tamnrac in all
lengths.   VanDecar & Son.
Joe Mitchell, who is living on the Turner ranch at Swansea, wai in towu Monday.
Work is progressing on the uew
scliuid bouse ami lhe building is already
Mr. Rogers left Monday for n brief
trip to Winnipeg ami olher points in
J Ii. Costigan and family have moved
into tbeir handsome new residence on
Baker hill.
Jtilin Hutchison went to Fernie Monday to inspect u few barrels of apples as
quarantine officer.
Playing billiards and pool is not nearly so expensive as playing the elections.
Try McVittle's tables.
"Hoots" Mclntyre, the well-known
hardware salesman, has been iu town
several days this week.
W, S. Keay, local customs collector,
bus been in Fernie on official business
several days this week.
I-,. I-;. Orchard has in contemplation
tin* erection nf a handsome residence on
his Maker hill property.
There is a sburtage of ice in town antl
quite a number of people would like to
be llie let* man these days,
Mrs. Fred Frith and baby, of Moyie,
spent several dnys in town last week, tbe
guests ol Aliss Alice McAllister.
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Gill are rejoicing
over llie arrival of a little girl at their
home on tbe 8th of tbis month.
There are enough social features billed
ahead for tbe people of Cranbrook to
Itei-p Hum busy lor several weeks.
Two things that stand high witb the
general public—tbe Laurier government
nnd McVitlie's cigars and tobaccos.
Tlie gamblers ot Moyie were pulled
nm: night the past week. It is risky to
bet on live aces in that towu these days.
Mrs. Donahue, since taking charge of
the Bast Kootenay hotel, isdoingagood
business ami giving satisfaction to her
I-'or sale—a neat collage on Baker
bill, Painted and fenced. House and
l'»t, $55<'. For lerms see McViltie &
Horace ti.. Butter, barber, singeing,
sbiitiipoouing and cutting ladies' and
children's hair, at their residence, in
Aiken b'ock.
Fred Smyth letuined from the hospital last Sunday nearly recovered iu
health, and left for his home iu Moyie
Mmulay morning,
Harry Bt-nlley, the porlly and genial
merchant of Fernie, wan shaking hands
with bis Cranbronk friends and "Baldy"
Minis tliis week.
We collected another subscription tliis
week, At tliis rate it would take sever
nl decades (or Tlie Hetulti lo catch up
wuii iis subscribers.
The snd news ».f the death of tlie baby
born recently lo Mr. um) Airs. Taylor,
formerly of this city, bus been received
hy Craubrook friends.
A. Leitch, Jr., had a runaway Saturday night while driving to the Palmer
bar mill. Tbe buggy was slightly disfigured iu consetjiiance,
Paul Rookes has been getting up in
llie world lhe past week. He is assisting in the work of attaching the electric
light wires on the high poles along the
main streets.
A. W. McVittie returned from Fernie
last Monday where he has been surveying stveral tracts of limber lands. He
snys lhat tbe snow in that country was
lwo feet deep when he left,
Foi t Steele Prospector:   Last Sabbath
evening the congregation ofthe I'resby-
. let inn chtirrh were delighted with the
solo "Tbe Holy City"  rendered by Miss
Clarn Fortune, of Winnipeg.
Baplist church service will be held in
Wentworth hall on Sunday evening,
November iH, when Mr. W, Phillips,
late of Consett, New Castle on Tyne,
England,   will   preach.     Subject,   "The
Refiner."    Prayer meeting nt the buiue
of Rev. D Holford to he conducted by
Mr, Phillips; service at S p. in. Thursday uight,
Mrs W. T. Reid and Miss Jardine
went to Movie last evening where ihey
participated in a musical program presented by the Methodist ladies of Unit
city.   Mr. Reid accompanied them.
Mr. Brsttlne, proprietor of the Camcr-
oniaii hotel, was arrested again on Tuesday charged witli t-elliug liquor without
a license. J. R. Costigan appeared for
the defendetit aud the hearing was post
Jake Fink and C. Dow left Tue. day
exeuing for tlie Sand creek district.
They took enough hunting parn'jheruulia
along to bring back a herd of deer, and
The Herald ollice expects to receive one
at least.
R Hirtz, who has been with the Fort
Steele branch of the Fort Steele Mereim
tile atore, has moved to Crnnbrook since
the closing of tbat branch, and will be
among tbe bead push of the company in
their large store iu this city.
The Quadrille club held a most en
joyable session al tbe home of Mr. ami
Mrs. McKachern last Tuesday evening,
The next meeting will be held at I Inhume of Mr. mul Mrs. Richards on the
eveuing of Thursday tbe 29th.
Prest, the photographer, is prep.-uin*:
a group picture of Cranbrook that prom
ises to be very attractive, It will include
the principal business houses anil several
of the residences in tbe cily. He will
have it ready for Christmas time.
A. B. Kreler, ofthe Prospector editorial staff, was in towu Monday in company witb Mrs. Keeler. and favored The
Herald with a call. Mr. Keeler looks as
if East Kootenay climate agreed with
him as be appears >ounger as months
roll by.
Adam Hall called last Thuraday and
paid his subscription for another year.
Mr. Hall is among the first subscribers
to Tbe Herald and he litis paid for the
three years. Tbat is the kind of n subscriber that warms the cookies around
the heart of a newspaper mau.
Tbe C. P. R. should build a platform
wide enough at tbe station so that passengers might stand some show of escaping with their lives wlieu they pass
the baggage car and the general bombardment of trunks. A little judgment
and a few boards would give great relief.
Rev. R.J. Reid, of Knor, lud., hrolh
er of W. T. Reid, of this city, arrived
this week with his wife aud they will remain with his brother this winter. Mr
Reid comes to Cranbrook ou account of
his health, and already he is experiencing tbe beueficial effects of this bracing
Lumber is being placed on the ground
for tbe uew two .story building tlmt is to
be erected on the lot next to llie bank
building hy McBride Biothers, of Fort
Steele. The building will be used for
the firm's hardware business that is to
be moved from Fort Steele to Cranbrook,
R. B. Gill, customs inspector for this
district,, witb headquarters at Victoria,
and J. fi. Miller, collector, with headquarters at Vancouver, were in town the
first of tbe week on their regular tour
of inspection. They have only good
words to say of W. S. Keay, the local
customs agent.
The fact that Moyie is strongly in
favor of Chris Foley was demonstrated
at tbe recent meeting held there by
Messrs. McNeil and Goodeve. Although
these gentlemen were very fair iu their
statements, yet their reception was very
cool, and the meeting closed with cheers
for the Queen and Foley.
The weather iu tliis portion of South
Fast Kootenay for the past month has
been almost perfect. There bus been
little snow and each dny lias been warm
and comfortable There is no doubt but
tbnt Cranbrook has Ihe finest climate In
British Columbia, a fact that the people
here fully appreciate.
A number of tlie young people gave
Miss Jessie Leitch a suiptise last Thursday evening.    Tbey gathered at the
home of Mrs, McNatih ami then drop-
dpail down at Leitch's like a pack of
hungry wolves. They bad a jolly lime
until a laie hour anil even then lefl reluctantly for their homes.
Phoenix Pioneer: Jack Stewart, llie
well known contractor, who built much
of the Boundary railway, hat finally
completed the last of his contract 011 the
Balfour extension of tlie C. P. R , and
shipped the balance of bis outfit to the
Rainy river district it) Ontario, where
he has a large contract of the same kind.
The Balfour extension, from Nelson lo
Balfour, will be used as soon as the west
ami of Kootenay lake is blocked with
Nelson Tribune: An amusing condition of affairs bas arisen iu connection
witb tbe county court sittings at Fort
Steele. The silting was originally set
down for November ai, but when the
announcement was made thrcu-.*h (lie
press that tbe Dominion elections would
take place on that date Judge Forin very
properly adjourned lhe silling lo December 6, which date was thought to be safely beyond tbe limit for the election.
Now the returning officer announces the
election for tbe 6th prox,,*and Judge
Forin seems to be fated lo hold court 011
election dey.
Prepare tor Sl-slftl Riding
By purchasing a handsome cutter from
(*.. II. Miner.     Call and see llim regarding tlie matter.
tlum Lee
Gives notice that be has purchased of
Sing Lee the triangle lot which is* parts
of lot 4. 5, 22, 2u and 30, in block 92
Cranbiook, B. C . the building lhat
a'andsou said lot, nil the furniture in
said building and the laundry business
That he paid cash to Sing Lee, ami bat
the deed tur the properly and goods am!
lhat he has nothing to do wilh nnv debts
owed by Sing Lee and will uot be re*
sponsible for the sume.
I hi.tiSHiid- Sent Into Exile.
Every year a large number of poor
sufferers whose lungs aie sore nud racked
with coughs are urged to go io another
climate. But tbis is costly and not always sine. Don't be an exile when Dr
King's New Discovery for Consumption
will cure you al home. It's the most i 11 ■
fallible medicine for coughs, colds ami
all throat and lung diseases on enrtli
Tbe first dose brings relief. Astounding
cures result from persistent use. Trial
bottles free at Beattie's drug store
Price 50c and ft 00. Fvery bottle guar
I.mui Notice,
Notice is hereby given that ono tnniith nfli
it.it.-1 inland 10 apply tn tin- chief comiuMniir
of lands anil works fm permission to porcha*
tha fulliiwbiB described lamia: Coiimienolna u
a past in irked ".lumen It. Ucmlotso.i's s, I
post'* planted al lhe southwest corner of hi
Ham West's pre-emption, shorn live miles amil
west nt Cranbrook, it. C, thenco norlh f
etitiliis, (hence westt-10 elmins, tlienee aontii B
elialns, thence oast 40 chains to the placo nf
commencement, con nhilng 320 norcs more or
Dated this mlt nay "f November, 19f».
JumosB. Henderson.
While   Closing   Out   These   Lines, a Great
Cul In Prices Will Be Made.
4a; ingle Ctnsoline Ijuiii>s, worth Jia Bfl now s.ou
in iJnitbla (iasollim lumps *\: iboo " 12,00
310 Metlli Iiml lib ctrlullcUs - - - M
910 Medicinal l-leolrlo lluttetles - - MM)
91B Medicinal Klectric l-tatterltu - ■ 8.00
■10 Children's Novelty lately Livings i-im
nn I laml uii Paintings oi Koolotisy size iBxso
ami ■>.*.:■', woilb an ami «su eti-jh, selling at Sin
ami 31.-1, liK-lnilliiK beautiful luirimb>i( gilt
liatiies. im»l ml I it bla pie.seul nr tin- ilnj*.
All kinds of pictures selling at cost I'loltirc
framhiu a siu-cliilly. iVloes guaranteed lhc
lowesl in Konteny. Novelty Scissors, novi'ltj
Klectric Seekllo l,nmpi,eto, (loads ssntCO.!).
whou deposit accompanies outer nn.l all mail
orders will receive |irom->t ail nMorn.t,
II, V, NOVELTY '.'<'., Nelson, 11.0.
Notice is iieiehy uiyen tlmt oneinonilinttei
thiH* I im ni 1 to apply in tin* chief coimnlssfnnei
of lands nml works for permission to mirchnst
ibot.illowlnBde.scilbGilhtiiilS! Commencing nl
a post marked "Hinican .McDonald's K. K,cor
net pust.'* si nated ,-t thu noithensl corner "i
II. W. Melton's preemption near Palmers liar.
KflSt   Ktii-lcii.iy,  ilieuee   norlh  eighty elialns,
thence west rorty chains, thence south eighty
(tlnilns, tiioiu-e easi forty chains to the placo of
beginning, c ititiihiing ftiuncie-i,
Dated nl Cranbrook this imh dny t.f Oclobpr,
1001, iniii-.-an McDonald,
G. Johnson*.*.
\V Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B, C.
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick ave.
Contractor and Builder
At present am buildlnx llie new St. Eugene
hospital and a number of lwo story and oilier
Cranbrook, Ii. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANUROOK,    I   :   I :    II. C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shcpharil R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
Tlie mily nil rnil route between nil
points Unit, West ami Soutli lo....
Intermediate Poinis.
Connecting at
SPOKANE villi the
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Connects nt
Nelson  with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Connects nt
Myers Falls with Stage Dally for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bosshurc;   Stage   Daily   for
(jrand Porks and (ireenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Ait.
Heated by hot nir throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
i )
I.0.0.F, Key Cl y Lodge
Nn. I.1. Meets every Friday nittlit ui Uielr ball on
linker street, Uojoilrolnij
Odd fellows conllnlly 10vlleil.
•i. I". Pink W. P. (Innl
K.«. See'y.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. It
A. P. & A. M.
E. II. SMALL, Proprietor.
The hest of liquors at tlu* bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
m >
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Julius Ilurel, Proprietor.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class.   Our object is to please our
Kimberley 3
The coming town of East Kootenay.
near the famous North Star and
Sullivan mines jt .*
A limited number of lots for sale at prices varying from $125 to $400. Now is thc time to
buy as prices will be advanced the first of the
year j* ** jt „■*
Apply to
Land Commissioner C. P. R. BEALE & EL WELL
Winnipeg; Fort Steele and Kimberley
...Sole Representatives...
"at Itcgiilur meetings on ilia
. _ r III III! Tlinisiliiy of tho
W% in-mili,
\ iBltinjr bretttern welconietl,
w, f, quntil sitv.
The Lion Brewery
jevRossland, BC
llie largest and lineal equipped
brewery in llrilisli Columbia
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college ol U. •*-*.
Ollice anil store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Coin-
merce, Cranbrook, I! C
Upholstering anJ Genera! Furnlitirc Repairing
Will attend to any Hoik in tlm district
Their ItUDWRtSKR BRRR {.bottled
in t*i|n.il tu miy imported article.
AltRATltnWATI-tRS of nil brands ti
lie Iiml tu ail hotel* in West ami Hum
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wholesale Grocer
ami Selling Agents
Crnnbrook, 11. C.
Livery  3
Proprietors .-* j* Jt
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Tenuis ami drivers furnished for sny
point in the district.
Manager   „4    jt   jt
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
For Developed
- Silver=Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, 15. Cj
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
East Kooleiiay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Wafers
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Suin water In siphons.   Thc most
economical way to handle it.
A nice selection ot "MerWen Britannia" silverware constantly in
stock. Choice designs i". A I
goods       .•*       ,.<       ,.-'       .•*
High grade movements in tlie
best quality of gold, gold filled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed        .-*        .-« j-
CRANBROOK,    =     15. C.
Olflclnl WnLli Inspector lur C. P. R.
Land Purchases
Mininj-; Claims
EU.       jt       jt
.Hai],- hy Cunlrnil
A. W. M'VITTIE, 1). I.. 5.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Ollice ot McVittle 4 llulcliisnn
Cranbrook. II. C.
Want your photograph to send
to fricnPs this Xma:? Don't
put it off until the rush is on,
buf come now,
New Christmas mounts, new picture   mouldings  und   photo
Prest, Pliotoghrapher
>•"> Builder dt
imtCratttirook, li c
J) 2-i ■;■ | tt-1.«.   ... -J- :•.■;■>■ i... i --. ■>• I . i is, •..   ... < « I <..■ i.... I... i.... ... t... i... | -j> | a, I »T.t T-vT-i
I i (i*»-®-®--'i'-'s>---s>--®^ ■ &
i)   I?
CRANBROOK, - BritishJolumbia.
CRANBROOK SCf^SSjrof ,he Crmvs 1
I ■**■ *
Q#,,lflhl*n-nl^  ^as a I0=s^a" rountl house, large machine ,K
i-lllUl •UtllV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex=
intensive railroad yards. M
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East j j
Kootenay. f';
Crailbrook 's me headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- j!;
tions of South East Kootenay. j
|  Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in K
South East Kootenay. KJ
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week afler ;;';,
week. H
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, M
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent,
fJA-a^HSHB-®-® ®-®-®-®--&&-<d-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-<®-®^ fc9AS^'?*'?
T^-S)^c^';.)^^:-'i-(^'i>1'V(J*^*j)-® ®2$%&£!$%Pfc&i^


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