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Cranbrook Herald Mar 12, 1903

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Oho. A. Cox, President
Paid Up   Capital   .
J     Rial   	
Total  Kcaoarcra
B. K. WAI.KKR, Cell. Man.
.. stt.aoo.wto.oo
... 2.SH0.0001HI
.. 12.000.NO.OO
Deposits Received,   (ieneral Banking Business Transac ted
S.VINllS BANK llfiPAIt MIINrncpii.il. Rccclved-lal.rcal All.wtd.
For a Short Time Only
1-4 off all our Ladles' Shoes
All our Ladies' Suits and Skirts at exact cost.
All our Dress, Waist and Tninniln** Silk at less
than cost
Large line of llimps and Dress Trimmings at half
All these are genuine sacrifice bargains
and can only be found
....AT GILPIN'S....
«, »|<M$l»t«(*l*l»l*l«l*t<f;1 l*|«|.*ltl«l*l#l#l#l«l<»l*lf<S
|> *|$|*l*l«l»l*l*l»l»l»|i>l I*!*]*)!*!-*,!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!**,
RelUhility is one of the strongest factors in business life. It is the
creator of confidence, nnd confidence is the foundation on which every
business must he built in order to be successful. We are building a
bnilness l>v selling reliable, trustworthy .goods. We realize that our
future success depends upon maintaining our reputation and this can be
maintained only by selling honest goods. We ask you to remember us
when you need anything In our line. You may rest assured that your'
patronage will be appreciated
r   t
ft). . . .-»-»♦-»*-. . . . . *
We are stili in business.
We are doing business.
We are giving regular prices that please
the the people and our business is constantly
Everything in Haidware,
Tinware, Stoves, Etc.
For 30 days I will sell SILVERWARE, all the best, at a
BIG DISCOUNT FOR CASH. Call early and secure
first choice.
Official Watch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C P. R.
..TlwPionecr Hardware Store.
\ Should  end  in   this   Mot
UseleM  lo  seek   for  Move*
SLARCH   butter or lowrr pilctd good"
rlMwhrrr     The best stnve
are olfe ed an 1 luwest prices made here.
Out new line uf
Coal and Wood Heaters
Coal and Wood Range*
sin) stovus of other varieties Is complete
The designs of these stoves are very
hambone anil the construction is perfect. They uive (he most satisfactory
results with least consumption of fuel.
Protection against fire is important |
TODAY, tomorrow may be* too. late.
For Protection that Protects see
Phone 20.
iT«>T® J ® I ® 1 S> I ®T® 11» l ® | ®T® i i5>Tf»Tco -^riTce T® I ci r ®7<S> I ® I ® I ti> f® I ® I
Utother.Grace has struck spay lead in
coal mining. Me la running a page of
*oal notices. All things come to hitn
who waits, and Grace Ik entitled to a
takeoff in something.
And speaking of tbe Prospector reminds ua thai aotne individual is doing
work ou thai paper just now wbo has a
chip on hia shoulder and is looking fur
nn clause to shoot it into Old ManSimp-
sou. We trust he will not let his modesty deter bim. If tbere is anything on
earth that pleases us it is a few stray
journalistic shots. We are ready fur
litem at any and all times. .So fire away,
but be sure you are in a safe hole when
you shoot.
There is going to lie trouble in the banana-belt this season. The year has
been an exceptional one and reminds us
of seven years ago, wheu the orange
crop froze in Florida. We would suggest tbat our readers plant their bananas
leep this year and see tbat tbe ground
is enriched and well pnlver'z-d. Don't
irrigate, and if possible sot ont your banana otcbard on tbe south side of a bill
ranging east and west. Don't plant
when tbe moon is full. You can't depend on the moon in that condition, and
tbe work might prove a failure. The
crop ln South East Kootenay will he all
right Ihis year, if ordinary care is taken
in cultivation.
iti, Mi a
We met John Keen of Kaslo last Saturday, on his way to Fernie as a mem
ber of the strike committee. lie is tbe
gentleman .who was elected president of
tbe new British Columbia Mining association, and that election alone stamps tbe
new organization as all right. Keen is
well'named,. He is smart, he is conservative, he Is independent, and be is a
thorough man. Like the Old Man, be
did not favor tbe mining association as
it waa firat proposed. He was afraid of
it and went to tbe coast badly prejudiced. But there he found men in control and politicians in the background.
Keen jumped to the front and took a
leading part In the organization aud
subsequent deliberations He was for
British Columbia regardless of party,
faction or section, and his policy prevailed. The extremist, the politico
schemer and the convention freak were
given a back teat. ■ Business pure and
simple, was the slogan, and business
prevailed. The mt-rting was a success,
and John Keen came out of it a bigger
man than when be went iu. Under bis
administration, tbe association should
fulfil" the mission, that prompted its
a. ma
James GUI, tbe weather clerk, had
tbe good judgment to get out of town
last Sunday, to escape tbe righteous Indignation of au outraged people. To
think of a man in his position turning
loose a Dakota billiard through this
au belt just when the people were
getting ready to hear the sweet song
birds of spring. If be had been here,
there Is no telling what might bave
a am
A beautiful illustration of conditions
In this district was presented last week-
Solicitors Card and Thompson and a
bunch ot witnesses from Kimberly were
called to Kort Steele, the capital, to
leteruiine the legality of certain conditions about some property, The expense of the gathering was fioo or more
and when the lawyers and witnesses
reached Fort Steele, they discovered
tlmt Mr. Aruiktrong, the government
agent had been called-away on business.
ln*consei|iiencetbey had to return again
last Tuesday, and pay all the expense
the second time. This is an injustice
to the people, and tbere should lie a
remedy, ami when it is discovered, the
people should apply il.
At Last.
After many month* of delay, which
meant all kinds of trouble for tbe people living in ihe valley at tbe boundary,
Ihc government is preparing to replace
the Klk tlver bridge that washed out
last .luii-*. It bas been a shame nnd a
disgrace lo neglect a mallei of sucb Importance for so long a lime, hut lhe people of that section have- reason to be
thankful that they are going to get the
bridge, even at this late date.
Lenklii Far Water Power.
J. M Zeller of Canton, S, D., and G,
C. Henderson, of Belolt, Iowa, were in
the district laet week lookhigover water
powers. They visited Bull river falls
and also Klk river. They were very
much impressed . wltb tbe latter, which
they visited .with Thomas Craban who,
In company with II. L Stephens, holds
the .water right, It Is possible that
something may, be done by these gentlemen, as they.appreciate tbe fact that
water power will be a big thing wltbtn a
short time ln this district.
. Maaaier Ts-afcli la. Charge.
Tbe retirement of Klias Rogers, managing director ot tbe Crows Nest Coal
company bas been announced. J, II.
Tonkin, manager of tbe company's
business in British Columbia will assume the duties laid down by. Mr,
Lead Has Reached tbe Prosperity Mark
and Still Kisim.
F. J. Smyth, of Moyie, Expresses
His Opinion on Changed
Lead/ 13. hs. yd.
That price means prosperity in South
lust Kootenay. That means active resumption of work at the St- Kugene and
Sullivan and extended operations at the
North Star. That means active development work on every lead property in
the district that has any kind of a showing. That means the employment ol
several hundred men In this district at
good wages. It means prosperity for
Moyie, for Marysville, for Kimberley,
for Cranbrook, for every part of tbe district that can be effected directly or indirectly by this increased activity. It
has been a long wait, and mauy have
su tiered by the depression, but the
change is now in sight. The opening
of spring will undoubtedly see tbe opening of the big lead mines of this district,
for there Is every reason to believe tbat
tbe high price will rein ni 11 permanent
for some time to come, which will make
the securing of contracts an easy mal-
A Boon Por Moylo.
F. J. Smyth, editor of tbe Moyie Leader, was iu town Tuesday, and speaking
of tbe rise in lead, said:
"Yes, the situation lu Moyie does certainly look good. After the shutdown
of two years the mines are again on the
verge of resuming operation. Manager
James Cronin of the St. Eugene mine
has frequently stated tbat as soon as
lead reached the ./'13 mark tbat the
property would agatu be started up.
Today It is quoted at £13 Ss gd, so it can
be seen that it is now several shillings
to the good, and there is every
reason to believe thai It will remain
above that figure for at least several
years to come. It must be remembered
that tor the past year und a half comparatively little lead has been mined
and that the consumption of tbls product bas been steadily increasing. Two
years ago the American Smelting and
Refining company hadn surplus of 50,000
tons of lead on band; today we find the
same firm without a pound on baud und
bebiud In their orders besides. With
the new lines of railway being built ln
Canada the demand tor lead in tbls
country will also rapidly increase. At
the present time the Canadian railways
consume about 60 per cent of tbe lead
used in the country.
"But tbe St. Eugene is not the only
mine we have iu Moyie. The Aurora
aud Society Girl are also big properties.
Then tbere is tbe St. Eugene Mountain
Group, which will be systematically
developed the coming season. All of
these properties, I believe, will be as
equally valuable as the St. Eugene when
the same amount of work is done on
them. These properties will also bave
good substantial payrolls befoic another
year rolls by,
''Are times improving in Moyie?
Well, I should say they are. Why, every
time the price of lead takes a jump the
smiles on lhe people bacome broader,
We are looking for tbu best year tbe
town lias ever seen, and I am confident
our predictions wiil come true. I bave
always contended that Moyie was all
riglit, and I have greater faith in the
place uow than ever,"
ll Promises to   Develope  a  Most   Serious
The strike of the U. 11. It, R. lhat
started nt Vancouver len days ago has
now spread as far east as Winnipeg, and
will probably involve tbe whole system
before a settlement is effected. A few
days ago it looked as if the difficulty
would be adjusted, but now it is announced tbat it will be a fight to finish.
The basin of the strikers a demand for
recognition for the order by the com*
pany. There is no dispute over wages
or hours, but it is announced that the
officials of the C P- R- refuse toconcede
such a recognition, hence the walk out.
As yet it is confined to clerks and
freight handlers, but ft may extend to
other labor organisations connected
wiih tbe company.
May be Like 1902.
This section has been visited by a very-
heavy fall of snow this week, which
greatly Increases the supply of tbe
beautiful now on hand, Speaking of
the unusual fall we have had this year.
V, Hyde Baker, who baa been here for
many years, said thut on the 22nd ol
April, 190a, there was two feet of old
snow ou the Cranbronk Hat.
The Canadian Bank of   Commerce   Extend
Ing Ils Field.
The Canadian Hank of Commerce is
rapidly coming to the front ns oue of
Canada'* strongest and most progressive
banking institutions.   Within ibe Inst
tew years it lias spread itself over the
province of British Columbia and increased us western business l«> a remarkable degree. Now Ihey bave reached
eastward and under a provisional tigtee-
Ulent has amalgamated with the Hilt"
fax Bunking company. SpcHkiug of
Ihe change and additional interests
secured by the batik. Mr. P, C. MllpM,
manager of the Cranbrook branch said-
"Tbls will give the bank of Commerce
fifteen additional points In Nova Scotia,
including Halifax, Truro and Windsor,
and two in New Biunswick, at Si. John
and Back v ilie. The directorate o( tbe
Halifax Hanking Co, will continue as a
local advisory board aud the entire stall
will he taken into tbe employ uf the
Bank of Commerce. The Halifax Banking Company was established in 1S25
and Incorporated in 1872. Its paid up
capital is 8600,000 and its rest $525,000.
It bas deposits of $4,000,too and assets
0136,000,000, Tbe Bank of Commerce
will assume all tbe liabilities of the
Halifax Banking couipauy and will give
8700,000 par value of stock for the excess
ot assets over liabilities. It is announced thut this sum will doubtless be taken
Irom the $2,000,000 extra stock which
tbe Bank of Commerce intends to issue.
When the amalgamation bas been completed, probably iu April, the Bank of
Commerce will have a paid up capital
and rest combined of nearly $12,000,000
and total assets of some 880,0110,000,
with uu branches."
A Number  ol  Men  at  the   Robinhoii-Mc-'
Kemle Mill Quit.
Last Saturday afternoon about thirty-
five men employed at the Robinson-
McKetizic company's saw mill walked
out, claiming that they bail protested lo
the manager about tbe language used by
a Chinese cookee employed at the enmp
and the manner he washed tbe dishes.
The men took their blankets and
came to town in a body and in a short
time tbere was considerable excitement
around the streets caused by the various
arguments presented by tbe dissatisfied
J. R. Robinson, manager for the company, when seen about the matter said:
"This Is a matter that I don't consider
any business of the public. We are
running a private Institution, and If we
discharge one or more men, or if any
see fit to quite our employment, that In
their business and ours, and not the
public's, But In tbis case, as our company has been misrepresented in mauy
respects, I will say that when I first
iiL-aid of tbe complaint about tbe
Chinaman's language to tbe men, I remonstrated with him, aud told biui that
if it occurred again he would be dismissed. I supposed that would close the
incident, and beard nothing more of it
until I was banded a list ot names ofthe
men who said they were going to quit,
1 told tbem tbat if tbey intended to
quit, they should go to the office and
get their time. That is all there was to
it. Tbere was no hard feelings or bitter
words. Afterward, I heard tbat the
men bad made some complaint about
tbe manner in which the Chinaman
cleaned his dishes, but up to that time
no word was said to me in regard to
this. It Is possible tbat tbe Chinaman
got careless about his dishes at times,
as he has had a very large gang to look
after the past month. But I did not
know anything of it. Ifl had I would
have seen that it was done right, or
got another man. A number of tbe men
who quit did not care to, but followed
tbecrowd. and quite a number refused
to go. That is alt I have to say about
Statement ol Ihe Mia.
The men  beld   a   meeting  Monday,
and prepared the following statement:
Cranbrook, B. C, March 9, 1903,
A meeting of the employes of (he
Koblnson-McKeii/ie Lumber com pit uy
has been held for the purpose of laying
belore tbe people the actual facts leading to the walkout of thirty-six men,
It seems that tbe practice of filth by tbe
Chinaman employed ns waiter, dishwasher aud general man has been going
on ever since be haa been employed,
with discord between him and tbe men
right along about dirty dishes, abusive
Ian gunge atld general untidiness. It
kept on getting worse until Tuesday,
the 3rd, tbe dishes that were put before
the men to eat out of could be written on
tne dirt and rust was so thick. He was
asked to clean tbem and (ben he began
to abuse the men, using very streng
abusive language, because they would
not eat out of the dishes. The men considered his abuse in good part, thinking
be did not know what he was talking
ahout. The men never used profane
language toward the Chinaman in the
dlnlngroom. Tbe company was appealed to on Friday by a petition signed
by a large majority of the men, and the
company told them If they were not satisfied with the way the Chinaman wns
doing that they could come to the office
and receive their time, for tbe company
said that he whs the best Chinaman
tbat tbey bad ever employed.
Press Committee.
Thomas Tail to Have Charge of ai Ais*
Iralian Railroad.
A Young: Man's Responsibe Position—The C P. R/s New
New Equipment.
C. P. R. Oltklsl Leaving Canada,
Toronlo, March 2.—Thomas Tail,
manager of transportant on the C. P. R.
hus been appointed tothe charge of tbe
commonwealth railway system of 16,000
miles In Australia.
upon the building of the line to the
north from l* a main line, making connections with 'lie Jennings branch
about seven miles smilb 0! tbe boundary
'ill star! iu earnest lu a abort lime.
The letting of the contract! foi this work
is now completed and Spokane men fare
'ell. The following firms have been
given a pari of the work . Garrett Smith.
12 miles; James Caugbran, 5 miles;
Twoby Brothers, 7 mile**; Winters Par-
sonB ft Boomer, 12 miles; Porter
Brothers, 5 miles; Wren ft Greeuough,
11 miles; S.J Dtblberg, 3 miles; Mr.
Jones, 3 miles, and P. Welsh, 14 miles.
The contractors have been veiy busy all
day telegraphing orders tu have Ibelr
grading outfits aud Othet supplies shipped to Kalilpell, Tney will divide their
contracts up wiih other contractors and
will push the work with u much vigor
is possible. Two cars ot supplies, were
.hipped today to Gateway by one ol tbe
x>ttlraetort who baa a job ou the north
end of the line, a storehouse will be
erected al the junction of the Jennings
and the new line and all supplies for
that part ol the work will be shipped to
that point.
Big Ollice for Young Man.
F. Ii Ward, only 35 years of age, and
six years ago private secretary for James
Hill, bas been elected geueral manager
of the entire Great Northern system,
aggregating nearly 5,800 miles ami 12,
000 employes.
Leonard lo be Promoted.
Ji is teamed on very good authority
that a change of great importance Is
about to he made in tbe management
uf the western division of the C. P. R.
Tlie work of General Superintendent
Leonard last fall was found too much
for oue official. Mr. Leonard's excellent services bave been fully appreciated by the company and it is now reported lhat he is lo receive the title of assistant general mauager of the entire
service, witb headquarters at Winnipeg.
Tbis will mean a new general superintendent for Winnipeg. Several names
for tbe position have been mentioned
but tbe name of Superintend Brady, of
l'ort William, wbo was last year appoint
ed from the eastern division, is more
generally connected with the position.
This change would be a very popular
one in tbe west.
Canadian Pacific Euuipmeni.
The Canadian Pacific bas beeu subjected to keeu criticism for ita failure to
cope with tbe situation created by last
year's huge western harvest. It ia tbe
part of fairness to note the steps the
company took to meet tbe increased
traffic, The Nor'.west Parmer, a Winnipeg agricultural journal, states tbat
it has Information tbat during 190J the
rolling stock of tbe line was increased
by 98 new locomotives and 3,847 freight
cars, Orders for ten additional locomotives were placed with tbe Kingston
Locomotive Works for delivery between
Sept 1 and Oct 15 last, but up to the
middle of January these had not come
to band. At present, according to Tbe
Nor'-West Farmer, tbe Canadian Pact
fie bas orders placed witb all tbe locomotive builders who will undertake to
deliver this year. The list amounts to
122 locomotives, distributed aa follows:
Kingston Locomotive Works, 10; Canadian Pacific shops, au; Schenectady.
Works, United Slates, 50; Neilson, Reid
•& Co., Scotland, 32; Germany, 10 The
contracts for a number of the engines
call for their delivery between June and
July of this year. Tbe American firm
is said to bave refused to take any more
orders for delivery before 1904. A contract, it is further stated, haa been
made with a Toronto firm that if they
will start works here tbe Canadian
Pacific will take 10 locomotives from
them before 1904. Tbe Canadian Pacific authorities, it is understood, are
anxious to bave facilities in Canada for
tbe building of their locomotives. All
of the freight cbtb added to the rolling
stock were built in Canada, and all bnt
750 of tbem in the company's shops at
Perth, Montreal and Farnham. At present orders are placed for 664 cars in
the company's shops, and for 1 450 cars
In tbe shops of Canadian manufacturers,
Most of these cars are of large size, taking 1,500 bushels each. Orders are
outstanding for 64 passenger coaches
The value of the new rolling stock
received and ordered Is about ten million dollars. Finally, as la well known
tbe railway company Is spending $2,000-
ooulnahops and machinery tu enlarge
its facilities'- for manufacturing, rolling
The Jamieson. Banquet.
Tbe committee in charge of ibe > Jamiesou banquet, are making arrangements
for a most successful afleir. It will be
held at tbe Craubrook hotel about tbe
26th of the month, and a number of out
of town guests are expected. , The
speech-making part of the program
promises to be the beat ever heard In
Cranbrook. R, K. Beattie will oBciatc
as chairman, and that is a guarantee
that thc program will not lag. Preparations will be made for several musical
numbers, aud a quartette is being formed for that purpuse.
The (ireat Northern Cut Oil.
Kalispell, Mont., March 6.—Tbe work
Dies Emm Mis Injuries.
A brakeman named Delay, who has
been running out ot Cranbrook only a
few weeks, was caught at Ferule last
Friday while coupling the tender to a
car and badly squetaed. He waa taken
to tbe boapital and found to have sustained serious internal luxuries, and died
Monday forenoon Hia borne was tn
Shocking Dcaih ai Frank.
Fernie Free Press: Wm Burke formerly switchman in tbe Fernie yards met
with a horrible death lu the Frank yards
un Thursday evening. A heavy train
was cut to make the grade, the rear part
commenced lo run hack aud lhe conductor and Burke atarted to set the
brakes; the former set two and as the
cars were almost stopped he jumped off
and proceeded 10 the other division
leaving the other half in cnarge of the
switchman. Burke was found dead a
few minutes I-ilet, lieing cut in two by a
car wheel. Tbe cars had not gone more
than 30 feet after the conductor bad left
them. It is not known what caused the
unfortunate man to fall between the
ears, Mr Burke was well liked here
where be had the reputation of being
one of tbe best yardmen ever employed
in our yards.
Tbe   Mackesiiei Appear Before a Crowded
Wentwortb ball was packed to the
doors last Monday evenir,;.; to greet the
Mackenzies in their fifth appearance before a Cranbrook audience. Tbe program was an excellent one and judging
from enthusiastic appia ■---■. gave satisfaction to all. Miss Jessie Glover,
(Mrs. McKenzie- never appeared better
than on that evening, and her recitations
captured tbe crowded hall, until at
times it seemed as if all were holding
their breath In sympathy witb tbe
pathos depicted by her words, gestures
and expression. Mr. Mackeozie sung
In bis usual form, and iu rendering his
humorous 'pieces brought forth encore
after encore An amusing skit, was
"The Lunatics'1 presented by Mr. Mac
kenzie and Miss Glover mat furnished
all kinds of fun for the audience.
All of those present were especially
interested In tbe social drama, "Tbe
Open Gate" which included in the cast*
beside tbe Mackenzie*, Miss Ruby Jamieson and Mr. A. K Gibton uf tbis town,
and when the curtain went up on the
first scene lhe people were pleased at
tbe ease with whirl; the two amateurs
performed their parts. Mtss lauiieson
waa self possessed at all times, and looked hei part in every way, As a rule
when amateurs appear with professionals, tbe coulrast Is so great tbat the
work is fiat and insipid. This was a
happy exception, and both Miss Jamieson and Mr. Gibson deserved the unbounded praise ihey received.
Tbe Mackenztes are great entertainers
aud they will always draw a big house
In Cranbrook, where Ihetr work is greatly appreciated.
One of the pleating featurei of the
evening's entertainment was ibe playing
by Mrs. W, T. Keid the accompanist,
whose uniform good work contributed
so much to the success of the evening.
Stork May Run.
Morrissey Miner: Up to the present
time the only names that bave been
seriously discussed In 'bis district aa
candidates for tbe provincial pr-1 lament are those of W. Blekemorr and
Fred Stork of Fernie. Mr. Blakemore
ia looked upon in a favorable light oo
account of his experience and general
knowledge of the needs of tbe district.
But politically Stork seems to be the
stronger ofthe two, and will undoubtedly be the candidate of the Liberal party,
unless things undeigoa material change
between now aud nomination time.
A gray cayuse mare ; brand not distinguishable) lias been feeding on our
premises for the past month, The owner is requested to take her away- at once,
otherwise she will be Impounded,
Robinson-McKeu/.ie Lumber Co.
50 jt Limited, CRANBROOK  BERALD
Frtitorami Proprietor.
The Herald desires to give the news of tiie
dittriot. if rou know any about w»i lown
yom mine ur your peoiite, send u to tlili olUce.
Keep lhat mining av.-jeia.luii out ot
politics, ami it Is all right, L*t the
politicians get control ami tbe organisation will fall by Us own weight. At
the start It had the appearance of a
Prior sideshow, and It was ii.nt nil lo
convince many that such was uoi tbe
The question as to which is preferable
married or single life, waa discussed
by tbe .Moyie debuting society last
week. There are a few chaps ntuned
among the list of speakers who Know a>
much about married life as a yellow
dog cast upon the streets knows of lhe
life led by a happy thoroughbred wllh
a waj'l appointed Kennel am) all Ibe
luxuries a canine soul is heir to.
ll Is now being whispered aboul that
Dr. Wilson, of Morrisiey, may be the
Liberal candidate for tlie local lioti-e In
the Fernie district. Tbe doctor 1> well
known, and ia oi.e of the most popular
men in the coal region of South Hist
Kootenay. There are men up in that
part of the country who swear by the
doctor, and If be wuuld consent lo make
lhe run, he would make a whirlwind
campaign. Personal populaiiiy is a
big thing In politics, and "Hoc" Wilson
Is wonderfully well endowed In lhat
As the months roll by tlie claim of
Cranbrook as a railroad, mining, lumber and general commercial center Is
being amply verified.
Premier I'i ior and his followers do
not want an clcctiou. Tbey art* afraid
of the verdict the people will render,
Political ambitions are being placeJ
under a bushel these days. Modesty Is
rampant among ihe politicians. It Is a
game of Gaston and Alpbonso.
The coal miners strike ahoutd be set
tied. Mines and smelters will have all
they can do this season, and coal aud
coke Is a necessity. The strike should
not be permitted to continue wheu
what promises to be one of thc mon
prosperous years British Columbia has
ever enjoyed Is here.
That Uovernment Caucus.
Vancouver, Maich 9.—-Reliable Information from Victoria as to Saturday's
government caucus is to the effect that
it was immediately inspired by Joseph
Martin's declaration that he will accept
nothing short of an appeal to tbe country upon purly Hues, as the consideration for bis support to the opposition
In accomplishing tbe defeat of lhe ministry.
There are unquestionably quite u few
in the legislature, who, while far from
favorable 10 the government policy, are
greatly averse to meeting their ron-
aiituents at present, and playing upon
this reluctance, the government rallied
its supporters upon the Imperative
necessity of standing together if a dissolution is to be avoided.
"There was no question of public
policy considered," said one who attend
ed; "the issue was solely how to avert a
dissolution, and there was really nothing accomplished, savt- in thu motion
for a week's adjournment."
The goveriiinent is counting upon
securing recruits as tbe only alternative
of a general election, in Neill, of Al-
berul, who is to be speaker; Gil 111 out
and Stables, which, granting Houston
to the opposition although premier Prior
counts on winning bim over, would
divide the house 20 to iS in favor of lhe
liilinoiir andSlables pri>serve a sphynx
like silence, while Neill, although he
did not attend the caucus on Saturday,
hid long and seemingly satlafactoiv Interviews with members ol the govern
Premier Prior Is here today, and afti-i
conferring with president Mates, of the
v B. It R., on atrlke matters, proceeds
to Vernon for a heart lo heart Interview
wth Price i-vllisotl.
Morrlssej Miner
Dan Hayes, the sawmill man, was In
town Monday morning. Mr. Hayes
says bis mill Is not running now, as all
efforts are being directed toward getting In the Immense cut of logs before
the anow roads break up,
R. J. Klllott of Nelson, was In town
Sunday on his way borne from the coal
lands of tbe Flathead. Mr. Elliott
speaks In the most glowing terms of
tbat section ot the country, and when
the government reserve is thrown open
there will be the biggest rush in (here
that tbe province has ever seen.
Monday a carload of machiit*ry was
taken to the mine, and as il'illjuhy was
experienced In getting men to unload it,
an offer of |5 per day was made which
brought several Italians to the rescue.
When ihey started to work a large delegation of striking miners waited on
them, and after a short parley the Italians quit work and tin: miners returned
to camp. So threats were made or
violence offered by the strikers, who
conducted themselves In the mom
peaceful manner. The macbluery still
ItmaitiB lu the car,
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entire satisfaction. And he has the exclusive agency for the largest Wall Paper and Decorative
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yuu.   THE LITTLE SHOP WITH THE BIG SIGN,   Yours truly,
I anfnul superstitious, but I believe fn signs. FRANK C. BENJAMIN
, nn-1 i-i an-11
M's. Giddeaol Morrluey was visiting Mrs. Mcllmoyle this week.
Mr. and   Mrs. Tutlie, of   thc   Royal
hotel returned from a visit across tbe
border on Sunday evening.
In coonfc'lon with tin: claim made by
the C. 1*. I. on the land across the K'k
river we have learned tbat lhe following
Pernio olltsans have had writs served
upou them to appear at Victoria.
Messrs. W. s. Keay. K. S, Wallace, A
J Paiqnbarson, (J ll Scott, J. D Qtall
11 .1. Johnson. A. T. Claxton, P. Q,
Brown, I) V Mott and A. J. Matt, Appearances have been entered by Messrs.
Nerchmer & llerchemer '.hiough their
agents Bodwell & Duff,
The board of license commissioners
consisting of.I I) MoBrld", P.V/ Bum
nnd W. 11. Whim iter met last night to
consider applicants for license. The
1-cense of Spenca Lyon, of the Union
hotel, was transferred lo A, Muu P,
C arose I la was granted a license for the
Koine hotel on condition lhat thc house
when completed sailsried the inspector
(i U. Scotl received a transfer from A.
Ii Brown, Wardner. A A. Carrie's ot
Wardner was granted. L. U S. Heidi
mer, Michel, was also granted a
|"As High as
My Hefcrt"|
♦ B, MUtlllA M'OUllHH-WUIlWi        +
* — i
0 9
* copurtaaUttot, b\t <*'■ McOuUoeh-ITWItomi ♦
0 °)
"Oh, grandmamma, I can't—Indeed I
can't I" Cortnne mild, "it la not that I
um contrary, only tbat 1 um so-so In*
Bultlngly tall."
Grandmamma 1.aw son laughed heartily—It was her way to luugh obstacles
out ot countenance, "Don't look so
tragic, Kitinc," she suld f-toothlugly.
"Remember, Mason Falrlle bus not yet
"But he will. I saw it in his eyes,"
Corimic broke in. Again gniudmuuinia
laughed. '"Men were docelvors ever,'
uiy di'iir," she quoted softly, "Especially wltb tbelr eyes. I admit, though,
you aro in the way of knowing the look
of serious intentions—you must have
hud nt least twenty proposals since you
came out"
"Twenty-seven," Corlnue said, herself
boglnnfng to laugh. "Do you know,"
►.In' went on, "Mason'l inches break my
heart? You sw, i um rut ber level heud-
Krom tin.' .Movie Lender
A social dance was given at the Hotel
Kootenay in honor of Mr. and Mrs. N
A MacKetizlo prior to their departure
from Moyie. It waa both well attended
aud thoroughly et j tyed.
P, II A.t wo id, city ticket agent at
Winnipeg for tbe Canadian Northern
railway, was in Moyie for a day this
week visiting with his parents, Mr. and
MrB. J. Atlwood. lis left yesterday for
Vancouver, aud will make an ex ended
trip through the United States before
returning to Winnipeg.
Tue Gist Kootenay Lumber company
has a crew of fourteen men at work
building a dam across the Mi.yle river
near the foot of the lain*. Toe dam will
be used 10 raise lhe water in the lake
prior to driving logs down lhe river 10
tbelr mill ai Meadow Creek.
M, Skojeskl, of Sirdar, 11, .*., Merchant, J'latii
A, RrilUO, of ('niiiliiot)k, ll. P., 1.111mrer, Pr-fen*
I ii** Canadian I'aolllo Hallway Company, nam*
Notice To The Dofctiilimt.
Tlie particulars of ulalm were filed un 1 summons Issued In this aollon on the lirst ilay nf
August, I*,*-;;.
'Ilu' plain!Ill's claim h .iiMinit lhe tlefi'iiilunl
fur .-ii.:!!! fur goods sold umt delivered asrollowsi
■luiieHO lOOtf, To shoos and lint $:., eggs Mo,
luuikrifhier 20c, cigars run-, ami matches ,".c.
inl id $ii.:io.
liy order dated the 2sth, duy of Foliniary.iwil,
ami si .in ni hy ,|, i<*. Armstrong Kan. Magistrate
Uu' publh'titluii i.r this mill.'i' shall in- deemed
in he tori Ice of the summons In tiiisiirtiiin upon
Hi.' ut).. ve mini il ilrlVmlniit ami tie siml sinii-
motis li roliiriiahlu at tho sittings o( this uourl
liuttl next after tha expiration uf fourteen 'lays
lifter data of this publlontlon,
TliugltiliijtBofUio court at tvlilati tliN summons is letiir.iublo win in- lield 01 April 1, 1903,
at '1 p. in,
w. i'. ttUHl), Cranbronk, it. c.
ri.iintui's Miiii-iim-.
A  Wonderful  1-Vnt.
Recently a party from tbe embassies
at Constantinople went to Inspect the
International lifeboat service ou tho
Blink hia const. At one of thu lil'o
savltig stations tlit-y ihoiiglit tbey
would like to test the conditions of
lifeboat work; ho, clothing themselves
In butliitig COBtUmoS and cork Jackets,
they eneb took tin onr In u HfVhout, to
the bUgO delight ot the Turkish boatmen, siiys tbe London Tolograpb. Une
uf tbu SOCl'Utarlefl of tbe Uritish embassy Is never seen without uu eyeglass and Is said even to sleep with It.
On ibis occasion hu was faithful to his
glass and solemnly embarked lu a cork
jacket and eyeglass, am tho proper
exercises were gone through, and finally tho bout was capsized nnd righted
again by lis own crow. As they crept
out from under the capsized bout a
howl of surprise went frum tbe Turks,
for tbo secretary's bend appeared with
the eyc-gluss (irmly llxcd in its proper
position. Its owner taking it as a mutter of course thut It should be there.
D-mald  Compiled.
A gentleman having un estate ln
tho highlands, aa he wns going ubroud
for sume time, advertised tbu shoutings to let uud told hia gamekeeper,
Donuld, wbo was to show tbo ground,
to give It u good character to auy one
wbo called to see It
Au Englishman came down, and, inquiring of Donald ua to bow It wus
slocked with tame, tirst asked If lt
had auy deer.
Donald's reply was, "Thoosands of
"Any grouse?"
Thoosands of tbem too."
"Any partridges?"
"ThooKii mis uf tbem too."
•"Any woodcock V"
'AJ'boosiiiiilH of them too."
(The Euglinlmuiu, thinking Donald
prim drawing tbe lung bow, asked If
ttisrw wet'0 any gorillas. Donuld druw
himself up.
"Well, they are no* so plentlf a*. Tbey
jist corns occasionally, ooo ami again,
J|te yuiir,s'-r."--Lo;jiJuu .Standard.
ed, as becomes a Lnwson, I have felt
what a beautiful thing it was that we
twu could marry and so prevent any
break up in the linn of Lawsou & I'tilr-
"1 said ns much to your grandpapa
when be wanted to forbid Ford Lenox
tbu house," grandmamma answered,
her eyes twinkling faintly. Corlune
flushed tbu least bit.
"Grandmamma, how could Mason
permit himself to grow up so short? A
seaut live fuot fuur! Think of promising In thu sight of ull thc world to obey
thu man you look down at by three
"There are worse lacks than height,"
Grandmamma Lawsou began. Gorlnne
shook ber head impatiently. "Not In
my case," sbe Bald. "I've been so
strenuous about It always, said so
many times over and over the man I
married bad to bu taller than myself."
"Don't decide offhand. Walt until
you have known Mason six months instead of six hours. Yuu can't deny
that be has a line face and Is throughout a gentleman."
"Oh, he's splendid as fur ns be goes!"
Corltinu said. "But, dear, dear! Fancy
going through life trying to keep Htcp
With those short legs! Why couldn't
Mason be tall—08 tall as Ford Lenox?"
"Leuvu the question to settle itself
tomorrow—It's time you were In bud
now," grandmamma said, kissing Co-
rhino upon both cheeks, A wise woman was grandmamma—too wise to give
tip at once a cherished plan or to
strengthen Corlnno's whimsical oppost*
tion by reasoning against ft. Curinne
hud really a heart full of ruiiuiticu, fur
ull ber pretense of practicability, Sho
would end by loving Mason all the better through feeling that to love him
Ebe had Hiicrillccd something.
Upon a day tbreu months later
Grandmamma Lawsou sadly owned
herself mistaken. Corlime bad snld
"No" to Mason Fairllu's suit and so decisively that young gentleman was going buck to his distant home the very
next day. Worse still, grandmamma
wus pretty sure Corlune meant to accept Ford Luiiux as soon as poor Mason
was well out of the wuy. Lenox had
been at thu house almost constantly of
lute, running in at ull hours, as one
assured of welcome. lie waa staying
with bis uncle, the rector.
The rectory stood lu narrow ish
grounds between the Lawson place,
which was wide nnd handsome, and
the Falrlle homestead, wider end still
handsomer. Tbe rectory's ragged
shrubbery nnd unkempt grass made It
something of an eyesore to Its neighbors, but respect for tbe rector forbade any protest. The utmost that
could bu done was metaphorically to
turn their backs to it liy keeping windows looking out upon lt shut and sitting upon pot'Ches which faced thu other way.
Thus it happened that upon the night
after Mason's dismissal ihe rectory got
ailru from lop lo bottom before anybody Ittiuw. Across the street tbere
ajiU'e vueant wood*.   Tbo about of *
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
We are ready to furnish estimates
\   on any work tu cur line iinywbere
in the  district.     Address all letters to Cranbrook, II  C,
chance passerby gave tbe alarm and
Beat everybody within bearing scurrying to the rescue, Ford Lenox and Co*
rtiiue among the rest. They had been
together Since twilight fell, sitting lu
the garden seat lu plain sight of irrund-
mamma und gruudpupa, though almost out of hearing. The old people
hud sat bund lu hand, uow and then
sighing u little ut sound uf chuuee ex-
chimutioiiB or ('urliine'a laughter, sweet
uud shrill- too shrill tu come frum a
perfectly QUlct heart.
They found the rectory a pillar of
lire, lt was an old huuse, almost the
oldest In town, and though Its brick
WOllfl were thick uud stanch the
woodwork was dry enough to flush up
like tinder. Kvery open window belched smoke ou the easterly side the
smoke wiih shot through with flame.
A light wind drove thu flumes backward from the west wing, though
smoke wreuthB eddied well underneath
the gable, round about a tended fan
"The mastber! The mastber! He'a
up there!" the housemaid cried, darting at Lenox as he rushed through the
gate. Lenox groaned. Ills uncle, he
knew, hud made a place In the attic
for his best beloved books. If, Indeed,
the fire hnd found him there, he waa
doomed beyond hope. The hall was full
of flame, the stairway burning. It
wuuld be madness to risk passing It except in the face of certain death. Tbe
window was narrow and thirty feet
above ground, with not a ladder about
that would reach within ten feet of tbe
"You—you will not let your uncle
burn! You must not!" Corlnne cried.
"Be quick! See the smoke! He will
be dead before the engine comes."
"I will save him—If possible," Lenox
Bald, dashing Inside the hall. A flash
of fiery smoke sent bim staggering
back, gasping, with singed brows and
Beorched fingers. "You see! It is Impossible!" he said.
Corlnne was very white, but her eyes
blazed. "The tree! Try the tree!" Bhe
said, pointing to an elm whose branches came within a long leap of the gable
window sill. Lenox stared at .her. "The
tree!" he echoed. "What could I do
"Mason Falrlle will show you," Corlnne Interrupted. Mason bad aet a
short ladder at the elm trunk, shot up
lt and was creeping and leaping toward the window. Slender boughs bent
almost to snapping, stouter ones
swayed perilously as he swung from
one to another, but nothing stayed bim.
He crawled almost to th* tip of the
bough nearest the window, lay along
It, grasped the twigs firmly with bis
bands stretched above bis bead, sprang
clear of it, gave himself a swing and
caught his feet firmly over the sill of
the open window. Quick as lightning
ha caught with oie baud, let go the
elm and vanished within. A shout
went up from thoae below. It died iu
suspended breath when a minute
passed and be did uot reappear.
"Smoke! They're both overcome,"
Grandpapa Lawsou said In a dry whisper. The coachman made to follow
Mason, but grandpapa waved him
back. Lenox stood like a man dazed,
staring bard at the window. All eyes,
ludeed, were on tt save Jackson's.
Jackson was tbe Falrlle butler and had
come to half worship Mason. Horse
blankets had been fetched ao Mason
might leap Into them. Jackson snatched
one, wet it, flung lt over his head and
dashed up the steps. Somehow he was
sure Mason was coming do#n them,
coming burdened wltb an insensible
figure. When they met upon the land-
lug, Jackson flung bis blanket over all
three heads and seized the rector
around tbe walBt, gasping, "Now—all—
together—Mr. Mason."
Mason hurdly heard. Niagaras of
flame seemed to roar ln his ears; bli
heart was laboring; he bad almost no
breath. But down, down, be crept,
never slacking bis bold, clinging to
Jackson as » tower of strength, but
with no thought of giving up. Through
an agelong minute they fought their
passage, the boards blistering tbelr
feet as the flame filled air licked at
their garments, and when at last tbey
burst Into saving outer space the stain
crumbled behind them.
"I found him helpless half way to the
upper lauding. 1 bad to fetch bim
duwu—there was no time te go back,"
Mason explained when be bad breath
enough to speak. Lenox knelt beside
his uncle, Corlnne was sobbing upon
Grandpapa Luwsun's shoulder. Suddenly she wheeled and flung both arms
about Mason, saying Impulsively, "If
only you will let me love you, I'm ready
to kiss the ground you tread."
"Even though 1 am so short?" Mason
snld, looking up at ber through singed
eyelids. Corlnne laughed happily. "You
are magnificent—tbe greatest man In
the world," she said, "and Just ■■ high
as my heart."
F If ore It Oat Por Voarsalf.
Here Is the question: The governor
of Kgovjnl, a very mean man, desiring
to give a very small dinner party, invited his father's brother-in-law, bli
brother's father-in-law, his father-in-
law's brother-in-law and his brother-in-
law's father-in-law. How many guests
were there?
Here Is tbe answer: None. Tbe governor dined alone.
Here Is the explanation:   Tbe governor waa a widower, wltb a marriageable daughter and a marriageable Bister.   The governor's father was also t
widower.   The governor and his father
married sisters.   Thus tbe governor became his father's brother-in-law.   The
governor's brother married the govern*
or'a stepdaughter; tbuB the governor
became   his   brother's   father-in-law,
1 Tbe governor's father-in-law married
tbe governor's sister; thus tbe governor
became bis father-in-law's brother-ln-
I law.    The   governor's   brother-ln-luw
1 married the governor's daughter; thus
J tho governor became  his  brotber-ln-
I law's   father-in-law.     The   governor
therefore dined alone.
i Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing  j j
; Carriage Repairing and
I General Jobbing....
f Outside Orders Prunptly
I Attended lo.
Tkl« af Her Hf-thudr., 1 up train nml Crew-
lhe timlt l <M>tiii ,-i!
The trim nod warlike-looking little Canadian revenue cutter 1'otrol
lay ut her whutf in Wulkervillu. her
sharp  prow,  which  is Mini  to  Im rap
able ol ramming ibe stoutest (relght
er tlutt pusses through the Detroit
river, tinned ominously toward tha
American shore. A tug Union -lark
Hew from the dug-polo ut  tin* stwn,
tbu nine 'pound  gun  hnd  bout!  polish
ed 10 mirror nku brightness tu« Jul- j
ly 1 urs were nil neatly    arrayed in
their   shore-leave  Clollies,   tw,d   Capt.
Kdward Dunn, floiid-fitced and quiet*
iv jolly-looking, Blowlj pnood tlm
quarterdeck, The gay appearance of
the little craft contrasted struugly
with ibe wintry river scone, tiieat
bouts coated with Ice passed up and
down, in scorning dollaiico ol winter's warning signs, while soagulls
circled around them or held     little
pink leu receptions upon tho rapidly
forming cukes.
The captain was arrayed in full
regimeiituts, Including his sword end
a Victoria medal presented for bis
participation in tho Fenian mid .f
186(1 when he wus stationed at Sarnie.
"We ure waiting to be Inspected,"
said    he, in response to a     query.
"Every    yeur    at    laylng-up time,
Capt, O. tl- V. Spain, commanding
the      fisheries     protective  BOI'Vlce  of
Canada,    visits the various revenue |
cutters   in the service (there      aro
about     ten     all told) nml Inspects j
them.    Tbe crews are required     to ,
go through the regular drill   (or his
benellt,  und  that is why you      find
us on waiting orders, so to speak."
Commander Spain arrived utter «
while, and the crew of the Petrel
were put through the cutlass drill
and various other military manoeuvres, the excellence of whiih seemed
to please the inspector, who also
found everything to his satisfaction
on board ship.
The Petrel is tbe only Canadian
revenue cutter in .service on the
lakes. In build und equipment aim
is a niinuture war vessel, being
equipped with cannon, rilles, cutlasses, and revolvers. Iniring the
summer she is n> terror to transgressing fishermen on Lnka Erie,
where sbe plies chiefly, there being
few depredations of the kind on the
upper lakes.
The pouching. Captain Dunn says,
Is done mostly eust of Peleo Island
and oil Long Point, abreast ot Brie,
and the little ship has chased many
a Yankee fish tug out ot Canadiau
wuturs. Once in a while tt tug and
crew are captured und brought Into
Port Stanley, but more often thu
offending fishermen see the cutter
coming a long distance off uml make
haste to get away. C'npt. Dunn
then contents himself with capturing
the      nets and  their  finny  contents.
which are confiscated to the Government, About 400 nets were captured the past summer, This was
considerably mote than during lhe
preceeding season. la 1804, the
first year ol the Petrel's service,
1,000 odd nets were captured.
"The pursuit of law-breaking fishermen Is always attended with tu.ro
or less excitement," says Capt, Dunn,
but there is never any serious trouble.     Tbe Petrel Is to* vicious     an
appearing craft for that,     sho    is
speedy,  too,  when    it becomes    necessary to put ber to the test.     Hu
summer headquarters   are al   P01
Stanley;   late   In  the  full  she pass
her     unoccupied    time nt  Amherst*-
burg,     and   she   lays   up at Wulker-
The Petrel Is \2!S feet over SU. 1!2
feet beam, and h foot ti Inches depth
of hold, Besides the captain's
room she 1b provided with officers"
ouai'ters, a chart room, a. galley
and the crew's mess. The officers
Incluhe Captain Dunn. First Officer
J. S. Inkster, Second Olficcr John
Mcpherson, Chief Engineer A. .1.
Brown, Assistant Engineer W. II.
Ltnter and Drill Instructor E. V.
Hesian. Then there are the boatswain and carpenter, und quite a
complement of seamen uud stokers.
Thc regulations ou board ship ire
about the same as upon nn ordinary
lake-going craft, though lhe men aro
drilled an hour each day. ('apt. Dunn
is not a stickler for pomp nnd detail. He hus bud command of the
Petrel ever since sbe ciimu out ln
18011. He started in tlie revenue
service lu 1800, and was for sevoral
years a suilor and In command of
lake bouts before that period. The
raptains of tlie Canadian itvqnue
cutters are appointed and bold their
positions during good behaviour,
Seamen enlist for the season. If
appcaruiu-cN go for anything, companionable und jolly Oapt. Dunn has
thu affection and esteem of his merry
Crew. He has a wide circle of
friends iu tbe various potts Unit h«
visits, including Detroit,— DStrell
Free Press.
Wh» Ar* Aiiniih'iiiii*
This subject has been discussed
much fn the Canadian newspapers
without any useful conclusion having
been reached, says The To route Star,
Undoubtedly we uro Aiuerlc-Aiis', ami
the people of Ohio have no un re
right to the muim than have Mis
people of Ontario. Hut the ptioplu
of tho United Stales have no name
under which the.V can group 1 lit*nisei ves except by bringing the name
of the continent Into iisu. Willi un
It Is different; we are Canadians.
The Old World has grown accustomed to regard "Americans" as citizens of the United States, and ns
the people of tbat country hava no
other designation it Is both a convenience and u kindness lo let thrm
have it. So far as Canada is concerned, our effort must he to familiarize the whole world Willi the term
"Canadian," as applicable to a person or a product of a part—und thut
part our part—of the American continent.
Pointer for I'mntUlun 1'iirmrn.
Canadian hay Is the best tlmt goos
to South Africa, und as the Ilri'ish
Government is likely to need a strong
furce of mounted troops in the country for lome years, a good deal of
our huy will be needed. Farmers will
do well tu grow a lot of hay. — Toronto Worldi         	
St. Paul, Dululh, .Minneapolis.
Chicago and points cast
hliroilBll l-alace anil I ourM .Hl«-e|.-.ra
on.1..K initial SinohliiK l.tl,rary l-iira
I'm* Halo,. Ko ili-ra ami i-'u.i inlnrnia Ion
H. T. LANDECK, Agent,
li. W. P, A., Seattle. Wash
Why you should buy
Because it .• tt> bwi *.°»Htj
Because ll l» it* moat laalltu ch.w
Because i. i> iu*. i*.**.*-.! u,b -jta-ie
ip or )5.- |.h.|*
Because ll,*- lata artvaluahl. foi
pit-it.-uiu- .nml Jaa. I, 1915
BcCllUSe «>* i-m .- every plug
Because soui .i.*«t,-..-. hoiu.il m
$ HOTKI  ;
ia, »
..    >>,.,*,<«,,...,...,,.„, *
J      PETER MATHBSON, Proprlelor.      $
£   HHHI««K!IHi(tH.i   $
,5 When yon „re hungry anil waul 2
* a -.-.....I meal  no to lhe 1-;hhI   $
J K.ou-im* 1>
i J When you ...e tiri.il ami wain a J
] a, good real t*.. i" the lutst Koo- «,
i        tenoy. J
liJJ When you nre  thirsty nml want a J
-a *.*..t.il .limk   go   to the  ICnsl «,
jj Kootenay. *
ii]. In fact wtl* n ynnareln Cranbrook 2
11 **t.ip ;.i the Kust Kootenay, «,
ftt imui if iiikh am ..,»"
Canadian and American
Saw Mill Machinery
f'lanlng Mill Machinery
Sash snd Door Machinery
lumber Dry Kilns
Blower* and Exhanst Tans
Steam und (insollne Engine**
Hoimlng and Ek-vating Machinery
(run Working Mailman
Automatic Saw Fitting Machinery
Shurley & Dietrich Mill Saws
liter)thing high grade
Write us
Winnipeg. Man.
w. F. GURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
{^   I.O.O.P.     Key City Lodge
No, i-j, Mcetaetcr*. .\l. n-
.lny nlitlit nt ilii'li liallti..
linker street.   Mujiiurliij.
1,1,1 Mime, iwillnlly luvllcd.
A. Lelti'li, Jr., M. I', Ullllii-tfl.
N ii. Uev,'
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor (or the Imperial Hank ol Canada
The Colonial tnveilntcnl aad Loan Company.
Cranbrook, li. C.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give tne a call.
Hone on short notice at Die Horse Shoeing
Depot opposite tieary ft Doyle's livery stable.
I'rlie winner at Territorial Fair, N. W. T.,
on horse shoes Patent Cultivator Maker.
I'lows and Machinery Repaired Promplly.
Hive me a (rial
Candy Kitchen
Carries iicom|il«Bsinok of
Candies, Fri'its, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Olve us a call
Timber Notice
Notice Is luiruby rlvt-n tiiiit UilityibijrsafiDr
.Inl,-1 liiienil in ii|i|iiy iii tic nil.-11'nnimission
it nf Limits uml Vim U fm a Itroliso in ctil mul
i'»rijr .t»'ii IIiiiIiit frum Ilu- foilunlni* ilti-icrll.til
-L'ltiHiiiPiicIng at n poil i in nt fi i uu i it-^iiKii,i
Cirrk Ill i:,i-t Iv. nmi Unvi' inllm 111)1*1 ll
..fiiiriiiivfv.iiiin-iifi.it 4hi kwiip una, nnil
iwoiiillusiiiirtiiul li itiiis [..'si, Mii-'ii'» i. mil
nh'IihIiih, Ihoneo Mill   Hull lltll, tllDIK'O lint ll In
uhaliis, tlienuo wosi bo almliii, in llio pin n uf
bOtfllillli.g. < liilnltii: iH'ui hn iiiimi nr IflSl
imiu.i iii i niitbruuK, nth, I'obrvnrji It) l
in iiu,;)! Mo In uu
Timber Notice
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co
The only all rail route Let ween all
points I'll*.., West nml South lo....
Intermediate Points.
Cou nee ting at
SPOKANU wiih tlu*
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. K. -& N. Company.
Comii'tts nl
Nelson  with Steamer fur Kaslo
antl   All   Kootenny   Lake   Points,
Myers Tails with 5tu«e Daily for
Republic, and
CoiliecU dully
At    hosfthiirit    Stage   Dally   fur
(Irand loiki* and Orccimo-od.
II. A.JACKSON, Ilea. Pan. Ail.
Nullce ll lii'.i'liy KiM'ti Hint  llilily tlijs fr	
tlii-ilali-lifir.il I lliloml hi K|.-,.|y In I hi) I lllol
u'oiiiiiiisiluin i <>f i.iiniii uiul win■■* m  Vlclurln
fm fl »in'cl*il llntii-,1-In . ut uiul I'jiii) uiiny Mill.
Illl hnlll till- fiilli'lYHIH lli'M-llHl'tl  IjlU'lll
i iiiiiiiii'iiiiitu ni ii pout pin iii eil alioiu Miu'iuiiiis
louth ot ilm uoriliwosl curnor iif MIU-hell's
,,it<.'iii|i(i<m un   UK'  lOlllll nlilo of M,   Alary «
river, ilicnou w-uliiiliu south, Miotics uu> olialns
imui, Miuiiuo -to chains mn Hi. iiii'iii'i- ti' clinliii
will to Mia polut nt I'ultllilOHcilll-Jtll, u.int.lining
i.in iiiriri,
Dm. ti Mm 171 ti ilay of li'iiiimiy um.
m i Imris-i Aiinrt Coek,
Bast Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagn es, ie'ers,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to ha nrjle it.
Trade Marks
Anvnnn ncu-lln-i n .kol^h nnd di'iterlptIon ran,
'liU.-Kly ii.. .■r.niii -..ir i,,,.,,...i. fruK wl.i.llu.r -"
 uutl 4 I
•'.irtnl ti'illcr, ri.Ii.hil clinrao, lu tho
Scientific JSttierlcan.
A liiinitHom,-ly llliiritrnti-tt wnrhtf.   Lnriirit Hr-
nililli.Hl ,.f uny ki li'lillllt: jntiriilll.     TlllillH. Ill a
ranri fntirmonths,|L SoidDyallriBwaiiMlon.
MUNN & Co.38'^-—* New York
Branch Offltw, m V BU Waililiigion, D. ft
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice at Residence, Armslronx Ave.
Forenoons,   ■   -   -   -   9:30 to II
Afternoons   ■   ■   •   ■   1:39 to3:30
Evenings   ■   •   ■   ■    7.30 to 8:30
QV A MiRUOK,    :   j   j    :       •    B. C Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that will
please you and your customers give your order
To^The Herald Office
By  LEO CRANE    ;
j I   C-opv-HgMi ISDJ, f'U I.et>
;: i^.i^.i^.i^.]-^.|.4.#
Tin* fiiiiii wns iiiiriiiw timl crooked
mu) hut fur tlih QUHrrcl ot (lit* ulnuls
iuIkIi* lift ve been forgotten, Qrnss, with
uu  Intrlriili' pattern  of  dslltUS,  gfBW
Hi.'it hi tlii' mitniiiiT Always, hut this
particular year it was supplanted hy u
in.I of roddlsli yellow mud a fool deep,
The air's perfect stillness was broken
only hy the clutter uf the water und
the harsh voices of three men who
toiled in tiie ruin about a large wagon
Imbedded u Uh* bubs iu tbe yellow
iiiiui, blocking tin* center uf tbe road.
The hig mau who directed niattei'B iu
a gruwllui;, hasty fasblou, sbowlug lie
tllslikiHl tlio work, wntcbed tht-1 road
turns aud listened for expected souuda.
"Don' s'poso we'll evali git this der-
nation cart ont nohow. Work up there,
lluuk Dliwson, Tears to mo you're
tired. Don' yo' want to Qnlsb?"
"1 ain't a-ki'i'iin' if it takes a week,"
Bold the thlti fellow. "I not my sheer
of ilglitin' 011 tluit're hillside ten uiitea
hack, un' it don' seem's if 1 keer 'bout
flgbtln' no more, It's so peaceful 'hoot
thia danced old Bbiiek lu the mud."
"Yo' nevah tlld liev uiueb amount o'
Hand nohow," Bald the other nastily.
"Well, Baud or uo sand," snarled
buck the tlilu nun, "I'm yereon a wagon meudlu' train un' a-doin1 my duty.
1 stays wliere I'm put, I does, an'
nevah runs away; hence I'm nevah
"But I know people what's got belted ovah the mouth afore now."
The fellow in the blue cap straightened out and gazed wouderlugly at the
big man. Ue luoked at him in much
the same way as a boy at a freak.
•*Yo' don' actually mean to Bay, Bill
—yo' don' mean to soy yo've been martlaled, doyo'?"
The big one growled and grunted an
"An' furrunnln' awny?"
Tbe man grunted agnln.
"Well, I'm hanged If I evah would
bev thought It of yo'."
Tbe big one started to correct thia
wrong Impression.
"There they had me right afore the
glueral," be explained. " 'C&p'en,' says
tht glneral to Boggs*- Boggs were cap- j
'eu then—he were shot at South uioun* ,
ten   right   alongside   o'   me—'Cap'en,'
says he to Boggs, 'what's the matter .
with this yere fellar?' er somethiu' to
tbat effec'.
"An' Hoggs says, says Boggs, 'luat*
teutlon to Juty nn' ruiined away.' "
"An' what did yo' say?" asked tho
blue capped man. with interest.
"What he said saved him from bein'
riddled like a -stove," put iu the thin
"An' says t: 'Qltieral, he put tye to'
work on a Wagon train helpiu' repair,
but Thompson's cum by llckerty split
goln' Into tbe tight, nn' a lelltir yelled
out, "We're goln' In to hark Up l.nng-
iik win Ni'iirn thi in n run ii thi: man's
•Ireet.   he's getiln*   walloped!"   An'   1
know if tiny wero n-wullopln1 Long* |
strott ti needed men, an' I fell in he-.
bind or Thompson's, an' Thompson's
ain't mt siout'h of n brigade neither. I
An' that's all thore is crbout it, gin*
era I.   1 nun down yere to tljflit. fur 1
could hev mended wagons hack in Missouri.'
"Bo the glneral says I could go, but
tbu next liine ihereM he a shoot In'
party With uie to the front, nn' a plant-
In' party with mo fur a hull) an' no
prospects of n crop- nn' lhe worst of It!
was he meant overy word."
"So yo' ure uiendln' wagons again?" |
'    "Yea, dodrot it, tbey don' appreciate
a  llghtin'  mini.   Like oh not they're
tlgbtlu' uow, un' like ns uot they need
Hgbtlu' men, an' yere I tint in the rear. ,
. Blunt It, I nltn.is'  wish they'd gft a |
good llckln' an' then they'd ace the use
i of me, a tlghtlu' man." j
"Listen a minute." I
Tha Bound or splashing hoofs could
be beard far down the rond, A baud of
men came round the bend In tbe road,
riding fust, the mud flying. .
"Cruckey day, that's Llscum. Lis*
cum 1b a cumin' up." !
They saluted ub the mud clad men
rodo by. One fellow swung round lu
tbe saddle and bawled out:
"How soon kin yo* f el lure git that
yere wagon out?"
"She's lu deru good an' bard"— began '
Hank. |
"Well, git her out, cuz we've got to
bring artillery up. It's agoln' to be a
whullu' job, but git her out, dang yo',
au' hurry up too. It'a tbe only roud ln
tbls section not a lake.   What are yo'
ifttttln' fur? Do yo* spect 'em to swim
tvah yo'? Yo' klu heur 'em eomlu'.
Hurry up!"
The three men yelled and cursed and
I eut the- snd eyed iiiuIch. They pulled
kin) pushed at the mud covered wheels
Mid danced around the wagon like
I unities. The illti they raised was tre-
igeudous, nnd wliut they suld waa
l.eree.   With u Boh the mud released Itn
Iold, aud Ihey BUN tied in dumping
the carl Into the ditch, a wreck, us u
humping, splashini*. buttery cuius into
view, With a greut splatter of mini
mid it whirl of yellow water from tliu
Wheels It  went flouuderluif liust.
"I'm a mind to |u with 'eiu," said
tin. hlg mini. 'That's Und Kings with
thut yere battery. Wish 1 was an artillery."
Then round the hend swung U   vast
body of men In tatters of gray, tlrliu
determination was on their fuses. They
were going lulu a tight. They half rati
through the slush with the swing of
Veterans,    The I ins from the valley
did uot affect them, A dull cloud of
yellowish while suiuke flouted out over
the rounded hill, cupping the shadowy
forest. The gruy men kept on coining,
a whole brlgude. A drum tupped monotonously.
"Belmont's," suld Hunk, "an' they're
gluttons. 'Member how they took that
yere battery lu front of Cold Harbor?
Denied If It ain't goln' to be a tight."
"Seems to me I Just gotter git Into
It," said the big man.
"Yo' gotter fix that yere wagon."
The line swung past witb tbat ma*
chinelike motion telling of past campaigns and many tights. The three lone
men stood ou a hillock and reviewed.
The big oue looked at them longingly,
enviously. His feet started to keep
time with the tramp of the legion. Just
then a weak looking fellow staggered
out by the roadside and rested. The hlg
one looked at bim witb a sort of contempt.
"We've been on tbe run since daybreak," explained the man, noticing tbt
"An' yo're goln' to stop runnln' now?
Glv' me that 'ere gun," demanded the
grent, tall fellow. "If yo1 ain't agoln'
to tight, glv' me the gun. Belmont's
needs every man In the country. Ulv'
me the gun, bang yo'"— Ue wrenched
It from the man's hands and fell in
with a ragged rank. His shoulders
bobbed up and down, and wltb a satis*
fled air he started to sing:
"If you' git there afore I do.
Why, tell 'em I'm a-comln' tool" |
"Yo' gotter fix this yere wagon," came
from the roadside, a faint echo that
died away and waa lost In the noise of
splashing feet and tbe murmur of the
throng. j
•       *•••••    I
All day long the booming continued,
and tbe cloud of yellowish smoke hung
like a cloak over the round topped hill.
When a breeze blew, lt did uot seem to
stir lt. At times the rattle and noise of I
guus would rise to a shrieking din. It
seemed as If a legion of clamorous
fiends Infernal were hatterlng at the
gates of fairyland. The sound of the
fearful struggle floated out over the
peaceful valley where the wild grasses
und flowers were awed and still. The
trees ceased to rustle lu the air, and
the birds hid In terror. The sun appeared to aid the battle with its dull
red disk shining through ihc mist.
The thin man and the'soldier in the
fatigue cap were atlll at work on the
broken wagon, They occasionally
talked with wouuded who straggled
dowu the muddy road lu search of
peace aud quiet. A creeping figure drew
their attention, a great mau covered
with mud ami with a blackened face.
He seated himself tu the wet grass by
the fence, and somethlug that was also wet drlhhted from his sleeve and
stained thc green.
"Well, yo've cum buck, hev yo'?"
asked the thin man.
"Boys," said Bill, his face all puckered and drawn, 'we're glltln' licked
hack there. Belmont's Is a thing of the
past—Wiped out. It were a light of a
century. LlSCUto's dead uu' I've cum
hack, boys"— He feebly wiped n
splotch of blackened crimson from ins
lips atul  choked.    "I've cum   hack  ho
they couldn't hev tt on me—not that 1
kuered hu much fur 1 cum down ycro
to light, I could hev ineiidcd wagotitt
buck In Missouri,"
And tlie ret renting troops that night
overlooked a great hulking shape In
the wet grass. One man fell over It,
but sn Id nothing—did nut even curst?.
A bright flower bloomed near It, a solitary cricket sang n wiulem, and the
place was full of peace.
A   fth-Jiibrrprr'*   lliiirrlrm-ri   Wltk   a
I.miI   Ulii.ni   lit   Tried lu   I ■nif.
"The trouble between the small shopkeeper nml his Customers," said o ('.'liiin-
bus avenue haberdasher, "la due iu large
measure to tin- errand hoy. 1 know I
was a hoy once, uml I don't expect a hoy
who  winks  fur three d.illur*.  a  week  to
take the same Interest in my business thut
I .I...    But my customers are mn tin charitable.    In fin t, Ihey do not even consider
the boy.   Tln-y kick lo uie.
"Take (bat buy o( mine fur a sample.
After a bunch of experiences with others
I hired tins one ami tiled tu tunic bim by
taking nn Interest in him. Hi, mother ia
a poor woman,  One evening when it whs
mining I lent him home iu a cab, He
hud iold me ft wus his mother's birthday,
• ml 1 gave him a dollar ami a small pnek-
wge ut fruit for In* mother.
"Two hours later the cubby came back
and said the buy had stopped ou the way
and Invested iu ciguretles and bad invited
bim in to take a drink. Then the boy
tried to bribe lhe cabby to drive him to a
theater, ami wheu the cabby refused tho
boy cursed him und banged his feet
■gainst the doors of the cab.
"At lirst 1 thought of discharging the
boy, But' what was the use, I asked myself. The nett boy would do something
worse. 1 gave the boy a lecture, not a
severe one, but oue which I thought
would make him sorry. He was a pretty
fair specimen of a juvenile reformer for a
week.  Soon after I seut him to my house.
"While tie was ou his way I called up
my wife and told her to give him a lunch,
.She did so. He ate like a hired mau.
Then he put up a pitiful story about his
mother's illness. My wife gave hiia half
a dollar to take to his mother. As he
passed out of tbe bouse he met my sou,
who Is several years younger than himself, aud persuaded him to go along. My
own boy went home sick aud confessed
that he had been smoking cigarettes with
pop's messenger hoy, who had spent the
money which my wife gave him.
"All that time several packages for my
customers were waiting to be delivered,
One of tbe packages was delivered so
late that the man refused to receive lt.
The goods came back. I lost a customer.
I am not saying that this boy is any
worse than the average hoy who Is employed to run errands, I have bad trouble wltb a lot of 'em. Each boy has his
particular brand of cusBedness. Each one
soon forms the acquaintance of other
hoys ln the neighborhood and they form
a trust on touting.
"We can't employ men to run errands.
Our business requires us to hire cheap
boys. You can philosophize all you
please, but you can't make a three dollar
a week boy believe that there is any future for bim. Sufficient unto the day is
the sum and substance of his existence.
And so the small tradesman Is at the
mercy of this urchin. We hare to submit."
The tradesman had a call on the telephone. After putting up the receiver be
"That was a ring from the police sta*
tion. They're got my boy locked up for
breaking the window of a Chinese laundry. I've got to get him out because I
have six oackages here awaiting delivery."
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacilic Hallway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $j.oo an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The a,-*re*-ale aimimii of principal ind inl rest, except in Ihe
case of lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided intn len instalments as
shown in lhe table below; lhe Ural in be paid al the time of purchase, mc- scennd one ye.r from dale of Ihe purchase. Ihc third in
lw„ yean and soon.
The following lable shows Ihc amount of Iht- annual instalments
tin lull acres at differenl prices under Ihe above conditions:
IM) airs al $2,511 per »cr, I.i instalment $5*1.115   v equal inlal'ls at $511,110
Killl ber lev is U"-* business and shipping point for Ihe
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is "*e t*'v-sional P"-n- °' a-** Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKLR, ownsite Agent.
For (arlher Infnrmatlon apply lo agents as above or lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Lands under $2.50^per acre are sold
oa shorter lime.
II the laad is paid lor in lull al the
lime ot purchase, a reduction from the
price will te allowed equal lo len per
cent oa tke amount paid ia eicess ol Ihe
asual cash iaslilmenl.
Interest al sii per ceal will be
charged la over due instalments,
The Company has also lota for sale .
ia Ihc following Iowa sites in Eisl Koot-
taay:   Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kllch.
eoer, Creiloa aad Klaberlcy.
Tke term af payneat are one-third
caih, and the balance ia six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway to thc White
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. HlKliliSS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Hia  Snuff  Spoon.
Some old snuff takers still employ a
small born spoon to convey the pungent
particles to tlieir nostrils. At a banquet
iu Edinburgh not many years ago the attention of the chairman was drawn to a
gentleman of the ancient school who had
a re in ark a Mi' umiffboi with one of these
spoons. The bm was banded round and
much admired, and several members of
the Company put tha spo. to its primitive use with a pleasant n ISO of kef-plug
up old customs. Presently the owner
challenged theiu tu giic**,!** what Ihe spoon
WSl made of. Vainly they tried tish aud
fowl, the tusk of the elephaut, the horn
of the 111..un tn iti gout and were not a little startled when the old gentleman told
them, wiih a plcasuut tuiile, that the
spoon was made from the wrletboue of a
tuitorious murderer who bad been hanged
about forty years before.
Aroma and Pice.
Oaks In England were formerly ralueij
for the ami us which they produced, so
much ao lhat in the I>oin<*adny survey
carried out by William the Conqueror tbe
value of woods lu some counties is estimated by Ihe number Of hogs they would
fatten. To go farther back, to thc daya
of am-ieiit Home, tho Rev. 0. A. Johns
In Lis work, "Forest Trees of Hrltaln,"
aays tbat by the laws of the twelve tables "the owner of a tree might gather
up hia nconis, though they aliouUl have
fallen on another uinn'a ground," which
■bows that considerable value must havo
been placed oil them. The right of turning out pigs to feed ou acorns nnd beech
mast wns known by tho tuinm of "conl*
iit.ni of pannage."
Foi, Hawk and Tat.
Foxes are not en ally domes! ten ted.
They are distrustful creatures and al*
ways pine for freedom, but In rare In-
slaneea reyimril loses his wlldneas ami
responds after a fashion of his own to
huuiun kindness. Of such a one a dally
paper tvlla a pretty story.
Nod la a tunic fox so well trained
and of such good Intentions that be i
will not touch any of tbe poultry on {
tbe plnce. Chickens feed near bis box.
and be acts na If be liked their society.
Doubtless tbey serve to render hia eon-
liiu-mcnt leas Irksome. !
One morning recently a large chicken
hawk swooped down and caught a
chicken close to the box where the fox
la chained. Ned, bearing the noise,
sprang out end caught (be hawk by tbe
leg. Tbe bird released tbe chicken and
settled Its free claw deep Into the fox's
nose. Reynard squealed, but be bung .
to tbe bawk'a leg. '
At this moment a cat tbat had become attached to Ihe fox beard Ned's
crlea of pain, and rushing out sbe
sprung upon tbe hawk aud clawed Its ■
hack. That made the hawk let go the |
fox'a nose very suddenly to protect
Itself from this new foe. It tried to
claw the cat, and while thus engaged
the fox set bla teeth Into Its bead and
shook the lire out of It.
Boon after this Ned nnd the cat were
seen lying down aide by aids In great
■3 SfiitU* 'lit .cPUi*U* msuj. __ j
The Blackbird Ilara.
Jan SO, 31 and Feb. 1 are famous In
the neighborhood of Hrescia, Count antl-
nople, Florence, Italy and along the Danube and thc Rhine as thu "Rlackblrd
days." A curious medfa>val legend says,
that originally all species of thc grsckels
(blackbirds) were of a creamy white color; that It became black because during
one year ln the middle ages the three
days above mentioned were so cold that
all the birds In central aud southern
Europe took refuge In the chimneys. At
llivHi-la the three days are celebrated
with a feast culled "I gtornl dclla tneria,"
meaning tbo feast of the transformation
ef tbe bird.	
A Si ml I cant   Motto.
"Some dishonesty must have cropped
out among the members of the Royal
Poker club."
"What makes you think ao?"
"Why, last night I noticed President
Flush Straight hanging up an embroidered motto that read. "Hew to the line, let
tbe chips fall where they may."'
The CooK's
Best Friend
Bovril is invaluable in the kitchen
as by its aid rich nourishing soups
and tasty gravies can be prepared
in a few moments.    It also adds flavor
and strength to stews, hashes, ragouts
and every other dish for which it is employed.   Nocookwhoaimsatculin-   -
ary successes, at a small cost and
a short notice, can do without
Land Purchase Notice
Sixty days alter date l will apply to
the chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for leave to purchase the following described piece of land.
Commencing at the initial post placed
at the northwest corner of block 831
South East Kootenay thence north 30
chains more or less to tlie right nf wav
of the British Columhla Southern railway along said right of way westerly
to where It Intersects the south line of
Arnold's si mora pre-emption thence 33
chains more or less to the east boundary of block 4891, thence south 3d
chains, thence east 33 chains more or
less to point of commencement, containing Utl acres more or less.
-1-1 Robert Robnon.
Dated at Cranbrook, Jan., 14, 1003.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention,
Richard Stewart
Stop Id.
Gibson—How stupid some folki arel
Hudson—For instance?
Gibson—I was sitting in tbe car last
evening and a man came along and astf-d,
"Ia this sent taken?" And It was full of
my bundles. Tbe fellow must have been
In Uu'mailer of Ilia Act renpeoting cerium
works i"iiistiiii'ieii in or over nnvigiihlo waters.
nil- chapter 09, it. s. n„ ism,
Notice Is lioroby given Unu ono month After
tiiite ihe Past Kootonay l-iinihcr onninany
dialled, of nnmlirnok, luiil-h Columbia, win
■Pl-ly to iiif governor in counoll under tlio pro
Islnns ui ilienbuvo meiillniiod Act, for approval
nf ni;i ns fur the construction nf limits ami booms
In the K'M-tctifty river In Snutli last Koutoaay
Uritish Uoluiabln.
Also Hint the said .'imi.iiiny have flopnidteil
plans of tlm works pro|Hwoil to he roiisirilotcil
and a description ol tlm «tto tlir-rauf as rmiulr-
mi by the said Acl, with tlio Minister of Public
Wfirks at Ottawa, Ohtario, Uml with the liegis-
trurof IjiiuI lltesnt Nelson, n, i-.
Dated at (Jranbrnok, llilsllfh day <>r l-'eb. tww.
-is W. ]•*. tiiir.l.l'riuiliriMik. It,ft
Holbiltor for Die apptleanta,
Timber Notice
Notloe Is hereby given that thirty days after
tlntu I liiteml toappt)- lo the Chief ('oiiinilsNlouer
of 1-aiiilsaiui Wm ki fur ;i special license to cut
anil carry away timber from Uie folio*,.lug <les
allien* latnls:
Comiiieiielnt' nt a post planted on the hank of
Pltitfernlil creek live mi'es mirth ofthe surveyed
Hue or lot -m-ts group one Kust Kootenay, I hence
north 80 chains, tlieuce cast sn chains, llience
south wt chains. Uu n>'c west sn chains to the
place uf beginning --oiiialaing inn a' res mora or
Dated nt Cianbrouk, Uth, Fehruiry ll»3.
in Fruit Desiiiirill,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Inl.'iiil to apply to the Chief I'oiiiliiUsloner
nl I.mul uml Works at Victoria for a special
license to cut ami carry away timber from llio
following described laudsi
Commencing at a im.l planted on the hunk of
Kit*.i*i'i bm ceek live miles north nf ihe surveyed
Hue of lot -KUts group one, Kast Koolenay. thence
Moulhsii chains, tlieuce east su chains, thence
north ko chains, tlieuce west bo chains to the
(.luce t.r heginitig, conlalnlntotoacres mora or
Duietl ai Cranhrook, utii, February 1MB,
-m Sidney htddtcnat.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
VHiolesalcan-l Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Qame and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade Is solicited.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kind. Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The   Painter'*  Limitations.
The Patron—Do you guarantee satisfaction?
The Ai fist—No, madam. I paint Ilk**
Whon a screen In a room has caused
cnlli-iH to wonder what la concealed behind it, It bus nerved Its entlra purpose.—*
Atchison (ilube,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty daya after
thus I Intend toapply lo iho Chief Commissioner nf Minds ami Works torn license in cut and
carry nway llmhor from the following described
lands i
Uuniinenclugnt h post planted on the Imnk nf
l-'iisgerniii Crook throe miles noriii nl the surveyed lino of lot 45RS group one linst Kootenay,
tiieiu'o north R'l chains, thonon oa-rt sn chains,
ihcnce south sn chains, tlidieb ivo-d *>• chains lo
pin [ beginning conl nl ning mn acres more or
Diitcii nt Crnnbrook, uth, Pobfimry IWW,
44 Joseph Shannon.
Timber Eotice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
Onie l Inland toapply tn the Ohlef Commissioner
or 1 iiinls ami Works for n license to cut ami
curry away Dinner from tbo following described
Coinineneilig at a pi-si p'aulod seven
miles north ol the surveyed line of Inl -taw
uroiip , Kasl KiHili'iniy, on the hank of Pita
gei'iiirj Crook, tiienci' south sn clinlni, llience
eastHehslnii llience north si chain*, llienoe
w.st si chains lo the place nl begl nnlng contain-
big i'iH»linns mine or less.
Dated at Ornnbrook, nth, Kobruary i-hm.
.. John llnsiion,
Timber Notice
Notion la hereby given thai thirty dnys after
•tuic i Intend to apply to Iho Chief Commissioner
of Units ami  Works for a special license lo cut
ami cany away timber from  Die  following
ilescrlbcil luil'ls:
Commencing at ii posl planted 80 ohnlns north
nftboU, r. it surveyed lino of lot iras group
one, Kast Kootonay.en PltsgerahlCreok,llmnco
north Si chains, ilinnce cast sn elinlns, thence
south so ohnlns, thonoe west 8o obalns tn the
plnce of beginning, containing oto acres mure
or liMs.
Dated at Craubrook, ma, February itws,
4s lloi'-rt Hull.
Timber Notice
Take Noilco that thirty days after data i In
lend lo apply lo the Chief Commissioner ol
I/iii.ls nml Works for a hpeclal lloensn to cut
mni curry awny Umber from tbo following described lauds.
Commencing id a i est plnnted an oluilns north
ol the ft P. II. siirvejoiljlno or im n>n group
ono Kail Kootenny, on Pltsgernld crook, ihonca
south 80 chains In the said line, thence cast m
chains, thenco north mi ohnlns, thenco west m
chains to the plncii or lieghinlng, containing mo
noras more nr loss.
Dated at Cranhrook, Uth, February iaos.
-it) I'liivau McAitluir,
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
f. 0. Fori Steele. B. C.
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of   IT. S
Oltice and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce, Crnnbrook, B. C.
Ilphulstcrioft and (ieneral Puroliure Kepalrlnf
Will attend to any work in the district
Agent (or thc Brandon Marble aad flraalle
Works,   Tombstones, Hesditoaci, etc.
and Builder  •*>
All wark faaraalecd.   See aa ..lore
yaa .alia.   II will pay yea.
Cranbrook, B C
Livery S
Proprietors ■*» * ■•*
Teams anil ilrivers furnlaheil for any
point In the district.
Manager   J*   J*   J*
Notice Is hereby given tbat thirty
days after date we Intend to apply to
the governor lo connell at Ottawa
for approval of plans for improvements
on the Kootenay river In the county of
Kootenay, British Columbia, under (ec-
lion 5, chapter 03, revised statutes of
A copy of plana and description ofthe
proposed Bile of said improvements
have been deposited with the Minister
of Public Works at Ottawa and In the
ofHce of the registrar of deeds for Ihe
county of Kootenay at Nelson, Uritish
The Crows' Nest Pass Lumber Co.,
41 Limited.
Dated it Fort Steele, Jan, Uth, 1PU3. s
"Your New Spring Hat"
is -.waiting you nt  Kml & Co.*s.   Vou  will find just thc
style and shape you are luokinj: lor there.   A fully assorted rsrs
line of
"John B. Stetson"
The celebrated "STELLA" Hat in 6 shapes, hlatk, lawn and
otter.    Crush   Hats in  grey, black, white and blue.   The ffis
I "Pitt" and .Hamilton" makes of Fine Still Hats.     See our
I ..Primrose" Hat. it is a leader.    All new slock, too.?.
-S>—'.•>-■>-^- -r..-.-■-'- -•» v -- • ■■ •   9-8  ®-®-&~&-®-®-®-V-®-®-<S-&-
....rl*bH.... 1
Haddock, Herring, Halibut, X
Kippers. 2
Mackerel, Herring;, Salmon Bellies, S
Boneless Cod, Digby Chicks. <$
Kippers, plain and in tomato,and f¥
in anchovy  and shrimp sauce, -y
Cockles, Silvocea Herring, Haddy, Mackerel.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
Cranbrook, B. C.
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
Th* aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Sl........ ..».-^»-^.^-«-«*-• »--^**-»®*!*. ......-»
Are you in need of
either wholesale or retail. Creamery Butter, Dairy
Butter in tubs, boxes or bricks. Eggs in any quantity and of best quality. Best Ontario Apples in barrels. Cranberries (Cape Cod) the best in town. We
have a good supply of the above and invite inspection.
King flercantile Co.
•>•••• •'•"(_»}* • *
Dealer in H
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season. Q
•■*» ♦ •■•«-•>• ♦ *■• * • •
In a week or two we will surprise you with the largest
and cleanest stock of
Spring and Summer Goods
in the city.    Our new goods are arriving and you may
rest assured that nothing but the best will be chosen.
McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
Hotel & s
fluents Comfort i Specialty
Good Stahlinjc In Connection
Neurent to ruilronil mul ilupot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
A. L. ricDermot A. C. Bowness gS
Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants H
Schlii* Hccr , The Highest Brands (The Laraest aad
RetaH: Beer |               ,)f SCOTCH and . •*"_  A-Mort-n-e.it
Haas Ale | imc    whi^i/ic-c ol Domealk
llulnnc *■ Sliial ) 'R|SH     WHISKIES [ Uqaara
A complete stock nf Cigars, consisting of the
"Pharaoh," "LaFortuna," ■ .Irving," "Barrister,'' "Monument," "Hilda" and others.
Mail Orders l-'romptlv Attended to. Telephone 17
Write lor Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C.
Agents fur T, Lehel & Co., Hay and drain.
Capital Authorized SfOOO.OOQ
Capital Paid Up  2.M-3.&6I
Kett 2.4W.M8
in kki-runs;
r. h. Merrltt Praldenti i>. >*• wtiuie, vice
I'ri'Siiii'iit; Willi;:iri ItHiniuy, Itoli.'it Jalli-ny.
William lli'iiilrir, I. Stitliurlau I rtUyt'.er, Klin*
it. lt. Wiiwe, tii-nei.il Manager.
K. Ilay, Asshlunt lieuiTiil Maim^or.
\v. Moffat, lospeetor.
A (leaeral banking Business Transacted
nt f l antl upwards rooalvau mul lntPn*st nllnu'ril.
AL-fnttiiHiriMt llrltiilti--l.loyit's Han't. LIU.,
:j l Milliard St., I.0111I1111, witli wlititn nionuy
juay In- tie pi isl mil f>>r uaimffi hy letter, ur i-uhlc
i« auy nf tin- above bratiebea,
F. H. HARSH, Manaier
iivartH iold available in ail part* ol ctmsda,
1 toil Stale*! uiul Ktin>|K'.
Picked Up About the Cily  by Aitkin*
Question** of Many  People.
Golden Iihs n co opernltve uienl mar
II. W, Drew ot Kimbertey whs In town
Conductor Dowsley haa Knm" to Win-
There are several more cases of scarlet
fever in town,
Messrs. Klwell nnd Reale visited Fish
lakes Inst Sunday.
Born, on Monday, to Mr. and Mrs
George Johnson, a girl.
Harry Kvans of Michel, visited bin
parents here tbis week.
A. Mailer of Marysville, was In town
this week on business,
A. JollilTe and wife bave rented the
cottage vacated by Dr. llarber,
Vic Rollins, manager of the Went-
worth hotel, visited Kllco Tuesday.
James GUI spent Sunday at Pincher
Creek with bis mother and brother.
Mrs. Nelson and Miss Watson of Fort
Steele are visiting Cranbrook friends.
Pred Smith, representing, Gage &
Co. of Toronto, was In town Monday
furnished Rooms with or without
board.   First house below Royal hotel
The mill of the East Kootenay Lumber company at Meadow Creek is now
Fred Smyth, editor of tbe Moyie
Leader,   was  ln  town   Tuesday   and
The Klmberley train was cancelled
Tuesday on account of the heavy fall ot
snow Monday,
Mrs. R. R, Jamieson entertained a
large party of friends at euchre last
Friday afternoon,
Manager Gebo of the Frank mines
and a French Count were iu town last
Filday between trains. ]
F. Kenny, of Lethbridge, Alberta,
has tint en a position as C. I'. R. operator in the ollice here.
It is impossible for tbe lumbermen to
to cruise around the timber tracts these
days without snowshoes.
Paul Hundley has disposed of his
interests in the Marysville Lumber
company to the other stock holders,
Fied Auvacbe, The Herald junior, has
been confined to the house by sickness
tbe past two weeks, but is now improving,
Mrs. Prest returned from ber eastern
trip last Friday, accompanied by ber
sister Mrs. Woolbouae, ot Vlrden,
H. Rountt, who has been working for
Robinson-McKeiiide, was taken to tbe
pest house on Mouday last with scarlet
A, Nelson, tax assessor, waa in town
last week. He says that the assessable
valuation of lhe district is largely increased.
There will be a social given at the
home of Mrs. R, 11. Jamieson next Tues
day evening under the auspices of the
Ladles Aid of the  Presbyterian church.
M. McMahonof Marysville returned
last Thursday from lhe coast where be
ut tended the mining convention. He
reports a good lime and a splendid meeting.
F. Godderies, thej barber, has taken
the room formerly occupied by W. B
McFarlane. Shaving, liaircutting und
baths. 49 4t
- The frame work of the large mill of
tbe Crows Nest I'jsh Lumber company
at Warduer is up, nnd rapid progress
will be made In construction hum this
time ou.
Dr. King completed his work at New
York on the loth, and left for his
falhei's home at Clilpuiati, N. 11. where
he will visit a hort time, returning home
about April i.
Tonight the Womeus Auxiliary of the
W. F. M, S. will hold an opeu meeting
at the Presbyter ion manse. Members
of the congregation of both sexes are
cordially invited.
Tbe mission of St. Marys church will
be opened Sunday, March aa, at high
umss, by Rev. Father Drummond, of
Winnipeg who will continue to preach
for'about a week.
Mrs. J. Tlbbetts. mother of Mrs. John
Bennett, and well known In and ubou*-
Marysville, died on Monday of last
week at the home of Mr, And Mrs. John
Bennett of Marysville.
C. J. I'.ckstrom bas opened bis hotel at
Wardner and is now ready for business,
Five years ago Mr lickstrom was engaged iu the hotel business In that town
mul has returned to reap tbe benefit of
that town's revival.
Harry Dim mock and J. K. Crowe, of
Moyie, own a property at Ymir that
promises to be a great mine. Tbe boys
will develope this season as much aa
conditions will permit.
Herald readers should not fall to read
the Fort Steele Mercantile nd. this
week. Mr. Fink quotes some price!
that will prove attractive to buyers, as
they will appeal to their pockets.
R. R. Jamieson, superintendent of thia
division, left Tuesday for Calgary to inaugurate the work of organization of
head quarters for the new division on tbe
C. P R. of which he will take charge
April i.
W.J. Atchison of Wiunipeg, formerly
witb W.J Mitchell of lhat city as dispensing druggist, is uow chief clerk at
R Iv Heat lie's. It. II. Hunt, the former clerk, has gone to Rossland to take a
A. McDonald, oue of the beat known
contractors in the district, and as quick
a man with a jickplane as ever cut a
piece of bull pine, has been iu town several days the past week wailing for a
brother from the east.
A. Leitch received word last week that
his aged father, who has been falling
rapidly for some time, had died at bla
home in Ottawa. The deceased will be
kindly remembered by many Cranhrook
people who met him during his visit
here two years ago.
The Perry Creek Mining company
will put iu a saw mill on tbelr Perry
Creek property, and have bought N
Hansen's mill for that purpose. The
mill will be removed to its new location
and installed as soon as the weather will
Tom Rader, of Moyie, was In town
Tuesday. Mr, Rader 1b feeling good
over the rise In lead, and says that be
and others interested witb him in tbe
Aurora across tbe lake will commence
developement work on their property as
soon as the weather will permit.
M, Phillips of Tobacco Plains was in
town Tuesday to arrange for|a carload of
grain and hay. lie says the prolonged
winter Is causing tbe people ot his section to run short of feed. The Indiana*
ponies are getting into such bad shape
that they are too weak to paw the anow
and are dying ln droves.
The Cranbrook hotel has put in a
stand telephone on tbe desk, and uow
when the telephone bell rings, Manager
Rooks can turn in hia easy chair and do
hia talking with a smile. That ia easier
than walking to the telephone box wiih
that tired feeling.
A, Leitch, manager ofthe Bast Koote
nay Lumber company bought another
ear load of horses at Pincher Creek last
week, and they were received Sunday
night. Mr. Leitch says that, heavy
draft horses are very scarce these days
aa the demand has been very brisk
owing to tbe growth of the lumber
business In thia district.
M. Mclnnea moved hia meat market
today to the building next to the post
ollice, where he will be pleased to meet
all of bis old customers and many new
ones. He has a fine location now, and
it will be convenient for you to drop In
at any time, or telephone your orders
and tbey will receive prompt attention
Rev. Father Drummond will lecture
at Wentworth hall on tbe evening of
March aoth, for the benefit of St Marys
church. The reverend gentleman enjoys the reputation of being one of the
best platform talkers In Canada, and
when be preaches or lectures iu tbe
cities of the east, proteatants at well aa
Catholics flock to hear him.
Rev. Fortune returned from Vancouver last week, where he attended tbe
semi-annual and annual meeting of the
British Columbia aynod, which Includes
Alberta, They passed claims for tbe
Home Mission for the past alx months,
aggregating $11,000, and for the year,
f«.335. while estimates for the next
year aggregate 130,000, which gives an
idea of the progress of the Home Mission work.
Miss Gugeon, the new assistant at the
postolllce, is rapidly becoming familiar
with her various duties and is giving et
cellent satisfaction on account ot her
obliging manner and promptness. Her
work is far from pleasant and anyone
who will stand at a postoflice wiudqw
ten hours a day and greet all pleasantly, cross and good uatured people
alike, is entitled to a prize, for human
ity loves to kick and especially at a
0, Preat, who has been with Q. U
Miner for the past few years, has severed his connection with lhat firm to engage In the photograph business with
bis mother. Mr, Prest bas spent a great
ileal of time In the business ami baa produced some very fine work. Mrs, Preat
baa just returned from a two months
trip of instruction, and is now familiar
witb tbe latest mode of producing artistic
work. They will maintain their studios
in Cranbrook and Ferule.
Griffith tbt Mind Reader.
Prof. Griffith, the hypnotist and mind
reader, gave an interesting exhibition on
the street yesterday, A committee
drove around several blocks and bid a
knife in a ball of snow in front or the
Fort Steele Mercantile company store,
Blindfolded, Griffith drove the team
over the route and found the knife with
lit le trouble. He will be at Wentworth
ball several nights this week. ■
Stock Quotations.
Furnished by Beale, Hutchison & Klwell, brokers, Cranbrook, B. C.
North Star  13
Sullivan  3
St, Kugene  35
Call. Gold Fields  4, |
Centre Star  ■ 32
Payne  22
War Ragle Consolidated  19
Pay Roll  i#
Golconda  27
(Jranby  Consolidated .8   5 5u
Crows Neat Coal ..— 35<* o0
Mammoth    Clearance
We have just completed stock taking and find that wc have a few lines in which
we are slightly overloaded. In order to reduce this over stock wc offer below some of
the greatest bargains ever heard of. Read carefully the prices and sec il you ever heard
of anything to equal them.
Do not delay your purchase as this sale will last
till March 25th only.
Finest bulk Cocoa, per pound ....       *j„c
Schilling's best baking powder. 12 oz tins, per tin 30c
Finest blueberries, 2 lb tins       per tin                          12 1 ic
Finest roast beef, 2 lb tins            •• 30c
Finest roast mutton, j lh tins      " 30c
Finest Pigs feet, 2 lb tins,             " 30c
Finest Australian rabbit, 3 lb tin " 25c
T and B chewing tobacco, per plug 5c
Pay roll, chewing tobacco,       " 45c
Caramel chewing tobacco         -• 45c
Climax chewing tobacco,       per pound, 90c
Star chewing tobacco                   " 90c
Virginia twist smoking tobacco, " 75c
Empire smoking tobacco              >• 4oc
Virgin Gold smoking tobacco      " 75c
Do not delay as these prices will not last longer than the 25th. We guarantee,
and you know what our guarantee means, that all the above are first class goods. If
not, return them and get your money.
Use F. S. M. Co.'s Teas and Coffee.    They are the best;
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.umited
^!l-<S!>-®-^l-<ihJ!!>-^Hih-lf>-®-C^H?H?l I
A Trial of the Union Made   -
made at the City Bakery is
all we ask. Once tried always used. - Try our 35c
Layer Cakes fixed to order.
Successor to A.R. Gibson
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
What is worth having is worth
Palmer & Arnold
About Their
Protective Policies
will be dosed tor a few weeks. (•>
Will be opened in February.... f
After being housed up through a long, cold
winter your blood is in a bad condition.
One bottle of the old reliable Best Sarsapa-
rilla will do you good and six will make you
feel like a new person.   Every  huillc _.uarautceu*.
I j Hill & Co. are still after the dollars by
selling at paralyzing discounts. Get
your goods cheaply while you have the
Welch & Parker
Proprietors of the
Dray Line.
All orders will receive
prompt attention	
Coal, and Mill Wood
Delivered on short notice.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. P. ft A. M.
Iti'ltti'i'i' tni'i'tincs on III
tlilrtl Thursday of Hi
Visliiou brelUreu welcomed.
M. A. IJKA.LE, Sec'y.
g        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        £'i
gj None Better In the Disltitt ^*j
Q Rates $i and up.   Short Orders and Oysters V_
Q served in any style from » p. m. to 6 n. Ill, rj
Is The table is the best, the room*; an* un surpassed lor clean- Bj
D liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands 0|
Q o\ liquors and cigars, rn
Q L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        h
VIC ROLLINS,  Manager.
I have placed orders for a large shipment of oats, hay, feed and
flour, and seed grain of all kinds. Camps and ranchers would
do well to call and leave their orders in time with
Hanson Avenue - Cranbrook, B,


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