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Cranbrook Herald Nov 14, 1901

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N'UMllfclt 155
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gt-ti. A. Cox, Presiileut. B. tt, \\'.si.ki:ii. Gen. Man-
I'niii I n  Capital
I,Hill   Kesiiiir.es
(•.llllll.111,11 llll
t.iiiiii.iiiiii nu
(.:,,n:i i.'i.i;i.im
A (ieneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--Tlie Bank of Scotland.
Our  Latest   Arrivals
Men's Mackinaws,
Rubbers, Blankets
Toilet Soaps, front 35c per dozen, tip.
School Shoes for Boys and (iirls.     Low in price and
long in wear.
(tovernment Creamery  Butter is way the best, at
.joe per pound.
flcClary's Cook and  Heating Stoves knock oui all
Economical People Trade at
Ladies, ask to sec the new Automobile Jacket, in both short and
lon({ lengths.   The most stylish coat sold.
I Dinner Sets
We are now un pack ing the finest,
largest and besi lot ever brought
into Hast Kootenay. We have
them in every conceivable shape
and shade, from $12 up to $90
per set.     Call  and  see  them.
■•The Big, Wide   \\\ake Firm"
p Fort Steele Mercantile Co. -■■»■- to.
I .1. P. PINK        .<        .« .<        IVIANAQER ES
P to
Hot Blast Heating Stoves
The best stove on earth. Will burn
anything. Jusl what is wanted for
soft coal. Call al once, as they are
going fast. Have had to duplicate
my order.
The prospect! f"i ii big rush In Marys-
villi* looks very brlgh indeed. Tenders
have been called for building the spur
into tbe tnwn, nnd work will begin on
this piece of road within a few days,
The saw null pleut has arrived and is
belug |>nt ill position. The contract lor
cutting one million leet of logs has been
let. ami a gang o' •"■■*■■ ,!- al work.     The
contract for grading the smelter site will
he lei next week, and then material will
be placed mi die grouud ai rapidly as
It can be used.   1*.  D, Saunders, oue of
the Sullivan   Mining   cuuipany,   and a
member ol the board of control, who
has just arrived fiom Spokane, mid tins
week: "It we can have 30 days uf just
lair weather, not to bitterly cold, and
without » heavy fall of snow, we will
make  a gieat  showing  un the --inciter,
We have everything In .shape now to
push tin* coustructloU) aud we propose
to do it."
Although Saturday was a had day
there was a large number of people in
town. Must ol them came from Crauhrook.
Vie Rollins, Walter fid wards, George
Pushee and Tom Cavm wete among the
Visitors Saturday.
Mrs l'rest, Misses Atwood and Ryck-
man, and Messrs, Ross and l'rest came
up with the Cranbrook excursionists
Two carloads of shingles arrived Saturday and Ihe Imi ders were made
W, 1) Hill came in Thursday and
bought one ol the best corners In town
The Royal hotel is rapidly assuming
shape. Mr. McMillan will open up as
soon as the building is iu readiness.
The Fall View hotel is nearly completed.
I'aul Hendley's new building is nearly
ready for occupancy. J. Wolfe will open
a restHiirant and a billiard parlor in it.
M.nfcsis llogltn and Hull, ofthe town-
die and mining companies, are expected
A- W. McVittie has completed his
surveying lor the present and returned
to Cranbrook Saturday.
Mrs. K. II. Small, Mrs. Bowness and
Mrs. Willi nn Small were among Satnr-
lay's visitors.
Hill & Co will open their Marysville
branch ihis week.
Mrs. George Leask was nmoiig the
visitors Sutuiilay.
Where  Low tirade   Ores Arc Made
Very Profitable
New Goods
We are receiving new goods almost
daily. Our selection thisyear includes
the finest fabrics of the markets at
the lowest prices.   Call and see us.
Ilress Goods HILL, & LU.
Prom ilio tree Press]
The new hospital was opened for the
reception of patients Thursday morning.
The patients Irom the old hospital were
removed .md are now in much more
com foi table quarters.
A meeting of the Hockey Club was
held mi Thursday evening to re orgaui/e
lot tin- coming season. There was a
arise attendance and much enthusiasm
manifested, Ilfibrts will be made to
form a league composed of Mlko, Frank,
Plucber, Mcl.eod, Moyie, Cranbrook,
l.ethbndge and Fernie Mr. Liphart
was tendered a vote of thanks for tbe
cup be has given for competition.   The
prospects lor a  good  season for hockey
are excellent.
Tin* gn uml is being prepared for
loving and enlarging the skating rink,
It is the intention of the owners to
move the present building about 30 feet
northward ami Increase the floor space
to tbt* lull reqnlrtnentsol the population.
Pi ..in ihe Moyle header.
Kobt. C. Cough lln and Miss Clementine Walsh ot Cranbiook were married
bore I Sit Wednesday morning at the
Hotel Kootenay by Rev. V. M Purdy.
Robi|t Shuw acted as groomsman and
Miss l-'oiit'st as bridesmaid. The couple
returned to Crap brook the same day.
The contract of sinking the shaft on
l.atnb Creek has been finished. It la
now down i'i (eel aud all indications go
lo show thnt bedrock is not far distant.
The water gave very Utile trouble in
sinking so far, An effort will be made
to continue it to bedrock this fall.
The members of the Moyie Miners
Union are talking of giving a dance on
the evening of December i?Lb, the anniversary of their organization here.
Miss Super has organized a musical
class in Moyie. She has 17 pupils and
is meeting with excellent success.
Dan McKay is in charge of the Moyie
hotel during the absence of the Johnston
Placer Mining Will be Revived
Large Scale in  This  District Next Year
Law tirade Ores Profitable.
That low grade ores can be treated at
a profit has been demonstrated at head
City, South Dakota, where a thousand
Stamps are dropping ou oie that yield;
less than three dollais a ion, says the
Nelsou Tribuue. This has been going
on for years, aud the great Homestake
Mining company with a capital ol $31,-
000,000, has paid over J10,000,000 in
dividends, For ten years alter llle discovery of ure in the mines at Lead City,
every pound of mining supplies had to
be hauled hundreds of miles by ox mid
mule teams, aud fuel ami water were
both procured at greal expense These
mines and mills have always been operated by white labor. At Metcur, Utah,
is another low grade ore proposition
which is being worked by a company
with $5,uoo.ouo of share capital. It has
paid $375,000 in dividends this yeai, Up
in Alaska is the lowest grade proposition
on earth. Last year the Treadwell com-
pony crushed 457,802 tons of ure that
yielded $1 88 a ton, yet the company
made a net profit of $352,550, and paid a
dividend of $300,000 on a share capital
of $5.1100,000. These are three instances
where gold ore that is lower grade than
any of the gold-copper ores of llritish
Columbia is paying good dividends on
large capitalization. If such results can
be obtained in another country, why not
iu llritish Columbia? It is only a ques-
llan of lime, patience, money and brains.
Tbe best results were not obtained iu
South Dakota ur iu Utah or iu Alaska at
the first. Small mills had to be increased lo large ones, tbe best appliances
nnd nielli-"0 for mining had to be
adopted; the capital Inn1 lo be invested.
Small smelters will have to give way to
large ones; the latest machinery for
cheap mining will have tu be procured;
ami the capital stock of the companies
wilt have to be increased if like results
are to be obtained from working th
ores of the Boundary. Smelters that are
now smelting 500 tons per dav will have
to be quadrupled in size; machinery will
have to take the place of men iu milling;
and certificates of stuck will have to represent cash iuveslmeuts. When this is
done, the low grade ores of the Boundary
will be worked at su good a profit that
shares iu well managed miuJug nnd
smelting companies like those operating
at Grand Forks and Phoenix and Greenwood will be sought fur as gilt edge
securities instead of lor speculation.
Tbe Marysvllle Smeller.
Nelson Tribuue: K. I). Saunders, of
Spokane, who is interested in Ihe Marysville smeller project, was in Nelson yesterday ou his way to Marysville. He
says the prumoters of the scheme intend
to operate a refinery as well as a smelter,
ami further that the company has no
connection with the United States Smelter trust. Tbe first object of the promoters of the smelter is to furnish an
economic method for marketing the
product of the Sullivan group of mines
The nature of this ore is such that a flux
is desirable in its treatment, and to this
extent the smeller in iis initial stages
will he a customs smelter, purchasing
sufficient ores in the district for tbe
proper fluxing. It is proposed to ship
the silver from the refinery to New Yoik
but in respect to the lead it is not yet
determined whether it will be sent to
the London market or to Hung Kong.
Cosmopolitan to Open.
J. R. Downs, of Prince Albert, has
takeji u lung lease on the Cosmopolitan
hotel, of N, Hanson, and will reopen it
for business about December I. Mr.
Downs is having the hotel refitted and
experts to maintain it as a first class
house. Charley Armstrong will have
charge of tlie bar. He is well known
throughout tbe district and has a host
of friends.	
Read The Herald and pay for it.
isue-l with the injury it has done to
Itossland nnd the province in its it*cent
light against the Miners' Union ot that
place and the methods employed.
There will be a rolling mill started in
South F.ust Kootenay within the next
live years. The bodies of fine irou ore
is a guarantee of this fact.
Capital has confidence in South Bast
Kootenay, This is demonstrated by the
in inner nijwhich it is coming in.
The Klondike turned out $34,000,000
this year, ami Allin $600,000
The owners of the Lamb creek placers
are confident that bed rock will show up
good pay dirt
Mining in South Bait Kootenay will
go ahead with renewed impetus next
Hell Into a Put ut fetal.
Grand Forks, Nov, 6 —A ghastly mishap befell Charles Smith, an employe
iu ibe Grauby smelter 011 Sunday last
Ilis work at the smelter consisted in
dragging away the pota of molten slag
ami matter from the furnace, and it was
while returning with an empty oue thut
he met with disaster. Another employe
was taking out a pot of molltn slag ns
Smith was coming iu. The men passed
close beside one another, when somehow
or other they collided. Smith was
thrown off his footing, and to the horror
of ihe few bystanders fell into tlie si/
'Hug mass.
Only for a few seconds did he lie
there, for willing bands dragged him
out, but in those few seconds he was
terrible burned. He screamed wiih
agony, hut fortunately, perhaps, immediately became unconscious.
Smith was sent at once to tbe hospital
where his injuries were attended to by
Dr. Nortbrup. It ia possible that lie
may recover hut his condition is serious.
Mining    Nnlcs.
The Horsefly creek placer excitement
in the  Cariboo  country   seems   to  he
founded on a substantial basis.
Harry Melton and William West have
staked a number of promising iron
claims on Baker mountain.
There is four feet of snow on the workings ofthe Kitchener iron properties.
There will he a hunch of capital in
vested In the Perry creek camp next
J. Thompson and Gus. Theis were in
town Tuesday evening on their way to
their Perry creek placer properties
Mr. Thompson has just left the hospital
after u severe illness, ami several others
engaged in the work have been ill.
Being handicapped in this way, they
have been working only one shift, but
tbe average yield has remained ns good
as ever, going Irom $14 to $17 per man.
The Rosslaud Miner is doing some
strong knocking these days and is reaching out quite a ways when it attempts to
east doubt ou tbe building of ibe Marysville smeller,   The Miuer should be sat
Miss Lund Highly Praised.
Miss Lund, who is now living in Cranbrook with her brother, Mr. Peter Lund,
is a graduate of ihe University School of
music at Ann Aaboi, Mich. Just before
she left there she gave a concert that
was given high praise hy the Daily Argus of that city as follows:
The vocal recital given hy Miss Sara
Lund of Spokane, Wash., at the School
of Music last evening proved to he »
grand success In every way. The program was probably the most difficult of
the series, however the rendition it received could not at any time be erilt-
clzed "Whither," by Schubert, and
"Kreuliugsiiact" of Schumann were
both warmly received as was also the
"Sappische Ode" from Brahms. Alt of
the above named showed the singer's
xcellent idea of expression. There is
also an originality about ber interpretation which was most noticeable. The
aria, "He was Despised," from Handel's
"Messiah," was given with organ accompaniment. This ditlicult aria was
given au excellent singing. Tbe ure
rotunda voice is one ot the strong features of her work, especially in the low
register. "Sing Me to Rest," by Allit-
sott, with violin obligato, was oue of tbe
most interesting numbers. Tbe violin
was effectively played by Mr. Long, who
alsu played a solo in his usual pleasing
manner. ''Lord of Agens," by Holt
was well received. Dudley Buck's "Sun
sel" and "A Wilderness Lullaby," by L.
L. Renwick, received tbe loudest applause of any ol tbe numbers on tbe pro
gram. "I Love and tbe World is Mine"
was the final number, which she sung in
a grand style. Miss Lund possesses a
contralto voice of unusual sweetness.   It
rich in tone and quality, flexible and
powerful. Her work in every detail predicted an artist of tbe first ranks. She
is a thorough musician, being besides a
singer, a pianist uf exceptionable ability.
That she is admired by Ann Arbor's
music lovers was evident from the beautiful flowers she received. Wherever
she goes she will reflect much credit ou
her teacher, Mr. Howlaud, and the University School of Music. Both pupil
ami teacher are to be heartily congratulated. _	
C. V. Mill to Take 1 Vacation.
C. P. Hill wsb in town Monday for the
purpose of looking after some iron properties on Baker mountain. Mr. Hill is
the Iron pioneer of this section, and it
was his claims at Kitchener thnt were
taken by President Shaughnesfy and
others of the C. P. R , and upon which
Mr. Hill took out a neat little stake.
"I am going to my old home iu Delaware for the winter," said Mr, Hill, "I
have not been there for 17 years, and
wl.eu I left I told my father that 1 would
not return until I could show him 1
credit letter for $50,000 and shake haildi
as a 321I degree Mason. After the iSth
of this month I will be ready to start,
and naturally I look ahead to the visit
with pleasant anticipations."
This Town Hill be so Situated When
Changes are Made
The Change Will Mean a Great
Saving in Mileage to the
C P. R
There is no longer any question about
the intention of the C. P. K. taking advantage ot the roule offered by the St.
Marys valley for a short cut to the Pacific coast by way of the Crows Nest Pas*
road. The fact that Mr. Lumsden, chief
engineer iu the field work, Iihs beeu sur-
veying a route from Marysville up the
valley this fall, shows Hut the company
is seriously considering this change. In
accordance with Ibis idea, tlie Toioulo
Globe says: "It is believed 111 British
Columbia that all 1 Uml.is will noun be removed us to the possibility of building a
railway connection between Ibe western
terminus of the Crows Nest line and
Hope, ou the main tine uf the Canadian
Pacific railway, Hon. I-.dgar Dewduey
who was appointed lo make a survey of
ihe route for the provincial government
has completed his woik much earlier
ib.iti was anticipated, which is regarded
as n sign that a feasible route has been
discovered. The mum line ol tlie Caua-
dinn Pacific now makes a long northern
detour, which will be cut off il the contemplated link is construcled, The attractions of Until!, the great glacier, aud
other features on the present main line
will insure its popularity for tourist
travel, but the shorter and more level
mute through the Crows Nest Pass will
be the more advantageous for freight
and commercial passenger business."
This means that the C. P. R. will
abandon ihe northern route for une more
feasible to the south. , Hy building from
Marysville to Pilot Bay, there would be
only three miles of water tu the Balfour
branch that runs into Nelsou. This
hinge would cut off the big sweep
southward to Kootenay Landing for
through freight and fa seuger traffic,
which would mean a big saving iu time
and uioney. It would also place Cranbrook on the main line of lhc C. P. R.
and make it tbe great central point of
this district. Such a move would mean
wonderful prosperity for this town, and
increased prosperity for tbis part of tbe
Next year promises to be a hummer in
railway building in South But Kooienay.
The Herald
One of its emp
other other fi
giving due n-
B Uings, who
one day, and ■,
night of agony
with appendici
a third man wi
Calgary, but in
ted     All these
just before  the
the issue tbis
a paper.    We ti
lattera will  I
ork in the off,
out tnterruplioi
printers is like
fire.   Such is h
*n Apology,
is in hard luck this week.
°>es has seen lit to ent«r
"Ids of industry without
dice; a second man, Jtf.
arrived Monday, worked
eaterday morning, alter ■
w.is taken to the hospital
is. It was expected that
'Id arrive yesterday from
that  we weie ditapnoio-
mishaps have happened
; paper is issued, sn t*„t
•eek is only an • tcuse lor
rutl that in a day or two
bo  in shape so that the
e may be resumed wiih-
A newspaper wlthuttl
cooking a meal ai-bout
tf m tbe west.
Cranbrooli «* a Ikafjeuiui Towi,
" HwftMt   number   of The Herald ll
■stated that Cranbrook, owing to it*
tral location and beautiful abrwund-
1 wu destined to become a residential
This prediction  has been am, ly
"ed as is demonstrated   by the many
dsome dwellings.   In no town lo tbt
net are there as uiany attractive*
-es. and this number is increasing,
.brook is a beaullrul place to live,
also most convenient for those bay.
business throughout tbe district,
uge.s who view the residential por-
of the town invariably Indulge 10
is ol praise.
del fa Line, Once.
The Prospector iiyi that The Herald
manufactured evidence regarding tho
Windermere Fort Steele mail route for
tne purpose of Injuring ,-,ajC one or
some town and iddtthat the postal department ft In pottettton 0: the (acts
and will hardly ask The Hera.d for advice. The Prospector is right when It
says that -.he department 1, in possession ol the fact*, for thai is where Tha
Herald seemed the figures published,
and tbe statement was given ^ a matter of oew* The Herald Is not trying
to'Injure any person or section. It
Hands for what li be-i for the district
Jnd every town Ir, ihe district, and if
The Prospector wou.d follow aneh a
conrse It would De a much more potent
factor In the uponilding of Fori Steele.
It don't pay to snarl Tbe district it
large, it Is rich.-and Is going to enjoy a
great era of prosperity. Get In line,
Grace.   Get in iine.
Sure Io Build Up the Valley.
Captain Morris, of the steamer Moyie.
that runs between Nelson and Kootenay
I. Hiding, in commenting upon tbe railway situation in South Kast Kootenay to
Tbe Herald editor this week, said:
"There is no doubt iu my mind that a
road will be built from Marysville to
Pilot Bay within a short time. There is
every reason for it, and I think tbe C P.
K. will lake advantage of the situation.
It will save about 70 miles transportation and besides open up a new territory
that is rich in mineral tonnage. I am
strongly of the opinion that that road
will be iu operation before three years
pass by."   •	
At Cranbrook, B. C, October 31, 1901,
of pneumonia. Catherine M. Laughlan.
relict of the late Major Howling, N. W.
M. P., at the age ot 04 years. Interment at Calgary Sunday, November 3,
Three daughters and one sou survive
Mrs. Howling, Mrs. H. A. Costigan, of
Ottawa, Mrs. Faliy, of Winnipeg. Mrs.
John K Costigan, of Cranbrook, and
trunk W. Howling, manager of government telegraph service, Atlin, It. C-
The Calgary Herald had the following
regarding the funeral. The funeral of
the late Mrs Dolling took place from
Smart & Co.'s undertaking rooms yesterday afternoon to St. Marys church
and thence to the Catholic cemetery
The pnll bearers were Senator Lougbeed.
Dr. Rouleau, J.J McIIiigh, J. W. Cos-
tello, 11. A. Perley and 0, K. Leeson,
while J. R. Costigan, G. C. King and P.
J. Nolan followed ss chief mourners.
llrettly Improved.
The firm of Leask & Slater tins greatly improved their mill- A large building Das been added for the sash and door
factory, new machinery installed and
facilities for turning out work greatly
increased. This firm has worked up a
great business in its Iin-*, and is now
furnishing the entire di-trht with iis
product. The firm is deserving of sue
cess since it has displayed energy and
courage  in getting  its product  on  llic
Stand up for your town and district.
Thoroughbred Monsters tor Sale.
Four black Spanish ami three game
roosters for  sale.    These  birds are all
genuine thoroughbreds,
Thomas Wardman
The firm of Robinson .\ McKenzic has
incorporated under the name of the
Kobinson-McKen/ie Lumber company,
The capital is (50,000, at $iou per share,
It is the intention ol the company to
enlarge their business and build a second
mill. ^______
House lur Sale.
Two conveniently located, well built
houses for sale on lermi to suit
W. F. Ourd
Fn» Fort sieelr Prospector.
Tom Rol.erti with a small force hat
been for the past two Weeks engaged in
making prepara'-.ur.s for working placer
ground on Weaver creek a tributary of
the St. Mary's river. A number of year*
ago this ground was. worked aad paid
-ix and seven dollars to tbe man. Tbe
old ;haf-. which is down sonic 70 feet
has been cleared of water, the large
wster wheel i> io operation, and thare is
every reason to believe that tbe ground
will pay well. A large log bou.e which
has beed erected wilt enab'.e ibe men lo
work regardless of weather conditions.
Ample accommodation Is also provided
for the men employed, and supplies for
the winter are now at the mice, audit is
the intention of ihe owners 10 work all
That the mineral re- jurces --jf the Fort
Steele district s:= being exploited is evidenced by the business which is being
lone at the government office. The following taken from the records shows-
what has been done during tbe period
between January 1st, ic,.,!, and November md, ly,t. During this time there
were recorded 573 certificates ol work,
380 minmg locations, six government
permits, 41 cert**,cates o( implements,
two payments m lien of of work, ij^
transfer bUtl of sale.
Messrs. J. McBride, A. Moffat, Mr.
McKIm and M, Rockendorf, of Cranbrook, were in Steele on Tuesday.
There is no possibility of a doubt but
that the Kootenay King and WatMO will
be shipping mines In the near future.
Tbe properties «:e situated on Victoria
Cult h, a tributary of Wild Horse creek,
about eight miles from Port Steele.   A
large amount ol development work has
been done on the claims. No, 1 tunnil
is in fx. feet, No 2 lunnt-l In 63 feel, St.
i tunnel in 190 feet, besides several croia
drifts nnd ..pen cots,
Tiiere is more activity on Wild Hone
creek this season than lor several yeas
past, tbe placer mines are in active
opeiat.011 and a large output of tbe yellow metal Is expected. Quartz mining
has been extensively carried on and the
present year has witnessed great changes
in the mining situation,
Messrs. Green, Lawry and Clark arrived at Steele on Saturday latt and wei t
to Bull river, to the Old Abe mine on
Monday. It is reported that the Green
Mountain company have purchased the
property, and are now engaged in developing.
fhaikSKlvIni Day tiicurslon Kates
For Thanksgiving Day ihe Canadian
Pacific railway will grant the usual fai«
and oue third return rates to and front
all poinls iu local territory. Tickets
will he sold November 26, 37 ami »8,
good tu return till November JO,
J  S. Carter, D. P. A.,
Editor and Proprloto
ItltMs ut  aUBSCKIPflOX:
The Herald desires tu give the uewsu
district,    ir yuu know any about jf.mi
jour inin.- nr yuu people, semi 11 to this offl
The gypsy woman
Lives on tin- moor; fi* |
Etv sleeps in * tent, Wirf
With. 11 curtained Joor.
Low is her dwelling
And hard Iwr bud,
But tl.*- itari at -unlit
But Oi.- rn,m 11.s
PA      ai tht KfW (
wind ii lift harper
tl brings linn, ur
anas ..I wooing
si shouts "I »..r.
On ih.- printed \-*n*        •»
si,t- need never l"uk|
The changing ski
1* iter l.t.ly book, •*
eiie knows not lbs call
uf church belli ringing]
Tin- falling ruin
At.il tli.<
I '.„■ uik
Ui-iiintii-jter ij^cin.
A Story of thu Highor Education of Women.
"Woman," snld the professor, "wuh
mad.: for the home. There nbu sliuuls
on a-pedestal, from which it Is n grievous thing to see tier-step down."
Now the professor Is acknowledged
to be oao of lho wisest men in Europe,
and it was Impossible that a girl of
Sibyl's ago should contradict him. Ho-
■Ides, Sibyl hns been very nicely
brought up nnd wouldn't think or contradicting ii pci'SOU SO much older limn
herself, even if he lutd been mere
undorgraduato Instead of a profi
So she looked very politely lulorcstcd
In the remark nnd said nothing.
Silence on lho part of the other person ii I ways lures on n man to say more
than he ought.
"I nm sorry," the professor continued after u pause, "to hear that you ure
coming up next term, l had hoped that
your dear mother—ono of my oldest
and best friends-would have bud oilier views fot" yotl.   She at least knows
well that I disapprove, deeply disapprove, of this most unseemly attempt
of women lo enter upon university
"But, professor, Hint Isn't very kind,"
Sibyl wns obliged nt lust to remonstrate. "I understand that I shall have
the pleasure of attend lug your lectures.
That Is, if 1 get through my examination, and I'm going up for it next
"Yes, I am sorry to say—I menu, 1
am glad—ab-h-h— Won't you mice
another cup of ten*'" Sibyl is tbe kindest hearted of girls aud wouldn't hurt a
fly unnecessarily, and so slm said she
would like another cup of tea very
"Woman," the professor repented
When he bad returned to his usual ub-
■trnctlon, "stands on a pedes)nl in the
domestic circle. It Is truly grievous
that sho should be willing tu join In
the struggles of masculine life." Ue
hud attended, as au experienced person
will perceive, thu last Union debate ou
the degree question, and the eloquence
of the debaters was echoed from thu
lips of the professor.
Sibyl tried to consider herself from
the point of view of bur domestic cl
cle, but failed lo remember that ihelr
in.-Mnl attitude in relation to her hud
ever been thnt uf those who look up ud-
Dilriugly towurd the statue on Its pedestal.
"Professor, I will not Btruggle," said
she. "1 promise to submit tu your authority ou all questions, whether or discipline or of Arabic. I promise never
to Join In 11 5th of November row, and
7011 know that women students are allowed neither boat races nur bump
Tbe professor answered that she was
evading the question at Issue, lie said
thut Indies usually do so, uml Sibyl
Weill home with previsions uf university llle a IIHle less blight Nillll tbey llllll
been before.  Hut she wns none ibe lest
detennlucd to go up und to devote the
next period ut her life to the studies
which weru Illustrated hy thu professor,
• •••«# f
Three years later the professor sat
tn -Sibyl's room at Browning— It was a
cbnnnlug little mom, looking OU the
terraco—and bo congrntutnted her. Was
she not the most famous person of the
wcok? Had not every morning paper
t loading article in praise of woman as
personified in Sibyl f     all tbe evening
papers portraits of her, portraits whose
only point of similarity was their un-
likeness to Sibyl? Editors were asking
her for an article on the education of
women nt universities, and publishers
Would have her edit 11 new scries of
•astern writers fur ladies' schools.
The professor looked at her with admiration. Shu was the most brilliant
pupil given to hint fur many u day, and
her suggestions in the way of emendation were marvelous. Now, now nt last,
the professor saw his visions of lung
years taking upon themselves a semblance of reality; they Bhouid become
real in the near future. Thut great
work of his on the tosUlotlcs of tho
Aciidlfins might now be accomplished.
The materials for It were complete,
He had spent on them all liis leisure
time since bis appointment us Plnntag-
enet professor. Hut ns for tbe writing
of the book, from Unit lie Blirank. Some
younger uuni must collaborate, use tli-t
professor's stores, undertake the labof
of writing nml add io so much knowledge the enthusiasm of youth, For
some time he hud walled until The fitting fersou should uppeur umonu bit
men. Tho student, long - M ted, was
come at last, but unfortunately" from
among tho women. Nu, nothing could
be 1111 tort ii nn te if only the person wa***
found. And Sibyl was delightful to
work with.
"We shall heal the Germans now,
and ihnl on their uwu ground," said
the professor Jauntily. "It Is u revenge
fur the losses oi many years."
Sibyl looked at btut in perplexity, for
she fulled to see tbe connection. The
professor explained ai full leugtb, aud
Sibyl listened. -You will come up
again, of course, fur a few years." he
said, "aud we will set to work us soon
as possible. Your name will appear
with mine ou the title page.   You will
have a reputation for scholarship that
will gu beyond Berlin, It Is fortunate
that your name Latinizes so well. Perhaps 1 do not kuovv—your Latin style
is realty quite fair for oue so young.
Perhaps wo might eveu bring It out lu
two versions, a Latin and au English.
This would not add appreciably tu the
number uf years we are tu devote to
the work uml might repay us nobly.
There are coutluental scholars who are
not altogether familiar with English."
Sibyl said nothing, she was thoughtfully looking out over the geraniums,
ami the professor grew uneasy.
'•I assure you thnt you are perfectly
qualified Tor (he wurk, abstruse and
onerous us It Is," he said, "uml yuu are
ihe ouly pupil I ever had uf whuui 1
could say as much."
"You lire very Haltering," answered
the must distinguished graduate uf thu
year, "mid 1 uin 11 fluid yuu rate my
powers luo highly." The piufessor eagerly Intimated by gesture that sbo
was mistaken, iu was su breathless
with apprehension that he would nut
Interrupt by words. "1 am so sorry
thai I shall nut he able tu collaborate
lu tho work. Yuu du U10 a great honor
lu asking me. Hut, yuu see, l am want,
ed at home."
Then the Plnntageuet professor scoffed.
"At home!" snld he. "Why. anybody
can attend tu your dudes ut home. But
as fur what I am suggesting to you,
there Is not one man In 20 years that Is
capable of doing It. As for women"—
Words failed the professor here. "You
will be known as n scholar tu ull tlie
scholars of Europe. l>u you under-
Btuud? You will be regarded as an authority for many years to come. And
think of the honor you will gain for
your college nnd for your sex," Tho
professor spoke the words without hesitation. No Ihought of nu earlier coiv
versa tion wllh Sibyl hud remained in
his mind, which Indeed wns crowded
wlili more Important things.
"It is n pity," she answered placidly,
"but, yuu see, my people really want
1110, My mother likes to have somebody with her when she is making
calls, mid my sisters will not be out of
tbe schoolroom for Borne years. Then
1 write my father's business letters for
him and help to teach the children nnd
make their frocks. I have n good deal
of taste lu dressmaking. An excellent
modiste has tuild so. I had lessons
from her, though of course 1 know ft
Is the fashion tu suppose that n woman
who cures for study must he absolutely
useless iu domestic nHairs."
The professor broke out in anger.
"Anybody can make flocks," he cried.
"No, Indeed, you are mistaken," sbo
answered. "It Is a most difficult business to make them nicely. That Is why
they nre expensive."
"But do you not see," said the professor again, "what an opportunity you
will lose If you full to adopt my suggestion',*' You are losing your chance of
fame. Yuu leave undone 11 great work
of incalculable benefit tu seliolnrs. And
for me—I see 110 hope of finding another to take your place."
"I am very sorry," answered his pn*
pll, "but Indeed my parents want me
very much ut home. And 1 feel that my
place Is there. 1 shall not be able to
come buck next term."
•       ••••••
There was again a debate at tbe Union, nnd again the professor dropped in.
The proposer was speuklng. He was a
y.uiiig gentleman of much eloquence,
aud he curried Ida audience with him.
"Let us resist to the death," he snld,
"any attempt to encourage further tbe
su called higher education of women In
this university. Woman wus made for
(he home. There she stands on a pedestal. Shall we assist her to descend from
that pedestal aud be in Ire herself with
Joining In Use struggles of masculine
life'/" The uiidlenee raised a storm of
uppluuse. The piufessor groaned and
went out.—Ladles' Pictorial,
Tb« Uaw« uf Cbeai,
Tlie game of chess differs In the various countries of the world. Thus, In
the Hindoo game, four distinct armies
ure employed, each with their king,
each corps counting muting Its lighters
an elephant nud 11 knight which slay,
but cannot be Blaln. The Chinese gumo
uf chess, which boasts uf the title of
Choke-Choc-koilg-kl (Ihe play of the science of war), hns a river running
through the ceil ler of the board, which
their elephants, equivalent to our bish
ops, cannot cross, mid there is 11 fort
Which their kings cniinut puss.
Under tbe Sanskrit name of chain-
rmign a game essentially the smue us
modem chess wus played lu iMndusiun
nearly 5,000 years ago. From Hindustan the game Is said to huvu been
carried to Persia ami tlicnce to Arabia.
The Arabs Introduced it into Spain and
the rest of western Europe during thu
eighth century, where it became the
principal pastime nbout the year UKMJ,
night and Mornhitr Bella.
In the picturesque village of Allesley,
Warwickshire, England, au ancient
custom, which is found lo linger here
and there, Is still observed. The church
bell Is rung ut S o'clock every morning
In ihe summer and at <; o'clock In thu
winter In order to arouse sleeping villagers mid enable them to start work
in good time. The curfew bell 1b also
tolled ut H o'clock each evening.
Harry Williams,
Will lake contracts foi digging cellars,
trenches, etc., anywhere in the district,
at reasonable rates.
Mrs. R. V. Vroom
Is prepared Isi do »'l kind, of dreasm.V -1 ■]KrC arC a fcW Pn,nti l0
lug at tier home on ll.ikei Ilill. bt UlllSillerCll ill builllillg.
The Smelter City
of East Kootenay
?   V
Because it will have the first
smelter in East Kootenay.
It will have the first lead refin*
ery in Canada.
It will be the great sawmill center for the St. Marys valley.
It has brick yards with a capacity of 30,000 brick per day.
It is at the junction of St. Harys
river and Mark creek.
In Hark creek falls it has the
finest water power in the district.
It is the point from whence railway construction up the St.
Marys river will begin, and will
be the base of supplies.
It is only seven miles from the
North Star and Sullivan mines,
two of the greatest silver-lead
mines in America.
Marysville will be a pay roll town
with a constantly increasing
force of men.
Lots are now on the market
and are selling rapidly -jt-jear
Simpson & Hutchison
...Sole Agents...
Offices:   Marysville and Cranbrook
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables c* ,<
sttibls South ui Herald Olllce
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Good  work.   Good   Material
and the price.
Winter Schedule
.. Effective ..
On October 13th
.1. II. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
iKII.i' al Residence. Armstrong  tic.
.11 liel; HOURS:
forenoons,   •   -   •   -   uijii i„ il
Afternoons   -   -   -   -   1:30 tu J:JO
Evenliixn   •   •   •   •    7..I0 lu 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        I   I    B, 0
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Indispensable ill
ivery Home
A Reliable
Thermometer ■*
and Barometer
Worth $1.00, specially made to
meet tiio (iiin;itlc eondlirona of
Western Canada, will be sent
tree to every yearly subscriber
•f the
Season 1901-1902
Cut out this advertisement
and forward to Free Press with
one dollar aiul receive Weekly
Free Press for one year togo-tih-
er with a handsome therm-Jin-
•fcer nnd barometer,
In Ibe County Cmin of knnknu) Hidden 1
Fori   Steele.
In tin- matter ot Hit* estate mil effects of II"
nee ')'. Itiotiii, Intoi>l llie i-itj »l Spokane, '
the Htftle of WaslihiRtuti, In tlie United Stales (
America, il loasi-d, Insestitie
Notice is lieieby g.ven t'jal by an order by l.i
honor .iiiii**!* .1. a, I'm in made on the i&ili da
nl .Imii'. A. li. URU, l-'rt'.lent-li K Bllllpsnu wii
appoint il iiilin-iistiifi.r of (ho personal estai
nml effects of Hie n.- .1 deceased. Sm.ce Is ul*
lieieby ulven that nl penning lun.im Helm
llgnlnst tliu Kiild (Ict-cas I nro reipibed with!
thirty daysofihe date hereoftn forward then
ivllhfiiii paitlunliirsili'-j vciUP-d by staiiitor
deelnmlInn Mi Hip snlil administrator, to Ore-i
brook, 11 ('. Ami liot'co ii 1 Imi hereby b.vi-i
that after such <*ist iiibnilonod data said 1 '■■■
Istratorw-'l pn teed lod's ni.ii'1 the assets n
tin-snld il -riscd 11 -cordtiiB lo Ian without r<
caul 1.1 any .-I-ins nf ivliit-li lie shall Dior, nu
have received noiice,
Haled I' ''BSClli ili'vof.   p' nih r, n-.ii.
\V. I'   Cl un.
1 o-'cl" >i fur the Ai' • 'i 'a nit •
Take notice that I shall apply tu the Ffotior*
able the rn il-wlonci of 1 -mils nnd Works, in
plirclUlBP lln- fultoH "i-i dose ili.'.l l.ni.li, Bltlili'cl
in sunt 11 l'n.1 k i.itv district, Province ni
llritish r..|iiiiii.i't. iiu.i descilbcil as [i.u.nis,
Commend nu nl a punt ni 1 .0 n ds westerly ol
tin'1 if tin- (To'ii \i--i fuss branch of Hip
riimiilliiii l'n-llli- I' n-u.ii. nml nlioul Iwn and
..ne I111H miles m-.le iv nftlic Inwn ol Wnnlii. i.
and .li'-i-ril.i.l us follows    I ion Hii-iii-i' iii's
lOolmlns, llienco imrlli su eh 1, iheiiue easl m
i-liatiiN, tlioiico s.iii it -1 t-ii.i ni to |.''i ' of lu'f 11
niu,'.   Snl.l tiu.'l I., rouln'h ''i» ii 'res.
Iiiilnl this-.'Vlh il iy 1.1 All-jusl, IMII.
I), V. Mi IT I.
Certificate of Ihe Kcj-istralinn of in Extra'
Provincial   Company.
I hereby certify that the ''Clover Unf Ml-ilne
und Millingonmpioiy,""nan |iersnnnl liability,"
has this iluv been reglsttin-d as iin lOtia I'i01 In
elm i-iiiiipuiiy until-.'th.' --('ouipanics Act, imi:.'
to carry mil or effect n I nr nny of tin- objects "1
HuH'oiii'iimy to which ilio legislative milborlly
or the Legislature of Drlllsli < oliimbln extends
Ilio head olllce or the C. ni'inny is shunted in
the city nl Spoki'ie, slate nf Washington, U, S,
Theninoiiiit.il the capital of tho Company is
•TB,H0fi, divided bito i,8W,000slipres of rt(llvo)
The iieiui nftlao id ilic Coinpr-ny in this pr..
vlimii is sti.mi.- nt Ctaiilirook, ami John Ityaii
Costlgan, barrister at hu, whoso address n
Cranbrook aforesaid, is the attorney for Hip
Tin-iime of the existence of the compnnyis
llfiy jeiirs. The Company is specially limited
uniler Heatlon Go of tho snlri Act,
(ilvon under my hand ami Sen I of Ofllee nl
Victoria, province of British Columbia, thhiiih
day of August, 1001*
ItogUlrnr of Jolot stock coinpanloi
Have imi Milked wiih anyone abuul liiilldinK?
Come nml sec mc or let me set >oii. ll may
do us l.iilh I'ti.id.
(i. R. LI:ASK
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers tn
Grain and
Given   special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Crauhrook, li. C.
SvSiiiw.   '•00p-   Ke) Cily Ud«e
«■•«*»   N(, ,,    Meetse.oryl'ri-
,-i^-?.^ ilny iiIrIiI isi ilii'i, imii ,,11
liuki'r .trei't.   sojotirnlng
1,1,11'-clloii-s conlliilly Invited.
Mult Ituekemliil't l'. v.. Slmiison
jyMJ r. Cranhronk l.oslRe, No. .14
..'mICO' *■ p' & *• M'
It.'iriihir meptiiiiis nn the
tlm,i Tliiirssinj of tin
\ Isilin^ 1,1-,-tIii-rn iiil.nui i|.
vr.F.nu set
Solicitor, Etc.
Hauls ut Commerce IH.lt!. t.'KAMIItllllK
Perry = Creek
Oliver Burge   ■   -   Proprietor
Good accommodations for the public. Best of liquors and cigars.
Come and see the famous Perry
creek district. Quartz and placer
mining.   8 miles from Cranbrook.
A New Feature
Crows Nest
Leaves Kootenay Landing liasl-
hound Tuesday mid Friday
Leaves Medicine ilnl Westbound
Sunday niul Wednesday
For lime tables ami toll lofurmallnn, call on
or aslslri-ss nearest local ukcjii.
E. .1. CtlVl.t: C.E.C0LEMAN.
A. ti. P. A. Agent,
Vancouver, R.C. Cntnhruok
J. S. CARTER, 11. I'. A.. Nelson, il. C.
Spokane Palls &
Northern R'vCo.
Nelson & Ft. Slicphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain   Railway  Co.
The only all mil route lielneen all
(mints linst, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
Sl'OKANl! witli the
(lrt-at Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. K. & N. Company.
Coiitieiti at
Nelson  with Steamer lor Kaslo
and  All  Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, ami
Connects daily
At    Bosshurg   Stnxe   Dally   fur
Urand Porks and Orcenwood.
II A. JACKSON, Uen. Pass. A{l.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
ranhrool.        |       ;        British CulumM a
In making oliolco or a premium for
(hair sveekly tor »»is»„ii niul irj ,b„
Free BreH, Winnipeg, haw secured
"•• lltlnil quite out at the orsllnury
Coiialderatlon ,.r the   value   to   the
'"<■ '■« »f Wealern Ciunailn of an a"
curute thermomuter and n r.-lluhle
nntunieter l.'.l ... negutlutloita 1..11I1 tlm
Inrgoal mukora ..r obsorvntory ln-
Mrttmenta and npullnnoea In Amorlcl
'V"1 •'' •' •:■■"< ' 11  negotiations
I,-," h.u l»on   ,l,n,l 1 largo  ,.
'"•'' "' 1 unite uml rollali mhlnod
""'n"; ttolen uml I elorl,  svltloh
mil',- i„-„ii I.Kt.-.l .'rn..lull,'. „||,.,. |,|.|1|I(I
i"i,.i" oeps-clolly to still lho oxtr "
1   s-lmnte met  with in Oils	
"','''""" i-   l»   Kiiiminlci ,i-
Him., nlnmaphei'lc elinngoa ojl'rootly
nnd tho ill,,',,,..,,,,-!.-,' ta rcglaler torn-
iMrntitrea ,t,..,ii tu r,n degicua i„'k.iv
Tli,'... handsome Instrument*., InMa-
inmanhlo In every home In v,'..-.|p,-n
1 mu,il.,, uin ho aeral free in nny perron fin-ivnrdlng ¥1.00 for tho Weekly
l-roe l'resa.
Get your Job Work
at the Herald office
Surveys ,„
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. I). Port Steele. II. C.
I have good wood ol all lengths,
Leave orders al Townsite office or
with George Taylor.
Richard Stewart
Something for Vou
A hcaiiliiul „{|lasa Slur V, |" „iili yolir
photo in win be aiven .siii, ever] itun-o
lahlnci pictures lakcn before ChrlslntRa,
dime   HOW,  unit niu'iiH lime lu Kit nur
Chrlsimns work um No work pronilged
1 r,.in ihis dale Itcforc lltrce tveeka in,,,,
H..11- „l silling.        I'kl sl, I'hulutraahi-r
and Builder  .*
All wurk Kiiaranti'i'it    See us heforc
you build.   It uiii pay you.
Crauhrook, 11 C
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for -ieficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
rhe 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C I
f |     :    The Best of Job Printing
0 iff
if 1 fi
fi fi fi
fi fi fi
fi fi fi
fi fi I
1 I fi
M M fi
& fi
,;■ gr
& £
-If 1
fi 1
J i
Will always be secured when you gel
your work at The Herald office. Try
it and be convinced.
*• an. vt'iy .lightly . hinged
kit( «i<
Miii. iii
1 .i. ui t
Wai il
Im i'i''
'I., .. ii'i
.10.1 ol  iu
On Ki
g I'uarai
Thin il.
artlcu a
...1  Willi
Now .
II. Ill   -s
A* it ..
1  III  111.'
la tod.)
And b
oltlcial •»
all Ol- tu
-»♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»
J By *A- Quad
Copyright,   1901.   by SJ. B. Lewis.
>♦♦♦♦♦♦- ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦  «
It Is no.v 20 years stuce the murine
tragedy at Vokllvla, :t port in Chile,
niul the mystery sut't-olllitllug the :if-
fair Is nnt nmeli elearer tbnn It ivns the
tiny after it occurred. At midnight
one dark and rainy night n Spanish
iiiiiti-or-vsiir ii.'imi'il the lliiut'n uml carrying si crew of -Inn men entered tin'
luiy ut slow speed, Intending lu anchor
wit bin hitir a mile of the wharfs, of a
Bit.Uli.ti slm was almost lifted out s,r llie
v.nts'1-s uml canted user en her bs'iiui
etuis, uml something was felt to scl'tipo
along ber whole side nnd keel. There
was Instant alarm throughout the
Whole ship, but before a single limn of
tlm wntch below could reach tho sleek
tho Iliini'a turned turtle mnl went
down in en feet of water. The suction
carried down all wlio were on dock,
mu] of thut whole crow only 14 men es-
cnpctl tvlllt their Uses, nml among them
Wna not nue single nllit'cr. They svere
nil agreed that the bowa of the ship
were suddenly lifted to an angle of 45
degrees ami that after u few seconds
slie was twisted ti, port, innl tbey heard
tlie Bnapping and crushing of wood nnd
It wns ut lirst believed Hint tin- Una-
In innl struck ami run upon a submerged wreck, but utter n vain search tor
ONK OF Hi It  IIH.S IS \S S.S l ul M' 11 O.S'llNIl
■noli un obstruction thu Idea \s;,s
•bnmloiu'il. 11.1,1 no one been I.n nllve
It tVOllld have l„','li sel .loss H toil boiler
explosion, but the testimony nl the ll
■urvlvors  wns  itgnlnst   Bttcll   Is's'l-
dVut. All ssere agreed Unit tlicro ..ns
iin oiploslon of an, .mi and Hint the
propeller WIH Btlll res.,Is me as slie set
lied down, As [ho unfortunate craft
Innl cost nbout $:t,iiiHi,iii»i and tIlls was
the ilrsi trip, llm Spanish ssoser out
went la for Hie inoal thorough Investigation,   The depth of water mn not
boybtlll the .livers, mnl „ linos ss.is BCt
l„ llllll'l. ibe ipot us near us llllglll be
until men could n„ down, It svns Iwo
Week* Inter before Un- dlrera wore
rs'iisl.v,  1 then a aecolld mystery was
■ t   haml.     Tbe  llniilu   si us  not   In be
found no,I,'i' or ii, ibe neighborhood of
Ilio buoy.    For the Ural time in the
Hilton  ol  Ibe port   It   "ll- lei"' I that
Ihere was a sun es ,t running nlong
Ihe bolt I  llie bay. olltcrlllg from
Ihe north ami going clem around it to
itt'Cep mil lo sen oil the BOIItll Bl.lO.
B'ho Minus's' ul' the buy tvtl" only ills
llirbeil by ss Iml nml title, nml ovoll na
In, down ns Iii feel no current could bo
leli. but Um Inst tu root ot suiter before touching bottom bad ibe rush of a
llllll race.    When this fact wns llliKle
clear t„ the Bonrcbors, tbey cstciided
lln Held of llielr operations. I'he cur-
lent run strongest as the tide llotvod
In nml directly In opposition The
llllilill bail esilili. In on almost a full
tide, niul the current would therefore
drift her along the north aide of tile
tiny, or so it was reasoned. As a unit-
ter'of fact.however,Ibe north shore was
tenrched without tlndlng nny truce nf
fcer. Then n search ol' tlie smith shore
followed, nml then they hoped lo liml
tbe sunken craft In some eddy near the
center. It wus live months before the
aivers declared that the bottom was
Clour of wreck of any surt
Now Clinic the question of what Innl
become of the lllliii-ol-wnr. It tl ill lint
ccem   possible  that   such  n   muss  uf
wood nnil li with the weight of ber
guns nml stores nml unfortunate crew
•tided, coiihi be drifled any distance
■long lhc bottom, especially ns Hie bottom wns plentifully Bprlnkled with
great rocks. There wns no oilier way
to account for bcr disappearance, how-
»Tcr.   Tho current bad bumped ber
along tin. bottom for u distance of three
tulles ami IiiiiI then taken her out to
sea.   .lust off tbe entrance of tin- port
the water ,I,'opens i„ yoo feet, mill It
.ins  minded ibal she hud been ear-
t',,',1 I bis i.n-.ii t„ i„. burled under
litutlull ,,1'  inquiry
',1  lis  lain
■ hern
ul Ibe III,isl, than at the slarl I  it
isas not believed Dun anything further
Would ever lie luaril ol llle el'lll'l. Nolle
lug ever bus been directly. Iml matt;
i sss have cuiiiu in light lo still further   llllllll.'   Ibe   mystery   BUITOlllltllllg
Inr.   A ..itn uml a bull' later uml no
fur to ibe s ii as ii„< mouth uf the
null'  ol i' in,,,  ol,,'  ol'  her  bouts
SS.IS I',,umI Untiling, lis gripes hu,! rot-
to,! I'r  lho dnvlls ami freed 11.   This
ilnl m.l prove lln- poslll if Ihe lost
11,1.11., but ii -nl,.il,,I uulliy tubals
Hull  she  HIIISl   be  .lillliii,,. si.lllhssuril.
'I Inee  ilbs liner some or her boxed
Blores drifted ubIwi'u ,,n Use Islands,
•bill miles I,. ibe smith, nml six .seeks
ull,',- Ibis liml nml sllll lo the south
some „t' ber eul,in lun,lime wus picked up by u wlinler. Tins llutsom was
without barnacles, proving that It hml
not long been allullt.   II sins ,■ Iiul.sl
from   Ibis   Hun   Ibe   11 ill. Ill   wus   sllll
creeping along Hie bottom, the plaything of Un: current, ntj/l the lusi ihnl
mill,- almost soul",] ihe question.    A
second bout ami  re wreckage were
washed ashore almost as.far down as
Capo Horn, mid ia the bottom of Ihe
bout ssere six Inches s,l' liquid mud.
Tills must bare iiccuinulnted ub slie
Honied or crept along lhu boltum of
II,e sen. uml llie chances are thut the
boat did nnt drift above ltd miles lifter
rising tu the surface.
As lo tin, ncclilent In tlie buy, It la
generally believed that the vessel
struck a large whale which bad eu-
tered nut of curiosity uml Unit in ilia
|,nIn und fright Iiie giant Hsb hud hove
hot- up uml then Hung her oil lier side,
but as no tvlltllu had ever been seen in
Ibe buy Uiere is room tor doubt. Wreck
or whale nr whatever It may have been,
it was the cause of one of lhc gloomiest tragedies uf tlie sea. mid no one
can Imagine Hint ill fated craft slowly
creeping down irTotltltl Ilu.' God forsaken p.,lot nf laud which men cull Cape
Horn without n sigh of pity for the
skeleton ere, that mans iis irou decks.
Hi,licit,,  T,i|,,-Nlr)-.
s„ Important are their artistic merit
ami historic value thut no history of
tnpesti')' Is complete Hint docs not include a description of their design ami
execution. For mure than 200 years
tbe existence of llie pupa] tunnufne-
lory ,,t' tnpt-slt'ies wns unknown to the
 lorn win hi.   Documents relating to
Its origin an,] pt-odltcttons were burled
and forgotten in llie mass uf manuscript in ibe rninous Bnrborinl library
mil II .1 vers recent date, when they
were unearthed by Eugene Muni?, sli-
rector of the National Ecole dos Beaux
Arts ui Parts, in ibe popular ntltid
nil tapestries arc associated with the
Uobclln I'u,-lories of France.
Curious t„ relate, not a yard „f tap-
estry svus over woven by a member ,,f
Ibe Ooheliu rurally. Immortality cnino
t„ llii'in from ibe fact Unit In the middle <>r the liiieeiitii century the fouttder
ut' Ibe family established n dychottsc
which became famous nml brought
tin- proprietors fortune. Descendants
sliiess.lly transported skilled tapestry
.sealers from Flanders, iilu.se work
tbey directed nml marketed until tapestry ami tlobetitt became then, us imiv,
s.iinminions throughout tbe world.—
\i. i luii.ee In  lll.t.irr.
Mnr.lllll sai.l Unit be did not believe
Hint ,i,ai existed in history. "A cause
must ueccssm-ily uuderlle every event,
although lor tbe moment It limy appear as ibe result ,,r apparently accidental .in iiiu-i.im.'s. An Alexander, a
t-iesar, u Nnpol i, are not the results
.,' accident, ion llie Inevitable product
of the lime nml nation from which they
spring,  li wns nol Ciesnr who destroy.
ed  the  Itomuii republic.   The republic
was dead before ,'ie nr eamo. Sulla.
Mnrltis, Ciilllluc, preceded nml fore-
shadowed Ciesor, lun be. girts-d with
keener    Insight    m.l    greater    genius,
snatched  Ihe power from thorn ami
e.ui. i' Hod h in liis,,» i, bunds.
"I',.r there sins no doubt thut he was
llller to nil,' I llllll all Ibe Others put to-
gctlter. At Ibe Baltic time, supposing ha
I,nil appeared 150 ...nrs earlier, he
would   hnve It elletl In destroying Ibe republic.    It Inn  In rami' Hie
bio had nlreadj  s nl of ll. uml
even ru'snr's death could not restore
, ,i
-sl II,
A lad) "ii" wnB
islliiiL; al lln- house
Of   II    ll'lrll.l    Wll.-ll
iiiiii. I..-.1   thus   de-
scribes lliu iinlnm
timutier in which
sin- relieved a  ri
'..us   CflSO   of   sure
ilii'i.iii; "1 awoke 0
n- morning with my
ltin.nl   sn sot.' nml  BWelled   Internally
Hint I could s.uivt'i.v swallow. I did
urn lllto tu trouble nny one, yet felt Unit
1 nmsl ilu Bometlilug for It 1 lind mnl
thnt tin- [unit's from 11111111111,' eulphur
were good for diphtheria, .-nul n similar
remedy Unshed across my mind. I lit a
match nml Inhaled tho first sulphurous
hihoKl* from it. of course it made mu
cough, imi it relieved tha smarting in
my throat Instantly. While dressing I
tried two others nnd went dowu to
breakfast hoarse, but Ihe sorenesB wus
goue."—Loudon Telegraph.
Two  nun   gazed  at  the  ■... an me  itar
That gleamed out through tut ntgut;
Out'  »uw   a   wuiuIiuun  world  alar,
One attiv  a  iiulut  ut   llgtit.
Tne  Wind  blow  tbri.uKli t'i» -.waving tru'l
4mi stirred i'i.* grasses there;
Ami one  Inaid  hoiiJiuuh iii.'l.-.lk-a,
Um- Iiut llie uwl-.li uf air.
Ami ..in- uf ttii-m WM rl. U and proud,
wii.nii  people B.rit-d fur bread,
And nur iial^featured wti..ui tlm ciowd
Will bouyl    MlifU tit-'a il.u.l.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian puum.. Hallway company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices ranue from $,.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricul-
ural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
•>   6to
Terms of Payment
The aggregate ainoiini ol principal and inl rest, except in Ihe
case ni lands under 52.50 an acre, is divided into ten instalments as
shown In lite table below; the first lo be paid 111 the time of pur-
chase, tne second one year from dale of the purchase, the third in
two year- and soon.
The following tabic shows the amount of the annual instalments
on lull aires at different prices under lhc above conditions:
,    .    * airs ai S.',.il) per acr, Isl Instalment $.W.«5   0 equal Intal'ts at 550.00
toto ,|.(io      .. 71,90
*<* .1,50      •■
'to *       •• t.ni)      .. .. i,,v,H5 ■• KU.IMI
1.50      "
5.00      ••
KimberleV is ",e hus'ness ani1 shipping point for the
J  North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsilc Agents.
Cranbrook is ""•" (liv'si,,na' P°<nt "' the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
I'rutliloua Mud*, lur I-...I  Supply  *. U11114;
U.t-  Wliil-n   BaftlOU—NutltlVl
Huudtiful Wurka.
l< 111 yditls,     grasshoppers     »»il locusts, crickets uml beedles, like    Um
poor     fly,     uru kilU-ii by ibe frost.
Millions     ol i-KK-**  laid been hidden,
however,     in  Uu; ground,  ur in  ilio
barks u( Uuv*  lu furnish  lho supply
uf next year.    All ul these tire uui-
doors,    und the balmy winter iu especially  gruterul.     Beetles  exhibit  u
wonderful Instinct in caring fur their
helpless yuiing.    Allium certala n\>w
i-ies u ball  uf suitable material   fur
fuud in made, and the eggs are lulled  into    It,  providing in  ihe spring
something    tu  eat  near  ut  hund  fur
the  voracious  iippeiiiu  that  eharuc- I T
terlzus   the  beetle  from   Hit!  .start,   u*J    *
the    farmers    know   very  well.     The
btiryiiig      or    sexton   beetli-a   depusit I   . _,
their    eggs    in      the  lnntien  uf dead j y*-
blrds or Held nine.    Thu bodies   und   (J;
Kg'gti    ure     carefully buii.-d und the    i,
ii.-ivly-huuht-d  beetle, us u result    ul     r
this    maternal forethought,   finds   a  ffi
si me     uf fuud waiting him when -n I L§>"
ihe sluing the sun stirs the budding
life uml l»y iis strange alchemy buis
it come forth.    Butterflies uinl muths
are victims of the iiial frost,    Bolh
luy I'gtiw in a suitable feeding ground
during    lho     early     summer.      The
hutched    lurva     ur   caterpillar enia
voraciously,   gorging  itself  until     it j - ~ '
can eat no more.    Finally it spins a ' J**^*i«W«**tW«#^#«iMs«*ftiM»
ciicuoii und   ninkt-s  ready fur winter. I a-
Through     llie   cold seusun it appar- . *
ently slumbers  in  its snug quarters. ! 4-
iioiirished   by   llie   plentiful   store     uf    •«
ft.od it accumulated when a cater- J
pillur, At the proper tiiiiu it emerges -*
us a gorgeous butterfly, ready to be , *(
the element of beauty It ever Is S
aiiiong the Rummer fields. | *
Spiders store away no fuud supply *^
for ihe winter. Quantities of eggs 2j
uru laid und ure carefully stored *
away in velvety cobweb sucks, im-j s
pervious to any but the must severe A
w-Miihiir, nnd eminently snug when *
there bus ben nu excessive cold.
90 00
Lands under S2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If the laud is paid lor in full at the
time of purchase, a reduction from the
price wilt be allowed equal to ten per
cent on Ihe amount paid in cucss sif the
usual cash instalment.
Interest it sit per cent will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
in the following town sites in Past knot,
enay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kitchener, Creston and kimberley.
The terms uf payment arc one*lttird
cash, and the balance in sit and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of ihe great
Iron range aud lhc gateway to the While
Qrotise copper fields.   J. T. BUKtiESS,
Townsite Anem.
For maps and further information apply lo Agents as above or lo
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
MMSSM^MSM^MMMM^M^M ■ I • '■' ■" • o* o
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Hon. S}.lu«> Flaliarmill Duulali Dftlrlea.
Tho lion. Sydney Fisher's Jbjuct in
Cuming to this country on his present "lisit is to open the eyes—if tuch
a thing he passible — of the English
Importers of foodstuffs, says tha London correspondent of The Toronto
Telegram But there are other countries besides Canada that, ure tiylngl-B
the sn nu* thing, mid to u certain ex- *
t.-nt they seem to have succeeded I S
better than Canada. | ♦■
Some English farmers have Just *
returned from Denmark, where tiny *
have been on n tour inspecting Don- j
isli dairies. The co-operative dairy, J
llahle. said to be the largest in the 2
wm Id. they wwti particularly luipres- I <-
s.-.t with. This dairy is owned l\v J
forty Danish fanners, who send ' «■
nearly 100,000 pounds ot butter for
treatment doily.
■Tlie co-operative movement In r»en-
mark ut ilu- lust return shows n total of h:.7 societies, wiih 130,331
m-'mlers. rather good showing, considering that tlui whole population
of Doumark is only halt that ot London. Last yeur iiloue their exports
iu pigs, Int...11, butter and eggs
nmounted to over £10,000,000,   the
whole of the  profits going  into      the
funnel's' hands.
All milk liiiisf. by law, be heated
to ISO Kahr. before leaving 1 lie
liuiries. All cattle are killed under
the eye of veterinaiii"-. the meat
being   afterwards   stumped   according
io quality, so that tb.' purchaser
know-- exactly what he is paying for,
uml, lastly, the excursionists wcro
nih*prised to receive pructlcnl deiuoti-
Btratlons »t the ll-uyal Veterinary
College ibal many diseases of burses
f..r Hindi in tins country slaughter
is considered ihe only curse. are
there successfully treated and cured.
-ALI,    KINliS   OF-
A  Jol.   UIII..>
In the  "M."-snge ,
1 Strliiffa,
Garcia" a mnn
wiih given a letter to deliver to tlm
Cuban genet ul, Un ('.'in, and he took
Ihe      let I it        and        delivered    ll.       lie
didn't nsk any -questions about how
it,   il..   it,       or   where   he   Would   find
(Jareln, nr wlml ho should do if he
didn't timl Imii, ui- unv other thing,
lb- delivered  It.    Hm  you will   no-
ln i' thai the 1..I1 Was givi-il lo Iiiiii
wnli.ml nny stiings io il, ihe nan's
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
I Shingles and
«- *
I flouldings. I
Due of the Must CoiiifortHblt
Hotels in East Kooteuuy.
Refitted Thioiif-hoiil
Newly Furnished
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, n. C.
lii* li|6
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Sum'-wi to
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Haolcale in J Kill II
Meat Merchants 1
m Fresh and Cured Aleats Frtsh
g      Fish, Game and Poultry.
i» ^      2 ******
tt'J* g]        We supply only the best.    Vour
P]        trade is solicited.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K-W.-G Block, Nelson, B. C
,tMl at   the EXCHANGE,    PREP. MII.I-K3
Kaitern Inveitor,.   r^rtip, huriim mfnln, t|5]
oItIt'r n
f _JA ££<!_?_ .y_
„, i.... t tons," or formulaTor "atf j ^_S|T  N|0|S H   J  FREE
ill to do it   anil allowed to do it i \   We will giva tho above reward to any powou wliowillcorrcctlywrrangethlf
llljs j-.j ',„. r,,,.,,,.,! i00 fftr |„1 iabi.vo letters to spell the nnini iflof three Himuliiiu cities. Use each letter but,
'. .     m. ,.., |l0i18Q illfl iio lonee, Trvit. We will pootttvoly give the money away, and you may
good    omptoyn soon lluds out what
Ihe Way is. The seei'Ot of the success
of the great business enterprises of
the world lies in the talent or some
man at the head to got folks who
run do things, nnd then let them
al ti lie to do iliem.
r fortu
iiiii.n.-y will bo divided equally. For lindanco -
fetu'it will receive $30 i twenty personal SiOeiuh.
: correct miHweiT,
er hilt J
bo the \
m, thef
„      1.HIL-1-,    iry
„    f fortunatepernon.   Should there bo iiiorethiiti laott
o should 8 persons send In correcti
imihimth, each will iveefve -fill; should 10 pcrs. us send in correct answers,\
We do ibis lo iiitroducef
(our firm snd kooiIh we handle u.iquicklv us possible,   SEND NO MONEYi
WITH YOUfi ANSWER.   This Is a FKEE contest.   A poPtcani will do. 5
Tlii.-i- wit.. Inin- nut received anythiut* In.m othor tbiiiti'-M, try it.i- one.
••%^%^%^%-EMPtne supply co., orillia, Canada.-^
Slit-|i nml  Oreiim*.
A German physiclau snysi "The fact
Is women require n larger niuotiut of
sleep Hum  men.   The nervous excitability of the female constitution Is generally greater thnu Is the case with the t Queofi
Btrougor sex, and a woman's sleep Is   he (Kruger)  would g1
consequently lighter.  Her dreams are   Well, J got one iu the left leg
more vivid and leave a more lasting   w,!llt*    ■» tho front of the -"
Ou« uf Krii)t«i,'a Henna.
JuCK Culver,  formerly clerk at the
Chateau   Frontonac,   Quebec,     who
went to the war wiih the lirst Canadian coiitiitgenl and was wounded at   _,    .       ... .
ihe yiuue time us Col. Otter, wrote   Blacksmith in*,
from   Mlneliifoiileiu:   Well,   1  did     get
one uf the banns thut Kruger talked
nbout   you know when the     Queen
sent   the  cholr.ulule   to   tho     t.-oups.
Kruger made the remark  that     the
nld send iliem chocolate and
unto out  ill ihe
A. T. Vroom,
Repairing,       ;   j
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
touch   tin
. to-day I  was Bliot and      I
Impression nu the memory,   Women
addicted to dreaming usually sleep nn
hour  longer  than  those  who do not ^^^'^   \ ^."v,/ V.Viil      	
(Iremii, for dreams induce weariness. (llm| .,m,- ,|nlll.-_s |(|4-n ttltogothor. I
Any ono who sleeps without dreaming |ti is a „[,.t. ,.],.„„ Mauser wound,   of
risen ou tho morrow refreshed from his course    I cannot get oui of bed yet '
couch,   which   Is  otherwise  uut   Ilio and my log' la rather stiff, but other-1
case." >;   i ■ ^un.,-,,--1\ wlBu il iB lil1 Pi -^i I
,d    did    not    .        t
It wus just,    one  All kinds of work given prompt
attention- and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do* Yours for trade,
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
K3      Colli, 8llver-l*a.i and Cupper Mine
a| [N<; 0(>M>propertieswanteilslnnce
rjj |irot«rty for sale are re^uoited to ■•■ml samrlea of their ore to the kxiHamu: tut «i
eLj i.n.iiif.n. Wo desire tu hear from prospectors who have promuin^ miuetai cUimi lu £3
pj-it'l Br.tUli Columbia.   Prospectors and mining men are rei'iertoo to make the BXi hamik^
^« tiu'ir iieici'iiiiirti-r-i when tn Nelson,  Allsnmpu-i should be seal iiy i*-.preii, Hrepatfh^B
t£J (;iirr.""i".iiiii'in'.* ii.iii'iti'.i    Address all communication! to t£j
K3 Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, B. C.eu
K3 Ti'lc|)lione Nu. in-i.   p. n, Bn\ Ttm. ^
Wm- Matheson, Proprietor.
The hotel tins been reopened nnd i.i now ready In eater to the
public. First class dining room service. The Jbest of wines and
liquors nt the bar. ROBERT Sll AW, Manager.
Do You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
it 10, don't buy    OPI   TIF-D    Tht Ilnl, » hull silt l.lnuor IHlltrH
■   CLIICIv   Soulb Bill Kocteuy.    Write ler trlcti
until you ice ..
Cranbrook, B. C =tfc * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
Look for the
At the
The Wentworth Hotel EQ0GOO 0\O ( . JSOQQ'OOOOGOOQQQ
g Toilet Sets
We have them in every shape
and color and almost every price.
Call early and get your pick be= fi
fore they are all sold. They are fi
sure to sell fast as they are uu- i
surpassed in price and beauty, e
The Kootenay Furniture Co., ©
Limited     (j
Next Door to Post Office (J
i     LOCAL   NOTES     1
Picked  Up Abuul the City   by  Asking
Question* of Many  People.
M. A. B;ale was hi lown Monday,
J. Ross Is now  elerltin** lor Hill -.Si *-'"-
R. Sleeves is   building uu   hotel   ut
Charles Breinner is sick with the
ConBtuble Harues hns elosed gambling
at Klko.
Get ready for Christmas, li will soon
be here.
Thomas Tuiley was iu Fort Steele hist
Miss l-.dilh Magee la ill with un attack
' of mumps.
John Wolfe, of Marysvillej whs in town
■ Wednesday.
J. R. Costigan has returned fiom hi1*
. trip to Calgary.
N. Hanson, the Wasa magnate, was in
town last week.
Mise Grant will visit her parents at
Frank next Sunday.
The mumps seem to be epidemic in
Cranbrook just now.
AI. 11. King's new house is nearly
'ready for occupancy.
Tbe Marysville Tribune will be issued
■' Saturday, November 23
Mr, ind Mrs. 1*. l.mid and family are
1 -settled in their new home.
Ross i'aliuer went up to Klmberley on
■ business trip last Saturday.
Pan Bremner is crippled Uiii week
by having a nail run iu his foot.
Mrs. 0. 11. Miuer entertained a number of lady friends Friday evening.
J, S. Carter, district pussengt-i agent
for the C  I1. R., was in lown TueBday.
For rent—upstairs, nine tine rooms,
Inquire Kootenay PurnltureCo., limited.
T. T. McVittie is surveying some timber limits for the King Mercantile com
Dullness lots in Frank, AHa., are sell
ing from $400 to $600, and residence lots
•t fa 50,
Mr, and Mrs. 0, J. Itury entertained
* a large number of their (run Is lust Friday evening.
Jfyouwantto hear something funny,
■ -ask "Hutch" lo tell yon about his walk
10 Marysville,
Fi. H. Small came  down frmn Marys-
■ Title Saturday evening to spend Sunday
" with hia family.
For rent—upstairs, nine line rooms
Inquire Kootenay FurnitureCo., limited
Maurice tjuuiii is assisting Superlnteu
-dent F.wart, of the Klectrie company, in
wiring buildings.
Miss Ryan returned Saturday from the
coast where she bus been visiting relatives and friends.
O, II. Hull, manager of construction
of the Marysville smelter, will arrive
from Spokane this evening.
Mrs   James MrHn.lt- is now visiting
- with Mrs. Rogers,  until their new home
ia the Mcl'eak house is finished,
Miss hniuiii I.eitch will remain iu 1)1
tawa until spring ami take a course in
book-keeping ami stenography,
Jack Swinnertou returned from Mac*
leod Sunday morning and has accepted
- a position at the Cranbrook hotel.
Will Clarke went up to Marysville
Tuesday, where he wilt he engaged with
Fred Fieper in painting ami paper hanging.
Mrs. John Dreckenridge is reported a
being very much improved ami expects
to reiurn home from Banff iu a short
The ladies of Christ church will hold
tbeir bazaar on the third of next month
It will be a magnificent display of fancy
Cranbrook has been visited this season
« wtth a light fall or the beautiful, which
•0011 disappeared   under ihe warm rays
ofthe sua.
The rapid progress made   iu  tlie preliminary work on llie smeller is giving
"cause for a whole tot of rejoicing through'
out the district. 1
Business in town is improving and it
Is now often retnaikt-d that Cranbrook is
sustaining her reputation as a permanent city ot pronperity,
Miss Nellie Wellman arrived lust week
from Winnipeg, aud will visit with
her sister, Mrs. E. H. Small, and brother,
T. Wellman, for some time.
Mrs. Fenwick came up from Jaffray
lust week and wai quite ill for several
tloys. She returned Tuesday. Mr.
Fenwick spent Sunday iu town.
The Cranbrook Klectrie Light company is carrying nearly 700 lights, which
is pretty good evidence of the growth of
their business during the past year.
Tom Wetluiiu is making some material improvements at tbe Manitoba hotel
thul will greatly add lo the comfort of
the place as well is  lo  the appearance.
J, Schaich, who has been in Moyie for
some lime, has shipped his drug stock to
Marysville aud will open up there next
week iu the i'eltier building on Main
Mrs Frith pissed through Crnuhrook
Monday for Moyie to visit with her son
Fred Ihis winter. Her many friends in
Cranbrook will be pleased to know thai
she is feeling well.
Messrs. Saunders and Williams of
Spokane, members of- the board of
control ofthe Sulliivau -Mining company, arrived in town Monday nnd have
gone to Marysville.
Principal Mclntyre, of the public
schools, is confined to his room by sickness. Mr. Watson, his assistant, is taking care of him, and in consequence both
schools have been closed.
George Tedlock had his hand badly
bruised Tuesday while at work in the
railroad shops, by having an equalizer
drop on it. The injury was a very painful one, but nu bones were broken.
The Cranbrook Lumber company's
mill in Cranbrook has been partially
closed down for extensive repairs, and
the force of mcu has been transferred to
ihe Falmer Bar mill for the present.
Theo Madsou, of Nelson, has tesuu.e 1
management of the tent aud awning
business In that city. Faopie in South
East Kootenay looking for anything iu
that line should write him for prices and
William O'litem returned Monday
morning from I'i ut: her Creek, where he
spei.t a few days hunting. De says that
(lob (innn has a gojd position in Pincher
Creek, and has taken on tlesh at a rapid
rate since leaving Cranbrook.
A. Moffat, James McBride, Dr. King
and G. 11 Gilpin attended a meeting of
Rocky Mountain chapter R. A. M. at
Fort Steele Saturday evening. Six candidates from Fernie were exalted to ihis
degree and after the ceremony a big
hum-net was held,
Not for years has there been such a
magnificent fall as this sect-on lias experienced this year. Even the oldest
timer fails to call to memory one like it.
The Indians siy the signs point to nn
open winter, and ihey are generally right
in their predictions along this line.
Mr. Dick, inspector of mines for Mil •
district, has fitted up his headquarters
in Cranbrook in a most eotnfoilable
manner. Ilia ohVa will soon be supplied witli mips and periodicals relating
to mining in British Columbia, and will
prove a source of valuable information
What this part of the district wants,
ami wants badly, is a short road lo the
mouth of Ferry creek, a bridge across
the St Marys it that point, and a road
built on to Marysville It would save
many miles of travel for people who ore
forced to make these j nirneys by round
11 bout ways,
Thomas Hookas, clerk at Ihe Cr n
brook hotel, is in Medicine Hat taking
his lirst vacation for a long time. How
llie prairie chaps will get filled up with
the prosperity of South Kast Kootenay
and Cranbrook, and the latest yarns. <
Tom will enjoy his vacation, and the
people dowu at the "Hat" will be entertained.
The Frank Sentinel says it will be independent lu politics. The Sentinel is
right. A weekly paper in a small town
an do better work for that town by adhering to such a position. The politics
of The Herald ii Cranbrook aud South
Kast Kooienay, and in this respect it
confesses to being 1 strong partisan,.
Mort Billings, oflxMara, la,, an old
friend of The Herald editor, arrived
Monday and wus lo take a position on
The Herald, Tuesday night he was
token siik with a revere attack of appendicitis and hud to be taken to tlie
hospital. He is improving under ihe
good cure he i*. receiving and will soon
be about again,
H. C. Killeeii, superintendent of roads,
trails and bridges throughout tbe province, came in Tuesday from Nelson and
weut to Fort Steele He says the woik
of the BCSSOU is being closed up and that
altogether it baa been veiy satisfactory,
He denies the statement that he is to be
appointed to any government office iu
the north riding of Kast Kootenay,
li newer comers crowd tlie fort       flbV
We drop behind, V'.
We win* have labored i<-ug un.i sura     -
I'ltui".  s.'.ll  ■!'   illllill __ i^
And keen ur-e yet, unia; nut regret
lu   tlll'l-   llltlllnl.
Vet there nrs of us uome who grieve
Tu su behind;
Stanch, itreuuuua souls wliu scares bi-lit-vt
Their tires dcellued.
Aud  know  iit.m- cares, ri-iueuil.en,  suiiret
Win* go beldud,
'Tli u»!  Uml   we  liuve  uufuretuld
Tbe drotp behind)
We feel tlit- 11.11  nmsl ..list Hie old
lu every Unit,
iim yet, iv.- iiiink. i.iuMt wc, rami we,
Tuu,  di't.-,! Lililiiil)
-Thomas tiurrfy.
PIm •< Mr.   David Uuylti  1b  uu  Arch-
u-i.l.>t;i, ill   Iti-inn I
Iu his annual archaeological report
Mr. David Ho.vle, Curator of Ihe Fro-
vincial Museum, notes the addition
uf some l„flOO specimens during tbe
year, He refers to the success in
gathorlag material from our own
country, und udds Uml the collection
is now in u eiiiiiiiium requiring material from other lands tor comparative purposes.
Continuing, he says: "Hut while
we may expect gifts from time to
time, il is loo much tu look forwurd
tu the possibility of making ilu- museum What i< ought lo be in u Province like Ontario without the expenditure of more money than bus
hitherto been available. A public
museum tu be elllelont requites as
much   support    as u. library, if not
tliore. For ll dollar ur two une can
buy a scientific book, or un art
buuk, in which reference may be
iitatl'- tu iiiiiteriul wholly beyond Lhu
reader's reach, even if not beyond
his ineitus, or, whul is i-wu more
probable, (In; objects be wishes to
see may be so rare und so valuable
that hu con never hope to possess
anything ot the kind. Casts und
models um always desirable—sometimes they are preferable tu originals, e. g., uh in Iiii um n heads Illustrating racial types, or inelhods of
tattooing, ami these are procurable
only for cash. A museum like ours
ought lo have a large number uf
such casts, whereas there is not one.
The student should have an opportunity to compare the crania uf numerous divisions of our race, bul those
of distinct     peoples can be nut    by
purchase only,   unless some fortunate
opportunity occur to effect nn exchange
"All ilu- case-room in tha museum
is occupied, ami many of the cases,
especially those on tables, are not
only out of keeping with lho other
fittings of thu robins, but are unsafe
receptacles for valuable articles.
Should we inquire even the average
number uf specimens during the following year, It will be difficult to
find room without crowding what is
already Installed,"
He adds 1 hat there are now upwards of 22,000 specimens iu the in
scum cases, illuslrati.e mainly of
American archaeology aud ethnology.
Hy fur tire greater number ure from
The report embraces, fn addition,
a series of Interest iug unities, Including the following: Notes by Mr,
Boyle on primitive art, human form
In Indian art, hiimiui face in clay,
two stone pipes, pottery, bone; '"The
Flint Workers, a Forgotten People,"
by Very Kev. W. ll. Harris; "Indian
Village Sites in Oxford and Waterloo
Counties," by W. J, iVintemberg;
-"Hough Notes on Native Tribes of
South Africa," by Frdduidck Hamilton, Al. A.
iiu-tiii Miiiiti-iiuiinVi, Petition,
In the Legislative Assembly, petition of John Montgomery, hotel
keeper, Toronto, setting forth that
iu 18:iT be was the owlier of a tavern und oilier dwelling houses on
Yongo street, which he hud rented,
in all, fur £850 a year; that in December uf that year, while in the
tavern as a boarder, a party of persons came in on their way to utlaek
Toronto; that while in the house,
they Were attacked, und routed by u
party of militia, who sol lire to and
destroyed thai mid adjoining buildings; that petitioher lost property
worth £7,000 currSltcy; thai he wns
afterwards Indicted for high treason
uu evidence which he is prepared lu
prove was false, und praying generally for an Inquiry into his case, und
fur redress.- l-'roin The Globe's report uu May U!>, lH.'.t.
Ki.|.ulilii-aii Slui|>lii-ll*..
Daniel Webster had u grand entertainment given 10 him ut Bultalo.
It was u dinner got up iu Jonathan's most .splendiferous fashion.
After thu hist course hail bee 11 disposed of, there wus "a recess of fifteen minutes for the purpose of relaying llie I able Willi the dessert."
At ihis dinner Mr. Webster was assured by oue speaker that he Is "thu
great orator of the rummy and of
the world;" and by the chairman he
was thus nddrusBi'd: "While you du
live, your grateful countrymen have
the strongest assuroneo ilutt ihu
Mui;iiii Charter (sic) of the liberties
of the world will live also!"—From
The Toronto Globe of May *J7, 1851,
The  hills  nu   llie  Iiori/.oli  stand,
Swathed  in   blue dusk,  and rolling
'I'he marshy levels of the laud,
'The mists disperse by the Beashord.
Thro' parting vapors in llie blue,
The    fading slurs  glance out,   und
The wan sea-sett Ing moon looks thro'
A shimiu'rlng tract ut rose-flushed
And  far  uut ou   the dawn-swept   sea
A lone sail glides  Into the light,
It brings the dawn of hope lu mc,
Who have    uutwut.'b.-ii  *  hopeless
—J, 0, M. -Duncan,
Tlie R«ml Tiling.
"And he's really interested In cru-
"Well, you wouldn't believe it, but
sometimes he sWcan like si golf
liSJfWa'i **.   _^ „ '
It is quite possible that W, S. Keiiy
the local customs officer, will be transferred to Fernie the first of the year and
another man appointed fur Crauhrook.
a I,. McDerraott will probably catch the
plum His appointment would meet
with general approval iu Cranbrook, as
he is both competent and accommodating, and would make a worthy successor lo "Billy" Keay, one of the best in
the service.
Cicada's DUpl»> at tk« Pan-American I»
Principally a ('t»*trt<tiil Oua-tba
Priucipai Ksblbltars.
(Special t.j   Martha  Craig.)
'I'he -'iiiiaiiiu.il Forestry Exhibit Is
a purely commercial one .Mr 0,
SWOllSOn,      who has  been a     shipper
und buyer ul fruit and timber for
seventeen years, is in charge. Mr,
Swiuisoa    is thoroughly acquainted
Willi the timber business. He bus
I raveled extensively from the Atlaii-
llc to the PaClllO and through the
Ilnl Ish  Is lea,
Prominent amongst the many exhibits is that of the Columbia Ma
dl.- and Timber Company of Londc
Out., who have a very line dis-
[ibi.v of Ihe dliferent kinds ot wood
ittiii tree sections from which ihey
manufacture the varied products of
their Immense factory, a lew uf
which are tree sections of hickory,
basswood, white ash, red oak, white
out; and hard maple. They also show
cightoen samples of dressed lumber
us follows. Black ash (curly), white
ash, black ash, red ouk, white ouk.
white ouk (quartered), soft maple.
hard maple, walnut, sycamore, rock
elm, soft elm, basswood, pepper-.
age cherry, beech und chestnut.
Along With the above they have
n \.-iy line display of manufactured
articles, such as hockey sticks,
base bull bats, dumb bells, Indian
dubs, ax handles, hammer handles, shovel handles, and in fact all
kinds ul turned work. They are largi
exporters to the llritish market.
Tin- next  thing thai catches     th
eye   a-**   you    puss  on   is  some    liu
specimens of furniture — two chiffon
lurs, one of red birch (mahogany finish), the other of yellow birch    (natural finish), and a dressing table of
the hitter made by Thomas   Dell, u
manufacturer    of     Winghnm,     tint.
There are two handsome canoes   on
exhibition—one  made   by   Win,    English of     Feterboro, a popular cnuao
milker, und the other by II. L. Bastion uf Hamilton.
dust a word of comment on the
latter: It was decorated by E,
Alleen Domvllle llemlng of Hamilton, uiid is without exception the
finest piece ul wurk of its kind ever
exhibited, The work is railed pyro-
graphy or etching by fire. On une
end on lop there is un Indian Chief's
head nnd the other a maple leaf: uml
ut one end on Ihe sides there is the
pielure of a deer aud at ihe other
.-ml the pretty Indian name Neaem-
There is also an inlaid llaplisim.il
Font made by W. 11. Morgan of
Hunlsville, Out., which is worthy uf
.Mr. Booth, the lumber king of Ottawa, also contributed some tree
seel ions of white pine. mo\ pine,
while Spruce, und silver birch.
The British Canadian 'limber &
Manufacturing Company, Kearney,
Out., have tree sections of red birch,
yellow birch, und black birch. Mitchell Bros., Berkley, Out., have 11
nice exhibit of hardwood |(dressedj
F, Lally, Cornwall, Ont., 1ms a very
ijiti; exhibit of Lacrosse sticks, which
attracts no little attention. The 1.
Lasl Company, Ly n, Out., huvtt an
exhibit of hard muple shoe lasts, In
the background of the exhibit is displayed all the different kinds of lumber lhat grows in Ontario, showing
each piece in three different stages uf
linish. The lower portion is simply
l.luii.-d, the centre oiled, und the top
highly polished. There ure in all
twenty samples, viz., while pine,
green linish, white pine, natural linish; white birch, uuiural finish; while
spruce, natural linish; red birch, natural linish; chestnut, nuturul finish;
basswood, natural linish. butternut,
natural finish; sycamore, quarter cut;
r.-fj pine, nuturul linish; cherry, uuiural linish: hard muple, natural finish; hard muple birdseye. natural linish, hard muple quarter cut. natural
linish; red birch, mahogany linish
black ash, nuturul linish; white elm
walnut finish; red birch, natural finish, und husswuod, carriage finish.
The exhibit uf John B. Smith &
Sous, Toronto, Ont., is composed of
ono very handsome quarter cut oak
newel post, one birch und two Balm
of t*iL-ad, the sections uf flooring 3
x 0 feet, very neatly put together,
of birch, beech und bard maple, and
three panel doors, une of which is
quarter cut oak and very handsome.
The North American Bent Chair
Company, Owen Sound, have a very
interesting exhibit of chair parts ia
tho rough. The next exhibit is thut
of Soiilherland limes Company, Ltd.
of Chatham, Ont., who have branches
in Liverpool und New Orleans, La,
Th.-y have tree sections of red oak,
while ouk, basswood, bluck ash,
white   ash,    mid a mammoth white
elm, whii'h measures live feet in diameter, barrel slaves, hoops and
The Algouia Commercial Company
have some samples of pulp wood ami
two very line specimens ol birch
(squaredJ one red und ihe other yellow.
The E. B. Eddy    Company, Ltd ,
have samples (rolls) of Manila,
brown, and white drug paper, exhibited on one of their improved
combination paper cutters. They
also show samples of the different
ortielefl they manufacture from pulp
wood, such as pails, tubs, berry
boxes, etc.
Tint Satllt Ste. 1 Marie Pulp aud
Paper Company have a large exhibit
nf pulp ns il is before being uutdu
into paper.
The Standard Chemical Company,
lies.-r.into, Out., have samples of
crude und refined wood alcohol, wood
lur, ' iron liquor, tar oil, wood
pilch, und charcoal.
The collection uf stuffed animals is
also worthy ol mention,, being a;--
follows: Oue mouse calf, from the
Algonquin National Park; one cariboo head, the finest ever exhibited,
from Mr. Nuwumu L. Stolnor, the
Honorary Commissioner for Ontario;
one young deer, live moose heads,
eight deer heads, one wild swan, one
bear cub, and one cariboo head, from
Messrs, John Bldgood & Co., Sudbury, Ont.
There ls a fine specimen of Canadian Blai-k Beaver and a silvei
bitch log partly prepared, either foi
a, d.uia or a beaver hut,	
-It Pays iu li. ii wiih Beattie"
Over 5..0 volumes, containing all
the latest novels. They must
all go at any old price, to make
room for our Christmas supplies
Wc live in a spec illative age, an age of hig combines and trusts, the very vnstnessof which bars
the ordinary mortal. We are all more or less of
a speculative nature, but limited means demand
that we run no risk of loss. We offer you a safe
Investment In good, clean, pure groceries. Our
aim is to give vou only what we can guarantee-
as being tlie very best.    Irv us.
0. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
Come One, Come All
And inspect our shelves which arc replete in
every conceivable variety of Staple  and Fancy
Groceries,   Tob.icco   and   Cigars.
We have just placed a car |oad of everything to
please the appetite and cause modest demands
on the pocket.    None bul the BEST at
KING'S  The Grocer.
Manitoba Hotel
Centrally Located   Comfortable Rooms   Well Equipped Bar
The rianitoba Hotel Is One of the Best In South
East Kootenay.     Your Patronage  Is Solicited  j
McBride Bros.
Heating Stoves
Cook Stoves
McBride Bros.
Get ready for your fall wall*
papering. We will sell wall*
cheaper than it has ever been
sold in the district.
rioyte's        Hotel Kootenay
I I. v/ The best of accomodations
LCcltllll0,' A for the traveling public.
Hfitfl McNAHON  l»l*OS„
1 ii'ivi Proprietors,
When You think of Insurance
Anil you -limilil think of il with winter coming on
You think of HUTCH
Sec him or his riir.lil bower, TOMMY TURLEV
6> ■».».«..... ....................?
Hotel S s
(\uext* Comfort a Specialty
flood Stflhlinj* in Connection
Nearest to rati toad nnd depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
8 ....w... a ffjn 1 mm
Home Hade
That is what ours
is like,    fry it.
City Bakery.
Our bums, bread, cake and tickets 1st Bale at
(1. T.   Roger's sinners slurs'.
An elegant line of
Cranbrook   Souvenirs
High Grade Watches
Choice Selection in
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta-
clcwarc, clc.
W. F. Tate, !lu...„„,-.,*
Cranbrook, B. C.
Oltlclel Watch Inspector lor C P. R„ Crowa
Neat fans Division,
Livery  S
Proprietors .< „-* .*
Tenuis n„,l tlrivers furnished for nny
point in the .list. il-t.
Manager   ,.*  .*   ji
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of ali kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.    The  most
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Cbnuipiou college of U. S
Office und store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Haul, of Commerce) Cranbrook, 11 C
UphulsterlnK ami Quncrnl iurniltire Repairing
Will attend lo any work in tbe district
The Ontario Mutual Life.
nr policv inn iii:ks
Amount ol  New  Business
I'ulil in Inker, In IIHHJ
Iti'lnrs tli.' 1.1II,. 1-1   sol.I Mi:  unit in
tho ttoinlnliili hyiui) ,, I  I.I,' t'„ln|,nny
for llm year onitlnn l ■ .„. lour,
II I, is,.ii„|,.i,s noted I..1
Pavnrnhls- Rales
llllll. Dividends
Honorable DcnIIni nml
t Polio imi Pays.
I„r rales nml Inrnrinnll , nil |ilnol lulled
i,|„.ly In
Wm. )   I'WISS,
llcncral Alcnl, South tt ,lloill II. C . Ki.hI,.
orC.R. I'ilnier District Agent, Crniilirnate
C. R. Palmer
..Cranbrook, 11. C.
The Mutual Life Assurance Company ol' Canada.
The Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corp oration,
Limited,  of   London, Eng.
The Singer riantifacturing
Co., of Portland, Oregon.
The Crown Tailoring Co.,
of Toronto, Ontario. j»jjt


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