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Cranbrook Herald Aug 28, 1902

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CBANBROOK,   BBITISI1   COLUMBIA,   Till IlsDAV,   AUGUST   28,   l»02
NUM15EU 24
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.     |
Head Office, Toronto. •
Hon. Oki). A. Cox, Prealslsmt. n. B, Wai.kkk, Gen. Man,
Pal J Up   Capital  SS.O00.0OO.0O
Real  '.... 2,000,000 no
Tuial Rt.ourcci  66,000,000.00
Deposits Received.   General litiiikinj; Business Transacted.
SAVIN.IS ll.NK f>EPAf*T""M—Dcnnalta Received. Interest Allowed.
The    store    for   cither    large   or small
buyers of anything in the range of merchandise.    We IMPORT DIRECT (the only firm In Kootenay doing this) saving two profits and getting better goods, "jjj
A few seasonable items:
Deering Mowers and Rakes,
Crockery, Linoleums, Carpets,
Curtains, Refrigerators,
Furniture, Qeneral Furnishings
Our Grocery and Hardware Departmens show a healthy
^ ' increase of sales. Help us to do more business and we will
,     help you on low prices
Give It a Little Oil!     o
Your watch runs day and night continually, but when did you sj
have it oiled? Are the delicate pivots grinding away on dry Ki}
jewels to their destruction. Bring it to me before the injury Q
goes further. I will examine it and congratulate you if it (^)
B needs no attention; if it does you shall pay no more than is g;}
S necessary to restore it to perfect health. Ss
3     W. H. Wilson, Watch Repairer,     o
When aman wants to buy HARDWARE he is pleased
if he can deal with a store where quality and price*
are satisfactory. That is why my patrons are satisfied. I carry a complete stock and my prices are
satisfactory to all.
Come in and see our line of Fishing Tackle.
 It will catch you	
Hotel s s
Quests Comfort a Specialty     j j
iiiioii Stabling in Connection
Neareat to rail toad nod depot.    Bas accommoda*
Hour  foi   tin* public niicipialle.l   in   Cmubrnok.
Manager Cronin Says Lead is Tim Low
to Ship.
Miners Can Get Credit for..11 Work
Done on Claims in Excess
ol   Assessment.
The Moyie Leader says tint! an itn
portaii! strike wna made In the St. Kugene iiiini.* last week when between eight
ami nine feet of solid ore was struck
about 600 feet in from thu ioq foot level
of Uie shaft on llur Lake Shore claim.
This is on a cross lead between what is
known as the south vein ami ttie main
lead. All the development work (tune
from -Ihis level goes to prove Unit the
enormous bodies of ore encountered in
ihu No. i workings maintain theii size
us tliey go down, mul in one place tin-
ore has reached tlie width of 33 feet,
Anil yet, notwithstanding the fact that
today the St Kugene is one of the best
lead mines on the American continent.
.Milliliter Cronin will close il down
While iu Spokane recently he had the
fol'owiug to say lo a representative of
the Spokesman-Review;
'■The lead situation in British Columbia offers so poor au outlook lli.it we
have decided to close the St. Kllgene indefinitely For months since shipments
were slopped, we hnve been keeping a
force of about 30 men on development,
seadlly opening up the ore body,'so ns
to have It in shape when Mm price of
lead should advance enough to give us a
market. There is ho little cheer III tbe
Hiiiiiiiik, however, that the crew mi de
velopmeut will be laid off, prbbabtj
within lhe next month, and the mines
will he left standing idle until conditions
change. W<* have decided that it is
needless to keep on putini--, money In
development when ii is so uncertain as
to the length of time until we shall In-
able in ship.    Lend   in   London, now   in
£11 2-1 6,1, and ou ihat basis ibe producer In llritish Columbia is paid only about
ft 30 a hundred lor Ins product, us
against $3 50 winch is the contract pr ce
agreed upon by tlie Coeur d'Aleue mine
owners wiih tbe American Smelting &
Refining company. This difference in
price puts a fatal crimp In us. 'Theie is
1 duty of a cent and a half n pound on
lead o es, and if we could market our
output ID the Timed Stales and pay the
duty we would sttil get f 2 a hundred foi
our lead, or more than 30 per cent
above the market price now in British
Columbia. However, we are barred
from entering lhe American market,
even by paying duty, because the American Smelting & Refining compauy will
not buy our lead at any pi ice until iis
surplus is woiked off, and the Muellers
outside the trust nre so busy they cannot take oui ores."
Hiring Men In I'ennsihania.
The press committee ol the Miners'
d i
1 at Fe
the I-'1
uie had the lollowii
■ Pi
I lli.it to
A nuinlii"! of articles winch are overstaying iiu-ir iime here. In the home,
ihe garden, mid it"' Held Ihete are many
days ot usefulUeifl!   before   lhem. bul tu
the store thtli places sro wanted for
nib or things. To create new 111 teres! In
in them at il iu ike Immediate sales we
hav,* marked all wllh quick prices Jnsi
a few names will give you an Idea to lue
i-haiactet of all.
HOSB FIELD HOBS (lies! quality),
SNATHS RAKKS. etc A full line oi
MOVIE      Plumbing and Tlnsmlthlng la Connection.
"The following telegram   has heen ic
celved from I, I). Nicholl, president of
District 1. ofthe U  M. W, of A 1
"'Scrauton, I'eiiu., Aug. IS —To lhe
Sec. of llie local union ol W F. M ,
Pernie,* Ci Ageuts getting men for
Michel, Monlesey and fernie.   Is strike
settled,'' "
"'Ferule,  H C„ Aug   19—To  I,   D
Nicholl, president ol   District I, ofthe
tl. M. W. ot A I      Went IO work for Uo
mouths  from   Aug.  4   10 Oil, 4 on new
terms of 8| hours underground Malinger agreed II men not satisfied at end of
iw» mouths to return to old sjslem ol
working eight hours, Meu slgutd agree-
meni. Then maiiagei cut prices foi con-
it work, Minets cornered, weui lo
k i.ndei pioiest, May in- a prolonged
light nltci Ocl 4 loi old wage seal.-,
II) Unlet ol llie I'.K.cnllve lluuid,
D.iu McKenzie, Sec. Treaa'"
I'ompaiiy's agenl cuipl.iy-
1 for Ferule when theie are so
en iu Oi n if, uld hands, notable
1 gel work 111 the mines.
1'icss Committee.
recording a certificate of work,
the value of each one hundred d-Mlars,
bo as to cover his assessment work foi an
additional year 111 respeel of efl
hundred dollars in excess, shall be exercisable only during lhe year in which
such excess shall lie performed. And It
is further ordered that ihis order shall
lake effect from the first day ol June,
Mining Sides.
Noble   Five,  own.
j   by   [unlet
with ,,-imI,
l,aie ship men ts of ore from ilu* Amer-
:ail   Hoy,   Sloeati,   give   $800 net in tin
ml War K
shaft is to be
I.     At  prise
of $3677 net
ui a shlpmeu
Silver Glauci
vere recently re-
of 15 ions of ore
Hear lake, Slo-
The U
the   ..|,,
down lo
celved fr
from ihe
The newly erected Vulcan smelter al
Ferguson had its trial run last week,
which is reported lo have heen most
The first shipment for 1902 from the
Consolidated Cariboo Hydraulic Milling
company tins heen received, amounting
to $100,000
A concentrating plant Is to he Installed ou the blue Bird at Deer I'.nk, Arrow lake. Tbe owners claim to have
[200 feel of ore exposed.
JJCharles Mashlus and Jofllah I.ohb,
two miners employed in lhe Josle mine
at Roasland, were drowned last Saturday
mornlug while working iu (he bottom of
a 900 foot shaft. A disused shaft some
250 feet away filled with water, and it
worked a hole through to the shaft
Where llaskius and Lobb and two other
men Were working, and   a  vast  volume
rushed down the shaft, filling it for 60
The Boundary con it try smelters have
Mown iu again, since tliey were able to
secure a supply of coke.
The LeRoi mine at Roiftlflud seems lo
have struck a winning gait.
A Clerk's I iiiuii.
The clerks of Cranbrook melon August 13 and formed   a union, to be known
as the Clerks' Union of Craubrook. Officers were elected as follows! President, 1. Gillis; Vice. President, S. Mc-
Kim; Secretary-Treasurer, L. S. Murdoch
One of the leaders in the movement
said to The Herald: "Our object is social as much as anything else, and to
promote as far as it is in our power both
the interests of the clerks and lhe employer, not to antagonize iu any way.
We realize ihat our employer's interests
are our interests, and every clerk, If he
is worthy of holding such a position, Is
striving to promote tbe Interests ol the
in in or company tli at employs him
Tins is lhe kind of a feeling lhat should
prevail. An employer should not aim to
get all the work possible out of a clerk
for as little money as possible, nor should
a clerk irV to see how liltle woik he can
do for the ni oeUylie rceelves. The relations should be reciprocal Clerks
are not machines; when they become sii
tliey arc pom clerks.      The clerk who is
encouraged is always the better clerk
He Will exert himself more, and make
his employer's business his business,
A clerks' union, properly managed, is a
good thing for both stiles.''
Summer Heat...
Is made less oppressive if you wear
one of our light flannel suits. Just
the thing in weight and price. A
fine line of summer weight underwear; don't suffer, gentlemen, call
in and get relief.
lllg ins-,,
1,11,ny ,„,'
...HILL & CO.
An Important Nulla'.
The last issue oi the 11. C. Gazelle contained ihe following: "Notice is hereby
given thai under the provisions of section |"43 of the Miiienil Acl, his honor,
the lieutenant-governor, iu council has
been pleased to rescind the order of the
15th of May, 1902, published iu the Brit
Ish Columbia Gazette of tbe same date
with regard to the Interpretation to be
placed upon paragraph 2 of section 5 of
the Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1898,
aud lo make tbe   billowing Older ill lieu
thereof, namely:—That paragraph 2 of
section 5 <>f Mineral Act Amendment
Act, lHy8.be so interpreted lhat., should
any free miner perform assessment woik
on bis claim during uuy one year lo lhe
value of one hundred dollars or more in
excess of the amount required 10 he done
in any one year by lhe Mineral Act, the
tight thereby given such free miner ot
Morrissey Booming.
James Oreer visited .Morrissey Ihis
week. He says things are lively tiiere.
The C. !' R has moved its depot up to
the junction just across the river Irom
the new lownsite, and Itreckeiiridge .S:
ttlind are putting in 6000 leet of new
side track. Tlie towtiMle company is
clearing oil its gio'ind, and building a
bridge which will lie done this week,
when I um ber can be gotten inlo the new
town wiih ease Tuesday morning over
150 men goi off at tin* new town io work
Mi. Oreer says lliat everybody Is talking
uf Morrlisey. and he looks for a lively j
place there tbl year. Many people are
noxiously watting until ihc survey is fai :
enough along so that the business lots
may be put on the luaikel, whiih will
be inn few d.ys, ami   then there will be
a great rush to get up buildings,
Necessity lo Rcglslcr.
Under the new act all old voters' lists
will he cancelled ou August 31 and on
September t the work of making new
lists will be begun. All persons, untie
excepted, must register during September whether names are ou the old list or
not. A greal many electors are apparently  under  tlie  Impression that  their
names will reach the lists without effort
on their part. This is a mistake. Everyone must register,
Dave Newell, Mrs   Griffith, Mrs. Od-
braithaud Mis. Clark, of Fort Steele,
weie in town Saturday making purchases These three ladies are the pioneers ol South l-0-.i Kootenay. Mrs.
Griffith came to ihis country In 1857 and
Mesdames Calbmith and Clark were
among the early residents of Fori Steele
When tbftt   tOWU    was   the   only supply
point for a vast territory. It is a ireat
tnjoy the acquaintance of any ofthe
three and listen 10 the reminiscences of
the old days. And, what Is more, wh t
a lesson theii physical condition would
be to the average woman of these dn) 1.
Although years have passed, and in the
case ot Mis. GiiDlith, the three-score
ninrk already 11 memory, yet Ihey nil ate
hale ami hearty, aud  took   Iheasm-le
le as easily as l! il had been a little
ilk in llle paik. Il is such women
that materially assist in unking a new
'onutiy. Tliey Inspire courage ami cul
ivate energy. The Herald wishes all
three of the ladies many years of I'.nppl-
s among their legion of friends In
South East Kooteiiav.
Mi. Goldie of Kurt Sleele was iu lown
last week, lie likes lo come over now
nut then, as it was in Cianbrook one
lay lasl winter th it lie saw a railroad
for llie lirst time lli 17 years,    lie is now
In the government offices nt Fort Steele
and once in a while loves lo take a day
oil'fqjr a short trip with bis friends. Mr.
Armstrong the government agent, says
that Mr. Goldie, although he has been
11 the wesl (or years, ls perfectly famliar with ihe east and is a regular repo-.
lory of facts on tin- early history of Oil-
alio and   lhe   eastern   provinces.     10-
reiilly when the lion H, G Prior, minister of mlues, passed through this country tie met Mr, Goldie.   The  minister,
the affable manner characteristic ol
him expressed greal pleasure in liieetl   i*
It* of the pioneers of lhe wcsl.
'-Oil. Ill S is not the lirst lime wc have
el," said Mr. Goldie.
"It is not?" replied the minister,
"No.    About 30 years  ago when you
une lo Canuda I ruin Scotland you
slopped 111 Montreal for a few days and
was a guest of the leading club, I was
secretary of lhe club al that time."
Ii was another Illustration of Mr. Got-
die's wonderful memo y and was quite-a
surpiise to Mr. Prior.
ti toto
James Ryan, of the Cianbrook hotel,
loves a j ike, especially if tt has a New
Bruuawlck fl.vor. He waa raised in tbe
land of fish and naturally cherishes
fund memo'Ies of his old home. Oae
day lust week be handed lhe Uld Man
the following from lhe Nelson News,
saving as he did so that il was well
enough to know lhe man belore the argument was presented:
Judge Barker of ihe supreme court of
New Biuuswlck, spent ii fe*v days in
town this week. During his short stay-
in lhe cily lhe judge run into the one
enthusiastic member of that lackadaisical organization known as the Nelson
tourist association, ami the latter al once
look the judge to task for making so
short« stay in Nelson as he contemplated, As to lhe reason for unking a
more extended stay the Nelson man enlarged upon the local attractions, ami
deali especially with the fishing avail
able. This appeared lo Interest lhe
visitor aud he at once warmed up. Fish
iug evidently had greater Interest lor
linn than anything else, and he listened
to the story  ofthe  catches  be  won d
probably make il he consented to stay
over. Wben llie Nelson man had finished the visitor remarked lhat he had
some fishing befote leaving his native
province. He and three others spent
an afternoon on the Bouaveuture Over,
Their catch consisted ol 134 salmon of
uu average weight of 20 pounds, of
which number the judge lauded 300II
his own rod. The judge did not stop
over for tlie Bshlng  in   Nelson   and the
local m.,11 baa noi mentioned tin- subject
ituce,   Fishing In ibe Routt my is good
mt iiie Kooteuay does not
harbor all the
fish in the world that  ate
worth catch-
James   Park,  ol    the
.tinib 1 company of  Mni,
ie,   who has
k-cii 111 town tlie   p ist   le.
dms in con*
uecllon with theorgnniiit
..11 oi lhe n -w
iniul-ci company, tells u gi
...I newspspei
lows talk English.   I do
ll nt H l "
Which suggests lhal ic Vancouver as
in Toronto the Duke's English has given
the prevailing fashionable accent a bad
The Loss Is Estimated -U $75,00(1 and May
Be More.
Rosslaud, Aug 25—In two hours this
afternoon lire did £75,000 damage in tlie
business ami residential sections of Ross*
land. Earlier in the day it was believed
that the loss would be substantially
greater than ihis, but ctose scrutiny of
the fads indicates thai the lesser estimate is -is nearly accurate as lui: be obtained for several days.
The lire broke out precisely at 3
o'clock, in tlie establishment of P. Burns
& Co,, butchers, two doors south of First
avenue on Spokane street, where u Iiie
was in use for rendering lard. The
blaze was not discovered until it had secured considerable headway, nml by the
time the alarm wns turned in dames
were Issuing from the roof. The department was on the ground quickly and
water was playing on the dimes two
minutes alter the alarm SOU Ild ed. In 20
minutes this building was gutted and
the blaze, fanned iiy a strong southeast
bret ze, had spread north and east,jump,
ing First avenue to a row of tluee story
business   bouses.      Shortly     after   the
Karnes jumped Spokauestreetto the wesi
and wiped out half a dozeu stores, then
extending up Center Slur gnicli destroyed many residences and the Columbia
brewery, About 4 o'clock the wind
veered from southeast iu northwest and
this saved a solid business block from
certain destruction,   By 5 o'clock the
lire was iiiidci coillri 1 At .|:,vi o'clock
lhe Trail fire tnigade armed ou a spinal ti tin and with ihe well organized
Wur Khgle mine fire brlgad assisted iu
quelling the llunes. Chiel Guthrie was
prostra-ed by a live wire, Um r-iauwed
direction of the firemen lull au houi
Undertaking mul Embalming.
To tl e citizens of Croubrood nml read-
era of The Herald out of town we wish
to nnm tince that we have just received
a com) lete -lock ot the latest and best
goods in undertaking. In maklug this
announcement we extend onr thanks for
the liberal patronage accorded us since
starling business a year ago as ihe Kootenay 1 multure company, From the
expressions of satisfaction   and  praise
aim-as then by our customers we feel lhat
we liHve merited the appreciation ofthe
public iu supplying lli-.ni with high
class furniture
And uow in fine undertaking and em-
balmlug we aie sparing no pains to
place this branch of our business also
Oil the same high plane. Our manager,
Mr. McConnell, ha-; hail a 11 extensive
experience in tlie requirements ofun-
lier taking in ull its branches and we feel
well satislied Unit our patrons will
appreciate lhe thoughtful, gentlemanly
altftlitions it will be our pleasure to render at any time our services tuay lie required.
Kooienay Furniture Co., Limited.
Includes Three Local Mills and Outside
A Large Plant to be Erected and
Equipped with Modern
tiiere is a weekly newspaper published
in a neighboring town. A (aimer had
taken it for two years and wanted lo
cancel his subscription, so he wrole the
editor tlie following letter:
Mr. Editor: Please stop my paper,   i
read It for two years and my wi
twins.   I  can't  affoiu 10 take i
.- li id
Investigate Pernie Disaster.
Victoria, ll. C, Aug. 35.—Johu Bry-
deii, ex-M. P., former manager of lhe
Wellington mines, Tulley lloyce, 11
miner of Namiimo, mid Peter S. Lump*
man, barrister, of Victoria, have been
appointed n commission to en qylre into
the recent disastrous explosion in the
Crows Nesl mines at Fernie, B. 0.
Tlie following story is being
Joe Martin by the Toiouto Glob.
When lhe Duke ul Vork wna
couver Mr. Mania entered the
cult of that city and addressed
of the members wlio were discus
royal visit.
'■1 suppose you will admit," ■
Martin,"that the Dukeol York li
bred EugllBbmon?"
His nitdltors weie probably too shocked by the question to admii or deny anything.
1 Well," he continued, "I have just
Beard the Duke speak, and I notice that
he doesn't talk English the way you fel-
Got Oil Lucky.
A rancher named Martiuter, living
near W .rdner, had a preliminary hearing Tuesday on the charge of assault and
attempted shooting. Tlie evidence
sh owed tlmt Mart in ler had had ditlicul y
whh a neighbor named Rous over some
cattle; lhat they bad words and that
Rous Iiiul used some rough language;
thai M ir tinier bad chased Rous with a
pitch folk aud attacked him several
times; that he had fiu.i'ly run to the
house, got his gnu, came out pulling
down the lever as if loading, and raised
tlie gun toward Ron*; that just al this
juncture another neighbor grabbed the
gull ami placing one hand 011 Martlnier 's
Shoulder, said: "Don't shoot uml do
something you will have reason to regret;" that this Stopped the tight as Rous
hurried home as fast as he could run,
The judgment of the court showed one
day.    The people showed surprise.
a New Departure.
The Koiti-nay Furniture company 1ms
in< t.- ised it- business by ad 'iug a com
plete stock of nndcrtaking supplies.
II.oueb theie has been cointiilerab 0 de-
pressii 1 In business this lummer tins
enterprising firm evidently lias coot,
dence In the future of East Kootenay.
We ui deralsi d that Mi M -Connell,
ibvn manager, In- had a 1 rge expert,
etice In One undertaking and is prepared
to give every attention lo the needs of
the public in this respect.
The more capital we have invested in
our town the better for it as a rapidly
growing place, so that ill tins respect as
Well ai in other ways we have no doubt
ihe best In let eats of the citizens of Cranbrook and surrounding country will be
well sei vvd by the Kootenay Furniture
In Van-
a group
itng the
aid Mr.
1 well
Why Vou Should bu) "Fair I'la>** Chewing
lli-u.u 9R ii I* the best quality.
Ui-iAi-sK il is the most lasting chew.
BltCAUSlt it Is the largest high grade 5
or ioc plug.
BttCAUSU the togs are valuable for premiums L'NTII.jANUARY 1st, 1904,
BhCausk we guarantee every plug, nnd
BKCAUftK your dealer is atithrizcd to refund youi money if you are uot satisfied,
The Empire Tobacco Co., Ltd,
Last January A I.eitch, of the Cranbrook Lumber company, lett for llieeast
to lay the foundation for a uew lumber
company that would include several of
the mills of South East Kootenay, and
ample capital to meet the growlug demand   for   lumber.    Last  Saturday   tlie
matter had reached the stage where tlie
promoters  ol   the  company met lor the
purpose of perfecting the organisation.
The session lasted that day and Monday
when the final details were arranged,
ami the lO-i Kootenay Lnmbercompany
became an accomplished tact.
The capita! stock of the new company
ls $300 000, divided into 300a shares of
Jiiai each Oue hundred thousand dollars of this amount has been subscribed
by lhe members ot ihe Craubrook Lumber company, the McNab Lumber company and theapaik, Mitchell Co., the
three saw mill companies tint are tu-
eluded in the combination, and other
parlies largely connected with western
On Saturday the general meeting of
tbe shareholders was held, ami the fol-
.owing board of directors elected: A.
L-itch, Cranbrook; M. Leitcb, Oak
Like, Mm,; Jas. Ryan, Cranbrook; C.
I). McNab. Jaffray; \V. Culpraan, Leli.*
bridge, Alta.; James Park. Grand Valley,
(int., and G   R. Muir, Moyie.
A meeting ofthe   newly elected board
was held and the following officers elected:
A. Leitcb, president and manager,
C. D   McNab, vice president.
James Ryan, chairman bo*rd dlrectots.
W. Colpmao, treasurer.
A   Moffat, secretary.
The head office of the company will We
al Cranbrook and   tbe   new company assumes charge of the business of ibe three
mills ou  September   i,   aud   begins its
official existence.
The company has obtained very im.
portint franchises from the C P- K. and
other corporations, and a.sj has the
supplying of ail lumber, lies, piles, and
other material required by the C. P. R.
ia the territory covered by ti.e '.umber
company. This in ilseif means tbe employment of several hundred mea. It is
:he iutentiou ol the new company to
manufacture all classes of lumber in tbe
latest and most ecouomic manner, and
without Increasing thecost. will increase
the market or demand for J-.ast Kooteiiav limber generally. In addition to
•.he three splendid plants already owned
and in operation bj tbe company, it is
l!*e intention to ereel at some central
point a large mill, equipped with the
latest and best in the way of modern
mrchinery, and have it rend) for opera-
iou by next spring. This piact will in--
dude a dry kiln, sash and door fucloiy,
and ull machinery necessary to place the
oulput ol the a mpany on the eastern
markets in the beat possible manner.
The capacity of the company's plant,
with the new mill, will tie not less than
25,0 k> 000 feet per year.
The uew company occupies a most advantageous pOsitioD from a business
Standpoint. At lhe start il ha*, three
well equipped mills, already crowded
with orders, and not less than fy-i.onrj
worth of dry lumber 011 hand lo meet
.my demand that may be made. Tbe
upply of limber under its coutrol is
ufficlent to meet all demands for ihe
lext 10 or 15 years ut least, and the men
11 charge aie practical saw mill meu,
thoroughly familiar with the condition!
111 the west. This insures IQCCeSS from
he start, nud will materially assist in
Ihtf development of South htsi Koote-
nap as a great lumber district.
R. K, M. Install Officers,
Rocky Mountain Chapter No. 125. R.
A. M., met at Fort Steele last Sunday
alternoon, conferred degrees on one
candidate, and installed officers for this
year as follows:
II --R  L. T. Oalbrallh.
J.-A   U. (iruce.
S. K.-D. McKay.
S. N.— M. Rockendorf.
P.S.—A, Grez.
S. S —A. McKenzie.
J. S —A. Musser.
After the meeting an elegant supper
wus served at Monte Carlo's by the Fort
Steele Masons.
The following Irom Cranbrook attended; Messrs. Moffat, McKenzie, Musser,
McBuruey, McBride and Rockendorf.
Labor Bay.
Next Monday is Labor day and it will
be universally obseived iu Craubrook
by closing thc stores, thus giving the
clerks a chance f.ir a general holiday.
There will he fishing putties galore on
thai day.
Editor and Proprietor.
The Herald desires to give tlie news of tlio
dlstrlot, if yuu know any about your town
yuur mint* or your people, send 11 tu tills olllce,
An exchange says that ping pong has
beeu Introduced in the British lunatic
The Wllmer Outcrop says that North
Kast Kootenay has reason to feel grateful fur what Minister Wells has done for
that dislrict. Thai is the differeuce between North East Kootenay and Smith
Kast Kooienay. Jlul Mr. Wells represents Norili Bast Kootenny.
The first issue of the   revived Nelson
Tribune appeared last week. It is very
much Houstouesquc, ami consequently
Interesting fiom start to finish. When
John Houston publishes a paper he gives
utterance to some very streuous ideas.
They won't suit a lot of people, but that
is meat to John. He is a kicker and a
tighter and a true friend to British Columbia. The Herald hopes that the
Tribune will flourish. It will always he
good reading.
Tbe Fernie Free Preaa is urging incorporation. What the papers of Ihis province should do is to urge the passage of
a law thai would permit towns the size
of Fernie aud Cranbrook in incorporate
on a reasonable basis with restricted
The Armstrong Advertiser says that
one reason why there are .poor roads
and trails in British Columbia is the fact
that too often the government employs
road foremen who know more about
pulling beer corks than building roads
The Herald might add that it believes
more money is squandered on road niul
trail building than in any oilier branch
of government service. Tlie work done,
as a rule, costs loo much, and has to be
done over too many times, owing lo bad
The mistake that the advocates of socialism make is the claim that their
creed, if allowed lo prevail, will cure all
the evils of the body politic. They forgot that human nature today is pretty
much as it wns in the ilny of the Caesars.
and that under any system there will be
men who will be neither the hewers of
wood or drawers ol water. For this
reason atone it is impossible fo form a
universal brotherhood The average socialist Is an extremist, and in consequence fails to gain either tlie sympathy
or support of many who oppose the increasing power of consolidated capital
and tlie growing Impotency ofthe producer and middle man. The world
needs a Moses today but lie will not lien
socialist ns socialism is preached.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is worth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
Mr. II. Kershaw Is (elllng oui his
stock nf general merchandise. We un
d erst and Mr. Kershaw lias secured u
position an a commercial traveller.
There mo eight nr nine applications
lu for hole! licenses for tbe new town
nf Morrissey. The cltlsanS of the new
burg will certainly have, a plentiful sup
ply of hoo/crlne,
A else (l defamatory libel came Up
before Justice of tin* Peace Trltes on
Thursday evening The plaintiff In the
case Is 0'iailcs Carlser, section foit-
man, w-bo alleges ihat on the Ith of
August. A, Cash, one of his men, sent a
letter io 0, IOfickson, C P. '• roadman-
ter, stating that he was guilty of defrauding the company by paying men
who who were not entitled lo the inou
ey, The case was adjourned iimtl
The lown at the mines Is again displaying au activity Ibal has been very
notably absent for the pas', two months
Considerable building Is going on, nu
addition is being built lo lhe store to he
used as a store room or ware house. It
will he completed In a few weeks and
the company will be able to carry a
.slock lar^e enough to supply the community domiciled there. The new
school house wl I be started next week.
Already the grounds are baing cleared
Up and the lumber placed on the gronutl
for the building which will be rushed
to completion with all possible speed.
The new reservoir has become a reallij
antl the pipe Is already laid Irom the
dam, which Is about a mile above the
mines to a point almost above the ohl
dam. A large force of men will be
kept at worn mull It Is finished. No, 8
tunnel Is being put In llisi class working shape, and will soon commence Its
regular oiitpu*. No. I la ai present
supplying all Die coal which Is beinj-
brought down, but it Is not yel bclne.
worked to its full capacity. Every Indication points to a very busy fall and
work for all.
Timber Notice
ate t ii
tluu thirty ilaysaflei
i tiie riiipfCommission
torn Heme to cut ami
I'-t bank <
of Klk rlvi
Timber Notice
i'1-ul.y i ken   llllll   llilrty
Timber Notice
■n-iiyu'iv.ii that thirty
until Kast Konteaiyi
mill i
until 111
flit ami
llll (llllll
plnillsil iiii the wesl
i? wusi
ul   I.n? No. ;
inuiii io clin
roor less, tu lite bnnkol thesatd
m\ ilieaco iioritio-ly along tin
ho I'liicenMitglnnlug,
Jtli day ui July, i oj,
Timber Notice
Hereby B
t   lhilly
chi n
•.ay UlllbQ
i Meadow
•a after
• ut ami
r 'nun the followingdes
oreelt in Sauili East*
n-tfiosi pi nitcd w'ahi Ins
earner of but No. *i*.'8, tlifnc
loiioe west lOJ chains, thoiic
ho,ico easl   llfO uli iim- to lit
day of .Inly.
Timber Notice
roby til veil tin
Timber Notice
•i-i-l.y Riven llial ihiri;
lunjitil) lo the Chief ('(
I Works fur a llcensi
iiibor rrom iim followii
i l'n i Kootonayi
iiiii ty days after
hicf t'omnilss
Is and Works for a license lo cut ami
j limber from lhe follow lug described
Meadow .-reek in Soulh  linst Koote*
icing nt a pnst planted -o chains south
■Ihwoat corner if I ot No, nan, thence
linlns, thenco nortli io chains, |hence
iniiis, thenco smith tu chains lo place
Dated this Hitli tiny of July, im
Timber Notice
icrehy glvon thnt thirty a.
l to apply to tlm Clilar UiHi
ami Works for a  lutein,- ti
lliiilinr fr iiie following il
sbeuvcoi  tin-  Kootei
\ in tooth Has! Kontea
l l.tiib'i
(HI    tin'
uu al ;
Returned Soldiers,
The following rules prevail in making
application for lands under the South
African Land Grant Act of joor:
Application must be made before the
1st ol July, I903,
Stake as for pre-emption,
Make an application in duplicate with
description and  sketch   as pre-emption.
160 ucres is to measure 40 chains by
40 chains or 80 chains by jo chains.
Surveys lo lie made at the cost of the
applicant and to lie completed within
nine mouths,
A volunteer is permitted to appoint u
substitute to locale and receive Hie
Land exemp fromt certain luxation for
five years if held by ihe volunteer.
Laud exempt from execution,
Make application lo government agenl
for district.
A foresters  Court.
J. Irvine, deputy  supreme chief rang
er of the Independent Order'of Forest-
ers, is iu town for   the   purpose of reorganizing  tbe  court    here.       A special
Inducement ((offered to applicants for
the remainder of llie year in the way of
a free initiation, Mr. Irvine is
deputy lor the whole province of British
Columbia am) has been nil through I'.ast
and west Kootenay during llie last few
months, Tlie only obstacle he has met
with is lhe depressed ami unsettled State
of things all through the mining region-..
Cranbrook, he says, is the llvllesl lown
of its ilzo he bus seen and hopes to organize n good, live court here.
Silk Has Landed.
Wllmer Outcrop:   Jack  Silk   wns  the
first Knight of the Road printer to strike
this office.    He   walked   iu   from   Fort
Steele,   about   90 miles,   and pulled tlie
string on the door of this palace Friday
morning, when Ute long forgotten vibra
tion sounded through lhe sanctum, "Do
you want to hire a comp?" Il made the
entire staff homesick. Jack said thnt
the road was rather dusty for one so fine
as Silk and wanted to swim down to
Golden. He just took to "pi" at sight,
ar.d uow so much likes the country that
he has decided to accept a government
position nml  will build roads for a time.
Mr. Lumsden's Visit
II. Liimsilen, consulting engineer of
the C. P. R , visited Marysville and
Kimberley lust week. Il is not known
what his mission was but it is supposed
that he was there for ihe purpose ol investigating conditions for submitting a
report as to the best plan to get the Sullivan ore down the hill to the North
Star branch.
and M ri
hot Nn. .
ISt |l|lll
'  the
'1 lu
ll, III
i-i- Hiuiih 40 chains, thenco oai
■ plan* of beginning.
inlay ..I July, n»i
f. I). McNAll,
1111 her Notice
e h hereby given t
ntend tonpply to 1
amis ami Works fi
way 111111.it from tl
1 Mei
■reck 1
ai thirty days afti
e Chief coinmi-ssloi
11 llconso lo cut an
fallowing describe
Soiltll   ..list Runt,
isi planted 10 ohi
uer of 1...1 Nn. :.''
10 *.ouih 40 chain.
utli   M  chains In Hit
Datoil tills 3D ii day oi July,
A. K. bKITCll.
Timber Notice
llihly il.iy.aMi'
il)* given
1 apply to
1 Works fi
11 tho fallowing doscrlbod
er. ihenee Ronthe
c place uf lieglimii
Dill Oil tills 28th (III
nth of
f l.nt No, HJll, thenee west
chain*, Iliem uut
he said Kooienay
l ntnng the river hunk to
of July, 1002,
Timber Notice
BPhhprobyglven th
Intend to apply m tin
11 thirty days after
chief Commission
a 11 ansa lo cut ami
following desert bed
Smith Kast Koolfl
ninencins nt n post planted m chains south
OSUIltllPUSl coiner of hot Nft 8*8, thence
1 ■uicimiiH. tltenoo west igoohulns, tlionce
1 I" chains, thenee nasi   1CJ chains to place
this 8Kb day or J
iiy, line
A. .1.
un >
in, tlienca
10 ell
alas 1
m Imr.
SHh day of
July, 1
• Notice
Is lie
rcby given
tu milk.: ;
Unds  an
il, Wm
:ks  fm
•    11  H|
Ids wd day of July, it*
11. s, TAVI.OII,
Timber Notice
ii'icii) Biveii that ihhi
<i in make application
n'l* of Uimlsnad Worki
a ami earry away tun
tscrlhoii lauds:
1 a |I0
1-iU.lc.l   at   tliesoi
111, Kmileniiy ill.lrii'l.lll"
lilalnln - Ota iici
his sad day of July, 10
ItOlllJItT WII1011T,
Timber Notice
•roliy given iluit thirty days
oner of bu
inn and c,
Is an I Works for ll special
ry away timber from lhc
llanteil  al llie
Mills -'it il iynf July. nnw.
I OKO. It. c.
tt so.- Lain?
Nesl I'ft-t
all' I ilitemt
I I,iii.l-:,11,1
iilmlll  fminnilt-s
r. ii.Moiiltia
Timber Notice
Notlco Is htTi-hy given  that  thirty days alter
  i Intend to lipid)' |nl||fl UhlfltCommlsslon*
ut i.iimis nml Works for n license 10 em ami
irry nwny timber from the following described
nils mi Hold oreek liifiotitli Kast Kontennyi
Comiili'liclng al a  posl   planted   no eluiius
uiii of ihe center mile pnst (iii tin- nortli 1 n-
uyof int No. tsst, llienee nqrtli '0 chains,
lencc west mo clinlns, tlienoe south 40 oiinlns,
iciico easi ]i;u chains 10 iin- plnce ct beginning,
liale.i [his ■■'•III day nf .Inly, 1002.
20 jam. minimi:.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hor
..... hlrtydays utter
data 1 Inland to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for a license in cut ami
carry a«.iy timber from the following described
lands on (told crook in South Kail Knotenayi
Co'iiMiencltifl at n posl plaatod Ifio chains
north and soolmliis wcsl ni tha mn (invest corner or J.ol   .No.   "l*H, llienee loiltll Ul chains,
thenco wost W oiinlns, thence norili 80 chains,
then U-.I sn chains hi Ilio placo or uoglnnlng.
Fated this tUlll May ot July, ifm-.'.
Timber Notice
erobyglvon ihat
1 in apply 10 nie 1
l Wo
i'i Kootenay
a posl 0
■at of Hi
iiiity ilaysafter
■1 use to out nml
iWlog h'serlhed
Ivor uml Cold
Iml aroelialtis north
I luted this mil di
 Hi 10 chain-, tho
mtll in ehalus, tlioi
if beginning,
y ol .Inly, igag,
Timber Notice
Notice is be chy ulveii Unit thirty days utter
iinic I Intend in apply in iiie Chlof Commissi 11-
ci'of hands nnd Works for a llconso to out nud
carry away limber rrom llto, follnwinir described
lands on .Meadow crook in South linst Konte-
emumonolng at a no-t plnntod 10 chains south
of tho southeast corner <>r 1.01 No, 828, thonon
wt-si so chains, thenco sontli so chains, thenco
oas'.M chains, tlienio nortli si clialm to the
place of tieRlnnlng.
Dnti'd llita 8KI1 day of July, mn.1,
.Nnt.ee is hereby
date I iuteii.l in ;,p
ot I.umls ami u.,r
tor Cl III I nil lhe roll
t-UUI'titlH III a 1 ti.
tho uwth fan, ot :
miles ill mie the 11
ti. 1,0a (ulu crook
BOullll lis uiiuii, th
ehalus imii,i (opu
Dated tills IBItli
[iven Hint thirty days utter
il) to llie Ull ltd i oiiiiiiissmiii'i
,b inr permtsstou tu prospect
HVlllg ilescnl.eil lauds:
plaiiU'il .111 tut- west bank of
lieht'l creek uud liboilt   live
ill.-tii ln.iiiiilary or l.»i-use,
llienee 80chains wert, llieace
nci'su ehalus east, tlionce so
ut of Dommuuooiuvut,
.l)n( Jlltj.lllu'J.
Ml.NKltAL ACT, miii.
no rice.
sitmile  In lhe   Port  Meele   Milling DlVlnlOII Ol
Kant Kiiiiii'iiay Disirid.
Where located!  Near Mark creek.
Take notice tlmt I, ltd Want 0. McKlnsliy
ii'i'S'.Miners Lartlllentii No.II 43.3WJ, acting
tor myself nnd as agent for Sylvester a. Kullun
(Free Minor's Coritllnitto No. ll io,H2), Intend,
slxly days Irom tin? dale hereof, to ap**ly to lho
Mining Recorder for n t'ertillcnto of im*.i
intuit-., lor Uie purpose of niitainiiiK a urowu
iiiaiit of Llie above claim.
ah.1 further take notlco thul aotlon, under
section 37, must be coiiimt'iiceii before the Issuance or sueh Certificate ot Improvements,
Dated July 17,iiiw,
Notice Is hereby glvon that thirty days after
.late l inteml to apply to the Chief Commissioner
nr Land and Works at Victoria fur a spcelul
license to cut and eariy away timber rrom the
following described lands hi the .south 1 nst
Kootenny district;
sunned 011 the east hunk of i'erry oreek, commencing at a post planted a few yards east or
,1. A. Laurie's pppHcniloii post, tlienoe south so
chains, tlienoe east so chains, thenee nortli Ml
ehalns, theuce west bo chains to the point ot
Almost Isl, 1002.
Notice Is hereby glyuu that thirty days after
date I lot nd to apply to the chief Colli
aiissloue of Oimls and Winks at Viettula
fm a speuftl license t.i cut ami ciiiry away timber from toe following described lands hi the
South Kast Kootenay district!
situated oik- quarter or a mile ensi ot Perry
creek, commencing at a post planted alongslm
or w. Simmons application post, tlienoe north so
chains, tlieneo west .sn chains, theuce south sn
chains, thence east so chains to the place of
August 1st. UN).'.
Ul 11.11. THOMPSON,
Notice Is hereby glvon thai thirty daysaftor
date i iiileiiil to apply !o lhe Chief Commissioner of bauds and Works at Victoria f»r u special
license to cut and carry away limber from tlio
following described lands in tlie South Knsi
Kootonay district!
Situated on lho east bunk or Parry creek,
cotumoilclngat at-oRl planted « few yards etwt
of ocorj-c A. Laurie's application post, ihence
easl wi eluiius, thenee north so chains, them
went so chains, tlieneo smith so chains to 1110
imiili of riiianieaeeineiil.
AllgUSt 1st, 1002.
21 II. I.AUltlK
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date l Intend toapplyto tho Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works at Victoria torn special
license io eut and curry away Umber from the
following desorlhed lamis in the South Kast
Kooienay dislrict:
iiimiiii'iii'lm: ut a post planted oil Mideast
hank of Perry creek, about  Iho and one-half
miles down the oreek from Old Town, tlienoe
north 80 ehalns, tlionce west so chains, thenco
BOUlll 80 olllllnSi   Ihence  east   -11  chains in the
point of commencement,
Aa.list Ist, 1002,
Nollce is hereby given that thirty ilaysafter
date 1 intend 10 apply to ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works ut Victoria foru special
license to cut nml carry away limber from the
following described lands in the south Kurt
Kootenny dlstrlot;
Commencing at a post planted alongside
fleorge A   Laurie's No. I post, ou lhe eusl  hank
or I'erry oreek, about two ami one-hull mile
down 1 lie oreek rrom < ild Town,thence si chains
wesi, thence smith mi chains ihence east so
chains, tlienoe north so chains to (lie place of
AllgllBl 1st. UH2,
Jl   2_ J. A. UUB1B.
Timber Notice
Notice Is horeby given tliat  thirty days nfter
lata I Intend tn apply to the Chlof Couimisiion-
•rnf Lands nml Works fir a  license tn eut and
'any away II nber from the followliii; described
Inuds between ;iho Kootonay river and Hold
reck In S'liith Fust Kootenay:
Coiiinieiielng nt a post planied im chains
ititliof the nortlionatj eornor nf LotNo.aao
tlieneo nmtli nil chains, Ilieaco  wesl  81 clinlns,
thenco ih :m chains, thoneo east 190 nlmlns,
mure»r ots. lo tin- bank of the Kootenny rivor,
llienee soul hoi ly along said river hank fo a poud
due easl of   the   place   of   beginning, tlieneo \r,
I ,ll""'i- '' or less, to the plueit  nr llOglulUng,
Haled IhllUTttlthiyuf July. 11102.
aa u. it. .mi nt.
Notice is hereby glvon that thirty ituysafiei-
tlau-1 Inteml tonppty to tlm cider Commissioner
of Lamis ami Works at Victoria for a special
license lo cot ami carry aw ay timber limn Die
Following doscriheit lauds in mo south Bast
Kootenay district:
Cuiliuienoing at a post planted about mie i|iiar-
iir or 11 nitie from the bank of 1'erry creek uml
ubout one mile smitliimsl  of CeorgB A. Liilllle's
itppllcatlou posi, tlienca north so chains, thctme
west SO clinlns. tlieneo smtili su chains, thence
nst oiinlns to the 1 mi 111 or commencement,
August 1st, MNI-',
Timber Notice
Notice Is Hereby Riven that tiiiny days after
flute 1 luicijil toapplj'totlioChlof Commtiiloner
of Liiiuti , nl Works for u llconifl to cut und
ray Umber from lho following lies*
mis na (he w, sl  hunk or llie Kootenay
011II1 Kits! KonleiiaVi
iiclnit al a post p Silted near tlie cross-
tall oreek north of Plumb Hob oreek hy
in west side or Kootonay river, iiieuae
linlns, thoneo   went su chain*, thenee
limine* Ihciicu oust BO chnlns lo idncc of
|)HlQ!| Hus .'mil day el .Inly,  .',
'.':l JAMBH I'AKK.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby glyon that thirty days after
ilnle 1 inteml io apply tn lhe Chief Commissioner
nr bunds ami Works roru llconso to cm aid
curry away lllmhor from tbo followhiK described lands on the west bunk of the Kooteuay
river in South Lad Kontcuav;
Commencing a! a past planted nenr tlio cross*
ing of .Small ere k north of I'liiiuii Hob creek by
lhe trull on the  west side  of   Knutcnuy river,
tlionce north SO oiinlns, thoneo west sn chains,
thence south bo chains, thence easl ko chains to
the placo Df beginning,
Ilalod tills 20tll day of July, tlKfi.
83 J, A. V. I'BKSTON.
tiiH ..r t
lhc I nil
•nt" mineral olulnt, situate in the Pi
Steele Mlalug Division or Bast Kootenny ^Dislrict,
Where located Palmer Mountain.
lake notice that 1. William .1. Hamilton, froe
liner's oortlflcate No, llOOHo, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder fora certificate or Improvements for the
purpose of obtululng a Crown Oram ofthe
above claim,
And fin ther take notice that action under Sec-
ton 37 nmsl be commenced before the Issuance
»r such cert floats nf Improvements,
Hated this 4th day of July, mz
Take nollce Ibal thirty days after date 1 lll-
tt'iit to apply io the chler Commissioner or
tls ami Works for  a  special  license IO out
and carry away timber from the following do-
ibed lands,situate on si. .muds river, Knsi
ml enay district:
'oinmeuolng at a post planted on tliellnool
tlie 1 niiailian I'acliic railway 1 eaen ose,1o 1 he
Hell (touring creek trull, Ihenee in chains sunlit,
theuce uui chains east, theuce w chains north,
thenco igo chains west to the pin r commence
ment, containing W0 aoras,
Kim berley, II, a, July mth, iftift
"llellevllle" mlnonil claim, sitnalo lu iho Port
Sleele .MlnllU' IHvhlon of lust Kontciiuy I'ls-
Whore loi'iiiet'-rainifi Mountain,
Ink nice ihat 1, William J. Hamilton, free
minor'seorlltlcnie Nn. licoHO intend sixty.dais
from Ihu date hereof 10 apply In iho Mining lie
eoi'di'l foi' a ci'l'tlllcllte of i|ii|>rnven Is Tor the
purpose or 0111111111111; a Crown iiront or lhe
above claim.
Ami lake liiilher mil ce tlinl a. tlmi under Sec
linn 3. iniisl he coniinuiu'eil before the Issiuince
of sueh certlflcite of lliliirox'ini'llts.
Dated this oth day of July, 1002,
Notice Is hereby given tluu thirty dnys'sftei
iiute 1 intend to apply to the chief 1 'ommlssloii'
erof Lands and Works for permission to pros
poet ror cmil on the following described lands:
Starting at n post planted on lhu wcsl hank of
llie north fork of .Michel creek, al I live miles
above the north'bouudury or 1.01 45-s, u. 1,011
said creek, tlienoe so chains sontli, tlieneo su
etiuins east, tlienoe so chains north, theuce so
chains wesi 11 poiLt of comiuenceineut.
Hated this l.jlli day of July, LHU.
20 C. W. CRAIN,
Notice is hciviiy given that llilrty dajs afte
dale I intend to apply lot he Clilei Com 10 is done
or Lands nnd Works for permission to prospect
ror coal on the followtnit described lands:
Starting at a post plnntod on the west bunk or
the norili fork of Michel ct*i ek, ubout live mill
above tlio north boundary of hot 4588, U. l,<
mid creok. thenee sn chains north, ihence so
chains west, thence ho oiinlns south, thenee.su
chains east to pulul or oouiiiicnceuient.
Dated this soth day of August, 1(104.
21 M. MiTNNI'S.
     Hy Ids atieiit, C. M. Bdwurdi
Notb e Is hereby given that thirty Jays niter
date i intend to apply 10 ihe Chief'Commissioner
of Unds and Wor-ts for permission to prospect
ror coal nu the fulfowlug des.-riln il lamis;
Starting nt a stage planied ou the west hank
or ihc tmrtli fork nf Michel creek, nbout 11
miles above Iho norili htuilidnn of Lot 4'88, li,
on*suiii oreek, theuce 80 chnlns oast, thenee
chains north, sl hence sn clinlns wost, thence 80
chains south 10 point of commencement,
Dated tills 20th day of Ail-.nst, 1808,
Hy Ills agent, 0, M. Bdwnr-
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given that thirty dayssflcr
dnt'* 1 iiueu.i io make application to tho c
Commissioner ur [.anils ami Works r,u a spt
license tn cut and entry nwny Umber from
following described hunts;
Commencing ut the N. K corner post situ.
on iho w-eitMlenfc. p, nilhok 331, and
mile from 11 a. Itubson's corner 1 uu, them
chains south, thence so clinlns wen, Iliem
chains uortli, thence hi chains 1 ait to the point
of commencement, om acres, more or loss,
Cranbrook, itiih August, iojS.
31 (*. II. BLACK,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given ihat thirty days after
date 1 intend to make application to ibe Chief
Coinmls-'ion-i' of Lands and Works fur po
sjoa to cut ami carry away tlmb, r from lhe
In mill* dcscii'u'd lands;
Commeiicingat the N, K. corner post Hlluuted
on lhe wcsl side of C, I'. It. block 831. nnd nl
one quarter of a mile from the railroad, from
said pmll KU chnlns soutn, theuce nu chains west.
thence 8Qchains north, theuce 80chidua ensi to
tbe point of commeneement, 640 acres, more 01
Cranbrook, August ifilh, 1002.
21 II. A. H01.30N,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days nftor
dale I lateiui to apply to the Chief Commissioner
or Lauds and Works for a special license 10 cut
and curry uway timber from ihe following
described lamis:
Commencing at a post market! "W. 1. Dar*
llng'sN, B, corner" plunted on Chlpka Creok,
une mile weal or ihe luiul Included in P. Lund's
Special limber license, tn South last Kooienay,
thenee west so chains, thence south su ehalus,
tlienoe east 80 ehalus. tlienca north twchulus to
point of eiiiuiiiencemeiil, cniiiiitnim. 040 ueres,
more or less.
Hilled this 2Mb duy or August, 1002,
21 W. L, HAllLINf),
Timber Notice
Notlco Is heroby given tbut thirty days nfter
Hale I inien.t to apply t« the Chlof Comiiilssion-
ei or Luii.t-.nml Works Mrn license lo cut and
carry nwuy llinhor rrom the following described
llimls °" (1 reek hi .South ICusl Kootenay:
Oommonetiij* at 11 post planted IO) ehalns
uoiuiuiiti nii eiiauis west of the northwest ear-
or Lot No. H20, theme west 10chnlns, thence
bans, thenco west 80 chains, thence
mains, thenee west 80chains, thouce
not Hi -j
imtiii no chiti
south 40 chnl
south Hi chm
south 40 chnl
Dated thh
ins. ihence west 20chnlns, thenee
is, tlienoe eusl 40 chnlns, thenco
is, Ihence east 40 chains, thenee
m, Hienoe ous! an chains, thence
's to place nr beginning.
"JUi duy of July, 1002,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thnt thirty days after
date 1 Intend tu apply lo the Chief CoiumlMlonef
or Lands ami Works fora special lloetiio to out
nml carry uway timber from ihe following described lauds:
Commencing: at a pant marked "it. it. Jamie-
son's N, B, corner" plunted ntjlhe southwest
miicr id W, I-', tluril'spurchase, one mile wei!
of the inutwest corner of I,ol ;i.'., tiroup 1, Knit
Kooteuay, tlienoe west 411 chains, thenc iiii
10a ehalus, tlionce oust in ohalni, thence north
imi chains to the phi -e of ho.liiuhig, containing
040acres, inure or le-s,
Hilled tills 86tll day of August, 1008.
Timber Notice
Notice ;m hcrebyjglven thai thirty days aftor
dute I Intend to apply lo the chief Cum mission-
er of Lamis and   Works for 11 special lloctllO (o
cut und curry uwuy timber from the 'oltowlng
doscrlbod lauds 1
Couiiiieiichig ul a pus! lunik -d "II, It. Jnilllo-
son's N. K. corner" plunted uu lhe north liaiik
of llilpka Crock nl tlio loillltwest coinei- of lhe
Iiind Included in J. Hreokenrldgo's Rpuolal tlm*
lier license, in   Soulh   Bust   Kotileiiuy, tlieiii
wesl sn i-luiliis, Ihenee south Nl ollSltll, tllUlli
ust so oiinlns, thence north so chains m nm
plaeeof beginning, eoninlmng wo acres, 1 0
or less.
Dated Ibis 'Jflih duy of August, IDoa,
Timber Notice
Notice h hereby given that thirty ilaysafter
dale l will apply to the chief 1 ommlsstoner
of Lands uud Works bir (isriulssloii lo cut and
remove timber rrom the follow lug described
Commencing ni th.' northeast corner p ist situated on the west bunk of Moyle river nbuut iuu
yards b ititli Irani the fulls, suiith sictiulns,
thenco wesl nn chains, theuce north so chains,
tlieneo ensi si) eluiius to the point of commencing, 11 it)acres, moie or loss,
craubrook, .'tiili August, 1002,
24 HlHill A. IHHISON.
ii Hot Sun Ruins a Building...    I
H If you want to protect the build- [2
0 ing PAINT it.  The QUICKER you 1
g you paint it the more money you H
M will save. We paint buildings and
p] use the best of material.
H Paper Mangers and Decorators.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tbut llilrty daysurter
dute I will apply tu the Chief Commissioner of
Lands mid Works fora special license to cut
and carry away timber from tlie following described hinds?
Commencing nl tho southwest corner post,
placed oil the blink of Mny le river nun li of Huberts' placer mine und hall mile west from the
junction of Moyie river und Nigger creek, east
Hi) chains, tlienoe north Ni chains, thenee wesl
ho 1 hams, thence south mi chains to the point of
niiiuiieiif emeiu, HU) acres, moro or less.
( ruubintik, -'Uh Angus!, 1008.
24 ItUliEKT I.OHSoN.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wl,„l,s.ls- aad Kclall
Meat Mercltants
Lrcsh and Cured Meats Frtdll
I'ish, (iame and Poultry.
We supply only the liest.
trade is solicited.
W. F. fJURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Craabraok aad Maryavllle, ft. C.
Draying and
Plana.) Moving a Specialty
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. O. Fori Steele, B. C.
Undertaking: And
Graduate cf Champion college of U.   S
Office nud store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce, Cranbrook, 11 C
Upholstering and General Furniture Repilrlag
Will ntU'iiil to any work In the district
Annul for the Brandon Marble and tlranlle
Works,   Tumbstoncs, HeadstoRci, etc.
I.O.O.P.   Key Cily Lotffe
No. Vi,  Meets every Mini
day nie. 1,t at their hull 0
linker street,   HoJoiiriilHg
'., M.   tt*H-| Illlf.
Oeorge Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   Ali kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain   Railway  Co
. !!.i,-l.t-i
Iraaanuk l.uslie. No. J.
A. I', i A. M.
K.'K.l.l.r Mit'dli,,.. on ,llllilill  TlHKHilay nf lhe
\ Isl, mc ,.,.-■ tt.-rri wels-oi,„'il.
tlr.„. A. f.RlTOH, Nr,,'..
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda valet in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
Ttie only all rail route lie! ween all
points Mast, West ami South to....
Intermediate Poinls.
Connecting nt
SI'OKANl'l will, the
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and 0. R. & N. Company.
Cnnuests at
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenny   Lake Point*,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connect. ,l„ilv
At    lliissl.iirtt   Stage   Daily   for
(irand Porks and (Ireenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. 1'asa. Ail.
I have (food wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsilc ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There arc a few poinls lo
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   M a if ii
and the price.
Have you talked wllh anyone aboul building?
Came and ace me or let mc ace you. II may
do us both good.
Contractor. ■*
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
cavalry in ihis i-ospoct.     II,- m
| t"   thiols   luoniHOll   l-lllos   Would
WHAT THEY ARE  FROM VIEWPOINT I """'' lms ""I »lv« ll""1 cavalr;
lillli't's  OS
u,„l wuldlory,
l'ol   Loaiiiid hi.iti lie ,»,
w,),-,i for "Tominj, Alklna
,s   ,,, lloil ,„■  Infantry   iu
hail diluted onlj  un his
ihey    Bald   I,,- Inckod In,
thnl he sv„s llcl|,ls)s« ,,„  ,
Poopto lind heard ull tliln
o When in town don't
a forget to stop at the...
" Victoria House
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
lull..   I.I
■t   Bay   u
' whether
11.   I'l-ltllH
mishaps ,
io      lii-l.l.
v of  All.ins'   |,|||.
h, ll.- (Colonel
Klit wiih KiikMsIi
illusion wus that
■Ll'S     llllll llll'kfll
l.i--,,nlj    imii
Hoops, uml his
If they uiiulo 11
linllvlmiitllty tlii'ii ot lur.-      Biiro|ioitn
troops nmsl  ho alinllni-ly      Itickln-j,
"While  iilhiehi-il   It.   Hon.   French,   ns
Mill us lu coininnud uf my own regl-
nii'iit, 1 have boon fighting Willi ro-
gulni* troops, nml I cannot recollect
nm*     insiiiiii-j whore rognlnr troop*
did   mil   come  up  to  all   Hint was
oxpoetod of them." (Applause.) Tho
speaker rolatotl several incidents,
showing remiiiliiilili!  Initiative    nml
Intolllg -i* on   tin* part of  British
regulars, such us when u lietilunant
mul ton mon captured 29 of Steyn's
The lecturer tloscHbod tho brilliant
work   of (Ion.   French    in   Uiu Colos-
' burg district-, ami expressed lho   be-
| lief tlmt if ho had hud 15,000   men
j Instead     of   2,600,    he would havo
j gone straight through to Blo'omfon-
letn at the time.    Col.   Lessnrd left
Fronch's staff, being ordered to Onpo
Town to tuke command of tlie Cana-
dinii   Mounted Ittfloa.    One of
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything Fiistclass
Opposite Depot
L. ii. Gubbins,
J. T, Dendurant,
Physician and Surgeon.
(Hike at Residence, Armenia, Ave.
Fnrenoona, .... g;,ll| to II
Aflerimona - - - - l:.lll lii.l.JII
Kvenlagg     ■■■.     7..Ill lo »:.lll
11. C
U,    III/ I   l.L,.... |«
iti ti
ll-   ************************   tb
*       PETER MATHI-SI1N. Proprlelor.       £
ilis )i
pnidrons^luj,,,- Williams-was   Uo- I *   ■««*««««"«»««   5
inched from lho regiment,  inuiii     to I*   When you are hungry  und   until   $
his regret.     This regret ho mention-   5 a_gootl meal go to tlie liasl  5
oil lo Gen, Kitchener, wbo enmo to
see him un one occasion, whereupon
the general, whom lm found one of
tbo mosl approachable uml affatilo
of men. Immediately restored the
squadron. Col. Lossard recounted
very realistically tho several en-
gngomonts In which the CJnnadin.11
Mounted Rifles took purl, beginning
nt Braudfort, uml ending at Belfast,
where three ot the regiment won the
Victoria Cross. He told of 0110
Canadian subaltern who! with a
squad of men, gavo chase to a Door
convoy without asking orders, having no time to notify his commander. Tiiere was BOlllfl talk of arrest by the general, but next morning tbe Canadians turned up with
Hie ruptured convoy, Including a
wagon load of ammunition*      where-
IO Kile n ay. j
IJJ   When you  nre tired ami want a £
*H good rent go to the liasl Koo- i*
jjj tenay. j
m When j mi are thirty and want a *
ffl pood drink   go   to  lhe   liasl S
* Kootenny. *
U|   In fact wll ti you nre in Cranbrook {£
it, stop at the liast Kootenay. <*}
Value of Niuitfd I titan try Fruvrdlu South
Africa, Uut   ll  liuti N.i  Follow lhat
CM*lry wm u* Uitlen in 1 utura Con-
flloU    III* L'-tUHdiktu  Muiiiiii-il  11,11.-. 111
lb* 111u1pt1i4.11
Tbe Military    liiHlllutu hi Toronto
promises a Hpicmiid scuts ,d loo
turoe this wini.*i-. •|'hi> iirsi ono
wna delivered the Qther night by
Ueut.-Col. Lessaid, who couimiiiul-
ni the Canadian Mounted Ulil.-s in
South Africa.
j    In   the     llrsl portion l'ol.  Lessnrd
drew some valuable IcasoiiB from the
war, with particular reference lo
cavalry uml mounted Infantry. Tho
latter pari of bis address wus a
graphic narrative of his own experiences in South Africa, nnd wns
of absorbing interest. It wus illustrated by limps uml by blackboard drawings, nnd convoyed a
vivid idea of sevecul thrilling incidents and critical situations of t ho
Col. Lessnrd pointed out that there
were only 20,000 horses in the llritish army ou n peace establishment.
Therefore at the outbreak of tint
war It was short 88,000 horses,
which had to be got somewhere,
and shipped to Smith Africa.
Subsequently there wus ihe largo
number required to repair wastage,
which, owing to tho character of iho
war and oilier causes, wns unusually
great. At present there were 80,-
OOO horses in South Africa, exclusive
of transport und other mounted details.
Some people Imagined, said Col.
Lessnrd, that the War hnd shown
that tlie cavalry foature wus to disappear entirely, and give wny to
mounted Infantry. This wns virtually assuming that Ureal Britain invariably would be fighting an nrmy
like the Doers, composed almost entirely of mounted Infantry, whereas
the probability was that any war
would be with the armies of Europe.
Sume hnd also affirmed that the
cavalry should be swept away, because il did not fulfill qulto what
was expected of it in South Africa.
But It should be remembered that
from the very commencement it wus
seriously handicapped in lho matter
of horses, having frequently to press ' upon everything whs serene, ami thi
forward with animals barely recov- 1 officer highly commended,
en-d from the effects of long voyages, J '
untrained, and iinaccllmatlsed.       It | 8te»m Tr»wlli.it In the Fuel 11c.
wns much harder for the untrained I     A scheme is on foot in Victoria, Ti
■ horse to   carry tlio weight of n man ' '■■• for lhe establishment on an   ex
and his equlppmont than tho trained    tensive .scale of steam trawling,,    a]
horse;     the  untrained  horse would ' mode of fishing which is entirely new
play out much quicker.     in      fact ' '" our l^clflo waters, where our gill...
tho horses reached South Africa more    nets,    ding    seines and bait  hooks Halifax
or less played out, uml Instead of a ' have been solely used.    This    Btylo RnefAn
whole    mouth's    rest    which    ihey    of fishing, which consists in the .use J]       '
should have got at  Capo Town, they | of a     huge dredge or beam      trawl,   I>CW Y0I"K
were so urgently needed thnt    they i dragging   aloug    the bottom of the
were pressed forward with unreason-     sen.  is most effective for tho capture        Upper   Lake StcaillCrS
able despatch, cooped up on u   nni-    of halibut und flot (Ish, such as tho
row gauge railway,  with  necks bent I *"le.     it is Ihollghl   thai     tlie adop-
for   three  or  four  days;   then       after \   lioii-of   sleam   trawling   will      result
detraining they had to undorgo a ' In Inrgo cnicl.es of excellenl fish,
march of seven days, with nu allow- I which cniinoi ho taken by the methanes  of only   10   pounds  of  oatfl  per j  oils   nl   present   employed,      Hitherto
<lny, no buy, und water only    when ' the    fishery authorities in     Canada
available.      There   weie   times    who'h     have   not   favorod   the  use      of     the!	
the cavalry were ordered to pursue    beam trawl, owing to tbe     conflict
and could not do it; it wns .,11   tho '■ which took place i„ European    wat-    TOURIST SLEEPER SERVICE
horses could do 10 walk with their ' ers. especially ol! iho coasts of Scot-
load; oflen, indeed, the riders    had    land, betw 1    the ordinary    flshcr-| EAST
io dismount. j mon and stoam trawl companies,   t
It was strange thnt if mounted in- ' Hnve occasions during the last tt
fniitry wns io supersede cavalry nl- '. yoars attempts hnve been made to i
togothor, that Russia, Franco, nor- ' troduce stoam trawling on the Mia
many, und other countries had taken tic coast of Canada, bul the Flahe
no steps to adopt tho system They ies Departmeul did not regard il
bad attaches with both Britons nnd Innovation with favor, nml in some Leave Revelifokf daily ler Seattle, Vmcohw
liners,  nml  they  hnd fully  reported    ensn    Hu*    experiments were dlsap- and coast cities
to their dovcruinents.     Col,      Los-    pointing.   Hence, those enterprises in
said said bo believed thai  the   liist    Canadian waters foil through,      Tlie     _. '	
feature of uny European war of the Canadian fishery laws rto not mnke' Through llckeli lo Europe via all Atlantic
future would be 11 inii; liiy encounter uny provision for steam trawling, Unea. I'rrpaiJ licked I rum all poinls at
beiweeu cavalry forces, which would] but  the Impression prevails that    if lowest rales.   Tor full particulars apply io
local axi'iils.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount of principal and int rest, euepl In the
case ul lands under J2.S0 an acre, is divided into len iaslalmtnls as
shown In Ihe table below; Ihe first lo be paid at the lime ol purchase, tne second une year from dale of Ihe purchase, the third in
two years and so on.
The following table shows Ihe amounl of the annual Instalments
on 160 acres at different prices under the above conditions:
IMI acrs at S2.S0 per acr, Isl inalaiment I5».»5   9 equal intal'ls al $50.00
3.00     •• .. 71.90 » oli.lio
3.50     •■ ■• MM •• 70.00
(00     " " »5.»5 •• AO.00
(-50     •• •■ 107.85 " woo
5.00     " •• 19.85 .. 100.00
Kimberley is ,he busincss •nd shipping point for Ihe
J  North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWEI.L, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ,he -divisional point of thc Crows Nesl Pass
Railway and Ihe commercial centre of Smith
Easl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further Information apply la agents aa above or lo
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
II the land is paid for In full al the
time of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal 10 len per
cent on the amounl paid in eicess of Ihe
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
In the following lown sites in Easl kooienay: lilko, Cranbrook. Mow-Ik-, Kitch.
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-ihird
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range and thc gateway to ihe White
Arouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsile Agent.
A.  lAYLOR, District Land Agenl, Nelson, B. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
St. John
San Francisco
Lv. Fori William, Sua., Tne., Frl.
Leave I,,,,,,,,.,,.- .luncllnn dally for Sl. I'aul
I case Kootena) landing Inc..Ins aad Salur
da, tor Ii.n.,,1.. and all sn.urii point,
bo n ureal fuctor in tlotormtnlnn 1 ),p
issn,. .,( il„. \v„r Still ,l„. floor
is-,,,- hnd il,,,,l.v eatnbllalieil lhu vnluo
,,l mounted Infantry nnil the Iti'lllah
army wna tlm out)' Kuroripan     ono
lining that   Iin,11. I.
TllOro Wll,,  s,   lOlldcNOy   to iltriv  tl,0
vnluo ol dimpling nnd irnl si.     A
innt'o correct .,.-,. sacmed lo 1,- Lisa!
if il.., II,,..,s I,,,,I tlio mllllarj vnluo
In untta equal to lhal which 11,,-y
poanouaoil Indtvidiially, il„-v could
have iiiccocilod ,,. „ .legrco iinpleaa
mil 1., conlomplato, Tha iiiiiiilng
ol Uie lui,,,-,. ahould comb  lho Individuality nltown by tho lloora „,„l
.tlio cotonlnla with ,i„' imwor ,.1 ,„s-
i„a 1.1 iinlta, and In tlio coherent
liislilnn   thnl  ifood Irolnlnii      only
...III,I    |ll.,,llHV I'll,,    -iiilil,., I,Ml
yenra „«,, hnd „,,lv 1,. ,,i..-\ . now
In. Innl in think 1 Ipplni I. Cavalry,   m, li,i   Irom bolng nholl.licd,
alinulil I,,, roniloroil  ,-o Dlllrlxnt, na
lha ovoa nnd onra ol llio nrmy li
ahould    !„' hroughl up 1., .I.m. nnd
Unlit    on fool  na well na  inioil
li  iini'iI tn lie s-uii«i.I.'i nl 11 ills^raca
by tin- cavalry to ilsslu mi In,,,. 1,1,1    t,.„rii.
Ihey    nmsl K«'i down ,,, It,    Thoy ,    |, {\
ahould l»' liulii   11. iiiiii,ly 1
ed   <„,    .vi'll-l,,,>,l   1,
iln> onlorprlso is revived it will
moot witli greater favor than wna
lm ly extomlcd lln' N.'.v Zealand ,i„v,',„„„',,i haa lately i> , ex-
,,,'iji,unit inn with tl,,' sleam trawl,
mnl i.m, 1,mils were mado along 11..,
.-..nst ..I iluit colony, remitting 111
lho capture ..I some ten apecloa ..I
valuable lisii. A report recently Issued by   lho   Qovernmont of     \.\s
/ m.l k|,,'„k« hopcfttlly     „(     tins
 li- nl hailing
A. (I. V. t ,
\ .11,1.11111-1
Wll* IP   (U1lll.it,   I  HU    |||-t|    l>|-||N.
prof, Uuni. iii tho Natural    ITI*
tofy   Museum, of  New   YoiK,     latolj
lieiuiiieit tiioiu n  trip Hi rough part a
of Buropo nml Asia.     While in Per-
sin Mr. Ward wns aliovn n iiii'ti-orilo
' weiuliiiit-   HI)  pounds,   which   Ml      iu
: 1880, mul which, n wus claliuod.waa
the lai'ffi'81 over found A*, n token
ot good will thu profoaaor waa  pro-
senled   Willi   u   pieie   of    it.    Wel|(lllllf|
2 1 '6 pouuda, ivbiili now safely   reposes 111 the New  York  Mu Hell 111, and
\ which, bo Kti.v.H, is worth its   woiffht
gold.    Titers aro only four mo-
known h« says.
piufessor would    make      a
j trip  tu  Ollkvllle be could  be     shown
perfectly   n nfih    metoorlto, wolffhlug        ISO
! pounds, am] Which, eiltiiMlslv   onOUgll,
Col. l.essuitl quoted Sir Bdward iyii in the aamo year us tlie Persian
ITutton's definition of mounted rifles one—1880. The owner of tho farm
us belug Infantry rendered mobile for nenr tuMtville, mid bis family, were
ii temporary purpose, and bis opln- ' sitting on the verandah one evening,
lun Hun to meet Hie future demands i when thoy saw something bright
nf stt-alBgy und tactics, the pre em ' strike the oarth BOO yards away.and
system of mountod Infantry Bhould with a hissing sound, sunk oui of
bo placed upon n recognized und sight. Tho hoavy muss had hurled
Ro I Id luisiH. *'l think our cavalry ' itself over seven feet. It was alio Canada should ba mounted rifles," j lowed  to cool, mid afterwards wns
mild the lecturer. This could not be ' raised, und now is uu object of
done, howevor, by saying lho word. | curiosity to Hie neighbors, ft aa
«s bo knew cavalrymen wbo doclnrod well ns the farm Is iintv owned bv
they would bs nothing else. Just us Mr. finny Otddlngs, of lhe Cedar
there wore artillerymen und Infnn- (jrove Stock I-'min. who Bays that
tryiiien who declared tbey would be prof, \vHrd can havo It nt a Minium-thing pise. lie did nol blume [y iUSs price tbnn iis weight In gold
them ut all; it WttS a perfectly nn-
luritl spirit,  mid  be apprecinted     It.
Prom the standpoint of tin* llritish
army it was not easy to con template fighting a Europonn power
without a cavalry, though) of
'course, the man on fool, must sllll
be the backbone of the army. Whilu
admitting this, they must nlso ud'
init. tbe necessity of mounted Infantry. Only a certain force of cavalry could be kept up owiux lo lha
great expense. According to Sir
#dw*u4 Uultoa-, mounted    infuntry
C'uitl   Iiiini   Ni.tliliiyi,
Tbe rich have lo pay money     for
t 'Inist inns    presents,   t ho poor      can
rubbor at tho shop windows without
pitying a cent.—Hamilton Spectator.
Itni.i   Mil. |» Vmir Wlf«.
einlueiit doctor says that a for
coal   Is filial   to Llie lieallh, even    In
ll.u wlnliir time.    A very   ordinary
loan   mIt;lit  consider  ti   muslin      oue
even more *-u - Hull ltcforiiit-r.
J. S. CARTER, II. p, O. Nelson, B.C.
Iicni'i nl Majnr Howe,
l.elhbrldrc N.ws: Majoi Howe, conv
mandnnt of the Macleod poll, N. W. M.
P„ died very suddenly ou Sunday eve
ning t>uly a few mluulea before the
major wns conversing with several of lhc
' i.nimniui mul appeared lo !»■ iu per feci
health Returning t<> his quarters lie
Mink down in ii fainting condition ni the
iniit ut the stairway, but it-covering
omewhnt   he    reached his bedroom,
wlii'ie, ii feu mllllltCI sftSI WSTtls lie win*
found in In- di-iid     II.- leaves ii wile nml
two children to  mourn  his less.   The
miijni joined the force In 1X7--, served 111
ilu- rebellion in 1B85, volunlceieil in the
md contingent mul seived a yenr fn
South A fries 1 on bis ret 11111 he! tin glvt-n
the commniid nl ibe Macleod pnst. Tbe
funeral lakes place today,
Major llnwe hhi well known to 11
number of citizens <>f Cranbrook aud
only a few weeks ago he spent two <ln>s
here recruiting for the mounted police.
Prom the .Movie Under
The Moyle school starteil on Monday
with -ir. cullilren ailendltig.
An 80-foot smoke stack Is being put
up at the Si. E ii;ene boilers,
.lames Praier has gone to Cranbrook
■ here lie will continue lu the employ
of (i. ll Miner.
Mr. (Od Liwloi has returned to town,
ll.! has been living In Craubrook  for
some tluu* past.
.1 Mc Master, who haa been working
In I*. Burns ami Co'a shop here for several months,has been liau-f 1 ed lo the
Hiiue company's simp ai Peiule, J H.
Ilawke Hill take his pUce,
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
 ALL,   KINLiS   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, i
7 *
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARVSVILLE, the Smelter City of
South East Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kind. Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
"This Guarantee Label"
which Is placed
In the left hand
pocket of the coat
or overcoat In
"Royal Brand"
is not there for Ornament.
It is a guarantee that" Royal Brand" Clothing
is—Tailor-made, manufactured under the roof of
£. A. Small & Co., its owners.
The label also serves to distinguish this
clothing from other makers, and prevents your
purchasing Inferior Clothing oft times sold as
" Tailor-made. "
Such Clothing, has a "sightly appear-
ranee " but is of little value, inferior workmanship
and poor materials being employed in its construction, it therefore does not hold its shape, nor
give satisfaction.
At a Safc-juird look for the Soyal Brand labtl In tht pocket
-®-®-&-S) *8|>-
A Summer Fire
Is a Common Thing
Are you insured? That Fire may
come this week or next. Don't
wait. Save yourself by insurintz
Reid & Co. Agents For Cranbrook.
and Builder *
All work gaaraalced.   See u. before
yaa build.   II will pal )"■
Cranbrook, B t
Call at Tom's Barber Shop, Victoria House, opposite depot.
Tha alio,, 1. n«ul, the tossd. are .-lean,
Tbe .lieaiH ,sr„ ,t„„|>, t,„- ,„/",- keen.
Ami ,'.,eiytlili>„ tint, .kill ,-,„■ <l„
If V... -11 Wll he'll .1., 10. .„„.
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Saavi ISc      Halt Cu. He.     Sbaaipoo ISc.
Refine,) I lu.iiijlinsit
One of ibe Most Comfortable
Hotels in Bsst Kooteusy.
Newly Furnished
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Teft.,,9 b.,,1 ilrtvrra furni.hed for an.t
point it. the -ti-.,.,.-t.
Manager   Jt   jt   Jt
We have a stock o(
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. *w
It will make you feel like
Bracing Up
if you only take a look
at our Fall range of
Two cases newly opened up and ready
for inspection. * * Many styles of
webs, buckles and ends. * * The
'President' Brace, the easiest and most
comfortable brace on thc mrrkct. * *
Reid & Co.
N. B.--Store closed Labor Day.
to o
to You can generally please a woman with Chinaware.    You <^
'^ can make home life brighter, because Chinaware will improve A
U the appearance of thc home and increase the pleasure of the >v
3£ occupants.    ..*   Wc will be pleased to have you look at our X
to        97 piece Dinner Sets,    ■       •       $12, $14, $15        <;>
'to        44 piece Tea Sets,   ■       •        $5, $8, $10, $14        O
^        10 piece Toilci Sets, $4, $6        <$
\to Odd pieces in Kobalt and Wedgewood. .*   Cut Glass Tumb- \7
'to lers.   J   J   Lots of little odds and ends and useful articles O,
& Fancy and Staple  Groceries  and Crockery, x
.     Fresh Beef, Pork,
•^   Mutton, etc.SSS
T        Pork Sausage, Poultry, Fish and
Game in Season.
Mfrs. of KoukIi and Dressed Lumber, Shingles and Lath Q
Of all kinds of DRY LUMBER on hand. Can load
from I to 5 cars per day. We will quote prices on
Mill wllh Capacity lr„„s 25,000 lo 30,000 per day
Marysville and Kimberley, B. C.
jjj      Spokane, Wash., October 6th to 14th, 1902, Inclusive.      $
0     Of
I Stock S
1 Fine Arts Exhibit Ste
I Fruit Exhibits mNSMr
S Eight Day Racing »«gMS
I Agricultural Exhibits
FARM I'klllll'CIS
*     BUST MUSIC—Autinenieut exlraordtoary.   Concession privtlefteaofalt a.
J kinds for sale.   Write for cataloune. GEO, H. MARTIN,        JJ
»        PRANK LEAKI!, Advertising Agent. Mgr, and See'y, Jjj
'Tis stiitl that persona living on arjQiilttea
Are longer lived  tt.nti others — Cud
know, «l,y,
t'nless to  plug,!,'  III.' grantors, yet so
it Is,
Thai so,,,.', I really think, ,1„ NRVBR
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
i •)««»■»»• • ♦ • • • ♦»*♦•*•♦ ■>->■> >f»)
Proprietor of tlie
Candy Kitchen
Carries a complete sloes of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. ntve una call
t^....,....,.. ••......... .i
it, of Interior or exterior of your liomp go to **
* MiiHtmir work will reoslv* our but atten £
*i        lion.   NiinivHl.l.'iit wnrk snili'iliil        i*
I Sell This Brand of Silverware
"Silver Plate that Wears."
Olllclal Walch l„ pcsinr tor
Crows Nea. dlvlrtnn C. P. it.
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing....
Outside Orders Promptly
Attended lo.
Two plastered rooms for
rent over Herald Office.
Inquire of
or at Herald Office
• •••♦♦••♦♦•••* * a,
*•        . _  _ _ »
Picked  Up About the City   by Asking
Questions of  Many  People.
Owing to some misunderstandings in
the past The Herald hereafter will make
;t (Int rate of 7# cents per line for first
insertions and 5 citits per tine each subsequent insertion for church and society
locals advertising paid entertainments.
No tickets received in lieu of advertising
or us romplimentaries. Business of this
character will be transacted on a cash
basis hereafter.
Hurry Lindley next Friday.
Next IMondiiy is Labor day.
Hurry Fairfield visited Klko last Sunday.
W. T. Reid is making some improvements ut his home.
Mr. Campbell of Moyie, was in town
two days this week.
Hurry Nevin spent several days in
Pincher Creek this week.
Miss Cardiff is visiting Mrs. L. M.
Munsfielil at Jiiffray this week,
Mrs. J. Breckenridge has gone to Michel to visit friends a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittie of Fort
Steele were in town last Friday.
Hurry Rubichaud, formerly a brake-
man on the Crow, returned Tuesday.
Wanted—Nurse girl, 14 or 15 years
old. R- JO Beattie.
L B. VnnPecar received another bear
Wednesday to mate the one he now has.
A. L. McDermot, the collector of customs, paid Moyie an official visit Tuea-
J. P. Fink nnd Fred Hszen spent several days in the St. Marys country this
S Richards is improving the appearance of his home by extending lhe veranda.
J. Burns has returned from Macleod
and is now night man at the C. P. R,
P. Lund was In Wardner several days
this week looking afler some business
Mrs. (1. H. Dremner and little daughter Bessie went to Sirdar Tuesday for
uu outing.
Mrs. Prest joined the Reld camping
party at Moyle last Monday for a few
duys' outing.
For Rent—four rooms in cottage in
southwestern part of town. Inquire at
Herald olfice.
W. R. Ross of Pernie spent several
days In Crauhiook the past week on
legal business.
J. II Scott and wife and Miss Vangie
Nevin enjoyed a fishing trip to Kitchener this week.
Il.nrv Lindley anil his company will
be nt Wentworth hall for a week commencing Friday.
J. A. Harvey and wife anil Government
Agent Armstrong aud wife, were in
Cranbiook Tuesday.
Robert Johnson left the li > upital thi*
week alter u long siege of fever. He
wcnl to Moyle Tuesday.
Fred Bowness has returned to Cranbrook after an extended stay down the
line us far as Lethbridge,
II Haines, mauager of the Canadian
Batik of Commerce, returned Tuesday
from his visit to the east.
George II. Webster, general superintendent of the tie department of the C,
P. 10, was in town Saturday.
Messrs. Woodward, Donahue and Casey of Wardner, were ia town Tuesday
a lending the Martinier trial.
A, W McVittie is now busily engaged
surveying the townsite of Morrissey.
His brother Harry is assisting him.
Don't forget Harry Lindley, the well
known comedian. His company appears Friday night at Wentworth hall.
A boy was horn to Mr. and Mrs. G. R.
C. Taylor on Wednesday of last week.
He is a dandy and all are doing well,
George Hoggarth, the well known hotel mnn of Klko, was in town Thutsday.
George is looking well and he says that
nl though there Is a change Klko sllll
look-, good to Iimi.
Fresh crisp, --0* °'-* »ge crisp, is the
crispy crlspness peculiar to our biscuits.
G. T. Rogers1 Grocery Store.
L B. VnnPecat wus takeu ill last Sun*
day and hns been contiued to his room
for several duy*.     He is recovering now.
Mrs. G. T. Rogers left last Thursday
for a trip to her former home in Manitoba. She expects to be absent about a
Mrs. Lewis I.ukes and daughter of
Toronto, have been the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. N, McL. Curran at the North
Star mine.
Pipe dreams cau be indulged in and a
cool smoke enjoyed if you buy Ogden'a
English Tobaccos ut G, T. Roger's Grocery Store.
More customers coming every day to
the Kootenay Furniture company, and
satin lied they have received the best for
their money.
Anived this week, another car ofthe
"high class furniture" for which we are
famous. The tkootenay Furniture company, limited.
Air. Fink expects   Mrs,   Fink to leave
Sweden for Craubrook in a lew days.
She will probably reach home some time
in September.
Charles Reid returned Monday from
the Slocan country. He Bait) that the
people sf South Kust Kooienay had no
cause to complain,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rookes entertained a number of friends at cards
Tuesday night. A very pleasaut evening was ei joyed by all.
The Cranbrook baseball cluh will go
to Frank on the 10th lo play the club of
that town, tbe occasion being the annual celebration of Frank,
D. V. Molt of Fernie was in town
Thursday. He was chock full of tales
and his infectuous smile made things
pleasant around the Cranbrook hotel for
a while that morning.
Mrs, E K. Orchard of Frank, passed
through Craubrook Monday for her old
home in Portland, Ore., for a visit. She
says Mr. Orchard is doing well and 'hat
business is good in Frank.
Jsmes Park of Grand Valley, Ont.,
and W. Colpman of Lethbridge, were iu
Cranbrook several days the past week
attending the organization ofthe Kast
Kootenay Lumber company,
Davt Griffith, the Wild Horse monopolist, was in town Tuesday, He brought
over I645 worth of gold dust from liis
claims on that creek, and he makes
trips of tbis kind every few weeks.
Tbt Herald is in receipt of a military
magazine published at Johannesburg,
South Africa, called the "South African
Constabulary," sent by Sam Rajotte,
who enlisted at Cranbrook two years
ago. '
Work is progressing rapidly ou the
telephone plant, and the telephones will
be installed by September 1. This is
going to prove a great convenience in
Craubrook and should be well patronized.
J. Fleishman, the jeweler, was in town
again lust week. Mr. Fleishman makes
regular trips through British Columbia
and has a line of cuitotners who always
buy of him, for he carries a fine line of
goods and gives satisfaction.
Barristers Gurd and Thompson, Li*
ense Commissioner McBride, W. N.
Clarke and J. T. Dendurent went to Fernie last Friday to attend a meeting nf
the license commission. Mr. Dendurent's application was laid over to tbe
next meeting.
George Brown, foreman of lhe King
mill, broke an arm last Friday by being
struck hy a board off the edger. He
laid off until Monday and then weut to
work again. Some men would have
quit for three months under tbe same
Conductor George Gougeon, wife and
boy left yesterday for Pembroke, Ont.,
for a visit with his father. Mr Gougeon,
senior, Is now 84 years old and wants to
set George btfore he dies. He has
raised a family of 22 children and George
was one of tht favorites,
Mr. K rick sou is now In charge of affairs as superintendent on a division ou
Likt Superior with headquarters at
Scbreiber. Mrs. Erickton and the
youngest daughter wilt leave for their
uew home about September 10. aud Miss
Vera will return to Vale to resume her
school work.
George Taylor is doing a great brick
business these days. His yard is working to its full capacity aud he has orders
for brick that will keep him busy for
soma time to come. He is now shipping largt quantities to the Crows Nest
Coal company at Morrissey, Michel and
Fred Tate left last Sunday for a trip
to Winnipeg; North Bay aud Toronto.
Fred has been a steady boy as clerk for
R. E. Beattie, showing that he was reliable, which is the basis of success for
any young man. He has earned his vacation and bis many friends here wish
him a good time.
D. R. Young, ouee a newspaper man,
but now a coal magnate, passed through
Cranbrook last week with Mr. Wilson,
enroute to Toronto, in the interests of
the Ashnola Smelting company. This Is
a company that is to act in conjunction
with,the Similkameen Coal company
and the shares are now being placed on
on the market.
Mrs. jukes, mother of Mrs. R. R.
jamieson, and her daughter, left Monday for their home In Chicago after a
visit of several weeks In Cranbrook. The
ladies formed many pleasant Acquaint*
ances while here and regretted the condition of Mrs. Jukes' health that necessitated an earlier return home than tbey
had ni first anticipated. Mrs Jamieson
accompanied them as far as Lethbridge.
Bl'n-'.l, the photographer, has un display the finest collection of views in
South Bast Kootenay that were ever
prepared. Large crowds have stood at
the window enjoying the beauty of the
pictures. They lorni 11 complete panorama of South East Kooteuay und excellent taste has been exercised fn selecting tbe scenes.
E. Klwell of Kimberley, was ia town
Saturday evening on his way to Moyie.
He got tangled up with Harry Drew's
bull dog Saturday afternoon and the
animal lacerated the calf of one of his
legs iu bnd shape. There was no doctor in
Kimberley or Marysvllle, und Rev.
Urquhnrt, the Presbyterian minister,
played the good Samaritan nnd sucked
the wound to extract any poison thnt
might have been inserted by the dog's
fungs. Wheu the traiu arrived In Cranbrook Mr. Klwell hnd Dr. King ciiutei-
Ite lhe wound.
Testimonial to Mrs. Siintiu*.
Mrs. J. W. II. Smyihe, formerly of
Cranbrook, intends to remove Ihis week
from Greenwood back id Cranbrook,
hiring her residence in Greenwood she
made many Irieuds, as is evidenced by
the following communication, under
date of August 23, from that cily:
Yesterday afternoon in the parish hall
the Ladies Guild of St. Judes Church uf
England, Greenwood, entertained Mrs.
J. W. II. Smythe (younger sister of Mr.
W. S. Keay, sub-collector of customs at
Fernie) at a valedictory tea. There was
a numerous attendance of members of
the guild and other friends of Mrs.
Smythe, including uieu also desirous of
taking part iu this expression of the esteem in which that Ud; is held, aad in
assuring her of their regret at her impending departure from Greenwood to
reside at Cranbrook. The function
proved a veritable surprise party for
Mrs. Smythe, who had uot received any
inkling of tbe intention of her co-workers in the guild to make her a little
presentation. This took tbe form of an
address, tastefully engrossed and illuuii*
nated by Messrs. A. E. Ashcioft and K.
W. M, Lysous, and signed in colored
inks by the ladies conttibuting towaid
the purchase of an accompanying silver
bou bon dish. Prettily arranged in ornamental borders aud fancifully tied up
with the address were several interior
aud exterior views of the church. The
silverware was beautifully embossed aud
the initials of tbe recipient were en*
graved on It. The address read by Miss
•dinkier voiced the appreciation of the
signers of tbe personal worth of Mrs.
Smythe, of her devotion to the work of
the guild and other church work, aud
the siucere regie! felt at her removal
from Greenwood. Mrs. Smythe feelingly acknowledged the kindness of her
frieuds and reciprocated their regiet at
having 10 say good bye. Tea followed
and after an hour had been Bpent iu social intercourse the assemblage dispersed. Mrs. Smythe, accumpumed by
her mother, Mrs. Keay. will leave tor
Craubrook next week.
Morrissey Looks flood to 'Em.
A meeting ot the license commissioners will be held at Feruie ou the 51b day
of September to consider the following
1 JuleB Hurel, transfer from Kootenny
hotel, Boundary line, Tobacco Plains, lo
Morrissey hotel, west side of lilk river,
two utiles uorth ol Morrissey creek,
kuown as James Macdouell's townsite,
2 Robert Schram, transfer from the
Morrissey house, Morrissey, to Morris-
Bey bouse, two miles distant.
3 W. M Stewart, Grand Union hotel,
4 U.K. Beattie, Australian, Morrissey.
5 A. F. Geddes, Morrissey.
6 Myles A. Beale, the Imperial hotel,
7 Andrew Johnston, East Kootenay
hotel, Morrissey.
S H A, Kanouse, Waldorf, Fernie,
transfer from Waldorf, old town.
North Stir Mining Co., Limited-Wood.
Bids will be received for the cutting
and delivery of tbe following wood:
lino cords of 4 foot.
r>o cords of 3 foot.
Tit) corda of *j foot ti Incb.
imi corda of 18, 90 and 39 Inch.
The wood to be cut and hauled with*
In Ol days.
Bids mutt be addressed North Star
Mining Company, Kimberley, B. C, not
later than September 1st.
Successful bidder will be required to
furnish bonds equal to the amount of
North Star Mining Company.
Church Announcemenls.
Methodist—Kev. S. J. Thompson, pastor, Services nt 11 a. in. aud 7:30 p. m.
Bible school at 3 p. 111., W. T. Reid,
superintendent. Kpworth League every
Tuesday evening at 8 p. m. A hearty
invitation is given the public lo attend
Free Press August Picture.
The Herald has received from the
Weekly Free Press a picture In colors of
King Edward VII, this being the supplement which they are issuing to their
readers for August in connection with
Ihelr monthly distribution ol pictures.
The picture, which is 10 by ioJ*| inches,
is printed in four colors, and shows His
Majesty in the striking uniform of a
field marshal.
Why Vou Should Buy "Pair Play" Chewing
Bkcau.sk it is the best quality.
Rkcait.sk it is the most lasting chew.
Bkca i'sk it Is tbe largest high grade 5 or
IOC plug.
Bkcausk the tags are valuable for premiums Until January ist, 1904.
Bkcausk we guarantee every plug, and
Bkcaiikk your dealer Is authorized lo refund your money If you are not satis-
The Empire Tobacco Co., Ltd.
A shipment has just been received and we believe them to
be equal to any shoes made ,in Canada. Before you purchase examine them and j>et our prices. We draw special
attention to THE DRV SOX SHOE. They are guaranteed
absolutely waterproof.
of Summer Underwear is still on but now that the warm
weather's about over we oiler still tiREATER REDUCTIONS •$
J. P. FINK, Manager.
Don't Let the
Biggest One
Get Away
This Season
Remember it always
Pays to Deal with
Buy Tackle that will stand the
strain. And that's the only kind
that we sell. Fishing tackle is going last here. Poles were never so
cheap belore. Landing Nets were
never so light and durable as our
1902 styles. Have a look at our
hard braided silk and linen lines.
Of course, as usual, we carry the
best assortment of FLIES in East
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Just the Drinks for this weather
Monteserrat Lime Juice, Lemon
Squash, Raspberry Syrup, Pineapple Syrup and other fruit drinks.
All kinds of GREEN FRUIT in season as well as
The best government Creamery Butter.    We also have a
full supply of Oats, Chops, Wheat and Bran.
Will Renew tbe Appcaraacc ol
Voar Karlar. Hood Valaea la
Ibe Latest Style caa be had
Repairing and Upholstering a Specially.
Cosmopolitan Hotel i \
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle   	
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottlc	
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle 	
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle
John Oewar's Special, per bottle    	
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  i au -tt
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle          2 50 , I
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle           I 75 1 .
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle      2 00 ' ■
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints      I 00
Bass Ale, pints       35
Guinness' Stout       35
Our Samples of Woolens
And Tailors Trimmings for the Spring
and Summer Season, 1902, are made up
of the latest and choicest to be found
in the foreign and domestic markets.
They are especially adapted for the merchant tailoring trade and may be had
upon application.


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