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Cranbrook Herald Apr 4, 1901

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NUMB Kit ;>,
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President.
B. E. Walkkr, Gen. Man-
Paid Up   Capital
Total Resources
General Banking
     2.000.000 00
Business Transacted.
Oepo.iits Received.
London Agents-The Bank of Scotland.
Another Bunch of Sii Arrive During
the Past Week.
Make Your
Homes Beautiful
An immense line of wall paper, 7 1-2 cts
a roll and up.
The latest in Tapestry, Rep and Chenille
curtains, arrived yesterday. Prices
from $4 to $15
A car fine Furniture and Baby carriages
The Sherwin-Williams Paints.
Dress Goods, Trimming silks, Etc., at COST
4 4
0 0
4 4
0 * Go after it, at
<y 9
You are Cordially Invited to Attend Our
Easter Hillinery Opening
Saturday, April Sixth, and Following Days.
The Newest Paris and New York
Will Be On Exhibition.
25C   Dozen
i Ranch Eggs      i
I   | Ranch Butter
^ 25C   Pound
9 A Weekly Supply of Each Article
^ Remember Our
9 Crockery Department 9
0 4
m— *m\
4 Fort Steele Mercantile Co. "»<«■ •*>
4 4
ip J. P. FINK        jt        jt        jt        MANAGER 9
0 0
When in need ol..
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
House Furnishings, Sporting Goods)
Call til the old reliable
Pioneer Hardware Store.
Our lluek li complete,   (loads lol-J il tht lowest mirkel prices.
I'niinpi Mint) lu ill pirti «(the cily.
O. H. Miner.
All Kinds of Meat at
New Butcher Shop, Aiken Block
We are Here to Stay.   .   .   .
For the best °* yjigjjg ant*' Q__ or^er °!
E. J. PELTIER,Cranbrook
Agent for Schlitz and Fort Steele Beer.
Had a Great Experience But None
of Them Care to Try
It Again.
Another hunch of the Stralhcotia
Morse boys returned during the week.
They were W. T. Haines, W. O'Hearn,
Charles Hart, II. Melton, J Nesbit and
j. McDuff, All of them were looking
well, uml lhey all say that they hive enjoyed excellent health since leaving the
battlefields, and are tickled to death to
return to Canada and South Kasl Kootenay. None of them regret having enlisted as it gave them a wonderful experience, but not one of them would
care to repeat the experiment. They
all agree tbat they had a royal good
time while in Loudon. The people of
that city left nothing undone to insure
every member of the company all the
Inn to be found in a city like Loudon,
and as one of the hoys expressed It, "We
drank champagne~'out of beer mugs, and
everything else was done on the same
liberal plan." O'Hearn says he would
not have missed the trip for anything,
bul in the future if any Boers wanted to
fight him, they must come into his backyard.
The boys are all of one voice in their
praise of Col. Steele. They sav he is a
model officer, aud just the kind ofa man
to have charge of a crowd of westerners
who knew or cared little for discipline,
hut who could fight like demons when
the necessity arose. It waa on the point
of discipline that many of the members
of Strathcona Horse shocked the old-
time lvnglish officers, as it waa seldom
that lhey thought to salute when a superior rode by them. When it came to foraging the boys from Canada's western
plains and mountains were in their element, aud many a Boer farmyard was
depleted of poultry after the boys hnd
ridden by. Oue oue occasion, one of
lhe South Kast Kooleiiay hoys was riding into camp with a dozen or more
chickens strung across his saddle. It
was just about dusk, and unfortunately
the trooper met Col. Steele riding at
the outskirts of tbe camp. Tutting on a
brave (rout the culprit saluted, and said:
*'I was presented these fowls at a farm
house, aud was on my way to your headquarters to leaven few." The doughty
colonel frowued a"second, and then re.
plied: "All right, tny man, but uo
tealing, you know," antl then rode rapidly awav to hide tbe smile that he could
not repress.
Tbe ljmpetition Will Close Oo Friday of
Next Week.
Three weeks ago Tbe Herald
nouncetl tbat it would give two prizes of
$3 an<l js1 each for the best essay
Cranbrook and South Kasl Kootenay by
the school children, Tbe announcement
stirred up a (great dent oi interest among
lhe pupils, and as n result tbere nre a
uumher of contestants working «i h
great zeal. Tbe Herald believes i.urh
diversions are a good ihing for tbe pupils
since lhey prove incentives for labor outside of the regular routine work. There
is much lo learn in school outside from
tlmt which is to Iw fouud in tbe text
books. The Herald believes in bioad-
miuded Leaching, which means pnu ticul
and beneficial teach.ng, and it may bave
other suggestions to make iu the future.
There is uo work more Important in a
towu than school work, antl parent*
should make every effort to encourage
their children. The school life of a
child means much or llltle. A great
deil depends upou the child and n great
deal upon the policy pursued by the
*********4i***f(tI ********
* *
I  News Notes From Ibe Mineral Cily |
***************** .........
.I r..(11 Mi.- ll.,.,!.! Co
i|.o,i.le,jt J
A Few Notes.
W. T. Haines brought his bride buck
witb him, and is now back in tbe employ of the railway company,
W. O'Hearn expects to return to railroading.
Cuarles llarl says lie dou't know yet
what he will do.
Harry Melton says he bas an interest
in a large gold property and lhat he wi
return lo South Africa  in a few months
to take the  preliminary steps lo become
n millionaire.
lack Neshitt and Jack MeDuff left
Tuesday morning for Nelson, anil expect
to  spend   the  sum mer  in  the  Lardeaii
Jack MdDltff was presented a fine
locket by admiring friends on his return
to his old home in Ontario,
The last seen of Harry Morgan was at
Toronto when he hade the boys good bye
and walked uwny leading the mascot
gout of tlle troop,
W, O'Hearn wears n bracelet on bis
hll wiist, and some ot the boys say It
was given to hiii) hy an African belle
who was captivated by '•Fish's" winning
Jack Kennedy, who was lefl in tbe
hospNal at London, nnived at Halifax
on llie n, ult, ou tbe steamship Lake
"Curly" Hamhy expects to return to
Cranbrook in n few weeks,
Harry Melton brought a piece of rock
hack witb him, of course.
Roliert 8baw returned this morning
looking like the same old Bob of old*
He was kept busy all the morning shaking hands with his hoat of friends. '
George Hazel! joined "Buffalo Bill's"
wild west show lu the east, together with
several other members ol tbe Strathcona
Tbe Herald bas ordered another lot o
type, aggregating over $100. A friend of
the Herald remarked the duy Ihe
order was sent in: "Why are you send*
ing for more type, Simpson? You have
now twice as much material as any office
in towns of tbis size in britisli Columbia." That is true, llut the world
moves, and nothing changes move rapidly than style aud custom in typography
To give satisfaction to your patrons, the
joh printer must not ouly keep up with
the procession hut a little abend of it.
Some Bay: "Oh, tbat is not necessary
In a small town." That is a mistake.
South Kust Kootenay and Cranhrook
have Iheir up-to-date business men.
They read and they observe. A job of
printing printed with type ten years out
of date dou't go with tbem. Tbey want
modern printing. The Herald has type
in its office lhat bas not been designed
over six months, and the last order includes new faces that have met with such
a degree of popularity iu the business
circles of Eastern Camilla and the States.
Tbe Herald believes in being up-to date.
And, yet, tbe best of type, the latest designs, in lhe hands of typographical
blacksmiths, produces n most pitiful
effect. Tbe Herald pays tbe highest of
union wages atul has men who bave heen
taught their trade in J-arge cities, where
typographical exct-llence is an art. Men
cannot "pick up" the printing trade
They must be trained by artists to be
artists. The Herald job printing gives
satisfaction, The best of material is used,
Ibe latest iu type faces, aud tbe knowledge of modern typographical combination. Naturally there is a moral to thi
little talk. If you wont job work, want
it right, waut it artistic, want it modern
aud want to keep your money in the
district, bave the work done nt the
Herald office. We are printers of modern priuliug.
Easter Services.
Nicholas Flood Davln, former member
of the commons for Western Aaainiboia,
is in the press gallery at Ottawa, special
correspondent for the Toronto Evening
News. Hia dally letters are interesting
and readable ami show Mr. Djviu's
cleverness with the pen.
In the Presbyterian church next Sabbath, Baiter Sunday, services suitable to
the occasion will be conducted. In tiie
morning the topic of the pastor will be
"Who will roll away the stone**"' In the
evening, "Proofs ofthe resurrection of
Christ." Appropriate music will be
Father Coccola will bold mass next
Sunday at St. Mary's church iu this city
at 10 o'clock. There will be special song
service at the regular services. Father
Coccolo will remain until Monday moruiug and will atteud the Mouday morning
service also,
Rev. Reid will occupy the pulpit at the
Methodist church next Sunday evening.
There will be special Faster music prepared ti r the occasion.
Mr. Armstrong will have charge of the
services at the Knglish church Sunday
morning. The choir has prepared a
special musical program for the occasion.
Baptist church service in Leask's hall
on Sunday evening April 7 at the hour
of 7:30. Subject, "The Devil in His
Keep Cleiilai Up.
The good work of cleaning up has
been Inaugurated, and will he kept up
until Cranbrook is as neat as a newly
scrubbed kitchen floor. Orders bave
been given that all closets must he closed
that are in an unsanitary condition. The
law will be enforced this year, aud il
would be well for all to observe the
sanitary regulations,
Cranbrook Telephone Company.
Tbe new telephone company that has
been organised in Cranbrook feels very-
much encouraged over tbe patrouage
guaranteed tbem by the citizens, and are
moving as fast as the law will permit, to
arrange for tbe establishment of tbeir
plant. The need of a telephone has beeu
a pressing one for some time, aud it ia
due to the enterprising spirit of a few of
the citisens who were willing to put
their money into it, tbat Cranbrook is to
have thia want supplied. The local
compauy expect to have llieir plant in
operation in a lew weeks.      t
Attend  tbe  After Faster Ball Monday
night,   Tickets only fj.50,
A person wuuld have to travel a good
tunny miles, especially in the piovince
of British Columbia, before he would
find a belter pluee to spent) ,1 summer
than in the neighborhood of Moyie
Situated on the shore of Moy it* lake, the
towu has surrounding it some of the
most picturesque scenery to be found
anywhere. Across ibe lake from the
town ate lo be found ideal camping
grounds, Then, too, tbe lake affords the
best of sport iu tbe way of fisbmg, while
a trip down through the narrows aud up
one of the creeks which ruu iuto the
lower lake wuuld he a pleasant excursion
for an afternoon anil would result in a
plendtd string of mountain trout. Iu
the town are several first class hotels
where the best of accommodations can
be bad, and one or more boat houses
where row boats may be obtained. The
lake has some ideal bathings spots and
good shooting is to be found almost auy-
where iu the neighborhood, both duck
and grouse being plentiful. Lust summer a uumher of campers spent their
holidays near Moyie, and this season
there are sure to he many more. If you
wish gootl boating, bulbing, fishing ami
shooting come to Moyie, aud go home
satisfied it is the best summer you ever
The smallpox, which necessitated
Moyie flying the yellow flag for the past
few weeks, is now a thing of the past.
Last Friday the quarantine was lifted
ati<l now the people of Moyie are at liberty to wander at their own sweet will
without being called upon tu show a doc
tor's certificate of vaccination. John Allen, the ouly person titillated, is doing as
well as could be expected iu the pest
house above Mini's sawmill. He bas
now nearly recovered and ill a week or
ten days will be at liberty. The word
•mallpox is seldom, if ever heard, and
the ouly thing to show that it lias visited
us is the photograph of Allen which was
taken a few days ago and is to be seen
in several of the store windows. No one
need fear to visit Moyie, aud those coming are sure of n warm welcome.
For the purpose of prospecting in tbe
St. Kugene mine a diamond drill was
shipped here from Spokane last week,
N. II. Wright, one of the shareholders of
tbe company, ia here in charge of the
machine. The drill, which will be
worked double shift, haa a capacity of 12
feet per shift and requires five meu to
operate it.
Oue of tbe advantages which Cranbrook bas over Moyie is the possession
ofa social club. There are a number of
young gentlemen in Moyie and club
rooms where an enjoyable evening could
be spent would be a decided improvement. Rooms could be easily obtained
nicely furnished and provided with the
leading magazines, then we would have
a place in which a very pleasant eveuing
could be passed.
Park, Mitchell & Co.'s sawmill is getting a thorough overhauling so as to he
ready to start work as coon as the lake
opens up.
Tenders for the construction ofa dam
on Campbell creek were opened by the
Moyie Water Works company on Monday last, April 1.
The drop in tbe price of lead has not
in any way affected the mines here as
th e St Fugene is running wilh fu!
List Saturday work was suspended oh
the Aurora mine where the strike was
made a short time ago, The weakness
of the ice was tbe cause of suspension
and work will be resumed as soon as the
lake is clear. Mr. Johnson, one of the
owners of the mine, is now al work on
this side of the lake where be has some
properties which are well worth looking
J, W. Livers, the druggist, is this week
moving info the store formerly occupier)
hy I'. J. Cahili.
Hill Sl Co.'s store baa been much improved of late, and is only surpassed hy
their display iu Cranbrook where ihey
have one nf tin-finest gents' furnishing
stores in lirillsh Columbia.
It- H. Dimuiock, tbe president of the
Moyie Miners' Union, left lust Monday
for Nelson to attend a meeting of the
Western Federation of Miners.
V. 1). Hope bas bad his drug and
stationery slore renovated and now has
one of the neatest stores Ju town.
Tom Ratler, one of the owners of the
Aurora mine, left last Monday ou a trip
to Spokane aud other American cities.
Iv. J. Pollard returned to Moyie last
Saturday. He has been doing assessment work ou bis claims at Palmer Bar.
K J. Peltier, the Craubrook wholesale
liquor man, wsa in Moyie last Friday.
P. J. Cahili, wbo sold out his business
to Hill & Co., will leave in a few days
for Edmonton.
Thomas Downs, wbo wss at Lethbridge
on account ofa broken arm, returned to
Moyie lust Saturday and is again at
Friday being Good Friday and Monday being Fiistrr Monday the Moyie
school will be closed.
Arrangements for a Qaoe Between Craabrook and Nelson.
Arrangements are now completed by the
Craubrook Football Club for a game of
Rugby football, against Nelson, end unless lhe unexpected happens, the Nelson
players will he in towu next Friday and
the game will he played at the Turf and
Athletic Association's grounds, at 5 p.m.
perclsely, The football club has worked
bard to get a team together and are
much Indebted for support to players
from Moyie aud Fort Steele who have
promised help. Tbe last two seasons
Nelsou loo, had a strong team, am] although il is hard to predict what this
season's team can ilo, they bave mauy of
tbeir old players left ami rumor says
some good new material. Tbe game of
Rugby, to the majority here, is entirely
new, and it is hardly to be hoped therefore that Craubrook can get a suffciently
strong team together lo lower Nelson's
colors, but from progress made iu learning lhe gnme, ami hard training, Cranbrook boys are confident of being able
to put up a hard tight.
The price of admission, 35 cents only.
Tbe expenses ol the game are considerable, aud ibe club's committee hope lhat
the attendance and number of spectators <
will he large. Football uuder tbe Rugby
rules, is a most exciting game, and everyone should make a point of going, If
the game is well patronized it will mean
a great deal lo the club. It wilt show
that their efforts to bring visitors to our
town for friendly contests and to provide
entertainment for the townspeople are
appreciated a ml will encourage future
attempts in this liue.
Will Wait L'ntil Thev Have a Spur
or Tram.
It Is Reported That a Capitalist
Considers This District a
Good Field.
Tbe Value ol Advertising.
One of the best allrouud advertisers
the editor of The Herald has ever
ktiuwu is Colin Hutchison, better know
as "Hutch " He makes a study of the art,
for it is an art, ami as a result "Hutch"
is known from Vancouver to Toronto,
ami New York 10 Denver. Tbe people
of Cranhrook remember that a meeting
was hebl last week hy the board of trade,
and among other features incorporation
was discussed, Mr, Hutchison was
there, hut did not have any more to say
lliou many* others, yet lhe Nelson Tribune, speaking of tbe movement, Bays:
Hutch" the real estate and insurance
man of Cranbrook bas started a move
ment looking to the incorporation ofthe
town, atul the local board ot trade has
appointed a committee to help tbe matter along.
The name "Hutch" was familiar to
them It was made so by persistent and
intelligent advertising.
A Pastor tor Christ Church.
The church committee of Christ
Church lake this means of notifying all
Episcopalians in Cranbrook that tbe
Rev. Havelock Beacham, of Trail, B. C,
has been appointed by tbe Lord Bishop
to take charge of this parish, aud the
reverend gentleman will arrive here and
hold services on the first Sunday after
Faster. All intending supporters of tbis
church will materially assist tbe committee if tbey will give in their names to
either of the acting church wardens,
Messrs. S. F. Morley and F. R. Morris.
Craabrook School Report
First Division.
Aggregate attendance  596
Average attendance -- -    2838
Enrolled -- -    35
Second Division.
Aggregate attendance  769
Average attendance    36.61
Enrolled -    45
Third Division.
Aggregate attendance ■ - 941
Average attendance    44 80
Enrolled       60
Jobb Mclntyre,
A Beadle Story.
it. E. Beattie says that during the
winter a cow got into (be lot back of bis
store, ale Iwo packages of Beattie's yeast
aud au old umbrella. The yeast fer
menled iu Ihe cow's stomach, raised the
umbrella and the poor animal died in
gteat agony,
Manager Wolfe, of the Sullivan Mine,
relumed last Sunday from Spokane and
proceeded at once to Kimberley, His
company has concluded to close dowu
tbe Sullivan for the present, owing to
the drop in lead aud poor facilities for
transporting ore from ihe mine to the
railway. It is understood that a survey
will be made within a very short time
for the building of a spur from the mine.
It is uecessan inr the company to have
either a sput 01 a tramway, and it ia
simply a quet'Ion as to which can be
done tbe cheapest,
A Smelter lor East kooieoay.
The Nelson   Miner has  tbe   following
which is reprinted for what it is worth.
His bound to come soon, and this looka
as if there was something iu it,
"J. C. Drewry, general manager of the
Cauadiau Gold Fields, Limited, announced yesterday that a New York
captalist bad gone thoroughly into the
conditions prevailing in Fast Kootenay,
and bail undertaken to erect a smelter of
1,000 tons daily capacity at a point east
of Kootenay [finding, on the completion
ofthe Crow's Nest Southern road.
Intimations to this effect have already-
leaked out but definite information has
uot hitherto been forthcoming, The
capitalist in question is Mr Hyams, who
was largely itterested in tbe American
Smelting and Refining trust. Wben tbe
trust bought out the Guggenheim interests iu South America, Mr. Hyams disagreed with his colleagues aad pulled
out ofthe trust, receiving for bis interest
a sum stated to be six millions cash, ile
is looking for an Investment, and satisfied himself oa a recent tour through the
East Kootenay country that the opening
for a smelter there was very promising
if the railroad competition necessary to
render it a success was forthcoming.
The Crow's Nest Southern will fill tbis
want, and tbe claim is made by tbe interests which are backiDg'.hegranling of
tbe charter that one of tbe first good
effects to be felt as the result ofthe advent of the competitive road will be lhe
establishment of this large and impor.
tant industry. It is understood tbat tbe
location ofthe new smelter is practically
determined, but no announcement bas
been made to this effect as yet.
CorrectM Thursday !■)* "Hutch.'
Tbe Ottawa Delegation.
A telegram from F. Carter, diatrlct
passenger agent for the C. F. K., to The
Herald announces tbat the delegation to
Uttawa from lhe Kootenays and Bound ry
country, will leave Kootenay Landing
011 Saturday neit, passing through Cranbrook tbat afternoon.
Favors Ihe Charter.
Late advices from Uttawa are to the
ffect that tbe charier of the Crow's Nest
Southern will receive favorable consideration at the hands of parliament. The
hill will be presented to the bouse after
the Easter holidays.
The   Ceaius.
The work of taking the census of this
district will  be inaugurated  tomorrow.
T. W. Hurley baa been appointed for
Kimberley and Hoss Palmer for Moyie.
Alter Eaaler Ball.
Dou't forget lhe after Faster ball to he
giveu by the baseball Iwys next Monday
night. The proceeds arc to bt* uaed iu
purchasing uniforms for this season,
North Star __.. $   .85
Sullivan - 09
Morning Glory        .05
Morrison 05
American Boy 11
Winnipeg * 09%
St. F^ugene      1.07
Mining Soles.
A large number of pro.1-, pec tors are arranging lo outfit at Cranbrook this year,
They find il more convenient.
Robert McKeeman, one of the beat
known prospectors in the district was in
town Mouday. Speaking of the charge
Lthat he bad jumped the Uld Abe property on Bull river, he said: "I am not a
claim jumper. I work any property I
get. I did relocate the'Ud Abe, and I
had a right lo do sounder my license.
aa tbe limit on lhe property had expired.
There would have been no fuu made
about il were it not for the fact tbat
there were several other parties arranging to get hold of tbe property in the
same way, and I simply got iu first.
That is all there is to it."
Mr. Pollard, of Moyie, *vas In town
Frlda.' evening, having coi ie from hla
claima southwest of town, on Palmar
mountain. He has beet) steadily at
work all winter aud has run a 50-foot
tuunel aud got into a 10-inch vein of fine
looking ore. Mr, Foliar', bas some
olher work to look after at present but
as soon as possible he will resume development ou these claims, as he is confident now that the property bas a good
body of rich ore,
Pieper & Currie are having more work
lone on their Paymaster property on
Palmer mountain. The Hamilton boya
are extending the tunnel another fifty
Phoenix Pioneer: This year promises
to be one of advancement and prosperity, not only iu Phoenix bul iu the entire
Humility. Tbe total of ore shipments la
one sign, and it will exceed last year's
ecord hy more than 100 per cent. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and. Proprietor.
Tiie Herald ileiirt«* to Ktve Hie news of Hie
district, if you know any about ymir town
your mine ur your people, semi u to Hits oltlce,
lbursituy, March
Saturday     "
il outlay.   April
Wednesday "
Nntlce la heroby given tlml oua
data i Intend loapitlytotliaelilef
of lanti-i inni works for iioruiMnii
ihe t-oltowlnB dest-i ltii-il lands Iti Hat
CoiiunanelnK at a i-n-i planted at tit
corner ol u»i tool in group i k
and markailt "0, Gurd'i N. B. Corner." tlwnca
hoiiUiSO chains, thonca wwt 81 olmlns, ihem a
Q.»riti BO chains, tlit*nea enst w olialns io the
place ol beginning, containing wo ni rei more ot
Dated thi-t 20th tiny <*r March toot,
milt altar
imt-1 iih r
toiUh w-ati
wu district,
slttiato In Bouth Kast Kootenay i Commencing
nt a uost marat'd "I'lTiitiiamt Ulster's inutli east
curuor,' planted ■-"<* eliatusuorUi "f Uta nor-.li
west cornerof J. r. Patton's pre-emption, and
about three mllaa nortli nt Oraubcgfik theuoa
uortli oo olialns, tlienee   wast im   elialns,
uiei HiHitii iso chains, thence enst i" olialni,
llience north o> chalna, tlian<-e ea-tt sn clialna tu
iiit> place nt commencement, containing it**)
arret mute or lets.
Dated at Cranhrook litis -Ht dayol Mm Wi.limn.
-1.1,0 Sl
■> 41.0 3t
*   3 89.0 21
JAMKS 011.1*, Observer
Agulnaldo hai been caught.   Now 11
soma one would catch   De Wet and ei-
hlbit Ue pair through America, England
and the Proflncei, there would be ml'
lions la It.
Notice is hereby given that 3*1 tiny after date
i intend to apply to the chief commissioner of
lands ami works fm* permission to cm and carry
away timber from the fol'owinn ilescrlb d lands
iu south Bast Kooteneyi Commencing at a post
ninrkeii "J.t*. slater's N. V. cornar,*1 planted
auWwlni north of J.T, Patt»n'a pre-einptton,
iiBiuit t*o miles noith of 1'iuiii'iook, theuce
west to chnins, thence-Tioiith 180 olialns, thence
east bo chains, mnrsor hss to thf wesi limit ol
Oeoffte Laurie's ire-eimitlon, thence north a
■luilns tiioi*ei<r less to the smith 1 nut of suit
I'atton's pre-emption, thence «•>■»! to chain
u or it*ss io the south-west coiner ol sain
ration's pre-emption,thence north too olialns to
Uie place «»f beginning, containing 1000 acres
,.rt (T HS, -■—    *  •*■<■
Dated this 1st day of April, woi.
,|, V. Sl.ATBR.
The irovlncial government killed the
V. V. £ K proposition wben ll demanded four per cent on the  gross receipts,
Tba warfare between the Ne'son
papers hat broken out again and ia more
bitter tban ever before. Tbe cltUens
of Nelson bave our sympathy.
Tba Idea still prevails In Victoria
tbat tbe province of British Columbia
consists of Vancouver Island and a few
large cities along the coast on the main
Neil Sunday la Easter, and the dawn
of tbe day marks tbe close of lent. We
are glad. During lent this year, we
bave felt It our duty to make some personal sacrifices, and during that period
wa have given up champagne and
strawberries, anil taken in only enough
money In subscriptions to buy r-orumeal
aod water. After lent we will feel free
to start out on a career of collection
and gastronomic Indulgence. It will
seem like life once more.
It li time tbat the provincial govern
Bent did something besides making
promises aud looking wise.
Cranbrook as tbe railway, commercial, mining and geographical center of
South Eaat Kootenay,la a growing town,
a prosperous town and a town with a
brilliant future.
There bas been need of a bridge on
th* tat near Cranbrook for the past
tbrca years, yet, there Is nothing done,
Wbat Is the matter I
It Is claimed that the present govern*
meat at Victoria Is a "business" administration.   It looks like it.
It Is evident that John Houston aspires
to be tbe Poobab of tbe province, as
well as of Nelson.
The best "blow out" tbe people can
give tbeStratbcona Horse boys Is to assist tbem to permanent employment.
Tbat ia what they need, and surely they
il-starve such recognition from the
people of the country for which they
risked their lives.
Wben will action be taken to give tbe
people of this district some convenience
in court sittings. The sessions should
be held at Moyie. Fernie and Cranbrook,
Instead of at a point twelve miles from
tbe railway.
"Old man Simpson," of theCranbrock
Herald might as well know that we are
watching bim. Last week be copied
an Item from tbis paper and credited It
to tba opposition sheet. If the mistake
occurs again, Brother Simpson your
age won't save you.—Macleod Advance,
We offer a most abject apology,
Brother Clark. Hut, we would add that
we are glad be Is keeping bis eyeon tbe
Herald. He will keep posted ou all tbe
news of Soulh East Kootenny In this
way and get pointers on a live news
Tbt mine said to bave been found
under tbe palace of the Uussian Czar
bas not yet declared a dividend,
Tba contemplated Increase In the pall
taa from three to Qve dollars Is meeting
with persistent opposition.
Before any charter la granted to the
Jim Hill people, the government should
est that tba coal supply of this province
la assured, so far as It Is within the
capacity of the coal company so to do.
It Is al) right to talk about the O P. ll
octopus, but -Mm Hill is no railroad
saint, and If be gets a clocb be works It
to a flulah.
Th* drop In le*t\ Is not going to kill
mining la the Kootenays. If it does not
recover tbe railroads, smelters and refineries will have to b;ar their portion
of tbe loss. The production of lead will
continue but the price Is bound to come
up within a abort time. Combinations
nay Influence but cannot kill the law
•/supply and demand.
The Two Per Cent Royally.
Revelstoke Herald: Tbe Herald is informed on good authority tbat the effects
ofthe two per cent royalty on ore are
likely to be ofa most disastrous character In the near future. If the government refuses to accede to the demands
ofthe mine owners for a modification of
this tsz, they intend, it is ststed, to cut
wages down to three dollars a day, a su p
which would lead to a strike of miners
all over Kootenay, which would edict
tb* Lardeau and other camps not in
eluded iu the strike of a year ago,
'Coal Notices.
Thirty days nfter dnte 1 will apply to the chief
commissioner of lamia nnd works tur a special
license to cut ami curry away timber from the
following deaorlbed laml-* iu l-.ast Kootenny:
Commencing at a post planted about three miles
north tit Cranhrook on the North Star urunch,
near mile post Xo. :j, on the west side of riirht of
way market! Peter I.UUdS south east corner,
them-*' ruuulng north so diaius, thence west oo
I'tiain*..thencesouth w ctiuiim, theuce east 120
chains to point or com nenceinenr,
iatated by ivi-i ),undun-.ttrdday »f Maroh,
1901. FBTRR LlJNU,
Description ol Proposed Brldgeslte st
Wasa, British Columbia,
trosttha Koownay river in Bast Kootenay
. (muu having for us Bastsrn aiiproacii a
portion of lot No. 58 In (Ironp i Kooieuay district and for Its Western approaches a portion
if lufOTt in (Iroilp i. Kootenay dtsirh-l, both nf
laid Ibis being owned by x. Hanson, uf Wasa,
'■pii-ii Columbia.
|g liereli> glvenj llial thirty "day
tend to apply toolilef onmnlsiloner or
id works at Victoria for a license lo
ipnl fm coat upon tin* following described
iiiuiK situate on Lizard creek, in South Kast
Koptenav, thai Is to iayi Commencing at a post
marked "Joseph Portlier'* B, w, corner"
planted on the north side ni i.i//anl ereek,
thence north eighty olialua, iheneaeaat eighty
chalps, thenee south eighty chnins, thence wail
eighty olmlns to the place of beginning, containing nm acres more or less.
Dated this pith day ol March tool
Sotlt-e l> Iterehy giv li tlml thirty days ufter
tale I intend t.i apply to Ibe chief commissioner
nf lands mid works [or a license to prospect for
ton) upon the following described lands, situate
,m Mzxardcreek, In South Bast Kootenayi rom
iiienolng nt a post marked "Alex. Taylor s south
west corner" planted eighty chains east ol
Joseph For-teiVs south west corner, thence
north el;hty olmlns, thence east eighty chains,
theuce smith eighty chains, llience wast eighty
almlus, io the place of begin lug, i tabling wo
HCrSS move or less.
Dated this rah day of March int.
Notice,Is hereby giveu llmt thirty flays after
date l lutend to apply to the chief commissioner
of lauds and works at Victoria forn license to
[I sped for to.ll ui on lhe following described
lands, situate uu iMmd ereek, in South Bust
Kootesay, that Is to say: i oimneiiee at a post
marked "John Kenny's south west corner'*
planted eighty chains east ol Alex, layiin's
south west corner, theuce north eighty chains,
thence east eUlity chains, thence aontn eighty
chalus, llicnce west eighty chains to the place
of beginning, rnuUlmni; '-I" ileitis oi land more
or it**.**       — -i
Dated this l.ilt May if March IIMI.
Notice Is hereby given iliat thirty days after
dap* I intend to nppiy io the ohlef oouiiiilssloner
or lauds aud works ut Victoria for tt Ikeiist* to
inosiiect for coal upon tlie following described
lurids, situate on Uzzard creek. In South Kust
Kooleiiay. Itiat Is to say:   Commenting at a post
marked -w. F. Rowland's north weal comer"
planted on tlle norths llle uf Ki//ard t're-ek,
llience smilli eighty chains, llience east elglily
c,ialus,,lheuce uotlheighty chulns, tlienee west
eighty elinlns to tlie place of ln^ln til tig.   Luu
taituiiit I'M acres more ur less.
ui lated nils K'lti.dity of March mot.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 intend io apply to the cbelf commissioner
uf lands uud works at Victoria for a llcens
prospect for coal upon llie following tie-ictihetl
lands, situate ou |IJ/.zurd creek, In Soutli Kaii
Kouteuay, that is to say. Commencing ut u post
marked "It. Hall's north west corner'' planted
eighty chilli.* east ot  W,  le.  Howlamts norlh
west corner, theuoa south eighty chains, theuce
easl eighty ohtuus, tlienee north eighty chulns,
thence west eighty chaias to the place or l-eylii-
ultig, eoutululiii: tiiu acres of Und more or less
i tilted this ijiIi day of March tool.
It. 1IAI.L
Notice Is hereby given thut tblilyduys after
date I intend lo apply to the chief commissioner
Of lauds and works at Victoria Tor a license to
prospect fur colli Upon the foliowlug described
lands, situate on Uz/uid creek, in South Kust
Kootenay* Commencing ui a post marked "W, K.
Ourd's uortli west corner" pliuiteil eighty chains
east of it. Hail's mirth west corner, thencesouth
eighty elialns, tlienee etui eluhty chalus, theticu
uoi id civilly chains, thence west eighty chalus
to the place of beginning, containing tMO acres
more or less.
D..ted this lath day of March mn.
w, f. ouitl),
Timber   Notice.
Take notice: That I James .Mini-lie Intend ;u*
days after date to upply to tlie chief conimli
sioiier of lands uml works ut Victoria ror per
mission to cut and carry away timher from the
following described lauds In Kast Kootenay.
Commencing ul a post marked "-fumes MllUdl's
soulh east coiner ut Ihe BOUtll  we>t corner or
John liHinlliou's pre-empllon at smiths lake,
ilicme west iinty chains, theuce north forty
cba us, tlienee wesi eighty chalus, thence north
eighty DhulilS, tlienee easl eighty chains, tlienee
smith ro ty elialns, ilieuee east forty chnins
thence south eighty cha ns to place of commence,
ment. coutnllllng l,0ill uures m ue or teas,
Dated Mi<rcll lOtll, I'M.
1, the untlerslgned, huve lids day made application to tlm ciner commissioner of binds a d
works for permission tu ci*t ami carry away
timber from the following described turns in
Kast Kooteilliy- C'oillUieucIng at a post at the
soulh east coiner of lot numbered ::,;,.% Kust
Kootenay, thence south lio chulns, thence east
su chains, tlicuco muiii umi ciiiu. s. thenco west
40 chains, theuce nortu «chains, the.ice wesi iu
chains to place of commencement,
March nisi, n-oi,
I, the undersigned) have this nay made ap
plication to the ohlef commission of lands and
works for permission to cut uud cany uwuy
Umber rrom the following described lands in
Kust Kooteuay. Com men ing ut it post ut lhe
south cast corner of Walter McKenzle'a pre
emptlon Kust Kooteuay, tlienee east -toohnlus
thence smith 10 chains, theuce east 8u chalus,
theuce uortli l.o chains, theuce west 1W elialus,
thence south to place of commencement,
March2ial, iwi. wm. McKknzik.
Take notice tbat we, The Cranbrook Lumber
Company Ltd., intend jo .lays after date to apply
to Hie chief commissioner of lauds ami works at
victoria for permission lo cut timber from the
following described lauds, aituated in Kust
Kootenayi Commencing at a pust marked
"Cranhrook Lumber Company Ltd, south ea*<t
corner" situated forty chulns north of Watis
ik.itli west pre-emption post, near 8inltllS lake,
thence west eighty chalus, llience north forty
cimius, thence west Torty elialns. theme uortli
eighty chains, theiieeeast forty chains, thence
south forty chains, llience eust eighty chains,
thence south eighty eiiulns to pluee of commencement, containing 1000 acres more or less.
Dated March liithlWl,
Take noiice thui i Intend to make application
to tha Coventor lu Coiiucll of the Ooinlnlmi of
Canada for pennlsslnn in erect ami malnlnln »
lralbchrlilgealWusa.lt. C, ucross tlie  Koot-
■'iiay river extending from lot 5a Group I, Kootenay district to lot 6*1, tlroilp I, KoOteilit) district.
And further tuke nolice tli.it I have deposited
Hie plans of the said bridge uud a description of
the propos d site with the Honorable the Minis-
Br of Public Works of Oniiadn antl thai I have
complied with ibe provisions of i hupierttt 11,8.0,
Mv application h made under Chapter oa uud
93 of the revised statutes of Canada.
N. HAXsnx.
Take notice* That I, li. I-'. King Intend to
apply to the commissioner of lands and
works for special license to cut ami enny
away limber from lhe following described binds
commencing at the south west comer of West's
pre-emption, near Smiths hike, four mile-- weatol
Cranbrook, theuce west 120 chains, tbence nortli
so chains, tlienee eust 130 elialns, tlienee south
along tlie west line of West's pre-empt ion aforesaid si chains to Uie paint of commencement.
Dated at Crftnhro-Jk, 11 C. ibe iah day of
March, IWI, O. F. KINO,
Take notice: 8J duys after data, 1, It, K,
Hcaii n*. in.end to apply i-> the commissioner of
lands ami works for special license tu cut uml
can J away timber fr m the following described
lands, commencing uta post, on tbe south easl
corner nf John Hamilton's pre-eruption, near
smiths lane. Kasl Kootenny, running east 41
chalna, thence north toooliniUs, tbem-ewest so
chains thence south si chulns, thenee east -in
chains, tbence south 80 chains to point of commencement, it. G, liKA'lTIK.
March io, tooi.
Take notice; 1, J. II. King, 80 days after
date Intend to tipply to Hie commissioner of
lauds ami works for special license to out und
carry nway limber from the following described
lands- Commencing ut a post on the north east
cornerof Wesi's pre-emption, near smith lake,
Kust Kootenay, running west ifflcliaiiiB, theuce
norlh no chains, thence east 120 chains, thence
south -11 chulns tn point of commencement.
March W. 1001, J. H. KINO,
Take notice: That I, John Laurie Iut hi i to
iipi'K to ihe Commissioner of lands and works
for special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following lands 1 Commencing ul the
south east comer of West's pre-empt oil near
Smlih lake, 4 miles west of cranbrook, llience
eust lit) chains, thenee north 80 chains, tlienee
west 120 chains, tlienee south along the eust
boundry of West's pre-emption aforesaid, 80
chains to ltie point of commencement,
Dated ut Cruubrook, It. C. this 10th duy of
March, 1001, John i.aciuk
Livery  3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt    Jt   Jt
Furnished or
inquire of..,
Notice is hereby given iimt :t* days after dale
I Intend to Hpply to lhe chief commissioner of
UuiU uud works Tin permission to oilf ami carry
away timber from lhe following described 1 mds,
Durick ave.
There's not so many dyspeptics
Since Tommy came to town.
He knows this evil genius
That holds the world's renown.
It lives in yeast and (lour,
But Tommy kills it dead,
You'll have no more dyspepsia
K you eat this excellent bread.
Tommy's City Bakery
Delivery to any part ofthe city.
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk It over
with a Contractor. We are
In the business as our work
fur last year will show. Call
on us for plans and Ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.01, an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily acce.ssible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
Tbe i||relate •mount ol principal aod interest, except In the
case el laid* under (2.59 an acre, is divided Inlo ten instalments as
sbown in the table below; tbe lirst to be paid at the time ol purchase, tne second one year Irom date of Ihe purchase, the third in
Iwo years aod so on.
Tbe lollowiai table shows the amount ol Ihe annual instalments
on IMI acres at different prices under Ihe above conditions:
IM icn al UM per acr, 1st instalment SSO.OS o equal Intuits at $50.00
3.00 „
4.00 ••
4.50 "
5.00     "
»          woo
Kimberley '**""- -,us-ness and snipping point for the
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsile ARents.
Cranbrook ,s "■•■ <'ivis'onal point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of Soulh
Easl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre nre sold
on shorter time.
II Ihe land is paid for in full  ul   the
lime ol  purchase, a redutlii'ii from Mil*
price will be  ullowed cquul lo ten per
cenl on the amount puitl in excess of lhe
usual cash inslulmenl.
Interest al si\  per   cent    will  he
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also litis   for   sale
in Ihe following town siles in Bast Koo!
enny:    Rlko, Cranbruok, Moyelle.  Kllch
ener, Creston and  Kimberley.
The terms oi payment are one-third
cash, and thc balance in six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg. Iff
9rSHS-SH«H?-^H*0H3-4>-®-f- L
I... ;..., v* ,,,. j ..ft , ^ ]... I...   ,;., Ki.   ..ft ! .f. T
*    *  ~-®-®-®-X$-l.2-®-®-®-®-®4
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
■ .. ^j The best oi accomodations
LCcl-Uin^   X for the traveling public.
Hotel    f
Spokane Palls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway Co.
The only all rail route between all
points Hast, West and South to..,.
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Ureat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N.#Cotnpany.
Connects at
Nelson with Steamer lor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily lor
Republic, and
Connects daily
At   Bossburg   Stage  Daily  lor
Grand Forks and Qreenwood.
It. A. JACKSON, Oen. Pass. Aft.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. 0. Fort Steele, B. C.
•" Builder dt
 Cranbrook, B C
Direct route to all
East s West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily     Vest       daily 16:10
16*10 " East "    7t50
13*00 Kimberley IStSO
Kimberley trains on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.
For time tables snd lull Information, call 01
or address acarest local agent.
A. a. P. A. Afent,
Vancouver, B.C. Craabrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson, B. C.
Cranbrook Always
Uu*to=Date dt dt dt
Enlarging pictures done on the
premises. No need to semi yonr
work out of town, especially so
when it can he done as well, If
not satisfactory no pny required,
Charger reasonable. Come and
see samples. Large stock of picture
moulding on hand. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
w. F. QURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Ciilnmhla
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
Solicitor, BU.
Bauk of toui'u.Tco BUk.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Hate you talked with anyone aboat building?
Cone ana see aie ar let me see you. II may
it n both iood.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.        I
Saw and Planing Mills
I Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house,
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk..
Morning or evening to
the people ot Ganbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite the
Methodist church.
KKVptia*' (*ata (or seeding—small quantities 2c |>er pound; in quantities, $35 per
First cilia Hoe ol Jewelry, Clocks,
ind Silverware always In stock. ::
W. F. Tate, !f,'..jeweier
Olllclal Watch inspector lor C. P. It. I
Coirboyr*  Not  True  to  Tiudlllona ot
the "Woolly Wilt."
Northern Montana te bewailing tbe
decadence of the cowboy—justly, It
would seem, it there be truth in tbe
I*eport thnt twu holder outlaws chased
a dozen members uf the Ulnmoud lt
round up outfit for 20 miles in terror
stricken search for refuge to the towu
of CulbiH-bHJU. Think or It! Twelve
doughty kulghts uf lln- plain, blue nt
lip nml wild of eye, -spurring tbeir
horses to Incontinent tlighi uver Bage«
bi-tisb nml bunch grass uud ever mul
innu lurulug their wan races backward over shivering Bhouldera for a
limit ui their relenlti'Rfl inu'siiorsl Picture In .muu* mind's eye ilu* scudding
»i .1 iloneii Jack rubhita closo pi-CBsed
l>> ;i pair ni' rftvenoiis wolves! Oh, iin*
horror of Itl
Tho repoil from Clllbertson snys Die
eowbnya wero uiuirineil, excepllng mio
or lwo -..mis in Hi,* whole oiillll.    II is
n hard allegation, ami public Judgment
should In* Kiiipemletl pending Hit* rn
iiii<i of further pnrlleulurn, If il be
ppuved inn-   ub, well, wu of Muntauu
must Mush ror Ibe sin i HI   The
triulUlmiH of tin- gun are denr lo Ihu
weniern heart,   li has hnrkeil ilellni	
lo law ami order, it hns n tlu* chief
lii'opi-ri.v   of  ih.*  cow liny  c miy  uf
"dliootlng up tin* (own," nml It Ims fur
nlsliiil rngtlme music for niaiiy a ten
derfoot to dnnce by. Hns iho wont
wnnl courso >>f umplro relegated tho
"Rltuotlng iron" t<> tbe scrap plleV 11ns
it »ont* tlio way of ilu* brown buffalo
anil (he preserved Indian? Will It no
longer dauglo In ineiiaco frum thu belt
of thu hold vnquero? It would seem
so, for tlm report hns tt thnt the Diamond It niittlt wns unarmed.
All tin- world will join in the north-
era Montana wnll. Tlio Iconoclast Timo
has shuttered the Idol nf tlie "wild ami
woolly west." Tin' long locks of ilu*
cowboy bnvo been shorn; his gonten is
preserved uuly as a memory of the
nging face of "Buffalo Hill" Cody; bis
buckskin habiliments hine Riven way
tn overalls and jumpers, nml his brav
ery is bound lietween the yellow envoi's
of n nickel novel.
Twelve cowboys ehnsetl by two ban
ditsl They wiil not believe it iu the
enst. where the popular Idea of the
cowboy Is still somewhat awesome nnd
picturesque, Hen* in Montana, swnl
lowing uur pride, we will henceforth
look upon hlm ns n herder nf cttltle uml
brainier of cnives—our on if hoy.
Ladies of Canada :
Tlie hollow st|uiir-*, a purely British military tactic, was never broken tun once. Why ? Because Tommy
Atkins from Canada and Tommy Atkins from all other British poss.-s-
t-uons stand solidly together. Tho
lesson is. that in u commercial wny
ly together : and the ladies of Canada—the purchasing power—can do
much toward accomplishing tlml end.
Ceylon anil India produce lln- finest
IPOS, By usiiitf tlie teas grown in
sister colonies, ladies act patriotically. These lens.appeal io you from
sentiment, irom purity, from economy—in every way they are superior
lo .lupiwi or Chinos. Brinkers of
Green Ten should try Monsoon. Salad;! or  Blue Ribbon packets.
Tlie motl  wlu.  will   nol   trust     hi
feelings   is   not   doing a  credit     !>ns
A yonng doctor's profoi
ally hotter than his prnc
Iii tlit- f-unu* of 1 if** many a
tnki'ii with lln* trump <il fame
lt„ nothing when angry and
will Iinv Ih,' Iras lo illiitn.
I was onrfid ot Aoato   Bronohltli by
liny of Islands.        J   M. Oaiaptwll,
I was tnirad of   Fariiil  Neuralgia by
Sprlngblll,  N.S.        Wm Danlola,
1 was eurt',1 nf Qlirouia lt!i,*niiiatisin
Albert Oo., N.H.     Qeorgo Tlngley.
Wil, II. <„nlilu't.
One of lli,' twin-, .'.ii. in tin- luililt nf
Inillil.ixlnu ti, ii.!. nml tin' latter com.
lilnliii',1 niii, -■;■ 11 r,"in,'n,i tlml llielr
fntlii'r flnnlU until lu Inn,
"Win ,i,i i.u , if i.i in, V   Win- don't
ynu ,1  llim  ii|-l  i, Imi  I,,' dot* lu .lull?
tt ll,' I,lift uul. Ulil. llll  111, I.
Iliii llm in-.   ,1.,, il,,',,. uni tlu- siiiiu'
con !■ I.iiiii
"llu hit tuu ivllli n inl. li.
nl iliu In,)
"WHI, iiln illiln'i imi hit him back
ili'ni,in,Inl llm l.illi.
"I    ,'uillilu'l    Mini   iiinnliri    1,mi,init."
' Willi-
I'hl, i
is Rheumatism of ihe back,
Tho cause i» Uric At itl
in tho blood, If tho kidneys did their work there
would bo no Uric Acid ami
no Lumbago. Hake the
kidneys do their work. The
sure, positive and only
cure for Lumbago U
r* I ♦ I *** ***** *****4 9i0 'I **t
a Curse
ItWuslk-licvL-dThat I
rse Rested Upon It. i
One dny In 1S77 a carpenter stopped
at Pannnia on hte wny home from
California, where he had earned n fuir
mensure of success in tlie goldflehls.
In sucli places men nre not discriminating ns regards the aeqiinininnces
they make, und lie fell in wiih n couple
nf rough looking Bailors whn hnd deserted t'rnui u whaler that put Into port
for provisions.
One ovcnlng, upon learning that lie
wus a miner mul therefore fntulllni
with melnls, lhey slinwed hlm n stron«
bng Idled wlih some hard stilistnnee.
which thoy nsked him to examine ami
prouotincc Judgmonl upon,
lie oxnml I ihe contents, which ho
found tn lie gold of iho finest quality,
wliereii[inu, ufter lirst Imposing nn
oath nf strict Bocrecy, they told hlin
Hint shortly beforo arriving nt I'niin-
mu tlicir ship innl touched ui an Island
to lnke In wnler. The eilslffl were
rafted nsliora und quickly tilled, (he
ship meanwhile Bin ml I tig oil and nn.
While waiting for lhe ship to stand
In these two sailors strolled along the
bench for nbout two miles until tbey
caino to u plnce where n ravine or
wnter courso emtio down from a high
mountain, passed under ji natural
stone arch ami emptied Into the sen.
Horo they noticed that the sand nf the
beach wns ailed wlih n number of
shining particles resembling gold nud
that the crovlcoa ur senilis of the
wator course nlso seemed full of It.
Not sure whether It was gold, they
guihored a smnll pnoknge und retraced
their steps in llie boat, saying nothing,
however, lo their companions of the
Being assured by tlu; carpenter thui
thoy lind discovered genuine gold, the
sailors proposed tlmt the three of them
should lit out a smnll vessel nml return to the Island, The plnn wns
agreed to nt onee. A vessel wns purchased, nnd six or eight more men
were Induced to join the expedition,
Thero woro so fow men nvnllnblr
thnt they hnd to lake such ns they
could get. and they got ns precious n
lot of rascals ns ever went unhanged
There were two big negroes, two vil
Ininous looking Spnninrds who could
not ho trusted out of sight, n hunch
bnckod, sunky looking fellow who, li
was afterward leni'Bcd, wns nn esenp
ed convict from the penal colony in
French (iulnnn nnd it surly, scarred
old fellow who hnd been warned mil ol
Callfornln hy a vlgihuice committee
Ho was retired b,v every ineniher nl
the crew, nml even liefore lhc cnitsl
linos hnd sunk lielow tlie ImrlKtin lu
hnd let out little suggestions ihnl DM
ed tho carpenter with prommiltlnm-
thnt he wns going to make serious
trouble. Surly nml morose, he sluiith
ed nhnut the deck with.nil n wnnl ti
anybody. Tlie other members of llu
erew were indifferent
The vessel wns lilted out. ostensibly
for coasting purposes, with inliilii;
tools, provisions I'm- twn or th rei
month!* sml a couple of Parrels of nun
A mnn nml womnn were taken ninn?
ns enol; nml stewardess Tow-ird even
Ing of the second day out they sighted
the Island.
It wns a lonesome, cheerles**-* looking
spot, with a rough. Irregular bench,
along which the stiff wns tumbling In
long curls of creamy foam, nml n little
further in upon the rocks wen* groups
of slimy, black creatures which gave
voice to the dosolntlon with their
hiinrsp barking. There wns n sporadic
growth of pnlms on tiie Island which
dwindled nwny into a seraggj growth
of underbrush upon tlie slopes of iwo
mouotnlllfi which rose fly ill mi Irictiliy
from the two extremities.
A smnll cove, bordered hy a sandy
bench, offered n safe anchorage, ami
Into this Uu- vessel wns cautiously
steered, and tlie erew w as set lo work
nt once at hin.ling tlie stores
That night there was n gi*;iml caron
snl aboard the vessel in celebration ot
the successful termination of the voyage, during which rum llowed freelv
nml quarrels were lrei|iient. Tlie car
penter and one of Hie sailors, however.
held aloof from these orgies, remaining
on deck, prepared lo leave the vessel
Bhould mutters come te a crisis. Mat
tors diil eoiue to u crisis with n crash
when one of llie Spaniards drugged the
poor, frightened sti-wanless into the
cabin nml Insisted thnt she should sing
a Spanish song for the company,
'I'he big ruilinn wilh u Livid sear, who
claimed to he an American, declared
thai she should sing nothing but "Vun-
kee Doodle." The spiiuiiird attempted
m force matters by drawing a kolfo,
hut the American anticipated hlm with
Ids "gun." which be begun to discharge rlghl tuid left.
In a moment the light became gener
al. Out or the cabin nnd up on the
doek they tumbled, Bhootittg and tutting and cursing in a manner llmt w*&e
frightful to benr Hall nf them would
have been killed or wounded bad it not
been for un accident Hint drew their
attention from the lighting in ;i danger
tbut threatened tbem nil lu common.
In the scutiie in the cabin a large Inmp
was overturned, nnd before any one attempted to put uut the flames the
whole cabin wns In a blare. Without
trying to stive the vessel they rushed
to tho single boat remaining, leaving
one mun dead in ihe coinpnnlonway
nml another severely wounded on deck.
Thus nil tin* stores nnd tools were
burned, together with the pom* wounded wretch ou deck.
The next morning a party set out to
explore lho island ami soon found a
simple minded ohl German on the op
posite side who lived nil by I] I nisei I-
• sort of Robinson Crusoe life-tilled a
little soil uml kept n conph* of llshitig
boats. That night som.- of the more
desperate spirits of tin* purty proposed
Hint lhey should steal one of tin* old
Clcrmnil'S bouts, sail to tlie mainland
seize ll small voss.'l und briilgTj' |:V*1:
t<> llie Island with more prnvistoiis'iinq*
The carpenter am) tlie sailor who imd
joined him lhe night before tried to
dissuade them from putting the plnn
Into execution, bin they persisted ami
sjiiled nway (be next dny.
In aboul two weeks the Bn 11 bonl
hove in sight, nml when she wns beach
(-tl nu emaciated, wounded wretch
crawled out, the sole survivor of the
erew thnt hml Balled uwuy so eontt
deiilly two weeks before.
Before he died he told how the rns
culs had succeeded In reaching ihe
const safely and with little dlfilculty
had found n smnll vessel suited to
their purpose
They tried to get nwny with It In the
night, hut the owner discovered Ihem
nml attempted to interfere, wilh the
result that he paid for his vigilance
with n knife slush which settled him In
t minute, tint the ph'iitos did not get
far awny before they were overhauled,
taken bnek to port, nnd every one of
thom wus hanged, except the teller ol
the tnle, who hnd escaped, bul had
been mortally wounded iu doing so.
'I'he carpenter nud the sailor proa
poeted dully nbout the ravine ami the
bench; but. having nothing except their
knives with which to work, they made
littlo progress. Still lhey picked <jiii
of the crevices n considerable iimounl
of gold.
One dny they borrowed a hntchel
from tlie old German ami penetrnteti
tho rnyine which ran up the side nf om
of the mountains.. Some dlstniiee uj*
the slope they cleared the underline-*!
nnd found the ledge to he composed o
soft, rotten stone Impregnated will
gold In lnrge quantities In imt tin
entire mountain seemed to lie strenkii
with the precious inetnl
As lhey worked, however. Iheir liv**-
were In eonstuiil danger, for the iiiiiim-
tnln side seemed trf be nlivc'witli-p-e.
tonous reptiles, senrpiniis. tnrnutuhis
In fact, owing to (hose pi-xts ihey wen
fain  to give up nil  ilttempts to pern*
trale farther ami eoiiiciiiod tliemselvi
with working nhnp.i  tin* rtn:| ol   lb
mountain.   Thi*,***  remained mi ihls i.
bind nearly two months before llie*.
were   taken   ofl   by   ;i   ptisKllij!   vesse1
which stopped to iii; In i tvtitt'i (-ns|-s
Shortly nfter theli ivtiirn'-tii tin* istii
mus the snilor was tnken dnwn with
Isthmus fever nnd iHcd, Tin- onrpen
ter then took tbe gold nnd. keeping lib
secret, set sail for bis home, where In
bought a hotel, lie Intended some tlim
to return to tho Island, but one while!
dny he fell on the he. receiving nil iu
Jury that resulted in pnrulysis. and a
yenr Inter he nlso died, But before he
dh) so he told to n frieml who hnd
nursed him nl! Ihe details of his strange
nd ventures iu tin sunt hern I'aeilie
drew n plnn of th-* Islam), ileserlhed its
location nml topography nml gave Bitch
nu aeeiirnte description thnt any cm*
familiar with the coast could hnve ue
difficulty In verifying thc statement
The carpenter's friend did not sur
vive him long, but before lie tiled he
likewise related the carpenter's story
to a captain who wns fr.milinr with tlie
waters of the southern Pacific. And
uow nuother expedition hns been litted
out for tin* mysterious isle of gold.
But wiseacres shook iheir bends.nnd
already n belief hns grown among ttio
timid thnt n curse is associated with
the Isle nml the trensure nml that
death and doom Inevitably follow the
pursuit of the secret—Chicago Times
The Wily Oleiitlnl.
"Why docs a Chlnatnau purchase hla
burial casket ami make all tbo preliminary arrangements for his own funeral?" nsked lho nmn who thirsts for Information,
"Because," answered the man with
diplomatic   experience,   "those   people
know belter tban to trust one ntiother
any further ihnn Is absolutely nccus
Mry."-Washington Star.
In Measured by lhe Cures He Makes—Each
Remedy Specific for Certain Diseases—
A Remarkable Oure of Brlght's Disease.
in ibi*-. practical age a physician's
ability is measured by tho actual
turps he makcB. Judged by this high
Btnndard, Dr. Chase stands pro-oinln-
ent as tt giant among physicians,
Take kidney nml liver dorangemonts,
for example. Dr. Chase, by means
uf liis Kidney-Liver pills, lias brought'
about some of tin* mosl. surprising
cures ever effected. Tliis is due lo
the direct ami specific action of Ihis
great home treatment on Uu* liver
and kidneys. Here is the experience
of a highly respected resident of Con-
neon, Oul. :—
Kir. Jumes Dellihunt, Coiwocon,
Princo I'.thvnrd County, Out,, writes:
"For soveral years 1 suffered great
tortures of mind ami body from
Brlght's disease of the kidneys. The
pains were sometimes almost beyond
end ii ranee mid extended from my
heud and between lhe shoulders flown
Die whole spinal column and seemed
to concent rule across my kldnoys.
My back wns never entirely free from
pain. When I got up jn the morning
I could not. straighten myself ni nil,
but would go bent nearly double
miml all tlay.    My water wus s-euniy
and at oilier limes profuse, itud it
gave mo great pain to urinate.
•I could tio uo work, nnd, though
I tried mnny kinds of kidney pills,
could gel uo relief. As a last resort
I was Induced by u frieml to give Dr.
Chase's Kidnoy-l.ivor-lMUs n trial; I
felt a Change nfter the lirst dose. I
used in nil about llvo boxes, und
they have entirely cured me. 1 havo
no pains now and can do as good a
day's work as I ever could. It Is a
j pleasure for ine to recommend Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, ns thoy^
have done so much for me."*    ■
Mr. .1. J. Ward. J.P., Conspcon, eer-
tilics thut bo hns known Mr. Dclli-
hiuil for years as a truthful man and
respected citizen, and vouches for the
truth of tlio above statement.
You cannot possibly obtain a moro
beneficial treatment for tlie kidneys
und liver tlmn Dr. Chime's Kidney-
Liver I'ills. It bus stood Hit; tost of
time mid has proven beyond tlisputo
lis right in tie* litle of "the world's
greatest kidney medicine." One pill
n dose, 1!") cenls a box, at all dealers, or Kduiunsnti, Bales & Co., Toronlo,        '
I'uiilN na a  I'm-toi-  In   $*)" ' tttJluu  lu-
CecllunM Dfieiuc*.
The renssertion >-i ilu* theory <>f Bebool
Influence -u*- nu active Euctur in tin*
spread "f Infectious disease which haa
lately been made makes it desirable to
inquire under what clrcutnstaueea "cle-
iure" should be -.■mplv.vt.d. All seems to
depend upon whether the assembly of the
children lu the school in question is tlie
main caUBfl by which lhe disease is beiun
dis*.emiiinted. Iu a coiiutiy district, for
example, with ti sparsely scattered population, where children rawly meet except
lu school, closing the scboola at lhe commencement of an epidemic may effectually check its course, each infected center
working piil-lta owu salvation mdepend-
entty, ami the one link between the dif-
-Cerent parts of ilu- district being for the
time broken.
Again, it may be discovered that iu
consequence nt defective drains or other
In-a ti it'try .arrangements ihe school is
Itaelf actually a en use ot disease, ur nt
icasl Ihnl P- conditiou ravora the Bprend
of Infection oniuug those who atieud its
thi-.'-.   ami   in   such   a   case  thu  school
Bhould certainly be closed while the nee-
unary repairs nnd reconstructions are be-
inu i arrled out.
Itul apart from llu-st* two cireiun-
ftaocea it mwl very rnr-fly happen ihu
Tt is justifiable io eloae a school an.l thus
break int.. the etluCalioaal progress of
tin- icholara merely because n large number of tbem hnppeu to be attacked by an
epidemic, for when mi epidemic Iiiih obtained complete hold in a populous Ui*-
tiiit   llie   school   i.«   but   one   of   u   (lOEOU
ways in which Infection is being spread,
anil   it   may   he   far   hotter   to   keep   tiie
school open ami ib tm Insure the continuance of that regularity ami orderliness of
life which ntteudancu ut school Involve*
than by closure to throw all the children
to play lugetlier in the streets or tu huddle together in Iheir hnnios.
It musi nlwnys be remembered that the
part played by sol te in spreading Infection is proportionately greater in the
country tlmn in towns, siuce in the country ii is prnelh-nlly in tlie schools nhmo
Ihnl children from different homes cumo
in   con tnd   with   euch   nthnr,   while  in
lawns   the  s.-hools   tire   nnl.V   OUO  out   of
mnny centers froui which Infection may
Ask for Minard's and late do oto.
licni-riMI* 'l'ci-1-.tin-flit.
"Cbnrley. dear," snid young Mrs. Tor-
kins, "politicians aru real nuse!Ilsh people, nren't they'-."
"They don't enjoy nny such reputation."
"Then they are misunderstood. 1
never snw anythlug like the wny one
side gets up uud warns tlm other that
it is making n mistake in Its candidate
and Its platform Instead of letting It
rush on to disaster nud defeat, 11 Is
positively noble."—Washington Slar.
Tlie Kxjir-r l.-t I Mr. Willinm smith, »r
lliiwk.--.lnn>. Whu Snir.-r.il for Mnny
Venn from Kidney Trouble.
Irom tbi* Post, llawkeaburj   Dot,
Every budy in HawkesbUTJ i.iiowb
Mr. William Smith. lie can here
when 'be town wus yet in it* .ige
dnys, as one ol the lumber coi iy*a
stall of mechuuics. In 188l Mr.
Smith was appointed town ■ on-
siable. and filled Hint position until
M-ry recently. As is well known lo
many of Mr. Smiib's friends, he ma
suffered much from kidney trouble
f-jr quite u number nf yenrs past, md
.ui times ihe puin in his buck wus so
trcut that he mus almost physically
Incapable <>\ exertion, lb* doctored a
great doal, sometimes getting temporary relief, but tho cause of ho
trouble was not removed, and soon
tin* pains, accompanied alternately
by chills and rover, returned. Ai lust
be came to look upon his condilioii
as une which no medicine eould permanently cure.     Indeed bis condition
mighi   still   have  I n   "in-  of  much
siitliTiiiH hml nut Mrs Siinili ultimately prevailed upon her husband to
mv- hr   Williams' Pink Pills a -trial.
li Boomed," -oul Ur Smith to a -o-
| inAi-r nl tbo Post. ' ihnt ii was IX
useless experiment, iiml yot I waa
willing io tin almosl anything thai
would bring relief. I bad nol used
tin pills loug boforo there was undoubted rehci, moro iu fact than I
Pad obtained from any oiher mcdl-
clrie. I continued their use mul soon
ull symptoms of th- trouble thai bad
umde my lifo om- of much iins-t-y fur
many years was gone. I fool thai I
an, cured, and Iium- no hesltul ion in
sttyiiig thai llu* cure is due to i'r.
Williams'  Pink  I'ills. iiml  I  never I'--*
nr opporl unit v of recommending I ho.
Pills to neighbors win. may be ailing."
Dr. Williams- Pink Pills cure by iro-
ing to the root of the disease. Th v
renew nnd build up the blood, nud
strengthon the nerves, thus driving
disease from ilu* system. If your
denier does not keep thom, tbey will
l,e sent  postpaid ut  :>(i cenis a box,
ot* six boxes fnr >i'2.:il) by addressing
the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Ilrock-
ville,  Onl.
nn Uooil,
Mr. freeborn Jackson— VYbtid yoti
gwiue name 'im. I.aini'lin?
Mrs. Jackson—Auyllng yob Inlkes-
nnyling 'ctipt Alius. Iso uotlced boys
0* thnt mime iievuli eoines to no good.
They'd alius In lhe police co't.—Brooklyn Life.
Ilonnd  to Kt-i*|i Iti Ibe Stvlni,
"Mrs Potberlligny ,11 bba enme to my
reception without uu Invitation."
"Vou don't liii'iiu it'.'"
"Yes; slie explained lo uie that she
felt sure my omission of her wus nn
nWrslght."- Iipllnimpolls Journal.
A womnn m I'npi ■ omny on trim fulsome offense was udd tlmt she might
'Vballeiige*' nny one ou the jury to
whom she oli.iect.il Kite Immediately
took adviiulnge ot the permission by
challenging a highly respectable runner     tm  being nsked  nl'lorwurd  what
her reiison hml I or doing sn she
explained (but she hml supposed she
was obliged lo object lo some one, so
She bad picked oul the ugliest.
There never was, nnd never will lie. &
universal punuccu. ia one ronn dy, for nil ills
to which fl. till is heir—llut very niiliue uf
many curatives boing such that wen* the
germs of olher and differently seated dis-
eiaea routed iu the system of the paliool-—
what would relieve one ill in turn would aggravate tlio other. We have, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many and
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems are led inioconv.i-
le^ceneo and stren«th by the influence whieh
Quinine exert?} on nature's own restorative*.
It relieves the drooein« spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of Interoitin life Ib a dlseaso,
and, by tranquilizing the nerves, disposes to
fuuml and refre-liint,' sleep— imparls vi-mr
to tho action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the vein*,
•strengthening the healthy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary reijuit, stream lien ing the frame,
and giving life to the digestive oinnns, which
nuturally demand increased suhstntici-■■ result, improved appetite, Northropifc Lyman,
of ToTonto hnve given to the public their
superior Quinine Wine ut tlie usual rate, and,
gauged by tlio opinion of scientists, ihis
wine approached nearest perfection of any in
the market.   All druggists t-i.-ll it,
"Yes, he wears gootl clo'es now ai
smokes line cigars, but I knew him
when he wuz glad ter sbnre my bread
an 'lasses "—Now Vork World.
Sho Wlnlied tu Know,
"I'm dead on in due Spitlins!" exclaimed the high school girl's brother.
"How did you hceiunc fatally super-
imposed upon Joseph SpilimsV" nsked
tin* high school girl.—Pittsburg Chronicle-
Telegraph. _
Whnt n I'rlutil Slie Must ne.
Miss Withers-1 believe Arthur ii
nft-aid to propose to me.
Helle—Or course he Is, nnd there nro
thousands of others just like him.—
Smart Set.
Ono gootl way In derive un inrouu
from jlteraturo is to sell hooks,
iiml In Self Ailmli-ntlon.
It happened in an "I." cur. He wns
tall, handsome nnd just a little too wi !l
dressed nml wus rending n pninpidct
on which stootl out In letters large
, enough to be plainly legible to the opposite row of passenger^ the title,
"Correct Dress." Tbey nli noticed him,
fbr ho wns really beautiful.
There was no doubt ns to what bo
wns reading. Tlie passengers followed
It nlmost line by lino uml knew just
whnt part of the essay he had reudied.
lt began when bis eyes left the book
uud glanced dubiously ut liis cloth top
[led patent lent hers. Ilo shook his
head slightly ns he snw that tlie upper
wns of n trltle too pronounced n pattern. Next he took in his trousers, uml
n bland smile of satisfaction wreathed
his fnee. There was r slight frown
when he compared his waistcoat witli
the haberdasher's innminl, but his coat
and bat were evidently irreproachable.
The end of the Inventory and of lhe
spectntors' self control came when the
beautiful one began to admire in ihe
bnek of bis watch case his neckwear.
Ills shirt nnd Ilie faultless curves of bis
collar. A litter from the two girls in
the coruer, nnd the whole beiicbful
exploded. The model of pulchritude
looked ii]>. shut his book with a simp,
blushed furiously nml left the car ...
tbe next station.
The heud    should  be educated    to
think, tlie heart to feel and tlie body
More misery nnd crime result from
Idleness thuu from nil other causes
i'hiiiiiiiii' Course*
Miss Slugger—"Yonr proposal te sn un
expected that I hardly know what u
say.    Vnu must give uk- time lo think i
Mr. Bpoouer—Certainly, Miss Stnggei
that's the wny l've-er—nlways been in
piiatomod  to ilu ill  eases  of lids  kind.
Harlem Life.
Ilmii-n uml Hllnntr*,
Miss Clubb—Ves, we huil n meeting
but wc didn't accomplish anything,
Miss Chubb—Why, you were in sessim
nearly three hours!
Miss Cljihb-I know, but it took al
that lime to read am) approve I Iip min
utes of the Inst meotiug.—Pldladelphh
An  [Qiprrt,
"1-tlowhard Is nlwnys boasting of his
driving abilities."
"It comes natural to him. lie has
been handling the ribbons be It bid the
counter at <.;uuiieiiii:e'**- for six years
or more."	
A I'lillonoplier,
"Do yon want a three button or four
button ciitnway coalV"
"Well, I'l! tell ymi. My wife's a eon
gjtitrlil clubwoman, ami if you muke this
coat a hut toilless cutaway to slnt-i with ii
will save it gond deal of future builuir,'*-
(bvi'laiiil Plain Driller.
Twit " nt'* etniill.tim <i verticil ill hy
Vour Dear <»IU l nclo BU,
,\- ho teai bed homo and - ■■ -I before his wile there was a look on his
fuce ibe bad m *•■ ■ .-• eu hi fore, ile
scfin.-d to be u lu-ut taller ami u iou
heavier, uud his general an was that
of a man wLo hud a million dollars in
uie bank.
"Jo—Joel, wlmt is it? What has happened?" exclaimed llu' wile iu toues
of fear and anxiety.
"I've struck it nt last," he replied us
lie swelled wilh impuriauce.
"Fouud n gus well':"
"A gold mine?"
"Non p."
'Any one died and left you a for*
"Noop. It's siuitliin a heap better.
I've taken fust prize at tin* county fair
fur the Pest bushel of carrots growed
iu all this comity!"
"Waal, Jim, 1 board vou was over to
Charlotte, and 1 thought I'd stop aod
Inquire how things went."
"Who you callln .llm;"
"Why, you, of course."
"Then, sir, I'd have y.,u know that
my iiaiue Is James Johnson Joues."
"Btlt we've bin imyburs uml frieuds
fur the last 15 years, ami I've alius
called you Jim."
"Ves, 1 know, Imi things are different IJOW,   SuUtblU's happened."
•MJoml Lord, but what kill It lie':"
"You kuow that red calf of mine—
the one you na itl was a whoosber?
Waal, I entered bim at tin* county fair,
uml he tuuk llie blue ribbon."
"Jim Johnson, you don't mean it:"
"It's n cold fact."
"Then, by gum. if you'll run fur
president of the 1'iiited States. I'll
vote fur you all tlay long!"
M. Quad.
Sore Lungs
mean \v-^;ikt*n .1 lun^s -all
caused by a cold and cough.
Weak lungs sooner or later
mean consumption,
will heal and strengthen the
lungs, cure cold and stop the
Mr. Jonnson, Manager C Daniels A Co.,
Kiti-f St. Store, Toronto, wyi: " We lell lott
of Sniloh and we tecomnn-nrl it. loo, 1 had a
Severe atuclt qI fneumnnia whu-h Wt n.t
with tore lonj* and a bad coujh. Siiilnh cum*
plet--!)'cured me     Shtlofa .. .... rtglt."
Bhlloh'a OomuiupUon Onra li iold bjr *n
-At-iiKuM* In t.'ntiii'l-a mul t'liltml StfttM tt*
BSO. -50. . 91 «0 ■» li'iltln. la i.r.tt Itrlttaln
Mt ll, ltd., Il, 3d., uu.) 4a, Oil. A tirlolr.l
fttumntae it.if* Wltll rvery ln>lll>- If yaa
art* tint MttlHad K'1 l" }'">ir .IriiKrgUt mnl
lift yonr tnoni>y i»nck.
■fir i
,t to yo,
\ Isltintj cards **f Iron, .-nc f,,ur-
hundredth of ah Inch In thickness
and with tie- name engraved In silver
I letters, ur.- ihe   iate-st    fad in Qor-
ii mm
A wnn mn bus jnst been appointed
grave digger at Crow land Abbey, in
Lincolnshire, Knglnnd There is only
one other woman grave ibgycr in the
?100 REWABD. $100.
Tl e ronrtera of .It Is paper wni u* (.: llo
leara that thi-rt-iant |.-il-i - nc dmidpiltlUfase
ttitit t-eiPtn-t* Ima l.-si-ii ub't* in . uro lit all ltd
hIiik.'s, .oui tliat i- catarrh, tlatt'a Catarrli 'tire
Is tno only positive:cure known to tie medical
' Mr. J.W. Wilder, J. P., LefargertUe, K.Y..
| writes! "1 am subject to sevtre Bttnoksoi
; Colic and Ruiiuy Hiniculiy. and tind 1'ar-
I melee's Pill*. nfft.rd me great relief, while ail
| oiher remedies have failed, Tbey are the
: be-t medicine 1 hnve en r used," in fact so
; great Isthepowerofthlsmodfolnetoclea&M
i and purify, that diseases ol almost every
name and nature are driven from the body,
HhII'h ruin-rli nm-h tak.'ii Inti n ally.acting
-Iir. rl Iv ll'H.ll till' lilt) ,il .uei not. mm «ur(ai*i-s ut
ilit'sv-ieiti. Hun l.v il.Mi-nving ilu- foundation
bftlioill case,and giving mo ifttlenl itrength
liy lilllldlng n]> tli.' constitution nml as.i-.tmg
unluri' in (htlitu liu in.ik, Tie* jir-'iTli'tor- Imv.*
-...iinich Uiiili in ils.-urnlhe i>>>\vt rs that Hi»y
nlTer (iiiflliiiiilivtl Dt.lliit-H fm nny case thai  fl
11 tills Family Tlllaare llu: bret.
It i- recalled ol tbo late Michael
[Mullnill thai bis forecast ol the United Stales census uas 70,208,000,
winch was within 1*5,000 ol tho actual   COtlll'.
A small Htlnglesa hee Is found I;
Home parts of Mexico. Their hone
is Bllghtly tart, nnd is more esteem
ed  thnn    ihe sweel   honey    n( otlu
I .4.
THK HOHSE-notilcst of the brute
creation—when suffering (rom n cut,
nbnuloOi or iow darlvoi »s muob benefit
us its master in a like predicament, from
the healing, nothing Mtloa m l)K.
uess. swelling ot the neck. Btlffnea of the
Joints, throat and lunjrs, ate c :;WV9%\ br
No family living in a bilious country
should ha without Parmelee's Vegetnble
[>ills. A few doiea taken now and th n will
ki op th.* liver active, cleiin.-e the stomach
from nil bilious matter nnd prevent ugue,
Mr.J.L. i'rice. Shoals, Martin Co., Ind.,
write* : ''I have tried a box pi l1itrmelc?'s
I'ills umi lind them the beat medicine for
Fever and Ague I have ever used,"
ilu* Haaalnna,
An Engllsliiiuiii in Itussia snys tbnt
"we may dislike Urn-win as wo will and
perhaps must, but thore is no denying
that the men uml women of Itussia nre
gootl lookers." The men nre "tnll nml
well built." The "women, especially
those of the tippet classes, have n -.'race
nnd fascination llmt is nil their own."
The writer ad.Is: i nm tired of hearing English people say that this Is all
show ami that if I knew them better 1
Bhould be greatly disappointed. Ik-
hind good looks ami refilled manners I
have found tlie depth ami sincerity ot
the Scotch combined wnn I lit* wit and
humor of the Irish "
If money    talks It  Is    pro bai: ly
paying teller.
s. ver ■ colds are easily cured by the use]
of Blcklc's Antl-Coneuinptlvo Syrup, a mi d-
Icine of extraordinary imnetraling and bed-
Ing properties. It Is acknowledged by thoss
win. have used it as twlng tli" botl medicine !
tuid lor coughs, ci Ids, Inflammation d! the
lungs, ami nil affections of the throat nnd \
oil ttt, ll- ngn iibleni'iu to lln- Un-t ■ iinir-.o.-* it '
a favorite with ladles mid children,
We can only by illustration and a word or two of
description in our catalogue,
let out-of-town buyers know
about our magnificent selection of rings.
All Ihe gemsare represented.
All the good styles shown.
" Ryrie " Rings appeal to
those who admire ring
beauty, and the large number we seil enables us to
carry a stock that allows a
splendid choice,
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonueonil Adelaide SU.,
il Bdentifli •■-■ demonstrat-
cl that .i * ■ r;* ::. ij be drawn
ii 700 feet  of wire.
•    . was -■   ted into thecal-
*-.-*■- ■ * ■ Engl sh prayer
entlj   1".     ' ■■ ■ ■ :,*. ocat ion of
era?    '■'■'■     has no earthly
■   ■ *..   :.« i ..n't   put   in his
Brass Band
Imtrnments, Drums, rnlformi, tn.
Id *-*■*■ •-■. pr:*:-*! itht <;*a-.*t*«i    FtM cftta^ogu*
io i Itutntfami m-itlsd trt*.  Writ* n* for any
Ihirg i*. -Mu-ic or Moil' *l Initrutnent-i.
Whaley Boyce ft Co., ^^.VL.
l.j PerCent. Investment in Winnlpec.
A four-hou e brick-veneered terrace, nil
modern. 5<on-= foundation, each hou-e coa-
t line C room-?, bathroom, e(c„ and fh-'-d. 75
ff-et fructavc. on ont- of the best Etreete. price
J.*- CCO. tmafl a—*h pftrment, bal&nc*? may re-
n.ain nt 5 percent. Mnstbe roW tocloeeoot
ane-iiate. A[.plyu» WALTER SUCKLING
& COMPANY. Winnipeg.
McCnllocb & Boswell
mannfaetnmt of
tba McCnlloch
H'icinK ftD-1 Hock-.-;. Slates, have removed
from l'10 BIcDermottSt, tolSO Lombard St,,
opp, HcIntjTfl Bik.. WinnijA-g.
(Tridt Hark B«fUt«r-»d Koreabar ll, iwo )
Dr. y*.T,-:.- t,(rre«« to ■-:<-. -.-■-^.-..*.*:.■« lock
»t half prtc« M partial utng then «• not tttu*
fttt't-^-d aftei u-'-k for It- -**-..ka.
F. Pres, WinniD*|, uu I hivu o*»d "OiTd*
'■nor" for two •'•elui for Br ri'ihitU »&d Ua^
•arrh of the H i-i. ud I ttmX  Ike i DfW mu-
Mn. F. L. Oook, WUmlpafi **y*- Ihartimf-
fered antoid m r.:-: from H- g*.*. • D:i»w«, and
It reUe-rcd me of Pain, and In i x w-ekj I waa
llr. W.o. KUworthy, fflnnlpqcaaji: I hiTa
raffe ed for' • that* with *ri-?■■•*." rttvuiaa'.itnn\
9tsS In htMpltal for I we*ki, *-.<', tu«d klia-^t
iiary rr-twAy. inclodlnr meamerlam fslran-
Uun, alectiio wit, ato I have asnA Oz7d'<t-or
I0*i»vi in: reoa'-rad more *tr.eflt than from
t.ythlxg elH.
Mra. Oagasx. wtnnlpetf. uym I h«»» naad ti
banafldaUy with mr family wh«ia«r alek.
and It bai cured ma outrert ;:.^m-r:,:. tnd la
Sn'Mlekler'l want' d tn tv-iry djs-.rirt. Addretn
Wm T. Olbhlna, Uralu Kinbannti, Wlnmifg.
y»r,'i for H .'.a.eti J(' grateful reportl.
Ufhoturad by THOS. LHE, Htmiipt-K.
BROKERS. . . .
*****   382 MAIN ST., WINNIPEG
stock, and bond., bout-lit, .old nnd
carried on margin.    Lieti-d
mining Btock. curried
BROKERS, ETC.,       |
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg t*
Money leat at lowest ratoa, ♦
Stix'ksiind Ix'mi* in»ni;lit and oold. V
Railway and otlwr farm lanila in *♦
i Manitoba and N. W. T. for biiIo. 9
• Mapaand foldcra aent on appilcn- _
• tion. _
Unit onal from I eihbriclijo. *>
I'ricB quoted lu all railway potnta.   4
You feel better alter
rubbing against soot., grease, pain
etc (When yon have at hand a cake i
The Master Mechanics
Extraordinary Soap
Thcrfi is nothing liko it for renin
Ing heavy dirt from hands or rao
antl ilu; lar, one of iis principal ii
gradients! heals any sores t>r cuts,
Dealers in ^ood soap hell it.
Tits Albert Toilet Soap Co., ttfrt., Montrtt
I tin* undersigned, representing Jos,
i llmann, wish tu Inform those handling Furs tbat I am In the market, I
pay full mantel prices at thu Lime I
receive shipment, and mako prompt
returns, Prlco Hats ar.; misleading
<>n u rhanglng market Slue mo
.sour fur*, oflsn, und keop posted by.
iht-* returns you grt from
Office, Ut r J. t. Uriffln tl 0o.t 147
Uannatyne St. East.
• 1*. 0, Uoi ims l. WINK1PEO, Man.
| lid yon aver u*w Acetylen« nut
I     Is tlie b,-tit, the only reliable, nnd the moat
durable generator In Oanad i.Worksantomafpr
Icallyj requires no attention while working.
Tfie Norili-Wes! Acelyiefi! Gat Company,
812Prlneass8t., winning,.Man. Agents Wanted
uriMi-:  WOICK.
rani ttiBaervicesof n number of per-
itl fata Hum to do knlttlic; tor ui at
trholi '■' irarellmo, We furni-.li Au-
i* Ki (Unit Machlnn free to share-
•, snpplj yarn free and pny for work
hindrance,   ion
i at
dleate, Utnltod.'lo
A.. Tlie Peopla'-i Knitting Syn*
Catholic Prayer VAIr*?.?.
a tan, llvhtiiiin*. I'lclnn-s Mtatanry.aniK'liurrli
Oniaiiii-iiif, l*Miiniiiimal Wt.rk.t nil i,nlcrnr«-
Oeive prompt atl.-nlio.i- _,t, J.Sadllll-ftCO.JODUal
W. N. D. 305 "It l-ajs lo Iiiui With Belli. *'
Time to Plant
I have just received a
fresh invoice of	
They consist of Sweet Peas, Onions, Turnips,
Timothy Grass, Flower Seeds of all kinds    j*
R.  ti.  D-CHlie, Druggist
The stores will be closed tomorrow, it being Qood Friday.
"Send on Some Grub"
That is the gist of a message we
got the other day from a railroader in quarantine. When disease is rampant the judicious use
every precaution to avoid it.
Health is the foundation of
Strength and good, pure Groceries the Stepping Stones to Health.
Those who eat the best, live the
best and feel the best.      Try it.
Q. T. Rogers, 3 Grocer
Fancy and Staple Provisions and Crockery
a \\7 inter Lingering    dt
W      in the Lap of Spring."
But when spring comes you will feel the
heat unless you order one of those J* J*
Choice Spring Suits dt
at once from        jt        jt       jt       jt
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, li. C.
Do you wear shirts ?
It you do and want to see the latest and best in that line,
call in. We have them at ull prices. Not old styles, but up
to date.
Our neckwear is the
finest in East Kootenay
Hill & Co.
rre.'li eggs by the case at P. McCon
I     LOCAL   NOTES     |
***t*****************'******t      l'uniislu'il rooms to rent,     Good loca
tion.    Inquire at The Herald office.
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
See Heattie for Kaster Souvenirs.
George Miner visited Pernie Tuesday.
Don't forget the football game tomorrow.
Dave Newell, of Kimlierly, wns in town
Julius Hurel, of Kimberley, waa in
town Saturday.
Mi Corregan, of Port Sleele, was in
town this week.
The very freshest of eggs for Baster at
G. T. Rogers.'
Miss Sopher, of Kimberley, is visiting
Cranbrook friends.
Reid Sl Co. will have their millinery
opeutng next Saturday.
A. W. McVittie has hml his residence
wired for electric lights.
Get out tomorrow antl root for the
Cranbrook football players.
Charles Parker has completed some
additions to his new house.
A, B. Beale, the real tstate hustler of
Moyie, wan in town Sunday.
Prank Villeneuve is now lirst assistant
•t McParland's barber shop.
J. R. Costigan and John Hutchison
tiiited Port Steele Saturday.
R. L. T, Galbraith, of Port Steele, wss
in town a short time Mouday.
Mra, P. D. Hope and sister, of Moyie,
are visiting Cranbrook friends,
Easter Eggs, boat designs, floral nests.
Easter baskets, etc,, at Heat ties.
A wood awning has been put up on
tbe west side ofthe Baker Block.
H. R. Parker's new resilience is completed, and he bas moved into it.
J«mes Stone, of Sand Creek, was a
visitor to the Metropolis Ihis week,
N. A. Wallinger, oi Port Steele, was
a Craubrook visitor two days last week.
John Breckenridge came down from
Michel Sunday for a day at the metiop
Mr. ami Mra. N. C. McKitistty, of
Kimberley, were Craubrook visitors tlm
Wanted — Pupils in short hand and
typewriting.   Mrs. Scott McDonald.
Mr. Sutherland, the Moyie school
teacher, vMted in Cranbrook last
Rev. Reid, of the Presbyterian church
at Port Sleele, was a Cranbrook visitor
tliis week,
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McViltie, of Fort
Steele, visited relatit-ti in Cranbrook
last Monday,
Mrs, C. ti, Kstmere. of Kimberley,
visited with Craubrook friends several
days Ibis week,
Charles Pinch, the well known saw
mill man of Kimberley, was a Cranbrook
visitor Saturday.
Mrs. VV. T. Reitl expects to visit her
former home in Wisconsin during the
summer months.
The dance to be given by the baseball
boys next Monday evening promises to
be n great success,
Beattie bas just received a fine line of
Easter novelties. Get in quick and
secure your choice.
Greater demand than ever for Gilt
Edge Dairy Butter in pound bricks. Put
up expressly for   G. T. Rogers.
Plymouth Rock, Brown Leghorn and
iluck eggs for hatching, for sale by
A  I.eask,
Dr. C.J. Pagln, of Victoria, secretary
ofthe provincial board of health, paid
uu official visit to Craubrook last week,
Lawyer Harvey, of Port Steele, has
joined Dr. Watt at Victoria to labor for
thc interests of this district as a whole.
Breckenbrldge & hnnd have purchased
a lnt north ofthe Herald office and are
erecting stables and warehouse thereon.
Mr. Patterson, the locomotive foreman,
wiih headquarters in Craubrook, has
purchased E. K. Orchard's new
side nee.
Dan Campbell, who has been braking
for some time, bas been given a tralu on
the branch between Lethbridge and
Por Sale—Pure bred light Brahma
roosters. Pine, large young birds.
Price $3 <x> each. Address Box D, Kimberley, B, C.
Messrs. Maiitx uud Sintt were in towu
Mouday closing up tbe deal by  which
tbey acquire Fred Sick's Interest in the
Pernie brewery.
It is quite probable that Mr. Sick,
formerly of the Port Steele ami Fernie
Breweries, will figure on opening a
brewery in Crnnbrook.
Dr. J. II. King has been appointed
health officer for the district, extending
from Kootenay lake to Michel. The appointment is a good one.
The Misses MoffatS gave a very pleasant evening last Tuesday, There weie
about twenty guests present, ami curds
antl dancing were the leading features.
(.in tomorrow afternoon the summer
season of sport will open at tbe Athletic
g ounds, Tbe town of Craubrook shouM
be present.   The admission is only 25
The members of Key City Lodge, No.
42, LO. O. P., are requested to be present in full force next Friday evening,
as Ihere is work ou iu the initiatory-
Sandy" McDougal came down from
Fernie last week for a fe«v days.
'Sandy's" friends are legion in this part
ol Ihe district, and they are always glad
to see litm.
Misses Florence nnd lnt/. Blaiichaid,
daughters of Mrs, R. V. Vrootn, arrived
here Monday from tbeir former home in
Walerhury, Vermont, and will become
residents ot Cranbrook.
M. Phillips, tbe pioneer of the Plat*
bead Valley, was in town Monday between trains. He reports mining prospects as being very favorable along tbat
part ofthe Boundry line.
The hoard of trade of Moyie are making arrangements to celebrate the 74th
of May this year, nnd of course will do it
in a manner that will reflect credit upon
the town and the people.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Robbins came down
from tbe North Star Saturday, leaving
for the west on Sunday. Mr. Robbins
went to the Boundary country to look
after some mining property,
The football game between Nelson
and Cranbrook which is to be played to-
morrow afternoon at tlie Athletic
grounds, will be the first game of Rugby
played in South East Kooteuay. It will
be a hot contest,
W. A* Prest, tbe photographer, is
making arrangements to produce agioup
picture of the Cranbrook Board of Trade.
The nieinbets will assist him in this
work by calling at his studio lor a sitting
as soon as possible.
On Priday evening April 26th, the
Odd Fellows of Cranbrook will bold an
open session. Rev. Fortune will deliver
au anniversary address on that occasion,
aud there will be recitations, music, etc.
The Herald has received more subscriptions during the last three months,
th.in during any hix mouths since it
started. The Herald is appreciated in
Soulh East Kootenay. The people
realize that it is uot ouly a Cranbrook
paper, but a district paper a well.
Rev. R. J Reid will deliver bis lecture
on Abraham Lincoln next Friday evening
at the Methodist church at the request
of the Epworth league, Mr. Reitl is a
good talker, and he has a subject tbat is
worthy the best efforts of auy speaker in
any land.   No admission will be charged.
T. T. McVittie, of Fort Steele, bas a
cartl in this issue of Tlie Herald. Mr,
McVittie is the pioneer surveyor of
S <utb East Kootenay, and be probably
has a better knowledge of lauds and locations In this district than any other
man, and this season intends to devote
his entire time to tbe work of surveying.
Rev. Robert Reid has fouud tbe climate here so beneficial to him that he has
concluded lo remain in thia portion of
British Columbia, and will engage in
work outside of tbe ministry. Both Mr,
aud Mrs. Reid hnve made mauy frieuds
during their sojourn here who will be
pleased to learn tbat they contemplate
becoming permanent residents.
A Cranbrook young lady expected
company one evening last week, and
prepared a nice float to be served on that
occasion, She put it on a box back of
the house to cool, late in the afternoon.
Unfortunately a bovne waudered by and
catching the sweet sceuted odor, showed
its appreciation of the young lady's cooking talent by eating tbe entire preparation. Float was not on the bill of fare
that eveniug.
C, D. McNabb, mayor of JnfTray, was
in town Sunday. He says the city council of his place has appropriated ftio,ooo
to entertain the Duke of York when he
visits British Columbia, Au invitation
engrossed on tamarac bark with bear's
blood was prepared and forwarded to
the Duke. Tbe mayor reports everything on the boom, but says their community is being pestered wilb confidence
men who come in to work the crowds-
Mr. James Ryan, of the Cranbrook
Hotel, whs given a banquet at tbeir leading hotel oue night last week. Tbe
event proved a great social success.
Real Estate and Insurance man of Cran-
UrUUIt.       Apru It |9oo.
That's what he is, and
he also sells Mining Stock.
New Church at Plncber Creek.
Pincher Creek Echo: The contract
for tbe building of the Roman Catholic
church was signed on Friday last, aud
Mr. Navin, the coutraetor, is getting to
work already. W. Lynch started to
plow up tbe site yesterday, and work
will be pushed ahead- The building will
cost In tbe neighborhood of ffi.cou, wheu
fully finished, and will be in every wny
au improvement to tbe town. Mr.
Navin bas the name of being a good
builder, having had experience in the
east tor many years anil lately in tbe
Enst Kootenay, His last piece of work
was the Cranbiook Mission Hospital,
which is a very line building,
Time (or a Change.
Revelstoke Mail; A change should be
made In the system of public administration. As matters stand the estates of
persons deceased in tbis district have to
be administered from Fort Steele. Mr.
J. P. Armstrong, tbe government agent
theie being the administrator fpr the
whole of the Kootenays. It would make
administration much more effective aud
convenient if a public administrator were
appointed for each electoral riding The
absurdity of having Revelstoke business
condurted at Fort Steele is glaiiugly
Don't forget thc After
Easter Ball next Monday evening in Wentworth hall. Proceeds
to be used for the
purchasing of an outfit for the Base Ball
Club. A good time
is assured. Tickets,
including lunch, $1.50
vs. Nelson
Friday, Apr. 5
At Turf and Athletic
Association Grounds.
Kick Off at 5 p. nt.
Precisely. Come and
Enjoy Yourself.    Q
Admission 25 Cts.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
I.O.O.F.   Key Cl y Lodge
No. vi.   Meets overy l'i i-
iluy tllRlll al llielr llllli nil
Bilker strei't.    Unjoin Hint:
Oiiii Fellows i-oiiiiniiy Invited.
.Villi llm-keiul.ilf A. I.. Mi'lli-I I
N. 11. Seo'v,
Crilbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. F. S A. M.
ItiTiiliii' 'lloetlllRS mi llm
llilni '''hurt-till) of lln
V iftlllliu tni'llii'iii weli'nni il,
w. I*, llrm., s
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of tl. S
Office aud store, Aiken hlnek,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce, Craubrook, II. C.
Upholsicrlni ind General Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work In the district
Physician and Surgeon.
Ofllce at Residence, Arroilreii Ave.
Forenoon!,   •   •   •   ■   1-M lo II
Afteroooni   ....   1:30 to J:30
Evenlnii   ....    V.JOIofcM
CRANBROOK,   :   :   :       :   :   B. C,
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South of Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C.
If you want a Sunday Suit
..See Palmer
If you want a Pair of Pants
..See Palmer
If you want a Fancy Vest
..See Palmer
If you want a Nobby Overcoat
..See Palmer
All Qarments Made to Order
and Ouaranteed to Fit „•* .-*
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealer** la
Grain and
Given  special  attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
....A Car of Groceries
Including everything Fresh and Qood. Spcc=
inl attention is called to the St. John Valley
Brand of Canned Gcods.   They're unequalled
A Special Price in Case Lots
on all Canned Goodsv<M.-*j«
the Grocer.
i ©
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Fort Steele
Wholesale and Krliill
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the hest.    Your
trnde Is solicited,
iiiiiiiiiaiisafiiEgmii!!*:!:'*!!!1!:!!! m m
dt Pieper & Currie dt
Proprietors of the only
Exclusive Paper and Paint House in
the Kootenays.
Just received, an immence stock of paints, oils, varnish .tnd the
latest designs in wall paper.       «.**       c**       «.*-*       ..■*       --,■*
We Paint and Paper and We Sell Paint pnd Paper.
Our stock is the largest, our designs the latest, our goods the best.
You cannot afford to improve your houses without first seeing Pieper
& Currie.   They lead.       Cranbrook, B. C.
• ••
One of ilu* Must Comfortable
Hotels in final Kootenny.
Refitte.l Throughout
Newly FuriiMieit
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for sale on liberal WORKING BONDS. I-'or
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped HoteLs in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
a®   ®.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specially
limn! Stabling in Connection
Nfim-st to riiiliowl nml depot.     II;t*- ilCCOIlilHOfln1
lions fur the public utieqiinllcd in Crnnlirook.
JAMliS   .o.\iNl
U    The Prospectors' Exchange
JS No. 4 K.-W.-G Block, Nelson, B. C.
Iii      Hold, Silver-Lend nnd OopiMr Mine* wanted ut  tlie RNOUANUIS.   i*'iti-:i*:
EJ] INO (101,1) properties wanted Htaiuit* for Kast em investdrs,   rnrtlos. linvlnu
pr.] property tm* suit' nre r 'lunited toe nil mm pi -s nt tlielrnra In Mm t:\riiA\ni*;
fo1.! iiiiiinmi. We desire tn hour from pro-ipectora wlio hnvo promUIni mineral oli
SB HrflHIi Colnmliln, I'rospeotore nnrt mltiliignienaroretiiiOBloiltoinnUoiliolt.xci
ppj their liciiditwirtors when In Nelson, All saiiuiM simnid in* senl by ox pro ■>, i
\_\ Correspondence solicited, Address nil enininmiii'atiiiiw to
to Andrew F. Rosen ber ger, Nelson,
Uf Telephone No, hm.  1*. n. Uox 700,
t \mii-:
AH kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
Beale & Elwell,
Fire, Life and Accident
Agents, Mining Brokers,
Agents for Assessment Work
berley Townsite Agents,
I 11 l I ♦ I **!* I  .'! S> I '!- I ♦ I «-1 * I » I
•   *i?
••• ,
•    j   Kimberley jt Moyie J* Fort Steele. ,
ISIS iSI®!®!®!® 01®!®:®!®!®!®!®!®!®!®!.-*)!®!®!®!®!®!®!®
Insurance   j f A f
,, Notaries,   If-jiff j
Vork, Kim-     A Y I
J . !


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