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Cranbrook Herald May 19, 1904

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iIlAMSIiOOK,   BBITISH   COLUMBIA,   TillIBSDAY,   MAV    1!»,   1904.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. ilmi. A Cox, Prcalilent. B. li. WnutBR, Oen. Mai.
Nl I Hi'   Ci-ilul     IS.7IIII.IMIII.IHI
HckI      .t.lllHI.IKHIIHI
Tol.il  RelOllttctNllv. Jl, *M     S.I.IHKI.IIIIII tm
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Hanking Business Transacted
SAVINGS uiik BBPAJTHENf  Dcpoilli Btnlvid  Islirnl Allowed,
IMNKINU in  MAU,   I'c'HialUiiin. Iwiiiiulouti.1 withdrawn hyiiiiill.
ii I imin a mill i*ii4- i-vi-ry ntli'iillnn,  I! iiiontliiua atl-lri I
l"|l"- 1,4.444 4 M.   ,.1   III.- I'1.4,,1,1.4,,l,   hlllllll,   Iliil   I f.fi I .* |Ul-lll |-l  411.4'III 4-" I
F. C MALI-AS, Manager,
5      IMPERIAL BANK 01* CANADA      S
• Capital. Paid Up $2,983*89< S
• R«t $2,63b,M2 S
S T. R. Mt-rritt, I'riis.   D. R. Wilkic, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager »
z   *
J A general banking; business transacted.    Draits sold availa- *
5 ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special m
Z attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     5
%********* ***i**lt* if**** ************It************9
OUR LINE OF .* .*•
and all other kinds of MEM'S
FURNISHINGS are complete
Our prices are the lowest. Our
goods are th: best. We guarantee everything. When it
comes from the F. S. M. Co. is
a guarantee that it is eood „•< .*»
w:&, arl ^ y°u w*s^t0 wear ^e
'^^^ smile of real happiness
buy the
We have a beiut.fi.il r.\;tg: of
Dinner Sets, Toilet
Sets, Table Glasses,
Bar Glassware S s
Djn't fail lo s:c our Separable
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. i.imitc^
*.|*i A|.s-i.(.i ;. j ..-.*., ,■(, i.f. j .*    ...     .'      .     .     .     .     .     .     •     *i-     •     •     •     •'
Jl,-,,1,; ' \4
-j'jj Thc FERNIE fire has taught us |
{[ the fact that INSURANCE pays. I
It In other words, you cannot afford ||
il to be without
JJ     Don't put it off until tomorrow.
'V'-rtiiiii-iit offices nf tl
if   Sniiili   liust    K
Tin    ,
lire now located
Crunlirook i- ih-
iii,, liusini'Hs center nf tin* district,
Tin- 4 I,.,.,:-,- ulthough making
.4inn- hunlsilipa .-iiui itu-iiiivi'iiii-iu-i-
ii I sin ii fi-w, i*. ns ii whole n benefit
I,, lln*   ilisirii*t.  nntl   undoubtodl)
 is with tin, hearty approval nf
ll ii al majority.     Fori Steele
has Ih-i-ii i-xr linu-ly f-irlunuti*  iu
In I.i....; tli,.otlieiiBtorBiieh a length
nl timi*, in I.i f tin- fu.-t thai
other towns located mi tin- niilronil
inr,- un.\-ii.i- Iii Importance uml
|Bi|iiilntion. Anil, if t'nrt Steele
lnul geenreil the Crowa Melt Imuieh,
tin- govcrnmcul oliicei wuuld linvo
boon lln-ri- for nil tiiiii- tn couio.
llul tin-en tilings un- tin- ri-sitlt iif
chnngoB in n new country, ,-itul the
people leiiru tn utiiili- hy tlu* Inevitable, Aa it mutter of fnct; from a
business Btundpoiut it will make
littlo or im difference to Fort
Steele, ll is more n mutter of
Bi-iiliittt-nti nnd thut goeB u long
wtij- witli the Iiuinnii race, But.
there is little or no bitterness,
nml nothing hut Ilu- liest of
feeling. The people of Crnnbrook
ittttiirully feel grntifii*il uver securing the nllii-i's, I mt from u si-nti-
mentnl standpoint feel sorry thnt
l-'nrl Steele should lose them. As
u mutter of fnct, if government
nliii-i's could hnve lieen plueed in
Crnnbrook uiul ut the same time,
been retnined in Fort Steele, every
hotly in Cruubrook would have
been belter satisfied, But such it
condition could not be, nnd therefore the next best thing fnr the
gootl ni the district hnd to follow.
The New Offices.
The vncnttt school room hns
been refitted mid so arrnnged thnt
il will provo very convenient, Initli
(or I In- official stall'and tho public,
A long counter lins been pltu-i-d nn
one sido of the building, und any
iudividunl <*;in with tin- greatest
4jisi'. i-iitniiiiiiii.-i.ti- with nny de-
pnrliueut In- deairea.   In  this rc-
s| t.   Mr.   Armstrong  snys  the
illii-i-s will In* more convenient than
il Id ones.   All nf lln- stuff nr-
rived nn Miiiiilay, with tlu- i-xi-i-p.
iinn of Mr. Ilislnp. tin- mining
recorder, who will nut come until
uoxl Weduesdny, This week nil
of them will be kept busy nrrnng-
ing desks nntl papers uml getting
even-thing in shnpo fm* regnlnr
routine work. Ity tin- middle of
nexl week mutters will Is- so nr-
i niged iii it there will hi- little
friction, But ni present, wiih
nria-iiters !il wurk. tin- public
making inquiries, nnd many things
| tn h., moved t" -nn
I railroad.    Hut. win
it i
t"   i
Mii. Mnrj I.iiiul. wife ..f Peter
1.nii'i. iniiniigi-r -if lln* Crows Nest
Puss Luuilier conipnny ot Wanlner,
ili,*'l ,*.t   th,* Si.   Eugene   hospital
Cruubrook, nml decision   betweeu Crnnbrook  unu '">•'   Friday  nioruing  nt  7
.     . ..     i..     . ,, ■ . ,.i. .i     *i*i.   i i    i
ft    Insure today with
work  is i*.-irrii*-l nn
under .11 tti.ull i.s.
An Unfair Impulatiun,
Sniiii- little comment has been
indulged in. ns tn why lln- officers
wore moved nt this time, tuul some
nasty nnd uncalled fnr critiaisius
inn,- Iin*.. nuni.-. 'I'lu- Nelson
Tribune nf List week, contained un
auotiyinoua conunuuication from
Fori Steele in which u poorly veiled
tdlusioti wus innili- to .1. A. Jlurvi-y,
ulm wns charged with duplicity in
tin- Fori Steelo peoplo, '.Mr.
Harvey's position has been well
tuiderslooil since he nuni- tn Crauhrook I.- liu*. Hi- hns repeatedly
mi.I thnl between Crnnbrook und
Fori J*it-*'*li*. In-would have nothing
in say, Imt preferred In let matters
lakt! their tintitral course, although
In- hml openly stated n yenr or
more ago, llml tlie time would
come when tho offices wjnld  liuve
I*', ri.ii-. nuturully ns n n-sidi nl • ■'.
tin' Crnnbrook distriot, In- preferred
In •..*.• tin* offices ---I  t" Crnn.
lirnnk. ll.- hus uever utteiupterl
tn work .un- way in Fori Steele und
another wuy in Cmnbruok, uml
Tin- Etendil desinis i" iniike this
stiiti-in.-iit in juatict ti. Mr Hnrvey,
wlm hus lii'.-n wiii-fully luisri-pre-
si-ntiil iu tin- Fori Steele I- Iter to
tin- Nelson Tribune.
Fernie anil tile Offiu's.
ll is wnll known thai Fernie Ims
looketl with iougiiig i-.i-s ..ti the
government officers of thia district,
und tin- following from tin- Free
I'ri-ss will In- rend with interest by
the peoploi
Cottsideruble disappointment is
fi-lt in Fi-rnin ovi-r tin-ilt'i-isinn nn
tin- purl nf lln- government, ns.
while mauy Ferniuites nro willing
to concede that each diBtrlel should
linvo a government office nml thut
Cranbrook should bo selected ns
the i-iipitui of Ihut ilivisi <f  tin*
distriot, nono un- witling in admit
thut Craubrook's claims un* ns
strong us Fi-mii-'s when it is determined thut bnlh divisions tiiitst
como under the control nf one
government ngent.
Mr. Koss stuti-d that he hnd lost
uo opportunity of pressing Feruio's
chums I'm- the .government offices
and he hud received u lottor recently from Premier McBride stating
thut the present arrtuigcmeuts svore
of a temporary untttre, tho conditions of the district lining Slll-I) ns
to liecesaitute the removnl nf the
offices ut once to !i point ou the
ruilwny.   Tho letter conveyed the
Idea that other arrnng nis would
In- made shortly. Hint tin- Fernie
district would si-i-tn-,- tidcipiute
faciltios for carrying on governmental business aud tiiut tlu-re wns
u strong prnlinlilily thnt ll separate
district would in- crented with n full
complement of necessary offices,
Morrissey Despatch; Tin* removnl of tin- goveriiinent oflhvs
from l*'nrt Steele tn Craubrook is,
to nur belief, a wise nud just net inn
mi Um pnrl nf the government
executive. Morriasey Mines isnot
old enough "i* big enough tn have
any i-lnitn for the honor uiul
obvious benefits to be derived from
1-eiug tlm district capital, sn we are
unt sore about the cluittge. It hus
been n mutter of iiiori* concern to
Fernie nnd Crnnbrook. Willi nil
iinn regard lo tin- progress, growth
und uniliilinii nf tin, former Inwn
wo repent Hint Cruubrook in thu
liest location in tlm distrii-l (or the
government hendipiurtors,
The loss lo Fort Steele is regret-
able, but we hope Unit town will
prosper and Forgo abend so much
Iiuui iis attraction ns a summer
resort und picnic ground, though
il ClllUlot liniist t'l'unlil'nnk's baiiuuu
crop nr tin* lately conferred honor
nf being tlm district citpitttl, thut
it will imt deplore the guvi-i-iiinniit's
Wo wero told recently Unit Fort
Steele will now be more nf u punt's
riitreut thun over, since the oiilur-
iii-cotiucil lins been pnssed, so litis
should In- ii i-oiisiilulioii There
must be sonu'tliing lining up tlu-re
yet, liowovor, in the printing
office ut least for wn notico
Brother draco continues to turn
nut. The Prospector, with u full
front puge too. mul in his lust
week's production appears lo keep
a stiff uppor lip.
lock.    Tin* luti.-nil  wns   lll'lll Snl
unlay afternoon nl i o'clock, al tlie
I'mabyterinii church, Rev. Fortune
'I' h .* anuoiiuceinenl nf Mrs.
1,111111*8 .Lull, .-inm* iis n Bevere
uliock in th.< p-opln of Crnnbrook,
when- slu- lnul lived for Ilu- pnst
fouryeurB, Although she lnul been
brought Frum Wuniner ,-i week be.
ton inn pri-.-iiriiiiis condition,yet
upon former occusiona lior magnif.
ieellt llhysi-1110 liu I nunbli-il lu-r tn
rally trout tlienttncka slu* wus sub.
jeetto, nud tlu- hope of lu-r friends
encouraged tin* idea thnt alio would
recover this lim.-. As ilu* inlnlli-
gcltco nf linr ili-nlli pnssnil from
peraou to person, n wuve of pro-
lollnil grief swept over  the town,
nml muny eyes wen- dimmed wiih
tenrs. mul hearts heavy with sorrow. Mrs. I,uud wus n gcuoral
favorite with nil- In sociul und
i-htiri-lt mutters sin- -vus ovor u
lending spirit, nml ns it wife nnd
mother sho commuuded tlu- res) t
nml iiilmirullon of those who nu-
ternil lu-r homo circle, Her deuth
is tt ilislini-t loss to th.- community
uml ii liunl blow to tin- molherlesa
children uml devoted liuabnntl,
The fiiui-rnl wns oue of tlm largest ever lii'ld in Cranbrook, The
church wns paoked with sympathizing friends, uml ou the outside
u vast throng of people waited during the services, nimble In tim) n
Bent inside of the church. Unv.
Fortune look ns his text tin- fourth
vorso of the 21st chapter of Hovel-
utlons: " For tin* former things
hnve pitSBcd nwny." nml delivered
* 'i impressive uddivss, Specinl
snnejs were sung by the choir, and
ul liu- i-lnsi- tin- funeral line wns
formed for tin- snd journny to the
c-iiu-ti'1-y. The decensod wns a
inemberoE tin- Rebecca lotlgti, nnd
hi-r liiisliuml n member nf tlm i.l).
(I.F. lu ennsi-qni'iii-e nbout ill)
Oddfellows, decorated with mourning bndgo of the order, hi'iulnd the
line. Next i-ullle the pull beui-ers.
II I'riiehl, T. (Intl'imv, 11. Dnrling,
I). Durlttig, H, .Ttimiuson, W Bur-
i-lny. (I. Jones, employes of the
Crows Nnst Pass Lumber Comp.
uuy, uud Mr. Mill-tin. of flu- C. P.
R. engineers office, Tin- casket
wus I'livi-ri'd with tlorul tributes, including wreaths from tin- Oddfel-
lows, euiployea of the lumber
company, Indies of Wurdner, Mr,
nml Mrs. li|-.'.-knuriilgi'. Air. uud
Mrs, R. R. Jamiesou nml others,
After the servii-es at tlu- ei-melery.
inuiiy who came from the west to
ntli'i'id the funeral, left on the afternoon train thut wun lii'lil iiii
hour for thut purpose.
Ahout um-half of tlu- employes
of tin- lumber company came up
from Wnwluer to uttoncl tin- fttner-
nl, Mr. Breckonridge, Mr. Lund's
partner in tlm coiitracting husi-
ui-ss. uml his wife, General Superintendent Jumieson, wife and
dnnglitcr, of Culgnry, Willium Cur-
liu. of Fort Steele, und muny others
from outside of town wen- present.
All the business houses of Cranbrook were dosed during the services out uf rt'Hpi-i't for the dead,
Mrs. Iiiinil was born in Missouri
iiuui- IN, Wi, mul when about five
yours of age moved with her ptir-
i-nts to Meilii-nl Lake, Wash, Sho
wus niiirrii'd to Mr. Lund .Inly 4,
1881), nml there nn- four ohildren,
Arthur, Edith, lliim-l uud Roger.
Tin* .Innili of Senator Reid hus
sii it,-41 up trouble in ilm Liberal
riiiiks. siii.-n there un- Beveral loyul
members nf lln- party wlm am anxious tn serve tii.-ir country ami
tlieir il" I  lu  il..- upper house nf
Dominion   parlit ut,     Fach ,.f
il..- nspirnnta hu- |«.liti.-,-,l honors,
un- well known in their respective
rnimilllllilit'S. mul   .-.'I.-h   Int,,   unu,-
or leas uf n followiiig.     Wliul  tbe
onto will li - is luml  tu ilcter.
figured wiii.ii.
mnv urise.
i.\ combinationthut
Ur.   Siiu.-Ii.ir. i.f  Rosslund, has
announced liimsi-lf.   Tin- doctor is
kllOWll    In   tin-   ."I    111;,- rs   nf   ill,-
Kootennys, and t" tli'- new comers
In- Mill I.,- r.-iii,ml,, !■,-,! ub Ilm mnn
«l -'"I'* ih'- pitiful address to
tin- conventual tlmt nominatod
Mr. liulliln-r. Tin-doctor is a fine
II geutleui iu. nud ii. i is   lay  hns
".""j"' io matter whp is select. | ,, n  p,,t,-,,.  factor in  ,«.liti,*„l
-il, tiiere will 1.,- sore  hearts nnd battles,   A-   a candidate  for the
ee nigs of keen iliBuppointuient. Bonutorshin, Un* ductnr killi-,1 all
feelings -.1' keen diBiippoiiitmoiil
This is lh.- I'ni.-..f nnyone  ul
uni'..rliinnti- I'liough In cherish
his linsoiii politi.'ul nnil.iii.m>      It
muy dolnyed, but Hi,* Bad nml  will
co sooner or Inter, nnd then tlie
world loiks sud uml gloomy, un.l
Immunity is nn ungrateful nggrc.
nutorship, lln* ductor killed all
8 Ida chanccB by his foolish position
in tin- Nelaoi in,-mi,,;i. nii'i will
linn- occasion to n-grol  uncalled
I'm* attacks "i. pnrty i.r i i-npli*.
Ur Watt,
of   Kusi,,.   Iluni'    111.'     inml
I Fort si,-,'],..  Ims n
iugeringdesire to iiii u s nl in tke
liiiiiiiii-.il senute.   Th,- dm-tor wns
formerly it meudier from  Cnriboo,
and is a gentleman nf erudite mind
und   inlitul'l •   experience in    the
pliticul fields of the  west,     lln
lielongs to the old  school  nf -mli.
tii-iuus. is well post,-d - !i  tin-  his-
t'.ri of ih,-  party, t|.,-  history of
of Ids country, ntnl thc  history nf
tin- greal west wl . .    i .- has silent
tin- uii'st of his i,;.     Tin-doctor is
tiiu tnoilest tn   i-iiti-r  n   vigorous
inpniL-n in liis own behalf, uud
li  ;. is more nf
.    lii- loynltj  lo
ice in party can-
11  i iri-iuustutii-es.
id mining ussoi-iutions on I nml   his   knowledge    o(    Hriltsb
Columbin and her resources, would
if In* were located in ur.-r tin- rmust.
make liim a most  f irmidublo candidate.
pivsnnt   distribul
homily in Canada, senilis In   be   in
tlu- lead sn fm* ns  lln-   Kootennys
nru concerned.   Mr.  Buelinnnn  is
nu nble ninn. I during tlm seven
yenrs Ihnl wn hnve I iiown liim nml
of Iiiiii. Iin hns ulwuys uvineod  n
public spirit,    lu fnct, if  In*  lin.l
worked us huiil I'm- himself us lie
lias fnr tin- public, In* wonld bo in
hotter shape today.   Thero is not.
nn industry or n resource  in   Bri- therefore his cm
tlsh Coliunbin that In* is not fnmil- n receptive iiutut
iur witli.    lln hns educated  many *>»rty, his adhen
people ut  meetings nf boards of[aulntes   uml.
Inn li
tlm resources uml po3sibiiities nf
Ilm Kootennys, uml in Hint small
heuil lm curries enough duta to
purnlizi- tin- legislators of the
cent belt nnd lish bunk regions
nf Ivist.-rii Cuniidu. Several Liberal nssociulions of tin- Kooleuny8
hnve einlorsi'd his candidacy, and
ns tlm problem mnv stands liis
chnucea aeein ns -go.h! us unv.
Another strong
Anotlier Richmond in ilm field
is .1. c. In*, wary, thc well known
mining operator of Rosslund and
Moyie, Air. Drewry will in* remembered ns il:,* gentleman who
was n candidate for :ii.- local house
in tin* convention a-jainst Dr.
King, and win. bolte ! Un*  conven-
Hewil Bostock. one time member tion when the nomination went to
for that vast doiiinm known iis the King. Mr. Drewrv is probably
ltde-Cnriboo district.    Mr.  Boa- one of the bes
'    ie interior of
lins a host
tock is nu Eingllalimat!
to British Columbin with money
nmi political napirations, He Bet-
tied nn a ranch neur Ducks, on the
main line, and when lu* was notn-
itintnd took a flyer iu thi- journalistic Held, caving nn interest in
several newspapers from Coldeu
to Victoria, A.-, a member, he
made no speeiiil mark on the fioor
of the house, but as u worker In-
fore the committees and departmental lu- hud uo superior, One
term, however, seemed to suffice,
and he retired from politic- and
journalism to enjoy lite on the
ranch, As a member and a in.-n.
Mr. Bostock hnd the confident •
and respect of the people, regardless of politics; us ii candidate fori by insisting on snch n policy the
the senator ship, In- will prove u J ennne'*^ for succession are not uii-
stroiig one. uml will hnve tu befvunceilsb^fur in the fntnro.
wurk tur him early and late. He
ia a youug man. with ability, and
wuuld prn.,- ,i . du 141. ,, xpiisition
in parliament for the mining and
other interests of Hriiish Columbia.
But. ii :- I ossible that the next
senator bas .-i"i y i 1. en named.
When it com :s to p ilitical plums,
the strength oi the coast politicians
generally overbalances any pull
from tin- up-couutry. And again,
tbe younger element witli political
aspirations, would prefer to see an
older man named, it may seem
I liWnl.il. hut they  figure  Hint
i-mwninir in,nil 1
,4 lll'l, 111,' Inllll, I.  4-
i| Ins* iiiiii In* mum
iini-iu. -i-l"
i lii
,r it
i,|«l«l»l*;*l>|*|4ri-j>l*l0l»l»l |«|*|*|«|*|«|«1«|*|« « « f
«. I,,-. I $, i,;.. I,;-1-1,-! ."..*,, I ,-i,.-i i-i l*l*l*l*l*l*l*l®l»l«l®l*l«-
Blouse Sets anb S3clt ffiuchlcs   1
In Sterling Silver. Oxidized nnd Rose (iold Finish.   Elegant %
I'ulti-rus. j^S
m, jf. Gate, j
Jeweler anb ©ptician |
Official Watch Inspector C, P. R„ Crows Nesl- Division.      Af
A l.nyal Jap.
I',,slniiister Heiitlie sold $500
imi tli ..I' money onlors toono Japa-
iit-so -ui Tiiesilny, 'I'lu- money is u
I'ontriliution to tin- wnr fund nf
ilapnti, nnd ii nearly broke tho Jap,
Imi In.li.l not seem to euro for that
ho long as tlio money wns to help
his nnliv nntry in imr inlglity
struggle with Rtissin, Quite a lot
uf mouey is lining sent in tliis way
liy tin* .Iniiniu'se employed upon
Hm rnilrond, uml ninny times thc
 ili-ilnitiiins nre fruui those who
wurk I'm* very low wtigi-s. A country with siteii people is entitled to
win n glorious victory,
lamest In the District.
11 is genorally conceded thnt
Crnulirooli hns the lurgest population of uny lown iu Fust Kootenny,
As no census has been taken, no,
accurate information is obtainable,
but. officials who cover the entire
district witli tlieir business, give
this result us tlieir opinion,
l!iu Mills Burn At Na-iilnto.
Vancouver,  B.  C„ May lil.-
Duiiing.-   exceeding $110,000 was
iloiii- todny  when   tire  destroyed
; llnslnm's saw nud shingle mills at
N'uiiniiuo,     Tlm   machinery   was
| nearly $100,000,   Insurance to the
Iiimoiint of $j2,-'.i 100 only wub carried.
Tin* origin of tin  tin- is a mystery.
Death of William Rri'tkenrid*.*.-.
John nnd David Brcckenridgo
returned recently from Peter-
borough, Out., where their fntlter
died on April 21. Tim Peterborough paper, referring tn the
denth, hus this tn sny of tho
Wm. lit ki'nri.li*'\ who fur lliirty .vi-nra
luni In. 4<iil,l it ivii'i'liiiriiinili. ,lii, 1
.i'i«li'i'.lii.i'iiIikI'iiiiiiii iilunil lllltl nl lliti'ii'iill*.'
ri'ai'l -ii, Ills llinniiliir.v -.u-i"-!.   Mr. Ilm-fc.
 -lil-l"llll'l I illiinrfiirniiii,-iiiu„. l,iii   II
nu. niil.i-   nil   S.IIU..I...V   Ins!   llml   In- inn,
. Illl..    S,-ti,lll-l|-    ill   ,11,111    1.111-11111.414141      llllloll
llllllll)' Wl-inilllU   lii- 4|.-lllll      ll.l   llll-l   illllllil
liv,, niuntlia nl in-ill-.- Hlxt'nlx ,i in ..I nun.
Win-., n young mini num.. hvnntyiilatil yonm
lllll, ll., miiiii. III I'lilllli 111 f,*llll| 111. lull il,;  |llll*.
Iuh u| Horn, UrnlK Hull. Sroilmul,   in- ii im
.ii-.",...|,..liiml l,.v Lis nil.. iiiiiI I - lilill.lnm,
nnil tin- liuiiii)* took uu I'-Hi-l .- ut Wi-Hi-
iviinil, Aluiiii .Is .yi'iirs Iiuui' Hi, ,v iiiiiv"! in
|-i<ti,rl,.u nli, nml luu i ilm"- tlii-.r linvo
real-toil,   Mr. Ki kMirlilgn ivuh ii I...-..I  -
trii.-tor, iiiiiI iliiri.in his long .ni.l ..-..-till
i-iil-i-i-r in l-i-ti'i'liiii gh iirnvi'il liimsi-lf a good
nitlm-n, inn* iiiiuiii iniui.v I'Hii'i'iui,,! iih it Irlnlul.
Ills -villi wns tiiriiin-l.v Miss Min-giu-i-l N.
King. Ml..- ia slill living, uu.! lu-r linn-avo*
iiiiiiii iHi.liiiri.il l.y flviminiH unit twn dnngli.
li'l-s— Mi'Hs.-s.  ,1,iiui  nml lluvi.l,  ut Brltiali
I'lillllllliiii;  Willi, t I'liirugn; Tlioilllis, of
Wuiiilstiii'k; Miiltliinv, nl l'l'I'S'linriuigli, nml
lain, Min-Biui-I mill Miss AiiiiIi*. ul Iiiiiii.,.
Mrssrs, Joint Brmiknurldgli, -f Wcalivooil,
anil Mnttliow, ol liiillnn lllvw, on- brollin-.,
uml Mrs, .liiim's Si  "I town, usisn-r.
Tin, lulu Win. lli-,',-Iii'in-i'li.-i'wns ti iiii'inlicr
of Sl. Anilmii-'H Hoi-li-ly. tuul lm wna connimt.
■i.l witli Si; Anilmw'a 1'rr.bjrtorlaii .-li.n-.-li.
I liiuiilily
Words ol Thanks.
Illlil lll.lHIill III tlliH  111*4111-   ill   I',-
|iri'ssillg   my    nillHt    |ll'Ofollllll   nml nil ro
tllllllkH lu lln-1 |il,' "l   I'liiilii'tmk nml  Kust
Ki liny I"!' III" kill-In Iiiiiiii ut" .....I
my l-llllill in niu- lull' Imii-iiv.-i, I. nnd Ilu-
iuili[iiuiili"l I'm- iiml ilnvnll in Inl I..
Mrs. I I .lining li,-r illn.'sB. tuul in lln- I...!
aoli-uui limy nl luying lii-rnM-ny ui rest.
I nisli in llnnik tim* iiuiii.v frtmitla nl it
tlWiini'i-tor iimii- luml .<N|,ii-iHi,iiiH nl -un
sl I   I
.lll'lll I) -
i.   nml
i-n Unit- ib-op
,   1,1'  tlio 11,1,1
i-i- l,,, ki-nl in
lovoil,  mid  In* !'-*!- li
14.44,4-4   44-44     .4 ,| 1.1-!..-J   ill  I ||„ ,-|, ,S|llg , ,1   I
,...iii.l- in,ill,I   in |il   t'onaola
ivniild I-,- Imiiglil by loi-gotfnlni
III,- 11  ill   1.1   4,l„l  ll..'MM4-44,.1,1,-I  14   -44,-44,4,     I,
lliosonl ot-tl llirroiv tu lln-liriiiv  of, iiti u:
,,„Uii!li'<l|. |,;lI'.-lii; il .lull <il'„ it   lllllliatlil   till
lmvi-ovi-r i-iiiibihI llin- liiml blossom tlm! 4.1
lured iis wliiili- liii|i|iim<ss in iky iirms. ti
doubt ono i I Uiy kiiiitnt™ or tli,
tl'lltll, tllon bi'sin*,* ilmi  ovory in,Iiii.I I.ink
will in* ilimnglng luii'k iiinni th) im- i
iiiiiI kniiikliig,I,il.-lull) nl tlty Html: ili.-ii I,
sin., timi IIiiiii wll>t li« ilnivii Borrowing un
tin',,, iiiul int,-i il,	
iii-.-ii-.i t
iin.I i
tiro blttrr, In-
Tin- 24-th ot May will no ,i big
uy iuCranbrook. Lethbridge ana
It yon \ Cranbrook teams will open the
lacrosse season with u game on the
Cranbrook grounds that promises to
be the warmest of the season, The
game will lieculli -1 in thenfternoon
anil us nil business houses will 1m
closed tlmt dny, Cranbrook will
luni out enmasse. ThendmiBaion
will Is* ni) cents tur gentlemen anil
and 25 cents fm* ladius nml ohildren, Tlu-re will li.-,-ilargeattend-
dance from neighboring town,
■ llllilil.L*    1-4
'llllll -lllll
ti,,.-s,,[ lliis Inuu  of  nil" nlllii-tiiui
.in ,l4.,i,l. nml I,,, more tnilbliil uml til.
unu* in lln-dlwlinrgi' nl onr dntlm in
I I.
• ii|>
Card of Thanks.
Editor 11. raid,   Crnnbrook, B.
t'.     We desire   In   llnnik   you   for
calling attention to our add in your
locals of lust week. Ity tin- in*
creiiHt- of lnisiness wn know the
peoplo read It, More Bliould rend
it. therefore we want it republished
this week. While nur pen is hut
we desire to explain wliat sellli-
reitdy menus in Hu- clothing line.
It means tlutt the suits nre left uu-
tinished iu nil the rssniitinl HttiiiM
parts, wn tnke yunr measure nml
litive suits liiiished tn your order.
We handle Campbell's famous
semi-ready clothing,
Petition ler Waterworks.
A petition is being olroulnted
asking that the Cranbrook Wuter-
wurks company proi d at once to
put in n system of waterworks, It
is t:i the credit of the property
owners of the town that the paper
is being si-_-tu-d hy nearly everyone
lo whom it is presented. C'ran-
hrook unisls wuter und needs it bnd-
ly, nnd if tliis company receives
proper encouragement it will pro-
need ut once with the work. If
tliis is done wuter can lie brought
Hilllll 11,11 llml  WIlI'llH
-iiiilnilli.v.     Tin-   	
WIoivbol I'll4lll.l4...l
lib'SM'il n mrinbi-rnnro  I.)   inym-ll n
"liilih h| billy uh ils it'tlflilims
inuils mul iililigiitliiii-i|'riilinilgi I li
ll.l mill linlgr,   Ilm   In i.i.l llolil
S|mki  i„-,-ii|.i,-.ln|ilii,-,-in linrIntui
,.till in thu! nf Imr luiHb.ui'l timi 'Iiii'l
I llllll llllllll)- llllll 44 44t.ll- I,,  |-N|,|4M
in-i-i itlliiilt tlini llitUikH In lll.V  i>lii|i|n.Vis<s  llll'l
Hlniviviii-kt.rHut unnliior, This only -I-
iiiittiHirnit-s iiiiii iiln,riill Ihurotfl Homotlilng
olltflldo nt tli" i4l4*i*ii 1'itniiii'HH roittllio ut ovory
dny lit"! tluil In nor lii'itrtn, limit- in lllulnr-
iii-n Hi il  oil. ti  longing fur iifln-tlon  uml
brollu-i-ly bin-, ivlii.li is i iti™ i-ovi-rotl tin
by i'i" urilii<..i'i ilmi.'s I'liu-'-l iiiimi us in lliis
i-iiillilv Hlt-iiggl".   tl)'tin* il list rul inn nt
ri'H|it'"l mid i-Hlffiti in my [ireaont trouble
innl smi-.v. I ["i'l "iititiilt'iit  tluil  1 mny rely
11*1011 my f-'ll-nv   ivnrk"l*ti nml  lissniiiiitiw to
Hlllllll by ill" in  1-11 "1 W'-'l -lilll-'lllli'-s lllll!
Ill" (111 111-" lllll \ bill" ill Hlnl" l"i ns.
Siu-i-oiv (ortlii'Hi'llint  havo liitssfl iiivuy
inil iily Borrow from wblnli in- rebiH" tu
bodlvor I,   h.ii-ryntlii-riviuinil in k lu
luml, evory tillu-i-iiltbrluiii to lorgot,   IVIu-i-
is U ulli.*!* Unit would willingly lorgot tin.
Inlnnt tlmt |ii'i'ittlu-'l like a bloaitoia iu bor
:zHT^2j:n!;^uZ,r^^^ i-- m-i ;*>-:>:-> r,.n n
got the moat I I.r o| pot is.   Tlt.ntKli tti
Beattie's Ilrutlter Here.
George Beattie, brother Of R. E.
Beattie, nrriveil lasl Saturday to
tuke n position in the drag and
book store nf tin- latter. Mr.
Beattie is a graduated phnrmaoist,
uiul has hndBi-vernl years practical
oxporionco in tl"- tlrutt busint ss.antl
will prove a valuable acquisition
to the staff. H" is well pleased
witli looks of Hie I'm., nnd admires
the climate. Hue nf the lirsl <|ims-
tions in- asked, wn, the location of
tin- biiiiuu ranches.
Rack in Ihc Hid Corral.
Mutt Rockendorf, one of the proprietors of tho Alexandra hotel ut
Morrissey Minns, and fnr years
head mnn tut Tin- Herald stutf.
came down Mondny for a few days
visit with his many friends in
Cranbrook. nml In give Hit* olliee a
lift in u rush nf work. Mutt is
Innking well nml doing well, nnd
although hois loynl tohisnewbusiness nnd his new home, y.-t Cranbrook und Tin* Hernld ollice look
good to him.
weather sets iu tliis full.
Cleaning the Streets.
Severnl property owners on Armstrong avenue liuve cleaned tho
half of the street in front of their
places, nud it hns made a grent Improvement, If this example wen.
to be followed l.y Hu- people on
other streets. Cranbrook would indeed lx- beautiful. ';
Tli. Il-i ". .- ■ *l     *	
. : . .   - '      \ * i I*
44.1!" pr.li	
It l„ll,i,-l„- -.
.■„i,ii.,!i..|      -.     ■
ll .1,111*1 ill... III,'.
lllllll-    14, - ■
i .     ■       -'
inn inn
rlftii  ...    '■     I
■   lu
...     |i
I--.4IS.    K.I"!
I'l,,- Il.-rtild It
41-   .4 -     .' I
I '
,4 M"1"-* irl     II
In-nml |ti
 4 1.- .   II
Whnt Crnnbrook wants is nn
ministration  free   from  ural'l  mul
petty strife.     The  lown   wants  n
business  ndiuiuistrutioii   In   I n ■
lless men
By tin- lime  the snow lli s nexl
hill,  Trunin k   will   have  n   liu.'
system of wilier works .-'iul i city
council uud iniiyt.r. Tin- un d"
Tin-Int. grew of thc  I'liiicd
Stntes i-xpendi-il over one billion
dollars of the people's money, uud
the wur budgel wns grciiler llinu
thai of England during the south
African wur.
"Money makes flu- mure  go"   is
an old suw. Inil Willie  llearsl   has
demoiislmti'd lhe fuel  llml   n -y
lllllkes the tlelegute go. He muy
yel lm the di'inoeratic cundidiile
for presidenl,
A certain Craubrook girl  in
ed tlllll   nller   Illl-V   Were   luuilier   luisband   Bhonld   buy her   .-, !
carriage,    He kepi   his wonl   lusl
week, mul bought one trimmed   in
blue plush.    The wife lias to  push
it, however.
II ;,     ■ - iVS.
i      . erlj
tnr of the M
. ... iiiul'uf-
Mi,- ol Ii        iii tin-:S        ivi-sl Ter-
s. is in It llr. Early has
-'..I-        :  ,       ... llllll is
iii C '   for (I. \\
on    lm Jlnryi    11      n I
ler. toad     i - ■ itlfaii ■■
I     Hull   left    I'oledo. Illli... Mon-
... -      le,i t-ti'in
Mr, Earl      |ienl        ol Ihe luti-sl
Sulliiait  pro]
slid:     ■ I li -. tbl I-iil tluil
',     ■ it lhe properly,
...   , tl  has  not Ih-i-ii
i,Ii        ■   ■      I'his  wns the
11-SS   -.     -11    S|K
kiini      I.   i. .i    .-,-. tl ing fnr lli •
. 4,1 smnll.     Mr.
!    ,).--.'.    ■:,; l.n- am
'   . ' -..:.-   illl .1
I!" Ulii  III      .     I Sll     ... Ill   in.lil Illllllil    ih.-   niiue.   and   i'i
for the ilis
; I Ct iiilirn .
11 tli.   Man n   I. -'.- ll i- i- "
I    - iltl   menu thai n I -.-.-
rn.lt   oil'  in   tin-
Stat- min.-   nml I be I      Iiii.
; |    .4-..-    .,  mill   lm
uwuy    with,     It
would nlso ii    in ll nl several prom.
[,1-t   4   - :-   iii   tile  St, M   •'.
wnlil-l Ih-develop.d.
John Sll.-run al, who is
ili-i-.-st.-il iii l'erry Creek -i
ns spent lhe winter  iu   J-
-. ma*^m*^mm**m^\ t^^xTK^v^Katsm
When you visit Cranbrook stop at thc
*     l\
None Better In the District
lllll, II.    4IIM till.    I  1.4141
Sun.ili-iii tl." K..i-i SI.-I-I,* Mn.ii... IIIvIbI.iii
IKimi Kt.nliniii) lli-li,.:.
Wltt-re Ini-i I—On Si. Mm, s. ml),lining
ml imm,„liitl,-l) s li ,,i Hi,,    »i:ii " I...
tg nil" nf tin- lli-4i,,-:.i-i.ly" tit-,,i,,,.
T.ik li,,-tlini I. Sin I  ....i.til. tigoiil
4i o ii  i-itnii'ti r m. i*. n i. ii uu.aan,
iiiiu-riitV A . T. tS-'prruillu, I*. ll.l'.  Xo, II
I IU..--I.-1. ,i iiiiiu*,, 12 -. Willi  It. I.-/U-1. KM.
I,    Vo. IIUII.T2I. •,i4ii.i   ol    .    iiu.-nil. silly
hit-sit ilu*tlutt- I, ii   lo uppl)   '•• ll"'
si Rates Si anil up.   Short Orders and Oysters
^, sin .el in any style Iron, 8 p. iu. to 6 a. m.
* -r.     .   it    •   .t     t .l j r        i gK I'lu.44tli.un ilit-'lttl" li"t.-iil   lo uppl)   in 11
is Tu.: tabU is th; o;-,t, th: r.ii n; ar; i>n;jrpi;-.'i tor dean  *g ' Minimi ti ni.-i n.t i , .,, vm
-.    ii-i ■-,-; and comfort ani th: b.ir is *i*j.7p!i;i with th: b:;t brand  Qj| nirut., tor iho imrpw	
ol liquors and cigars. H
...  .....,   .....--,..— .  n*r**^**j..iiin*.*c
__ ,
The Calgary Cattle Company,
he l
'      '     4
Ins! l-'elll-ll-
n In IVm
is 1"   i-eannie
IV i-n
'4,    ll
il l.n
'        l"'
■i1- I'll
■k. not
illger of the
.,.-, conipnny,
inipnnieil  by
M luy. pi
n el Hu
•il Hies
■il chi
■ llllllll-.      He   Illl!
ITS Of   J.     'I'l IP
linlih one of tlu
liners in lii-ili-i
ho will hnve  per
Tin- "Thoroughbred Trump*'
nggregntion, Ilmi showed id the
opera house Snturdny night, evidently litbon-d under Ilu- inipres.
sinn tluil t-i in i-t-in-ss uud v-|ilgnrity
would prove nttructive in Crnii'-
Down enst. where the conl is n
llli'iliiun of . xchniige, liiii-iiu-s,; is
trnnsiicteil nn u dill'i-rt-ul busis
llinu in Britisli Coluinbin. lu an
ngrictilturnl   town   hi   Ontario, ,-.
littlo Imivl'i I girl in n colorless
calico dress nnd slnb lionni-l wnlked
iiinni,- tlio str.-'-l. uud witli Ilu- im.
portunl nir of,-. henvy luiyi'r. she
eulereil the villngi- store mid hu;nl-
ed across tl ututer u   blue   teu-
ciip mul suitl iu brisk tonus:
*'iiinni morning, sir,"
"Well, Amy. what 'ifonj -.iur mn
wnnt todnyr1"
"I'leuse, sir . m.: wuiits Illl t-Ue'i-
wi.v:'.',',■-,-;. WibhlBSOH." llll'l    she   l-llft -
fully pluceil ll large while egg ,,„
the counter,
The storekeeper poured out n
little molasses into tin- cup from n
stiiiu* jug tiiiii mil  tin-    ttup  before
his eusliiinei-.
-Mr. Smitli" she said ns Bin* took
tin- purehnse. "I'll In- buck in II
little while for hoiiii- ginger.     Mn
suiil      lo    It'll    ynu   Illi-    llllll'k    lien
wns ou."
A i ber or citizens of Wilmi-i
lield a meeting ri liy und issued
a serins of it-solutions' llllll murl.
the promoters us either crazy ot
nilviii I   in   Iheir   idi-iis.    Tlii-v
slur! nut tm the basis Hint Unpeople mul m.i Ilu- olliee holders
un- the whole Iiiin*,'. Such n
policy in liriiish Coltiniliiii is mul,
lieresj and In establish il would
menu .... eeouoinii' n-vuliitiuu.
Attain Ihey i-lnmoi- for an luuu-si
ndiniiiistrnlioii of nlliiirit uud u fair
distribution of favors   iu   public
impioveineiitB' l"'ili !.. I  ru
ed l.y ll.. unci sail ins of Ihi i ■ >pl
uml 'imi pmiupti'il In a |. litic ■
[nil!. Think ..I' cstnhlishhi-. .
gpvi-rumeul  "i   tl'..!   chuructei'  ul
Vietorin! Wlial would   bee    nl
Hm political liiirniicli-8 lliorotighoiii
tin- proviuci-;/ Tlini would nmiiii
more work for tin- money expend
ml,  -.'renter  results   ncooinnlished.
up unv
:r..uiul. Imuk
I   will   push
thiiiKi ns rnpidly ns possible."
This company have ;• I.ii; pro-
position, uml when Ihey ure ren.lv
lor business, will   hnve  expended
ill Hie    lli-i"lll.!,|il!,'»l    nl'   S|lll I! Kill
lim lhe  er I. which   |ias  been
llin glily   pros| led.    iii'iuiiis.'.-.
rich n-turiis, uml the eonipniiy will
in    ull   iirobnliililv.   lmvi-   ii   liiu
IVrrt    Creek,  will   pro-
worki-'d Ihis senson.
ni'-'iny tlmt   is   pros -I-
ii- mi Kigger creek, lieud-
i- nnd C. M.
;.'   work    nt   ll
pi.! rule.   Two sliit'lsiir iv.
ul within sixty ilnys. thej  should
In* uli'e Jn size u|i tin* aitnntion   in
i"I**.■   If    puy
A. U\  McVi
;-ls. is   |iiisli
In ru
I..-  iiinnanrntc
Making iiii,- Money.
Tin- loWa-Eillooel Hold Di-edg.
in-.; conipnny npeitiling 4„. tin- burs
of Ilu' l-'rnsei- river, ut Lillooet. nr.
innking I.i.' n -y.    Mr. Antes -.1
thnl fompnnv, stales thai tin-it
lurgi dit-dgi- hns proven thai il .-nu
haudle in ll cubic ynt-ils nf din
every il hours, uud imllii-ii-nl work
h.e, I ii don. nnd dirl   wuslu-d   In
wuri-nnl the statemi-nl llml lln-
i-ompaiii  is  .-'-.' raging  .-'I lllll)  per
i"i ni- er lenses iiiiiI I niltl mon-
driilges The success ofthe lown-
Idlllloel ill-islgc Ims enuseil .-.in-
siderubli'iietivily in iln- iii-ighbor-
I.....-I..f Lillooet und niii-Tii miles
.il' li"' river linn- bm li Bt.'lk.-cl uml
1,-usi-s iippliod for,
mi tncrcii80 in lnlior nctiinlly per-
I'nriunil uud n deerense in lln- nuni
lii'i' nf bosses.    I n  other words  n
WOllltl menu 11  politicill lllilli'llllilllli.
A Practical Lesson,
The fire in Eernie. nn unincor-
poruteil town, resulti-d in $500,0111)
Inss. Willi iiinple wuter supply
iind lire nppiirutus, tliis could hnve
I ii preveltti-il.
Al (lol*len,tin iiicorpornted Inwn.
with   wuter   supply   uml   n    well
Those Coal I.anils,
Grant d! tbo nlmro i-lnlm
Ami lllllll"! Ink" I    lie ,4,  im. tin
>,-,.i,ni  117   inn-'   bt' rm I   l-.-l	
i-llilU'"  "l-ll.ll I 4-1 I 111..I 44- of lm pi... .-m.-l
lu I tlii- Iiiiiiii) ul Muy, i n Inm
TU! S I Inllll I
I'nk tin-thill lli.
I.llli- ill  Ilnti  A
| ■ 4.14 sl
-.    1"	
Welill   nl 1
i tin-.In
--   II ill   1,4
111 I. Alll',-1   llllll HIIII    III,,,    tilll    ,
4"",,UIU- IIII.I   pill   Hit  ll.,1,11,41,-
li I 7 .4, 4.i ii ,4 mm
Illi, I llllll
Coal nnd ivtinl.-iiui Notice.
,-ilt'll.V "Inlilis. t| .-  t-.tBl   l-igh'-,   llinills   In
I'l- I I'fftiuiii'l*,
t'l'tt'i Aptiintat, mm.
,1. V.-in-ili,1,1,1 iii-iil,,r.
■ '. -1. Ili<'kilisiiti. A-tfin.
i .4111011111 ji-it iii   n |itiBt   pliuitwl  nn Si.^t,
,-,-,,-k. apvru   Inilis   Imiii   tl,,,  InitTtiiiliiiinil
ll" I .ry iin -. tiiiiil.ul V  lltiilins. siiiitlnit-si
"■iriii-r.  tlii-ni-" iin-ili .i^luv i-litiiiis, ilionro
■nst   fiulii)   i-lttiiiis.   II,     stnilli    t-iulity
■'"'ins. Hi"! Hi's! i-i-jlil.v 'liuins 111 |i|ni-i, ti,
lint.il April 2!!til mm.
v. Rodin., Locntor.
T. t'iivi-11 AR--.lt.
I' nit'iiiii.ir iii  n  pant  plinil",) nn Sn-r*.
i-n-i-k i Itn i-ii inilfH Irniii tin- liili'riiiilii mil
lliillinlnrv tin,*, lnntl.,I ,1. Ityiin. Mtiltll >ns>
'■"rittr, It   sii tight)- i-btiJiiH. llii-m-o
Hint    Hlllllll     I'iHll*)*
Coal and Petroleum Notice.
N,,Iiii- is Itt'irliy -livftt tluil, .,,, tha Iiml",.
si-tii-til. lliirty tliiys till, r.litl" iti|,.|,,| |„ „),.
ply In tbt-t lii"U'tiii,iniHBiiii"i-,il |..-i,„|h t,t,,|
Winks ul Viflnriti ,,ir„ lt„.|,„. |„ tm, ,,„ |
fnr t-.til uml pi-trnli-i it ibt* tutluwlng tlwo
iribodland.Iii Smuli Bail Kuot.n.j. lim*
bli ("Iiinil.iii.
I. tummotu-liig al a'-xul ptonlfd ulttuit
nin milts uurlli ul Klntli >tt,l iiv..p nn.l ,ig|,i-
t*"it mil", hvbi t,[ Uor,b-».J, tbvbp. nortli
su i-liiiltiB, tbt-nvt. ..at SU vbnin,, iii.ut*.
Hinilli tight!   rlinins,   ili,.|„v ,n„   r|KLtv
"liiiiiiB In |i|„," „f l,"gi|1i,i„K, 1-ontali Uiu  OIU
Tluniin. I. tisk. Loi-utor,
ll.,t",l ,ltlliluir) Inn,. ]!i| —
-'■   l''ma 'on "I » intst  p|,,nl ,1 hIiiiiii'
-    -illli*. nurt l,„|,|„ I |n,„rn |(lhc.
I Iiuui, l.ni-iilur,
T.l'nii-ii. Ail	
1'illllRIPIUillg nl   ti   |n,-l   libit I   nil   Soil,,
-< 'k    ill*-, ii i   iit,,  tntp-rii.il nl
It Inry in,... uinrlti-d nui" i i,,,-i4  s I,
t-ii.l ...I,,,I.  u„,ni ,|, ,.|Hi,,v  ,i,„, ,
■Inil' Il-lglll) "llllillB.II, Built It,Inlil)
rbllltlB, tin- no ,'lgtltj tlitniM Iii  i litt-i. t.l
!"'ni K
Itllll'il   lnul -'Isl    mm
tllll'l-l'llll'll, 1.111-ltl   ,4
'Inin l-nnii, ip-tti
i-ominoiii'lng ut  it ,mi.i iiliniii-ii nu Sitgi,
4i.,k.    II."   i.i.1.-   I.,....   H„,    |„|,,i„ „|
y glvon Hun. i><- 11'" lnntl r    Ii iilni-y Uni*, nun kid.I. Ilili uu, mirllnvo.1
..i,.|.-,l. Il,i|-|,-,l,„s„ll.i,l    I   l„  „| m-i.t ,.  snull,  ,,|g|,|,  ,. „,   ,	
lil.i n, il„,|'i,i,.|i ,,mmis-i,,in-i nl  I.uhiIh nml
I'ni ii',„,-.,sl t-l-iltl) rliuina I n." i'.l  "/" "'il'" ' "' M..rri«.., .,,, m
'"'"'": ""■'"" """   •"''■ ti". lit".,,. ■
•I-.I iprll -.'i-i. iini -i-tiiiiii.s. iii.-ii,-,-»,», ,.|K|„ ,.,,„ |iimi
nl li gtlllltllK, "nlilintliliK IMO neit-.,
ll.Ut'd .1   iiiiiii) |siI,. ,-t„|
Will"'... Uill. Locator,
•''      '' '-.I-Ulglll    1.  PUHI    |.l,.|,|,,|   „
'* I'Biurll, nlilmlt. ,„| ,,,,.,
w "I'-h "ti I   nl tin,-, i
• miii) i-iiii iih, ii ,. ,.,
llllp,      Wl   IM- 14114k''.inII II  I'liii
IV" innk" I Imm iu tn   inn nml <
And lit*tin mil -.1 mil nu	
As to Ihc Tailoring
-in.l in .'...ii.  iliiii  ilm poorly |ioli
Bliup cliiployoi- "lltl nltnl-d In iln ivorl
ll HVH1   il   In-  klli-ll    Inm -illliill   ii-
I.       iiiiuiii  l.-.ii"   i     ii.nn-
III lil-l tlifti'ii-nl i - "lotliliiir.
Leask & Henderson
Hi.  inntter is lieing  ciirefully  con- |
siiiei-i.l In tin* ministers ;-t iim
|i!-4s'-ni iiine. Minister Tallow
-I-,., -.ii.i,s thnl im iictinn v.-i lins
I     tititken.
The New Conl Company,
olin limi
ii. who represents llio
ii-riul Cm
1 und  Cokii eonipniiy
1  .'4,
hns coal
his inmi
'.III    the
1 1'-'"'.'
tiri-nsou the fouling
town l.isl week cleitr-
itnporti'd   from  Spo-
loenl   ciisloins ollice.
In- repri'iients  Ims  n
.,!'   sl.'iill i.i iiiii.   mul
control  uf niimtysix
ire miles
,,!' coal   lumis.     Mr.
.Ml   Will    I
llll'l-  1"    '
tin-  i.u  ti   number "1
irscs  nnd  llevote   Hu*
peiiiug  trails  t..  Ilu-
Ranch For Sale
Windermere, ii. I'.: ten ncres:
fenced nml cultivated- irrigation,
large sivii omeil house, luth mid
plustered. cntiiniuiitliug lovely view
uf Luke Windi-rtuere. Bonting.
shooting nml Hailing. Duly I-
iniles from lln- liiu- giinie couutry
441,   up[inr   Kootenay,  wliere deer.
 sn. ill,, etc.,are plentiful.    Soil
uud cliiiiute well iitlitpletl Inr fruit
iri-owing. l-'tu- terttiB nud further
pnrticiihirs apply lo
Arnold & Roberts,
!J4-:il Kstati* Agents, Cranbroiilj
ill IJ llnllSi-' Vill   WANT
llnull uml 111 mi mm.Iiiiiu. i
I   ni'i• I'
1*11 I. II IVIH.UV
Dissolution Notice.
i ... ■>.
il"' l-i.rl.i--r.	
!>. ni..!.'i'..i< n..'l
-■ brook, llittisl
i.i „ -   ,\,.|   Mi
ln nl-
II    A
\'i.-l...in. M.-iy i,    Tie-   Mcll id
i lyi'i'iitneiil i- liein - [ii-i . . -I im a
i 'tlli-nie f tin- ii| plii itioii i   I iiml .- I  .il eluluis iu  lil n-1 -    15! ;
4-4-1 IV.M. in Soiilli Knsl Iviotelitiy,
I'lu* clcse of lli'- iiui-- for tlisiillbwi
i.,.-.  liy Hu-  I i.ituitii ui govei'iimenl
.1' lhe net introduced by Col, Prior,
while in power, "ortho'em Ilntion .
of the griuil -I llu-se  Innds  In  tin-!
('. I'. R.. Ima |.i-. toil those   win.1    '••""" !" '"-
staked   tln-ii'   1..- ill-ess    for  """''.,.'"1''  | "
settlemenl. I'  "!l"! '"''",' .]
-orge   Fruser. M.   I'.   P..   for | t„*r' imm il,,.
Cirmiil  Forks,   wlm   iiksui-ciI    Ilu-  s-,ui, i,,,.i Km
nli-etoriile in the li -I' liis  i-lec'l-l    N" I   l'-"1'"
ion   llml    lie  question   would   In-   ""M
ilisposeil ..I , n-ly  if the  Conservii-   J™
doing Ids liiiiiusl I., mi lhe vurious   "
in lhe cily.    He represents wltii't is  !-,'i','*",',',','.1. " ' "'
l-.unw-i ■is!ln--S|i'il.-.-ii,i- Svildicllle", ■    N,..-.!.   l-iimini'iii-iugiil n po.l innrkiil *'.!.
wliich hns about nli elniiim  in  H,, » *»   -*. ....*.,...,-. .-..*-,,...   ,.i.......i
 ks referred to.    A conl mining   ' ""'"" ''"'M,p r',"k "'"".".'" '"'" "
,.(|uip1,cdlirede|iartnienl,nbigliri.]clnini   isiiUI  ncres,  so     llml   Ilu-   ,7!!',Vlvi"rr.mli'i'"M,':,!,~»n,uh Z""i,!Z
thiittlirentencd the business portion  iiniotuil included in this eonipuny's ,,i„„. n,,-,i.,,i imiii i w. tin B's n„. i
of tin-town was gotten under  eon-  I  rrilory is n very eoiisidernlili' one.  limn, tlo-iir «w' stitlntlnB. il nrih mi
trol and the town snved. The   gm-i-nillienl   Ims   mnde    m.' •'"■"'"  ' • >'   M-r ■■ ■ "'*  N"   -'.''•«' ■
('4 4iu|iuru tlu- two ciiscb, nnd then Iniiiioiuiceiu.-iil us yel in ciiiiiieclii.n   GG.G' >'GGl* '"'    ' "'       "     "'
li.^ui .1   whether or nol   incor-1 with     lln-    disposition    .-I'    tin*  '",',,,.',".1",,,,',., ','.',. ,T*". n .   .i. ■- --.;.i. .\i.,,t.
uurntion would [..-..i in  Crunlirook.   iipjilicnlioiiB.     Tin-  premier   sny.   mm       a J. Rmion.
Tnko i,i'in* ilmi tIn*imtim roliltil.ei-t-t-t.fnr.-
i'\i-iiiu lii'li-.-'ii lln- Uliill-ralgtioil iiinli-r lln*
linn mini"<<r Millt'tmiiUV Ittilltitss lins Itt'i'li
iHo-.ujv.cl, mul Ilm! rni-lii film pnrtiipiB nlil
ptll-ry nu I bo Iiii.-ui.-hh on l.i-i 441111 nccolllil in
I Mi
ml mm t'rnnbrouk, ll. r.
A. 1. M.-ll.-i-	
A. I' ll.llll t„B.
Timber Notice
Tnkp notion llml  Ihirly dnya ntlpr ilule I
iiinnil in upply in 11 i,i,,[ pummlBBloiiprol
tut,I i-iu-i)-niv.,)   limb"!- li-tiin  ilm fnllouiim
ill'BCtlbttl   Inmls Iii   Smuli   Enat   Kniilplitn:
''"in iiplngill 11 [."si [diiiilptliittlipiiiutli
ivt'Hi i-tirm-rnf(Ipurgi, llllllpr-sIbi .tlmt	
- I' -Ul iliiiiiis.   il..-.  ii.-sl. UU ,-lntiliB In
"U-i Iiniiiiiiiii') til lnt'|*t.-|. lln n  mull)   lui
"linlliB, in.'.  l.-ss. In tin, snlllll   I,,,iiiiiI,|,-v
1,1 Alls 11 t-lnli-is-B IIiuIipi-IIppubp, ll ,|»'|
ll" .-Illllllil, tl "-..lllll   ItlTl-llllllIB   III   |>ll	
Ill lii'Bllllllllg. "niiliilnliiii In 11II ll tonrm ,<
4.1 I.—,
li.- 1 April mat, mm.
II. Mi-Kownn,
Timber Notice.
Toko i"- llml Ililrty dll)*B liflor .Inn,.  I
Intend lo uppl)-loll Iiit-I "iiiiiiuissinnpi- ,.l
I Is nml ivnrkH fur n Bpn-lnl li. .-u ul
 I'-urr.viniiiy   I Itltliir Innil  Ilm [11 linn int:
dpH.-ribi'd lumls In Smuli |-:,,si Kontpiuiyi
I' lm-H'iii-1nl |>..sl |ilmil,,,l tu tlm snutli
-it's llit-l- uf M.  MpI s' limb,.,- li S".
II. .-..-I s-'l "liuiiiH. iiuiii- in- Iphh.   1,1  4I.-SI
I Inr- "l'l!ltnrli'sS|'ilHl,sl'Hliinlit.i-li,-	
tin-i-ii- sniiili "J, ilm ins. min-" or Iphh, to nortli
 unlit.-) nl II.   M.-Kminii-s  liu r Ini-ns,-.
*=>^-, ^.i.V,?J/4*^T*-,    *&.
Synopsis pf Regulations for disposal of Min
- erals on Dominion Landa in Manitoba
■ ths Northwest Territories and Ihc Vukon
I » ! i'iiiii lund, nnii In piiri'lnnni nt sm rpi
;i4-!^4,4i-„[i ,,,,I mm s.-ii I,,, nnlliriit-ilp.    N„I
iiiiii,-lliiin   4!  inl". ,-it t, q.litnl  l.y  1.11.,    ..
tllvldlinlqr "tuillHUiy. Injiiily nt Hit- ml" ot
n-n ii-ii'- I'vini,, ,11 .'.-ki pnini,» Mum nr,nn,,,,,.
pit mi ibe gross nutpttt,
i.'iitiu. Persons nt rlgbteen jenrs nml nvci
nii'i Inlnr.iiirt ni'iun'simi ,: r , .*,
i-4-i'lilii-.ili-s lilirj ■,ll.l.ll . ill,  Iill 41 III,nu.K   lll'll-
Ait 11 npr', ceriltlcnte is granted for iui"
„i ■4-'"4ii-.,ii4ii4,\,-"",iiti-i ih,,, 1.1..,.* pay 1
1.4 41'1-iU I -s.-.ll lll'l il lllllll.) I.T illl limlvliliim
inlil Ir. in s:.' In -1111 |it'i .niiniin l,,t-;, iiiiiiiniiny
iieeoiillliB to rnnltnl.
A ll-i-t- niliit-i. Iniiin,- illsii.v"|-p.l   miiiprnl In
I'l.    ni"-   l"'*i'"- » '"111111 l.-"'.\l.v.. I",*l l,j
niurkiiiu tm! iltt- s4ttiu- wiiii two lcg.itposts,bear*
 "ce., one ill i-itt-li t-iiiltiii ilm iim,
iil.-iiiiinii  in   nil lilli
iinn-1 April aiBi, mm.
i-rpliyglv™ ilmi ilipiiiiilPtBlgiipil
t... I It, Ilm  l.inult'linut   IJtii-i'iiinr
propoHnl 11 ml*,,* tlipprnvlsionHiif
nn,I rtti-i'iiiiiBAi'l"fiii'tl Ipnrtng
 vnignl nl,-nn, ii,,,,.. (,-  n,,. si.
Sltir.vs. IJ4..-I   Koot i.v. mul  ll liking uf
I (HI. Mnryn. hike 1  li running ol tbe
s44.,! l-iVol* b)   Ilm   11.  e.   SlllltllPI'll   lltiilwni-.
INitrlii stnr Urn imli) nn n|iproxiniufodiBlniiie
titi-lghli-pn tulli'H, uml lm milking tlm sn	
in hn- rutting nml driving thi-nuui inns, tlm-
I'-u  I-' I*. lllftB , -,-nlls
Tlm  IuiiiIh  I., he iiffenled liy tile work lire
1 I.i
I'lu- .'in ! 1  1  i.v  «...
v iiii -Hit 1 liiuu i'iiiii
...I In "ulli nl nn. .-1-.!.m ll."II111.
I I 1Mb .*illi ilnr ut Mny, llllll.
1 .1  Mnmitiig,
: 11 \ 1.1,..,.
u I X.U Bldihun
Timber Notice.
lit npply  In Ilm rllief
.1,  4411.1  ivnrkH h.r 11
mul "iiit.v  inviiy iim.
tig iIi-si-i ilitHl IuiiiIh in
411   1.   |l,l-l   llllll-kl-ll    -.1
hiuiktif Miplii-I pipttk tivt* niili-
-    tu   liiiliinli'.v  nl hll    l.-.ss
lm rut-hu* tolla, l.n ion, roftlng, driving
itlngB, tlinlier, linn Ini', i-nfiB. i-riilis innl Iur
liking 1 sum, iii,i,,liv,'i„,i. |„-„,„ 1
..be Plunged I.) I uulerBlgneil, la Blli'll ua
Illl)   lll-IISIsl ll) il.ll|,|-i,.„|l|».|- „,-  ,,,„|.|
lIU'HIIIIIll  I" 111"   |,|-|,vi.iu||»   „(   Hllill   -Ili.-"i-,
ml Ml 111- A,l.--
iinn-ii iiiin-.-isi dny of April, A. I), inm.
Tlm l-JtiBl Knnlpimy l.titnls-i-1' [tnuv
Timber Notice
Inl, tlt-e tluil Itiirly ilnya itfler dnte
I itili-i il In npply In   ll,,. ,.|i|,.| i-„mmlBHiutiili
nl   kiln's   ninl    IliirkB     fur llH|,t.iilll lil't'ltHP tu
,111 iiiiiI   cilery   uiiuy timlier Ifinii the tot-
lulling   iti-l.i-ill.-tl     I Is    ill    Snutli    IJtiBl
I' Ilflllg III  tl I'UHl   pit I III  lllPHIIUtll
*'..-' 1:  "i lm ll-f!!l,llu'lti'PPUBlBOp|iiiiiiH;
ilnli.-. si.ul!..!Ui'l.niiiH.lli"iii<t<iv"HI laoplinlus
1111411'    .,1     1,-ss      1,1    III"   CluttS    N"»[     S,,1,|||,.I,,
Itillllfliy, llll'lli'i'Iinrlli I I IT.'liniii-lnlli"
-"im '-.".(lui 111a.il. PPM! 1.1 1
Illl .-li.iins  1.1   lln- smith  i-iist   eonier nf lul
II li1. 11 <- -Hi I".Iiliins. lli mi jn
Imli - to |.ln," ,,[ begiunlng, .'tit IM;  ii,
illl UIU...-I.-, ninl - Inss.
I' I April -Jl-i. Iiii'l
Timber Notice
Ink iin liim  llilrly ilnyn nller ilule I
liiteml lu npply Ju 11 tibf eoitltultia'niier ol
liiinls nml mn ks tur 11   pei'hil liceliBp to pii
nml   entry   imny  tiliilipt fl'ulll the following
di'sptilip't IuiiiIh  in  Suutli   Must  Kooli'iiu.i:
f'niuillllptu* llglll 11 pusl pliUili-tlnii Ihpivt'Ht
I ' t.i "I I"! :!■'.'.! tll.l'lll .'"IlllillH hiiiiiIi i,f
Ihelinrlll-lvrHl roriiPl* nf suiil Inl .'l.ili, Hi,-1	
 '!■   lun i-IiiiIiih,  llii'iitp ivi'Hl   III "liuiiiH.
Ilmni-i B li llllii-huina. llmiu-nimsl llli-liniiis
'.. .In- I-lin f ht-iilluitng, eolitlllnliig in nil
Ul 4,-44,4     1   ll'SS.
t ii Aprilsiim, mm.
Land Notice.
Nuth't- is In rpliv tiivt'ii lluitel\ty t] 'ya.nfter
ilu!" I inl I In imply In lite eltief cnnimlB.
siniii,!* ut limits iiiiiI worka, for pt-rniiBai 11 lit
purilitiHi, tlie (nllinvitig deacrllidl luu,Is, lu
s ulli Unsl Kootenay:
(Jiiiinneneieg nt upoHt p'anteil Rttlie north*
■•nsl etiriter nl Lot -*.'I77, Group 1, thenc.
miiiii -n ,liiiins, thi'iii'i-piiHl ■lllt'lmiiiB,then-e
SlltltllMII   "InlillH,    Illt-lll'P   HP t    20 t'llllillH  to
Hn- pint 1 hi'glinitiig. containing IftOiierpa,
llul,-,! |i„, I Iiii ilnyiif April, mm. | eaat,  enrner, ilu e south   eigtuy   Plinlna,
MnryBi-ille t.iuiiliert'uiiipftiiv, Ltuilleil.     tlieneo 11-eal ctghly  chains, tlieneo   nortli
„ in ks. ni Vtrtorl.1 lue a llpeuai- to prnspi
Iur coul and pel olctim mi tlu- f.dln u dp.,
ii'iln'.l l.iinls iu s,mil. Unsl   Kouteliny,  11...
.-1. I'll ilu liin.
..uumi'iii'iiig nl n poat nil" mnl ono luilf
nubs ol Sago creek ami threo nillpu fruui Um
luli'l'iuil 1 1   lliiimlnrv    I    Ilinrki-.l   A.
MuKpiiiIp. siiiiih.'UHt poi-m-r, tl nil Ml
"littiiis. ilmi nnst Mi cliulna, il ,< atiiilli
Sll ,-lllllllH, 111,- nsl Hll, h,i|||. 1,,   |,|,,,-.  ,[
Ilm ,1 Aptll JJ-.-nil, nun.
A. M.K.n   ,'. Loral 11'
Tmiiv if, -nl.
coiomennlng ni  n  pusl planted nu Sun','
,'i-tsk lll'pllliliHfltnu tlm Inl.-rmtli,,nil Hid*
ill')'hi,", 111,11'.-'tl il. II.   Mill. h..un,,Ms!   int.
tier, thenc - ll -"-"I. .'lolil.*-.  Ihenee weal   BI)
'liuiiiH. thence south 8 1 "li.iins,  llieii -,-i-t
Su i-lniins In eoilllltelii-elllelil.
Doted April 111! ,1. I'.l J.
W  II. Mill. I..4 .tn ,,-.
Tm.iv.'.i. Agent.
I'uiiiiili'iii'itig nt ti   i-n-!   |ilin.ti'it tin Siig-
creek, live   mills 1 1   lln.   Iiilnruiiluuiul
lli.iiudi.ry line, murkeil ll. Mi- ltd, uurlli
"itBl "in-iinr. Iiinil"" siniii,  Ml plnilite,  ilmiii-i.
iii-at   sn  i-luiiiis,   II ,,  mniii   sn  i'IiuIih
lliemeeasl SO phntiis to plnt-ootbi-glniilug.
niiit'it .iprll a-ind. mm.
n. 4 i-n,..niili 1.nn.mr.
T. .-.iv. 11. Jgt'lll.
rnlnhlPllPtllg ut n on.t :i'"iii five eboIliH
oust ul the north tu-k ul tin- 1 uiili-nil ilver
un Mi" Itileruuti" ill 1114 Ini-)- lii urkeil
li. f-iish".,. Hniltlii'iBl "iirm-i- pusl. tlipiie,.
weat Nil .-liuins, Hi-imp mn ih si) "buttle,
theuce "iihi   su   c'utlua,   llipiipe  Btilith  III
I'lluiiis ti, pl'ti'" nt ling lliiin.*. ,' Ulttltlllttg UK!
acres ol Iiuui.
IIH..I April llllll. I'.lill.
at'tirg" I'llshfp. I tltir.
I nnimi-m-illg lit n   [iust llblllll   live "llllli H
enat of tbo uurlli lurk uf Ilm ilmi I river
uu Um Ititerlliiliotinl nnuiidiiry Hup, intirkt-tl
E. 0. Clapp, BotltliiVPHt..porni*r, tl -lit
Bn chalna, lln-i  si   sn ,.|,*i'.ik. iln-	
suiiili SI) "limns, llipiipp wpsl Nil ijiiijns 1,1
I'h 'I bpgliinlng,
IJ. o. rlnpp, I ior
T. 1 nii'i.. .igi-iit.
linip.l April aa, mm.
ruimnem-ing ul tl post one Uiilu nn.l nil,-
hull ivi-sl nt s ige 1 reek uml llu-i-e mil h ti-ntn
lln-I -iiili.iii.il II itlni-y -im-. 1,14,1!,.,    ,
O'Hi'tirti. iiurtlnvi'st en iter ll  smuli su
ebillli", thenee eil-l nu i-IuiIiib, 'Ii-  north
811 I'll llna, tlience ivi-sl Sllt-ll-illis In |.,inl if
"iinuni-iii "tn.-iii.
iinii-ii April aaini. mm.
w.oll",u-,i, l.orntor.
T Caven, -u	
1 uimui'iii'ing ut n ptiHl iui" mil" ensl uf lli"
Flathead river 1 two 11 Ilea bom iln* In*
li-riiu-iiiiinl iitiilildnry Hue, murkpil It. oi.-ki-.i-
biiii, norllii-nal itorlii-r, thnl southSUpiinluB
tlipime  inst   nu   iliiiiiis.   ilu'in-n  uurlli  Nu
"liuiiiH, Ibt-llPP pnat Nil ebniiia tu |,l  ut tie-
11. Iiii-kiiisnii. Locntor.
I'. .1. Dlekllison   Agent.
Dated April 32ml, mm.
Commencing at 11 posl idnnteil nn Sug-
creek B-veii milt'H fruui tile liileriiuliumil
unmttlitry tine, liiuiked ll. I'Jtlwul-ils, liollll
tvnsl enriier, MtelteeHuiilli   Sll  elllllllB,   llieitep
eiiHt Nl) i-bniiH,   tlu unn uurlli nii chnlns,
thenee wesl Sll "liuins 1,1 pin I l„,giiniiiig.
Ilnli"! Aiu-il.aaii I,   llllll.
W. IJIiinnlH. I.neiiliir.
T. Cu van, Agent.
Cut!!! iug nl   u  pt'st   pltuiled  nil  Suge
-•reek, elevpll luil, H from Um ltllet-1 llttiillul
lliituuliii-y line, marked 'P. tJnvni, suiitlniiHt
curlier th uco.. nh t-igiiiy cluiliis.t.lipnpo piu-t
nlgltly ,-lin.1,5, llii-l nmii nighty plinlna,
tlieneo weat eighty t-hulns to pbicu uf begin.
iiiiti-il April atst, nun.
T, I'nvi-ii. l.-ienlor.
Bl-iininii-iii-ing nt  n  poal   plintlul tin Sngp
ereek   tlvn   mltea   Irom  ihe tiitpi'iiullonal
lliiiuiilnr.v Iini'. murkpil A    Doyle, aoillhtiCBl
cornel-, ilmi iiiiiiii nii "luijiis, 1 hi'ii net
80 "Iniine. Itiem- illi  SU eh-lilia,  II	
it "Hi 80 i-hllinn lo pliieptil Itpgllllllllg.
D< 1 April ami. mm.
A. Ii,.)l,,. Lncalur,
T.C11VOII, Agenl
iiitnninliiilig nt 11 pnst | Innn-tl oil Sug,
t-ri-t-k seven miles frnm Mm tutpl'luillniinl
lm,,,,,],,im linn, murkeil W.llulllua, solllliunst
 -ni'i'. timi lh  t'lghly iliiiiiis, iln inn
ivpHI   "iglil.v  t'ltiiiiiH,   lltuiu't,   suiiili   plgh y
ehuins. lln ii ml eighly elliliua I" [dneu nf
Dllled April a ml, m 1
w  li,.lln,-. Locator.
iiimiimili'illg III 11 pusl iilillllnil uu Sngn
Ptii'k,   llillt-   ItliliB   lit,III    Mm    Itilni-iititiuiii.l ! Iluni 'Uu- UU11IIIU i'inl HI  mi  nti"ll  Hiii.ttniin  iivt-r
ItiHllitlury 111..- Il-k.,1 Mrs. Munil III, kiiisiui ' Jn™m'iml!?,V','-'l'il!i'ia  ""pntpiS "ni'i' m'*n
HtiiulnviiHl,i-tniinr. llml ulli "iglil.v "linilln '. miii.-l-11141) mnl, II  i>l;ilins lu pint -sluii liy
tlli'tu-i-PUBti-iglill- "lutitis, tlii-tn-i-suiun "igltlv    H ""r ""'le-- innl   lulling rm or..,.    ,\ cliiuti
«> '."""»" »'"■" "'s-i'ty -  pi,,,-,.;, ■ is^'enSi'g!:;;:!;::;'^::^^^!^^^;:.!;;;;
|i,ijill:: il ft'f.
Hui'k must lie iiiim-un a elnlm cut'li year tn
the value nf at li*u>l t-Mi.
\ ri- tiiu',ii,- lit,it wnll, Ims lieen dime liumt lie
nl" iiiin j,, 11 y.'iii*; ir imi. ihc i-laim Nlmll lie
ili-i'iiii'iltti lit'iiii.iinliiiii'il.uiiil ii'ii'i) tiiiici-iiuatliiii
nml emiyhy 11 lr.'i* miner.
Tin* Imhii,ilni-ii-s nl a I'litJin may lieiltillneil nli-
Teek, i-ii veil   uiilex lii'in   tlit-   InU'iiiiMiiiiinl    Milulfly liy lunliif! u Miivey iimiieiDiil imlillKliiiijf
riminil.,,-, li,.,. ....u-i...! t-'   1   Hi,-Li,mm,   , th    lintiei'S ill lint ViiKiiiiillleillHJll/elle.
uountlm-jline.nmrlcetl f..i. ulihUiBoti, nortli.   ,(.lrilll.imi.   ,u-   ,„,„m,roinlaii.ii  Dmnlnioii
went   I'lUiier,   llii'iiri'   Hinilli   eifility   rliniiiH, ' f.niiits In .. aiiituliii, I lit-  N<i|-|liw<>*,t Territories
•!'7 N»t   eighty chain., tlmi     tl,  ™!™f»» t ^GUGlS il,'*? Klii'
figlity f'lmiiiM. llit-iii'e wi'hl Mil i-liiiiiiH In nun.    ui.iy reseivi' In: an Inillviiliiiil in eimi|miiy liav-
iiiHii'i'iiii.iit 1 liinjiiaelimi'iy nil lie- luml In lie jh-hsj e. leil. an
iiifiiuiiiini. I areTKirui" am-s.    Sl I.l tlm | nw]*,'en)r ills
i-iiti'i) A|iril *_».",tli, lirtll. . cnvi'i nil In iiajiti-.'iiioiiililit'N.iiiiilsaijsiui'InrHy
F   I   Diekini-nii  I.iii-ntur     ] <"*iaiiil Iinih*Ii iliseineiy.anarea imt e.\c«eil|i,K
wwl   iglil.v  i'liiiiiin,   lli.'tic..   nur li   i-lglitj
I'lllllllH. IlielU-i' «,.,! i-lglit,, clllltlia t.. I'lme  .',1
I'jtti"! Ajiril 'J'J 11,1, 11104.
.1.   Iiiiiin.11.'l.ni'iilnr.
I' mveii, Aki-iiI.
Lllllliil iK-illg III    II    l-IISl    J it it il toil   mi   i-iift-i'
fH'ik, tm* letl   ir    lhe   lun ni,iii.mill
ll.'iiiitl.ivv In,... iimiLi'ti A.,1. Miirlin. nortli*
W-sl    ,,,111,1.    II,,-,     ,. ||    (,iK|„v    P|||,|„Hi
llifliivciint .iyhl.v.*h.iiin..ll eiiurtheiirlit,*.
rltniiiB, ilo <■ Ht-ht cIkIiIj* fliatim in |.l.i.*e , f
Dute.1 April *J2t.ii. mm.
A   -I..Mnrlin,   l.m- I,
11. 1'llt.h.e. At-eilt
rommrncltis 'i'  " I1"*'' ■  mul nn«,-lmll
mil.'H west ii(Sii«eeri-.'k nml three mil™ Irom
the Itlleniiltlotial 1'.nnHilary line, mni-kt-il I*.
A. Dow'h Hi.iilliiu'fi col ner, t lii'in,' uuitli su
I'lij.ii.H. 1hi*n.-e,-,ist mi .Iiinni. ih-ii.e KHilli
P0 elmlti-, thenc*: mwI 80 clm'tia tn [ilni-u nl
rnieil A j ■- i I *J7ih. \'.h,i.
C, A  Dun. I alor.f
0 T. iann.An:'nt.
ull im reu ni'-il "iii,in Itftoen
ll l-i'iili'il iiilliin tin miles nt a iiiiniu
■ilciV . Illt-e. mu' .nl,ilium.il tlm ullnueil inr
> ii.l.ill nnalli- .k,,.t fracllull.    The  fe
Uu- loeali'iiujiy ui*i> ■ hauiijiaMiney iiiatle. nml
upon comulylitv witli ntliet i-cqulrctiwiiis, put
IVrmi-.i'ni nitiy'lieti Hi nl hy the Minister ..
lln' Iuieiin- inl.-eaie i l.iliiiM*i)iititliiinn inin hiii
mica, n's.1 i-ii'M'M'. in tur i iiii uii Ti'irllnry. ut in
lln* |ia em f r a*ml.,hi> Iii'fatliin shall I'l'inhh
f,'i tin' iiayuii'iit ,.l i*.j altj at thu rate nf *.", j-er
(rut i-r tin-|-r.iilii.-t,ir lite I'lfiiilmi. Mk
I1...TI Minliii!. Mm.ui.ba nn.l lhe N. W.~
i-m-.'I mm me VukmiTeiiitniy.-llaerr inli'liu
i'iaioiM:"ii.'i'all,' i.i'.- nm fi-ei -..inure; eo-ry fe.-
83.iviit*wiilile,yenilv. im in,* \niih .s*iskut
elieuiiu ihr. elaiin- are eliln'r harm* lieieli. lh,
f..i nii'i'l.i-iii- inu leet Inn-s- and extend tlu he
twei-n h.*-liaiul Inw wan r mark. Thelntmr In
illliles liar iIil'uIiil's, Imt ovii-mK haeK In the
liBse ut iln- IHU nr l,unk. hut imt evieeillllK l.lXNl
li-i'l. l\h restiam i-iiw. r la um-il, (<mim<< l'iki
reel Khlt)iiia> lie nhiahied.
Ure-tlclng In tlie riven nf Manitoba nml the
X. \\. I*., e\re|illuij the Vlikun lernlnry—A
Iree iiiiner na> nl.lain iuiy n,„ Ipfinett nl live
liil-eacacli fnr«term nr twenty years, renew-
iil.li* hi the (tiseiethiiinniie .Minister ur *|,e |„.
'ihe lessee's ll^'hl Isennllneil tn the silliliii-ri;
etl lli'il in- bil« nf Hie riVer bflntv lntf WlitUI
iiiiii', ami siiujet'l tnthe rljihts of nil iiersmis
whn have, nr wlm may ren-ive entri.-s fm* niir
liiu'tliiKSin I" nell Hulius, eM-ejil on lhe -saskai-
elti'Hiin rh'i-r, wlierelbe lessee inny dreilge in
li it'll w.tlt'i uuirn nn each alieiiniti' leasi-lmhi.
'1 he lessee shall have a tlreilge in nnerution
within nm* seasnii tmin lhe dale (if lhe lease fur
eneli live lilies, imt where a person nr emii'iany
lias tlini.Ii'i-.l MM.it* than mil- lease nne dieitce
l.ii'eaeh tlfieen m t.-s nr Ir.ietlnn Is siinteii-nt
i:.i.i.tl.-i"|.et aiiiiiini f„i eneh mile nf river
li-.i-i-il.     i;.iy,t:t> al iln- rate uf iwu ami a hall
ut'i'eeiil coilooied on tl ni put nfter Itcxoeadii
' liredg.nu In the Vukon Territory.-His leasei
nf live imiis eneh may lie «ianted tn a live
mi tim fur a lino nf twenty jeur-, nlsu renew-
*i lie lessee's!Isitit is et,|illliei| In the suhliiei'ij-
eii i.e.i i.r inns is iim rlv r below low water
mu.i,. I I-iil In,miliary tube live,I l.y \i$ tinsltlnn
nn the Isnlay.if Anclist in lhe year nf (lie dale
at the lease,
Tne lessee shall lmvi' mie dredu'e In nperallnn
wit lilli two .wars liim. Ibe date uf the lease, ami
iB'ilie.ke t,„-e.i,-li Ilie mil-'s wdlihi nIx years
IimIii (Hell ilaie. Ilt'iiiat,-jl'ii' pel itille fm nisi
yeai. nod Ilu per mile fureae.li siil>se,|iieu( year.
i.i.ya iy inline ns pin urinl ^
I »'l  .Mlllllittlii lhe \ill.ullTi'll'llun.    ('reek.
"I'll luu tn, iiiiiiii .'.nm. reel,   Ali'.ii.ei
il 'eh s slmll lie .'..ifw I sM v
i Inlinsnre marke.i in twn ii-uai i«n-t«» mi' ni
-nell •■ml, lieilllllK milium      Knit) um	
allied wi lun  tenlllljS, II  tile   Bin I til  Is  Wlllllll
l|,*l s Otlll'0.     I'lll'.MI Jl
wl   •ikIm.v  ehiiiii*..
_    llliw,   tli-i.,-,.  »..„•
*'Khi>.I.....Mi.. |i|iu*urU(| a m...
II>K     Olil     11, I, M
imteil Jiiiiunry IHth, Mini
■'    )'    I <nk. I.neatnr,
I. nilUPIi'iielugfll ,| ,„■-,. pi,,,,,,.,) tl| ,
Iw ■** Imi i Iiiiiin,,I iivir t eight
ce.. ml lee i-itr-i „| Miirrt-w^, n  „ ,
'iKhl.v   ilinuiN,   H,».    tAt-ni   ,-iulnv ,-| „
tnet.ee   m,illi   ,.|g|„j   (| 1M     ,||))(irt    Mw|
,,K,"*V'imi •" ' Alwgim.ltig.	
mn hiii uitrm,
litiU-il Jiiiinirv I**trli. Ilmi,
li   «   Uo*, Irfiminr.
.'..   rouiuieiielug ul a (kiatlpli 1 ulimit
 "l,l,■ '"""i oi it,.- Kbitheu.I river un.l
l',«llttw"   "'" '   "f    Uurrlw*.   imm.e
imrtli   emhi.v   tliuiu-., ttit*   ,.,^i rfginv
•'ImiiiH, thmn  sti.nl, elglitj e ., ,1,,,,,'e
we»i eigliiiV chaliw t,. pluee ^ |i.Hci„,it„g,
euittrtl n 04ft wns,
imt-wl .iiuiutn-.v IHth, IDiM.
juiuee Mt iiii,|... Loentor
0.   .-iniineniiMK m „ ,)llN,  1m| t(,((1)|t
cue mile m.i-il, „,' ,.-|*»lli.ii,| hVer i.lid elulll
.vi. Illlli-H ensi „( Mi.rns.si'.v, the,,,-,, milllll
PghtV i-lltiliw, th „,,. w„M (.iK|lty ,||ajl|H
tlilUt" north eiKhly I'lllllllH, ihHie,- *.hbI
.•iKhi.velminsn.pla.von,..,,,,  (
lug am nen*,
imnil juunurj 18th, 1004.
iieurgu Unggnrili, Loentor.
7. »'..mmei,(iiiKnt n po«l phmteil about
four iuileB mirth of rlutlieud river, nml eight*
ecu Uill-fl eiiHt nf Miiriitine*,', tlietlt" Iinrlli
eighty ebniiiN. tbenee eaat eighty elmim.,
ll'-n.e smith wghty fliHitw, tlleliev *m
eiglil i-huilts In |,|,iee n( rVglllllillg. i*ni,tniii-
i tig 040 inns.
imteil Jnniiur.v is Ii. 1004,
j..lm i.i u«k, Locator.
H.   ri.mnieneiiiKut ii   post  pl.intei) ul t
three Ulllee UOrttl uf  Ibe Ihilheml  river ili.il
I'iHbieeii initeMeust ufMurrlHwj.th veuulb
eiuliiy  ehuins,   tb ■« enst  eighty  iIihIiih,
tliuice iiurlli eighty elmliiM, ibunee h.»i
eighty eh.iii.N h. plnce ul beginning, contain*
iug 040ucrw.
imteil Jtinuiiry 18th, 1004.
Ira i: Miuiuiiig, Locator.
0. lomuieDiingat n pnst plauteil nhout
cigtlteeil   unlen  ennt   nf Morrideey mnl luni'
mil.-4 nortli ol rlutlieiul river,  in-  not tli
eighty ehaiiin. ihenee euat eighly cliiilim,
thenee Hnutll eighty ehaiiin, theiiee W-Wii
eiuhly ehnJiiB tu |.bn*e uf beginning, i*unlni.i-
I..g040tl    Or*.
miied J iiiiiin ry lHib. 1004.
rbarlce dpllott-d, i.neatnr.
lit. rn mm curing at a punt plunted Hbont-4
mile-, iiurlli i.f Platheud river nml eighteen
tnleaeuel ul Morriwtey, tbei  uuitli eighty
t'tuiiiiK, llienee we„t- ,.iKhty limine, Ibeme
HOIltll eighty ehaiiin. ihenee ettsl eighly
ilml nn to pluee "f beginning, cuutiiimn-* 040
Muteil .iiiiiunry IBtll, 1004.
A.t'. Mi'Hnetm, l.ueaUir.
II. inmoicm ing ul a pimt plnuteil nhuiit
limr mllea Iiurlli of HllttlCHil river nml liim*
liim mil'H enat of Moirlwey, tlieuce uortjj
eighty ehninit. "tdence eiml elglity itmiim.
thenee   HOIltll   eighty    elniiiiK.   Ibt'liee    went.
eight cliulna to pluee ol liejiium,,^, coululu*
lug 040 acrea,
imteil Jiuiiiury |8th, 1004.
Jiihu Wiilami, I .mat ni',
IJ. lommeneiug nt » pimt plauteil about
four milea uorth nf Klaiheuil river ninl eight*
ecu ml lea  enat   uf   UurriHaey.   thcticu HOIItb
eighty  chalna, the)  eaal   eighty  cliiiiiia,
Ihenee    uurlli   eighty   I'lltlltlH,   thenee   Hl'Bt
eighty chalna to pluee of icgiuuitig, rautuin*
ing 1140 ir ri'M.
imteil January ISth, 11)04.
Charlil AruiNlrniig, |, culor,
18. rumineneitignl. ii puat plants] nbout
Kve inilee uurlli nf Klutlieml liver ami ailfeeu
milea east ol Mnrriaaey, 1 hence uorth eighty
chalna,  thenctf ennt eighty chafnH, il ce
aoulh eighty ehaiiiH.ibenee wen I eighty chulllR
to plum Of beginning, containing 040 ncrea.
iml.'il ,i a inin i y INih, 1001.
rhiirles I'nek. Loenlor.
14. Commencing at a po-it planleil nfioul
four mileH north of Hutheuil river nnd, hIs-
1 it'll ni.h'rt ennt ul MorriHM-y, thenee noil til
eighty i'IiiiIiih, thenee eiml eighty etmilm,
llienee   north   eighty  utiaillR,    llienee   went
eighty chalna tn place ut beginning, itnin*
Ing 040 acrea.
Ibiieil .Innimry IHlb, (004,
Smuiiei Morrow, Locnljir,
In. .umniemingnl ii pnnl plmilri) ulmiit
live miles ih  iif ilitlln-iid   liver, nmi nit-
teen mlira enat. uf MorrliiHey, llieneo iturih
ighty i-huiim, iheiiei. W(*l eighty .liuiiii..
leiin-   BOU III   eiubty   e| IH,    ihenee   ensl
gbt.v .ImiiiH iu pim-e uf begiunlng, coul uiu
lll'l  010  lll'-'l'rl
iniilil ivliruiiry lat 1004.
V. A. -iii-skill. I.n.uiur.
io   i'i>muieiieing lii n pnil plunted alum I
lyaluweii  r,u   null inliltliiii.il ten nil es ,,,    lbris> unlea uurlli ol ilnlbeiid river, uml Ml-
he iJi'isiiti m eiunpiiiiy slu'lima elnlm  musi
lmlil a fret'imiiei'seellllleale.
lllllra en al. of   Mtirrlssey,  theiii-c miillb
Highly   ebuiiiH,    Ihenee   WtMt   einbty chulllH,
I'iimV'iVV'tVi"ViM-t1'! " U'ImMi1"1''il ,||l,li^'1 'V1' 1ll^JMk|* tKM-lh nlKllty i'IiiiIiih,Ibeiue fiialHghly
onslstB uf two, Uw fuel ultimo linr, on |?io|MoiK eli'Him lo pln<t) of Iwtftaollig win till III iig 04tl
ii ulmli nn loyull)   -Imli he   ilmiti'il, the
,,->. nf the pJiilj ..iillii.in i litlin-.,nily.
I nliy lee ¥111.    lluytlly ul ibe latent Iwn and
 alt lei'i'.-iiimiihe iul | tne -.,,,,1  sin,,
"■ilfm  \ ll .nil leiiilniytuhepalil lu  III.-
iiillier shall receive a griuil  nf IllOr
llnteil April a I,'100-1,
Mik. Maiiil DieketiHiin, I.ueatnr,
K. ,1. Dickinson, Agent.
Comineticing at, n post pin tiled on Sug
hcluitii'i! the nil we latul sueh olher
' laml us may he il.lt iiu-d. will he .sold In tlm
iimiiieneii.g nl    u  jmst   plaiileil on Suge   dlsiuu'ier al ihc rate ut *Sl.on un acre, siihjeel
H'k    elevei h frum   the  International    J.';-,J^-fViV.'-.*"--1Iiit-'.'l"^ r'"e '" ""'V "" SI",(""e,t '"
llnundiiry line, murkeil.I. Nellerllehl Hi-      |le|iuiiiumil of tlio Interior,  Ottawu, Sept,,
1), i-'il, nl the MlllUtar ol lhe liiteilm.
i,,,i,,i ivhruiiry let, 1004.
Alex. McDermot, Locator.
17. commencing at-Jr* poal planted abuui
tbris'iiiileH uoith ul l-ltttheud river, and *i\-
teeil milea eun I id MollisHey, llienee iiimIIi
eiuhly cllttlna, Ihenee Weal eighty ehaii.h.
llieiii'i! HOIltll eighty ebuiiiH, theiiee etn-t
eighty eluilliH to pluee of beginning, eunliiiii-
Ing it-Ill ticrea,
lulled I'ehriiury l«t, lOftl. ,
W.T. Heid, l.ocnlor.
18. Commencing at a pnat plnuted ul.i'.uf
two milea uorth ot Flathead river, uml aiv
t-is'U mileH enal uf Muriif-Hey, tbciiee aoulh
eighly chalna, thenee went, eighty eliuiiiH,
Ihenee   north   eighty   cballlB,    thenee   enm
ighty ehnius to pluee ol lieginning, cuutain-
lug 04ft uerea.
imiiil Fel)niury.1nt, 1004.
Thotuua Shirk. Locator,
10.  Commencing nl n poat plumed admit
ne mile iinrtli of Flutheuil river uml Hixtetm
mileH enat ut MorriHsey, thenee aouth eighty
Iini uh, thonce enat eighty clinlne, ihetue
ini'tli clghtyjJchulnH, thenee weal eighty
ImiiiH to pluee of beginning, eoiiluii.ing 11-10
Dated January 10t.h, loot.
0 Juseph lirault, Locator, THE CRANBROOK HERALD.
TRANUROOK,   URITISH   COLUMBIA,   Tllt't'Si)A Y.   M W    III,   Midi.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specially
1   B. H. SHORT !
I'aiiilt-r, lln.irnliir and Sinn  »
Writer. %
—        s
All   lil»l> 4141444,4       Ulf   4,44,1      J
.1)111   „ lUUI*,  I*.,-'-!,   I'l ,....,-.   4,1,4-14,  .*
We give iKrlect si.ti.fuclimi -»
J with nur wurk. J
New ri-^s, gootl driving
anil siultllt' ItorSPS lit
reftsoimblo rate. < >ur
dim Vill lie to give gootl
cart1 to all Imraib bta-
IiIihI witli us.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
OM shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
World's  Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson       HussLmd       Trail
$60     $65
Mny II. I-', Ul, .lillii- lu. 17. 18
July I, JJ. :i. Annual 8,0, lu,
S.,|,li*inlit-i 8,(1, 7, IIi-IiiIh-i Jl, 1 ,'t.
At correspond liu; mien on same dates.
Km-lull particulars apply to locnl agents
m* write,
,1. 8.CAKTKK, K. .1, COYLE
D.P.A., Nelson   A.G.P.A. Vancouver
•ni -
SI.  Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis Chicago
AMI   Al.l.    I*. 11 NTH  KAST
Seattle,   raenrna,   Victoria,   Piirtland.
AM. All. I'At-IFIl- COAST 1-nlNl'a
Through Palace aad Tourist Sleepers
Ulnlnc and Bullet Smoking Library Cars
l-'nr rati-!-, folitera anil full Information
regarding trips, i-ull nn nr a-l.Iross
s      BUILDER
—-     *••♦■♦       —
**i   **»!-»■
Ollltl:   WD SHOP
Cranbronk Methodist Church. -
Urocerles. Canned Pruit, Fish, etc
Corner of Hanson A.enue and Inm- Street AlaoOoUrit - li-
 I   'fiinntlii    ■- ;   il-..:--      il
|-.,,|,|.      .,1...      ,4   ,44-       ■        ■
;;.,.„|-    ..4       .,4*4
I,,.,I.     ll    *
,ii Suiu nl Read) Made Clothing
11,4 1,4.     IV „
1,4,444.     U.,I-|4I|4
riuw.lt,)    i:,.,, .„ii,  i..-.,t-i-
I'l In.l     IV.-kl.t I'l,,.-,-, M--
in cim-iM nA*,r.r»ririD
„|,.,I     11111,1,    ,    I.
l'„.t„..S .1  T .»
Cranbrook Baptist Church.
TIlolullUKlllltl. a In.!  -i,„,-. Il-.li
in tin* llapllut Church
Sini.tit.i 11 ii in nml 7 .-in |i
Sitiiiln.v Ht-I I        a |i- in
1, a l* l-t. B n in Tunda,
I*. u.i ,-,* M.-.-11.4U. - p. in. Wnlnniln,
'I'l,,-|,nlilir in,-,,,niu,Il.i  un Iiii a	
■ill iiti-,-liiiH"
I'aalor, P. IV. .Invaclia
Amei*Holden 'Boots   anil Shoes
ti,.|„,.4i. ii. n   .i :>
Crabrook Presbyterian Church.
Siililititli.-t rvii-ts: II a. tu. iiii-I 7.110 p. ill
Niniilnv Si luml uutl illlil.ulnaa a p. w.
l Ini4.!i4,ii Bntlt-iivnr, Tilft-tiu.v N p. in.
'tin' iitililir Ol-t*!-.,itliiii'.V ilHHftl   l„ hllt-lul
till llif nn-*!iuaa.
l-ii.tiir, W.ll. w. ll Flll-I NIB II. ..
l'iii;si'i-:s-i' L.iii.ii-:|Xii. illl
Cranbrook, B. C.
Mfi-th *»,„t nntl Illi TorMiluy „, s p. ,„. in
I. II. 0. 1*. hull.
.1. A. AliMil.li. K. It. S
T. llnnKBH. t'. I'.
ViniiiiiK Hivlltrt-i, ,-„r,li„llyi„vitr,l In jitttuul.
Cranb-ook Branch of
Ht-ola i,i-i-i-.v Friilay nlitlif ut S pi m. thill un
11,1,1 ll,,,,,* lit Willi llllllllllllt,
Yiaili,,*!- lln<llm>„ l'iinliiill.v Illvllltl.
K.I*. Miihtaiiii, ,1. T. llnuil.Mi".
I tlll-illli*. I-1IKSI1IK.ST
I.O.O.F. Key City Lodie
Nn.,'.'. Meelsevery Mini
ilay niniil at llirir liiill tm
linker street. Hojonrln,
liiil Fellowaenitttully iiiilteil.
M. li lliiliiia.. iv. II. MrFiirlini*-.
N,   ll, 8et*v.
Cranbrook Lodge, Nn. 3.
A. F. S A. M.
*fc^Jpj.'.X        llrjuiliir ,,„-etltlt!S nil Hn
*VJ*^*.':*   *\        l'""'  'I'luirmtni of Hi"
!\V   \ liuillttl.
\ Isltini; t'lrl ,'<-„   iipl|,|i,ni,|l.
M .1 ItKAii*. Seo'r,
I, G, YKBKKS, 11. llKANI'T
,!   W   I',  1. P. P. I T   .1
Seattle 7U1 \V. Itiverattle Avf
Wash, S|„,ko„t-. Wiuli.
East Kootenay
Bottling: Co.
Aerated  Waters
Of all kinds
Syrups,   Champagnes, Ciders
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
1 unt |>r<'pnr<il to ,-x,-,-titt-
nil onlora promptly nml
a| Reasonable Rales. I have
ull tin* equipiiii'iil uu t,-.
iiiiiriil Uv tilt* -fuvi-niiiiont,
uml linve 1h-.-ii ii t-ili/i-n
uiul liix-iuvi-r in Cmiilirook
l',,r u nuuilx-r of yours.
CRlMHtl'Dk   BRANCH   01
THE   A. L, li.   NO J07
n   P.   linll
Vliltla, Rrethren cordially Invited to attend
SILENT OffjasJBmim.
Dezall Brolhers
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
Outside Orders Promptly
Attended lo.
$** 9 ..........*...»€
Undertaker ami Kiiiliiiltiier
Oaskels irlanne.1 and Bltlpi-eil ut slmi-l
nnii,',* and reasonable prices
Will re.-eiveand hold remains it, Oliapel
„i ,i su mil cost.
Agout fur tin*
Vrt-ii.ii Marble anil Tombslnne Works
If «,- Inivn imt (jot wliitl yon winl
wi- niiiy l»' ablo l,, Rot it fur yon
Wi- ari' ulwuys iviuly I'a.v ,,r Niglll
(i. P. TISDALE, :
I'lu,.tlKitr nl tin* i
Candy Kitchen j
curries ncoin|-l.lestock ,,i *
Candies, Fruits, Nuts, !
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Ulve us a call •
IT Men. Women und Children's
Not at cost luit nt nbigproHt.
Call ami sir what 1 cnn il»>
for yon,
New  Line  of   Cook'Stoves
Just Received
Formerly Hotel I'linir
NELSON, li. C.
B. TOflPKINi, Manasjer.
Tliis li„t,-l is onn nf tin- best  in
Britisli  Columbia  nntl  up-lo-ilate
ill   every   res[l<*,-l.        Well   llglltl'll
sample rooms.
The Contractor
Who Gets Contracts
[f yon irniii tn builil Inl uie knoiv.
I will lu* pli-nsi-il I" fiit'tiisli yon
■ ■sliinnti'S   uml   ll,ay   lli'lp  yuu mil
witli sullle iilens ns t>, pill lis.
*4v"hen passing our studio come in
and sec the new
Prest Photo Co. Studio
—      + ,m. *-      —
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   4i*   J*
Phone night and day 77
Purehasa Prlea $3.00 a month
Allowance, made for old machine
j Have Vou Any Palatial I. te Done?
Do Any ol Vour Rooma Need Paperlw*
Estiinati's given on largo contracts, Wo don't want tho
earth. Wn want to ploaso
yon witli tin- work and receive
reasonable pay.
Royal Hotel, Cranbrook
Livery 3
Chinese Labor Employment Agency
Oriental Bazaar
l-'ull line „f Cliini-sn anil .Tapani-si
Fancy UuikIs.    Slot   Dnricl
avoniip, opposite nlil Pleriiltl oiHce
'.i tn |U H- tn.
1 to it p. tn,
7 lit H p. 111.
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, Otc.
Hazell Block Cranbrook, 11 C
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, II. C.
"Anil so," - Imli'il Tliutnas  luni,*
Ui'llo, " l n-oulil iiiini'.v Kvettu an-; bu '
a ^.,ii in .Mm." j
"Son!" blsiMHl olil  Maltliiiit.    It wan
iiii un furl un utu word,   "Ym, ynl you l
llilnl,   yon   i" (uku my boii'h \dato ■ '
l.m you nmi' Hlmll!   Till,'- tltjMi'K nir.
'I lam Blmll  novi-r man v   \ rcltA    No
man --hall I"* u ~ I UIU now Ilial m.v
.l.-ali !*< llt'lltl!"
Kxpoitluliitlona   provoil   iiiutvtilllus,
ami in tbe lilM,- kn.iwii villus ' St.
Uogor,   li.'iw.'.'ii   Vi'vi'.v   ami   lllouuy,
lliere wore tit leiwl two sml bi'iH'ta—,
Vv-i'tlo'H   ami   li.'i'   hin,'   eytul   lover
'Jliuiiiiis'.   Tliai eveulutf tbey stood to- !
yellier bozIuk smlly ut tbo liouso ple-
lut-t's n roil iii I tbem,  rot- omu Hiking '
neither prblo nor Interest in tin- ro*
nini'ktible tlrawlngs  witb   wliieh  M. '
Alfred Hesuln is garni enough lo doeo- J
rate his tielKbhai's' dwolllngs, for St. '
Leger i.i probiihly lln* ono llhistriiteil
vlllngo in iln- worbl, ami lourlsts, those
few whn know ol it. study tin* village
tis one might Ilm pages of a magazine. I
i'volte rm- the lirst lime in hor life '
seemed even irritated liy them.
•*1 ilu believe," ulm sai.l. wilb n vicious click of iii-i* pi-elty white tcelh,
"that lie would have consented if M.
neguln hnd not made liim so cross by
always passing over his lnmsi>. Voila,
we an- nol al nil lllustratotll Oh,
Thomas, If lliou eouhlBl only paint:"
""lis w<n 's work." wiiii Thomas
shortly. "A man belongs In lhe Hold.
Foi .I'nn nomine, Vvelle-I think I will
"No. no. no:*' pleaded the girl, with
tbe ready credulity of ber sex lu inns*
eiillnc   threats   of   wandering   nfur,
"Willi! We will tlnii ii wuy, I.ouk.
Thomas, there Is a new tourist! Sre!
lie gazes nt Die pictures! He is coining Mils way. What a kindly face!"
It must in' confessed lhat even the
gloomy Thomas was moved to some
'eturn of cheer hy Un* gracious pn*s-
■lue ut' the stranger who now camo up
to lhem mnl began asking nbout tbe
spirited ib'slj.-n nn the wall near them.
Finally he Inquired where they dwelt.
nml some remark of his concerning the
M*nre a 'blouse belonging t" Tbotnaa,
*.!..• whole village turned out n> -eu
him paint. Mime prophesy tug that Hit?
iHldnelt.v uf out* who dured work in
opposition to M. Begulu would meet
merited failure.
Tin* stranger painted rapidly. Soun*-
linii's In- gaaed iu comical dismay nt
tin' Increasing crowd; sometimes he
Inuked at a >|iiainl little tiutypi- iii his
hii linnd wblcb bore Uu- featurea of
mu* .It'ii ii. son of Mattliiiu. lung drowu*
..1 al sen,
Suddenly u man In tbe crowd shout-
id: "Hul see it la ton Btruuge! It li
leuu tin- deud Jean whom In* unites
Nexl day the whole vlllngo turned
mn to ace what tl"* secoud flgure
would In-, and, lo. It was Tin mm s -
Thomas, wbiwu reject Ion by Mutt bleu
was ino w.'ll known already. The vll*
lugers guxed open mouthed, Hut the
surprise was e^iupletcd when Yveite
herself nppenred mi the wall nlso. itud
Hit' tableau showed the lovers' limi-ls
l.i'lu!.' placed in each oilier hy the benign .li'iiu, who wore a smile beuutlful
in see,
H» Arthur W**ir.
"Th-r** !■ i -■ , [lie ;'Ui** HtH* bL'b,
Mj other i    ■   -.
Wlifivni. ivli.n s    ,   vi  threntf-Qi mih.  1 tiv,
Hltjjii tutt-nnla iht veulttd **f
Ml    I
IJ   i - ■■'    -  1121 .1 ---ul.
itti-KU ilug   furui   ih«
Hropi I-- ih- .*,.
Its  pllllOUtl *'-:
"Wrtl - ■ i * .   -
Seer Ilial  i.viTStilJ.v Ij^-'Uifht
■r   I.i.-  ll.-j;
I"-, ii,   "--ra   \\r,h   lt»  a,**-
And   ,.fi    ,„,
Wut.-li.-t  ih.-   nl-flii   .;.-,;   ,,,...    w!ll<f  iIre„
.-.■in,-, n.-r
lllllll       tu,"      ,*;L-- ■
Btewly,   -
1st shook himself nnd descended, and his descent had luirely
heeu   made  before old  Mntthieit   wns
iijioji them.
"Out »f my way there!" he shouted.
"Why do ymi congregate around nn
I si man's housi'V"
lte madi' a plunge toward tin* crowd.
They surged bail; willingly, and, lo, he
was race to face wiiii his cottage wall,
nml there had tin* sen given up lu-r
di'iid'.' lliere smiled tin* bold young
sailor, his nip ntllt, his frank eyes
shining down ou old Ma Uh len just as
Ihey used to shine when they came
home together.
A sub of mingled pain ami rapture
leaped lo the old man's throat. Thin
as |u> discovered the other tlgut*i*s
Yv.'iii', lending Thomas, crept timidly
to his side.
■Who btilh done this?" demanded
the old peasant so sternly that Yvctte'a
heart sank fearfully. The tourist step-
ped forward us though to shield, her,
"I I was my work."
"Thine—a stranger's? And whn art
"At home." snld the other simply.
"men call me M Ilia is."
"I know not of thee." answered
Mnlthlou, "but a greater thun thou
bath worked through thee.*' Then,
turning to Vvette, lu* placed her hand
within Thomas', saying solemnly:
**\Vi'd when lliou wilt, and whom tbe
dead bath joined muy uo man put
asunder I"
-   i hi,     y. t    heflVf-alf
I'linN .ill   i,-_-    ;!,,. ,_   -.    ,.   \V___I
"Xfl Inufur f-j.r ,*ii,i  Jh nntoat t-uuiMa*
I,. Milk-- iui   fiil-i,- i|
l'*r I ;u'i«- ii-,,,,, thnt mm  »f mint*
Umii tli.wn  :,:i,|   -..-..   ,.  ■   ,.„.,;;   ,.^lh iim:
An,!  nil  HiV-i  j,,,-  ,-il  1W|U
Their i'ii.|,.r H..r ii ibtHiD,
An.l  1  t,. sn,,|,. ;ii  all  .,,:.,  f,sar3 [.et'la.
1 .-r ttiiiii!) ilMeonlnnt ,lln
U ■tilled, anil God I liear."
•"kulih  „f   Mr.   Wflr,
The late An hu
Montreal in I8u i
High School m
McOlll University
tuiion lie grnd ..ii
nnd in sciem ■■ i,
Weir   rece ■■ d   .
training in • ,
editing Tho ! ni
on   his  griul ,,i
The M out re nl s
about   two   .-
gaged in
work, lie i- il
viTsn.    Tlie   : ,-;
l.ys." upppared .*
whs   published    ■
nntin* of  * 11 ■  iti
Weir was born la
ind educated ut tho
hat city    ami    ut
iit'ui  which  .nsti-
■i   -:i  arts  in \HS3,
!   ura  later,    llr.
- arllest    literary
ttl pastime oi
- ■-   Uu: ette,   ami
* ■*.!  '.1.-- --lii?! ot
t i' to Ins death
Proprietors *** *** **
|>tm* »'
Teams ind drivers furnished for any
point lu the district.
A. IJOVI.E, Manager.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ollice at Re side net-, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   •   ■   •   ■  9:30 to 11
Alteraooas   ■   •   •   •   1:30 to 3:30
Evening    ■   •   •   •    7.30 lo 8:30
CRAMIROOK,    :   :        •      t    B. C
absem-o of decoratious there, coupled
with his sympathetic tones, made
Yvetle suddenly Inform hiiu how sore
her father felt concealing the oinls-
ploti, yet how he was too proud to
make any ndvniicea.
"And be could not now if he would,"
she iithled, Klghiug, "for M. Bogutli Is
awuy at present."
"And Is that why you look so sad,
pretty inaldV" returned their new
friend. "There were tears on your
lushes when 1 came up."
A second's hesitation aud iho unhappy love tnlo eaiue out.
"if he was only illustrated," Fobbed
Yvetle, "ho would regain good humor
to Thomas."
"And do you think nothing but thnt
would move him V" Itupilred the
"Alas, im! |hil, oh, If I could ouly
lllove M. BegUlU to do It, do you know
what h» should paint un our cottage'/
lie  should   paint  .leuu,"   suld   Ywllc
breathlessly, »my dead brother -ban.
liiml he should paint Thomas standing
beside him, uud they would be hand
iu bund, ntnl then father would be
obliged, yos. obliged, to see it was like
a command for our maiTlnge,"
"No sueh luck," observed Thomas
sourly, adding like ii Greek chorus
of woe, "I shall enlist."
"Don't any ihut 'igalu," Implored
Yvette. "Ah, me, If monsieur could
but paint—monsieur, Who has been so
An mid smile crossed lhe strnnger'a
lips. "I have been told," be said kindly, "that I know something of painting. Ulve mc leave and I will do my
"Tomorrow, tomorrow!" cried Yvette
Joyfully. "Father goes nwny for two
days tomorrow, nnd then you can do
It.   oh, monsieur, the saints sent you!'1
"Hut tlm evil one may have sent his
painting," multered the doubling
Thomas. "When he hath messed thy
father's bouse nnd lliou const not tell
his picture of .lean from n cow, then
Hut faith carried the duy. nml no
sooner wus old Multliien safely gone
thun the tourist wa- standing on a
scuU'uiaiinr  besldo  tlu* collage.    Ho
ii imt i.nnje Man Mtj Ur;
It was Professor Hufeland's opinion
that lhe limit of possible human lif"
might be set at 200 years; this on the
general principle that the life of nearly
alt living creatures Is eight times the
years, months or weeks of its period of
growth. That which quickly comes to
maturity quickly perishes, nnd the earlier complete development Is reached
the sooner bodily decay ensues. More
women reach old uge than men, but
more men nttuln remarkable longevity
lliuu women. Horned animals are shorter lived than those, without horns,
tleree longer than timid nnd amphibious croulures longer than those which
Inhabit lhe air. The pike will continue
to live for l.'iO or IT.*-! years, and the
common turtle is good for nt lenst a
century.' Passing up the scale of life
lo man and skipping the patriarchs, we
find many recorded Instances of extraordinary longevity.
The ancient Egyptians lived thrf*«
times as long as the modern "lotus eaters." Instances nf surprising nnd authentic longevity among the classic
Greeks uud Romans are not nt nil ran:
Pliny notes tlie fnct that in the rel*-';
of the Kmperor Vespasian (TU A. U.i
thero were V3\ men living In a limited
aren on tbe river l'o who were t*tt
years old and upward. Three of these
wero 110 and seven others over 130.
Cicero's wife lived to be 103. and the
I toman actress Lucejn played In public
after she had celebrated her one hundred and twelfth birlhday.
.-■ ti hterurv
•■ ; -■ volumes ot
ili*d "Fleur do
IS.^7. The second
i- ". under iln
of Sir Richard; .s„n is and Ol . poems," and
the third, * I . S n .iV- uud Oth.
rr Poems." • :- " i- i< from tha
last-mum d - - ■ ■, ■ -'.. poem
above Is quoted Mi \\ ir had abundance .i^ a i ;. but apparently    no
very cMtrtlng sense ■■; form, in his
diction he too often fulls into triti
and unpoetlc phraseology. His feel-
fng, how. ver, - unu stakabla, Ile
pours himself forth wiUi ardor and
sincerity on themes of all soils, tin
lightest and •'.-■ most profound. Tlie
l>i>**in*= niiili essed io lii« wife ar»
charming, and the sentiment of rev.
crence i*. "The Moth r," the thought
of the helplessness of the mere man
as his  beloved  goes  down ulone ""in
to tlie valley    t
Ingly express -i.
i< moro   lik-dy
pain," is touch-
V- ■- "i" i'.is poems
i live in our litera-
. •■'.>■ lines    wu have
i.i.-- feels thi
i t;li'" ot truo poeu
DtterlpUon «f th* Sport of i.ind«»y ("Hi*
■•oi for a Coui'U ul Weeks.
The breaking up of th,? ice on tha
narrow reaches of the* Scugog ubove
nnd below I. n
ed for every -
dozen nf our
nre skilj.d li
muskrat,    whe
('•nlu-ii*  Iiuiiiii,  nf 3|ilder-*.
The water spider carries ulr down
wllh it wheu it dives. Ur. McCook
saw one remain forty-live minutes under tho water. One water spider builds
a nest under the water attached to the
stem of some plant and iu the shape of
ii diving boll, wiih the opening downward. It tills this bell with air by taking down u bubble at a time. Coming
io du* surfaco, it Incloses uu ulr bubble
under lis body nnii Instantly tlcscomls,
Gelling under the nest, ihe bubble Is
allowed to escape into it, uml this process continues until the nest is full of
ait*. Tla* spider then lays ils egus
lliere, Inclosed lu n cocoon, and leaves
them to grow lu this under water pal-
aee, safe Imm all (lying foes. Wlicu
these water spiders are seen under water, they look tike lillle balls of shining
Bilver. I.iltle bubbles of nir Boom to
cllllg auiOllg the halts of their bodies.
As spiders, like Insects, breathe the ulr
tit Utile holes along the whole leuglh
of the body, Ihey eun easily make use
of these, bubbles of nir for breathing.—
London Opinion.
SllvllIK n Fib,
A certain young woman had been
flovottng her evenings to entertaining u
bashful admirer, lie seemed to be
deeply In love, but he evidently didn't
dare to propose.
I One evening wliile he was calling Another young gentleman rang the bell.
1 'I'he pretty Kill was enibniTiissoil und
looked lo the bashful youth for help.
I "Tell him you're engaged," the bashful one said.
Delighted, the girl mado haste to answer. "Hut 1 don't want to tell liim an
I "Well, you tell him that, mid we'll fix
It afterward," the bashful oue stammered.
And before he weut that night tht
we.i^ing^day wiis set—Kxchauge,
ugerly watch-
ng by -a couple o!
■ izens b'-cnuse they
he trapping ol ths
odor is objectionable, but whose Jacket of close, sott
tur is an article of commerce at pre-
st-nt in great demand—so much io,
thnt tii« piii'.- La*- almost doubled in
the lh-t few years, sivs The Lindsay Post.
When    the   ice   starts to break up
ihe rising    flood  forces the muskrat
families out   of the snug houses   in
which    Ihey   hit*..* spent tho winter,
nml    this    is tbt-  hunter's  opportunity.    Tiaps are cunningly set   near
every   submerged   1">-'   and   landing
place likely to be visited by tho rats
in    tbe course (.;"   theli   night excursions in quest   ol Jood or  artv^nJ.ure»
or material for another happy home,
and if tbo little swimmer happens to
touch    a    certain    Innocent looking
twig ibe tra;> beneath the surface is
sprung, and the chajices ure thut tha
jaws   close   on   one of tiie animal's
lf-i:s.    Then   is   enacted one of   na-
ture's tragedies.    The rat struggles
until exhausted, and finally drowns.
Next morning tho owner ol tha
trap blk,*s along iii bis canoe, and
ejaculating, ''There's another!" casta
ihe bedraggled hunch of fur on top
of the pile in lbs bow of the boat—
the fruits of bis visit to forty or AN
ty traps—and beads for camp. During the d.iy the pelts arr- stripped
and Blretched on cedar frames to dry
and nne, mid the skill and care displayed In the operation may mean
ihn diflerenca between tne lowest and
the top pries when ths buyer bus his
Homo " ''"if-; -''i-'" as many n*> 2,.100
muskrat p ll ■* * ui&i keted In
Lindsay, but this number represented moro iluni sho Id have boon taken, nnd several of tbe trappers say
that a close season Is needed to givo
th« animals a chance to lepnpulutM
tin Ir old haunts, This argument
seems to ba borno om by the (act
that laat lonson several trappers
worked Easl nnd West f ross (reeks
nnd along the upper channel wllh
such success lhal apparently it was
considered useless i" repeat tbe visit
tins spring, and with the exception
of it few odd days, alt the trapping
ibis season was done below, McLaren's t.'i k uml vicinity yielded a
fine harvest, ami il is reported that
some Indians had great luck on Emily Creek.
'i'he quantity of fur taken by locul
trappers ns closely as eun bo ascertained, is as follows; -loe Hand and
Georgo Jackman, 31fi ruts, 2 mink
nnd 3 raccoons; Les. Foley, HU
rais; F, Dcnnlson, 53; Joe Lytle,
'3117; George nml Dave Hudson, jr.,
und T. Hooves, ir., 867; Stafford
Hatpin, 88; .hick Dickson, B2; W.
.1, lb it ton, and F. Dushncll, 04. In
addition to the above M. 0'I.eury,
,A. Dradshnw, and several Indians.
Including "'Uow" Tnylor uoti his father, made up a respectable total
among tbem.
The groat bulk nf tho fur was purchased by Mr, Thos. Spratt, who at
the very outset offered the top price
of :t0c. for prime and '2cJc for common skins.
Britain s   00,000 postmen    deliver
yearly 8,600,000,000 postal packets*, ^S5SSSS5S5SS:S5SSV^A^v^^^
and the
Montreal City Council Shows Its Confidence in the Non-Combine
Companies by Placing $475,000 of Insurance with Them   3 3 3
The favorite argument of our opponents has been, "Wait until we have a big fire, then you
will see where the non-combine companies get off at."
Well, the big fire has come and, strange to say, it has had the opposite effect to that predicted. Our position today inspires more confidence than it did previously, as the^following
extract will prove:
"The Montreal City Council met on April 29, and decided to PLACE ALL CIVIC
"FIRE INSURANCE, to the amount of $475,000, WITH THE CANADIAN NON-
Toronto and Fernie, have enabled us to prove true what we have hitherto claimed, that the
main features of our companies are RELIABILITY, PROMPT SETTLEMENTS, Select Risks, and
Insurance   and   Realty Agents
Cranbrook, B.  O.
Kid's Klothing
Ourlwiding iiovultioa in "Littlo Mi-nY
I I   liiii-j; for Spring niv, unnu'l)'
The Champlain
The Ridley
Tlm Norfolk i« slill lnntl! ivi.rn.   Wo nre
sltOU'lUg ||   llilll    r.-IIIL*,-    ill    litis   Stilt*   llllllll'  ill
lilllli anil light I weeds.
 ■ lliiVS' lll-'I'AKTMKNT i*,st,,,*k,,|«iili
Fancy Sweaters,
Necklies, Collars,
Skirls, Underwear,
Caps and Shoes
All I'm* tin- boys    s,*i* uiu* u iiiilmi
Vmi may ueed
8s Oimratttoi'il ns pure ns nny put up by your best friend, 211) 0
y tins Jl.'i,- ' -,*i| tins 85c, 1 gnl lins $1 .'10. 'I'AHIil-: SVUI'I'S A
9     •JlUtins-iOf, n tb tins 40c*, 10 lb tins 75c, 20 lb tins Jl.50     <$>
llnvi- yon trial our "('nl',- tics Gourmets" CI IWGli in &
hermetically ronletl glass jurs nt iiUc per jm.iiii.I.    liV-lgor's A
Kfj-Uiuldiire (.lute Cotloo in 1 Hi tins ."illi
%     Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery    M
<$> Cranbrook, B. C. 0
XfB. Aifvnt ttnr Bfgokvillo Carriage Wurks. Buggies nml Kins of ^
■* m nil descriptions
' ..»> I i£> | **, | ■,**> | <*•> I * I * • .* ■
^"Cranbrooh's Greatest  Store li
j,./' district tin* finest lino of
jjl"2 Millinery, Ladies' Neckwear, Ladies Suits etc.
p® i-vi-r slitnvi'i in tliis district.
li.fi        < Mn- prices will In- found ns right ns ,,ur goods.
milt- inn um- nml nil |n visit.
v CranbrooK's Greatest Store
jjsc,) Cranbrook B. C. %
j* j <j>I <!>I *I $ I A I A I A I A I A'A I A I A I   I * I A I A I A 1 A I A I A I «> | « I » I * I Vf«
' I -! I -S* I -!■ I * I ■•  I <t I ••* I ® I -.-* I-? I-*- I * I * I -i I »- I * I -•■ I -.■■* ' *!' I >•> I '•' I -•- | IS I «, | A | A
<yi $2250 •"' "mm dwelling nml :i lots on Baker hill,
.1 $2200 li r i dwelling on Baker hill, tin,- locution
m $1250 (I room dwelling nnd large Btnlileon Hansen
II $1000 liimseon Arnistroiig nvenue.
ff $1000 in*!! ,',iiiinj i Conductor hill
|t $950 A .'-'"in 'Wiling ,-„ Baker hill.
J{ $850 dulling lions luriek aven.io.
m $500 II roout dwelling nenr Um Presbyter
Ti' $375 Jl rt..-in liotiseon ll.i
*:t $375
_. ,fi ,*. ...4 ».i ...   t) ,.- ,.i ..j ..- ij) -.    .„. ,.-. .... <„ .,   ,   „  ,., v„ ,,, g   „. v
nil .'IVrliiH'
;. room i!wi»1Hhk ou IV-.k.-r liiil.
II $275 I'i on Uurw-ll t.\.-mi.*.
$175 i
.'.•,„    ..i    ..   V-   P*1   (Sl    *'   (fh  ■•»  •'•> - .-^SW/SwijWiWfl
l! i I'll   Ix-IIOI   In   1-4IIII   ll   I'llBlllllll'l
i Iiiiii ii. Into one. Wuinn kcmmn biiIii*
inn ll,™ lornvi-r if nu tin rlglil,   H'o
i ■•Ii.'l kci|i 1,1-1114, il Iiiiilni-n almri
i Ik-I Imlj-olaeivnlil.l Ik-	
1-4-  l.-l   444,4111! ||,.<|4I l|„-
ii i- 'omlblii ,.. l.iiv. IV,, liniuin.CAMP-
BULL'S CLIirillMI. ' til-will  ly     \\*i.
•.'itiitiiiii,,' I,, anil von iii quality, pi-li-u
nti,l Barvli'ii, inn .-.ii,i|.4-iii,,t-,-l;,ii, m,
,„i prima ton low, Miiil,,,»,,,l„.I,,,, n Is
in,I tinilr-J0O,ln|,iniiin wo want, lull viini-
C Morrow & McFarlane
Wiljja   House   Boarding   Establishment
(M. B. King's Into residei )
is now open (or rcsider.t and tabic boarders.
The table will lie found unequalled in the district and every eftort will be made to study
the comfort and wants of visitors. Table tickets are now ready and the price moderate.
For terms apply to
Sunday dinners a specialty.
ll„     I   lll.ll.Illl,   Ulltll
''II' I*   I- ll.'  tlllll   |.lll   |||
oua own
fulll-ll    ,1 Illlil,   1,4111-1.1,1     ,11
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital,
'' ' A trong,iv.-tiiii.an,l la-wbSt,
Km lull iw-lleiibni apply lo
diss Moss, - Malrnn,
ilra.luiiu- of Sl.  |,uki-'a Hospitnl, V«n-
•■'•1,44-1,   ||.  C.
Picked  Up Aboul the Cily   hy Askins
(Jjcsllons of Atnny  People.
Miss Tiiiiliiuuer of the ims olliee,
i.*!t|lliti>  ill.
IV. II. Wilson nml Cecil Presl
hnve gone to  Vii uver t>, nil,-ml
tin- .Mi-ilniilist , fiiriiiee,
.1. .1. Jluruliy .,1' Moyie, was in
town yesteiilny.
Hi-. Hiirvle, of JToyie
Mondny L-veiiing,
Tho Crauhrook golf a
in workiiigonler,
Rolii-rl Mtttliers of Port Steele,
wns in town Inst Friilay.
Tin- ii.-w In-eivery will  l»*  i-cuily
In shirt ils li.'sl liivw in-xt n-t-i-k.
Mrs. Brown of Cnlgiry, is visiting hor sister, Mrs! O, Jl, Edwards.
Arnold's cottage on   Bnker  Iliil
I'm* snli-.   Apply to Arnold .V Rob.
\ fiy Hm- lim* nl' summer shirts
ni   Fori   st,.,.I,,  lliireiiutil n-
Mis-. Ellen Lund,of Spakaiiu, is
tin- gtt.-sl of her brother ,-it  W'nnl-
1   0-%%%%;'^
'   tt.
^   if
€ i
i  ^ We could   make  a  whole lot of extravagant ^
j i& claims, but, after all. the question would come back, #
j '^! "Do we make good?" When it comes to that ^e -S
I  ^ are willing to Si AND ON OUR RECORD. €
2 I» 'he hisiory ol  our  prescription  department '.$
I l^rtZx' -""^ there hjs hcc" " cr"or ,01 f^^W^WWA^ I - ■
| We believe thai prescription  work  cannot  be 11  f ALWAYS   FRESi
A Rake*. A Hoe.
A Spade, A Shin el,
Rubber Hose, Sprinklers,
Chicken Wire.
Wl- k-.-t.--j iill of tl„.*n; and everything in tl
done any more carefully cr satisfactorily to doctor and
j? patients than out* work i.s now done.
1 .<   IT PAYS TO DEAL AT   .«
Cur Mail Order business continues to grow.
'.'IIIII-   np
i is now
•I. N.  Martin, iln*  gover ul
timber insiiector, tvus in town Mondny,
Eor lii-m   Funiislu-il  room  for
lady,   A|,|ilvt„.
E, Cloilderii-s
llnnt-l block, Crnnbrook.
Dr. Snw.ver .-in.l wife, of Pincher
Creek, nre guests nt tin1 Crunlirook
W. II  Mt-if.-ili' i„ ih,- n,.u- culler
ni   iin- Culgnry  Cutlle com) y's
In ;i slitnt time CruubriKik  will
iii-il I'm- many hnutlsoitio ivsi-
Miss.Iosie Nevin, of Mnch-n.l, is
the guest of her sister, .Mrs. J. II.
Mrs Si,-v4*iis4,ii o[ Vancouver, is
theguesl of lirr tlaiigliter, Mrs. J-i.
I-'. Morley.
Tin- ground for Iin- Catholic
i-t'iiit-ti'iv is cleat-ill nm! wil] be
feuciil ;it once.
Eor Sale A *ili-u>tun, doulile m-i
of harness nud two ponies, $luU
takes lln* Inl.       Mrs. .\. Li'Uch,
Chnrles I-i irly, wlio is now man.
aging ii brickynril in Culgnry, wns
in town Tm-siiii* ,
| linn llnliiclinuil IobI mn- otitis
liiiL-t*rs whili- t'i,ii|,lit,M cars in tin*
Minis Snliii-,l,-ii.
Mrs ,1. IV, Agiit-w and iliuiglilci'
of lln,mImi. joitn-tl Mr. Agnew
here lasl Snmliii.
Nice li I' wliile nnil brown
ennvas sl „ ni  l*',,rt Steele Mer-
cnnlije coitipniiy,
Coiitractor Beitlry is iiiishitig
coiistritetioh on tin- liii-gu addition
t,, tl„- Ail,,-,, block,
Mrs. .Tames (iill nmi yuungesl
,*hil,l hnv,* gone In Sinlnr for n
week's t-'.-i-.-.-.ii,hi.
iiiiii lines ul' collurs I ncbiJI
il.i/.i-n: Ilm- stock; ul l-'ni-l Steele
Mi-i'i'iiiitili- compiiny's,
Et ir Suit- Buiiiliug nt Mission,
formerly used ns St, Eugene hospital. 'Must In* tnken off tho
grounds.   Apply  lo St,   Eugene
Tin- O. K barber is evidently
giving satisfaction tis in- is kept
busy must uf his time.
As ive ImmI!,- no inferior gi'aile
of Silverware, il is nil the bi-sl
obtitiiialile brand, .Inst put inlu Block ii fresh lui, nh ibis
year's patterns, suitable for
Wedding liills. It wun't cost
yuu iinylliiitg lu look them over
nml L'l-t uur prices,
C *        Tin- l-',-iiii ,,„.| \','u,'i4,l,l,'*, nt uur store ar
C M. M'atc irwiiuloiv.
'# :%        A w.,,-,1 i,,,],. |,,|i,„,   when yoinvanl
^ |jj nt our store we k.-epalargi- variety and -
H. Dawson & GompaiiE
" Drawn Through a Knot Hole."
Tlint'a Imw ninny people f,.i.li,u|,b time
,-i year ll,i- ->--,,-in i- trviny to fr,-,, ii-
ai-ll I'i-,,,,, ll,,- winter aln'mjisliiieaa l,„i
cillll I„ il lltliliiteil.
Tlini is i,J,i SI'HIMI TiiVU-s :,r	
' csanry.    Tlieynre lu ilm l,| | ,, i,.,,
r.l."'"*-' I""1"' oleiinliiu 1. I,, i|„. |„,„„.
Illeyfieell from tin, llnpiiiitiea mlllier.
H. ll.mupl, li,i,,,, „„„.|, i,,,,,,,,; an|
IIviiihii I,-- BtiTiiiinin lii,*.
All ll,um,„4l kintls of touli-a nt,, I	
Vie t-pi'ciully ,,.,-,iii,i„,-i„l   |„   ||,,„.,,,p.:
Chas. E. Reid & Co ,
lirJiluiili*!) I)rit',sisis Cranbrook, 8. C,
W. H. Wilson, Jew cler antl Optician
Duncan MoFnrlaue, „l lh,-! J, p, Arinstraiig,thogovem:nei t
MarysvilleiLumbei' company, w„t ,,,,„,„,, um| his slnlT tirrlved in tuwn
tu town a few days lust week.        | Monday uiorniiig in a four-horse
Mr. Mi-Cnlluin. wlm i.- iu open n rig, nml nt m took possession nf
new hardware store in C'riinlirook, tbelr new quarters in tin-   empty
arrived from Saudon Tuesday,        sobool r i,
l-'itrnislii-il ruiiiiis In Id, nesl
door to Kennedy's grocery slun*.
Apply lo Mrs. M. Cook,     '     Tut
For sale   n line liv,* piece set uf
lied  muni   furniture.    I*'. Geiler,
Cronbrook brewery.   Price SltiO,
.Mrs. -Tames (ii I-is quite poorly
igaiti   nnd   mnv   havo tn seek n
\'. Ilyili* Bnker, wife and chil1,
returned Inst Sntiinlnv from nn i-x-
lendnl visit, tu Engltind. Mr.
Baker wns greatly impressed with
tin- rapid growth uf the town during his absence,
Ross nml Fred Tate will be homo
again iu July, nud .Mr. Tate is ar-
t-liiiiige nf climate I'm* tin* su er. j ranging In increase tin- size uf his
.Mrs.   Unu   I'.ni'l.in   nn.l Iwu sis-1 i*"'1";1'.1,"1?'1"™',, I!"'JI ]Vy. ■"*'.',''
tt-t's. tin- Misiii-s Itv.-liiiini
Sinlnr yesterday I'or .-.  few ilnys'
Iii\. Slont, nl' Vtincouver, will
succeeil Rev. Aiiviiclie of the Bap-
list church fur lhe nexl live
Don'l Imi'm'4'I the liospittil bull un
Ilm .'Ith.    ll is ii g I enuse, nml
those present will have n good
Quality iu yum   I m ja
what wc ,iim   '    11 ,  .!,..
p "lliis ii].,:i   ||p s  of  Wi -I. -,v,,
tun, ni!,    W'.-.-i:-,.
of manj i, irs - rf w,-
doy,,ur -.-    J, right.
Patmore Bros.
! i0| iii'i-ii stuilylng nt tlu-ir trndu in th
1|VlJi I oust, und when  Ihey get iiistlilled
' Mr. T'nte will tuke ii needed rest.
Willium Lnngley is applying for
nn hulel license on the internation-
ul boundary line, in the Flathead
country, near where his brother
iTiul hns his customs office, A
hotel in thut locality should be
big proposition.
Tin* government  slu,uld  lis  up
The Fcruie fire loBsesiireiidjusted. Uiie roads tn the cemetery, ntnl the
Tin- losses were pljif -,f nl *W7o,000, people uud owners of lln- cemetery
n in I tin- iiisurnnee nggregated $2.10, should make some effort to btmntify
mm. the   grounds.     It   is   ii   Iniriiing
Dl*.  Willi.,,I' Fori Steele, wus   in
town Saturday rum-wing political
friendships and looking nfter his
Bilmitoriti] fences,
There bus been more wind iu
this suction the Insl tm. weeks,
Iiiiiii Ims been experienced here for
Ilu- pusl two yenrs.
As Tuesday, tin- 34lh, is ,-, legal
luiliiluy. thu bunks will I,,- closed
I'ruiu Saturday, ut II' o'clock until
Wednesday morning nt 10 o'clock.
A number ofthe Crnitbook Mus-
iiiiii' fraternity iitleiitlcd it  ling
ofthe   Rockv   Mounlaiii  clinpler,
ll. A. M. nl Fori S li- last  Suit-
For Snle linud I,-nin uf work
horses, iluuble harness uml wagon;
single buggy uml  single harness;
also lln fresh miicb cows,apply tu
I'. McCt e'll
II. ttickenbotlinn Ims I n  >-
lineil lu his home liu- pusl Itm
weeks will, uu utliick ,,f rheumatism,
The      Luilies     Aill    Of    the    Sl.
Eugene hospital lime in-ranged lu
have Ilie Ferniu orchestra fur the
hospital iiiimi tin- Jilili.
Tlm sidewalk I,, tlie govorummtl
buildings is in u ilelupiiinieil con-
ilitimi whore it crossus tlie slough,
uml will lie repaired m once,
The removal ui' iht- govoriimcnl
iiHii-es tu Craubrook is it gi-eitt con-
Venience to tile Inwyers hero, It
is ii greut saving iu expense uiul
slu,me In lenve the place in such u
neglected state,
Tin- license board grunted n
license to dairies Armstrong uml
,1. Swiniiertmi I'm* lhe Mnn but Inn
hotel lit Moyie lust week, nml tin*
boys opened up Mondny, Tliey
wen- popular in Orniibrook uml
slinulil iln u guild business in
Hev, Smith, nf Morrissoy,
occupied tin- pulpit ut the Metho*
disl church lust Sunilny. Tb- left
Moiuluy fur the const tii attend lhe
conference, uml owing tu the close
,,f wurk ul Morrissey Mines, expects
to be assigned to a new field uf
In bur.
.1. K. Miller, int,'null revenue
collector uf Vancouver, nnd Willium (iill. inspect,u-, visited Crau-
broook lusl Saturday uml Sinuluv,
nud examined Collector Small's
office,   They class tin- Cranbrook
ollice us ofthe besl kept offices
in Britisli Columbia,
li.   Iv    Uenltic   lefl    fur    Nelsnn
yestenluy where he went tu meet a
traveler I'm- a Inrgi- fancy goods
house, The mini stops only ut
Winnipeg, Calgary, Nelson um]
Ilu- const, Mr, ileultie proposes
tn miike the lurgesl purchase ill
this line Ihut he hns mude since l.e
bus 1 i iii Cranbrook,
Tin- drive lo Perry creek is u
beuiilif'iil um- these ilnys. Tlie
liills iiiiiI valley form uiu- grand
panorama nf scenic lovllness, uud
lit the end uf the drive tlu-re cnn
be fotltltl Ull upi-ti/.illg ineul ut   til-
'**.**************? *4 **.? %**:*
1 A. C. B0WNE5S, %
Kg .;.,
JWine and  Liquor Merchant!
4v Agent for Calgary Beer and .'urk-r
Agent for T. U-bel & Co., Ilay snd .jr.n'n.
<£ I hnve ii full und complete stuck of liquors mil igi ■
*s the p, seni my store is located in the Cranbrook Ho
« opposite! .1*. R. depot,   Call and see me,
*Mm,*m^.mm.m.mm r> 11- :•• >-r>
J Hotel 3 3
Ones.'.-, Comforl» Sptclalty     j,
fiood Siab.'nj; in Coonectioo   J
Nearest to mil-nail and depot.    Has arrr.-minr--.:
timiB  for  the  public  nuei-nalle.!   it:   Cratil t
Hot and Cold Baths
*>*.*, m A'*''*-*> *> »-*«.**
 Proprietor      J»
® I ® I ® I ri) I r>
i ®
-     Tin* iiiiii.-isimii'i! havo full eontrol of tin I i
® firm uf MmminK, Lucoy A* SiiMuns. nnil ;<r.' in (i \> m\      * ■   :ir
® ynu Liivui liiux'iiiiH in  Oents'   lJanam.*is.   I.:idi<.-s' Sailors,  nnd rij
® Children's straw hats that will nstonisli ilit> |> tth
@ (insl l\ui>ii'ii;iy.    Wu have just rvcoivti] n car a i -
Cram Toronto, in fact our stoek ifl c,oinpl',ti' in
UV aru ul your si-rvii-i
* I A j A | ^i | % | ,:, I A | .1. I A I A I A I A | ■*, |   , li
The lacrosse buys niv doing
stonily practice wurk these duys. historic hot-1 tiiut wus built in tin
Kvery night they niv nn (he curly sixties, und nuw presided
grounds, nml are developing speed uver by Mr, and Mrs. Oliver Btirge.
and winil, |    rf the Cranbrook applicants for
li'. li. Auger nf Mnrysville, wns cunl nnd nil licenses nre successful
in Inwn vest,,rdiiy.    II,-bus I n in i tin- town   will be  full of  Rocke-
Mrs. T. T.  McVittie eutni-over tin-hills the past few months and fellers  nml   Dtinsniuirs   uml  the
Monday to see Mrs. Armstrong off. litis lieen successful   in   securing!Main streat will be crowded with
some line uiurliii. automobiles.      Well, Tin-  lleru'd
...   i   ., i*„,   ,„i     i,.,,  i.   „ hopes that every one of them wil
11. -I. Alt'lllSUll.   ulm   IHIS   heell'     ,',,.,.      ■     i       i -ii*
<e   heir c a ins and uiuke u nn hue
un lu-r trip tu St. fjOllil
Mrs.   .7.  V. Armstrong  left  nn
Monday for a visit, lu St.  fjouis licnil clerk for R, K. Hi'itttle for tin
nml tho great-exposition, I pusl yeur. will leave nboul lln- lirst
i     ,,,   I,     ii,       ,.   ,,   I of the mouth for Moyie, where be
.lose ill     liai'WOOU.    lull'    ol    the   , , , *,,.,;,    ,t
Hume hotel. Nelson,  ,, t lay   t"9  1   K    ,,,     s   ?e ,'•'
shift tit the Cos politnn. ' I '; ,l)'   ,1',,l,"  l m«  "  r''„,vI*.,,'
1 . | Atchison bus  ninth-  i nvtable
The Crows Nest  Brewing cum. ropnliition during ins resilience in
pnny's llllllll nl  Mnriissi-y wim suld Crunlirnuli,   ns n   steinly.  relialilel friends of Mr. nml Mrs. Scntt. thnt
nl sherilV's snle.I he puivliuser being young iiiiiii, uiul his ilcjiarltiro will eirciimslniu-es cause tlu-ir chnngc
A. Mul/. of  lh,-   fernie Brewing lie regretted by his niiuij   friends' in locution, but-they gu with the
company. in this town.                                   best wishe,. i '. .11,
1'ln-v , nii'i make luu umeh io suit
i'lie' Flemlil,
.1. II. Sell, thief ilcsputcher,
■xpccls I,, leave I'm- Winnipeg iu
Iwu or three weeks. It is u matter
of extreme regret among the ninny
Look Out for This
Space Next Week
McCallum &
WTPJETl-WE ' 'Still .'Witt;
m t**\*
,37 w:rr.-: »■?.' ■ ■■...ys-'iv.visa
4 Can't Fool the Horse
aa»**rMi*4'.*f4:— -. - atamxtumsm
.1   ! '■   i,  ■:.      1*011
!    4,-:'.|   urn
ling   -.11' ,,f
I iATj-J Ihut
41.   '       -14.1-1
Harris & Jofliffe's
Ment   Haiku; gS^ggS^jgSgggg -v vvvvv^^^XN7S^SXS.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\y
and the
rSCMOHBBEWl' .iiaJCVJtrV*"   -1JKS
Montreal City Council Shows Its Confidence in the Non-Combine
Companies by Placing $475,000 of Insurance with Them   3 3 3
The favorite argument of our opponents has been, "Wait until we have a big fire, then you
will see where the non-combine companies get off at."
Well, the big fire has come and, strange to say, it has had the opposite effect to that predicted. Our position today inspires more confidence than it did previously, as the-following
extract will prove:
"The Montreal City Council met on April 29, and decided to PLACE ALL CIVIC
"FIRE INSURANCE, to the amount of $475,000, WITH THE CANADIAN NON-
Toronto and Fernie, have enabled us to prove true what we have hitherto claimed, that the
main features of our companies are RELIABILITY, PROMPT SETTLEMENTS, Select Risks, and
Insurance   and   Realty Agents
Cranbrook, B.  O.
CV^'i'^7^ vvv \ v \ \ \ \\\\vslv^vwiV-^^vi\.^^vvv^^
Kid's Klothing
Oar butting uovuUios in "Little Mi-i.V
I 1   liinvr for Kprinp: an*. naim-ly
The Champlain
u >i
The Ridley
Tlm N,,rl',,l!, is slill uiiiih worn.    We nri
showing n nii-,- range in thi-- Btyle iittuie in
-link uml light tweeds.
ii„r BOYS' Ulil'ARTMKNT Is slocked with
l:ancy Sweaters,
Neckties. Collars,
Shirts, Underwear,
Caps and Shoes
All for tl„ boys   * ur window*,
-, i vvi%%-w*wv*&&a
^-nt in iv need
'!'   --I'l"     III-..Lil...   .1.1. ..,., ,4,44,1	
liiMillfir,'    I- i- li. I.,ii.I |,,u 4,, .    .
"   lll„ :""' -
■- I   -4.1- .MM.  .1 \ ,,,.    ,     41,
'.'It   ■""   '.     -    ■">.- J     IL-    I-.I,,      4,414    I,
1 I    llllll I,4'll ,,l Illl
+ . 9*. *
*_. ,
iT iiunrniit I iis pure as any pul uu by your liest friow
..   .,ii.ii.4ii,,- is ptiri-us unv put up liv vtinr fii'st. Ifit'iiil.     i lb ffij
4f lins :i."i,* .', uni tins N.V. I gal litis $1,'I(J, TABLE SYUl'I'S A
9     i II. tins 21V, o lb tins -III,*. It) lb tins Tne. 20 lb lies $1.50     0
9 ' FTuvn yon tried our "Cute ties Goiu-uiets" COFFEE in &
V lieriii.-lii-iillvVeiili-il glass jars nl. .ill-* -h-i- pound. Folgcr's -$
«$>■ lit,l,!,-n(i.-,i,*(',,tl',-,* in I II, tins .Ml,-. <^
X      Fiirtcy and Staple Groceries and Crockery     •£
-■■' '*> Cranbrook, 13. C. 0
, 153 -Aijnpt for Bfoekville Cnrritigo Works, Buggies uiul Rigs nl' 5v
£^j nil descriptions. ^?
i«*i i>i,
„ I A I A I A I A 11.
K "Cranbrooh's Greatest   Store
Yd,® Til's week wn pli b; fore the peoplu of Crnulirook  uml
j,./*' district tin- finest line of
I'i,;1"? Millinery, Ladies' Neckwear, Ladles Suits etc.
j;.,*-*' ever sltowii in tills district,
[(.i? i 'ur prims will Ih- found us righl ns uur goods,
fa®. We ittvile yuu une nud ull tn visit.
'i.'1 I CranbrooK's Greatest Store
!k® Cranbrook B. C.
.•J*J«>lf)f l«l<6|*|
. . *|*l*!f l«l»l I-i !-j>l-*-|*f-|*l*l-*«l«l*|$.|-H .-f."
, \* • <4»- | ... | -i  !-,  I A | ... | A I ... I A Ki | A I li> |..*  Ki, K„ I ,i, K„ I %„ I ,., I (,, 1 ... 4 .,  ;..   |v..|,,.
'•y-^f^f-'f-'f f-'.^-'^-tf-f-'i^-'.^-'.'. 4*."v-<-.VC.l-<!)-<i)_«4-CV^-(Sl--(iV-i»-^i-*S
zh®- a-®-® ®-®-© ®-®-;.>-®-ia-■ i.)-i.y<.~^f-.<a-®-®-<,yt.)-®-® tt-<$
lived iug iiiiiI :i lots on linker hi
g $2250 -•.'	
H $2200 li room tlivelling on Baker hill, tin,- locatii
M $1250 'i n'"iu dwelling nn.l lan-o stable ..n lln,,-
Ii $1000 hulls,-..ii Armstrong avenue,
Vl $1000„,-n..,-im,' Conductor hill.
i dwelling mi Bnker hill.
ft $950
, i
,',!!, $850 dwelling house on Durick nvenue.
;jj» $500 ii room tlwolliuu, near the I'resbyterian chnrcli.
J I  J*0/D H.rooui liouse on Hanson iivcnuo,
$t $375 'i room dwelling on linker bill
S $275 I -i uu I'.in-vv.-ll nvenue.
ii.i, $J75 I ilHnnl ii'i*!--* U----1 i-ondilltiii
i.,',.-4 -.4 ... ..- ., .4 •- •* f -.- •- •-    ei ,- ■• iwsi if if if 1-.-4 if /?.,,;' !|
fe.     ,.-      ...      ,.        ..' .-        .-        •        ■•-        •■        • 4'        . ■      . . •■     4. . .       ..        ..        ...      ..        ,,        ...        ,.
I'    I*     " ll      t-.-ll.-l      I..     I'lllll     41     4  ll-l, 4,444   1
lllllll li- loan i.i..'. IV., nm ki*.-,!..,. -.Min
,..-.- Ili.-i.i for-ivor if -,,. ,|,, ,|...|||. u,-
t-ollltlll'l If '|' I,,-itn* il I,,,, |,,, ;, a|mr|
I ' I'-'l - ■I...l,,-|.,-4,,..||,|   I.,- l.ll,
.-ra by -living Ihi-lii llic
ii i il.i.- lo I'll}-,   ll'.- I Il,, CAMP-
BULL'S CLOTIIINO.   llla-unl i I.v    W,-
gtiiirtinlf-o to anit you in i|iiallly, prlri,
„ii,l aarvli-n,   Onr cnuiiialllnraoltilm u-i-
ml pricw km law, Maylw-nxl-ijiut u i.-
114,1114,41 gual ojilnlon we wnnt, but v,„u-
% Morrow & McFarlane
Wiljja   House   Boarding   Establishment
(M. II. King's lute residence)
is now open for resident and table boarders.
The table will be found unequalled in the district and every effort will be made to study
tbe comfort and wants of visitors. Table tickets are now ready and the price moderate.
For terms apply to
Sunday dinners a specialty.
Cranbrook Collage Hospital,
'"",•■'   lu..-! ( IIVI-II1II4  1  l..-,,i.,-|.
I"1 i,'I Ionian, apply to
diss Moss, - Matron,
Irailnnti- ,,f St. Lui,,... Hoapltal, \'!'"-
 i,-i. li. 0.
Picked L'p Ahoul Hie Cily  hy Askin*-
Qjeullons uf Muny  People.
Miss Taiiliiiiuei-of Uie ims offlco,
is tpiite ill.
w. II. Wilson and Cecil Presl
have gone to  Vn iver to attend
the .Mnlhuilist eoiifen nee,
•I. .1. Murpltj- nf Moyie, wns in
lown yi-stenlny,
A Rake. A Hoc,
A Spade, A Shovel,
Rubber Hose, Sprinklers,
Chicken Wire.
We k<*paU of them and everything in tli
if *'
,-f^ Wc could   make   a whole lot ot extravagant
jj claims, but, .illcr all. thc question would come back, i
, " Do we make good ? "     When il comes to that  we ^
^ are willing to S 1 AND ON OUR RECORD. €
$ In the history  of our  prescription  department !ff
# (present number 24679) there has been no error lo fi
hjL nur its record. Af    .«.
"*. We believe that  prescription  work  cannot   be €   1 ALWAYS   FRESI
% done any more carefully or satisfactorily to doctor and %    _\      ....   ..
* patients than our work Is now done. %   % „. '''""'""' N'-"1"1,1'"'^ irsiomnr,
,«ji 'U.    «   » ,.!.-li ..ur wiudoiv.
I- -*   IT PAYS TO DEAL AT   .** S   €      a wonl u, u„. u.li.-a  wi,,-„ >..„ -„„,. ;
We believe lhat  prescription  work  cannot   be
Cur Mail Order bu,.intss continues to i
l"lv «,* I |i ii Inr-.-.- i-nriuty
-:       B. IDawson tX Company
I' S%'^¥^^^V^%^%^Vb.;'i V,'j
Drawn Tliroujfh a Ktml Mule'
• grow.
Dr. Ilurvir. ul' Moyie,
Monday ,'\,*,iiii"'.
1,1111'      11(4
Tlm Ci-linl i*,,4,k null'i-l ul, is nuw
in working onler.
Rolii't-l Mathers of Fori Steele,
wus iii tuwn Inst Friday,
Tin- new bit wi-ry will l». ready
t,, slnrt ils lirsl bii-w nexl week.
Mrs. Ilrown nf l',iln-rv. is visit-
ini,'her sister, .Mrs. U. Al. Kdwanls.
Arnold's euttatsi* on linker Iliil
for stile. Apply to Arnold & Roll,
Very Rue liu,- nf si r shirls
nt   l-'uri   Steele   Mercantile  coin,
Miss Ellen Until, of Spokane, is
thi'KUesI of Iter brother nt Wanl-
•I. Y Merlin, tin- uovorunionl
liiiilii-i- inspector, was in town Monday,
l-'nr Rent    Furnish, ,1   n    for
l.n I.v.    Apply 1,4.
F. llmideries
Hazel block, Cnuibrook.
Dr Sawyer ninl wife, of Pliielu-r
Crook, ,-uv i;u,-sis nt th,- Craiilirook
W. II M,-i,-4,If is ih,- new cutter
nl   tin- I'n lun rt   Cuttle eoutpitiiv's
In n short ii  Crnubrook  will
In- note.] for man) baiulsoiiie n-si-
Mis, .1,,-,i- Nevin, of Macleod, is
hi-Kiiesi -'. Iier sister, Mrs   -1.   II
.Mrs St,-v.-i,sun of Vancouver, is
In- sun-si of her .1*.null 1. e. Mrs. S.
F. Morley,
Tli,- ui-uiin.l I'm- lh.- Catholic
cemetery is eleimil und will lie
I'm I .il once
For Sale    A phne , double, s.-l
.1 humess mi.! two |iouies< $l.',n
nl-.s Ilu- lot,       Mis ,\. Leitch,
Oharli-H I-i u-ly. wlio is now inatt-
iiiiiu n brick yard in i lalgary, wus
n ton n 'I'uesihiy.
Hum K.lii.-h.-iii.l losl oneot his
loiters iiiiii upliiiM cars  in   llin
\uuls Siitunlny,
Mrs .1 W. Au„„u anil dniiKlilnr
,f llmillliill, j- -un ■-1 Mr. AKIIl'W
here Insl Sunday.
Nice Iin.- ..f wliile nml brown
•niivas si, , nt  Fori Steele Mor-
-miiiii- eotupiiiiy,
Contriietor Henlt) is pusliiiiL;
■onstnietiol ilu- iitripi iulilitit.it
It.   lit.'    All.Ml.    M444-I,
Mis. .In s Hill uud yiniiigesl
■hilil hnv,- mniii I,, Sinlnr I'm- it
week's recreation,
Odd lines of collars lOu pitch; |1
lu/.un; line Block; nl Furl Steele
Mi-i't'iintili- company's,
FnrSulu BtiildiiiK ut Mission,
formerly used ns St. Etigeuu hos.
Iiilnl. Musi lm Ink,,n off the
grounds. Apply tu St Eiikcho
A rilSTAKl:
As wn hniiilli- nu inferior grade
ul'Silvi-i-wnm. it is ull tin- besl
obtaiiiiible briiiid, .limt put inlu slock n fresh l,,l. ub this
year's patterns, suitable for
Wedding CI If ts. It won't cost
yuu anything lu look thein over
uml cut nm- prices.
W. H. Wilson, Jew eler and Optician
Tluil la win-SI'Itl.Vti TOXICS „,,■ •„
 'fanny.    Tlu-y iiii- :., ilu, >.I I „|i4,t
el  tlimiu iliu- ,,,,,,-h i  4,„|
IIviiik ii lima all-oil unit. lif,..
■Ml llil-U,.,..|  1,444 |, ,,( |„„j,.»   .„,.    |„..,.
\v-''l tally rm.ii ,„t  In   llnw»nl-*i
Chas. E. Reid & Co ,
liraJu.in-j l)riiS5isu Craubrook, fl. c.
&* 7  A 4
- I I V
! r%
Duncan MaPnrliine, ol thu J, F, Armstrong, thogovenunoi t
Mnrysville, Iminber coinpiiny, mu agent, and his sln.lt* nrriveil in tuwn
in town a tow duys last week, | Monday niorning in a four-hors
Mr. McCall  wlu, i.-; I,i open u rig, mnl ut once look possession of
new liurdwaru store in Crunlirook, theirnew quarter*-in the empty
arrived from Saiidoii Ttiesdity,        soliuol locni,
Furnish.-d rouins to lit, nexl
dour to Kennedy's grocery Btore,
Apply to Aire. Jl. Cook. ','ut
Fur snle u line live piece s.-l -.1'
bed room furniture, F. Ueiler,
C'ronbrook brewery.   I'l-ice SliiU.
Mrs. Jnmes CI reef is tpiite jiuurl.i*
igain  nml   may  have to seek ti
\'. Hyde linker, wil',-uml ohil
ri-ttiriu-,1 lust Snturdny front un i-x-', |^| \\v\l    \] Vfc^A?=■'
1,-iuh-d   visit  to   England.      Mr.   I   /     Jj-jL,J Yt>TCl  -
linker wus greatly improBsod witli   V.-fr'"'-    £?£/ \y----^£
tin- rapid growth uf the tnwn dur
ing his absence.
Iluss uml Fred Tate will be homi
again in -Iuh-. and Mr. Tate is ur
chmige nf eliniate I'm- tlu- summer. I ranging tn iuorenso tlm size of bis
Quality in yoi ■ h-ui is
what wo .tin. nt.   O .  ,!,,.
pends upon  tin. ,-   ss uf w, rb «-,-
turn , iu.   W, ,-,.-..
t maiiyyi irs - .     ' If „-,,
lo your -.v.-rk it i 'right.
Patmore Bros.
Mrs.   Uni,   Iiiin,in uu,l iw,, sis-! plu, hiusliioss.   Both boys linvo t   j..
been studying at their trade lu tlu-    M
'*******/***********4 -<-'      • -J
1,-rs. iln- Missus Ity.-kniuii. wenl t,,l
Sirdnr yeaterdtiy I'm- n   few .luy.,'
4 ISll.
Rev. Sl.,ui. of V,-i ver,  will
su nl Rev. Aiiviiclie of tbe Bnp-
tist i-liuivli fur lli.- nexl live
Don'l forgel the liospilnl Imli un
Uu.-aitli, It is ,*i ii.....I emise, mul
those pri'sonl will lutvn n unml
The Fernie firelosscs n readjusted,
Thu losses were placed ul SlV'i.llDH.
nml iln* itisuriiuciinggi-egiited $280,
Ill- Wnll. nf Fori Sleele, wns in
Inwn Sutui-tln) renewing political
friendships mul looking nfler liis
Bo'nntorial fences,
There hus been more wintl in
lliis Bection tin1 Insl two weeks,
Iluni hus been experienced here for
tin- pusl twu years,
As Tuesilay, tin* J Iih, is n legal
huliilnv. the'bunks will bu closed
frum Saturday, nl 12o'clock uiilil
Wednesday morning nl 10 o'clock.
A inimlier of the Cratiliook Mns-
nui,* fraternity iiUenilcil n mooting
of the   Rocky   M inln chapter,
li. A. M. nt Furl Sleele lint Sun-
F,,r Sub- (Iu,kI I miii uf wurk
horst-Bi double liai'iiesB and wagon;
BJugle buggy nml single hitl'liess;
also tin fresh milch cowswipply tn
I'. McCoiiiiell
II. Ilii-kui.lmlhmi busi II  • -
lined In his Iiuiii,* lln* pusl two
weeks witli nu attack of rlu-u-
Tlu- Im.li.s Aid of tlm Sl.
Eugene hospital lmvi- iit'i'iiiiged In
hnv,- lhe Pernio orelii-stm for lhe
hospitnl da n the2ltli
Tin- sidewalk i" ilu- ((overnineiil
Imildlllgs is in n ilelitpiilatetl con-
dition whom it i-i-iissi-s tlu- sltiiiL-h.
uml will lie ii-| iiiii'I ul v.
The 1-i-inovnl of Ihu govornmeiil
offices In Crnnbrook is n greal con-
vetiii'iii-e to tlie lawyers here, ll
is n grent saving in expense uml
Tin- O, K barber is evidently
giving sutisfnt-tinn us in- is kept
busy most nf his time.
All's, T. T.  McVittie niiili- over
Mondny lu s,r Mrs. Armstrong nil' .bus lieen  successful
un lu-r Irip tu St. Ijtniii
Mrs.   .1.   F. Armstrong  left
Moiuluy  for u  visit, lu St.  fjouis lientl clerk for H. E. Ileal tie for Hit
mul tin- grent exposition, I pnst year, will leave iiIkiii! lhe lirst
i   .„.|,   ii     ,|,      ,.  ,,   I of the tuonlli for Aloyie, where lie
-Ins,'pli     llui-wnnil.    lull-    ul    tie   , , , ■   ,   „ ,„i    ;.    ,t
Hnni.il.otel. Nelson, isonthu.lay   V"* IT'IT ..." ''
shift ul tliu Cosniopolilan.             I1.; .' '   H?P°  'ln,7 "'""',  * V '
' | Atchison bus  iiinile i viable
Tin-I'i-,,ws Xust   Brewing com- reputation during his rcsiileuco ii
 *...,........       11 1    .. ..,.', 4 * . I ...It      I    I
-luil hus his customs ulli,*,'.   A
hotel in Hint locality should ben
big proposition
'i'lu* government ulinuld Ilx up
the roads lu tlu- cemetery, uiul the
people nud owners uf the cemetery
Bliould iiiuki'stinu' effort tu buautify
Ilu- grounds.     It   is  u burning
shnine tn lenve the plure in such ,-i
llegl.rteil stnle.
Tin- licensu bunril grnnted n
lieense tu Churl,-s Afiustrung uml
tl. Swiiinertnii fur the Mnnlinttuii
hotel ut Movie Inst week, nml tliu
boys opened up Momlny. They
wen- [jopular iii Orniibrook uml
Bliould ilu n gootl lilisiuess ii
Rev, Smith, of Aforrissey
occupied the pulpit ut tlie Metlto-
tllsl ellttri'h In nt Suiiiluy. lb- lefl
Mondny for Hu- const tii ntteiul lh,
conference, uiul owing tu Ihe closi
,,f wurk nt Murrissuy Alines,expecti
In be assigned to a new lield uf
-I. 1-1. Miller, Internal rev
collector of Vancouver, uml Willium (iill. inspector, visited C'riin-
hroook Insl Saturday uml Suiiduy,
nml   exuini I   Collector   Small's
ulli,-,-. They clnss tlu- Cranbrook
ollice ns one ofthe best kept ullic-s
in Britisli Columbia,
li. I-i. Beattie left for Nelson
yestenluy wliere In* went It, meet it
traveler  fur u largo fanoy g Is
house, Tin- iiiiiii stops only ut
Winnipeg, ('nlgnry. Nelsnn mnl
Ilu- const. Mr. Beiittie proposes
tu make tin- lurgesl  purchase in
lliis line thut he hns llimle since he
bus been iii Crnnbrook,
The drive tti  l'erry creok  i* ll
bountiful   nne   these duys.     'I'he
hills uml   valley form one grand
panorama of scenic lovliness, um]
nt lhe i'inl uf the drive tlu-re cnn
Tin-   lacrossn   buys   nr,*   doing be found un upeti/.iiig nit-iil nt  the
sternly practice wurk llieso days, I historic hotil that wos built in the
Kvery    night    tlu-y   un-   un   the'curly   sixties,   nnd   now  presided
grounds, nml ure developing speed uver by Mr. uml Airs. (Hi ver Burge.
mid wind, |    ff tlie Cranbrook applicants for
F. R. Anger of Marysville, wus coul mul nil licenses nre successful
in town yesterday,   He hns beon in I tho town  will be  full of liocke-
tlie hills'the pusl. few months nud fellers  uml   Dnnsraulrs   mul the
ii-ingl Mnin streiil will I lowil.-d  with
some line miiftiii. automobiles.      Well. Tin- Herii'd
W. .1. Atchison. wh„ bus  1,,,-n  hows that every one of then,  will
!ii'tlliriri*l;i:niH.-iini iimke a million,
They can't make loo nuich to auit
sSSSiSS^I I Wine and  Liquor Merchant |
Willium Langley is applying for    v Agent for Calgary Beer and .Vrt-jr ^
an Imli'l liciiiian on the internfttion-    S8 *      . ,    t ,   .  , - „ S*\
nl  bu, „ry  line, iu tin* Flnth,,,,! j   | Agent ,or T* Ubel * Cu" ""> »"<< a™'"-
iintry,   neur wliere his brotherl   ^ 1 hnve a full and complete stock of liquors    id cigars. ,\
jn tin* |ir,-sent my store is located in tin* Cranl .*       Hot . bloc . Z
^ opposite O. P. R. depot.   Call and see me. *
***.**********&**.*:, r> - , , ?* />
*♦■*"•,•,* *♦* ••
; Hotel 3 3
fluents Co^.U-.rl f    - rir.tiv      J *
nnf:rf Stabling in CooiKCllo      * *
* •
i •
Nenrest to milir-ail ami tlepot.    Has acrrnntm
timis fur tbe publfc  iiuei|iiHlle>l  in Crir.i r
Hot and Cold Baths
 Proprietor       J ♦
^ AT (ill.l'IN'S OLD STAND
Tin- undersigned hnve full control uf iln bin in
® Ilrm of Aliinning, Lncey & Siddons, nnd nr.-iu it p    I      to offer
® you great bargains in dents' Panamas,  Ladies' Sailors, and
r.) Children's straw hats that will astonish the i-  .
(3  I'insl Fvooteiiuy,    We have just received a ctir of fr.-*, i -
;; from Toronto, in (act nur stock is complete in
We ure ut
vmi r Bi-rvlc
» 1 *V I A I A | % | .i. | «• | -(
»T*rtn*rtr«*r.nTf ■ '*ttm ;•
Look Out for This
Space Next Week
McCallum & C
■**aBartw,"Ki.'i's--'.*-7.T* -vnmi mm i isa
The Hernlil,
.1.   II. Scott,   chief ilesiiut.-lu-r,   [j,
expects to leave  I'm-  Winnipeg in'™
two or Ihri'i* weeks.   It i« n matter
f extreme regret among the ninny
i«y    patty's p[mil nl Mnrt-issey wus snld Cranbrook,  us n  sliitily, reliable I Wends of Air. nnd Airs. Scott, thai
vl    „l sin-rill's sule.lhe piiifhuser 1,,-iiig yuuiig iiiiiii, iiiiiI his ilepurtiiro will elrcutnstlinces cause tlu-ir change
'   "  trionds1 in locution, but they go witli the
A. Mul/. of  the   Fernie Brewing lju regretted liy Itiu
'•"iiii1!"')' in tliis tuwn.
besl  Wiiihei. , I   .11.
,! Can't Foo! the Horse
l lhe qui
iv try nn
1     IM
T.-»/.: r.Wi
. V.,u
It the [IO
sl ns goi
i.       hi
-.'s lire
■     -If  nf
■etlgih III
1.      Wes
II     1.4*     lll.l
1     li.         '.
II     li,.'     '
Kill,   in
.   1 ' \
1   i.     ll
; .-. Lhat
1.4   G
*-ii    r
arket Illi:   eii.WI'.liOOK   HERALD
tm--.*       ■■••■•
I **«•.•. !£\.'is.-x:ni±.Txs.
•    ; -   •
A Firstclass Houi-e Centrally Located i.
i* -' Fine S.ij;*4*Ic Rooms in Connection.     Thc bedrooms  . *.
Xi ak airy .w.i comfortable, and lhe table is ihc besl thc I i
market affords.
^JV^WSW! * .*'- **-*- />'L-*-w-
Not a Bit oi Tail
Smnll ,l,4-i  ni  Thil-cl nre i-utin-l)  minus thin ven  import'int J
|iult      CI  ■-                   li)   MeSwe) i  A   (,1-iir-tl, :ii-i -mil minus nny J
part ivlititever.    Eneh purl is couiplete uud perfectly uttule,    We *
tire hi,.in.l tb i    reryo -   ,vho weitrs one of our suits shnll sny, J
-This stlil i- nl! riglil ni"! I gol it I'ruiu ',
J Cranbro.ik B'o;l<                                           Cranbrook) B. C. J
For blowing off a Friend
V-t   in other v or.l*-. foi lh» rafr-BsHmvnl of guattS. >ome of my
High class Wines and Liquors
,.,,■ ,,,>, only i U-i,, ,1,1.- I.i,l .... mi., I.     **>   £>     TRY THEM
Prompt  Attention given to Hail Orders
Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchant
phone 17       . . CranbrooK ..       phone u
I -...,.-v.-■j-M'-.*i-:i'j.«-f«
Four of a Kind     (3
... , .initli pinil liiin.l nl viu-'la
llul ui ii„, l„u,-li,-i'- it'.  Iho I-
kind lltiit i-iiuilf, ,„'t  llio four
*,-...'.,,.] |v ,,,-.,- kiti.1 ..i i il
tlm l.in.l I".,!'
Fresh, Healthy, Tender,
Ilny vmir -,";,!.- tuul ,!„>i.-
li.-,,,,' ,'ui.l 11,,'v'll iilwiiva I"-
ti-,1,1 lint Hlo'ek ia i,'-ll fi'-l
4,n,l i.i.>,..-.Iv .-,,,,-.1 for    I'on-
ai-.im.nllv o.'.r it Ini. i, .1.-
lii-liina Hiuiii
\   ...Manitoba Hotel,.   j
; 11'i.iifi N'i'*.\ Miiii;ii_r'*iii''iil I :<
: D. A. McDONALD, rianager
: This Hotel is in the center  of  town.    Tlie  rooms  arc
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is lirst- ':
• class, and lhe bar is supplied with thc best.   When you ! \
; want a good place to slop come to thc Manitoba,
Timber Notice
r, 1.,-.I i.,,„l- i
and ENOINES j   i*.-.-.. ■■ ^.....t---- k.j ii
Saw Al il I riachinery 1. ;nlll,' G™,!\ ii',",.,*, N.t'ri'ii.-rii n.
Planing mil Machinery I i-:ik,ii*,-,-i„i„i ir-tit „„ m-u-cii i -„ ,
Iron Working riachinery g: t „,..., t ,*,*,*,*k, ii,,.i,,*t.i.o--i„iiiiaa,,,,iii. ii
Alining riachinery
Machinery fnr all Purpose:. _.     m M> , vi.m i*mu
All of very l.'.-sf makes. gj ., i, .111=1
Wrik. I IM, -u-l-M-.v M,..». 11. I*.
J. L. Neilson 4. Co
nil! Main m.    lump'
Cranbrook Brick
and Tile Works
Taylor & Davis. Props,
Fumecc& Boiler Specialists
All tl,-,., ri|ni,.it--..I' brick iv-.i'li ,4
un. I.rt.-i k.-i,.    I-111, — |ilusU-ri'il
by UOW Iin- proof |,'.«-.■-,.-
C'onminii l.ri.'ii. iii'i'Hsi-tl brick.
Iin- liiirk mul iiii- ,,11 hiiuil.
-Jl-®-®-© A-   •.    •'  A>-®-®-®-®-®
f     Harriage     I
<f     Vi,s.nml il..- ITI",   HAK   I
4 KIIY is lln- llllli-c tng.'l 11 ni.-.- J
. ut-ililiiiir cuke nml  oriiitiut'nts v
a in Un- Int.-i-i Btyl,-.   Whysi-nil C*
T your nrilui- mil   of  town  mill i
J perlinps linvo tin- ii-cing I,ml,- *
§ ,-it liy slii|,|,;.ii-.   Prices right. X
'•) I'lumu .it f'pr'.fiilt' M. K. Chur.li V
■j      C. W. WILSON,      I
-IS,-®.-®- @_®-®-®-®_®-®-®-®_(J|
Cranbrook Sash    J
and Door Factory ;
j      All kinds of linish work
of ilonrs
iiloivs. Ini
i soins., I,-.   Kiln ilri.-tl lumber
j fur insiilo work,   I Iur work is
j giiiirniiteetl uiul our prim's nri-
I sntisfnotoi-y.
Rouj-h anil Dressed Lumber
For Snle
.1. li. CUMM1NQS
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
A   Ill'llUtifltl  lilU'   nl    II..UI4-
si a  I   Woretiils   for
Liulii-s' Tailor Mi-1,-Suit.-.
Snti-.l'n.'liiill  -.'llnl-.-illl.-i-il
Rooms nn itrmatroiiK liu.
Perry & Fitzgerald
1 I'm mmniis in tnr
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer company
To keep il uml S.-.-.11-.- in,u-i- Vilnius', do business iii 11 business
like iiiuiitii-f. Wi* in-t! |irtiui|,i
mul rolitiblo, Thnl is lnisiness,
W.-ilonll kiwis of tlniyngi! nml
l-nrlllge.     Wf Wlllll   llli,fu.
I.i-nvu urili-rs in uur officii in
Ilm Crnulirooli  hotel bloek, op
pouito sluti- i- Ii-I.-|.|i.,iii- (IS :
ri-siileiict!, Oil.
I, E. SU'ih.-is.   M, Rockcndorl
1.1.. Sti'i hens,   J. I.aivsun.
Blow Your
Own Horn
II' necessary- wi.\\
us it is not lu-i-t-ssiii-y. Fur
1!,,- tmbliojis persistently
blowing uur In.ru for ns.
Tluil is what ;i good huiul
will ilo for itself, Every-
bmly praises lliis hotel be
,-iiiisi- il is tin- Inrgest llllll
best in liust Kootenny.
Stephens Bros, & Co.. Owners and Proprietors,
Morrissey Mines, B. C.
H. 1.. Stephens    J. B, Stephens
We Never
It is our business to
sorve the public anil serve
them right. We work
t-nrly mill lute to lu-t-imi-
plisii results, uml tin- lllll
WHITE hotel, is always - ujj.,
busy. When yuu speiul 11 '" jggjSJ^5*'''•*
ilullnr here yuu -jet 11 .1..1-
Inf's worth. The best is
ilu- cheapest.
Stephens Bros., Owners and I'ropriclors,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
tAt-sU-.'*? - J >,'
SssSj t
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
Por li'iins. iim 111* nml further purlii-ulurs npply to the f„ll,,«in**
local liunl ugeutsi
V. Ilyilii Baker, Crnnbrook, H. C.     Iv Mullniulnine, Jr., C*n'»t..ii, B. C.
I. It, Wilson, Wnrtlner, li. t'. II. & M. Biwl, Nelson. U. C.
K. li. Brace, Wilmer, B.C.
Or to
llriiisli Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
I ii4,-ii4f Bell bus been n  frequent
isilorof Inl,*. iiispeetins: slnek for
Ilu* Kuvcrmnout.     We  boiie  he'll
keel 111 i 11 u- ns every   ouelike's
A. I-:, l.on-r, C-lrenl Northern
sii| eriiiti iiileiil, bus resiitnetl mill
none i" the Clm-iiK" mnl Nortli
Wester.i ruilwny. The llivut
Northern i-nilivuy loses 11 *.ootl mnn.
Mr. O'Xeil, the new siipi-riiiluiiil-
4-m.  Mu.-  iiitrotluceil  by  his  pre-
ii, ssi,i- nui] his  lirst  nppi'iirniu-e
Ims spoken volumes for him.
W, li l,niml,-y pnssetl thrnuub
Iti-t-e :, ilny ov Iwo ago for the l-'lnt-
lienil oil lielils, Tlu-nil-i.s full of
reports nboul the ri-Borves in tile
southeiist coriiei- of the province.
Some sny i!   will  be i,p,-n,-,l   this
in,uiiii uml,,tliers sny th utrnry.
In nny .-ns.- there nre 11 ixrent ninny
sin...ii'm; prncliciil fnith in thnl
seetiou by urttiiiu 0n the --l-otiuil.
The l-'lnlii.-n.l   is   11   willlentess   110
luiiin-i- mul uuxious promoters are
liuimilii; i'i,iiiiiI (iulewny. Knlispel]
mul Helton ns thick ns flies nt'onnil
Toll 1, Plains  is nuw  looking
it's pi'eltiest, (i|-,-,'i! liillsiilis.
■ Iiinni with stock,eoniliines to form
,1 I'.i luiiilscnric. Fnrmi-rs hnve
Ilieil   -,',',liiiu .I.-li.*  nml  nre  now
itini-ketinu   letti    i-mlisli.-s anil
rliiilmrli,   'I liis section  is itililin
lul.- of li-uil   trees lo   ils ulivu.l
lurge oi't-hiii-ils   uiul   in   time  wi
rivnl C'liliforuin in fruit rnisiiignui
cliinnte.     The   range   is  looking
iin,'.   (li'iiss is six or night inches
long uiul   cuttle   nml   burses are
coining ui liy tin- wholesale  front
I,-,.-  fiivoreil spots.    The customs
iiiiii-4- s.-i-iiis I,, I,,* lining good business rei-eiiiug duty mi l]„- nniniul-
ul-l'ii int:.
1 ibs.-rirr.
Increased Imports.
Tin- ,114-1(111,s ri*|iurls tinvnrinlily
show   til,-   lnisiness   growth   ui'  u
pirn-,-, nml iii lliis i-os| 1 Crnnbrook Ims reason lu [eel prntul nf
her record, I'l. II. Smnll, etistoins
ollieeral Crntibrook, kindly I'urii-
ishcil Tin- Herald witli tin- follow-
in-.-, reporl of tin- business in April:
Imports diiliblu ss.l2ii.l)ll
Ilnli  collected   L'.i'.'.iii.l.",
Inland revenue collet-.
tines    I,-1711.72
Illciviise   in   uuslullis
over sume mouth lilOil 1.5118.01
lii'-lunsi* in iuluntl re-
veiiue over 111.- sunn-
month lilOil  s.:il7.n|
C. I'. Hill Mnrrieil,
Tlie 11. ri Ul is in receipl of the
Chnrlottetown, P. 15. I., lliiurdiun.
containing, ilu- innrriuge notice ,,l
Miss Iini,] Mury McLean, .*.
pupiilnr belle uf Chnrlottetown,
uiul Churl.-s I', llill.nl' Winnipeg.
Tl;,- wedding wus it greut Bocial
event, After refreshments wore
sei'ved tin-bride nnd groom took u
.*.| iui tt'iiiii tn Siitiiitu-rsitle where
tlu-y lnul lunch, rotiirning to Clinr-
Ipttetown tlmt evening, nud lenvine
Ilu- nexl iiiui-iiing for 11 tour In Ihu
Pncilic const.   Thoy will reside  in
Priink lliis sn icr.   Mr. Hill will
i,.' remeinlicd l.y ninny people iu
.--.ulii Kusi iCoolenny ns 11 mining
npernlur, win, Ims been very su,-.
L-essful llnitiielnlly, I resulls,'
Items of Interest.
11 is reported thai W, B. Me-
Innus. M, I', P.. is tn be appointed
county court judge nt Vietorin und
retire from politics, "Billy's" voice
will be inisseil on the hustings.
Stanley, ilu- African explorer
died nt liis London home on tin-
Mr. Hawthoruwnitn, the member
frum Niiiininio, is after tin- Mc-
Briile   guvel'llllli'llt   t.i   infnree lhe
currying nut nf the Hnwthornwnito
bill giving titles to settlers iu the
ruilwny belt nf tlie Ksipiimnlt nnil
Nauiiimo road, Mr, Dunsmuir is
opposing tin* settlers, and this
places .Mi-Briile between tin- devil
nnil tin- deep blue sen.
•lul,n Watt, <>f Siii-iiiu. whn
clitillis I,, linve mnde original oil
locutions <„i nil or Sage creek.
Snulh Kust Kootenny, in P.HHI, is
in Vietorin pressing for his lease.
The United Stntes hns paid over
the $-10,000,000 for its title to the
Punuilln ('nuni.
John Houston, nf the Nelson
Tribune, is nt'ter some of his enemies with 11 hut stick.
Kobt. Rol)prt80i) has si-iuiml a
contract with tin1 C.P.R.for 100.000
tii'8. Hi' will ftitiimi'iiri' work ul
once neur Mnyook.
'IV Wnnlnrr mill will Imvc both
sides running in ji few days. It
will then hf possible to turn mi!
12.'),(HH) to 150,000 feel a <l,iy on
single shift.
B, F. Fisher of  Dululh, Minn.,
arrived   last   Snlunliiy  to ttrmnge
j for tlie construction  work ou the
}l>i*u' mill at  tin* mouth ol'   Perry
'creek.   Mr. Fisher will  l.ud.l  the
'niili.  and  is  gutting   matters   in
shape to proceed  to work.     Mr.
Staples, the promoter ol' the  who!,*
proposition, is expected  within  a
short   time  for an indefinite sliy.
He is anxious to see as much work
accomplished during the summer
months as possible.
British Columbin business organizations have heell UlUlllitUOUS
in asking fur a duty on Ameiican
lumber, as a protection to the lumber industry of British Columbia.
Two Good Boys.
((wing lo the fact that tlieir parents are to remove from town, the
Herald is going to loose the servers of ils two buys. Fred Auvai-he
and Willie Welch. Their depart-
uro will he a distinct loss to the
office. Fred Auvucho has been
with The Herald over two years and
was rapidly developing into an artistic and ellirient printer. In another year nnd a half he will be
able to coiinnaiid full wages of $>'i
to 8.1.."ill inlay, and will be versed
in a trade that will always assure
liimagood position. Willie Welch,
although having had only a few
inniiihs in Ihc ollice. has already
demonstrated his worth, and would
have In'en a success in the lnisiness.
The Herald proprietor has employed many hoys in the past, but lie
has never hud any better thun
these two, They 11 re prompt, reliable, industrious and always gentlemen, und cither one can always
lind a situation on lite Hernld ut
anv future  time,     Such boys are
kmitenay Central Needed.
Thomas Slarbird. manager of
the Paradise mine nt Windermere,
spent severnl days the past week
in Cranhrook, He nays tlmt milling in the Windermere country is
making ns great progress nn could
he expected under existing conditions, Speaking ofthe need of a
railway, he stated thnt transportation facilities would do wonders
in developing (hut section, which
is rich in mineral and timber. On
Dutch and Finley creeks the timlier consists of tamarack, spruce
and lir. nnd is very henvy. Transportation would make these vast
tracts available, nud bring alwut a
a marvelous change in that
flreat Advertising Medium.
During the past mouth The
Herald hns contained several advert iscments of articles for sale.
Asa result, the parties advertising
have lieen deluged with answer
from Nelson to Macleod.
i tells Uu- lale  better than
Lumber Company Incorporated.
Ottawa, May 11 William Irwin,
contractor of Peterborough;George
McC'ormick. M. IV. lumber manufacturer, Orilliii; George Fowler,
M. 1*. barrister at law. Sussex. N.
IV; Hon. KUioM i rassi'tie Stevenson.
Detroit.Mich.: Lieutenant Colonel
•lohn Irvine Davidson, wholesale
merchant, Toronto; Jolm Alexander
McUillvnry. Uxbridge. and Hon.
George Foster, have incorporated
the Kamloops Lumber company,
with chief place of lnisiness at
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It h.ts the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lo*r
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
ll Found the (iirl.
Lust wi-i-k tin- Roynl hotel -ml ;i
two lino locnl in Tin' Hcrnl-l Cor n
uirl. Tin- iiiipi-i- ivns ttinikil l-'ri-
ilny morning iiiitl by Fritlny night
thore Iiml lii-i-n nin,- -ii-opl-- nl tho
hotel milking inquiries nboul llio
nitll!ili(ill. it' von ,'iilvi'i-tisi*. lis,■
Tin- 11,-i-nlil. 'It is ri-ittl by tlie
people of tho district.
Stock (Jiiutali,,,!-.
Furnished by Benle, & Elwell,
brokors, Crntibrook 11. C.
Norlh Stnr         n
Sullivun        ,;'.,
SI.II„|"i         .-,„
I'ttylin  tl,
W,,,* liugl. Coiianlliliit-Hl         IJ.
I'uy   Hull  I
St,. i:„it„,„, Ml. Min,*.  H,
Wcati-rn oil iin-K'onl Uonti ,v        I,"
Sullivun U>nll|i M„iiiiK I',,. lunula »1 >
l',!„„,ll„i, (Inl,I I'i, I.l*.        .-,,;
Center Stilt-         lltl
li,leri,„tiii„„l(-i),ii uml I'nki,  ,',1
Saloa:   Wastoin Conl & Oil ,:„ noitll,   In*
i4,',,,iii,,i,„i ioui i i'uJii- r,nu.  Sullivan.
* *
* Locals in this column will be *
j chuged at the rate of 5 cents J
S per line each issue. J!
* i>
For Sulo—Five roomoil houso nntl iwu
fcncoil lota, on Uiiki-i* Hill. Apply
liornltl ofllra.
.Inst Hcilo „( merit ih in overy photo
sent oui by ll,,- I'rest I'liotoCo j
Fowls r„r -nl,*   Apply I,, A. r. Plupil.'
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Sawl Planing Mills
Miiiiut'acluivrs nf Rough am) hrcsHiil
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The New Managers.
f.?j Drop in and sec us any time.   Wc are on deck 25 hours j
I out ol the 24


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