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Cranbrook Herald Apr 21, 1904

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The Canadian B ink of Commerce
Head Ofi'ii -.*. Toronto.
I    llo.s.Olto, *i. Cu*:, 1-4.- -i.l- ui.
I'i I Hi   Cnpllul    ...
l-.-l     ....    .
t..t.i Resource, Vn ..i.':.:
Deposits Received.   General Hanking Business Transacted j
SHIVIIs IllVK llil'tl'l Hi    I    II flu Receive*!    Inle.iM  tll.i'ii'.l.
I-. I". Wm in*!, 0m, M ii .  .
S8,700,tXHl,00 J
.   .i.iiiiii.ii i.i isi .
,       llANKINl. 11*1   Mm     Hi;.-.       uur In-itin-li-iiiiiI itilliilmtvil lit'liniil.  ,
J    i i'i-hi 'mi ,i ui* i   n'l-iiivi- i-vi-ii- .itli-lili-ui    i' 4III4IU4 iiuiii ■ ii.IUiii   isl   *
i   tn i'.i' inuu i.-i iii iinn'. ,■,:...,..:  -I, mil
■I "I-i iiiii-iitiiu
F. C. MALPAS, Manager.
,;>,!■:; I j ih i • ■: . i   ii„iHiii,.i.ii).
Capital, Paid Up '. '.  13,896 !
Rest $2,o36,3l2 J
T. R, Merrill, Pres.   D. R. N't :i„:-*, Vice Pres, and Gen. Manager 5
A general banl ing business transacted. Drafts sold availa- »
LL* i.i every pari ol Canada, U itcd States and Europe. Spcci.il *.,
attention t. collections. j .*'. I I, PiNKHAM, Manager.     S
( i***t*ttl trtttt it, ********** ttttttttttt***.*******!*
Twu  Leagues   an.-   Formed   an
I Schedule Arranged
I;v. .-\ 1....;\ in Snulh Ensl  Koot-lore bodies and  the  values t* tlte|    .\  .tinK ,,f il„   Crows  X. -i
i-n.-iv is'iuten-Hted iu wl.nl is to  Ik. Sullivan mill,-, this lieing ! rmed   Lucrusse l.-iignu wus held at l'*rank.
imui)- tiiut-s.tuiil r.-i-ii|itly hy an es-1,„, i|„. |i;i|, ,,, furiii n seliiilnle  I'm-
- ..1ST. EUGENE C    iN
■ linn* ivith   the   Sulliiuii   pl-upi 111.
nml the following   troiii   till'  S|
A A *.l A A *•§ .'. m A A *\ ■*■ -ti n <J- <* 4 *
- - 'r*. .-,*-, ;,.-. A(VA*A4****4r*sd*-i> j,
. *.   ."J-¥',"VV1't-»l*tV'V*»VV'-'   I -r>
<S> if
'i**Lmw*W^, it
v i ifw;
." . gj>?/,
4 >
« >
< i-
S|i-.|,.-.iii4iu  llevietv   will In
,-un Iiii'l   r.M.I:
In lhe taking up nf $120.01X1
w.ulli uf I ml ii la, the |.ur.-li.-is,> of
1,000,000 shui-es nf the stu.-k. the
l-i-i-eipl nl'id I   IHJO.OUO slinr.-s us
In uuis stui-k, I 'tinrles Sweeny is e\-
pri Inl lu mm un ilm i-ontrol iu tin*
Knlliviin (irinip Mining i-iiiii|iunv.
Sliickholders win. have uut turn-
.-il in 211 |ier tt-iil ot their stoek to
the treasury, n.-eonling to lln* end
ot some li ugo, will   It- itsked to
do so. Most ..r this will he used
lis it linuils logo to Mr.Kweoiiy for
Inking up the houds. The nioiu-y
from tlm Imi.ils will In- used tu
i-iiupli le the siimlter nnd slnrt the
iiiii.--. Inuililiiii.il Um sloekhold-
rrs uiusl plnee 1,000,000 slinn-s of
stoek in eseroWi which Mr. Sweeny
.-.in nike up hel'ore July I, 11105, on
I Ityillg 15 Cents u shiil-o. The eulll-
pu'uv is capitalized for 11,000,000
Seiuitm- Oeorge Tui-imr is prosi-
tli-nl un.l .I.C. Williams seeretnt-y
of the i-iimpany.
Bui-noy Lnyton, viee-prosidenl of
lln inpuiiy. hns  heen in lhe city
fiir the pnst week ut-gotinting the
ill-Ill.    llesnid:
-'i'lie Sullivnn coilipnuy hns been
iii:I'ii:-Iiui.-iIi.. mul  n  condition hits
existed which 01 ot lu- blunted to
nny one, but just u general trend
nf liunl luek. We huvu one of the
besl iiiiims in tlm country und a
pnrily completed snm'lei
1 ",,tiu" •"'  "'" llWti°"  "f,Hi I, und to elect era  I
'   : tilt' [X*OU)t! with   ft'llOMI   we  hojM' to
■lost- tins iit
"Tli-h' Inta never Lfti ;i liu.i- for
tlu- imsl two yours tiutl iln luix'1
Btoeklioldera controlling ilf* Im.h.Is
issued ami tin* debts of timeout.
jian\ could imi lmvi1   had tliu mini'
sold for Uu- payment of \\w I Is
ami dubts,shutting oui iXMsilily all
of lli.- stock ami leaving it witli no
value al all.
"Senator (iii.r^* Turin r, -I. \V,
VanDyke, of Philadelphia, ami
myself, who li;ivr Imd control of
ttu- majority, have, kept from doing
so witli llii'lmpi'tli.it .ill tin- stock-
holders who do hs we ask uf them
could not charge ns with trying t<>
freeze thein out. nnd now this is
thf linal effort. Hence, without
any siiL^i-slimi to thf peoplo ulm
liuve not complied with our request, tin1 result will lie one of two
tilings, tln> closing of this den] on
tln> nbove lines or the Belling of the
iiiim* to tin* highest bidder for the
pay ment of tin1 bonds issued and
the debts payable.
■■| appreciate how the stockholders feel about making donations ol'
stock, but they must understand
that they nre iu exactly the sumo.,
lout thnt wo eastern people are in.|t
only being tenderfeet  our  stock
cost us probably more money thai
iliil their stock.   At thostuno linn
wc have been in a position to pro-11
toct ourselves by forcingn sale, but
our disposition is to make tho mine [(
puy iug one, leaving every holder
■The   mini'   cunuiats   of   three j large and small, ti beneficiary of tl
i tin*   Kast   Kootenay dis-
t riot, in   Uritish   Columbia, on   ■
f  ilie  Canadian I
Hals and Shirts
For Summer Wear
fail I
3 in    hould havi
-* our iii.,'.-, lim ti
now.     Don'
ii i up-to-dnti
* fr
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
< i*
* ■>
* %s
4 *
< +
•» I*
4 •>
■* p-
4 >
4 J>
4 >
■*■ >
-I >
** I*
< ¥
4 •>
< t-
i A
A A A A .', ■/, t\ A * *#, -••.«, ■*. A A -'. * ■■   '   " *      I --.-.•". .1 .t -t ■* A. 4 A -C, * .*   t \\   j.
•* U»»tT'-*,;v'fV»n;vfi*vyv.i    * - - ~ -■. v *■ v,--*-v '/vf>»*t*-ii 4 (■
[,. tf   *-,,**.     .     .
I*    *    .     ■	
I   I
. . . .,
. . . . . .
.  ■-*• t£ ■*   •   g
.  ol
■•   ■     .VdjUL , I  l„|i|,|i|,,rS,    'ij'
I'l    ii ,,- , reel   ru ■ ■
■   linn       Unu I i
e •-  nilicenl cuttle ur ..liter nt.ick 100 tons  • •
i- •  ul Imi     Shippi
'••■$1000 r ' '' motw
4. ,- dee), lunlll It- liliil (iu itothce;   ; ;,
4 .   rati ■
'('.   '   .,      .-      .        .        ..      .        -        •        ■        •
|1 '
umI nl   [ll-O.    i jj
I I   Illill  . I.,-, |,.,,„,,,u ..,.,4   nu.., ui  |.ni-    i;;
Im ,-; liiuu dunce nf t '.     im. I.   ' 1
.     .......
E« of lli       I.-h fi          I.                    .Vil    it's Easier Window o
| ii     MISS TAXXIS 1,1 II'. v           I lhe In .i  ""n!,,I. Imi m
I   in liintitl nud best 8|iell           ;      ' :   i   . lint itip -.■. i..I [in. B
,  i               lest*!              ■  nlil   ■            tl        T. .li in -..ii. Ulln r'}
(  .   ' eil       ', Iii jl Iioki-nli.ilIiiiiii, A.lelniile  Itiehurdsnn, Elhel M, (*,
H 1     k, I'eciliu             nell.I      die Mel . u in und liolit. I.uuiie. G
,         Tin* Mini :-: ove it-nli ll can  i ivi   Eiime by cnlliny nl ni
I   ,„J  -.lure. I
&            W.   II.   WILSON,   JEWELER |
&m   - :; ■ ■ ■.. ( i 3! -       rGG.GGZGCGi)
€    ^kV/       *WOs    ffl*\ TTie Host Pleasing Preaetils  %
m.   ^^      ->~«.^'*-\ n.GG,GllGGGGGi!G'$.
*«:     Wis$y       '■'*   '■ '■''•'"'      •'' Silvcrtvaicand CulQlass
'IB      Sfiffi^^.^    ,-'::''' l..r it'al iinj I'rrsetlla
G    MImm- X   •'■■'■■*''.',■■.-' ...... 11....-..- wi. >-,, m im»i„. 'jjlj
Hf \      Cbe Jeweler      1
/:^4*^\\" "";,;.',!"",™1"/::"",;:'•.'; I'-"" M
"The Sullivan coiupany isnntlior-
 ,,,,. . i/.eil by li-Ljnl resolution  to issue
y, the smelter beliii* located 8250,000 worth of bonds. Al-
lliewnii'-iiinil. nboul live miles I'onily for the smelter, etc., there
.,.,111 the niiim. Tin- tunmiilti-mi-tit jluivi- lit-en issueil Sl'10,000. Wo
i,f ilu- mine hits lieen huiu'st but believe the liidiini-e of tlio bonds
unfoi-tunnto, mid ovory stockholder, under ihis tirrunge-menl will liny
smnll and large, is being truntnl the contracteil dt-bts, complete tho
with llio same consideration. smelter and put the mine on aptty-
"All npprecinto tlmt  il is up to ingbitsis.
the tiimiagt-'Uiettt  to do somelltitiH '    "I'1 onler to rnise the stock to be
W'e hnve unili-i- coiisitleratio tv phiewl iu escrow it will be neeos-
n teutiitivo proposition, wliieh will si"'.v for all tlio stockltoltlora to put
l.e i-nn-ieil mil. provided the small one half of tlu-ir holdings under
stock holders meel tho sumo, terms option* It will remain thoir prop,
thnl will In- complied with nnd es- <-'i'ty until paid fnr under the above
acted from the large   stockholders, arrangement."
■'The company ran raise suHi- "I auvo been approached by tlio
c-ietil itionev. in niv iudguieiit, by Sullivnn Group Mining coinpunv,"
the side nt bonds uiul giving of bo- said .Mr. Sweeny Insl night. "The
una slock lo complete the smelter 1'onils Bliould enrry u bonus uf
nml tn put tin* |ini|iertv mi n [mv-' ■'lll"l|l 1100,000 shares, un.l in midline linsis, I-n! lliis ileiK-uds wholly tion lhe Sullivun peoplo would liu
umm the spiril of tho stockholders, np l.iHlu.iliKi shares tinder option
I-. ,".i.i- i" mi-, il,,. money we for 14 or 15 months, to bo token up
... '_'il per ii-lil Imiuis fn.in ' 0' 'I"' property olioukl |irine uieri-
. I, sl diolder iu lln* Irensitry, lorious. If I shmilil tuke up the
md iti nddilion lln- stockholders proposition wo wonld complete the
must subscribe 1.000,000 shares j 200 ton lend sinelter, which would
uf the stock to be plneod ill escrow require nboul six months, und
nml to lu- taken up by tlm bond should developo the property vigor-
imrchiisi-rs mi ur bufure Jul) 1, pusly. The ore cnn bo successfully
IHI inid slock I.' be paid for at concentrated and must be smelted.
- Is a share. !h cnrrles from 25 to !J0 per cunt
-The iimnngomeiil  is nlisoltitely lend, ami from 12 to lo ounces of
,      .ni in  Ilm   i-ei-iiiiniv thnl il' silveriierlun.    \\. Clnylini .Miller
Ihis pnipositioncau lx- put through oxiin d il fur tne.   'ihcronppenri
lhe cuutpany will be in the liiinds 'o bo IdO.OOO toiiB of oro m sight.
„f lhe best luiiungeuienf possible, etuml to nbout 40,000 tons uf lend.
which the couipnny lieeiis li.i.Mv,1 M ls »o' sottlod thnt we should
us ull ilm ilockholdi-rsknow. There.hiuld n refinery in connection with
I is never I n n doubt  iibonl tlm I tlm smelter."
Wilson's Prize lissay.
| 'i f ilm most   plea
ug ui
I. 0. 0. F. Anniversary.
Nexl Tuesdny evening the 1. O.
", .—ni   i uumniy oveillllg ine I.   I
iiltrnctive sights, hut hits eve, been o, !-'„ lodgo of Crnnbrook will
in I ratibrook, is the display in Mr, observe the niudversnry nf the
Wilsons jewelry   window,    ll  is onler by nn open meetlugnt Went-
By„ilioli.-  in every res -i  ol  tlio wartl, llnll. Rov.Fortmio.will tlelivor
S1'."   tmsii-riuue. ,l„, priu.-ipal address 1 s *l
'ne lust notices I n- linrnioiiy nl  |„||is ,vii| |„. mmlo hy tl y  Bn) \\
culiiring,   the   siiotless   white iiJ„r .Mo.vi.-; l-'n-il Stnrk. „f  Pernio
«r  work, with touches ol  lul-, \\*.  J-*. (Jt.r.l.  uf Crnnbrook, nn.l
iotro|H-nud green, „l|„.,-.s.    Music will  be furnished
, rhebuck-grouud is Iur, 1 liy by Mrs, W. T, Hold, K, C.  li k
three i.relu-s limped ni wliile with mu] the Cranbrook quartette, The
sniilnx eiilwiuiHl.   At the lop of tho odd Follows nro urged to meel nl
 ""  ""'li    is    written,  blister their linll nt 7*80.   The tneotingis
Oreetings.    In ll enter w mii open to all, and the officers of the
electric n-volvilig Blunt, thu lop ul lodge extend u eurdinl invitnliun t„
which is decornletl with I t glnss ||„,   p„bllo to  be  pri-Beul      The
-use ul l-.nsler lihes.diiimiiuil rings|program will open ut ,s;r*
 I other liunilsiiitle  jewelry. '
< hi each side Ibarranged clocks,
mil elnss in viihus, berry bowls und
Inm Inm illslleil,
Si'llttet'eil IlltlOllg these nre eggs,
hiind-pninled in prutty designs.
Perched here nud there nre chick-
ens. sume coming nut. und some
illrenily nut nf the shell.
W'e gratulate Mr, Wilson upuu this fine enster display.
Tuiinis lb-id.
Engineer Kilted,
Qeoi-go liliike, un engineer, whn
hud .iust been employed b.v the
Cunl compnny us assistant ut
Michel, wns instantly killed wliile
being shewn where lie wotllil work
by the first engineer. As they
pnsseil through the engine room,
Bluko carelessly dropped his huiul
mi ii largo revolving pulley, nnd
wns instantly caught nnd drawn
uver Ilu- pulley und thrown into
tin- pit nn inert muss, dentil following nt iiiu-e.
Change ia Firm.
.1. Kdgur Davis hns entered into
partnership with (i. It. ('. Tnylor,
the brick  niiuiiil'iii'tiirer, uud the
•w firm will elilnrge llllll extend
the lilisiuess, Mr. Davis has hnd
a varied experience in Ilu- handling
uf clays nnd lime stone, nnd with
Mr. Taylor's practical experience
iu the uiunufimtiire nf brick, these
geutleineti will give tn Cninhrunk
whnt the tuwn needs, is un up-to-
date brick pliiut. Mr, Davis lim
sent to experts ill the Unite.
Stules some samples of lime rock
nnd if the returns ure sntlsfactory
tlu-y will manufacture lime.
il.'-.v-,-ir I'.ml.    I'l.,- fullowiii. di-li
"..ile* were present;
... K. Ilronghum, Mitti,-  II,i
Ur. Sieivnrl. U-tlibridge.
A, ]'■  Siuifiiril.-,.,.,vinry. Crows
Nesl l.ui-r..ss.- li-agtie, Letiibridge.
I-'. Ifi.lii-risun frank,
•Ins. Sh.-pnril. l-'.-rui.-.
D.J. .M.-Swi-vn. S.   A.   ('Iui,,-,-.
Tin- mooting was a lively 	
from the slnrt uml   il   lusletl  fully
liu-   luiiirs.     Home   new   clauses
wero entered iu tin- Imuk nf rules.
which wen-ns follows:   Tim lifti-en
nidi-  limit  whicli  lien-liil'iiii■   wus
allowed teams to hu  picked  from
wns ilune uwuy with, nnd also ulli
uiul referees  were appointed, mu
from each town mul one outsider
In   tlm  ease  uf deciding uu  i
referee,   the   visiting  team   is u
make a choice uf two, oither one
nf  which  will he satisfactory  in
Ilium nnd  Bend  Ilm  name  to tin
homo ..-..iii. which team cnu choose
'ither one of the luu  unnieil.     11
lln-y ure nimble tn  niuku n  Bitlis-
fuetut-y choice front the twn given
thein. tin- matter is placed  in  lhe
lunula  uf  the   presitleul   nf   ilm
engue, whn nii[niiiits n retiree   for
hut mnl.-ll.    The tennis ulm  pluy
will   each   beur   une  liulE uf   the
referee's expenses.
It was decided thut Ilm iinmiul
nei'ting ul the Crowa Xest
..itcrosso league would bo held nu
I I Friday, UlOii atCranbrook.
The   fnlliiwiug   official  referees
were appointed: T. Moore,  I'inch-
er:   E. McCluro,  Lethbridgoi   F.
McCnrey,    Frauki    A.    Lippurt.ll
Fernte:'  .1.   Luuklinnll*,  .M.*.li. in
lint: I)..I. JlcSweyn.  Crunbrool.
The following is a lisl ..I' lim |i
officers elected I'm* the yeur 11)04:
Hun. Patrottosses, Mrs. Levassenr,
Mrs.Mi'Cullniigh. I.i.tlil,i'i,|e-e:llun.
president, J, (I. Taylor,Cruubrook;
president, 11. I-i. Benltie, Cranbrook; 1st Yice.-pi'esidfiil. A. I.ip-
part, Fernie: 2nd Vice.-pi'i'Bident,
M. Farmer, Frank: ilrd Vice.-presi-
ilont, F. McClure, Lethbridgs;
Secretury-trenstirer. A. B, HtalYord,
Council: F. Tves. Lethbridge;
.J, Johnson, Fernie: Dr. Muleoni-
boii, Fruuk: S. A. Cluncey, CYnii-
The next business brought up
ivns the schedule nml it took some
time figuring it nut. ns every tciim
naturally wanted the best uf il. ll
wus finally ngi-oeil thai the following WOtlltl be the schedule nf gullies
tu be played this season.
Mii.v-'l. I.iilliliriil**!iIn rriuilmink.
.linn- 11, rriiiil.ni.il, in I--I.HI-,
,l> HI. FiiruluIn Mn.li.-im. II..1
lllllll' II. I'Vl'liioin l.,,|lilii<i,li.„.
.1 21, Kri.uk in l-iiini.-i
.Iuh 1,1'ninlinii.il in I'onili-.
.Iuh* 1. Lotlilirlil-tc In M nm.
July 7, Frank In Mnil.- Um.
July a, Frank In LotliluW*!..
July IL", Fi-rnlii In l-nmlii-iiiik.
July IH. MiHlliliui llul in rnnil.ni.ik.
July 111. Mi-iliei.K- Hul ill I'i'liii.i.
July 211, Mmlli-llln lint In Fl-niik,
July-Ti. Utliliriilge In Fonili-.
July 211, LutlilirlilKi- In Fi-rnln.
Juil* :lll, I'riii.lirniik ill Mi'iliiiiin Itiil.
AllBllBl I, l-riuiliniiik In Ulil.rl.lKi-.
Aiiuuk, :,, Funilr in Frank.
Aimiml in, l-'iiink ill I'l-iuilii-iiiik.
Aiikiiii iu. M.niii'iii.i Ilm in l.i'ililirlilni-.
The above is n very good
Bchetlulo und ought tu utiiko a
guud Benson fur lucrusse uu tlie
Crow. In all there nre twenty
games to be played or eight for
inch team,
At the close iif the meeting nl'
tlm Crows Xest Lucrusse Ii-.-li.-ue.
I). .1. JlcSweyn wns naked tn hike
the chair, und .Mr. Brougham made
a motion thnt n new league !"■
formed culled the "Union League",
iu which we would include Medicine Uut, ns it wns known Mi .li-
ciiie Uut could not complete for
the Levnsseur cup. nud thnl !;■
thongllt the .Medicine Hut people
wuuld pul up n cup-
The    above    schedule   is    the
•heilule fur the I'ninii League nnd
bv leaving nut nil games with
Medicine     llul     ynu     hnve    ll.e
'hi'dule    fur    the   Crows   Xest
si. Eugene lo Open. iTIiey havi ti
M.i.ii'. tprll IJ.   Th,* Si. Eujcnt mine will  in « philnso]
.'nun.nn'in'tu.-n.-:!!. liuii inii.iiii. tu pre- ubulini    ,
part i'r'i-n ni inm ul Hnrli. tin* msnaxe
-lii-m being iiiiifiik'iu Unit tlm KDvernmefll
■ '.'. v,1-" 111-' liiiiui-, un Illi-  pnrliiin  ut uur
in- nccci-.ii- i4i i-\*iiin.
c....ii':,4.-j operatians will In- continent up-
m-M''    ivernmctit making ilili conceiiion.
james cronin,
.'.   matter
1 iving
■ iiuiii.
Every indivi tl Juuies
I 'run id al   heart
the interesl iu
had  hrou . .-; i-l
uliuiii ii  -
that ivorli -
last  this
.■imi M.ii
l.-gitiuiii i ..
:,. bring
The sunn* officers wen* elected
for  the   Union   Lacrosse   lengtie
llllll Crows Xest league, except thut
the inline uf A.  I-i.  Broughum  be
added tu the council,
The   CroWB   Xest  Letigue   this
selisnli will eunsisl uf the following
tennis: Lethbridge, Frank, Fernie,
nml Cranbrook.
„.    The Union League will consist
.1  of Mediclno Hut uud Ilu- teams   in
the Crowa Xest league.
The Cranbrook team should gel
out antl win both those cups, uu,]
if tlie peoplo nf Cranbrook only
1 give the team a littlo support  thej
Card ol Thanks. „.*•• wi|1    T]loy „,,, goin), ,„ mjH
Frank T. Davies wishes to return ' hard
his grateful  thanks In his many
friends fur the greut, kindness mul
sympathy shown tn him during his
recent bereavement,
Baled Hay fnr Sale.
(hind uplnliil hnv.    Apply In.
Walter Whitney,
411-Mt Li'lhliliilge. All.-l
Tile  St,   Etlgl  In-  ll,ilie,  of   Mnl ie.
i ■  lu resuuit' operations ill   once,
Tin- machinery hus I n pliiccd iu
proper Bhnpe, uml the water from
iln- limn,- turned un. A large
number of minors have already
arrived in Moyii;, nml tlu- town
iiui' Im. In i-i.   su quiet   tin*  past
tlini* y.-i.iv, is,,, noruii beehive
of activity.    All tin- hotels are do.
ilm u good Imsiiiei.s. uml tin-  in, r.
•Iiiinls. lifter su  long a  siege nl
■nl'iiri-i-il inactivity, nre preparing
for it large stocks they linve onler-1 would nc
-.1.    And il inigltl he' nell  t" iidil|ivquesl   ol
ighl Imr,-. llml ilm  merchatits of
■I,..vie. win.  huvu   wouthorod  iin*
ii.i-iu. pr.ip..,-,.. I,, tuke .-.-ire   nf   the
ii.-,v,-.!iil trnde In- incrensing tlieir
 ks, Imi tin- town  will otl'er
i-i inviting lield tar others to rush
ii expecting tu catch Botite uf the
-r, mn uf tim trade.
Tlm opening nl' ilm mine  menus
 li for Mi yi.-. uml  the district
is n whole.    It   nii-uiis tin* slen-ly
'inpliivnieiit nf about ilikl men Ihut
rill give tin-  town  a   puy  rul]  nf bill in .'
luml 8:10,000, besides  large  sums ivns exp
■xpi lllled   IJ r Blipplies.       ll   will  to   its   I
iiiiiii nlso liu* encouragement of steadily
iropcrlies, that iititurully  will  in- central  *
re.'ise tho richness of tin's section. J about ?,'lij
'I'lu- blowing "I' lli" whistle al  000   in
lie St.  Eugen iicentrator was One I   " led
iveet iiiusie in tlio waiting <-.-ira of by Uu   .
ie Moyie [M.-o|ile.   The gootl times .nui oin
it-y hnve nnil..I [aitiently for have werp, I:   . y
t lust nrriveil, nnd  th.- rewiml  is njipr ,-
■I.ii ,1- -■■■■i-i-"!.    During iill  ti:--si , of tt
■ .*. i-.-i nf iiiiuiii iiv,  tin-   p..pi,-  nt I no in       - r the
luyie have entered no complaint, ptospeel
.Ir. Croaln
James I
the S|.  Im,
day,    I ,
RUUll'll-j     i  i
suiil t:., ■
t-ienl conliil ■
irk.   as
Ko ii
■-iiui   ii.
I'llis li.-
was ;[• -.
Eugene :
nnil I., n
hml I.. I
Its tl ■  .      «
thnl wor .
IVSIlll   ii
1441,,-   li   ■   -       -
:■ of
■ re-
.,     Ml. .1
I       I    11
II  ■
ru i
. .u.
EAST:,, i     Ki OIL,
Toronto, April in. Toronto is
4i4\\ experieneing*"the greatest lire
n lln- history uf lln- city,
ll started nboul ii o'clock last
lieht uiul ut this liiuu*. Iiiin n. in..
s still burning with a loss already
ncurred of four million dollars.
AU along Bay street from W. 11-
ngton street to tin- Toronto En-
rraving   coutpitny's   premises   is
i I'n
principal Ins-es nre
W'. IJ. Brock & (v... wholesale dry
goals, 8500,000; Brown Bros.,
ivholesnle Btutioners, s'JJ'i.n.«i- R,
Sniiili A Cu.. litliognipheis, SJi.
000i Debeuhnm, Cnltlecott & Co.,
wholesale drygoods, $200,000;
Suckling & Co., auctioneers! E -V
-s. Ctirrle, Dm!:, Medici
Ritchie & Rnmsny, Andn
Im.i'l.  Duvis &   Llenders
'j.*   ' t-
Ji ste I these.i |   -■■;-
bilities of this
W'e-'-. I
have * ' itii g
tin* tie! Is illy
tlu-ir in-
inten it.     II
local IiJm -       Ito
The    B
comp   .■    -  - ' irk
along i.i ii
have ' in South
western Alb
down ih :    ' r 1,483
f-i.   -\ - iii  has
lieen -!:*::   : nl , ;,i
nl II- ;'•  '
,   il. Mr. Si ,    ;' tin*
Co., Walker Oi
Muir-1 say this isl
lllll i
f ('
' I
1 u score nf to p ir.. - ' !-'',
others. cents, on b
Al l.:;iln. in.  nil  nf Wellington Creek.    Tin i
street on the south side from Bay and a h Alberta
east to Youge is going, including and eight sq M       - .
the premises of Wvld,  Darling i Junction, and
Co., Kilgottr Bros., Buntin, Roid&|braces
Co., nud the lire is now npproaching
lln- I'ninn  bank.     Dynamite will
be 1181*1 In stuytllellnn.es.
Later   Further known losses nre:
W, .liMsnp A.- Sons, ,-:"ii i.l ii a I: Duvis
A* Henderson,$50,000iG.H. l-lrs-m
i'i- Cu. 70,000; Office Ijipecinllv (
cream nf ii:- rich
field.    Tin- develop!]
nil fields, and I ■■            - attained
by this con rking
mi u busini - iwing
liusitiiss ii, : to mind
the nil scenes and
S50,000; Gale  Manufiicturing Co., Texas, when ■  mado
875.000; Warwick Bros. & Rntter, in a night.   The i isplaya
.ii.imiij; W'. ,1. iIulu* A* I'n.. S275.- (excellent judgiu
 ': Copp.Clark Cu.. Anns Uolden
Co., Gordon McKay & Co.. Burlier
A- l-iliis. Gntta Percha Kttbber Co.,
Scotl A Browne,
Later Brock's dry gootls houso,
the Queen's hotel, Warwick Bros.
A l.'iuter. uml fifteen other whole-
snle houses linie gone.
The liili-Bl estimate nl' tlm loss is
8J1.000.000 sn fur
. April 21    The lire  un-
ler. tt-ul ut  7:110 this
Tl..- total In-.:, is ostium
■ii 811.000,000 nnd S15,-
it  is  disposing -      igh
shares to in peases
und when these ... :.-, m ,r<:
cnn In- purcluu   I.
Louis   Sii, ■ intly
resigned fro
Purk Rupi     I ,* ul
.\l in:,ii  .   ,
:i-   -mm.  t for Stnr
Lumber   c
Fridny evi ,
'sonage I- M
(i-,ei- li.iinii   [leujile   are Minneapolis.
nl  nf a situation.   Tho event occttrri ll driven in
best part of the wholesale district | the home of .Mr.  ::i  Mrs.  Wing
where n few neighl gather
ed In congnttuliil i'  ■ iv in.-ir-
rietl couple,   'I trdly gut
through when u 1
Telegraphers Meet.
A   nninber nf tlu* telegraphersIf,nro^",;v'^n » ™»" compose,, ot
nnd agents on  Um Crow nml  in ^ th, liorils '  'and so
nsl Siinilnv  In discuss
Those presenl were: -I. II. Wi
agent, Wanlner: J.Marploy, agent,
ntor, Cra
forth forinstriu d them.
After   playing   n it-a they
were in\in I  in, .... ;- lieing
Fred   Kenny;  operator; I "'^oducPtl to the L   Ie  ilny pre-
-:J. Kirkpntrick  agent, settted Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer will,
-I Frank Stewart, u,,e,,| "''"I"-';""'!»•"  '»'.    tea set.    A
1      I very  pleasatil c       .      ■   s   -pent.
after   refresh™ served.
The Staples Mill. \'.",.m} 't.v then retiretlgiving
| the   bride  nnd  ;. room their best
.Mr. Staph s. whu is arranging tu I wishes
lutild Ilm Ine mill  ul   Um  tool  ul'
Perry Creek, hus returned tu  Wis-1
cousin   I'm-  his family,   uml   will
eomebiickus n ns ho i pletes     Toolearan   acre of land.    For
iirrangments fur tin* shipiimnts uf inrticiilu
Tender::'. .    . J
',' :   of   li
icS /,l^L*^9^o-ft-*\
Prlil   -   il  i Pr mm--   :
Tl,.- 11.1 mm   -      hi   ll -1"  II   .-mil--     ll "II
,,l,ll   .-_'        \ll   II44II.   "I    Sl.lllll     IJ.l-l     K.'illlil.HI
l.lll .III..1-1 III III- lllll  Ill llll'l •'■.'■lll'll'-
Iiiiiiii.illl-l I" "I ll,.|.ll-ie. ■MiMil-iiitnl.-t. I
ill Illl' |.Hli;|i>- li' till- -I* I 44.11. -Iniili I I*m.I it.
ll   |.l,l.|.-ll.|»  I in,!-    llllll-    11   i-  U-I- - I-    I-
,„|ll|*,ill,sl  ...,-,.l,,i.*lv   I.i      |,nl,li.!,*.      \n
. Iiiiiu-. ]...ui ..I illiiiiiiil.nl  ili.i.ui- it I'.ili.-
|| il.ili I 44,1 *., |,|.,,.. III.' |- "Tin ll -Hi-Hi'
i-l,I |,ll!i|l-ll 11  II..14-|,.l|..t linn   llilll flu
in Un iiniiiiiiiii    i- I in ,-   -nl'- riti
iiiiii nml .m.I i.ni -ill In- Ui.iiitlul -'I i.f.-l
,\,I, .114-.   ill     4   .'I-    -I     I'M     ilnli.   -lil-l I
iiiiiii. |.-r iiiniiili im i * ninl ii" I'll'.,.Imi lll.ll.l     I".   "Ml-    U-I    lill.i Mill...
wlvi-rlla-n-    i"- i im ""---I I
,.,:,-.,.      ll„-,„—  I.,. .,1-   li in- |	
|| ,,„i .l.-ir,  I.., i-.i.li   lli-   | |. I Sllliill
Unsl Km.i-i,.,. i mi-' .nli.in- in I'liii-,.,1.1
Tin. Ili-rnlil Im-.i i.i-ul.i-- mu |i!.iiii. .u-i
li.wurk i-.-i Un- l-i     I'lu- Ili-rnlil ili'ti'l
44 1111.   -Il.llill ll     - -    -     -',11.11-    'I—I     "ll
iiiiii i.ili innl     II w lll'l -uu .-"Hi ml
,11   1414.1  |.|H-    1.1-1,4,II,I    -ml    i ■    innl,    lu
-,,1,1,11ll-.lll.llllllll -Ill ll Il-I Illl I
-r ul... --.-I I'r ■'""I'IIII I'IIRIAI. NOTES.
liri-eiiw,.,,,! Ims seventeen hotels
nnd only  three of them advertise,
.Iiui nt the i I'ri-.-iiiv I paper is a
potent fllelor in ininii'mu; inuiiy
peoplo to llml Inuu.
A number of the tubers of thc
Culgnry council wero catighl in u
gmnd lmlil up scheme In defraud
Ilm city l.y the sule nf lets.    Al I
ten yenrs penal servitude would be
tin- proper puuishmctil uml senilis n wholesome lessim in future
Crunlirook     is    growing,    imt
booming.   That is wlial  we want,
The Inllll    never    llllllll  I 111.    1
don't wnnt il now,
Wherever yuu find a ju-; ' ' -:-'■' ' hisky. >'ol>
find •• Peter Dawson's "—a mature s-pirit uf great
■•-•ipBli \• ■■■     <-iJP
' ■
•'Estpa Special"
Old  Scotch  WhisKy
in: cilAxnuooK  iii:i.*.\i.i>
Timber Notice.
E8^82*1   V: ■•'       '':'!**
em -GGGG gg, i ssbse mm *-3DBBE9Sra|
I \    4-14 i   MUM  111-      lllllll-   lllll-   "1
'   I. IMl   I  Illl. Illl III ll|l|lll   I-   III-    I'lli-I    -'"I'l-
iiits.i, r ul Lunil.-ninl Wort., Inr u «|mh-IoI
Ii i H.-i i mnl  i ii ■ v iiuiiv liuili-r Iiinil
tin* li.liiiiini-i <!—tin'I l.i'iili* iii S Ii  rJii.l
ll  'I* I
I Nn, I I "intii. tn Uu i'I -i ,i.is. intirluil
■M Mi iiiiiii.ui \" 1. - iiuliiii-t iimn-r,"
' 1.144.414, ■luiliulinnurili "t ii imiiil mi lln-
1 imr li I Inr.v ulini  l.-.ss in,,ii|, |. .igblj
; -'mills 4-44-1 -I Mi.'ltel i i-l,. thi-.li* ll'  su
I -linllls. Illi-lu.'i'il-l Sll -liuins. Ill-ll— -until
sll i lliillls. I i-li-i. ll-Sl Sll,ilinjllst" .l.|| Iiiiiii-
ul li-uillliillU. llllllll IllUg -Hn in l-s
I    \n.  *.'.   Ciiituiii-iii-iiii. ut  ii i-'i-l mn.ki-tl
■ \l   M,liiu,  Si.   a, siiinlii'i uni."
I'liiiilnl Imt inilis iiiir.l. uf n Imiiil mi ili-
iim Ui lllll.1 nl li.t l.'isv. Ill Ull Hitllug ii-sl i.l
iil.-i- Mm (ul.l lunil iiilii-i I-   Me lul   nnl,
Nn  Jl mil, Hin imili   Sll iluni.-,  I Ii-i-,.
msl  mi  cliulna,   ll v smuli  su .l.nliiu.
ilu .tmt Sll .....In. Iiitlni |.l< 1 i.-nin
inuu uitilii nin*: llin inns,
Iiiiinl ill I I .ink. II I'. Uii-   lllll A |n ii
limi :i M. M.I i.i	
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The New Managers,
Drop in nnil see us nny time,    Wc are on deck 25 hours
nut ol lhe 21
A t» * « *. at. «-*, r* A
,«rt.**«,-.*^   -, -i*'. Il-   ."■»
-    I*      •-   1      > - •%   *   « " '• *'
]   ...Manitoba Hotel...   I
ll'llilel- NelV  Millim-Jenu-lll) '*.
D. ,\. Mcdonald, rianaget* |
} This Hotel is in the center of  town.   The rooms arc {
\ comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- J
5 class, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you |
. want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba, I
*            WE Q1VE VOU VOUR MONEY'S WORTH •»
********** v***.*'*****
There is ii knocliei-hi Cmnbrool,-.
The I,,.nl Imvc mercy on llilll.
llriiisli Columbia Ims ils eye iii
Premier MeBrido nud  liis ussoci
uti s jusl unu*.   These  | pie tin
anxious  to diseuvi r   the  |«ovt-rn
nient's policy in tin nl  lumls  ii
III,-  l-'liUll.li.l  Villi, y.
Crnnbrook needs incorporiitio
to insure wuter works mul lltl lull
ipinte lire company,
Whnt hns become of lhe Crni,
lirui.l* lire brigade? ll is time for
hnd sliirleilun linkerslreet. When
ivuulil ilm town In- todny?.
Tlu- Phoenix city council has
nbiliculeil. This is the result of
govoriimenl police ilomiuntioii in
incorporated towns.
ll is estimated thnl the immigration to Cnutidii ihis yenr  fr	
l-'iiL-lni.-i "1 '• will  nggt-egnte  i'.ii.
llllll people. Then- will be nearly
15,000 I'l-i.iii the I'nileil States,
Tin-CI mini Trunk Pacilic cannot bi
built too soon.
I tliu* politicians were gagged for
sis inuntlis there would   nnl   lie u
ivonl   heard   iigiiiusl    the   On
Trunk   Pacilic iii'lieum, unless il
mini  frmn   leaders uf   oppositi
I'rnnlii k is  Ilm   besl   town   in
liriiish   ('..luml,in   today    for  ils
Size.      ll  is uu use for  The    Hcl'ulll
lii deny in- em I.-,-n i ir to  hide  this
fuel,   AllofCnnndii knows it now
Th.- ('. P. R. is  blockaded  will,
lnisiness.      tireni   Ciuiniln     n Is
 re   than   une    li-nnscuiiliiu'iitul
Tlu-re is im use iii hiding a light
under ii lnisln-1. I'm it in a prom.
Iiinni plnce su timi the  world   mny
see il  Illlil  lie tielielileil  tlu-lvl.V.
Wlml Cranbrook ileitis, nn.l
u Is badly, is nn harmonious organization ul her business Ilieil.
They   ----iil-I   iiccomplish  wonders
for themselves   if    tlli'V    WOtllll    III*!
The local conservative fighl in
Nelson has reached the stage
where John Houston intimates
that W. A. McDonald nnd Dave
f'urley are Buffering with
paresis, and Curloy olnssifies Peck
.McSwnin with the "Scum of
I'lumpe" iiiiiI places Willium Blnke-
more in the meiitnl lighl tveighl
contingent,    Politics is a bad  pro-
|ii<siliun whi'li il lierullles lu-1-essill'V
to imiiil.:.- in llilll pel-sunn lilies lu
Jluld prestige,
'Ihc Chilli (or Thai Suit
. i       im Irrinn in In  llii- »|.| Ii.i in
spert Tailors
cask & Henderson
Tnkn i.Mn
inuu lnii|.|
lumls uml in
;.-.-.ilmi lun
»'.' '1' II s
I'lillU t -
Timber No'.ice.
i-utluil lliirliiliiis nil
lUlll   I .. I l.e iiii.I     nl	
 -(■■'■ us	
nil,- 1 nnl--1-     nun    llllllll Un  I  Km
.    il    IIUUI     1444
niniil. niiili I nilnrj- nt l.m   l-i-s, I'l
Mmiii- .h.-i ..I Mil In I-ii-k. uml ttl iln'iuii
ii-ii.-l 4i,,.i„.||,,i II I-ln.l.,-1. Nil   I   limi'.  ll-
nuilli   sn  ilmiiis.   Iiiim isl   sii   rlitl
thonro  smuli   '■"   i-liilllin.   U-i-'-   '■"'-'
,'i,„i„«. in Um l.i.i.-.' nt liiKliinln-*-, I'liiiiulii
Ulli ui'ii.i u: lnul
ll.il-il A|.||   n. i nu I
:) IV, IV, Tlinnipmi
l\' THE sll'llt'.MIJ HII'IIT 111' IIHITISll
ini.rMiii.t,  I'-uitr stijui.I'J nmiis-
Ill I-II,lllllll,
N.iii-is linri'lij' llivill   lli ii Hi-  I 111
illl.V ilMill-ll. I'.llll.il HUB  iil.l-t-il I., .1, A,
I'-Hllll.    iJsi|.     illlllltl     ,,[      S.lili   l-444.ll.   llllll
Jiuiii-s l-'-i-nistni A. in,., i-i.iiu. iilll-ltil iiiliniti
nl  In
I .vol liixil-titi.i' mil iu-liiiliil nil' iii iiiii
rlKlnnil .lh.riPl.iilll.-v.-l*. uml r i
llitl III'Illllllillistl-lll HI* iiii llliilllil sltlglllllt' till'
-sl.ll,.    ul   lllllllXII     l'BI.1.1 ni   lllllll ,.
,||.-..||H,|||. illli'.-llllii.
Ul.lV |iM-.-ll Ul.l. I.I-l I" I I,- -141,1 ,!,.,,M-i
is r..,11.i-.-.l n, iiuilu*  |.ii.v I  liu-llm-llli  In
ll Inl -IU* I
lii-liiii-iiiiii I"  lln ili-i-iisiil is i'ii|iiit-,l 1,,i-ili-
iiill,  ll liuii!,* lint iiii.li.r,.i|! I.
IJlll.l  ,ll'i  IH  "-In I-  si.ll Illliill,!   II L.lll.Ill ll|    iiin.-i in llin ili.li'lliillliui  til
lliiu-Hli 1 il... mill .1 ns-il is i,i|iiir.il
lll'tum Hin HIM ilny III M.IV llllll III si ml  In
r-uisl-riil  1.1 in-,   mlili-wi-il n,  i I. i.
sm I, Iih uu  nml iiilili-i-ss nml Hi- lull
linili.iilim.il! Ills iluliil in-   „:n.-i   mnl i,
slm- nl "I I i-1 iu iiimI ll- mn I
ll inii.i I f uny I In-lil In- Mm
All.i- Ilu- suiil   Ul.l   ilny   4,1   ll,,,-   mu
lli.iitiiniiiislit * lllll iii'iuwil niili lli- il,.
Ifi inn   "1   ll snu.  Inm,,-   l.|,iil>,|   In
il Inllllii only u! .Iiiiii I- .Imli Imm  im.I
lliilinlnl   full   Si-ln Iiiin   I21li  .Im  nl
.timi. mm
.In... s Yen, ii Aiiu-ii-"'!!.
I <: miliiiil AilinliiUiriiliir,
niV.ll.l-.l.l   Ki.vl.nl I l'l-,.|.in,|, i ■ ti.ii-n
li linn -u in irtiliiiti',  nlii-li  uill I..*
Iirn.liii*.*.! n   I'm i-i i s-il-, Hi-iv nil	
i,il'.i-.i fm null In- imlili. lim liy TN,ii,,.,.
11. Il.i'.-rl., ni liisiilli-, iiiiknr .trrot, in , I.,-
101,11 nil Itiil.-,,"!..! |,-,„-u,.,-,,|- iliil '-li
Culm in mi
Friday, April 21, A, I), 1901,
441   lll.ll.il.   iH   iM].,     i, -lllll.    I tl.    tl,-  Ml
lllll ili>- |„1, |l-ll,v:
All lli.il i-i iiuiii i-i.il..ill I ntliiiiil nml
|uii|iii-s ..i'iiiii. iii iiii. I-n,,.in-. „! llriiisli
l-iililinliiii.pui fpil nl l.m  Uli-i-pii III), in
lllu.lt IJi-lui-iiiii...   (811),   in    Hi-   Iii.iii   ul
irii'ii'l n. M-t IMiit-liiiiMli-li-i-l,  iippiii-,1.
Hiiiul llml iln,.-. mi
-imi I lllll. llliilllil-,
 I.    lllll!        sl   nv
444.- tu fiiin Nn. ur,:).
I'l.l"s*.l.-J llilll
inI.Iiii. ii I I ll-.Ml
IIS  114,   111-111441   |||,
I " -lll'i-.l I' l-.l-l.lllll!   |4lll|lll-l-.      Tl,
ii-.-ill...HI,,- sl,„. im- nil! | uml „! ill
I'l'OIII-  U I   I     ll,|,M,.|
T-i'in-i Tiii|iir..iil i.l ill- imi-  iiiii 1'- Imiii ul III- Iini- ii! snl., nml Hi
,.! ii,..-,,14 imim iiM I, 4iill lu> iiitiil. Iiiiuiii
nl lli-lii I.,,-,,,
I'm- i-im.;,i.4l,4,ii.liii,,;is,,[ „„l„ ,,-i'ilj |,
Tli. tir.nl Wi-i I.ii- As.iii.iii-.(-„in|„u,,-
ll'il -a. Mu   i ill-ill   i .  AUiiis.   lliiin,'.,
A    Imiiil-. ,-4,ll,-II,-        I',.,     ll,,.      nil,,,M   ,-      Will
nl| iv, Mnnliiiliii, in   in w.  I-. ilm,i. emu
l.riiiili, II, f\ ll.lli
Coal and Petroleum Notice.
I ;*"" I      l"l  i lii-i-in- I ii" 1 fm
im.I Ii-ll... iill-l   Ilm li.llulilim  iinn.
i-1-U'i..l  hn - i lii-lii.- k. it,  Suiiili
Unsl ICiiiil.nn.v;
Ji'iiil-"-!. n.in.il -ii mil.-in,nln.III,. I.ii.,
I llilllull   II Iniilil mi  l.nl  -llinu- Sin,,,,-,,
ImiuI, -.isl    i     .Im. ■ n,,i   mi ,l,4ii„s-
nil 1 i..
.l-.liil   Noth
Notice to Contractors. iinii'l'ininnl',V.'.*-"i'.'^v"t.."*.." I'D G,iuG-
T.-iulms nronsk-il Iur tlm minlrui-lliin nl  ,i I„,„| ,| „',„.iK. i,„, |,.,i,i|,»| „ u,
itiili-ivin-li ntnl liiuisiii-.'ii! il  ,i.-ii|i..i-.-i1  Inn  ; |,i,n h-isn  II... !i|I|iiii!,i*i ihsi'illi ,1  Ijii.iU   ii,
..nli'iiiiiil! I'lniit !■». lli. .tli— iiiin.. tlui'i'iniil ' s mli i: ml K....1 n
 Iinll.s luni I, ,,11'i.sli,.,. II. IJ, In I,,-!    i*,,Mini ,i ,-- iiin,„'i,l|,i||| iiluiuutli.
■'-■-<" ,V rsi-mi'il lUi-L'.-ulil"   ,.„.,   ruriin,   nl   l.nl   -J.-.7J.   i!„„„, 1, It,.	
aailiAl liliii'liihlvp. ,,,.,'U, n,  ,!„ -ij4i,.|,„i„s.ii„.„-
I'lnn.. sl,..,-,ll-„ii„,i>ii,„.i-l„-s4,„Mi„„   „,„i|,8n .luiiiiH, Hi up,, ,,,..  -."i,. ,i„
illl...   llttkT Hll-prl   N.lsnii. niiili! .iini,.   Hi. ,,I,,., ul I ,„;  pin.! lii.ln-r 1110 u.rpi
nrrl.i.1.   Tliuliiivnitiirmiy li-mlpr mil  n »•  i,„„-,„■!,.-.
h'lu-'-l'i.-.li I    Uiii.il ii. 11 ll, ilny nl April, innl.
...S. i-niili-r, l:ii-!i- In ilm mn, Mnrysrilli- l.iiniliprt'uiii|uiiiv, l.iiiiit.il.
Timber Notice.
\.,i - li.rpliy ilv«i Hu-' llilrly 'l".vs
,li.r ilm.  I  ml in 111.t■ I.-. in ll>. , lii-1
mi ssliimi' nl   inmls    I   ii inks Inr ii
lu-r  In In-  Inlliiii'lll-I .I.—. ii I lumls in
i.nilli IJn-i K .mil
\.i  I    Imui iiiiiuint n |in« il.'l    J
|,|,|l.ll    V,     I    si.lllllll.sl   -"I I,-I       l.llllll.ll
in I I li. nml llllllklllMliill.il- I.   Hu-  uiil.s
mull  i<!  Um iinrlli  tinuiiilry nl Inl   l.-.HH
nui! mil an . liin.is .nsi nt .1. Slum
 smiilliii.sl iimii.-I  ilium N"  '-' I III  ii-
4-4    lim   -lllllllS,   liuii..     -Ill   11 I liuins,
|||.|    .,,,1     lllll   |.||||i||H,   lIl-li-   s li    III
liuins In ill. liiu—n! Iii'iriniliii*,', I'liiiliiiiilni!
11 ten.
Nu.il,  I'liiiuni-iii-iiiHiit n I'usl murkiil ",1.
llslilll    ,\".     *.'.     1,1,1-111.14-1     -..l-ll-l."    (.Illllllil
l.lll- llltUltllil, Ut Mi.lltli'14-.k tlliiilll 1 -.. llllli e
mrlliulll -ml-nis—Hi nlil.i Inr.i
4l lull l.-.ss Br,„i|, I. Hun h.inlli.su -Iiiiiii-
ilmiB iIip ivi-nl lllllll   f «'. IIiiii.ui-'s Nn,   I
nnil, I linn'., n-.sl SOi-luillw, 1 Imli 'lli su
liuiiiH  lu  M.   M'l'iitiuiiiiii's   Nn    .'   liniil.
Imi nsl .-iiiliui'is in |il I lH-glni.ll.-,.
|M■-,I 1,1114,1,1,luiil,.  II. P., Ill's Jllili Mil.l'l.
'.ml,       :i .1. Il.i-.in.il.
Timber Notice.
Tiiliniinllinlli.il Ililrty ilnyn nf tnr tlm-.  I
illti'inl lnii|<|il.v In Di.i I.i.-f tiitiiiuissiiiii.r
l.iimls nml in, ks. [,„■ ii s,i iini li-iis. l.n
iiiii! niii-iy uivny tlnilior frum ni- fulliiiviiig
.li w-rllml   lunih  iltuutil   in    Smuli   Uisi
i. iiiiiiiti.i..iiig hi ti imiiil m.iiIs,-i ■•<;
i hi i-s iiiirlli-.n-si ... imr" Iilillllnil ut u intuit
ni-.u-11 111,1 Iiniili ul Mli-lii 1 i-ii-ik .oui- inili-s
i, ulini Hi- nuilli I  Jr.-   ul l.m    Ui Si
lll.linn  ii-sl   su   iJiiiins;  li -. mil III   Hll
.linln,, n. Hip 11. I lingiiniliig.
-.-.   i-iiiimi'li.tiigtit n |iunl |i'iiiil.it mi Ilm
4*11.-1   llllll. Ol .11 Mini Ml, l    ,1,,, 11441  .  ih ,,i
lli. iiurlli I I.ii.v  nf  l.m   I-- :   iliuM
114.11 It     S.I     1-1,44 ill-.      I lil-l,..     .MSI     Sll     ,-lllUllS.
iti mi- sniiili  isi.  i'lmins,  ilini,-   msl  su
-Iiiiiu,,inlli,i |i|ii-i,I lii-giluilliB.
Huiul A|iill Ilili. liiui.
:l ll. <'iiiiii-.
Timber Notice.
Tut Up. ilint llilrly ilnyn nltnr il Up, 1
itit.tiil In imply tu Hi. . lii.t i .inniiissi i   ul
l.umls uml -vulkH. I— -4-i| Illl IlmllHUtil flit
iii.il iin-r.v inui.v tllllliPI* fiuni lln- fnllouliin
il.e-i-ili.il Inuils, slnuil. iiiSiuilli Kusi Kinu.-
l. ..ninninipliig ni   ti  insl  mnrkpil "J,
Sliuniioii-.  -ti-nsi i-,in-i-- pliuii.il I >
mil., nuilli ul np,ini nl : I.lun l.-i   iinul
ul Um Inti-rsiulli 1 Hi-   Hi lurk  .J
Mi.li-I i-n-i-k uiul 111. 11011 li liiilliiilury of I.i.l
l.'iss. lii.ti- msl sll pliuln-, Iii-n—sniiili su
.liinlis. tint nsl Sll i-]ulilis.  Ili.n—   .ii
sn-liiiii, lutli. pi,,.,, of l-ngllinliig.
U Uoiiimpiii-liigiit ii poal pliiiiiul ui Ui-
mIi. n- iii-iiijiiti.il imtiii. liuii— n-,t 81)
p|iiii.M, 111. , i.i.. irlli Sll i'IiiiIiih, llmnnn pnal
sn-liuiim, timi  Hinilli Hll . uiiis i.i ill-
pin- ul lll'llllllllll't
li.ilnl April. Illli. Iiiul.
:: -I. Sliiiiuinti.
•i-jp-s-x      I.0.0.P,     In*, tin l.ndie
iJCSS'i   x"   "*   M--IS ..I.M..II
Z'JZ.'<9*   -I". I'fel."  ."'"" I-' 'I
i -i.-i -tm.i.   sujouri-ig
  I'l'lliiiv-i-niiliiill) Illllllil.
M,   ll   Iliililn:-. II. II   M. fm luni-.
■M. ^ Criinhriink i...J*it-. No. Jl
'\j|fe-    * *. .. !'. S V M.
).\\,*3-G\/\( |t,.K1,iar nipptlmts -ui lli"
V* tliinl   Tlmrsihij "l tl."
«M iN
VlBlliiigbn Mi'M   vvelcomeil,
\l    \   IlKAl I, Si>i'*y.
tin; A. i„ li. Nil.Id?
M-i-   -i-ii    S In,.
lilllli I   in    I.  II. II    I*    Imli
Vlsltlni li.iiiiri-n eonllallj InvtlciJ lo Rtlcnil
Cms, i:m   I..nni: Nn. Ji:;
Cranbrook, B. t.',
lt.,-1, L',,,1 uml tilt Tins.In.l   .u   s  |	
luu  I' Imli.
J   I   Alivul.li, K, U.S.
T. ''-ii-Km, I' i
Visiling tlnilt.mil -iii<liiill.vliiiii..l 1.4 .ill...I
Cratilin.uk Branch of
l|4-4'4 s,  1,., i    di  |.   i    „,4.|,|   .41    S   j|,    |„      ||nl|   ,,„
■lllll   II 1   114411     llllll.lllll!.
Visiting I.i.iIii.ii Inulii.Ill Iii vii.-1
u i- vi-mn.. .i. r. ui. 4,..
lull-Sue. I-..I -ll-.-v.
0. P. TISDALE, :
I'liiprmlui ul (lie ,
Cranbrook      j
Candy Kitchen j
. iui-i.s.i ii|.lei-,iin-k ,,r l
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,        t
Biscuits, Pipes and j
TiihilCCilS. Ui' i- us a call J
....................... .(B
Ihc Contractor
Wlm.bis Contracts
If lull nu   build   lei  nm ItllOW,
I    »ill    l<e    [lien I    In    I'llll,ml,    ynll
inl illliill s iiml iiiiii help ymi mil
iiiiii si nne idens ns lii lllllllS.
Formerly Hotel I'lt.-iir
NELSON, li. C.
B. TOilPKINS, Manager.
1'his   lintel   is   mm   nf   Hie   best   in
Uritish ('iiiiuiii.in nml iip-tii-il.'ilc
in every n-spect, Well lighted
sninple rooms.
When passing our studio came in
and see the new
Presl Photo Co. Studio
I'.O. Dinti-.i-lli.'l 1 .VI-  |l. c.
I Jim pri'iiiirctl tn gxocuIp
;ill orders promptly ;iniI
;ii Reasonable Rates,  | Imvc
illl   tin-  r(|llipttli*iit   lis   rr-
ipiici'd li_\ tliogovornnmiit.,
;iimI luivu biioii ;i citizen
mid liixjuiyerin Crnnbroolt
rom luiniberoCyeiirfl.
Timber Notiee
irpl.ygli-.iilluill ir...-.1
Timber Notice.
'l-.-.k-miiip. Unit tliirty iltiyti lUli-r (Into I
iiiliml lu apply lu iln*i lii-f 11ninni-niuiiiT ni
l.inuls I uni ks, f,,r n mil-Pill] liiM-.ii.i-1 n -in
llli'l Piu-ry nwny tinihnr frum Ilia fniloiilng
liiml-siiiiii. in Suiiili liunl Kiii.l-iiiiy:
I-   44,iMin lug ul   ii pint,   |iliiiil.il   un.
lll'l ulli niu iiolnl un IV. it'. Tliunipsiui's
liuili.i-ii nil ■Jil.luiii.s.iml nf Ilu* nnrtllouHl
pol'llnr 0, ,1, Sluinuntis's Nu   -J li—usn, tuul
iii-nr III. .nsl  I link uf Mii'lml t k, llmnnn
unsl 1110 i'liiiilm, lli.i uilli   III -luiiii.M
lit ii—   n.141    lllll   nliuiiis,  tllntl Ill   III
ilmillis, lu I In-|.lu I til-ginning, I'liultlluilig
lllll 111'r.scf Inml.
II     I'OllimPIIPil !! Dl II pusl plulll-il lii-m- |]|i>
iil'iiii-iii iiinni iiii-i liuirli.il **1--. Si.pli.ii's
Nn,*! nnrtJiivpHi i-in-iipr," lii.ti— suutli -In
i-iijtins. lli.ii—.tist lllll .ImiiiH, llinunu nnrlli
111   -lllllll.-.   tl    lll-sl    UIU  I'lllllllH   lu   111.
pi..." Ill llPgllllllllg    lllllliil!!' liy i..illli,IMI.-
tn. in nn i.s .iiiiuiii.
li.ilnl April I Iiii. inm.
:i .*. si.pli.ii-.
Timber Notice.
Tlilw ii. liuil llilrly iluya n'l.r ilnln, I
i mllo npply lo llio. I ,i..l..n, i
Mini's I uniks, Inr n »|.t .iulli..ii ut
uml-in-i-y tinny llmlipr from Hi. lullotilng
llnBnrilllill lumls, sllliill, in Soiilli Unsl Kliul..
I.   f'uiiuti.iii'iiii:  tit   ii   pusl    |.l,i,,toil   ut
nl.tr.  'Ill-lull   nri.k   il -nis   Hi.   mniii
I liny nl   I.,,l   l.-,ss,   Um,,,,.  i„ulli mi
.ltliitis.llt.li nsl Sll nluiliiH,  111 - s I,
KllnliulliR, I linn-, iust HIlulinliiH lu III,, i.l.ie,.
..I lingiiniliig lituliilng l.y  liillllnn.iiriillmill
J.   '"I iiiiiignl n |.n-l I'll il  mi  Iiiii
viol -iiiim! Mi-ln Iii I.. Hi-, mill's nuilli uf
I Ill   liuliiiiliiry  nl   l,nI  Inss nml _'n
'litilnn .nsl nl .1. Sliiiiu '» Nn. *.- Ilmlinr
lii.its".   lli.i li    lllll   rliniiiH,   I lil'Mi-
msl III ilmiiis, llu-m-i- Huii.li lllll i-liiiiiis,
llii-iii-ni-iisl III .liuins In Um pin I In uii.-
Uill!.-, -UMI.lil,ill,! lllll 444-1-4 S 4 ,f luml.
II I April 11, innl.
U II, M-li-.lnn-
Timber Notice.
Tul:-in,I ..linn tliiili* ilnys nil.r iiui..   I
lit 1 luuppl.v In tli. ilili! iimiHsii r of
Liimls nml ii-niks, furiisp-inlli sun. ml
nnl i-nrr.v tinny I mli.r Irom III. tolloltliig
l.,.iili.il Inmls, iu Smuli Unsl K niiny:
1.   I'l-inini-ii.iiig nt n pusl   iiiiuk.il "W,
illllong  No. I   iinrlliii.sl   i nr" pliinteil
i.ur tin* bank ul Minluil -iv-k. liru mii.s
1 Uu- iiniili tiouiiiliiry uf l.nl  1.4
s      BUILDER
-—    '■*•**■ , m* •-*—       —
nrnc-c AND SHOP
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Rotes." ,.•*   ..-»
Phone night and day 77
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe -md
Harness Maker
Old sliiics made new,   All kinds
nf repairing.   Give mc a call.
W.*************., 414-44*4*4,
|   B. H. SHORT   :
j   >
4  Painter, Decorator nntl Sign  J
} Writer. i
Hen. Women unit Children'*.
\nt nl i-osl Imt nt 11 lui; [irolit.
full  mill   see  lllllll    I   eun ilu
I'm* ymi.
New   I.ine   of   Cook   Stoves
.lust Received
J     All ki,..l» ..r , Ing. i uml   J
r ^m: i
* We give perfect satisfaction  ►
. t
, \4 illl   OUI*   W i'l k.
_   r-       tit  "--*->   .
Sviiitjis-i**, ol Regulations for dtspoul of Mln*
c'f.il^ on Dominion Lands In Manitoba
lh; NorthweBl Ttrriiorks and Ibe Vukon
.'.I   Conl Inmls innj he iiiirdiiwpti at Itn
■■ i,'i Mill cci.il nn.l >.ti im iintlirticlie.
'ii'iiiai. j ncreacftiiticmqilreil by om
i'iiiii: "!'   .'iniii'iiin,     i ,.\:,,iy  at   ||„> mti' n|
i.iii'i/. "ivis„iis..ti.|!jhii'i'ii years nnd ovpi
! ■"'"' 'i«*' mr: - UtiiiiitiH fnw miner's
ti) iiliiiiui entry iur it tiilniiiij ii ,-n
-!«   fill |l|.n-4 !> \
>-^. ,-:,.:■;.,; i»'      \
\   fr*"'/i? ''*'"'"'" "" *''■'■* •v'': -v
i' i ct'itiliujiti*  U  liiiiiiti'il  f,.|- nm
i n,lv;tii',-,',.r-;..'.i> p,.i ,-niiiiMi, f.,',- ;in in l.'lthiiii
ml rij-msu tn •ihi iter mum in turn
A freo miner, Imvlnn illscovorod mlnernl ii
Inee,   iimj   locnie n •■iuim iiwoxlfiou feet li
1 l Ik HI.' Olil lilt  RI1I11G Willi l«,i Ii'i;,l| |10M.1,Iieill
i \ ■ i v miiiii.,ii,Jilt,-ii m, i,... „r rnu'ti„u.   'i'lu.. hi
At least 31-JUimiKl ln> exponiled mi Hie , 'lulu
,'.i'n y ;u - i |>, .I lu Un-in,ninn n rilurln Ilei
m-'iviii.   \vii.ni j.ii'0ims he\|n-ii r i«ii
I'i! ml -l-'ii mil) I.'.* fi-.. ii ml hy lln* Mltilsl.'i' ut
lit.* I ute i i,u i,' l, I'.i if , l um-. ,*mii. i km I,;.' huh uml
mica, also coftjer. lu tliu Ukou t'errllory, o( un
The|in -'ii r ra iin.ui to'oatloiiRlmll iiiiuiii,'
Ml* the imyiiieiitiifriiahiiiiln'iitU'nf j', i-u
H-in ol lln* i-t-nlt-,-1 ,i] ui*':.ii*ii inn Mt
lli.',-i Mtiium.   Miiitii. ba mul iIik N.  W.Tr.
i-v,-,*|.||in;llii' \llKonT,-.llt.in.     I Ini-,-i   iiumii ■
maimsiteniTiilly urn ion feci simim-i i-mry w,-.
■?.-.. i.*iu*rt;il.;i'.H'Hily.    im  Mi,-   Nmtli  S'lsKnt-
et ;
>li, Hi
f.'i'l.    \\ ti rnMiiim I'tiun- is nsi-ii, claims 'l,»
fci'l "i.ii; in.iv ln'Mliiaiiu'd.
tirodalllBtntllolhiis „f Mniiit„|.a niid 111.*
.V \\. 1.. i'\.*r|nln*r the' SiiUon ivrnlim -A
lr,;'*innii-t m;i\ nlniiii, ,'lily Im. I.-hm-s „| lit*,,
inl i'-(-:i,-li fm a t'-nii ,tf t».>iiij* yi-urs, r.'ii.-w.
niil'1 In tlio ttlaoicttuti of the Minister or tin* In*
lhe leasee's right Is eonilnotl to ttio subnipru
 wlm bin. in Mn; riMT bi'l.m i,,w ivnti-i
niMi'... ami Miiij.'ci in tbo riclils nf iiii pcrsotii
dlOWtitl rlwr, wlieri'llif liw-ce may ilietlj;!' In
liicli ».ili'i* mini. -*i.*h iilii'inm,' ii'jis.-li.ilii
'lie li-sM'i* shiill liif.1' n  driHlKi>  In  -r.itimi
iiiihlii,uie -in tun iimii Mn-.imi*,if Hn. leusl- fur
t-ti.-li liv,'i'.i,.*> imt wlii-i.'ii |n iHiin nt* i-iitiiiiaiiy
liiisiililnim-H mnn* linn me least- one ilii'ilui-
i';11 llf ■I'"t <>r tia.-iiim I-sullii-ii m
Purchase Price $3.00 a month   KiV^ioh'^
Allowance made for old machine ' l'^-!!'!:.. J.!,!>!'.,.r>',ll.t,l,.,'mt*"r.,w» 1"1,l ;l '»"'
ill,i". I int.'iKl m iiji[i),v t.i tli.- Cliii-f Cum-' nml m Hi.' uoiitlnveflt norner ul (J. CIoiIu'h
ml.Hit>ii ol I.iiihIh nn.l  \\„\U fm- n Hpeeinl , So. 3 limit, thoiico nml HO nliohiH, lln-nni
li.-.iH-i* i I iuh] i-nrrv nwny l i ml ut Irom   m-hiIi   8l) uliulliB,   llieneo   ivint Ku fliulim,
Mi.' ■■:■.■ i.'mv-. I,!,. ..I l,n,.]■-in Smith t:io<\ ' i Iini" irlh 80 elmliiH to llio plnce ol lwg|n>
Kuoteim.i * - I nine, coithihlltiR 'UO ni'ivn id 1 nnl.
('iiiiiiiiumliijjriil n |io*?t mnrtieil'M. Melnnrs j    -'■  Commencing  nt o post ninrked "W,
S, "'.."Mi T pli -.int llio H I;, eonier ol   Ounong No,  2  BOlllliffisI  corner" plant,',!
!,,i Nn '."■■■ I n   i. Ivi-' Knoienny IHh    lunriho Imuk uf Midml <>nck m iln- north*
l,-,-i,   iliumn m-i   sn ,-IiiuitH i,i thr Wcct   went corner of F. Stephens No.  1  Iiinil, am)
I 'il-ty nf! i -inn Droiip  I   tlicncn norlh ' ftlmnt fix ami u Imlf uiHch fiom (he north
lOcluiiiiH lo lliesiinlh hiHimlury oNol  lllll r liouiidory  of   l.oi   4M3H, Ihenco nortli Mn
iiiiuiii 1.1 lii*in*.' in mi mi cliithm, llicnccfronth   i-lmiriM, them itel *o i*lininn, thonce « iuh I .    ,   ,. I discoverer itt Mm? niloof »l,w an uere, siihject
In Hi" |iln Mici-lmifug emiliiiu*  NOclialiiH, Ihenco w**Bt HO ehntnM to Ilm |diun  *-1'- ' r.UKI'.H, II, I'.I.ANDT       \ torayiiUyulBueh mlo us mny in- speollled lif
.'   P.'.* '   A   .Jjeiwiriiiienlof tin* Interior, ntiaiva, Sept.,
.... riCKETSc...
To  Al.l.   POINTS
ecr cent cmloaieil on the output after Itcxeu
^ |ir.dglniiliitho Vukon Terrlinry. -His irasi'*
of live inilis each may In* umiiti'il to a In*.!
Iiilllei im* a lenil nf hwiiij y.*ai -. also renew-
'ilm Ic3soo*arl|fhl Ibcon(Ini'iI io tin- siiIhhpil-
ed lied or Intra is iu<> rlv r I'.'imv imv waiei
iini.Jf.lbal Im ry tob-'lhi'itby lis -lo-dtlim
"ft * Im 1st jlu> ft Anmist o yenr uf ||„. ,|al(,
*rii,. leasee shall hnve nm- ilreduo hi oporutloii
Mlhm ti-.i.;..'.u-lM.:,i lln-,l,.[-,il |1„.|,'|M,  -,,,.,
>■■■ ';-" ''-r imi-Ii in.' nnl.'s lutliln  six yn,is
lr,.ius.i.'b,'al.'.    l;.irjil,-|.U|nt| i, "or flWl
your, aim »]u pur mil.' inre-icli snl,-.. .-ni j.-nr
ItllVII t> miiiii-as |>l.i   ,-r inin,!,-;
I'lai-ei Mliiin-j iiiih,' Viikmi IVirllmy, crHi,
Kllli'h, flv.-r anil lull, lain- s ski I mil i-\,-,-,,| ->„,
t'.'i iii loiiitih, inciimired in ilm bm: line »i
f, m"ni .iiivi'iiini i.f ii,,- , i, nr uni. li  tin-
Hliltb being In, I  njo i.    a	
vvv. v.-vvfrv
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ollice il Residence, tra,sinuiS tu*.
Forenoons,   -   -  -  ■   WO to 11
Alternoonu   -   .   .   .   |:j0ln3:J0
fimninis    ....     J.,|n ,„ h.j0
CRANBROOK,    tti:       i    E   f*
| Vroom cS: dcv.aW    I
i «
•     Horse Shoeing :
j Carriage Repairing and      1
( General Jobbing..., J
(li.isi.li* Orders Promptly *
Atli-nik-il In.
Cranbrook Carfaae
and transfer go.
Perry & Pibprrlil, Props
Ag;ents forQalt Coal.
General freighting forthis
part of the district.
Piano and furniture moving a specialty.
Calls answered promptly
Phone 63
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
1 two
m I""'1" ".H II In  iv It hi 11
ItlllltllK rceii il.'i s,-|||,--..   nn*,, ..,1,,-
fui eneh a id nmi il ion ml es ,11
T0K0NT0,   HONTRIiAL, MM   \m.
fitniiiviilnoliienlllled to a     AND ALL POINTS |\ I \   11 |;\
l.VelIBl& e"l          |l,,lM    UANAIM ANM ' N|M " ■ ■' u I v
in  riinrwnl, Ilu
 iin Ha ins only,
| Kny.-li) ill 1I1-* nth'nf lun ami
ny lohupnld in the
Nu lie iii.iifi shall r.'i>i-i\|. a yraiit  nf more
Hii IIIIIIIIIU I'll    nil   i-a.'ll   HI'I lllllll'   I'Uil
 .•"« or mtl.-b, 1.1,1  lh,' sami'  r mav Iml.l
uny mmii-cr nl Halms l.>   -lias,', ami  fn-,*
  ri nmy W»ili llin! , Iiliins l„ |ini'lii.'islil|il,y
h ihi'iiinili'tt ami   |,!*.,i„k nc of 91.    A    '
SI. Paul, Ihiliilli. Minneapolis. Chicago ^V*!*..1"!^-!"-!;;1^:"!;*8- ■"•■r««"«*"*r ^»"*«i^««-*B""» "^
. iy jjlviiifj notice mnl
ami  AU.    POISTB  KAST j   '\\ ,„ k musi be ,l"i , clilllll each yeai  .
Sciiitle,   rticiunu,    Victoria,   Purtlaml,    An.'Tiib'm'lMbni^Jk^iniijie inenimitb
AMi   Al.l,  PACIFIC  COAST  I'lll
iiiiinl I'.'nli jfiir* If mil, Ute claim shnll he
n,rim ill.i In*iiii.nnl.iin-il,uiul 1,(it'll luoci'iij'iill.ni
ami cmiy liyn n-.■ inlncr.
Th<' mini 11- ur a I'laim wny be ,1,- I  ;il,-
snliiMy by luiiiitf,'a -uim-,\ i,unli*;itii| ] ul.llsliliitt
imlic-s 111 iln- \ 111,1. mllii-ial lia/i'll"
Through Pnlnco and Tourist Sleepers
Dining und Duffel Smoking Library Cora
prii-lii'lln*-'   for pi-l    ami the milliter
  Illliy rcservi'fu  nn inillvliliial or I'ompativ hav-
inKinnohliiery on tin- laml io he prospei ted, mi
Fo,',""°8',' Cl's»"'' f"11 intor,„.no„ ;::;;:■;."I'iV,,;';;,^ XGGGti'SSZA
i'liii rtllli-r trips, i'n 11 nn tir iiiiii ross I I'slnlill li sucli iiurlli i'i y, iiii ari'n lint i'-,ct*i'illi,i,
|  li'H's. In- I'll   nil ll,| lilllli   -.11.-1,  „||||,f
  liiiiil iis iiiiii In' ill iiniiiiiiiii. will In- solil In llii<
nl iii-jiiiniiii-r lllllllltllK 1110 iic.i'H uf Inml.
Ill 1 llii-Ml,] 4,,,,| -I ml,  Inm. I     Inn,| A,,til I I, llllll,
I .l,.Mi.li s.        ]       :l W.lli I-..
II. IV, I'. ,t
•■Viilili! 701 W. Illveraliln tm  "
...   , , ii*   i        l tlAMKS A. HMAUT,
Illliill. I'liuknin*. Wnsli.      I Iiijiiiiii itttlit. MiuUlur of III. Interior,
Seattle, Tacoma, Vielorin, I'orllnnil,
New WcsiiiiiiisliT. Vancouver.
ANU Al.l, I'Afl II,'  ri H.-I   l-nlMs
TtinniKii Dlnerfl, Palace anil Tourist Sleepers
Vin Sno I'm-. Iloiitc
SI, I'lllll Cllilll,;,, si. Uiilu
S, S. Service Irom Vancouver
Alnskti, Iiuiiiii, Cliliin, Aiiiiiiilin,
Tlirongli 1 kings lo Rnglnii.I nn.l llio
Ciintini'iit. vin nil Atlantic S, s. lii„is.
Por Timo Tallies, 1,'nii-s, TlnkolB.-itrnl
full iiifiii-iiintinti npply in li I ngenlB.
UEO. Illl.l.li:i;, Ajt, Cranbrook,
J.S. Carler,
D. P. A.
Voncou, Till:   (IIAXlillllliK   HERALD
„!-.,, 4V»l
4»,¥»,tV,„¥»4*,»,.«.l    >
«   »
No Trouble    Vi
4 »
Ior us to supply you  with . *
4 »
A Shoe wliich J»
Pits Your Fool        JJ
■4   »
We mc selling agents ior . »
tin- i i
4 >
Celebrated     *"
Slater .shoe.
4 .
,  »
4  >
it--. %,l'l^tr*= -*-•   which .*: made in ,i dozen *j J
(^ct'Y^^f^:'       different   shapes,    widih-iJJ
H    /,y,'4,'A*(«i*-., V'     dowdisplay.   Prices *j *•;
ii i
ni i
. ***
4   ,**
S3, $4*. $5 nntl S<>
Reid & Company
. »
4. .
4 *
4 .
4 .
■"..- I,I,A,I4,,*,4,„*,.-..1 .
/» - V.
'*tH$**4 t ■'■ 4 &*t« * ■ ' - *a ., * a 4,t\^,*.*
0 A
A        Chase & Sanborn's Coffee <>
ffl i.,*i4*l,i„,i,l,i.l|.,.,l I,, l„. il,.,  ,:  uniform, most tvliulili- lili-tul '£
A in C'niiiiilii.    •(I.T. It. t'l.ll'i-i- is l.li-tiili-il liv Chnsc & Mini. A.
SJ I'"in. imi up in lins  iiiiii our nun  litl.i-1,11111*1 guni-in I I.v 0
t*y lli.-ni to In-tlu-ir vi-i-j-In-sl iiii'.iiii-i-i.f .M.i.-li.-i uiul .Tnvn. 0
*« I lli (ins, 50c. 2 il). lins 90c <£
9    ,. m
j****)      Fancy and Staple Qroccries .''.iitl Crockery     <\
if Cranbrook, I). C. fk
m m
'<*!>        Awiit for C'linuilii Curi-inm- C'omiiunv, Brockville, Out., 0
,*> mul lln- Fnirehiiil  t*...iii...ii.-.. Winnipeg,  buggies,  tiliiu-toiis, <_%
■^ delivery wagons mul farm implements. \
'****<>* r "r ;■**'.•  l* }■ 1>^3.*^^*W**\\WL%
CranbrooK's Greatest   Store fj
districl tin- lincsl lim- of
Millinery, Ladies' Neckwear, Ladles Suits etc
ever shown in tlii - district.
(Iin- prices will In- [i mnl ii-. rigid ns 'mi' goods.
Wu imii,• vmi ii: ■ -i'l ii'l in visit.
hill ca CO.
CranbrooK's Greatest Store
Cranbrook 13. C.
(• -
  ■ -I-.- nt.,I,.-,i.
""I    1     » illllllil 1 4
II     *  HU- ll        l|ll
 I    -llllli    lllll   Illl
Cranbrook Collage Hospital,
i'iiiiii- Arinnlro.ig IIVI-IIIIO mill i.,.,i,-m.
I ill pi.rtii-.ikli*. npply to
Hiss Moss, - Matron,
'iiU'liiiili- nf -<l-   I.nli.-'s ll,i.-|.ni,|. Vim-
.-.'iii.'i-, ll.C,
Picked  Up Abiuil Ilie Cily  hy Asking
Questions nl  IHony  People.
i JS. II. Siunll  spent  Si.ii.lny  ii
peg lln
gV*^*%V¥^\%fV^FWV%'VV*<A^ t.
<> I- tin- It-sl t-.ivii of It- Bi'st- iii Britisli Columbia, if nol on ih   "
~L   Vnierican tint-lit
Wo arc Headquarters for
Scotch Fire Brief:
Scotch Fire Clay.
English Portland    iment
'. McB!    E
a till- In-sl   I'l.l-.liilllil,- i|„.   Biz,.   Uf  ||„.   ,,
lilt, if it"-t in Ann in.,     Imi'i it ,*i |,*„•i'i
iii Britisli I',,hi
;'■' j%%%%W^VW'>WiVlti
'■!' G
:-- --'-;        The Fruit and Vegetables nt our s
Jj ■<■'[   IVlltfl 'window.
r % A wonl to the Ladies   when you
% ft      »ur store we keep ti lurge varii-tyii
Don'l Is- Hunt I'milli.'-.
11. IS
lill'i.l   whi.ilnesll'l lil-l
•r-    -'■
2>awson S, ICl.
r««MA*4*<t«-lAft«*ft4if»4f**|«4«*t,M (. 4
1  nml
IIJI     1 .-.       Sl
N'oolil  -ils.     Al.l. FRESH
Inspeef our stock U'fon
l-r ' , ■
.- .* .* ,.*,
l    Ulll-ll'll    M4II-1-.       It'8ll
l]ll  llnr    In    Iill     Inr .-lllllliil-.
it hi. m-i nlfi-i-Ii-il In
1- IiiiosI inili-slrui-tilil.'-.
fimi ni livi liitn-s nn Inuu uh
Mil Thr   i-imI    ii, :i  lilllli
I'll il I-l llllllll ll.
, 11, .
A Li-itt-li vi-.it,,,l  W
pnst Hi-i-li.
Ur. Ili-ll visiti-il Ft-ruionntlQnto-
tl'liy Ulis U'l-rli.
•Im-. IluliliK. nf Cowley, wns iu
town yustiutlny.
I..sli,. Pox, i.l' W'nrilni'i', wns in
town mi Sunilny lust,
I'm (lowers Saturday nnd Monday at (i.T. Roger's.
Nn Inn's shirts witli men's col-
Ini's. Tlu-y nn* full ,.iy,'s. ni Mm*.
ii.iv.V .\l.* i'n rl: 's.
Mrs. l-'n-il Rynu ivliu 1 frum
Boston Insl S lay,
s- llniiiin 1 lins mnn-In N'l'lsim
tn tnke n situation,
Ft. li. Brattle nml Dr. 1*. E.KIiig
visitetl Moyie Sunilny.
Devon, liiml iviiii'iii'il Fi-lilny
from a trip tn Winn ij.. tr.
Hi-. Il.-u-vii- nntl Mr. Ati*liisiin
vis.il.-il Moyie lust M.unlay.
s. S. Fowler, of Nelson, visited
lli • Nmlh Stilt- this week,
George Goldie, of Wnnltu'r, was
a Craiilirook visitor Sunilny.
l.nri-v Doolnn. the l-ondmnster on
this diviaion, has resiguetl,
II.  I..  St.-pi s. nf Morrlssey
Mini's, was in town W'l'ihiesilny.
I.i'i-ny  Sage  has a roinfortablv
i*!-siiltiiirii property I'm* snle.
tttxirge lloggartti, of Mil.,-, ivns
a Crunlirook visitor Satnnliiy.
thii- sliiies nre right in price nntl
up in tin- minute, at Morrow .V
I'. 1*1. l-'.sinii-i'i* i-attie iu from the
prairie I'm* a few days last week.
Four room house I'm- rent.
W. F. Gurd.
T. 11. Gallon has taken Mr.
Puck's place in the Imperial batik.
•I M Carroll, of Klmberley, wns
in Cranbrook several days this
While clover nml Kentucky
lilac grass seed for lawns nl (I. f.
I*'. W, Mitchell ami wile, i-nnie
• Iiuui Iiuui N'ni-tli Star mini*, on
Ki!-hi,-ni   tlioroughliriKl bnrretl
iini. lnul. I'm* sale.      \V.   F.   Tllte,
the .letvi-ler,
Gomer Jones, of Wnnluer, was
n town Siiuduy. Hi* lilt Ilia unto-
mobile nt homo hut woro lhe cup,
Richard Stowiirt snys lhe report
thai In* intended tn engage iu scavenger work in Fernie is a mistake,
Andrew Xii-ilig, the well known
painter uiul decorator, is in lown
engaged in  work  along his  line.
Wanted, lirst-.-lnss waitress, .uu-
idile to assist with bedrooms. Apply Arnold .I* Roberts, Crnnbrook.
Mrs. If. D.MoMiUun, of Cowley,
ami Miss Trotter, of Brandon, are
visiting friends in Cruubrook this
.Vertex underwear, cool in warm
wi-nther. wnrm in cool weather,
Bold nnlv hv Morrow -V- Me-
Ftirlnne. '
Fm- Sale A McLnnglilin single
Imggy, nearly new. nnd n sel single
harness, Apply to The Hernld ur
.1. l'urks, ' i-\
Miss Jessie Leitch, Miss Fllu
Grunt, Archie und George In-itcli
silent Sunday with Mr. uud Mrs.
•I. (iillis ui Morrissoy,
W. (I. Wntkins. formerly with
the Cutinilinn Bunk of Commerce,
lino nmi.-1.. Rome tu tnku up his
studies for the priesthood.
T. A. A nnst rung, the well known
tinsmith nml metal worker, of Fort
Steele, will hnve chnige uf .1. I).
McBritle's tinsmithiiig work iu the
Slyles thnt wen- never before
shown in Crnnbi-ook nt Morrow &
Cul. W. II. Brnyton, the erstwhile townsite boomer for the C.
I*. It., ami tin* liithi'i'iiftheiletunct
Moyelle, is nuw n mine mniinger in
West Kootenuy,
Harry Bowuess i-ettirnctlStinduy
frinii Culgnry, where he spent the
winter. He will nssoeinte himself
willi A. C, Buwness in tho whole,
side liquor lnisiness.
I living tn the train from the west
Constable Morris nnd Manager
StciTilt.nl' 1*. Burns A* (',,.. have a
side issue now. Hint i.s pleasing if
not profitable. Bulky horses nre
their spi>ciiilly. nnd su profit-ico!
hnve they bet-ouio Ihut n Missouri
niiili* cnu quickly he mnde ns docile
und willing us n -u-i cniiine.
J { the
4 »
4 ►
11 Graduated llniSRists
4 ,
ChAS. E. REID <:< CO.
, ji
v  .  fvft
I '-    4 i
4  »
4 >
< >
< >
4   ►
4   >
■4 . * * m
Y si	
^,4  I'crnle Beer
f ilSln.,!'" Stonl    i IRISH    WHISKIES
A complete stock nf Cigars, 11111,.
<$>] -Pharaoh," "LaFortuna," - -1:- -1; -
9. rlster," "Monument," --Hilda" and
Mr. nnd Mrs. Mclnnes nntl Ruby
returned Monday from tlieir trip
to tlio const. I hi tlieir way from
Spokane lu Nelsnn they were mi
tin- train 1l1.1t got in ihi- wushout,
when Ilu- engine ami severnl curs
were turned uver. Mr. Mclnnes
got Inuiiy bruised,  and   when   the
exeit iii   nns over they f I
the baby jammed beneath 11 Bent, Imi
I'in-liiiialely unhurt.
In   this   week's  Herald   is  the
n.iti if dissolution nf Illi* linn nl
Mcliiiuiul tt Bowuess, liquor
inereliiiiitH, Kneli will continue in
lhe lilisiuess Imt lis sepurute   linns'
nfter Mny 1.    Both men  nn-  well   — ..
known tlirouelio.il tin. district, tun ..., „„„™,™„„^,„,„,
ns ,i„. business hus greutly in.; ^:,GGlGGGjGGGflEEnBIG^lG'
used,   the  Held   I'm* the im, is    <,}
niiiple. nnd both will enjoy 11  goc'*'
f^i*G**-********i ■
9 A. I.. ricDermol
g Wholesale   Wine    und   Spirit ants   V
The Highest Brands 9
nf SCOTCH mul in   4>
S3 -Mnil Orders Promptly Attended 1
m  Write for Prices.
Agents fur T. Lebel & Co.. Iin
^■■}■* ¥**W$>*99>.*'**$
■ ii-17 -i^
More Coke Ovens.
. reported llml iln- Conl cui
puny intends   to  build ,"i(lll moi'i
coke ovens ut Morrissey uml nenrl-
uinuy more nl Michel.
Wlien vou visit Cranbrook sl
1 ROYAL HO     Ll
None Bitter In the Ui.
Lung I'iiiiii;.
A scetioli of the Snsknlnun
bridge wns swept out this week
by high water, This is n very
high bridge, nnd the (', P. R. has
I'orwariled 11 liiirry-tip requisition for
225 tnninrnok piles 115 nnd  Tt I  fi-el
g. These lire ilillieltll tu llllll,
but still they cnn lie secured iu
tliis district, nnd nre nuw being
taken nui,
Rates Si and up.    5hort Orders an '.
served in any style frum S p. m. to
V         Thc table is thu b;;t. th: rjijn*, ar: j-i . :lean     *
■«> lincss and comlort anj th: bar is supple: -.-.-.. brand   ty
Ih of Iiquurs and cigars. 0
I                                L. B. VANDE 0
,   been   j
New Alansger.
Air.   Pinkhiini,   wlm
liuii    ninn,tii, 1    ni    .  „.„,„
brunch nf the Imperial bmik for j j
sume time pnst. has been nppoinl-1 1J
being delnveil, the C, P. I!, hud lo j ed manager, vice Mr. Marsh, who ' j
feed the pusseiigers when the tniin 1ms been obliged tu lake up hisjjj
arrived in Cruubrook, Aboul 125 residence in the enst on account uf
peoplo wen- divided between the ill health
different hotels.
Hotel 3 3
Cimr:? C a S| ec slty
Hood : ■ : .ciion
Kenresl to niihoinl aii<\ -leuot.    Hns *-.
limis fnr  tht public unequalled i;-
.1, I.. Ilnwke, who represents
P. Burns & Co.. ut Moyie, wns in
inwn Monday.   He is feeling good
more hotel,   left  ou Tuesdny fur
Crnnbrook where he  will  resume
-Xi-ii-1- <i nne in pntterns nn to 1 ■       • .1   ,1 1, ,,
1 , , m    ,      1  v    -   ,'   ,      us engineer run 011 the C. P. R.
nle own  Aluri-iiw iV Mi-Fiirhuio's,
Telepnnne to Moyie.
The Cruubrook Electric Light
uiipniiy is figuring on extending
over the opening of the mine, und j ils telephone line to Moyie. if suf-
Bliys that the   people  lire  jllliilunt   licelit inilucenielit cnn  lie   secured.
wr tho prospects. This would prove n greut  benefit
Blnirniure   Times:   Dan   Drain, I!",1'"th Moylu and Craiilirook, nnd
who has lately boon here with his:".]?,to ll0 hoijeti thut the projeol
brother, D.C. Drain of the Blair- will bo carnctl through,
I j   tlm and Cold Baths
. I
a ■
The Calgary Cattle Company.
SI ill 1-SllKS III 11. MclNNIS
i.   .. .   .   • •   .   •     •   •   •   •   •   •   •
■: cbe Cosmopolitan
A Fir Ic'.iss House Centrally LocateJ
Chnrles Armstrong nud .Inines
Arnold nre visiting tin- Windermere
country Ihis week.
Mr. Cisley, uf Spiikune, visiti
Crnnbrook 'and Marysville ihi
week un business.
Ureal Northern Extension.
Tt  is  generally  bilked nrouni
*t**********************************, - *********
j; We have Jus. unloaded a car of :::. . j
wheat.   We expect them to sel! free!,-,      place >
J; your orders early. i
Two stores for side on Arnistroiig Morrissoy flint General Mnnnger
Avenue.        tf        11. A. Lncey.    I »'«>d   "'id  Superintendent   Ken-
. . neilv will visit tliiil pli next wi■!■■■•
Morrlssey     Bospntohi    James for thopiirpogoottnklngiiprellinl
, Cninerou went into tho Flntheiitl on nryviewof tlioBihiationproiinratory **.
j lliiirsdny with a pnrty nl six ( ran- to inaugurating wurk mi Uu- ex- ==
'ibrinik   peiinle.   ninnilg   wholil    lire 4 loi.oln.i In I-*,.r„i,.      If tlii.   i,f,,.,-     amm
brook people, ninong wnom   aro 1 tensiontoFeniio,   If ihis pro
:'] Ims. Cnven, the conservative can-11„ be true, it, will he good news li
I'm-   Side    Phaeton,    tenin   of didnte who opposed Dr. King, nml  thut pnrt of the district.
I-*. Clnpp, of the   Kust   Knuleiiiij'
Buttling ctimpiuiy,
UK.I . - ,***C^
piiim-H iiiiiI set of -Innlilc  linrui
Apply li.A. tit-itch,
I'lu- C. P.  R, lnntl depiu-tincnf      The lirst  night  ..I' nn  nmnte
W. II. Brown, ot Mnrysville. has
gone to (iranlsilnle.  Mont.,, for n  hns  disciiutiiiiied   its   flgoney  nt.oporn  is  u   great   strnit
visil uf a I'.-iv week 	
A. W. Mi-Villieeni
I Hnyden, Motitii uml mutters por- purttcipnnts,   uml  a--  n   1*11
ver fruui''"'"'"*-'   '"   "'"'   district  will he ilisiippuiutiuent   In   their   friends.    |
Nelson Inst week lo look nfler  his j h""]M ,lir,"'t  tmn ,l"' Cnlgnry 1 Tho presentnl £  Piunfore last
business nllnirs in Cranbrook. I"""'1'- night .-it Wentwurlh   hull   by   tin
,,   ,. ,        111 ,11,    I Ui'l'lll   sucielv    ot    Kliux     i-Illll-i-b
Dniit   forgot  Uu- 0.1,1   Pollow'sl    ]!*:bli     '      , A    T      '.-     •' otherloeiiltnlv.it, wns n pleasing
miniversnry nieoting at Wentworth I R' Bto™ ^".'l'"1' '".( m1"bl001k ,''"'; surprise.   When  the curtain  lirsl
hull next Tuesday ovi g. some timo, hns resigned ninl  I'"", „,,,„„,, ,!„,„, «*,,,*,. signs of ner-
,1,   ,*    ■  , '•     ,    , 1,  ,1 JST'u""    ,.      *V.     . , 11  T   vousness, but in a few moments
Planking is being luu.Ieil lo Bull  Mr. Sproule hns not yet fully de-1 „|is , ,„„, th„ „„.;„„.
river by Henry A: Doyle tennis to terminetl what  lnisiness   ho  will clmrncters entowl with grent zest
t-epnir the govonimont bridge.
See Ihe new lines ii) shirts.
Tlu-y nre up-lo-diile. At Morrow
A* Mi-l-'iirliine's.
engage tn, ns he has two or three
1 gootl offers under consideration,
Look Out for Tl
Space Next Weel
McCallum &    ,
1. f Fine Sample Rooms in Connection.    The bedrooms ,:-.
"jl are airy and comfortable, and thc table is the best the !*,i
1J fS'9..(*9.-(iu a, r. ft*,?, 1.) ,." (•)   .   1.   --? ^ m n\ fit -7i/!\-«\./yu.*r«v^-,'Sv-/j)
fas®-®-®-® ® ® ® g   .....     .   .   .. -... .... S-0 €h®-®-€H*®-®
>/•) I    Pornio is tn have nnotlier pri'/o
■lip ] fight,   Pugilism seems to flourish
] I , in tin1 metropolis nl* Klk volley.
BC*a*u: - -ts
upon their work, uud produced the
opern iu u manlier thnt was n credit
to themselves nnd Mr. McLeod
whu hud  charge of the  training.
For side, my house nnd  lot on
Armstrong avenue, with wnrohouso
nnd stable.   2-tf       A. JulliU'e.     The ensteof diameters displayed I  a
'excellent judgement, the costumes| ®
No mnn in Crnnbrook should w*,.r,, appropriate, uml the churns
send to nn outside tailor for his wns entitled to grent praise. Asa
clothes.   Cmnbiook  is well snp-' muslcnl event tho presentation i
®I®I®I0!®I®I®!8ISI®IOISI®I Iffilffi".    •
•    •    .JiSISI®
market affords.
Shipiunn's cnmediniis were snow  „i,-„i „.iti, tnilnrahons thnlnmnlnv  *.V ""'«"    /'.■ ■"
ImiiiH  -,i (il-n-iei*   -mil 1.144,1,1,1 i„ l>"«l with tailor snops, tint omploj worthy of conn dntion, and the
liiiunil .11, iii.iii, 1,   nil  uiul le to t       ,        .s    \\ |,„|, ,s mure ncoplo of Cr-inbrook should crowd
'''I »r in Orniibrook Inst Friday.    10„e is itiBured of excollent fits  I [i,,.1 |,.,n   ^JjZ n,„l t'.'.,.,, •
ff I    Stewurt. llrni-i-  retiiriied Friday the best of gootls.    If you doubt  nikr|lti   Such iniisiinl work   is ex-     ,i
ff to Spokune, after a vialt of several this statement call on any one or eeUent training for thoso who tnko   ;
®9 ilnys with his sister, Mrs. Dovoro ull of the tailors anil look ul their, part, and does much to elevate the   ■
,fcS Hum. slock of gmids.                                I niusieid stuiulurd ul'tin-tuwn.         '%
Manning, Lacey & Si      s
*l«l* l»l«*l*l*l»l*l 8-1*1*1*1 I'l I-! ! • i-i i i    •■■■-. iiiii   Cl.'AN I*.I'OOk    lll.lIAI.I.
. I vmi wa    Ic forlnble un.l IiiiiiiI
J tylish spritie 	
I cont I liav. them i.i -ill styh - mul slinili 1
I  Cranbrook Block
Cranbrook) E. C. ,
I4.M 1 ihel'ini' . Xest Pass ruilwny. .       I
is   ,* in   Unsl   Kooti 11.iy. iiiiiI isnls erciiil cenl -,-
this tuwn is growing vi 11 -  | ill)  i hus 11 brigli
1 II' - ii |-l  llilll   tin-   li|'l I ''• M 1' inn. ' 1 . 1IW l:i..!l, . 1 I ,.-,- in
i , ..,1,1,1 ,-.i4,| 1,, uiitiiitiiiii ils |i4..-:iii..u ns ii,      sin      [.enter."    ('. I', R.
t of I'ufori   itiou ,-:' tin- Ko Iiuys.
..- place to invest your money, and we have several good thin
real estate on offer.   Money loaned on real estate on easy terms ol repayment
ai i low iii':rest.
T*l 1% fc O IP V\\ W     4 1%l t dt\ rt
P. Burns & Co
1 -'IGgg^ggg:-:' \ ■ Mm
I      SS
§j    Markets Whoteule anil Retail
&3 ■-- iv
I in all the
Principal fl[_&\     ^\q\x\UU\\S
i.i   1 ■ ■ ' - ■■
[3 British v  Fresh nnd Cured Meats Fresh |
PI n ,    ,. Fish, Game and Poultry, |
x0, Columbia. * * r-S
1—1 ,,.£'., JJ.'
lie) S-.'l '■ We supply only the best.   Your
k*| ..iul-.- is solicited.
iw»rf.-'*.'^r*.-*7^*'. ^■•-m■^*-»r.•>•«■^^s»■l<ra,■•J*lswK■.•,
■bwiwj*-*'*■-« *        -■ ■ -f-.—-.- - -       m *-. •   *a*vKtvrm
-   V4-. i
1.. C Slt-ptttai     i,.     .ini-
Australian Hotel
ThiB 111.11,  i.
Blllid   i-.l llif 1    ,       I
.1 I'. Slcphcns,    ".. :■   kcml   1
It. I.. Stc'ilicns,   J.! :i . . i.
-.-"b. -•'•i'a.vn
?*A,\jKje)»9'*mMr.fi -..-.. ~".-i."^r*
Saw Mill riachlnei v
Planing :iill Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachlnei y
Machinery for ;ill Purposes
All of very best makes.
J.  L. Neilson  & Co.
li'lZ Main St.. W|nn!
Cranbrook Brick
and  Tile Works
Taylor & Davis, Props.
l-iirti-'ce & Boiler Specialists
All ilesei-ipliotisof brick worlt
unilertnken.    l-'lues plnslered   I
by new lire proof prueess.
Notice oi Dissolution ol Partnership
Vuii.,. I- I,nil.,-niu-11 Mini lltr |uiini|iriitii|i
•  U.tjllll  Ill'  Illl'  llllll   1,41.1 1   Mil..-   Ill   .1    ,1
lliiiitn—  11- it Imli mile ||i| < iti.i, Iiilliin, in:
I.    lil-.M,,.     ,411    11,1     Ul.    llllll.
inn, !,. liuil-imli. I'.inl.
... I. „ ill.i*	
I 11   Iiiiiin..,
Cum brick, pressed brick,
lire brick nnd til 1 linud,
J  Have Vnu Any 1'olnllns In be Di.ni-?
1   111. All) iiMinir Uiiiini Sitil I'.-iiniins?
Estimutes given nu Iiii con-
Inicls. We don'l tvnul the .
i-nrtli. We until to plcnse J
you uilli lln- work uutl ivceiv
iiiiiiii lluti'l. Cranbrook
<•» Yi s.im.1 lhe CI 1 V l',.\K-
19 EKYistlu- plnce In get 11 nice
,1 tveilding -nli-ni,.   urn: uls
the Inlesl Btyle,    U'li
iu In
$ en by shipping.   I'rices right. I
t-i  l-linnc ,i-l c,M  tile 11, li. Cllurcli  J
*      C. W. WILSON,
CRANBROOK, -     -     li. C.
Sad- Horses.    !.in,il Rigs,    Comfortable
Aici.lllllliilllltiiin-.    Uiivers nml Kills
fur mi) |):lrt uf District,
Paul Handley,   Prop.
Xiiv rigs, good driving
rensonuhle rule, I Iur
llilll]*! ill lie to give "im I
curt, lo nil liuii..--, stn-
I,l.-il  llilll  ll:..
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specialty
East Koolenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated  Waters
Of all kinds
Syrups,   Champagnes, Ciders
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons,   The most
economical way Jo handle it.
ii-'ici-; iioursi
:i at 1.- n in.
I In li ,, m.
-   III   1   |4     III.
.1. (i. CUMMINGS
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
A I-mil I I'n   II |'  II.une.
spuns nnd Worsteds I'm*
Lndiea' Tailnr Mude Suits.
Mntisfuetion gunruiil I.
Iiiiiuin. mi Armstrong Ave.
he   -In:,iiiin,    liiu
liven lln- I'm
': .       .
■    : f*ff :g
M   i-l U ..."
^.■■i> If..— •■-—•"" AllSuiiii.iu 11..11.1 t, iii,■ uii, 111,■:,     mu     i nail- 1,
THE AUSTRALIAN HOTEL  = ~ l   '^g^gGg'-
,   „ Morrlssey Juneliiin, B. C. I        Otynera miJ   'r,,|,,ii*li.r
Morrissey Junct on, B. C. ' | Morrlawj  Mints, I   ..
w7*»:aii--iw.-*ii:*4V."-*---- i~.--.i.-M---i.'.i, rsr.H-jH&zt&K.inzjMxirtvmrinz&i'zx.-z- - i.-:ir XE   '.*'  tt-'■.-■.144.,. ,-t- ■-■•
Ui -.m; .Ii.i    lluli
lhe   replttlltinn,
built ii|i llliil :- 1 utiitii.li nil
merit.     It  is   t
B 111111 lies 1 1 •!
Australian liolel   | •
Sler • Urns. E!  m":   ''        '
CHURCH UNION.       ■'""<? 'G^1''' '■-'""""'  -
nl elected   deli-gules.      The  Inily      , :■;
.  subied   "I   union   between hnve eipud rights with mtnisteis i
I,.   I--'.' i',4'1  ,-i -,,,     llotlimlist   mul all Ilu* leeislnliie  couvla  ot  llles
- re-'lilioniil   ci  irehes tins tin- eluil-elies.   There is uu dun-! 1   1
onie of'Rev! Tin . - ■ 11 ■■"' ""*' in*iu-i*oivi-r thnl   hns Ih-i
.. ,,  I       ...,,,, -t-i,,,   |, :'.i:,,,4 so much objected to in soin - 1  rm
',':■,;;,',. ,. ,,   Hy or church government.    In  n n
imdii pli i'u - r.-iiluri- , f Ihe'ser- '" Hu* ''|i""''' "r niim'sters ,lli
vi,-...,,,.   In  iim-solo I...   Mrs,   W,'-Methodist notv recognize the rie
T. |;,.id',c titleil        li'nrv,"     Mr, oE thu locnl chim-hes lo mil  tl
I' iitii4i.ii chose ! 11 his li st. John mnn ot their choice, 1111    ti .
j-   ■ j-,.,.  ||... .,,; ,.' to tin- uiliiieraiit syslt-i'.i   tlie  i   :
Inri"l.'-ssii.ii   1   Cor.,  1st chapter. I'"'1 '"''"' longtlienetl in the Mcllti
I,]:, Im-ii       .      nhi ■    Itn snid: '''sl   church   und   intinj    i n  '-.-
(-,,,, nine used to the lefiuits   were   nuw   ngiinling    i.
i.l,.,,' „      Inin h  111 ii 1   ct ul ni 1 somo ' ' "' itiitel'iiucv   for  tin
im'oivll,      ,■„        ,'1 ,"1 ilruiichcs flmn-li     Tliinlly.   union  is  [io
,1  [i",   ,      :,, ,   .   irch    |-,,iij sible liecntise o£ the  siinilaiiii   1
uniti-it t .   .     ; u! iiiih. nil tliree churches iu their nttitui
milin 1 r brunches  oE the to the greut evils ot societv,     Ti
\|,.||,i |j . 1   i-.1    u* lii|iii'i" linllieus al pi-esi-iit in ii|n .1
' -■   - ['rotestunt timi deniiindeil Bonu-rei Iv.    Tl
1,,,,1'y   i'„   1    .     :, ,-    .,'.   ,mi0„a  illl   evil.   Sabliiith   dese'crutioi
iii, 1', ill ■    ■ liiticulties puhlic cilucntioii, in all  these lli
l|„    i- , -, ■            -i.i.:;:   nud  iniiteil     would   pn-senl    -.: -:i
!' ,   .                    i   luu   ihey  lind  '"''''' 1'''""1  "8  ivoulil   iinineditili
I,,., i,',,,, 41,,.   .  I .' 'i'.i    -, ''..',!,,;.,  o|  iniilit'   its    Inlluenco   felt    in   il
Un> li-ml rs of tl -1    lies rel-resell I .-'it'otineila o{ tlm liiition.     fourllil.
iM-fjin. iwo v ---a' the genenil |ui'gued from the similarity ul' lorn
.onfoi ',,  thalisl eliiirch '°f worship.     These  churches 111
in   \Vjnnji        1 I   n     ii'       I'i  1   'ull tion-lilurgicnl.    Tlu-ir  ivorshi,...
11.,,;,.;   ,,f Mu-iil     ■      " - -   i ml  is free in  form, their rituals tli.-- "   ':"'
:,,.!., ,4!    n ll      hull 1,, the simplest possible.   Tlu-y till hone
Hcllie-dint pi-opl. di-t-1 u-in ; thnl the Holy Spirit as Uie insnii - 0
lu- linn  i-i-   ii'-- for a   mot -liioitl  Iruc christinn tvorshiji,     We con
ooli.ii, I,,, uni r |i„.   I'rn,. elude tin n thut   union is   possibli
liitti   s hud bi   n forin.il nud some ingseiiseof uur  real  identity  il
lV(,i-|  Imdii   11 doiii  in pr ruli'iii  fuith. in purpose mul 111   work   I"
il'a b; iis .'I which iiuiiiii i-oidd' hiiiiiuuity. We nre eoming t-
ie coi'ii nm i.e.. I, ' I,...- line mem- jr. nlize Ihe iiselcssness 1 if tin* wnsti
ici'sofihi three biKlies liuil  lutely I i" men mul  money  in  ihu niitin
net in  Toronto.   Winnipeg.   Ilnli- Immure of sepnrni •giiiiiziilious
,,.;,,, 1 most In 41". unnnimity lnul 'I'liorc is better work, iiit.rt- noedci
 :....,.„ 1.   ii.-. *i lion'ipoon wurk llinu the upholding of rii 1	
'i.feiveil lettei . .   ■ I   I: li,,8 hospitnls, of rescue  homes, of  in
uni, iitli-ui ■ o| ■'■■:,i!*..i 1* niul|duslriul ami reformiitory inslili:
linn,, tu tnke cure uf the wcuk. tin
sick, lln- helpless, tl:.- homeless. I'""1 ""
ilelThe 1-1.111s.-1-vnli1.il „f the noblest Inl'
' ideiilsof our blessed religion, the
Intilding up uf uur dominion in
truth .nnl righteousness, these
things nre greiiter thun denoiniuu-
liiuial slli-eess. Tlloll the las!
tlionauiid million of uur fellownieu
without Clirisl. willio.it hope, slng-
gering on under the loud i.f centuries nf false touching ami soul
withering superstition constitutes
' 'TV thai oughl In iippeal In every
follower of Jobus Christ, fnioii
in coining fur I believe lln* move-
.ni-iil is uf (Imi. It may Im .,nun
time yet but lei us in ilu- ineiin-
ivhile i-iiltivute the spirit ul friend,
ihip, nf i-hi'islain fellowship, nntl
ii-itiii-i-ly luve, uiul ri.11 iinin- tu
inn as did mu- Suviuur "thnt nil
utiiyboone",   Allien
the nudiencii snug Im- lh.- clos-
ing hymn, "Hlt-sl lei lhe li-' thnl
liuils ( Uu* llenrls ill Chrislnin lui.-.
I'he Fellowship of Kindred Minds
Is like lo thnl alnn-,-."
11 v.as a service nf greul iuli-ri sl
nnl   1 ower   ami   is  Iiuiii.   I,. .!
uy,  A, rii   in, nt Si    1    -cm
ilnl,   'i'lu- fui
luy an ri    . 1    t St     Mm ri
,-h. Father I lui-lelteoliieinl
:.::'||"    i   ■  , '    1    : 1
-rvit-es, and 11 Iin       iiiiiiii r ol
■   ..ii i'el
known :: , ■ ruek, nml
hi who ki -.. 1 mil I!,
..   ..   enipl .,    I  ul   til      m
:111k   Die : Iiii
1 he Canadian Pacific Railway Contp.iny
oflci* timber bnds comprised in British Co-
lumbia Southern .md Columbia & fCootenay
Railway Lind grants lor sale .ind tc lea e mi
Favorable terms.
These lands contain some oi thc finest
limber in thc Kooten.iy District,
For terms, inups nnd I'i 11 In     pin iippli      ll.e f. Iluwinp
V. (Ty.1e Iluker, Crunlirook, II, C,     I    '1. Hum nim , .1    Ci     ■     ll.C
I. II. Will,,.!,. Wurdiiev, ll.C, II  ,'. M   llinl. Nelson. II. t*.
il. li. Bruce, Wilmer, B.C.
Ur I,,
llriiisli Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific K'aiiwaj Co t, any,
Calgary, Alberta
.J    . I
ill   tiutl   Ifi
17, 20-21.  wus thnl
III.llld  1"    ■■::■*.       'i'inl
pnivi'liMh"   -'."'i'i   Iiiiii   i;..il  lind
ii ni in ■ i  ',■:'. -1.
2nd.     I - ■ i-iil     :>-. ilion   i;;
plainly i md un '■ l)j Ilu; npostli
in \\ iiii'l': i-i Coriiitli ms, (sci Iin
and third - h. \;U>ri I Cor.) Thai
this - ; amtiuii mt*an i itissi'iision.
■ il iM.'. rivalry.rnvyand iinin^otiisni
Sonii'tiiiH'i    I'vi'ii    i'onti-Miipl     fi
itJicrs, all of  v. Iiich   u. ii.-: idrtllj
,   !"■■ '■■■■ el     *I.'..1H
1 :--| uml ion tin *       lii] -!i 'jil ion
t'            1 anil I        roiiac |in ;-'
. - !   . , I'l'ii.;  will:
ii  un   1:'. ■ ij.ii I minis ry,  [loorl,^
Harvey, McCaHcr & Dunbar,
Uarrislcrs, Solicitors, Eic.
I In/c ll Block Cranbrook, it, C.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Ci.'inhi-i.u!i, IV C,
-I   i.i   [u-i-    philunthropic    ami
1: -nti   ivork nl Inm::'.
Ilrd,    t ni in Is pos -il'!*-  liccuuse
Iill!-'       I :, .       V. :   111 *'i!       illi|iul'l.'llll
llllllg!    lllllll 1110 .4- 1'  14 - ll|'l-tl-i'll-
eld l-.i- lli ie three liu ::.-s. am
mnv mi -i-ii' i'i:-.' i - noticed liy ilu
ordinary 1- ni'er in the si rmoiii
prcnehetl in iin- these ehurches
These churi-hes ure united nlreiidi
in v.*l-..-,! mny he ei lied the cvnngcli
I'ailh in ('hrisl as only Stivioitr
Tlu-y tire its one  iu   lhe deinuni
they Ilial-,- IIS lo   Ilie   euniliti,.li   nl
nieiulii rship    All deinniid a  holt
Iih-.   This hus in 1..' fuudii
ineiilid. Men outside tin* church
ami ll.u.-i" ..iiiiiin ngree llml lliis it
iii'i-i-. .i'.-.     Secondly,    union    i.
I'lu    ll,
.-lille     Ill   Ilmi
Klt'elll.        All      liuil
era an- mi a purity.
-li 1-ililV
III    Illl!
'1! ill III    I 'ill
I-  „. fni'torv, ninl  he 1 .     iv.
■.•led I iv nil     "V   :.:    il wi
■:i ul  Mn.v ..ills   I'lideri
irlors Thui'silny ul'l rnuoii. m   -
-  I'll.-i li 'I'   ih.'   Crnid'i'uuk
il ir I iiion. ih'.. For une ollici
ing.   The reinnitis \-.t r ■ !■ nvnnl
in Peinhroke, 1 in!.,  lln   I ■  11
nne uf lhe lii censed.
* cii£6ne
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on llic St. Eugene Mountain.
|j ii has thc St. Eugcijc lead.
p It can be bought at 10 cents per share,
fj It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
I It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stocl   ■
and sell on thc ri.se.
Cranbrook Agents.
E-iWK^i*!-:: M4.**:*x-l.*-..I-i3--,ll.*:J4-*:j-   I.*    -   ■       -.     . v-3
iv mi linud.
Siock Quotations.
Furnislu-d hy Benle. &   Khvcll.
rokers, Crnulirooli I!. (',
Robinsoii=McKcnzie Lumber Co., !.((!.
.-' Inl-Ui-il..
''■■' 14.4 ,1,1
nl ii-mi tii-.nili n n 1,. „;,
1111111II111 !il Ki,.|i|.	
-1 I* I'inl ,   ui |'u
School Rqmrl
From 1I14* monthly rcporl of  iin
rniil. 11 ink s,-l I. I'm-  .Murch,  lln
'..I!.wing fuels are gli■nmii:
i'nta! tlaily alleliilauee    11.1,01
Nlil llctlllll .-llleliilaliee    JII.HJ
\vernge daily nttoiidniici-. .. 1112.(1:!
Vvcrnge iictiiiil iitti-ndnnce.. |."i(!.(J(l
Pupils iitteiiding during tlm
iiuniii    an
llnis      III-!
Girls      105
Vvi-rnge |ii-i-i-eiitage .. I'.-111 - ■ 11 -
t'iuifs Ii.i li-iisleen  !i
Visits hy ulher pot-sons         I
Puss Por Iiiiiii.:.:...
While     I'lv lllll      Bucks     nl
liaz.-l.iii.iil Jin,-  I'.lii.-li look   lln-
sti'1-ep.-.lnkes    pi ice     al     ('hieui o
F.tptiiiition   la.I    fall.     I'.i,*.   .--in.
For selling,  :.' setlings   for   8*1.111'.
\'ii lor I'iii'i'.
1 i t'r.s  ll.c.
iiiii*i*i*il JttHitltttttlt
U  rr—,—1—~-~~—-—.,— ..."™'..zz*.rz^:  'I-
I; Locals hi lids column will U I
;,| charged nt ihc rate ot 5 cunts J
:'! per line each issue. J.
I' .:   : -.'„   -Ilarri'il    I'ii li    l:,.i-l,
■*:  nmi. liiui-, l:iiM.. vim' Iiinl-i,
-lll-t( .1.1'. I'lgnll,
■lii-l   r.ii.iii   In  lot.
Saw and Planing- Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
.*: *Jl\
< i
snaning' Mills jj
M.11,i-l.:.-nii'i I-. nf Itoiigh nml Dressed
I *—^      ff-^    .      1,,,-a., I   ,
IU, i!
e I il,li!, fiirni
li-l'lym lii*i-iiiii„.ii,-
Por Snle.
ih f tin* best  rosideiiccs ii
■nnhrook; lifi feel frontngi-. I*',,
ice ami lerins npply In
,    If 'I'. I.uml.
I      Crnulirooli or Win- liu-r. I!. I'.
;.ili'-I-iv.. 10 isc uml two
'"t" Iiikur   11.11.      A|i|,|v
I'msiili' -I'.uff 0,'iihliigton vfig. *.*! poi
'llhig.-.l. I'. Allium, Mitryarlllii,   a-ll
I'iiJi-mIiii iiml   IJiiil.iili.M]-
Cilslicls irhnnicil unit shippcil ul al	
1,,,11,-i. mnl 14..,. ihlcprii-ca
Mill ro ciVBiuul lmlil u-i,iiiin- in i'lui|„.|
ui u mi.iiII coat.
Agent fur the
ivery  3
Proprietors „-:  u-' ,*
i'lll mil  lif   Ilir I'l',-. I  I'llutoL'u ' ' IVu IIH' Illtt'liyS ICIul)    I 'u.V "!' N'igl
Nelson Marble anil Tombstone Works   l
,,.      i ,     4     i   4 , '    Tennis innl tliivera rurnlahcil for nny
II iii' have mil u'ul ivhiil you ivunl J
 ■'. ,. I I'i'lli! in Hn- ilulilct,
lie mny   I e null!  In get. il fur ymi I
A. DOVI.E, Mnnnger.


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