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Cranbrook Herald Mar 20, 1902

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OBANBBOOK,   l'.UITISII   COLUMBIA,   TUCltSDAY,   MAKCH   *.'(),   190'-*.
NUMlllllI  1
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
, Hon. Otto, A. Cs.x. President.
J falsi lip   Cs.|illal    .
1 Kent	
J Tsllal   Iti-snisT..-*     . .
II. K. Waukkb, Otn. Mutt-
A (lcneral linnkiiiK Business Transacted.
|  Deposits Received.
| London Agents-- The Hank of Scotland.
To accommodate our  rapidly increasing trade
we ere building another big store, two stories, the up- |
per floor to be used entirely for FURNITURE.   This '
triples the size of our present premises. |
Low Expenses, Large Sales        J
We can sell the cheapest J
Two cars unloaded in the last few days. Another o '
vehicles to arrive any time. We sell only first-class (
goods. I
Hotel S> s
Quests Comfort i Specialty
tiood Stabling la Connection
Nearest to rnlliond and depot.    Hns accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
In order to make room for spring stock I am offering a LIBERAL
REDUCTION on Stoves for the next two weeks. Just a few prices on
Box stovest
11 inch, $5.25    25 inch, $0.25    28 inch, $7.90   31 inch, 8.75
A carload of McLaughlin's Carriages will arrive about the 20th.   We
will have just thc rig you want and harness to match.
Pioneer Hardware Store. °* H* M'NER
Successor  to
I will continue lo Keep 11 complete stock of hardware, stoves,
(Inwarc, In fact everything in my line to meet the trade of this
district.   Cull in or write n licit wanting anything.
We are gelling new goods every week. Our
stock ol white goods and spring novelties Is
unequalled in Bast Ksotenay. Call In and
and tee the many pretty things we have.
© i ® I ® I ® l ® I ® l (-01 ® I ® u») 11» 1 .•) 1WI   I s I ■•■ 14- I * I * I -ss-1 &>{■ 40 * I 4> I 4> I 4> I-i
Quand vous pensez a
L'assurance vous pensez a Hutch.
f Insurance in all languages.
1-tL-iL-ty -
■14040-r 14 l-v
Prom tin* Prospector.
Frank Collet returned Irom a visit tn
West Kootenay ou Mond *y
Tom Roberta who hns been placer mining on Weaver creek returned to Steele
on Monday,
Mr. and Mrs. T.T. McVittie,   returned
from a visit to Cranbrook mi Monday.
Don McKay bus a number of men em
ployed in devolnping a gold qttarti proposition on Tracy creek.
Don McKay has a small force at work
011  the Washington mine situated on
Lewis creek. The drift is now m some 30
feel; the ore is gold quarts, and tbe vein
has a width of eighl feel
The regular  monthly  convocation   of
Rocky Mountain Chapter, k a.m., waa
held at ihe Masonic Temple nn Tuesday
evening last.   A large number of visiting companions from Cranbrook w
lent.   The election of officers f >r
suing ye.irs resulted as follows:
Kx  Com. J. A   Harvey, Z
"       "     K. L. T. Hnlbrailh, II
"        "     A. B.Grace, J.
D McKay, S. lv
M  Rockeudorf, S. N.
A. Ore*, P S.
• 1.,
Large gangs of men are coming in from
the south to work on the railroad,
The Minteer Bros, are putting on the
road between Klko ami the line, several
wore single and double rigs for pasnen-
era, besides the regular singe.
Cory l>ow and Vic Rollins came down
Irom Elko last week.
Divisional engineer Callahan went
down to Jennings on the passenger
Thursday on official business.
Trains run every day between Gateway and Jennings.
George Bailderly is rounding up a big
string of horses to work on his ranch
this summer.
The Marquis of Red Rock registered
at the Sl. Louis last week.
Messrs Stephenson and Tampion
ranchers, Edwards Lake, ordered a big
cousignmemt of agricultural implements
through thegeaerel (.tore here.
Jules Hnrel and Dr. Detnpsey came
over from Gateway for a big bear hunt.
They got a nice black fellow, but they
had to pay Chief Paul to shoot it for
them.        __^____
Work Ob Const rut 1 ion Will Be Pushed Kip
Idly Forward.
Messrs. Hull, Austin and McKeuzIe,
ofthe Marysville Smelter management,
returned lnit week from Spokane where
they   were  attending   a  meeting ot the
board of control of the Sutli«an Mining
and Smelling company, All difficulties
were adjusted and ibe policy of construe
lion definitely determined upon, so mat
henceforth   there   will    be   no   delays.
Bvtry arrangement is made 10 push
■long lhe work ns rapidly as possible.
and soon a very large fort*-.- of men will
be put to wotk, which will mean pros
petitv tor Marysville, mnl as soon ns the
smelter in blown in, better times lor the
whole distiict.
As an indication of what la being done.
J. D, McBride, llie hardware dealer,
stated tbat be had tour car loads id material for the Mueller tbnl would soon arrive, Then there are numerous carloads
uf other in;,, in 1 n-1 v   arriving, so ibai
within a very short lime Uiere will be a
greal crowd of people employed on con-
atructioh. This will be sad uewi to the
kuockers, hut il Ihey don't want to see
prosperity tbey must get out of the district this year.
P.Ik Diver Palls Secured
A company has been formed at Klko
known as the Klk River Power and
Light Co., and application has beeu
made for tbe water right at the tails,
These falls are recognized as the best
power In this part of the country, and
being Minuted as tbey are so near the
fields of industry and whul arc distilled
to become prosperous cities, there Is no
question that the right will be of great
value. Thomas Crahan, formerly of
Wardner, is acting as agent for tbe
Various   Matters   Wen.
and  an Adjounit J
ing  Called.
Hospllal Ball
On Monday, March 31, the Hospital
Ladies' Aid society will give a calico
ball In Wentworth hall. The proceeds
will be used to help pay off the debt of
the Institution, and therefore tlw dance
deserves the support of all, whether ihey
care to attend tbe dance or not. There
aeems tu be an impression thai the
dance is a masquerade. This is a mistake. It is a calico ball, but if one Ins
not a calico dress they may wear any
other tbat tbey desire.
24th ol May at Klko
Klko citizens are preparing to make
the mix May a hummer. They will
bold a meeting In a few days ami organize for the work. An Klko citizm said
to The Herald the other day. "We propose to have one of tbe biggest celebrations ever held lu South Kast Kootenay,
and nothing that money and hustling
will do in that way will be overlooked."
Members of the Cranbrook board of
trade and other citizens met on Monday
evening at Wentworth hall to elect new
officers for the board and discuss any
questions that might tie presented. The
meeting was a representative one in
every respect, and from beginning to
end, unusual enthusiasm was displayed,
W, T. Reid, vice president, in the absence of A, Leitcb, president, called the
meeting to order, and 1*. K- Simpson
acted as secretary, Mr. Reid briefly
outlined the object ol the meeting, and
upon the suggestion of J. Ryan the work
of electing officers was inaugurated.
Mr. Ryan, F, 10 Simpson und Mr. Reid
argued that it would be a wise move to
leet new officers aud infuse new blood
into the organization. Tbis idea seemed
to uieel with the approval of the people.
Ou motion of J, Ryan, seconded oyj.
Hutchison, W. T. Reid was named for
president. Mr. Reid demurred at first,
hut the desire of those present overcome
bis objections, aud he was selected by u
unanimous vote.
G. H. Gilpin was nominated for vice
president by Mr. Ryan, seconded by F.
E, Simpson, Mr. Gilpin felt thnt ihere
were others better qualified to lill tbe
position, but tbe people did not agree
with him, ami finally be gracefully
acquiesced to their urgent demands, and
was elected without a dissenting vote.
W. V. Gurd was the next candidate,
aud he was named for secretary-treasurer
by Mr. Hutchison, seconded by Mr.
Haines, Mr. Gurd was of the opinion
that he would uot have the time to look
afler the duties of the office in n satisfactory manner, but those present were ol
the opinion that be was llie right man
for the place, and would not take no for
an answer. Iu consequence he was elected by a unanimous vote.
After considerable discussion the following executive committee was elected:
G. H. Miner, M. B. King, H. Haines,
R. K. Beattie, J. P. Fink, L B, VanDecar, J. I) McBride, G. T, Rogers, G. R,
I.eask, Devere Hunt. James Gill, John
Leask, 1). Murphy, J.Ryan and 10 K.
After lhe election several questions
were presented, among them being the
St, Marys river bridge, redistribution,
government offices uud the action of the
Associated Boards o[ Trade on lhe question of changing the present law governing fees for recording claims mid the
amount paid for assessment. It was decided to postpone discussion and call a
meeting ofthe new executive committee
and members of the board for the evening of Wednesday, March 19, at the
Cranbrook hotel.
The fee for membership Is but ft .50 a
quarter, nr 50 cents n month, and all
those desiring to join can hand tbe lees
for one quarter or more lo the Canadian
Hank ol Commerce. lvvery man lu
Cranbrook should be a member of this
organization, since its only object is to
benefit the lown and the people in it.
A Bold Thief
Last Thursday nighl while W, F.Tate,
the jeweler, was alone in his store, a
young man entered and listed to look at
some watches. One was placed on tbe
show case, and as Mr. Tate stooped to
take a CBse out of a box beneath the
counter, the young man grabbed the
watcti and jumped through the dour.
Mr. Tate beard lhe door close and seeing
the man gone when be arose, took in Ibe
situation at once nud made a dash
around the counter fur the door. When
he got outside his smooth caller had disappeared, He secured assistance and
the town wns thoroughly searched, but
no trace of ibe thief could be found.
From the Marysvllle Tritiune
Dr,   O Hagan   returned   from   Leth-
brldge on Tuesday.
Father Ouellette, of Oranbrook visit-
ea Ttie Tribune on Tuesday.
Or. Archibald aud Paul i I nul ley
drove down 10 Cranbrook on Friday.
Miss Georgia Small went down to
Cranbrook ou Tuesday on a abort visit.
Miss 1 'tuiiey ol Kimberley, went down
Proposed   t0 Qran-iroob on Thursday, on a short
1 vacation.
i. H Miner and K. J. 1'eltler of Cranbrook, drove up to Maryaville on business yesterday.
Dr. Hell, government veterinary
setgion, visited Marysvllle on a business
trip on Thursday.
The amount of  stamps sold at the
Marysvllle   post     olllce    during    the
month of 1'Ob.uary was $75.   Who says
Maryaville does uoi do any buai-
Many are Csosdlaos.
Seven members of the United States
Congress are Canadians by birth. Six
of them were born in lhe province of
Ontario and tbe other in Nova Scotia
The natives of New Brunswick, who
have figured in past congresses, have
effaced entirety, including the Hon. Jeremiah Simpson, better known as "Sock-
less Jerry" of Medicine Lodge, Kinsas.
It wlllbenoted all seven are Repulicaus;
Senator James McMillian, of Michigan,
bom in Hamilton, Out,; Senator Jacob
H Gallinger.nf North Hampshire, born
in Cornwall, Ont; Senator J03.H Milliard, of Nebraska, burn in Hamilton,
Ont.; Senator Tbos. Reams, of Utah,
born in Woodstodlc, Oat.j Congressman
jas.T. McCleary, of Minnesota bom iu
lugersoll, Ont ; Congressman Jaa, A
nughea.of West Virginia,bom iu Corun-
iia, Out.;Congresflinan Win. Council, of
Pennsylvania,boru iu Cape Breton, N.S,
Miss Oennalt of Marysvllle gava ■
dance ou Wednesday evening, to a tew
of her friends, A11 very pleasant evening waa spent.
.lames Flmliey of tbe Sullivan mine
visited Cranbrook ihis week,
Pinch Si Jones have uaen rushed with
lumber oidera tbe past week.
There aie numerous li qulrles about
residence lots in MaryavlHa,
N, C. McKinstry haa commenced his
contract for getting out ties for the C.
P K. Tbey are getting the Umber
near the Black Bear mine,
Mrs. White of Klmberley, returned
from Cranbrook on Tuesday, where she
bail   been   with   one   of  her  children
ho was being operated on.
Governor Hanson of Wasa, will put in
a saw mill at Marysvllle. He baa
already secured option on large timber
limits, and will be in position to meet
any demand for lumber.
rue people of Marysvllle will have
enough to keep them busy within a few
weeks. Work will be resumed on tbe
smelier, and there will be several other
enterprises under headway-
Frank McCabe Is one of the beat
known people In the dlsulct and a great
hustler after business. He Is a pioneer
In Marysvllle and when you know
Frank well, you will be acquainted wltb
a mighty good fellow.
Our esteemed contemporary tbe
Cranbrook Herald enters on tbe fifth
year of Its existence next Thursday,
The Herald has done more for South
Kast Kootenay than anything elae In
We notice by Fort William Journal
that J. D. O'Hagan has bad the recommendation by the Liberals of Fort
William for the appointment customs
ofilcer. He Is a brother of Dr. O'Hagan
of this place.
His  Name and Fame Were Freely
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Downes Display Most Cheerful Hospitality
lie Eitends Best Wishes to the People ol
North Bay, Ont., Mar. 13, 190a.
Dear Simpson: To-day I received a
Battering address signed by the business
men of Cranhrook. Were it In my
power I would gladly make a special
trip out to shake each one by the band
and express my thanks. This pleasure
is denied me now, but I hope the day
is not far off when I may visit the scene
of my last year's labora. A scene, where
the dealings with the big hearted bright
business men of your mountain city,
contained more brlghtnesa than any
encountered in twenty years service in
various parts of Canada. May Cranbrook be the hub of tbe Koote nays and
her citizens happy and prosperous is tbe
wish of
Yours Sincerely,
Building Notes
G. II. Gilpin a new store building Ii
rapidly assuming shape.
G. R. Leask haa the contract for a
new residence for Peter Lund and will
commence work In a lew days,
R. 10 Beattie haa had a new floor put
iu his store room, and made other Improvements that greatly enhance the
beauty of the place.
Messrs. Clapp and ttyckman are Improving the appearance ol their property
un Garden avenue by building neat
picket fences.
Railways la Nova Scotls.
Montreal, March 14.—D. D- Mann, of
McKetuie and Mann, left to-night for
Nova Scotia to look over the firm's railway enterprises In tbat section. Mr.
Mann expects that if all goes well, be
will have about 200 miles of railway
under construction in Nova Scotia and
Cape Breton this smuttier.
A Utile Jolly.
Frank Sentinel: The Cranbrook
Herald haa entered upon its fifth year,
Tbe Herald issued its first Issue when
there were only four or five buildings in
the town and has hern largely instrumental in making Cranbrook the Important center which it is to-day.
St. Patrick may he a myth or not, blithe Irish, aud those who are not Irish,
prefer to believe that Ireland's patron
saint waa a living being, with mysterious
power and saintly iufiuence. Iu consequence of this fact, ou the 171b day of
March, where there nre Irish, you will
find the green libbon in evidence ami a
gathering of some kind to do honor to
his name and revive the memory of bis
good deeds as written lu sung aud story.
On Monday night between 30 aud 40
gentlemen gathered around lhe banquet
board at the Cosmopolitan hotel as the
guests of Mr. and Mrs J.R. Downes,
proprietors of the hotel, to enjoy oue of
tbe pleaaauiest evenings ever spent in
Cranbrook by those present. The tables
were appropriately decorated for the oc-
caslou, the St. Patrick's shade of green,
of course, predominating, An elegant
repast was served that was in pleasing
contrast lo the tales of woe that makes
up the history of suffering iu tbe early
days of Erin's isle. After the viands bad
beeu fully appreciated, W F, Gurd, who
officiated as toast master, called for order, and in a most appropriate manner
extended a welcome to the guesis on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Downes, and also
said a few words for St. Pat tick's memory,
An excellent toast list was presented
and the responses were in a most happy-
vein, many of the speakers bringing
rounds of applause and roars of laughter-
A new after dinner speaker was discov
ered in Mr. Jeffers, who came to Cranbrook last fall from Ireland. Although
it waa his first effort in public be made
the hit of the evening wiih his genuine
Irish wit, and kept the guests convulsed
with laughter while he was speaking-
There were other good talks and some
excellent singing, and it was 1:30 before
the evening's entertainment was brought
to a close by all singing "God save tne
Following ia the toast list:
The King—A. L. McDermot.
Song—R. II. Rogeis.
The Day We Celebrate—Messrs. Jeffers and Hunt.
The Kmpire of Which We are a Part—
G. H. Gilpin.
Our Province and  Her Future— R  10
The Great Republic—F. K. Simpson.
The French Speaking British Subject
-K.J  Peltier.
Song—A. L McDermot.
Townsites,   Presses   and   Things —J.
Song—A. L. Gartthore,
The Ladies—Messrs. Clarke and Ueale.
Our Host and Hostess—J. R. Downes.
From the fernie Free Press.
The lumber is on lhe ground an.l work
has commenced on the new Baptist
Miss Francis Tannhaiiser. who is tbe
guest of ber sister, Mrs R, Fraser, has
been very i.i during the post week.
Notice to contractors, builders and all
whom it may concern .—Tlie carpenters
ol Fernie dlalre lo notify you that f.3.50
for nine hours shall constitute a day's
Cranbrook will celebrate on May   -U'h
if their celebration committee can secure
the co-operation of tbe Ferule Athletic
Bert Borson llle man who bad his head
crushed in by lhe falling of a rock at
Morrissey last week, died tn the hospital
here yesterday.
A young lady at Lethbridge recently
jerked back ber head to keep from being
kissed and dislocated her neck bone. Of
Course she escaped being kissed but il is
nevertheless a terrible warning to lhe
girls 10 save their neck.
At a meeting m the R >yal Hotel on
Tnesday evening torlhe purpose of organizing lhe lootball team for tbe com-
ing season, the following officers were
elected ,—Hon. Pie* ,Tb.»s R. SlOckclt,
jr.; Pres., II j Jolnnon : Captain, Wm.
Taylor; Sec Treas J.R.Wallace. Managing committee:—Meoscra j H.Brlcke
and S Hercbmer, Wm. Taylor, the pte-
sldent ami secretary , representatives to
tbe Athletic Association, Meosers, j ll.
Brickeruudb Herchmei. Ibe membership fee was lixed a: oue dollar and a
committee consisting ol S Herchmei I.
R. Wallace, Wm. Taylor aud W. Piper,
was appointed to collect both tbe membership tee and the Athletic Association
fee. The secretary was Instructed to
write lo tbe neighboring clubs with a
view (oascertaining their views io regard
to form a league for the coming season.
Prospects are bright for football timing
the Coming season as several eastern
players have taken up their residence
here since last reason.
Tbe Company Directs That the Construction
Work be Pushed.
Nelson Miner *. L. S Austin, superintendent of the Sullivan smelter now
under construction at Marysville, Kasi
Kootenay; Fred Burbtidge, formerly
manager of tbe Bunker Hill and Sullivan mine In the Coeur d'Aleues ; H. Me-
Keusle la charge of tbe construction
work on tbe smelter, and George W.
Hull, general manager of the Sullivan
mine, formed a party which came iu
from Spokane yesterday and after a
short stay at the Phalr took the boat for
Bast Kootenay, They have been in
Spokane Id attendance 00 the meeting
of the company and have received
orders from tbe directorate to push tbe
construction work on tbe smelter as
rapidly as possible to tbe end tbat it
may aoonbe completed. Mr. Burbridge
is with tbe party and will look over
smelter In an advisory capacity. The
talk about closing down the construct-
ion of the plant they declare to have uo
foundation whatever.
Salt tsder Distraint
The stock and fixtures of the Crauhrook cigar store and billiard rooms will
be offered for sale at public-auction
without reserve on Monday, March 34,
1902, at 7:30 p.m. Tbe goods to he of-
fered consists of pipes, cigar and cigarette holders, tobacco pouches, cigars,
show cases, chairs, tables, lamps and
■dot machine. Also a aoo egg incubator
by Stahl, with electrical alarm, one
Humphrey's bone cutler, a pen of seven
pure bred Brahma fowls, prize birds, a
phonograph, Ivlisonia company, with
recorder anil 4" cylinders, aud other articles too numerous to mention. Terms
"Hutch," Auctioneer.
Fromtlie Moyte Lender
Tbos. Rader is talking of goiu-i to the
Thunder Mountain district in Idaho in
a short time.
Mrs. W. P. Hill of Cranbrook was in
Moyie for a few day* this week visiting
with Mr. and Mrs. Kd. Hi'.l.
G. Campbell was quite sick during the
early part of the week, bat is now con-
Tbe oid school h. use which will be
used as a fire hall will be moved near
McMahon's building on the east side of
Victoiia street.
Hubert Haines, manager of tbe Canadian Bank of Cc-uime.ee, Cranbrook,
was in town lost Sunday for a few hours.
P. I> Hope, deputy mining recorder,
wll'collect tbe poll taxes in Moyie this
yearj instead ofthe constable as heretofore.
Wnen Robinson & McKetuie's saw
mill was burning last Tuesdiy evening
the flames so Illuminated the iky that
they could be plainly seen in Moyie.
Tbe engine in Park Mitchell &. Co.'s
saw mill will be moved to Leitch's mill
al Palmer's bar, and a new engine will
be Installed in the mill here. S, Richards and George I.-itch were here this
week taking the engine apart and packing tt for shipment,
Thia week Messrs. Grant & Shfcady
finished what logging they wlfbed to
do at present and laid r,ff the greater
portion of their men. Tbey have tnken
out between five and and six million feet
of logs tbis winter.
"Scotty" McDonald and Frank Gltta*
don have resumed work on the placer
diggings on Lamb creek and they will
make an effort to reach bed rock this
spring. P. T. Smyth and Wm. Gallup
will go out next week and will also do
some work,
Wants Hit Coin
Nelson Miner: C, A. Gregg who Is
well known in newspaper circles on the
coast, and who for a short lime was editor of the EtonUnd Miner, hai brought
auit against the Miner Printing & Pub-
Iiablng Co. for the ruiii of $t,ooo, The
plaintiff alleges that a contract was entered into between thc defendant company and himself by which he was to
serve in the capacity of editor and manager of the Miner for the period of one
year, antl claims thnt by reason ol bis
dismissal before the alleged contract had
exiiired.be   is entitled to five month's
Lawn Tennis
On Tuesday evening the Cranbrook
Lown Tennis club held its annual meeting and elected officers as follows:
Honorary President—Rev. 11.Beecham,
President—\V. F. Gurd.
Secretary Treasurer—W. H. Wood.
Committee—O, I! Gilpin, H. Haine.*t,
R L. Chu.lleigh, S. F. Morley bud A,
W. McVittie.
The grounds are In excellent condition
and further improvements are content*
EMitor and Proprietor,
TKttMd nl* Mb-t'i.irrinN*
The Herald .leiirc*. tu give tin- uaws of the
district,   it van know wis about your town I
your mine or y.mr (leojile, isud II to tills oflice.    j
This Is No,] Vol. 5 of T.ie Cranbrook
Herald. We take this occasion to thank
all the pan oils for past lav. r*, We aie
pleased and hup? you are.
The Ice mm wlil -.ig.i hi king.
Tbe associated boards o! trade did not
add to their power 01 r e | D La Lion for
wisdom or fairness wheie limy atlvocat
ed the Increase of the recording fees to
81'.' Ml It was a straight drive al the
prospector, ami would bean additional
burden upon film The Herald would
prefer to see the prospector euconrag
ed. Were It noi for the bravery ami
teat of ilie prospector. BritishOoluinbla
to-day would consist ul one or l*t
small llililug villages ou lhe i.oa t and
an nukiiown wilderness in the Interior,
The delegates who vnleil In favor of increasing the tax t.n tht pes ector
should hang bis head m shame, Che)
hare beeu and witl ue the salv.»tl.m oi
British Ooluinbla.
The Crow'a Ndat Coal company will
lake caie o( British Columbia, 11 ii gen
1 monopoly of ibe coal and coke, just
like tbe the llou took .are of the lamb
If there Is auytlilug more lhat ttie
Canadian Northern wants in liritisb
Columbia, we hoj e ttittli modesty wll:
not prevent them asking for It.
Tbe opposition forced .1 ie, Martli
laio saying that he was wrung In voting
against certain measures, but lliat lu
bad to do It to keep tbe Duusmuh
government alive.
Can it be possible that there I-
foundatlon for the rumur that A. Il
Grace Is going to rem nve to F-.rnle
Well might your Uncle Robert say.
"K.. tu, Grade."
If Joe. Martin is preparing to havi
an investigation tn South Bast Kootenay upon government mailers, he wll
stir up a hot time. An Investigation o
certain government me-.mils In this district with Joe. Martin at the hea.
would beat any vaudeville on earth
Turn It loose Joseph. The people an
anxious to see the fuu.
CoostableBames carries amagnldc-Mr
heavy gold beaded tain which Is th
gift of admiring friends. Mr. Bun?
evidently stands well with the peoplt
h*- ■■>»res so faithfully.
Under and by virlure of the powers
contained in a certain mortgage which
will be produced at the time of sale, there
will he offered for sale by public miction,
by John Hutchison, Auctioneer, at his
office iu Baker Street, Cranbrook, B.C.
on Saturday, the twenty-ninth day of
March,iyoi,at the hour of twelve o'clock,
noon,     lhc    following      piopetty:     I-.n
thirteen 113) In Block eighty-seven (87).
according to a plan ol the townsite ol
Cranbrook, British Columbia, deposited
In the I.and Registrar Office at the CItj
of Nelson, nml numbered six hundred
and sixty nine (66y), said l*0t beinji
situate on the eustside ol Fenwick A veiim
in Cranbrook aforesaid. On the propert)
are a six roomed dwelling bouse ami
outbuildings. Tbe property is subject
to a prior mortgage the amount due npoi
which, and the terms whereof will In
announced at the time cf sale, or can b.
learned on application to the millet
For further particulars, the terms o'
sale etc., apply to
W. I'. GURD,
tlaker Street, Cranbrook, li.C
Solicitor for ibe Mortgagee,
Q. li. THOriPSON.
Barrister. Solicitor.
Notary  Public.
Criabruuk arid Mars.,111s. H. C.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It ls Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
S/rups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons,   The most
economical way to handle it.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is 'vorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
XQ* 0*0*0M0M    ^a    ,t.    ,-; ■..:    ■,-. A    *
8       Hy David H. Talinadge.       S
O o
O      OvpjrrlKlit,    iHu.   by
* Ihi.nl   li    Tulmatlfft..      *
p O
fcofcoKoHoHoH-'kmo-*.-«. ..j   ftol|C A
lu tho t'rst place, Mrs. Box ley struggled with hornetf prayerfully for upward of a week, nnd  liimlly.  ns  frail
mortals usually do, crushed her holier
judgment nnd arose triumphant in
the second place and this is n sc
quence she took tin* money which sbo
hud been boarding itn- ibe purpose or
buying Cbristtiins presents iuv her bus-
baud und rurally and purchased with
it a en mo nt, Afterward sho Boothed
her conscience by thu utterance of
vows Internal.
8lia told   herself  seriously  thnt  she
would give none but photographic gifts
to bur friends. She would make n
booklet for tho girls bcr Intlmnto as-
soctalos 1 ip fori) \.\. Boxley bail appeared with his little proposal Some
of them were married now, ns sin;
was; but others, poor things, were not,
and she conceived the Idea ot sending
to tlioso unfortunates a collection of
pictures tn Icon in her own modest
homo, exhibiting Mr. Iloxley, In slippers nml smoking jacket; with tho
baby, suns vetement, juggling a cuke
of snap; tbu dining room, with her
cut glass nnd silvei- upon Uu- board,
und tbu baby lu his high chair slinking a Bpoon at bis smiling father! ihe
k Itch on, -.villi Its glistening range, and
tlio baby sitting up beside It wurinliig
his tiny feet, ami ber own hertehumbor
n decani In white-with tin* buby
kicking nild crowing upon the bed. If
these offerings caused the recipients to
turn green with envy, so much the better. Must of thorn bnd expressed sentiments derogatory to ninrrlage, as unmarried women without prospects
ofion do.
As for the married ones, she would
photograph their several dwellings
secretly and label the collection "Anld
Lang Syne" In gold Ink. And lu tbe
relatives she would send dainty like-
ness.'s of the baby, writing upon each
likeness the words, "With love from
Robert Greening Boxley, ago fourteen
mouths, weight twenty-two nnd u half
These things, 1 say, she purposed doing; but none of tbem did she do pre
ctsely an she purposed. Tbe truth Is
thut Mrs. Boxley wns possessed of tbo
artistic sense—n remarkable quality
born with people und discovered sooner
or Inter by chance.
Possessing the artistic Reuse, she
could not hnve been expected to mup
out n plnu und follow It rigidly. Sirs.
Boxloy made pictures with her camera
which attracted attoutlou—glimpses
hero and there Into picturesque cor*
nets of tlm towu, artistic little dabs nt
lnurtlstlo dwellings, happy groupings
of iinsuspeotliiK people, beautiful presentments of single objects—like the
old olm oa tbe Goldby lawn thnt bnd
been snubbed for fifty years before, it
was not altogether Intentional ou her
part to produce artistic effectsi nli«
simply saw things from tho artistic
point of view; there wns no special
•train upon ber eyes.
Thus it came to pass that her friends
—beat, moat of them, on the object of
getting soma! hing at a price far below
tho market-lavished praise upon her
aud hinted with mealy mouths nt the
gratification tbey would experience
were she to run over some day nud
just take a snap nt their houses or
tbelr babies or this, tbut nud the other;
which hints she understood perfectly
and procaeded to turn to practical tic-
count. She gatberod from the gabbling of these friends thnt what ouch
of tbem most desired wns n photograph
to send to some one at Christmas time;
a photograph, or a collection of photographs If tho price were not too high,
which would give Mnud or Mltmlo or
Marion an Idea of tho lovely village In
which tbey lived.
Then it wns that Mrs. Boxley, perceiving tbo demand, set herself to work
upon tbo tusk of supplying It. Her
Idea wus to eater to nil the bints at
one foil swoop, And the result wns
tho famous "Blue Book," it collection
of twenty photographs In blue print,
mounted upon excellent paper, bound
In fancy blue covers nnd (led with blilo
satin ribbon, These hooks she snld,
actually sold, nt $1,115 for each copy,
Thu call for them wus such that she
wus unable to prepare gifts for her
own absent friends. Sho worked liko
a toy sl.'inn engine (Mr. Huxley's some-
what satirical simile) to tlm very day
before Christmas, and then she cost up
Hliu had  hnmd   even In  ber  most
sanguine moments, to mnke no more !
than $1.3 from the venture—the price
sh.* had paid su guiltily for ber camera, j
But the Uglires showed -mnl she gasped :i UU when the columns were lidded
that precisely sixty-nine books bad
been disposed of and that she had sud
dcniy become possessed ur tho stupendous sum of $82.25, ur which $70
was profit tier conscience passed at
thul moment into tbe cnUuost um) most
delightful   slumber.     She   kissed   the
baby rapturously, nml, Mr. boxley arriving iitiiii.• ut tluu Instant, she kissed
him also niul scattered tears of joy
adown ins shirt front.
"Dear tiie!" exclaimed Mr. Huxley,
returning the endearment perfunctorily.   "Whnt bus happened?"
Mrs, Boxley had Indulged In no such
demonstrations for it number of weeks,
having been too fully engrossed with
other mailers; consequently Mr. Box-
Icy bad fallen Into the habit of expecting nothing of the sort. Ho returned
tin- kiss in u half hearted, chilling wuy,
because he felt that it was not compatible with bis dignity to conduct
himself like a boy who bus come, niter
it period of undeserved punishment, into favor again,
"Whul bus bnppeiied?** he repented,
"Klghty-two dollars nnd twenty-five
cents:" replied his wife, withdrawing
bcr arms I'rum about his neck, Ho
looked nt her with an udmfrutlon he
Could not repress, mid took from his
pocket a letter.
"It la from Tom Elliott," he snld In
explanation, dropping Into n ebiilr nnd
drawing ber to his Bide. "He Is coming buck to spend the holiduys, and he
Bays he Is so happy that be cannot describe it. Yi.u see. dcur, some one sent
liiin one of your books, ami It seems to
havo dispelled the gloom that hns been
upon blm since hu left here. He Is
quite himself again, he says, the same
man lhat lie wns before—before—well,
you know how Madge treated blm. It
"Yes, I know," Mrs. Boxley sighed.
"They wore both to blame; but I do j
think, dear, thnt your sister wns more
at fault tbnn Tom.  After the quarrel— ,
When he bnd lelt her, tolling her thnt
If sho wished blm to come to her ayalu
she should place n bouquet of roses In j
the landscape window—Madge might
hnvo saved herself and liiin much sor-
ii.w. It nil rested with her then. But
alio,would not g\ve In, and the roses
were not placed iu tbe window, and
poor Tom went away never to return,
nnd it wus more than two years ugo,
nud—and I um so glad! What else
il..es lie say, dear?"
Mr. Boxley slowly unfolded the letter, "He says," bo replied, "that In the
picture- Lhe plcturo of the house in
your book, heaven bless It:—be notices
u Intneh of ruses. They nre tn the
landscape window, where be told
Madge to place tbem. He thinks tbey
moon tbnl be will be welcome—and ho
Is coming, that Is all. But do you
think, dear, tbat Madge wns actuated
by sentiment when she placed tbem
there, or did It just happen? Will she
-will she"-
"Slie will," said Mrs. Boxley with
conviction, "She has been very miserable; she told tnu so. But, dear, she
bus not given In. Tom will come, nnd
she will think It Is he who bus taken
tha first step toward reconciliation.
Tlu-v -vin bo married, and then—nm'
then tbey will get over their foolish*
n, ss. l hope."
■She bus not given 111?" Mr. Box-
ley's eyes opened In amazement.
"Didn't sbo place the roses In the window V"
"No, dear." Mrs. Boxley gave utterance to a nervous little laugh, half u
Bob. "Matbjc was not at home the day
I took the picture, nnd—ami I placed
the roses in the window myself. And—
and It wns 1 wbo sent Tom the book."
Mr. Boxley whistled. Then he kissed
the artist und looked Into her eyes.
"And l" think," he said, "thut I have
bold your camera lu contempt for all
these weeks! Consider me, dear, from
henceforth your most bumble servitor.
Consider me—er—Bquolchedl"
"I do. love," saldlMri, Boxley sweetly.
And then she danced away to the
kitchen, While Mr. Boxley took tho baby
Upon his lap ami mentally commented,
with much satisfaction, upon tbo re-
Si-uililitncu borne by tho diminutive
chap lo bis mother.
Look lm thc
. •(•>♦•........
At tli.
The Wentworth Hotel
\ Vroom & Dezall    j
1 j
I 1
l     Horse Shoeing
; Carriage Repairing anil
; Ucncral Jobbing.... ,
t llulslsle Orders Promptly 4
, Attended lit. J
. I
Surveys 0|	
Land Purchases*
Pre- Empt ions,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. 0. Fort Steele, B. C.
and Builder   «*
All work giinrantccd.    See us hefnre
yuu build.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
Hla Beat.
Tho Into Rlr John Stnlner, one of
England's most celebrated imislcluns
nml composers, wiih once stnylug In a
small Swiss village, nnd the English
clergyman wns on tbu outlook for a
musician to assist at th» lervlco,
Stnlner wan In the oflice of thu holel
when the clergyman found blm und
started tlie conversation with "Ho you
play ihe harmonium?"
"A little," wiih thu reply of the former
organist of Bt Paul'B cnthodral
"Will ymi, then, be good enough to
belp us out of our difficulty on Sunday?
Wo will rend tbe Psalms,  nnd  the
hymns shall bu the simplest I can select," ndded thu delighted parson.
"I will do my best," snld Stnlner,
with a .smile.
Tbe service proceeded satisfactorily,
but Ibe congregation nt the close listened to it brilliant recital. When the
parson hoard the mime of his assistant,
be asked lilm to dinner. "Do you
siiiokeV" be asked at the close.
■•] will do my bust," responded Stnlner, nnd tho ensuing laughter wns the
prologue of an entertaining exchange
of Oxford reminiscences.
George Laurie lias wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Ollice and More, Aiken block,
near Can nil fail Hunk of Commerce, Criuilirook, It C
UpholtUcrfOK and General Furniture Repairing
Will attend to nny work iu the district
Physician and Surgeon.
Oflice nt kVsldunic, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   •   •   ■   ■   4:30 to II
Afternoon..   •   •   •   •   i:JQ to .01(1
Evenings    -   -   -   •    7,30 lo 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    D.  C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
uu- analytical ohemlsl and control assayer to
itn- Nnriii stni Mining company, limited,
Every l_escrlpl.no of Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Aii-.nt.iiii in Samples hy Mall aad
Oil,it and I ulwrutoryi
Kdniciiji* St., Nelson, II. C.
Backed by the Payrolls of Two Gigantic Coal Companies
aad the Copper aad Kenaedy Mountain Mines	
Surrounded hy
the tallowing...
And fine Agricultural
Country. Large lierdsof
In ah.'ii.laiu.- with a climate almost Southern
and all that could he
A SHNOI A 's owne** '-'■•* ->'-cl*ed by the payroll of the Similk.ttrn.-sMi V.illey
Coal Company, Limited, which is a guarantee in its sell
of its success. The equipment and development ol their
coal mines, installing of water, electric light and power
plants are already arranged for. The development ol the
Ashnola Coal Company's Mines by the Eastern capitalists, who have established their payroll at Ashnola, make
it thc coming city of the interior of British Columbia.
Lots in Ashnola are Safe Investments
In blocks 1 to 4 and 13 to 20 the price will be advanced
25 per cent, per month until May I, 1902, and to 10 per
cent, in the remaining blocks. The present price is from
-■$50 to $225, 25 per cent, cash, 3, 6 and 9 months without interest.
Arrangements are already completed for 8 buildings including
cottages for the employees of the company at Ashnola. This
work will be under full headway by May 1st. The company's
stock is now selling at $1, 10 per cent, down, balance in 9 equal
Four years ago the Crow's Nest shares could be bought and were sold at 11 cents.
Today they are quoted at $80.00.   With the advent of transportation	
can be delivered at any point in West Kootenay or Yale as cheaply as by any other company in Canada.   For further information apply to     i j
Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited !
Nelson, British Columbia.
....Dealers in.... ||
| Wall -j* Paper, |
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, i
>As      flouidings, Etc. m>
/Jv Paper Hangers and Decorators. I
lor time Inliles and (nil Information, call on
or address ncaresl local agent.
A. (I. I'. A. Agenl,
Vaucnuvcr, H.C. I'ranhrmik
J. S. CARTER, 1). P. A., Nelson, ft. C.
The llrlilHl  Veil.
ho wearing of the bridal veil was
old Anglo-Saxon custom-, the veil bo-
held over both bride uud groom,
o wearing of white In likewise nn
ciiHiom nnd ono Unit prevails in
ny eotiiilrloH- 'even lurludlng I'ur
mn. Xciitu'i* la there anything of
ilorn origin In ubo of wedding
mi, ami wed ding cnlto or having
iloainalila, all tlioso customs having
(•miction uf I.ma usngo-
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Cos
W hills-Hie ind Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade is solicited.
I.O.O.F.   Key City Lodge
•-^ No, 42,   Mnets ovary I'r-
'" " ilnynlKliI at llielr hall on
linker street.    Hnjourntlig
(ilia Fellows cordially Invited,
S.J  Morrow, II. Parsons,
N. (1. Hec'v.
tranhronk Lodge, No. 34
A. F. & A. M.
^'/\:-»   '-'Willi  uiCftliiKfi on Ilio
^  \       tlm.I  Thursday ot tlm
^* 111..111I1.
VUlting brctlierr .veleoim-d,
Gko, A. I.kai'H, Snir'y.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Hive mc a call.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Notion is hnrc-tiy riven 1 Iiut npplh atlon will ho
made t" tho I'lirllaimiil nf Camilla at Its next
RBHslna for an Acl aiitlinrUlon lhu Bt. Mary's
tilvor Italtuviiy r» miitinv t<> e usti uot a branch
or oxtonslnti of Us iiillwav fp-m mime point on
llioi'ompaov's pre-*mit line nf railway Hienoo
northerly ami westerly hy tho North Kootenay
I'liftR to a iioiut on tlio Knntonay Hlvor in HrliWi
I'tiliniilila ItPtwwii Wanlaor uml tlio Interna-
tl .mil I1111111.I111 y, witli millii.rlly u!*.n t ..'.instruct
l>r:iiH*li*-s fnini nny fiilntn nn lho iirnt-oaeil line
not MceoilhiR in any ana civ-* ;m nittea In ii-nutn,
witli im . r also in pnumrtiot, nun mil operate
lelournph ami telnphono llnrs tor the use <>r iln>
pillule, innl to im-ii' rule, transmit ami dual in
olcctrleltyaitil olecirle imwer.
Dili. 11 Deoemuer i.nii, mm.
Walter Himvick,
43-0 Kolloltor lur Applicant.
j HOTIil  I
i *************************
£       IM-TI-H MATIIHSON, Proprietor.      £
$ ************************ £
J When you arc hungry and want JJJ
(p n nmid meal gti to  (hu   I Cast if
j Kootenny. J
Jjj When you arc tired and want a J
in jiimd rent go to lhe Unfit Koo- in
W teeny.                                  JJ
? When you nre thirsty and want a J
* lmxiiI  drink   go   lo the   linst   *
# Kooienay, jjj
Jjj In fact whv 11 you nrcin Cranbrook J
ih atop nt the Kant Kooienay.       *.
Nelson :Tent: and
Awning : Factory
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain   Railway   Co
The only all rnil ioiiil- between nil
points Istlst, West nm! Smstli to ...
Intermediate Poinls.
Counectlttg 1st
SPOKANE with the
(ircat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company,
CouncLts nl
Nelson  with Steamer tor  Kttslo
and All  K.iotcnuy   Lake  Point.-,
Myers Halls with StaRe Daily for
Republic, and
Connects slnilv
At    Bossburg   Stngo   Daily   for
Grand Porks and Qrcenwootl.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. I'iim. AjI.
I have (food wood ol .ill lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ttllice receive prompt attention,
Richard Stewart
There arc a few points lo
he considered iiilniililinj;.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have ynu Inlkesl with nnynnc nhsitit hiillsllis"?
Cmne nnd sec me or lei mc sec ynu. II may
dn us bolh ".nisi.
Contractor. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
• 0#0©0#0«<-Or •©-"*°-9.'0' •-eot*
• OP THE  ii
By Thomas P, Mnntfort
)   *>    <
• Copyright, 1001, by a. s. Richardson   •
• ••••••*«(>•«••
in the Ozark mountains there li o
spring tluu could tell lotuo startling
tali's uud OXplalQ nwny llm mystery
surrounding tho disappearance or pioro
uuin tun1 human bolug.
Jack Warner thought that ho had
inuiii' nu Important discovery, mid tho
next minute be found that in* had made
two of thorn,
lu tlio llrsl place, he had discovered
a "moonshine" distillery, which was
Important, but not interesting to lilm.
In the next place, he was u prisoner
lu  the hands  of  the  "inoouBhlners"
Loospti ids feet, boys, so be can step
Tliey cut the cord about Warner*!
legs uud started forward Into tha
woods. But a woman, her face white
uud anxious, her hulr flying wildly in
lln* wind, barred their way.
"Fur Coil's sake, Ms," the man with
tiif gun cried, "what's up?"
"They're berel" she gasped. Then,
clasping her lunula ami looking luto his
face fTppeallUgly- wlie added: "Uo, quick,
,inUe ! Fly before they get you."
"Whnt art- ynu talking about?" Jake
demanded.   "Who la It?   Not the"-
**Yi-h, yea; tin- revi-uuersl The rob-
Ui'h surrouuded, and they'm srurclilug
tlm woods, I slipped away, but uiiwt
likely they seen me. Don't wait, Jake,
Inn go quick!"
Ills fimu darkened, and a dangerous
light came to Ida eyes.
"D— 'em!" hu Raid bitterly. "Let
'em cornel I'll gel hoiiib ot 'em before
they get me." Then, turning to hla
men, ho added: "Stand back out of tlie
light, boys, ho thut you can't be seen.
Watt a minute! Thla man bus been
spying un um, and we'll tU blm for tt
themselves, which wna both Important ' ii'ist.
and interesting. |     with that he struck off Into tht
For two long hours In the stormiest | woods, commanding two of bis men to
of ulghts Jack had tolled wearily up
narrow  ravine In tlm wildest of the
The Drumbeats:
Of Liberty
...By M. QUAD.
Ozark range, He was wet, cold, ex-
haustcd nud, worse than all else, lost.
So when nt last a little speck of light
Buddanly Bitot out of tbo darkness lie
hulled It as a harbinger of Bhelter nnd
rest und hurried forward with renewed
Ho hod taken less than a dozen
BtepB, however, when he found himself
face to fuce with a tall, determined
looking man nud a gun.
The two men scrutinized each other
narrowly, while half a dozen ruffians
gathered round. The man with tho
gun tinally broke tbo silence by saying:
"U'b a bud business, your coming
lure, young follow; but since you have
come we'll have to attend to you, i
Willi thnt ho made n motion to the
other men, nnd they Speedily bound
Jack hnnd and foot.
"What does this mean?" Warner demanded.
"Oh, nothing much," the man wllh
the gun replied. "About nil It menus
is that you will have to take a bath In
tin- I tig spring, nu.l anything that goes
In there never comes out"
Warner comprehended the man's
in.'lining UOW and, aghOBt with horror,
"Great Qodl no yuu moan to drown
follow with Warner and the others,
with Liz, to hide.
After covering about thirty yards
along the side of the mountain be stopped on the brink of a dark bole. It was
the Big spring, that greedily swallows
up everything that falls a prey to It
and gives nothing back.
A eold chill of horror went over
Warucr as he beard tbe water boiling
and bubbling down there In the dark.
"Throw him In, boys," Jake said
The men began to push Warner forward. In his struggles the rope slip*
ped from his arms. Finding bis hands
free, he wrenched himself from the
grasp of one of the men and, striking
him a quick blow, sent him reeling
back toward the spring. There was a
scream, a heavy splash in the water
and thon silence. Quickly following
up his advantage, be struggled to free
himself from the other man and had
almost succeeded when Jake gave him
a push that Bent him dying over the
brink of the spring and clear to tbe opposite side, where he struck against
the bank.
As be began to sink down Into the
hole hs clutched frantically In search
of a support. When half his body was
in the water, his lingers grasped a Jutting stout, thnt cheeked his fall. There
he hung, his whole weight ou hla lingers nnd the witters tugging at blm
ns If iiiij-rlly determined to tear him
By a flash of lightning Jake saw him
clinging to tho wall and, with au ontli,
started mound to that Bide of tbe
spring. In another dash Warner snw
Juke with hla gun raised to strike blm.
At thc same instant there was a
pistol report, and In the darkness Warner felt n heavy body plunge past him
und heard a groat splash In tbe water.
Then. Just as his Angers had begun
to relax their hold, a pair of strong
bands grasped his wrists and saved
him from sinking. For the tlrst time
In Ids life ho fainted.
When he returned to consciousness,
ho wns lying before a Are In the shelter of the still with a dozen detectives.
Three of tha "moonshiners" wera In
Tho detectives, guided by the sen-am
of the mnn who bad first met bis fata
In the spring, had arrived Just In time
to give Jake to the spring, which no
doubt bid much ot bis guilty past.
Afterward they had captured the rest
of the gang, killing one tn the flight,
'lhe wn in nn Liz bad escaped.
i 1*
I     <
"Wo mean to put you where you
won't never tell no tales," was thu OOOl
Warner tried to collect hla reasoning
faculties und speak calmly.
"Before  going  any   further  let's  sit
down and talk this matter over. Them
is a misunderstanding," ho began.
Tho other slowly shook his bend.
"I guess," lie replied, "theru ain't no
llllsiiiiderstiinillli): OU OUt pDl't, ut
least.   Vi.il madu the mistake wlt.-li you
como bore to Bpy on us"
"Bight there you ure wrung," War*
lii'l' said.   "1 did UOt COmQ hero tu spy
!   "Ah, cotnol   Yuu cant fool us.   if
yuu ain't ono Of them reveuuers snenk-
Ing luiiiiil tu locate our still, what are
ymi lining here ut lids time of night
it ml in nil tills storm?"
1    "Well,  In the first  place  1  nni the
new Hi'hotdteaeher Iii this district I've
been here ti week, nnd yuu hnve prolin- ,
lily heard of tne.   lu the second plnee,
thu bolug Saturday, I spent the day
(IshIng, remained loo late, and with
this rainstorm I lust my way. in tho
third place In my wanderings around
this morning l accidentally stumbled
on this spot. Now there's the truth,
lha whole truth nud nothing but the \
truth, bo help me."
After a pause tbo man with the gun
"That may i>« bo, but still I don't see
tbat It changes mailers any. Vmi'd Tie
must sure to report on ua fur thu sake
of the reward."
'"I'll pledge you my word of honor
that I will never whisper to any living
mortal n word of ull this."
"Maybe you won't; but, you bog, wo
can't tell nbout that. Sometimes a
mail's word nnd lunior don't amount to
much, nml we can't afford to take no
great chances. There'll no use of all
(his talk. Wo know our duty to our- j
Belvefl, nnd wo propose to do It. Buys,
bring blm ou and let's sctllo It."
*» Two pion advanced and took Wnruor
by the arms to lend lilm away to the
Big spOiig.   Bale With terror, lie cried:
"Ureal Qodl Would you murder
"li is bettor for you to go thnt wny
llmu fur us to go at the and of a rope.
rhey   had   brought   him    liutlie   one
day, tbat loyal ami stunt hearted patriot, Jacob Van Brunt, with his vision
gone forever. A HesHlnn's bullet hud
blinded him, and a comrade walked
hnnd lu hand with him und warned
him of obstructions in the road.
One night mouths later, us tin- blind
man slept, there was n gentle tapping
at his window, nud ns he opened the
sash and asked who wns there u. patriot sergeant replied:
"IIlBt, Jacob! I have been with oxen
and wagon for muskets, powder and
lead. I bare had a long pull of it, nnd
the oxen euu go no further, nud there
Is a Hessian picket on the road to the
south. We must bide tbe munitions
and come for them again,"
Ten minutes Inter the blind drummer
and his three daughters were assisting
the soldiers to unload the wagon and
hide Its contents lu the dark uml empty cellar of the barn, in all baste and
yet with duo caution the work wus
speedily llnlshed nud the vehicle driven
back over tbe road, aud by and by
when a patrol of cavalry came trotting
that way no man saw or heard any- I
thing unusual. I
Aud when the muskets had boen oil- '■
ed and the lend cast Into bullets which
gleamed bright as sliver there was a
drill on the bare door of the old barn.
With drum at bis side, but the sticks
bent Ing softly, and with Ruth, Mary
and Esther In Hue before him, the blind
man wblsperlngty commanded:
'Attention, company! Right face!
Left face! Order arms! Shoulder
arms! Heady—aim—recover! B-r-r-rl
And there came a November day
when the snowflakes fluttered down
now and then, nml the skies were dark
with winter's warning, and the gale
whipped the dying leaves oil tho apple
and pear trees aud tossed their branches about lu wild disorder. The blind
drummer was nodding in sleep In bis
chair, and his daughters were fu the
field searching for potato hills which
might have escaped the raiders. Of a
sudden thc man roused up and peered
into vacancy with his sightless eyes
and listened with beating heart.
The daughters found lilm Standing
erect, with drum nt his side uud sticks
In his hand, ns they came running in.
"Aye, they are coming, the enemy,"
he said as thc panting girls essayed
to speak. "Tbey have heard of the
arms nnd are coining to take them
sway. You; Huth and Mary, to the
barn and bring ns many muskets ns
you can carry, und you. Esther, lead me
to the lane and stone wall. Forward-
steady—forward, march!
"Attention, company I" cried the drummer as he ceased to rattle his sticks.
"Load each and every musket. Let
tbem come half way up the lane before
you lire. Tell me, Esther, whnt do they
"They have halted, father, and appear surprised nnd confused."
"R-r-r-rl Rat-a-tat! Rat-tat-tat I They
are brave men and will come on, but
tbey arte enemies of  liberty.     Aye.  I
hear their tramp ou the dying grass.
Steady, girls—Steady!   When they nre
even with the wild cherry tree, fire at
them to kill. Tell me, Esther, tell ine"-
Bangl bang! bang! roared tho three
mUSketS, and With pulses jumping the
Raided by Hlwtclf. ^|nj min grasiu.d bis sticks nud made
Tha father of Thomas Jefferson died  the drum rnttle  till  the  half dozen
in  1757, and tho son's Situation was   horses down In the rund reared up and
touching])* described by him years aft-  plunged and whinnied at tbe sounds,
erward In a letter written to bis eldest ■   "Frtsh muskets!   Fire ngnln!   Tell
grandson when he was sent from borne   „,e( Blither, tell me If nny of them ure
lo school for tbe first time.   It Is given   downl"
lu "The Trua Thomas JefferBon,"  by      "Three, father!"   Bang I bong! bang!
William n. Curtis.   The letter was SS | "Five, father-Are nre down now, nud
"When I recollect that at fourteen
years of ago tbe whole care and direction "of myself was thrown on myself
entirely, without a relative or friend
qualified to advise or guide me, and
recollect the various sorts of bad company with which l associated from
time lo time, I am astonished that I
.ii'l not turn off with some of them and
become us worthless to society as they
"I bad the good fortune to become
acquainted very early with some characters of very high standing and to
feel the Incessant wish that I could become ns tbey wore."
Ilis father loft Instructions for his
education and especially enjoined upon tbo widow not to permit blm to
Aogloct "tbe exercise requisite for his
bodyo'l development." This strong
man knew the value ot strength and
used to say that a person of weak body
could not have an independent mind.
SlntUtlos About lh* Uku.
The following figures obtained from
reliable sources show tbe mean level
of tho lake surfaces above the mean
tide nt New York and tbelr maximum
b'liilis respectively: Lake Ontario, 240..
(il I'uct, 7.18 foot dcop; Lako Krlo, 672.80
feet and 210 foot deep; Lake Michigan,
581.28 feet, 870 feet deep; Lake Huron,
581.28 feet, 750 foet deep; Lake Superb
or, 001.78 feet 1,006 feet deep. The
deepest water runs very fairly Id mid-
lake throughout the chain.
Thc area of water surface In square
tulles according to Grossman's dellnea.
tiun In as follows: Lake Superior, 81,*
2(H); Luke Huron, 211,800; Lake Michl-
. gun, 22,450; Luke Erie, 0,000; Lake On.
iiirio, 7,2-10, or a total area of M.050
square miles.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest .arming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from St.tin to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The i"gre*at. amuuni uf principal and int rest, except in tbe
case sit lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided loin ten instalments as
shown in lhc lutile below; the first tu be paid at Ihe lime of purchase, me second une year from date of tbe purchase, tbe third In
1 smi years and so on.
The following table shows Ihe amount ol Ihe aanual Instalments
un I bll iteres al different prices under lhe above cundilions:
160 acrs at $2.50 per acr. 1st Instalment SUMS 0 equal intal'ts al J50.00
.1.011     " "               7I.V0 "              00.00
.1.50     •■ ••               MM »              70.06
4.00     " "               95.85 "              80.00
t.50     •• ••              107.85 "              WOO
5.00     » "                10.85 "            100.00
k'imhei-h-v is 1,lc h-is'ncss '"-*1 shipping point for the
icy Nw(h S(af a|)(| Su||ivan mjnes
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is tne -"visional point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of Soulh
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further iuformatlan apply to agents aa above or lo
Lands under $2.SO per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If the land is paid for ia fall al the
lime of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal to tea per
cent on the ainmint paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cent will be
charged in over due instalments.
The Cum pa n > has also lots fur sale
In the following tuwn sites in Fast knot-
tnay: Elko, Cranbrook, Muyelle, Kllch.
ener. Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of payment arc one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway to the White
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. BUR0ESS,
Townsite Agent.
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AM,   KINDS   OF-
i Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,
| Dimension Lumber,
| Shingles and
I Mouldings.
. S
«♦******»♦♦**»*»»».*-+**♦*'_, *♦*****•**»;»*♦*#»»•*♦»»*»*»»;
Improving On Nature
Is one of the (unctions of the tailor. By his art he nuke*
up for deficiencies of shoulder-, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling  at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The -toth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, ll. C
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Crow-Are you listening to met
Tho Hnlihlt-Yes; 1 am all •ars.-Chi-
cugo News, . _f. ym ■
on« i-i leaning against tlio wnlii We
have stopped them I They halt—they
waver—they give back I"
The enemy fell buck, rallied mid advanced for tho third time. Now some
of the troops left the narrow lane nnd
advanced upon the flanks of the defense. They crept along the stone
walla or Bklrinishcd across ttie ileitis,
and the firing became brisk,
R-r-r*rl Rata-tat-lnt-tatl" rottlcd
fhe drum, and the drummer shouted
iil-iive the noise: "You arc using but
two muakota imwl What tins becomo
of Hnth V"
"Oh, father," replied Esther, "Ruth—
Ruth Is deud I"
"ltnt-a-tnt iHt-tutl Attention, com-
panyl Load—roady—aim—flro—recover|
Tell me, Esther, cun wo hold themV"
"No, fatherl They aro In front—to
the right—to the leftl I sec them aiming at you, fatherl Crouch down be*
side me or you will bo kllludl"
"I cannot leu, I cannot shout, but I
will stand to the Inst! R-r-r-rl ll-r-r-rl
Rat-a-tat! Kat-a-tat-tatl 'TIs the drumbeats that culled the mlnutemen together at Lexington. You arc using but
one musket uow. What lias become of
"Dead, father—dead ns alio rested her
gun barrel over the walll"
"Attention, company I   Only a blind
man and a girl, but thc muskets In the
barn belong to Washington uud liberty, and we must die for thcml  Are you
afraid, Esther?"
"I—1 am uot afraid!"
"Then fight oui   'Twns thus thnt tho
drums rattled at Bunker Hill—r-r-r-n-n-
tnt-tat-tat-tntt   And 'twas thus llioy
stoutened our hearts iih we slowly fell
back from Brooklyn Heights—r-r-r-rnt-
a-tat-tat-tat-tnt-tatl   You hnvo  ».i«od
firing.   Tell me, Esther, Is the powder
There was no answer.
"Tbey are dead," groaned lhe blind
man—"Ruth,   Mary   uud   Est ber-ull
deadl   Aye, shout and cheer uud flic,
you hirelings!   1 (ace you-sol   And
here la the way the drums brat at
White Plains ns our ragged patriots
came swinging into nctlou—r-r-r-r! Tat-
tat-tnt! Rat-a-tat! Rnt-n-tatl Rata*
tat-tat-tat-tat! And when wo crossed
the Delaware nnd broke the British
center at Trenton it was—r-r-r-r-at-
The blind man swayed and tottered
and sank to earth, und there were
cheers from the walls uud fences and
"And at Princeton," he whispered as
he clutched the drumsticks with flu-
get's of death, "the drumbeats were—
"How did they know? How eould we
tell?" asked mnn of man ns they stood
leaning on their muskets aud looked
down on tho dead. They could not
have told. They could not comprehend
the depths of patriotism.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
Do You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
II io, .ou't buy    Dpi   TIPD    Tb« Onl, H'boleMle Liquor Dtilcr li
until yomee ..    rCLIICK   Soulh East k<H-tcoi>.    »rile lor Prim
Cranbrook, B. C * **: **.
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point (or South East Kootenay.
New York
In   tbe   Hiilim—The   Miirna.
The Morn Is n great talker, always
returning to tho same point. Practically nothing of consequence cnn be obtained from him lu conference, and tho
less of liiin the better. In his religion
ho Is naturally a fanatic. He Is a wiry,
sinewy, athletic fellow, very different
from the Vlsuynn or Tugitlo nud quite
different from the Filipino generally.
In physical appearance ho ls a distinct
type In the orient. He hits a bold and
haughty bearing and freedom of manners extending to an nlmost defiant
Ho dresses In fantastic garbs of
bright and brilliant colors and is ns
gay In manner as gaudy in garb. A variegated, uniquely folded turban, a
highly colored silk sash to hold his
deadly, handsomely carved and adorned boroiig or krlse, a short jacket ornamented with bright metal eluBps or"
filigree worlc or buttoiiB and very
bright striped silk trousers that are
tight In fit mnko him the moat picturesque of barbarian people.
Ho lives In simplicity, Ho Is brave to
fearlessness, tt born plrnto and essentially n fighting mini, ever at war with
Homebody In some part of the sultnn-
ate, never httppy unless on a marauding expedition nnd stealing from hln
neighbors, friends nnd foes ullko. Tho
chief who Is lhe most successful thief
is tho most respected nud most powerful umong chiefs.—lieutenant Colonel
-Swcot, U. H. A., In Independent,
*tf*y "'■ J . "^~~-       "
One nf the Most Comforts
Hotels in Kast Kootenay.
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
SI. Paul, Chicago and all U. S„
Tourist Sleeper Service
East, leave Dunmore Jet. daily
Lv Kooteoay Landln* Frldiy
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
West, leave Revelstoke   daily
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cnnti-ook, B. C. ^^^^^^^^^
Home seekers' euurileolkketi es «■•. west
bound March I to April 10.
Through bookings to Europe vis sll Atlsstlc
Prepaid tickets from  all  potato  st  lown
Leading f
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
R J C0V1.E
A. .1. P. A ,
.i. s am nn, u.
P. A.. Nilaou, B. C.
Tnmi itisl .Iri rent fin iiinllnl fur any
|.oiut ia tut rlt.ttis-t.
Manager   *   *   jt
We have a stock oi
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting; chimneys, (ire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor. ---„ .-      - <*-(•■ (■ .. ® ... ■•• ••■ ■•	
r-«-8-®-®-®-«-«-.'>-->-ltH^V»H9   •■   •>   -   •    •■   •■   ...........
Wc arc opening up our new
5Spring S  Millinery:;
JJ And will show llie nicest goods ever shown ' j
in Cranbiook.    Oui opening will be on
Thursday, March 27th,
Day before Uood Friday *
Saturday, March 29th
New Blouse Goods Just In.
Miss Koltmeicr, of Toronto, has charge of
thc dressmaking room. rt>s
*^&-®-®-ff>-®-55-®-*®-@-®-«- -^!WSH»*--»HSM!M*V-«l--<-»-*'!>--Sl--<!>-«l
* ot Intoilor or ...t.'rlur nf your I Roto *a
£ Amateur work will reoolvo ottt best atteli- J
V    ""ti. N njlontwiiri, tril      *,
la Old Cflmerlon Hotel Building
I have recently oiiDiieil tills lintel itml am
ready to take boarders iiy tlm day, week or
nil-Hi. t have im liquor license and It Is my In*
teatlon to run a airlotly tlrst class boarding
famine.     - .1. I). IU.NIH liKNT
$■* *■■•-> (5
Proprietor of the
Candy Kitchen
.'amiss a coltt|iloto st.is-k nf
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes anil
TobaCCOS. dive su a call
W.  J.  WELCH,
Draying and
Planao Moving a Specialty.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
Best meal on earth.
Thoroughbred Barred
Plymouth Rocks
E. B. Thompson's
"Ringlet" strain.
6 Cockerels at $5 each.
Eggs. *.t *->r 1.1.
Cash mu.it accomputiy each order. I-. W. PATMORE,
g, Hort Steele, B. C.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     i
« .„ 8
Picked  Up About llic Cily   by  Asking
(Jitet.li.int. ttf  Many  People.
Per month paid monthly
secures to you
Per month   during  sickness from ANY disease
or accident.
C. R. Palmer,
Manufacturer's Agent.
Fire and Life Insur'ce
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and varied
stock ol
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
II you buy of Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
Ollklll Witch llH-wcliir Inr
Crowi Neil division C I'. D.
Cnstilsror.lt has is Ping Pong club
U o. Jenuiugi was lis town Snlnrilay.
tine week from tomorrow is Good Frl-
W. W. Doble v'sttt-il Macleod tlii.s
Ur, Klug ban been a liltle under the
weather the past week, but iy feeliug
James Greer visited Kllcn and Fernie
la.it week.
Ur. Watt, of Fort Steele, wns in   town
Dr, J. H. King lias been on lhe «ic*k
list tbis week.
W F. Tate made his regular trip to
lilko last week.
Charles Finch of Marysville. was in
town Tuesday.
Mrs. A, I.eitch 1ms been ill the pnst
week, but is better.
Afternoon ten at O, T. Rogers' grocery
store ou Saturday.
Mrs. Sidney Arnold is visiting frlendi-
in Fernie this week,
Mrs Leslie has been confined to the
house this week by illness,
I>r. Dougherty of Fernie is here for the
present assisting Dr. Kinj;.
Fred 10 Haines Came down from
Marysville Saturday to spend Sunday,
T. I.. Hinder, Hudsous Bay factor al
Pincher Creek, wns in town jesterday.
Mrs. 1*. H. Small re timed from Fernie lasl week where she visited friends.
J. R. Martin, timber inspector for the
province, was in town fuesdny looking
for stumps.
A. Iv. Watt nnd Edgar Home visit
ed Frank, Alberta, last Sunday, return
ing Monday morning.
P, McMahon of lilko and Moyie, bus
gone to Spokane to lake another degree
in the lodge of KIks,
We extend an invitation to everybody
to afternoon tea on Saturday. G, T.
Rogers' grocery store.
The Hospital Ladles' Aid will meet at
the home of Mis. 10 T. Rogers next
Friday afternoon at 3:30.
Miss Jessie Leitch returned Inst Monday after a visit of several weeks with
Miss Rllo Oninl at Frank, Alberta,
The track layers on the new road from
Fernie to Jennings, Mont., are now wink
ing on this side of the boundary line.
Drive R if ker came iu from Michel
Tuesday. He is doing well in his new
tiOiue, but was pleased to see Cranbiook
once more.
It is sad (bat the Indians at the Mis
siou have succumbed lo ihe ping pong
craze, to tht* exclusion of horBe racing
and btllards,
J. R. Pollock, United States COWU.ll at
Fernie, and W. S. Keny, customs officer
at the same place, were Cianbrook visi
tors Tuesday.
James Jordan of lilko, died last Saturday and was buried Tuesday at the
Mission. He has a mother living at Is*
pt-iuiug, Mich.
It was reported around town yesterday
that Jennie Howard, the well known
colored woman, had been killed in a row
in Hlairmore.
George Hnggarlll, of lilko. should belong to the older of KIks, Ho lives
in lilko, ou the lilk river nnd bis hotel
is named the Kile.
J. At dell has opened a jewlry and
watch repairing establishment in lilko.
His many Cranbrook friends wish him
all kinds of success.
W A. Simpson has gone to Calgary
to take a position with P, Burns & Co.
His family expeclsto leave for their new
home iu a few weeks.
M. A. Billings Of The Herald lorce,
when nbout recovered from his operation- caught cold and was compelled to
prolong his stay hi the hospital.
Miss lino McKtllop left last Thursday
lor her home In Uihhridge. Alia., after
hu extended visit of several months
wi.h VI1  ..I,sl Mrs 0  11  llieniner.
Mrs J !> McBride hits recovered mi.1
left the lu.-pital. Her many friends iu
Cranbrook are pleased io kuow that she
i.-. uow fully recovered and feellug well.
Rhe?., the palmist, who at present is
meeting wiih great success iu Fernie,
will make « short stay in Cranbiook ou
ber way south. She will be bete next
Undertaker Campbell disinterred the
iftina of Henry Ulcheloon at  Elko
1 week   ami   forwarded   them   to   the
easeiVa   former   home  at   Braiuard,
[,  It    M.'Mride, lhe   hardware dealer
js special attention to the tinsmith
branch ol his business, and all indent
111 th it line  will he given   prompt   and
oreful attention.
Call iu al ti. T. Rogers grocery store
in Saturday afternoon and sample nny
.1 lln* many blends nf tea we keep.
Ram L.ils, Blue Uihlion, Telley's Royal
Shield, Koloun, i r our own special blend.
Miss D.illy Wall returned yesterday
friiiu a visit in Moosej tw, Winnipeg and
other i'i.1 uts iu Mauilobu While in
Winnipeg she spent some lime in viewing the latest fashions fiom the eastern
111 lllaery emporiums.
The Herald is indebted to William
West roi a copy of the StUes, Idaho,
Patriot, published in an outfitting point
bu Uu- big rush that is uow on for tbe
Ttuindei Mountain district, Mr. West
is evidently going to the new lildorado
to try his fortune,
Henry Fattls, who had both legs in
jilted by t.i ling beneath n ear In the
Crauhrook yurds last week, died ou
Tuesduy   after   a second   opera I ion   had
been performed. There was very little
hope of his life at anv time, but lhe second operation was performed by Dr.
K-ng as a last chance.
R.Steeves.fomierly dispatcher In Cranbrook, is now propiielor 1 f a line hotel
in Frank Alberta, and doing a big bust
ness, He owns the building and his
house is cruwd-d. Last wtek he let a
contract for au addifon 30 by 70 feet,
two stories. The whole building is tube
plastered and painted and put iu the
best of shape.
li li I luh'tid, who is now engaged in
business for himself in Frank, Alia ,
came III Tuesday, 'lid" looks well and
reports say tbat he has been doing well,
He has opened a cafe in Frank, and has
every pio'mlse of doing a go nl business.
lie is one ut the best cooks in Canada
and men grow happy eatlug his meals,
Fred Hazen came down Irom bis
claims in the St. Marys Valley this
week, lie has spent the winter digging
into bis property, and has made excel
lent progress, having discovered a new
lead that gives promise of grea' richness
He will laiy awhile with civilization and
then reiurn to hla work, as he expects
to continue development all summer.
J.    I).    McBride    has    purchased   his
brother's interest In the hardware tirni ol
McBride Bros, and hereafter will conduct
Iiie business alone.    Ilis brother. F. A
McBride, will go to Calgary where he hus
other Interests anil enter  business with
another   brother.     "Jluitllie"   McBride,
as he   is well   known from   one end of
Soulh liasl Kootenay to  the  other  is
popular business man and will always d
a prosperous business In this district,
25 acetic acid; then, .'ter draining ou
an inclined platform, they are piled in
in stacks of 2v over openings iu the floor
through which the carbon dioxide
ascend, while the temperature is kepi at
100 degrees F. At the end of three
days of tbis process o( corrosion the com
tents of the troys are Hung into water,
resulting in while Iciul so line that little
subsequent gtUiilim la necessary, the
imy mass paasnif. lutu a cylindrical
screening, partially, submerged iu water,
Afler through washing the white lead is
dried for the market There is a residue
of about 8 per cent, unchanged lead,
finely ground, and thus su,table fur the
manufacture oi lead acetate,
Piano Tuning
II J. Clarry piano tuner of Toronto
will pay his annual visit to Cranbrook
nbout tlie lirst week iu April and orders
for inning may be left at W. T Reid &
Co.'s store,
Crow's Nest Pass Cool.
Nelson Miner: The fifth annual meet
ing of the shareholders of the Crow's
Nest Coal company was held in Toronto
011 March 7th,
The net profit for the year, after pay
ing all operating expense, and all charge
of every kind amounted 10 $270,84839
After paylug divideiis at the rate of len
per cent.; per annum, a ballance of f as,
140,89 waa carried forward to the credit
of profit and loss.
The number of men employed during
the year was  1,31a.
Six hundred aud thirty six coke ovens
have been constructed- wilb a capacity
of 1,000 tons of coke per day.
During the year the company expended the sum of $2,'-.65 54S 06 Payroll
amounted to $911,407,15, lixpendittue
lor freight whs $346,092 41.
The company's Operations are progress*
ng satisfactorily, under the management of au efficient staff; and still more
satisfactory results will be shown at llie
end of the present year.
Sliver Is at It!! 1 8,
The Payne mine shipped 140 tons ot
ore last month,
Last month the American Hoy shipped Ki-! 1.011s of oie.
Ttie Rambler-Cariboo shipped 8(1 cars
of ore laot month, averaging Sl sflO to
lhc car.
'i'he E/erett smelter people an: buying all the Slocan ores they can get
their lunula ou.
Seven inches of high grade galena
has been struck on ihe Donnelley group
nc.tr Si nil on.
Wm. Thoinlinson, late super In ten dent
at the Speculater, left for Kingston.
Ont., on Siturday,
List week lhc O-anliy smeller, ai
Orantl Porks, shipped 280 tons of blister
copper to New Jersey.
A ouc-pcr cent dividend was paid by
bv ihe Rtmbler Ctrlboo on Fab 38, and
another will be paid on March 31,
John P Hold en, superintendent of the
ramaroc, Is at present In Clilcago on
business, He has recently opened an
olllce lu St. Paul.
A complete shutdown of the Hisnn
mine, New Denver, occurred on Friday
tilght aud tne 47 men let ont, Order*.
from lhe London office are the assigned
Cumuliii|[ of Lead.
While most white lead is still made
by the old Dutch process of slow corros
ion. there are several new ways,says the
Rossi anil Miner, one of the best being
the Bailey method: as in operation at
Jersey Cily, N. J , where the lead is
smelted in a big cauldron 10 feet above
the factory lloor, and run into a second
smaller pot over a slow fne, which keeps
it at an even temperature. At the bottom of Ihis second pot is a short horizontal 2 1-2 inches nozzle, which ends iu
a thin aleel plate, perforated wilb about
200 liny holes|through which the melted
lead is forced by the hydrostatic presume of its own mass, becoming Immediately solldfied as it falls through
the air in fine fibers of about .01 in
diameter, It cools so rapidly that one
can hold his hand In the stream of fine
lend filaments which cluster in festoons
around it. Bunches of this fiber are
forked into I rays 5 f"t by 3 feet, 5
inches deep, each tray holding about 75
pounds, piled in stacks or tiers, through
which carbon dioxide makes Its way
from the bottom As the trays are filled with the lead fiber they nre momentarily iiinnen.ed, singly, iu a lank
inula niug llll » per cent, solution of No,
Work On Thc Smeller.
MarysvllJu Tribune.
The Sullivan Group Mining company
have be in holding a meeting in Spi kane
this week with special reference to the
smelter uow being creeled at this
Until this meeting is over the main
work on 1 lie construction has been stopped so that some matteis of policy may
be adjusted.
Ai soon as Ihis Is done a very much
larger force of men will be put to work
and the construction will be pushed
with far more vigor than heretofore.
Within a few days a large number of
mechanics cf all hinds will be at work.
laying brick, adjusting corrugated iron,
installing machinery and doing a linn
dred and one things that will have to
be done to complete the work.
As March gives place to April Marysville wlil be a busy booming hive
of Industry. Many stores and places ol
business will open up and cur business
streets will have a more townlike air.
A liltle later, say about May the tlrst,
a great number of prospectors will
make our town their onilittlng point
before startIrg nn their summers v 0 li
among the mountains of the St. Marys
La .er still abcut the beginlng of June
Marysville will have reached the
permanent stage, that is, by that time
ihe smelter will have been blown In
and lhe permanent torce of smelter
workmen, to operate the plant, will
have arrltcd, The advent of this
will mean the arrival of families and
consequently lhe building up of homes
and as a natural sequence the building
of churches, schools and other public
buildings which will tend to make
Marysvllle the home town which we
have always predicted she would be.  Ci
We have heard It said, lime and time
again, that a smeller town ls not a
pleasant place lu which lo live. Marysvllle Is "the exception lu which proves
the rule." Of all the beautiful situations lu Bast Kootenay, aud the dislrict
Is fall of them, Mai ysy llle Is by fur the
most attractive. The magnlflclent valley
of lhe St. Marys below the townsite aud
the view up and down the river and ttie
falls are sights for aillsts to dream of.
To the north ot the Main street the
paiklike, timber dotted benches will
make Ideal residential sites. Along the
banks of Mark Greek many beautiful
spots can be omul where homes will be
established and lo lhe east, on what Is
known as 87 acre tract, good lots can
be had at a very reasonable price.
The amelter buildings areso situated
so the snu lu*. will ulow up aud down tlie
river and thus the town wlil not have
the disadvantage of being envelope in
smeller fumes which Is the draw uack
of so many smelter towns. Not only Is
Maiysvllle most favrrably situated,
from a home town point of view, but as
a business centre she will be heard
from. Situated as she In as the only
point fiom which the prospector can
start for the St, Marys country she will
of necessity be the baue of supplies ft r
that district as also for the districts
lying adjacent 10 the North Star and
Sullivan hills, She will also be the
market town for the ranchers of the
St. Marys prairie country, Cherry Creek
and the country lying between the St.
Marys and the Kootenay. All of theBe
circumstances will tend to build up a
prosperous town and a prosperous community.
When the townsite of Maryr-vtlle was
pit on the market last fall those who
placed lhe townsite on thu market knew
what was going to happen aud told tbe
people so, that what were believed Is
evidenced by the fad that those wbo
have bought lots In the town, that those
who have engaged lu business In the
town are men of experience. In lhe wesl
and men who have made  a  success   of
business iu lhc west.
What ihe owners of the Marysville
tOWQsIte sii.l last fall they still say.
Marysvllle will be a thriving town with
a smelter, a reiintiry and later one wiih
lead works of various kinds, Marysville will be a pay roll town, a wot king
 '-   *    —'   "" "    ipieutl-' u   goon
Keep Jour
ItrtlOitg u -Light  With a I'ufiwiin.
Tbe Inhabitants of the countries bordering 011 India have tbelr own methods of making fire, A Burmese men-
Benger recently brought a note to au
EngllBh official, and the latter observed
something resembling a buy's popgun
banging by tlie messenger's side. Curiosity prompted blm to ask the nutlvt
what it was, nnd he wns surprised W
tin.! that It was 11 machine for making
The native exhibited the nppuratu*
iiiiii cxplntued the working, conclndlntl
with » practical demonstration,    n
was a tube, closed at one end nud fitted
with a piston. At the end of the piston
wns ii groove or cavity, BlUearod with
wits, which wus used tor making
threuil or inIIft 111 muhie material ndlmre
to It. The tinder, to keep the old iiutlie,
Is pressed on the wax when 11 light is
required nnd Is not kept thoro ahva>s,
Placing the wisp or cotton on ihe
wux, iiie native Inserted tlm tightly
titling piston in lhe tube, then forced
it along the hitter by giving It 11 sharp
blow, tin withdrawing the piston the
cotton wns found to be alight, having
been ignited by the eniicussin-- with the
compressed nlr.
GuUut,  Thlt-ra  nml   Illsniiii-ek.
One day I wus invited lo dinner with
tho Count of Enzenberg at tlie residence of Prince vou Bismarck lu Berlin. The count, a former charge d'affaires In Paris, was a great collector
of autographs. After n repast the
count exhibited it sheet of paper on
which Qulzot and Thiers luid affixed
their signatures, "it is very interesting," said Prince von Bismarck, "Allow me to show this to my wife." (Shu
wus sick in bed nt that time.) In a
few minutes the chancellor returned,
and, returning the sheet of paper to
the diplomat from Wurttemberg, he
added, "1 hope that I did not spoil It
by writing something on It."
Hero follows what was written ou
the paper:
My long Hff has taught me tint it b necessary
to forgive a j;-x>ii deal and forget nothing.
A little forgetfulness does not diminish the sincerity of forgivenea, Taisss.
My own life tins tatipl.t me lliat I have a great
deal to forget and a great deal for Which to be
lor-jiycu. V.  UltUUIlCE.
Blnnl   Judge   Morrli.
On one occasion, lu trying an abduction enso, Lord Morris, once chief Justice of Ireland, addressed the Jury us
follows: "I am compelled to direct you
to find a verdict of guilty lu this case,
but you will easily see that I think It
Is a trifling thing, which I regard us
quite unfit to occupy my time. It ls
more valuable tliuii yours. At any rate,
It is much better paid for. Find, therefore, tho prisoner guilty of abduction,
Which rests, mlud ye, on four points—
the father wus not averse, the mother
wns uot opposed, the girl wns willing
nud the boy wns convaynlent"
The jury found the prisoner guilty,
uud tho judge sentenced him to remain
In the dock llll the rising of tho court.
Hardly had he delivered sentence than,
turning to the Bherlff, Lord Morris
said: "Let us go," nnd, looking nt the
prisoner, ho called across tlie court
"Marry the girl at once, nnd Cod bless
you both."
Ilnw   Illicit   llir-ilii   Fly.
A Slriissbuig aeronaut says he hns
seen im eagle nt the height of B.tmn
yards, und ngnln a pair of storks uud u
buzzard 000 yards above tho sea level.
Ou March 10, 18D0, some aeronauts
observed a lark flying nt a height of
1,000 yards. On July IS, 18110, another
balloon met 11 couple of crows at au
altitude of 1,400 yards. These, however, nre exceptions, Birds nre hnrdly
ever seen above a height of 1,000 yards;
even above 400 yards they are not frequent
A nellc ot Peter the Great.
The cottage where Peter the Great
dwelt when he was learning the trade
of shipbuilding In Zunrndou), Holland,
still exists, though somewhat dilapidated. It contains the rude furniture
which the great Peter used—a bedstead, table nnd two chairs. It Is Incused In a building erected for the purpose, and over the mantel Is a tablet
erected by Alexander uf llussla In 1814.
PiH-lnif h Natural (-nit.
Tbo pacing hnblt is common among
animals, says a writer In Serlbuer'a
Magazine. Mnuy animals pneo*—cattle,
for instance; uud, among dogs, setters,
I believe pacing to be a rather m*,«
natural gait than trotting. Trotting,
us It exists In our fast horses. Is scarcely a natural gnlt, but Is rather tbo result of breeding nud education.
A l-iluht l.lHlit.
Some pooplu mnke it n point never to
retire without a light burning lu the
house. A bit of Information worth
knowing Is that u small even tight tuny
be obtained from a smnll piece of caudle nil night If tine powdered salt Is
piled around tbe candle until the black
part of tho wick is reached.
Work For It.
Nothing that is of real worth cnn be
achieved without courageous working,
Man owes his growth cliletly to that
actlvo striving of the will, that encounter with difficulty, which we call
effort; and It Is nstonlshlng to find how
often results apparently impracticable
aro thus made possible.
Clean  na  a  WI.Kll*.
The origin of tho saying "as clean
as a whistle" Is ascribed to tho "whistle tankard" of olden times, lu which
the whistle enmo Into play when the
tankard was emptied or "cleared out"
to unnounce to tho wnlter thnt more
liquor was required.
Under tho mogul emperors extensive
8}stems of roads were constructed In
India connecting all leading points In
the iii'iili'sul*.
War!   War!
Nol with any nation but with
the dirt that has accumulated
in the different parts of the
house during the long winter
See our window lor  the  various  implements of jjj
this war, tf;,
t Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd &
Prices are right, so is the time to start litis war.
to j, i>. fink, Manager. *^
Best in the World
Laugh and
Grow Fat
Don't forget   the
Hospital ball.
Is an old and wise saying and while we acknowledge
that a hearty laugh is a good tonic its poor diet.
Our specialty is food and good food at that.    Just
try for breakfast our nice
Canadian Bacon,
Choicest Canadian Ham
Strictly Fresh Eggs
With a cup of Our Special Blend 50 ct.  Tea
Or Chase & Sanborn's Coffee
The aroma of which will create an appetite.
Such a breakfast insures contentment and vigor,
and it is the contented that laugh and grow fat.
Christie's Biscuits
IIiiKlish nnd American Pickles
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
Christy's Biscuits are the Best.
We have the greatest variety to be found anywhere in town.
They are fresh from the makers. Don't overlook this fact.
Our stock of fruit is always the best on sale. Those apples
that every one has been buying and talking about are nearly
gone.   Place your orders early.
5 Cars Since
Aug. 1901
Another car ordered.   This is sufficient evidence that   we  ,ire L
doing the furniture business of East  Kootcn.iy.   We   arc  well   I
equipped to lill any order you may iavor us with.   For cash  wc  *\
will (jive better bargains during March than ever.   Conic in and V
•i sec our stock, whether you want to buy or not. a)
Thomas Stevvason
Harry MtlntoKh
SSffiTcSSUSL A Continuous Show
"Always on Shift"      STEVENSON & MclNTOSH
Tuesday, March 31st


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