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Cranbrook Herald Jun 15, 1899

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CBAKBROOK,   BBITISH   COLUMBIA,   TlllllSlf AY,   JUNJS    15,   1809.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.     ;
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President. B. K. Walker, Gen. Man-    »
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Archie Mclnnes Killed While  Hiding
liis Horse Last Sunday.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager. j
HlBllMIHIMMM ft |lt*T1t*-g
Just Arrived..
Fresh Stock of
...Prices Right
Choice Confectionery, Fruits, Etc.
Cigars, Pipes, Tobacoos, Cigarettes and Smokers Sundries.
Complete line in Toilet Soaps. See our line of Silks, Ribbons, Laces,
and Trimming's. Everything in Ladies' Furnishings. A few nice Dress
Lengths.   In Gents' Furnishings we have everything.
Reuiemher tbe stand.    Kiikiii block
Two doors I'ltst of Hank
- - Laronde Bros.
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to mil mad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Daniel Horigan, a C. P. R. Brake
man, Dies at the Hospital
and is Buried Today.
— ®
1 Flies     :•*■:      Flies      :-:     Flies |
w We have received the largest stoc'c '.n J?*s' Kooten»jr^di«ct   jj~
®  satisfy the most fastidious.    Reels, rods, lines, worms, froggics,
®  and everything necessary to insure a good days' fishing. ^
Not House Flies, but Fishing Flies
! received the largest stock in East Kot
<•'  from the manufacturers in Toronto and New York.   We can
(.    It Pays to Deal at
Beattie's Drug Store
Postoffice building, Cranbrook    g
Important, if true.
Any store news we may tell you may be relied upon as perfectly true. And it is quite
as important as it is true. TRUE IT IS,
there is no place in British Columbia that
does more to win trade than the TORONTO
CLOTHING STORE Our large and increasing trade shows the people appreciate our
efforts, our goods and our prices.
Yours for your good and our own,
Do You Wear Shoes
We have just received the finest assortment of shoes ever
brought into East Kootenay. We have them in Black, Tan
and Chocolate colors, and all the latest shapes. We also received a very line line of Men's Underwear for summer*
Call and examine these goods and be convinced that we
are selling them at prices lower than you ever dreamed of.
Our Motto is
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook a*"* Fort Steele ** Wardner
Mitchell's Restaurant
Table Board, per week   -   -   $4.00
Meal Tickets      -      -      -     4.75
Opp. McFarlane's Barber Shop
Last Sunday Afternoon, about five
o'clock, Archie Mclnnes, eldest son of
Mr, mid Mrs. M. Melnnis, met wilh h
sudden and horrilile death while riding
his horse after his cows. Iu company
with Jimmie Kennedy, he had goue to
the gate opening into tlie Haker pasture,
just at the nortli end of town. Looking
across the llut, he saw one of his cows a
short distunce away, and turning his
horse in that direction, started at a
rapid gait, riding fearlessly, as was characteristic of tlie boy. He had gone only
a short distance when his horse struck a
bnneh of stones that cropped out of the
ground in the middle of the road, stumbled, partially gathered again, and then
fell, throwing Archie over his head.
Such was the force of speed that the boy
and horse were carried fully thirty feet
from where the horse struck the atones,
and lhe horse plunged on over, falling
ou llie boy. The animal's hoofs struck
him ou the forehead, fracturing the
skull, and lhe weight of the horse
crushed his body, breaking mnny of the
bones. It was all over in a few seconds
time, and when the horse gained his
feet and dashed away, Archie remained
prostrate and quiet, his life blood coloring the ground where he lay. Young
Kennedy, seeing that his playmate must
be hurt, jumped from his horse and
hurried to him. He spoke, but there
was no answer. lie gently shook him
hy the shoulder, but there was no sign
of life. Then, filled with fear and
horror, he mounted his horse and hurried back to town to spread the alarm.
Dr. J. H. King was notified, but when
br arrived at the scene of the accident
the poor boy was past all human aid.
Tbe cruel blow of the horse's hoofs bad
done its deadly work and he had
breathed his last, dying unconscious and
without suffering.
The body was lifted by tender bands
and conveyed to the undertaking rooms
ofthe Britisb Columbia Furniture company, while the news spread that was
such a shock to the town. The lather
and mother were in Fernie and a telegram was sent notifying them of the accident, and they left tbat evening on a
freight, arriving home about i o'clock.
It wns a sad home-coming, and tbe full
extent of the accident had been kept
from Mrs. Mclnnes until she reached
home. The blow was a terrible one to
bear and both parents were heartbroken.
Monday it was decided to take the remains to their old home in Calgary for
interment, where Archie was born and
raised. That evening an infoimal meeting of the Odd Fellows was held, and
committees appointed to take charge of
lhe remains in the morning aud convey
thein to the train. At 0:30 on Tuesday
momtng between thirty aud forty Odd
Fellows formed in double line at the
ball and marched to the residence aud
then escorted the remains to the depot.
with Messrs. Fink, Richardson, Rankin
and Horde as pall bearers.
The sudden death of Archie Mclnnes
was a shock to all. The boy was bright
and pleasant natured, full of life and
happiness, and while riding horses
kuew not ihe meaning of fear. Although
only 11 years old lie was accustomed to
ride for miles over the country, driving
cattle -mil attending lo matters for bis
father. Wilh his playmates he wns a
general favorite, and lhey showed their
love and esteem by gathering a profusion of spring blossoms from the hillsides am) fashioning garlands of beauty
lo place on the casket. It wns a sad ac-
cideul, and tbe sympathy of the whole
community went out to the parents in
their misfortune.
Alkl Creek.
Fred Hazen and A. H. McVittie huve
returned from a trip up llie St. Marys
river, where thev were looking ut some
mining property owned by -Mr, Hazen,
Col. linker und V. Hyde Baker, They
drove to Matthews creek, which is the
end of the wagon road, camping for ibe
uiglil there. They went up tbe creek
about two miles to two claims which
lhey have there, which are gold and sil-
vi r propositions, Afler gelling some
good samples they went on up to the
head of St. Marys lake   where they have
several more claims on AIki creek. The
creek is staked wiih claims ou bolh
sides from the mouth to the bead,
About a mile from the lake is lhe first
claim owned by Messrs, Hazen and
Matheis, which has a good showing of
copper. Next is the Hard Scrabble,
owned by Hazen mid Maker. They
have a fine showing of quartz on this
claim. There is a lead of quartz eight
feet wide with copper showing ull
through it. Across the creek is the
Hine Grouse, owned by Hazen, linker
and Cariin, They huve several smalt
leads showing copper on this claim.
Farther on is a claim owned by Me-
Meechtim and then conies the Ludy
Alice, owned by Uemer nnd Murphy,
aad the Mystery, owued by Robert
Demer. This claim has a wonderful
showing of solid mineral. \'\. the left
baud branch is the Thistle, owned by
Demers and Murphy, and the Sullie,
owned by the snme parties. Further up
thejereek are several claims owned by
I'ollard and Leenaii. Tbey have done
considerable work itnd have a fine showing of copper. Furiher on is lhe White
and Red Rose, owned hy Hazen, Haker,
Cariin and Mather-f, From tlle work
done on these claims good mineral showings have been obtained. Ou up at the
head of the creek is 11 group nf claims
owned by a company, There is 11 bright
future in store for this creek*
Words of Sympathy.
The following telegrams were received
from friends:
I'ort Sleele, June 12, |80f),
m.  Mi'iniuv,.    Doe-'iost Nvui]'uiliy from al
friends Imi''.  What arrangumonts for funoral
lliiKlt Walt.
Calgary, Junn is, law,
M. Midlines, t?ranbr-nk 1  Vojy miry fur your
sum ulllli'tli'ii.   Will in uii^i'fun fit,
M. Slcirlmintiii,
Winnipeg, Juno lit. im*-.*.
M. Molnnesi Very sorry to hear about Arolilo.
Volt anil .Mm. .Midlines luve my sympathy.
I1. Iltirih
Finnic, ,liiuo 13, lSlil),
SI. Sll'IllllPH, I'lniltUOllI- :     I>,-I'|l]y    l;lk'\t!<l     t«
lii-iii* nail news.   Pei-post »ymi>Htiiy,
Kev, Julin I,. O11111-111].
Words of Thanks,
Mr. Mclnnes wishes the Hkrai.d to
express tbe thanks of himself and wile
for the kindness displayed by the people
of Cranbrook.
Death of Pan Horigan,
Daniel Joseph Horigan, who has been
sick at the St. Eugene hospital for several weeks with a complication of diseases, died last Saturday afternoou at 4
o'clock. The deceased had beeu in the
employ ofthe C. P. R. as brakeman for
some time, and was well and favorably
known among the railroad boys. The
remains were brought into Cinnbrook
last Monday and placed in the under*
taking rooms of the llritish Columbia
furniture company, to await instructions from bis mother, who lives iu
Minnesota. As no word was received
the friends concluded to inter the remains iu Woodland cemetery, this cily.
Services were held ala^olhis afternoon,
Perry Creek Notes,
R. O Jennings has two outfits nt work
on Ferry creek property. One is oil ihu
group adjoining the Vou tig property, and
the other further up the creek.
Development work is being done on
the Irving copper property at the mouth
of Perry creek.
There Is talk of an hydraulic company
commencing work on Perry creek |ust
above the falls.
It Is thought tbat there will be a
wagon road built from Cranbrook and
Fort Steele to Old Town,
John Murphy came In tor supplies
Monday. He will work on three of his
Perry creek claims this season, the Wolf,
Daisy and General.
Mining Notes.
Messrs. VanArsdalen nnd Theis were
in towu this week.
The snow is disappearing slowly iu the
bills and lhe backward season is retarding work very much,
An assay on Joe Lindsay's discovery
011 Col. Henderson's much near Moyie,
showed i-$3-iu in gold.
Jay Usher took some mining men up
Perry creek Wednesday. They will look
over several properties in that district.
Seven claims located within twelve
miles of Cranbrook were recorded last
Monday. They were the Lust Chance,
George Bremner; the Owl, J. J. Murphy;
tbe Jackson, Frank LaClnir, the Last
Chance, Frank LuClair; the Lillian,
John Leask; lhe Irving, A. \\\ McVittie.
Wanted to Impound the Hat.
John Costigan, <J. C, who conducted
the defence of the Italian paist, found
guilty of the murder uf Rdward Ryan,
asked the court lo have a white hat
which continued the exhibits lu tbe case,
entered with theother exhibits, It is ihe
general opinion llut should a new trial
lie granted, the attempt will he made lu
show that the owner of the white hat,
which was not Identified,^committed the
murder. The deputy attorney-general
piomiscd to have the hat when it should
be wanted.—-Nelson Tribune,
Undertaking and Embalming.
Tbe British Columbia Furniture company will do undertaking and embalming. Ollice for thc present at Maggs &
Parties who destroyed a portion of
-arden   aud  took the   hoc,   will t.
mmIii*       ll.nl       If      tl.......      In      „....       I,,, I
warning  tbst  if there is any
trouble 1 will tnke legal action,
Mrs. DUN.UM'I',.
Moyie Leader: Col. H. 1). Henderson
has been appointed a justice of thc pence
for Moyie, A good choice has been
made in the colonel.
Since June first all "200 in the employ
of the St, ftugeue company are assessed
$1 per month as hospital fees. The new
order gives general satisfaction among
the men.
The mine owners and miners of Knst
Kootenay seem undecided as yet regarding the course they will pursue. Jnnies
Cronin, of the St. Eugene, was asked a
day or two ago regarding the effect tbe
new law would have upon his mine. He
replied thnt his company had not decided just yet, but that there wns one
thing certain, they would not pay $3.50
for eight hours. The miners were not
seen, but it is understood thev will agree
to anything reasonable, nnd that nu amicable agreement will be arrived at between employer and employees.
Buttling  Works, Saw Mill and Sash
and Door Factory.
And  They arc Getting  thc Patronage of thc District Which
They Richly Deserve.
Cruubrook is the geographical and
commercial center of South Ivasl Koole-
1111.', and i.s ibe natural center of any
manufacturing enterprise for this district.
This fact is patent lo anyone, who has
any knowledge ol the district, and Cranbrook profits hy these conditions. At
the present time, although only a little
more than n year old, Cranbrook hus
three institutions that she muy well feel
proud of. They are tbe Kast Kootenny
[fouling company, the Cruubrook Lumber compauy and T. W. Leask's sash
and door factory.
Hast Koulenay llotlllng Co,
The new bottling worfca of Clapp &
Murphy, which are now under headway,
are a credit to the town and the district
nf Kast Kootenay, These genlleineu iu
a quiet wny, enme to Cranbrook, and
having confidence iu the future of llie
district, proceeded at onee to put up a
building and prepare for llio iiiaiiufuet
ure of all kinds of aerated waters. Their
machinery was received last week, and
no time was lost in getting it iu place.
It is all new, cf the latest patterns, uml
the freight nud duty alone cost hundreds of dollars. I,asl Monday tbey bad
some of their product ready, and The
Herald has taken the pains to secure
opinions on the quality, Iu every case
the answer wns lhe same, that their soda
nnd soft drinks were equal to any manufactured in the country, Atul there is
110 reason why il should not be. They
have the most complete plant between
Winnipeg and Vancouver, nnd men who
thoroughly understand the manufacture
of the product, Whnt is more, their
prices nre the same as those quoted iu
Winnipeg or Nelson, and thus tbe people of Fast Kootenay can save big sums
iu freight. Thc institution is deserving
ofthe trade of lhe district and The Herald believes it will get it.
Tbe New Saw Mill Plant.
The new mill of lhe Cranbrook Lumber company will soon be ready for operation. The machinery has been installed and the building is nearly completed. Wheu done the mill will be one
of tlie best, most complete and modern
plants in British Columbia, and will have
a capacity of 30,000 feel in ten hours. A.
Leitch, manager ot the company, kindly
showed a Herald representative over
the building one dny this week, aud explained the plans for carrying on tbe
work. The building, which is a solid,
well built structure, is ino. feet long, and
30 feet wide, with engine room adjoining. There is a basement 10 feet high,
and sawing floor y feet high. There are
two steel boilers made by Leonard
& Sous, London, Out., aud 73 horse
power engine. The machinery consists
of a 56 inch circular saw, a 30-foot Wa-
terous carriage, a 4 saw gang edger, 30-
foot live rolls, a swing cut-off saw, one
set of trimmers and one McGregory St
Gourlay plauer and matcher. Everything is new, and the arrangement of
tbe machinery is calculated to save time
and labor to the fullest extent, A switch
line will he run from tbe main line of
theC. P. R, through the center of the
lumber yard and ending right at the
mill, so that all lumber can be loaded
direct from the null or tbe piles along
the track.
This company now has employed
about fifty men, nnd is an institution
that is a credit and a benefit to Cranbrook and South Kast Kootenay,and The
Herald is pleased lo know that it is
extending its field east nud west, and
shipping many car loads of lumber to
meet the demands made upou it.
Sash snd Door Factory.
The sash nnd door factory operated by
T. W. Leask, is another one ofCraii-
brook's Industries ihut is a benefit to the
whole district. It has a good plant and
is turning out the best of work, and is
the only institution of lhe kind in South
Kast Kootenny, and is deserving of the
patronage of the people. Mr. Leask is
manufacturing doors, windows, frames,
mouldings, house finishings of all kinds,
aud is giving tbe besi of satisfaction
bulb us to prices and quality. With the
growth uf this district Ibis business will
grow. It merits a preference, but Mr.
Leask does not ask it. He simp!) offers
to sell as cheap or cheaper than yon can
ship goods in hete.
Sash and Door Prices.
Buy your doors and sash al thc factory.
O.G. 2 ft 6x6 ft 6xtJ*s  f 1 70    each
"   2 ft fiaqftHxitf ...    1 Ho
"   2 ft 10x6 ft lott^i,.    1 9<i       "
12x24 sash, glassed     1 25 per. pair
12x28   " "         1 40       "
14x28   " "          160       "
24x30   " "         160       "
Miners Wanted.
Al the North Star mine, three or four.
Tbey must be good men.
North Star Mining Co.
A Hotly Contested Football Game
With the Fort Steele Team.
Cranbrook, 3; Port Steele r; this was
the tale after one and one-half hours interesting    play.     Tbe game   was  very
uimly contested and at times very
brilliant play was indulged in, still lack
of practice and training w s visible in
tbe play of both learns.
Steele's bnck division saved tbem time
and again, and although tbeir forwards
played good bull, individually, they
lacked tbe combination that characterized lhe rushes of Cranbrook's line; indeed it is to the brilliant play of her for-
wards and tlieexreileut judgment shown
by Geo. Leitch at full-back, tbat Cranbrook owes the victory.
For the visitors, McDermott, Watt,
Wallinger, Wilson and Beale showed up
splendidly. For the home team the
whole forward line was good, and Archie
Leitch's length of limb showed up to
good advantage; of the backs, Geo.
Leitch and Edwards were conspicuous.
The half-hack line needs lots of fixing.
The match started at 6:30,   in  a  limiting rain, which stopped shortly, and a ,
strong   southerly     breeze,   Cranbrook   ailtl fuu,for everybody,
guarding the eastern goal.   After some    ,As  Cranbrook  is  the only to
fifteen minutes hard  siege, the enemy's     ""'  	
It Will Furnish a Fill Pa; tf ky
ons. larenittiif ky.
People of Fort Stub, Elko, Wa*4
n«r, Moyie, Kimberley and
Fernie Will Be Here.
The progam for the celebration of nonunion day ims been prepared.   It cot-
ers a fine range of sport and gives prou ■
ise of a most enjoyable day. Hmmtiy
$looa will be offered in priic* for tha
different events, and as a result the ca-
tries for the different events will be uu
menus, and the contests will -* mvm
enough to furnish plenty of excitement
fortress was at length captured.    Thi
muiiidcr of this half passed off utieveiit
fully, neither side scorinu.
Front the kick-off in the second half
the play was very hot, and Steele, after
30 minutes bard work, goi in a hot shot,
which penetrated our defenses, and
scored; this made the game a lie. Cranbrook from the slart now kepi the play
in her opponent's territory, and after u
minutes hot work succeeded in scoring.
Crnnbrook 2. Port Steele 1. Three min*
ules were left lo pluy. during which
neither team scored again.
The teams and officials were as follows:
Fort Steele—Qoal, R, Wilmott; fullbacks, McDermott, Wallinger; hall-
backs, Fraser, Thcobold, Walt; Forwards, Beale (Capt.), Gates, V. Wilmolt,
Wiuterbottom, Wilson.
Cranbiook—Goal, Clarke; full backs,
Geo. Leitch, Kdwards (Capt.); halfbacks, Hurley, Hay, O'Callahan; forwards, A. Leitch. Spellman, Christian,
II. Llddtcott, V. Llddicott,
Referee, Mr. Mackay, Cranbrook; umpires, Thos. Rookes Fort Steele, E. H.
Small Cranhrook; linesmen, Kd Memory, A. II. Watson, Cranbrook.
Both teams meel in Cranbrook again
on July 1, and in Sleele on July 4.
After tbe game the Fort Steele boys
were the guesls of the home team at the
Cosmopolitan hotel and had a mast enjoyable time.
Both sides took off Iheir bats to Medhurst.
Keay and Currie did nine-eights ofthe
Tommy O'Callabau's eyesight proved
a little defective.
Tommy Rooks brought his smite for
the occasion.
They had water at the beginning and
beer at the end.
The Steele boys enjoyed themselves
and played like gentlemen.
McDeimotl's calves look as if they
had been well fed.
Captain Beale has evidently played
before, where there were ladies in the
grand staud.
Flizsimmona Is Knocked Out  la  tbe   Eleventh Round.
Last Friday thc big fistic battle be'
tweeii Filzsimmons and Jeffries was
pulled off at Coney Island. Intense interest was manifested in tbe result all
over tbe country, and nearly 9000 people
witnessed the contest. Botb men were
iu prime condition aud both coufident
of victory. The betting was going two
to one on the champion nearly up to the
opening of the fight and iu consequence
the backets of the big Califoruian were
rolling in wealth after the fight was
over. There were just eleven rounds,
aud after the second, when Filz went
down under a terrible straight on tbe
jaw, Jeffries had the best of it, and
gained rapidly to the tenth, when the
fight was virtually over. The eleventh
luutid consisted of a few finishing
touches by Jeffries. It was a pretty
bailie, devoid of fouls, and a contest in
which the best man won.
Well Advertised In England.
A visitor to Cranbrook who was recently iu England, reports that while
there he noticed that this province was
well advertised. At the various offices
of the Allan line and other steamship
lines, as well as at the agencies of the C.
P. R , pamphlets, circulars and maps
relative to British Columbia to no end
could be obtained, and could frequently
be seen prominently exposed in windows, especially in London and Liverpool. A very good impression exists
there iii regard to the wonderful resources aud magnificent future of Ibis
province. Why should it not he so?
Klondike is too risky, Australia has been
overdone, South Africa has its Boer difficulty, and British Columbia seems to
be Ihe only mineral bearing country
which has uo serious drawback.
The New Train Service.
It is now expected that thc new train
service will go into effect next Sunday,
and that the fust passenger train will
arrive it Cranbrook from the east that
afternoon at 5135.
New C. P. R. Hull-jinn.
The frame work ol lhe new three story
boarding house thut ih being built by the
C. P. R., is nearly completed.
hast Kootenay that will hold m ctletva-
tion 011 that day, the people of tbe
neighboring towns are preparing mcowe
here. Moyie, Fort Sleele and Feruit
will be out in full force, am) me the railroad committee has succeeded I u occur.
i»g a special train from Ferula, there
will In all probability l« from 1JO to yw
people come fmm that town. This train
will leave Fernie about 7 in the morning,
arriving ui Cranbrook -.Unit 9 o'clock.
It will leave again in the evening about
7:30. thus giving the whole day in Cranbrook, and yet enabling all wbo come lo
reach home in gootl time.
Tbe Pregraa.
The following program has been prepared for the day, and it prouitea to be
au interesting one in every respect:
for t; noon
Fancy bicycle parade.
Foot ball.
Base ball.
One mile open trotting race.
300 yards boys' foot race, under tf.
Saddle horse race, 600 yards, 3 tarns,
stock saddles, chaps and spurs, ownere
up, and property of owner three
3<x> yards, open, beats.
100 yards foot race, open.
.'■ »j yards, boys under 14. handicap,
Une mile bicycle race, open.
One-half mile bicycle race, boys sodas
16, handicap.
Slow race, 300 yards cripples and sox*.
backs barred.
Cigar race, 300 yards, 1150 and torn)
to saddle horse, light cigar, and paw
winning post witb cigars lit aud seddlee
cinched, no snaps allowed,
Indian wrestling match oa horseback.
Tug of war, team of eight, Cranbrook
against all comers.
Putting ;he shot.
Running loug jump.
Jsfi. Justice sea* Jsf.
Joseph Ayette, charged with enter log
tbe Cranbrook hotel with an Intense desire to purloin a ten from tbe money
■Irawer, was discharged. Magistrate
Armstrong thought the evidence waa too
Joseph Fortin was brought be/on
Magistrate Armstrong on the delectable
charge of "rolling a chum," wbick
properly translated, means that he waa
supposed to be guilty of copping tba
-lough from a bosom friend. As tbe
gentleman whom he rolled failed to ap*
pear, the court told Fortin to take a
George Bell, a gentleman of color,
who wanted coin of tbe realm earned
by some one other than himself, wrongfully appropriated s certain sum from
Daniel McDougal. The prosecution
concluded that it waa a black outrage
and his honor coincided and made it six
months in Nelson,
George Scott, who had accumulated a
joyful jag of unconstitutional proportions, was given seven days ia Port
Steele by judge Hutchinson. That la
hitting thern pretty bard.
A tall, lean, lank Individual wbo aald
his name was Driscoll, on Tuesday, but
•a hose name was Dennis, on Wednesday,
when he was arraigned tie/ore Judge
Laidlaw, got sixty days for entertaining
the idea that be was Jeffries, and could
whip the town.
Miners Walk Ont.
There is a little trouble st Moyie on
lhe wage quesliou, and the underground
workers have walked out. It la expected thnt an amicable arrangement
will be made between the men and the
employers in a few days. AU surface
work is progressing tbe same as usual
Vou Mast Tnra Onl.
The base ball management is deslrsua
of having the ball players turn out In
full force on Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday evenings. Some of tbem en-eni
to forget that there Is a match game on,
and that practice means everything.
Get in line.   Get In liue.
Van Home Has Arrive!
Sir William Van Horn has resigned aa
president of the C. P. R. and baa been
elected chairman ofthe board of directors. Thomas C. Shaughnessy, vice
president, wns elected president.
(leas Oa a Villi.
Mr. Mendurst, C. P. R. station agent,
left this mot ning for n brief visit to Duncan City. CRANBROOK  HERALD
f. i-:. simi'siin, Etlltoi nml Mummer.
Tlie Herald lioilrcs to give tlio nows of Hie
iltstrlot, u yuu know any about yuur town
your mtno »r yonr peoplo, ssnd u to this pnire.g
The Herald
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for turning out first-class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of the fact.
The OU Story of Its Discovery
Better Told Than Ever.
P. O"Farrell in Rosslaud Miner: Until a few years ago none but the Indian
or the hunter after game or gold km
of Moyie*-- lovely lakes. They were beyond the thought or the ken of the busy
world, llut their loneliness and isolation
is gone forever. The cars of the great
Canadian, Pacific railroad rattle along
theBe shores today, and wake the echoes
that have been dormant for countless
ages. The slumber of ages was broken
here six years ago by the advent of three
hunter?, who camped early in June in a
shady spot where Moyie now nestles by
the lake. A mysterious fate grouped
these men beside the lonely wuleisof
Moyie. One was a priest, a Corsican by
birth, a man whose early life was spent
beside the blue waves ofthe Mediterranean and whose early ideals were moulded
in the shadows of St. Peter's and ofthe
Coliseum, Amid the ruins of the past he
had dreams uf going forth among the Indians ol North America und of preaching
to them of God ami His wonders in the
shadow of Nature's grandest mountains,
And the'ii renins came true, for the young
Corsican-and dreamer became thc eminently successful Indian missionary,
Father Coccola. He has transformed
the Indians of East Kootenay into good
citizens nnd good men. They revere
their priest as a man of God, a good
shepherd, and he loves bis Indians us a
mother loves her child. Une day lie
told his Indians of a project to build a
beautiful church, that would be worthy
ofthe Divinity, but being poor in the
world's goods, his only hope of building
such a church lay iu the discovery of a
hidden treasure or u mine by one of his
Indians.' This set his fuithTul red men
to thinking, and one of them mimed
Peter left the St. Eugene Mission and
went chasing through the mountains
hunting- for game and treasure. In a
few weeks he returned to the Mission
and reported lhat he hud found the
treasure that whs to build the house of
God. It was then that Jumes Cronin
appeared upon ihe scene. Cronin had
been a dreamer, too, hut he was also ;i
man ot choice. Horn in the south ol
Ireland, nl a spot where the Atlantic
billows were ever heard, Cronin could
not help being possessed of dreams und
romance. And so for 20 years we find
him chasing fortune from Mexico to
Alaska. He once had a partner, Jim
Sullivan, in New Mexico, and they
owned a itch mine. Uul Sullivan would
neither sell or work it, so Cronin turned
to the 'mountains ol Idaho for new opportunities. Some years later when he
returned to his mine in Mexico, he found
that his partner had disappeared und
that pirates had come along and had
stolen every pound of valuable ore out of
the mine. Jim Sullivan had killed
man in a drunken row, hut he escaped
punishment by proving to the satlsfuc
tion of the New Mexican courts that hi
had been killed in a railroad accident
He hnd not been killed, hut he had changed his name to Jim U'Connell, and at
Pinuaclejim of Okanogan he wus known
to all the old timers ofthe Northwest. A
few mouths ago poor Jim Sullivan went
over to the majority killed by the bullet
of a pal in a drunken brawl. Cronin and
Sullivan are types, When Cronin made
money he realized the romance of his life
when he journeyed to his native land uud
wedded one of linn's lovely daughters.
When Jim Sullivan made money be jump
ed into a prolonged debauch. Six mmiUis
ngo Pinuaclejim showed uie a check for
$5,000 jjiveu him by Governor Mack iir
tosh aa part payment oil limine. He
immediately purchased a brush and a pot
of red paint, and never let up till death
put nn end to his worthless, useless life.
In 1893 Cronin was in Ivist Kootenay.
He set out one morning from Fort Steele
011 a broncho to visit the North Star mine,
When a mile out n huil storm came up
and his broncho refused to curry him any
further and he was forced to return. I:
wast there he met Fnther Coccola, who in
duced htm to goto the Mission, where he
told him the story of Iudinn Pete's discovery and for what he wanted it. Though
very skeptical, Cronin agreed to accotn-
I'uiy'tW priest and the Indian to lhe far
away mountain near the lakes where the
hidden treasure was, And thus it cauie
topass thnt these three men were grouped together around a camp fire by lhe
lonely lake of Moyie. in June, 189J. It
was a strange group; the Indian, the
Irishman and the Corsican made.
Next morning they climbed a lofty
mountain and 5500 feet above the lake
the Indian pointed out his discovery
Cronin was amazed, for he snw at 1
glance all the evidence of a great galena
mine. The Indian had indeed found
the treasure that w. a to build the church
for the good prie.il. So Cumin .-taked
out two claims and culled ihem the St
Eugene and the St. Peter. Cronin re
ceived a half interest for his services
and the priest and thc Indian the other
half. Then Mr. John A Finch bought
out the.priest and lhe Indian forf>ia,5oo,
and Father Coccola built him a beautiful church and a handsome residence fnr
Indian Pete, and the story of the St,
Kugetie mine is a sacred legend among
the red men of the Kootetiays.
This is the story of the discovery of
the great St. Eugene mine. There nre
four working tunnels on this mine, nnd
ore enough blocked out between the
funnels to pay 1,75a,dog in dividends, and
thin will not exhaust the ore resources
above the ^oo-fuot level. For mini
purposes Ihere is not a liner siluated
mine mi the American continent ihati
the St. Eugene. It can he mined for 20
years hy tunnels, for nt the level of the
lake a tunnel 3500 feet long will tap the
ore chute at a depth of 1800 feet.
■u pes,
UV   W.  PUTT   tUDUH.
It was an eccentric picture gallery,
with pictures painted by men who were
young enough   to   know   better,   of
sprawling ladles In green, scarlet lnrnl-
1 blue angels.   The frames
I in themselves a grim attraotiou
st of the visitors; the catalogue
jually preserved   by   atibui-ban
patrons for the purpose of frightening
birds.  Vet the gallery wns not without
tractions uu a cold da;- when the wind
t along from the Qreen park, down
I'linlilly.      racing    another   wind
liioh wus speeding madly along Pall
Mall with u slight start In advance toward Waterloo place.
"It does iim* gootl," suid Mr. James
M-uvhuiit, "to come toil, whovv like this.
If I ever go out to the Cape again—"
"Which you won't," said the young
"And I feel wistful—"
"Mul tlu pays," suggested the young
"Exactly. Why. then, tshall think of
this hideous collection of pictures, and
1 shall feel reconciled to my lot. The
Cape te not all honey, but at any rule
you do get nature there.   And nature
is always good."
"I suppose theso nrttsts think she can
bf improved by the Introduction of a
little novelty."
"I wouldn't," said Mr. James Mar*
chant, waving his stick round the gallery, "I wouldn't give twopence halfpenny for the lot of them."
"I don't Biippose they would care to
sell t heni for less."
Mr. James Mnrclnuil laughed good-
temperedly, and touched her hand,
which happened to be resting 011 her
Itncc. It wus » very pre Ily hand had
very nently gloved, and there was good
excuse for him.
"Hut then' is something." he said,
lowering Ute voice, "something in the
gallery, Ella, that I would give every
penny I hnve In the world to possess,"
"A picture?"
"Prettier than any picture."
"IJctter shaped than any -statuary."
"Not disposed of •already?"
"I hope not. There is only one difficulty—I am not sure, if I were to muke
nn offer now, thut it would be accepted."
"How shall you find out?"
He rose and adjusted his frock coat
with the manner of a mnn to whom for
some yonrs frock coats hud not been
familiar wear, He was a tall, brown-
fneed mnn, with a good deal of earnest*
ness in hts eyes.
"1 shall oak Mrs. Beckett."
"OI" she said. She gasped a Utile before she went on. "And you—yon think
my stepmother will be—will be able lo
advise yuu iu lhe mutter?"
"I think she will." They walked slowly on the thick carpet to the Bwlng
doors.  "Besides, it'- only fair to do so."
"It seems to me," she snid, rolling up
her catalogue very tightly, "rather an
otd-faahloitcd mode of procedure."
"Tli en* is this excuse in iny case.
Mrs. Beckett Ims an iden, I am afraid,
1 hul 1 have brought back from the Cape
untold gold. I wnnt tn muke her understand that when I sny I shall huve to
work for my living, I renlly mean it."
"I am glad," she suid, quietly.
"1 shall see you to-night?"
"I nm not sure," she said, with her
littlo hnnd resting for a moment In his.
"I think the invitation Is for two only."
"I huve a great mind," said Mr. ,7nines
Man-hunt, looking down at her affectionately, "to kiss .you."
"Thai is nocvldcnceof a great mind,"
she said, reprovingly. "Besides, yon are
in Loudon uow."
"And don't people kiss in London?"
"They don't kiss me, Mr. Merchant."
"I nm very glad nf thnt."
"And people don'l lull- of kissing ut
tho doors of picture galleries."
"I nm afraid," said Jumes Merchant
apologetically, "that I have mueh to
learn before 1 become recivili/ed. The
Cape moke one forget, nil one's manners."
"It has not made you forgot your
friends," she snid.
"There waa one." he aa:dA ca hs £5-
sislivl her into the hansom, "auu wus
ouly 11 sin nl I girl—"
"Not old enough to count?"
"Of whom I thought every day of my
life out there."
There were tears in lier eyes that
challenged the lightness of ber gouil-
by. The small gloved hand was pressed
in the big fist of the man from the Cape
for one moment, and then he gave tlie
address to the driver,
A bright face with the tears of happiness still then* looked through lhe glass
as the hansom drove off, and Mr. James
Match ant strode nwny with a glad heart
ro see a business mnn in Bedford-street,
For men who wnnl to earn money must
force Iheir thoughts nwny even from
the direction of pleasant young women.
It waa by great dexterity that ul dinner in Duke street mansion Mint night
Mr. Jumes Miiri-liiint contrived to get
hlmsolf paired with the excellent Mrs.
IleckeM. Mrs. Beckett declared herself onchanted; but this wns so frequent n declaration on the part of Mrs.
Beckett that it was held to mi-tin something less thnn the phrase realty meant.
"I should have thought you would
have Insisted, aim—ply Insisted on taking down my dear Madeleine."
Mrs. Beckett fluttered her fun at Mr.
Merchant in a manner that hud in the
early seventies been pronounced bewitching,
"I wnnt particularly to speak to you,
Mrs, Heckett. I wnnt to offer myself—"
"S—•*—sh," mi id Mrs. Heckett, mysteriously, "Not a word. I know exactly what you ore going to say, Madeleine, my dear." She called to a tall,
Imiiy dimmd just in front of 'them.
"Von haven't shaken builds with dear
Mr. Marehnnt. Uow very remiss of
you. Thc dear girl is so thoughtless;
do you know, Mr. Mnrclmiit, that I declare to goodnosa I believe .-die's in
Miss Miidi-lelne received thisrnillery
with a grim smile and shook hands
with Mr. Marehnnt. Miss Madeleine
explained thai her half-sister Klla hud
remained at homo because she   had
some writing to do.
"Poor Klla,' said Mrs. Beckett, with
effusive sympathy, "poor, dear girl.
I'm really dreadfully fond of her. You
must give me your advice, Mr. Mat*
chant, concerning her at dinner. 1
feel already—forgive ine for saying bo—
I feel already us though you were one
of the family."
Mrs. Beckett gave her little cuckle of
self-approval und general satisfaction
und went on as they seated themselves
ut the table:
"1 huve noticed it- alt ulotig, ilo you
know, uud 1 nm so delighted. Quite
enchanted really. And my influence with
the dear girl wilt make her like- you.
I dare say you may have thought her
a little—what shall 1 say—cold?—but,
aa l\ matter of fact, it hus only been—
0, blesa my soul, thick soup, please—
what is the expression? It hu*-. only
been—it has only been—"
"Maidenly reserve?" suggested Mar-
"Pre—elsely! Pre—clsely what I was
trying to say. How clever of you, dear
Mr. Murchnnt. I cun understand now
how* it wus you got ou so well in South
Africa, And your assertion that you
hud come home with very little was,
1 could ree, only a pretense to try us.—-
Yes, sherry, please."
"I want to speak to you about that,
Mrs. Heckett. I'm afraid you don't
realize whut I mean when I say that I
haven't brought much home with me."
"Now, my dear Mr. Marehnnt."
"You must allow me, please, to tell
you exactly iny position. Unless 1
work und earn money wc shan't have—"
"Mr. Merchant! This elaborate ruse
is one that 1 have heurd of before. A
woman like myself doesn't live in this
world for—well, a certain number of
years for nothing."
"No," said Mr. Mar-chant; "it costs
money, I know."
"That is not at all what I mean. But
when you came back from the Cape u
few weeks ago und hinted that you hud
ouly a few hundreds I could see through
it at once. It was—this is a dreadfully slangy expression—too thin, But
the dear girl, of course,  didn't   see
through it, and consequently you may
feel quite sure that she will love you
for yourself alone, That's all you
wanted, isn't it?"
"That, certainly, is all that I wanted,
"And, fortunately enough, to confirm
my suspicions, I came across a letter
addressed to a friend of mine — she
didn't know that I saw it, but I managed to do so all the same—from your
partner, Burchison."
"Really?" Mr. Jiunes Merchant was
suddenly interested.
"And Mr. Buchison said that you and
he had mude. a pile—such an odd expression, Isn't It—of £20,000. And he
snid that he thought you would both
stay on for a few years, but as we know
you sensibly enough came home."
Mrs. Beckett looked triumphantly
across at her anirulor daughter opposite, who wns bawling information
about the weather to a deaf archdeacon,
and then at Murchnnt. .She shook her
bend waggishly at tbe man from the
"Can I aee that letter?" he asked,
"Fortunately I have it in my pocket,
but I really don't knunv whether! ought
to show it to you. You see, it 1s private."
"Is that why you took it, Mrs. Beckett?"
"Come, come, Mr. Merchant. Don't
be too severe. One haw to keep one's
eyes ojien In this world."
She found the letter with some difficulty—for the pockets in ludles' dresses
are remote and diHicult of access—and
under ambush of his plate Marehnnt
read It,
"Mrs. Beckett," be said, excitedly, "you
have, without knowing it, done me a
very great service. Iturchison declared
to mn thut lie had invested our gains,
and that nil thc money hud been lost.
It, seems from thia letter that he Has
behaved shumefnlly, und I shull moke
him disgorge every penny that belongs
to me. I shall go buck to the Cape by
the next boat,"
"This is very unsatisfactory," declared Mrs. Beckett, uggrievodly, "You
can't, very well get married before next
"The dear girl will wait," he answered, confidently.
"I'm not so sure of that," said Mrs.
Beckett, with some snappishness.
"Dear Madeleine is not so young as
she wus."
"So I should judge. But what has
she to do with the affair'.* is sbe to
Ih* bridesmaid V"
"Madeleine bus been bridesmaid often
enough," suid Mudeleiue's mother.
"This time, providing tills money affair of yours comes out right, she will
he, the bride."
"Whose bride, Mrs. Beckett?"
"Why, bless the man," cried Mrs.
Beckett, "yours."
"I don't see how Hint can be managed
with convenience. There's u law against
bigiituy, I believe. Besides, I only want
to marry yonr stepdaughter."
"Ella?" cried Mrs. Beckett, omazedly.
"If you don't, mind."
Mrs. Beckett laid down her flshknife
and fork and stared distractedly
around tbe tuble nt the other guests.
Finally her eyes rested on Madeleine,
and she frowned so much al that young
lady that Madeleine asked across tho
table in an audible tone if she were ill,
"111?" echoed Mrs. Beckett, tartly; "I
hnve uncommonly good cause to be. To
think thnt I have taken nil this trouble
for tho sake of poor Mr. Beckett's ridiculous little daughter by his first wife.
Why, she isn't worth—"
"Kxeuse me," interrupted Merchant,
promptly; "you will remember, please,
that you nro sjieaklng of a lady who Is
to be iny wife."
"Hah!" said Mrs. Beckett.—Cham*
hers' J uu mul.
'•*''.V§Vr.lafl—-  '        *•*-*
Bakery s <£
iSucceiiori to K. S. McNeil;
We have the only brick
oven in Cranbrook now
in operation, and the
quality of our bread is
first class. Will deliver
to auy part of the towu.
Give Us a Trial Order
Promptly Attended tc.
l.;iic nt Toronto
Contractor »»* Builder
lln.-.' (uiiti'iiii'liilliij: I.milling will ilo well to let
mi' (inure u:i the eolitruct,.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Parrott Bros.
...Dealers in...
Farm S Produce
»st of	
Hay and Oats
The best of.,
Un hand at all tlttlCB,
Call and see us	
Van Home avenue, between
Commercial and Royal hotels
i.'iku nolluu that llie imrtm-rstiip heretofore
etiiiin*' buiweou us, tin* untlemltmetl,as lintel
keepers ai uii* towns of Warduer and cascade,
11 c, iimti'i the iirm nanii* nf Ifekstorm & Simpson, lias Hin tiny liet-u iUhmiIyciI by miituni consent.
Tlio business will br continued by 0. J. Enk-
itonii, ntio assumes nil liabilities of partners!) ii>
nml to whom all debt!- due ilu* partnership 11ms1.
ha jmiii.
luit-.il nt frnnbronk, 11, ('., March 1, ISttD.
Witnesses C. .1. KCK3TOHM,
0. N. Johnson, i\ E. SIMl'SON,
for (', J. KrkHtoiiii.
.Man Itockoailorf,
for Fi k. sinii son.
Paper Hangers
Decorators dt
Modern Work.   Eallmatea Furnished.
Denier! In Will Paper nod Moulding..
II you Intend to paper or paint your
building let ua figure on your contract
Freight and baggage hauled to
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Teaming   of   all
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kinds   given
T. A. Creighton,
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Notions, Furnishings, etc.
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The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
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Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
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Shingles and f
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
The only rail route without change of cars
between Nelson and Rosaland and
Spokane and Rosalind.
Leave r.;30 a. m.   NELSON    Arrive r»:3fi p, m
"   12ilt5   "   NOSSfiAND     "     11 .'Ji,  "
•'     8.30 a. III.   Sl'OKANE a.11) p. Ul
Train tlmt lenvr. Nelson nt ii.90 a. tn makes
clime nnitit'cliuin nt Hutikane for ull I'nelflu
Cuast points.
Pa.senKeri for Kettle Itiver and Itniindary
Creek connect at .Marcus with stun.- ilally.
C. ti. DIXON, (t. I'. ST. A„
Sp .kuu... Wink
tl. K. TACKAUUIIV, Alt.,
,11. 0.
Commercial Hotel...
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best Wines and  Liquors at the  Bar
The Best Stock, lhe Mum Sal Is lu dory Prices, uud
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Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Crows Nest Pass
$5?& Coals Coke
Agent for East Kootenay.
rilNINQ BROKER. Cranbrook, li. C.
Fort Steele
Brewing Co.'s....  Pnffpi-
Best on Earth   jt
m wood or Bodies       Joe Mitchell, Agt.
Cranhrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
tie-Mi of  iim C*>ltffCa   •>(   tie Iiiih-s.  Who
Pimp*,   un   nt-li-rncloT- nook* -A
Cardinal StelnhubtT, who te (ht* haul
of ihe celebrated Callege of the Index, Is
one uf tho learned men of the ohnroh in
whom tlie Pope reposes tho most complete
eon tide: i oo,   The recent letter of I-co to
Cai-illiiiil Qibbotli]   on    Aiiii'ilnilil-iin. hi-
volvlug the doctrines In "The t.ifu uf
Kuther Decker," hns eitllttl attention iu
i iih ancient organ ur the church, of which
Is Los AngoleB going backf   Thoro are
j flvo tfulf oltlDS 111 I'liMiiltiiit nnd only f<mr
hero.—Lo-j Angeles Express
Bostonians are divided now Into three
classes—sparrowItes, anflsparrowitts nnii
Moyor Quincj, who te Indifferent—Bos
ton Globe.
An undertake'" up in St. Paul slipped
a corpse off to a medical college, nud the
people of that towu do uot think it safe to
die.—Kansas City Times.
A Boston woman was severely burned
by her drews catching lire from her pipe
Boston's contempt for the olgarette te a
trifle dangerous,—Washington Post.
Fort Wrongolli Alaska, wishes to leave
tho United States. If there la any one
portion or this Onion which wo eould yet
nioiif! without better than another, it
would seem to lie Port Wrongell.—St, Paul
Tho city of 100,000 inhabitants that is
not considering some sort of an exposition
to bo paid for by tho United States, in
part, Is In tho nature uf an oxooptlon, In
alannpolls Is one ot tho oxcoptlons. it will
bo latutlod with anew postoQlco.—Indian*
ii|kj1Ih Journnl.
Boston has undertaken to oxtormlnnh
itH Hugllsh spnrrowa To i Uo nocompllih-
ment uf tUte task Iloston will bring all
tho iutelii-i-iuai rosoufoos gathered and
itorod nwny In two i-etiturles ul' eiilturo,
but onr monoy is up un tho sparrow.—
Ohlongo Trii>	
li.-tn.it |r nol oursod lu this respect bo*
yond othor cities, but ontflghts mako Its
ulghts moro hideous than doos any othor
ono Bonrco oC nocturnal disturbance, Wo
noto with pride that tlm polloo quelled
one of those unseemly brawls, Lot the
guud work go ou.—potrolt Freo Press,
i AULi|\.\l.   STEIN HUHKlt.
the erudite tli rmau is tiie oxeeutlve
uttleer. Tim lndox liixpurgatorius te not
now what it used tu i..* in tha days whon
Indicated InokB were burned In ' pnblio.
Today, thanks to Leo XIII., the colluge
is a purely theological Institution. It docs
nut. concern Itself with books uf Bclonoo,
and ihe ordinary man may bo well
amoved to learn that no American book
has lnvu plaeed on tho index—nut o?on
tho notorious works of Thomas Paine.
Cardinal Stelnhuber perfectly reflects the
will of the Pope lu the performance of
liis fnnotions. The college carefully consider.) im; 'H'tuni. questions of heterodoxy,
and the ln.uk that liuds Its way to tho
Index is a very rare product. Cardinal
Btelnhuber, while a power In the collego,
is limited by the votes of the other members. 	
Miiiard's Liniment tbe Lumberman's Friend.
Tbe king of the Belgians ts anxious te
visit lhi? Kongo State, and will prolmbly
next month
The king of Italy Is the only vegetarian
among European monarchs and tlie only
king now living who whs over wounded
iu battle
Queen Victoria ts conservative In the
matter of carringos Her favorite vehicle
Is of a shape in vague *ju years ago, and
one ia made to do doty for several occa
The Grand Duke Nicholas is said to
have the longest neck of nny prince in
Kurope It is almost ol glrafl'edlmcnslons
His cousin, the Grand l)uke UotiBtantlne
eomes uext, und then tbe king of the Hcl
One of the most noticeable character
Istlcsnf the king of Portugal Is tbnt be Is
perpetually smoking Whenever you see
liim, except on very important state occasions, he bos a. cigar In his month, and uo
sooner does iho glowing ash net within
warming distance of thu royal nose than it
is replaced by another
isk for Miiiard's Liniment ail late do oiler.
Somo of tho newest ot nml lies and French
bareges arc barred with satin nnd dollcnte*
ly lltrurr-d with 1-ouis XIV designs In
jinturnl colorings.
Very dainty and graceful little oapos tor
this and the coming season are made
much nfter the style of tho shorter shoulder length collarettes aiui pelerines worn
tlie past winter.
For special occasions this summer there
will be worn handsome coats, shorter
jackets .-md waists «if leco lu Venetian,
honttotl, Spanish guipure, real Flemish
and luxpull patterns.
Incipient bustles are worn With tho
newest spring costumes and toilets In
eases of cxuvnie slondernoss they seem
imperative when tho dominating sheath
Bkirt models aro adopted.
Point d'esprit net ami bhick lace ruffles,
with point d ouprlt net tons to mntohi are
motto Into Utile capes uf euinp.iraiivelv
miHlest eost, whleh i\ 111 look very grocefnl
over new spring costumos
The throo nnd  live  ptooo   dress   skirt
models gain rather than lose In favor ln
the fashlonablo world Their oxluntled
popularity Is iargoly dua to tltofaetthat
In their general Oil til IIM  and   ett'.vU tliey
prove uIIkq becoming to stout orslendor
figures, to tall or short ones.
Handsome now taffutos lu fashionable
Spring I'oiorliigs in monochroina hnvs
petit p»[s dots of ndoopar sttado than tho
xilk or sntlu  or  oh on llio     l.ov.lv wbiio
India illks nro  similarly dotted, while
other imtterns have narrow satin stripes of
golden groon, with minute gold Hues at
each ■Illu
Straw hats dyed In luiiiiy gay colors will
be Worn, and the round, nuulerati-ly wido
brim Is soon on  many shapes, but the sin
ofthe mllllmrs islsts In heaping Up the
trimming. Bomoof tho new flowors nre
of nlmii llio, and one specimen of millinery showed two onbbngo rosea almost at
large as tlio center of n ohoOSQ plate. —New
York Post.
Eeep Minardi Unlment tn tbe Honse.
it win bo very nnfortunnto if a class ot
Cuban patriots should Indulgo in tho Iden
that ihe United Stales will pay them to Iw
good.— ludiitnapnlis Journal.
The Cuban llag bus been described ai
"threo bars and n pleco of pie." li Is a good
flag, fur the Cuban's idea of Independence
Hi'ins to i« that it Is ono grand, sweet free
lunch.—Louisville Courier-,louninl,
At the ond of the American Revolution
tho Continentals would have been delighted to receive a paymaster provided with
$8,000,000 ln gold and silver. Tho Cuban
Imi riots are having a cholcu exporlonca—
'The Cuban ling has been deserllu'd as
"three bars and a pleco of pie." To judge
by thu demands of thu so called Cuban assembly the flag ought to bu a plain Held
with a wholo piu In tho center.—St. Louis
llepuhllcs nro ungrateful, and "Cubs
libiv" promises to lie no exception to the
rule. Veterans Ilko ex-l'resldenl Clsnerol
and Mnso aro sido tracked or forgotten,
while eleventh hour con ver ts are bcliiy
lionored and rewarded.—Havana Advertiser.
Umperor William's view, ns expressed
In tho appointment of Prince Henry, appears to bo that lt taken a Clerman prime
to equal nn American admiral.—Philadelphia Ledger.
Wood ashes are good for strawberries,
Fresh horso manure Is liest for the hot
Spring Is tho b.v.i timo to plant oui
Currants will thrive best If grown in
partial shade,
The soil cannot be made ton rub for the
vegetable garden.
Nearly all stone fruits, such as plums,
cherries ami peaches, do best when planted in the spring.
Old quince trees may be benefited if the
branches are carefully trimmed and plenty
of manure applied.
One decided advantage wil h small fruits
is lhat you can plant this year and havu
good supply of fruit next year.
A good way to prune currants is .to
shorten Ua- Inst season's growth of wood
and trim to form n good, open head:
If any part of the treo lacks it free
growth, by pruning now the shoots will
push with Increased vigor next season.
If horses or cattle are allowed in tho
young orchard, there is danger of their
damaging the trees by pruning the tops
Iu pruning vines on the spur system lie
particular to alternate thu spurs as much
as possible to allow space for the development of foliage.
If plants got frozen, take them tu the
cellar or some other placo whero they can
bo thawed out gradually, and very little
barm will result.
King Oscar of Sweden has just had his
life Insured.    He Is 70 years old.
Queen Victoria's children and grandchildren nover travel a day's journey without having among their luggage tbe proper habiliments fur wear in east) any member of tho family should Bhould die suddenly.
Queen Mary of Hanover, the venerable
widow of blind King George, holds court
ni Gmuudon, along with her sou, the
Duko of Cumberland, and hi- charming
consort, tlie Duchess Thyra, youngest sister
of tho Princess of Wales.
Queen Wilhelmina of Holland pays frequent visits to lhe museums, especially to
the line collection of prints in thoRljks
museum, at Amsterdam, Sho is also
studying the principles of political economy under Professor .1. de Louter.
1 he osnr and czarina of Russia have returned from Llvndln and taken up their
residence nt Tsnrkoo 55olo( near St, Potew*
burg. The czarina is the mother of two
Utile daughters, the Qrandduehoss Olgftj
anil Tntlnna, tho former being '■' years old :
last November and the latter 8 next June, i
Stephen Phillips, tho poet. Is nursing a
broken teg In a London hospital.
Pierre Lotl'a plans for the future In*
elude trips to Asia Minor, Persia, tho
Himalayas ami the plains uf India.
a newly published letter ol Robert
Louis Stevenson's, in Scrlbner's Magazine,
says, "lam --lad to sny that, among all
my queasy, troublesomce feelings, I have
not a sensitive vanity."
Mr. 1'. Frankfort Moure, the novelist,
has it theory that tho modern veneer of
civilisation is so exceedingly thin thnt
when subjected to exceptional pressure it
Is cerlaiu ln"|H-el," and ho has just finished a novel io Illustrate ihls theory,  lie
has (jiven the book tbu CJUOOTtltlOOf   Well.
After All—"
.lules Verne says that his "Tour uf tho
World In Eighty Days" has been worth
19,000,000 to tho Paris theaters Ho got
(he nol Ion ou which the book Is based in
scanning a HOWSpapor nun day. Verno,
like Charles Iteade nnd Sain, rollOS much
ou newspapers, fellow books, reports, and
•o forth, Tor his subjects, and he Isa member of thc learned societies
Gouoral WllOOler was hardly so optl-
Uilslk- as to expect lo get through Iho excitement without encountering n matrimonial rumor.—Washington Post
Tlmt riilonhtablo lighter, lleiioml
Wheeler, denies that he lias been captured
during ihe last 18 months cither bv Span*
lords or hy Cupid.—Chicago Record
And now they are marrying off Gouoral
Wheeler to ihe widows lint the general
hns proved that ho knows how to skin up
a tree in all emergency.—Louisville Courier-Journal.
Marconi's ByBtom of wireless telegraphy
does not enable Iho sender lo keep his
lliessngo secret This defect is suld to havo
been  overcome by a devleu invented  by
Professor Stickler of Urunn
A Tudor storage lint lory iii a now station at A ut werp Is believed u i bo i bo largest
electrical buttery in the world It consists
of no cells, with a capacity of 0.1HJ ampere
hours at a rate of Ullll amperes and a total
{lower ot HUU kilo wntls, or nearly l,it>0
Tom—So tho beiretsH tel used .lack!
Dick—Yes; it's too luul! Uo mude a
very fair proposition loo
Tom—What was it V
Dick—Ho promised to be a most devoted husband and offered torefum. the
money if ho did not turn out exactly ns
represented.—Tit* Bits.
Cure canceR
No Knife—No Plaster.
.17 7 Nliri'luMirm* Kt.,       -       I'urniifii.
Porto Itieo Is tired of American oagle
and wauls oanvasbnok duck.—Washing'
ton Star.
A few new water plant-} ought to thrive
in the rich soil of the Schuylkill.—Philadelphia North American.
With frozen mammoth Bteabs to be had
for thc digging there seed be little fear Ot
another famine in the Klondike.—Syra*
cuso Post-Standard
Four of the eight boyswbowlU apeak at
the Yale junior exhibition an- from Ohio
How did the other four come to get in tho
list?—Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
In Italy some vengeful persona havo
been distributing explosive cigarettes to
injure their enemies In America tbeclg
arette docs its Injury more insidiously.-—
Nashville Biumer.
A Chicago man pious to raise a colony
to settle In tho Jslu of Pines, and it ho
succeeds there will boa lot of plulng foi
the United States before the year la out —
The SlrtJoorge Nownes* Anglo-Amerb
ouu chesB trophy oncu more will visit the
United State- to enjoy the companionship
oi tho America's cup and other interna*
tloiml lakoi i Y/ruikr-e - ipromoej on bob
and land. - Itoktuii Herald
Then- are a good imuiy colleges looking
In vain for piiwldunts |uit now Why
should thoy inn sctccl ihe ulUclnla f nun
a ig thoso Individuals upon whom they
so   freely   bestow   * hotmiarv"   degree-.-'—
Uiilsvlllo Cotu-lnr-alournal
li cost Hi,- marine underwriters upward
ol 118,000,0011 last >rar to pay lot- Ioskus
and dlsnsters iii sea to vessels insured by
them. It's lucky for lhe OOlUptUllOB that
they tlldu'l have aityihiug al risk on ihu
gpnntsh navy too.—Boston Globo.
Qotioml Henry snys that a man with
plenty of money nnd considerable putlcuco
cun h-. liiii well lu HurtoRloa A |»rson
similarly otulowod ought to find New Vork
or almosl any Ainurlean city a pretty good
stamping ground.—Now York Press.
A Chicago genius has Invented an Instrument whereby the studying capacity
of children may Iw determined find overwork prewiiti'd.   As might bn supposed,
persons who hold dowu political job- hate
uo usi.- for such a maohluo.—Baltimore
The almost invisible chevrons, woven
ln a now typo nf French camel's hair, arc
made Into Imndsomo eti-cuc costumes trim-
mod with silk stitching
Pretty ilrCSSOB of  grass linen more Ihan
ever sheer in texture, but   far less wiry to
will form iiiirt of the slimmer outfits !<
young women
Somo new jackets and coats show very
pretty nppllquo effects in silk piiBsemeu
torioof ilie same shade us lhe cloth, or,
again, formed of tho cloth Itself iu new
outwork designs
Silk, llghl wool fabrics and handsoino
silk and wool mixed materials, crinkled,
waved, chevroued. barred, chenille doited
aud eroponed, in wholly novel markings
aro now to bo seen
It Is assorted by tho Importers tlmt the
new lalVeia soycaux weaves, manufactured
with little or no dressing, will wear better
than any class of silks put upon the mar
ket in many seasons
The new Roman blue is a very beautiful shade of thnt color It appears among
new French wools in Indies cloth, drap
tl'.-ie, poplin, Syrlniit'loth, vicuna,camel's
hair and occasionally among tho corded
silks aiid trimming velvets
Sulti d'orient Is tho mime of a verv pretty fabric iu which eaBtorn devices and
oriental colorings aie mobt artistically
brought out In effect ii is much like the
beautiful Frcnnh nuitclasso silks and satins, .miy ihe designs are larger and mora
Very closely fitted .tuckets in pale soft
spring shades or in deeper dyes for more
general uses arc lined with nuitclasso silk,
BOtue of them cut almost Ilko a habit bodice, other-* with half fitting fronts, with
coat bocks cul In deep postilion slinpo aud
fronts very much curved and cut away.
Veryfowol tho beautiful ollnglng toilets
In princess or -kin and bod leu styles in
black lace are formed of the loco alone
ViMily.'ili ihe Purls models combine black
net. chiiVon. grvtindlno, ot amino barege or
nuns veiling with tho lace draperies
phdtlngs or llmmclugs.
Prevention at nix-nar.
Mr Miles Menauder Dawson, a con
Suiting actuary and author of standard
, works on life Insurance, says iu an in
| terview   "From oiie-tifth to one-half
1 of thu deaths that occur in youth and
middle age could be prevented by a
; decent regard for sanitary conditions
and by cotnmca action of society for
: the benefit of all   It is not enough that
a man should take care cf himself.  Dis-
ense  is communicable, and protecting
man against it is a social function.
"Fully one-tilth of fhe total number ;
nf deaths are caused  bj zymotic diseases which are as pnrely accidental as
falling and breaking a leg   And one-
fourth of  tho deaths  iu  addition are
frum digestive and respiratory diseases.
almosl  all of which  are preventable
About 17 per cent of lhe deaths among
iiiBared lives is from consumption and
0 per rent from ncTVOUS diseases, all of'
which ure  uow believed  to be prevent   ■
"This meiiUB  that fully rme-hiilf   oi
the deaths ■among young aud middle
aged   persons could   be prevented and ■
the proportion could no doubt bo great
ly tucreuied if parents paid a proper ro
spett to the laws of heredity    It would
certainly bo a iiumt Important achieve j
ment tor the   hitman raco if united lie ■
tion could  le taken  to securo that a
larger proportion of persons would ut
tain old age than at promt "—Aiusteo's
II* MM  Nol  Hnve It.
William bight foot Visseher in The
Woman's Home Companion tells this
characteristic story of iho Hon Isaac
Parker, famous us the tcirihle judge at
Fi.it Smith, Ark., who probably sen |
fenced mora men to be executed thnn '
uny other judge that ever lived. This
was not, howover. because be was so1
unrelentingly severe, but beennse he
had the hardest und most numerous lot
of critninnta to deal with that ever j
camo within the jurisdiction of such |
uu official Ono day when there was un
unusually largo batch of culprits to be
sentenced the judge looked compassion
ately ovor his spectacles at ono young
scamp and said
"In consideration of tba youth and
Inexperience of this prisoner I shall lot
him off with a tine of $50"—
Beforo tho judge had dono speaking
tho vory fresh young man coolly stretch'
ed his right leg and ran his hand into
bis trousers' pocket ou tho side, remark
ing nonchalantly as be did bo
"That's all hunky, judge. I've got
that much right horo in my jenns."
"And ono year in tlio penitentiary.'
continued tho judge. Then, looking over
nt the convict in a quizzical sort of
way, he added. "Do you happen to have
thut in your jeans 1"
In it
noso it
bud \
the |>
oull (o
in will
from i
[land is going to spend $140,000,000
navy next year to Insure Interna'
pMc*—Now Vork Press
light between the Italians and dills hardly tn be expected that Ire-
,viii Bhow much sympathy either
•Washington Star.
irol travelers htfvo jusi accomplished
it of crossing Tibet, Modern events
fast, and  in a down   years Tibet
o sliced up by Europe.—St. Louis
man who was accused of libeling
■ncli army In his bonk has been 00*
Kvhlently ihe Dreyfus scandal
.1 the court that It would bfl dllli-
llbol the army.—Baltimore Herald
Stead's paper,"War Against War,'
•h he champions the czar's policy of
nmont, has been offlolally prohibited
rcnlnlion lu Hussia. Between such
as himself ami Mr. Stead the taar
u tly of opinion "fow words siifBoo.'
igo Tribune
While l'nele Samuel is Haying "Ah-
B'waii-aldo!" Spain is crying, "Alt-g'win
ildol"-^t Louli Post-Dispatch.
It Is doubtful whether the Spaniards
will shoot any of their generals. They
couldn't hit them.—Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
Spai.i Is the only QxiBttnK landmark of
tho dark ages, wiys J, M. Scanland in The
Arena. It isn't so big a bindmark as It
was a year ngo,—bos Angelas Express,
Spain's oiliclals are having trouble In
Palawan, an Insurgent Island near Borneo.
It Is the samo old story. Cruelly and extortions aroused thn islanders, and they
Slow thn Spanish governor and Upset
things generally. Spain cau't learn anything by experience.
It Is considered n helnousoffen.se to ride
a bicycle anywhere near thu city of Constantinople
tinainol doesn't precisely make ft good
bicycle, says the Detroit .Journal, but it
certainly docs stimulate the imagination
Punctures In pneiimaiii! tires can lie
temporarily repaired on the road by an
elastic band designed to Iw wound around
the tire a number of times, with a fststQU-
ing dot-leu at. eneh end. which draws ttio
edee.*t ol tliu nt rap tighter than tho middle
In tbo even*-, of it llrm and nndlsputeu
friendship between Germany and tho
United States it is lo he doubted whether
Admiral Dowey will over get all the credit
ho deserves for helping to bring it about.
—Washington Star.
All right, (jermauy, and congratulations ou your good sense! Asldo from any
QUOBtioil of expediency, your placo te
shoulder to shoulder with John Bull aud
Uncle Sum In tho march of tho world I—
Louisville Courier-.lour fml.
The sudden affection of Germany for
America is something astonishing. Wo
would not be surprised If tho katsor's oiliclals failed lo llnd ai..y microbes hereafter
In anything thatonmo from America, oven
"   tliey  were  ivallv  there,—Cincinnati
'Itiiilnil*.   i: >'ir-'-Hw.-ii.
Ludy Dnfierln. lu her reminiscences,
gives some instances of the variations
of the English Ittuguuge ns she is spoko
by tlie learned baboo, whose European
education baa given bim a little knowledge which is dongeroua The gratifies
tion expressed in thc following sentence
has something pathorio in it "Tou
have been very iTood to us. and may
Almighty God give you tit fen- tat. "
{J-iy /v *Uy  Jio4 eujA^k,
A small piece of paraffin wax. which
melts and spreads in an airtight layer
iver the surface of the liquid, is found
>y a (Jermuu chemist to prevent change
in the taste of milk on boiling.
Port Mnlgrave, Juue 5, 188".
ia my remedy for colds, eto. It is the
best liintiii'M 1 Iiuyc ever used.
E. Cartly Parker
I hiii offering Mime Hllrmllvc mumM   matting ttacksjlltt now.    It nlll pa* vim 10
keep in touch witb me,   CODESi  Bedford UeNelll'a, I'lougb-a, Uorelng & Si-nit.
A   Ton-ill   l'rn|ii>rilllnn.
Patrick's face was so homely that il
had been described as an "nilinsy to llio
landBoape." and ho was as poor us lm
was homely.    Onu day a neighbor met
him and said, "And how aro ye, PatV
"Mighty had." answered Put "It is j
ehtiirviition that is shtarin mo In the i
"Is that ao?" said the sympathetic
inquirer. "Sine, and it cun't be very
pleasant for uyther of ye. "—New York-
World.      *_ 	
I'lt-n-iniit  For Jubu.
Mrs. Murkie—-.Iiihn. you know 1
promised to get along without a tailm
mado unit if yon would net me a sealskin coat lust fall
Mr. Murkie—Yes. dear, and it was a
btiunty that I not. wasn't it V
Mrs. Murkie—It was, indued, lovo.
Dear nml I shall havo to got u terribly
swell Easter outfit to keep folks from
thinking we aro slipping backward in
monoy mutters,
Olve ifmptonu aud duration ot detteU   Bow t* leaend
health* u 'll-n-mr vial in a 0,1 in en. bevel    A* wbftt ttmeot
life were yon ilrst itffw 1-  Ouridvertblnejirioeidefi pon*
t petition. Oold >«.-»* aoldPlfttod WJtti Suk.-i.liw Th«M
nrr -1- iver • vi 1 < tl Inn ..;.•■ Is guarantied a< adrertued,
Btn'o kxa and atylo  I tt * ■■   •■*-. k-;,: *. malt ot around Bar
or    m     "ni ertvl gjronrofVi   mcloilag Uc, we   will
wndyoui   gtatw ■■■■l* 1.1 k d  post paid, yon remit
Thla Out,' IhIhiubid ono ween Ifaattafai ory,   .1 per oent off nlobi nt
Can't Get Away
■OyfajaAS h<t-tJVlA^~COAlJ
*ua4.   eu£ tf^lUtl ?
Anil ynu Can't tit'l Away from
Uii* FACT tlmt
Uadfl nllh  MAMTOIIA
***'"• uygBBD  (Ml..
Pot inside nnd ontddfi House Paint*
RAKING ! lug'   Floor*'   tVilillKS-   Walls,   Koofs,
The dead letter probably died nt it« !
Tlio rich and llie poor liavo diiTot'OUt ;
rensoua for fasting.
It's pretty tough when tlio "roll of
honor" consists of butterless dry biead
It te sometimes more Uiiticnlt to win
the father's eur thun the dau^hti.'r'd
It isn't whut a man posspft-cs tlmt
makes bim happy■ but what he doesn't
Nature supplies nil hor children with
brains, but she can't compel tlii'in to
nse thom.
Presenco of mind is undoubtedly a j
good thing iu the hour of dunger, but
absence of body te a great deal better.   |
Miiiard's Uniment is used iv Fbysiciaas,
Uml  \u  liitrn-Kt  In  Savhuf II,
Hostess (at party)—Does yonr mother
allow yon to have two pieces of pie
whou you aro nt homo, Willie?
Willie (who has asked for a second
pleco)—No, ma'am.
"Well, do you think slio'd like yon
to have two pieces hero?"
"Oh"—confidently—"sho wouldn't
carol This isn't her pie."—Buffalo
One uf n l.iirn.*** t'lnaa.
Novice—Buy, friend, can yuu tell me
whether Slugger, the pugilist, Is a
hoavy weight or a lightweight 1
Old Sport—Neither Ho's a paper*
Novice—Paperweight 1
Old Sport-—Yes: does all his scrap-
nine in the paiiers.—Philadelphia Rec-
Tho wlnnera of the R-wing uinohlnes in
tbo Koynl t'rnwn Soap Co, 's competltion
for the week Budlng April CQtb aro na follows : Winnipeg, Mm, E. a. Stutter, (WO
Hush Street; Manitoba, Thomas H, Blank,
Haldur; N. W, T., Mr;. John P. Mowat,
Princo AllXTt. Tha Royal Crown
Soap Co. will continue this oompetltlon,
plvinjr away three machines uacli Monday
until further notice.
LUCM, STEELE & BRISTOL" ctwta Tona"      1
impgrters of Grocer!.,      fcH&gSSt. '
WHIG DS, Hiiiullti.il, Out.    L. H, Oi II. Spleen
la Whnl Yuu OUGHT to um BECAUSE of
2B   CENTS   PER   LB.   CAN.
Elevators, Granaries, Metal or Wood.
Reliable Paint for all purpoMS,
Sold  by l'1-.TO.DATK  Hardware
MAMt.ltTlltKD   Bf
O. F. STEPHENS  &   CO.,
• im iota Slckla
A Tool OrLndtr
Crmos a 6ft Sickle
•li i«f-a-.'~t((  ,T.\:i
llirl »rj) l-.'-Bl »i4 •■**-
*    ild(* -.< » tR*J-fl
..     1,  r-lj'at»'"4
Inf. In? nilnntM T-ju fer'*-[*) * ^ti Cricjim IMM, iii
•Aliirli ijil-i'ii |i- "■ i-'l-tt. r.:,:niV.'i •i:it:i J:u. n«-.--i
nil klitilnf 1 "I- rpKK»r ti»t. *r*f tu !■-:?■< r ii« T*< Oool
Orl»4«r >'.,::.m in .:^t 111 **"■■• i^.«i^:s»ltil ia !*_■«•
Mi.i ■.!.,. Il.c •Vir#i \re ntvli or dr, :-A-m. 1: i wt ratrtv.-A*
ttarm to lut .1 «'ii» with tr pi "tAf irr.c* tt-tt ■'■•a l
Skklf !-'l..i™: *'■ %- -"Ilii si.-klt ii'lV'i SmiMU'Umii*;
i:.>) ,-.,in-i» «.lh3-',!..r.ei:!»i'bTiwr-j. i:\.-:;.r.r .L«»r.j=-
nirr. 8n;iii»iiitr ij-n-.-T. """•".it vntiV-n «::i tl. •■*!>&*»*.
nni «e ntlll aM-i-rft tlicir *!■■(«• friu ; "i if r-V- in t»^c:»sL
AiiiS otmlil* jou to 1- Vt rrrr It'.-* i r f.'.i tt; r«*-m:r.-' •"*.
Wi r*ter r<"> tn Ih* Jwj-u.. hmS. Vis-mti. cr t-Lj wumi.
dil ifmcr-   AdJntt,
■SS and SS* York St., Londoa, Oat.
it..-. u -. *»Ki i£ !..■!- !;!, ""-jut -?-..-><- I'l
:t ( ^r-i br mat) u- ih ~* wh.t can
. .. j     }V. 1 partiealan oa nupu-
O. W. HON ALU. •««■«.
Wlnnlprg Utulneaa i ,iiu-«t-.
uarrUna, ffajwat, B»rr%)»f, wiitBiufila,
*r.   i m Iv"-!!!* 11   I'LUff CO-, Wlnoipeg.
W. N. D.    219
Lsrge ta-al gue free.
THE REID BRriS,, ;;T Kh:g W«t, Tcronta.
Canada's Greatest Seed House
Means Wcll-Fed '
growers' favorites:
IS "JUMBO" Swede
Grows hand * ome, tank;inl -shaped roota, of a pnrplllb crlimoii i
color above Rromid, yellow benaattil lUinii well out cf (-ra-itnl. '
Frowa roota of slant alio, Prleo <p<<>i<|-ai<l' i ll'., 10c.;
„ Hi., 15c; 1 lb ,140.1 for s-il'. loll and over, aio, Ib,
S "SELECTED" Swe«de,
Por over ten yean tbe favorllfl with h:$i growers; even, hand-
soma ".liapc ■md -i grout cropper Many ions f>f i*ed arc re>
quired annually to mpply Iho demand for ihls fine variety.
Price Ipoal-paldi 1 It-., 10'c.; * lb., 130,1 lb., nc. -, for j ll>. lots
SPECIAL NOTIC^,-Si«le. Driggt1   "Jumbo" and.
"Selected" swuli-s -ir<- cold In oca led packagca I
only tk lb. .imi t Ilu at ihowtt In acct.m-jiii>iin- iilgiiraili
■Iway 1 btarltiB thoir nan*.o.
seeds obtainable.
1 never crop you  grow,
success or failure ii largely
tveroed hv the swi used
Successful  erowcrs
always use the best
All leedl ha*.e a value, v.-hich
varies accordttlKtO th** care and '.elcclicncf stock in produc-
logthcm , Indifferently grown icedicott less to produce and
permit of bein*! sold at liko low. "cheap" pnees— Like
produces like, lhe labor necemry to grow a crop
with cheap " seed is ihe tame as v.hen using the best
seed—then why incur unnecessary risk by
using "cheap" seeds?
Steele, Briggs' Seeds
Mammoth Cuban
Yellow Dent Corn
T h e   heaviest
ear  producing
variety, with a
ht-ason has yielded 8£  tons oi cari 1 -ei acre, and
rlpenB in most parts of .Ontario.   Price, \ bush .
45c.; bush., Sic.; 2 bush, and over. *0c.' bush..
bags, 15c. each.
One of the earliest dent vortollu in cultivation, R
itrong groweri bUIIib and ears o( good size, small
cob with deep grain, productive.   I'rice. _ bush.,
50c ; bush , DOc ; 2 both, and over, Bfic a bush.:
liacs, lfic each.
■^Garden! Flowers^
First Prize
Steele,  Brings'
You can gel Sleele, Briggs' Famous Garden and Flower Seeds (rom your
Resident Merchant, or send for Ihem direct. THE BEST SEEDS THAT GROW.
Newest & Best Seeds, Plants,
Bulbs, Flowering Roots, Vines,
Roses, Small Fruits, etc. ihKmn.
If you have not received one, send your name and il will be MAI1 i£i»
KREB. Mention this paper When ordering, please send money by
Express Money Order, Postal Note or Registered Lettor All orders
receive best care
Tht Steele, Briggs Seed Co.
Toronto, Ont. ».4* + »»4»«»»««»«'»*-""''**V*
*      LOCAL   NOTES      tj
Picked Up About thc City by Asking
Questions  ai  Many  People.
Dr, King visited Moyie this week,
Tom Welltiiiin visited Nelson this week.
Jake Fink went lo Warduer Tuesday.
R ti. Beattie visited Fort Steele Mou*
J. H. Laidlaw visited Fort Steele last
Tbe bouse of Mr. Donald has beeu inclosed.
G. C, Campbell, of Moyie, is in town
George Billiard vtetted Port Steele
Bread)   fruit, confectionery,  etc.   P.
C. M. Keep,   of Fort Steele,  was In
town Monday,
Mr. Hill, of Hill Si Co., bus been on
the sick list this week.
Robert Dnthle was registered nt lhe
Commercial this week.
James II. Scliofleld chiiio up from
Macleod Monday night.
Solicitor Ross of Fort Steele wns in
town Thursday eveulng,
Work is progressing rapidly on the
new hotel of T. J. Forest,
Miss Hanson, oi Nelson, visited whli
Mrs. J. Fink llie past week.
Kichaid Strong is doing some good
work as acting constable.
W. S. Folsey, of Fernie, Is visiting his
brother ni the Commercial,
O, 11. Williams and wife, of Fort
Steele, were in town Saturday.
Nice Hue of groceries, canned goods,
etc.   V. McCoimell.
A. MolTat received his commission as
justice ofthe pence this morning,
J. W. Hedley is visiting Kimberly and
tbe Sullivan and North Star mines.
George It. Watson and II. Wiiiterhot-
torn, of Fort Steele, were in towu Tuesday.
A meeting wns held lust night as a
preliminary toward organizing a gun
Mr. Murphy has moved bis family into
James   Ryan's new  bouse   on   Hanson
I.aronde brothers have opened a fruit
store at Moyie, and James haronde is iu
charge tbere.
Prentice Adams, Mclnnes & Co.'a
right baud man al Moyie, spent Saturday
in tbe metropolis.
J. F, Joyce, of the Commercial, is feeling ha; pier over the arrival of bis family from Renfrew, Ont.
Fred Pieper returned from Kimberley
Thursday, where he had been painting
and papering ior a week or more.
Mrs. Mai'sbalsay is enjoying a visit
from another daughter who arrived from
Swift Current, Alta., Monday night.
Fred Kaiser has returned from his
trip to California and is looking ten
years younger. He went over to Fort
Steele Ibis morning.
II. II. Dunbar came in from the I.ar-
deau country last Monday night. He
lias purchased an hotel at Duncan City,
and will locate there lor the present.
Get your Screeu Doors ami Sash at
the factory. T. W. Ueat.lt.
. Someone entered G. II. Gilpin's store
Inst Saturday evening and took ten dollars from tbe till. Tbis ten dollar stealing is getting to be a chestnut in Cranbrook.
Harry Keinemai), malinger of the Wind-
eor hotel at Fort Steele, came over Saturday to witness tbe football game. Mr.
Reiuemau reports business good iu bis
new hotel.
h. A. Hamilton, land commissioner for
the C. 1'. R,| has returned from Italy by
tbe way of Loudon, and la now in Winnipeg. He is expected in Craubrook in
a few days.
C. G. Dixon, of Spokane, commercial
agent of Ibe Great Northern, died suddenly at his home last Friday, The deceased was well known in South East
TLerewillbea meeting of the Alh-
letic association tonight at the townsite
oflice nt 9:311. There iti important business to transact and a full attendance is
Opened out today, soda water fountain, ice cream, soft drinks, etc. I',
Misses Jennie nnd Alice McAllister
have been called to their home at ti.d-
nionlon, Alta., by their father. They
feared thut someone of the family is
very ill.
Duy your Sash and Doors direet from
the manufacturer, and save yourself
money. T, W. Leask,
II, Pollard, of Goatfel, was iu towu
tbis week. Mr, Pollard says tbat they
have quite a settlement down there, and
he hopes to have a post ollice established
aa soou as possible.
James Ryun accompanied M. Mclums
and family to Calgary. As au old friend
of tbe family he was anxious to do all
he could to assist ihem in their hereav-
ment and sad journey.
C. M. Edwards, acting townsile agent,
has received a letter from V. Hyde
Itaker, who was in London at the time.
Mr. Baker is enjoying himself to tbe fullest extent, and is in good health.
Each one should do something in the
way of decorating bis building on Dominion day. A little trouble and very
little expense on Ibe pint of nil will
make an attractive cily on that day.
It, F. Misservey, of Piiiice Edward Island, was in towu two days this week.
He is making a tour of British Columbia
and was most favorable impressed with
Cranbrook nnd her advantageous location.
J. K. Musgrave, of the Cosmopolitan,
relumed Monday night from (he east.
He did not bring his bride wiih him, as
ahe has nol been in very good health for
some lime, but she expects to come later
iu the yenr.
Herbert Garden, the pioneer engineer
on the Crow.! Nest construction, who lo-
catid most of the road, passed thrt.uj.li
Cranbrook Monday, on his way to Winnipeg,    lie was please^ lo greet several
old friends iu town.
Now is the timo to insure against typhoid and mountain fever; $3.00 n year.
$15.00 a week Indemnity; also against
accidents connected witb railway and
stage. Write for particulars to M. A-
Beale, Fort Steele, B. C.
J, R, Costigan returned Monday from
Nelson where be has been looking afUt
legal matters. Mr. Costigau's services
were in demand at the regular assizer,
and he was interested in a number of tbe
important cases.
Sim Mitchell, who has been running
a restaurant next to Tbe Herald office,
has changed bis location, and will here
utter be found in the building opposite
Mel'urlaue's barber shop, where be hns
opened up in the same Hue.
S. J. Fin a 11 ne Is, special general agent
of the New Vork Life Insurace Company,
i« in the city in the interests of his compauy, Mr. bjnatiuels is a pleasing gentle-
mat) to meet, and lie represents one of
the best life insurance companies in the
Ed. Small of New Ultll, Minn., who
has beeu visiting his brother F. H. Small,
of the Cosmopolitan hotel, for the past
lwo months, left Thursday for Windermere. Mr. Small made many frieuds
during bis stay iu Cranbrook, wbo were
loath to see iiun leave.
By an oversight tbe name of M. Phil
lips was omitted from the list ol justices
published in the HXRAM) two weeka
ago. Mr. Phillips has been appointed,
a fact upon which the people of tbe
south end of lhe district have reason to
congratulate themselves.
From the B. C. Gazette: Tbe necessary consent thereto first haying been
obtained, notice is hereby given that the
Kootenay & Algona Gold Mining company, limited, ufter thirty days from
the insertion of this notice tbe company
will change its ollice or principal place
of business from Rosslaud to Cranbrool*,
B. C. W. J Nelson, Sec.
Last Friday a team belonging to M.
Mclnnes & Co. got frightened while
standing at the freight shed, and took a
lively turn about town, finally landing
on the porch of the Commercial hotel.
One ofthe porch posts was knocked off,
carrying with it the big lump. Several
cases of eggs were scattered along the
street, and the contents seemed to be
badly broken up over tbe affair.
Wardner, B.C., June 13—Not much
news of importance tbis week.
A .fine baby girl was born to Mr. and
Mrs James Healtieon Saturday, the loth
UV. S. Lanktree spent Sunday at the
Cbicknmuti Stone mine.
Bob Karalofsky, of Fort Steele, is
spending a few days in town tbe guest
of juke Berkman.
Mr. and Mrs. Dohart and Miss Tibbats
spent Sunday at Mr. Boh rt'a ranch.
T. II. Dobsoti passed through Wardner 011 Saturday enroute lo Fort Steele,
having walked from Jennings, Mont.
W. F. Gurd, the popular solicitor fiom
Cruubrook, wus in town one duy Inst
R. II. Jameson, traveling for Stemler
St Harle, Victoria, spent the dav here.
Divorces in Canada.
Divorce in Canada is a luxury which
ouly the rich may enjoy. Hon. David
Mills states tbat during tbe past twenty
years Canada has granted only 116 decrees of divorce, while dining lhe same
period the United Slates bud granted no
less than 400,000 similar decrees. Tbe
Hon. Mr. Mills plends strongly for the
continuance of the Canadian law as il
hns been. The feeling ofthe Senate is
tbat there is not a more dangerous enemy to the stability of the state than lax
divorce laws, and if Canada wete to continue to be respected and honored by other nations for the unf'inching faithfulness to the principles which exalt a people, lhe divorce law must stand where it
is at present-
Former IHaiutaltlon of the Fat Scrap-
inva  frum  l'ur.
Here ia 1111 echo from tho days when
it woe not reckoned unlawful to sell
oleomargarine as butter:
"Wo no longer hnvo the same profitable wayof disposing* of our wuate products that WO luul 11 fow years ago" said
a fur dealer the other day. He looked
retrospective and a trilh: regretful, as
he continued:   "Then' w«h -always a
ready market then for every particle of
the fm scrapings from the dllferent
nkiiiH. Who took them? Why, theolco-
margarine manufacturers, to In* sure.
They would tend wugtins up to uiy
place every day und oarry away several
biirrelfuls of tbe fat and grease which
have to be taken off the under side of
the heavy pelts, Skunks, opossums,
nil kinds of animals contributed.   It
nil went into the butter, ltut. tb'it is
over with now, Blneo this new tnw has
been in operation, thai branch of business has bet-u dead. People could oat
skunk und opossum greuse, you know,
so long as it was called butter, but if
U10 dealers me obliged to come out
riuiikly with 11 description of its real
character, their customers object."
The  I'Kiiiliii-  In  India.
In an article on the "Famine in India," in the North American Review,
Sir Edwin Arnold states that 110,000.-
Diiu of people in that vast country de-
pond on the rainfall upon 126,500,000
ni-res which fulls upon tlm whole during two seasons lu Hie year. If it fails,
thore ia a failure of crops over the entire area. In ihls country no drought
covers tbe entire country; there It
docs. Hqiiiilly interesting to us Ib the
further statement that all the good
■"round Iiiih boon taken up in India—a
fuet which should silence the fears of
wheat growers thnt India has many
millions of uncultivated wheat lands.
Besides, the customs of the people pre-
rout larger and better cultivation. The
farmer uses a pointed stick as a plow,
uh did his nncofltors 3,000 years ngo,
and  (ills only aa much land an can Ite
oaslly reached from hte vilbigc residence, morning and evening, by hia
slow-moving cuttlu
At Cranbrook
Will be
A Hummer.
• ♦♦♦■>*>■*♦♦♦•♦■>♦♦♦»••>»■> Mill
McVittie & Hutchison.
—Dealers l*u -
Mines and lands surveyed.       Insurance
n. A. BEALE,
Commission and
Insurance Agent.
Fort Steele.
British Columbia
Canadian Pacific Railway
The New and Direct Route from
East Kootenay
Toronto, Boston,
Montreal, New Vork,
Halifax, Philadelphia,
St. Paul, Chicago
...AND AU,...
Eastern and European Points.
Facile  Coaal, China, Japan and Australia
..First-clans and Tourist Sleepers..
l'ur rati"*, maps, cto„ and full liifimiiatiou
rail oa or address;
Travellm* I'nni •URr-r Agent,
Nki.sii.\, H, n.
I-, ,L ('OYLK, DHL rftsiien|*er AHl„
Vancouver, 11. ('.
I will deliver daily in any
quantity pure, clear ice to
any part of the town.
I also have a regular
milk route and deliver
night and morning.
Mr reduction In
Hlj-li liraite Movements
A nice line of....
Eapiement and Wcddlni Rings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chain a,
Blouse Sets, Etc	
Wink mnl i■until ituarantewl
tu (iive Hatlsfactlnn.
W. F. Tate
!^©®$£^^ a
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
frPAIVRDOnkr ,s the ^'visional point of the Crows |1
V IV*11 O IXyJSJ IV Nest Pass Railroad. W
® ~4>
Cfflflht*nflkr  Has a ,0'sta-- rour*d house, large machine v'
*** CII1LJ1 tltliV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook ,s the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook *s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- l*|
tions of South East Kootenay. r"
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
This space is reserved for
... Dealers In
Hardware, 3 Tinware,
We keep all kinds of shelf
and heavy Hardware, Paints
Oils, Glass, Sesh and Doors,
Etc. Also a nice stock of
Screen Doorss and Windows
Copper, Agate, and Tinware.
Tinsmithing in connection.
Qoods delivered to any part
of the city free of charge.
w, It uohh. X2 11- W. llraotiMKit
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Cranbrook nmen
ami Ktim' "tkii.ii.      I» «'"t ■« ntumo l,l,,ck
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    :•.:::'■    "*• 8.
G. Johnson....
W Assayer »•*»
* Metallurgist
Moyie, B. C.
Are You dt dt0}
Going to Build •
II ao, aee ...
Contractor and Builder
He la a busy man, because he pleHses
the people, but he will furnish you plans
anil specifications, and give yon estimates on any building iilea you may
jt   jl   B.C.
Corner linker sired
ami Hanson avenue
over nostoDlce......
All Sizes of Photos up to llxll
Finished In I'latino or Polished.
Views of Cranbrook and Other
Points of Intcrst in British Columbia Will Be on Sale	
dt Prest & Co.
ir, <n si ie 11 .'l'i* ti i»i* <e ti ii* i« ,,11,1111,
Planing Mill
-nd Sash and ::
Door Factory
. .Manufacturers of...
Sash  ji  Doors  .-* Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  j» Turning
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
Carries a complete
line of	
Try our jc Guars.
Opposite Cranbrook hotel.
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That WilfPlease
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs Jt jt jt jt
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
HILL & CO....
.*       Mclnnes Block
Eastern Store       Eastern Prices       Call and See Us
Clothing,   Boots and Shoes,   Millinery,   Silks,   Etc.
First class Dressmaking Parlors. We turn out work on very short notice. All
first class mnl up to date.
Call mid set* us before ynu make miy purchases on Clothing, Boats, Shoes, MIDI*
aery, Silks or Dressmaking and we will convince you that you enn save 39 to 40 per
cent by making your purchase with us.    Call ami he convinced.
Owing to the increase of our business we shall put more hands on and make
the interior oi onr store larger to meet the demand. Ask onr customers what has
caused this. They will tell you low prices ami strict attention to our mail order
MAGUS & HUGHES, Opp. Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop*
The Central Hotel is open hoth day nnd
ttlgltt. The liar floods are first class,
and the dining room is in charge of
Thos, McCarson, ami is second lo none
In the Kootenays. Free sample rooms
and the best and quietest hedtooms in
the town,
The North Star Hotel is the large nud
magnificent hotel nt Kimhcrley that
is just finished aud is furnished new
throughout. Everything in connection is fitst-class. Wben you visit
Kimhcrley, don't forget The North
Star Motel.
This hotel has just been opened to thc public. The building;
is one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture ill new
and the table is first-class. Wc have every facility for pleasing
thc public and we propose to do it.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $2.00 per day. n     .       .    D   n
Short orders day and night.        Cranbrook, D. L.
I East Kootenay
I  3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proprietor ::: tt!
This hotel tins been refitted niid refurnished.    The table
is the best.    Satisfactory rntcs Riven regular boftrrlera.
Baker Street
Cranbrook, B. C


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