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Cranbrook Herald Feb 16, 1905

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i.'.-WUiltiiiK.   Hid I'lsu   i.'i.mmisia.   THUUSDAY,   FEB.   It!    ItiUB
NIMBER    1(1
\* ' - !-   . *
s^m Ak
■ /;
*  HP
JB   firrtl'
„ ,-fWf V |
,->"   Vfi   ^
j.-.   1    ..'-:. ' - • ■
.vi i.|...i n il.lv. nl  . ...
slmulil Rend ,.<
The Handle) Llvcrj Stitliles
Till' llliuuuta supplied I-., ,,. ',,.' I Isnlll
'•■ll iiptinll ,    -■      ""' .'
I lie, i„|.l iiui.-li to ll,     ,   -   i ,
'I'l, I« mulling »         ■   , I,' I   -
a-Ur.1 IIUl'HSllI,'..   'a   ,l   -    -'  ,,„   |> r.,,1,   „■
l.ll.Vl llll.||il. Ill,' nillll'll", ' I. '   '" i
Ml...*' Whtl Br. I-Miaa-Iila      .'    •'»'"
I',,       II.N.II.KV.
Wo have  i>. ,1m i.m,,.-- ,.n
H.'vaiitl vroin „...I.,,,. lui.ii  i- i, •
, UlllC,    Till,, ah.',.-  al   ilU'B   Rlt.
ISKlCT-tIN      H'n Imvi I -I, ■ ,"-a
,'|,,i|,„„',!,"   !„   U.   ,'    a,..'.   ',,,-    ,,   a.a
strictly lu hitsliHw,
When v", want i'  „.,-,-.-.l ■-.■,> .••
\\V umbo il a s al ,   mai   '.a.,- a
■in u move   nml cm, .1.. .1,,' ,v...l
wi li'.in risk.    tl-.. la. r.'l, -I-i (nr,
tn re.
Perry & Fitzgerald
CHOMtlKIOKs ,i|    !    |
'ranbrook C<irtas[t
and Transfer Co.
Olllce opoos.lt C P «. 'I'Hl.M ' H
Fancy Box Chocolates
at the Candy Kitchen
Oho Hot*- t-on a
l.   ,.   ,1  s '
in t'oxf" 'iiiii in t'U'k
.<   '   •.    I
mi.i k«f I'nndt "   nd
llllll' .I'l
mm;    T ..i tins mini
i-j:. km i
.»■! >r in.   SKH Olid :'■
i- -IX 11
in tl,.' I'hilntm i*.    r«.|.
■ on uml  ii't   in i um
,1".      >   ■
De/all Hr,
Horse Shoeini!
Carriage Repairing ,„
ticncral Jobbinit....
Xulsiilc llr.k-r. ,',
ItlandrJ to
Minima   kin,la ..I  -I'
wuul,',1 lliis winlur,
ilinii' promptly nnil rimM -,-,-
James Greer
(.'niitnu'tor nml lluilili'i-
Cranbrook Sash j
and Door Factory '
All kinilsiit' li,mhIi work in ;
way nf doors, windows, trail. ',
Bums. I'te.   Kiln iliii'il IhiiiIh'I' j
for inside work,   'inr work is ;
(ruiiranteed aiid ..ur prions are ■
satisfactory, j
Rough and Dressed Lumber ;
For Sale t i
oooooooooooo-- oo<MX»ooo«x>-x><x>oo<XrCw>oC';c'CroocMX,':
$ -/ST OUT
British Columbia Illustrated
,jjes, t; i.|n ,1 ,i • In Everything, S ic I2\i5
,.    inns   •..  '■ ..    II -.1:.     i ' .   .
In,  Ki   lest Province in  the ,'rillsl, Bl„p   ,.
■ I.. ,,,,-,,..
. ii,ill.. ■•,'■-,	
Add ««,, lAMlio   LA'.'.'LER, Rossland.
,-n-M.  I' a..„,,.,.   n       null - -   -,   am,.,,
,..     . iiliiini..  i r.l.u in. , \   Hill
uheati *■ ^'i.n
DISCO VI; a \   <IF   I tit
Allfi IS iv II ...
Caoital 4>e.25,C*J-\ ol which 35 pt-r cent in shares is now in our
.'"ri'Sti.  .   Shares tuliy paid ano non-assess.ibaf.
g -I'l.,-,-,.
llll of nl
1 I.i Hoi X-
,;..- I.
Ill hie
n ,,' ilu- I.,
. Hm- l-'i.'li
■of llm lama,
iu Ilia it,.,M
ITS,,,,,,'    1,1 ' 'i,'„l „r,
now in sip! '  i",  '!„
Koru.  I..,
Assnvs from *5
j,l,,' ns now on ,"■
city ore exhibit.
\, I-   IlllVC    IH'.IM
IllilWllV  Mil   Dig      „
wiuoi ',,,,'1 timlier
ll"-.-l:„i ',.',■ si,
."r,,i,i,o ■, „. si
niiniit Jin.ntioion,
,i„„,..,,.-.   I'oinh '
iifHOII in itnlil,
Veil .iai,.lis-
Ibtiioii ii, ,l,u
properly will
, iiliuiiilunct).
imiuisfoi mu
ned  i",   11)03
l,,,4 „l.i.„, 1,"
,,-,-i il.,-" aia
Do you want a Stove? Doyou
want Boots or Shoes? Do you
want Bargains where New
Goods arc arriving dally ?
Then come to mv store.
P'ci'-e Nu .' Price
IE    Crtni
15 cCili.
. .1,1.1
llrwlanil's lillln'-l
,i great succi'Hd tt'1,1.
*::„',,.,,•',,"„ imystn
proved l,v ll,.' I,ii.'-,
\,. I,..- ihnn l,«,
Shores win in. Iimi.-
I'liiii, payment* nu.,.
ly Jim .( „t  a;,  ll, hllli,
Coinpiinv liHstinil.'l
nil,, :, lull force of ll,.',
Hof nci-K.-Tlio ll..... Ma.-
lilll.l    t'llllimiasi.ll,,.   .    |.l,-tlt',.a.
or :,,',' l.l,., Ire  ..,'   Iill-ii .' -   inn,
Ill ,-,'iBi. li-l.-l,, ll ttilllH ill |||..,|
ffihloh Ink,',, a
-,;,-l. all ll,,-'
,,„,.,, in .liall
For fine   -lonilt
aii> dniuuut lea* ih-in Sl'JU.-i.i.il bj
pi loll'c.* ur .\pre;> nr 11*. out ihis
amount b> bank draft lo ^   ri-.-y
Bin fniirCfmsi.!' :!t;i fi«L .time
Ltd., kiwsktld, H,   ., Cii'i ;•-.
UKORGE MORROW'S BROM0TJON freshening breeze,
Many ..I the Herald readers will m* My stroll? un- very llmiied, I lind, j
itifiubir   Geqrge    Morro*, who nvas Wiih my feet    upon ibe >iov,' mu! a
with, the 0. IV K   at t-ranbrook foi pupei ou my knees,
sonic time and titicrward booklittj(iei li makes me wish foi the good old
tut  P     Burns   a- t'o   ut this point summer time
Recently the Heini.i received a circuit datod ut Ouiiim'.ue). Cuba, where s«»«w I've been in ri<iuM..,.k in ,i„. ■
Mr     Morrow  bas  been  sUtbuitil  lor fiosiy  wiutei  time,
soiut* lime on ihe Vaiillonie railw.iy Aim! experienced .1 touch ol ihirty-|
This tinul.tr reads as follows. live below,
•'J-:i Si-mil (J. 1.,  Morrow hn sulo But before I leave next time In   search I
nombrado Qontadot de esta Oompa- ol milder clime
niii mu resiliency en Caiiiat;uey ni have a guarantee before I go.
Asiu-i Oruver,     1 —iii^bo
Translated    il     reads "Mi   Q. L.l
Morrow   has been appointed auditor ["TUg    CltV      ftnU^r*/
of this    company with residence   atrf   '        ^,fc7       4#*r%*%ry
"^Tpl'totlon place. Mr. Morrow * ^ fw*'s «*""•' *™<><
in luii charge „f aii accounts and ™ns ta"*es and pastry. Orders
iiiianci-i of tiu'.Vaiiiiur,,,' iioiiUngs in left the day before will be filled ! p
Cuba, a position of great respolisihil- j promptly. U
Z    „,., SFttD,
it)'.   Mr.   Morrow's I'l'lcnds in Craiibriiuk will be pleased iu hear ot Ms    Wedding Cakes a Specialty.
success since be went  to Cuba sever-'
al veals ago.
rchase Price  $3.00 a mont
Allowance made for old machin
I t'tlllipreliuuslvi
■nutrr,vln„ ,„|,
' OOOOOOOOOOCm:   000<r0<rOOO0O<)0O0<rOOlXHXrO00O0J*»firCW
Following are the' figures submitted in. the r,eport ul the Chief Commissioner of Lands anil Works lor the
Usual year, lutlo-l, whieh is .just lo
hand. They will show where some of
the appropriations lor -roads, trails
and bridges in'South East Kouletiay
went to:
Ccanbrook        138 83
Julidtiion-sloriissey-Mlnes... . l',?59 14
Kimhcrley to N.S. Landing
Port • Steele	
Trunk,   South and North...
Mount  Baker	
St.  ■ Marys	
Tuwusite tu Tonkin	
Palmer    Bar	
Wild   Horse	
Michel   Prairie	
Perry    Creek	
Elk River,    .Michel Section
CodHr Valley	
Fcrnie    West	
Morrissey West	
Morrisscy Mines iu  Tonkin
Indian   Reserve,   Ft Steele
Elk   River	
Coal  Creek   Mines	
Trunk, Elko Section	
Mines, Fernie	
9 00
507 7(1
110 00
328 05
•10 SO
12 50
S7 -.0
8 7S
1« 34
3 00
121 20
185 111
145 77
111 67
t ;5
' 5-U0
70 £0
5 55
Club Restaurant
. tpposiie Imperial limcl
Armstrong Avenve
...tuk m;w....
 mn si:	
"Correct €nglisb-
Bow to use ii."
ilosopltitto Ttirek [iakor, Kni-niK.
Partial contents  fur lhi> month.
Course in English i.n tlie Beginner.
Wanted Immediate!) !
Now riuH. ';■ ,,,! .1,'il ,,,m
nnd snildli' hotwH at
rviisiinnl,!,' Bill' ' hi,
„i,„ will !»' t.-m, • -:,«>-l
,-nri' I., nil liorw -., ■
biod will ue
N, C, YkKINSr,'\   I'f..
l:on„.'rh lliii.-t i'.ai-
M. TOUPKIN   . 'I n e.'.
I'l,is hotel is ,„,,' of ,',,' l"'si ii
llritish Colniiibii, uml  ,i|i-',,-,lnl,
:n ,',,'f\   ri'S|,,',-i       W.'ll  light.
biuiijiIi' rrKUtiB.
Tike notice that 1, Michael J.
MePeak, intend to apply to the
Board of License commissioners
lor Cranbrook district, at the lirsi
meeting held thirty days alter the
dal« of this notice, for a transfer
from myself to Alexander P, t.'hc-
netto of the license for the I'.ast
Kootenay hotel, situate ou linker
street, fn the town of Cranhrook,
now known as tire Queens hotel.
Dated this Oth hay of .January, 1
I)., 1905.
H-lt M.  J   MePeak
X be iDeralfc
Tradk Marks
i.itn'«."i.1t"'i* H hU     ll   m.i ''"-.-l'i1
tlim» ^irii'i it ri"iii ,in> .   t, :u«. in m, ■ ,i,«„m
Hint lr(*«. oi.lnHt niii.ii,:> I, i- H.'.-tirimt iminiiii.
fritiMitM lukt.ti ilinnii.!.  Muiiu A lu. n*colvn
.,.,,.nl ...iltrr, wlOi.nil OhatVO, In tin'
Scientific Htnerican.
\ huidHmell llltwimi i WMklf.   I.nrtrnii cir-
.iiliitlim nf nnvfc.'iu ■ in nnl.   '|frini,»3 rt
i.inr ; Imir nir>iilli>, *l
MUNN & Co.
Brwifh OIBrn, IQB Y
I    c««feH
office is equipped
for doing
the best class of
lVs,liliii[l I,
Notice ,;• licrchj    ,i,,-„  Mini  sixty
.lavs alter dal,'  II, lend  l„ apply  lo
lhe alii-1  Olitntnl I    ul  lands  ,1,1(1
works for pormissi, „ tu purchase the
lullnwlng ,1 an,mil lands situated in
Easi Koolcnay district.: Commencing at tlie siiutliv.,si corner of hit
mr!, Group 1, East Kootenay .lis
tticl,   llience wi'h,  'J,I 11,,lies, thoncc
sr>„,h 2(> chains, i ,.r lass, to the
north boundary ol l„( 5251, thence
,'jisl in chains, ni.na or less, tu tlie
n,'t'e si co "er ol lot 5251, thence
following the Ef, river up stream in n
northeasterly direction twenty chaina
more or less, lo ,lu, place of coin
Elku, B. 0„ Dn-   llll.. 1501.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
davs alter date C. M. Edwards will
apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works, Victoria, for 'ier-
mission to purchase the following described land In South East Kootenay
Commencing 10 chains cast of the
Movie river, on the international
boundary line, thence 40 chains west,
thence 40 chains north, thence SO
east, more or less, to tin, western
boundary ot Ed Co veil's pre-emption,
)h XKlovh
Wild Horse (cut oil)	
Klk    and Tobacco	
White   Pish	
St.  Marys, main	
Perry    Creek	
Slivets,    Craiibrook	
Streots, Fernie	
Streets,    Moyie	
Street,   Vanhonie, cvt'ns'n
Bridge,  Klk  River	
Bridge; Klk river,  uwtcfa'g
Bridge, Klk | River.' Fernie
Bridge,    Louis Street	
Bridge, St.  Marys	
Bridge, Bull IRlver	
Bridge,    Miasion	
Bridge,  Matthew  Creek	
Bridge, Kootenay nlKf Wild
Horse,    watching	
Bridge (loot and approaches, Fernie .Section	
Klk   Kiver    Ramps.    Elko
Klk River grade, Klko Section	
Road   plant	
Road    Superintendent	
j, -   ... Course in  English  (or  the advanced
307 m     Pupi|
102 00 How to Increase one's Vocabulary.
117 lib The Art ol Conversation.
1-iK nn Should and Would: How to Use Them
7(1 ,|.i 'Pronunciations   (Century   Dictionary!
' Correct English iu the Home.
3 j0 Correct English In the School.
170 75 What Ho Say and What Not to jav.
llii >5 Course in Letter Writing and Punctu-
,..., -,, .ation.
1 1 Business    English   for    the Buslii3ss
1«8 00     Man.
Lowest Rates     Best Tin..
St.-imlani :iinl Tourist Slin.ia.rs.
Conclips, Diiiii.u'Cirs
WEST Leuves Hmvi'lstiik,' Mon
tiny, Wednesday, Thursdaj
ninl Siitui.liiv for Seattli
and Vancouver.
EAST Leave? Duumore Jutictioi
for Toronto. Wednesday inn.
Saturday: for Montreal
Moutlaj nnd Friday; foi
Boston, Friday,
Atlantic Steamship Agency
riinrngli  lliaikiiia- :,, au,l  from lire,,'
Uritain and the Continent
164 £5  Comjiound Words: How to Write them
,17 r0 Studies tn English Literature.
. '    Alphabetic List of Abbreviations.
.')9 u0' $IJI a Vear.   Scad 10 tents lor Sample
165 is I Copy
96'"'   iiXOWKT.IM.SiT, Bvanslon. 111.
so oo „_,,
so on	
291 119 '
159 1'f  lu lbs matter ol the estate ot Tuppe,
521 55      HbuJtBcy, late ol the town of ffard-
7g, .-,-   . aer, in the Provincf ot llritish C'ol-
.. ._     umbta, deceased in testate.
NOTICE   is herebv sivt'i,   pursuant
.,:,., 'jo to Ibe "Trustees an.l Lxeculoes Ac
5 a3
that all creditors and others bavins
claims agaiust the i-suie of the -sai.i
14 f0 Tupper   Bleakney   who iiiiil ai for.
95 05a Steele, B. C, on or about   Ilu    lltlt
I i,u day   of '.September, A. I)   H'Oi, a:e
. ;[0.,required, on or bef..n- tire Ist day "I
and at prices
that should keep
all such work
W f ii Cranbrooh
«<llV-r       "~ "
■^tirn'-Kirvt-'      ^.
*il>i'*'i.!Wfe. -fiWb
Pcbruary, 1904, to send by po.t pre
paid   or   deliver   to tl„' undersigncu
2S 65.„»ticltors   lor tin- adiiiinistraloi    ol
tbe   eslate ot the ..,,d deceased    a,
-5 |,o V»ncouver, B. C,     their    christian
names and surnames, aiireases ami de
scriptlons,   the full   particulars     ol
3iil 1.2 -their claims, tbe statements of their
accounts and the nature ol the sccur-
in.-. 1,11  ities, il any, held by them.
25 m 't«»t alter such last mcntionol   dal,
775 10 the administrator sill proceed todis
    trib»t«»-th»*ssets ..I tlie said deccai
d among the parti,.-., ciililled Ihere:
.laving regard only t., the claims   ,
 „      whieh    lie shall have then h.i.l nolle
ol, and that he will not lie liable  -•
THE HO-BO'S LAMENT. the    said assets, or a„) pari Ihetco
I've lived In alanttolia during the sun- JJjSjXSrS iff hi™ tin   ,"e
ind tickets
•-nt-, or to
apply t.
0. Hillier, \%eal, Cranbrook.
.P.A., Nelson   A.G.P.A. Yanconvei
Tbrei-tnonthB after the lirr-t publication
bis '.'.-'■• an .Tiplii-iitiuii trill be made i
lie   I.i. 11 ■■■!,;,1.--i.irv.-i 11H -:ii-Council    un.li- ■
Mwtiou S2 ul tbe "I om»anie*s Act," l«i"." h
be   "Cranbrovi   Sonb   i  Door Compunj
tmltcl," for ;"Tiiii--i"t, to change ftaiiain
lei- Milling i Main
icturluK ('-in|'.uiv. Limited."
[1 it.-! at rrnnbroofc, October IStb, WH.
Hi rrej A McCorter,
,] Solicitors for the Applicant
Land Notice.
to that -:
tj  dayi
'.-l.'l t.. 1
- i'!i iff C
,u W itk-1
ii permbi
.» pt
u totting
.fcrlbvd 1
K     ti
uinni tbi
,.-1       ..,■-'     -1
t-haini; i
lence non
11 bull 8
!;,,], ,(■ fON
-0 cbaini
1*30 acres
l..l."f    .'il-l
.1   i: 1
■,,■12,61*  II
uy months
When   the   leave
the trees,
Commencing at a post planted 200
chains south ol the southeast corner
Sixty days alter date I hereby   m-  ol     Harry     Arnold's    pre-emption,
thence sWtlieriy following said'west-'tend to apply lo the Chlel Coramis-   thence   8(1    chains   west,   thence 811
cm   boundary   to southwest corner,  sioner ol Lands and Works at Via..-  chains south, llience RO chains i-ast,
thenco   10    chains   oast,   thence injila, II. C, tor the privilege of cul    thence 80 chains north In the pi	
chaina south, more or h*s. to point j ling and carryiug away timber Iron,  ol beginning.
of commencement. I the   following   described lands near     Cranhrook, January 3(1, I9U5
Dated 19th January,  1905.     44-ut, Mayook station, Kootenay district:        4-l-fit Mary Kennedy.
celved    bv him at tho
ie gran tijion distribution.
Dated at   Vnncouvor, 11   ( .,    UU*
,,,,., ,,,,,,     31st djv ol Dectnlier, 1904
And  I've taken a s I roll -when titling '   tuppkh ,v (IlillHS.
rat'lier east dnv.ii »n the dumps Solicitors f,ai     tl,e    Honorable^ ,>,r
Midst nature's rustic-scetiety    and     Charles Hiblicrt   tupper, K, C. M.
,,,.„„ (!., Admhiislraii.r ..I the .-Mata   ol
'""""■ ,1,; said dcocai,e,l Intcslato.
1 like the climate tininensely -as long
as summer lasts, '
And I also like >!„■ autumn niontlis NOTICE.
as wcl1' sixty days after dale 1 Intend  to
But when Mr. Frosl appears with his app|y t0 u,e (jht0| Commissioner   ■ I
icicle grasp Lands   and   Works at Victoria,    10
My   removal   to   ., milder part hr purchase   the    tollowlng    des.r,	
, lands in South bast  Kootenay:
noes compel. .Commencing   at a post planted ,,
So I  bummed  it   in  lhe west,  think- 'he   southeast   corner   of     lot 7(1(17
,.                  ' thence   mirth 8I1 chains,  thoncc easl
ing il would suit me best, w  chainS|   tlwnM   xmlh m ,.Ba|,i,,
And my home I made in a place    I   thence west 211 chains to place of Rethought was Iii,a, ginning.
But ere I'd been ,1a re long I found     »J««i   "lis 2!lll> ''"'  ot December,
1 had done wrong, 44.1,1. j.\ p, navls.
Which made me v,>ih lor the good ■
old summer lime. ' NOTICE
The iilaec I struck  I thought was .1     Tlkc    n0,lcc   ,hat    we,    Finch ,t
lovely little n>- k Jones, Intend to apply to the board
Where 1 could snend the winter   In  "I license commissioners for the Cranbrook district,  al   Hie  lirst meeting
11    e' held thirty days allei   the lirsi  pillili-
So there I settled    lown in a place cat|on ol this police, lor a transfer
thev call Cra-■ rook, Irom us t„ Alexander V   Chenctte i,r
And now I have     la lake it as ii   tbc license for the Palls View hotel,
1 situate al tho lown of Marysville,
conies and go, UulK, ,hls ]7t|, ,laj. 0, .,amiarVi ,\
Instead of walking ,,it enjoying
Sixty days alter date I hereby
tend to apply to the Chlel Coma
Bioner "f Lands and Works at Vic
ria, 11. C, for the privilege of ,
ling and currying away timber ti
the following described lands 1
Mayook station, Kootenay distiic
Commencing at lhe northwest ■
n.i ..1 W. I. Darling's limber h
No. 4170, l-'hipka creek, South I-
Kootenay, thence west 80 cha
thenco anuth 80 chains, thence 1
80 chains, thence north 80 chains
the place ol commencement.
Cranbrook, B. C , Feb. 8, 1905
l'i-:,! George Kenned
dl .pi.
Is and W
11, lln-lliii-l
i-k.l.i ,■]„-,,„
•  |.,ll.,.vil
g d«oribed
.illstrlet oft
, ., post
plu 1 n.-ii
,, ,,,* the
y. market
Iritish Col,
"A K ,'.:
uu   .   > „
,-il, eighty t
'.   K
a,,,-. Illl.I"'.
l.-llll,.-|- 1511
I. Paul	
,|ff   D. 1905.
',re        44-41
Finch .v Jones
Take notice that I intend to
lo the license commissioners 0
Cranbrook district ol South
Kootenay for a transfer of the 1
for the Cosmopolitan hotel no,
hy uie lo Eneas H, Small.
Dated at Cranbrook, Dec. 9,
42-41 John R. Dov fill;   OH \\iii,-i)(ii;    UKltAi.ll
SAVE. TIME.,,   ^   ,   (iV .„„   ,
all:thetimi: !| $ol\ Jiniuin,-. tb an mtsss
St. Paul, Chicago. New York
I'sl.u and Tourisl Sleepers. Bullet   Ulnar,
Cars, Modern   Osy Counts,   Ihil.nf   tors.
;Meals a la Carle.
L East anil West Dally **
Special c.cursloo rales lo World'l Hair. St.
Louis.      Vuur tholcv oi route.
For rates, folders „„>! toll information
regarding trips, call on or ihI.Inwb
s. (.,.\i;dki>.
Beattie 701 W. Riverside Ave
Wasli. Spokane. Wash.
riiss Thomas, Superintendent.
Graduate  London Hospital,  England I
SI,,,,,,,' Maternity 1 loapilnl   Sew  lorn
Mouibens yearly 111), covering b, I
and nursing in BQmi-prlvttlc „a,,l.
Contract fialf yearly *■">.
Contraot monthly %l.
Private ward $-1, por week, cttyering
board and nursing.
Seml.private ward %l1 per ,veokl
Maternity Work a Specially
Livery S
Teams aud drivers furuislleil for any
point In tbe district.
A. DOYLE, Manager.
-3i Columbian College \(-
Fouoded 1892 New Westminster II. C.
Incorporated 1843
Provides n christian homo lor suuUints ,.,'
onth boxm, utpnodorato rates, llii.n pieji-
.nut oi-j- class foe Junior students, doing graded Public School work. Dow, High School
work, confoia nil High School privileges, uud
propane tortonclieraoxflinlnntions, Touches
nil branches ul ,. I'llACTUAI. lll'.slMCss
COURSE, and gives diplomas. (lives „ liberal oducutlon In Ita own Collegiate Course,
nud .a Un, Ladles College colli™ lar M. I'. I.
aud 51, L. A, In University work ...a tiike
student* thruugli thoeomjiletu Arts eourso,
und tin, degree .,111. A. an,, l.a obtained Irom
Torouto University, with „-lii,-l, llio ciillogo ia
ii, full filiiluti.,,1- For full.-, iiil.ii-ii.aii.,,, ,i,„,
turms writi, tn
Rev W. J. Slpprell B. A. II- D. Principal.
or Rev. J. P. Howell, Bursar,
!| rhe net-aid Prac ices the art.     Vou can get only one kind of  jg
n Printc ig ,n this otf ke.     That is the best. ®
Synopsis bi Ktjiiilnilims lor disposal oi Mm
crnls mi Dominion Lands In Mtuiii >uu,
lb: PlortbW«il Fen-ito-les anil lhc Yu-.oii
Coal Coal lauds may lie purcliiweti mm-, ui
.„!.' i,. i -.(tit eo.il .ui" --» tor UllllirilUllB. N"l
.lui,. than *» uerus can He acquired ny ww "
illvniu&iul i-i.ii.i'.iio, i...i.iiiy :il Uiu rut ot
,, Been ip . ".."i    iwpuiiuua suall be collect*
c .tiiiiciiiM uisy i*i'i un .-iiiu lorn imnlug loon-
"v fie iii.iii'i i ci-iiilii-al.* la wanted Un
, 'i,i,.l,'\.'.,f.,l.,'U'H-i-l'illlU ll-L'i ll|»lllp.lj' mill
,H,n,.iic, .. -  -'ti,! tinauiu rm .ui iiniUi,i.i
Airwi iiiii"'i, nuvtnj* tii-M'i.iL-ii.i miner i
. ,„',',   inn]   locate .1 olaiiu uwuxiSiu u>*.   lij
marains oui ibe wme wiin two lOB-iliMwlAboiii
,m lociitlou uoilcta diic in vucli en'' "ii lhc mio
.,i Un-Imii* ot vein
iIu- I'l.niii -ii.iit I-.- ii'.-'.iiii'il wlilils ii
iV-ui.ii i- '■ r-"■■    -in''.nluiliiiU.il ii..' itllowe.i .oi
lif "i-   ll' I'll MV ll t
, (uierioi iu t
ouie duiiu< wutnii
n| iron mm
r, in im- atiKuu li
id.ry. ..f in
.. no..in., idoatlun -
.ill proi.il
lln- iniviiicni
llll'ojiUl, ill lllll 111
tOt Hi til" 1'H-illlUll.
-.Mitntiuuu unil ilu
.' of 'J , . u
s. w. r
noti ii-iiiiiiiy.- 11
.er iiii   ii
urc ti'Mfi'L'i squttru
emu  i.
, reubwnbie, s
■■i\;iu rivei ci,
nt-. ,nc eltlier bnt <
Ui'i'iuli  lii
iini't belim n
tl  U'ei  lOUtf  .UIU  t-i
n^s, uut ex tend h
1  Dilllh. Uill 11,'l ,-V
IDlllllj   I-1"
am inavel' li um ii
ClHtlUS 2M
IHL'il^Ul,- 111 ll
iiliiini ui'tl.
HI  UU   til
illllU tlm  VUIIUU   i
'.- Illllil'l IIIHJ
uni.nii only two lu
term ur i«nit) yi
,S r.';.."*«
|U lU tllO ll 180
etlou -I ilie .minimi
,,'ini'il.    lii.y.i.lv .it tin* I'itiL' ni ilu nml   .
per cent oolluuted on tliu otupul itrmr it axci
UmngllHJlu Uu1 Vukun leri'lto- ■    Six
,it live miles uacli   nmy lie Ki»ii,«.-il to ,i
mluur torn terra ol twenty year*, ulso reii
ilio lessee'sili-lll iseoiiliiieil 1,
lllD till
nl belt ot hars is llie nv.T In
iv, low
inn. K, llial l.oiiml.ii'i to be llxeil i
,ni Uu- isi till) i>l' August iu tlie yi
u-or tin
..[ the lease.
luoiesneeBbull bnve ono tlradj
lutiiiii two jenrs Irom ilteiimeoi
illl  six
in,in Biiou iiitu*.   Itcutal, siuo in
miiu Li
noyniiy unrae an i■ i ■■ i- tiiiiuug.
rtawr Mlnliin fn tbo Vunoii iv
w-uviui iiiruullon ol tbo creels
or tfillel
hi.uii bQlnitrom i uooto i!,«w i-
I. ben
,y IWll i
tinned wiib-
ifii miii". nl illinium ifi'ii.tU'i s ulni-c une,-\irii
day udowed tor encb nddiitonitl "'n imt.'-. ui
Tbe poison ur I'uiiijinny stultllu a "lumi ,ii, -
liolii n true niint'i- s uenlncatu.
Tbe discoverer ol ;i new mine i*. fiitiiled t» u
oblllU on.e o leel  In ItiUKlli, nii'i ll tliu
oouslstsui two, l,wwIeetttltotfOilicr, ontn   mn
put ot wliloli no loyalty slmli be i-iiargol, Uu
rest of lut* paily ui.tuiary i-liuuis ..my.
i.nliy ico 910>   Itoyalty at tin* rule of two itlin
,illii i.ii'lf i'1'l i:i*illtin tin: value ul |i,e |ttiltl
pea from the Vukou lomtoi-j'tohepitid ■•• tin
No free minor ulinll receive n tfrnnl ol
lliiiiioiiu iiiiiutiri einiiii on each vinimte
oroek or guleb,tint tlie same minor ma.. nm,t
tmy uumuet ui claims by piircimsA aud i.e.
uniiei'1 mav wuiL tlifir elaiuis In (Miluers ,■ "j
liiilng noiluo nnd pnyluu feo oi ■>-■ a ,-i.i.h
may be bumloned, aud nuoilier nbiiuued o
same creek, guleli nr river, liy glvlliy nolle um
paying it fee.
ft'orKintlBtboiloueon a claim eaeli yen- K
the value ul al least c'JOH.
A etulllle.ile lu.il im.ik lias lie, u 'Luu* luu
nli.;*.) inei' yiar.lf out.  Dm.* - ■-  sl„. ,
lllll (ipt'll i->ncrll,n!.'>!
ind entry 1
a uv
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
dlltely I.y liaviiiK a
tiotleoi iiiiii" V'ukoi
Petroleum.- Ah
Lands in uaiilM'ii,
and iMlluti llie Vu
lirnip-rrllng for pe
may re-'.-rve loi an
mn iiiaeliltiery mi Ui
claim mm he limine    nl,
nrvey maduniid iiuhii-aiiu
Ulieial Uii/i'lte.
na|.|,rouiliiteil   D.im
he Noribwom Torrli
ill Ti'i'iliorj  are op   - .
nil i
lut oxoe
t*slahlMisii(jli tllSuO,-.
lilH licre.s. ilielllilliif,' llle uu n uu ..uu   *iiu:ii
lauda-iiiiai hi'ilei.'iniiiusl, mil Ik- soul i>
tlbcoverer ut the rate ol 9i.uo an nero, hu
in royalty at such rate as may lie bikjoIIIo I
Depuh of ibe Minister ol Uicini
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer, timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & JCooten i,
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable- terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For^terms, maps und further particulars apply to the follow
locaHand agents:
l'..Hycle4Buker, Cranbrook, B. 0,     li. Mtilhiuduinu, .Ir,, Creston, B. I'.
I. H. Wilson, Wardner, B. 0, H. & M. Bird, Nelson, B. 0.
R. R. Bruce, Wilmer, B, C.
Or to
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Albenu
B) Bldiirhe Ireiinor Hfdth 1
Copyright. WW, bj ib«
s. 8. Mel lure Col
*;• * ■:* -:• ♦ •:- ->+***4"h ♦+•;* *:• ■:- *> -:• * * * •> *;• .*: v
itm there nre ao licraoi uuwuiliiyn,
Sjlviii," tl.'i'lni'i'tl Powler. wllh a piiy
lug Binlle ui his pretty couniii. "Kiiiipj
,i hero in ;i frock tout I Whn I nn nn
'•What On you think, Mr. W> ?"
Qylvln turned to » youns ninn wlm hucl
iiet'ii n silent listener, "Are tln*rc no
heroes lefl':"
"Pretty fair Imitations, ut nny rate,"
lie answered. "Tnlto up atij in'wnpa*
yer mul see If this Is mi ago of iiiw*
"Who ever snld it wue?" put In Powler. "Tbero's ptouty of couiiigo in the
market, only the old time quixotic hero
lifts gone out."
Just then Maurice Hortou's cutrauce
'hanged lhe BUbJect Wynne soon rose
o go.
"If you've nothing better t<i do,
Wynne," snld Powler, "I'll call for you
■o lunch tomorrow."
Wynne nodded and took his leave.
Horton slipped Into the vacant place
icBlde Sylvia.
The two young men hnd tbelr rea-
ions for avoiding each other. Distant-
y connected, the recent death of a rich
relative lind given his entire property
o Uorton, who wns ii degree the near-
^r. Every one knew llml the old man
ntendeil Wynne fur his heir, thongh
ie hud neglected to make u will, but
Horton suw In this ehnnee only bis
iwti good luck.
Bnt this was not all. It was an open
lei-ret thnt both admired Sylvia Hen
nun und that her mini favored Boron since his accession to wealth. She
loiiestly believed It ber duty to make
he be«t possible match for her orphan
ilece, who, though fortuneless herself,
ind been brought up In luxury.
Wynne wns nl  his desk next dny
ivhen he beard tlie door behind litiu
"You're a bit early, fowler," he sittrl
.vltliuut raising his eyes.
"It isn't Fowler."   Horton advanced.
'I'd like a few words wltb ynu before
ue conies."
Wynne turned und looked at Horton.
"Well?" he said.
"Time presses," said Horton, "sn I'll
conic lo (tie point. I suw you with
Sylvia Benlmm hist evening"—
Wynne's lips tightened. "Well?" tin
said again as Horton hCBltutcd.
"Well, of course I know yon want to
marry her. Walt a minute," ns Wynne
made a quick movement, 'Must think
It over Rhe has always been used io
luxury mid would h- miserable without H Now. y..ii have your own way
to make, you know. Look nl the other
side. 1 could gratify nil her whims.
I've set my heart on ber. and I'm willing to pay tbe price. If 1 make It
worth your while iu withdraw"—
"Yon cur!" Wynne sprang up with
clinched hands, "Get out of my slgbl
He stopped short, listening.   There
wns a vague rush out side, then a cry
that rang sharply through the room;
Holii men sprang to the door, but
wherever they turned tbe smoke poured
spectator, pushed hla way through.
Wynne opened hi* eyes ami looked at
"Hi*-r»otiV" he stammered.
'■.s.,iV enough, confound blm I" nun
tered Fowler. "Ymi gave blm your
I'lmnce." wltb a quick guess ni the
Bnl it seemed Unit Wynne bad hnd
ii wonderful escape. There wan no
emieimlmi or broken bones; he would
I..- righl again in a few (lnyn,
So ii proved. When ho nevl saw
Sylvia Benlmm all tlml remained of
his misadventure wns nn unusual pn.
loi* and n near across ibe rm-eh inl.
Sylvia came in nioei htm with out
stretched hand, inr fiieo aglow, ".luck
told me"- she snld without any  preface,   "Oh, it wns sn brave of you to
do ii!"
He shook his bend. He could not
lake her praises on false pretoiiHes. "H
would have been cowardly not in." he
stii.l. "When i round myself thinking
Ihat only his life stood between nie
nnd all iimi I care for In this
"Do you care so much for-tbe
money?" she said softly.
The look nnd lone broke down his
self control. "Yon know it isn't the
money," he said vehemently, "except
as the money means you— Von. I must
say tt now- 1 love youl l love you!"
dropping the bauds he hud grasped.
The slender hands fluttered Imck to
bis sleeve. "I might Bay something, too,
If—if you. asked me"
"If 1 asked you!" lie caught her
hands again, "Sylvia, your mini told
me you would be wretched withont-
wlttiout what l cannot offer yon yet-
mid l believed her. But now Tell
tne, Sylvia, nmy 1 speak now and not
feel that I am risking your happiness?
Mny I, dear?"
The answer wns i*o low thnt lie had
to bend his head very elose to heal
it. But that It wns satisfactory mny
he Inferred from Fowler's remark n
little later, when they met nl the door,
"Well, Don Quixote," he snld, with ii
keen glance into Wynne's face, "you
don't look as If you had repented your
folly yet."
"I've seen no reason for repenting so
far." Wynne laughed back.
"H'ml 1 suppose you think you've
knocked my Ibeoi'les nil to pieces,"
said Fowler. "But I still maintain that
you're simply an anachronism, only,"
with a qubsetcul look, "on tbo whole
I shouldn't mind If there were more
uf you!" 	
A Puanlfr.
A certain boy goes to a Presbyterian
Sunday school, He hns never been
baptized owing to the fact that his
parents are not members of tho church.
They sometimes attend religions services,' however, nnd their son has frequently hud opportunities for witness
ing the baptismal ceremony. Recently his Sunday school teacher bad a dls
cusslon with him concerning the fact
that be had never been baptized, Informing him that uutll be was be could
not become a member of the church.
He went home, considerably troubled,
to ask bis mother about It.
"Yob." she answered; "you must be
baptized before you can be taken Into
tbe church."
"Well, why didn't yon have me bap-
ttttd when I was a little baby?" be
"Ob, that doesn't matter. You cau
be baptized at any time."
"Do hoys who are eight or nine years
old ever get baptized?"
"Yes, often. Even meu, sometimes,
are baptized."
This was going too far. Ho looked
nt her with open disbelief and by way
of Justifying hJs doubt Bald:
"Not big men as old ns papal How
could their parents hold them lu their
arms while the minister was wetting
their heads?"—Chicago Record-Herald.
In their faeoB, hot and atlllhig. Tlm elevator shaft was a well of Hume lhe
staircase half burimd nwny. so midden
wns the work of destruction.
"This way!" panted Wynne.
But the fire run with ihcm-up the
walls, along the celling, bllslerlnfi and
crackling over iheir heads. Ai tin
end of the passage was a window coin
iiiaiidlng n Are escape, Wynne oil in hod
up nnd called hack to Horton:
"Quick, for your lifel"
"I can't!" gasped Horton, unnerved
und helpless.
Wynne knew Hint there wns barely
time for his own escape, Why should
he BtierlhVe his life for the man who
shut him oul from love nnd fortune?
For nn Insiunt ho thrilled with l)n re
allitatlon of all ihat this cliauvc mighl
mean; the next be hurried hack to Hor
ton unci dragged blm to Um window.
The fresh tilr revived tht half stupe
fled mau, and he descended in safety
Wynne was following when n great
piece of crumbling plaster Btrnek liim
nu the bend Bleeding and stunned, In
tlnggerod uud went down.
Fowler,   wlm bad  boeu un iin-xlonj
Not m Pl*Rr«Bnt  Trip.
It was on bis return from a more
than successful concert trip thnt one of
Ihe best known composer-innsielniiB
wns met In the street by n friend.
"Pleasant trip?" Ids friend Inquired.
"Blonsniit dripl" the musician answered, "Acb, hlmmel, no! Vy. vlion
we got down dbere the baritone liaf
forgot his tress drousers, und vol shall
ve do?
"So T go on uud blay, uud I run qvick
tiehlnt the scenes und cbnnch, uud he
;o oud uud sing und come qvick hack
ignln, und 1 put 'em on und blay.
"Acb, I haf chaiiched my drousers
icfen time dose von efenlugs nlreatyt"
It Is told of this same musician thnt
'io Is now enjoying tho conjugal folic
Ity of a third attempt, and upon being
ntrodueed io n young man at a recaption recently be said:
"Ah, you married?"
"Yob," the young man replied.
"(lot a goot vlfe?"
"Gloot—gootl I haf now, too, also.
She make those Are und cook uml liefer
hoder nt nil. She Is de pest vlfe I efer
linf, you belief me."—London Answers.
Sick   Coin-let*'   Hxcnneii.
One of tho flrsl duties 1 fulfilled as n
supernumerary warder was tbe cure
nnd control of prisoners "down for lhe
doctor." Convicts complaining of sickness are allowed to leave tbelr cells
during their dinner hour and form up
In a long rank outside the medical oth
eor's room, luto which they enter uml
state their cases lu rotation. Many of
the prisoners' complaints and requests
nt tbe doctor's desk are extremely funny and grotesque.
"Please, sir, I've got a-had heart,"
one man says lugubriously.
"I know you have," the doctor replies, with a laugh. "If you had a
good one, you would tint, In all probability, bave seen a prison interior."
"Would you be so kind, sir," the next
man says persuasively, "ns to let me
have ouo or two of your sanctimonious
p!lls?"-London Tit-Bits.
I* lull !■.'■ i,,ii,iui,Im Hen. ni lag  l.-tr«i.it*»*J
I-mm I »,i*»d*» ¥   Ilea ur lln»iur..
Iblekei Him IUm4.
"There   Is   to-day a very distinct
mid    very   dangerous  cU*avni>v   be-
LWoen  Urltlsh Columbia and lOuuHliiii
I ntitulii. '   were   lln*  htt-.niliCiint   Wul'iN
oi itev. 0. Wi Oordon ("-Ralph Connor'*] of Winnipeg, in the courm ot
ids miliums on Western Canada ai
Toronto Central Y.ILC.A, Hull   on
i teuliiK ol  Um   21st    Fob.     Tlm
penplo ol tim Western Province did
nnt use tho word "Canadian" ns
much us British Columbian ' Wis
imsim-is Interests of tho cities on Dm
Canadian coast wore verj closely »i-
li.'d  with  those  of Scuttle nud  other
Amort ran cities iu thnt par! nl tha
Btinlinent. He did not wish to In-
fur, however, thai tho people of British Columbia were lean loyal ihnn
those ot other Canadian Provinces.
In the South African War thoy hail
f..ught tn the very front ot ihe Canadian contingents,
"But business is thicker than
blood," ltev. Mr Oordon continued,
-nnd before business, blood and
water nnd almost everything else
disappears." if the business retail, ,ns hm neon those Canadian and
American cities wont on Increasing,
then thu tiee of blood were in great
danger of being sncrUlced, "As Can-
1 ;'tli,iiis," Bald the speaker, "we musl
set ourselves to prevent any permanent cleavage between Rnstern and
Western—shall 1 say Ureator—Canada'/ There is n national cleavage of
ftimul fiOO miles nf country between
tlie Kast nnd lie* West. We do not
know why Providence placed that
rocky belt there Some dny. however, the discovery of hidden wealth
further north may solve the question "
lt«i|Minilb)Hileii »r I'iiMIi' M«n-
pnbllc men. be said, hnd crent re-
' spoiisthllllies m making nnd retain-
. Ing   a    united ''aiiada.       llie mar
who ought nol tn he sent \n Purlin-
! ment or trusted ns n load*"."   an Id
, Mr.  Uordon,     and  should   bo  turned
i down   swift    ami   hard   is the   man
1 who.   under      stress  of  pari)   Pxlgeil*
1 cles. ntnphnsl/os the    difference     bo-
' tween people   und (icoplo, oi    Province and Provltue     I'm n  Protest*
' uii1  nnd n ciH?on    of Winnipeg, hut
my ltd crests n« n I'an-ririinn In  Manl-
i  i,.I.n   m-i*   not   iliin-runt   from   IhOSO  ot
ih,  Frem.li lloinuu Catholic who is a
tiit/en of tlueliec. Nor do tho itilor-
1 .sis of the Pilgrim of lho West, who
: likes to go on ,i rumble once a year,
. 'HiTei- from those of any cultured
' uctiMutnan of Toronto. They nre
i hnth here, nnd euch Is valuable     In
his place. Both the man ol Toron-
[ to and the Ooukhobor of the pUlns
' may turn out in be equally good
1 nnd honest citizens." Vo member of
I I'niUtunent -hould, therefore, he
i snld,    l>e    represnntallvo   purely   ol
manufnrturers, <.t of farmers, or nny
I oilier class     lie *-liotdd represent Co-
tmdlaus tu ilu- luonriesl sense of the
I w,.r,l
I hr-   MHkl   U  el    ll.*-  Went.
Turning to the making of the West,
the speaker snld  that    schools   and
i foliogtiK    should  take un important
I cc    In  this  Western  development
' '-'niiu1   men  failed   lo we the n.lvnnt-
; iiuo nf higher education.     For    the
; Wdd thu) thiiughl only Helf-uinde men
were nis'iled,  inCii who perhaps could
nnl)    1  and     write     or     made
wealth. Of what use were poets or
' writers of lictlon, [or Instance, thoy
I suld. "Well, if ho Is a bad pout,"
' observed Rev. Mr. Oordon, "or a
I hnd writer of fiction, he Is n danger-
j ous    man:   but  if he writes a good
i n  oi   a good   novel,  he should  lie
i paid a large salary, po nol rlosulw
1 the unpractical man."
ftiettln f.ii ('iimiillain
i    On the pie, ions Friday afternoon,
Mr.   Uordon,   lu     lhe   Convocation
' Hall of Knox College, Toronto, lee-
I hired on Ideals lor CiiiiinlllinS. Suui-
1 iii. d up his 11«IK would resolve Itself
' Intn n lliernry sermon from tlm'ol*
i lowing text:
"The material is a grout pusaos-
ninn, but grenter than the material
Is the spiritual."
We have a great heritage, he said,
nnd with It comes n great respoesl-
1 bllily.    Cnnndn had lately been rn-
di-oovered b,v Um Aiuoricaus. 'A nbw
\\.- t   Imd .sprung ilUu  life,   ami    tho
liominlon hud entered a seooml j.cr-
lod  of youth.    Now  was the   tilim
. for fnrjiilnu ideals while young <*an-
tulu Is -<ii| iii tl.,* foi'tunllvp period.
'    The Idonls   he hold for Canadians
I wera those of self-dependence as n-k-
i ikjswI to tho parasitic spirit, unwtv
! mlng fidelity to duty, nympnthy with
( others, n notlnntil unltv IrresperUi ■
I ..f race,     language oi  luligion, ami
' iimlli     spirituality   us   opposed in
commercial! si i
'I'l >*iif. WmI,
1    Coining from ths compos fie Wesl,
i with iis    growing mixture ..-. ivc
i mul    crouds,     ihu lucturei  outu'.'ll
nmpliaslzad the n.«.l „f unity    Win
i of the Groat Lakes, said lie    there
1 were ho.ooo lollow-citizons  who did
i not sponk our langiiuge, nnd Who
1 did not  believe in our rebel,m.   Thi>
1 complexity of races and creeds wns
! necessnry In u new country   No 11
i could  keep  out  tho people of  othi
I lands,     who were attracted Uy c<e
j richness of our territory    And Cain
i nd'\ needed Jnsi such people us   thi
j I'Cisnntfl of Europe, men who would
I do it day's work for a day's wage,
j who would  take up willingly     tl„.
1 work our own Canadian youth pas
1 wl by.   The penplu;- from other con
; li'les.    who came to share our   prlv-
■ ilflffes would, he believed, if rucelvyti
I in the proper n\ irlt nnd i-uc •■■■■ i- ■-•<<,
soon become asfclintlntod. nnd prove
1 true and worthy clttrens.
arnlvliiinl iSiti-iuiHlltle**.
1 Lastly, the !th-\ he cbech i».v1 most
' for the people nf (hitindn wub 'hr
' fostering of their .spii-ii,. .1 .....eiilfnl.
It les '*ur forests ,. d ■ .r wheal
ll.i.If.* and our on- i ■ ' fi ' were .,
1 wonderfully H'*h *-.*■ ■! n. hul he-
i yi ind *ll it wns the ' "- -■ ih' aid
j iitm.l If c. thai c.ivt *• I f«n ■ in-
, t.L-sn.    :; H fm    hi :
Before unliTin^ a naw Suit of
i Moilu'R. Beoanse we know wo can
please ynu Our iiiriibiirnnt'iits
aro corivct. our styles prOjperand
our prtoefi pli'iisiim.
You will U« oatonishetl how muob
youruppoaranoe will be improved
In wearing Clothes Muile to * IrtW.
lion'i make a mountain of a mole.
luu by thinking thul Coal ami Vest
mrnli* to order wi'l U1 tod expensive for vou to wear.
Leask cc Henderson
Hotel s s
Hue... Ciimfnr, • Spccltlly
lliiuil StshluiK in Cunneillon
Ne.rrMl Im      nil .1,-,h„       tin. i.i'i'i,iiiiiii.«Ii.
■ii»ri   in. Ui. i.iii.iir ai.i-i|uii!i,--i in Crsnlironh
tlm and Colli Haiti.
HoKKJirth & l.'ollltu'j
 Prnpric-,-.. s      J;
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
M None Heller In the District **,
lj> Kales Si anil up     Short Orders and Oysters ***
l^j served in nny siyle from 8 p. m. tu 6 a. m, A
» . The tibk i> th: b»t. the rajm ire uisurpassei for clean 9
V  Uncss and comfort ml tht bu is supplied with the best brand &*
9 of liquors and cigar*. ***>
$ L B. VANDEL.AR. Prop.        &
9mmM-mt mm mmmmimmm.£a6
1   The Wentworth
|g Clapp & Rollins,
Hie New MantiKers.
a-'l Drop in and sec us anv time.    Wc are on deck 2a hours
"in of the U
•sasaE! mmmMfo mm-wo a
4i.M,is<«.-«*;**.'*»«-w-.v»«w<*»s**ss*s«'*ee»   «■««« ,;mt
....MARYSVILLE, B. C.   1
The Pioneer Holel of the St. Marys Valley.
| Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining; room service, an4 the $
# best ol everything at the bar. |
»j» • * • • •* • •  *>*  •  *»»•»»• •   ■.*■•. * »'V» * »•»*»*-*»•» >••>• * » * * *  * * • *lj»)
• • We are now in shape tn luriiisli all kinds ol
\'  Ord sr«peom,illy fIlltsJ sn 1 delivered lu town. For prices apply
:• King Lumber Mills Co. Limited !
-.m, -_• -.- .,',5.- jf .s.. '_• -;• v-lingiitfimm S.'-V-K;'.S.'-R;'-S.'.K.'-Si'«t'«
William Gordon
I Mc'allum Block
*nw*3H*,awai si-as s^'Jai- -a- m
We n,? oltcrinn » special line of .-.PICEII ROLL IUCON
only lasting till Saturday nexl. „t |tic per Ib. W e I live also
„ n w slocK of Hams. Uacon, etc. Try „ur HOMb-.IADE
l-AHII     It will please you.
- iin: . it.vM'.iio.iK   iii;ii.Yi.n
4   I
JuBtto liaiiil.n large sliipmeul ul
Ladies'and Childrens'
-Luri- ninl embroidery trimmed,
prices from 75c. to 85.00
LADIES' whim imm:II
SKIHT Ti.iri-li.ui Imv nn.l mu.
broidery trimmed with ur without
Bounce, prices from IKlo. to $5.(K) "" ')
LADIES' DRAWERS   Ni.vly Ir'u -,l. i•■ >■•• I•  I",  '
,'inliri,i,l,'i'y nml insertion, prices In,,,, -'»<• to W.IK)
mu! i: ill others
jFloi be Bahama
. ■.
Inni.] "a ia itlnu "a- .■ II   Km   -
Engii r M   OUUs came down Iron
. ..,:. today ," help oul ., Ie« days
.  . 'row
Suite .., six rooms lot real in .va-
,.-, ,,:   town.   Beat   *">' fi'i moot i
I Apply .'uri.ild eUloberti.
[   Thi   exccuttvi'     .,i  Ih,   , i,.itb,,..,K
board  .'    •:.,.!,'  i-M'i •„■   iuipurtant
|fcl,,..;«a*.' ".'        ,, In-,                                                              irnvtinn las,   K,l.i.m,   .-,-;.,a.
lE^r^t- Stjj ' ' '     I
■:".;.     I ii-          r, ,     The next  meeting "I  the Literal)
m-?#,'         t, wholes.  -                    Isoclets   -.ill beheld.      h,   IMb   -,i
^ ' "k        A.C- BOWNESS     iMarcl, Instead ,,l   J '  Kebru
'.:', .   •  .'    '       ,M Cra  brook, tt.  C.               '"y
Cra  brook,
•     '.    ,    !
i. 'til and See
IS •'
I-U1D & Co.
,. .......
< ii,, ..
J    ,-<■.,,,,,la,   ...-.
i I
...PEAS IN PACKETS... jj '""*'°L" """""" ■*» * Vski"'
ilue«liniin  of   Msn>   PeQpl .
W. Stocks visited Prank tliis week
These Peas are genuine LINCOLNSHIRE MARROW
FATS, Specially prepared for boiling and  whrn cooked cai   jj i    Then'   is   lalk   oi   buildup n new
scarcely be detected from fresh gathered peas from the garden*   jj ' Presbyterian church In Cranhrook.
Their delicious flavor, color and tenderness  when coo'ced   !';        jqhn     McDonald,    ol   Marysville,
are achieved without the aid of coloring matter and for th .   j. : sponl several days In town this week
reason they are to be preferred to tinned or bottled pets. At ,    Take that suit  to the Cru .. Nes!
h Cleaning rooms  toilay and lit   Rory
!] i fix il-
.*.* PRICE 15c PER PACKAGE .« "
1 Hnrn.iit Haolood, V tt T„ Ki-ln
1 an- lllli, a daughter lo Sir, na I Mn
1.1. Moe.
Auyoni, wishing lo jiurclius
■sssssasssMiBarsBi i
Physicians' Prescript!*
and family Recipes
— Promptness
— Purest Drugs
C. E. REID & CO.
0RU0UISTS      'Phone 74      STATIONERS
Cranbrook  Brewery slock apply    to
Box "C" Cranbrook.
Air. .mil Mrs. Gillespie, ut Oak
Lake, Man., are Mir guests of Mrs.
R. K. Beattie.
J,  A.   Olll'js   bus moved  lulo    ne.
\ house recently sold by Hugh .' tewart
! lo Edward Patterson.
Jj   ,    Mrs. Anna Burns Ronaud d i 1 lust
y   - Thursday iu this city and the ;tttier.il
'}    was belli   al   St.   Marys  oh rch rn
I Sunday.
i,        The weatliei is again [ileasa i    and
g lit wilt not be long before tin   robins
II ; will lu- heard sounding their i<  cs ol
j-j ■ coming spring.
I David Grlffi-lli, ..1 WIN ll,.i.. lefl
fl ' last Saturday for Victoria ■ it peril I sonal business He will visit bis old
* friend William Pernio while . rite
^ ' capital city.
h   '
<•  I    Services  In   the  Methodist      huivh
■„   I nexl Suitdaj at  the usual hours   The
: evening sermon will be the fiisi m a
, sories   .in   tli,-      'Fund amen in I.     uf
r Free reading room open en it da)
1 from noon till 1(1 p. m suppii-d
[with leading weeklies and dallies nnd
' magazines an are welcome s-jcond
i ilo.it- Waits block
$ When You Buy Liquor
$ Buy the Best=
^ Wi-nn* in ri't't'ipt ,,f;,,, i,,,..,.','I'rntn thi'  ttovnl <lis
15 I,mt     It is |„,r,'. Ims tin',n;-', mil friMi,-,  lllillicilltll   painl
*V just llm tiling.    Wi
9 line
Tin- K|nv..illi Limgui lui.l ,, ,,,iv
:,l,'„M,i,, social In lhe M, odls'l
.'iim.'l, ..,, T„.-s.,,,, night, \ iholoti
I program ,.i rocal innsic and a i'i ,,liii.it
was given ,,. Ihu dnlighl ..," nil presenl
Work  has hew,
addition t., tl,,-
,v Co . and as
completed tlii» ,.■
nenced o, .„ in<
■ ol W   T Reid
as the <■,-!' ,    is
„k on thi1 s'ii|i
tin-,' will I... pushed   vigorous
I'Vi'i'v,liium iii  il,,1 liquor und i,i^
Wholesale Dealer in liqimrs and Ciiinrs
■*9*>9'*9W±9*9 r<*> ?<r>«*■*•*^9 >.9
P4Qcjm^**xoir*rm   wmm-jmuaxtrTei
MIA'   0 »EN|MI!
\   >   in--,, i .  um ,.i ilu im   ■ tm .i
,'.,.': ..'    . imd      vu ,
.ii town this fteeli a d ■ I 11 m a   told
, i,,.   bunch nl his nueis
P    acUonnell     returned  this «rl;
in,in in, Koolena)  rivei  ranch whei
he had beei   pul thig iu a bridge uvc
ii uiu i tii-  nitarnland   to ihi-. Oilfcnd
r .1 Sniyiti. the -,1)1111111.', odlloi ol
tbe Mm} ii Leadei, was In town todaj
and as usual had a good word lot iht
growth and prosperity >'i Moyie and
hum,mm  general!)
John J-'itm has been In Spokane ho
past two weeks consulting a special
ist regarding ins throat trouble li
ui;i\ be neccssar) fin him tt, spcn>
.some imn' iu California bofore he it'
turns permanently tu Cranbrook,
.1 K. Uowues expects lu ust
Spokauc, Seal tl.' and \ ictorin iu
few days. Mr. Downes bus rnsvo
been in tin- land ol Uncle Sum um
be lias been expressing coiiRiuerabli
curiosity as to bow the people ove
there will treat him,
H. A. Prascr, ol l-\m Steele was i
Cranbrook visitor Jast Saturday,
\ iu RolliUB, since lakiun charge ol
tlie desk ai  tlu* Cranbrook hotel,   is
iiegollal lag   for   i he   sa,O0U,OiiU di,
moml receitllj  discovered iu ilu* di
mond fields til South Africa,
Wanted—A girl for dining room and
up-stail's work. Apply P. (>■ Hox IV,
Moyie, li. 0. n-'ii
Rory Logan has started up n cleaning uud rcpalilng cstahllshmeui; ind
issued cards lor momhershlp. The
move is a good nnr and no une an
afford lo uoglect Itis clothes ii there
is p chance to have them lakes «'aro
ol in n proper manner.
The Ueliild this week wns printed
(iii tho press of me Fori Steele Prospector, through the courtesy of VIr,
(trace, the proprietor. The Herald
engine woiri lo pieces again, aud the
last time went loo far tot Immediate
repairs. Mr. draco's kindness made
ii possible toi mis family journal to
appear, although a daj laic.
A uu vi lug ni ihe Krec Reading
Room association will he held on
Friday evening, February 17th. at 8
o'clock, iu the rooms, second Iloor nf
tbe W.itis block Election ol Kccrc-
laiy-uf.i.siii'ei' la succeed L. S. Murdoch, resigned, nud nthei matters if
Importance. All Interested nre Invited lo be preseirt,
ll. White, Pres
friend ' Sullivan'' bus left • s
antl gone in spend the summer with
the govot'ninenl .it Nelson. Magistrate Armstrong gave him a leave of
bsenee   loi   six   muiilhs  and   Ills   tav-
nie haunts lu Cranbrook will know
linn un mure foi   that period-of time.
Constable Moi ris went to Nelson
last Tticsda)  with ihreo prisoners.
Born, Wednesday, Fehruar) l..t!u,
11)115, In Mi ami Vim. -J- A. Harv.-y,
h girl.
Hill .v i'n. have been getting ill
such ,i big stock ol goods this weak
iihat ti was necessary for them tt" ulle
them aliiiui two slurys high on he
sidewalk until tbey could find room
to pTaw the contents In the store,
That man Hill is a great buyer md
he goes aftei lhe latest and the besl.
This spring he will eclipse all of his
lormet oftorts, and will ai trad the
attention of every resilient of Cranbrook ami those living in the i
rounding towns.
Wanted—Situation in private house
or hotel; references furnished if centred.   Apply Herald olliee.     18-41
Tom    Whalen,    ol    Fernie,    was
town a couple* ni days ibis week. Mr.
Wlm leu is a baseball enthusiast and
is anxious   to   see   a league formed
ibis    season   composed   of    Fernie,
A I-i
Spa ii 'ivt i ie
Port a •.!
Sherry .
A.I. M.ULI'H.ir
.b,il.,,lr l'i.... I qiljr, in) .
Hi i   K„,  Suit—The Oou-lury Dlctinnary,
r^l. i in large volumes, Cyclopedia an I At-
*. 'las      Apply ,,. "Century" t'nia* Itar-
2 j aid olllce
j> j Thv Rohlnson-McKoiulo Lumbor
j, company have jusl purchased „ „„„■
4, I planer „,„l matolior thai woIrI 10,-
I BOO pounds. II is oim nf tlm besl
..' | oval hrotighf tn ttia Ki,.,i,'„av coun-
|    l.asi Tuesday Rcvcral car Ion,Is   of
j pllltii; war.' vlii,i|K'il from Kin. 'ilvv
.•mil wore sn,I on to Montreal lliis
„•,','. The piling was rcmarkaH.' rs
,1,,-v were ovei lim fail In length   the cranbrook, Nelson anil Rossland. II
I..Unas' ovei sent ..ui ol ihis ,'itrv   Idiinku thai such h combination would
iglvo llie KootenayH   souu, last bull.
Then  „,.  ., lev, ..I the derail .in-(Cranbrook lius some I'scdloni tlmbci
„„„ls lot  sal.'   ll y„„ ivanl  ,.. sen.!, fo, baseball ami could no doubl   gol
1     frlendi    .1 long   lellei   iliuJI,,up « strong team.   Sow is the limn
nranbrnok nml Houlh Kasl K„. otuj',foi   Ihe  ball minks lo gel In llieli'
tend Ihrtn an Animal    11  will Inlor- work.
asl    tla-in      Till'   |„„','   Is   ::",   a,',, -   .,,,,1
they nro wotili Jl There ai'n a few young chaps in this
'town wlm are cett-itiir. very had. Not
I       on   .Sunday    nexl   the   It,,     Um  |„m, .,,,,, two „f ,i,ls imnch attacked
1'i.nli' .,1  Ki'inia will preach In    the iin innftcnsfvc Chinaman and gave him
<j   lllaptis, church 1 th mnrnlng  ind n „„.   .beating before lltev In him
,    levi'llllip:  ,,'1,11','s.   A1-1 he rinse ,.,'  the   .,|(1|||,     ,   PMnama„   is   ,,  )„„„„„  ,„..
morning service Hi 1 im •   be- i,Wi al„| y,,, ,1,,,,,, .„,. s„m(, „, uus,,
lirvi'i's li,i|iiisiii will hr observed.  Ill   young fellows who Imagine llml th-y
are invited to a-lteuil these services.     arc privileged  lo throw rocks at   a
Chinaman whenever they ,yi 11 chance.
J|*«##*##***#i|> *>#♦*******♦•> •>*>************"*'
I ft If    ft    11 ♦ is the place in huv
! IVlcLallum s
\ our
IHardware...  Coai °jl !
__n Try Pennolinc |
Wc have a carload on hand.     Also a carload of
Cumberland   Blacksmiths'  Coa I
has just arrived
Tin- free reading room is being well
patronized us there can be found a
'crowd around the tables every night.
Those     people   who   tare to do any
Such buys would heal a dog, a horse
or abuse their mother and curse their,
fa I her. Tbey need a touch of the
thing lo assist this new organization
In the way of contributions of cash     Robert    Cameron,  moro faniilltriy
or literature, should nee Hum While known as "Scotty,"   tied •-■   'X
Ibe   president,   or any of   ihe other day morning al  the St. Kn;*i'
ollieers. pita!.   The funeral was held today at
mi ,,,,,, lho   undertaking     rooms   of ff. R
lhe Insurance ou ibe Calgary Cn ril„.(1   „ ,.   „     ,        *„, .. ,
BeaHy, Rev. Beacham ofllcla-t-tng, and
lhe remains interred in the Cran-
through the firm of Beale & Klweli bro"k eemeto',>'- "Scotty" was a
The fire occurred lhe 26th of .lanua- grpal tav0lile tbonl tho Cranbrook
ry, and the company had lhe check holol, wllh which he bad been attach-
In hanil covering the loss on the 13th 0(l f()l sl'volal years, and there were
of February. This promptness is many In lown who beard of his death
characteristic of '.be manner ihis with a pang of sorrow and breath*!
company does business, and tho« a wish that bis soul would rest in
who are insured fully appreciate il. pence for all eternity
A H Fenwick was in town last
The Standard lumbei company held
it' un iai meeting last week and declared  ■ dividend ol 38 per cent
Cottage for rent, $15 per month.
Ap'.lj Ainohi A Rouurti
Work on the Interior ol tho new
store that Is :<> bo occupied by •' «'
Templeton,   tbo druggist,    is    being
T \l Roberts, of Arnold A Roberts, was ..n ibe sick list for several
days ilns week, bui is out again and
I,-, ling be! ii-i
Mrs :. M \ anDecar had a uumhei
ui friends In to dinner last Monday
evening, and the evening was spent
solving the mysteries ol "500 "
I     I)     M.'Hritli',   .1     K    Aiinsli.
i Hlslop .md Frank Parks attended
,i meeting ol the Masonic lodge al
Fort Steele last Tuesday evening
\ party was given at the home of
\h * Mis Brouinoi last Tuesday
evening In honor of I. S, Murdoch
who expects lo leave town in a *.W
pushed ai a rapid rate now that the
weatliei   bus moderated.     The plate
gloss      tor       the     from     window
was put in yesterday.   It is going lo
make a tine store room.
The Herald would be glad to print
twice the news it does but tlie )ld
Man canuot hear everything. If you
know an Item of news let him know
it and then it will be printed,
Hugh Stewart has opened lite new
stock of goods thai be purchased
when he houghl oul P. Mct'ounell,
and be is gelling mure righl along.
Mr. Stewart proposes to keep that
which tho pepplo want in his lino and
will spare no effort In litis direction
The people id Cranbrook are very
much Interested lu the report that
Jlin Wiirduer was surrounded by in
d I ails down in Mexico. The Hernld Is
boiling Ing odds thai Jim will fi«t
out ahead or the Indians, although
the)  are a very warlike tribe.
The committee iu charge of tbe ai-
ratigciiients for Mm Odd Fellows'
hall, lo be given in Wentworth hall
Friday evening. February 34th, desire to extend a general Invitation to
all Odd Fellows to he present, even
If Ihey have nol received a personal
Imitation, it Is utterly Impossible
for lhe committee to obtain lhe
names of all the Odd Fellows In the
vicinity, hence this notice.
Perhaps one of the mosl pleasant
evenings ever spent in Cranbrook was
by those who wore invited to attend
the dancing party given last Tuesday
evening   by   Superintendent  l-Jrickson
il bis wifu at their handsome home
on Baker bill. There were eighty-
four guests present and the spacious
rooms wen* filled wltb a.happy, fun
loving '""crowd", and to say that Ihey
hiwl a good time would be expressing
itT.nlfilly1 iu'l ;ed. Mr and "MrsTc-r-
lekson are Ideal entertainers, .ind
seem to know by intuition jusl what
will please their guests. As ii was
Valentine day tbe rooms Wore decorated iu harmony With that good uld
idea, aud lhe dining room was a
pleasing picture ol citpids and hearts.
The iwo parlors had btvn prepared
fot dancing and Wright's orchestra
furnished tlie music. The guests
rived from eight to nine, and with
dancing and cards and pleasing conversation several hours were spent
iu a must enjoyable manner. About
oleveu refreshments were announced
and under tho direction of tho hostess
the guests filed Into lhe dining room
and in Ibis way 'able after table was
filled until all had participated ol
the inviting viands spread for the
great number present. The enlertain-
monl was a most elaborate one and
the magnificent manner in which the
details were carried out reflects great
credit upon Mrs. Ericsson, who.se ar
Italic temperament was display.*l in
every arrangement.
Hold lliis pictiue 10 Inches from the lace, bring
it slowly towards you. until nose toi-chca star
at point of chin, and just as sure a.* you be=
holil the man .-wallow the ball, will vou
ici-t satisfaction by dealing with
Horrow & McFarlane
Kings of the Clothing anil Gents' Furnishing Business
Ow Stock for Spring
..Is New Complete..
Wl,,-,,  w« aluill be pleased to show  you
through anil ,|tiote you prices.     Spring will
« , lie li.-i'm uud thai horribl,    ,b , f . onse-
I'letitiitig,   Perhaps \\t- have si thing thai
will jusl suit yi.', nnd will make your home
more lieaiitifnl    ::
Macconnell ®, Gillis
Furniture Merchants ^Undertakers
R. A. Mscoor.n.,1 J. A. G.ll.s
I- ui  luiiili.   Tliei
lU'U PIMfllll.     |)ff)|
"wu; - - nt-- ■:■■ ■ -   ii             « mil io nn iv over til
1 >''"« wi  it yon ii -,-', that you
n gin nl tieluul m-i.   Hy tbe wui jusl   ■           a com] ete aeportmen
InicMiiatioiinl Sl ektuul Puultr package of]         y food and make
nn| leleln ill   inea.    W pk in    - i
yoni- heiiH Iny wh
Onr -tock i
■ you drop in,  lei
For the best cook in Cranbrook . ''The Wilga"
For the best served meal "The Wilga"
For the nicest dining room .... "The Wilga"
For the best attendance ...... "The Wilga"
 Special Terms for Buiine^s People	
Nelson Tribune: The Kootenay Pros-
bylery met this morning at 0:30 in
the Presbyterian church, the moderator being the Rov, W. O. \\ Fortune of Cranbrook. Those present
were Jfhe Reverends Douglas of Trail,
Young of Ymil, McDonald of v'oyie,
Ketil ni Michel. Robertson and Ross
ol (itiiitii Forks, Cameron ol Midway,
MeCall of Phoenix, Allen of NnkUdp,
Brown nl New Denver. Klii.ll.y of
Wardner, iVIcKee of Greenwood, Mo-
Cord ot Slocaii t.'ity. Dunn of Fernie
and Ferguson ol Nelson.
Tbe opening proceedings wen* a do-
voiioiiiii meeting at 9:80 o'clock ibis
morning, which was followed by lhe
appointment of committees for ;hc
transaction of business, and ihe
preparation of tlie agenda, and bv the
reception of reports on H'inlay
schools, These committees will meet
ihis afternoon and by tomorrow
morning at the convening of the
Presbytery at B:80 o'clock will be
prepared with their reports.
ware lent Swans'
" Imported" — lo;;!
Qui.'.rup'ie   Cw    '.
Ware ih^t vV „.
fc Why is true love like
Steel Ware?
lasts fay; '
re, r. : iaa '. vi . "   . all Import-a'
if, -. enamele \ ■■ '•: •-...
label      If ■:   i " lmpone'1
..-.- '.." r; Sl ..;:,-. ■  the nric*. a
m. ^mk^es-yWSSSSSrii '   ••i'a-v;ifrSfr."-
He company's slauphter bouse   was
placed      iu   the    Phoenix   company
The annual meeting of the i ran-
brook branch of Carpenters and Joiners was held last Tuesday evening.
There were ibree new members ini-
Unted and the following officers were
installed for lhc ensuing year:
,J. H. McDonald, president.
L. ft. Smith, vice president.
R. C. Coughlin, financial secreiary,
1). E, McLean, recording secri'-ary,
Frank Vuill. treasurer.
II. K. McLean conductor.
F. E. Wilson, warden.
K. Foot. J. A. Landry and A     ,,.!
Graham, trustees,
li. M. .Smith, J. H. Miitchcn.fi and,
Thomas Hcuvie, auditors.
D. D. Mcintosh, of Calgary, genjral
organizer, was present and gave the
i lodge a sound lalk on their orgniii/.a-
' lion
Mn IHissin
J\ Seed Chin0
If you are not a regular reader of
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelledjfor quality.   AsK for Cranbrooh
Beer and insist on having it.
The Cranbrook Brewing <& Mailing Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of a.11 kinds ot Aerated Waiters.
CRANBROOK. *   *   *   British Columbia
riMeaMrame«*6e.«E«e<!««£iM-rf «««<i-.-«-e --m e
: *e-t E-56S-S,
1-,-im——^n11 *, ^ Bi3.3rBip.Bin,»rn<n'mui»ia.D rwiioniijja.ii,]! tub nm nmininiiiiii,i>iD*#
(From tbe Free Press.)
M. Melonee-., uf Llkmouth, was   In
the city last Sunday und partlctpftt.
al in urdiiluing   thu new   elders    st
Knox church.
J, E. Stephens,
tt. L. Stephens.
It. Rackeadorf
J. uwsaa,
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in East Kootenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
Stephens Bnw. « C,,., Owner, and Proprietor,,
IHorrissey'Mines, B. t.
tl. I.. Stephens
J. H. Stephens
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle? 32 hrs. to
Vancouver dt d. •.?* ue
Stephens Urn., owner, and Proprietors,
Morrisscy Junction, IS. C.
to say "1 wish J was
insured" after the
fire or accident
Do it Now
Phone 1)9
Box 74
two years.
Examination of the eyes
I, a hobby with ua.
We examine free and only
make modest charges when
glasses are required.
Sta-Zon mountings help
us to give satisfaction.
(Now being incorporated. Capital $,0,000
PROVISIONAL   DIRECTORS:- John Lcask, 1, Clapp. J Brnii't, W. Edwards, S
1— Bernhardt. R. S. Baron, I:. 1.1111c, 0. Uouiean; Secretary, A. M. Black.
This local investment mnl loan company lias Ihioji flouted ,ih ii
^people's company, liy the pcoplo, for tbo people.
Shares $1.00 each Cash, or on the Monthly Payment Plan
'Phone 119    Hutchison & Black    Sole Agents
.Manitoba Hotel..
ll'uder New Miiuiigonioiit)
D. A. McDONALI), rianager |
Thi"- Hotel is in the center of town.   The  rooms are j
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first-
class, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you
I want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba.
i Wholesale & Retail Butchers |
ffl m
|f       Hay and Grain Dealers       I
Prices and Quality Guaranteed.
RE—sr-YOUR   *
RREAKS ? ? ? ? ?   •
If the rush of business
prevents YOU finding
time to write up your
books, or having your
bills and accounts regularly rendered and collected, apply to
P. 0. Box 217
:  CKANUROOK, ...    *  li. C
in tin* HOflBon to hnvo your
Picture Taken
Prest Photo Co.
Paint that Stays
Wo iisn tin- host of inn.
h-M'inl nnd nm* work always
givtsa satisttmLion,
WhtMi you want painting
paper hanging, decorating
ot sign writing, hoc us
The fine new Episcopalian chuich in
Hearing completion and will probably
be dedicated In a couple ol weeks.
Bishop Dan, uf New Westminster,
will officiate ai the opening,
Already nighty men have joined the
two militia corps now being organized iii tliis cily. This number will
probably iw Increased hy ten or more
making tlie full complement  (or    two
w. Patterson section foreman ol tho
0. N. K. nt Morrissey, was brought
to Fertile hospital on Sunday suffering Irom severe frost bites ou his
hands and leet. Patterson was exposed lor some time to the cold
weaihi'i'. He is in a serious condition, and it is not yet known whether Il will be necessary to resorl lo
Important developments are expected in Uie Kootenay oil fields, le
which the biggest boring outfit man
ulaetured has recently been shipped
It is confidently expected that a couple of month's boring will discover
the oil basin. The sample of oil nl
ready discovered is declared to be tho
finest in the world. Should a large
How be discovered it would be an
Immense blessing to western Canada
and to this district in particular.
The telephone war is over and tbo
honors are divided bit ween Ihe tw
big corporations. The It, 0, Telephone company have dropped out oi
the fight and the C. N. P. Electric
Light and Power company have
bought out the former company, bag
and baggage. This information was
first received on Monday afternoon iu
a wire from the coal company's tli
rectors in Toronto to H. B. Wright,
chief engineer ol the company at Fer
nie. Later Supt. Hodge received con
flrmatlon oi the agreement from liis
company at Vancouver, The terms
of the settlement, though not made
public, aie believed to be such as to
fully reimburse lhc B. C. Telephone
company for all expenses, with probably a margin over that amount. Everything owned by the Vancouver
company in tho city was taken ova
by the Coal company, including the
team of horses. The agreement also
stipulated that nil litigation betweei,
the B. 0. cnmpany and the citj
should he dropped. On the lollowln
day a further agreement was reached
hy which the B. 0, Telephone compp
ny agreed to install the system foi
the Coal company, and on Wcdncsdaj
uinming Supt. Ilodgo, Foreman Iruiu
and iheir ten men were at worlt
again. They have received Instructions to put in tho same system that
lho B. (J, company originally planned
10 put in and the material and supplies will he forwarded bv this company.
Yesterday afternoon lhe new board
of polio* commissioners, consisting 01
Mayor Itork and Aldermen Crec and
Herchmer, held its first meeting, at
which considerable business was done
of vital interest to the city. The
commissioners decided that the tinhorn and pimp must go, and gave the
police explicit orders to use extreme
measures If necessary to immediately
effect this object. The board tuok tin
very sensible view that flje professional
gambler was a drsij* on the city ami ilu
tiiy would In* liptter off in n mnt^r a
Feuse an well iih morally without tin
parasites of society, Hotels which per-
fi'-t in harboring gamblers will eomo uu-
dor the bane of iho \.u\ also. Rogulii-
liona were also parsed governing tbe
conduct of innstiti.tes in iho oily limit".
They will be permitted up town only he-
lween the hours of 2 ami .. p. m. un
'--.'i'l; days,        t
AiiotItm enr of muchlnery arrived lliis
week for ilu* Elk Lumber uud Mnnuitu -
iiirint! rotnpuiiy. Tie.' unloading of nov
i nteon cars ol heavy machinery whi-b
lum occupied the pact week i« now com-
I'lnted. ThoC. P. R. supplied the wn of
i derrick in -it-hint in the work.
Thesufe ..f Mcsimi-. fritr, .* Win, '«
Iitinher property ai Klkuioiilh win, nn.
hum muled this week, The pnrnhnst-is
me Messrs. Itoss Brothers A Company,
cf vYhitfiiioiith, Manitoba, Tlie dial
i'i Imli'H the mil) ami Umber limil*- pur*
cliiMod by Mossrs. Trltoaft Wood from
ihu Hayes Lumber Company. Mophis.
I loss Bros and Com puny hnvo alien ly
r-t:irli'<l in to i-nl logs and it i« tholr ii •
leiition todo a big business next sum-
!H"i. Theirpractical experience will uo
ili'iibt go far towards mukibg tin- ven-
iiiroeullrelysiiccessful, They liims been
In biisitiess for Uiiity yearn and were
ii lining tin* very lim lo supply Uie Win
nlpeg market, Tin- deal was the n-suli
if a meeting Mr. Wood bud wiih one «f
ibe linn when passing through Winnipeg recently.
The sheriff sale of the Mcltan Lumber i
the Cosmopolitan Bold
(From th* Leader.)
About ol) aivn hud u uitrn.tt  HMH
from being   mpliyxtuted in tin. So. 1
m i "t ih.- si. Eugenemtno yttterday
,.11.-1 liflull      Durlllg liu'Cil.l   iveilthoi-   a
iillyl, all.vi- ,.. unt-.l lit IllQ mollltl   Ilf   tilt,
,„,,,,.'I t.i iuiiii.lt heat I'm tin* miners
li about two o'clock yeaiorday tin. tin,.
Iierlng catighi lire nnd gal I such rnj.id
henitway that In a short tim.- i,  .,». in
,„',,,l> nm i    Thiunl, aalrong ilrait
Into tlio 111 'Uml ilia wnrklng. wi'ta
■ma. tilled .nil, M.a-ka      .\„ ;,!.,,,,,   Wlia
Klvi.nandi.il lininl. ,•,,■,, ,„ ,1,.- ollliu
Hall ,„,, out mid worked lik,-  I,,,-, _
i„,-".   A buokul brigade ,,„.,..,,„.-.! und ' fi
',,.', h .' ileanurnlo fighting Ihe liie',,*.)
,,.,- htougl, und, ,,,,.1.   ,11 ,.,„ two   S
.., ,l„- luiprnioneil men found ilm.
.1..,,,, tli rough it u,„„ l„.la Into il,.- slu.fl \ '"'
level nml enmu np llm shaft.   Tho t',..'ffl
*-«-<» -®-®--®-S^-®--^„'^>>^>3'>;t*M!)--®HS>-®--^^ s»
A Firstclass House entrally Located
l Fine Sample Rooms in onnection.     The bedrooms
are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the $1
market affords. f *
•■   '•    -•      •      -   '•>   ..,   ..1   |.-.   ,.,   „}   ,.,
-,.-, is, ..   .. ,.. ,.a ,..*. -i,-: in ,.a ,-,-,
1.1 1.1 li. ..a ,
nnil worked in
»i„l». by
li   was  feared
iluu ihey
in danger and Bovotal .1
operate „,-
a lli-i
i- made in roaol
them,   li
inwi'vi',-, ibnt tin
t«t. niulii.-
l'i.-iii.„ followed
along tho
1 llial
,•:,,,„. .„„ above
through „
111 till
No. :t Lake slum
.   Tin- tin -
a la ,<
,ly sllgbtl}' .'limn
I. 1   la.t
^f   \,aa il.iliu.   I-Ill    it   was  11
1 llm lll"ll .111,1 llll
,,l ,1,
ll |l|1|
Iiiii of ilu- mini-.
Mrs. P.
.1. McMahon is
iu Nelson
on a
Wkebtult as< Retail
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fre.sh    I ish,   Oame   and
He Mippl) only the  besl
trade In sulicltea
Vner m
Markets ia s'l Ihe principal iownn  i%
la British Columbia *^
msKLmm ssnHKHHHHnenHH
.1. H. Hawkc shipped over 300 tons
il lee to Cranbrook this week.
The thermometer registered 27 de-j
grees below zero last night. This Is
the coldest ever known in Moyie.
Ed Munson, a miner, from the St.
Kugene, left this week for Panama
where he will apply for work on the
The recent cold weather has had a
disastrous effect on the waterworks,
and most of the water now used in
town is taken from the lake.
A. 0. Monkhouse, who has been
spending the winter in the east, Is
daily expected to return to Moyie D A T/Yli ) P P RlJ
Rumor has it that Mr. Monkhouse I'*A ' 'T,V'^'" l-* *>
will not return alone.
0. Paulson, the Swede who nearly
lost his eyesight iu the mine accident
here last fall, returned Tuesday from
Spokane, where he has been taking
The annual meeting of the Moyie
Water rompany has been called toj
Lake place in Moyie on Wednesday,
February 22nd*.
Last Monday night the St. Eugene
.onccntrator broke all previous records. In the twelve hour shift lflfi
•ar loads of ore were put through
the mill and 132 tons of concentrates
were made.
Yesterday was payday at the St.
liugetie and the amount distributed
amongst the men was nearly $28,000.
This is the largest amount paid out
since tbe resumption of operations at
the mine.
Solid Satisfaction
—in pleasing people. It
adds in the permanence
of endeavor.
When bu tiding consult
us nbitit vour lurnice.
•luu mi, miiriN., muni\,iir,i
V'evi|l..riv0 l:.til'.fil:!<S
1905 - NEW -1905
Wall Papers
Now     Ready    for     Inspect-on
(From the Prospector.)
Miss Francis Taanhauscr came over
from Cranbrook Wednesday.
V. Hyde Baker and Harry McVittie were In town Wednesday.
A. C, Nelson was in town Tuesday.
J. H. Fenton and Miss Todhuntcr
were visiting at Steele Monday.
Dr. Green, ot Cranbrook, was at
Steele Tuesday on professional business.
F. C. Malpas, manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, and Mrs.
Malpas were Steele visitors on
Old timers say that never before In
the history of the district has there!
been such a beautiful winter as the I
present. |
B. P. Cooke was busy this week!
getting out ice to fill Ice houses in,
lown. About 500 tons were harvested.
Prof, Richardson came up from
Bull river Wednesday. He reports
thnt the Bull River Mining and Power company will resume active operations with a large force next
Present indications point strongly
towards much activity iu llm Kootenay valley during the coming spring
and summer. The survey of the Kootenay Central rnilway, that will extend from Jaffrny, on the Crows
Nest branch, to Golden, on the main
line of the C, P. R. is completed.
This is the Orst railway construction
that will lie commenced In South
East Koolcnay this year. The proposed route of the K. 0. R. runs
north   and    south, parallel    to   the
Meivzies, Decorations
The   Very    Latest   Designs
F. J. Bra,dley
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co.. Lid.
Saw and Pianino; Mills)
Alt Kind, Of
Rou-irb and Dressed Lumber
Drink Home Beei
It is Pure
It is Healthy
ll is the Best
•I. Steele Brewing Co.
Company's mill at Hosmer took place at i Kootenay and upper Columbia  rivers
Hosmer on Monday of this week. M
A. Kastner. deputy sheriff, had charge
of the snle, Only three tookpartof the
bidding. These were K Foster, of Crnnbrook, F J. Watson, and Alex. Black,
of Winnipeg Thehlghestbid was made
hy F, J. Watson.who had lho property
knocked down to him ut $7,700,   It i1
for a distance of 180 miles.   It pass
ives through a country rich in mineral
I agricultural and forest resources, and
I a district that is rapidly filling up
(with settlors. The K. C. R. has -io
j part In the working out of any of the
great transcontinental lines.   For the
understood thai Mr. Watson bought tlm Present, at least, its lunctlon Is   the
I property tor a client.   The mill with the colonization and the development   of
mj— planer and every thing complete cost In the Immense resources ol East- Koo-
•      j tbe neighborhood of (15,(100. teoay.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker     j
Did shoes made new.   All kinds
uf repairing.   Give me a call.   ,
y-4tsm*tt -».^r.avt,Tssr>«r<*Nrsi
iSay, People ji
llnvi. ymi soon tin' work uf
Cruivs Ni'St Sii'iiu, Luu,ulrv'r
It's I'lirli.inly up . io . ,|,,j,,
S|«'i'inl rnti'H for hotels mul
family wurk. Spuolriltls
ll,ai,in'la, I,Innk,'Is it'll mr.
till,is, Willi". Iiiluir only
IVrl'irt stttisfnotion nivtui i,y
Crows Nest
Steam Laundn '
SLATER & McPHt'E, Proprietors  J [
, It is The Best Paper in Seven
I   Districts, and You Should
I Have It.


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