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Cranbrook Herald Oct 20, 1904

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Full Text

< IIAMilllilli;,   r.lil'l'isil   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   OCT.   '_'<•.   1904.
NUMBEB   ::n
Wanted Immediately !
til* -ill  I'llllt      I'l41'*      Il,ll.|<l I.
H.,.1 I iiniini lltlali,-,|,I,<    ti I ll
iillllll 1  lliiTr in l'i|; Ilii4|n<i ,
IOI ll lil .until iin i>
IIVI  II   'H'l   Vt'ltK-
W. l.iii I-   .ulli
\l4l   -TV SI". 1     Ml. III.Illl!'   Illl' ' ll
U-I i III. I.,i  , '..■
III.        11,' Illll'l'' I  : Is  III
I llllll
I'lllllll Mil. IK*, Cll    In.uiilu llul
-4    'I     -llllllll,    IlllillH   I.I4'lll lllll'll.')
lir Inr tlin I Mum ni .1, lii-m' 11'11 ii "ii.
Rcptllrlng Promptly Don*:.
Footwear lo Measure a Specially
Xi'W ri<_^. good driving
nml snddlo horscB nt
iv:u,..ii;iIJ.' rnle, Our
■inu'will bnlogfvoi!
lili'il with us.
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoos made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
s ;
• Cranbrook Sash
j j
1 and Door Factory ;
The Saratoga
H. ITO, Proprietor
This is a ncw restaurant, and
will be operated on modem
plans. Open day and night,
and the best the market affords
will   be  served   on  the tables
Best meal in the country for the
least money
Tobacco, Cigars and Fruit
Opposite C. P. R. Station
All l,i
Will ..I
,.f lints
,iliil:ilil.'.''l :
k,   "ni'i
„l our pri
iiiiiu* removed lo store huilding nctl
Kn>al Hotel niter \__n-i III,
Formerly I Intel I'l.ulr
NELSON, 15. C.
H. TOriPKINS, Manager.
I'llis   lllll.'I   is  .'ll.'  uf   111.-   llt'Bl   ill
llriiisli L'ollllllliiii nml np In dute
in ever) ri-npet-l. Well lighted
sample rooms.
j K'hurIi jiiiiI Dressed
1 Inr Snle
A Large Slock in C.isk.ts and
Robes,   4*»   ..*»
l'liotu- night and day 77
Fresh from the
Candy Kitchen
ni no: imi muu'
Each month....
givt'S Ilf   llli'l'-'  "'"I'll   "I  ('i'il'l*
brook.   'I'll.- | pi-- i-vi.l.-tilli
lmvi' i-iinliili-nt-i- in im- mi'l mi
wurk. See tin- lor plllliB iiml
James Greer
Contractor mnl Builder
l-.V   \   I'lll  Mil II.
If 41.'   4V'.Illl   _.'t    ll..'  -t  "HI     I.f
lif,., wi- inn--! 'i'ni' I ..11I4 t" look
t.nl I44 „■,.      'I'll,   sun 1- in.:   I'lilliiil
li. 111.'   I'iiiii".W   mi'l   11'-     I' isi-    ii'
i.itl.i*. In- I., mil \ i-Vi f\ " li.i. . lln
lcfi-.'l  1- 111 mil' '■ .-	
11  iiiiM_. r__n.
-.,. surely :i*. tin' \im! ■ii'tli'iiwiit'l
llllll li !■ III "lll'll nm   in.44 dwell
lllll   Ik-1'II..II- iMHirl       'I'll"    IMI'iills
I.,' _ ', III"   |.l'"|i. Ml     Will    In
niu ulli. :    |>..'. ". imi.   mu
yourself «ill !»■ iii "il" 1  n-liitioii
.Iiii I tiiiii In ,wl.ii'li,  only .1
, iiiin wns lull "1 tli'nl
Illllli.lllS,      will       I"'    o\lingllisllc.l.
Wlifti Ilnti period .' s  vmi   mil
Iimk luii'k t-i Ben wlmt ynu iliil -I"
nl- neglected It. il.i in lln- wuy "f
milkingIiiiiin- liuppy. if vnu'Ii-i nol
stniiiiili iln- imili uf yoni-puri-uls In-
wunl tlio luiiili; if vmi 'IM ii"l
iiuiiiii tlu-ir Inst tltt.vs bright und
liuppy: if ynu iilltiwt-il yntii- young
brother to go into tin- worltl uulini*
lowed liy christian mul sisterly in-
s: if ynu iillnwi'il tin- young
sisters nf your Iiiiiiii- rifi'li- to cotnu
up without fooling tiutl ilni'i- I11..I
1 II ;i   iniisl   Wl.l'lliy   example   ni'i
lhem on your purl, tlu-re will l»*
nothing inil liiltern.'BS nt lunieiilu.
tion, 'I'liiit. l.itter.ii-Bs will 1«- in-
i-l-i'.-isi'il li.v nil tin- BUtTollditlgs nf
tlml lionie; by every piuture, l.y the
old timo iiiiiiilt-1 oriuttnt'tits by
everything ymi can tltink oE ns
i-tiiii'it-t-li-il willt tluil home. Young
woitiuii hnve ymt anything to do in
the wny of making your father's
lioiiii- linppyV Now is tin- tittle to
iitti-iiil to it, or lenve il forever nullum-. Time is Hying ipiicklyawny.
We suppose you notiee Ilu- wrinkles arogathoriiigiindiicenmulntiiig
mi those kiinlly races llnil linvo so
long looked upon yon; there is
frost in tin- locks; tin- loot is not
so linn tis it used In In*, nnil they
will soon lir gone. The heaviest
i-loil ilint ever fulls on tin- parent's
rolliti is tin- memory of mt uiigrnt*
fill ilnughter. Oil, ninki- their last
.lays bright un lieauliful. Do not
let its if they were in ilu- wny.
"liter long yenrs have passeil nwny
mil ynu go out to tin- grave where
thoy sloop, you will fi lltl growing
nil over tin- mount! something lov-
lii-r tliun cypress, something swi-t-t-
t-r thnn ilu- rose, more chaste tliun
the lily, the, bright mnl beautiful
memories of Hllinl kiuilness performed ere thetlyinghiinil dropped
1111 vmi in li.-ni'ili'-tiiiti mul ynu
i-lost-il tin- litis over lln- ilrenry eyes
of tin- worn out pilgrims,
Craii-irimk MethoJisI Church.
enrner of Ilmi mi  \u*nm,' and Louis Stretl
'Better lute limn
lever    is  not
'Hotter never
SIUNT (lf,/^iim_SPEEDY
Purcha: e Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
El Presidente
Do you want a Stove? Do you
want Boots or Shoes? Do you
want Bargains where New
Goods are arriving; daily ?
Then come to my store.
lli.w wt- uppi inn- :i boy who is
ulwuys mi liiu.-. How ipiit-kly we
It-nru lo tli-pt'inl on liim. uutl bow
sunn ymt Iiml yourself intrusting
him with weightier mailers. The
Liv who litis iit-ipiii'eil it reputation
tor ptiui-tiiiility Ims innili. lln- lirsl
contribution to thet-npitiil thnt iu
nfter veins miikes liissut ss a cer-
As the future ouk lins rolil.il in
lln* iit-orii, so in Ilu- pi-est-iil lies our
t'lilnn*. i Iur sut't'i-ss will bt- cut)
In-, l.nl a iiiiliit.il Iree, ili'vi'lopnil
fl-otn tltt-st't'il of mil' sowing; tin
frug.ii.i-.- of the blossoms nnil tin
richness of the fruitage will tlepeiul
upon Ilu- uiitirislinii-nt nlisorbetl
from onr pusl tuul preseiit. Tin1
enrth wt* Ill-nil beneath onr feel is
unpiisi'il of sil.l.l mnl I'lny mnl soil
ul water nn.l if iii.turo bus her
pel-reel work in  tlieBi- Biibstnncoi
Ilm ,-lnv will 1 nlil.' P"l "'iin* UU'
may lie painted upon nml plneed
in tin- kings pulncui I Iii-n ngi.il.
.nuy Ik-i-oiiii- t-li-iii- mul hard and
l.n v.* tin- power nf ilriiwing to itself
lln- llllli'lllltl tllftvll. lilt-given uiu'
tin- purple rays of lln- sunlight, nml
in-come mt tipitl. Tin. snuil w'"
will liecomo very linn 1 anil wliile.
mul liuve tin- |ii'iwt-i's of drawing I
Itself lln- blue my-ot tlm siinlighl
iii-tl bi'i'oiiii' :i Slippllil'o. Tin- soot
will lieconie Ilu- liunli-si nntl wlilt
substance known, nml in- t-liniiR.il
into ti glorioUB tlintnonil. Tin
wnler iu Ilu- siiiiiiui-i- is u dew*
ib-op, mul in tlm winter crystallizes
into ii slur, liven co tin- homeliest
lives, by ili'itwing to theniselves the
coloring of ti-tillt. sincerity chnrity
nml fnilli.iuiiy become crystals nml
gems "of purest rny serene."
{  Have Vint Any P_lnlin_ lo be Done?
•  lit, Any nl Vour Riiuiiis Need I'lpcrlni?
Estimates given on largo contracts. We doll'l. wunl. tlio
enrth.    We wnnt  to plt-nse
you with tin- work nnd rt ive
rt'iisotniltlt- pny.
Ituyil II..I-I, Cr.nbruitl,
TO wn
I',ll.lii  N..I in- i. Inn Si -liii-ii I., il". lm-..I lln'
nlii'ihi'  in tin. M'i|>'_\ 9 44ru In miiil Inl uml I
A li  I'.i.t   I ...|inr<. tl..- i.i'i'iii'ii. f nl tit. i-l.'ii,,ii. in tl
nuni ill. trli-l "ii On- I-nut l.aj ..Illli. lm.lit li nl  \ iiii-
i.l On iiiiii' ill lln' iilli'rniiiill. lm On* |.Mrpn_Httl ii
iln- ll.in-i' nl liiiiiiiiiiiiH nl t'liiiii'ln . uml il
 mi lit I'll. |ii<<n.'lil>i-it. -mil liiil uill  h
ItHU. irom tti.-ii'in ui Nn Hi. lorn	
nt iiii. liillim mi, inilliiii! itivlnliiiin, Iiiiii i.l
iiinni Hi.ni'i itli.r.s„4il. iiiiii i
III' .l.lll- till' Jill llllll 4 III Sl'|itl'll|l"l
mil II i Hi., riiyul \"l.',i, i
.tl. luni. trout ti mill t-i
"f   il.lllll.lt  44     lll'll".II   to    .-.(.l .*.♦-,, t    tlll'lll    ll
11141.41. II   |l,lll  IS ll. 11.1411,ll'll  llll'l    llllll-_l   ill    III
'|ii-ii.-iI mi I In--'-'nil ilnv  nl _nvi'U__>_ All
mui I'm-ui the,*liivk ,14 Ilia nil. in I
1.   I llinmliiiiil
11 Itnanl I
'       II    It.lB.llll.ll
'      I   llOBllllltll
'   J, lion .tuul
* ii Ni-Ihiiii
* S Nil	
' tl N.-l-m
1 Ill Si'lm 111
II I'lllll
lli Trull
lit ll.'V.'UliiU
II llrvt-lnlnlti.
I,*. Kiii-I"
In K11.-I"
17 I'l'iinlil'imk
Is t-'rilllliriliik
I'.l I'l'iiiiliiiiiik
311 I't'l'lllii
Sll .,-rnii-
-.'■! I'-itl'liln
-II I'liini, I't-i'i'l:
•Jl t'usll.'ii.i.'
11. UllSt. 1 11
till Annul I
III Ilm,11,11
ll- Comn|ili.-t
I1U I'niiilxiriii'
:lt Winivinii
11:. 1 Inn -iiliinit
:lll Illiillln. nri
117 Alliiil I nm.
IIH liliii'ii.r
.in llout-rn I'll,,
lu ll"iii.'ini'"ii
II III.until
I J 1 ti.lil.'ii
1:1 I'iiiii-,-I
II I'li'l.l
..-, Hon II.lii'iii-
Hi lull it..
IT S|iiilliin:n I	
-Is Oiili'iin
III lll'iHI'lll'
.-•it iviliiter
.Tl Allli'lixi'i
r,-J Wiiiili'imi'i.'
.VI W1 uml 11
.Tl Uni'
r Mill
J.s t.iniH'ii Mini.
■Tl. Arlin. t it Mini-
nn s il ll.'liil
nl Vulval Mini,
ii.' I'titloraiiii
, II
71  S l.m
7*_- M<lllllilll
7:1 111 Illl
7 1 l.nnl"
7-T 1 1
1 l.'ku
Sll K1, .*l>. ,,»-r
**   BT I'renloii
*   sn Kllttberl*.*-
■ 1111 Fori Slwlt-
"   III Ft. StrainJcl
0-1 Ityaii
"   till Mm),4 ilia
111 Mitm.ik
■->.*.4 n.iti-i-   Mill
'...'. W-I-IIM-
'.17 uml lim'i
!l- I'-'rrt l*r-*i-k
Hill T".1,
'    Illl Witllnlinii-
lllll   « 4,-44
■ nn 1. iniin.
l.ll I'.lk.l
lllll Hon
■J.T I'll'i'Viill.'.l
■III Ilmr I'uik
'J7 llnlli.ul'it.v       "   "'T Snliii,1
JS -nkn.'i **    TU Vmir
ll:l Molly .III  UnillliK
III imli'iiii 1','ty ll>iikiiiHiiii'iil'iiiii|i|
I I.T Mi'l'iilliiililTi'i'k litis U'-'i'll
.III llnl-i-lntoltnLinn -Co->Ci>->*i(I'I__'i»I)
7-.i 1-ilin Ilny
sn ilinnit'' "
sl   Mlinl.'skilMTi''
s-j |.-i,i,-Aie44
' Sll Will.rn I'"ml
sl I' I".
I 17 Ulk
llli. 1,11 Imu
1H7 -M.ii'.i-
tus fii.il t*r
Itl-.l S|..r-i
Illl Mn li.i
111 I'll" 1.'
I I'.l lm in
I'lu TliiunliT Hill
Anil InitliiT tiiiii nil tlie I'lllll Hnv ut I liim. AH. mnl. 111
nl Ni'lm.n ill lln*Inuu*ul Hlnvi-n ..'.'link iii tin'li.ii'i I -.Iiii'l .
iiiiii ii|illn' villi's itivi'ii Iur tliortuiiilil-li-H, illlil ins iii'ii in-I'lH'ii'il llio
I   till' Villi'  .
1.11141    II  ill   I
I III-   ll.lll.ll    1.144
lllvnti Ii'itii.v Liunl ni tln-ril.v uf II
inlnllil Illln silt ilay (liiliilii-r, I 11  11101
Returning Officer.
s Inj s,.,,,,..
lliiin.- ll"r.|,i|,
Sllliill,) S, I I
IlllillH    »4,l-l,    |,
l'4,.-.|4,4 l|.ll,.,lI,       I.,
I'I,,I,_.||,V W.'.'kl,    I',.,,
l   . ,1 I ,     11, tat
M ■   '     .       -is
- ii.'i,l-.l  li. ,!.•
Crnnkfimk Hniiit-t Cburcb
iii tin* Huplisl 111111.1.
llllll J
Silliilu.i  S. 1 1
Voting. il.*u
I"runs Mi'ituii*
Til"   |.|,|.||.     .444.
:i) |,    ,
-   |.  111   ITi.'-'l..,
-    I*   III    11 i.ll]t'l,.l_V
I.llllll,       III.''"I   1.4    ,411,41.
Cranbritiik Presbylerlaa Church.
:ii|i at.
:i p. ai
Siili.nll, S*.vi,*.,        II 1,   nt  411
lilliiltt.4 S. In...I I u,t.|.. .i„-
lirl.tlnti Un.l..,. .--I,"- ,,
Tl..-iml.l.' 11	
nil Ul.' ll,.- lilHIN
I* 4   «  ,. ti  r,
DAN HOLLAND, llic Shoemaker
Shop in lli" in \- nitilitiou t.i lite
Mk.'tt I.l...K
H..1"'S',„U (holiest vv.uk.
full mn! -,.* hiin.
.1. (i. Cl WWINUS
W. J. Bowser Sued Fnr Libel.
Vnncouver Province: Mr. V. V.
Wilde, K. ('. yestenluy instructed
liis solicitors Messrs. Duvis Mor-
shnll 1- Miit-Neilltoproi-i-isliigiiiiist
Mr. \V._.Uo\V8.*r,K.C.for alleged
slmuler iiiitl 11 suit for SHI.IHHI wns
The sttl.ject of tin-   sttil is con
Qoelhe's --Kausi."
Tin-visits..( lit.' lliiri.1.1 Xelson
lli'uinutii- i-oiiipuny liitvt- come to
In- eagerly aiiticipat-d here, oar
tlit'iitri' patrons Imving confidence
tlmt Mr. Nelson ninl his enterprising mnnnger, Mr. I'- I'. Wnlker.
will give   tlii-ni something n-iilly
iiu'i'iloriiius.   Tin- Noiso inpnny
.ulini in   certain chnrges   Hindu I is uimouii I  In return   here two
against Mr.   Wnilo  mi ThurBilny nights,i-oniineuciiig Oct   '-'I.   i'n
evening by Mr, Bowser in tb.- City  Siiliiriliiy uiglit  will 1»- presenteil
llnil.   In the course of n rnferm  th,- greut  religions piny 'Faust.*'
to Mr. Wilde, Mr. Bowser declnred There hnv,-   I»«-.-1. otlu-r iji-rfortU'
Ihnl In- (Mr.  Wail,-) wus 11 living in s ot Fimst iu Western Canada,
instance of political corruption in I Imt until this  Nelson  production, I
tin-  Vukon,   Mr.   Bowser  lidded '       ' '
ntlii-r statements of 11 nol very coin-
pliineutiiry character
A beautiful Iiti" "f Home*
spiins ami WorsUils for
Liuii.-' Tnilor Made Suits.
Sjitisfn.-tiuit _ 1 iraul 1
Rujm* un Xrm-lmu* lie.
On Weiliii'siiny, Oct, I'.i. nt th
chapel iu St. Kugono hospitnl, Miss
Pearl Fanning, of Belleville, Ont.,
10 ,1. K. Kennedy, of Crnnbrook.
Tho wciiding wns a quid one, only
11 b-w frit-in Is being present. Wulter
l'_lwui'<Isoilii-iiit'-d us besl 111:111. mul
Miss Ethel I'l-vi-ri-lli ns bridesninut.
The Herald congrntulntestlie happy
i-oupli'. Tin- luit!'- is :i charming
voting ludy "'id tlu-groom is well
'uml favorably known in this districl
where In- bus liv,*.I for u niiiiihi-r of
Mr. Wtiile wus not present til thn
iiu-i-ling, although Mr.Bowser looked around for him, mid aski-d thai
if In- were present lie should stand
up to show tin- audience whut 11
prosperous looking man In- is.
Tliis morning Mr. Wade got 11
I'm 1 what. Mr.  Bowser said, mnl
then took himself straightway to
tin- ollice of his solicitors. The
result was tin- annoiincenieiil thnt
suit hud bi-t-ii -oiiltiienciil.
Tht- following is 11 copy of 11  letter sent lo Mr. Bowser.
\V. .1. Bowser Kso.KC, Vancouver
•■Dear Sir. Acting under Instructions from Mr. F.C. Wilde, we
are today issuing and having served >■ !__!>■■ ynu 11 writ for ditlimgoB
for slander.
"As tin- stali'ini'iits mail., by you
last evening wen- sn emphatic ami
no doubt ilelihi-rati-. wc deemed it
mint--ossary to go through the
usual form of nskinu for nn npol*
Yours truly,
||Duvis, Marshall & McNeill."
■•I',.,- I), (i. M."
B. C. at SI. Louis.
Greenwood Times: A telegram
from 11. IL Monroe lo lln- Times
rends its follows- "Won on minerals i grand prizes, in gold medals.
:il silver medals antl 11 bronze
ineilals. out of lotal of S". entries,
llritisb Columbia is l>. K." In
the absence of fuller iiiformntion il
woulil appear from ilu- itlmve thnt
out of 11 total of H.'t competitions in
the mineral depnrtmeiit al tin- fair,
ui'iieritl anil special, tbis province
captured ~,i prizes, of which i
wen- grand prizes and -■"' gold
medals. In this connection we
desire to testify to tin- valuable
services Greenwood's repcrsentn*
tive. 11. B. Mnnroe. hits rendered
at the fair, judging from reports
we have bad from reliirneil visitors
uml front letters written us front
St. Louis.
Moreover let it be said llml
wh;le Mr. Monroe has generally
represented the province he litis
imt failed to keep the Bonndniyto
tin* front. We shnll h.* mistaken
if we do not Inter reap returns
from tin- missionary work .lone in
Sl. Louis by Mr. iMunroc.
mortal  .ln.11.11.
iiinke Ihis  a  not
startling in iis re
irtliy nf tic
Mr' Wnlker.  t,
ble presentation,
listii. spent much
money for scenery, costumes aii-l
electrical eiinipinent, and promises
1111 extriiordiniiry protrnynl. Sueh
si-eiies as lhe Inferno, willt its ruin
of lit,- und the beautiful Harden
scene, will eclipse anything in tl"-':
line of stage realism ever ntteinpted
ill the W.-si. Mr. N.-lsot, will In-
seen as Mephisto, mul wiil In- supported by u specially strong compnny of players, including Miss
llel'ein- Seotl ns Marguerite un.l
Mr. Clifford Lane Br. as Fanst.
Public Address.
Nexl   Mondny   evening in   Ilie
M..lu,.lisl    church    Rev,    S.   IJ.
Chown, ll.l... of Toronto, will de-
liver   llis   eolubnited  address   en-
tilled "Politics in  Canada as Tlu-y
Are ninl us They Ought to   Be."
lir.  Chown is nne of tlie  mosl
forcible uml eli.|.ielll spcnkerB iu j
Canada todny,  The Toronto -Holm I
snys of his address:    "It wus one|
ol'llie  sanest,  most  cloiilionl ami
convincing   nddn-ssoB   we    have
heard."   Tin- Methodists of Cm..-
brook nn- t.. be 1 griitulat.il in
Bi-curing so able it spenker. Admission ft.-. Collection iii aid of
Draying \a a Particular
Wc uml*." ilmi "ui' business,
Did you ever lii-iirany complaints
nbout  ni:.- work *    Wu  employ
the lnul 111,-11 - ,14 Iiiul   lo  do
tin* work. Tii**.-. tin-cnreful and
prompt. 'In - - ". ■ wi* please
the people.    V. IJ    irbusl-
lie-,-, ill,'1,  il   ■'"■   .•        '   ■ •    .'.,llk.*i*ll
it. U-citusi- we will - iti-t\ you.
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
Conservative Heetlog. ^^^
I'liire will be u meeting of the
Crnnbrook Conservative Association al my ollh-e. Monthly evening.
October i'.l. al .o'clock.
li. II. Thompson,
I'nliliial Notes.
If ih.* general election Bliould
happen 1" linn out even, the election in the Vnle Cnrilioo mul
Kootenny districts woulil be nlxnil
its hot as Cuiiaila ever saw. The
star speakers front Imth sides
woulil Hock into these districts uiul
tlu-re would l»* meetings nearly
every niglil in tlu- week as long as
the eumpnign lusted, if, however,
the l.ibei-nls win liy n safe majority
tin- campaign iu these districts wiil
In* devoid of anylhing in Iht- way
of excitement.
RE—sr-YOUR    _
.COUNTS in r
RREARS ? ? ? ? ?   •
If the rush of business I
prevents YOU finding
time to write up your
books, or having your
bills and accounts regularly rendered an J collected, apply to
i\ n. iin. !i;
Paint that Stays
We use lln- besl of material and mil' work always
gives satisfaction.
When ymi wunl painting
puper hanging, decorating
01 sign writing, see us
* -*'• ■» »*>■ ♦ ■*•**»' > IM* *•*■% >■» TIIIJ   ill AM'.l.nnk   llLl.'Al.li
i,>.V.!,r.^'i^>:-*"i ^.■^•■^.:_^..-tJ^*t.-*-'*-•-'-«-'"'■'•-»■■--■--■■------
3hob printing te an BrUt^t
The Herald Practices the art.     You can get only one kind of  |
Printing in this office.    That is the best. |
Slock Quotations.
Furuishetl In  Hii.1i*.  _   Flwell
brokers. Crnnbrook B C
W irS,*ri|i '   ■■'"
Mnr.li   SI it
I-,,, "ll-l'l
.-,  Btiip.ni Hi   Mm.'. tl
W.-I liiliilCiiiill    iiiiuiii,'
,    ' ||    4,      '   -     I      '       '-
I, ternitt nuoli'iwi iin.il ■•'"
1... |.*-,, i- ■ 11 '        '     I -  "
II,,11,1,1.! V .II-I "il I il» I'"    ' "■
|'     | 14 V i Jl l " I  I'"
Nnl,--     liiterilllti ll'i ml_ Coke
.Mm- Mil:! at '.  \\ I'slern i hi a
Coal i'til
Livery  3
Iiiin- mul diivers furnished for not
point in tin- tlistriet.
A. DOYLE, Manager.
| Dezall Brothers    |
I   Blacksmithsj
Horse Shoeing
W. Ii. Worden
f'ro/irfelorof the
City Transfer Co.
Drnyiiig of nil kinds given   prompt
I'i:  Moving ll Specialty.
niHcc.nl 0. P. Tisilnle's 'Phone on
Position Wanted.
First clnss, experienced lumberman st'i-ka I'ligngeiiieut us stii_.riu-
tendeiil with a large linn. I'higng
oil I'm* years iu Ilie lilliilier
imlusirv of . liniiesntn, Wisconsin,
Wiclligait,    ami    ICclitiii-ky,     Ibis
hud experic ■ in the ll.l'! lumber
tr.'iile iii l>uvin_ nml cruising.
Thorougbly iinilerstaiids logging
railroads ..ml nil np-lo-ilate appli*
unci's,    fliglu-sl iiossilili'i-i-fei-enceB
listoclliil-llcli-r. uliililv.niul Iin: inl
stiiniliiig.    Apply. II  K. W. lli-niltl
; Carriage Repairing and
; (icncral Jobbing....
Oul.ltlc Orders Proinplly .
', Attended to. I
Tramway Incorporation.
.. ilmi iln' iimlt-mlit I lm--
I I,.- m. -   l iii"i -'i'i Jil>
-nil   bj I In*   M.i.'iiii'
I:    t   Iiiiiiii.'-   lliu.-l   i.'ii.r. mli'.iii
nu   tun..- II ul.l.'.   ii.* ...ii..'.'.   lli.'  -.'
lllllll- Hlllllll. III,',,''.'   suit -   enst.   'I	
'Ililiniii*  niniil. llmiu"   -ll ili'ini-   in-'. In
■I I l-t-sliiiili.il, -m.lHii.l_K 'H" ""io-
ii,,! ■   I-     I i     s..|.l     J.  Ill   I.   I.
li.i-   l|.I.uii-
Ki.'iini  IIiiiIiiii - -ii    iiirili-r |iiinl '"lj" ..
in:  u  Harlow's  ii"- .'.u'ii.t. ilm -'.
Iini,,-innili. tlii'iio. sn ill -I   llii'ii"
-Oil.mu- -nnlii, tlii'iii'i- sit .limi,- m.i in
id I In-gtlililllg, pon.nlt.lnil iim j iinni' •  I,—    l.',.'iH'.l   --I'.    J.   UHU   >■•
-Int. M.i.in..'
Hi- Klletl  .ll<i:nii
olnltlH   Ami"-   llul"
Mill   liu-l   ll.l
...lll'l.    II I
unl Iiiiiiii ill Nnlii"   II.Iiiiiu -  ilnitii' Hi ''
111  i'lllllll.   liunl,.   llii'ii"..  -I. ,li,in-   in.I
,1-1 I.. | " III
t-i li,.«.   Illllllil'.
I  Kennedy-
si.|il Till, llllll
 r  |,0-1, -mull ol
|:    i   Sl_.l-il_-irl.i_il, iinn,.,'
su    .Iiinil-   -miiil.   Ili"li"" »ll   ili'iil's   i-n"'-
ilii'inn su .iini.,- nortli, Unmet- -.. -tit.li,-
,i,.-i I,. |ili I hi-ilnnlng, i-iuitti'nlnirlllll
ii.-l.'-mm rh-H    1.-' Is.-I'i   Tili.l'.liH.
b.vClllI-     11,'lilli."
Hurry   pnil'lsh's    -i*    "i'lli"!'    nilinllllnil
SO     I'lllllll-     ll'll'll''      '1     Sll      .'144,41,-      ,l„.,l
11,i-n,,-   sn i'liiliii-  - ll.  llnil".' sn i'lllllll,
.■u-i in liim.. ill beginning.  ilulnlug nu
,1,1,--liii.i rl"-.   I iiii.I s"|.t. Till.llllll
l.,v l'lui*. .II-IIiiii"
Syoopsll nf Rciullllom lol disposal nl Mln
crnls on Dominion Lands in -aitlluns
tin* Northwest territories nntl tlic lokun
C,,,l    emit I.m-l- unu In* iiiii'i'li.i-i'.u'l Mil .
It'll' Inl  -nil ril.ll 4,11.1  - 4>   I",    llllllll.ll'll"        Nnl
iiiin-tli.iii    '   4i.li'* run UeueO I   li>   nil"
llililnnl ..I   iiiiiil'iiiii.    t.-ootily nl  lln* nil
 -|li'l nm nt *.'.,i| i.l--linll 1	
lllli  lllllll    .__! "I'llll'lll  Il"lilllll4   In'"   lllllli'l  -
.'iiiiii'in*- iiiiii ttiit'iiiii'iiii- lorn 1111111111: loon
„-' |t-4,'.,l- t-4|C.-tUL,l| in". IIIH.1I |Hlj nl
iimli.i I -.. -i per tiiintiin f... un Iiluili
mil ll. in -nl" -u-i I"', .iiiiiiiin .".il i I'liny
111:111.11144 mil I
I'bc ,'i.u ui iiii v ninl uiiiiln niii'i-ii
ni. it I'.i'.ili'il iiilliin In li-- nl ;i mlulim
n,'"|.l.i-'. Hi"    .in- ..'I'lll nl 'lie iill.'-n-.l t-i
im* 11 iim
.it I., in
eX|U4llllCtl   ■
.   lm
l,.,i,i, i,4 l|,',. -Crib Sllil- ..inf* li «l tin'
I'm-*.  \.-l   I-n-  llnilli-ny.    I   rn  ". t.
.,..,,11,,-.     11,1,14,till I"4ll4l|'ll    .111.1     l''l"|'l....l"
uni... ii,n,i, nml itliitis I i r<* niu* Imnl.
ul'  lllgllWII.VH   it liiill   ill"   ill   Hi"  Ii I  lli"
ll- unv lllll'll.Inl I.. In< 1'iiill
Tlinm -nl i t ilm -ni.l iinnii-ni i-
-ii.-ii ii min iiiim ........ r liiml in Hi"..iii.-" "i
iiii'l:,,,.'!  in-iit.ni i-riinlir    nr .
nml iiitli ilm itniji.innul .Itiini si Hi-It fniii
I Imm Vlrlurlil. II.C.
II, hit Sliil'j-.vllln. II.I'.. llii-  Illli ilnr nf
lll'tlll.4'1.   Cnn
.iniin'- .loin.,
Illl Ii Fraili'ln,lilllli* Weeks.
III   Ul.l.M. I*   P.-EIIOI.O  P .OPIiRtV   IN
lii'iii m-l I..- ni' nlli'l'.".".-"..
."Iilll,    It'll      I l|ill|U*l4 Illl'lllllll    ll
.1 Ini I li" II I noli-, lll-l-ll rf.-.-.-. I
im Mitlr, ill ili..ll..i,'i'iuii.'i.l..lll".'.t iiuil.i'iinl:
-ll.'.l.   in   iln-  TillVll   nt   I'lnnlii'iililt.   ill   Illl"
I'rovlnrt'ill tlllti.lt I'liliitiiliin. mi tli"
-.'Illli DAV ol' oiTtlllKIt, nmi.
nl tin. Inuu nl I'd    li.i    I'. II. Mnrli.. tlm
I'lll..,'. II,t   |,l,,|
ollice Ci-iiiibi-ook.'B.  C. Hi  If.        I    Aim wil .otN'n.N nn. Dlu.k
NIiii-ir-ltn, cut. in iln* TniiiiofCrniibruok
A Welcome Vi.-itur.
W, \. iMcDoiiulil, K ('.. -if \"l
Mill. 11,'IS III loll II lln- ll'eeli nil lt-g
i.iisiness.  Mr. -lonoiinii] is "iiej;;,'™;1,,;
ol lln* best lawyers iu west.tii Cnn-  t.-.'.t: il„
niiu. iiml is nlso it  pri  of good 11 l.nlil I
fellows.    As  liliciaii   he  is a | wl.li«"
Conservnlive, luil nol of tin* -lolni
lloiisi.,,1 faction. Wliile living in
Manitoba  in* wns ;.  ciiiulidnlc fur
111"     I .Otltillioit    llOllSC   tl  'liilisl     the
lul.*  iiiili.ui   Mct'iirtliy,   Uiul    Ilie
ciiiupuigu wasa iiii-intii-iibh ■  in
I'u- liislorv ..I' ihnl province, In
I'rmil .'...'li Mr. McDonald lull
many   friends    ulm   un*    ulwnvi
pleilSt-ll   In  see liim.
Tlu- Nominees,
'I'll" ino"-in liriiish Colum.
bin nre:,-'.I'i,11, nis:
Como- Ailin. W. Sloan, I.ii,, nil.
Nui.iiimo, Kuljili Smilh. I,il,,.ra|;
• I. I'rili-linnl. Iiipepenili'iii
Victoria. (l4',4, Uii,.,.. Ul„.,„|.
lion,   K,  II.   I'l'inr.  Coiiserviilive:
• I  C. \\..... r-s. liitli-peiitleitl
Vl '.mi'l'.   11    (I.   Miii-plierson.
I.ilieral: 11. 11 KHis. Ctinserviilivc:
•I   T, Mortimer. Iiiilepeiideiit,
ICooteiiuy, W. II, liullihi'i'. Lib.
■ til: i' II .Mni-kiulosli, Conservn.
liu-; K, Mills. liitlcpcudoHl
Vnlo-Cii.il  I.iiiieiiu Boss, Lib.
ei'iil: M   Burrill. Cnnst-rvntive.
\i'w\V,siiniiisi"i'..l B. Kennedy,
Lilieriil:.!' I).Tnylor.Conservnlive,
Nelson Brewers Combine,
Nelson N'ev.s: Onn ,,f th, |„r.
gesl lui-iiiii'ss mni I'l-iili-stiile ilenls
I'l-i-r cin-rii-il mil in lliis ,-iiv Kll-.
closi-d yi-at.-r.liir ufteriiooii in the
office nl W. A.'Mnctloiiiiltl,    K.  ('.
Tl." trustees of il state of lh"
Int" IMiVisleivr mul .T.R.Rowley,
transferred in n compiny to l»* iii-
eorporuii'il tvhich will be known us
Ilu- Xelson Brewing com] mny, limited, lln- complete brewing establishment mi Latimer street in lliis
city known ns ilu- Reister llrewery.
The consideration for ilu- deul 'is
snid In hnve I,,.,.,i in ih,. ni-ighlior.
hood ofs:i ..unu.
Tli" new company has nlso tnken
over iln. W.i;,,sn,tl brewery in
Bogustown uml uill operate bolli
The vendors iverc-represonlcd in
the den] bv I). McArlhur. C. lien,
son anil Ail. A. II I'l,,,,,.,,ts. „ iH,
IV.A. iMiiciloiiulil us Hi-ir legal ...I-
Hsor. I'. L Wilson reprcsentifl
tlu* piirclinsei-s.
lllll   il   -lll'l   1011*11 I'l'tli.li'l'i'il
iii  Hm I.iiii.I  lb-dint rj   'Mil u  Nelson ii»
-V i llllll .- li i.-l, i-   In I.-l  I.l...if I.
n> l.illnii.     I'i i'iiiii  ill   ilu* .nullum.t
.   -ni'i  I,.,i   Mu.'  ill):   I Iimii.- ».'.i
lllllilll Ilm -mill  liunl   ni Hlllll lul  lurt.v-llvi-
,,.,.!. ill,4 ii..nli   j.iiinlli'l   lu  ll n-l liniil
ll  liiuu   ul  -ni.l   I..1   liu't.v-llvi- 1,4't
—   1..   II    Iiinil nl -uitl   Inn
ins ilm .niil Mini  Iimii  i'""ini  I
.- in iln-uh 4,1 I,,-,i,i,ii,-,
I ...IMS:
.'.',,1      441      Illl'      ,I||_-||II_>     |'l""      lull
-III I-nil'. I ll" lllll ' I'lll
"..I""' lonsol stile tippl,, 111
11 - !' (llllll).
ill" MnrlguglH*. Illl kcl'8l reel.
i'iiii.brook, ll.l
Timber Notice
I'ni.." iii.i'tlini ::ii,1,1.1- ulini' ,ln1,.  I   in.
nil In n|i|il.v Ii, III,* Cliinl Colli tolHslnoer ul
uml-nml 11 tut,- I..I'11 spcellil llfl-IIBn I., i'lll
lllld enrry nwny   lillilii'l' Iiuiii   Ilm following
described hinds III .'-..nil, Kn-l K uv.
luliiti 1114-   111    11   imiiil   Him Ull  "Alt--.
II.iftiitt'. .S41111I1 IJ.1-1 t'litlii'r," Iilillllnil nil llic
iv.*. 1 lii tint aul. iiiiiii,  iiiiiI nliuiil
onn iiiiii. nimll, ol ilu- 11..11I1 im.1 11,1 r ul
ih"-'ml Ini. 1 li™." m-i sn iiiiiin.. 11 c
mulli in iluiiim. III. lien nuilli "il.I.'ill Inl
lowlug the luiliknf Ilm Klk Hirer llin iiiiiin.
iiuiii-ur In—  111 11  imiiil  iii tlm |.iniiin linn
 ilnmly ill llin nnlii »n«l llun ulmilil Int lllll,
■Mi 11111111. from tin- north tvrsl cornor ul llin
.m.I I..1. II in .unlil  l.'ltl iiluili-Inllm |.ln.'.'
I..14'.41, ,1 Ilm llml ilu, ul S„, nl,,,,     mnl
J7 .'.1 I  .llnlli,11
Land  Notice.
S III  illl.vnillfl'illlln Hi. |„,v  41414-1,11	
i|>,iiv in tin- t Iiii-l I'oiiuu'-.ii.iii.i- uf Und.
iiii.I Works1„ ,,11,,-liu,,. tlm |„n„. lugiiMeril.
4"l liunl. 111 s,,11111 Iinni KntitMinj':-
I'-iinii iim ut 11 liu-l |ilintl|..l.il Ilm iiurlli
insl iiiiiiii ul II. T   Arnolil'i pre-emption,
tlml -Ili-luiin. Mi.t.t Iii-lu niu iiuiii,-.um I,,
thenee   ill)   eluiill.   ivnnt.   llmni'-.   Ill i-liiuii.
11.iilli ulniig II. T, Arnold's lim- lu  pin ,1
I I September Uilh, A. It. IIIIII.
-T-*.,! Ilolicrl t lurk.
Coal and Petroleum Notices.
Notireln licrcliy'given tlin fiitlerltltirlj-iIuTn
I Intend in nppl.v In llturlilcfcointnl-fllanDrnl
Iiiiii].   mnl   work,   nml tl ..Limit com*
mlssloner nl Innil- mul works Inr Snutli ]■:,,.!
Kinili'iui.v. ll.l .. fur n li mn lo prospect Inr
"inil mnl pelrtilettm nil ll,i'l,,ll,,ii,,,= ,l,.,,ii|„,|
liunl*. .ilnii'i'il in (ItnS.l*;. corner uf Itrltlsh
f'liliunljiii nml iiliinit 11 inllen sotltlt nl
Crows Nesl  mul itl„,„,  II miles mul,ol tlio
IMMI I nilarj-ul llloek l.',miu,id mi lilock
•lilllli nr Mli li"!   creek.   Clins.  Slcdnire,
Auui'- I: ulini .   I* ...   imr. mulli  ul .nui
niljniiiliig.Ieorge Mwatrgnrl's iiiiiin. llienee
sit  iiiiiu..   .imili.   II    Sll  iluliil.   nn.l.
tlml  Sll   i-liiiin.  linltli.   Ihenee Sll   eliHllin
In I
N.ui.,.  i- Imrnlij' itivnn tlllll   utter thirty
,l:,t-   I   llltelllt   In  ii|i|il.v   tn tl Iiii'l "i'lll
llli.,1 - nl Inn.l* un.l   nnlii-   nml  <" 111"
dnplltj' i-oiiillli.siiili i nf liunl- uiul ""I'll- (ul
S.l'..  kn.ilnlinv. It"     It.r  n  li.'.'i,-*t..|.i'.i-
pect lm- nnil ntnl pel rule! m I In* following
ilr-nrili.-il laiulsslluillcd ill tlm nonllicnnlcrn
,1,,,'lllUI III lll'lll-ll   Cllllll    nliuiil L'stllilr.-
nitnlli ,-f fn. -y» Nnst ntnl ttlioul one mile enst
of the -JH tniln |...-i mi ilm nnrvej* Iin- lietween II 1-   liiSU .ni'i   Uiilil nnil   un Ilm
Inllei*Muck. I.iietllcil Sept, Illli, Innl, liy
Clins. Slctlttlie,
Jlllilretl sii.'.'/,".«'i' n
tliem-ti sn elinins nolllli,
tlmn-e-1 cliulns north, Uiul  sn i'liiiiiin nn.
tuplu I licgiitning luing ulmiit ii.*
nm.. I,,„',il...ls.-|.l.'.'ili.l'''nl.l'.i t'l.tl" Jli
lUlllll .'111111111141   tl'ltll     lllllt'l      II'   llllll'llll'lll-      1,111-
.-tiii.t'ilii' liunl nt .l.iHiiui iicre,
I'.i inl-l > In* nt ui .'.I in i In* Mini-lrr ul
ilm I nu. Hi Incite .lulu- In 4i inm uml
nrn'o...xte-dli .insert-.. "' '
r.,r the on. inci'il nl niniltyiil tlio rule.it 2 , i;;
..■ii nl I'liiiliii't ul Hidluciitlini.
I'll ,■   M -     tliiinli.In. nml III"  V   w.   I'.
"vift'tii.-'lli.' \iiKoii I'm ill i it v     I lii.i'i' imnilii
.•in 4t"ii"inllv ur,- lim reel sipmrc; "1111,4   tec,
-:. ii'in-iviililt'. vt'lillv. on Um Nmtli Stskltl-
"Invvnn nnl "liiuu-nl' Imr Inn nl In-nih. lit"
tm i-i.-.ii- mi lent on,-: iiiiiI etiteuiUnii 	
tvvi'.'ti lugli mill 1..W niunr iiiiirlt.    Tlic 1st et in
.1 -Imt  ihiiiiliu..  lint CM.'liil- liiicli  tn III"
l.n. lm liiil ui- l.iuili. l.nl imt i'\" tin". Llii'ii
fe« tvlile ii'iuy he nlitnliiell.
I.l,*il4iiii4i liiil mis nf   Ml lira nml tlie
\ w. I.. execution Uie \iiKini ferritin*) — A
iii'.'iiiiiii'i iiiiii .iiiiuiii niily iiiii len-"- nl Ho-
niili*. ".it'll hit n lenil nf livi-lili   l"in*-. ti'lmvv-
nble In tliu dlsereUon nt lite Minister nt ilm In-
'Ibe I'-s-oe's rliiliU, conllnoil In lln- subtiiem
mi Iii-i ur bu- n' tin* iiv.-r bcliiiv Imt tvtitcl
inir . nml-iitij'ii in tlm rights "J nil I'l'r-nii,
ulm li.ttt-, ur mi" unu  i ive entries Int but
l cornerpo.l,
,.r  pnst  n.liniiiiii
lillirn Mill'.- ii
Mildred s,it"...y'.
ellilins nnst' llienee so chtllnsniirt.il, thence
Hll chnlns ivi'.l  in plncn ol beginning, con-
liiiiiiiit.mil in..   I nleil Sept   lltl., Hml.
by chns. Ntclliilm.
lii.niiml'in.l'.. il   eumer nil|i>llilln: Klhrl
.Mill'., n.ii. ...ii I  -i> .Imiii -III.
thenee Hll chnlnn eusl, Iheitccfillehnlils soulb,
tlmt .i. m iiniili. in-i iii iiiiue 1.1 beginning
cnliliiiliil',   lii'i hit".      I nleil Sept.   lull.
llml, liy ('litis   M.'iliiii"
lllll.-.Soil'ss,-. ni'i' pnst  iitljiiiniiiL' tleu.
Lnj-d'ss.tr.curlier, thence Hll elinlim uorlh,
llii'lmc S.I iliiiitlH nesl -I lleln-e su "Iniin. H-lllll,
thnncc Hll ellilins eusl I .rn ..f b..giuulug.
rnnlninilifi tiiu lu-res. I.u.-iite.l Sept. tub.
I lllll, by Chits. Melltll.e.
Mny Mnn ill's ti.e eor ' nnrlli  id nntl ittl-
Inllllng llllie Self', i-btlm, tlmtieu Sll i-luiin-
-IKltll, ll I'SII eluiiiiH tti'.t. Ilieilie Hit eliiiiii-
liotlli.  Ihenee   sn   elmius   Ml.I   In  pi I
beginning, iniitniiiiiig Iilll neces. I.nenletl
Sepl.tlth. I'.iul. by Clin.. M. iliili'i'.
Iiniini.I X. .Il.'liivi-li'.   n.ii 1'iier post
iitljnlnlng Mnv Miiiiiii- n.e. corner, thence
su chillis Kiuiili. ill " sii  elmius enst,
llmlmn Sll i'liiliii. norlh. thenee Ml eliuiiis unsl
Iii plnco ol beginning, , mining r, In imm..
I Inl Sept, lull. Cl'il. by I'Iiiih.   Mi'Ciiiie.
Klin Meltiiire'n H.it corner adjoining Unit-
ulii Mi'lnii-li's ii.iv ruer, ihencii Hn ehuins
uorlh. llience Hi) chnlns -est. llieneeHtlrliiilus
-until,  tlm. sn  I'liuitiH ensl to [.liu f
beginning, ennlii'iillig lllll ncres. LuciiImI
Sept. Ilili, lnul. by Clins. M,
lieu Kiolt's ..iv. corner posl niljniiiliig
lii.niilil M.'l'uvi.li- n-iv it,nmi. Ihenee sn
I'luiiiiH nnrlli.  llll'lli'i' sn elmius ensl, llienee
SU  I'llllillH   .until,   tl "   811   "IlllillH   nt'.-t    In
pliiii. ut beginning 'uni lining niu ncres.
..Ill itleilSepl. tllli. Ihnl. hv  Ilm.. .MC.itlre.
Wcnley .Miirtln'nn.e ri.ru>!* ensl nt llllll nil
joining U   Mill'. 'I.iiiii ilmimi' .-a   I.-l",-
.initli, Iheltcn su .luiit,. n,..,. thence sn
ehuins norlh, llienee sn ehnius ensl In plnee
of licglnning, eonliilniug uiu ncres,  I nicd
Sept. Dili, lnul. by I Iin. AIMniiii-.
line. Mitrlin's n.e, cornet-, tlieneo sn elinins
..uitli. tlmt stl .Iiuiii. nn.i, I hence Kfl clinlne
iinttli. lliMiif Mi iiiiiin. in.-, to plnce in be-
Bliiidii.,  " nliilim  mn ncres,    Limuicd
Hl'|,_l»ll, ll'nl. by Uiu-  Milluii"
I'liiuk Hubert- » e.  -ner posl  ildjolnliig
ll'es. iinnii,. ,,,,. corncc, ilii'in.'sn elmlns
nnrlli,  Ihenee  su   ehulus  tvest, tliencn   su
• ■lllllll-  -illilll,   llll'llin SII  i'liiliii,  .m-i in th,.
liliu f beginning, eonlnittltig 11 Hi  ncres.
1 i I Kept, tllh, Hint  In rim*. Meliuire,
lllin'cl   McAltce's -ti.   corner   lldjnlulim
I'liiuk llnbeil. ..e. ■ •. line"., so i.|iii|,ih
.imili. tlu e su iiiiiin. ,iu.i. thenee siielmlns
hoiiiIi. Iheltcn su elmlns ivchI In pluee nl
licglhtiillg, ennt lining 11-10 ncres. I.ni'iiteil
Sc|.i. mli. Hml. by I'l,,is. Metlnlre.
II..lll'll    II.   I.IIHSUII-   li. - ',„,-!    ,,,].
joining nnd ttoi-lti of Pmnk llul ts* elnlm,
thence sn ehuins snulh, thence su elmlns
west, thenee un chnlns nnrtli. theceo su
"liuiiiH eiiHt tn plnce nl beginning, contninliig
(lltl iii'-ch, l.oenleil Sept. Ulli. Hliil. by
.'linn. MM iuh...
bin  Mi'l'iuii's n vv. enrner pn'il uiljiiing II.
II.   -'nssott- lie.  'tier, Him  Hll chnlns
-nutli, tlmine su elmlns en.I. IIminvsii eimins
 th, tlieneo Hll elinins wesl lu uhu I be*
gintiit'ir.    milling   lil '_.h.     I.neilei]
i.pt. lull. Illl ..byOliin. Milliiiie.
TlinuiiiH I. .luspec's s.e. ,-urtier  pust nil-
joiningIdn MeC.In-s n iv. rorner, tl  hii
lutiiiH iinrli-ilmini. su ehtiins ties!, thetiee
Ul clltllll, suutli. I'licnce HU .Iiuiii. enst to
plnee ,,f beginning, cnitlnliilng nln ncres.
I.oenled Mt-pl Illli, llllll, by t:li,in. Meflnirn.
Mnudn Martin's s. it-, corner niljultilng Titos,
I'. .liiHper'H .....   .-orner. Ilieimn  su   ehiiiiiB
norlh, Ihcncn su chains ensl, thetiee B[.,-I,i,lns
ll. tin Hit iliiiiliH Heel  tu pi, , bn-
ginnlug,  eonlitfliitlK nm   tu-n's      l.ui'ii'i.ii
. '.Mil   lltltl, b.v I.'Iiiih, .Ililiniii-. IIH :,|
liretlg'tmln the Vukon Terrllnry,   si\ lease,
nt live inile- eni'li muy In' grantetl In ;i iree
iniiii'i fm ii imiii iif iiiMitj j4*iii*. iii-n renew-
Tlifl lessee's rlnItt Is ennmieii tu the sultmei-R-
nillii'il .ir Imr- i- lie iiv r lieluiv luiv tvtltei
iiiiiiii. uml liuiiiitiiiry in tn- llxeil by ii- posttlnti
mi Hm I-. ilm "I .\u-ii-l iu the vent uf ill" ilule
nt tlm louse.
ll.e In--".' -hull lui V'- Ml" ilieil''!* ill i>|inr;ill<ili
nltlijii In., it'iit-Iinni Ilm tint" nf Hm ll'll-". iiml
..nml i:i'tin "imli live mil", iiilliin six y -
tliun -iii'Ii ilnli'.    liMlliil, -I ,. li.'i mil" Inl' 111 -I
vein. iiiiiI -Iii |ii'i' mile f.ir eiii-b -nil- tent yeur.
mon,i> miiiic it. i-bircr mining
1-linei Minim: In tlm I ulini 1'Ml'iliitv. Creek,
iiul.'h. iliM unit hit, i luhii--linll mil i-vei-eil j:.-'
[.i'l in  li-initli -ilieil  Ml  Hi"  tins.-  lui"  in
t-t'lll-llll    llil'.'tli'.ll   ul  Ilu-  i'i"" '  linl'li.   Ul"
vvtilth lii'lim llinu I inntii 2,000 feel. -Ill ultn't
liliu nt "1 1- -hull I"' J.*'' li-et -t|ti UC.
• Iiuiii-nt" iiiniknl lu Inn li'iinl |i"-ls  Ml '  ill
eneli "int. ti.'iuiim I."-     liiitiy imi-t  1 I*
till I in Iiiii U'li ilu,-. ll II Illilll I- wlllllll
len mil'-nl minim: r il--r- ..lli.-,*.   onei'Miii
ilny n Inivoil fur eneh ititilillmitt len lubes er
Ilm ici'-iiii nr eiiinl'iilit sln.iii. 4i "Iiuiii  iiin-l
Tlie I
pii rt:
consists ,it'l44,4. 1,.*>'4i [ei't altntto Iter, mi tin I
iniinf nlil.' .iilli -hull In* ehnrgetl, Ilu
"■-mi Hi" i'liny imui .Iniin-Mily.
I nm le" -lu-    l:..y.illvilt tlm lute ul tn.. am
i.llt'lll'lf cm ".ml li" mt I III"  inii'l   -lll|t
l-isl ll lh" Vukon leiiiliiryti.be luiitl In Iiii
i ptroller.
il ul mint
nleil. mil Ilie
miner initi lmlil
II llngl e* nml  uiiyinil lee uf s*.    A cli
 V lm tiiui.l n -il. nml niinlmi' ulltll I nil II e
-.line I'let'k. itnli-li ur I'U M. Hy {til lie- Uutl llul
luiyhig a tec.
w "t It mii-l In-ihu  ii clulm "ii.'li yeur In
the vnlue ul nt least S*:isi.
A ." tlin Hml IViirk lm-I II llntIO tllllSt lie
iiii iiini"l iM'li li'lll': it m.I. Um "Iiiiiii -Illill In.l.'Mimiltn lit'iii'iiimliini'.l.iiiiit iiiimi liiiici-lunitluii
innl cnliy hy ulrt't* mliiei.
I'm' imliu'ie-utii "liiuu niiiy beiiollneil uh
Slllllll'll   III'   IlllVillllll  -illll'l   I.Illlll'illlll llllllll- 'i
notices uilh" \ iiiiiiii oiilMiil liu/elt".
l-elrnleinu.   All    ,n 11n-ini*i. .i.-.l   I .,.i..u
I.i.ll.I- ..hn, lh"  Noriliwesl Territories
mnl   iiilliin lln* liii.iiii T.'i'illnry nln iipi-li hi
llinyr lehii illl i'liliililliilliu i puny luli-
UIH mnohlliery mi tim luni In he pro-iiei'teil, un
i an
in lie oil vv
iiii ll-111.1) l.e .1"! I. inil In'  -olil  Iii III
-I'liinri'l' ul Ilie I'lUL'M si.ihi an imi". -Uhli'i
rnyttlly nl such rule in muy lm -|nrilirtl liy
lietmlvnltlm Minister nr Ilie Int.
imiii, Interior,
Notice of Application lor Incnrpnratiun.
Nnl i.t'i. Iieinby Uiven thut lifter nn lilllli
fr  the ib illlle II I'.l    mUim i i,,n bernul
■ ppllen.l.m will he mnil  Ills Honour the
l.ieillMiiuil-lli'i'M'  in I 'i illliill fur iui<nrpnr<
iiiimi n. ti "iiv  mitiilelpnlllj    ler Hii >
ptirnln iiniini nl Cranbrook, ol Hu- iintucnr*
|i.4n,I,"i bienllly luenleil lu Ilm I'rovl ul
llrlt-ih Uohiinbin, described tin tallows:
('iiiuineni'iiig nt ii pnin, in Int Itt'Mily-uiiii'
1*111) (Jriilip nue.   Ki.nlennv   .lii-ln. I. in the
I-inii f llrlilsh  I'liliiinlibi,   "lii'i"   Hm
nu. 111.-li.v liiml uf Hi.,,,1,1.1 reel iih .bullll mi
n  pliui tyleil in lim I I   reglslry ..111"
Ni'l-.ui, llriiisli C.J.mil.iii n. iiinni,,.r .iy
lllindreil nml .ivlj-liilie (11011) lil'uilimi'il.
.Hike. Hm southerly limit nf Hm righl nl
nny nf Hm liiui. Nn-t 1'iiBB ni'livny ns Ihc
.niil iiiiiu nf uny i--Iiiiiiii iiii tin* -Iliil plllll
Iiuiiiii'I' Iiiitl. I Iii-lu.. .niuliivi'Hti-rly iiltui*t Hm
-niil proiliiclloti in ilm northerly limit nf
llnrohl street und nluiig thu Biibl northerly
Iiinil uf If.itnlil Blreel lo Hm Intersection nt
snld northerly Iiinil nl llnrohl nlm-i wil
th" eii.terl.i* limit uf [.iitii.ilnn nvetiun us
shown mi snid plun iiiitl. thonco southerly
nlong the snld oiistei'ly line nl mini l.iiinedon
avenue in it. Inlersccllon with tin- northerly
Iiinil nf IJilivnii] slreol ii..liuivnuii suid plun.
then i.telly nlong  the  snid   northerly
limit nl-niil I'Jilivuril slreol tolls Intersection
with the enBlerly limit ul NnrclBBe avci us
hIiiih n uu plun lUllliI fi Inl iii .niil lunil regis*
IfVOlllie  nil Hm _*tllii|  .viif.lnl rj*. IIUII.
Ibi'ime Hiiutlierly ii'inut tlm enslerly limit of
suiil Niui'i.Hi'nvi'liii" ii. hIiuwii  nu  . nill plllll
.itiil in iis Intersection with tbo southerly
Iimii nf Kuin Btreel as shown oil snid plan
iiiiii. thence westerly along Hm southerly
mlr. of  Knln street ns bIioivii on Btlhl plun
ifiOtl mul un pli umber lilitle. nml llllllll
fylotl In snld Iiiiii) registry olil . io the Inter*
sctlon ol .niil  Knln street  -Ith tho north-
•i-.l.-rly liniil  .,1 Vnll* Ilorne  street, 11 ee
nrthenstiicly nlong Hm itorlliii'iiHterly limit
f Villi Home Blreel til Hie poilll uf eiilll-
11 III i'llll'lll.
llnteil Ihi- Isi "4,4 .,1 imi,,her. A.l>. llllll.
i bm. T. lingers,
W. P. tliinl.
sll. .1  A. Iliirv.y.
Furnishes a class of news that cannot be
found in the best metropolitan daily or weekly published. It is a weekly record of those
events with which you are associated. It
tells of the homo, the ranch, the individual,
the industries that are making fame and fortune for South East Kootenay, the sports of
the mountain and the valley. It tells of all
that combines to make the mountain homes
of British Columbians so attractive, and why
people are anxious to return when absent
on pleasure or business.
is not only a joy and a source of information
to your own home, but it is a weekly letter to
relatives in the old home back east. Western news is always of interest tothe old folks
at home. No young man living in South East
Kootenay should fail to send the home paper
to those he has left behind. The father, the
mother, the brother or sister, will soon watch
for it with anxiety, because it tells the news
of the country where the boy is living.
is the home paper of the district. It covers
the news field, it pictures from week to week
the life in the west, it tells of the resources of
South East Kootenay, the richest district in
resources in the Dominion. It is a paper that
will give pleasure to you and to the old folks
at home. You should subscribe for it now
for yourself, and you should send a copy
back east.
The Subscription (1*7 AA a Vaop
is only...-^^ *P£.IJU d   I tcU
You can afford it. You often spend $2.00
foolishly and don't miss it. Try this year
spending $4.00 for THE HERALD, one copy
for you, one copy for the good old folks at
home. Try it for one year. You will never
regret it.
$2.oo A YEAR I
_______ TUK   CRAUBHOOK    Ii I:I: M.I)
UH. B. K."
nls l',,r (Yinl I; lor Tin* IIii.Is.iii llnv Knitting
tV--_ivll.nl lii)""!'
■II   |:   K '  I',ni,. Mills uiul lib .us.    -II. It. K." l_-.-itl.or
l„„| Cnnl ,   I'niiK.       II   I!   IC."   Wool   llversoi-ks  .-llltl
Mills.   "II j: K." Wnoh-ii I'liilcrwcnr.   The "H. B. K."
Ilili Shirt, etc . etc.  (il. in .il our window    re.-nl tilnml
ilu* "Strnyisi i'iiilo."
sweapons "Stove Time
I™!;:  Is H*ztc\33
We t-lill ., lliii". M.iiiil.s uiul Skirls ill Ilu* evlrenielv
m.I,.I ni liiitl  Ilei
* *
Z All the World Loves.... m
9 ==- ===  |
9 \ l,')\ in; rn-' ciii-i-'i'.i-: oiii ilml i • si'i-:i'i.\i, <•>
A  (I.T   H   I'.l.I.Ml stun,llinu:   llml   villi   lippi.ll   to   llis  "mul   B
■^   I-,  i
IT'S .11 sT i'i.l-'l'i:i:   lilcntliHl bi. llml Um cii|i you
j* nil," tor l.roiikfnsl will luinu |ilt'iiannl ies ol' ollu-r ilnys
9  yi Inn roll!' iiii'llu-r ii-.*. 1 1" ii" sueh wt ..i.l,-. illi conking.
* 'Till.  lee Ims luni II cnn.l Sill.' ;it ."ilie pel-   III..   I.llt    Wt'
'kjjr  miiiii il In 1.".un* l.'uil.'l'iiiiiI ns |i.i|.iiliir:is,,ur II. T. K. THA.   A,
9 li t i; i'iiti* i:I*:, i i.ii TINS  I0c ♦
*p (i T i; cni-'i-'Ki*:. -i.ii .tins  7_c tA,
*\ln     T     DOriPDC    fancy and Staple       2
jvl.    I .    K.V/vlII. IS..-', (iroccrie-and CriKkery X
Y Cranbrook, 15. C. 2
5< Agent lor Ihe Canada Currl-ite Co.. Brockvllte, ond the -_lrd.il- Co., Wlnnlpti  V
Bull kiver Tails Power and Light Company Shares
Capital l.llim.'liin Shares oi pur value uf SI IHI each
Const ruction wurk is 1 u ■ i 11 _.■ pushed mpi.lt>' townnls completion
nml is Ill-inn tliiin- in :i llioi*ou*»li :iiul substantial uiilliticr, nntl
when finished it promises lo lie lln- most up-to-ilnto power
producer in Cumin. Their Hume will drain Iwo miles of Hull
liiver uiul n siilisiilnry eoui|):iiiy Ims lieen formed lo operntc
this portion of the work,    ll i-i estiiunletl Hint snlfieient yel-
l,,w lul will l.e procured from ilu- dry bed of tin- river to
pny I'm' the cosl of ilu- power plnnl severnl limes over. Tiiere
is nlso formed n subsidury lownsite coiiipnny lo look nfter
their inter.'sis in Ihis connection, ntnl on nccounl of the Illill-
int,-.-inil oilier rcsoui s in ils iinnii'tliiitii pi-oximity, consi.ler-
iilile ueliiiiv is niiticipntctl in Ihistlepnrtiueiit.
Witli  eneh share nl stock   purchased  in  tin-  Hull
liiver Fulls Power nud l.iL-lil Compnny is given ns n bonus:
I lue sh.-uv iu Ilu- Subsiding  Miiiin. l'oiii|iniiy ntnl  one  share
in tin- Townsite Conipnny.
1 Potatoes ! Potatoes 1
i     —   ^—_—_—s1
® •—»—•—■_■—■—i—• i
_l_ -ig
§i Wc expect lo unload  3 CARS   within  tho  nexl £g
j^j ten days.    Oct  our quotations belore buying  your SS;
jjji winter supply, **
g£   -C
I       HARRIS BROTHERS      1
*-. *
Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
.-* -i ,-O'III.N ** ..* .*
Watch That Basket
Tlml I-iii-i u I.ui wc nre lining W'e .in innkiiiuii spoeinlly of the job*
I,,,,, n.i.i, in Plumbing .-niil Sl.ci-l Metal Work. We lire milking :t
,-H,■,', -'. ,.| ii. i len ltn.lt Llinu. (i.n iilinle :ili.ulli.ni is Lsiv.'ii up In
,l,is | I iif work!   Therefore, no cnu nivo vou beltersatisfaction thnn
,1 „,. „,i,- nn i,|„,,l with Imli ;i il" eu ilitVi'i.-iil li    Tlml look, nns
mini tie, .Innl il     See us
■ -> _ -i**>i, vi 11 * l.n. \*_L      i-n iiiiivti. iniiivii. mini iMianJ
PA 11 U)Kl: I5K0.S.,       vkntiutinii BNOINBIiltS
An Mn:uiu* Feature I* (Iur
Tlun « iirrn .!..-.■ i )■  i.''
*ci\ Inw i _ I,, 11.-H
In rwfi.is wt- '-'I- -    .t	
-| til     lllllll. .-IIICI,Is       I,,     1,11,1. \S       II-
wij llAHU VINw .1*   im   ii i'unl   >lmi    < -.1...
Cranhrook Cottage Hospital,
Cui441 Armstrong avonnonml U-winSi.
l.ll' lllll  |..l,lli 1,1.4 4- .,|i|,ll   I,,
n.ss Moss, - Matron,
lilll.lllilli- nf  S|.   l.ul,"'- ll™,illill, Villi-
I'liuyi'i. I:. 1'.
Teacher of pianoforte and organ.
For terms, etc. apply between hours
ol three and live o'clock on Wednesday and Friday at residence ol
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
New Place
WE     Iiuvi
HAVE i""'
THE   '''•»
l.-i V
i tvi-il .mi'-iii.iii, In il.u
.1 II ' ui Ilm  lititliltirli-s
int.-,..I -ile,.1.1 niu,',.. Wo
-iii'ii iiiiti mi. i it,>
-iliico ii'ii ri'illlmitl l ■
uf lltl ll|>   In  ibltu   url   mil-
uiul linvo liitiillliits lm* iln-
lniti>i.'iit,ilni' work "'innl in
in tumuli.    I'lnlnii-, 44,4,1 |.l,'
Prest Photo Co.
Picked Up Abi_ui~Ihe^City  by Asking
Questions ol Many  People.
liorn.lt. Mr. nml .Mrs. Devere
ltiiur. October 10th., :i trirl.
See us befnre buying thnt stove,
It will pny you,     I'ntniore Bros.
]■'. -I. b.iripdinrson lcnves tomorrow for his liuiiii' in lhe ensl.
For something you ivntil see The
.M:t .Hindi Furniture Compuny,
11. I.. Stephens, "l Morrissey,
wus :t Crnnbrook visitor todny.
Snle 1.1' Mamies uiul skirls ;il
liei.l A* Co.'s
Miss linileilu'e wiiii in Morrissey
Monthly on 11 week's visit wiih Mrs.
.1, A. (iillis.
See liei.l & Co.'s chenp  umntles
ninl skirls
Mr ninl Mrs Keith reliirneil
Insl Fridny front their \v<-liliih. trip
1.1 the const,
Furnished house Inr rent, four
rooms.      Apply    i"    Arnold    A
W. A. (iiillilier Iiiiii 11 large un.l
stiivossl'iil nieeliiig ui Feniie lust
Thursday evening.
Hue llliivl nil' 1,'l.lii'S slock nl
lloid 1. Co.'s Ihi, week.
The    l-'.lk   liiver   Millllll'neturiim
First Class Boarding Establishment
Apply to
11,"inl.   W.i.li.-  ItitiKK, I'ltitlu- l-t'U.I *—*;■"*--;,■* ■-"———» —
444,'-     ;ll ,|     ,,, l,.-r     |  l_,_||g    tllll.l'-    I",
'" iiii'ii.b.riiuiilii j
j   You cannot  allord  to  let  your
1X1.    jf.    C-ttC,      ,.  house  get  chilly.     Neither  can
j  you alio, d to overlook our stock
I of HEATERS.    We  have lhe
  largest asset .lent ever brought
to C.anbi'oo'c.
Iti'i'i llii'ii   In  11,1
tlmt, \.-i l*.i- lu
W   III IIKINk III* Mil  UlllklN-V   I	
s —— 1
»   Tlllll  islhe,|iiesli..li.   M,
.'iinni 111 outing nt* tiriiik-
t: i- lh" |iii.|ier lhiii_.   A
K..r wile. :i purr,it ilml -till mil,. I     Wmiled, ngi__l, a.imrt Imy, Ap
Vpplynl 11. I'. Tisilnle's j ply lo C. I'. II. 1 so.
A. U-ilcli returned 1  yester- The  W.   IS. Nobles'  liouse wns
luy from Onk Lnkf, Mnn.    He wns sold   t..   Mr,  McKmiaiu und   the
iccompniii-d l.j .lm.  In-other Mill* Munitnbn liotel  properly wus sold
•olltl. to   .lilllles   Fitihtv Ilu-  pnst week.
Oystors serve.1 every eve  M1?."', T''T*. "V."' l""  ""'""kI'   '''
lH, \- ,. ,   ' i lienle A  l-.lwt
incouver store.
The lire l,ri::uileu ill L'iyen .Ini,ee
nil lhe lil-lil nl' ihe   |7th of \.lll'lll
lier.   ll promises to I nf lhe
liest dunces ever itiven in lln- town.
II' ymt want Iii Imy fresh ciiu.lics
Hii in ihe Viineouvcr store.   They
receive ll   eo!lsi'_'lllllelll   eneh   week.
Kililh   I'everelli.   ol'   Tlinrnhill.
Mun., I impiinieil Iter sister, Mrs.
(iillis. to Crnulirook, tiiiii will spend
Ilu- winter yisiliiii; here mul iuClll-
A t-enilillt-.lohn ll.Sletsoll Su.llll
mt for $1.00ul        l-'.S. M. (',..
Tlionms Druiniiiond received tin-
itiil news this week Iiiiii ii brother
iviitfi     nl    Fori     Wi"
Mr. und Mrs. M.tiillis i-eturned
. v
**_ siiiniii.-iiit ,-h tunes isn uec.
53 esaity, nml if you   in	
jg prolonu your lili- y isl
__ luke nu ticensioniil sip.   l-'i.r
ti Inlil"  IIS,',,I*   In    sen,*    iitel'
^ Uu. bur I nm supply the
__ hi^hesl tirnlesnl WINES
%\ Ltgi'OH.smui i:i;i;i;s,
-St        A. I.   M. I.-HMOT
IgJ NVI...I.  -..I.       £>      l-l„.„.    I-
In   ('rniilirniik    S lav     nfler    II
month's visil to (mints in Mnnilulin,
I iniiin.t uml Quel    tin Tuesdny
Ihey lefl for Culmiry. when* tlni
will innl." llu-ir fit.ure home.
Mr. (liool. iiiiiiuiKt-r of Ilu. llml
son   Itiiy   stores   in   Nelson,   Mi*.;
Hunter, who  occupies  :i  siniilui-
posilitin    iu    I'ineher   Ci k.   lllld
li.llnil llitinilli.ii. lhe Iruvellillt.-
repi-eseiitntlve, were in lown Insl
I'.   Mi-Million,  of lhe  Km .ten: ,v
liotel of Moyii.. was in lown Wetl-
Ili'Stlity.     Iill spoke   ill  ^liiill   terms
of the lnisiness situation of Moyii'
 i     ,, i,i;4,,,      ,4lln.lllltl lidded tlmt the town of Ci-nn-
1 liv being run over liv n switch 'brook wns one of the best tlmt he
nine, | over snw.
.wo rooms now  m-nilnble, nlso!    Mrs. A. P. Clieiu-lte. of Ferui.
IAH*K-_rn.i.x fit.n«SM Vi_31__ __Sf*.>,'.-'.v,*.>.» *.'*•*• ..rTi>.Tn
-H-l._-,jl-<_.*t>- .A.'-l>.*il-.-._.. a.<k AX ._-._.-._.._- _-■ - .,. - - 4.- s- --ti . e-. _j.
_»-*i^"*4        . *"1
iS.» thf parson ioKl us), and wc wish to ptvparc our.elv--S.
This Is a thought constantly before each individual employed
in Cranbrook's Greatest Stnrc; tli_tviorc. wc must unload not only our
.sins, but tlu- Greatest Stork ol I.,-die-' and Men's Goods ever brought
into the city.
As an incentive lo the CASH purchaser we will deduct 15 per
cent aud refund it cheerfully irom all cash sales.
This holds good until turther advised.
•     •••••-*•     -><-'• 4*     *    <**■_■     -*>■_
Not Entirely a Question of Price*
V li.-ii vmi nn- r. .niv in ii'jii.' v< nt* »nli>r (loil't  l.'t lln*
i          .|h.-.i..iii ..I |.i'ir" I..- llic niilv 1'nimiilcni'lnii.    Qiiiilllv mwiliH .   l
V#>       nun,. i.mIh.v limn -v. r I., [on- to tliu meivlliint wlm ik unrkiiirf W
JL                 um* l-'ull nml Wtiilnp Siiiiiiii.- i.r OvntviiBtln-aH nn- nn _t\
^f|\       iiimiirtiiiHrti'il liu ii ml ni nf l In* in.mi i|i>-lm lilit nln -I.-H nml tlii- -/IV
"              VI'I.V lllhitl llnv.'llicsilll.l lillli'V |j|l,n.s,,iilli|,..i'[,i| jn„|,| -H- T
conipnny    | reposes  lo   (mt   in  u
>-7.'i.l»HI iiiiii  nl    Feniie.
Cnll nl lieiil ,V Cn.''- lorn  genuine simp iu ti in"k**. ni' skirl.
II. Il.il",J,,,,,' will Iml.l u snle of
Mr.   Selnilielil's   llllliil lite   nil    lhe
:.'lili of the nioulli,
Some speeinl li;il'e;iins lire to Illllllil ul 'I'he   Mi II   Furniture
Compiuiy'H Block Inkiiu* snle.
Chnrles \ I* nun. 'tlm hns  I ll
iii Crnnbrook lot the  pnst   month,
left IimIiiv for W'illllipei:.
Mrs. I'uss -e hns returned nml
is  prepiii'iil  in Hike   nil kinds of
children's sowint,.
Mrs, Percj Clurke. of Rynn,
reliii'iieil Imui',  Ihis  ninniiiiK  lifter
spellilillli n few llliys Wit ll   Ml'ii.   .1.
W. Hiirin.lt.
M.-l'liiry's "l-'i s Stoves" union well known to in-ill nny rei	
 Illllllioil,     See IIS.
Fillmore I in is.
Frunk Wnlker. or Ihe Criiiibroi.il
liolel. spenl severnl dnya lliis week
liiinline in the vicinity of -TnlVriiy,
lie pit buck.
Consult Wilson if you liuve utiy-
thiuKwrotiR witli your eyes.   We've
llelpeil others, tuithuillt We eilll help
Hurry Rit-iiciiinii. of Fort Steele,
wus in town litis week. Mr. Iiieiie-
111:111 lins been in very poor henlth
for tin- past few nionllis.
Thn wntorworks syslent will soon
lie coinploted. Vou will need n
sink.   See onr lint-.
l'ntiiiore Bros.
Mi.jnr Boyco Tlionipson, of Toronto, n brother of (.. II. Thompson, visited the hitter :t few ilnys
Insl week.
It. will pny you lo hnve F. ,T,
Brndloy & Co oBliinut. on your
piipering uml (iitintiiii-' They eui-
ploy flu- best workmen nml their
prices iin- right,
for table bourdon,  nt   the   Wil-j
Armstrong nvenue,
If.   Aikelis.   one   ol   lhe    relilllllo
stiiiViil (I.T. Rogers'slore, litis ro-
tin'neil from liis vncution trip lo
Cowley. Pincher Creek uml other
towns on the pi-nirie.
Wniileil. by 11 intirriod couple, no
i-hildren, n furiiislied liouse mt 01-
nlioul December Isl [or 11 period of
throe months. Bcstot cure will be
excercised,   Apply nl tlernltlOIHce.
1 ItisStnples, lln* owner of lhe
Staples tuiil Ihut is Imi lil iug nl the
iiuiiiii) of l'erry creek on lhe Sl.
Miirys, ri'lnnieil litis week from 11
Irip to Minnesota.
Speeinl nttention given lo school
children's eyes nt Wilson's.
Dr. .1 H.Killg, M. I'.. Kin- nml
II. K. Benttie lefl todny I'm- Ynhk
I'm- *i I'ew duys htiniiug. Thn)
crowd will liuve some grout stories
I., l.-ll when Ihey get I luck.
.1. W. Robinson returned this
week I't'itiiin prolonged trip through
lln- Territories. lie snys thnl
everything is looking well in thnl
• - itmtry nntl thnl lhe future prosit '.'tsjiire very bright.
l-'r.-il C. Long, ol' Montreul, n
grndiint-d phnrnineist nntl ngentle-
lllillt of i'N]n-rieliee in Inrgo drug
houses, hus lieen   seeunil   liy C. IS,
Reid ,V ('.., to take ehiirge of Iheir
prescription depiii-tment.
Mrs. -luiiies (ireer rel timed yes-
lenlry from \ .mcoiivei- where she
hns Ih-i-ii for the pusl lew mouths
for tin-benellt. of her henlth. She
is feeling much better nnd will re-
tuiiiii ill Criiiibrotik for tin- winter.
A mnckiiinw ilml won'I lenk is n
Cnrsss, F. S. M.Ci,.
-torso! und cuttle cured for.Iur
ing tin- winter, Apply In I'. McConnell, Crnnbrook, or .1. W. Hoi-
lis, on Isiiiinl I',., just nbove Crows
Nesl Liinding,
Mr. Templeton, of the Posl Ollice
l.rug store,snys thnt Itei-enftcr tm
lii-kels fur unv enti'i'tiiinuienl  cnn
lie   reserved   ill   11 ll VI     I III   till-
tiny lln- bonrd is put up thoae desiring tickets iititsl tnke llu-ir turn.
He   will   follow   Ulis   till.'  ill    lhe
future lo snve misunderstanding
nml trouble.
I'. McCniinnll Ims jii-i received
it inrgo nnd plete tissorllili-lil of
lillt'etillfi'i-liiinerv fl  Riilierlsoll's
of Toronto. Tliis liriind of goods
slnnds nl tin- front nud tlioso wishing the liest should mill uml try
A rubber ihnl will stand thn rub.
stub proof uml knn't knii'k.
F. S. M, Co,
II. A. Bright nml wife, nntl Mrs.
F. T. Set-vis. diiughlei' of Mr. uiul
Mrs, Trow, left Inst Snturdny for
tlu-ir homes in Wisconsin. Mr.
Bright is tin- mnnnger of Ilu- Perry
Creek Mining iiiul Hydraulic compnny nntl lins spent lhe Buninior
hero looking nfter the nll'nirs of tlio
coinputiy, but In- hns boon honored
nt homo willt the iiominiition of
presiiloiitiiil elector on tin- repnbli-
enn lit-kot uml of course should lie
thero to do whnt In- eun for his
pnrty ill thncninpulgn nowon. lie
will lie buck lo tin; ICootennys enrly
next spring ns he is very fiivoi-iilily
impressed with tin- country from
every standpoint.
Jno. Hutch i
stopped oil' here Inst week on Iter
return fro... New Westminster in
visit with Mrs. George Gougeon.
Mrs. tbuigeoti iiccomptinied her lo
Fernie tile lirst   of   lhe   week   lllltl
will n>ninin for n few duys.
Constable Ilnskius hns received
word from tlu- iiuthorities ut Vietorin thnt complaints hnve been
received to tho effect thnl gunn-
laws were being vinlutod iii tin* interior to some tlegree nntl for him
Itt in- nt-tive nlong this lino.
.Itiines Rynn nml Victor Rollins
silent it few ilnys ut Cowley the
(iust week. Tlu-y sny thill the
biiliuy nir of Crnnbrook fell good
when Ihey returned. II, I). Mc-
Miiiiiii. proprietor of the Cowley
liotel, is dniiig it good business uml
thriving on liis prosperity.
Dr. Ltnuly. of Portage In Prnirie,
wns in town it few days litis week
on liis return home front tlie const.
The doctor is nn okl friend of the
Benttie boys, und others iu Crnulirook who liuil from the IJu i
city iil'Miuiilobn.
Chnrles Fitzgerald Ims iignin
joined ids fortunes witli Fred l'erry
iu the transportation business in
Crnnbrook nnd in tin- future tlie
linn name will be ns of old, Perry
A- Fitzgerald. This makes n Btrong
teiim iiml one thai will win friends
mul business in tilts community.
okl or middle-aged people, tin
your eyes trouble yon. Consult
Wilson. I'p-tt it Into methods witli
up-to-dnte instruments works won-
W. F. Tide, lite well known
jeweler nntl optician, iiiatle u Ion
strike wliile down eusl. Aftercon-
si.leral.le trouble mul expense lie
seeiii-eil Ilu- right to use lite Crows
Nesl stump on nil souvenirs tiiut
lit- lllllliil!- for this tlistriet.    ll   is
u pictui f n crow sitting on  the
edge of n nest wliile below is the
woril "Pass", ll is unique nml
extremely nttrnctlve mul will be
Bomethiiig llml will lie in grenl de
uiuliil by people lookiiiL' for sou
tetiirs I., semi nwny to friends,
*'.\  lllllll is siUllelillles lllt-ky will-It
Ile It-list expects it" suid u iiiiiii  on
lhe street lile ollli'l'tluV.    "I   led
ii slmve iiiiiI linpl il to lie III   Ilie
Imperial blink eonier when I BUM
it new burlier si_n on tin' coruer ol
lhe lleralil building,    I walked ii|
uml Iniiiiil ;i neiil shop ot ..Ull Ilu
enriier iiiiiin uml thnl lhe   limber's j "'""""
iiiiiiii-was Young,   lie seemed  l"j „l,.|i",'l„',,'iir
ben pleasant ehnpnnd I concludetl »,.-...,,.
■     i ■    ...i.i     ii* o  ..:..   t... .. *.
Notary P\iblic
General Ageni
Tempnnvrv Office in
Il.ikcr Street,   -■■-   >   Cranbrook
Stoves, Ranges, Cog; and
Wood Heaters
lliut'l forget llml wc do all kinds of PLUMBING required in
your house.    We guarantee nil our work lo
be dune hy first class plumber.
■vraiswcww- ;■- *~ v^m
I    I
Li mean
Olbiii we
We will sell tht* bal
anut nl nur MK"1*':*.
anil BOV.V SI iTS nl
.nsl lo make rninn
fm iiii.l'iiil fliiJ Win
ter Goods that ore
urri*.inu t*\er> ih> *
t'oiiii'tiri i tie convltl-
ctl. arr J «l Ihc §am_
tiniL' examine uur
nm hiiiiJs aodpri-e^
itial nre rijflil.
Siiur- in pie. <e.
Horse Sense
- ii- ii ni
minimi i..iii.-
Ii lu* luni. I.	
 ll   ..[...'   Ill I Ull
ill,    ,,11,111,,I I 'llllllll.
„„.|  luml  milt    !•■'-
Condition Powders
II tun Iiiin In.Iitl|»-1
 liim lll'tlillll'fillit'l*'
iu v. .* ' ..i' nilnll i
I'lu. I...I i-     |U'..I
4.41,.., uml llml' niv
to ({ive liim n trial.   Well sir.  IleIklmi m kw|,.
KehXrlmiy u 1*TS1      CHAS. E. REID & CO., Graduated Druggists
goiiitf ngn in i   Hi1 jusl suits mi?.
Sum Xi'i'liimlsiitis^otii'toNi Isi
for aw t's visit lit homo, nud wns BB                      T   T .-_,   ._--.   C'T^DTT                  tH
nccotiii__ii.il by .T.H.Downes' two X              JN  HIS   NEW   S lORh.               S|
ilaueliters. who will visil  with Mr.    m   ^
K'^tn^v^'Vr,.:;:,,";! | a. c. BowNEss,^i!^^i!Hii!^*
ns he is of tin- opinion lhat tiiere ■<*?                                                                                              SF
inZ^^Z^irz^ %   Wines Liquors and Cigars   |
of: political wisdoin  Is locatal nn.l g Ncw Rooms In llic Aiken Block, Just North ol Imperial Hank C.irncr <$j
Agent (nr Calgary Uccr uiul . .tiler
Agent for T. Lebel _ Co., Hay and iirnin.
wlien In- comes back he eun toll lol Sjj
n certainty just where his frit mis! v
(Inllilter innl Maeintiish  st I    in ^>
this enmpnign.    ll will take Sum jk
n wet-k to Iiinni out the bui.chesof -X CRANBROOK, ll.C
^-n'ht-'Mutlm."111   '   '""i m.********<>'9*l***$** ■.    .    rll**^ nn:  ctl i umiimik   HERALD
Che Cosmopolitan BotcL
A T'irMtjtjss Houso  Centrally Located ®-j
•• Fine Siimple Rooms in Connection.     Hie bedrooms ..
XI are airy and comfortable, and the tabic is thc best the j A
|i,v   |.*< .Illi; T-   VHNOl.DA   IIOIII-IITS   VIlM'l.n.V   l,*< Mil.!! I S AI,*M >I.H ,\  ROBERTS  r^\W   W S   T_i T~* T\    f A     IV T 1~\ O
Estate and Insurance... i F0I< SAL12? LEASE
s.i.!i:*i'.in!i vtrioxav s.i.n:-iiurti vmoxav «a.JianoH y cnoxirv s-uusinou v mnxuv
• *  market affords.
' * - .     ■     •     Sl   IS)   l?> v-»V <*_(?-*
M n.ni'.i i-i oi"-. -f nml wlinlesidi- iiii.I retail ilenlera ill
Marble and Marble Work of All Kinds.
UVtm-it ..ur own .pi-iil-i. i*. nnd the .pmlil.v is co.ic.Hled
l„ 1,,, ||„, i, .1, Monuments, Headstones, flarble Trimmings lor liiiililiii.it.*.. 11 »| iulty.   Hy buying From nayou
. ■: :!." mni.'rial ill lirsl cost.
F. BURNS C& CO.   |
illiiilisnli'iiiiil Retail
Irtsh and Cured Meats
Fresli   lisli.   Game   and
Wc Bupplj nnl) Uie best     Your
initio is solicited
Hnrkclfl in .'ill (lie prindp.il (owns
In Hrilif.li I'liliiinhlfi
iH •■'-•.!'■ tt __WL*9mmLlWM9mMLWLm
AAAAAAA/I.Arl 4-Lrtv *_*.*, 4 4* A ****A*r ******************** A**f*
i   ...Manitoba Hotel.*   I
J 1 I'inter New Milling!- nil g
I I). A. IWcDONALD, nanager 1
4 9
« This Hotel is in the center of town.   The  rooms are 1
J. comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- |
• class, and the bar is supplied with thc best.    When you |
« want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. S
7. .... . Jf
* ->
j-^Wall Papers** |
We are making special
reductions in prices ot
all lines of
Call and see us before
buying. Our patterns
will please you.
Mouldings to match
all papers.
j F, J. Bradley & Co. I
4   Armstrong Av
'Phone 52 !J
...Zbc Owl Cafe...
*:. .•:.'■,"
' .' :-.:•'. •
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Crmilirniik, II. C.
Work i.s satisfactory.
Price is satistactory.
I J We want your patronage.
I Only frst class help employed.
7 Work returned to all  points
I * twice a week.
;£      L:. H. SLATEK. Proprietor
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
R.iilw.iy land grants lor s.ilc and to lease on
R00K BEE RI*•«•«■* —■
=ss=s= — sssssssss. §        These  lands contain some of the linest
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is | timber in lhe Kootenay District.
unexcelled for quality.    AsK for CranbrooK     ( ——___.«——.
1 l-'nI'  I.Tills, maps ninl   llll'lmi   1 irllliili n|i|ilv l<> Ilie follollilli:
Beer and insist on having it. »™i!   i n n
1. Ilt'l.' linker, Crnnlironk, It. C      l-l  Midlniulniue, Jr.. Cn-slmi, ll.l!.
LV rl, 1
The Cranbrook Brewing <& Malting Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of a.11 kinds of Aerated Walters.
CRANBROOK, ^   >-*   ^   British Columbia
I. II. Wilson, Wa.il.u-r, It. C.
II. it. Iliine. Wilmer. II. .'.
II    ,V   Al.   I'.il.l. Nell   II   I'
J. E. Stephens,
II. 1.. Stephens,
M. Rockcndorf
wi. nu iniin..,, 111 ni.'  "' —. u*.' if-t-tiMrir
As we predicted several months
months ago, the Flathead country Ims been thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines arc
running full bl.ist .ind everything
is lovely. If you arc in our neighborhood conic to the Alexandra
Hotel. It is the best hotel In
lhe district	
. I.. Stephens
J. li. Sii'plii'ii-
Stephens Urn?. & Co.. (lit tiers antl Proprietors,
Morrissey Mines, il. I.
The Great Northern is building
from Morrissey to the cast.
Morrissey is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel is the " Hub.''
If you wish to find anybody enquire at the Australian, you will
find your man there.	
Stephens Urns.. Owners and Proprietor*.,
Morrissey Junction, li. C.
liriiish Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberto
j   t**^>*f*-s?.a-j*N*irs«*v!*-r**^
\   British Columbia Illustrated   j
Uiu.online Ilu' Pi iiniili— Hi«iiiin*i-4 ul
The Richest Province in the Hiitisli Empire
%      *   l""-"-' "" I'""I-' .1*"- * '   " ■ '*•- "'"    ii» i"
'il'llll lll'lll   14-11 -il-"    il'-t - I     ',      llllll     lll'.lllllll
."i.'lii  il il-ll'- li   -i "- |tl,       III        : ill"
II-  - -III ■!..',-. .'..
Sent Post Free on Receipt of Price, $1.00 and $1.50
Address, JAMES LAWLER, Rossland, B. C.
mih ii™*. nl nil H'.'i' ii-.l
{.        BEST BUY IN
*?   B.  C,  CANADA,   AT
ITEMS FROM  MOYIE        Onosidoisot   frn lo allow Hie Koolenay Valley Panning.
I building of u lure    • :'    ''■       "' '"
Consolidated Oold Mines, Limited
j Iiiiiliiin:* i.l  nliirgB  iiiinex in   the     Wellin-r Keunee hits, without * ,	
Sl'l'illt,'.                                                            exi'i'.ltii.U. till- linesl   crop    nf  Ollts ■ ,-     .,   i c   -i-iinn     I      I * l    -I-                ,
,   .                     ■    ,1 •      ii            ■ 7 Capital S625.000. ot whicli 35 per cent4 in
A , iiniineso wns nn-ested in Hip : K™*-»,»' this vnlley on Inn riineli L F                                     „
ti'.iilL-vloin   districl    on    M lm*!nt tioltlie  Creek.    Lust Siiturdnj Z Treasury.   Shares fully paid and:
I'ruin tlu' Miivn* l.i'ii'li'r
.Mr. nml  Mis.AiumiiiI  nml
dr,.„ left for A\'ii„,iii,« on „  visit, ^^' ^^ „ ,,;,„„:,„„,.,', our re*iorter vdsited   tlu
tins «ei-k.                                       lie lnul over 31,000 on him.     He;eoiiipiinieil   l.y   Mi-s   Ford,   win
Miinneer -Inm.-s  Cronin  n[ the Uvns fi 1 SnO iiiid costs kindly look two ijhotojrraplisof tin
St.Eugene roturiied from S-joknno mil liei.l.    In the  Hrst   photo  Millie territory  tormerly covered   Iveiinee is slundiiiRi uif? theonti
hy Constidile   Benutliviii  is   now ivhich tower fully ns  lii.jlt  us  Iiii
hares is now In our
non assessable.
C. IE. ibi-tc^-. iprourlctor.
Open E)n\? an6 Might.
The iiesini i:.criiiiiii*.. in tin- iiniini; i.int   I    To Subscribe for the
If ynu initti* niicc nui ttill iiuiii' ulii'ii.    Wc j
. . . llilll In -Ik-list ...
••"""" '  HERALD IS NOW
The I'ouiuliitioii Forth., new pump
nl the St, l-jii-j-eno ie   lieing   huiil.
The i p is expei'ieil   iii   nrrive
some lillle Ihis  lltl).
The new Methodisl cliurch will
he I'.irin.'illy o].enetl one week from
tomorrow. Sundny. I let, 211, Rev,
S, J. Thomiisoii oF Crnulirook will
conduct the service,
.luiiu llntehistiii lietter known
lliroup-1io.il Bust Kooteiiity us
"Hutch," isliii.-k in Criinlironk nnd
isiipnin ti'oint*' lo eiiiliiit-l; in the in-
Buriiuce litisiiu'ss.
.1. ('. Drown nrriveil Imck in
Moyie on Tuestlny iiFler uu iiliseuee
of severnl  inonths.   Mr.   Drewrv
hns I ii InkiiiKii Ion-,'holidny. und
visiteilToi-oitlo. MnnIreiil uiul other
i-iislei'ii points, und ulso spenl live
weeks Iii ('ulm     Mr,   Drewrv   ex-
presseil llitnsi'll':isli.'ili:;"l:i.l lot-el
In mul   plenseil  In   see   Moyie
ueuiii enjoytiifj prosperity.
W. It.'iii'son who is ilniu*. dove]*
npmenl work on ilu*  L-'i-iscn liimii|i
oil lhe wesl  sill.'  of lhe hike   seellls
lo I n  Mm veil F   slrikiii'.', ii
llio lllllll'    Of    ol'e.      Tlie    Hll,','       ill
wliieh In- is ivorkiui,' is nliuiil   Iill)
feel, uiul illll'ill*. 111.' ln-1    Few   iluvs
Mr, Liiwiu.ii hns heen  ivorkiu-.' 'in
hiehlt lllll."I,'ll'l" '"      I,lll'l'
lie Feels tpiite fluted over tl t-
lnul: uml Li'lii'i- tlml   in  i,i„,ilu..
Week    lie Mill  III- i e.      Then. IIB"
three alniiits in the uroup,  l-'rist-o,
Ilie     I'Jili Tpl'lsi     mill   the     |)"lV'll
The Hiil-Fiieeiiitlientioii tm iill til lli
Mines directly wesl of lhe liosslnntl's liuw ore bodies
l.elioi nml l.i-Hni No. i. Win* I niv ii grent success  with   thn
KiikI.* mid Centre  Sim*,   [onr \ ctuieeiitriition  system  nl ore
of   the Inreosi   lioltl-copper \ reduction.      Sil'.OO   ore   now
ioki-tl nfler liy eiuistiilile Suiiii
the Inner hnviiie three towns illider
llis cliui-ece.    I'lliel'  MeMllllill   lins
■.oven constuble Sumps itlers to
clem- mil the tin horns nt the Junction town, nml the In Iter has -.-one
nhout il in such n muniicr wliieh
leuves no doubt ns lo the elliei-ni-y
in sueh work. A dozen or more
iiinlesii'itlile elini-netors hnve tnken
Ilieil ilepni'l ure I'm- more congou inl
purls, .nui ilu* lown is well-rid of its
piitii-iiii'iil popiilnlion.
Mr  ll.Ciily.eiillll-ilelor. Illislieen
nwiinl.il liu- contrncl for tlio erection of the Morrissey bridge, over
the Klk river. The mini wns received l.y wire on Tiiesilny. uiul
Mr. Cody is anxiously nwiiilhig tho
in-rival of the contrncl thnl hu may
gel slnrled while the spli*iuiiil
building iventher continues. Mr.
Cody Ims innl it grenl denl of experience in building structures of
this lllltlll-e. lie Ims a plle-ilrivel*
of his n\u which In- will Use lit
The Odd Fellows nro Furnishing
llu-ir new hull Ihis week.
li. T. I.owei'y. Nelson is ill the
cily this week innkingprepnriitions
to slnrl n second nowspiipei-here,
Mr. ,T. (i. Ctimuiings, I'. I,. S..
.-ruin* in Front Fori Sleele this week,
lb- intends lo open un olliee in
*l. Fleishman, llio travelling jew*
oiler was in the city thisweek. He
lakes n sluing exception In lhe
[■eddlors license Feu which he elniius
is prohibitive, nntl  mil lo lie so.
I lulu  On- I'U -lii'i'lni'.
Mrs. IV. Koss reliirneil lo Fernie
during ll arly purl tit litis week.
A, linll Cnlgurv, wns n gueal al
lh,* n-ni.li- ■ ot Mr. mid  Mrs.  A.
Noi.li'.: lliis  week.
W, Forsyth wonl lo Kiinborley
Tlnu-sdiiv, wliero he will engnge in
1.1.1- lintel business.
Vic liolliiis, 13, 11. Sllliill iiiiii (I.
Siiiiili. of Crnnbrook, worn visitors
ai Steele Snturdny lust,
Cecil 1'rcst.oF the Presl Photo Co.,
was in town Thurstlny getting views
of ilu* inouiitflins mul plncos of iu-
lellsl an,mill   Fori  Sleele.
Mr. lllltl Mrs. N. Walker. Apple-
Ion. Wis. mul Mr. nntl Mrs. W. T.
Ileid. ( raiilirook. wero rogistored at
lln-Imperial Wt-ilnesilay.
Mrs. A. II. Fenwick, Mrs. T. T.
McVittie, Mrs. F. Binniore,Mrs. J'.
Chmiiiiigs mnl Mis. T. Fenwick
visited the Henderson i-nnch on
Tlinrstliiy. They report n most on-
joynblo afternoon and n splendid
ride home in Iho evening.
mines  in  lln-  world,   nil   ni
whieh hnvo pnid  Inrgo ilivi-
Iiinil. mid iu the other |il
reaper ilrivei, by Dnvi   V
shown   with   lhe   gnu ii    -.Lowing -9 1      Snnie iileiitienl oroiind
higher thun the horses.   The erop 1^ veins nuw in sight on the HlCi
is ii vi*ry henvy oin'mul is ilillieiil! fa l-'ill'l!.    I.itrge oro liotlies.
to cut for Ilmi   reason.    It   Is  nn, >j Assays from So lo S.S00 in
"bottom" land with tho creek  run-; 7 gold, copper, silver, etc. Very
ning through the big lield. yet  the ? rich'display'us now on  t-xlii*
hind was not irrigateil Ihis senson J liitiou in tho city oi-e exhibit,
nnd wus never pul  uiidei- eiiltiva- ■ causing wide comment.
" ",M''IS|  "lfW    "lid..; th-1 i) Wo have nearly  Iw, les
greater portion ol this niiigiuflcenl Z (lf mi]      „„ *,- _om
oat crop hns inature,  ihere is sonto J ,      .„*     ,     ^   ,
nt il lhat is not  mul llr.   Kei i f ,,Gn.A.,,m,
will etil it mul fei'il ii nslmv.    It is k '  ',,'''', " I         ,.
now aliout three years since ho look ■ ,  •''"*,* "J"1 "IV sliipnieni- lor .
lip this land I'l I n   house on 1 VM,   ;.''",:' U'G , Nl"1'1'1"1
il. Illld by Iinni work Mr.  ami Mrs. ? ?<' I "l:l* nbout dlOOOO Ions.
Kei eillive shown   ll'linl   ,-,,,,    be' 7 ' '.',,ll1"'"-' "'    KoSSlllllll OM
aeeo lislteil in thnt   time in   ihi. _    "  ^7.000,000.
vnlley wiih bill -no cupilal  ex* 9 ""t*sriTT—**^*i—** '-
peiidiiil.   Thoy now have liariis and ■ Plnocn \nle I'rife nl                *") nnmiinl less than sum send h
1.1 1..1. l.nl .1 , 1 ..1 i   ••*. 1,...... £ 1 n-*i--- l.uiv 1 iit-i. in
011111 illuming-,,inn uiitint  4) iii-nil gj poslotllceorcxpressmniieyonlcriiiver
I horses anil cattle,   They grow _ • ■»•    pn.**Ar*   I*I-1*4              this tm nt, by bank-lrnllluSccrclar)
prnelicnlly   iwythinj*  lliey con*| _ Ifl    LefllS      SHARE
pays lo mine us now proven
bv the Intesl reports aiitldivi.
Nn less than 100 shares
...Iti. Shares can be had tut
iii8t.illn.eiit plan, pnyint-nts
monthly. Twenty per cent.
ensli. balance  within a   year.
('I'ttipmiv hus no debts or
liabilities, nnil a lull force of
in. a now working.
References. The Hon.
Mnyor, (Iold Ciitiifnissi.nicr.
ptis'tuiiister, or any bunk or
business mau in city.
It'ill till* llllilil'-111'IIU'll
ill  Illi'II I. Ii'llil-	
on,","I.ull llr,,,tun,  ,,!    In,
!- lm I 11, -lui,Inw-111 -,,,...
Please Note Price at
IS Cents 'K,
For One Month
ill". I our Ciiiisuliiliiicil (iuld Minus, _
Llil., Rossland, ll. C„ Canada,
liliu-.    Tin- Iiuvi-ii spleinliil gunleii
conluiniiig all varieties   of  vegelii- 9
bles whicli grow Itixuriaiilly.   Mrs, 4
pie.     which      il       is     regretted _
is tolloW.nl   bv   Ion   few   ranchers 7  n
here, l.y bringing Fresh bailor nml * ll
eggs lo lown iiiul olb-ruit; them I'm ^-rdBN^-j|S|i-sB-^H.,HivBv«Nir-i.* t*-Jiv*u*..it-j«v»s«v*s»s*»s»\»s^
snle.     U llllli.I' ( lllll'l-op,
W.   W.  Tultle's   new   lintel
llltlking rnpitl progress.    The stone j     Vou are safe in Hejecling one o[
work goes to I he top slorv  ami   ill ' slovcs.     Tin v  are  the  very
will In* built of   brick   above Hml.' besl. I'liliimre llros. '
Men uml women in this eoiinly
nilll lllljoillillg lol-l-ilories, In ri pie
senl ami uilverllse Itll iilil eslublisli
ed hunseof soliil llnitiielul slniiding
S.'il.lryloiueii $21 woeklv.litw.i 11
SU   In   SiS.'w.'I'kly   Willi   expenses
iiilviiiu-etl eneh Monday l.j check
direct  from  lieiidqtiui'lei-s.    Horse
anil llllggy   I'lll'tll'sheil   tthell   lleees-
sni'v: position permanent. Address,
Blow I Ims. & Co.. Dept, A. M '
Bltlg,, Chicago, III. 2II.IH,
* — iii
Locals in this column will be Jf
J charged at the rate of 5 cents J
J| per line each issue. J| j
Timothy ntnl uplniiil hnv, prosso.t.
lnlior mill nggs inr -uie. Wl-llo inr Inw
■nsli iirleos, I. Hit 1'flir, Dlilsliury, Alia.
I'm*-ul.-, n few tlioraimhlirud Clnckt-r-
t'l-, I'lviniuiili llui'k- uml Drawn l.f«*
Itiinis.' Apply 1,1 A. C, I'lgunl.
Robinson-McKenzic Lumber Co., I.UI.
Saw und Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Calgary Cattle Company,


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