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Cranbrook Herald May 23, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President. **>• B. Wsiaai, Oen. Man-
Paid Up  Capital  K.a*t.*t».t»
Rest  2,00M-J*).-»
Total Resources  U,m*,**tM
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Depo.sits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
At Gilpin s....
Latest styles in straight front corsets
25 per cent discount on our Ladies'
Skirts and Wrappers.
Ladies'and Children's Shoes, the cheapest in town.
I   Q. H. Gilpin.
For tomorrow and the
two days of the Spring
Meeting and get your
Flags, Etc. of
I Cranbrook
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort ■ Specialty
Qood StaMiiif In Connection
Nearest to rnilioRil nud depot.    Hns Accommodations fnr the public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
• • • •> • Wi  *•**«-»•---»•
Your orders to us. Wc will load the goods on the
same day thc order is received. We ship goods to
every point on the Crows Nest road. Why not let us
ship to you?
Prices and Qoods Guaranteed
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. ***-
Wholesale and Kelt-til Dealers in
Groceries, Crockery, Hen's Boots
and  Furnishings  and   all
kinds of Peed.
When You Ride a Wheel
I have a (ine line this year, including the Cleveland, Dominion, Gen-
dron, Antelope, Geneva and Ideal.
Gome and see them.   Prices Right.
...   Q. H. Miner
Restricted to SltMN  a  Year Ur
Five   Years.
Large  Iron    Deposits  are  Being
Prospected Near the Town
of Kitchncr.
Ottawa. May 17 —Mr. Fielding hat
given not ire that llie governor-general-
iii-eouncil may million*- the payment of
the following bounties on lead refined in
Canada from materials produced in Canadian smelter* Irom Canadian lead ore:
On every ton of lead refined during the
calendar fear 1901, $5; on every ton of
lead refined during 1903. $4; fot 1904. $y,
hr 1905, fa; for 1906, |i. The bounties
shall be paid half yeaily on tbe first day
of July and the first day of January each
year. The total sum payable in such
bounties will not exceed $100,000 for
each year no more tban $50,000 in each
half year. If one half year U short of
tbe $50,000, then the balance can go on
to tbe next half year.
Tic St. Eugene.
Rossland Miner: Mr. J. C. Drewry
haa returned from his trip to the St.
Kugene mine and and gives nne decidedly interesting Information with regard
to the big Moyie property. The crew of
fifty men which has been employed since
the partial closing down ofthe mine la
now beiug increased steadily, and within
a short time will be buck to the 300
mark. Tbe mill is being operated to ita
full capacity and with the increased
force in the mine the output will be run
up higher than ever.
The St. Eugene la proving bigger and
better then its owners realiied or anticipated. Duriug recent weeks considerable diamond drilling waa done with results that aniost approached the wonderful. Not only was It disclosed tbat the
known ore bodies went down es far aa
was reached with the drill and maintained their blgh standard throughout, but
drilling from tbe south vein demonstrated the existence of a 12-toot ledge,
the existence of which hail nol been revealed by the prospect work done on the
property. In view of these facts there
will be no further hesitation in according to the St. Eugene the same position
in relation to silver-lead mines that is
occupied by the Ymir among free-mining mines and the Le Roi among gold-
copper propositions, namely, at Ihe very
lop of the list Tbe granting of the
Dominion subsidy on it fined lead and
the tnagnificient stiikes in the mine
itself arc features which insure to the St.
Eugene many years of productiveness
and prosperity.
Iree at kltcbeser.
There is no longer auy question as to
the Iron deposits discovered near Kitchener. Several leading C. P. R. othcial*
are interested in the find and a large
number of claims bave been staked and
prospecting ou a large wale will be inaugurated at once, William lllakemore,
formerly general manager of the Fernie
coal mines, ts in charge of the work,
and ts having an office building put up
at Kitchener. A bridge hss been huitt
end machinery will be brought in to
facilitate operations. Prospecting will
be done witb a diamond drill.
Ps later Meeelili.
William Hamilton, one ofthe Hamilton brothers, Was in towu Tuesday. He
says thut there hsve been some new
titnl» iu Ihe vicinity of Palmer mountain
and that tbe mineral future of that section looks exceedingly bright. The
Clover Leaf Mining company bave opened up ■ better body ot ore on their property, John Hamilton has staked a new
claim—the St. Lawrence, and bas a
showing of 11 Inches of solid galena.
Some day the tidiness of Palmer mount-
tin will be realised by som-roue with
capital, ind a tunnel will be run through
It, which will surpriie the people of thla
part of the country. And right here Thr
Herald desires to state that when things
boom lu that locality the Hamilton boys
should have the credit, and it Is to be
hoped that they will gather In a good
share of tbe profit. Tbry are stayera
and workers, aod will win out tn the
end. _____
Croiicil Taaaels Uactriala.
Matt. W. Alderson In a special article
to the Western Mining World thinks
that A prospector should ''follow the
ore," and that while a shaft is more expensive, there are too many unnecessary
risks taken In driving a cross-cut tunnel.
Iu conclusion Mr. Alderson says: " 'In
multitude of counsel there Is safety,'
snd the wise prospector Is he wbo profile
by the mistakes of others. Let lhe prospector make a rough survey of bis
ground, so he will know just how far the
tunnel nil) have to be run and whal
depth It will attain uuder tbe outcrop ot
tht lead. It la cot a bard ihiugto dn
Any geod mechanic can give tcpioxi-
mste figures with a square aud level it
necessary. Let tht prospector then
figure the coat of running tbe tunnel and
tbe coat of sinking to the same depth,
and compare the lm, If be is right, lei
bim go Mbead, but be should uot go
ahead with a tuunel until be is sure be
is tight." ______
Society flirt Ortap.
It is slated on good autboiity that tbe
Society Girl group' t; Moyie will be incorporated before a great while. If tbis
ii done, and the mine remains uuder the
management of the I'errells, there ia going to lie (*ne of tbe best mining invest
tuents that has comt up for a long lime
In this district. The Society (iir) is a
proved property and it haa been amply
demonstrated tbat the ore ia there, and
that development will put the property
on a good basis for -dividends Work on
tbis mine will mean another shipper for
Moyie within a abort time.
Qrlflttk'i CIsIm Bosdctf.
Henry Kershaw, of Fort Steele, was
iu town Wednesday on business. Mr.
Kershaw told Tbe Herald man lhat he
had bonded D.ive Griffith's three claims
on Wild Horse, the Tit for Tale, Lentz
Lode and Celt, to English parties fur
$50,000 Also Mr. Grifiiib's Bald Mountain properly, ou the same creek, to a
Vancouver company for Jjs.ooo,
Mlilig Notes.
W. Tirrant and James Angus came
dowu from Luke creek last Friday.
Frank Robbins, manager of the Norlh
Star mine, and Charier Farrell, principal owner of the Society Girl group at
Moyie, were In town Friday. Tbey bad
never met, and The Herald editor introduced ihem. In leu than three minutes each discovered that tbe other bad
lived iu Virginia City in tbe '70s. Thul
settled it, and there waa a lot to talk
about between tbeui lhat proved mighty
Auotber claim has been staked south
of Baker bill on tbe ledge of the new
gold find, and now ever) one ia waiting
for the assay returns. Ferhsps there
never hss been anything that bas attracted more attention in Cranbrook
than the original staking by M tsars.
Bury and Walker. This was followed
by the residence street being staked by
John Hutchison, and A. W. McVittie
and V. Hyde Baker were thc last to take
a chance.  	
KIU.fi*   AT   MKH-EL
Harry Price Meets His Death la Ike New
Ceal Mlaes.
J.J. Miller received word last week
that Harrv Price, an old friend ot bis,
had been killed at tbe coal mine in
Michel un May 15. It seems that Price
was acting as rope man at tbe bottom of
a dip, and started to follow a train up
the incline to switch some of Ibe cars
onto another level. One of the cars
head of bim broke loose Hnd started
beck. Price saw it and turned and ran
back to a manhole for safely. He
reached it, but just as he stooped to get
in, the car struck bim below the ear on
one tide of tbe head and knocked hiui
against a post. It is thought that his
doatb was instantaneous, as be did not
move when tbe men in the wine reached
him a few momenta after, aud it is evident that hla neck was broken.
The incline has a grade of about 35
per cent, and the cars are raised and
lowered by cable, aud, of course, a wild
car goes with terrifiic speed.
Tbe deceased was 33 years of age, and
had heen well known lo both Mr. Miller
and James Gill, while all of them lived
in Revelstoke.
Tea Welhaaa's Harses.
Tom Wellman saw Lee Medlord,
brother of his mare, Smokeless, do some
great work at Calgary and is feeling
good over it although he had his money
against bim. Wellmsu'a mare will diop
a colt In June that is aired by Juryman,
Ibe aire of Cyclone, that cleaned up the
track at St. Louis for several seasons
It will take money to buy that colt of
Tom. He Intcuda to send lhc mare, md
bis other home, Christmas Gift, to Calgary witb Wentworth's horses after Ihe
Craubrook races.
Dccerals Meatfay.
Be sure and get ready to decorate for
Mouday and Tuesday. Every business
house should do something in tbia line
to show the visitors that we appreciate
the event and waul to give tbem a cbeei •
ful welcome. Gel your flags and bunting
before ll is too late.
Horses branded Ll) on right hip are
the  properly of the Canadian Pacific
Railway company.    Any person detaining same will be prosecuted. 10 4
Maklag laarevtwcati.
Kob'n'01 & McKeniW have supplemented Iheirpiesent sawmill plaut with
a second boiler and engine and another
planer. The new machinery is being
installed and when ready for operation
the firm wilt bein a position to meet the
demauds of their customs rs with promptness in tbe future.
Looks as if the Craws Nest Southern
Bill was Dropped.
It May be That Jim Hill and the
C P. R. Have Come
to  Terms.
The Ottawa dispatches say that the
Crows Nest railway bill haa been
dropped, but no particulars have been
given. Al the same time word comet;
f om Kalispell that the Jennings route
has been abandoned and that the road
will be built from Kalispell.
Wky Werk wu Slapped.
Oltawa, May 17.—Mr. llluir, minister
of railways, has given notice of a resolution to grant a subsidy uf (96,000 for a
railway from Duncan lake towards Lai do
or Arrow lake, B. C, a distance not exceeding thirty miles.
The Keoteiiy Central.
Information baa been received to tin-
effect that tbe Jim Hill people are aftei
the Kootenay Central charter secured by
the Foit Steel-**! people, and it may lie
Dial thin arrangement will he made, and
that the Great Northern will reach tbe
coal mines in thla way.
Yoaif Barney's Bedy Recovered.
Last Monday eveuing the remains of
Claude Harney, the uufortuuate victim of
the wreck, were recovered from Michel,
river, where they bad been beneath the
engine. Wben the engine was removed
the body did not come to tbe am face,
and two men where engaged to dive
ilown and ascertain what waa Ibe trouble.
They found tbat Ibe remains were held
down by the weight of the tool box, aud
when this was removed tbe body waa
quickly brought up aud sent lo Undertaker Campbell's. Fuueral services were
held at tbe home In this city, Tuesday
afternoon, by Rev. Beacban, assisted by
Rev. Howeriug, and the reuiiim for
warded to Richmond, Vermont, that
afternoon, accompanied by the fatbet
and mother.   ________
Railroad Netes.
Linen, Slewait & Welch   have ihe
contract for building the C. P. R line
into tbe Lardeau,   Porter Bros, will do
the bridge work.
Commencing at once, tbe Canadian
Pacific Railway steamer Kokanee wilt
leave Kaslo for Lardo Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.
For Victoria Day, May 24th, all C P.
R agents will issue round trip tickets at
fire and one-fourth, good going May 33
or 24, returning till May 37.
The C. P. R. passenger department is
Issuing a very neat "shooting and fishing map" which will he of great interest
to sportsmen. The map is a large one
of the Dominion, and folds into a small
size which can easily be carried in the
pocket. Tbe choice spots where game
of all kinds are to be had are indicated.
Tbe spring meeting of tbe Cranbrook
Turf and Athletic aasoclalion promise-
to be tbe greatest carnival of sports ever
held In South Bast Kootenay. No expense or labor has been spared by the
manage in t-ut to give the people two days
of magulficent sport, ceuststing of athletics tbe first day and horseraciug the
second. A rate of one aud one fourth
fare has been granted by the C. P. K
for the occasion, aud a special train will
be run from Pernie and Moyie each dsy
It wilt be the opportunity of Ibe season
for a grand, good time, and tbose wbo
rau should take advantage of it.
Repreieststlve Sattk la Taws.
E. C. Smith, member of tbe local
houae from this district, wss in luwn
Tuesday. Mr. Smith is uot feeling the
best over the action of the goverument
in tbe appropriations made for thi« riding. He fought hard for what was due
tbe dialrlct, but silling on the opposition
benches placed bim at a disadvantage
with tbe Dunsmuir government.
Klaiiericy Faolball Tcaa.
Following are the football players wbo
will contest in tbe games at Cranbrook,
May 37, from Kimberley:
A. Vitlenskl, M. Wallinger, J. I,
Gates, W. Adams. W. McCummln, W.
Wilson, II. Broulette, A. U Bale, G
Huiden, W. Robillard, W. Cearlng,
Kenny MrMUI-i.
Milk Is telling al 30 cenls a quart In
New Denver. No wonder beer is popular.
***994*99^*49***f ******}***
9 *
j  News Notes From Ihe Mineral City \
The St. Eugene mine opened up last
week tun) hns been running full force
ever since. They have between 150 and
ioo men employed nml will be running
for several months, as it will take that
length of time lo complete their cou
IrrtCl. Owing lo tbe high water in the
take, some difficulty has been experienced with tin: tailings-) but as yet no
serious trouble has resulted ami the mill
ia running double shift. Everything Is
in lint class condilioii and the prospects
are bright for a good season'a woik.
The water in Ibe lake is higher thin
season Hum il tins been for years p.ist,
and lu consequence the site of tbe new
sawmill has bid lo be changed. The
water has been rising rapidly for some
Iimt past, and the first ofthe week work
bad ta be suspended ou the mill limbers
as Ihe water had covered tbe mill site
aud was up to the railway track. The
company hau decided to change thc locution, and it is likely, although not
definitely decided, that it will be placed
dnwn at the narrows, The timbers
which had already beeu prepared have
been placed in a boom and will be transferred to the new site. As soon aa the
location la decided upon work will ut
oure commence in mder to have the mill
mining by the middle ol June.
The people of Muyie have decided to
celebrate iu a Citing manner the 241)1
lay of May—Umpire Day. A committee has completed arrangements for a
picnic iu the grove opposite the town,
[touts hnve been tu ranged for and good
music secured, sn that a very enjoyable
day may be spent. There will be spoil-*
if Various kinds during the day-nnd in
Ib* evening the foresters of the town
will give & grand ball which promises to
edip.se anything uf the kind previously
TIIK I. O. O. V.
Last Saturday evening the Odd Fellows of Moyie celebrated their anniversary by a dance in McGregor's ball. A
urge number of people were present and
passed a very enjoyable evening until
10:30, when light refreshments were
served. After lunch dancing was re*
sinned and kept up until the striking of
13 bespoke the commencement of
another day.
The Weitern Supply company, meat
merchants, are moving inlo the Farrell
block where they will have one of the
best locations in towu.
Mr. Kohler, the popular manager of
Gilpin-a store, left last week for thecoast
andhaslieen succeeded by Mr Gcddes,
W. Gludwell, the night shift boss at
tbe mill, leturned to town last Sunday
aud is again at work.
The plans for the new court house
and jail have been received by Constable
Diununond and tenders for lhe construction of the same arc called for.
The pipe for the Moyie water works is
expected this week when work laying it
will commence.
J. K. Crome returned from Rossland
on Friday last.
Mrs. A. O'Kelly left for Spokane on
Fridsy laat.
Mr. ane Mrs. Lee now have charge of
the boarding bouse f -rmeily run by Mr.
Williams, who has gone to Fernie.
Tke Craabrook Football Tcaa.
A special committee meeting of the
Cranbrook Football club was called on
the 18th inst to choose n learn to play a
Mend Iy game at Feruie on tbe 34th, and
the following men wiil go: Goal, S. Mc*
Kim; Hacks, G. A. Leitch. A. I. McDermot; Half backs, II. S Winsby, A. ti
Watt, A K Leltcb; Forwards, II.
Llddicoatt, V. Liddicoatt, N. Hill,
M. Sharpe, A. Cameron. Tbe boys have
been practicing with due diligence and a
good game is expected.
(live Us Ihe News.
Ssy, good people, let us know the
ue-AS. The Herald editor la not 11 mind
reader. He wants the news—all of it
If you arc a plOspCCtOff when you come
to town drop into The Ilemld oflice and
epilog loose about your property. If
you ara 11 mine owner, let us know i-otut
thing alxjnt what you are doing. If you
live here in Cranbrook and have anyone visiting you, or are going away
yourself, let us know. Tbe Herald
wants Ibe news.
Come la aad Sec Us.
Visitors to Cranbrook are invited to
drop into the Herald office while in town.
Tbey will find a modern newspaper
plant, a modern newspaper office aud
tbe glad hand
All Aaeard tor Pcrale.
There will be a special train leave fur
Pernie Friday (tomorrow) morning at
8 o'clock.   Unite a number of Ctaubrook
people will make ttio trip.
Bev. Fortune dives Smt lapresu-Mi
of His Trip.
But   ii Disappointed  in Victoria,
the Capital ol thc
V Gloria, May 17, 1901.
Hear Mr. 1-Mitnr: According to prom*
Ise, 1 shall try and put nu paper some of
the Items 1 jolted down in my mental
note book since leaving Cradbrook.
Vou may remember that the "Wast
Hound Express" on Monday, April 39,
was three hours Ute. Those of us wbo
were bound for Vancouver were not
much coucerned ntentt such a short delay, but when west of Kitchener wc
were delayed another two hours, owing
to a Uutl slide, which put tbe work (rait
out of action, there were anxioue fears
;ibinit the likelihood of making connections at Nelson for Kevelatoke, aud
those fears would have been realised had
not Captain McMorris, of thc Mojiv,
telegraphed from Proctor's Landing to
hold the train. To our relief, as well aa
that of the brethren availing us at Nil*
son, the ii.un watted our arrival.
The cleanliness ofthe Iwate on both
the Kootenay and Colnuibia rivers ts
worthy of mention, as well as the gen-
lie in-*, nlv behavior ot all tbe employe*.
The menu whs all thai could be deairrd.
There was variety to satisfy an epicure,
and prepared lu suit Ihe most fastidious.
Thfl sail, througli an ever-changing
scene, with the lights and shad-a playing bide aud seek on mountain and can-
yon, was most eu) >y.ible, while Irom the
calmness of tbe water it was evident
tbere was not a Jonah onboard. His
too late lo give the mental jottings ee
the beauties of the Fraser canyon broke.
up in ua, one after another. These have
been ds.cnbed by others more capable.
We could not help but nott how advanced snd luxuriant w-u the growth la
and around Vancouver. The trees war*
all in full leaf. Tbe apple, pear, pluat
and cherry trees were resplendent with
bloom and tbe aii ro talent wfih the par-
fume. Tue groan Is of many of the cili-
tens were beautiful witb tulips, jor-julle,
wall flowers, panties, primroses, double
daisies and tbodondecdiona which
caused an iudescribaMe longiug far like
favorable conditions for plant lift in
Tbe cily of Vancouver bas made great
strides during the last ive years, not ouly
in population, but in her private rati-
deuces (particul-«rly in Ihe west cud) her
stores, wholesale snd retail, and public
buildings. Development is likewise
seen in street paving, and tha manner ia
which the streets are kept, Wa are
simply delighted wiih the coast city.
Un Sabbath last, May uth, I preached
at Ladners Landing, at the mouth ol tbt
Fraser river, and saw some of the i-aaat
farming couniry it hsa been my lot to
see. Tlie soil is rich blsckloam, of good
deplb, and when underdraioed ia yielding enormous cropc of oils and bay.
Fruit growing ll In iu infancy, but by
tbe time the Coast-Kootcnay road is
built tbe demauds of the interior conld
easily be supplied from the farming
lands along the Fraser. We are spending a few d iys at Victoria, but arc soma ■
♦that disap. ointed in tbe capital. I'oa-
sibly we were led to expect loo much.
Tne buildings, public^ snd pnvale, aia
not Mich as we expected to sec. Wt
have visited the parliament buildings
and the museum, and lhey art a credit
to tbe province. The museum is worthy
of a visit as the exhibits are all indigenous 10 Hritisb Columbia. We saw tba
last addition, in tbe form of a Yukon
mountain sheep, a perfect beauty aud a
species hitherto unknown to science,
Dy the wsy, the nisrien which lhey
have does not compare with many of
those purchased by Mr. Gill laat winter.
We could not but note on tht coatl tha
easy manner of life of the huslueas men.
There is an utter lack of rush and strain
which i-t characteristic of the inttilnr or
the prairies. There is a quiet prcvading
business life, which dors not seem to be
part and parcel of tbe weat.
Thta is a peaceful, quiet city, and yet,
one has but to lake a abort run 00 Ibe
train, and lo, Unite ate armor-clad wai-
shipa, and sloops, and cruisers, and torpedo boats, and torpedo boat destroyers,
aud secret Iwtlcriet, for at Kaquiaialt
lies the armament of war, creel war.
Par wesi ou tbe Pacific alopa one waa reminded of the words of the poet, while
the meaning was grasped as never before,
"We don't want 11 fWht, Imt, t,y jlngas, If wa *»i
Wa'vs got Hi-: ntsn, w-s'vt tf.il Ilia ships one
we'va 1 'l ib* isuasj, to*''
We shall be pleased to give you any
furiher impression when we see you.
Yours Truly,
W. O. W. Fortune.
Hrlss-sihls and -Prairsecs.
Cut floweia and   button hole bouquets
to arrive Saturday al G. T, Uogtl'a. CRANHROOK  HERALD
Tlie HeraW ie>
district. It you k
your mine or y.mr i
to rivn tin- nowaol tlie
any iitoul yoot *»>ui
. ftoud it i„ thlft office.
Anil now the politician! ate unking
themselves whit made Joe Martin do il»
II the Crawford BiJ « Koot.onv road
I. built It will teach Cranhroolt, ollhet
by a direct Une or ovvt thc N 'rill SU1
b sich.	
-iiii...,,i      i    '■*.■■ .. . . .,®
jl THOUGHTS   ****
!         AND FANCY '
llmrsilay, May
wniMljiy   -     "
Weill    "
■>■> t*:i.n l!
JAMKS till.I., nii-^rver
i| liy "lliiti'll."
Noith Stir	
St. Rugeno	
Sullivan  ..
Morning Glory.
Mountain Mon. .
Winnipeg   .
To talk of South Kist Kootenay la to
tiik of one of lhe richest districts on
the North American conUtu'iit. The
dev(*lo|iments of the pist year have
detnon*.uaiud tiie fict lhat nowhere Is
tbere to be found sticti unllmltel resources' of wealth aa luve been localed
In th<a district, lt te noi confined to
one thing, by any means, but Is a combination ihat Is virtually unpreoeder-
ted.. Here we hive Uie greatest lead
mines known today—mines that have
oeen developed to a iuftl;lenl extent to
demonstrate their wonderful d.-ponltsi
anil marveloua richness The greatest
coil fields on the American continent
are those at Fernie; Ileitis of such are
aod holding veins ihu are not 1 quailed
In ijuallty and extent la any coal deposits ao far known. Aa a coking coal,
nothing like It lias ever heen dlM^vered
akd aa a result hundreds of coking oveiu
are now innilng out thousands of tons
oi lllls valiuble product. TherJ are tbe
best of Indications of large bodies of
gold and copper ore lhat alone would
bring an era of wouderfwl prosperity to
thla pirt o[ British Columbia, and many
of ihese properties will be slilppers and
dividend payers within two years' time.
And, 10 cap the climax, lt haa now been
ahown thnt there are vast bn ties of Iron
ore that promises 10 rival the best iron
districts of any country.
Wnen one slops to enumerate the resources, coal, coke, silver, lead, cold,
copper and Iron, unlimited forests of
the best of pine tlmlnr, mountains of
lime, gmm valleys of rich agricultural
lands and unlimited water power, li
drives.home the conviction that tbere
Is a marvelonsly bright future ln store
for Sriuh Basi Kootenay. The products of ihis district are the foundation
for a large proportion of the wealth o'
tbe world. The wtsl Is yet a new country, hardly touched by the hand of civil-
iza'ion, as compared with older countries. ,11 has ihe resources and furnishes the opportunity for the capitalist
and laboring man. Thc ovct-popnlateil
east, both In Canada and the United
States, his reached the critical stage,
and aa a result Immigration and capital
are (lowing tothe wesiw.ird more than
ever before In the world's history.
This means advancement for the west,
and 1 a .leniarly for those pottlcns that
have the resources to develope. Thai
is why South Eaat Kootenay will protlt
by existing conditions. That is why
her advancement In the future Is bound
to lie inure rapid than ever In the past.
And with the present towns growing
end others springing up, Cranbrook a*>
tbe uatural center of all this wealth
must become a great and prosperous
The Phoenix Pioneer Is now located
tn lis new quarters, and Is being printed
on a cylinder press. It looks neater
and brighter tban ever.
About tbe only comment heard on the
Dunsmuir government Is In the lined
Siulh   Hint    Kootenay    v
years will be a wotld beater
There are enough rich properties in
South Eiat Kiotcnjy to bring prosper
ity to thousands of people for years to
In five years from now British Columbia, with her deposlis of gold, silver,
lead, copper, Iron, -due, coal and oil,
her greit timber areas and her rich vjI*
leys, will be without a doubt 11 store
bouse of riches. Oa pital aud iratispo
tatlou Is all that Is needed.
Cranbrook will have one or two more
railroads inside oi IS months. Ni t
road will coma up or down tl.e Ko
nay valley without s-cnrlng connection
with Cranbiook.
Hundreds of mi1*.*, of railroads will be
const rm t ii in British Columbia during
tbe next live years.
If we had Invested $HH)0 in Nnrthern
PdClllc stock List wi cli we would have
cleaned up 810,000 Wa lackeJ j ist
S'j'.m 3D of having Uie thousand, aud thus
lo.-t ano'nn good cnance to secure
bunch of coin,
President McKlaley has been com.
pelled to stop his tour through the west
owing to the Illness of Mrs. McKinley
it San l'Vancbo. The world Is pleased
to hear that the good lady la on the
road to recovery, ami expects to ba able
to start for Washington ln a day or two.
I f e r n 1 e f^^L^^mr^^Li^^i^^Mi^&mm^mmi^m
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
99999*999999^************ ifiytk
Prom   lhc   Cunl    Mclropolla  f *4> (?>
One duy last vvr-ek, within an hour'*:
time, flic Herald mm beard piople conversing in the BugUsh, French, Chinese,
Japanese, German, Swede, Italian and
Indian languages. Suiely. Cranbrook i*-
Fml Pieper, of Pieper & Currie, is i"
Moyii* doing some ot" hla ariisiu** work n
McMuhon'a new hotel, When Fred Pie
pet nml Fat McMahon draw up their
chairs in tin- evening around the hotel
*t.ive and start lo tell tlicir expt'ih-nci-
in Mouti'lia, Colotndo and California
llu- rest ofthe gang quit and tio no liim
but listen. The latest report from Moyie
shows Pieper 8i*vernl points aheud ol
Angus Mteh, of U *k I,n»te, Man
brother of A. Leitch, of tbis city, visited
11 town several days this Week. He is
mt wesi on business connected with the
lnrge Hour mill at Oak J,ak» owned by
tbe three Leitch brothers, and although
liuiily attached to the boundless prairie
ountry of Manitoba, admits that Brit'
Uh Columbia is pleasing lo look upon
Aftet talking witb a iitw Cranhrnok people, he told The Herald editor that lit-
was greatly impressed with the modesty
of the people when the conversation
turned to Cranbrook or South lust
Amoilg lhose who visited Ottawa as
members of the Komenny delegation,
Hairy Heutley, of Fernie, evidently sustained bis reputation ns a hustler and
Hard worker. Tbe Ottawa papers speak
ofhim very highly indeed, and ofthe
work he accomplished while at tbe capital, Heutley is put up right fur a trip
of lhat kind. He is of a sociable nature,
untiring in his efforts to accomplish u
pniposc, quick to make friends, and
what is more, possessing the ability to
Impress the people with the merit of any
cause he espouses. Tlle Herald will bet
that when the committees got through
with lleiiiley, of Fernie, nnd Buchanan,
of Kaslo, they kuew more abont the
west than they had ever dreamed of tie-
R. T. Lowery, editot of the New Hen
ver Ledge, Announces that be will es
tablish a Humility magazine to be known
os Lowery's Claim. Tbe first number
be issued next month, and lhe sub
scription ptice is to be f 1.00 per year,
The magazine will be independent in
religion, politics, government, personal
desires and individual inclinations, and
we will slate, as nn honest opinion, that
no man can spend u dollar to better advantage iliau investing in a year's sub
scriptton to Tie Claim. It will be a
western literary venture, full of western
breeze and enterprise. It will be pub
Hailed for the benefit of Lowery, liy Low
ery aud according to the dictates of Lowery. The rapier will be used, and at
times the bludgeon, but uuder no cir
cumstaiices will gloves be used in handling any question, Lowery is a philosopher, a genius, a crank, a man who
cares little for lhe formalities of life, one
wbo loathes hypocrisy, full of faults and
generosities—a mnn with plenty of man
hood, who believes in seeking happiness
on this earth, and not in dealing oul
sorrow here in hopes of securing a crown
in the hereafter. We propose to rend
fhe Claim even if we bave to pungle up
a dollar to pay for it.
j  News
l««*«-**-3*3-S* ««■«*«*«*
I Prom llio Iree Press]
Messrs. II. Heutley. president of the
Fernie bonrd of trnde, and O. O. Hen*
Ileiidewon, delegates to Oltuwn, re
turned to Fernie from the east on Tuesday morning, alter an absence of about
live Keeks.
A. II. Cree has accepted the position
of private secietary to Government
Agent Armstrong during his visits to
Fernie, and will assist bim in bis court
work so far as Mr. Cree's own busiuess
will permit.
The police ll ive been notified to be on
ihe lookout f»>r stolen horses. All persons are advised not to purchase branded
horses unless the seller can prove bis
title lo thei)), The animals were stolen
from Tobacco Plains.
Jack Kennedy, one of Criuibrook's
contingent to the Strathcona Horse, arrived In town from the cast on Friday
last and wan the guest of A. K Fargu-
harson lor a day or lwo before his return
to Ctadbiook.
John Monts*, one of ihe employes at
Proctor's mill, had the misfortune to
have one of liis hands caught by a small
circular saw on Wednesday ol this week.
I'wo of his fingers were badly cut nud it
may be necessary to amputate them.
News wns received by ibe police on
Sunday to the effect that the body of a
mau had been found about two miles
mid a half above the mine, ami on Monday morning Coioner Trites, W, W. Tuttle and Constable Henderson went up to
the mines and were guided to the spot
by a young lad named Baccus, who had
first made Ihe discovery. The body was
tying about a hundred yards from the
trail, and judging from thp decomposed
state it wus in the mau must have been
de id mx or seven months, There was
no clue on the body whereby lo prove
his identity, the only things his pockets
contained being iG rifle cartridges, a
package of envelopes and paper, a jack
knife, five cents in cash and a couple of
railroad torpedos. The envelopes snd
paper had a tag on them which showed
that they had been purchased from the
firm of Hope Sl Beattie, at Moyie.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a,large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
j in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5,00 an acre, the latter being for first-class ugricul-
| tural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
T. H. Jamison, (be brakeman, tells a
good slory based nu an Incident that oc
ciirred the other day when his train was
tunning between Macleod and Fernie
In one of the cars was an Immigrant'*
outfit, consisting of agricultural implements, household goods, horses, cows, 11
mule and a boy, The boy was sitting at
the open side door looking at lhe country ns lhe train bowled along at the rale
of 13 to i.s miles an hour. The mult*
looked over his back and saw the greet'
grass, lhe pmling mountain streams am!
(he boy, He hnd been jammed and
knocked about during his travels in the
car, and his captivity hnd not improved
his disposition. The contentment ot
thnt boy arom,ed his mulish animosity,
ami he wanted to piny even. He did It,
and with n vengeance. Throwing back
bis eats, and raising oue hind foot, he
let go with full force. His aim was
good und he caught the boy where tne
Inst patches had b'i'ii sewn on his pants,
lifting him clear of the car, and IfWllllI)
liim on a bank of earth several feet frnu
lhe truck. The trnlnnieu snw the lm*,
going through the nir and the stop signal was given. Two or three men, lu
eluding the boy's father, hurried to picl
up the remains, but Imagine their surprise when they reached tbe boy to
linve him struggle lo bis feet nnd in mix
ions tones Inquire, "Sny, daddy, did it
hint the mule?"
An Expensive Trip.
Toronto, May 18 —Sir Charles Tup
per recently took a voyage across the
Atlantic, which cost bim a fortune ol
$300,000. It appears thnt he owned some
Noitheru Pacific stock at tbe time of llu*
great boom iu New York a few days ago.
His stock, bought at $47 and held at
fro 1 par value, rutbed up to $io*-o.
His brokers decided to sell, but found
sei ions abjection in that they <' d not
possess the power of attorney without
which they could not sell the stock. As
Sir Charles was then ou the ocean it was
impossible to communicate with him,
therefore the deal was not consummated
nnd when he arrived the stock boom
bad subsided.
Land Act Notice.
Take untleo lluil I Imvn applied m the chief
coiniulsHlnuer <>f limits uml works at Victoria, is.
U„ for a ijieeln license (0 out ami o.irry nwny
Umber <>n mnl from tin? fit-Iowlng ilcacrlhei!
vticHiii crown lands, In tlw district nf South Kast
K'H'tniuy, 11, ti. Commencing ut a posl plnuleil
nl iim north Wisi corner of lot odd, group 1,
Koolcnay district [ and whi ii j*o*ti is murk-ail
"Kiiwani fniiiil's s, W- cornev poll," thenoo
n.11 111 I3S chains, llionee nasi BO riinilis, t|ii*iiri>
soiitli 130 1 linins, Ihenre west hll chains, to place
nl iii-jmiiiin*..'. emit nl nine H'ui acres morn nr lesi,
Dnted tho 2nd duy of .May, a. D, UKil,
Land Act Nolice.
Takonotlcolltatlliavo applied tniiieciiiercom-
mli-inner of lands and works at Victoria, 11. c,
for a special lloenso tn cut ami carry away timber mi nnd from the following described vacant
fvitwii lands In the district of south Kast Itonio-
nay, [i.e. Commencing ut u posl iilautmi mi
tlie ninth Me nl Tcli'-jiapli Hall, uh-mi tli
miles Mii.tlii-.ist of the cmsslnji <T the Klk liver
li> tin* sail trail, in llio sail! district nml w!
posl is marked 'V. P. < 'Kelly's S. W. en
l-iisl," llii-uee north Ififl elialns, tlienee eu
elltlliil, tllCtiee soutli 125 chains, llieneo west 80
elinlns i« placo nf beginning, containing loou
acres more or less,
Duteil tin* i'ii.i day nf .May, 1901.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amouni of principal and interest, except In the
case ol lands under $2.50 an acre, Is divided into ten instalments as
shown in the table below; lhe lirsl to he paid at thc lime nf purchase, tne second one year Irom dale of Ihe purchase, Ihe third In
Iwo years and so on.
Tlte following table shows lhc amouni ol lhc animal instalments
un IM acres al different prices under Ihe above conditions:
IMacrs al $2.50 per acr, Isl instalment S59.Q5   o equal inlnl'ls al $.10.0
Klmherlev la the business and shippini; point for the
ixiiiiuvi i-sj Nor(() Slflr a|)d S(l||lva|) mines
BEAL & CLLWELL, Townsile Agents.
Crnnhrnnk is "1C divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
VI anm uui\ R(.j|wfly 8|)(j lhe commcrcia| ccntrc 0f   South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Lands under $2.50 per acre are iold
on shorter time.
II Ihe land is paid lor in fidl al Ihe
lime of purchase, a reduction Irom the
price will be allowed equal lo ten per
cenl on Ihe nmoiinl paid in excess ol Unusual cash instalment.
Interest nt six per cent will be
charged In uver due Instalments,
The Company hns also lots for sale
in the following lown sites In I'osl Koolcnay: Olko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kilch.
ener, Creslon and Kimberley.
Thc terms ni payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelvi
*•) *?
•> ®
Leading }(
Hotel    f
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Notic-n l» lioroby trlvw tii;ii we Imve made n\>-
pllcnllon tn tha chief nun nl«lnnorof lands mid
WorlM, nt VI' tm* a, for a special llconse to cut
uml carry away Umber from the fo lowing del-
itiIu'iI V'lfiinl crnivti l;ui-U 1 :i tlie (UstiM or
Doiilli Kimi Kootenny, II, C, i Coiiniipnclnj; at a
p tst plantiHl in llu-gii !->. Mo;vi 11 in tm BniitlwMl
corner, nn l uhout Imlf a initonliov,*the Jimcltoii
or Little mi i iliu Sand creeks, commending nt a
|MM marked'Dtp .McNa'.i Lumher Coy's,, (ltd.)
north-easl cimcr \m*t, thence smith M elialns,
llience we»l IflO elinlns, tlienee nortli 100 olmlns,
tlienee eiiRt lOoliniu*', tlienee smith no cliulnii.
thence enst 130 elinlns to pluee of hcglnnlni;.
containing mon jidrcJi morn or less.
Dated the oth day of Mny, 1 mi
THK McN'AU I.OMIlEit ('<>., LTD.
Land Acl Nolice.
Take notice tliat I liave'itppllail to the elilct
commissioner or lauds and works at Victoria,
ll. c, for a .special license to cut n d carry awny
Ilmher on tuul from llie following ite*crlln-.il
tat-nnt nrotyn lands In the dl&trlol of South Bast
Kooteuay, It. (', i oinmi'ii* Inu nt n post plnntcd
on ihe norlh side nl Telegraph lntl1, al,mit "■"'*'
miles sniitheasi nf t ;o orosslng of His Klk river
by the snid trail In the snhi district, and which
iioni in marked "ti. Hlesol s n. w. comer post,"
llience sonih Iks clialus, thence east to ciial s,
llienee no 111 liSO .ulna, llience wilt RO chains lo
plaee of lu-ninning, contalalng ioooa:res more or
Iiiiieil lhe imd duy of .May. lfKU.
Lind Acl Nolice.
Tnke notice that I hnve applied lo llie ehlef
commissioner of lands nml works nt Victoria,
ll.C, for u Special license to cul und carry uwuy
Umber on nml from thi* following dcscriheit
-.iti-iinl crown hinds, in tlie district nf Smith
Knsl Kiioienuy. t'omiiienclng nl a post planted
hi the south si ie or telegraph Trail, uhout one
Imlf mite south uf the cros-ting «f Hie Klk river
liy the sal.I trail, In tlie said district, und winch
poit Is iiiurki'd "\V, W. noble's N. K. eornor
posl,' tlienee soutli i■„',". cli;<lus, tlienet'went KU
cbuiiis, tbence nortli l-jr> elialns, llience enst so
olialns lo the placo of iu>Kimiuig, eoutalniiiK Uffi
acres more or less.
Dated ilu* litti day of May, A. I). 1901,
W. W   DOfil.B,
Timber Notice.
Nntlce Is liereliy glvon Hml 1 have Applied to
tiie chief commissioner of innds nnd works for
iieiiiiissioii to out und cany awny timber from
Hie following <le rrlhml  hinds   In  KOIIlll   Knst
Kootenny. Cflinmenotng ut n pojl inilrked •). ll.
McMullin 'a sonih eust coiner [diluted nenr I'nl m
nr< Uur creek uml Hie I'liyro'l Mining Uompnti/
wagon road, tlisneo north IM oliolfts, llience
WB t M chnins, thcni-c smith Itl chill IIS, Hioiicd
<< isi su chulns io plnce or h-bglnnlng, coniuiniug
mhiiiii,■(■,->. more or less,
Dut'-ii ut Crnnbrook, II, 0„ tliu dtli day or
Mny, IMI, .1. II. McMt'l.l.lN.
Land Acl Notice.
Nnlh'i'l*< lioteliy given Hint I Imve iniule lip'
pllailllon to lhe eliler couiiiilsslouer of Imuh uud
works, Vicloiln, II. l'., for n special license to out
■mi carry uwuy Umbel* on uml from the following described vacant crown lands, in uu* ills.
irlit of h'oiith Kist Kontonuy, II ('. ('inuiiiene-
iiiKiit a post pimiteii on Hie norlh slileof Telegraph trail, about two miles simiheati ofthe
crossing of Hie Klk fiver hy lhe suld Irall, lu the
snhi di tilt, mui which posi is marked "J, II
Costigan's H. W. corner (Hist," tlienee north 136
i'lmins, iheneo oust mi rlttt os, llience soulh iSfi
chains, thcheo west 80 chains to pluee of beginning, ronliiltiiug luu!) acres more or less.
Dated the 2nd day of May, 1001.
Land Notice.
1 lilrty (lays nfter'tlnto 1 luiemi io apply to
Chief Commissioner or l.nmls uud* Works f»r
permission In purchase the fnllowlng des, rlhffd
land: Commencing al the norlli rait corner of
Thos. l.cnsk'H iire-empilonoii I'cry ('reek, run-
Ing east 10 chnins, til nice -south sueluillis, thence.
we-t ui elinlns tlienee nor.ll HU elialns to point of
C lienter McAdain,
Land Act Nolice.
Notice is liereliy given Hint I linve mnde application to the chief commissioner of lands nnd
works nt Victoria, It. f'„ tor a special lie, nse lo
cut and carry awny timber on and frmu tlie foi-
lowing described vacant crown lauds in Hie district of Houth East Kooleiiay, it. C Commenc-
in; nia p< i. piniitcit ou the south side of Tele
tirapii truil, uhout one- hair mile from Hie cross-
In.,' of Hie Klk river hy Ibe snhi trail, lu tlie laid
district, Uud which post li marked "Malcolm
Meinns* u, w. corner post,'* thence norlli i-'.
chains, llicnce enst 81 chains, llicnce south I2l
elinlns, thenco west Ao olialns to place nf be
ginning, containing ioft) acres more or less.
Hated Craubrook, It. C . .May 2nd, I0O1,
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract
P. 0. Fori Sleele, B. C.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
A. D
"» Builder 3
"■■.■Cranhrook, B C
Und Act Notice.
Take notice that 1 bnve applied to tlie chief
commissioner ot lands and works al Victoria, It,
('., for a s-eclal license to cut an I carry away
limber on und from the following described
vacant crown lumls In Uie district ur South Kiibi
Kooieuay, B.C. Coiumeuclin ut u jkiiI pluntcd
nu Hie south side of relcgraph trull, about two
miles south east ot thB crossing of Klk river by
lhe snid trail. In the said dl-trlct, mil which
poii In marked "lit-oriie miller's N. W. corner
nost," thence south 126 chaliis, thence east an
elialns, theuce north IW chains, thence west ho
chulns tu mace or beginning, containing 1000
acres more or less.
Haled the 2nd day of May, mm.
mn, iiil.i.liat.
W« have a stock oi
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Beauty and Bargains
In Oil Paintins framed
...At Prest's
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Cnnbrook, British Colombia
There arc a few points lo
be considered in building.
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
Tommy'sCity Bakery
I> mukln, tbe llowera bloom.
Is malilot; Tommy's boslnen bloom.
II you wall health lo bloom
liat Tommy'i Bread, Cokes aod Pailry,
Tbe best bloomln, proJoct In the city.
Shipped lo all parts ol South Hail Kooleoay.
Delivery lo aay part ol tbe cily.
Thomas J. Hayhurst
Solicitor, Etc.
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
Have you talked with anyone aboul bulldln*-?
Came and iee me or let me iee you. II may
do ua both food.
 AM,   KINliS   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber.
Dimension Lumber,
5hingles and !
Do You Sell Liquor????
II io, doo'l buy   Qpl   T" I p r>   The Only Wboleiale Major
until you see..   rCUl ICK   South Easl Kooteaay.    Wri
Cranbrook, B. C. AV *
PELTIER is also agent (or
T. LEBEL & CO. Whol(",e
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
Dealer la
Write lor Price,
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk	
Morning or evening to
the people ot Cranbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite the
Methodist church.
Knyplinn 0'itK lor seeding—Btnall qualt-
ilie.-s ac per pound; in quantities, $35 per
Flnl clan line ol Jewelry, Clacks,
and Silverware always in slock.;:
W. F. Tate, ****
Olllclal Watch loipector ter C. P. R. THE  HERALD.
■he Km*rv   ExhcIIv  Ho*W  lu l.iiin   Pupa'* Consent.
I'eiug an InctepeadvUt, straightforward American girl, tin.* boldly entered
the library whore her father was trylug to keep awake, took hte lap la pret-
ereuce to nu easy ebalri got Iilm by a
lialf Nelson holt! about the nock nnd
protuptly (olil liim iimt sho luul en-
(,-aged herself to that young Johnson on
fck-coud nveuue.
"Wbnt!" whooped tlio old gcmleinaQi
and In* utteiupted to get to bis fuet tlmt
in* might ospross himself with more
action nml Impress)veuoBs, ltut it tea
quick shift from tlio bull' Nelson to tlm
Ml'llUglu bob), unit sln> IIIUllo the shirt
while -*-'bi> talked rapidly in n cooing
tt  putted liim mi Die check with ber
free baud unit vigorously worked tho
"Lucy," in* yelled, "break nwny!''
showing ibui hi* mus imi io unsopblstl*
eatcil us iu> looked, "You're thi-ottllng
-IU* bus ti nli't- position nml utiud
prospects mnl no bad linblts, uml bo
novi ■' londo love in any siri before, uml
bis family is nil Hglit* nod mnmmn snhi
iin* was w illhiK if ymi wore, nud Dnclo
Dick says thoro mv lots of worse foi
lows tbun Mr. Joliusou, mid Amu Koto
says sin* nlwnys ilitl HkQ bbu, uml our
" I-'or lion veil's Bnko, girl," gurgled the
uhl gentleman, who wns purplo nml
gasping, "do yon know wbnt you're doing!" Ami he mnde a desperate effort
to break tbo bold, witb tbo result tbnt
he tightened It.
"lion't gut excited, pnpn, dour, bless
bis obi lii'iut! I know you wouldn't bu
cruel euough to brenk my heart." And
she put on tho pressure. "As I wnn
saying, the minister sdld"—
"Minister bo Mowed," nnd papn's
eyes were bulging; "nil nf 'em be blowedl Mnrry him, muny tbu whole Johnson family, but Iut mu get a breath,"
Thuu she kissed bim uiitbusbistk-nlly,
called hlm nu augel nml wns proclaiming lier engagement in tho parlor, while
tho old gentleman wns cough trig,
whucziii-r, swearing und assuring himself bow ho'd liato to be In Johnson's
pin co.
Knell of Lllile.
The stranger lu nny city half a hundred yonrs ohl1, If be know nothing of
the city's history, would lunrn from
muny of tbe signs tbat the second and
third gun urn tlons hnd succeeded to tbe
business-, of father and grandfather. It
Is especially true of New York. The
New York Tribune mentions some peculiar signs nnd relates the following:
A Londoner who bad strolled about
the streets of tho cily with a New
Yorker who cnlicd his attention to
some of tbe signs of sons agreed that
lu tbis respect New York was very like
London, but in neither city was there
any such sign as be snw ln oue of the
old English towns n few hours' run
from the world's metropolis. The sign
rends, "John Llttlujobn's Sons & Little
(Little Lltllejohti, Doolittle LIttli-John
ft John Little).
According to the Londoner the flrst
Llttlejobn nnd Little were partners.
The former gnve bis first son his partner's family nnme, nnd Little gnve hit
boy his partner's Christian name. Lit-
tlejolm'a second son was named for bis
mother's family, Poollttle. The three
sons succeeded to tlicir fathers' business; hence the sign Is entirety correct,
and tbe Londoner was right In Baying
that tbe successors hml no Intention of
being "funny" when they bad tbr'r
ilgu written ns It iippe-ars.
Dear Sirs,—i hnvu bean u groat sufferer from rbuiimut ism, nnd lately
have been routined to my bod, Seeing your MINARD'S UNIMKNT advertised, I tried it and got iiitiii.-dmli*
r-allof. 1 ascrlbo iny fvstoratton io
health to tbe wonderful power nf
your medictnt.
Hut in.  N(1d.
Hnt-fla nml Trnliii'tl .\iiri<-->.
Trained   nurses   are   nol   woleotu*
gUCSlfl In New York hotels, niitl In far*
in many thoy are expressly forbidden
to appear in thu dining looms in tuclr
miirorms, The hotel keepers object to
their prosonco In their working dresses
becnuse nny ludlentlon of the existence
of disease in a hotel \* dlsndvtmta*
geous t'lidur thoso circumstances tbey
are COtUPQllCtl to go tliropgli as intuh
prulimliinry labor before they go to
meals nn It they hint been Invited under
forum I t-iri'iiin-N in n«-4 s Yi i itiu wisdom
fif thu rule on tin- pari of uu* hotel I
prlrtors Is nduiltted, us In some of the
[urge hotels up lown occupied chiefly
|iy fnuillies there me frequently in or
U I rallied nurses employed Tho sight
of so ma uj1 would imi uu reassuring to
Hood lal kor s un* plentiful! bm gdnd
11st Opera nru hard to llnd.
Is a symptom of Kidney
Disease. A well-known
doctor has mid, " I never
yet mad-a a post-morton examination luticns-flol death
from Heart Disease without finding the kidneys
wereatfault." The Kidney
medicine which way fusion
the market, most successful for Heart Disease aud
all Kidney Troubles, and
most widely Imitated is
-!i,-*I-»-»-^|««-»>«^,-»^.«-^ i»«-4»-J-i..«-<wS'-*.f*-t-«-*.i -J
("Little Bat"
Sibley Fight.
•*|«^iti'»^-$—->4*^f^>».ii-tj^i i-$-8;»■>■•$•$
"Tbe long haired man from the west
may be nil right, but tbere are others,"
remarked a dark, swarthy, stout man
In tliid city yesterday. He wns Frank
Cfrouard, ex-oblef of scouts of the
United States army, tbe hero of a hundred Indian tights uud hairbreadth
eseapes. There is nothing romantic to
the nppearauce of this big, brawny
man, his blnek huir now well streaked
with silver, but bis exploits are liberally blazoned ou the army reports by
Crook nud Sheridan. Born ou an is-
Isinl iu the v-hi Hi pQclfle iu 1800, the
sou of u missionary, through stress of
otrcuinBtanco al Iho nge of r> be was
left lo shirt for himself, Doing chores
nbout ibe California mining camps "iut
driving nn ore wngon were his ivaluing
for carrying tun 11 over n lonely stnr
route. Hi? wns captured us u youth
hy Indians and adopted ns a sou by
lho famous Bloux ehlef Crnsy Horse*
living live yinrs in Indian camps, eating ids meat without suit, forgettlug
the tnslo of bread, nml Intrusted wlih
tho mysteries of "medicine mnking" hv
Silling Dull Tliis school liuired 1dm
in hardship nnd eventually led bim to
meet innl overcome dangers that few
men hnve experienced.
When he snw tho telegram III tho
nowRpnper of yesterday relating tho
tragedy nt Crawford, Neb., ihnt sounded "tups" for Baptists Gnnuler, bettor
known ns ihu famous scout Little Hat,
he qnlto forgot the overhanging wonder of thu elevated road nml the tall
buildings to lell liis regret nt ihu passing of one wbo bud shared with bim
many perils. "Did you ever hear or the
Sibley llghtV" he nsked. "If yuu have
not, John Pluerty can tell you one lively side of it. Little Hut might bnve
told you some moro about It, nud 1
might say something myself. Yes, we
wore ull in it up to our chins, nud ns
an ull round close shave I Ihlnk nil accounts agree that it was about the limit. The idea of a man living on n diet
of tbnt hind ami then gelling killed In
a saloon light! It seems tough. Poor
Little Rati Had whisky was worse
'medicine' thnn Sifting Hull ever made
in ail bis yenrs of deviltry.
"But yon want Ine to tell nbout the
Sibley light, do youV It wns nbout 24
yeurs ngo Inst July, Just about n week
before the battle Hint wiped out General Custer nnd his entire command.
General Crook assigned Little Unl mid
myself to go north on the Tongue river
and meet n body or friendly Crows ihut
were Joining us to tight ngatust the
Sioux. Much to my regret. Lieutenant
I*'. \V. Sibley ami IM picked men of tho
Second cavalry were detailed as an escort. Tho men Mere splendid fellows,
but nil more or less new In Indian lighting. We had been moving north two
days when In ibe dnwn of the third
morning I discovered the Sioux moving
toward the Tongue river thicker than
buffaloes In lhe vulley of the Platte.
I called Rat softly, and when he saw
the great pn luted inoeosslon stealing
over the plains bo snid, 'My God. we
are gone!'
"1 waited until 1 saw ihem strike our
trail. Immediately tlie discoverer he-
gun circling his horse und waving bis
blanket, and nbonl ten minutes Inter
every Indian in tliat Bootlau knew that
while men were su me where about. I
thought we might possibly g<'t away
from them by gelling up Into lite
mountnlus. I told Bai to follow me
wilh the men as fust as be could, my
Idea being to get beyond where Ihe
Twin creek I mil crossed onr own in
ihu mountains, knowing that iliu In
dlnns would unturallj make a run to
cut ns off ai ihai point I suppose I
weni up the hills railmr fast, for nt
length I got Hied waiting nt the trail
crossing ntitl   wenl   hurl;   ror  the sol
dlers.    I mm li i>  surprise when I
learned llm) tbo |innj hml stopped to
make eofTee. I.leu I ennui Sibley adtutl
led his ine*. ;iei lem e In n ruuiltug light
and had yielded to the ImportunhigH or
his met1 who wanted luvnkfa*! 1 lold
bim the chances were thai none or us
would enl uny more between thni Mme
ami kingdom come, as tin- Indians
wen* probably waiting for us ni the
point we should liavc (Missed loug ago
1 made u wide detour from lhc Iratl as
we toiled up the moiitiinin. Very for
luuately, roi ihey were ambushed for
ih :u ihe crossing or the trulls between
two high iree crowned duties ir we
hud |in*sod through tbnt natural gate,
done ol ua would Imve been left to lull
about li. As we passed up tbu mountain   in   lhe   left   lhey   gol   ou   lo Olir
curves, uml about SIX) did some wild
target [irneilce In our direction Bt range
io say, nnl a loan ivhh hit. Correspondent John 1**1 in-riy's horso w»s shot, nnd
be eame np nml (nlned me iu tcmlitig
the line. The liol*ses were Inclined lo
stampede nt tbi ilrsi __ _ _ lhe be-
glUOlDg of the thick timber I ordered
the sloel; lied In a huncli The Iml.atis
tried lu every way to draw our tire,
but Blbley, ai my sugguattuo. urOeix-o
no firing unless iiu-y charged up to us.;
which Is imi the wi.y nn Indlun Ughiv ',
"We got to the timber nt W o'clock
la tbe morning, nnd we did not tiie a
shot until :i o'clock in the afternoon.
Every man bad his life, und be stuck
to It closer than n brother. Early in
the dny u leather lunged Sioux yelled
at me that hu kuew Bat nud myself
were tbere, nyd they were going to
hnve grent fuu wiih us—particularly!
me. I knew whut that meant without
n map, so 1 iold every soldier to Bave
a good cartridge for himself beforo
surrendering lo lhe fiendish tortures,
for the Sioux hnve \ ery original
methods of makiug a man die by the
most painful process possible.
"Along ubout lho middle of the afternoon my red friends who were unit-
lug to entertain mc begau to get very
gay und were growing bolder evory
minute Tbey hnd killed ull our horses
but live, nml thought It wus Impossible
for us to gel away lu fact, i hyrd
thein sny so quite froqUently In lhe
gnttoral language of ibe Cheyeunes,
White Antelope und a baud of ciiey-
ennos had Joined the wur party, und
ibis chief   began   riding   cl ■ uud
closer to om* trees, Finally ho nml au.
other ehlef. wtio wus rid lug ubout lhe
yards behind hlm. cume into fairly
good range. I could see ihe color of
his eyes us be cume toward liic. I
pulled ibe trigger of my title, ami bofh
Indians wenl down together ns it result
uf the single sbot.     II   wus tlie  Ilrsi
shot from out; party, uml the d6ublo
tragedy  confused   the   Indians.    Thin
our whole out Ht poured In n withering
volley, nud I lold Sibley it wns our
time io tnko nd vantage of their confusion nutl get through iheir line bnck < •
tbe gully. 1 waited :uiil they were nil
fairly started back through llie hn|vy
timber, then, taking ibe Imini ft mui
timber, then, taking the Irtrlrit from the
saddle of my dead horse, 1 followed.
"It was a mile from where we madi
our stand lo ibe main fork of il.t*
Tongue rlver.nnd the woods were full ol
terrible windfalls, anil it was awfully
bind traveling. The Ilrst HOU yards Mir
men had to simply suuirni ibyir v.n.v
through tbe timber and keep veiy low.
The savages had n comparatively ihir
line nt our rent*. ,*r* tbey knew (lie <*hnr
actor of the country aud Ibotigl I mi
would be helpless without our It- rst -.
"When I rejoined the men. I wni "tr
In tbe lend nml I covered the rear,  Th
soldiers took off llielr boots and stepp:1!!
from rock to rock in order lo Iciive < n
trnil as blind us possible.   A' oui d.irt
a heavy rainstorm, with mueh win
came up ami soon drowiml out ihe tiling thut our foes kepi up on m:r eamu
Our policy or holding our lire so roo!.
tbem that the.v did not rush our ca
until the following mnni.a-g n fan llu
I learned later.   Tbe storm was w'.'
and terrible.   We were ihvm-I.ed, n;
the timher begun m fall n'.l nlmui i
We kepi In a territory where bo:
eould not travel for reasons of our u*.v:i
and we lilt nil unbluziil trail over !!•■
mountains ror ihe fallowing 1.1 h-uui
without :i mouthf.il to eu I.   Soiu llm.
the squirrel path was so sleep I bill It.;
and 1 hud to pull ihe soldiers up ovu
the rocks wlih our lussoes.
"Tbe foliowlug moruiiiii at " o'clock
we forded Goose truck. Ihe cold wale,
coming up to our arm pits, und at da.i
light fell iu with a scoutlpg pally cf
the Seeoud cavnlry. Tbeu w\- went
bnck over the trail uud picked up lwo
of our exhausted soldiers thul hnd given up. We hud been under a bot lire
nearly ten hours, bad (raveled BO miles
over a terribly rough mountain country
and during ait lhat lime hud uot enjoyed the luxury of n ration, ns we
were forced to abandon everything
when the Indians Rlglfted us except our
hope nnd our ammunition Vet we never losi n ninn
"Poor Utile Bat! lie was in the lead.
.lust to think of ll! Now he is snuffed
ont as the resuli oi :t i- I'vunliy misdeal
In a miserable saloon tight,"
The spen.o r cflsl :i-ldc the stump tif
bis cigar nud said, "Wfiere do you iti uii
I could lind John I'hieiiy nnywayr-
Chleago Record.
"They have iwlns at tlmt house
ncross ibo street,"
"1 ntn glad of it!"
"Why. what diiTereuce does It make
tn you?*'
"The   man   who  lives  there  Is  the
putue man who used to wnke mc ni fl
j o'clock   every   Sunday   morning   lust
summer wiih his Infernal lawn mow-
ci*"-chieaito Tribune.
li Mluhi Serve* n Parpui-f.
Sweet Girt—It's Just too mean foi
l\liy thing I There Isu't going to be any
old School Frlcntl-Aro yon so fond
of music ¥
•Sweet tilil-N-o. but 1 think If there
hnd heen -to or iM) nights nf opern ahead
Geo—1 ineiiu Mr. Nlcufullo—would have
proposed  n-  a  mniter of economy,
He Cures Every Form of Piles Thoroughly and Well
Without the Danger, Expense  and Pain
of an Operation.
Bear* FHlpltiill'-u. MhIii. »- nnd Wen*.
dmi in tha Leg* Folluned Until (hv
Bair-srer Fr-U tl»ut ail Ca** Wa* Al-
luut Hop«l«M,
From the Mirror, Uaaford, um.
Nu nmn in Mcui'ord is better known
or more highly respeoUd ihun Mr.
Patrick Ivluuuy. whu hus been n res-
dent of tbe town for nearly forty
yeurs. Air. Delauey is a stone rooson
by trade- mid ims helped to construct
muny of ibe buildings which go tn
{0 Up Mcuford'b eliief business
structures, Hearing ihgt lie hadrc-
:elveu great benefit from ihe uut- of
Dr, Williams' Pink i'ills, a reporter
of the Mirror culled to obtain par
tlculars of ihe cure, uud Mr, Delaney
heoriully gave lum the following
statement     "Laat  March," suid lm,
my lieu I lb liecuilie so jhioi* tlml i
wuh    i 'uii|"*ll* 'I    to quit  work.      I lu*
hief ayioptoiiiH of my illness were
■xtii-uie weakness in the legs, loss of
tppetflu, mid pulpiiniiou ofthe
henrt. The least exertion would
ne mu lietirt. to |iotplLata violently, and if I stooped tti pick up anything I  would ba oven uini; With di/.-
zlnoss,   My legs were ro weak   thut
I wus compelled lo sit down to put
my clothes on. The doctor I consulted suid 1 hud a bod case of unue-
iniu. He prescribed for nm and I
look three holies of medicine, but nil
the whilo I actually grew worse iiniili l became so weak nnd emaciated
that it seemed impossible (hut 1
could recover. Having read of the
euros effected by Hr. Williams' Pink
Pills I determined to givo them u
trial. From the first box I noted nn
improvement iu my condition. My
legs* became stronger, my appetite
improved, und by the time T hud
used four boxes I felt belter than 1
had done fot* months. Thut tho
pills nru a wonderful remedy there is
not the least doubt. 1 can do light
work ubout homo without experiencing any of tho unpleasant s-nsnlions
lhat 1 once underwent. I feel an altogether different man despite the
fuet that I am now sixty-seven yenrs
of ago- All 1 can say is that I attribute my present good health to Hr.
Williams! Pink Pills and I would advise any other similar Sufferer to try
To those wbo are weak, easily
tired, nervous, or whose, blood is out
of condition, Dr. Williams* Pink Pills
come as a blessing, curing when all
oiher medicines fail, and restoring
those who give thein a fair trial lo a
full measure of health und strength.
Tba pills aro sold only in boxes bearing on the wrapper the full nnme Dr,
Williams' Pink Pills for Pule People.
If your dealer does not keep tbem
lhey will be sent post paid at 50
cents a box or Six boxes for $2.30 by
addressing tho Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
In one ot iiu* old Greed cities it	
atom! lotiu bkq n stutue. Every iraee ul
it ims vanished now    [tut then* ts still
Id existence an epigram which aires -is
nn excellent description ot  il   and us
we rend the words we cuu surety tii*-*
cover the lessen whleh those wise old
Greeks meant thul (lie RtlllUC should
teoeh to every passerby    The epigram
is in the form ei u conversation between n traveler nnd the statue'
"What is thy name, 0 statue)"
"1 am called Opportunity "
"Who made thee7"
"Why art thon on thy toes?"
"To show ihut I stay bul n moment"
"Why bust thou wings on thy feetV"
"To show how quickly I puss by,"
"Bul why is thy bnir so long on thy
l'i ire hen d V"
"Thul men may seize me when they
meet me."
•'Why, then. Is ihy bend so hftld behind >"
"To show ihnt whin 1 have onco
passed I cannot he caught"
Ceylon and India Tea
So rapidly do ilung Irritation spread nnd
dei-pt-ll, lllilt   often   ill li f,*.*.  IV601*8 II t-hltplo
Hon. Glvo heed toa o uah. thero Is always
danger in de'ay, u-t n bo ih* ef Biokle's
Anfl-Oonsninptlvettyrup and euro yoiu-tetf,
li im ti mi die Ine unsurpassed for ah throat
nnd nmn troubles,   it i.-> compounded from
p-vi nil nei'liu. tueli one of which stand* lit
Ihe heud of lhe Let ns exerting u wonderful
Influence in em ing consumption Mid till
lung dimit e*.
In 18HO only four per cent of the
people of the United States lived in
cities.   Today    BO    per cenl  live In
It Is surprising what a large number of men aud women suffer from
lhe wretched uueusincss and torturing Itelling ot piles. You tony be
among those who, through modesty
or fear of lho surgeon's knife, have,
been prevented from appealing to
your physician for a cure, ton havo
tried tho hundred and ono things that
friends have recommended and have
become discouraged. You say, ua
many have said before you, that
ther-b is nu cure for piles.
Now is the time for you to turn lo
Dr. Chnse, whose famous ointment Is
recognized tho world over as the only
actual cure for every form of piles.
The real substantial value of Dr.
Chase's Ointment has given It a
unique position among medicines. Ii.
Is used in nearly every neighborhood
on this continent and has becomo
known by word of mouth from frieml
to friend and neighbor to neighbor.
Asa your frlendB about it, ask your
druggist, ask your doctor. Others
have been discouraged, and aftor
years of misery have been cured by
Dr. Chase's Ointment. Mere is onu.
Mrs. James Drown, lllntonburg, nenr
Ottawa, writes :—"1 havu been a
constant    sufferer from nearly every
form of plies for tb* lost -30 years,
nud during that time, both hers and
In tbe old country, have tried almost
every remedy.
"I am only doing justice to Dr.
Chase's Ointment when I say lhat I
believe it to be the best remedy obtainable for bleeding and protruding
piles. I strongly recommend Dr.
Chase's Ointment to mothers, or Indeed, to any person suffering from
that dread torment—piles."
Mr, Ueorgo Thompson, a leading
merchant of Dlenhclm, Ont., states :
"I was troubled with itching piles
for 1ft years, and at times they wors
so bad I could scarcely walk. I tried
a great many remedies, but never
found anything like Dr. ('hnso's Ointment. After the third application I
obtained relief, and wus completely
cured by using oue box." Ask your
neighbors about Dr. Chase's Ointment, the only absolute cure for
You can obtain Dr. Chase's Ointment for 00 conts a box from any
denier. If you prefer, enclose this
amount to these offices and the remedy will be sunt, postpaid, to your
address. Kdmnnson, Dates & Co.,
Por the last ton years there has
been an increase of 12,000 annually
in ihe number of Great Britain's insane.
Some persons hnvo periodical attacks of
Canadian  ehuleni. dysentery   or diitrrhcM,
and hnvu to uh* great precautions to avoid
the disease, ("lituige of water, cooking and
green fruit Ib Hire to bring on the attacks.
To eueli poreonfl wo would recommend Dr.
J, D. Kollogg's Dysentery Cordial na being
tbo boat medicine in the market for ub summer complaints, If a few drops lire tnkiti
in water wben tlie symptoms ure noticed no
further trotiblo will bo exporlonaed,
If aU the world's a stago ami
those in ii merely players, under
certain ulrcumstaoceB Lho pawnbroker must Iw a kind of idcniice
M'unl nfa Tlnr.i«mirt rtocrs.
A lull do you think of u sword binds
.il contains n fhodsind sheets of met-
t Vtt Ihey arc not uncommon nnd,
•i you will readily imagine, are of oil-
ilal workmanship. Our pniiisluking,
itleut Japanese friends nre lite mak-
rs ei' ilium, und a few days ago I hud
ie pleasure of seeing oue In n l-'otirth
■ letiiu*   curiosity   shop   outl   had   its
n-tImd of manufacture explained,
i'he bladi s of these snbeis are made
i.iiii magnetic iron ores.   The steel Is
■roduced In small, very thin sheets,
ud the workman begins by fixing one
i ihem to tlie end of au iron rod which
ecus tu a handle. To this are solder-
d other small sheets until thu innss
as a length nf about eight Inches, a
vldth of nbout two Inches and n Illicit-
ns of a little more than a quarter of
in Inch.
'Ibis h.ir Is brought to a while brat,
nubbd on Itself uud humuiei-ed until
t is down lo its original dimensions.
fills pr-n-re-tjfl Is repeated 15 tjuit*. I'mir
hii Bar i firs nre then Soldered tAgi tin r,
loubled   upon  iliemselves.  resoldercd
tnd h* uted, Die operation being repeat
*d live times, This process makes th,»
ii|jcrposml layers so thin ihnt a saber
* mains at least a thousand sheets of
If you Uud one of these swords thai
'*ns a retard npppnrnnce, you mny
Mioiv n is caused hj alternate layers of
iim and steel being soldered together.
It's a Short Road
from a cough to consumption.
Don't neglect a cough—take
when your cold appears. The
"ounce of prevention " in
better than years of illness.
'* W*>r*1\.«noot eipf-tiirnr fratilude Ion he
fowl Shiloh'i Cuuiinption Cure Iim a ■turn*. I had a chronk cough-wai In a dasf-tr-
sui lundition. Shiloh cured ihe cough and
lavrd me frum coniumotion."
j. E. sturgis, NtaisnPtlli,
. Shllnh'a CoatumutloD Cato U aulil bj -ill
drngfUls In dm-aila mad Unli-ad Hlntra nt
US. Mo. ai.00 ■ bottle. In fir-sat llrlt»ln
Sl la. 8il.t 9s. art., ami 4. Hit. A prlnt-rU
gaaraut-na fn-na wilh avotf lialtli*. Ifj-ou
■rs not eat I tiled go tu your drumlat -»!>'■ grl
four mooa-f back.
Write for illutlrated booh on Cunfumpium.   Eeoi
•ilhoul cod to yoa.   S. C, Wella *t Co., Toronto.
Brass Band
Inatram-enta, Drnina, UuUnraa, KUi.
LowMt prlOM ever qaoMd. Fine uttloau.
MU llln.tr.tlOM m.ll«i fro«. Writ, n (or ur
Iklnl In H-i.loor Mo.l..l In.tramoaU.
wui.t Bore, ft 00., **XSjii;Si.
Srlco Unt of now and Bncoad-hand wheels,
poefal discount to dealers. Wo also want
y«ur rcjiiiir wort. Send ropolra lo now bo-
fore tho ru h. Woyive sjieQlat and prompt
attention to country orders, Andre Arms
k Oyelo Co., Winnipeg. 8Qccessors to Hyit.
lop Brae,
w. n. u. atw
KUari'i Liniment Cum Garget ti con.
rwoiiLy-olght or thb i-oiitttios nf
Southern Michigan havo lost 4.0,000
rural population in tho last ten
Pabhklek'b Pills ik-bpoim the power of
actlrg speolflcally upon the dl-seaceu organB,
Btimuliitiuii lo nelion the dormant energieu
of Iho sjpteiii, thereby refliovlngdisease. In
fact, su great Is tho [tower of this medicine
to cleanse and purify, thnt disease* of iilmost
every nnme and nature arc driven from the
body. Mr.D.Oflrawell,Carawell,P.0.,Ont..
writes! "lhave tried Parmelee's Pills and
tind them an excellent medicine and ono
that wid sell woll."
There is no law to prevent a woman from plunting herself in front of
a itillltner's show window und wishing she had a bunk account of her
Minard's Liniment Cores Colls, Etc,
It is only after the schoolgirl adds
ihe letter "e" to the word "lov"
that the spell begins to work.
Hurl's Liniment Cures DipHkerta.
Babln saysi "My eleven-year-old boy had
his foot badly Injured by being run over by
a car on tbe street railway. Wo at once
commenced battling tho foot with Dr.
Thomas' Ecleetric Oil, when the discoloration Aid swelling was removed, und in nine
days he conld use his foot. We always keep
a bottle In tbo house ready fur emergency."
The num who tries to live beyond
his means usually winds np by Inning lo live without his friends.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, an they cannot rench tho
(ibi-ased portion of the car. lliero ta only one
way to cure diafnejw, and that In by constitutional remedies Deafness is canned by an tn*
flamed condition of the mucous lining of lhe
Baitaehlan tube. When this tube uot« inflamed you have a rumbling louml or Imperfect
lic.-irln&, and when It is entire!.' close i liiafnena
is the result, ami unless lln* infliiiimi.iti.>n can
l>e taken out and this tude restored to Ub normal condition, hearing will be destroyed for-
everf nine cases out ot ten are caused by ca*
I.irrh, which Is nothing dut an lnSumed condition of the mucous surfnees.
We will five One Hundred Dollars for any
ease of Deafness (caused dy catarrh) that con
not be cured by Hall's Catnrrh Cure. Send for
oircolars, free.
F. J. CHENEY k 00„ Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggist", He.
Hall • Family Pllla are
the lm\-
A dog's bark is ofte» worse thiii
his bill-—but his bark te profcrabb
.iusL the satno.
A WOUtOn who bus im mind nf hei
own to speak of te the first to «h<
Others a  piece of it.
Pali*, sickly children should iuq Mother
Graven' Wnrm Kxtcrminatur. Worms am
one of lln* principal vaums ot suffi ring in
children mul sliould i» expelled from the
When a girl tolls a. young-junn Lo
take heart IL Hounds auspiciously lil-.**
n Mat.
After tbo buwl in over the wary
father may bave n cnoiice lo   gnl   n
lilSlc sleep.
Holloway's Corn Cure is a siKtcifle for tho
removal of corns and warts. U'e have never
heard of its failing to remove even the wurst
Some vocalists on the stage aro
guilty at murder ou the high O's,
A small boy la never so full of emotion (but he hns no room for dinner.
Honesty is undoubtedly llie bes
policy, but it keeps tunny a it.ai
Minard's Liniment Cores Distemper,
A   had   horse is like   a poor j-ln>
Ii. can't ruu and ii won't draw,
An    extravagant    man  is   nlwa.v
preaching economy lo Ms wife,
You can't nlwnys judge a man    by
the elgnra be gives to bla friends
EC02sTOi«d:iC-A.L   TEA.
Its greater itrengtb ftuiuljinftil wi
bist tea ua lho market.
L   a.  ubsuI.Lft   iJUnly   make   It    the
11 vuur gruix-r dues Dot  k»vjj it  he will get jt rather that) Iuse yeur
A free sample of delicious SALADA Tea sent on ri*cei*jt
of postal mentioning which you drink—Black, Mixed or Green
Tea.   Address "SALADA," Toronto or Montreal,
Twentieth Annual Statement
Assurance Company.
For the Year Ended December, 31»t, 1900.
Dee, :u 1891),  To net Ledger Assets   $3,886,710 -'t
Dee. 81,1900.  To Oasb for Premiums 	
" "     ToOasb Income on InTeitmenta, eto.
    $823,829 00
     183 OU 63
Dee. 81. li co   Hy Paymonl for Death OlalmS, Profits, etc	
" •'     By alt other Puyment-i	
204,493 83
Dee. 31,1900.   By Mortgages, eto	
" Debentures (market valno $78)499.471 	
" Stocks and it..ml- (market volno fl OBI 080.00).,
" Itfid Estate, ineiualng Oomimny's bullulns	
" Loans bn PolloleSi etc	
" LtHiiiK on Stocks (nenrb sll «>n call)	
"   Cash in Hunk-' nnu nn tlitild   	
Premiums outstanding, * tc,
Interest and rents due and i
Deo, II, IWO, To dmtmnlce I'untl	
"   AMSiininee nnt] Aniiuit} It, ft. rve Fun.l
" Dontli CtMKfl nwiiltlni, proo&),eto,....
,1 .*.■.*-*.'.;«' KI
T:M S13 lu
I.OIS.799 HO
■2Xi.:i:i :*
Lti.ir.t *.w
l 'V'.UO CO
■J..K.' TtV 00
H.HBa «
Met Snrplua diim.ms «»
Audited mid luuod eorrtct.
I. N   LAKE, Auditor.
Tho inanolal position ol the Couijiatiy is onexcollrd—ila i*rv*et.u,(.- at net
surplus to llabllltloa oxceeda tliat nl miy ..tlier Home Oomputf,
New Insttranco Issued during MOO    t i.lM.iat 00
Kxieedinit tlte boet i rcvlotisyeac (eicept ,,ce) in the liiiterjr „f the
Insurance In for-eeatend ol 1B0O (net)     24.BS51-81 uo
L. W. SMITH, E«q., K.O., D.C.L. J. K. OSBORNE. E^.
D. MCCRAE. Esh.; Gu-lph.
WM. McCABE, LL.B., F.I.A., F.S.S.
Tho Report containing Ihe procecdin.3 <.f th:. Anuual ll.^tlnrf. held en Jtatiar> :wli
lasl, showing itiarked proofs ol the continued prcgrc-s anl tolid |*j*ition of the Oompan) ,
will he ecnt 1o policy-holders. Pamphlets - [.lar.atorj ol the attractive inve-tment of
ptansof thc Company, and a copy ol theannunl teport, ebowlsg its nnexcel tti nnaneial
pOBltlon, will he furnished nn application tu Hit- II fad Office, or any ol the Company's
The Hands of the Worker
And liis f.-ice also, will of necessity get stained
■with Oil. faint, Rust, etc.
The Master Mechanics
Extraordinary Soap
Will make all stains disappear, leave the skin
white and soft, and thc Ur of which it is made
heals any cuts or bruises.
Sold bv ail dealers in f^ood soaps.
(jf WTO" tVK/ A*UU /tot^Lkf, 	
TlW___yt_% tXr*iw*4t4&n2>TiUl ■tttJtet
to cuA> *f ■fl* ^Uyj^titS SsiUs Jttw
The Only Printers' Supply
House in the Northwest
ITS Owes btr-tal, ninnl|Mff.
160 Plants post i«td for 11.   send for list
WHEELER A WILSON iewhs machhii
Ripidity.   Sitvc- nbuut ■■no day In thiv*.
(jnietn* m :md durnMll t v * i'hout noliw nr wnr.
ni'iiernl ntillly.   Kent fur nil kinds of work.
'M Port&gc A**-?., Wiimi..».
United States Cream
i'trlttt, ik mmtri. Light runnlnc and ruleil
to v.»h.   Will out1»t two of ftlmoit all com-
pclltnn.   All round the rnc.it acrvktablt and
a/CITU    ib    P-A GECnGUCU    tenvilm     Everything  needed in Iht dairy
REI I n   o%   UUll    OEEUOIflCn ; kept.    Write  for cataloguca.    Shlpmenta of
WINNIPEG, 47!l Main St., Opp, City Hall, i (r'»l1 butter wanted.
(umlahoB ulioicc llllil fri.'-liSct*(in.    t;«l.il.tnur ;       TTf-m     Qnr.ll    •<* Pet-fie Avenue,
uiiilli'd uu uljylk'Utluu. Will.   DCObb,       WINNIPEO. i it I'ays lo Deal Wlih Ill-anil'"
The way to do it tliis
summer is to   «•*   .*
Buy a Hammock
We sell them from $1 to $5,
R. E. Beattie, EUist
Are they pure?    Are they the best?
These are questions you often ask.   We
buy brands of goods that have gained and
sustained their popularity by their quality.
It pays to buy just the best.
....G. T. ROGERS
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
New Dresses
Cost MoneyJ
And when one buys they want their money's worth.
We have lust received a large stock of SPRING AND
please the ladies in quality and price. Our stock coin-
prises the latest styles from the eastern markets. Call
and see them.   You are always welcome, jt j* jt jt
The largest stock of Gents' Furnishings
in South East Kootenay jt jt jt jt Jt
...HILL & CO,
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly under
stand their business.   This is so in any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job of painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice it.
How can it be avoided?    Why, that is easy.    Simply by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right.
Go and sec some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
|     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Plcked lip Aboul the Cily  by Asking
(Jiientiiins oi  Many People.
Hammocks at BeaUte's.
See Deittie for fancy fl.-twer pits.
W. W. Doble vibiteil Macleod last
G. tl. Morrow visited Kimberley lasl
lvt   Farrell,   of Moyie,  was  in   town
Harry JfcVittie bas a magnificent line
of cigara.
Stewart Bruce ia now clerking for G,
Furnished rooms to rent. Apply to
John Leask.
Pin Bremner fa tbe new clerk at
King's grocery.
William Cariin, of Fort Steele, was iu
town yesterday.
To reat after a day's work try one of
Beattie's hammocks.
W. F. Gurd visited Moyie Tuesday on
professional business.
Samuel Grant, of Moyie, was a Cran
brook visitor this week.
Kd Orchard te able to get around
■gain alter a brief illness.
llt-atlie lias a great line nf hunitiiorlcs,
ranging from 9i oo to $5 00,
Mist Atwood is expected tills week
from Klko, to visit Mis  Prist,
Charlea Thompson, of Vancouver, wiih
• Cranbrook visitor thin week.
Charles Kalmcre, of Kimheilpy, wns
in town Friday anil Saturday.
Ilruce Stewart i> bark at his old job as
night cook at the Cosmopolitan,
Moyie wilt be largely represented tu
Craubrook on the 37th and 2K1I1.
To anile this week—nice assortment
of house plants at G. T. Roger's.
Rev, Fortune and wife eitppct to re
linn home next Monday afternoon.
If you go lo Fernie tomorrow, gel
your cigars at McVittle*« before starting,
Several people from Cranbrook will
go to Moyie tomorrow to celebrate the
T. T. McVittie, the well known surveyor of Fort Steele, was in town Tuea
Undertaker Campbell has had bis bus-
iaess place photographed by l'rest this
Mr. and Mr*. Thomas Kookes linve
taken the rooms ovei G. U. Gilpiu's
Rend "IltUchW nd.
George Wentworth will arrive Sunday
or Monday with sevetal horses for the
Do you want to make your house look
better? Get some of those flower pots at
W, T. Reid has bad an office built in
his store, which makes quite an improvement.
Have you seen the new g(ock of totmc
co at McViUle'fl, He carries everything
in tbis line.
Cecil Prest will go to Moyie to take
charge of G. II. Miucr's branch store for
the summer.
Mr. Holmes, of Fernie, hook keeper
for M. Mcluues & Co,, of Fernie, was iti
town Tuesday.
James Lawrence, of the Lawrence
Hardware company, of Nelson, was in
town this week.
Mr. McDonald, of the firm of McKai.li
em Sl McD-inald, Moyie, spent stveral
days in town last week,
Mra. Binmore and Mrs. Cann, of Fort
Steele, came over Mouday to do some
shopping in Cranhrook.
G II. Gilpin and family have moved
into the Ful j unes residence, where they
have a very pleasant home.
The Feruie Free Press says that Per*
uie will send a lnrge delegation to Cranhrook on the 27th and afctih.
Hive you tried those imported cigars
at MeVU tie'•? Tbey will muke a man
think he is a trust magnate.
P. McConnell 1ms a regular milk route,
twice a day, to all parts of town and is
prepared to meet all demands,
A tenuis club is being organized In
Cranbiook and there is every indication
fur some hot ganita this summer.
Harry McVittie's billiard parlors arc
iu nice shape tor a pleasant gnme of pool
or billiards.    Call in aud see him,
"Sandy" McDougail came down ftom
Fernie last week, and scattered His
smiles broadcast over Crnnbrook.
Mrs. W. T. Reid and two younger
children left for Mrs, Reid'f former
home in Wisconsin lust Thursday,
P, N.ivin haa drawn plans for a resi
deuce he is to build nenr PiHciier Cieek,
that mnkes n magnificent showing.
Mrs. Iuiimau and Mrs. Thompson
came over from Fort Steele Wednesday
to Interview Ctaubrook meichanta.
Mra. George Bremner will leave next
week for Nelson io visit for several weeks
with the family of James Lawrence.
There will he services at the Piesby
triaii church next Sabbath Rev. Dr.
Wright, of Nelson, will be iu charge.
You can get a poor cigar or a good
one for 15 cents, but If you buy one at
McVittie's It is sure to be a good one.
Lelhbridge News: L. B, Cochrane
and wife, of Medicine Hat, were in towu
Friday, going on to Craubrook next day.
The  PcmtQ lacrosse team wish to get
a match ot) with some of the neighboring learns.
G. II, Miner has recovered from the
uttack of rheumatism iu bis (out, and resents the imputation that he had the
Mrs. McConnell-8 icecream parlors are
now open and areprepau-d to supply the
best ice cream by the dish, quart or
Rev. Dowering and W. A. Prest returned last week from Rosslaud and
Nelson, where they attended the Methodist district conference.
Rev. Holford delivered one the prin-
eipal addresses at tbe concert given in
Fernie ten week to the returned Strathcona boys of that town.
Ah Qung sold house and lot to Charley
Long Tong St Co, Owe anybody without trouble llie buyer Chut ley Long Tong
& Co., Cranbrook, B. C.
Mr. ami Mrs. Cliff Barney have asked
Tlu* Herald lo thank their friends fur
tin* ninn) kind nets perfoiuteil since the
death nf their son Claude,
J.   1'.   Fink   received  u lelegiam  last
eek from his hrn'her John, who was in
Sun   Francisco,  suting that he would
satl tm tiled lately for Iiawsou City.
Under a proclamation from the lieutenant'governor the 35th has been declared a public holiday, ao that (he bank
will be closed Fiiday aud Saturday.
Tlie people of Moyie will celebrate tomorrow wilh a monster picnic iu the
afternoon and a dance in the eveuing
under ihe auspices of the Foresters'
Jaine-i Mcllride had word last week
from his wife, who is in Winnipeg for
treatment! that she was not so well, and
he left for there Friday with his little
George Taylor his purchased J. H
McMulllu'a interest In the brick yard,
and in the future will be sole proprietor.
He expects to enlarge the plant and put
iu mat bluety.
jjuite a number of Cranbrook people
will go to Macleod lo attend the meeting that opened today. A good pto-
gram lias beeu piepaied and the meeting will be a success,
Fong Yon Kam did not sell his laun*
dry to Mali Ming -& Lee Wand, but Ib
still in business himself, nnd still owns
the building nnd lot. Mah Ming & Lee
Wnnd did not puy the money.
William NU.nl, formerly of Cranhrook,
now holds a fine position at Michel, being outside superintendent at the coal
mines, and having control of everything
ftbeve ground at that point.
Terry D.iyle, a brakeman on Conductor Corey's train, was badly crushed between two cars at Fernie the flrst of the
week. No bones were broken. He is
now in lhe St. Kugene hospital.
A variety entertainment will he put on
at Wentworth hall, the 27th anil 281I1,
by the Ivisi Kooteuay Dramatic company. Plan of reserved seats at R. ti.
Beattie, the druggist. Prices 50J and
Married, May 21, in Methodist church,
Cranhrook, by Rev. J. W. Powering,
11 A., Mi. Horatius Bonar Kirkland, of
Cranbrook, to Miss Margaret Annie Mc*
Intyre, of Mclntyre, Gtey county, Ontario.
Two Days of Sport
The Cranbrook Turf & Athletic Association will hold its first        j*       jt
...MAY 27 and 28...
$1000    IN PRIZES AND PURSES    $1000
FIRST DAY--Foot Ball, Base Ball, Gun Club Shoot,
Foot Races, Etc.
SECOND DAY--Oreat Program of Horse Racing.
Take a day or two off and go to
Cranbrook for a good time
A. Leitch, Pres.        Jas. Gill, Sec.
Mrs. Donahue, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and Is now ready to cater to the
public.   First class dining room service.   The 'best ol wines and
Pointers for the Public
We have just placed on our shelves thc finest assortment of DRIED FRUITS and CANNED QOODS
in town, including Prunes, Apricots and Plums
among the former. Our stock of canned goods and
vegetables is unexcelled for variety and quality.
We oiler a guranteed Pure flaple Syrup in convenient packages
We are making a special cut in our Dried Fruit for quantities of
twenty-five pounds or more. Don't lose sight of sur Oranges, Le m
ons, Oreen vegetables and endless variety sl CBslsWt flfOBeries.
Our prices are always right and satisfaction guaranteed.
Call and examine KING ™E ^____^
liquors at the bar.
The Western Supply  Co.
Late Hill & Joll
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in.......
Cattle, Dressed Meats
And Provisions.
Head Office, Cranbrook. E. JAMES, Manager.
I.ethhriilije News: We are pleased to
hem* thiii MisH McKilloji, who has been
ul Winnipeg for special treatment, is re-
uaiaing sight in one nf her eyes, which
wuii i.uiic.eii with temporary blindness,
mid te expected to return about the 21st.
Roy Csrrnthers, a California horse
that has made a mile in 1:41 will be bete
Tuesday. Jail, a five eighths mare, and
Slim Jim, two speedy gallopers, will also
univeiti lown tor the races. They will
enme from the Mauleod meet to Cran-
A. II. Nesbitt, of Hilton, Man,
brother-in-law of G. R. Leask, arrived
lust week and utter looking over tbe
fit-Id concluded that South East Kootenay looked good to him, aud decided to
locate, lie will move bis family here in
a short time.
Clarence Miner will leave nest week
far Buffalo, his former home, to remain
tliis summer. He will take the position
of head hook-keeper In a leading hotel
during the exposition, his old employer
having telegraphed for him to come, at
an attractive salary.
Harry Navin has resigned hia poaition
us C. P, K. storekeeper here, and will
join liis father in (he contracting and
building hushie-s. He has been with
the C. P. R. for four yenrs and has always given good satisfaction, Mr, E.
Sprue! succeeds Mr. Navin.
J, P, Piuk, manager ofthe Port Steele
Mercantile company, visited several of
the towns iu ihe conl mining district laat
week nnd leporta mutters lively in that
section• He says Tioitt, the new town
of thc Oebot company, will he put on
the maiket in a few weeks.
J. Gabriel Gere, eye specialist of
20 years, experience, graduate of
the most modern schools of opthol-
my. is now at the Cranbrook hotel.
Persons suffering; from defective
eye sight will find it to their advantage to call upon this gentle
man.   Consultation is free.
and Builder  ***
Alt work guaranteed.   Set ua before
you build.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
I.O.O.F. KeyCiyLodfe
No. 4i Meets every Friday uiKlit at llielr liull mi
linker street. Sojourning
Odd Fellows co; dlilly Invited.
Matt i:i)L*ki*iiit.iif A. 1.  McDermot
N, (I. Rec'v.
Craabrook Lodje, No. 34
A. F. t A. M.
Regular meetings on the
tlilul  Thursday of the
\ Isltin-i bntliern wekom d.
W,F, Gunn, See'?.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon riaklng,
and Painting,
All kinds oi work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle It.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South ol Herald Ollice
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C.
"Give us the luxuries of life, and
we will dispense with its necessities"
Pants are necessaries I
Palmer's Peerless are luxuries
at neccesties' price.
Sec Palmer
P. S.   Also coats and things.
Don t You Know that
Greatest Wholesale House.
G. H. GILPIN   General Merchandise, Cranhrook and Moyie.
REID & CO.   Where You Buy Your Dry Goods, Furnishings.
G. H. MINER   The Pioneer Hardware Man.
HILL  &   CO.    Stylish   Gents  Furnishings,   Dry Coods, Boots,
Shoes, Etc.
KING   The Grocer.
McINNIS & CO.   The Greatest Meat Merchants in Kootenay.
McBRIDE BROS.   Heavy and Shelf Hardware.
R. E. BEATTIE   With Whom it Pays to Deal.
PREST   The Photographer.
E. J. PELTIER   Wholesale Liquors.
McVITTIE   Cigars.
PIEPER •& CURRY   The Decorators.
TATE   Watches and Jewelry.
THE HERALD   Which You Should Read and Pay for.
LAWYERS and the Best People Generally.
Do their Insurance with
It's good for them.   It's good for you.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealera la
Grain and
Qlven  special  attention,
ar lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U* S
Oflice ami store, Aiken lilork,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Crnnbrook, II C
Dpholilerloi aad (leneral Furniture Rcpilrlaf
Will attend to any work in the dtstric
Livery 3
Proprietors j* J* j*
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice at Reildeace, Armitroaf Avt.
ForeuoM,   -   -   •   ■   9.M lo II
Alleraooal   ....   I'M ta I'M
Evcalail   ....    7.M.ol'M
B. C,
Teams atul drivers furnished for any
point In the district,
Manager   Jt  Jt   J
Chas. Estmere
Real Estate and Mines
Kimberley, B. C.
Fort Steele
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Whole-ale nt Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best,
trade is solicited.
Improving On Nature
Is one of the {unctions oi the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting*
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels In Eaat Kootenny.
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props. I-I f|*-f- s_ 1
Cranhrook, II. C. ...llvfL*Wl
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. -1 K.-W.-G Block, Nelson, B. C.
Colli,Mlver-l.Mil anil(*i,p|»r Minor mntnt at tlio RXOIIAtinl, rtlKK till.I-l
IN,: noi.n prdneHie-* wanted nt,nice for Knslern Investor,, l-artle. Imvlni* iiitntiurE
■irn|,eitj fnr -.ulr, nru r <iui,te,l lu, n,l .iimples or llielr nr* tn Ilia KXt'llANt)'*. fnr et-f
1,1'illtoll. Wo desire ti,lli'lir frnln |iro,|iertnrs win, Imve ini'-fltln: mineral elallHI
| liiitl.li rnlinnlilii. l'rn-i|M-ctnrs alirt nrltiluBinenareren.Ha*itettloraal,elite '■'Xl'llANI'ICJI
llielr lie'ulf'llartorB Wlte'll In Nelsntl.   All aaminV-* Simula* be sent liy ex|,ras., l're|«il.g
I Corre.iK-nilcnco solicited. Address all oommuntoatfoni tn
Andrew P. Rosenberger, Nelsoa, B. C.|
Velep'ione Nn. im.  P. o, Bnx 700. |$


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