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Cranbrook Herald Jun 27, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce,     j
Hon. Geo. a. Cox, President.
B. E. Walkrh, Gen. Man.    j
Paid Up   Capital .
 $8,000,000.00                         }
Total  Resources
 65,031,0911.011                          I
A Oeneral Banking
Business Transacted.             J
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.                {
HUBERT HAINES, Manager.          j
If you can't get it elsewhere TRY OILPIN'S.   The
most complete stock in Cranbrook or Moyie.
"Can't Afford
to Paint"
The man who pays that, forgets that painting pro*
perly done ta economy, and the fact Is he can't afford
NOT to paint.
How often you require to paint is largely depend*
ent upou Ate paiut you use.
it The       ■***/
Sherwin-Williams 1
- Paints
ont last others. They aro the moat economical palnta yon ean l	
they cover most uml wcur longest.  Add to tbis their good appearand am.
yoo have perfect paints-r/n Stitrme-Williomt Mutt.
They are mnde for many different kinds of painting.  Whatever It I.
O yon «oni to pslut-u house, or anything In or out of the house—we mak.
tbo right paint for that particular purpose-not one 8lap.da.li oalxtur. for
all.       —
New Carpets. Linoleums in 2 and 4 yard widths,
Rugs, Furniture, Screen Doors and Windows   jt
Another car of Groceries and Crockery
No one undersells us    jt      jt      Jt
New Qoods
We have them in Men's clothing
We have them in Men's furnishings
We have them in Dry Qoods
At prices that will please all.
I Ladies and Children
We desire your kind attention for a few min-
#   £
y* utes to explain to you that we have some very
•*•$> fine shoes left—the sizes are rather broken
J2T but if we have your size we can give you a
0 bargain as we wish to close this line out.
3v Call and examine.   We take pleasure in show
0 ing you goods whether you buy or not.
| Fort Steele Mercantile Co. ■•■•■■«<
& J. I>. PINK        jt       jt        jt       MANAQI-R „
Harness   Harness
Single and Double Sets, Wool and Rubber Lap Robes.
Clearance Sale of Bicycles
Twelve wheels to be sold at Cost
early and secure a bargain.
G. H. Miner
Ireproving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting;
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Engine aid  Train Wrecked  ia  the
Wcsl Yards.
A Turned Switch Overthrows an
Engine and Freight Car
Into a Ditch.
One of tin.* uiofit dastardly -t-rimi's ever
committed in Cranhrook wnn ihu wreck"
iiik of engine No. 417 hi the lower -switch
in ihi* yuitlfl last Monday night nbout
11:30 o'clock. By n miracle Iln^h
Hrnck, engineer, Ernie Brown, fireman,
nml Geotgc Churchill, lieail hrnkemun,
escaped wilh (licit lives, while lhc engine
and tender weie thrown down an embankment and left n dilapidnted wrerk
that will conl a large .sum of money to
put in shape again
Between 11 and 13 o'clock the train
stnrted for the west. As they pulled
dowu lhe main line (truck opened up the
engine for a ruu for the 1<U1 mid was going from 12 lo 14 miles an hour when
they struck lhe tm tied switch. The
fienilti who had planned the deed did the
work with a cunning intelligence that
marked an ahle hand. The switch was
only partially opened and the light
turned so thai it showed the main liue
clear. Down lhe track the engine
rushed with increasing speed, backed hy
a heavy train of freight cars. When the
switch was reached the flanges ofthe
forward wheels struck the ends of the
rails pulled partially over. There was a
jump aud ajar, ami then it left the rails
which were torn from the ties, and took
a header over lhe grade, careening at
the first drop and finally lauding amid a
lot of mumps with its nose dead against
a bunch of saw logs, and turned over on
one side. When the wheels struck the
end of the rails Fireman Drown was
standing in the gangway, where he had
heen breaking some coal. This threw
him from his feet and wheu the teuder
finally landed he was thrown out and
nearly covered wilh coal that poured
out of the tender, aud was dug out by
the people who ceuie to the rescue.
Kngineer Brock was thrown forward
over the lever, and as that side of lhe
cab was crushed, was pinioned fast in
bis position. There seemed to he no
hope for him. aud the escaping steam
was smothering bim. Struggle as he
would, he could not escape and wilh his
fist be broke the glass in the front window and thus secured some air. When
tbe engine made the final plung and
turned over on its side ag.dosl the
stumps, the floor of the cab was pushed
upward, forcing the side with it and re
teasing the unfortunate engineer He
lost no time in crawling from his dangerous position, and in doing eo left a
poitiou of his overalls hanging to the
window through which he had escaped
Churchill was thrown forward nnd
limped in time to escape without Injury
to himself. The fireman's seal was on
the under side, and that purt of lhe cab
was completely crushed in, and if any
one had been caught there it would left
nothing but an Inert owns of Iminatiiiy,
Krock Is the oul) one injured, mnl his
injuries consist nf had bruises. Hrown
had one leg sprained slightly, ami received a haul rap on the head. How
the meu escaped death is a wunder, nnd
the hundreds who looked upon the
wreck hnve been free iu ihrir expressions
of condemnation of such nn net.
It is a question ns to who nre the responsible parties. Nnlurnlly, tbe «tliking trackmen get the credit for il, but it
la believed by some thai it wuuld he well
to look elsewhere for the guilty patties.
Superintendent Bury had posleis is
sued (he first thing the next morning,
olfeiing a reward of %rooo lor detection
and conviction of tbe men responsible
for the wreck, snd cverv effort is being
made to sift tbe matter to a finish. If It
is the trackmen, an u body or any ot
tbem, they nte resorting (o measures
tbat would lose for them auy sympathy
lhey might receive from the people. If
nol, they should offer every assistance
In lhe work of locating the dastards.
Men who would be guilty of such an net
are unworthy of tbe name of men, and
bunging would be too good for such
creatures. It is to be hoped that they
will be delected and convicted and given
tbe punishment tbey so richly deserve.
4**14*4*3* »*49*S   **********
I  News Notes Ftom the Mineral Cily *
9 *
The people of Moyie bnve decided to
celebiate Dominion Duy and piepsra
lions are being made fur u big picnic,
across the lake. Charles Farrell hns just
couipleled a line dancing platfoim mul
the ground, bave been cleaned up so tlmt
everything is in readiness. Swings nml
ether forms of amusement will be pro*
vided lor the children. The spot select
ed is an ideal mie and eveiythiug por-
tends a day to lie re mem tiered.
On July 1 jilt tlie Mnyie Athletic rkso
ation, of which I". J. McMahon is president) have arranged fur a twenty round
glove contest between Jack Fitzgerald fif
Moyie and Kd. Cuff of Pernie. limb
men have been in the ring before uud a
very interesting coolest lor the £200
pm m.* may be looked for. Cuff of Fernie
will enter the ring nt 170 pounds, while
FilzgeraM, bis opponent, will weigh in
nt iqc. The bonl will lake place iu Mor
ley's ball, which ran accommodate n
lnrge number of people, so thut nil who
go will hnve a good opportnni y of wit
nessing Ihe fight, Bulb men ate hard nl
work liaining and the contest promises
lo be one well worth seeing.
The St. Kugene mine is still running
full force and large <|uantiliefi of oie nre
being turned oul daily. There ure nbout
two hundred men employed and the con
ceulrulor, allbouglll shutdown fur a day
to undergo some shaft lepuiis, is uow
ruuuing U'gbt and day.
Rev. G. B. Grigg, who has been pastor
of the Presbyterian church here, left on
Monday last for Vancouver. Last Friday evening a number of friends called
at tlle manse and a very enjoyable evening was passed. Toward tbe close of
tbe eveuing the reverend gentlemen was
presented with a purse and an address
expressing the regret which the people
of lhe town leel at his departure.
Work on the new courthtuse Is steadily progressing and the contractors hope
to hnve It finished within Ihe specified
time, August ist. The frame Is now up
and Ihis week J. M. Lindsay is at work
lathing aud plastering the building.
The pipe for tbe Moyie waterworks
hat now arrived aud lhe work of laying
the eame will in a few days commence.
Some work has already been doue and
now operations will be rushed so tbat
tbe town will soon have an ample water
Dr J Johnson, the local contractor was
awarded tbe contract for building manager Ctoniu's residence. The excavation hns been made and work on the
fi .one is Htm ltd so that the building will
be completed by August 1,
Last Thursday evening M J Harper
gnve a wood cutting bee. A large number of people were present aud a targe
pinntity of wood pnt through. Toward
the latter part ol the evening refreshments were served and a very enjoyable
time passed by all those present,
Mr. aud Mis, Weight left last work for
Spokane where (hey will In future
There is to lie au addition built to the
Moyie school house Ibis summer and
nfter lhe holidays au assistant teacher
Jack Duffy, who has been seriously ill
at Ihe St. Kugene hospital, has returned
to town very much better. He will go
east in a few days where he hopes to regain his health and strength.
There will be an election of school
trustees iu town on Saturday neit.
William Kdwards, wbo wai working
at the Moyie Lumber camp, was seriously injuied the first of the week but iB
now doing as well as could be expected,
A Field Day fer Ibe People of Sonih
East Kootenav.
A List  of Magnificent Prizes for
the Many Interesting;
Leask & Henderson
The 30th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
Brock's Bad Luck. §ff
Tbis la the fourth serious accident
Brock has been into during the past few
months, and it looks as if a hoodoo was
chasing hlm. Ile is now iu the hospital
but will not be confined tbere long.
Craabrook Little Folks.
While In Calgary last week we visited
the convent for the purpose of seeing the
iittle bilks from Cranbrook, who are attending school tbere. Tbey are Misses
Agnes McMillan, Josle and Kvangelin
Navin, Nellie Hlfiieda and Delia Drum
motid, Detorea Murphy and Master
Maurice Navin. All of Ihem are well
nnd expect to return to Cranbrook ou Ihe
nth. They bave a beautiful place to
live and receive thekindestoftreatineni,
Chnrcb Notice.
Owing to the absence of several of the
pistors the sermon announced to lie
preached neat Sabbath dealing with the
proper observance ofthe Lord's day will
be postponed till the Sabbath following
tut to Pelces.
Last Monday evening the westbound
trnin ran Iuto a jigger uearSiidar in
which two Great Northern employes
were riding, ami one of the meu escaped
hy jumping, but the other waa caught
and badly mangled. The victim was a
section foreman ou the Bouuera Ferry
road. ■
For Real.
Two large plastered rooms on second
story,   with  electric light.   Inquire at
Herald office.
Tbe  Criinbrook   Football   ansnciiilinn
have left nothing undone to make Ihe
Dominion D.iy celebration in Craubrook
n grand success. The committee iu
charge linve la-en untiling iu their efforts
lo nr range a program lor Ibe tlay that
would prove of general Interest to ibe
lovers of sport, nud that tbey have succeeded wi 1 be conceded by nil iIkisl' wlm
rend the list of events. The ptlzea thai
hnve lii-i'ii so generously conti I bitted by
lhe business men mid the association
will prove nn atliactive feature to lhe
pnilii-ipiiiits in lhe contests.
The dny will begin eaily nud probnM»
'tone bile It is a dny iccn-L-iPze-l
tlioiigl.oui tbt* Dominion ns one of ph ionic uud recreation, nud llie people or llle
district me asked lo come lo Cranbrook
on the fi sl and have a gooil time It
will be here—plenty of it for all of you
Below is the program. Insn't it a
diiisj t . Kead it through and then muke
your artnugemenla lo come ami enjoy
Will Close lor tbt Bay.
Tbe following business men bave
agreed to close upon Dominion dny, bo
that everyone connected witb the establishment mny have a gooil time:
Hutch, Leask & Henderson, O. T
Rogers, W. B. McFarlane, M. II. King &
Co., Reid & Co., G H. Miner, Hill &
Co., M- Mclnnes Sl Co., Western Supply
Co., McBride Bros , I'ort Stcete Mercantile Co., 1*. J. Dickinson, The Heral',
A. II. Gilpin.
Tbe Program.
Forenoon, commencing al 9 o'clock.
Junior foot ball game. Cyclones vs.
Whirlwinds. Kleveu pocket knives presented by McBride Bros,
10 o'clock.
Senior fool ball game Craubrook II
vs. North Star Miue club. First game
tor Beatlfe Cup and eleven medals.
too yards boys' race, 16 years and under, (handicap). First prize, toilet set
by Tale; second prize, cufflinks.
50 yards and turn, hoys' hoot and shoe
race, tsl prize, boy's camera; 2nd piize,
base hall.
Sack race, 50 yards; boys 16 years and
under, imt prize, baseball bat; 2nd ptize,
pair lacrosse shoes.
Afternoon, commencing at I o'clock.
100 yaids run.    ist prize, silver cup
presented by II. Haiues; snd prize, toilet
set, by W. F   Guid.
-mite bicycle race, isl prize, silver
medal; 2nd prize, fancy table lauip by
O. T. Rogers.
Running broad jump, ist prize, gold
mounted tobacco jar by V. II Bakei;
2nd prize, pigskin cigar ease by W.ti
220 yards hurdle race, 10 flights, 2 feet
6 inches high, lal prize, silver shaving
mug by Hutch; 2nd prize, hammock by
G. II. Gilpin.
Running bop, step and jump, rst
prize, value $10; 2nd prize, Strathcona
clock by Reid & Co.
1 mile bicycle race- 1st prize, medal;
2nd prize, pair bicycle pints by I-eask
Sl Henderson.
Matried mens' race, 100 yards. Baby
cntrtage by R. ti. Beattie
880 yards run. ist prize, gold medal
presented bv Dr. King; snd prize, value
Pole   vault,   for   height.     1st   prize,
meerchaum pips by King & Co ; 2nd
prize', silk front shirt by Hill St Co.
3:30 o'clock.
Senior football game. Cranbrook I
vs. Fernie F. B. C. Secoud game for
Beattie Cup and 11 medals.
Indians wrestling ou Horseback, ut
prize, $5; "nt prize, (2 50
B-ise ball game, Cranbrook vs Dominions.
220 yards run. ist prize, silver shaving stick by F. ti. Simpson; 2nd prize,
value $i
Ruuuing high jump, ist prize, Stetson hat hy Fort Steele Mercantile company; 2nd prize, fancy clock by J. W.
440 yards run. 1st prize, field glassea
by ti. II. Miner; 2nd prize, value fio.
320 yards run  (consolation) for competitors not having won a prize,    ist
ptize, set bnir brushes by A. K. Leilcb,
Jr.; 2nd ptize, pipe by Stewart Bmce.
7 o'clock, sharp.
Senior foot ball game (finals); winners
of first ni.d second games. For Beattie
Cup and 11 medals.
Tug of War.   Craobrook vs.  all com-
| ers.    Box of cigars by H H. McVittie.
*    Hose  coupling   contest     Silver  cup
presented by Tnd nml Athletic association of Cranbrook.
Atblettr events are for amateurs only.
Allelic sports committee—J J Hunter,
A L McDermot.
Font bull committee—A S M.K m, A
ti Walt.
Base bait committee— George Leitch,
J P F ok
Starter*—J Hutchison.
Judges—A Leltcb, Sr , F ti Simpson.
Admission—Morning 25 cents, afternoons 511 Cents, evenings free.
ll Will Be a Ureal AdvertlseMtat lor Soalk
East koolcnay.
A cnll hns Iweu made by Secretary
Oil! for 11 meeting ofthe dtrectots of ih<-
Crailbrook Turf & Athletic association
nl 5 o'clock on July 2,  to consider plniis
bu the full exposition.    A. W. McVittle
has consented to take charge of the
work, nud the bourd could not have
nude n better choice      He has had cou-
Idernble experience in this line of work,
is full of energy nud eiithusinsui in nny-
hing lu* undertakes, nnd bus Ibe faculty
of seeming ibe benny co-operation of
dn* people in u public movement of ibis
nature. The Herald predicts that the
Tall exposition nl Crnnbrook will be a
gieat success, nnd trusts that the people
of this town, and the people of the dis
1 iicl ns 11 whole, will lake bold ol the eu
lerprbe with the vim clinrncleiistic of
■ he district. This exposition is not for
Cinilhrook nr nny oue town iu the ills*
iiict, but for Ibe district ns n whole.
rimsu Interested iu mining, agricultural
nud iitniiufticluriiig should respond
heatiily to uny tvquest io make the event
a grent success ll will prove a great
advertisement for Soulh tins Kooieuay
since it wilt Ining moie piomiueuily 10
public notice the woudetful resources of
his district.
A Talk n tbe Filire ef St. Mar/i
Very    Large   Deposits   of   High
Gride Ore Along thc
British Columbia Misois.
The Masonic Grand lodge of British
Columbia held a must successful meeting ut Nelson last week, and tbe work
was dosed with n banquet tendered by
tiie Masons of Nelsou al which were
175 members ofthe order,
Cranbrook lodge, No. 34, was represented by A Moffat, P. M., W. P. Tate,
W. M„ and R. 1*. Beattie, J. W , aod Ibe
Fort Steele lodge by J. F. Armstrong
The ollicers elected hy the Graud
lodge were as follows:
F. McB. Young, Nanaimo, M. M
grand master.
lv. lv Chipuian, Kaslo, R. W. deputy
grand master.
Rev. C. Einor Sharp*, Esquimalt, R.
W. grand senior warden.
W. J. llowaer, Vancouver, R. W. grand
junior wardeu.
A B. Ersk ine, Vancouver, V. W.
grand treasurer.
W. J Quinlan, Nelson, V. \V\, grand
Rev. C. F. Yntes, Golden. V. W. grand
E. Hosker, Vancouver, grand tyler.
Thomas E. Woodgete, T. J. Armstrong.
Charles A. Stevens, II. F. Millard,
James Stone, II. Byers, William Hunter
and Alex Moffat, R W. district deputy
grand masters of districts Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7 and 8 respectively; J lines B. Johnson, W grand senior deacon; A Max
well Muir, W. grand junior deacon; John
S. Chile, W. grand superintendent of
works; Robert E Brett, \V. grand director of ceremonies; James Sclater, W.
grand marshal; Fred Irvine, W grand
sword hearer; Harry Smith, W. grand
standard bearer; C. F. Clinton, grand
organist; William Lewis, grand puraui-
vant; nnd II. A. Bell, James M. Harper,
I>. C. Alexander and John W. Crocker,
grand stewards.
A Moffat, of Cranbrook, was appointed
district deputy for Soulh East Kooteuay
lo succeed George Morrow, resigned.
Odd Fellows (Iran* U4fc.
Tbe Udd Fellows Grand lodge of Bril-
if.n Columbia held a three days'session
at Nanaimo, aud the following oflicers
were elected:
A. Hogg, Vancouver, G. M.
A. Grnham, Victoria, D. G. M.
ti. C. Arthur, Nelson, G. W.
Fred Davey, Victoria, G. S.
F. T. Neelands, Vancouver, G. T.
W. II   Morton, Nanaimo, G. R.
The grand master made tbe following
appointmenr-' to till the subordinate offices, who were regularly installed;
Thomas Taylor, Trout Lake, O. C.
Mr. MeKenzie, New Westminster, G.M.
Mr, Newton, Vancouver, G, G.
J. Bell, Victoria, G. II.
Rev. living, Vancouver, G. Chaplain.
Mr,   Follard,   of  Moyie,   and  F.  E
Simpson, of Cranbrook, were appointed
district deputies for South East Kootenay, ________
Close ol School.
The closiug exercises of the term of
the Cranbrook schools wilt be held during lhe forenoon of Friday, June 28,
commencing at 9:30 o'clock. Classes
will be conducted in the various divisions
itil 11, after which alt will meet 10 the
piincipal's room where a short program
will be rendered Parents and friends
are cordially invited to be present and
see bow tbe children are progressing.
Among the prospectors in South Fast
Kootenay none have   more |*-etsever-incc
ami grit than Fred Haxen. He Ims just
returned from Alki creek, where be bas
beeu nil winter working alone on oue of
bis properties in ihnt district, He Irft
Cranbrook the 21st of January mid never
saw a human be!iir until llie 17th of
April, and tliat was Mr. Tuiley, Ibe census enumerator, who was up iu tlmt sec
lion tooling fot simy people lo place ou
the list.
'The St. Maris country is going lo I*
a great win tier," aald Mr. Il-nrn.
"Every foot of wou  done on ibe pi op*
erties in that district shows it 10 be a
better Country, and the lime is coining
when tbeie are going to lie Mtue mighir
valuable mines in that valley tin lho
Hardscrabble claim where I bave been
working the past winter, I have run •
drift of 4 > feet from tbe bottom of a 30-
foot shaft, and am now iu a One copper
showing, with 12 feel of solid ore. wiih
strong deposits of native copper. On
tbe third claim, above the Hardscrabble,
along the same lead, bob Dorr has uncovered a fine body of copper ore about
six feet below grass roots. This main
lead, tbat can be followed for several
miles, also shows up well io letiuride,
wherever work hss been done. Oo my
property an assay bas shown $65 In combined values, aud I am ol the opinion
that we have a big thing tbere, and that
tbere are others ia Ibe same boat. Tbe
survey for the Crawford Bay railroad
passes within a quarter ofa mile of our
corner stake. There is bound to be a
road up the St- Marys valley, became
the resources of tbat section are of a
nature tbat will prove a great surprise
when further development work is
Mr. Hazen has returned and this summer will do some prosprctiug lor lion,
as the indications ate excellent tor irou
ore iu tbat section.
(iood Work.
Thc Herald, during (he absence of the
editor, appeared to be belter than ever.
Mr. Rockendorf kept bis eye on lhe gnu
nnd desires to express his thanks to Mr.
Jobu Hutrb'tou for assistance given.
Mlalif Nous.
Dr. King is having assessment work
doue on s< tne claims in  the Sl.   Maiy's
distiict  in  which be is interested  wiih
several other parties.
Moyie Leader: Abe Leggett, Harold
Follard and A. B. MrKinley returned
yesterday from Perry creek, wheie they
were doing assessment work for J J.
Murphy, the Moyie clothier. All three
are loud in their praises ol lhat district.
Mr. Murpny's claims have improved
greatly with the work   which waft doue.
A E. Watts is building a uew trail
fiom bis place on the south fork of
Weaver creek across tbe valley to Weaver creek.   This trail, wben completed,
ill save a day und a half travel, and a
lurd climb over Old Baldy mountain,
and opens up some new country that is
rich but nn prospected
The annual meeting ofthe North Star
Mining company was held yesterday at
I). C. Johnson, ore buyer for tbe Everett smelter, was In lown Tuesday He
bad beeu looking over South East Koot*
euay. aud thinks well of this district,
Deputy Recorder Morris says tbat tbere
are many new locations being made iu
Ihis part of the district.
Palmer Bar district is looking up, and
development work it going to show
some fine properties there.
There is going to be a vast amount of
work done on Ferry creek this summer.
Properties in that section never looked
so well and placer work is largely on tbe
If you are making any locations or doing any work let Tbe Herald know
aboul it.
F. Robbins, manager of Ihe North
Star Mining company, was in town Tuesday and Wednesday on his way to Nelson. Mr Robbins reports work progressing satisfactorily at tbe North Star
and says that the force wi'l be increased
to do some more outside development
work as soon aa it Is dry enough to
Passed thc £ ism las Has.
At the examination for entrance to
high school held here two weeks ago,
the following Cranbrook applicants passed: Miss Daisy Moffat, Frank Murphy,
Miss Minnie Grant, Miss Annie Grant,
Frank Burnes nnd Miss Pansy Miner.
These people arc now elegible for entrance to any high school iu tht province- CRANBROOK HERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
The Heraia desires to give tht ik** of tlie
district. It you know auy about yuur town
your mine or you! peopl-a, send It to ttiU ottlee.
Hits lhe Nail os the Head.
A man came lu the other dny
what   be   thought
was a conundrum:
'Why is  a newspaper
Success depends upon a liberal
patronage of printing offtces.-John
Jacob Astor.
Qood judgement and common aetse
pies a long wajs In promoting the
spiritual or moral welfare of any community. The average man believes In
law and order. The average man believes ln tbe maini-iiiance of churches.
This has been amply demonstrated in
liiaubrook. No western town uas been
more free from disorder and no town
has been more liberal in support of lis
churciies. The reason for this Is plain.
Tbe business men are a law abiding
class of men. The hotel -business of
Cranbrook Is In tbe bands of good citizens. Atl people, regardless cf relig-
OQS belief or views, bave contributed to
the nupport cl ihe oburcbes, And many
if ihe men wbo have done as much as
any one In the way of contributions to
build the churches, are perhaps men
wbo da not attend tlum regularly. In
this respect, as In many othm, the
people of Cranbrook have worked together for tbe best Interest of the town,
and It wc ulil be a pity Indeed If this conditiou could  not prevail In the future
Every man of sense believes in lent*
perance, whether It be In drli-klng, eating, smoking or any olher form of dlssi-
pitlon. Yet, the history ofthe world
bas shown that some or the most Intemperate people are those who would
adopt radical measures to enforce their
Ideas of temperance. If Cranbrook was
c red with dens of Iniquity, where no
man was safe, then It might be time o
inaugurate a crusade. But this town
has been happily free from such conditions during tbe past two years. There
bas been no reason to complain of ex'
litlrg conditions, and no cause to stir
up a inov-.Mnt-.nl thai will result iu a
pos bve Injury to tbe town, aud In no
way u-.-nt.rli tne cause of morality and
It is nonsense for any mau to say that
drinking muu stop In Craobrook, or
any other place lu Canada or any ccun
try. Educate the child in the hone and
n-gulate the traffic on the streets, and
you are accomplishing good work. Hut
when yi u attempt an tincalledfor crusade upon men wbo have spent their
money freely to build up a town; wbo
bave been the back bane ot every movement to add to the prosperity of Cran'
bronl j wbo have always been found ou
the side of good citizenship and working
with good ell!/ ins for progress; wbo believe In law and order, and have freely
given their money for maintaining the
same; The Herald believes that wben
such a crusade is inaugurate! In Cran-
hrr-ok, it Is done without reason and
wl licut cause, and that the promoters
of inch a movement are making a great
ike n wottiiiu?"
The various answers wen*: "Because it
hns to have someone to run il'," because
both are good advertising mediums;"
"becnuse it changes its dress." The
correct answer is: "Because every mnn
should bave one of bis own, and not be
running to borrow bis neighbor's"—
Lsrdeau Eagle.
A Protest.
Cranbrook, June 26,190I
Editor, Herald:
As it is lutuored tbat tbe strikeis wete
the cause of the outrage at Ihe west end
of Cranbrook yards,  the 241b inst, we,
tbe undersigned, wish to informed  the
public that Ihere is none oi us here so
low and it is our earnest desire to see the
guilty parlies gel their deserts,
W  l.Yl.H
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Fi, Shcphnnl R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co,
The only all rail route belweeu all
points East, West and South to....
Intermediate Points,
t'oiiuertit'K at
SPOKANE with the
Qreat Northern, Northern Paclllc
and O. R. & N. Company.
®-®-®-er®-v-9-9-9-*t-®-®- <.x®-®--®-®-&-®-x-
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands 1
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5,00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Wcddlai Bells
Fort Steele Prospector J A very pretty
wedding took place al lhe residence of
Mrs. \V R Ross nn Wednesday the 191b
inst, when Mi-* Eva Young was mann-d
to Mr. Henry A. Oiiess of Keewalln, Unt-
The bride who looked charming in a becoming gown of white silk with reuais
sauce lace and a spray bouquet of while
Hours, was supported by liltle Misses
Dorothy Edwards and "Dinah" Ross, in
blue and pink respectively. Mr. Geotge
Guess, brother of Ihe bridegroom and
Master billy Rosa were groomsmen.
After tbe wedding the bride beld a reception which was attended liy many
friends. Tlie bridal party then departed
on tbeir hontymoon. They will visit
Greenwood, ItmilTand other points, and
will arrive at tbeir home in Keewatin
about the first week in July. Tbe bride
was Ibe recipient of many costly presents
Macleod has offered the C. P. U SAOO
1 er year for ten years to run asjur Into
thai town. A railroad for that price
would be a good Investment.
John Houston has commenced a libel
suit against the Nelson Miner and D i.
Beaton for sio.oim. Si vera! of the
papers In Hi Utah Columbia have lu-
dnljieil pretty freely In dirty comments
against II -niton, and It ts probable that
he thought It was time to call a halt on
some of tbem. But, really, It looks
funny to see one newspaper man sue
another In the same business fir libel.
Especially when the figure Is SIU.OOI).
From Fort Steele I'rospector.
The ltanks Bros, returned to Sleele on
Monday last from the Dardenelles group
which is situated on the east side nf
Wild Horse creek aboul live miles from
Fort Steele. Development work consists of three tunnels now in 330, 60 and
21) feet respectively, tiie quartz vein has
au average width of six feet, it is a gold
proposition. On tlie lvthei, one of the
claims which form the group, a recent
strike of gnlent and copper has been
mnde, a slu ft has been sunk twelve feet,
showing ahout four leet of ore.
Manager Olson came down from the
Carbonate King miue 011 Wednesday.
He reports tliat lhe upper tunnel is uow
in 70 feet, No. 2 or the lower tunnel is
in iut tret, ut which- point tbe banging
wall wns encountered, cross-cutting of
tbe ledge was commenced, and the cross
drift hns been rtm for 25 feet, It is expected that In 25 or 30 feet the foot wall
will tie reached. The ore is copper
which will bave to be concentrated.
D. Howell of Spokane arrived at Steele
on Thursday. He has a contract for a
100 feet of tunnel 011 the Little Horn,
which is located on Tracy creek. Work
on the pioperty will commence at once.
T. T, McVittie, P. h. S , is now engaged in surveying the Golden Five
group of claims which are situated in tbe
forks of Wild Horse creek. The outfit
left Steele on Monday Inst. The property is owned hy Spokane parties. Word
has been received tlmt woik 011 the
claims will commence about July ist.
Several thousand dnllurs has been expended in developing the properly which
has a fine showing of ore.
TWie notice that 1 Imvo applied tothselilef com
inlssluiier or lamls mui "sorts, at Victoria, 11. t\-
fur 11 special lni'iise [11 cut ami may away tltll-
her mi mill from tlie follmvinj! rirsciibi-il viicact
crown lands In the district id Snntii Kust Kootenay, n.C: Cuimneiictag at a post planted on
tlie west iliu* of Lot soi, (iroup 1. Kooiemty his*
trli'l, nml about una mile soutli oitlie northwest I'liinur of tllO Sttlil lot, ami which post IS
iiuirkeii "Alex. Moflalt's s. i:. oorner," llience
west«1 chains more or less, thenco norlli nbout
40 ehaliH In tlte .10111)1 stile nt llie Klk river,
theuce north-easterly, following the soutli side
ur tin* said river about vn chains tna iwlnt one
nortli uf the silii unriii-ne.it corner Millie s 1<I
lot, llience south al t l*2joliallll tothe 1 lace or
IjeutiinliiK. containing 10 u acres more or ic**-.
Iittteil tlie :uilli ihiy of May. A. I), HAI,
Take notice thai I imve made application to
the chief comiiilsshmerof lands and works, nt
YlotorlA, B, (', turn siieelul license toeul and
carry uwuy tlm her mi uml from llie fol|..wloj!
desorilied vao.int crown lands In (lie dIMrlol of
Sou li Ka t Kootenay, 11. v.: Commencing at a
ptcii planted about une mile south of tlie south
imnkof the Klk r.ver, hi the said district, uul
ahout one and one half ml e-i rrom the mouth
of tiie aald river, uml which post Is marked
"-1 ory Dow's n. w, corner," theuce east b.j
clialus, thence BOllth 80 chains, theuce west s"
chains, thence uortli W chain-* to tin* pl.i»e or
beglunlne, containing iliu acres mure or test,
Daie.1 the;iii,h il.iy of .Mav, A. II. I IK) J.
lake not let tlml  I have applied to the chief
oonunissluuer uf lands and worksat Victoria, it
!'„rorn special license to cut aud carry away
timher on und from Die foliowlug deaeilDeil
vacant crown lamls lu the district at south Knst
Kootenny, 11. C: Commencing ntn post plunt-
ed on the south hank of the Klk river ln lhe snid
district, Htituit one awl one-half miles frum the
mouth of the said river, ami wnich posl is marked "F. It. Morris s S. K. corner," tlienee soutli
80 elialns. thence we.-t so chains, theuce noitll Ml
chains, llience suit 80 chains lo lhe place of beginning, conta ||g 040 seres more or less.
Dated the 3' th day or May, A. If. WW,
F. It. Aim-*!!)*.
Nelson  with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Palls with Stage Dally lor
Republic, anil
Connects dally
At    HossburK   Stage  Dally  for
Grand Porks and Qreenwood.
M. A. JACKSON, Oen. Pass. Agt.
Laid Nelke.
thirty days afterdate 1 luieud lo apply 10
chief Commissioner of Untis ami Works for
permission to purchase tlie folloH-lnir dest-rlhed
i.uid: Commencing at the north east corner of
Tims. 1 .cask's pre-emption on Perry Creek, riming eatl 10 chains, t bailee south mi chains, theuce
west 4u chains llience nor h su chains to point of
I'hesier McA<iam,
Chas. Estmere
Real Estate and Mines
Kimberley, B. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk of Comm-Tce Hldif. I'ltAN HIIOOK
Notice to Prc-Hmpton ol Crown Leeds.
The attention of I're-eniptors of crown
lands is hereby railed lo an amendment
to tbe "land art," passed st the last
session of ibe legislature, which provides
as follows, via:—
' 9 Pre-emptors of crown lands.
whether in arrears in payment of instalments of purchase money or not, wbo at
tbe time of coming into force of tbis act
bave obtained ceititicatrs of Improvement, or who shall have obtained
certificates of improvement withiu
twelve months thereafter, shall on
conform^ with the provisions of
the "laud act," except as hereby
altered, be entitled to obtain crown
grants of their pre-emption claims upon
completing payments of purchase money
at the rate of seventy-five cents per acre,
aud cro*n grant fees, which payments
may he made as follows:
"Twenly-five cents per acre on or bv*
fore the 31st day of December,  1901;
"Twenty-five cents per acre on or before the 301b day of June, 1972;
"and the remaining—
"Twenty-five cents per acre on nr hefore the 31st day of December, 1903. and
without any further payment of interest
or arrears of interest."
W. S. GORfi,
Deputy commissioner ot landsatid works.
Lauds and works department,
Victoria, B. C„ ist June, 1901
Direct route to all
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining; Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
7:50 daily
West daily 16:10
East ***    7-50
Kimberley 18:50
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount ol principal and inl: rest, except in lhc
case ol lands under $2.50 an acre, Is divided Into len instalments os
shown in the table below; the Ilrst to be paid al the time of purchase, Ine second one year from dale ol lhc purchase, thc third in
two years and so on.
Tbe following table shows Ihe amount of lhc annual instalments
oa IW acres at diflerenl prices under thc ahovc conditions-.
IM acrs at UM per acr. Ist instalment WM   9 equal inlnl'ls at $50.00
KimhpHpv is Die business and shipping point for the
rvimuci icy Nort(| SUr an(J Su|(jvan mjncs
BEAL & 1*1.1.WELL, Townsite Agents.
Crnnhrnnk 's ,hc divisional point of thc Crows Nest Pass
vi auui uuiv Ranway and lhe commcr(;iai centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further intormation apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If thc land Is paid lor in full al Ihe
time of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal lo ten per
cent on the amouni paid In excess of thc
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cent will be
charged In over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots lor sale
In Ihe following town sites in Past Koot-
cnay: Hlko, Craabrook, Moyelle, Kltch.
ener, Creston and Kimberley,
The terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for thc traveling public.
Kimberley trains  on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and  Saturdays*
For lime tiblei and full Information, call on
or iJJreKS nearest local sj>eat.
A. Q. P. A. Afcnt,
Vancouver, B.C. Craabrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson. B. C
Land Acl Notice.
TiikeimtliMHlitlll hnva appllm! to lhe ehlet
coinitil-wliiiier of lands Mid worKimt Victoria, it.
(.'„ for 11 special llcmise in cut nml curry awny
limlier nn nml from Die followtnu ilencrltied
vacant crnwn lands, in the district of Houth Kust
Kootenay, It. 0,  fomineiielnft at a \m-u i>iatneil
;it the in nth wist corner of lnt 'JR-, l!roii|> I,
Kootenny district; ami wliMi i-uit u marked
"Kitwnrd Oalilll's s. \v. rorucr i»ti»i." thence
norlh 12&clinlns, llieneo enst80 chains, thenee
south ISS Hiatus, I hence west Ml ehnliDt, lo |>lnce
of iiemmiiii:; cmitiiiiiltiK hjcu acres more or less,
Dated the Soil dny of May, A. I), iswt.
Land Acl Notice.
Take tiolicv that I have applied to tlie-thief com-
mlsilonor nf lands and works at Victor**, lid.,
for a special lloensc to nut and carry away llm-
tun* un nnd from tlie full**" Iiir ilescrllieil vacant
crown lamls In tin* dlsirlct of -fcmtii Kiut Kootenay, li. (>, Ooinmenolnjj at a i-ost planted on
tlie ninth side <tf Tclegrnpli trail, ubout three
miles southeast of the orosslng nf tne Klk river
liy tliu sal.l trail, In iho said dlslrlot ami which
post is marked •(". j*. i 'Kelly's n, W. corner
post," llicnce norlli 126 Chains, thenee cii-.Mii
chains, tlienee south  129 chulllB, theuce went B0
chains to place of beginning, containing low
acres more or less.
Dated the -nnl day nf May, 190],
0,1', O'KKM.Y.
Land Ad Notice.
Take notice that I hiive'applieil to tlie chief
coinmllllonur of lands and works at Victoria,
ll. i '„ for n special license to cut a d curry away
thrihcr on ami from lhe ful dwIuk ilewrlhed
vacant orowtl hinds in l he illstrlcl of south Kast
Kooteiiiiy, |l. ('. I oininciu Inn al a post ph>a cd
on tin* north stite of Tclegrapu trail, ahout three
miles imitlicasl or the crosalnj of the Klk river
hy ttic *iihi Hail in the suid district, aod which
posl Is marked  "!'. Diesel s S. W. corner ItOSt,"
llience soutli litfl chnins, llienoa east *o dial s,
llience no th t j'i c.talus, Ilieuee welt *>chains to
place of iicniiiiJinu, coiiialHintt 1000acres mora or
Dateii ilia 8Bd day of May, rnoi.
Land Acl Nolice.
'lake notice thai I imve applied to tlie chief
commissioner nr lands and wmki at Victoria,
11,0,, ror a special license Incut ami carryaway
tlmiier on nnd from the folloitltiK deserlhed
vacant erown lanils, In Die district of Smith
Kast Kootenny, CouimenclnH at a ihisi p'anted
on tlie south slie of Telegrapli Trail, aiioiit one
half mile soutli of the crossing ot tlie Klk river
hy the sahl trail, lu tlie s.ild ilWtilcl, and whlcli
post ts marked "W, w. Ilolile'a n. k. corner
post,' tlienee smith ir, clu Ins, tlienee west so
chains, thence north pit,elinlns, tlienee enst so
eln.liis to (lie idace of ItegliinuiK, containing 11410
acres more or less.
Dated Hie i:tU ilay of May, A. I). tool,
W. W   DOII1.K.
Notice Is hereby (riven that we have made application tn tlie chief coiniui>sloner of lands and
works, at VI* tor a, fm* a special license to cut
anil carry away timber from the fo.lnwl.ng described vacant crown lands hi the district of
South Knst Kootenay, ll. ('.: Couimeiicing at a
post planted at Hugh D. McMillans smith-east
oorner, ami aboul half a mile above tlie Junction
of Little su I Hii; Sand creeks, commencing at a
post marked The McNab Lumber Coy's., (ltd.)
north-east corner pust, theace south oo chalus.
thenee west nw chains, thence north inn chains,
tlienee easl -Wolialns, theuce south fin chalus.
thenee east nn chains to place of beginning,
containing IUU0 acres more or less.
Dated tlie titli day of May, 1J01
Laid Act Notice.
Notice Is hereby given tliat 1 have made application to the ehlef commissioner of lands and
winks at Victoria, I). (J., for a s|«elal license In
cut and carry away liniher on and from Die following deserlhed vueaat crown lamls In tlie district of Smith Knst Kooteuay. It. I', Comincnc-
tnfata|MBt planted nu the south side of Tele-
ttmpli trail, about one- half mile from the cross*
m.j of tlie Elk river by Die said trull, in the said
district, atul which post it marked "Malcolm
Mcliitrs' 8. YV. corner post," theme north 126
chains, thence east si chains, theuce soutli 125
chains, tlienee west so eiaius to place of beginning, containing intlu acres more or less.
Daled i ranbronk, II. O, May 2nd, mi.
Surveys ol	
Land Purchases,
Mining: Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. 0. Fori Steele, fi. C.
"« Builder 3
:::::Cranbrook, B C
Timber Notice.
Notice U hereby given Hint ] linve applied to
iin* edict commissioner ol lands and torksfnr
permission tooul und cany away Ilmher from
the following deierllied lauds In south Kast
Kootemiy. Commencing at a post marked .1, II,
McMulliu's soulh east corner planted near I'ltlm
ers liar crock and the iNiyro!) Mining Company
wagon road, theuce nottit lift chain", thence
we>l ho Clinlns, llicnce .tnutli lift el mins. iheuce
east so elialns to place of heglnnliig, cnuiiiiiiliig
KUMi acri*s mure or less,
Dateii ut Craubrook, 11. C„ tills oth day of
May, IDOL J. II, McML'I.l.IN,
Inspector'* Districts.
Tiie inspertots of metalliferous mines are
hereby assigned 1 lie following as I heir respective
inspective districts with hesibpiariers as noted.
Sucll assignment t> take place from Julie 1Mb,
IH.il, Until fmtlier notice,
AltCIlllUI.I) DICK, Inspector.
Headipiarlers, Cranbrook, office of deputy
mining recorder.
Inspection district shall comprise all of Kast
Kootenay and al-n Hoat Illver Miuing Div stun
of West Kootenay.
In udd'llou to the ti titles of Inspector of metal
llferous mines, Mr. Dick will also act as Inspei tor
of coal mines within the same district.
.IAMKH McUllKIIOK, Inspector.
Head'ptariers, oltice uf Mining Jtecorder,
luspeetl in district shall comprise all of West
Kootenay,   except    i intt  Illver   mining  division, and also Ilia Hrand Forks and Kettle Illver
mining divisions of Yale district.
Head-quarters, government building, Nanaimo
lu.peeiii.ii district, Vancouver Island and
Coast district,
Mr. Mmgaii Is also inspector of coal mines for
this district.
Notice is hereby 11 mi of such Inspection districts and that in accordance w.lli the "InipH*
iMi or Metalllferoiis Mines Act, ikut,'* and
Amending Acts, notice of Hacidenls toemidoyves
nappeuiiiK within any of such district must be
promptly reported both to the inspector of such
dlsirlct and hIso to the Minister ot Mines,
Iu mines not Included In the abuve distil is
luanagers will report, ludiiplloatt, tothe Minister of Mines direct, who, If lie considers It
necessary, will assign an Inspector to specially
Illauk forms upon which tomakerepoits of
■neh accidents may be obtilnet! from Ihe tn-
apifioroftJiu district, from tlie -Mining Ilwo d-
er, ur upon application In this i.fitee,
ltlCHAKD MflltlilDK.
Minister nf Mines,
Department of Mines,
Tommy's City Bakery
Husband', give your wife a real after
the apting cleaning. Let ua call on yoi,
with bread. It'a not aa good aa she
makes but you could stand it while she
rests. We have the beat In town and
■hip to all parts of D. C. We can at pply
all demands.   "Attention" ia our motto.
Thomas J. Hayhurst
Beauty and Bargains
In Oil Paiiitins framed
...At Prey's
W. F. (1URD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Rriliah Colombia
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
Have you talked wilh anyoae about building?
Come aad ace me or lei me see you, ll may
do ua both good.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
 AU   KINM   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber.
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and
Do You Sell Liquor????
Km, dou't buy   npl  TIPD   Tbe Ouly Wboliule Liquor Dealer lu
uulllyouaee..   rCUIICIV   Saatb Eaat Koolenuy.    Wrlle lor Print
Cranbrook, B. C * * *
PELTIER is also agent lor
This is the supply point (or South East Kootenay.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt O)
Rough and Dressed Lumber
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tlle
Those wantin; chimneys, lire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
First cl... Ilie el Jewelry, Clock,,
aud Silverware always I. Hock, i:
W. F. Tate, ^.w...,
mm 6
Itud'a Slater Knew m Thins or Twt
About  Mi;ii.
When brother ami sister disagree, hon-
C8t seutimetits have u pretty goud show
for exprensiou.
"Oh, I know all about that, Bud! Yoa
cau talk ubout not marrying tbe best wo*
until you ever BOW nud ubout tho delightful freedom of bachelorhood, nud
j iu can pretend ennui, nml you can poso
ns a baler of our bci( but I know ull
uhout It."
"Mot What a fcminlno little Solomon
you are!"
"Shut up! Wlso women don't have to
lie like Solomon to be u whole hit wiser
tiiuu be ever was. You pretend Indifference bcCRUSU Hie RII'Ih lire BO iililiflVr-
cut to yon. That's what is the nuilli-r,
nnd I know It, You COItllltl't uinko uny
headway with them, so you put ou a
hold front and Btlpoi'lor aim, I kuow
several of thein lhat ynti're not fooling,
nml il only nml-.ru you riilit-uloim,"
Iiiui wns bollllltf, hut Hied wilh an absurd effort to look |ih*iiKilllt,
"Is lhat BO?" And Ihere wna n llttllllg
note In his voice. "Would you rondo-
icond to uaitie tlie ift-ii*i otitstdu of yonr*
Wif who Ih the moll altOJlllcnl us to i>iy
lit 'Ity? Winn! Kit Joiiofl, your apodal chum? Thai girl fnlrly courted mo,"
"Fairly courted you? Sho look the
only plan she could think of io koep you
nway. Sbe would die an old ninid tf
you and she wnr the last two people ou
"We'll see," he snapped.
And (hey did see. Level hpAiteil Miss
.tones led Bud a wenry chnae, She told
him hla faults, olmngfid the subject every time he Bhowetj hpi-Ioui BymptoniB,
plainly Indicated that lie was a tiuisatn-c
und whon slie did (Vitally accept Ills sail
declared it was the only way to get rid
of him. Then slie and her prospective
sister-in-law got together in each other's
arms and gloated over iho success of
thelt* conspiracy ie ktii»*ii Bud off his
Proa* Vrmna Poetry.
"There," said llie hopeful ynnng man
as he placet] his contribution nn the editor's desk, "I wrolr that poem with fl
pen the handle of which was mnde from
a picket thnt was turn from tlie fence in
front of a house in which Rdgnr Allnu
I'oe once lived."
"Oil," replied the editor, after he had
rend the verses. Then he lifted up one
foot nud, pointing ta it. said:
"Do you see that shoe? The leather of
which it is made wns t*lined with bark a
part of which may ence have grown upon
n tree thai pave abetter to lhe heavy-
weight thltl struck Billy Patterson."
The young man look his manuscripl
nnd. having bestowed upon the base lie-
in-; before him it look of acorn mingled
with pily. went out.-
Dear Sirs,—This is to certify tfcit
I have been troubled with a lame
buck for fifteen years.
1 have used three bottles of your
MINABD'S MNIMENT and am completely cured.
It gives me great pleasure to recommend it and you are at liberty
to use this in any way to further the
uac of your valuable medicine,
Two Riven.
Pe-ulhlt Solnlloa.
She-Why la It, Cousin Bertie, that
you nlwnys siiiileV
He-I btvoil't tlie lenst Idea.
Sbe—Yea; pcrlum* tlmt Ih the reaaoi,
■iJhlcmro Ni"'"
A niffl.all  Wife.
An Kngllahiiiun (hits dew* ii ties the
wife of bis In mum ill IiIh will:
"lleiivetl seems lo IlltVO sent her Inlo
he world solely lo drive mc out of it.
The Rll-cagth of Stitiisoti, tbe genius of
limner, llie p rude ii re of AugiiHilne, tiie
-.kill of Pytrims, tlio pntlouco or Job,
tie philosophy of Socrates, lhe subtlety
f llaunlbtil. tbe vigllauco of Hei-nio*
fOUCH, would uot Kiiillei* to Btibdue lhe
HTverslty of Uor character."—Hi-
hit uge.
A Copal ir lloit.
Traveler— Eh?  Hns this hotel changed liantlsV
Clerk-Yes; the old landlord busted
p; owed thousands of dollars to nil tho
!*ovision dealers in tbe neighborhood.
ut- every $10 he molt In lie spent $20.
rraveler—Too bad, too bad! He's the
miy landlord I ovor met who knew
iow to ke»p it hotel.—New York Week-
In every home there la trouble Sunday moruiug In lliullng the mua's eleao
underwear.—Atchison Globe.
Tbe life of tin Australian native
rarely eiceeda BO year*.
X don't know what dt phlloiopbtrt
call true happiness, but wben 1 glt
•ot down befo' a hickory tab, wid a
pan of popco'n at my left hand an a
pan of apples at my right, de ole woman slngln "De Sweet Blmtby" an de
cat purrin on my lap, lt do seem ai If
I was flttts along mighty well fur one
of de people of alrtli.
There la a greal deal of difference between a copy and an imitation.
The misery children mnke for their
parents ia well known; tho misery parents make for their children not so well.
Tbe two great sources of hnppiuoss ate
health of body nud strength of mind.
Iu recipes fer happiness goodness must
alwnys be the principal Ingredieut.
When people begin to ba critical, they
cense to b« pleasant.—Sarah Grand in
Saturday Evening Tost.
II Wnaa't Jnat Wlmt the Clerka Ei-
It was 5 o'clock, nud In the big teahouse the oftlco force wns very busy
Indeed. The typewriter clicked rapidly, and the heavy pens scratched over
tbu thick leaves.
In the height of the rush a woman
entered the oljlce. She carried a fox
imiflf, and a graceful automobile reached to Iter feet.
"A Btminer!" breathed several of the
ollice force, and then lhe young mau
nearest left his stool nnd said:
"What can 1 do for yon, miss?"
She seemed n bit confused.
"I have n great secret," sbe whisper
ed, but somehow every clerk henrd.
They surrounded her.
"Yes," she continued] "1 am a woman
with a history."
Aftor this you could not have paid
those clerks to roturtt lo llielr stools.
"Aro you Interested?*- ahe naked.
"Interested?" roared the tall pen
serntcber. "Why, a statue would lie Interested In your history."
"And you will not discourage me?"
"Nover! Do not feir to toll us all.
Now for your history."
Sho drew a llut volume from the
folds of her automobile.
"Hero It Is; it complete history of the
Boer war lo date; 8,000 pages, GO0"-
1 ii confualon the ollice force retreated.
"Run, woman, run!" shouted the
"What la It'/"she gasped.
"The great water tank on the roof
Iiiih huratl"
With n tong ahrlek sbo rushed down
to the street.
"Wheu they spring thoso gaga, you
hnve to take heroic means," grinned
the (nil pon aernlchor. "Women'a hla-
torlM ain't what they aru craeltad up to
A woman's reproductive
organs are In tbo moat Intense and continuous sympathy with her kidneys.
Theslightoat disorder in tha
kidneys brings about a
corresponding disease in
Ih* reproductive organs.
Dodd's Kidney Pills, by restoring tha kidneys to their
perfect condition, prevent
and cure those fearful disorders peculiar to women.
Pale young girls, worn-out
mothers, suffering wives
and women entering upon
tha Change of Life, your
bast friend is
German manufacturers have found
that by cooking molasses dregs, afler
the removal of the sugar, a potash ia
won which ia preferred to all other sorts
in the snap Industry.
Horseshoes which wear nnsvenly can
be repaired hy an Australian's patent
nail, which haa a hend much larger than
the common naf), the four nails nearly
covering the worn surface of tba sho-s aud
raising It to the right height again.
Alnmlnlnm ware Is beM cleaned by putting it in hot water to which smne com
mon washing sotln has been ad.led nail
letting it boil for live or six minutes.
In wipinn china dishes do nol pile oui
upon another while ilill hot   Spread tur
to cool off, then pnek.   Piling np wlitl*
maim la ant to make tiw sl—— crack.
After Ihe joust the victorious Sir l*OB-
fnl knelt nt Ihe feel of Clara  Vere da
"Oh, what a nnme thou bsat made fot
thyself!" iniirniun*d llie fair lady shyly.
Time bail been when llie knight would
hnve  raised   his eyes ardently   aud  exclaimed:
"Not fer myself.   Tor thee!"
Unt now he protested, net unbltterly:
"Nut for myself!    lt\>r some three Inch
None knew better than Sir Launfal
that the ini-ssinn of romance is no longer
whal it was.
Drop I'Vrlltm,
"You love your unlive land more than
ever, do you pot, UOff that you are ftboilt
to leave it?" said the experienced nor-
"Oh, yeai" gasped the young and ti-vdy
passenner on lier lirst lour abroad as tlie
slop encountered the ocean swell. "I—I
feel like bugging the shore right now."-
Chlcngo Tribune.
Nol   llli.lv.
■mv th* Diva Astonished All   Il«t   Har
Intimate i rleude.
Since the sale of Craig-y-nuB ensile
line  become public property there lias
been nu end. of speculation as to
AdeUna Pattl's future home, mindful of tbo diva's love for Italian skies
mid balmy breezes, many supposed
*ht* wonld purchase a handsome chateau whleh has been oiicred her near
Naples; others suggested Nice and
Paris, llul. Pattl has dune what she
so dearly loves to do; she has given
them the slip and astonished nil but
Iter Intimate friends by announcing
her intention to make London hor
winter tind Sweden her summer headquarters, For over twenty years
Pttttl has been ihe chatelaine ot
Oralg-y-nos, a charming; old properly which she discovered during a picnic    excursion    to Swansea    Valley.
Sin* immediately purchased it at n
moderate figure, nml during tlie last
y.ara  of  ber  resiliency  bas,     by    her
•xqulslto taste und the expenditure of
ovor $050,000,  transformed  ll   Into
one     of   thn     linest castles   in  Ureat
Drltntn. Tho theatre excels anything of thn kind in EDurope, not excepting those of royal   homes.
Naturally Ihu fair Adplinn'b return
to London will bo greeted with do-
Helii, for in social circles alio is a,
great favorite, If she Is accused of
economy whero her singing voice is
concerned, not no witli ber speaking
voico. She is a brilliant conversationalist-, placing no restraint whatever on her vivacious spirits. She
serves up the present and pust in a
delightful fashion, nnd never laughs
more merrily than when thc random
mention of a date inadvertently betrays her years.
Co-ldlluc Children.
Why ia it, asks Medical Talk, that
poople that aro most exposed to cold
by outdoor employment nre the peoplo who are least subject to colds?
Simply because, it answers, no one
catches cold by exposing tlio whole
body to cold. Thoso people ' catch
cold wbo try to coddle themselves
away from cold. A person catches
cold when a portion of tho body is
exposed to cold, whilo the other portion is kept warm by artificial heut.
One is mure apt to catch cold sitting by a stove in an unventilated
room than by facing a blizzard In
the open air,
Nansen and his men, when in the
Arctic regions, were exposed to cold
•f every description, and it is staled
that they nevor onco suffered from
colds. But no sooner had they returned to their native land than
they one and all caught severe colds.
The reason for this is probably because they were again warmly
housed and spent a portion of their
timo in unventilnted rooms, sleeping in stuffy bedrooms.
The more children are coddled to
keep them from catching cold the
more apt they aro to catch cold,
Tho proper course to take is to
clothe tho children warmly, provide
mod, Btout shoes, and turn theni
loose in the open air. Let them go,
rain or shine, cold or warm; let
them have the open air every day.
Such children aro fur less liable to
catch cold. And their bedroom window should be open every night,
winter and summer, in such a way as
to avoid a direct draught upon them
whilo they arc sleeping.
The Captive Thruah.
A| Edinburgh paper says tbat one
day a Loehnber lud caught a thrush
and took it home. No cage was to
bo had, so the bird was placed in a
basket With a lid. The boy's mother
having told tbe Rev. Pr. Stowart of
tho capture, the minister—a naturalist well-known throughout tho Western Highlands of Scotland—came to
seo the bird. Whilst tbey wero all
talking about tho prisoner the lad
spied a similar bird on an elder-
bush, and Dr. Stewart at once noted
that It was tha enptivo's mate. He
perMiaded the boy to pul,the basket
outside. This wns done, and by-nnd-
by the mole bird llew down and began caressing tho prisoner in mnny
pretty Ways, Then he attacked tho
basket lid furiously, hoping to peck
A hole in it big enough for his consort to escape by. This so touched
the boy's mother, nnd even the hoy,
thnt the latter agreed to let lhe cap-
live go, Taking the basket back to
the spot where the thrush had been
caught, the lid was opened nnd the
bird llew off with a wild scream of
delight, ita mate joining it in tho
wood—both thrushes, no doubt, happier   far than kings.
An Inttiiin WimntTi Vli-w.
An Indian woman nt the Ecumenical Conference said: "We In India,
aro dwarfed In mind nnd body because of tho tilings to which wo havo
been subjected for centuries. When
1 was n child I did many tilings
which wero wrong, because I knew
no better, and 1 only learned that
lhey Woro wrong when 1 was Inught
In your mission schools. You have
done much for us, but yuu can never
send enuugh workers lo minister to
tho great needs of our people, nnd
Du* only effective method of reaching
tbem is to educate us and wo will
educate our fellows. Hive us the
same education that you give your
own missionaries nnd we will net
disappoint you.
Mrs. Fen I her weight Uo cabby)- You'ro
euro you won't run nwny with me?
Cabby-No, ma'am. I've been wurrlel
these 20 yenrs I
Hungry Uiggins-W'ot do you think? 4
womnn called uie a animated scarecrow
this murnin.
Weary Wutkins— I've knowed you senee
the enrly eighties, bul I never seen no
animation about yuu yet.—Indianapolis
ImtlcntliiK the Error.
"Remember." said the otninoua eltiiai,
"how Rome declined nnd fell."
"Of course," snid Senator Sorghum.
"Thai's whole Koine's nilstiiko was
ni.'nli'. lu politics never decline anything. Always uccept."-Washington
A GiatelLtl Woman Telli of H r Releaae
From thn A* oriel That Affiicl Her Sex
After Three Doctor-. Had tailed to Help
bulie   (
ilu* amount of suffering born'* by
3tuen throughout the country can
ver tn* estimated. Silently, almoal
hop-closely, thoy endure rrom dny t:»
day afflictions thai can only fall io
loi of women. Thn following
Of tha suffering and release of
Mrs. Charles Hoeg, of Southampton,
IJ3., ought io bring hopo and health
nd happiness toother sufferers, Mrs.
Hueg says. 'Tur nine out of the
thirty-two years of my life 1 have
Buffered ns no Woman, unless she bus
mllorly afflicted, can Imagine I
•lid suller and yoi )uu,. |jv,,(1   •■*.,..,.
leks out  uf font*  1   WOUld  te: unable
move about and,  indeed,    at    nu
lime was really lit  lu attend to   my
household   duties,     i consulted phy-
olana—Three    of   the    most skilful
octora in ihe county of Cumberland
at different times had charge of   my
•>«e   These atl agreed in their ding*
is. but ihe treatment varied, and
while at    limes 1 wuuld    experience
lief, at nu time was there any
iveil   me   uf  a [lermanent  cure,
i night when I went to bed 1
would have been glad if death had
como before morning, I never had
much faith in proprietary medicines,
bul at ono time I took a half dozen
bottles of a blood-making compound
that was highly recommended. Tliis,
like everything else, failed to help me
There .seemed to be nol a particle of
Wood m my body. My faco was absolutely colorless, and my appotito
almost, entirely deserted me. 1 often
saw in the newspapers letters testifying tu the merits uf Dr. Williams'
I'ink Pills, but nine years of suffering
and discouragement had mado me
too sceptical to seo any hope of re-
llef when doctors hud failed to ef-
cure. But at last I camo
across the story of a cure nenr homo
■tlmt of Mr. Moses Boss. of Kod-
ney. I knew that at ono timo he
had been regarded as a hopeless consumptive, and liis cure through Dr.
Wiltinms' Pink Pills determined me
to try them. I had not taken two
boxes before I began to feol better,
and grew confident of a cure. 1 kept
ou taking lhe pills, nll»tho tinft* feeling new blood in my veins, activity
returning to my limbs, and the feeling of depression gradually wearing
av/ny. To muny Women it may seem
incredible that, the mere making of
new blood in my .reins could restore
io a healthy condition misplaced internal organs, but tliis has been my
happy experience. My pains have nil
leit mo, and 1 am now as healthy a
woman as there is iti this place.
This health I owe to Ur. Williams'
Pink Pills, which have rescued me
from a life of suffering, if nol from
the grave."
Pr. Williams. Piuk-Pills are especially valuable to women. They, build
up the blood, restore tlie nerves, nud
eradicate those troubles which make
the lives of so many women, old and
young, a burden. Palpitation of the
heart, nervous houdacho, and nervous
prostration speedily .yield to this
wonderful nil tlcfutf. These pills are
sold only in boxes, the trade murk
and wrapper .printed in red ink, at
50 rents a. box or six boxes for
§11,50. and may be hnd of druggists,
or direct by mail from Dr. Williams'
Medicine company. Mrockville, Ont.
s-wi-i't r»( iio iIrequattai,
Hake the sweet potatoes until they
are lender; then scoop oul the centres and put them through a vegetable press. To each two cups of
mashed potatoes allow a tablospuon-
ful uf buttor, a level teaspouurul of
salt, a tablespoonful of sugar nnd a
half miltspoonful uf whlto pepper;
mix thoroughly. Form into cylinders, dip In egg, then in breadcrumbs and fry in smoking hot fat.—
Ladles1  Home Journal.
Two Tmi With a IHitory.
Forty years ago the Prince ol
Wales planted an English oak and an
American elm Is Central Park, New
York. Both arc strong and flourishing trees. Tho oak js two feet In
diameter and tho elm is one of the
largest and most boautiful eeclnuai
tn thc park,
Sore Proof.
"This won't do," exclaimed Mr.
Phnmllmnn. "Here it's after midnight,
and thnt young man and Maud ins
still In the parlor."
"How do you knowt" Inquired Mrs.
"Because I don't bear a sound down
tbere."-Phllodelphla Press.
"More new gowns!" he cried,
"Why, yes," she answered sweetly.
"All of mine are last century's styles."
-Philadelphia North American.
.Rnd Por lh».  ihinfueHft.
"Yes, 1 had to let hlm go," replied tbo
boss bin ber to the regular customer
when lhe latter asked on explanation
of't'ie absence of bis pet barber.
"Well, he Insisted on raising whisk-
"liaising whiskers? Great Scottl
Ipu't this n free country, where n man
ludy njise whiskers If he so chooses?"
"Yes, thla Is a free country, und a
m.in can do pretty much as he likes,
bul there's oue thlug he cau't do and
lyork tor mc, nud that's It."
"W'Uy do yon obji^ti"
"For.Ihree reasons*. The-first Is that
he was n rather cross looking fellow
Anyway. Whiskers would make him
Ii*.ik ot-osser. In fhe second plnce, to
niise whiskers it would be necessary
fer him lo look like n Wenry Willie
for two or throe weeks. Iu the third
pluee --innl Hiis is reasou enough, even
If there wero no oilier—if he should
succeed In rn isiSg a good looking
bein d. he would set nn exnmple that
mlftllt he followed by some customers.
The result would be that Instead of
gelling shaved Ihree or four times a
week, or even every day, they wonld
ci*iiiii themselves wilh getting their
whiskers trimmed once a fortnight or
onee n week. Such a move would seriously nfTcct the cash box and for that
fen son Is not to be tolerated.
"Uow many barbers have yon seen
weft il na beards? Every barber realizes
Hie forcd nf my objection. Oh, yes,
every iuud Ims constitutional rights
ll.:t nil . I'dllld observe. So have I."—
DI  Louis Slar.
is a suro Indlcatli
Powers ur  Diet
of Sexual Weakness or i
of  the  Kidneys   and Pel
■rvous trouble. Falling
: Region.   A woman's back
ache tells of that weakness which makes  it a labor    and agony lu live.
home  by    the
patient     applying
the aching spot
unique,      safe
treatment   which gently nnd soothingly
whole  body  with renewed vigor,    makiug
I'm kit* )■■• and
numerous     causes
can    quickly    and
positively be
and successful method of el
dispels pain and saturates tie
life worth living,   it is known as
Dr. McLaoghlln'l Method of Sell-Applied Electrical Treatment.
It is worn comfortably at night while the patient sleeps, and DORS NOT
DFHN OR BLISTEK, as do other appliances which have enough power to
be curative,
After you aro cured you can pay me. and then the prica will be only
one -hulf what is asked for the old style bells, which have been blistering and burning the backs of tha wearers for the past 30 years. My belt is three times as strong as any
oihss Hell suld, and is tlie only one lhat docs not blister the flesh.
Extracts From a Tew of the Testimonials on File in Our Office:
cabled wil
innu. thai jour bait i* what they wanti
get.   V- nn truiv,
Oxbridge Ont A. L, WWdlfle'd.
l would nol lake dooblu whal I pattl fui
vein* tidi i I mold not wt another, I
li vn't been troubled with my bsek sine
u ink-it.   Youil veiy truly,
K<t nic ot i, tin .. II  iMvi-.
My buck li entirely well the pain li a
gone nnd tul my other tr tiblwhovo left im
Itunfn w, I'l.t.        James FtuqubttMi li.
Dnt sir,-Y,ur Holt but cured my weak
ii i*k.  t never i**ei any pain now« I told
vuu liifore I tf->t  vour l»*lt I coultl hanliv
lit up afn-rii linnl tiay's work.    A iiii}'-.
worn l* mint >il to me now.
Hopev 1K-, Out. Tlioe. VV. Perrii
> sei which u»**tl in lie bo fr
ni: etaj-1-e .   I Joel c -ntiilt-n
4 Fair Avrnn
iiiih I
, Biuitfi
■rt Rouse.
I would ny that yonr Ifcit tun done »il
t*"ii cl.iini**.i It -ivoufil.    I linvt* no: an nctn*
r twin now. I Wi Uld Hot *ak.* i iililt- what I
■•ni fur it. w. i* McDermott.
WttanepltM Lake, Ont,
I am rt'-rfeeilv lalbfledwtth y-onrbsltll
im* u I have u**ti It   i feel a grest u «1
alter.   Yours .ruly.
.Vorni-in.ont. Willinm Dixon.
Dear M -Tin.* inlii' in k ne and Iflflrer
parti " ilnibi taste disappear d entirely,
Mv back 1*0. K.
th nr. .Man. R. A. Mil.imt.
ittONTo, o.vr. g a. m, io B '■'•<
E.. ni**ri :--.-     ■
nlrn. IJilkins (sweetly)—Do havo another piece of cake, Unolo John V
Cousin John—Why, really, I'vo already hnd two; but it"n bo good I
believe I will have another.
Littlo Johnny (uxeitedly)—Ma's a
winner! Ma's tt winner! She Haiti
he'd bot you'd mako a pig of yourself.
How's This?
We offer Ono If undt ed Dollsn Reward for
any case of Ontirrh that cannot lie CUrod by
Hall'a 1,'atarili Cure.
F .1. CHENEY & CO., Proim, Tilled-), O.
Wo, the under*.tgoed, havu known F. J.
Cheney fur lho Inst 1.1 yi-nri. nnd htllrvo tilin
in rfooily honorable lu all business transactions,
and tin ni-lully ulilu -o curry imt any --bllK-itiun
made by their llrm.
Wkht&Thitax.W hole-title DniRK-lilB.T.ilcdn.O.
Wau-imi,    Kinnan   Ss   Mahvis,   Wlioltniils
DrtigK.M--**, Tt-lotlti, O.
Hull h Catarrh Cnro In taken hiti>rn-dly,acting directly upon Hit) blood and muootil «ur-
face i of thoNyntem, Prlee, Wo. per bottle. Sold
hy all druggets.   Te-itiint'iiliils Tree
Hall's Family Pills are tlm bf t.
It bus    loag been held    Hint coal,
when wot, is more likely to lake lire
in storage,  but    Professor    Thrclfa.ll
Iched    two bins   for sixty dayu.
'llio one containing wet coal roachctl
temperature of only 85 degrees con-
I igrade, whilo that containing dry
coal reached 200 dogrcos centigrade,
and was jnst on tlie point of spontaneous combustion.
LA "T0SCANA," ?^AoS°¥K£?rAi
A (.fiiorgiii jury brought in the following verdict recent,y : "We, the
jury, lind the prisoner almost guilty,'
A society girl's temper is probably
made of belle metal.
Ill-fitting boots and shoca cuuso corns,
Holloway'sCorn Ouro is thc nrticlo to use.
Get a bottle ut oace and euro your corns.
Thc ocean hus  its    hiirdships-
they are mostly ironclads.
flood temper is    like the sun ;    il
sheds brightness over everything.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns. Etc.
Self-denial is one of the most satisfactory pleasures.
df /Wv /ton, {vftds /tea^Ka, rjMW
itCy&tTTls 0£4/ aM^^4e^nix7vki -hjfo.
to CuA> n  /tc- fct/JsU&iJ! *Ul4/ rU*US
jtuM'^tr ens tt' ae-nt- -^Myrrvt-t- jl£au*is.
l'robubly Un* most conservative Institution outside of China is the British museum. Although it is savant}
yenrs since the quill pen yielded tn
Uie age of steel tin* reading room authorities persist iu supplying q
which aro Invariably broken
thoro is occasion for using theu
A\  I
Jo glad i
i see you, Gentle spring.
You re
ooking well—but, say,
Why be s
i formal? Won't you please
Take ol
your things and stay?
MINARD'S L1M1MT Mm Necnlsu
In   southern   France,   when*   I
costs liO cents and  milk 15 cent
quurt,  new wine hus been lately
suly in unlimited quantities at 2a
a quart.
STILL   .\NOTHKH    1 Rll'MPH. - Mr.
Thomas S. Bullen. Surd. rhmd. writes: "Fo»
fourteen year* I wa.- sfllictedinth Piles; and
frequently I wiu< as-Kbta to wali or dt, but
f'.ur yean* UO I WU cured by using Dr.
Th mus' B-jiec-Wo Oil. 1 hare also been
subnet to Quinsy for Ofw furty yoars, but
Eolectric Oil curvd it. and it vn* a permanent cure in b. th cases, a* neither tho Pile*
nor Quinsy hnve troubled me ■in****-*.1."
If your children nru troubled with worms-1
givo them Mother .Graves' Worm Eitennl, j
nator; aufo, sure, and effectual. Try it, uud |
mark the improvement In your child,
Tlie medical faculty of Heidelberg
university, after careful Investigation
hus decided that tlie incandescent
light is not harmful to the eyes.
HWASO'S LDPENT for sale Ewrjflat.
A womnn pats a strnngi
about the same manner a
ft strange dog.
nuui  pi
A iirm in Haiiau, •"■ermany, has
iueceeded tn weldr-ft^aluminum without the use of any lifctal. solder or
tt id. Xo seam can be-nlected and
■oslst blows ami temperature varia-
iot.% &* Well ns if there were no
oint.   The process te a secret one.
Success coiiies to most pooplo by
tho inch—and disappointment by thc
Fbtsu and Aora and Biuous DiBA^ai-
1UHTB are positively cured by the u.- uf
Parmelee's Pills. They not only cleanse Die
stomnch and bowela from all bilious matt-* r,
but they open the excretory vessels, causi' q
them to pour copious effusions from the
blood into the bowels, after which the corrupted mass is thrown out by tho natuial
passage of thc bod}'. Thoy are u±ed ns a
general    family  medicine with   the   beat
The bights", spot inhabited by hu-
mon beings on this glubc Is the Dud-
dliist cloister of Hank', Thitx-t,where
21 monks live at an altitude of 10,-
Ctf-O feet.
Brass Band
Ii at.~aii.*nU, Drnni*, Unif-orat, Etc
Lowei: prlcee trtr qn/AoA Fiut CAta'ofae
50- l I'j-j.riTxn** mailed fr«*. Writ-* nt tot Anything lv. Mutlc or Hailtl Iu»*rtim-»cU.
Wh*lo7 Eoyco ft Co., Torown£ni5i; m1
■ -.fpfferson ns » Letter Writer*
Ji'lTci'Son probably U'l'OlO nmre
h it-i's (.-iih his own I.innl thuu nny
i, her ptiUHi' mnn Mint ever lived. The
i* inn nf llin coiti spi.iidt'iH'e may In*
ltiivne.1 rrom tlio run Hint 11(1,000 let
liis llWltly fjhlfll nud briefed were
I* ■ ir.ed by Iilm ntlll found carefull.v
i;h'd nwnynl lho time of his ilontl
Willi cnp'-ii of the ri'jdics senl to more
Ihnn HI.Hin. Tin st*, h.twi'VtT. were only ti small port tou of tils correspond
nice, ii;' he routined only those he eon-
i;idereil of future uMt'fu'mw or liupor-
HtJ»nogi"npliy wns noi invented nt thai
ll.ne. lOveiy one of his loiters was
wiltlru' wtilt his own liiind aud with
prjifi euiv. plihrnigh nftor lironklog his
wi'iHi wlillo mluisior to* franco it bo-
ciimi' n groiil Inbor to htm. Ills pen
milllHliIp was sniiill. plain and legible,
every letter bring p-i-fectly formed, nnd
his ntTOUUI books are kept in so Small
ii Itttutl (lull many nf lhe pages cannot
bi'rond without"*) mngu'fylngglass,
.leiTi'i'smi was iimlildexirouH. He
cnuid wrllo equally well wlih eltlior
hnud. When bis wrist wns broken, he
Itiniu'tt io wriie wilh his left liiind.
which lieittiue lis skillful us the olher.
li would hnve been Inipu-iKlhk* for Iilm
In have curried ou his t'Xtt'UxlVQ cori'e-
■H|Miiiiletice without being nblo to relieve his right liu ml ut iuiiTval:-.
It's a mean man who will deliber-
ralely walk between a woman and a
It may be only n trifling cold, but uegieot I milliner's window.
It nnd it will fasten its fangs ia your lungs, \
and you will soon be curried to an untimely i
grave.   In  this c unfry wo   have  sudden
chimges and nin.-t expect to huve coeglm and
cold-*.   We cannot avoid them, but wo can
effect a cure by i-alng Bickel'a Anti-Consumptive Syrup, ihe medicine ihut Una never
been known lo fail in curing cougha, colds,
bronchitis nnd all affections of tiie throat,
lungs and cheat.
Three of n Kind,
Tlw lcctnan ind tlio plumber and the coalman Mt
No glaij or Joyoua Mntimcnt was found In either'!
Hie coalman anJ tht* plumber aighed lottitt tl-jhi
both long ant) deep,
ind then thc Iremin hung hla head and iood began to weep.
"Now, what Is ihtsT" the plumber cried; "I
know 1 Imvo my wiit'tj—
The W-Slther Is so wirm nml mild M pipe tl iter
The coalman said: "Thlt'l my complaint. The
weather ia ao blend
That coal i.i ft commodity which la not Is demand,"
Tha Iceman wept.    I'.t lobbed aloud.   The othcri
then inquired i
"Why do you wail?   What sadneu hu theee bitter
tears Inspired?
You had jr-our ctiaqre leit eummer, -when the dtyi
were fliTte and liot|
We Wilted lur the wtnler, hut the wlnler comith
la tearful (are and ruefully
yonr troubles, but I'm Ihe
The Iceman raised
" 'Tie true you ha
unhappy mnn. 	
The Ice Ii*ii nut I-.-■.!■ to frct-io, and, oli, I udly
I'll lux  tn rain the prleei very high the coming
The plumhcr ami the ronlman ihen gave him •
leornlul it I l*B |
It mlghl he Impolite lo uy lhey were Inclined U
■utilowly and with dignity lhey took themiehee
While through thc Iceman'a briny teen a anile
beget t-p play.
—Raldmnra Iwdw
A I'lMiHllilr- Star jr.
Lfldy—Why are you wandering
around tho country, 1 should like to
know, instead of staying nt home nnd
inking care of your family?
Tramp—You see, mum, my wife hnd
a very good servant girl, a regular
jewel, mum.
"Thnt doesn't seem possible."
"There never way but one perfect
girl, and my wife had her, mum."
"Mercy 1   What u lucky woman!"
"Yes, mum, ho my wife often said.
But, you see, mum, tho girl didn't Ilko
"She didn't?"
"No, mum. She snid my wife would
hnvo to discharge hor or me, so sbe
discharged me."
"Oh, I see.   Mire's some moucy."
Dr. J. D. Kellogg!s Dysentery Cordial is a
speedy cure for dysentery, diarrheal, cholera, summer complaint, sea iickneja mid
complaints Incidental to children teething.
It gives immediate relief tt those suffering
from thc effects of indit-cretion In eating ua-
ripe fruit, cucumber.*-), etc. It nets with wonderful rapidity und never falls n> conquer
the disease, No ono need fear cholera if
tliey huve a bottlo of tbis mwiicine conTeni*
It doc-m't matter much how u mun
lies when be is asleep just so ho
Sticks to tho truth when awake.
THE BEST I'ILLS.—Mr. Wm. Vnr.der-
voort, Sydney Crossing. Ont., writ.;-: "We
havo been using l'lirmulce'H Pill--, and flr.d
them by far tbo bent pills we ever used."
Poh Delicatb axd Dehiiitated Cokstiiu-
noirs these pills act like u charm. Taken in
small doscf, the effect is both a tonic and a
stimulant, mildly etc.Inn Hie secretions of
the body, giving touu aiid vigor.
The dcuf mute arose from his b<
And atfppi-d on a tack in the d
"1'is well, ITi-Thups,  tba woriil   n
of ins pliant but awful remark
■tbey   i
■  gnlid
at tipi-'i-
S[CYCLE ""?™E^
■*y-*m\a*f o Wii ia   wnmtlmtn — Uhe
_ _   a-B-fc-k   re ■penwllsd aad
DEALERS eii"53£«a:
( n" h. t-xp n w.,rk;r«n.   .Send for list of new
md Heoadbaad «h- Ii   Trj iuw
•OreSMBt" AgtuU. Wlnulpei,
United States Cream
Perfect ek'mmin. Lffftt rur.ninf SDdeeiieel
lownh. Will out)tit two of alrr-oit all com-
pctitore. All round the mc-it aervlccable aod
•eat value. Everything needed In the dairy
kept. Write for caiologuta. IblpneaU of
freah butter wanted.
Wm. Scott, ^wVNfiNci?r0nuei
WHEELER k WIL80N sewing machines
Rapidity.  Bam about one day in (lire*
8aiem.*w»nddursbility aHhootaolMor-waar.
pneral utility.   Hest for all kltida of work.
243 Portaff* Ave., ft in*.., -g.
Wanted Agonta in EVKHY TOWN ia
Canada to sell our
The mnn  wh(
inn* to Ijo men
never Idle has no
like doilL'b b'-CiiUS'* W
d buibonda aro
imen a?ed tbem.
cures coughs and colds at
ence. We don't mean that it
relieves you for a little while
—it cures. It has been doing
this for half a century. It has
saved hundreds of thousands
of lives. It will save yours if
you give it a chance.
" I cniiRhsd .ne r.i«d cnntit.unn.iy.   |
Hopped the .ou,h end rt.tored mc u.
h"1[h! J.j.TAOOART.To
l.v .ill
miiinii'e OoiwimnHan riirn ta iold
flniEitiHia iii Uauana and Uiiii*u utivra
•i-.r, .-,"-■, •i.nn » bottle. In Oreitt itrti
at li, m ■ '-tn- 8d« and 4i. mi   a prim
•ruar.iiii.'i* k»*"* »'"' «very hittllr. M fOl
■rn not IfttUfled U<- '» J"»«-f arUff'" *"cl
(et your iiiuney back.
Write for llluatrattd book ntt Oonifltl
irllhout,coit uyou. ■-.r.Wc'.iy.tyt:.,
Seal > II I'ay, In Ileal Willi lle.llle "
1   >   -
Get a Camera
....and be a fiend.   It's fun.
All styles and prices, of
IV.  ta  tSeattlCa Druggist
Grocery Bargains And
Bargain Groceries
Are two very different things.   You want
what WE sell, grocery bargains not bar=
gain groceries.   We buy only best qualities
....G. T. ROGERS
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
That the agency of the CELEBRATED Q. B. CHOCOLATES has been transferred by R. E. Beattie to us
and this valuable addition to our already extensive
variety of confectionery makes a most desirable and
attractive stock.
We mi* just unloading a car of npw groceries uniting wti'ch is that Renowned
Brand of Sugar "TIIS RKDPATII." Those who Iinv.- useil tbis relelirntetl
sugar know of its value. (Inr Block of general groceries will lie most complct,
ami wc Invite inspection l.y everyoue,   Djn't forgetour Brandon Creamery Butler
Prices and Values
Always in Harmony.
the Grocer.
And to secure good work one most get men who thoroughly understand their business.   This is so in any business. And especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job of painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice l\
Hovv can it be avoided?    Why, that is easy.    Simply by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right.
Go and see some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
|      LOCAL   NOTES     jj|
Picked Up About the Cily  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Hutch whs in Muyie this week.
George Hoggarth, of Klko, is in town.
James Rynii Called Jaffray yesterday.
II Pollard of Moyie, is in the hospital.
A W. McViltie went lo Blairmore
Furnished moms to rent. Apply to
John Leask.
flet nut yonr lings and bunting for
Dominion du\,
hee Mnii'-ficlil came over from Foit
Siedi.' Tuesday,
N, McKfnatry. of Kimberley, was In
town SaUnilny.
Charles ami Tim farrell, of Moyie,
at<? i« town today,
\V Laurier Wimble visited Medicine
Hal last Sunday.
A. Leitch visited Macleod and Lethbridge this week.
Mrs W T Reid is expected to return
home in n few weeks.
M. A Beale, the Moyie mining broker,
was in town M-niidny,
Milkshake, the great summer drink,
at Mrs. McConnell'S,
Mrs Barber went In Fernie Tuesday to
attend a social function.
Dr. King visited Fernie last Sunday
on professional business.
Read (Jeor-^e Laurier's wood advertisement in tbia week's issue.
W. R. Ross, of Foil Steele, was a
Cranbiook visitor Monday.
li. W. lilwell, the real estate broker of
Knijbfiiey, was in lown Tuesday.
Dr Bell left for F.lkoaud tbe Boundary
Tuesday to inspect some live slock.
M. Cariin, lhc Fort Sleele merchant,
was o Cranbrook vtsitot last M mday,
Tom Proctor, the well known mining
broker of Nelson,  was in town lnesday.
Ladies' while waists. An elegant line
jnst in by express.   Gilpin's, of course.
W. VniiArsdalei), of Fort Steele, was
in town Tuesday and Wednesday of this
For rent—large house and grounds on
Baker hill. $25 per month. Apply to
livery camera fiend in town took a
photograph of the wrecked engine last
Government creamery butter is the
best in Canada. Thirty cents a pound
at Gilpin's,
R ti Bent lie offers a prize of n baby
carriage in the Married men's race on
Dominion day.
Constable B iriies reports to the Nelsoi
papers the spreading of small pox ai
Ferule and Macleod
Mrs. R Ii. Beattie is visiting hei
brother at Creston, and will be absent
two nr three weeks.
Owing to the wreck on ihe main line
Tuesday there was no mail Wednesday
east of Medicine Hat.
Three-year'Old, black pony, branded S
on right hip, to be .-old at public auction,
July 19.   Charles Trip.
The Good Templars lodge has been
organized and officers installed. It
ineels 011 Tuesday evening.
W. F. Gurd attended court at Fori
Steele yesterday. He had a large
amount of work to look after.
Colon Leitch is rapidly recovering
from the effects of lhe accideut tbat
came near costing htm his life.
Give Laycock's creamery butler a trial
uud you will be satisfied that you have
the best atticle on ihe market.
Comity courl was in sej-sion yesterday
at F'ori Steele. Qiite a number of Cran
brook people were in attendance,
Frank Dickinson is feeling happyover
lhe appearance of a young batbt r at his
home.   Everybody ia doing well.
Fruits in endless Vaiiety, including
apricois, peaches cherries, Htrawbeiries,
plums, etc. at F. McConneli's.
A complete new Hue of choice confectionery nude by Ling, of Montreal,
jtisl received at F. McConneli's.
The ditches are being dug fir the
water works system that is being put in
for a number of Buker bill residents.
Everyone should try ami assist in
cleaning up Uie streets before Dominion
day.    Lei the town put on its besl garb
The Fort Sleele Meicanlile company
are closing out   their shoe line.   U you
can get a fit from them  you can gel
Mrs Keay lelt lust Tuesday for Greenwood where she will   m»ke an extended
visit witb her daughter, Mis J \\ „
The Fort Steele Meicantlle company
are exclusive agents for Laycock's cele
brated creamery butter. Have you given1
it a trial ?
L.iycQi:k*s celebrated creamery butter,
made at tiox. Warren, Man., is the besl
ou tbe market. Try it. Thirty cents
per pound.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
have a shoe bargain counter (his week.
Those wanting good shoes at low prices
should call.
S<te the Fort Steele Mercantile com
pany for a snap In shoes. A big bunch
of children's shoes at prices that win
surprise you,
The Rt Rev John Dart, D D, D C I„
bishop of New Westminster ami Kootenay is vibiiing Cranbrook todiy, ami
will pteuch iu Christ church ihis even
Ing. His lordship is the guest of Mrs V 1
Hyde Baker, -
If you are leelinj* blue or mm tier
Drop Inlo the WVnlwurlli ami cat a Welncr.
Our Wcinerwursls wc do bnpori,
lincli Tuesday moml-i ■ lni.it old Frankfort;
They (ravel Iti a palite car,
And arc cooked sod served behlmJ uur bsr
Alter ll o'clock.
M - George 11 Bremner returned ti •
dny from n visit of several weeks in Ne'-
sou and sirdar. Sbe was ace mpanied
b   Mrs Losby.
Oliver Burrfe expects Mrs. B gc f m
KulUptll tome time n?xt month, ami
they will make their home at the new
hotel at Peny creek.
W S 1 e and btide retu- ed fr m
California, last Siiuiday and are now
nicely located iu tbe house Mr Ke y
bad built 011 Haker hill.
For Dominion day all C. P. R. agt n s
will nell round hip tickets nt fare and
one foil 1-th, good going June 29 30 and
July 1, and return July a.
A II Love, nl Kensington, F Ii I, is iu
towu Mr Love is an old scquulntauce
of li II Small, and  wil ptobubly remain
In South li ist Kootenay,
The Christian Endeavor society and
choir of lhe Presbyterian church indulged in a most eijoyable picnic last Situr-
<1 v at the creek crossing ou lhe Missirn
The I'ort Steele Mercantile company
have just had p-inied several thousand
•nvelopus at The Henld tfltee th.it are
beauties, and muke n most attractive ad-
A picnic was given last Saturday for
the children ol the English church at
-Marysville, The day was plt-asuiit and
die lillle ones as well ns the older ones,
had a good time.
Prest ■& Co. have nearly all of lhe
photographs ready for the Board ol
Trade picture. The task has been a big
one, as there will be nearly forty citizens
repreiented In lhe picture.
It is reported tliat lingineer Bastien
went through a bridge .it Motley, on tie
main line, one day Ibis week, butts
caped without serious injiry. The en
glue went down a distance of 92 feet.
t)n bt-half of Christ church Sunday
school, Rev Beacham desires to ihauk
the C P R train officials for their kindness and comtesy on tlle oic.is o 1 ul
the excursion, and also Th** Herald for
the gilt of candies for the childien.
The school teachers will leave at the
close of lhe lei 111 for their respeclivi>
homes, Mr Meltiiyre goes to Oiot'ki.
Alta., Mr Watson to Chilliwack and Mis.*-
inker 10 Vancouver. Mr Watson and
Miss Dyker will write for the examiua-
Bo Drain, the engineer who was so
badly hurt by jumping from a window at
the Like Shore holel lire iu Moyie. has
been in Spokane having his foot examined by on X ray macbiue. The doctors
told him that the heel bone Is cracked,
uul that in all probability be will never
fully recover.
J Pollock, manager ofthe Royal hotel
at Fernie, was in towu yesterday. He
■lays that tbe surveyors for the Crows
Nest Southern are now working across
Uie liver near Fernie, nnd that in all
probability Ihe yards of the uew com
pany wilt ba built ihere. The people 0/
Fernie nre now feeling good over thc
prospects and business is improving.
A D Pat ker and Fred Barnhardt ofthe
Canadian Hank of Commerce, are uuder
orders frum headquarters to change. Mi
Parker will go to Kamloops where he
takes u responsible position in the bank
there, and Mr Barnhardt goes to the
Victoria branch. The two gentlemen
have been in Craubrook for some tb»:e
and have many friends who will regret
their departure. In fact, Mr Parker is
une ofthe old timers of Crnnbrook, aud
ibe people of Kamloops will find bim a
■■nod man for the place.
I.O.O.F.   Key Cl y Lodge
No, -ia.   Moots every i*'ri-
tlity in-lit ut their linll mi
Baker street.    Hojmiriling
Odd Follows cordially invited.
Matt llookentlorf A. I,. McDermot
N. 11. Beo'y,
Craabrook Lodge, No. 34
A. F. & A. M.
Iti'L'iilai' meetings uu (lie
thlnl Tlmrsd.i) of tilt*
A Letter From Herbert Connell.
The following letter from ''Herb'
Council, formerly located at Wardner
with Charles Garden, engineer for this
division, will be read with interest by
many ofthe "construction period" people who see The Herald:
Algoma Central Railway,
S-iult St, Matle, Out, June 13. 1901,
Dear Mr Simpson: 1 enjoy getting
'he tiews from your part of,the world
and there are two or three of the old
railroad boys near bprg and when I get
the paper rend, tur;}. it over to them.
Oueofthem is Joe Giroux, who WMOU
he bridges am): formally walking bois
(or Guy Campbell. He is now walking
boss on tbjs work- which I have charge
of. The company expects to build and
lay steel on somewhere in the vicinity of
1511 miles this season, mid they have sent
out a parly to explore a line through
from where tbis line crosses the C. P. R.
nnd James Bay, and exptct to send
another party oul soon. The company
b is com meuccd operations on their n< w
steel plant and expect to have It in full
operaiion in September. I see by your
paper that y< 11 have lost Frank Rankin,
one of lhe old pioneers of Wardner snd
Cranbrook, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garden are now iu the east and expect ta
come here shortly, Mr. Pratt is stationed
at Port Arthur, He has a position with
MeKenzie & Mann. Mrs. Piatt is with
him. Well I must close now and hoping
you will continue to send your paper lo
me at the same address, I remahi,
Yours Sincerely,
C. Herbert N. Connell.
Visiiiu-i uiittierii welconi-rd.
W, F, Gurd, 9ec>.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon "Liking,
and Pointing.
AU kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we wilt guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South of Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, B. C.
and Builder  jt
III work guarantee.!.   S« aa More
you bulla*.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
I iistnllis ilepartnifnt of Wllicll he is slill
II In iiiUi ami sliininy liglu in ihe Tt-rini-
nill City. Ile wus haul al iltwll, ill Ull!
ollii e one day when 11 lit-wtU-lMiig ytwiiji
My called to net n paicel tliat had at-
nveil lur her Irom Seattle. Mr. Bowser
asked her what was in it. *riie}OUUg
Imly was visiiiiy embarrassed am) aaken
.fit wus really necessary to tell the ctm-
'•Well, if you don't, I will have to
open it um) appmisc Ihe value," vleas.
aully reapomled the obliging customs
The young lady pleaded, but in vain,
and finally she set her teeth **"d saiil,
Very well, takedown the list"
Mr. Jlowser pr,cured a lencil ami
looked up e-.peeu.ully.
"Une chiniese." said the now resolute
1 his was put down.
"One night dress,"* and that wenl
dowu,* but the bacheloi'a haud treuiDled
a bit.
"lwo liuders," aad the hand trembled
some more,
'One paii of—" but that waa too
'There will be no duty ro pay," hastily interrupted Dowser, and the lady departed with her paicel.
"j News From the Coal Metropolis J
************ **************
Physician and Surgeon.
Ofllce at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   ....   a;jn to II
Afternoons   ....   l:,iii io j:,in
Evenings    ....    7,j|| ,„ tj:ja
CRANIIP.OOK,    :   :   :        :   :    II, C*
aa '. s
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealer! In
Have you any mining:
stocks to sell ?   dt  dt
Do you wish to buy
any mining stocks ?
I can get you the highest market price
in the former case, and the lowest in
the latter. I am the only broker in
East Kootenay who receives regular
telegrams daily from the exchanges in
Toronto and Spokane. Market prices
are posted daily in Cranbrook hotel.
Grain and
Given   special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, II. C.
Livery 3
Proprielors J* *** J*
Teams Rnd iVivers*. furnished for any
point in the district.
Malinger   Jt  Jt   jt
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
A Quod Slory.
The Nelson Miner tells a good story
11 Frank Bowser, of Vancouver, who at-
lentled the Masonic Grand lodge in tbe
former city lust week. Dowser is particularly fond of n j ike ond when he con
in ke n fellow Mason the victim of one
lie is happy, llut there is one Ihut he
does not tell. It happened lo him in hla
bachelor duys wheu he worked in the
[ From Ilia I ree l'ress j
Bills are posted around towu *«aeiau9g
carpenteia to keep away from Ewute. ns
a lockout is pending, owing tasotrae nr,n-
tiactors refumg lu recogaiw: lhe -nine
houre as a day', work. Tim bills contain
the signatures of the president aiid secretary of tbe local carpenieis' union.
Mr. August Baldort ot Michel, was in
town lor a day or tj»o this week. Excellent progress busJiec-o made on hi. coke
oveu contract at Michel. The dry work
on 1,15 ovens is done and 50 utmost completed. When all are finished, Michel
will have a*,, coke ovens.   ■
The Almonte Gazette of June 71b, con
tain-i the lollowing lunrciage nonce: "At
(Carleton Place, Jnne 5, by Rev. A. A.
{Scott, Mr. Richard Deering, of *Fernle,
B. C, ('alely fron service in jjouth
'Africa wilh the Strathcona Horse) to
Mrs. Margaret Jane Miller, of Carleton
Place", Dick's many frlenda in I'ernie
will join the Vree Press in wishing hlm
und his bnde mauy years of happy
married life.
O. N. James has purcliuaedtlutf Interest ln the Elk Vallw Saw.nu* K,n-
ing nulls on the other aide «f thc river.
The new mill is culling steadily every
day, turning out belweeu uii and seven
thousand feet and is proving of great
convenience tc the people ol ihe town,
Crows Nest Soutbers.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
fsait water In s'ohons.   The most
economical wa;' to handle it.
Undertaking And
GrAdniit-e of Champion college of U.
Office? nnd store, .Aiken btork,
neiirC :ai)»(liaii Itank of Com-
merci *, Cranbrook, II. C.
Upholstcriif, md General F-wnHure Repairing
Will nttentl to any work in (be district
Pertinent Points
Pondered by
Prurient People
Price and Quality
Bayers of Crown Tailor made
clothing arc satisfied with both
C R. Palmer, Agent.
Room 3, P. O. Buildino;.
Victoria, lune jn-Work onthe litem*
Nest. Southern will begin at Michel ruiil
be pushed rapidly. It is expected ta be
ready for traffic by October ol thi* year,
a year hefore the charier calls iua preliminary work, -ihis haste In beci.uie
the company desires to gel Its. tnke on
Ibe Uuileu Scales market befsnt winter
seta in.
The road from Michel to Mcr.issey
■reek, about half way to the boundary,
is through a magnificent coal area, while
the precious metals abound in the surrounding country, I
Tbe valley ofthe Ulk river, through   T\.„_„|      II II
which the line passed, Is fairly level aud. LIFllK. 1101116 OQQT
free from grades „r serious difficulties.
The cost per mile,'is estimated at |30,oooi,
exclusive of the equipment. The provisional dlrect»rs of the company are:
Senator George a Cox, ol Toronto,, Ellas
Rogers, Henry M. 1'ellatt. J, W. Fla-
velle, li. R. Wood and A. B. Ames. The
capital stock is f3 ooo,Oi.a. The increased demand for coal end coke by
opening up the United Stales- market |i
will necessitate the coal conspany'tmore^-r^. rt i.     .      r> • /*»
J Ft Steele flrewiMg Co.
P. S.   Don't forget that insurance ynu were talking nl en
j Cranbrook
i Hotel 3 3
Ouesls Cn'mlon 1 Specially
(lonil SliibliiiK in Coiincclioii
Nearest to nttliond ami depot.    Hub necotnmotlfl.
tlona fnr tbe pul-lii* nm-ijii-.illnt  in Cranlirnok.
Fort Steele
1 1
1 M. Mclnnes & Co., |
Wbelessle .nil Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade is solicited.
a;:MEsmiSt^mz scs-i*;  i m % mm
Refitted Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Knsi Kcmt-rnay.
. Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son. Props.
Craubrook, B. C.
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL. Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
1    The Prospectors' Exchange    i
M No. 4 K-W.-C Block, Nelson, B. C                   S
lij nolil,ty|iar.i.ra.iawlOniipMMine,muiM al Ih, EXOIUNdR,   fiikk mii.i-S
;.'.''] 'xu 1101.11 iifiipcrilB. wanii'iiutini*.*s lor Kii.ierii Invastiir,,   I'miii*. Imiiiiu ■ '":'[i
'i--r, iirui.eit, lor .atp iim v imo.i.ii to, nil ,sm|ilos of their aro to tha KXOIIANOK inr «*, H
|S3 iiiiniioii. Ws'ilasjro,0lii'jir frum |iro,psctors wlm liavs iiron'sltii mliisrAl olalni, inn
i~.ij iimmi rniiiiniiiii   |'m,|-Qotors Aim i*iiiiiii«iiii*nereretiUMtetltoniAke llio ItXOIIANnKfi
im thoir ItoiMlquurtors lylwii In Nslsaii,  ah hdiiiIjs itioiild bu kuui u, oxiirons, I'n'imiii.P
fiJ GorrciiutniloiicsMlllallaU.  Ail.lro.H-t 11)1 rommunli-ntlDna to                                     {1
l-'3 .     Andrew P. Hosenneritcr, Nelson, II, C.fj
S| TclU|l' win Nn. KM.   I*. 0, llux 700.       g
Mrs. Donahue, Proprietor.
Tbe hotel has been reopened and is now ready to enter to the*
public. First class dining room service. The [best ol wines and
liquors at the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Malinger.
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
than doubling u jiteaeDt outy^t.
The Western Supply  Co.
Late HIM & Joll
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in.......
Cattle, Dressed Meats
And Provisions.
Head Ofiice, Crailbrook. E. JAMES, Manager.


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