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Cranbrook Herald Jun 7, 1900

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»-H-» ti *>*><$>•■••>•■•■*>
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. B. E, WM.KHR, Gen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
L & G. Bell's Celebrated
...For Ladies and Children...
A complete stock just to hand. Ladies' and
children's Button and Lace Shoes, Ladies'
and children's Slippers.        jt      jt      jt
a* jp e? Rdd & Co.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specially
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioad and depot.    Has accommodations Tor the public unequalled in Craubrook.
 Proprietor      ]
We have placed in stock this week a lew special lines in
Blouses and Linen Collars, Ladies' Suits in Crash, Zephrys and
Pique, jt Latest novelties in Laces, Ties, Belts and Chiffons. .*
Ladies' Bicycle Hoots, j* Handsome Toilet, Dinner and Tea
Scls.   jt   Full Assortment of Crockery.
....G. BREMNER & SON....
The finest and largest assortment of shoes in I East Kootenay. jt jt jt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootenay's Big Mail Order House
0. H. Miner
....Special Prices on a Pew Gents Wheels
The Pioneer
Was the Founder of tlie Herald. Ward"
ner International and
Was a Man nl Stainless Character,
a Devoted Husband and
U. T, Brown, who, in couipftny with
Fred !'•■ Simpson, rounded Hie Wtirduer
International ami this paper, died at blfl
bome in Spokane last week.
During liis presence In this country he
made many friends, although a quiet
and somewhat reserved man, and best
understood onlyby those who were closely associated with hlin.
He was ti man of unimpeachable integrity, intensely devoted to liis laiifJIy,
and the news of his illnes, speedily followed by that of his death , was a greut
surprise lo his representatives here.
A few of the earlier comers of Cranhrook who weie acquainted with him
will join with the Herald hi expressions
of sympathy for the bereaved wife and
The Spokesman-Review of Julie 2nd
It. T, Browu, tbe veteran newspaper
man, died at 11:25 P- to. yesterday at his
residence; 2320 Second avenue. Tlie
surviving relatives, the widow, his
daughter, Mrs, Alexander Howie, nnd
his sons, Horace, Jr., and Waldo, were
alius bedside when be passed away
The Itinera! will be announced later.
Mr, Brown was 55 years of age and
was born in Summit county, Ohio. There
be received his education and when 10
years old he with his parents moved to
the town of Akron of the same slate. Ai
the latter place he entered a printing
ofiice and was employed ns devil, remaining in the employment of the
company until he was 16 years of age
The civil war was raging ami he en
lintett.     Pu.ti.j; iiir girtitei   pan trf   |U«
war he was under tlu* command of General Sherman,   While engaged In the
battle of Clarksburg lie was severely
wounded iu ihe knee, the marks o(
which he bore to Uie end.
In 1S67 be moved to Virginia City,
Mont. He remained nl that city for
four years ami was successful in establishing a weekly newspaper called the
"Montana."   In 1870 he moved to Deer
l,odi*ceil\ and there brought into existence the "New North West" newspaper,    After working theie four years
lie returned to Virginia Ciiy nnd worked
for two moro j ears on bis first newspaper, lu 1876 he went lo Untie and,
in partnership Willi Captain James Mills.
established th„ Untie Miner,.ofwhich he
acted as manager uud publisher until
He and tits family tbeu moved to
Spokane and Mr, Hrown and l-'iank
Dalian bought a half iulercst in the Re
view which was being   published   here.
Afier being connected with the Review
for two years lhc paper was suld om to u
new company. Air. Drown next went
into partnership wiih Henry W. Green-
berg snd the) established a job printing
ollice ou Kast Rlrorshle. Altei dlisolv
ing partnership with Mr. Green berg be
was successful tu establishing ihe North
em Newspaper Union, which later was
sold io ilie American Type Pounders
company.   Since April,  1899, he hnd
been an eniplnye of Tne >Sp<>kexmai*-
Windows, Doors and Sash tn alt varieties.   Also Builders' Hard
ware;, Paints, Oils and Glass.
BICYCLES In stock and more coming;.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
AU work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and rioyic
command of Capt. John Hoyt, Taps
were not sounded.
The pallbearers v.eir Comrades F. P.
Weymouth, W. II Wl icombe, ti Mor-
rUon nml W. H. Holmes of Reno port,
G A. R. acl W. T. Penrose and F. C
Goodiu, wborepresi uted the typographical union and newspaper guild,
The following was received by win;
from Butte, where the deceased fanner iy
resided, and evidences the high esteem
lu whleh he was he I
llutte, Montana, June 2.—Th.* 1 ewsol
tbe death ol H, T. Brown oi Spokane
wns received with sorrow here. Jle
came to Butte In 1876 and wwiforeman of
Uie first paper of the stale, the Montana
Post. From ihat he went to the Montana Democrat, In 1876 he purchased
Colonel Kesslei> Interest In Uie Butte
Miner, which had been Blnrled thai year.
He kept it until 1886, when he sold toC.
(). /-eigeiifuss, who iu turn sold lo Senator \V. A. Chuk. He went to Spokane
in |886* and lias made frequent visits to
Butte and other portions of lite slate
Don'i Wish llim Ha.] Luck,
but just the same lhe citizens of Cran
brook will very much regret to ste J. W.
H. Smythe, local manager of the Canadian Hank of Commerce take his departure, even though it he to accept a
position of increased responsibility and
salary, However, Mr. Sniylhe is as yet
undecided and may conclude to t emit ill
in Cranbrook,
Four Days Ore     *
Shipments j
Brag nnd Bluster may be good horses
but they don't always win.
It is reported that the Movie Miners'
union has endorsed the candidacy of
K Cj Smilh.
The air iu Cranbrook Tuesday night
was said to bave been surcharged with
polilixereno and fernuy stones.
Mr, Fernie says that*his fiiends called
him out. It is quite possible that Mr.
Fernie may exclaim, next week, "God
save me from my frieuds."
John R. Costigan held a well attended
meeting at Moyie lust night. Messrs,
Fernie and Harvey were also present lu
the interests of Mr. Ferule's candidacy
Tlie Fcmic forces were out en masse
on the occasion of B, C. Smith's meeting in Fori Steele last Friday, and, ii is
reported, captuted tbe meeting.
Mr. Jaffray says that be lias made a
personal canvass of the lown of Penile,
anil found but three men who wete uo-
ing to depot it Iheir ballots lunhist Mr.
The winning steed ill the political
rive is hard to name as yel; there is a
great ileal of jockeying, and nil lhe
tricks known lo the profession arc being
turned; still, there are some who profess to believe llial the obi gray will yet
ouhylud them all and come uudei the
wire first on a canter.
It Is saiil that Mr. Jaffray, who ii engineering Mr. Ferttle's boom, received a
severe shock last Tuesday night when an
ex-employe —uot discharged — ol the
Fernie Coal Company made some state*
mentsbefore full bouse regarding the
political bbrlzon; also in regard to the
earnings of the miners at Ferule, backed
hy a knowledge born of ex, erieuce; the
man at the end of the pick bad Mr Jaffray on the hip, it te stated, and dealt
soma body-blows as well.
The wise aud sensible voter is he who
listens quietly and respectfully to the
different speakers at pulltical meetings,
if he attends ihem, weighs carefully
theli statements, giving lo each of them
the amount of credence be eonsldetfi
ihem en titles to, mid then deposits ids
ballot In acioidaure with his conscientious conclusions, 11 he finds after wai d
that he lias made a mistake, be cau
blame neither Irmself nor anj one else
foi his course—all mankind Issut-j ct to
conscientious ertorr*, and u 11 del such
conditions  not  responsible therefor, if
tbey he not criminal.
The Herald job Printing
»■■» ■»»■■»■>■» 9-o9»'_,>♦ 99,0000e* _■•••••-»•-»
>«♦->« (S
Burlctl un Sunday,
The Spokesman R-evlew of last Mon
tiny snys: Botemn and Impressive were
the funeral services over the hlsrol tbo
late lion ce T. Brown, nud seldom lias
11 larger loncotirse ul people assembled '
t pay Hun lasl respects to the dead.
The funeral took place fiom the family
restdouci No, 1310 Second avenue, yesterday afternoon at.; 1.'clock. The ub-
sequiai were under ihu auspices of Reno
pnsi 0, a. r., which attended Inn body,
The  funeral  oration   was   delivered by
Bishop 1,. II   Wells of the   Kplseopal
church,   and   the   Inhute   pall)   to the
memory ofthe departed was loving ami
lender, ond in keeping with ihe useful
aiui well spent life it coinineinciated.
Aside from the Reno post, 0, A. R,
the Spokane Typographical Union attended the funeral in a body. The
Women's  Relief corps and the I.ady
Maccabees were also in attendance out
of respect to lhe bereaved wife, who is a
member nf both oi gani/.ilioii.--.
The bier was literally buried under
the floral offerings contributed by the
various organizations nntl thc relatives
and friends. That of Reno post was In
the form ol a large wreath composed of
white roses und lillics, across the center
of which was the legend, "Reno Post,
G. A. 11.," formed of letters wrought in
purple flowers.
At the conclusion of ihe services at the
house ihe remains weie taken to Green•
wood comelery and there consigned to
their last resting place Afler lhe last
sad rites iu accordance with the Kplscn-
pnl ritual had been observed, Bishop
Wells officiating, the O A. R. service for
the dead was rend by Dr. B R. Freeman,
commander of Reno post. This service
wns very beautiful and Impressive, ami
wns toiichiugly rendered Tlle riles
were the firing of the soldier's salute
over tbe grave by a firing njuad mulct
A Fine Residence.
I.eilch is having
Commencing with Monday of this week, and up
to this, Thursday, noon, the
shipments from thc North
Star and Sullivan mines
near Cranbrook have aggregated 29 carloads of clean,
solid ore—concentrated by
nature—and shipments are
going steadily onward.
I :
And Knowing that Tlie Herald Is a Just and
Righteous Paper, He Invokes lis Aid In
Obtaining a Public Hearing.
ft.ote.-Ttw editor of the Herald in
legaid In the following communication
departs from bis long established inle of
allowing no screeds relating to matters
more in the way of personal grievances than public affairs to appear in   n
publication of which he Is the manager)
lhe 1 uie in tliis case is violated because a
politic 1 faction of Soulh East Kootenay
which has no newspaper in the district
through which it may defend itself, may
Ito considerably Interested iu Dr. Wall's
letter, anil also to give them ut least mie
Opportunity to defend themselves iu the
public press. This explanation is made
lo the general public and not lo the pa-
per tit Fort Steele.]
Aich. I.eiich is having Contractor
One: build a handsome residence loi
bim on lhe hill west of and overlooking
Uu town anil race-track, having sei lite
11 huge tract of bind at Unit point. The
building will be ofthe rotlago style, 4'
feet square, one story in height, ami
built in the most substantial manner,
on the ground floor there will bo a large
parlor)   four   commodious   bedtooms,
diniug-ioom and kitchen; there will alio be a large hall wilh one of those old-
f.shioned, comfort breeding fire-places
It will he finished In wood throughout,
The upi er pari of the building will Contain one large finished room, ihe whole
being healed throughout by n furnace.
Spring water will be piped lo thc bouse,
aud tbe next improvement will proba
bly be au electric light plant, the
dynamo being run hy tbe water piped
fri m the hill above.
The uew home wiil be but three-
ighihs of n mile from the saw-mill-
much nearer than the present residence
ofMr, Mich,	
Mr. Smith at Fart Steele.
Mr. Smith bad a meet ing at Fort
Sleele last Friday evening, and if the
reports that came from tbere the next
day. are true, the Herald will not eny U
word against il if at any political meeting in the future held here in Craubrook,
the speakers are rotten-egged, the president tarred and leathered, and the
opera-house wrecked,
It seems that many think lli.il little
diversions In the way 0] boodluuiisui te
perfectly admissible at political meetings,, and if such is the custom of the
COtlh'try "let 'er go." "When ynu are
in Rome, do as the Romans do," or
don'l hick, ami those who don't like the
way political meeting!! are conducted can
stay awny.
in themselves, anil the  works lhat lead
ty victory.
Hugh Walls, M. I).
Fort Steele, 4 June, looo.
To the I'Mitor of the   Herald.—Dear
ir: I have banded the following letter
lo The Prospector, J)llt not feeling certain of its Insertion in that sheet, I beg
request from you the favor of its publication:
To the Kditor of the Prospector.—
Dear Sir: Take this general proposition:
Tlie writer who can represent a celebra
lion in which some five or six  bicycles.
1 some ten or twelve horsemen took
part as " Formed of thirty b'ltes and ioo
horsemen," cannot be a very truthful re-
if things mining or political; t
leave your readers and yourself to make
application as to you and llieui may seem
To such a reporter it may appear smart,
ud for campaign purposes wise, to mis
represent in toto an opponent's speech
1 throw ridicule upon men whose expel tence In and knowledge of things po-
is oul of all comparison with that
of the graceless reporter referred lo.
The most graceless of cads can sneer
at his betters, and forget, too, tliat it is
only ,t short two years since be was supporting with all bis little might a political adventurer whose only hope of success lay iu befooling lhe simple peop'e
of our iiille town—lawyers ami laymen
ud whose whole campaign consisted
Ungraceful abuse of his opponent and
of the great corp'irntions then carrying
.live operations iu this district—and
one of these was the C P. R,, which,
whatever its origin ami history politically, is the piide and great cementing
force of our Dominion.
A reporter or a newspaper may grace-
fully and with ci edit (as well as cash),
change sides politically, but the turn-
oat will allow no one else to exercise
judgment without risk of disc:edit and
dlsgrace( though be weie to doit without
promise of preferment or "dough."
I was misrepresented by The Prospector two years ago, and was proud of it
I am sneered at and ridiculed hy the
same sheet now, and I um equally proud
nf us silly abuse.
Purty lines were not drawn in the cam
p.ng'.i of 1898] neither do they divide us
IIOW, Vou were supporting an alleged
Liberal then; now you are the paid advocate ofa Tory fossil, who Is the paid
servant of n grasping ami grab-loviug
corporation, Tbeu* is no Inconsistency
01 disgrace lu your changed position; it
li otherwise in your opinion with me.
You nnd certain of your abettors are
Uie same unsafe guides whu hocussed
Ihe Uast Koolennj election of 1898, and
thus made possible the preseut mess in
r proviuclal politics, Vou were supports the dreadful Martin then. I
pp led his Introduction at thai time into
II r political life, ltut he is here uow,
nud here to stay, for he is not easil)
frightened, even by the noisiest of cackling geese.
I condemned the arbitrary exercise of
authority which dlsmissel the Turner
govern men I; you supported it. I condemned ibe same arbitrary act which
ended the life of the Selnlin government,
You also condemned it, for the boot was
now 011 the other foot. There was n
grace ful consistency ia your conduct, the
leversc in mine.
I huve thoughtfully considered the
whole situation. I eould not suppoit
lhat queer combination of i|uaneling
Tories al the coast, ami I was mil wholly
iu accord with Martiu and his policy
But between the man who is so vilely
Uiallglied and his gtaceless nialigmrs—
between the man who stands (or the
people's rights and the nominees ami
representatives of gab, grab, greed and
graceless lack of principle—those dear
Tories, "anointed of the Lord" ami the
corporations, there was absolutely no
Aud so It is that I am supporting Mr.
B.C. Smith, lhe candidate of the common people, who are to be navel from
their would be Tory (which means ''robber") rulers, uul by grace, but by  faith
They Represent Large Capitol.
Mr. A. V. Walts and George Ilolford,
representing extensive eastern capitalistic interests, were in town Monday,
afterward going to Kimberley,returning
from there and going 10 Rossland, from
whence they will return later with a view
to make mining investments in the
North Star district, and In Craubrook
real estate also.
While at Kimberley they visited tbe
North Slar aud Sullivan mines. It te
hardly necessary to say that they were
much Bllrprlied at the enormous ure
bodies there iu sight.
On   Perry   Creek.
It. M N. Wilkie, M, I*., who took the
parly in to Perry creek lasl week, tepre-
settling the Ii. A. C. Co , relumed Monday after seeing operations started.
Mr. Wilkie says ihat operations for the
present will he confined to sinking on
one of the claims aud tunneling ou the
lead on another, lie says the claims are
iu a slate f* rmnliou, the ledges of which
pan gold fairly well; the drill, pick aud
shovel will solve the problem concerning the ftilmc ofthe claims ns mines.
Mr. Wilkie ia not a man given over to
enthusiasm when talking about pros-
pecls, J-nl inclines lo the belief lhat
Perry criek ought io coutaln some
gold mines.       	
The fust .synod of the new Anglican
liocesv of Kooleiiay was held In Nchon
last week.
During ihe month of May looo miner's
licenses were Issued it the government
offices in Nelsou.
Tbey have been picking up diamonds
lu the streets ot Nelshu; they weie set
in a pin, however.
It is claimed lhat a 30-foot vein of
high grade coal has been discovered iu
ibe Kettle 1 Iver district.
Lottie Smith, a well known confidence
ttiian, has heen  ordered  out  of the
city by thc authorities of Vancouver,
The only mm iu Columbia who celebrated Her Majesty's birthday was Mr.
Fred Whit taker—and lie's a tureigner.
The Odd Fellows of Vancouver chartered a special ear lusl SaUuday night
and visited llieir bretheru at New Westminster.
A night train between Spokane and
Rosslaud, with a sleeper attached is a
late addition to the railway service of
lhe Spokaue ami Northern,
Lawrence, tbe Martin candidate at
Revelstroke has wiihdrawu, as weil as
Craig, Independent, leaving Taylor,
Conservative, the only one in the field
The wages of "section men" on lhe
C.l'.R. at Hartford Junction, in the
Boundary district, have heen reduce I 25
cents per day, lhey having gone on a
M. Hirst, a watchmen on a C. P. H*
steam shovel near Revelsti ke, was recently run over by a gravel train, having
both legs cutoff just below the thighs;
he survived but a short time,
Archie Hell, a member of the Vancouver Bicycle club, collided witb a
tandem last Saturday eveuing, and was
seriously injured, being rendered un-
cors.-i'.us by Uie force ofthe blow,
Tiie Nelson & Port Sheppard trains
were not in luck recently. The train
from Spokane met with an accident, the
front truck ofthe locomotive being disabled near Chewelah. One of the crew
walked seven miles to telegraph for an
engine, and lhe train pulled In 10 Nelson
eight hours late. Earlier in the day »
slight collision occurred between freight
and passenger trains,
Concentrator Tu lie Enlarged.
Mo)ie Leader:—Again Ibe St, Rngene
concentrator is to  be enlarged.   'Mrs
time an addition of 18x30 feet  pill  b-
built on the south side of ibe mail
b llding 10 admit room fer the Instal*
ing of (our jigs, two six foot vannersaud
one Wilfl.y table,   A 9x15 Blake crusher
is also being pul ill lo handle the ore
which nill be brought down lhe tram
from the Like Slime- mine. All the material necessary for out at gin g the mill Is
on the ground.
Messrs. Ornnt St Bhcady have the
contract of grading for ihe nen flume,
ami are over halt through with thelt
work. Carpenters will begin work on
it next week.
There aie two gangs of men laving
track on the trum line bt tweeu the
Luke Shoie mine and lhc mill.
Last Saturday seven cars, containing
rails, ore   cars,   pipes   and   machinery
were sht otTon the Si. Uugeue siding
for the company, One car was loaded
wiih tramway iuaicri.il which came
from lhe now defunct Union mine in
Uie Coeur d' Alelies.
Nearly, Are the C. P. It. Receipts at
Craabrook Station
A Gratifying Showing of Increasing Railroad Traffic in South-
East Kootenay,
Ilelow will be found a brief statement
the amount of railroad business doue
at Crnnbrook station during lhe mouth
of May, [899, and for the month jnst
past, U ibowa an increase of nearly
five lold during ihe brief period of one
year, nud there is no reason lo believe
that the proportional increase will
uot he maintained during the year to
ome. Here are the 6gures, as shown
by the company's books, and kindly
given the Herald reporter upon request
by Agent Mo Mint st:
There was sold during the month of
May, 1900. 4-5-_tlcketf to passengers, producing a revenue 0(11,656.
Freight forwarded during the same
month. 5 650 tou**; revenue, $14,787.
Freight received, 1.50 tons; revenue,
■.4.9-7 7-r-
Daring the same period of 1S99 theie
■vus sold 138 ticket! to passengers, pro-
luclng a rtveune of $1,-50 70,
Freight forwarded during May, 1S99,
6ijtous; revenue, $1,159 45,
Freight received. 9J9 tons, producing
Ticket sales, May, 1900 et6$6
cketsales, May, 1S99  1250
Increase  $4°6"
Freight forwarded, May 1900, tons, 5656
Freight forwarded, May 1899, tons,   613
I ncreascd ton nage 5°43
Freight received May. igo_, tons Ii5°
Freight received May, 1899, Ions 909
..    6 5S6 02
Increase .(24.6927°
It will be observed thai ibe incieased
receipts are derived very largely from
outward sbipuients. instead of inward,
demonstrating tbat tbis fection is becoming a producer and shipper.
Increased tonnage	
T<?tal revenue Stay 19.73.
Total revenue May 1S99 .
Tbe Sisters Will Hi*.. 1 Comfortable Modern   Siructare.
Tbe new hospital to 1* erected by the
St. Eugene Missionaries in Cranbrook
will be a very baudsome 2% story slruc-
ture, huilt in compliance with modern
principles for the construciion of iusti-
tutioujof lhat nature.
The plans are in the handsof Dr. King
and lenders are being called for.
Tbe entire structure will he 72x48 in
length and width. Thetlrst floor, in addition to spacious halls and stairway,
nill conlain one parlor 10x17 feet; 2
wards, 13x19 aud 1*9X19 respecively; 1
emergency ward 12x19; front dining
room, 12x19: sisters'dining room,12x19;
palienls dining room, 12x19; community
room, 12x19; kitchen 16x19: a lnrge pan-
try,and npproprialely siluated bathroom,
Mash Mauds, water closets, etc.
O 1 the second floor there will be 1
large hallway and .1 s.i-g rv room 14x1 „;
a surgical ward 14x19; 7 private rooms
6)4X19 each; pharmacy and dressing-
rooms, 9x19, closets, pantries, etc.
Tiie third and last floor will contain
store • room", doruntore*, attendant's
rooms, etc., spacious light nnd comfortable. There will '•»■ a veranda at eaeh
story in the rear as veil as a fire escape
from roof lo ground, accessible from
each (loo..
The whole when finished will make
probsbly the finest aud moht mode 111
hospital building in BlSt Kootenay.
nnd be lUperfor   lo   the   excellent   ami
handsome   hospital   completed at Si.
lvugeiie MlllloU but two )ear» Ngo. It
will be a credit to the entire country
And the benevolent order under whose
susplcel it bai been secured.
Change ol Time.
Going Into efT-.-ct Sunday June iiih,
the east-bound passenger, heretofore
known as No 104, bill after that date as
No 22, will arrive in Craubrook al 9:35
a. m , departing at 945.
Going west, formerly No. 10.1, but on
and afler lhe nth No. 21, will arrive at
17:15 {S'-tS P- m ) 80d depart at 17:25
(5:25 P- ••■■■■
North Star Branch.
Accommodation trains ou Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays, departing at
13:00 o'clock (i:co p. m.) aiiiving back
at 18:50 (6:50 p. m )■	
Heap Fun,
Thc Chinamen having subdued fairly
well tbe mild-eyed bicycle, the  Indians
nre taking to Uh?  amusement   and  sue
ceed iu managing it In a short lime.
Crow's   Neil   Cosl.
Kalispell Inter Lake*. The engine
men who have been using the Crow's
Nest coal the past week are delighted
with It, They say that tbe run over ll.e
division Is made will) less than half Uie
number of tons that is required of the
Sand Coulee coal, and that a much more
even fire cau be maintained. There is
but a small percentage of waste matter
in the coal, aud ouly an astonishingly
small amount of ashes is left after combustion. Ou the run from Troy to Kalispell six tons of the Crow's Nest coal
brings iu a passenger train, while of the
Sand Coulee from 12 to 15 are required.
A light engine is reported to have lelt
Troy with a good fire aud made tbe run
to Kalispell without putting in an additional shovel of coal. One enthusiastic
railroad man says that he can get up
pretty good speed by simply rubbing a
chunk of the coal over the outside ofthe
firebox, but that is probable an exaggeration.         i 	
A Bishop Co mini
Tbe Lord bishop of New Westminster
nnd Kooleiiay will visit Cranbrook Sun-
t ilny next and preach that evening at 7:30
1 iu Christ church,
1    There will be no morning service.
__■ v
\. w. H'VITTIB, D.L.S., P.LS.
Tli It MS tit srit-TKIN'H-N
your mine or your [liwplv, semi li lo Hits oiiu-i*.
The man who advertises is the man
wbo want-* your Irade, and anything nol
woith asking foi is uot worth giving to
anyone who does uot u.k you foi it,
The columns of your home newspaper,
wherever you muy live, will always tell
you wlm considers youi patronage worth
asking lor,
The Herald has heretofore given no
Advice to voters ns for whom they
should vote; il will nnw do -u, however,
believing that it is jusi
every man to go to ill
liexl Saturday and deposit  a  ballot   for
the caudldste whom their conscience
tells them,
McVittie & Hutchison
,. Dealers in...
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
• •••»• 99^9-9-*{S)   (•)•
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
I. 0. 0. P. Block
Mines an J Lands Surveyed
Fire Uie and Accident Insurance
Money tu Limn
Cranhrook, li. C.
| H. L. Cummins, C. l'i.
Fort Steele, B. 0
.1  In  telling
volt UK   places
, liereliy ulventltnl l.llnnreolllirnril
,, ntier lllile, intent! t" ntU'ly to tin
, i Wales ntiil
lu;..  ..mill  tn
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
On k'lliii-4 yuur C
until you hnve st
iiiih-tnnn re-
■ Herald "why
the olher aud
u   n   political
A short  lime nyo n   i
marked to the editor or tl
don't you take one Bldeoi
create n stii   umyway,    1*
campaign the Herald te too tame.'1
Well, Uu* Herald has Ink ell neithei
side, and yet ii thinks no one will  deny
tbnt it last week created a considerable
Some time ngo the New Denver
Ledge ■■pinched," lhe ore became low
grade, ami hnrdly paid for shipment,
ity tbe last issue ol that handsome sheet
it is evident thul the Ledge has jus1 j
doubled In size, while ihe "pay-streak"
has also Apparently increased iu like
proportion, benrlng evidence of being ui
"free-mllllnu proposition" that will de
posit bi^h values ou  the   "-dates"   ami
assay "999 fine," May it never "pinch"
There are some of the Herald's renders who appear lo think that this paper's
allusion to hoodluuilsm last week applied
10 the Martin forces only; if lhey were
the only one's who acted like hoodlums,
then lhey are right. The Herald did
not pretend to say il whs or was not applicable to nny one side. The fact of
the matter Is that if any person is u di:
turber of the peace of any public meeting by rowdyisb acts be is a hoodlum
whether he wears broadcloth or overalls
and calls himself a Smith, Costigan, or
I*'ernie follower.
DnteiUl i
, .May U,
[aat and all lhe time, right or wiong "
Isthe oiati to whom nil countries uiiul
look to for their preservation when
menaced by the wily, plausible pullllcal
grafUr, who is seeking only bis own   ag
grandUeiiieut either politically 01 liiiai*.-
I'ially. At such times such men may be
counted upon coining to lhe political
sea's surface nnd pioving themselves,
and not the demagogue, to be lhe true
patiiots and saviors of llieir country.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
m+m®   (^_-.*-.-.•
♦♦♦I xv_y j. j..,- '__»
Open Day and Night
.Best of Table Board
A first-class cook h:ts charge o* the cuMn.iry department and the
lodging actumniudalions nre nut ci .died in Cranbrook.
East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
Hugh Cameron
Proprietor  :::  itl
This hotel bus been refuted and refurnished.    The table
is the best,     Satisfactory rates given regular hoarder;),
UtO o|  I'monlo
Contractor ■>•* Builder
" Cheap men," is 11 term often applied
by western people to new-coin ers who
Come to lhe country to receive the benefits of higher rates for all kinds of labor
and business profits. The "cheap mnn"
is the one whu accepts the benefits of
Ihis condition from bis patrons but is
unwilling lo heslow the same benefit upon his fellow laborer or business man,
sending awny to "cheap" markets t"
buy articles he may need.    The "cheap
man" is a detriment to the country
and in uo way calculated to advance lu
interests. Fortunately there are nut
many iu Crnnbrook, bul there nre n few,
A somewhat exciting election cam
paign is in progress. The cool, level
headid man who never allows himself
to be dominated by petty prejudices, by
tneeets 1 laugh) in the Swamps of Meilco
iirmmiit Horo.
Tin* report imuh* from Laredo to the
irensury department »t Washington
-nuki- constant reference to om* of the
[ueerest articles of Importbroughi Into
Ibis country. These are dried Mexican
lies, which nre brought to the t'uited
States in large quantities to bo U3«l as
food for pet singing birds.
These files live In the swamps hi vnrl-
jiis sections in Mexico, where they nro
lUtlgllt by men who devote their lives
n* tin* work. Thr ily catchers Use 11
-iiil'cu net, und uuilce a huge haul at
'very oust. Tin* individual Ily is called
inoscos, It is small und delicate, and
its whole body nj-ss the appearance of
having been gilded.
Tin* flies when alive are heuutiM ind
larinti-ss. There Is a duty on these
Mexican flics, doubtless to encourage
tho home fly Industry, but. up to lhe
present Ilmo fhe moscoa business has
mil flourished in ihis country-ta nny
marked extent, The imported Hies nre
pitched iu barrels, und they sell for 11
high price.
* largest .
Largest Orchard,
ebnrd In Oreni Britain
l, in lhe county of
ia .IOO acres In extent,
seasons yields its owner,
a profit of «o,000. Tbo
fly apples and plums.
I'hasQ oontomplittlug building will do well to let
uu* rttfuru on thueontriicls,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
When you can get
A pure, delicious
Geo. Bremner & Son
« Baker Street       :-:       :-: Cranbrook, Bt C    *
UU   Iilm.
Heldum Fed
11 pliilOBopllizcs oc-
lcr why wen dey
dey   didn't   finish
Soiled Spooner—Whnt nre you wear-
in' your heels out ubout now?
"Aw, I wns jest wonderln' why wen
dey pul wings on riches dey didn't
add a tail dal would sleet* 'cm in our di-
the appeal of "support your  party  first,   reclion,"— X. Y. World.
To the Electors
Of the Smith l.a-Ki Koutcnuy Electoral
Gontlemen: J ntn a candidate lor your
suffrages nt the approaching election of
n representative lor South Bast ICoole-
miy in lilt Provincial Legislature, and 1
make my appeal for your support as n
candidate in opposition to lhe present
Martin Government. While 1 expect to
have (he opportunity from time to time
before tbegthofjuno of discussing thep
liticnl situation upon the public pint foi
nml of clearly delining my position upon j 11
nil questions of importance arising In si
this campaign, li is pei haps but right g
thai l should take this earll
of announcing my plat
*, Irrespective of local or political
7. The exclusion of federal party lines
from Britisli Columbia politics until lhc
impossibility of stable government upon
such a basis has been clearly demon)
st rated to both federal parties.
H, The encouragement and development of farming, dairying, slock-rnlBlng,
and fruit-growing hi the agricultural districts of lhe province.
9, The establishment  of a   Unreail ol
Ubor and Mining Statistics, under Ihe
mlrol of a competent official cxercls-
k the functions or an arbitrator in the
llU-nienl of issues and disputes endan-
sring the peace, progress and cummer-
pporluully I cinl interests of the community; thus
upon  the I ovoidiug, ns lar as possible, the delay
.ill  Un
more prominent questions of il
Thc re loco l Will Advocate 1
1, The active development of
natural rcbonrces ot Ihe piovince, not
merely iu proportion to actual annual
revenue, but, it necessiuy, by pledging
the credit of the province to Unit end,
and not by Increasing the burden of taxation, »s suggested hy Mr. Marllit.
j. A government system of exploration
of the natural resources of Uu* province
with a view of ascertaining their locality
nnd extent, ami the publication of full
periodical reports of such exploration,
with maps showing trail, railway, and
water routes fur lhe Information and
guidance of prospectors and public generally,
3. A generous policy of encouragement nml asslstauce to railway construction throughout the province by
cash subsidy, surrounded £hy such
careful legislation as will effectually safeguard the interests of the people.
The necessity for railway development
throughout the province is apparent to
all; but under the present conditions aud
limited revenue of lhe province I decline
to commit myself lo a policy of provincial government construction, operation
and ownership of railways. I .shall have
more to sny upon Ibis Important question
from the public platform.
4. The establishment and maintenance
of a technical school of mines.
5. Amendment of the mining acts;
particularly with reference to the inspection of mines ami their greater safety;
and with reference lo assessment work,
claim-jumping, etc , nml the ohvlatlon,
ns far ns pogjible, of the necessity of litigation in connection therewith,
6. The government of British Columbia by aud foi Die people of lliiti-.li Columbia; ami tin- fair, Impartial and honorable administration of Ihu public
works   and   other   public affair* of ihe
annoyance and  expense of protracted
I m Greater expedition in the issue ol
I Ciown grants, ami prompt departmental
settlement of disputed claims.
11. The exclusion of Mongolian labor
Irom competition with white labor with
111 tbu* province by all Constitutional
means; remembering always thai we are
part of a great empire whose sovereign
is entitled to our loud nupport iu the
mighty task of that empire's govern
11. The district of South tinsl Koote
any being essentially a miniug district,
Uie eight hour law is naturally a suhje-t
ol vital importance to us. I have given
this (piestion a great deat of careful ond
conscientious consideration, and I am
convinced that justice and the best iu-
teiests ofthe country demand Hint with
relerence lo ibis law it must be a case of
"HANDS OFF." If elected, I shall
strenuously oppose any attempt to interfere with the law as it now stands (except, perhaps, so far as to exempt from
its operation a prospector personally doing assessment work on bis own claims )
until such time as mine-owners and
mine-workers unite in a formal appeal lo
the legislature by a resolution of their
respective associations, for a change in
the law. It such milted appeal be not
mnde, then, so far as my vote and influence can prevent it, no change will he
If honored with the confidence of tbe
electors of Soulh Hast Kootenny 011 the
9M1 ol June, next, I shall faithfully eu-
deovor to dtscbirge my duties ns representative ofthe district honestly and impartially, nnd unbiased by local prejudices or political or sectional fillilialions,
nud he^; lo remain,
Vour obedient servant,
John* a, COSTIGAN.
Cranbrook, It C , mh Mny, 1910.
Arc you going to build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to furnish plans
and speciflcatloi 8 for nil kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
jt   jt   B.C.
Bakery S
Chartrand Bros., Props.
We have just moved inlo onr new bakery 011 Hanson avenue, and with the
largest and most modern brick oven in
East Kootenay are now prepared better
than ever before to tnrn out first class
work.   A full line of
Graham and Rye Bread, Pies,
Cookies and Fried Cakes
Baked fresh every night.
(inters for Wedding and other Fancy Cakes
will receive prompt attention.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    :   :
11. C,
', it. llim*. H. W. IlKllOHMKII
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Solicitor, Etc.
lunik of Commerce Itl'lf.
...MISS M. ricCALLUn.
Undualc of All. Sinai Hospital, New Vork
Apply al McViltie & Hutchison's
Or al J. Hutchison's Residence
Saddle and*.*
Pack Horses
J. H.
Auui'tronn ave
....Tor Sale ar Kent
, Opp. McConuell's Store
"The Early Bird Catches the Worm " f
The "Early Closing*" Storekeeper K
Should Catch Vour Patronage *t ** bl
Wc can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit"  jC
you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early <&
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
■>■»»»«».»»..-»#••»•■».. **Hg
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything;,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife anil the bachelor should deal with hlm,   It will pay them.
Robson &. Rogers,
meat market.
Four lots north ofthe MeUiodtat church.
Wholesale .mil retail dealers
in all kinds uf   .   .   .   .
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
£^"Orilers cnlleil lor nml promptly delivered.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Undertaking And
Cranbrook, II. C.
Graduate of Champion college of U. S.
Successor lo Maggs & Hughes iu this
line.   Will attend to any work iu lhc
Promptly Attended to.
Ah Quai & Co.,
We knowledge in Kootenay.
Best Laundry-roan I found.
AH QUAI, Chinese Agent
W. F. QURD, B. C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
Alex. II. Watson...
Fire, Llle and Accident Insurance
Accountant, Notary Public and Conveyancer      ::     "     ::     -'
Accounts Made Up
Ollice ovor Heattie's Drugstore
G. Johnson....
W Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery  3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams and driven furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt   Jt
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced
June 10th. The "Imperial Limited" takes
you across the continent in four days without change. It is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience 0 f
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
Refilled Through,:
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crnnbrook, B. C.
One of llie Most Comfortable
Hotels in East Kootenay,
'"V£li Ncw,y i;,ir"iHiiL'11
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
 Al.l,   KINI'S   OF	
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
B. J. COVI.fi
A. II. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C.
T. P. A.
Nelion, B.C.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD.
eir.wnHooK, u. o.
An Kftttinu lintel tiicld-vnt In Bnr
Harbor** t''»iiiy Uava,
"In tlio ;jreLi-*t"rk* days nt Bar Hm-
bnr," sii 1 il a Boston uinii, "before tbe
dress suit bail east iis blighting shadow
tbere ami when Rodlck's au.l tbu 'fish
pond1 were the center or all the gayely,
llfu was pleasant, even (bough mauy of
tin* conveniences which we now ileum ml
iv   wholly  lucking.    Uodlok's   was  a
bin ii of a pluee, with mt clovutor aud innocent or electric bells. Odo man in Imminent li<-e<l nt lco water nine Ol-tlltlllCd
it, however, by going into the hatl and
yelling 'Mmdei'I' al (be top of bis lungs,
lie uailiemi together most ot the hotel
gueala nud I'm ally gol tlie lco wnter uf
Iii* sotil'a desire, hut his success did not
m- in in eatnhllall a pi.-cedent,
"Tlio lire .lepailmeiil Will, in to BpCflk,
hi embryo.   In Mn- Itodlch at llie baud nf
earh stftlrwnj thoro mod to *i I a Inrgo
hu*.-iieml of water for one la nu emer-
pcuey, and thereby liana" (be tab- I ma
-*_»ml (o toll you,
"l.ntO of an ovenlng thero OUtOrod tlm
descried 'flibnond' n young man whoio
fixed ami glnuy oyo and wnnderlng
Biiillo botrnyod whnt Ml ovonlng's oecm
ua l Ion Imd boon. In order in set llo any
lingering doubt ni lo bis condition, however, ho proceeded to emit a lories at
blond curdling slu-loks, which culled forlli
a Iin ity and empliutie protest frxm iho
idghl clerk, wlm, on ndvnnclug upou the
iuitiiiiiieii (me, wni promptly tuid low by
n right bander. Tlio night force in tin
angry army promptly went to tho succor
or tiie nielli dork, whereat his assailant
ret rented up b toll's, closely followed by
his pursuers.
Hl teaching tbo lauding, he espied tlio
hogshead of wntor, whieh he promptly
heaved down ihe stiiii-wny upon bis op-
poiicuts, who, drenched by the wnter nud
canicd olf their feet by lhe butt itself.
In fl wild stale of ruga renewed tbo attack, only to be treated to tin* same dose
on the second flight of stairs nndyct ngain
nn the third, at whieh point, liis ammunition heiiip exhausted, they captured ami
got even with the belligerent one,
"la the morning great wns tho ancer
and loud the Inmentatious of Hen- Itodiek
nt the titato of bis stairway and the ihim-
ii*-*.**.! condition of his night force, but he
who bud -accomplished the outrngo was
rich in this world's goods, from part of
which ho was mnde to separate for divers
ruined carpets, sundry abrasions and for
giving five men three linths apiece nt $1
a bath, the regular rate nt that time lu
liar Harbor."--New Vork Tribune.
Why tin- Fiery Contetter*ta General
l-ti-lciiNfd ii Federal < kaplatii.
One of the Hercest uml most determined
fighters ii< the civil war was General N,
B. Forrest, commanding the Confederate
cavalry. Hi* naafe was u redoubtable om.*.
and ft.-w of his oppooeutfl were -uvan*
of n humoruu-t side of his disposition
familiar to bis friends, For many years
the general loved to till the story of uu
Incident wHleh occurred near Oowau's
Tin- few Hooper*! he had wiih bim were
being holly pursued by thr Federals, and
iin* general was galluplug along nr top
Bpeed.    A dory SUUtlieril dame llUppelied
to he Btnudtug by ihe roadside, and when
she saw the Hying Cou Cedent to ullleer
her indignation boiled over, Shaking her
Bst in seoni, sho s-reaiuodi
"Why ihm't yon turn nml light, ma
cowardly rascal!    Ir old  Forrest wen
'   here, he'il  lllllkr yon  lighll"
Km-luiiutoly   ihe  gemrnl's   horse   s	
carried him oul or range,
Forrest's biography relates thai onee
nl n dinner pnrly. where he had heen in
Viled us lhe KIICSl Of 1101101', Ihen-  HUH I
loquacious widow,  with bnir ol'  ruveu
lilaek, wlm rudely luterruplvd il -
versa I Ion hy asking tleiieral b'orresl why
it wiih that his henrd wns Mill black
whilo hla hnii was turning gray.
Wlih fiviii pnlllonuHH l-VrtvM inmed
tn her.
"I rear 1 nut not glvo you a intlsfnclory
answer," said he, "unless possibly ihe
rouson is thai I have used mv Imi III a Iiiih* more limn ! have mv jaw."
In tlm midst ol oi r hii campaigns a
captured Federal chaplain wus brought
I., his hendquartors. The man showed
the deepesi  mmi-ty ami depression, for
the stories of fit) tie nil Forrest's severity
were ilfo In lhe  t'ulim  i-amp.    A  little
later supper was announced, and Forrest,
to the chaplain's surprise, Invited bim to
hliure it. ltut bis surprise grew la nmaxa-
meni when ibe general turned tu him
reverently and said:
"I'arson, will you please ask the bless-
The next morning Forrest courteously
gave him an escort through thc Confederate lines, for he wished no noneomhat-
mils for prisoners, and bade him K_odhy
with the remark:
"Parson, I would keep you here to
preach for ine if you weren't needed so
much more by lhe sinners of tbe other
side."—Youth's I 'otupmiiou.
Tlte    Fortuosn    Snvnff.a     Won     the
Match With  lhe Kw-rllahuien,
The wild mountaineers of inner Fortuosn nre still very little known. The
tew whites who hnve met tbem tell
stories nbont them thnt are cither amusing or curious. Here is one of tlie stories
tbat Colborno Babe? told: He said a
party of Knglisli ollicers from n mnn-of-
vvtir landed ou the island and met a lot
of natives who wero armed with matchlocks. Tbe Englishmen hnd nn interpreter, and the natives talked freely with
them. At Inst the whites challenged the
natives to a trial of skill in shooting, ami
ibe offer was accepted.
The Englishmen fastened a mark to •
treo nbout 100 yards distant. The ollicers led olf and made whnt they considered protty ffllr practice, but the natives
didn't seem to be at all Impressed. Then
tho fellows with thc matchlocks were informed Unit It was their (urn, und, much
to the surprise of the whites, every man
of them threw himself on his belly aud
begnn to crawl through tho underbrush
toward Iho target. Tbey squirmed over
the ground to within nbout three yards
of the target, then biased nway, and, of
eourse, every mlfn bit the mark exactly
In the center.
"Look here!" said the whiles. "This
Isn't exactly fair, Is It?" Then lhey explained to the aborigines ilu* accepted
iiihs of target practice, The unlives listened wilh much Interest nml then made
this comment!
"Well, we don't know anything about
the way you men Bhoot nt murks, but
we've jnst shown you how we shoot
Chinese, nnd why shouldn't we shoot at
ft mark the sftino way? Wo want to hit
things when we tire, and why shouldn't
WO lire tllO way we mn shool beat?"
Nothing could convince them thai lhey
hadn't won (be match, and they walked
oft wilh tbo small prlto the whiles bad
put up for the best niarl(suian«hlp.—15x*
lli-nf Persons nml Their OSaprta*.
III VOS titrations inlo (tm results of marriages botWCOn deal' poilOUS produce scleral highly inteic-lilig facts.    As  would
naturally bo supposed, unions in cases
where bolh paiinci-. are deal' an* fnr
more liable to result in dear oft-prlng
than ordina..*.   marriages.    Hut  UlC pro
portion of such Instances Is only about id
per .cut and the proportion o( deaf children born Iherelroin gift per cent, while
tbe  proportion  or deaf children  bein  nf
ordinary marriages scarcely attains i per
cent. It also transpires that deaf per-
hoiis having deaf relatives nml mnrrled to
detif pail.ie's arc inj liable to deaf olT-
KpriiiK. cousangiiinil.v   being  nn  clement
specially favorable i" the transmission ol
auricular malformation!. All these ro-
anil* are itrlolly iu nccordnnco with Ibe
iwo Inwi of heredity which lay down
that a physical anomaly lends to be
trniisiniltcd to the offspring ami I lint off'
spring tend to revert to the normal type.
l'i'<riiH<'K  I iMiiulitl   Id   'I'mtie.
(Jbiuce through the peerage nml cross
nut the peerages rounded hy trade I
liow llinny would bo left? The earldom
of HlSOI wiih founded by a draper; Unit
of Warwick, now a commercial enterprise In llseir, by ii wool stapler; that ot
Northumberland, tho "Proud I'oroyi," by
nn apoiliecnry; lhat of Lnnsilowne, by a
peddler who was so poor thai he lived
threo weeks ou vvaluuls. I ."id Ten lei-
den, the chief jnMtee, stopping wilh his
non outside Canterbury cathedral, pointed to a shed Opposite and said: "Charles,
In lhat sheil your grandfntber used lt>
sluivo for u penny. It Is the proudent
reflection of my life."—Loudon Answers,        	
Bhe Clot It.
"My dear," began the minister's wife,
•"(here's a bonnet down at llie millin"—
"There you go again," he interrupted.
■"Always thinking of worldly things."
"ltut, my dear, you wrong me," she
aald. "This bonnet is perfectly hcaveii-
ly."—Philadelphia Press.
Cork, as nearly every one knows, Is
one of tht best nonconductors of heat or
sound. Tbat It hns uot beeu more widely
used in building Is due cblelly to the difficulty of obtaining It In an unadulterated
uess coincH from the refusal of thc oxerotory
organs lo perform their dutiet-t regularly
from contrllnitlng causes, usually disordered
digestion. I'urmoloo'i* Vegetable 1'IIIn, pro-
pared on sclontltic principles, uro no apt...
pounded tbat certain ingredients in them
jiass through the Hluni'icli nnd net upon the
bowels so as to roinovo their torpor and
arouso them to proper nation. Mnny thousands nro prepared to hear testimony of
thoir power tn this rospcot,
n-ateatlTCl  Say They Nnniber Aboat
Tn-eiit)- Th-im-mud m. Year.
The police inspector said: "About ten
years ago 1 was watching some -workmen
pulling dowu a row of old riverside
nouses lhat bad a desperately bud reputation time out of mind, and I can recollect what a Blurt it gave me when they
showed mo that nearly every house bad a
great trapdoor, through which anything
could he dropped into the race or the
tide below*. Many a poor chap had gone
to his death that wuy, I'll go bail, ltut I
can tell you n curious thing that happened only the other day. A mau bad beeu
drugged and robbed, hut be told us lhat
before he became insensible be hnd managed to lock and bolt his door, nnd locked
Slid bolted it was when be came round
again. How they had got In nnd robbed
liim lie eould uot imagine. Well, w«
Searched nbout and iinally discovered
Hint the door was it-ally two doors, oue
wilhin another, He had locked and bolted the inner door Into tbe frame safe
euough, but theu the frame Itself was
only auolher door, with separate hinges
of lis own."
'i suppose Ihe list of thoso reported
missing is quite a short one these duys,
Is it not?"
"Some 1H.000 to _0,000 A yeur! But
don't look so startled. More than three-
rpuiiters of them turn up again in some
way or other. Vou see, ihe list includes
strayed children nnd runaway boys>tO begin with. Then Ihere are the men who
gel locked up at night for something or
olher and either are too careless or too
ashamed to send to their Wives, with the
result thnt the poor women nndi off lo
Ihe nearest station iu the morning lo
make Inquiries, tjulie a number of men
go and hide after qiinrrelitig with their
Wives. Why. I camo sctosn a case lhe
olher day where n mnn bad lived for four
years within half a mile of the wire he'd
deserted without ber finding bim. A big
lown is the only sure place for s fellow
that's 'wanted' to bide com tort ably."-
t'asM-11's Mngailne,
Old ftnord  IllHiti*.
(tough ns lhe fighters of old were, the
inscriptions which liny put on Iheir
swords often showed not only considerable poetic Instinct, but sentimentality.
"Faithful in adversity" is such a sentence engraved on an ohl sword oC the
Boventeonth ccutury. In n collection of
blades ot lhe sixteenth century are these
"I quarrel."   "God give me speed that
my foe be beut indeed." "Witb this de-
fcuse and Hod's will all mv Cliomles I
shall Mill." "In batile 1 wilt let myself
be used." "When I my SMird Uplift in
strife, Cod glvo the sinner eteluul life."
"Trait in Uml, bravely war; therein
j.nu- fame and honor nre." "Vour aim
RloilC he Qod'l greal ua  Who dares deny strike thou bim lame." "Kvery soldier
line look on Ihls sign nud uso his hand
tti r,,.,\ nnd the laud."   Du Idades from
the eighteenth century aro these inscriptions; "Nothing better iu Ho. world tlmn
bast than lo hold lore and friendship
fait." "I serve." "A good blade I. Who
WOOld deny lot him meet me, ami 1 will
hold it  Will COSt  llllil Ol  blood 01   gold."
«ln.   Aru  thi*  lies I   lllnliirlanar
Ii ihe RnglUh, (Jenni I American
historical scholar* should voto nn to who
wen- lhe two besl hMoiinns, I have little
doubt Unit Thucydldea and Tncltui would
have a pretty laigi* majority, sara Jumes
lord llbotloi in Atlantic    If lhey W'*rc
asked to name a third choice, it would
undoubtedly lie between Horodottii and
(llhhon, At (he meeting of Ihls iissociatiou III Cleveland, when UlClllOlla ot historical leaching were  ier dlicuulon,
llerodotlls nnd Thileydldcs, but uo others, were mentioned lis propel' object lessons.
"What nre the merlin of Herodotus?
Accuracy in details, as we uiidoritntid it,
was certainly noi one of them. Neither
does be sin critically his facts, but inti-
males that  he will not make a poslltV-9
decision In the cose of conflicting testimony. "For myself," be wrote, "mv
duly is to report all that Is said, but I
am not obliged to believe it all alike, a
remark which may be understood lo apply to my whole history." Ho bad none
of Ibe wholesome skepticism which we
deem necessary lit Iho weighing of historical evidence, On the contrary, be Is
frequently accused of credulity.
Neverlhelet-H   IVrey  liurdiier  calls  his
linrrnllve nobler than Hint of Thiicydldcs,
and Mahnlly lornix it uu "incomparable
history." "The truth is," wrote Macau-
'uy In bis diary, when ho wns 41) years
old, "I admire no historians much, except   Herodotus, Thucydldea  and  Tuel-
,\ii   V\ miller.
"Mitry!" yelled the poet.
"Whnt Is it, (letii'V nsked the patient
"Why dun't you keep tlmt kbl quiet?
Whnt ou tin Hi's Die timtter Willi It'/"
"I tloil'l know, dent*. I'm singing one
of your liillnbleu in ibe poor little ilar>
I1ng."--l,lillmlelplilii Press.
Psrmnnsntly Cured of Asthma, Clark**!
Kola Componnti Cures.
Mr . V. J, t'alntcm. the well-known proprietor
of Palnton's Mule Store. VaaMvvw, B. C
WrltOli  "1 have  been a gTSftt lOfleTSI   from
asthma in to wont form for over t*-ur y-wrs,
varVoft-an t-ivinsha-iioait ap .nearly all night,
1 hm consulted physicians both in Enftltifid
ami Canada without obtaluieft -.my *■■. i mum m
reltst and tried many remsdles with thu same
result   A friend who bod i»■-n cored by Di
my recovery, and
Ditlima has not troubled uoabice. 1 ic-I vitry
uralrfltl to Dr. Clarke for iniioilin ini; this won-
iliriul rt-in>siv I in vi* fnipii-iitiv rsoomm-so
tied it to others suffering oil vrasi and do nut
j-iimv of n -inub onBOWUarotho n-nuiml num
her of _ottles(uiV6l«Bn mk.-u that it i has failed
t ii cure. Bee thui you get Clarke's Vtee sample
iiotiii* rant to :uiv person.   Mention mis paper
AililriHKTIiiiollntli* * Miiejili.rt-Ui Oo ,  191
CllUrch sired. Toronto, or Vnncotiver, u.i
mil,' Canadian ■■ t:*-m-i-
v i.ihl-f Slorj   lactdantiti ta ■  \rry
l.tiodi:I,le EITiirt,
Bfforta hnve been uindu Ititely i*» In-
trodaco the works ot as iimny ,-Vtner-
I-,iii nutborB, c'speciitily Chicago writers, us possible t" ib-- public school
i tilldren, This Is what is bnppealng io
titanlej Watedoo's "Ah."
"tTtu! Some more pf tbat supplo-
inentnry llternture?"sniffed Mrs.Smltb-
its as Ethyl Soilihers cuuie home from
ibe Hyde Pork High school witb n new
boob under ber nnn.
* V.ssuiii." snid Kihy-I ns she idtiutp-
.d dowu on the sofo nml i.,*_:ui i ml,
* In
ohl tl'
S Iff 111
tliyl   v\eill's  i
,-  prostration,  lii-oncl
liool  prlncltml  snys.
els io
ud has
i.v    |..-ni:
Tli**   I'nttis '
III i .
ire i-otil l'i
I bad  bellei
; precocity nud ovorelndj
j    *'Tbis Is a I k (bnt teat-bus you ul
1 :il i tl ave iu.-ii In (in liNiorie ilines
: If a jusi nwfnl k i, I Hiit imi< > -m
: gel such it lot of instriit-iluii wlilmm
I even knowing inu'dlj iiiat you'ri* p-t
i ting    It."    Ktbyl    t'olntiti'i'rml    ai'iei
I ,
wnnl to mini i-iinui
n .linn il». ,1,-i'ii,l	
wlm to   |„ IIUIITS
1 wni n:i Ami.i'i.ni
mini.;   1    iri.-.l  il
Win n lie ilk'il, 1 1
•ni'iei-s a couiraci which ho bud
wiih a yor.siiti who was in thnt hi
io bud him an eligible wife with
tune.     He  pnkl   in  installments   i
services of the porson who brnnght 	
to his attention, lie snunnib'tvil my
nione.v, mnl my life wns*iiiilmp|i.v.
"My ex|i- rience is typical of the totleli-
uess nf t»io foreign aristocracy, especially
thai of Prance, Aiiiong these Impecu-
nlotis lioblos nourishes tbe business it'
bi-u'li class iniiiritnoniiil a tents with it
quasi social standing, who, for n coiiiuils-
slnn, flud wives for luiu-rlngenble men
of title. It is Infamy, uud 1 waul t<>
warn tbe pool* Httlo American girls win-
go abroad wiih false notions and whn
are easily dnzxlcri b.v n title against Iho
■shame of it.
"As the wife of the fount Chnvnnuc t
moved for some years in tbo society nf
the Katibourg St. Germnln. I know Its
little sins and iis big sins. I know iis
HClHldnlSi and I know llie private bistory
oE many persons whoso ti nines nro spoken
With awe iu the society of New York
cily. The histories of mnny of ihem will
not hear inspection.
'■When there is mni'l'lnge without love.
bow enn you keep out scnhdnl? High
society in I'Vnncc has all mn much of ll.
It is honoyc bed  with It.    When ihe
poor American girl whose pnpn has u fm;
bank account goes to Paris, she Is Haltered liy attentions whieh she receives
from Mine. This nnd Mine. Tlml. .Madame proposes io Introduce her to her
own mlllinw, where sbe can secure lhe
very latest French gowns. Such n
thoughtful kindness touches the little
American girl, who can never know thnt
niudnmc gels a commission rrom lift**
milliner. Sho will gel a commission on
the Httlo American girl, mo, if she can
nifltinge lo marry ber to some gilded nobleman;
"Shani. hypocrisy, deceit and lying are
typical of French noblemen In high society.   Women of title uud fashion rent
ii she doe-
the opera. Mine. Somebody biters il lo
some American family Haltered to ilealb
to in- soon iii ihe tilled Prenchwoiunu'M
opera box. No, she won't accept pay,
bat ir ibe liberal Americana want to give
uny thing to mv lady's poor fund, why, ic
will he accepted.
•■When I left France. I was assured of
a line Income if 1 would only keep it
sharp waioh here for rich American heiresses Intending t > go In Paris ami pro-
vidi- ilie means fot iheir Introduction . <
the proper parties in l'aris."-Siin Fran-
rii ii ,•*,«• i-i,-.'.
1.. u.i..,
I    llnrn     Win
. li,- |iiil> ll|i ill
hi   compa   f
l*.,,lf„r.l nu
• li...— \
ill. Mi. Dr-ipor
in i
in Cucli, Tlm
>  lu*
conducted on somewhat different principles in Ucorgo ll's reign from lhose*
whieh governed it In the days ot Queen
Victoria, for Mr. Draper had ordered
what he called "an elegant collation
thero" beforehand, a thing unknown at
ih,* t'oek when the pi ii nip bead waiter
held sway.
In Vault) Fail* Dobbin and QcorgcOsborne dino at Slaughter's, in St. Mai tin's
Inn.*, a hoit-c which seem-, in Column's
time io have been much used hv Frenchmen, There lu- and Mr. Chopper, Osborne's bead clerk, and tbe two ensigns.
Rpomier  and   Stubble,   huve   "a   famous
dinner" together beforo the officers depart ou tin* Waterloo campaign.
When Dobbin revisits the house nfter
ten years in India. John, the old waiter,
r ire-, hlm ni if be hnd only left the dny
before nud BlinpOSCa he'll liave a ion*-':
fowl for bis dinner. These faithful old
waiters ni these old taverns regarded
regular customers as friends nnd irniolic-
ed much Mie same familiarity witb ihem
in the old  fashonod mnnacrvant  used
with bis master's famlty in which he had
lived perhaps half a century and for
Win in be would have died, lu "I'eu.bn-
llls" WC bav,. Dick's nn.l the Albion. Uf
Dick's Thackeray m-elns to write wilh
ttpceial Interest, uh if It bad been a fa-
vorile resort of bin own in early dajM.—
Illlick WOOlI'ft.
"Hub!" sniffed Mrs. Suiilhi'iv who
Inki - very Iiiih- sloel,  In iho new ,*d
uniiion innde-i'iis) and tmivvrMl 'den.
"Wmsuiu.   Hns  iiniboi   liellovi-s    wni
-ll.*   iluOB.   oliV"   ii'ierleil    Mniniiifl
Sinlllii'i's. wilh n glhll In lierey.-. "Vniir
pu will like tlmt. wnll'l be?"
"Oh,   mn.   ineiv's  noihiim  inrs t)
nbntii ii." explnliied Ktbyl.
"Il-irulii. is ||'/" Inqnlreil Mrs. Sitillli-
ers. inking bold of n unpino* of tin* boob
•'Nome; *.\li, the Cave Dwidlei.' liy
Si nn Icy Waterloo."
•'Well. Darwin or Waterloo, he'll
meet his Dunk of Wcllliiglou when
your pa comes fu. Thing-* is come lo a
pretly puss when sclionllenchors holds
up parents lo ridicule, oytui whim lhey
nro kinder nuery." -'Chlcngo Inier
Ocean.      w	
— Them! liiguitiennt words Were used in regard iu Dr. Thomas1 Eeleolrld Oil by a gen-
tlenian who had thoroughly tested itmueiiis
in bis own wife—having boon eared by it of
hunt mess of tho knee of three or four years'
Kt Hiding. It never tails to reniovo Borencsa
as woll as lameness, nnd is an Incomparnblo
pulmonle and corrective,
Thr l.iiok at llrer Wlllliini-*.
'Vmi never bin tell vvh.-it's in sin' far
yuu. (iinsiilo or u grocery bill." said the
ohl colored philosopher. -•Br'er Williams tack om n accident policy for
$-i>U. oil in le:i uiiiiules afterward n
riillrnnil rut bis bend eleuii nIT! Kn bo
lo' dai lino- lu* wouldn't or klipwed de
eagle on u silver dollar of bli hnd
sereaini'ii   en   el.-iwed   hint!"—Allnnttl
t.'ou.st imi hm.	
Itemedy lor Whooping Cough.
At this season Whooping Cough Is very
prevalent, nniong muiiii of tho ciilhlren in
most tnmilie-. It is not ndvlsahlo to stop
tho coughing entirely, hm relief should
undoubtedly Ik- sought lirill'ihs' Menthol
blnimoiiti utTords niori-|ii-.mipt relief tban
any other remedy. Alao in cases of Croop
It affords Immediate relief. Try lt All
druggists. B9 cents.
Wlm I   tbu  I Viihoi-hIiIji  Shotvii.
"I wish I could get more dellnlte
news from the Trnnsvaal."
"lib, well, wo can gauge whnt's imp-
penlng pretty well by the eensursblp."
•* I'ltu sii icier the censorship the more
um,! .it ii toe nm situation. Irom nn
Kiijclish point uf view ."-Chlcngo I'ost.
There never ivn.**, nnd never will bo, a onl*
verwd pnnneca. In one remedy, for all ills to
which fioeh is heir—the very noturo of many
curutives being such that were tho HcrmB of
other and ditTerently rented diseases rooted
la the system of tne patient—whnt would
relievo one ill in turn would aggravate the
other. We havo, however, in Quinlno Wino,
when obtoinnble In a sound, unadultorntod
Male, n remedy for mnny nnd jinevons ills.
Uy It. fcvadual aud judieiousufle tbe fndlesl
lystema are led into convalescence nnd
-strength hy tbe Influence which Quinine exerts on nature's own resloratives. It relieves
the drooping splrltB id thofc with whom h
chronic stato of morbid dicjiondency und
lack of interest in lifo is a disease, and, by
Iranqnlllslng the norvoa, disposes to sound
and refreshing sleep—Imparts vigor to the
action of this blood, which. Wing stimulated,
courses throughout the veins, strengthening
thc healthy animal functions of ibe system.
thereby making activity a necessary result.
■Irengibeniug the frame, and giv.ug life to
tbe digestive organs, which naturally demand increased sub-tunci*—result, Improred
appetite. Northrop ifc Lyman, of Toronto,
have given to the public their superlo* Qui*
nine Wine at the Usual rate, nnd, gauged b>
thc opinion of scientlale, this wins np
pronches ncaresl perfection of any lu the
tkct.   All druggists fell It.
\   lliiikeo   ncioril.
"Well. sir. It's ti reinnrknlile thing
hoiii my wife. When wc were innr-
ic,| J.'i yonrs ago sbe weighed only 117
! pioi.nl>''
|    "And now she lips llio lienm nl ubout
180. ebV"
I    -
\o; she's us thin us ever."—Cbtcngo
I Times Helilhl.
lln*  I irsi  IIoiihi'.
Homo (line iige the dem1 letter oflice iu
Washington received n  foreign Idler ml-
dressed lo the "First Houso lu Aincrh-u."
'I'he chief clerk of the pUXllo bureau sent
ibe letter lo ibe federal barge office of
New York on the theory Hint this would
be (he lir-tl house ciilercd by ii foreign
Immigrant binding in America* His theory proved correct, for when the letter
wns opened  It was found  (o Contain  a
cam in indention in Russian Informing the
Immigration commissioner of the impending arrival of some Polish Jewesses who
expected to be met at the barge offico by
their relatives. "The lirst bouse In America" Is not a bad description for thc tittle
gray -stone building tbnt stands at Ihe lip
end of New York surmounted by u turret
and HagsinlT Hying a faded specimen of
Old i;lory above the vertical atrlpca and
Stars of the custom house. This )<■ where
nil immigrants admitted to New York
first set toot ou dry land.—Collier's
I iu-iiniil I* nn (aliment.
How long hliouhl nn honest man he
punished for a mlstnke? If a dishonest
man commits u robbery or a murder, ha
te punished for a given term of years,
but If be is a fairly honest citizen uud
tries to do bis duly und makes a inistaka
be is punished ns long as be lives.—
Atchison Oloho.
Utile lli-other— Mr. Johnson, won't you
go and stand before Iho window?
Mr, Johnson—Certainly, my Hide mnn,
but why?
I.iitle   ttroiher—Oh,  ma  says ibo can
iv* through you,  1 want to ne If | can.
A  i ihleul Moment.
She—Yon hesitated when 1 askod you
If I wero the only girl you luul ever
lie—Yes; 1 couldn't tell from your
expression whether you wnnted me to
sny "No" or "Yea,"— I milium polls Jour-
MtD'S LINIMENT Lnmbsrmin's Friend.
Wo.mnir.-4 limit, nf lauur!
She Tell ine, Trunk, do you think n
m.tn is Justified In telling falsehoods lu
order to gain u woman's consent to
He-Hu vou suppose If lio told the
iriiih only und fully a tiiuu would ever
Iiml favor In ihe eyes of any woman?-
Ronton Transcript	
HfllBDl mm » udirFinidui.
The empress dowager nf China has introduced the spring style in emperors.--
Dnltiinore Amcrirati.
The new O-ycnr-old emperor of China
will ho probably brought up on the gallant old French maxim, "Ladies Hrst."--
Baltimore American.
Chinn'a eniprosa dowagut' aeetna in be
BOmcWlint BOt in her ways and also ipllto
convincing in such little tnnltera nf argument us the posses-ion of a l brum'.—
Chicago News.
The pew emperor of Chinii has a great
advantage inasmuch ns bin youth will
enable Ihe empress dowager lo merely
spunk him instead of having him beheaded.-Washington Star,
There nre proillelions that the lasl Hip
of the cards made by lhat ehnnnlng empress dowager ol China will either lake
nil the robes of stale off the back nt Ll
Hung ('hung or els,- pro in ale him to additional power, but lhe predklora nre not
iptile certain wblcb ll will be.— Pittsburg
Alt for Mlnard's ml tab io otter.
Bakers' Bad
m Backs.
/V —
^•■■--iEr: *'"-' littlo know tbe toil nnd
^^"4       hardship that tbotie Who make
tho"Stnflol Lifo"undergo,
\ Long boura in supt rheoted
^ nml |.. irly reutliated **>■ 11-
rooms i-» inn.1, on the system,
gives the kidubjs more work than they
ean properly do, throwa poison into the
nysteiu tliat should lie carried oft by these
delicate niters. Then the buokgota bad—
Not much use applying llnlmeuta and
plasters, You musl reaob the Kidneys to
euro tho b*x*lt. DOAN'S Kidney Pills
euro all kinds uf Bad Macks by restoring
the Kidneys to healthy nelion,
Mr. Walter Buchanan, who lum eon-
ducted a bakery in Manila, Ont.) for tho
past IS years, -ays:
"Por ii number u| vtmtt prevlono to tnkton
Ihuut'l Ktdney l'i"   I ■ iffurwl n Ere-Al ilttl from
.-f-iili' pkiUl   IPTOiS UlBIIHflll (if IP)   bllPlt, i>:iiiL»   iu
Uu toll im     i." ut, ilu,.* i, wosrj f- Hue nad
uaniN .    i'.-i.e t).    I'r    tin   ami  tea   Jo di   of
Iim.'iii n Kldnry I'lil. I    . nmmiwsl la Improve, hml
I liiivi' ma uut :■ pnhi ni nehu ■'•! "Hi mi-. M>' liwwl ts
flour; Um iirliiui'v illRli nltloa (til 0 ii mv nlwp ii
rofri'-Miiu and au li«_lih Utott^-uowlhwifor
Western Assurance Company
The bii pre in i' emir I  of Counwtleiit
has decided thn I a I'urunee is piuftonul
building by ifue proceas of law.
11 ■   inonsl mertlng of .bareboldm wai
hi j ai the eompanj'a ufticw la thli ciiy
.,. lurtduj*, M ireii 7, i   ••    ; „-   et ■
,i -   'j  A. Cox, oo ";'t.-i i hit ehalr
'li.*,* fuli.'Wiuif ftoaual n'purl d the A< j
reeion, wttli a«onn*;* nt un-tni-ai: *imo*\
nuiit, n ii it.-id by  the uwreiary:
nmi\-M\1M   A.VM'AL REPOHT,
Thc director. i<*-*f to *nbmlt h-x* wlih the
niumalitatcuieui -1 tbe company*! at-vu-aau
far Ho yeai endlns »l-i I ■ er lai ■
Tin- revenue account ihovvs a satlsfai-i ■•*>''
tn.vvih hi premium liieom***. aad nttft pay-
in. i.i ol 1..---S and expense! Hot.* '.s *i pll_-
ni i,.,ii t stis.urj.'i" a* a retail ot the
., ,, - triiaiaetlons. lwo lu.ii.wail> dlvl
ll.-n.l-. have I'.'cu provided for ai the rat
„r in per cent, per aunniu, o> well •a* an
itiuoiiul i" oover dopreelatlon In n'carl-.e .
,ii„1 tue rwerve fund  has been laereusod
,Taklna''ln(ii  mi Ho* fact thai ibir*iia
M„ yvnt ISW Hi** rtn- luuei ta th-a L'litU-d
Mull* wre eiceurtoually heavy, the il*.rw
n»r, fe-.-l tlml theft" n -rails aiU-i be ra
pi riled ;i- etutai ntlj mtwfiictory.
i',,  sonic i  pa-ii y-uiip.dlrcctorj nave
hi.I iimicr .*oii-iili*riitl*.n the .|n.-i:".i *(
eileudliiH Die aiteaoletj uf ilo- i-utnpauj ' i
vi.rul ilu* limit- of Mm* \,a*lh Amcrl ;ui fOH.
i neiil, .uul slionly liebiw n i I th-
x, i    nrrnn&eiiu at--  wen   i-omplelod  for tlir
; Niui I1-.li  at ii hrbiii-h < nice in Uudun,
i u.i.mi.   lei   whm  appear to he favor-
" Timiuto,1 ititli   I'cb.,   !*.■"".
place to refer to ihe fact tbat during t„e
;..i.i v.*..r ii mtnihcr ol aetr compaalei h.'. v
■:i'.   lute the deld, offeHna Bro laiami i
llo iii I my which will milieu lhe tlunalty ;
of iin- poptilalloii in enrttiiii dlstrlcla !
from s:ci pcranna in the acre in BOO.
The I'lillatlulphh Itecord Buys Hint :i :
iiiiiii wns v I'h'i.'teil to ii responsible
si-iie nilk'o In Pen nay Ivan In nud sorved ■
nceepiably who  could  not write   Ids
name. He wns Intelligent and of sound '
business luihriiicict.
A   T1MIXY   N0T10K.
Dr. Ainold'a English Toxin Pills will posl-(
lively cure permanently and thorougbly the
vory worst caso of rheumatism, poor blood. .
nervousness, or olher (termdleensc. Atrial
will provo this. Only7Bcn box,Mitall slxo
26ci ni all druggists, or postpaid on reoolpl
of prion from The Arnold Ohomlonl Oo.,
Limited, Onunda Dlfo Building, Toronto,     [
Herelj u Knam'HthHi.
Nellie    Ubtiill v-  I   tfi'ow   more
hi'tUllirnl every little lie wee me.
Mllipl     II   lllll!'>   I liu ense.   .vou   Ollglll
io huve hlin call iwlce a day.—Chlcngo
The great lung tinnier Ih found In tbnt
.■.((.'client medicine sold an Dickie's Ami
1'oi.sumptlvn -Syrup It soothed and
diminishes the Boosihllltv of the room*
iiriine of the throat nnd air passages, anil
Is a Eovorelgn remedy for all coughB-
•obIn, hiiarfioiu'KH, pain or Koreness in the
ihest, lirimchiils, oto. ll- has cured niiinv
.vlu'ii mipposed to he far advnneed In 0011*
Tola! eash   Ineonw     »3(Kt!.74t BO
Tntal    i*t|i.*ii'lliur.-,     in.-lii-iiiiii
iiunronrltiiloii   for   tosses m>
d.-r iiiIJihii i      9.41-4,1108 'ii
liahmce   i   IW.oW Oi
'fniiil llahllilies I'uciiidliis cap
Hal.   l..*Jl,:;s*j :
Uc«'rvu l'nii.l  $1,100,-_W *"
Si'cai'itj   io polleytiolders   —#8,10-,3S0 J
The I'i'i-lil. m, hi moving   the   adoiulu
of ilu* report, iiibl;   It caimol   full to <
l Ill-
of tin*   npprocl-u.il
■ hmirbiK t Ile >.r llo* Keenrltj   ■ (
hv the UV-i-iii to lis   polleyboUh-D
i- iiffanled   liy tin* growth    in tb.
■ of biifluesi   trausaclefl   the   tola
• for tin* yenr Unrtng esceedett,  f»i
'I'tiiMiulit it Wns n l*111»lln■».
"Dldn'l utieiui the liampii't last night,
•Iht yuuV (liliNOii gave us a very nent*
iy inriii'il panegyric."
■*l di'lii'i linon (Jileoii was tin ticro-
■-> ". I'luvHt'O.I 10.(1,,  1'ioiihe.
one wIbIics io be successful in any undertaking In which ho luny ongnac.  It is. (here-
fore, extremely tfralifyinj,' lo tin* [iroprlelora
of Punnelee's VcHctable Pills to know thut
their eih.ris to eompolui i a medicine w hleh
would provo a blessing to mnnklud huve
heen Hiccosaful l.cvotul their oxpecUitlons.
'Mii-i-iiii.».-oiii.ii tn iiicho fui- by (iii* publio
isanunrnnieo thiitn pill hia boon iii-odueed
which will rulBllovctylhtiiguliiiined for it.
Worry ia a stale of spiritual eono-dou.
A [rouble either ran be remedied er il
enn not. If it can, then sot about it; If ii
cannot be, dismiss it from conaclonsueaa,
or hem- it so bravely tbut It may become
trnuadgnred to a blessing.
Dear Sir.-,—I hnvo been n great
sufferer trom rheumatism, nnd lately
havo been coulined to my bed. Seeing
your MINARD'S LINIMENT advertised, I tried it and got i'_imertinto ro
Hot. I usi'i-ibe my restoration to health
to tbe wonderful power of your medicine.
Bnriu, Nfld.        LEWIS S. BUTLER.
puny. ivvi» and i.to* hair
i-. --illl  rn Mill-fm-iorv in note tint i »t
vvllbsiiiuilllig Uie exeopllonally heavy Ire
louses which Imve oeeurred in seaie -f the
l-llluf ellh'H la the United Stun- wueri'
the Ini-liu-s proved BetliTftlly napndlt ilde
n. ihe cimipaiiles eii|{ti|{e.l in U ive are »u'e
to slum- ,is ii ri'sull of tin- year's trailw<
tioim a pram lialancu of sii>,i;ij. Tbe »%
peririiee of Ibe year ISftl la fii'trtdn »,-a ■•*.
eeptloiinlly favorable, ami ilu- dimml-le-1
tin* vviiNle In Mil-, country    l-    ci-rtali.lv  :i
mailer fm Krolulntl-nii   asl.tr fro-i i
InteretitH hi  lhe  l.u-.li..-.s ,.t tire In-ur.	
It I- in hr hoped thul Ho- liilrodwHon o{
lluiu-oveil  the  protcetlou  In mir  HiIp>   md
towns,  nnl ile*  iptlou of more «<r--i i
tint iiHiiioiN in Ho- i-oinlraetlnn of bu Id
lugs, will lead    to a further   redm*tlon -.f
ih..*  ilea whleh ilo-   payn t   ut   tome
live iiiilll-". dollar- per auniiui l.v Inxura i i
•*oMi|.:iid<s for tli-i* 1.H-- in rnnada In.
pone* upon ilu* rommiin-ly fur I ii'-i
thai  this h.i-i  i,.  '.,- prorldetl
BllrillK imi.II.*.    t  .lo.tiv Id ciupbili-ll
I hellevo to he a fuel  tlml It l< .
Rerlous ;inmmi vvnfle that anv mati
duel Inn la lite t»\ which the puhl i
til.mil, hr
the   Huverniacai   report*•    - WWtu*
eonie mnl cvpeuitlli f eompunli
ed In il -ln,-« U, th.- H0.1P1U1.
vhleh Have [.n-vall-.l
lu thi« connectlou !
las  ' • ■-' terve whether tbew etperlm-^ati
erll |i["^* 11 ore tuoetiful lb 10 prev- a-
attempts wbleb bare been nuide 1.. atfurd
indemnity ognmst loss by fire aa more fu-
vornhk termi thau eompanlei which ha»*i
neca 1-.-US vu_;ik-'1 in ih.' bu-iii'--"- tm -_*•■
in olferiog, While a* insurer) we oijj bepe
these new i-ompantea may have discovered
tin -v.r-r-1 uf comb'ulng cheapnesg with
-.-•-iirliy. we 1 iitiuui overlook th-. fact tbat
Hie record or thn iir** Insurance bmlne s lu
Canada during the pasl twenty yea-»sh.wn
n Ims of upwards of twu million <J liars . r
capital, whh'h was Invested In iuniiaiiih.*<
nr^nu'sed to traasoct basliuia m ivluil
■in- termed "cm rates." We may at lea si
fn-l mutured thui couipaulea working ui on
Hi.*-.- line*, whoie entire eaab a«cts are
Uniltt-d io rtfty or -Uiy thuiisand dullard.
nre   m-nrcHy   111  -t  fo-liiou  t,,  aiumine  any
 -i.i.   .ili|,*   shin 1*   of   tbe   iimai    iiiUl1"-!-*
of Mnhllii) wlili b nre Imnranee rampa«bi
an carrying fur.tbe iirotecilon of inti li.»ui<
..i.-l ,0 -,■ :i\ l...hler> In I'aiimhi.iiul ulil 11 il
bui i.,*.'ti shown that, wiih itu--r,-.irl foi
.ih- -.u.i,*. ui siockboldera mid the * e-irlty
..f i-'ii',vln,hl.*r-. any iann*r..il r ■ in. t 11
enn lie made in Are Inxurttin-. rn,*. ir. ths
ii.nmry, your director* du not feel -*;.r
rani itl ni itdvoeflltug any di pm lure 'i* ail
Hi- |..i:.v v* have bei ,1 t-. .wing foi   ai iy
 '- I"-'.
llm to return lo th* cousbh ntloa of imr
I le-iinv   during   Kn*   •..'Hi*   under    r.-v lew
h will, ao duubt, lie lutere«tliia to *harf
..i*i*i- to i".irii ihat in.- luarlQfl broucti.
■.so ib h 1. :..-,. 11 responsible in »unie fi.rui**r
.-.i;*- for rather serf  1 i, Ims khiwn
.1 prulll nputi tbe t.iisin,-.- nf WM, -in-l -bat
Hip .*. it- r.r. outlook in this hnni-b up|ie4ire
in in  11 ■ * r« ■ pronibdng I ban t..i some time
In our earnings fr.na lui'Te-t there baa
heen n fnlllmt off, -mli a* lulglil natural:**
in* h.i.l-1-.i f,,r owing to the reduced ratvH
ohtiiiuable, iHirtteularly u|kui lhe' ela-s of
-.-"ilil.-. trhk-h ur.- b.-id by tbl- romiamy.
Tl   n- .- m mttr t-o vvlrih I »*i-b ;>; r
I - nl refi t ill  this time,    ti  U n»w
>, ihiu ■■' year of bait n century ilnc.* ibe
■ ...,*!.;n". . miinu ii* ed huslne*. in Canada
.s..i.i.   ivveut) live years ago it completed
1- mm ma of ngi-iu ■- throughout the Uult
■<l Stale*, nud l think I am warranted In
-.i*. nn  tlml  ll   li now o-iiil.|t»to*il over the
ivli f th-' Nnrth American roni'nenl -.n
.. i.,i..i*.ii.!r footing   v\iib an efficient for.*
1  luu 111 . isnti i_- ;*■ *i-- ,al ag.-ut-. and "cisal
■jriils vvorklug In iis iutere-1-.. Under
Ihesi' "in-iitn-i.i:,> ■ s your lllreetori bare
tnrnnl th.-ir an ni uii to the eontdderalioa
..f 11- im-Mtlon ■ ' ibr desirability uf r.»i
lotvlne ih.- *'\ ni.e - 'f lbs majority of the
-.111-1   -.tn: lliii.-11 :...   -it-.rs mu 1 ..mt.iac in.
■ irger Brtl nt ■■:* ratlona Una we at on
m-iii ivrupy, I.i -. « -d tbr effort-i whleh
-. ■ .- uiAile h |i|.'|t u '.'■ no -n-.iii
tiuii-uri' -il -ii...•- to cnlarg-e tbe innl'
1,-i.n nn- iH-twecn the motber ittniiiry and
1,,- -, ;■* roiendai; i-o'iinips. snd i" eulll
uiif 'iiieretvloiilal bmln-N--] connretlous. we
1  111   r.li   ihnt   lhe |.i,--.itit   I ppu lilUG
ilmo for maklnK -> »<iullar effort t< awure
 ueosure nf "-. Iproelty l" tbe ha Ino**
. i    :.   ■-Mit-.-Mi. >■    A- ;-, practical *t>-u In ild-*
,1' .    ton    l    wan   ilts Ltlnl     * ■   *-r iblts.   11
1    u|     ■     -i   H mp.iiiv    Itl   1.1.inl-III.
1 - _■ 1 1 . . «.i* ot.t-i.i-H) on ibe i-t -.f
t* .   ■ tt. aud puee-il audi *• ti» man-
.    .*     r Mi   tt*. li  m.u:    a _. uie u a
 '-•- .    • '■    i)u ii.*l*a
- ■  nsfui   luiurattrf    manaaer,     -\
1    •   |. -,, tori b i" heeo   ip| olnted >n
1 1 wUlrli  it*  bavi  i-.* n [oritia
-..-.■ the : ■ on Ins _ al en *• 1 lo
. .    I be liight H ii. ih.   I ul "f
k .- -.  •    liA'.M.fl     i -   Higbl   Hon    str
1 ,|        Kennaa ij     li irt      M I'    rn d   Mr.
'*..--■.    mn ut U< -■■-    li        ...   a
...    I'r'i.s,'. and i:.-i "-n-it.-i i-_er.-haot.-i, nml
■    p ..;. ,1  to -..v  that  » ■  fi .1  Un:   wn
' ...,-,     ..,      |n   i...   ,.-.| ■.-. it-   .,   1   :H   fi,,
. 1   i    *.   1    .     ,.,,) -  in  th.- chief
- • I tbe 1    i Ire an. at lb" 'is-*n-
. , -   i\ ban   ihu-* far 1- • a • *tab|lsned
. .   ..I-. 1 ■ .■    rllb Ihh uea   Itrii' 1 *■
Mr   i    1    Kenny   tbf  V ■ ■  l**n     l nr. ave-
•   h   I  III.      -I ■'■•     ■       -■.■■*•-;•■■     a      i*'i W:.-*.
1 fhe  eh         <.f   -If*
. -. . '..- *...-.■■.-*. tbi n pro-
■ ■ -i wil b **■ -■ 1 at l'i the uoan mous
■■ . r .., ,f 11..- following rentl-eown ri*.;
i**      ■ *■■   A   ■■■ v I! *.   s   i* Wood   M •--?..
*  in in   0, i;   it   rwkiiuro.   1**'.
*•*■ *■'  - ■-■-   ii   S   Kalnl, V. tt, Rrock. J.
i-.    "•   ■■:        . '.'1  J    .!    K--.-L*.
li its* ot ' -■ Boar l ,.f Directors,
lipid  -.ir-...,ii.-m!j.  It n.  i"i.-i.  A.  ('oi  waa
■■ i II • '■ 'ii   and   Mr.   J. j. Kenny
v.. r-..;,j^nt   f.,r thf -fDi-dDr year.
/vihCf- /u*nu -MtvnJo wt^sTeWj/ Arts
Tlie man who will tio tiny thing for
hte friends or anything to bis enemies
frequently becomes ttuown ouisltle of
IiIh own township,
A mini who tries to win success in a
hurry, intending lo he worthy of it nt
leisure, generally forgets tlie latter
part of the contract
A nmn always feels foolish wlieu be
Ilrst takes off Ids hut to the girl he hus
known from childhood.
Men who let the gas burn just n little, hi order to save matches, hnve
been known t<> Btiececd ns financiers,
Wu may think peoplo who always
ngreo wiih us are mushy, hut somehow wo keep on liking lliom.-OlllengO
A Nut in nl To 11 it e 11 <■ >'.
"I guess lllli\ hus Just had (I rater 111
in Id ry," wild tin- con firmed cynic.
"llun anybody told you goV"
"No, but ho goes aboul any Inn lie
thinks the worbUs growing belter and
tlml ibe danger rrom minus is greatly
magnified and thai human miiuro isn't
so hnd nfter nil. Thai's the way 11 man
nearly always talks lust after lip ims
hnd a raise In Bfllary.**— Washington
Do Not
Pay Cash^
A very large Having enn i»* made,   Wo van
fnrniirb iho evaet amoiiiit for nny payment,
Write for particular, uud price.
W. N. U. 265.
Montreal. Free Btu. An.
,  P. ll.W up.   E, V. |10oe».
Hon School la Ketinrtled,
"I'm nm gnlng io ftehool lodnyl" she
cried Jubilantly. "Ob. I'm sorry for
ynu girls who'll hnve 10 lit nl your
desks ami study."
•■Why aren'l you going?" ihey asked,
"Because," she replied, "1 have to go
(o the ilct I list's."
Thus we learn (hu place ihat education lakes in the llm nf childhood's
evils.-Chicago 1*1.
11 HOHKll   IN
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
I'rlvr-i Wire Oonnactlon wlih al Laadlnc
llaikeU. OrabiaiirtSBfliirltiMllmiBht, Hold and
Crrlr.il mi Hart ni. 0 ll«iOOndsn-M BolloltM.
Private Uyphar Coda rarollQM upon Appllca*
UB Princ.ii St., Wianiptf, Mu.
p. o. uh&wih mi
Serious Conditions that Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills oan
Readily Cure.
Ono of tho Indication! of serious heart
trouble Ii tho boimuiion of renktiees or
raininess that comes on at times.
Sometime! It is simply a dizzy feelir.fr
that panel o(T, or it may he a statu of u.i *
oonsQlouMSH with hands aud feet oold
and ootmt'-nauce
ghastly pale.
ThtiHo symp-
tome indicntfl a
weakened httAft.
They are umiiin-
of the engine of
life breaking
Nnw thero'a
only one reliable
remedy for restoring strength and vitality
to weakened hearts and relieving all tba
distressing symptoms. It ia Milburn's
Henrt and Nervo Pills,
The case of Mrs. A. Htratton, Frederio-
ti-n, N.K., amply provee tbis. Here is
hor statement:
"I suffered very much from an tin-
povorlthed condition of tha blood, coupled
witli (:.\:ri.-ini- iiervoiumess. A dizzy sen-
Hation on arising qutokly or coming down
stiirs, often troubled mo, aud my breath
wus so short thut 1 could not wnlk up
Stain, The leant eiertlon caused my
heart to flutter anil palpitat* violently,
and 1 sometimes felt a smothering son-
Ballon on going to sleep,
I do-stored book and forth for my weakness, but Igotno relief from any medicine
until I tried .Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Tills, nud I can nay that they helped me
wonderfully. Hoinetimiw my fnee and
arms would swa',1 nnd puff, hut all these
I roubles speedily yb-ldod to lhe restoring
inflnenees of Milbiiru'a Heart and Nerve
PHIS, and I nm now strong and well. I
did not ur-ie tlioin long until I regained the
blessing of beallhful, rofreahing sleep and
it will always be u pieamire to me t-t
rtoommead then to other!."
".Itl lier-.-—ISO under crop;   KX-wi  frame
dwelling,   lnrt;<'   frame   bor.--    and    cattle
gtabtce, good wellt adjoins station, aobool
and church; tine lund. kimA diitriet; only
.Jj mile.-, from Wiontptg—$4 000.
Winnipeg,  Man.
.11 if... lur. .1 hy THUS. UUE, VXiunlpett,
tVbon th-- doctors titee you up—Try un
Oiydonor, It 11 better and cheeper than
onlng toOollfornla, ss it hirnlmes ptsrost o|
Otygen fo tho system by nature*! law-*, dis-
covered by Dr, Sanobe. BuMoalera wantwi
in ineh town iii MnnlUiba. Addn-v W.T.
Olbblns, (in.in Bicbango, Winnipeg, Mr.
John Boiler, Wlnni^-Kink vrltaai "Your
Oiydonor Iin wonderful thing and has mad..
11 lien tnun of mo,    I  have nl-o eund  one
mnn  lu  r-cht  houri of 11 bud ease of lum.
bago."   rfe iinv. doseni of similar l«tb
mon Inl-'.
Catholic Prayer
ilium, 1-Mliri-r.in l'i*
Ornamfnts. Eduoat
celve prompt attl ir
Hunk*   K'i« >ni-»,
Ornalflaca. H*-a\t*
. ..ituAr>.aii.|i'l.uroh
.•tn— tlal".r.b*ia rati -■' ,-\.". f".-M
sh'.nld kn'iw that
uiIIIIoiih await
ll-sitl o( their ile-
!•. inl.tni- in thin eonotry.   Is-- -k of tiam-M .«i'!rt
uii receipt of 10 centa.
Dt 1.Al.l" MoFABLANE,
ii *•  1 l.-i. Truro, N.S. i-aiisilii.
LUCiS, STEELE k B21ST0L. CinU i •«
,        .       ,,, J..h. M H. Cuir-Ma
Importers ot (.rocenei L.SJ_ B. KatrMU
Wllltai. Ihiiiillliin.Hiit, I..H._dl.>plcea
Carrlaeeii,   Hii-inw.,  Ilnrruwt,   Htuduillli,
Are positively ituurantood I'tirc Havana
rlllar, and will pleoao tbe moat
flint id lu 1 in mn ok or.
The yearly Inur-eono of eale-a provee u
appreciative public.    Manufactured only by
GEO. F. BRYAN  & 00.,
WINNIPIIO. ax****..............*...***
I     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Hckcd  Up About the City   by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
R, F.Toluie was ovei from Nelson
Fresh eggs and f;e-jU butttr at McCon-
AU kinds of small fruit received daily
at McConuell's,
C. D, McNub, the tie cot trnetor, was
in town yesterday.
John H, Fink of Fort Steele was over
to the metropolis this week.
Jiiiiinie snys ihnl when be awoke Malt
presented n beautiful aspect.
Jiiiiinie McNeil has resinned liisibarge
in the Cosmopolitan dispensary,
Johnnie Murphy,   the    popular   mer
chant of Moyie, wus in town Monday,
Fred Jones mid wile,  of I'ort Steele,
registered at the Cranbiook Tuesday,
George llilley, the I'rince of Moyie.
wns in town Tuesday end Wednesday.
R, Helme, auditor for the Dominion
Kxpress Company, was iu Cranbrook
this week.
Arthur V, Watts and George  II ol ford
tourists, were in Crnnbrook severul dnys
this week.
Rube Rogers, of the firm RoliKon &
Rogers, tbe popular butchers, was in
town tbis week.
The steam shovel will arrive soon, if it
hns not already, and be put to work
eust of the towu.
W. F., Grant has gone to Moyie anil
wtll berenfter conduct lhe St. Eugene
boarding bouse.
Dr. Green, who has been very ill al
the St. Kngetie hospital during the pasl
ten days, is improving.
Mesilames G. H. Gilpin and Harry
Reincniaii, of Fort Steele, were guests at
Ibe Craubrook Monday.
The choicest of domestic and impor*
ted cigars and tobaccos of all descriptions
at McVittie's in the Watts block.
Mrs. ti- G, Krickson arrived iu Liverpool May .it, Mr. Krickson having received a cablegram to Hint effect.
Lord Norman Augustus MeKenzie, of
Moyie, wns a partaker of tbe attractions
of tbe cariiivdl in Crnnbrook Tuesday.
Chief Clerk Sheppard, in Supt. Camer
no's office, will soon take bis departure
for Vancouver on a two-weeks' vacation.
A good diversion tbat neither impoverishes your brain or draws heavily on
your purse—such isbilliurdB. McViltie1
Watts block.
Tbe "kids"—some of tbem—have been
working Jim Kerrignn for July i money
They were selling him his own beer bottles over and over.
The drug store for drugs and toilet
goods; tbe grocer's for groceries, and
the tobacco store for tobacco and cigars
McVitlie'a, Walls block.
Messrs. Archie MiVtttie,JomeB Ryan,
J. R. Costigan, nnd Hyde Haker spent
Sunday at N. Hanson's villa; thc day
was principally devoted to fishing.
Supt. Cameron is wearing a yard-wide
smile of peace, jny and contentment
these days, occasioned by the presence
of his wife and two children on n visit.
One would scarcely think Moyie take
is n vast body of Schlitx, but the Cranhrook boys who spent last Sunday there
partook of it freely on that supposition
Arthur 1). Fenwick, chief sachem of
the Fernie forces at Fort Steele, was in
Cruubrook Tuesday.   Arthur says every
man, woman and child in Fort Sleele
for Fernie.
George Milliard has selected a lot on
tbe hillside upon which to build a lovely
cottage. He isn't saying much about ibe
furniture-—just leaves lhat for the boys
to guess about.
Archie Leltcb was in Nelson last Thurs
dny, and according to tbu Nelsou Tribune,
occupied a sent ou the platform of a
largely-at tended political meeting held
in Nelson lhat night.
James Rellly, ex mayor of Calgary,
and an oltl-limer lu tbe northwist.
spent S'ltmdny, Sunday and Monday
with James Ryan ami olher old acquaintances in Craubrook,
That hose wngon has arrived and will
be ready for use about Saturday; consc*
fluently Jake Fink ban parted with that
worried, rare-worn look, nnd insurance
rates will drop (?) about 25 per cent
G. II Miner has been busily engaged
fur several weeks in examining the various pattern-! of baby preauibulaiorr,
He looked wise most of the time bul
did not say much—1'. S.—It is a boy.
Mr. Wilton, father of Mrs. A. Shep
piitd, who has been confined for many
weeks in St. lingerie hospital by tbe loss
of a leg, is improving so rapidly lhat be
will be brought next Sunday totbc home
of his daughter iu Craubrook.
C. A. Miner was down to G. II.
branch store In Moyie Inst wick, nnd
reports the business as very good, and
tbat lhe mines thereabouts patronize
the home stores lu the extent of the
merchant's ability to meet the demands
A youug man by tbe name of Mason,
engaged in the mines at Moyie, was
painfully injured ill the eyes tbis week.
He is at thc hospital, under the treat
ment of Dr. King, who apprehends no
Kiiotia or peimaiient effects fiom the injury.
The Indians are  (lucking lu from al)
parts of Fast Kootenny to celebrate Corpus   Christ! at the Mission.    All are
attired in their " Snmlay-go lu meeting
clothes, and the St. Kugeiie ou Sunday
will present a bright colored living picture*
There iiie still violations of the sanitary provisions of lhe land governing the
di'pohiiiini of garbage lu the vicinity of J
ibe town, und Constable Munis ard
Health Inspector lt.ll are donning
tbeir wnr paint. A tip to the wise is all
that is necessary.
Matt Rockendorf, Alex McDermott
and Jimniie McNeil were iu Movie Suu-
dny, engaged in missionary woik. Tho
buy;, make "dandy" evangelists, and say
lhat during their slny in that scenic little towu a number were moved by the
Lund & Breckintldge hive the contract
for grading*the track o! the Cruubruuk
Rscii g  and  Alhleiic  assre'ation, and
are proceeding rapidly with the woik
it is unnecessary to add lhat the work
w\\l ht done in an ixcelleut and stV.e
factory manner.
R.'C. Wind, of Fernie, Mr. Bentt c'a
efficient snbstttu'e during the lotler'sab
Since on bis wedding trip, depattcil f.»r
home Sunday. Mr. Ward bas made
many friends heie ii pile the fact le
sells preparations to cure baldutts and
wears a bright and shiny spot on his
cranium himself.
.Mrs. Thomas Rookes arrived from
Knllspelt Monday on tlie east-b-iuud
cannon ball, nml Touimle's nulle is
more expansive than ever. She was
accompanied by their sou   Paul,   who
us hii operator and lineuiiu on the
Fort Steele and Kalispell telegraph line-
while Tom was manager,
Baldy" Morris Is ihe luckiest man iii
town and Joyce the most honest. The
former losl a $10 bill on ibe streets F ri-
lay, and lhe tatter found It; bunted fur
lhe loser and discovered liim In lhe person of Mr, Morris Baldy, you could go
into a proposition where the chance for
winning is 011c iu 1500 uud catch it.
Work on the buildings and other improvements 011 tlte grounds i-f ilie Cran
brook Racing and Alhleiic nssocia-iuu is
progressing. George Leask lias thecotl
tract fur electing the buildings at a cost
of $750. Contractor Greer has the fencing and Llnd & Voung ha\e lhc rou
trict for erecting tlie posts and 1 ail guard
around the truck,
I)-. King has purchased tbe Jumet
Greer residence and hrs removed his
ollice and abode thereto, l-.Ii? '•Look*,
suspicious?" Uon'i know—the doctor is
a very quiet sorl of bird, and don't do
any unnecessary talking; may be so,
however. Oh, jcf; of course theie would
he a banquet; couldn't let the doctoi
escape that way.
"Hilly" Hamilton has returned from
the region iu tbe vicinity of Ilowse-
lnke, where he went in the interests of
some mining investors whu had put cor.
siderahle money in tbat region and been
badly swindled. Mr. Hamilton was
quite unfavorably impressed with the
portion be visited, but could say nothing
oftli.it district aside from lhat.
The Cranhrook Lumber Company Is
enjoying an era of prosperity, although
that is not out of the usual routine al
those mills. Lumber is shipped daily
by carloads in addition to the id way;
large home trade. The business office
has been removed to a point nearer to
the mill, a brick chimney built thereon
and other improvement!* for safety nml
convenience are being made
t. O.O.F.   Key City Lodge
So. i-'.    Meet* every L'rt-
■I'ty ut«ht at llielr hall en
Haker street.    Bojourulug
illy Invited.
1. i-'it,:;.   a. I. McDermot
V, 0, Bec'y.
..Ail Kinds of..
Pest Office Buildin
.   Ad*
Wentlli of (teaufy,
!den bj uti**!ghlly Pimples
•r. Erysipelas,Salt Uluiiu*,
is Arnica Salve will glorl y
tiring all Si-nil Knip lull ,
.Ues, Ibinif, Hals. Felon*,
c st fi ru.s of lMes. Ouly
x    Cure gutiranle d    Soln
FIRE!       FIRE!
Oh, you remember the fire at New Westminster, dun'l you? Well,
there hasn't been any fire at G. H. Gilpin's general store, but to judge
by the Jt .* * J> J> Jt J,
...Immense Bargains in Dress Goods...
that are being offered you would thing that there had been.     Friday
morning comments our J- J- Jt .* Jt
u Monster Give-away Dress Goods Sale "
This sale will last for Three Days Only, and every yard of Dress
Goods in stock, during Friday, Saturday and Monday, will be sold at a
Tremendous Reduction.
Come early on Friday morning and secure a Dress Length.
G. H. Gilpin's General Store
Opp. Bank of Commerce lames Gill, Manager
Who Have Been Doing Business Io Cran.
brook Tills Week.
G. M, Robinsor,Toronto,
C. A. Bloom, New York.
II. T. Tully, dry goails, Toronto.
\V. D. Scbcll, Jewelly, Toronto.
J.  Crawford, groceties, Nelson.
Thomas Conlati, notions, Totonlo,
R. II, IJrice, dry goods, Winnipeg.
groceries, liquors, etc.,
J. C. Conliu,
Balfour,   representing in.
J. G Carroll, groceries, liquors, etc.,
Thomas   PntklnEor,  produce   fruits,
etc.. Nelson.
IC N. Johnson, dry good?, furnishings,
etc., Vancouver,
O.   II.   I'nll^,   clothing    and   gent'*.
furuisbiugs, Loudon.
TbotnoB  Oray,   political or common
everyday tombstones, Nelson.
The Oddfellows Imvo leased Mc-
Grrgor hall, it will be known hcreaftei
as Oddfellow's hall.
A petition has been sent to the government asking fur 11 new school building
for Moyie. There wero 45 children'.*-
names enrolled on the list,
Clu a King, a cook nl tbe I, >ke Sboic
hotel, nnd Miss Lolo Taluier of I.yiuleu,
Wask, wire unitid in marriage In Nelsou last Thursday, Tbey will muke
Moylo their home.
A. D. Parker, the geniol and ever
obliging assistant manager ol tbe Cittni-
diiin Bank of Commerce, Cruubrook,
spent last Sunday enjoying tbe scenery
and beauties of Muyiu.
Wben business men are compelled lo
enlarge tbeir place nf business il in one of
th. 1 est indications of prosperity a lown
cau have. Tbis week Messrs. Reid St
Campbell started an addiiioti to tlicir
already lar-^c store, and tbe lumber is on
lhe ground for an addition to G. H.
Miner's hardware store. G. T, McGregor also realizes tbat bis ball is becoming
not sufficiently large to accomodate the
crowds which gather there, and it is bis
intention to soon build an addition to
it, Tbe Lake Shore hotel is nl .0 being
nearly doubled in size.
A Monster Devil Flsh.
Destroying i"s victim, is a type of
Constipation, Tbe power of this malady is lell on organs; nerves, muscles,
and brain, llut fit. King's New Life
Tills me n safe nnd certain cure. Best
in Ibe world for Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels Only 25 cents at
It. ]•; Beattie's Drugstore.
ke Cream Social.
Tbe Mel liodisl Ladies' Aid society will
give nn ice crt-iini, CBkc and strnwlierry
lai.fien bi-
utc. Buckle
tbe face by 1
also Cuts. Br
Ulcers, and *.
?5 e its u bti
by K ]■; Beuttie, druggist
Sealed lenders will be received umi*
noon Tuesday, June 12, by tbe undersigned fot the ptc";i'-n nf tbe S- Eugeni
hospital at Crnnbrook, Pinna nud
spec ficatlons maj be ie< u nt Dr. IC*ng'i
offifc. The lowest, or uny, lender noi
necessarily acccpli d.
Sislersi f Cb.irity,
St. Eugene Mission, ll. C.
She Gave
l*p "FrlneeHB" to Become a.
Plain "iHm."
If was recently rcptrted by cable
tbnt Prof. Dr. von E-smiti-ch ond his
wlfo bad celebrated their Bilver wed*
ding, Beforo sin* niMTicd bhe doctor
plain Mrs, vi.n |£g|iutrcfc wii-b Prlnw&i
Ileiifirihi von BehleawJg-Mo-lstein-Son*
ili*i*liiir'j;-Aug*i!sk':.lMip;'. The present
empress of Uei'innuy conies from tho
snim* family na is her niece. Dr. Von,
Ksmnrch iiml for 43 years post 1:
■t tbe
hla prominence in
Ih explained by the
■ of the most suu-
f Germany to-day.
■inu-nt alone be bus
i. 33,000 operations,
Jo hia beneficent la-
surgeon nud chief
dtnlsnt Berlin dur-
ti and 1870-71, His
Immense popularity throughout tier*
many is t,ot only due to bis ability as
11 surgeon*, but to bin thoroughly
director of Uie s
Kiel university, ni
tbo scientific worl
fact thn- he is p
eesaful aurgcons
III UiS ci)i:'r,il il-Bp
performed more |1
which do nol incl
bora as eoiu-mltiln
of the military lie
Ing the wars of J
■ Hnd c.
in (ieniiii'
ly In  pot
youilihil '
lie is 11 ju
nrs oldj-he Is physical-
snlth, aud bis almosl
ty is quite surprising,
ic InMiti'i*, und for sev
oral weelta every summer goes into Hit
hunting reserves of the Bavarian frontier huuttng for cluunols and othei
mountain gnme.
As tin* wife of Prof, von Rsmoreli
Pri'ii-rss FIciij'Iottn hns understood
most udmlnibly bow to pinlntnin her
relations to tbo lilghcBj* elrejps, and at
the same time to malto for hersell
an honored position anion;!" the friends
ttiwl tisspclutes of her husband ut Kiel.
The. etiippcss of ib'rni;uiy calls her affectionately "AnnUe liuvtOf." v
Onu W
that old
marked d
Ington s
t* 'i'i'lll:-K Tbnt a Man 1»
ioittng; Old.
■e iimiiv slffns Indicating
is coining on n piop," reed gentlemun to ;1 Wiish*
oportcr, "but on* uf thc
in be finds thul his bus-
pep-dors have 11 wny of slipping off the
shoulders, At first he thinks there i-
flometltlng wrong with the suBpendc-rs,
and lu- tii.*s io remedy it by lighten
ing lhe
lln; trouble, but in a
is more (flipping out! ho gets a new pu
of suspenders,   fijvep tbey slip oil' in
mtike hhn fed 11 nedm for tabic,   Afti
awhile bo discovers tho trouble tb m
with tins BU.pciidoru bu
As years roll on n ictii
nud mora round shtiuliH-
be  bus  bis  su«|
Uii himself
|l !,,
conneollng them with n band behind
tin.' shoulders he en-nnol beep them up,
1 limit tiiiiet*. some years ngo, he-nilng
two very proinlucnt men spenking of
Iho fact thnt they wero getting old
Ono of them wnsul tho Ilmo vice president of the United Slates nnd thc other
was a lending senator, 'Whnl makes
ymi think you un* growing old7' one
of them nsltcd of the olher. 'I found
it out,' was lhc r*i ly, 'fwsooii as 1 discovered tlmt my RUKpomlors would nol
stay up,' 'Thnt Una hern my expt rleucc
111 w>,' ciuno fnmi th.' rjit-n tioncr, Neil lier of the#eiitli men referred ta hnd yel
reached bis seventieth year, but they
hud both discovered they were growing
old by the same- incident in their lives.
I hnve never known it to fnii. After
n mun roaches sixty bis shoulders prow
round Bloodily, nml by lhe time be Is
seventy-live, bis shoulders have lost nil
their orlglnnl size nnd formation."   ■
LlBlitlioimc hi a Obnroll.
A |arR*c-s;zed anil perfect model of a
lighthouse was built Inside the parish
church of Ht. Mary's, at Wliltkirk, nol
far from Leeds. It was erected nn lhc
most litiinfr monument to the memory
of the eminent civil engineer, John
Smenton, one of whose greatest works
was the erection of the Kddystone
lip-lithouHc. The lighthouse is built
within tin* chancel, antl the rock on
which it stands benrs tlie inscription:
•'In memory of John Smenton." When,
in 1321, Abbott flhncoti rebuilt the Norman tower, Kn feot high, ISIyctithedritl,
in tlie form of nn 01 lagon, lu* crowned
it with a lofty lantern, lo guide travelers nonws the Urns, needed especially
when Ihey Merc undrillnodj and under
tbo restorations of tbis church Ihis
liinlern line nlways been retained, nnd
forms one of Its moat distinguishing
fiat urea.
Kimberley i
From Litigation.
oiise i Mgn
Paper Hangers
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which it is done.
Is the Staff of Life
Tin* Edmonton MM!:uv Co.
Ik'K to my Hint all their Hungarian
Patent is luniiufncluretl from llioclialc-
uhI No 1 hin) ivlii-ut procurable in the
uortbwebt, tm lhey can guarantee the
quality to be Bccour* lo none in the market
To he cauviuccd of this fact you cai
procure n sa uplc bag ol 15 pounds frei
of all losl frni'i ibe selling agents.
To be had 'from most ol tin- stores lu
Crunbiook, Fori Stet-a*. Moyie, etc.
James Kerrigan & Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Watei«s
Of nil kinds.
jyrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ale;:, Elc.
Soda water ir, siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
Wbol sale Oiocer
and Selling Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of thc
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Bud-i'iorn, Slcm-j-„„,„.,„„„„„,„„„,w„
winder, Black Bear, Kooleiiay Consolidated, etc. Now is the I ?*
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
KXTJr Lotsfrom $1254400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr.
Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
_ 1
f*8   I
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL,, Proprietor.
The best of liquors nt the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.oo per day.
Planing Mill
■nil Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors  jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   »*
Band Sawing  jt Turning
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
nek Hear.., 3&.c   Buiplre  9.-
ICItnberlcy Consolidated, loe
kimberley, B. C
Vln Cranhrook
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
CRANBROOK,    =    B. C.
Olllclal Wnich Inspector ior C. P. li.
Ladies' and
Wheels „■* *■*
of lhc hest makes fnr hire
Stable on Armstrong ave.
Near Presbyterian Church.
Open Ilally l.x.cpt Sunday,
...Parrott & Detners
Prest & Co.,
fj^r Three doors east of Postofliee.
CRANBROOK ^t,piSvisio"al point of the c,ws fe
^^^^^  Pass Railroad. ^^^^^^^^^
.   Has a io=stall round house, large machine
*V shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex=
tensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commes*cial center of South East
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
-® ®- ^-®-®-®-®x®-®-®-®2^) _-(!> xit -(ij-^-a-a -®-®-®x®-®-®- cr>-_® _--_-_-_-_


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